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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~Monday Night Raw~
January 8th, 2007
St. Louis, Missouri

"I think I'd rather challenge you... for that."

We open the broadcast backstage in what appears to be an office. Boos are clearly heard from inside the arena as we see a remorseful looking Jonathan Coachman stood before us, his head bowed, eyes fixed firmly on the floor. An extremely agitated Mr. McMahon walks up behind Coachman, with Coach almost scared to look at his boss...

Mr. McMahon: What were you thinkin'? Huh? Just what the HELL were you thinkin'?

Jonathan Coachman: Mr. McMahon, if I could just expl-

Mr. McMahon: (Interrupting) I don't wanna hear it!

McMahon lets off a very audible sigh, while Coach looks back down at the ground...

Mr. McMahon: I mean... Lashley and RVD... two men who insulted me last week. Two men who assaulted me last week. And you give them a match tonight? A match on MY show.

Jonathan Coachman: Mr. McMahon, I just thought that-

Mr. McMahon: (Interrupting) Shaddup! You see that's just it Coachman, you didn't think. You never think. You just...

McMahon stops mid sentence, his expression changing from one of annoyance to one of sheer devilry. It appears that the boss has had a brainwave of sorts...

Mr. McMahon: Wait... wait just a minute. I think I know a way I can make this work.

There is a huge look of relief on Coach's face...

Jonathan Coachman: Oh that's-

Mr. McMahon: (Interrupting) Not a word Coachman. Not... a... word.

McMahon turns and walks out of the room, leaving Coach by himself. Coach checks to make sure McMahon is out of sight, before letting out a big sigh of relief and wiping a bead of sweat from his forehead.

There's no opening video, as instead we cut to the arena for...



It's a good pop from the crowd as Carlito steps out, his 'girlfriend' Torrie Wilson by his side. Torrie smiles and waves to the crowd, while Carlito is all business as the pair make their way down the ramp hand in hand as we hear from the announce team...

Jim Ross: Good evenin' folks, welcome to Monday Night Raw. I'm good ol' J.R., Jim Ross, alongside me is my colleague Jerry 'The King' Lawler, and King, we're kicking things off with a match we've been longing to see for well over a month now.

Jerry Lawler: Boy you're not kiddin' JR! Ever since we saw Chris Masters slap the Masterlock on poor Torrie Wilson, Carlito and Masters have been going back and forth at each other. Well tonight, we're finally gonna see this thing settled.

Jim Ross: It promises to be quite a night. Not only do we have Carlito and Masters in a no disqualification match, we've also got D-Generation X joining forces with the Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy to take on Rated-RKO in six man action.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah and don't forget J.R., we've also got Rob Van Dam and Bobby Lashley going at it tonight. And I've got a bad feeling about that match after what I just heard Mr. McMahon say.

Jim Ross: Who knows what the devious mind of Mr. McMahon has in store for Lashley and RVD?


Boos from the crowd as Chris Masters steps out onto the ramp, posing at the top of the ramp, his back turned on the ring. As Masters flexes his arms, setting off a pyro display, there's a pop from the crowd... Carlito is racing up the ramp! Masters doesn't realise, and as he shakes off his robe and turns... Carlito is there to fly into him with a clothesline, knocking Masters down to the ramp, and the match is on!

Match 1: No Disqualification Match
Carlito w/ Torrie Wilson vs. Chris Masters

It's an explosive start to the match, with the crowd cheering at the sight of Carlito taking the fight to Masters. Carlito mounts Masters, laying in with a flurry of right hands. Carlito finally steps off Masters, dragging him to his feet... and then snapping Masters over with a suplex onto the ramp!! Masters cries out in pain, with the crowd responding as Carlito lays into Masters with a string of boots. Masters slowly starts crawling towards the ring, trying to distance himself from Carlito, only for ‘Lito to deliver a boot to the gut, sending Masters rolling down the ramp towards the ring.

Now down by the ring, Carlito continues his assault, sending Masters crashing shoulder first into the steel steps, following this by driving Masters into the barricade. Leaving Masters prone against the barricade, Carlito climbs up on the apron, waiting for Masters to stagger towards the ring before jumping onto the top rope... springboard moonsault on the outside!! Carlito flies into Masters, naling the move perfectly, and he quickly follows up with a series of hard right hands. Carlito steps off, walking around the ring to where Lillian Garcia is sat, grabbing a steel chair. Carlito walks back round to where Masters is, but by now Masters has used the ring to drag himself to his feet. Carlito winds up the chair, poised to strike... but Masters grabs hold of Torrie... and pulls her infront of him! Using Carlito's girlfriend as a human-shield, Masters taunts Carlito, daring him to strike. Naturally, Carlito takes the chair down from above his head, and this is Masters' chance to attack, pushing Torrie into Carlito's arms, and then carefully aiming a stiff right hand to 'Lito's head. Carlito is knocked to the floor, and while Torrie flees the area, Masters grabs the chair... and smashes it across Carlito's spine!! The crowd boos, but Masters isn't done, delivering a second shot across the back with the chair, before rolling Carlito into the ring as we cut to commercial.


We return with Masters now firmly in control, continuing his assault on 'Lito's spine by having a bearhug locked in. J.R. points out that Carlito has been in this hold for much of the commercial break, and as Masters wrenches on Carlito's ribs, it's clear the hold has had an effect. Carlito looks like he's fading, but the crowd starts to make noise, and as Torrie slams her hands on the mat, Carlito slowly responds. Trying to break the hold, Carlito hits a bunch of elbows to the head, forcing Masters to break his grip, only for Masters to respond with a well placed forearm to the small of the back and then slamming Carlito to the mat.

Masters continues his assault, coming close to victory a couple of times, before he drops Carlito and heads to the outside. Masters searches under the ring, finding a trash can, tossing it and another chair into the ring. Masters props the trash can in one corner, between the top and middle ropes, and he goes to Irish whip Carlito into it... but 'Lito counters... and it's Masters who crashes into the trash can! Moving quickly, Carlito scoops up the can, placing it on Masters head... and then unloading with chair shots! Masters stays on his feet, during a relentless assault from Carlito, who nails five chair shots through the trash can. Finally Masters slumps to the mat, and after pausing to recover, Carlito takes off the can and drags Masters up. With both men tired, it takes an age for Masters to make it to his knees... where he strikes with a lowblow! Carlito crumples in pain, and now Masters makes his move, stalking Carlito... and locking on the Masterlock!

Masters swings away, screaming at Carlito to submit, but 'Lito valiantly holds on, with Torrie screaming support from ringside. Masters continues to swing, but just as it looks like Carlito is fading... he flicks his heel... and delivers a lowblow of his own! Now it's Masters who cries out in pain, forced to break the Masterlock to grab his nuts. Carlito drops to a knee, grabs a steel chair... and smashes Masters across the skull! This time Masters goes straight down, and Carlito goes for the cover... 1... 2... no! Masters rolls a shoulder, barely kicking out. Now Carlito looks to finish things, dragging Masters up and going for an Irish whip... Masters reverses, only for Carlito to jump to the second rope... springboard back elbow... but Masters is waiting... and smacks the steel chair across Carlito's spine!!

The crowd winces, with Carlito left down and out on the mat. Masters takes a moment to recover, but instead of going for a cover, he again reaches under the ring... and pulls out a table! Masters slides the table into the ring and sets it up, before pointing at Torrie and shouting "Watch this!". Masters grabs Carlito, and motions to the crowd that 'Lito is about to go through the wood. Showing great strength, Masters hoists Carlito into the air with a gorilla press slam... but before he slam 'Lito down, Carlito drops down the back and lands on his feet... backstabber!! The crowd erupts as Carlito connects, but he's not done there. Slowly, 'Lito is able to get Masters on his feet, rolling him onto the table. Carlito gingerly walks towards the ropes, before grabbing on... jumping to the top rope... springboard moonsault through the table!! "Bah Gawd!!" is the cry from J.R., as Carlito emphatically drives Masters through the wood, draping an arm across his chest... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: Carlito @ 10.16

It's a great response from the crowd as Carlito grabs a hard fought victory. The brutal match has obviously taken it's toll, as it takes the assistance of Torrie to get an exhausted Carlito back to his feet, with the crowd again responding as the referee raises his hand. Carlito staggers to the ropes, with Torrie struggling to keep him on his feet...

Jim Ross: What a victory for Carlito! An unbelievable effort from that young man in a slobberknocker of a match!

Jerry Lawler: Well Carlito may have won the match, but he doesn't look like a winner right now.

Indeed a team of trainers have raced down to the ring, with one trainer hooking Carlito's arm over his shoulder to help him backstage, while the other is in the ring checking on the condition of Masters as we cut backstage...

Where Todd Grisham is ready to conduct an interview...

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time... Rated-RKO.

A lot of heat can be heard from inside the arena as the World Tag Team Champions Edge and Randy Orton and their young apprentice Kenny Dykstra enter the shot...

Todd Grisham: And guys, last week was certainly a good week for the three of you. First of you Kenny scored the pinfall over the Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy in a tag team match, and then latter in the night you Edge got the win against Shawn Michaels.

Edge: Y'know, for once in your life Grisham... you're actually right about something! I mean, I did beat Shawn Michaels last week, even though Triple H had his precious sledgehammer with him. But what did my victory get us Todd?

Confused, Grisham fumbles for an answer...

Todd Grisham: Uh... um... well...

Edge: I'll tell ya' what it got us. It got us yet another match against DX. I mean, I dunno about you Randy but I'm gettin' pretty bored with beating those two every week.

Grisham now turns to Orton, who is as stern faced as ever...

Randy Orton: Y'know something Edge? You're right, I am bored of DX. I'm bored of these two old fools tryin' to relive their glory days. I'm tired of Shawn Michaels and Triple H gettin' involved in our business. And I'm tired of seein' their faces every week.

Edge smirks as Grisham turns back to him...

Edge: And it's because of that Todd, that we're gonna end this little situation. Rated-RKO was brought together for one reason... to take a stand against DX. Me and Randy, we were victims of the actions of Shawn Michaels and Triple H. And now... now we're gonna make them the latest victims of the greatest tag team ever put together.

Boos from the crowd, while Orton rubs his chin as Grisham again turns to him...

Randy Orton: You can bring sledgehammers, you can bring tanks, you can bring whatever the hell you want to the fight DX, it's not gonna make any difference. Tonight, we will end this... and we're gonna end D-Generation X... for good.

Seemingly finished, Edge and Orton turn to leave, but Grisham isn't done yet...

Todd Grisham: And what about you Kenny? Tonight you meet again with Jeff Hardy. Do you think that-

Edge: (Interrupting) Whoa, whoa, stop. What are you interviewing him (pointing at Dykstra) for? Listen, when junior here does somethin' worthwhile, then you can talk to him. This interview is over.

Dykstra is naturally pissed off at Edge snatching the moment away from him, but he soon follows as Orton and Edge walk off, leaving a confused Todd Grisham as we cut away...

To the sight of the ECW Champion Bobby Lashley getting ready for action in a locker room. Lashley is sat on a chair, taping up his wrists when footsteps are heard approaching, and soon a shadow is cast over him. Lashley and the camera look up... to see Mr. McMahon stood over Lashley. Huge boos from inside the arena, as we see McMahon has a big grin on his face, which prompts Lashley to slowly rise out of his chair and go face to face with the Chairman of the Board...

Mr. McMahon: Whoa, whoa... easy there big guy. I uh, I see you still have that with you.

The "that" McMahon refers to is the ECW Championship belt, which is perched on top of Lashley's bag. Lashley looks at the belt before turning back to McMahon and offering a brief nod...

Mr. McMahon: Well, uh, as much as I'd rather not see that anymore, I guess I can let it slide just this once.

McMahon has a little chuckle, but Lashley remains unimpressed, staying silent and simply staring straight at Vince...

Mr. McMahon: Well, nonetheless, the reason I'm here Lashley is because I figured that last week, you and me, we kinda got off on the wrong foot. I uh... I had a few choice words to say to you about your ECW Championship, but I just want you to know... I don't blame you for me being upset last week.

Lashley flashes a "Really?" look across his face as McMahon continues...

Mr. McMahon: I mean, c'mon, look at ya’! Big, strappin' individual, well built, handsome guy... heck it's like lookin' in a mirror!

Another laugh from McMahon, but again Lashley is unimpressed...

Mr. McMahon: But uh... the reason I wasn't feelin' all that great when I ran into you last week had nothing to do with you Lashley. It had everything to do with... Rob Van Dam.

Big pop from the crowd, with Lashley rubbing his chin at the mention of Van Dam...

Mr. McMahon: I mean, last week, Van Dam he... well, quite frankly, he assaulted me last week, completely unprovoked I might add. I don't like Rob Van Dam... and I get a feelin' you're not that fond of him either.

Again Lashley stays silent, merely shrugging his shoulders. Convinced he's onto something, McMahon smiles...

Mr. McMahon: Yeah. Yeah, I'm right aren't I? You don't like Rob Van Dam. I mean here you are, Bobby Lashley, ECW Champion, announcing that he's signed with Monday Night Raw... only Van Dam beat you to it, didn't he? Van Dam came out, he interrupted me, he put his hands on me... and he pulled the rug out from under ya', didn't he?

Having had enough of Vince's prodding, Lashley finally speaks...

Bobby Lashley: Look Mr. McMahon... what exactly did you come to see me about?

Mr. McMahon: Oh, nothin' much. I just uh... I just wanted to let you know that IF you went out there for your match with Rob Van Dam tonight and say Mr. Van Dam happened to suffer a rather serious injury... perhaps at your hands...

McMahon, now feeling incredibly confident, steps towards Lashley with an evil smile on his face...

Mr. McMahon: I could make life... very comfortable for you here on Monday Night Raw.

Boos from inside the arena as Lashley again strokes his chin, considering Vince's words...

Mr. McMahon: You uh... you think that over Lashley. Good luck tonight. I'll be watching.

McMahon offers Lashley a handshake, with Lashley merely staring at Vince's hand before looking dead into the eyes of Vince. The cocky smirk leaves McMahon's face, but he turns to leave happy enough with his efforts. The camera stays focused on the intense looking Lashley, who lets out a sigh as we fade to a video...

*Video Package*


MARCH 14TH, 2004

What at one point was considered a huge showdown, leaked stories of both men leaving the WWE after the match caused a raucous Madison Square Garden crowd to boo both men involved. After much stalling, Goldberg finally nails a jackhammer for the 3 count, only for both Goldberg and Lesnar to receive post match stunners from guest referee ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.


*End Video Package*

We return to the arena for...


It's a decent enough pop as the Women's Champion Mickie James bounces out, accompanied by her tag partner this evening, Candice Michelle...

Jim Ross: Well there you see Mickie James and Candice Michelle, they're set for tag team action, but what is Mr. McMahon trying to stir with what he just said to Bobby Lashley?

Jerry Lawler: Well it sounded like he wanted Bobby Lashley to take out Rob Van Dam, but I can't imagine Lashley ever doing Mr. McMahon's dirty work.

Jim Ross: I hate to think Mr. McMahon has in mind. But up next, it's Divas action when we return to Monday Night Raw.


Match 2: Tag Team Match
Women's Champion Mickie James and Candice Michelle vs. Melina w/Johnny Nitro and Victoria

We return just in time to hear the bell ring, and it's Mickie and Melina who get the match underway. The early action sees the Women's Champion in control, knocking Melina down with a series of clotheslines before connecting with a Lou Thesz press, laying into Melina with a string of right hands. Melina scrambles for the corner, tagging in Victoria, but Mickie stays in control, taking Victoria down with an armdrag before tagging in Candice. Initially Candice keeps the momentum going for her team, dropping Victoria with a crossbody and following with an elbow drop for a near fall. Candice tries to continue the attack, but as she runs the ropes, Nitro makes his presence felt, grabbing Candice by the foot, the distraction enough for Victoria to control.

Victoria and Melina go on to dominate the match, until Candice catches Melina with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, managing to make the tag to Mickie. Mickie flies into the ring, knocking down both opponents, before grabbing Melina and going for the long kiss goodnight... but as she swings for the heel kick, Melina does the splits and drops to the mat, ducking the attack... allowing Victoria to nail a vicious clothesline. Victoria now moves quickly, grabbing the champ by the hair and hoisting her up... for the widow’s peak! Victoria plants the champ, and with Melina keeping Candice busy, Victoria hooks the leg... 1... 2... 3.

Winners: Melina and Victoria @ 03.55

Yet another impressive win for Victoria, following up last week’s win over Candice by this week pinning the Women's Champion. Victoria is quickly back on her feet, smiling at her handy work, while Candice crawls over to check on Mickie. The referee brings Mickie's title into the ring, but before he can hand it to the champion, Victoria snatches it off him, staring at the belt with a smirk on her face, before tossing the belt on top of Mickie as we cut backstage...

To the sight of the WWE Champion John Cena walking down a corridor, a focused, determined look on his face, the WWE Championship slung over his shoulder. As usual, there's a mixed reaction from inside the arena, and it continues as Cena nods at a few random backstage workers who walk by, before turning a corner... and stopping dead in his tracks. Cena pauses, before slowly walking forwards as the camera pans out... to reveal Rob Van Dam doing his split legged stretches, his feet propped up on two crates either side of the corridor. Van Dam sees Cena coming towards him, smiling at the champion before pushing himself up and onto his feet...

John Cena: Well... Rob Van Dam... how's it going man?

Rob Van Dam: Hey John, what's up?

There are no smiles or handshakes traded between the two, as both men remain guarded of their emotions...

John Cena: Oh nothing much. Listen uh... I never got a chance to say it last week but, uh... welcome back man.

Not sure how sincere Cena is being, Van Dam merely nods his head...

Rob Van Dam: Thanks man. It's good to be back.

Van Dam remains guarded, crossing his arms infront of himself, while Cena runs a hand through his hair...

John Cena: So... tonight... you and Lashley huh? That's gonna be a tough match man, Lashley's a heck of a fighter.

Rob Van Dam: Yeah, yeah. You gotta be something special to be an ECW Champion.

Cena chuckles...

John Cena: Yeah, that's... that's good. I like that. I guess IF you win tonight... you'll be going after that ECW Championship again?

Rob Van Dam: Well... actually John... WHEN I win tonight...

Van Dam pauses, stepping towards Cena...

Rob Van Dam: I think I'd rather challenge you... (pointing at the WWE Championship) for that.

A big pop can be heard from inside the arena. Taken aback by how blunt Van Dam is, Cena is initially surprised, but soon gets serious...

John Cena: You wanna challenge me?

Rob Van Dam: (Nodding) That's right.

John Cena: Wow. I mean, c'mon Rob you've only been back on the show 1 week and you wanna challenge the WWE Champion?

Again Van Dam nods, a smug look on his face. Cena puffs out his cheeks, before continuing...

John Cena: Well uh... tell me somethin' Rob. What makes you think you're next in line for a shot at me?

Van Dam laughs and smiles...

Rob Van Dam: Y'know somethin' John? There's probably a whole bunch of guys on Raw who're in the line ahead of me. But John...

The smile quickly leaves Van Dam's face, as he stares intently at Cena...

Rob Van Dam: I... KNOW... what kinda champion you are. I know what kinda guy you are John. And most importantly... I KNOW you can't refuse a challenge.

Cena smirks, knowing Van Dam has his number here. The champ scratches his head, before looking at Van Dam and nodding...

John Cena: Well... you got me there man. I'll uh... I'll let you get back to gettin' ready. Good luck...

This time Cena does offer a handshake, to which Van Dam offers his hand in return...

John Cena: You're gonna need it.

Cena lets go of Van Dam, turning to walk away. The camera stays focused on Van Dam, who sighs, knowing he never got a definitive answer to his challenge.

We cut into the arena to hear...



It's a great response from the crowd as the dirtiest player in the game Ric Flair steps out, stylin' and profilin' his way down the ramp...

Jim Ross: Last week we saw Ric Flair go one on one with Shelton Benjamin, and the Nature Boy pulled out a few tricks from the playbook to pin Shelton.

Jerry Lawler: And Benjamin and Haas weren't happy about how that match ended last week. That's why Charlie Haas issued a challenge to Ric Flair for a rematch of sorts tonight.


Boos from the crowd as Charlie Haas and his partner Shelton Benjamin stride down the ramp, Benjamin pointing and shouting trash talk towards Flair in the ring...

Jim Ross: He's a heck of an athlete, a gifted technical wrestler. Will Charlie Haas get a measure of revenge here tonight? We'll find out when we return.


Match 3:
Ric Flair
vs. Charlie Haas w/ Shelton Benjamin

The match starts with both men using a variety of chain wrestling moves to try gain the upper hand, with Flair managing to go toe-to-toe with Haas early on. Haas gains a brief advantage when he snaps off an armdrag, but Flair fights back to his feet, forcing Haas into a corner and unloading with knife-edged chops across the chest, before sending Haas across the ring and then up in the air with a back body drop. Flair has Haas reeling, and he starts to go to work on Haas' leg, aiming kicks to the thigh and driving his knee into Haas'. Flair then looks for an early figure four, only for Benjamin to jump up onto the apron. Flair mometarily pauses, allowing Haas to kick his way free of the figure four, with Flair crashing into the corner.

Haas forgets his technical background for a moment, hammering Flair with old fashioned fists and boots, before tossing Flair through the ropes to the outside. Haas is quick to distract the ref, allowing Benjamin to continue the beating on the outside, dropping more kicks on Flair before sending Flair shoulder first into the ringpost. After Flair is sent back into the ring, Haas scores a few 2 counts before going to work on Flair's arm, driving his knee and dropping legdrops across the arm before hitting a shoulderbreaker. Haas gets another 2 count, before he goes for a German suplex, only for Flair to block it. Haas again tries to hoist Flair up, only for Naitch to block it again. Haas goes for it a third time, only for Flair to grab an ankle, yanking Haas to the ground, stepping over... and twisting into the figure four... no! Again Haas kicks Flair into the corner, and he's quickly on his feet to follow in and take Flair out with a release German suplex. Flair is down, and Haas motions that it's over, as he looks to go for the Haas of pain... but Flair reaches up, grabbing Haas and rolling him up with an inside craddle... 1... 2... Flair has a handful of tights... 3!!

Winner: Ric Flair @ 05.26

Once again, Ric Flair scores a win over a member of the World's Greatest Tag Team. Haas is stunned, feeling he had the match won had it not been for Flair's tactics. Flair tries to make a quick exit, but Benjamin is in the ring and on him in a flash, laying into Flair with a flurry of boots. Haas is quickly back on his feet, and he begins laying into Flair too, dropping down and nailing stiff fists to the head as Benjamin continues with the stomps. Haas rises to his feet, shouting "What d'ya think of that old man?" while Benjamin hops through the ropes to the outside... and grabs a steel chair! Benjamin motions for Haas to drag Flair to his feet, and Haas obliges, pulling the deadweight Flair up, holding him in position as Benjamin winds up... and smacks the chair off Flair's skull!! It's a sickening thud that draws "Ooohh"'s from the crowd. Haas lets go of Flair, with the Nature Boy slumping to the mat, a trickle of blood seen on Flair's forehead.

Jim Ross: Bah gawd! What a disgusting act from Benjamin and Haas.

Jerry Lawler: I... I think we need some help out here for Ric Flair. He looks out cold.

Jim Ross: I hope Haas and Benjamin are happy with what they've done. They got what they came here for tonight, they got their own back on the Nature Boy.

Benjamin slams the chair down on the canvas, before he and Haas turn to gloat at the crowd, who respond with a ton of heat. Benjamin and Haas simply laugh it off, before hoping through the ropes and backing up the ramp, neither man taking their eyes off the fallen Nature Boy as trainers rush by the World's Greatest Tag Team to tend to Flair.

*Video Package*

Narrator: Every year, 30 men chase a dream...

Shots of historical Royal Rumble moments, starting with Shawn Michaels dumping The British Bulldog over the top rope and then collapsing to his knees in victory...

Narrator: 30 men who seek fight for greatness...

Triple H returning in 2002 and last eliminating Kurt Angle before celebrating in the ring...

Narrator: 30 men who strive for their spot...

Quick-fire shots of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's three Rumble wins, 1997, 1998 and 2001...

Narrator: In the annals of time.

We now see stadium-wide shots of past Wrestlemania's, with the flashing lights and pyro displays of yesteryear...

Narrator: They crave immortality...

We now see shots from last year's Royal Rumble, starting with Shane McMahon eliminating Shawn Michaels...

Narrator: They strive for prominence...

The iconic image of Rey Mysterio headscissoring Randy Orton over the top rope to claim victory...

Narrator: But only one...

Rapid-fire images of eliminations, with bodies crashing to the floor as the pace of the video quickens...

Narrator: Will fulfil their destiny.


*End Video Package*

We fade out of the video into a corridor, where we see Jeff Hardy making his way no doubt towards the ring. There's a nice pop from inside the arena for the Intercontinental Champion... but there's an even bigger pop as Shawn Michaels and Triple H appear from the wings, walking behind Jeff, standing either side of him, all three men looking ready for action...

Jim Ross: There you see DX and Jeff Hardy. These three men are set to team up against Rated-RKO, and that match is up next when we return, live to Monday Night Raw!


As soon as we return...



It's a massive reaction as Shawn Michaels and Triple H emerge, doing crotch chops to set off their pyro before making their way down to the ring...

Jim Ross: The war between D-Generation X and Rated-RKO has reached a fever pitch in recent weeks. Anything could happen in this match tonight.

Jerry Lawler: J.R., we both heard what Rated-RKO had to say earlier tonight. They are determined that tonight is the night they finally put an end to DX.

Jim Ross: Never count out DX King. These two have been down the road many times in the past, and they'll take the fight to Rated-RKO again here tonight.


It's another big pop from the crowd, this time for the Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy...

Jim Ross: And can Jeff Hardy be the man who swings the odds in DX's favour?

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but last week we saw Kenny Dykstra pin Jeff Hardy to win a tag team match. It could easily happen again tonight.

Jeff bounces into the ring, posing for another pop from the crowd, before exchanging high fives with Triple H and Michaels. The music dies down and the crowd becomes silent until...




After an initial pop (probably due to the awesomeness of their theme tune ) Edge, Randy Orton and Kenny Dykstra step out to a ton of heat. A united front, the three men arrogantly stride down to the ring...

Jim Ross: I dunno about you King, but this one has a big fight atmosphere to it for me.

Jerry Lawler: Absolutely. This one could get out of hand in a hurry!

Match 4: Six Man Tag Team Match
vs. Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy and D-Generation X

The match kicks off with Shawn Michaels and Edge, a repeat of the match the two had last week. Michaels dominates early on, and Triple H and Jeff both make tags into the match, with Edge on the receiving end of plenty of right hands and has his head repeatedly slammed off the turnbuckle. Jeff is in the ring, and he staggers Edge with a sitout jawbreaker, before following up with a clothesline over the top rope, sending Edge sprawling to the floor. Orton and Dykstra head over to help Edge regroup, but as the trio gather near each other, Michaels climbs to the top rope... and takes out all three with a moonsault off the top rope!! Rated-RKO are down and out on the outside, and it's at this point that we head to commercial.


When we return, Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels are in the ring, but now it's Orton who is in control, as he has Michaels clamped in a standing side headlock. Michaels manages to back Orton to the ropes and send him across, but Orton runs the ropes and ducks a clothesline... before dropping Michaels with an inverted headlock backbreaker. Rated-RKO now show great teamwork in working to wear Michaels down, making plenty of tags with all three men getting near falls. Orton comes close to victory with the rope hung DDT, while Dykstra nearly puts Michaels away with a swinging neckbreaker while Edge gets a 2 count from an inverted DDT. Orton is back in the ring, with one of those trademark headlocks applied, but the crowd raises the volume, prompting Michaels to struggle back to his feet. An elbow to the gut buys Michaels a little separation, only for Orton to yank Michaels to the mat by the hair, and then draw Triple H into the ring by getting in his face. Naturally, the ref goes to cut off the Game, allowing Edge and Orton to drop Michaels with a double standing dropkick. Edge hooks the leg, only for Jeff to race in and break the count at 2.

Again the punishment of Michaels continues, until Dykstra slams HBK to the mat and goes upstairs. Dykstra steadies himself, and then launches... sky high legdrop... no! Michaels rolls out of the way, and now both men are crawling for their corners... here comes Orton... here comes Triple H! The Game catches Orton on the charge, teeing off with right hands before sending Orton off the ropes... into a huge spinebuster!! 1... 2... Dykstra makes the save, only for Jeff to fly across the ring and knock Dykstra down, connecting with a flurry of rights and lefts. Edge connects with a cheap shot on Triple H, only for Michaels to rock him with an atomic drop, following with a clothesline that sends Edge over the top rope to the floor. Orton is back up, hammering on the Game, but when he goes for an Irish whip, Triple H reverses, sending Orton towards Michaels... who elevates Orton over the top rope to the floor with a back body drop! Edge and Orton now gather at the bottom of the ramp, and the two decided they've had enough, as they walk out on the match!!

It's only once they're half way up the ramp that the pair realise Dykstra is still in the ring. Kenny staggers out of a corner where Hardy was hammering him, before he stops... and realises... it's 3 on 1! Dykstra tries to turn and run, but Triple H is there to cut him off. Dykstra turns again... this time into sweet chin music, but Dykstra doesn't fall, staggering towards the Game... and into the pedigree!! Triple H plants Kenny, but now it's Jeff's turn, as he climbs to the top rope... Swanton bomb!! Hardy connects, and he hooks the leg for the win... 1... 2... 3!!

Winners: Jeff Hardy and D-Generation X @ 09.52

The arena comes alive as Jeff Hardy grabs the pinfall. At the top of the ramp, Edge and Orton can only look on, a mixture of shock and anger on their faces. Michaels helps Jeff back to his feet, while over on the other side of the ring, Triple H has been handed a mic...

Triple H: (Breathing heavily) Hey... hey! Orton... Edge... I dunno exactly what you two had in mind tonight... but from what I can see... DX is still standing tall in the middle of this ring!

A huge pop from the crowd, while at the top of the ramp, Edge franticly runs his hands through his hair while Orton can be seen mouthing "You sons of bitches!"...

Triple H: But Edge... Orton... you guys want a shot at ending DX? Well... we're gonna give it to ya!

Gasps from the crowd, but Edge and Orton look intrigued at what Triple H has to say...

Triple H: Next week... Rated-RKO and DX... in this very ring. If you beat us...

By now Dykstra has finally staggered up the ramp to join his colleagues, while in the ring Triple H turns to stare at HBK...

Triple H: If you beat us... DX is gone for ever. But... if we beat you... we become the new World Tag Team Champions!

Big time response from the crowd, the thought of a huge tag team title match next week exciting everyone in attendance. However, it's a look of sheer bemusement on the face of Michaels, who looks stunned at the announcement of his partner..

Triple H: Whadaya say guys? We'll put DX on the line... if you guys offer up the gold.

Edge and Orton turn to each other, a mix of excitement and concern. After trading a few words, the pair turn to the ring and face DX, with Orton nodding his head and Edge shouting "Yeah!", with the crowd giving a solid pop at the prospect of the big title match next week...

Triple H: Good. Hey Shawn... can you imagine if we lose next week? I mean, they'll be no more DX. No more comin' out here, entertainin' the fans, no more tellin' jokes, no more pullin' stunts... basically we'd be as borin' as those two jackasses (pointing at Edge and Orton) up there!

Oh, wow. Burn ( ). The crowd laps it up, but Michaels is still in a state of confusion, unimpressed with the offer The Game made to the Champions. Michaels briefly can be heard shouting at Triple H "What are you doin'?". Triple H motions for HBK to calm down, before stepping towards the ropes staring intently up the ramp, now meaning business...

Triple H: But lemme' tell you two somethin'. When we beat you... and we WILL beat you... you two are finally gonna realise that DX is here to stay... and we're gonna be kickin' your asses for years to come!

Refussing to calm down, Michaels now grabs Triple H by the arm, turning The Game around until the two are face to face. Michaels is again heard asking "What are you doin'?", with even Jeff Hardy walking over, wondering what's going on with the pair. Triple H again motions for HBk to calm down, before again turning to Rated-RKO...

Triple H: And if you're not down with that... we got two words for ya...


Break It Down hits again, but the camera immediately turns to Edge, Orton and Dykstra, the three with devious smiles on their faces after seeing the obvious tension between Michaels and Triple H after the match, before the trio turn to walk backstage. In the ring, Jeff and Triple H both make their exits and slowly walk up, while Michaels has a look of confusion and disbelief on his face before he eventually also makes his way backstage...

Jerry Lawler: J.R., I can't wait to see that title match next week but... well, what d'ya make of what we see after the bell when Triple H made that challenger to Edge and Orton?

Jim Ross: It certainly looked like it was news to Shawn Michaels that Triple H was gonna make a challenge of that magnitude. It's all of nothin' next week for DX. Win, and your the tag team champions, lose... and DX is gone forever.

Jerry Lawler: Could you imagine Monday Night Raw without DX anymore?

Jim Ross: Well... let's worry about that IF it happens. Still to come tonight, Bobby Lashley goes one-on-one with Rob Van Dam. Join us when we return to Monday Night Raw!


When we return...


Heat from the crowd as the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga menacingly makes his way down the ramp, Armando Alejandro Estrada following nearby...

Jim Ross: He is a monster of immeasurable proportions. A wild, untamed savage, that has run roughshod over the Raw roster for the past 7 months.

Jerry Lawler: And to this day J.R., he still remains undefeated.

Jim Ross: I dunno about you King, but for my money Umaga is a huge favourite to win the Royal Rumble.

Jerry Lawler: No doubt about it. I don't know anybody who could throw Umaga over the top rope.

In the ring, Estrada is handed a mic...

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Tudos... excussemay, haha! Last week... myself and The Saaaaamoan Bulldozerrr... UMAGA... we deliver to ju all... a little message! Ha! We told all of ju... that we want a challenge! We want... competition! So...

Estrada now turns to look up the ramp at the entrance way...

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Who... is gonna give us a challenge amigos?




Jim Ross: Aw for gawd's sake! You gotta be kiddin' me!

Jerry Lawler: Uh... well, I don't think business has picked up. Infact you might say business is kinda slow right about now.

That's right, instead of the world class challenge Estrada seeks to prove his clients credentials, he instead gets the happy go lucky Eugene, who smiles and slaps hands all the way down the ramp. It's only once Eugene enters the ring that he realises what's in store for him...

Match 5:
w/ Armando Alejandro Estrada vs. Eugene

It wasn’t pretty. It was straight up brutal. Eugene, in his simple way, waves at Umaga, hoping to make friends... only to eat a savate kick to the face. Umaga scoops Eugene up, hoisting him up... Samoan drop! Down goes Eugene again, but Umaga isn’t finished, as he drags Eugene to his feet... and levels him with the Samoan spike!! Goodnight. 1... 2... 3.

Winner: Umaga @ 01.39

Total destruction from Umaga, as he once again shows he's the dominant force on Raw right now. Estrada quickly climbs into the ring and scares off the referee... it appears we're not done yet...

Jim Ross: Aw c'mon now! You won the match, you made your point. There's no need for this!

Jerry Lawler: You wanna get in there and stop him J.R.?

Not J.R. our anyone else it seems wants to get in Umaga's way, as he drags Eugene to his feet... and Estrada snaps a cigar in half!! That's all the encouragement Umaga needs, as he hoists Eugene up on to his shoulders... and nails him with a second Samoan drop! Boos from the crowd, but Umaga remains unfazed, dragging Eugene to the corner and propping his head up on the bottom turnbuckle. Slowly Umaga backs away to the opposite corner before lining Eugene up...


Bouncing up in the air...


And charging at his prone victim...


It's with vicious force that Umaga crashes into Eugene, his neck snapping back on the bottom turnbuckle. J.R. is going crazy, demanding Umaga stop, while a remorseful sounding King asks for help from backstage.

Finally, Estrada leads Umaga away, happy that for the second week in a row his savage beast has almost decapitated a member of the Raw roster. Umaga and Estrada make their exit to a chorus of boos as we cut backstage...

To what appears to be the trainer’s room. A groggy looking Carlito, bandage on his head, is helped to his feet by Torrie Wilson. As Carlito and Torrie make to leave, an even groggier looking Ric Flair is helped into the room, two random backstage workers under each arm, slowly sitting Flair down on the trainer's table where Carlito once sat...

Carlito: Man... ju' OK Ric? Ju' don't look too good man.

Ric Flair: Uh... what?

Flair almost loses his balance, the trainer checking him over barely managing to keep Flair sat upright...

Carlito: Wow Ric. What happened to ju' man?

Ric Flair: What happened? Those two punks Haas and Benjamin. That's what happened to me.

Carlito: Why ju' goin' into fights with two guys man? Carlito doesn't think dat's cool.

Flair is handed an icepack which he presses against his forehead...

Ric Flair: What did you say?

Carlito: Carlito said why ju' pickin' a fight with two guys?

Flair drops the icepack, managing to raise himself up slightly from the table...

Ric Flair: 'Cos I am Ric... Flair! You understand me?! I'm the sixteen time heavyweight champion! And I never backed down from a fight in my life!

"Wooooos" can be heard from inside the arena...

Carlito: Hey, Carlito understand dat'. Dat's cool and all but... dat's not very smart.

Ric Flair: Yeah, well bein' smart was never my strong point.

Carlito winces in pain as he goes to leave the room while Flair re-applies the icepack to his skull...

Ric Flair: Hey! Carlito... I just wanna tell ya' man... earlier tonight, you and Masters... that was a hell of a fight you showed tonight. You should be proud of that.

Carlito: Thanks. Thanks man. Hey, listen... anytime ju’ feel like gettin' back at Benjamin and Haas... ju’ let Carlito know. Carlito got jur’ back.

Ric Flair: Thanks man. That's cool.

Carlito: Ric... don't steal my line.

Flair has a quick laugh to himself, before wincing in pain as the trainer goes back to work.

We quickly cut backstage to see WWE Champion John Cena again walking down a corridor. Cena arrives outside a door, pauses... and tentatively knocks on the door. A "Come in." can be heard from inside, so Cena swings open the door... and enters the office of Mr. McMahon himself. Jonathan Coachman is still there, but Cena blanks Coach and heads straight for McMahon...

John Cena: You wanted to see me?

Mr. McMahon: Yeah, yeah that's right Cena I do wanna see you. I wanna ask you what the hell you think that little conversation you and Rob Van Dam had earlier was all about?

Cena shrugs...

John Cena: It was just two competitors jawin' at each other a lil' bit. Nothin' more, nothin' less.

Vince McMahon: Oh that better be all it was Cena. Let me make one thing perfectly clear to you. I don't want Rob Van Dam or Bobby Lashley anywhere near the WWE Championship. Do you understand that?

John Cena: God, Vinny... I never knew you cared.

Laughs from inside the arena, but McMahon is not impressed...

Mr. McMahon: Don't play games with me Cena.

John Cena: Alright. You wanna cut to the chase, let's do that. Van Dam said that if he beats Lashley tonight he's gonna challenge me for the WWE Title. You know me Vinny boy, I never step away from a fight, and I NEVER back down from a challenge.

Mr. McMahon: Well this is one challenge you're gonna have to step away from.

John Cena: And why is that Vince? Because you want me to take on Bobby Lashley instead?

Surprised, McMahon fumbles his words for a second...

Mr. McMahon: Whadaya mean by that?

John Cena: Man, don't give me that crap Vince. I heard what you had to say to Lashley earlier tonight. He kicks the livin' hell out of Van Dam tonight, you're gonna make things... "comfortable for him". That’s what you said, right?

Realising he's been caught out, McMahon pauses, choosing his words carefully...

Mr. McMahon: Well... uh... I never actually said I'd give Lashley a title shot-

John Cena: (Interrupting) And I never said that to Van Dam either. Hell, if Lashley wins tonight and he wants to step up and challenge me... I got no problem putting my title on the line against him either.

Mr. McMahon: Well be careful what you wish for Cena... you just might get it.

Cena smirks and walks off, leaving the camera focused on McMahon, whos mind it seems is once again working away on how he can turn tonight's main event to his advantage, before we fade into commercial...


When we return...


Much like it has been since he won the ECW Championship, it's a mixed response for Bobby Lashley, with the Real Deal ignoring the spattering of boos to walk down the ramp with a smile on his face, before getting into the ring and raising his ECW Championship high in the air...

Jim Ross: Here comes Bobby Lashley, his debut match here on Monday Night Raw.

Jerry Lawler: And you have to wonder what is going through Lashley's mind right now. I mean, he was made an offer by the boss to take out RVD tonight.

Jim Ross: I know Lashley ain't the kinda guy to do something like that. Bobby Lashley is a great athlete, a great competitor, he doesn't need to be swayed by Vince McMahon. I'm sure Lashley will go for the win, but he's not gonna come out here lookin' to seriously injure a fellow human being.

Jerry Lawler: Well I hope your right.


The biggest pop of the night is saved for Rob Van Dam, who confidently steps out of to the ramp, where he poses and does his thumb taunt while the crowd cheers "Rob... Van... Dam!". Van Dam swaggers down the ramp, and as he gets in the ring, he and Lashley briefly go nose to nose before Van Dam jumps to the second rope...

Jim Ross: Last week, Rob Van Dam returned to Raw and he made a huge splash by laying out Mr. McMahon.

Jerry Lawler: And I think it was pretty clear to everyone that Van Dam returning and attacking poor Mr. McMahon like that kinda took the shine off of Bobby Lashley's announcement that he too had signed for Raw.

Jim Ross: Business is about to pick up in this one...

Main Event: Non Title Match
ECW Champion Bobby Lashley vs. Rob Van Dam

Despite both men being faces, it’s clear that the crowd favourite is Van Dam. Consequently, Lashley heels it up in this match, using his size and power to his advantage. The opening minutes sees both men trading moves, with Van Dam knocking Lashley down with a spinning wheel kick, while Lashley fires back by catching Van Dam off a crossbody and countering with a fallaway slam. The two continue to trade blows, until Lashley pushes Van Dam into the ropes, only for Van Dam to hang on. This prompts Lashley to charge, but when Van Dam low bridges the top rope, Lashley goes crashing over the top rope to the floor. Frustrated, Lashley gets back to his feet, only to see Van Dam flying through the air with a plancha, knocking Lashley back down. Van Dam quickly slides back into the ring and does his thumb taunt, with the crowd chanting “Rob... Van... Dam!” as we head to commercial.


As we return, Van Dam stays in control, dropping Lashley with a jumping roundhouse kick before coming off the ropes with rolling thunder... but Lashley gets his knees up! Van Dam is left crumpled in pain, grasping at his ribs, and Lashley is quick to take advantage of this, snapping off a backbreaker and following by driving RVD to the corner. A series of hard Irish whips cause more damage to the ribs, and Lashley gets a long 2 count from an overhead belly to belly suplex. The focused attack continues, with stiff forearms to the small of the back and knees to the gut, before a painfull gutbuster gets Lashley another near fall.

Frustrated at being unable to put Van Dam away, Lashley ups the ante, nailing a series of vicious powerslams and suplexes, but time after time Van Dam kicks out at 2. Frustrated, Lashley pushes Van Dam to the corner, but when he follows in for a clothesline, Van Dam avoids the contact, quickly springing to the top rope... twisting crossbody... but Lashley catches Van Dam on his shoulder... and nails the dominator!! It's gotta be over... 1... 2... thr- no!! Somehow Van Dam gets his shoulder up! Lashley can't believe it, but the cheers of the crowd quickly turn to boos. It soon becomes apparent why, as the camera pans to the entrance ramp... to see Mr. McMahon and Jonathan Coachman walking towards the ring!

Lashley is clearly not happy to see either man make their way to the ring, but he looks to ignore their presence and carry on with the match... Van Dam catches him with an inside cradle... 1... 2... Lashley kicks out, and he quickly hammers the spine of RVD. On one side of the ring, Coach has for some reason jumped up on the apron, while over in the corner, Mr. McMahon has grabbed a chair... and he slides it to the feet of Lashley! Lashley looks down on the weapon, unsure of wether or not to use it. McMahon however has no such doubts, and he screams at Lashley to nail Van Dam with it. Lashley picks up the chair, with Van Dam struggling to get to his feet...

"He's not gonna use that is he?"

Lashley holds the chair in his hands, the ref oblivious to all that's going on, Van Dam having made it to a knee. In one ear, the crowd screams "No!", while in the other, Mr. McMahon screams "Do it!! Hit 'em with it!". McMahon now stands up on the apron, pointing at Lashley, screaming at him to smash Van Dam’s skull in. Lashley stares at the chair... then at McMahon... and then at Van Dam... before hoisting the chair in the air... and launching it at Mr. McMahon!! The crowd pops, as Lashley defies 'The Boss'. Lashley, with Vince falling off the apron, landing on his ass on the floor. Furious, McMahon is quickly back up to shout again at Lashley, who turns back towards Van Dam, slugging a boot to the midsection, when another commotion can be heard... it's John Cena!! The WWE Champion races down the ramp... and pulls Coachman off the apron! Coach is taken by surprise... and then Cena drops him with a huge right hand!! Coach is down, and now Cena turns his sights to Mr. McMahon. The Chairman of the Board sees Cena coming though, and as Cena chases McMahon around the ring, Vince makes it to the bottom of the ramp and takes off, Cena in hot pursuit.

Back in the ring, Lashley watches Cena and McMahon leave the area... but he doesn't see... Van Dam is back on his feet behind Lashley! Lashley turns... and it nailed by a jumping roundhouse kick! Quick as a cat, Van Dam springs to the top rope... and launches himself... FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!! RVD connects, hooks the leg... 1... 2... 3!! Van Dam pulls out a huge win

Winner: Rob Van Dam @ 11.08

Jim Ross: Van Dam wins! Rob Van Dam just scored a win over the ECW Champion!

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but... Mr. McMahon! He just got hit with a steel chair!

Van Dam struggles back to his feet, the toll of the match evident for all to see. He uses the ropes to hold himself up, and the camera focuses on Van Dam's face as he stares up the ramp. The camera now cuts to Cena, who watched the ending from up top. Cena smiles, before making the three fingered salute and then pointing it straight at Van Dam...

Jerry Lawler: And what d'ya make of that J.R.? Does that salute from Cena mean what I think it means?

Jim Ross: I think everyone in this arena is wondering the same thing. Will we see Cena and Van Dam going at it for the WWE Championship?

The crowd is still electric at the sight of the staredown between the two. It's not a hateful staredown, more one of respect. The camera continues to switch between shots of Cena's and Van Dam's faces... and then it focuses on Lashley, his head bowed on the apron, slamming his hands off the canvas in disbelief at how he managed to lose that one. The camera switches back to Van Dam, before we see Cena raise the WWE Championship high in the air, with the final image of the night as we fade to black is that of the WWE Champion looking down the ramp at what could be his next challenger... and in the background, the ECW Champion, who had victory snatched away from him.

*End Show*

Current Card for WWE Royal Rumble:
Date: January 28th 2007

Location: AT&T Centre, San Antonio, Texas

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Finlay

30 Man Royal Rumble Match:
Winner has automatic title shot at EITHER brand’s Champion at WrestleMania XXIII:
Entrants in Alphabetical order:

Mr. Kennedy, Umaga
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Raw Feedback

No video package to start, but an interesting segment with Vince and Coach. A little thing that I would have changed in this segment was this - Coach says "I just thought that", but you followed with Vince saying "...you didn't think. You never think...". If you had Coach say "I was thinking", Vince's part would have made more sense. Just a small thing, but makes a difference.

Really can't believe you started the show with a No DQ match! I think the match deserves at the least some commentating buildup, but nonetheless, it should be hectic start to the show. Not too many spots in this one, but the finish was nice. Don't know where the two will go from here, but it should be interesting to see.

Nice lil' Rated RKO segment here. I think the most noteworthy moment of this promo was Kenny getting trashed by Edge. I can see Kenny revolting later on, but right now, it doesn't make any sense. I'm seeing a buildup of it first. Other than that, the match for later on should be good.

McMahon seems kinda weak at the start by letting it "slide". Major difference from last week I think. Nice proposition form McMahon. Quite an interesting situation. You don't see a heel Lashley in BTB too ofton, or at all, so the chance for it is unbelievably intriguing. With RVD a face, and Lashley facing him, it could be possible. I would actually mark hard for it. We'll just have to see.

lol @ Nitro valeting Melina. Not much of a match, but the after events are most notable. Victoria/Mickie is getting a little more interesting with this I guess. The other two are basically useless at this point though.

Cena didn't sound too much like Cena in this promo, but the ramifications have been made. A RVD/Cena feud would be good, as their minor feud back in the day (One Night Stand?) didn't really do much for me. I really can't see anything coming out of this for a while though, as RVD seems to be entangled with McMahon and Lashley.

Flair wins, but Haas and Benjamin clearly get the last laugh. Haas and Benji aren't really known as the attacking type so this after match attack was kinda strange to me. Don't really know what to think of this too, as there hasn't been much surrounding this storyline. Flair should come back and be golden after though. Nice to see the RR in there. Would have been bad if you forgot :P

WOW. I like the booking for the end of the match here with Orton and Edge leaving, which leaves Kenny to get destroyed. There's definitely gonna be a situation here, and I'm starting to love this whole scenario. Good job with that. The fact that HBK is kinda pissed off with Trips is kinda interesting as well. This whole storyline (with the exception of Hardy) is quite interesting, and I'm really getting into it. Huge match announced for next week. Something I would actually expect out of a ppv, but it'll definitely be a treat.

Another squash by Umaga. Despite the belief of many, I like that you're slowly building him up as a monster rather than having him in the mix. Puts him over for the time being.

Flair and Carlito? As a team? It could work. Definitely foreshadows it.

Wow, the Lashley/RVD match just became a contenders match? Wtf is happening? The VKM/RVD/Lashley storyline is everywhere. It's definitely interesting to see where they all end up. With no sure challenger for Cena atm, one of these two could surely step up.

Dominator so early in this match? And no finish from it? Kinda weak don't cha think? Whoa, twists and turns everywhere. Chair shot to VKM, Cena interrupts, and RVD wins. It looks as though Cena is next for RVD, and Lashley will pay attention to VKM now. A huge turn for this or these storylines on tonight's Raw. I'm liking how everything ended up though. I kinda thought it would end up this way, but with the promo before this one, it was hard to tell.

Overall, this show was mostly used to get storylines and feuds into their rightful place or to set up everything else. Although I thought this show was lacking in the amount of promos, the booking definitely made up for it. A solid and impressive show to say the least. RR is starting to near, and I'm definitely seeing some big actions for the weeks to come. Looking forward to Rated RKO/Kenny/DX, and the whole VKM/Lashley/RVD/Cena situation as well. Good stuff iMac as per usual. =)

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

RAW Feedback

Since after just one show this has quickly become one of my favourite BTBs, you know I had to be back for another show.

Very interesting start to the show with a bit of hype for Lashley and Van Dam, giving them a real rub by having Vince focusing on them, and also adding some interest as to exactly what it is that McMahon is thinking. I loved the abrasiveness from Vince here, and with the promise of something to follow, you’ve already got me hooked.

Big match to kick off the show, with a good quick start to it to really show the heat in the feud. Some really nice spots in this match, especially the cowardly Masters biding behind Torrie, the chair shots through the garbage can, the low blow and subsequent revenge low blow, and the big chair shot to the spine off the springboard. Some pretty good, innovate and clever stuff. The finish to the match was pretty cool too, topping off a good opener.

A really good statement made by Rated RKO in this promo with the whole reasoning behind them being put together to destroy DX, thus they’re going to do it because they’re bored with them. Obviously it won’t happen, but it still made for a good promo. The stuff with Dykstra continuing to have not proven himself is interesting, as I thought maybe you did that last week with Dykstra costing Michaels the win, but I’m glad to see this is more of a long term thing.

Very interesting promo here which I thought was really well written. Honestly, it reminded me of the stuff Legend did with Heyman and Lashley. The sucking up to Lashley from McMahon, especially calling him handsome ( @ the “it’s like looking into a mirror” line) was great, and Vince honing in on Lashley not liking Van Dam was well done, really trying to bring the anger out of him. I doubt we’ll get it tonight, but the way you had Vince appeal to Lashley just seemed so right from him. A really well written segment, which provides interest as to where it will lead.

Yes, what a “great” WrestleMania moment.

Nice to see the divas action staying short, with Victoria picking up another good win, keeping the momentum you’ve given her going well. Not so sure about her pinning the champion, as having Candice take the fall would have worked fine, imo, but it’s still good to see Victoria being built to a title match.

A very intriguing segment here. The slight animosity between the two was written really well, and having Van Dam make the statement that he wants after Cena and why he’ll get a shot was done really well. The little parting shot from Cena was a nice touch too, adding some more interest to this whole Van Dam situation. Enjoying what you’re doing with this.

Nice little match between Flair and Haas, with the beatdown afterwards of course being the focus, much like last week. I’m sure this is headed towards a tag team feud, so it should be interesting to see who you’re going to pick to be Flair’s partner to stop these beatdowns and make it a fair contest.

The Rumble should be good for sure.

Nice six man tag match here, with some good action. I liked that Dykstra was the one that made the key mistake that led to DX and Hardy getting back into things, as he’s the inexperienced rookie of the trio, while Edge and Orton walking out and leaving Dykstra to cop the brunt it the finish was a fine way to end it, showing what Edge and Orton are all about in saving themselves.

Interesting challenge for next week, with the big match announced. I’m surprised it’s just in a regular tag team match from the sound of things, as there’s a lot of heat in this feud, but it should prove to be a very good match, and the stipulation behind it works well. Triple H’s call on Rated RKO about DX ending was pretty great, putting the comedic stuff into the DX promo, although perhaps what is most interesting is the apparent disagreement between Michaels and Triple H. It seems pretty clear that Michaels doesn’t want the match, and if I had to take a stab at it, it looks like they’ll be losing next week and headed into a feud of their own. Big match for next week, and some interest coming out of the promo with the future of DX in question, making for a good promo.

Good to see Umaga asking for a challenge, no doubt eventually leading to a feud with a bigger star that should help Umaga get further over. Not so good was the acceptance of Eugene for the challenge, but I guess it’s about that challenge going almost unanswered until someone actually good steps up to the plate. The post-match beatdown from Mags was good to see, further proving his dominance until someone steps up.

I have to say, I liked the way you set this up with both men being in the trainer’s room after their brutal matches. Clever. The talk between the two was okay, and a possible alliance between Carlito and Flair would work fine for me, even if we saw it irl. The teaming should hopefully do a lot for Carlito, even if at first they’re just feuding with The World’s Greatest Tag Team.

AN alright promo between McMahon and Cena, although I found it a little weird that McMahon said he didn‘t want Lashley or Van Dam near the WWE Title when the rest of the promo focused on how he wanted to keep RVD away from the gold, but also seemingly get Lashley near it. The interaction between these two was fine, and again, it builds that interest in the main event, but I still found that Lashley stuff a little odd.

Lashley receiving a few boos? A very interesting little note there, perhaps hinting at an impending heel turn and alliance with Vince. I have to say that I really liked that you positioned this match in the main event too, btw. Have to say, while I’m not a fan of finisher kickouts when the man who hits the move is able to make an immediate pin, especially on a weekly episode of something like RAW, the way in which it led to McMahon trying to get Lashley to use the steel chair on Van Dam was very well done, trying to play on Lashley’s frustrations. Lashley turning his back on McMahon was expected, as turning heel this quickly would be a bit of a letdown. Cena coming in to make the save, leading to Van Dam getting the win makes things very interesting, as Van Dam is no doubt now headed to a title match with Cena, while Lashley’s frustrations would have to grow. Very good way to finish the show.

Before reading this I was expecting a pretty good show, but I have to say that you really impressed me here. Your writing was solid throughout, and the booking is very interesting, especially in the main event picture, where you seem to have a lot of guys involved, yet you’re making it all connect well. Your midcard is looking pretty good too, and with some of these storylines looking like they’re going to be huge going into WrestleMania season, this thread is really looking good. Good stuff, man.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Thanks for the comments guys. I will rep + return them as soon as I spread enough and you both post the massive shows you have lined up. Anymore comments for Raw would be sweet as, but for now, some news and notes.


With the upcoming Royal Rumble pay per view just over two weeks away, the next 20 Superstars entered in the Royal Rumble match have been announced. 10 Raw and 10 Smackdown Superstars will join the already entered Mr. Kennedy and Umaga. The list of Superstars now in the Royal Rumble match now looks like...

Raw: Bobby Lashley, Carlito, Charlie Haas, Edge, Johnny Nitro, Randy Orton, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Shelton Benjamin, Triple H, Umaga
Smackdown: Brian Kendrick, Chavo Guerrero, Gregory Helms, Joey Mercury, Kane, King Booker, Matt Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, Paul London, The Miz, The Undertaker

This brings the total number of entrants announced so far to 22, meaning there are still eight spots available. Who will step forward to claim the remaining eight spots, and will there be any surprise entrants this year?

Also, another match has been announced for the upcoming pay-per-view. After scoring a pinfall over Jeff Hardy last week, Kenny Dykstra will face Hardy at the Royal Rumble with the Intercontinental Championship on the line. After gaining a measure of revenge last night by defeating Kenny in six man action, both men now hold pinfalls over each other. Who will emerge from the Royal Rumble as the Intercontinental Champion when these two meet?

~WWE News And Notes~

A recent wwe.com announcement listed 20 new entrants into the Royal Rumble match. One of those names announced was that of the ECW Champion Bobby Lashley. Despite the announcement of Lashley's involvement in the Rumble match, Lashley is still expected to be heavily involved in the ongoing storyline between WWE Champion John Cena and Rob Van Dam. The show ending angle of last Monday night's Raw suggested that a Cena/RVD showdown was set to take place at the Royal Rumble. However, Lashley will continue to be involved in the storyline. Possible angle are planned that could see Lashley enter the match, turning it into a triple threat, or simply Lashley wanting to challenge either Cena or RVD at some point. It is also rumoured that after attempts to heavily push Lashley as the face of ECW were met with boos from live audiences, which have followed him to Raw recently, a Lashley heel turn has not been ruled out.

Also on Raw, an angle took place were Umaga destroyed Eugene during both a match and a post match angle. It is heavily rumoured that this angle was booked as a way of 'killing off' the Eugene character. Creative feel that the child-like Eugene character has run it's course, but the obvious talent of Nick Dinsmore, the man behind the Eugene character, can't be ignored. Therefore creative have been charged the task of finding a credible storyline reason for the reintroduction of Dinsmore as a more serious character. It may be that Eugene/Dinsmore isn't seen on our screens for a number of weeks.

Elsewhere, plans for Wrestlemania are slowly being finalised. A top priority is finding a marquee opponent to face The Undertaker. The Deadman is not scheduled to be involved in either title match at Wrestlemania, meaning a credible opponent will be required to allow Taker to be involved in one of the main undercard matches. Work is set to start on building Undertaker's opponent as soon as possible, with creative looking for someone to emerge as a serious threat to end The Undertaker's famed Wrestlemania streak.

Plans to revamp the Tag and Cruiserweight divisions continue to forge ahead. On Raw, the Rated-RKO/DX feud is set to come to an end soon, with Edge, Orton, Michaels and Triple H all needed elsewhere on the Wrestlemania card. However, plans are already in place for Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin to take a more prominent role, as well as the creation of new teams over the next month or two. Over on Smackdown, the appearance of French Canadian bombshell Maryse has sparked interest in what her intentions are with regards to current champs Brian Kendrick and Paul London. Many plans have been thrown around, including Kendrick and London turning their backs on Ashley Massaro to become heels with Maryse, the possible split of the team with Kendrick turning heel on London and associating himself with Maryse, to Maryse bringing in a new team to challenge the champs. While the latter idea seems the most probable, a new face team is set to debut this Friday night, so a heel turn is definitely not out of the question. As for the Cruiserweight division, Bryan Danielson is a lock to debut in the upcoming weeks, while now that his feud with Chris Benoit is at an end, Chavo Guerrero will be reassigned, giving Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms two fresh challengers for the upcoming months.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Some pretty nice news here, iMac. While I would like to have maybe seen some explanation for people qualifying (such as just saying they won matches at live events to qualify) and a challenge from Dykstra to Hardy, it's good to see the Royal RUmble card really taking shape. I have to say, Lashley already qualifying for the Rumble is a bit odd, as it might take away from the angle he's currently working with Cena, Van Dam and McMahon, but I'll wait and see. A heel turn from him is something I'd certainly be happy to see.

Bringing Dinsmore in as himself rather than bringing back Eugene should help strengthen your RAW midcard, which is definitely a good thing.

I'm not sure who Undertaker is facing at WrestleMania myself, but being a non-title match is probably a positive. A feud with Finlay would absolutely own, so maybe that ... please.

Good to see you trying to strengthen up your two weaker divisions. I'm not really a fan of signing guys from the indys usually, but AmDrag should certainly add to the cruiserweight division, while the Maryse/Londrick stuff has me interested.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Rushed the qualifying process I see. It would have been nice to see an explanation to their qualification, but it's all good. Nice to see a ppv match announced. Kenny/Hardy seemed likely anyways. The whole Cena/RVD/Lashley/VKM storyline has been pretty good so to still have Lashley somewhat involved is awesome. Glad a heel turn is not ruled out as well. I've really liked the Eugene character, as it's fun to play with, but I'm anxious to see what you do with Dinsmore whose character isn't really known. The Taker and Danielson news were quite awesome as well. Good stuff here man.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~Friday Night Smackdown~
January 12th, 2007
Peoria, Illinois

Friday Night Smackdown comes to Peoria, Illinois with the effects of last week being felt all over the blue brand. In a fatal four way match, Finlay out lasted three former Heavyweight Champions, namely The Undertaker, Kane and King Booker, to become the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. With Finlay now guaranteed to meet Batista at the Royal Rumble, the pair will meet tonight in tag team action with both men looking to score what could prove to be an early psychological advantage. Partnering Batista will be Kane, the man who suffered a shillelagh shot to the skull last week from Finlay, while the crafty Irishman will be teaming up with the upstart Mr. Kennedy, who claimed last week that it was time for the veterans of Smackdown to move over, allowing a new challenger such as himself to emerge. Kennedy talked a good game last week, but can he deliver tonight? Will Finlay show exactly why he is a challenger to be feared? Or will Batista once again prove why he has been the dominant force on Smackdown for the last few months?

After his brutal assault of Matt Hardy last week, Joey Mercury gained a measure of revenge on the man who so badly damaged his face back at Armageddon. The attack left Hardy with a concussion, to the extent that Hardy will not be in the arena tonight. Because of this, Mercury sets out tonight to establish himself as a force and put himself in the hunt for the United States Championship. Standing in his way however is the Champion Chris Benoit. The Rabid Wolverine has never been one to show mercy on an opponent, so Mercury's facial trouble will be of no concern to The Crippler. What will be of concern to Benoit though is the presence of the man who jumped him after the bell last week, the debuting Test. The former ECW man made his presence felt in a big way on Smackdown with his devastating beat down of Benoit. With Test also in action tonight against Smackdown's toughest man in a dress, Big Vito, it will be interesting to see if another confrontation takes place between Benoit and Test, and whether or not Joey Mercury can sustain the momentum he's built recently.

During six man tag team action last week, Brian Kendrick and Paul London, the WWE Tag Team Champions, brawled their way backstage with their recent nemesis' William Regal and Dave Taylor. With London and Kendrick determined to finally put their conflict with The Bluebloods to sleep, the pair demanded one final match with English duo. However, Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long also expressed a desire to see these two teams finally settle things, so he has ordered for The Hooligans to put their gold on the line! Tonight, The Hooligans and The Bluebloods meet in one final match to finally settle the score. Also, having been confronted by French Canadian bombshell Maryse last week, London, Kendrick and perhaps most importantly Ashley Massaro will no doubt be on the lookout for Maryse, with Ashley in particular curious as to the Canadien's agenda.

Elsewhere, the Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms will no doubt be looking to bounce back from his defeat to Batista last week, while we get a first glimpse at the self proclaimed new Miz. Will The Miz's new associate Michelle McCool help put Miz on the path to glory when he takes on Jimmy Wang Yang? Plus, after being chokeslammed through the announce desk last week during the fatal four way, King Booker has a message he wishes to give The Undertaker. While we know Booker will be on the mic, will The Deadman be in attendance to receive the message personally? Find out as Smackdown continues down the long and winding Road to the Rumble!!

Confirmed Matches:

Batista and Kane vs. Finlay and Mr. Kennedy
WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Hooligans vs. The Bluebloods
Non Title Match: United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. Joey Mercury
Test vs. Big Vito
The Miz vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

Plus: King Booker Addresses The Undertaker!!

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Pretty nice card you've got yourself here, iMac. While Kennedy already getting involved in the main event is something I'm not a huge fan of, as you could have really made a big storyline out of him trying to get there into the big lights on SmackDown!, the tag match should certainly be nice, and a good way to make Finlay look competitive. The Londrick/Bluebloods match should be guaranteed quality too, and I love the logic behind the Benoit/Mercury match, with Benoit sure to show no mercy. The other squash matches look like they'll do their job, and Booker's address should certainly be entertaining.

Looking forward to the show, man.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~Friday Night Smackdown~
January 12th, 2007
Peoria, Illinois

"I'm just gonna down to that ring... and I'm gonna start crackin' skulls."

We start the show with a video package highlighting last week’s main event, the fatal four way match to determine who will face Batista at the Royal Rumble. After a long battle, which sees The Undertaker chokeslam King Booker through the announce desk, Kane looks primed for victory, only for The Little Bastard to get involved, distracting Kane long enough for Finlay to grab the shillelagh and smash his way to a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity.

There is no opening video or pyro though, as...


It's a nice pop from the crowd as the WWE Tag Team Champions Brian Kendrick and Paul London race down the aisle, with Ashley Massaro not far behind...

Michael Cole: This is Friday Night Smackdown and there you see the most exciting tag team in the WWE today! Welcome to show everybody, I am Michael Cole, my broadcast partner is JBL, and we are kicking things off with the WWE Tag Team Championships on the line, just over two weeks away from the Royal Rumble!!

John Bradshaw Layfield: And this is gonna be nothin' but a battle between these two teams. The Hooligans and The Bluebloods, a lot of bad blood has been spilled between them over the last few weeks, and tonight they're gonna settle it once and for all.

Michael Cole: Tonight promises to be quite the show folks. Not only are the tag titles on the line, but the World Heavyweight Champion Batista teams up with Kane to square off against the man who will face Batista at the Royal Rumble, Finlay, and the man who last week declared himself the favourite to win the Royal Rumble match, Mr. Kennedy.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Finlay took on THREE former World Champions last week to grab his shot at Batista. I'm tellin' ya' Michael, Batista ain't gonna know what's hit 'im now those Irish eyes are set on Gold!

In the ring, London and Kendrick have done their usual back flip off the top rope, and after Ashley removes the masks from their faces, they hand their titles to the ref as...


The crowd respond with a barrage of boos as William Regal and Dave Taylor confidently make their way down to the ring...

Michael Cole: Regal and Taylor have been chasing the tag titles for just over a month now, and each time they've came up short.

John Bradshaw Layfield: But tonight, there's no ladders, there's no gimmicks. This is gonna be nothin' but an old fashioned brawl, and we're gonna have new champions when it's over, mark my words Cole.

Match 1: WWE Tag Team Championships Match
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans w/ Ashley Massaro vs. The Bluebloods

We start the match with Kendrick and Taylor in the ring, with the difference in style between the two evident for all to see. Kendrick utilises his speed advantage to gain the better of the early goings, with Kendrick nailing a string of dropkicks to continually knock Taylor down. The champions now swap takes, with both men working on the left arm of Taylor, including Kendrick wrenching on the arm while London jumps off the top rope with a double axe handle. London continues to target the arm, but as he winds it up, Taylor grabs a handful of hair and is able to force London off the ropes... but London ducks a clothesline... only for Regal to nail a knee to the spine from the apron. London turns to swing at Regal, but the wily veteran jumps down to the floor to avoid it, and the distraction is all Taylor needs to clip London from behind, taking him down with a chop block.

Regal quickly tags in, and the veteran bruisers go to work on the left knee of London, with Cole and JBL quick to make the point that by focusing on the knee Regal and Taylor are taking away London’s strength, namely his fast paced offense. Regal and Taylor now control the match, keeping London trapped in their half of the ring, with Taylor using more of a bruising style to do damage while Regal relies of his technical repertoire to wear London down. Taylor rattles off a series of uppercuts, knees to the gut and short arm clothesline, whereas Regal goes for submission style holds such as the Boston crab and a surfboard to punish London.

London continues to hang in there, and even mounts a brief comeback, nailing a few right hands out of desperation before locking Regal in a headlock, only for Regal to send London off the ropes... London ducks a clothesline... but he doesn’t duck a knee to the gut that sends London crashing to the ground. Now Regal readies himself in the corner, poised to strike, as he charges for the knee trembler... but London ducks underneath... and dives to the corner to tag in Kendrick! Kendrick explodes into the ring, knocking down both challengers with clotheslines before going for an Irish whip... Regal reverses but ducks his head... Kendrick nails a tornado DDT!! 1... 2... Taylor scrambles to make the save.

The match now descends into chaos, as London flies at Taylor, and soon all four men are trading rights and lefts, with the champions having the upper hand. Taylor is near the ropes when London charges with a running crossbody, which takes both men over the top rope to the floor. Regal and Kendrick are left in the ring, with Kendrick looking to put Regal away, as he hooks him up and runs for the corner... sliced bread... no! Regal pushes Kendrick chest first into the turnbuckle... and then nails the Regal-plex!! 1... 2... London makes the save! Paul London flies across the ring to break it up, and now he’s toe-to-toe with Regal swinging with rights before looking to send Regal off the ropes... but again Regal reverses... only for London to duck a clothesline and go for a kick... but Regal catches the foot... enzuigiri!! Regal slumps to the mat near the corner, and London climbs to the top rope, steadies himself... before nailing the 450 SPLASH!! London quickly hooks a leg... 1... 2... Kendrick cuts Taylor off... 3!!

Winners: And still WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hooligans @ 09.12

The crowd erupts as London and Kendrick once again retain their titles, keeping their record breaking reign alive. Ashley is quickly into the ring to celebrate with the pair, and we fade to commercial with Kendrick and London clutching their gold tightly.


When we return from commercial, Kristal Marshall is standing by on the interview set...

Kristal Marshall: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown! And now, please welcome the newest member of the Smackdown roster... The Impact Player... Test!!

Boos from inside the arena as Test enters the shot, dressed to compete, wearing a t-shirt that says "Impact Player" on it. Test cuts a fierce look as he stares down at Kristal...

Kristal Marshall: Test, last week you made a shocking debut here on Smackdown, storming through the crowd and then assaulting the United States Champion Chris Benoit. What was your motive behind that attack?

Test: My motive? You see what it says on this t-shirt?

Kristal nods...

Test: Well that's the only motive I need. I kicked Chris Benoit's ass last week for one simple reason... to make an impact. This isn't personal Benoit... this is strictly business. You just happened to be in the wrong place... at the wrong time.

Test smirks as he places a hand on Kristal's shoulder, much to the interviewer's disgust...

Test: You see toots, I'm not here to make friends and I'm not here to sit in the shadows. I want what I deserve, and that's...

Suddenly Kristal screams as a man is seen tackling Test to the ground... it's Chris Benoit!! Benoit lays into Test with a flurry of fists, as the pair brawl, bringing the interview set crashing to the ground. Neither man is able to get in any decent shots, as a posse of agents and referees drag the pair apart, with neither man wanting the impromptu fight to end. Eventually both men are dragged kicking and screaming away from each other, leaving the camera focused on the shocked Marshall as we cut to another part of the backstage area.

It is infact the locker room we go to, where Brian Kendrick and Paul London sit on chairs, recovering from their match against Regal and Taylor...

Paul London: (Wincing) Man my neck is killing me.

Brian Kendrick: Dude, my whole body hurts. But hey... we got 'em man. We showed Regal and Taylor we can fight as good as any team out there!

Paul London: Yeah man!

As the pair slouch back in their chairs, a set of footsteps can be heard approaching. With the camera focused on London and Kendrick still in their seats, all that can be seen is a pair of long, tanned legs walking into the shot. A well manicured hand lands on a shoulder of each man, and as London and Kendrick turn their gaze upwards, the camera slowly follows... to reveal Maryse. The vixen who we met last week smiles a devilish grin, before crouching down, bringing her head level with London and Kendrick's...

Maryse: Well well, bravo once again Hooligans.

London and Kendrick immediately recognise the stunning blonde stood before them, with her French accent as captivating as ever...

Maryse: Ze two of you... you certainly know how to make a good first impression, oui?

Mesmerised, Kendrick can only offer a goofy grin, leaving London to ask the questions...

Paul London: Listen, uh... Maryse, wasn't it?

Maryse: Oui.

Paul London: Maryse, we appreciate the weekly vote of confidence but uh... what do you want with us?

Maryse smirks, before flicking her hair back and offering a brief laugh...

Maryse: What do I want? I want ze titles around your waists. You see... zis Ashley girl you have with you... she is no good for you.

Maryse now turns to whisper in London's ear...

Maryse: But I... I can be very... very...

And now to Kendrick's ear...

Maryse: Good for you Hooligans.

Maryse now runs a finger under Kendrick's chin, with Brian still in a daze. At this point, Ashley is heard approaching...

Ashley Massaro: Guys I just got the...

Ashley stops in her tracks, a look of sheer disgust as she sees Maryse bent over next to her team...

Ashley Massaro: What is she doing here?

Maryse laughs, standing up from London and Kendrick's level to go eye to eye with Ashley...

Maryse: Tu es si laid. Vous souhaitez vous pouvez aussi bon état que moi.

Ashley Massaro: Listen, I don't know what you're saying... but you better stop it. Right now!

Again Maryse laughs, before flicking a palm in Ashley's face and turning back to London and Kendrick...

Maryse: Au revoir boys. I shall see you next week... hopefully we won't be... interrupted next time. Oui?

Maryse sexily shimmies her way out of the locker room, leaving the camera focused on a furious looking Ashley as we cut into the arena.

To the sound of silence, until...


Boos from the crowd as the seriously pissed off looking Test steps out, still smarting from his pull apart brawl with Chris Benoit moments ago...

Michael Cole: Well folks, there is the man who shocked us all by running through the crowd last week and quite simply destroying the United States Champion Chris Benoit.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You say shocking, I say brilliant Michael. Test made a HUGE statement last week. He stepped into that ring and took the fight to Chris Benoit like few men have ever done before. I loved it, and I wanna see more of that this week.


It's a decent response from the crowd as Smackdown's resident cross-dresser Big Vito emerges...

Michael Cole: Vito was on a big time undefeated streak that only ended a few weeks ago, and he put it down to...

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Interrupting) To him wearing a DRESS! This guy is the biggest embarrassment I have ever seen. It sickens me that Teddy Long allows this guy to walk around dressed like that on Smackdown.

Michael Cole: Why? Vito's not hurting anybody, he's just being comfortable. I don't see anything wrong with that.

John Bradshaw Layfield: He's a 250lbs bald Italian guy in a DRESS!! EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH THAT!! How can you not see that Cole?

Match 2:
Big Vito
vs. Test

A battle of the big men, Test is quick to assert his dominance over Vito, with the Impact player shaking off the earlier brawl with Chris Benoit. Test starts the match in dominant fashion, beating Vito the punch early and often, with Test connecting with a string of hard forearms to the back and stiff knees to the gut. In the corner, Test continues to dish out punishment, clubbing Vito on the head with elbows and firing more knees to the midsection. When Test whips Vito across the ring, Vito is finally able to get some offense in, catching Test with a boot and following with a hard clothesline. Vito’s offense is brief though, as after a few right hands, Test reverses an Irish whip, catching Vito with a sidewalk slam. Test goes to work, hammering Vito with a succession of power moves, snapping off a pumphandle slam and following with a string of backbreakers. Test looks posed for victory, only for Vito to make one last effort at a comeback, hitting a series of rights before coming off the ropes for a swinging neckbreaker. Vito then looks for a double-arm DDT, only for Test to counter with a back body drop and then a huge boot to the face. This gives Test all the time he needs to drag Vito to his feet, before finishing him off with a gutwrench powerbomb for the 3 count.

Winner: Test @ 04.35

Test is quickly back on his feet, intimidating the ref as he tries to raise the big guy's arm. Test soon leaves the ring, trading insults with the crowd who boo his every step up the aisle...


*Video Package*

Narrator: Every year, 30 men chase a dream...

Shots of historical Royal Rumble moments, starting with Shawn Michaels dumping The British Bulldog over the top rope and then collapsing to his knees in victory...

Narrator: 30 men who seek fight for greatness...

Triple H returning in 2002 and last eliminating Kurt Angle before celebrating in the ring...

Narrator: 30 men who strive for their spot...

Quick-fire shots of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's three Rumble wins, 1997, 1998 and 2001...

Narrator: In the annals of time.

We now see stadium-wide shots of past Wrestlemania's, with the flashing lights and pyro displays of yesteryear...

Narrator: They crave immortality...

We now see shots from last year's Royal Rumble, starting with Shane McMahon eliminating Shawn Michaels...

Narrator: They strive for prominence...

The iconic image of Rey Mysterio headscissoring Randy Orton over the top rope to claim victory...

Narrator: But only one...

Rapid-fire images of eliminations, with bodies crashing to the floor as the pace of the video quickens...

Narrator: Will fulfil their destiny.


*End Video Package*

Elsewhere, Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long is in his office, when just like last week, the Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms barges in...

Teddy Long: Hey, hey, now you listen to me Helms. You can't-

Gregory Helms: (Interrupting) No, YOU listen to me Teddy! You think you're funny Teddy? You think stickin' me in that match wit' Batista last week was funny?

Long laughs, nodding his head as he does...

Gregory Helms: Dammit Teddy! I'm Gregory Helms! I'm the Cruiserweight Champion! I deserve more respect than you're showin' me right now.

Teddy Long: Listen playa, you stormed into my office last week, and you asked for competition. Right?

Helms nods, sarcastically mouthing "Yeah"...

Teddy Long: Well, that's exactly whatcha' got playa. Ya' got the biggest competition we got here on Smackdown. Ya' got The Animal, Batista!

Pop from inside the arena for the World Heavyweight Champion...

Gregory Helms: Dammit Teddy, you know that's not what I meant! I meant a challenge from a Cruiserweight. Not the World Heavyweight Champion.

Teddy Long: Alright playa, alright. I hear whatcha' sayin'. That's why I gotcha' a new challenge this week.

Gregory Helms: Ya' did? Who?

Teddy Long: A guy I just signed from ECW... a guy you know pretty well... Shannon Moore!

There's a small pop from inside the arena, while Helms sneers at the thought of taking on Moore tonight...

Teddy Long: And your match... is up next!

Gregory Helms: What?!

Teddy Long: So you better get outta my office and get down to that ring playa.

Enraged, Helms glares at Long before turning and leaving the office, leaving Teddy for the second week in a row pleased at how his confrontation with Helms has ended.

Elsewhere, Big Vito is seen staggering down a corridor backstage, his arms wrapped round his midsection, clutching at his ribs and still hurting from the beat down layed upon him by Test. Slowly, Vito makes his way down the corridor, walking through the shadows of the dimly lit arena... until he stops and stares. Almost in disbelief, Vito rubs his eyes...

Big Vito: What are you doin' here?

Finally the camera pans to reveal who Vito is starring at, and slowly a woman emerges from the shadows... it's The Full Bodied Italian Trinity! Wearing a revealing outfit, Trinity confidently strides towards Vito...

Trinity: Hey Vito. Listen, uh... I was just wonderin'... what's the deal with the dress?

Vito shows no shame what so ever, but before he can answer...

Two men jump Vito from behind!! One of the men holds a rag infront of Vito's face, while the other man jumps on Vito's back. Despite his struggles, Vito quickly fades and falls to the ground. The camera now moves to focus on the two men, and through the shadows the faces of Nunzio and Tony Mamaluke can be seen...

Trinity: Alright, alright that's enough. C'mon, let's put him in the trunk.

With Nunzio grabbing Vito's legs and Mamaluke supporting his upper body, the two struggle to carry Vito down the corridor...

Nunzio: Hey... where we takin' 'dis fruitball anyway?

Trinity: We takin' 'im to The Compound. The Godfather would like a word with 'im.

The camera takes one last look at the face of the now unconscious Vito, as Nunzio and Mamaluke carry him into the darkness, a smiling Trinity following behind as we cut back into the arena for...



Boos ring out around the arena as the Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms angrily makes his way to the ring for his match...

Michael Cole: It has been a wild night thus far ladies and gentlemen... but I don't think I've seen anything like that. Was Vito just the victim of a Mafia kidnapping?

John Bradshaw Layfield: A Mafia kidnapping? What the hell do you think this is Michael? We're not back in the old country here son! I didn't just step off the boat at Ellis Island! This is the WWE, Mafia kidnapping's don't just randomly happen around here.

Michael Cole: Well then how do you explain what just happened?

John Bradshaw Layfield: I... I... I don't have to explain it to the likes of you, but I guarantee it had somethin' to do with Vito wearing a dress! Mark my words!

Michael Cole: God this is gettin' ridiculous.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You're style of commentating? You're right, it is ridiculous.

Cole (wisely) gives up the argument, and as Helms removes the Cruiserweight Title from his waist and hands it to the referee, we have a moment of silence from the announce desk until...


It's a decent pop from the crowd as the new arrival to the Cruiserweight division, Shannon Moore quickly races down to the ring...

Michael Cole: Well here comes another former member of the ECW roster, the newest recruit to the Cruiserweight division here on Smackdown.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And tell me Michael how is this fair? How is it fair for Teddy Long to just spring this match on Helms like that? Y'see this is why Teddy Long is not fit to be our General Manager. He is the most biased, unfair man I have ever met in my life.

Michael Cole: Y'know one of these days all this stuff you're sayin' about Teddy Long could come back to haunt you.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Yeah and one of these days you might be considered a credible announcer.

Match 3: Non Title Match
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Shannon Moore

The early goings of the match sees Moore take advantage of the sudden announcement of the match, catching Helms off guard on several occasions with quick armdrags and drop toe holds, keeping Helms off balance. Moore keeps the pace fast, connecting with a back body drop and following with a dropkick that sends Helms rolling under the bottom rope to the outside. Helms, enraged at the way the match has started, takes his frustration out on the steel steps, kicking them and then slamming his fist off the apron. Moore doesn’t give Helms a chance to compose himself though, as he quickly runs the ropes and connects with a suicide dive through the ropes, taking Helms down again before rolling him back into the ring for a 2 count. Helms is up quickly to drive an elbow to Moore’s back, and now the Champion looks to take control, nailing a series of forearms and kicks, as well as scoring a near fall from a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Helms now looks to slow the pace of the match down, going for a more ground and pound attack, taking away the quickness and high flying of Moore’s assault, a tactic that Cole and JBL are quick to point out has been very successful for Helms during his year long reign. Helms dominates most of the match, coming close to putting Moore away. Moore shows great guts to hang in there, but Helms has Moore down and he climbs to the top rope... super splash connects! That’s gotta be it... 1... 2... no! Moore hangs on after a long two count, leaving the Champion exasperated at what it will take to put Moore away. Helms now steadies himself, waiting what feels like an eternity for the tired Moore to drag himself to a knee. Moore makes it... and Helms makes his move... shinning wizard... no!! Moore ducks underneath, and he quickly catches Helms in with a rollup... 1... 2... 3!!

Winner: Shannon Moore @ 06.23

It's a nice response from the crowd as Moore somehow hangs in there to pull off the upset win. Helms is stunned at the outcome, amazed at how he got caught by Moore, with The Reject all smiles as the ref holds his hand high in the air. Moore is quick to roll out of the ring, but as he backs up the ramp, he keeps his eyes locked with the seething Champion, with Moore tapping his head to motion he outsmarted Helms. The camera focuses on Helms as he throws a fit in the ring, and we fade to commercial switching between the smiling Moore and the furious Helms.


We return from commercial to the sound of...


That's right, it's back to back matches as Joey Mercury makes his entrance to a chorus of boos from the crowd...

Michael Cole: There's the man who last week, after losing a hard fought matchup to Matt Hardy, viciously cracked a steel chair across Hardy's skull. It was a sickening attack folks that-

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Interrupting) No what was sickening was the injury Joey Mercury suffered at Armageddon at the hands of Matt Hardy. 20 stitches, countless hours of plastic surgery, horrific injuries that Joey has battled to overcome. If you ask me, Matt Hardy got EXACTLY what was comin' to him.

Michael Cole: There's no way Matt Hardy deserved to be left laying in a pool of his own blood last week.

John Bradshaw Layfield: He got what he deserved. Infact, I hope Matt Hardy doesn't make it anywhere near the Royal Rumble. For the damage he's done to Joey Mercury, he doesn't deserve a shot at main eventing Wrestlemania.

Match 4: Non Title Match
United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. Joey Mercury

With both men having a certain vicious streak inside them, it’s no surprise that the early stages of this match see a series of hard shots being traded, with Mercury connecting on with a pair of stiff elbows to the face, only for Benoit to grab Mercury and toss him into the corner to unload with a series of chops across the chest. The hard hitting continues, as Benoit connects with a snap suplex for a 2 count, but when he sends Mercury off the ropes, Benoit ducks, allowing Mercury to take control after a swinging neckbreaker. Indeed Mercury begins to focus his attack on the neck area, with Cole quick to remind us of Benoit’s previous neck surgeries.

A more conventional neckbreaker and a Russian legsweep continue to do damage, and Mercury gets a long 2 count from a bridging northern lights suplex. Mercury then climbs to the second rope, but when he misses a legdrop, Benoit mounts a recovery, again unloading with chops before rattling off three straight German suplexes for along 2 count of his own. Mercury is dazed, but he soon puts a stop to Benoit’s comeback, as when Benoit goes for a straight suplex Mercury lands on his feet... and nails Benoit with a sick jumping enzuigiri to the back of the head! Benoit slumps to the mat, and Mercury quickly goes for the cover... 1... 2... Benoit rolls a shoulder, to the cheers of the crowd but to the exasperation of Mercury.

Mercury soldiers on though, connecting with a few rights before sending Benoit crashing into the corner with a hard Irish whip. Benoit crumples to the mat, his neck connecting with the top turnbuckle, but Mercury doesn’t let up, slowly dragging Benoit to his feet before hoisting him up on to the top turnbuckle. A few rights buy Mercury the time to climb up alongside Benoit, and it appears like Mercury is going to go for a frankensteiner... but Benoit pushes Mercury to the mat! Mercury crashes hard, and now it’s Benoit who climbs, standing on the top turnbuckle, poised, ready to fly... diving headbutt... NO! Mercury rolls out of harm’s way, which sees Benoit crashing into the mat. The United States Champion cries out in pain, instantly gripping the back of his neck, while Mercury uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Mercury stares down at Benoit, sensing victory is his, as he slowly peels Benoit off the canvas, struggling to support the prone champion, but doing enough to hook Benoit’s arms... double underhook DDT... NO! Benoit struggles for a counter, grabbing an arm, twisting and forcing Mercury to the mat... and [B}locking on the CRIPPLER CROSSFACE!![/B] Now it’s Mercury who cries in agony, straining, stretching for the ropes, but Benoit had it locked in tight in the middle of the ring... and Mercury taps! Mercury taps out!

Winner: Chris Benoit @ 10.13

An exhausted Benoit finally releases his grip of the crossface, as for the second week in a row Mercury puts up a great effort but comes up short. Benoit rolls off of Mercury, before rising to his feet and being presented with his title and having his hand raised in the air. Benoit slowly makes his way up the ramp, selling the effects of Mercury's attacks during the match, continually grabbing at his neck. The United States Champion makes it to the mouth of the entrance way, stopping under the famous Smackdown fist to hoist his title high in the air to another good pop from the crowd... when from behind he's struck by a clubbing forearm to the back of the head... from Test!! Benoit goes crashing to the floor, and Test pounces on top of him, laying in with a flurry of well placed right hands to the head. A series of boots follow from the impact player, and after momentarily pausing to soak up the boos of the crowd, Test drags Benoit to his feet... and then plants him with a gutwrench powerbomb on the floor!! The crowd is stunned as the camera zooms in on the prone Benoit, who cries out in pain. Test flashes a sick smile, before for the second week in a row he picks up the United States Championship and stands over Benoit. The camera continues to switch between the anguish of Benoit and the sick satisfaction of Test, all the while a barrage of boos ring out as we fade to commercial.


When we return, Josh Matthews is standing by...

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, he is the World Heavyweight Champion... The Animal... Batista!

A great pop can rings out as Batista steps into the shot, briefly nodding at Matthews and adjusting the Championship that is slung over his shoulder...

Josh Matthews: Batista, it was last week when we found out that at the Royal Rumble you will defend your World Heavyweight Championship against Finlay. Batista, after watching Finlay prevail in the fatal four way match last week, what are your thoughts on the latest challenger to your title?

The champion pauses for a moment, again adjusting his title before finally speaking...

Batista: What are my thoughts on Finlay?

The Animal again pauses, prompting Matthews to nod his head...

Batista: Hell, what can I say that hasn't been said before about 'im? Finlay is one tough son of a bitch. But y'know, me and Finlay... we got a bit of history together. We've had some battles in the past... but never for MY World Heavyweight Championship.

Batista pauses, prompting a slight pop from the crowd...

Batista: So Finlay, at the Royal Rumble... you better bring everything you've got.

The Animal now stares straight down the lens, a more intense feel to his voice...

Batista: Bring the fight, bring your shillelagh, hell, bring that damn leprechaun too! But you better understand this Finlay... I'm ready for ANYTHING you can throw at me.


Batista: You may be the Belfast Brawler... but I'm The Animal... and guess what Finlay?

Again Batista pauses, briefly looking at Matthews before smiling and turning back to the camera...

Batista: I love to fight too!!

Once more the crowd responds positively, while Batista turns and walks out of the shot, leaving Matthews behind, who puffs out his cheeks and mouths "Wow" at the intensity of The Animal.

We quickly cut to another part of the arena, this time returning to the General Manager's office where Teddy Long is talking on a cell phone, as we join him mid-conversation...

Teddy Long: Uh-huh... that's right playa... well, he wants competition, so that's what he's gonna get... alright, I like that... you got a number for this playa?

Long fumbles around his desk, grabbing a piece of paper and a pen...

Teddy Long: Uh-huh... alright...

Knock at the door...

"Come in!"

The camera stays focused on Long, still writing on his piece of paper. Eventually, Long glances up, smiling at what he sees...

Teddy Long: Hey, listen playa, I gotta go. I appreciate yo' help though... trust me playa, I'll be givin' him a call... alright, later man.

Long folds shut his cell and places it on his desk, before rising to his feet and stepping around from behind his desk to greet his visitors...

Teddy Long: Playas... welcome to Smackdown!

The camera pans to reveal ECW Legends Tommy Dreamer, Sabu and The Sandman, with the crowd giving the trio a warm reception. Long shakes hands with all three men, with The Sandman even thrusting a beer can Long's way...

Teddy Long: Uh... no, not on the job playa.

The Sandman: (Shrugging) Suit yourself.

Never one to let good beer go to waste, Sandman promptly downs the can infront of Long, who is visibly flustered at Sandman's actions...

Teddy Long: Listen playas, it's great to have ya' here on Smackdown, but uh... I think we gotta lay down a few ground rules, ya' hear?

Tommy Dreamer: Like what?

Teddy Long: Well first off, no getting drunk during a show.

The Sandman: (Burps) Too late for that.

Long shrugs and smiles, while Dreamer merely nods his head...

Teddy Long: Well uh... maybe rules ain't yo' bag. But listen, I wanna thank the three of you for comin' here to Smackdown. And y'know somethin' else? I wannna see the three of you goin' out there and causin' some chaos 'round here. I wanna see you three shake things up 'round here, ya dig?

Tommy Dreamer: Hey, Teddy... you don't gotta worry about that. Chaos and violence... that's what we do.

Teddy Long: Alright, I like the sound of that playas. I can't wait to see it.

Dreamer motions to his colleagues to leave the room, with Sabu and Long exchanging nods, while Sandman somehow manages to stagger his way out the door, before the camera cuts back to the announce table...

Michael Cole: It's been a crazy night here on Smackdown, and it could be about to get even crazier! Tommy Dreamer, Sabu and The Sandman are now all members of the Smackdown roster.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And you're happy with that? You support Teddy Long on his decision to sign these maniacs?

Michael Cole: Well yeah. I mean, Dreamer, Sandman and Sabu, those guys leave it all in the ring each and every night.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Yeah they leave it next to whatever poor bastard had to step into the ring with 'em that night! After all we've seen over the last few weeks, MVP being set on fire, his career could be over, with Joey Mercury getting his face caved in, needing hours of plastic surgery, with Matt Hardy suffering a concussion last week...

Michael Cole: (Interrupting) You said Matt Hardy deserved it!!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Don't you dare interrupt me again! After Matt Hardy suffers a concussion last week and Chris Benoit maybe suffering another concussion tonight, after ALL THAT, Teddy Long goes out and signs those three lunatics, and YOU Michael Cole, YOU support his decision?!

Michael Cole: Well... yeah.

Layfield, a look of pure disgust on his face, can only shake his head at Cole...

Michael Cole: What? I think Teddy Long's doing a great job.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You disgust me. A trained chimp could do your job better than you do.

Before Cole can respond and continue the argument...


It's a ton of heat that greets King Booker as he makes his way down to the ring, the lovely Queen Sharmell faithfully by his side...

John Bradshaw Layfield: And what about King Booker? He got drilled through our announce table by The Undertaker last week. Why wasn't there a fine or some kinda sanction handed down by Teddy Long?

Michael Cole: Well The Undertaker isn't here tonight, so...

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Interrupting) Oh so what he just shows up when he feels like it? Teddy Long is to blame for all of this, and the sooner we get rid of him as our General Manager, the better.

In the ring, Booker raises his pinkie into the air, again drawing more heat, while Sharmell proudly applauds her man, before snatching a microphone from Tony Chimel and handing it to her King...

King Booker: Last week... I... your King... King Bookah... I was royally besmirched.

Cheers from the crowd, with Sharmell shouting "Shut up!" in response...

King Booker: I... the King of the WWE... I was besmirched by a commoner... a mere peasant... called The Undertaker.

Huge pop from the crowd at the mention of The Deadman...

King Booker: Oh you may cheer... you may cheer him for his actions. But you cheer because you are nothing but peasants like him.

Cheap heat...

King Booker: You people, should be on your hands and knees, bowing at my feet, grateful that my presence has graced this cesspit.

More cheap heat, with Sharmell nodding along shouting "'Dat's right!"...

King Booker: As for you Undertaker... I am lead to believe you are not here tonight. One can only assume... it is because you fear the backlash of your actions last week. You fear what I would do to you after you chokeslammed me though a table last week!

Pop from the crowd, which causes Booker to lose his composure...

King Booker: Why don't all y'all suckas shut yo' damn mouths!

Boos, while Booker adjusts his crown and slips back into the regal accent...

King Booker: Now... as I was saying. Undertaker... I challenge you to a duel in this ring next week. 'Dat's right, I'm callin' yo' ass out sucka! And if you have any class... if you have any dignity... you will rise to my challenge Deadman. Else ye' be nothing better than these peasants who cheer your name. In the past, you may have held the WWE in a state of fear... but not I. Not King Bookah! For King Bookah fears no man!

Again Sharmell shouts "'Dat's right!" which draws a smile from her King...

King Booker: Undertaker... you have long reigned here on Smackdown. But now Undertaker... I... I am the one, true King of Smackdown. This is MAH kingdom Deadman. You no longer reign supreme here on Smackdown.

The crowd continues to boo, while Sharmell as loyal as ever nods along, agreeing with every word...

King Booker: Yet still, these peseants cheer you. Well, next week, if ye' be brave enough to meet me in this ring... I... King Bookah... I will slay thee Deadman.

Booker now steps towards the camera, all business...

King Booker: And when I do... you and all these mere peseants will know... that I... King Bookah... am not a King to be messed with.

Staring deep into the camera, Booker slams the mic to the mat, while his music starts up again to a chorus of boos...

Michael Cole: Wow. I'm not sure I've ever hear anyone call out The Undertaker like that before.

John Bradshaw Layfield: It's about time if you ask me. The Undertaker can't get away with puttin' people through tables whenever he feels like it. I applaud King Booker for what he just did.

Michael Cole: It's been quite the night here on Smackdown, and we've still got our main event to come. Join us when we return to Friday Night Smackdown!


*Video Package*


APRIL 7TH, 1986

In a rematch of sorts from the previous year, Mr. T and 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper once again meet at Wrestlemania, this time in a boxing match. After much stalling, the match descends into chaos after Piper is disqualified for body slamming T in the fourth round, leading to both Joe Frazier and 'Cowboy' Bob Orton getting involved in what was the first of three Wrestlemania main events that evening.


*End Video Package*

Into the arena for...


There are boos from the crowd for the arrival of The Miz, but not as many as other heels, as it's clear Miz still has a long way to go to be taken seriously as a threat here on Smackdown. Miz cockily swaggers down to the ring, his new associate Michelle McCool by his side...

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown folks. Here comes the man who last week said it was time for Smackdown to take a "reality check" and he also had a few comments for you JBL.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And I bet you loved every second of it didn't ya?

Michael Cole: Well, I didn't complain.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I swear to God if he comes anywhere near me tonight I will stick my fist straight through his goofy lookin' face.

Cole laughs at how worked up JBL is getting, before we hear...


It's a nice pop as Smackdown's resident redneck Jimmy Wang Yang slaps hands as he quickly makes his way down the aisle...

Match 5:
Jimmy Wang Yang
vs. The Miz w/ Michelle McCool

Determined to get his new, serious demeanour across, Miz arrogantly gets in Yang’s face early on, talking smack and even going as far as to slap Yang across the face. This only serves to ignite Jimmy, who responds by teeing off with a string of right hands, before sending Miz down with a headscissor takedown. Miz crouches in the corner, looking to regroup, with McCool nearby offering words of encouragement. Miz then comes out of the corner and is able to establish control with a hard knee to the gut and a stiff forearm to the spine. Miz demonstrates his new attitude through using a series of hard hitting moves, punishing Jimmy with more stiff kicks and knees, paying particular attention to target Yang’s head and neck area. Miz dominates for much of the match, but when he sends Jimmy to the corner and goes for his swinging corner clothesline, Jimmy uses his quickness to avoid the attack, and as Miz is hung up on the middle turnbuckle, Jimmy rolls him up for two count. Now Yang mounts an attack, connecting with clotheslines and a string of kicks before scoring another near fall with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Miz is reeling, but when Jimmy sends him off the ropes, Miz reverses, allowing McCool to grab a foot. The distraction costs Yang, as when he turns Miz nails him with a vicious lariat, before dragging Jimmy to his feet and nailing the Reality Check before hooking the leg... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: The Miz @ 02.57

A confident victory for Miz, who is quickly on his feet to stare down at the fallen Yang. The ref goes to raise Miz's arm, only for McCool to push the ref away, preferring to raise her clients arm herself to more boos than when Miz made his entrance. The boos continue, with Miz milking every second of it as we fade into commercial.


When we return, Josh Matthews is standing by...

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, he is the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship... Finlay.

Boos from the crowd as the veteran Irishman Finlay steps into the frame, trusty shillelagh in hand...

Josh Matthews: And Finlay we are just moments away from you partnering Mr. Kennedy in a tag team match against the man you assaulted with that shillelagh last week, Kane, and the man you will face at the Royal Rumble, the World Heavyweight Champion Batista. Finlay, what are your thoughts on this match tonight?

Finlay: My first thought is that if you ever talk to me like that again, I'm shove this shillelagh down your skinny neck.

Matthews lowers his head, not wishing to cause any trouble...

Finlay: As for my match tonight... I'd rather let my actions in the ring do the talkin' for me. Y'see Batista, he's all mouth. Just like my 'partner' tonight.

Finlay smirks, briefly shaking his head...

Finlay: But me? I'm not gonna run my mouth. I'm just gonna down to that ring...

Finlay hoists his shillelagh in the air, admiring it...

Finlay: And I'm gonna start crackin' skulls. This interview is over.

For the second time tonight, Matthews is left speechless, as the intense Finlay glares at him before walking off as we cut to the announce desk...

Michael Cole: Well folks, we've heard from both Champion and Challenger tonight, and both men have made their feelings clear. At the Royal Rumble, when Batista and Finlay collide, it's gonna be nothin' but a smash mouth fight.

John Bradshaw Layfield: It's gonna be an straight up brawl between two of the toughest guys we've got here on Smackdown, and I can't wait to see it!



After an initial pop from the smarks, the boos quickly rain down on Mr. Kennedy, who simply smirks as he arrogantly chews his gum and swaggers down to the ring...

Michael Cole: There's the man who last week claimed that he was the favourite to win the Royal Rumble. The ever arrogant Mr. Kennedy.

John Bradshaw Layfield: It's not arrogance if you can back it up Michael. Ever since Kennedy arrived here on Smackdown he's been knocking off some of the biggest names on this show like they didn't matter.

Michael Cole: Yeah but can he back it up and win the Royal Rumble?

John Bradshaw Layfield: I gotta agree with 'im. He's the favourite so far.

In the ring, Kennedy has climbed to the second rope and motioned for his microphone to drop down from the rafters...

Mr. Kennedy: You (Pointing at Tony Chimel) you just stand there, shut the hell up and watch how the pros do it.

Chimel can only shake his head while the crowd responds with boos...

Mr. Kennedy: So I see on the .com that 20 other guys just got announced as participants in the Royal Rumble match.

Kennedy loudly chews his gum into the mic as he gathers his thoughts...

Mr. Kennedy: Well I got one... simple... question for each and every one of ya... why bother?


Mr. Kennedy: No, no, I mean it... why bother showin' up for the Royal Rumble? I mean, I look at that list of names and... I see NOBODY who comes even close to bein' better than me.

Again boos...

Mr. Kennedy: You assholes can boo all ya' want, but y'know somethin'? At the Royal Rumble, when the smoke clears, when the dust settles, when the freakin' fat lady sings, when it's all said... and... done!... you people are gonna be left with one statement that you will remember for the rest of your sad, pathetic lives...

Kennedy now points at the Royal Rumble banner hanging from the rafters...

Mr. Kennedy: Here is your winner of the 2007 Royal Rumble match... MMMIIISSSTTTEEERRR KEN – NAH – DAY!

Kennedy now turns back to the camera, a cold blooded stare on his face...

Mr. Kennedy: (Softly) KEN - NAH - DAY!

Kennedy let's his mic head back up into the roof, and we have silence...



More boos from the crowd as Kennedy's partner tonight Finlay slowly makes his way down to the ring...

Michael Cole: Well Mr. Kennedy has made his intentions clear. He's determined to go on and win the Royal Rumble and then headline Wrestlemania. But will he and Finlay be victorious tonight? We'll find out when we return.


As we come back from commercial, Kennedy and Finlay have been joined in the ring by Kane, with the Big Red Machine's music beginning to face out as...


It's a thunderous response for Batista, as The Animal storms out from the back, setting off a blaze of fireworks before making his way down to the ring...

Michael Cole: The roof is about ready to blow off this arena! The Animal is primed and ready for action!

John Bradshaw Layfield: He better be ready Michael, 'cos there is a tough Irish bastard in that ring ready to tear 'im apart if he's not.

Main Event: Tag Team Match
World Heavyweight Champion Batista and Kane vs. Finlay and Mr. Kennedy

Despite JBL’s assessment of Finlay, it’s Kennedy who kicks things off for his team, the brash youngster confidently stepping up to take on Batista as the bell rings. Instead of locking up, Kennedy gets in Batista’s face, talking smack at him, goading the Animal before finally Batista snaps and knocks Kennedy down with a big right hand. Kennedy staggers to the corner, where the Champion unloads with rights and lefts before hitting a few shoulder thrusts to the midsection. A hard Irish whip sends Kennedy crashing to the opposite corner, and as he staggers out Batista is ready to hit a huge back body drop. Kennedy quickly scrambles to his corner to tag in Finlay, who slowly, cautiously enters the ring, with the Animal giving Finlay space to enter. The two tie up, with Finlay locking on a headlock, only for Batista to snap him off the ropes and then knock Finlay down with a shoulderblock.

Kane enters the match for the first time, and he unloads with hard uppercuts to the throat, before slamming Finlay to the mat and coming off the ropes to drop an elbow for an early 2 count. Kane continues to strike with those trademark uppercuts, but after dropping Finlay with a sidewalk slam, Kane comes off the ropes for a low angle dropkick... only for Kennedy to low bridge the top rope, sending Kane crashing to the floor! The ref is quick to admonish Kennedy, who of course pleads his innocence, only for Finlay to pick a fight with Batista, causing the ref to get in-between the two with Batista not being the legal man in the match. This is all the distraction Kennedy needs on the outside, as he drives Kane spine first into the ringpost and then the ring apron, leaving Kane slumped on the floor outside the ring as we fade into our final commercial of the night.


When we return, Kennedy and Finlay are now firmly in control, working well together to keep Kane away for Batista and aiming their attacks to the spine. Kennedy drives a series of knees to the back and follows with an inverted DDT, while Finlay places Kane face first into the corner, driving his shoulder to the spine before taking Kane down and locking on a legscissors. Finlay squeezes tight, causing Kane to cry out, while on the apron Batista stomps and slaps the turnbuckle, trying to get the crowd behind Kane. Slowly, Kane shows signs of life, trying to break Finlay’s grip by aiming elbows at Finlay’s head. Finally, Kane breaks free, slowly making it back to his feet, only for Finlay to drive him to the corner. After a few rights to the gut, Finlay sends Kane across... but as Kane crashes into the corner, Finlay charges... and runs straight into a big boot to the face! Kane, selling the effects of the beatdown he suffered, crashes to the mat too, and now both men are crawling for their corner. Finlay, being fresher, makes it to his corner first... here comes Kennedy... but here too comes Batista!

The Animal explodes into the ring, knocking both Kennedy and Finlay down with a bunch of clothesline before grabbing Kennedy and sending him off the ropes... straight into a huge spinebuster!! The crowd erupts as Batista dominates, but here comes Finlay from behind, clubbing Batista with forearms to the back. Finlay then goes for an Irish whip to the corner, only for Batista to reverses, sending Finlay hard into the corner. Finlay slumps to the mat, but as the camera zooms in on him, we see Finlay reach out... and grab his trusty shillelagh!! Cole immediately points it out, and as Batista slowly walks over, it seems Finlay is ready to strike... but Batista ducks, and a kick to the gut forces Finlay to drop the weapon. Batista quickly pounces, grabbing the shillelagh... and launching it down the aisle!! With his trusty weapon gone, Finlay now looks worried, with Batista nailing clubbing shots to the back, before pulling Finlay in... hoisting him up in the air... Batista-bomb... NO!! Kennedy saves his partner, nailing Batista from behind, but Kane is quickly back on the scene, and he clotheslines Kennedy over the top rope, before following the loudmouth outside. Kennedy and Kane now battle on the outside, while in the ring, Batista has Finlay in his sights. Finlay is slumped by the side of the ring, and as Batista approaches, a commotion is heard... as The Little Bastard has emerged from under the ring, shillelagh in hand!! Batista doesn’t see the leprechaun slide a shillelagh into Finlay, who hides it under his body. On the outside, the ref is distracted as Kennedy hits a drop toe hold that sends Kane face first into the ring steps for a nasty looking bump.

In the ring, Batista senses victory, grabbing Finlay, pulling him in, once again hoisting the Irishman high into the air... Batista-bomb... but Finlay has the second shillelagh in his hand... AND HE CRACKS IT ACROSS BATISTA’S SKULL!! The Animal slumps to the mat, while Finlay crashes too, falling from above Batista. Quickly removing the evidence, Finlay tosses the shillelagh towards the corner, before scrambling to cover Batista, motioning for the ref to finally turn around while hooking both legs tight... 1... 2... 3!

Winners: Finlay and Mr. Kennedy @ 11.34

For the second week in a row The Little Bastard hands Finlay the shillelagh and hands him a victory. With Kennedy and Kane both down on the outside, The Animal lays prone on the canvas, barely stirring, unable to shake away the cobwebs.

Michael Cole: Once again that Little Bastard just appears from out of nowhere to give Finlay an assist. I mean, where does he come from? Where does he disappear to?

John Bradshaw Layfield: None of that matters right now Cole. All that matters is that the World Heavyweight Champion is down and he is out cold! Irish eyes are smillin' bright as their boy Finlay just got a HUGE psychological advantage over The Animal.

The referee crouches down next to Batista, checking on the condition of the Champion, while Finlay stands nearby, shillelagh back in his grip. The ref continues to check on Batista... until Finlay shoves him away! The referee shouts "No!" but Finlay doesn't care, as he hoists the shillelagh high in the air...

"Aw c'mon! Don't do this!"

Readies himself, poised to strike...

"Do it! Hit 'im!"

And strikes down upon The Animal!!


And again... and again... and again!!

"I love it!"

Batista cries out in agony, as Finlay damn near snaps his shillelagh in half across The Animal's shoulder. Finally, mercifully, Finlay relents, knowing the damage is done. The referee again goes to check on Batista, to find the Champion writhing in pain, screaming out in agony. The crowd showers Finlay with boos, but the veteran Irishman simply flashes his toothy grin, not giving a damn about what anybody in this arena thinks of him.

Speechless, Cole offers no words, letting the boos of the crowd and the cries of The Animal tell it's own story, with the camera switching between the pain of Batista and the pride of Finlay as we fade to black.

*End Show*

Current Card for WWE Royal Rumble:
Date: January 28th 2007

Location: AT&T Centre, San Antonio, Texas

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Finlay

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Kenny Dykstra

30 Man Royal Rumble Match:
Winner has automatic title shot at EITHER brand’s Champion at Wrestlemania XXIII:
Entrants in Alphabetical order:

Bobby Lashley, Brian Kendrick, Carlito, Charlie Haas, Chavo Guerrero, Edge, Gregory Helms, Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, Kane, King Booker, Matt Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, Paul London, Randy Orton, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Shelton Benjamin, The Miz, The Undertaker, Triple H, Umaga
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

SmackDown! Feedback

Nice little reminder of the major event of last week, reminding us of Finlay’s big win, which will surely be crucial for tonight’s show.

Starting off with tag title action straight away? I have to say, I quite like how we instantly got it, giving the start of the show a more exciting feel. The commentary at the beginning of the match, giving hype to the card as a whole, while also building up how important the tag title match itself was, was nicely done. The match itself was pretty nicely done, with you showing a real contrast in styles between the high flying stuff from The Hooligans, and the more straight up fighting style of Regal and Taylor. The match built up well to a pretty exciting climax, and keeping Londrick looking strong with a title defense is certainly good to see as they now move off into their Maryse based program.

I’m surprised you had Test state his motives so quickly, as I thought another few beatdowns for a few weeks would have been in order first, but I guess this is just a mini feud anyway. Test talking up what he did to Benoit as his gimmick, making it all about the impact was fine, although I would have liked to have seen him talking about the US Title, which he’ll surely be going after Benoit to get. I’m pretty sure that’s what he was building to when Benoit jumped him, but I would have liked for him to say it first. The attack from Benoit is a nice showing of intensity, getting this feud some real heat early.

@ the generic banter of Londrick. The seduction from Maryse was well done too, really drawing The Hooligans in well before the confrontation with Ashley. The talk from Ashley, showing the instant heat was nicely done too, and while this is just a midcard thing, I’m already enjoying what you’re doing here. It’s definitely got my attention.

@ JBL talking about Vito. Academic win for Test here, which while he looks good during, I’m not really sure it was necessary. He’s already had his impact for the night, but I guess you really want to get him over on his new show.

The Rumble card is shaping up nicely. Should be one to look forward to.

The interaction between Long and Helms was pretty good here to begin with, showing Long standing up for himself and not being a pushover, really justifying himself well. The challenge for Helms for this week in Shannon Moore as a new signing, while maybe not that spectacular, is a nice one, as it catches Helms off guard, while it’s a good way to keep the thing going between Teddy and Helms, and also allows Shannon to slip back into things on SmackDown! well. Good booking.

Interesting angle. I would have maybe liked Vito trying to justify himself before being jumped, but adding The FBI back to the ranks on SmackDown!, and putting Vito back there instead of as a cross dresser seems a good idea. It’s also a positive to make an angle of it, even if it seems a little weird (as JBL hilariously pointed out on commentary while owning Cole, which I love).

Basic match between Moore and Helms, but really, that’s all it needed to be. I liked the psychology you used of Moore taking control early due to the shock of Helms at having to face Moore, while the finish did its job just fine. It was to be expected, but it’s still good booking as Moore looks good on his return to SmackDown!, Helms is protected by the fact it was a roll-up victory and he didn’t expect to be in a match, and you also have a title feud now to go with it. Good stuff.

Again, after already seeing a brawl between Test and Benoit, I’m not sure Benoit in action is something you really need. The match itself was fine, again showing good psychology with Mercury targeting the neck of Benoit, which was used well throughout the match. I’m not so sure about Test bating Benoit down after the match now, as while I thought this should have been the go, I also believe that having Test in action or cutting a promo was then needless. A gutwrench powerbomb out on the floor is a big statement too, and I would have thought that it should have slowly built to that, with Test making a real impact with the move, then revealing his motives so we have the feud go from there. This way seems a bit jumbled up, and like it doesn’t have as much natural progression, but it’s still making for a decent enough midcard feud.

The promo from Batista here wasn’t as good as I thought it could have bee. It seemed that you could have really built Finlay’s battles with Batista in the past and said Finlay’s taken him to the limit, making him a tough challenger, before Batista says he’ll be tough to beat for the title and then you can get through the rest of the Finlay needing to bring everything he’s got type of stuff. Still, the way you used Finlay’s catchphrase to end the promo was a nice way to finish the promo off.

Interesting little tease from Long. While this seems certain to be a challenger for Helms in the future as some new competition (and is likely Bryan Danielson, as you’ve alluded to him in your news a few times), I’m not so sure about the timing of this. I mean, I like AmDrag, but I really think that he should be brought in once Helms’ program with Moore is done, and that only just began tonight, meaning it should have some legs, and could probably go all of the way through to No Way Out. Rather than having AmDrag appear now, I thought you could have maybe waited for this after WrestleMania, with Helms defeating Moore in a feud and again having no competition to give you a long-term feud, but with that said, when Helms/Danielson happens I have no doubt that it should be good. I admittedly found the stuff with Teddy and The Sandman a little bit lame, but the ECW Originals making their way onto SmackDown! should be interesting, especially with the line about chaos and violence, no doubt hinting at a storyline coming.

@ JBL. Awesome.

The idea of Booker addressing The Undertaker is very interesting for me, because while they may have had a feud that sucked in 2004, I still think the two could put on something pretty interesting. The use of the “royal” Booker type language was good early, although I’m not so sure about calling The Undertaker a peasant, because he’s meant to be that different, supernatural type of guy. Instead I thought it would have maybe made more sense for Booker to talk about Undertaker as a dragon, and Booker as the king who must slay him for his actions and for the good of the peasants, who are falsely bullied into cheering The Undertaker. Still, Booker saying that ‘Taker was running from him was a pretty nice line, and the way that Booker challenged ‘Taker, in the way of Booker’s language, was great. I’m a bit disappointed you’re giving us the match between the two straight away, but the way in which Booker spoke was great. The end of the promo was kind of where I wanted you to go at the beginning, speaking of slaying The Undertaker, making for a pretty good conclusion to the promo. While it may have been pretty short, in terms of characterisation this promo was really good, and you’ve given us a match to look forward to next week.

I would mark if you made it to WrestleMania, tbh.

Good to see you keeping on with the previous week with the hate of JBL for The Miz. Not so sure about Wang Yang being fed to Miz as a jobber, as while the gimmick sucked, Wang Yang was actually one of the cruiserweight in a decent position at this time to always step up and have a competitive match with Helms, so for him to be jobbed out to a rookie here really sets him down a notch. Nice to see you really putting over Miz’s aggressive streak in the match, and McCool getting involved is okay, although I thought that should have been reserved for when Miz gets more of a challenge, because having to cheat to win your first match is kind of weak.

Nice use of Finlay’s character to show some real aggression here with a small promo, which he’ll hopefully back up in the match, as he needs the momentum to look a threat.

Nice to see a little promo from Kennedy about the Rumble as part of his introduction to the main event. A small thing was that I thought that just flat out calling the crowd “assholes” has never seemed like a WWE thing to do, but the promo, however short, was still good at showing off Kennedy’s arrogance.

Very nice main event here, showing the usual psychology of targeting a body part after capitalizing on attacking Kane on the outside, before the finish that was done well, giving Finlay some real momentum, while really not costing Batista due to the use of the (second) shillelagh. The ending was great, with Finlay making a real statement, which imo, he needed to do after talking a big game early. Good way to finish the show.

Another pretty damn exciting show here, iMac. While the booking maybe isn’t quite on the level of RAW, where your main event stuff is absolutely owning, the show still has that real exciting feel to it that is really making me love this BTB. The booking throughout was solid, and the writing pretty impressive too. I feel you’re doing a good job all the way throughout the card, so really it’s just a matter of keeping it going. Good stuff, my man.

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