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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Pretty stacked looking show you've got here, really gearing up toward Saturday Night's Main Event and WrestleMania. The two tag matches should be quality, plus with the gimmick of the MITB qualifiers, the announcement of a new (if only interim) GM and the heavyweight title situations continuing to form ahead of WrestleMania, you've got a lot to look forward to here. I'm looking forward to seeing it all deliver now.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~Friday Night Smackdown~
March 2nd, 2007
San Jose, California

"...one last thing... welcome to Smackdown!"

No opening video, no pyro display. Instead, it's a cold opening as we go straight into the arena, a hushed buzz ringing around the arena, but for the most part silence until we hear from the announce team...

Michael Cole: Welcome everybody to Friday Night Smackdown. I'm Michael Cole, alongside me are John Bradshaw Layfield and Tazz, we are just 24 hours away from Saturday Night's Main Event. Folks, last week Mr. Kennedy was involved in an altercation with our General Manager Teddy Long, in which Long was choked unconscious and removed from the arena on a stretcher. Earlier today on wwe.com, it was announced that Teddy Long had not been medically cleared to return to his post, and that by order of 'The Chairman of the Board' Mr. McMahon, a new Interim General Manager would be announced tonight.

Tazz: And ever since then, the whole Smackdown locker room has been buzzin' over who's gonna be our new GM. I mean it could be anybody, a lotta names flyin' about right now, even your name 'JBL'!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Well bein' the business and financial genius that I am, it would perfect sense for Mr. McMahon to name me the Interim General Manager. But I hate to break it to ya' fellas, but my people haven't been contacted about the position, so I gotta assume it ain't me.

Tazz: Thank God for that...

Michael Cole: As we understand it, our new General Manager is gonna be announced right here right now! So let's hand it over to Tony Chimel for the announcement...

We now cut to the hard camera to see Tony Chimel already stood in the ring, microphone in his hand...

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, by order of Mr. McMahon the new Interim Smackdown General Manager...

Chimel pauses, letting the anticipation build... until...


A collective groan rings around the arena, as to the disbelief and disgust of all, Jonathan Coachman steps out from the back. 'Coach' is full of smiles as he heads for the ring, his arms widespread as he basks in the glory of his triumphant arrival on Smackdown...

Tazz: Are you kiddin' me?!

Michael Cole: Well... uh, certainly an interesting decision by Mr. McMahon. Like it or not... Jonathan Coachman is the Interim General Manager of Smackdown.

Tazz: I... I can't believe this!

John Bradshaw Layfield: I love it! What a brilliant decision from Mr. McMahon! Just fantastic! Give 'em the job permanently right now!

'Coach' makes his way into the ring, receiving the microphone from Chimel, before he once again opens his arms to the crowd, who continue to boo profusely while Coachman simply smiles. The music stops and the heat dies down, with 'Coach' broadly smiling, clearly delighted at his recent promotion...

Jonathan Coachman: Thank you! Thank you very much! Thank you!

Nothing but heat, but 'Coach' remains defiant with his smile...

Jonathan Coachman: Thank you for the warm welcome. Now, it was pretty clear to me that last week, Teddy Long has lost all control over Smackdown. From random brawls, to people walkin' out here with microphones whenever they feel like it, to corruption durin' World Heavyweight Championship matches, Teddy Long was quite possibly the worse ever General Manager in Smackdown's history!

More heat...

Jonathan Coachman: You people can boo all you want, but when Teddy Long invited Ric Flair into a Smackdown arena with the sole purpose of savin' the World Heavyweight Champion for Batista, he shoulda been FIRED on the spot!

More heat...

Jonathan Coachman: As far as I'm concerned, Teddy Long is nothin' short of a corrupt politician who let power go to his head. Well folks, I am here on Smackdown, by order of Mr. McMahon, to clean up Friday nights! There will be no-more backstage deals bein' cut, no more people makin' their own matches, no more arena wide brawls. This is my show now, and it will be run in my way. And for my first order of business, I'd like to bring out here the man who I consider the main cause of a lot of the problems here on Friday nights.

'Coach' paces the ring, shaking his head...

Jonathan Coachman: A man who quite frankly should know better. A man who should know to show more respect to authority figures here in the WWE.

The crowd naturally assumes 'Coach' is referring to Mr. Kennedy, however...

Jonathan Coachman: Of course, I'm talkin' about... the World - Heavyweight - Champion... Batista!

After a few moments silence...


A massive pop as Batista strides out from the back. Dressed in jeans and a black vest, the champion is not dressed to compete yet, although he carries his title across his shoulder as he confidently makes his way down to the ring...

Michael Cole: Well Jonathan Coachman is our new General Manager, and he's just put the blame for what happened to Teddy Long last week squarely on 'The Animal'.

Tazz: Is this guy for real? I mean, he comes out here as our new GM, he runs down Teddy Long, then he calls out Batista?!

John Bradshaw Layfield: I like 'im already! He's not messin' around, avoidin' the issue like Teddy Long did. Batista has been gettin' away with whatever he wants for months now, and 'Coach' ain't gonna stand for it!

Batista enters the ring with a smile on his face, a smile of disbelief that he flashes at Coachman as he walks past, heading to the corner to climb to the second rope to raise his title in the air before dropping down and being handed a mic...

Jonathan Coachman: Batista, I want to thank you for joinin' me tonight. Now, from what I can see, there's been a lot of people runnin' their mouths, takin' shots whenever they feel like it. And quite frankly, I blame YOU for that Batista.

The crowd boos as Batista raises his eyebrows above his sunglasses...

Jonathan Coachman: You are the World Heavyweight Champion, you should be setting an example to the rest of the roster. You shouldn't be settin' up deals between Ric Flair and Teddy Long. Your victory at No Way Out was nothin' short of a disgrace. You brought shame on the World Heavyweight Championship with your actions. You don't deserve to hold that title anymore.

Feeling big headed, 'Coach' aggressively points a finger at the title across Batista's shoulder...

Jonathan Coachman: I should strip you of that title right now!

A gasp from the crowd, but when Batista steps forward to get in Coachman's face, 'Coach' quickly backs down...

Jonathan Coachman: But uh... I won't. No, I want to see you lose that title at Wrestlemania. And that's why I'm goin' to give Mr. Kennedy one last chance to be involved at Wrestlemania.

A few boos for the announcement, with Batista giving 'Coach' a look of disgust...

Batista: Wait a minute. Last week, Kennedy chokes out Teddy Long, puts him in a hospital, makes him unable to continue as General Manager... and you reward him with another chance at the World Heavyweight Championship?

'Coach' nods his head...

Batista: Where do you get off on makin' a decision like that? Is that how it's gonna be around here now you're in charge? People can just beat up defenceless people all they want, and you're gonna give 'em title shots for it? Kennedy should be suspended for the way he's been actin' these last few weeks.

'Coach' smiles as he shakes his head...

Jonathan Coachman: Look Batista, these last few months that I've been Mr. McMahon's Executive Assistant have been a real education for me. I've seen Mr. McMahon rule Raw with an iron fist, and I intend to do the same here on Smackdown. So I'm afraid... you're just gonna have to fall in line like everybody else.

More heat...

Jonathan Coachman: Now I have you out here for two reasons Batista. One... I wanted to give you a warning face to face. You better start settin' the example champ. As Mr. McMahon always says, we can do things the easy way or the hard way... and you don't want things the hard way Batista, I promise you that.

More boos from the crowd, as behind the sunglasses the rage in 'The Animal' starts to build...

Jonathan Coachman: And two... you will be in action tomorrow night at Saturday Night's Main Event!


Jonathan Coachman: If Mr. Kennedy is gonna make it to the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania... he's gonna beat you to get there. So tomorrow night, it's gonna be Mr. Kennedy... teaming with the 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Edge... against you Batista... and a partner of your choosing. That is, of course, if you can find anybody stupid enough to team with you!

'Coach' laughs to himself, while Batista smirks and shakes his head...

Jonathan Coachman: But that's not all Dave! Y'see, you better find a partner in a hurry. 'Cause seein' as this is my first night as Friday Night Smackdown's General Manager, I want this show to have a huge main event! So here's what I've decided. Tonight, we're gonna have an eight man tag team match, featuring three of the matches scheduled for Saturday Night's Main Event. 'Cause as of this moment, I am signing off on Kane and Umaga goin' one on one tomorrow night, live on NBC!

A brief pop for that announcement, but Batista listens on intently for tonight's main event...

Jonathan Coachman: So tonight Batista, it's gonna be you, Kane, Chris Benoit and whatever idiot you find to be on your team tomorrow night... takin' on Edge, Mr. Kennedy, the United States Champion Finlay, and the undefeated, 'Samoan' Bulldozer Umaga!

Batista nods his head, seemingly up for the challenge tonight...

Jonathan Coachman: Now tonight, we're gonna celebrate my arrival here on Smackdown! Enjoy the show, and remember that-

Batista shocks 'Coach' by putting his hand on top of Coachman's microphone...

Batista: Before you finish, I got somethin' I wanna say to you. I can't believe you've rewarded Kennedy like this. I really don't understand what you're thinkin' with that one. But I'll find a partner... and I'll end any chance of Kennedy goin' to Wrestlemania tomorrow night. But I got a warnin' of my own for you.

Batista goes eye to eye with 'Coach' removing his sunglasses...

Batista: When I'm done with Kennedy, I'll be settin' my sights on Edge. And if you try get in my way, if you try get involved in my match with Edge... you might wind up like Teddy Long.

The crowd pops as fear grips Coachman's face...

Batista: Oh... and one last thing... welcome to Smackdown!

Suddenly Batista drops down, grabbing Coach... and drilling him with a thunderous SPINEBUSTER!! The arena erupts as Batista hammers Coachman, 'The Animal' sending an emphatic message to the new General Manager! The crowd is still going wild as 'Coach' writhes on the mat in pain, with Batista standing over Coachman, smiling down at his new boss before grabbing his sunglasses and title and then heading for the turnbuckle...


Michael Cole: Oh my! I think our Interim General Manager just found out what 'The Animal' thinks about 'im!

John Bradshaw Layfield: What the hell is that idiot doin'?! He can't do that! He's just signed his own death warrant right there! You can't put your hands on authority like that!

Tazz: I didn't hear you complainin' when Kennedy did it last week! What a statement from the World Heavyweight Champion! Jonathan Coachman came in here tryin' to lay down the law, and it backfired on 'im!

Michael Cole: What a way to kick off Smackdown! What on earth could happen later tonight?!

Batista continues to pose on the second rope, flexing his arms and holding his title high in the air, while on the mat 'Coach' has barely moved, clutching his neck and writhing in pain as we head off to a commercial.


And we return straight back into the arena for...


The commentary team are interrupted by a big pop for the WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans, with Paul London and Brian Kendrick sprinting down to the ring while Ashley Massaro jogs down not far behind...

Michael Cole: Welcome back folks, we've got a huge night ahead of us, and we're kickin' off the action in a big way with the WWE Tag Team Championships on the line! A rematch from No Way Out, as London and Kendrick look to see off the challenge of La Resistance once and for all.

John Bradshaw Layfield: As far as I'm concerned, La Resistance should already be champions. They had that match at No Way Out won until Ashley stuck her nose in it. I can't believe she hasn't been banned from ringside for this one. Another decision that Teddy Long got wrong.

Tazz: Well Ashley was just tryin' to stop Maryse gettin' involved. There mighta been a bit of controversy to the endin' of the match at No Way Out, but we're gonna settle things tonight, and I'm rootin' for the champs right here!


Some precent decent heat as La Resistance make their way down the aisle, Maryse leading the way as Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier bring up the rear, all three dressed in their sleevless trench coats with Maryse flicking her palm at the fans in the front row as she jumps up onto the apron...

Michael Cole: Last week Maryse made the challenge to The Hooligans for a rematch tonight, but even more interesting was that after London and Kendrick had excepted, The Bluebloods Regal, Taylor and Burchill jumped the champions from behind.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Another team that felt they hadn't got the shot they deserved. The Bluebloods fresh off a win over The Extremists at No Way Out, they feel like they oughta be next in line.

Tazz: No doubt The Bluebloods are gonna be watchin' this one real close. They'll be wantin' a shot at whoever the champs are gonna be... and I'm still thinkin' it's gonna be London and Kendrick...

Match 1: WWE Tag Team Championships Match
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans w/ Ashley Massaro vs. La Resistance w/ Maryse

London and Grenier kick things off, but as they circle the ring Dupree reaches in and slaps London on the back, prompting London to turn and swing a right hand at him. Dupree drops to the floor to avoid the contact, but this is all the opening Grenier needs as he clubs London from behind. Forearms land to the back of the neck, before Grenier takes London up and down with a scoop slam, tagging in Dupree. Grenier holds London open so Dupree can bury a right hand into the midsection, before a big right hand knocks London into the ropes. An Irish whip sends London across, and Dupree lowers his head... back body drop... but London lands on his feet... and tags in Kendrick! Dupree doesn’t realise, dancing the pas de basque in celebration of a successful back body drop, until Maryse furiously yells for him to turn... right into a double clothesline! Grenier storms the ring, but is met with a right hand... and then duelling dropkicks but both La Resistance members down, rolling under the bottom rope at opposite sides of the ring!

The crowd pops for the faced past offence, but the champions don’t stop there, as Kendrick grabs on top rope while London is running towards another... corkscrew plancha from Kendrick... suicide dive from London! The champions fly through the air to take out La Resistance, with London tossing Dupree back into the ring as the legal man Kendrick is already perched on the top rope... flying crossbody! 1... 2... Dupree kicks out. Kendrick then looks to come off the ropes, but Grenier grabs a handful of hair... and yanks Kendrick to the mat! Grenier pleads his innocence as the referee enquires as to what happened, but Dupree doesn’t waste any time in taking advantage, firing Kendrick to the La Resistance corner with a hard Irish whip that causes Kendrick to collapse to the mat.

Grenier gets the tag, and La Resistance now look to go to work, starting with a double Irish whip into a double hiptoss. Both men lay in with boots until Dupree is ordered from the ring, but La Resistance continue to work hard to pull sneaky double team attacks, as when Kendrick is pushed into their corner, Grenier gives the distraction that allows Dupree to choke Kendrick behind the refs back. Grenier now unloads with right hands to the face and shoulders to the midsection against the turnbuckle, before he takes Kendrick up and down with a suplex, gaining a near fall. The quick tags now follow as Kendrick is isolated in the La Resistance corner, with the challengers focusing much of their attack on the midsection, as Kendrick is subjected to a gutbuster and a rib breaker, both gaining 2 counts. It’s at this point with the challengers in full control that we cut to a shot backstage to see William Regal, Dave Taylor and Paul Burchill stood infront of a monitor, keenly watching the match unfold.

The challengers again come close to victory as Dupree connects on a spinebuster, with the offense quickly being focused back on the midsection, as kicks, fists and shoulders connect to it in the corner. Dupree tags in Grenier, with both La Resistance members going for a double Irish whip... into a double spinebuster... but Kendrick counters... double DDT! Kendrick plants both opponents, and crawls for his corner... only for Maryse to jump up on the apron! The referee demands that Maryse drop down, but she protests... as Kendrick tags in London! The crowd pops as London races into the ring... only for the ref to cut him off, he never saw the tag! London can’t believe it as the referee orders him from the ring, and while he pleads his case Dupree and Grenier make their move... Grenier takes Kendrick up with a side suplex... and Dupree takes him down with a neckbreaker! Grenier makes the cover... but London still hasn’t left the ring! Finally the ref gets London out, turning back to the ring... 1... 2... Kendrick kicks out! Kendrick barely hangs on, we almost had new champions!

Grenier tags in Dupree, who drills yet another boot to the midsection, before he takes Kendrick up in the air... Gorilla press slam... no! Kendrick drops down the back... and takes Dupree down with a rollup... 1... 2... Dupree kicks out... but the force of the kick out sends Kendrick to his corner... where he tags in London! London springs into the ring, ducking underneath a Dupree clothesline to knock down the onrushing Grenier with a forearm, before he turns back to Dupree to put him down with a dropkick. Here comes Grenier... but London uses his momentum to send him flying over the top rope! Now it’s Dupree who attacks, but he runs into a kick... and then a hurricanrana! 1... 2... Dupree kicks out! London looks to quicken the pace as he fires Dupree to the corner... but when he charges in, Dupree avoids the offence, and then hooks London from behind for an atomic drop... but London rolls right through, landing behind Dupree... jumping enziguiri! London kicks Dupree square on the side of the head, hooking the leg... 1... 2... Grenier makes the save! Grenier drops an elbows across the back of the head, but before he can take advantage, Kendrick grabs him... and again launches Dupree to the floor!

Dupree lands right next to Maryse, who tries to help her man up... right as Kendrick is lining up a plancha! Kendrick shouts for Maryse to move, but she remains defiant, shouting abuse at Kendrick in French... until out of nowhere Ashley tackles Maryse to the floor! Ashley wipes out Maryse... and Kendrick wipes out Grenier with the plancha! As Kendrick hammers Grenier on the outside, London looks to send Dupree to the corner... but Dupree reverses and charges in... but London avoids the contact, with Dupree crashing into the turnbuckle... and then London takes him down with a tornado DDT! The crowd pop as they know what’s coming, as with Dupree in perfect position London climbs to the top rope... 450 SPLASH!!! London gets every inch of it, hooking both legs... 1... 2... 3!!

Winners: And still WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hooligans @ 08.18

A big pop rings out around the arena as London and Kendrick emphatically see off Dupree and Grenier, the champions celebrating with Ashley before being handed their titles to raise them high in the air. Kendrick and London hug, delighted at seeing off yet another set of challengers, while the camera once again cuts backstage to see the smiling William Regal nodding confidently, while alongside Paul Burchill and Dave Taylor wear mean scowls, the challengers-elect now having their sights set on London and Kendrick before we head off into commercial.


*Video Package*


MARCH 29th, 1998

After months of build up, fans are at fever pitch for the upcoming match between Undertaker and his brother Kane, however before the match can begin, disgraced baseball legend Pete Rose heads down to the ring to perform the duties of guest ring announcer. However, once Rose is in the ring, he proceeds to insult the Boston audience, taunting them with the fact that their beloved Boston Red Sox to this point hadn't won a World Series in 80 years due to 'The Curse of The Bambino'. However, all that changed when Kane made his entrance, with 'The Big Red Machine' delighting the Boston crowd by scooping Rose up for a devastating tombstone piledriver. This would begin somewhat of a Wrestlemania tradition, as Rose would return for revenge at both Wrestlemania XV, dressed as The San Diego Chicken, and again at Wrestlemania 2000. However, on both occasions Rose was thwarted by Kane, mercifully ending one of the most bizarre Wrestlemania traditions, until the two were reunited once more as Rose was inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame by Kane himself.


*End Video Package*

And now it's over to a rather sombre looking Josh Matthews, who is standing by for an interview...

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time... Mr. Kennedy.

A incredibly smug looking Mr. Kennedy enters the frame to a ridiculous amount of heat, the boos ringing out from inside the arena. Kennedy cockily chews gum in Josh's face, with Matthews not hiding his disdain for Kennedy after his actions last week...

Josh Matthews: And Mr. Kennedy, we were just wondering what your thoughts are on the fact that tomorrow night at Saturday Night's Main Event, you get one last chance at bein' in the World Heavyweight Championship Match at Wrestlemania as you team with Edge to take on Batista and a partner of his choosing?

Kennedy smirks once more, laughing to himself...

Mr. Kennedy: One - last - chance, huh? One last chance... that is more than deserved by the way. Y'see, I didn't want to go to the extreme's that I did last week, but ol' Teddy... he didn't give me any other choice. Y'know, if Teddy had acted in good faith durin' all o' this, last week wouldn't have happened.

Kennedy shrugs his shoulder sarcastically...

Mr. Kennedy: If I'm bein' honest wit' ya'... what happened to Teddy Long last week... was all his fault.

Kennedy smirks again as Matthews stares at him furiously...

Mr. Kennedy: Now as for tomorrow night, I might not have my match with Ric Flair... but I guess I'll just have to settle for the World Heavyweight Championship. 'Cause I will win that tag team match. Edge... we may have had some sort of agreement in the past, but tomorrow night... how 'bout you step aside and let me handle things?

Kennedy arrogantly smiles at the camera...

Mr. Kennedy: I don't need any help tomorrow night Edge. I'll take on Batista, and whoever he drags from the gutter to help 'im... and I will become World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania. Teddy Long has held me down for too damn long, and I won't be held down anymore!

Kennedy now gets serious, staring at the camera intently...

Mr. Kennedy: So Jona-... I mean... Mister Coachman... I applaud your decision. And if it's a big time main event ya' want... you're gonna get it tonight... and again at Wrestlemania... courtesy of Mr. Kennedy.

Kennedy turns and heads of camera, Matthews angrily watching him leave...

Josh Matthews: Thank you Mr. Kennedy, guys back-

Mr. Kennedy: KEN - NAH -DAY!!

Matthews is caught off guard as Kennedy springs back into the frame to repeat his name, once more flashing that cocky smirk before he heads off again, leaving a shocked Matthews behind as we head back into the arena for...


A good level of heat as King Booker makes his entrance, the lovely Queen Sharmell by his side as always. The two bow and curtsey at the top of the aisle, before they make their way down to the ring, Booker's nose up turned every step of the way...

Michael Cole: That interview pretty much sums up Mr. Kennedy for me. I can't believe after his actions last week, he had the nerve to put the blame on Teddy Long.

Tazz: One o' these days that punk's gonna get a real ass kickin'. I really mean that.

Michael Cole: Well it's time for the first Money in the Bank qualifier, and here comes King Booker, scheduled to take on Sabu.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And that right there is one o' the favourites if ya' ask me. King Booker, a former World Heavyweight Champion, besides myself, one of the most successful champions in Smackdown history. If he qualifies tonight, he's gotta be in with a huge chance of winnin'.

Michael Cole: And what about that supposed deal that was struck between Booker and MVP last week? Both men are apparently gonna work together to give them the best chance to win at Wrestlemania.

Tazz: Well Booker's gotta get past my man Sabu first. And that ain't gonna be easy.


And it's a solid pop that welcomes Sabu into the arena, who has Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman along with him for company. Sabu stops at the top of the aisle to point to the heavens, before he leads his Extremist colleagues down to the ring...

Tazz: And I like this move right here. Ya' think Booker and MVP might try somethin', so ya' bring your buddies down to ringside to watch your back. I like the fact Dreamer and Sandman are out here, real smart move by Sabu.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Did you just say smart and Sabu in the same sentence without laughin'?

Tazz: Hey man you better watch ya' mouth...

Michael Cole: Alright, let's not start that again. What a huge opportunity for both men, the chance to go to Wrestlemania is on the line right here...

Match 2: Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
King Booker w/ Queen Sharmell vs. Sabu w/ Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman

As the bell rings, both men take a quick glance at the Wrestlemania XXIII banner hanging from the rafters, with Booker licking his lips at the thought of going to the show. The pair tie up, with Booker quickly working into a standing waistlock, before a waistlock takedown brings both men to the mat, where Booker floats over into a grounded headlock, delivering a disrespectful slap to the back of the head before he gets back to his feet. Booker smirks as Sabu makes it back up, with the two again tying up, this time Booker working into a standing side headlock. Sabu fires Booker off the ropes, and catches Booker with a low-angle dropkick to the knee. Booker goes down, but Sabu wastes no time, racing towards the nearby ropes, jumping up, and catching Booker with a springboard back elbow! Booker is stunned, stumbling back to his feet and falling against the ropes... prompting Sabu to clothesline him over the top rope!

Sharmell is quickly over to check on her man, helping Booker back to his knees. Sabu doesn’t want to wait though, as he walks over and grabs the top rope... to launch himself for a summersault plancha! Sharmell screams and runs for safety as Sabu flies through the air to take out Booker! ‘The King’ is reeling as Sabu rolls him back into the ring, barely managing to kick out as Sabu hooks the leg. Looking to continue to work at a fast pace, Sabu again heads for the ropes, only this time Sharmell reaches in and grabs Sabu by the ankle! Sabu puts on the breaks, and even has a quick kick at the bottom rope to shoo Sharmell away... but it costs him as when Sabu turns back to the action, Booker is already back on his feet... to nail the Harlem sidekick! Booker takes his time to regroup, before he mounts Sabu to hammer down with well placed right hands.

Grabbing a handful of hair, Booker pulls Sabu to a vertical base, unloading with knee after knee to the side of the head, before a big chop to the chest backs Sabu into the corner. A hard Irish whip sends Sabu across, with Booker following in for a big clothesline against the turnbuckle. A few chops ting the chest of Sabu, before Booker again goes for the Irish whip... but this time Sabu runs up the ropes, coming off the top rope with a moonsault that Booker runs under. Sabu lands behind Booker, spinning him around to tag Booker with a pair of rights... but when Sabu swings a third, Booker ducks, elevating Sabu over the top rope... but Sabu lands on the apron... only for Booker to hit another Harlem sidekick, sending Sabu crashing into the barricade! Booker wastes no time in heading outside to continue his attack, as he hoists Sabu up on his shoulder... then drops him throat first across the barricade! Sabu gasps and splutters for breath, but Booker doesn’t let up, rolling Sabu back into the ring for a near fall.

Booker then locks on a seated rear chinlock, looking to focus his assault on the neck of Sabu. Dreamer and Sandman act as cheerleaders on the outside, rallying the crowd to get behind Sabu, while Sharmell screams at the audience to shut up. Sabu makes it back to his feet, drilling an elbow to the midsection, with a second finally breaking the hold. Right hands back Booker into the corner, where Sabu fires him across... and follows in to jump onto the second rope... for a springboard tornado DDT! Sabu plants Booker and hooks the leg... 1... 2... Booker rolls the shoulder, much to Sharmell’s relief. Sabu looks to stay on the attack, racing for the ropes as Booker stumbles to his feet... springboard leg lariat! Booker goes down again, and after again pointing to the heavens, Sabu climbs to the top rope, steadies himself... and flies... DIVING LEGDROP!! Sabu gets all of it and hooks the leg... but there’s no count! Sabu can’t believe it, but the reason is soon clear... as Sharmell is on the apron distracting the referee!

Realising what’s going on, Dreamer and Sandman race around the ring... and Dreamer lifts Sharmell off the apron, placing her down on the floor... face to face with The Sandman, Singapore cane and all! Sandman winds the cane up in his hands like he’s about to face a fastball, the crowd cheering him on, begging him to swing for Sharmell! The referee dips his head through the ropes, pleading with Sandman to show mercy, but the crowds cheers soon turn to commotion... as sliding under the bottom rope is Montel Vontavious Porter! All three Extremists are oblivious, especially Sabu... who turns into a kick to the midsection... then the PLAYMAKER! ‘MVP’ plants Sabu and then slides back over the bottom rope, leaping over the barricade. Sandman comes to his senses and allows Sharmell to run to safety, prompting the ref to turn back to the ring... to see Booker has draped an arm across Sabu’s body... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: King Booker @ 05.49

Booker steals it, thanks to a huge assist from 'MVP'! Quickly racing back into the crowd, 'MVP' hightails out of the arena before Dreamer or Sandman can get their hands on him, and Booker quickly backs up the ramp, arm in arm with his Queen, the two looking delighted as Booker is going to Wrestlemania, while in the ring The Extremists are a mix of dejection and anger at what went down, but the camera switches back to the delighted Sharmell, who helps her man backstage as we head off into commercial.


And when we return, Kristal Marshall has a microphone in her hand, waiting to do an interview...

Kristal Marshall: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time... Armando Alejandro Estrada... and 'The Samoan Bulldozer', Umaga.

A ton of heat as Armando Alejandro Estrada and Umaga enter the shot, with the hulking Umaga snarling at Kristal, intimidating the interviewer, prompting Estrada to place a hand on the monster's shoulder in an attempt to calm him down...

Kristal Marshall: And uh... Armando, last week we saw Kane come down to the ring after Umaga's match with The Boogeyman, prompting our new General Manager Jonathan Coachman to put Umaga against Kane tomorrow night at Saturday Night's Main Event. What are your thoughts on this?

Estrada angrily snaps his head towards Kristal...

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Todos... ju', haha, listen... to me! We came to Smackdown for one thing... to face De' Undertaker! And Kane, amigo... ju' just pissed off de' wrong monster! Ju' ain't nothin' but de'... commes se dice... warm up! Haha!

Umaga now turns to snarl at the camera...

Armando Alejandro Estrada: 'Dis... is 'De' Saaaaa-mo-ann BULLDOZERRRRRRR... OOOOOOMAGA'!! Ju' don't want to mess wit' us amigo! And now 'dat ju' did... ju' gonna pay de' price tomorrow night! We... gonna make a... commes se dice... example of ju'! We want De' Undertaker... and we still don't have him. So tomorrow night...

Estrada turns and looks in awe at Umaga...

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Kane... Umaga is gonna destroy ju'! But before 'dis... we want ju' to give jur' brother De' Undertaker, a little message. Ju' tell De' Undertaker... 'dat we wanna see him in de' ring 'dis Saturday night! We have issued de' challenge... and we want de' answer. So 'ju go to de' Death Valley... and ju' tell De' Undertaker 'dat we want an answer!

Estrada now turns back to the camera, snatching his sunglasses from his eyes...

Armando Alejandro Estrada: We want de' streak amigo! And we want 'de answer... tomorrow night!

Estrada laughs while Umaga lets out a tribal scream, his eyes piercing a menacing look down the camera lens, with Kristal shaking in fear as we head to another backstage area.

To see Sabu sat on a steel folding chair in a backstage area, Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman stood nearby. Sabu has an ice pack across his neck, while Sandman casually chugs a can of beer...

Tommy Dreamer: I'm sorry man. We got distracted, we shoulda been there.

Sabu sadly nods his head, accepting Dreamer's apology before again placing the ice pack on his neck...

Tommy Dreamer: We'll get 'em next time, don't-

All three Extremists soon turn their heads to the presence stood behind them, with the camera turning to reveal... it's The Full Bloodied Italians! A few boos ring out from inside the arena as Santino Marella stands proudly at the front of his crew, with Big Vito, Tony Mamaluke and Nunzio stood behind him, while Trinity has her arm linked with Marella's...

Santino Marella: Ah look. It's 'ah' de' loser Sabu. I don't 'ah' understand why 'ah' you showed up tonight. De' Mr. Money in 'ah' de' Bank has already been decided!

Angrily Dreamer, Sabu and Sandman step forward to go face to face with The F.B.I members...

Tommy Dreamer: What are you talkin' about?

Santino Marella: You see, next week, Santino Marella will 'ah' have de' Money in 'ah' de' Bank qualifying match! And 'dis 'ah' means that I... will be going to Wrestlemania... and I will 'ah' grab 'dat briefcase!

The rest of The F.B.I beam with pride...

Santino Marella: While you three? You will be 'ah' watchin' de' Wrestlemania at home. If Santino remembers... I might 'ah' let you shine my shoes for de' big night. As long as you bring 'ah' your shinebox!

Furious, Sabu slams his ice pack off the floor, much to the delight of Marella, clearly knowing he's managed to get under the skin of The Extremists...

Santino Marella: Excuse 'ah' me, it is time 'ah' we go. Ciao.

And with smug looks on their faces, The F.B.I head off, save in the knowledge that they've won the first verbal duel with The Extremists, while Dreamer and company can only look on angrily as the mafia leave.

Back into the arena for...


A good response as Bryan Danielson makes his entrance, fist pumping his way down the aisle with a determined look on his face...

Michael Cole: What was that all about? Santino Marella will have a Money in the Bank qualifier next week, but it seems he's gotten under the skin of The Extremists right there.

Tazz: We'll see if he's still that smug next week. I remember what happened during that guys debut at No Way Out, Bryan Danielson made 'im tap out in about five seconds.

Michael Cole: Well that was just one of the multiple eliminations Danielson was responsible for at No Way Out. And tomorrow night at Saturday Night's Main Event, Danielson will be involved in a Four Way Elimination Match to determine who will go to Wrestlemania to face Gregory Helms for the Cruiserweight Title.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And lemme guess, Danielson your guy, huh Cole? You two have been in love with this guy since before he even got here, and he ain't done nothin' to impress me so far. I don't see what you guys see in 'im, and I don't see 'im gettin' anywhere near Wrestlemania.

Michael Cole: Well perhaps the upcoming match up will shed some light on that...


A respectful cheer as Shannon Moore makes his entrance, wasting little time as he races down to the ring...

Michael Cole: They're partners tonight, but tomorrow night, Shannon Moore will no doubt be doin' all he can to see off the threat of Danielson.

Tazz: Well this guy is another who made an impression at No Way Out. Shannon kicked out the Cruiserweight Gauntlet, and he looked real sharp.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Another guy who's done nothin' to deserve the chance to challenge Gregory Helms at Wrestlemania. Moore had a shot at the title about a month ago and he blew it, he don't deserve another one.


A good level of boos as Chavo Guerrero steps out, Vickie Guerrero by his side. Chavo arrogantly plays up to the crowd, while Vickie is speaking in his ear, offering a few last minute words of advice...

John Bradshaw Layfield: Now here's a guy who would be worthy of goin' to Wrestlemania. Chavo Guerrero, a proud member of the Guerrero wrestling family, what a great match up that would be. He's my favourite this Saturday, I'm tippin' Chavo to get it done.

Michael Cole: Certainly Chavo is an expert when it comes to cruiserweight action, nobody would be surprised to see him win on Saturday night.

Tazz: Yeah but ya' got back to No Way Out, ya' remember the exchanges between Bryan and Chavo. Danielson got the better of Chavo that night, and I'm thinkin' it could easily happen again tomorrow night.


And the final member of the match up, Joey Mercury struts his way down the aisle to a few boos, before Mercury shakes off his fur coat and slides under the bottom rope...

Michael Cole: Now for me Joey Mercury's a real wildcard in all this. He made quite the impact at No Way Out, eliminating both Shannon Moore and Funaki before he succumbed to Bryan Danielson.

Tazz: Yeah but this guy can really go. Multiple time former tag team champion, he's lookin' to make a name for himself now in the cruiserweight division. No better place to do that live on NBC!

John Bradshaw Layfield: He's certainly got a lotta ability, a lotta talent. If it's not Chavo that wins, it's gonna be this guy.

With all four competitors in the ring, we're ready to start, until...


*IT'S TIME...*

Surprisingly the Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms heads for the ring, dressed in street clothes, his Cruiserweight Title slung over his shoulder. Helms makes his way around the side of the ring, throwing some trash talk Danielson's way before he arrives at the announce desk...

John Bradshaw Layfield: What a treat! What an honour! We're bein' joined by the Cruiserweight Champion of the World, Gregory Helms! How ya' doin' champ?

Helms grabs a headset and places it over his skull cap, before he shares a vigorous handshake with 'JBL'...

Gregory Helms: I'm doin' good 'JBL'.

Michael Cole: And Gregory, I can only-

Gregory Helms: How many time have I gotta tell you Cole? It's Mister Helms to you.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Ah don't worry about him champ. Can I just say what a privilege it is to have the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all time sat next to me? What a fantastic match this is gonna be, purely 'cause you're here on commentary now. Infact, Cole, Tazz, why don't you two shut up and let me and Gregory handle this?

Tazz: 'Cause if we did that we'd have no viewers left...

Michael Cole: This is gonna be a really long match...

Match 3: Tag Team Match
Chavo Guerrero and Joey Mercury w/ Vickie Guerrero vs. Bryan Danielson and Shannon Moore

Danielson and Mercury step forward to start the match, with both men locking up for an aggressive collar and elbow tie up. Mercury quickly drills a knee to the midsection, then clubs Bryan on the back of the neck. Mercury then looks for an Irish whip, only for Danielson to reverse it... and then drop to the mat as Mercury runs over him... then spring to his feet to for a running knee to the gut that puts Mercury down! A flurry of stiff kicks land to the spine, with Danielson showing a ton of aggression to the delight of the crowd, before a hard Irish whip sends Mercury to the corner. Bryan steadies himself in the opposite corner, before he races across the ring... for a dropkick against the turnbuckle! Mercury slumps out of the corner, and Danielson quickly hooks the leg, getting an early near fall.

Danielson drags Mercury back to his feet, wringing on the wrist and tagging in Moore, with the faces combining to send Mercury off the ropes with a double Irish whip... into a double back elbow... and then Moore comes off the ropes for a snap legdrop that gets another near fall. Moore looks to stay on the attack, but Mercury drives a knee to the midsection, stumbling to his corner to tag in Chavo, who slingshots into the ring and races at Shannon... who catches him with a hiptoss! Chavo is quickly back up... but he walks into a scoop slam! Again Chavo is up... again a scoop slam puts him down, with Moore then coming off the ropes... but Mercury drives a knee into the small of the back! Moore puts on the breaks... and knocks Mercury off the apron with a right hand... but he turns right into a spinning wheel kick from Chavo! The force of the kick knocks Moore through the ropes, landing at the base of the announce desk, but also next to where Mercury landed after the right hand. Chavo turns to pick a fight with Danielson, drawing the attention of the referee, allowing Mercury to grab Shannon... and drive him spine first into the announce desk! The referee sees none of Mercury’s attack, neither does he see Mercury rolling Moore under the bottom rope, with Chavo quick to take advantage by repeatedly dropping his knee to the small of the back.

Chavo and Mercury now show some solid teamwork as they work well together to target Moore’s spine, with Chavo rocking Moore with a German suplex while Mercury connects on a swinging neckbreaker, causing further damage to the back with the impact of the moves. Mercury and Guerrero make plenty of quick tags as they continue to attack the back, and it’s off one of them that Mercury holds Moore in position, allowing Chavo to nail several painful forearms to the spine before the ref is finally able to get Mercury out of the ring. A standing dropkick puts Moore down for a near fall, and with Shannon on the mat Chavo hooks up Moore’s leg and pulls back... for a bow and arrow stretch! Shannon cries out in pain as Chavo locks on the excruciating hold, applying all kinds of pressure to the back. Moore hangs on in there, and with Danielson rallying the crowd, he slowly manages to fight back, first freeing his arms and then forcing himself back down to his knees... where he drills Guerrero with a pair of elbows, causing Chavo to roll away. Both men stumble back to their feet, with Shannon striking first with a right hand... and another... before he charges off the ropes... and ducks a clothesline... but can’t avoid a huge tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Chavo gets all of it, hooking the leg... 1... 2... Moore rolls a shoulder!

The crowd cheers as Chavo looks on in disbelief, sure he had the match won. Quickly tagging in Mercury, Chavo then holds Moore in place as Mercury climbs to the top rope... but Moore dives to safety... and Mercury’s missile dropkick catches Chavo square in the face! Mercury doesn’t react in time... as Shannon dives for his corner... and tags in Danielson! Bryan steps through the ropes just as Mercury charges... big boot to the face from Danielson! Bryan looks to quicken the pace as he goes for an Irish whip to the corner... but Mercury reverses... only for Bryan to run up the ropes, moonsaulting off the top over the onrushing Mercury! Bryan lands on his feet and charges off the ropes... to duck a clothesline and keep on running... for a flying clothesline of his own! Here comes Chavo back into things, but Danielson ducks his running clothesline... tiger suplex! 1... 2... Mercury makes the save! Mercury now starts to tag Bryan with forearms to the side of the head, only for Danielson to rock him with a kick to the skull!

Mercury slumps to the mat, with Danielson feeling the effects of the forearm, tagging in Moore, who heads for the top rope, and waits for Mercury to rise... flying crossbody! 1... 2... Chavo makes the save! Again Danielson and Moore are denied victory, but here comes Bryan... clothesline over the top rope to the floor! Guerrero and Danielson both land hard near the announce desk, with Helms now standing up out of his chair. In the ring, Moore stays on the attack, while on the outside Danielson drags Chavo up... only for Chavo to shove Danielson away... right into Helms! The Cruiserweight Champion is knocked back into his chair, with Danielson staring at Helms before going back to Chavo. In the ring, Moore and Mercury are trading right hands, until Moore is sent to the corner... here comes Mercury... but Moore avoids the contact, leaving Mercury to run chest first into the turnbuckle! Moore quickly springs to the top rope... and flies to hit the Mooregasm! Moore hooks the leg, he has the match won... but the referee is distracted by the standoff at ringside between Helms and Danielson! The ref pleads for the two to back away, allowing Chavo to slide back into the ring, to drag Moore up, kick him in the midsection, then hook him up... GORY BOMB!! Guerrero plants Moore and drags Mercury on top of him... just as Danielson nails Helms with a forearm to the face! Helms crashes into the announce desk... 1... with Bryan now turning back to the match... 2... but it’s already too late... 3!

Winners: Chavo Guerrero and Joey Mercury @ 07.34

Guerrero and Mercury get the win, thanks in part to an assist from Helms, his distraction of Danielson enough to let Mercury grab the pinfall. Mercury and Guerrero both bounce to the outside, happy with their win, while Danielson slides back under the bottom rope to check on Moore. Helms meanwhile picks himself up from the floor, grabbing the headset he left behind...

Gregory Helms: Y'see that?! Like I keep sayin', Bryan Danielson is nothin' but a loser! He's got nothin' on me! He ain't got a hope in hell o' winnin' that match tomorrow night, I guarantee that!

Helms slams the headset back down to the desk, clutching his jaw as he snatches up his title, with the camera continuing to switch between the smiling Guerrero and Mercury on the aisle, the disappointed Danielson and Moore, and of course the furious champion as we head off to commercial.


*Video Package*

We open to a pitch black screen, with the faint sound of a revving motor engine slowly but surely getting louder...

Narrator: The road may be long...

Slowly on the horizon we see a red convertible driving over a hill, heading towards a sunset which lights the screen...

Narrator: The journey may be treacherous...

The revs of the engine increase and get louder, with the camera closing in on shots of the side of the car...

Narrator: But you'll love every second of it!

We now skim along the rear of the car, the sun glistening on the chrome duel exhaust...

Narrator: So strap yourself in...

The car now speeds past a road sign that reads "8 MILE ROAD"...

Narrator: And get ready!

From behind we see an image of the Detroit skyline, with our car heading down a straight road towards it...

Narrator: 20 years on, Wrestlemania returns to Detroit, Michigan!

More fast paced shots of the car racing through the streets of Detroit...

Narrator: And it's going to be...

The car suddenly crashes into the screen, with the grill of the car having the official Wrestlemania 23 logo and tagline printed on it...

Narrator: The ride of your life!


*End Video Package*

And we return to see Jonathan Coachman stood by the desk in his office, wincing in pain and rubbing his neck, selling the effects of the spine buster he received from Batista earlier in the broadcast. The United States Champion Finlay is stood nearby, title around his waist, as is The Little Bastard, who is helping himself to a bowl of candy that sits on the desk...

Jonathan Coachman: I mean did you see that?! I warn him about his future conduct now that I'm in charge, and he does that to me?!

'Coach' angrily shakes his head, with Finlay shrugging his shoulders...

Jonathan Coachman: Anyway, he should be here any minute...

Suddenly, there's a knock at the door, with the owner of that knock not bothering to wait... it's Chris Benoit! A great pop rings out from inside the arena as Benoit enters the frame, the tension between Benoit and Finlay clear for all to see...

Jonathan Coachman: Well, thank you for finally joinin' us! Alright, now the two of you are here to settle on a stipulation for your match tomorrow night. Now, I understand you both agreed that it would be Finlay that named the stipulation?

Both men nod in agreement, neither man taking their eyes of the other...

Jonathan Coachman: Alright then, Finlay... let's hear it.

Finlay smirks at Benoit, clearly relishing the fact that he gets to choose the match the pair will have...

Finlay: Y'know Chris, last week when I said we were gonna end this... I meant it. But tomorrow night... I'm not just gonna end this between us... I'm gonna end yer career!

Benoit listens on, he and Finlay no practically nose to nose...

Finlay: Ye' think yer' tough, ye' think ye' can fight. Yer' never gonna be the brawler I am Chris. And I'm gonna prove it, Saturday night, with the whole world watchin'. You and me... in a Belfast Brawl.

A look of confusion crosses Coachman's face...

Jonathan Coachman: Wait a minute, a- a Belfast Brawl? I've never heard of that before, what's it all about?

Finlay: No countout, no disqualifications, no rules, anythin' goes. Ye' can take the fight all over the arena, but when it's over... ye'll know yer' never gonna be as tough as me Benoit.

Finlay brings his shillelagh into the eye line of both men, but Benoit barely acknowledges it...

Chris Benoit: We'll see tomorrow night. But uh... you're not the only one who loves to fight Finlay. If Belfast Brawl means anything goes... I might take that shillelagh off you and return the favour from No Way Out.


Chris Benoit: I'll see you in the ring later tonight. We might just start brawlin' tonight. Hell, I'll brawl all the way to New York City if ya' want to. But I promise you one thing... I'm takin' back that United States Championship.

And yet another pop as Benoit flashes a toothy grin, before he turns and leaves the room, with Finlay looking intense as he watches Benoit leave, the camera lingering on the United States Champion before we cut elsewhere.

Where once again, Josh Matthews is standing by...

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time... he is the 2007 Royal Rumble Winner... 'The Rated-R Superstar'... Edge.

Major heat as Edge steps into the shot, looking seriously pissed off as he does so...

Josh Matthews: And Edge, earlier tonight we heard Jonathan Coachman announce that tomorrow night, you will team up with Mr. Kennedy against Batista and a partner of his choosing, and if you and Mr. Kennedy win tomorrow night, you're World Heavyweight Championship opportunity at Wrestlemania will become a triple threat match. I was just wonderin' what your thoughts are on that?

Edge turns and looks at Matthews angrily...

Edge: What are my thoughts? Well... at first, I was pretty happy with that announcement. Sure, Kennedy can be in the match at Wrestlemania. A triple threat doesn't really bother me... 'cause either way, I'm leavin' Detroit as the World Heavyweight Champion.

Edge runs a hand across his chin...

Edge: But then I heard Mr. Kennedy speak earlier... and I think he told me... to step aside and let him handle things.

Edge shrugs his shoulders...

Edge: So at first I thought... alright. I'll do that. I'll let Kennedy take on Batista and his partner, I'll stand and watch from the sidelines. Hell, it doesn't bother me, I'll let Batista spend all that energy, I'll take it easy on the sidelines. Might even do a little bit of scoutin', see what I'm up against. But then...

Edge turns to Josh with a smirk...

Edge: Then I thought... how about I help Kennedy, and in the process... how about I put Dave Batista out of my Wrestlemania main event? How about I put Kennedy in the main event, but at the same time... I cripple Batista. I mean, can you imagine it? Edge... Mr. Kennedy... the main event of Wrestlemania XXIII... for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship? What a moment that would be!

Boos from inside the arena...

Edge: So tomorrow night, I'll be helpin' Mr. Kennedy to a victory... wether he likes it or not. And he'll be a team player and get on board... if he knows what's good for 'im.

Edge has one last smile at the camera before he walks off, with Matthews ominously watching him go, as we head back into the arena.

To see the gold inflatable tunnel is already set up, which can only mean one thing...


*I’M COMIN’...*

The crowd gives some great heat for the second appearance of the evening for Montel Vontavious Porter, with MVP bursting through the tunnel and then crouching down to set off an impressive pyro display...

Michael Cole: Well what a statement we just heard from Edge. He not only wants Mr. Kennedy to join him at Wrestlemania, he wants to take Batista out of the equation. He wants to cripple 'The Animal'!

Tazz: Yeah and if ya' ask me, that goes back to what Batista said last week. Edge wants Kennedy 'cause he's scared of Batista.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Are you kiddin' me?! He just said he wants to kick his ass and put 'im on the shelf, how is that a sign of fear?!

Tazz: Yeah but he wants help to do it. He don't wanna face Batista one on one for the gold, and that's why he needs Kennedy involved.

Michael Cole: Well we can debate that fact later on tonight when the two meet in the ring during our main event. But right now, it's the second of our Money in the Bank Qualifying Matches, and here comes the man who pretty much handed a spot in the match to King Booker earlier tonight.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Well 'MVP' is another guy who has a real shot at winnin' Money in the Bank. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if he grabbed that briefcase.

Tazz: Wouldn't surprise me one bit if he wound up with a kendo stick gettin' smacked off his face after that stunt he pulled earlier tonight.


A small pop as Jimmy Wang Yang enters the arena, slapping hands of the fans as he makes his way down the aisle...

Michael Cole: Well you wouldn't call him favourite for this match, but let's remember one thing. He's a high flier, an incredible athlete. If Jimmy Wang Yang can make it past 'MVP' tonight, he could really impress once he starts climbin' that ladder at Wrestlemania.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Look at this idiot. You think this guy could go to Wrestlemania?

Tazz: Hey Jimmy can go for sure. He's gonna have a speed and high flyin' advantage in this match. It might be a shock if he won, but it could easily happen.

Match 4: Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Montel Vontavious Porter
vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

As the bell rings, ‘MVP’ goes straight on the attack, immediately drilling Jimmy with a boot to the midsection and then a pair of clubbing forearms to the top of the spine that knock Jimmy down to his knees. A headlock takedown throws Jimmy to the mat, allowing ‘MVP’ to hammer down with right hands to the face. A stiff knee to the side f the head follows, before Jimmy is yanked into the corner. Forearms land to the side of the head, causing the referee to step in, forcing ‘MVP’ to break away. Arrogantly ‘MVP’ backs away from the corner, a big smile on his face as he’s in complete control. Having backed away, ‘MVP’ then charges in... looking to kick Jimmy’s head off... but Yang dives to safety... and ‘MVP’ hangs himself up on the top rope! Jimmy quickly shakes away the cobwebs and charges off the opposite ropes... to knock ‘MVP’ over the top rope with a dropkick! ‘MVP’ hits the floor hard, but there’s no time for him to recover as here comes Jimmy off the ropes... suicide dive through the ropes!

Yang flies like a bullet to take ‘MVP’ down, but he’s quick to roll ‘MVP’ under the bottom rope for a near fall. Jimmy now looks to mount offence, drilling ‘MVP’ with kicks to the midsection before going for an Irish whip... but ‘MVP’ reverses, swinging with a clothesline as Jimmy comes back across... but yang avoids it with a baseball slide, springs onto his feet... for a headscissors takedown! MVP is reeling, barely able to get back to his knees as Yang quickens the pace by once more coming off the ropes... straight into a snap overhead belly to belly suplex! The buzz that the crowd had for Jimmy’s fast paced attack is sapped in an instant as ‘MVP’ emphatically regains control, angrily laying into Jimmy with boots to the spine. Feeling Jimmy is done, ‘MVP’ takes his time as he pulls Jimmy to his feet... only for Yang to catch him with an inside cradle... 1... 2... no! ‘MVP’ barely kicks out, and he quickly moves to drop elbows across the back, trying to regain control.

Looking to do some damage so he can finally put Jimmy away, ‘MVP’ locks on a facelock, allowing him to drill knees to the side of the head... only for Jimmy to spin through... and into a backslide! 1... 2... ‘MVP’ kicks out, and is straight back onto his feet, only for Jimmy to try a kick to the gut... which ‘MVP’ catches... enzuigiri! Yang catches ‘MVP’ on the back of the head... but the force of the kick sends ‘MVP’ down and rolling under the bottom rope to the outside. Jimmy is at first disappointed that ‘MVP’ is outside, unable to go for the cover, but he quickly puts it behind him as he climbs to the top rope, waiting for ‘MVP’ to rise... MOONSAULT OF THE TOP ROPE!! The crowd goes nuts as Jimmy takes a huge risk that pays off as he nails ‘MVP’ on the floor! After taking a few seconds to recover, Jimmy yanks ‘MVP’ up and rolls him under the bottom rope. In the ring, ‘MVP’ is on his knees, grabbing the referee’s shirt, almost pleading with him that Yang is killing him... but it’s all a ruse as when Yang tries to climb back into the ring, a commotion is head... as King Booker has ran down the aisle... grabbed Jimmy by the belt of his jeans... and yanked him down to the floor! Jimmy smacks head first off the floor, but that’s not all as Booker hoists him up... and drives him spine first into the steel ring post! Booker then rolls Jimmy under the bottom rope to a cacophony of boos, with ‘MVP’ quickly pulling Yang in... for the Playmaker!! The boos continue as ‘MVP’ drills Jimmy, making the elementary cover... 1... 2... 3.

Winner: Montel Vontavious Porter @ 04. 28

And thanks to King Booker returning the favour from earlier tonight, 'MVP' is going to Wrestlemania! Jimmy is still down on the mat, having barely moved since 'MVP' nailed the playmaker, while 'MVP' backs up the ramp, a huge smile on his face, safe in the knowledge that his Money in the Bank Ladder Match spot is secure... and he has a major ally ahead of Wrestlemania.


*Video Package*

We open to grainy footage of the early days of Monday Night Raw, and soon the music ‘Perfection’ is heard...

Narrator: He was the man who had the total package of technical prowess blended with natural charisma...

We now see 'Mr. Perfect' Curt Hennig make his way down to the ring, before we see him stood on the second rope in the corner of a ring, tossing his towel high into the air and straight into the hands of Bobby 'The Brian' Heenan...

Narrator: A man who embodied his nickname like no other...

Perfect smirking into the camera, spitting his gum into the air and then slapping it aside, the Intercontinental Championship wrapped around his waist...

Mr. Perfect: There's only one Mr. Perfect, and you're lookin' at 'im!

Perfect ties up with Hulk Hogan, with Perfect shocking everyone by taking Hogan down with a hiptoss...

Jesse Ventura: There's no better athlete in the world today!

Perfect lands the Perfect-Plex on jobber after jobber...

Narrator: A man who excelled at whatever sport he turned his hand to...

We see Perfect stood in front of a bowling alley lane, bowling ball in his hand...

Mr Perfect: You sit back on the couch, you put your feet up and you relax. Because you are goin' to witness the 'perfect' game!

Perfect then bowls the ball down the alley, straight down the middle for a textbook strike...

Narrator: And truly was the definition of the word 'perfect'.

We now hear a more sombre type of music, ...

Larry Hennig: He could do it all. Football, basketball, baseball, golf, he could do anythin'. He truly was Mr. Perfect.

Scenes from the legendary vignettes that preceded his debut in the WWF, with Perfect throwing and catching his own pass, nailing three pointer after three pointer and hitting a monster home run with Wade Boggs watching on in amazement...

Narrator: And on this night, we not only celebrate the career, but also the life...

Action from Summerslam 1991 and the epic Intercontinental Title Match between Perfect and Bret Hart...

Ted DiBiase: Not many people live up to their name quite like he did.

And now a clip of Perfect dousing Heenan in cold water during an episode of Prime Time Wrestling...

Shawn Michaels: He was so good at everythin' he did. One o' the very best I ever stepped into the ring with...

Perfect making his return to the WWE during the 2001 Royal Rumble, posing at the entrance way...

Narrator: Of the man they called...

And then in the Rumble match itself, taking Kurt Angle up and down with the Perfect-Plex, the crowd going crazy for the move in the background

Ric Flair: When everythin' comes together at the same time, it becomes great. And Curt Hennig was a great, great performer...

More images of Perfect making an entrance into the arena, spitting gum into the air and slapping it away, giving that arrogant grin to the camera...

Mr. Perfect: There's a reason why they call me...

Narrator: Perfect!

We now see a picture of 'Mr. Perfect' Curt Hennig, that old cocky smirk etched on his face, with the Hall of Fame logo nearby. Also on the screen is the fact that Hennig will be inducted into the Hall of Fame by current Hall of Famer Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan!

*End Video Package*

And we now cut to a dark area of a backstage corridor, where through the darkness we see The Miz, his eyes fiercely piercing the darkness as he stares intently into the camera. Michelle McCool is stood alongside him, neither the two of them looking particularly happy...

The Miz: Last week... was meant to be my night to right the wrongs of No Way Out. I came close to victory at No Way Out, only to have it snatched away from me. So last week, I took Chris Benoit to the limit, but once again... I came up just short.

Miz shakes his head in disappointment...

The Miz: But that's alright, isn't it? 'Cause I'm The Miz... and I'm a laughing stock to you people, aren't I? I don't deserve to be here, I don't belong in the WWE. No Way Out, last week on Smackdown, I proved both times that I have what it takes to hang with the very best... but it's still not good enough for you people.

Miz looks down at the ground, gathering his thoughts, before looking again at the camera...

The Miz: Well I won't be denied anymore. I'm gonna prove to all of you that The Miz is a force to be reckoned with. Next week, I have a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match, and I will prove to all of you... that Wrestlemania is where I belong.

Arrogantly, Miz adjusts the tie around his neck...

The Miz: The stars, the celebrities, the bright lights, that's nothin' new to a TV star like myself. But the competition... the chance to climb that ladder, the chance to a be a champion... that's why I'm here. I'll show you... I'll show all of you... that I will not be denied.

Miz steps forward, staring deep into the camera...

The Miz: 'Cause I'm The Miz... and I'm...

Ever so softly...

The Miz: Awesome!

And with that Miz, turns to look at the smiling McCool, the two content that their message has been made, before Miz again turns back to smirk at the camera as we fade away.

To see Matt Hardy stood by a catering table, helping himself to a bottle of water. Hardy is dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt, clearly not ready to compete tonight. A random backstage worker walks past, saying "Hey Matt!", to which Hardy responds with a smile. Hardy then turns the opposite direction... and bumps right into Batista! The crowd gives off a great pop as the World Heavyweight Champion enters the scene...

Matt Hardy: Whoa, hey... sorry Dave.

Batista: Hey, don't worry about men. Listen... me and you need to have a little chat.

Hardy gives Batista a look of surprise...

Matt Hardy: Oh yeah? What about?

Batista: I'm sure you heard what Jonathan Coachman said earlier tonight. I need a tag team partner for tonight, and I need another tomorrow night at Saturday Night's Main Event. And I've been hearin' a lotta talk about you lately. About how you wanna take that next big step, about how you wanna be a big deal here on Smackdown.

Matt's eyes light up...

Batista: Well tonight, I'm offerin' you a shot at that Matt. I know it's short notice... but I need a partner. And I'm askin' you. You wanna be the man around here? You wanna, maybe one day be a World Heavyweight Champion?

Both men glance at the gold across Batista's shoulder...

Batista: Then take that step tonight. You got beaten by Edge last week, and all those doubts that existed before No Way Out came rushin' back. Prove 'em wrong again tonight Matt. Prove 'em wrong again tomorrow night. Be my partner.

Matt runs a hand across his jaw, thinking deeply...

Batista: What d'ya say?

Batista offers a hand to Matt, hoping for a handshake. Hardy continues to ponder, clearly weighing up his decision... before he emphatically shakes the hand of 'The Animal', drawing a smile from the champion and a big cheer from inside the arena...

Batista: Alright, great. Now hurry up and get ready, we're on next!

Batista walks off, leaving the camera to focus on Hardy, who's just been presented with yet another chance to further his career, the opportunity not lost on Matt who smiles before he turns and heads for the locker room.

And now we go to see Kristal Marshall standing by, ready for the final interview of the evening...

Kristal Marshall: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time... 'The Big Red Machine'... Kane!

A solid pop as Kane steps towards Kristal, who is once again intimidated as Kane has a devilish grin on his face...

Kristal Marshall: And Kane, we now know that tomorrow night, you'll be stepping into the ring with the undefeated 'Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga. But earlier tonight, Armando Estrada said he wanted you to deliver a message to your brother, The Undertaker. Estrada and Umaga made it clear that they want The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Kane... do you think your brother will be there tomorrow night?

Kane's smile turns a snarl...

Kane: Tomorrow night... Umaga is going to suffer. He's going to suffer a pain he's never felt before. There's a reason why people call The Undertaker and myself 'The Brothers of Destruction'. It's because we can take people... or even savages... to a whole new level of pain. We can destroy monsters, we can shatter undefeated streaks. And at Saturday Night's Main Event...

Kane has a quick, evil laugh to himself...

Kane: Umaga will be dragged to the depths of his own personal hell!


Kane: And as for my brother The Undertaker... Umaga and Armando Estrada should have no fear... for I know my brother will rise again. When those druids carried my brother away at No Way Out, they took him... home. Home to where it all began. Back to the place where all creatures of the night gather. Back to see the one man with the power to give life to a 'Deadman'.

A big pop from inside the arena, suggesting the fans know who this 'one man' may be...

Kane: So Umaga I promise you... it may not be tomorrow night... but I know one day, Umaga... you will come face to face with 'The Deadman'. And when you do...

Once more Kane has an evil chuckle...

Kane: The Undertaker will make you rest... in... peace!

And that chuckle now turns into a full blown maniacal laugh, as the camera zooms in on the crazed look in Kane's eyes before he head for a commercial.


*Video Package*

We open to a dark, empty Madison Square Garden, the arena barely illuminated as shadows are cast on a wrestling ring ...

Narrator: Over 20 years ago, an institution was born...

Slowly the lights of the old arena rise, revealing more of the empty seats...

Narrator: A prime-time spectacular that brought sports entertainment to the masses.

The whirl of a projector can be heard, a grainy image of Hulk Hogan flexing his muscles being ‘projected’ across the ring...

Narrator: The legends of the WWE shone bright on this night...

We now see the image of a young Bret Hart holding his arms open to the crowd...

Narrator: And now it’s time for a new set of legends to make their mark.

The ‘projected’ image of John Cena, muscles bursting out his skin as he roars to the crowd...

Narrator: The WWE is back on NBC...

We now see Triple H stood on an apron, spraying water high into the air...

Narrator: Ready to reclaim their night...

A quick shot of a young Shawn Michaels in full ‘Sexy Boy’ attire, before cutting to the modern day ‘Heartbreak Kid’...

Narrator: And make Saturdays once again...

A similar fast shot of a younger Undertaker, being led to the ring by Paul Bearer and the urn, before we snap to the current ‘Deadman’...

Narrator: The main event!


*End Video Package*

Back into the arena, where the camera focuses on the announce desk...

Michael Cole: There is excitement in the air folks! Tomorrow night, live on NBC, it's Saturday Night's Main Event! A three hour spectacular, and what a night it's shaping up to be, so many huge matches on tap, with some big Wrestlemania implications.

Tazz: Aw you ain't kiddin'! We kicked off tonight's show in a big way, Jonathan Coachman announced as our Interim General Manager, and he made a big match up. Mr. Kennedy and Edge takin' on Batista and a partner of his choosing, if Kennedy and Edge win, Edge is added to the World Heavyweight Championship Match at Wrestlemania.

Michael Cole: And of course we now know that 'The Animal' has chosen Matt Hardy as his partner.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And that for me is a huge mistake! We've talked about how Matt Hardy hasn't been to the big time as a singles wrestler. He hasn't had that big Wrestlemania moment. He might have taken a step forward at No Way Out, but when Edge beat 'im last week, that showed me he ain't ready for a Wrestlemania moment.

Michael Cole: Well I'm sure Matt Hardy will be determined to prove a lot of his critics wrong tomorrow night. And speaking of Matt, we already know he'll challenger the United States Champion at Wrestlemania. But who will the United States Champion be? We'll find out as Finlay defends his title against Chris Benoit in a Belfast Brawl!

Tazz: And that's gonna be nothin' short of a war! Two guys, a lotta history together, they don't like each other, and after the battle they had at No Way Out, they might rip Madison Square Garden apart tomorrow night!

Michael Cole: And what about the battle that could ensue when the two monsters, Kane and Umaga get in the ring together? Kane, lookin' for revenge after Umaga shocked the world by comin' outta nowhere to assault The Undertaker at No Way Out.

John Bradshaw Layfield: In all my years of bein' involved in professional wrestlin', I've never seen anythin' like 'The Savage from Samoa'. There's a reason why he's been undefeated for close to a year. If you ask me, he's gonna blow right past Kane tomorrow night, and then if The Undertaker is stupid enough to put his Wrestlemania streak on the line against 'im, Umaga's gonna put an end to that once and for all.

Michael Cole: And the final match on the Smackdown side of things, we crown a new Number One Contender for the Cruiserweight Championship. The four men who lasted the longest during the Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet at No Way Out, Shannon Moore, Joey Mercury, Chavo Guerrero and Bryan Danielson will meet, the winner to face Gregory Helms at Wrestlemania.

Tazz: And earier tonight those four met in tag team action, and it was Guerrero and Mercury who came out on top. Right now, that means advantage Guerrero for me, but I still gotta believe that Bryan Danielson is gonna get it done. He and Helms seem like they're on a collision course, and I think Danielson is goin' to Wrestlemania!

Michael Cole: And let's not forget Raw will be heavily involved at Saturday Night's Main Event as well. Triple H and Rob Van Dam square off, the winner to face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship.

Tazz: That oughta be a heck of a match. I'm rootin' for my boi 'RVD', but it's gonna be tough to get past 'The Game'.

Michael Cole: Also from Raw, the World Tag Team Championships are on the line, as Ric Flair and Carlito defend the gold against The World's Greatest Tag Team, CM Punk and Mike Knox will meet to settle their rivalry, while John Cena will step into a steel cage to take on both Mr. McMahon and his son Shane.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And I can't believe Cena had the nerve, the audacity, to make a challenge like that to Mr. McMahon. He's the greatest business mind, apart from myself, in the world, he's the father of our industry. He's gonna make John Cena pay for what he's put the McMahon family through these last few months, and I can't wait to see it!

Michael Cole: It's gonna be a huge night folks. The live three hour spectacular, live on NBC! Ya' won't wanna miss it!

A few seconds silence, until...



An initial pop quickly turns to heat as Edge steps out from the back, looking as confident as always as he settles under the Smackdown fist to set a huge burst of pyro before he heads for the ring...

Michael Cole: And you don't wanna miss our main event tonight! A huge eight man tag as Saturday Night Main Event opponents meet, and here comes 'The Rated-R Superstar'!

John Bradshaw Layfield: He looks confident, he looks ready to take the fight to 'The Animal'. I don't care what either of you two morons say, but they're ain't an ounce of fear in that man's body right now.

Tazz: Listen, Batista had it right last week. The guy is runnin' scared, he knows he can't stand toe to toe with 'The Animal'. I'm sure he's gonna do all he can to win tomorrow night, so that he's got some help by the time he hits Wrestlemania.



Ridiculous heat for Mr. Kennedy as he cockily swaggers his way down the aisle, arrogantly chewing his gum as he goes. In the ring, Edge and Kennedy share an awkward stare between each other, before both men nod their heads as a sign of solidarity...

Michael Cole: Well we all know Mr. Kennedy was determined to be in the World Heavyweight Championship Match at Wrestlemania. But at both the Royal Rumble and No Way Out, Ric Flair threw a spanner in the works, costin' Kennedy his chance. Tomorrow night is the last opportunity for Kennedy to make it, but he's gonna have to work as a unit with Edge to do so.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Imagine if Kennedy and Flair run into each other tomorrow night. I'd love to see that, Kennedy with a big ol' smile on his face, knowin' that he's goin' to Wrestlemania, while Flair's tryin' to pick his career outta the gutter after losin' the tag titles! I can't wait to see that!

Tazz: You're soundin' pretty confident 'JBL', almost as confident as Kennedy did earlier. Look, I don't like this guy, I don't like the way he's been actin' recently, but if he and Edge can get on the same page, it could be trouble for Batista and Matt Hardy.


And yet more big time heat as Umaga menacingly makes his entrance, Armando Alejandro Estrada as always by his side. Umaga snarls and lets out several tribal screams on his way down the aisle, with Estrada applauding his monster's presence in the arena...

Michael Cole: Our main event is up next. The undefeated Umaga teams with Edge, Mr. Kennedy and the United States Champion Finlay to take on Matt Hardy, Chris Benoit, Kane and the World Heavyweight Champion Batista. What's gonna happen when those eight men are in the ring together? Join us when we return to find out!


And we return to see Kane hit the bottom of the aisle, his music ringing out around the arena. Matt Hardy and Chris Benoit are already stood at the foot of the ring, while Finlay has joined Kennedy, Edge and Umaga in the ring. Hardy, Benoit and Kane stand tall as a trio, awaiting the arrival of...


The arena erupts with a massive pop as the World Heavyweight Champion Batista charges out onto the stage, firing up the crowd before he crouches down to set off a huge shot of pyro...

Tazz: Here comes 'The Animal'!

Michael Cole: Tonight started with Batista welcoming our new General Manager in his own unique way. Will tonight end with 'The Animal' sending a huge message to his potential Wrestlemania opponents?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Or could it end with Edge and Kennedy showin' Batista that tomorrow night, they're gonna put Batista out of action. Batista may not even make it to Wrestlemania! You better treasure this match Cole, 'cause after Saturday Night's Main Event, they're might not be another one for 'The Animal'.

Batista joins his partners, sharing a brief slap of the hands with Benoit and Hardy, while exchanging nods with Kane. Batista removes the title from around his waist, giving it a quick kiss... before he tosses it aside and leads the charge into the ring, the match is on!

Main Event: Eight Man Tag Team Match
World Heavyweight Champion Batista, Chris Benoit, Kane and Matt Hardy vs. United States Champion Finlay, Edge, Mr. Kennedy and Umaga w/ Armando Alejandro Estrada
And instantly all eight men search out their opponents tomorrow night, as Benoit tackles Finlay to the mat, Kane starts rocking Umaga with big right hands, Hardy and Edge brawl into the corner, while Batista goes to work on Kennedy. Benoit and Finlay wind up rolling under the bottom rope, continuing their fight on the outside, while a big boot to the side of the head from Kane knocks Umaga through the ropes to the floor. Edge and Hardy continue to scrap in the corner, while in the middle of the ring Kennedy winds Batista up for an Irish whip... but ‘The Animal’ reverses... and drills Kennedy with a massive spinebuster! Batista roars back to his feet, while against the ropes Matt has Edge lined up... clothesline over the top rope! Edge hits the floor, while over on the other side of the ring Benoit slides back into the ring... and suddenly Kennedy is all alone with all four opponents! Batista, Kane, Benoit and Hardy surround Kennedy, who is slowly getting back to his feet... and suddenly realises the situation he’s in! The crowd pops, desperate to see Kennedy get what he deserves... big right hand from Hardy... big right hand from Batista... Kane strikes an uppercut to the throat... before a big knife edge chop puts Kennedy down! The crowd is loving the early action, but the faces aren’t done yet as Matt lifts Kennedy to his feet... and tosses him into Kane... who snatches Kennedy by the throat... CHOKESLAM! Kane plants Kennedy, but the crowd is alive again as Benoit heads for the top rope... FLYING HEADBUTT!! Benoit connects, and it looks like this match is over in a hurry... only for Finlay and Edge to reach in the ring and drag Kennedy to the outside!

Kennedy is removed from the ring, his two teammates trying to get Kennedy back together... and while this happens, Umaga slowly makes his way into the ring. Snarling, eyes wide, screaming at the top of his lungs, Umaga shows no fear as he steps towards his four opponents. Matt Hardy decides to attack first... straight into an engulfing body check! Here comes Benoit... he too is body checked to the mat! Kane is next to attack...only for Umaga to thrust a shot to the throat, knocking Kane down! Umaga is looking dominant... but the crowd once again pops, as stood opposite each other is Umaga... and Batista! The two big bulls stare each other down, the noise level going through the roof as the fans want to see them go at it! The two slowly inch towards each other, where Batista swings a right hand... but it barely phases Umaga! So Batista turns and comes off the ropes for a big shoulderblock... but Umaga barely moves! Again Batista turns and comes off the ropes... another shoulderblock, with Umaga staggering slightly! Batista runs and comes off the ropes for a third time... but Umaga swings a right hand... that Batista ducks, with ‘The Animal’ still running... flying shoulderblock finally puts Umaga down!

The match settles down a bit now as both teams gather around there respective corners, with Batista looking to his teammates... and tagging in Kane! ‘The Big Red Machine’ steps over the bottom rope and goes for Umaga, snapping off a shot to Umaga’s throat, before he comes off the ropes... and runs right into a big time Samoan drop! Just like that, ‘Mags flashes his devastating power, turning the match back in his teams’ favour. Finlay gets the tag, and the veteran comes in with heavy hitting offense, unloading with stiff kicks and forearms to the back, several shoulder thrusts in the corner and finally a short-arm clothesline that puts Kane down. Edge gets the tag, and he lays in with plenty of stomps to the chest, then gets the first 2 count of the match from an side Russian legsweep. It’s Kennedy’s turn now, and he starts his attack with knees to the back, before he looks for an inverted DDT... but Kane twists out of it... and takes Kennedy up and down with a back body drop!

Kane drops to a knee, but he makes across the ring... to tag in Benoit! ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ steps through the ropes and runs Kennedy down with a clothesline, before he drags Kennedy up... Kennedy swings and misses with a right hand... and Benoit hits a German suplex! Benoit keeps his grip... and hits a second German suplex! Benoit continues to hang on, dragging Kennedy to his feet... but before he can go for a third, Kennedy grabs the ropes... and Finlay runs the apron... Kennedy ducks... allowing Finlay to nail Benoit with a clothesline! The crowd boos the cheap shot from Finlay, with Batista storming the ring in protest, but we head off into commercial with Benoit down on the mat in the heel side of the ring, with Kennedy tagging in Edge as we fade to black.


And we return to see Umaga is in the ring, a nerve hold applied to the neck of Benoit, ‘The Samoan Bulldozer’ applying pressure that causes Benoit to grimace. The crowd starts to make some noise, willing Benoit back to his feet, and the former United States Champion manages to force himself to a vertical base... a pair of elbows to the midsection break the hold, and Benoit heads for the ropes... but runs right into a savate kick! Umaga drops into the lateral press... 1... 2... Benoit rolls a shoulder! Benoit somehow stays alive, but now the damage really starts to land as the heels work weel to isolate Benoit from his partners, with all four men hitting big moves that slowly wear Benoit down. Edge enters to drill Benoit with a big boot to the face and an inverted DDT that gets him a near fall, while Finlay gets 2 counts from both the Rolling Hills and a seated senton. Kennedy rocks Benoit with an inverted suplex, before he gets a long 2 count from an enzuigiri. Umaga is back in, and he continues the assault by taking Benoit up into the air with a two handed chokelift... but before he can drop Benoit, ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ starts fighting back with all he has, desperately hitting punches to the face. These cause Umaga to release his grip, with Benoit landing on his feet, swinging chops to the chest that back Umaga to the corner. Benoit continues the chops, before going for an Irish whip... but Umaga reverses the momentum, firing Benoit back to the corner he came from... and Benoit crashes chest first into the top turnbuckle!

Any momentum Benoit briefly had vanishes as he slumps down in the corner, sitting on the mat, his head propped against the bottom turnbuckle. The crowd gasps as they see Umaga head for the opposite corner, knowing exactly what’s coming next. Umaga yells out, before bouncing up and racing across the ring... Samoan Wrecking Ball... NO! Benoit rolls to safety... and ‘Mags crashes into the turnbuckle! Umaga stumbles from the corner, but Benoit is already diving for his... to tag in Matt Hardy! Matt instantly climbs to the second rope... and connects on Umaga with a double axe handle... but Umaga is still on his feet! Matt once more climbs to the second rope... and manages to put Umaga down with a bulldog! Matt crawls into the cover... 1... 2... Umaga kicks out with authority! Hardy is shoved into the air, landing near his corner... and he tags in Batista! ‘The Animal’ steps through the ropes and charges at Umaga... for a massive SPEAR! Batista takes Umaga down, hooking the leg... 1... 2... Kennedy makes the save!

Kennedy now starts to go stomp down on Batista, put this simply draws Kane into the ring... big boot to Kennedy’s face! Kane sends Kennedy flying, but now Edge and Finlay storm the ring... but they run right into Kane’s hand around their throats... double chokeslam! Kane is running rampant... until Umaga wipes him out with a massive bodycheck! Umaga is the last man standing... until Benoit and Hardy fly towards him, both men hammering Umaga with a flurry of rights and lefts, desperately trying to get the monster down. Soon all eight men are back on their feet, bodies flying into each other, kicks and punches being furiously thrown, with the referee losing all control... and he throws the match out!

Winners: No Contest @ 16.04

But nobody seems to care as the fighting continues, with Umaga swatting Benoit and Matt aside, but Kane is soon upon him... big boot knocks Umaga throw the ropes to the floor! Kane follows Umaga out, and the fight is on between them, as Saturday Night’s Main Event has kicked off early! In the ring, Benoit and Finlay have once again found each other, with Benoit snapping off chops that knocks Finlay to the ropes... and a clothesline takes both men over the top rope to the floor! Edge has managed to stay away from Batista as he once more brawls with Hardy in the corner, while Kennedy is laying into Batista with kicks to the skull, until he comes off the ropes... into another massive spinebuster! Batista plants Kennedy, but he roars back to his feet, shaking the top ropes before grabbing Kennedy... and taking him up... for the BATISTA BOMB!!

It's mayhem at ringside as all eight men pair off and brawl with their respective Saturday Night's Main Event opponent! On the aisle, Kane and Umaga trade massive blows with each other, while around the ringside area Benoit and Finlay are beating the hell out of each other... until Benoit clothesline Finlay over the barricade into the crowd! Benoit climbs the barricade to continue the fight, and soon the pair are brawling through the fans! In the ring has laid out Kennedy, while Matt continues to fight with Edge... until he hits a kick to the stomach... TWSIT OF FATE... NO! Edge pushes himself free and slides under the bottom rope, managing to save himself. Matt calls for Edge to get back in the ring, but ‘The Rated-R Superstar’ is going nowhere near the squared circle, watching on as Batista and Hardy stand tall over the fallen Kennedy...

Michael Cole: All hell has broken loose! This arena is about to explode!! What's gonna happen, tomorrow night, LIVE ON NBC! It's gonna be total chaos durin' SATURDAY NIGHT'S MAIN EVENT!!

Cole goes into hyperbole mode, going absolutely crazy on commentary, and it's reflected all across the arena, the fans going wild and the shot rapidly switching between the various fights that have broken out, nobody sanding down, all control lost, apart from Edge, who slowly backs away from the ring, fear in his eyes, staring at Batista and Hardy as we fade... to... black!

*End Show*

Date: March 3rd 2007

Location: Madison Square Garden; New York, New York

Number One Contenders Tournament Final Match:
Winner will face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXIII for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP

Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam

Steel Cage Handicap Match:
Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon vs. John Cena

Last Chance Tag Team Match:
If Edge and Kennedy win, Kennedy will join Edge and Batista in a WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania XXIII

World Heavyweight Champion Batista and Matt Hardy vs. Edge and Mr. Kennedy

United States Championship Belfast Brawl:
United States Champion Finlay vs. Chris Benoit

World Tag Team Championship Match:
World Tag Team Champions Ric Flair and Carlito vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team

Four Way Elimination Match:
Winner will face Gregory Helms at Wrestlemania XXIII for the CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP

Bryan Danielson vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Joey Mercury vs. Shannon Moore

Grudge Match:
Umaga vs. Kane

Grudge Match:
CM Punk vs. Mike Knox
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Guess it's that time of the month.

619IDH's Feedback For iMac's Friday Night Smackdown

I was hoping for someone a little better than Coach, but the way he’s been parading around recently, it makes perfect sense. Though he seems real evil for the lulz here. I didn’t buy too much into the whole “Kennedy good, Batista bad” situation. He justifies himself by putting the blame for the whole thing on Batista, but I would think the basic attitude of a wrestling roster is that it’s essentially every man for himself and every man stands alone i.e. Kennedy acted on Kennedy’s behalf, not Batista’s influence. Whether Coach knows this and just wants to be a prick or is legitimately that blind-eyed, I guess it did its job. I’m just not into it too much. Matches set for SNME and tonight’s ME are cool and a decent way to kick off the show.

Not really any kind of doubt that the champs retain in a well fought contest, though the fact that the Bluebloods are keeping an eye on Hooliganz is even less surprising. Not that any of this is a bad thing, though.

Your ‘Mania promo depressed me. Or maybe I depress myself b/c I failed to reach my own ‘mania. Oh well. Moving on.

Kennedy promo was pretty standard, character spot on, per usual. A little sucking up to the new boss is a little unexpected, but foreseeable. I’m sure Kennedy and Edge’s squad will get the win tonight, seeing as how I don’t expect Kennedy to win at SNME and get in the ‘Mania match.

Sabu almost completely dominating the match’s momentum is a bit disturbing, seeing as how Booker is the one who’s obviously the one going to ‘Mania. I would hope that Sabu’s great showing here won’t be for not and hope he and his buds go somewhere following this. MVP essentially single-handedly putting Booker in the MITB match I guess showcases their ‘agreement’. I’m sure Booker will return the favor or at least attempt to.

Jesus. Estrada’s accent is difficult to read through, but I got it. His accent is better than the last time I remember you using him. A challenge to Kane seems simple enough, but the match itself sounds pretty effing savage. Their real life ’06 feud was pretty physical, so I would expect this encounter before Umaga takes on ‘Taker to be nothing short of brutal.

Lol @ Santino

Cruiserweight tag action was cool, but especially with the out-of-ring action, there isn’t a doubt in my mind Danielson is winning SNME and heading to ‘Mania to face Helms and, by the look of it, most definitely win. But that’s looking too far ahead. Good win for Mercury and Chavo, giving them semi-credibility before the big chance for the big dance.

Solid introduction of the Belfast Brawl into the thread, can’t really think of two better guys for the time period to bring it in than Finlay and the Wolverine. If Umaga/Kane will be savage, this match should just be a knockdown, drag-out, fight to the finish. Actually looking forward to that match the most, now.

Heel Edge being a team player is a little weird for me. I know he did it with Orton, but it still feels a bit of a stretch of character for me. Anyway, did its job to let us know Edge and Kennedy are gonna go all out and try to just beat the hell out of big Dave.

I like the MVP/Booker alliance, but it weakens them a bit to have to face mid-card jobbers like Sabu and Yang and win with help. Whatever the case, MVP>Yang every day of the week.

Oh dear. You’re modernizing Miz? I don’t mind, but please, no main event push.

at Matt Hardy sitting at a catering table and only having water. Jokes aside, Hardy getting in tonight and tomorrow night leave me the faith he might win at ‘Mania. As for Kane, again, I expect a slugfest between he and the large Samoan fellow.

Holy hell. I’m pretty sure you’re aware of my love for anarchic main event scenes…and this was my cup of tea. Just everything going to hell in the opening minutes, further spiraling through the match itself, then finally just hitting it’s eruption point in the end. This turned into a slugfest, and really set the potentially anarchic tone SNME may develop into.

Overall, a great take home show that left the show with a wide-open feel, although only a few matches feel very wide-open at all. The new Last Chance match seems to be open, and so does the US title match. Everything else seems a bit obvious from my perspective, but I’m sure you won’t make it so. Good job, esse. Metaknight approves.


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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Actually took me a little longer to get to this than I had originally intended, but better late than never.

I like the idea of opening cold to start the show off, giving it that real ominous feeling of importance before the interim GM is announced. As far as Coachman goes as a choice, I really like it. Mr. McMahon is playing a major role as a heel on RAW, so it’s not like he’s going to choose someone the fans would like, as that would just result in him maybe getting a few extra cheers. The idea that Coachman is annoying him on RAW, so he sends him to SmackDown! to take an important role there is clever too, so this idea works on multiple levels. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing it become permanent too, as Coach really is good in that dickish heel role that a GM can play up. Having him really talk down on Teddy Long is a nice way to gain some cheap heat early too, before having him declare that SmackDown! will be run his way. Having Coachman talking about someone who hasn’t respected authority, only to bring out Batista, rather than Mr. Kennedy, the guy who attacked Long last week is another good heel tactic, making Coachman look like a hypocrite by showing bias, despite saying no more deals or anything like that would be cut anymore. Coachman’s reasoning for blaming Batista was put across well, talking up how he should be a leader and how he won at No Way Out. Threatening to strip Batista of the title, only to back down when Batista stepped forward was a nice way to show Coach as that real coward too, who won’t always back up his words. Coach rewarding Kennedy is another nice little way to add insult to injury, blaming Batista for the happenings on SmackDown!, yet rewarding Kennedy at the same time. I like that you used what Coachman has done and seen on RAW in this promo too, promising to be like Mr. McMahon. The match announcements are pretty nice too. While I don’t want to see Kennedy involved at WrestleMania (and don’t think there’s any chance he will be), it’s still a match with a big gimmick for Saturday Night’s Main Event, plus the main event for tonight promises to be big too. Batista making the big impact at the end by attacking Coachman was a nice way to end the promo on a high, ending a pretty nice first promo to introduce Coachman to SmackDown! and show what kind of GM he’s going to be, as well as set up a possible long-term problem with Batista.

I like the idea of giving us the rematch from No Way Out here to allow London and Kendrick another title defence, and also keep things interesting in the tag team scene. The match was worked very welling, using the basic tag formula and also using Maryse nicely at ringside to prolong the La Resistance dominance and also get some cheap heat, plus she was also used well at the end with Ashley. Decisive win for London and Kendrick is good, keeping them looking strong as they go into WrestleMania. The Bluebloods merely looking on from backstage is a bit surprising, as they seem like a team who would try to make an impact by attacking London and Kendrick to state their intentions. Still, I’m glad to see that being your probable tag title match for WrestleMania, as they’re your two strongest and best teams.

I certainly wouldn’t be reminding anyone of the Pete Rose stuff if I was WWE, let alone hyping it as a WrestleMania moment.

The Kennedy promo maybe wasn’t his best work in this thread, but it was still solid enough, covering all bases. Despite Kennedy’s ego, I’m a little surprised you have him telling Edge he’ll take care of things, as it really seems like their agreement would work for them again tomorrow. Then again, I guess you’ve added another possible dimension to the match tomorrow night.

A bit surprised this match wasn’t just a lengthened squash, but the way this match went does keep Sabu looking good. It also hypes up the Booker/MVP alliance, which I find a little surprising considering you’ve also had the Edge/Kennedy alliance lately. Still, it does add something to MITB.

Promo from Estrada is simple but works. A bit surprised you’re calling the match with Kane a warm-up, as, while we know it really is, it almost makes the match seem unimportant. Still, the idea about Umaga and Estrada wanting an answer at Saturday Night’s Main Event is good, as it gives us something else to look forward to there.

Not really sure what the point of hyping up Santino having a quality match is, unless you plan on running a little feud between these two stables. Still, I can’t see any of these guys being on the WrestleMania card, so I’m not sure.

I like Helms being on commentary for this one, with the winner of these four at Saturday Night’s Main Event obviously having a match with him at WrestleMania. Liked the finishj to this, both protecting Danielson and hyping up his issue with Helms, while the heels also get some nice momentum ahead of the match. Clever booking.

The announcement here from Finlay was a little meh. It just didn’t have the big impact a gimmick match announcement should, with the two just standing there calmly. Have to say I liked Coachman still crapping on about being attacked by Batista to kick the segment off though.

The Edge promo was good here, giving him a real reason to care about the match at Saturday Night’s Main Event, and also to add a little bit to the eventual Edge/Batista match at WrestleMania, with the personal element perhaps to evolve in this tag match. Solid promo.

Having MVP need interference from King Booker to defeat a guy like Wang Yang maybe makes him look a little weak, but it continues to build up their alliance ahead of WrestleMania, which is what you’re going for. Solid action here too.

The idea of WrestleMania being where Miz belongs is a clever one, and I like you taking on the whole “prove everyone wrong” mentality with him, but I still can’t say I like the idea of him getting any kind of singles push in ’07, when he was just so crap.

I like Hardy being used in this, playing on last week well and also putting someone in there with Batista who has both a long-term and immediate history with Edge. The idea that Hardy has been put in there because he wants to step up is good, and it allows him to look strong ahead of his United States Title match at WrestleMania, which is a huge positive. Just some smart booking for Matt.

While it’s a bit odd to see Kane talk in ‘07, I thought you pulled it off brilliantly. The characterization was there, you made it seem like Kane is a threat to Umaga, and you hyped up The Undertaker (and possibly Paul Bearer) return too. I like the idea of Bearer coming back too, because it gives you a lot more storyline possibilities.

Nice shill job for Saturday Night’s Main Event.

The main event was a little different, but I liked the way you went about it. Kennedy getting his comeuppance to start with was a clever way to kick things off, while I loved how beastly you made Mags look during the match. The ending was set up nicely, selling Saturday Night’s Main Event as chaotic and must see, while having Batista and Hardy standing tall at the end, along with Edge just surviving, is a clever way to keep them all looking strong and hype the tag match for tomorrow night. Good ending to the show.

Like I said, it took me longer than I initially anticipated getting to this, but it was yet another solid show from you. You continue to impress as you head towards WrestleMania, with things surely only going to get better. Good stuff, mang.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

March 3rd, 2007
Madison Square Garden; New York, New York

Number One Contenders Tournament Final Match:
Winner will face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXIII for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP

Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam

It started with eight, and now we're down to two. For Rob Van Dam and Triple H, winning the Number One Contenders Tournament has taken on a greater meaning in recent weeks, with Saturday Night's Main Event being about more than just the chance to head to Wrestlemania to fight for the WWE Championship. The reason for this increased desire to head to Detroit? The ever escalating personal vendetta both men hold towards the WWE Champion Shawn Michaels... and each other. Ever since Shawn Michaels turned his back on Triple H to become WWE Champion during Raw: Night Of Champions, 'The Game' has been hell-bent on getting his hands on his former D-Generation X colleague. Likewise, from the moment Van Dam was struck with Sweet Chin Music, leaving him down and out on the mat and allowing Mr. McMahon to cherry-pick Van Dam's cherished ECW Championship, 'RVD' has too sought a way to even the score with Michaels. Although the WWE Champion has remained evasive, he knows that one of these men are his destiny by the time we reach Detroit. But will it be Triple H, the 10 time Heavyweight Champion, who goes on to main event yet another Wrestlemania, this time in one of the most personal, hate fuelled matches in Wrestlemania history? Or will it be Van Dam, a man so often lost in the shuffle come Wrestlemania season, who earns the chance to settle the score with Michaels. And what role, if any, will Michaels play in the match? The WWE Champion has been a distant, almost soul-less character over the last few months, but what way will his emotions sway as he watches on while his Wrestlemania opponent is decided? The richest prize in the business and the scent of revenge is firmly in the sights of Van Dam and Triple H. Who will face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXIII for the WWE Championship? All is set to be revealed live on Saturday Night's Main Event!

Steel Cage Handicap Match:
Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon vs. John Cena

It was during the run in to the Royal Rumble that John Cena and Mr. McMahon first crossed paths, with the two going back and forth for several weeks over Cena accepting the challenge of Rob Van Dam for a WWE Championship match. McMahon felt Van Dam should be nowhere near the WWE Championship, but Cena remained defiant, sticking to his virtue of taking on any and all challengers by agreeing to face Van Dam at the Rumble. The verbals continued to be traded between Cena and McMahon, until the words turned to a more physical confrontation, as during the contract signing for the Cena/Van Dam match, McMahon found himself the subject of a FU through a table! This prompted the return of Shane McMahon to the WWE, and since then the McMahon's have done everything in their power to make Cena's life a misery. So much so that it was Shane and his hired security team who removed Cena from the WWE Championship Match during Raw: Night Of Champions. From that moment, Cena has made Shane and Vince his priority, but the McMahons have always been able to stay one step ahead of Cena. With a bounty placed on Cena's head, various people have stepped forward to do the dirty work of the McMahons for their own personal gain. Umaga, Edge, Johnny Nitro, Chris Masters and Melina have all benefitted from attacking Cena, causing many to wonder when Cena's personal hell would finally be at an end. It could all happen tonight after Cena goaded Vince and Shane into meeting him inside a Steel Cage. But recently, Vince has alluded to mystery man, the proverbial ace up his sleeve. Could the identity of the McMahon's latest hired gun be revealed tonight? Will the steel cage serve it's purpose of keeping outside interference out of the match? And will Cena finally be able to settle his differences with the McMahons the old fashioned way... a straight up ass kicking?!

Last Chance Tag Team Match:
If Edge and Kennedy win, Kennedy will join Edge and Batista in a WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania XXIII

World Heavyweight Champion Batista and Matt Hardy vs. Edge and Mr. Kennedy

Ever since he won the 2007 Royal Rumble and made his intentions known that he was challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XXIII, Edge has longed to see anyone but Batista holding the big gold belt by the time we hit Detroit. Edge claims it's because he wants his Wrestlemania moment, the moment where he becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion, to be the most spectacular match in Wrestlemania history. The more popular belief is that Edge is simply running scared of 'The Animal'. Kennedy has been on Batista's radar ever since Kennedy viciously assaulted Ric Flair after Flair eliminated Kennedy from the Royal Rumble Match. With Kennedy's repeated requests for a match with Flair denied, Kennedy set his sights on Batista and the World Heavyweight Championship, with the two clashing for the gold at No Way Out. An assist from Edge appeared to have handed the title to Kennedy, only for Flair to make his presence felt, costing Kennedy the title. Tonight, Kennedy has his last chance to be involved in the World Heavyweight Championship Match at Wrestlemania, as if he and Edge can beat Batista and Hardy tonight, the match will be contested under triple threat rules. And what about Matt Hardy? For so long, Hardy has been a struggling mid-carder, always chasing but never reaching that higher level. But with an United States Championship Match at Wrestlemania XXIII already in his back pocket, tonight is another chance for Hardy to prove he belongs with the big boys in the WWE. Will Hardy be able to shake off the wannabe reputation he's earned over the last few years? Can Batista finally get his hands on Edge after weeks of evasion from the Number One Contender? And will Edge and Kennedy be able to work as a cohesive unit to get both their wishes, a Triple Threat World Heavyweight Championship Match at Wrestlemania XXIII?

United States Championship Belfast Brawl:
United States Champion Finlay vs. Chris Benoit

At No Way Out, Benoit defended the United States Championship against Finlay in a match that was advertised as a battle between two tough as nails competitors. But if the match at No Way Out was hard hitting, then tonight should be an absolute war as Benoit and Finlay clash in the first ever Belfast Brawl! After losing the championship to Finlay, Benoit moved quickly to call for a rematch. However, Finlay only agreed to the rematch on one condition... that he was allowed to name the stipulation of the match. The stipulation Finlay settled on was the Belfast Brawl, a match that sounds right up the United States Champion's alley. Simply put, they're are no rules in a Belfast Brawl other than the match must end in either a pinfall or submission. Madison Square Garden has been the sight of many a chaotic and brutal fight over the years, but tonight could see the famous building witness one of the most brutal contests in WWE history. Neither man will be the same after this one is over, but one of them will leave Saturday Night's Main Event the United States Champion and head to Wrestlemania XXIII for a showdown with Matt Hardy.

World Tag Team Championship Match:
World Tag Team Champions Ric Flair and Carlito vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team

It was January 1st that Ric Flair first crossed paths with The World's Greatest Tag Team, as on that night 'The Dirtiest Player In The Game' was up to his usual tricks as he grabbed a win over Shelton Benjamin. The following week, it was the same scenario as Flair saw off Charlie Haas. But Haas and Benjamin weren't about to let the situation die as they sought a way to even the score. Two on one beatings followed, until a chance meeting between Flair and Carlito brought 'Lito into the situation. Flair and Carlito beat Haas and Benjamin to earn a shot at then World Tag Team Champions Rated-RKO, but even after winning the gold, and even despite Flair's issues with Mr. Kennedy, the new champions couldn't shake off the attentions of The World's Greatest Tag Team. Tonight, the two teams meet to finally put their issues to bed, but with all the drama that surrounds 'The Nature Boy' right now, could his head be elsewhere... and could the titles be in jeopardy because of this?

Four Way Elimination Match:
Winner will face Gregory Helms at Wrestlemania XXIII for the CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP

Bryan Danielson vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Joey Mercury vs. Shannon Moore

The Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms has long-claimed that he is the greatest cruiserweight in the world, and after seeing off all competition during his year-plus reign, nobody was in a position to argue with him. However, the arrival of Bryan Danielson to the WWE sent shockwaves through the division, with the champion showing signs that he realises his title was in grave danger after the signing of the indy favourite. At No Way Out, Danielson made a spectacular WWE debut, impressing everyone with his performance during the Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet and coming within inches of winning the title on his debut. Helms held onto the gold yet again at No Way Out, but he's scheduled to defend his title again at Wrestlemania, this time in one on one action. At Saturday Night's Main Event, the four men who were involved in the Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet for the longest duration of time, Shannon Moore, Joey Mercury, Chavo Guerrero and of course Danielson, will meet to determine who will face Helms in Detroit. Although Danielson impressed at No Way Out, word has been going around the dressing room that his performance that night was a fluke, credited to him catching Guerrero and Mercury by surprise. With everybody in the WWE now fully aware of what Danielson is capable of, tonight promises to be a true test fir all four of these cruiserweights, as they battle to secure a shot at Gregory Helms and the Cruiserweight Title.

Grudge Match:
Umaga vs. Kane

At No Way Out, the world watched on in shock as Umaga destroyed The Undertaker during a Casket Match featuring 'The Deadman' and King Booker. It was a display of dominance over 'The Phenom' the likes of which had never before been seen in a WWE ring. With sheer brute power and strength, 'The Samoan Bulldozer' decimated The Undertaker, driving through the casket lid before brutalizing him in the ring. Once Umaga was finished, the mysterious druids arrived, carrying the lifeless body of The Undertaker from the ring. This was to prove to be the last appearance of The Undertaker, as he hasn't been seen since. The Undertaker's brother Kane would look to take the fight to Umaga on the following Smackdown, storming the ring and trading blows with the 'The Savage of Samoa' that brought back memories of their titanic feud from last year. Tonight, restoring the family name is on Kane's mind, as is becoming the first man to finally pin or cause Umaga to submit. Umaga seems hell-bent on continuing to obliterate his opponents in typical fashion, but while 'Mags focuses on Kane and Saturday Night's Main Event, Armando Alejandro Estrada has his eyes set on the bigger picture... namely Wrestlemania XXIII and 'The Deadman'. Not only has the challenge been made for Detroit, but Estrada has invited The Undertaker to be in New York City to witness first hand the destruction Umaga is capable of. Can Kane somehow stop the incredible undefeated streak of Umaga? Or will he become another victim of Umaga's path of destruction? And after Kane's comments last Friday night about 'The Deadman' returning home to Death Valley, will we see The Undertaker tonight... or have we already seen the last of 'The Phenom'?

Grudge Match:
CM Punk vs. Mike Knox

Every damsel in distress needs her knight in shining armour to eventually save the day. But for CM Punk, he was thrust into the position of fighting for Kelly Kelly not by choice... but by sheer jealousy. Ever since they first crossed paths back in ECW, it was clear that Kelly Kelly had a crush on CM Punk. Unfortunately, she also had an over protective boyfriend in the shape of the dangerous Mike Knox. After Punk arrived on Monday Night Raw, Kelly soon also signed a contract with the Monday show... and of course, that meant that Knox wasn't far behind. Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, Punk was subjected to several vile beatings at the hands of Knox, while at the same time Knox exerted his control over Kelly, threatening her on several occasions and even dragging her around arena after arena by the wrist. Kelly needed a hero, and it was Punk who stepped up to the plate, determined to do the right thing. While Knox is determined to prove to Kelly that Punk is nothing but a fantasy, Punk is out to set Kelly free from the shackles of Knox. There may not be much love in this match, but they'll certainly be plenty of bad feeling all round when these two meet, with Kelly Kelly sure to be watching on from ringside.


Prediction Template:

Number One Contenders Tournament Final Match:
Winner will face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXIII for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP

Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam

Steel Cage Handicap Match:
Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon vs. John Cena

Last Chance Tag Team Match:
If Edge and Kennedy win, Kennedy will join Edge and Batista in a WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania XXIII

World Heavyweight Champion Batista and Matt Hardy vs. Edge and Mr. Kennedy

United States Championship Belfast Brawl:
United States Champion Finlay vs. Chris Benoit

World Tag Team Championship Match:
World Tag Team Champions Ric Flair and Carlito vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team

Four Way Elimination Match:
Winner will face Gregory Helms at Wrestlemania XXIII for the CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP

Bryan Danielson vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Joey Mercury vs. Shannon Moore

Grudge Match:
Umaga vs. Kane

Grudge Match:
CM Punk vs. Mike Knox

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order?
How many championships will change hands?
What will be the order of elimination in the Four Way Elimination Match?
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who?
What will be the longest match?
What will be the shortest match?
Will The Undertaker answer Armando Alejandro Estrada's challenge to appear tonight?


So yeah, preview is finally up. Matches are in recap as I didn't want to kill myself ahead of WrestleMania (omgz excited~!), but there's more detail than the average Raw or Smackdown recaped match imo. So yeah, some predictions would be ace. There's one more News, Bits and Rumours post to make ahead of the show, so I'll see you then.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

My apologies for lack of feedback, I've just been terribly busy. I do plan on getting back into the swing of things soon though, so just bare with me.

Prediction Template:

1.Number One Contenders Tournament Final Match:
Winner will face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXIII for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP

Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam
Both men have a feud with Michaels, so I could see both picking up the victory. I'm simply choosing Van Dam, because HBK/HHH has been done to death, and I don't think you'd want a generic 'Mania main event.

7.Steel Cage Handicap Match:
Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon vs. John Cena
Cena will kick ass, but The McMahon's will get the win, with Cena's 'Mania opponent being revealed in the process.

6.Last Chance Tag Team Match:
If Edge and Kennedy win, Kennedy will join Edge and Batista in a WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania XXIII

World Heavyweight Champion Batista and Matt Hardy vs. Edge and Mr. Kennedy
Kennedy probably was at his best at this time, and you've booked him well, but with his stuff with Flair going on, there's no way his team is winning here. Plus, it would be some awesome momentum for Hardy if he could pick up the pinfall.

5.United States Championship Belfast Brawl:
United States Champion Finlay vs. Chris Benoit
You obviously like Finlay, and so do I. There's no way you're ending his reign this early.

4.World Tag Team Championship Match:
World Tag Team Champions Ric Flair and Carlito vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team
I'll choose the champs to retain but I'm not confident. I'm expecting Flair to face Kennedy at Mania, leading to 'Lito eventually getting jealous and turning heel. I think it's going to be slow though, so I'll say they'll retain here.

2.Four Way Elimination Match:
Winner will face Gregory Helms at Wrestlemania XXIII for the CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP

[B]Bryan Danielson[/B] vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Joey Mercury vs. Shannon Moore
Just has to.

3.Grudge Match:
Umaga vs. Kane
Booking 101. Have 'Mags take out 'Taker's almost as deadly brother.

Grudge Match:
CM Punk vs. Mike Knox
I like how you've turned this into a big deal, but if Punk jobs to Knox, I riot.

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order?
How many championships will change hands?
What will be the order of elimination in the Four Way Elimination Match?
Shannon Moore, Joey Mercury and finally Chavo Guerrero.
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who?
Randy Orton. Could possibly be the man to cost Cena and be his Mania match. I guess it'd be fresh because it hadn't happened in real life yet.
What will be the longest match?
What will be the shortest match?
Will The Undertaker answer Armando Alejandro Estrada's challenge to appear tonight?

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Prediction Template:

5.Number One Contenders Tournament Final Match:
Winner will face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXIII for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP
Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam
I see this one ending in a no contest and a triple threat at Mania.

8.Steel Cage Handicap Match:
Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon vs. John Cena
McMahons get one over on Cena this time, leading towards Mania.

7.Last Chance Tag Team Match:
If Edge and Kennedy win, Kennedy will join Edge and Batista in a WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania XXIII
World Heavyweight Champion Batista and Matt Hardy vs. Edge and Mr. Kennedy
No chance Edge and Kennedy get the win here. Kennedy/Flair is a lock for Mania, well i hope.

1.United States Championship Belfast Brawl:
United States Champion Finlay vs. Chris Benoit
Too early for the Irishman to lose the belt.

4.World Tag Team Championship Match:
World Tag Team Champions Ric Flair and Carlito vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team
With Kennedy/Flair in the works i don't see Flair and Carlito retaining. I think Carlito's a good bet for MITB.

2.Four Way Elimination Match:
Winner will face Gregory Helms at Wrestlemania XXIII for the CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP
Bryan Danielson vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Joey Mercury vs. Shannon Moore
No brainer.

3.Grudge Match:
Umaga vs. Kane
As above

6.Grudge Match:
CM Punk vs. Mike Knox
Punk needs the momentum and to end this little thing now woul be he right move.

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order? Done
How many championships will change hands? One
What will be the order of elimination in the Four Way Elimination Match? Moore, Mercury, Guerrero
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? HBK, if he counts? If not, then go for Orton
What will be the longest match? [B]Triple H/Van Dam[/B
]What will be the shortest match? Punk/Knox
Will The Undertaker answer Armando Alejandro Estrada's challenge to appear tonight? No
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

6.Number One Contenders Tournament Final Match:
Winner will face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXIII for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP
Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam
Gonna go with RVD cheaply and HHH will factor himself into a Triple Threat for Mania

8.Steel Cage Handicap Match:
Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon vs. John Cena
SUPER Cena won't win here, but he won't lose without some interference or screwy finish

7.Last Chance Tag Team Match:
If Edge and Kennedy win, Kennedy will join Edge and Batista in a WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania XXIII
World Heavyweight Champion Batista and Matt Hardy vs. Edge and Mr. Kennedy
Fairly routine

4.United States Championship Belfast Brawl:
United States Champion Finlay vs. Chris Benoit
Sadly, Finlay retains

1.World Tag Team Championship Match:
World Tag Team Champions Ric Flair and Carlito vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team
Flair/Carlito is a shit tandem. Flair's got Kennedy coming up and putting the straps on a legit tag team makes sense. Plus WGTT just own.

3.Four Way Elimination Match:
Winner will face Gregory Helms at Wrestlemania XXIII for the CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP
Bryan Danielson vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Joey Mercury vs. Shannon Moore
It's almost too obvious Danielson wins, so I'm going out on a limb and saying Helms screws Danielson and Chavo gets the win, and we get a possible Triple Threat at Mania between Danielson/Helms/Chavo, which would own

5.Grudge Match:
Umaga vs. Kane
Mags gets momentum but Taker will derail him come Mania

2.Grudge Match:
CM Punk vs. Mike Knox
No way Knox wins, Punk is winning this every day of the week


Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order? Done
How many championships will change hands? One
What will be the order of elimination in the Four Way Elimination Match? Mercury, Moore, Guerrero
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? Shawn Michaels
What will be the longest match? Triple H/RVD
What will be the shortest match? Punk/Knox
Will The Undertaker answer Armando Alejandro Estrada's challenge to appear tonight? Yes


I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited for this one.


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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

6-Number One Contenders Tournament Final Match:
Winner will face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXIII for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP
Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam
Double finish: DQ/Count Out/No Contest

8-Steel Cage Handicap Match:
Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon vs. John Cena
The McMahons to win thanks to interference from Cena's WrestleMania opponent here, whoever it may be.

7-Last Chance Tag Team Match:
If Edge and Kennedy win, Kennedy will join Edge and Batista in a WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania XXIII
World Heavyweight Champion Batista and Matt Hardy vs. Edge and Mr. Kennedy
Edge and Batista has been done to death on this forum. Putting Kennedy in there will mix things up a bit.

5-United States Championship Belfast Brawl:
United States Champion Finlay vs. Chris Benoit
I just don't see Finlay losing the title.

1-World Tag Team Championship Match:
World Tag Team Champions Ric Flair and Carlito vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team
Flair and Carlito haven't been tag team champions for that long so I don't expect them to lose the titles so soon.

3-Four Way Elimination Match:
Winner will face Gregory Helms at Wrestlemania XXIII for the CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP
Bryan Danielson vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Joey Mercury vs. Shannon Moore
Danielson to continue to "upset" and go on to become champion at WrestleMania.

4-Grudge Match:
Umaga vs. Kane

2-Grudge Match:
CM Punk vs. Mike Knox

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order? Done.
How many championships will change hands? None.
What will be the order of elimination in the Four Way Elimination Match? Joey Mercury, Shannon Moore, Chavo Guerrero.
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? Shawn Michaels.
What will be the longest match? Triple H/RVD.
What will be the shortest match? Punk/Knox.
Will The Undertaker answer Armando Alejandro Estrada's challenge to appear tonight? Yes.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Prediction Template:

1.Number One Contenders Tournament Final Match:
Winner will face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXIII for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP
Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam
HBK interferes, no contest, Triple Threat at Mania.

8Steel Cage Handicap Match:
Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon vs. John Cena
Bobby Lashley or Randy Orton to be revealed as Cena's opponent for WM.

6.Last Chance Tag Team Match:
If Edge and Kennedy win, Kennedy will join Edge and Batista in a WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania XXIII
World Heavyweight Champion Batista and Matt Hardy vs. Edge and Mr. Kennedy
It would be nice to see Kennedy in the ME but him facing Ric Flair is the best option in my opinion.

7.United States Championship Belfast Brawl:
United States Champion Finlay vs. Chris Benoit
Short reign but I really want to see Benoit/Hardy at Wrestlemania.

5.World Tag Team Championship Match:
World Tag Team Champions Ric Flair and Carlito vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team
Kennedy to cost Flair the match, Dykstra to nail Carlito after the match and for the WGTT, facing the Hart Dynasty at Mania.

3.Four Way Elimination Match:
Winner will face Gregory Helms at Wrestlemania XXIII for the CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP
Bryan Danielson vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Joey Mercury vs. Shannon Moore

4.Grudge Match:
Umaga vs. Kane
Squash and Taker to come back just after.

2.Grudge Match:
CM Punk vs. Mike Knox
I don''t like Knox and Punk needs momentum ahead of the Money in the Bank

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order? Done
How many championships will change hands? 2
What will be the order of elimination in the Four Way Elimination Match? Moore, Mercury, Guerrero.
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? Lashley, Dykstra and Orton
What will be the longest match? Steel Cage
What will be the shortest match? Umaga/Kane
Will The Undertaker answer Armando Alejandro Estrada's challenge to appear tonight? Yes
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