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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Raw Feedback

No opening video package or pyro, but McMahon instead. Should be interesting. Nice start with the cheat heat for McMahon. Not too fond of McMahon saying ECW was basically for money, but the lines based off of it are quite awesome to say the least. The point about those wrestlers wrestling in ECW for the "money" is kinda close to breaking kayfabe, but the idea's good. RVD should have interrupted a little sooner to be honest. McMahon was kinda changing the subject. Good words from RVD. RVD's attack at the end there seemed appropriate. I sense a lil' ECW vs. McMahon type of feud brewing. I rather enjoyed this promo. For the most part, both men were in character, and were quite entertaining. Good start to the show.

Dirty win for the heels. Good job there. Midcard scene looks pretty good. Carlito/Masters and Hardy/Kenny are both great matchups.

"But uh, it looks like Rob Van Dam kinda stole my thunder on that one." - kinda sounds awkward, which could make sense for Lashley, but still not a line I'd use. Vince backs down? Kinda interesting there. I guess Lashley is at opposite ends with Vince as well.

Nice little RR package.

Two matches with two 'dirty' wins. It shouldn't make that much of a difference, but I like to space out matches like that. Good job with this anyways.

With RR coming up, and WM right after, nice moment to have a WM highlight. It might be a little early though.

Kenny kinda seems like a little bitch in this next segment. Although Orton and Edge are superior and 'mentors', I think Kenny deserves a lil' more credit. Not much coming out of Orton and Edge, but I'm glad Kenny got some time here, as well as a sure interference later on.

Rated-RKO's opponents, DX, right after their segment? Should have spaced that a little better. HBK kinda makes himself look weak with "I'm starting to get real sick and tired of you two smashing my head in every week!". Other than that, another short promo, but the point was made.

Val Venis coming out? It's jobber time! Umaga squashes of course. I love when people use Armando well, and get his speaking manner right. Good stuff here. Umaga should be a force in the Rumble, but doubt he'll win. He'll probably have enough momentum to be in the title picture after 'mania anyways.

K-Fed acting like Nitro's bitch? Lol, nice. Coach makes himself special referee? All odds against him tonight w/ Nitro, K-Fed, Melina and Coach on one side. K-Fed was kinda weak in this segment. Melina & Nitro were alright though.

Whoa! The events that happened while the ref was distracted might be too much. If it were a rep bump, I might understand, but a SCM and a title smash might be much. Once again, another dirty finish. It's alright sometimes to use it as a way to get heels some heat and momentum, but overusing it makes him less great. You gotta be a little more creative, and continue the storyline through different heel tactics.

Not a bad Cena promo here. In character throughout, Cena goes with his usual superman speech. I see Coach somehow getting knocked down, and Cena using Coach's hand to count the three count. Seen it in WWE before.

Not too into diva's work, and don't really know what's going on with these divas. I think this match needed some sort of hype earlier on.

RVD vs. Lashley should be a treat. Lashley kinda went heel in this promo. Weird considering him being a face against McMahon earlier. I'm expecting some sort of McMahon interference during this match next week tbh.

Another ref? That beats the purpose of a special referee. Of course, John Cena wins against all odds. Glad he's still champ though.

Overall, an above average shows. The promos are in character for the most part, the booking, storylines and feuds seem to be moving great. Not too much a fan of some of the repetitiveness, and little amount of hype for later matches on Raw. Edge vs. HBK deserved more hype, as well as the main event (kinda). The heels won way too much on this show as well. It's too easy to book a heel win, but a face win may seem tough. This thread is still a little too similar to reality (back then of course), but I can't wait for this thread to venture off a little bit. Your detail, neatness and organization made me really attracted to this thread and show. Nice to see you put the effort into that. There's definitely potential, and I'm guessing you've been booking for a while (or so I think). Can't wait for more.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~Friday Night Smackdown~
January 5th, 2007
Lakeland, Florida

Smackdown makes it's first appearance of 2007, with all eyes set on the seemingly dominant World Heavyweight Champion Batista. Ever since losing the Championship at the Survivor Series, King Booker has chased The Animal, looking for the assistance of Finlay in his quest to once again become champion. However, in recent weeks Booker and Finlay have run into the Brothers of Destruction, with Kane and The Undertaker proving to be a huge obstacle in Booker's path. It was two weeks ago that Undertaker and Kane beat King Booker and Finlay in tag team action. With no match announced for any of the four men tonight, you can be sure their paths will cross again at some point during the broadcast.

Since he suffered a devastating injury at Armageddon, Joey Mercury has been hell-bent on revenge, attacking Matt Hardy at every opportunity he gets. The bad blood has been building between the two, and tonight the face off one on one in Mercury's first match since his injury. In what is sure to be a bitter-fuelled affair, Hardy will look to put Mercury away, ending their feud, while one can only imagine what Mercury has in store for Hardy, as this one could spiral out of control.

Three weeks ago at Armageddon, WWE Tag Team Champion The Hooligans saw off The Bluebloods in a ladder match, also involving The Hardy Boyz and MNM. Tonight, London and Kendrick will face off against Regal and Taylor, however it will be in Six Man Tag Team action, as Chris Benoit and Chavo Guerrero insert themselves in the match. Benoit, the reigning United States Champion, defeated Chavo in a title match at Armageddon. Chavo had continued his pursuit, but surely another defeat tonight would be the end of his United States Championship aspirations?

Also scheduled tonight, John Bradshaw Layfield is set to interview Montel Vontavious Porter via satellite, in MVP's first appearance since he was set on fire by Kane during the Inferno Match at Armageddon. Still recovering from his second degree burns, MVP is set to address both Kane and Teddy Long in regards to his injuries. You can be sure that JBL will also be more than happy to work what MVP has to say into his current quest to see Teddy Long suffer the consequences of his reckless booking as of late.

Also expected to be in the arena are Mr. Kennedy and the Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms, who has dominated his division for months now. Don't miss it as Smackdown kicks off it's Road to the Rumble!!

Confirmed Matches:

Joey Mercury v Matt Hardy
Chris Benoit and The Hooligans v Chavo Guerrero and The Bluebloods

JBL interviews MVP via satellite

Batista, Mr. Kennedy, Kane and The Undertaker will all make appearances

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Raw Fedback

Just returning the feedback you made for my Royal Rumble show. So here goes.

I like this whole McMahon, ECW storyline you got going. Most people destroy ECW and just leave it dead but you are actually making a feud out of it and using that in a show, very smart in my opinion props of to you. I see Vince McMahon screwing Van Dam out of the Royal Rumble and from winning it, maybe then at Wrestlemania Vince with a person of his chosing (maybe a heel Lashly) will face Van Dam in an ECW rules match. Which should be awesome. But I like how this is going.

Great decision to have Masters and Dykstra win, both guys very talented but never really used. I can't remember if at this time Lashly broke the Master Lock challenge which made the Big Show, Flair, Michaels, Cena, HHH and more pass out but if not, use it to elevate Masters to the IC title match and use him well.

I don't think he would say that he is the last ECW Champion, saying it is his title is just about enough.

Though Lashly standing up to Vince isn't what I expected really, maybe it could be a tag team hardcore at mania? you have me interested.

Not to fond of having Flair go over someone with potential such as Benjamin alongside Haas (not Hass), hopefuly he can get his revenge cause lets face it Flair isn't going to get another World Title run and the fact that he is beating up younger talent isn't going to help him or them, not much point of having him stick around and keep on winning unless you have a send off storyline in mind like the WWE did.

I also don't like commercials in the middle of matches to stop the action for a moment, commercials have no real point in BTB they don't really help anyone let alone in the middle of the match. It doesn't do you any good, not much point of it just annoys the readers to be honest.

Nice to see you hyping up mania already, let's hope you get there and don't give up along the way.

I like this whole Rated RKO/DX thing, and the fact that you have Dykstra in there as well makes it more interesting, maybe a face turn from Dykstra in the words.. I thought maybe he could turn on Edge or Orton and beat them up in one of the shows heading into the Rumble or at the Rumble match itself and then say 'well are ya' impressed now?' or something like that would be nice. But either way for the time being you have some good things going on and it can only get better from here, I see Kenny making an apperance in the Edge/Michaels encounter to try and impress them.

Umaga > Val is no brainer, if I remember correctly he was still undefeated after being in the company and wrestling every week since April 06'! his first loss was at the 07' Rumble against Cena ( I could be wrong, my memory isn't the best ) and he could use that as a storyline that he is still undefeated (unless I am wrong )

Oh right.... as I read on after the match I guess I spoke too soon you already have him talking about him being undefeated. Righteo... carry on.

Oh please get rid of Federline... and push Nitro keeping him with that name, never changing it to Morrison I hate that.

Guess I predicted right with the Edge/Michaels outcome, hopefuly on Raw we will get Kenny talk about how he helped them and if it is enough to impress them and Edge still being the 'cocky' heel answer with something along the lines of "I didn't need your help, I could have beaten him by myself" etc. sparking the attack at the Rumble I mentioned earler. Could be great stuff.

Van Dam / Lashly next week? sounds like a good main event, I don't expect however for it to be a clean victory for either man and I forsee Vince getting his revenge maybe calling for the Big Show to run down and beat up both men in the middle.

hmm another commercial break, not really needed it just agrivates me and turns me off as it just interupts the flow of the match. But kudos on having Coach a real heel referee not making the three count on purpose, trying to screw Cena out of the victory. Great stuff, only adding heat to the fire of what is going on.

Overal, I think this was an average opening show to the BTB, hopefuly you can make it to Wrestlemania cause you have some great things going such as DX/RKO/Dykstra and the whole ECW title situation can result in some great matches. I say this week was average cause booking wise it was good but it didn't have that one thing that wants me to really read the next show, and makes it stand out amongst the rest. But it shall only improve on from here. Best of luck and keep it up.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~Friday Night Smackdown~
January 5th, 2007
Lakeland, Florida

"You people disgust me! You're sick! You're all a bunch of sick freaks..."

We start with a video package recapping the show from two weeks ago, with the fallout from Armageddon taking precedent. The main event of two weeks ago is featured heavily, with Undertaker and Kane teaming up to defeat the team of King Booker and Finlay, much to the annoyance of the King. We now see the usual opening video, before it's inside the arena for a pyro display while he hear from the announce desk...

Michael Cole: Welcome everybody to a new year of Friday Night Smackdown! Good evening folks, I'm Michael Cole, alongside JBL at ringside, and partner tonight we start on the road to the Rumble.

John Bradshaw Layfield: It might be a new year for Smackdown, but this show still somehow has that sadist, that sick, disgrace for a human being Teddy Long in charge. Well I refuse to let that man abuse his power anymore. Tonight, I'm gonna put a stop to Teddy Long's reign of terror.

Michael Cole: Reign of terror? It wasn't Teddy Long's fault that MVP and Joey Mercury suffered injuries at-

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Interrupting) Teddy Long signed those matches! It was Teddy Long's idea to put Joey Mercury in that ladder match, and it was his idea to put MVP in an inferno match with that monster Kane. Tell me how it wasn't his fault?

Michael Cole: Well, speaking of MVP, tonight you are going to interview MVP via satellite. MVP, still recovering from his injuries-

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Interrupting) His second degree burns! Look at ya' Cole, you can't even bring yourself to say it. Well I can, and tonight, I'm gonna find out just how MVP is doin', and I'm gonna find out if we'll ever see one of the most promising young wrestlers here on Smackdown back in the ring again.

Michael Cole: Aren't you over reacting just a bit?

JBL doesn't answer, as...


A ton of heat from the crowd as King Booker emerges from the back, with Queen Sharmell by his side. Sharmell curtsies while Booker raises his pinkie high in the air, before both make their way to the ring...

Michael Cole: Here comes the former World Heavyweight Champion King Booker. A man who has been obsessed with getting revenge on Batista after he lost the title at Survivor Series.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And every time he tries to get back at Batista, somebody messes it up for him. I mean, what was John Cena doing at Armageddon? That was a Smackdown show. We don't need anybody from Raw getting involved in our business.

In the ring, Sharmell is handed a microphone from Tony Chimel...

Queen Sharmell: ALL HAIL KING BOOKER!!

It's boos from the crowd, but the camera focuses on the announce desk, as JBL is seen applauding...

Queen Sharmell: ALL HAIL KING BOOKER!!

More heat from the crowd, but as the music fades out, Booker is handed the mic...

King Booker: How dare you peasants boo your King! You people should be honoured that royalty has chosen to grace this decrepit cesspool you call home.

Cheap heat from the crowd, but the King's not done yet...

King Booker: You people should be on your hands and knees, bowing at my presence!

More boos, but Sharmell refines defiant, simply nodding along with Booker...

King Booker: But I grow weary discussing you commoners. I have more pressing matters to attend to. Ever since Survivor Series, where I was tragically dethroned by Batista...

The crowd interrupts with a big pop for the champion, causing Sharmell to shriek "No" at the crowd...

King Booker: Ever since Batista took MY World Heavyweight Championship, I have been forced to overcome many rogues. And two rogues in particular have proven to be very tiresome. Namely, The Undertaker and Kane.

Huge cheers from the crowd at the mention of The Brother of Destruction, with Sharmell once again unimpressed...

King Booker: In my quest to once again become World Heavyweight Champion, I have been forced to make a royal pact with one Finlay.

Heat at the mention of the tough Irishman, but Booker carries on...

King Booker: And in my quest to vanquish The Undertaker and Kane, removing them from my path to glory... Finlay let me down.

The crowd offers slight boos, but most are unsure how to react to a hell running down another heel...

King Booker: For you see, I did not lost to Kane and The Undertaker last week. It was Finlay who brought shame upon my kingdom. And for this there is no excuse. For this, there are no second chances. That is why, I demand a rematch tonight, with Kane and The Undertaker, with a partner of my choosing.

Pop from the fans at the thought of that match happening tonight...

King Booker: Thaddeus Long, I demand you present yourself before me, and grant my command.

Silence... until...



It's not Smackdown GM Teddy Long, instead it's Finlay who makes his way down the aisle, trusty shillelagh in hand...

Michael Cole: Well this could be interesting. It was at Armageddon where King Booker teamed with Finlay in a losing effort against Batista and WWE Champion John Cena. Then, two weeks ago on Smackdown, Booker and Finlay again lost, this time to Kane and The Undertaker.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And I understand Booker is upset about losing, but he better be careful when it comes to taking shots at Finlay. That's one tough Irish sunnavagun he don't wanna be pickin' a fight with.

As Finlay makes it into the ring, he calmly walks over and snatches the microphone straight out of Booker's hand and wastes no time in replying...

Finlay: You're blaming me? You're... blaming me... for us gettin' beat last week?

Booker smugly smiles and nods, while in the background Sharmell can be heard shouting "Dat's right!"...

Finlay: You know somethin' Booker? I'm gettin' a bit sick and tired of listening to you runnin' your mouth.

A brief pop, as Finlay steps towards Booker...

Finlay: If you wanna blame someone for us gettin' beat last week... you should take a look in the mirror sunshine.

"Ooohs" from the crowd, with Booker looking furious. The King remains calm though, respectfully asking for Finlay to hand him back the mic...

King Booker: David... I suggest you show me the respect a King deserves. I suggest you watch your-

Finlay: (Interrupting) Enough of this crap! You're nothin' but a punk Booker! You better watch your mouth before I shove that stupid crown down your-

The crowd is stunned as this time it's Sharmell snatching the mic away from Finlay...

Queen Sharmell: You must damn near lost yo' mind!

Boos ring out, with the crowd seemingly enjoying Finlay's rant at the King...

Queen Sharmell: You don't talk to a King like dat'! We ain't out here to talk to you. We out here for Teddy Long to get his ass out here and give us our rematch. Now... get yo' ass outta our ring!

Finlay, almost shocked that Sharmell would speak to him like that, steps forward, with he and Booker going nose-to-nose, but before anyone can come to blows...


This time it is the Smackdown general manager who emerges, but Long stops at the top of the aisle, microphone in hand...

Teddy Long: Hold on a second playas, hold on a second. Now, from the looks of things, it seems you two cats are havin' some trouble. Well... I think I got a solution that'll make y'all happy.

Finlay has now turned his back on Booker, staring up at Long, while the King looks intrigued at what Long has to say...

Teddy Long: King Booker... you say you wanna piece of Batista? Well... you gonna have ta' earn that right playa. But I'mma give you that chance to earn it playa. And I'mma also give you that shot at The Undertaker and Kane.

Pop from the crowd, with Booker looking pleased as everything is going his way...

Teddy Long: Tonight... it's gonna be King Booker...


Teddy Long: Against Kane...


Teddy Long: Against The Undertaker...

Massive cheers...

Teddy Long: Against the man stood next to you in the ring, Finlay...


Teddy Long: In a fatal four way match! And the winner of that match...

Wait for it...

Teddy Long: Will face the World Heavyweight Champion Batista at the Royal Rumble!

Booker is furious, realising he'll have to go through three other men to get his shot at the champion, will Finlay has a smug smirk on his face, happy at receiving an unexpected chance at becoming the number one contender...

Teddy Long: Holla’ at me playas!

Booker is irate, kicking the ropes and shouting, while Sharmell screams "No!" up the aisle at Long, with the GM smiling and turning to leave as his music plays out...

Michael Cole: What a main event that's gonna be! King Booker, Finlay, Kane and The Undertaker in a fatal four way with the winner to face Batista at the Royal Rumble!

John Bradshaw Layfield: It's a damn disgrace! All King Booker wants is what's rightfully his, one more shot at Batista, and he's gotta face a deadman, a street fighter and a pyromaniac to get it!

Michael Cole: It's gonna be quite a night here on Smackdown!


When we return, The Bluebloods, William Regal and Dave Taylor are already in the ring, their music playing...

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown everybody. Already in the ring are William Regal and Dave Taylor, as we're set for six man tag team action, but we are still reeling from the announcement of a huge main event made by Teddy Long.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Unbelievable. Could your head be stuck any further up Teddy Long's ass right now?


A fair chunk of heat from the crowd as Chavo Guerrero steps out, with Vickie Guerrero by his side. Chavo confidently swaggers his way down to the ring, shaking hands with Regal and Taylor as he enters...

Michael Cole: It was at Armageddon that Chavo Guerrero first challenged Chris Benoit for the United States Championship. Benoit retained the title that night, and yet again in a rematch two weeks ago on Smackdown.

John Bradshaw Layfield: But Chavo ain't gonna give up the chase. He knows if he gets a win tonight, he'll be in line for another shot at Benoit.


It's a great response for Chris Benoit, with the United States Champion looking determined as he makes his way down the aisle and into the ring, standing defiantly as Chavo throws trash-talk at him...

Michael Cole: Is tonight the night that Benoit and Guerrero finally settle things between the two of them?

John Bradshaw Layfield: I bet Benoit hopes it is. He knows that every time he faces Chavo Guerrero that he's inching close to losing that United States Championship. One more match between those two and we'll have a new champ, I guarantee it.


It's another great response from the crowd, this time for The Hooligans, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, who of course have Ashley Massaro with them. The WWE Tag Team Champions sprint down to the ring and do their usual backflips off the top rope, but before Ashley can make it to the ring to remove their masks, Regal and Taylor pound them from behind and the ref calls for the bell...

Match 1: Six Man Tag Team Match
United States Champion Chris Benoit and WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans w/ Ashley Massaro vs. Chavo Guerrero and The Bluebloods w/ Vickie Guerrero

And we’re under way in a hurry, with Regal and Taylor pounding on London and Kendrick while Benoit and Chavo square off on each other. The ref quickly loses control of the match, with all six men brawling in the ring, and it’s not until Taylor is knocked through the ropes by a dropkick that we finally get some order, as this allows London and Kendrick to double clothesline Regal over the top rope and then Benoit follows suit on Chavo. The heel team regroup on the outside, and finally the match is underway proper as Benoit and Regal start things off. The action is hard hitting between the two, but Benoit gains the advantage for his team, allowing London and Kendrick to quicken the pace, continuing the attack on Regal. London is in the ring running the ropes, when a knee to the back from Taylor causes a distraction, allowing Regal to nail a stiff clothesline and tag in Chavo. Guerrero and The Bluebloods isolate London, making plenty of quick tags and working well together to punish London and deny him making a tag on several occasions.

Taylor is in and he has London locked in an abdominal stretch, throwing in the occasions elbow to the ribs, when Benoit encourages the crowd, who in turn encourage London, and he breaks free with a hip-toss, diving for the corner and tagging in Benoit. Benoit enters and knocks Taylor down with a series of clothesline, before sending Taylor to the corner and nailing several chops to the chest. Benoit then snaps off a German suplex, only for Chavo to enter and break up the pin. All hell breaks loose once more, as Kendrick and London fly into the ring, leading to Regal joining the fight as well. Soon London, Kendrick, Regal and Taylor are brawling to the outside, and they fight their way up the aisle.

In the ring, Chavo is in control, and he goes for the three amigos, but after two, Benoit blocks the third, and goes for a suplex of his own... but Chavo lands on his feet, pushing Benoit off the ropes... Benoit ducks a clothesline... and grabs the arm to lock on the crossface! Benoit wrenches back on Chavo’s neck, and despite stretching for the ropes, Cahvo has no choice but to tap out.

Winners: Chris Benoit and The Hooligans @ 07.27

Chavo continues to tap furiously, and Benoit finally lets the crossface go. Exhausted, Benoit slowly gets back to his feet, and is handed his United States Championship by the ref, who then raises Benoit's arm in victory. London, Kendrick, Regal and Taylor have seemingly battled all the way to the back, and as Chavo rolls out of the ring to be with Vickie, Benoit is left standing tall. Suddenly though, there is a commotion from the crowd... as someone has raced through the crowd, jumped the barricade... it's TEST!!

Test is in the ring behind Benoit, begging the champion to turn around and face. Wondering what the commotion is, Benoit turns... and gets flattened by a huge boot to the face!! Boos rain down from the crowd, but Test doesn't care, dragging Benoit up... and then planting him with a gutwrench powerbomb!!

Michael Cole: What in the world? That's Test! The former member of the ECW roster. What on earth is he doing here?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Haha! What do ya' think he's doin' here? He's just sent a huge message to our United States Champion. Test is here on Smackdown and he just nailed Chris Benoit! I love it!

Benoit is down, writhing in pain, and having dropped his title, Test scoops up the United States Championship, holding it high in the air as he stands over the prone Benoit as we fade into a video package...

*Video Package*

Narrator: Every year, 30 men chase a dream...

Shots of historical Royal Rumble moments, starting with Shawn Michaels dumping The British Bulldog over the top rope and then collapsing to his knees in victory...

Narrator: 30 men who fight for greatness...

Triple H returning in 2002 and last eliminating Kurt Angle before celebrating in the ring...

Narrator: 30 men who strive for their spot...

Quick-fire shots of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's three Rumble wins, 1997, 1998 and 2001...

Narrator: In the annals of time.

We now see stadium-wide shots of past Wrestlemania's, with the flashing lights and pyro displays of yesteryear...

Narrator: They crave immortality...

We now see shots from last year's Royal Rumble, starting with Shane McMahon eliminating Shawn Michaels...

Narrator: They strive for prominence...

The iconic image of Rey Mysterio headscissoring Randy Orton over the top rope to claim victory...

Narrator: But only one...

Rapid-fire images of eliminations, with bodies crashing to the floor as the pace of the video quickens...

Narrator: Will fulfil their destiny.


*End Video Package*

As the video ends, we go backstage, where having brawled their way backstage during the previous match, The Holligans and The Bluedbloods are still going at it. Thankfully though, a host of referees and agents are in attendance, trying to separate the two teams. Over all the commotion, Ashley can be heard shouting, pleading with London and Kendrick to stop. Finally, the refs and agents are able to separate the two teams, with Regal and Taylor being dragged away out of the shot. Still infront of the camera, London and Kendrick are restrained, with Ashley again trying to reason with them...

Ashley Massaro: Guys, guys! Enough! C'mon stop it!

Agents and refs continue to step infront of The Hooligans, preventing them from getting at Regal and Taylor. Realising this is a fight that will have to wait for another day, London and Kendrick frustratingly give-up...

Paul London: Alright! Alright, you can let go of us now.

The agents slowly step back, but stay infront of the pair, ushering them the other way. Kendrick kicks a nearby locker, before London, Kendrick and Ashley turn and walk down the corridor, the opposite direction of where we saw The Bluebloods go...

Brian Kendrick: This is isn't over man! We're gonna finish this thing with those guys once and for all!

Paul London: We'll get 'em man, don't worry.

Kendrick comes to a stop, putting his hand on London's shoulder...

Brian Kendrick: Alright, let's go to Teddy Long. Let's get a match with Regal and Taylor next week. They wanna pick a fight with us? We'll show them we know how to fight!

Paul London: Alright man let's do it.

London, Kendrick and Ashley turn to walk again, but as they do, the three stop dead in their tracks... and slowly the camera pans to see the reason for their stopping. A stunning blonde woman stands infront of them, dressed to kill with dark sunglasses on. The woman smirks, before giving a long, slow, sarcastic round of applause...

???: Bravo Hooligans, bravo.

Straight away the blonde women's French accent is distinctly noticeable, and she shimmies her way towards London and Kendrick, with the champions jaws almost on the floor in awe of this women's beauty...

???: Your performance tonight, it had a certain... je ne sais quoi about it, oui?

Mesmerised, London and Kendrick have no clue what to say, and it's a rather annoyed Ashley who finally speaks...

Ashley Massaro: Uh... excuse me? Who are you?

???: Ah, oui. My name is Maryse. I am new here to Friday Night Smackdown.

Ashley Massaro: Well... what do you want with us?

Maryse lets off another smirk, inching closer to London and Kendrick...

Maryse: What do I want? Well... I want...

Maryse moves closer to London, whispering into his ear...

Maryse: I want ze gold of course. And what I want...

Maryse now turns to Kendrick, running a finger all the way down his chest...

Maryse: I always get.

Still barely able to speak, London and Kendrick remain mesmerised, while Ashley looks disgusted...

Ashley Massaro: Oh yeah? Well you're not getting these titles. Right guys?

Paul London: Uh... what?

Again laughing, Maryse turns towards Ashley, getting right into her face...

Maryse: Ah, Ashley. Vous Ítes ici poubelle. Tu es laid comme un cheval. Oui?

Ashley Massaro: What?

Maryse: (Laughing) Exactly. Well Hooligans... I bid you adieu. I hope I see you next week. Au revoir.

Maryse blows a quick air-kiss at Kendrick and walks off, with the champions eyes following her all the way. Ashley meanwhile looks furious, and we fade away with London and Kendrick staring off camera down the corridor, with Ashley staring a hole through the pair of them...

Back in the arena for...



The cocky Mr. Kennedy makes his entrance to a fairly decent pop despite him being a heel. Kennedy arrogantly walks down the aisle, cockily chewing gum and trading insults with the ringside fans...

Michael Cole: We haven't seen Mr. Kennedy since Armageddon where he lost a last ride match against The Phenom, The Undertaker.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Yeah but if you ask me 2006 was a great year for Mr. Kennedy, and it's only gonna get better this year. 2007 is gonna be the Year of Kennedy, you can bank on it!

Michael Cole: Well let's find out if Mr. Kennedy can get back to winning ways tonight...

There is no pre-match promo from Kennedy tonight, instead it's all business, with Kennedy bouncing up and down on the spot, shouting "c'mon!" while he waits for his opponent. A few moments of silence and then...


The arena is plunged into darkness and then the misty red descends, before finally The Boogeyman emerges, carrying his staff and then smashing a clock over his head...

John Bradshaw Layfield: NO!! Not this freak!

Michael Cole: It's gonna be Kennedy and The Boogeyman one on one when we return to Friday Night Smackdown!


Match 2:
Mr. Kennedy vs. The Boogeyman

When we return the bell rings, and Kennedy is of course taken of guard by Boogeyman’s unique mannerisms. So much so that on the first tie up, Kennedy backs away, refuses to get involved. Eventually the pair come together, and it’s Kennedy who dominates from the get-go, pummelling Boogey and taking control. After a pair of near falls, we finally see some offense from Boogeyman, with him hitting a series of right hands and following with a powerslam for a 2 count of his own. However, it’s a brief offering of offense, as Kennedy quickly regains control, and he finishes Boogey off with the Green Bay Plunge for the 3 count.

Winner: Mr. Kennedy @ 04.21

Kennedy is quickly back to his feet, standing over Boogeyman, smiling after a convincing victory. Kennedy keeps his eyes focused down on Boogeyman, before motioning his hand into the air... and down drops his microphone. Breathing heavily, Kennedy gathers himself before speaking...

Mr. Kennedy: Get this piece of crap outta' MY ring!

Boos from the crowd, and when the ref motions that Boogeyman is struggling to move, Kennedy lays into him with the boots, stomping away before kicking Boogeyman under the bottom rope to the floor...

Mr. Kennedy: Y'know, every time this brand goes lookin' for somebody to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship, there's always one guy who gets overlooked.

Kennedy now begins to pace the ring, taking his promo to each side of the ring...

Mr. Kennedy: There always one guy, who despite beating everybody this brand has to offer, never gets his shot at the title. And who is that guy?

A small "Kennedy" chant from the smarks is quickly drowned out by boos...

Mr. Kennedy: That guy would be me.

Kennedy now walks to the corner, climbing to the second rope, staring straight into the camera which zooms in on him...

Mr. Kennedy: So Teddy Long... I want you to listen to me really... really carefully. Week after week, month after month, you've denied me what is my rightfully mine... a shot at fulfilling my destiny.

Kennedy pauses, seeming to think to himself, smiling and then continuing...

Mr. Kennedy: But y'know, I showed up here today thinking... it's 2007. It's a new year. A fresh start, let bygones be bygones, yadda, yadda, yadda... Teddy Long... surely this is gonna be my time? Surely it's my turn to face Batista?

Quick pop for the champion, but Kennedy ignores this...

Mr. Kennedy: But NO! No, no, no! Un-be-freakin'-levable! Instead, it's four fossils in tonight's main event, and one of them is gonna face Batista at the Royal Rumble!

The crowd cheers in response to tonight's main event, leading to Kennedy shaking his head in disgust at them...

Mr. Kennedy: So Teddy Long, if you're not gonna give me my opportunity... I'm just gonna have to take it!

Kennedy, still perched on the second rope, now turns to glance at the Royal Rumble banner hanging from the rafters, with the camera panning out with him...

Mr. Kennedy: You people are lookin' at the first member of the Smackdown roster entered in the Royal Rumble match... and I guarantee...

Kennedy turns back to face the camera, a deep, intense look on his face...

Mr. Kennedy: You're lookin' at the winner! MMMIIISSSTTTEEERRR KEN – NAH – DAY!

Kennedy cocks his head, before flashing a cold blooded stare at the camera...

Mr. Kennedy: KEN - NAH - DAY!

Turn up the trouble hits again, with Kennedy cockily staring at the Royal Rumble banner, before sending his mic back up and dropping to the mat as we cut backstage...

To see Teddy Long stood in his office infront of a TV, obviously having just watched heard every word Kennedy had to say. Long nods to himself, offering a brief "Alright" before his door swings open... and in walks the Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms...

Gregory Helms: Man, Teddy. Damn man, it's been a rough night for you. I mean, you're gettin' blamed for everythin'!

Long switches off the TV and places the remote on his desk, before standing infront of Helms...

Teddy Long: Gregory Helms. What can I do ya' for playa?

Gregory Helms: What can you do for me Teddy? Well... to be honest with ya' Teddy... there ain't nothin' you can do for me.

Long looks surprised, almost pleased...

Teddy Long: Then what are you doin' in my office?

Gregory Helms: Well Teddy... see, at Armageddon I took on Jimmy Wang Yang. A guy who you named number one contender for my Cruiserweight Championship. And... well, y'know how it ended, don't ya' Teddy?

Teddy sighs, before rubbing his head and reluctantly agreeing...

Teddy Long: Yeah I know how it ended. You beat Jimmy Wang Yang.

Gregory Helms: That's right Teddy! And y'know what that means Teddy?

Teddy Long: What's that playa?

Gregory Helms: That means... there's nobody left to challenge for my Cruiserweight Championship!

Helms smiles, pulling open his overcoat to reveal the championship belt wrapped around his waist...

Gregory Helms: I mean let's face it Teddy, you threw a lot of losers at me over this last year. And not one of 'em...

Helms now stares at Long, getting serious...

Gregory Helms: Not... one... of 'em... could take this title away from me. Teddy... I'm startin' to get pretty bored of this show. And unless you find me some competition... I might just take this title...

Helms pauses, admiring the belt on his waist, even quickly wiping away a smudge before looking back at Teddy...

Gregory Helms: To Monday Night Raw.

Teddy Long: Competition? That's what ya' want, competition?

Helms smiles...

Gregory Helms: That's right Teddy!

Teddy Long: I'll give ya' competition playa. How 'bout we start tonight? How 'bout we start tonight... with you one on one...

Helms arrogantly rolls his eyes, waiting for Long to name some jobber he's probably beat a bunch of times before...

Teddy Long: With the World Heavyweight Champion... Batista!

A huge pop is heard from inside the arena, while Helms is stunned into silence, but Long is now revelling in the moment...

Teddy Long: How's that for competition playa?

The camera stays focused on Helms' face, until we fade back into the arena for...

“OH YEAH...”


Michael Cole: Another huge announcement from Teddy Long. Later tonight, Batista and Gregory Helms go one on one. It's gonna be champion vs. champion.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Forget about that Michael. Here comes Matt Hardy, and that means it's time for yet another one of Teddy Long's victims is in action.

Michael Cole: I assume by that you mean Joey Mercury.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Ya' damn right I do! Joey Mercury was a damn good lookin' young man, and because Teddy Long put him in a dangerous situation, those Hollywood looks are gone forever!

Michael Cole: Well Joey Mercury will get a chance at a little revenge perhaps when we return. Matt Hardy and Joey Mercury go at it when we return to Smackdown!


Match 3: Grudge Match
Joey Mercury
vs. Matt Hardy

We return with Mercury’s music still playing, and Colt is quick to point out he still has the protective mask over his face. As the bell rings, Hardy is almost hesitant to attack, playing the babyface role well, not wanting to cause anymore damage to Mercury’s face. This allows Mercury to gain an early advantage, as he plays off Hardy’s hesitance and connects with a swinging neckbreaker for the first 2 count. Hardy finally fights back, but stays away from Mercury’s face, instead focusing on blows to the body, but as the two lock up, Hardy drives Mercury into the corner... only for Mercury to slap Hardy hard across the face! Any hesitance is long gone, as now Hardy attacks with meaning, nailing stiff shots to the face and hitting an inverted DDT, much to the outrage of JBL on commentary. Hardy gets a near fall after a Russian legsweep, but when he sends Mercury to the corner and follows in, Mercury elevates Hardy over the top rope to the floor! Hardy is down on the outside as we go to commercial.


Back in the ring, Mercury is in control, keeping Hardy grounded with a chinlock. Matt struggles back to his feet, but Mercury stays on the attack, dropping Matt with a flapjack for a near fall. Mercury continues to lay on the punishment, picking up several 2 counts, his frustration growing at being unable to put Hardy away. Mercury continues to dominate, again coming close with a northern lights suplex and a reverse DDT. Mercury gets in the refs face, demanding a quicker count, and this allows Hardy to strike out of desperation with a shot to the gut, following with a series of rights to the face before sending Mercury off the ropes into a back body drop. Hardy looks to build on the momentum, climbing to the second rope for a legdrop, hooking the leg for a near fall. Again Hardy attacks, nailing the side effect and going for the cover... 1... 2... Mercury gets a foot on the rope!

Undaunted, Hardy continues to wear Mercury down, but as he sends Mercury off the ropes, Mercury ducks a clothesline... and swings with a right... with Hardy ducks... kick... twist of fate... no! Mercury pushes Hardy off the ropes and goes for a kick... but Hardy grabs the foot... enzuigiri!! Mercury nails a sick kick to the back off the leg and hooks Matt tight... 1... 2... shoulder up! The crowd cheers as Hardy stays alive, and again Mercury is in the refs face, demanding a 3 count... and Hardy yanks his jeans from behind into a rollup... 1... 2... 3!!

Winner: Matt Hardy @ 12.14

Exhausted, Hardy stays down, too beat-up to celebrate. Furious at losing, Mercury quickly gets back on his feet... and nails Hardy with a double underhook DDT! Hardy is planted to the mat, and with a barrage of heat raining down, Mercury lays into Matt with a flurry of boots and right hands. The ref tries to drag Mercury away, only for Mercury to nail the ref with a right hand!! More boots to Hardy follow, before Mercury finally relents... only to roll under the bottom rope to the outside... to grab a steel chair! Mercury returns to the ring, motioning for Hardy to get back to his feet. Using the ropes, Hardy somehow makes it back to his feet... only for Mercury to nail him with a sick chair shot to the skull!! Hardy crashes to the mat, and within a matter of seconds he is busted open, blood spewing from his head. Finally we get some other refs racing down to the ring, but Mercury is more than happy with his night's work, slamming the chair to the mat and leaving the ring as we cut backstage...

Where Josh Matthews is standing by...

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, he is the World Heavyweight Champion... 'The Animal'... BATISTA!

It's a good response as Batista enters the shot, nodding at Josh...

Josh Matthews: Batista later tonight you will take on the Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms in a non-title matchup, but then later tonight sees a huge fatal four way match between King Booker, Kane, Finlay and The Undertaker, with the winner set to face you at the Royal Rumble. Batista, do have any comment on who your potential Royal Rumble opponent could be?

Batista removes his sunglasses, which gets a pop from inside the arena, before getting down to business...

Batista: Do I have any comment? Listen Josh, as far as I'm concerned... any one of those four guys could win that match. I mean, King Booker the guy I beat for the World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series. A guy who just refuses to go away, no matter how hard I try.

Boos for the mention of the King...

Batista: Then... there's Kane.

A nice pop from inside the arena for the Big Red Machine...

Batista: God, last time he was on pay per view he set a man on fire. He could easily win that match tonight. And then Finlay.

Boos for Finlay, despite his earlier actions...

Batista: Me and him, we've had some battles in the past. Some really tough matches. He can go toe to toe with anybody in that ring. And finally... The Undertaker.

Huge pop from the crowd, with The Animal even glancing away from the camera at the response...

The Phenom. The Deadman. The Demon of Death Valley.

Batista lets out a little laugh, and briefly shakes his head at the thought of 'Taker...

Batista: I don't think there's anything I could say that hasn't been said about him already. Four guys who are all tough as hell.

Batista now faces the camera, lowering his brow as we zoom in on his face...

But so am I.


Batista: I can fight with the best of 'em, I can fight fire with fire and I... can unleash The Animal!

Another strong pop from the crowd...

Batista: So to whoever wins the fatal four way tonight... congratulations. But at the Royal Rumble...

Batista glances at his title belt slung over his shoulder, before staring straight down the lens...

Batista: There's not a chance in hell of you takin' this away from me!

Batista turns and walks out of the shot, leaving Matthews alone, with the interviewer letting out a quick sigh as we fade to a video package...

*Video Package*


APRIL 2ND, 1989

Friends turned foes Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage meet in the main event for the WWF Championship as the "Mega Powers Explode"! Hogan kicks out of Savage's elbow drop off the top rope, eventually delivering the big leg drop to win the title, ending Savage's year long reign.


*End Video Package*

Back into the arena for...


John Bradshaw Layfield: Haha! It's time! Time for me to show you how it's done junior!

Michael Cole: Well, I guess folks it's time for...

John Bradshaw Layfield: Shut up Cole and let the pros handle this! Folks, it's time for the greatest colour commentator in history to deliver the greatest interview you've ever heard!

JBL stands up and takes off his headset, which finally allows Cole to speak without being interrupted...

Michael Cole: Folks, still to come tonight, the fatal four way to decide who will face Batista at the Royal Rumble, but when we return, JBL is going to have an interview with Montel Vontavious Porter. Join us when we return to Smackdown!


JBL is already in the ring when we return, and when his music finally stops, he addresses the crowd...

John Bradshaw Layfield: It's time for you're Wrestling God, John... Bradshaw... Layfield, to once again prove why I am the greatest announcer this company has ever seen.

Boos from the crowd, but JBL laps it up as if it were cheers...

John Bradshaw Layfield: Thank you, thank you. Now... it was three weeks ago at Armageddon that I, just like all of you I'm sure, was shocked at the horror of what I saw.

A brief pop from the crowd, at which JBL shakes his head...

John Bradshaw Layfield: No, I was more than shocked. I was disgusted at what I saw. I saw a fellow human being set on fire by a sick monster.

A much larger response from the crowd this time...

John Bradshaw Layfield: And you people have the nerve to cheer that?! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!

The crowd continues to cheer, which only serves to get JBL more worked up...

John Bradshaw Layfield: You people disgust me! You're sick! You're all a bunch of sick freaks, just like Teddy Long, and just like Kane!!

Pop for the big red machine...

John Bradshaw Layfield: You people are what's wrong with this country! You sick, sick bastards!

JBL's initial defiance has turned to disbelief...

John Bradshaw Layfield: I can't believe what I'm hearing. I bet you'd all love to see the video of MVP being set on fire, wouldn't ya'?

Another strong cheer from the crowd...

John Bradshaw Layfield: Well y'know what? You ain't gonna get to see it.


John Bradshaw Layfield: You ain't gonna get what you want, 'cos you people don't deserve it.

Having run down the crowd, JBL gets down to business...

John Bradshaw Layfield: Now... the reason I am here is 'cos I am gonna talk to a young man who suffered a horrifying injury at the hands of Kane. A young man, considered one of the most promising talents here on Smackdown... forced into an inferno match by a bitter general manager, against a monster who has spent his life living in flames. MVP... I know you can hear me, let me start by saying on behalf of the sound-minded people in this arena... I apologise.

JBL turns to the tron, and soon we see the image of MVP, sat in what we assume is his Miami home. MVP sits on a white couch, sporting a pair of sunglasses and plenty of bling...

Montel Vontavious Porter: Thanks JBL.

MVP takes a sip from a bottle of water, allowing JBL to continue...

John Bradshaw Layfield: MVP, I know this must be painful for you, but I gotta ask ya'... what do you remember of that night at Armageddon?

Slow to response, MVP gathers his thoughts...

Montel Vontavious Porter: To tell ya' the truth JBL... I don't remember much. After I was set on fire, I went into shock. They rushed me to the hospital, and the next thing I knew, I was wakin' up in a hospital bed with second degree burns.

MVP shakes his head, before sitting forward in his chair...

Montel Vontavious Porter: I remember... I remember feelin' the heat of the flames around the ring. I remember somebody spraying me with a fire extinguisher, tryin' to put out the flames. I remember... I remember the pain I suffered at the hands of Kane.

It's silence in the arena, as the crowd realise the sincerity of MVP's words. JBL however...

John Bradshaw Layfield: I'll tell ya' what I remember that night. I remember the disgusting stench of human flesh burning. I remember the cheers of the audience, happy to see you set on fire! And I remember... I remember the sick smile on Kane's face as he watched you scream in agony MVP.

We see MVP nodding his head, a stern look on his face...

Montel Vontavious Porter: Yeah I bet Kane was plenty happy with what he did. I bet Kane loved seein' me set on fire. But Kane...

MVP again sits forward...

Montel Vontavious Porter: If you watchin' this... this ain't over man. This ain't over... not by a long shot!

John Bradshaw Layfield: MVP, let me ask you... how does it feel knowing that between them Teddy Long and Kane came that close to ruining your career?

Montel Vontavious Porter: Y'know... I just don't understand it. I mean, I'm the biggest free agent in Smackdown history. Teddy Long, when he signed me to this brand he broke the bank... and this is how he treats me. He puts me in an inferno match with Kane. He puts ME, his most prized asset in danger like that. I don't get it. And now look at me. I'm stuck here at home, while Kane is there, livin' the life, livin' my dream, gettin' my opportunity. Kane had his shot ten years ago, but for some reason, Teddy Long is tryin' to take mine away from me!

In the ring, JBL is nodding his head, agreeing with every word MVP has to say...

John Bradshaw Layfield: On that note, MVP, when will we see you back in a WWE ring? What does the future hold for the most promising young superstar on the Smackdown roster?

Montel Vontavious Porter: My future? Right now JBL... I dunno what my future holds. I dunno when I'll be back. But I will make it back one day. I will one day be World Heavyweight Champion. I just don't know when that day's gonna be.

John Bradshaw Layfield: MVP, I thank you for time. I'll let get back to your rehabilitation, but before I let you go, I have one final question. MVP... when you do make it back... what ya' gonna do to get back at Kane?

JBL smiles as he asks the question, while MVP has a quick chuckle to himself...

Montel Vontavious Porter: Y'know something JBL? You don't need to know that right now. You just need to know that when I do make it back...

MVP stares straight down the camera, taking off his sunglasses...

Montel Vontavious Porter: Kane's gonna suffer pain... like nothin' he's ever felt before. This interview's over man.

And with that, MVP rips off his microphone and walks off, leaving the camera focused on the white couch on which he sat. In the arena, there are slight boos from the crowd, and silence from Cole and JBL, with the camera focused on JBL as he smiles while we fade to commercial...


As soon as we return...


It's a massive response from the crowd as the World Heavyweight Champion Batista steps out ready for action...

Michael Cole: It's time for champion vs. champion, Batista goes one on one with the Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms.

John Bradshaw Layfield: C'mon Michael it's alright, you can admit. I won't blush.

Michael Cole: Say what?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Say how my interview with MVP was the finest piece of broadcast journalism you've seen since Frost interviewed Nixon over Watergate.

Michael Cole: Well I wouldn't quite say that, but it was clear from that interview that revenge is on the mind of MVP.

John Bradshaw Layfield: That is so typical of you Cole! What about Kane? What about Teddy Long? You just forgot about what they did?

Michael Cole: Look why don't we focus on this match?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Yeah that's it, you dodge the issue.


*IT'S TIME...*

Boos ring out from the crowd as Gregory Helms makes his entrance, looking confident, almost smug despite the fact he's about to take on The Animal...

Michael Cole: Earlier tonight, we heard Gregory Helms pretty arrogantly deliver a message to Teddy Long. Simply put, Helms believes he's beaten every Cruiserweight here on Smackdown and he wants competition.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Wait a second, what part of what Helms said was arrogant? He told the truth! He's beaten everybody that's been put infront of him.

Michael Cole: Well he's certainly got some big competition tonight...

Match 4: Non-Title Match
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms

As he comes face to face with Batista, Helms is understandably wary of the champion, and when the first tie up ends with Helms being shoved across the ring on his ass, it’s clear it could be a tough match for the Cruiserweight star. Adopting a change in strategy, Helms uses his speed advantage to duck most of Batista’s attacks, avoiding the Animal on numerous occasions and connecting with fast kicks and right hands. Helms tries to quicken the pace, only for Batista to nail him with a huge spinebuster. Helms wisely rolls to the outside, and when Batista follows, Helms high tails it, causing Batista to give chase. Helms rolls back into the ring, and he manages to gain control of the match, dropping elbows and boots before hitting a diving neckbreaker for a near fall. Sadly, the Helms offence doesn’t last much longer, as when Helms climbs to the top rope and goes for a crossbody, Batista counters into a huge powerslam. Helms hangs on and kicks out at 2, but it doesn’t take long for Batista to up the ante, nailing another spinebuster and then snapping Helms in half with the Batista Bomb for the victory.

Winner: Batista @ 06.46

A great effort from Helms, but he comes up short as Batista picks up the win. The Animal has his hand raised by the ref, before going to the corner to pose for the crowd as we fade backstage...

Where we see The Miz wearing street clothes and a cocky grin on his face. Miz is all alone, in what appears to be a random corridor of the arena...

The Miz: HOO-RAH!!

You suck!

The Miz: Yeah whatever. Folks, I think it's time we all took a lil' reality check. You see, I know what you people think of me. You think of me as some reality TV star with a mohawk who'll probably never amount to anything. Or at least, that's what JBL thinks.

Miz laughs to himself...

The Miz: Ain't that right Jibbles? Y'know, I watched that tape of my match at Armageddon with The Boogeyman. As if it wasn't bad enough that I suffer my first ever loss live on pay per view, but then I get wormed after it? Really?

Laughs can be heard from the inside the arena, causing Miz to shake his head at the audience...

The Miz: But y'know, sometimes it takes goin' over your mistakes... to realise how to get better. And that is what I'm gonna do. So...

Miz now begins to walk down the corridor, the camera staying focused on his face...

The Miz: Starting next week... you're gonna see a few changes in The Miz. No more "Hoo Rah's", no more gettin' worms shoved in my mouth, and no more...

Miz comes to a stop, next to a stunning woman... it's Michelle McCool! No longer a sexy teacher, McCool still cuts a fierce yet beautiful look, and she smiles and places her hand on Miz's shoulder...

The Miz: Lettin' washed up old has-beens like JBL runnin' their mouth off about me. Reality is gonna bite here on Smackdown...

Miz turns to McCool, and the two exchange smug grins with each other...

The Miz: And it's gonna be... awesome!

We fade back to the arena...

Michael Cole:
Well... what do ya' make of that?

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Was... was he talkin' to me there?

Michael Cole: It sounded like it yeah.

John Bradshaw Layfield: The Miz... that jackass was aiming that at me? That no talent son of a bitch was talkin' trash about me?

Michael Cole: He also called you Jibbles.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Shut the hell up Michael!


A nice pop for the audience as Kane makes his way down to the ring, JBL still to incensed over what The Miz said to even bother to bad mouth Kane...

Michael Cole: Here comes the Big Red Machine Kane. Folks, it's a fatal four way to determine the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship and the man who will face Batista at the Royal Rumble. You don't wanna miss it, and it's comin' up when we return to Smackdown!


When we return, we see King Booker and Queen Sharmell stepping through the ropes, with Finlay having made his entrance during the commercial. Tensions are high between Finlay and Booker, with the King throwing trash talk while Finlay threatens Booker with his shillelagh. That all stops as...




It's a huge response from the crowd as The Undertaker steps out and slowly makes his way down the aisle, the arena plunged into darkness...

Michael Cole: And here comes the man who's gotta be considered the favourite to go on and face Batista.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Well he might be the favourite, but all four of these men have been there and done it before. You got four of the toughest S.O.B's in the WWE about to go at it, and I can't wait to see it!

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contenders Fatal Four Way Match
Finlay vs. Kane vs. King Booker w/ Queen Sharmell vs. The Undertaker

The match starts with all four men slowly feeling each other out, with Booker in particular wary about getting involved. Eventually Finlay makes the first move, trading right hands with Taker, while Kane and Booker pair off in a corner. There are plenty off stiff blows traded between Finlay and Taker, but Taker gains control by sending Finlay to the corner and delivering a flurry of punches. Finlay rolls to the outside to recover, while Booker and Kane continue to trade shots, only for Kane to whip Booker out of the corner... straight into the Deadman... who grabs Booker by the throat... and hoisting him up for an early chokeslam... only for Kane to aim a kick into Taker’s gut, then flooring him with a clothesline. Cole is quick to point out it’s every man for himself, and now it’s the Brother’s of Destruction who trade shots, before Taker is sent off the ropes into a big boot. With Taker down, Kane again turns to Booker, slamming the King to the mat and then climbing to the top rope... diving clothesline connects! 1... 2... Finlay makes the save, and on that, we go to commercial.


When we return, Kane and Booker are on the outside, with the King already down having been whipped into the steel steps during the break. Kane slides back into the ring as Finlay goes for a cover on Taker, and quickly it becomes a handicap situation as Kane and Undertaker take it in turns to pummel the Irishman. After staggering between the two, Kane grabs Finlay by the throat... and so does Taker... double chokeslam! Finlay is down, but instead of going for a cover, Taker kicks Finlay under the ropes, and the brothers stare at each other before engaging in a slugfest with each other.

The hitting is fierce as Kane and Taker trade hard blows, until Taker rallies off three shots in a row and sends Kane off the ropes... reversal... Taker ducks a clothesline... and hits a flying clothesline of his own! Taker sits up, and the crowd comes alive as he rises to his feet and draws a thumb across his throat, cocking his hand in the air, waiting for Kane to rise... only for Booker to grab Taker by the foot and drag him under the ropes to the floor! Now it’s Undertaker and King Booker who go at on the outside, with Kane down in the ring and Finlay finally back to his feet on the other side of the ring area. Booker has control early , connecting with stiff rights and kicks, only for Taker to fire back, nailing Booker with uppercuts, causing the King to collapse infront of the announce desk.

As this is going on, Finlay sneaks back into the ring and goes for a cover, only for Kane to kick out. As Taker continues to nail Booker, Kane is in control, and he sends Finlay off the ropes... grabs him by the throat... wait... it’s the Little Bastard!! Finlay’s leprechaun sticks his head out from under the ring, distracting Kane... low blow! Finlay aims a kick to the groin, causing Kane to slump to the mat. On the outside, King Booker fires a desperate shot to Undertaker’s throat, and he uses the announce desk to drag himself back to his feet... only for Taker to grab him by the throat... chokeslam through the announce desk!! Booker is down and out, but in the ring, Finlay has the shillelagh in his hand... and smashes it across Kane’s skull!! Again Kane hits the deck, and Finlay hooks both legs... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: Finlay @ 14.49

It's over and Finlay is going to the Royal Rumble to face Batista! On the outside, the camera zooms in on The Undertaker, who has only just realised what just happened. Finlay rolls off of Kane, the beating he took during the match evident, and as Undertaker slides back into the ring, Finlay franticly rolls under the ropes to the floor...

Michael Cole: Finlay just stole a victory! That Little Bastard distracted Kane long enough for Finlay to grab the shillelagh and nail Kane with it!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Haha! I love it! We got mayhem right in front of us, we got a sick son of a bitch laid out in the middle of the ring, and we got the toughest Irishman you'll ever see goin' to the Royal Rumble!

Michael Cole: Well now we know, at the Royal Rumble it will be Batista and Finlay one on one for the World Heavyweight Championship. We'll see you next week everybody.

In the ring, Undertaker kicks the bottom rope, upset at having victory snatched away from him, while Finlay slowly backs up the aisle, a toothy grin etched on his face as we slowly fade to black...

*End Show*

Current Card for WWE Royal Rumble:
Date: January 28th 2007

Location: AT&T Centre, San Antonio, Texas

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Finlay

30 Man Royal Rumble Match:
Winner has automatic title shot at EITHER brand’s Champion at WrestleMania XXIII:
Entrants in Alphabetical order:

Mr. Kennedy, Umaga

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

SmackDown! Feedback

First time Iíve ever read anything from you, but the show looked quite good at a glance, so I figured I would try to give some feedback.

Interesting start from JBL on commentary, where it seemed almost like he was saying he was going to try to take Teddyís job. Not so sure Iíd like that, as JBL is the man on commentary, but weíll see how this plays out. Maybe Iím just reading too much into things already.

Starting off with King Booker is a fine way to begin, and itís good to see that you really put an emphasis on him at the start of the show with the video packages, giving some context for this promo before the show even properly began. This promo to begin with was okay from Booker, with the character being fine. The cheap heat at the start from Booker and Sharmell worked well, but when Booker talked of how he has to deal with The Undertaker and Kane, I would have maybe liked to have seen him say how he shouldnít have to have done so to get back to his title, using that kind of whining heel persona Booker has. Would have also liked to have seen Booker talk a little more of how it was Finlay who let him down and how he was responsible for the losses, really pressing the matter. Not too sure why he would just want a rematch against Kane and ĎTaker, as I would have thought he would give two options if that was to be one of them (with a title match against Batista being the other since thatís what you would think Booker should be aiming for). Finlay interrupting instead of Long? Quite like this, because Finlay is damn awesome, and heís in a good spot here just about in the main event. Finlay snatching the mic from Booker, rather than getting his own is a nice signal of intent right from the beginning, and while his little bit was small, and could have maybe done with why Booker was to blame, it still did its job. Finlay threatening Booker when Booker pulled the king crap was good, showing his no nonsense attitude, while Sharmell getting pissed works fine too. Long coming out with his announcement was good, and I have to say, the four way main event for the title shot works well. With the focus on this match being about getting a shot at Batista, I would have liked to have seen more emphasis on a possible title shot by Booker at the beginning of the promo, as well as maybe even Finlay when he interrupted (could have had him say something about how he deserves a shot at the title more than Booker), but still, a pretty good start to the show, and a nice way to set up the main event.

Liking the choice of a six man tag with six guys who can go to start the wrestling portion of the show off. Nice start to the match with The Bluebloods showing their aggressive attitude too, before what seemed like a pretty nice match. Good to see The Hooligan and The Bluebloods seemingly set to feud on by brawling off to the back, while Benoit getting the decisive victory is a good way to seemingly end their little feud. Test attacking Benoit after the bell? I always thought Test was okay, and a little feud with Benoit over the US Title to bring him over to SmackDown! should work just fine.

Nice video package for the Rumble. Itís always a fun event, and I have no doubt that it wonít be any different here.

Nice to see some continuation to the brawl between The Hooligans and The Bluebloods, rather than just having it dissipate. Interesting way to have it follow up with the request for a match between the teams, which should be quite good. @ the effect of Maryse on The Hooligans. Well written and very entertaining. Not sure where this will lead, whether it be Maryse stealing The Hooligans from Ashley, her linking with The Bluebloods, or just a feud with Ashley, but youíve got me interested for sure.

Ugh, The Boogeyman. I donít mind a squash victory for Kennedy, but I would have liked to have seen someone not so crap used instead of Boogey.

Post-match promo from Kennedy is fine, using what has already occurred in the show, and getting some hype going for the Royal Rumble Match going by declaring himself in it, with a few nice lines from KK, such as calling Finlay, Booker, Kane and ĎTaker fossils. Hopefully that hype continues as we get closer to the show, because the Rumble itself is often forgotten about as something that needs to be hyped in BTB.

Helms has indeed mowed his way through the division, so I didnít mind the point of this promo to give him a match for tonight against Batista. Hopefully if Helms can turn his attention elsewhere for a moment some more cruiserweight talent can be built up to challenge him. Until then, biding time is probably the best you can do, and I donít mind you doing that by letting Helms mix it with the best.

Nice long match here between Hardy and Mercury, with some clever psychology in it of Matt not wanting to hit Mercury in the face, only for Mercury to piss him off enough to do it. The roll up win for Matt, leading into the beatdown by Mercury keeps this feud going along. Pretty good stuff here.

Nice little basic promo from Batista here, putting over all of his possible opponents at the Royal Rumble, along with himself. I would have liked to have seen him also say something about his match later tonight, even something as basic as telling the four men in the main event that they should want to watch his match with Helms tonight, just to give that some proper hype and attention as well. With Batista not paying the match any attention the result looks to be a forgone conclusion, and thatís not a good thing.

Some great cheap heat to start this interview off with JBL attacking the fans, Kane and Long in some really good fashion. Wasnít sure about Layfield saying ďainítĒ, because I canít envision him saying that as the rich, snobby New Yorker that his character became, but apart from that, this interview was really good before the interviewee even got involved. JBL continued to be good in really playing up what happened once the interview began, sympathising with MVP well, while MVP talking about how heís the biggest free agent signing and the most prized asset to SmackDown! as done really well, making the decision seem all the more ridiculous, along with the Kennedy-esque talk we saw that Kane had his shot and that MVPís was now being taken away. Not too sure ghow I feel about Kane/MVP continuing, although I guess Kane putting MVP over would be a bad thing, and the closing statement from MVP in that he will get revenge on Kane was a good, emphatic way to end the promo.

The result of this match was never in doubt, especially as I mentioned earlier after Batista didnít refer to his match with Helms at all, but itís good to see Helms at least getting some time to mix it up with Batista, instead of it being a total squash match. Not sure what youíve got for Helms from him, apart from maybe a Rumble appearance, but weíll see.

@ Miz calling JBL ďJibblesĒ and JBLís reaction to it afterwards. Very well written. I have miexed feelings on this, because while Miz has always been charismatic, he sucked in the ring back then, so hopefully whatever push youíve got in mind for Miz wonít be too rushed. The promo from him itself was fine, with the talk of reality and a more serious Miz being something to look forward to. Not sure if the pairing of McCool with him is necessary, because I canít see McCool adding a whole lot to his character, but The Miz himself should still be fine, provided heís given mic time to continue to get himself over.

Have to say, while itís a small thing, itís a nice touch to be showing the tension between Booker and Finlay. I donít think many people would bother mentioning it, so itís good to see you alluding to the happenings of earlier in the show. The match itself was nice, with the action seeming to flow well, especially for a four way, which can often be awkward. Finlay picking up the win after some interference was good to see too, because as I said earlier, I think Finlay could be a fine challenger for Batista, especially at the Royal Rumble when you donít expect a title change with it being so close to WrestleMania. Good finish to the show.

As I said at the beginning, on first look this show seemed rather impressive, and after reading it through properly, it still seems the be the same, solid show. A lot I liked here, with solid booking throughout, and some pretty good writing (especially of JBL at the announce desk). Hopefully this thread is one to stick, because thus far it certainly looks to have the potential. Good stuff, man.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Smackdown Feedback

I really have no clue what's happening on Smackdown, but I'll try to tune in. The interruptions by JBL at the start were pretty cool. Thought the commentators deserved a little more time at the start, but not too many people read the commentating I guess...

Not a bad start from Booker. The cheap heat even did him well. Finlay's becoming a face from the looks of it. The interaction between the two didn't flow right to me tbh. Teddy comes out, and basically ends the promo rather abruptly tbh. I was just kinda getting into the promo too. The announcement is great though, as the fatal four way is destined to be a disaster...a good disaster though. I see Booker coming out the winner, as Batista needs a heel opponent, and I'm doubting Finlay as a credible one at this point.

Beniot wins, but is attacked by Test. I'm guessing this is the "first straw" of the storyline, and if it is, I'm quite excited by it. I haven't seen a good storyline involving Test in a long time. The idea of two now deceased wrestlers battling it is a little out there to say the least. Good stuff nonetheless.

Idea of RR coming up gets me pretty excited. With many possibilities still for who the RR winner could be, I'm certainly looking out for those in short feuds/storylines or not in any at all. Hooliganz still at it after the break, and want a shot at the Bluebloods. True faces right there. Maryse debuts! Didn't understand any of the French, but I have to say it's quite weird that she wants the gold, but it's the tag gold she's after. It's most likely we'll see her valeting some team now. Should be good. I don't know if her and the Bluebloods work, but we'll see what team you actually put her with.

Boogeyman's a waste. Glad he lost. Kennedy makes a statement for the RR, which is understandable. I can definitely see him as a contender. Not a bad promo. Got your point out nicely. The next promo was quite good as well. I remember a similar Helms promo like this on SD around this time as well, and it ended up with Helms taking on Taker for being a big mouth, and similarly, Helms will take on Batista. Still doesn't leave Helms with any competition, but it certainly gives him something to do. Nice going.

Mercury really damages Hardy after the match. Seems like a real feud here, and I gotta say, your writing, the content and detail, is amazing. Lovely to read. There's not that much repetitiveness in the words, which is what you would expect in matches over and over, but with your matches, it still seems fresh. Good going there.

Phenomenal Batista promo here. Batista running through the competition was what I actually expected in this show, and I'm glad he put over each and every guy. It's hard to tell who's going to win the match, but surely it'll be a heel. The ending was also a nice touch, as you showed the fight in him.

JBL has been nothing but gold at the announce table tonight, and with him now in the ring, the night could only get better. Don't think JBL needed the cheap heat, but it doesn't hurt. I like how you worded what MVP said. It actually made him look hurt and sincere at the same time. Good to see that not only is Kane on his mind for his comeback, but also the world title.

Batista had the obvious win unless there was interference for this match. Nice to see that Gregory Helms had a good showing as well.

I LOVE the Miz and Michelle McCool. I was slowly pushing the Miz to the moon in one of my old, old threads. First off for this promo, nice subtle change from his ol' HooRah gimmick to his 'awesome' gimmick. Michelle McCool on his side means nothing but good things, as she can get in the ring and tussle with the big boys too. They're a nice pair, but Miz already has promo skills so McCool really does nothing for him except be an accessory. By the way, a Miz/JBL feud would be epic.

Wow. Kinda thought Finlay could win, but didn't see it coming. I really don't see Finlay being a factor at the RR, but it's nice to see a little push for him. Don't know where this leaves Kane, Taker and Booker for the Rumble, but I'm guessing they'll be entrants. Batista/Finlay is an intriguing matchup nonetheless.

Overall, a great show. Definitely above average. I really like the promos. The content and depth make them entertaining as well. JBL on the commentating was gold, Batista promo was top notch, Miz's subtle change was great, and the debuts and changes were great. Your booking decisions are great, and the shake up of things has been quite entertaining. Definitely gotta add that the neatness and organization of your thread makes it an easier read, and attracts me to this thread. Your only two shows in, but I can already see this thread being one of the better threads out right now. Good work, and keep it up!

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~Monday Night Raw~
January 8th, 2007
St. Louis, Missouri

Monday Night Raw arrives in St. Louis, Missouri for what is sure to be another explosive night as the Road to the Rumble continues. One match announced last week for tonight's show sees the ECW Champion Bobby Lashley take on an ECW Legend in the form of Rob Van Dam. Both men arrived on the Raw roster last week, with Van Dam emphatically announcing his arrival by marching down to the ring and nailing Mr. McMahon with a spinning heel kick and following with a five star frog splash! After the impact of Van Dam’s arrival on the scene, Lashley was left feeling rather dismayed after his own announcement of signing for Raw became a rather low key affair. After a brief confrontation last week, the pair will meet tonight with both men wanting to kick off their new Monday Night Raw careers with a big win. No doubt one interested spectator will be the WWE Champion John Cena. While not scheduled to compete tonight, Cena will be in attendance, watching this match closely where a possible future contender to his title could emerge.

After pinning Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy in tag team action and then assisting Edge to a victory over Shawn Michaels, Kenny Dykstra made a huge name for himself and got his 2007 off to a great start. Tonight though, Hardy and D-Generation X members Triple H and Shawn Michaels will be out to even the score in six man tag team action, as they team up to take the Rated-RKO trio of Randy Orton, Edge and Dykstra. With Orton and Edge serving as the current World Tag Team Champions, and Jeff holding the Intercontinental Title, this match could have huge championship implications down the road for all six men involved.

Also in action tonight will be Carlito, as he finally looks to settle the score with Chris Masters. After feuding for months, the pair tried to end matters between them before Christmas, only for that match to end in a double disqualification. After meeting again last week during a tag team match, only for the pair to brawl their way around ringside, Masters and Carlito will step into the ring tonight determined to end things. As such, the finally battle between these two will be a no disqualification match, where there must be a winner! A win tonight would not only see either man end hat has become a very bitter and personal rivalry, but no doubt see the winner sky rocket up the card. Can Masters lock on the deadly Masterlock to secure himself the win? Or will Carlito finally gain revenge for the heinous attack on his girlfriend Torrie Wilson just a few weeks ago?

Elsewhere, after continuing her dominance of the Divas as of late, Victoria gets a crack at Woman's Champion Mickie James, albeit in tag team action, Ric Flair squares off against Charlie Haas after defeating the other half of the World's Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin, last week, and the Samoan wrecking ball Umaga will be in action, no doubt looking to inflict pain and punishment on yet another member of the Raw roster. The Road to the Rumble continues live tonight on Monday Night Raw!!

Confirmed Matches

Non Title Match: ECW Champion Bobby Lashley vs. Rob Van Dam
Rated-RKO vs. D-Generation X and Jeff Hardy
No Disqualification Match: Carlito vs. Chris Masters
Ric Flair vs. Charlie Haas
Mickie James and Candice Michelle vs. Victoria and Melina

Umaga will be in action

Plus: WWE Champion John Cena will be in attendance!

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Pretty nice card you've got here, iMac. Four very good looking matches you've got yourself there, especially with the six man tag match to build for maybe some future title stuff. Have to say, I'm liking what you've done with Dykstra thus far in this thread, and having him included in Rated-RKO is a huge positive so that he can get a rub of it. Haas (not Hass ) vs. Flair should be good if it gets enough time considering both guys own pretty hard, plus Van Dam/Lashley and Carlito/Masters should be good too. Hopefully we get some sort of promo from Cena, with someone confronting him because the RUmble is coming up and he does need an opponent.

Looking like a good show, my man. Expect me to drop by with a review when it's up.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

I have to agree with BkB. The card looks great thus far. The whole last ECW Champion and ECW legacy storyline with Lashley and RVD seems quite intriguing, especially considering how VKM is kinda involved. RKO vs. DX should be a treat, and I'm anxious to see where this goes, and how Kenny fares in all of this. Carlito/Masters and Flair/Haas should also be a treat for readers. Surprised to not see anything regarding the WWE Champion, but show looks phenomenal just from the preview. Looking forward to it!

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Pretty good preview here, with a lot of quality matches lined up. Looking forward to seeing more of Kenny Dykstra and RatedRKO. No clue who'll face Cena at the Royal Rumble, so this should be a pivitol time for finding his challenger. Looking forward to it.
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