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WWE 2008; Wasted Opportunities

Hey, I tried to do a Be The Booker last year; some of you may remember but I’d be very surprised if you do. I had a partner and we managed to get three shows up before the whole thing kind of just fell apart. It was more my fault than anything else; the storylines I’d thought out didn’t particularly interest me as much as I’d first thought. I’ve always considered trying to start another BTB, but I’ve always backed down for fear of failing to carry it out properly. Either way, this time around I’ve planned quite some time ahead and I’ve decided to try and write all three shows myself. Sounds like a lot for one person, but I guess I like to have full control over everything that’s going on within the shows. Because of this the shows may be slow in production.

Anyways, I’ve decided to start from just after Wrestlemania 24. I loved this period in the WWE in terms of their roster yet I felt some of their booking decisions squandered the great roster they had. I’ve pretty much just used the exact same results from the real Wrestlemania apart from a few changes in various match details.


March 30th 2008
Citrus Bowl, Orlando, Florida

Dark Match
24 Man Over the top Battle Royal for ECW Championship Shot
Kane def. Elijah Burke, Charlie Haas, Big Daddy V, Deuce, Domino, Tommy Dreamer, Mike Knox, Festus, The Great Khali, Hardcore Holly, Jesse, Brian Kendrick, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Shannon Moore, Trevor Murdoch, Jamie Noble, Chuck Palumbo, Cody Rhodes, Snitsky, Mark Henry, Val Venis and Jimmy Wang Yang
Obviously a match such as favours the larger men in this industry and this proved to be true as the final three competitors in this bout were Kane, Mark Henry and The Great Khali. A poorly attempted Big Boot by Khali led to Kane heaving him over the top rope. After Kane had done this, Henry saw the opportunity to charge at the Big Red Machine and in turn knock him out the ring. However, the surprising agility of Kane paid dividends as he was able to grab the top rope and drop to the canvas thus sending Henry hurling over to the outside.

Belfast Brawl
Singles Match
John Bradshaw Layfield def. Finlay w/Hornswoggle
The stipulation of the match suggests aggression and that’s exactly what this one produced. Both men took advantages of multitudes of weapons in an attempt to assert their dominance in this blow-off match that has been building over the last few months with Layfield’s torment of Finlay’s son, Hornswoggle. Despite Hornswoggles attempts to interfere on behalf of his Father, JBL eventually emerged victorious after a trash can thrown at the small Irishman distracted Finlay for long enough. As he turned around, Layfield was able to knock him down with a tremendously powerful Clothesline from Hell, before claiming the pinfall victory.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
7 Man Ladder Match
CM Punk def. Chris Jericho, MVP, John Morrison, Carlito, Mr Kennedy and Shelton Benjamin
This high octane multi-man ladder match has become one of Wrestlemania’s key features in recent years due to it’s obviously fruitful rewards. Every man who came on down to compete in tonight’s match seemed perfectly aware of what was at stake and they all showed a great desire for victory. Some of the matches more memorable moments were the impressive diving ladder moonsault by John Morrison to the outside area of the ring, as well as a jumping Backstabber by the outspoken Carlito. The finish eventually came with two ladders set under the briefcase. Atop of one, MVP; Chris Jericho at the top of the other one. Engaged in a shoving war, the two both traded punches whilst all the time trying to raise a hand high towards the briefcase. After around half a minute, MVP was able to seize the advantage as he managed to push Jericho’s ladder, causing the Intercontinental Champion to hit the canvas and roll out of the ring in pain. MVP only had to climb the ladder now and retrieve the case, however CM Punk had other ideas. Seemingly emerging from out of nowhere, the StraightEdge Superstar slid into the ring from the outside and cleverly analysed the situation at hand. MVP only realised his presence when it was too late, as Punk grabbed MVP’s legs and dragged them through the gap in the rungs of the ladder. The United States Champion was then helpless to watch as Punk climbed up the ladder and pulled off the briefcase, to a loud ovation from the fans.

‘Battle for Brand Supremacy’
Singles Match
Batista (Smackdown) def. Umaga (Raw)
This was certainly a battle of two of the WWE’s most dominant superstars. And in the opening minutes, this contest seemed to be favouring the Samoan Bulldozer as his powerful combination of strength and speed overwhelmed the Animal on several occasions. The stiff kicks of the former Intercontinental Champion also wore away on Batista slowly. However, there’s a reason why Batista is nicknamed the Animal and as the intensity in this match grew, that reason became a lot more obvious. With fatigue catching up on him now, Umaga’s speed was no longer as sharp and he would eventually fail to connect with a Samoan Spike attempt which gave Batista the opportunity for a Spinebuster. Feeling that momentum was on his side, he then dragged Umaga back to his feet for a Batista Bomb. The crowd felt it was impossible; the commentators described it as impossible, yet Batista defied all the odds by somehow raising the near three hundred pound Samoan into the air before smashing him back down onto the canvas and then covering him for the three count.

ECW Championship Match
Singles Match
Kane def. Chavo Guerrero
This match will go down in Wrestlemania history, yet ultimately, for all the wrong reasons in the eyes of Chavo Guerrero. Having entered the ring first, he awaited Kane’s entrance. What he hadn’t been prepared for was the entrance of Kane from under the ring rather than from the top of the ramp. Kane slid into the ring before Chavo had any sense of his location and by the time had realised the Big Red Machine was in the ring, Kane had a tight grip around his neck. Chavo then proceeded to feel the full extent of the Chokeslam before being pinned by Kane immediately after in a match that only lasted 8 seconds.

Career Threatening Match
Singles Match
Shawn Michaels def. Ric Flair
Over the last few months, so many men have stepped forward to try and put the career of Ric Flair to an end. William Regal, Mr Kennedy, Umaga and Triple H to name but a few. None though, have been able to put the Nature Boy’s 35 year career to bed. None of those men though are Mr Wrestlemania and going against possibly the greatest wrestler of all time, Flair must have known in the back of his mind that this was potentially the end for him in the WWE. Whether or not he did know this, he didn’t let it show as Flair delivered possibly the greatest performance of his career, despite his age. He managed to lock Michaels in his Figure Four Leg Lock on several occasions yet everytime, the Showstopper managed to wriggle out. His number looked to be up as HBK delivered his trademark Superkick, Sweet Chin Music, but somehow, Flair was able to fight his way back into the match-up. Later on, Flair looked to have regained more control as he dealt Michaels a series of his trademark slaps to the chest, yet out of nowhere, HBK retaliated with a second Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere. Flair still would not lay down though and in a truly historic moment that I’m sure the viewers of this show will never forget, Shawn Michaels mouthed the words ‘I’m sorry, I love you’ before hitting him with a third Superkick. Begrudgingly, Michaels then fell on top of Flair for the pinfall cover and picked up the three count. Michaels exited the ring quickly to let Flair have his Wrestlemania moment in the spotlight. The Nature Boy then proceeded to go hug his family at ringside before thanking all the WWE fans for their unduly support.

Playboy BunnyMania Lumberjack Match
Tag Team Match
Beth Phoenix & Melina w/Santino Marella vs Maria Kanellis & Ashley Massaro
With a score of divas surrounding the ring, the infamous rapper, Snoop Dogg, was the so-called ‘Master of Ceremonies’ for this contest. In spite of his now apparently ex-girlfriend, Santino Marella was present at ringside. He showed his true colours at one point when Maria came close to victory; he then proceeded to grab her leg and drag her out of the pin. This prompted Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler to rise up from his announcer position and deliver a strong right hook to the face of Marella. During all the commotion however, Beth Phoenix was able to grab Maria and smash her down to the canvas with the Glam Slam before picking up the victory. Post match, Santino tried to agitate Maria once again but Snoop Dogg took him down before leaving with Maria and Ashley.

WWE Championship Match
Triple Threat
Randy Orton def. Triple H & John Cena
With Cena coming down to a typically flamboyant entrance, this match looked set to be one hell of a classic. For quite some time it was a close call thing, although Orton always seemed to have the slight Edge as he tried to play Triple H and John Cena off against one another. Cena nearly crafted a historic Wrestlemania moment as he attempted to lift both Orton and Triple H onto his shoulder for a double F-U, however the move was countered by Triple h in an unconventional fashion. Orton then took a backseat in the contest and allowed the two to fight between one another; Triple H and Cena appeared too determined to notice. The finish finally came when such a situation arose. Triple H and Cena were brawling when all of a sudden, Cena heaved HHH onto his shoulders for an F-U attempt. The Game countered the manoeuvre though into a Pedigree and hooked the leg as fast as he could. Orton, who had been biding his time, rushed across to HHH and punted him right in the skull before scrambling on top of Cena to comfortably pick up the three count.

No Disqualifications
Singles Match
Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather w/accomplices def. The Big Show
Prior to the evening’s final Main Event, a battle of David and Goliath proportions took place as the talented boxer known as Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather squared off against the World’s Largest Athlete, The Big Show. As the contest got underway, it began to look like what everyone had previously predicted; a walk in the park for The Big Show. However, Mayweather’s speed helped him dodge a few of The Big Show’s holds and on repeated occasions he exited the ring to seek help from his accomplices. On one of such occasions, an accomplice smacked The Big Show in the back of the head with a steel chair. The strike did nothing but anger the large athlete and caused him to chokeslam the attempted assailant. What the strike did do though, was provide Mayweather with opportunity. He quickly took off his boxing gloves and slipped on a pair of brass knuckles. As The Big Show turn around, he found himself receiving a surprisingly powerful punch square in the temple that sent him right down. When he was unable to answer the count of ten the referee declared Mayweather the winner, much to the surprise of the WWE universe.

World Heavyweight Championship
Singles Match
The Undertaker def. Edge
A Main Event literally months in the making; ever since Edge cost The Undertaker the World Championship back at Survivor Series, the Phenom has been desperate to get his hands on the Rated R Superstar, as well as being desperate to take back his title too. The fire of desire within the Deadman was clear from the moment that the bell rung in this match-up. When The Undertaker got going he looked ready to take Edge to hell there and then. A spectacular suicide dive to the outside by the Deadman acts as a true example of this theory. As the match continued to progress Edge reversed multiple signatures and finishers of The Undertaker before taking matters into his own illegitimate hands by smashing The Deadman in the head with a camera whilst the referee was down. However, this move would prove to be poorly thought out in the end as Edge then attempted a Tombstone Piledriver on The Phenom which he would find reversed into The Undertaker’s own Tombstone. Somehow Edge kicked out at this point though, to the shock of everyone in attendance. With Edge seemingly on a downward slope, his two comrades, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, stormed the ring to his aid. Their petty offences were however no match for The Undertaker though and he easily removed them from the ring. Their interference though acted as enough of a distraction for Edge to suddenly seize the advantage by hitting the Phenom with a spear. Somehow though, The Undertaker would kick out much to the dismay of everyone. Edge then lined him up for a second spear, which would connect. However, before Edge could make the pinfall, he would his head caught in the deadly vice that is The Undertaker’s Hells Gate submission move. With little chance of escape, Edge would soon be forced to tap out as The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania would increase to 16-0.

WWE Universe News

Following Wrestlemania, it is hardly surprising to hear that there has been a few roster based alterations. On the negative side of things, the WWE has opted for a small dose of late spring cleaning as they have decided to release Jim Duggan, Ron Simmons and Torrie Wilson. It is believed that all three have left on good terms and the company unduly wishes them all the best in their future endeavours.

In relation to the WWE roster, four athletes have found themselves been lowered to the WWE’s development facility; Florida Championship Wrestling. One is the son of the British Bulldog, DH Smith. Reportedly, the WWE sees great potential in Davey Hart Smith but they believe that for now he could be better served honing his abilities in development. The thought is apparently similar for Lance Cade. Some of WWE’s creative team see great promise in Cade and there is every chance he could re-debut in the not too distant future with a new gimmick. As for the Burchills, Paul and Katie-Lea the WWE are thought to be very high on these two but think that the two would serve well taking time away in development.

In terms of newly acquiesced developments, the WWE has made four, similar to the above points. The first two are both British superstars; Doug Williams is a very well known British wrestler on the independent scene who is regarded as a very strong technician. Robbie Brookside however comes in as a slightly more unknown character. Apparently given a great reference by both William Regal and Chris Jericho, Brookside is supposed to be a superb technical athlete despite his age. With their obvious abilities, it is surprising to see these two dropped to development. The reason being is stated as a twofold idea; firstly, it is believed that both Williams and Brookside need to improve on their microphone abilities and secondly, the WWE is keen to let the two experienced technicians pass on their skills to some of FCW’s star potential. The other two signings are conveniently enough a former Tag Team in Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings and Consequences Creed. Whether or not the WWE plans to use them as a Tag Team is debatable; either way, Killings comes with a fantastic track record in this industry, whilst Creed is a lot more unproven. The WWE must see good things in him though to put pen to paper on a contract.

As always, as a new ‘wrestling year’ begins in the WWE, there is talks about superstars who are potentially on their way up from the developmental zone of the company. The general feeling is that experienced independent star Matt Sydal will soon be making his WWE debut. Also, there is a rumour that Chris Harris may soon make his official on-screen debut after working a few dark matches in recent weeks, but again, this is just a rumour. The WWE is also ecstatic to report that Matt Cappotelli’s recovery from his brain surgery has gone swimmingly and it is thought that he could finally make the big transition this year to the main roster at some point also.

The final news in regards to the WWE roster is the injured/suspended/on hiatus list. Rey Mysterio and Gregory Helms both currently remain on the sidelines with injuries; Rey is thought to be returning in the not too distant future whilst Helms is believed to still be quite far away from recovery. The only current superstar who finds himself on the suspended list is Jeff Hardy, who is on there for obvious reasons. The date of his return is currently unscheduled. Former World Heavyweight Champion Batista is also thought to be taking a hiatus away from the ring over the next few months. It’s understood that he’ll make an appearance on the first Raw after Wrestlemania to say goodbye to Ric Flair; after that though he’s apparently taking time away to take part in a currently unnamed WWE film’s production.

The night of Wrestlemania has caused some confusion in the WWE universe. After the blockbuster Pay Per View, various websites rushed in to say that Tazz has been removed from his Colour Commentary spot at the announcer’s table on ECW. This comes as quite a surprise, considering how Tazz is currently regarded as a fantastic Colour Commentator within the company. Whether this means the end of Tazz within the WWE as a whole remains to be seen.

On the topic of commentators, it has been revealed that Mick Foley will be taking over from Jonathan Coachman as Smackdown Colour Commentator. It is thought that Coach's commentating role wasn't as productive as it could have been. There is also talk of making Jerry Lawler take on a more heelish role in his Colour Commentary position on Raw; Creative have apparently disliked how stale his face Colour Commentary has become. It is believed as well that on the first episode of ECW Tazz's replacement will be announced.

In upcoming WWE news, the next scheduled Pay Per View is Backlash, which is going to take place 27th April 2008 from the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. On the Raw following Backlash, the 28th April, there will be a special draft edition of the show, followed, a week later, on the 5th of May, by the return of King of the Ring. Moving back to it’s more traditional roots too, the winner of this one night tournament will face the champion of his choice at Judgment Day. This is certainly a big opportunity for any superstar in the locker room.

Raw Roster

Raw Superstars
Brian Kendrick (F)
Carlito (H)
Charlie Haas (H)
Chris Jericho (F)
Cody Rhodes (F)
Hardcore Holly (F)
Jeff Hardy (F) – Suspended
John Bradshaw Layfield (H)
John Cena (F)
Mr Kennedy (H)
Paul London (F)
Randy Orton (H)
Robbie McAllister (H)
Rory McAllister (H)
Santino Marella (H)
Shad Gaspard (F)
Shawn Michaels (F)
Snitsky (H)
Super Crazy (F)
Trevor Murdoch (H)
Triple H (F)
Umaga (H)
Val Venis (F)

Raw Divas
Ashley Massaro (F)
Beth Phoenix (H)
Candice Michelle (F)
Jillian Hall (H)
Maria Kanellis (F)
Melina (H)
Mickie James (F)

Raw Champions

WWE Championship
Randy Orton (2)
Defeated Triple H in a Last Man Standing match at No Mercy (October 7th 2007)

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho (8)
Defeated Jeff Hardy on Raw (March 10th 2008)

World Tag Team Championships
Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly (1)
Defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch on Raw (December 10th 2007)

WWE Women’s Championship
Beth Phoenix (1)
Defeated Candice Michelle at No Mercy (October 7th 2007)

Raw On Air Personalities
General Manager – William Regal
Play by Play Commentator – Jim Ross
Colour Commentator – Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler
Ring Announcer – Lilian Garcia
Backstage Interviewers – Todd Grisham and Maria Kanellis

Raw Tag Teams/Stables
Carlito & Santino Marella
Cryme Tyme
Holly & Rhodes
London & Kendrick

Smackdown Roster

Smackdown Superstars
Batista (F) – Taking a Hiatus
Big Show (H)
Chavo Guerrero (H)
Chuck Palumbo (H)
Curt Hawkins (H)
Dave Taylor (H)
Deuce (H)
Domino (H)
Edge (H)
Festus (F)
Finlay (F)
Funaki (F)
Gregory Helms (H) – Injured
Jamie Noble (F)
Jesse (F)
Jimmy Wang Yang (F)
Kane (F)
Mark Henry (H)
Matt Hardy (F)
Montel Vontavious Porter (H)
Rey Mysterio (F) – Injured
Shannon Moore (F)
The Great Khali (H)
Undertaker (F)
Zack Ryder (H)

Smackdown Divas
Cherry (H)
Eve Torres (F)
Michelle McCool (F)
Victoria (H)

Smackdown Champions

World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker (2)
Defeated Edge at Wrestlemania XXIV (March 30th 2008)

WWE United States Championship
Montel Vontavious Porter (1)
Defeated Chris Benoit at Judgment Day (May 20th 2007)

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Miz & John Morrison (1)
Defeated MVP & Matt Hardy on Smackdown (November 16th 2007)

Smackdown On Air Personalities
General Manager – Vickie Guerrero
Play by Play Commentator – Michael Cole
Colour Commentator – Mick Foley
Ring Announcer – Justin Roberts
Backstage Interviewers – Jonathan Coachman & Eve Torres

Smackdown Tag Teams/Stables
Big Daddy V/Mark Henry w/Matt Striker
Deuce ‘N Domino
Edge Heads
Finlay & Hornswoggle
Jesse & Festus
John Morrison & The Miz
Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang

ECW Roster

ECW Superstars
Armando Estrada (H)
Balls Mahoney (F)
Big Daddy V (H)
CM Punk (F)
Colin Delaney (F)
Elijah Burke (H)
James Curtis (H)
John Morrison (H)
Kofi Kingston (F)
Matt Striker (H)
Mike Knox (H)
Nunzio (F)
Shelton Benjamin (H)
Stevie Richards (F)
The Boogeyman (F)
The Miz (H)
Tommy Dreamer (F)

ECW Divas
Kelly Kelly (F)
Layla El (H)

ECW Champions

ECW Champion
Kane (1)
Defeated Chavo Guerrero at Wrestlemania XXIV (March 30th 2008)

ECW On Air Personalities
General Manager – Armando Estrada
Play by Play Commentator – Joey Styles
Colour Commentator – ???
Ring Announcer – Tony Chimel
Backstage Interviewers – Lena Yada & Josh Matthews

ECW Tag Teams/Stables
Big Daddy V/Mark Henry w/Matt Striker
Dreamer & Delaney
John Morrison & The Miz

27th April 2008
1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, Maryland

Judgment Day
25th May 2008
Qwest Center Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska

One Night Stand
22nd June 2008
San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, California

Night of Champions
20th July 2008
American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas

17th August 2008
Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Indiana

14th September 2008
Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio

Cyber Sunday
12th October 2008
US Airways Center, Phoenix, Arizona

Survivor Series
9th November 2008
TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, Massachusetts

7th December 2008
HSBC Arena, Buffalo, New York

Saturday Night’s Main Event
3rd January 2009
Verizon Center, Washington, D.C.

Royal Rumble
25th January 2009
Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan

No Way Out
22nd February 2009
KeyArena, Seattle, Washington

Wrestlemania XXV
29th March 2009
Reliant Stadium, Houston, Texas


So I’ll be posting a Raw preview pretty soon; until then, feel free to comment on anything posted so far.

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Re: WWE 2008; Wasted Opportunities

The year 2008 was and still is one of my most favourite times in the WWE, so I'm going to enjoy seeing how this pans out compared to real life. Everything looks solid, the presentation is good and the rosters look good as well. I commend you for having a crack at ECW as usually people disband it (myself included). Quick comment on the news, the thing that stands out is the hiring of Doug Williams and Robbie Brookeside. Hopefully you can do well with them and it's going to be interesting seeing them in the WWE.

Anyways, good luck with this and I'll try to comment when I can.

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Re: WWE 2008; Wasted Opportunities

This was one of my favourite time periods in the WWE since 2003 and I'm definitely going to enjoy seeing you take on this challenge. The presentation is absolutely fantastic and the rosters look awesome. Acceptable releases overall and I'm glad that the likes of Doug Williams and Consequences Creed have been hired.

Hopefully you can do well with this project as it is showing plenty of potential and I wish you the best of luck with everything. Also give CM Punk a good push haha .
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Re: WWE 2008; Wasted Opportunities

A very good time to pick up from, after the WWE went downhil from late 2005 until 2007, 2008 seemed like a year that would turn things around. Jericho/HBK and others really made it something big. I hope you can make things happen and have a great year ahead planned.

Best of luck, love the banners and posters looks really professional.

In the words of the Mod, "May your thread grow and prosper."

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Re: WWE 2008; Wasted Opportunities

Thanks for all the support so far guys


Raw Preview; 31st March 2008

The Nature Boy has left the building...
With last night's historic Wrestlemania match which saw the end of Ric Flair's fantastic in ring career, it is a certainty that tonight we'll see some kind of goodbye tribute to the one and only Nature Boy. Having giving thirty five years of his life to this industry, Ric Flair has become one of the most famous and well loved superstars to ever enter the squared circle and the WWE universe will definitely want to send him off in style.

Champion vs Champion
Despite Randy Orton's impressive victory over both John Cena and Triple H last night, he is being forced to compete in single's action against the other major champion on the Raw brand; that being the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho in the evening's Main Event. These two men are obviously no strangers to each other after their rivalry late last year and this match should be sure to be one hell of a Main Event. Can Y2J save the WWE Universe from another night of dominance in the Age of Orton? Or will he face the same fate as John Cena only 24 hours earlier? Tune in to find out.

Champions are supposed to be cool
After finding himself unable to win last night's Money in the Bank contest, despite an impressive showing nonetheless, Carlito has apparently stated that he's now determined once again to secure the World Tag Team Championships with his unorthodox and somewhat outspoken partner, Santino Marella. Due to this desire, it is believed that Carlito has requesed a match with one half of the current holders of those belts; Cody Rhodes. Carlito obviously wants to make a statement in this contest. Tune in to find out whether or not he is able to.

Next in line?
With John Cena and Triple H both failing to capitalise on their title opportunities at last night's Wrestlemania the WWE universe is obviously asking one question right now; who's next for Randy Orton? Whether or not this question will be addressed remains to be seen, but expect at least one superstar to stake a claim at being Randy Orton's next challenger.

Ric Flair's Farewell Address

Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho

Carlito vs Cody Rhodes

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Re: WWE 2008; Wasted Opportunities

Nice preview for RAW. I want to give you praise for putting Orton/Jericho on the card as this should be a good match, considering they've just recently feuded with one another. Carlito/Cody is an average match but nonetheless fits in well with the show and I'm looking forward to seeing how you use Carlito/Santino as a tag team.

It'll be awesome seeing how you send Ric Flair off, especially if you're going to do it 'in style!' . I've always thought that it would be a bit of a challenge writing up a Farewell Address, particularly for Ric Flair but I can't wait to see how it's going to be done.

The RAW preview looks good, perhaps I'll review if I can get out my lazy mood.
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Re: WWE 2008; Wasted Opportunities

Orton and Jericho has the potential to be a great match. Meanwhile, Cody and Carlito should be a good mid-card match. It's going to be interesting to see where you go with the WWE Championship, hopefully Orton gets a good reign before dropping the strap.

I agree with Panic, I've always thought that a farewell speech would be difficult to pull, as you have to convey the persons personal feelings and emotions. Nonetheless, I hope you can do good with the speech, going to be difficult to top the send off WWE did in real.

Good luck with the show, when it's up I'll attempt to get some feedback up for you.
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Re: WWE 2008; Wasted Opportunities

I like that you've made an effort with your presentation. You're not exactly well known as a booker and I don't know how well you can write, but so far you've done enough to get my attention. I'll have a look in at your first show. Good luck.
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Re: WWE 2008; Wasted Opportunities

Sublime presentation and you've done a very good job with the preview. I hope to see some quality shows!

EDIT - I looked back at your previous thread and that seemed good also. Again, I hope this works out.

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Re: WWE 2008; Wasted Opportunities

Looks great, once again great use of graphics to lure more people into your show. It's very pleasing on the eye.

I hope to see Carlito go over Cody Rhodes.

Chris Jericho will most likely go over Randy Orton as either Triple H or John Cena will make their presence felt in the match and continue their feud heading into backlash.

Ric Flair's farewell adress should be interesting which you can also utalize to create feuds into backlash and not just some random filler to end Raw and have for some twenty minutes. You could have like the WWE originaly did and have Batista/HBK/Jericho come out and say that they are sorry and have a feud come out of it. Or use other people, it should be interesting to see where you go with it however please utalize this moment to go somewhere with it and have an interesting storyline going into Backlash and onwards not just a thank you all and good by with a standing ovation.

Best of luck. Keep it up.

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