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Total Non-Stop Action: Ninja Shoes Half Off

This is my first BTB on this website...hope you enjoy. The Title is really because I didn't want it to just be Barry Champlain presents TNA or whatever. First thing that I thought of was Ninja Shoes Half Off

On January 4, 2010 Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling changed forever when the keys to the company were put into the hands of Eric Bischoff and “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan. Since then there have been many highs and many lows. The fans have seen huge stars like Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson, Ric Flair and Jeff Hardy all join the company. But they have also seen many of their long time favorites get lost in the shuffle.

Leading into Lockdown 2010, the companies 2nd Biggest Show of the year, the booking was a mess. Their move to Mondays didn’t produce the numbers Spike TV were looking for so it was announced that following Lockdown, Impact would return to Thursday Nights from 9pm-11pm.

Lockdown 2010 Results
The Family Arena
Saint Charles, Missouri
Attendance: 3,023

Rob Van Dam defeated James Storm inside a Steel Cage @6:33 for the numbers advantage in the Lethal Lockdown Match

Homicide def. Brian Kendrick, Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin in an Xscape Match @4:59

Kevin Nash def. Eric Young @5:47

TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love & Tara def. TNA Tag Team Champions Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne in a match where all titles where on the line to win the tag titles @3:44

Kazarian def. Shannon Moore @9:09 to win the vacant X-Division Championship. Doug Williams was stripped for failing to defend.

Team 3D defeated The Band (Syxx-Pac & Scott Hall) in a St. Louis Street Fight @6:49

Kurt Angle def. Mr. Anderson @20:54

TNA World Champion AJ Styles def. D’Angelo Dinero to retain the TNA World Title @13:32

Team Hogan (Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Jeff Hardy & Rob Van Dam) def. Team Flair (Sting, Beer Money Inc. & Desmond Wolfe) in the 2010 Lethal Lockdown.
TNA Roster
TNA World Heavyweight Champion: AJ Styles
TNA World Tag Team Champions: Matt Morgan & Hernandez (injured)
TNA Global Champion: Rob Terry
TNA X-Division Champion: Kazarian
TNA Knockouts Champion: Angelina Love
TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Angelina Love & Tara

AJ Styles
Alex Shelly
Amazing Red
Brian Kendrick
Brother Devon
Brother Ray
Chris Sabin
D’Angelo Dinero
Desmond Wolfe
Doug Williams
Eric Young
James Storm
Jay Lethal
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
Jeremy Buck
Jesse Neal
Kevin Nash
Kurt Angle
Matt Morgan
Max Buck
Mr. Anderson
Orlando Jordan
Ric Flair
Rob Terry
Rob Van Dam
Robert Roode
Samoa Joe
Shannon Moore
Syxx Pac

Angelina Love
Lacey Von Erich
Madison Rayne
Taylor Wilde
Velvet Sky

Other Personalities
Chelsea- Manager for Desmond Wolfe & Ric Flair
Don West- Backstage Personality
Jeremy Borash- Backstage Interviewer
Christy Hemme- Backstage Interviewer
Eric Bischoff
Hulk Hogan
Mike Tenay- Play by Play Impact/PPV
Taz- Color Impact/PPV

Breaking News
In what is being called “Black Monday” the day after TNA Lockdown 2010 a number of TNA talents have been cut from the roster. We can report that this is the first round in what is expected to be several more cuts in the coming weeks.

TNA has released the following talent: Brian Knobbs, Jerry Saggs, Jimmy Hart, Brutus Magnus, Dr. Stevie (Richards), Kiyoshi, Miss Tessmarcher, ODB, Raven, Shark Boy, So Cal Val and Tomko.

Also it is being reported that Bubba The Love Sponge, who was recently added to the Band on TNA Impact has been fired from TNA personally by President Dixie Carter. Bubba had been on thin ice after comment made in the wake of the Haiti Earthquake lead to a backstage fight between he and Awesome Kong.

After making racial comments about the former TNA Knockout on his radio show last night Dixie Carter told Bubba to stay home from TNA’s Lockdown PPV. It is being reported that Dixie Carter has officially released Bubba the Love Sponge form his contract.
Upcoming PPV Schedule

TNA Sacrifice 2010- May 16, 2010- The Impact Zone- Orlando Florida
TNA Slammiversary- June 13, 2010- The Nashville Municipal Auditorium- Nashville, Tennessee
TNA Victory Road- July 11, 2010- The Impact Zone- Orlando, Florida
TNA Hard Justice- August 8, 2010- The Impact Zone- Orlando, Florida

My First Impact is nearly done and will be up in the next 24
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Re: Total Non-Stop Action: Ninja Shoes Half Off

Just off of the "Ninja Shoes Half Off", I was interested. Everything looks nice. Results are great, layout thus far is neat, and the news and notes are exceptional as well. Things looks great so good luck with this! =)

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Re: Total Non-Stop Action: Ninja Shoes Half Off

I definately like the look of this project! I guess I was drawn by the kooky thread-title but everything inside is stellar and neatly laid-out. You've made some good releases which is pleasing so I'm interested in seeing where you take this and reading your stuff.

Good luck!
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Total Non-Stop Action: Ninja Shoes Half Off

"Brian Knobbs, Jerry Saggs, Jimmy Hart, Brutus Magnus, Dr. Stevie (Richards), Kiyoshi, Miss Tessmarcher, ODB, Raven, Shark Boy, So Cal Val and Tomko"

Just wanting your reasoning behind firing two talents who are good at what they do and can't be costing that much money for the company and one guy who helps with music and other backstage affairs.
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Re: Total Non-Stop Action: Ninja Shoes Half Off

I agreed with the released apart from Miss Tessmarcher, you should of made her a valet or something, either way im excited for this thread.
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Re: Total Non-Stop Action: Ninja Shoes Half Off

All cuts were thought about and made because A) The Roster was bloated and B) I had no plans for any of the talent released.

Jimmy Hart's On Air character served no purpose as of this time due to the Nasty Boys leaving. He may still be hired behind the scenes due to his wrestling mind.

The ladies, to me were just eye candy and I really like So Cal Val but really don't have a place for her as of this time.

Thanks to everyone for the comments. The First IMpact is almost done
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TNA Impact April 23, 2010

April 22, 2010
The Impact Zone- Orlando, FL

(A “Lockdown” Highlight video opens the show set to Five Finger Death Punch’s “Walk Away”. The video showcases the World Heavyweight Championship Match, Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson and the Lethal Lockdown Match.

From the Mr. Anderson/Angle Match we see highlights of Angle hitting Anderson with a Belly to belly into the steel cage, Anderson opening Angle with the dog tag, Anderson laying Angle out with several chair shots, Angle hitting a moonsault from the top of the cage and Angle winning the match by escape.

From the World Heavyweight Championship Match we see The Pope taking the fight to AJ Styles, who tries to escape as Dinero unleashes drop kicks that take Styles off his feet. We see Styles flying off the cage hitting a cross body for The Pope to reverse it into a pin for a 2 count. We see Styles hit Pelle, and Dinero hit a devastating Tornado DDT by spring boarding off the cage. And we see Dinero try to hit the running high knee to AJ’s back in the corner only for AJ to move and we see AJ hit the Styles’ clash for the win.

In Lethal Lockdown we see all the combatants enter the match and all hell break loose. We see Jeff Hardy brawl with Beer Money on top of the Cage, we see Abyss hit Sting with a Black Hole Slam into a bed of thumbtacks, Desmond Wolfe hitting tower of London from the top rope onto Jeff Jarrett, Hardy hitting insane splash from top of cage through table ringside on Robert Roode. We finish up with Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff coming to the ring and Hogan cutting them off. It shows Bischoff aiding Team Hogan and Hogan knocking Ric Flair out with a pair of brass knuckles. It finishes with RVD hitting a five star frog splash on Desmond Wolfe for the 1, 2, 3. The last shot is of Team Hogan w/Eric Bischoff celebrating.)

Opening Video
"What We Fight For"

(We are live in the Impact Zone as PYRO! PYRO! PYRO! fires off in all directions. We pan the live crowd and they are going nuts. We pan over to Mike Tenay and Taz at the announce booth.)

Mike Tenay:
We are live in the Impact Zone and we are live on Spike TV only four days removed from one of the biggest events in TNA history. I’m Mike Tenay and alongside Taz, we are ready for a huge Impact tonight!

Taz: No doubt that Lockdown was off the hook Professor! And tonight, we are going to do what TNA does best and that’s bring two hours of the hardest hitting wrestling to the fans at home.

Mike Tenay: Fans, we have listened to you at home who demanded we return to Thursday Nights, and TNA Management and Spike TV agreed so here we are and what a show we have for you tonight. Huge tag team action tonight as Abyss teams with Jeff Jarrett to take on Beer Money Inc.

Gotta say Mike, it feels great to be back on Thursdays!

(“Ready to Fly” hits and the World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles enters the Impact Zone in flashy suit with the World Title over his shoulder. He is sporting a new suit and walks with stride and a smile. Following him out is his advisor, Ric Flair, who isn’t as happy as AJ seems to be. The two make it to the ring and AJ Styles grabs the microphone.)

AJ Styles: You were expecting somebody else?

(“AJ Sucks! AJ Sucks” chant from the crowd. This causes AJ Styles to loose his smile for a second.)

AJ Styles: What I want is for you people to shut up and listen to what I have to say!

(“AJ Sucks!” Chant intensifies. Ric Flair grabs the microphone and unleashes on the crowd.)

Ric Flair: THE! WORLD! HEAVYWEIGHT! CHAMPION! IS! TALKING! Now shut up and listen.

(Flair returns the microphone to Styles before retreating into the corner.)

AJ Styles: That’s right! I’m the champ, and you know what? I did it one…two…three in this very ring. I stood tall, not just because I sell T-Shirts…which I do by the way. And not just because I’m the best looking wrestler in TNA…which I am! No you see I’m still the TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION because I’m simply the best, not just in TNA…but I’m the best in the world today! Period!

(“We Want Pope” chant breaks out)

AJ Styles:
Chant all you want morons, but he isn’t even here! And you see that’s difference between wrestlers like D’Angelo Dinero…and wrestlers like me! I win the big time matches, I open live broadcasts. I main event because I’m a winner! The Pope? Dinero isn’t out here celebrating his big win…NO! Its me and its always going to be me because…I’m a winner!

(Ric Flair stirs from his corner flashing a smile and walking over to AJ. His body language has changed and he grabs the microphone before doing a little strut.)

Ric Flair: My boy! AJ! AJ! When I walked out here tonight I was angry. I was angry about loosing on a fluke at Lockdown but you know what, you made me realize something. We are winners!

AJ Styles: That’s right!

Ric Flair: We are styling and profiling! And that something Hulk Hogan will never have on us. We are SPACE MOUNTAIN baby! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! And no one, NO ONE can knock us off the mountain.

(With that “Whole FN Show” hits and the crowd erupts into a massive pop. Flair and Styles’ attention is drawn to the stage as Rob Van Dam makes his way down the ramp. The live crowd begins singing along with the song…”ROB VAN DAM”…”WHOLE FN SHOW”. Rob Van Dam enters the ring grabbing a microphone.)

Rob Van Dam: Hey guys, sorry I really didn’t want to come out here and crash your party you know but I couldn’t help myself. I over heard you guys patting yourselves on the back about how awesome you are and how great you are. Well I mean I thought I’d come down here and pat myself on the back too. You know because I won at Lockdown too. Not once, but twice. And that is awesome too. I mean I even pinned you boy in Lethal Lockdown Ric, so you can call me a winner too…

(Ric Flair is having a fit. He kicks the bottom rope before turning toward Van Dam)

Ric Flair: You are nothing. NOTHING! You are a fluke pal!

Rob Van Dam: Relax man. It isn’t that bad. I just wanted to come down here and let you know its cool. Its okay to loose sometimes you know. Especially when you loose to…

(Van Dam uses his free thumb to extend it so the crowd can join in…”ROB VAN DAM”)

Rob Van Dam: Once you admit it to yourself you can move on. Now AJ, I hade one other thing I just wanted to clear up. You see I couldn’t help but to over hear you back there saying you were the greatest wrestlers in the world?

AJ Styles: I am! I’m the Champ!

Rob Van Dam: You know I’ve seen you do your moves and they’re great, don’t get me wrong. I mean I can remember when I was as good as you are…and then I remember my SECOND match when I got better. You see AJ, you keep saying how good you are. How great you are. Flair says how great you are but you know what? I don’t buy the hype. Cause you’ll never be as good as you think you are until you go one on one with me.

(“RVD! RVD!” chants start as AJ is taken aback by RVD. Flair is livid and is ready to fight right here, right now.)

Rob Van Dam: So why don’t you go on to the back. Get geared up and bring that title out here, cause you know it will look good around my waist. They all do. And then you can say you went toe to toe with the very best…

(The thumb…the crowd…”Rob Van…DAM”)

Rob Van Dam: Don’t you just love that dude?

(As Flair and AJ come face to face with Rob Van Dam, “Modest” hits and the girls in the crowd let out a high pitch squeal. That’s because the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy walks out onto the stage with microphone in hand and begins talking on way to the ring.)

Jeff Hardy: Hey Rob, sorry. I don’t mean to cut you off from kicking these two guys’ asses right here and right now but you kind of jumped the gun on me man. I was just on my way out here to make the same challenge for that TNA World Championship. I hate to do this bro, but that title is coming with me.

(Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy smile and exchange words with on another about their both wanting the titles. AJ Styles looks on dumbfounded before cutting them off.)

AJ Styles: No hold on one minute! I said hold on! I’m the Champion! The World Champion! Me! And I’m not going to be told who to defend my title against by Cheech and Chong!

(The four men go nose to nose and all hell is about to break out when “Rockhouse” hits and the Impact Zone goes insane as Hulk Hogan comes out the tunnel and stops on the stage. Microphone in hand and hand on beard.)

Hulk Hogan: No that’s what I’m talking about brother, that right there. You see that’s what its all about in this business. Being the World Heavyweight Champion!

AJ Styles: My championship!

Hulk Hogan: That’s right AJ, you’re the champion. And you know what makes a great champion brother? Great challengers! This is what’s gonna happen tonight brother! Its gonna be Jeff Hardy…versus…Rob Van Dam…and the winner will go on to face AJ Styles at Sacrifice for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

(Aj Styles is shaking his head no, as Ric Flair is having a heart attack kicking everything in sight and pointing and spitting at Hogan. Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy lock eyes and flash a friendly smile. Its on. “Rockhouse” hits as Hulk Hogan looks on stroking his beard)

Mike Tenay
: What an announcement Taz, Jeff Hardy will face Rob Van Dam live tonight on Impact and the winner will face AJ Styles at Sacrifice for the World Title!

Taz: Hogan said it and it’s the truth brother. The World Title is what it is all about in pro-wrestling and tonight we are going to find out who wants it more Professor. Jeff Hardy or Rob Van Dam?

(We go to commercial break on AJ and Flair exiting the ring. Flair’s eyes transfixed on Hogan while AJ’s smile is no more. RVD and Jeff Hardy shake hands and hit the turnbuckles in the ring.)

****Commercial Break****

(Back from Commercial Break and we see a recap of what transpired between Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles. We then cut to the back in AJ Styles’ locker room where Flair, Styles, Desmond Wolfe and Chelsea are. Flair is going nuts throwing chairs and kicking over things. AJ Styles is pacing back and forth with Wolfe trying to calm Flair down.)

Ric Flair: Damn inmate running this place! No Respect!

(Flair turns to see the camera man and lunges at him backing him into the hallway)

Ric Flair: Not now! Get that BLEEPING camera out of my BLEEPING face!

(Flair slams the door in the camera’s face.)

(Back in the Impact Zone where the fans are jumping up and down as the camera pans. “Angels on My Shoulder” is playing as The Beautiful People make their way to the ring. Madison Rayne leads the way as Lacey Von Erich and Velvet Sky bring up the rear. Sky is on crutches injured from the steel cage match at Lockdown.)

Highlights from Tara/Angelina Love vs. The Beautiful People at Lockdown are shown.

Mike Tenay: Just four days ago, the Beautiful People where the TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions and on top of the world Taz. Now with Sky’s injury, things aren’t going their way.

Taz: Hey! Their still beautiful!

( “lesson Zero Remix” hits and the TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love enters the Impact Zone with both the TNA Knockouts Title and the Knockouts Tag Title.. We see clips of the Angelina/Tara situation over the past few weeks with the two arguing in the aftermath of their win at Lockdown.)

Mike Tenay: Having a much better week is Angelina Love although her tag partner Tara and her don’t seem to be on the same page.

Taz: Well from what I understand Mike, Tara is AWOL tonight so who knows what is up with that whole situation?

Match #1 | TNA Knockout Championship
Madison Rayne w/The Beautiful People vs. Angelina Love©

Match Summary: Quick back and forth standard match. Angelina and Madison started out with chain wrestling but it quickly turned into them brawling around the ringside area. During the match Lacey Von Erich tried to use one of Velvet Sky’s crutches to trip up Angelina but Love stopped her in time. Love knocked Von Erich off the apron into the injured Sky. This allowed Madison Rayne to get a two count on a roll up. After a near two count, Madison was up and walked right into a bicycle kick from Love for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner and Still TNA Knockout Champion: Angelina Love via pin fall

(“Lesson Zero Remix” plays as Angelina Love holds the TNA Knockout title above her head. Madison Rayne is backing up the ramp while Lacey Von Erich checks on Velvet Sky on the outside. Suddenly out of no where Katie Lea Burchill enters the ring through the crowd. Angelina turns into a spinning heel kick.)

Mike Tenay: Taz is that! Is that who I think it is? She doesn’t work here!

(Angelina slowly gets to her feet only for Burchill to lay her out with the TNA Knockouts Title. Burchill holds the belt over her head looking down at the unconscious Love.)

Taz: Well she’s in TNA now and she just took out the Knockouts Champion!

****Commercial Break****

(Backstage in Eric Bischoff and Hogan’s office. Hulk Hogan is at the desk going over paper work while Eric Bischoff is on the phone. Suddenly there is a small knock on the door and “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal enters the office. Bischoff rolls his eyes and motions for Hogan to take a look. Hogan leans back in his chair and rubs his eyes.)

Jay Lethal: Oh Yeah! Came all the way to find the Hulkster and I found him. Hogan! Tonight is the night brother. Dig it?

Hulk Hogan: I almost hate to ask Mach, but what is tonight?

Jay Lethal: Tonight the mega powers explode and take this over the top…Oh Yeah! Tonight red and yellow and the madness unite to take TNA by storm!

Hulk Hogan: Oh man. You know Mach, I was thinking the same thing but Eric here was thinking of something even better.

(Eric jumps in playing along as Hogan gets out of his desk placing his arm around Lethal walking him over to Bischoff.)

Eric Bischoff: That’s right. Why unite the Mega Powers tonight when what the fans want is to see Black Machismo in singles action.

Jay Lethal:
Singles action…yeah…

Hulk Hogan: They want to see you climb the ropes Mach. They want to see you win the big one just like at Wrestlemania IV.

Jay Lethal: Wrestlemania IV…World Champion! Macho Man.

Eric Bischoff: That’s right. So tonight its going to be Jay Lethal…that you…against AJ Styles one on one for the TNA World Championship.

Jay Lethal:
OH YEAH! I can dig that.

(Jay Lethal does the Macho Man turn and motions for the title as he exit’s the office.)

Jay Lethal: Black Machismo. World Champion! Mega Powers Exploding all over the world!

(Lethal exits ready for his title shot as Hogan shoots Bischoff a look)

Eric Bischoff: That guy is nuts.

Hulk Hogan: And you just gave him a title shot.

Eric Bischoff: So?

Hulk Hogan: What is he wins brother?

(They both look at the office door contemplating the idea of dealing with Jay Lethal as World Champion)


(We go to Jeremy Borash who is standing by with Eric Young.)

Jeremy Borash: I’m standing by with Eric Young, who this past Sunday faced off against Kevin Nash at Lockdown. Tonight he has requested…

(Eric Young snatches the microphone away from Borash and shoves him aside. He holds the microphone up to his mouth to speak, but doesn’t. He just stares into the camera. After a few seconds…)

Borash: Eric? Eric we’re live.

(Eric Young drops the microphone before leaving the interview area.)

****Commercial Break****

(Back from break and During the Break we see the camera following Eric Young out of the Impact Zone. Jeremy Borash is following behind.)

Jeremy Borash: Eric where are you going.

(Eric Young pauses and looks back for a second before heading out the exit with his gear bag in check.)


(Back in the Impact Zone we see Homicide in the ring while “Notorious 187” plays in the background. He Prepares for his match)

Mike Tenay: Taz, what did we just see. Eric Young requested interview time but he didn’t say a word.

Taz: Your guess is as good as mine because it look to me like EY just packed his bags and went home.

(“Follow Me” hits and Brian Kendrick enters the Impact Zone to a mixed reaction. He stares Homicide down on the way to the ring. We are shown clips from Lockdown when Homicide kept Brian Kendrick from winning the X-Scape match.)

Mike Tenay: Three way X-Division action to find out who will face Kazarian next week on Impact!

(“Red Remix” plays and the third and final man enters the ring. The Amazing Red gets a great reaction from the Impact crowd. We cut to the back where Kazarian is seen watching the three men on a monitor with the X-Division Championship over his shoulder)

Match #2 | 3 Way for X-Division Title Shot
Homicide vs. Brian Kendrick vs. The Amazing Red

(During the match, the now former XDivision Champion Doug Williams called into the Impact Zone still stuck over seas. He spent the entire match complaining about being stripped of the title

Match Summary: Kendrick and Homicide brawl to start things off leaving Amazing Red alone in the ring as they fight to the outside. The bad blood still there from the Xscape Match at Lockdown. Red takes advantage of this and hits the ropes going over the top rope with a plancha. This starts a series of high impact moves from Red as he hits a springboard moonsault as Homicide and Kendrick recover. Through out the match Kendrick seems to be focused on Homicide and not winning the match. Toward the end of the match Kendrick lays Homicide out with a vicious running knee and turns into a head scissors from Red. Homicide rolls to the outside to recover which leave Kendrick and Red, going one on one. Kendrick takes control easily and sets up Red for his finisher Sliced Bread #2, but Homicide is back up and hits Kendrick with a head butt as he's coming into the corner. Kendrick stumbles back freeing Red to springboard off the 2nd turnbuckle into a cross body for the roll up.

Winner and Facing Kazarian next week: The Amazing Red via pin fall on Brian Kendrick
(Homicide backs up the ramp as a shocked Brian Kendrick stares him down with an intense fire. Amazing Red celebrates with the fans ringside.)

Mike Tenay: Amazing Red wins and advances to next week to face Kazarian for the X-Division Championship.

Doug Williams (via phone): There you go again Michael. I’m the X-Division Champion. No matter how you, Dixie Carter or Kaz want to spin it.

Taz: He’s got a point Professor.

Mike Tenay: None the less what Doug Williams thinks, Kazarian will defend the X-Division Championship next week against Amazing Red.

Doug Williams (via phone): I’ll be stateside by then, and we’ll just see about that.

****Commercial Break****

(Back from commercial break, and Christy Hemme is standing by with TNA Global Champion “The Freak” Rob Terry. Terry is dressed in gear with the title over his shoulder looking very menacing.)

Christy Hemme: Christy Hemme here with TNA Global Champion, Rob Terry. Tonight Rob you’ll be in action facing off against the very strange Orlando Jordan. What are you thoughts on you match up tonight?

Rob Terry: Christy, I’ve been the TNA Global Champion for a few months now and I have to say its been one wild ride. But its always a wild ride when you’re a Freak like me. Orlando Jordan, you’ve made it very clear over the past few weeks that you have your eye on me. I don’t know just what kind of Freak you are, but trust me when I say tonight…you’re going to regret messing with this Freak.

(Christy goes to ask another question when there is a scuffle and Rhino comes storming in past security to the interview set.)

Rhino: Get out of my damn way! Well look at this, finally I get some TV time. You know people around here have a very short memory Christy. Wasn’t all that long ago I was the big sign and the savior of the company. Wasn’t that long ago I was tearing down PPVs with my matches. But you see I seem to get pushed to the side when the new flavor of the month comes along.

Christy: Rhino, we are trying…

Rhino: I know what your doing. You don’t think I know why you’re here? T. N. A. And I’m not talking about the damn company name.

Rob Terry: You have a problem?

Rhino: Do I have a problem? Do I have a problems (Laughs) Yeah you see something “Freak”, I do have a problem. I have a problem that a company I’ve poured blood and sweat into year after year is being represented by jacked up idiots like you who doesn’t know a hip toss from a headlock and guys like Orlando Jordan and his circus of perversion. That’s my problem.

Rob Terry: Why don’t you come down to the ring and I’ll show you what I know in that ring. I’ll kick your little ass all over the Impact Zone.

Rhino: No, you see that’s the problem. You get your TV time so go enjoy it. I’ll be back here I just wanted to say my peace.

(Rhino steps aside and Rob Terry heads off to get ready for his match. Rhino then GORES him out of nowhere into the set and through the wall.)


Mike Tenay: Rhino has just taken out the Global Champion!

(Rhino stands up over the broken Rob Terry and turns back to Christy Hemme.)

Rhino: I think I made my point.

(Rhino exit’s the set)

(Black Frame, lightning strikes. We see various shots of TNA's top stars in pain full crimson masks over the years from Kurt Angle to Jeff Jarrett. Sting, AJ Styles, Abyss holding up a bloody fist with thumbtacks covering it....)


…some men sacrifice for love…

…for money…

…for glory.

Some sacrifice everything…


…for one moment…

…this moment.

What will you Sacrifice for?

Live on PPV May 16, 2010

****Commercial Break****

(Back from break and we see a replay of Rhino’s attack on Rob Terry. We then cut to the locker room where Rob Terry’s ribs are being taped up by trainers.)

(We then cut to Ric Flair’s Locker room where he is watching the monitor with Desmond Wolfe and Chelsea.)

Ric Flair: That’s what I am talking about. RIGHT THERE! Did you see that?

Desmond Wolfe: That I did.

Ric Flair: That was some one making an impact. Its time for you to make an impact. When was the last time you stepped up Desmond. I hope you don’t fail Chelsea like you fail me or she won’t be on your arm much longer pal. You hear what I’m saying to you?

Desmond Wolfe: Loud and clear.

Ric Flair: I hand picked you for a reason! You are one of the best in the world. Now you need to show me just how good you are. Next week its time to step up. Make and impact and step up or take a walk! Are you the man?

Desmond Wolfe: I’m the man.

Ric Flair: Then you need to show it to me! You need to show the world what you can do! Now I have to get the Champion ready for Black Machismo.

(Ric Flair exit’s the locker room as Desmond thinks about what Flair just said)

Ric Flair (on way out): Step up Desmond…STEP UP!


(Back in the Impact Zone “Modest” hits and its time for the number one contendership match. Jeff Hardy heads out on the stage as the girls once again start squealing. Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring)

Mike Tenay: Jeff Hardy made his return to TNA on January 4th and has been on fire ever since Taz. You never know what to expect from Hardy when he steps into the ring.

No doubt. The Charismatic Enigma is taking TNA by storm and tonight he has the chance to get one step closer to the ultimate goal.

Mike Tenay: The TNA World Championship is what its all about like Hulk Hogan said. Its what everyone in the locker room is fighting for.

(“WHOLE FN SHOW” takes over the PA and the fans blow the roof off the Impact Zone as Rob Van Dam heads to the ring and the crowd sings along with “RVD”)

Match #3 | Number One Contenders Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy

Match Summary: Friends or not friends, these two guys give it their all. It starts out as a series of reversals and counters with neither man getting the upper hand. Hardy get the advantage with a drop kick that sends RVD to the outside. Hardy goes to use the ramp as a springboard but RVD sees it coming and connects with a kick to the gut. Hardy spills into the guard rail ringside. AFTER A COMMERCIAL BREAK, we come back to see RVD reverse a whip on the outside sending Hardy into the guard rail at ringside. RVD sets Hardy up and comes off the apron with a twisting corkscrew leg drop onto Hardy. Back in the ring, RVD continues the assault but get caught with a drop kick to the knee that sends Van Dam head first into the turn buckles. Hardy goes for a twist of fate but RVD pushes him off into the ropes and Hardy returns with a clothesline. Both men up and RVD gets back on top and tries a rolling thunder, which Hardy answers with a pair of knees to the back. They go back and forth countering each others trademark moves. Hardy getting desperate goes for a moonsault but RVD rushes the corner crotching Hardy on the top rope. RVD springboards with a side kick that sends Hardy head first to the floor outside. Hardy up and he is BLEEDING. Hardy back to the apron and RVD goes to suplex him in and Hardy fights him off. RVD stumbles back and Hardy hits a drop kick from the top rope. Hardy makes a 2 count...Hardy tries to end with a swanton, but RVD rushes the corner and tries a super plex. Hardy fight Van Dam off and tries the Swanton, but RVD moves and hits a FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner and Facing AJ Styles at Sacrifice: Rob Van Dam via pin fall
(RVD hit’s the turn buckles as a disappointed Jeff Hardy looks on. Hardy makes it to his feet and offers his hand to the victor. RVD and Hardy embrace as Hardy applauds the new number one contender. RVD continues celebrating his win.)

Mike Tenay: Rob Van Dam is heading to Sacrifice on May 16 to face the World Champion!

****Commercial Break****

(Back from break and we see highlights of the Jeff Hardy-Rob Van Dam match. We then go backstage where Christy Hemme is standing by with the new number one contender.)

Christy Hemme: I am here with the new number one contender Rob Van Dam. Rob, that was an amazing match.

Rob Van Dam: What can I say Christy Jeff, buddy, you really brought you A game. I couldn’t have asked for a better opponent. But hey, like I’ve always say loosing to Rob Van Dam doesn’t make you less of a wrestler…it makes you just like everyone else.

Christy Hemme: Well depending on the outcome of tonight’s main event you’ll either be facing AJ Styles or “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal. What are your thoughts on your potential opponents.

Rob Van Dam: Hey Macho is cool, and I can totally dig it. AJ, well we know all about AJ Styles don’t we. He the quote Greatest Wrestler in the World, unquote. So really it doesn’t make much of a difference because at Sacrifice, they’ll all be on the mat one…two…three. And your new World Champion will be me…

(Crowd Joins in…)

Rob Van Dam: Rob Van Dam.

(Rob Van Dam continues on celebrating his win, Christy turns back to the camera.)

Christy Hemme: There you have it. Back to you guys.

(We are back in the Impact Zone where Mike Tenay and Taz are at their table hyping Sacrifice on PPV May 16.)

Mike Tenay: May 16, 2010 TNA presents Sacrifice. But Taz, it was just a few weeks ago when Matt Morgan put Hernandez on the injured list.

Taz: Yeah big Matt Morgan snapped and took out his own tag team partner.

(We see video of Matt Morgan taking out Hernandez and Hernandez being loaded up on a stretcher. The video changes to Morgan trying to take out Amazing Red the same way, and The Motor City Machine Guns saving the day.)

Mike Tenay: And just last week he tried the same thing on Amazing Red. Well Taz, next week we’ll see Matt Morgan defend the TNA World Tag Team Titles against the Motor City Machine Guns but who will his partner be?

Taz: Morgan doesn’t really have a long list of guys jumping at the chance to get kicked in the head you know.


(We cut to backstage where Matt Morgan is walking toward Eric Bischoff’s locker room. He enters and Bischoff is in the middle of talking to Christopher Daniels)

Daniels: All I’m saying is its about damn time I got some TV time on here.

Eric Bischoff: Hey you know I’m one of you biggest fans.

Daniels: Yeah right.

(Morgan storms in and stands between Daniels and Bischoff completely blowing Daniels off.)

Matt Morgan: We need you to explain something to us. Why are we facing the Motor City Machine Guns next week?

Eric Bischoff: Well as I was just explain to Chris here, its about competition. And lets face it the Machine Guns are long over due for a title shot and last week that really wasn’t what I wanted to see.

Matt Morgan: Let us take a wild guess here, you’ve picked out a partner for us once again.

Eric Bischoff: See that’s the great part. You don’t get a partner. No one wants to partner with you Matt. So its going to be Matt Morgan taking on the Motor City Machine Guns. Two on one.

Matt Morgan: We still like our odds.

(With that Morgan charges out of the office)

Daniels: Still standing here.

(Bischoff and Daniels continue their conversation....

************************************************* we cut to Jeremy Borash standing with Abyss and Jeff Jarrett in the interview area. We still see the hole that Rhino gored Rob Terry through earlier tonight. Abyss is showing off the Hall of Fame ring.)

Jeremy Borash: In just a few minutes these two men will head out to the ring to take on Robert Roode and James Storm, the team of Beer Money. Gentlemen after a grueling match at Lethal Lockdown just four days ago why agree to this match up?

Jeff Jarrett:
Its real simple JB. At Lethal Lockdown we stepped up to the plate and we knocked one out of the park. Its no secret that when Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came to TNA, we didn’t really see eye to eye on a lot of things. Everyone knows this JB, but we are on the same page now I can tell you and I’m liking what I’m seeing here in TNA. Competition is what it is about and Beer Money have all the talent in the world. I used to consider these guys friends. I used to consider AJ and Sting friends too but you can see what happens when greed gets in the way. Well tonight its time to the King of the Mountain to beat some sense into two old friends of his.

Jeremy Borash: The team captain of Team Hogan, the Monster Abyss. You’ve been on quite a roll as of late ever since Hulk Hogan took you under his wing. Tonight you face Beer Money.

Abyss: JB, for too many years I have been stuck in darkness but 2010 is the year of the Monster! it’s the year I have broken out into the light and tonight Beer Money…you are going to feel the power. Just like Sting felt my power last Sunday when I drove him into those thumb tacks. Just like anyone who gets in my way on my quest to the top…Your going to feel the POWER of the Monster!

(Jeff Jarrett slaps Abyss on the back as they head to the ring.)

Jeremy Borash: Tag Team Action up next on Impact.

Mike Tenay: That match is next!

****Commercial Break****


(Familiar black and white video of Scott Hall, Syxx-Pac and Kevin Nash against black and gray backdrop. Smash cuts like the old WCW videos of the N.W.O. highlight the video.)
Kevin Nash: Looks like the bad guys are here to stay TNA.

Scott Hall: Hey, yo.

Kevin Nash: Team 3D got real lucky in St. Louis but things are about to change.

Syxx-Pac: Change…that’s a great catch phrase.

Kevin Nash: But something’s never change do they?

Scott Hall: Nope, not the classics.

Kevin Nash: The classics just get better with age.

Syxx-Pac: Kev, its time we turn up the greatest hits on TNA you know what I’m talking about.

Kevin Nash: We are just getting started.

(The video changes to “The Band” Logo with the tag line. “Reunion Tour 2010”)
(Back in the Impact Zone, “Down in the Catacombs” is playing and The Monster Abyss heads out to the ring. Pyro fires off and he flashes the Hall of Fame ring Hulk Hogan gave him at the camera. Out of Nowhere Beer Money Inc. attacks the big man before the bell. Robert Roode and James Storm lay boots on Abyss on the ramp.)

Mike Tenay: Beer Money is attacking Abyss before the match even started. That’s cowardly.

Taz: No Professor that’s smart. With the streak Abyss is on, it makes sense to take him out before that power emerges in the match.

Mike Tenay: Things are about to even up because here comes the King of the Mountain!

(Jeff Jarrett sheds his robe on the way to aid Abyss. The four men brawl ringside to start the match)

Match #4 | Tag Team Match
Beer Money Inc. vs. Abyss & Jeff Jarrett

Match Summary: Not much of a tag match as a four way brawl. Abyss brawls with Robert Roode into the crowd and down in the concession area while Jarrett and Storm brawl on the stage and around the announce booth. After a long brawl with Abyss and Jarrett getting the upper hand, they slowly fight their way back to the ring where Abyss works Storm on the inside and Jarrett and Roode finally take their places on the apron and the official tag match get underway. From here on out its all Abyss, he just takes James Storm apart until Storm hits a low blow to tag in Roode. Roode is in and unleahes on Abyss. Abyss finally reverses with the black hole slame WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT, when they come back on Abyss is down and Sting is standing on the stage. Jarrett enters the ring but James Storm takes him out while Robert Roode makes the cover for the 1, 2, 3.

Winners via Pin Fall: Beer Money Inc. when Robert Roode pinned Abyss
(Beer Money celebrate their win before dragging Jeff Jarrett from ringside and laying fist to him as he stumbles toward the backstage area. Meanwhile in the ring Abyss is coming to and gets to his feet. He turns into Sting who plants the baseball bat into Abyss’ stomach.)

Mike Tenay: Sting has yet to explain his actions. Every week he comes out here attacking members of the TNA roster. People he used to call friends. And now he is attacking Abyss.

(Sting backs Abyss up in the corner with a few shots from the Bat, Abyss begins a Hogan Like comeback but Sting cuts it off with a shot to the rib cage. Abyss falls forward. Sting raises the bat up over his head and drives it down onto Abyss hand. Abyss lets out a nasty scream.)

Taz: Holy crap, I think Sting just broke Abyss’ hand!

Mike Tenay: What is going through the mind of Sting. He still has no answers for his actions!

(Sting drops to his knee and removes the Hall of Fame ring from Abyss’ hand as Abyss cradles his broken hand. He places into his pocket. Sting circles for another attack but “Rockhouse” hits and Hulk Hogan heads to the ring with Chair in hand. Sting exit’s the ring pointing the baseball bat at Hogan. Hogan goes to check on Abyss and we go to commercial with the image of Sting exiting through the crowd.)

****Commercial Break****

(Back from Commercial Break and we see Hulk Hogan with Abyss in the back of an ambulance. Abyss is trying to exit the Ambulance but Hogan is trying to calm him down. Jeff Jarrett, selling the beating he just took at the hands of Beer Money and Eric Bischoff are there too trying to calm Abyss down.)

Hulk Hogan: Chris you need to get you hand looked at.

(From there we cut to the Impact Zone, where “MISTER” hits. The fans let out a huge pop before it turns to heat. Mr. Anderson heads to the ring. His forehead is still bandaged up from Lockdown. He enters the ring and throws his hand up. From the ceiling the old school microphone lowers and Mr. Anderson takes it to his mouth.)

Mr. Anderson:
My head hurts. My back hurts. My ribs…well they hurt too. My pride…hurts.

(A “You Tapped Out” chant hits referring to Mr. Anderson tapping out in the Cage match to the ankle lock. Even though it didn’t end the match it was still a very embarrassing moment for Mr. Anderson.)

Mr. Anderson: Kurt…bravo.

(Mr. Anderson claps his hands over dramatically.)

Mr. Anderson: You beat me down, you made me bleed. Hell, you kicked my ass from one corner of the ring to the other. I have to hand it to you. You beat me. Pat yourself on the back there buddy. I mean, you beat me down like I stole your wife…

(an OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH comes out from the crowd.)

Mr. Anderson: I mean you beat me like my last name was Khan.

Taz: Did he just say that?

Mr. Anderson: Keep up folks, takes a lot of energy to shoot and walk at the same time. Now, rubber match and all its time for me to move on. I get it. I know how this works. You nurse your neck for a few weeks, in your empty home. While I’ll be here on TV, winning matches, titles and most importantly keeping your place nice and warm for ya Kurt. Don’t want to put the old cash cow out to pasture just yet.

Mike Tenay: This is completely uncalled for.

Mr. Anderson: You see impact zone. I came to TNA because I was told I couldn’t cut it in the big leagues. Well I see a lot of things that are the same here…and there. You still have the politics. You still have the backstabbing. You have guys like Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, who lets be real honest, are getting their second chance to run a promotion into the ground.

(the fans are starting to cheer Mr. Anderson now. He flashes a smile)

Mr. Anderson: Oh I’m your hero now? Smell that…sniff it up.

(Mr. Anderson takes a over dramatic sniff of the air)

Mr. Anderson: That’s the BS coming out of your Smart Mark mouths. You go on your little forums and you type up your opinions like they matter. You complain that Christopher Daniels isn’t getting pushed. You say Hulk Hogan takes up too much air time. You bitch and moan…but you know what when you’re here you still scream like little girls when he rips his shirt and WATCHA GONNA DO…brother!

(Mr. Anderson cups his hand to his ear as the crowd boos him for calling them out.)

Mr. Anderson: Hey Dixie you don’t look all that happy. Am I rocking the boat?

(Shot of a very stone faced Dixie Carter sitting in her normal seat.)

Mr. Anderson: You wanna have some one walk out her complaining that I hit em to hard and fire me too? Well folks, you see I’m about done…yep.

(Mr. Anderson looks at his imaginary watch on his wrist)

Mr. Anderson: Yeah its about that time. Cause from here on out, I’m doing things my way. So you can tune in next week folks. Same Asshole time, same asshole channel! For Total Non-Stop ANDERSON!…

(Anderson winks at Dixie Carter and hit’s the turnbuckle)

Mr. Anderson: ANDERSON!

(“Mister” hits as Mr. Anderson tosses the microphone away and heads toward the back.)

Mike Tenay: What do you say to that?

Taz: Wow.

****Commercial Break****

(Back from break and “Pomp and Circumstance REMIX” hits and the Black Machismo Jay Lethal enters the Impact Zone ready for the biggest match of his career. Lethal hits all four corner posts doing the Macho Man Spin.)

Mike Tenay: What seemed like a desperate move to get Lethal out of their locker room has turned into a great opportunity for Black Machismo.

Taz: Yeah but to be the man…you know the quote. And the man is AJ Styles!

(“Ready for Fly” hits and the TNA World Champion AJ Styles comes out in normal fashion with Ric Flair behind him. AJ waists very little time making it to the ring for the match.

Main Event | TNA World Heavyweight Championship
“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal vs. AJ Styles© w/Ric Flair

Match Summary: Explosive back and forth match with Jay Lethal doing everything within his power to prove himself. At times through out the match he dropped the Black Machismo persona to take the fight to AJ Styles, which threw the champion off his game plan from time to time. The Impact Zone was buzzing toward the end of the match with how well Lethal performed, actually sitting on the edge of their seats at the possibility that Lethal would walk out of here with the belt. Lethal even did the Ric Flair Strut before trying to lock on the figure four. AJ reverses it into a roll up for a two count. Both men reached their feet and AJ hit the Pele and nailed the Styles Clash for the three count.

Winner and Still TNA World Champion: AJ Styles via pin fall
(“Ready to Fly” hits as Ric Flair enters the ring and hands AJ Styles the World Championship. AJ Styles holds it up saying I’m the Champion, he and Flair exit the ring still jawing with fans ringside when suddenly the music changes. “NATION OF VIOLENCE” hits and the Impact Zone go completely insane!)

Mike Tenay: Taz, that’s Samoa Joe’s music!

Taz: Oh business is absolutely about to pick up!

(Samoa Joe exits from the tunnel in his old school TNA gear with towel wrapped around his neck. He barrels down the ramp toward Ric Flair and AJ Styles who are prepared to go to battle with the Samoan Submission machine but he just side steps them entering the ring.)

Mike Tenay: I thought for sure he was after AJ Styles!

(Joe enters the ring and nails Jay Lethal with clothesline. Joe lifts Lethal up into the corner and nails a muscle buster out of it laying Jay Lethal out. The crowd is mixed now, some booing Joe some still cheering. Joe stands over the broken Jay Lethal for a moment.)

Mike Tenay: You know Joe Taz, what is going through his mind?

Taz: I have no idea. He was abducted a few weeks ago by unknown men in a van, now he is back attacking Jay Lethal? It makes no sense.

(Joe goes to the outside and grabs a steel chair entering the ring. Referees are on their way down but Joe hits two of them with a head butt before placing the steel chair around Lethal’s neck. He drives Lethal throat first into the mat as the bell rings and security heads into break it up. Joe takes a few of them out before exiting the ring himself. “Nation of Violence” hits as Joe backs up the ramp looking at the carnage he just unleased.)

Mike Tenay: Fans we are out of time! What is going on with Samoa Joe?


Quick Impact Results
  1. Angelina Love def. Madison Rayne via pin fall to retain the Knockouts Championship
  2. The Amazing Red def. Homicide and Brian Kendrick in a 3 Way Dance to earn an X Division Title Shot when he pinned Kendrick
  3. Rob Van Dam def. Jeff Hardy to earn a TNA World Title Match via pin fall
  4. Beer Money Inc. def. Jeff Jarrett & Abyss via pin fall when Robert Roode pinned Abyss
  5. AJ Styles def. Jay Lethal to retain the TNA World Title.

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Re: Total Non-Stop Action: Ninja Shoes Half Off

iMPACT! Feedback

Good way to open the show with the Lockdown recap.

Styles puts himself over quite nicely. I think Flair and Styles should have went on a little longer before being interrupted by RVD, but maybe that's just me. RVD calling Flair a boy doesn't really sound right. To be honest, RVD didn't sound like RVD to me. Hardy literally came out of nowhere. Didn't see that coming. Kinda resembles TNA in real life. Hardy gets one line before Hogan appears? Not cool. The promo started off good, but after some RVD comments, I felt it went downhill. Flow was alright. Character for Styles (which is always generic) and Flair was good, but I wasn't feeling it too much for everyone else. The flair part right after the break was unnecessary tbh.

Pretty typical knockout match. I think you should have changed Katie Lea Burchill's name a bit. Great to see her in TNA though. Should add to the KO division.

Lethal/Styles should be good. I'm pretty fond of Lethal. I kinda think you overdid his Macho Man gimmick a little bit. Eric Young segment afterwards was quite random.

Weird having Williams being called in for the match. Although Red won, I think having Williams still in the mix is quite interesting.

Having Terry call Jordan a freak then himself a freak didn't really seem right. Rhino makes a valid point to start off. The T.N.A. comment was quite nice. Terry/Rhino sounds alright. You got it some nice hype at the least.

I can only see Flair's henchmen revolting against him sooner or later with his bossiness. Wolfe looks primed for something great though.

Just like in real life, RVD wins the #1 contenders match. The title match, however, is at Sacrifice. Hopefully it gets some good buildup. RVD/Styles has the potential to be simply phenomenal. Don't see Lethal winning tonight so yah...

Didn't find the RVD promo after the #1 contender's match necessary. Could have left it until next week or something.

Not a fan of this next promo. Daniels gets airtime, but gets cut off. The match announced is alright. Should be entertaining considering it's two on one.

Jarrett/Abyss promo was kinda short. Expected a little more from both men. The point was made though. Quite liked The Band promo. Couple of lines in there caught my eye like classics getting better with age.

Sting basically costs Jarrett/Abyss the match, which only means the feud continues. Sting taking the ring could be interesting.

Not a bad Kennedy promo here. A couple of kayfabe breaking comments (or close to it), but not too shabby. Although Kennedy kinda got himself over, I think this promo was quite useless. It doesn't start any new feuds, doesn't progress any others, and doesn't do much for anything. Kennedy promises more next week, but I think more should have been done this week.

Styles with a clean win over Lethal, which basically writes Lethal out of the title scene. Samoa Joe! Nice to see him back. Joe makes an impact, BUT with RVD facing Styles at Sacrifice, I don't really know where that leaves Joe.

Overall, a decent show to start the thread. I think more time is needed to be put into the show. Most things are a little short. Promos are slightly in character, and flow isn't too great. The feuds/storylines have potential and are intriguing to say the least. This thread has the potential to be great so I'm looking forward to the future of it. Good job, and hope it continues.

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Re: Total Non-Stop Action: Ninja Shoes Half Off

thanks for the comment brother. I'm still trying to shake some cobwebs from the BTB brain...last time I did one of these Eddie Guerrero was main eventing I

Some of the random things will be aired soon. The idea behind this TNA is the turn to Thursdays will let them plan long term

And yeah I have a hard time with RVD talking...don't know why.
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News and Notes

*** Many backstage were upset with Mr. Anderson's new "asshole" gimmick introduced this past Thursday on Impact. Many though he was taking it a step too far and was literally shooting on Kurt Angle, However, it is said that Ken Anderson and Al Snow (TNA road agent) had cleared it all with Angle before proceeding. The main person in the lockerroom not happy with it was Jeff Jarrett who felt it was in bad taste to bring up something he and Kurt had worked out in real life months ago.

*** [I]TNA Impact moving back to Thursdays is being seen in a good light, and now those nervous at the move back can rest at ease now that Impact on April 22 drew a 1.2 in cable ratings. The highest ratings has been since the debut of Hulk Hogan on January 4th when they drew a 1.5 on Monday Night.

*** The Samoa Joe abduction angle will continue, even though he has returned. Sources inside TNA have said that the move back to Thursday helps them focus on long term storytelling instead of hot shotting to compete with the WWE. The Joe Angle is said to just be picking up steam, thats why he attacked Jay Lethal and not AJ Styles on Impact. To add to the mystique.

*** Also rumored is that TNA may pick up some of the following WWE released Developmental Wrestlers including Alex Riley, Kaval (Formally Senshi & Low Ki in TNA), Joe Hennig, G-Rilla, Eli Cottonwood and Bret DiBiase. No word on anyone that has been signed as of yet.

*** Lisa Marie Vachon, AKA Tara in TNA, has officially left the company. Word is she was unhappy with the angle between here and Angelina Love. Katie Lea Burchill, real name Kathrine Waters, was flown in two weeks early to start an angle last minute when Vachon walked out of the company. Kathrine Waters will be going by Kat Waters In TNA.

Impact Preview

This week on TNA Impact, the stars of TNA are picking up steam heading toward Sacrifice 2010 expect more drama as new number one contender Rob Van Dam faces off against the Champion AJ Styles in a tag team match. Styles will be partnered with the outspoken Mr. Anderson while Van Dam will team with the man Styles faced just one week ago at Lockdown...D'Angelo Dinero.

Also after a trip to the hospital last week, the Monster Abyss will be at the Impact Zone seeking his attacker Sting to reclaim the Hall of Fame ring given to him by Hulk Hogan. As Sting continues his mind games week in and week out, Hulk Hogan still has no answers as to "Why Sting, Why?"

Same question, different person. Many are wondering Why Joe Why? Samoa Joe returned to Impact after weeks of seeing strange messages after he was abducted...where was Samoa Joe and why did he attack Jay Lethal so brutally? We hope to get answers to this and all our questions this week on Impact!

Plus...Kazarian defends his X Division Championship against Amazing Red...Matt Morgan puts the Tag Team Championship on the line against the Motor City Machine Guns, and with no one wanting to tag with Morgan, he'll do it alone...Plus Rhino in action and more!!!

Confirmed Matches
AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson vs. D'Angelo Dinero & Rob Van Dam

XDivision Championship
The Amazing Red vs. Kazarian(c)

World Tag Team Championship
The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Matt Morgan(c)
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