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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~Monday Night Raw~
May 14th, 2007
Tucson Convention Center
Tucson, Arizona

”WALK AWAY!? I can’t walk away! I need this!”

We open with a highlights package from last week's main event, where near the conclusion of John Cena's match with Claudio Cesaro, Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton storm the ring, with Orton hitting a RKO behind the referee's back, handing the victory to Cesaro. Post-match, Orton, Lashley and Cesaro lay in with a beating on Cena... until Ric Flair makes a surprise return to Monday Night Raw, coming to Cena's rescue, with Flair and Cena clearing the ring, before Cena announces that Flair is the second member of Team Linda and will be at War Games, the package coming to an end with Cena and Flair standing tall while the screen fades to black.

We then see the usual Raw opening video, before we head into the arena, where the loud, boisterous crowd are treated to the always impressive pyro display. After a quick scan of the fans, we now hear from our announce team as they welcome us to the show...

Jim Ross: Monday Night Raw has come to Tucson, Arizona, just one week after the return of the legendary 'Nature Boy', Ric Flair! We are marchin' down the road to War Games, and bah gawd, Ric Flair is comin' along for the ride folks! Hello everyone, I'm 'Good Ol' J.R.', Jim Ross, alongside me as always are Jerry 'The King' Lawler and 'The Voice of ECW', Joey Styles, and fellas, I don't know about you, but I can feel the electricity in the air tonight!

Joey Styles: No doubt about it, the Tucson Convention Center is packed and for good reason. Not only is 'The Nature Boy' back on Raw, but tonight, the WWE Championship is on the line, as the champion, Rob Van Dam, defends the title against Claudio Cesaro. Cesaro may have gotten the cheap win two weeks ago, and he got another bit of luck last week to help 'im beat John Cena, but tonight, Van Dam looks to avenge that defeat by retaining his title.

Jerry Lawler: And from what we understand, with both Vince and Linda McMahon busy focusing on their War Games teams, the WWE Board of Directors have stepped in and announced that anybody who interferes in the WWE Title Match, in any shape or fashion, will be suspended indefinitely!

Jim Ross: I think it's a great call. We've seen this newcomer Cesaro wrestle twice now, he's picked up two victories, but both matches have been mired in controversy. Let's see if this guy really is as good as he thinks he is. But not only is the WWE Championship up for grabs, we'll also have the last of the first round of qualifiers for the Raw half of the King of the Ring tournament. Two more Raw superstars will advance to the final sixteen, right here tonight!

After a few seconds of silence...



A tremendous roar of approval from the fans as iconic figure of Ric Flair steps out from the back. Dressed in a sharp suit, Flair stops on the top of the stage, looking around the arena, almost emotional at the level of support he's receiving, before he starts to strut his way down the ramp to the ring...

Jim Ross: And who else could kick off Raw this week than Ric Flair? What a moment it was last week when Flair returned to Monday Night Raw, and he returned in a huge way, bein' revealed as the second member of Team Linda at War Games.

Jerry Lawler: John Cena was talkin' about it all night, he was keepin' us all in suspense, but when he needed help, there was Ric Flair to save the day.

Joey Styles: It's great to see Ric back, but of course, we haven't seen 'The Nature Boy' since his loss at the hands of Mr. Kennedy at WrestleMania. We all saw the tears after the match, we all saw the effect that defeat had on Ric, I'm sure he's done a lot of thinking about his career over the last six weeks, and I can't wait to hear what's he's got to say about it all.

In the ring, Flair struts to the corner and is handed a microphone, before he heads back to the centre of the ring and waits for his music to die down. When it does, the cheers from the crowd are deafening, something Flair greatly appreciates as he fights back the tears and mouths “Thank you.” to the fans. Composing himself, Flair nods his head in appreciation at the still cheering crowd, before they finally start to quieten down, allowing Flair to speak...

Ric Flair: Thank you. Thank you very much. I'm truly honoured and humbled by your applause and by the way you've all welcomed me back to Raw. Thank you.

A warm round of applause from the fans, Flair nodding in appreciation, biting his lip as a method of containing his emotions…

Ric Flair: For those of you who have followed me throughout my career, you know that I've never been a man that's lacked confidence in myself. To be 'The Man'... you gotta beat 'The Man'. That was never just words. That was somethin' I always believed in.

Pausing, Flair looks out into the crowd, almost misty eyed…

Ric Flair: I always believed I was 'The Man', 'cause I went out there night after night, and I beat the very best this business had to offer, and I gave you people a show in the process. I was 'The Man', and if anybody wanted to be a big deal in this industry... they had to go through me first.

Flair has a little smirk to himself…

Ric Flair: Stylin', profilin', limousine ridin', jet flyin'...

A brief “Woo!” from a few members of the crowd…

Ric Flair: Bein' the very best in the world, bein' the best professional wrestler alive, that's what bein' 'The Nature Boy' was all about!

And now a much louder “Wooo!”…

Ric Flair: I had the cars, I had the private jets, I had the beautiful women, 'cause I knew that the second I stepped into this ring, I'd prove that it was never just for show.

And now slowly, Flair’s head drops, his eyes looking down on the canvas…

Ric Flair: But... somewhere along the way... I lost a little bit of that confidence. I lost a little bit of that swagger. I started to doubt whether or not Ol' Naitch' could really live up to those words anymore. And a lotta that...

Flair stops, thinking hard, shaking his head, almost afraid to finish his sentence…

Ric Flair: A lotta that's down to a certain Mr. Kennedy, and WrestleMania XXIII.

A lot of heat, but as always, there’s that smattering of cheers for the mention of Kennedy…

Ric Flair: Kennedy... I don't like 'im. I think he's a punk, I think he's arrogant, I think he's full o' crap! But I gotta hand it to 'im... the kid beat me fair and square. And as I stood in that ring, as I looked out at all those people, for the very first time in my career... I thought maybe... it was time to walk away.

Mixed response from the crowd…

Ric Flair: I thought that maybe 'The Nature Boy'... wasn't quite 'The Man' anymore.

The crowd are hushed, unsure of how to react to Flair’s words…

Ric Flair: And after WrestleMania, I went home with my family, and I did a lotta thinkin'. A lot. I thought about the future, I thought about the past, I thought about all I had done in my career... and I thought maybe it was time to walk away. And God knows how many times I sat at home, and I reached for the phone to call Vince and tell 'im... I'm not comin' back.

Thinking about those moments when he was at his lowers, Flair solemnly shakes his head…

Ric Flair: But then, every time I started to dial those numbers... I just couldn't do it.

A slight pop, with Flair raising his head once more…

Ric Flair: I just couldn't walk away. Somethin' inside kept tellin' me I had more to give. Somethin' inside kept tellin' me to hang in there, to keep fightin’, to wait for a sign, to come back and prove who I am. And that's when I heard... John Cena.

A loud response for Cena, the majority of it positive, with Flair now starting to pick up the pace…

Ric Flair: That's when I heard about... War Games. And I knew there and then, that that was the sign I was lookin' for. You can call it magic, you can call it fate, but when 'the Nature Boy' was at an all-time low, the call came for War Games, and Ol' Naitch' wasn't gonna miss out on that one!

Another big pop, the glint starting to return to Flair’s eye…

Ric Flair: I picked up the phone, I called John Cena... and I told him how much his team needed me... and how badly I needed to be in that match. And just like that... 'The Nature Boy' was back!

And that’s the biggest pop so far…

Ric Flair: Oh lord, 'The Nature Boy' was back! 'The Limousine Ridin', Jet Flyin', Kiss Stealin', Wheelin', Dealin' Sunnova Gun' was back! And did somebody say, 'The Nature Boy' would be back, tonight, in Tuscon, Arizona?!

The crowd are fully on board now, giving Flair a tremendous cheer, with ‘The Nature Boy’ now starting to strut around the ring…

Ric Flair: WOOOOO!

Another cheer, Flair now feeding off the energy of the crowd…

Ric Flair: 'Cause nobody know more about War Games than me. NOBODY. I know the pain and sufferin' that comes with losin' 'em... and I know how sweet it feels to win 'em! And I want that feelin' again!

Wild eyed, Flair now rips off his jacket and tosses it down to the canvas…

Ric Flair: And I got on the phone with Cena, and I begged, I pleaded, John, ya' gotta put me on that team! I need to be back, I need to be 'The Nature Boy' again, and I need to do it inside War Games!

And now Flair comes off the ropes, struts, then drops an elbow down upon his jacket, much to the crowd’s delight, but it seems that the elbow is the cue for Flair to become more serious, as when he’s back on his feet, he leans against the ropes at the foot of the ramp…

Ric Flair: And John... and Linda McMahon... I know you're both back there, I know you can hear me. I just wanna say, from the bottom of my heart... thank you.

Another pop…

Ric Flair: Thank you for allowing me the chance to come back and do what I love most. Thank you for givin' me the opportunity to step back into this ring... and entertain these people. But more important than all of that...

Flair pauses, running a hand through his hair, before he softly says…

Ric Flair: Thank you for lettin' Ric Flair... be 'The Nature Boy' again.

And yet another big cheer from the fans, the crowd loving seeing Flair back in action, so much so that a “Thank you, Ric! Thank you, Ric!” chant breaks out, with Flair again becoming wild in his delivery…

Ric Flair: Retire? I'll never retire. They'll have to carry me outta this ring in a body bag before I ever give it up. I am back, I am back better than ever, and I am ready to help John Cena and Linda McMahon kick Vince's ass!


Ric Flair: I'm a SIXTEEN – TIME – WORLD – CHAMPION... and I doubted myself. But never again. I'll never doubt myself again, and at War Games, I promise ya' I'll-


All eyes turn towards the entrance as Mr. McMahon steps out alongside Bobby Lashley, both men dressed in dark suits, with Vince smirking at the sight of Flair, while Lashley remains as intense as always. As the pair head down the ramp and step into the ring, Flair is understandably on guard, but Vince uses his hand to motion that he means no harm, before he heads for the corner and grabs a mic...

Mr. McMahon: Well, well, well... Ric Flair is back on Monday Night Raw! How 'bout that, folks? 'The Nature Boy' has returned!

Vince pauses and encourages the crowd to applaud, but the majority boo, clearly unimpressed…

Mr. McMahon: It's good to see ya' back, Ric. I mean, I thought for sure after your loss at WrestleMania, that you're you were gone and we’d never see ya’ again.

Shaking his head, Vince exaggerates how surprised he is…

Mr. McMahon: And I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought that. I mean, Kennedy... he gave you a real beatin', didn't he? Yeah. What is you like to say, J.R., beat 'im like a government mule?

”Somethin’ like that” mutters J.R. on commentary…

Mr. McMahon: And the doubts about your career, I can certainly understand those after a defeat like that. Although I guess I've finally got an explanation for all those prank calls I thought I was gettin'.

Letting out a very fake laugh, Vince turns to Lashley, although ‘The Dominator’ remains with his arms crossed across his chest, barely offering up a smirk…

Mr. McMahon: But in all seriousness, Ric, you know I've always respected you as a performer. You're a legend of this business, one of the all-time greats... but...

A long pause, during which Vince rubs his jaw nervously…

Mr. McMahon: Are you sure this is the right thing to do, Ric? I mean, mentally, you're not at 100%, I think we all know that. I mean, you're head's gotta be all over the place, you've not been in the ring in well over a month... are you sure coming back for War Games is a wise move?

Boos from the crowd…

Mr. McMahon: Especially when you're steppin' into War Games... and you're gonna be on the opposite side of Lashley here.

An intimidating crack of the knuckles from Lashley…

Mr. McMahon: I just... I just don't think it's the right thing for you, Ric. Not at this stage of your career.

Doing his best to show concern, Vince looks at Flair with worry…

Mr. McMahon: I mean, maybe you compete for another year or two, put some money away in the retirement fund, then you ride off into the sunset to live out your days with your family. That's the dream, isn't it, Ric? But let me assure you that if you step inside that cage... then Lashley here is gonna make sure that War Games...

Stepping forward, Vince leans in and very seriously says…

Mr. McMahon: Is where your career comes to an end.

Big time heat from the crowd, with Vince now backing off, nodding, encouraging Flair to consider his warning…

Mr. McMahon: It’s not too late, Ric. It’s not too late to back out. Think of your career, think of your legacy, think of your family. Your wife, your kids, they don’t want to see you head home to them when it’s all over as a shell of the man you used to be. And quite frankly, as the Chairman of the Board of this company, and the majority shareholder, I don’t want my company to be held responsible to what might happen to you should you be on the losing end at War Games.

Flair can’t help but smile, knowing exactly what Vince is trying to do…

Mr. McMahon: A loss to Mr. Kennedy at WrestleMania nearly sent you over the edge, God knows what your mental state could be like after War Games.

A sly smirk crosses Vince’s face, but he quickly removes it as he looks Flair in the eye and says…

Mr. McMahon: Seriously, Ric… do the right thing. Walk away… before you get hurt. Just walk away, and we can forget all about this.

More heat from the crowd, as Flair once again looks down on the mat, pondering, rubbing a hand across his jaw…

Ric Flair: You want me... to walk away?

Almost reluctantly, Vince nods his head and says “It’s for the best, Ric”…

Ric Flair: While I appreciate the concern, Vince, lemme just tell ya’ one thing… I’ve never been more ready for a fight than I am right now.

A massive cheer from the crowd, Vince snarling at Flair in response…

Ric Flair: When the call went out that we were goin’ to war… my name was the first name on the list!

Again Flair becomes animated…

Ric Flair: And now you want me to walk away!? They’ve always said Ol’ Naitch’ was a little crazy, but Vince, you must be LOSIN’ YOUR MIND! WALK AWAY!? I can’t walk away! I need this! But if you’re so worried about how I’m gonna hold up at War Games, then why don’t you put me in the ring…

Squaring up to Lashley, Flair points a finger firmly in his chest and says…

Ric Flair: With him?

And now it’s Lashley who snarls, the crowd going wild, baying for blood, with Flair not backing down an inch…

Ric Flair: Come on! I want it! Tuscon wants it! Each – and – every person watchin’ at home, they want it! You wanna ask the question about how I’m feelin’, about whether or not I still got it? Then find out, Vince! Gimme Lashley! What d’ya say, big guy?

Right in Lashley’s face, Flair pushes Lashley for a response, and it seems to working as Lashley drops his arms from across his chest, clenches his fists and grits his teeth…

Ric Flair: ‘The Dirtiest Player in the Game’ is callin’ you out! I might be old, I might be senile, but damn it, I’m still ‘The Sixty Minute Man’! And I can prove it tonight, and I can prove it again at War Games! So c’mon! What d’ya got, ‘stud’?

And the tension builds, Lashley snarling more and more, wild becoming ever wilder and adjitated…

Ric Flair: Or are you two just too damn scared that I might be right?

And that’s the one that finally pushes Lashley over the edge as he steps forward to square up to Flair, only for Vince to step infront of his monster, calming him down. With a few quiet words in his ear, Vince gets Lashley to stand down, before he turns to Flair…

Mr. McMahon: You want Lashley, right here, tonight? You just made a big mistake, Flair. You got ‘im!

Big pop…

Mr. McMahon: But Ric, not only have you made a mistake personally… you’ve made a mistake that’s come back to haunt your team at War Games. You’ve let your own selfish ego rule your head, you’re not thinkin’ straight, and now you, John Cena, Team Linda, you’re all gonna pay the price!

Smirking, Vince now makes a move towards the ropes…

Mr. McMahon: We’ll see ya’ around, ‘Slick’. I hope you’re ready for this… ‘cause after tonight… you’ve got no – chance – in hell of makin’ it to War Games.


Lashley continues to stand and stare down Flair, intimidating him, but Vince reaches an arm across Lashley’s chest and says “Not now. Later.”, prompting Lashley to turn and walk away. Vince and Lashley head to the ropes and make their exit, leaving behind a confident, if not slightly crazy looking Flair behind, ‘The Nature Boy’ with a broad smile on his face, watching them leave…

Jim Ross: God, what a match that's gonna be. As if tonight wasn't big enough, now we're addin' Ric Flair and Bobby Lashley to the mix!

Jerry Lawler: And what a way for Ric Flair to mark his return to Raw! He’s steppin’ into the ring with ‘The Dominator’, and that’s a test of anybody’s resolve right there.

Joey Styles: You can feel it in the air folks, it’s gonna be a huge night, make sure you don’t miss a second by joining us when Monday Night Raw returns!

At the top of the ramp, Vince and Lashley turn to take one last look at Flair, ‘The Nature Boy’ looking confident in the ring, eager and ready for action, while Vince and Lashley slip backstage and we head for a commercial.


*Video Package*

"]We open to grainy, black and white footage from back in the NWA days, where we see one of the first War Games matches, where Dusty Rhodes has Ric Flair locked in the figure four leglock, Flair writhing and screaming in pain, but there’s no sound as over the top we hear extracts from President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous address from 1936...

Narrator: For years, many men entered it’s caged walls…


We now see more footage from early War Games, where Road Warrior Animal viciously jams one of the spikes from his shoulder pads into the eye of The War Machine, causing him to submit...

Narrator: But no man ever left the same.


More black and white footage, this time from Fall Brawl ’95, where Hulk Hogan leads his Hulkamaniacs team to victory over The Dungeon of Doom by forcing The Zodiac to submit to a camel clutch...

Narrator: And now, with a civil war threatening to rip the WWE apart…


And now Fall Brawl ’97, where Curt Hennig turns his back on The Four Horsemen, smashing the cage door into the skull of Ric Flair, handing victory to the nWo…

Narrator: The most barbaric of matches has returned.


We now cut to modern day footage to see Vince and Linda McMahon stood across from each other, tense looks on both their faces…

Mr. McMahon: The reason this company has made hundreds of millions of dollars over the years… is all because… of ME!


A shot of a busted open John Cena, blood streaming down his face as he struggles to use the ropes to try pull himself to his feet…

John Cena: Tonight is a night to fight!

Slow motion shots of the brawling John Cena and Bobby Lashley have done over the last few months, each punch that lands being accompanied by the sound of a bomb dropping…

Linda McMahon: Both myself and the Board of Directors feel that you, Vince… have seriously abused your power lately.

We now see John Cena scooping Vince up onto his shoulders, then deliver a thunderous FU, an explosion sound echoing out as Vince strikes the canvas…

Mr. McMahon: I’m Vince McMahon, I’m ‘The Chairman of the Board’, dammit!

And now finally we see rapid firs shots of Linda, then Vince, then Lashley, before a final shot of Cena…

Narrator: The battle for power on Monday Night Raw can be settled only one way…




*End Video Package*

We now cut to a backstage hallway where we see John Cena and Linda McMahon walking along, with Linda still wearing a long jacket and carrying a bag, having clearly just arrived at the arena. Cena has obviously just greeted her at the door, and the two are already in conversation as we join them…

John Cena: …I mean he sounded good, I thought. He sounded just as clear and as confident as he was when I talked to ‘im on the phone. I think he’s ready.

The pair are clearly discussing Ric Flair and his words before the break, but just like last week, Linda can’t help but show her concerns on her face…

John Cena: Look, you’re just gonna have to trust my instinct on this one. We need somebody like him in the team, we need somebody who’s been there before.

Softening her stance, Linda nods, albeit slowly and reluctantly…

John Cena: And anyway, by the end of the night, we’ll all know one way or another where his head’s at. He challenged Lashley to a match.

The C.E.O. raises her eyebrows in surprise…

Linda McMahon: He… really? Well… I hope you’re right. But we’ve got to sit down and start thinking about who we want-

As the pair reach an office door, they stop… and the camera pans to reveal that Carlito is leaning against the door, obviously waiting for Linda McMahon to arrive. Standing up straight, ‘Lito looks rather sheepish as he tentatively approaches Linda…

Linda McMahon: Carlito? Is there something I can do for you?

Carlito: Uh… well, ‘ju see Mrs. McMahon, it’s not what ‘ju can do for Carlito, it’s what Carlito can do for ‘ju.

More raised eyebrows as Cena and Linda both look at each other, clueless…

Linda McMahon: Go on.

Carlito: Carlito heard what John Cena had to say last week, and… Carlito liked it. Carlito’s hungry for ‘de chance to be in ‘de War Games Match. Carlito wants to know where he signs up.

A pop from inside the arena, with Linda looking pleasantly surprised...

Linda McMahon: Oh, well… that’s fantastic. We’d love to have-

Carlito: No, no, no, wait, wait. Carlito isn’t done yet. Carlito would love to be on ‘jour War Games team… but… Carlito has a favour he needs from ‘ju first.

Suspiciously, Linda turns to Cena, then back to Carlito...

Linda McMahon: A favour? What kind of favour?

Again a rather sheepish look from 'Lito, almost as if he's plucking up the courage to ask...

Carlito: Well… let’s just say Carlito would love to walk into War Games… as ‘de Intercontinental Champion. ‘Ju know?

Another pop from inside the arena, with both Cena and Linda now nodding knowingly...

John Cena: I think we get where you’re comin’ from here, ‘Lito. I’m sure we can work somethin’ out, right?

Linda McMahon: Absolutely. Why don’t you step into my office Carlito and the three of us can discuss it further?

Linda opens the office door and motions for Carlito to enter...

Carlito: ‘Jour office? ‘Dat’s cool with me…

And when all three enter the office, the door slowly closes behind them, meaning we're going to have to wait to find out how well the negotiations wait as we cut elsewhere.

Infact, it’s back into the arena we go for…


As always it’s a warm welcome for The Straight Edge Saints as the popular duo of CM Punk and Nick Dinsmore step out alongside Kelly Kelly. With Dinsmore being the one in action here, he leads the trio down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans at ringside, while Punk and Kelly walk arm in arm to the ring…

Jim Ross: Well, that’s uh… that’s certainly an interesting development between Carlito and Linda McMahon. I guess it the talks go well, we might have the third member of Team Linda revealed.

Joey Styles: And what a great pickup that would be. Carlito’s full o’ fire, full o’ hunger right now, exactly the attributes John Cena was lookin’ for last week. But right now, we’ve got King of the Ring action, and the draw has thrown up yet another meeting between members of The Straight Edge Saints and The Redneck Wrecking Crew. Two weeks ago it was CM Punk and Trevor Murdoch, tonight it’s Nick Dinsmore and Lance Cade.

Jerry Lawler: And I’m sure both Punk and Dinsmore remember the beating they took from Cade ‘n’ Murdoch after the bell two weeks ago. If ever you needed any extra motivation to advance in the King of the Ring, that’ll do it.


And now The Redneck Wrecking Crew make their entrance, with the two angry rednecks Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch striding down the ramp, plenty of pointing and shouting being exchanged between the two teams…

Joey Styles: They’re as smash mouth as they come. Two of the toughest, meanest, nastiest guys you’re ever gonna find. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch have had they fair share of problems with Punk and Dinsmore, and it’s quite the rivalry that’s starting to develop between these two teams.

Jerry Lawler: And it’s a rivalry that so far, The Saints have had the better of. CM Punk knocked Murdoch out of the King of the Ring, they were part of the winning team in last week’s Six Man Tag Team Match, but I’m sure Lance Cade is out to make sure it’s a different story tonight.

Jim Ross: No doubt these two can brawl with the very best of them, but is that gonna be enough for Cade to advance here? Dinsmore has shown a real strong technical edge to his game lately, and that’s somethin’ Cade’s gonna have to try match if he’s to advance here.

Match 1: King of the Ring Qualifying Match – Round of 32
Lance Cade
w/ Trevor Murdoch vs. Nick Dinsmore w/ CM Punk and Kelly Kelly

The two come together in the centre of the ring, with Dinsmore working his taller opponent into a standing side headlock, only for Cade to quickly shove Dinsmore off the ropes… right into a stiff back elbow. Dinsmore is down, but instead of taking advantage, Cade turns to Murdoch, the two sharing a laugh, before Cade yanks Dinsmore up, lands a few stiff right hands, then takes Dinsmore up and down with a side suplex for an early near fall. Shoving Dinsmore to the corner, Cade lands a few more back elbows, before he fires Dinsmore across the ring and follows in… right into a boot to the face! Cade stumbles back, allowing Dinsmore to take him down with a double leg takedown… then catapult Cade into the corner! Cade’s head smacks off the top turnbuckle, and he staggers back… into a bridging German suplex! 1… 2… Cade kicks out. Dinsmore now looks to go on the attack, striking with kicks to the thighs, then he lands uppercuts, before going for the Irish whip… Cade reverses… but Dinsmore ducks underneath his clothesline… then levels Cade with a running leg lariat! Cade crawls to the corner, but Dinsmore stays on him, drilling more boots to the gut, then he fires Cade across the ring and follows in… Cade elevates Nick over the top rope… but Dinsmore lands on the apron! Cade turns right into a shoulder to the midsection, causing him to stumble away, which allows Dinsmore to climb to the top rope… FLYING CROSSBODY! Dinsmore stays on top for the cover… 1… 2... Cade kicks out. With Cade down, Dinsmore sense a chance to end this one early, grabbing Cade by the legs… and possibly thinking about the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF… but Cade kicks Dinsmore to the corner… and he smacks shoulder first off the steel ringpost! Dinsmore grabs his arm in pain, staggers backwards… and Cade makes his move… falling neckbreaker! Here’s a cover… 1… 2… Dinsmore rolls a shoulder.

Cade now lays in with what J.R. calls “bowling show ugly offence” as he lays in with stomps to the chest, then rights to the face, before he takes Dinsmore up and down with a side suplex for a near fall. Yanking Dinsmore up, Cade smashes him face first off the top turnbuckle, then he goes for an Irish whip off the ropes… Cade lowers his head… and Dinsmore looks to take advantage with a backslide! 1… 2… Cade kicks up, and both men burst back to their feet… and Cade damn near takes Nick’s head off with a huge clothesline! After another near fall, Cade now looks to target the arm, aiming the boots to it, then he scoops Dinsmore up and drives him down with a shoulderbreaker. More damage to the arm as knees are aimed to the shoulder, then a legdrop, before Dinsmore is again yanked up and Cade takes him up and down with a long vertical suplex for another two count. With Dinsmore down, Cade now locks on a cross armbar, using his legs to pull on the arm and hyperextend the elbow. Dinsmore groans in pain, Cade trying to make him submit, but with Punk and Kelly encouraging him back to his feet, eventually Dinsmore is able to make a move, managing to roll over and make it back to his knees… and with his free hand he starts hammering at Cade’s face, breaking the hold! Dinsmore tries to shake the feeling back into his arm, but as Cade advances, Dinsmore strikes with his good hand, backing Cade to the ropes, where he goes for the Irish whip… but Dinsmore lowers his head… and Cade strikes with a single arm DDT! Dinsmore cries out in pain, and Cade goes for the cover… 1… 2… Dinsmore somehow rolls a shoulder!

Cade storms back to his feet and confronts the ref, convinced it should have been three, but he’s told it was just a two. Cade aggressively yanks Dinsmore back up, then plants him with a scoop slam, before Cade heads outside and climbs to the top rope, readies himself, then flies… FLYING ELBOW DROP… NO! Dinsmore rolls to safety… and Cade crashes to the canvas! Both men are down, but Dinsmore makes it back to his feet first, yanking Cade up, tagging him with a few rights against the ropes, then he goes for the Irish whip… into a big back body drop! Cade stumbles back up… kick… DDT! Cade is planted, and Dinsmore hooks the leg… 1… 2… Cade rolls a shoulder! Dinsmore slaps the mat in frustration, but now he has Cade back up, smacking rights off the jaw, before he fires him off the ropes… right into a SLEEPER HOLD! Dinsmore locks on the submission move… but now Trevor Murdoch jumps up onto the apron! Murdoch causes the distraction, making Dinsmore release the hold and head for the ropes to confront Murdoch… but as he does this, Cade gets back to his feet and charges… looking for a BIG BOOT TO THE FACE… but Dinsmore ducks… and Cade puts on the breaks before he smacks his partner! Cade and Murdoch breathe a sigh of relief… only for Punk to yank Murdoch from the apron… and level him with a big right hand! Cade rages at Punk, but that means he doesn’t see Dinsmore sneak up from behind… spin him around… and take him down with the double leg takedown… step, twist, turn and sit in… TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!! Dinsmore has the hold locked on tight, and despite desperately fighting it… Cade has no option but to tap out!

Winner: Nick Dinsmore @ 06.18

Just like his partner, Dinsmore advances to the next round of the King of the Ring… but just like two weeks ago, CM Punk is clobbered from behind by Trevor Murdoch as he tries to enter the ring! The celebration is spoiled once again as Punk is hammered to the floor, and now Murdoch lays in with the boots, stomping a mudhole in Punk’s chest, until Dinsmore realises what’s happening, charges the ropes… and flies through them… coming to Punk’s rescue by wiping out Murdoch! Dinsmore lays into Murdoch with a flurry of rights and lefts, a brawl breaking out between the two on the outside… until Dinsmore is drilled with a massive boot to the side of the head from Cade! Shaking off the punishment he took during the match, Cade now starts to lay in on Dinsmore, and soon Murdoch is back on his feet, both angry rednecks laying into Dinsmore with stomps. With Punk still down and struggling to get back onto his feet, Dinsmore is easy picking as he’s yanked up… then LAUNCHED OVER THE BARRICADE INTO THE CROWD!

A painful landing for Dinsmore as he spills to the concrete, and now with his partner taken out of the equation, Punk is a sitting duck as Cade and Murdoch drag him back to his feet… and then they send Punk FLYING INTO THE TIMEKEEPER’S DESK!! Bodies spill everywhere, Kelly Kelly has her head in her hands in despair as Punk is tossed about like a ragdoll, and now we get a stream of officials and backstage agents racing down to the ring to try and prevent any further damage. Smiling at their handy work, Cade and Murdoch back away peacefully, not offering up any resistance as they’re ushered backstage, while medical help is on hand for Punk and Dinsmore as we head to another commercial.


We return to see Todd Grisham standing by, ready for an interview…

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night Raw. And please welcome my guest at this time, he is the challenger for the WWE Championship later on this evening… Claudio Cesaro.

An impressive amount of heat as the smug newcomer Claudio Cesaro steps into the frame. Wearing a sports jacket emblazoned with the Switzerland flag on it, Cesaro shows he means business tonight, already dressed and ready to compete…

Todd Grisham: Claudio, in the two weeks since you debuted here on Raw, you’ve picked up victories over both Rob Van Dam and John Cena… albeit, under some rather dubious circumstances. With the WWE Board of Directors announcing that anybody who involved themselves in your match against ‘RVD’ tonight will be suspended immediately, do you view tonight as a chance to both win the WWE Championship… and prove your credentials?

Cesaro turns and glares at Grisham…

Claudio Cesaro: Credentials? I don’t need to prove my credentials. I’ve wrestled all over the world, I’ve held countless titles. What do I need to prove? Unless of course… you’re being as ignorant about your country as I’ve been saying you people are. I assume that because I am now here, competing in the biggest country in America… that that’s why I have to prove my credentials now. Am I right?

Grisham lowers his head and offers no response, causing Cesaro to shake his…

Claudio Cesaro: Du machst mich krank! What is wrong with this company? Everywhere I look, I see examples of what is wrong with America. If anybody has anything to prove tonight… then it’s your WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam. I beat him two weeks ago, and the only reason I wasn’t declared champion in my first WWE match, was because he acted like a coward!

Grabbing the microphone from Grisham’s hand, Cesaro shoves the interviewer out of the scene, turning to speak directly into the camera…

Claudio Cesaro: He choose to stay down on the outside, he let himself get counted out. That’s not the American Way. A true American, we would crawled on his hands and knees, he would made it back, he would have fought to the bitter end, he would have lost a hero! And he would have done it for all of you people. But he’s still a hero, isn’t he? He’s still your hero, your WWE Champion.

Cesaro stares into the camera, shaking his head…

Claudio Cesaro: But I… I should be your hero. After all… I was so close to living the American Dream. Just like in your Hollywood movies, I came out of nowhere, I shocked the world, I became WWE Champion… or that’s how it should’ve happened. That’s how Hollywood would write it. I beat if I was a broken down, beaten up, Italian American you people would love me. I would’ve had my American Dream, I would have been WWE Champion. But instead?

Another shake of the head, this time a more sombre nature…

Claudio Cesaro: I had been here barely two hours, and already I was being held down. Maybe Shawn Michaels wants to challenge a fellow American for the title. Maybe Rob Van Dam thinks I’m beneath him because I’m not ‘Born in the U.S.A.’ like he is? Maybe…

A nonchalant shrug of the shoulders…

Claudio Cesaro: Maybe it was a conspiracy? Tonight… we find out the answer. Last week, I beat John Cena… ein… zwei ... drei. And tonight, I’m going to do exactly the same thing… to Rob Van Dam. I’m going to live the American Dream!

And now with a roar of determination, Cesaro ends things with…

Claudio Cesaro: Ich werde Champion!

Leaning back, arms out wide, a true euphoric pose, Cesaro revels in the boos being heard from inside the arena, the camera focusing on the steely look of determination in his eyes as we cut elsewhere.

Back into the arena to hear…


In a rare move, Maria has put down the microphone and is scheduled for action here tonight, receiving a warm welcome from the crowd as she bounds down to the ring…

Jim Ross: It’s time to crown a new number contender to the Women’s Championship, a chance for one of three ladies to take on the champion Beth Phoenix next week, right here, live on Raw.

Joey Styles: Last week Beth Phoenix issued an open challenge for the Women’s Championship, and the challenge was answered by Candice Michelle, although she didn’t fare to well. Phoenix was dominant, and after the bell, she had Victoria subject Candice to a vicious submission hold in what was another message to the former champion, Mickie James.

Jerry Lawler: And that was a pretty disgusting moment, one I hope we never see again. But I’m very happy to see Maria right now! She looks great, and even though she’s not had much experience in the ring, she could shock a lotta people by winnin’ this match here… although I’m not sure how much of a prize it is to have to step into the ring with Beth Phoenix.


The red carpet is rolled out, the photographers take their place, awaiting the arrival of Melina onto the scene. Posing in a long fur coat, Melina lets the togs get their snaps, before she saunters down the ramp…

Joey Styles: It was two weeks ago that the long-time partnership between Melina and Johnny Nitro came to an end. Melina sided with Chris Masters, and now she’s lookin’ to put herself back in the hunt for the Women’s Championship.

Jim Ross: And Masters is conspicuous by his absence tonight, he’s obviously got better things to be focusin’ on right now after advancing in the King of the Ring last week.

Jerry Lawler: You just had to bring that up, didn’t you?

Jim Ross: Sorry, ‘King’…


That old guitar rift rips through the arena, and the crowd respond with a warm welcome for Natalya Neidhart, who is also flying solo like Melina. Natalya is all smiles as she heads down the ramp, slapping hands with as many ringside fans as she can, before she slides into the ring…

Jim Ross: Since arriving in the WWE, Natalya has for the most part been by the side of her fellow Dungeon graduates, Harry Smith and Tyson Kidd. Is this maybe the chance Natalya has been looking for to establish herself as a threat in the women’s division?

Joey Styles: I think it’s safe to say that despite her young age, Natalya probably has the most experience in the ring of the three competitors in this match. She’s wrestled all across the world, and I think a match between her and Beth Phoenix is somethin’ we’d all like to see.

Jerry Lawler: Oh without a doubt. I mean, if Mickie James doesn’t feel ready to come back and challenge Beth, I’m sure Natalya would love the chance to do so. Let’s see if she can earn that opportunity right here…

Match 2: Triple Threat Match
vs. Melina vs. Natalya Neidhart

A slow start as the bell rings, with nobody wanting to make the first move, the three inching towards the centre of the ring... until suddenly Melina cracks Maria with a stiff forearm... only for Natalya to then rattle Melina with a forearm of her own! Another two forearms land, before Melina is fired off the ropes... then knocked down with a clothesline! Maria is back up, spinning Neidhart around, drilling a boot to the midsection, before she goes for the Irish whip to the corner... Natalya reverses then follows in... Maria tries to get a boot up to the face, misses... but then wraps her legs around Natalya's head and drops her with a headscissor takedown! But now it's Melina's turn, as she snaps off a few forearms to Maria's head... then smacks her with a spinning heel kick... that knocks her clean through the ropes to the floor! The match settles down a bit now as Melina and Natalya go at it, with Melina unloading with kicks to the body, then she tries a roundhouse... but Natalya ducks underneath... and knocks her down with a clothesline! Natalya goes on the attack, smacking more forearms, before she takes Melina up and down with a snap suplex for a near fall. Natalya continues to attack, this time she hooks Melina up... takes her high in the air... and holds for a delayed vertical suplex! As the pair crash to the mat, Natalya doesn't see that Maria has climbed to the top rope... flying crossbody! Maria stays on top for the cover... 1... 2... Natalya kicks out! Now Maria targets Natalya, rocking her with shots to the side of the head, before Natalya is sent for the ride... jumping clothesline! Neidhart is back up... another jumping clothesline knocks her down... and then a third! Maria now comes off the ropes... low angle dropkick! Here's a cover... 1... 2... Neidhart kicks out!

Natalya rolls to the side, and now Maria and Melina square off again, with Maria landing a few more forearms before she looks to send Melina off the ropes... but Melina reverses... then nails a textbook tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Looking to target the back, Melina lays in with boots and knees to the spine, before she hooks Maria up... double underhook backbreaker! Here's a cover... 1... 2... Maria rolls a shoulder! Melina looks to stay on the attack as she shoves Maria to the corner, then jams her boot into Maria's throat, before she hoists Maria up onto the top rope. Melina climbs up too, and she hooks Maria up for a SUPERPLEX... but before she can go for it, Natalya moves in... and the trio come crashing down with a TOWER OF DOOM! Maria bares the brunt of the move, causing her to roll under the bottom rope, leaving Melina and Natalya to battle it out. Natalya goes on the attack, rocking forearms to the face, then she sends Melina off the ropes... into a powerslam! Neidhart hooks the leg... 1... 2... Melina barely kicks out! Sensing she can put Melina away, Natalya grabs her by the legs... and looks to step into the SHARPSHOOTER... NO! Melina scrambles and kicks Neidhart away, and when Natalya stumbles back to her feet, Melina charges... EXTREME MAKEOVER! Melina nails the charging spinning facebuster, and now she hooks the leg... 1... 2... Natalya rolls a shoulder! Melina screams in frustration, but she moves quickly to stay on the attack, as she doubles Natalya over, then wraps a leg around her neck... and looks for the PRIMAL SCREAM... NO! Before she can go for the leg-trap bulldog, Natalya grabs the leg, sweeps the standing leg... then steps, twists and sits in... SHARPSHOOTER! Natalya has the sharpshooter locked on in the centre of the ring, and with Maria still down on the floor, and no chance of escape... Melina has no option but to tap out!

Winner: Via Submission, Natalya Neidhart @ 04.38

It’s Natalya, she’s done it, and she’ll face Beth Phoenix next week on Raw for the WWE Championship! Releasing her grip on Melina, Natalya rolls over onto the mat and then bounces back to her feet, her hands raised by the ref. Natalya thrusts her fists up into the air with joy, but that soon turns to annoyance, as the crowd start to murmur… and we soon all see why… as Beth Phoenix and Victoria have stepped out onto the stage.

The champion and her partner look down at the ring, a smug grin on Phoenix’s face as she eyes up her next challenger. Natalya stands firm in the ring, looking confident and ready, while on the ramp, Beth gives Natalya a rather patronising round of applause, something which causes Victoria to roll her eyes. Seeing this, the champion gives her friend a nudge, telling her to join in, and soon both Beth and Victoria are sarcastically applauding, and it’s on that image that we head for a break.


And once again we’re back and we see Todd Grisham stood in the interview area…

Todd Grisham: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, folks. And please welcome my guest at this time... he is the WWE Champion... ‘Mr. Monday Night’... Rob – Van – Dam!

A loud cheer from inside the arena as Rob Van Dam steps into the shot, the WWE Title slung across his shoulder. Van Dam looks calm and composed as he gives a quick nod hello, a confident smile on his face as he awaits Grisham’s questions...

Todd Grisham: ‘RVD’, two weeks ago you lost via countout to Claudio Cesaro during a WWE Title Match. Last week, you admitted that you underestimated the newcomer, but were determined to put things right this week. Rob, just how confident are you that you’ll leave Raw tonight still the WWE Champion?

Pausing, Van Dam considers the question, then he nods his head and rubs his jaw...

Rob Van Dam: Well, what can I say? I held my hands up last week, I made a mistake. I didn’t know what Cesaro was bringin’ to the party when he came in and challenged me. He did his homework on me, but I gotta admit... I didn’t do the same.

Ruefully, ‘RVD’ shakes his head…

Rob Van Dam: And it ain’t easy to admit that, dude. But hey, I thought I did OK two weeks ago. I had ‘im down and I was ready to fly... but I guess Shawn Michaels wasn’t all that happy about that. I mean let’s be honest, it was Shawn who cost me that match, not Claudio.

A quick laugh to himself from the champion…

Rob Van Dam: And I heard ‘im run ‘is mouth last week, and I’m not gonna stand by and let that slide. This time, I’m ready for ‘im, I know what he’s got, and I know what it takes to put ‘im away, only this time... I’m gonna make sure it happens.

Pop from inside the arena, with Grisham now moving to ask a follow up question…

Todd Grisham: Well, Rob, you mentioned Shawn Michaels there. I guess after your words last week, the WWE Board of Directors sat up and took notice when they issued the threat to anybody who got involved in the title match tonight. But if you manage to retain your title tonight... is Shawn Michaels next in line?

Another easy going shrug from the champion…

Rob Van Dam: It’s like I’ve always said, bro’, anybody, anytime, anywhere... step up and challenge me. I don’t really like Claudio, but I gotta give ‘im some respect. He had the guts to walk in here on his first night and challenge the WWE Champion. There ain’t a lotta guys who would do that, and not only did he get one shot at the gold, he got ‘imself two.

And now with a more serious look, Van Dam turns to the camera…

Rob Van Dam: But tonight... this is the last chance Claudio is gonna get.

Another pop…

Rob Van Dam: And Shawn, if you wanna step up next, that’s cool with me, bro’. Bring it on. You warned me not to make it personal... and I’m givin’ you the exact same warnin’. You keep stickin’ your nose in my business... and it’s gonna get personal between me and you in a hurry. To me, I’m all about the in-ring stuff. I’m a wrestler. I don’t need God, I don’t need religion, I’ve never needed anythin’ like that. What ya’ see is what ya’ get, and that’s all I’ve ever had. And hey, it’s gotten me to the very top of this business.

Van Dam looks down on the WWE Title, admiring it for a few seconds before he again looks into the camera…

Rob Van Dam: So Shawn, save me speeches, and save me the mind games. You want a shot as this title? Step up and get it. But nothin’ on this planet... or anythin’ upstairs either, is gonna take it away from me. And that’s ‘cause I’m...

And with his thumbs, the champion leads the crowd through a rendition of…

Rob Van Dam: ROB – VAN – DAM!

And with a quick pat of Grisham’s shoulder, Van Dam turns and makes his exit, the interviewer watching him leave in awe, before we cut elsewhere.

We go to the same War Room set up we saw last week where Mr. McMahon sits at the head of a table, with both Shane McMahon and John Laurinaitis sat nearby, flicking through folders and shuffling papers. Across from Shane and Johnny sit Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton, the pair with stern looks on their faces, especially Orton, who has a hand wrapped around the handle of his Money in the Bank briefcase as it sits on the table. Brooke Adams is also in the room, sitting on a chair, crossed legged, a legal pad on her knee as she waits to take notes from ‘The Boss’…

Mr. McMahon: Ric Flair? Huh. Who the hell does he think he is?

Vince fumes as he shakes his head…

Mr. McMahon: He picks up the phone, and all of a sudden he’s back? Linda’s got a lot to answer for on that one. But we’ll deal with her later. Now Bobby, Randy, I can’t stress to you how important it is that we get things started right tonight. I wanna send Cena a message, and I want you to make an example out of Ric Flair.

Orton offers very little in response, while Lashley cracks his knuckles and nods his head slowly…

Mr. McMahon: I want everybody to know that if they sign up with Cena and my wife, that there will be consequences, and they will be severe. I want him taken out tonight, you understand me?

Orton and Lashley both slowly nod to show they understand, but now Shane pipes up…

Shane McMahon: Dad, what about Carlito?

Mr. McMahon: Has he got a deal with your Mother yet?

Unsure, Shane shrugs and shakes his head…

Shane McMahon: I don’t know yet. But they’ve gotta be close.

Thinking it over, Vince purses his lips…

Mr. McMahon: We’ll deal with him next week. Tonight, the focus needs to be on Flair. I want him to rue the day he picked up that phone. I want him to wish he’d stayed at home and never set foot in another one of my arenas. Now get outta here, and go get ready.

And with that, Orton and Lashley slowly stand up and make their exit, but Laurinaitis quickly flicks through some more papers…

John Laurinaitis: Uh… Mr. McMahon? Have you given anymore thought about who else you want on your team? I mean, if Carlito does sign up with your wife… that puts us a man down.

Annoyed, Vince breathes heavily through his nose, but suddenly a devilish smirk crosses his face…

Mr. McMahon: Well… why don’t we take back that advantage? Why don’t we shake things up a bit? Let’s get a couple o’ guys signed up tonight, and let’s send out a real message.

Nods of the head from Shane and Laurinaitis…

John Laurinaitis: Yeah, sounds great. Do you have anybody in mind?

Another smirk from Vince…

Mr. McMahon: Oh, I’ve got a couple o’ names in mind. A pair o’ real tough, mean bastards. Ms. Adams? I’d like you to send out another memo please.

Opening a pad of paper, Brooke readies herself to write, but looks confused as Vince says…

Mr. McMahon: And maybe send ‘em a six pack of beer with it. Just to sweeten the deal, y’know?

And now McMahon has a little chuckle to himself, clearly having thought up two perfect names to join his team… but we’re going to have to wait to find out who as we head back into the arena.

And the silence if broken by…


And with a buzz of excitement, the fans quickly break out in a chorus of boos as Claudio Cesaro steps out onto the stage. Pausing infront of the entrance way, Cesaro pumps his fists into the air, before he heads down the ramp…

Jim Ross: Many disagree with his views and his attitude, but you can’t fault him when he says that in his first two weeks here on Raw, Claudio Cesaro has beaten two former or current WWE Champions. But tonight, can Cesaro prove he’s worth the hype, and become WWE Champion in only his third WWE match?

Jerry Lawler: I might not like what this guy’s gotta say, I think he’s been pretty outspoken since he got here, but I can’t argue with the fact that he is a very talented competitor. He’s came into the WWE runnin’ his mouth, now it’s time for ‘im to put up or shut up!

Joey Styles: But could you imagine is he does put up and become WWE Champion? I don’t think anybody’s ever had such a high level of success so quickly. Some men go their entire careers without even getting a title shot, this guy could make it to the top of the mountain in just three weeks! And imagine what he’s gonna have to say about it if he does…


Entering the arena with a purpose, there’s a far more serious look on the face of Rob Van Dam as he stares down on his opponent, leading the crowd through a rendition of his name, before he strides down the ramp, Cesaro and Van Dam’s eyes locked onto each other…

Joey Styles: It took Rob Van Dam almost two decades as a professional wrestler to finally make it to the top of the mountain as WWE Champion. But faced with the unknown threat of the newcomer Claudio Cesaro, can ‘Mr. Monday Night’ keep his reign as champion going?

Jim Ross: I just wonder how much Van Dam learned from that match two weeks ago? ‘RVD’ admitted that he underestimated Cesaro, he wasn’t prepared, but that tonight is going to be a different story. But if we’ve to believe Cesaro, he’s done months of scouting on the WWE roster, and that could prove to his advantage again right here.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but I’m sure Van Dam picked up a thing or two over these last few weeks. I’m sure he’s gonna be a lot more prepared, and I’m sure he’s the guy to finally put this jerk Cesaro in his place. This is the WWE, and in this company, we pay or champion the respect he deserves, and Cesaro’s about to find that out the hard way!

Match 3: WWE Championship Match
WWE Champion Rob Van Dam vs. Claudio Cesaro

As the bell rings, there’s a smug smirk on the face of Cesaro, the challenger feeling extremely confident that tonight will be his night, while ‘RVD’ is the personification of coolness as always. After a bit of posturing from Cesaro, the two finally tie up, with Cesaro working into a standing side headlock. Van Dam shoves Cesaro off the ropes… only for Cesaro to bowl him over with a shoulderblock! More arrogance from the challenger as he laughs and taps the side of his head… only to be caught off guard as Van Dam sweeps the leg to take him down! Bursting back to his feet, Van Dam comes off the ropes… ducks underneath a clothesline… then explodes off the ropes with a spinning wheel kick! Cesaro is back up… clothesline knocks him down again, the challenger scrambling to the corner, but Van Dam is right on him, landing forearm to the face, before he goes for an Irish whip across… then ‘RVD’ rolls in, leaps… and sends Cesaro flying with a monkey flip! Cesaro stumbles back to his feet, but kicks to the chest drive him to the corner, where ‘RVD’ climbs to the second rope… and starts hammering down with right hands! The crowd count along, all the way to ten, before he backflips from the corner, then charges back in… only for Cesaro to explode from the corner with a clothesline! Again Cesaro has that smug look on his face as he catches ‘RVD’ off-guard, and now the challenger lays in with stomps to the chest, before he yanks Van Dam up and lands a few stiff uppercuts. Cesaro then looks for a side suplex… but Van Dam goes all the way over and lands on his feet! Cesaro turns and tries a kick to the gut… but Van Dam catches it… then nails the step-over spinning wheel kick! Cesaro stumbles to his feet against the ropes… and a clothesline sends him sprawling to the floor!

On commentary, Styles points out that in a reversal of two weeks ago, it’s ‘RVD’ who outsmarting Cesaro tonight, the challenger reeling on the outside. As he gets back to his feet and tries to walk it off, Cesaro doesn’t see Van Dam climb to the top rope… for a FLYING CROSSBODY! ‘RVD’ goes airborne to takedown Cesaro, the crowd loving it as the WWE Champion leads them through a “ROB – VAN – DAM!” chant before he drags Cesaro to his feet… and smashes him face first off the barricade! A real aggressive side on display from the WWE Champion, and it gets more aggressive as he takes Cesaro up… and drops him gut first across the barricade! Van Dam then nips up onto the apron… for the CORKSCREW LEG DROP! Cesaro crumples to the floor in a heap, and it’s only now that Van Dam decides to roll him back into the ring, hooking the leg for a near fall. With Cesaro still down, Van Dam charges off the far away ropes… and goes for ROLLING THUNDER… but Cesaro rolls under the bottom rope to the floor… and Van Dam lands on his feet! Cesaro reaches in, trips Van Dam up and drags him under the bottom rope… then levels ‘RVD’ with a stiff clothesline! Once again the fight spills outside, and this time it’s Cesaro who’s the aggressor, lining Van Dam up… then smashing him face first off the steel steps! At the foot of the ramp, Van Dam uses the ring to drag himself up, leaving him open to more uppercuts… but Van Dam fights back, landing rights of his own, then he goes for a standing roundhouse… Cesaro ducks underneath… drills a boot to the midsection… then he hooks ‘RVD’ up… DELAYED GUTWRENCH SUPLEX… ON THE STEEL STEPS! Just like two weeks ago, a seriously painful landing for Van Dam on the steel, and as we go commercial, it seems that Cesaro has fully taken control of this match.


We’re back, and we see that Cesaro has Van Dam locked into a grounded headlock, but Van Dam is doing his best to break free from it, struggling back up, drilling elbows to the midsection… but then a forearm to the spine ends the momentum. Cesaro looks for the Irish whip… ‘RVD’ reverses… and tries to avoid Cesaro with a leapfrog… but Cesaro catches Van Dam on his shoulders… and counters with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Cesaro hooks the leg... 1… 2… ‘RVD’ rolls a shoulder! With the WWE Champion down, Cesaro now looks to apply pressure as he locks Van Dam in a strait jacket hold, crossing Van Dam’s arms around his throat, trying to choke the champion. Van Dam does his best to fight it, and with the roar of the crowd, he makes it back to his feet, but struggles to find an escape… until he drills Cesaro with a boot to the face! Another pair of boots land to the gut, before Van Dam turns and charges off the ropes… right into a sitout scoop powerslam! Cesaro rolls into the lateral press… 1… 2… Van Dam kicks out again! Cesaro snarls the ref, and now he looks to take out his frustration on Van Dam, using the ropes to choke him, then he drives a double foot stomp to the midsection. Dragging Van Dam up, a trio of uppercuts land to the back of the head, before the WWE Champion is sent off the ropes… into a big boot to the face! More damage is done to the head and neck, as Cesaro catches Van Dam with a swinging neckbreaker, then he drops him with a delayed vertical suplex, before Van Dam is sent flying across the ring from a giant swing for a near fall.

With the WWE Champion struggling, Cesaro lands a few more uppercuts, before he fires Van Dam to the ropes… into a sleeper hold! Cesaro locks the hold on tight in the centre of the ring, and slowly but surely, he gets Van Dam to fade down to a seated position. The WWE Champion is in a world of trouble now, but he shows signs of life, and somehow after what seems like an eternity, he’s able to battle back to his feet. Van Dam tries to break free, drilling elbows to the midsection, allowing him to head for the ropes… only for Cesaro to send Van Dam skywards… into the VERY EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! Cesaro damn near takes Van Dam’s head off, and now he drops down, convinced he’s got the win… 1… 2… NO! Van Dam somehow kicks out! Cesaro can’t believe it, this time he storms back to his feet to confront the ref, demanding that it should’ve been three. After the two count is confirmed, Cesaro now steps through the ropes and climbs upstairs, looking for a high risk move… but it backfires as Van Dam jumps to the second rope… and catches Cesaro with a right hand… crotching the challenging on the top turnbuckle! Still suffering, Van Dam looks dazed, but he soon manages to rattle off a few forearms… then he leaps up… and sends Cesaro flying with a FRANKENSTEINER!! Both men are down and out, the ref moving in to start the count, and it’s not until seven that we see either man make it back to their feet, both having to use the ropes to get back up. Cesaro stumbles towards Van Dam, where he’s met by a shoulder to the midsection. Another shoulder backs Cesaro away, but Cesaro answers back with another uppercut, then he goes for the Irish whip to the corner… Van Dam reverses and follows in… running shoulder thrust! Another two turnbuckle thrusts land, then ‘RVD’ backflips out… races back in… and sends Cesaro flying again with the monkey flip! Quickly ‘RVD’ slings himself onto the top rope, and as Cesaro stumbles up… he’s caught with the DIVING SUPERKICK! Cesaro is down, but here comes Van Dam charging off the ropes… ROLLING THUNDER! ‘RVD’ gets all of it, and here’s the cover… 1… 2… Cesaro rolls a shoulder!

Looking to keep the momentum going, Van Dam quickly has Cesaro back up, tagging him with rights to the face, then kicks to the gut that back Cesaro to the ropes. Van Dam goes for the Irish whip… but Cesaro reverses… and catches ‘RVD’ with a kick to the midsection… then he hooks Van Dam up… looking for THE NEUTRALIZER… NO! Van Dam counters… with a back body drop! Cesaro crashes to the canvas, but Van Dam has him right back up, drilling kicks to the body, then he fires Cesaro off the ropes… into a spinning wheel kick! Cesaro is down in the centre of the ring, and Van Dam now climbs to the top rope… and readies himself for the FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH… NO! Cesaro shoves the ref into the ropes… and Van Dam crotches himself on the top turnbuckle! The roles are reversed from earlier, as now Van Dam has the painful landing, and it could be about to get worse as Cesaro climbs to the second rope… hooks Van Dam up… and nails a TOP ROPE RICOLA BOMB! It’s gotta be over… 1… 2… NO! Somehow Van Dam got the shoulder up! Cesaro is furious, storming back to his feet, grabbing the ref by the shirt, enraged that it wasn’t a three count, but only being told it was two. After pausing for a few moments to compose himself, Cesaro now turns back to Van Dam, dragging him up… INSIDE CRADLE! 1… 2… NO! Cesaro kicks out at the last split second, and he quickly pounces to land stiff shots to the back of the head. Determined to finish things, Cesaro slowly drags Van Dam up… doubles him over with a knee to the midsection… then he hooks the WWE Champion up… and once again goes for THE NEUTRALIZER… NO! Van Dam desperately fights it, kicking Cesaro repeatedly in the head until Cesaro lets go… and then Van Dam smacks him with an ENZUIGIRI! Cesaro slumps to the canvas, and Van Dam slings himself to the top rope… then he flies… FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!! Van Dam gets all of it, and after grabbing his ribs, he drapes an arm across the chest… 1… 2… 3!!

Winner: And STILL WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam @ 16.09

A fantastic effort from Cesaro, but Van Dam has done it! An emphatic victory for the WWE Champion as he puts to bed any doubts remaining from his match with Cesaro two weeks ago. Rolling free of Cesaro, Van Dam grabs his ribs and slowly makes it back to his feet, the title thrust into his hand by the referee before he raises both arms in victory…


Van Dam turns… and absolutely hammered… with the SWEET CHIN MUSIC… Shawn Michaels is in the ring, and he’s just layed out the WWE Champion!!

The cheers of the crowd soon turn to jeers as Michaels stands over Van Dam, that cold, heartless look in his eyes, God only knows what’s going through his mind right now as he stares down upon the fallen champion. Upon impact with the canvas, Van Dam has released grip on the WWE Championship, and now it lies nearby, like a glistening light in the darkness that is Michaels’ world right now.

Looking down upon it, Michaels can’t help but look on the title with lust, and he slowly squats down, and every so gently… runs a finger across the belt. Michaels caresses the title, the thing he longs for, the object of his desire… but he does in that cold, robotic fashion, and it’s damn right creepy. A true shivers down the spine moment, Michaels continues to look longingly at the gold, but he dares pick it up, he just looks and touches it… until he slowly stands up, takes one last look down on Van Dam… and then he just casually heads to the ropes and steps to the outside.

“Disturbing” is the word J.R. uses to describe the situation, and disturbed is the perfect word to sum up Shawn Michaels right now, not a hint of emotion on his face as he heads back up the ramp, the loud boos of the fans ringing out, the camera snapping back to one last look of ‘RVD’ down and out in the ring, before Michaels disappears backstage and we head to a commercial.


We’re back in the catering area, where we see Kenny Dykstra and Torrie Wilson grab some bottles of water from a table, while behind them, Ezekiel Jackson keeps the lookout, standing guard, his eyes darting all over the room, no doubt looking for a sight of Carlito. As Kenny and Torrie turn and head to take a seat, the pair stop in their tracks… as John Cena stands before them! Almost on instinct Jackson steps forward and squares up to Cena, causing Cena to laugh and motion with his hands that he means no harm…

John Cena: Whoa, whoa, easy there, big guy. I’m not here lookin’ for a fight. And I promise ya’, I ain’t runnin’ diversion for anybody either. I just want a word with Kenny here.

Jackson turns towards the Intercontinental Champion, with Dykstra taking a quick look over his shoulder, then once he realises that the coast is clear, he nods for Jackson to step aside…

Kenny Dykstra: It’s cool, ‘Zeke’. What d’ya want, Cena?

John Cena: Oh, nothin’ much. Just wanted to personally deliver you a little message. Y’see, Carlito came to speak to me and Linda McMahon earlier tonight. You remember Carlito, right?

Dykstra and Torrie both rolls their eyes in annoyance…

John Cena: Hey, Torrie, you know him pretty well, right? Sayin’ that, from what I’ve heard you know a lotta guys around here pretty well.

”Oooh!” from inside the arena, with Jackson again stepping forward to confront Cena, only for Cena to again motion with his hands that he means no harm…

John Cena: Alright, alright, easy. Take it easy. Listen, I just wanted to let you know that your days of runnin’ away from Carlito are over. Tonight, by order of Linda McMahon, you and Carlito are gonna be facin’ off against each other in a Tag Team Match. Y’see, Linda felt that since you, Carlito, and another two guys who already qualified for the King of the Ring, Jeff Hardy and Chris Masters, since you four had nothin’ to do tonight, you guys might as well face each other in a match tonight.

Not happy, Dykstra flairs his nostrils and shakes his head…

Kenny Dykstra: Alright, fine. That’s no sweat. Just as long as ‘Lito doesn’t get another shot at this title, I’ll take him on any time you want. C’mon Torrie, let’s go.

But just as Dykstra turns to lead his posse away…

John Cena: Ah, wait! Wait, I forgot the important part. Y’see, Carlito made us a little deal earlier tonight regarding the War Games Match, and you’re involved in it.

Kenny Dykstra: What? What are you talkin’ about? I don’t want nothin’ to do with War Games.

Cena shrugs…

John Cena: Hey, that’s fine with me. But uh… Carlito agreed to sign up for my team on one condition. He got one last shot at you and the Intercontinental Championship. And guess what, Kenny? That match is gonna happen next week, live on Raw!

Big pop from inside the arena, but in a surprising move, Dykstra simply laughs and shakes his head…

Kenny Dykstra: I don't think so. 'Zeke'?

The big guy hands Kenny a paper document...

Kenny Dykstra: This restraining order right here says Carlito's not allowed anywhere near me. And that means... no title shot for him.

A smug grin crosses Dykstra's face...

John Cena: Can I uh... can I see that for a quick second? Just to give a once over?

Cena snatches the document from Kenny's grasp and starts to flick through it...

John Cena: Uh huh... uh huh... hmmm... I see... oh, I like that bit...

And just like that, Cena rips the papers in half...

John Cena: There's what I think of your damn restrainin' order!

Kenny Dykstra: What the hell...!?

John Cena: This is professional wrestlin', 'kid', that legal stuff ain't gonna fly here! The match is set, it's you and 'Lito next week for that title.

Dykstra fumes and shakes his head, but Cena isn't finished yet...

John Cena: And lemme tell ya’ right now. Torrie and your hired muscle here? Both of ‘em are BANNED from ringside!

Another big pop, with Dykstra reacting furiously…

Kenny Dykstra: What!? You can’t do that!

John Cena: I think you’ll find that as C.E.O. of this company, Linda McMahon can do whatever the hell she wants. And that’s why to make sure there’s no coutouts or disqualifications like at Backlash, next week’s match… is gonna be a Ladder Match.

And that’s the biggest pop so far, with Dykstra’s jaw nearly hitting the floor in shock…

John Cena: Best of luck, kid. You’re gonna need it.

And with a pat of the shoulder, Cena turns and makes his exit, leaving behind a stunned and seriously worried Intercontinental Champion, who just stares into the camera, lost, without a clue of what to do, while Torrie and ‘Zeke’ turn to Kenny looking for answers… but there’s no words from Dykstra as we cut elsewhere.

And it’s to the parking lot we go to see Chris Masters and Melina walking along, both with annoyed looks on their faces, especially Melina who clutches an ice bag to the back of her neck. The pair walk with a purpose, until they reach what appears to be the sound truck, stopping at the stairs…

Melina: Alright. Let’s get to this bottom of this.

The pair now walk up the stairs, with Masters flying open the door, causing mass confusion inside the truck. Looking around, Masters intimidates the few members of the production team who dare to stand up, shouting “Sit down!” at several people, which allows Melina to walk towards a man who we assume is the director of the show…

Melina: You. You’re Kevin Dunn, right? You’re the guy in charge?

The man identified as Kevin Dunn nods his head in fear…

Melina: So you’re the guy in control of all these buttons, right?

Again Dunn nods…

Melina: So that means you were the guy who played that music during Chris’ match last week, right?

This time Dunn shakes his head in disagreement, prompting Masters to grab Dunn by the collar and yank him right out of his seat…

Chris Masters: Answers! We want answers!

Melina: What do you mean no? You control the music and the videos, you’re the guy who pushed the button on that music. And we wanna know why.

Gasping for air, Dunn tries to plead his innocence…

Kevin Dunn: No! I swear I don’t know anything about it!

Running a hand through her hair, Melina shrieks in frustration…

Melina: Then how did it happen? Where did it come from!?

Kevin Dunn: I-I don’t know! Honest!

Masters and Melina now turn to look at each other, and it seems as if Melina is buying what Dunn is saying for now, as she nods her head…

Chris Masters: You listen to me. If it happens again… we’re gonna be back here. And I’m gonna tear this whole truck apart until I get answers. You understand me?

Dunn franticly nods his head, before Masters releases the grip on his collar and shoves Dunn back down into his seat. With an ominous stare around the truck, Masters intimidates every member of the production staff, before he and Melina make their exit. Dunn breathes a long sigh of relief, wiping a bead of sweat from his brow, before he readjusts his headset and tries to get back to work…

Kevin Dunn: Uh… uh… camera two… go.

And on that, we cut back into the arena...

And hear…


For the second time tonight we hear that trademark guitar rift, only this time it’s for the arrival of The Hart Legacy, as Harry Smith and Tyson Kidd make their entrance alongside Natalya Neidhart, the trio wearing big smiles on their faces as they slap hands with the ringside fans…

Jim Ross: It’s our final King of the Ring match in the round of 32, after this match we’ll know the Raw half of the bracket for the round of 16. Natalya Niedhart got a great win earlier tonight, and I’m sure Tyson Kidd is gonna look to do the same right here.

Jerry Lawler: And after Harry Smith lost to Kenny Dykstra last week, if Tyson doesn’t win here tonight, that’s it for The Hart Legacy as far as the King of the Ring goes.

Joey Styles: This promises to be a great matchup between Kidd and Charlie Haas, two very technically sound competitors, and two guys that are more than capable of becoming King of the Ring!


And now the heat breaks out as The World’s Greatest Tag Team step out, with both Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas dressed in their blue tracksuits, the pair pointing and throwing some trash talk towards the youngsters in the ring…

Jim Ross: They are the current World Tag Team Champions, and with Shelton Benjamin already qualified for the next round, tonight could be a chance for the World’s Greatest Tag Team to really make their mark on this tournament. If Charlie Haas can join Shelton Benjamin in the next round, they could easily cut through the field and make it to Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Joey Styles: Well not only that, but last week, we heard Haas and Benjamin say they were putting the tag titles on the back burner to focus on the King of the Ring, but that wasn’t something The Hart Legacy agreed with. Smith and Kidd were pretty adamant that sooner or later, they’re gonna come after the champs lookin’ for a shot at the gold.

Jerry Lawler: And what a match that could be. This one right here promises to be a helluva match, and I’m sure if these two teams were to meet for the tag titles, that’d be even better!

Match 4: King of the Ring Qualifying Match – Round of 32
World Tag Team Champion Charlie Haas w/ Shelton Benjamin vs. Tyson Kidd w/ Harry Smith and Natalya Neidhart

A cagey start as both men inch forward from their corners, with Haas challenging Kidd to a test of strength. Kidd accepts, the two locking a hand together… but before the second hands can lock, Haas drills Kidd with a boot to the midsection. Haas then twists into a wristlock, but Kidd quickly twists out if it, runs to the ropes, jumps… and sends Haas flying with a springboard armdrag! Both men quickly back up… another armdrag puts Haas down… and then a third, this time Kidd hanging on for an armbar. Haas struggles back to his feet, and forces Kidd to the corner, where the ref calls for the break… only for Haas to drill a shoulder into the midsection! Another shoulder lands, but when Haas goes for a third, Kidd uses the ropes to push himself up… and comes out of the corner with a sunset flip… but Haas rolls right through! Both men burst to their feet… and Kidd levels Haas with a running dropkick! Early cover… Haas kicks out at two. As Haas tries to sit up, Kidd is already coming off the ropes, delivering a stiff kick to the chest, before he yanks Haas up and starts landing kicks to the thighs. Kidd then goes for an Irish whip off the ropes, but Haas reverses… then swings and misses with a clothesline… allowing Kidd to nail Haas with a flying forearm! Haas stumbles to his feet against the ropes… only for Kidd to clothesline him over the top rope to the floor! Haas hits the floor with a thud, and Benjamin is quickly over to help his partner back to his feet. As the champs talk strategy and try to help Haas recover, Harry Smith is over to call for Haas to get back in the ring. This distracts Haas and Benjamin, which means they don’t see Kidd steps out onto the apron then charge… DIVING SOMERSAULT SENTON… TAKES OUT BOTH MEN! The crowd love the high-risk offence from Kidd, giving him a great cheer as he rolls Haas back into the ring.

Nipping up onto the apron, Kidd waits for Haas to stagger up… then flies with a springboard dropkick! Another cover… 1… 2… Haas kicks out. Kidd is well in control, landing forearms and kicks, but when he goes for the Irish whip off the ropes, Haas reverses… Kidd runs underneath a clothesline, then jumps to the second rope… top rope… looking for a double jump moonsault… Haas runs underneath… and Kidd lands on his feet… only to be levelled with a massive clothesline! Haas damn near takes Kidd’s head off, and now he goes on the attack, laying in with stomps to the body, then repeated knee drops, before he yanks Kidd up, snapmares him down… then comes off the ropes to deliver a stiff kick to the spine! Haas now begins to target the lower back, aiming forearms, driving knees, and then taking Kidd up and down with a hard backbreaker for a near fall. A double underhook and then a release German suplex do further damage, with Haas in control now as he sends Kidd to the corner with a hard Irish whip… and Kidd crumples to his knees as his spine hits the turnbuckle. After another near fall, Haas tosses Kidd to the outside, and then proceeds to cross the ring to pick a fight with Harry Smith. With the referee distracted, Shelton makes his move, yanking Tyson up… to drive him spine first into the barricade! Kidd is rolled back into the ring, and Haas pounces, dragging him up… for a northern lights suplex! 1… 2… Kidd muscles out of it! Looking for a way to wear Kidd down, Haas takes Kidd up and down… across his knee with the backbreaker… but he keeps Kidd in place for the pendulum submission! Haas presses down on Kidd’s legs and chest, torqueing his body across the knee, Kidd crying out in pain, but unable to break free. Kidd is in the hold for quite a while, and it looks like he might be starting to fade, but Harry and Natalya start to rally the crowd, the noise of the fans bringing some life back to Tyson, and he tries to mount an escape… a kick to the head… and another… and a third finally breaks him free! Both men stumbles back up, Kidd rocking Haas with kicks to the chest, then he charges off the ropes… but Haas is waiting… SNAP OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Kidd is down, Haas has it won… 1… 2… Kidd barely rolls a shoulder!

Haas slaps the canvas in annoyance and yells at the ref that it should’ve been three, but now he presses on, hooking Kidd up, stepping over, twisting… he’s going for the HAAS OF PAIN… but Kidd counters… wheelbarrow victory roll! 1… 2… Haas just kicks out, and he quickly pounces to regain control, smacking a flurry of forearms and elbows to Tyson’s back. Sensing he needs one more high impact before he can finish Kidd off, Haas hoists Tyson up onto the top turnbuckle, keeps him in place with a few right hands, then he climbs to the second rope… he’s looking for a TOP ROPE OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY… NO! Kidd desperately fights free, landing rights that knock Haas down to the canvas. Still standing, Haas moves back in… kick to the face from Kidd… then a SPRINGBOARD TORNADO DDT! Haas is planted, both men down, and the ref starts to count, making it all the way to seven before there’s any sign of life. Haas is back up first, yanking Kidd to his feet… Tyson strikes with a forearm… then a kick… forearm… kick… forearm… then he goes for an Irish whip off the ropes, but Haas reverses and lowers his head… kick snaps the head up… another to the gut doubles him over, before Kidd comes off the adjacent ropes… DROPKICK TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD! Haas is down and out, but now Kidd climbs to the top rope… waits for Haas to rise… DIVING HURRICANRANA! Kidd sits in for the cover… 1… 2… somehow Haas kicks out! It’s all too much for Shelton as he now nips up onto the apron, yelling at Kidd… but here comes Harry… yanking Shelton down… then hammering him with a big right hand! Benjamin stumbles around the ring to the base of the ramp, but here comes Tyson… SUICIDE DIVE! Benjamin is wiped out, and now Kidd jumps back up onto the apron, sees Haas is still down… slings himself to the top rope… SPRINGBOARD ELBOW DROP… NO! Haas was playing possum as he rolls to safety, and when Tyson stumbles up, Haas makes his move… HAASTILE TAKEOVER!! Kidd is planted, and there’s nothing Harry or Natalya can do as Haas gets the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Charlie Haas @ 07.35

Haas gets the win, joining Benjamin in the next round, and as soon as the bell rings, Haas dives through the ropes to make his exit, joining his partner at the foot of the ramp before Harry Smith can get his hands on either of them. Haas and Benjamin quickly back up the ramp, pointing and laughing back at the ring, while Smith fumes, kicking the bottom rope in anger, with Natalya trying to help Kidd back to his feet. Slowly Tyson is back up, he and Smith leaning against the ropes, glaring at Haas and Benjamin, who simply back up the ramp, taunting the youngsters, and as we head for a commercial, you get the feeling that this feud might not be over with yet.


*Video Package*

Our video opens at the King of the Ring ’96, where ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin stands victorious, delivering the interview that launched his main event career…

Narrator: It’s a night where future legends make their mark...


We now head back to King of the Ring ’93, where Bret Hart puts Bam Bam Bigelow away with the winning victory roll...

Narrator: A night where icons are created…


King of the Ring ’01, where Edge puts Kurt Angle down with the Edgecution then crawls into the pin to get an emotional victory…

Narrator: A night when the stars of tomorrow shine bright...


And we now go to last year’s tournament final, where Booker T grabs the win over Bobby Lashley…

Narrator: A night to crown… a new king.


We now see flashing images of some of this year’s contenders, starting with Jeff Hardy, Montel Vontavious Porter, CM Punk and Matt Hardy…

Narrator: And this year, live on NBC, the WWE King of the Ring returns! It’s the one night Saturday Night’s Main Event spectacular where one man’s career is set to skyrocket!

More flashing images, this time it’s Bryan Danielson, Kenny Dykstra, Johnny Nitro and Mr. Kennedy…

Narrator: Eight men will battle to join the most exclusive of WWE clubs. Who will take King Booker’s crown and become the 2007 King of the Ring!?

Another round of flashing images, this time of former winners such as Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Edge, Bret Hart and King Booker…

Narrator: The King is dead…

More clips from last year, this time from Booker’s coronation ceremony, then a quick shot of him close to tears after his victory to clinch the World Heavyweight Championship…


”Long live… the King.”


*End Video Package*

Back into the arena, where we see the smiling faces of our announce team…

Joey Styles: That’s right folks, we’re just three weeks away from Saturday Night’s Main Event and our King of the Ring special. Eight men will remain by the time we make it to The Garden in Boston. Tonight, we saw the last matches in the Raw half of the round of 32, let’s take a look at what the Raw bracket looks like now…

Kenny Dykstra vs. Nick Dinsmore
Chris Masters vs. CM Punk

Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin
Jeff Hardy vs. Charlie Haas

Joey Styles: There you see the final eight men from the Raw brand, four of those individuals will be going to Saturday Night’s Main Event. Some great matchups in store for us over the next couple of weeks guys.

Jerry Lawler: Oh absolutely. I mean, Jeff Hardy and Charlie Haas, that’s gonna be a great match, Punk and Masters, Carlito and Shelton Benjamin, so many impressive superstars, and any one of them could easily become King of the Rng!

Jim Ross: The round of 16 all kicks off next week, live on Raw. We’re getting ever closer to Saturday Night’s Main Event, and the 2007 King of the Ring!

And after a few second silence…


A great cheer welcomes Jeff Hardy into the arena, with Hardy firing up the crowd as he gyrates in the entrance way, before he bounds down the ramp and slides into the ring…

Jim Ross: And this guy’s in with a great chance of goin’ all the way and becomin’ King of the Ring if ya’ ask me. Jeff Hardy vowed in an interview last week that the King of the Ring was his crown to claim, and that he was gonna use it as a springboard to take his career to the next level.

Joey Styles: And given the success Jeff's brother Matt is having over on SmackDown right now, it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see Jeff go all the way. 2007 is already lookin' like it could be Matt Hardy's year, it could well be Jeff's year too.

Jerry Lawler: Could you imagine if both Matt and Jeff made it all the way to the final? A Hardy boy final, that'd be somethin' pretty special right there...



And an equally warm welcome for Carlito as he wastes no time in heading down the ramp and sliding into the ring, he and Jeff sharing a high five as the pair talk strategy ahead of the match...

Jim Ross: We're maybe getting' a bit ahead of ourselves there, 'King'. I'm sure all four of these men in this match will be dreamin' of the King of the Ring final, but for Carlito, he's got a huge opportunity next week live on Raw. A Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship against Kenny Dykstra.

Jerry Lawler: And not only that, but Torrie Wilson and Ezekiel Jackson are both gonna be banned from ringside! I think that' gonna be a helluva match next week, one I can't wait to see!

Joey Styles: And that could be the difference right there. In their two matches at WrestleMania and Backlash, Torrie Wilson has been the difference maker. She's cost Carlito on both occasions, but next week, she's not gonna be involved, and I think that could lead to a new Intercontinental Champion!


His entrance as dramatic as ever, Chris Masters steps out, Melina by his side, the pair standing at the top of the ramp as the pyro rains down on them, before Masters thrusts off his robe and the duo slowly head down the ramp...

Jerry Lawler: God, would ya' look at this guy. I almost had 'im beat last week and kicked him straight outta the King of the Ring!

Jim Ross: You came mighty close, 'King'. But durin' that match, we heard some pretty strange music playing. It obviously confused and affected Masters at the time, and as we saw earlier this evening, Masters and Melina sure as hell wanted to know what it was all about and where it came from.

Joey Styles: I think it's safe to say that it has Chris Masters rattled a bit. But I guess after that threat they made to the guys in the production truck, it won't be happening again anytime soon.


And finally the Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra emerges, with both Torrie Wilson and Ezekiel Jackson along for the ride. Dykstra and Torrie walk arm in arm down the ramp, both still clearly upset with the ruling that Torrie will be banned from ringside next week, while 'Zeke' brings up the rear in a menacing fashion...

Jim Ross: They are the self-proclaimed new power couple of Raw, but next week, the power will be gone as Dykstra is gonna have to go it alone. No Torrie, no 'Zeke', just Dykstra, Carlito and a ladder to determine who will be the Intercontinental Champion.

Joey Styles: You don't think that Dykstra might be runnin' kinda scared right now do ya'? I saw the fear in his eyes when John Cena told him the stipulations for next week, he didn't look all that happy.

Jerry Lawler: I think that's 'cause he knows he in a whole heap o' trouble now. He's rode his luck, he and Torrie have pulled every trick in the book, but next week, there's gonna be nobody left to save him. If Kenny's gonna retain his title, he's gonna need to finally do it by himself, and I just don't think he can handle Carlito with the mood he's in right now.

Match 5: Tag Team Match
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra and Chris Masters w/ Ezekiel Jackson, Melina and Torrie Wilson vs. Carlito and Jeff Hardy

Hardy and Masters get this one underway, the two locking up in the centre of the ring, and after a bit of back and forth, Masters uses his power advantage to drive Jeff to the corner. The ref calls for the break, which Masters provides… only for him to then hammer Jeff with a stiff elbow to the face! More elbows follow, then clubbing forearms land to the back of the head, before Masters fires Jeff off the ropes… Hardy avoids a clothesline with a baseball slide, nips up… and takes Masters down with a mule kick! Masters sits up, but Hardy is already coming off the ropes… low angle dropkick! And now he grabs Masters by the legs… double leg drop to the gut, earning Hardy a near fall. Both men are back up, and Masters again uses his power to lift Hardy up and drive him against the turnbuckle, enabling him to tag in Dykstra. Kenny enters and lays in with a trio of hard rights, before he smashes Hardy face first off a neutral turnbuckle. Dykstra goes for the Irish whip across… but when he follows in, Jeff uses the ropes to elevate himself over Kenny… and Kenny smacks chest first off the top turnbuckle! Dykstra staggers back… and Jeff rocks him with the sitout jawbreaker… that puts Dykstra in the perfect position for… the HARDYAC ARREST! Jeff drags Kenny to the centre of the ring, hooks the leg… 1… 2… Kenny rolls a shoulder. Hardy drags Dykstra to the faces’ corner and tags in Carlito, a look of fear on Kenny’s face as his long-time adversary drills a few boots to the midsection, then sends Kenny for the ride… into a big back body drop! After another near fall, ‘Lito yanks Kenny up, only for Dykstra to drive a knee into the midsection. Irish whip off the ropes… but Kenny lowers his head… ‘Lito snaps it up with a kick… then sends Kenny sprawling from the ring with a headscissor takedown!

Dykstra writhes on the floor, ‘Big Zeke’ over to try help him back up, but from the apron, here comes Hardy… DIVING DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Hardy wipes out both Dykstra and Jackson, roaring to the crowd as he bursts back to his feet, quickly rolling Kenny back into the ring where ‘Lito gets another two count. Hardy tags back in, and he rocks Kenny with rights, then goes for the Irish whip off the ropes… Dykstra reverses… allowing Masters to drill a knee into the spine! Hardy puts on the breaks… and sends Masters flying off the apron with a big right hand… but when he turns… Dykstra levels him with a stiff clothesline! Just like that, the match swings in the heels’ favour, with Dykstra now laying in with a string of elbow drops, before he jumps up to deliver one final big elbow, gaining a near fall. Masters gets the tag, and he starts to target the lower back, laying in with stomps and knees, before he scoops Jeff up for a big backbreaker. Mounting Hardy, Masters him with right hands, before he and Dykstra show some impressive teamwork as Masters holds Jeff open, allowing Kenny to come off the second rope with a fistdrop to the spine. Further damage is done as Masters lands a sidewalk slam, and Kenny gets a near fall from a falling neckbreaker. Dykstra then goes for a reverse chinlock, trying to wear Hardy down, but with ‘Lito stomping his feet, and the crowd cheering, eventually Hardy is able to fight back to his feet… and after three elbows to the midsection he finally breaks the hold! Jeff now comes off the ropes… right into a textbook jumping back elbow! Dykstra goes for the cover… 1… 2… Hardy rolls a shoulder! Dykstra tags in Masters, the two combining for a double suplex for a near fall, and after a string of elbow drops, a quick tag brings Kenny back in.

Dykstra lands a string of short arm clothesline, then he hooks Jeff up, looking for a suplex… but Hardy blocks it. Again Kenny tries… again Jeff blocks it… then he takes Kenny up and down with a sitout inverted suplex slam! Both men are down now, the ref counting, but when he reaches six, the pair are close to their corners… here comes Masters… but here comes Carlito! ‘Lito slingshots into the ring, tagging Masters with stiff shots to the face, then he goes for the Irish whip… Masters reverses… but ‘Lito jumps to the second rope… springboard back elbow! Carlito now looks to quicken the pace, running to the ropes… springboard moonsault… no! Masters rolls through to avoid it… but ‘Lito lands on his feet… then when Masters stands… he smacks him in the face with a dropkick! Carlito hooks the leg… 1… 2… Dykstra makes the save! And now Dykstra looks to lay in with a few cheap shots, but here comes Hardy… jumping clothesline knocks Dykstra down! Kenny rolls under the bottom rope, again helped back up by Jackson, but in the ring, Carlito makes the tag to Jeff… then ‘Lito charges… SOMERSAULT PLANCHA… TAKES DOWN BOTH KENNY AND JACKSON! The crowd loves the high risk attack from ‘Lito, and when Kenny staggers back to his feet, Carlito is right on him… clothesline over the barricade! Dykstra is sent sprawling into the crowd… and now ‘Lito leaps the barricade too! To hell with the match, Carlito just wants to hammer Dykstra! Kenny desperately tries to escape, Ezekiel and Torrie in hot pursuit, but soon Dykstra and Carlito disappear from our sights. Back in the ring, Masters is in trouble as Jeff has him lined up… kick… TWIST OF FATE… NO! Masters shoves Jeff chest first into the turnbuckle, the he stumbles backwards… into THE MASTERLOCK!! Masters has it locked on, violently swinging Hardy from side to side, and just when it looks like Jeff is about to fade…




It’s happened again! Masters is furious, tossing Jeff aside, he and Melina looking all over the arena as the music plays, the two shouting for whoever or whatever this music refers to show themselves… and then just like that, the music stops. Confusion all around once again, with Masters and Melina shouting at each other… but that means Masters doesn’t see Hardy sneak up from behind… schoolboy rollup! 1… 2… 3!

Winners: Carlito and Jeff Hardy @ 08.49

It’s happened again, and this time it’s cost Masters as Jeff Hardy takes advantage of the distraction and gets the win! The force of the kickout sends Jeff tumbling from the ring, but he’s quickly back on his feet to have his hand raised by the ref on the ramp. In the ring, Masters is furious, slamming his fists off the canvas in a rage, while Melina slides into the ring and lets out a scream of anguish, wildly running her hands through her hair in despair at what just happened. Hardy backs up the ramp and thanks the crowd for their support, but the real story is back in the ring, where Masters looks like he’s ready to boil over, head in his hands, a mixture of disgust and disbelief on his face as we head to a commercial.


*Video Package*

We open to a blank, black screen, with dark, ominous violin strings playing. Slowly, heavy rainfall is heard, then the sound of police sirens and screaming women fade in, then we hear the whir of a helicopter as the picture cuts to news footage from what looks like some sort of disaster that’s hit a city…

Female Reporter: …and police are reporting a lone assailant, who rampaged through the city, leaving a terrifying path of destruction behind him…

More news footage, this time of overturned police cars scattered around a city street, while in the background, an ambulance is on fire...

Male Reporter: …we’ve heard he hit suddenly, he ripped through the heart of the city, and nothing would slow him down…

Now we see a man on the scene, who appears to be an innocent bystander in all this mayhem, being interviewed, blood pouring down his head, dust flying all around him as police cars whizz past in the background...

Man: …God, I dunno, he was a beast, he was huge! The guy was a monster! I’ve never seen anythin’ like ‘im…

We now see an Army truck pull up onto the scene, with a full squadron of soldiers jumping out of the back and then running in various directions…

Female Reporter: …and we understand police chiefs have called in the National Guard, in the hope they can do something about it…

More grainy interview footage from the news feed, this time from a man who we assume to be the Chief of Police, who stands in the middle of the mayhem, the rain bouncing off his hat as he ducks in fear of the explosions going off behind him…

Police Chief: So far, all our efforts haven’t phased him. We just can’t see to stop ‘im, and we’re runnin’ outta time…

We now cut to a news conference with the mayor of this city, who looks worried as he reads from the notes on the podium he stands behind...

Mayor: …with that in mind, I am declaring a state of emergency. Folks, this is not a drill. Please, leave your belongings, just grab your families and get out of the city as fast as you can…

Back to the mayhem, where the man previously interviewed is again infront of the camera, people screaming and running for their lives behind him…

Male Reporter: …if I can just ask you one last question. What on earth can stop this man?

With a look of fear in his eyes, the man offers no response, simply shaking his head until he’s able to mutter the words…

Man: I dunno man, I mean…

The screen now fades to black, until two dark red eyes slowly shine through the darkness, while we hear the man say…

“God help us all…”


*End Video Package*

From the video we go back into the arena to hear…



The loudest cheer of the night is reserved for Ric Flair as the legend emerges from the back dressed in one of his flamboyant robes, strutting his way down the ramp to the ring, pausing every so often to let out a “Woo!” to the crowd...

Jim Ross: He is without doubt, a living legend. Perhaps the greatest man to ever lace up a pair of wrestling boots. But tonight is perhaps one of the biggest test of Flair's career. After his defeat to Mr. Kennedy at WrestleMania XXIII, can Flair prove that he's back to his best, not only to all of us, but to himself?

Jerry Lawler: And that's the big question right there. Flair talked about his doubts, he talked about not believin' in himself anymore, but the best way to dispel any of those doubts is to beat Bobby Lashley here tonight.

Joey Styles: You talk about the experience of this man, all the legendary moments he's had inside the squared circle, it's all gonna prove invaluable for Team Linda at War Games. John Cena may be the captain of the team, but you get the feeling that Ric Flair is gonna be the heart and soul, and he's gonna play a crucial part in deciding just who gains control of Monday Night Raw.


A ton of heat as Bobby Lashley steps into the arena, snarling and with eyes locked in on Flair as he pounds down the ramp. Interestingly, there's no Vince or Shane in Lashley's corner tonight, nor is there any sign of Randy Orton, as Lashley instead flies solo into the ring...

Jim Ross: He is as dominant as they come. He is a supreme athlete, so much power, so much intensity, and at War Games, he will lead Team Vince into battle. But tonight, can Bobby Lashley give his team a real shot of momentum by beatin' 'The Nature Boy', and in the process, handing his team the early advantage.

Joey Styles: And I think it's a real statement of intent to see Lashley out here by himself. Usually we see either Vince or Shane McMahon in his corner, but not tonight. Lashley's out here to lead like a captain, to lead by example, and that could spell trouble for Ric Flair.

Jerry Lawler: But then again, you’ve gotta ask has Lashley ever been in the ring with a guy like Ric Flair? I mean, Flair’s ‘The Dirtiest Player in the Game’, he knows more tricks and shortcuts than anybody. That’s the kinda experience Flair can bring to War Games, and even though Lashley might be quicker and stronger, there’s no way he’s gonna out-think ‘The Nature Boy’ in this one…

Main Event:
Bobby Lashley
vs. Ric Flair

The crowd is electric for this one, with plenty of “Wooo!” chants ringing out, with both men recognizing this as they pause, Lashley snarling at the fans, while Flair simply smiles and nods his head. Eventually the two lock up, and after some brief jockeying for position, Lashley shows off his power as he simply shoves Flair to the ropes, ‘The Nature Boy’ grabbing on, saving himself from a possible high impact move. Trying to rattle the big guy, Flair now starts to strut, letting out a quick “Woo!” in the corner… which prompts Lashley to charge… Flair sidesteps… and Lashley crashes into the corner! Moving quickly, Flair starts to light Lashley up with chops to the chest, but once again Lashley uses brute strength to shove Flair away. Flair hits the deck, but bounces back to his feet near the ropes, prompting Lashley to charge… but Flair low bridges… and Lashley tumbles all the way to the floor! Lashley bursts back to his feet and slams his hands off the announce desk in frustration, while in the ring, Flair again struts, playing mindgames with Lashley, taunting him with another “Woo!” to the crowd. Flair allows Lashley to re-enter the ring, the two tying up, but this time Flair works into a side headlock, then twists into a hammerlock, and finally takes Lashley down with a sweep of the leg. With Lashley down, Flair grabs an ankle, twisting and wrenching on it, already applying pressure to the leg, before he then starts aiming stomps to the thigh, softening up the leg for a future figure four attempt. Flair continues to target the hamstring area, before he drags Lashley up, then takes him up and down with the shinbreaker… no! Lashley drills a right to the face mid-move, landing on his feet… then he sends Flair flying with a belly to belly suplex! Flair rolls and crawls to the apron, pulling himself up on the wrong side of the ropes… and this allows Lashley to charge… and send Flair flying to the floor with a shoulderblock!

Heading outside, Lashley drags Flair back to his feet, smashing him face first off the ring apron, before he rolls Flair back inside for a near fall. Mounting Flair, Lashley lands well placed fists and elbows to the face, but when he yanks Flair back up, a simple thumb to the eye from ‘The Dirtiest Player in the Game’ turns the tide back in Flair’s favour. Flair takes Lashley down with a snapmare, then comes off the ropes… jumping knee drop! Here’s a cover… 1… 2… Lashley powers out of it. Flair helps Lashley up and again drives him to the corner with chops to the chest, following them with a trio of right hands, before Flair goes for the Irish whip across… Lashley reverses and charges in… corner clothesline… Flair sidesteps… and Lashley smacks off the turnbuckle! Lashley staggers back, and here comes Flair… chop block! Flair takes Lashley down, but now he’s back on his feet… grabbing the leg… and the crowd rise in anticipation… as Flair steps, twists… but before he can apply the figure four, Lashley kicks him away! Flair smacks off the corner, and now there’s a chance for Lashley to go on the attack, dropping clubbing forearms to the back of the neck, before he climbs to the second rope and starts hammering down on Flair with right hands… but he only reaches five before Flair grabs the legs, steps forward… inverted atomic drop! Lashley is frozen to the spot in pain… and then a big chop knocks him down! And now Flair decides to head outside, climbing to the top rope, taking a huge chance as he waits for Lashley to rise… FLYING CROSSBODY… NO! Lashley catches Flair… then sends him flying with a fallaway slam! The impact of the move causes Flair to bounce off the canvas and roll under the bottom rope, and as we head to the final commercial of the evening, this one may just have turned in Lashley’s favour.


And when we return, we see that indeed Lashley is in control, using a nerve hold to keep Flair grounded, applying pressure to the neck and shoulder. The crowd urge Flair back to his feet, and he starts to make a move, battling back to a vertical base, then he drills Lashley with a few elbows to the midsection, only for Lashley to shove Flair into the corner. Lashley races in… right into a back elbow! Lashley stumbles back, and here comes Flair… straight into a massive clothesline! Lashley goes for the cover… but only gets a two count. Shoving Flair into the corner, Lashley pummels him with stiff rights, but Flair tries to mount a comeback, rocking Lashley with chops to the chest, only for a knee to the gut to put an end to it. Lashley fires Flair across the ring… Flair hits the turnbuckle hard… and staggers out into a huge back body drop! After another Flair kickout, Lashley starts to dominate, landing clubbing forearms to the side of head, then he does damage with an impressive delayed vertical suplex, before again coming close to victory with a spinebuster. Lashley is almost toying with Flair as he again shows off his strength with a military press drop that causes Flair to cry out in anguish, before Lashley again does damage with a string of headbutts to the back of the neck, then an Irish whip that he turns into a powerslam for another near fall. A backbreaker causes more damage, and then Lashley hoists Flair up onto his shoulders… for a TORTURE RACK! Flair is in big trouble as Lashley looks to make him submit, applying pressure on the neck and back, causing Flair to cry out in pain. Lashley keeps the hold locked on tight, and slowly he makes Flair fade, the life draining away from ‘The Nature Boy’. After a while, the referee finally steps in, raising Flair’s hand… it drops. Again the hand is raised… again it drops. A third time the hand goes up… it drops… no! Flair catches it at the last second!

The fans roar their approval, and with their backing, Flair somehow starts to fight his way free, landing elbows to the side of the head, enabling him to drop down to the his knees. As he does so, there’s a tangle between Lashley, Flair and the ref, the ref too close as Lashley tries to move back in, and in the confusion… Flair strikes with a LOW BLOW! The ref missed it, and now Lashley is doubled over in pain, and Flair moves in… side suplex! Here’s a cover… 1… 2… Lashley kicks out! Now Flair looks to go on the attack, repeatedly knocking Lashley down with chops to the chest, before he sends Lashley off the ropes… into a back elbow which knocks him down! Flair comes off the ropes… JUMPING KNEE DROP! Flair has all the momentum, and now he’s headed back upstairs, waiting for Lashley to rise… DIVING DOUBLE AXE HANDLE! Lashley is down, and now once again, Flair grabs the leg, steps, twists and turns… FIGURE FOUR… NO! Again Lashley pushes Flair away, this time through the ropes to the floor! Lashley quickly shakes it off and heads outside, where he starts rearranging furniture, ripping the top of the announce desk, then taking out the monitors and tossing them aside. It looks like Lashley doesn’t care about winning anymore, he just wants to hurt Flair, and that’s exactly what he has in mind as he yanks Flair up… takes him up on his shoulders… he wants THE DOMINATOR THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE DESK! But before he can do it, Flair drops down behind… then shoves Lashley knees first into the steel steps! Lashley comes away limping, rolling back into the ring, but when he struggles back to his feet, Flair makes his move… nails another chop block… then he grabs the foot, steps, twists and turns… FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK!! Flair has the figure four locked in on Bobby Lashley… but wait! It’s… Randy Orton is in the ring… and he’s hammering Ric Flair! The ref has no choice but to call for the bell!

Winner: Via Disqualification, Ric Flair @ 13.28

Orton has hit the ring, and now he's laying into Flair with a flurry of vicious right and left hands, swinging wildly, until he gets back onto his feet and starts stomping away on Flair's chest. Lashley limps back up, and now he too joins in with the beatdown, the pair doing a number on Flair as they give him a severe beating... but all of a sudden the crowd roar in approval... as racing down the ramp... it's John Cena and Carlito! Cena and 'Lito slide under the ring... Cena tackles Lashley... and 'Lito flies at Orton! The brawl in on! Wild shots land, all four men rolling around on the canvas, with Cena and 'Lito gaining the upperhand, smacking away at Lashley and Orton, and things have gone crazy here! Orton and Carlito scramble back to their feet in the corner, both men still going at it, while on the mat, Cena is on top of Lashley pounding down on him with stiff right hands... but again the fans react, this time with gasps of fear... as The Redneck Wrecking Crew are charging down the ramp!!?

What the hell? Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch both slide into the ring... and they've got chairs in their hands! Cade sneaks up on Carlito from behind... AND SMACKS THE STEEL CHAIR OFF HIS SPINE! Hearing the sound of steel smacking off skin, Cena leaves Lashley and returns to his feet... only for Murdoch to CRACK HIS CHAIR OFF CENA'S SKULL!! A sickening thud, with Cena collapsing to the canvas, not moving an inch, the crowd booing furiously, wondering what the hell is going on...

Jim Ross: Dammit to hell! It's Cade and Murdoch! Cade and Murdoch, what the hell is the meanin' of this!?

Jerry Lawler: They've gotta be on Team Vince!

Cena is down, Carlito is down, but valiantly, Ric Flair battles back to his feet... but Randy Orton strikes... RKO!! Orton plants Flair with the RKO! All three members of Team Linda are down and out, and it looks like it’s about to get a whole lot worse as Lashley grabs Cena by the ankle and drags him towards the ropes. The crowd respond with ominous groans, as Lashley soon drags Cena from the ring…


Hoists Cena up onto his shoulder…


And charges towards the announce desk…




The table shatters, the wreckage flying everywhere, and somewhere in amongst it all lies the broken body of John Cena! “Holy shit! Holy shit!” is the cry from a small section of the crowd, while the majority remain stunned into silence. Looking down on Cena, Lashley’s eyes burn with rage, a sick smirk of satisfaction crossing his face, before he turns and re-enters the ring. It’s mayhem all over the arena, with no words from our announce team having been knocked off of commentary due to the powerslam, instead it’s just the dominant sight of Team Vince standing tall, Randy Orton, Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch and their captain, Bobby Lashley, the quartet standing tall in the ring, arms raised in victory, while all we hear is the boos and jeers of the crowd. Team Vince is standing tall, while Team Linda has been decimated, and that’s the final image we see as we fade… to…

Well not quite. Just as it looks like the broadcast is over, we cut backstage to see Linda McMahon stood infront of a television set, her hand covering her mouth, her eyes wide with fear, having watch the assault of the last few moments unfold. As Linda lowers her hand and stares into the screen with a mixture of fear and sadness, slowly approaching her from behind… comes Mr. McMahon himself. Linda turns and looks at Vince with disgust, but all she gets in return is an evil smirk, with Vince chuckling to himself, and as the show comes to a conclusion, all he’s got to say for himself is…

Mr. McMahon: I told ya’, Linda.







*End Show*

Date: June 2nd, 2007

Location: TD Banknorth Garden; Boston, Massachusetts

The 2007 King of the Ring Tournament:

Current Card for WWE WAR GAMES:
Date: June 17th, 2007

Location: Target Center; Minneapolis, Minnesota

War Games Match:
Team Linda (John Cena, Ric Flair, Carlito ??? and ???) vs. Team Vince (Bobby Lashley, Randy Orton, Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch and ???)

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Raw Review

This is the first show I've reviewed of yours, have been back and read a lot of this, but forgive me if I get a few things wrong, I intend to be a regular reader from now on.

Really enjoyed the opening Flair promo, very well written and very in character. The back and forth between Flair and Vince was very intense, reminded me of some of their real life verbal wars. This was fun to read. Flair gets Lashley tonight, Hmmm, Lashley as a heel with Vince as his mouthpiece definetly screams what they should have done in real life maybe!

Wow awesome video package. I kind of found It hard to read first then I realised what you were doing and man this was cool. Wargames WWE have always refused to use and I have no idea why, a video package like this show exactly why they should bring in that gimmick, it can have so much anticipation, and it will more than definetly deliver. I'm sure yours will and I can't wait to read it. Love that footage of I have seen war and I hate war speech whenever WWE have used it, good call including that.

Nice segment between Cena and Linda Mcmahon. I wonder who the mystery guy is. Was very happy to see Carlito and I hope he makes it into wargames as Intercontinental Champion, I always thought he was a talent.

A physical match between Dinsmore and Lance Cade, a real decent TV match. You certainly have Lance Cade show his skills, because I always thought he could work so I'm glad you didn't make him suck. Cade and Murdoch with some great dastardly heel handiwork, enjoyed the beatdown greatly by this underrated team.

I'm not the biggest fan of pure anti american gimmicks, so the Claudio Cesaro promo was not my favourite part of the show. However, it was well written and I'm sure would gain him some heat, and it was definetly written well.

Wow the girls actually wrestled very well. This was a physical match, I was especially impressed with Melina and Natayla, they were wrestling like veteran guys! I really enjoyed this contest and would love to see women's matches like this.

Great promo from RVD, very in character. RVD and Shawn Michaels is a dream match of mine, I would love to see that in the future in this thread. RVD put his character across well here, he isn't scared to face anyone.

RVD and Cesaro had an amazing match! That was very, very exciting! A really physical and fast paced match, which was written perfectly. This could easily have been a pay per view match, it was that good. Cesaro proved he belonged in the ring with RVD. The finish of this was good too, a shock kickout then a massive enzuiguri and a five star frog splash, was a great sequence. Shawn's run in afterwardd was a lot of fun too, be nice to see him in this serious heel character.

The segment with Chris Masters and Melina berating Kevin Dunn was great, I'd love to have seen that. Masters was awesome and very underrated. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Charlie Haas and Tyson Kidd was a great wrestling match, You are very good at writing physical matches with great atmosphere and intensity. Best moments here were the somersault and the counter to the Haas of pain, I wasn't expecting either. Lots of great counters and fast paced action. Great TV match.

A good video package for the KOTR tournament. I personally am pulling for Jeff Hardy. A fun tag team match for the competitors, and again Masters is cost the match. I like this angle, great way to keep embarassing the heel. I also like how there is focus on Chris Masters in an angle, most people think he sucks, but I'm glad you use him.

Wow, excellent promotion for Sylvester Terkay, a great idea to use that approach. I haven't seen much of the guy, so can't wait to see what he does, you've definetly got me intruiged. Video packages and promos are very strong this show, leaving me very intruiged and excited.

The main event was a lot better than I expected. Lashley and Flair's styles meshed together way better than they would in real life, you wrote the match extremely well and It wasn't awkward whatsoever. Flair was a great babyface In this match, fiery and sympathetic, while not having to do anything over the top and out of his comfort zone. Lashley was definetly better here than he is in real life, he worked very well as a heel. Was fun to read him doing the torture rack and moves like the military press. I never knew why Lashley wouldn't do these moves in real life, he was clearly strong enough. Lazy I guess. Yes, Flair actually hits his top rope double axe handle, haha I marked out for that one.Very nice moment with Flair managing to escape the dominator, injure Lashleys lgs than apply the figure four, great set up.

Here we go, Cade and Murdoch with a sinister run in. These guys really fit in with Vince Mcmahon's heel pals, so I think this worked very well. Redneck Wrecking Crew is also a great name, might wanna trademark that one haha. Lashley actually doing badass heel moves is so refreshing and cool to imagine as the guy couldn't intimidate a fly when he was in WWE. Here I can totally imagine him doing all this, so well done you've made him a very convincing and intimidating heel.

Overall: This show was really good. I am definetly going to be a regular reader, you have me excited. I personally think the WWE in 2007 was horrendous, you have made it watchable. Yes, Vince having a heel stable has been done before and feuding with his wife, but it hadn't been done in years and is still way more entertaining than anything WWE was doing at the time, and with Lashley heel with Vince, that is definetly something I could see working and making it fresh. I love RVD as World Champion and all the great matches you put on tonight. My favourite match was in fact the main event, you really are a great match writer. Your matches flow very very well. Your promos could be longer is my only critiscm and slightly more detailed, but other than that, I am now going to be a regular reader and reviewer of this thread.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~Friday Night SmackDown~
May 18th, 2007
US Airways Center
Phoenix, Arizona

Just two days away from Judgment Day, Friday Night SmackDown rolls into Phoenix, Arizona fresh on the heels of one shocking return last week… and another major return lined up for tonight’s show.

For weeks Batista, Edge and Mr. Kennedy have been on a collision course with each other, and last week, the inevitable seemed to be on the cards as the three came together in the ring for a contract signing that would seal their Triple Threat Match at Judgment Day for the World Heavyweight Championship. However, SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long had other ideas, announcing that the match would instead be a Fatal Four Way Match, adding the returning Chris Benoit to the situation. Having been on the shelf for over a month thanks to Edge, Benoit is back, and eager to get his hands on ‘The Rated-R Superstar’. Tonight, he gets his wish, as Benoit and Edge are scheduled to go one on one, just days before they both compete for gold. No doubt both Batista and Mr. Kennedy will be watching this one closely, and given the amount of enemies Edge has made in recent weeks, neither man would begrudge a Benoit victory in his return.

Elsewhere, three Judgment Day matches are set to collide tonight as Matt Hardy, Kane and The Hooligans team up for Eight Man Tag Team action against their respective Judgment Day opponents, The Miz, Finlay and The New Breed. As United States Champion, Hardy has enjoyed a great 2007 so far, and he’ll look to continue that tonight by leading his team to victory. However, with not only The Miz, but The New Breed also serving as challengers to gold this Sunday, both teams have plenty of incentives to win this one. Determined to prove he’s a serious threat to Hardy, Miz will be looking to grab the win, while Monty Brown and Elijah Burke will be out to take advantage of the recent troubles between the WWE Tag Team Champions, Paul London and Brian Kendrick. As for Kane and Finlay? They’ll just be looking to beat the hell out of whoever gets in their way, in what promises to be a highly exciting matchup.

For weeks, Chavo Guerrero has led us all down history lane in a reminder of the great career of Rey Mysterio, simply because at Judgment Day, Chavo is determined to finish Rey’s career once and for all. But tonight, after weeks of taunting, Mysterio is scheduled to appear on SmackDown tonight, no doubt to confront Chavo ahead of this Sunday’s Last Man Standing Match. Guerrero has talked a great game this last month or so, but tonight, he could come face to face with his great rival, and who knows what that could mean ahead of this Sunday.

All of this, and the final two places in the King of the Ring Round of 16 will be decided, as the two men involved in the Cruiserweight Championship Match this Sunday, the champion Gregory Helms and the challenger Bryan Danielson, both face qualifying matches ahead of their potential show stealer this Sunday. Helms takes on Shannon Moore, while Danielson faces Santino Marella, with both men looking to send a message to their Judgment Day opponent, that they’ll be the one leaving Judgment Day as champion. Plus, Mark Henry and The Sandman face off, ahead of the Six Man Tag Team Match this Sunday between The Extremists and The Coachman Coalition.

It’s the final stop before Judgment Day, and a show that promises to be an explosive preview to one of the biggest nights of the SmackDown calendar.

Confirmed Matches:

Chris Benoit vs. Edge

Matt Hardy, Kane and The Hooligans vs. The Miz, Finlay and The New Breed
Mark Henry vs. The Sandman

King of the Ring Qualifying Matches – Round of 32

Bryan Danielson vs. Santino Marella
Gregory Helms vs. Shannon Moore

Plus! The return of Rey Mysterio!!
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~Friday Night SmackDown~
May 18th, 2007
US Airways Center
Phoenix, Arizona

”No estoy escuchando más! Enough is enough!"

We open with a highlights package from last week, where during the contract signing for their Triple Threat Match at Judgment Day, Batista, Edge and Mr. Kennedy all trade words, until Edge and Batista storm to their feet, with Teddy Long urging them not to fight, while Kennedy does all he can to get his two rivals going at it… until Batista snaps and strikes Kennedy instead! An all-out brawl now commences, the three trading shots with each other, until suddenly, Chris Benoit makes a triumphant return, sprinting down to the ring to get involved in the fight, and once he and Batista clear the ring, Teddy Long reveals that Benoit has been added to the match to make it a Fatal Four Way for the World Heavyweight Championship, the video giving us tense images of all four men before it fades to black.

From the video we head straight into the arena, and after a few second silence we hear…


A tremendous cheer as Chris Benoit strides into the arena, looking as intense as ever as he makes his way down the aisle, but even Benoit has to stop halfway to the ring and take a look around, savouring the response of the fans and even giving them a toothy grin in appreciation before he heads for the ring...

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, last week we saw the return of that man, Chris Benoit, one month after he suffered severe head injuries at the hands of Edge. Tonight, Benoit faces Edge one on one, just 48 hours away from Judgment Day! Hello everyone, I'm Michael Cole, alongside me at ringside as always are Tazz and 'JBL', and guys, it's great to see Chris Benoit back in a WWE ring!

Tazz: You ain't kiddin', Cole! We all heard the rumours that maybe that was it for Chris Benoit when Edge hit 'im with that con-chair-to. Benoit was thinkin' about windin' 'is career down this summer, and maybe Edge has put 'im into an early retirement. But Benoit's back, and he's out for revenge tonight, baby!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Yeah and you'd love to see that, wouldn't ya'? How the hell is that fair? Batista, Edge and Kennedy, they all signed a contract last week that had been changed without them knowin' about it! And then, Edge's gotta face Benoit just two nights before Judgment Day!? Gimme a break! That's a damn disgrace, and I'm blame Teddy Long! This show's been a damn joke ever since he came back!

Michael Cole: Well I think a lotta that mess is down to what Jonathan Coachman left behind! But nonetheless, tonight not only do we have Edge and Benoit one on one, but we're also gonna wrap up the King of the Ring Round of 32, as the last two spots to advance to the next round will be decided. We've also got two Judgment Day preview matches, as the United States Champion Matt Hardy teams up with Kane to take on their respective Judgment Day opponents, Miz and Finlay, while Mark Henry and The Sandman are set to go at it ahead of the match this Sunday between The Extremists and The Coachman Coalition.

Tazz: Yeah but not only that, Cole, I got an exclusive for ya' right here! Earlier tonight we found out that Rey Mysterio will be here tonight on SmackDown ahead of his return to the ring at Judgment Day against Chavo Guerrero. Man, I can't wait to see Rey back!

Michael Cole: It's gonna be a huge night, and we're kickin' it all off with 'The Rabid Wolverine', Chris Benoit, making his return to SmackDown against Edge!

In the ring, Benoit paces back and forth, eager to get the action started, patiently awaiting the arrival of…



A ton of heat welcomes the sound of Edge’s music, but as we wait… there’s no sign of Edge. Benoit continues to pace the ring, cracking his neck from side to side, but right now, Edge has yet to enter the arena…

Michael Cole: It was one month ago when Edge delivered a devastating one man con-chair-to to Chris Benoit, a move that many, including Edge, thought had put an end to Benoit’s career. Edge has ran his mouth ever since WrestleMania, and if ya’ ask me, tonight’s the night it finally gets shut at the hands of Chris Benoit.

Tazz: Yeah, but… where the hell is he? I mean, I don’t… I don’t see Edge anywhere.

John Bradshaw Layfield: He’s just makin’ Benoit sweat a little bit. He knows it’s Benoit’s first night back, he’s just playin’ a few mind games before-

Michael Cole: HEY!

Cole shouts out, and the crowd do the same… as Edge is in the ring! Edge has come through the crowd and sneaked up behind Benoit… and he’s got a steel chair in his hands! Benoit doesn’t have a clue… and Edge lines him up… and SMACKS THE STEEL CHAIR OFF THE BACK OF BENOIT’S SKULL!!


Edge has come out of nowhere and he’s levelled Benoit! Benoit is down, crumpled in a heap, grabbing his neck in pain, while a wild, crazed look is in Edge’s eyes as he stands over Benoit, slamming the chair down on the canvas, tearing at his hair, an evil smirk on his face as he surveys the damage he’s caused. Edge looks like a man possessed as he peers down on Benoit, screaming “WHY D’YA COME BACK, CHRIS?! HUH? WHY D’YA COME BACK!?”, before he lays in with a few stomps to the back of the neck.

The crowd shits all over Edge and his actions, but Edge doesn’t give a damn, and now he moves quickly to slide back under the bottom rope, wildly shoving Tony Chimel aside… and picking up the chair he once sat on. The crowd gasp in fear, knowing exactly what Edge has in mind as he slides back into the ring… places Benoit’s head on the chair he just nailed him with… then he raises the second chair high in the air…




Edge stops dead in his tracks… it’s Batista! Batista is here, and ‘The Animal’ is sprinting down the aisle! Seeing Batista coming, Edge is caught like a deer in the headlights, frozen to the spot, debating with himself whether or not to run or fight… and as Batista slides under the bottom rope… Edge hightails it out of the ring! Rolling from the ring to safety, Edge now stands on the outside, Batista peering down on him, yelling for Edge to get back in the ring, ‘The Animal’ dying to get his hands on Edge, the crowd going wild, urging Batista to give chase… but there cheers soon turn to screams once again, as from the other side of the ring…



”Where the hell did he come from!?”

Kennedy has just laid out the World Heavyweight Champion! And now Edge is back in the ring, he and Kennedy laying in with stomps as Batista tries to struggle back to his feet. It’s an absolute mugging as Batista takes a beating from the combined forces of Edge and Kennedy… but then all of sudden… Edge rears back with his chair… just as Kennedy draws back with his… and both men turn on each other… but then both put on the breaks at the last second! It’s going to be every man for himself this Sunday, and that’s how it’s looking right now, as Edge and Kennedy were just seconds away from nailing each other with chairs!

A standoff ensues, neither man quite sure of how to proceed, until the trash talking starts to fly, and Kennedy and Edge now both shout at each other to swing first! Kennedy yells “I DARE YA!”, while Edge screams “C’MON! C’MON, DO IT!”, and the tension builds… until the crowd start to cheer… as Batista is back on his feet… and he runs through both Edge and Kennedy with a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Almost on instinct, Edge and Kennedy hit the canvas and both roll from the ring, Batista enraged, an animal unleashed, baying for blood, but just as he makes a move to step through the ropes and give chase…


The SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long rushes out, microphone already in hand, a worried look on his face as he sees his show slowly spiralling out of control…

Teddy Long: Now wait a minute! Hold on just a minute here!

Paying no attention, Batista again moves to step through the ropes…

Teddy Long: Hey, Batista! Just hold on there a second, playa. This ain’t goin’ down like this! Not tonight.

’The Animal’ fumes, before he comes to his senses of sorts and crouches down to take a look at Chris Benoit, who is still writhing on the canvas in pain…

Teddy Long: Now, first things first, can we get some help out here for Chris Benoit? We need some help out here!

Suddenly, trainers and EMTs rush out from the back, sprinting straight past Teddy and then down to the ring, where they scramble under the bottom rope to check on the condition of ‘The Rabid Wolverine’…

Teddy Long: Now Edge, Kennedy… I bet’cha think ya’ pulled a fast one me, didn’t ya’ playas? Well lemme make myself clear. If I see one more chair involved tonight, neither of ya’ is goin’ to Judgment Day, ya’ hear me?

Pop from the crowd, with the medics continuing to help Benoit, running concussion and neck trauma tests on him, although Benoit shakes the trainers away, cracking his head from side to side, signalling he’s OK…

Teddy Long: And Edge… just ‘cause they’re tryin’ to help Chris Benoit outta this ring just now, that don’t mean you’re gettin’ away wit’ it. I’m gonna give Chris Benoit every chance to recover, and if he makes it, then later tonight, the match between you two WILL take place!

Another pop from the crowd, although Edge shrugs and laughs it off, clearly feeling the damage he’s done is enough to hand him an easy victory tonight…

Teddy Long: And Kennedy… you ain’t getting’ away wit’ it either. ‘Cause you gonna be in action tonight… and we’re gonna finish what you started a few weeks ago. It’s gonna be Mr. Kennedy, one on one… with the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista!

Slowly Batista turns his head to look at Kennedy, but instead of fear, Kennedy licks his lips and nods his head, realising that he’s got a huge opportunity to set a marker ahead of this Sunday…

Teddy Long: And that match… is happenin’ right now!

But now Kennedy’s jaw nearly hits the floor, with the crowd cheering loudly for the unannounced match. Kennedy stands at the foot of the aisle, looking up at Teddy, yelling “What d’ya mean now?”… and that means he doesn’t see Batista step through the ropes… spin Kennedy around… and hammer him with a massive right hand! The match isn’t even underway yet, but already the two are going at it at ringside!

Michael Cole: God, what a wild way to kick off SmackDown! Batista and Kennedy, we’re not even officially underway, but already they’re goin’ at it! We’ll try get some order here, join us when we return!

In the ring, the medics now try to help Benoit back to his feet, while on the outside, Edge slowly backs up the ramp, watching Batista and Kennedy hammer each other against the barricade, a smug smirk on his face as we head to the commercial.


Match 1: Non-Title Match
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy

We’re back with the match already underway, Batista having Kennedy trapped in the corner, driving shoulder into the midsection, before he goes for a hard Irish whip across the ring… Kennedy hits the turnbuckle hard… then stumbles out into a huge back body drop! Kennedy is reeling as he staggers to the ropes… and then a clothesline sends him over the top rope to the floor! Kennedy goes sprawling to the floor, and despite the best efforts of the referee, Batista isn’t interested in letting Kennedy recover as he follows him out. Grabbing Kennedy, Batista yanks him to his feet… then smashes Kennedy face first off the steel steps! Kennedy smacks the steel with a thud, but Batista’s not finished yet… as he then smashes Kennedy off the announce desk! The rivalry between these two comes to the fore as Batista is relentless in his attack, pummelling Kennedy against the barricade, before he finally takes the match back into the ring. After a near fall, Batista rocks Kennedy with right hands in the corner, then he fires Kennedy across the ring… and follows in with a corner clothesline! Shoulderthrusts land to the midsection, before ‘The Animal’ shoves Kennedy against the ropes then sends him for the ride… but Batista lowers his head… and Kennedy puts on the breaks… allowing him to nail a swinging neckbreaker! A chance for Kennedy to mount some offence now, and he starts with a few stomps to the body, before some knees to the head drive Batista to the corner. With his head on the bottom turnbuckle, Batista is in trouble as Kennedy backs up… then races in… facewash… no! Batista rolls to safety… and Kennedy winds up kicking the ropes! Limping from the corner, Kennedy tries to shake some life back into his left leg, but this leaves him open to the attack of ‘The Animal’, who drills him with rights, then sends Kennedy for the ride… into a massive clothesline!

Kennedy is turned inside out by the force of Batista, ‘The Animal’ again going on the attack with stiff shots to the face, before he drives Kennedy into the corner. Yet more shoulders to the midsection, before ‘Tista climbs to the second rope and starts hammering down on Kennedy with right hands, the crowd counting along with him… but ‘The Animal’ only makes it to seven, as Kennedy then grabs the legs, walks forward… and flapjacks Batista face first off the top turnbuckle! A painful landing for Batista, and Kennedy looks to take advantage as he lands kicks to the head and then forearms to the back of the neck. Kennedy then takes Batista down with a neckbreaker for a near fall, before he locks on an early chinlock, trying to apply pressure to the neck. Clearly there’s not been enough damage done yet, as ‘The Animal’ makes it back to his feet… and takes Kennedy up and down with a side suplex! Back to his feet first, ‘Tista lands clubbing rights to the face, but Kennedy strikes back with a thumb to the eye, then a boot to the gut… which Batista catches, then spins Kennedy around… and nails an atomic drop! Kennedy stumbles to the ropes, where Batista sends him for the ride… but again he lowers his head… and this time Kennedy answers with a snap DDT! Kennedy hooks a leg… 1... 2… ‘Tista kicks out! Annoyed, Kennedy uses his boot to drive Batista under the bottom rope, taking the fight outside again as he places Batista’s head against the barricade. A few stomps keep ‘Tista in place, before Kennedy backs up… and drills a knee into the face, squashing Batista’s head against the barricade! A sick smirk crosses Kennedy’s face as he connects, and it appears that Kennedy is willing to take the easy win as he rolls back into the ring and yells at the ref to start the count. The ref obligies, and the crowd do their best to will Batista back into the ring, but the ref’s already at five before we see any signs of life from ‘The Animal’… six… seven… Batista starts to crawl for the ring… eight… nine… and at the last second he makes it back in!

‘Tista stays in the match, but now Kennedy is firmly in control, continuing to target the neck as he drops several knees across it, then with Batista’s head under the bottom rope, Kennedy grabs the feet… and catapults the champion throat first off the bottom rope! ‘The Animal’ coughs and splutters, but Kennedy goes for the win… 1… 2… Batista sticks a foot on the bottom rope! Kennedy now embarks on a sustained period of dominance, continuing to wear Batista down with more stomps and knees to the neck, clubbing forearms to the side of the head, and he again comes close to victory with a Russian legsweep for a two count. Kennedy shows impressive strength as he takes ‘Tista up and down with a backbreaker, before he climbs to the second rope and waits for Batista to rise… then goes for a double axe handle to the head… no! Batista catches Kennedy, swings him onto his shoulder… and looks for a running powerslam… no! Kennedy drops down the back… and hits an inverted DDT! Kennedy crawls over and hooks the leg… 1… 2... Batista rolls a shoulder! Kennedy yells “C’mon!” in annoyance, but he goes right back on the attack, quickly rolling ‘Tista over so he can apply a camel clutch. Applying pressure to the neck, Kennedy wrenches back on the head, even releasing his grip for a few seconds to smash more forearms to the side of the head, before re-clasping his hands under the chin. Kennedy has the hold locked on tight, desperately trying to make Batista submit, shouting at the ref “Ask him!”, but every time it’s meet with a defiant “No!” from the champion. Kennedy leans back with all he’s got, but the crowd are on their feet, cheering, doing their best to get Batista back to his feet, but each time Batista claws at Kennedy’s hands, he can’t break the grip… so instead, Batista makes it back to his knees… then manages to stand up… before he falls backwards into the corner, crushing Kennedy and breaking the hold!

From the corner, Batista swings wild back elbows, each one smacking off Kennedy’s skull, before he then turns and fires Kennedy to the opposite corner… and charges in for a corner clothesline! Kennedy staggers forward, allowing Batista to take him up and down with a suplex for a near fall. ‘The Animal’ now looks to build momentum, drilling more right hands before he sends Kennedy off the ropes… right into a swinging side slam! Another cover… another Kennedy kickout at two. Feeding off the crowd, Batista bowls Kennedy over with a shoulderblock, then does it again, but on the third time Kennedy stumbles back up, Batista is waiting… to nail the spinebuster! Kennedy is emphatically planted, and ‘The Animal’ bursts back to his feet… thumbs up… thumbs down! Batista grabs Kennedy… yanks him in… then takes him up… BATISTA BOMB… NO! Kennedy desperately fights it, landing rights to the head that allow him to drop down, then out of nowhere he hooks Batista up… MIC CHECK… NO! ‘Tista shoves Kennedy to the ropes, where Kennedy hangs on, prompting ‘The Animal’ to charge… clothesline… SENDS BOTH MEN TUMBLING TO THE FLOOR! The duo land with a thud, but once they untangle themselves, the heavy hitting starts again, with Batista getting the upperhand as he rattles off three rights in a row, then he goes for an Irish whip… that sends Kennedy crashing into the barricade! Kennedy groans in pain, but it gets worse… as Batista clotheslines him over the barricade into the crowd! ‘The Animal’ has lost it, following Kennedy into the fans, and it seems like he and Kennedy could fight all night, the two trading wild shots next to the barricade… and it seems like the referee has had enough as he heads back into the ring and starts to count! The ref gets all the way to six before either man notices… seven… and now they both try to scramble back over the barricade… eight… but Kennedy clubs Batista from behind… nine… ‘The Animal’ fights back… ten! The ref calls for the bell, he’s counted both men out!

Winner: Double Countout @ 09.32

The crowd is deflated as Batista and Kennedy let their rivalry get the better of them, neither man letting up despite the bell ringing for the end of the match. The ref again heads to the outside and pleads with Batista and Kennedy to break it up, but neither man is interested, the pair of them just wanting to tear each other apart. Security and agents now rush into the arena, trying to pry the pair apart, but the battle rages on against the barricade, both men throwing wild, crazy shots at each other, a brawl that has no end in sight as we head to a commercial.


*Video Package*

A black screen fills the frame, as the opening chords of ‘Booyaka 619’ begin to play. As the music starts to grow, we fade into a match from the July 8th, 1996 episode of Monday Nitro, where Rey Mysterio hits a hurricanrana on Dean Malenko, hanging on tightly for the three count, with Tony Schiavone making the call...


Narrator: For years he has defied the laws of gravity…

We now fade in on Halloween Havoc ’97, where Mysterio soars through the air, over the top rope, crashing down on Eddie Guerrero with a hurricanrana onto the concrete, with Bobby Heenan shouting...


Narrator: Fans across the world have marvelled at his feats of athleticism…

The June 5th, 2003 episode of Friday Night SmackDown, where Mysterio counters Matt Hardy’s Twist of Fate into a bridging pin, becoming Cruiserweight Champion once more before we see Rey celebrate with his family as Michael Cole screams…


Narrator: He was always the ultimate underdog…

SummerSlam 2005, where Mysterio and Guerrero battle once more, this time in a Ladder Match, with Rey emerging victorious as Tazz yells…


Narrator: Until he climbed to the very pinnacle of sports entertainment…

And finally WrestleMania XXII, where Rey hits the 619 then hits the West Coast Pop on Randy Orton, winning the World Heavyweight Championship and paying tribute to his late friend, Eddie Guerrero, with Cole again making the call…


Narrator: And now, Rey Mysterio…

We cut to a darkened wrestling ring, where Mysterio stands, his back to us, his shaved head glistening in the light as he holds his mask in his hands, raising it above his head…

Narrator: Is returning to…

Mysterio slips on the mask, the camera rapidly zooming in for a close up just as Mysterio turns…

Narrator: Friday Night SmackDown!

And we see Mysterio staring into the camera, his eyes as green as the mask adorning his face, before we fade into the following graphic…


*End Video Package*

We’re back, and it’s to the relative calm of a seriously pissed off Edge storming along a backstage corridor, clearly still annoyed with how the show opened tonight. Edge pounds a fierce pace, barely even acknowledging the various backstage workers he passes, but soon we see Kristal Marshall step into the shot, trying to conduct an interview, although Edge is clearly in no mood to stop and chat…

Kristal Marshall: Uh, Edge? Edge! Edge, if I could just have a moment of your time!

Ignoring her, Edge presses on, both Kristal and the camera struggling to keep up with him…

Kristal Marshall: Edge, please!?

Having heard enough, Edge comes to a sudden stop, turning to glare at Kristal, before he lets out a very audible sigh…

Edge: Make it quick…

Kristal Marshall: I was just wanting a comment from you regarding what you did earlier to Chris Benoit. I mean, you attacked him before your match, and… why?

Shaking his head, Edge can’t help but smirk…

Edge: Why? You wanna know why? How ‘bout the fact that Chris Benoit just walked back into the building last week, and just like that, he’s got a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship? How ‘bout the fact that a guy who’s done nothin’ but talk about retirement these last few months, is all of a sudden gettin’ a title match?

Running a hand across his mouth, Edge snarls and flares his nostrils…

Edge: And not only that, he’s got my title shot? The shot I deserve, the rematch I’m entitled to, and if it not’s bad enough I’ve gotta share it with Kennedy, now Benoit’s in it too!? What the hell is that!? What the hell does Teddy Long think he’s doin’!? What the HELL… is he THINKING!?

Edge wildly runs a hand through his hair…

Edge: I am seriously startin’ to get pissed off with this whole situation. Chris Benoit… he doesn’t belong in my title match at Judgment Day, and tonight, I was gonna make sure of that, I was gonna put him on the shelf permanently, and I was just seconds away from makin’ it happen… ‘til Batista stuck his nose in my business. But y’know what? That’s fine. If Teddy Long’s that desperate for the match between me and Chris to go ahead… then I can wait.

Calming down, Edge thinks for a few seconds, nodding his head, before he continues…

Edge: But anythin’ that happens to Chris Benoit later tonight… then you can run and ask Teddy Long… why?

Another smirk, this time of a more sarcastic nature…

Edge: Why’d you risk Chris Benoit’s health? Why’d you put ‘im in the ring with Edge? And why… did you bring his career to a premature end? ‘Cause when I’m through with Chris tonight…

With a cold chill in his eyes, Edge turns to the camera, and through gritted teeth says…

Edge: That’s exactly what’s gonna happen.

Edge stares into the camera for a few seconds, then he turns and glares at Kristal, before he storms off, leaving a rather shaken interviewer behind, with Kristal puffing out her cheeks, watching Edge go, while we head back into the arena.

And we hear…



A pretty loud level of heat as the Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms enters the arena. With a confident smirk on his face, Helms paces down the aisle, brushing off the boos of the crowd, and when he hits the ring, he immediately heads to the ropes and points down at ‘JBL’…

Michael Cole: Well there you just saw a nod from the Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms, towards you ‘JBL’, and I’m sure that’s to do with the number you and Helms did on Bryan Danielson last week.

John Bradshaw Layfield: It’s a nod of appreciation from one great champion to another. I was the greatest WWE Champion in history, and that man right there is the greatest Cruiserweight Champion in history. And he’s gonna prove that once and for all this Sunday.

Tazz: Yeah right. That was nothin’ more than a set up by you two last week. I’ll give it to ya’, you and Helms, you got Danielson good last week, but this Sunday at Judgment Day, your ass ain’t leavin’ that chair ‘JBL’, and it’s gonna be just Helms and Danielson for the gold.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You better not be threatenin’ me. You don’t want what happened to Danielson last week to happen to you.

Tazz: You get involved in the match this Sunday, you’re gettin’ choked out. I’m warning ya’ now.

Michael Cole: Easy guys…


A decent enough cheer as Shannon Moore jogs into the arena, slapping hands with the ringside fans, before he slings into the ring and then heads to the corner…

Michael Cole: This Sunday it’s about the Cruiserweight Championship, but tonight, it’s all about the King of the Ring tournament. The penultimate match of the Round of 32, it’s Helms and this man, Shannon Moore, one on one.

Tazz: And Shannon Moore, he might not have won the Battle Royal a couple o’ weeks ago that saw Danielson named the number one contender, but Moore looked pretty impressive durin’ the match. The guy’s always been a great competitor, and he’s beaten Helms in the past, and it could happen again right here.

John Bradshaw Layfield: He looked impressive? And what, that’s suddenly enough to get the job done against the greatest cruiserweight that ever lived? Gimme a break! Moore might as well not even bother showin’ up for this one, he ain’t got a chance. Helms is gonna use this match to send a message to Bryan Danielson, to let ‘im know exactly what he’s in for this Sunday, and I’m gonna enjoy every second of it!

Match 2: King of the Ring Qualifying Match – Round of 32
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Shannon Moore

As we get this underway, there’s an initial period of stalling from Helms, who turns up his nose and shakes his head at Moore, clearly not impressed with the level of competition on offer. Finlay the two come together for a tie up, with Helms working into a standing headlock, until Moore shoves him off the ropes… and Helms runs Moore over with a shoulderblock. Quickening the pace, Helms comes off the ropes again… but Moore avoids him with a leapfrog… then sends Helms down with an armdrag! Helms is right back up… another armdrag sends him scrambling towards the corner. Moore stays on the attack, landing three right hands, before he goes for the Irish whip across… but Helms reverses and follow in… Moore uses the ropes to elevate himself over Helms… then he catches him from behind with a rollup! 1… 2… Helms kicks out, but the kickout sends Moore back towards the corner, where he jumps to the second rope… springboard crossbody! Moore stays on for the cover… 1… 2… Helms kicks out, and he quickly rolls outside to regroup. Annoyed, Helms kicks the steel steps as he paces back and forth on the outside, wanting to take his time… but eventually Moore decides he doesn’t want to wait anymore… as he flies with a plancha! Moore takes Helms down and starts hammering him with right hands, before he bursts back to his feet and roars to the crowd. Rolling Helms back in, Moore jumps up onto the apron… then comes back in with a springboard legdrop! Another cover… another near fall. Helms is dazed as he crawls to the corner, with Moore attacking with kicks to the head, then he yanks Helms up and fires him off the ropes… but Moore lowers his head… Helms snaps it up with a kick, then goes for a clothesline… but Moore ducks underneath… and goes for a backslide! 1… 2… Helms kicks out and bursts back to his feet… and levels Moore with a big time clothesline!

Helms didn’t miss that time, and after regaining his composure, he goes to work on Moore, stomping down on him, then he mounts Moore and hammers him with well-placed right hands. Showing a real aggressive nature, Moore now starts to drop knees into the midsection, before Helms yanks Moore up… then sends him hurtling towards the corner… shoulder first into the ringpost! Moore cries out in pain as he smacks off the steel, and when he stumbles backwards, Helms is waiting… to nail a single arm DDT! Helms goes for the cover… 1… 2… Moore kicks out. Now Helms looks to take control of the match, targeting Moore’s left arm with more stomps and knees, before he gets another near fall from a shoulderbreaker. With Moore down near the corner, Helms now drags him towards the ringpost, pulling Moore’s shoulder against the post, and he then yells “This is what I’m gonna do Danielson!”, before he puts a foot against the post… and with all his strength, yanks Moore’s shoulder against the ringpost! Helms’s is trying to pull the arm right out its socket, and he takes every second of the ref’s five count before he finally releases the hold and gets back into the ring. With Moore hurt, Helms isn’t interested in going for pinfalls, instead he wants to do as much damage as possible, rocking Moore with a hammerlock Russian legsweep, then he wrings Moore’s arm over the ropes, stretching and twisting, causing as much pain as possible. Helms even goes as far as to call out to ‘JBL’ by saying “Watch this, John!”, right before he drops Moore with a gutbuster. Determined to cause even more damage, Moore goes for an armbar, applying pressure as he forces the arm across his knee. Moore groans in pain, and the crowd try to encourage him back into the match, but it’s no good as Helms has him grounded. Eventually though, Moore does make a comeback, forcing himself back up, throwing tired right hands in an attempt to break the hold, only for Helms to end the momentum with a shot right to the shoulder.

With Moore grimacing in the corner in pain, Helms fires him across the ring and follows in… but Moore gets a boot up! Helms stumbles back, but charges again… another boot to the face! Now Moore starts to fight from the corner, backing Helms all the way across the ring with right hands, before he goes for the Irish whip back across… then follows in… but Helms elevates Moore over the top rope… Moore lands on the apron! A trio of rights sends Helms stumbling to the middle of the ring, allowing Moore to slingshot to the top rope… springboard dropkick! Moore gets all of it, and he crawls into a lateral press… 1… 2... Helms kicks out! Moore now tries to build on this, throwing tired right hands to the face, before he goes for a boot to the midsection… Helms grabs the foot… only for Moore to smack an enzuigiri! Another cover… 1… 2… Helms barely rolls a shoulder! Dejected, it takes Moore a while to get back on his feet, but when he does, he yanks Helms up, plants him with a scoop slam, then he heads outside and climbs upstairs. Moore readies himself on the top rope… then he flies… FLYING CROSSBODY… but Helms rolls through into the cover! 1… 2… no! Moore kicks out! Helms can’t believe it, and again that aggressive streak comes out as he once again mounts Moore and lays in with shots to the shoulder. Helms drags Moore to his feet, fires him off the ropes… but Moore avoids the contact with a baseball slide, nips up… and takes Helms down with a schoolboy! 1… 2… Helms kicks out… and the force of the kickout sends Moore flying to the corner again… and once again shoulder first into the ringpost! It’s agony for Moore as he stumbles back to the middle of the ring, Helms doesn’t waste any time… kick to the knee drops Moore down, then it’s off the ropes… SHINING WIZARD!! Helms absolutely crushes Moore’s head, and he doesn’t even bother to hook the leg to get the 1… 2… 3.

Winner: Gregory Helms @ 05.22

Helms picks up the win, but the crowd quickly let him know their feelings on it by delivering a round of boos in Helms’ direction. Ignoring the fans, Helms quickly snatches his title away from the referee, then he heads to the corner and demands a microphone…

Gregory Helms: Get this piece o’ crap outta my ring!

Adding insult to injury, as Moore crawls on his hands and knees towards the ropes, Helms gives him a boot to the midsection, causing Moore to fall to the floor with a thud…

Gregory Helms: The greatest cruiserweight in wrestlin’ history, and the future King of the Ring don’t wanna share his spotlight with a nobody like him. And Bryan Danielson, I think last week proved once and for all that that’s exactly what you are too… a nobody.

Heat from the crowd, which Helms just snarls at…

Gregory Helms: For all the hype, for all your talk… you just can’t back it up. Every time you step into a ring with me, it’s always the same outcome. You’re left layin’ on your back, lookin’ up at the lights, and I’m walkin’ out with this title.

And with an extremely serious look on his face, Helms points at the camera and says…

Gregory Helms: And that’s exactly what’s gonna happen this Sunday at Judgment Day.

A very arrogant smirk from Helms once he’s finished…

Gregory Helms: I’m gonna show the world that when Teddy Long signed you to that contract, you ain’t worth a single dime that you’re bein’ paid. You… are a nothin’. You’re not even a has-been… you’re a never-was. You don’t belong in the WWE… and you don’t belong in a ring with me.

More heat…

Gregory Helms: So you make the most of this Sunday, Bryan… you enjoy your last night of stardom here in the WWE. ‘Cause when I’m finished with ya’, you’re gonna be just like Shannon there. Just another name who tried and failed to take this title away from me… and just another piece o’ crap to get kicked outta my ring.

Helms points and has a quick laugh at Moore’s expense, before he turns back to face the camera…

Gregory Helms: I will get the respect I deserve. ‘Cause I’m Gregory Helms, the greatest Cruiserweight Champion in WWE history… and the next King o’ the Ring!

With a thud, Helms slams his microphone to the canvas, then he quickly nips to the outside, where he stands over Shannon Moore, who is still struggling to pull himself back to his feet. Helms looks down on Moore and can’t help but laugh, before he shakes his head in disgust and walks off, and it’s on the sight of the Cruiserweight Champion that we head to a commercial.


And we’re back, and we see Josh Matthews is standing by, ready to conduct an interview…

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, they are the WWE Tag Team Champions… Paul London and Brian Kendrick… The Hooligans!

From either side of the camera, The Hooligans enter the frame, with Paul London and Ashley Massaro giving Josh a welcoming smile, while Brian Kendrick has an annoyed, almost offended look on his face as he runs a hand across his jaw…

Josh Matthews: And Paul, Brian, this Sunday you-

Brian Kendrick: Uh, wait, wait, stop. Sorry. I… I hate to interrupt but… why’s it always Paul’s name first?

It’s confusion for Josh who fumbles his words…

Josh Matthews: I… uh… what?

Brian Kendrick: When you or anybody else introduces us, it’s always Paul’s name first. It’s always London ‘n’ Kendrick, never Kendrick ‘n’ London. I mean, it’s not alphabetically, so I was just wonderin’, y’know… why?

Matthews struggles for an answer, stammering, while London rolls his eyes…

Ashley Massaro: Brian… what difference does it make?

Paul London: Yeah, it really doesn’t matter, dude. We’re a team. Nobody cares what way our names are said.

Realising that’s the only answer he’s going to get, Kendrick shrugs his shoulders and turns away…

Brian Kendrick: Yeah, alright. Whatever.

Exasperated, London and Ashley both shake their heads, almost in disbelief, while a confused looking Josh tries to get back to the interview…

Josh Matthews: Uh, well… Brian and Paul-

Brian Kendrick: Thank you!

Josh Matthews: This Sunday at Judgment Day you two defend your titles against The New Breed. But lately it seems like there’s been several disagreements between the two of you… and I guess what just happened proves my point. The question is, Brian, Paul… are The Hooligans on the same page right now?

Matthews turns the mic towards Kendrick initially, who simply looks back at the interviewer, the silence prompting Matthews to point the mic at London instead…

Paul London: Uh, well… I think in any team in any kinda sport, you’re not always gonna agree on everything 100%. But we’re still the champions, and we’re still together, and we’ve still got the same common goal in mind… to keep these titles as long as we can.

For a brief moment, Kendrick and London lock eyes, until London looks away with a sense of regret…

Paul London: And yeah, we’ve not had the best of runs lately. I mean, I had a bad knee, and that cost us back at WrestleMania. And then we were unlucky to be paired against each other in the King of the Ring. And credit to Brian, he did an awesome job and he won that match fair and square.

With a smug look on his face, Kendrick can’t help but nod in agreement…

Paul London: But if there’s one thing we can always agree on, it’s that Brian Kendrick and Paul London, are always better united as one. It’s not about photoshoots, or who’s name gets said first, it’s about us, it’s about the team, and it’s about these titles. And that’s somethin’ we’re not ready to give up on, right Brian?

London looks towards Kendrick, who smiles, seemingly in agreement…

Brian Kendrick: Look Josh, here’s all you need to know. This Sunday, The Hooligans are walkin’ into Judgment Day the WWE Tag Team Champions… and we’re walkin’ out exactly the same way. And there’s nothin’ The New Breed can do about it.

Maybe not exactly the answer London was looking for, but it’ll do for now as upon finishing, Kendrick turns and walks off, exiting the scene. London seems convinced as he too makes his exit in the opposite direction, but as Ashley looks off camera, it’s a look of worry on her face, clearly knowing that things aren’t perfect between the champions, and it’s on her concerned face that we linger for a few moments before cutting elsewhere.

We head to the trainer’s room where we see Chris Benoit sat on a table, a doctor running his hands across Benoit’s head and neck, performing some sort of examination. As the doc twists and turns Benoit’s head to check his movement, Benoit can’t help but wince and grimace in pain…

???: How’s he doin’, doc?

The camera pans towards the doorway, and a big pop breaks out inside the arena as Batista has entered the room. Dressed in a t-shirt and sweatpants, ‘The Animal’ is still in cool-down mode from his match earlier, but he’s clearly concerned enough about Benoit’s condition to check on him so soon after a match of his own…

Doctor: Well, to be honest… not good. I mean, in my opinion, Chris, you shouldn’t really be goin’ out there tonight. I don’t think this match with Edge is a good idea. Infact, I don’t think competing this Sunday is a good idea either.

Boos from inside the arena, with Benoit flaring his nostrils in disappointment…

Doctor: I mean, you can barely move your head without causing pain in your neck. If you’re wanting my honest medical opinion… I don’t think you should be going anywhere near a wrestling ring right now.

A quick laugh from Benoit, clearly ignoring the doctor’s advice…

Chris Benoit: I’m makin’ this Sunday, doc. And I’m makin’ tonight too.

Benoit shakes away the attention of the doctor, grabbing a nearby t-shirt and moving to stand up…

Batista: Hey, whoa, Chris… you think tonight’s a good idea. I mean, why not just save yourself for Sunday?

And now Benoit does stand up, again laughing to himself, that toothy grin of his breaking through…

Chris Benoit: Listen, Dave, I don’t need your concern. This Sunday might be the last title shot I get.I’m not lettin’ Edge take that away from me. And I’m not letttin’ him get away with what he did to me a month ago. I owe him, big time.

Pop from inside the arena…

Chris Benoit: You and me, we might be friends… but don’t come in here askin’ me if I’m OK. And don’t listen to what the doctors or the medical staff have to say. I don’t want anybody takin’ it easy on me in there… especially not you. I’m back, I’m 100%, and I’m ready to take that title away from you.

And now Benoit rather forcibly squares up to Batista, momentarily catching the champion off guard…

Chris Benoit: Don’t treat me like I’m your buddy, ‘cause this Sunday at Judgment Day, it’s every man for himself. You treat me like any other opponent, you treat me like Edge or Kennedy. You treat me… like a threat. ‘Cause that’s exactly what I am.

An intense moment as the two stare each other down, both men looking confident and focused, the fans again cheering, clearly revelling in the sight of the two fan favourites standing toe-to-toe…

Batista: Y’know, if I didn’t have so much respect for you… I’d kick your ass right here, right now.

Another big pop, with Benoit again flashing that toothy grin…

Chris Benoit: I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In a clear show of respect for each other, the pair exchange smirks, with Batista nodding, fully aware of how intense and focused Benoit is right now. Bringing the standoff to an end, Batista turns and heads for the exit, but just before he reaches for the handle, he turns over his shoulder and says…

Batista: Good luck tonight.

And with that, Batista opens the door and makes his exit, Benoit watching him go, breathing deeply, focused, ready for action despite the pain he’s suffering. After a few seconds, the doctor moves back in, trying to usher Benoit back down onto his table, with Benoit rolling his eyes in frustration, and as he sits back down, we head back into the arena.

Where we hear…


For the first time we see a united entrance from The Coachman Coalition, with Jonathan Coachman leading out the man scheduled to compete tonight, Mark Henry, and his fellow coalition members, Montel Vontavious Porter, King Booker and Queen Sharmell. After a big of posing under the SmackDown fist, the impressive looking quintet then head down the aisle, Henry leading the way, looking as intimidating and imposing as ever after his return from injury…

Michael Cole: Last week, we were all shocked by the return of that man, Mark Henry, after ten months on the shelf due to injury. Henry is back, and not only that, but he’s the man that Jonathan Coachman has been talking to on the phone these past few weeks.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And now the final member of The Coachman Coalition is in place, and what a damn impressive group it is. King Booker, ‘MVP’, Mark Henry, ‘Coach’ has done a helluva job bringin’ these three together, and I think startin’ this Sunday at Judgment Day, they could be about to take over SmackDown.

Tazz: I dunno about that, ‘JBL’. I mean, Booker and ‘MVP’, they ain’t exactly been winnin’ a lotta matches lately, Henry’s just spent nearly a year on the shelf, and ‘Coach’ ain’t exactly a winner in life. They might look impressive, but that don’t mean they’re the real deal.


The music breaks out, but as the camera points at the entrance way, there’s no sign of anybody coming out. It’s not until the camera starts to scan the crowd that we see all three of The Extremists high in the stands, with The Sandman thrusting his cane high in the air, Sabu pointing to the heavens, while Tommy Dreamer lets out a roar, before Sandman leads the trio through the masses to the ring…

Michael Cole: They may not have the size, the may not have the quickness, the may not have the championship pedigree of The Coalition, but I don’t think anybody can deny the fight and the heart of The Extremists. The question is though, will that be enough for them to beat The Coachman Coalition this Sunday at Judgment Day?

Tazz: Heart, passion, desire, that ECW spirit, that’s what these three have got, and lemme tell ya’, those are the kinda things that can make the difference between winnin’ and losin’. ‘Coach’ mighta sweet talked three guys into a team, but there’s not a chance they’re gonna be as committed to each other as The Extremists are.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Aw who gives a damn about all that crap? The bottom line is, that unless there’s chairs and canes and tables involved, these three don’t have a chance this Sunday. Mark Henry’s gonna squash Sandman right here, and that’s gonna set the tone for Judgment Day, just you wait and see.

Match 3:
Mark Henry
w/ Jonathan Coachman, King Booker, Montel Vontavious Porter and Queen Sharmell vs. The Sandman w/ Sabu and Tommy Dreamer

As the bell rings, both men snarl at each other from across the ring, before they come together for a tie up… only for Henry to shove Sandman hard into the corner! After composing himself, Sandman moves in for another tie up… and again Henry shoves him hard into the corner! This time Sandman grabs his back and stays against the turnbuckle, prompting Henry to charge… corner splash… but Sandman sidesteps it! Henry smacks chest first off the turnbuckle, and now Sandman attacks, landing a string of right hands before he comes off the ropes… clothesline… but Henry barely moves! Again Sandman hits the ropes… but again the clothesline only causes Henry to stagger. A third clothesline attempt… but this time Henry levels Sandman with a massive body block! Sandman smacks off the canvas, and now Henry looks to exert his control, laying in with stomps, before he drags Sandman to the corner to land huge shots to the head and body. A pair of big headbutts also land, before Henry goes for an Irish whip across the ring… and again follows in… this time into a boot to the face! Sandman quickly pushes himself onto the second rope… but before he can fly, ‘MVP’ nips up onto the apron… Sandman drills a boot to the face… but then Henry charges and sends Sandman flying to the floor below! A tough landing for Sandman, and to make matter worse, Booker and ‘MVP’ now stand over him, but Sabu and Dreamer are quickly over there, tensions running high between the two teams. Henry heads outside and tells Sabu and Dreamer to “Watch this!” as he scoops Sandman up… then drives him spine first into the ringpost! Sandman crumples to the floor in agony, with Henry getting involved in a staredown with Dreamer, before he rolls Sandman back into the ring and follows in for a near fall.

Henry now looks to punish Sandman, doing damage to the spine with a backbreaker, then a sidewalk slam, before he comes close to victory with a legdrop that gets a long two count. Henry continues to attack the spine, aiming clubbing forearms to the small of the back, before he fires Sandman off the ropes… into a BEARHUG! Henry wraps his massive arms around Sandman, trying to squeeze the life out of him, with the ECW veteran trapped in the centre of the ring. Henry ragdolls Sandman, and slowly but surely, he starts to squeeze the life out of him, Sandman’s head starting to sag, and the ref moves in to check, lifting the arm once… it drops. Again the arm is lifted… again it drops. The arm goes up for a third time… but this time it stays up! The crowd pop as Sandman stays in the match, and with Sabu and Dreamer rallying the fans, Sandman looks to make an escape, drilling Henry with headbutt after headbutt until finally he breaks free. Now it’s Sandman who goes on the attack, landing rights to the face before he goes for an Irish whip… Henry reverses, but then lowers his head… DDT! Sandman plants him, rolls Henry over… 1… 2… Henry powers out! It takes an age for Henry to finally get back to his feet, but when he does, Sandman is ready to move in… and he looks for a RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP… but Henry blocks it, then he shoves Sandman to the ropes. Henry charges… but Sandman low bridges… and Henry tumbles all the way to the floor! Landing right infront of Sabu and Dreamer, Henry is back on his feet and immediately gets in Dreamer’s face, threatening him. Dreamer plays it cool, but now Booker and ‘MVP’ are over as well… but in the ring, Sandman has climbed to the top rope… and flies down with a crossbody… ONTO ALL FIVE MEN BELOW! Just like that, all six men are down around ringside, but when they start to pick themselves back up, a six man brawl breaks out! Rights and lefts are being flung all over the place, and even though Sandman manages to roll Henry back into the ring, there’s too much going on at ringside… and the REF THROWS THE MATCH OUT!

Winner: No Contest @ 04.12

It didn’t take long, but the match has quickly escalated into a brawl, and there’s chaos all over ringside, as Dreamer and Booker trade show, while ‘MVP’ and Sabu go at it. Booker manages to land a few good rights to Dreamer, then he shoves him into the steel steps, allowing Booker to slip inside the ring and tackle Sandman to the canvas. Booker lays in with stomps and boots, and he’s soon joined in the assault by Henry, who also lays in with massive stomps to the chest. ‘Coach’ now too slides into the ring, encouraging his troops, but what neither he nor Booker or Henry see is that on the outside, Sabu has clotheslined ‘MVP’ into the crowd!

Sabu now heads under the ring… and you all know what he’s looking for… as he brings out three chairs! The crowd are on their feet as Sabu slides the chairs into the ring, then follows inside, just in time for Henry to turn… SABU THROWS A CHAIR INTO HENRY’S FACE! The impact causes Henry to stagger, but it also prompts Booker to turn and charge… SABU TOSSES A CHAIR SMACK OFF BOOKER’S SKULL!! The shot causes Booker to collapse to the canvas and roll outside, but Henry is still on his feet… until Sandman grabs his cane… and SMACKS HENRY RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES!! Somehow Henry is still on his feet, but now Dreamer is back in the ring, steel chair in hand… a THUNDEROUS STEEL CHAIR SHOT FINALLY PUTS HENRY DOWN!!

The crowd is going wild, while on the outside, Booker and ‘MVP’ scramble to join Sharmell at the foot of the aisle… but in the ring, with Henry down… and his colleagues on the outside… there’s nobody left to save ‘Coach’! Realising how grave the situation is, ‘Coach’ pleads with The Extremists, almost begging for mercy, with the crowd baying for blood, on their feet, screaming for ‘Coach’ to suffer. With his cane in his hands, Sandman turns to the fans, almost asking for their permission… and when the crowd roar their approval… SANDMAN SMACKS ‘COACH’ ACROSS THE TOP OF THE HEAD WITH THE SINGNAPORE CANE!!!

It’s a truly massive pop as ‘Coach’ is laid out with one shot, his Coalition decimated by the weapon wielding Extremists! ‘Coach’ is down, Henry is down, and on the outside, Booker and ‘MVP’ look too damn scared to do anything about it, as back in the ring, Dreamer, Sabu and Sandman stand tall, the crowd breaking into a loud “ECW! ECW! ECW!” chant, The Extremists revelling in their destruction, calling for Booker and ‘MVP’ to get back in the ring, but the fight will have to wait until Sunday as we cut away to a commercial.


We’re back, and we see the man we were introduced to last week, Doug Williams, talking to some random backstage worker. It’s a conversation we can’t really make out, but the two seem quite into it… until suddenly both come to a stop, and the camera pans to reveal why… The Bluebloods have entered the frame to a round of boos from inside the arena. An intimidating glare from Paul Burchill chases the worker away, allowing a smug looking William Regal to step forward, while Dave Taylor brings up the rear…

William Regal: Well, well, well… Douglas Williams. I never thought I’d see the day. How nice to finally see you here in the WWE, and on SmackDown no less. It’s always a pleasure to see a fellow countryman walking the halls and corridors of the blue brand.

Despite the welcome, there’s a clear feeling of uneasiness between the two…

Doug Williams: Regal. I had a feeling I’d run into you and the boys eventually. How are you?

William Regal: Oh, all the better for seeing you, my old friend. It’s been a long time since our paths have crossed, hasn’t it?

A slight nod in response from Williams…

William Regal: You’ve had plenty of success back home and in Europe, I hear. That’s very commendable. But I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about how big a step up it is to compete here in the WWE. Many have tried to make the move from England to the WWE… and many have failed. It’d be a shame if that happened to you, wouldn’t it Douglas?

There’s smirks in the background from Burchill and Taylor, which cause Williams to shake his head in annoyance…

Doug Williams: It would be a shame. But I don’t plan on letting that happen.

William Regal: Oh, of course not, no. But… you could always use, a helping hand. A friend that knows the ropes, someone who can take you under their wing and help you settle in to your new surroundings.

Williams has a quick smirk to himself, running a hand across his mouth to hide his smile…

William Regal: I’ve always respected and admired you as a competitor, Douglas. And of course, I’m always looking to expand the talent of my little group here. That’s why there’s a place in The Bluebloods… with your name on it. We’d more than welcome a true gentleman, like yourself.

Regal smirks, fully expecting a grateful response from Williams…

Doug Williams: Look Regal, you know I’ve got a lot of respect for you. As far as British wrestling goes, you’re probably the biggest name we’ve got around the world. You’ve wrestled in America a long time, you’ve won a lot of titles, and I respect that.

Regal nods smugly…

Doug Williams: But this is a huge opportunity for me, and I don’t intend on following Burchill and Taylor’s path by being one of your lackeys. I’m here to make my own name, I’m here to stand on
my own two feet. And I don’t need you, or anybody else for that matter, to take me under their wing.

Offended, Regal turns up his nose at Williams…

Doug Williams: So thank you, but no thanks. I’m not interested.

And ever so slowly, Williams squares up to Regal and says…

Doug Williams: And before I forget… just ‘cause I come from England… doesn’t mean I’m some pompous twat like you.

A loud “Oooh!” from inside the arena, the comment leaving Regal fuming as he snarls at Doug, who simply smiles and turns to walk away. Burchill and Taylor now move back into the frame, they both looking as offended as Regal, and as the trio watch Williams leave, all Regal can do is mutter…

William Regal: Bloody ingrate…

And on that, we head back into the arena.

And the silence is broken by…



A rousing cheer from the fans as Matt Hardy bursts into the arena, firing up the crowd, the United States Champion full of energy and enthusiasm as he heads down the aisle…

Michael Cole: It’s time for eight man tag team action, and here comes the United States Champion, Matt Hardy. Hardy has been on the run of his life so far in 2007, but it could all come to a stop this Sunday at Judgment Day when he defends the US Title against The Miz.

Tazz: It’s been a great year for Matt no doubt, but I don’t think it’s gonna be over this Sunday. I think Miz is a threat, he’s got a legit shot at takin’ home the gold, but for me, Matt’s just too hot right now to lose.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I’ll give it to ‘im, he’s had a helluva year so far. But if ya’ ask me, he’s the luckiest guy alive right now. How many breaks can a guy catch in a year? His luck’s gonna run out this Sunday, and we’re gonna have a new United States Champion.


Despite the earlier interview, The Hooligans look like a pretty solid unit as they step out, with Paul London and Brian Kendrick energising the crowd, with the pair stopping under the SmackDown fist. London holds out his hand, although there’s a slight pause, as Kendrick is too busy playing up to the crowd, but he quickly gets back into the routine, slapping hands with his partner, before Ashley Massaro sends the champs sprinting down to the ring…

Michael Cole: We heard Josh Matthews ask the question earlier, are these two on the same page? I don’t know about you two, but I wasn’t exactly convinced. It almost seems to me like Brian Kendrick, like he’s jealous or something right now.

Tazz: I dunno ‘bout that, Cole. I mean, it’s like London said, a team ain’t gonna agree with each other every second of every day, but as long as you step in the ring and get the job done, then what’s it matter? And The Hooligans keep gettin’ the job done.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Like they got the job done at WrestleMania? Let’s face it, when Kendrick beat London a couple o’ weeks ago to advance in the King of the Ring, I think that showed Kendrick that London’s just holdin’ him back. Kendrick’s right, they’re the tag team champions, they deserve better, and Kendrick’s doin’ ‘is best to get it for ‘em, and all London wants to do is live in the status quo. Losin’ this Sunday might not be the worst thing for Kendrick’s career if it means he finally ditches London.



The explosion heralds a strong pop from the fans as Kane strides into the arena, heading straight down the aisle, a sinister look on his face as he tugs on his elbow pad...

Michael Cole: I talked about Matt Hardy bein' on a roll in 2007, Kane's been on quite a roll since WrestleMania. He's picked up plenty of victories, including one over his opponent this Sunday, Finlay, just a couple of weeks ago in a King of the Ring qualifier.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Yeah but why don't you tell the full story there, Michael? Why not mention the fact that Kane beat Finlay just one week after Finlay had to go through a Belfast Brawl? Finlay had a shot to go all the way, and he got robbed!

Tazz: It was just bad luck that that's when the draw had Finlay and Kane scheduled to compete. But there ain't gonna be no excuses this Sunday, both guys are healthy, both guys are fired up, pardon the pun, and Kane's rollin' into Judgment Day with a ton o' momentum behind 'im.


Week on week, the level of heat continues to rise whenever The Miz makes his entrance. Strutting out into the arena, Miz and Michelle McCool point up at the ring and share a laugh at Matt Hardy’s expense, before Miz starts to motion around his waist that this Sunday, the United States Championship is his…

Michael Cole: Last week Matt Hardy came through a pretty gruelling King of the Ring qualifier against William Regal, only to be then jumped by The Miz after the bell. Guys, we've talked about the improvement of Miz as an in-ring competitor, but if you ask me, it's the guy's attitude that really needs to improve.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Why? 'Cause he's developed a mean streak? 'Cause he's focused on provin' everybody wrong? He wants to show he belongs, he's scratched and clawed for his big break, and this Sunday he's gonna get it.

Tazz: I'm gonna with ya', Michael. Credit where it's due, Miz has really came on these last few months, and he won that Battle Royal before WrestleMania, that made a lotta people sit up and take notice. But I don’t know if he’s at Hardy’s level yet, but you never know, he might just prove me wrong. This match right here would be a great place to start…


Some pretty decent heat as The New Breed make their entrance, with Layla confidently leading Elijah Burke and Monty Brown down the aisle, the trio joining Miz and McCool outside the ring, joining in with the gesturing at their Judgment Day opponents…

Michael Cole: We’ve talked about wether or not London and Kendrick are on the same page, and guys, I don’t think Layla’s really helped that situation over the last couple of weeks. She’s been tryin’ to stir the pot, she’s been flirting with Brian Kendrick, and I think she’s tryin’ to drive a wedge between the champions.

Tazz: And I guess London and Kendrick ain’t gonna agree about that either, huh? To be honest with ya’, Burke and Brown are a big enough threat without all this talk about The Holligans. These two guys make a great team, that real combination of speed and power, and they don’t need any help from the champs to win the gold.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Sounds like pretty good strategy from Layla for me. And let’s be honest, I doubt they’d be the first pair o’ friends to fight over her. She’s so hot she could probably split up Batman and Robin if she wanted to.



And the final member of the match Finlay steps out, trusty shillelagh in his hand, and as has become the norm in recent weeks, The Little Bastard is by his side. As Finlay nears the ring, the camera cuts to Kane, a wicked smirk on his face, almost a laugh, no doubt at his scare tactics towards Finlay last week, something that causes the Irishman to growl as he and Kane lock eyes…

Michael Cole: I don’t know about you two, but I think Kane really had Finlay spooked last week. Kane made the lights go out, he brought chills to the air, and then he went on a rampage, causing Finlay to scramble for his chair and get outta dodge in a hurry.

Tazz: And for all Finlay’s toughness, for all the times we’ve seen him smash that shillelagh over some poor guy’s skull, he can’t compete with Kane when it comes to mind games. Heck, Kane scares the hell outta me in broad daylight, never mind when he’s turnin’ out the lights.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Yeah but at Judgment Day, it ain’t gonna be about mind games, it’s gonna be a straight up brawl, and all that’s gonna matter is who’s the toughest. And if ya’ ask me, Kane might have supernatural powers, but Finlay’s the toughest S.O.B. I’ve ever seen in the squared circle, and that’s what’s gonna get the win this Sunday.

Match 4: Six Man Tag Team Match
United States Champion Matt Hardy, WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans and Kane w/ Ashley Massaro vs. Finlay, The Miz and The New Breed w/ Layla, The Little Bastard and Michelle McCool

Matt Hardy and Finlay are the two men set to kick this one off, restarting their rivalry of the past few months, the two engaging in a hard tie up that sees Matt work into a headlock. Finlay shoves Matt into the ropes, then looks for a clothesline… Hardy ducks underneath, keeps on running… then knocks Finlay down with a running forearm smash. Finlay is right back up, only for a scoop slam to put him down, which allows Matt to come off the ropes with a snap legdrop for an early two count. Finlay scrambles to the corner, where Hardy smacks a few rights, then goes for the Irish whip across… and follows in… into a boot to the face! Hardy drops to a knee, and Finlay quickly tags in Monty Brown, who rings on the arm and drives his shoulder a few times… only for Hardy to twist into a hammerlock. Brown uses a pair of elbows to escape, then he sends Hardy off the ropes… only for Matt to bowl him over with a shoulderblock! Brown is back up… armdrag sends him down! Again Brown is up… another armdrag, and this time Hardy hangs on, drags Brown to his corner and tags in Kane. With Hardy holding Brown in place, Kane is able to land a few easy shots to the throat, then he sends Brown off the ropes… big boot to the face! Another early cover… another kick out at two. Kane now tags in London, who enters the ring by coming off the top rope with a double axe handle, then after a few rights to the face, he makes a quick tag to Kendrick. The champs fire Brown off the ropes… into a double hitposs, then Kendrick comes off the ropes… and London hiptosses him onto Brown! Kendrick hooks the leg… 1… 2… Brown rolls a shoulder.

The Hooligans seems to be working well together, as after Kendrick rattles Brown with a running leg lariat, he tags London back in, the two again looking for a double team move as they use the double Irish whip… into a double dropkick! London hooks the leg… but again Brown kicks out at two. London wrenches on the arm once again, but this time Brown grabs a handful of hair and backs London into the heels’ corner. The ref steps in and calls for the break, which Brown provides, but sensing he’s in trouble, London tries to battle from the corner… as he rocks Finlay, then Miz, then Burke with big right hands knocking them from the apron… but this allows Brown the chance to grab him from behind… belly to back suplex! Brown drives London to the mat, and now finally Brown can tag out as he brings Miz into things. Miz lays in with a string of stomps to the body and face, before he shoves London to the corner and hammers him with right hands, driving London down to a seated position. Miz then distracts the ref, allowing Burke to choke London against the post, but when he releases, London uses the ropes to drag himself up… just in time for Miz to nail the swinging corner clothesline! London flops down to the mat, and Miz hooks the leg… 1… 2… London kicks out. The heels now do a good job of isolating London, making plenty of quick tags, and Finlay and Brown do a power of damage with a seated senton and a pumphandle slam, before Burke comes close to victory with the outer limitz elbow. Miz is back in, but he’s caught by a right hand from London, who now tries to rally with a trio of rights, until Miz drills a stiff knee to the midsection that doubles London over… allowing Miz to nail a snap DDT! Miz goes for the cover… 1… 2… London barely kicks out!

Finlay is brought back in, and he unloads with shots to the body and face, before he puts London down with a scoop slam, then locks on a nerve hold. Trying to wear London out, Finlay applies pressure, keeping London grounded, but with his teammates encouraging him, eventually London is able to work back to his feet, feeding off the energy of the crowd, drilling elbows to the gut in an attempt to break the hold… only for Finlay to grab a handful of hair… and yank London head first down onto the mat! The crowd groan in disappointment as yet another rally comes to an end, and it could get worse as Burke tags back in. After driving London to the corner with kicks and punches, Burke then fires him across the ring… and charges… ELIJAH EXPRESS… NO! London dives to safety… and Burke crashes into the turnbuckle! Both men are down, and now London makes a desperate attempt to crawl to his corner… Burke tags in Miz… but here comes Matt Hardy! Hardy explodes into the ring and runs through Miz with a clothesline, then he sends Miz off the ropes… into a huge back body drop! The US Champion rattles Miz with rights in the corner, then sends him for the ride… and follows in with the corner clothesline… before he explodes from the corner with a bulldog! It’s too much for Finlay, who storms the ring, clubbing Hardy from behind… but that only draws Kane into the ring, who smacks Finlay with a big boot to the face! Burke charges at Kane, but Kane sees him coming… and counters with a tilt-a-whirl slam! Kane is back on his feet, but here comes London… running shooting star press! The impact causes Burke to roll under the bottom ropes, but now Brown steps in, clubbing London from behind… but here comes Kendrick with a flying forearm to knock Brown through the ropes!

It’s mayhem as all eight men are in the ring, brawling with their respective Judgment Day opponents, but a sense of order is restored as Brown and Burke come together on the outside… but that means they don’t see London and Kendrick charge off the ropes… DUELLING SOMERSAULT PLANCHAS!! Burke and Brown are taken down, but in the ring, Finlay and Kane trade massive right hands, until Kane lands three shots in a row that back Finlay to the ropes… and then Kane nails a running clothesline… that takes both men down to the floor! We’re left with Matt and Miz in the ring, and Miz lands a few right hands… until Matt ducks underneath one… and nails the SIDE EFFECT! Hardy hooks the leg… 1… 2… Miz rolls a shoulder! Determined to put Miz away, Hardy climbs to the second rope and waits for Miz to rise… diving elbow to the back of the head! Another cover… 1… 2… again Miz barely hangs in there! While this is going on inside the ring, on the outside, Kane and Finlay battle near the barricade, with Finlay gaining the upperhand, and now he goes for an Irish whip… that sends Kane crashing into the steel steps! At the foot of the aisle, London and Kendrick continue to battle Burke and Brown, with Kendrick dropping Burke with a stiff right hand… until he sees Layla out the corner of his eye! Layla again tries to flirt with Kendrick, winking at him and running a finger suggestively down his chest… until Ashley tackles Layla to the floor! A catfight breaks out, but Kendrick quickly tries to break it up as he drags Ashley away. The two shout at each other, with Ashley yelling at Kendrick for allowing himself to be distracted… and here comes Brown from behind… clubbing Kendrick… and knocking him into Ashley! Ashley hits the floor, but Brown now grabs Kendrick, and looks for a gutwrench suplex… but here comes London… saving his partner with a dropsault that smacks Brown square in the jaw! The argument breaks out now between London and Kendrick, but in the ring, Hardy has Miz lined up… kick… TWIST OF FATE… NO! Miz shoves Hardy into the ropes… where he’s clocked from behind with a hard forearm to the back of the head by Finlay! Hardy stumbles forward… kick by Miz… then the REALITY CHECK!! Miz nails it, hooks both legs… 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Finlay, The Miz and The New Breed @ 08.37

Miz has won it for his team! A stunned silence from the crowd as Miz quickly rolls from the ring and joins up with McCool, the two celebrating at the foot of the aisle, slowly backing their way up the aisle with smirks on the faces. In the ring, Kane, Kendrick and London slide back in, a seriously annoyed look on Kendrick’s face, but as he tries to look towards London, London is more interested in doing his best to help Hardy back to his feet. On the aisle, the heels have now grouped together, the quartet backing up the aisle, pointing back at the ring at their respective Judgment Day opponents, but the big story coming out of the match is that The Miz has just pinned Matt Hardy… and that Hardy’s United States Championship could be in bigger jeopardy this Sunday than anyone ever imagined.


We return to see Mr. Kennedy sat on a steel chair in the communal locker room, by himself. Still dressed in his wrestling gear with a t-shirt covering his torso, Kennedy has his head bowed, eyes on the floor, although we can see a hint of a smirk on his face as the camera zoom in…

Mr. Kennnedy: I bet uh… I bet that neck’s pretty sore right now, huh Chris?

Now bringing his head up, Kennedy cockily grins into the camera…

Mr. Kennedy: And I bet, that despite that tough exterior, deep down inside… you’re worried, aren’t ya’? Worried about your neck, worried about your career, worried that your last chance at the gold might just pass – you – by.

Kennedy leans forward, narrowing his eyes...

Mr. Kennedy: And Batista… ‘Big Dave’… I bet you’re worried too, aren’t ya’ ‘champ’?

Nodding to himself, Kennedy has another smile on his face...

Mr. Kennedy: Worried ‘cause you know that this Sunday, you’re pathetic excuse for a title reign… is over. And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

Boos from inside the arena, which Kennedy hears, turning to sneer and shake his head...

Mr. Kennedy: And Edge… you’ve gotta be pretty worried right now too. I mean, God, one more missed opportunity, one more title match screwed up, you’re gonna go freakin’ nuts, aren’t ya’!? And Jesus, the whinin’ and complainin’, it’s gonna reach a new low next Friday night. I can’t wait to see that!

With a loud, sarcastic laugh, Kennedy pauses, rubbing his jaw, before he continues...

Mr. Kennedy: You three, you’re all worried, but you don’t like to show it. You keep your fears locked up inside, but this Sunday, they’re all gonna be on display for the world to see.

Looking back down for a second, Kennedy then brings his head back up...

Mr. Kennedy: But for all those fears, for all those doubts, the one thing nobody is worryin’ about… is me. But forget broken necks, forget past failures, forget the controversy that follows you around, guys. That’s not important. That’s not what you should be worryin’ about.

Kennedy shakes a head and wags a finger...

Mr. Kennedy: But me? I’m a huge worry. ‘Cause I’m the biggest threat to each and every one of ya’. I’m the guy you oughta be seein’ in your nightmares. And if I’m not?

No smirk or grin, instead an intense look as Kennedy stares into the camera and says...

Mr. Kennedy: Then I’m damn sure gonna be on Sunday night.

More jeers from inside the arena...

Mr. Kennedy: This Sunday, Judgment Day, Batista, Edge… and especially you, Benoit… you three are just an afterthought. ‘Cause y’see this Sunday… that’s my night. Not yours, not anybody else’s, mine.

Jamming a finger into his chest, Kennedy pauses again, then turns his eyes upwards...

Mr. Kennedy: I was born to be a champion, I was made for the spotlight. The people need a new leader, a new hope, a brighter tomorrow, and I'm the guy to give it to 'em!

More jeers...

Mr. Kennedy: So that's why this Sunday, I'm gonna put all those fears to bed in three – simple – steps.

Kennedy counts along with his fingers as he speaks...

Mr. Kennedy: Batista? I'm gonna remove the pressure of knowing your title reigns been a sham, by just takin' that title away from you. Edge? I'm gonna dry your tears, and I'm gonna stop that lip tremblin' by kickin' your teeth right down your throat!

And with a dry, almost creepy looking smile, Kennedy leans forward again...

Mr. Kennedy: And Chris? I'm gonna put all that retirement talk to bed... when I end your career. I am headed straight for the top, I am dyin' for my shot to run with the ball, and I'll do whatever it takes to get it. I beat Ric Flair... I beat 'The Man'... now I'm gonna be 'The Man'. And the whole world are gonna hear... “Your NEW World Heavyweight Champion... MMMIIISSSTTTEEERRRRRR... KKKEEENNNEEEDDDYYYYYYY!

And ever so slowly, Kennedy stands up, closes his eyes, then snaps them open to say...

Mr. Kennedy: KEN – NAH – DAY!!

And with that, Kennedy kicks the steel chair he sat on to the floor and storms out of the room, the camera staying trained on the space in which he once sat, but only briefly as we quickly cut back to the ring.

And having already made their entrance, The Full Blooded Italians stand by, with their boss Santino Marella already with mic in one hand and Trinity in the other, while Big Vito, Nunzio and Tony Mamaluke stand nearby. As the music comes to an end, Santino has to wait for the boos to die down before he can finally speak…

Santino Marella: So, it is-ah finally time for-ah ‘de great, Santino Marella, to enter ‘de King of ‘de Ring tournament! And ‘dat-ah means ‘dis is ‘de time for The Full Blooded Italians to-ah finally get-ah ‘de respect we deserve!

Nodding heads all round from the rest of the group...

Santino Marella: For-ah just like Rocky Balboa who became-ah king of ‘de boxing world, it is-ah time for me to-ah become king of ‘de wrestling world!

This time it's applause for Marella from his cohorts...

Santino Marella: And to-ah do ‘dis, I must defeat-ah ‘dis Daniel Bryanson.

A few groans of laughter from the crowd, with Santino confused as to why...

Santino Marella: ‘Dis is-ah ‘de guy who last week-ah was beat up by ‘De Hamburglar and ‘De Lone Ranger.

”Did he just call me The Lone Ranger?”...

Santino Marella: I guess-ah ‘dat means Tazz is Tonto? But-ah anyway, Daniel Bryanson, he is-ah no match for Santino! And tonight, when we are-ah through with him, his hopes of-ah becomin’ ‘de King of the Ring will be-ah just like his career after-ah Judgment Day… sleepin’ with-ah ‘de fishes!

Awful. And the crowd let Santino know about it as the boos start, but they don't last long as...


A sense of seriousness returns to proceedings as the intense Bryan Danielson marches out into the arena, a fierce look of focus and determination on his face as he quickly paces down the aisle...

Michael Cole: Well thank God we don't have to listen to Santino anymore! Folks, this is the final match in the round of 32 of the King of the Ring, and either Santino Marella or that man, Bryan Danielson, will become the final man to make it through to the round of 16.

Tazz: And I'm pretty sure Danielson's gonna be focused on this match with Santino right now, but he's gotta have that huge match this Sunday with Gregory Helms in the back of his mind too. Helms made it through earlier tonight, let's see if Bryan can follow 'im into the next round.

Michael Cole: And of course last week, 'JBL' you and Helms, you sure did a number on Danielson. The two of you attacking Danielson in the ring.

John Bradshaw Layfield: What are you talkin' about, Michael? It was Danielson who started it all! I was just sayin' what was on my mind, I was expressin' my right to free speech, and that punk sucker punched me!

As he hits the ring, Danielson immediately heads to the ropes nearest to the announce desk, staring down on 'JBL' with fire in his eyes...

John Bradshaw Layfield: Don't you look at me like that you piece o' crap! I'll come up there and kick the taste outta your mouth again, son.

Michael Cole: Y'know one of these days that mouth of yours is gonna get you in some real trouble...

Match 5: King of the Ring Qualifying Match – Round of 32
Bryan Danielson
vs. Santino Marella w/ Big Vito, Nunzio, Tony Mamaluke and Trinity

As the bell rings, Santino approaches the centre of the ring in his usual goofy fashion, throwing up the fists, warning Danielson not to get too close before he tastes a big left hand from the Italian. The crowd can’t help but laugh, but Danielson clearly isn’t impressed, as he decides he’s had enough of Santino’s antics… so he clocks him with a massive forearm to the jaw! The impact causes Marella to stumble to the ropes, where Danielson goes on the attack, unloading with kick after kicks to the thighs and body, before he lands another trio of forearms to the face and then fires Santino off the opposite side… right into a running forearm! Santino has rubber legs as he staggers back to his feet, and Danielson again looks to attack with the boots… but this time Santino catches it! “Ah ha!” yells the Italian as he has Danielson in a precarious situation, but before Marella can take advantage… Danielson rattles him with an enziguiri! Marella slumps to the canvas, looking old cold, but before Danielson can move in for the kill, Vito reaches under the bottom rope and drags Santino to the outside. The crowd boo heavily as the rest of The F.B.I. huddle around their boss, trying to help him regroup, but Danielson decides he doesn’t want to wait anymore as he barges past the ref, comes off the far away ropes… the flies with a SUICIDE DIVE… THAT WIPES OUT THE ENTIRE F.B.I.! The crowd roar with delight as Danielson’s risk pays off, but now he’s fighting his way through the wreckage, throwing wild rights and lefts at anybody who moves, allowing him to grab Santino and roll him back into the ring. Danielson then nips back up onto the apron and looks to slingshot himself back into the ring… but Vito reaches out and grabs him by the ankle… and yanks Danielson down, face first off the apron!

The referee was distracted by Santino, and now The F.B.I. look to take advantage, laying into Bryan on the outside with a flurry of stomps to the body, before Vito finally rolls Bryan back in and Santino scrambles to make the cover… 1… 2… Danielson rolls a shoulder. With Danielson down and hury, Santino looks to take control as in rather comical fashion he drops a few knees across the chest, then with Bryan on his knees, Santino nails a headbutt… but the move seems to do more damage to Santino as he wobbles back and forth, again drawing laughs from the crowd. Regaining his composure, Marella lands three left jabs to the jaw, then winds up for a big uppercut… but Bryan avoids it, Marella swings right through… then Bryan catches him from behind… then takes him down… CROSSFACE CHICKENWING! Danielson locks on a submission move, wrapping the legs for a grapevine, leaving Santino with no escape… but Trinity is up on the apron… and that allows Vito and crew to storm the ring! Once again Santino’s cronies comes to his rescue, laying in with more boots, before Nunzio and Mamaluke hold Danielson in position as Vito lines up… for a BIG BOOT TO THE FACE… but Danielson pulls Nunzio into the line of fire… and Nunzio eats the boot to the face! Mamaluke is stunned… until a jumping roundhouse sends him flying from the ring! Vito charges again… right into a release German suplex! Danielson is taking them all on… but here comes Santino from behind… looking for a COBRA CLUTCH… NO! Danielson grabs the wrist, twists, traps the arm… LEBELL LOCK!! Bryan has his deadly submission cinched in tight and with the ref now turning… he sees Santino tapping out!!

Winner: Via Submission, Bryan Danielson @ 03.17

Despite the numbers game working against him, Danielson makes quick work of Santino, and he became the final man to advance to the round of 16. Releasing his grip, Danielson bursts back to his feet, surveying the bodies at ringside before he has his hand raised in victory. As Santino rolls from the ring and is comforted by his posse, Danielson heads to the corner and calls for a mic...

Bryan Danielson: I just uh... I just wanna say a thing or two to Gregory Helms... and to you too, John.

Danielson firmly points a finger in the direction of 'JBL', causing the commentator to sit up sharply...

Bryan Danielson: Last week, you two... you did a real number on me. I mean, I got smacked with a clothesline from hell, then Greg nearly kicked my head clean off my shoulders. If the plan all along was to get me in the ring for more than just an interview, then... way to go. You got me.

”Damn right we did!”...

Bryan Danielson: But this Sunday at Judgment Day... it's gonna be different. At Judgment Day, you're buddy Layfield is gonna be stuck behind the desk.

Once again Danielson and 'JBL' lock eyes, the camera seeing a seething Layfield ever so slowly shaking his head...

Bryan Danielson: And that means there's gonna be nothin' left for you to do Greg but... tap – or – snap. Tap – or – snap. Tap or snap. Tap or snap!

”Tap or snap!”



And as the chant continues to echo out around the arena, we quickly cut backstage, where we see Gregory Helms stood infront of a monitor, having seen everything that just happened, the look of confidence from earlier replaced with a look of fear and trepidation. As the chant grows ever louder, Helms looks more worried than ever before, clutching his title tight to his chest, looking like a desperate man who realises there's no escape, all the while we continue to hear...




*Video Package*

Our video opens at the King of the Ring ’96, where ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin stands victorious, delivering the interview that launched his main event career…

Narrator: It’s a night where future legends make their mark...


We now head back to King of the Ring ’93, where Bret Hart puts Bam Bam Bigelow away with the winning victory roll...

Narrator: A night where icons are created…


King of the Ring ’01, where Edge puts Kurt Angle down with the Edgecution then crawls into the pin to get an emotional victory…

Narrator: A night when the stars of tomorrow shine bright...


And we now go to last year’s tournament final, where Booker T grabs the win over Bobby Lashley…

Narrator: A night to crown… a new king.


We now see flashing images of some of this year’s contenders, starting with Jeff Hardy, Montel Vontavious Porter, CM Punk and Matt Hardy…

Narrator: And this year, live on NBC, the WWE King of the Ring returns! It’s the one night Saturday Night’s Main Event spectacular where one man’s career is set to skyrocket!

More flashing images, this time it’s Bryan Danielson, Kenny Dykstra, Johnny Nitro and Mr. Kennedy…

Narrator: Eight men will battle to join the most exclusive of WWE clubs. Who will take King Booker’s crown and become the 2007 King of the Ring!?

Another round of flashing images, this time of former winners such as Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Edge, Bret Hart and King Booker…

Narrator: The King is dead…

More clips from last year, this time from Booker’s coronation ceremony, then a quick shot of him close to tears after his victory to clinch the World Heavyweight Championship…


”Long live… the King.”


*End Video Package*

Cut straight to the announce desk to see our commentary team…

Michael Cole: We are getting closer and close to Saturday Night’s Main Event and the 2007 King of the Ring tournament. We’re just two weeks away from crowning a new King, and we now know the final sixteen men who will battle it out to secure their place in the final eight.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Mr. Kennedy
Matt Hardy vs. Kane

Gregory Helms vs. Brian Kendrick
Bryan Danielson vs. Montel Vontavious Porter

Michael Cole: Well there ya’ have it guys, some really interesting matchups comin’ up over the next couple o’ weeks, perhaps none more so than the one between Matt Hardy and Kane.

Tazz: No doubt about it, Michael. Hardy and Kane, two guys rollin’ into Judgment Day with a ton o’ momentum, but will either of ‘em still be on that kinda roll after this Sunday? And how could that effect their chances in the King of the Ring?

Michael Cole: Elsewhere, the man who pulled off without doubt the biggest upset of the first round, Tommy Dreamer, he beat King Booker to make it this far, but now he’s got Mr. Kennedy, a guy who could easily be World Heavyweight Champion by the time they meet!

John Bradshaw Layfield: And I think what Kennedy said last week could easily come true. He could become champion at Judgment Day, then the King of the Ring would be the crowning achievement for the fastest risin’ star in WWE history.

Michael Cole: We’ve also got a pair of champions in the Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms takin’ on one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Brian Kendrick, although will either man still be a champion this time next week? And I guess no prizes for guessin’ who you’re gonna be rootin’ for when Bryan Danielson and ‘MVP’ meet, right ‘JBL’? Folks, it’s shapin’ up to be a great tournament, some real exciting matches to come over the next few weeks here on Friday Night SmackDown!

And after a few seconds of silence, the arena erupts…

As we hear…


*BOOYAKA 619…*

The arena goes absolutely nuts as for the first time in over six months, Rey Mysterio has returned to Friday Night SmackDown…

Michael Cole: Listen to this crowd! What an ovation! For the first time in over six months, Rey Mysterio is in a WWE arena, and he… wait… wait just a second here.

John Bradshaw Layfield: What?

Michael Cole: That… that’s not Rey Mysterio.

Granted, there is a man in the aisle wearing one of Mysterio’s mask, and dressed in a Rey t-shirt, but anybody with half a brain can see that this man is far too tall to be the real Mysterio…

John Bradshaw Layfield: What the hell are ya’ talkin’ about? That’s Rey Mysterio! And look at ‘im, he looks great! That injury might be the best thing that ever happened to ‘im!

Tazz: Are you kiddin’ me?

John Bradshaw Layfield: No, look at ‘im! He’s about a foot taller, he’s got more hair on his head, he’s looks fantastic!

Michael Cole: This is ridiculous…

Clearly it doesn’t take a genius to figure this out, but as our masked imposter enters the ring, he quickly heads to the corner and grabs a mic. As the music comes to a stop, it’s relentless heat, prompting the man to reach up, rip off the mask… and of course, it’s Chavo Guerrero who’s hiding beneath! Thinking he’s pulled the greatest prank in history, Chavo laughs his ass off in the ring, doubled over as he hams it up…

Chavo Guerrero: Ha ha! I fooled you! I fooled all of you!

John Bradshaw Layfield: He sure fooled me! And that ain’t easy to do!

Michael Cole: Oh my god…

Still laughing his head off, Chavo is soon joined by his aunt Vickie Guerrero who shares in the laughter and gives her nephew a round of applause for his antics…

Chavo Guerrero: I got you all! That video earlier, that said Rey Mysterio was coming back tonight, I paid a guy in the truck to change the graphic! Those reports on wwe.com sayin’ Rey would be here tonight, that was me too! Rey’s not here! I fooled each and every one of you!

More laughs from the Guerreros…

Chavo Guerrero: I got you all! And I bet you’re all feelin’ pretty embarrassed right now, huh?

The camera cuts to a teenager in the front row who simply shakes his head and buries his head in his hands…

Chavo Guerrero: But’s that’s nothing compared to the embarrassment and the shame I’m gonna make Rey Mysterio feel this Sunday.

In the background, Vickie nods and shouts “That’s right!”…

Chavo Guerrero: ‘Cause I’m gonna embarrass him, and I’m gonna hurt him so badly that he can’t even stand. I’m gonna embarrass him… by keeping him down for a ten count.

Again Vickie plays her part, this time holding up ten fingers…

Chavo Guerrero: Last – Man – Standing. You people wanna know the reason why I challenged Rey to that kinda match? I’ll tell you. Y'see, six months ago, I embarrassed Rey when I smacked a steel chair off his leg and made him scream “I quit!”. And you should've listened to those words, Rey. You should've taken your own advice and not only quit that match... but you should have quit SmackDown, you should have quit the WWE... and you should have quit wrestling all together.

A real sneer into the camera as Chavo says that…

Chavo Guerrero: You should have quit then and there and stayed at home, and never even thought about getting back in the ring. Especially not against me.

Heat from the crowd…

Chavo Guerrero: Y'know Rey, I honestly can't believe it. I mean, you're a luchadore. You should know that for a luchadore, saying “I quit!” is the biggest embarrassment there is. Hundreds of men have said those words and have never even set foot inside an arena again, such is the shame they felt.

Becoming animated, Chavo shakes his head and rubs his jaw…

Chavo Guerrero: And yet here you are, returning to SmackDown like nothing happened. Lemme tell ya' esse, you would never... and I mean never hear a Guerrero say I quit.

Chavo turns to Vickie, who shakes her head as a sign of agreement…

Chavo Guerrero: And that's just it. For all the years you exploited my family, for all the years you used us to advance yourself, you were never truly... one of us.

Another sneer into the hard camera…

Chavo Guerrero: You proved that six months ago, but I don't see that in your little video. I see all the highlights, but where's the footage of me smashing a steel chair of your leg, you hanging upside down, screaming, begging for mercy, saying over and over again, “I quit!”, where's that footage, huh? Why is that not in your video? I mean... have you no shame, Rey?

Again Chavo turns to his aunt, shrugging his shoulders…

Chavo Guerrero: I've you had any pride left in yourself, you'd have known not to come back. But you made your decision, Rey. And now? Now I'm gonna make you pay.

More heat…

Chavo Guerrero: At Judgment Day, every member of ma familia is gonna be back home watching, and they're gonna see me punish you for the crimes you committed against Los Guerreros. For every time you exploited my family name to get to the top, you're gonna pay for it. And I'm gonna take it out... of that surgically repaired knee of yours.

There’s a real glint in the eye as Guerrero delivers that last line…

Chavo Guerrero: For years, you took advantage of my family. I mean, my Uncle Eddie, he wasn’t always the smartest guy, and you knew that. You used to elevate your career, you used that to get ahead. This Sunday, I know Eddie is gonna be in heaven watching our match… and I know he’s gonna be very happy with what he sees. So I hope you people have all been paying close attention during the little history lesson I’ve been giving you over these last few weeks.

Pacing the ring, Chavo makes sure to address every fan he can…

Chavo Guerrero: I hope you’ve all enjoyed hearing the stories about Rey’s past from Dean Malenko. I hope you enjoyed seeing me beat some of the more important guys from Rey’s past, guys like Psicosis and Billy Kidman. And I hope you all savoured that little entrance I just did. ‘Cause I promise you, that’s the last time you’ll ever see anybody in this mask walk down that aisle.

Chavo raises the Mysterio mask above his head…

Chavo Guerrero: I’ve done all I can to try and educate you people, I’ve done all I can to show you the real Rey Mysterio, to show the real man behind this mask. I can’t do anymore. If you missed it, if you still don’t feel like you’ve had your fix of Rey… then too bad. ‘Cause this Sunday, it’s all over. The last… ever… appearance… of Rey Mysterio in a WWE ring. ‘Cause I’m not just gonna break Rey’s leg so bad that he can’t answer a ten count…

And now Chavo tosses the mask down on the canvas…

Chavo Guerrero: I’m gonna shatter his spirit into a thousand tiny, little pieces.

And in a total show of disrespect, Chavo wipes his feet on the mask then kicks it aside…

Chavo Guerrero: And I’m gonna avenge the legacy of the great Mexican warrior… Eddie Guerrero. Viva la ra-


*BOOYAKA 619…*

What the…? It’s… it’s him! He’s here! It’s Rey Mysterio! Mysterio is here after all, and he’s heard enough of Chavo! The crowd are going wild, while Chavo and Vickie are in shock in the ring, with Chavo furiously shaking his head, shouting “No! He’s not supposed to be here!”, while Vickie screams and stomps her feet. Mysterio sprints out from the back and makes a beeline for the ring, running straight down the aisle and sliding under the bottom rope… where Chavo gets the jump on him!

Pouncing, Chavo dives down and tries to keep Mysterio grounded with a string of forearms to the back, absolutely pounding him, desperately trying to gain the upperhand… but as both men battle back to their feet, Chavo goes for an Irish whip… but Rey ducks underneath his clothesline… leaps up… and nails a HURRICANRANA… THAT SENDS CHAVO INTO THE ROPES! With Guerrero in perfect position, the crowd goes nuts once again, as for the first time in over six months, Mysterio starts to dial it up… 619… NO!! At the last second, from the outside, Vickie pulls Chavo to safety, saving her nephew and quickly helping him hightail it up the aisle. The crowd boo with disappointment, but they soon perk up again as Mysterio picks up the microphone Chavo dropped…

Rey Mysterio: HEY! HEY, CHAVO!

Scrambling to his feet, Chavo looks like he’s seen a ghost as he and Vickie converge under the SmackDown fist…

Rey Mysterio: I think me and all these people have heard enough outta you, holmes.

Big pop from the crowd for that statement…

Rey Mysterio: You’ve been runnin’ your mouth about me, about Eddie, about your family… No estoy escuchando más! Enough is enough!

Another pop, at which Vickie yells “Shut up!” into the crowd…

Rey Mysterio: I’m back in the WWE, I’m back en mi casa, SmackDown! And I back for one reason…

And with more seriousness than you’ve ever seen from the fan favourite, Rey points a finger at Chavo and says…

Rey Mysterio: For revenge. And when I get it... I’m gonna be the last… man… standing!

*BOOYAKA 619…*

A huge statement of intent by Rey Mysterio on his return to SmackDown. As he leans against the ropes, Rey stares a whole straight through Chavo, who has now picked himself back up, seething as he watches from the entrance way. Mysterio now turns to thank the fans who have been so loyal to him during his recovery, heading to each corner to salute the masses, with the camera switching back and forth between the triumphant Rey and the enraged Chavo as we head to a commercial.


*Video Package*

We open to a dismal, rainy scene, a solemn church bell ringing loudly in the background. We slowly see peasants trudging through the rain and mud of what appears to be an eighteenth century town, everybody dressed like pilgrims of the time. As the camera pans, we see a rather portly town crier, who rings a handbell to a much faster beat than the previous church bell...

Town Crier: Hear ye! Hear ye! Thy day of reckoning is upon us!

We hear the clang of a nearby blacksmith hammering down on a piece of raw metal, with the close up revealing the blacksmith to be none other than SmackDown’s own Matt Hardy, dressed in the traditional garb...

Town Crier: Just as the weeds are collected and burned up with fire, so shall it be at the end of the age!

Hardy tosses his hammer aside and slowly trudges off camera, passing the town reverend, who just so happens to be Mr. Kennedy, with Kennedy also dressed in the church fashion of the time...

Town Crier: I tell thee my friends, do not fear thee who kill the body, and after that can do no more!

Kennedy glances down at the bible in his hands, then tosses it down into the mud, before he follows Hardy off camera...

Town Crier: But I will warn you whom to fear! Fear him who, after he has killed, has authority to cast thee into hell!

A man in a horse slowly approaches, the man being revealed as Batista. ‘The Animal’ quickly drops down off the horse, the buckle on his boots clunking heavily as he lands before he too walks off camera...

Town Crier: I tell thee, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak!

We now see Edge chopping wood, aggressively swinging an axe into a log set up on a stump, but he soon wipes the wet hair from his face, tosses the axe aside and exits the scene...

Town Crier: So speak and so act as those who are to be judged under the law of liberty. For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy!

King Booker and Queen Sharmell sit on thrones like a Mayor and Mayorness, with Booker soon standing up out of his chair, leaving Sharmell behind as he heads out of the frame...

Town Crier: For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.

The town magistrate is played by Chris Benoit, complete with wig, who suddenly sits upright from behind the bench of his courtroom and storms out of the building mid trial, leaving behind a full courtroom of confused people...

Town Crier: And when they have finished their testimony, the beast that rises from the bottomless pit will make war on them and conquer them and kill them!

We now see practically the entire SmackDown roster, all dressed for the time, stood surrounding the Town Crier, who now has a petrified look on his face…

Town Crier: Oh death, where is your victory? Oh death, where is your sting?

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Town Crier is clobbered by Umaga, who is dressed as he normally would be. Umaga now stands with one foot on the chest of the crier, the camera looking down on him in pain, but he manages to get in the last word as he shouts...

”Judgment Day... is upon us!”


*End Video Package*

From the video, we head back to the announce desk…

Michael Cole: That right folks, Judgment Day is just 48 hours away! SmackDown’s first single brand pay per view since WrestleMania, and it’s looking like an absolute classic. What an incredible card we’ve got lined up, and it just took a huge shot in the arm with the return of Rey Mysterio!

Tazz: Damn skippy, Cole! Chavo Guerrero’s been runnin’ his mouth, he’s been runnin’ down Rey, sayin’ Mysterio exploited the Guerrero family to make it to the top, sayin’ he’s disrespected the legacy of the late, great Eddie Guerrero. Well this Sunday, Chavo’s gonna have to live with those comments he made, ‘cause Rey’s out for blood man, and it’s gonna be Last Man Standin’! I can’t wait!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Let’s just remember one thing. Six months ago, Chavo put Rey on the shelf when he smashed Mysterio knee with a steel chair. Rey might be back, but he’s gonna wish he stayed at home and lived off the retirement fund when Chavo’s done with ‘im. Ya’ shoulda took Chavo’s advice, ya’ shoulda stayed away, and now Chavo’s gonna make sure it happens once and for all.

Michael Cole: it promises to be a very violent, very personal feud between Mysterio and Guerrero. And talkin’ about violent, what about the matchup between Kane and Finlay? A match that came about after a vicious assault of Kane by Finlay with that damn shillelagh, only for Kane to smash a car window in an effort to get his hands on the veteran Irishman. Kane’ll get his wish this Sunday at Judgment Day.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Be careful what you wish for, Michael. Finlay’s one pissed off guy right now, in the twenty-somethin’ years I’ve known ‘im, I’ve never seen ‘im this angry before. You think Kane’s a scary guy? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet outta Finlay.

Michael Cole: The United States Championship is gonna be on the line too, as the champion Matt Hardy defends his title against The Miz. 2007 has definitely been Hardy’s year so far, but Miz has improved each and every time we see him in a SmackDown ring, and earlier tonight, he stunned us all by pinnin’ Hardy in a tag team match.

Tazz: Yeah, that one shocked the hell outta me. Listen, there’s no doubt Miz is a huge threat, he’s definitely a star of the future around here. But Matt’s been chasin’ his chance at the big time way too long to let it slip now. I’m goin’ for a Hardy win, and for him to stay US Champ.

Michael Cole: Another man looking to hang onto gold is of course the Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms. Helms has cheated twice in the past, back at No Way Out and WrestleMania to save his title and rob his opponent this Sunday, Bryan Danielson. But at Judgment Day, it seems like there’s no escape for Helms, and we’re gonna have a new champion.

John Bradshaw Layfield: How the hell d’ya figure that, Cole? Gregory Helms, the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in history, the greatest cruiserweight to ever live, he’s gonna prove all you naysayers wrong, he’s gonna prove that this is the WWE, and all that crap in the indies means squat. I can’t wait to see Helms shove it right back in both your faces, I got the champagne already on ice, I’m ready to part this Sunday!

Michael Cole: I wouldn’t be poppin’ the corks quite yet, John. Another title match, the third of four, sees the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hooligans, defend their titles against the challengers, The New Breed. But the question remains, are London and Kendrick on the same page? Are they still united, and can they pull it off this Sunday and retain their gold?

Tazz: I honestly don’t know, Michael. I mean, we heard that interview earlier tonight, Kendrick don’t sound like all that much of a team player to me. But then again, we know how determined both these guys are to keep those titles. But you can’t deny they’re havin’ some personal problems right now, and no team wants that ahead of a huge title match.

Michael Cole: Absolutely not, no. We’ve got more tag team action, this time of the six man variety as The Extremists, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu and The Sandman, take on the new combination of King Booker, ‘MVP’ and Mark Henry, the aptly titled, Coachman Coalition.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Ya’ gotta hand it to ‘im, ‘Coach’ has done one helluva job puttin’ that team together. He’s taken Booker and ‘MVP’, two guys who were spinnin’ their wheels, he’s teamed ‘em up with Henry, and I don’t think there’s a trio alive who can stop ‘em. I hope they crush those Extremists, and we never see ‘em again. Especially The Sandman!

Michael Cole: And of course, finally, the World Heavyweight Championship is on the line in a Fatal Four Way Match. The champion, Batista, doesn’t even have to be pinned to lose the gold to either Edge, Mr. Kennedy, or of course, Chris Benoit.

Tazz: It’s gonna be one helluva match, so many stories goin’ into it, all four guys wantin’ to win for their own personal reasons. For Batista, he wants to put any controversy from WrestleMania to bed once and for all. Edge? He feels he’s been robbed in the past and he ain’t gonna let it happen again. Ya’ Kennedy, the young up and comer, determined to build on his great WrestleMania win by becomin’ champion. And then there’s Chris Benoit, his body’s close to breakin’ point, he knows he ain’t got much time left, but he’s determined to go out with one last title run.

Michael Cole: And I’m gonna ask both of you right now, who’ve ya’ got winnin’ this one? Who’s gonna be the World Heavyweight Champion when Judgment Day goes off the air?

John Bradshaw Layfield: I think Batista is a sham, I think the guy gets by on luck, and I think his luck’s about to run out. And I don’t believe in fairytales, I don’t believe in last gasp heroics, I don’t believe Chris Benoit has it in ‘in anymore. And between Edge and Kennedy? I’m takin’ Kennedy. His time has come, he’s the fastest risin’ star in SmackDown history, he’s goin’ straight to the top, and he’s gonna be champion this Sunday night.

Tazz: Well I’m goin’ the other way. I think Batista is the favourite, and rightly so. He’s been such a dominant champion for nearly six months now, if anybody can survive a Fatal Four Way, it’s him. But then… I just got this sneakin’ feelin’ that it could be Benoit. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good story, and I do believe that fairytales can come true. My heart says Benoit… but my head says ‘The Animal’.

Michael Cole: It’s gonna be an unbelievable night, don’t miss SmackDown’s return to pay per view. Judgment Day, live this Sunday night, you don’t wanna miss this one folks.

A pause to catch our breath, then…


The crowd are on their feet once again as Chris Benoit steps out, although he’s rather noticeably favouring his neck. As he strides for the ring, Benoit does his trademark crack of the neck, although he winces in pain as he does so, clearly not at 100% after the vicious attack from Edge earlier…

Michael Cole: He doesn’t look at his best, but no matter what condition he might be in, Chris Benoit is without doubt one of the toughest, most courageous men to ever step foot in a WWE ring. Benoit has battled back from injury, he’s survived the assaults from Edge, and right now, he has a chance at a big measure of revenge.

John Bradshaw Layfield: But at what price, Michael? You heard that doctor earlier tonight, Benoit’s a doubt for Judgment Day, he sure as hell ain’t cleared to wrestle here tonight. What if this idiot lets his emotions get the better of ‘im and he winds up puttin’ ‘imself outta action again?

Tazz: I’m pretty sure that’s a chance Benoit’s willin’ to take right now. When you’ve just spent a month on the shelf, you’ll do whatever it takes to get back in the ring as soon as ya’ can. Benoit might not be 100%, but I’ll take a not perfect Benoit any night of the week.



And now a barrage of boos breaks out as Edge steps out, this time actually coming through the entrance way instead of the crowd. Posing under the SmackDown fist, Edge thrusts his hands up into the air to set off a burst of pyro, before he then heads for the ring, an angry scowl on his face as he stares down Benoit…

Michael Cole: This is of course the match we expected to kick off the broadcast with, only for Edge to sneak through the crowd and attack Benoit from behind. I just don’t get what this guy’s problem is? I understand he’s upset that he lost at WrestleMania, but there’s no need for the continual attacks he’s subjected guys like Benoit and Batista to.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Aw, boo hoo! The guy was robbed, he feels like he oughta be champion right now. I’d be pretty pissed off if that happened to me too! If guys like Benoit and Batista don’t like it, they oughta get the hell outta this business and find somethin’ else to do with their lives!

Tazz: Y’know somethin’, ‘JBL’? Edge reminds me o’ you.

John Bradshaw Layfield: In what way?

Tazz: You do nothin’ but whine like a bitch too! Listen, the guy lost, end of story. What’s he gonna do tonight if he loses to Benoit, get his chairs out and start swingin’ ‘em again? It’s gettin’ beyond a joke, and I can’t wait to see somebody turn around and smack a chair off his skull. And he’ll deserve it too!

Main Event:
Chris Benoit
vs. Edge

The bell rings, the crowd buzz in anticipation, and naturally it’s Benoit who is the aggressor, as from the first tie up he drives Edge into the corner, although quickly grabs the ropes, forcing Benoit to back away and give the break. The two tie up again, this time it’s Edge who backs Benoit to a corner, but again the ref calls for the break, which Edge provides… until he delivers a stiff slap to Benoit’s face! Benoit rubs his jaw as Edge smirks… until Benoit grabs Edge… and yanks him into the corner… then starts unloading with chops to the chest! Shot after shot sting Edge’s torso, until Benoit drags him to the ropes and goes for the Irish whip… straight into a back elbow which knocks Edge down! After landing a snap legdrop for a two count, Benoit yanks Edge up and again strikes with chops to the chest, before he takes Edge up and down with a backbreaker. Edge crawls to the corner to try and recover, but there’s no respite as Benoit lays in with stomps and more chops, then he drags Edge out for a suplex, floats over for the cover… but Edge kicks out at two, and then rolls to the outside to try and break the momentum. Dropping to his knees, Edge breathes heavily, shaking his head as he gets back to his feet, and Edge… he’s heading for the aisle. He’s walking out on the match! Waving Benoit off, Edge decides he’s had enough and he starts walking backstage… but here comes Benoit from behind… hammering Edge down to the concrete! Hungry for revenge, Benoit refuses to give Edge the easy way out, and after a few stomps, he has Edge hooked up… for a SUPLEX ON THE CONCRETE! It’s a move that takes it out of both men, but Edge groans in agony, and Benoit quickly has him back up and rolls him back into the ring.

Edge scurries to the corner, begging Benoit off, looking to ref for help, but there’s no let up as Benoit yanks him by the hair back to his feet… only for Edge to drill a cheap shot with a rake of the eyes. Now Edge looks to attack, mocking Benoit with chops of his own, before Edge goes for the Irish whip across… Benoit reverses… and the impact causes Edge to crash into the turnbuckle and flop to the mat! So much aggression on display from Benoit, so much anger towards Edge, and he follows it up with a pair of hard elbow drops to the spine, then goes for a cover… but again Edge kicks out at two. Benoit is in full control, and he looks to press this home as he lands a stiff backbreaker for another near fall, then strikes with more chops to the chest, before he fires Edge off the ropes… into a northern lights supex! 1… 2… Edge kicks out, and again he tries to roll to the outside, only for Benoit to grab a handful of hair on the apron. Edge is yanked to his feet, and now Benoit tries to suplex him back inside… but Edge blocks it. A few forearms keep Edge in place, allowing Benoit to head onto the apron… and now he hooks Edge up… GERMAN SUPLEX ONTO THE FLOOR… NO! Edge desperately hangs onto the ropes… then he swings wild elbows to the face, breaking Benoit’s grip. Edge quickly heads back inside, and now he looks to suplex Benoit in… but Benoit blocks it… and counters… BACK BODY DROP SENDS EDGE CRASHING TO THE FLOOR! Edge smacks the floor with a thud, and as we head into the final commercial of the night, Benoit is in control, while Edge is in a world of pain on the outside.


We’re back, both men back in the ring, Benoit in control as he hooks Edge up… for a suplex… but he hangs on, drags Edge back up… second suplex! Again Benoit hangs on, yanks Edge up… looking for a third to complete the THREE AMIGOS… NO! Edge blocks it and shoves Benoit away, but now Benoit charges… right into a flapjack… that drops him throat first across the top rope! Benoit splutters and coughs, and now it seems edge finally has an opening, and he immediately pounces, mounting Benoit and choking him with both hands, taking every second of the five count before finally releasing. With Benoit still struggling for breath, Edge drags him up in the centre of the ring… then fires Benoit to the corner… Benoit smacks off the top turnbuckle chest first, then staggers back… and Edge levels him with a stiff forearm to the back of the head! After a near fall, Edge now looks to punish Benoit, driving knees to the back of the head, then he lands a gutbuster, before a falling neckbreaker gains another near fall. In an attempt to wear Benoit down, Edge takes him up and down with a backbreaker, but keeps Benoit across his knee for the pendulum submission, applying pressure to the throat as he pushes downwards. Benoit grimaces in pain every time Edge ups the pressure, but with the crowd’s encouragement, he’s able to swing a trio of knees to the head that finally allows him to break free. Both men stumbles to their feet, with Edge landing a right hand… but Benoit hits a chop to the chest! Right hand… chop… right… chop… chop… and a third in a row, which lets Benoit go for an Irish whip… but Edge hangs on, spins… and takes Benoit down from behind with the EDGE-O-MATIC! Edge crawls into the cover… 1… 2… Benoit rolls a shoulder!

Edge slaps the canvas in anger, but he’s soon back on his feet, dragging Benoit up with him, more shots landing to the back of the head, before Edge sends Benoit to the corner and follows in… into a back elbow! Edge stumbles back, and now Benoit goes on the attack, more chops finding the mark, before Edge is sent off the ropes… but he rebounds with a spinning heel kick! Benoit is down again, and Edge hooks a leg… 1… 2… Benoit kicks out! This time Edge gets in the referee’s face, but after being told it was only two, he now heads to the corner, crouches down, starts tearing at his hair, urging Benoit to get up. Slowly but surely, Benoit makes it back to his feet… and here comes Edge… SPEAR… NO! Benoit sidesteps… and Edge smacks off the turnbuckle! Dazed, Edge stumbles back… and Benoit hooks him up… GERMAN SUPLEX! Edge is planted, but Benoit hangs on, yanks Edge up… SECOND GERMAN SUPLEX! Again Benoit hangs on, drags a tired Edge to his feet… THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX COMPLETES THE HAT TRICK!! Edge is down and out, and now Benoit slowly draws a thumb across his throat before he heads to the outside and climbs to the top rope… looking for the DIVING HEADBUTT… NO! Out of desperation, Edge shoves the referee into the ropes… causing Benoit to lose his balance… and crotch himself on the top turnbuckle! A painful landing for Benoit, and Edge wastes no time in looking to take advantage as he climbs to the second rope, hooks Benoit up… SUPERPLEX! Edge gets all of it, and he drapes an arm across Benoit’s chest… 1… 2… NO! Benoit kicks out, and Edge can’t believe it! Edge has a look of shock on his face as he sits up, holding three fingers up to the ref, adamant the match should be over, but it was only two.

Seething, Edge once again heads to the corner, crouching down, willing, almost begging Benoit to get back up. Benoit uses the ropes to drag himself up, then he staggers to the centre of the ring… and here comes Edge… SPEAR… NO! Benoit sidesteps, grabs the arm… and counters… with the CRIPPLER CROSSFACE!! Benoit has the crossface locked on in the centre of the ring! Edge scrambles, desperately trying to reach the ropes, scratching and clawing, trying to inch his way to safety. Edge does his best to fight, and slowly, he’s able to inch close and close to the ropes… and then he kicks out a foot… and reaches the bottom rope! The crowd are as dejected as Benoit, who was sure he had the match won, but instead he’s forced to release the hold. Back on his feet, Benoit now tries to drag Edge up, but Edge is like a dead weight… until he suddenly springs to life with a schoolboy… 1… 2… Edge kicks his feet out onto the ropes for leverage… no! Benoit kicks out! Edge is furious, mounting Benoit to hammer him with stiff right hands, and having twice tried the spear and failed, it looks like Edge is out of ideas… so of course he heads outside… and grabs a STEEL CHAIR! Trademark move from Edge as he shoves Tony Chimel aside, grabs the chair and heads back into the ring, not caring about the match anymore, just wanting to punish Benoit… but as he rears back to swing… the ref yanks the chair from Edge’s grasp! Edge can’t believe it, getting right in the ref’s face… but that means he doesn’t see Benoit sneak up from behind… GERMAN SUPLEX… but Benoit hangs on… SECOND GERMAN SUPLEX… still he hangs on… THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX COMPLETES THE HAT TRICK FOR THE SECOND TIME! And now Edge is down and out, and Benoit is heading to the top rope… DIVING HEADBUTT!! Going for the steel chair has ultimately cost Edge as Benoit crawls over and gets the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Chris Benoit @ 14.28

A huge win for Benoit as he returns to SmackDown and sees off Edge! Rolling free of the pinfall, Benoit grabs his neck and remains on the mat in pain. Slowly Benoit manages to drag himself back up, and he has his hand raised by the referee, the crowd responding warmly to the sight of a victorious Benoit. The crowd continue their applause as Benoit celebrates, but then the volume rises up a notch, as in the entrance way, Batista has stepped out, standing under the SmackDown first, dressed in sharp suit now, sunglasses on, and the World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder.

Benoit sees Batista, the two staring at each other from afar, and then they share a mutual nod of respect to each other. As the crowd again cheer and applaud, Batista smiles and holds the title high in the air, something that Benoit acknowledges as he points and motions around his waist that he wants the gold-



For the second time tonight, Kennedy has snuck up behind and just levelled ‘The Animal’ with a steel chair, leaving Batista down and out on the concrete. The crowd quickly turn their cheers to jeers as Kennedy stands over Batista, smirking, but then… here comes Benoit! Benoit races up the aisle, coming to Batista’s aid, but Kennedy quickly tosses the chair aside and runs backstage, wanting no part of ‘The Crippler’. As Benoit realises he has no chance of catching Kennedy, he quickly drops down to check on Batista. The champion groans in pain, still down on the floor, grabbing the back of his head in pain, while Cole gives us a final send-off…

Michael Cole: Dammit! Kennedy just nailed Batista with a steel chair! What the hell is he doin’!?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Ha ha! That’s the second time tonight Kennedy’s nailed Batista from behind with a chair! I’m tellin’ ya’, that title is Kennedy’s to lose this Sunday!

Tazz: Lemme tell ya’ somethin’, Kennedy and Edge are gonna pay for their actions these last few weeks.

Michael Cole: Ba-Batista is down! What this gonna mean for this Sunday? Who’s gonna be World Heavyweight Champion!? JUDGMENT DAY IS UPON US FOLKS! JOIN US LIVE ON PAY PER VIEW FOR A NIGHT THAT COULD CHANGE SMACKDOWN FOREVER! JOIN US THIS SUNDAY FOR JUDGMENT DAY! GOODNIGHT!

We take onE last look down on the fallen champion, with Benoit standing over him, asking if Batista is alright, a role reversal from the start of the broadcast, and that’s the last image we see as we fade… to… black.

*End Show*

Current Card for WWE JUDGMENT DAY:
Date: May 20th, 2007

Location: iPayOne Center; San Diego, California

World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four Way Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Chris Benoit vs. Edge vs. Mr. Kennedy

United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Matt Hardy vs. The Miz

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans vs. The New Breed

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson

Last Man Standing Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

Grudge Match:
Finlay vs. Kane

Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Extremists vs. The Coachman Coalition

Date: June 2nd, 2007

Location: TD Banknorth Garden; Boston, Massachusetts

The 2007 King of the Ring Tournament:

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

So, finally managed to get this show finished. Took me far longer than I ever anticipated, but it's done now. I'm gonna try drop some feedback on a few threads over the next week or so. The show should be posted by the end of the week.

But yeah, for now, predictions plz.

May 20th, 2007
iPayOne Center; San Diego, California

World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four Way Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Chris Benoit vs. Edge vs. Mr. Kennedy

At WrestleMania XXIII, the titanic battle between Batista and Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship finally came to a head when ‘The Animal’ was able to put Edge away with the Batista Bomb. But the match was not one without controversy. Both men had chances to win the match scuppered by problems with the referees, but after his defeat, Edge was vocal about his feelings that he deserved another shot at the gold. But on the first SmackDown after WrestleMania, Edge wasn’t the only man to step forward to challenge ‘The Animal’. Indeed, at one point it looked like Batista would be defending his title tonight against one of five men, as Chris Benoit, Mr. Kennedy, The Undertaker and Umaga all threw their names into the hat alongside Edge. However, after Umaga’s vicious assault of ‘The Deadman’ caused ‘Taker to conduct one of his trademark disappearing acts, and Umaga was suspended as a result of his actions, it was Benoit, Edge and Kennedy who would do battle to determine the next number one contender. It was an emotionally charged Benoit who would emerge victorious, fuelled by the prospect of knowing time could be soon running out on his career as mounting injuries take their toll. But of course, Edge had to have the last word, putting Benoit on the shelf with a devastating one man con-chair-to, leaving many to wonder if Benoit would ever return.

It was then Kennedy who challenged Batista in a No Way Out rematch, but again Edge involved himself, delivering spears to both men. Having had enough, Teddy Long decided to let the three men settle it between themselves in a Triple Threat Match. However, just as the trio signed their names to a contract, Benoit returned, hellbent on getting revenge on Edge, with Long giving him the chance as he was inserted into the match, making it a Fatal Four Way. For Batista, tonight is a chance to put to bed any questions over his WrestleMania retention by beating his three biggest challengers in one night. For Kennedy, it’s another chance to fulfil the destiny he has long proclaimed about. Having saw off one of the greatest World Heavyweight Champions in history by beating Ric Flair at WrestleMania, Kennedy is primed to take the next big step in his career. For Edge, another chance to grab the title he believes should already be his, proving his claims that he should have won at WrestleMania have been right all along. And as for Benoit, tonight could be his last ever shot at the big gold belt. Having already admitted that he plans to hang up his boots at some point over the summer, Benoit knows he doesn’t have much time left. Could tonight provide one of the most emotional, and sentimental title wins in WWE history? Will Kennedy or Edge finally show that not only can they talk the talk, they can walk the walk too? Or will the dominant champion prove that when it comes to the World Heavyweight Championship, nobody can handle ‘The Animal’?

Last Man Standing Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

It was ten months ago at the 2006 Great American Bash where Chavo Guerrero cost Rey Mysterio the World Heavyweight Championship. Having fought so hard to honour the legacy of the late Eddie Guerrero, Rey’s dreams were dashed by Eddie’s nephew in a shocking moment that stunned all in attendance. The two battled for much of last summer, until they faced off in an I Quit Match, where Chavo stooped to new lows as he repeatedly smashed Mysterio’s knee with a steel chair, clearly intent on not only making Mysterio quit, but ending his career. And Chavo thought he had done just that as Mysterio sat at home for over six months. However, during that time, Mysterio has worked hard to rehab the injured knee, and every fan was delighted when vignettes started playing, signalling his imminent return. But of course, a certain Guerrero was less than impressed. With his Aunt Vickie’s encouragement, Chavo immediately issued a challenge for Judgment Day, wanting a Last Man Standing Match with the simple aim of not only injuring Mysterio badly enough that he fails to answer a ten count… but that he never wrestles again.

Since that challenge, Chavo has taken us down memory lane for a retrospective of Mysterio’s career, humiliating Mysterio’s friend Dean Malenko, then beating prominent figures from Mysterio’s past such as Psicosis and Billy Kidman. After well over a month of taunts, Mysterio returned last Friday night on SmackDown, looking to confront Guerrero, only for Chavo to escape. While in the past Mysterio has been involved in many spectacular matches with both Chavo and Eddie, tonight promises to be nothing more than a brutal fight between two former friends. For Chavo, Judgment Day provides a chance to wrong the perceived injustices Chavo feels Mysterio has committed against his family. Claiming that Rey lived off his late Uncle’s legacy and used the outpouring of sympathy that came from Eddie’s death to further his own career, Chavo has disgusted many with his words in recent weeks. As for Mysterio, he’s determined to extract revenge for the injury that cost him over six months of his career. It’s been a long war between these two, but tonight, it finally comes to a head, as two of the greatest cruiserweight fliers in wrestling history battle in what is sure to be a brutal affair.

United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Matt Hardy vs. The Miz

For Matt Hardy, 2007 has already been the most successful year of his career. Having beaten Finlay at WrestleMania to become United States Champion, Hardy has just kept on rolling, beating Finlay at his own game by coming through a brutal Belfast Brawl to retain his title. However, from the first SmackDown after WrestleMania, Hardy has been targeted by The Miz, a man who seems determined to reach the highs of Hardy’s career in a much faster time. Since arriving in the WWE, Miz has been known as a former reality TV star and little else. But ever since he joined forces with Michelle McCool, Miz has dedicated himself to improving his in-ring skills, and it showed as he won the pre-WrestleMania Battle Royal. Week on week Miz has been impressive his doubters with his in-ring performances, culminating with him pinning Hardy two nights ago on SmackDown during an Eight Man Tag Team Match. Miz has proven he is more than capable of bringing Hardy’s fairy-tale year to an abrupt halt, and this match could mean more to him than just the United States Title. For Hardy, he’s determined to keep his winning run going, but for Miz, tonight proves the biggest opportunity in his career to prove that he belongs in the WWE. Who will leave Judgment Day as the holder of the prestigious United States Championship?

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson

For 477 days, Gregory Helms has dominated cruiserweight wrestling in the WWE. As the reigning Cruiserweight Champion, Helms took on all challengers, and one way or another, he managed to beat some of the biggest names the cruiserweight world has ever seen. But of course, with success came arrogance, and with each challenger knocked off, Helms’ bragging grew, until finally, SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long couldn’t stand it any longer. After conducting an exhaustive worldwide search, Long found a man he deemed capable of putting Helms in his place. That man… was Bryan Danielson. Arriving on the scene on SmackDown with Helms firmly in his sights, Danielson nearly became champion in his first WWE match, as the Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet Match at No Way Out came down to Danielson and Helms. But, just like always, Helms did whatever it took to score a questionable win and save his title. Danielson then earned a one-on-one match with Helms at WrestleMania, but again, Helms pulled out every dirty trick he had to remain champion. Thinking he had saw off the threat of Danielson as a challenger, Helms has the gall to try and have the Cruiserweight Title retired as a way of cementing his legacy. But for all his campaigning and petitions, Helms’ request was denied, and Danielson was granted one last chance at the gold. Tonight at Judgment Day, a rivalry that has been building for almost five months finally comes to a head. Will Helms truly prove once and for all he is exactly what he says he is, the greatest cruiserweight in the world? Or is tonight finally the night that Danielson ushers in a new era for WWE’s cruiserweight division?

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans vs. The New Breed

Since the demise of ECW, Elijah Burke and Monty Brown were left as competitors without a home. However, once Layla brought the two together as a team, the pair have looked impressive, picking up wins over many of the teams in SmackDown’s tag division… including their opponents tonight, the champions, The Hooligans. But, that win may come with an asterisk beside it, as one question has plagued the champions in recent weeks… just what is going on with Brian Kendrick? Ever since WrestleMania, Kendrick has seemed somewhat distant from his partner Paul London, the two arguing on several occasions, especially over the perceived disrespect Kendrick feels the champions are receiving. Indeed, Kendrick has demanded better spots on the card and more lucrative opportunities for the champions, a stark contrast to London’s attitude of simply proving they’re the best team SmackDown has to offer. Ashley Massaro has of course done her best to keep her team together, and both men reiterated their common goal, to remain champions. But with the cracks starting to show, The New Breed seem in prime position to take advantage. London and Kendrick have presented a united front in recent weeks… but it seems they could be one defeat away from falling apart. Can the champions stay on the same page long enough to retain their titles? Or will Layla lead her team to glory in their first title opportunity?

Grudge Match:
Finlay vs. Kane

2007 had such a promising start for the veteran Irishman Finlay. After running Batista close with a great performance at the 2007 Royal Rumble, Finlay became United States Champion at No Way Out after another stirring display saw him see off Chris Benoit. After then proving his toughman credentials by beating Benoit in a Belfast Brawl, it seemed as if Finlay was set to roll into WrestleMania and beyond with the gold firmly around his waist. But after losing his title to Matt Hardy, 2007 has suddenly taken a turn for the worse for ‘The Belfast Brawler’, with defeat after defeat seeing Finlay crash out of the 2007 King of the Ring at the first hurdle. And it was Kane who would pay the price as Finlay snapped. With Kane beating Finlay to advance in the King of the Ring, ‘The Big Red Machine’ was subjected to a vicious shillelagh attack after the match, with Finlay paying particular attention to Kane’s knee, leaving Kane down and out in the centre of the ring in a fashion that few have done to Kane during his WWE career. Never one to stay down, Kane immediately sought revenge, taunting Finlay with mind games, then assaulting Finlay backstage, with Teddy Long quick to sign this match at Judgment Day. Two tough as hell competitors with two very differing reasons for victory tonight. For Kane, a chance at revenge in that sadistic style he enjoys most. For Finlay, a chance to get his year back on track. But only one man can emerge victorious tonight.

Six Person Tag Team Match:
The Extremists vs. The Coachman Coalition

For years, Jonathan Coachman has been viewed as somewhat of a joke figure in the WWE. As Mr. McMahon’s bumbling assistant on Raw, ‘Coach’ regularly made wrong decisions, embarrassing himself in the process. However, since arriving on SmackDown as Interim General Manager during Teddy Long’s absence, ‘Coach’ had sought to show a more serious side. But after several questionable decisions, ‘Coach’ was relieved of all duties upon Long’s return, even turning his hand to cleaning toilets in a desperate attempt to justify his salary. But after an embarrassing incident with The Extremists that saw The Sandman spit beer square in Coachman’s face, ‘Coach’ decided enough was enough and sought after recruiting a team to deliver a little embarrassment of his own. After brining in ‘MVP’, King Booker and the returning Mark Henry, ‘Coach’ clearly feels he has a team capable of picking up a win here tonight. However, given that it was Tommy Dreamer who shocked the world by knocking Booker out of the 2007 King of the Ring, and that it was the extreme trio who emerged standing during the chaotic scenes between the six men during last Friday’s SmackDown, The Extremists will no doubt be confident that they can pull off what would be considered another upset here tonight. Will The Coachman Coalition make a winning debut, restoring the pride of the man who brought them all together? Or will The Extremists once again prove that the spirit that carried the original ECW is still alive and well in the WWE today?


Prediction Template:

World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four Way Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Chris Benoit vs. Edge vs. Mr. Kennedy

Last Man Standing Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Matt Hardy vs. The Miz

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans vs. The New Breed

Grudge Match:
Finlay vs. Kane

Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Extremists vs. The Coachman Coalition

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order?
How many championships will change hands?
Who will take the fall in the Six Man Tag Team Match?
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who?
What will be the longest match?
What will be the shortest match?
Will there be any blood shed? If so, which match(es)?
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

7: World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four Way Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Chris Benoit vs. Edge vs. Mr. Kennedy

5: Last Man Standing Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

6: United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Matt Hardy vs. The Miz

2: Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson

4: WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans vs. The New Breed

3: Grudge Match:
Finlay vs. Kane

1: Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Extremists vs. The Coachman Coalition

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order? Done
How many championships will change hands? 2
Who will take the fall in the Six Man Tag Team Match? The Sandman
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? Nope
What will be the longest match? World Title Match
What will be the shortest match? Six Man Tag
Will there be any blood shed? If so, which match(es)?Yes, Six man tag and last man standing
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

7. World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four Way Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Chris Benoit vs. Edge vs. Mr. Kennedy

6. Last Man Standing Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

5. United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Matt Hardy vs. The Miz

1. Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson

4. WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans vs. The New Breed

3. Grudge Match:
Finlay vs. Kane

2. Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Extremists vs. The Coachman Coalition

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order? Done.
How many championships will change hands? One
Who will take the fall in the Six Man Tag Team Match? Sandman
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? No
What will be the longest match? WHC Match
What will be the shortest match? Kane/Finlay
Will there be any blood shed? If so, which match(es)? Yes; 6-Man Tag

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Prediction Template:

7. World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four Way Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Chris Benoit vs. Edge vs. Mr. Kennedy

You've done a great job with this feud in making all four men look legitimate contenders. I personally thought at the time that bringing Benoit back was a bit sudden, a bit last minute however I do get why you did it and it certainly has added to the match. In my opinion, Batista takes this. It's been a long reign for the Animal and I think that when he loses it, it will be in a one on one match. Who that's against? No ide yet but I don't think he loses on this occasion.

6. Last Man Standing Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

Much like the title match this has been built up expertly. Chavo challenging guys from Rey's past has been top reading and it's the most entertaining Chavo's been in BTB, no doubt. All set up for a Mysterio victory though, makes all the sense in the world.

3. United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Matt Hardy vs. The Miz

This has gone a little under the radar but has brewing nicely and started to bubble the last few weeks. Miz's rise has been slow and gradual and I'm a fan of it. Hardy's momentum has to continue though and I think the champ keeps the gold, I could however see another shot for Miz down the road or even see this one ending in a DQ.

1. Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson

Been one of the most entertaining feuds in BTB that I can remember, honestly. I've loved this from start to finish and has been the highlight of this thread for me, especially since Wrestlemania. Danielson to finally get his moment here and make Helms tap, it's gonna be sweet reading no doubt.

5. WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans vs. The New Breed

Tricky one to predict, very tricky. Obviously you're playing Kendrick's heel turn slowly but how slow? Will he cost his team here? Be it by mistake or on purpose? Will London pull through despite Kendrick perhaps slacking off? So many ways this could go. I think New Breed will take it, but I may be wrong, gonna go with the challengers though. Really looking forward to how you play this one out whatever way you do go.

4. Grudge Match:
Finlay vs. Kane

Finlay to end his rotten run of luck I think here, should be a heck of a slugfest that's for sure!

2. Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Extremists vs. The Coachman Coalition

Absolute banker that the Coalition walk out victorious here. It's a real nice group you've formed and I'm interested in just how the dynamics are gonna play out between the three of them, well, four if you include Coach.

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order? Done
How many championships will change hands? Two
Who will take the fall in the Six Man Tag Team Match? Dreamer
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? No, though I'd be thrilled in being wrong
What will be the longest match? World Title
What will be the shortest match? Six Man Tag
Will there be any blood shed? If so, which match(es)? Yes, Last Man Standing

Looks like yet another cracker is on the cards, excited for it as ever. Good luck
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

7. World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four Way Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Chris Benoit vs. Edge vs. Mr. Kennedy
I'll be honest - this one could go in any way, but I'm picking Batista, simply on the basis that he's had such a good, strong run as champion, it'll mean more for him to drop it in a one on one match further down the road. Benoit is certainly the wild card, as he could win the belt then fade off into the 'sunset' :| ... but personally, I wouldnt like Batistas title reign to end just for a feel good moment for Benoit. As for Kennedy, I think it's a matter of time before he holds a world title, but similar to Batista, I think it would be more meaningful for his first world title to happen on a bigger stage - or at least in a one on one scenario. Edge stealing the win would work with his character, and I wouldnt rule it out ... but I'm hedging my bets on Big Dave leaving with the Big Gold Belt.

6. Last Man Standing Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio
Yeah, Mysterio is coming back from injury. I've loved the build up with Chavo, and I think he'll be a perfect challenger for Danielson off the back of this feud, while Mysterio will be required to add some new blood into the main event scene.

2. United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Matt Hardy vs. The Miz
Another no-brainer. Hardy only won the belt at WrestleMania, so I think he'll be holding onto it through the summer - and maybe longer. But Miz will get a good showing to continue his build.

5. Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson
The wait is finally over. I was glad you didnt pull the trigger on the title switch when it would've been lost in the shuffle at WrestleMania, but the time for Helms to be dethroned is now. I suspect this could be the MOTN.

4. WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans vs. The New Breed
Despite Kendricks attitude, I think they'll keep the titles on this night - maybe even thanks to some kind of shenanigans from him - and the tension will continue to bubble, before the champs eventually drop the belts when it can be showcased as a bigger happening as a semi main event on Smackdown. A title change here wouldnt be a surprise at all though, as it brings the Hooligans full circle, one full year on from when they first won the belts.

3. Grudge Match:
Finlay vs. Kane
Hard to call tbh. I'll plump for Kane, as he could easily be slotted into a main event angle, or be used for a main event on certain weeks on Smackdown, so a win over the fighting Irishman keeps him strong.

1. Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Extremists vs. The Coachman Coalition
No way this group loses in it's first match together. Especially not against the ECW vets.

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order? DONE
How many championships will change hands? ONE
Who will take the fall in the Six Man Tag Team Match? TOMMY DREAMER
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? NO
What will be the longest match? CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH
What will be the shortest match? 6 MAN TAG
Will there be any blood shed? If so, which match(es)? LAST MAN STANDING & FINLAY VS KANE (random guess there)
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~News, Notes and Spoilers~
(Judgment Day T-minus 3 hours and counting.)

With Judgment Day just a few hours away, there is a real sense of anticipation backstage for tonight’s event, although as of right now, the outcome of one match is particular is still very much up for grabs.

Each member of tonight’s Fatal Four Way Match for the World Heavyweight Championship has their supporters backstage for them to leave San Diego as champion, with the creative team being charged to consider possible future matchups for all four men as champion. A retention by Batista seems to be the most popular choice, with the possibility of future defences for him against Umaga a mouth-watering prospect to drive SmackDown forward over the summer. However, the case for Chris Benoit has also been pushed strongly, with Vince McMahon himself leaning towards giving Benoit one last title run as a mark of respect for his contributions to the company before he heads off into the sunset this summer. Even if he doesn’t win tonight, Benoit is still expected to be heavily involved in the title scene until he departs the company. However, both Edge and Mr. Kennedy have gained a ton of momentum so far this year, with Edge winning the Royal Rumble and delivering a great performance against Batista at WrestleMania, while Kennedy was given a huge win over Ric Flair two months ago in Detroit. There has been particular weight behind Edge stealing a win tonight, while many would prefer a Kennedy title reign to be kicked off in a one on one match. As of right now, no concrete reports have been given as to who the winner will be, with no doubt all members of the creative pushing their particular favourites hard in the run up to the show.

Two matches with almost certain winners are the United States and Cruiserweight Championship bouts. Matt Hardy has been impressing everyone backstage so far in 2007, fully living up to the pressure placed upon him during his biggest singles push in his long tenure with the company. While The Miz is fully expected to be give a strong showing during their title match, there currently are no plans to take the title away from Hardy. As for the cruiserweight scene, a Bryan Danielson victory is almost certainly on the cards, with many feeling he can breathe new life into the division. While Gregory Helms has dominated as champion, many feel that after over a year as the division’s number one, it’s time for Helms to step aside and let someone new take over. As a reward for his contributions over the last year or so, Helms is set to be involved in title feuds further up the card, namely in the tag division with a yet to be named partner, or maybe even in a feud with his long-time friend, Matt Hardy. Either way, expect Helms to leave San Diego as a former champion.

With the tag team division heating up on Raw, the SmackDown writing team has been charged with doing the same on the blue brand, and so far many have been impressed with the subtle way in which Brian Kendrick has been developing his character over the last few weeks. Many feel that The Hooligans are in a similar boat to Gregory Helms, in that they have done such a good job of dominating their division for so long, that it’s finally time for them to step away from the titles, hence the reason for Kendrick’s arrogant actions in since WrestleMania. While he and London are expected to drop the titles sometime soon, it may not necessarily be tonight against The New Breed. One possible scenario being played out is for The Hooligans to retain tonight, and then drop the titles at the Great American Bash to two members of the newly formed Coachman Coalition. With the impressive names involved in Coachman’s group, it’s thought that the trio winning gold will happen sooner rather than later. With that in mind, the Coalition are strongly favoured to win tonight against The Extremists, with a win giving the new group a real boost of momentum to get them going in a positive direction.

Rey Mysterio’s return has generated a real buzz within the locker room, although it’s the surprising Chavo Guerrero who figures to emerge from this feud with his reputation enhanced. Chavo has pleased a lot of people backstage with the manner in which he has handled this feud, and his work over the last few weeks with regards to Mysteiro’s past opponents has caught the attention of Vince McMahon himself. While Mysterio is very much expected to win tonight to finally put this feud to bed, Chavo is expected to be kept strong in defeat, leading to more opportunities for him over the summer. The same however can’t be said for either Kane or Finlay, as both have been treading water since WrestleMania, hence the reason for their hastily thrown together feud. Although both men are considered valuable parts of the roster, neither is expected to challenge for gold any time soon. Expect either one of both of them to switch over to Raw during the upcoming WWE draft.

In signing news, the combination of Deuce and Domino are expected to debut on WWE at some point in the near future, with SmackDown looking like the preferred destination to further boost the ranks of the tag division on the blue brand. Negotiations have continued with independent female wrestler Amazing Kong, although she is now a part of a bidding war between both WWE and TNA. Rumours are that TNA are set to launch a woman’s division of their own soon, and they view Kong as potentially being the centrepiece of the division alongside former WWE diva Gail Kim. There is no word as of yet as to which way Kong is leaning, but both companies have indicated they wish to have her signed up at some point this summer. There has also been negotiations with Ring of Honor star Matt Sydal over Sydal possible joining the company. Although Sydal would no doubt initially be sent to OVW for seasoning, he is being viewed as a potential future star in the cruiserweight division, with Bryan Danielson even giving Sydal a strong recommendation to the talent division.


Prediction Template:

World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four Way Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Chris Benoit vs. Edge vs. Mr. Kennedy

Last Man Standing Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Matt Hardy vs. The Miz

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans vs. The New Breed

Grudge Match:
Finlay vs. Kane

Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Extremists vs. The Coachman Coalition

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order?
How many championships will change hands?
Who will take the fall in the Six Man Tag Team Match?
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who?
What will be the longest match?
What will be the shortest match?
Will there be any blood shed? If so, which match(es)?

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