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A Business Proposal

As I get home from a long day at work, I attempt to open the door, but it's locked. Well to make this situation even better I don't have the key. You'd think the man who runs a bank, a very sucessful one at that would have a key. Piece of advice to anyone that might read this, it's not good to give the girl you hooked up with, a key to your house, you may never see it again.

So I got into the house, ofcourse I will have to pay for a new window, but thats old news. I get into the kitchen, open the fridge and grab me a beer. I take my suit coat off, and rip off my tie. I sit in my lazy boy chair, grab the remote and turn on the TV. As the televsion comes on, I turn to Spike TV, why you may ask? Because I'm a man, and this is my channel. TNA Impact is on, well Hogan is on. I used to love this company, but anymore I can't stand it.

[The phone rings]

I pick up the phone, and await a voice.

The other line: Justin are you thereeeee?
I answer back with a simple Yes.

This is your uncle Zach, just calling to check up on you brother.
Me: Are you drunk again? Last time you called to check up, your were in a alleyway, talking to a cat.
Zach: Your funny. But I do have a reason to call.
Me: And That is?
Zach: Well you know how you love wrestling right?
Me: Yeah, but don't go around telling people that, I don't get anyway as it is anyway.
Zach: Well I have a business proposal for you. You see remember that sports zone my parents owned?
Me: Yes, so many good times, destroying you at air hockey.
Zach: Because I let you win, but anyway, I just bought it off them, and was thinking, with your money and my place, we could start a company?
Me: Are you serious dude, we have no clue how to start a wrestling company, very well run one.
Zach: I think we could man, but I got to go, your aunt's going crazy.

As I hang up the phone, I begin to think. Me? Running a Wrestling Promotion? It's been a long day, I'm going to bed. I'll call him in the morning

Part 2 Soon.

credit ^ CHAMPviaDQ
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Re: A Business Proposal

Seems an interesting enough concept and it makes me want to read-on. Not a fan of the font but no biggie.
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Re: A Business Proposal

I wake up and look at my phone, a missed call from Zach, go figure. As I wipe my eyes, and get out of my bed, I hit the alarm clock, damn thing don't have a snooze. I get ready and go downstairs, I text Zach and tell him to meet me for lunch and we'd chat more.

As I get in my White 94 Mustang, I start the engine, and head off. I turn the radio up and hear Keisha, now not going to lie, she makes catchy music. I look around to make sure to look around, then I blast and sing along. I get to a red light, of course still singing, I look over to my right, and boy what do I see? My new Intern at work, she's smoking hott, but she looks over in digust. I quickly turn down the music, roll up the windows and drive on.

I get to the resturant, well about that, turns out Zach only had 10 dollars, so we hit up the local McDonalds. After me and him order, we sit, and discuss..

Me: So are we serious about this thing?
Zach: As serious as you and me can be.
Me: Well first of all, how we even going to get started?
Zach: Its easy, just think of a name.
Me: It's not that easy Zach.
Zach: Sure it is man, Eastern Championship Wrestling.
Me: Hate to break it to you, its copyrighted.
Zach: Okay, well how about Total National Asskicking?
Me: First of all that sounds completely stupid, and once again can't use intials.
Zach: Well fine, you chooose the name then.
Me:Hmmm, Southern Championship Wrestling.
Zach: I personally like my idea's better, but suits me.

Part Three: The Roster

credit ^ CHAMPviaDQ
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Re: A Business Proposal

Interesting story and concept here. I'll be interested in the roster you have, as this seems like two ordinary everyday guys. Isn't the most realistic BTB i've ever seen, but hey BTBs done always have to be realistic. Good luck with this.
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