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World Championship Wrestling 1999 - WHO'S NEXT?!?

This will be my 3rd attempt at a BTB my last one was a few months ago ago now. If anyone is interested in it can check it out here I guess.. Neither of my first 2 have gone beyond 1 show, however this will be an exception because I've already written more than one show. Sooo.. yeah.

Orange denotes character is a babyface.
Red denotes character is a heel.
Lime denotes character is a tweener.
Italics denotes character is out with an injury.
Underline denotes inactive for other reason i.e. suspension

Alex Wright
The Barbarian
Barry Windham
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Brian Adams
British Bulldog
Buff Bagwell
Chavo Guererro
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Curt Hennig

Dean Malenko
Diamond Dallas Page
Eddie Guerrero
Fit Finlay
The Giant
Hollywood Hulk Hogan
Hugh Morrus
Jim Duggan
Johnny Grunge
Juventud Guerrera
Kendall Windham
Kevin Nash
La Parka
Lex Luger
Norman Simley
Perry Saturn
Randy Savage

Rey Mysterio Jr.
Ric Flair

Rick Martell
Rick Steiner
Rocco Rock
Scott Hall
Scott Norton
Scott Steiner
Stevie Ray

Ultimo Dragon
Van Hammer

Tag Teams
Faces of Fear (The Barbarian & Meng)
Los Guerreros (Chavo Jr. & Eddie Guerrero)

Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & Rocko Rock)
The Windhams(Barry & Kendall Windham)

The Four Horsemen (Arn Anderson, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko & Ric Flair)
nWo Black & White (Brian Adams, Buff Bagwell, Curt Hennig, Eric Bischoff, The Giant, Hollywood Hulk Hogan,
Scott Norton, Scott Steiner & Stevie Ray)

nWo Wolfpac (Kevin Nash, Konnan, Lex Luger, Miss Elizabeth, Randy Savage & Sting)

Eric Bischoff (President of WCW)
J.J. Dillion (Commisioner of WCW)

Other on-air talent
Arn Anderson (Manager/Occasional Wrestler)
David Penzer (Ring Announcer)
"Mean" Gene Okerlund (Backstage Interviewer)
Miss Elizabeth (Manager)
Rowdy Roddy Piper (Host of Piper's Pit/Occasional Wrestler)
Sonny Onoo (Manager)
Ted DiBiase (Manager)

Lead Commentator: Tony Schiavone
Play-by-play: Mike Tenay

Color Commentator: Bobby "The Brain" Henan


WCW World Heavyweight Champion
July 6, 1998-Present

WCW United States Champion
Bret Hart
November 30, 1998-Present

WCW Television Champion
November 30, 1998-Present

WCW Cruiserweight Champion
Billy Kidman
November 22, 1998-Present

WCW Tag Team Champion
Rick Steiner & Kenny Kaos
October 26, 1998-Present

This BTB will be taking place from the Nitro after Starrcade 1998 and beyond. I will make some important changes to the Starrcade 1998 results, but the overall card will remain the same.
Starcade 1998 Results

Triangle Match for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Kidman (c) defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. and Juventud Guerrera @ 14:55
Notes: Kidman scores a pinfall over Juventud Guerrera while Rey Mysterio Jr. is down on the outside.

WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match
Kidman (c) defeated Eddie Guerrero (with Chavo Guerrero) @ 10:49
Notes: Eddie abruptly challenges Kidman after his long opening match, Kidman accepts.

Grudge Match
Ernest Miller defeated Perry Saturn with the help of Sonny Onoo @ 07:07

Tag Team Match
Brian Adams and Scott Norton (with Vincent) defeated Fit Finlay and Jerry Flynn cleanly @ 08:56
Notes: After the match Adams and Norton turn on Vincent, who had attempted to help cheat to win. Adams and Norton throw Vincent off the stage into electrical equiptment.

WCW Television Championship Match
Konnan (c) defeated Chris Jericho @ 07:27

Loser Leaves WCW Match
Eric Bischoff defeated Ric Flair with the help of Scott Steiner @ 07:08
Notes: Flair leaves the aerna to a standing ovasion.

Grudge Match
The Giant squashed Diamond Dallas Page @ 5:45
Notes: The fans in this match are suprisingly behind The Giant and cheer his clean victory.

No Disqualification Match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Goldberg (c) defeated Kevin Nash @ 31:20
Notes: During the match Nash becomes the first man to not lose to Goldberg's Jackhammer, due to interference by Hall, pulling Goldberg out of the ring during the pin at the 20 minute mark. Nash loses after a botched interference by Hall. Hall moves out of the way of Goldberg's spear, causing Goldberg to instead connect with Nash. Instead of sticking around for Nash, Hall hightails it out of the arena. Goldberg connects with a second Jackhammer and scores a pinfall over Nash to continue the streak.
Other notes:
I will only be booking Nitro. No Thunder or WCW Saturday Night, however I have come up with a new concept show called WCW Open Mic. It will usually have one match, which I will write out in full detail, but mainly interviews and promos. It is designed to be help build up feuds for the PPVs. It will also be the home of Piper's Pit where Piper will interview some of the biggest stars in WCW. The match won't be a throw away with no names either. It will be there to also advance feuds towards PPVs involving important stars. For Nitro I will usually be writing match recaps unless it's a championship match or main event. I will write out all championship matches and main events in full detail. I will also write every PPV match out in full detail as well. Also anyone that isn't listed on my roster that was on the roster on December, 28th 1998 has been released by WCW in an attempt to focus on the a core group of talent in the company. Yeah I used a cropped video game cover for my banner, don't complain unless you're gonna make me a free one.
Upcoming PPV Schedule

Souled Out
January 17, 1999
Charleston, West Virginia
Chareleston Civic Center

SuperBrawl IX
February 21, 1999
Oakland, California
Oakland Arena

March 14, 1999
Louisville, Kentucky
Freedom Hall


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Re: WCW 1999: WHO'S NEXT?!?

Being only seven/eight at the time, I wans't familiar at all with WCW and just saw a few random storylines over the internet. However, you do seem to know this era and have it set up very nicely, have great presentation and tons of talent to work with.

The Goldberg push hopefuly gets utalized and worked into a proper storyline over it instead of the whole Nash contravery. Just a random fun fact I read, Eddie Guerrero was the only one in the WCW roster not to fall to Goldberg and face him, maybe you could use that.

Best of luck. Don't give up on it.

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Re: WCW 1999: WHO'S NEXT?!?

Yeah I was born in 91 and about 7 or 8 at this time too, but I followed WCW pretty closely through 98 and early 99 before I began losing interest in the deteriorating product. But yeah I pretty much have a general plan where I'm going with most of the important feuds up to about SuperBrawl 10 (2000) so hopefully I can make it that far out.


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Re: World Championship Wrestling 1999 - WHO'S NEXT?!?

Didn't know much about WCW back in the day either, but I did follow in the late 90s. Thread looks nice. Was confused with the colors for a sec. The WCW Open Mic sounds interesting. PM me for a BTB banner. I gotcha on that. =) Things look good. Can't wait.

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Re: World Championship Wrestling 1999 - WHO'S NEXT?!?

I might take you up on that depending on how the first few shows go. Also I moved the legend to the top so hopefully that helps with confusion. Nitro preview coming later tonight.

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Re: World Championship Wrestling 1999 - WHO'S NEXT?!?


This week on WCW Monday Nitro we come to you live from the Baltimore Arena in Maryland. Just one night removed from the biggest pay per view of the year Starrcade, it's the final Nitro of 1998 and we plan to finish the year with a bang.

All of the big stars from last night's pay-per-view will be in the house and we will get answers. Are Hall and Nash on the same page after last night's debacle? Who will the next contender for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship be? Rumor has it Nash wants a rematch.

Nitro will also feature the final good bye to one of the most influential stars in the history of professional wrestling, Ric Flair. Will his ceremony be a respectful one or will it be crashed by the men that ended Flair's career at Starrcade, Eric Bischoff and the NWO? And what shape is the NWO in after the fallout from last night's tag team match that led to the ejection of Vincent?

No championships changed hands at Starrcade, but tonight could e a different story with 3 championships already scheduled to be defended. Kidman and Konnan are expected to defend their titles for the second night in a row. Also the United States Champion makes his return to Nitro to defend his championship and word is, he isn't too happy about not having a match last night.

Confirmed Matches:

United States Championship Match
Bret Hart vs. TBD

Television Championship Match
Konnan vs. Eddie Guerrero

Cruiserweight Championship Match
Billy Kidman vs. Rey Mysterio

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Re: World Championship Wrestling 1999 - WHO'S NEXT?!?


December 28, 1998


WCW Presents Nitro live from the Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland

Opening Nitro video package plays


Schiavone: Ladies and gentleman tonight the number one wrestling promotion in the world invades the Baltimore, Maryland, for WCW Monday Nitro! We come to you live from Baltimore Maryland in front of a capacity crowd for a show that has been sold out for months! And what a huge show we have planned for tonight. Just 24 hours off of one of the biggest Starrcade's in WCW history! I'm Tony Schiavone along with "Iron" Mike Tenay and Bobby "The Brain Henan"

Henan: What'd you say Tony? I'm still deaf from last night.

Schiavone: Well it was a loud one Bo-

***ROCKHOUSE*** Schiavone is cut off by the entrance music for of the nWo. Outcome The Giant, Brian Adams, Curt Hennig, Buff Bagwell, Scott Norton, Stevie Ray, and Scott Steiner make their way to the ring led by Eric Bischoff to a chorus of boos

Tenay: Well it didn't take these guys long to start the show off on a bad note.

Schiavone: Last night the New World Order was successful in all of their matches, including the career ending match for the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

Henan: Well they're winners, so they've earned the right to be the first out Tenay. You should be grateful just to be in their presence.

Bischoff calls for a mic.

Bischoff: Why the hell are you morons booing?

More boos from the crowd.

Bischoff: Did you waste your money on a ticket to sit there and be pissed off? You're in the presence of greatness right now, something you won't find in any other wrestling company in the world.

A "we want Flair" chant starts up.

Bischoff: Oh, it figures. You are mad about gramps, well don't get your underwear to wadded up because I actually am out here to invite Ric Flair to the ring.

There is a pause, but nothing happens. The "we want Flair" chants grow louder.

Bischoff: Come Ric don't be a poor sport. The nWo wants to give you a proper send off. A retirement ceremony right here in the middle of the ring.

The crowd cheers, but Bischoff has an evil grin on his face.

***DAWN*** Flair slowly makes his way down to the ring in a nice suit, alone. Flair takes his time to the ring, slowly taking in the atmosphere and the fans. He enters the ring as Bischoff and Steiner seem to be laughing about something.

Bischoff: Ladies and gentlemen I give you one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of WCW. I give you the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

Bischoff calls for another mic, which he hands to Flair.

Flair: You know something Bischoff, I never thought it would end like this. You see I've had a career most guys would envy and to have it ended by some puny, office nerd like you... It's just a stain on my whole legacy.

Bischoff's face turns red with embarrassment.

Bischoff: Well Ric, then I guess it's your lucky day because the final chapter isn't Eric Bischoff beats Flair. It's Eric Bischoff instructs the nWo to make sure Ric Flair can never work for another wrestling promotion again. Get him boys.

Bischoff instructs the nWo to attack Flair. Scott Steiner is the first to strike with vicious fists to Flair. Flair goes down not even fighting back. Bagwell then peppers Flair with kicks to the body as he lays there. Arn Anderson emerges from the back, but he is met by the Giant and Brian Adams before he can even make it to the ring. Norton begins to stomp on Flair as Steiner goes to the outside for a chair. Stevie Ray picks up Flair for a 110th Street Slam. Steiner returns to the ring and gives a chair to Hennig. Hennig raises the chair, but hits Bagwell instead.

Henan: WHAT...AN......IDIOT!!

He then hits Steiner and Stevie Ray. Hennig turns towards Bischoff, who quickly hides behind Scott Norton, Hennig cracks Norton over the skull with the steel chair as well. Bischoff exits the ring ASAP and sics The Giant and Brian Adams on Hennig, but they want no part of Hennig and the steel chair. They make their way up the ramp right behind Eric Bischoff. Hennig turns his attention to the injured Flair, who is coughing up blood from the vicious kicks he suffered.

Schiavone: Curt Hennig wanted no part of that sick attack on Flair. I think we call can agree he did the honorable thing here. Arn Anderson attempted to help his good friend Ric, but was stopped by the nWo.

Tenay: I think Flair needs some medical attention out of here quickly. He seems to have suffered some serious internal injuries.

Henan: Hennig may have been honorable, but he clearly was stupid. He better watch his back because the nWo are not a forgiving group of guys.

[Commercial Break]
***Back in the arena***

Rey Mysterio and Kidman are already in the ring ready to kick off some action as Kidman puts his Cruiserweight Championship up for grabs.

Schiavone: Well last night Kidman gained a pinfall victory over both Juventud Guerrera and Eddie Guerrero, but he did not score a victory over Rey Mysterio.

Henan: That's because he was foolin' around on the outside.

Schiavone: He was obviously hurt brain.

Tenay: Well tonight Mysterio gets his shot at the title one on one in one of our three championship bouts scheduled for tonight.


Kidman and Mysterio fist bump as a sign of respect before the contest. Kidman and Rey then lockup and Rey quickly puts Kidman in a side headlock. Kidman quickly sends Mysterio into the ropes. Mysterio comes barreling back at Kidman and slides right under him, between his legs.

Mysterio hits the ropes on the other side and Kidman hits the deck. Mysterio steps over Kidman and springboards right onto the top rope. Kidman returns to his feet and as soon as he turns to Mysterio he is caught off guard by Mysterio's Springboard Moonsault. Mysterio comes down hooking Kidman's leg looking for a quick cover. 1...2 and Kidman kicks out.

Both men return to their feet and slowly circle the ring, planning their next move, never taking their eyes off one another. They lock-up in a test of strength which Kidman clearly has the advantage of. Mysterio falls to his back, and Kidman comes down on top of him, but Mysterio kicks his legs and Kidman causing him to spring back up. Mysterio springs back up as well, now with his back turned to Kidman. Kidman grabs both of Mysterio's legs and lifts him up as he faces down at the canvas. In mid-air Mysterio hooks Kidman's arm and flips him over his shoulder in some sort of mid-air arm drag.

Kidman rolls to the outside and Mysterio quickly looks to capitalize. Mysterio hits the opposite rope and comes full speed towards where Kidman is outside of the ring. Mysterio goes for a baseball slide, but Kidman moves out of the way dodging the kick. Kidman re-enters the ring on the one side over and quickly locks up with Mysterio again. Kidman puts Mysterio in a wrist lock. Mysterio reverses it sending Kidman into the corner. Mysterio follows closely behind. Kidman strikes the corner and bounces off of it and Mysterio jumps right to the top turnbuckle and attempts a moonsault, except Kidman bounced off the turn buckled right into the middle of the ring, falling face first on the mat. Therefore Mysterio has no one to land on and instead crashed down into the mat as well.

Kidman crawls over to Mysterio and covers him. 1...2 Mysterio gets his shoulder up. Kidman gets back to his feet and picks Rey up with him. Kidman scoop slams Mysterio. Kidman goes to the ring apron now. He pulls himself over the top rope from the outside for a huge leg drop on Mysterio. It connects. Kidman covers Mysterio again 1...2.. Rey manages to get the shoulder up. Kidman now goes up top and connects with a flying cross body drop on Mysterio. Another cover. 1...2... Near fall, but Mysterio kicks out again.

Kidman irish whips Mysterio into the corner. Kidman charges Mysterio, but Mysterio lifts both legs kicking Kidman right in the midsection. Kidman back pedals and Mysterio charges him with and jumps trying to connect with a cross body block, but Kidman catches Mysterio mid-air and instead turns it into a power slam. Kidman covers Mysterio again. 1...2... Another near fall but, Mysterio gets his shoulder up. Kidman seems frustrated as he climbs to the top turnbuckle. He jumps looking for a Shooting Star Press, but Mysterio rolls out of the way. Kidman comes crashing down. Mysterio manages to roll back over and cover Kidman. 1...2...3

Winner - Rey Mysterio Jr. via pinfall at 7:39

Schiavone: We have a new Cruiserweight Champion!

Tenay: Kidman made the costly mistake at the end there. He had this match in his control. The Shooting Star Press is high reward, but also very high risk. I give credit to Mysterio for hanging in there and having the presence of mind to cover him.

Henan: I don't know what'd be worse losing to a girl or losing to a midget.

***Camera cuts to the back***

Kevin Nash is seen making his way from the back towards the ring.

Schiavone: Well it looks like Kevin Nash is headed to the ring. We'll find out what this is about when we return from this break.

[Commercial Break]
***Back in the arena***

***WOLFPAC THEME*** "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash makes his way out from the back to a huge pop. Nash doesn't look to be too happy though. He is accompanied to the ring by Lex Luger, Randy Savage & Konnan, whom don't look very happy either. Nash calls for the mic.

Nash: Now usually when me and my guys come out here it's to have some fun, but tonight I have some serious sh*t to address!

The crowd pops.

Nash: Scott Hall.. buddy what the hell were you thinking last night bro? I mean first of all you showed up in my match trying to offer me help I didn't ask for, but then you blew it!!!

Crowd pops again.

Nash: So I just want to make it clear that I didn't ask for Scott's help and a I damn sure don't need it.

"REMATCH" chants being to start up from the crowd.

Nash: I mean let's face it. I'm 7 feet tall and 300 lbs. I don't need help from anyone in this damn company.

Savage points at Luger. Luger looks offended. Luger then turns to Konnan. Nash doesn't even seem to notice the tension between his guys.

Nash: Now Goldberg..

There is a huge pop just at the mention of his name.

Nash: Goldberg.. I know that's not how you wanted to win last night. YOU know you don't want your record tainted like that. We both trained long and hard for our match and to have it end like that... Man that just ain't right. So I'm issuing a challenge to you tonight, Goldberg. A rematch and this time it isn't gonna be No DQ either. So none of my guys or Scott Hall will come and screw things up for you or me.

The crowd pops, but in the ring a brawl breaks out as Savage strikes Luger. Luger pushes Savage who knocks down Liz, who is standing next to him. Konnan now goes for Luger.

Nash: Woah guys, chill!

Nash drops the mic and grabs Konnan before he can strike Luger. Luger swiftly attends to Liz, who is in tears. Macho Man is irate, shaking his head saying that it isn't his fault and Luger is the one that pushed him. Nash picks the mic back up.

Nash: Man what the hell is the problem with you guys tonight?

Konnan calls for a mic.

Konnan: Yo, first of all I'm sick and tired of the way Luger looks down at me dawg. And I sure as hell won't be on a damn team with this guy. He threw Macho Man right into Liz. I might be one rowdy dude, but I don't get down with hitting women dawg!

Savage nods in agreement with Konnan.

Konnan: And second of all dawg, you don't need our help? How many times have we bailed you out and now that you got a title shot, now you don't need us?

Nash: Konnan bro you're taking it the wrong way man.

Konnan: No.. no-

Nash: I didn't-

Konnan: Callete maricon. If you don't need us then screw this group man. Screw the Wolfpac. ORALE!! I never needed you anyway dawg. I won this Television Championship by myself and I've defended it by myself. I'm the one that doesn't need the group.

Nash: Whatever bro if that's how you wanna-

Nash is cut off by Savage.

Savage: Listennn Big Sexy.. I'm with the bald dude. I don't want a damn thing to do with the "Total Package." I thought this was the Wolfpac not UPS. I'm sick and tired of you and Hogan trying to run shit around here. I'm the big dog in WCW and I don't have to affiliate with Lex Looooozerrr anymore. OOOOOOOH YEAH!!!!!!

The crowd is now giving off a mixed reaction.

Savage: And Liz don't you blame me for this crap! Watch the damn tape, Lex Looozer pushed me into you and it's his fault you're gonna have all bruisedd and banged up tomorrow.

Luger is still consoling Liz. Nash looks pretty pissed off that all of this is going down.

Nash: You know what? Screw this. I have my own sh*t to worry about. Figure this one out on your own.

Nash drops his mic and leaves the ring.

Schiavone: Well there is some serious trouble in the Wolfpac!

Tenay: Yeah, but more importantly Kevin Nash has challenged Goldberg to a rematch here tonight.

Henan: You guys are sick! There is an injured woman in the ring. I can't believe Savage's actions.

Schiavone: Brain... I'm not even gonna bother discussing this with you. Konnan better not move because up next he will be defending his Television Championship against Eddie Guerrero. Stay tuned!

[Commercial Break]
***Back in the arena***

***LA RAZA*** Eddie Guerrero makes his way to the ring accompanied by Chavo Guerrero. Eddie has a microphone in his hand as he enters the ring.

Eddie: Orale, I respect what you did wey. It takes a big man to back away from all the privileges you got from being one of Nash's yes-men.

Eddie gets some heat.

Eddie: I for one think you should go all the way though "K-Dawg." Forfeit that championship to me wey. You and I both know that the only reason you even got a shot at it was because you were one of Nash's boys.

Konnan gets in Eddie's face. Words are exchanged and Konnan connects with some vicious right hands to Eddie Guerrero. The referee starts the match.


Konnan continues his attack on Eddie as the bell rings. Eddie's comments seem to have cut Konnan pretty deep as Konnan uses Eddie as a human punching bag. Finally Eddie manages to roll out of the ring. Eddie shouts to Chavo, "I'M OUTTA HERE!" The referee begin to count. Eddie backpedals towards the back taunting Konnan, but Konnan goes to the outside after him breaking the referee's count.

Konnan and Eddie brawl back towards the ring. Eddie then hits Konnan with a cheap low blow that the referee cannot see from above. Eddie returns to the ring as the referee begins to count Konnan out. The referees count gets to 5, when Eddie tells him he is counting too slow. As Eddie argues with the referee, Chavo stomps on Konnan.

Tenay: I hope Eddie realizes that the title will not change hands on count out.

The referee continues his count, but Eddie breaks it at 9. Eddie rolls Konnan into the ring and covers him, but Konnan kicks right out. Eddie now has a fearful look on his face. Konnan returns to his feet while Guerrero remains on the ground in shock. Guerrero tries to return to his feet, but is pushed back down by Konnan. Konnan lifts Eddie up for a press slam, but Eddie falls behind Konnan landing on his feet. He quickly hits the ground though in an attempt to roll up Konnan. Eddie puts his feet on the ropes for leverage. 1...2... The referee notices Eddie's feet on the ropes. The referee scolds Eddie.

Konnan catches Eddie with a bulldog by surprise. Konnan covers Eddie 1...2... Eddie puts his foot on the rope in desperation. Eddie pulls himself up with the ropes, Konnan charges him and clotheslines Eddie to the outside.

Konnan attempts to irish whip Eddie into the steal railing, but Eddie reverses sending Konnan into the railing. Eddie then rushes Konnan and dropkicks him as well. Eddie returns to the ring and argues with the referee. This allows Chavo to go in for another quick attack on Konnan. The referee notices the commotion outside the ring, but Chavo quickly distances himself from Konnan.

Eddie returns to the outside breaking the referees count. Eddie gets Konnan back to his feet and takes him towards the steel steps. Eddie tries to slam Konnan's head into the steps, but Konnan gets a hand down blocking this move. Konnan instead rams Eddie's skull into the steps. Eddie goes down in pain, holding his head. Konnan rolls into the ring. Chavo helps his uncle back to his feet and Eddie returns to the ring as well.

Konnan sends Eddie off the ropes. Eddie comes back to Konnan and is met with a thunderous clothesline. Konnan then taunts Chavo. Konnan then puts Eddie into a reverse chin lock. Eddie is in some serious pain it seems. Konnan picks him up out of the chin lock, but still has control of Eddie's head. He snapmares Eddie. Konnan then hurdles over him and hits the rope and comes back with another drop kick on a sitting Guerrero. Konnan covers Eddie. 1...2. Eddie gets his shoulder up barely.

Konnan still in control, puts Eddie back in that reverse chin lock. Eddie manages to stand up, elbowing his way out of the chin lock. Eddie gives Konnan an rake to the eyes and a quick dropkick. 1...2 Konnan kicks out. Eddie goes to the apron and climbs to the top turn buckle. Looking for a Frog Splash, but Konnan is already back on his feet and throws Eddie from the top rope onto his back in the center of the ring. Konnan covers Eddie. 1...2... Eddie gets the shoulder up again.

Now Konnan goes up to the top. Chavo jumps onto the ring apron having words with Konnan. Eddie is on his feet, but he's pretty out of it. Konnan attempts a double axe handle, but is met with a huge drop kick from Eddie Guerrero. Eddie and Konnan are both down. Eddie begins to stir. He manages to make it to Konnan and put an arm over him. 1...2.. He was too late. Konnan is able to kick out.

Eddie decides to take another trip up to the top rope to again attempt a Frog Splash. Konnan is able to return to his feet again. This time Konnan climbs to the top rope too. Him and Eddie exchange blows at the top. Konnan goes for a superplex, but Eddie is able to counter turning it into a cross body drop from off the top ropes. Eddie covers Konnan again 1...2... Konnan get's his shoulder up at the last second.

Eddie grows very frustrated, as does Chavo. Chavo goes to get a steel chair. Chavo get's on the apron, but the referee takes the chair from Chavo. The referee drops the chair behind him as Chavo grabs him by the collar. As they argue, Eddie grabs the forgotten chair. Eddie turns around to hit Konnan, but Konnan is back to his feet and takes the grabs the chair from Eddie's hands. Eddie relinquishes the chair, but goes for a dropkick. The dropkick connects with the chair, which is right in Konnan's face. Konnan is out cold. However the referee turns around sees this take place. He calls for the bell.

Winner - Konnan via DQ at 9:32

Chavo and Eddie argue with the referee. Eddie is motioning that Konnan was going to hit him with the chair and he had to defend himself. Eddie then begins to limp acting as if the chair injured him on the dropkick.

Schiavone: Well Guerrero couldn't steal this one.

Henan: Are you kidding me? Konnan was going to hit him with that chair. If anyone should be disqualified its Konnan.

Tenay: I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of this one guys.

Schiavone: I've just received word that Gene Okerlund is in Goldberg's dressing room and we are going to find out Goldberg's response to Nash's challenge!

***Camera cuts to Goldberg's personal dressing room***

Goldberg is seen pacing back and forth in the room looking really intense as if he's in some sort of a trance. While Mean Gene stands there with a microphone.

Okerlund: Thanks Tony! I'm here with WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Bill Goldberg. I've been told that Goldberg has just received word on Kevin Nash's challenge.

The trance like state Goldberg is in, is suddenly broken.

Okerlund: So Goldberg what's the answer to the question that the whole world wants to know?

Goldberg: Nash... You want another shot? Without... Scott Hall? You couldn't win with Scott Hall so I don't know what makes you think you can win without him.

Okerlund: So is that a no?

Goldberg: No. I never back down from a challenge, but after I destroy Nash. I'm done with him because he will have proven that he isn't in my league like the 174 before him.

Okerlund: Well you heard Nash say he doesn't need help from anyone to beat you.

Goldberg: I saw it. Nash's buddies didn't seem to agree, but to me it doesn't matter. Whether it be Hall, Luger, or Savage.. Hell they could all interfere and it doesn't matter. NASH IS NEXT!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!

Goldberg begins pacing again returning to that trance like state.

Okerlund: Well there you have it folks. Tonight Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg the return match!!

Schiavone: Ladies and Gentlemen the last Nitro of 1998 is shaping up to be the best Nitro of 1998. You heard the man, Goldberg wants Nash. Stay tuned!

[Commercial Break]
***Back in the arena***

***COME AS YOU ARE*** Raven makes his way out with Kanyon. Raven has some kind of notebook in his hand as well as a microphone. He gets more heat than even the hated Eric Bischoff.

Raven: A few months ago many people witnessed what they thought was the end of the Flock. The permanent disbandment of my most loyal followers, but throughout the months one man has stood by me.

The crowd boos as Raven alludes to Kanyon.

Raven: You see Kanyon has become my right hand man. Only Kanyon can understand my pain and my suffering. But Kanyon like myself is used to abandonment. So when the Flock abandoned us, did we cry? No. Did we even really care? Not at all. We actually found it quite humorous as the unfortunate souls that parted from the Flock faded into obscurity.

Raven pauses and takes in all the boos, enjoying each one.

Raven: Then Kanyon suggested that I recruit new prisoners of WCW. To free them and allow them to blossom under my watch. So I came up with a list of those imprisoned that I felt would benefit most in the Flock. The first man is Hugh Morrus.

The crowd boos for Morrus as well.

Raven: For years Morrus' talents have been misused or flat out ignored by those here in the WCW, but I recognize his inner monster and I know that I can extract it from his being.

***LAUGH TRACK*** Hugh Morrus makes his way to the ring slowly and methodically, in his wrestling gear.

Raven: However, the Flock is elite. In order for me to unlock the monster from within you must earn a spot. Nothing in life is fair and it damn sure is not free. So I introduce the next man, who ironically is a former member of the Flock. Though his monster is the only one that I see any true potential in. Since leaving the Flock he has proven my precise point, the WCW doesn't know how to use these beasts. So allow me to introduce Van Hammer.

Van Hammer comes from the back in a tie died shirt with sunglasses that have peace signs drawn on the lenses. He has no theme music.

Raven: You see, Van Hammer has been mistreated so bad that he doesn't even get theme music. Under my care no such atrocity would ever occur.

Van Hammer gets in the ring.

Raven: Alright get a referee out here.

Scott Armstrong emerges from the back.

Raven: Start the damn match!

Before Armstrong can call for the bell Van Hammer leaves the ring.

Raven: What the hell do you think you're doing? You're nothing without me. Now get in there and earn your place back in the Flock.

Van Hammer shakes his head and throws up two peace signs.

Raven: Peace? Peace? Peace will get you nowhere in this cruel world. It's survival of the fittest. A tiger has to eat his young to survive Van Hammer.. and you are complaining about a wittle wrestling match?

Van Hammer shrugs and makes his way to the back.

Raven: You'll pay for this indiscretion. But I will use this opportunity to invite anyone in the back that has been listening to what I've said. If you have been mistreated by the WCW and you want me to help unleash your true potential... Come earn your opportunity.

***WRATH*** Wrath makes his way from the back quickly. Jumping at the opportunity to gain a new manager and to prove himself.

Raven: That's what I like to see. Someone taking initiative. You could learn something from this man, Van Hammer.

Raven quickly rolls out of the ring.


Wrath rushes Morrus and connects with a big shoulder block, knocking Morrus on his back. Wrath begins a beat down on Morrus completely dominating him. Wrath tosses Morrus around the ring like a rag doll, eventually throwing Morrus into the corner and laying a brutal beating on him. Morrus somehow fights his way out of the corner. He tries to attack Wrath with clotheslines, but they are ineffective. Wrath quickly regains control of the match. He eventually gives Morrus two straight backbreakers and covers him for a near fall. Throughout the match from the outside Raven is observing. Raven and Kanyon consult, looking very impressed with Wrath. Raven jots down a couple of notes from time to time. Wrath tosses Morrus to the outside. Wrath goes to the outside as well. Wrath takes one look at Kanyon and Kanyon jumps out of his way. On the outside Morrus attempts to make a comeback, but to no avail. Wrath takes Morrus back into the ring and continues to dominate him. Wrath hits Morrus with multiple suplexes and various kicks. At one point he covers Morrus after a bicycle kick, but Morrus still manages to get his shoulder up. Morrus puts up little offense during this time, but manages to counter Wrath's suplex, and connect with a DDT of his own. However, this barely phases Wrath as he easily kicks out. Wrath eventually finishes off his beating with a Meltdown (pumphandle slam). With Morrus clearly down for the count and the match easily over, rather than pinning Morrus, in a show of cruelty, Wrath picks Morrus up for a second Meltdown. Wrath pins Morrus and picks up the easy victory.

Winner - Wrath via pinfall at 5:27

Schiavone: Wrath defeats another opponent.

Tenay: Wrath was relentless tonight. Using another Meltdown when he clearly had Morrus finished.

Henan: It's called finishing the job Tenay.

After the match Raven has apparently seen enough. He and Kanyon enter the ring and beat down Morrus some more. Wrath joins them in the beating, giving Morrus a third Meltdown. Raven calls for another mic.

Schiavone: This is going too far!

Henan: Let the man speak Schiavone!

Raven: Wrath has laid out a blueprint for the rest of you WCW prisoners that need to be freed. You too can become a loyal follower of mine and have your true potential extracted!

Henan: I don't know what the hell that guy is talking about, but I sure would wanna be on his team.

Schiavone: Ladies and gentlemen stick with us. Up next a new tag team will be debuting in the WCW.

[Commercial Break]
***nWo Locker Room***

No one in the locker room looks happy. They seem to be arguing over something. Randy Savage is also in the locker room and Bischoff is notably missing.

Steiner: You think you're just gonna come back in here Savage after leaving for Nash? Hogan isn't gonna like this.

Savage: Steinerr.. you see that's the problem I no longer have. I have no loyalty to Nash or Hogan. Both men have held me down for too long and they're holding you guys down tooo.

Steiner: Savage you weren't sh*t before you had Hogan on your side and you still aren't sh*t without him. In fact you sunk to a new low.. pushing Elizabeth.. you think you're Macho?

The Giant: Woah...whoa..whoa. You saw the damn tape, Luger pushed Randy right into her.

Steiner get's in The Giant's faced who is seated on a chair. Spitting as he shouts.


The Giant: Whose side are you on? Luger's? Last time I checked Hogan or Bischoff didn't order to take his side.

Steiner goes to strike The Giant, but Buff Bagwell grabs him.

Bagwell: Easy Scottie. Let Eazy E take care of this big dumb*ss.

The Giant chuckles.

The Giant: Savage has a point you guys really are helpless without Bischoff and Hogan. You're being held back right now "Scottie", literally.

Steiner: As soon as I get the OK I'm gonna fu-

The door swings open. In comes Eric Bischoff.

Bischoff: What the hell is going on in here? I could hear you idiots from down the hall.

Bischoff looks at Savage in disgust.

Bischoff: What the hell are you doing here?

Savage: I was actually just leaving.

Savage winks at Norton, Stevie Ray, The Giant and Brian Adams, who are on the opposite side of the room of Bischoff, Bagwell and Steiner. He proceeds to leave and slam the door shut behind him.

Bischoff: Don't tell me the wife beater wanted to join us because Nash kicked him out..

Steiner: No! He was trying to brainwash these stooges into revolting against Hogan like he did against Nash. I was just about to kick Giant right out of here.

Bischoff: Hold on.. hold on.. let me call Hogan.

Steiner turns bright red in embarrassment and anger. The previous allegations that he is powerless seem to be ringing true. Bischoff pulls out his phone, only half listening to Steiner rant now.

Steiner: We don't need to consult Hogan for everything. Hogan left me in charge and that lazy fat piece of sh*t has gone too far this time. He wouldn't even stop Hennig earlier.. Then he slandered me, you, and Hogan!

The Giant lets out another laugh.

Steiner: He obviously has no place here.

Bischoff holds up a hand to get Steiner to shut up. He speaks to whoever answered the phone.

Bischoff: Hey Linda can you put Hulk on the phone. We have a little problem here at Nitro. Yeah.. I'll hold..

The Giant: You can't even get a hold of your leader.. you guys are lost. And Steiner... man you sunk to a new low. Begging for Bischoff to let you have some power? And snitching on me? You are a sad little man.

The Giant gets up and walks out of the locker room. Brian Adams follows him.. then Norton and Stevie also walkout.

Bischoff still isn't even paying attention.

Bischoff: Hulk! Man we have a little problem at Nitro with the boys.

The camera zooms in on Steiner, who is staring at Bischoff pissed. Steiner notices the camera focusing on him.


Bischoff sh's Steiner as Steiner heads towards the cameraman, who quickly backs out of the locker room.

Schiavone: Some dissention in the nWo!

Henan: Those morons need to learn their place in this company. They are nothing without Hogan.

***Camera Cuts to the Arena***

The Faces of Fear are in the ring awaiting their opponents.

Tenay: Well up next we have the WCW debut of a veteran tag team fresh off of their WWF contracts. They are former National Wrestling Alliance, Smoke Mountain Wrestling, United States Wrestling Association and Continental Wrestling Association tag team champions...

***REVED UP*** The Bruise Brothers make their way out from the back to their DOA theme. They are wearing "Bruise Brothers Security" t-shirts.


Henan: Who?

Schiavone: He just read their credentials, pay attention Brain.


The Harris Bros. start off the match each big booting Meng and Barbarian. Ron starts out the match with the Barbarian. The two men lock hands in a test of strength. Barbarian seems to be winning, but then Ron just kicks him to the midsection. Ron tags in Don and they go for a double DDT, however Meng enters the ring and fights off Ron. Ron and Meng continue brawling to the outside. Inside the ring the action continues. Don takes over where his brother left off, working on the Barbarian. Barbarian manages to make a comeback with vicious headbutts to Don Harris. Barbarian makes the tag making Meng the legal man. Meng enters the ring and rifles off a series of kicks and chops to Harris. Don retreats to his corner where tags Ron back into the match. Don gives Meng a big boot. Barbarian tries to renter the ring, but he too is caught with a big boot. Ron and Don again attempt a double DDT, this time on Meng, but in a tremendous show of strength Meng manages to work his way out and suplex both men at the same time. Meng would cover the Ron, but only come up with a 2 count. Ron and Meng would continue to brawl. Meng would eventually gain the upper hand with a series of backbreakers. With Ron laying there in the center of the ring Meng would tag Barbarian back into the match. Barbarian would go up to the top turnbuckle. From there he would fly for a diving headbutt, which connected. Barbarian was hurt as well though. Meng would come in to pull Barbarian over Ron for the pin, but the referee tells Meng to get out of the ring. While Meng is arguing with the referee, Don pulls Ron out of the ring and takes his place. Barbarian covers Don, but Don quickly kicks out. Don then runs to Meng's corner and big boot's him off the apron. Don would also big boot Barbarian when he got back to his feet. With Ron now recovered and on the apron waiting for a tag, Don tags him in. The tandem perform a Double Chokeslam on Barbarian. Ron covers Barbarian and Don meets Meng at the apron, making sure he doesn't break up the count. The Bruise Brothers pick up the win.

Winners - The Bruise Bros. via pinfall at 6:06

Schiavone: Well the Bruise Bros. picked up a tainted victory in their first WCW match.

Henan: I don't know about all the crap you said before Tenay, but I like these guys already.

Tenay: You seem to have a preference for cheaters.

Henan: Cheaters? That was a smart move on their part and they don't call me the Brain for no reason.

Schiavone: Folks I've just been informed a situation has arisen in the parking lot.

***Camera Cuts to the Parking Garage***

Bam Bam Bigelow is arguing with J.J. Dillion from his truck. Dillion is backed by a team of security guards.

Bigelow: I want a meeting with Turner!

Dillion: Turner isn't here and like already told you, I've spoken with Mr. Turner and he has deemed you as too extreme for the WCW.

Bigelow: Well in that case I'll find someone that can deliver my message to him properly.

Dillion: Look the backstage area if for contracted talent only. If you want to get in the arena then you're going to need a ticket.

Bigelow: You really think you can stop me?

Bigelow floors it in his truck. Dillion and security jump out of the way. Bam Bam throws it in park and jumps out of the truck. However another team of security comes running out of the building towards him. The other security guards come up from behind surrounding him. Bigelow attempts to fight them off, but eventually throws in the towel and allows security to arrest him.

Henan: I say give the man a meeting with Turner. It's obvious he isn't going to stop until he gets his meeting with him.

Tenay: Maybe our company's beloved owner will visit him in jail.

Schiavone: I've just informed that Eric Bischoff is on his way out here with a major announcement to make after the break. Stay with us folks.

[Commercial Break]
***Back in the arena***

***ROCKHOUSE*** Bischoff makes his way to the ring with Buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner with a huge smile on his face. They all get huge heat.

Bischoff: Well it's official. Next week.. first Nitro of 1999, you will all be witness to the return of Hollywood Hulk Hogan to WCW television!

This gets a mixed reaction as fans are excited, but Hogan is still majorly over as a heel.

Bischoff: Hogan originally took time off to prepare his run for the Presidency of the United States, but during his time off he has watched the deterioration of the New World Order.

This gets a pop.

Bischoff: So after a quick call to Hogan, he's agreed to put his presidential aspirations on hold. It's become obvious to me that the nWo needs his leadership.

Bischoff pauses.

Bischoff: Hogan and I have agreed to give the rest of you guys a second chance. So Giant, Adams, Norton, & Stevie what do you say?

Steiner looks pissed.

Steiner: Hold on Bischoff. The Giant has taken a big nasty sh*t on you, me, the nWo and Hogan and you guys are gonna give him another chance?

Bischoff: Look Scott we'll discuss this la-

Steiner: No! We'll discuss it now damnit. If you want to invite that big fat piece of monkey crap back to the nWo then I'm out. It's obvious that you and Hogan don't need me to make a damn decision.

Scott Steiner drops his mic and leaves the ring. Bischoff looks at Buff Bagwell and he shrugs and follows Steiner out of the ring.

Bischoff: GOOD! We don't need you two egomaniacs anyway! This is about a team led by the greatest professional wrestler in the history of our sport and the greatest president in the history of this damn company! So GIANT and the rest of you get the hell out here! This is your last chance..

***OH YEAHHH*** The Giant comes out accompanied by Randy Savage. Adams, Norton and Stevie Ray follow behind.

Bischoff: Oh now you joined the wife beater?!?!?

The Giant enters the ring and takes the mic out of Bischoff's hands.

The Giant: Look Bischoff!

Bischoff slowly begins to back away from The Giant. Savage picks up the mic that Steiner dropped.

The Giant: I don't want a damn thing to do with you or Hogan. I've spent the last 3 years helping the New World Order and I haven't gotten a DAMN thing out of it!!! Hogan should stay in Tampa because if I catch him at Nitro next week I'm gonna break his freaking neck!

Bischoff evacuates the ring and trips on his way back up the ramp.


Schiavone: Well you heard it folks! Hollywood Hulk Hogan returns to WCW next Monday in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tenay: More importantly Tony I think we may be seeing the collapse of the nWo.

Schiavone: Well all great empires and dynasties have come to an end at some point, Tenay.

Henan: Yeah, look the Bulls or the Heenan Family!

Schiavone: I don't know about the latter Brain. Up next folks, Bret Hart is going to defend is United States Championship!

[Commercial Break]
***Back in the arena***

***HITMAN*** Bret Hart makes his way out of the back with the United States Championship on his shoulder. Hart is wearing his trademark leather jacket and sunglasses. Hart calls for a microphone as he enters the ring.

Hart: Now last time I checked I'm the United States Champion and last night, we were at the United States capitol. However last night my championship wasn't defended on the biggest Pay Per View in WCW history. On the contrary, I was told by Eric Bischoff not even to bother showing up and just to be at Nitro tonight.

The crowd boos.

Hart: Now I'm not exactly sure what I'm missing, but it makes absolutely no sense to me why I.. the United States Champion would be left off the card on the biggest Pay Per View in WCW history... in Washington D.C.!!! But non-wrestlers like Bischoff were taking up valuable TV time.

"Bischoff sucks" chant starts.

Hart: Not only was I left off the card, but a fellow Canadian of mine Chris Benoit was left off the card as well. Chris is a good friend of mine, so I've agreed to give him a shot at my United States Championship here tonight.

***T.M.I.*** Benoit makes his way out from the back sporting a new theme song. Benoit gets a very positive reaction as he makes his usual ring entrance, looking very focused as always. Benoit get's in the ring and shakes Hart's hand and takes the mic.

Hart: Right now the two greatest technical wrestlers in the WCW are standing in this ring. So I don't think it has anything to do with our wrestling skills.. So it must be a Canadian thing.

Hart drops the mic and hands the United States Championship to the referee. Before the referee can ring the bell though, more music begins to blare through the speakers.

***SELF HIGH FIVE*** The camera shifts to the crowd as DDP makes his way to the ring to the ring to the biggest pop of the night. DDP has a mic in his hand.

Page: Waaah..waah..wah is all I ever hear out of your mouth Bret. You sound like a damn baby.

Hart: What do you want Page?

Page: Well if you would let me finish..

Bret motions for Page to continue as he jumps over the railing and rolls into the ring.

Page: As I was saying.. you aren't the only one upset about last night's events. You see.. Last night I, the People's Champion, lost to The Giant. You know the guy that screwed me out of that title.

The crowd cheers again.

Page: Now I understand he's had a sudden change of heart, but still the crowd decided to cheer for the guy that screwed the People's Champ and that's just not cool.

Hart: Well Page, I've been there.. I used to get boo'd for no reason going up against that pr*ck Shawn Michaels in the WWF. And for the record I was so frustrated with my lack of respect here in WCW I thought by winning the United States Championship that I would be recognized by management.

DDP scoffs.

Hart: I didn't want to screw you and I damn sure didn't want anything to do with the NWO. However I have still been mistreated as the champion so scr*w it!!

Page: In that case let me get a rematch!

Hart: Well I already promised Chris a shot.

Benoit is just standing in the ring with a blank look on his face. Not seeming to care who he faces.

Page: Alright then let's make it a triangle match.

Bret looks at Benoit and Benoit shrugs.

Hart: It's on.

Schiavone: You heard the man, when we come back the United States Championship is up for grabs in a Triangle match!!

[Commercial Break]
***Back in the arena***


All three men are ready to attack. Each focusing back and forth on both of their opponents carefully not to take an eye of one for too long. Page rolls out of the ring. Bret goes to follow DDP, but Benoit stops him and gives him a chop. Bret gives Benoit a receipt with a right hand. Benoit with another cop and Hart with another right. Another exchange of chops and rights takes place before Benoit. Benoit quickly shoots for a takedown. He gets Hart down to the mat and with his left arm around Hart's head and chest up against Hart's face, Benoit reigns down a series of hard rights to Hart's skull.

DDP sneaks back into the ring and drops an elbow right on Benoits back. Then unloads a series of kicks to Benoit's back. Bret returns to his feet during this time and goes after DDP. Hart gives DDP a kick to the midsection and attempts a Russian leg sweep, but DDP counters and turns it into a leg sweep of his own. DDP goes for a quick cover 1... Benoit breaks the count at about the same time Bret kicks his leg out. DDP backs up to the ropes and again rolls around to the outside.

Bret returns to his feet and Benoit takes his back looking for a German suplex. Hart works his way out, with elbow counterstrikes to the head of Benoit. Bret kicks Benoit in the midsection and goes for a vertical suplex. Benoit falls out of the suplex and pushes Bret forward into the ropes. Benoit grabs Bret's back again and goes for a belly to back suplex. Bret lands on his feet. Bret clotheslines Benoit and tosses him to the outside. Page quickly re-enters the ring from behind Bret.

DDP catches Bret off guard. Dallas Page hits the DIAMOND CUTTER out of nowhere!! Page quickly covers Bret. 1...2. Benoit manages to break the count up. DDP is seriously frustrated with Benoit. He knees Benoit to the midsection, but it doesn't seem to faze Benoit. Benoit begins chopping Page. Page backpedals into a corner where Benoit starts to unleash kicks too. Benoit irish whips DDP into the opposite corner. Once DDP connects with the corner, Benoit follows Benoit looking for a running lariat. Page gets out of the ring in a hurry and Benoit's body slams into the corner.

Hart is still down from the Diamond Cutter in the center of the ring as Benoit recovers. Benoit decides to go up top for a diving headbutt, but Page quickly returns to the apron shaking the rope and causing Benoit to lose balance and fall onto his groin on the top turnbuckle. DDP now goes to attack Benoit. He positions himself on the apron to vertical suplex Benoit from the turnbuckle to the outside of the ring.

Benoit manages to fall out of the suplex though. Landing on the apron right next to DDP. Benoit takes DDP's back and German suplexes him off of the apron to the outside of the ring. Both men are down. Hart recovers in the ring. Hart looks around to the outside and sees both men down. Hart goes to the outside to take advantage. Out of nowhere Raven hops the rail from the crowd.

Tenay: What the HELL is Raven doing here?

Heenan: How dare you forget about Kanyon.

Raven is followed by Kanyon, the two attack Bret Hart. Bret attempts to fights back, but to no avail. The Kanyon and Raven brawl with Bret towards the ramp. Once they reach the ramp, Raven DDT's Hart on the steel.

Schiavone: Things have taken an interesting turn here folks. This match continues after the break.

[Commercial Break]
***Back in the arena***

Schiavone: Ladies and gentlemen we are back and during the break Kanyon and Raven took Bret Hart over the railing and they continue this unfounded attack in the crowd.

The camera zooms in on the crowd where Kanyon and Raven beat down a bloodied Bret Hart. The camera then cuts back to ringside where DDP lays down from the German suplex still. Benoit is now climbing to the top rope.

Tenay: He wouldn't attempt it would he!?!?

Heenan: He's stupid enough too.

Benoit looks down on DDP down on the mat. He decides to go for it. Benoit attempts a diving headbutt on Page, but Page rolls out of the way and Benoit crashes all the way down head first.

Heenan: I told you.

As both Page and Benoit lay outside the ring motionless the camera cuts back to the crowd. Raven and Kanyon continue the vicious beating on Bret Hart. They eventually vanish behind a curtain and the camera focuses back on the action in the ring. DDP rolls Benoit into the ring. DDP goes for the cover. 1...2... Benoit gets a shoulder up out of desperation to win his first United States Championship in WCW.

A very weak DDP struggles to lift Benoit up, but manages to get him up. Page drops him right down for a sidewalk slam. DDP covers Benoit again. 1...2... Benoit get his shoulder up again at the last second. Page screaming at Benoit to stay down, lifts Benoit up for another sidewalk slam. Page covers Benoit again 1...2... Another near fall. Page is in disbelief. He picks Benoit up for another sidewalk slam and drops him right back down. Instead of covering this time Page goes for another, connecting again. Page goes for a third slam on Benoit, but Benoit slips out landing on his feet. Benoit quickly wraps his arms around DDP and goes for another German suplex and bridges for the pin. 1...2... DDP kicks out.

Benoit crawls over to Benoit and locks in a Crippler Crossface, but he's too close to the ropes. DDP quickly grasps it and the referee breaks the hold. Benoit then crawls to the corner. He pulls himself up by the ropes and goes to the apron. Slowly and tiredly Benoit climbs to the top, going for another diving headbutt. DDP desperately tugs on the top rope ruining Benoit's balance. DDP comes over to the corner and climbs to the second turnbuckle. Page lifts Benoit up for a superplex. Both men are down momentarily, but Page rolls over for another cover 1...2...3 The referee counts the three, but waves off the victory after noticing Benoits foot on the rope.

Heenan: We have a new UNITED STATES CHAMPION!

Schiavone: Oh shut up, you saw his foot on the rope.

Heenan: No I didn't, but I heard a 3 count. This is a travesty!

Tenay: Benoit is showing tremendous resilience and amazing in-ring awareness.

DDP gets to his feet and signals for the Diamond Cutter. He picks Benoit up to his feet, but Benoit grabs Page's arm and take shim down in the center of the ring. He applies the Crippler Crossface to Page again. Page screams in pain, struggling to somehow reach a rope, but there is chance as they are in the dead center of the ring. Benoit has the hold locked in and it's only a matter of time. Finally Page taps out to the hold.

Winner - Chris Benoit via submission at 15:37

Schiavone: He taps! HE TAPS!

Tenay: Benoit has done it! He has finally won the United States Championship.

Heenan: Well he did it without beating the champion so that's pretty cheap.

Tenay: Rules are rules Brain. Benoit persevered and managed to force Page into submission out of nowhere.

Benoit celebrates the victory with tears in his eyes as he is presented the United States Championship. Page on the other hand is disgusted not even leaving through the crowd as usual opting to return to the back via the ramp.

Schiavone: I've been informed that Bret Hart has been taken from the Baltimore Arena to a nearby hospital after receiving serious injuries from that brutal beat down from Kanyon and Benoit. Hold on.. we hate to interrupt Benoit's celebration, but I'm being told Kevin Nash is on his way out here for his match with Goldberg up next.

***Camera cuts to a hallway backstage***

Nash slowly walks the hall. He passes Luger who is pushing Liz in a wheelchair. Nash and Luger make eye contact, but no words are exchanged. Nash continues his walk down the hall slowly. Nash walks passed catering and the door swings open. Hall comes barreling out and bumps into Nash. Nash now looks pissed.

Nash: What the hell are you still doing here man? I told you to get the f*** out!

Hall: Chill bro, I was just getting some free dinner. I'm outta here chico. I would wish you luck, but apparently your big bad giant ass doesn't need any.

Nash: Just stay out of my business tonight, that's all I'm asking.

Schiavone: We apologize for Nash's language folks. There is no excuse for that, but as you can see this is a very touchy situation. Stay with us though because up next we have our main event! Kevin Nash gets a rematch against Goldberg for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship!

[Commercial Break]
***Back in the arena***

***WOLFPAC THEME*** "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash makes his way out from the back to a huge pop. Nash has the same focused look on his face that he had as he made the long trip down the hallway. He slowly makes his way to the ring without a hint of excitement on his face.

Schiavone: Remember folks, Nash has said he doesn't need help from Hall or anyone to defeat Goldberg.

Heenan: Talk is cheap.

Schiavone: That seems to be all you do.

Tenay: I feel if anyone has a legitimate shot at defeating Goldberg it's Nash

***INVASION*** The World Champ makes his way out from the back with the big gold belt around his waist. Goldberg makes his usual entrance in his trance like state with all the normal pyro and grunts. Goldberg gets into the ring. He keeps his eyes on Nash the entire time as he removes the strap and gives it to the referee and the match begins..


The two men get right up to each other nose to nose. They exchange words for a good half minute before Nash shoves Goldberg. Goldberg shoves Nash right back. Both men begin to circle now. Then suddenly Hall emerges from the back. Goldberg looks pissed as does Nash, Goldberg makes an advance towards Hall, but Nash holds him back. Hall gets up on the apron and Nash gets in his face.

The men argue and Nash keeps pointing to the back telling Hall to get out. Nash then slaps Hall in the face and Hall gets off the apron and begins to head back to the back. Nash turns his focus back on Goldberg. Hall then turns back around and slides into the ring.

Nash turns back to Hall and continues to direct him out. Goldberg gets up right behind Nash exchanging some choice words with Hall. Hall then gets closer to Nash and whispers something in his ear. Nash shrugs and moves out of the way allowing Hall to kick Goldberg right in the midsection. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner - Goldberg via DQ at 3:38

Schiavone: What the hell was that?

Heenan: Loyalty.

Hall and Nash beat down Goldberg. Both men stomp the hell out of him. Hall then picks him up for an Outsiders Edge. Hall and Nash then continue to beat on Goldberg, all the way to the announcers booth. Hall grabs a headset.

Hall: Ayo! The band is back together again!

Schiavone: Leave him alone damnit this has gone too far!

Hall: Shut it chico.

Nash removes the monitors and takes apart the announce table. He proceeds to Jackknife Powerbomb Goldberg through the table. Then he takes the headset off of Schiavone's head.

Nash: When you're Wolfpac, you're Wolfpac for life.. This is just.. too sweet!!

Hall: Have a good one chicos, drinks are on us tonight!

***WOLFPAC THEME*** Nash and Hall throw up Wolfpac signs and celebrate as Nitro goes off the air.

Copyright 1998, World Championship Wrestling, All Rights Reserved.

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Re: World Championship Wrestling 1999 - WHO'S NEXT?!?

Let me be the first one to review this edition of Nitro.

nWo and Bischoff opening the show is very realistic angle, especially because of embarrassing Ric Flair which is the thing they used to do quite often.

Rey Mysterio vs Kidman was a really good match, I like your matches' duration and the way you write them.

In my opinion, the best thing on the whole show was the angle involving Raven, his persona could be used amazingly and I hope you'll do it right. Especially if he goes in feud with someone like Bret Hart who was misused by real life WCW too, so they can both emerge on Main Event eventually.

I hope that new edition of Flock won't job to anyone on earth like the previous one.

And now I'll give you some friendly critic.

Randy Savage was injured at that time, he was out for nearly a year, and when he came back in December to be a WCW president, he didn't wrestle, he had new looks, and he had nothing to do with Wolfpac.

Harris Brothers were in WWF til the spring of 1999.

I didn't figure out whether you do know this or not. But Hall and Nash weren't in the same team at that time, they were the enemies, so when (in real life) Hall interfered in Starrcade, it was a big surprise, why he did that?, and Nash didn't see it or acknowledged it. So when you made that angle where Nash calls him out, I didn't understand what is the point.

The main event was very realistic too.

All in all, you made a good first show. First shows are the hardest things to do, and you nicely recaptured what would happen in real WCW, now I hope that you will go in totally different direction than the real one.

I really look forward to your next shows and this is easily my favorite running BTB.

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Re: World Championship Wrestling 1999 - WHO'S NEXT?!?


Don't think Bischoff needs cheap heat, but it's good you got him some anyways. From calling Flair gramps to calling him one of the greats? Didn't like that too much. Flair gets a line, and the promo ends abruptly with a huge onslaught. Don't know how I really feel about this. It's definitely something that I can picture in WCW.

Mysterio wins the title cleanly over Kidman after Kidman wins at the show (Starrcade) prior? Shaky decision there.

Pretty random in-ring brawl while Nash is speaking. I didn't like the flow to the promo too much, but it's quite interesting the situation you have here. nWo basically disbanding themselves.

Konnan's DQ win means the feud goes on. Meh.

You pretty much got Goldberg's character here. Should be a good main event. I'm actually expecting interference now with all this no interference talk. =P

The whole Van Dammer part in this promo seemed unnecessary unless he's involved somehow later on. I like the idea of having 2 wrestlers fight to be part of the Flock. Raven's character here wasn't really right. He's more descriptive and dark when he speaks. I guess Wrath joins the Flock. Good stuff.

The whole nWo segment here seemed like a mess. Four or five men jumping in and speaking whenever they want. It really shows disagreement in the group, but you could have made this promo flow a little better. They all seem like little bitches in this promo too with no balls.

Debut win for the Bruise Brothers. Nice.

"Mr. Turner and he has deemed you as too extreme for the WCW". Really? Don't think that would ever happen or would ever be said. I like the concept and idea, but the way it was put out didn't seem right. I'm expecting we see much more of Bam Bam.

The whole nWo scene has gotten way too much time on this show. This promo could have waited for next show tbh. There hasn't really been time for others, and for the development of other storylines and feuds.

Page makes his way into the match. I actually like how you did it too. Happens quite a bit in wrestling for someone to interrupt and get a title shot. Page in the match kind of takes away from the technical match of Hart and Beniot, but should be good nonetheless. Raven and Kanyon attack Hart? Don't know why, but sounds good. Isn't there an interference call for this? Hart is taken to the hospital, while Beniot wins without the champ in play. Tons of possibilities can come from this. I think this my favorite segment/match of the show so far.

Commercial followed by a less than 30 second promo followed by a commercial. Not cool.

Hall interferes, and the match is basically done before it starts. Saw the interference coming, but I didn't think it would be Hall since he was a non-factor the whole show. Good booking with Hall right there.

I wasn't a big fan of WCW nor did I follow the show too much so everything in this show is kind of new to me. I know characters and such, but storylines from back then are new to me. I feel airtime didn't get split up good. There was too much time spent on the whole nWo scene, and not enough in developing other storylines and feuds. The flow and character of some of your promos are shaky. A hit and miss show to be honest. There's definitely some entertaining and intriguing things going on in the show. There's a lot of potential with this so I wish you the best of luck making the best out of this. This is the only WCW thread I'm reading in BTB so you better make a good impression =P

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