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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Hey iMac. Sorry I haven't left any feedback in quite a while, but I haven't really done it for anyone. Busyness, laziness, whatever you want to call it. I have been following this thread however and I think that you've done a tremendous job in building this WrestleMania card and despite a few hiccups for me personally (such as the way you had Edge announce which champion he was going for at the PPV), it's going to be a great read. So with that said, here's my predictions.

On a side note, I find it funny that the three biggest shows to come in BTB - your WrestleMania, Wolfy's SummerSlam and Legend's SummerSlam - all have Rob Van Dam challenging for the WWE Championship. lol.


10 - WWE Championship Triple Threat Match Match:
WWE Champion Shawn Michaels vs. 'The Game' Triple H vs. 'Mr. Monday Night' Rob Van Dam
I'm going out on a limb for this one as initially, I was going to pick Shawn Michaels. The reason I thought Michaels would retain is because he didn't win the title THAT long ago and in terms of character development it makes most sense for him to walk out the winner. However, the more I think about it, the more I realise that he doesn't need the championship. His feud with Triple H is more than likely going to culminate at some point beyond WrestleMania, and I'm assuming you only added Van Dam to avoid doing Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania. So, if the feud between Triple H and HBK is going to continue, even though Van Dam was put in this match as an extra, I actually think it'd be the best decision to have him walk out as champion. He can then go on to feud with someone else over the belt whilst Michaels and Triple H continue their feud.

11 - World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Edge
This entire feud has revolved around Edge so much that Batista HAS to win. Again I'm going to guess that you're doing this match because it's the biggest match available to you with the roster you've got and how you've placed everyone else on the card. That's fair enough but it doesn't mean Edge has to win the belt. As a matter of fact I think Batista loses a lot more momentum and credibility from losing this match than Edge does. Besides that, I don't like the idea of a heel winning the Rumble let along becoming champion at WrestleMania.

8 - The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object:
'The Real Deal' Bobby Lashley vs. John Cena
Special Guest Referee: Steve Austin
It'll be a great match and the McMahons will get involved, but Cena will come out on top.

7 - Streak vs. Streak:
'The Phenom' The Undertaker vs. 'The Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga

6 - Past vs. Future:
'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair vs. Mr. Kennedy
Flair was past his prime twenty years before this match whilst Kennedy has yet to hit his. No brainer.

5 - United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Finlay vs. Matt Hardy
Why should Finlay retain the title? He's a transitional champion who only has the belt to drop it to the likes of Hardy anyway.

3 - Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito
Carly Colon could do with the win.

4 - Tag Team Showcase Match: Champions vs. Champions
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans
Considering this is a throw-together match with no real substance, you might as well go for the feel-good babyface win. Plus, The World's Greatest Tag Team winning at WrestleMania in BTB? AGAIN? Really?

2- Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson
Danielson can afford the loss, Helms can't. Helms can easily screw Danielson out of the gold and drop it to him at a later date without Danielson losing any steam, ala Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio in 2003.

9 - Women's Championship Match:
Women's Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix
Much like with the Cruiserweight Title match, but with the face/heel dynamic reversed, you can afford for Beth to lose and win the title at a later date.

1 - Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Entrants in Alphabetical Order:
Chris Benoit vs. CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro vs. Kane vs. King Booker vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Randy Orton
I'm immediately eliminating He Who Shall Not Be Named, Johnny Nitro, Kane and Booker from the running. That leaves Punk, Jeff, MVP and Orton. Punk and Jeff COULD win but for me Money in the Bank benefits a heel much more than a face. Besides that, Jeff is over enough to get a push without it and it's too soon for Punk to win it, not to mention it's already been done a zillion times. That leaves Orton and MVP. Orton can easily win the gold again without Money in the Bank and doesn't need it. So by default, MVP wins. He won't cash it in too soon - I imagine he'll cut a promo on Smackdown saying he's going to bide his time whilst you build him up a bit more - but in another six months, he'll be ready.

Bonus Points:
What will be the match order? I hate this because I never get it right, but it's done.
How many championships will change hands? Three.
Who will take the fall in the Triple Threat Match? Shawn Michaels.
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? Hall of Fame inductees don't count btw. I don't even know who the Hall of Fame inductees are tbh. Let's go out on a limb and say...THE ROCK!
What will be the longest match? The Triple Threat.
What will be the shortest match? The Women's Title match.
How many pinfalls/submissions/other finishes will there be? Oh fuck off. Umm, MITB is an "other finish", so that's one , then eight pinfall finishes and two submission finishes.
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Prediction Template:

11.WWE Championship Triple Threat Match Match:
WWE Champion Shawn Michaels vs. 'The Game' Triple H vs. 'Mr. Monday Night' Rob Van Dam

On the one hand, I really wanna see Shawn Michaels retain. The way you’ve built his character since winning the title has been brilliant and to see that continue as champion is a personal preference but I think this one’s all set for a Van Dam victory. Michaels/Trips can move on away from the gold, while Van Dam really establishes himself as a big time player.

10.World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Edge

I’m gonna go against Kingpin’s thoughts and say that Edge gets the win here. I know all the build and all the focus has been on Edge, at first running scared and then facing up to Batista but I think that just adds to when Edge gets the job done here. Somehow, someway I see him walking out champ and we then get an Edge proving people wrong, overcoming all obstacles, by any means necessary title reign with a pissed off Animal on his tail.

9.The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object:
'The Real Deal' Bobby Lashley vs. John Cena
Special Guest Referee: Steve Austin

Austin’s the key factor here and a match with both he and John Cena in it equals only one winner in my book.

8.Streak vs. Streak:
'The Phenom' The Undertaker vs. 'The Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga

Always a Taker win.

6.Past vs. Future:
'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair vs. Mr. Kennedy

Has to be Kennedy, just has to be. Will do wonders for him and will do nothing for Flair if he were to win.

5.United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Finlay vs. Matt Hardy

Kinda the same as above. Win here for Hardy could be the making of him. Finlay doesn’t need it.

4.Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito

Gonna stick with my gut instinct and go for Dykstra thanks to Torrie turning on her beloved Carly.

3.Tag Team Showcase Match: Champions vs. Champions
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans

Hooligans. Just because.

2.Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson

Been a brilliantly worked feud and I think Danielson finally puts a stop to Helms here.

7.Women's Championship Match:
Women's Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix

A tough one but I’m gonna go for Mickie retaining in one of the most original women’s storylines I’ve seen.

1.Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Entrants in Alphabetical Order:
Chris Benoit vs. CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro vs. Kane vs. King Booker vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Randy Orton

Possibly the hardest of all to call here but I’m gonna go with Orton. Benoit, Kane and Nitro are definite no’s. Punk may be too soon, same for MVP. Hardy is possible with Orton chasing him still, continuing that little feud but I go with Orton and a reversal of that situation. Booker is a dark horse in my book but just can’t see it.

Bonus Points:
What will be the match order? Done.
How many championships will change hands? Four.
Who will take the fall in the Triple Threat Match? Shawn Michaels.
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? Hall of Fame inductees don't count btw. Uhmmm, Hogan? God knows.
What will be the longest match? WWE Championship Match.
What will be the shortest match? Women’s Championship Match.
How many pinfalls/submissions/other finishes will there be? Other: MITB; Pinfall: Eight; Submission: Two.

Really, really looking forward to this one as i'm sure you know full well by now. No doubt it's gonna be a hell of a show. Good luck with it!
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Prediction Template:

11: WWE Championship Triple Threat Match Match:
WWE Champion Shawn Michaels vs. 'The Game' Triple H vs. 'Mr. Monday Night' Rob Van Dam

I think its RVD's time to shine, I think it will be one hell of a main event but I see RVD stealing it at the end.

9: World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Edge

Edge has momentum on his side and I see him winning and having Batista chase him for the next few months.

8: The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object:
'The Real Deal' Bobby Lashley vs. John Cena
Special Guest Referee: Steve Austin

No way is Austin not gonna be there, halfway through when the mcmahons are screwing Cena over, in will come Stone Cold to clean house and gift Cena the win.

10: Streak vs. Streak:
'The Phenom' The Undertaker vs. 'The Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga

No-one can end the streak all tho 'Mags will come close.

5: Past vs. Future:
'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair vs. Mr. Kennedy

Flair needs to put Kennedy over. Simple.

7: United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Finlay vs. Matt Hardy

See Hardy falling short thanks to little bastard.

3: Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito

Torrie turns heel and helps Dykstra win.

4: Tag Team Showcase Match: Champions vs. Champions
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans

Londons knee injury will cost the hooligans the match.

1: Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson

Think Danielson will almost do it but Helms will find a way to screw him out of it.

6: Women's Championship Match:
Women's Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix

2: Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Entrants in Alphabetical Order:
Chris Benoit vs. CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro vs. Kane vs. King Booker vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Randy Orton

Bonus Points:
What will be the match order? Done
How many championships will change hands? 3
Who will take the fall in the Triple Threat Match? Shawn Michaels
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? Hall of Fame inductees don't count btw. Hmmm no unless you count Stone Cold.
What will be the longest match? Taker/Umaga
What will be the shortest match? Hopefully James/Phoenix.
How many pinfalls/submissions/other finishes will there be? One item grab(MITB), 10 pinfalls.
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

I’m sure at one point or another, I sent a PM or rep to let you know I had been reading, and whilst I haven’t dropped any comments before, I cant think of a better time to do so. Down to a combination of laziness and … well, pretty much laziness if I’m honest, I’ve held off on giving feedback before, but this way, I’ll get to cover my thoughts on each feud with my predictions for WrestleMania.

1. United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Finlay vs. Matt Hardy
I was torn between this one and the Cruiserweight title match for the opening slot, but since I’m pretty confident in my pick to win, this one gets the nod. Since the beginning of the thread, Matt Hardy has been getting plenty of build, rubbing shoulders with the big names on Smackdown, and the interview with Hardy on Smackdown nailed this one on for me, and I think he NEEDS to win the belt at WrestleMania. A loss by any means would kill Matts credibility I feel, even if he were to win it at Judgment Day. Victory over a tough veteran like Finlay - on this stage - could help put Hardy into the upper tier of the roster with the U.S Title in his possession to boot. Should be a tidy opener, with a feel good win to kick off the show nice and proper.

2. Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Entrants in Alphabetical Order:

Chris Benoit vs. CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro vs. Kane vs. King Booker vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Randy Orton

By the process of elimination, Nitro is out (you’re rebuilding the tag division, and he will be more involved in that division with Masters than branching out on his own), so is Punk (for the same reasons, and I think he and Dinsmore will eventually settle into a long term feud with WGTT), Benoit wont win (well, goes without saying why he’s out…), Kane is a tired, stale character, King Booker ditto (at least IMO, either way, he wont win this, he had his run in ‘06), and I cant see Jeff breaking through the glass ceiling in this reality (and certainly not with MITB) … so it’s down to two. And to weigh it up, Orton and MVP are both heels. MITB suit’s a heel. Orton has been champion before, but it was a long time ago. MVP has only debuted in six months. Does Orton really need MITB to break back into the title mix?? No, not really. Does MVP really need it to jump toward superstardom?? Absolutely. I’m plumping for Porter, but I’m really on the fence due to the fact he is still new to the scene at this point, whilst Orton has been stuck in limbo for quite some time. I’m torn between them … but I’m saying MVP wins MITB.

3. Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito
It’s slightly disappointing that the rivalry is based more on Torrie Wilson than the title, but needs must, and at the moment, Dykstra has come across - to me at least - rather bland as a heel on Raw. If he is to have any success in the long run, Torrie turning heel on Carlito and siding up with Kenny to help Dykstra retain might just help spice the youngster up a bit, and give this rivalry a little more juice to run on for a few more months. Right now, it looks a bit like a nothing match, but a heel turn from Torrie will at least give a forgettable undercard match a memorable moment coming out of the big show.

4. Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson
It’s been all about the chase from Danielson, and his run in the No Way Out gauntlet was a hell of an introduction, and a perfect set up to capture the gold it would seem at this event. Bringing him in has certainly reinvigorated the CW division, but as it stands, these two appear to stand head and shoulders above the rest on Smackdown … so with that said, a sneaky, hook or by crook win for Helms might just be the best thing for all parties. Danielson can continue to chase and earn a rematch at Judgment Day, whilst you then have an extra two months to get one or two other members of the CW division built up to be on a par with the leading stars. In this one, my head says Helms, but my gut picks Danielson. I don’t tend to follow my gut anymore. But that’s another story for another time. Sticking my neck out and picking the champ to somehow retain.

5. Past vs. Future:
'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair vs. Mr. Kennedy
I’d wager that this is the most personal match on the card. It’s got a touch of the Flair/Taker feud that built into WM X8 (but that’s mainly the beating of Reid being filmed reminding me of the beating on David in ‘02) but the overriding theme - for me - is like a true blood feud right out of the 80’s. Flairs emotional promo on Smackdown really drove the animosity home, and given everything that’s been done to him, you’d expect that Flair SHOULD get revenge and win at WM, giving Kennedy his comeuppance … but this angle has really made a star out of Kennedy for me. Kennedy is on the cusp of breaking out as a leading heel on Smackdown - or Raw for that matter should he move - but he, like Hardy, NEEDS to win this match. IMO, it doesn’t matter how he does it, Kennedy just HAS to walk out of the big event with a win over the legend that is Flair. He may even do it by using Flairs own Figure Four for the ultimate bitch slap. All the good work that’s been done in establishing Kennedy as a player in the main mix could be undone with a loss to Flair. Somehow, I see this breaking into a proper brawl, with either a long ref bump or a late No DQ ruling being made as I cant see this ending without Flair - if not BOTH - showing off the claret mask. It wont be the best “match”, but this might well be the most memorable of them all.

6. Tag Team Showcase Match: Champions vs. Champions
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans
I was tempted to go with this one as the opener, but given it’s more of a throwaway match - plus who I’m picking to win - I didn’t think it would fit in the end. The two tag divisions are in a state of flux at the moment, and with the rebuilding process well and truly underway, its makes sense to put the champions against each other to - as the tag says - showcase the rising division. It would seem most are going with the long standing Hooliganz to win this … but not me. A win - tainted or not - will do wonders for the WGTT, who have only recently rejoined forces. This will allow them to talk up how they beat the ‘inferior’ champions, declaring how much better they are than the rest … which should allow a team like … Punk & Dinsmore (my pick at least) to spark a rivalry and try to shut them up. Meanwhile, a loss for the Smackdown champs will give the New Breed the opportunity to step up their cause for a shot at the belts, saying they could’ve beaten WGTT (or something to that effect) and kick start that rivalry. IMO, the heel win is what helps get rivalries cooking on Raw and Smackdown in the near future.

7. Women's Championship Match:
Women's Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix
This feud has really captured the imagination of many around here, and for a change, people actually give a damn about a womens match. So, you deserve all the praise in the world for making that happen. I’ve certainly enjoyed reading this progress over the last few months. The story was kept simple, and believable, but at the same time had lots of drama, building plenty of hatred from Beth. A perfect storm really, and I suspect this is the first of a long series of matches between the two. When you can capture readers attention like this angle has, you need to keep it going. I see this going right into Summerslam before reaching a crescendo, and while it’s hard to pick a winner, I’m going for Beth Phoenix to overpower Mickie, forcing Mickie to look for a way to defeat the bigger, more powerful, deadlier diva, which - eventually - she will. But WrestleMania will not be her night.

8. Streak vs. Streak:
'The Phenom' The Undertaker vs. 'The Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga
If real life hadn’t taken Umaga away at the tail end on 2009, I’d be on the fence slightly. Given that he has an expiration date in the thread, I think it’s unlikely that he breaks the Deadmans streak. Plus, it’s easier to keep an annual streak alive than a weekly one, and sooner or later Umaga WILL have to lose … and there is no better candidate to do it than the Phenom. Even in defeat, Umaga will lose nothing, as I suspect he’ll be protected in this one, likely kicking out of all of Taker’s offence, before finally falling to a second or possibly THIRD Tombstone in the end. In terms of the build up, it wasn’t overly ‘off the charts’ and more or less a by the numbers, big monster versus Taker feud, Umaga is no ordinary monster, and the fact he comes in with his own streak, makes the match that much more highly anticipated. I expect it’ll be an epic showdown, and I imagine Umaga will get his win back soon enough, before a final rubber match later in the year. 15-0.

9. The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object:
'The Real Deal' Bobby Lashley vs. John Cena
Special Guest Referee: Steve Austin
The addition of Austin wasn’t met with complete joy it seems, as it telegraphs the winner supposedly, and many feel the feud didn’t need the inclusion of Austin, as it had been built tremendously before he got right in the middle of it. While I agree with that sense, I have a feeling there is a bigger picture here, which I‘ll get to in a minute. Yes, Austin being thrown into the mix has taken the edge off the Cena/Lashley w/the McMahons dynamic that had been splendid (the SNME beat down was brilliantly written and delivered) but something needed to be done to even the odds, and make it some kind of a spectacle. Besides, with Austin being laid out on Smackdown, it’s likely to be just Cena vs. Lashley (plus McMahon shenanigans) for the most part … but, despite the attack on Smackdown, Austin WILL show up - probably only just at the very end, ala Backlash 2000 - and WILL count Lashley down for Cena to win, but to me, the seeds have already been planted … after the match, I see something going down between Cena and Austin, setting the stage for the money match at NEXT YEARS WrestleMania. I personally see no other reason to bring the Rattlesnake in for this one. Austin raises Cenas hand, offers a beer … beer is accepted, they toast … and then … Stunner/FU. Cena dropping Austin at WrestleMania would be my preferance. THAT would be a WrestleMania moment.

10. World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Edge
Hard to call. Always tend to side with the Rumble winner #tradition but when it’s a heel, and when I’m pretty sure it wont headline, I think The Animal might just walk out with the gold. Edge will get his big moment soon enough, and will likely get a long run with the belt when he does, but I think Batista has a little more juice left in the tank, and since he’s been owned for quite a lot of the run up to the event - especially the last few weeks; conchairto, the spear on Raw - it might be fitting for The Animal to retain.

11. WWE Championship Triple Threat Match Match:
WWE Champion Shawn Michaels vs. 'The Game' Triple H vs. 'Mr. Monday Night' Rob Van Dam
And if this is to headline, it needs a feel good winner. Whilst Triple H is arguably the biggest face on the roster, I don’t think it’ll leave a terribly nice taste in the mouth to see him close WrestleMania as champion. And whilst HBK has only had a short -and brilliant might I add, as a reinvigorated heel - run as champion, a heel walking out of WM as champion - in the main event no less - has never went down too well. This could’ve easily been HBK vs. HHH to culminate their epic five year long feud at the grandest stage of all, so there must be a reason to throw RVD into the mix. He’s from Michigan, so he’ll be the face - regardless of HHH’s alignment - and it would be a helluva way to close the show, with RVD walking out of his home state as WWE Champion, beating two stars the calibre of Michaels and The Game. He’s had to overcome more adversity than the other two to get here, losing a title match at the Rumble, and getting screwed over at SNME before earning his shot. All three men really put over the importance of this match with their respective video packages on Raw, that really set the tone, adding to the intrigue selling the match as the big deal it truly is. If this doesn’t main event, HBK is winning, but I think this DOES go on last … and if that’s the case, it just seems like Van Dam makes more sense than Michaels or Trips to win the belt and close the show, so I’m going with it, and I expect this to be the best ‘wrestling’ match on the show too.

Bonus Points:
What will be the match order? DONE
How many championships will change hands? THREE
Who will take the fall in the Triple Threat Match? SHAWN MICHAELS
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? Hall of Fame inductees don't count btw. THE NEW BREED, POSSIBLY ONE OR TWO LOWER CARD HEELS TO HELP THE MCMAHONS & LASHLEY, AND TORRIE (IF SHE COUNTS?)
What will be the longest match? WWE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH
What will be the shortest match? INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH
How many pinfalls/submissions/other finishes will there be? 9 PINS, 1 SUBMISSION (although I very nearly went with the Kennedy using the Figure 4 prediction to make it two, I played it safe) 1 RETRIEVAL OF A BRIEFCASE

You’ve done a superb job of building to this event, and you deserve for it to be spectacular. I’m sure it wont disappoint, and hopefully I’ll drop you some form of feedback for it. Looking forward to it, good luck

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

WrestleMania 23 Predictions

Finlay vs Matt Hardy for the WWE United States Championship, my pick is that Hardy walks out of Mania as the new WWE United States Champion, he just needs to win it here and that is my pick and I'm sticking to it

Money In The Bank with Chris Benoit vs. CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro vs. Kane vs. King Booker vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Randy Orton, my pick for this match I really want Orton my man Randy Orton to win, and with Orton as the MITB briefcase holder, he can cash in the briefcase at any time and Orton just needs this win since he has been in limbo for a while now and he could use the push, so I will stick with my pick here of Orton

Kenny Dystrka vs Carlito for the Intercontinental Championship, I say Dystrka will retain as well, and I see Torrie turning heel on Carlito and siding with Kenny, because Kenny could use the rub here especially since Kenny is a youngster and with a win over a veteran like Carlito, it will only help to push Kenny into the right direction and a Kenny/Torrie pairing would actually work especially much better than a Carlito/Torrie pairing

For the Cruiserweight Title, with Helms taking on Danielson, I say we will have a new WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Danielson will be the one to finally knock Helms off as champion, and cue the Bryan Danielson era as WWE Cruiserweight Champion and also because Danielson could use the rub considering Helms doesn't really need the Cruiserweight Title and also because even with a loss, Helms can go for the WWE United States Championship moving up to heavyweight

Past vs Future, with Flair taking on Kennedy, Mr. Kennedy needs absolutely needs this win over The Nature Boy with Kennedy getting the rub here considering there are so many similarities between Flair and Mr. Kennedy, everyone says how Mr. Kennedy is like a young Ric Flair and I for one see the similarities with Kennedy acting like a young Flair in terms of having that cockiness, the overall look with that beach blonde hair, arrogance, and Kennedy is good in the ring, but he is no Ric Flair, but I hope Flair puts him over and then with this win it elevates Kennedy into becoming more of a main event player

Tag Team Showcase Match with the World Tag Team Champions WGTT facing the WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans, I see The Hooligans taking this and the face tag team coming out on top here for some reason but WGTT will put up one hell of an effort here

Beth Phoenix vs Mickie James for the WWE Women's Championship, I say we will have a new WWE Women's Champion, Beth wins here

Undertaker vs Umaga Streak Match, Undertaker wins and goes to 15-0 but Umaga will come really close to ending the streak but will come up short

Bobby Lashley vs John Cena w/Special Guest Referee Stone Cold Steve Austin, Cena wins and then after the match Cena and Austin share beers together and then out of nowhere Austin with a Stone Cold Stunner on Cena but he will also give one to Lashley and to Vince, and for next year's Mania for Mania 24 I hope we get to see Cena vs Austin in that ring, it will be like Cena/Rock but better

Edge vs. Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship, since Edge won the Rumble, I see him winning the big one at this year's Mania beating Batista and we will have a new World Heavyweight Champion here, Batista at this point I see him losing the title, he can't beat Edge, Edge knows it and deep down Batista knows it too

The Triple-Threat Match for the WWE Championship, RVD vs. HHH vs. HBK, I see RVD winning the big one considering this is in his hometown, his home state, and also because HHH with him as champion, I really want to see it but not now, maybe like in a few months from now but RVD as champion would be much better and I see HBK putting RVD over by him taking the pin
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Super stoked for this. You already know how much I'm looking forward to it.

1. United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Finlay vs. Matt Hardy

I too was gonna go with the tag team challenge as the opener, but I think this should be the real tone setter. It's gonna be a tought ladder to climb for Hardy, but a huge feel good win here to kick off the most glorious stage of them all is set up too perfectly to not take advantage of. That and the fact that, juding by that interview last week, Matthew needs this win like a motha. It'd absolutely kill his momentum if he legitimately couldn't. I would have preferred Finlay be Benoit still, but nonetheless, he'll make Hardy earn his happy ending and set off a happy beginning for the big show.

2. Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Entrants in Alphabetical Order:
Chris Benoit vs. CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro vs. Kane vs. King Booker vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Randy Orton

Now hear me out here. I've been saying Orton the last few shows, but there's a method to this seemingly mad pick. Benoit, Booker, and Kane get eliminated from the process here for the fact that none of them have to win this match to be elevated back into the main event, or be further built with the briefcase. Nitro and Punk are among your dominoes to set the tag team division straight. It leaves Hardy, Orton, and MVP. Hardy and Orton still have loose ends to tie up, and MVP is the one truly directionless fella here. That said, I'm picking Hardy not because I think you'll even build him...but just so Randy Orton can beat him for it at possibly Backlash. I think it'd do much more for both men in that regard in different areas other than tying up the loose ends of their fued. I'm thinking along the lines of Wolfy's Mysterio/Edge program for the briefcase seemingly eons ago. Don't ask me what MVP'll do, though. Feel bad that I'm leavin' him out there on that limb and instead going on the Hardy limb here. Plus, a feel-good 'mania segment between the Hardy brothers is kinda tempting.

3. Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito

I love 'lito, but I'm sticking to my guns here and going with Kenny winning because Torrie turns on him. Next to the tag challenge, this is sorta the weakest match on the card in terms of build, but I'm sure you'll find some way to make it great. That said, I'm losing patience with Kenny as champion already, so something does NEED to happen like an assist from Wilson. And where does Carlito go from here? ...you tell me.

4. Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson

Goin' with the Dragon here. We've got two champions coming into 'Mania who have held titles for a year and some change. One of them ain't leavin' with it and I think that guy is Helms. Plus, the euphoria of the whole night is still in effect of big first time wins (so far with both the Hardyz, and maybe even Kenny's first 'mania appearance being a big defense). But that's me going for theming and it's not like you have to play to that. But still, Helms finally dropping it here is my emotional choice, even though it's more logical to go with Helms here due to Danielson not quite having enough build or even control in this fued. And from a personal standpoint, I'll be paying close attention to this match to see if I can top it learn something from it with my program.

5. Tag Team Showcase Match: Champions vs. Champions
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans

Not much to say here other than they do need it more. They've had the title closing in on a year while the WGTT only had it for what, a month? And the Hooliganz have yet to face a true, legit tag team, although their future with the titles are in dire jeapardy with those new teams forming and whatnot. But yeah. This match has the least substance attached to it and would've been the easy choice to go first, but the whole Hardy thing kidna tipped the scale.

6. Past vs. Future:
'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair vs. Mr. Kennedy

Don't think much explaination needs to go with this one. The ol'Mania put over. Although I have a little bit of a gut feeling Flair has a smigeon chance of winning, because I have this vision of Arn Anderson coming in and possibly costing Kennedy the match with him being in the HOF and all.

7. Streak vs. Streak:
'The Phenom' The Undertaker vs. 'The Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga

I'm not quite sure why I'm putting these two back to back, but I think it just worked out that way. Anywho, 'Taker is threatened by Umaga's streak, but he's not gonna be the guy to do it. Mags will probably tear the living hell out of the Deadman (see what I did there) somepoint in the future, still putting him over as a monster and taking 'Taker out for one of his signature absences. A loss doesn't hurt Umaga as much when it's to...well...that guy.

8. Women's Championship Match:
Women's Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix

Didn't want the five biggest matches all in a row, and though this is far from a light match, it can go here and be okay. This has really been in depth for a Women's title match, and I commend you on that not from a storyline standpoint, but from a character standpoint. These two characters, two female characters, have the best character driven story on the card. At Wrestlemania. And that's saying something special about the fued itself, I think, especially seeing as how the other two character driven (not title driven) feuds that come before it have the names that it does. But yeah. Beth wins here to not stunt her character momentum any. And a loss doesn't kill James. And yet another potential big-first time win...although this was much darker than the ones preceeding it.

9. The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object:
'The Real Deal' Bobby Lashley vs. John Cena
Special Guest Referee: Steve Austin

Before the guest ref announcement, it was all Lashley. But now it's undeniably Cena. This one's gonna have Austin take a bump and have a good amount of run-ins, possibly with the HOF class stopping the interference of the McMahons right before their inductions. But while that may be a bit out there, the potential for a stunner to Cena on the grandest stage would be nice, whether it leads to a big program with them or not.

10. World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Edge

Well someone's gotta leave with their title (besides Kenny, I guess). Edge has driven the holy hell out of this fued, and while I'm not the biggest fan of the Rumble winner not coming out on top, the loss here will only make Edge's character and his thirst for the title that much stronger. Batista keeps the gold and holds onto it for another two months...unless Randy O has something to do with it, possibly before the night even ends...

11. WWE Championship Triple Threat Match Match:
WWE Champion Shawn Michaels vs. 'The Game' Triple H vs. 'Mr. Monday Night' Rob Van Dam

As many others have said, Van Dam seems to have been included to offside what what may have come across as another Trips/Michaels rivalry. This was a tough decision for me though, personally, as its really between Michaels and Van Dam. Your HBK is on absolute fire and there's still so much you can do with him from a 'higher power calling' heel, and while I'm curious to how you'll play with that should he lose the title, I fear it may not have the same backing. But not only would this win not do much for Michaels as far as momentum (his character is pretty much set), but we all know Shawn Michaels doesn't have to win to steal the show and come off strong. Van Dam, on the other hand, has gone through so much to get here, and against two of the biggest names in all of wrestling no less. He's been getting dogged for years, but I think Robbie V walks away with this one to his homestate's delight and wraps up the show with the final and most emphatic big win.

Bonus Points:
What will be the match order? Complete.
How many championships will change hands? 4(Women's US, CW, WWE)
Who will take the fall in the Triple Threat Match? Michaels.
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? Hall of Fame inductees don't count btw. If no HOFers, then I suppose some famous Michigan native. The New Breed'll show up, and while I'm thinking abuot it, most likely David Flair in his dad's match.
What will be the longest match?Y'know what? I'm gonna say the CW title match. You like those long CW matches.
What will be the shortest match? IC title
How many pinfalls/submissions/other finishes will there be? Lett's see...ONE briefcase grab, ONE submission, and NINE pinfalls


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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed


With the last image of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin on Friday Night Smackdown seeing 'The Texas Rattlesnake' being loaded into the back of an ambulance, wwe.com has been trying all weekend to get word of Austin's condition. Having spoken to officials in the Grand Rapids hospital Austin was taken to, we can confirm that Austin checked himself out of hospital just a few hours ago, but against strong medical advice. As of this moment, Austin is not present in Ford Field, leading to the WWE Board of Directors scrambling to find a replacement. With Wrestlemania just a few short hours away, and with no 'Stone Cold' in sight, it seems the odds are once again stacked against John Cena... perhaps more so than ever before?

Expect further updates on this situation during the live, one hour Wrestlemania XXIII preview show only available on wwe.com!


~News, Notes and Spoilers~
(Wrestlemania XXIII T-minus 3 hours and counting.)

As the WWE head towards Wrestlemania XXIII, spirits are high within the locker-room as the roster appear confident in delivering a strong showing, with Vince McMahon personally dragging several members of roster into his office to encourage them to deliver 'career making performances' tonight. But while everybody is pulling towards making the show the best they can, several decisions with regards to the outcomes of several matches still remain up in the air.

One such match is the World Heavyweight Championship Match between Batista and Edge. The creative team are set to be split between Batista retaining or crowning Edge the new champion, with strong arguments being made on both sides. While wrestling historians would point out that the last time a true heel won the Royal Rumble then went onto challenge for a title at Wrestlemania was Shawn Michaels in 1995, many feel that the outcome could be different this time with Edge succeeding where Michaels failed, added to the fact that lately the Royal Rumble winner has gone on to win the championship at Wrestlemania. However, the argument has been made that Batista would lose a serious amount of momentum given the way Edge has dominated much of the build for the match. Added to the fact that the feud looks likely to continue either way, a win for Batista would seem the most logical. But there are still plenty of scenarios being considered, especially that of Edge winning, Chris Benoit winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and then cashing in straight after Edge's victory to give a Wrestlemania feel good moment.

Speaking of Benoit, it emerged over the weekend that he is talking about calling an end to his career at some point during the spring or summer, so much so that Benoit has been heard to say that he’s hoping his last Wrestlemania sees him go out with a bang. This would also tie in to the promo Benoit cut a few weeks ago on Smackdown where he questioned how much longer he had left in the wrestling business. A highly respected veteran backstage and with the office, serious consideration has been given to letting Benoit win the Money in the Bank tonight and then cash in the title in the near future for one last run with the gold before he heads off into the sunset. It appears that after working such an intense style for so many years, Benoit is gearing up for one last push, with many seeing it starting tonight at Wrestlemania.

Besides Benoit, there are plenty of supporters backstage for Montel Vontavious Porter to leave Detroit as Mr. Money in the Bank. Despite only debuting just over six months ago, 'MVP' has been on a meteoric rise on Smackdown, engaging in feuds with both The Undertaker and Kane so far in his young career. Indeed, 'MVP' was considered as an early front-runner to face Batista at No Way Out until Mr. Kennedy was promoted to the role. Despite having cooled in recent weeks, 'MVP' is considered a major candidate to leave with the briefcase, allowing a new star to be created tonight. One factor that may work against 'MVP' is the desire for new faces to be promoted on the blue brand, with an abundance of heels already in place. With Benoit looking to step aside, Undertaker set to take time off over the summer, and Rey Mysterio still a few months away from being back, there have been serious calls for Jeff Hardy to be given the briefcase and make a quick jump over to Smackdown. One potential scenario being discussed is having Hardy grab the briefcase, Edge win tonight, Hardy defend the briefcase against Randy Orton at Backlash, then cash in on Edge soon after, bringing an instant injection of freshness to the main event scene on Friday nights.

So far, the winner of the WWE Championship Triple Threat Match is still very much in the air. Creative have done their best go give each participant of the match, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Rob Van Dam, an episode of Raw where they’ve come out on top. With each man having ended an episode of Raw in the ascendency, the belief is that anybody could leave Detroit as champion, with Vince McMahon himself still debating who to go forward with as the main man on Raw. Many are pushing for Van Dam to win, finally establishing him as a true WWE main eventer, although with Michaels and Triple H having so much stroke backstage, it could easily be one of the two former D-Generation X members who leaves Detroit with the gold, allowing them to conclude their own feud with a battle for the WWE Championship. One grave concern with taking the title off of Michaels is that his reign has only lasted eight weeks thus far. With Michaels another one considering his long term future with the company, and with so much happiness from both Michaels and the creative team over his recent gimmick change, Michaels final title run as champion could be set to be extended for at least another month or so.

Nothing less than a win for Mr. Kennedy tonight is expected, with Kennedy set to emerge as a major star on Smackdown over the summer. In stark contrast to the heated nature of their feud, Kennedy and Flair have actually became close off camera, with Vince McMahon personally telling Kennedy and Flair to travel together this last month or so, allowing Kennedy to pick the brain of 'The Nature Boy'. Knowing that at this stage of his career Flair can lose and still be as over as ever with the crowd, Flair appears more than happy to put Kennedy over, establishing him as a bona-fide star. With no rematch scheduled between the two, and given the emotional nature of the feud, Flair is scheduled to take a month off from Raw, allowing him to re-emerge fresh after Backlash. Indeed, Flair is set to play a part in one of the major undercard feuds on Raw over the spring, while Kennedy chases the gold on Smackdown.

Two matches set to lose time on the show are the Cruiserweight and Women's Championship Matches. Although right now both are set to result in title changes, calls have been made for the champions in each match, Gregory Helms and Mickie James, to retain. Regardless of the outcomes, both feuds are set to continue in some shape or another, meaning that any potential title changes could be held off until single brand pay per views where more time could be allocated to them. However, with both Bryan Danielson and Beth Phoenix only having debuted in the last few months, the original plan is for both to win tonight to fully establish them both as the new faces of their respective divisions, especially in the case of Danielson.

Another match with no questions over the outcome is that of The Undertaker against Umaga. While the outcome isn't in doubt, Undertaker is determined to do all he can to put over how much of a threat Umaga can be heading forward. Indeed, despite defeat tonight, Umaga is poised for a charge at the World Heavyweight Championship over the summer, regardless of who the champion may be. Indeed, The Undertaker may be billed as the only man to score a victory over Umaga for the foreseeable future, and a possible rematch would almost certainly see Umaga come out on top. Both men are determined to put on a dramatic match though, one capable of stealing the show, with plenty of near falls, but ultimately, it will be 'The Phenom' who prevails.

Elsewhere, there hasn't been much given away regarding the outcomes of the Intercontinental or United States Championship Matches. Matt Hardy seems all but a certainty to beat Finlay, resulting in a great Wrestlemania moment for the less successful Hardy brother, while Carlito seems to be in line to finally extract revenge for the treatment of Torrie Wilson at the hands of Dykstra this last month or so. Opinion is also split on the tag team showcase, with two very distinct arguments being made for both The Hooligans and The World's Greatest Tag Team to win. Having been the team to make the original challenge, Haas and Benjamin are favoured to win, giving their boasts recently some real credence and meaning that when they eventually drop the gold on Raw, whatever team beats them will truly have beaten the best the WWE has to offer. However, London and Kendrick could also do with the win to add further heat to their upcoming feud with The New Breed. Either way, expect this one to be a real exciting mid card match, with all four men capable of producing great performances.

Work continues on the rebuilding project for the tag division. The Straight Edge Saints, Nitro and Masters and The Hart Legacy are all newly established teams on Raw, with The Redneck Wrecking Crew also being used more productively lately. On Smackdown, The New Breed are the next challengers for The Hooligans, while undercard feuds are in line for The Extremists and La Resistance, while The Bluebloods will continue to remain relevant and The Full Blooded Italians are well liked for the comic relief they can provide. Deuce and Domino are scheduled to be the next team called up from OVW, and new pairings of seldom used wrestles are being considered all the time. The same can be said of the Woman's and Cruiserweight divisions, with reinforcements being sought for both.

Perhaps the most discussed match on the card is the battle between John Cena and Bobby Lashley. With Vince McMahon heavily involved in the build-up, plus the addition of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin to the equation, this one certainly has the most star power of any match on the card. The outcome of this match though heavily depends on which direction the WWE Championship takes. A Rob Van Dam win would almost guarantee a Lashley win, setting up a rematch between Van Dam and Lashley at Backlash, this time for the WWE Championship. However, should Michaels win, Cena would be perfectly poised to face either Michaels or Triple H post Backlash. One interesting note is the angle shot for last Friday's Smackdown, and the wwe.com article from earlier today, with Austin being removed from the match due to injury. While Austin is very much in Detroit and is set to play a part in the match, his role as Special Guest Referee may now go elsewhere. One surprising name in Detroit this weekend is that of Eric Bischoff, the former Raw General Manager backstage tonight after being away from the company for the last year or so. Rumours have emerged that McMahon and Bischoff have been on speaking terms lately, with Bischoff set to lend his opinions to an upcoming WCW documentary. Although it could be nothing, many people feel that Bischoff could be poised to make a shocking return to the company tonight as Austin's replacement, determined to screw Cena after the exit Bischoff made from Raw all those months ago, with Austin then appearing to make the save for Cena.


Prediction Template:

WWE Championship Triple Threat Match Match:
WWE Champion Shawn Michaels vs. 'The Game' Triple H vs. 'Mr. Monday Night' Rob Van Dam

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Edge

The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object:
'The Real Deal' Bobby Lashley vs. John Cena
Special Guest Referee: Steve Austin

Streak vs. Streak:
'The Phenom' The Undertaker vs. 'The Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga

Past vs. Future:
'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair vs. Mr. Kennedy

United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Finlay vs. Matt Hardy

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito

Tag Team Showcase Match: Champions vs. Champions
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson

Women's Championship Match:
Women's Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Entrants in Alphabetical Order:

Chris Benoit vs. CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro vs. Kane vs. King Booker vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Randy Orton

Bonus Points:
What will be the match order?
How many championships will change hands?
Who will take the fall in the Triple Threat Match?
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? Hall of Fame inductees don't count btw.
What will be the longest match?
What will be the shortest match?
How many pinfalls/submissions/other finishes will there be?
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

11.WWE Championship Triple Threat Match Match:
WWE Champion Shawn Michaels vs. 'The Game' Triple H vs. 'Mr. Monday Night' Rob Van Dam

10/World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Edge

9.The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object:
'The Real Deal' Bobby Lashley vs. John Cena
Special Guest Referee: Steve Austin

7.Streak vs. Streak:
'The Phenom' The Undertaker vs. 'The Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga

8.Past vs. Future:
'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair vs. Mr. Kennedy

5.United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Finlay vs. Matt Hardy

6.Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito

2.Tag Team Showcase Match: Champions vs. Champions
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans

4.Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson

3.Women's Championship Match:
Women's Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix

1.Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Entrants in Alphabetical Order:
Chris Benoit vs. CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro vs. Kane vs. King Booker vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Randy Orton

Bonus Points:
What will be the match order?done
How many championships will change hands?3
Who will take the fall in the Triple Threat Match? Triple H
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? Hall of Fame inductees don't count btw.yes, maybe Eric Bisoff
What will be the longest match?WWE title match
What will be the shortest match?Tag team showcase match
How many pinfalls/submissions/other finishes will there be?pinfalls: 8
Briefcase reterval: 1

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Apologies for the delay in getting this up. I had a pretty rough week a couple of weeks ago that really slowed down progress. Kinds shut it down completly tbh. Anyway, Wrestlemania is done, finished, finito. Here is the last bit of hype, the pre show. Wrestleamnia XXIII will be posted on Sunday. And if anyone wishes to make a last minute prediction, that would be grand (purely to save me from a double post ) Anyway, yeah, consider yourselves all up to date after this.

April 1st, 2007
Ford Field; Detroit, Michigan

*Video Package*

We open to the breath-taking image of the Pontiac Silverdome and Wrestlemania III, the camera slowly panning across the 90,000+ crowd, the grainy footage presented to us in black and white. We then fade into the Alstate Arena, the home of Wrestlemania XXII, the bright lights and fireworks bringing a burst of colour to the screen...

Jim Ross: Welcome to the sports entertainment extravaganza...

Michael Cole: The showcase of the immortals...

Vince McMahon: Welcome... to Wrestlemania!

We cut back to Wrestlemania III, the black and white image of Hulk Hogan scooping up and slamming Andre The Giant, fading into the colour image of John Cena forcing Triple H to tap out to the STFU at Wrestlemania XXII...

Jim Ross: It's the night where legends are made...

Jerry Lawler: The biggest night in the history of our sport!

Randy Savage takes Ricky Steamboat up for a scoop powerslam, only for Steamboat to counter with a rollup, getting the three count and winning the Intercontinental Championship. We then fade into the image of Rey Mysterio celebrating in the ring after seeing off Kurt Angle and Randy Orton to become World Heavyweight Champion...

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, dreams do come true!

Tazz: It's Wrestlemania Cole, ya' damn skippy dreams come true!

The wild, crazed look in the eyes of 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper as he heads towards Adrian Adonis with a pair of shears in his hands, before we fade into Edge spearing Mick Foley through a burning table...

Jerry Lawler: Only at Wrestlemania!

We now see classic moments from other past Wrestlemania, still in black and white, starting with the staredown between The Rock and Hollywood Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania X-8, transitioning into Rob Van Dam grabbing the Money in the Bank briefcase...

Michael Cole: Tonight, heroes will be made, and careers will be changed forever!

Shawn Michaels smacks Bret 'Hitman' Hart with one final sweet chin music to become champion at Wrestlemania XII, and then Michaels flies through the air with an elbow drop to drive Mr. McMahon through a table...

Jim Ross: Can you believe what we've just seen!?

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin holds aloft the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania XV, before we again see John Cena at Wrestlemania XXII, celebrating after his win over Triple H...

Jerry Lawler: It's the grandaddy of 'em all!

And finally we see quick-fire images of the modern day competitors, before we finally fade to black on the sound of...

Gorilla Monsoon: It's the greatest wrestling event of all time!

Jim Ross: {Echoing} Wrestlemania Twenty Three!!

*End Video Package*

We now head inside Ford Field, the stadium slowly starting to fill with excited fans. Stood inside the ring are our hosts for this one hour special, Todd Grisham and Matt Striker...

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this special one hour preview show for Wrestlemania XXIII! I am Todd Grisham, alongside me is everybody's favourite teacher, Matt Striker, and we are so excited right now. In just under one hour's time, Wrestlemania XXIII will be under way!

Matt Striker: The pomp and the pageantry, the glitz and the glamour, the sport entertainment extravaganza that is Wrestlemania, and we are just one hour away folks! So much for us to get through, a huge night in store, and we're gonna fill you in on all you need to know!

Todd Grisham: Absolutely right, Matt. Eleven matches on the card tonight, six title matches, five main events, and so many stories yet to be written. And speaking of those five main events, perhaps none is so personal, so heated, so intense a rivalry than the match between Smackdown's Mr. Kennedy and Raw's Ric Flair.

Matt Striker: Ric Flair, a legend of this business, a true icon of professional wrestling. Kennedy is the young up-and-comer, not wanting to wait for his chance at the big time, hungry and determined to go and grab what he feels is rightfully his. Now this all started back at the 2007 Royal Rumble, let's take you back and show you how we've arrived here tonight at Wrestlemania XXIII.

*Video Package*

Ric Flair: This all started 'cause I eliminated you from Royal Rumble. That's all it was. You can try justify your actions by sayin' I hung around too long, I held young guys down, I didn't put enough people over... but when it all breaks down, you just couldn't live with the fact that at the Royal Rumble, you couldn't live up to your own damn hype!

Cut to footage of Flair eliminating Kennedy from the Royal Rumble match, only for Kennedy to then eliminate Flair and deliver a brutal beating to him at ringside...

Ric Flair: Each and every time I see myself, I toss you over the top rope, you hit the floor, and I think to myself... was it worth it? Did I do the right thing? Was it worth it for my family to suffer the way they have? Was it worth it for my children to wind up in hospital beds? The answer each and every time... was no.

And now we see footage of Kennedy assaulting Reid Flair in Harley Race’s Wrestling Academy and then on Smackdown where he attacks David Flair, with Ric powerless to stop the attacks on both occasions...

Ric Flair: You wanna force me into the retirement home? You wanna prove I'm washed up? You wanna tarnish my legacy? That ain't nothin' compared to what I wanna do to you. Kennedy...

And with a look of pure, unadulterated hate, Flair stares straight down the hard camera...

Ric Flair: I wanna f*BEEP*ing kill you.

We now cut to the arrogant smirk of Kennedy from Raw last week...

Mr. Kennedy: It started at the Royal Rumble, when you tossed me over that top rope. The split - second my feet hit the floor, it all became clear to me. I had to get you outta the way once and for all. I didn't want to Ric... well, not at first. But now?

Shot from Smackdown where Kennedy assaults Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long...

Mr. Kennedy: Now I can't wait to leave you layin' in the middle of that ring, in a pool of your own blood, lookin' up at the lights, beaten, broken, battered and bruised... to the point that you realise that you NEVER wanna step into a wrestlin' ring ever again.

Then to Saturday Night's Main Event where Kennedy plants referee Nick Patrick...

Mr. Kennedy: I have destroyed everythin' Flair holds dear. I started at the Royal Rumble when I beat him to within an inch of his life.

More footage from the Rumble, where Kennedy batters a bloody Ric Flair around the ringside area...

Mr. Kennedy: I came so - damn - close to breakin' his buddy Arn Anderson's neck.

Smackdown from over six weeks ago where Kennedy attacks Flair’s long-time friend Arn Anderson, knocking him down from behind, drilling him with a sick knee to the side of the head, before he starts choking Arn with nearby electrical cables...

Mr. Kennedy: I cost 'im the tag team titles.

Footage from one month ago at Saturday Night’s Main Event, where Ric Flair has Shelton Benjamin locked in the figure four leglock, only for Kennedy to storm the ring, smacking Flair with one of the title belts, handing victory to The World’s Greatest Tag Team...

Mr. Kennedy: I beat up not one, but two of his sons.

Back to the Harley Race Wrestling academy where Kennedy wraps a microphone cord around Reid Flair’s neck, and then to Smackdown from eight days ago where Kennedy plants David Flair with the mic check...

Mr. Kennedy: And this Sunday... it's your turn Ric.

We now see Flair being interviewed on Raw the night after Saturday Night’s Main Event...

Ric Flair: 30 years... and I've never let an opponent get to me the way this punk Kennedy has. THIRTY - YEARS!! And NOBODY has pissed off 'Ol Naitch the way that sunnova bitch has!

No Way Out, where Kennedy appears ready to deliver the Green Bay plunge to Batista to become the new World Heavyweight Champion, only for him to stop, eyes bulging, dropping down to the canvas...

Mr. Kennedy: You are nothin’ more than some washed up has-been, tryin’ to hang on to what he used to have.

Shots of Flair in his NWA heyday, taking on some of the more legendary opponents he’s faced in his career...

Ric Flair: You wanna ask me why I’m still here, after all these years, still steppin’ through those ropes, night after night? You wanna know why?

Back to No Way Out where we see Batista hammer Kennedy with the Batista bomb, a smiling Ric Flair and Arn Anderson giving Batista the thumbs up from the stage as ‘The Animal’ celebrates...

Mr. Kennedy: And while you might think there’s nothin’ wrong with that, and these fans might cheer their little heads off for it, it does nothin’ but hold the next generation back.

And back to Flair from a years ago, blood streaming from his forehead as he finally sees off Triple H during their amazing Steel Cage Match from Taboo Tuesday 2005...

Ric Flair: ‘Cause I love what I do.

A quick shot of a fierce looking Kennedy...

Mr. Kennedy: It does nothin’… but hold me back.

We now go to Smackdown from four weeks ago when Flair appeared on the show to challenge Kennedy...

Ric Flair: I came here TONIGHT ‘cause I’m callin’ you out! You wanna be the man? You wanna be a legend? I’ll give the biggest opportunity of a lifetime junior! It ain’t about bein’ a champion, it’s about bein’ the BEST! The VERY BEST! And until you beat the best, you ain’t worth JACK kiddo!

Flair’s eyes bulge as he continues to become animated…

Ric Flair: So how ‘bout it? You and the – WOOOOO - ‘THE NATURE BOY’, the GREATEST of all time, at the greatest show of all time! YOU… AND ME… AT WRESTLEMANIA XXIII! How ‘bout it!?

Mr. Kennedy:
You want me at Wrestlemania XXIII?

Flair franticly nods his head, sweat flying everywhere…

Mr. Kennedy: You got me Ric!

A massive pop from the crowd, with Flair licking his lips at the thought of the match…

Mr. Kennedy: But I promise you this. I… WILL… end your career. I’ll be the one to finally put Ric Flair out to pasture. And maybe then… I’ll get the respect I deserve.



Flair crumples and hits the mat, with Kennedy pouncing, rolling Flair over to hammer him with right hands, as we see that Flair has already been busted open. Kennedy continues to rattle the fists off Flair’s forehead, before he gets back to his feet and once again grabs his microphone…

Mr. Kennedy: Or maybe… I’ll just end your damn career RIGHT NOW!

The crowd gasps as Kennedy starts wrapping the mic chord around his hand, a stark reminder of what he did to Teddy Long just two weeks ago. Kennedy lines Flair up, waiting for him to get back to his knees… to WRAP THE CHORD AROUND FLAIR’S THROAT!

Cut to Raw from six nights ago, where during his match with Rob Van Dam, Kennedy tries to recover on the outside, only for Flair to smash a steel chair across his skull...

Ric Flair: I don't care if I wind up in jail for what I'm gonna do to you! I'll make my peace with my children, and I'll make my peace with God, but if I gotta go deeper than the depths you've sunk to, if that's the only way I can make peace with myself, then that's what I'm gonna do!

Rapid fire shots from WCW of much younger David and Reid Flair, images of their childhood and the moments they missed out on with their father...

Mr. Kennedy: Reid Flair is in a hospital somewhere. David Flair oughta be in a mental institute after what I put him through. And after this Sunday... Daddy's comin' home kids!

Flair rips off his suit jacket, tossing it to the canvas...

Ric Flair: Dammit, I'm a legend of this business! I've fought my whole life, earned the respect of my peers, just be called that! You've done nothin' your whole PUNK ASS CAREER! NOTHIN'! And if I can't beat you, then I got nothin' left either!

Kennedy stood in the corner on the second rope, microphone in hand...

Mr. Kennedy: Like Ric Flair likes to say... "To be the man, you gotta beat the man."... and this Sunday, that's exactly what he's gonna do. 'Cause he is none other than... MMMIIISSSTTTEEERRR... KENNEDY!

And finally, rapid fire shots from start to present day of Flair’s career, showing how he’s aged and grown as a performer...

Ric Flair: Diamonds are forever... and so is Ric Flair. Wooooo!

And we end on the same footage as the opening video from tonight, a solemn tear running down Flair’s face as he stands in a darkened ring, the video lingering then slowly fading to black.

*End Video Package*

Cut back to Grisham and Striker, the two now standing on the grand stage at the entrance way, a large Wrestlemania XXIII logo in the background...

Todd Grisham: Well nobody can deny that Mr. Kennedy is indeed the future of this business, but his actions these last few months have been nothing short of disgusting. So disrespectful, especially towards a legend like Ric Flair.

Matt Striker: Well nobody can justify the actions of Kennedy towards Ric Flair's family, that's a given. But Kennedy feels like his time has come, he felt he had what it took to challenge in the main event tonight, but that was taken away from him by Ric Flair at the Royal Rumble. Tonight, for both men, it's all about revenge, it's all about proving a point. Can Kennedy show that the future is ready for the now? Or can Flair prove the past still belongs in the present?

Todd Grisham: It certainly promises to be a hard hitting affair, a match that in many ways could define the careers of both men. But another man looking for a career defining moment is the challenger for the United States Championship, Matt Hardy...

Right on cue we cut backstage to a locker-room where Matt Hardy sits on a chair, a focused, determined look on his face as he reaches down to lace up his boots...

Todd Grisham: And there you see the man himself, the man who many people believe just can't get it done on the big stage. We heard a very emotional, very passionate interview from Matt two nights ago on Smackdown, where Hardy admitted that tonight is make or break for him. He has to get the job done here.

Matt Striker: Matt Hardy has always been one for spectacular moments here at Wrestlemania, but they've usually came as part of a tag team alongside his brother Jeff. Since the breakup of the Hardy Boyz, Jeff has gone on to flourish over on Raw, becoming a three time Intercontinental Champion. Can Matt finally kick start his singles career with the biggest win of his career tonight?

We now go to a different locker-room area to see the United States Champion Finlay warming up, doing a few stretches on his legs, his trusty shillelagh never far away as it rests on a nearby bench...

Matt Striker: But to do that, Matt has to get past the champion, one of the toughest competitors in WWE history, 'The Fighting Irishman' Finlay. It's been an impressive 2007 thus far for Matt Hardy, but perhaps Finlay's year to date has been even more impressive. He came so close to becoming World Heavyweight Champion, he did become United States Champion, he beat Chris Benoit in the first ever Belfast Brawl, and now those Irish eyes are set on retaining the gold at Wrestlemania.

Todd Grisham: Nobody can deny how tough Finlay is, but he's had more than a little help in many of matches thanks to The Little Bastard. Hey, Matt, maybe when we get back down to ringside you can stick your head under the ring and try see if you grab a few words with the little guy?

Matt Striker: Not a chance, buddy.

And now we cut to the Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra, the cocky youngster looking extremely relaxed as he stands near a table full of water bottles. Dykstra wears a pair of sunglasses over his eyes (despite being indoors) and actually seems to be flirting with a nearby random good-looking girl, certainly showing no nerves ahead of his first Wrestlemania match...

Todd Grisham: Well what about this champion right here? The youngest Intercontinental Champion in WWE history, Kenny Dykstra. Dykstra set to take on Carlito, and... he certainly looks confident right there, doesn't he Matt?

Matt Striker: Kenny Dykstra is arrogance personified. I mean look at 'im, he's young, he's handsome, he's got a great body, and like you said, he's the youngest man to ever hold the prestigious Intercontinental Champion. He's want to flirt with girls less than an hour from Wrestlemania? I say let 'im flirt! This kid can do it all, he doesn't need to prepare.

Todd Grisham: Well it's his involvement with the ladies that's brought us to this title match tonight. Over the last few months, Dykstra has been playin' plenty of attention to Carlito's girlfriend Torrie Wilson. Many people felt Dykstra was being distracted by focusing on Torrie, and even Dykstra seemed to agree during an interview on Raw last Monday. But then on Smackdown, Dykstra once again involved Torrie in the match, costing Carlito a victory.

Matt Striker: And that's the beauty of this young man's strategy. Everybody said he paid too much attention to Torrie, so he turned it right around and forced Carlito to focus too much on his girlfriend. I'm tellin' ya', Dykstra has played this one to perfection. And I don't think he's carin' all that much about Torrie Wilson given that footage right there.

And finally we go to see Carlito in another locker-room, doing a few squats to loosen up his legs. Torrie Wilson stands nearby, smiling, then she steps forward to offer 'Lito a quick peck on the cheek, causing the challenger to smile warmly at her...

Todd Grisham: And there is the challenger. Carlito, a former Intercontinental Champion, looking to become a two time champion tonight. But like you said Matt, so much of this rivalry has centred around the beautiful blonde by his side, Torrie.

Matt Striker: And if I was Carlito, I'd leave Torrie in the dressing room tonight. I wouldn't even want her out at ringside with me. Take away the distraction, remove her from the situation, keep it between you and your opponent, give yourself the best chance to win. If she really loves ya', she'll understand.

Todd Grisham: Two highly anticipated match ups right there, two of the six title matches tonight. But as we said, five main event worthy matches lined up here in Detroit, and let's fill you in on another one of 'em. Fourteen times The Undertaker has marched into Wrestlemania, and fourteen times he has left victorious. It's one of the greatest streaks in all of sports.

Matt Striker: But contrast that to the incredible, yearlong undefeated streak of 'The Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga. April 3rd, 2006 was the night Umaga arrived in the WWE, and nobody has even came close to beating him since then.

Todd Grisham: But tonight at Wrestlemania, something's gotta give. It's 'Streak vs. Streak'... Umaga... and The Undertaker.

*Video Package*

A lone bell tolls upon the sound of a storm, raindrops being heard falling on a dark screen. The ominous sound of footsteps is heard, until the video finally fades in with grainy footage from Wrestlemania VII where Paul Bearer leads The Undertaker down the aisle. We then cut to the ring to see Jimmy Snuka flying of the ropes, only to be caught by 'Taker and then twisted into a devastating tombstone piledriver...

Gorilla Monsoon: Tombstone city!

Bobby Heenan: I can't believe it!

The sound of rain and footsteps continues, while the shot now heads to Wrestlemania XII, where 'The Deadman' scoops Diesel up with ease, planting him head first into the mat...

Jerry Lawler: It's like he can feed off a higher power. I mean, how d'ya keep this guy down?

Now to Wrestlemania X-Seven, where in the corner Triple H hammers down with right hands, until 'Taker forces him up into the air and then crashing down with a thunderous last ride...

Jim Ross: The Undertaker is 9-0 at Wrestlemania!

Wrestlemania XX for the second Wrestlemania clash with Kane, who suffers a tombstone piledriver, 'The Deadman' then crossing his arms across his chest and then staring straight down the camera...

Jerry Lawler: There's no mercy in that face. No mercy from The Undertaker.

We now head to Wrestlemania XXI where Randy Orton shocks everybody by scooping Udnertaker up for a tombstone... only for 'The Phenom' to counter, reversing the move into a tombstone of his own...

Tazz: Ya' just can't keep this guy down. Nothin' can stop The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

The sound of footsteps intensifies through the rain, suggesting they're coming ever closer as we see footage from Wrestlemania XXII where after planting Mark Henry with an unbelievable tombstone piledriver, Undertaker rolls him into a casket and leads a squad of druids in wheeling the casket away...

Michael Cole: The Undertaker is 14 and 0!

We fade away from the footage to see the man himself, The Undertaker walking through the rain with a purpose, and although we only see shots of his trademark hat and long, leather trenchcoat, we also rather ominously see the glint of a shovel perched against his shoulder...

Michael Cole: {Echoing} Can anybody beat this man at Wrestlemania?

We now cut to No Way Out, where both the music and the footage come to a shuddering stop, then continue in slow motion. The camera is zoomed in tight on The Undertaker, who slowly turns to see Umaga stood in the ring behind him... and then Umaga runs through 'Taker with a massive bodyblock...

Michael Cole: What the- what the hell is goin' on!?

Umaga has the limp body of Undertaker in his arms, hoisting him up into the air... for a SWINGING SIDE SLAM... OVER THE TOP ROPE... AND STRAIGHT THROUGH THE CASKET LID!!!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Have you ever seen The Undertaker manhandled like that?

And we now see Smackdown from two weeks ago, where Umaga hits the Samoan wrecking ball to Undertaker... AGAINST THE STEEL STEPS!

We now fly from slow motion to fast forward, as rapid footage flashes by of Umaga rocking Carlito with a vicious savate kick before he drops John Cena with a thunderous Samoan spike...

John Bradshaw Layfield: Come Wrestlemania, the lights are gonna be on, ain't nothin' gonna go bump in the night, and The Undertaker is goin' down!

Brutal footage of the two trading shots, hammering each other with stiff right hands, neither man budging an inch...

John Bradshaw Layfield: If ya' ask me, I think we've finally found the first man who truly scares 'The Deadman'.

'Taker drudges on, kicking up dirt and soil as he goes, with us now being made very much aware that we're in a graveyard. Through the weeds and grass we see a string of tombstones, with such names as 'Jimmy Snuka', 'Ric Flair', 'Kane', 'Randy Orton' and 'Mark Henry' etched onto them...

Paul Bearer: ESTRADA... your monster, your beast... he CAN'T BEAT MY UNDERTAKER!

Armando Alejandro Estrada: When ju' accepted our challenge... ju' just ended the streak amigo.

And finally we end with the camera tight on the face of Umaga, the savage letting out a blood-curdling scream in his native tongue, the image lingering on the ferocity of 'The Samoan Bulldozer' before we cut to see The Undertaker turn his head towards the frame, eyes rolled to the back of his head, rain drops flickering off the rim of his hat through the darkness, an eerie image as we fade to black.

*End Video Package*

Back to Striker and Grisham, this time stood in one of the stadiums concourses, fans filling past them towards their seats, although a group have gathered nearby, staring excitedly into the camera...

Todd Grisham: Y'know Matt, I don't think I've ever seen a threat to The Undertaker's Wrestlemania Streak quite like Umaga. Randy Orton came close last year, Mark Henry wasn't that far away... but neither of those men can compare to the power, the fury of 'The Samoan Bulldozer'.

Matt Striker: I don't think there's ever been a force like Umaga in the WWE. So big, so strong, yet so quick and agile at the same time. Truly a freak, a phenomenon like no other. If ya' ask me, The Undertaker has never been in more jeopardy of losing at Wrestlemania than he is tonight.

Todd Grisham: Well folks, as you can see, the fans here are starting to file in to the beautiful Ford Field, here in Detroit, Michigan. But one man who so far, is NOT in Detroit, is 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. And right now we want to hand you over to our colleague from Smackdown, Josh Matthews, with an update on the situation regarding the Special Guest Referee in the match between John Cena and Bobby Lashley. Take it Josh...

We now see stood backstage in a smart tuxedo Josh Matthews, the interviewer with a broad smile on his face...

Josh Matthews: Thanks guys. Now obviously two weeks ago WWE C.E.O. Linda McMahon announced that she was appointing a Special Guest Referee for the match between John Cena Bobby Lashley. That man, of course, turned out to be none other than 'The Texas Rattlenskae', 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. Now Austin was in Grand Rapids, Michigan for Smackdown two nights ago, scheduled to give us all his thoughts on the upcoming match up... but unfortunately that never happened. Instead of seeing Austin in the ring... we saw him being loaded into the back of an ambulance. Nobody has any idea what happened to 'Stone Cold', or who assaulted him. Now, earlier today on wwe.com, it was reported that against all medical advice, Austin had checked himself out of hospital just a few hours ago. The WWE Board of Directors are currently trying to determine a suitable replacement for-

Matthews slams on the breaks and looks off-camera... and we soon the reason why, as into the frame comes none other than Mr. McMahon himself. Looking quizzically at Matthews, McMahon slowly steps towards Josh, a hint of a smirk on his face...

Mr. McMahon: Go on.

Josh Matthews: Uh... Mr. McMahon?

Mr. McMahon: Go on son, finish what you were sayin'.

Looking worried, Matthews gulps hard before he continues...

Josh Matthews: I was just going to say that the WWE Board of Directors are trying to convene a meeting where they can decide on a replacement Special Guest Referee for Bobby Lashley and John Cena's match tonight.

That smirk broadens as Vince nods his head...

Mr. McMahon: I see. And Austin? He's... he's not been medically cleared to leave hospital, right?

Matthews nods in agreement...

Mr. McMahon: So even if Austin does, somehow, manage to get here in time... any decisions he makes... they wouldn't be valid, would they? I mean, his vision could be impaired, his judgment could be off... God forbid anything would happen to him, that ring’s a dangerous place after all. And as for a replacement...

Matthews perks up now, interested in getting the scoop from Vince...

Mr. McMahon: If the WWE Board of Directors can't come to a decision... who would be next in line to make a decision like that?

Josh Matthews: Uh... I guess... I guess you would be, Sir.

An evil smile is etched on McMahon's face as he once again nods...

Mr. McMahon: Is that a fact? Huh. Well... pardon the interruption Josh. I'll let you finish what you were doing. Enjoy the show.

And with that, Vince makes his exit, looking delighted with the news he's just heard. Josh briefly watches McMahon go, before he turns back to the camera...

Josh Matthews: Uh, thank you Mr. McMahon, hope you have a good night. Uh... well, let's now take you back and show how it all broke down between John Cena and Bobby Lashley. Roll the footage.

*Video Package*

Our video opens on the Raw before the Royal Rumble where John Cena and Mr. McMahon sit across a table from each other during a contract signing, the shot switching back and forth between the two...

Mr. McMahon: I gave you an opportunity Cena, and you took full advantage of it. You've won a lot of championships, you've made a lot of money along the way, heck, you've made me a lot of money along the way too!

John Cena: Yes, you did give me an opportunity Vince. You gave me a job, you let me in the door, but since that day, I have fought for everythin' I ever got, and I will fight for everythin' I'm ever gonna get in the future!

Mr. McMahon: You were given those opportunities Cena, because like it or not... you and me have a lot in common.

John Cena: Don't you dare go there Vinny Mac. Don't you dare ever compare me and you. I will NEVER be anythin' like you.

Mr. McMahon:
You show me the respect I deserve Goddammit!!

And to drive that requst home, VINCE SLAPS CENA ACROSS THE FACE!!

Slowly, Cena strokes his cheek, feeling the full effects of Vince's slap. Cena continues to slowly rub his chin...


"Screw it!"

Cena hoists McMahon up onto his shoulders... FU THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!

Mr. McMahon: {Echoing} You... you just made a BIG mistake Cena.

We now cut to the main event of Raw: Night of Champions, where John Cena defends the WWE Championship against Shawn Michaels and Triple H. In the dying moments, Triple H is up, and he staggers towards Michaels... SWEET CHIN MUSIC! But Triple H stumble towards the now standing John Cena... who hoists ‘The Game’ up onto his shoulders... in position for the FU, but here comes Michaels... and Cena shows superhuman strength to LIFT MICHAELS ONTO HIS SHOULDERS TOO... DOUBLE FU!!! Cena drills both Michaels and Triple H, and he hooks the leg of ‘The Game’... 1... 2... SHANE MCMAHON YANKS THE REFEREE FROM THE RING!!

Cena races after Shane as both men run around the ring, but there’s a commotion at the top of the ramp... as Vince McMahon steps out, waving his security force down to the ring! Cena continues the chase as Shane slides into the ring, and then out the other side, just in time as the security makes it to the ring... and four of them tackle Cena to the mat! Exhausted from the match, Cena can’t offer much resistance as the posse of security guards jump the WWE Champion, holding down to the mat. Shane orders the guards to pull Cena to his feet, and with six of them keeping a tight grip, Cena is powerless as he’s raised to his feet... and held in position... as Shane cracks the steel chair off Cena’s skull! The crowd shits all over it as Cena’s legs buckle, but the security keep Cena standing... allowing Shane to again nail Cena with the chair!

Mr. McMahon: I made you Cena, and now...

Rapid fire shots of the various WWE superstars Vince bribed to attack Cena, with Umaga running through Cena with a massive bodyblock, Johnny Nitro and Chris Masters attacking Cena during his match with Shane, before Edge hammers Cena with a spear...

Mr. McMahon: Now I'm gonna CRUSH you!

Fast forward to Saturday Night's Main Event, where Shane and Vince take on Cena in a Steel Cage Handicap Match, with Shane hitting a brutal low-blow to Cena to save his father...

Mr. McMahon: Now that you’re an enemy of me John... there's a price on your head.

Shane flies coast to coast, violently snapping Cena's head back against the bottom rope, before Vince delivers a second, crippling low blow...

Mr. McMahon: Now it's your turn to find out I always get my way.

But Cena turns the tide, hammering both Vince and Shane with the FU, punishing them by slamming them into the cage...

John Cena: I'll never back down from a fight. No matter how hurt I am, no matter how bad the odds are stacked against me, I'll show up night after night, and I will BRING THE FIGHT!

Shane is beside himself as he sits up, head in his hands as Cena hoists Vince up onto his shoulders... and turns to look straight at Shane... “You can’t see me!”... FU!!! Cena is quickly back on his feet, roaring to the masses, victory almost assured... until the mood of the crowd changes in an instant, with gasps and mass confusion ringing out. Cena is still revelling in his glory, staring at Shane on the outside... who has a huge grin on his face?

John Cena: But when I get my hands on you two... and I beat you two with the whole world watchin'... it's over between me and you Vince.

Mr. McMahon: Cena, let me assure you... that no matter what happens in that steel cage this Saturday night... you and me... will never... be over.

Cena stares at Shane, confused, wondering what the hell Shane has to smile about... Shane points, motioning for Cena to turn around... which Cena does... to see BOBBY LASHLEY IS IN THE RING!!! For a split second a stunned look crosses Cena’s face... until Lashley runs right through him with a FUCKING HUGE SPEAR!!

Mr. McMahon: I always stay one step ahead of my opponents. Whether that’s in the business world of in the ring, I always have a trick up my sleeve.

Lashley menacingly walks over, picks Cena up, scoops him onto his shoulder... and LAWNDARTS CENA INTO THE SIDE OF THE CAGE!

Mr. McMahon: Like I’ve said time and time again, I always have a plan. I always have an ace in the hole.

Vince then looks at Lashley one last time... and says “Finish ‘im!”. Lashley obliges as he reaches down... and yanks the deadweight Cena onto his shoulders... for an almighty DOMINATOR!!

Jim Ross: Bobby Lashley has been bought out by Vince McMahon! BOBBY LASHLEY HAS SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL HIMSELF!!

And now to the following episode of Raw, where in the ring Lashley had a grip of Joey Styles, with mockingly, Vince pushes forward his chin...

Mr. McMahon: C'mon, I dare ya'! I dare ya' to-


Mr. McMahon: Who the hell do you think you are? Huh?! Bobby... teach this punk a lesson!

Lashley is just about to hoist Styles up onto his shoulders, when all of a sudden a roar rings out around the arena... and someone leaps the barricade and slides under the bottom rope... it's John Cena!!!


John Cena: Since the second you ran through me in that steel cage, I’ve thought of nothin’ but getting’ my hands on you.

Cena tackles Lashley to the canvas, the pair trading rapid fire right hands...

John Cena: There ain’t nothin’ I won’t do to make sure I beat you in Detroit, nothin’!

Lashley strikes back on Smackdown two nights ago, hammering Cena with a sickening chair shot to the skull...

Mr. McMahon: I created you John. And with the help of Bobby Lashley...

John Cena: IF YA' WANT SOME...

And now our video comes to an end, with the shot flipping between Cena and Lashley, the two men sharing similar emotions of rage and fury, muscles bursting out of their skin...

Mr. McMahon: I’m gonna destroy you!

John Cena: COME GET SOME!!

And finally the sinister image of Lashley and The McMahons from Saturday Night's Main Event, with Lashley stood in-between Vince and Shane, the trio raising each other's arms high in the air in victory... perhaps a sign of what could come tonight?

*End Video Package*

We cut straight to Maria, who is standing by ready for an interview...

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time... representing Monday Night Raw... they are the World Tag Team Champions... Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas... The World's Greatest Tag Team!

Into the frame steps Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, the pair looking extremely confident ahead of their match tonight. Both men wear matching white tracksuits with red trim, their title hung over their shoulders, a serious demeanour on Haas' face as he wears his hood low over his eyes...

Maria: Shelton, Charlie, it's finally here. Wrestlemania XXIII. And for the last couple of months, you two have been on a crusade of sorts to bring tag team wrestling back to the fore. And tonight, you face the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hooligans. in a match that could go a long way to proving who is... the world's greatest tag team.

Shelton frowns and shakes his head at Maria...

Shelton Benjamin: Listen Maria, it's real simple. When we arrived in the WWE, we tore up the book on tag team wrestlin' and made everybody take notice. We proved were were the best the WWE had ever seen... and then we got split up. They tried to keep us apart, they tried to bury tag team wrestlin', and for a few years... they did it. But now we back together... and now we champions again... we gonna prove we the best.

Charlie Haas: This isn't about entertainin' the fans or puttin' on a show... this is about provin' we belong at the top of the mountain. This is about redefining tag team wrestling... in our image. We want people to look back and when they say "tag team wrestling", the first name the think of... is The World's Greatest Tag Team.

Maria nods, understanding the serious of the occasion for the two...

Maria: So I guess that means you two are pretty confident tonight?

Shelton shrugs, nodding his head...

Shelton Benjamin: Yeah we confident. We ain't arrogant or nothin', we just believe that we're the best at what we do. When we got back together, these tag team titles didn't mean a damn to nobody. Edge and Randy Orton? Ric Flair and Carlito? They ain't tag teams. They just two guys who got stuck together and had these titles fall into they hands. But us? We're a team. We're a unit. We're the best. And we're makin' these titles worth a damn again.

Charlie Haas: And let's get one thing straight here. Paul London and Brian Kendrick... they're just as much to blame as anybody. They've been champions on Smackdown for nearly a year, but they haven't beat anybody. We called them out, we wanted the challenge. What have they done the whole time they've been on top? Nothin'. They've just watched as our craft slide further and further into obscurity. Well we're gonna change all that tonight.

Benjamin now arrogantly smirks at Maria...

Shelton Benjamin: The World's - Greatest - Tag Team. That ain't just a name. That's a fact. And you... and everybody else is gonna find that out. And maybe after tonight... we'll start gettin' the respect we deserve.

Having made their point, Haas and Benjamin turn and leave, with Maria watching them go, growling at them for their stern words for their opponents. But we don't waste any time, as we quickly cut to see Smackdown's Kristal Marshall is also standing by...

Kristal Marshall: Please welcome my guests at this time... the WWE Tag Team Champions... Paul London and Brian Kendrick... The Hooligans!

A confident look adorns the face of both Paul London and Brian Kendrick, although London is visibly limping ever so slightly, which is what no doubt has put a worried look on the face of Ashley Massaro...

Kristal Marshall: Paul, Brian, we are so close to Wrestlemania XXIII and your match with The World's Greatest Tag Team. Now although no titles are at stake tonight, a lot of pride is, and I know both of you are desperate to win.

Kendrick nods confidently...

Brian Kendrick: Absolutely. We might not be loud or flashy like Haas and Benjamin, but that's jsut because we'd rather let our actions in the ring do the talkin' for us. They can say all the want about how they're the best, how they're the greatest team in the world today. That's fine. That doesn't bother us. 'Cause we know that when we get in that ring, all the talkin' stops, and all that matters is that we entertain the fans... and we come out on top.

Kristal Marshall: And of course, both of you are not only fighting for yourselves tonight... you're both representing Smackdown. Does that add any pressure to you?

London strokes his chin before answering...

Paul London: To be honest, yeah it does. I mean, when we arrived in the WWE, we were both in the cruiserweight division. We weren't welcome on Raw, we were too small for that show. But we worked hard on Smackdown, we formed a team... and now here we are, the WWE Tag Team Champions, ready to represent our brand at Wrestlemania XXIII. Smackdown gave us a home... and we're not gonna let anybody down tonight.

Kristal nods, happy to hear those words, but then she winces slightly ahead of her next question...

Kristal Marshall: Well Paul, I have to ask you... how's your injured knee? You were limping heavily after your match Friday night, no doubt Benjamin and Haas saw that and will look to target you. How are you feeling, and will the knee be an issue?

London shakes his head in annoyance...

Paul London: Don't worry about my knee. My knee's fine, there's nothin' wrong with it. I don't want that to be an issue tonight. All we're worried about is beatin' Haas and Benjamin... and provin' that for all their talk... they're only the second greatest tag team in the world.

The duo nod slap hands, turn to the camera and nod their heads, before they split and head off camera in opposite directions. Ashley lingers in the shot a bit longer though, smiling uneasily at Kristal, before she too turns and leaves.

The shot then goes back to Striker and Grisham, this time the two are stood outside at the entrance to the arena, thousands of fans queuing up to enter in the background...

Matt Striker: The battle of the brands, pride is at stake, as is the very definition of tag team wrestling in the WWE. The Hooligans and The World's Greatest Tag Team, Champions vs. Champions. A match with all the potential to steal the show here tonight.

Todd Grisham: Certainly a lot of words have been traded between the two teams thus far. Another match where plenty has been said is the Women's Championship Match between Mickie James and Beth Phoenix. Plenty of bad blood in this one, Matt.

Matt Striker: We knew so little about Beth Phoenix just a few short months ago, but as the weeks have rolled by, the story has slowly unfolded. Beth and Mickie, former best friends, dreaming of the day when they would compete for the Women's Championship at Wrestlemania, but unfortunately for the two of them, that dream... has became a nightmare.

Todd Grisham: Our cameras were standing by in the parking lot when both divas arrived at the arena earlier today...

*Video Package*

We open at the sight of the challenger tonight, Beth Phoenix, stepping out of the passengers door of her rental car. Beth snarls as she walks past the camera, heading for the trunk, while from the driver's side Victoria appears, displeased at the sight of the cameraman...

Victoria: Aw wait a minute, are you kiddin' me!? You guys are seriously lookin' for an interview right now?

Beth Phoenix: Why don't you guys get outta here, I've got nothin' to say to you people.

Angrily, Victoria steps forward looking to shove the camera away...

Beth Phoenix: No wait, Victoria, wait. You want a few words with me about Mickie James? I'll give you a few words.

Victoria backs away, turning the keys in her hand towards the car to pop open the trunk...

Beth Phoenix: I can't wait for my match with Mickie James tonight. All my life I've dreamed of challenging for the Women's Title at Wrestlemania. And the fact that in the process of me becomin' champion, I get to hurt my former best friend... the woman who stabbed me in the back... makes it all the sweeter.

Victoria hauls her back out of the trunk, Beth doing the same, popping the wheels down so the bag runs across the tarmac...

Beth Phoenix: I'm gonna make Mickie suffer. I'm gonna hurt her. I'm gonna punish her. I'm gonna make her cry, make her scream for mercy. I'm gonna hurt her 'til she breaks... and then I'm gonna hurt her some more. And when it's over... I'm gonna be the Women's Champion. And all the years of pain I've endured, all the hard work... will finally be worth it. And that's all I've got to say.

Beth fakes a smile at the camera then walks off, with Victoria following from behind, a devilish smirk on her face as she rams her hand into the camera, the screen engulfed in darkness.

But we soon spring back to life as the camera scrambles to later in the day where Mickie James has arrived at Ford Field. Taking her bag out of the trunk and then running it along the ground, Mickie walks and talks to the camera...

Mickie James: Well... here we are. Wrestlemania XXIII, Mickie James and Beth Phoenix for the Women's Championship.

As she says this, Mickie glances through a pair of sunglasses at the title slung over her shoulder...

Mickie James: When I was training to be a wrestler, I wanted nothing more than to be here at Wrestlemania as the champion. And to share it with my friend Beth... that was the dream. But not anymore, huh?

Mickie keeps on walking, brushing hair away from her face...

Mickie James: But after all we've been through, after all that's happened... there's only one way to end this. Me and Beth... we're gonna fight like we've never fought before. I just hope that when it's over, she'll finally realise that I never had to hurt her on purpose to win that contract all those years ago. All I had to do...

Mickie pauses at the door, turning to the camera...

Mickie James: Was fight my fight, and beat her fair and square. Just like I'm gonna do tonight. That's all I've got guys, I'll see ya' later.

And with that, Mickie lifts up her bag and pushes through the door, it closing behind her, the camera lingering for a few seconds before we fade to black.

*End Video Package*

We again go back to Grisham and Striker, this time the two are stood in the same interview area that Josh Matthews was stood in earlier...

Todd Grisham: I don't know about you Matt, but I can't remember a divas match that had such a long, personal rivalry behind it. Two years in the making, and it all comes to a head tonight.

Matt Striker: We've all heard the story, we know all about how close they were as friends. There was one contract up for grabs, Mickie and Beth were set to compete in an independent match for it, only for Beth to suffer an injury at the hands of Mickie during a training bout between the two. Beth couldn't compete, Mickie was handed the contract by default, and now she's a two time champion here in the WWE.

Todd Grisham: And certainly there seems to be a lot of jealously on the part of the champion.

Matt Striker: I wouldn't really say it's jealousy Todd, it's more a sense of being denied what you feel was yours for the taking. I mean, who knows what would've happened in that match all those years ago? Maybe Beth wins, and she's the one who becomes champion? That's what's runnin' through the mind of the challenger right now.

Todd Grisham: Well I guess we'll find out one way or another tonight when the two finally meet. Let's now talk about the richest prize in sports entertainment, the WWE Championship. For the first time in Wrestlemania history, the championship is set to be defended in a Triple Threat Match. The champion Shawn Michaels puts the gold on the line against the challengers, Triple H and Rob Van Dam. We got to hear from the three men on Raw earlier in the week, let's hear from them again right now...

*Video Package*

A slow, sombre violin string is heard as we open to a darkened room, a glimmer of light peeking through the shadows, just barely illuminating the stoic figure of Triple H, sat on a steel folding chair wrapping his hands in white tape. The camera focuses on the fists of 'The Game', the tape passing over his knuckles in slow motion, until he applies that final strip, punching his right hand into his left, specks of water flying into the air as he does...

Triple H: Y'know, there's a reason why they call me 'The Cerebral Assassin'.

We now see Triple H rise out of the chair, slowly walking through the shadows and into the darkness...

Triple H: I'm one of the most calculated superstars in WWE history. Everything I do, I plan to the minute detail.

We now cut to a gym, 'The Game' working out hard as he performs a series of leg presses and squats...

Triple H: I'm a ten time World Champion. You don't get there through favouritism. You don't get there through family. You get there by workin' your ass off. I don't wait for opportunities... I go out and grab 'em.

And now Triple H starts going to work on the bench press, firing out an impressive set of reps...

Triple H: You gotta push yourself to the absolute limit. You gotta take your body further than it's ever been before. I know Shawn Michaels and Rob Van Dam are gonna be ready... but they're not gonna be as ready as me.

We now see Triple H sparring in the ring, taking over some no-name wrestler with a series of power moves...

Triple H: I've been to the top of the mountain before. I've main evented Wrestlemanias, I know what it takes to win on the biggest stage.

We now see brief, flashing highlights of previous Wrestlemania matches as 'The Game' knocks down Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania XX, Batista at Wrestlemania XXI and John Cena at Wrestlemania XXII...

Triple H: Rob, I'm not gonna lie to ya'... I don't like you. I don't like you... but I do respect you. But this isn't your time Rob. You got in this match through the back door, you got in my way of gettin' my hands on Shawn. And at Wrestlemania, I'm takin' you out, and I'm takin' you out early. You ain't a rookie, you're not some kid... but you're not in my league either. As for Shawn Michaels...

Cries of pain and howls of agony are heard as Triple H now stretches out the indistinguishable wrestler in the dimly lit wrestling ring...

Triple H: I don't just want your title Shawn. I want... blood. You took a friendship... and you shattered it. And ever since, you've dodged me, you've avoided me, but you've only delayed the inevitable. Payback's a bitch Shawn, and it's time I cashed in. It might not be personal with Van Dam, but with you Shawn... it's about as personal as it gets.

More shots of high impact moves, with Triple H connecting with the spinning spinebuster and then the pedigree...

Triple H: I'm more prepared for a fight than I've ever been. I know what Shawn and Rob are gonna do before they've even thought of it. I want back that WWE Championship. I wanna break Shawn Michaels in half. Call me greedy, but I'm more determined than ever to make sure I get what I want. I am the best in the world at what I do, and this Sunday, Rob, Shawn...

We now see 'The Game' stood on the second rope in the corner, flexing his arms, muscles bursting out of his skin, with the camera zooming in...

Triple H: It's time to play the game.

That same slow, sombre violin string opens the video, with us looking down a dark corridor. The camera cuts back and forth, zooming left and right, until we settle on the image of Rob Van Dam performing his split-legged stretch, his head bowed down looking at the concrete floor. In slow motion Van Dam brings his head up, ducking to the right to further the stretch, and then switching it to the left before his voice speaks over the images...

Rob Van Dam: I know I'm not like, the typical WWE poster boy. I never got handed the chances or the opportunities that Shawn Michaels and Triple H did. Everythin' I have, I owe to what I learned bustin' my ass in that bingo hall back in Philly.

We cut to rapid fire shots of Van Dam flying through the air back in his ECW days, crashing through bodies and tables...

Rob Van Dam: Last summer, I thought I had it all figured out.

We now cut to images of Van Dam from June 2006 during his reign as both WWE and ECW Champion...

Rob Van Dam: But then it all fell apart, and I had to start all over again. I had to work my way back to the top from the very bottom of the ladder. But maybe I had to take a step back to take two steps forward.

Back to the corridor, where having finished his stretch, Van Dam pushes himself up into a handstand, then swings his legs through, landing on his feet and walking off into the shadows...

Rob Van Dam: But hey, I'm puttin' a lot on the line this Sunday. Triple H and Shawn Michaels were right, I've never main evented a Wrestlemania. I've never had that championship match on the biggest stage. This Sunday's about more than just a title for me. It's about my legacy dude. It's about my whole reputation. It's about my very future in this business. What happens if I don't make it there, if I don't take this chance? That's not somethin' I wanna even consider, it just can't happen.

We cut to what appears to be a martial arts dojo, with Van Dam laying into a heavy punch bag with a series of roundhouse kicks...

Rob Van Dam: This is my shot, and I've gotta take it. Failure is not an option.

Cut now to the peaceful image of a zen garden, where Van Dam sits in quiet contemplation in some sort of yoga stretch...

Rob Van Dam: Believe it or not, I got a ton of respect for both my opponents this Sunday. I mean Shawn Michaels, he's been a real inspiration at times of my career. Do I think he's a total jackass for the way he won the title? Absolutely. But you can't deny the fact that he's been involved in some unbelievable Wrestlemania moments, this Sunday no doubt's gonna be another one. He wants to steal the show? I'll get 'im there, don't worry about that. But it's MY performance people are gonna remember.

Back into the dojo, where Van Dam performs his trademark Van Dam lift, performing that split legged stretch while at the same time firing out a series of reps by lifting a dumbbell from the floor to his waist...

Rob Van Dam: As for Triple H, I got a long history with the guy. We've been at it plenty of times before for championships, and he's always came out on top. It can't happen that way again, I just can't let it. We've all got demons and things we need to rid ourselves on before we can move on with our lives, and he's a big one of mine. I finally managed to beat 'im on Raw to get this chance, and I gotta do it again at Wrestlemania XXIII to prove once and for all I'm in his league.

Back to the zen garden, where stood on the grass Van Dam glides through the air in a series of slow motion jumping roundhouse kicks...

Rob Van Dam: They call me a lotta things. 'Mr. Monday Night', 'Mr. ECW', for a while I was 'Mr. Money in the Bank'. But it's time people started puttin' Rob Van Dam together with 'Mr. WWE'. And what better place to do it than back in my home state of Michigan. All those people in Detroit, they're gonna be screaming 'R - V - D' and I'm not gonna let 'em down.

And finally we head to the same dimly lit ring from earlier, where stands along 'RVD', stood on the second rope in the corner, performing his signature thumb movement in slow motion...

Rob Van Dam: I'm 'The Whole F'n Show', and this Sunday I'm gonna prove that isn't a gimmick. It's the real deal.

A slow, stoic piano chord plays out, the picture nothing more than a bright vision of white. The camera slowly pans from left to right, until the bright white is shattered by the dark image of the WWE Champion Shawn Michaels. As has become the custom in recent months, Michaels is dressed all in black, a black cowboy hat pulled down low over his eyes, a smart black shirt on his torso. Michaels has a good level of stubble on his face, but he looks a man at peace with himself as he has his eyes closed, perhaps in a moment of prayer...

Shawn Michaels: I've rode at this rodeo before. The lights, the drama, the action of Wrestlemania. It does strange things to a man. For those with ice water runnin' through their veins, it doesn't phase 'em. But for those who can't quite cut it... it can ruin their careers.

A whoosh is heard as Michaels slowly opens his eyes...

Shawn Michaels: But me? It's a night where I rise to the occasion, each - and ev'ry - time. And why is that you ask?

Michaels now turns and walks off, leaving the screen to return to that blinding white light...

Shawn Michaels: Is it my skill? Is it my intestinal fortitude? No. It's 'cause Wrestlemania... sets my mind at ease.

We now cut to classic moment from past Michaels Wrestlemania performances, starting with his iconic entrance at Wrestlemania XII to his big splash with the ladder onto Razor Ramon at Wrestlemania X...

Shawn Michaels: I've done it time and time again. I've stolen shows, I've jumped into spotlights, I've main evented on the grandest stage. Each time Wrestlemania rolls around, there's one thing you can take to the bank. No matter who the opponent, no matter the situation, Shawn Michaels WILL be the shinin' light at the end of the evenin'. And it's not arrogance that leads me to think that way. It's not over confidence.

And now it's more recent images, such as clips of the titanic battle with Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania XIX and as Michaels mercifully finishes off Mr. McMahon at Wrestlemania XXII...

Shawn Michaels: It's faith, pure and simple.

We now head to that dimly lit ring from previous videos, were Michaels snaps off a string of knife edge chops to some no name rookie's chest, howls of pain heard as each chop smacks into skin...

Shawn Michaels: I've been blessed with a gift. A gift to excite the masses. I preach to the world with my actions in the ring. I try my best to excite the fans, to help them, to make their miserable lives just that little bit better. But Rob and Hunter? They don't want to be helped. They don't want to see what their sins have done to them... 'cause they don't want to believe. I faced up to my past, I became a better person, a better human being, and guess what? I got my smile back.

A quick pan back to Michaels face, eyes closed, deep in thought...

Shawn Michaels: Hunter... my old friend. A man who's tried to break my spirit in the past. A man who tried to break my back. A man who stood in my way and held me back in my pursuit of happiness. Until that fateful night when I smacked that steel chair off his skull. You wanna hurt me Hunter? You'll never hurt me. I've known pain in the past, but that's exactly what those days are... in the past. This is a new 'Aitch - Bee - Kay, better than ever.

Back to the ring, where Michaels knocks down the no-name wrestler with the sweet chin music...

Shawn Michaels: Rob... you really think you can do this don't ya'? You really think those years of panderin' to those people in Philadelphia really makes you ready to compete with me at Wrestlemania? You're not the first to think the bright lights of Wrestlemania can help you reach my level. I've heard it all before... and I've still yet to see somebody make a believer outta me. But you wanna know what Shawn Michaels believe in? I believe that Detroit, Michigan is about to see 'The Showstoppah' at his very best. And Triple H and Rob Van Dam...

And we stay in the dimly lit ring to see Michaels down on his knees, his head bowed, his arms turned towards the heavens, before he brings his head up and flashes that cold, almost robotic like stare into the camera...

Shawn Michaels: I will strike thee down. For thy name... is Shawn Michaels. Your WWE Champion, for now... and forever.

*End Video Package*

And again we go back to Grisham and Striker, although this time the pair are sat at ringside behind an announce desk, which can mean only one thing...

Todd Grisham: The WWE Championship is on the line, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and the home state hero, Rob Van Dam, a match I can't wait to see! But right now, it's time for the 20 Man Battle Royal! Ten Raw superstars, ten Smackdown superstars, looking to prove they belonged on the card here tonight.

Matt Striker: A great opportunity for somebody to prove a point, to make people sit up and take notice.

Todd Grisham: And here they come...


Indeed, here come the ten men representing Monday Night Raw. Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade lead the troops down to the ring, both men snarling as they go. The deranged looking Mike Knox isn't far behind, neither are Hardcore Holly or Chris Masters who is accompanied by Melina. The faces seem to be bringing up the rear, as Super Crazy is next, looking very excited, while Val Venis seems more interested in scouting the girls in the crowd. Kelly Kelly walks alongside Nick Dinsmore, while Harry Smith, Tyson Kidd and Natalya Niedhart are the last three out...

Todd Grisham: Well there you see the ten competitors from Raw. Matt, who's your favourites in this one?

Matt Striker: I think you have to look towards the power here, the guys who can get people over the top rope. And for me, I'm looking at Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, Harry Smith, Chris Masters, guys like that. Tyson Kidd and Nick Dinsmore are incredible technical guys, but I'm looking at the young powerhouse from The Dungeon, Harry Smith, to be in the running here.

*RISE UP...*

And now here come the Smackdown contingent, led by the hulking figure of Test who confidently wrings his wrists. Right behind him is Tommy Dreamer, who leads his fellow Extremists Sabu and The Sandman down to the ring, although it's only Dreamer who's competing here. Chavo Guerrero and Joey Mercury are close by, Vickie Guerrero alongside Chavo, while just behind them are Elijah Burke, Monty Brown and Layla. Paul Burchill and William Regal are joined by Dave Taylor, while it's only Trinity who accompanies Santino Marella to the ring. And of course, the last man out is The Miz, the beautiful Michelle McCool by his side...

Todd Grisham: And here comes the Smackdown guys, and there's The Miz, the man who's been the most vocal about winning this Battle Royal.

Matt Striker: Miz feels that a win right here would legitimise him as a serious threat on Smackdown. Miz has long sought acceptance, this would be a great way to get it.

Todd Grisham: I'm goin' for a crafty veteran right here, I like the looks of William Regal. He's got some help in there in the shape of Paul Burchill, I think Regal is a real threat to win right here.

20 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal:
Entrants in Alphabetical Order:

Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Masters vs. Elijah Burke vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Harry Smith vs. Joey Mercury vs. Lance Cade vs. Mike Knox vs. Monty Brown vs. Nick Dinsmore vs. Paul Burchill vs. Santino Marella vs. Super Crazy vs. Test vs. The Miz vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Trevor Murdoch vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Val Venis vs. William Regal

The bell rings and we're underway, with many of the rivalries that have developed over recent weeks coming to the fore once again. Smith and Kidd immediately tangle with Cade and Murdoch, Dreamer targets Santino, while Dinsmore and Masters take the fight to each other. The other competitors randomly pair off, plenty of hard hitting in the corners and against the ropes, with Paul Burchill looking good early on as he hammers Venis. It doesn't take long for our first elimination, as up against the ropes Santino smacks Tommy Dreamer with a few goofy looking right hands, backs away then charges at him... but Dreamer counters... elevating Santino over the top rope and down to the floor! Elimination #1: Santino Marella The hapless Santino once again makes a quick exit from a match, much to the annoyance of Trinity. As they skulk backstage, the action continues, and we quickly have our second elimination, as Super Crazy strikes Mike Knox with right hands against the ropes… but the shots barely phase Knox… as he grabs Crazy… then simply tosses him over the top rope! Elimination #2: Super Crazy The action settles down a little bit, with Smith and Kidd now trying to muscle Hardcore Holly out, Chavo Guerrero strikes Val Venis with chops and right hands in one corner, while across the ring Miz is playing the chicken shit heel to a tee as he wraps his arms and legs around the bottom rope, despite the fact that Test is relentlessly dropping stomps on his chest.

Our third elimination soon follows, as The New Breed double up on Nick Dinsmore in the corner. Dinsmore does his best to fight free, throwing fists, elbows and forearms to break free from Burke and Brown… only for Chris Masters to sneak up from behind… and dump Dinsmore out! Elimination #3: Nick Dinsmore Masters leans over the ropes, pointing at Dinsmore and Kelly Kelly, laughing at them and telling them to his the bricks… but it’s about to cost him as here comes Harry Smith from behind… to muscle Masters over the top rope! Elimination #4: Chris Masters Smith is then quickly blindsided by Burke and Brown, the pair trying to force Smith out, but Kidd is soon over to keep his partner in things. Test and Mike Knox both find each other against the ropes, neither man having much success at removing the other, while Regal and Burchill team up to punish their former adversary Tommy Dreamer. Cade and Murdoch are also working well together as they try force Val Venis out, while Miz continues to hang on for dear life in the corner, despite the best efforts of Chavo Guerrero. Having grown tired of each other, Test and Knox now look to the rest of the field, and this is where our next two eliminations comes from, as Knox clubs Joey Mercury, then whips him at Test… big boot to the face! The crowd gasps as Mercury’s reconstructed face takes a pounding… and then Knox drags him up… and dumps him over the top rope! Elimination #5: Joey Mercury Sensing the pair might be vulnerable after the elimination, Val Venis charges at them… but Knox sees him coming… and back body drops Venis to the floor! Elimination #6: Val Venis And after the second quick-fire elimination, Knox and Test simply turn back to each other and try muscle the other out, but neither man budges as they cling to the top rope.

Hardcore Holly has found someone to beat on in the shape of Chavo Guerrero, it’s now Burke and Brown who double team Tommy Dreamer, while Regal and Burchill have managed to drag Miz up, the pair trying to push him out, but Miz now has his arms and legs wrapped around the top rope, refusing to budge. The Hart Legacy and The Redneck Wrecking Crew battle once again, although Harry Smith is soon blindsided by Test, who knocks him down. This leaves Kidd to fight both Cade and Murdoch, but it doesn’t look good for him as they both hammer him with forearms to the back… and then Murdoch runs Kidd to the ropes… and launches him over them… no! Kidd lands on the apron! Seeing him there, Cade and Murdoch charge, trying to barge Kidd to the floor… but Kidd slides back under the bottom rope, in-between the two. Cade and Murdoch put on the breaks… but when they turn around… Smith is back on his way and racing towards them… double clothesline… eliminates both Cade and Murdoch!! Eliminations #7 and #8: Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch Cade and Murdoch hit the floor hard, while in the ring, Chavo Guerrero lights up Mike Knox with chops to the chest, before he backs away, builds up momentum, then sprints towards him… only for Knox to take Chavo up into the air with a gorilla press! Guerrero flails his arms wildly, knowing he’s in trouble, but Knox is walking him towards the ropes… then sends him flying downwards… right on top of The Redneck Wrecking Crew!! Elimination #9: Chavo Guerrero The field is starting to level off now, with Miz still hanging in there, once again finding solitude in the corner.

After his impressive elimination of Chavo, Knox again turns towards Test, but Test suggests that the pair work together again to whittle down the field. Their first target is Hardcore Holly, as Test grabs the veteran and holds him open, allowing Knox to drill him with unanswered right hands to the body. Forearms start landing to the face, only for Holly to fire back with a boot to the midsection. Never one to be intimidated, Holly yanks his arms free and starts swinging elbows to the side of Test’s head, but when he turns back to Knox, the big guy is already coming off the ropes… flying bear! Knox absolutely crushes Holly, and it’s a simple task for him to drag Holly up then toss him over the top rope. Elimination #10: Hardcore Holly Rubbing his jaw in pain, Test is pleased to see Holly eliminated, so much so that he and Knox share a quick high five together. The pair then turn towards the rest of the field… but Test turns the tables, grabbing Knox… and tossing him over the top rope to the floor!! Elimination #11: Mike Knox Knox is furious as he bounds back to his feet, slapping his hand off the canvas in anger, but Test simply smiles and shrugs, shouting “I ain’t your buddy!” at the frustrated Knox. In one corner, Miz is taking an absolute pasting from William Regal and Paul Burchill, the two Bluebloods taking it in turns to land shots, Test is quickly confronted by Harry Smith, the two big guys brawling into a corner. Near the ropes, Elijah Burke battles with Tyson Kidd, trying to muscle Kidd out, while Monty Brown has Tommy Dreamer teetering close to elimination.

Dreamer manages to fight back to a safe position in the ring, but Brown stays on him, softening Dreamer up in the corner. For the next couple of minutes nobody is eliminated, but both Dreamer and Tyson Kidd come close on a couple of occasions, barely hanging on, while Miz continues to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge the opposition. A strange association breaks out as Elijah Burke and Test work together to target Tommy Dreamer, with the pair smacking him with forearms to the back and knees to the midsection. Burke holds Dreamer in position, with Test backing up… then charging in… big boot to the face… but Dreamer ducks… and Burke eats the boot… and goes flying over the top rope! Elimination #12: Elijah Burke Dreamer leans against the ropes, trying to recover, but before he can barely catch him breath, Monty Brown blindsides him… with the pounce.. the force knocking Dreamer over the top rope to the outside! Elimination #13: Tommy Dreamer Dreamer spills to the floor, landing right next to Burke, with Brown taking a few seconds to look down on his partner and the man he just eliminated… but this proves to be a mistake as from behind… Tyson Kidd hits a dropkick… that eliminates Brown! Elimination #14: Monty Brown Brown lands right next to Burke and Dreamer, the three slowly getting back to their feet, but there’s a fair bit of pushing and shoving between them… prompting Burke and Brown to double team Dreamer on the outside! The New Breed hammer Dreamer against the barricade… but here comes Sabu and Sandman racing around the ring… with a five man brawl breaking out! The crowd goes wild as all hell breaks loose, with even Layla getting involved as she jumps on Sandman’s back.

The brawl on the outside attracts the referees over, who try to break it up, while in the ring, Miz now sense a chance to make a move as he sneaks up from behind on Harry Smith… but Smith sees him coming… and low-bridges the top rope… Miz falls all the way to the outside! Miz has been eliminated… but the refs never saw it! Realising this, McCool quickly shouts and encourages Miz to get back in the ring… with Miz rolling back in, wrapping his arms and legs around the ropes in the corner, just in time before one of the referees turns his head to see what’s going on in the ring. Finally the brawl is sorted out, the two teams going their separate ways, while in the ring Test has found Miz, again laying in with the boots, while Smith tangles with Regal and Kidd and Burchill square off. Kidd goes on the attack with kicks to the thighs and chest, but when he races off the opposite ropes and runs at Burchill, Burchill sidesteps… and launches Kidd over the top rope… no! Kidd hangs on… skins the cat… catches Burchill in a headscissors… and sends Burchill crashing to the floor! Elimination #15: Paul Burchill Kidd manages to land on the apron, quickly getting back to his feet, slinging himself to the top rope… then springboarding at Test… who rocks Kidd with a massive boot to the face! Kidd is out cold, and it’s the easiest of eliminations as Test simply dumps him over the top rope. Elimination #16: Tyson Kidd

We’re down to the final four, although really it’s only three as Miz still clings to the ropes in the corner, not wanting to open himself up to elimination like what happened a few minutes ago. Regal and Test decide to target Smith, the pair clubbing him with stiff uppercuts and boots. The pair take turns to tee off on Smith with well-placed right hands, but this only serves to anger Smith as he fights away from the ropes with elbows and kicks. Smith now takes turns in smacking Test then Regal, before he comes off the ropes… double clothesline! Regal staggers back to his feet, stumbling into the ropes… and Smith clotheslines him over them! Elimination #17: William Regal We’re down to three, with the crowd and momentum behind young Harry Smith, who now turns his attentions back to Test, tagging him with a right hand… Test swings and misses… again Smith strikes… again Test misses… Test lands another big right hand, then drills a kick to the gut… but Test grabs the boot! Test shakes his head, talking some trash, before he spins Smith around… and goes for a clothesline… but Smith ducks underneath… then waits for Test to turn… to take him up on his shoulders! Smith runs at the ropes… and looks to dump Test out… but out of nowhere here comes Miz… Smith forces Test out… but then Miz grabs the legs… and dumps Harry Smith out too! Eliminations #18 and 19: Test and Harry Smith

Winner: The Miz @ 15.13

He did it! Miz has finally lived up to his words, and by hook or by crook, he's won the Battle Royal! Miz drops to his knees and bounces up and down in ecstasy, quickly joined in the ring by McCool who offers her client a hug. Miz rises up and raises his hands in the air, delighted that finally his words have been backed up...

Todd Grisham: I don't believe it! He actually did it! The Miz, who said all along he was gonna win this Battle Royal... and he actually went out and did it!

Matt StrikerL And all the credit in the world to 'im too! He talked loud, and now he can back it up with a great victory! Congratulations to The Miz!

In the ring, Miz and McCool continue to celebrate, but we've precious little time left, so it's off to one final video we go...

*Video Package*

We open way back at the Royal Rumble, where in the dying seconds of the match, the final three men in the ring are Triple H, The Undertaker and Edge. 'The Game' and 'The Phenom' battle near the ropes, and finally Undertaker pulls hard enough that Triple H let’s go off the top rope, and again he looks to eliminate Triple H... but ‘The Game’ drops to his feet behind ‘The Deadman’... and USES THE MOMENTUM TO PUSH UNDERTAKER OVER THE TOP ROPE... BUT TAKER GRABS HOLD OF THE TOP ROPE... AND GRABS HOLD OF TRIPLE H... AND PULLS TRIPLE H OVER THE TOP ROPE... WITH TAKER LANDING ON THE APRON... WHILE THE GAME CRASHES TO THE FLOOR!!!!


TRIPLE H HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! The crowd erupts as ‘The Deadman’ pulls ‘The Game’ over the top rope, but Taker is still PERCHED ON THE APRON... AND HERE COMES ‘THE ULTIMATE OPPORTUNIST’... TO SPEAR THE UNDERTAKER TO THE FLOOR!!!!


Winner: And earning an automatic title shot at EITHER brand’s Champion at Wrestlemania XXIII: Edge @ 60:04

Edge immediately collapses to the mat, slamming his fists off the canvas in a fit of jubilation. Still not quite able to believe he's won, Edge grabs at his hair and slaps himself in the face, almost trying to make sure this moment is real...

Michael Cole: EDGE! EDGE!! EDGE HAS DONE IT! He entered at Number 30, and now Edge is goin' to Wrestlemania!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Wrestlemania is about to go Rated-R!

Cut to Smackdown two weeks later, where before that night's main event, Mr. Kennedy is in the ring, only to be interrupted by Edge...

Edge: Y'see Kennedy, as the Royal Rumble winner, I have a choice to make. Namely, which heavyweight championship do I challenge for at Wrestlemania. Well, I've made my decision. And if you do wind up as the World Heavyweight Champion... you're first title defence... is gonna be against ME!

The following week on Smackdown, where after his victory over King Booker, Batista celebrates in the ring, stood on the second rope celebrating his victory, he doesn't realise that behind him someone has sneaked into the ring... EDGE! 'The Rated-R Superstar' claws at his hair, begging 'The Animal' to turn. Slowly Batista steps down from the turnbuckle, turning back to the middle of the ring... SPEAR!! Edge damn nears cuts Batista in half with the spear!

The crowd shits all over Edge's actions, but Edge doesn't care as he smugly gets back to his feet. A nearby cameraman is on the apron, and Edge walks towards him, staring straight into the camera and saying...

"I told you. I'm in control here."

The boos continue to be hurled at Edge, who simply smiles through them all. Edge then steps back towards Batista, staring down at the champion who lies on the mat in agony. Edge then turns towards the entrance way, with the camera soon following... allowing us all to see that none other than Mr. Kennedy has stepped out from the back, standing under the Smackdown fist. Edge takes one last glance down at Batista, then turns to Kennedy... AND NODS HIS HEAD?!

Michael Cole: What the - what the hell does that mean? Are Edge and Kennedy... are they in cahoots here or somethin'?

We now head to the main event of No Way Out, where Batista and Mr. Kennedy battle for the World Heavyweight Championship. After hammering each other, the end appears nigh as suddenly Kennedy is dragged to his feet... and then booted in the midsection... before he’s pulled in... and taken high into the air! Kennedy desperately throws punches to the forehead... but it’s no good... BATISTA BOMB!!! A thunderous Batista Bomb puts Kennedy down, with Batista crawling over, slumping on top of Kennedy...



CHARLES ROBINSON IS DRAGGED FROM THE RING AND HURLED INTO THE BARRICADE... BY EDGE!!! The crowd is stunned as Edge finally makes his presence felt, robbing Batista off victory! Edge smirks as he stares down at Robinson, before he slides into the ring, with Batista finally turning around to see what’s going on... SPEAR!! EDGE NAILS BATISTA WITH THE SPEAR!!!

Despite the interference, Batista would prevail and retain the title, prompting him to seek answers on the next episode of Smackdown...

Batista: I wanna know... what the hell you think you were doin' gettin' involved in that match Edge? I wanna know what kinda deal you had with Kennedy goin' into that match. I wanna know why you were hell bent on makin' sure I never made it to Wrestlemania as the World Heavyweight Champion! And I wanna know... if you're any more of a man than Kennedy turned out to be.

Edge: Wrestlemania XXIII isn't about you, it was never about you. It's all about me, it's all about the dawning of a new era here on Smackdown, a Rated-R era!

Batista: I think... you're scared of me!

Edge: You can comfort yourself with that fantasy if it makes you feel more confident... but once we get to Detroit, you, and all these people are gonna realise... that your time at the top... IS OVER!

We now head to Saturday Night's Main Event, where during the opening tag team match, Edge teams with Kennedy to face off again Batista and Matt Hardy. During the match, there's NO physical contact between Edge and Batista, but near the finish a twist of fate from Hardy plants Edge, and now Edge is at the mercy of ‘The Animal’! Batista turns to the ropes, shaking the violently before he looks to the crowd... thumbs up... thumbs down! Batista reaches down, trying to pick Edge up... but suddenly Edge springs to life, pushing himself free of Batista’s grasp... and scrambling from the ring!

The crowd boos profusely as Edge dives through the ropes and starts walking out on the match! Batista and Matt stand by the ropes, watching as Edge slowly backs his way up the ramp, with Batista shouting “C’mere!”, wanting to finally get his hands on Edge. Edge continues to slowly back up the ramp, his eyes still on the ring, where behind Batista and Hardy, Kennedy has finally pulled himself back to his feet, stumbling into the clutches of ‘The Animal’... for a thunderous BATISTA BOMB!!! Batista takes Kennedy up and emphatically plants him on the mat, ‘The Animal’ hooking the leg as Patrick counts... 1... the camera focuses on Batista... 2... and sees his eyes firmly fixed on Edge... 3!

Winners: Batista and Matt Hardy @ 14.28

We now see footage from an interview between Edge and Kristal Marshall, where Kristal turns the conversation towards the events of Saturday Night's Main Event...

Kristal Marshall: There’s a lot of whispers goin’ around backstage that when ‘The Animal’ said you were scared of him… he was right.

And then the next week on Smackdown when Edge arrives at the arena, two backstage workers are heard talking as Edge walks past...

Backstage Worker #1: I think he's scared. I mean last week he-

Edge: What did you say?

The worker looks to his colleague, scared, almost afraid to answer...


Backstage Worker #1: I - I think you might be afraid.

Edge snarls, flaring his nostrils, rapidly running both hands through his hair, even grabbing it and pulling on it...

Edge: Afraid... of who?

The worker, feeling that Edge may have calmed slightly, looks again to his colleague, then towards Edge...

Backstage Worker #1: Afraid... of Batista.

A rather psychotic looking edge runs a hand through his hair as the following is said over the top of the footage...

Batista: As far as I’m concerned, Edge it nothin’ but a coward. He had his chance to get the better of me… and he couldn’t take it.

And we now see footage from that night's main event, where Batista celebrates another win, only for Edge to sneak into the ring behind him...

Batista: I’m not gonna be lookin’ over my shoulder at every turn for you. But maybe… you should be lookin’ over your shoulder… for me.

Batista turns…


Right into a steel chair shot… from EDGE!!

It was a set up! Edge had come through the crowd, and just like last week he was stood behind Batista with a chair in his hand… only this week he’s caved Batista’s skull in!! It was with a thickening thud that steel met flesh, a thud that instantly busted Batista open! ‘The Animal’ is glassy eyed, blood streaming down his face, but he somehow manages to make it back to a knee… A SECOND CHAIR SHOT PUTS HIM BACK DOWN!

The crowd is fucking livid, giving Edge a ridiculous amount of heat for his actions. ‘The Rated-R Superstar’ clearly isn’t finished though, as he takes the chair, lifts Batista’s bloody skull off the canvas, and slides the chair under his head!

“Oh for God’s sake, no! Not this!”

Edge then jumps out of the ring, shoves Tony Chimel aside, grabs his chair and slides back in under the ring…

“C’mon man, don’t do this! You’ll freakin’ kill ‘im!”

Edge stands tall… draws the chair in the air… and strikes…


Edge damn near kills Batista with a vile chair shot to the skull! ‘The Animal’ is out, not moving an inch, his body prone on the mat as Edge stands over him…

John Bradshaw Layfield: Haha! What a statement! Edge has just taken out Batista! Who’s scared now?! Haha, I love it!

Edge: I got inside Batista’s head… and then I caved it in with a steel chair. I… got… to Batista. And now Batista is scared… of me.

Batista: At Wrestlemania… I’m gonna tear your head off… and I’m gonna enjoy doin’ it!

And now finally to the last edition of Smackdown before Wrestlemania, with the no-contact ruling fully in effect, the two sit across each other in the ring, a smug look on Edge's face while it's sheer fury from 'The Animal'...

Edge: This year Wrestlemania goes Rated-R! And that means you’re in your title reign Dave, is about to come to an end. And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it!

Batista: In this business, you're measured by two things. Championships... and respect. And right now, I'm the champion... and nobody respects you.

Edge: You're not scared Dave? You better be. Scared of me... and scared that your title reign is comin' to an end.

Batista: I'm gonna retain my World Heavyweight Championship... and there's not gonna be a damn thing you can do about!

Batista steps forward, closing the gap slightly, holding his title high in the air between the two men...

Batista: This Sunday, it's all about this. Just you and me, alone in the ring... but it's not gonna end as well as tonight has for you. It's time... to unleash 'The Animal'.

Batista and Edge step forward again, going nose to nose but neither man dare touches the other. Fists are clenched, teeth are gritted, with both men straining to his each other, dying to get their match underway, but they have to make do with a tense, dramatic standoff, the crowd loudly urging them on...

Michael Cole: Oh my! This - this is about ready to erupt! Batista and Edge, one on one for the World Heavyweight Championship!

As close as they can be without touching, champion and challenger are nose to nose, both men looking primed and ready for war, with Batista holding the title right in Edge's face, and this is the last image we see before Wrestlemania as we fade... to... black.

*End Video Package*

Todd Grisham: Yes folks, that's what it's all about, Batista and Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship. What a battle that's gonna be, two men more determined than ever to prove why they should be recognized as the best Smackdown has to offer.

Matt Striker: A true test of two warriors. Batista, the dominant champion, a definition of the term 'fighting champion' taking on 'The Ultimate Opportunist' Edge, a man who earned the right to be here tonight by winning the 2007 Royal Rumble. It doesn't get any better than that, a great championship match lined up for us.

Todd Grisham: Well folks, we are almost out of time. What a show in store, it's Wrestlemania XXIII, and it's just minutes away! So much we've covered, so much still to talk about though! What about Money in the Bank? Eight man battle for that briefcase with the guaranteed title shot at any time over the next twelve months. Benoit, Punk, 'MVP', King Booker, Benoit, Kane, Orton and Nitro, who ya' got Matt?

Matt Striker: Puttin' me on the spot here... uh... I'm goin' with 'The Legend Killer', Randy Orton!

Todd Grisham: The Cruiserweight Championship is up for grabs, Gregory Helms and Bryan Danielson. I'm pickin' Danielson to win it all, he's got so much momentum comin' in. What about Beth Phoenix and Mickie James, who's leavin' Detroit as Woman's Champion?

Matt Striker: Gotta pick 'The Glamazon', too much power for the champion to handle. The United States Championship, Matt Hardy and Finlay, does Hardy finally take the next big step in his career?

Todd Grisham: Yes he does! We're runnin' outta time! Dykstra, Carlito, the Intercontinental Championship?

Matt Striker: If 'Lito leaves the good lady at home, he's the champ, otherwise I'm takin' Dykstra. The Hooligans and The World's Greatest Tag Team, I'm goin' with London and Kendrick, despite Paul London's knee injury.

Todd Grisham: Less than a minute! Ric Flair and Mr. Kennedy, does Flair get payback on Kennedy for all he's done to the Flair family in recent weeks? Does Flair roll back the years and deliver another vintage Wrestlemania performance?

Matt Striker: No! Kennedy is the future and the future is now! Tonight is Kennedy's night! Undertaker and Umaga, which streak is gonna end?

Todd Grisham: Uh... I'm torn...

Matt Striker: C'mon hurry up!

Todd Grisham: The Wrestlemania Streak ends tonight!

Matt Striker: Wow, what a call! Cena and Lashley, no 'Stone Cold' as the referee, can Cena overcome the odds once again?

Todd Grisham: I think this time it's too much, it all depends on who winds up bein' the Special Guest Referee. The WWE Championship, Michaels, Van Dam and Triple H, who's leavin' Detroit as WWE Champion?

Matt Striker: My heart says Van Dam, my head says another classic Wrestlemania display from 'The Heartbreak Kid' sees him home still champion. And finally, Batista and Edge, the World Heavyweight Championship. I'm goin' with Edge...

Todd Grisham: And I'm goin' with Batista! Folks, we are outta time! If you've not ordered Wrestlemania XXIII on pay-per-view yet, what the hell are you waitin' for!? For Matt Striker, I'm Todd Grisham, thank you for watching this special wwe.com presentation, we'll see ya' on the other side for Wrestlemania XXIII!!

*End Show*


Prediction Template:

WWE Championship Triple Threat Match Match:
WWE Champion Shawn Michaels vs. 'The Game' Triple H vs. 'Mr. Monday Night' Rob Van Dam

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Edge

The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object:
'The Real Deal' Bobby Lashley vs. John Cena
Special Guest Referee: Steve Austin

Streak vs. Streak:
'The Phenom' The Undertaker vs. 'The Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga

Past vs. Future:
'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair vs. Mr. Kennedy

United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Finlay vs. Matt Hardy

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito

Tag Team Showcase Match: Champions vs. Champions
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson

Women's Championship Match:
Women's Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Entrants in Alphabetical Order:

Chris Benoit vs. CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro vs. Kane vs. King Booker vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Randy Orton

Bonus Points:
What will be the match order?
How many championships will change hands?
Who will take the fall in the Triple Threat Match?
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? Hall of Fame inductees don't count btw.
What will be the longest match?
What will be the shortest match?
How many pinfalls/submissions/other finishes will there be?

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Prediction Template:

10.WWE Championship Triple Threat Match Match:
WWE Champion Shawn Michaels vs. 'The Game' Triple H vs. 'Mr. Monday Night' Rob Van Dam

11.World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Edge

9.The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object:
'The Real Deal' Bobby Lashley vs. John Cena
Special Guest Referee: Steve Austin

7.Streak vs. Streak:
'The Phenom' The Undertaker vs. 'The Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga

6.Past vs. Future:
'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair vs. Mr. Kennedy

2.United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Finlay vs. Matt Hardy

4.Intercontinental Championship Match:
Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra vs. Carlito

3.Tag Team Showcase Match: Champions vs. Champions
World Tag Team Champions The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans

5.Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson

8.Women's Championship Match:
Women's Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix

1.Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Entrants in Alphabetical Order:
Chris Benoit vs. CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro vs. Kane vs. King Booker vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Randy Orton

Bonus Points:
What will be the match order? Done.
How many championships will change hands? Three, Cruiserweight, United States and Women's.
Who will take the fall in the Triple Threat Match? Triple H
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? Hall of Fame inductees don't count btw. Does Stone Cold count? If so, Stone Cole Steve Austin
What will be the longest match? Triple Threat Match
What will be the shortest match? Women's Championship Match
How many pinfalls/submissions/other finishes will there be? 1 Briefcase Retrieval, 1 Submission and 9 pinfalls
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