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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Smackdown feedback

Solid start to the show with Batista doing his bit. Always tough writing Batista, he never really stands out but I’m you did a good enough job here. Calling Edge out early was important as Batista needs to be more action than talk. Edge was used very well, I particularly liked him talking about not wanting to share his Wrestlemania moment with Batista. Very good stuff. The main event later should be a good one considering the history.

Umaga vs. Boogeyman? Hmmm, wonder who wins here. Good match to showcase Umaga to the Smackdown fans and really looking forward to his match with Undertaker. Kane coming out was unexpected and that should keep Umaga busy for a bit and add yet another name to his undefeated list.

Daivari-Danielson was a good match here, furthering the development of Danielson here on Smackdown. Chavo coming out was very unexpected but he made some good points. Helms was always gonna come out and boss this though and that’s exactly what he did. Four way elimination match should be a good one. Can only see one winner though.

King Booker was as ever on the money here. MVP interrupting I didn’t expect but the two men trying to cut a deal? I could definitely see that happening. Good stuff and I’m interested to see if this little partnership goes anywhere.

London/Kendrick get a big win over FBI here. Good to see La resistance continuing to float around in their business and the attack from the Bluebloods was very well done. Looks like there are two real contenders for the titles, FBI may be included but I can’t see it. Good job getting some competition into this division though.

Benoit/Miz was surprisingly longer than I expected but you made Miz look somewhat respectable here so well done. Benoit needed the win however and instantly calls out Finlay. Straight to the point these two and the match at SNME should be a good one. Not too sure on the stip yet though, maybe a Belfast brawl?

Short and sweet promo from Batista and Hardy here, glad you kept it short.

The Kennedy segment was brilliant I felt. It’s something only a few people can pull off well enough and Kennedy fits that bill. A real asshole like move and Teddy Long rubbing salt into the wounds was all the better for this. Kennedy taking out Long further adds to this and I think it helped this segment even more. Only a matter of time before we get the sealed deal between Flair and Kennedy.

Main event was good stuff and Edge needed this win a hell of a lot more than Hardy. No surprise to see Finlay and Benoit involved in things which was a nice touch. Bit surprised not to see Batista show his face but not a major issue.

Overall a good show as always, you’re doing all you can heading into Wrestlemania and you’re advancing things well. Raw is still head and shoulders above Smackdown but that should be the case when you compare rosters, hopefully Smackdown gets a big name or two after Mania to help them step up a notch. Top stuff though imac, keep it going.
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Smackdown Feedback

The video package highlighting the events that took place last night at No Way Out was pretty good, but for once, I don’t really need reminding of what’s going on.

Just a quick thing, I thought the commentary during Batista’s entrance was very good. The way they recapped NWO left us with heaps of questions for the show tonight. I just thought it was a smart way to keep the excitement level up.

Opening the show with Batista is an alright move, although every show seems to be beginning with him lately. Am I imagining this? Anyway, the show could have opened with Edge, Teddy Long, Mr. Kennedy, AAE and Umaga, you had so many options after the PPV. Batista didn’t say anything extraordinary, basically sticking to the script, and getting straight to the point. I like this because even though you write him pretty well, ‘Tista isn’t the best on the mic, so the less rambling the better. A nice show of intensity by Batista, interrupting Edge and what not. Batista’s reasoning for why he thinks Edge tried to cost him the title is pretty basic as well, but it does the job nicely. I felt like the promo really picked up when Edge was allowed to talk. The reasoning for his alliance with KK is pretty good, just because he’s so arrogant, and thinks he’s so much better than Big Dave. The mentioning of Dave’s injuries was a nice touch too. The only thing I wasn’t sure about was when Edge said nobody wants to see Batista in yet another ‘Mania main event. Made it seem like he’s been in plenty, when at this point in time, due to being injured in ’06, he had only main evented one ‘Mania, that being twenty one. Anyway, despite that, Edge was really good. Batista challenging Edge to a match is the nice, normal tease that you get with the face wanting to fight and what not. Teddy Long coming out and giving Edge a match against Matt Hardy is nice, especially since these two always put on good matches. I felt like Teddy’s character wasn’t right when he told Edge to “get yo’ ass backstage.” This is something I could picture him saying, ala heel ’04, but I can’t picture him being so, well aggressive towards somebody as GM/face Teddy. Anyway, nothing majorly wrong, and a pretty good start to the show.

A smart move to show the attack on The Undertaker right before Umaga makes an appearance.

Umaga > The Boogeyman every single time. I actually thought this was smart though, as Boogey plays mind games and what not, as does ‘Taker. Whilst the difference between Boogey and ‘Taker is significant, it shows ‘Mags just doesn’t care. A dominant performance, which keeps ‘Mags looking like a beast.

Short and sweet from AAE, who owns on the mic. The match for ‘Mania should be epic as well. Kane coming out to defend his brothers honour is clever. Kane is still looked upon as a monster as well, so ‘Mags annihilating him will really have him cooking heading into ‘Mania. Smart booking, imo.

Yuck. Rey Mysterio’s charity case title run being used as a ‘Mania recall doesn’t make me a happy man.

The Danielson/Daivari match was solid enough. The spot with Daivari nailing the Falling Neckbreaker was pretty cool, and the rest of the match was good enough too. In terms of booking, it did the job well, keeping Danielson’s momentum going.

Chavo Guerrero coming out and having a go at Danielson was unexpected, but I enjoyed what he had to say. Plus, I’m a fan of Chavo, so I don’t mind him being used. Helms was at his arrogant best here as well. I like all the cracks at Danielson being an indy guy, it’s just going to make the win at ‘Mania seem that much bigger for him. Teddy announces a nice match for SNME, to set up Helms/Danielson at ‘Mania. Well constructed segment, son.

King Booker was pretty on song, nothing to complain about. MVP and him striking some sort of alliance for the MITB ladder match seems pretty cool, although I’d be lying if I said I liked the way this came about. Porter was like, you’re going to have to get through me to get the briefcase, but then they begin striking an alliance right off the bat. The fact there was no banter from Booker, was tbh, a little disappointing. I’m interested to see how these two go from here though.

at JBL owning Tazz on commentary.

Another good win for The Hooligans who are looking like a million bucks in this thread, at the moment. The fast pace of The Hooligans throughout this contest was fun to read; whilst, I’m not going to lie, The FBI’s offense was a little boring to read. The champions remain looking strong though, and Santino appeared, so job well done.

Maryse on the mic is cream worthy rocking that accent and what not. Stuff from her was solid, with the insult at Ashley being the highlight of her promo. The attack on the Hooligans from The Bluebloods, after this challenge from La Resistance really leaves the tag division wide open. I’m interested to see just where you take it from here.

Another pretty good match, this was probably my favourite so far tonight. The action was solid throughout, and after NWO, Benoit simply had to get the victory, so you made the right move. I’m happy The Miz didn’t look weak though, as a matter of fact, he looked pretty damn good so I’m really hoping he continues to have a decent run in this thread.

Benoit being short and sweet on the mic is always the right move. I thought it was a little weird how Benoit called for the rematch next week, but then told Finlay to come out and give it to him now. I’m pretty sure he just wants Finlay to confirm it, but like, wouldn’t Teddy Long have to do this anyway? Finlay making that announcement was nice, although once again, I didn’t know two wrestlers could just make a match for an event like SNME. Anyway, Belfast Brawl between these two would be enormous, book it, please.

A nice little segment between Batista and Hardy. Doesn’t really mean anything, except showing there’s respect there, and hyping the main event.

Dusty Rhodes into HOF equals win for me.

at KK having to face Funaki. Whilst I think its shit that Funaki now holds a victory over Kennedy, I like how you’re showing the intense side of KK. Good stuff.

Kennedy waiting out throughout the commercial break is something different, but I like it. Much like earlier in the night, I don’t like the way you’re writing Teddy. Overly aggressive, it’s just not Teddy Long. He organised for Flair to be in the building? That’s awfully heelish of him too. The attack from KK was awesome, really giving it to T’Lo. The belated appearance from Batista was nice as well, but was happy he and KK didn’t come to blows. Good stuff here, mate, Kennedy is interesting as hell right now.

I didn’t like Edge putting his head through the ropes in the beginning, like he was reluctant to go at it with Hardy. This guy is supposed to be proving he’s not afraid of Batista, but then he’s a little timid about Matt Hardy? Just really didn’t seem like a smart thing to do. The match went along well, with Hardy early, and then Edge focusing on the leg after the steel steps spot. Well put together match and the ending with Benoit and Finlay both obviously getting on Hardy’s bad side now was pretty good, plus Edge needed the win. I wouldn’t mind a clean victory or two over some credible guys for Edge though.

Honestly, at one stage in the middle of the show, things were still solid/good, but they got a little bit dull, if I’m honest. I think it was the back to back matches, Cruiserweight and tag team, and then having only tiny promos after it that didn’t really say much/anything at all. Besides that, the beginning and ending were both up to your usual high standards, bar the characterization of Teddy Long, which I think was off all night. Still, booking wise, the show did everything it had to, and Kennedy is awesome right now. Not your best effort, but still one of the better shows that’s been posted as of late.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Ya just keep me comin back for more

619s Feedback for iMac's Friday Night Smackdown

Natural of course that the show start with the No Way Out recap. I wish people would use video packages a bit better . Oh well. These are much easier.

Batista was in character in the first half of the segment, although I thought he talked about Kennedy a bit too much and a bit too long. But the flow of the promo worked with that, although I hate face Batista on the mike. I wasn’t completely sold on Edge’s reasoning for trying to cost Batista the title. He backed up his claim very well, but I just wasn’t sold on it. Lol at Edge, the Bionic Man, mentioning Batista could get hurt between now and ‘mania. Batista will obviously show up sometime in Edge’s match, although Hardy should put up a good showing, seeing as how he’s going for the US title at ‘Mania and all.

Umaga squash is awesome. For the record, Estrada doesn’t say “Excussemy” ; it’s actually “Escuche Me”, which is Spanish for “Listen to me”, or essentially excuse me, I guess. Just a small note there. Kane/Umaga looks like fun. I’m mad at myself for not allowing myself to write for deceased wrestlers, especially in Umaga’s case. I expect him to crush Kane in the coming weeks, so you’d better write him something savage.

Danielson winning is a real no brainer, although I like that this wasn’t completely a squash. Always preferred the Cattle Mutilation to the LeBell, but he could easily get more depth by giving him both. What’s Chavo want? Awesome with the Cruiserweight match at SNME, but I can’t help but think Chavo/Bryan one on one makes a bit more sense. Or will we get that in the near future for one reason or another…? Gotta say, I’ve loved the way you’ve built Danielson.

Loved Booker’s dialogue here, but I kinda felt like MVP was a little…direct. If that makes any sense. An MVP/Booker pairing would be interesting to see.

Santino as a Don? Don’t be takin’ my Mafia stable ideas . Even if this one is a joke. Lulz aside, I’m interested to see what Sanitno will do, if anything as the head of this (jobber) faction. The match itself was essentially a glorified squash, the third of the night. Also third straight match of the night to be followed up with an in-ring promo. Shake it up a bit.

Benoit/Miz shouldn’t have gone that long, imo. The show’s getting a great deal formulaic at this point. It seems to be following a squash/glorified squash into an in-ring confrontation promo for just about everyone. Don’t like that it’s getting incredibly repetitious, but some things can’t really be avoided. Unless you just like booking this way. Benoit/Finlay should be fun for a second time, although it shouldn’t end clean. Triple Threat for the title at ‘Mania plz.

Rhodes in the Hall = Ratings

. Funaki is a great running gag, isn’t he? I seriously laughed with Kennedy on this one. In-ring protest sounds spectacular. Teddy is OWNING Kennedy right now and it’s great. Showing he’s at least got a mad side to his largely neutral character…but later, Kennedy is BRUTAL . I seriously sat here with my eyes wide for a good minute when he hit him with the chair. Kennedy has gone off his rocker, and I love it. Great way to show he’s reached his limit and he’s gonna do whatever to get what he wants, although the cable choking was a bit much. Batista making the save isn’t a surprise, and neither is the fact that he didn’t do much.

Main event was hot. Glad that Hardy looked strong, and the dusty finish was a great way to keep him that way. Not surprised to see Edge get the W here and another match that ends with a brawl. This drives more home the prospect of a Triple Threat at ‘Mania, all the while, Edge looked good too. Expected Batista to maybe show up, but I guess he already did earlier *shrugs*

Overall, a very solid fallout show, although it got really, really, REALLY repetitious. Up until the main event, show composed of squash followed by an in-ring promo. Not saying that’s a bad thing, but it all happening all at once and for almost an entire show is another thing. Still, I recognize that some things do need to be done. Still a solid show despite that which irked me, as I could see the gears shift for the Road to Wrestlemania. Great stuff, man. I'm really starting to hate guys like you and Rene, though, as it seems the whole section turns out for your shows. But rightfully so, I suppose. Good luck with those thermal dynamics


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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~Monday Night Raw~
February 26th, 2007
Fresno, California

The final Raw before Saturday Night's Main Event could prove to be one of the most crucial nights on the Road to Wrestlemania, with everyone determined to show why they deserve a spot at Wrestlemania XXIII!

This Saturday sees the Final of the Number One Contenders Tournament, the winner of said tournament guaranteeing himself a shot at Shawn Michaels and the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. Tonight, it's time for the Final Four as both tournament Semi Finals will take place tonight. Triple H, the man with the most personal reason for getting his hands on Michaels will take on Bobby Lashley, a man who has shown a certain distain for the way crowds have been reacting to him in recent weeks. Lashley will no doubt put all that behind him to concentrate on beating 'The Game', but with Triple H so determined to get his hands on Michaels, this one promises to be a hard hitting affair.

The second Semi Final sees Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton meet, both men feeling like this Saturday night could be the launching point to taking their career to higher grounds. Van Dam was struck by some Sweet Chin Music from Shawn Michaels two weeks ago, in the process allowing Mr. McMahon to steal away Van Dam's most prized possession, the ECW Championship. With Van Dam now chasing both Michaels and the WWE Championship, can he overcome Orton, a man who issued the Raw roster with an ominous message two weeks ago to stay out of his way, or he won't be responsible for his actions. With Orton threatening physical harm to anyone who stands in his way of glory, both men are sure to push each other to the limit in pursuit of the chance to go to Saturday Night's Main Event!

His desire has never been questioned, the size of the fight in the man never in doubt. But after Raw ended for the second week in a row with John Cena down and out in the centre of the ring thanks to the evil genius Mr. McMahon, how much more can John Cena take? With less than one week to go until Saturday Night's Main Event, a showdown between Cena and Vince seems inevitable, but tonight, Cena has been pitted against the always dangerous Mike Knox, a man who has been on a deranged rampage against CM Punk since he arrived on Raw. Knox will no doubt be looking to make a statement, knowing that he has a chance to impress 'The Boss' by doing further damage to Cena. Can Cena pick himself up one more time to see of the latest opponent put in his way by the McMahons? Or will Vince and Shane once again have a few more tricks up their sleeves to deal with 'The Leader of the Chain Gang'?

Last week during an interview with Jim Ross, the WWE Champion Shawn Michaels snapped, drilling J.R. with the Sweet Chin Music after Ross demanded answers with regards to what on earth was going through Michaels' mind the last month or so. After the kick, Jerry 'The King' Lawler stormed the ring, looking for retribution on his friends behalf... only for Michaels to coldly tip his hat in Lawler's direction and exit the ring. Tonight, Lawler has issued the challenge to Michaels, and the two are set to meet, one on one, with no doubt everyone rooting for 'The King' to finally knock some sense into Michaels.

And after they stormed the ring during last week's main event, helping Shane McMahon to victory over John Cena, Chris Masters, Johnny Nitro and Melina will tonight collect their reward from Mr. McMahon... as all three will have championship opportunities! Masters and Nitro will look to finally end their long losing streak by beating World Tag Team Champions Ric Flair and Carlito, while Melina will take on Mickie James for the Women's Championship. With Flair's mind no doubt conflicted due to the assault on Teddy Long by Mr. Kennedy on Smackdown last Friday, and Mickie James' mind drawn by the arrival of newcomer Beth Phoenix, both sets of champions look vulnerable ahead of tonight, with the strong possibility that Nitro, Masters and Melina ending the evening as champions.

All this, plus we'll hear from CM Punk, Kenny Dykstra and Beth Phoenix, all three having a lot to say tonight. And the second entrant into the 2007 WWE Hall of Fame class will be revealed, live on Monday Night Raw!!

Confirmed Matches:

Number One Contenders Tournament Semi Finals:
Bobby Lashley vs. Triple H
Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam

Shawn Michaels vs. Jerry Lawler
John Cena vs. Mike Knox

World Tag Team Championships Match: Ric Flair and Carlito vs. Johnny Nitro and Chris Masters
Women's Championship Match: Mickie James vs. Melina

Plus Kenny Dykstra, CM Punk and Beth Phoenix will all be in attendance!!
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Raw looks interesting, but I'm afraid that there isn't much suspense on the matches for the tournament. HHH and RVD are pretty much the favourites after their promo and the brawl with Michaels last week. At this point, I see a triple threat match for Wrestlemania but maybe you have something else prepared.

Lashley will lose once again and I think that he's the one who will be revealed as the McMahon representative for Mania which is a nice contrast to IRL. Randy Orton will proably end up in the MITB or it will be Van Dam, I don't know.

HBK to beat the holy hell out of King.

Cena to squash Knox please.

The most interesting match for me is the one for the tag titles with the threat of Kennedy costing Flair the titles but currently Carlito/Flair are in a feud with TWGTT, so I definately look forward to it.
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

~Monday Night Raw~
February 26th, 2007
Fresno, California

"One more win... and I'm comin' for ya'!"

No highlights package, no opening video, no pyro display. Instead it's straight into the arena for a cold opening, until...


A thunderous response for John Cena, although as always there's a smattering of boos mixed in to the mostly cheers of the crowd. Cena is not his usual jovial self, as instead of bouncing out onto the stage as he usually does, Cena sternly marches out from the back, stopping at the top of the ramp to offer a salute before he strides for the ring...

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw! We are live and we are sold out tonight in Fresno, California, and folks, it certainly seems the actions of the McMahon's last week has had a profound effect on John Cena.

Joey Styles: You look at John Cena walkin' to the ring right now, and there's a real sense of focus on his face. A real look of determination in his eyes. It would appear that the constant assaults from Mr. McMahon's cronies has lit a fire under the former WWE Champion.

Jerry Lawler: Well we all know how determined a competitor John Cena is. Cena looks ready for a war, and tonight could be the first of many battles he has ahead of Wrestlemania.

Jim Ross: Absolutely right 'King'. We're kickin' things off with Cena takin' on the ever dangerous Mike Knox, but what a show we have lined up tonight folks. The semi finals of the Number One Contender's Tournament will take place tonight. Triple H squares off against Bobby Lashley, while Rob Van Dam goes one on one Randy Orton. Who's gonna advance to Saturday Night's Main Event to fight for a WWE Championship opportunity at Wrestlemania?

Joey Styles: And not only that, but we've got two title shots tonight. As a result of the assist they gave Shane McMahon in his victory over John Cena last week on Raw, Johnny Nitro and Chris Masters will challenge Ric Flair and Carlito for the World Tag Team Championships, while Melina, the mastermind behind the deal, while take on Mickie James for the Women's Championship.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but not only that, but tonight, yours truly is gonna try smack some sense into the head of Shawn Michaels. He might be the WWE Champion, but when he kicked my friend Jim Ross with that Sweet Chin Music, that crossed a line as far as I'm concerned, and I'm gonna teach him a lesson tonight.

Jim Ross: Give 'im hell 'King'! Impartiality goes right out the window for that one, Shawn Michaels can kiss my fat Oklahoma ass! I'll be rootin' for ya' Jerry!

Joey Styles: I'm sure we all will 'King'...

In the ring, Cena tosses his t-shirt into the crowd, before giving his dog tags a quick kiss before he hands them over to the referee. Cena then paces the ring, bouncing off the ropes as he awaits his opponent...


A decent amount of heat for the Raw newcomer Mike Knox, making his first in-ring appearance since arriving on Monday nights. Knox has a tight grip of the wrist of Kelly Kelly, almost dragging her down the ramp...

Jim Ross: It's certainly a very uncomfortable situation young Kelly Kelly has found herself in lately. Mike Knox just refuses to admit this relationship between the two is over, and the man taking the brunt of his frustrations is CM Punk.

Jerry Lawler: CM Punk two weeks ago went through a hellacious match wit Umaga, suffered severely injured ribs, then had to face Bobby Lashley last week. And of course, Mike Knox chose to wait until after Lashley had beaten Punk to make his move, assaulting a defenceless Punk, despite Kelly pleading with Knox to stop.

Joey Styles: Guys I saw firsthand what Mike Knox could do during the brief time he was on ECW. He is a dangerous, dangerous competitor. John Cena may look focused and determined tonight, but this could be yet another severe beating he could suffer thanks to the McMahons.

Match 1:
John Cena
vs. Mike Knox w/ Kelly Kelly

With both men looking for a momentum boosting win, it’s an aggressive tie up that gets the match underway, with Knox quickly working Cena into a standing side headlock. Cena struggles, backing Knox to the ropes before he fires Knox across the ring... only for Knox to bowl Cena over with a big shoulderblock! Knox momentarily stands over Cena, before going for an elbowdrop... but Cena rolls to safety! Cena is quickly back on his feet, tagging Knox with a few right hands, but Knox fires back with a knee to the midsection. This stops Cena in his tracks, allowing Knox to go for a suplex... but Cena blocks... and blocks a second attempt... before he takes Knox up and down with a suplex of his own! Looking to quicken the pace, Cena comes off the ropes, knocking Knox down with a flying tackle. Cena repeats the trick a second time, before he grabs Knox and fires him to the corner... Cena charges in... but Knox side steps... and Cena goes shoulder first into the ring post!

Knox now looks to punish Cena against the turnbuckle, unloading with big knees to the gut and punishing right hands to the face and clubbing forearms to the spine. A hard Irish whip sends Cena to the opposite corner, with Knox racing across the ring... but Cena avoids the contact, seeing Knox splash into the corner! Now Cena tags Knox with rights and lefts to the gut, before he sends Knox off the ropes... but Knox hangs on, stopping his momentum. Cena charges the ropes, but Knox gets an elbow up, causing Cena to back peddle... and then clothesline Knox over the top rope to the floor!

Cena jumps through the ropes, taking the fight outside, connecting on a right hand to the face before smashing Knox face first off the steel steps. Knox is rolled back under the bottom rope, but when Cena climbs back onto the apron, Knox is there to grab Cena by the wrist, dropping Cena’s arm across the top rope! Cena somehow manages to cling on to the top rope with his other hand, leaving him prone on the apron... until a bicycle kick to the skull sends Cena crashing to the floor! After shaking off the cobwebs, Knox joins Cena on the floor... and whips Cena shoulder first into the steel steps! Cena cries in pain as he sends the steps flying from their hinges, with Knox moving quickly to get Cena back in the ring before he starts climbing to the top rope... to show great agility for a big guy as he drops a double axe handle across the shoulder! Knox hooks the leg... 1... 2... Cena kicks out.

Knox looks to target the arm, aiming kicks to the shoulder, wrapping the left arm under the top rope to yank on it, before Cena goes up and down with a shoulderbreaker, getting Knox another near fall. Knox then grabs the arm and twists it into a high wrist lock, wrapping the arm around Cena’s head while applying pressure at the wrist. Cena winces in pain, groaning as Knox ups the pressure he’s applying. Eventually though, Cena works back to a vertical, using his free arm to hook Knox up... for the Killswitch! Both men stay down, but eventually Cena gets back to his feet first, coming off the ropes...flying shoulderblock! Again Cena comes off the ropes... another flying shoulderblock! Cena then climbs to the second rope, waiting for Knox to rise... diving legdrop! The crowd rises as Cena builds momentum, coming off the ropes... for the five knuckle shuffle! Cena makes the cover... 1... 2... Knox rolls the shoulder!

Back on their feet, Cena strikes Knox with two right hands, backing the big guy to the ropes. Cena goes for an Irish whip to the corner, following in... but Knox again avoids the contact, with Cena hitting the turnbuckle as Knox comes off the ropes... running crossbody! Knox creates a huge impact as he flies to take Cena down, hooking the leg... 1... 2... Cena kicks out! Knox can’t believe it, sure he had the match won, only for Cena to kick out. Dragging Cena back to his feet, Knox looks to send Cena off the ropes... into a big boot to the face... but Cena slides underneath... and then jumps back to his feet... to take Knox up onto his shoulders... FU!! Cena emphatically plants Knox, rolling into the cover... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: John Cena @ 06.24

Cena finally manages to put Knox away, but he sells the effects of the match, clutching at both his shoulder and his neck as he has his hand raised. Knox rolls to the outside, and after taking a few seconds to recover, he starts shouting at Kelly Kelly, putting the blame for his defeat firmly on her. Knox soon once again grabs Kelly by the wrist and leads her away, the two slipping down the side of the ramp. Cena is back to his usual self as he climbs to the second rope, posing for the crowd, but he's soon staring up the ramp as...


Big time heat as Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon make their way out from the back, stopping at the top of the ramp. Both men flash huge smirks on their faces, with Vince already holding a microphone...

Mr. McMahon: Congratulations John! A real-


Mr. McMahon: SHADDUP!!

Heat, although the crowd quickly quiets down...

Mr. McMahon: Where was I? Ah... congratulations John! A real hard fought victory there. It's great to see that you've managed to put your... loss... at the hands of my son Shane behind you so quickly.

Shane and Vince turn and share a laugh, while Cena angrily shakes his head...

Mr. McMahon: I mean, you managed to bounce back here tonight with a win, bet you're feelin' great right about now huh Cena? Bet you're startin' to feel back to your ol' self, back on top of the world huh Cena?

McMahon laughs to himself, while Cena sternly shakes his head in disagreement...

Mr. McMahon: Well ya' know somethin' Cena? Now that you've managed to pick yourself up again, I think it only fitting... that you be put right back down at the hands of a McMahon!


Mr. McMahon: And John, I remember a few weeks back where you said you wanted to get your hands on me. Well I'm in a generous mood tonight, so Cena, you get your wish. This Saturday night, live in Madison Square Garden... it's goin' to be you, John Cena... one on one... with Vincent... Kennedy... MCMAHON!

The crowd pops as Cena gets what he wants, a chance to get a Vince. Shane meanwhile is loudly giving his father a big, sarcastic round of applause, while Vince has his arms outstretched to the crowd, feeling their cheers are for him. In the ring though, John Cena just laughs to himself, almost in disbelief, before he runs a hand down his face. Cena pauses momentarily, almost as if he's thinking things over, before he heads to the corner to be handed a microphone...

John Cena: Wow, Vinny! I can't believe it! For once in your life you've done the right thing and stopped actin' like a jackass!

Pop, although Vince scowls at the crowd...

John Cena: But c'mon Vinny, we both know what's gonna happen if you and me step in the ring together. You'll decide it's no DQ, Shane'll shuffle his way down to the ring, right into an ass kickin' from yours truly...

Another pop, with Shane shouting down at Cena "That's not what happened last week!"...

John Cena: Then the cavalry will arrive, your security team, your hired goons, however many guys ya’ paid off and bribed to take a shot at me, they'll all get all involved and it'll be nothin' but chaos!

Vince and Shane again turn to each other, smugly nodding their heads...

John Cena: And you, and all these people know, that I will fight, with everythin' I got, I will go toe to toe with a HUNDRED guys Vinny if it means gettin' my hands on you! I'll never quit, I'll never stop, until you are the last one left standin', and you got nobody left to stand behind! Until that moment... I - WILL - NEVER - GIVE UP!!

The crowd loudly pops for the intensity of Cena, while Vince rocks that trademark gulp of his...

John Cena: But Vinny... let's think about this for a second. Let's think about this... like businessmen.

Vince gives Cena an intrigued glance...

John Cena: I mean this is Saturday Night's Main Event we're talkin' about here. This is live on NBC! This is live from New York, and you're gonna have a bunch o' goons try and take me out, just so can get a cheap win?! Vinny... that doesn't make sound financial sense!

Despite the sarcasm being evident, McMahon continues to look intrigued...

John Cena: And of course, what about that McMahon pride? I mean last week, when Shane needed two guys, a girl and a 'Rated-R Superstar' to beat me, that wasn't all that bad. I mean, it's too late for Shane, he's already less of a son to you than Stephanie ever was.

The crowd "Oooh!"'s while Shane makes a move to head down the ramp, his Dad quickly telling him to forget it...

John Cena: No, no, everybody knows Shane could never beat me one on one. Never! However you Vinny...

Cena over exaggerates a shrug of the shoulders...

John Cena: Who knows? I mean, the genetic jackhammer! Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon, he can beat anybody! That McMahon family pride runnin' through your veins, hell I bet you could walk into Madison Square Garden, live, Saturday night, NBC, and you could beat anybody you wanted to!

Vince proudly puffs out his chest, believing every compliment Cena is throwing at him...

John Cena: Except of course... me.

Only for Cena to burst his bubble in an instant...

John Cena: Me? Nah, I don't think so Vinny. Not without help. Not without your hired guns dragging you're lifeless body to make the cover. And when all those people watchin' see that you... Vince McMahon... take the easy way out, they'll know you ain't nothin' but a coward.

Rage starts to build inside of McMahon...

John Cena: But hey, if that's the way you wanna play it Vinny, I'm game. You and me, this Saturday night, live on-

Mr. McMahon: Hold on just a second there Cena!

Cena turns away, sharing a smirk with the camera before turning back towards Vince with a shocked look on his face...

Mr. McMahon: You think that I... can't beat you?

John Cena: I know it. Not one on one, not straight up, not like a man!


Mr. McMahon: Alright Cena, have it your way. This Saturday night, you and me, live on NBC... one on one!

Pop, to which Cena nods his head in agreement... until he once again pauses to think...

John Cena: Y'know what Vinny? As much as I love the sounds of that idea, I'm gonna have to pass.

A confused murmur rings out around the arena, with Shane and Vince taking confused glances at each other...

John Cena: Y'see, while I want nothin' more than to get my hands on you Vinny... I got a lil' somethin' to settle with Junior first.

Another pop, as a worried look crosses Shane's face...

John Cena: So how 'bout we settle this like men? John Cena... taking on BOTH Vince and Shane McMahon... in a STEEL CAGE MATCH!!

Massive roar of approval from the audience, with the McMahon's taken aback by Cena's challenge...

John Cena: C'mon Vinny, give the people what they wanna see! They wanna see me kickin' both your asses, let's do it live at Saturday Night's Main Event! No outside interference, nobody stickin' their noses in the match, and hell, if somehow the pair of ya' manage to beat me, then you'll have done it like men. You’ll have done it with hustle... loyalty... and respect.

Vince is searing with anger now as once again his pride is called into question...

John Cena: But when I get my hands on you two... and I beat you two with the whole world watchin'... it's over between me and you Vince.


John Cena: So c'mon Vinny, what d'ya say? Give the people the match they want, give 'em John Cena and The McMahon's in a Steel Cage, and let's end this once and for all.

Vince and Shane turn to each other, Vince still simmering after Cena's comments, while Shane looks worried...

Mr. McMahon: Alright Cena. Have it your way. This Saturday night, live on Saturday Night's Main Event... it's gonna be John Cena in a Steel Cage Handicap Match against Vince and Shane McMahon!

A huge cheer erupts around the arena for the emphatic statement that the match is set, while Cena buries his head in his hands from fear...

Mr. McMahon: But Cena, let me assure you... that no matter what happens in that steel cage this Saturday night... you and me... will never... be over.


And with that ominous warning fresh on everyone's mind, the McMahon's turn and head backstage, with Vince looking a damn sight more confident than Shane does. In the ring Cena still looks focused, ready for a fight, but there's that lingering doubt that once again the McMahon's could pull a power play this Saturday as we fade into a commercial.


*Video Package*


MARCH 29th, 1987

One of the greatest matches in WWE history sees Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat battle for the Intercontinental Championship, delivering a performance that could only be outdone by the epic Hulk Hogan/Andre The Giant encounter later in the evening. Giving a great display of high flying and technical moves that left the crowd in awe, Savage and Steamboat battle back and forth for nearly fifteen minutes, delivering an instant classic. After battering Steamboat for much of the match, Savage attempts to once again smash the ring bell across Steamboat's throat in an homage to the angle which kicked off their rivalry six months earlier. However George 'The Animal' Steele, stationed in Steamboat's corner, would save the day, snatching the ring bell from Savage's grasp. In an attempt to end the match and retain his title, Savage takes Steamboat up for a scoop slam, only for the challenger to counter with an inside cradle, grabbing the win out of nowhere, in the process becoming the new Intercontinental Champion and closing out a match that would go down as one of the all time classics.


*End Video Package*

We now cut to the backstage area, where Mike Knox and Kelly Kelly are walking along. Knox is furious after hsi defeat, forcibly dragging Kelly behind, until finally Kelly yanks her wrist free...

Kelly Kelly: Stop it Mike! You're scaring me!

Mike Knox: I'm scarin' you? You should be scared after costin' me that match! What the hell where you doin' out there?

Kelly turns her head in fear as Knox towers over her...

Kelly Kelly: But I... I didn't do anythin'!

Mike Knox: Exactly! You're out there to help me, you're out there to make sure I win. Why the hell didn't ya' distract Cena or somethin'? Where's your head at Kelly?

Knox stops, laughing to himself...

Mike Knox: Oh I know exactly where your head is. CM Punk. You're probably too busy thinkin' about him to help me, aren't ya'?

Again Kelly offers no answer, simply turning her head aside...

Mike Knox: Just like I thought. Well you better get him outta your head in a hurry, 'cause you're never goin' anywhere near him ever again. Do you understand me?

Reluctantly, Kelly nods out of fear...

Mike Knox: You're my girlfriend Kelly, and-

Kelly Kelly: I'm NOT your girlfriend Mike!

Shocked, Knox is taken aback as Kelly finally speaks out against him...

Mike Knox: Yeah, you keep tellin' yourself that. Now c'mon, let's go.

Knox motions for Kelly to move, but Kelly stands firm, noticing someone or something stood behind Knox...

Mike Knox: I said let's go! What are you-

Knox turns and looks over his shoulder... to see CM Punk standing nearby. The crowd gives a good pop for the youngster, who has a stern look on his face as he squares up to Knox...

Mike Knox: And what the hell do you want?

CM Punk: What do I want? I want what I'm pretty sure everybody watchin' right now wants. I want you to stop treatin' this girl like she's nothin' and start actin' like a man.

Another pop from inside the arena, while Knox glares angrily...

CM Punk: When are you gonna realise that obviously Kelly doesn't wanna be with you anymore? When are you gonna let her go?

Knox smirks, shaking his head...

Mike Knox: I always knew you wanted my girlfriend. Face it Punk, you're jealous of me.

Now it's Punk's turn to laugh to himself...

CM Punk: I'm jealous of you? Jealous of the guy who's draggin' his ex around by the wrist 'cause he's livin' in denial about that fact she doesn't want anythin' to do with him anymore? I'm jealous of that?

Punk sarcastically shakes his head before flashing a more serious look...

CM Punk: Now listen, I'm real sick and tired o' seein' you treat Kelly this way. So it's time for somebody to step up and do the right thing. So how 'bout this? Saturday Night's Main Event, you and me have a match. If I beat you, you leave Kelly alone, and let her get on with her life.

Mike Knox: I always knew you had a thing for my girl Punk. Alright, I accept. You and me, this Saturday night.

The crowd responds warmly for the second match announced tonight...

Mike Knox: But... when... I beat you... and I will beat you... I don't want to see you anywhere near my girlfriend ever again.

Knox turns to look at Kelly, who against turns away in fear, while Punk stays focused on Knox...

CM Punk: Alright fine. You beat me... I'll stay away. You'll never hear from me again.

Knox flashes a sick grin...

Mike Knox: Good. I'll see you Saturday. Let's go Kelly...

Once again Knox goes to grab Kelly by the wrist, only for Punk to intercept, grabbing Knox by the wrist and stopping him reaching Kelly, who is taken aback, gazing at Punk with affection in her eyes...

CM Punk: Don't do that. If she's gonna leave with you... let her do it by herself.

Knox pauses, considering Punk's words... until he drives a knee right into Punk's midsection! Punk groans, instantly dropping to a knee after Knox maliciously targets the area that Punk has sustained such damage to over the past two weeks, with Kelly trying to console Punk...

Mike Knox: How those ribs doin' Punk? Still hurtin'? I'll keep that in mind for Saturday. Let's go Kelly.

And just like that, Knox grabs Kelly by the wrist and drags her off screen, leaving Punk down, coughing and spluttering as we head back into the arena.

Where after a few seconds silence...



The arena buzzes as the World Tag Team Champions Ric Flair and Carlito make their entrance, with 'Lito walking hand in hand with Torrie Wilson while Flair styles and profiles his way down the ramp...

Joey Styles: Well there you have it folks. Another match set for this Saturday night. CM Punk takin' on Mike Knox, and if Punk wins, this nightmare of a relationship, if you can even call if that, that Kelly Kelly has found herself in will finally be over.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but if Knox wins, we're gonna lose CM Punk! I've been really impressed by that kid since he arrived here on Raw, I'd hate to see 'im leave.

Jim Ross: That's in store for this Saturday, but right now, the World Tag Team Championships are on the line. The champions, Ric Flair and Carlito defending the gold against Johnny Nitro and Chris Masters.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah and the only reason Nitro and Masters are gettin' this shot is 'cause they did Shane McMahon's dirty work for 'im last week. I'd hate to see Flair and Carlito lose to a team that earned their title shot in such a manner.

In the ring, Flair removes his robe and lays it over the top rope, while Torrie gives 'Lito one last kiss on the cheek before she steps through the ropes. The champions have a few last words of strategy until...


The boos quickly ring out as Johnny Nitro an Chris Masters make their entrance, Nitro leading the way down the red carpet while Masters poses at the start of the carpet before he too heads for the ring...

Jim Ross: Well here come the challengers, and conspicuous by her absence is Melina. I can only assume she's busy backstage gettin' ready for her Women's Championship Match later tonight.

Jerry Lawler: The only good thing about this team is missin' right now.

Joey Styles: And let's remember, Nitro and Masters have been on quite the losing streak lately. Heck, Nitro hasn't won any kind of match all year! Could that losing streak end tonight with us crowning new World Tag Team Champions?

Match 2: World Tag Team Championships Match
World Tag Team Champions Ric Flair and Carlito w/ Torrie Wilson v Johnny Nitro and Chris Masters

Carlito and Johnny Nitro get things underway, with the bad blood of the rivalry between Masters and Carlito from earlier in the year still evident as Masters wants nothing to do with ‘Lito early on. Masters does however throw some smack at ‘Lito from the apron, and this brief distraction is enough for Nitro to get the first shot in, landing a kick to the gut and a pair of right hands. An Irish whip sends ‘Lito across, but he ducks underneath Nitro’s clothesline, putting on the breaks... to then land a textbook hurricanrana! The force of the move sends Nitro flying towards his corner, where he reaches up and tags in Masters. ‘The Masterpiece’ charges into the ring and swings wildly at Carlito, but ‘Lito again avoids the contact, this time dropping Masters with a dropkick before tagging in Flair.

Flair enters to a chorus of “Wooo’s”, and they continue as ‘The Nature Boy’ unloads on Masters with stiff chops to the chest. Right hands land to Masters’ jaw, before more chops find their mark and Masters is sent to the corner, crashing hard against the turnbuckle... into a big time back body drop! Flair calls out to the crowd as he waits for Masters to rise, and once Masters is one his feet, Flair goes back to work, connecting with a chop block. Flair now starts to target the knee, stomping down on it before he takes Masters up and down with a shin breaker. Flair then grabs Masters’ foot, winding up... for the figure four... no! Masters kicks Flair into the corner... where he lowers his head, driving his shoulder into Nitro... and propelling Nitro over the top rope into the ring! With both challengers in the ring, albeit down, Carlito’s first instinct is to enter the ring... but the referee puts a stop to that, halting ‘Lito. With the referee busy with ‘Lito, Flair turns back to Masters... only for Nitro to catch him from behind with a springboard roundhouse kick to the back of the head! Flair slumps to the mat, with Masters quickly hooking the leg, although it takes an age for the referee to pull himself away from the champions corner... 1... 2... Flair kicks out.

The challengers now work to isolate Flair from Carlito, with Nitro landing a Russian legsweep while Masters connects on a hard backbreaker. Flair tries to rally as he starts chopping away at Nitro’s chest, but when Flair swings a right hand and misses, Nitro drills him with a kick to the lower back, before tagging Masters and holding Flair in position for a double axehandle from the second rope, gaining Masters a near fall. The punishment of the spine continues as Nitro hits an STO backbreaker, transitioned into a neckbreaker, while Masters shows great strength to take Flair up for a massive gorilla press slam, again coming close to victory. Masters plies on more pressure with a double underhook suplex for a near fall, while Nitro gets a long 2 count from sending Flair off the ropes into a big back body drop.

Masters is in the ring, but once again Flair tries to rally, stinging Master’s chest with chops... only for Masters to duck a right hand... and hammer Flair with a Samoan drop! Flair cries in pain as Masters plants him, and now ‘The Masterpiece’ is back on his feet... calling for the masterlock! Masters urges Flair to stand up, poised, ready to hook his hands up... but as he goes for it, Flair manages to block it! Flair manages to keep Masters’ grip open... before dropping down for a jawbreaker! Masters snaps back, and now both men are down, crawling for their corners... here comes Nitro... but here comes Carlito!

‘Lito leaps over the top rope, racing across to catch the onrushing Nitro with a clothesline, before he grabs Nitro and goes for the Irish whip... but Nitro reverses... only for Carlito to leap to the middle ropes... springboard back elbow! Masters is back up, but he runs into a boot to the midsection, before Carlito comes off the ropes... running DDT! ‘Lito now turns his attention back to Nitro, borrowing a play from Flair’s book by connecting with chops to the chest before sending Nitro to the corner... and following in with a clothesline... but here comes Masters from behind... and ‘Lito avoids it... sending Masters running into Nitro! Masters stumbles from the corner, only for Flair to catch Masters with a clothesline that takes both men over the top rope to the floor! ‘Lito is now alone with Nitro, rocking Nitro with right hands before looking to fire Nitro to the opposite corner... but Nitro reverses... only for Carlito to jump to the second rope, then bounce to the top rope... springboard backflip sees ‘Lito land behind the onrushing Nitro... to drop him with a BACKSTABBER!! Carlito gets all of it, dropping Nitro and hooking the leg... 1... 2... 3!

Winners: And still World Tag Team Champions, Ric Flair and Carlito @ 06.52

A warm reception from the crowd as Carlito emphatically puts Nitro away. Flair is helped back to his feet by Carlito, with the champions sharing a hug as Torrie joins them in the ring, title belts in hand. After handing them over, Flair and 'Lito raise the gold high in the air, while on the outside Nitro slams his fist of the mat in despair at yet another defeat, with he and Masters looking lost, searching for the answer as we head off into commercial.


*Video Package*

We open to a pitch black screen, with the faint sound of a revving motor engine slowly but surely getting louder...

Narrator: The road may be long...

Slowly on the horizon we see a red convertible driving over a hill, heading towards a sunset which lights the screen...

Narrator: The journey may be treacherous...

The revs of the engine increase and get louder, with the camera closing in on shots of the side of the car...

Narrator: But you'll love every second of it!

We now skim along the rear of the car, the sun glistening on the chrome duel exhaust...

Narrator: So strap yourself in...

The car now speeds past a road sign that reads "8 MILE ROAD"...

Narrator: And get ready!

From behind we see an image of the Detroit skyline, with our car heading down a straight road towards it...

Narrator: 20 years on, Wrestlemania returns to Detroit, Michigan!

More fast paced shots of the car racing through the streets of Detroit...

Narrator: And it's going to be...

The car suddenly crashes into the screen, with the grill of the car having the official Wrestlemania 23 logo and tagline printed on it...

Narrator: The ride of your life!


*End Video Package*

And we return to the always glorious sight of Maria standing by, microphone in hand, ready for another interview...

Maria: Hi! I'm Maria! And joining me at this time... the Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra... and 'The Legend Killer'... Randy Orton!

Big heat as Randy Orton and Kenny Dykstra enter the frame, with Dykstra looking as cocky as ever as he admires the gold across his shoulder, while Orton has a scowl on his face as he glares at Maria...

Maria: And Randy, tonight you face Rob Van Dam in a semi final match of the Number One Contender's Tournament. How are you feeling knowing you're just a win tonight and then another win at Saturday Night's Main Event away from a WWE Championship opportunity at Wrestlemania?

Orton continues to scowl at Maria as he answers...

Randy Orton: How do I feel about bein' so close to Wrestlemania? I feel like finally I'm getting the chance that I deserved for so long. Two weeks ago I warned every Raw Superstar that if they stood in my way of becoming WWE Champion that they'd regret ever stepping into the ring with me. Well tonight, Rob Van Dam, you're gonna regret getting in my way.

Orton remains stony faced while Dykstra smirks...

Randy Orton: I have waited far too long to become WWE Champion again, and I'm not gonna wait any longer. 'RVD' if you put up any kind of fight tonight, then I promise you... I will end your career.

Orton turns to the camera, a sick smile on his face...

Randy Orton: You people don't know what I'm capable of, hell, I don't even know what I'm capable of. You were all shocked and disgusted by what Kenny did to Jeff Hardy one month ago, well let me promise you all that I... can do so much worse.

Dykstra nods his head in the background, loving every word his mentor speaks...

Randy Orton: I am goin' to Wrestlemania, and if anyone tries to stop me... there will be severe consequences.

Orton turns as if the interview is over, but Dykstra quickly grabs the mic...

Kenny Dykstra: Wait a minute, wait. I got a quick somethin' I wanna say. Carlito... I heard that little warnin' you had for me last week. You said you were gonna get me back one day?

Dykstra shakes his head...

Kenny Dykstra: You don't make threats to me 'Lito. I'm the Intercontinental Champion. I'm the man who put Jeff Hardy on the shelf by crackin' a steel chair off his skull. And if you start runnin' your mouth of about me again... I ain't got no problems smashing a steel chair off your skull either.

Orton gives Dykstra a disturbing smile of satisfaction..

Randy Orton: Kenny here is my protégé. And if he's willing to do that... then you can only imagine what I could do.

And with that emphatic statement, Orton and Dykstra turn and head off camera, leaving a perplexed Maria behind as we cut elsewhere.

And speak of the devil, it's to the dressing room of the World Tag Team Champions Ric Flair and Carlito, the champions relaxing and recovering after their successful title defence. There's no TV or monitor in the room, meaning Carlito hasn't heard a word of what Dykstra just said. Torrie Wilson is nearby, grabbing a bottle of water and handing it to 'Lito, who takes a quick swig before he starts to speak...

Carlito: Man, 'dat was tough. Carlito didn't think we were gonna make it there man. But we got 'der, and we still the tag team champions man. And dat's cool!

Flair props himself down on a nearby bench, letting out a quick "Wooo!" as he does...

Ric Flair: You got it brother! Still the champs baby! But Carlito, ol' Naitch owes you an apology my friend.

Carlito turns to Flair with a confused look on his face...

Carlito: Apology? What for?

Ric Flair: I saw what that no good sunnova bitch Mr. Kennedy did to Teddy Long last Friday night on Smackdown. I saw it, and I blame myself for it happenin'. I let it get in my head, I let that punk get it in my head, I let it bother me, and it affected my performance out there tonight. Carlito, my brother, I apologies... it won't happen again.

'Lito flashes a cheeky smile, taking another drink of water...

Carlito: Ric... ju' don't gotta apologise for nothin'. 'Dat's not cool. Carlito and Ric Flair... we're a team. Live or die together man. 'Dat's the way it is man. And 'dat's the way it's gonna stay.

Flair smiles, appreciating Carlito's words...

Ric Flair: Thanks man. That means a lot. Still the champs baby! Wooooo!

The crowd responds with a "Wooooo!" of their own, but the cheers soon turn to a murmour of despair, as entering the room behind Flair and Carlito comes Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Hass. The standing Torrie is first to notice that The World's Greatest Tag Team have entered the room, gasping at the sight of them, this prompts 'Lito and Flair to turn and see their rivals over the last few months have made their presence felt, with Flair and Carlito getting to their feet to go toe to toe with Haas and Benjamin...

Shelton Benjamin: Awww, ain't that cute Charlie? Looks like we interrupted a lil' love-in between you two.

Haas and Benjamin share a laugh between themselves...

Ric Flair: Listen, what is the deal with you two? Huh? We beat you guys to earn a tag team title shot, then we won the belts, and yet you two guys are still on our case every week. If you wanna shot at us, all you gotta do is step up and earn it.

Shelton Benjamin: First off, you two didn't beat us to earn that title shot. You stole our title shot away from us. And you wanna talk about earnin' a title shot? Then I guess you two weren't watchin' when we beat Triple H and Rob Van Dam last week. See we don't need low blows or shortcuts like you two... we just get the job done.

Tensions are high as all four men stare intently at each other...

Carlito: Alright, 'ju guys want a title shot? How 'bout Wrestlemania?

The crowd pops as Carlito lays down the challenger, but Benjamin remains stern faced as he shakes his head...
Shelton Benjamin: Nah. Nah we ain't gonna wait that long. This Saturday night. Put them titles on the line this Saturday.

Charlie Hass: You finally wanna be rid of us? Then gives us our title shot... and we'll settle things.

Flair and Carlito turn to each other, both men nodding in unison...

Ric Flair: Alright. You got it! This Saturday night, live on NBC... you two punks... against Carlito and Ric Flair, the World - Tag Team - CHAMPIONS! Wooooo!

Carlito: But when we beat ju' two... it's gonna be over between us. And 'dat... dat's cool!

Haas and Benjamin turn and smirk to each other before they head for the exit, leaving Flair and 'Lito behind, the champions looking confident ahead of their title defence this Saturday night.

We now quickly cut to the office of The Chairman of the Board to see Mr. McMahon stood alongside Shane McMahon and Jonathan Coachman, the three huddled in conference, worried looks on all of their faces...

Shane McMahon: I mean c'mon Dad, what we're you thinkin' about when you agreed to that? A steel cage match with John Cena!? What are we gonna do?

Vince strokes his chin, searching for the answer...

Jonathan Coachman: Mr. McMahon, are you sure this Saturday is wise? Forget what John Cena thinks, there would be no shame whatsoever in cancelling that match. I mean, if you ask me... that would be the smart business move to make.

Shane McMahon: We can't go through with this Dad. We just can't.

Vince turns to the duo with disgust...

Mr. McMahon: What are you two tryin' to say here? I'm Vince McMahon dammit! I'm not gonna back down from a challenge from the likes of John Cena. There's always a way to get things done Shane, and that's the McMahon way. We just need to think of a way to turn this to our advantage.

'Coach' and Shane look exasperated, both men struggling to think of any advantages to being locked in a steel cage with John Cena... only for the light bulb to go off in Vince's head, a devilish smile crossing his face...

Mr. McMahon: I think... I've got it. Listen, let him do what he needs to do tonight, then get him in here. We've got a plan to discuss.

Shane and Vince nod in agreement to each other, while 'Coach' is left dumbfounded, wondering just as the rest of us... who exactly are Vince and Shane talking about?

Back into the arena for...


A very mixed response as Bobby Lashley makes his entrance, still acting very face like despite the ever growing level of heat he receives. There's still a fair share of cheers for Lashley though, and after he sets off his pyro display, he confidently strides down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans who offer at ringside...

Jim Ross: I said it last week, and I'll say it again tonight. McMahon is just too happy right now. Somethin' ain't right, and I don't like it.

Jerry Lawler: Who was McMahon talkin' about back there? I mean... has he got somethin' lined up for this Saturday for John Cena?

Joey Styles: You have to believe he does. But right now, Bobby Lashley is set to take on 'The Game' Triple H, both men knowing that a win tonight will send them to Saturday Night's Main Event and the chance to compete for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania.

Jim Ross: And last week, Lashley, well, he did what he had to do to beat CM Punk. Lashley saw a weakness, he exploited it, and he advanced in the tournament. But the fact that Lashley didn't stick around to help CM Punk as Punk was assaulted by Mike Knox, that didn't sit right with me.

Jerry Lawler: I don't see what business Bobby Lashley had gettin' involved in that situation. I didn't really see what Lashley could have done there.

Jim Ross: He coulda done the right thing! He could helped Punk, stopped 'im takin' a beatin' from Knox.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but I'm sure Lashley was just focusing on his own business. He got the win, and he turned his attentions to tonight and Triple H. I don't think it was anythin' more than that.

Lashley removes his t-shirt, still tossing it to the crowd before he stretches against the ropes, anxiously awaiting the arrival of...



The arena comes unglued as Triple H emerges, pausing at the top of the ramp before he rampages his way down to the ring, springing up onto the apron to stare at Lashley briefly before he sprays water high into the air...

Jim Ross: For Triple H, all signs point to Wrestlemania XXIII and a showdown with the WWE Champion Shawn Michaels. But for 'The Game' to make it to Detroit, he's gonna have to overcome Bobby Lashley tonight, and that won't be easy.

Joey Styles: But it certainly seems that the idea of finally gettin' his hands on 'HBK' is drivin' Triple H to succeed. He saw off Johnny Nitro two weeks ago to make it this far, but Lashley will be a whole different story.

Jerry Lawler: I can't wait to see this! This could be an absolute war once these two start goin' at it!

Match 3: Number One Contenders Tournament Semi Final Match
Bobby Lashley
v Triple H

The crowd is buzzing as Lashley and ‘The Game’ come face to face in the centre of the ring, a tense standoff between the two gripping the arena. Trips throws a few words Lashley’s way, with Lashley remaining staunchly silent, before the two finally tie up, both men jockeying for position. The two bulls match each other’s strength, until Lashley wrestles ‘The Game’ into a standing side headlock. Lashley wrenches on the neck, but Triple H manages to force Lashley to the corner, where the ref steps in to call for the break. Lashley obliges, giving a clean break, but both men stare long and hard at each other as they return to the middle of the ring.

Again the pair tie up, but this time Lashley drives a knee to the midsection of ‘The Game’, following with a hard right hand. An Irish whip sends Triple H off the ropes, with Lashley knocking ‘The Game’ down with a hard shoulderblock. Lashley quickly pounces on ‘The Game’ by snatching him up and going for another Irish whip, but this time Lashley shows great athleticism by avoiding Trips with a leapfrog... and then lowering his head for a back body drop... but ‘The Game’ telegraphs it... and counters with the facebreaker knee smash... and follows with a big time clothesline! Lashley stumbles back to his feet, to be met with a flurry of right hands backing him to the ropes, before Trips goes for the Irish whip... but again Lashley reverses, swinging a big clothesline... but ‘The Game’ ducks underneath... and catches the turning Lashley with a big spinning spinebuster! Lashley staggers back to his feet, leaning against the ropes... and Triple H clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor! Lashley crashes to the mat below, while ‘The Game’ turns to roar to the crowd, Triple H in control as we head to a commercial.


And we return to action mid-move, Triple H still in control as he takes Lashley up for an impressive scoop slam, gaining a near fall. Lashley crawls for the corner to recover, but after a pair of rights ‘The Game’ has him headed for the opposite corner... but once more Lashley reverses, charging in... but Triple H avoids the contact, waits for Lashley to turn from the corner... right into a DDT! ‘The Game’ plants Lashley and hooks the leg... 1... 2... Lashley forcibly kicks out. ‘The Game’ looks to stay on the attack by snapping off more right hands, but when Lashley is able to duck one, ‘The Dominator’ hooks Triple H up... for an exploder suplex! Lashley crawls into the cover... 1... 2... Trips rolls the shoulder! Lashley now looks to pick up the pace up a bit, driving knee after knee to the gut of ‘The Game’ before a shoulder thrust forces him to the corner. Forearms now land to the skull of ‘The Game’, with Lashley then sending Triple H off the ropes... right into a big sidewalk slam, getting another 2 count. The crowd seems to be back on Lashley’s side as he hits a few crowd-pleasing spots, such as rocking ‘The Game’ with a fallaway slam and then taking him up for a long delayed vertical suplex, both moves gaining Lashley more near falls.

Lashley now slows things down by working ‘The Game’ into an abdominal stretch, targeting the ribs and lower back that has taken much of the brunt of Lashley’s offense thus far. ‘The Game; continually tries to break free, with the crowd doing its best to rally behind him. Lashley remains physically strong as he keeps the hold on, although mentally signs of the crowd rooing for his opponent are clearly starting to effect him, with Styles on commentary pointing out that despite being a fan favourite, Lashley is unimpressed with the cheers for Triple H. ‘The Game’ valiantly battles to break free of the hold, trying to use a hiptoss to break free... but Lashley puts paid to that by drilling an elbow to the ribs, causing ‘The Game’ to stumble to the corner. Lashley races in for a splash... but Triple H avoids the contact... and Lashley states the turnbuckle! Lashley jumps right into the corner, stumbling out... right into another massive spinning spinebuster! Triple H now looks to build momentum, rocking Lashley with right hands before sending him off the ropes... Lashley counters, again lowering his head... and this time ‘The Game’ nails a spinning neckbreaker! Trips is on his feet, poised to strike... kick... PEDIGREE... NO! Lashley fights out of it, pushing ‘The Game’ away and off the ropes... into a massive POWERSLAM! 1... 2... Triple H rolls the shoulder!

The crowd pops big time as ‘The Game’ hangs on, and again Lashley lets the crowd get to him, their cheers for him earlier long gone as they now root for Triple H. Lashley stares long and hard at the audience, angrily shaking his head at them, before finally turning his attention back to ‘The Game’. Lashley crouches near the corner, poised in a three point stance, waiting for Trips to rise. ‘The Game’ staggers back to his feet, and here comes Lashley... SPEAR... NO! Triple H dives to safety... and Lashley spears the ring post! Again the crowd cheers, with ‘The Game’ now going on the attack, rocking Lashley with right after right before he goes for the Irish whip... but Lashley reverses... only to miss wildly with a swinging elbow... and ‘The Game’ keeps on running to nail the high knee strike! The crowd is on their feet as Triple H flexes, roaring to the masses as he waits for Lashley to rise. Lashley is on his feet... kick... PEDIGREE... NO! Lashley counters with a back body drop, sucking all the excitement from the arena.

Lashley makes it back to one knee, waiting for ‘The Game’ to rise, before he hooks Trips up for a suplex... but Triple H lands on his feet behind Lashley pushing him into the ropes... SPEAR!! Lashley explodes off the ropes with a spear! It’s got to be over... but just as Lashley goes for the cover, he hears the boos of the crowd, who were rooting for a Triple H win. Lashley stares into the masses angrily, again shaking his head, almost in disbelief, before he finally hooks the leg... 1... 2... Triple H kicks out! Lashley took too long, he let the crowd get to him! Despite being a face, Lashley has let the reaction of the audience get to him, giving Triple H time to recover and kick out! Lashley slaps his hand off the mat, almost as angry at himself as he is at the response he’s getting from the crowd. Rising to his feet, Lashley drags ‘The Game’ with him, hoisting Trips onto his shoulder... for THE DOMINATOR... NO! Triple H slips down the back, spinning Lashley around... kick... PEDIGREE!!! Out of nowhere Triple H nails the pedigree, hooking both legs tight... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: Triple H @ 11.19

A huge pop rings out as Triple H finally sees off Lashley. 'The Game' sells the effects of the match, slouching in the corner before he finally hoists himself up to have his hand raised in the air. Lashley manages to bring himself back around, rolling under the bottom rope, furious at his defeat. Lashley hangs his head on the apron, slapping his hand of it in anger, while in the ring 'The Game' is handed a microphone...

Triple H: Hey... hey Shawn!

'The Game' shouts up the ramp, although the camera quickly focuses on Lashley, who angrily kicks the steel steps before angrily heading backstage, staying out of sight by the side of the ramp...

Triple H: One more win Shawn. One more win... and I'm comin' for ya'!


Short but sweet as Triple H slams the mic to the mat, before climbing to the second rope to pose for the fans. Lashley has disappeared into the darkness of the side of the stage, but the shot now snaps backstage, to see the WWE Champion Shawn Michaels stood in front of a monitor, having obviously just watched Triple H win and then heard the post match warning. Michaels has the WWE Champion draped across his shoulder, taking a quick glance down at it before he turns his back and walks away, the camera now pointed at the monitor and the image of Triple H straining his muscles for the crowd before we fade into a commercial.


*Video Package*

We open to grainy footage of the early days of Monday Night Raw, and soon the music ‘Perfection’ is heard...

Narrator: He was the man who had the total package of technical prowess blended with natural charisma...

We now see 'Mr. Perfect' Curt Hennig make his way down to the ring, before we see him stood on the second rope in the corner of a ring, tossing his towel high into the air and straight into the hands of Bobby 'The Brian' Heenan...

Narrator: A man who embodied his nickname like no other...

Perfect smirking into the camera, spitting his gum into the air and then slapping it aside, the Intercontinental Championship wrapped around his waist...

Mr. Perfect: There's only one Mr. Perfect, and you're lookin' at 'im!

Perfect ties up with Hulk Hogan, with Perfect shocking everyone by taking Hogan down with a hiptoss...

Jesse Ventura: There's no better athlete in the world today!

Perfect lands the Perfect-Plex on jobber after jobber...

Narrator: A man who excelled at whatever sport he turned his hand to...

We see Perfect stood in front of a bowling alley lane, bowling ball in his hand...

Mr Perfect: You sit back on the couch, you put your feet up and you relax. Because you are goin' to witness the 'perfect' game!

Perfect then bowls the ball down the alley, straight down the middle for a textbook strike...

Narrator: And truly was the definition of the word 'perfect'.

We now hear a more sombre type of music, ...

Larry Hennig: He could do it all. Football, basketball, baseball, golf, he could do anythin'. He truly was Mr. Perfect.

Scenes from the legendary vignettes that preceded his debut in the WWF, with Perfect throwing and catching his own pass, nailing three pointer after three pointer and hitting a monster home run with Wade Boggs watching on in amazement...

Narrator: And on this night, we not only celebrate the career, but also the life...

Action from Summerslam 1991 and the epic Intercontinental Title Match between Perfect and Bret Hart...

Ted DiBiase: Not many people live up to their name quite like he did.

And now a clip of Perfect dousing Heenan in cold water during an episode of Prime Time Wrestling...

Shawn Michaels: He was so good at everythin' he did. One o' the very best I ever stepped into the ring with...

Perfect making his return to the WWE during the 2001 Royal Rumble, posing at the entrance way...

Narrator: Of the man they called...

And then in the Rumble match itself, taking Kurt Angle up and down with the Perfect-Plex, the crowd going crazy for the move in the background

Ric Flair: When everythin' comes together at the same time, it becomes great. And Curt Hennig was a great, great performer...

More images of Perfect making an entrance into the arena, spitting gum into the air and slapping it away, giving that arrogant grin to the camera...

Mr. Perfect: There's a reason why they call me...

Narrator: Perfect!

We now see a picture of 'Mr. Perfect' Curt Hennig, that old cocky smirk etched, with the Hall of Fame logo nearby. Also on the screen is the fact that Hennig will be inducted into the Hall of Fame by current Hall of Famer Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan!

*End Video Package*

We now go back into the arena, where the audience is responding to the video with a rousing round of applause for the late Mr. Perfect...

Jim Ross: Yes folks, the second inductee to the 2007 WWE Hall of Fame Class, the perfect inductee if you will, 'Mr. Perfect' Curt Hennig.

Joey Styles: A great competitor, one of the most technically gifted wrestlers in the history of the WWE. What a night the 2007 Hall of Fame induction ceremony is shapping up to be.

Jerry Lawler: Oh absolutely. The night before Wrestlemania, I can't wait for the Hall of Fame!


The crowd rises again with a great cheer, as Jerry Lawler stands up from the announce desk...

Jerry Lawler: And here's somethin' else I can't wait for! I'm about to teach Shawn Michaels a lesson he's never gonna forget!

Lawler removes his headset, dropping it down to the announce desk with a thump before he removes his t-shirt and heads for the ring...

Jim Ross: Go get 'im Jerry! Give 'im one of them big ol' right hands for me!

Joey Styles: Let's see if someone can finally get through to Shawn Michaels. After the way Michaels has been actin' the last month or so, somebody's gotta try slap some sense into 'im.

In the ring Lawler bounces off the ropes a few times, trying to shake off some of the ring rust, while he waits for...


Ridiculous heat for the WWE Champion Shawn Michaels, with the champion adorning a new pair of black wrestling tights, more befitting of his recent character change. Michaels takes a few steps down the ramp before he drops to his knees in prayer, opening his arms wide, turning his head to the heavens before returning to his feet and continuing down to the ring...

Jim Ross: I said it last week, before I nearly got my head kicked off my shoulders, but there's a distinct change in the attitude of Shawn Michaels over the last month. I really don't understand why Shawn has turned his back on the fans who loved him.

Joey Styles: And of course, not just the fans, but his former best friend Triple H. Michaels has burned so many bridges lately, it's hard to imagine how things could ever be the same for him. But let's not forget, he's still the WWE Champion, and still an incredible competitor.

Jim Ross: Oh absolutely. I'm rootin' for 'The King' here, but this is gonna be a big ask for Lawler tonight. I only hope he can get the job done...

Match 4: Non Title Match

WWE Champion Shawn Michaels vs. Jerry Lawler

That vague, distant look is once again on Michaels’ face as the bell rings, while Lawler has a look of sheer rage, dying for a chance to get his hands on Michaels. The two tie up, with Michaels twisting Lawler into a standing side headlock. Lawler manages to shake Michaels into the ropes, only for the champion to put Lawler down with a shoulderblock. Still there’s no sign of emotion as Michaels stand over Lawler, with the champion allowing Lawler back to his feet unchallenged. Again the two tie up, but this time it’s Lawler who gets the upperhand. Michaels pushes Lawler off the ropes... and Lawler runs through Michaels with a shoulderblock of his own! The first sign of emotion is seen as Michaels looks flustered, scrambling back to his feet... only for Lawler to knock him down again! Once more Michaels stumbles up, with Lawler coming off the ropes... Michaels misses with a clothesline... and goes down from a third Lawler shoulderblock! The crowd pops as Lawler gets the early upperhand, while Michaels is furious as he scrambles to the corner, kicking the bottom rope in frustration.

Lawler cocks his right hand in frustration, begging Michaels to attack, while the champion nonchalantly leans against the ropes, not pandering to Lawler’s wishes. The pair move to tie up again, with this time Michaels striking first with a kick to the gut and a forearm to the spine that puts Lawler down. Michaels then mounts Lawler to deliver right after right square to the face, before getting back up to drill a stiff kick to Lawler’s midsection. Lawler crawls for the corner, with Michaels tagging him with more right hands, until a massive Irish whip sends Lawler crashing off the opposite corner and down to the mat. It’s a slow, methodical pace from the champion, who pushes Lawler into the corner to light him up with a trio of knife edged chops. The champion then looks for an Irish whip, only for Lawler to reverse it... but Michaels comes off the opposite ropes... and takes Lawler down with a flying forearm... and then kips up to his feet! The crowd boos Michaels, who arrogantly holds his arms out, drawing even more heat. Feeling fully in command of the match, Michaels heads for the corner, climbing to the top rope... flying elbow drop... but Lawler rolls to safety... and Michaels crashes to the mat!

The crowd pops as Lawler avoids the contact, and now the veteran is teeing off on Michaels with left jabs, until a big right hand knocks Michaels into and off of the ropes... into a textbook dropkick! Michaels stumbles back to his feet... another dropkick puts him down! Again Michaels is up... a third dropkick connects, with the crowd loving Lawler on the attack. The third dropkick keeps Michaels down, and now Lawler ascends to the second rope... and drops that strap... fist drop finds it’s mark! Lawler makes the cover... 1... 2... Michaels kicks out! With the crowd fully behind him, Lawler looks to stay on the attack, dragging Michaels up... a left jab lands... and another... before Michaels is sent for the ride... into a massive back body drop! The champion is reeling as he staggers back up, with Lawler making his move... kick to the midsection, before Michaels is synched in... PILEDRIVER... NO! Michaels counters with a back body drop of his own! Lawler crashes to the mat, and he has to use the ropes to help himself up, stumbling to the middle of the ring... right into the SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! Michaels gets all of it as he drills Lawler, the champion not even bothering to hook the leg as he gets the 1... 2... 3.

Winner: Shawn Michaels @ 05.53

A gallant effort from Lawler, but ultimately it takes one deadly strike of the boot for Michaels to put him away. The champion is quickly back to his feet, snatching his hand away as the ref tries to raise it, with Michaels then yanking the WWE Title into his grasps. Michaels takes on last look down at Lawler before leaving the ring, taking a quick glance to the rafters as he heads up the ramp, with J.R. and Styles continuing to praise the efforts of Lawler, all the while still questioning what is going on with Michaels as we head for commercial.


And we return to see Todd Grisham is standing by...

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time... John Cena.

The crowd gives a good pop as John Cena steps into the frame, giving a nod in Grisham's direction. Cena has a towel wrapped around his neck, suggesting he's been relaxing since his victory earlier tonight...

Todd Grisham: And John, we just wanted a quick word regarding the comments we heard earlier from Mr. McMahon. You made the challenge to Mr. McMahon for the Steel Cage Handicap Match as a way of removing any outside interference on the McMahon's behalf. But John it seemed very much as if Mr. McMahon has yet another trick up his sleeve for Saturday Night's Main Event.

Cena reluctantly nods his head...

John Cena: It uh... it sure seems that way don't it? I mean Vince McMahon said two weeks ago that I'd find out my Wrestlemania opponent when the time was right. And it looks like ol' Vinny Mac has decided that this Saturday night might be the right time.

Cena smiles to himself...

John Cena: When I challenged Vince to that Steel Cage Match earlier tonight, I knew he and Shane would still have somethin' ready for me. But that's alright, I'm ready for that. You been one step ahead o' me every step o' the way so far Vince, but this Saturday night I will be ready for it!

Pop from inside the arena, with Cena now turning to the camera, an intense look in his eyes...

John Cena: So to whoever it is that Vince has in mind, I got one... simple thing to say to you. You better get to me early Saturday night, 'cause once I get Vince and Shane inside that steel cage, I'm gonna unleash hell on 'em! I ain't gonna leave 'til both of 'em are beggin' me to walk through that door!

Again the crowd pops for the intensity of Cena...

John Cena: And when Vinny and Shane-O are done, I'll be waitin' for ya', and it's just gonna be you and me! You might be livin' outta Vince's pockets, but I don't live my life like that. I believe in hustle, loyalty and respect, and come Saturday night, if I come face to face ya', whoever you are... you're gonna find out that the champ... IS... HEEERRRREEEE!

Cena stares deep into the camera, an ominous message delivered to however 'he' was that McMahon refereed to earlier, before Cena finally turns and walks off, leaving Grisham to marvel at the intensity of Cena as we fade into a video package.

*Video Package*

Quick-cutting shots flash across the screen of two young superstars, the two trading moves across a wrestling ring in a dimly-lit room...

Narrator: In Canada, wrestling is a tradition...

More shots of the youngsters in action, with it now clear that one of them is a strapping powerhouse, while the other is a smaller, technically gifted athlete...

Narrator: And one place is sacred to all...

We now see a blonde woman enter the ring, encouraging the two men inside...

Narrator: Beneath a family home is a place where only the brave enter...

Quick-fire shots of Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, The British Bulldog, Lance Storm and Bret Hart...

Narrator: And only the strong survive.

More shots of the two men flying around the ring, visible only through the shadows...

Narrator: The last graduating class of the Hart Dungeon is coming to Monday Night Raw...

The trio now stare at the camera through the shadows...

Narrator: To forge a new legacy!


*End Video Package*

We now cut to a random corridor, deep in the heart of the building. The camera pans out to reveal Rob Van Dam performing his split legged stretches, obviously warming up in preparation for his match with Randy Orton tonight. Van Dam has each leg propped up on a crate, allowing him to flex his head down between his legs. As he does this, a shadow is cast over Van Dam, and when 'RVD' finally brings his head back up, he's taken aback by the figure in front of him. Van Dam lifts one leg off, then the other, pushing himself back to his feet to go nose to nose with... Triple H! The camera zooms out to reveal 'The Game' now stood in front of Van Dam, both men sharing an awkward stare with each other. Both men remain silent, the awkwardness of the moment taking over... until 'The Game' finally utters...

Triple H: Good luck tonight. I'll be watchin'.

The crowd pops as 'The Game' delivers a short but sweet message to Van Dam, the two continuing to stare hard at each other, neither backing down, neither man flinching, until Triple H finally turns and walks off, leaving 'RVD' behind to watch him go, Van Dam confidently nodding his head to himself before he heads back to his warm up.

We now cut to see Maria once again standing by...

Maria: Hi! I'm Maria! And my guest at this time is the newest Raw diva... Beth Phoenix!

Boos as Beth Phoenix and Victoria enter the frame, with Phoenix looking as menacing as ever while Victoria smiles. The bubbly Maria quickly has the happy look wiped from her face, as Victoria does her best to intimidate the interviewer...

Maria: So, uh, Beth. You've been on Raw for a couple of weeks now, and it's pretty clear that your target is the Women's Champion Mickie James. But from what we understand, there's quite a history between you two...

Beth turns to Maria and glares at her...

Beth Phoenix: Quite... the history? Oh believe me Maria, there's a lot of history between me and Mickie James. But before I tell you all about it, I think a little... history lesson... is needed first.

*Video Package*

MAY 15TH, 2006

We open to a standoff in the ring, where Mickie James and Trish Stratus circle each other, Trish's right arm in a sling. The two continue to stall, both waiting to make the first move... until from out of nowhere a muscular blonde woman storms the ring, tackling Mickie to the mat! The mystery blonde hammers Mickie, causing James to scramble from the ring and race up the ramp to safety...

Trish Stratus: Hey Mickie! You remember Beth don't you? Well guess what, she's my new friend.

Mickie screams in horror, shaking her head and mouthing "No!" over and over...

Trish Stratus: And apparently Mickie... I'm not the only one you screwed over!

The crowd gasps as Stratus hands the mic over to Beth...

Beth: Mickie! I am not gonna let you get away with what you did to me! You... PSYCHO!!!

Mickie is stunned, frozen to the spot, unable to say much more other than to scream "NOOOO!!" at Trish and Beth...

*End Video Package*

We cut back to present day, where Victoria and Beth both have smiles on their faces, while Maria looks even more confused than she usually does...

Beth Phoenix: Did you hear that Maria? I said I wasn't gonna let Mickie James away with what she did to me. Last summer, I was so close to getting my revenge on Mickie... but unfortunately, I suffered an injury. And I never got my revenge.

Beth shakes her head ruefully...

Beth Phoenix: Y'see, a long time ago, me and Mickie... we used to be friends. We both worked the same bingo halls and high school gymnasiums, we used to travel the roads together. Infact, my first ever match was with Mickie James. We were best friends. And we both... were huge Trish Stratus fans.

Beth sighs, showing those days are long gone...

Beth Phoenix: So we both worked hard, trained long hours, wrestled in front of 30 people every night to try and better ourselves. We spurred each other on, we encouraged each other, hoping that one day... we'd both be WWE Divas... and we'd both get to wrestle Trish Stratus. And then one day in late 2005, we got a phone call. Monday Night Raw was looking for a new diva to join the show. We were both so excited, we couldn't believe it, we finally had a chance... but there was only enough room on the roster... for one of us.

Beth breathes hard through her nose, the anger inside starting to build...

Beth Phoenix: I always assumed that we'd stay friends, no matter which one of us earned that contract. But Mickie... started acting strange with me. She was different. I tried to ignore, tell myself I was just imaginin' things... but deep down, I knew she had changed. But I never thought she's do what she did.

Again Beth breathes hard...

Beth Phoenix: The day before our tryout match against each other, Mickie... she injured me. She broke my damn hand! I couldn't compete in the tryout match, Mickie got my WWE contract, she got to live out my dream! She got to be friends with Trish Stratus, she got to face Trish at Wrestlemania, she became Women's Champion! And me?

Beth bits her lip hard, shaking her head...

Beth Phoenix: I missed my chance. Bur I worked hard, I went back to fightin' in those bingo halls, and when I was ready... I called Trish Stratus. I told Trish all that happened between me and Mickie, about how she stole my dream from me, and Trish helped me get a WWE contract. So I finally got to show up on Raw... and as you saw in that video, Mickie James knew exactly who I was.

Beth has a thought, shaking her head in disbelief...

Beth Phoenix: But then, two weeks ago when I returned to Raw... thanks to Victoria...

Beth turns to Victoria, the two nodding to each other...

Beth Phoenix: Mickie James was on commentary, and she said... that she'd forgot... all about me. You never forget me Mickie... I won't let you. I came back last time for revenge, but I got injured before I got it. Well this time, I won't make the same mistake. I'm gonna get my hands on you Mickie, and when I do...

Phoenix stares ominously into the camera...

Beth Phoenix: I'm gonna make you pay for what you did to me!

The camera stays focused on Phoenix, her eyes burning a whole straight through the camera until we fade into a commercial.


And when we return...


The crowd gives off a good cheer for the Women's Champion Mickie James, who instead of bouncing out onto the ramp and then down to the ring, is rather more subdued tonight, obviously having heard every word that Beth Phoenix had to say before we went to commercial...

Jim Ross: Welcome back folks. That was certainly a rather chilling statement that we heard from Beth Phoenix. Apparently Beth and Mickie are long time friends, and somethin' happened with regards to an injury for Beth that cost her the chance to compete for a WWE contract, a contract that ultimately wound up goin' to Mickie James.

Joey Styles: Well, we've only heard one side of the story so far J.R., but that side certainly appears to have had an impact on the Women's Champion.

Jim Ross: And that's not a good way to be walkin' into a title defence! Could Mickie be distracted, and could Melina potentially take advantage of this situation?


The red carpet is rolled out for the second time tonight as Melina struts her way down it, the paps snapping away at her as she shimmies on past them...

Joey Styles: Well Johnny Nitro and Chris Masters couldn't get the job done earlier tonight, but what an opportunity this has become for Melina.

Jim Ross: Well, she cut that underhand deal with Mr. McMahon last week to get this title shot. This jezebel knows how to get what she wants. And if she wants the Women's Title... there might not be a better time for her to get it. Look at poor Mickie James, the girl looks in shock over what we just heard...

Match 5: Women's Championship Match
Women's Champion Mickie James vs. Melina

And when the bell rings, Mickie is clearly not focused on the match, as she stares up the ramp in confusion, allowing Melina to get the jump on her and club Mickie from behind. Mickie collapses into the corner, and Melina is quick to lay in with a flurry of kicks, with the champion only saved by the referee calling for the break. Melina backs away briefly, but she moves back in... only for Mickie to explode from the corner to tackle Melina to the mat! Rights and lefts fly from the champion, with once again the referee forced to step in and call for a break. Both women are back up, but Mickie continues to be aggressive, grabbing Melina by the hair to toss her across the ring, perhaps taking out some of the frustration with Beth on the challenger. Melina scrambles for the safety of the ropes, and when Mickie grabs her by the feet, Melina is able to kick out, with J.R. pointing out that perhaps Mickie’s aggression got the better of her.

Melina now looks to take control, striking with knees to the face and then dropping elbows across the back, before Mickie is taken up and down with a suplex, gaining Melina a near fall. In retaliation for the earlier eating, Melina shows off her aggressive side with a series of stiff forearms to the face from a camel clutch position, before then hooking James up with an underhook chinlock. Melina wrenches on Mickie’s neck, bt the champion is able to battle back to her feet... but Melina starts laying in with more forearms, this time to the open midsection, keeping the hold locked on only now in a standing position. Again Melina wrenches on the neck, hoping to catch a quick submission victory... but Mickie shows great flexibility to kick Melina in the face, with another kick finally breaking the hold. Dazed, Melina swings and misses with a wild right hand, allowing Mickie to hit a kick to the gut... and then nail a fisherman’s suplex! 1... 2... Melina kicks out.

Both women stumble back up, with Melina striking first on a big forearm... but Mickie fires back with a forearm of her own! Again Melina connects... but again Mickie fires back... and again... and a fourth forearm lands on the side of Melina’s skull! Melina is against the ropes, prompting Mickie to send her for the ride... but Melina reverses, firing Mickie off the ropes... Mickie ducks a clothesline and keeps on running... Lou Thesz press! Mickie flies and takes Melina down, grabbing her by the hair to repeatedly slam Melina’s head off the canvas. Building momentum, Mickie lets out a roar to the crowd as she waits for Melina to rise... bit clothesline puts the challenger down. Again Melina is up, another clothesline knocks her down, before Mickie retreats to the corner, motioning for Melina to rise one more time. Finally Melina is up, and here comes Mickie... kick to the midsection... Mickie-DT... no! Melina pushes Mickie off in mid air, but James lands on her feet... and can’t avoid the Primal Scream! Melina drops the leg across Mickie’s neck, straight into the pinfall, the challenger sure of victory... 1... 2... NO!

Melina can’t believe it, she thought she was the new champion! Furious, Melina lets out a scream of anguish before she drags Mickie by the hair to a vertical base. A big forearm lands to the side of Mickie’s skull, knocking James to the corner. Another forearm lands, before Melina goes for the Irish whip across. Mickie hits the corner hard, and here comes Melina... right into a back elbow! Melina is dazed, allowing Mickie to prop herself up with the ropes... right into the Mickie-A-Rana! Mickie springs back to her feet, waiting for the stumbling Melina... to his the Mickie-DT! Mickie plants Melina, hooking both legs tight... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: And still Women's Champion, Mickie James @ 04.29

Mickie does it! Despite her mind clearly being elsewhere, Mickie manages to somehow retain her title! Battered and bruised, Mickie takes an age to return to a vertical base, but she finally makes it, holding her Women's Title close to her chest. Melina hasn't moved since Mickie connected, and when the camera switches back to the champion, the mix of emotions is clear for all to see, happiness for another successful title defence, but fear and concern over what Beth Phoenix had to say.

*Video Package*

We open to a dark, empty Madison Square Garden, the arena barely illuminated as shadows are cast on a wrestling ring ...

Narrator: Over 20 years ago, an institution was born...

Slowly the lights of the old arena rise, revealing more of the empty seats...

Narrator: A prime-time spectacular that brought sports entertainment to the masses.

The whirl of a projector can be heard, a grainy image of Hulk Hogan flexing his muscles being ‘projected’ across the ring...

Narrator: The legends of the WWE shone bright on this night...

We now see the image of a young Bret Hart holding his arms open to the crowd...

Narrator: And now it’s time for a new set of legends to make their mark.

The ‘projected’ image of John Cena, muscles bursting out his skin as he roars to the crowd...

Narrator: The WWE is back on NBC...

We now see Triple H stood on an apron, spraying water high into the air...

Narrator: Ready to reclaim their night...

A quick shot of a young Shawn Michaels in full ‘Sexy Boy’ attire, before cutting to the modern day ‘Heartbreak Kid’...

Narrator: And make Saturdays once again...

A similar fast shot of a younger Undertaker, being led to the ring by Paul Bearer and the urn, before we snap to the current ‘Deadman’...

Narrator: The main event!


*End Video Package*

That's the last video of the night, I promise. Anyway, we not head to a random corridor to see Carlito and Torrie Wilson walking along, hand in hand, both in street clothes, looking like they're on their way home for the evening...
Carlito: Man, did 'ju see hear Ric earlier? I mean 'dat thing with Teddy Long on Smackdown, 'dat really got to him.

'Lito shakes his head, adjusting his tag title on his shoulder...

Torrie Wilson: Yeah, that was pretty sad. That Mr. Kennedy's really gotten to him these last few weeks.

The two continue walking, until they reach the end of the corridor... and suddenly stop... as walking across them from an adjacent corridor... is Randy Orton and Kenny Dykstra. Orton and Dykstra are obviously on their way to the ring for tonight's main event, but they stop for a brief standoff with Carlito, with Dykstra in particular smirking at the sight of the pair...

Kenny Dykstra: Well look who it is. I thought after last week, you were gonna get back at me 'Lito? Well... here's your chance.

Not wanting to back down, Carlito places his title on top of the luggage he was pulling, stepping forward to go nose to nose with Kenny...

Carlito: Don't push me man. 'Ju don't want 'dat!

Dykstra smirks...

Kenny Dykstra: Try me.

Carlito seethes with anger, ready to strike... only for Torrie to grab 'Lito by the hand...

Torrie Wilson: No. C'mon Carlito... let's just go.

Wilson flashes a look of distain at Kenny, who simply laughs at the couple...

Kenny Dykstra: Just as I thought. Not hard to see who wears the pants in this relationship.

Carlito turns away, almost embarrassed, while Dykstra gives Torrie a look of lust...

Randy Orton: Hey! Y'think we can focus here on my match, Kenny?

Kenny Dykstra: Yeah let's go. See ya' around Torrie.

Dykstra arrogantly blows an air kiss in Torrie's direction before he and Orton head for the ring...

Torrie Wilson: Ugh! What a creep! C'mon baby, let's go.

Carlito angrily watches the pair leave, before he joins Torrie in heading for the exit as we head off into a commercial.


Straight back into the arena for...


The crowd gives a massive pop as Rob Van Dam makes his entrance, with Van Dam looking confident as he heads down the ramp. 'RVD' quickly gets into the ring, doing his usual thumb movement for a rousing "ROB - VAN - DAM!" from the audience...

Joey Styles: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw folks. It is time for the second semi final match in the Number One Contender's Tournament. Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton will square off, with the winner facing Triple H this Saturday night at Saturday Night's Main Event for the chance to face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXIII for the WWE Championship.

Jim Ross: And what a night it's gonna be this Saturday. Not only will we find out Shawn Michaels' opponent for Wrestlemania, but John Cena is set to face both Vince and Shane McMahon in a Steel Cage Match!

Joey Styles: And of course, the World Tag Team Championships are on the line as Ric Flair and Carlito defend the gold against The World's Greatest Tag Team, and CM Punk and Mike Knox will face each other, and if Punk wins, Knox has to let Kelly Kelly get on with her live in peace!

Jim Ross: It's gonna be a helluva night, live on NBC! And I know Rob Van Dam is dyin' to be there. He wants that shot at Shawn Michaels just as bad as Triple H does.



The crowd gives off some strong heat as Randy Orton makes his entrance, coldly and calmly striding down the ramp, the Intercontinental Champion Kenny Dykstra following not far behind...

Jim Ross: But standing in Van Dam's way is Randy Orton. A cold blooded, almost sadistic streak resides in that young man, and he doesn't seem to be in any mood to let somebody get in his way of reaching Wrestlemania.

Joey Styles: This could be a real tough matchup. Both men are focused, both men are determined... but does Van Dam have that killer edge that Orton seems to possess right now? We're about to find out...

Main Event: Number One Contenders Tournament Semi Final Match
Rob Van Dam
vs. Randy Orton w/ Kenny Dykstra

Both men stand in their respective corners, slowly inching towards the centre of the ring, only for Dykstra to jump up on the apron, pointing and talking trash at Van Dam. ‘RVD’ turns and chases Dykstra from the apron, but of course Orton sees this as a chance to strike from behind, clubbing ‘RVD’ with a forearm to the back. A pair of rights land to the skull as Van Dam is against the ropes, prompting Orton to go for an Irish whip... but Van Dam comes off the ropes with a spinning heel kick! Dazed, Orton stumbles to the ropes... and Van Dam clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor! Dykstra is quickly over to check on Orton, helping Orton back to his feet, but here comes Van Dam off the opposite ropes... ROLLING THUNDER... into a SUMMERSAULT SENTON OVER THE TOP ROPE!! Van Dam flies through the air to take out both Orton and Dykstra, with ‘RVD’ wasting little time to get Orton back to a vertical base so he can send Orton face first into the steel ring post. Orton struggles to his knees, using the barricade for support, and this allows Van Dam to easily hoist Orton up with a suplex... only to drop Orton gut first across the barricade! Van Dam then leaps up onto the apron... and launches himself with a corkscrew legdrop across the spine!

Both men take a hard landing on the floor, but all the momentum is with Van Dam as he springs back to his feet, again doing his signature thumb taunt to draw another “Rob... Van... Dam!” chant from the crowd. Orton is rolled back into the ring for the first near fall, followed by Van Dam tagging Orton with a pair of kicks to the head, with a third jumping roundhouse finishing the sequence. Orton crawls to the corner, but Van Dam stays on him, driving his shoulder to the midsection for a pair of shoulder thrusts before Van Dam backflips out of the corner... and races in for a third shoulder thrust! Van Dam then goes for the Irish whip across, but Orton reverses and follows in... right into an elbow to the face! Van Dam then hoists himself up to the top rope, but before he can mount any offense, Dykstra springs up onto the apron, causing a distraction. Van Dam is forced to pause, but he does flick out a boot to the face, kicking Dykstra to the floor... but here comes Orton from behind... pushing ‘RVD’ off the top rope... and flying into the barricade! Van Dam has a brutal landing, with Orton slumping down to the mat, both men trying to recover as we head off for the last commercial of the evening.


And we return with Orton firmly in control, a deep chinlock locked in that has both men on the mat. We also see a replay of what happened during the commercial break, where Dykstra made his presence felt once more, drilling ‘RVD’ with a stiff kick to the side of the head while Orton had the referee distracted. Orton continues to wrench on the chinlock, but the cheers of the crowd is enough to encourage ‘RVD’ to make it back to his feet, where he drives the elbow twice to the midsection to break the hold... only for an old fashioned thumb to the eye to stop any Van Dam momentum... and then a perfect standing dropkick to knock Van Dam down again, with Orton quickly hooking the leg for a 2 count.

After Van Dam kicks out, Orton goes right back to work on the neck, this time driving a knee into the top of the spine while pulling back on the head with both hands. With Orton applying pressure to the spine and neck, it seems there’s no escape for Van Dam, who tries reaching for the ropes but gets nowhere near them. Once more the crowd tries to encourage ‘RVD’, and eventually a flurry of back elbows help Van Dam force himself back to his feet. More back elbows to the side of the head finally break the hold, with Van Dam coming off the ropes... only for Orton to end any chance of a rally with a snap powerslam! Orton quickly hooks the leg... 1... 2... Van Dam rolls the shoulder! Orton can’t believe it, as Van Dam stays alive, with ‘The Legend killer’ furiously confronting the referee, demanding that it was 3. Orton’s protests are waved away, before Orton finally turns his attention back to Van Dam... who goes for a kick to the gut, which Orton catches... ‘RVD’ goes for an enziguri... which Orton ducks... only for Van Dam to fire back with a spinning mule kick!

Now ‘RVD’ looks to rally, starting with a forearm to the side of the head that knocks Orton into the corner. There Van Dam scales the second rope, hammering down on Orton with right after right, the crowd counting all the way along until 10, where Van Dam drops back down, catching the stumbling Orton... with a northern lights suplex! 1... 2... Orton kicks out! ‘RVD’ is fully in control now, and he again unloads with kicks that force Orton to the corner, where he goes for an Irish whip... that Orton reverses... but Van Dam jumps to the second rope... for a springboard roundhouse kick! Orton is down, and here comes Van Dam off the ropes... ROLLING THUNDER! Van Dam gets all of it, and hooks the leg... 1... 2... Orton rolls a shoulder! Van Dam has his head in his hands, sure he had it won, while Dykstra looks like he’s about to have a heart attack on the outside. Van Dam senses he has victory in his grasp though, as he drills Orton with a knee to the face and then takes Orton up onto his shoulders... for a rolling fireman carry... which ‘RVD’ seamlessly rolls through, leaping to the top rope... and the crowd comes alive as Van Dam turns on the top rope, with Orton in perfect position... for THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH... but Dykstra once again jumps up onto the apron! The ref tries to get Dykstra down, but the Intercontinental Champion isn’t budging... until Van Dam flies with a dropkick that catches Dykstra square on the jaw, knocking him to the floor!

Despite the heavy landing for both men, Van Dam now again leaps back onto the top rope, readying himself... FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH... NO! In an act of desperation, Orton shoves the referee into the ropes... causing Van Dam to lose his balance... crotching himself on the top rope! Orton shakes away the cobwebs, before he grabs Van Dam by the head, pulls him forward... rope hung spike DDT... from the top rope! Orton viciously drives ‘RVD’ skull first into the mat, hooking the leg for the win... 1... 2... Van Dam gets a foot on the bottom rope! The crowd goes wild as ‘RVD’ stays alive, while Orton can’t believe it, furious that he didn’t get the 3 count. After a few moments chastising the referee, Orton stands in the corner, readying himself, waiting for Van Dam to rise so he can strike with the RKO! Orton waits and waits, willing Van Dam to his feet... although suddenly there’s a commotion ringing out through the crowd. Orton and Dykstra pay little attention, but soon they have to as someone has leapt over the barricade... and TACKLED DYKSTRA TO THE FLOOR! The crowd is going wild, with the cameras scrambling to pick up the image... of JEFF HARDY hammering Dykstra with right hands! Not seen in over a month since Dykstra put him on the shelf, Jeff has raced through the crowd to get his hands on the Intercontinental Champion! Orton and the referee are both distracted by the brawl at ringside, with Orton forgetting all about ‘RVD’ and the RKO... until Orton turns back to the ring... and Van Dam drills him with a spinning wheel kick! Orton is down, in prime position as Van Dam springs to the top rope, and with no Dykstra to cause the distraction, Van Dam can fly... FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!!! The roof blows off the arena as Van Dam gets every inch of it, hooking both legs tight... 1... 2... 3!!

Winner: Rob Van Dam @ 13.49

Van Dam has done it, thanks to a huge assist from the returning Jeff Hardy! It's bedlam in the arena as Hardy has left Kenny Dykstra down and out, the distraction enough for Van Dam to get the win over Orton! Having made his mark, Jeff hops back over the barricade and disappears back into the crowd, and after Orton rolls from the ring to join Dykstra on the outside, 'RVD' is alone in the ring... until...


The already going crazy crowd somehow manages to kick it up another notch as Triple H, now dressed in street clothes, bursts out from the back, water bottle in hand, heading for the ring with a purpose. Van Dam struggles back to his feet, but he's stood in the middle of the ring as 'The Game' climbs up onto the apron and then steps through the ropes.

The music dies down, the roar of the crowd descends into a buzz of anticipation as Triple H and Rob Van Dam, now officially opponents this Saturday night, go nose to nose, both men staring deep at each other. A stare down quickly develops, neither man giving an inch, just like earlier tonight, although the stakes are much, much higher now. Both men strain and clutch their fists, waiting fo that first move to be made...

Jim Ross: What a combustible situation this is! Two men, a common goal, a common hatred of an opponent, but there can only be one! Who's goin' to Wrestlemania to face the WWE Champion?! It's VAN DAM AND 'THE GAME', THIS SATURDAY NIGHT, LIVE ON NBC!!

J.R. goes into hype overdrive on the mic, with the crowd building to a frenzy, the arena absolutely electric as Triple H and Rob Van Dam stand eye to eye, neither man budging an inch... and it appears that neither man has spotted that the WWE Champion Shawn Michaels has stepped out to the top of the ramp! Michaels looks down at 'The Game' and 'RVD', who only have eyes for each other. The camera however continues to switch, between the explosion in waiting in the ring and the blank stare of the heartless WWE Champion, three men who's destinies will be revealed this Saturday night, as we fade... to... black.

*End Show*

Date: March 3rd 2007

Location: Madison Square Garden; New York, New York

Number One Contenders Tournament Final Match:
Winner will face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXIII for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP

Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam

Steel Cage Handicap Match:
Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon vs. John Cena

United States Championship Match:
Match Stipulation TBA

United States Champion Finlay vs. Chris Benoit

World Tag Team Championship Match:
World Tag Team Champions Ric Flair and Carlito vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team

Four Way Elimination Match:
Winner will face Gregory Helms at Wrestlemania XXIII for the CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP

Bryan Danielson vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Joey Mercury vs. Shannon Moore

Grudge Match:
CM Punk vs. Mike Knox
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Glad to see you haven't died.

619s Feedback for iMac's Monday Night RAW

I have soft spot of Knox, so him taking the fall in just six minutes to a Superman effort from Cena isn’t really my cup of tea, but that’s not the whole focus of the segment. And from the words that followed this, it looks like you’re heavily investing in a Cena/Vince program for Wrestlemania that I may or may not have been paying attention to and am just now noticing. Whatever the case, all who spoke were pretty much in spot on character here, although I’m not sitting too well with Cena asking for both Vinnie and Shane in a steel cage. I’d have seen it more along the lines of Cena wanting a cage match then Vinnie saying otherwise, but nonetheless, the match is in place just as a pit-stop before the Boss and Cena meet a few weeks later. Props on this segment.

Someone should tell Punk chivalry died a long time ago. I’m glad you’re doing something with Punk, though I see you’re somewhat going the way he was built in real life at first, being put between Knox and Kelly Kelly. Not a bad way to build, especially seeing as how Punk is relatively new, but judging by the results of the last few weeks, you’re building Punk into a very sympathetic character. What I mean by that is simply that it’s very easy for a reader to become emotionally attached to him (if the rest of us Punk marks aren’t already).

Solid match for MNM here, even though they got the loss. I love how you’ve made note of the fact that Nitro has yet to get into the win column on the year, which I’m guessing might come into storyline at some point…? Either way, wasn’t really expecting a title change this close to ‘Mania anyway, although I’m not sure if Flair/Carlito are even gonna defend it at ‘mania.

Oooh…working two angles here…? I dig Kenny as IC Champ, and I’m pretty sure he’ll weasel his way into Wrestlemania somehow. As for the tag scene that followed, I don’t see the WGTT getting the titles at Saturday Night’s ME. Unless you’re counting on Carlito to turn on Flair and set that match up at ‘Mania, I still see them retaining. That Carlito/Kenny angle looks like it might be nice if you wanna pursue that.

Even before the win over Lash here and the warning following it, one can see you want HBK/HHH at ‘Mania, although this time with the roles reversed. Nonetheless, Lashley with a good transitional showing here, showcasing a little more heelish pull to him every time we see him. Trips/Michaels at the big event isn’t a bad way to go, just hope you do something with it that’s not been done.

Henning in the Hall = ratingz

I do love your heel Shawn Michaels, though. His roboticness and stoicness is really growing on me. Lawler getting his shit knocked around helps establish that even more.

People need to realize that SuperCena is fun to write, as well as easy. That doesn’t mean more people should write him that way, I’m just saying. Cena was all over his character here, and it makes me a little more confident in Cena making the challenge vs. Vinnie Mac making it.

Loved the Beth Phoenix segment here. Showed a great deal of history between the two and showed a great deal of depth to the Phoenix character. Nothing negative about this seggy, although it has me thinking you want Phoenix/Mickie at ‘mania.

Was a bit surprised to see Mickie kicking out of the Primal Scream, seeing as how this makes Melina come out looking a good deal weaker. But nonetheless, a Mickie retention here isn’t all too surprising, especially considering that last segment.

Lito/Kenny looks to be a lock in some way following this.

I was hoping something was gonna be a bit surprised in this main event, and I will say Jeff Hardy did surprise me, though it didn’t have the umph I was hoping. That aside, a most excellent main event with both men getting some action in before Kenny’s old ghosts come back to haunt him. The way this looks, we may be in for a Triple Threat come ‘mania or even a Fatal 4-Way with Flair, or at least one of those guys potentially qualifying for MITB. The staredown at the conclusion put the focus back on the main event feud, which I still can’t say I see Van Dam winning, especially after winning with a little bit of help. If you pull a fast one and give RVD the win, I still give you mad props. Either way, great way to end the show on its biggest note.

Overall, a most excellent show for you, iMac. A step up from the formulaic way Smackdown went down, with various feuds moved along, some more than others, as expected. I’m really paying attention to the RAW undercard at this point now, although the main event is coming along nicely. Great job, though. Kirby thoroughly approves


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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Raw feedback

Good little win for Cena to kick things off here. Surprised to see him take on Knox but somebody had to take it. Aftermath was good getting the cage match sorted for SNME but I didn’t seem to find myself getting into it so much as I usually do. I thought McMahon was in good form, you had him down to his usual self but I just didn’t get that same vibe with Cena, I don’t know why. Most of it was fairly Cena esque and good but I felt that too often he was calling him Vinny, I just don’t see him constantly referring to him in that manner. Maybe once or twice but not all the time. Good end to the promo with Vince saying it’ll never be over.

Good stuff backstage with Knox and Punk, furthering this little feud between them. I like the way you have Punk standing up for Kelly and his character is really showing himself to be a real sort of play by the rules guy, be it straight edge or in this case, how to treat a woman. I like it and hope you can take it up a notch after Wrestlemania. Looking forward to their showdown at SNME. Expect Punk to get the win.

Good win for Flair and Carlito there. Expected them to retain and interested to see what the fallout is from this with Flair having his Kennedy issues and Carlito with Kenny. Makes me think they’ll lose the tag gold soon enough. I like the losing streak angle(is it an angle?) you’re going with for Nitro. Possibly even leading to John Morrison maybe? We shall see.

Orton/Kenny interview was decent. I was more into what Kenny had to say though than Orton. I kinda felt Orton was lacking a bit. Maybe it’s just me. Looking forward to Orton/Van Dam later on though.

The tag champs and WGTT segment was very nicely done. The way you had Flair say his head was elsewhere and then WGTT looking to sort of take advantage perhaps of their minds being astray is good booking. I’m not sure whether the titles will change hands or not. I hope so though.

Interesting stuff with the McMahon’s backstage. I’m intrigued as to who this person is Vince is talking about, hopefully we find out later on. I liked your use of Coach during this also, loved Coach when he was like McMahon’s leech back in the day.

Really good match here with Lashley showing he can hang with the big boys here. Trips needed the win though and I liked the aftermath. Short and sweet, to the point, really good stuff.

Michaels/Lawler, only one winner. Good match in terms of doing a job for HBK on the show. Surprised Lawler got so much offense in though.

Decent little interview with Cena here. Much preferred this one to the one earlier. I really can’t see who you’re gonna bring into all this as I could have only seen it being Cena vs. Vince or both the McMahon’s at Mania. With this now at SNME I really don’t know where you’re gonna take this.

Trips and Van Dam confrontation? Nice. Very nice.

Divas, meh. Good win for Mickie.

Good altercation backstage with Carlito and Kenny. This really makes me think they’re losing the tag titles Saturday and Carlito deals with Kenny come Mania.

Main event was a hell of a match, good job on that and it definitely had the surprise factor. Jeff Hardy appearing was not expected at all and now I really am baffled by where this all leads to next. Van Dam was always going to get the W you felt leading now to a massive showdown at SNME. Trips vs. RVD, some kind of screwy finish whatever the outcome you have to feel. A triple threat at Mania seems most likely. Good way to end the show though.

Overall, another very good show as usual from you imac. Perhaps a little off from last week’s but maybe that’s just cos I expect so much! Looking forward to SNME, I’m sure it’s gonna be top notch.
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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Felt like it was about time I got you some feedback up after being very lazy in recent times.

Starting the show cold with an intense Cena after the way last week ended is a great idea, really showing the attitude of Cena tonight. Knox as an opponent isn’t a bad choice either, giving him what looks to be an impressive victory based purely on Knox’s size and aggression. I thought you did a good job of making it that real hard fought win with the bicycle kick spot from Knox, along with the offense on the outside, making it seem like Cena was tested. This also has the obvious advantage of making Knox look good, despite Cena always being bound to win this one.

McMahon coming out after the Cena match isn’t a real surprise, considering Shane beat him last week. The cheap heat at the start was a nice little touch, using the typical McMahon shut up line. The next little bit was real nice, giving Cena a compliment, only to turn it around into a backhanded insult by bringing up the fact that Cena lost to Shane before. The way McMahon set up the challenge was really nice, building Cena up again, only to try to knock him down with the challenge. I was surprised that you had McMahon actually challenge Cena too, as it’s not something you’d usually expect to see from McMahon, especially considering it seemed like McMahon/Cena would be set for WrestleMania, not Saturday Night’s Main Event. The little insult to begin with from Cena was nice, before talking up what would happen and putting himself over as a real fighter, like normal. Having Cena appeal to the businessman in Vince makes sense, with the little shots at Shane also being good before he began to goad Vince into trying to make a fair match. Cena getting himself the one-on-one match, only to turn it down seemed a little odd, as he could have just gone for the handicap match from the beginning, but I guess you wanted to build to it. The line about needing to get revenge on Shane was nice too, while the acceptance from McMahon was good too, especially with the last line, perhaps hinting this will go to WrestleMania. Not your strongest promo overall, but it was still decent. Not so sure on the cage match, as I don’t think it can become bigger at WrestleMania, even in a one-on-one match between Vince and Cena than a steel cage match, but I’ll wait to see where things go.

WrestleMania soon please, jobber.

I’ve already talked about my thoughts on these segments, so I’ll just say the attack on Punk from Knox at the end was nice. As far as the actual match at Saturday Night’s Main Event? Not so sure, as the match really doesn’t seem big enough to be on what feels like a supercard type show. I think it probably should have just been kept to a regular Monday Night RAW match. Still, I’m glad it’s ending.

Have to say, I really like the way you’ve set this match up with the McMahons rewarding Nitro and Masters for their interfence last week. It’s just a clever little way to make some title matches. It was good to see you capitalizing on the Carlito/Masters rivalry as well, adding another little story to the match to go with the regular tag team formula. The match was kept relatively short and simple, but it works just fine, keeping the losing streak of Nitro going, putting on a tag title match to keep the titles relevant, and also giving the champions a strong win.

Orton talking up his dangerous side is interesting, I guess indicating you’re going to go in the WWE direction with him and make him dangerous. I don’t mind that, even if it’s a little clichéd. Kenny talking about Carlito is interesting, as it almost certainly indicates that one of them is going to be defending their title against the other, opening up a lot for WrestleMania (though with Kennedy/Flair, I guess it’d be Carlito/Dykstra and Orton/possibly Van Dam). The last little line from Orton was nice too, putting himself over as damn dangerous.

The Flair/Carlito initial part of this segment was okay, keeping the Kennedy factor in mind here. Haas (you need to make sure it’s consistently spelled this way, by the way) and Benjamin coming in and having a little exchange with the two was nicely done, although the challenge for WrestleMania was a little surprising, as it indicates the tag titles will be on the line there. The Saturday Night’s Main Event match makes more sense, and should be a good place to blow off what has been a decent feud, if nothing really attention grabbing.

The McMahon segment was very interesting indeed. Putting over the fact that the McMahons are in an unenviable position, only for Vince’s ego to not allow him to cancel the match is the right way to go about things, while just who the mystery man is brings interest. It seems HE will be the one to face Cena at WrestleMania, so now it’s just about waiting to find out who that is. At this stage I would guess Lashley.

Speaking of Lashley, I really like the way this slow burn turn is going, with him still acting like a face in most ways, with the little things in his attitude slowly changing. This was again played up well in the match, with the reaction of the crowd pretty much costing Lashley the match, signaling the heel turn must surely be about to happen. Triple H may look a little weak, having seemingly fluked a win over Lashley in a way thanks to the crowd, but at the same time he still feels like he belongs in the final, perhaps purely because of the fact that he has that issue with Shawn. The little promo after the match just emphasizes Triple H’s need to get to Michaels, keeping that firmly in the mind of the viewer.

I certainly have no issue with Mr. Perfect going into the HoF. He’s one of the greats. Actually writing these out is a nice little touch.

Michaels picking up a win over Lawler this week is a nice way to keep him occupied as he waits for the tournament to end. The win keeps him looking strong, while Lawler is a nice face to feed, considering the loss does him no damage.

A defiant Cena standing up to whoever it is that’s coming for him is what you expect to see, with this promo pretty much summing up what Cena’s character is all about. His little signature lines were inserted in there nicely as well.

The Hart Dynasty arriving just before WrestleMania is interesting. I can’t imagine they’ll be involved in the actual show, but it should allow them to get some build so they’re involved in whatever plans you have planned for the tag team division after WrestleMania.

Nice little face-off between Van Dam and Triple H, perhaps hinting at a Van Dam victory later. That’s what I’d expect, at least, due to him having had interaction with Michaels since his heel turn.

Hmm, the use of the video here showing Beth’s original debut is interesting. I quite like the idea behind Beth’s arrival, seeking revenge for Mickie cheating her out of getting to the WWE, although a few things seem contradictory if you actually pay full attention to it, especially Victoria also injuring Beth, only for Phoenix to be by her side now. Still, the idea that she’s come back for revenge is good, and gives an actual story for what I’d expect to be the WrestleMania match for the divas. The ending to the promo was really nice, almost eerie, with Beth claiming Mickie will never forget her.

Mickie picking up a successful title defence here is a good way to get some attention on the Women’s Title, much like the tag title match earlier. I really like the psychology of this match too, using some continuity in the show to give us a Mickie whose mind wasn’t quite there. It’s a clever thing not all bookers do.

Saturday Night’s Main Event should be good.

While it wasn’t a big confrontation, keeping the Kenny/Carlito thing in the mind of the viewer is a good idea, possibly opening something up for them at WrestleMania.

Solid main event match, utilizing Kenny well throughout, with his presence at ringside ironically making the difference in the end thanks to the Jeff interference. Honestly, I’m shocked to see Jeff back now with the whole Carlito situation happening at the same time for Dykstra, but I guess the focus here is on Van Dam/Triple H, as shown by the face-off between the two. These guys had to be in the final with them both seemingly having a problem with Michaels, so I was glad to see you went this way. The staredown at the end, with Michaels standing in the distance, was a nice way to head off to SNME. Good finish.

Like always, an impressive show, man. You’ve got a lot happening right now, with mystery still surrounding the WrestleMania card, which I love. I’m not entirely sure what will be happening, but right now it’s exciting, especially with everything almost in full gear for WrestleMania, with only SNME still to come. Good stuff, mang.

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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed


After the vicious assault last week on Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long, the WWE Board of Directors, acting under medical advice, have placed Long on a temporary medical suspension, until such time as Long's health, both physically and mentally can be evaluated. Long is currently at home in Miami, Florida recuperating from the injuries he suffered at the hands of Mr. Kennedy last Friday night. Due to this ruling from the Board of Directors, The Chairman of The Board, Mr. McMahon, has appointed an Interim Smackdown General Manager. Be sure to tune into Smackdown to discover the identity of the new man in charge of Friday nights!

~Friday Night Smackdown~
March 2nd, 2007
San Jose, California

Friday Night Smackdown arrives in San Jose, California just one night away from Saturday Night's Main Event a leaderless brand, with the anarchy of last week's show still having a profound effect on the Smackdown roster.

When Mr. Kennedy snapped last week and choked Teddy Long with a microphone cord, fans around the world were shocked at the actions of the Kennedy as he assaulted Smackdown's General Manager. As a direct result of that attack, Long has been placed on a medical suspension by the WWE Board of Directors, meaning an Interim General Manager will be named tonight. Who will the new man be revealed to be? And what action, if any, will he take against Mr. Kennedy for his actions last week?

One man dared to stand up to Kennedy last week, and it was the World Heavyweight Champion Batista. 'The Animal' will no doubt be keen to run the rule over the new man in charge, but he'll have to keep his eye on the 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Edge, the two destined for a showdown at Wrestlemania. However, before his attack of Long last week, Kennedy once again expressed his desire to be involved in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania. With his actions at No Way Out and his words to Batista last week, Edge clearly shares Kennedy's opinion that it should be a Triple Threat Match in Detroit. Could Edge and Kennedy somehow persuade our new authority figure to grant them their wish?

One of Teddy Long's last acts as Smackdown General Manager was to grant a tag team title opportunity to La Resistance, a rematch from No Way Out featuring them and the WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans. London and Kendrick have long been tangling with Dupree and Grenier, but tonight is being billed as the last chance at the gold for Dupree and Grenier. Can Maryse finally lead her team to the gold? Will London and Kendrick finally see off their long time rivals? And what influence, if any, will The Bluebloods, William Regal, Dave Taylor and Paul Burchill have on the match? The Bluebloods attacked the champions last week, firmly stating they too deserved to be in consideration for a title shot. With Regal, Taylor and Burchill watching on, it promises to be an explosive end to the feud between La Resistance and The Hooligans.

Another of Teddy Long's last acts as General Manager was to announce that tomorrow night at Saturday Night's Main Event, a Four Way Elimination Match would take place to determine who would go on to Wrestlemania to face Gregory Helms for the Cruiserweight Championship. The four participants in that match, Bryan Danielson, Chavo Guerrero, Joey Mercury and Shannon Moore will clash tonight in tag team action, as Danielson and Moore combine to take on Guerrero and Mercury. Who will prove a point and give themselves a huge momentum boost just 24 hours away from one of the most important matches in the careers of these four individuals?

Also tonight, Finlay will announce the match stipulation for his United States Championship defence against Chris Benoit tomorrow night, with Number One Contender Matt Hardy no doubt watching that with a keen interest, King Booker and Montel Vontavious Porter will both be involved in the first two Money in the Bank Qualifiers of the year, taking on Sabu and Jimmy Wang Yang respectively, while we’ll no doubt be hearing from Kane with regards the situation between Umaga and his brother The Undertaker.

A new regime will kick of a new era of Friday Night Smackdown, making this a show you won't want to miss!!

Confirmed Matches:

WWE Tag Team Championships Match: The Hooligans vs. La Resistance

Money in the Bank Qualifying Matches:
King Booker vs. Sabu
Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

Bryan Danielson and Shannon Moore vs. Chavo Guerrero and Joey Mercury

The new Interim Smackdown General Manager will be revealed!
Finlay will announce the match stipulation for the United States Championship Match at Saturday Night's Main Event!
Batista, Edge, Mr. Kennedy, Kane, Umaga and Matt Hardy will all be in attendance!!

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