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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Smackdown Feedback

I must admit, I really liked this opening here. One of the main reasons I liked it was because you had bundles of options to kick off the show and instead of picking one, you went and gave us several all in one go. Edge was a logical choice no doubt about it and what he had to say was what was to be expected, of course he’s going to use the ’screwed’ card. Benoit coming out was no surprise as you’ve stated he’d be getting a final swansong. Mr.Charisma didn’t come off all that well here but you did a good enough job considering his mic work. Umaga and Estrada throwing their hat into the ring is great, really is. I thought they’d immediately be going to work on payback on the Deadman but throwing a nice little curveball like this is interesting and a Batista/Umaga match/feud would be crazy. And last but not least, the most deserving of ’em all, Mr.Kennedy. I’m really glad you had Kennedy play up the fact that he was the only one who did get the job done at Mania and therefore it should be him getting the chance at the title, what he had to say was on the money. Surprisingly though, Coach was perhaps the highlight here for me. Tag team match is huge, really huge but it was the way you had Coach throw down the gauntlet so to speak, impress me, be aggressive, be ruthless, make a statement. Was refreshing to hear and should equal an exciting main event. Enjoyable opening.

Speaking of options to open the show, here was one of them but I’m glad you ended up going with this here instead. Nice running down of his potential opponents and it was pleasing that he pretty much bigged up all his opponents if you will. He could’ve easily run them down, especially Kennedy and Edge as he’s beaten them before but although mentioning it, he chooses not to as well as giving Benoit, Umaga and Taker high praise. It’s certainly an exciting time in the main event scene right now.

Nice opening match, perfect way of going about establishing Hardy. Giving him an opponent like Regal and a little bit of length to put on a solid match, smart choice and I’m sure we’re not done just yet with Hardy/Finlay.

Unique little package there for Judgment Day. Should be another cracker.

Simple and effective stuff from Bearer/Taker here, did its job.

Step in the right direction here for Chavo. Can’t see him coming into the hunt just yet but this does him no harm at all, wouldn’t mind seeing him come into play once Helms/Danielson is over with.

Very interesting exchange between KK and Edge here. I like the whole one step ahead kinda thing from Kennedy here, knowing what Edge’s next move’s gonna be. Two heels not being all chummy and actually going at it with each other is also quite refreshing, though I’m hoping this isn’t a sign of a Kennedy face turn, I know you’ve mentioned mixed reactions but I think it’s too soon.

Now this was excellent. Really excellent stuff with Miz. It’s a slow, plodding little push that he’s getting and it’s great. I’m not even his biggest fan but this is how you build someone up well, highlighting them in a fashion like this, making a statement for themselves. The alliance with McCool I’m not sold on yet but this was a great little package and a feud with Hardy some point down the line would do wonders I’m sure in thrusting him further up the ladder.

Loved this from Helms, loved it. From his little love affair with JBL, to the whole throwing himself a party was great entertainment. Wow, he’s been champ for THAT long? I didn’t even realise, that’s one hell of a reign. When he said I’ve nothing left to prove, I kinda went woah, he’s not retiring is he? But retiring the title? Genius. Having a title retired in his honour because he’s just so damn great, now that is just arrogance to the maximum, Helms is thriving right now as this egotistical, unbeatable prick. Obviously not gonna happen and the Danielson run in was expected, good intensity from him here and I fully expect the rematch come Judgment Day.

Usual from Finlay here, a man of few words but always makes his statement, rematch with Hardy should be a hell of a fight.

Big win for Kane here but it felt like just a random match thrown together as neither man has anything to do right now until King of the Ring time. I do like that you’re already starting to hype that up however, mentioning that Booker’s defending his crown so to speak.

Coming off the break was more interesting than the match and the first sign of strain between Sharmell and Booker. I always love it when they revert to their normal accents only to quickly remember. This whole Booker/MVP thin has been going on a little while now and I don’t know where it’s gonna go. I would say that we maybe see the return of Booker T as a face to take on Porter but I don’t quite know, it has my attention however.

Nice little comedy stuff here, Funaki and Santino in the same segment is always gonna be good for a laugh or two. A tag team feud, although simply filler wouldn’t be bad heading into Judgment Day, I could live with it.

Mysterio returning should be a real nice boost to Smackdown, can’t wait to see what you do with him.

Comfortable win for the Tag Champs here as expected. What went down after the bell was the more interesting shenanigans however and I’ve been a fan of the slow way you’ve introduced the New Breed, not thrusting them straight in for Mania but letting the champs know they’re waiting for them and here we go. Should be a great feud between these two teams and I’d like to see the New Breed eventually take home the gold.

Main event was pretty chaotic, it was simply Umaga taking it to his three opponents, looked like a beast throughout. A No Contest didn’t surprise me as didn’t want anyone looking weak coming out of this big time clash but what went down after was simply shocking. Taker being crushed by the set like that, just the brutality from Umaga in dominating Taker as well, incredible stuff.

I honestly believed that was a big enough way to close the show, I thought you’d leave it there and leave us wondering just what happens to the Deadman so I’ve gotta say I didn’t like the fact you had a match take place right after, albeit with four of the same six competitors. With what just went down, you’d think nobody would wanna compete, they’d all be left stunned by these events. The lights going out and Taker disappearing, as cheesy as it is, it’s what Taker does, so no complaints with me on that, but I may have left it with the stage simply falling onto him, round the show up there in horror. Very strong tag action here though and all four men took their chance to showcase their capabilities nicely. The ending had to be a pinfall following the no contest earlier and that was always going to be a tricky situation considering the parties involved. Ultimately you went for a Benoit win over Kennedy and on one hand I like it, gives a face the edge to take on Batista next which is different as well as the story of Benoit’s final swansong but then I don’t like it at all on the other hand as you have Kennedy coming off the biggest win of his career only to lose a few nights later to Benoit, which of course is nothing to be ashamed of but it just derails his momentum, if only a tiny little bit. My only complaint however for a very solid main event.

On the whole an excellent show here iMac, really enjoyable from top to bottom. I preferred this to Raw by a mile, it just felt fresh and new with the new contenders staking their claim, Hardy starting his run as U.S. Champ, the New Breed making their mark as well as the ridiculousness of the Umaga/Taker stuff. Can’t wait for the next show, good job.
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

I’m a little torn on the opening here. I liked the urgency of the commentary, and the hard sell of the controversy out of ‘Mania’s main event, but I’m still a sucker for tradition. I still think the ‘Mania recap video should/could have been shown, with extra detail highlighting the controversy of the main event, and then the commentators go into the hard sell. With that being said, the commentators did a good job of setting up the opening promo.

To be honest, Edge’s promo was an all around solid promo. Nothing ground breaking, but you’re playing up this “I was screwed” angle which allows Edge to be at his whinging, annoying, slightly demented best. A lot of bookers around this place use Edge in that role, and why the hell not? It seems like great fun to write, and it’s fun to read. So yeah, good start, but I was more than shocked to see him get interrupted by Chris Benoit. You had an interesting opening on Raw as well, and I love how you’re giving both brands a fresh start post ‘Mania. That’s not to say an Edge/’Tista rematch won’t happen, it will, but a lot of bookers fall into the trap of making the shows before and after ‘Mania seem way to similar, or the shows after ‘Mania become stagnant. I must admit I found it rather ironic that Benoit was calling somebody else out for being boring on the mic. Again, everything Benoit said fit the situation nicely though, until Umaga and AAE make their presence felt. AAE’s bit sounded rather nice as well, although from a logical standpoint, I’m not sure I like the fact that all the guys stepping up for a shot at the World Title all lost at ‘Mania. KENNEDY. I’m marking very hard for KK right now in this thread, and I loved how he pointed out that he actually won his match at ‘Mania. The whole KENNEDY thing interrupting Edge was a nice touch to, followed by the breakdown of the arguing. Despite everybody being in character, if there’s one thing maybe this promo lacked is there wasn’t enough banter. Everybody just stood there in silence whilst the other person had their say, and I’m not sure Edge would usually allow that to happen. The Coach comes out, regains order, and makes an awesome main event for tonight. The motivation from Coach was done well too, and I’m kind of hoping for a Benoit heel turn tonight. Anyway, solid, and more importantly, a very fresh, enjoyable opening.

Typical face Batista interview here. Obviously it was smart for him to retaliate to the one sided story that Edge gave in the opening promo. I also enjoyed how he mentioned a little something about each individual guy, and the ‘Taker bit at the end was the definition of slow build. The last comment Batista made, these two guys facing off at the next ‘Mania, I can actually really see it happening. Anyway a good interview, getting the champs thoughts on all his potential challengers.

Matt Hardy as all the momentum in the world as the new US Champ, and he was never, EVER losing this one. I mark for Regal though, so it sort of irritates me that he’s just being used as somewhat of a jobber to the stars. The match itself went along well, with the interference from Burchill and Taylor expected, and it just adds to the meaning of the win for Hardy.

Terrific creativity with the Judgment Day video, I actually really enjoyed reading it.

One thing I forgot to mention earlier is that it’s a little surprising to see Undertaker on the first weekly show after such a big ‘Mania match. I don’t really mind, it’s just maybe a week off would put over how much of a beating Umaga laid on him, despite losing the end result. Anyway, Bearer was solid enough here, although it felt a little strange when he first started complimenting Batista. I can’t put my finger on it, but it just didn’t feel right. Solid stuff anyway...

Despite being a glorified squash, I really enjoyed Moore/Guerrero. Obviously it was all about Chavo, but the plucky Moore in the beginning, and the attempted cradle through Chavo’s dominance was just really enjoyable and maybe unexpected. The cruiserweight division has been very Helms/Danielson orientated, and whilst it’s fine to have one feud dominate the division, I’m glad you’ve now incorporated others who want the title as well.

Absolutely loving the arrogance of Kennedy again, everything he is in is brilliant, at the moment. The banter between Edge and Kennedy was nice, and I was pleased KK got the last say to.

Whilst I’m never going to be a fan of The Miz, I like how you’re giving him the REALLY slow build, with him being in the pre ‘Mania battle royal. I still think booking wise it’s too soon to have him having a crack at the US Title, however I thoroughly enjoyed the writing of this video.

The shock result at ‘Mania for me was Helms retaining the Cruiserweight title. I thought after NWO things were set up perfectly for Danielson to take the gold, although I’m happy he didn’t. I know this isn’t real life or anything but if there’s one thing Helms’ epic title reign deserved it was a WrestleMania moment. The old “I told you so” speech was written pretty well, and sharing a drink with JBL was pretty funny. This petition business could become very interesting. Danielson dressed as a security guard is a nice way of adding more fuel to this fire, clever stuff. An overall great segment, absolutely nothing to criticise.

KOTR should be good fun. KENNEDY...

Keeping Finlay’s interview short was definitely for the best. He came across as angry after losing the title, which was good, but I felt by him also mentioning his leprechaun (which is and always will be considered a joke), it takes away some of the lustre of the US Title. The leprechaun crap probably could have been mentioned next week or something, fresh off his loss, Finlay should just be focused on the US title, imo.

I think I harped on the same thing during my Raw feedback and I’ll do it here as well. The inconsistencies with the MITB selling have really been bothering me. Firstly, Kane is ginger during his entrance according to Tazz, yet Booker shows no signs of any effects... and then, Kane is ginger during his entrance, but shows no ill effects of MITB during the actual match tonight. Again, I harped on it already at Raw, but I felt it deserved another mention. The match went along well, and it is actually a pretty good win for Kane, although I must admit, when Sharmell stood there and yelled at Kane any shred of credibility he had left as a monster disappeared. Okay, so she eventually ran away, but I still think that tiny confrontation did more harm than good for Kane.

at the constant slipping out of character with Sharmell and Booker, funny stuff. MVP’s offer makes a lot of sense, and I think it is one Booker will eventually take. Still, I feel as if Booker needs to get rid of the royalty thing right now, even though you’re still using him, it seems like nothing he’s doing is unique and that anybody could do it.

Funaki? Wow, okay. This whole segment whilst not funny, I’m guessing will lead to some comedic stuff. Anyway, I guess it was a decent way to start some sort of tag feud, but in all honesty, I just don’t really like it, from a viewer/reader’s standpoint.

Rey Rey will definitely be a more than solid addition to the mid card.

The Hooligans needed a nice win after losing at ‘Mania. The match itself was okay, not much to comment on, more to put the champions over then anything. The aftermath was expected with the confrontations before ‘Mania, with Burke and Brown doing a number on the champions. THE POOOOUUUUUUUUNCE~! Awesome, and now this feud should kick into high gear.

The main event started off smoothly enough and seemed to be just a generic six man tag, until all hell broke loose and the match got thrown out. To be honest, besides the Edge top rope Dropkick attempt, I was disappointed a few of the other guys hadn’t tried some slightly different things to catch the eye of The Coach. The whole set falling down on ‘Taker is a little farfetched, but is awesome, and makes UMAGA look like a freaking beast. The commercial break with the commentators not knowing what to do, was a nice touch to add some drama to the occasion as well. The Coach comes across as a dick, complimenting Umaga and then restarting the match, brilliant. A great little turn of events here, and now I’ve still got a solid main event to look forward to.

The revamped version of the main event was a typical tag team match really. Nothing to complain about, just a solid match, which got really interesting when Kennedy blind tagged himself in. The heels do themself in, trying to impress The Coach, and Benoit scores the winning pinfall. In the end the match told a pretty good story, although it wouldn’t surprise me if The Coach gives Benoit a hard time from here. The awkward moment and handshake between Benoit and ‘Tista was a nice touch as well, good ending.

Overall, I enjoyed it. Kennedy continues to look like he’s up for big things, the main event scene is as open as ever for the moment, a great tag feud looks set to begin, and helms/Danielson continues on. Everything on SD is looking pretty great right about now from a booking standpoint, and with the writing continuing to be at a high standard, the sky is the limit. Good show here, and as cp said, a fair bit better than raw, keep it up.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

I've been really shit in keeping up with threads lately. I sadly had some really bad news in my family that meant I had no really interest in anything to do with BTB the last few weeks. So, I apologize for not returning feedback. Hopefully next week I can get back into that, especially with you two cp and Stojy. But yeah, for now, here's a preview...

~Monday Night Raw~
April 9th, 2007
Hampton Coliseum
Hampton, VA

Last week, Mr. McMahon thought he’d found a way to get one over on the combined forces of Rob Van Dam and John Cena… only for last week’s main event to take a rather unexpected Caribbean twist.

Last week’s main event Mr. McMahon pitted newly crowned WWE Champion Rob Van Dam and John Cena against Bobby Lashley and the Intercontinental Champion, Kenny Dykstra. Earlier in the night, Cena had challenged Van Dam to a match for the WWE Championship, only for McMahon to provide a previously signed contract that ‘RVD’ and Cena signed, prohibiting a match between the two. In the main event, Dykstra appeared to have the match won, but before he could put Van Dam away, Carlito shocked the entire arena by making an unadvertised appearance, chasing Dykstra into the crowd, leaving Lashley along to suffer defeat. This week, McMahon looks to extract a measure of revenge as he places Carlito in a match against Lashley. While Lashley and Carlito will have their minds set on each other, no doubt Van Dam, Cena and Dykstra will be involved with each other during the broadcast, with McMahon watching it all unfold.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels have been on a collision course for months now, and despite tangling at WrestleMania, the pair seem destined to finally end their feud sooner rather than later. And last week, Triple H decided Backlash would be the place as he challenged Michaels to a No Holds Barred Match. There was no mincing of words from ‘The Game’ as he clearly laid the challenge down to Michaels, but the only response from ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ was a simple nod of the hat before he walked backstage, not uttering a word. As a stunned Triple H watched Michaels leave, the world wondered the same thing as ‘The Game’… would Michaels accept his challenge? And the big question tonight as Raw rolls into the Hampton Coliseum is… what will Michaels’ answer be?

Having spent weeks demanding better competition, The World’s Greatest Tag Team were watching on last week as Raw played host to a pair of tag team matches, with The Hart Legacy and The straight Edge Saints picking up wins over The Redneck Wrecking Crew and Chris Masters and Johnny Nitro respectively. Tonight, Haas and Benjamin’s next challengers will be determined as new number one contenders to the World Tag Team Championships will be crowd in a Fatal Four Way Match. All four teams know this is a major chance to establish themselves as major names on Raw, but after their victories last week, The Saints and The Hart’s have to be considered favourites for this one.

Elsewhere, Mickie James meets one of the women who attacked her last week as she goes for revenge against Victoria, a match Beth Phoenix is sure to be watching. Randy Orton’s assault of Jeff Hardy last week with the Money in the Bank briefcase sent shockwaves throughout Raw, and no doubt the fallout of that assault will be felt tonight with both Orton and Hardy set to be in attendance, and we’ll see more from the latest Raw acquisition, the European aristocrat, Claudio Cesaro.

All this and more, live tonight, on Monday Night Raw!

Confirmed Matches:

Bobby Lashley vs. Carlito

What will Shawn Michaels’ response to Triple H’s challenge be?

Chris Masters and Johnny Nitro vs. The Hart Legacy vs. The Redneck Wrecking Crew vs. The Straight Edge Saints
Mickie James vs. Victoria

Plus! Rob Van Dam, John Cena, Kenny Dykstra and Randy Orton will all be in attendance.
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Sorry to hear about your family matters, hope all turns out ok.

With regards to the show, a lot i'm looking forward to seeing develop. Lashley/Carlito will be an interesting one as Lashley needs some momentum whilst Lito could use a strong showing. Expecting Van Dam and Cena to show their faces in this thing also, along with Doane. Intrigued where you go with Hardy/Orton and the Fatal 4-Way Tag should be awesome.

Bring it on!
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~Monday Night Raw~
April 9th, 2007
Hampton Coliseum
Hampton, VA

"You… just lost your smile."

We open with a recap video of last week's main issue, the confrontations between Rob Van Dam, John Cena, Mr. McMahon and Bobby Lashley. We start with the showdown in the ring between Van Dam and Cena, with Cena asking Van Dam to grant him the rematch he never got after losing the WWE Championship. While Van Dam is receptive, Mr. McMahon produces the contract the two signed before their match at the Royal Rumble, which of course had a no rematch clause in it, meaning there will be no chance of the two meeting for the title. Fast forward to the main event, where the team of Lashley and Kenny Dykstra have Cena and 'RVD' well in control, with Dykstra looking to set to grab the biggest win of his career... until Carlito storms to the ring, steel chair in hand! After seeing Dykstra chased away, Lashley is a sitting duck as Cena hits the FU, then Van Dam lands the five star frog splash for the victory, an awkward sense of respect between Van Dam and his would be challenger Cena as the video fades to black.

And now it's straight into the arena, where no noise is heard apart from the quiet buzz of the crowd... until


An outpouring of heat as 'The Chairman of the Board' Mr. McMahon leads out his troops. The menacing looking Bobby Lashley isn't far from Vince's side, cracking his knuckles as he looks towards the fans in disdain, with Shane McMahon and Brooke Adams bringing up the rear...

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to Monday Night Raw. We are comin' to you live from the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia, and we're not wastin' any time folks. There you see 'The Chairman of the Board', Mr. McMahon himself, and after what we saw in last week's main event, you know 'The Boss' ain't gonna be happy right now.

Joey Styles: When is he ever happy!? Last week, it looked like Kenny Dykstra had Rob Van Dam exactly where he wanted 'im, and the Intercontinental Champion was all set to deliver a huge victory for The McMahons. But it was Carlito who came to the rescue, lookin' to get him some of Kenny and the witch who broke his heart at WrestleMania, Torrie Wilson.

Jerry Lawler: And off the back of Carlito getting' involved last week, Mr. McMahon has announced a huge matchup for tonight. Carlito is goin' one on one with Bobby Lashley! What a match that's gonna be.

Jim Ross: We've got a big night ahead of us, that's for sure. We are hopin' to find out if Shawn Michaels is gonna accept the challenge from Triple H for the two to meet in a No Holds Barred Match at Backlash, but after last week, I still don't know which way Michaels is gonna go. Mickie James meets the woman who jumped her from behind last week, Victoria, in non-title action, and I'm sure 'The Glamazon' Beth Phoenix is gonna be on hand for that one. Plus, we're gonna determine who will challenge The World's Greatest Tag Team at Backlash for the World Tag Team Championships, as four teams collide to become the new number one contenders. But right now, let's hear from 'The Devil Himself', Mr. McMahon...

The heat continues as the group enter the ring, with Vince calling for a mic. As his music stops, the boos carry on, but McMahon simply rolls his eyes and shakes his head, having heard it all before...

Mr. McMahon: Alright, alright, that's enough of that now. I'm very busy man, I don't have a lotta time, so I'm gonna make this real simple. Simple enough that even you morons from Virginia can understand.

Cheap heat, but it's effective as the crowd boo once again...

Mr. McMahon: I'll make this real simple... as simple as I thought I made myself to Rob Van Dam and John Cena last week. Rob Van Dam and John Cena, they want to face each other for the WWE Championship. That’s what they want… but that’s not what they’re gonna get. I’m not letting those two ego-maniacs run my show. They don’t make the rules around here, they don’t make title matches… I do.

Small amount of heat…

Mr. McMahon: Rob Van Dam may be the WWE Champion, but becoming WWE Champion doesn’t give you the right to pick and choose who you’re gonna face. That right solely rests… with me.

Vince points squarely to his own chest as a hushed silence crosses the arena…

Mr. McMahon: So let me make this clear, once and for all. Rob Van Dam, John Cena, the WWE Championship… there is no… chance… in hell… of that happening anytime soon.

More heat, which Vince simply shrugs off…

Mr. McMahon: But last week I told Rob Van Dam that I would name the next number one contender for the WWE Championship at a time of my choosing. And that time… is right now.

Vince turns over his shoulder, a quick glance at Lashley, the two nodding to each other in anticipation of the worse kept secret in the world being announced…

Mr. McMahon: At Backlash, it’s time for the WWE Championship to come back under McMahon control. It’s time to take the most prestigious prize in all of sports entertainment away from some former ECW riff-raff, and put it back in the hands of a real champion. A champion that me, my family, you people, and more importantly, the entire WWE can be proud of.

Brooke turns and applauds Lashley, the camera focusing in on him as he cracks the knuckles of his right hand, the crowd heat starting to pick up again…

Mr. McMahon: So Rob Van Dam, you will defend the WWE Championship at Backlash, -and you’re gonna defend it against this man… BO-


A massively loud, mixed response, although the cheers outweigh the boos as John Cena interrupts. Cena stops at the top of the stage, staring out at the fans, before he looks down the ramp at the ring, shaking his head with a little laugh to himself before he races down the ramp and dives into the ring. It’s a bold move from Cena, outnumbered four to one, but he holds his hands out in a show of peace, keeping an eye on Lashley in particular as he calls for a mic. Cena is all smiles as he waits for the crowd to die down, and when they do, Cena once again holds out a hand to show he isn’t here for a fight before he starts to speak…

John Cena: Easy there guys, easy. I ain’t out here to start to a fight. I ain’t out here for trouble… I’m just out here to save all these people from the worse announcement in the history of Monday Night Raw.


John Cena: You call yourself a great business man, you call yourself the greatest business mind in the history of this business… you ain’t nowhere near that. A great business man listens to the fans. A great business man gives the people what they want, and you better believe, these people don’t want Bobby Lashley anywhere the WWE Championship.

Another pop, the fans very much in agreement with Cena…

John Cena: That ain’t want the people want… that’s what you want. And I thin last week, Rob Van Dam made it pretty clear, it ain’t what he wants either. So if you ain’t gonna announce me as number one contender… how ‘bout you let me earn it?

Cena closes in on Vince, looking deep into McMahon’s eyes…

John Cena: You wanna name Bobby Lashley the number one contender? Well how ‘bout you have him earn it… against me?

And now Cena steps towards Lashley, the pair staring at each other, before Cena breaks away and turns to the crowd…

John Cena: What d’ya say Hampton? Tonight, live on Monday Night Raw, John Cena, Bobby Lashley, the WrestleMania XXIII rematch, and the winner faces Rob Van Dam at Backlash for the WWE Championship!?

A loud cheer breaks out, with the fans very much wanting to see Cena and Lashley go at it tonight. Lashley it appears is also game, even taking a few steps towards Cena, but Vince puts a hand across his chest, shaking his head with a chuckle, with Lashley putting on the breaks…

Mr. McMahon: Ah Cena… what’s the matter John? Too many shots to the head? What don’t you understand Cena? What are you not getting? You and Rob Van Dam… it’s never gonna happen. It can’t happen. Because this – Ms. Adams, if you would…

Just like last week, Brooke pulls a file of papers from her clipboard and hands it over to Vince…

Mr. McMahon: THIS… is an iron clad contract. In it, it states that the match featuring John Cena and Rob Van Dam at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship, was a one-time only affair. No rematch, Cena. You signed it, Rob Van Dam signed it, you both agreed to those terms. And let me assure you Cena, I am a great business man ‘cause I always get my way. And this piece of paper right here says I’m gonna get what I want… and there’s nothin’ you… or Rob Van Dam… can do about it.

Vince sneers, feeling that he has Cena exactly where he wants him, as Cena over-exaggerates a wince, taking off his cap to scratch his head…

John Cena: I had a feelin’ you might say somethin’ like that. And you’re absolutely right. I signed that contract, so did Rob. But… there’s somebody backstage who’s got somethin’ to say about it all. And I think you oughta hear her out…


There isn’t much of a pop as Linda McMahon makes her way down the ramp, but the camera quickly cuts to Vince, who facepalms and shakes his head in frustration, as it looks like once again his wife is about to interfere in his business. As Linda climbs up the steps, Cena holds open the middle rope, allowing the C.E.O. to enter the ring, and he then hands his microphone over to her…

Linda McMahon: Thank you, John. Hello Vince, Shane. It’s a shame that I’ve-

Mr. McMahon: Now wait just a minute, Linda!

Heat, with Linda rolling her eyes as Vince appears ready to go on a rant…

Mr. McMahon: What’s the meaning of this, huh? You stuck your nose in my business before WrestleMania, and I’m not about to let that happen again. You belong back and in the boardroom with the rest of the suits, Linda. This is not your world, this is not your business! Now I don’t know what kinda game you and Cena are tryin’ to pull here, but it’s not gonna work, not this time! So Linda… I want you to head back up that ramp, take Cena with you, because the matter is closed.

Stern faced, Vince points up the ramp, with Shane even stepping forward to try usher his mother from the ring. Cena takes a few steps to stand behind Linda, showing the pair aren’t going anywhere, with Vince adjusting his tie in a show of authority before he carries on…

Mr. McMahon: And as I was about to say, before I was so rudely interrupted… the new number one contender… and the next WWE Champion… Bobby-

Linda McMahon: VINCE!

Vince’s eyes nearly bulge out of his head as he’s interrupted once again, the crowd letting out a pop…

Linda McMahon: Let me remind you of one thing. I am your wife, and this is a family business, which means I really think you should hear what I have to say.

Vince turns his head away, muttering under his breath, rubbing his forehead in irritation at the situation infront of him…

Linda McMahon: Now, as I was saying. It’s a shame I had to come back to Raw under such circumstances. But I’m afraid Vince that there have been some… concerns, shall we say… about the way you’ve been conducting your business lately. Not only am I concerned by your recent actions Vince… but so are the WWE Board of Directors.

Vince suddenly perks up, confusion on his face as he wonders where Linda is going with this…

Linda McMahon: From your suspension of Joey Styles, to Lashley’s assault of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, a man who was here under the capacity of a WWE official, to appointing yourself as the Special Guest Referee at WrestleMania XXIII, both myself and the Board of Directors feel that you, Vince… have seriously abused your power lately.

And now that confusion starts to turn to a look of concern…

Linda McMahon: So much so, that an emergency board meeting was called earlier today back at WWE headquarters. I have flew down here to Hampton to deliver the results to you personally.

Mr. McMahon: You can’t have a board meeting without me! I’m Vince McMahon, I’m ‘The Chairman of the Board’, dammit!

Vince reacts furiously, getting right in his wife’s face as he starts to shout, but Cena steps forward, causing Vince to back away…

Linda McMahon: Well, I’m sorry, Vince. But this decision was taken out of your hands. A board meeting was called… and a vote was taken. A vote… on you, Vince. And as much as it pains me to say this to my own husband… the vote resulted… in a vote of no confidence in your abilities to lead this company.

The crowd cheer loudly as Vince’s face starts to drain…

Linda McMahon: And a motion was put forward, and seconded… that you be removed from your position of power here on Monday Night Raw.

And there’s that trademark gulp from Vince…

Linda McMahon: But… the vote wasn’t carried, unanimously. You obviously still have some friends in high places, Vince. It was decided that next week, the WWE Board of Directors will be here, live on Monday Night Raw, for another emergency board meeting, where you’ll be allowed to plead your case.

It’s a reluctant look on Linda’s face as she speaks, with Cena even shaking his head slightly…

Linda McMahon: And IF you can gain a majority in the next vote… you might be allowed to remain in control here on Raw.

Mr. McMahon: And if not?

But now Linda starts to smile…

Linda McMahon: If not? Then your days in power, both here on Raw and the WWE in general… are over.

The crowd cheer loudly for the prospect of a WWE free of Vince, with Cena seen encouraging the crowd to make some noise in the background…

Linda McMahon: And as for tonight Vince, I plan on sticking around to make sure you don’t make any… rash decisions.

Vince turns away, a furious scowl on his face, before he snaps his head back around to growl towards his wife…

Mr. McMahon: You… you’re gonna regret this, Linda. You’re gonna regret this! You went behind my back to the Board of Directors! But it’s not gonna work! They’re gonna realise that after all I’ve done for this company, after all the money I’ve made over the years, they’re gonna know what’s good for ‘em, and I’m gonna wipe the floor with you in that boardroom next week! And as for you Cena…

Vince aggressively points at Cena, who stands firm in a show of defiance…

Mr. McMahon: I’m still in control tonight. I’m still ‘The Boss’ around here! And that means I still call the shots! That’s why right now Cena, you’re gonna be in a match… with the Intercontinental Champion, Kenny Dykstra!


All eyes turn up the ramp as the always cocky Kenny Dykstra steps out, sunglasses on with a t-shirt that reads “Future H.o.F.er” across the chest. Torrie Wilson is also there, dressed in black, looking as sultry as ever, Raw’s newest power couple heading down to the ring. In the ring, Cena and Linda angrily look towards Vince, who simply sneers as he heads for the ropes, Shane and Brooke quickly following, while Lashley lingers, brushing past Cena, the two sharing a tense stare before Lashley finally leaves…

Joey Styles: Wow. What a way to kick off Raw. Next week, the WWE Board of Directors are gonna be here on Raw, and they’re gonna decide the fate of Mr. McMahon!

Jerry Lawler: Next week, that could be one of the most important nights in WWE history! Mr. McMahon… he could be fired!

Jim Ross: A huge announcement from Linda McMahon indeed, but right now, John Cena is gonna take on Kenny Dykstra. That’s gonna be a heck of a matchup, and we’re gonna see it when we return, live to Monday Night Raw!


Match 1: Non-Title Match
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra w/ Torrie Wilson vs. John Cena

We return just in time to hear the bell ring, the two men circling briefly before they come together for a collar and elbow tie up. After jockeying for position, Dykstra wrenches Cena in for a standing side headlock, but Cena shoves Dykstra off the ropes… only for Dykstra to bowl Cena over with a shoulderblock! A gasp emanates from the fans, with Dykstra looking smug, pleased with himself as he nods to the crowd, before he then races off the ropes… but Cena drops down, Dykstra running over the top… then Cena avoids him with a leapfrog… before he sends Dykstra flying with a hiptoss! Dykstra scrambles for the corner, telling Cena to back away, the youngster rattled, but Cena is more than willing to ease up as he allows Dykstra to step out. The two tie up once again, and this time it’s Cena who gets the standing headlock on, wrenching on the hold as Dykstra tries to break free. As before, Dykstra shoves Cena into the ropes… and Cena runs him over with a shoulderblock! There’s no posing from Cena through as he quickly heads for the ropes… but Dykstra drops down, Cena running over the top… then he avoids Cena with a leapfrog… but Cena puts on the breaks… and takes Dykstra down with a headlock takedown! Cena out smartens the youngster, with Dykstra slapping the canvas in frustration.

Cena is in control as both men rise, and again Dykstra is able to shove Cena off the ropes… but Cena ducks a clothesline… then comes off the ropes with a flying shoulderblock! Both men spring up… a second flying shoulderblock! Dykstra is reeling, and here comes Cena… third flying shoulderblock… no! Dykstra drops to the canvas… and Cena crashes to the mat! Cena is down, but Dykstra doesn’t waste anytime… baseball slide… sends Cena crashing to the floor! With Torrie shouting some abuse at Cena, Dykstra heads outside, grabbing Cena… then smashing him face first off the steel steps! Cena slumps to the floor, but Dykstra doesn’t waste any time in getting Cena back in the ring, following in for the first near fall of the match. Dykstra now begins to target Cena’s head and neck, aiming a pair of boots to the head, but the arrogance of the youngster shines through as he holds his arms out to the fans… and this allows Cena to strike, landing right after right, backing Dykstra to the corner, where he goes for the Irish whip… and Cena follows in… boot to the face! Cena stumbles away, and here comes Dykstra… snap swinging neckbreaker! Dykstra crawls into the cover… 1… 2… Cena kicks out.

Dykstra continues to target the neck, dropping elbows to the back of the head, before Dykstra wrenches on a chinlock, looking to apply pressure to the head. With Torrie encouraging him, Dykstra wrenches on the hold tightly, determined to wear Cena down, but eventually the crowd try to rally Cena back into the match, and Cena obliges as he struggles back to his feet. Cena drives a pair of elbows to the midsection, then a right hand to the head finally breaks the hold, with Cena going for an Irish whip… but Dykstra ducks his clothesline… falling neckbreaker! Dykstra takes Cena down, rolls him over to hook the leg… 1… 2… Cena kicks out! Dykstra glares at the ref, demanding the three count, but he quickly gets back to action as he lands more forearms to the back of the head, then sends Cena off the ropes… into a SLEEPER HOLD! Dykstra locks the hold on tight, wrenching back and forth, determined to make Cena submit… but out of nowhere, Cena takes Dykstra up on his shoulders… FU… NO! Dykstra drops down behind… and takes Cena down with a rollup! 1… 2… Cena kicks out… and the force sends Dykstra to the ropes… Cena catches him with a sitout hiptoss! Dykstra is back up, but here comes Cena… flying shoulderblock! Dykstra is back up… a second flying shoulderblock puts him down! This time Cena doesn’t go for a third, instead he waits for Dykstra to rise… PROTOBOMB! Cena plants Dykstra, and now he looks out to the crowd, before he gets in Dykstra’s face… “You can’t see me!”… FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE!

Cena is back on his feet, waiting for Dykstra to rise, looking to put him away… only for Torrie to jump up onto the apron! The referee and Cena both turn, distracted by Torrie’s presence, and this allows Dykstra to rise… and catch Cena from behind… JUMPING REVERSE STO!! Dykstra plants Cena head first into the canvas, rolls him over, hooks the leg… but Torrie is a little late in dropping down to the canvas, and it takes an age for the referee to finally turn… 1… 2… Cena rolls a shoulder! Dykstra can’t believe it, Cena kicked out! Dykstra is furious, bursting back to his feet, getting right in the referee’s face, screaming at him that it should’ve been three, but the referee confirms it was only two. With Cena still down, Dykstra sees a chance to put him away once and for all, as he heads for the corner and climbs upstairs… then readies himself… before he flies… SKY HIGH LEGDROP… NO!! Cena rolls to safety, and Dykstra crashes to the canvas! Both men are hurt, and takes an age for them to rise, but when they do, a slugfest breaks out, until Cena rattles off three rights in a row, backing Dykstra to the corner. Cena goes for an Irish whip… but when he follows in, Dykstra uses the ropes to elevate himself over Cena… no! Cena catches him on his shoulder, drags him to the centre of the ring… FU!! Cena plants Kenny, and he crawls over to hook the leg for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: John Cena @ 08.37

Another career enhancing performance from Dykstra, but Cena is just too much as he puts the young champion away. Rolling back to his knees, Cena picks himself up from the canvas, his hand raised by the referee. Cena takes a look down at Dykstra, then takes a quick glance at Torrie, before he drops outside and slaps a few hands with the crowd, heading back up the ramp as we go to a commercial.


*Video Package*

We open to the cold, dark eyes of Shawn Michaels, staring blankly into the camera, his face the only light on the screen beneath the black cowboy hat that is pulled down low over his brow, the frame slowly moving from one side of his face across to the other...

Triple H: I... have been wronged...

We cut to the footage of Michaels cracking 'The Game' with a steel chair, a dramatic boom ringing out as the chair makes contact...

John Cena: Had sins committed against me...

A dark red glow engulfs the screen as we see footage of Shane McMahon smack a chair of Cena's head, another boom on impact...

Rob Van Dam: Witnessed travesties of justice.

Van Dam is struck with the sweet chin music...

Randy Orton: I fought without fear of consequence...

Orton drops Ric Flair with the RKO...

Bobby Lashley: I caused immense pain and suffering...

Lashley runs through Cena with a massive spear inside the steel cage at Saturday Night's Main Event...

Kenny Dykstra: And on this night...

Dykstra brings a chair down on the skull of Jeff Hardy for a sickening one man con-chair-to...

Carlito: On 'dis night...

Dykstra flies through the air to land the sky high legdrop on 'Lito...

Shawn Michaels: But on this night...

And we end once again on the cold glare of Michaels, staying on his face as he utters the words....

”Thy Backlash shall be felt...”


*End Video Package*

And as we return from the commercial, we see Linda McMahon once more, this time walking backstage. It appears Linda has a target in mind, and it seems like she’s found it as she starts to slow down, with the camera zooming out… to reveal Randy Orton leaning against a wall, talking to some random female backstage worker. Orton has his arms crossed, the Money in the Bank briefcase resting on a nearby table, his back to Linda…

Linda McMahon: Ahem, Randy?

Orton turns his head over his shoulder, spotting Linda, rolling his eyes in annoyance. Orton turns back to the female he was talking with, but at least has the courtesy to give Linda response…

Randy Orton: Linda… can I help you with something?

Linda McMahon: I was wondering if I could have a word with you… alone.

Orton rubs his chin in frustration, motioning with his head for his female companion to vacate the area. She does so, and Orton now turns towards Linda, arms folded across his chest, an annoyed look on his face…

Randy Orton: And what can I do for you, Mrs. McMahon? I mean, what could me and you possibly have to discuss? Unless of course, it’s the fact that despite what John Cena thinks… and despite what your husband thinks… Rob Van Dam should be facing me at Backlash… and you’re here to tell me that you agree, and I get a shot at the WWE Championship. If that’s what you’re here to tell me… then I’m all ears.

Linda shakes her head…

Linda McMahon: Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, Randy, but no, that’s not why I’m here. If you want a WWE Title match, then I suggest you cash in your Money in the Bank privileges. But, it’s actually that briefcase I can here to talk to you about.

Orton raises his eyebrows, listening intently…

Linda McMahon: Randy, that briefcase guarantees you a shot at any championship whenever you see fit. It is not to be used as a weapon, like you used it on Jeff Hardy last week.

Pop from inside the arena…

Linda McMahon: Infact, the WWE Board of Directors wanted me to make it clear to you that repeated use of that briefcase as a weapon could lead to you being stripped of your Money in the Bank title opportunity.

And another pop, but Orton simply smirks at Linda’s words…

Randy Orton: With all due respect, Mrs. McMahon… you and your precious Board of Directors… you don’t want to threaten me. ‘Cause when you threaten me, you make me angry. And you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. I’m not afraid of you and your family, and I’m not gonna be intimidated by you and your board. You think you can take this briefcase away from me?

Orton shakes his head…

Randy Orton: Not a chance. There’s not a court or lawyer in this whole country who can force me to give this up. So why don’t you go back to your board and you tell them… that unless it’s to offer me a shot at Rob Van Dam and the WWE Championship at Backlash… then I’m not interested. Do you understand me?

Orton now steps forward, towering over Linda, with the C.E.O. taking a step backwards in intimidation…

???: HEY!

Both Orton and Linda now look off camera, with the camera panning to reveal… it’s Jeff Hardy! A strong cheer breaks out from inside the arena as Hardy, the man Orton struck with the briefcase last week, steps into the shot…

Jeff Hardy: What the hell is wrong with you man? You don’t threaten women like that. Hell, if you wanna threaten somebody… threaten me.

Jeff now steps forward, stepping in-between Orton and Linda, the two male superstars practically going nose-to-nose…

Randy Orton: You better back off, Hardy. This has nothin’ to do with you. You don’t want me to smack this briefcase off your skull again, do you? Don’t think this little threat is gonna stop me from layin’ you out again.

Hardy smirks, remembering fully what happened to him last week, still clearly annoyed at the cheap fashion in which their match ended last week…

Jeff Hardy: Well y’know what, man? You might not think there’s a lawyer or court that can take that briefcase away from you… but I’m pretty sure you put it on the line… I’ll take it away from you. What do you think of that, Mrs. McMahon?

Linda ponders, nodding her head in agreement, the crowd vocal from inside the arena that Jeff’s suggestion should be carried through…

Linda McMahon: I think that sounds like a great idea, Jeff. But, in the interest of fairness, and to prove that I can make decisions that are fair and balanced, unlike my husband, I’m willing to let you earn what you want, Randy. I think that it’s only fair that tonight, you compete in a match Randy, where if you win, you’ll get your shot at the WWE Championship at Backlash.

Orton smiles, almost surprised that it seems like he’s gotten his way after all…

Linda McMahon: But… if you lose… you’ll have to defend that Money in the Bank briefcase at Backlash… against Jeff Hardy.

Loud pop from the crowd, as Orton rubs his chin, thinking Linda’s offer over carefully…

Randy Orton: Alright, alright I accept. So… who’s my opponent tonight? Jeff again? It doesn’t matter if I don’t use this briefcase, the outcome’s still going to be the same. You’re still gonna end up looking at the lights, Hardy.

Orton smirks again, his arrogance shining through…

Linda McMahon: No, not Jeff. Your opponent tonight is going to be… the WWE Champion, Rob – Van – Dam!

A massive pop, with Linda turning to look at Jeff, Hardy nodding very much in approval of tonight’s match and it’s stipulation…

Linda McMahon: Good luck tonight Randy. Good evening Jeff.

Linda turns and walks off screen, leaving Hardy behind, rubbing his hands in anticipation, before he too turns and heads off screen. Orton is left behind on his own, anger on his face, rubbing his jaw in annoyance, before he snatches his briefcase off the table and exits the scene in the opposite direction.

And we now cut to a locker room, a loud, strong pop from inside the arena as we see Triple H sat on a steel chair, wrapping tape around his fists, gearing up for his match tonight Trips finishes off one hand, but before he can start on the second, a shadow is cast over him, with Triple H and the camera looking up… to see Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley standing before him! The crowd is shocked, unsure of how to react, just like Triple H, clearly surprised to see his ‘wife’ is in the arena tonight. ‘The Game’ stands up, the two sharing an awkward few seconds before Trips speaks…

Triple H: What the hell are you doin' here?

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Well, Hunter, that's certainly no way to talk to your wife, now is it?

Triple H has a little laugh to himself, with the smarks in the arena laughing also. It's 2007, kayfabe is dead people...

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: But if you must know, I flew in with Mom. I'm here to support her. She's gonna need all the help she can get next week in the board room against Dad.

A look of concern now crosses Stephanie's face...

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: But I also need to talk to you, Hunter. I uh... I don't really know how to say this but... I'm worried. I'm really worried about this match you have lined up with Shawn. I mean... we've known Shawn a long time. And I've never seen him like this before. Never. He's... he's changed.

Reluctantly, Hunter nods in agreement, sighing deeply as he does so...

Triple H: You're damn right he's changed. It's like he's not even the same person anymore. He's not the Shawn Michaels I remember. But if anybody's gonna smack some sense into 'im... it's gonna be me.

The crowd pop, while an exasperated Stephanie rubs her forehead...

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: But that's just it. What if you don't smack some sense into him? I mean... I'm scared to even look at Shawn right now. It's like he's a man possessed. And you want to challenge him to a No Holds Barred Match? What if something happens to you? What if he... what if he hurts you... badly? You heard what he said. He wants to take you out. He wants to hurt you, he wants to break you so you can never compete again. What if that happens? What if... what if he gets his way?

'The Game' narrows his eyes, a mix of anger and disbelief at the words of his wife...

Triple H: You startin' to doubt me now, Steph? You don't think I can get the job done? Let me remind you of one thing... I am 'The Game'. I am 'The Cerebral Assassin'. People call me that, 'cause I put people of the shelf. And if I've gotta break Shawn's body to break his spirit, if I've gotta send him home to his wife and kids to finally make 'im realise what the hell he's doin'... then that's what I'm gonna do.

A pop from inside the arena is quickly cut off as Steph loudly responds...

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Oh, Hunter, please! Listen to yourself! Nobody is tryin' to tell you you're not 'The Game', nobody is sayin' you're not the best in the business. But just remember one thing. You've not only got me for a wife... you've also got our daughter to consider. You've got a family to think about. Just think about what would happen if you got hurt, that's all I'm saying.

Steph reaches out, placing a reassuring hand on her husband's arm...

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Hunter, please... don't agree to a No Holds Barred Match tonight. Don't go looking for answers to your challenge. If you wanna get back at Shawn... then find another way. But please don't step into the ring with him at Backlash. I've just...

Steph turns away, almost choking back tears...

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: I've just got a feeling that something really bad is gonna happen.

The usually stoic, stoney face of 'The Game' starts to show a hint of emotion, as he lowers his head to stare at the floor, unable to look into his wife's eyes. Realising the pain he's causing her, yet still determined to gain revenge on Michaels, Triple H lifts his head up, shaking it slightly as the pair's eyes meet...

Triple H: You just don't get it, Steph. The guy was my best friend for all those years. And now look at 'im. Look at what he's become. He's sick, twisted, demented, deranged, call it what you want, the guy ain't right in the head! He turned his back on me... and now it's payback time. I promise you... nothin' bad is gonna happen...

Triple H now furrows his brow, looking all business as he says...

Triple H: To me.

A big pop rings out from inside arena, with Stephanie lifting her head up slightly, nodding, reluctantly agreeing with her husband...

Triple H: I'm callin' him out tonight. I'm sorry, but... I gotta do it.

Struggling with her emotions, Stephanie bits her lower lip, quivering, before she finally looks her husband in the eye...

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Hunter... just promise me one thing. At Backlash... it ends. Backlash is the final battle between you two. Win or lose... you let Shawn fix his own life. You promise?

'The Game' nods, prompting Stephanie to move in close, giving her husband a quick kiss on the cheek...

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Stay safe tonight. I'll see you when you get home.

And with one final rub of Triple H's arm, Stephanie turns and leaves the dressing room. Triple H watches her go, his face wracked with emotion, but he soon returns to his chair, a stern look of focus on his face as he continues to apply tape to his knuckles, while we head elsewhere.

To see that Maria is standing by for an interview...

Maria: Hi! I'm Maria! And joining me at this time, please welcome the WWE Champion... Rob – Van – Dam!

A massive roar breaks out as Rob Van Dam enters the frame, look relaxed as he has the WWE Championship slung across his shoulder. Van Dam stops near Maria, giving the interviewer a quick wink, causing Maria to giggle slightly...

Maria: So Rob, I was hoping to get your thoughts on what we heard at the top of the show from Mr. McMahon and John Cena... but I guess first I should ask you for your thoughts on what we just heard from Linda McMahon. Tonight, in our main event, you're gonna take on Randy Orton. If Orton wins, he gets to face you at Backlash for the WWE Championship. If you win, Orton must defend his Money in the Bank briefcase against Jeff Hardy.

Van Dam shrugs his shoulders, not entirely sure of what to say...

Rob Van Dam: Hey, what can I say? I think it's an awesome decision by Linda McMahon. I mean, when i won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania XXII, it didn't change anythin' about me. Sure, I knew I had a guaranteed title shot, but I didn't need to use the briefcase as a weapon. I just went out and kicked ass like I always did!

Pop from inside the arena...

Rob Van Dam: Orton usin' that briefcase to get himself DQ'ed? That's the cowards way out, dude. Y'see, Randy Orton's one o' these guys who likes to talk tough, but when it really comes down to it... he's nothin' but a guy who takes cheap shots to get the easy way out. He doesn't deserve to carry that briefcase around.

Van Dam pauses, thinking things over...

Rob Van Dam: As for Jeff Hardy, Jeff's a great guy. I gotta admit, I watched that Money in the Bank Match, and I thought Jeff had it won a couple o' times. If me beatin' Orton tonight helps Jeff get his hands on that briefcase come Backlash... then that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

Van Dam pauses again, becoming more serious...

Rob Van Dam: This time last year I was Mr. Money in the Bank, and I didn't take any shortcuts or the easy way out. I manned up, I challenged John Cena fair and square, and I beat 'im to become WWE Champion.

Van Dam takes a look down on the title across his shoulder, hoisting it up so that the nameplate glistens in the light...

Rob Van Dam: And one year later, I'm standin' here as the WWE Champion once again. So tonight, I'm gonna show Randy Orton what it means to be Mr. Money in the Bank... and what it takes to be as good a champion as me, 'RVD'!

Van Dam stops, handing the interview back over to Maria, but our ditzy interviewer doesn't quite grasp this at first, nodding for a few seconds after Van Dam has stopped until she finally catches on...

Maria: Oh... OK! So Rob, what did you think about what we heard earlier from Linda McMahon about next week's show? Mr. McMahon is set to plead his case in an emergency board meeting live on Raw, and if the vote from the Board of Directors doesn't go his way... he could be stripped of his power here in the WWE... forever.

Van Dam purses his lips and nods his head, again agreeing with the proposal...

Rob Van Dam: I think it's about damn time it finally happened to 'im! Vince has been runnin' Raw like it's an expensive toy or somethin'. He doesn't care what the fans want, all he cares bout is himself. If he really cared about the fans, he'd give the people what they wanted last week, that was me and John Cena for the WWE Championship, live on Monday Night Raw!


Rob Van Dam: That's what Rob Van Dam as WWE Champion is gonna be all about. I'm about givin' the fans what they wanna see. They wanna see me in action, night after night, defendin' this title? Then that's what I wanna give 'im. Except... well, you all heard Vince last week. He ain't cool with it, and I guess I just gotta live by that right now. But if things go the way they should go next week... we won't have to worry about Vince anymore.

Van Dam now turns to the camera, looking to send his message him with a purpose...

Rob Van Dam: If the Board of Directors have got their heads screwed on straight, they'll do the right thing and kick Vince to the kerb. And then it'll be just like I said last week. I'll put this title up anytime, anywhere, against anybody. John Cena, Bobby Lashley, Randy Orton, it doesn't matter who it is, they want a shot, they can have it. All they gotta do, is step into the ring and challenge the WWE Champion... ROB – VAN – DAM!

The arena joins in with Van Dam as he performas that trademark thumb taunt of his, before he again winks at Maria and heads off screen, the camera lingering on Maria as she watches Van Dam leave, before we head back into the arena.

To hear...


A very warm welcome as The Straight Edge Saints step out from the back. CM Punk leads the way, dropping down to a knee, where he taps the invisible watch on his wrist, then holds to the ear of Kelly Kelly before he and Nick Dinsmore yell out “It's clobberin' time!” and the trio head down the ramp...

Joey Styles: Well folks, it looks like our main event is set. Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton are set to face off, and if Orton wins, he becomes the number one contender to the WWE Championship, and he will face ‘RVD’ at Backlash for the gold! But right now, here comes The Straight Edge Saints, they’re about to compete for the right to go to Backlash to challenge for the World Tag Team Championships, and that happens when we return to Monday Night Raw!


And when we return, The Redneck Wrecking Crew and Johnny Nitro and Chris Masters have joined Punk and Dinsmore in the ring, while the music of The Hart Legacy is playing, as Harry Smith and Tyson Kidd help Natalya Niedhart up onto the apron, before the trio step through the ropes. After some trash talking and jockeying for position, the four teams are now ready to compete, but we’ll have to wait as…


The music of the champs hit, as The World’s Greatest Tag Team make their entrance, both Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin dressed in white tracksuits, the champs looking very calm and collected, safe in the knowledge that they won’t be competing tonight…

Jim Ross: Welcome back everybody to Monday Night Raw. We’re all set to determine a new set of number one contenders for the World Tag Team Championships, and it seems we’re about to be joined by the champions, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.

Jerry Lawler: Here they come… Charlie, Shelton, welcome.

Haas and Benjamin approach the announce desk, picking up and placing on a pair of headsets each, before they settle down into nearby chairs…

Joey Styles: Nice to have ya’ here, champs.

Shelton Benjamin: It is nice for you to have us. You should be thankful we even came out here.

Jim Ross: Well why are you guys out here? Is this some kinda scoutin’ mission you’re on? You tryin’ to get an early look at your opponents for Backlash?

Charlie Haas: We’re tryin’ to see if there’s anythin’ anybody can offer us that catches our eye. You know what we’re all about J.R., we’re tryin’ to drag the tag team division here on Raw up to our level. So let’s see first-hand what they’ve got.

Joey Styles: Well we’ve got four young, hungry, exciting teams in there right now. I’m sure you two are gonna be pleasantly surprised when this one’s over…

Match 2: Number One Contenders Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match
Johnny Nitro and Chris Masters
w/Melina vs. The Hart Legacy w/Natalya Niedhart vs. The Redneck Wrecking Crew vs. The Straight Edge Saints

The trash talking between the recent rivals continues even after the bell rings, but eventually we wind up with Punk and Masters in the ring to kick us off. The two tie up, with Masters’ strength allowing him to drive Punk to the corner where Nitro stands. The ref calls for a break, which Masters provides… only to then drill Punk with a knee to the gut! Another knee lands, before he goes for an Irish whip across… but Punk reverses… and follows in with a knee to the face! Punk hangs on… bulldog from the corner! Punk quickly tags in Dinsmore, but he stays in the ring to slam Masters to the mat, allowing Dinsmore to come off the second rope… double axe handle connects! Here’s an early cover… 1… 2… Masters kicks out. Dinsmore yanks Masters up, but Masters strikes with a right hand… only to then swing and miss with a second… allowing Dinsmore to connect with an atomic drop… and then knock Masters down with a clothesline! Seeing his partner in trouble, Nitro storms the ring… but runs right into an armdrag! Nitro is reeling as he stumbles against the ropes… clothesline knocks him over and down to the floor! Masters stumbles towards the Hart’s corner, where Smith tags him with a right hand… and then another right sends Masters stumbling into the corner… where he tags Smith into the match!

Masters drops down and rolls outside, with Smith stepping in, he and Dinsmore locking up. Smith overpowers Dinsmore, tagging him with right hands and knees to the midsection, before he goes for the Irish whip… then catches Dinsmore with a belly to belly suplex! Smith crawls into the cover… 1… 2… Dinsmore kicks out. Smith looks to stay on the attack, but Dinsmore sneaks in a right to the face, then fires Smith to the Hart’s corner… and follows in… but he runs into a boot to the face! Smith tags in Kidd, who slingshots to the top rope… springboard dropkick! This actions draws Cade and Murdoch into the ring, looking to finally get involved, but the ref cuts them off… which allows Punk to climb to the top rope… flying crossbody takes Kidd down! The referee turns, catching Punk, and he quickly ushers him from the ring. As Punk stumbles back up, Murdoch reaches in… and tags Kidd! Murdoch enters the ring, while Cade drops down, trips Kidd up, drags him from the ring… and levels him with a clothesline! The bad feeling between The Harts and The Crew continues, but in the ring, Murdoch goes to work on Dinsmore, hooking him up… full nelson slam! Dinsmore is planted, and Murdoch hooks the leg… 1… 2… Dinsmore kicks out. Murdoch drags Dinsmore up and fires him to the corner where Cade stands, Dinsmore hitting chest first, allowing Murdoch to drill a forearm to the small of the back before he tags in Cade. Cade unloads with big right hands, until Dinsmore fires back, only for Cade to land a knee to the midsection. Cade goes for the Irish whip… Dinsmore counters… but lowers his head… Cade drills him with a boot to the head! But as he stumbles back, Cade gets too close to the ropes, allowing Nitro to tag himself in.

Nitro smacks Dinsmore with boots and right hands, then connects with a legdrop, before he fires Dinsmore off the ropes… kick to the midsection… no! Dinsmore grabs the foot… but Nitro rocks him with an enzuigiri! Dinsmore is down and out, and here’s the cover… 1… 2… Dinsmore barely rolls a shoulder! Nitro tags Masters back in, with Masters striking with forearms to the small of the back, before he fires Dinsmore off the ropes… into a bearhug! Masters wrenches on the hold, violently swinging Dinsmore back and forth, trying to make Dinsmore pass out from the pain. Slowly but surely, Dinsmore begins to fade, but the crowd try to rally behind him, willing Dinsmore back into the match. Eventually Dinsmore starts to come around, raising his arms, trying to find a way to break free… he drills an elbow to the side of the head… and a second… but Masters stops the momentum with a knee to the midsection. Masters then goes for the Irish whip off the ropes… but he lowers his head…snap DDT from Dinsmore! Both men are down, crawling to their corners… and Dinsmore makes the tag to Punk! Punk slingshots to the top rope… springboard clothesline to Masters! Nitro storms the ring… into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Here comes Murdoch… he runs into a roundhouse kick! And now here comes Cade… running into a huge back body drop! Punk is cleaning house, and he grabs hold of Murdoch… and launches him over the rope to the floor! Punk then charges across… dropkick knocks Smith off the apron! Masters is still the legal man, and he clobbers Punk from behind with a forearm… but Punk fires back… standing kick to the head!

Masters slumps to the mat, and now Punk is climbing upstairs… but here comes Kidd… to shove Punk off the top rope to the floor! Kidd steps through the ropes, only to be tagged by Dinsmore, but Kidd quickly fires back… then doubles Dinsmore over with a boot to the gut, before he races off the ropes… dropkick to the side of the head! Murdoch and Masters now slide in, with Masters clobbering Kidd, while Murdoch takes the fight to Dinsmore. From the apron, Cade reaches in, tagging Masters, making him the legal man, and now he and Murdoch double team Dinsmore. Masters continues to attack Kidd, but Kidd fires back… and clotheslines Masters over the top rope to the floor! On the outside, Nitro and Smith are brawling, with Masters now joining in, the two double teaming Harry. Seeing his partner in trouble, Kidd leaps to the top rope… then twists… FLYING MOONSAULT… WIPES OUT ALL THREE MEN! It’s an incredible move, the crowd loving it, but it soon leads to a brawl on the floor between Nitro, Masters, Kidd and Smith. The four fight around the ring at the base of the ramp, while in the ring, Dinsmore is in trouble as Cade and Murdoch punish him, then line him up… as Cade comes off one ropes… and Murdoch comes off another… SWEET AND SOUR… NO! Punk reaches in and trips up Murdoch… while Dinsmore avoids Cade’s lariat… and rocks him with a release German suplex! Punk drags Murdoch from the ring… and levels him with a standing roundhouse! In the ring, Dinsmore drags Cade up… then shows impressive strength as he takes Cade up onto his shoulders… while Punk climbs to the top rope… and flies… DOOMSDAY DROPKICK!! Punk sends Cade flying, and with Nitro, Masters, Smith, Kidd, and even Natalya and Melina brawling up the aisle, there’s nobody to save Cade as Punk gets the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: The Straight Edge Saints @ 11.07

Punk and Dinsmore have done it, they’re going to Backlash to challenge for the gold! On the outside, the brawl between Nitro, Masters, Kidd and Smith finally comes to an end, the four realising that the match is over, with Melina again furious at what has turned into another defeat for her team. In the ring, Punk and Dinsmore celebrate with Kelly Kelly, while at the announce desk, Haas and Benjamin now know who they will face in just over two weeks’ time…

Jerry Lawler: Well Charlie, Shelton, there ya’ have it. You’re gonna have to defend those titles against CM Punk and Nick Dinsmore!

Jim Ross: And ya’ gotta hand it to ‘em champs, The Straight Edge Saints gave a great performance to secure the victory right there.

Instead of an answer, Haas and Benjamin simply look at each other, then stand up from the announce desk, removing their headsets and dropping them to the table. The champions stare into the ring where their next challengers look back at them, a brief standoff ensuing… until the champions start to applaud Punk and Dinsmore? It’s a confusing tactic, with Kelly Kelly managing to look even more puzzled than she usually does, but Punk and Dinsmore don’t seem to be buying it, stern looks still on their faces, but the camera darts back to the champions, a standing ovation from them for tonight’s victors as we head for a commercial.


And we return to the sights of a smiling Todd Grisham, ready for an interview…

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night Raw. And please welcome my guest at this time… Carlito!

A warm response for the cool one, Carlito, as he steps into the frame. Dressed in his wrestling tights with one of his t-shirts on, ‘Lito casually tosses an apple up into the air and catches it, looking calm and focused ahead of his match tonight…

Todd Grisham: And Carlito, I’d like to start by asking you for your thoughts ahead of your match tonight with Bobby Lashley. From what we understand, Mr. McMahon has arranged this match for, as he put it, punishment for your actions during last week’s main event.

Carlito snorts, shaking his head at the question…

Carlito: Todd, ju’ think Carlito cares what old man McMahon has to say? Carlito ain’t got no issue with McMahon or Lashley. What Carlito did last week, was all about that punk Kenny Dykstra and that trashy whore Torrie!

Grisham looks shocked, while the fans cheer loudly…

Carlito: McMahon wants to punish Carlito? Well, Carlito’s got a message for Vince and Lashley. Carlito… is in a real pissed off mood right now. And Carlito thinks it’s not gonna be Lashley who’s gonna punish Carlito. Carlito thinks he’s gonna take out all his anger, all his frustration… out on Lashley tonight!

Another pop, as a very serious Carlito stares down the camera for a few seconds, before he turns back to Grisham…

Carlito: So Carlito is really lookin’ forward to facin’ Lashley tonight. Infact, Carlito thinks ‘dat ‘da mood he’s in right row… Lashley’s the one gettin’ punished tonight by Vince!

A strong cheer from inside the arena, with Carlito turning the interview back over to Grisham…

Todd Grisham: Well, Carlito, last week we all saw you storm down the ramp and chase Kenny Dykstra into the crowd with a steel chair. Obviously, after your betrayal at WrestleMania at the hands of Kenny and Torrie… you’re not finished with Dykstra, or the Intercontinental Championship.

A slight rueful smile crosses Carlito’s face…

Carlito: Torrie? ‘Dat slut? Carlito thinks Kenny’s welcome to her. She turned her back on Carlito… and maybe ‘dat’s what Carlito needed. No more blonde bimbos weighin’ Carlito down! Now Carlito can do what he wants, when he wants, and he can focus on kickin’ Dykstra’s ass… and becomin’ Intercontinental Champion!


Carlito: And ‘ju know what? Carlito thinks there’s no better time or place for him to get his revenge… to become Intercontinental Champion… than at Backlash! So Dykstra, Carlito is challengin’ ‘ju to a match at Backlash for that title around ‘jour waist. And if Torrie lets ‘ju take ‘jour balls out of her purse for five minutes… then maybe ‘ju can accept. And then at Backlash?

Carlito tosses the apple up in the air, catching it, and then in one smooth movement turning to face the camera…

Carlito: Carlito… is gonna be the new Intercontinental Champion. Now ‘dat’s cool!

A nice cheer from inside the arena as Carlito brings the interview to an end, taking a bit out of his apple before he turns and leaves, Grisham watching him go before we head back into the arena...

And the silence is shattered by...



The arena erupts with the loudest cheer of the night so far as Triple H appears in the entrance way. 'The Game' allows the noise from the crowd to build, soaking in the atmosphere, before he sprays a jet of water into the air and then storms down the ramp...

Joey Styles: He is a ten time world champion. He is one of the very best to ever step foot in a WWE ring. He is ruthless, he is calculated, he is 'The Cerebral Assassin'. But J.R., I put it to you, that after what we heard earlier tonight from the wife of 'The Game', Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, Triple H... well I think he's gotta be a bit rattled by all this.

Jim Ross: I've never known anything to phase 'The Game'. He's always been so cool under pressure. But we all know what effect a man's family can have on his decision making. I still think Triple H is gonna go through with this, I think the sadistic nature of a No Holds Barred Match suits him down to the ground... but at what cost is 'The Game' willing to pay in his quest for revenge over Shawn Michaels? I'm sure that's the worry Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley has right now, and I don't blame her one bit.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, but let's remember one thing. Everybody's talkin' about how derranged Shawn Michaels is... we've all seen in the past what Triple H is capable of. 'The Game' has been waitn' two long months to get Shawn Michaels alone in the middle of the ring, and if Michaels agrees... it could be game over for 'HBK'.

Trips nips up onto the apron, peering out into the crowd before he lets out another spray of water into the air, bursting through the ropes and then heading for the corner. After posing for the crowd, Triple H drops down to the canvas, readying himself for the arrival of his opponent...


Not much of a response for the seldom seen Hardcore Holly, but the veteran looks confidently as he strides towards the ring...

Jim Ross: He's tougher than a two dollar steak, the grizzled veteran, Hardcore Holly. We might not have seen a whole lot of Holly as of late, but this is gonna be a real test right here for 'The Game'.

Jerry Lawler: Y'know, I don't think I've ever seen this guy smile. He just constantly looks like he's in a real bad mood. He can do some damage, that's for sure.

Joey Styles: Holly is well known for his aggressive, smash mouth styles in the ring, but with the way Triple H is feelin' right now, I dunno if that's gonna be enough to grab Holly what I would consider, a big upset.

Match 3:
Triple H
vs. Hardcore Holly

After some circling of the ring, the pair step in for a tie up, but Trips cuts if off with a boot to the midsection, then a stiff right hand to the face that knocks Holly down. Holly gets back to his knees, but ‘The Game’ quickly goes for a headlock takedown, wrenching on the neck as both men are down on the canvas. Holly quickly struggles back to his feet, allowing him to shove Triple H into the ropes… but ‘The Game’ bowls him over with a shoulderblock! Holly scrambles to his knees, but Trips hammers him with right hands, backing Holly to the ropes. Trips goes for the Irish whip… but Holly ducks a clothesline and keeps on running… only for Triple H to score with the high knee to the face! Holly is reeling, and now Trips looks to wear the veteran down, driving him to the corner, where a series of shoulder thrusts land to the midsection. A hard Irish whip sends Holly crashing off the opposite corner… and then staggering out into a stiff backbreaker! Here’s the cover… 1… 2… Holly kicks out. Triple H is fully in control, landing right hands to the face with ease, but when he fires Holly to the corner and follows in, Holly gets a boot up to the face, causing Trips to stagger back… but then Holly runs into a huge back body drop! Methodically, Triple H moves in, grabbing Holly as he makes it back to his knees… but suddenly, out of desperation, Holly grabs the tights, yanks Triple H forward… causing him to smack shoulder first off the ringpost!

Flesh meets steel as ‘The Game’ painfully hits the ringpost, and Holly is quick to take advantage, hitting boots and elbows to the shoulder, before he wrings the arm, pulls it across the top rope… and delivers a kick to the arm! Trips drops to his knees in pain, but Holly shoves him into the corner, unloading with stiff chops to the chest. Another chop lands, only for Triple H to come firing out of the corner, landing right after right… only for Holly to drill the left arm with a kick, then come off the ropes… spinning heel kick! Holly takes Triple H down, goes for the cover… 1… 2… ‘The Game’ rolls a shoulder, and Holly quickly locks on an armbar. Holly tries to do further damage to the arm but the crowd make some noise, willing Triple H back to his feet. ‘The Game’ makes it back up, only for Holly to grab a handful of hair, taking both men to the corner… where Trips drills a knee to the midsection… and a second finally breaks the hold… only for Holly to smack him with a stiff right hand. Holly now comes off the ropes… but he runs into a massive clothesline! Both men are down, the referee counting, but eventually Holly is back up first. Holly tags Trips… but Triple H fires right back! A slugfest breaks out, until ‘The Game’ rattles off three in a row, then goes for the Irish whip… Holly reverses… but he lowers his head… facebreaker knee smash! Holly stumbles into the ropes, where ‘The Game’ sends him across… into a massive spinning spinebuster! Triple H is back on his feet, roaring to the crowd, and when Holly stumbles back up, Trips is waiting… kick… PEDIGREE! Triple H gets all of it, rolling Holly over for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Triple H @ 04.27

A solid win for 'The Game' as he makes quick work of the veteran Holly. Trips storms back to his feet, his arm raised in the air, but he's clearly not finished as he snatches his arm away and heads for the corner, calling for a mic...

Triple H: Cut the music! I'm not gonna beat around the bush here. I'm not gonna waste any more time. I came out here last week and I made a challenge. And Shawn Michaels... I want an answer! So get your ass out here, Shawn, and tell me what I wanna hear!

Silence in the arena, the crowd exhuming a hushed buzz of anticipation, but the fans and 'The Game' are made to wait, until finally...


The music of 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels finally breaks out, a ridiculous amount of heat welcoming the former WWE Champion out onto the stage. Not wanting to get too close to his adversary, Michaels stays on the stage at the top of the ramp, despite 'The Game' motioning for him to come down to the ring. As his music dies, Michaels scans the crowd from under that black cowboy hat of his, the cold, robotic features that have became his trademark in recent months barely visible as he begins to speak...

Shawn Michaels: You really... really... wanna do this, Hunter? You really wanna risk all you've got... a wife, a child, a job in the family business when it's all said and done... you really wanna risk all that... over me?

Michaels runs a hand across the stubble on his chin, pursing his lips as he considers his words...

Shawn Michaels: This isn't about egos or personal vendettas. This is about... destiny. It's my destiny to be happy once again. And the only way that can happen, the only thing that can make me happy again... is the WWE Championship. And to get back to that... I need you out of the way. I need you out of the way... permanently.

Heat, at which Michaels simply blanks and carries on...

Shawn Michaels: And I am willing, with God as my witness, to do whatever it takes to shuffle you off into some desk job in Stamford, right next to your precious wife. I tried to help you, Hunter. I tried to make you see the light, I tried to show you that your ego and your greed were one day gonna come back and haunt you. And if you really want me to accept your challenge... then at Backlash... your day of reckoning... is gonna come.

Michaels pauses, ever so slightly lifting his head up, before he turns and takes a few paces along the stage...

Shawn Michaels: So I'm gonna give you some advice. Just like I advised you, and guided your career durin' those early DX days, I'm gonna give you some words of wisdom right now. Hunter... listen... to your wife.

Triple H rolls his eyes in the ring, turning away, almost in disgust, clearly still feeling guilty over his exchange with Stephanie earlier in the broadcast...

Shawn Michaels: Don't spend the rest of your days stuck in some suit, chained to a desk, body and spirit broken beyond repair. Don't try bend down to pick up your daughter, then realise that the pain's too much and think... what if? What if I'd listened to the words... of a wiser man than me?

A furious scowl now crosses the face of ‘The Game’...

Shawn Michaels: What if I'd listened to ol' 'Aitch-Bee-Kay when he warned me... not... to challenge him at Backlash? 'Cause I'm gonna warn you right now, Hunter. If you go through with this... I'm gonna end your career... and I'm gonna get my smile back doin' it.

More heat, with Triple H having a little chuckle to himself, rubbing his jaw as he carefully chooses his response...

Triple H: That's uh... that's quite the speech, Shawn. But you wanna talk about crippling me, ending my career, retirin' me to some desk job... I've built an entire career outta doin' just that. Some of the biggest names in the business stepped into the ring with me, and I either shortened or ended their careers. Guys have taken me on, and they've never been the same since. I mean... I know you remember what I did to Mick Foley.

A loud pop for the mention of ‘The Hardcore Legend’...

Triple H: Mick Foley, one of the craziest, most sadistic sons of bitches to ever enter this ring, I stepped into his world, I entered Hell in a Cell... and I retired him. Chris Jericho, he was another guy who tried to take me out, tried to end my career. I faced him inside Hell in a Cell... and let's just say that I'm still standin' here... and he's not. Hell, Kevin Nash was one of our best friends, we spent hours ridin' from town to town with 'im, but as soon as he crossed me, I put him out of this company for good. If I can do that to one of my buddies... then just imagine what I'm gonna do to you.

Another pop...

Triple H: But then... maybe I shoulda finished you when I had the chance. All the battles we had, all the blood we spilled, all those times I smashed a sledgehammer off your skull, I shoulda ended your career back then! But I didn't. I was weak, I showed compassion, I eased up a bit, and it's come back to haunt me. But not this time, Shawn. This time, there is no mercy, I'm not stoppin' 'til I know you're done once and for all!

And another mighty cheer from the fans, with the intensity on Triple H’s face clear for all to see...

Triple H: So to answer your question... do I really wanna do this? Do I really want Shawn Michaels and Triple H, Backlash, No Holds Barred? You bet your ass I do! Do I wanna end your career? Damn straight I do! So right here, right now, I'm gonna say it one more time.

Triple H now steps forward, leaning against the ropes at the base of the ramp...

Triple H: You, me, Backlash, No Holds Barred. The Final Battle. We end this one way or another. I'm makin' you a challenge, Shawn... and I want an answer, right here... right now.

An emphatic statement from Triple H, who now backs away, waiting for a response. Michaels takes his time, still no expression on his face, but finally he speaks...

Shawn Michaels: You want an answer? You're on.

A massive pop as it’s confirmed, Michaels and ‘The Game’ at Backlash...

Shawn Michaels: But I don't know what these people are cheerin' about... 'cause Hunter, you just placed the fate of your career... in my hands. You just signed away your future happiness. Hunter, you... just lost your smile.

Eyes narrowed, Michaels lifts his head slightly once more, looking down on ‘The Game’ from up high...

Shawn Michaels: At Backlash, we're gonna fight a fight that you just can't win. You just don't have... the faith... to get the job done. I'll see you at Backlash.

And with that, Michaels turns to walk backstage, until...

Triple H: Hey, Shawn!

The crowd pop as Michaels puts on the breaks, but he keeps his back to the ring, not turning to look at ‘The Game’...

Triple H: Just one last thing. Why don't you take all that faith crap... and stick it straight up your ass!

A well-positioned camera sees Michaels closing his eyes, biting his lip, a real sense of anger for that last remark...

Triple H: I don't care if you've got some higher power, I don't care if you've seen it in some kinda vision. This is the real world, and at Backlash, you're gonna play the game... and it's gonna be game over for you!


An emphatic ending to things from Triple H as he slams his microphone down to the canvas. Michaels, still with his back to the ring, contemplates turning around, his head turning ever so slightly, but he stops, pausing to contemplate, before Michaels simply heads backstage. In the ring, Trips now celebrates his earlier victory, climbing to the second rope to flex for the crowd, the fans giving him a great ovation as we head for a commercial.


*Video Package*

We open to the sight of a 2007 Lamborghini Murciélago pulling up into the frame, the bright yellow car glistening in the crisp sunshine as it comes to a stop infront of the camera. The camera pans upwards across the hood, then towards the door, which swings open. Out steps the man we met last week, Claudio Cesaro, the Swiss aristocrat stepping out of the car, a smirk on his face as he removes his Gucci sunglasses...

Claudio Cesaro: My name… is Claudio Cesaro. Incredible, isn’t it? A true mix of brains… and brawn. But you Americans, you can only dream of owning such a car.

Cesaro now slowly walks across a car park that is nestled within a woodland area, towards a field...

Claudio Cesaro: But for me? This is exactly the kind of car a man of my stature, my upbringing deserves to drive. A man of class like myself, deserves a car that matches his prominence.

The camera follows as Cesaro walks towards a white line painted on the field. In the distance, we see a large contingent of men in different coloured jerseys running around...

Claudio Cesaro: Now, allow me to educate you all on the class of the aristocracy. Behind me, you see the game of rugby at its finest. A sport that just like my car, is the perfect blend of brains… and brawn.

A loud cheer goes out in the background, accompanied by a respectful round of applause, suggesting one of the teams has just scored a try. Cesaro turns over his shoulder, then turns back to the camera, a smirk on his face…

Claudio Cesaro: To play the game, you need that mix of smarts, talent, strength… and class. For as the saying goes, “Rugby is a hooligans game, played by gentlemen”.

Cesaro walks off camera, and then we cut ahead in time to hear the shrill of the final whistle, the game coming to an end, with both sets of teams lining up to shake hands, with Cesaro re-entering the frame at the corner of the pitch…

Claudio Cesaro: And that, is what I am. A true gentlemen. An aristocrat. For generations, my family has been at the very top of Swiss society. We move in the right circles. And why do we enjoy such a comfortable lifestyle?

Cesaro holds his hand up, palm open...

Claudio Cesaro: Because for generations, my family have used our brains... and our power... to crush anyone who opposes us.

Before he closes his hand tight, the smirk turning into a sinister glare...

Claudio Cesaro: And now that I am coming to Monday Night Raw, that is exactly what I intend to do... to my competition.

Cesaro smirks again, holding a hand high in the air in a uppercut position as he says…

Claudio Cesaro: For I am Claudio Cesaro, and I… am very… European.


*End Video Package*

And now we're back into the arena for...


The beast that is Bobby Lashley makes his entrance, a strong level of heat welcoming him onto the stage. Lashley doesn't waste any time in heading down the ramp, not even bothering to look at the crowd, his eyes firmly focused on the ring...

Joey Styles: He's an awe-inspiring sight. Bobby Lashley, the hired muscle of Mr. McMahon, only things haven't gone all that well for 'The Real Deal' as of late. First the defeat to John Cena at WrestleMania, then another loss last week during our tag team main event.

Jerry Lawler: And of course, Carlito played his part in that defeat last week when he chased Lashley's partner Kenny Dykstra right out the arena. And I'm sure Mr. McMahon has a word or two in Lashley's ear to make sure he gets the job done tonight.

Jim Ross: This man is a wrecking machine, a man with scary power that can do some unbelievable damage. I know we heard from Carlito earlier, and yeah, he certainly sounded confident, but I dunno how he can overcome the power advantage Lashley has. This one could be a real slobberknocker if Lashley has it all his way.



And it's a very warm welcome as Carlito strides out from the back, wasting no time in heading for the ring, pointing and aiming some trash talk towards Lashley as he goes...

Jim Ross: He is a man with vengeance in his heart. Not only did WrestleMania see Carlito lose out on the chance to become Intercontinental Champion, he also saw his girlfriend, Torrie Wilson, stab him in the back. There's a lot of fire in this kid right now, and I know he's gonna put it to good effect right here.

Joey Styles: Yeah, but is it gonna be enough? Carlito talked about lettin' out all his pent up anger and frustration out on Lashley tonight, but he doesn't wanna trade right hands with 'The Dominator'.

Jerry Lawler: Carlito can't let his emotions get the better of him here. He's gotta fight smart, use his quickness and athleticism to keep Lashley off guard. If this breaks down into a brawl, it could be all over pretty quickly.

Match 4:
Bobby Lashley
vs. Carlito

As the bell rings, both men come together, angry clear on both their faces, with the trash talking between both men in full flow… until Lashley swings a right… which Carlito ducks… then scores a right hand of his own! ‘Lito quickly rattles off right after right, but Lashley lands a clubbing right of his own, then drills a forearm to the back of the neck, dropping Carlito to a knee. More rights to the face and boots to the midsection land, before Lashley sends Carlito off the ropes… but ‘Lito ducks a clothesline… then hits a dropkick to the knee! Lashley drops to a knee, and here comes ‘Lito off the ropes… one-handed bulldog! Early cover… 1… 2… Lashley powers out. ‘Lito yanks Lashley up, smashing him face first off the top turnbuckle, before he lands alternating right and left hands. ‘Lito then pulls Lashley to the ropes and goes for the Irish whip… but Lashley reverses… then sends Carlito flying with a huge back body drop! After a near fall, Lashley now looks to punish Carlito, focusing on the small of the back as he softens ‘Lito up with a series of forearms. Another Irish whip sends ‘Lito off the ropes… and Lashley lowers his head, looking for a second back body drop… but Carlito scores a kick to the chest! Lashley’s head snaps up, but ‘Lito is charging… but Lashley catches him… and takes him high in the air… military press slam… no! Carlito drops down the back, stumbling to the ropes. Lashley charges… but Carlito low-bridges the top rope… and Lashley goes crashing to the floor below!

The crowd cheer loudly as Carlito uses his quickness to avoid the attack, and now he waits for Lashley to rise… to fly with a plancha! Carlito takes Lashley down, and now he hammers him with right hands, before rolling Lashley back into the ring. Carlito lands boots to the gut against the corner, before he climbs to the second rope, then starts raining down with left hands, the crowd counting all the way with him to ten. ‘Lito drops, then looks to send Lashley across… but Lashley counters and follows in… into a back elbow! Lashley stumbles away, prompting Carlito to jump to the second rope… springboard crossbody… no! Lashley catches him… then drives him spine first into the corner! Carlito slumps to the mat in pain, and after shaking off the cobwebs, Lashley goes right back to work on the back, yanking ‘Lito to the ropes, placing his neck across the middle rope, then driving his knee into the lower spine. A string of elbows now drop across the lower back, before Lashley rolls Carlito over for a near fall. Lashley now enjoys a period of dominance as he continues to focus on the spine, dropping knees, then yanking ‘Lito up to land more forearms, before he sends Carlito crashing hard into the corner, catching him with a fallaway slam for a near fall as he stumbles out. Lashley now locks on a reverses chinlock, driving his knee into the spine as he pulls back on the neck. Carlito tries to break the grip, but Lashley hangs on, and it’s only when the crowd rally that Carlito makes a move back to his feet.

A trio of elbows to the midsection break the hold, before a big left hand staggers Lashley. ‘Lito then goes for the Irish whip… but Lashley reverses… and catches ‘Lito with a big time overhead belly to belly suplex! Lashley crawls into the lateral press… 1… 2… Carlito rolls a shoulder! Lashley angrily glares at the ref, but he soon has ‘Lito back up, drilling more elbows and forearms to the small of the back, before he winds Carlito up… falling neckbreaker! Here’s another cover… 1… 2… ‘Lito rolls the shoulder again! Again Lashley looks towards the ref, before he again drags Carlito up, reaches down… and takes ‘Lito up into the air… TORTURE RACK! Lashley locks on the submission move, applying all kinds of pressure to the spine, looking to make Carlito pass out with pain. ‘Lito cries out in agony, and he appears in bad shape as the ref raises his hand once… it drops. The hand is raised again… again it drops. The hand goes up for a third time… and this time it stays up! The crowd cheer as Carlito tries to break free, landing elbow after elbow to the side of the head, but they have little effect… so ‘Lito comes down the back with a sunset flip! 1… 2… Lashley kicks out! Both men spring back up, but Lashley beats ‘Lito to the punch with a knee to the gut. Irish whip sends ‘Lito off the ropes… but he ducks a clothesline… jumps to the second rope… springboard back elbow! Carlito now looks to build some offense, landing shots to the face, before he goes for the Irish whip to the corner… Lashley counters and follows in… boot to the face! Lashley staggers back, and ‘Lito jumps to the second rope… SPRINGBOARD TORNADO DDT! Carlito plants Lashley, hooks the leg… 1… 2… Lashley kicks out!

Carlito now has all the momentum, landing left hands with ease, only for Lashley to swing a right… and miss wildly… Carlito nails a hurricanrana! 1… 2… Lashley powers out again! Sensing he has a chance to put Lashley away, Carlito waits for Lashley to rise… then makes his move… BACKSTABBER… NO! Lashley grabs the top rope, causing ‘Lito to stumble back into the corner… right next to where Carlito left his apple! ‘The Cool One’ reaches out, grabs the apple and takes a big bite of it, without Lashley or the ref seeing. Seeing Carlito in the corner, Lashley barges past the ref and races in… CARLITO SPITS APPLE IN HIS FACE! The ref never saw it! Lahley stumbles away, while Carlito steps through the ropes, readies himself… then slingshots up… SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY… NO! Lashley catches him, hoists Carlito onto his shoulder… for THE DOMINATOR!! Lashley absolutely drills Carlito, rolling him over, driving an elbow into the face as he goes for the lateral press to get the 1… 2… 3.

Winner: Bobby Lashley @ 08.38

The pain is just too much, the damage too severe as Lashley manages to put Carlito away, despite a great performance from the man from Puerto Rico. Lashley pushes himself back to his feet, breathing hard, rubbing the back of his neck in pain, the full effects of the match clearly evident. Lashley has his hand raised in victory, but he quickly snatches it away, taking one last look down at Carlito before we cut to a commercial.


*Video Package*

Our video opens at the King of the Ring ’96, where ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin stands victorious, delivering the interview that launched his main event career…

Narrator: It’s a night where future legends make their mark...


We now head back to King of the Ring ’93, where Bret Hart puts Bam Bam Bigelow away with the winning victory roll...

Narrator: A night where icons are created…


King of the Ring ’01, where Edge puts Kurt Angle down with the Edgecution then crawls into the pin to get an emotional victory…

Narrator: A night when the stars of tomorrow shine bright...


And we now go to last year’s tournament final, where Booker T grabs the win over Bobby Lashley…

Narrator: A night to crown… a new king.


We now see flashing images of some of this year’s contenders, starting with Jeff Hardy, Montel Vontavious Porter, CM Punk and Matt Hardy…

Narrator: And this year, live on NBC, the WWE King of the Ring returns! It’s the one night Saturday Night’s Main Event spectacular where one man’s career is set to skyrocket!

More flashing images, this time it’s Bryan Danielson, Kenny Dykstra, Johnny Nitro and Mr. Kennedy…

Narrator: Eight men will battle to join the most exclusive of WWE clubs. Who will take King Booker’s crown and become the 2007 King of the Ring!?

Another round of flashing images, this time of former winners such as Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Edge, Bret Hart and King Booker…

Narrator: The King is dead…

More clips from last year, this time from Booker’s coronation ceremony, then a quick shot of him close to tears after his victory to clinch the World Heavyweight Championship…


”Long live… the King.”


*End Video Package*

And as the video ends, we now see Carlito struggling to walk along a backstage corridor. 'Lito limps and has an arm wrapped around his midsection, still clearly feeling the effects of the punishment he took at the hands of Lashley. Gingerly Carlito turns a corner, where he suddenly puts on the breaks, the camera panning to reveal... Torrie Wilson is stood infront of him. A loud chorus of boos is heard from inside the arena, while a look of sheer disgust crosses Carlito's face...

Carlito: What 'da hell do 'ju want? Get outta Carlito's way. Carlito ain't got time to deal with 'jour crap right now.

Torrie’s jaw drops as she scoffs at Carlito’s words…

Torrie Wilson: Well that's no way to talk to a lady, now is it?

Carlito: 'Ju? 'Ju ain't no lady. 'Jou're nothin' but a cheap whore!

A loud “Ooooh!” is heard from inside the arena, with Torrie rolling her eyes…

Torrie Wilson: You always did have a way with words, didn't you?

’Lito shakes his head and now tries to walk around Torrie…

Carlito: Just get 'da hell outta Carlito's face!

Torrie Wilson: Wait. There's something you should know. I've got a message for you from Kenny, and I'm pretty sure you'll wanna hear it.

Carlito stops, puffing out his cheeks in frustration…

Carlito: Yeah? What is it?


Carlito is blindsided… by a title shot to the skull… from Kenny Dykstra!

Dykstra came out of nowhere, using Torrie as a distraction, allowing him to clobber Carlito to the concrete. Dykstra instantly mounts ‘Lito, unloading with a flurry of wild right and left hands, before he grabs ‘Lito by the hair, yanks him up… then launches him skull first off the concrete wall! It’s an unforgiving collision, with ‘Lito slumping to the floor, exhausted after both his match with Lashley and now the sneak attack from Dykstra. Sensing he has ‘Lito down and pretty much out, Dykstra picks his title up off the floor, then grabs a handful of hair, grinding the title against Carlito’s face…

Kenny Dykstra: You want this? Huh!? You want my title?! You already had your shot, and you blew it! You couldn’t get it done! You ain’t getting’ another shot! We’re not wastin’ our time on a loser like you!

Dykstra releases his grip on Carlito’s hair, with ‘Lito’s head slumping against the nearby wall. Dykstra stands upright, he and Torrie sharing a glance at each other, before Dykstra lays in with one final boot to the face, causing ‘Lito to splutter and cough…

Kenny Dykstra: C’mon, let’s go.

And with that, Kenny leads Torrie off screen, the pair sneering as they look down at Carlito as they go. ‘Lito tries to pick himself up to give chase, but it’s no use, the damage is too much as he slumps back against the wall, looking like a broken man, the camera staying focused on him as he coughs and splutters again, before we head back into the arena.

To the smilling sight of our three announcers at their desk…

Jim Ross: God, what a… what a shameful thing for Torrie and Kenny to do to poor Carlito. That was another set up from that jezebel, and Dykstra was there to take advantage.

Joey Styles: And not only that, but it appears that Dykstra has rejected Carlito’s challenge for a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship at Backlash. But folks, we just saw it advertised, the King of the Ring is back on Saturday Night’s Main Event as a three hour special. What a huge night that’s gonna be for some of the up and coming stars here on Monday Night Raw!

Jerry Lawler: Oh absolutely. And I can exclusively reveal right now the first four superstars who will be representing Monday Night Raw. Are you ready to hear this?

Jim Ross: We’re ready!

Jerry Lalwer: Alright! The first four Raw participants in the 2007 King of the Ring are gonna be… CM Punk, Hardcore Holly, Jeff Hardy and the Intercontinental Champion, Kenny Dykstra! That’s four potential winners right there if you ask me,

Jim Ross: Certainly the competition is gonna be fierce, and from what we understand, this Friday on SmackDown, we’ll find out who their first four participants are too. Make sure ya’ tune in for that!


A smattering of heat as Victoria steps out, ready for action, but of course her good friend Beth Phoenix is there as well, with Beth and Victoria sharing a quick fist bump before the pair head down the ramp…

Joey Styles: Well the King of the Ring is certainly gonna be a huge event, the tournament kicks off the night after Backlash. But right now, it’s time for divas action, and here come the two ladies who jumped the Women’s Champion, Mickie James, last week.

Jerry Lawler: And talk about set ups, that’s exactly what we saw last week. Beth came out onto the stage, she ran distraction as Victoria came through the crowd to jump Mickie from behind. I’m sure Mickie’s gonna be lookin’ to even the scores tonight, but it’s gonna be a tough ask with Beth Phoenix in Victoria’s corner.

Jim Ross: With Mickie holding wins recently over both Victoria and Beth, there’s gotta be some doubt in the mind of these two as to whether or not they can actually beat the Women’s Champion. We’ll find out tonight if those doubts effect Victoria’s strategy in this matchup.


And a pretty decent pop as the Women’s Champion Mickie James bounds out onto the stage, and it appears Mickie has company, as Candice Michelle follows the champion out. The two share a high five before they head down the ramp, with both ladies slapping as many ringside hands as they can…

Joey Styles: Well it seems that Mickie is tryin’ to even up the odds a bit here. Candice Michelle, who was also smacked from behind by Victoria last week, she’s along for the ride.

Jerry Lawler: A very smart move by the champion. If Candice can keep an eye on Beth, and take her outta things, then I think Mickie’s got a great chance here.

Jim Ross: Certainly a good strategy by Mickie to have Candice out here. Mickie and Victoria has a series of battles earlier in the year, with Mickie more often than not coming out on top. But will the presence of Beth and Candice change that, or can Mickie keep up her win streak over Victoria…

Match 5: Non-Title Match
Women’s Champion Mickie James w/ Candice Michelle vs. Victoria w/ Beth Phoenix

As the bell rings, Mickie continues to look down at Beth, the two fierce rivals not taking their eyes of each other as Mickie and Victoria circle the ring. Eventually Mickie focuses on Victoria, the two tying up… only for Victoria to grab a handful of hair… and yank Mickie down to the canvas! Clearly the presence of Phoenix has gotten to the champion as she’s caught off guard early on, with Victoria shouting to Mickie “You better pay attention to me!” as the champion gets back to her feet in the corner. The two charge into another tie up, and this time it’s Mickie with the advantage as she works into a standing side headlock. Victoria drills two forearms to the midsection, then shoves Mickie into the ropes… but Mickie avoids a clothesline with a baseball slide… and springs to her feet to rock Victoria with a dropkick! Here’s an early cover… 1… 2… Victoria kicks out. Mickie is back up, dragging Victoria with her, only for Victoria to grab a handful of hair… and toss Mickie through the ropes to the floor! The champion has a hard landing, while across the ring, Victoria distracts the referee… allowing Beth to drive Mickie spine first into the apron! Candice sees this and races over, but by the time she gets there, Beth already has Mickie rolled back into the ring.

Victoria now looks to punish Mickie, softening her up with a backbreaker and a scoop slam, before she fires Mickie off the ropes… into a sidewalk slam! Here’s the cover… 1… 2… Mickie kicks out. Victoria continues her attack, again yanking Mickie down to the canvas by the hair, before she drills a hard kick first to the spine, then to the ribs, causing Mickie to roll to the ropes. Again Victoria distracts the ref, allowing Beth to run past… drilling Mickie with a forearm to the head! Victoria barges past the ref and goes for the cover… 1… 2… Mickie kicks out. Victoria is in complete control, with Beth cheering her on, and in a show of arrogance, Victoria slaps Mickie across the face… prompting Mickie to land a forearm to the face from her knees! Victoria stumbles away, allowing Mickie to get back up, blocking a right from Victoria, with Mickie now rattling of four forearms to the face, backing Victoria to the ropes, before Mickie goes for an Irish whip… Victoria reverses… but Mickie scores with the Lou Thesz press! Mickie grabs the hair, slamming Victoria head first off the canvas, before Mickie stands up, waiting for Victoria to rise… to go for an Irish whip to the corner… but Victoria reverses and follows in… Mickie uses the ropes to push herself up… MICK-A-RANA! The champion takes Victoria down again, and now she waits, looking to put Victoria away… only for Beth to jump up onto the apron! Phoenix protests, but here comes Candice… to yank Beth off the apron! Phoenix lands on her feet… but Candice levels her with a clothesline! But in the ring, Victoria sneaks up from behind… and synchs Mickie in… for the WIDOW’S PEAK!! Victoria connects, rolls Mickie over for the 1… 2… 3.

Winner: Victoria @ 05.12

And despite the presence of Candice, Beth’s interference causes Mickie to taste defeat at the hands of Victoria. Victoria quickly slides out of the ring after the three count, helping Beth up off the floor, the two hugging in celebration of Victoria’s victory. In the ring, Candice slides in and tries to help Mickie up, a look of confusion and annoyance on the face of the champion as he pushes up onto her knees. Mickie stares out at Beth and Victoria, rubbing her neck in pain, while Beth raises Victoria’s hand as the two back up the ramp and we head for another commercial.


And as we return, it’s straight back into the arena to hear…


The biggest pop of the night is reserved for the WWE Champion Rob Van Dam, who confidently strides out onto the stage. Van Dam then heads from side to side, geeing up the fans as he goes, before he stops in the middle, leads the fans through a chant of “ROB – VAN – DAM!” before the champion heads for the ring…

Joey Styles: Welcome back folks. It’s time for our main event, and here comes the WWE Champion, ‘Mr. Monday Night’, Rob Van Dam! ‘RVD’ is set to take on Randy Orton, in a match that could have huge implications for both men with regards to our next pay per view, Backlash.

Jim Ross: Absolutely right. In a stipulation added by WWE C.E.O. Linda McMahon, if Rob Van Dam wins here tonight, then Orton is gonna have to defend his Money in the Bank briefcase against Jeff Hardy at Backlash. However, if Orton wins, he’s gonna get a shot at Van Dam and the WWE Championship, without having to use his guaranteed title shot!

Jerry Lawler: Van Dam wanted to be the fighting champion, and he wants to do his buddy Jeff Hardy a favour, but this is gonna be a real good test of what kinda champion Van Dam is. Orton’s a very tough competitor, Van Dam’s gonna have to be at his very best to win tonight.



Some real strong heat as Randy Orton steps out, Money in the Bank briefcase clutched tightly in his left hand. Orton is slow in his approach, calculated as always, his eyes locked on the ring and Van Dam as he heads down the ramp…

Jim Ross: He is one of the most dangerous competitors the WWE has ever seen. He can strike from out of nowhere, and now that he’s Mr. Money in the Bank, champions like Rob Van Dam and Batista have gotta be oh so careful whenever this man is around.

Jerry Lawler: Well, we’ve always known Randy Orton as a guy who can attack at a seconds notice, now he can do so and become world champion in the process. He might not even want to wait for Backlash, he might cash in his briefcase tonight!

Joey Styles: And that’s the risk that comes with being a heavyweight champion in the WWE right now. When Orton has that briefcase in his hands, he’s even more dangerous than he usually is. And I dunno if Linda McMahon’s words earlier tonight really got through to ‘The Legend Killer’. I think if he really wants to use that briefcase as a weapon, he’ll do it, and damned if he cares about the consequences.

Main Event: Non-Title Match
WWE Champion Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Money in the Bank Randy Orton

As the bell rings, it’s a wary Orton that steps forward, the full implications of the match clearly on his mind. Snapping into a tie up, the pair jockey for position, with Orton driving ‘RVD’ to the ropes. The ref calls for the break, which Orton provides… until he swings a right… which Van Dam blocks… and scores a right of his own! ‘RVD’ comes off the ropes with right after right, backing Orton across the ring, and then Van Dam goes for the Irish whip… but Orton counters… Van Dam scores a spinning wheel kick! Orton staggers up, stumbling into the ropes… Van Dam sends him sprawling to the floor with a clothesline! Orton flops to the floor at the base of the ramp, and Van Dam wastes no time in heading outside, yanking Orton up… then launching him face first into the ringpost! Orton is down once again, and Van Dam heeds the call of the ref and returns to the ring. Slowly Orton picks himself up, scrambling to the apron, but here comes Van Dam… baseball slide… sends Orton spine first into the barricade! Orton crumples in pain, with Van Dam heading back outside, synching Orton in, taking him up in the air… and dropping him gut first across the barricade! Orton is in a precarious position as ‘RVD’ climbs up onto the apron… then flies… legdrop across the back of Orton’s body! Orton slumps down to the floor, but Van Dam wastes no time in rolling him back into the ring for a nearfall.

Van Dam is in control as he yanks Orton up, drilling him with kicks to the head that knock Orton into the corner. There, Van Dam charges in… shoulder charge to the midsection… and another… before Van Dam handsprings backwards… then charges in… jumping up… then sending Orton flying with a monkey flip! Orton is reeling, staggering to his feet, with ‘RVD’ again rocking Orton with kicks to the head. Van Dam goes for a forearm, but Orton finally gets some offense in as he connects with a right hand. Another two rights land, before Orton tries to a kick to the gut… but Van Dam catches the boot… then hits the stepover spinning wheel kick! Orton is down, in perfect position, and here comes Van Dam off the ropes… ROLLING THUNDER… INTO THE SOMERSAULT SENTON! Van Dam grabs his ribs, but he soon crawls into the cover… 1… 2… Orton kicks out. Van Dam looks to continue his attack as he drags Orton up, but out of desperation Orton hits an uppercut… then takes Van Dam down with a falling clothesline! Orton finally manages to string together some offense, but he stays down, shaking off the cobwebs, and that’s the image we see as we head for the final commercial of the broadcast.


And when we return, Van Dam is slumped in the corner, his head against the bottom turnbuckle, with Orton drilling him with boot after boot to the chest. Orton then jams his foot into Van Dam’s throat, choking the champion. Orton relents, yanking Van Dam up, drilling to kicks to the midsection, before he fires ‘RVD’ across the ring and follows in… right into a back elbow! Van Dam springs to the top rope… but before he can fly, Orton pushes him… sending ‘RVD’ crashing into the barricade! Van Dam coughs and splutters on the floor, but Orton gives him no chance to recover as he heads outside, yanks ‘RVD’ up… then returns the favour… by launching Van Dam face first into the ringpost! Orton now looks to take control, clubbing Van Dam with forearms to the side of the head, before he walks Van Dam over… then smashes him face first off the steel steps! Orton aggressively rolls ‘RVD’ into the ring, following in for a lateral press… 1… 2… ‘RVD’ kicks out. With ‘RVD’ grounded, Orton looks to keep it that way as he works his way around Van Dam’s body with stomps, then drops a knee to the head. Orton then wraps his legs around Van Dam’s body for a bodyscissors, trying to squeeze the champion, looking to wear him down. ‘RVD’ tries to fight it, but Orton ups the pressure, and even throws a few cheap right hands to the face for good measure. Van Dam tries to break free, and he finally manages it as he drills elbow after elbows to Orton’s face. Both men stumble up, with Van Dam tagging Orton with right hands… until Orton nails a textbook standing dropkick! Orton goes for the cover… 1… 2… ‘RVD’ rolls a shoulder.

Orton is methodical in his approach as he unloads with more uppercuts, before he doubles Van Dam over with a boot, then hoists him up… gutwrench elevated neckbreaker! Orton drops ‘RVD’ to the mat, and again he goes for a cover… 1… 2… ‘RVD’ kicks out again! Orton storms to his feet, demanding that it was three, but after being told it was only two, Orton drops back down, locking on that trademark wrenching chinlock of his. Determined to wear ‘RVD’ down, Orton wrenches on the hold hard, sapping the life from Van Dam. ‘RVD’ tries to break the grip, but Orton hangs on tight, desperately trying to make Van Dam pass out. Eventually, the crowd rally behind the champion, and ‘RVD’ battles back to a vertical base, drilling elbows to the midsection in an attempt to break free… but Orton grabs a handful of hair, allowing him to smash ‘RVD’ face first off the top turnbuckle. Orton then looks to fire him across the ring… but Van Dam reverses… then races in for a shoulder to the midsection! Another shoulder lands to the gut, before Van Dam handsprings back… but Orton is ready this time as he swings a clothesline… which Van Dam ducks underneath, then jumps to the second rope… springboard superkick! Orton stumbles up, but Van Dam rocks him with a running clothesline! A pair of rights land, before Orton is fired to the corner… and he staggers out into a northern lights suplex! 1… 2… Orton barely kicks out!

Van Dam has all the momentum, but Orton looks to stop this by rolling outside. Van Dam doesn’t let this stop him though, as he lines Orton up… and flies with a plancha! Van Dam takes Orton down, but both men take an age to get back to their feet. When they do, Van Dam rolls Orton back in, but when he climbs up and tries to step through, Orton catches him… ROPE HUNG DDT! Van Dam’s head has a violent collision with the canvas, and Orton rolls him over for the 1… 2… Van Dam rolls the shoulder! Orton is furious, storming to his feet, getting right in the ref’s face, demanding a three count. Turning back to ‘RVD’, Orton decides now is the time to finish it, as he drops to his knees, waiting for Van Dam to rise. It takes an age, but eventually Van Dam is up, and here comes Orton… RKO… NO! Van Dam pushes Orton away in mid-air, causing Orton to crash to the mat! Van Dam now looks to take advantage, but he’s slow to do so as he slumps against the ropes. Both men now charge, with Orton going for a boot to the midsection… but ‘RVD’ catches it… stepover spinning wheel kick! Van Dam knocks Orton down, and know he heads for the corner, slinging himself to the top rope… where he flies… FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!! ‘RVD’ gets all of it, grabbing his ribs on impact, but he quickly crawls back over to get the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Rob Van Dam @ 13.29

Van Dam has done it, another great victory for him as he puts Orton away. Van Dam grabs his ribs as he stumbles backwards into the ropes, the referee handing over the WWE Championship. Van Dam composes himself, straighting himself up as he steps forward to have his hand raised by the referee… until he’s absolutely hammered from behind! It’s Bobby Lashley! The crowd unleashes a barrage of boos as Lashley mounts the WWE Champion, hammering him with right hands, before he bursts back to his feet and rips off his t-shirt…

Jim Ross: Damn it! What the hell is the meanin’ of this!? Bobby Lashley has just assaulted the WWE Champion!

Joey Styles: What the hell is Lashley doin’ out here!? He’s got no business bein’ out here, especially after Van Dam just won a hard fought matchup.

Jerry Lawler: I think this is Lashley makin’ his intentions clear. He wants Van Dam at Backlash, Mr. McMahon was about to announce him as the number one contender, and now he’s makin’ sure Van Dam knows he’s not happy about it.

Van Dam somehow is desperately trying to pick himself up off the canvas, his body in serious pain as he clutches the bag of his head. He pushes himself up onto his knees… and then somehow makes it back to his feet… only for Lashley to charge… SPEAR!! Lashley rips through Van Dam, absolutely crushing him, the crowd booing him mercifuly… until suddenly, the boos turn to cheers… as John Cena is sprinting down the ramp!

Cena slides under the bottom rope, where Lashley is waiting to meet him… but Cena tackles him to the canvas! It’s an all-out brawl as Cena and Lashley battle, both men flinging wild rights and lefts as the roll across the mat, until Lashley kicks Cena away… both men make it back to their feet, but Lashley stumbles backwards to the ropes… Cena clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor! The crowd is going wild as Cena makes the save for Van Dam!

Cena roars to the masses, screaming for Lashley to get back in the ring as ‘The Dominator’ picks himself up off the floor. Cena is in a frenzy, demanding that Lashley comes back to face him, but Lashley stands firm, seemingly weighing up the options… until…


Out of nowhere, the music of Mr. McMahon hits, with ‘The Boss’ striding out from the back, microphone already in hand…

Mr. McMahon: Cut the music! Shut that damn music off!

And as requested, the music stops, leaving the only sound as the heat from the crowd, but Vince clearly means business as he talks over the top of it…

Mr. McMahon: You might’ve gotten my wife involved in all this Cena, but she’s not the law around here. I am! I always have been, and I always will be!


Mr. McMahon: And that’s why when you and Rob Van Dam say you wanna face each other, I really don’t give a damn! At Backlash, it will be Rob Van Dam defending the WWE Championship against-


What… again? That’s right, for the second time tonight, Vince is interrupted as Linda McMahon steps out, joining her husband on the stage, wasting no time in getting down to business…

Linda McMahon: Vince! Vince… I’m sorry, but this has to be considered a rash decision. And I’m afraid I can’t stand by and let you announce Bobby Lashley as the new number one contender for the WWE Championship.


Linda McMahon: But in the interest of fairness… I’m going to do what John Cena suggested earlier in the evening. Next week, live on Monday Night Raw… it’s gonna be John Cena and Bobby Lashley one on one… and the winner will face Rob Van Dam at Backlash for the WWE Championship!

A massive cheer from the fans, with Cena pumping his fist in agreement…

Linda McMahon: Vince… I’ll see you next week in the boardroom.

And with that, Linda turns and heads backstage, leaving an absolutely fuming Vince alone on the stage. Down at ringside, Lashley looks up at Vince, then turns to stare at Cena in the ring. Van Dam is now back on his feet, having heard what was said, and once again, we end Monday Night Raw with the camera switching back and forth, giving us the full flavour of the uneasy tension between all three men…

Jim Ross: What an announcement that is! Next week, live on Raw, it’s Cena and Lashley, and the winner is goin’ to Backlash to challenge Rob Van Dam for the WWE Championship!

Jerry Lawler: And not only that, what about the huge board meeting? Vince and Linda are gonna plead their cases, and Mr. McMahon… he could be fired next week!

Joey Styles: We’ll see you next week, live for Monday Night Raw! Goodnight!

In the ring, Cena and Van Dam trade a few words, while by now, Lashley is on the stage with Vince, the two looking extremely agitated, with Vince snarling as he takes one last look down at the ring before he storms backstage and we fade to black.

*End Show*

Current Card for WWE BACKLASH:
Date: April 29th, 2007

Location:FedEx Forum; Memphis, Tennessee

WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion Rob Van Dam vs. Bobby Lashley OR John Cena

No Holds Barred Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

World Tag Team Championships Match:
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Straight Edge Saints

Money in the Bank Match:
Mr. Money in the Bank Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Raw Feedback

Vinny Mac and his little army starting things out makes some sense with the WWE title situation right now. I’d be all for a Lashley/Van Dam match but Cena was always gonna come down and stick his nose into things. He was pretty on point throughout, getting the crowd involved and no doubt Cena/Lashley with the winner heading to Backlash would be a great route to go down. Vince isn’t gonna budge with that iron clad(Hi Big Show) contract is he lol? To be honest I expected Linda but I didn’t want her. We saw her just before Mania and I can’t stand having her around just to one up Vince but at the same time it does make sense. Big time announcement here most definitely, vote of no confidence in the chairman and that meeting next week should be a great read if you pull it off. Tons of possibilities to go with. Decent opening segment and a nice impromptu match given to us here…

Solid opening contest here and Dykstra comes out of it with his reputation enhanced once again which is a step in the right direction for him but as expected Cena with the victory. Good booking.

Interesting exchange here between Linda and Orton. To be honest I wasn’t too keen on it. Randy going from calling her Linda to Mrs.McMahon while the whole briefcase as a weapon thing I didn’t get, these guys use chairs, the TV monitors, the title belts as weapons and get away with it, why the briefcase is any different I don’t really know. Orton was a little awkward I felt also with his ‘you don’t wanna threaten me’ piece to the Board. I get that he’s this whole slow, robotic, viper type character but it didn’t flow too well I thought. Things picked up with Hardy which is a rarity lol. Major main event for later now and I’m pretty sure Orton’s gonna put that briefcase on the line come Backlash.

Really liked this with Trips and Steph. I thought it played up the fact Shawn is almost one of the family and how Steph knows this isn’t the HBK of old, this is a new, dangerous man and her being fearful of what he does to Trips just adds that bit extra edge to it all I think. Having his wife in his ear will make Trips have that bit of doubt as well I’m sure but you still stuck to Trips being a badass and having no fear in calling him out. Good job with this.

Nice interview with Van Dam here. You got all his usual bits and bobs involved as well as addressing everything that needed to be. Right on point with this.

Enjoyable tag match here. I personally would’ve liked to have seen this saved for a later date and had the teams interact a bit more but with Backlash so soon it’s understandable. Big win for the SES and a real opportunity for them now to take the gold, should be a good one come Backlash.

Good to see Lito all fired up here and not in the mood for any of Torrie and Dykstra’s games. Would’ve had him tone down on the whole ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ stuff however, tad extreme lol. Hopefully he gets a strong showing against Lashley later on.

Trips vs. Hardcore Holly? Holly for the win all day right? Aftermath was the main talking point here and it was a very good read here. Michaels was spot on as he always seems to be with you at the minute. The whole getting back his smile is great and his faith etc, the way he used Steph in all this after the earlier segment was well linked in but Trips was right on it also, the mentioning of Mick Foley, of Nash, all really great points made and a top notch segment. Match is now on as well to boot, should be awesome.

Really looking forward to what you do with Cesaro.

Solid contest again here between Lashley and Lito. Both men looked pretty good in this thing and it’s a big win for Lashley, a much needed win too although Lito probably could’ve used it also. Was a little surprised Dykstra didn’t cost Carlito, would’ve made more sense.

Ahhh I guess here’s why he didn’t. Very clever stuff here with Torrie as the distraction and then a beautiful beat down from Dykstra, great job with this.

Big win for Victoria here. Not really a fan of Candice getting involved but Beth making her presence felt was the right move, enough of a distraction there.

Very nice main event here with some terrific action between these two. I expected a showing from Lashley as well as Jeff Hardy, perhaps even Cena but I’m glad you just let these two do battle and it’s a big win for Van Dam. He needs to keep building momentum so it’s definitely the right call and leads into Orton now facing Hardy. Aftermath was to be expected with Lashley and then Cena showing their faces. No surprise again with Vince and Linda, big time main event for next week to go along with the boardroom shenanigans, should be a heck of a show right there.

On the whole this was a solid showing. I don’t quite think it had that same excitement however that I felt Smackdown just had. There were some strong matches here as well as some great interaction between Trips and Michaels and whilst the Vince/Linda boardroom struggle should lead to something big next week, it’s not really my cup of tea to be honest. Cena/Lashley/Van Dam progressed pretty nicely although there was nothing too groundbreaking, same as Orton/Hardy. Lito/Dykstra certainly had a nice bit of heat added to it tonight which was another real positive in elevating these two. Keep it going and I look forward to more build to Backlash next week.
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

iMac your sig is the best can't stop looking.

P.S. Great read as well!

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Firstly, I’ll apologise for the lateness, but I’ve been extremely busy, barely having time to write my own stuff. And then I’ll thank you for the video recap of last week to open the show, as it reminded me of my new found love for Kenny Dykstra in this thread. Opening the show with Vinnie Mac and his crew at first seemed like it was going to be some generic McMahon ranting and raving promo... then he mentioned naming the number one contendership and it sort of raised my hopes for the promo, because at least he’s out there for a reason. Anyway all of McMahon’s bit was typical McMahon, I especially love how he refers to Cena and RVD as egomaniacs, and then in his next breath, he brags about having all the power in the WWE. Lashley being named as number one contender seems like the logical choice from McMahon, but I was sensing some sort of swerve when Cena interrupted. Cena’s stuff was typical Cena, nothing more to say really. McMahon goes back to the contract which was solid, and as soon as that happened, before reading on, I knew we were going to see Linda McMahon tonight. And as usual, she’s a thorn in Vince’s side, and well, now we don’t know how long Vince will be sticking around... and Lashley was never officially announced as the number one contender, so I’m guessing that title is still open up until next week when we find out who’s in charge. I maybe felt you could have mentioned Carlito in the promo somewhere, maybe just a little mention at the beginning, explaining why Lashley is facing him. Once you’re a face and McMahon hates you, you immediately become more over. Kenny Dykstra being handpicked by Vince to face Cena is another big step for Dykstra which I like. Whilst the promo was solid overall and a good start to the show, and I understand why it had to go like this for storyline reasons... I felt like it was all a little to 2000-ish for my liking.

Before I even get into the opener, I just want to mention that I love Dykstra’s new t-shirt. The match itself whilst keeping Cena looking strong with the victory, did nothing but good for Dykstra. He didn’t get squashed or anything which makes me extremely pleased. It’s a simple booking technique but one that not enough use, book an up and comer with a main eventer and let the up and comers star continue to rise, nice stuff.

Just curious as to whether or not you’ll be writing Backlash in full as you’ve done with all the other PPV’s?

Randy Orton just chatting up a random backstage whore? Nice. The confrontation between Orton, Linda and Jeff Hardy was done pretty well, although would Jeff really just stand there and talk after what Orton did to him last week with the briefcase? In all seriousness, that made him look like a bit of a pussy. Besides that, they exchanged some words, adding a little more heat, and Orton/RVD tonight sounds like an awesome idea, as does the stipulations involved with the match. However again, this match has Backlash implications for Hardy as well, yet he’s not a part of it, which really makes him seem a class below RVD and Orton... and whilst realistically he is, as a booker, it’s probably not the image you want to portray when Hardy will more than likely be facing Orton in a couple of weeks.

In general just because she played such a great heel throughout the majority of her on screen days, I struggle to buy Stephanie McMahon as the concerned wife character. With that being said, you wrote her pretty well here, and I thought her concern for Triple H’s health actually did a really great job of putting over the type of beast Shawn Michaels has become in this thread. On the other side of things, Triple H was put over pretty well too. He still had that real edge to him, hinting that something bad is going to happen to Shawn, yet he still managed to show emotion towards his family and stuff as well. Just a well written segment to what’s probably your hottest feud at the moment.

A solid enough interview from RVD. One thing I dislike is when face champions go around complimenting fellow competitors a little too much, which I felt like Van Dam did a bit with Hardy. I really liked the comparison of Orton to RVD though, as you hype tonight’s main event (guessing it’ll get top billing over Lashley/Carlito), whilst having RVD reiterate his thoughts from last week on Vinnie Mac, putting over the importance of the Board meeting next week.

Definitely a very solid tag match to name number one contender’s for the tag titles. Before I talk about everything good about the match, in a logical sort of way, I don’t really think Nitro and Masters deserved to be here. Both men can go and they probably added to the match quality, but they are on a huger losing streak, a team that has lost so many times in a row should not be competing for the number one contendership, in my opinion. On a positive note it was a fun match, with the ending being done well, with all hell breaking loose. Punk and Dinsmore getting the shot makes me pleased, however I’m curious to see where you go with this feud, as the WGTT simply applaud... I’m intrigued...

I really enjoyed the Carlito interview. A simple bit of hype for his match tonight with Lashley, as well as a challenge to Dykstra to continue to build their heat. I love the constant insults towards Torrie, reminds me of Jericho/Christian/Stratus in 2004... and at the balls in the purse line, nice little segment here, did its job.

Simply a squash, Trips was always going to dominate Holly. My only issue could be that Trips is in such a pissed off state right now that he should have just been brawling, so it didn’t fit the situation when early in the match he went for a headlock takedown. I’m being very critical though, as besides that, the match was fine.

And business picks up with Hunter calling out Shawn Michaels. It was good you just had Trips get straight to the point rather than rant and rave, it doesn’t seem like he’s in one of those moods. Michaels’ speech was pretty good as well, and I love the extra personal aspect of HBK talking about Trips’ family, as he probably knows them as good as he knows his own. And I’ve gushed over this a few times previously, but I love the way Shawn is still mentioning god and what not, yet being sadistic at the same time, such a great character. Clever to have Trips recap some of the guys he’s beaten over the years... Michaels finally accepts and the banter at the end was okay, although I’m not too sure it was entirely needed. Either way, another great promo in what is your hottest feud right now.

Another nice Claudio Cesaro video. I’m not a big fan of the guy personally, but you’ll probably book him in a way that will make me like him.

Lashley/Carlito time. I’m interested to see how you book this one. I have an opinion on what I think should be done, so we’ll see how it goes. Also, Joey Styles had a bit of a brain fade as he said that ‘Lito wouldn’t want to trade right hands with Lashley.... well yeah of course he wouldn’t, because Carlito is left handed. Anyway, onto the match... Firstly, the brain fade continued as for half the match Carlito was using right hands and then in the final part of the match you had him using his left. I don’t mean to harp on it but it’s just a silly mistake that really shouldn’t happen from somebody with your booking skills. Still, mistake aside, the match was fun enough to read, and it was booked exactly as I thought it should be. Lashley gets the win, looks like a beast, and regains some much needed momentum, whilst Carlito, much like Dykstra earlier, puts up a valiant effort and the loss does him no harm. Well done.

Dykstra or Kennedy for King of the Ring...

I enjoyed the little attack on Carlito here, adding more heat to his feud with Dysktra... and it also made Torrie look like a dead set bitch. Good stuff, and despite Dykstra declining the challenge, I obviously expect the rematch to take place somehow at Backlash.

A nice match that continues to women’s division feud at the moment, however I was a little shocked to see Victoria get the win. I was shocked because all the heat seems to be between Beth and Mickie, but a win against the champ from Victoria can’t go unnoticed, can it? Mickie still looks strong though, as the distraction cost her, and I guess it’s nice to see James getting some help, even if Candice is a useless piece of shit. I smell a tag match next week perhaps...

A good main event to end the show with two of the top guys going at it. A very strong win for RVD here, as he’s the champion and all, and Orton still doesn’t look to bad in defeat. I still think it was the wrong decision to have implications for Hardy in this match and not have him get involved somehow, even if say Orton tried to get a cheap win, and Hardy didn’t let him or something. The attack from Lashley afterward was a little unexpected, but it lead to the Cena/Lashley brawl. The McMahon’s get involved again, and it was a nicely booked set up for the Cena/Lashley match next week to see who gets the shot at Backlash. A nice ending to the show.

Overall, the show was solid overall. The highlights were obviously the Trips/HBK, ‘Lito/Dykstra stuff, where there was proper heat involved, whilst everything else is just sort of being booked for Backlash. Still, the show was fine, and everything seems to be leading somewhere... plus the Backlash card is looking pretty good as well. Again, sorry for the lateness, but keep it up, because I’m still reading.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~Friday Night Smackdown~
April 13th, 2007
1st Mariner Arena
Baltimore, Maryland

Last week’s SmackDown saw one of the most shocking moments in the show’s history, as the entire stage collapsed on top of The Undertaker, but when the wreckage was cleared, ‘The Deadman’ was nowhere to be seen… and we still don’t know who will be chosen to face Batista at No Way Out.

During an Six Man Tag Team Match were the message was simple from Interim General Manager Jonathan Coachman… go out and impress me. And without any doubt, the most impressive and shocking event from last week saw Umaga bring the SmackDown set collapsing down on top of The Undertaker, only for ‘The Deadman’ to vanish. Feeling they’d made their point, Umaga and Armando Alejandro Estrada left the arena, seeing an impromptu main event end when Chris Benoit teamed with Batista to see off Mr. Kennedy and Edge. Benoit proved that his claims for a title shot at the start of the show were warranted, as it was he who sealed the victory for his team. But the big question tonight is whether that was enough to get Jonathan Coachman’s vote, or if the outcome of last week’s main event was irrelevant, and ‘Coach’ had already made up his mind.

Last week, Matt Hardy stepped into the ring with William Regal, and despite the attentions of Regal’s partners Dave Taylor and Paul Burchill at ringside, Hardy emerged victorious. Tonight though, The Bluebloods seek revenge in a Six Man Tag Team Match, forcing Hardy to look for a pair of partners. And who better to team up with the United States Champion than the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hooligans, Paul London and Brian Kendrick. Despite London’s knee injury still clearly bothering him last week, Kendrick and London were happy to oblige, although all three champions know the vultures are starting to circle, with The New Breed clearly intent on getting a title shot against The Hooligans, while Hardy knows that both Finlay and The Miz are making plenty of noise regarding a future match against him with his newly won gold on the line.

Bryan Danielson rebounded from his disappointing WrestleMania defeat to Gregory Helms by crashing Helms’ victory party last week, assaulting the champion and knocking him clean from the ring before Helms’ security squad intervened. This however was overshadowed by Helms’ announcement that he’s launching a petition to have the Cruiserweight Championship retired in his honour as the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in history. Tonight, Danielson is set to take on Jamie Noble, but from what we understand, Helms will be in the arena tonight, canvasing for signatures, a move that is sure to draw the ire of Danielson once again.

All this, plus we’ll hear from Chavo Guerrero regarding the news that Rey Mysterio is on his way back to SmackDown, we’ll see if Santino Marella can finally lead The F.B.I. to a victory, Kane will look to continue to build on his victory last week over King Booker, and we’ll try and find out just how on earth Funaki managed to get a microphone back in his hand!

Confirmed Matches:

Matt Hardy and The Hooligans vs. The Bluebloods
Bryan Danielson vs. Jamie Noble

Plus!! Batista, Edge, Mr. Kennedy, Chris Benoit and Umaga will all be in attendance to hear Jonathan Coachman’s decision!!
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