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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Originally Posted by Stojy View Post
I read this to, I'm just a little late on things.
Could never forget you. <3

Surprised at the comments. Didn't really think anyone was really reading, but I'm glad there's a bunch. To be honest, the creative trying to shake things is mostly me actually putting more effort into the layout (so that it's not just black, bold and italic), and the matches. I'm gonna start longer summaries after the pay-per-view. Oh, and Stoj, the match summaries are choppy and short cause I'm basically just trying to get through them. They're just quick summaries for now. I'm also trying to expand the roster and show more hence the half hour show Saturday Night Shockwave, which will be in recap for the most part. Well...here's a preview for the last show before The Massacre.

Tuesday Night Turbo Preview

With one last show before Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's first ever pay-per-view, The Massacre, Tuesday Night Turbo heads into the Lawlor Events Center in beautiful Reno, Las Vegas with the finals of the UWM World Heavyweight Championship determined. Last week, the "Phenomenal One" AJ Styles defeated one half of the self-proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team, Charlie Haas, and the "Gold Standard" defeated the "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. Now, AJ Styles faces Shelton Benjamin at The Massacre to crown the first ever UWM World Heavyweight Champion. Shelton Benjamin has asked, and has been granted time to speak on T.N.T. What will Benjamin have to say? Certainly, Benjamin's opponent, AJ Styles, will have something to say as well. But what are the "Gold Standard's" plans?

Last week, Gregory Helms cost the "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels his semifinal match against Shelton Benjamin. Due to Christopher Daniels being eliminated from the tournament, Gregory Helms is no longer banned from challenging for the UWM World Heavyweight Championship once a champion has been crowned. After weeks of back and forth drama, with two attacks from Gregory Helms, Christopher Daniels must be reeling about losing his chance at the world title. What is Christopher Daniels' plan now? Will he have any words for Gregory Helms? Will revenge be on his mind? Will there be any consequences for Gregory Helms?

Generation Next's Austin Aries, Roderick Strong and Matt Sydal have been getting the best of The Hooliganz, Brian Kendrick and Paul London, since Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's debut four weeks ago. Generation Next has beaten The Hooliganz for the UWM World Tag Team Championship, defeated Most Wanted, and distracted & pulled a switch-a-roo causing The Hooliganz to lose since Tuesday Night Turbo's inception. Last week, Austin Aries continued his winning ways, while defeating Brian Kendrick to continue his losing streak in the process. This week, Roderick Strong looks to gain more momentum going into The Massacre against Paul London. With this final matchup before their UWM World Tag Team Championship Match, both men look to gain some momentum for their team. Which man will prove victorious in singles action? Will Generation Next continue their winning ways? Or will The Hooliganz finally crack the win column?

Co-owner & general manager Paul Heyman announced a UWM Open Invitational Battle Royal for The Massacre. The battle royal is open to the entire Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem roster, as well as free agent wrestlers looking to make an impact. Also announced for this week is a fatal four way battle royal with the winner getting a five minute delay from the Invitational Battle Royal. With Jay Lethal and Matt Sydal now announced for this week's battle royal, who are the two remaining wrestlers to join them? Who will win the five minute delay and advantage for the Open Invitational?

Most Wanted's Chris Harris and Lance Cade attempted to make a name for themselves last week against a local tag team, but drastically lost to The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens). The Naturals claimed victory in quick fashion, as they hit The Natural Disaster within mere seconds of the bell being rung. Will they attempt to make an impact this week? Or will plans once again fail?

Like every week, Tuesday Night Turbo is expected to be TURBO CHARGED! For this and much more, tune into Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's Tuesday Night Turbo on ESPN from 10-11PM!

Confirmed Matches
Roderick Strong vs. Paul London
Fatal Four Way Battle Royal - Jay Lethal vs. Matt Sydal vs. ??? vs ???

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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Hi Crazian, I've been reading this lately so I thought I'd drop a quick review. I didn't like the Turbo name at first but it has grown on me. You've actually really got me looking forward to the Massacre, all the buildup has been awesome, probably the first time Ive ever been looking forward to a BTB show. I think Strong, Aries or Sydalshould break away from the faction, there all majorly talented and it seems they are ust a bit held back in the group, I'd really love to see one of therm in the main event, especially Roderick Strong. The card for your next show doesn't look great, but Ive been pleasantly surprised by all your shows so far and I'm sure you'll make this next one great.

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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Sorry I'm a little slow to comment but I've been a bit busy. Definitely an interesting looking show, perhaps more promo heavy than those before it, which I don't mind. With that said, the two announced matches look good, and hopefully with these promos, the show should be great. Looking forward to it.

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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

I'm actually around in time to comment on a preview! Oh boy.

Anyway, Benjamin/Styles promo could be very hit and miss, imo, as neither man has great mic skills, so it's going to depend on how great you're able to make them. A Helms/Daniels promo would be fairly top notch, as Helms has priobably been the best character in this BTB so far, so I'd definitely like to see this. Strong/London and the Battle Royal should make for some solid matches to, so I'm really looking forward to the show.

Oh, on a side note, I'm kind of marking for Cade and Harris. Please, please, please, don't job them so easily ever again.

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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Good preview Crazian, everything sounds decent although I'm not expecting much from an AJ/Benjamin promo. Strong/London and the Battle Royal should be interesting, and the inevitable Daniels/Helms promo should be great. Can't wait!
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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem
Tuesday Night Turbo – June 1st, 2010
Reno, Las Vegas – Lawlor Events Centre

Tuesday Night Turbo begins with a video recap of last week's events starting with Austin Aries decisive win over Brian Kendrick, followed by Most Wanted [Chris Harris & Lance Cade] being quickly defeated by The Naturals [Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens]. The video package nears its end with a recap of the UWM World Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals. The “Phenomenal” AJ Styles defeats Charlie Haas on one side of the bracket (also showing the handshake afterwards), and the “Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin defeats the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels with help from Gregory Helms. The video package concludes with Gregory Helms slowly walking back up the ramp with a devilish expression upon his face.

Loud and vibrant cheers from a jam packed Turbo Zone can be heard, as“Pump It (Remix)” by Joe Budden hits. A video package featuring the wrestlers of Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem plays. As soon as the video package ends, fireworks, pyro and explosion erupt in the Turbo Zone, as cameras show the thousands of fans in attendance at the Lawlor Events Centre . Reno, Las Vegas is bumpin' tonight! The camera pans in on some fan signs, such as “THE MASSACRE – 4 DAYS AWAY!” and “Most Wanted? – More Like Least Wanted”, before panning in on the men at the announce table.

Josh Mathews:
Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's Tuesday Night Turbo! I'm your host, Josh Mathews, and sitting alongside me is my announce table colleague, Jonathan Coachman. We are four days away from UWM's first ever pay-per-view, The Massacre, and tonight, boy do we have a show for you.

Jonathan Coachman:
We sure do, and with The Massacre just mere days away, tonight should be one helluva show.

Josh Mathews:
We know that four days from now, right here in the Turbo Zone in the Lawlor Events Center in beautiful Reno, Las Vegas, we will see Generation Next's Austin Aries and Roderick Strong put up their UWM World Tag Team Championship against The Hooliganz, Brian Kendrick and Paul London, but TONIGHT, Roderick Strong takes on Paul London.

Jonathan Coachman: Babyboy, trust me when I say, Roderick Strong will defeat Paul London and The Hooliganz's losing streak will continue. Generation Next has been nothing, but DOMINANT since winning the world tag titles, and I don't see Paul London standing a chance.

Josh Mathews:
We'll just have to see about that. Also announced for The Massacre is a UWM Open Invitational Battle Royal. Anyone, from anywhere, can participate in this battle royal. Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem is asking for wrestlers to come out, and make an impact!

Jonathan Coachman: That's right, it's a chance for the UWM roster, as well as free agents out there to come and make a difference, make an impact, and make yourself known. This is the only place you can do that.

Josh Mathews:
For sure, for sure...and of course, the UWM World Heavyweight Championship will be crowned on Sunday at The Massacre, as the UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament comes to a conclusion. The “Phenomenal” AJ Styles takes on the “Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin in the finals.

Jonathan Coachman: On Sunday, we crown SHELTON BENJAMIN the first ever UWM World Champion. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, there ain't no stoppin' him nawww!

Josh Mathews: Coach...please, never again. But speaking of Shelton Benjamin...here he comes!

“Ain't No Stoppin' Me” hits, as the “Gold Standard” himself, Shelton Benjamin, in his ring attire, comes out to some heat from the fans. With an annoying grin upon his face, Benjamin cockily and slowly walks to the ring. After walking up the steel steps, Benjamin hops into the ring, and grabs the mic from David Penzer. Here we go...

Shelton Benjamin: I ahh...

The fans begin to boo and chant “Shelton Sucks”. Benjamin takes it in, and doesn't let it phase him.

Shelton Benjamin:
I asked for this time to send out a message...a message for those in attendance, for those watching on their lazy asses at home,...

Heat despite hate for those at home.

Shelton Benjamin:
...for the Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem roster, for A...J...Styles.

Pop at the name drop of AJ Styles.

Shelton Benjamin:
Yeah, yeah, yeah...cheer for AJ Styles all you want, but let it be known, this Sunday marks the beginning of a new era.

Shelton Benjamin pauses for a sec, as half the fans in attendance begin to chant “AJ”, while the other half chants “STYLES”.

Shelton Benjamin:
An era like no other...an era with a standard higher than your own. A “GOLD STANDARD” era.


Shelton Benjamin:
This Sunday at The Massacre, I prove once and for all that I'm the best this company has to offer...that I'm the best there is PERIOD. I've said it time 'n' time again, there ain't no stoppin' me.

Benjamin begins to smirk, while the crowd begins to get rowdy with boos.

Shelton Benjamin: Ya see...I've cruised through and dominated this tournament. I'm an athlete like no freakin' other. I've shown I'm the best, and this Sunday, I let it be known that there's absolutely NO ONE better than me. This Sunday...I am crowned the first ever UWM World Heavyweight Champion.

Benjamin seems quite pleased with his statement.

Shelton Benjamin:
As a matter of fact, I still don't know why there was a tournament to crown a champion. Paul Heyman and Tod Gordon should've known better, and just handed the title to me. Would've saved a lot of trouble ya know...


Shelton Benjamin:
I mean c'mon...AJ Styles may have beaten a nobody like Jay Lethal, and you may have beaten Charlie Haas, but I'm on a whole DIFFERENT level than them. Believe me...I'm on a level you've never seen before. After this Sunday, you're gonna regret stepping in the ring with the “Gold Standard”.


Shelton Benjamin:
Trust me homeboi, you're gonna walk in thinkin' ya got a shot, but walk out deci...

“I Am” suddenly hits, and the Turbo Zone erupts! Out comes Benjamin's opposition this Sunday at The Massacre, AJ Styles. In his ring attire, as well his hooded vest, with microphone in hand, AJ Styles begins to make his way to the ring.

Shelton Benjamin:
You have NO RIGHT interrupting me...

Styles gets in the ring standing opposite of Benjamin.

AJ Styles: And you have no right making these fans go through this unbearable speech of yours...


AJ Styles: I get it Shelton. You're gonna do this, and you're gonna do that, but until you walk the walk, I wouldn't talk the talk.

Pop, as this clearly frustrates Shelton Benjamin.

AJ Styles: Shelton, I clearly think you've got some issues thinking you cruised through and dominated this tournament. You wouldn't have even won last week if it weren't for some interference.

Shelton nods his head, sarcastically agreeing with Styles.

AJ Styles:
But, it doesn't matter to me how you got to the finals, no it doesn't. The only thing that matters to me is beating you to become UWM World Champion.

Huge pop. This doesn't bode well with Benjamin.

Shelton Benjamin: Man, you must be out cha mind if you think you're gonna beat me.

The tension between the two is growing thinner.

AJ Styles:
No, I think you must be out of your mind writing me off. You say that you're on a different level than me, a level I've never seen before, but just the same, I'm unlike anyone you've ever faced either. And unlike you, I've actually won a world championship.

Pop, as Shelton Benjamin begins to stare AJ Styles down after being discredited.

AJ Styles:
And I don't know if you recall, but two weeks ago in this very ring, I PINNED you.


AJ Styles: But Shelton...I won't dwell on the past, and bring up accomplishments because we both have our fair share. I'm gonna dwell on what's important...right NOW.


AJ Styles: This Sunday at The Massacre, you can expect a war from me...and of course, I'll be expecting a war from you, but if you think you're gonna just “cruise and dominate”...you got something coming to yah.

Shelton Benjamin has had just enough...

Shelton Benjamin: You know what...why wait? Why don't we settle this...right HERE...right NOW...

Shelton Benjamin drops his mic, and gets into AJ Styles' face. Styles doesn't back down. He gets right into Benjamin's face as well when “Mental” hits, and out comes co-owner & general manager, Paul Heyman, to the fan's dismay. Benjamin and Styles back away from each other, while Paul Heyman has no choice but to interrupt...

Paul Heyman: Just hold on one second there boys...you two will get the chance to pick each other's bones, but that...that won't happen until Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's first ever pay-per-view THE MASSACRE!

Mixed reaction. Guess the fans wanted the match now.

Paul Heyman:
Because Benjamin you won last week, believe it or not, with the help of Gregory Helms, who cost Christopher Daniels his chance, I decided to announce...

Heyman smirks, and pauses for a sec, while the fans anxiously await...

Paul Heyman:
And I know these two are watching in the back, so I decided to announce that this Sunday, at The Massacre, the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels will be taking on Gregory Helms.

Huge pop.

Paul Heyman: But tonight, I have different plans. Tonight, I'm giving the two of you...

Heyman points towards the ring and its current inhabitants, AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin.

Paul Heyman: ...the chance to clash with each other. I'm also giving Christopher Daniels and Gregory Helms the chance to clash as well. And if you haven't guessed yet, I'm giving you all the chance to clash together...


Paul Heyman: That's right...so tonight, it's going to be AJ Styles...


Paul Heyman:
...and Christopher Daniels...


Paul Heyman: ...against Gregory Helms...


Paul Heyman: ...and Shelton Benjamin!

Heat, as the cameras pan to AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin. The two are in an intense, kinda awkward, stare down, as the screen goes to...

** Commercial Break **

As we come back from commercial break, we go to those crazy bastards at the announce table...

Josh Mathews: Welcome back to Tuesday Night Turbo folks. Before the break, co-owner and general manager, Paul Heyman, dropped a bombshell on us. Mr. Heyman announced another spectacular match-up for The Massacre, as two rivals clash when the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels takes on Gregory Helms.

Jonathan Coachman: A fantastic match indeed. With the animosity building between the two in the past several weeks, babyboy, this match is going to be INSANE.

Josh Mathews: That's right. Several weeks back, Christopher Daniels defeated Gregory Helms in the UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Helms then attacked Daniels right after the match. Due to his immoral and utterly disgusting attack, Helms' chance at the world title was taken away as long as Daniels is still in the running for the title. Last week, however, the “Fallen Angel” was taken out of the running for the world title, as Helms cost him the match.

Jonathan Coachman: Gregory Helms only did what would benefit him, and I respect him for that.

Josh Mathews: You respect him all you want. I think the guy is a sore loser, and an ungrateful chump.

Jonathan Coachman:
CHUMP? I guarantee he'll be CHAMP in due time.

Josh Mathews: We'll just have to see about that. On the other hand, Mr. Heyman announced a tag team match for tonight's MAIN EVENT. The “Phenomenal” AJ Styles teams up with his “Phenomenal Angels” partner, Christopher Daniels, to take on the “Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms.

Jonathan Coachman: Without a doubt homeboy, that match should be nothing less than hard hittin'!

Josh Mathews: Well right now, we send it to the back with Leticia Cline, and her special guests, The Hooliganz!

The cameras cut the back with the deliciously delightful Leticia Cline in a stunning low-cut dress. I'd hit it...

Leticia Cline: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I'm Leticia Cline, and I'm here with my special guests...The Hooliganz!

Pop, as The Hooliganz comes into view.

Leticia Cline:
Now Brian Kendrick and Paul London, ever since Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem debuted with Tuesday Night Turbo, Generation Next has been getting the better hand against you guys, how do you guys feel about your upcoming match against Austin Aries and Roderick Strong at The Massacre?

Brian Kendrick: We've heard it week in, and week out now...

Paul London nods in agreement...

Brian Kendrick: ...that Generation Next has gotten the better of us, that Austin Aries and Roderick Strong are better than us, and that we have no chance against them, but we're gonna prove the doubters and the haters out there WRONG!

Paul London: Yeah...maybe Generation Next beat us for the UWM World Tag Team Championship, and maybe we lost soon after to Delirious and Shark Boy...

Somewhat of a pop for the name drops.

Paul London:
...but look again, Generation Next needed help from Matt Sydal to win their tag titles, and once again needed help from Matt Sydal to “beat us” against the Masked Menaces. BUT this Sunday, at The Massacre, there's gonna be no one there to help you. There WILL be no interference or those titles of yours...they automatically go to us.


Brian Kendrick: We may be on a lil' losing streak, but that doesn't mean we're giving up. There's no chance of that...it only means we're striving to win more, and it's only a matter of time before the tag team titles are around our waists.

Leticia Cline:
Right on...Paul London, tonight you take on Roderick Strong in singles action. With Austin Aries defeating Brian Kendrick last week, tonight is your chance to not only end your losing streak, but to also gain some momentum going into The Massacre. So how do you feel about your match?

Paul London kinda giggles at the question.

Paul London: Like most going into a match, the only thing on their mind is winning, but not me. Tonight I have more than just winning on my mind...tonight I'm gonna show Roderick Strong what he's really up against this Sunday, and Austin Aries...I'd be watching if I were you.


Paul London:
Oh and boys...

With a devious expression on his face...

Paul London:
You're not the only ones with tricks up your sleeves...

Cameras cut to the announce table...

Jonathan Coachman:
What does he mean by that?

Josh Mathews:
Well, with the antics of Generation Next the past several weeks, I'm guessing Paul London is looking for some payback.

Jonathan Coachman:
Antics? Tricks? Are you kidding me Josh? Generation Next wins with nothing more than pure talent. If the Hooliganz aren't good enough to beat them then don't blame it on such gibberish.

Josh Mathews:
Whatever the case, Paul London versus Roderick Strong in singles action starts off tonight's show!

“Amazing” hits, as the “Messiah of the Backbreaker” Roderick Strong comes out to some heat from the fans. With a grin only a mother could love, and the shiny golden UWM World Tag Team Championship around his waist, Strong makes his way to the ring. “Rocker” hits, as the fast and furious Paul London makes his way out to a huge pop from the fans. London dashes to the ring, and slides in. London goes the turnbuckle, and does a backflip off the second turnbuckle onto his feet to the delight of the fans. And here we go...

Singles Match
Paul London vs. Roderick Strong

Summary: A good paced match for the most part with London executing mainly aerial and quick moves, while Strong shows more impact in his moves. Despite having the lesser of the control and advantage during the match, Paul London still looks to be in the match, as the match nears its end. The match's finish nears after Roderick Strong hits a scoop slam on London, and calls for the 'Death by Roderick' right after! A shady figure in a hooded sweater and pants with a Hooliganz mask on is seemingly distracting Strong from the front seats. This person JUMPS OVER THE BARRIER, AND HOPS ONTO THE APRON! The referee and Strong tend to this person, as Brian Kendrick can be seen making his way down to ringside. Kendrick slides into the ring, and while the referee tries to get the hooded person off the apron, Kendrick gives Strong a kick in the gut followed by SLICED BREAD #2! Kendrick slides out of the ring, as Paul London gets to his feet, and scales to the top turnbuckle. The hooded figure hops off the apron, as Paul London leaps off the top turnbuckle, and hits the LONDON STAR PRESS on Roderick Strong. The referee counts...1...2...3!

Winner – Paul London
“Rocker” hits. Paul London has won the match, and he quickly retreats from the ring right after, as Austin Aries and Matt Sydal come out from the back, and quickly sprint to the ring in aid of their fallen comrade. Brian Kendrick, Paul London and the hooded person begin to walk back slowly to the back. The hooded person reveals HERSELF as...ASHLEY MASSARO! Generation Next look absolutely stunned, as cameras cut to a dark room with very little amount of lightning. The lightning that's there, however, is all focused on...Christopher Daniels!

Christopher Daniels:
Light thinks it travels faster than anything, but it's wrong...

Shot of Christopher Daniels getting the better of Shelton Benjamin during their UWM World Heavyweight Championship semi-final match.

Christopher Daniels:
No matter how fast light travels, darkness gets there first...

Shot of Gregory Helms hitting the Vertebreaker on Christopher Daniels, and costing him the match.

Christopher Daniels:
And the darkness inside of me is growing stronger and stronger each and every single day thanks to the actions of an immoral and wretched soul...

Shot of Gregory Helms walking back up the stage with an evil expression on his face.

Christopher Daniels:
Gregory Helms, this Sunday at The Massacre, the light diminishes and DARKNESS takes over.

Shot of Christopher Daniels hitting a devastating Angel's Wings.

Christopher Daniels:
It's always darkest before the dawn.

Shot of Christopher Daniels in his “Fallen Angel” attire on the apron of the mat.

Christopher Daniels:
And your dawn is coming...

And now...

** Commercial Break **

Darkness appears, as a three little girls in white dresses are playing jump rope in the dark streets...

Narrator: One...two...

Shots of Christopher Daniels in his Fallen Angel attire in the dark appear...

It's coming for you...

Shots of Shelton Benjamin hitting a vicious T-Bone Suplex.

Narrator: Three...four...

Shots of Ken Doane hitting an amazing flying leg drop off the top rope.

Better shut the door...

Shots of Gregory Helms hitting the Nightmare on Helms Street.


Shots of AJ Styles hitting the Spinal Tap and the Styles Clash.

Better get away quick...

Shots of Austin Aries hitting a brainbuster and Roderick Strong hitting a devastating backbreaker.

Narrator: Seven...eight...

Shots of the Hooliganz hitting tag team moves.

It's getting late...

Shots of Charlie Haas locking in the Haas of Pain.


The camera zooms in on the little girl in the middle of the jump rope. Her face is pretty creep, as she smiles. The scene cuts to a runned down city.

Narrator: THE MASSACRE is coming June 5th, 2010 at the Lawlor Events Centre in Reno, Las Vegas. Get your tickets now or call your local cable provider TODAY, and order now. Witness a pay-per-view like no other as the MASSACRE goes down.

As we come back from commercial break, we go to the handsome men at the announce table.

Josh Mathews: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's Tuesday Night Turbo. Tonight is the last show before UWM's first ever pay-per-view The Massacre! With an action packed and ground breaking night thus far, the night is only going to get better, as we still have a fatal four way battle royal with the winner receiving the opening five minutes off at the UWM Open Invitational Battle Royal at The Massacre, and still in the main event, AJ Styles teams up with Christopher Daniels to take on Gregory Helms and Shelton Benjamin!

Jonathan Coachman:
Such a crazy night still ahead, but what about the amazing announcement earlier that Christopher Daniels and Gregory Helms will face off at The Massacre!

Josh Mathews:
Well, in addition to the UWM Open Invitational Battle Royal, the UWM World Heavyweight Championship Match between tournament finalists AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels, and the UWM World Tag Team Championship Match pitting champions Generation Next against the Hooliganz, The Massacre is sure to be a historic night not to miss!

Jonathan Coachman:
Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem changes the face of professional wrestling this Sunday babyboy.

Josh Mathews: Well right now, I'm getting word that Chris Harris and Lance Cade, also known as Most Wanted, are trying to get a word with general manager, Paul Heyman.

Cameras cut to the back where Most Wanted are knocking on Heyman's door. After a moment of waiting, Heyman finally opens the door and invites the gentlemen in...

Chris Harris: Now Heyman, we gotta talk...last week didn't go as we planned. We're more than that...we're better than that...we were just a little anxious, a little too excited to prove to the Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem universe that we're the best...the MOST WANTED.

Lance Cade: BANG ON! You know as well as we do Heyman that we could beat any tag team out there. Last week we lost our footing, and we lost our cool.

Paul Heyman kinda seems fed up with the two.

Paul Heyman:
And your point?

Lance Cade:
Our point is...we deserve a match at The Massacre, and the fans deserve to see us at The Massacre. We're the Most Wanted after all.

Chris Harris nods in agreement.

Chris Harris:
That's right, we'll prove once and for all that we're not bluffing, we're not joking around, and that we're the real deal.

Lance Cade:
Bang 'n' bang!

Heyman still looks a little disgusted.

Paul Heyman:
Are you done with this little speech of yours?

Both Cade and Harris nod.

Paul Heyman:
Well, I agree with you two...last week was not was I hoped to see out of you two. As a matter of fact, I think last week was an absolute embarrassment.

Pop for some strange reason.

Paul Heyman:
I've seen you wrestle, and I've seen what you're capable of, and last week didn't showcase your ability...your talent. It showcased your stupidity. But if there's something we have in common, it's the fact that I also agree that you two deserve a match at The Massacre to prove yourselves...to make the rest of the wrestling world concerned. And that's why I decided to put you two...Most Wanted...

Mixed reaction.

Paul Heyman:
...up against the Masked Menaces!...


Paul Heyman:


Paul Heyman:
...and Shark Boy!


Paul Heyman:
You better not make me regret my decision.

Cameras cut to ringside where “Static” hits, and receives a pop from the fans. Out from the back comes Jay Lethal who seems ecstatic, and ready for action. Jay Lethal makes his way to the ring slapping hands with fans while he's at it. Lethal slides into the ring, and awaits his opponents. “Air Bourne” hits, as Generation Next's Matt Sydal comes out to some heat from the fans. Sydal takes his time walking to the ring, and rounds out the declared participants in this match. With two unknown wrestlers also involved, “Incredible” hits and one of the unknowns comes out. It's Ken Doane! Ken Doane receives a slight pop from the fans. He makes his way to the ring, and gets set for action. A remix of “Oh Canada” hits, as the final competitor, Petey Williams, makes his way out to a mixed reaction from the fans. Pistol Petey makes his way to the ring, and it's on...

Fatal Four Way Battle Royal
Jay Lethal vs. Ken Doane vs. Matt Sydal vs. Petey Williams

Summary: A rather quick match to be honest. Matt Sydal pulls the smartest move of the match right away, as he slides out of the ring under the bottom ropes, which DOESN'T eliminate him. While Sydal watching from the outside, the first elimination comes as Jay Lethal clotheslines Petey Williams over the top rope. After seeing this, Sydal slides into the ring, and grabs Jay Lethal by the tights and THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE! Sydal uses cheap tactics, and gets the best of Jay Lethal. Sydal totally forgets about Ken Doane, however, and Kenny takes advantage giving Sydal a kick to the sternum right after Lethal's elimination. Ken Doane lifts Sydal up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry position. Doane spins Sydal around, and grabs Sydal by the neck hitting a neckbreaker right off of the fireman's carry! Sydal is completely out, as Doane grabs him by the tights, and throws him over the tope rope!

Winner – Ken Doane
“Incredible” hits, as the referee raises Ken Doane's hand. Sydal is still laying motionless outside of the ring, as cameras cut to the jubilant Joy Giovanni.

Joy Giovanni:
Welcome ladies and gentlemen, I'm Joy Giovanni, and I'm standing here with the man who's going to take on the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels this Sunday at The Massacre...Gregory Helms!

Helms comes into view, and receives heat from the fans.

Joy Giovanni:
Now Gre...

Helms snatches the mic from Joy.

Gregory Helms: No questions...I'm gonna make a statement right now so shooo...

Helms waves Joy away, which doesn't bode well with the fans who boo Helms.

Gregory Helms: Darkness? Really Daniels? Really?

Helms has a dirty smirk on his face...

Gregory Helms: Am I really suppose to be afraid of some darkness building inside of you? Last week, I did what was right...I did what I needed to do in order to get my name back into the title picture. The UWM World Heavyweight Championship is the only thing on my mind, and you were standing in my way...

“YOU SUCK” chants begin, and Helms just ignores them.

Gregory Helms:
You were the obstacle in my path to the gold, and now...that obstacle is no more. BUT instead of being in the finals for the world title this Sunday at The Massacre, I'm facing you. And you know what? I'm absolutely fine with that.

Helms giggles a bit.

Gregory Helms:
This Sunday, I'm gonna make a statement. Paul Heyman, the Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem universe, the rest of this roster, and especially you will realize that the UWM World Heavyweight Championship belongs to ME.


Gregory Helms:
At the Massacre, expect the beating of a lifetime. I've proven that you're not invincible...and if the angel can fall once then he can surely fall AGAIN.


Gregory Helms:
...and no darkness is gonna stop me...

The cameras zoom in on Gregory Helms, as we head over to Generation Next barging into Paul Heyman's office with Matt Sydal slowly dragging in behind Austin Aries and Roderick Strong.

Austin Aries: HEYMAN...did you see what happened out there? Did you see that BITCH interrupt Roderick's match? That's not right man, that's not cool!

Roderick Strong: Heyman, what's with that? I was within mere moments of winning the match when out of nowhere, a hooded, masked freak!

Paul Heyman kinda laughs at that, while Matt Sydal is still grabbing his head.

Paul Heyman:
I'll tell you what's “with that”. The last several weeks, the three of you have been using cheap tactics in order to win so the Hooliganz came up to me with the idea of bringing in a former valet of theirs in order to up the ante. So in came Ashley Massaro.

Austin Aries:
That bitch better not be involved in our match this weekend or I'll...

Paul Heyman:
Believe me, she won't be involved. This Sunday, there will be absolutely no interference, no tricks, no nothin'. Like I've said, if you two dare pull anything, the titles WILL change hands, BUT if the Hooliganz attempt anything, I'll have no choice but to give you two the win.

Roderick Strong:
Now that's more like it...

Paul Heyman:
Oh and Matt Sydal...due to your actions earlier in the battle royal, I've chosen to put you in a match...

Matt Sydal suddenly has a shocked expression on his face.

Paul Heyman:
That's right Sydal...this Sunday at The Massacre, it'll be you...

Some heat.

Paul Heyman:
...against JAY LETHAL!

Pop, as Sydal looks absolutely afraid. Cameras, however, cut to the always dreadful...

** Commercial Break **

As we come back from commercial break, we have different single wrestler shots of various wrestlers sitting in a dark interview room on a stool.

Jay Lethal:
World title...

Shot of Jay Lethal hitting a dropkick.

Gregory Helms:
World title...

Shot of Gregory Helms hitting a Nightmare on Helms Street.

Charlie Haas:
World title...

Shot of Charlie Haas locking in the Haas of Pain.

Ken Doane:
World title...

Shot of Ken Doane hitting a flying leg drop.

AJ Styles:
World title...

Shot of AJ Styles hitting the Styles Clash.

Petey Williams:
World title...

Shot of Petey Williams hitting the Canadian Destroyer...

Christopher Daniels: World title...

Shot of Christopher Daniels hitting the Angels Wing.

Shelton Benjamin: WORLD TITLE...

Shot of Shelton Benjamin hitting a Superkick.

The only thing on everyone's mind...the UWM World Heavyweight Championship...

Shot of the shiny golden championship on a stand.

It began with eight men...

Quick flashes of the eight men in the UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

At the Massacre...there will be only one...

The Massacre video graphic hits the screen.

Narrator: The first ever UWM World Heavyweight Champion is CROWNED. THE MASSACRE is coming June 5th, 2010 at the Lawlor Events Centre in Reno, Las Vegas. Get your tickets now or call your local cable provider TODAY, and order now. Witness a pay-per-view like no other as the MASSACRE goes down. Tune into this historic event.

The camera goes to the announce table.

Josh Mathews:
Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's first ever pay-per-view THE MASSACRE just five days away! Just before the break, it was announced that Matt Sydal of Generation Next will take on Jay Lethal in singles action.

Jonathan Coachman:
Well, Mr. Heyman announced the match due to Sydal's actions during the fatal four way battle royal earlier, but I STILL don't know what Sydal did wrong.

Josh Mathews:
Are you kidding me? Did you not see Sydal standing outside of the ring watching for the majority of the match?

Jonathan Coachman:
What's wrong with that?

Josh Mathews: Nevermind...another match was announced earlier as well. Chris Harris and Lance Cade, also known as Most Wanted, will take on the Masked Menaces, Delirious & Shark Boy.

Jonathan Coachman:
Most Wanted didn't prove themselves last week, but they get another chance to do so at The Massacre. Of course, the first match announced tonight by honourable general manager, Paul Heyman, was the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels taking on Gregory Helms.

Josh Mathews: Gregory Helms has been nothing but a bitter, sore loser ever since losing to the “Fallen Angel” in the quarterfinals of the UWM World Heavyweight Championship tournament. I hope Daniels shows him a true winner.

Jonathan Coachman: Bitter? Sore loser? Gregory Helms has done what he needed to babyboy. He's a winner in my eyes...

Josh Mathews: Too bad your eyes don't count...BUT on the other hand, the UWM World Tag Team Championship will also be on the line, as Generation Next's Austin Aries and Roderick Strong will defend the titles they won at the debut of Tuesday Night Turbo against Brian Kendrick and Paul London, also known as the Hooliganz.

Jonathan Coachman:
Generation Next has been proving week in, and week out that they're better than The Hooliganz. Tonight might have been a minor setback, but I guarantee a win from Generation Next this Sunday.

Josh Mathews:
I don't believe your guarantees anymore Coach, and I know for a fact, there's no guarantees in this match. The UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament comes to a conclusion, as the “Phenomenal” AJ Styles takes on the “Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin to crown the first ever world champion!

Jonathan Coachman: Shelton's taking this one homeboy. There ain't no stoppin' him.

Josh Mathews:
Well...what are we waiting for? Time for the MAIN EVENT!

“It's Time” hits, as Gregory Helms comes out to a ton of heat from the fans. Helms ignores the fans and makes his way to the ring, refusing to slap hands with fans while he's at it. “Ain't No Stoppin' Me” hits, as Shelton Benjamin excitedly makes his way out only to receive heat from the fans. Benjamin makes his way to the ring, and believe it or not, goes into an intense stare down with Helms. “I Am” suddenly hits, the fans go absolutely crazy, and out comes A...J...STYLES! Styles doesn't his typical poses and signatures gestures for the fans, as “Disposable Teens” hits. Daniels makes his way out, and joins Styles on the stage. The two look at each other, and then dash to the ring.

Tag Team Match
AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. Gregory Helms & Shelton Benjamin

Summary: Although Styles and Daniels got a running start into the ring, Helms and Benjamin don't back down, and instead attack as soon as Styles and Daniels enter. After a fury of exchanges, Styles and Daniels manage to get the advantage and clear the heels away from the ring. From then on, things cooled down, and one on one action began. As soon as one on one action starts, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels get slowly picked apart by the great tag team work from Helms and Benjamin. Who would've thought? Gregory Helms and Shelton Benjamin continue their onslaught. The end of the match comes after Christopher Daniels begins to gain momentum. Daniels tags Styles in, and Styles goes crazy on Shelton and Helms hitting clotheslines and dropkicks on the pair. Styles places Benjamin in position for the Styles Clash (possibly foreshadowing this Sunday's finish), but Gregory Helms dropkicks Styles' heels from behind. Helms looks to take advantage of the fallen Styles, but Daniels comes in and attempts the ANGEL'S WINGS, but Helms drops down, and slides out of the ring. Daniels turns around only to be greeted by a kick from Benjamin, which leads to the T-BONE SUPLEX. Benjamin gets up to his feet, but Styles comes out of nowhere and gives him a kick to the midsection Styles places Benjamin's head in between in legs, setting up the STYLES CLASH once again. Helms slides back into the ring once again, and chop blocks Styles' calf causing him to fall to his knees. Helms runs to the ropes, and comes back to Styles hitting the SHINING WIZARD! Styles is absolutely out, as Shelton Benjamin pins. 1...2...3!

Winners – Gregory Helms & Shelton Benjamin

“Ain't No Stoppin' Me” hits, as the referee raises Helms and Benjamin's hand. Helms whips his hand away, and takes a look at Benjamin before leaving the ring. Benjamin, on the other hand, stares down at the fallen AJ Styles, as the show comes to an end.

UWM Tuesday Night Turbo Quick Results
Singles Match – Paul London def. Roderick Strong
Fatal Four Way Battle Royal – Ken Doane def. Jay Lethal, Matt Sydal & Petey Williams
Tag Team Match – Gregory Helms & Shelton Benjamin def. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels

Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem Presents
The Massacre – June 5th, 2010
Reno, Las Vegas – Lawlor Events Centre

UWM World Heavyweight Championship Match
AJ Styles vs. Shelton Benjamin

UWM World Tag Team Championship Match
Generation Next (c) [Austin Aries & Roderick Strong] vs. The Hooliganz [Brian Kendrick & Paul London]

UWM Open Invitational Battle Royal

Singles Match
Christopher Daniels vs. Gregory Helms

Singles Match

Jay Lethal vs. Matt Sydal

Tag Team Match
Masked Menaces [Delirious & Shark Boy] vs. Most Wanted [Chris Harris & Lance Cade]

I don't know what to say, the show was kinda hit and miss for me, as I scraped it together with any free time I had. There are one or two segments that I didn't even add. =( I've been trying to fulfill requests, feedback more BTBs, as well as some other things as well. It doesn't help that my internet cuts every now and then, but whatcha gonna do right? No prediction just yet, as I'm gonna have a prediction card up in a few days (or a week). I'm amped to be writing this pay-per-view. Six matches may seem short for a three hour pay-per-view, but I'll have the show filled to the best of my ability. Don't know what else to say other than ENJOY!

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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

First off 6 Matches on a PPV does seem a little low but it really only depends how long you give your guys to go.

I knew Helms/Daniels was coming, and Lethal/Sydal seems to be a nice addition too...but Most Wanted vs. Shark Boy/Delirious seems a bit weird for a choice. But I think Most Wanted need a win coming out of the PPV if they are going to be a real threat to the titles.

Over all nice build toward Massicre in the Main Event/Tag and Helms/Daniels. Looking very forward to the PPV.

This episode of TNT seems to be built toward the PPV, and thats how all episodes leading into the PPV should be. Less Wrestling if need be and far more build on the angles. Very nice promo from Daniels here and Helms' reaction was aslo top stuff. I think Helms/Daniels is your "money" feud in UWM. I hope it continues after Massicre.

AJ/Benjamin's face to face tonight was ok. And the standard Tag Match was a given. I would have liked to see more touched on the Charlie Haas/Benjamin/AJ from last week actually. Suprised he hasn't gotten a match on the PPV, hope he makes an impact of some kind.

Solid show, agree with you that it wasn't as good as some of the previous. Glad to see your format may be changing...I too am changing things up as the bold/same color isn't great on the eyes.

Can't wait until the PPV...please take your time but hurry up lol
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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

I think 6 Pay-Per-View matches is fine. You can build up better matches and have more good matches, and build those matches better than if you have an 8-9 matches.

The show looked good, not gonna say I'm gonna review it or anything, because i don't know if i'll have the time. But if I do, I'll try my best to get you a review.

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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Tuesday Night Turbo Feedback

Nice detailed video package to start things, as I hadn't read the previous show so I'm up to date on a couple of feuds at least with that. Coach and Josh were pretty much in character here, so no complaints. I don't envy you trying to write a Shelton/AJ promo, as neither man is known for their great vocals, but you handled well considering. "an era with a standard higher than your own. A “GOLD STANDARD” era." Loved that line tbh. I liked the fact AJ referenced the fact he's pinned Shelton before, again another way of helping me get caught up on the happenings of the feud thus far. Heyman out, and he served his purpose as matchmaker. Should be a good main event.

"You respect him all you want. I think the guy is a sore loser, and an ungrateful chump." Hmmm... I wasn't so keen on this line tbh. Chump not really an insult you hear very often. Felt a bit forced.

The match had a fair summary. Ashley as the hooded person? I guess it fits, but it's not exactly an inspired choice. I'd liked to have seen a little more reaction from GenNext before we headed backstage. All we really got was "Generation Next look absolutely stunned" where a bit more description would have served well here.

The next two segments, while well written, both focused very much on "darkness". Perhaps spreading them out a little bit more? But as I said, both were well thought out and written. No complaints on the content. Another segment in a segment heavy show. "Last week we lost our footing, and we lost our cool." A little reminder of what happened last week would've been cool. Just a brief mention of it (I'm assuming they lost against someone?) would've been good. Another match made for the PPV, and I have to hope Most Wanted take this one.

I've never seen a four man battle royal I don't think. But yeah, as you said, quick match. Recap was fine. With the later announcement that Lethal and Sydal set to meet at the PPV, I'm guessing Kenny and Petey are gonna be in the battle royal. Kenny established himslf as a threat, and the early favourite, but with it being an open invitation, anyone could turn up and get the win. So, the anticipation of that match at the PPV was built nicely here.

On to the main event. I liked the ending with all four men attempting/htting their finishing moves. I'm not sure about the chop block while Styles was going for the Styles Clash. Was kinda hard for me to visulise what would happen to Benjamin during that sequence. Post match stare down to end the show was a nice touch to end on.

Overall, it was a solid show that did it's job of setting up the PPV nicely. Very segment/promo heavy, but I guess you had a lot to hyp up aehad of this Sunday. Anyway, the PPV is looking good, with the battle royal and Styles/Benjamin what I'm especially looking forward to. Can't wait to read The Massacre!
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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Massacre looks awesome, every match is VERY well built, and as I've said, I'm looking forward to it, you've especially built up the World title and Helms-Daniels match well. As for 6 matches being too short, I'd disagree, every match has potential to be fantastic and if they are all well built it's plenty, you can always throw in some filler anyway. The Strong and London match was well written, a logical ending to the match too. I was a bit disappointed to see Ken Doane win the 4 way, I'd have preferred any of the other 4 to win, just don't like Doane. The main event was very good, ending made sense, and it built up to the ppv well. Overall I really enjoyed the show, Benjamin's promo was better than anything that would have came out of his mouth in WWE, Paul Heyman was pretty enjoyable, I'm surprised you have Coachman, he is a pretty bad announcer, and he'd be fairly pricy for a small company to hire. Lookign forward to The Massacre, from what I've seen so far it should be awesome, every match on the card has huge potential.

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