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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~Friday Night SmackDown~
April 27th, 2007
Earls Court Exhibition Centre
London, England

"And maybe tonight... is gonna be another lesson... for him."

There's no recap or opening of any sort for that matter, as we cut straight into the arena to see that Matt Hardy and Finlay are already brawling on the stage! Trading stiff right hands, the pair battle around the British themed set, with Matt grabbing Finlay... and launching him into a nearby black taxi! Finlay sprawls all across the hood of the taxi and smacks off the windscreen with a thud, as it appears tonight's Belfast Brawl has kicked off before the show even started...

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Friday Night SmackDown from London, England, and folks, all hell has broken loose here! Matt Hardy and Finlay are scheduled to go at it in a Belfast Brawl for the United States Championship, and it looks like they don't even wanna wait for the show to get started!

Tazz: This is nuts, Michael! Hardy and Finlay, they were gonna kick off the show, but from what we've heard, Finlay didn't wanna wait that long. He jumped Hardy backstage, and now the fight's spilled out into the arena!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Haha, it's mayhem, it's chaos, and I love it! Things always get turned up a notch when SmackDown heads overseas, and it seems bein' back home in the United Kingdom has got Finaly all fired up for this one!

Mchael Cole: And guys, I don't even think this match is officially underway yet. What a wild start to the show we're seein'...

Indeed it is wild, as Matt stays on the attack, as when Finlay rolls off of the taxi, Hardy stays on him, grabbing Finlay and tossing him into the crowd barrier. Big right hands land to Finlay's head, until Finlay manages to kick out at Matt, drilling a boot to the midsection that allows him to create some separation as Finlay starts to stumble towards the ring. Finlay looks dazed as he stumbles down the aisle, but here comes Hardy from behind... knocking Finlay over with a stiff forearm to the back of the head! Finlay smacks off the concrete, Hardy laying in with boots, until he rolls Finlay into the ring and the bell finally sounds to officially get the match started...

Match 1: United States Championship Belfast Brawl
United States Champion Matt Hardy vs. Finlay

But despite Finlay being back in the ring, Hardy stays outside, rummaging under the ring, looking for weapons early on, with Hardy dragging out a trash can, then a steel chair, both of which he slides into the ring. Hardy follows in, and he picks up the trash can… and smashes it off Finlay’s skull! Hardy looks aggressive early on, as he again drills Finlay with boots as he lies on the canvas, before Matt picks up the steel chair… and smashes it off Finlay’s spine! Finlay grimaces in pain, but Matt lines him up… second steel chair shot to the body knocks Finlay through the ropes to the floor! The fight was barely in the ring before it’s back outside, with Matt stepping through the ropes and waiting on the apron for Finlay to get back up… diving elbow drop to the back of Finlay’s head! Hardy knocks Finlay down again, but after flashing the “V1” sign to the crowd, when he goes back to Finlay, Finlay reaches up and grabs Matt by the waist of his jeans… and yanks Hardy face first off the barricade! A nasty impact as Hardy smacks off the barricade, and as he sits against the barricade to try recover, Finlay gets back on his feet… and drives his knee into Hardy’s face, sandwiching his head between barricade and bone! Finlay now looks to take control as he drags Matt up, smashes him face first off the apron, then drives him spine first into the barricade, before landing a pair of forearms to the back then an uppercut. Finlay then looks for an Irish whip into the steel steps… but Hardy reverses… and sends Finlay crashing into the steel steps! Finlay takes the impact square on his shoulder and crumples to the floor, Matt quickly rolling him back into the ring for a near fall.

Finlay crawls to the corner to create some separation, but Matt stays on him, landing more boots to the midsection, before he fires Finlay across the ring and follows in… right into a back elbow! Matt stumbles back… and Finlay rocks him with a clothesline! Finlay now goes on the attack, laying in with boots to the chest, before he comes off the ropes… seated senton! Finlay stays on top for the cover… 1… 2… Hardy kicks out. Finlay looks to stay in control as he drags Hardy up, but after landing one uppercut, Hardy blocks a second… then strikes back with a trio of right hands of his own. Finlay swings again, but Hardy ducks underneath… then drops Finlay with an inverted DDT! Finlay staggers back to his feet against the ropes… and then a clothesline knocks him over and sends him sprawling to the floor! The match spills outside once more, with Finlay crawling away, but Hardy stays on him, smacking Finlay face first off the barricade. Finlay stumbles away, trying to put some distance between the two, but Matt stays on him, smacking him with more forearm shots that send the pair up the aisle. Matt reaches out to slow Finlay down, but Finlay drills him with a knee to the midsection, then drives him spine first into the barricade! The fans are up close and personal as the fight continues in the aisle, with Finlay walking Matt towards the British themed stage. When they get there, Finlay lines Matt up… and smashes him face first off a black taxi cab! Finlay lays in with more uppercuts, only for Matt to drill him with a boot to the midsection… then he sends Finlay for the ride… right into a red phonebox! Finlay smacks off the phonebox and hits the concrete, and as we head to commercial, it looks like Hardy is in control.


And when we return, the image is that of the door leading into the parking lot, the camera outside the arena… and for good reason as Finlay comes crashing through it! Cole fills us in that during the break the match spilled backstage, and now it’s heading outside the arena! Hardy quickly follows, smacking the doubled over Finlay with more clubbing blows to the back of the head, with Finlay desperately trying to stumble away. Hardy stays on him, landing a pair of boots to the midsection, only for Finlay to fire back with an elbow to the face. Forearms land, then Finlay grabs the wrist and goes for an Irish whip... sending Matt crashing into a nearby transportation truck! Hardy drops to his knees in pain, allowing Finlay to search around for weapons, and he finds one in a nearby wrench, which he scoops up... then swings at Hardy... but Matt ducks... and Finlay smacks the truck! Quickly Hardy spins Finlay around... then drops him with a SIDE EFFECT ONTO THE CONCRETE! Both men feel the effects of the sickening thud, taking an age before Matt makes it back to his feet, while Finlay crawls on all fours to try find safety. Hardy stays on him, laying in with boots, but when he drags Finlay back up, Finlay pokes a finger to the eye, then grabs a nearby trash can... and smacks it off Hardy’s skull! Hardy drops to a knee, but Finlay has him back on his feet, both men now heading back towards the door back into the arena. Finlay smacks Hardy face first off the door, then opens it, shoving the champion inside, where he lays in with more forearms to the spine. The pair stumble along a backstage corridor, a few randoms darting to safety, before Finlay winds up... and LAUNCHES MATT ACROSS A CATERING TABLE! Plates and bottles fly as Hardy has a painful landing, the champion writhing in pain, clutching his shoulder in agony.

Finlay sees an opening now, and he takes advantage by aiming boots to the shoulder, then he takes Hardy up, pulls his hand behind his back... then shoves him SHOULDER FIRST INTO A NEARBY PEPSI MACHINE! A violent collision as Hardy’s shoulder and head smack off the machine, and after Finlay shakes off the cobwebs, he goes right back to work by aiming more boots to the shoulder. Once more Finlay drags Hardy up, the two grappling and jockeying for position as they walk along the corridor, then turn towards a curtain... and suddenly we’re back inside the arena, the fans booing loudly as Finlay is in control, and he emphasises this by shoving Matt up against the stanchion of the entrance way, taking his left arm, wrapping it around the stanchion, then placing his foot on the stanchion for extra leverage, before he pulls back on the arm, trying to rip it right out the socket, causing Hardy to groan in agony, before Finlay finally relents. Matt frees himself and stumbles away, trying to shake some life back into the arm, but Finlay stays on the attack as the two head back down the aisle to the ring. At the foot of the aisle, Finlay grabs Matt by the wrist... then goes for an Irish whip... shoulder first into the steel steps! This time it’s Matt who tastes the steel, dislodging the top steps from the bottom half, with Finlay wasting no time in sliding them into the ring. The challenger then goes rummaging under the ring, bringing out a table that he also slides in, before a pair of steel chairs are tossed over the top rope. Hardy is rolled under the bottom rope, Finlay firmly in control, and after more stomps to the shoulder, Finlay yanks Matt’s arm... and places it in-between a steel chair! The challenger then heads for the corner, propping himself up onto the second rope, lining Matt up, the crowd gasping as they know what’s coming... as Finlay launches himself... DOUBLE FOOTSTOMP ON THE ARM TRAPPED IN THE CHAIR... NO! Hardy rolls to safety, letting Finlay hit the mat, the veteran tweaking his knee on impact. After shaking some life back into his leg, Finlay turns... and HARDY LEVELS HIM WITH A SICK STEEL CHAIR SHOT TO THE SKULL!

Finlay is lit up by the chair shot, but Hardy can’t take advantage as he stumbles backwards and falls, tending to his injured arm before he finally crawls over for the cover... 1... 2... Finlay barely rolls a shoulder! After shaking off the disappointment, Hardy struggles back to his feet, his left arm hanging, but as Finlay makes it back to his knees, Hardy socks him with a few right hands. Hardy heads for the corner, where he reaches down... and picks up Finlay’s shillelagh! The crowd pop as Hardy holds the trusty weapon in his hand... and he SMACKS THE SHILLELAGH INTO FINLAY’S RIBS! And again... and a third time finally knocks Finlay down... but Hardy is unrelenting as he repeatedly strikes with the shillelagh to the body! Finlay tries to cover up, but Hardy just keeps on swinging, until he finally comes to a stop after close to fifteen body shots and launches the shillelagh up the aisle, far from the ring. The London crowd is on it’s feet, as with Finlay seriously weakened, Matt now stands behind him, waiting for him to rise, ready to strike with the TWIST OF FATE... but wait... from under the ring... it’s The Little Bastard! That damn leprechaun makes his first appearance since WrestleMania XXIII... and just as Hardy makes his move... the little guy dives and grabs him by the ankle! Hardy tries to move but is rooted to the spot... and that allows Finlay to level him with a bodyblock! After taking a few seconds to grab his ribs, Finlay scans the ring, then finally spots his shillelagh up the aisle, prompting him to dispatch The Little Bastard to retrieve it. As the little guy goes scurrying off, Finlay takes the table he brought into the ring and props it up against the turnbuckle. As Finlay waits, he lays in with more stomps to the shoulder, and then he’s handed the shillelagh. With vengeance in his eyes, Finlay looks down… then SMACKS THE SHILLELAGH OFF OF HARDY’S SHOULDER! And again… and again… and just like Matt earlier, Finlay strikes time after time, until he finally eases up and slams the weapon off the mat, the camera close enough to hear Matt cry out in agony.

Finlay paces the ring for a few seconds, contemplating going for a pinfall, but then he thinks again, and decides to drag Hardy to his feet. Lining Matt up, Finlay takes aim and then looks to TOSS HIM SHOULDER FIRST THROUGH THE TABLE IN THE CORNER! The champion is viciously driven through the table, wood splinters flying everywhere, and it looks like Hardy has passed out from the pain as he lies motionless on the canvas. Finlay tears through the wreckage, then he drags Hardy from the corner, and drives a forearm into the face as he gets the 1… 2… NO! Hardy kicks out! Somehow Hardy stays alive! The fans cheer warmly as Hardy shows great spirit to hang in there, but Finlay flashes a furious scowl at the referee, before he once again starts to rearrange furniture. Setting up the steel steps smack in the centre of the ring, Finlay clearly has something sinister in mind. He yanks the champion to a vertical base… then takes Matt up onto his shoulders… and the crowd gasp as they know what’s coming… CELTIC CROSS ONTO THE STEEL STEPS… NO! Valiantly, Hardy fights it, striking with elbow after desperate elbow to the side of the head, managing to drop down to his feet. Hardy shoves Finlay to the corner… then follows in… corner clothesline… and Matt hangs on… running bulldog! Hardy shows signs of making a comeback, but he decides to head outside, and once again he looks under the ring, bringing out a trash can, the lid inside of it. Hardy tips out the can, grabs the lid, then forces himself onto the second rope, where he waits for Finlay to get back to his knees… TRASH CAN LID SHOT TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Matt stands tall, calling for Finlay to rise… so he can unload with another three shots to the skull… before a fourth knocks Finlay down! Hardy is buzzing, the crowd is electric, and now Matt waits, ready to strike… but once again The Little Bastard gets involved as he kicks Matt from behind. Although it has little effect, it still causes Hardy to turn and stare the little guy down. The leprechaun panics and starts to run, but Hardy quickly scoops up the trash can… and places it over the top of him… trapping The Little Bastard inside! The leprechaun is taken out of the equation, but here comes Finlay from behind… SHILLELAGH SHOT… NO! Hardy ducks underneath, then he when Finlay turns… kick… TWIST OF FATE… ON THE STEEL STEPS!! Finlay smacks off the steel, and Hardy quickly rolls him over and hooks the leg… 1… 2… 3!

Winner: And STILL United States Champion, Matt Hardy @ 16.41

After a gruelling, brutal match, Matt Hardy finally puts Finlay away, retaining the United States Championship and bringing an end to the long running feud between the two. After the three count, Hardy rolls over onto his back, laying on the mat, taking deep breaths as the toll the match took on his body is plain for all to see. Hardy manages to make it onto his knees, then stumbles up to his feet, his arm raised in victory as he plants a kiss on the title belt. The crowd give a very respectful pop as Hardy exits the ring, a little bit shaky on his feet, but very much the winner as he slowly makes the long walk backstage, leaving behind the down and out Finlay and The Little Bastard, still trapped inside the trash can, in the ring, raising the title to yet another cheer from the London faithful before we head to a commercial.


We return from the break to see the smiling Josh Matthews standing by, microphone in hand, ready to conduct an interview...

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown from London, England. And please welcome my guest at this time, he is the World Heavyweight Champion... 'The Animal'... Batista!

The crowd gives a great welcome as Batista steps into the frame, the World Heavyweight Championship slung over his shoulder, the champ dressed in his ring gear and t-shirt, clearly ready for action...

Josh Matthews: Batista, later tonight you are scheduled to defend your World Heavyweight Championship against Mr. Kennedy, a match made due to Kennedy's win over Edge last week. What are your thoughts on what happened last week, and of course, on tonight's title match?

Batista rubs his jaw, pondering his response, before a wry smile crosses his face...

Batista: Well, what can I say about last week? I mean, I was there on commentary, I saw the whole thing. I gotta admit, it was a helluva match. Credit where credit's due, I might think Kennedy's a total jackass, but he proved he could dig down deep and pull out a victory last week. But uh... I'm sure Edge is somewhere whinin' and complainin' about the fact I got involved in the match. And y'know somethin', Josh? I really don't care.

Pop from inside the arena, with Batista speaking with a very serious tone...

Batista: For too long now, Edge has been crackin' those steel chairs off people's skulls. I mean, he did it to me both before and after our match at WrestleMania, and then he did it to Chris Benoit only two weeks ago. We still don't know how long Chris is gonna be out for, if he's gonna make it back for the title match he's due at Judgment Day... or if he's gonna make it back at all. I'm getting' pretty pissed off with it happenin' all the time, and I wasn't gonna let it happen again last week, especially when I knew I had a chance to stop it.

Batista pauses, wanting to add emphasis to his next point...

Batista; And let's get one thing clear. I didn't do it 'cause I like Kennedy, or 'cause I think he needed or deserved any help. I did it, 'cause it was about time somebody stood up and did somethin' about it. So if Edge has any complaints about what I did last week, then he knows where to find me. But if he does come lookin' for me, he better bring another steel chair with 'im... 'cause he's gonna need it.

Another pop from the fans...

Batista: As for tonight... uh, well, mixed emotions if I'm bein' honest with ya' Josh. I know Kennedy won the match last week, he earned another shot at me and the World Heavyweight Championship... but I can't help but feel that this oughta be Chris Benoit's title shot tonight. Chris earned the chance to face me fair and square, only for Edge to take it away from 'im. Tonight... shoulda been Batista and Benoit... for this right here.

Bringing his title off his shoulders and holding it infront of the camera, Batista stares at the belt for a few seconds before he continues...

Batista: I’m pretty sure that’s what these fans in London would wanna see, and if it was up to me, that’s what they woulda got. But it is what it is, and tonight’s gonna be Kennedy. I already beat ‘im at No Way Out, and I don’t see tonight bein’ any different. I’ll hand it to Kennedy, I watched his match last week up close, and he looked very impressive. Perhaps even more impressive than he did before No Way Out, and that means tonight’s gonna be an even tougher test.

A quick shrug of the shoulders and then Batista carries on...

Batista: Who knows, maybe once you cut away all the crap, the guy actually learned somethin’ from bein’ in the same ring as a legend like Ric Flair back at WrestleMania.

A loud “”WOOOOO!” from inside the arena, to which Batista shows his appreciation as he nods his head...

Batista: But while you can learn a lot from goin’ against guys like Ric, there’s one thing that can’t be taught. And that’s desire. The desire to be a champion, the desire to do whatever it takes to win this title, and then hang on to it, no matter the cost. And when SmackDown was goin’ off the air last week, and I looked up at Kennedy... I don’t see that same level of desire in his eyes.

Another pop as Batista speaks with a passion and fire in his voice...

Batista: And until Kennedy learns that chewin’ gum and bein’ all cocky on the mic means nothin’ when it comes to bein’ a champion... he’s never gonna get his hands on my title.

And now Batista turns to look into the camera, an intense look on his face as he says...

Batista: And maybe tonight... is gonna be another lesson... for him.

And a final pop from the fans as Batista wraps things up, a quick nod in Matthews' direction before 'The Animal' turns and makes his exit, with Matthews watching on in awe as we cut elsewhere.

And it's to the trainer's room we go to see Matt Hardy sat on the table, clutching his ribs, rubbing his neck, clearly exhausted and in pain after his earlier efforts, but the buzz of victory allows him to have a smile on his face. The trainer checks him over, performing a few basic turns and twists on Matt's head and neck, before he reaches over and grabs an ice pack, handing it to Hardy...

Trainer: Here, put that on your shoulder, it oughta help.

Matt Hardy: Thanks, doc.

Hardy takes the ice pack and places it on his shoulder, leaning back against the wall to hold it in place and apply pressure. With one hand still wrapped around his ribs, Hardy uses his free hand to pick up the United States Championship that sits nearby, Matt looking warmly towards the gold, the smile on his face growing bigger. Suddenly, the door to the trainer's room is heard being rather forcibly pushed open, with Hardy looking off camera to see who has entered the room... and the camera reveals it's The Miz and Michelle McCool. Instant heat from inside the arena, with Hardy trying to sit up, looking to be on his guard...

The Miz: Matt, Matt, relax. Take it easy champ. I'm not gonna try anythin'. I'm not even gonna touch ya'. All I came to do was congratulate you on your victory.

Naturally Hardy looks at Miz uneasily, clearly not believing Miz and his intentions...

The Miz: And what a victory it was. I mean, Belfast Brawl, you and Finlay, man what a battle it was! Credit to ya' for pullin' through there, Matty boy.

Hardy sits forward from the wall, gritting his teeth as he speaks...

Matt Hardy: Cut the crap, Miz. I'm not buyin' it. I'm not in the mood for this right now.

A smirk crosses Miz's face, clearly enjoying seeing the champion suffer...

The Miz: Alright, alright, I'm not gonna take up too much of your time. Here, lemme paint ya' a lil' picture.

Miz sits himself down next to Matt, draping an arm over Hardy's shoulder, at which Hardy winces then quickly shakes off...

The Miz: Y'see, you beat Finlay tonight, and that of course means you're still United States Champion. And that's really good news for me, Matt.

Confused, Hardy raises his eyebrows...

Matt Hardy: Really?

The Miz: Really. 'Cause that means you Matt... you have what I want. You've got the United States Championship. And ever since I won the Pre Show Battle Royal at WrestleMania, it's your title that I want.

Miz takes a look down at the gold, reaching out, but then pulling his hand back before he touches it...

The Miz: And at Judgment Day... I'm comin' to get it. So don't get too comfortable with that belt, champ. 'Cause at Judgment Day, there's gonna be a new US Champion... and his name is The Miz... and he's-

Matt Hardy: Shut up, you idiot!

Miz's eyes bulge, even more than usual for the interruption, standing up and adjusting his jacket collar, clearly offended...

Matt Hardy: You wanna face me at Judgment Day? Fine. Let's do it. But think just 'cause I'm hurtin' now that I won't be ready. If I can survive Finlay and a Belfast Brawl... then I can sure as hell survive you.

And now Hardy forces himself up off the trainer's table to stand toe to toe with Miz...

Matt Hardy: And if you try anythin', if you try jump me before the match, I promise ya'... you're gonna be the one that's gonna be ready in time.

Pop from inside the arena...

Matt Hardy: You understand that?

Miz laughs and nods his head, looking Matt dead in the eye...

The Miz: Yeah sure. I hear ya'. I'll see ya' at Judgment Day.

Miz smirks as he starts to back away, putting a bit of distance between the two...

The Miz: You just take it easy, make sure you rest up... champ.

But Miz is still close enough to pat Hardy on the shoulder, causing Matt to wince and grimace in pain, a huge smirk on the face of Miz and McCool as they watch Hardy grab his arm, before the two decide to turn and leave. Hardy watches them go, then the trainer steps back in, encouraging and helping Matt sit back down on the table, reapplying the ice back to Hardy's shoulder as the champion has a slight of trepidation in his eyes as we head back into the arena.

To hear.


*IT'S TIME...*

A pretty strong level of heat as Gregory Helms slowly saunters out from the back, his trusty clipboard and pen in his hands, suggesting Helms is once again canvassing for signatures for his petition. Helms offers the pen to a few of the younger ringside fans, and being kids they of course reject the chance to sign the petition, causing Helms to turn to the females in the crowd, who give him the same response...

Michael Cole: It's time for some cruiserweight action, and here comes the champion, Gregory Helms. Helms of course has been petitioning to have the title retired in his name as a tribute to his legacy as the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in history, but I don't think he's havin' much luck right now in getting' names.

Tazz: Not a whole lotta love in London for Helms. And I think it’s ‘cause nobody’s buyin’ this whole retire it as a tribute thing. These people ain’t dumb, they know it’s ‘cause Helms is runnin’ scared of Bryan Danielson.

John Bradshaw Layfield: He ain’t runnin’ scared! Why would he run scared of a guy he’s already beaten twice! If ya’ ask me, Helms is doin’ the cruiserweight division a favour. Nobody’s gonna be able to follow his reign, so ya’ might as well retire the title to save the rest of ‘em havin’ to live knowin’ they’ll never be as good as Gregory Helms.


Match 2: Non-Title Match
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Shannon Moore

As the bell rings, Moore is ready to go and takes a step forward, only for Helms to tell him to stop and back off. Moore looks confused, as do the crowd, but it soon becomes apparent what's going on, as Helms heads to the corner, picks up his petition... and thrusts it under Moore's nose! He wants him to sign it! The crowd laugh as Moore stares at Helms in disbelief, but Helms is adamant, even taking off the lid of his pen and handing it to Moore. Shannon takes a look at the petition... and then at the crowd... before he tosses the petition and the pen over the top rope... then smacks Helms with a big right hand! We're finally under way, with Moore tagging Helms, backing him to the ropes, where Moore sends Helms for the ride... big back body drop! Helms stumbles back up, right into an armdrag that sends him towards the ropes, and when he's back up, Moore charges... clothesline over the top rope! Helms hits the floor with a thud, but when he picks himself back up, he again tells Moore to back off, this time so he can pick his petition up off the floor and replace it under the turnbuckle. Helms now cautiously heads back into the ring, the two tying up, and Helms gains control as he drills a knee into the midsection, then a pair of forearms to the back of the head. A scoop slam puts Moore down, followed by a snap legdrop, gaining Helms a near fall. Helms drags Moore back up and goes for a right hand, but Moore blocks it, scoring with two rights of his own, before he tries to send Helms to the corner... but Helms reverses and follows in... Helms tries to use the ropes to elevate himself over Helms... but Helms catches Moore on his shoulder... and drops him face first on the top turnbuckle! Moore stumbles towards the centre of the ring, but Helms is already coming off the ropes... for a big time clothesline! Moore is down, and Helms hooks the leg... 1... 2... Moore rolls a shoulder.

Helms now enjoys a period of control as he connects with a swinging neckbreaker and then a double underhook backbreaker, before he gets a long two count from a northern lights suplex. From the kickout, Helms quickly applies a grounded chinlock, trying to wear Moore down with a hold that at times slips into a choke, causing the ref to admonish Helms. Eventually Moore starts to mount a comeback, as he forces both men back to their feet, then drills a pair of elbows to the midsection to break the hold, but Helms hangs on... until Moore takes him up and down with a side suplex! Both men now struggle back up, Helms throwing a right... Moore blocks it... then scores a big right of his own! Another two rights from Moore connect, allowing Moore to go for the Irish whip... but Helms reverses... Moore comes off the ropes with a spinning heel kick! Looking to build momentum, Moore is back up first, meeting Helms head on with an inverted atomic drop, then he goes for a boot to the midsection... Helms catches the foot... enzuigiri! Moore's boot smacks off Helms' skull, and here's the cover... 1... 2... Helms kicks out! Disappointed, Moore presses on, dragging Helms back up, tagging him with right hands against the ropes, and Moore again goes for the Irish whip... but when he lowers his head, Helms snaps him back up with a kick to the chest... then levels Moore with a dropkick! Shannon is down, but able to make it back onto his knees, but here comes Helms off the ropes... SHINNING WIZARD!! Helms absolutely hammers Moore, then rolls over his lifeless body to get the 1... 2... 3.

Winner: Gregory Helms @ 04.19

A slight scare, but Helms eventually puts Moore away with ease, picking another strong victory to enhance his claims of cruiserweight supremacy. Helms aggressively pushes himself off of Moore and back onto his feet, where he snatches his title from the referee's grasp, then demands his hand be raised in victory. Helms then heads to the corner and picks up his petition, and it looks like he might be about to try and canvas for more signatures around the ringside area... until...


A very loud and positive pop as Bryan Danielson steps out, not dressed to compete, and rather strangely for him, with a microphone in his hands. In the ring, Helms is furious, feeling slighted that Danielson would interrupt his celebration, but Bryan doesn't look as if he really gives a damn as he waits for his music to die down...

Bryan Danielson: Gregory, lemme just first of all say, I'm not much of a talker. So you'll forgive me when I say that the apology you were lookin' for last week... that's not gonna happen.

Helms rolls his eyes and shakes his head, shouting “You're a fraud!” up the aisle at Bryan...

Bryan Danielson: But, y'know, you came out here after my match last week, and you told the fans a few home truths about me. I mean yes, it is true folks, I was previously in the WWE under a developmental contract, only to be released before I made it to the main roster.

Helms nods proudly. clearly pleased with what last week's detective work brought him...

Bryan Danielson: But despite what Greg here might think... I'm not ashamed of that.

Pop from the fans, with Helms shouting “You should be!”...

Bryan Danielson: I mean, it was always my dream to make here in the WWE. And sure, it was a huge disappointment to be released so early in my career. But I didn't view it as a setback, I used it as a positive, and it helped me get to where I am today.

Another pop...

Bryan Danielson: The fact of the matter is, if I hadn't been released from my developmental contract by the WWE five years ago... I wouldn't be the wrestler I am today.

Again Helms shakes his head, clearly not interested in listening, but Bryan presses on with a warm look of satisfaction on his face...

Bryan Danielson: I wouldn't have gotten to go train in Japan, I wouldn't have gotten the chance to learn the lucha libre style of Mexico, I wouldn't have got the chance to wrestle all over Europe and the rest of the world. Who knows, if I'd stuck around and been promoted to the main roster before I was ready... I mighta been released a year or so later, and my big chance would have already passed me by.

Bryan now begins to pace back and forth, a knowing glint in his eye...

Bryan Danielson: And that's why I don't look at it as somethin' to be ashamed or embarassed about. It was a challenge to test myself around the world and see if one day I could make it back... and here I am.


Bryan Danielson: But you Greg... you have done a few things in your career you should be embarrassed about. I mean, who could forget wrestling's number one boy band, 3 Count?

Danielson motions for us all to turn our attentions towards the screens...

*Video Package*

We cut to a unknown WCW event from back in the year 2000, where we see Shannon Moore, Evan Karagias and yes, Shane Helms stood in the ring, dressed like a late ‘90s boy band, the trio standing in the ring, each on their own green circle. Helms has a mic in his hand, and he’s heard saying…

Shane Helms: ‘Cause sooner or later, everybody goes down… for the 3 Count! Now hit – our – music!

And indeed, the music starts as we hear 3 Count’s signature tune “Can’t Get You Outta My Heart” blare out from the speakers system. The trio do their best to lip sync along with the track, as well as providing some rather unusual dance steps. We see young teenage girls in the crowd franticly running their hands through their hair and screaming loudly, but we also see some women in their late twenties shake their head and stick their fingers in their ears, while the males in the audience simply boo and give the band the thumbs down.

Helms, Moore and Karagias go through their whole routine, making it to the end of the song, and when the music dies, we hear exactly what the majority of the audience thought of the performance, loudly booing once again. Helms though is undeterred as he again addresses the crowd…

Shane Helms: Now I know y’all enjoyed that, so what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna kick it… one – more – time! Hit it!

Uh huh, that’s right, the music starts up again as we see Helms, Moore and Karagias start the whole thing over again. But, seeing as it’s truly awful and we’ve seen more than enough, this video thankfully comes to an end.

*End Video Package*

Back in the arena, and Helms is fuming, his nostrils flaring wildly as the crowd have a good laugh at his expense. Helms screams “Shut up!” at the crowd, which only serves to increase the laughter, with a slight smirk on the face of Danielson...

Bryan Danielson: Now, see, that is somethin' to be embarrassed about. While you were singin' songs and dancin', I was trainin' hard and tryin' to perfect my craft. But... I gotta admit, even though you looked stupid doin' it, all the boy band stuff... that got you a spot on the WCW roster. That gave you an opportunity to wrestle each and every week on national television, somethin' that back then, I could only dream about. I'm sure you weighed up the pros and cons and decided that if bein' part of some boy band meant you got your big break in the business... then it was a sacrifice worth making.

A mixed response from the audience, but Danielson quickly calls for quiet, the grin on his face suggesting he has something else in store...

Bryan Danielson: But uh... this next clip... I uh... I dunno man. I mean, bein' in a boy band is one thing... but dressin' up like a superhero? That's a whole different level of embarrassment if ya' ask me. I'm know we all remember the days when you used to say... stand back... there's a hurricane comin' through!

And once again, Danielson turns towards the tron...

*Video Package*


The video starts with the opening of “Eye of the Hurricane”, the former entrance music of The Hurricane, and sure enough, we see the man himself, Gregory Helms’ alter ego The Hurricane flying across the screen in some very amateur looking CGI video. As the music continues to play, we now see a highlights package of some of the more memorable moments of The Hurricane characters lifespan, starting with shots of Hurricane’s match with The Rock, as Rocky lays the smackdown on Helms…


And now we see Hurricane driving the Hurri-Cycle, with his former sidekick, Mighty Molly in the sidecar, but now we cut to WrestleMania X-8, where Helms exploits the 24/7 Rule to become Hardcore Champion, only for Molly to crack a frying pan off Helms’ head, complete with comical sound effect, allowing Molly to become the new champion.

We now cut to footage from the November 24th, 2003 Raw Roulette episode of Monday Night Raw, where we see Hurricane in the parking lot chasing after a midget named Fernando. The chase now spills into the arena, and each time Helms tries to dive and grab the midget, he of course misses, making the whole thing look like something from a bad Benny Hill episode.

And finally we cut to a match between The Hurricane and The Big Show, where during the action, Helms tries to summon up some superhuman power to enable him to chokeslam Big Show… but of course, it fails miserably, and Show clobbers Helms with a massive right hand, and then shows Helms how it’s done as he delivers a big time chokeslam of his own, us ending the video as we hear Hurricane say…


*End Video Package*

This time Helms is absolutely livid, furiously kicking the bottom rope, ranting and raving at the fans who again respond with loud bellows of laughter. At the entrance way, Danielson is doubled over, close to tears, with Helms looking like he's about to lose control...

Bryan Danielson: Wow. Greg... I don't know what to say. To me, dressin' up like a superhero and recruitin' a sidekick... that's not worth it. So Greg, I'd be careful about bringin' up stuff from people's past that they might not be proud of... 'cause you've got plenty o' stuff in your past to be embarrassed about. But despite what happened in either of our pasts Greg, right now, you're standin' in that ring as the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in WWE history. And that's exactly the spot I wanna be in.

Helms angrily shakes his head, motioning that Bryan will never be in his spot, but with a much more serious demeanour, Danielson presses on...

Bryan Danielson: I dunno where, I dunno when... but I'm comin' after you and that title. Sooner or later, I'm gonna get another shot at the Cruiserweight Championship, and when I do...

And with a look of sheer focus and determination, Bryan points at the ring and slowly says...

Bryan Danielson: The longest reign in Cruiserweight Championship history... is over!


The crowd respond with a terrific cheer as Danielson looks down at Helms, pure focus on his face, clearly determined to find a way to get another shot at Helms and the gold. In the ring, Helms is still raging at the embarrassment caused, leaning against the ropes, a furious scowl on his face, the camera switching between the two contrasting expressions on each man's face as we head off for a commercial.


*Video Package*

A black screen fills the frame, as the opening chords of ‘Booyaka 619’ begin to play. As the music starts to grow, we fade into a match from the July 8th, 1996 episode of Monday Nitro, where Rey Mysterio hits a hurricanrana on Dean Malenko, hanging on tightly for the three count, with Tony Schiavone making the call...


Narrator: For years he has defied the laws of gravity…

We now fade in on Halloween Havoc ’97, where Mysterio soars through the air, over the top rope, crashing down on Eddie Guerrero with a hurricanrana onto the concrete, with Bobby Heenan shouting...


Narrator: Fans across the world have marvelled at his feats of athleticism…

The June 5th, 2003 episode of Friday Night SmackDown, where Mysterio counters Matt Hardy’s Twist of Fate into a bridging pin, becoming Cruiserweight Champion once more before we see Rey celebrate with his family as Michael Cole screams…


Narrator: He was always the ultimate underdog…

SummerSlam 2005, where Mysterio and Guerrero battle once more, this time in a Ladder Match, with Rey emerging victorious as Tazz yells…


Narrator: Until he climbed to the very pinnacle of sports entertainment…

And finally WrestleMania XXII, where Rey hits the 619 then hits the West Coast Pop on Randy Orton, winning the World Heavyweight Championship and paying tribute to his late friend, Eddie Guerrero, with Cole again making the call…


Narrator: And now, Rey Mysterio…

We cut to a darkened wrestling ring, where Mysterio stands, his back to us, his shaved head glistening in the light as he holds his mask in his hands, raising it above his head…

Narrator: Is returning to…

Mysterio slips on the mask, the camera rapidly zooming in for a close up just as Mysterio turns…

Narrator: Friday Night SmackDown!

And we see Mysterio staring into the camera, his eyes as green as the mask adorning his face, before we fade into the following graphic…


*End Video Package*

We're back, and it appears we're in the communal locker room where we see The New Breed, some pretty decent heat for the newest tag team on SmackDown. Both Elijah Burke and Monty Brown sit on steel chairs, still smarting after what happened to them last week, while behind them, Layla nervously paces back and forth...

Elijah Burke: Man, I can't believe what Teddy Long pulled on us last week. I mean, Matt Hardy and Batista, without any notice? That ain't fair man, that ain't right! I mean, if we knew about 'em both, we'd beat 'em.

The seething Brown rubs the knuckles on his hands, clearly looking for some way to take out his frustrations...

Monty Brown: I bet he thinks he real smart, huh? I bet he thinks he's taught us a lesson or somethin'.

Burke angrily nods his head in agreement, a smirk on his face as he does so...

Elijah Burke: Hey ain't taught me nothin'. All he did was-

Suddenly, the door to the locker room swings open, with all eyes turning off camera to see who has entered the room... and the camera pans to reveal it's Teddy Long. A warm response for the SmackDown General Manager from the crowd inside the arena, but it's clear from the look on their faces, nobody from The New Breed is happy to see Teddy in attendance...

Teddy Long: Just the three playas I was lookin' for. Burke, Brown, Layla... how are we this week? Perhaps that chip on yo' shoulders ain't so big now?

Brown completely blanks Teddy, his eyes fixated on the foor, while Burke laughs and shakes his head as Layla rolls her eyes, nobody offering a verbal response, at which Teddy simply shrugs his shoulders...

Teddy Long: A'ight. Well, all I came here to say was that I hope you two learned a thing or two from your match last week against Batista and Matt Hardy.

Pop from inside the arena for the mention of the World Heavyweight and United States Champion...

Teddy Long: This is SmackDown. And this is my show. And I'm not gonna stand for the kinda stunt you two pulled on The Hooligans a few weeks ago. Ya' want a title shot? That ain't the way to go about getting' it, ya' dig?

Looking like school children getting told off by their teacher, both Burke and Brown stare at the floor...

Teddy Long: You three playas wanna stick around on my show? Ya' gonna do things ma' way, ya' feel me?

Burke bursts from his chair, wanting to go nose to nose with Teddy, a look of concern on Layla's face a she realises Burke losing his temper does the team no favours right now...

Elijah Burke: Man, we ain't doin' no-

Layla: That's fine! That's absolutely fine, Teddy. We'll do things your way. I'm sure, deep down inside, Monty and Elijah know that that's the right way to do things now. Right guys?

Layla urges her team to agree, and despite clearly not agreeing, both Burke and Brown reluctantly nod their heads. With the team in agreement, Layla now steps beyond Burke, allowing her to rather seductively cosy up next to Teddy...

Layla: So... Teddy... now that we've learnt our lesson, is there perhaps a chance that The New Breed could have a title shot against The Hooligans? Pretty please?

Layla strokes a finger along Teddy's suit jacket and bats her eyelids, but Teddy isn't impressed...

Teddy Long: That ain't gonna get ya' nowhere, toots.

A few laughs from the fans, with Layla's jaw nearly hitting the floor, clearly offended...

Teddy long: But listen, I'm a fair man. I gave London and Kendrick the week off last week, London got the all clear from the doctor, so the champs are good to go. As for you two... if ya' want a title match, ya' gonna earn it.

Suddenly Burke and Brown perk up, interested in what's coming next...

Teddy Long: So tonight, it's gonna be The New Breed takin' on The Hooligans in a Non-Title Match. And I'm gonna make it real simple. If you two win... you get a shot at the champs at Judgment Day.

With a smirk on his face, Burke turns towards Brown, the two would be challengers nodding in agreement...

Teddy Long: But if ya' lose... then you two head to the back o' the line. How's that sound to you Layla?

Clearly confident in her teams abilities, all it takes is a quick check over the shoulder for Layla to respond positively...

Layla: I think we can work with that.

Teddy Long: Good. Now two cats better get ready, you up soon. Holla!

And with that, Teddy heads off and exits the room, leaving a very confident looking New Breed, Layla clearly happy with how the exchange went, while Burke and Brown start to take off their shirts and grab their bags, readying themselves for later tonight while we head back into the arena.

And we hear...



The boos quickly ring out as Chavo Guerrero and his aunt Vickie Guerrero head for the ring, the pair looking very smug and determined as they ignore the jeers of the fans...

Michael Cole: What a match just added to an already stacked show tonight, The Hooligans and The New Breed in non-title action, and if The New Breed win, they’ll get a shot at the titles at Judgment Day. But right now, here comes two people who I thought made some really disgusting comments last week with regards to the late Eddie Guerrero and his relationship with his longtime friend, Rey Mysterio.

Tazz: It was certainly some pretty intense words from Chavo and Vickie, who claimed that when Rey became World Heavyweight Champion last year at WrestleMania XXII, it shoulda been Chavo in that spot. To me, it just sounds like plain jealousy, but I’m sure you disagree with me on that, John.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Ya’ damn right I do! The Guerrero Family, the pioneers of Lucha Libre, a great wrestlin’ family, and when their favourite son Eddie died, Rey Mysterio exploited that, he tugged on the heart strings, and he wound up World Heavyweight Champion. That ain’t right.

Michael Cole: Now wait a minute. Rey won the 2006 Royal Rumble fair and square, he went to WrestleMania XXII and won the title fair and square. How can you sit there and agree with what Chavo and Vickie said last week?

John Bradshaw Layfield: ‘Cause they’re right! The Guerrero Family had to sit at home and watch that lil’ chihuahua become a champion, when it shoulda been Chavo all along. Chavo tried to warn Rey not to come back, but he’s comin’ back anyway, so at Judgment Day, Chavo’s gonna put ‘im on the shelf permanently!

In the ring, Vickie heads to the corner and calls for a microphone, handing it over to Chavo. A few boos linger from the crowd, with Chavo waiting for them to die down before he speaks…

Chavo Guerrero: So… I see the videos are still playin’. I guess that means Rey Mysterio is more stupid than I thought, that he hasn’t listened to my warnings, and that’s he’s still gonna face me at Judgment Day.

The crowd cheer for the prospect of the match, something Chavo fully acknowledges…

Chavo Guerrero: No, no, that’s alright with me. Truth be told… I’m really lookin’ forward to Judgment Day too. ‘Cause at Judgment Day… I’m gonna put an end to Rey’s storybook career, once… and for all.

This time the crowd responds with boos, Chavo staring out at them with a smirk on his face…

Chavo Guerrero: And I hope you people all buy your tickets for Judgment Day, I hope you all buy it on pay per view, so you can all witness the Rey Mysteiro farewell tour. Well, it’s not much of a tour to be honest… it’s one night only. One last match, one last night to cheer your little hearts out for Rey… before I finish what I started all those months ago, and finish him off.

More heat, although Vickie clearly approves of Chavo’s words as she nods along…

Chavo Guerrero: But… if it’s a Rey Mysterio farewell tour you all really want… well, since I’m such a nice guy… I’m gonna give it to ya’.

Confused faces all around, but Chavo raises a hand to call for patience while he explains…

Chavo Guerrero: This video that keeps playing, it highlights some of the great moments from Rey’s career. Well, I’m gonna take a trip down memory lane, and I’m gonna repeat a few moments from Rey’s career, myself.

A buzz of intrigue rings out around the arena, Chavo and Vickie flashing each other knowing smiles before Chavo continues…

Chavo Guerrero: I’m gonna revisit some of Rey’s great matches, some of his great rivalries, some of his most storied partnerships, and I’m gonna do ‘em all over again. Only I’m gonna do ‘em bigger and better than Rey ever could.

More heat, although this time Chavo and Vickie share a laugh…

Chavo Guerrero: And with that in mind, there’s a guy in that video who currently works backstage for the WWE. Infact, he’s here tonight in London, England!

Chavo tries to over exaggerate, but the fans aren’t buying it as they continue to boo…

Chavo Guerrero: So Dean Malenko, please… come down to the ring.

After a buzz of excitement for the mention of the longtime road agent, all eyes turns up towards the entrance way, the fans intrigued by the possible arrival of Malenko. Chavo and Vickie wait patiently, with Vickie looking pretty anxious, although Chavo is seen encouraging her to remain patient. The arena falls quiet, and then a small pop breaks out, as indeed we see Dean Malenko step out from the back, ‘The Iceman’ pacing towards the ring, although looking as confused as the rest of us as to why he’s been called out tonight. No music accompanies Malenko’s arrival, allowing us to hear the applause of the few fans in the arena who know who Malenko is. As Malenko climbs the steps, Vickie heads over to hold open the ropes, a move which initially catches Dean off guard, but one which he accepts. In the ring, Chavo has already been handed a second microphone, which he hands over to Malenko…

Chavo Guerrero: Dean, first of all I want to say thank you for agreeing to come out here and speak with us tonight.

Chavo extends his hand to Malenko, who naturally looks a little wary of accepting. After hesitating and waiting for quite a considerable pause, Malenko finally does agree to accept the handshake, although there’s no denying the cautious look on his face…

Chavo Guerrero: Now Dean, you were a great friend of my late Uncle Eddie. And to this day, you remain a very good friend of Rey Mysterio. But as we’ve seen week after week from that video, you and Rey, you weren’t always friends. At one point, you were great rivals. Back in WCW, you two had plenty of battle of the Cruiserweight Championship, is that right?

Choosing not to go to the mic yet, Malenko simply nods in agreement…

Chavo Guerrero: And of course, who can forget how you and Eddie arrived here in the WWE? You, Eddie, Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, The Radicalz! What a group the four of you were! Four friends leaving WCW and coming here to the WWE. What a group of guys you were.

The crowd pop for the nostalgia on display, but Malenko clearly isn’t buying it…

Chavo Guerrero: And I know, Dean, that when my Uncle Eddie sadly passed away, you were there for us. You were there to offer your support, your comfort, your kind words of tribute to the Guerrero Family. And that’s something that I know my Father and his brothers, and of course, Vickie and the kids, I know that’s something they appreciated and will never forget.

Suddenly Guerrero’s tone changes as he purses his lip and screws up his face…

Chavo Guerrero: But… there’s also something you did that we didn’t appreciate.

Malenko raises his eyebrows, curious as to what he could have done wrong during The Guerrero’s time of need…

Chavo Guerrero: When Rey exploited my Uncle Eddie’s death, used it to gain sympathy from these idiots, and went all the way to WrestleMania XXII and became World Heavyweight Champion… you supported him durin’ that. You supported Rey as he ripped off the legacy of the Guerrero name!

Stepping forward, Chavo points a finger squarely in Malenko’s face, drawing hear from the crowd with both his words and actions…

Chavo Guerrero: You supported Rey, and as far as ma familia is concerned, that is nothin’ short of treason. When it comes down to it, when you had to make a choice between honouring the death of Eddie Guerrero, and supporting Rey as he exploited it, you chose Rey over your good friend, Eddie.

More heat from the fans, with Malenko shaking his head, clearly disagreeing…

Chavo Guerrero: You made your choice, and you made the wrong one. And now, each and every time I see that Rey Mysterio video play, and I see the two of you in that match, I realise that you turned your back on the Guerrero Family.

Once again Chavo steps forward, practically nose to nose with Malenko…

Chavo Guerrero: And for that… you should be ashamed of yourself.

Big time heat from the fans, with Chavo turning his back on Malenko, clearly having said what he intended to say. Having stood and listened to it all, Malenko now feels it’s time he had his say on things…

Dean Malenko: Chavo… you’ve got it all wrong, amigo. I’ll admit, Rey Mysterio is a very good friend of mine. And Eddie… Eddie was a great friend of mine. Every time I step into a WWE arena, I wish he was still here alongside me.

Chavo turns back around, nodding in appreciation…

Dean Malenko: Not only ‘cause I miss the hell outta ‘im… but so that maybe he could be the one to finally slap some sense into ya’!

A strong pop from the arena, with Chavo’s jaw nearly hitting the floor, while Vickie is heard shouting “Excuse me?!”…

Dean Malenko: Y’know, I listened to what you two said last week. And to tell ya’ the truth, it absolutely disgusted me!

Another loud pop, the fans loving seeing Malenko taking Chavo and Vickie to task…

Dean Malenko: I mean, Vickie… what the hell are you doin’ here? You think this is what Eddie would’ve wanted? I know you were his wife and all, but from what you’ve said, you haven’t got a damn clue!

Furious, Vickie lets out a squeal of frustration, Chavo comforting his Aunt by placing both hands on her shoulders…

Dean Malenko: You said Eddie hated Rey. That’s just not true, and you know it’s not. Eddie loved Rey like a brother, and you know that too, Chavo. They were great friends, right to the very end, no matter how many times they faced each other. That’s the exact same way it is between me and Rey. For all the rivalry, for all the great matches, for all the times we traded the Cruiserweight Championship back and forth, I love the little guy like a brother.

Distraught, Vickie shakes her head, as does Chavo, but the crowd are fully behind Malenko, cheering him on…

Dean Malenko: And that’s how I used to feel about you two until you started all this crap. Chavo, Vickie… I loved you like family. But now?

Malenko shakes his head solemnly…

Dean Malenko: I don’t even recognise the two people stood in the ring with me.

And yet another cheer, with Chavo and Vickie turning to look at each other, angry looks on both their faces…

Dean Malenko: Jealousy has got to you, Chavo. You’re jealous that Rey used Eddie’s death as his inspiration to become World Heavyweight Champion, a victory that he dedicated to Eddie.

Malenko looks down at the mat, shaking his head, clearly not able to believe he’s been placed in this situation…

Dean Malenko: This whole endin’ Rey’s career at Judgment Day, goin’ down memory lane… it’s really sad Chavo. And it’s definitely no way to remember Eddie.

Once again Malenko shakes his head…

Dean Malenko: You two need to let this go, and try mend a few broken bridges… before it’s too late.

Looking utterly dejected, Malenko turns on his heels and heads for the ropes, but before he gets there, Chavo calls out to him…

Chavo Guerrero: Hey… Dean! Dean! Listen, uh… that obviously wasn’t what I was expecting to happen right there. I thought that by bringin’ you out here, you’d hear the concerns of me, Vickie, and the rest of the family, and you’d agree with them. But uh… I guess from what you just said, you obviously don’t agree.

Chavo rubs a hand over his jaw, then bites his lower lip, clearly contemplating something very difficult…

Chavo Guerrero: Me and you Dean, we’ve always been friends. I don’t think I can ever consider you ma familia anymore, but…

Again Chavo rubs his hand over his jaw, covering his mouth for a few seconds, then rubbing a hand through his hair, before he finally speaks…

Chavo Guerrero: I’m man enough to respect your opinion. I won’t take up anymore of your time. Put it there man…

Just like the earlier handshake, Malenko is understandably cautious, even more so now given all that was said. Both men look they’ve been through the emotional wringer after that one, and Malenko stares at a rather dejected, broken Chavo. Sensing a look of sadness, sorrow, maybe even a tinge of regret, Malenko weighs it up… and then he finally does shake Chavo’s hand. A small cheer and round of applause breaks out from the fans as the two exchange a long handshake, and the applause grows even louder as Chavo pulls Malenko in and embraces him, Chavo looking like he’s desperately trying to hold back the tears. Malenko reciprocates the hug, before the pair finally separate.

Malenko then turns towards Vickie, she too seemingly touched by his words, the two also sharing a hug, with Dean placing a tender kiss on Vickie’s cheek, then clearly heard by the camera saying…

”I’m sorry. I had to say it.”

Vickie nods in agreement, also looking like she’s struggling to hold back tears, and as Malenko backs away, Chavo moves in to take over consoling duties of his Aunt. Malenko seems pleased that his words have gotten through, and after one final nod of appreciation for the two Guerrero’s he turns and heads towards the ropes… but just as he steps one leg through them… Chavo makes his move… and kicks the middle rope… right into Malenko’s crotch! A low blow from Chavo!

”Aw, you no good sunnova bitch!”

Tazz reacts just as furiously as the crowd does as they shit all over Chavo’s actions, but Chavo doesn’t care, looking like a man possessed as he mounts Malenko, hammering him with a flurry of furious rights and lefts, not giving a damn how accurate they are, simply concerned with doing as much damage as possible. Vickie is loving it, laughing loudly as Chavo punishes Malenko, even going as far as to rip the shirt off the back of the backstage agent. Malenko is down, clearly in agony, barely moving as he still grabs between his legs, but Chavo quickly drags him away from the ropes, then leaves him in perfect position as he climbs upstairs, holds his arms out, performs the old chest shimmy just like his Uncle Eddie, then he flies… FROG SPLASH!!

It’s nuclear heat from the London crowd as Chavo emphatically delivers, leaving Malenko down and out, and completely humiliated into the bargain. Chavo gets back on his feet, loving the boos of the crowd, he and Vickie soaking them up, with Vickie raising Chavo’s hand in triumph, the boos continuing to rain down as we head to a commercial.


We return to the sight of Kristal Marshall standing by, ready to conduct another interview…

Kristal Marshall: Welcome back to SmackDown folks. And please welcome my guest at this time, he is the challenger to the World Heavyweight Championship... Mr. Kennedy!

As always there's a loud initial pop that quickly gets drowned out by boos as Mr. Kennedy steps into view, an arrogant smirk on his face as he loudly chews on a piece of gum...

Kristal Marshall: And Mr. Kennedy, after your victory over Edge last week, tonight you get another shot at Batista and the World Heavyweight Championship. What are your thoughts ahead of your title opportunity later tonight?

Kennedy over-exaggerates as he chews his gum and taps his chin, cocking his head from side to side...

Mr. Kennedy: My thoughts? Well Kristal, it's all really very simple. The last time me and Big Dave faced each other for the World Heavyweight Championship was way back at No Way Out. And we all remember what happened that night. I had Batista down, I had him beat, only for Old Yeller himself, Ric Flair and his buddy Arn Anderson to show up and screw me outta the title. And I'm not gonna lie to ya', that one... that one stung just a bit. That one really hit home as a chance missed. But what happened?

Kennedy smirks as he shrugs his shoulders...

Mr. Kennedy: I wound up goin' to WrestleMania, and in the biggest match of my career, on the biggest night of my life... I beat that old timer to within an inch of his life... and I ended his career. I took a negative and I turned it into a positive, I used all the pain and anger Flair caused me at No Way Out, and I turned in the performance of a lifetime when it mattered most.

Heat from inside the arena, which Kennedy ignores...

Mr. Kennedy: I'll never forget No Way Out. It feeds my hunger, it drives me on, and tonight is the night I finally set the record straight, I change Friday nights once and for all by fulfilling my destiny.

In a euphoric moment, Kennedy closes his eyes, dreaming of golry...

Mr. Kennedy: You people, you just have no idea how big a night this is tonight. How important a night this could be in WWE history. I mean, London, England, you’ve seen so much in this city. You’ve got royalty, you’ve got parliament, you’ve got those guys that just stand there and don’t do anythin’ even when ya’ threaten to smack ‘em in the face, but you’ve never seen anythin’ like you’re gonna see tonight. ‘Cause tonight you all get to witness firsthand the dawning of a new era here on SmackDown, a new era in WWE history.

More heat, at which Kennedy just laughs at...

Mr. Kennedy: When I beat Edge last week... infact, wait, speakin' about that whining jackass for a second... I wanna make somethin' clear to him right now. Edge, if you're watchin' this, then you pay close attention, pal. If you even think about getting' involved tonight, if you eventhink about stickin' your nose in my business... then when I'm done with Big Dave, I'm comin' after you next. if you even take one step past that entrance way tonight, steel chair or no steel chair, I'm gonna freakin' tear you apart. Don't worry about Batista getting' his hands on ya', I'm gonna beat 'im to the punch!

And now Kennedy turns and stares straight down the camera, pointing a finger to add emphasis when he says...

Mr. Kennedy: Edge... stay – the hell – away.

That last comment actually draws a pop from inside the arena, but Kristal pulls the mic back towards her to ask a follow up question...

Kristal Marshall: Mr. Kennedy, do you have any response to what Batista had to say earlier tonight? He said that-

Mr. Kennedy: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I heard 'im. I heard what he said.

Kennedy crosses his arms across his chest and again exaggerates as he takes a deep breath and shakes his head...

Mr. Kennedy: Big bad Batista says I'm too cocky, I'm too arrogant, I don't have enough passion or desire, that I don't know how to become a champion. Y'know, I've heard a lotta bad interviews from that guy, but lemme tell ya', that one earlier tonight, that had to be the worse one yet! But I'll give 'im one thing... there's one thing he's absolutely right about. I did learn somethin' when I beat Ric Flair at WrestleMania. I learned how to be ruthless. I learned how to show no compassion. I found that killer instinct that maybe I was lackin' just a touch.

Kennedy uses his fingers to indicate just how close he was to victory last time...

Mr. Kennedy: And I look back at No Way Out, and I think... I never finished Batista off when I had the chance. I was cocky, I was arrogant, I thought I had the title in my hands, but I took my eye off the ball, and I gave Flair the chance to save his buddy. So I guess, in a weird way... I owe Ric a thank you. 'Cause in a way, he helped me get to where I am tonight, and he helped me... become World Heavyweight Champion.

More heat...

Mr. Kennedy: So Ric, sit back, relax, enjoy your retirement, and I hope you'll enjoy watchin' what happens tonight. Enjoy this night, the most historic broadcast in SmackDown history, where finally... we crown a new World Heavyweight Champion... and his name is... MMMIIISSSTTTEEERRR... KKKEEENNNNNNEEEDDDYYY!

A loud mixed reaction from inside the arena, with Kennedy turning and leaving, Kristal looking to wrap things up, until...

Mr. Kennedy: KEN – NAH – DAY!

Caught by surprise, Kristal lets out a little squeal of shock, before she places a hand on her chest and breathes deeply, trying to regain her composure, while Kennedy has a few more chews of his gum in her face before he makes his exit, leaving an exasperated Marshall behind as we head elsewhere.

And it’s to a rather random backstage corridor we go, where we see walking along it King Booker and Queen Sharmell, the pair looking as regal and majestic as ever. The pair walk hand in hand, Booker giving a royal wave to many of backstage workers the pair pass as they move at a quick pace...

Queen Sharmell: But my liege, I do not understand. Why have you agreed to speak with Mr. Coachman again?

King Booker: Because my Queen, I find him amusing. His attempts to convince me to hire him as an advisor last week provided your King with hours of entertainment last week. Perhaps... I shall hire him as my royal jester?

The pair continue to walk, until they come to a door with a nameplate on it that reads “Coachman Inc.”, signalling they’re in the right place. Sharmell opens the door and holds it open for Booker, who steps through... but then puts on the breaks, a furious scowl on his face, and the camera pans to reveal why... as already sat in the room is Montel Vontavious Porter. ‘MVP’ rolls his eyes as soon as he sees Booker enter the room, not able to believe his luck...

King Booker: What da’... ‘da hell are you doin’ here, sucka?

Sharmell clears her throat, reminding Booker that he’s let his accent slip...

King Booker: I mean... how dare you not bow down before your King when he enters your presence!

Just as he’s done in recent weeks, ‘MVP’ shakes his head and ignores the royal chat...

Montel Vontavious Porter: Wait a minute. What am I doin’ here? What the hell are you two doin’ here? I told y’all last week I was done wit’ ya’.

King Booker: We are here to hold court with Mr. Coachman, not that it be any of your concern!

’MVP’ rubs his eyes in annoyance, it all making sense now...

Montel Vontavious Porter: That damn ‘Coach’, he set this up! He asked me to meet ‘im here too. He wanted to get us in the same room at the same time!

King Booker: What!? How dare he! This is an outrage! One has never been so besmirched in one’s entire life!

And speak of the devil, the door opens and in steps Jonathan Coachman, looking much more refined compared to the state we last saw him in near the end of last week’s show. With a clean, sharp suit on, ‘Coach’ looks very confident as he enters the room with open arms and a smile...

Jonathan Coachman: Fellas! And lady, of course... how we doin'? I'm glad you could all make it. I think you're gonna be really excited by what I have to say.

Rolling his eyes, ‘MVP’ is clearly already tired of this and wants to get down to business...

Montel Vontavious Porter: Yo', what's the deal 'Coach'? You said you had a business proposal for me. Well lemme tell ya' right now, I ain't doin' business wit' 'im!

Booker’s eyes bulge from their sockets and his nostrils flare, clearly offended by that...

King Booker: And I, King Bookah, will not lower myself to do dealings with a common street thug such as 'MVP'.

Montel Vontavious Porter: Who you callin' a thug man?

A brief argument breaks out between the two, but ‘Coach’ quickly moves to settle it...

Jonathan Coachman: Guys, guys, guys! Relax! Let's just have everybody settle down here a minute. I've got somethin' I wanna say to both of you, and I want you both to listen very carefully. Try approach this with an open mind.

Coachman looks at both men sympathetically, which seems to bye him the time to speak...

Jonathan Coachman: Since WrestleMania, you two haven't exactly been settin' the world on fire. I mean, you both had one match each, against Kane... and you both lost, pretty convincingly. And the other weeks... you haven't been on the card at all. Infact, neither of you two is scheduled to be in a match tonight either. And y'know what guys?

'Coach' steps between the two and places a hand on each man's shoulder, which draws another disgusted look from Booker...

Jonathan Coachman: I think that's really sad. Two great talents like yourself, and Teddy Long, he doesn't know what to do with you both! But me? I know exactly what to do. I can help you rebuild your careers. 'MVP', I can get you that first championship here on SmackDown. Booker, I can get you back in the World Heavyweight Championship hunt. All I need first... is a small favour.

Curious glances from both men...

Montel Vontavious Porter: What kinda favour?

Jonathan Coachman: You don't need to know that right now. All you need to know is that I've got somebody big, and I mean... big... already on board for this. I've got one guy signed up, but I want you two to be part of it as well. You show me a little bit of faith, you help me out... and I'll deliver my end of the deal. Title shots, endorsement deals, I can get you all... if you just sign up.

Booker turns to look at Sharmell for guidance, who simply rolls her eyes, while ‘MVP’ looks down at the floor as he ponders the proposal...

Jonathan Coachman: What do you say guys? Huh?

Booker remains silent, but ‘MVP’ picks his head up, a mixture of intrigue and scepticism on his face...

Montel Vontavious Porter: You can get me title shots? Sponsorships deals? You can make me more money?

Jonathan Coachman: Absolutely!

Pursing his lips, ‘MVP’ thinks if over once more, then nods his head...

Montel Vontavious Porter: Yeah... yeah, a'ight. I'm in. But I want a contract, and I want my lawyers to look over it before I sign it.

Jonathan Coachman: I wouldn't expect anything less! Booker? How 'bout you? You on board?

Booker pauses, considering things for a few moments, before he lets out a laugh and shakes his head...

King Booker: Mr. Coachman... you have shown a great deal of disloyalty to your King here. You side with this commoner, and expect your King to be party to it? Never!

And with a dramatic whoosh of his robe, Booker turns his back on ‘Coach’ and ‘MVP’...

King Booker: Good day to you both!

And then walks off, with Sharmell delivering one final “Hmm – mm!” before she too exits the room. ‘Coach’ doesn’t look too worried about it, although ‘MVP’ doesn’t exactly look thrilled so far...

Jonathan Coachman: Ah, don't worry about him. He'll come on board eventually. Alright wait, I gotta make a phone call.

’Coach’ reaches into his inside jacket pocket and pulls out his cellphone, dialling a few numbers before he holds it to his ear and waits for a response...

Jonathan Coachman: Hey! Hey it's me, 'Coach' (...) Well, I got 'MVP' (...) Booker's still a work in progress, but I'll get 'im eventually (...) Great! So everything's on schedule with you? (...) Perfect. Two weeks! I can't wait (...) Alright great. I was just keepin' you up to speed (...) Alright, bye.

A brief conversation leads to ‘Coach’ snapping his phone shut. ‘MVP’ looks on with intrigue, wondering like the rest of us who is on the other end of the phone, but before he gets a chance to ask, ‘Coach’ grabs two glasses of champagne and offers on to ‘MVP’, holding the other in position for a toast...

Jonathan Coachman: 'MVP'... welcome to The Coachman Coalition. I think this is gonna be the start of a very successful partnership.

The two clink glasses together to share a toast, then both take a sip, smug looks on both men's faces as the segment comes to an end.

And we go back into the arena to hear...


A good pop as The Hooligans burst into the arena, both Paul London and Brian Kendrick doing their best to fire up the crowd. The pair then stand at the top of the aisle, until Ashley Massaro sends both of them sprinting down towards the ring, with London's knee injury now looking healed as he's able to match Kendrick stride for stride...

Michael Cole: What a night it's already been here on Friday Night SmackDown, and we've still got the chance of seeing a new World Heavyweight Champion when Batista and Mr. Kennedy meet with the gold on the line. But right now, it's non-title action as The Hooligans get set to take on The New Breed, and I think it's great see that Paul London's knee now looks to be back to 100%.

Tazz: It's great news for the champs. Things have been a little strained recently between the two of 'em, they've been sufferin' with London's bum knee, but now he's healthy, I'm sure all that's behind 'em and they'll be back to their best right here.

john Bradshaw Layfield; I wouldn't be so sure. I know what it's like to have tension with a tag partner, it don't always fix itself that easy. This'll be a big test right here against The New Breed, and I dunno if these two are mentally up for the challenge right now.


And some pretty solid heat as The New Breed step out from the back, the team of Elijah Burke and Monty Brown looking extremely confident as they're lead down the aisle by Layla, with the hulking Brown snarling at the ringside fans...

Michael Cole: I don't doubt for one second this isn't gonna be a big test for the champion. The New Breed are a real blend of speed and power. These two impressed me last week with how close they ran Batista and Matt Hardy, and another performance like that could see them score a win over the champions here tonight.

Tazz: And of course, a win right right here means they're goin' to Judgment Day to challenge for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Big opportunity right here for Burke and Brown.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I think after the way London and Kendrick disgraced our brand at WrestleMania, I can't wait to see Burke and Brown as champions. That's a combination to be proud of right there, and I'm sure they'll get the job done both here tonight and at Judgment Day.

Match 3: Non-Title Match
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans w/ Ashley Massaro vs. The New Breed w/ Layla

Looking to test out his previously injured knee, London steps forward to kick things off for the champs, opposed by Elijah Burke. The two come together, jockeying for position, until London is able to drive Burke back into the corner. The ref steps in and calls for the break, which of course London provides... only to then be caught with a cheap shot as he backs away! Burke now comes out of the corner landing right hands that back London to the ropes, where he then goes for an Irish whip across... only for London to duck his clothesline attempt... then connect with a flying forearm! London now goes on the attack, landing elbows to the face, then a pair of boots to the midsection, before he goes for an Irish whip to the corner... Burke reverses and follows in... but London elevates himself... then catches Burke with a headscissor takedown! Burke is back to his feet, charging at London, who takes him down with a drop toe hold, then reaches up to tag in Kendrick. Kendrick slingshots into the ring with a somersault senton across Burke's back, then the champs go for some double team action, as they fire Burke off the ropes... double hiptoss, then they slap hands... double elbow drop! Kendrick goes for the cover... 1... 2... Burke kicks out. Both men are back up, Kendrick landing forearms to the face, before he takes Burke down with a headlock takedown, hanging on to wrench on the head in an attempt to wear Burke down. It doesn't last long though as Burke forces both men back up, but as he backs them to the ropes, he doesn't see Kendrick tag in London, just before Burke shoves Kendrick off the ropes... Kendrick avoids the contact with a baseball slide, and when Burke turns... London wipes him out with a dropkick! London crawls into the lateral press... 1... 2... Burke kicks out again.

London looks to stay on the attack as he charges off the ropes, but Monty Brown reaches in, grabs a handful of hair... and yanks London down to the mat! London smacks skull first off the canvas, the referee having missed it, but Burke wastes no time in tagging in Brown, who quickly lays into London with a flurry of stomps to the chest. Brown is all power as he yanks London up, then drops him with a sidewalk slam for a near fall, before he tags in Burke. Burke enters and simply tosses London through the ropes to the floor, then goes to pick a fight with Kendrick in the corner, drawing the eye of the referee. The distraction allows Brown to drop down to the floor, where he scoops London up... and flapjacks him off the top of the barricade! London flops to the floor, but Brown quickly rolls him back in, allowing Burke to score another near fall. In the corner, Burke lands three shots to the midsection then a big uppercut, before he goes for the Irish whip across... but London reverses then charges in... but Burke moves to safety... and London winds up spearing the ringpost! London falls to the mat in pain, but Burke is already racing in... OUTER LIMITZ ELBOW! Burke gets all of it, hooks the leg... 1... 2... London hangs in there! The New Breed now have their opening, targeting the arm as they do damage with Brown hitting a shoulderbreaker while Burke gets a long two count from a single arm DDT. More punishment follows, until Brown again goes close to victory with a one armed swinging neckbreaker, before he tags Burke back in. Burke aims a few stomps to the shoulder, then he hooks London up, dropping down for a scissored armbar. Burke pulls back, wrenching on the arm, trying to make London submit, but London hangs in there, feeding off the energy of the crowd as they will him to make a comeback. London manages to swing a leg, catching Burke with a pair of kicks to the face, finally breaking the hold. Both men are up, with Burke landing a pair of rights to the damaged shoulder, before he sends London for the ride... then looks for a flapjack... but London shifts his weight in mid air... and counters with a tornado DDDT!

Both men are down, crawling to their corners... here comes Brown... and now Kendrick gets the tag! Brown storms across the ring, but Kendrick avoids him, drilling his shoulder into the midsection, before he slingshots to the top rope... springboard crossbody! Kendrick now goes on the attack, landing right hands, forearms and kicks, before he goes for an Irish whip... which Brown reverses... Kendrick comes off the ropes with a leg lariat! Brown stumbles back up... hurricanrana! Kendrick hangs on for the pin... 1... 2... Burke breaks it up with a boot to the skull! The referee admonishes Burke, ushering him from the ring, but Burke's fine with that as he stands in the corner and waits for a tag from Brown. Entering the ring, Burke calls on his partner to head to the ropes as the pair line up a double team... Burke goes for an Irish whip... but before Brown can go for the POUNCE... London yanks him feet from under him and drags him under the bottom rope! Burke goes for the Irish whip, not realising his partner isn't there... and Kendrick reverses it... and London slides in... DOUBLE FLAPJACK! Burke is down, and despite not being the legal man, Paul London climbs upstairs, while Kendrick takes Burke to the opposite corner, the champions looking for a double team move of their own. Kendrick makes his move... only for Layla to jump up onto the apron! Layla distracts London... just as Kendrick delivers SLICED BREAD to Burke... but as he holds Burke in place for London to fly... London is still arguing with Layla! Eventually Kendrick lets Burke go and heads to the corner, wanting to know what's going on... and finally Ashley is over to drag Layla down to the floor... but as Kendrick confronts London, here comes Burke... ELIJAH EXPRESS... drives Kendrick against the turnbuckle... and sends London flying to the floor! Burke takes advantage of the confusion, and he hooks both of Kendrick's legs... 1... 2... 3!

Winners: The New Breed @ 07.32

The arena is shocked as The New Breed pull off the upset win, the confusion between London and Kendrick costing them dearly as Burke takes advantage. Elijah quickly rolls outside to celebrate with Brown and Layla, while Ashley slides into the ring, head in her hands, struggling to work out how the match slipped away from them. London is back in too, and when Kendrick finally comes back around, he calls for answers from London, who does his best to explain how it was just a misunderstanding. Kendrick doesn't look like he's buying it though as he turns his back on his partner and kicks the bottom rope angrily, but Ashley is there to console him, ensuring Kendrick that it was just a mistake. The referee hands over the title belts, and it appears Kendrick is willing to accept it was an honest mistake, although he still looks pretty pissed off, and the dissension is clear as we head to commercial.


*Video Package*

We open to a dismal, rainy scene, a solemn church bell ringing loudly in the background. We slowly see peasants trudging through the rain and mud of what appears to be an eighteenth century town, everybody dressed like pilgrims of the time. As the camera pans, we see a rather portly town crier, who rings a handbell to a much faster beat than the previous church bell...

Town Crier: Hear ye! Hear ye! Thy day of reckoning is upon us!

We hear the clang of a nearby blacksmith hammering down on a piece of raw metal, with the close up revealing the blacksmith to be none other than SmackDown’s own Matt Hardy, dressed in the traditional garb...

Town Crier: Just as the weeds are collected and burned up with fire, so shall it be at the end of the age!

Hardy tosses his hammer aside and slowly trudges off camera, passing the town reverend, who just so happens to be Mr. Kennedy, with Kennedy also dressed in the church fashion of the time...

Town Crier: I tell thee my friends, do not fear thee who kill the body, and after that can do no more!

Kennedy glances down at the bible in his hands, then tosses it down into the mud, before he follows Hardy off camera...

Town Crier: But I will warn you whom to fear! Fear him who, after he has killed, has authority to cast thee into hell!

A man in a horse slowly approaches, the man being revealed as Batista. ‘The Animal’ quickly drops down off the horse, the buckle on his boots clunking heavily as he lands before he too walks off camera...

Town Crier: I tell thee, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak!

We now see Edge chopping wood, aggressively swinging an axe into a log set up on a stump, but he soon wipes the wet hair from his face, tosses the axe aside and exits the scene...

Town Crier: So speak and so act as those who are to be judged under the law of liberty. For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy!

King Booker and Queen Sharmell sit on thrones like a Mayor and Mayorness, with Booker soon standing up out of his chair, leaving Sharmell behind as he heads out of the frame...

Town Crier: For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.

The town magistrate is played by Chris Benoit, complete with wig, who suddenly sits upright from behind the bench of his courtroom and storms out of the building mid trial, leaving behind a full courtroom of confused people...

Town Crier: And when they have finished their testimony, the beast that rises from the bottomless pit will make war on them and conquer them and kill them!

We now see practically the entire SmackDown roster, all dressed for the time, stood surrounding the Town Crier, who now has a petrified look on his face…

Town Crier: Oh death, where is your victory? Oh death, where is your sting?

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Town Crier is clobbered by Umaga, who is dressed as he normally would be. Umaga now stands with one foot on the chest of the crier, the camera looking down on him in pain, but he manages to get in the last word as he shouts...

”Judgment Day... is upon us!”


*End Video Package*

From the video, we now head to the announce desk to see the rather sombre looking face of our announce team...

Michael Cole: Yes folks, Judgment Day is on the horizon, just three weeks after this Sunday’s Raw presentation of Backlash, SmackDown makes it’s return to pay per view. And two weeks ago, Chris Benoit earned the right to challenge Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship, only to have that opportunity taken away from him after a sickening one man con-chair-to assault by Edge.

Tazz: Benoit wasn’t on SmackDown last week, he didn’t make the trip across the pond this week, and quite frankly, as it stands right now... we don’t know when he’ll be back, if ever.

Michael Cole: Benoit spoke about retiring at some point over the summer, but it looks like Edge may have pushed Benoit into an early retirement. A real shame to have to say that, but Edge has been acting like a man possessed lately, and Benoit suffered the consequences of that.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Well, ya’ gotta look at it from Edge’s point of view. He got screwed outta the title at WrestleMania, he got screwed outta earnin’ a rematch by Benoit, he got screwed again last week, the guy’s feelin’ the world’s against ‘im right now, and I happen to agree with ‘im. If ya’ don’t want Edge to lash out, then stay the hell outta his way!

Michael Cole: Already Judgment Day is shaping up to be quite the show, but what part will Edge play? And who’s gonna be World Heavyweight Champion by the time we get there? We’ll find that out later tonight when Batista and Mr. Kennedy collide.

After a few seconds of silence...


SmackDown's resident comedy stable The Full Blooded Italians make their entrance, with Santino Marella and his doll Trinity leading Big Vito and the two men scheduled to compete tonight, Nunzio and Tony Mamaluke down the aisle is his usual ridiculous fashion...

Michael Cole: Lately Santino has been pretty upset with the way things have been goin' for The F.B.I., especially when it comes to them bein' embarrassed by people. And it was bein' embarrassed by Funaki and Jimmy Wang Yang that has led to his matchup tonight.

John Bradshaw Layfield: The guy oughta be embarrassed to walk around in that stupid lookin' hat.

Tazz: Look who's talkin'...


Not a huge pop, but a positive reaction nonetheless as Jimmy Wang Yang and Funaki run out from the back, both men waving to the crowd and slapping the hands of the fans along the aisle. Funaki even has his own cowboy hat to match Jimmy's, suggesting these two might be becoming a more permanent unit...

Michael Cole: Now I spoke with Funaki and Jimmy Wang Yang earlier this afternoon, and he told me that these two are looking to become a more permanent tag team together. They've even told me they wanted to be known as The Asian Rednecks. What d'ya think of that guys?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Oh my God...

Tazz: Asian Rednecks? I kinda like that!

John Bradshaw Layfield: I can't believe I work in this environment...

Michael Cole: Well it makes sense if ya' think about it. Jimmy has certainly been embracing the redneck lifestyle over the last year, and since he arrived in the WWE, Funaki has settled with his family in Texas. These two could be a really exciting addition to the tag team division here on SmackDown.

Match 4: Tag Team Match
The Full Blooded Italians (Nunzio and Tony Mamaluke)
w/ Santino Marella, Big Vito and Trinity vs. The Asian Rednecks

Funaki and Nunzio get ready to kick this one off, the two coming together for a collar and elbow tie up, the two countering in and out of standing side headlocks, until Nunzio goes for a headlock takedown... but Funaki quickly breaks it up with a headscissors, both men bursting back to their feet, only for Funaki to use a headlock takedown to settle things down again. Nunzio battles back to his feet, then backs both men to the ropes, where he shoves ‘Naki off the opposite side... Funaki runs him over with a shoulderblock! Quickening the pace, ‘Naki comes off the ropes, but Nunzio avoids him with a leapfrog... but Funaki puts on the breaks... and rattles Nunzio with a dropkick to the back of head! The force knocks Nunzio into the ropes, and he rebounds... into an inverted DDT! Here’s a cover... 1... 2.. Nunzio kicks out. ‘Naki grabs hold and yanks Nunzio to the face corner, where Jimmy gets the tag. Funaki wrings on Nunzio’s arm, while Jimmy climbs to the top rope... double axe handle across the arm! Jimmy decides to continue to target the arm as he wrenches on it, then goes for an Irish whip off the ropes... but Nunzio reverses... only for Jimy to duck underneath a clothesline... then come off the other side... tilt-a-whirl headscissor takedown! Nunzio is sent flying, the force of the move sending him sprawling to his corner, where he tags in Mamaluke.

Tony slings himself over the top rope and races at Jimmy... right into an armdrag! Mamaluke is back up... another armdrag, and this time Jimmy hangs on for an armbar. Mamaluke works back to a vertical base, backing both men to the ropes, then he shoves Jimmy across the ring... running crossbody! Here’s a cover... 1... 2... Mamaluke kicks out, but The F.B.I. are reeling right now. Mamaluke stumbles back to his feet, where Jimmy drives him to the ropes with right hands. Another Irish whip, but as Mamaluke comes off the ropes, Nunzio makes a blind tag... Yang scores with the back body drop on Mamaluke... then gets hammered with a missile dropkick from Nunzio! Finally the Italians get a grip on the match, with Nunzio pounding Yang with a flury of boots and right hands on the canvas, before he takes Jimmy up and down an agressive backbreaker for a near fall. A snap suplex follows, and after another near fall, Nunzio drags Jimmy up, lands a pair of forearms to the lower spine, then looks to send Jimmy to the corner... only for Jimmy to run up the ropes... then come off the rope with a backflip... as Nunzio runs underneath! Jimmy lands on his feet behind Nunzio, who manages to put on the breaks... but this allows Jimmy to run him into the corner and then back out with a rollup! 1... 2... Nunzio kicks out, but the momentum sends Jimmy back to the corner... and he runs up the ropes once again... to this time fly with a TOP ROPE MOONSAULT! 1... 2... Vito storms the ring and breaks it up! All hell breaks loose as first Vito then Santino storm the ring to attack Jimmy and Funaki, and the referee calls for an instant disqualification!

Winners: Via Disqualification, The Asian Rednecks @ 03.12

It's chaos in the ring as Santino and Vito join Nunzio and Mamaluke is laying into Funaki and Wang Yang with a beating, the four angry Italians laying in with a flurry of boots, taking out all the angry and frustration from recent weeks on their opponents. Vito now drags Funaki up and holds him in place, allowing Santino to land comical yet well placed right hands to the face, but it all comes to a stop as...


The SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long strides out from the back, microphone in hand, wasting little time in putting an end to this...

Teddy Long: Wait a minute! Wait just a minute there, playas!

Vito tosses Funaki back down to the mat, and all eyes look up the aisle at the entrance way where Long stands...

Teddy Long: Santino! You better call yo' boys off. This ain't how this match is gonna go down. You challenged Jimmy and Funaki to a straight up Tag Team Match. If ya' wanted to make this a Handicap Match, all ya' had to do was ask.

Santino’s eyes light up at the thought of going four on two with Jimmy and Funaki, but Teddy isn’t finished yet…

Teddy Long: So that's what we're gonna do. I am gonna restart this match as a Handicap Match. So it's gonna be you four playas, takin' on Funaki, Jimmy Wang Yang... and their tag team partner...


Oh dear... Santino's worse nightmare comes true again as Kane enters the arena, a sick smile on his face as he crosses paths with Teddy and heads down the aisle. Santino looks petrified, even searching for divine intervention as he blesses himself, but it looks like nothing is going to save him from this one...

Michael Cole: It's happening all over again for Santino! Two weeks ago, Kane was introduced as his mystery opponent, and now he's been brought out here by Teddy Long to even up the odds!

Tazz: And Kane has been on a tear ever since WrestleMania. The guy's just been puttin' a hurtin' on people, and think he's back for a second shot at Marella and the rest of his goons.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Might as well tell Jimmy and Funaki to take the rest of the night off. Kane ain't gonna waste any time once he gets his hands on Santino. It ain't gonna be pretty, but at least it'll be over in a hurry...

Match 5: Four on Three Handicap Match
Kane and The Asian Rednecks
vs. The Full Blooded Italians w/ Trinity

Naturally it’s Kane who’s up first for the faces, and after much finger pointing and deliberation, Vito is shoved forward by Santino to oppose him. It’s with a nervous look that Vito tries to circle the ring to keep his distance, but Kane soon closes in, trapping Vito in the corner, but Vito tries to make a break for it… Kane catches him… and yanks him against the turnbuckle! Now Kane unloads with rapid fire rights and lefts to the midsection, before a big shot to the throat knocks Vito off his feet! Vito is yanked back up, more shots landing to the throat, before Kane scoops him up, slams him down, then comes off the ropes… low angle dropkick! Instead of going for a cover, Kane drags Vito to his corner and tags in Jimmy, who tags Vito with well-placed right hands, but when he looks for the Irish whip off the ropes, Vito reverses… but swings and misses with a clothesline… Jimmy connects with a spinning wheel kick! Vito hits the mat, but he has the sense to reach up and tag in Nunzio, who takes his time entering the ring, tapping the side of his head, indicating this time he’s ready and not gonna fall into any attacks from Yang. The two circle the ring then lock up, with Nunzio quickly going for a waistlock takedown, but Jimmy forces both men back up, trying to break the grip around his waist. Nunzio hangs on, meaning Jimmy has to grab the wrist and roll to finally break free. Both men burst to their feet and race at each other… Nunzio swings and misses with a clothesline, but Jimmy puts on the breaks… then catches Nunzio with a hurricanrana! 1… 2… Nunzio kicks out. Looking to quicken the pace, Jimmy charges towards the ropes… only for Mamaluke to low bridge them… causing Jimmy to crash over the top and all the way to the floor! Funaki storms into the ring to protest, but this only causes the ref to turn his back on the action, allowing Vito and Mamaluke to drop down to the floor, laying into him with a flurry of boots, an absolute mugging on the floor, before Vito tosses him back into the ring.

Nunzio pounces, taking advantage by laying in with more stomps, before he drags Jimmy up then takes him down with a side Russian legsweep. The heels work well together to isolate Jimmy from his team, with Vito doing damage with a long delayed vertical suplex, while Mamaluke gets a long two count from a bridging northern lights suplex. Nunzio is back in, and he aims his assault at Jimmy’s neck, hitting repeated legdrops to the back of the head, then when he comes off the ropes and sees Jimmy with his head down, scores a snap swinging neckbreaker for another near fall. More damage is done as Mamaluke hits a tornado DDT, Nunzio connects with a falling neckbreaker, before Vito gets the longest near fall yet after a savate kick nearly takes Jimmy’s head off. Nunzio is back in, and he looks to finish things off with the Sicilian Slice… but when he flies from the second rope, Yang rolls to one side… and Nunzio crashes to the mat! Jimmy now crawls for his corner… and tags in Kane! ‘The Big Red Machine’ steps over the top rope and sees Nunzio running at him… big boot to the face! Here comes Mamaluke… shot to the throat! Now it’s Vito who charges… right into a sidewalk slam! Kane now heads outside then climbs upstairs, waiting for the trio in the ring to rise… FLYING CLOTHESLINE WIPES ALL THREE! The impact knocks Mamaluke under the bottom rope, while Nunzio manages to crawl to his corner… to tag in Santino… but Santino didn’t want the tag! Marella cowers with fear, pleading that he doesn’t want to enter the ring, but the ref confirms he’s part of the match now… and Kane takes matters into his own hands as he grabs Marella by the head… and launches him over the top rope! Marella hits the mat hard, but Vito and Nunzio make a comeback, clubbing Kane from behind… but here comes Funaki and Jimmy… diving crossbody from Jimmy takes both he and Vito over the top rope… while a CRANE KICK from Funaki sends Nunzio through the ropes to the floor! Now it’s Kane alone in the ring with Santino, and with Kane down on one knee, Santino thinks he has a chance to win as he lines Kane up… but when he moves in, Kane slaps a goozle on him… then takes him up… for an emphatic CHOKESLAM! Marella is planted, and Kane drops down to get the easy 1… 2… 3.

Winners: Kane and The Asian Rednecks @ 04.47

Another dominant display from Kane as he keeps up the momentum of his recent winning streak, leaving The F.B.I. in an absolute wreck for the second time in three weeks. With a sick smile on his face, Kane sets the corners of the ring up in flames, then after Funaki and Jimmy offer him a thank you, Kane departs the ring, a sinister laugh ringing out as we head to a commercial.


We're welcomed back by the sight of The Extremists, the trio of Tommy Dreamer, Sabu and The Sandman just casually hanging around, none of them scheduled to compete tonight. Sandman chugs down a beer and tosses the can over his shoulder, the camera following the trajectory of the can until it lands on the concrete... right at the feet of two men. The camera pans up... to reveal the two men are Jonathan Coachman and Montel Vontavious Porter. 'Coach' looks down with disgust at the can, before he takes a few steps forward...

Jonathan Coachman: Excuse me gentlemen, I'd like a word with you.

The dishevelled looking trio turn and face 'Coach' and 'MVP', with Dreamer looking Coachman up and down and having a quick laugh to himself...

Tommy Dreamer: We're listenin'.

Jonathan Coachman: It seems you three are under the impression that you insult me, make fun of me and spit beer in my face whenever you want and get away with it. You did to me when I was Interim General Manager, and you did to me again last week. And I'm not puttin' up with it anymore.

As 'Coach' pauses, Sandman snaps open another can of beer, causing Coachman to jump a little bit with a look of trepidation on his face...

Jonathan Coachman: So I'm here to challenge you three to a match at Judgment Day. A Six Man Tag Team Match between you three... and the team I'm currently putting together.

Dreamer turns to Sandman and Sabu, and while he gets a shrug of the shoulders from Sabu, Sandman is too busy drinking and intimidating 'Coach' to respond...

Tommy Dreamer: Well, that depends... who's on this team of yours?

'MVP' adjusts the cuffs of his suit and his tie, clearly knowing his name is about to be mentioned...

Jonathan Coachman: So far I have Montel here, and I'm pretty sure that sooner or later I'll talk King Booker into joining too.

Tommy Dreamer: Who's the third guy?

'Coach' snorts, clearly not intent on giving that information away just now...

Jonathan Coachman: That... is somethin' you don't need to know right now. You'll find out in plenty of time. So... what's it gonna be? Do you accept our challenge?

Once again Dreamer turns to look at Sabu and Sandman, and this time both men slowly nod in agreement...

Tommy Dreamer: Yeah. Yeah, alright. We're in.

A knowing smirk crosses Coachman's face, clearly very pleased with that answer...

Jonathan Coachman: I knew you would be. Let's go Montel, we don't need to be associated with these people any longer. Oh... and clean up this mess.

As Coachman turns his back on the three and makes to leave, Sandman draws back his keno stick and gets ready to swing, only for Dreamer to grab the stick, saving 'Coach'. A wry smile is on Dreamer's face as he watches 'Coach' and 'MVP' leave, and he pats Sandman on the shoulder and says “Save it for Judgment Day”, a comment that draws confident smiles from all three men as we head into a video.

*Video Package*

Our video opens at the King of the Ring ’96, where ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin stands victorious, delivering the interview that launched his main event career…

Narrator: It’s a night where future legends make their mark...


We now head back to King of the Ring ’93, where Bret Hart puts Bam Bam Bigelow away with the winning victory roll...

Narrator: A night where icons are created…


King of the Ring ’01, where Edge puts Kurt Angle down with the Edgecution then crawls into the pin to get an emotional victory…

Narrator: A night when the stars of tomorrow shine bright...


And we now go to last year’s tournament final, where Booker T grabs the win over Bobby Lashley…

Narrator: A night to crown… a new king.


We now see flashing images of some of this year’s contenders, starting with Jeff Hardy, Montel Vontavious Porter, CM Punk and Matt Hardy…

Narrator: And this year, live on NBC, the WWE King of the Ring returns! It’s the one night Saturday Night’s Main Event spectacular where one man’s career is set to skyrocket!

More flashing images, this time it’s Bryan Danielson, Kenny Dykstra, Johnny Nitro and Mr. Kennedy…

Narrator: Eight men will battle to join the most exclusive of WWE clubs. Who will take King Booker’s crown and become the 2007 King of the Ring!?

Another round of flashing images, this time of former winners such as Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Edge, Bret Hart and King Booker…

Narrator: The King is dead…

More clips from last year, this time from Booker’s coronation ceremony, then a quick shot of him close to tears after his victory to clinch the World Heavyweight Championship…


”Long live… the King.”


*End Video Package*

We go back to see our announce team, who look rather more cheerful this time than the last time we saw them...

Michael Cole: Yes folks, the King of the Ring tournament is back, and it kicks off this Monday night on Raw with the first matches of the qualifying round. Thirty two men will enter the tournament, you win your qualifying match, you're through to the Sweet Sixteen round, you win that match, you're goin' to Saturday Night's Main Event.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And it was a SmackDown guy who won it last year, King Booker took the crown, and I've got a feelin' it's gonna be the same story this year.

Michael Cole: We've certainly got some great talent lined up in both halves of the draw. We already know the sixteen men entered from Monday Night Raw, some big names including the Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra, Jeff Hardy, and the WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry 'The King' Lawler!

Tazz: Man, if Lawler's in it then maybe I shoulda entered too! But seriously, some big names from Raw, but we've got a ton o' talent here on SmackDown entered, and it's only gonna get better with our final four entrants bein' announced.

Michael Cole: Oh absolutely. Rounding off the SmackDown side of things, we've got two men we've already seen in action tonight, Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang, we've got a second member of The Extremists in Sabu, and get this, the final entrant from Friday Night SmackDown... noneother than the man who could end this evening as World Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Kennedy!

John Bradshaw Layfield: I talked with Kennedy earlier today, he said he wanted to be the first man in WWE history to win the World Heavyweight Championship and then crown that achievement by becomin' King of the Ring. And if anybody can do it, it's Kennedy.

Michael Cole: Well there ya' have it folks, all thirty two names have been revealed, and now we can bring you a bit of a Friday Night SmackDown exclusive. Earlier today the brackets for the tournament were drawn up, and right now, we can reveal the Raw half of the draw...

The following graphic now appears on the screen, with the commentary team talking over it...

Harry Smith vs. Kenny Dykstra
Lance Cade vs. Nick Dinsmore

Chris Masters vs. Jerry Lawler
CM Punk vs. Trevor Murdoch

Carlito vs. Mike Knox
Shelton Benjamin vs. Super Crazy

Hardcore Holly vs. Jeff Hardy
Charlie Haas vs. Tyson Kidd

Michael Cole: So what d'ya make of that guys? Some really interesting matches there.

Tazz: No doubt about it, Cole. Jeff Hardy’s in for a real test against Hardcore Holly, and Lawler ain’t got it easy against Chris Masters. You look at that bracket, and it’s full of young, hungry talent lookin’ for their big break. Definitely gonna be a competitive half of the draw.

Michael Cole: And of course, here’s the SmackDown side of things...

And now the SmackDown bracket appears on the screen...

King Booker vs. Tommy Dreamer
Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Mr. Kennedy

Matt Hardy vs. William Regal
Kane vs. Finlay

Gregory Helms vs. Shannon Moore
Brian Kendrick vs. Paul London

Bryan Danielson vs. Santino Marella
Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Sabu

Michael Cole: ‘JBL’, you gotta be excited by that. Some really good lookin’ matches comin’ up in the next few weeks here on SmackDown.

John Bradshaw Layfield: The two that stand out to me straight away are Kane against Finlay and the fact that The Hooligans have been drawn against each other! London and Kendrick goin’ at it, I can’t wait to see that one!

Tazz: And also we’ve got King Booker kickin’ off the defence of his crown against Tommy Dreamer. Should be a great tournament, I’m excited already! I can’t wait for it to get underway!

Michael Cole: Lemme remind you folks, it all starts this Monday night on Raw, the night after Backlash.

After a few seconds of silence...

”KEN – NAH – DAY!”


A strong level of heat as Mr. Kennedy makes his entrance, the smirk and swagger that he always has in big effect tonight as Kennedy looks confident ahead of his title opportunity...

Michael Cole: But right now folks, it's time for our main event. The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line as that man, Mr. Kennedy, challenges the champion, Batista. It's our main event, and you won't wanna miss it when SmackDown returns!


As soon as we're back...


The roar is absolutely deafening as the World Heavyweight Champion Batista steps out, slapping his chest, working the crowd into a frenzy. After taking a few moments to soak in the special atmosphere from the London crowd, 'The Animal' crouches down and sets off his always impressive pyro display, before he heads for the ring...

Michael Cole: London, England has been loud all night, but it turns up a notch when Batista's involved! Here comes 'The Animal'! The World Heavyweight Champion, a man who is determined to see off the threat of Kennedy tonight and go on to Judgment Day for another title defence.

John Bradshaw Layfield: It ain't gonna happen, Michael. This is Kennedy's night, this is Kennedy's moment, and he ain't gonna let anythin' stop 'im from grabbin' it. The only title match Batista's gonna see at Judgment Day is if Kennedy gives 'im a rematch.

Tazz: I don't think so 'JBL'. Batista looks focused, he looks ready, and more importantly, he looks pretty pissed off over all the controversy that's surrounded him recently. Kennedy might think this is his big chance, but I just think this is a chance for 'The Animal' to take out all his frustrations. Regardless of who wins, this is gonna be a helluva match...

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship Match
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy

As the bell rings, Kennedy circles the champion for a few seconds, keeping his distance, until the two finally tie up... only for Batista to shove Kennedy to the mat. Kennedy springs back up, again into the collar and elbow tie up... and once more he’s sent flying to the canvas. A third time Kennedy locks horns with ‘The Animal’, with Batista backing Kennedy into the corner. The referee steps in to call for the break, which Batista provides... only for Kennedy to swing a cheap shot... that Batista blocks... and then snaps a right hand off Kennedy’s face! Right after right lands to Kennedy’s head and midsection, before Kennedy is fired hard to the opposite corner... and then stumbles into a big back body drop! Kennedy lands just infront of the corner, picking himself up... but Batista drills him with a corner clothesline! Batista then tags Kennedy with a pair of right hands, before ‘The Animal’ goes for a big Irish whip... the force of which causes Kennedy to crash to the mat once he hits the opposite corner! Batista is in full control as he yanks Kennedy back into the corner, driving a trio of turnbuckle thrusts to the midsection before he climbs up the second rope... and starts hammering down on Kennedy with right hands! The crowd counts along as each punch lands to the forehead, all the way up to ten, before Batista drops down, and Kennedy does his best Ric Flair impression as he flops face first onto the canvas. Batista drags Kennedy up, then fires him off the ropes... into a big boot to the face! Kennedy is down and reeling, and Batista goes for the first cover of the match... 1... 2... Kennedy kicks out, and after the pin attempt, he rolls to the outside to try and recover.

Kennedy drops down to a knee on the outside, but Batista isn’t interested in giving him any time, as ‘The Animal’ heads outside and catches Kennedy unaware, smashing face first off the barricade. Kennedy stumbles away, distancing himself, before he rolls back in, with Batista following... but this time Kennedy is able to mount some offence as he lands a double axe handle to the back, then drops knees and elbows to the back, before Kennedy shoves Batista into the corner, landing right hands to the face. Batista battles back to his feet, only to be caught with a boot to the midsection, before Kennedy goes for an Irish whip across... then follows in... into a back elbow! Kennedy stumbles back, then charges again... this time into a swinging side slam! Both men are down for a few seconds, but Batista is back up first, landing right hands to the face, before he sends Kennedy off the ropes... Kennedy hangs onto the opposite side... but here comes Batista... Kennedy low bridges the top rope... and Batista crashes to the floor below! Sensing a chance to really go on the attack, Kennedy takes the fight back outside once more, rolling under the bottom rope, grabbing Batista by the head, then looking to smash him face first off the steel steps... Batista blocks it... and it’s Kennedy who tastes the steel! Kennedy stumbles into the barricade, and here comes Batista... clothesline... sends Kennedy into the fans! The crowd is going wild as the fight escalates into the stands, the referee pleading with both men to return to the ring, but dares not to count either man out. Kennedy uses the barricade to drag himself back up, with Batista hooking him up... then bringing him back into ringside with a suplex onto the floor! Kennedy cries out in pain, but with Batista back in control, there’s no rest for him as Batista scoops him up onto his shoulder... and then looks to lawndart Kennedy into the ringpost... no! Kennedy drops down behind... and he shoves Batista face first into the steel! Batista smacks the steel then hits the floor hard, and with Kennedy also dropping down to shake away the cobwebs, we head into the final commercial of the evening with both men down on the outside.


And we're back, with Kennedy in control as he smacks right hand after right hand off the face of the champion in the corner, driving Batista to the canvas. 'The Animal' looks dazed and confused as Kennedy backs away, then charges in... facewash! Kennedy damn near takes Batista's head off, but he doesn't go for the cover, instead he methodically drags Batista away from the ropes and locks on a seated camel clutch, pulling back at Batista head with his hands firmly clasped under the chin of the champion. Batista tries to break the grip, but Kennedy hangs on tight, every now and then jumping up and down to drive his weight down on the lower back, before going sitting back in for the clutch to take full effect. The crowd rally behind the champion, and eventually he’s able to battle back to his feet, drilling Kennedy with elbows to the midsection in an attempt to break the hold, allowing him to then fire Kennedy off the ropes... Batista lowers his head for a back body drop... but a kick from Kennedy snaps ‘The Animal’ back up... and Kennedy strikes with a great looking enzuigiri! Batista slumps to the mat, and Kennedy shoots the half... 1... 2... Batista rolls a shoulder! Kennedy was so close, but he continues to attack, enjoying a period of dominance as he scores more near falls from an inverted DDT and then a falling neckbreaker, the challenger growing in confidence with every move he lands.

Kennedy goes back to work as he continues to work on the neck and body, softening Batista up with kicks to the gut against the ropes, before he turns him over and drapes Batista throat first on the second rope, pressing down against him, choking the champion. Kennedy then turns and comes off the ropes... driving the leg down on the throat, choking Batista again! Batista coughs and splutters, but Kennedy isn’t finished yet, as he holds up a finger to the crowd and says “One more!”, then comes off the ropes again... but this time Batista moves... and Kennedy crashes groin first onto the second rope! Kennedy rolls on the mat in pain, and the crowd rises as they sense a chance for Batista to make a comeback. ‘The Animal’ is back up first, rocking Kennedy with right hands in the corner, before another trio of shoulderthrusts land. Batista fires Kennedy across the ring and follows in... corner clothesline! Kennedy is fired back to the opposite corner... another corner clothesline! A third, hard Irish whip sends him back across... no! Kennedy reverses, and this time he follows in... but ‘The Animal’ explodes from the corner with a clothesline! Batista is starting to build momentum, rocking Kennedy with a scoop slam, then a suplex, before he fires Kennedy off the ropes... SPINEBUSTER... NO! Kennedy shifts the weight in mid air... TORNADO DDT! Kennedy thinks he has it won as he hooks the leg... 1... 2... Batista survives! Kennedy can’t believe it, repeatedly slapping his hand off the canvas, holding three fingers up to the ref, only to be told it was just a two.

Sensing the end could be near, it’s a cocky and arrogant Kennedy who takes his time heading outside, then climbing to the top rope, and with Batista is perfect position, Kennedy flies... KENTON BOMB... NOBODY HOME! Batista rolls to safety, leaving Kennedy to crash to the mat, and once again Batista starts a comeback, twice knocking Kennedy down with clotheslines, before he drives Kennedy to the corner. An Irish whip sends Kennedy across... but Kennedy tries to elevate himself over Batista... Batista catches him! Kennedy is in a world of trouble... as Batista hits a RUNNING POWERSLAM! Here’s the cover... 1... 2... Kennedy rolls a shoulder! The crowd is on their feet as Batista stays on the attack, smacking Kennedy with more right hands, then boots to the midsection, before he fires him off the ropes... into a MASSIVE SPINEBUSTER! Kennedy is planted once again, and now Batista is on his feet, shaking the ropes, before he gives the fans the thumbs up... then thumbs down! Batista drags Kennedy up... then yanks him in... ready for the BATISTA BOMB... NO! Kennedy counters... and scores the MIC CHECK! Holy shit, we’ve got a new champion... 1... 2... 3... NO! Batista rolls the shoulder before the three count, Kennedy can’t believe it! Convinced he had it won, Kennedy grabs the referee by the shirt, furious, demanding to know why it wasn’t three. After getting no answer that satisfies him, Kennedy shoves the ref away and turns back to Batista, waiting for the champion to rise, stalking his prey, lining him up then moving in... for a SECOND MIC CHECK... NO! Batista shoves Kennedy into the ropes... then absolutely levels him with the SPEAR! Batista scores the spear, and now he drapes an arm across Kennedy’s chest... 1... 2... 3... NO! Kennedy kicks out! Kennedy survives! The crowd are as shocked as ‘The Animal’ as Kennedy stays in the match, and now it’s Batista who turns to the ref for answers but doesn’t get them. Seeking to finally end things, Batista drags Kennedy up... then pulls him in... but before he can go for the BATISTA BOMB, Kennedy fights free, smacks Batista with a few right hands, then tries to pick Batista up for the ROLLING FIREMAN’S CARRY SLAM... NO! Batista drops down the back, turns Kennedy... kicks him in the midsection... then pulls him in... and takes him up in the air... BATISTA BO- WAIT... EDGE HAS SLID UNDER THE BOTTOM ROPE... SPEAR! A SPEAR TO BATISTA! Edge cuts right through Batista, causing him to drop Kennedy mid move, and the referee has no choice but to call for the bell!

Winner: Via Disqualification, Batista @ 15.28

What the hell!? It's Edge! Edge is here, and he's just interrupted tonight's main event! The crowd boo heavily as Edge looks down at both Batista and Kennedy, the two participants in the match crumpled in a heap on the canvas, while Edge stands over them, tearing at his hair like a mad man. Edge now crouches in the corner, waving his hand up and down, clawing at his hair, calling for someone to rise... and it's Mr. Kennedy who makes it back to his feet first... SPEAR! ANOTHER SPEAR, THIS TIME TO KENNEDY! Edge has just laid out champion and challenger, much to the disgust of the crowd...

Michael Cole: What the hell is this guy's problem!? What business does Edge have bein' out here!? He's lost every chance he's had at the World Heavyweight Championship, and now he's just ruined this match!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Can ya' blame 'im!? The guy shoulda been champion at WrestleMania, he's been screwed not once but twice outta a rematch!

Tazz: Aw that's B.S. and you know it! He's just pissed off 'cause he can't get the job done without a steal chair. He don't deserve to be champion after what he's done these last few weeks.

Michael Cole: Well the fact of the matter is, Batista is still the champion. But for the second time in two weeks, Edge is standing tall, while champion and challenger are down and out. Folks, remember to tune in for Backlash this Sunday on pay per view. And we'll see ya' next week on SmackDown, when hopefully we’ll find out what the hell Edge is thinkin’ right now.

Content with what he's done, Edge drops down and rolls under the ropes, his eyes fixed dead ahead as he walks backstage with a purpose, the fans jeering and shouting at him. Edge doesn't care though, not even realising that in the ring, Batista has come around and managed to push himself back up onto his elbows, allowing him to watch Edge leave. A determined smirk finds it's way onto Edge's face, and the camera darts back and forth between that and the look of absolute fury on the face of 'The Animal', the only sound we hear the boos of the London fans as we fade... to... black.

*End Show*

Current Card for WWE JUDGMENT DAY:
Date: May 20th, 2007

Location: iPayOne Center; San Diego, California

United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Matt Hardy vs. The Miz

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans vs. The New Breed

Last Man Standing Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Extremists vs. Montel Vontavious Porter, ??? and ???

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

April 29th, 2007
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WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena

It was at WrestleMania XXIII where Rob Van Dam finally lived up to the high standards set throughout his career by becoming WWE Champion on the grandest stage of them all. Unlike his previous title win back at One Night Stand 2006, this title win was without controversy, a performance that left fans marvelling at the skills and determination shown by Van Dam as he overcame Shawn Michaels and Triple H in a Triple Threat Match. But since that night, 'RVD' has found himself trying to establish what kind of champion he plans on being. Never one to back down from a challenge, Van Dam has vowed to put the title on the line against anybody who steps up to face him, determined to be remembered as one of the most fighting champions in WWE history. And as far as Monday Night Raw is concerned, 'RVD' knows full well that there's no bigger challenger... than John Cena.

The night after WrestleMania, Cena marched down to the ring, interrupting Van Dam's victory speech and respectfully challenged the new champion to the rematch he never received after losing the title back at Raw: Night of Champion. Determined to live up to his words, Van Dam accepted, and even offered to defend the title that very night... until Mr. McMahon and his henchman, Bobby Lashley got involved. Using the excuse that it was “best for business”, McMahon instead forced Cena to earn a title shot in a WrestleMania rematch with Lashley, the winner to face Van Dam at Backlash. Cena prevailed that night, but it appears that the pressure and desire to get his title reign off to as strong a start as possible may be starting to get to the WWE Champion. He and Cena have nearly came to blows, and the whispers around the Raw locker room are that the pressure is starting to get to 'RVD', an opinion furthered by his defeat to Kenny Dykstra last Monday night. Will Cena take advantage and get back what was stolen from him two months ago? Can Van Dam handle the heat and prove his journey to the WWE Championship at WrestleMania was only the beginning of a title reign for the ages? And just what do Mr. McMahon and Bobby Lashley have in store for champion and challenger?

No Holds Barred Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

For the last decade, Shawn Michaels and Triple H have seen plenty of ups and down in their relationship with each other. From the 1997 creation of D-Generation X, to Michaels departure from the WWE due to injury, to Triple H's rise to the top, to Michaels' return and the wars between the two, wars that ultimately led to a D-X reunion, and then, those few months ago at Raw: Night of Champions, to where it all fell apart once again, 'The Game' and 'The Heartbreak Kid' have certainly built up a history full of heartache and triumph. But now, at Backlash, it all comes to a head as Triple H and Michaels prepare for what will be their 'Final Battle', a No Holds Barred Match that will settle the score, once and for all.

Since he stabbed his best friend in the back to become WWE Champion, Shawn Michaels has undergone a metamorphosis from the former fun loving fan favourite to the dark, soulless being we see today. Believing he has God in his corner, Michaels feels like it is his destiny that brought him the WWE Championship, only to have it taken away again, a well laid out path that has hellbent on ending the career of 'The Game'. From his shocking words with regards to Triple H's family, to his strange beliefs, Michaels is a shadow of his former self, a former self that nobody knows better than 'The Game'. After being friends with Michaels for so long, Triple H is determined that at Backlash, he can finally be the man to beat some sense back into 'The Heartbreak Kid', hoping that by breaking his body, he can break the grip that his religious beliefs have over Michaels. For 'The Game', Backlash is not only about revenge for Michaels' actions, is about clinging onto that glimmer of hope that somewhere deep inside still lives the old Shawn Michaels. Can Triple H be the one to release his former friend? Or is Shawn Michaels' faith rooted too deep inside, driving him on a path of destruction, one that has already ended D-Generation X forever?

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito

What started out as a feud over the prestigious Intercontinental Championship has descended into a bitter, personal rivalry fuelled by deceit and betrayal... one that has Carlito determined to mend a broken heart y grabbing the gold. It was at WrestleMania XXIII where the world was shocked by the actions of Carlito's then girlfriend, Torrie Wilson. In the run up to the Intercontinental Title Match, Dykstra had been nothing but insulting and disrespectful to Torrie, a tactic which clearly had 'Lito riled up ahead of the match. Seeking to defend his girlfriend's honour, Carlito battered Dykstra from pillar to post, and was all but assured of victory... until Torrie executed the double cross felt around the world, spitting apple in Carlito's face, allowing Dykstra to grab the win and save his title. From that night on, Torrie and Kenny have been inseparable, looking to establish themselves as the new power couple on Raw. After a teaming up with Mickie James to beat Kenny and Torrie in a Mixed Tag Team Match, 'Lito has earned himself another opportunity at the gold... but this time he has the fire of his betrayal to to drive him to victory. With Torrie in his corner, can Dykstra survive the onslaught headed his way and retain his title? Or will Carlito become the new Intercontinental Champion, and in the process make Kenny and Torrie well and truly feel the Backlash?

World Tag Team Championships Match:
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Straight Edge Saints

For months, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas have been on a quest to re-establish the craft of tag team wrestling in the WWE, and in the process prove that the World's Greatest Tag Team isn't just a arrogant name they gave themselves. BY becoming champions and then beating SmackDown's WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hooligans, at WrestleMania, Haas and Benjamin have certainly gone a long way to proving themselves. But with the tag division on Raw in the midsts of a revival, the challengers are starting to line up, and the first team to take a shot at the gold are The Straight Edge Saints, CM Punk and Nick Dinsmore. After winning a Four Corners Match on Raw a few weeks ago, Punk and Dinsmore have been building momentum ahead of their title opportunity, with a strong win over The Redneck Wrecking Crew and then Punk's great performance to beat Benjamin in singles action. For Punk and Dinsmore, it's a young team's first ever shot at glory, while for Haas and Benjamin, it's another chance to show exactly why they call themselves 'the world's greatest'.

Money in the Bank Match:
Mr. Money in the Bank Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

Back in January, Jeff Hardy was Intercontinental Champion and headed to the Royal Rumble to defend his gold against Randy Orton's then apprentice, Kenny Dykstra. That was until Dykstra, with Orton's encouragement ringing in his ears, attacked Hardy before the match with a vicious one man con-chair-to. It was a miracle that Hardy even made it out to the ring to take part in the match, and it came as no surprise when Dykstra emerged victorious. When Hardy returned from a spell on the sidelines, Dykstra and Orton where his targets, but when Hardy attacked Dykstra during an Orton match, a distraction which cost Orton the victory, 'The Legend Killer' set his sights on Jeff. In the run up to WrestleMania, both men qualified for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and had several run ins and confrontations on Monday Night Raw. The rivalry continued into WrestleMania XXIII, the pair hammering each other, but ultimately it was Orton who would grab the briefcase, earning himself a title shot at any point over the next twelve months. But after a defeat to Rob Van Dam, Orton was ordered by Linda McMahon to defend the briefcase at Backlash, giving Hardy a second chance at glory. It's one of the most sought after possessions in the WWE, a contract guaranteeing a title shot at any time and any place... but just who is going to leave Backlash able to call themselves 'Mr. Money in the Bank'?

Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match:
Women’s Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Victoria

Over the past few months, nobody can accuse Mickie James of being anything less than a fighting Women's Champion. Having spent much of the first few months of the year battling Victoria, James then became embroiled in a very personal rivalry with her former best friend Beth Phoenix. Time and time again, Mickie overcame the odds to defend the title, seeing off the two more powerful opponents. But now, Mickie face both Beth and Victoria in a Triple Threat Match, a match many feel will prove too much for James to overcome. It was of course Victoria who brought Beth back to Monday Night Raw, with 'The Glamazon' hungry to avenge an incident many years earlier when she and Mickie were both aspiring WWE divas. At WrestleMania, Mickie saw off Beth in singles action, but with this one shaping up to be nothing more than a Handicap Match, it seems like Mickie's title reign is in jeopardy. The only hope for the champion comes from the recent troubles between Beth and Victoria. After arguing over who would be the one to take the title, the pair then clashed again during a Tag Team Match against Mickie and Candice Michelle, costing them the match. While the odds are firmly against the champion, nobody would be surprised to see Mickie defy them one more time, bringing an end to her saga against Victoria and Beth in the process.

Six Person Intergender Tag Team Match:
The Hart Legacy vs. Johnny Nitro, Chris Masters and Melina

2007 has been a pretty torrid year for Nitro, Masters and Melina. While as individuals they've managed to record rare victories, as a unit, Nitro and Masters have lost every Tag Team Match they've been involved in. The Hart Legacy meanwhile have enjoyed a relative amount of success in their short time as members of the Raw roster, impressive everyone with their combination of speed and power, and picking up important wins over established teams such as The Redneck Wrecking Crew. During the four team battle that saw The Straight Edge Saints earn the right to challenge The World's Greatest Tag Team tonight, Tyson Kidd and Harry Smith clashed on several occasions with Masters and Nitro, and even Melina and Natalya Niedhart mixed it up at ringside. It seems those confrontations have lit a spark under Nitro, Masters and Melina, with Melina beating Natalya and Masters overcoming Smith in singles competition. At Backlash, all six step into the ring for a Six Person Intergender Tag Team Match, a chance for Nitro and Masters to finally show they can win as a team, while The Hart Legacy are no doubt out to grab another massive win in their young WWE careers.


Prediction Template:

WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena

No Holds Barred Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito

World Tag Team Championships Match:
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Straight Edge Saints

Money in the Bank Match:
Mr. Money in the Bank Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match:
Women’s Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Victoria

Six Person Intergender Tag Team Match:
The Hart Legacy vs. Johnny Nitro, Chris Masters and Melina

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order?
How many championships will change hands?
Who will take the fall in the Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match?
Will there be any surprise appearances (Not counting the McMahon Family or Bobby Lashley)? If yes, then by who?
What will be the longest match?
What will be the shortest match?
Will there be any blood shed? If so, which match(es)?

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Thought I'd edit in some comments since I didn't have time when I put my predictions before.

7 WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena
Van Dam only just won the belt at WrestleMania. There's no way a title switch is happening here. As the Wolf man below me has predicted, it's very likely that there could be some sort of schmoz finish but I'd rather see Van Dam pick up a clean victory in his first title defense.

6 No Holds Barred Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H
HBK has been the centrepiece of Raw in this thread and I think in order to put the "stamp" on his new character, he needs to go over in this match. I can't think of a BTB where Michaels has actually gone over Triple H at the end of the feud, so this would be a welcome change. Besides that, I can imagine Michaels will go back for the WWE Championship after this feud since you probably don't have plans for Triple H/Van Dam.

3 Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito
Whilst I actually want and think Carlito needs the win here and should walk out with the Intercontinental Championship, Dykstra is a favourite of most in BTB and I think that after getting Torrie Wilson on side, he's set for a push in your thread.

4 World Tag Team Championships Match:
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Straight Edge Saints
Random guess tbf.

5 Money in the Bank Match:
Mr. Money in the Bank Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy
Orton isn't going to lose the briefcase. If you wanted Hardy as Mr. MITB, he would've won it at WrestleMania. This is just a filler, Orton will keep the briefcase.

2 Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match:
Women’s Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Victoria
Another guess.

1 Six Person Intergender Tag Team Match:
The Hart Legacy vs. Johnny Nitro, Chris Masters and Melina
The Harts are the newbies in this thread, they need the win more.

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order? Done.
How many championships will change hands? None.
Who will take the fall in the Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match? Mickie James.
Will there be any surprise appearances (Not counting the McMahon Family or Bobby Lashley)? If yes, then by who? Nope.
What will be the longest match? Michaels/Triple H.
What will be the shortest match? Women's Title.
Will there be any blood shed? If so, which match(es)? Michaels/Triple H.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Sorry for the lack of feedback as of late. I have been reading though. Solid month of build up for Backlash, but there does appear to be a slight WrestleMania hangover still. However, this is a strong line up, and a show with plenty of intrigue.

6 WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena
Haven't picked a winner, as I'm going for a No contest/DQ/double count out AKA schmoz finish. RVD wants to beat Cena without controversy, but with the threat of McMahon & Lashley hanging over this match, that doesnt appear likely to happen. I like the build for this one, as it's pretty safe to say that one month on from winning the belt at WM, RVD wont be dropping it - but you've had Van Dam want to beat Cena without interference/controversy which is where the 'must-see' hook comes from for the match. I see interference of some kind from Lashley, with RVD likely to be fuming with the outcome despite retaining the title (without actually winning). He will eventually get that win over Cena, but he'll have to wait longer. Although the match could end with Cena being screwed and RVD only realising the run-in after the match, I'll stick with my initial prediction. Either way, RVD will keep the title.

7 No Holds Barred Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H
With the likely dusty finish in the WWE title match, I'm taking a risk and picking this one as the main event. They have the most history, and the blood feud rivalry coming into the PPV. It's the match everyone will pay to see and it should be the MOTN. Your portrayal of heel HBK has been excellent - almost Legend worthy - and he is without doubt the best character in this BTB at present. For that reason, he has to win this match in my eyes and put HHH on the shelf too - but not for good. Michaels can get right back in the title hunt, and a PPV main event of RVD vs HBK is something I'd love to see too. While a loss wouldnt hardly kill his momentum, I think Michaels gains so much more from a huge win over his former best friend.

2 Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito
This one is a toughie. Another loss to Kenny could really hurt Carlito after being his bitch at WM, yet, Kenny needs the belt more. He's on a big run at the minute (beating RVD on Raw) and a long reign with the I.C title could help propel him even further. Given how much you've been behind him from the early days of the thread, I think Kenny retains the belt - most probably with some help - but Carlito may get the last laugh on Raw in the future, just not for the title.

1 World Tag Team Championships Match:
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Straight Edge Saints
This could be the perfect 'hot opener' if you ask me. The tag divison is heating up and these two teams are rightfully right at the front of the list. For that reason, I see the champions retaining here, in order to set up a longer chase for the SES and prolong the feud while the other teams in the division continue to grow beneath them.

4 Money in the Bank Match:
Mr. Money in the Bank Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy
I simply dont think the briefcase should change hands. Orton should win this cleanly, but in a very competitive match up.

5 Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match:
Women’s Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Victoria
I think this one writes itself. A 2 on 1 for the first half, then Beth and Victoria come to blows, and Mickie sneaks in to retain the title against the odds.

3 Six Person Intergender Tag Team Match:
The Hart Legacy vs. Johnny Nitro, Chris Masters and Melina
The two singles wins for MNM in the last two weeks has me thinking that a Hart Legacy win is a lock. They're the newest team on the scene, and a PPV win as a trio should cement them as a unit on Raw. With singles wins in recent weeks, I think perhaps this MNM 2.0 could well be heading back out on their own after this, but I could be wrong.

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order? DONE
How many championships will change hands? ZERO
Who will take the fall in the Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match? VICTORIA
Will there be any surprise appearances (Not counting the McMahon Family or Bobby Lashley)? If yes, then by who? I DONT THINK SO ... NO.
What will be the longest match? NO HOLDS BARRED
What will be the shortest match? 6 PERSON TAG
Will there be any blood shed? If so, which match(es)? NO HOLDS BARRED
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

7.) WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena

6.) No Holds Barred Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

5.) Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito

1.) World Tag Team Championships Match:
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Straight Edge Saints

4.) Money in the Bank Match:
Mr. Money in the Bank Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

2.) Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match:
Women’s Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Victoria

3.) Six Person Intergender Tag Team Match:
The Hart Legacy vs. Johnny Nitro, Chris Masters and Melina

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order? Above
How many championships will change hands? None
Who will take the fall in the Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match? Victoria
Will there be any surprise appearances (Not counting the McMahon Family or Bobby Lashley)? If yes, then by who? No
What will be the longest match? No Holds Barred
What will be the shortest match? Women's Match
Will there be any blood shed? If so, which match(es)? No Holds Barred
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

April 29th, 2007
FedEx Forum; Memphis, Tennessee

(7) WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena

(6) No Holds Barred Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

(3) Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito

(1) World Tag Team Championships Match:
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Straight Edge Saints

(2) Money in the Bank Match:
Mr. Money in the Bank Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

(4) Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match:
Women’s Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Victoria

(5) Six Person Intergender Tag Team Match:
The Hart Legacy vs. Johnny Nitro, Chris Masters and Melina

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order? Done.
How many championships will change hands? Zero.
Who will take the fall in the Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match? Victoria
Will there be any surprise appearances (Not counting the McMahon Family or Bobby Lashley)? If yes, then by who? Going to Guess No
What will be the longest match? No Holds Barred Match
What will be the shortest match? Women's Championship Triple Threat Match
Will there be any blood shed? If so, which match(es)? Yes, in the No Holds Barred Match as well as the WWE Championship Match

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

JAM's Review

I like unconventional openings to shows since they give a different feel as to how the show can go. Started out the show with a brawl and boy was it a good one. Finlay’s one tough SOB so it definitely was a good win for Matt there. Incorporating ‘Swoggle in there was a good move as now I think Finlay will be gunning back deadlier as ever. You did ECW proud with that match. Good opening to the show here.

I’m a bit iffy on your promo from Batista. The champ just seemed a little too sympathetic here towards Chris Benoit. And I don’t think he would’ve talked this much. I think he would’ve made it short and sweet so that he could go prepare for his match. Never really liked Batista on the mic as a face but he was a pretty good face, but much better as a heel. So yeah, not really diggin’ the promo, not the entire thing, just some bits about it. Miz here was good. I like him approaching a wounded champion but Matt didn’t have any of it. Really good segment to start off this feud. I loved this segment as well. Bryan is actually pretty good on the mic, or atleast he’s improved a lot. Those past videos of Helsm were great to see. Don’t know much about the boy band gimmick he had but Hurricane was pretty awesome. This feud just keeps getting better and better. Can’t wait to see when Bryan finally wins the title.

Yeah, not really a fan of this Chavo/Rey feud to be honest. It’s probably because I’m not a big fan of Chavo. However, the segment was rather good. As soon as Malenko came out, I just knew he was gonna get assaulted, quite predictable actually. Gave Chavo some good heat and gives Mysterio more motivation to go after Chavo.

Much better interview by Kennedy here. It just seemed to flow pretty well and I like how he addressed Edge as well. But I do think Edge interferes somehow later on since we haven’t seen anything from here yet. The line about owing Flair was my favorite line in the promo, just adds insult to injury. Good heel move. Very interesting stuff here with Coach here. I can only think a stable is forming. Coach Coallition? Sounds very Christian-esque. New Breed seem like a pretty good team actually but I’m not sure about Layla being their manager. But still, more tag teams is always a good thing.

Asian Rednecks! Love it Yup, Coach is definitely assembling a team of his own. Very interesting stuff. Oh wow, some interesting match ups for KOTR. Haas/Kidd, Carlito/Knox, Kane/Finlay, and Hooliganz face off catch my eye! Gonna be a good one.

That was a really good main event! Kennedy looked really good against the champion but I had no doubts that Edge would interfere. Maybe this sets up a triple threat or a fatal four way with Benoit coming back? No idea what you’re gonna do but I liked the match Kennedy and Batista had.

Overall, the show was pretty good. You’ve set up a lot of things. Coach’s stable interests me a lot. The World Title picture was advanced very well, here’s hoping we get more answers next week regarding that. The KOTR tournament should be good as well. Just a lot of positives you got going for you. Awesome job


6. WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena

7. No Holds Barred Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

2. Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito

1. World Tag Team Championships Match:
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Straight Edge Saints

4. Money in the Bank Match:
Mr. Money in the Bank Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

5. Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match:
Women’s Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Victoria

3. Six Person Intergender Tag Team Match:
The Hart Legacy vs. Johnny Nitro, Chris Masters and Melina

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order? Done.
How many championships will change hands? None.
Who will take the fall in the Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match? Victoria.
Will there be any surprise appearances (Not counting the McMahon Family or Bobby Lashley)? If yes, then by who? Nah.
What will be the longest match? HBK/HHH.
What will be the shortest match? Divas Match.
Will there be any blood shed? If so, which match(es)? HBK/HHH.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

7. WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena

5. No Holds Barred Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

2. Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito

3. World Tag Team Championships Match:
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Straight Edge Saints

6. Money in the Bank Match:
Mr. Money in the Bank Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

4.Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match:
Women’s Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Victoria

1. Six Person Intergender Tag Team Match:
The Hart Legacy vs. Johnny Nitro, Chris Masters and Melina

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order? Above
How many championships will change hands? 1
Who will take the fall in the Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match? Victoria
Will there be any surprise appearances (Not counting the McMahon Family or Bobby Lashley)? If yes, then by who? No
What will be the longest match? HBK/HHH
What will be the shortest match? Divas
Will there be any blood shed? If so, which match(es)? Yes, HBK/HHH

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Prediction Template:

7. WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena

Very interesting one to call purely because of the Lashley factor. I don’t think you’ll go with a DQ finish so I’m going for Van Dam to win it, although I expect an awful lot of shenanigans to come with it. Really expected this to be a Triple Threat so kudos for going with something different, excited to see what route you take.

6. No Holds Barred Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

By far the most anticipated match on the card and the best booked feud going right now on Raw, perhaps in the entire thread. For me it HAS to be Michaels, he’s just been too golden for you to have him lose here off the back of a title loss at Mania. I agree with Wolfy I think it was, in saying that a Van Dam/HBK match/one on one feud would be awesome, perhaps come Summerslam.

2. Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito

Dykstra all the way here. Only just won the gold, don’t see that changing as he’s certainly growing in stature in this thread, Torrie by his side should be the difference maker in this one. Carlito to look strong in defeat. Really dug this feud the last few weeks, I’m sure the pay off will deliver.

5. World Tag Team Championships Match:
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team
vs. The Straight Edge Saints

WGTT for now. I think the SES time will come soon enough but this time around, Benji and Haas pull one out the bag.

4. Money in the Bank Match:
Mr. Money in the Bank Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

For me this hasn’t quite generated into what I thought it would. I really expected these two to be a highlight of Raw and enter a really engaging feud but it’s been a little bit flat for me with nothing too major going down. I know it’s a bit tough when Michaels/Hunter is the blood feud but I think this has been made a little too soft, the banning of the briefcase as a weapon may’ve hindered it a tad. Orton to retain with Hardy putting up one hell of a fight, that briefcase ruling perhaps being forgotten about by Randall here to steal it .

3. Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match:
Women’s Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Victoria

Mickie to take advantage of a disagreement, writes itself you would think, I say think lol.

1. Six Person Intergender Tag Team Match:
The Hart Legacy vs. Johnny Nitro, Chris Masters and Melina

Been very surprised that Hart Legacy haven’t had any real signs of the upper hand in this feud but I guess that’ll just make 1it all the sweeter when they get the win on PPV.

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order? Done
How many championships will change hands? None
Who will take the fall in the Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match? Victoria
Will there be any surprise appearances (Not counting the McMahon Family or Bobby Lashley)? If yes, then by who? No
What will be the longest match? HBK/Trips
What will be the shortest match? Intergender
Will there be any blood shed? If so, which match(es)? Yes, No Holds Barred

Really looking forward to it my good man, no doubts you’ll deliver as ever. Good luck.
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

6 - WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena

7 - No Holds Barred Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

4 - Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito

5 - World Tag Team Championships Match:
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Straight Edge Saints

2 - Money in the Bank Match:
Mr. Money in the Bank Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

3 - Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match:
Women’s Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Victoria

1 - Six Person Intergender Tag Team Match:
The Hart Legacy vs. Johnny Nitro, Chris Masters and Melina

What will be the match order?DONE
How many championships will change hands? NONE
Who will take the fall in the Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match? VICTORIA
Will there be any surprise appearances (Not counting the McMahon Family or Bobby Lashley)? If yes, then by who? NO
What will be the longest match? HBK/HHH
What will be the shortest match? DIVAS
Will there be any blood shed? If so, which match(es)? HBK/HHH
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