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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

I get what your saying with the triple post thing. When I had my BTB there was like a full page of just my posts and it messed with my head. Anyway I can't wait for Massacre. Hope it's up soon.

[CENTER]"We got our asses kicked, plain and simple. No matter what we did, we could never get the upper hand. They had Henry, and we didn't. That's all there is to it."
- Eric Bischoff
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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem Presents
The Massacre – June 6th, 2010
Reno, Las Vegas – Lawlor Events Center


Darkness looms, as three little girls in white dresses appear playing jump rope in the dark streets...

Narrator: One...two...

Shot of Christopher Daniels in his Fallen Angel attire in the darkness...

Narrator: It's coming for you...

Shot of Shelton Benjamin hitting a vicious T-Bone suplex...

Narrator: Three...four...

Shot of Ken Doane hitting an amazing flying leg drop off the top rope...

Narrator: Better shut the door...

Shot of Gregory Helms hitting the Nightmare on Helms Street...

Narrator: Five...six...

Shot of AJ Styles hitting the Spinal Tap and the Styles Clash...

Narrator: Get away quick...

Shot of Austin Aries hitting a brainbuster and Roderick Strong hitting a backbreaker...

Narrator: Seven...eight...

Shot of the Hooliganz and their tag team excellence...

Narrator: It's getting late...

Shot of Charlie Haas locking in the Haas of Pain...

Narrator: Nine...ten...

The camera zooms in on the little girl in the middle of the jump rope, while the other girls stop the jump rope. With a creepy expression upon her face, she smiles, and the scene zooms out showing the destroyed, evacuated and runned down city.

Narrator: LET IT BEGIN...

Quick sequence of wrestling action now with the focus on what has succumb Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem since its inception, but mainly on the UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

Narrator: Tonight...there will be destruction...

Shot of Jay Lethal hitting a vicious Lethal Kick...

Narrator: ...there will be mayhem...

Shot of Matt Sydal hitting the Shooting Sydal Press...

...there will be pain...

Shot of Christopher Daniels lying in a bath in blood...

...it is THE MASSACRE!

The opening video packages come to an end, as cameras go to the sold event Lawlor Events Center in beautiful Reno, Las Vegas, as a plethora of explosion, fireworks and pyro erupt to the excitement of the fans. The fans are going absolutely insane, as cameras pan in on some signs, such as “AJ Styles – to be Phenomenal Champion!”, “Gold Standard = Gold Champion”, and “The Nightmare is Coming to HELMS STREET”. The cameras now go to the handsome gentlemen at the announce table.

Josh Mathews: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to a night that changes professional wrestling forever. I'm your host, Josh Mathews, and tonight is Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's first ever pay-per-view, The Massacre.

Jonathan Coachman: I'm Jonathan Coachman, better known as Coach, and I don't usually agree with you, but your right Josh, tonight a new face of professional wrestling sets a precedent, and babyboy it'll be a night like no other.

Josh Mathews: Months back Paul Heyman and Tod Gordon joined forces to create Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem, and after months and months of hard work, we've come to this historic night. Three hours of absolute amazing wrestling with six matches on the card tonight. Most importantly though, is the crowning of Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's first ever UWM World Heavyweight Champion.

Jonathan Coachman: Eight men started in a tournament for the gold, and tonight, to further change history, we crown a champion.

Josh Mathews: That's right, the UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament culminates tonight, as two fierce competitors meet in this very ring. The “Phenomenal” AJ Styles battles the “Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin for the gold, and it's bound to be a spectacular match.

Jonathan Coachman:
Spectacular indeed, but we both know and have seen that there ain't no stoppin' Shelton Benjamin, so you can bank on him walking away with the world title tonight.

Josh Mathews: Well, that's tough to call, but the world title isn't the only gold on the line tonight, as Generation Next defends the UWM World Tag Team Championship against the fast and furious Hooliganz! Generation Next's Austin Aries and Roderick Strong defeated Hooliganz, Brian Kendrick and Paul London, on the debut of UWM's Tuesday Night Turbo to become the first ever world tag team champions, and tonight, they'll be fighting for those titles once again.

Jonathan Coachman: But babyboy, there's absolutely no reason why Generation Next can't beat the Hooliganz once again to retain their titles.

Josh Mathews: I think there is a reason Coach, as tonight, any interference will result in a forfeit of the match, and if Generation Next forfeit, they also forfeit their titles. And we both know why that strict rule was put in place, as Generation Next has been using cheap tactics from fellow stablemate Matt Sydal to their advantage. One can even say that they won the tag titles due to Sydal.

Jonathan Coachman: Josh, they've explained it countless times, but I guess I'll have to explain it to you as well. It's called smart wrestling, and the best do what they have to in order to succeed.

Josh Mathews: Well, speaking of Generation Next's Matt Sydal, he'll be in action tonight against Jay Lethal. Now, these two have shown animosity towards each other in past several weeks, so tonight is a chance to squash it.

Jonathan Coachman: I wouldn't call it animosity though, as Lethal has been nothin' but disrespectful to my Generation Next boys.

Josh Mathews: Whatever the case, it'll sure to be a great match, but if you're thinking of animosity and disrespect, think no further, as bitter rivals, the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and Gregory Helms go one on one to determine supremacy.

Jonathan Coachman: What do you mean supremacy? Homeboy, we all know Helms is superior, but tonight he'll further prove it.

Josh Mathews: Gregory Helms has been a sore loser, and tonight, the “Fallen Angel” will make him pay for his actions. Also in action tonight is Chris Harris and Lance, also known as Most Wanted, as they take on the Masked Menaces, Delirious and Shark Boy, and last, but not least, Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem holds a UWM Open Invitational Battle Royal with youngster Ken Doane receiving the first five minutes off the match.

Jonathan Coachman: Definitely a jam-packed night, and that...that you can bank on!

Josh Mathews: But now, without further ado, co-owner and general manager, PAUL HEYMAN!

*** MENTAL ***

Out from the back comes Paul Heyman, who not only receives a massive pop from the fans, but also a standing ovation. Heyman embraces the moment at the stage, as he looks out emotionally to the thousands of fans in attendance before making his way to the ring. Heyman walks up the steel steps, and into the ring, as David Penzer hands him the microphone, and boys & girls...here we go!

Paul Heyman: I...

Heyman looks rather emotional, as takes a second to regain himself.

Paul Heyman: You know...I told myself that I wasn't gonna come out here, and gonna get emotional and that I wouldn't break down, but here I am being emotional and breaking down. And do you know why? Because of this (pointing at the mat of the ring)...and this (pointing at the stage and big screen area)...and him (pointing at David Penzer out on ringside)...them (pointing at the announce table)...and YOU (pointing at the fans now)...because it's all real.

Pop, as it seems like Heyman has regained composure.

Paul Heyman: But just a few months ago, all this...everything here...it was all a dream, a figment of my imagination, a mere vision that alluded me. When myself and Tod Gordon...

Pop for Tod Gordon.

Paul Heyman: Yeah...Tod Gordon may not be here tonight with me, but believe me, if it weren't for him, I wouldn't be here tonight...and heck, none of us possibly would be here tonight. No one can compare to his drive and love for this organization. He has that ambition and craving to do that job he loves...and I commend him on that.

Fans begin to chant “TOD GOR-DEN”.

Paul Heyman:
So when myself and Tod Gordon joined forces, and dreamt of creating a professional wrestling organization, we were told told the negatives...that we were crazy...that couldn't possibly make it...or couldn't possibly even compete. But that didn't bring us down...not a chance, we looked up. We kept our dreams alive. And let me tell you this...in order to achieve anything in life, you need faith and belief, but also hard work, determination and dedication. But eh, it wasn't a simple task. It ain't easy creating a multi-millionaire dollar company. But just take a look at where we're at today...

Heyman takes a look around the arena.

Paul Heyman: ...and take a look at where we've come...look at the new face of professional wrestling...look at ULTIMATE WRESTLING MAYHEM!

Huge pop.

Paul Heyman:
And believe me, it may take faith, belief, hard work, determination and dedication, but in the end, none of this could have happened without you...the fans. So stand up, give yourselves a pat on the back, and be proud in what YOU...THE FANS created.

Huge ovation here, as the entire arena is on their feet and a “U-W-M” chants breaks out.

Paul Heyman:
A few months ago, could you have believe that we'd be here tonight LIVE ON PAY PER VIEW? I sure as hell couldn't have, so tonight...for the haters out there, the disbelievers that said it couldn't be done, and for all those who doubted UWM, I say thank you. THANK YOU. Thank you for making me trying that much harder to prove you wrong. You may say that right now, we're not competing with the WWE or TNA, or that we're a couple of steps behind, but I just take it as the ultimate compliment.

Heyman takes a moment to pause and catch his breath before speaking again.

Paul Heyman: I've seen where we were, where we've come, and believe me when I say, where we're going is nowhere but up from here. Cause tonight...

Heyman changes to a stern tone.

Paul Heyman: ...tonight an open invitational battle royal takes place, bitter rivals duel it out, tag team championships are on the line, and a WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION is crowned.


Paul Heyman: But most importantly, tonight Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem not only sets a precedent, but also takes its place in professional wrestling history forever. So for all those missing out on The Massacre, sucks to be you because UWM brings you WRESTLING. This (placing his hand in the air representing everything)...THIS IS WRESTLING.


Paul Heyman:
So ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, viewers from all over the world, and anyone who believes in UWM...thank you, enjoy the show and the dawn of a new era. Let's make tonight go down in history.

*** MENTAL ***

Heyman receives a huge pop, as he takes a glance at the overwhelming amount of fans in attendance before dropping his mic, and slowly making his way to the back. Heyman takes one last stop at the front stage before leaving for good. The cameras cut to an outside view of the Lawlor Events Centre in Reno, Las Vegas before panning back into the announce table.

Josh Mathews: Mr. Heyman showing his appreciation in the fans, and telling the world that UWM is here, and it's only gonna get better.

Jonathan Coachman:
Well, he's right. Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem may be less than a few months ago, but babyboy, I guarantee there are heads turning, thousands tuning in, and many give Paul Heyman the credit he deserves. UWM is a force to be reckoned with, and that...that explain why I'm here with the new face of professional wrestling.

Josh Mathews: Coach, believe it or not, I actually agree with you. In the end, however, just like Heyman said, none of this could have happened with the fans so we thank you.

Jonathan Coachman: That's right. The fans make all this even remotely possible.

Josh Mathews: Tonight is history in the making, as it is Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem debuts with its first ever pay-per-view, The Massacre. That's not all, as later tonight, the UWM World Heavyweight Championship is crowned when the finalists of the UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin clash.

Jonathan Coachman:
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, there no stoppin' Shelton nawww...

Josh Mathews:
Wow...Coach, please never again. Right now though, we have the opening match of the night, as Jay Lethal takes on Generation Next member, Matt Sydal. Let's take a look at how this match came to be.

A small video package featuring the events leading up to the match plays...

Matt Sydal is walking in the arena hallway with his head down. Sydal is toying around with a Playstation Portable, as he bumps into Jay Lethal who is talking to a backstage worker.

Matt Sydal: Hey, watch where you're going!

Jay Lethal: (with a disgruntled expression) What?!? You bumped into me.

Fast forward a bit to where Generation Next stablemates, Austin Aries and Roderick Strong, back up Matt Sydal by pressuring Jay Lethal. Sydal just watches on.

Austin Aries: How about you get a move on before we show you what we can do?

Lethal doesn't back down.

Jay Lethal: I have a better idea, how about you get a steppin'?

Unbelievably, Generation Next leaves Jay Lethal alone, and the video packages goes to the match from a week later involving Ken Doane, Petey Williams, and of course, Jay Lethal and Matt Sydal. The match is a fatal four way battle royal with the winner receiving the first five minutes off the UWM Open Invitational Battle Royal at The Massacre. Matt Sydal cheats, and uses heel tactics for most of the match, as he slides out of the ring, and waits for his opponents to not only wear each other out, but eliminate each other as well. Right after Jay Lethal makes the first elimination of the match by clotheslining Petey Williams over the top rope, Sydal slides into the ring, grabs Lethal by the tights, and THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE! Using his cheap tactics, Sydal has just eliminated Lethal. Fast forward to Generation Next confronting Paul Heyman in his office.

Paul Heyman: ...and Matt Sydal...due to your actions earlier in the battle royal, I've chosen to put you in a match.

Sydal has a shocked and somewhat concerned expression on his face.

Paul Heyman: That's right Sydal...this Sunday at The Massacre, it'll be you...

Some heat for the wiry high-flyer.

Paul Heyman: ...against JAY LETHAL!

Pop from the fans, as Sydal looks absolutely afraid and concerned now.
The short video packages comes to an end.

Josh Mathews: Both Jay Lethal and Matt Sydal are talented wrestlers, and this is bound to be one helluva match. With Sydal causing Lethal some problems in the last couple of weeks, tonight Lethal gets the chance to get some payback.

Jonathan Coachman: Babyboy, are you kiddin' me? Generation Next are the most dominant stable in the history of professional wrestling. Do you really see Matt Sydal losin' to someone like Jay Lethal? Lethal hasn't even won a match in UWM yet.

Josh Mathews:
Well, I think things are about to change...

*** STATIC ***

David Penzer: The following contest is a one on one singles match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Elizabeth, New Jersey, weighing 210 lbs, JAAAAAYYYYYYY...LEEEATHALLL!

Jay Lethal comes out from the back, and receives a pop from the fans. Sporting his typical green and silver tights, Lethal does his signature pose for the fans at the top of the front stage. Lethal makes his way to the ring slapping hands with some well-deserving fans while he's at it before sliding into the ring, and hopping on the middle ropes, and doing his signature pose once again. Lethal takes his place in the ring, and gets set for his opponent.

Josh Mathews: Jay Lethal is looking for some vengeance on Matt Sydal, and he doesn't like to back down, so expect for him to come out blazing.

Jonathan Coachman: Yeah well, I wouldn't doubt this man...


David Penzer: And his opponent, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing 185 lbs, MATT SYYYDAAALLLLLLLLL!

Generation Next's theme song hits to the dismay of the fans, and out comes Matt Sydal. Sydal looks somewhat confident and determined, as he slowly paces to the ring, and instead of his usual slide into the ring, Sydal oddly takes the steel steps.

Jonathan Coachman:
Now this guy...he's the man to beat.

Josh Mathews: Well, Jay Lethal is gonna attempt to beat him, as we get set for the opening match of the night.

Sydal approaches the ring with caution, as he does seem afraid of Jay Lethal. The two are set in the ring, and ready for action.

Match One – Singles Match
Jay Lethal vs. Matt Sydal

As soon as the referee calls for the bell, the two athletic and talented wrestlers go at it, as they lock in an elbow-collar tie up. Jay Lethal uses his slight strength advantage to overpower Matt Sydal, and push him back first into the turnbuckle. With Sydal holding onto the ropes, the referee calls for a break. Lethal slowly relinquishes the tie up, and begins to back up when Sydal strikes with a stiff kick to the midsection. That Kid, Matt Sydal, grabs Lethal by the wrist, and uses it to twist his arm wrenching it into an awkward and uncomfortable state for a standing armbar. Sydal keeps twisting and turning Lethal, who shows true discomfort in his face before he jumping forward, and flipping over untwisting his arm. The hold is released, as Jay quickly hits an arm drag on Sydal. Sydal, however, is quick to his feet, and charges right back at Lethal who uses Sydal's momentum against him, as he hip tosses Sydal straight onto his bum. Lethal then follows up the hip toss with an atypical cartwheel, and finishes off his combination with a “lethal” dropkick to Matt Sydal's face. Lethal does a slight fist pump, as he's quite excited to have the early advantage. The fans are cheering pretty loudly, as they too are excited for the quick paced action thus far in the match.

With high-flying Sydal grounded for the moment grabbing his face, Lethal wastes no more, as he drags Sydal up to his feet. Jay Lethal now grabs Sydal and Irish whips him to the ropes. Sydal hits the ropes, and comes back to Lethal who attempts a clothesline, but Sydal ducks it. Sydal continues to run, and hits the opposite set of ropes before leaping up and grabbing Lethal by the head with his thighs. Sydal looks to be attempting a hurricanrana, but Lethal doesn't budge. Instead, Jay Lethal holds onto Sydal, and runs with him seated on his shoulders. Lethal throws Sydal off his shoulders, and over the ropes! Matt Sydal comes crashing down on to the mat outside of the ring, and begins to toss and turn. The referee begins to count due to Sydal's inactivity from the ring.



Sydal is stirring now, as he gets up to one knee and one foot. Jay Lethal, however, is eyeing Sydal down, as it seems like he's preparing for something.



Sydal is now completely up to his feet, as Jay Lethal dashes from the opposite side of the ring towards Sydal. Lethal flies through the middle ropes, and hits Sydal with an absolutely crazy SUICIDE DIVE! Matt Sydal crashes hard into the steel barrier, while Lethal looks completely unscathed from the move. The fans in the Lawlor Events Center in beautiful Reno, Las Vegas erupt with joy after the death defying move from Lethal. Jay Lethal takes a moment to regain his composure before dragging the seemingly lifeless Sydal up, and throwing him into the ring. Lethal hooks Sydal's leg for the pin attempt.



Just two and a half minutes into the match, it seems as though Matt Sydal still has tons left in the tank, as he quickly kicks out of the pin attempt. Lethal doesn't let up, as he picks Sydal up to his feet, but Matt bursts out of nowhere with a forearm strike to Lethal's face. Sydal continues his exchange with a couple of left and right forearm strikes before finishing up the exchange with a head turning roundhouse kick. Lethal falls to his knees, while Sydal unbelievably retreats from the ring. Sydal slides out, and begins to circle the ring trying to regain himself. Meanwhile in the ring, Jay Lethal is back up to his feet, and notices Sydal circling around the ring. Lethal dashes towards Sydal, and attempts a baseball slide, but Sydal quickly moves out of the way. As soon as Lethal lands on the mat outside, Matt Sydal nearly decapitates him with a vicious clothesline. Sydal then proceeds to hop onto the apron, and make his way to the turnbuckle, while Lethal begins to stir after being hit by the devastating clothesline. Sydal climbs up the turnbuckle with his back to Lethal, while Lethal gets up to his knees. Sydal looks back, and sees Lethal almost to his feet, as he leaps off the top turnbuckle, flips spectacularly in midair, and hits a DIVING MOONSAULT on Jay Lethal!

Despite not being on his side, the fans are going absolutely crazy for Matt Sydal after he put his body on the line in order to do some damage to Lethal. Sydal is groggy, but seemingly unfazed by his death defying move. Jay Lethal, on the other hand, looks completely unconscious. The referee begins a count due to inactivity in the ring.



Matt Sydal is up to his feet, and now drags Lethal up to his feet as well. Sydal throws Lethal in the ring breaking up the count, and quickly attempts a pin.




Sydal is clearly frustrated, but knows it's gonna take more to defeat Jay Lethal. Matt Sydal puts Lethal in a seated position on the mat before he dishes out stiff kicks to Lethal's back. Sydal hits his chest a couple of times, as he shows the fans his confidence. Sydal then runs to the ropes, comes back quickly to Lethal, and grabs a facelock as he hits a flipping neckbreaker. Jay Lethal grabs his neck, as Sydal begins to taunt the fans and his fallen opponent. The fans respond with a chorus of boos, but Sydal doesn't care, as he yells “get up” at Lethal. Lethal manages to get his hands and knees before Sydal kicks him right in the sternum. Sydal takes a step onto Lethal's back, before leaping in the air, flipping backwards, and hitting a wonderful STANDING MOONSAULT to a kneeling Jay Lethal. Matt Sydal hits his second moonsault in this match already. Lethal is absolutely flattened, as Sydal grabs his stomach with obvious pain from the aerial move. Sydal turns Lethal over, and goes for the quick cover.




It is still not enough, as Lethal is slowly becoming a pain in Sydal's ass. Matt Sydal tells the ref to “COUNT FASTER”, as he gets up to his feet, and drags Lethal slowly up to his feet as well. Sydal grabs Lethal by the wrist, and attempts to Irish whip to the turnbuckle, but Lethal counters and Irish whips Sydal instead. Sydal hits the turnbuckle, and Lethal charges in right after looking for a clothesline. Sydal sidesteps the clothesline, and Lethal is destined to the turnbuckle, but he manages to stop before hitting it. Lethal looks back, and sees Sydal charging in now. Lethal uses the ropes to sling himself up into the air, as Sydal runs right underneath him, and hits his chest right into the turnbuckle! After slinging himself up, Lethal lands on his feet, and does a very athletic backflip into a handstand and back onto his feet. Sydal turns himself around, and is basically using the ropes to hold himself up. The Lethal One charges in and hits a a back wheel kick, which makes Sydal stumble forward a bit. After the wheel kick, Jay Lethal bounces off the ropes, grabs Sydal by the head, and drops him for a one hand bulldog! The fans begin to chant “JAY LETH-AL” over and over, as they are excited by the combination that Lethal has just hit on Matt Sydal. Lethal turns Sydal over for the quick cover.



Lethal doesn't seem surprised at all by the one count kick-out, but instead doesn't let up, as he gets up and drags Matt Sydal up right after. Jay picks Matt Sydal up, and drops him on his back for a quick snap suplex. Lethal points to the top turnbuckle, which brings some cheers outta the fans. Jay Lethal scales to the top turnbuckle, but sees Sydal already stirring. Lethal seems to be thinking diving headbutt or diving elbow drop, but Sydal quickly gets to his feet, and although he's stumbling, he manages to hit the ropes, which causes Lethal to be wobbly and fall right on his crown jewels right on the top turnbuckle. Lethal lets out a yelp of pain, but who wouldn't after nailing their prized possession on the turnbuckle. Sydal is still stumbling, but manages to make it over to Lethal nonetheless. Sydal lets out a couple of forearm strikes before amazingly leaping in the air, and hitting Lethal in the back of the head with an enziguri kick! The announcers and fans are completely surprised by the amount of jump in Sydal to be capable of kicking an opponent seated on the top turnbuckle. Sydal continues his onslaught, as he slowly maneuvers himself to a standing position on the middle ropes. Sydal leaps up, hooks his ankles around Lethal's head, flips over for a HURRICANRANA OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! Jay Lethal crashes very hard on the mat, as Sydal seems dazed after the move as well.

Almost eight minutes into the match, the advantage is in Sydal's hands, as it seems like he's given it his absolute all thus far in the match. Sydal is slow to his feet, but up to his feet nonetheless, while Lethal is laying motionless in the middle of the ring. Sydal takes this chance to climb up to the top turnbuckle and look for an aerial move of his own. Sydal gets on the top turnbuckle, and notices a large distance between himself and Jay Lethal. He seems quite unsure of himself, but still decides to leap off the top turnbuckle. Matt Sydal is looking to hit the SHOOTING SYDAL PRESS, but Jay Lethal rolls out of the way, and MATT SYDAL CRASHES AND BURNS! Sydal is rolling around the mat intensely grabbing his chest and stomach region, as Lethal slowly uses the ropes to pick himself up. The fans are cheering nonstop at this point, as these two have put on a spectacle so far in the match. Lethal is up to his feet, but is still using the ropes to hold himself up, as he seems dizzy. Lethal slowly walks over to the fallen Sydal, and covers him.




Sydal manages to kick out of the pin attempt! Lethal then sits there contemplating his next move. Jay gets up to his feet, and picks up the dead weight that is Matt Sydal. Sydal, however, comes out of nowhere with a forearm strike followed by yet another forearm strike. Lethal stumbles back a step, and Sydal leaps up into the air looking to hit an out of nowhere hurricanrana, but like earlier, Lethal catches him, and doesn't budge. Also just like earlier in the match, Lethal runs with Sydal on his shoulders, and attempts to throw him out of the ring again, but Sydal keeps his ankles hooked to Lethal's head, and hits the hurricanrana sending both men out of the ring! Both men are laid out on the outside, which forces the referee to begin a count due to their inactivity in the ring.





Sydal is stirring, as he gets up to his knees using the apron to do so. Lethal, on the other hand, just looks like a dead corpse.



Matt Sydal finally slides into the ring breaking up the count, but he just slides out right after. Sydal grabs the semi-conscious Lethal, drags him to his feet, and chucks him into the ring. Sydal positions Lethal in the middle of the ring before walking over to the ropes. Sydal steps out of the ring, and takes his place on the apron. Sydal grabs the top rope, and uses it to springboard himself up into the air. While in the air, Sydal corkscrews and flips hitting Jay Lethal with an amazing SPRINGBOARD CORKSCREW SENTON! Sydal looks groggy, but manages to hooks Lethal's leg.




Lethal kicks out leaving Sydal completely frustrated. Sydal looks at the ref, and begins instructing him on how to count, as he tells the ref that he's too slow. The frustration is clearly setting in, as Sydal gets up to his feet, and begins to pace back and forth. Matt now drags Lethal up to his feet before Irish whipping him to the turnbuckle. Lethal crashes back first into the turnbuckle, and Sydal charges towards him looking for a clothesline. Lethal dodges it, and Sydal crashes into the turnbuckle. Sydal stumbles back, and turns around only to be greeted by the LETHAL KICK (superkick) from Jay Lethal. Sydal falls straight to the mat, and believe it or not, Lethal falls to the mat as well. Jay Lethal just looks completely exhausted. The referee begins a count due to both men down and seemingly out.





Both men are stirring now with Lethal showing more poise than Sydal.



Jay Lethal is up to his knees, as Matt Sydal is using the ropes to pull himself up.



Lethal manages to get up to his feet breaking the count for himself, but shortly after, so does Matt Sydal who uses the ropes to pull himself up. The two charge at each other with Sydal going for a clothesline, but Lethal ducks it. Sydal turns around only to be delightfully greeted by a spinning back heel kick! Lethal backs away from Sydal, who somehow manages to get to his feet despite the kick. Sydal charges towards Lethal unintelligently and unaware of Lethal's better position. Lethal takes advantage of this, and hits a spinning spinebuster! The crowd is roaring now, as Lethal is getting the better of this late exchange. Jay Lethal is feeling it too, as he clenches his fist, and begins to fist pump a bit. Lethal calls for Sydal to get up, as he yells “c'mon” over and over. Sydal is slow to his feet, but as he soon as he gets to them, Lethal hits him with a vicious European uppercut. Lethal now takes a hold of Sydal before hitting an STO BACKBREAKER followed up by a REVERSE STO completing the LETHAL COMBINATION! Lethal flips Sydal over onto his back before hooking his leg for the pin attempt.




The fans and Jay Lethal alike are utterly shocked that Matty boy managed to kick out of one of Lethal's signature finishing move. With his hands on his head, Lethal looks at the referee with an absolutely hilarious shocked expression. The referee points out that it was only a two count, and Lethal just sits there for a moment deciding how to try to finish Sydal off. Lethal slowly gets up to his feet, before walking over to the turnbuckle area. Lethal steps out onto the apron, and then proceeds to climb to the top turnbuckle. Lethal looks at the fallen Sydal before placing his arms out horizontally, and leaping off the top turnbuckle. Lethal's going for the DIVING DYNAMITE, but Sydal somehow impossibly moves slightly out of the way, which causes JAY LETHAL TO CRASH FACE FIRST INTO THE MAT. How Matt Sydal is managing to survive is beyond me, but he slowly gets up to his knees, and uses the ropes to pull himself up. Lethal is utterly destroyed, but the pain must be giving him an adrenaline boost, as he too is slowly up. Sydal gets to his feet first, and charges at Lethal looking for a clothesline, but Lethal ducks it, and hooks his arms in from behind. Lethal lifts Sydal up looking to hit a dragon suplex of some sort, but Sydal flips back onto his feet. Sydal strikes Lethal in the back before maneuvering Lethal into an inverted bulldog position. Sydal whips his leg over, and drops Lethal with it for an inverted leg drop bulldog, also known as THE SLICE! The move goes straight into a pinning position.




Matt Sydal was so close to pulling it off, but Lethal kicks out! Sydal show three fingers to the referee, but the referee responds with two fingers signalling only a two count. Sydal is absolutely furious, as he gets up to his feet, and drags Lethal to his feet. Lethal is slow to feet, but when he's up, he somehow attacks with a kick to the midsection. Lethal runs to the ropes, and comes back towards Sydal who leaps in the air, and nails Lethal with a spinning savate kick. Lethal stumbles back, but just charges back again looking for a clothesline. Sydal ducks it, and strikes Lethal in the back before maneuvering him into a pumphandle position. Sydal lifts Lethal up and dumps him on his back for a pumphandle half nelson driver, better known as the HERE IT IS DRIVER. Lethal should be absolutely out after that, but Sydal yells out “IT'S OVER”, and jumps up onto the top turnbuckle. Sydal leaps off, and hits the SHOOTING SYDAL PRESS!!! The match is definitely over after that, as Sydal hooks Lethal's leg.




Winner @ 14:19 – Matt Sydal


Matt Sydal gets up to his feet with one arm clutching his stomach, but nonetheless, the referee raises his other arm. A stellar match from the high-flying superstar. Lethal is still laid out, as Sydal slides out of the ring, and begins to make his way to the back. The cameras cut to an outside view of the amazing Lawlor Events Centre before going to the back where Most Wanted [Chris Harris & Lance Cade] are. The two are making their way through the hallways.

Chris Harris: You ready “Cowboy”?

Lance Cade: (enthusiastically) Helllllll yeaaahhh “Wildcat”. It's time to show the world why we're the Most Wanted. BANG 'n' BANG!

Chris Harris: You got that right...we're gonna beat those masked freaks uglier than they already are.

Most Wanted walk right past an unknown wrestler, which the camera pans in on now. The unknown wrestler, who is in blue short tights, is grabbing a drink from the snack table before turning, and revealing himself as...MARK JINDRAK! The appearance of Jindrak actually receives a small pop from the fans. The always lovely Leticia Cline in a stunning low-cut dress comes out of nowhere, and the interview begins...

Leticia Cline: Mark Jindrak, hi...I'm backstage interviewer Leticia Cline...can I have a word with you?

Jindrak takes a full look at Leticia Cline from head to toe before nodding in agreement.

Leticia Cline: Mark, I'm sure the Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem universe, which includes the management, wrestlers and of course, the fans...


Leticia Cline: ...are probably wondering why you're here tonight? Many are speculating that it is because you'll be participating in the UWM Open Invitational Battle Royal. Is there any truth to this?

Jindrak takes a drink from his cup before answering the question.

Mark Jindrak: You hit the mark honey...I am here to not only wrestle in this open invitational battle royal, but to win it. Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem is letting the best there is compete in this battle royal to prove themselves...to make an impact so to speak.

Jindrak smirks cockily.

Mark Jindrak: I'm here to make that impact. No, I may not be signed to Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem as of yet, but believe me babe, after the stellar show that I'm going to have, Heyman and Gordon will be begging at their knees to sign me. I mean just look at me...

Jindrak shows off his abs to Leticia Cline who doesn't really seem impressed.

Mark Jindrak: ...I am the REFLECTION OF...PERFECTION!

The comment garners some heat from the fans.

Mark Jindrak: So tonight, Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem may be making its mark on professional wrestling, but tonight...tonight I make my mark of excellence!

Cameras cut from the backstage area to the announce table now.

Josh Mathews: Wow, did you just hear that Coach? Mark Jindrak is accepting the open invitational challenge, and he'll be joining the UWM roster, as well as any other wrestlers participating in the UWM Open Invitational Battle Royal.

Jonathan Coachman: A shocker no doubt homeboy, and the “Reflection of Perfection” definitely looks ready for the challenge. He might be the one to beat, but one has to wonder, who else is going to accept the challenge?

Josh Mathews: We have no choice, but to wait and see. We do know that Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's very own Ken Doane will be participating in the battle royal, and not only will he be participating, but with his battle royal win last Tuesday on Turbo, Ken Doane will receive the first five minutes off of the battle royal.

Jonathan Coachman: Ken Doane has the clear advantage, but did you just see Mark Jindrak? I'd be worried if I were Ken Doane even if I had the advantage.

Josh Mathews: The battle royal is set for later tonight, but right now, we have tag team action, as the Masked Menaces, Delirious & Shark Boy, take on Chris Harris and Lance Cade, also known as Most Wanted!

A small video package featuring the events leading up to the match plays...

Video goes back a few weeks to Chris Harris and Lance Cade charging in Paul Heyman's office.

Lance Cade: You've announced a bunch of matches for next week, but you left out the MOST WANTED.


Paul Heyman: I've give you a match next week to prove yourselves...next week, I'll put you guys against two local wrestlers. Prove yourselves, and we'll begin to talk about bigger issues.

Cut to a week later with Chris Harris and Lance Cade in an interview with the beautiful Joy Giovanni.

Joy Giovanni: ...why did you guys name yourselves Most Wanted?

Chris Harris: You should be able to know that just be looking at us. I mean c'mon...we're the best looking and most talented tag team in this company. The ladies love us, the fellas wanna be us, and the youngn's idolize us. We're the MOST WANTED.

Lance Cade: That's not all my dear. We're two cowboys causin' ruckus and makin' mayhem. With these looks and this talent, there's always a hit on us. I dare you to try 'n cash in on this. I swear to you...there is no chance for you.

Cade points out the index fingers.

Lance Cade: BANG n' BANG!

Cade and Harris begin to smirk with confidence.

Chris Harris: ...tonight we make an impact...you better be watching cause tonight, we'll show you REAL tag team wrestling.

Harris and Cade leave the backstage area, as the video cuts to the match.

Most Wanted's local opponents end up being The Naturals, Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens, who are more of a challenge than Harris and Cade expected. As soon as Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens get in the ring, Lance Cade gets prematurely excited and dashes towards Douglas looking for a clothesline, but Douglas ducks. Cade runs into Stevens who flips Cade high up and into the air, and out of the ring. That leaves Harris in the ring by himself. Harris charges towards Douglas, who greets him with a kick to the groin region. Stevens comes over, and lifts Harris up, and onto his shoulders. Stevens maneuvers Harris' legs onto Doulgas. Here it comes! The NATURAL DISASTER! Stevens pins...1...2...3! The match is over before it even starts for Most Wanted.

Video cuts to a week later with Chris Harris and Lance Cade back in Paul Heyman's office.

Chris Harris: Now Heyman, we gotta talk...last week didn't go as we planned. We're more than that...we're better than that...we were just a little anxious, a little too excited to prove to the Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem universe that we're the best...the MOST WANTED.

Lance Cade: BANG ON! You know as well as we do Heyman that we could beat any tag team out there. Last week we lost our footing, and we lost our cool.

Paul Heyman kinda seems fed up with the two.

Lance Cade:
Our point is...we deserve a match at The Massacre, and the fans deserve to see us at The Massacre. We're the Most Wanted after all.

Chris Harris nods in agreement.

Chris Harris:
That's right, we'll prove once and for all that we're not bluffing, we're not joking around, and that we're the real deal.

Lance Cade: Bang 'n' bang!

Heyman still looks a little disgusted.

Paul Heyman: ...I decided to put you two...Most Wanted...

Mixed reaction.

Paul Heyman: ...up against the Masked Menaces!...


Paul Heyman: ...Delirious...


Paul Heyman: ...and Shark Boy!


The video comes to a conclusion after a few glimpses of tag team action from Delirious and Shark Boy.

David Penzer: The following match is a two on two tag team match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing at a combined 400 lbs, DELIRIOUSSS and...SHARK BOYYYYY, the MASKED MENACES!

Delirious and Shark Boy come out in their respective costumes to a nice pop from the fans. The two look wacky as ever, as they make their way to the ring slapping hands with fans while they're at it. The two slide in the ring set for action, and while Shark Boy hopes on the ropes, and does his “shark” pose for the fans, Delirious just looks abnormally weirder than usual in the middle of the ring.

Josh Mathews: Well, although these two aren't the most normal of wrestlers, they have proven to be a good duo. Delirious and Shark first joined forces during the UWM Showcase match at the first ever Tuesday Night Turbo, and since then have beaten #1 contenders to the tag titles, The Hooliganz.

Jonathan Coachman: I hope Most Wanted beats these guys uglier than they are...because they're damn ugly. Thank god they have masks on.

Josh Mathews: Coach, you should join them and put on a mask cause you're pretty ugly yourself.

Jonathan Coachman: Josh, was that comment necessary? Babyboy, can you please be professional for once. Jeez, I'm working with amateurs.


David Penzer: And their opponents, weighing at a combined 500 lbs, CHRIS HARRRISSSSS and...LANCE CADDDEEEEEE...MOST WANTEDDDDD!

And out comes “Wildcat” Chris Harris along with “Cowboy” Lance Cade in matching “cowboy” attire. The fans give them a mixed reaction, as they pose at the top of the stage, before making their way to the ring, refusing to slap hands with fans while they're at it. The two takes the steps into the ring, and get set to tussle.

Jonathan Coachman: And here are your winners, the good looking and talented MOST WANTED!

Josh Mathews: Although they haven't won a match in UWM thus far, Chris Harris and Lance Cade have shown flashes of tag team excellence so they won't be an easy win. That's for sure.

Jonathan Coachman: Homeboy, do you even recognize greatness? You should cause they're standing right in front of you.

Delirious opts to start the match against Lance Cade, while Chris Harris and Shark Boy stand at their respective sides.

Match Two – Tag Team Match
Masked Menaces [Delirious & Shark Boy] vs. Most Wanted [Chris Harris & Lance Cade]

The referee calls for the bells, and the match is on. Lance Cade calls for an elbow-collar tie up, and Delirious agrees to it, but as soon as Cade gets close, the green and black masked wrestler throws his head forward hitting Cade in the face with a headbutt out of nowhere. Cade stumbles back clutching his face, while Delirious takes a step back, and begins to laugh frantically. Furious, the Cowboy charges at Delirious, but oddly enough, Delirious begins to prance around the ring like a delusional child. The fans are continually laughing at Cade now, as he can't seem to catch up to Delirious. Delirous then slides out of the ring, which prompts Cade to follow him. The referee begins a count now due to the inactivity in the ring.


Delirious dashes around the ring, and towards Most Wanted's “side” of the ring where Chris Harris stands on apron.


Lance Cade continues to run after Delirious, while Harris hops off the apron.


Delirious is running towards Chris Harris now, who seems to preparing himself for a clothesline, but Delirious ducks it, and instead Lance Cade is caught by the clothesline!


Delirious slides back into the ring now breaking up the ten count. Chris Harris is now tending to Lance Cade, whom he just accidentally clotheslined. Harris tells Cade, “c'mon, get in there”, as he helps Cade to his feet. The crowd is rowdy, and somewhat in tears after laughing at Delirious' amazing ploy. Cade slides back into the ring, and takes a deep, dark look at Delirious now. Delirious looks to his left, then looks to his right, before point at himself signalling “WHO? ME?”. Just around a minute and half into the match, Most Wanted have looked like nothing but a joke.

Delirious and Lance Cade meet in the middle of the ring once again, and actually lock up in an elbow-collar tie up. Cade doesn't waste time, and quickly gives Delirious a kick to the sternum. Cade grabs Delirious' wrist, and uses it to apply a hammerlock with Delirious' arm bent against his back. Cade continues to wrench at the arm applying pressure to the shoulder joint. Delirious reverses it out of nowhere, however, and gets himself behind Cade with a hammerlock now on Cade. Delirious quickly relinquishes the hold, and instead throws a kick to the back of Cade's leg, which makes Cade drops to his knees. Delirious now hops in the air, and nails Cade right in the back with a dropkick. The masked wrestler attempts to pick Cade up now, but Cade uses his fingers to poke Delirious in the eye. The referee didn't notice the cheap shot, but even if he did, Cade probably wouldn't care. Cade gets up to his feet, and blazes Delirious with forearm strikes, before attempting to Irish whip him to the turnbuckle, but instead, Delirious sends Cade to the turnbuckle. Delirious hits a lariat. Then hits another lariat. Delirious with a third lariat now. And another one. And yet another one. And another...another...another. It's a NEVERENDING STORY! Delirious continues his repeated lariats for a good moment before moving towards the centre of the ring, and letting out a weird yelp. Cade drops to the mat, and slides out of the ring looking completely dazed and confused.

The fans are enjoying the match thus far, as Cade begins to walk up the ramp seemingly not knowing where he's going. Chris Harris hops off the apron, and walks over to Cade before bringing him back towards the ring. Wildcat tells Cade, “we got this...we got this”, as Cade slides back into the ring, and tags Chris Harris in for the first time in the match. Seeing that, Delirious chooses to tag Shark Boy in as well. Harris tries to get the crowd on his side by putting his arms out, and signalling for them to make some noise, but the fans in the Lawlor Events Center just boo him. Shark Boy then walks over, and hops onto the middle ropes before doing his shark pose, and the fans begin to cheer. This actually seems to frustrate Harris. Chris Harris and Shark Boy now meet in the middle of the ring in an elbow-collar tie up. Third attempt at it already in this match. Harris takes no time to attack, as he uses his strength advantage to toss the much smaller Shark Boy to the mat. Sharky gets right back up, and charges towards Harris, who manages to take Shark Boy down with a lariat. Shark Boy doesn't give, as he's up quick to his feet again, but this time is met by a series of forearm strikes followed up by a kick to the midsection. Harris runs to the ropes, bounces off, and comes back to drop Shark Boy on his face for a bulldog.

To the dismay of the fans and for the first time in the match, Most Wanted have the advantage thanks in part by Chris Harris. Wildcat continues his onslaught, as he viciously demolishes Shark Boy with a kicks to the abdomen. Harris drags Sharky up to his feet, before lifting him up in the air, upside down, for a moment...before finally dropping Shark Boy on his back, after the blood rushed to his head, for an incredible delayed suplex. Harris really shows the crowd his brute strength before he shows his aggression as well by yelling, “YEAHHH, THAT'S RIGHT!” Harris flips 'em over, and cover Shark Boy for the first pin attempt of the match.



The cocky Chris Harris doesn't seem all that stunned that Shark Boy kicked out so quickly, but instead focuses his attention to wearing down Shark Boy even more. Harris drags Shark Boy up to his feet, and pulls him over to Lance Cade before tagging in his Most Wanted partner. Harris holds Sharky steady for Cade to drill him with a kick to the groin region. Cade moves Shark Boy to the middle of the ring before Irish whipping him to the ropes. Shark Boy hits the ropes, and bounces back towards Cade, who nearly takes out Shark Boy's head with a nasty back elbow strike. Lance Cade lets out a little “WHOOOOO” before making his way to the turnbuckle. Cade climbs up the turnbuckle, and puts his arms out preparing for an aerial move, which he doesn't usually do, but goes for it anyways. Cade leaps off looking to hit a diving leg drop, but Shark Boy rolls out of the way! Cade lands hard on his behind, and that explains why he doesn't do aerial moves. Shark Boy rolls all the way over to Delirious, and tags his Masked Menace partner in. Cade takes one look at the deranged Delirious, and puts his arms out telling Delirious to back up. Still on his ass, Cade starts back peddling to his own corner looking like a child in the process. Lance tags his Chris Harris back into the match.

Most Wanted haven't really shown the most poise in the match thus far, and that's in large part to Lance Cade, but Chris Harris is trying to change things, as he charges towards Delirious. Delirious uses Harris' own momentum against him, as he plants him on his face with a drop toe hold. Harris begins to clutch his face, but slowly gets up to his feet nonetheless. As soon as he gets up to his feet, he turns around to face Delirious, but is greeted by a leaping lariat! Delirious gets up to his feet, and screams “BAM”, while Wildcat still lays motionless in the middle of the ring. Delirious drops to Chris Harris, and locks in the COBRA STRETCH! Right away, Harris lets out a yelp of help. Lance Cade can't take it anymore, and decides to get in the ring, and break up the action with a swift kick to Delirious' back. The referee begins to argue with Lance Cade, but out of nowhere comes Shark Boy, who uses the top ropes to slingshot crossbody Cade. All four men are in the ring now with the referee feeling completely lost.

Delirious gets up to his feet now, and joins Shark Boy in dragging Cade up to his feet. The Masked Menaces grab Cade, and Irish whip him to the ropes. Cade hits the ropes, and comes back to the Menaces attempting simultaneous clothesline, but Cade ducks it and continues to run to the opposite set of ropes. Cade manages to wraps his arms around the ropes, and stop himself. Delirious charges at Lance Cade, while Shark Boy attempts to do the same, but Chris Harris grabs his foot, and holds him back. Delirious gets to Lance Cade, but Cade just flips Delirious over the top rope with a BIG BACK BODY DROP TO THE MAT OUTSIDE. Shark Boy managed to get his foot free by kicking Harris, but as soon as he turns over to tend to Cade, Cade comes over and drills Shark with a SUPERKICK! Shark Boy falls to the mat, as the past minute has just been completely hectic. Chris Harris covers Shark Boy.


The referee informs Wildcat that Shark Boy is not the legal man, which totally screws Chris Harris and Lance Cade over. The two are completely frustrated, as Harris gets up, grabs Shark Boy by the tights, and literally just chucks him out of the ring. Chris Harris tells Cade to grab Delirious, which Cade promptly does, as he slides out of the ring, grabs Delirious, and throws him into the ring. Harris hooks Delirious' leg now.




Chris Harris lets out a groan of frustration before getting up to his feet. Harris paces back and forth thinking of what to do, while Delirious rolls over onto his hands and knees. Harris walks up to Delirious, but out of nowhere, Delirious crawls right through Harris' legs, and up onto his feet. Delirious now bounces off the ropes, and comes back to Harris who attempts a lariat, but Delirious ducks it, and hooks his arm in. Delirious uses his hooked arm to circle around mocking Harris, and calling for the BANANA PHONE! Just some abnormal theatrics before Delirious rolls Harris up into a small package.




Delirious almost pulled the win out of nowhere, but Harris kicks out just in the nick of time. Harris isn't too happy about this now, as he quickly gets to his feet. Harris charges at Delirious looking for absolutely anything close to a lariat, but Delirious ducks the measly attempt, and as Wildcat turns around, he's greeted by a kick to the sternum. Delirious underhooks Harris' arms, and seems to be looking his patented double underhook piledriver PRAYING MANTIS BOMB, but Lance Cade comes out of nowhere with a dropkick to Delirious. Shark Boy slides into the ring now, and gives Cade a dropkick of his own. Shark Boy goes to tend to Delirious, who is hanging off the middle ropes, for a moment, while both Chris Harris and Lance Cade regain themselves. Delirious gets to his feet, and the two turn to face their Most Wanted counterparts. Harris, however, charges at Shark Boy and jumps on him for the Lou Thesz press, following that up by multiple punches. Cade, on the other hand, attacks Delirious with a lariat, followed by multiple leg kicks to the midsection. With Shark Boy seemingly taken out by Harris, Harris joins Cade in slaughtering Delirious.

Most Wanted drag Delirious to his feet before Irish whipping him to the ropes. Delirious hits the ropes before coming back and receiving a nasty double clothesline. Cowboy and Wildcat take a look at the fallen Delirious, as the ref begins to to tell Cowboy to leave the ring, but with Shark Boy still lying in the ring, and the numbers seemingly to their side, Most Wanted ignore the read, and instead drag Delirious to his feet. The two Irish whip him to the turnbuckle where he crashes pretty hard. Chris Harris then takes Cade by the hand, and Irish whips him towards Delirious. Cade flies towards Delirious hitting him with a lariat. Cade moves out of the way, and Harris charges in hitting a lariat as well. Cade and Harris then look at each other, before agreeing to hoist Delirious up onto the top turnbuckle. Cade begins to scale the ropes, while Harris turns over to see where Shark Boy is. Little does he know Shark Boy is up, and ready to go. Harris turns around, and receives a kick to the midsection. Shark Boy follows up the kick with the CHUMMER, his own variation of the Stunner. Harris drops straight to his back, and then Sharky tends to Cade who is on the second ropes preparing for a top turnbuckle superplex of some sort. Shark strikes Cade in the back a few times before getting out of the ring, and onto the apron. Shark Boy gets on the second turnbuckle, while Cade still stands on the second turnbuckle (inside of the ring) himself. SHARK BOY LEAPS OVER THE TOP ROPE GRABBING LANCE CADE, HITTING HIM WITH SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB, WHILE HE'S HOLDING DELIRIOUS IN A SUPERPLEX POSITION, WHICH COMPLETES THE SUPERPLEX!

The fans are going absolutely wild at the crazy combination of moves just hit by these daring wrestlers. Delirious looks to be completely out, Lance Cade is out his back looking at the stars, Shark Boy just looks exhausted, and Chris Harris is still motionless after the Chummer. The referee along with the fans don't know what to think about the situation. Shark Boy goes to pin Lance Cade.


The referee informs Shark Boy that Lance Cade isn't the legal man. Shark Boy literally rolls over to Chris Harris, and hooks his leg.


The referee now informs Shark Boy that he also is not the legal man. Tough douchebag referee eh? Shark Boy goes over to Delirious and begins to shake him, trying to get his Masked Menace partner to full consciousness. After a short moment of odd shaking, Delirious weirdly snaps out of it with theatrics. Delirious crawls over to Lance Cade, and attempts to pin him. Shark Boy puts his hands on his head, probably a little frustrated that Delirious went to pin the non-legal wrestler or laughing because just moment ago, he had done the same thing. Shark Boy tells Delirious that Chris Harris is the legal man. Delirious smacks his head saying “DUH”, and rolls over exactly like Shark Boy to Chris Harris attempting to pin him now.




There's an “AWHHH” sound coming from the crowd, as well as the Masked Menaces, as Chris Harris kicks out nearly before the three count finished. Maybe if the two weren't so delusional all the time, the match would be over. The referee is still a little furious that not everyone is out the ring, but at this point, he doesn't care too much. Shark Boy tells Delirious to go to the top turnbuckle. Delirious does that, while he drags Harris to his feet. Shark Boy gives Chris Harris a kick to the midsection before dropping him right on his face with a facebuster. Delirious gets to the top turnbuckle now, and sees Harris on his hands and knees. Lance Cade is up now, and as soon as Shark Boy sees this, Sharky goes to him, but only to receive a kick to the groin region. Cade grabs a hold of Shark Boy, lifts him up in the air, and drops him on his back for his signature SITOUT SIDE SLAM SPINEBUSTER! Meanwhile, Delirious leaps off the top turnbuckle looking for the SHADOWS OVER HELL (diving splash onto kneeling opponent), but Chris Harris rolls out of the way, and DELIRIOUS CRASHES AND BURNS!

After an impressive little roll there by the Masked Menaces, they don't look too good now with Cade grabbing Shark Boy by the tights and tossing him through the middle ropes, and to the mat outside of the ring. Harris is slow to his feet, but when he gets there, he waits for Delirious to get up also. Delirious is still dazed after hitting the mat hard, but he does manage to drag himself up. As soon as he gets up, however, Chris Harris charges in and hits in with a SPEAR! Harris yells at Cade “LETS FINISH THIS”, and he goes over to the turnbuckle. Harris climbs the turnbuckle, while Cade drags Delirious up, and gets him into a bearhug. Cade lowers him a bit, and Harris leaps off the top turnbuckle hitting a diving leg drop finishing off the DEATH SENTENCE! Harris lays over Delirious with his hands in the air cockily pinning the masked wrestler.




Winner @ 14:03 – Most Wanted [Chris Harris & Lance Cade]

Chris Harris and Lance Cade both get to their feet, and begin to celebrate their first win in Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem. The referee raises their arms, before the two go to opposite sets of turnbuckles, and poses for the crowd, who don't really cheer for them. Cameras cut to the locker room area, where the Hooliganz [Brian Kendrick & Paul London] are getting ready.

Brian Kendrick: You good man?

Paul London:
(while checking his gloves) Yeah man, no interference, no problems, just us against them...we got this.

Brian Kendrick: Yeah yeah...(in his own breath) whoa!

Ashley Massaro walks into the picture receiving a nice pop, looking rather amazing, and sees a wide grin on Kendrick's face, while London still looks the usual.

Ashley Massaro: Hey hey, how's it goin' boys? You guys ready or what?

Paul London:
Hey Ash...we're good and we're ready of course. We're gonna give Austin Aries and Roderick Strong the beating they deserve.


Paul London: I gotta say though Ashley, we can't thank you enough for joining us once again. You were a great help in the past, and like you proved last week, I'm sure you'll be of great help now.

Brian Kendrick still has a wide grin on his face, as he's continuously staring at Ashley's “goods”.

Paul London: And I know you can't be out there with us tonight, but it's our turn to shine, it's our turn to show who the better team really is, and believe me, we're bringing the UWM World Tag Team Championship to where they belong.


Paul London: Brian...you got anything to add?

Kendrick snaps out of it...barely.

Brian Kendrick: Ugh...uh...no no no. You got it hard on, ah...I mean spot on.

Both Ashley and Paul give Kendrick a short look of concern.

Ashley Massaro: To be honest boys, I can't thank you enough. I'm happy to be back with you guys, but not just that...I'm ecstatic to be with U-W-M. It's definitely the place to be. Enough about me...tonight is about you, Generation Next and the tag team titles. I know you guys got it in the bag, but good luck out there anyways guys, ya' know that I'll be rooting for ya.

Brian Kendrick is still starting at Ashley like a hungry dog.

Paul London: Thanks...

Ashley Massaro: I'm gonna leave you to get ready now. Later boys.

Ashley Massaro leaves the locker room area, and Brian Kendrick fully snaps out of his trance.

Brian Kendrick: OH...MY...GOD...she's so hot man. I'm sooooo glad she's on our side. I mean, did you see those...

Kendrick uses his hands to make it like he's cupping something.

Paul London: Yeah man, but we gotta focus now...no more distractions. It's almost time for us to get what's rightfully ours...the UWM World Tag Team Championship.

Cameras cut to the announce table.

Josh Mathews: The Hooliganz seem pretty ready to take on UWM World Tag Team Champions, Generation Next, for the titles.

Jonathan Coachman: Who are you kiddin' Josh? One half of the team is totally distracted. Did you see Kendrick ogling Ashley? He surely has different things on his mind. And Ashley, why are with the Hooliganz for Pete's sake? They're just gonna end up losers like how they've always been. Join Generation Next, the faction of the future. Heck...join me, I wouldn't mind your presence.

Josh Mathews: Who am I kidding? Coach, who are you kidding? Ashley would never join you. There's a stench to you that makes me sitting with you unbearable. On a different note, there will be no interferences, no distractions, and no outside problems in the UWM World Tag Team Championship match or a forfeit will handed out, and surely the Hooliganz will be one hundred percent ready.

Jonathan Coachman: One hundred perfect ready or not, Generation Next isn't just gonna back down. Wait...who's this?

*** ALL EYEZ ON ME ***

David Penzer: Coming to the ring...a third generation wrestler, member of the Hart wrestling family...TEDDDDDY HAAARRRRRT!

Teddy Hart comes out to a mixed reaction from the fans. Standing at the stage, Hart, with a disgusted expression upon his face, takes a look around the arena before cockily strutting to the ring, refusing to slap hands with the fans. Teddy Hart slides into the ring, and grabs the mic from David Penzer.

Teddy Hart:
Teddy Hart is in the building folks.

Mixed reaction.

Teddy Hart: Get used to my name boys and girls cause I'm Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's newest acquisition, and you'll be hearin' my name a whole fuckin' lot from now on.

Some heat.

Teddy Hart: Oh...so you haven't heard of me? How the hell haven't you heard of me? I've got fans all over the world, but in this shit town of Reno, Las Vegas, no one knows me?


Teddy Hart: Have you ever watched television before? Have you been on the internet before? You know what, fuck it, y'all probably can't even afford a television or computer to know who I am. And just in case you didn't hear this guy right here, this guy who gets paid to yell out names, I am a THIRD GENERATION WRESTLER. But not just any third generation wrestler. Ya know, some people brag about being a third generation wrestler, but they came from a no name shitty ass wrestling family.


Teddy Hart: See, I'm different from them...I belong to a real wrestling family...a real wrestling dynasty...THE HART DYNASTY.

Mixed reaction.

Teddy Hart: Now you incompetent fools should know something about the Hart Dynasty. Only the biggest and the best professional wrestlers in the world came from the Hart Dynasty. We're talking about Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Owen 'god rest your soul' Hart, the “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith, Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart, and a few you might know from elsewhere...David Hart and Natalie Neidhart.

Pop for all the name drops.

Teddy Hart: Not only did the Hart Dynasty consist of the best in the world, but we also produced the best in the world. Guys like Chris Beniot, Chris Jericho, a guy who many you know as Edge. But me...I'm a real Hart. I grew up in the best country in the world, Canada of course...

Boos followed by “U-S-A” chants.

Teddy Hart: Yah yah...you pill poppin', needle stickin' animals cheer for this corrupt country of yours. I don't give a shit.


Teddy Hart: Do you know me now? I'm the best in the biz. I put my life on the frickin' line each and every time I'm out here. And you know for what? For your entertainment. I deserve a fuckin' applause.


Teddy Hart: Now, I've been asked about a thousands times tonight if I was gonna participate in this Open Invitational Battle Royal. My answer. NO.


Teddy Hart: You see, this battle royal is supposedly for those who want to make an impact...for those who want to show off. Guess what? I don't need to do that. I don't need to make an impact or show off especially for you fans. I already know I'm the best, and I already know I can beat the rest of this roster outta their fuckin' minds. I'd fuck up the rest of the roster silly. Slip my dick into each and every single hole, and screw the shit outta it.


Teddy Hart: As a matter of fact, I think I should be next up for the UWM World Heavyweight Championship. I understand the first ever champion is crowned tonight, but why not have the first real champion...(points at himself) moi...have the title to start a real dynasty. I don't care who the fuck I gotta face...AJ Styles or Shelton Benjamin...neither of them of have a phenomenal shot at me nawwwww (rips on both AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin).

Teddy Hart: So gimme the belt now so I can m...

*** TEAR IT UP ***

And coming out from the back, already receiving a huge pop from the fans despite this being his first UWM appearance, SEAN WALTMAN! With a mic in hand, Waltman makes his way to the ring, speaking at the same time.

Sean Waltman: Teddy...SHUT UP!

Pop, as Waltman begins to climb the steel steps to get into the ring.

Teddy Hart: What? Wh...

Sean Waltman: (interrupting) NO! Don't speak, just shut up and listen.


Sean Waltman: See, we understand that your a third generation wrestler, a member of the famous Hart wrestling family, but what everyone here in beautiful RENO, LAS VEGAS...


Sean Waltman: ...don't understand is you got your head soooo far up your ass.

Huge pop, as the comment clearly angers Teddy Hart.

Sean Waltman: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem...WHAT'S UP!?!


Teddy Hart: This is...

Sean Waltman: (interrupting) No no no, listen. We all understand that your new here, so am I playa, but it's one thing to come out here and introduce yourself, but it's another thing to come out here, trash the fans, trash the roster, and basically trash the organization that gave you a job. I don't know where you came from, honestly don't care, but this here...this is ULTIMATE WRESTLING MAYHEM.

Huge pop.

Sean Waltman: Show some decency man, we're live on PAY-PER-VIEW.

Waltman pauses for a moment, as Hart seems quite frustrated.

Sean Waltman:
You want a shot at the world championship, you want some recognition? I suggest you do as many are gonna do tonight...participate in the UWM Open Invitational Battle Royal. Make your impact, make your statement, and make it known that you should be champ because that...that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

Pop, as Waltman finally gives Hart a chance to speak.

Teddy Hart: First off, you fuckin' dare to interrupt me again n' we'll see who's head is up their ass. Secondly...who are you? Sean fuckin' Waltman? Shouldn't you be in a retirement home or somethin'? Is your memory in black and white? You fart dust don't you?

Heat, as Teddy begins to laugh.

Teddy Hart: I mean...you should act your age and DIE already.

Tons of heat for that comment.

Teddy Hart: And lastly...I don't know if you heard me, your hearing aid must have been off or somethin', I already said my shit about the battle royal, but since you clearly need a reminder, I'll say it again.

Hart pauses for a second.

Teddy Hart:
I'm better than this battle royal, and I'm better than this roster.

Teddy begins to smirk.

Sean Waltman: You may think that your better than this battle royal, better than this roster, so then prove it. Everyone here knows my resume is better than yours, but I'm still here to kick some ass and prove myself. It ain't enough to say that your better, and as a professional wrestling, you should know that. So if you wanna make an impact, I suggest you join the battle royal. Show up, show the world what your made of and show me whatcha got.

Teddy Hart: Nah...you want me to make an impact...

Teddy smirks.

Teddy Hart:
...I'll do it like this instead...

Teddy Hart cocks back his right hand with the microphone in hand, and attempts to hit Sean Waltman with it, but Waltman somehow manages to duck it! Hart turns around, and is greeted by a kick to the midsection. Sean Waltman grabs Hart's head and ATTEMPTS THE X-FACTOR BUT TEDDY HART DUCKS AWAY, AND ROLLS OUT OF THE RING. Waltman is left in the ring by himself, as Hart clutches his stomach while walking back up the ramp.

*** TEAR IT UP ***

Pop for Sean Waltman, as cameras cut to the announce table.

Josh Mathews: Both Teddy Hart and Sean Waltman just made their debuts to Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem, but it looks like Waltman made the bigger impact, as he almost bested Hart.

Jonathan Coachman: Babyboy, do you hear yourself? You just said he almost bested Hart. Almost ain't good enough. Teddy Hart is a third generation wrestler coming from the Hart Dynasty, he deserves more respect than he's gotten in his debut tonight.

Josh Mathews: I don't think he deserves any respect after the disrespect he's shown tonight. The foul language doesn't help his case either. On a separate and more positive note, the UWM World Tag Team Championship are on the line next, but first, Joy Giovanni talks to Austin Aries and Roderick Strong.

Cameras cut to the back to the stunning Joy Giovanni. Just thinking about the things I would do to her drive me crazy, and the fans definitely feel the same as the crowd roars with a nice pop for the lovely lady. Joining the picture are Austin Aries, Roderick Strong and winner from earlier tonight, Matt Sydal!

Joy Giovanni: Hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm Joy Giovanni and I'm here with UWM World Tag Team Champions...Austin Aries and Roderick Strong of Generation Next!

Some heat.

Joy Giovanni: Now tonight, you take on The Hooliganz with the titles on the line in a match where any interference will result in a forfeit. And for you guys, a forfeit will also cause you to lose your titles, how do you feel about the match stipulations?

Austin Aries grabs Joy's hand with the microphone in it, and drags it closer to his mouth.

Austin Aries: (cockily) It doesn't matter what the match stips are, it doesn't matter what the match type is, and it certainly doesn't matter who the opponents are. You know what does matter...(points at the tag title over his shoulder) this...this is what matters.

Roderick Strong nods in agreement.

Austin Aries: You see, me and Roderick Strong prove week in and week out that we're not only deserving of these titles, but that we're the best tag team ever to grace the squared circle. But ya know, we don't get the recognition. No, no, no, that's not what we hear. Since we won the UWM World Tag Team Championship, all we've heard from everyone is that if it weren't for Matt Sydal's interference, we wouldn't have these titles right now. You know what I say to that?

Aries takes a pause.

Austin Aries: I say that...that's just another excuse as to why you lost. Don't blame your failures on us. Blame it on yourself. Brian Kendrick and Paul London or (mockingly) The Hooliganz if that's what you wanna be called...tonight, we're gonna prove for once and for all that our title win was not a fluke, it was not mistake, and that we deserve being called UWM's first ever tag team champions. I mean c'mon...we're the best damn thing in U-W-M.


Austin Aries: And believe me boys, interference or not, we were always the better tag team. And tonight, we're gonna beat that into your heads so you can finally understand it.

Heat, as Roderick Strong snags the microphone closer to him now.

Roderick Strong: That's right. And Matty boy here (points at Matt Sydal) won his match earlier tonight like (cockily) expected, and might I add, he did in an absolutely stellar fashion.

Heat, as Matt Sydal nods his head seemingly impressed with himself.

Roderick Strong: And he's not done...not by a long shot. He's gonna go out their and dominate the UWM Open Invitational Battle Royal later tonight.

Sydal suddenly has an awkward shocked face that nor Aries or Strong see.

Roderick Strong: And the dominance will continue, as Austin and I successfully retain our titles. Like Aries said, we're the superior tag team and you know why? Cause we're not only the past, but the present and future of professional wrestling. We are GENERATION NEXT.

Strong smiles, as “YOU SUCK” chants begin.

Roderick Strong: And you may have brought in a bitch to help you out, because God knows you need the help, but the end result will still be the same. Generation Next on top, and you Hooliganz down and out.

Austin Aries snags the mic back to himself.

Austin Aries: Speaking of the slut, where'd you get her huh? Off the street corner? Cause she looks like a five dollar whore and you know it.


Austin Aries: Well, wherever you got her, I suggest you take one last good look at her because tonight it's over for you.

Aries smirks, as cameras cut to the announce table.

Josh Mathews: Some huge words from current UWM World Tag Team Champions, Generation Next, but the question is, will they still be champs after tonight?

Jonathan Coachman: And why wouldn't they be? They've beaten the Hooliganz before, and there's no doubt on my mind that they'll do it again. Plus homeboy, did you see Matt Sydal earlier tonight?

Josh Mathews: Well we're gonna see about that because Generation Next defends their titles next!

A small video package featuring the events leading up to the match plays...

Video goes back to the debut of Tuesday Night Turbo, where Paul Heyman makes the UWM World Tag Team Championship announcement.

Paul Heyman: I was going to make another announcement concerning the UWM World Tag Team Championships...so tonight in our Tuesday Night Turbo MAIN EVENT, we will have Generation Next's Austin Aries...

Mixed reaction.

Paul Heyman: ...and Roderick Strong...

Mixed reaction.

Paul Heyman: ...against the Hooliganz's Brian Kendrick and Paul London!

Huge pop, as the video cuts to the match now, where Generation Next member Matt Sydal interferes on his behalf of his teammates, which helps them win the UWM World Tag Team Championship. The titles are handed to Austin Aries and Roderick Strong, who celebrate being the first ever UWM World Tag Team Champions. Fast forward a week...

Austin Aries: Welcome to the dawn of a new era...the era of GENERATION NEXT!

Mixed reaction.

Austin Aries: We're Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's World Tag Team Champions. And you better get used to it...cause there's nothing that can stop us.


Paul London: I thought so. I got a question for you guys...if the strong survive, and you're the best wrestlers in the world, then why did you have to cheat to win?

Austin Aries: CHEAT? We don't CHEAT!

Brian Kendrick: Oh really? Roll the footage boys...

Footage plays of the UWM World Tag Team Championship Match with highlights of the spectacular match. Towards the end of the video match recap, it shows Matt Sydal hopping on the apron and distracting the referee, while Roderick Strong hits a devastating backbreaker. Sydal hops off the apron, and the referee gets back to the match where Strong has the pin. 1...2...3! The footage ends.

Paul London: ...don't take the congrats too far...cause at Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's first ever pay-per-view, THE MASSACRE, it'll be YOU against US for the UWM World Tag Team Championship.

Huge pop, as G-Next's happiness goes to frustration.

Paul London: And if your boy Sydal tries and interferes this time then the the tag team titles automatically go to us.

The video cuts to highlights of the next week where Matt Sydal pretends to be Shark Boy, and causes The Hooliganz to lose to Delirious and 'Shark Boy'. A week later, Austin Aries manages to beat Brian Kendrick in singles action, but the week before The Massacre, The Hooliganz finally get the last laugh, as a hooded figure, who turns out to be ASHLEY MASSARO, interferes on Paul London's behalf, helping London win the match against Roderick Strong. And here we are...
The video package comes to an end.

*** ROCKER ***

David Penzer: The following match is a two on two tag team match scheduled for one fall for the U-W-M WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS...introducing first, the challengers weighing in at a combined 385 lbs...BRIAN KENNNNNDRICK...and...PAUL LONDON...THE HOOOOOLIGANZ!

Brian Kendrick and Paul London come out with matching masks and capes to a nice pop from the fans. The two feel the excitement rush through their bones, as they dash simultaneously to the ring before simultaneously sliding in as well.

Josh Mathews: The Hooliganz are in the building ladies and gentlemen! And boy are they looking ecstatic or what?

Jonathan Coachman:
Or what is my answer. They can look like anything they want now, but when the match is done, all they'll look like is losers!

The Hooliganz go to opposite sets of turnbuckles, step onto the middle turnbuckle, and do simultaneous backflips, which gets an applause from the fans. The two remove their masks and capes, and get set for action.

*** AMAZING ***

David Penzer: And their opponents, weighing in at a combined 415 lbs, the UWM WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSSSSS...AUSTIN ARIES...and...RODERICK STRONG...GENERATION NEXXXXXTTT!

Austin Aries and Roderick Strong come out to the stage, both with the titles around their waists, and look around at the jam packed Lawlor Events Center. The crowd gives them plenty of heat, as Aries is playing around with his wristbands, and Strong hops up and down. The two cockily strut to the ring, before stopping right in front of the apron.

Jonathan Coachman: Babyboy, the champions have arrived!

Josh Mathews: They sure have. UWM's first ever tag team champions, Generation Next, have been nothing but dominant since their championship win on UWM's first ever Tuesday Night Turbo, but can they continue their dominance tonight against the always tough Hooliganz.

Aries and Strong hop onto the apron, get in the ring, and just stare right at their opponents. It's evident that nothing is going to distract them tonight. The two unstrap their titles, and hand them to the referee before getting set for action. Paul London chooses to start the match, while Austin Aries looks to start as well. And here we go...

Match Three – UWM World Tag Team Championship Match [Recapped]
Generation Next (c) [Austin Aries & Roderick Strong] vs. The Hooliganz [Brian Kendrick & Paul London]

Austin Aries and Paul London start the match, as they both lock up in an elbow-collar tie up. The two struggle for control and position with Aries getting the upper hand due to his strength advantage. Aries locks the Hooligan into a side headlock, but London somehow manages to maneuver himself in position to hit a back suplex. Both men are quickly up to their feet, but London shows his speed advantage, as he gets to his feet first and hits a dropkick straight to the chin of Aries. A Double is set back by this, as he drops onto his back, and rolls out of the ring. Roderick Strong looks to comfort his partner by dropping off the apron and tending to his partner. London takes this opportunity to go for a SOMERSAULT PLANCHA over the top rope, but amazingly, Generation Next catches London and drop him onto his feet, before the three start exchanging strikes. Out of nowhere now, Brian Kendrick comes flying over the top rope with a WHIRLING TWIRLIXER, also known as a diving somersault corkscrew plancha.

Not only does Kendrick take out Generation Next, but London fell to his aerial move as well. Not to worry, as Kendrick grabs London up to his feet, and the two drag Aries up, before throwing him into the ring. Kendrick begins to walk over to his own corner, while London hops onto the apron, and sizes Aries up for some sort of springboard move. London waits for A Double to get to his feet before leaping into the air, but as he does, Roderick Strong grabs his foot, and drags London back down. Paul hits his chin straight onto the apron, and begins to stumble back, before Strong clubs him with a clothesline. Brian Kendrick sees the tail end of this, and begins to walk over to aid his partner, but the referee stops him, as Roderick Strong tosses London back into the ring. Aries goes for the pin attempt of the match.



Right away Paul London shows his endurance, as he quickly kicks out of the early pin attempt. The next short while sees Aries Irish whip London to the turnbuckle. Aries goes in for a lariat, but London gets his foot up right into Aries' chest. Paul hits a jumping heel kick right after sending Aries to stumble to his own corner. A Double tags in Roderick Strong, as Paul London goes over to his own corner to tag in Brian Kendrick. Kendrick manages to muster in some offence against The Messiah of the Backbreaker with The Hooliganz looking really good, but Roderick Strong shows his true strength, as he counters Kendrick's headscissors attempt into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. For the next while, Austin Aries and Roderick Strong wear down Kendrick with quick tags, tag team maneuvers, and stellar aerial and impact moves. A few two counts go by with Kendrick being torn apart by Generation Next, while London anxiously awaits his chance to get in the match.

Brian Kendrick finally hits an impact move, as he counters a suplex from Austin Aries into a TORNADO DDT from the top turnbuckle. Kendrick hops over and tags in Paul London. Aries is close to tagging in Strong, but doesn't manage to do so, as London comes in and nails Aries with a lariat from behind. Strong comes in the ring, and receives a lariat as well. London goes back over to Aries, but he receives a quick poke in the eye, which goes unnoticed. Aries hits him with a forward Russian leg sweep, before setting up for the Pendulum Elbow Drop, but Kendrick comes in the ring, and hits a hurricanrana on A Double. All four men are in the ring now, as Kendrick gets up to his feet only to greeted by a kick to the midsection from Roderick Strong. The Messiah of the Backbreaker backs up his name, as he hits the STRONG BACKBREAKER (half nelson backbreaker). Roderick Strong then positions Kendrick into an elevated Boston Crab with a knee to Brian's back for the STRONG HOLD. The referee is trying to tell Strong that even if Kendrick taps, neither Strong nor Kendrick are the legal men so it wouldn't matter. Out of nowhere, Paul London evens Strong's submission move with a SUPERKICK. The move actually drops Strong, and causes him to roll out of the ring.

Paul London goes over to A Double, who is using the ropes to get to his feet, and tries to Irish whip him, but ends up being Irish whipped himself. London hits the ropes, and rebounds back to Aries who is bent over looking for a back body drop, but London gives him a kick to the chest. London goes for a lariat, but Aries dodges it and gives London a swift kick to the sternum. Austin lifts London up for the BRAINBUSTER, but LONDON DROPS BACK ONTO HIS FEET. London has a hold of Aries around the waist from behind now. Using his wrestling prowess, Aries runs towards the ropes with London still holding on, and hits the ropes, which causes London to bounce off of him and stumble back. London charges at Aries, but Aries gives him a HUGE BIG BACK BODY DROP TO THE OUTSIDE, and to be simply more amazing, PAUL LONDON ENDS UP HITTING RODERICK STRONG ON THE OUTSIDE WITH A DIVING CROSSBODY.

Austin Aries and Brian Kendrick begin trading blows in the middle of the ring, while Paul London regains his composure, and slides back into the ring. As the legal man, London helps Kendrick attack Aries before sending the Generation Next member to the turnbuckle. Brian Kendrick charges in, and hits a lariat, which causes Austin Aries to stumble forward. Kendrick grabs Double A by the head, and turns him around, before climbing up the turnbuckle and hitting SLICED BREAD #2!!! Brian Kendrick remains on his hands and knees afterwards, and Paul London runs, jumps off Kendrick's back, and hits an AIDED SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!! London stays on top of Aries for the pin attempt.




Roderick Strong puts his partner's leg on the bottom rope causing the ref to stop the count. Generation Next barely got away with that one, as Brian Kendrick charges towards Strong. Using the top rope, Kendrick goes for a springboard crossbody, but Roderick Strong catches him! Strong drops Kendrick on his knee for the first back bending backbreaker, and then flips Kendrick over, letting Kendrick fall on his knee for a gutbuster! A nice combination by Strong, who now slides into the ring to attend to Paul London. London is still attacking Austin Aries with stiff kicks, as Roderick Strong charges toward London looking to hit a clothesline, but London ducks it, and STRONG CLIPS THE REFEREE! Strong takes a good look at the fallen referee, before London gets underhooks from behind in. Paul London positions Strong for a second before DRAGON SUPLEXING RODERICK STRONG RIGHT ONTO AUSTIN ARIES!!! Nice spot by London, who throws Strong off of Aries now, and goes for a pin attempt.


The match probably could have been over for Generation Next, but the referee is still knocked out from the clothesline by Roderick Strong. Fast forward a bit now with the referee slowly regaining himself, Aries on the apron using the ropes to drag himself up, Brian Kendrick making his way to his corner on the outside, and Paul London positioning Roderick Strong for an aerial move of some sort. London scales to the top turnbuckle, and looks to hit the LONDON STAR PRESS, but The Messiah of the Backbreaker rolls out of the way. LONDON CRASHES CHEST FIRST INTO THE MAT. Paul begins to flail around in an immense amount of pain when out of nowhere, ARIES SLINGSHOTS HIMSELF INTO A CORKSCREW SPLASH ONTO LONDON! London slides out of the ring, as of the course, Brian Kendrick gets into the ring now, and grabs Aries by the head, looking to hit Sliced Bread #2 for the second time in the match, but Roderick Strong catches Kendrick in a powerbomb position. Strong lifts Kendrick even higher into a crucifix hold, before twisting Kendrick in midair into a modified cutter for CX'02!!! A Double drops onto Kendrick for the pin attempt. The ref slowly counts...




Austin Aries sits on his knees with both hands on his head completely shocked that the match is not over. WHAT?!? WHO IS THIS?!? JACK EVANS!!! Jack Evans is running down the ramp, and slides into the ring. Evan is a former Generation Next member, and must be here on behalf of Aries and Strong. The referee takes a good look at Evans, who hasn't interfered just yet. Both Aries and Strong stand there taking a good look at Jack Evans as well. Out of nowhere, JACK EVANS HITS AUSTIN ARIES WITH A CORKSCREW DROPKICK sending A Double to the turnbuckle. The Messiah of the Backbreaker goes for Jack Evans now, but Evans hits Strong with scoop slam. The referee has no choice, but to call the match for Generation Next due to interference against them.

Winner & STILL UWM World Tag Team Champions @ 18:49 – Generation Next [Austin Aries & Roderick Strong]

What has just happened? Jack Evans stands in the middle of the ring, as Brian Kendrick and Paul London both get to their feet. They take a look at the crazy high-flyer, who is a former Generation Next member. The referee awards Austin Aries and Roderick Strong their titles, as they, opposite to the Hooliganz, take a look at Evans as well. Brian Kendrick and Paul London look completely confused at what just happened. Jack Evans interfered on their behalf, but they lost due to him. WHAT IS GOING ON?!? Jack Evans walks over to Austin Aries and Roderick Strong, smirks, before SHAKING HANDS WITH GENERATION NEXT! JACK EVANS ATTACKED GENERATION NEXT SO THEY COULD WIN! The three men turn their attention to the Hooliganz now, as Aries, Strong and Evans all attack. Austin Aries lays out Paul London with a vicious BRAINBUSTER, and Roderick Strong lays out Brian Kendrick with a devastating fireman's carry to double knee gutbuster for the DEATH BY RODERICK! Jack Evans then proceeds to to hit Brian Kendrick with a crazy 630 SENTON!!! HOLY SHIT!!! Evans walks over to London, and yells “London Star Press eh?”, before hitting Paul London with a STANDING CORKSCREW SHOOTING STAR PRESS followed up by a STANDING CORKSCREW SENTON!!! No one in the Lawlor Events Center can believe what's happening right now. Generation Next has screwed The Hooliganz with help from their newest member...JACK EVANS!!!

Cut to a video package, where various wrestlers take their place in an interview room, seated on a stool.

Narrator: Who do you think will become Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's first ever World Heavyweight Champion? AJ Styles or Shelton Benjamin?

First up...

Jay Lethal: AJ Styles...he is the epitome of champion.

Austin Aries: Shelton Benjamin.

Roderick Strong: Shelton Benjamin.

Matt Sydal: Shelton Benjamin...the gold standard's gonna get the gold!

Teddy Hart: Who...and...who?

Ken Doane: AJ Styles has shown more desire than Shelton Benjamin.

Teddy Hart: Seriously, I just got here...who is AJ Denial and Shelton BangGayMen?

Brian Kendrick: AJ Styles.

Paul London: AJ Styles has just been wrestling his heart out...he deserves it.

Lance Cade: AJ Styles.

Chris Harris: Shelton Benjamin. What did Lance Cade say? What? Really?

Lance Cade: (take #2) Shelton Benjamin.

Gregory Helms: I should be the first ever world champ...neither Styles nor Shelton deserve it mo'...

Petey Williams: It's a too close to call.

Gregory Helms: ...did you just cut me off? Don't tell me that you cut just me off...

Background Voice:
No sir, we didn't.

Gregory Helms:
I'm tellin' ya then, I deserve the title the most.

Delirious: Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Christopher Daniels:
AJ Styles, but I wish the best of luck to both of them, and I hope to get my chance at the title soon.

Charlie Haas: I've been in the ring with both men, and I think Shelton Benjamin is the greater athlete...

Delirious: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Charlie Haas: ...but AJ Styles is no walk in the park.
The video package comes to an end, and the cameras cut to the announce table.

Josh Mathews: As you can see, the roster is split on who they think will win the UWM World Heavyweight Championship tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: I gotta admit, both AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin are tremendous athletes, and it should be close, but I think my homeboy, Shelton Benjamin, will be coming out tonight champion.

Josh Mathews: It's definitely too close to call, but Coach, we haven't really touched on it yet, what do you think about the earlier events in the UWM World Tag Team Championship Match?

Jonathan Coachman:
I think Generation Next are brilliant. Who would have thought that they would bring in a former G-Next member to attack them? And as the match stipulations goes, any interference for whatever team will cause the other team to forfeit. Babyboy, if you didn't know before, you know now, Generation Next are brilliant.

Josh Mathews:
What you think is brilliant, I think is cowardice. Generation Next have yet to actually beat The Hooliganz in two on two action.

Jonathan Coachman: Josh, don't be a hater. No one likes crybabies.

Josh Mathews: Yeah yeah...

Cameras cut to a split screen of both AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin, as the two get set for their championship match. Styles is taping up his wrists, and Benjamin is putting on his knee pads. Cameras cut Styles' side now, as Charlie Haas walks into the picture on Shelton Benjamin's side.

Charlie Haas: Hey buddy...

Shelton Benjamin: What's up bro?

Charlie Haas: Nothing, just wanted to wish you the best of luck out there tonight.

Shelton Benjamin: Luck Charlie? Luck? Do you really think I need the luck? I'm the Gold Standard, and tonight, the gold is comin' home with me.

Haas seems a little set back by the comment.

Charlie Haas: Don't get too cocky Shel, I told you last week, the kid's tough. He's no joke.

Shelton Benjamin: You're right homie, he ain't a joke...the only joke here is you.


Shelton Benjamin: You slipped up, and you lost to the kid, but I won't do the same. You and I have always known that I'm the more athletic, technical, and smarter wrestler.

Benjamin smirks a bit, while Haas doesn't at all seem fazed by Shelton's demeaning words.

Shelton Benjamin: Since the beginning Charlie, I've been carryin' your ass. I've been capable of doin' it on my own Char, but you haven't. You haven't accomplished anythin', and I think it's 'bout time you got out of my shadow. Tonight, I'm going to be U-W-M's first ever World Heavyweight Champion, and you...you're nothin'.

Haas has his head down, but puts it up to speak now...

Charlie Haas: Yeah man, whatever you say, I was just here to wish a friend good luck, not be trashed, so...(puts out his hand) good luck.

Shelton Benjamin takes a good look at the extended hand.

Shelton Benjamin: Keep it...I think you need it more than I do. Use it for the battle royal, which you should probably get a steppin' to right now.

Haas takes his hand back.

Charlie Haas: Yeah...sure...

Charlie Haas leaves Benjamin's lockerroom area, as cameras now go to Most Wanted, who are walking down the hallway, looking absolutely ecstatic, especially since they won their first match tonight. In walks...Jamie Noble!

Jamie Noble: Aye guys...I seen your match earlier tonight, and I wanted ta say congratz!

Chris Harris and Lance Cade aren't too happy with Noble's appearance, but reply nonetheless.

Chris Harris: Yahhh...thanks man.

Jamie Noble: I do think there's somethang that yurr missin' tho.

Chris Harris: And what's that?

Jamie Noble: Me.

Both Cade and Harris giggle at the suggestion.

Lance Cade: I don't think so mate.

Jamie Noble: No, no, seriously. The three of us can be UNSTOPPABLE.

Chris Harris: Most Wanted is already unstoppable.

Jamie Noble: Kay then, with me, you'll be INVINCIBLE.

Lance Cade: That's highly unlikely, but hey Jamie, me and Chris are gonna go hit up the bars, celebrate our win, ya know? So, we'll...uhh...talk to you another time.

Noble looks a little surprised now.

Jamie Noble:
What? You guys aren't gonna be in the battle royal?

Chris Harris:
(cockily) Yeah...right. We already made our impact tonight, we have no one else to impress, so we're off to better things.

Lance Cade: Bang 'n' bang!

Jamie Noble: Well, I'm goin' out there right now...so...sooo, maybe you should watch, and maybe you'll change your minds about me joinin' ya'.

Chris Harris: (sarcastically) Yeah...sure.

Noble seems excited now, as he leaves Most Wanted, while they look on, completely puzzled at the suggestion and at Jamie Noble. Cameras go back to ringside.

David Penzer: The following contest is an Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem Open Invitational Battle Royal. To be eliminated from the match, you must be taken out over the top ropes, and out of the ring. The last participant will be announced the winner.


David Penzer: Coming out first, with an exclusive five minute grace period to start the match, from Worcester, Massachusetts, weighing 230 lbs, KENNN DOANE!

Ken Doane comes out to a nice pop from the fans. He looks very happy with himself, as he slaps hands with fans on his way to the ring. Doane doesn't get into the ring, but instead, walks over to the announce table area, and stands in front of the ring.

Josh Mathews: Ken Doane has a huge advantage having the first five minutes off the battle royal, and you gotta think Coach, that he's the man to beat.

Jonathan Coachman: Well yeah, he'll be coming in fresh, while everyone else still in the match will have been somewhat worn out.

Josh Mathews: Yup, and he got this advantage winning a preview battle royal last week, but I'm anxious to see who else is participating in this match.

*** STATIC ***

David Penzer: Coming to the ring, from Elizabeth, New Jersey, weighing 210 lbs, JAAAAAYYY LETHAL!

Jay Lethal comes out for the second time tonight to a small pop from the fans. Having lost the opening match of the night, Lethal seems determined to redeem himself, as he confidently strides to the ring, and takes his place in the ring.

Josh Mathews: Well, Jay Lethal has chosen to compete for the second time tonight after losing a match earlier to Matt Sydal. Lethal is surely trying to redeem himself, and prove something now.

Jonathan Coachman: Babyboy, I don't think he should be allowed out here. After his disgraceful match, I wouldn't even show my face, let alone compete again. What a waste of space!

*** 2 Z TOP ***

David Penzer: And now, from Hanover, West Virginia, weighing 200 lbs, JAMIE “THE REDNECK” NOOOOOOOOBLE!

Jamie Noble comes out in his typical jean shorts to a mixed reaction from the fans. Noble's grinding his teeth, as he struts to the ring. Noble gets to the ring, and joins Jay Lethal.

Jonathan Coachman: Speaking of a waste of space, Jamie Noble folks!

Josh Mathews:
From previous events, it seems like Noble's out here to prove something to Most Wanted. We'll just have to see how well he show Most Wanted what he's capable of.

*** NATURAL ***

David Penzer: Coming to the ring, from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, weighing 220 lbs, ANDYYYYY DOUGLAS! And with him, also competing, from Santa Maria, California, weighing 220 lbs, CHASE STEVENSSSSS!

The Naturals make their second appearance in Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem, but their first as signed wrestlers. The two are in matching ring attire, as they confidently walk to the ring, receiving a pop while they're at it.

Josh Mathews: Ladies and gentlemen, if you don't remember, The Naturals are the local tag team that beat Most Wanted a couple of weeks ago, but they're not a local tag team anymore, as Paul Heyman was impressed by their performance, and has signed them.

Jonathan Coachman: I wasn't impressed. Their match against Most Wanted was nothing more than a fluke.

Josh Mathews: Well Coach, one's gotta think that they'll have an advantage in this match, as they will surely work as a team.

Jonathan Coachman: Yeah, but babyboy, in the end, it'll be everyone man for themselves.

*** OH CANADA ***

David Penzer: And now, from Windsor, Ontario, weighing 180 lbs, “THE CANADIAN DESTROYER” PETEY WILLIAMS!!!

Petey Williams comes out to boos from the crowd, who are pro-America. Williams ignores the crowd, and makes his way to the ring, becoming the sixth competitor now.

Josh Mathews: Petey Williams participated in the preview battle royal last Tuesday on T-N-T, being the first eliminated. Tonight, he'll try to change his luck around.

Jonathan Coachman: I don't understand the animosity for our Canadian homeboy here. He's representin'!

*** AIR BOURNE ***

David Penzer: Coming out, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing 185 lbs, MATT “AIR BOURNE” SYYYDDDALLLLL!

Like Jay Lethal, Matt Sydal comes out for the second time tonight. He receives a mixed reaction from the fans, as he makes his way to the ring.

Jonathan Coachman: My man, Matt Sydal! Sydal's already won tonight, so he's got nothin' to prove, but another win couldn't hurt.

Josh Mathews: Sydal is surely tired from his match earlier, so we'll see how he fares in this one.

*** TEAR IT UP ***

David Penzer: From Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing 215 lbs, SEAAANNNNN WALTMAN!

Sean Waltman comes out to a pretty good reaction from the fans, probably due to his earlier segment. Waltman looks ready to make an impact, as he strides to the ring, slapping hands with some fans. Waltman slides into the ring, which seems to be filling up quite quickly.

Josh Mathews:
Sean Waltman came out earlier tonight trying to shut up Teddy Hart, and convince him to take part in the battle royal. Waltman's definitely out here to do what he said, make a statement.

Jonathan Coachman: I'm glad he with U-W-M and all, but he shouldn't be disrespecting a wrestler like Teddy Hart. Teddy Hart hasn't come out yet, and I doubt he does. He is once again, above all these guys.

Josh Mathews:
If you mean he's full of himself, then you hit it right on the target Coach.

Jonathan Coachman: I'm gonna hit you right on the target Josh.


David Penzer: And now, from Dallas, Texas, weighing 250 lbs, CHARRRLIEEE HAAS!

Haas comes out to a mixed reaction from the fans. Charlie looks quite confident and determined, as he gets to the ring, and becomes the ninth competitor.

Josh Mathews: Some harsh words from former partner, Shelton Benjamin, to this man earlier, so we'll definitely see Haas trying to make an impact here.

Jonathan Coachman: Babyboy, what do you mean harsh? Shelton only speaks the truth. Charlie Haas has always been in his shadow, and always will be.


David Penzer: And now, an unsigned talent, from Marietta, Georgia, weighing 205 lbs, AUSTIN WATSON!

The first unsigned talent comes to the ring, as Austin Watson makes his way to the ring to a small pop from the fans.

Josh Mathews: What a surprise, Austin Watson becomes the first unsigned talent to join us tonight.


David Penzer: Coming to us from Tulsa, Oklahoma, weighing 235 lbs, BRENT ALLLLLBRIGHT!

Brent Albright comes out to a mixed reaction from the fans. Albright becomes the second unsigned talent in the match, and the ten competitor all together.

Jonathan Coachman: Babyboy, the special appearance talent looking to prove themselves seem to comin' out right now. I've seen Albright in action, and he's one tough gun.

*** BOOM BOOM ***

David Penzer: And now, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing 235 lbs, COLT COBANA!

Cobana comes out with sunglasses on to a small pop from the fans. Colt makes his way to the ring, which is now getting pretty full.

Josh Mathews: The unsigned talent, as well as the wrestlers trying to make an impact are starting to pile up now. I think it's gonna be absolutely hectic in there.


David Penzer: From Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in 230 lbs, LANCE STORM!

Lance Storm comes out to a sizable pop from the fans. The crowd is absolutely excited to see former ECW/WWE superstar Lance Storm take action in this battle royal.

Josh Mathews: I can't believe my eyes, Lance Storm ladies and gentlemen! Lance Storm is arguably a legend to professional wrestling, and UWM is excited to have him participate in this open invitational battle royal.


David Penzer: Coming to the ring, an unsigned talent, from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing 265 lbs, MARK JINDRAK!

With his earlier promo, Mark Jindrak comes out expecting a pop from the fans, but receives thunderous boos. He closes out the participants at fourteen, which is an odd and somewhat unlucky number. Jindrak doesn't get in the ring immediately, but instead walks over to the announce table area, and grabs a microphone. Jindrak slides into the ring with it, and the blabbering begins...

Mark Jindrak: Alright now...so you guys obviously know who I am...the Reflection of Perfection of course.

Jindrak smirks, while most in the ring look to be wondering what the fuck Jindrak's doing.

Mark Jindrak: And if you haven't noticed, I'm better...faster...and stronger than all of you so my suggestion...

“YOU SUCK” chants start.

Mark Jindrak: ...my suggestion is that you pathetic little losers just hop over the top rope and eliminate yourselves now, cause there's no way in hell that I'm...

All twelve wrestlers in the ring (with Doane watching on the outside) attack Mark Jindrak. The referee calls for the bell, and the match is on.

Math Four – UWM Open Invitational Battle Royal [Recapped]
Andy Douglas vs. Austin Watson vs. Brent Albright vs. Charlie Haas vs. Chase Stevens vs. Colt Cobana vs. Jamie Noble vs. Jay Lethal vs. Ken Doane vs. Lance Storm vs. Mark Jindrak vs. Matt Sydal vs. Petey Williams vs. Sean Waltman

The whole bunch get shots at Mark Jindrak, before he's clobbered by a couple of clotheslines, and sent packing.

Elimination #1 – Mark Jindrak (by Everyone)

Jindrak lands on his back on the outside, and immediately gets to his feet looking dazed and confused. Once he can string the pieces to the puzzle together, and notice that he's been eliminated, he goes completely berserk, as the rest of the competitors begin to scramble. The Reflection of Perfection takes a look over to his right, and sees Ken Doane giggling at him a bit, while he's waiting for his five minutes to come up. Jindrak walks over to Doane, and gets right into his face. Jindrak says, “You laughing at me”, before taking a swing at Kenny, connecting right in the cheek. Jindrak begins to slaughter Ken Doane, while everyone in the ring continues to battle it out. Jindrak brings Doane over to the announce table, and begins to slam Doane's head off the table, before using the monitors to hit Doane. Jindrak removes everything from the table, as the announcers back off, while Jindrak drags Doane up onto the table. Mark Jindrak hits the MARK OF EXCELLENCE ONTO THE TABLE on Ken Doane, who now looks completely unconscious. Mark Jindrak stands overtop Doane looking at the fallen, lifeless body, as officials come from the back to aid Kenny. Jindrak smirks, leaving his mark, and now leaves ringside.

The mad scramble in the ring continues, as paramedics actually come out with a stretcher for Ken Doane. In the ring, Jamie Noble and Matt Sydal are working on Austin Watson, and somehow, with some space in the middle of the ring, Jamie Noble hits the NOBLE DRIVER on Austin Watson. Watson flails around dramatically, and Sydal gives him a spinning heel kick sending him over the top rope, and out of the ring.

Elimination #2 – Austin Watson (by Matt Sydal)

With only five unsigned talent in this match and two of them already eliminated, management must not be impressed. Sydal turns around, and gives Noble a high five, before Jay Lethal strikes him in the back, and attempts to throw him over the top rope. Sydal lands on the apron, and stands there fighting with Lethal. Noble goes to help Sydal, as he dashes in looking for a forearm strike, but Lethal sidesteps out of the way, and Noble hits Sydal causing Sydal is flail back a bit, holding onto the rope with one hand. As soon as Sydal pulls himself back in, Lethal hits Sydal with a LETHAL KICK sending him crashing onto the mat outside.

Elimination #3 – Matt Sydal (by Jay Lethal)

Lethal has gotten some redemption with his elimination of Matt Sydal. Jamie Noble and Jay Lethal begin to brawl now. Meanwhile, Ken Doane is finally strapped to the stretcher, and is being carted out, as the five minute mark hits. Kenny is in no condition to continue, and therefore, forfeits.

Elimination #4 – Ken Doane (by Forfeit)

Some time actually passes before the next elimination, as the ring is just a huge scramble. In what is quite possibly the craziest spot of the match, Charlie Haas first eliminates Chase Stevens unsuspectingly from behind.

Elimination #5 – Chase Stevens (by Charlie Haas)

Right after the elimination, Andy Douglas goes for Haas, but Charlie magnificently maneuvers behind Douglas, grabs a hold around the waist from behind, and hits a GERMAN SUPLEX ON ANDY DOUGLAS OVER THE TOP ROPE, HITTING ANDY DOUGLAS ON THE WAY DOWN.

Elimination #6 – Andy Douglas (by Charlie Haas)

Five down, eight to go before a winner is announced. Once again, some time passes before another elimination, as the remaining competitors jockey for position, hang off the ropes, and do basically anything to survive. Jamie Noble has been very impressive thus far, as he seems to be trying really hard to impress Most Wanted. At times, he even looks out to the crowd, and poses. Noble has even managed to hit his finisher, the Noble Driver, for the second time in this match on Colt Cobana, but his posing leads to his downfall, as Lance Storm grabs him from behind, and tosses him over the top rope, eliminating him from the match.

Elimination #7 – Jamie Noble (by Lance Storm)

Soon after, Petey Williams hits a devasting CANADIAN DESTROYER on Jay Lethal. Proud of his accomplishment, he begins to fist pump, but Sean Waltman comes out of nowhere with a kick to the midsection, before hitting the X-FACTOR on Petey Williams. Similarly to Williams, Sean Waltman is ecstatic that he just hit his finisher, but he soon sees TEDDY HART running down the ramp. Hart slides into the ring, Waltman goes for a lariat, but Hart ducks it, hits the ropes, comes back and nails Waltman with a flying forearm. Waltman gets back up to his feet, but is greeted with a kick to the midsection. Hart quickly nails his finisher, Hart Destroyer (double underhook flip piledriver), before tossing Waltman over the top rope, eliminating the artist formerly known as X-Pac.

Elimination #8 – Sean Waltman (by non-competitor Teddy Hart)

Teddy Hart laughs at the fallen Sean Waltman from inside of the ring, before Jay Lethal “eliminates” Teddy Hart with a clothesline over the top rope.

Random Elimination – Teddy Hart (by Jay Lethal)

For someone who has competed earlier tonight, and in a losing matter, Jay Lethal is doing awesome. He does even better, as he turns around, and sees Colt Cobana charging towards him. Lethal bends down, and actually hits a BIG BACK BODY DROP sending Cobana over the top rope, and hitting both Teddy Hart and Sean Waltman on the way down.

Elimination #9 – Colt Cobana (by Jay Lethal)

Lance Storm soon afer eliminates the semi-conscious Petey Williams with a clothesline.

Elimination #10 – Petey Williams (by Lance Storm)

We're down to the final four. Brent Albright, Charlie Haas, Jay Lethal and Lance Storm. Two signed Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem wrestlers and two unsigned open invitational competitors. Lethal leads in eliminations with two technical eliminations, and one random elimination of Teddy Hart (which I'm counting by the way). Lethal locks up with Brent Albright, while Charlie Haas tends to Lance Storm. In what is an absolutely athletic spot, Haas Irish whips Lance Storm to the turnbuckle. Meanwhile, Lethal stands on the top turnbuckle, waiting for Albright to get to his feet. As soon as Albright does, Lethal leaps off looking for a flying lariat of some sort, but Albright ducks it. Charlie Haas turns around, and sees Lethal land on his feet, but stumble forward to him. Haas grabs Lethal into a belly to belly situation, before throwing Jay for a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX RIGHT INTO LANCE STORM, WHO CATCHES JAY LETHAL, BUT IS HIT BY A HURRICANRANA FROM LETHAL. The fans are going absolutely ballistic after that one. Storm is sent flying Brent Albright, who right away locks in a CROWBAR. After some time, Lance Storm TAPS OUT. It doesn't matter, however, as you cannot eliminate an opponent via submission. Brent Albright gets to his feet, and sees Jay Lethal being Irish whipped towards him, so last second, he grabs the top rope, and pulls it down, causing Lethal to flip over, and to the outside ending his outstanding run.

Elimination #11 – Jay Lethal (by Brent Albright & Charlie Haas)

Jay Lethal did have a rather “fantabulous” run, which is even more amazing considering he's already competed earlier tonight (albeit in a losing matter), but nonetheless, big effort from Lethal. No one, however, remembers fourth place. All that matters in this one is first place. With three wrestlers remaining, the battle royal is about to get interesting. What's more phenomenal is although the unsigned talent started off badly, there are now two of them compared to the one signed talent, Charlie Haas. Haas, however, has tied the eliminations lead, but does that really matter in the end? Not for him, who seems to trying to prove something after his little talk with the “Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin. Lance Storm is still laid out, after recently tapping out so Brent Albright and Charlie Haas go out it, exchanging strikes with each other. Haas gets the better hand, and has Albright hanging off the ropes (in the ring still), holding on for dear life. Storm has regained his composure, and sees a huge opportunity in eliminating both men. Lance Storm charges towards the two, and somehow, possibly with his “spidey senses”, Charlie Haas senses it, and sidesteps out of the way. Showing his quick reflexes as well, Albright pulls down the top rope like he did to eliminate Jay Lethal. LANCE STORM FLIPS OVER THE TOP ROPE, BUT MANAGES TO HOLD ON TO THE ROPES! Lance Storm is literally hanging on for dear life. Albright doesn't know that Storm is still hanging on, as he gets to his feet. Charlie Haas, however, comes out of nowhere with a dropkick to Albright, which sends the two hundred and thirty five pounder stumbling back, and hitting Lance Storm, who loses his grip of the ropes, and awkwardly falls to the mat outside.

Elimination #12 – Lance Storm (by Brent Albright)

And then there were two. Charlie Haas does not receive recognition for the elimination, as Brent Albright knocked Lance Storm fully out. So now, if Albright eliminates Haas, we have a three way tie for first, but if Haas wins, he takes it all. Believe it or not, these two put on a technical spectacle with no man showing signs of weakness. The two tussle and jockey with no wrestler clearly having the advantage. After some time, the two show signs of defeat, as they both get themselves in an awful predicament, with both men standing on the apron (after going over the top rope), fighting for the win. In what is an astounding finisher, Albright manages to grab a hold of Haas from behind, and he hits a BACK SUPLEX OFF THE APRON ONTO THE MAT OUTSIDE.

Brent Albright immediately gets back up to his feet, slides into the ring, and raises his arms. The officials at ringside go into a group discussion, before the head referee speaks to David Penzer. Charlie Haas is on his knees on the outside, absolutely gassed, and somewhat disappointed at what just happened. David Penzer gets into the ring, and...

David Penzer: The referees have discussed it, and have declared the winner of the UWM Open Invitational Battle Royal to be...CHARLIE HAAS!

After looking at the instant replay, Brent Albright's lower back actually touched the mat outside before Charlie Haas did on the back suplex. And although Brent Albright arguably eliminated himself, the elimination will go to Haas.

Elimination #13 – Brent Albright (by Charlie Haas)

Winner @ 16:38 – Charlie Haas

Charlie Haas slides into the ring, and gets his hand raised by the referee, while Brent Albright, on the other hand, is in utter and complete shock. Haas actually walks over to Albright now, and offers his hand. Albright takes one look at the hand and one look at Charlie Haas, before shaking Haas' hand. A true sign of respect from the always honourable Charlie Haas. Brent Albright was close, but no cigar. Management, however, must be impressed with his performance considering how close he came to winning.

Cameras cut to AJ Styles' lockerroom now, where he and Christopher Daniels are already engulfed in a conversation.

AJ Styles: Yeah yeah...good luck to you too man.

Christopher Daniels leaves the scene, as moments later, none other than Paul Heyman walks in.

Paul Heyman: AJ Styles...just the man I wanted to speak to.

AJ Styles focuses his attention to Heyman now.

Paul Heyman: I just spoke to Shelton Benjamin, and so I'll say the exact same thing to you, as I said to him. I want to wish you the best of luck, and win or lose, both of you deserve to represent Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem.


Paul Heyman: As you may have just seen, there is a lot of talent out there wanting to come to UWM, and there's a lot of talent here that want the UWM World Heavyweight Championship. But none of them have shown excellence in the ring like you and Shelton have. And in the end, that's what UWM is really about...the wrestling.

Pop, as AJ Styles nods in agreement.

Paul Heyman: So once again, good luck out there.

AJ Styles: Thank you sir...

Cameras cut to the announce table.

Josh Mathews:
Co-owner and general manager, Paul Heyman, has wished both AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin the best of luck in their main event match tonight for the UWM World Heavyweight Championship.

Jonathan Coachman:
I'm really doubting that the Gold Standard needs the luck, but it can't be bad to get the best wishes from the boss.

Josh Mathews: Paul Heyman even touched on the outside talent wanting to join Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem, which, as we just saw, are plenty and quite talented. Brent Albright nearly eliminated Charlie Haas to win the battle royal, and although he lost, he definitely showcased a lot of talent.

Jonathan Coachman: Babyboy, I think that's the second time tonight that I'll agree with you. Your opinions are getting better, and you're right, Brent Albright showed UWM why he should be signed. He should have won that match in my opinion.

Josh Mathews: It was a close call Coach, but I'm glad UWM's very own, Charlie Haas, took it. Right now...we have a grudge match, as the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels takes on Gregory Helms.

A small video package featuring the events leading up to the match plays...

Video goes back to the second week of Tuesday Night Turbo, where Christopher Daniels and Gregory Helms are paired up against each other in the UWM World Heavyweight Championship Quarterfinal Tournament Match. Christopher Daniels wins the the match via roll up, but his celebration comes quickly to an end, as Gregory Helms attacks Christopher Daniels after the match with the brutal assault ending with a Vertebreaker.

The next week, Christopher Daniels is out of action due to a neck injury, but Gregory Helms doesn't stop his assault, as he continues it verbally.

Gregory Helms: Believe me...last week, Christopher Daniels got LUCKY. I know it, he knows it, and I'm just making sure YOU guys know it.


Gregory Helms: GUESS WHAT Daniels, it looks like the ANGEL has most certainly FALLEN.

Helms begins to laugh, as the crowd roars with boos.

Gregory Helms: ...I guess the prophecy didn't tell him about that.

Shortly after, Paul Heyman interrupts, and gives Helms some disheartening news.

Paul Heyman: And I thought long and hard about this. My decision is that if Christopher Daniels advances to The Massacre, and wins the UWM World Heavyweight Championship...


Paul Heyman: You will not be able to challenge him for the world title.

Huge pop. Videos goes to a Daniels interview.

Christopher Daniels:
Helms did what any sore, pathetic loser would do. He took out his vengeance when his opposition was unaware and slightly weak. Revenge is just a confession of pain. Helms could not handle defeat, and therefore confessed his pain. And Gregory...the hurricane sure came through, but I came out of it unscathed.


Christopher Daniels: Helms, you will never hold the world title as long as I'm here. I will make sure of that. The angel has fallen Helms, but he will rise up and he will be UWM World Heavyweight Champion. And THAT...that is the prophecy according to the Fallen Angel.

Video now goes to Christopher Daniels' semifinal match against Shelton Benjamin, where Gregory Helms costs Christopher Daniels the match after hitting the Vertebreaker. With Daniels eliminated from the tournament now, Gregory Helm is capable of competing for the UWM World Heavyweight Championship after the tournament. A week later Paul Heyman announces the match for The Massacre, and Gregory Helms gets the better of Daniels in the main event tag team match on TNT. And here we are...
The video packages comes to an end.


David Penzer: The following contest is a one on one match scheduled for one fall...coming to the ring, from the City of Angels, weighing 225 lbs, the FALLEN ANGEL...CHRISSSSSTOPHER DANIELS!

Christopher Daniels comes out in his Fallen Angel attire to a huge pop from the fans. Possibly one of the biggest pops of the night, but his mind seems focused on the match ahead. Daniels comes down to ringside, before hoping onto the apron, and doing his Fallen Angel pose, before getting into the ring.

Josh Mathews: And here he is...the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels is in the ring, and looks absolutely determined.

Jonathan Coachman:
Determined or not, Gregory Helms is a league far greater than Daniels so I see this being a quick one.

Josh Mathews: Coach, have you forgotten that Christopher Daniels won the match the first time these two men collided? I wouldn't be too sure about quick and painless.

*** IT'S TIME ***

David Penzer: And his opponent, coming from Smithfield, North Carolina, weighing 215 lbs, GREGORY HELMS!

Gregory Helms comes out to a ton of heat from the fans. Definitely a huge change from his first appearance where he received a mixed reaction. Helms slides into the ring, and it's on.

Josh Mathews: Gregory Helms is going right at Christopher Daniels!

Jonathan Coachman: Atta boy!

Match Five – Singles Match [Quick Recap]
Christopher Daniels vs. Gregory Helms

I hate to do this, but I've been slacking as of late, and I rather do a quick recap of this than take another two weeks writing out this match. I'll write out the next one between these two...I mean...what next one? Anyways, the match starts off with a crazy brawl, and the match escalates quickly from then with a lot of spots, high impact moves, and deadly submissions. Christopher Daniels performs the majority of the aerial moves, but Gregory Helms continuously uses submission and high impact moves to keep Daniels grounded and slow. Like most matches of this nature, the heel takes advantage for the majority of the match, and this match is no exception, as Helms continuously wears Daniels down. The Fallen Angel, however, keeps fighting back every now and then with a flurry of moves, usually culminating with a high impact move or aerial assault of some sort.

Both men try their finishers during the match, but their counterparts have it scouted, as Daniels misses a Best Moonsault Ever, and Helms escapes from an Angels' Wings attempt. Helms, on the other hand, misses a Shining Wizard attempt and cannot get the Vertebreaker set up. The ending of the match, however, is quite different, as the referee gets knocked down by a Daniels missed lariat attempt. Helms takes advantage of this by hitting a DDT, followed up by Helms going to grab a chair. The chair almost backfires on Helms, as Daniels nearly nails an Angels Wings on Helms right on the chair, but Helms LOW BLOWS Daniels, before nailing SHINING WIZARD. Ref recovers just in time for Helms to escape with the win.




Winner @ 19:32 – Gregory Helms

Gregory Helms doesn't end his assault there, as he actually hits the Vertebreaker on the Fallen Angel on the chair. Insult to injury, as Christopher Daniels was already out from the looks of it. Helms spits on Daniels to finish it off. And from here, I'm going to skip the commentary, and get right into the main event.

We now have different single wrestler shots of various wrestlers sitting in a dark interview room on a stool.

Jay Lethal: World title...

Shot of Jay Lethal hitting a dropkick.

Gregory Helms: World title...

Shot of Gregory Helms hitting a Nightmare on Helms Street.

Charlie Haas: World title...

Shot of Charlie Haas locking in the Haas of Pain.

Ken Doane: World title...

Shot of Ken Doane hitting a flying leg drop.

AJ Styles: World title...

Shot of AJ Styles hitting the Styles Clash.

Petey Williams: World title...

Shot of Petey Williams hitting the Canadian Destroyer...

Christopher Daniels: World title...

Shot of Christopher Daniels hitting the Angels Wing.

Shelton Benjamin: WORLD TITLE...

Shot of Shelton Benjamin hitting a Superkick.

Narrator: The only thing on everyone's mind...the UWM World Heavyweight Championship...

Shot of the shiny golden championship on a stand.

It began with eight men...

Quick flashes of the eight men in the UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

Narrator: At the Massacre...there will be only one...

The Massacre video graphic hits the screen.

Narrator: The first ever UWM World Heavyweight Champion is CROWNED.

A small video package of the events leading up to the match begins with DJ Khaled's All I Do Is Win (Remix) playing in the background.

First off, AJ Styles' side of things. AJ Styles brilliantly beats Jay Lethal in the first ever Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem match on Tuesday Night Turbo. The two shake hands, showing a great sign of respect after the match. After winning his quarterfinal match, AJ Styles faces Charlie Haas in the semifinals. The two put on a spectacle for the crowd, but in the end, there can only be one. And that one...is the Phenomenal One, who amazingly beats Haas. And here he is...the finals.

Now, Shelton Benjamin's story. Both men are versatile and athletic, but Shelton Benjamin proves it in his quarterfinal match against Petey Williams, who he simply squashes. Proud of his accomplishment, Benjamin moves on to face Christopher Daniels in the semi-finals. The Fallen Angel may be a tough task, but with Gregory Helms lingering, Shelton Benjamin arguably escapes with a win here due to the help from Gregory Helms. Nonetheless, Shelton Benjamin has made it to the finals, and he's ready to go.

Clips of interactions between the two begin to show now with All I Do Is Win still on...

Shelton Benjamin: Well look who it is...A...J...STYLES...

Benjamin garners some heat with his cockiness and smirk.

Shelton Benjamin: I saw your match last week...there was nothing phenomenal about it.

Benjamin's brash comments slightly anger Styles.

Shelton Benjamin: I don't know if you saw my match, but I dominated like a true athlete. Like the TRUE phenomenal one.

Heat. Shelton Benjamin lets out a cocky little laugh before leaving the locker room area.

Jay Lethal: I hate that guy.

AJ Styles: Yeah...you're telling me...


AJ Styles: There's no doubt about that, but I'm still gonna go out there and give it a hundred and ten percent. Tonight...

Out of the blue comes Shelton Benjamin.


Heat just for his appearance.

Shelton Benjamin:
Boyyy, you're gonna need more than that.


Shelton Benjamin: I mean c'mon now; you're facing the GOLD STANDARD of professional wrestling...


Shelton Benjamin: So I SUGGEST you get out of my face, go to the dressing room, pack it in, and leave if you know what's good for you.

Styles nods his head up and down smiling. He takes a step back, and looks to be leaving.

AJ Styles: Nah...

Styles turns back and clocks Shelton Benjamin across the fast knocking Benjamin down to ground. Benjamin doesn't retaliate, but instead sits on the ground with an angered, frustrated and shocked face all in one! Styles leaves the area now, while Benjamin lets out some harsh words...

Shelton Benjamin:


AJ Styles: This Sunday at The Massacre, you can expect a war from me...and of course, I'll be expecting a war from you, but if you think you're gonna just “cruise and dominate”...you got something coming to yah.

Shelton Benjamin has had just enough...

Shelton Benjamin:
You know what...why wait? Why don't we settle this...right HERE...right NOW...

Shelton Benjamin drops his mic, and gets into AJ Styles' face. Styles doesn't back down.

The video package comes to an end with AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin locking eyes in an intense staredown.

*** I AM ***

David Penzer: The following contest is a one on one match scheduled for one fall...for the UWM World Heavyweight Championship...coming to the ring first, from Gainesville, Georgia, weighing 215 lbs, THE PHENOMENAL A.J. STYLESSSSS!

AJ Styles comes out to a gigantic pop from the fans. Easily the loudest of the night. While doing his signature pose at the front stage, a plethora of fireworks explode, making his entrance all the better. Styles comes down, and slides in the ring, before posing for the fans.


David Penzer: And his opponent, from Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing 250 lbs, SHELTON BENJAMIN!!!

Shelton Benjamin comes out to the stage, receives a great amount of heat, before pyro explode to his sides. Benjamin cockily struts to the ring with Styles in his sight. Benjamin gets in the ring, and it's mother fuckin' on!

Main Event – UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Finals Match
AJ Styles vs. Shelton Benjamin

The referee calls for the bell, and the match is now underway. The two are standing still at opposite ends of the ring with stern expressions on their face. Shelton Benjamin begins to smirk a bit, before walking over to the ropes, facing towards the fans, and putting his hands in the air calling for an applause of some sort. The fans, however, don't seem to be on his side, as he receives a plethora of boos from the crowd. AJ Styles, on the other hand, goes to the opposite set of ropes, places his arms out horizontally using one of his signature poses, and the fans go absolutely wild for the Phenomenal One. Styles clearly has the fan support in this match, as Benjamin seems discomforted by it. Both men are truly vying for the vacant UWM World Heavyweight Championship. Now disgruntled, Shelton says “C'MON, LET'S GO” to Styles.

AJ Styles begins to the circle the ring towards the right now, which forces Benjamin to circle the ring to the right now. Styles calls for a lock up of hands, and although Benjamin seems reluctant, he agrees to it. Shelton locks his left hand in with Styles' right hand, and as he's about to lock in his right hand, he pulls back looking extremely cautious. Styles looks a little set back, but calls for the lock up again. This time, Benjamin manages to cleanly lock up with Styles. The two jockey for position, as they try to overpower one another. The bigger Shelton Benjamin seems to have the advantage, as Styles begins to drop down lower and lower, slowly falling to his knees. The Gold Standard seems impressed with himself, but Styles doesn't let up, as he begins to fight back, regaining his position. Before Styles can fully get back to a neutral position, Benjamin strikes with a swift kick to the midsection of Styles.

Benjamin quickly wraps his arm around Styles' neck for standing headlock, but Styles quickly pushes Benjamin off to the ropes. Shelton hits the ropes, and bounces back towards Styles, who just lays on the mat. Benjamin takes a step over, continuing his run to the opposite set of ropes. Shelton hits these set of ropes now, and rebounds back towards Styles again. Styles this time leapfrogs over Benjamin, as Benjamin goes and hits the original set of ropes he bounced off of. The Gold Standard comes back to Styles now, who leaps in the air looking to hit his signature dropkick, but Benjamin knows better, and stops in his tracks. The Phenomenal One, however, athletically flips over, completing a backflip back onto his feet. Benjamin dashes at Styles now, but Styles quickly leaps in the air and nails a perfectly placed dropkick to the face of Shelton. Benjamin drops to the mat clutching his face, and begins to roll out of the ring, trying to regain his composure. Styles, on the other hand, walks over to the ropes, slaps his chest three times, before doing his signature arms out pose once again. The fans in the Lawlor Events Centre give him a nice pop, as Shelton still continues to roam around the ring.

AJ Styles takes a look at Benjamin, who is just lollygagging on the outside, and begins to eye him down for an aerial move of some sort. Styles charges towards Benjamin, and leaps into the air. Benjamin knows better, and quickly steps out of the way, before pointing his index finger to his brain, trying to tell the fans that he's too smart for Styles. Shelton may have expected Styles to crash with some sort of aerial move, but once again Styles shows his athleticism, as he grabs the top rope in mid-flight, and lands on the apron with his back to Benjamin. Benjamin turns around now, and sees Styles on the apron. Styles uses the top rope to fling himself up into the air, bouncing his feet off the top rope, and flipping backwards in midair hitting The Gold Standard with a rather amazing SPRINGBOARD ASAI MOONSAULT! The fans are just amazed by Styles thus far, as the referee begins a count due to inactivity in the ring.



AJ Styles, who got the better of the two with his risky aerial move, is already stirring, and nearly up to his feet, while his counterpart, Shelton Benjamin, looks dazed.



The Phenomenal One is up to his feet, and goes over to Shelton Benjamin, dragging him up to his feet as well.


AJ grabs Benjamin by the tights, and throws him into the ring breaking up the ten count by the ref. Styles follows up right behind him, and covers him for the first pin attempt of the match.



Barely into the match, Shelton Benjamin kicks out of Styles' pin. AJ doesn't let up, however, as he gets up to his feet, and continues to attack, picking Benjamin up to his feet as well. Styles attempts to Irish whip Shelton to the ropes, but Benjamin reverses, and send Styles to the ropes instead. Styles hits the ropes, and comes back to Benjamin, who grabs a hold of Styles around his chest. Benjamin lifts Styles up, flips back, and throws Styles for a nice back bending belly to belly suplex. The Phenomenal One takes a nice fall, but quickly gets back up to his feet, and charges back towards Benjamin. Styles attempts a clothesline, but The Gold Standard ducks his head down, and places it under Styles' armpit. Shelton lifts Styles up once again, bend backs, and hits a northern lights suplex right into a pin.




AJ manages to kick out, and although somewhat frustrated, Benjamin continues his onslaught, as he quickly places Styles in a seated position. Benjamin throws his knee hard into AJ's back, and grabs Styles by the chin for a reverse chinlock. The Gold Standard continues to pull back The Phenomenal One's chin, wrenching his neck backwards and his back right into Shelton's knee. Benjamin begins to move his hands from pulling Styles' chin to pulling Styles' mouth, stretching Styles' mouth, and causing him a ton of pain in the process. Styles lets out an awkward little groan, as the referee begins to count due to the illegal move.





Shelton Benjamin quickly goes back to pulling at AJ's chin. Benji, like any logical person, rather let go of the illegal move instead of losing his chance at the world championship. Styles grabs each one of Benjamin's hands with his hands now, and tries to pull back the hands. Not an easy task, but Styles manages to get Benjamin to relinquish the hold, as he stretches Benjamin's hands out. Benjamin, however, doesn't give Styles the chance to regain advantage, as he steps up before crashing his knee into Styles' back once again. With AJ still in a seated position, Benjamin runs to the ropes, rebounds off of them, comes back towards AJ, and leaps in the air, somersaulting and grabbing AJ's head, dropping him for a stunning somersaulting neckbreaker. Benjamin quickly hooks Styles' left leg.




Just about six minutes into the match, Styles kicks out of Benjamin's pin attempt. Benjamin carries on with his advantage, as he quickly seats Styles on the mat, before locking in a headlock. Shelton is really trying to wear down his opponent, and it is quite evident that it's starting to work, as AJ's face turns to a bright tomato red. The Phenomenal One isn't looking too phenomenal, as he lets out a groan of pain. Styles, however, begins to power back, as he slowly repositions to his knees. AJ now powers himself up to his feet, and strikes Shelton in the gut with his elbow. He hits yet another elbow strike, which now forces Shelton to release his headlock on AJ. AJ throws another elbow strike, but Benjamin counters by grabbing AJ by the head, and throwing his face right down on Benjamin's knee for a single knee facebreaker. Benjamin sits there with a malicious looking grin from ear to ear. Shelton gets up to his feet, and actually spits on Styles, who is on his hands and knees looking completely out of it. The referee issues a warning to Shelton, as he grabs a hold of Styles, and slowly drags him up to his feet.

AJ Styles comes out of nowhere, however, with a forearm strike. Following up with a few more forearm strikes, Styles looks to be regaining his wrestling composure. With Benjamin a little shook, Styles runs to the ropes, leaps off of them, springboard moonsaulting over Shelton Benjamin, but also grabbing his head on the way, and dropping Benjamin on his back for an inverted DDT completing the STYLIN' DDT! Styles doesn't attempt to cover Benjamin, but instead sits there for a moment to catch his breathe. The Phenomenal One then gets to his feet, and walks over to Benjamin's feet, before grabbing Shelton's right leg, and slowly uses it to turn Benjamin over for the Stylin' Crab. The Gold Standard puts both his hands on his head seemingly trying to ignore the pain, as Styles cranks back wrenching Shelton's leg and back. Benjamin somehow muscles himself onto his hands, and throws his right leg out sending Styles off his leg, and through the middle ropes to the outside.

Shelton Benjamin shows his true strength with that counter, and with Styles on the outside trying to recuperate, The Gold Standard gets up to his feet, and shakes off his right leg. AJ Styles now hops onto the apron, and Benjamin walks towards him. Styles goes for a strike, but Benjamin ducks it, and hits AJ with a shoulder block to the gut. Styles begins to bend in his stance on the apron, as Shelton hits him with yet another shoulder block, but AJ doesn't fall off, as he's holding onto the top rope. The Gold Standard now runs to the opposite set of ropes, bounces off back towards Styles, and SOMERSAULTS INTO THE AIR OVER AJ STYLES AND THE TOP ROPE, GRABBING ONTO STYLES' WAIST ON THE WAY, AND THROWS HIM DOWN HARD ON THE MAT FOR A SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB!!! What athleticism from The Gold Standard, as he truly shows why he's deserving of the UWM World Heavyweight Championship. The fans also truly appreciate the athleticism, as they give Benjamin a nice pop.

Shelton Benjamin doesn't know whether to let Styles lay outside of the ring to be counted out, or to throw him back into the ring, and try to pin him. After a moment of contemplation, Benjamin drags Styles up to his feet, and throws him into the ring. Benjamin slides into the ring, and hooks Styles' right leg.




AJ Styles shows true ring awareness, as he places his left leg on the bottom rope. The referee notices this, and breaks up the count. Benjamin quickly drags Styles over to the middle of the ring, and attempts to pin again.




Styles just kicks out of it this time, which clearly frustrates Benjamin. Shelton looks at the referee, and says “C'MON MAN”, but the referee ignores Benjamin, and tells him to carry on. The Gold Standard does so, as he turns Styles over onto his stomach, crosses Styles' legs, and drags back at AJ's chin for a nice cross-legged STF. Benjamin has shown true technical talent this match, and this technically difficult move proves it. Shelton continues to pull back, which wears down Styles' back and neck just like earlier in the match. Benjamin is clearly focusing on AJ's back, maybe to set up one of his finishers, the Paydirt or T-Bone Suplex. Shelton releases AJ, and Styles just flops forward hitting his face into the mat. The Gold Standard nods seemingly satisfied with himself, as he walks over to the turnbuckle. Shelton takes a look back at Styles, who is slowly getting to his hands and knees, before getting out of the ring, and onto the apron. Shelton yells “GET UP...GET UP” to Styles, as he slowly climbs to the top turnbuckle. Styles gets to his feet now, and Benjamin leaps off looking to hit a flying clothesline of some sort, but Styles ducks it. Benjamin manages to land on his feet, but stumbles forward a bit.

AJ Styles manages to dodge the aerial move, but Benjamin's not done, as he turns around, and charges towards Styles. The Phenomenal One manages to leapfrog over Benjamin, who keeps on running and collides with the turnbuckle. Benjamin is now dazed, and stumbles back a few steps to Styles, who turns Shelton around and gives him a boot to the midsection. AJ now sets up a suplex of some sort, before lifting the two hundred and fifty pounder up in the air. The Phenomenal One, however, doesn't drop Shelton with a suplex, but rather lets Benjamin flip back onto his feet, before AJ drops him with a neckbreaker slam completing a signature combination of his. AJ manages to cover Benjamin now.



Shelton Benjamin is actually capable of a quick kick out, showing Styles that there's still too much left in the tank to be defeated now. AJ doesn't fret, but instead, gets to his feet, dragging Shelton up right after. The Phenomenal One grabs Benjamin by the wrist before Irish whipping him to the ropes. Shelton hits the ropes, but doesn't bounce back, as he clings onto the top ropes instead. Styles charges at Benjamin looking to clothesline him to the outside, but Benjamin gives Styles a back body drop instead. Benjamin walks forward proud of himself, but little does he know that Styles has landed on the apron, and not on the mat outside. The Gold Standard turns around, Styles leaps up, springboards off the top rope towards Shelton looking for a springboard forearm smash, but Benjamin ducks it, and as Styles gets up and turns around, Shelton throws a kick at AJ. AJ Styles catches Benjamin's foot, and throws it away, but Benjamin just swings it around, right back into AJ's face for a dragon whip! The Gold Standard has had the majority of the counters and scouting done for the match, as he's reverses most of AJ's own reversals. AJ actually falls out of the ring from the dragon whip.

Shelton Benjamin isn't worried though. Inside the ring or out, Benjamin thinks he's the better wrestler. As Styles gets to his feet on the outside, Shelton comes charges from the opposite side of the ring towards Styles. Benjamin leaps into the air, over the top rope, and hits Styles with a SOMERSAULT PLANCHA! Shelton is proving that AJ isn't the only aerial specialist in this match with that move, but with both men laid out, it doesn't really matter. The referee begins a count due to inactivity in the ring.



The Gold Standard is the better man right now, as he's to his hands and knees, slowly getting to his feet. The Phenomenal One, on the other hand, is clearly out of this world, as he's on his back reaching into the air for something.



Shelton uses the apron to get himself to his feet, while AJ is now on his knees, but still looking delusional.


Benjamin slides into the ring breaking up the count, but just slides right back out. And another count starts...


Shelton walks over to AJ Styles, and drags him up to his feet, before walking AJ to the apron.


Benjamin attempts to smash Styles' head into the apron, but AJ has the right mind to stop it using his hands.


Styles gives Benjamin a back elbow strike, before planting him with a back heel kick to the midsection. The Phenomenal One hops onto the apron, which actually breaks the count. The Gold Standard walks towards Styles, but Styles just gives him a boot to the face, which sends him stumbling back a bit. Styles runs on the apron, leaps off of it, and actually hits Benjamin with a SHOOTING STAR PRESS SPLASH! Oh...my...god! The fans are cheering frantically now, as both men have been pulling out all the stops thus far in the match. The adrenaline must be rushing through Styles, as he gets right up after the move, clenches his fists, and lets out a groan of adrenaline. The momentum is now on AJ's side, and many are hoping it stays that way, as The Phenomenal One grabs Benjamin by the tights, and rolls him into the ring.

AJ Styles hops onto the apron, and looks at the fallen Benjamin, who is actually in perfect position for an aerial move from the apron area. The Phenomenal One looks to the crowd on the left, before looking to the crowd on the right, and now at Shelton Benjamin. Styles uses the top rope to leap in the air, and springboard off the ropes, spinning 450 degrees, looking to hit the SUPERMAN, but The Gold Standard rolls out of the way, and STYLES CRASHES AND BURNS! Shelton Benjamin actually rolls all the way to the turnbuckle, where he rests. The camera focuses on him, as he horizontally wipes some sweat off his forehead, and can be heard saying “WHEW”. Benjamin barely dodges a bullet, while Styles is rolling around clutching his midsection, which should be in an immense amount of pain. Benji uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet. Shelton now walks over to Styles, grabs him by the hair on his head, and drags him to his feet.

With the missed move being a fatal blow to Styles, Benjamin looks to take full control, as he Irish whips Styles to the turnbuckle. Benjamin charges to Styles, leaps in the air, and hits AJ with the STINGER SPLASH. Benjamin takes a few steps back, and lets Styles stumbles towards him. The Gold Standard positions AJ for the T-BONE SUPLEX. Fifteen minutes in the match, Shelton looks to finish the match. Benjamin flips Styles up, but Styles lands back on his feet. AJ gives Shelton a kick to the midsection before placing The Gold Standard's head in between his legs, setting up for the STYLES CLASH. The Phenomenal One lifts Benjamin up, but Shelton just falls back down onto his feet. The Gold Standard now gives AJ Styles a kick to the midsection before placing Styles' head in between his legs. Shelton Benjamin hoists AJ onto his shoulders in a powerbomb position! What a showcase of strength, as Shelton runs with Styles on his shoulders and throws AJ at the turnbuckle for a SHELL BOMB!!! The crowd begins to chant “HOLY SHIT” over and over again, as Styles lays off the turnbuckle looking completely battered, while Benjamin just seems outright exhausted.

The Gold Standard does not capitalize with a pin attempt, but instead drags AJ Styles away from the turnbuckle, possibly positioning him for something. Shelton Benjamin now gets out of the ring onto the apron, and begins to scale to the top turnbuckle. At the top, Benji takes a look at his fallen opponent. Shelton must be mentally insane because he absolutely looks like it right now. Benjamin leaps in the air, and goes for a 450 SPLASH, which he uses to hit back in his Ohio Valley Wrestling days, but Styles just barely rolls away, and SHELTON BENJAMIN HITS THE MAT AWKWARDLY ON HIS HEAD AND CHEST. The crowd is raving at this last aerial attempt by Benjamin, as he's actually pulling out everything in his arsenal to win this match. Both men are still laid out now, as the referee begins a count due to inactivity.




AJ Styles is stirring, as he grabs onto the ropes, and uses it to slowly drag himself up. Meanwhile, Shelton Benjamin is still laid out in an awkward position.




AJ Styles is up to his feet breaking the ten count for himself, and at this time, Benjamin is only to his hands and knees looking absolutely out of mind.



The Phenomenal One is hanging off the ropes, taking a moment to recuperate, as Benjamin gets to one knee and one foot.


To the dismay of the fans, The Gold Standard leaps up to his feet breaking the ten count for himself. Un-freaking-believable. AJ Styles goes at Shelton now, as he attacks him with a couple of forearm strikes to the back. Styles then grabs a hold around Benjamin's waist, and hoists him in midair, before dropping him onto his back for a German suplex. Styles actually rolls through with it, and gets back to his feet with his grip still around Benjamin's waist. Once again, Styles hoists Benjamin in midair, but instead of falling back this time, Styles drops Benjamin on his face for a belly to back wheelbarrow facebuster. Amazing combination to say the least. AJ Styles flips Benjamin onto his back, and covers him.




Shelton still has too much fight in him to give up now. AJ Styles gets to his feet, and drags the seemingly lifeless body of Shelton Benjamin's to his feet as well. Styles now Irish whips Benjamin to the turnbuckle, where Shelton crashes pretty hard. AJ charges in, and nails The Gold Standard with a clothesline. Shelton begins to stumble forward right into a lift by Styles, who spectacularly gets Benjamin up onto his shoulders backbreaker rack. With all his might, AJ hops up and down, breaking down The Gold Standard, and punishing his back. Styles now twists Benjamin around right into a powerbomb completing his RACK BOMB. The 'phenomenal' move must have taken a lot out of Styles because he begins to clutch his back, which Benjamin has dominated the whole match. AJ Styles does, however, manage to hook Benjamin's leg.




AJ Styles places his hands on his head, completely shocked at the kickout. He's seemingly given it his all, but has to give a bit more to become world champion. AJ Styles gets to his feet now, and picks up Benjamin, which is a tough task considering he's mostly dead weight at this point. “LETS GO A-J” followed by “LETS GO SHEL-TON” chants begin to fill the stadium, as not only are both men are truly deserving of the UWM World Heavyweight Championship, but the crowd seems to be split between the two as well. Styles Irish whips Benjamin to the turnbuckle. Styles charges in, but Benjamin actually manages to sidestep it causing AJ to crash into the turnbuckle. Shelton comes back in with a back elbow strike. The Gold Standard turns The Phenomenal One to face him at the turnbuckle now before landing a few forearm strikes. Benjamin lifts Styles up onto the turnbuckle, before climbing up himself. Shelton sets up for a superplex! AJ Styles won't have it however, as he strikes back with a few forearm strikes, before pushing Benjamin off the turnbuckle. Benjamin hits the mat, but rolls back. Styles stands up on the top turnbuckle, but sees that Benjamin is too far. Shelton Benjamin charges, out of nowhere, leaps onto the top turnbuckle, grabs a hold of AJ Styles, and hits an amazing AVALANCHE SUPERPLEX!!!

At this point, nothing is surprising, as both men have pulled out everything in order to win this match. Shelton Benjamin can't capitalize on the high impact move, however, as it seems that the move was pure adrenaline, and now he just lays there. After a short moment, Benjamin crawls over to Styles, and attempts a pin.




Shelton Benjamin actually raises his arms thinking he has won the match, but the referee informs him with two fingers that it was only a two count. Shelton shows the ref three fingers, but the referee says that it was only a two count. Sucks to Benjamin, but then again, AJ Styles isn't looking too great either. Benjamin actually gets up, and with all the strength in him, grabs Styles and throws him out of the ring. Shelton then yells at the referee to “COUNT 'EM”. The poor referee obeys.





Sad to see Styles only up to his hands and knees by the four count, as losing the world championship by a count-out is a shame.




AJ Styles gets to his feet using the apron in the process, and slowly climbs onto the apron, which actually breaks the count. Shelton Benjamin comes over to Styles, and attempts to give him a punch to the face, but Styles dodges it, and retaliates with a forearm strike of his own. AJ Styles actually then sticks his foot through the ropes, and gives Benjamin a kick to the midsection. Shelton actually stumbles back quite a bit from the kick, and AJ leaps up, springboards off the top rope, and looks to be hitting his signature SPRINGBOARD FOREARM SMASH, BUT SHELTON GOES FOR THE SUPERKICK, AND STYLES MANAGES TO CATCH BENJAMIN'S FOOT BEFORE DROPPING ON HIS FEET. Spectacular doesn't even describe it, as Styles knows better to then to throw Shelton's foot away only for it to come back in his face, so he throws Shelton's foot to the mat, before giving The Gold Standard a kick to the sternum. AJ Styles hits Shelton with a forearm strike. And another one. And yet another one, before attempting to Irish whip Benjamin to the ropes, only for Benjamin to reverse it, and send Styles instead.

The Phenomenal One hits the ropes, and comes back to Shelton Benjamin who right away hoists AJ Styles onto his shoulders, and drops him for a SAMOAN DROP. Shelton gets up to his feet right away, seemingly proud of himself, despite breathing a little heavily, and signals for the end of Styles. Benjamin begins to stomp at the mat calling Styles up to his feet, and continues to do so, as Styles slowly gets up to his feet. Anxious to attack, Benjamin actually helps AJ on the last bit to get up. The Gold Standard, still cocky as ever, holds AJ up by the chin before dashing in looking for the PAYDIRT, but Styles ducks the grab to the head. Shelton Benjamin turns around, and Styles hits him with the PELE KICK!!! Fans are still amazed to see these two still going at it, despite looking like they have an empty tank.

Both men are slow to their feet, and actually manage to get to their feet at the same time. It's all, but over now, as AJ Styles kicks Shelton Benjamin in the midsection. AJ Styles places Benjamin's head in between his legs, and for the second time in this match, he's looking for the STYLES CLASH. The Phenomenal One lifts Benjamin up, but Benjamin comes out of nowhere with unorthodox hurricanrana sending Styles to the turnbuckle. Can you believe it because no one in the arena can believe it, as Benjamin is doing all he can to not only survive, but win the match. Benjamin charges over to Styles now, leaps in the air, and hits a STINGER SPLASH! AJ's hanging off the turnbuckle and top ropes with an aching expression on his face, as Shelton Benjamin lifts Styles onto a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Benjamin climbs onto the middle ropes, and beings clubbing AJ Styles with forearm strikes. Shelton then positions Styles for a TURNBUCKLE T-BONE SUPLEX, which would just be riveting, but AJ Styles hits Shelton in the head twice with back elbow strikes. The Phenomenal One somehow manages to place Benjamin's head in between his legs here. Can it be? Is the third time a charm for AJ Styles, who is seemingly looking to be attempting a middle rope Styles Clash? AJ STYLES HOISTS SHELTON BENJAMIN UP, HOPS OFF THE ROPES, AND HITS THE STYLES CLASH FROM THE TURNBUCKLE!!! Slowly, but surely, AJ Styles turns Benjamin over, and covers him.




Winner & New UWM World Heavyweight Champion@ 23:24 – AJ Styles

And that's all she wrote folks...AJ Styles becomes Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's first ever World Heavyweight Champion. Styles slowly gets to his feet. The referee raises his arm, as Paul Heyman strides down to ringside, grabs the UWM World Heavyweight Championship, and walks into the ring. Heyman shakes Styles' hand, before strapping the title around his waist. And during this time, streamers and confetti roll down from the roof, fans are throwing flowers into the ring as well! Shelton Benjamin, on the other hand, has rolled out of the ring, and is watching dreadfully, as AJ Styles is congratulated and award the world title. And that sir...is how the show end.

*** THE END ***

Quick Results

Singles Match – Matt Sydal def. Jay Lethal
Tag Team Match – Most Wanted def. Masked Menaces
UWM World Tag Team Championship Match – Generation Next (c) def. The Hooliganz (via interference)
UWM Open Invitational Battle Royal – Charlie Haas def. thirteen other wrestlers
Singles Match – Gregory Helms def. Christopher Daniels
UWM World Heavyweight Championship Match – AJ Styles def. Shelton Benjamin

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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem


First off great start to the PPV with Heyman opening it. Heyman's speech gets over the personal stake he has in this company. Very realistic that he would do this.

Lethal/Sydal- Great opening high flying match. Glad to see Sydal get the win personally.

Glad to see Mark Jindrak in UWM. Hope he sticks around a bit...the reflection of prefection is priceless. Seeing him on Lucha LIbrea USA every week will keep him fresh in readers minds too.

Most Wanted picking up their first win was very much expected. Hopefully it will put them on a winning streak. Solid tag bout here.

Sean Waltman in UMW and the segment with Teddy Hart was really good. Very old school ECWish. A feud between these two can be magic man. Two trouble makers at each others throats. Now the only thing I'd point out is Waltman got a huge ovation but IMO with such a smark based crowd I think they'd be a little more luke warm to Waltman.

Great tag title match with a very...eh ending. I don't know about the Evans thing. Although it was pretty original. Just don't know really how I feel about it..lol

Fun battle royal with Charlie Haas rightfully winning it. I hope Petey Williams, Jindrak, Waltman, Hart and Brent Albright stick around. I have a feeling we'll see the Naturals a bit more. I don't know about Lance Storm...I'm thinking he was a one night deal...maybe two or three appearances?

Very Very disapointed that the match I was most looking forward to reading got the recap. Very Sad...feel my sadness. Helms over to continue the feud...works for me. Again BOOOO on the recap.

AJ/Benjamin- Great Main Event man...AJ wins first championship which is right. Great future matches with Daniels, Helms and Haas in the future.

Over all good PPV man...little upset about the recap man but oh well...
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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Saw the show and wanted to leave some feedback. This is my first time reading the thread. Bullet pointed and quite short but hopefully it does help.
  • Loved the opening video with all the horror imagery such as the jump rope and bloodbath building an interesting dark atmosphere for the show
  • Heyman's promo was very appropriate in my opinion. I was thinking that it wasn't very realistic for a fed to have a PPV so early on and Heyman highlighting the fact that this PPV was unbelievable and a privilege was good. Promo started off a bit weak but ended strongly.
  • Didn't understand the Sydal/Lethal segment backstage. Either poorly described, or I missed something
  • Sydal vs Lethal - good in-character match. The end made Sydal seem very strong when he kicked out from Lethal Combination and basically dominated. Didn't like how frequent the counts for inactivity and out of ring action were.
  • I don't mind Mark Jindrak. The segment was very generic.
  • That video package helped a new reader like me a lot. So far both the matches have been decided by Heyman. I hope this wasn't the case for all matches, as I would prefer to see wrestlers interacting and challenging each other, making matches for themselves.
  • Masked Menaces vs Most Wanted - haha Delirious was great! Really did not like the count for inactivity at the VERY BEGINNING of the match. I liked this match more than the first one, much more entertaining probably because of Delirious' character.I would've booked Most Wanted for the win as well.
  • Couldn't really get into the Hooliganz segment
  • I'm liking these additions. Hart and Waltman are both awesome workers!
  • Aries started that promo off really nicely, very clear voice. Ending was a bit weak.
  • Hooliganz vs Generation Next - I really enjoy watching London and Kendrick in action so this match may become my favourite match if it's written well. I think the action went out of the ring too early. Would've been better to have London and Aries do some nice standard technical wrestling before moving into the big moves. Nice flow in the middle of the match, I like the diving crossbody onto Roderick Strong. Interesting ending, I guess you're introducing yet another new worker into the thread through this? Better than making him come out in a segment, I must say.
  • I haven't seen Delirious in many threads so I'm really enjoying seeing him. Nice little interview segment there, quite effective build up for the match.
  • Okay the next two segments, to me, were quite bland, especially Noble's interaction with Most Wanted.
  • Battle Royal - Funny opening to the match, but I think Jindrak lost a lot of overness through that. I guess a Waltman/Hart feud is in the making. GIVE PETEY WILLIAMS A PUSH! I was rooting for him in this match. You've written this match quite well; personally I would only be interested in the last few guys as well, so the length control there, although it could just be laziness, is appropriate. Jay Lethal eliminated quite a lot of guys there. That's good. Keeps his credibility up despite his loss in his match. Interesting ending; controversy is always great. Probably a Haas/Albright feud is also in the making?
  • Daniels vs Helms - Pity about the recap, Daniels seemed to be the main man of the event judging by the poster and opening video package. A low blow is quite a weak way to get a dirty win to be honest. I guess this can add to the feud but yeah, not great booking.
  • I'm predicing an AJ Styles win for the main event. The segment with Heyman hinted at it for me.
  • Styles vs Benjamin - Skimmed it until the ending and it looks like a solid match. The cluster of action at the end was a great way to finish the match off, a fast paced ending is better than a slow one for these guys. Nice ending! You probably had no choice but to do it from the turnbuckle; needed a lot of impact to finish the match cause of all those big moves you pulled out during the build up.

Pretty nice show man, I can continue following the thread from here now.
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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Good to see the show finally up. I know it's been a long ride to get there, but you got the show posted, so well done for that. Anyway, on with the review...

The Massacre Review

Very cool opening video. The imagery (sp?) of the girls in white playin in darkness really set the tone early. Can't really say much else about it, it was very well written. Good start.

Nice rundown of the card bewteen Josh and Coach, with both men playing their face/heel alignments well. The Heyman promo was very One Night Stand-esque. It almost felt like a battle cry of sorts. It was a solid way to kick off the pay per view proper, and when I think about the type of guy Heyman is, a completely logical choice.

I predicted Lethal/Sydal to be the first match, so chalk one up for me. :P Anyway, the match was a good read, several big spots in it. I didn't like the ammount of '10 counts' we had from the ref though. I feel they serve their purpose best when only used once as a dramatic moment towards the end of the match, but that's just my opinion. I'd also have liked to see a reaction from Josh and Coach after the bell. We seemed to just very quickly cut away to the back. Seeing as it was the company's first ever match on PPV, I'd have liked to have heard the commentators put it over after the bell.

Mark Jindak is a cool addition to the roster. One of those guys who never really lived up to his potential. Hope he has a good showing in the battle royal.

I can't say I know much about Delirious, but I've heard about his character. I enjoyed reading him during this match, especially during the spot where Shark Boy had to wake him as he was the legal man. That drew a laugh from me. Anyway, Most Wanted had to win, and I'm glad they did. They'll offer you more going forward.

Ah, generic Kendrick and London banter. Something I also suffer from. Hard to write for the pair of them tbh. "You got it hard on, ah...I mean spot on." I said in my predictions that I felt you were making a big deal out of Ashley, so something was gonna happen with her, and this only reinforced that for me, especially with London talking about no more distractions. Or perhaps I'm reading too much into things?

Teddy Hart, can't say I've read many BTB's where he's been used well. Hopefully you can do so. While I'm all for heels getting cheap ehat, I'm never really all that thrilled by the Anti-American gimmick. Seems a bit cliched for me. Less of that and more of the 'I'm too fucking good' awesomeness that followed. Sean Waltman to interupt? Hmm... a feud between these two could be great, as they're both very talented. Could be big things from this. Aside from the anti-American stuff, everything else was fine.

Nice promo from the tag champs. I especially liked the way the Sydal interference was turned back on Londrick as an excuse for why they lost. Nice touch there. All the chat of interference, somthing must happen in the title match. But the whore comment makes me think it's not Ashley as I previously thought.

Although it was in recap, this seemed like a pretty fast paced match, again with some solid spots. Jack Evans turning up is cool. Gotta admit, I was suprised to see him come out as GN were in charge, but the way you booked it was sneaky cool. Such a heel thing to do. I loved it. Gen Next bein four deep now on for my money just adds another layer that London and Kendrick have to get through, as I'm sure there will be a rematch after this, in which Londrick will finally win the titles. But yeah, the ending was very smart.

I liked this little video package. Teddy Hart's played into what we heard earlier, Helms' was very funny.

Two short little segments here. Hass and Benjamin - possible future feud right there? Most Wanted and Noble - keep Noble out of that group. He doesn't fit with Cade and Harris IMO. Not all rednecks have to be on the same team.

at Jindrak's appearance. Wow. Shocked at what went down with Kenny. I picked him to win too. Feud between Kenny and Jindrak seems natural now. Very surprised at Sydal being eliminated so early. I'd have thought you'd have made him last longer to build on his earlier victory. Nothing wrong with Lethal eliminating him though. One strong point from this match is the way several feuds seem to have come out of it. Kenny/Jindrak, Teddy/Waltman continued, and it looks like a Haas/Albright feud is in the making too. Aside from Sydal going out too early IMO, it was a very good match.

Shame Daniels/Helms was such a small recap, but needs must I guess. Low blow for the dirty win suggests rematch. Hopefully in full as I'd be very interested to see a well written match between these two from you.

And now for the main event. The slow cautious start from Shelton helped add a little bit of tension which I liked. The match kicks into gear with Styles hitting that asai moonsault. Always a good spot. Loved the frantic ending. Very well written, I could picture every move. The Styles Clash from the turnbuckel made sense considering what happened in the match before it, we needed something a little bit sepcial to end things, and we got it. I called AJ winning and I'm glad it went down that way as it's the most logical choice for your first champion. I also liked the touch of Heyman handing over the strap and the confetti too. Little touches like that add to the big time nature of crowning the first champ.

Overall, a very good show. Everything was well written, except for Helms/Daniels. Not many typoes either. One high point is the number of feuds and potential feuds that were set up from the show. Overall, gotta be considered a success and a great first PPV for this thread. Here's hoping it continues.
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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

I like to thank you three fine gentlemen for your feedback. The Massacre was my first ever pay-per-view, and although it was not entirely in full, I'm proud of it. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. On a totally separate note about feedback, I've been very slow with it lately, and still need to get some out to a few more threads, which I'm hoping I get done soon. I tallied up the prediction contest, and here are the results:

HarlemHeat: 11
KOB: 8
Shocker: 9
BkB Hulk: 8
Barry_Champlain: 8
Kames: 9
Stojy: 8
iMac: 10
Apostle Lukes: 7
Legend: 12

So Legend takes it. I'm gonna go with credits so you've won 10 billion credits!

And now, here's an update to what's up with Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem. It's been literally a week since I've posted the pay-per-view, and since then, I've been trying to catch up on feedback/give more feedback out. I like reading other people's work because it helps with my work as well. So I'm going to continue to do that, while writing on the side to get somewhat ahead. This thread basically came out of nowhere with most the talent being the 'free agents', so I didn't really plan everything out like most do. I'm going to take some time to plan a bit more out. Some of the feuds will continue, and some of the feuds that started at The Massacre will be amazing by the time I'm done with them. Promise ya. To finish off, I'm going to post a newswire sometime this week. Maybe later on in the week with most of the news based on The Massacre. I've got the poster done for the next pay-per-view, and I'm gonna have to show it off with the newswire too. =P

oh, and p.s. Mark Jindrak is not signed. He was a free agent trying to get noticed. With that said, he got noticed, but he's not signed as of yet. I like him, and all, but I need to see where my plans are going first.

Sooooo later dayz for now.

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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem News & Notes

Co-general managers and owners, Paul Heyman & Todd Gordon, as well as management and head creative writer, Crazian, are said to be content with the results of Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's first ever pay-per-view, The Massacre. Heyman and Gordon are said to be especially satisfied with the quality of wrestling in the show. The AJ Styles versus Shelton Benjamin clash, Christopher Daniels/Gregory Helms match, and the UWM World Tag Team Championship Match are the matches of the night. Despite the satisfaction, many are worried that the pay-per-view buy rates will not be high due to the high quality matches 'given' on Tuesday Night Turbo. Nonetheless, UWM is excited to keep the momentum rolling into the next few weeks.

The decision to crown AJ Styles the first ever UWM World Heavyweight Champion is said to be a last minute decision. Creative and Todd Gordon wanted Styles as champion, and to be the face of UWM. Paul Heyman, however, voted against it and wanted Shelton Benjamin to lead the new era of Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem. There is still talks of Styles losing his championship to Shelton Benjamin sometime in the next few months. Paul Heyman's worry is that AJ Styles was the face of Total Nonstop Action, and would rather have a 'new face'.

The Massacre provided a lot of 'shock' moments. One of them included the debut of Jack Evans to attack stablemates Austin Aries and Roderick Strong in the UWM World Championship Match causing interference to them, which resulted in The Hooliganz losing. Jack Evans showed his true colors after the match and joined Generation Next in taking out The Hooliganz. The feud is expected to continue with a match to keep all competitors away at the next pay-per-view. Generation Next is now four strong, and seems to be building as weeks go on. The plan is have them be the top stable in the company with more possible members to come. Austin Aries and Roderick Strong are exceptional wrestlers so don't expect them to be in the tag scene for too long.

Another feud expected to continue is the thrilling feud between Christopher Daniels and Gregory Helms. The two are said to be enjoying the feud, and with the dirty win at The Massacre for Gregory Helms, expect to see Christopher Daniels take the win in the next match-up.

A couple of storylines began Sunday at The Massacre, as Teddy Hart and Sean Waltman got something started, as well as Mark Jindrak attacking Ken Doane before Doane got a chance to enter the battle royal. Paul Heyman is said to be a fan of Mark Jindrak, and has given him a one month contract culminating at the next pay-per-view. Despite being a fan of Jindrak, Heyman feels that Jindrak may cost too much, and may not draw fans. Jindrak is expected to feud with Ken Doane. On the other hand, both Teddy Hart and Sean Waltman made their debuts at The Massacre and in controversial fashion with an over the top promo, which included profanity and vulgarity. Paul Heyman and creative gave the two free reign on the promo, but told the two that the language needs to come down a bit for the regular weekly shows. Expect a crazy feud to ensue between the two.

Many wrestlers including Brent Albright and Lance Storm made special appearances at The Massacre, but other than the few that made a lasting impact, no wrestlers are expected to be signed at the moment. There is enough wrestlers for creative to work with at the moment, and no outside talent is needed. Brent Albright did make himself known, and is the most likely to join UWM, but at a later date. Paul Heyman is also expected to give Lance Storm a contract, but not as a wrestling talent. Instead, Lance Storm may be used with talent operations, as well as scouting.

Most Wanted, Chris Harris and Lance Cade, are currently being built into the top tag team, and are expected to be the team to take the titles off of Generation Next sometime in the next few months, so the whole 'Jamie Noble' joining Most Wanted is only expected to be a side angle. Lance Cade, however, has stressed that he wants some time off soon. Cade is dealing with some personal matters, and is expected to given time off soon. Jamie Noble isn't expected to join Most Wanted, which leaves Harris by his lonesome right now. Harris may join the upper card scene or take time off as well. Bringing in old Most Wanted partner, James Storm, is not an option, as Storm is a vital part of Total Nonstop Action, and locked in a lengthy contract.

The poster for next month's Ultimate Wresting Mayhem show has been released. A few wrestlers are featured on the poster, but none are expected to be given significant roles. The pay-per-view is to be called Ecstasy, and the date is exactly 4 weeks after The Massacre, which gives UWM four TNT shows before then. Many feel this may be too fast for another pay-per-view, but most feel that Ultimate Wresting Mayhem should continue with the momentum they have. A huge problem, however, is that UFC is having a pay-per-view that weekend as well, and many are worried that UWM won't pick up as many buy rates because of that. Poster below...

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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

I just wanted to let you know that I really think it's a damn shame that your PPV only got that many reviews, but I guess that's the section these days.

at your name in this thread being Crazian. I don't mind Styles, but Paul Heyman is the best wrestling brain in the business, so by stating that his support is behind Shelton Benjamin, it really wouldn't surprise me if eventually you had him take the strap. I mark the fuck out for Generation Next, but I'll have to see what you do with Jack Evans, because at the moment, I'm not to sold on him being in the group, but that could be because it's just really diffrerent to what I am used to. Daniels/Helms needs to run this thread, tbh. Awesome shit. I've never been a huge fan of Hart and Waltman, but allowing them to cut vulgar promos, I don't know, could have me lighten to them a little more. I think the Jindrak thing is a clever way for you to test how you write him, and see what people say before you commit to him on your roster. I don't mind the guy though, so should be fun. I don't know if you need Albright, I think the roster is strong enough, considering how small the weekly shows are. As for Storm, I'd mark for him as a backstage guy, who occasionally puts over some young talent. This Cade taking time off thing better be nonsense, why would you ruin an original tag team that I like? The PPV poster is looking pretty good to, no complaints.

Anyway, I really can't wait for this to get rolling again, so don't keep me waiting to long.

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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

The Massacre Feedback

Yes, itís extremely late, and I apologise for that, but I really wanted to get some feedback up for this, as Iíve been following this thread from the beginning.

Very good start to the show, really hyping the hell out of the card and the promotion as a whole with the commentary, following a nice video package. Good way to start stuff off.

I really didnít expect an in-ring promo to start, but I certainly have no problem with Heyman coming out. The speech from Heyman was a very nice touch, giving the show a real emotional feel, and I have to say, what Heyman said seemed really authentic. You did a great job of capturing all of the emotion, and it serves as a great way to get the fans fired up before your first Pay-Per-View. Good start.

Iím not really sure a video was needed to show how this match came to be, because, well, itís nothing major, but Iím not too fussed. I must say, I quite like this as your choice for the opener, and the way you really got the crowd fired up in the early going with the high flying, exciting countering of the two (particularly Lethal with the toss to the outside and suicide dive to Sydal and Sydal with the diving moonsault to Lethal) was a good way to start the match. I also thought that in the middle portion of the match, you did a really good job keeping Sydal looking like the heel by showing off his cockiness and abusing the referee, stopping the fans from cheering him despite his exciting moves. The counter wrestling was also pretty nice to see, with the use of Sydal hitting the hurricanrana this time over the top rope being a smart little counter to use, considering what happened earlier in the match. The comeback from Lethal from there was built up nicely, and the match peaked well at the end, with some good counter wrestling, especially to hit Sydalís big moves, leading to the win. A pretty damn exciting way to start the show off, and probably the right decision for the winner for mine, because Generation Next look to be your big ticket here, and making them look as strong as possible tonight is something Iíd like to see.

Most Wanted being ready is good to see. Not sure if you plan on keeping Cade around, but I wouldnít object if you did. Itís your call.

Wow, really happy to see Mark Jindrak, as, to me, heís someone with a lot of untapped potential. This was a nice little promo from Jindrak, heeling it up a bit and doing it well with his old reflection of perfection line, along with really working the mark of excellence line in well.

Again, like with the first match, Iím not sure such a low key build needs video hype before it. Nice start to the match, utilizing the fun that Delirious brings to things well, before ultimately letting Most Wanted take the momentum for the middle portion of the match after getting the crowd into things early. Really, Iím a bit disappointed that the middle portion of the match with the Most Wanted dominance was so short, because I thought this match would be a good chance to show some of Most Wantedís teamwork, which weíve been yet to see here. Youíve also had The Masked Menaces look the much better of the two units thus far, and while theyíre fun, theyíre definitely the jobber team of the division at the moment. The action from there progressed fine, building up towards the finish well by getting all four men involved, especially with the tower of doom spot. The little bit of theatrics from Delirious at the end of the match I have mixed feelings about, because while itís Delirious and itís enjoyable, I really think this should be taken seriously, and the whole going to the wrong man thing seemed a little over the top for mine. Most Wanted at least look dominant to close the match though, and itís good to see them getting the win. Iím not so sure about how much offense The Masked Menaces got and how long the match went, because I thought this should have been more about Most Wanted, but Iím not too fussed.

@ Kendrickís goofiness. Nice little promo to show The Hooligans getting ready, and show us that, well, Ashleyís hot.

Teddy Hart promo? This is certainly unexpected, and while Iím not at all a fan of Teddy, Iím certainly interested with how youíve made this a very sudden interruption. Interesting start to the promo, almost shoot style, with a lot of swearing and bragging from Hart. While itís a little odd, I actually like the way youíve gone about this, taking Hartís natural attitude of being an asshole, and really letting it loose on your show. The way he bragged about being a Hart, and made it seem like it made him entitled to being famous, to deserving everything was really well done, although Iím not so big on Hart referencing his family in WWE, and specifically calling them The Hart Dynasty, as I think itís a bit too much of a direct reference to your competition. The cheap heat by bringing about Canada was pretty well used to, while the way he bragged and said he didnít need to get involved in the battle royal because he doesnít need to make an impact because he already knows heís the best was really good. The little line on Shelton and AJ was done well, before the interruption from Waltman, which is, well, interesting. Another guy with a very checkered past, which I guess is intentional. Waltman coming out and shutting Teddy right up was done pretty well, and the way he defended the company, while a little odd from Waltman, was good too. Waltman contrasting himself with Teddy by saying he was entering the battle royal was a nice way to really position him as a face after that, and the comeback from Hart, really showing how obnoxious he is, especially with the ďyou should act your age and die alreadyĒ line. Teddy then attempting to attack Waltman for owning him, only to get sent packing was a nice way to end the promo, and debut two guys with a clear juxtaposition at once, showing their characters off well on Pay-Per-View.

Nice arrogant start to the promo from Austin Aries, really justifying the interference of Sydal in Gebneration Nextís eyes in the original tag title match, and really talking themselves up well. To be honest, Iím not such a fan of the trash talking of Ashley at the end, as it felt a little forced with the way they insulted her, and before a match with no interference, itís pretty much unnecessary anyway. It really didnít add anything to the promo, and instead took away from the focus of it.

Now this is a match with a deserving video package. Nice exciting start to the match, with The Hooligans really bringing the pace to it early, getting the crowd right into things. The interference, right after, from Strong to end the momentum was done really well too. While I would have really liked to have seen this match in full, since it was one of your biggest matches on the card, but the action at the end was still certainly exciting, especially with how you made use of all four men, and had a few spots that made us of hitting both men. The ref bump to save Generation Next the match, then ultimately win it thanks to Jack Evansí interference causing the DQ finish and win for Generation Next. While the build to the match made it feel like this needed a decisive finish, I didnít mind the interference here to drag out the feud, and the big attack from Evans after the match to keep things going.

@ Teddy Hartís answer in the video package. Nice way to hype the big main event. The little promo between Haas and Benjamin, showing animosity between the two, was a good way to hype it too, along with possibly a feud between Haas and Benjamin. Three way with those two and AJ for the title at your next Pay-Per-View? I think so.

Noble wanting to join Most Wanted? Not sure if I see much of a storyline coming of this, as it seems like just a way to get Noble on the show before the battle royal, but I donít mind it.

First of all, itís good to see a lot of the guys I like getting a go in here, like Watson, The Naturals, Brent Albright, Colt Cabana, Lance Storm and Mark Jindrak, whose elimination to begin with, I like, as it was a nice way of really showing the arrogance of Jindrak. The attack on Ken Doane, having been eliminated, was also really nice, and a good way to have Jindrak make an impact. Lethal getting redemption on Sydal is a nice little spot to have, while Haas dominating is awesome. Some more redemption in the form of Teddy Hart interfering and costing Waltman. The match seemed to progress fine up until your final four, which I quite like the look of, with a few of my favourites in there. The action between the final four was nice and crisp, keeping things exciting, much like with the final three, before the big, controversial finish, which gets Haas a much needed win, and allows Brent ĎThe Maní Albright to look good too. The shaking of hands between the last two men to end the match is a nice touch, and tops off what was a pretty impressive battle royal.

Nice way to again build up the importance of the world title match.

I have to say, Iím disappointed that this was the match that was recapped right down. :\ Anyway, it was good to see this match getting some real time, and Helms getting the dirty win, then attacking Daniels viciously post-match with the Vertrebreaker on the steel chair was a good way to really keep the heat in this. Hopefully the feud keeps on going as strongly as it has been all along.

Again, good hype right before the title match. Youíve hyped the match really well for the whole event, and itís made it seem like a really big deal. Major positive to the show.

Not sure about the posturing before the main event, because Iíd like to think both men should be all business. The action from there, with a little bit of jostling, before a nice signature dropkick from AJ was a good way to start thing off, before a nice follow up to give us an exciting match with the asai moonsault. I donít have much of a problem with Shelton taking over from there, but I thought slowing things so far down with the sleeper hold was a bit much so early in the match, especially after such an exciting start, even if it makes sense for Shelton to want to slow AJ. The match progressed pretty well, keeping Shelton on top for awhile, with a nice brief comeback from Styles, only for the nice big move of the sunset flip powerbomb to the outside, which I liked. After that, I didnít mind Shelton again going for the submission, but for him to then let go and go for a high impact, high flying move seemed off when compared to the rest of his offense in this match, and didnít really make any sense. At least after that, with Benjamin on top, it indicated a permanent pick up of the pace, keeping things consistent with some nice moves from Shelton, and AJ of course in reply. The counters back and forth continued to pick up really well, and I loved how you made use of a move we havenít seen from Benjamin in forever in the 450 splash, really making it seem like he would need to give everything to win the match. The way the moves continued to build up was rally good, getting closer and closer to the finish, plus the desperation from Shelton, throwing AJ from the ring to look for a count out victory was good to see. The counters continued to be tremendous, up to the finish, with AJ hitting the really high impact Styles Clash from the ropes being a fitting finish to a high impact match. I have no objections with AJ being your first champ, as really either man could have walked out of champ and done fine as a result. Good way to finish the show, with the big celebration for AJ.

All in all, I thought this was a pretty damn solid effort here. All of your matches were good throughout, proving that you can write out longer matches. The odd promo added in there did a good job of separating things out too, and the booking throughout was fine, continuing some storylines along and starting some new ones. With The Massacre now done, Iím really looking forward to seeing where you go next with your next Pay-Per-View, because you have enough avenues to go down with storyline wise. Good work.

PS Ė Sorry this is so late.

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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

The Massacre Feedback

Opening - Start to the show was solid, great opening vid and the commentary did a good job in hyping up all of the matches on the card.

Heyman Promo - Glad we got to hear from Heyman on the PPV seeing as it's the first one, like others have said it was ONS '05-esque but it was very good, nothing bad about it in my eyes.

Lethal vs. Sydal - Always a good idea to start a PPV with a quick-paced match, and this did that job well. Liked the Suicide Dive in the early stages and all of the other high-flying spots were cool, I thought Lethal would win seeing as Sydal's been pretty dominant in their feud so far but with Sydal's victory I hope we get to see them against each other again soon with a different result. Great match.

Jindrak Interview - Interview was decent, nothing special but I'm a fan of Jindrak and I hope you bring him in to UWM permanently.

Masked Menaces vs. Most Wanted - Loved the start to the match, I haven't watched Delirious much but it seems like something he would do but him saying "Who? Me?" was a little odd as I thought he only spoke a bunch of random jibberish. After losing their first match as a team on Turbo and being humiliated at the start of this match, Most Wanted just HAD to win and I'm glad they did, surprised at how long the match went on for but seeing as you only have 6 matches on the card it makes sense I guess.

Hooliganz Segment - Ashley managing London and Kendrick is cool, doesn't add much to them but hey. London and Kendrick segments are never easy to write so I wasn't expecting anything very good.

Hart Promo - Great promo from Hart, makes sense for him to put himself over as a member of the Hart family and the amount of swearing in this segment didn't surprise me too much. Don't really like Waltman as a face, he's suited better as a heel IMO but he was pretty good nonetheless and a Hart/Waltman feud should be interesting to see. Loved the "Act your age and die already" line from Teddy, BTW.

Generation Next Interview - Solid interview, Aries was great, Strong was pretty good although I haven't heard many promos from him so I'm not overly familiar with his mic work. Went on for longer than I expected, but it's great build-up for the match against The Hooliganz.

Generation Next vs. The Hooliganz - I had high expectations for this match and I wasn't disappointed. I think you got into the high spots a bit too early though. Jack Evans coming in and getting GenNext DQ'ed so they could win was a smart move, and it sets up a re-match at the next PPV for these two teams, if so then I'm hoping for some kind of gimmick match.

World Title Predictions Video - Nice way to build up the World Title match, added some humour in there which was cool.

Haas & Benjamin Segment - Haas saying "Hey buddy" sounded a little off to me, but that's not overly important. If this segment's anything to go by, with Shelton refusing to shake Charlie's hand and calling him a joke, then I can see these two feuding soon. It's been done countless times, but I expect you'd be able to set it apart from the pack if you did it.

Battle Royal - Wow, some nice unsigned talent in here, very surprised to see Lance Storm. There had to be someone who was eliminated early on, not too disappointed that it was Jindrak seeing as he got some mic time before the match and earlier in the PPV, makes him look kinda weak although at least he saved some face by putting Doane through the table. If Jindrak sticks around then I'd like to see him feud with Kenny. More hype for the Hart/Waltman feud with Teddy eliminating him from the match, gets me more used to the idea of Waltman being face, Haas winning is a good choice. I'd like to see Albright sign permanently, especially after putting on a solid performance and almost winning.

AJ & Heyman Segment - Nothing to comment on here, little bit more hype for AJ/Benjamin.

Daniels vs. Helms - This was the match I was looking forward to the most on this PPV so I was very disappointed that this was the one that had to be recapped but I'm sure you are too. Helms going over and the Vertebreaker on the steel chair as well as spitting on Daniels after the match has to mean this feud is continuing so I hope they have another match at the next PPV and written in full if it happens.

AJ vs. Benjamin - Solid match as expected, pretty hectic ending to the match with all of the moves but the Styles Clash from the top rope was an awesome way to finish it off and AJ wins the World Title. Fitting way to cap off the first ever UWM pay per view with the babyface winning the title.

Overall - Solid show, all of the matches were great apart from Daniels vs. Helms but only because it was recapped and it would have been awesome if it was full. You made every match feel like it really belonged on the card with all of the video packages and hype so great effort, man. Sorry this review is a little short, I never like reviewing PPVs but I've followed this from the start so I just had to. Plus, there was hardly anything to criticize. BTW, awesome Ecstasy poster too, man.
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