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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!

April 7th l Scott Trade Center l St. Louis, Missouri

Monday Night Raw Preview

This week Monday Night hails from the WWE Champion Randy Orton's hometown of St. Louis and it's almost fitting that the Legend Killler will return home after Wrestlemania still WWE Champion. It's also fitting that Orton will be in the main event tonight in his hometown when he teams with JBL to face Orton's challenger at Backlash John Cena and Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk. Cena won a Battle Royal last week to challenge Orton at Backlash. WWE.com sources tell us that Cena has plans speak to Orton tonight in front of his hometown fans in regards to their match at Backlash, what will happen with longtime rivals meet face-to-face tonight in St. Louis?

Also competing in that main event will be Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk and JBL. Last week Punk beat the WWE Champion Randy Orton in singles competition and hit with a GTS after the match, Punk was seconds away from cashing in his Money in the Bank Briefcase on Orton when he was attacked from behind by JBL. No one knows why JBL choose to attack Punk after the match costing him the WWE Championship. It's like that we are going to find out tonight only on Raw.

Also last week, a rivalary was born when Triple H eliminated Mr. Kennedy in the Number One Contenders Battle Royal only to be attacked by Kennedy allowing JBL to eliminate "The Game". Later in the show Triple H called out Kennedy only to be attacked by him in the Parking lot after the show as seen on WWE.com. If you haven't yet seen the footage we will show it on Raw. It's not known whether or not Triple H will be in the building after the savage attack he felt last week from Kennedy but we do know that Kennedy plans on adressing the WWE Universe.

Tonight the road to Backlash will also continue as we will decide who will challenge Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship at Backlash. We will see a Triple Threat match featuring the three men that competed last week in a tag team match with Chris Jericho. Shelton Benjamin, Paul Burchill and Kofi Kingston will face off in an every man for himself Triple Threat match with one goal in mind. Getting at a shot at becoming Intercontinental Champion. Shelton has the momentum after pinnng Jericho last week but anything goes Monday when it comes to getting the Intercontinetal Title shot.

Speaking of heated title races the tag team division heated up last week when Paul London and Brian Kendrick defeated the Red Neck Wrecking Crew of Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch after the match, the Crew attacked both the Hooliganz and the tag team champions Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes. This week we'll see the results of that attack with an interesting tag team match when One half of the Tag Team Champions, Cody Rhodes, and one half of the Hooliganz, Paul London will team up face their attackers last week, the Redneck Wrecking Crew. How will London and Rhodes co-exist when they team up for the first time and with London and Kendrick's sights set on Rhodes and Holly's titles.

All this and more this Monday on Raw

Confirmed Card
John Cena & Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk vs. WWE Champion Randy Orton & JBL
Number One Contender for the Intercontinetal Title Triple Threat Match l Kofi Kingston vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Paul Burchill
World Tag Team Champion Cody Rhodes & Paul London vs. The Redneck Wrecking Crew

Once upon a time the Pain was brought in 2008.......It will be brought again........


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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!

Hey Flyin' anyway seeing how this is only a preview and I do have a small amount of time I figured I comment.... First glad to see this thread back.

Anyway seeing how Jericho is currently IC champion I really don't know who is going to win. I am debating if Jericho who was face at this time, if I remember correctly is soon going to make a heel turn.... with that said I wouldn't be surprised with Kofi beating Benjamin and Burchill (who I hope gets pushed).

Also with Cody and London tagging I like the idea alot. Pretty unique and I see them pulling out the win with no conflict after, or so I believe seeing how they are both faces.

Good luck man and glad to see you back.

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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!

I thought you were done with this thread, so I'm glad to see that isn't the case. The show looks pretty good here, with a few big tag matches and a nice three way, The major happenings of last week was of course the Triple H/Kennedy stuiff along with JBL/Punk, so I'm looking forward to promos from both of the heels on their actions, as both are at least reasonable (well, in JBL's case godly) on the mic.

I should be able to drop by with some feedback when you get the show up.

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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!

April 7th l St. Louis, Missouri l Scott Trade Center

A video recaps last weeks Raw mostly the Battle Royal to determine the new number one contender. It shows the main highlights with Triple H eliminating Mr. Kennedy only to have Kennedy hit with a chair allowing JBL to eliminate Triple H. We then see John Cena eliminating JBL leading to the final sequence between John Cena and Shawn Michaels with John Cena winning by FU’ing HBK over the top rope.

Raw Opening Video Plays
“Wanna Be Loved”


Jim Ross: Welcome to another addition of Monday Night Raw alive on USA and tonight we are in the beautiful St. Louis Missouri, I’m Jim Ross joined as always by my partner Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Jerry Lawler: It’s great to be here tonight J.R. I can’t wait for our main event tonight.

J.R.: Nor’ can I King, it’s going to be John Cena teaming with Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk to face the WWE Champion Randy Orton and his partner, JBL.

Lawler: It’s gonna’ be great J.R.!

J.R.: Also we're gonna see three incredibly talented athletes battle it out for a shot at earing a chance to become Intercontinetnal Champion when Shelton Benjamin, Kofi Kingston, and Paul Burchill face off in a Triple Threat Match where the winner will face Chris Jericho for the Intercontinetnal Title at Backlash.

Lawler: I can't wait for that one

**My Time is Now**

John Cena comes out to a mixed reaction being in Randy Orton’s hometown. Cena gets a nice pop as he enters the ring excited as always. Cena is dressed as usual, Cena T-Shirt, hat, wrist bands, and jean shorts. Cena gets on the mic.

Cena: I can tell that everyone here in St. Louis, Missouri is excited!!

Playing the crowd always gets a pop

Cena: Now why are you guys so excited? Hmm.. This is a tough one. I mean baseball season’s started, guys got the Cardinals, they look pretty damn good this year.

A pop for baseball

Cena: No! Wait I know why you’re excited! Because tonight LIVE it’s Monday Night Raw!!

Huge pop

Cena: Honestly, I’m excited to be in St. Louis too! I don’t care if it’s my opponent at Backlash, Randy Orton’s hometown, the fans here are so great I’m glad to be here.

Pop for Orton and excitement

Cena: It’s kind of funny to be, we’re here in St. Louis tonight and we’re in Boston in two weeks, seems like the perfect schedule for the final chapter in the story of the John Cena and Randy Orton rivalry.

Countering RKO and Cena chants begin

Cena: Now I know all of you people know my history with Randy Orton, I beat him, I beat him again, he punted my dad in the head, he took my title without beating me, he did whatever it took to retain the title, he pinned me at Wrestlemania. It’s been what, seven months now, we’ve been going at it for the WWE Championship, for seven months. Seven long hard months.

The chants continue as Cena pauses.

Cena: Some people will say it’s the greatest rivalry both of us have ever been apart of. Randy Orton and I we’ve had some heated clashes, we’ve gone to whatever lengths it’s taken to leave WWE Champion and sometimes that wasn’t even enough. Everyone thought it was gonna’ end at Wrestlemania, hell even I did. Randy Orton finally got the upper hand, Randy Orton finally pinned me.

RKO Chants louder, Cena ignores them and continues on like he’s a face.

Cena: Hell even I thought it was the end, I thought it was going to be my last shot. But that changed last week, when I won a Battle Royal to become the top contender for the WWE Championship! Now I have another shot at Randy Orton, three weeks from now at Backlash, I’ have a chance to beat Randy Orton one more time and finally take back what I never lost!

The chants begin to fight with each other again

Cena: Now I’ve wrestled Randy Orton, multiple times. Me and Randy we know everything about each other in that ring, we’ve battled so many times we know each other’s games in and out. That being said at Backlash, I don’t just want to wrestle Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, no I want more then that! And if Randy Orton would like to come out here I’d like to make a proposal to the champ.. So Randy Orton Orton, if you’d like to come out here..

We look over at the tron…

**Burn in My Light**

Randy Orton comes out to a hometown pop despite being heel, he is heel. Orton is wearing wrestling black wrestling trunks and a Randy Orton T-Shirt. Orton holds his WWE Championship over his shoulder. Orton rubs the belt as Cena stares at him. Orton enters the ring and holds the WWE Championship.

John Cena: Randy….

Orton: Before you make your proposal I just want to get something off my chest, these people here tonight, they don’t care about you, you may pander to them and get false cheers, but these are my people, and just like me they despise you.

“RKO” chants for Orton

Orton: You can pander to them like a sad little puppy trying to win the affection of his masters but here in St. Louis, they are just like me, they can’t stand the sight of you.

Cena: Ok, that’s fine Randy, you can’t stand the sight of me, I get it. You want me out of your’ life for good huh?

Orton: That’s exactly what I want, I want you to be gone, I pinned you at Wrestlemania you don’t even deserve this shot! I made you another name to fall victim to the Age of Orton.

The RKO and Cena chants begin to counter

Orton: You see the difference between me and the rest of the people in here in this building, is I am a success. Of all the people to come out of St. Louis, I’m the best and being the best it means what I say goes! And I say you don’t deserve another shot at my title. I’m a success John, while you’re a failure, I pinned you at Wrestlemania and it appears I’ll have to down it again at Backlash…

Cena: SHUT UP!!!!

Orton looks mad as he stares at Cena.

Cena: Maybe you do consider me a failure Randy, maybe you consider those people out there failures, but you know what Randy as much of a failure as you consider me, I’ve pushed to your limit more then anyone else your entire career. Randy, you have to get yourself disqualified to keep your title in matches against me, you’ve need to capitalize off what Triple H has done to pin me. Nothing wrong with that, but it seems like I’ve had a hell of a lot of success against you.

Orton looks mad

Cena: Yeah, I see that look in your eyes, Randy. You’re angry, you want to hurt me, you want to get me out of your life for good because you’re afraid if I stick around challenging for that title the Age of Orton is going to end pretty damn fast! Randy you despise me because you know I can beat you!

Orton steps up to Cena looking really mad. Orton stares right into Cena’s eyes.

Cena: Randy, whatda ya say we end this thing between you and me at Backlash, here’s my proposal, our match at Backlash it’s gonna be our final match against each other for that Championship, four weeks from now we can end this forever.

Orton: I’d like nothing more then to end you John, I know how this ends, it ends with me, beating you until there is none of you left to fight me, it ends with me standing tall as WWE Champion.

Cena: It’s funny you mention that, beating me until I can’t get up to fight you, because here is my proposal, at Backlash when I challenge you for the WWE Champion, I don’t just want a wrestling match, I don’t want to go for pins or submissions, I want to fight you Randy!! I want to fight you until one of us can’t get back up!! I want a Last Man Standing Match!!!

Orton is about to talk but Cena keeps going

Cena: If I win Randy, you give up your rematch!!

Orton looks mad

Cena: If you win Randy, I’ll never challenge for the WWE Championship again during the Age of Orton.

Orton smirks

Cena: So what’s it gonna’ be Randy, are you going to me a man and grap your chance to end me and my chance to get back my title!!! Or are we going to still be doing this for weeks, months, hell even years. WHATS IT GONNA’ BE RANDY!!

Orton: I’LL DO IT!!

Cena nods

Orton: You don’t know how long I’ve waited to beat you again until you can’t get up, this time I’ll tear off both of your shoulders, then I’ll punt you in the skull! YOU”LL NEVER BE SEEN AROUND HERE AGAIN!!

Cena turns away but Orton gets in his face.


Cena: NOO!!!

Orton looks a little put off

Cena: Randy, if I knew you were goin’ to beat me in Last Man Standing Match why the hell would I ask for one…

Orton is about to respond…

Cena: Good luck in the tag match tonight, Champ.

Cena rolls out of the ring as “My Time is now” hits. Orton looks a little mad in the ring as Cena raises his arms to a pop in Orton’s hometown. Orton stares him down

J.R.: Well that is a blockbuster main event for Backlash, last week we found out that John Cena will challenge Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. But this week we found out that it will be a Last Man Standing Match for the Championship.

King: And don’t forget J.R. if Randy Orton wins John Cena can’t challenge for the WWE Championship as long as the Age of Orton continues.

J.R.: That being said King, if John Cena wins Randy Orton will surrender his re-match clause as long as Cena is champion.

Lawler: This heated rivalry will finally come to an end at Backlash

J.R.: And the winner is the Last Man Standing.

Commercial Break

A video package airs building up Chris Jericho.

[Cut to ringside]


The Redneck Wrecking Crew, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch come out to solid heat. They make their way to the ring. Lillian announces the match.

J.R.: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw Live from St. Louis, Missouri and as you can see now, the Redneck Wrecking Crew are in action right now.

Lawler: This match is of course a result of what happened last week, when the Crew attacked both their opponents last week, Paul London and Brian Kendrick and the World Tag Team Champions, Cody Rhodes and Bob Holly.

J.R.: Here’s the footage

A quick video is shown of the Crew attacking both the Hooliganz and Rhodes and Holly. Rhodes made the save


Paul London comes out to a big pop as he goes and high fives the fans, Kendrick pumps the crowd up as London enters the ring and stares down the Crew. Kendrick sits down on commentary.

J.R.: This match is a result of that attack as we will see Paul London from the Hooliganz tagging with Cody Rhodes.

Lawler: And it appears we will be joined by London’s partner Brian Kendrick.

Kendrick: J.R., King, glad to join you guys. Got a ringside view to watch Paul and Cody deal with these guys.

Lawler: You seem pretty friendly about Cody Rhodes and Bob Holly tonight, but that wasn’t the case last week, last week you seemed pretty confident that you and Paul would take their titles.

Kendrick: We still are King, we’re going to be the next tag team champions, but we apparently can’t do that until the Crew is out of the way. Regal wants Paul to team Cody tonight, fine. Cody can have a bird’s-eye view of what we can do.

**Out to Kill**

The World Tag Team Champions, Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly come out to a nice pop. They both high-five the fans. Rhodes rolls into the ring and gives London a fist bump. Holly joins King, J.R., and Kendrick on commentary.

Holly: Glad to join you boys.

J.R.: Glad to have you

Kendrick: Glad to have you here Bob, you ready watch Paul and your prodigy beat these guys so we can get onto the really business.

Holly: What are you calling the real business Brian?

Kendrick: When me and Paul get a shot at your tag team titles, because when we do we’re going to win, I know we’re friends with Cody and all that, and you’re Cody's mentor, but that doesn’t mean I’m not afraid to take your titles. Not by a long shot, me and Paul are the best this division has to offer.

Holly: That’s why you haven’t been champions in sixth months right?

Kendrick: Funny Bob. Just watch Paul win this match for our guys, then you’ll see what a real tag team wrestler looks like.

J.R.: How do you two feel your teammates will work together in this match? If it’s like the way you two are working together now, it won’t be that good.

Holly: They’ll work great together, Cody and Paul are friends, and unlike my pal Mr. Kendrick here they don’t care who gets the win, they just want to beat the Crew tonight.

Kendrick: Are you saying I have an ego problem? It’s not an ego problem if you back it up, Paul will back it up for me in the ring. We’re the next tag team champions.

The ref rings the bell

Match 1 l Tag Team Match
The Redneck Wrecking Crew vs. World Tag Team Champion Cody Rhodes & Paul London

Ending: Rhodes and Murdoch are the legal men, the Crew have used their size and strength advantage very well to start off the match. Murdoch goes back to work on Cody by locking him up in a clinch. Murdoch forces Rhodes into the corner where he knees him in the ribs. Rhodes bends down clutching his ribs. Murdoch raises his arms up to heat from the crowd. Rhodes stands back up for only second just long enough for Murdoch to pick up Rhodes and throw him down with a body slam. Murdoch makes a cover but Rhodes easily kicks out. Murdoch stands Rhodes up and whips him into the corner. Murdoch pounds Rhodes with stomps to the midsection near the turnbuckles. Holly tries to coach Rhodes out from commentary but it’s no good. Rhodes falls to the ground in pain. Murdoch makes the tag to Cade who smirks. Cade points out at Holly and yells something about taking the titles. Rhodes gets up and Cade shoots himself off the ropes to drop the tag champ with a shoulder block. Cade smirks as Rhodes stands back up. Cade lands a few punches to Rhodes. Rhodes falls to the ground, Cade panders to the crowd a little to draw some heat. Cade turns around where he is met by Rhodes who drops him with a single arm DDT!!

London begins to clap in the corner as Rhodes and Cade are both down on the mat. Kendrick and Holly both yell from commentary to make the tag. Rhodes thrusts himself into the corner and tags in London. Cade stands back up only to meet by London who does a springboard centon. London shoots off the ropes and hits Cade who is now standing back up with a drop kick. Cade stumbles after taking the shot to the face. Cade falls forward into a superkick!! London makes the cover 1…………2……Murdoch breaks the count. The ref forces him back to his corner with resistance giving both Cade and London time to rest. London gets up and goes at Cade who manages to drop him with a sick clothesline. London gets back up and eats another clothesline. Kendrick encourages London from commentary as Cade stands him up and whips him off the ropes, London receives an elbow to the side of the head on the way back. Cade stands up the former tag champ and begins to tee off him with fists, he whips London into the turnbuckles. Cade charges at him but London gets his leg up into one half of the Crew’s face forcing him back. London jumps up to the middle ropes and hits a corckscrew elbow off it dropping Cade. Rhodes begins to clap in the corner awaiting the hot tag. Both Cade and London explode into their corners bring in their partners.

Rhodes and Murdoch enter the ring, Rhodes is fired up. Murdoch charges at him but Rhodes ducks down, sliding through his legs. Rhodes comes up firing away with punches at Murdoch. Murdoch is send back into the ropes, Rhodes whips him away with an Irish whip, Murdoch comes back and eats a drop kick. Murdoch stumbles forward into Rhodes’ arms and Cody plants him with a single arm DDT, Holly and London are pumped on commentary. Cover from Rhodes 1…………2….One half of the Crew kicks out. As Murdoch stands back up Cody shows off some nice power by suplexing down the big man. Murdoch gets up into another suplex. Rhodes makes another cover but Murdoch kicks out again. Rhodes whips Murdoch into the corner and begins to tee away on the cowboy, Murdoch falls out of the corner, Rhodes appears to be setting up for Cross Rhodes, but Murdoch elbows Rhodes in the side of the head, Murdoch comes at him but Rhodes quickly comes back with a DDT to a big reaction from Holly on commentary. London noticing that Murdoch is positioned well near the ropes, tags himself in thinking about a 450 splash. Kendrick cheers on commentary, Holly not as happy, London is about to climb up as Rhodes asks him “What the hell are you doing”. London responds “winning”. London gets up the top rope, but Rhodes tags himself back in!! At this point Rhodes and London are arguing in the ring, Holly and Kendrick are fighting on commentary. As these arguing are happen, Murdoch gets over to the corner and tags in Cade. Cade gets into the ring and goes over to the corner where London and Rhodes’ altercation has got to the point where London has shoved Cody, Cade grabs a hold of the tag team champion and hits him with a Sit-Down-Side-Slam Spinebuster!!!! Cade covers, with no attempt to stop him from London 1………….2………….3!!!

Winners: The Redneck Wrecking Crew via pinfall @ 6:32

After the match Holly runs into the ring to check on Cody, Kendrick grabs London and they walk up the ramp yelling at the tag champ, the Crew then go up the ramp, celebrating as if they’ve just won back their tag titles.

[Cut Backstage]

We appear in a hallway backstage where we see the WWE Champion Randy Orton walking through holding the WWE Championship over his shoulder when he is approached by the general manager of Raw, William Regal dressed in a suit approaches him.

Regal: Good evening, Mr. Orton, I need to speak with you for a moment.

Orton: About what?

Regal: About your match with John Cena in four weeks at Backlash. I was drawing up the contract for you gentlemen just before I came out here and I wanted to make sure you were clear on the details that Mr. Cena asks for…..If you lose, you will surrender your right to a contractual re-match for the WWE Championship as long as John Cena holds the WWE Championship, are you understanding of this Mr. Orton.

Orton: Mr. Regal, You think that I’m worry about losing my WWE Championship to John Cena, in a Last Man Standing match, my specialty, I know the terms of the match and I will gladly expect….Don’t worry about me not understating the terms of the match, I heard them, loud and clear.

Regal: So there will be no complaining should Mr. Cena beat you, do you hear me sunshine?

Orton: Don’t worry about me complaining, I won’t lose.

Orton walks off, as Regal stays in the hallway.

Commercial Break

We appear at ringside

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw ladies and gentlemen we are still live here in St. Louis and it’s been a busy night so far.

Lawler: Yes sir, J.R. there has been a change in the main event at Raw’s Backlash Pay-Per-View on May 4th. Last week we found out that John Cena will challenge Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Backlash. But we now know it will a Last Man Standing match.

J.R.: Yes and it will be the final match between Cena and Orton for the WWE Championship as the loser of the match won’t be able to challenge for the Championship while the other holds the belt.

Lawler: I can’t wait J.R.

**La Vittoria e Mia**

Santino Marella comes out to a mixed reaction, he enters the ring dressed to wrestle, Santino enters the ring awaiting his opponent.

**Slow Chemical**

The lights go out, the pyros go off, yes it’s Kane. Kane walks out, Santino looks scared to death. Santino tries to hide behind the steel steps but Kane walks down to the ring as this match will happen.

J.R.: Well King, you have to wonder what was going through Santino’s head when he accepted this match has doesn’t appear to want to fight Kane right now.

Lawler: Does anyone ever know what’s going through Santino’s head?

The bell rings as Santino slowly crawls into the ring and the ref rings the bell

Match 2
Kane vs. Santino Marella

A very, very short match, Santino tries to make an intimidating face to Kane as he pretends to shadow box. Kane turns his head to the side and stares at Santino. The Italian superstar gets scared and tries to back away but it wasn’t fast enough as Kane grabs Santino by the neck and plants him with a quick chokeslam. Kane lays down and covers 1………..2……….3

Winner: Kane via pinfall @ 0:24

After the match Kane’s pyros shoot up as Kane stands over Santino in the ring, Kane stands Santino up and points over to the time keeper’s table. Santino, quivering in fear gets up and walks over to the table. Santino picks up a mic and brings it to Kane in the ring. Kane sends Santino away and Santino runs to the back screaming like a baby, getting a laugh from the crowd. Kane’s time to talk.

Kane: There are very few wrestlers that I have a place for down in my dark heart. First-and-for-most, my brother, the Undertaker. The history, the family, the bloodlines, speak for themselves.

A pop for the Undertaker.

Kane: Though there is another man, a man who I have tagged with before. We were tag team champions, we were called the greatest legion of giants ever assembled. That man, is the Big Show.

A tiny pop for Big Show.

Kane: Week after week when the Big Show enters this arena, he is announced as “The World’s Largest Athlete”, a dominating force. But that’s not true.

Jerry Lawler expresses his disagreement on commentary during Kane’s pause.

Kane: Eight short nights ago at Wrestlemania 24 the Big Show was defeated by Floyd Mayweather, five feet, 8 inch Floyd Mayweather. Not only was the Big Show defeated, eh was embarrassed. He was knocked out, and he was disgraced.

Oooohs from the crowd.

Kane: The fact of the matter is the Big Show is a disgrace to so called "monsters" everywehere, the fact is I’m ashamed to be associated with Big Show, for years and years now, the Big Show has been known as a joke when it comes to Wrestlemania, for years I’ve made a mark on Wrestlemania. This past year at Wrestlemania Twenty-Four I became the final ECW Champion.

Pop for being ECW Champion

Kane: At Wrestlemania 21, I competed in the first Money in the Bank Ladder match, which I dominated. At this same Wrestlemania, the Big Show competed in a sumo match with Akabomo. You know I very rarely laugh these days, but everytime I see that match, I laugh. Wrestlemania 23, I battled a true giant, the Great Khali. Big Show sat at home watching from his oversized couch.

Kane shakes his head as the crowd really has no idea how to respond.

Kane: Now that myself and the Big Show are back together on Raw, I’ve taken an interest in his career once again and from what I see, Big Show is no more of a giant then any of the mortals sitting out in this crowd. Big Show is just another competitor in this industry, Big Show is a joke.

**Crank it Up**

The Big Show comes out wearing jeans and a black polo, he’s heard enough from Kane. Show walks down to the ring holding a mic and he gets into the rign

Show: Long time no see. You know maybe you’re right. I have been disgracing myself at Wrestlemania for years now, from here on out, that changes. I’m going to get back to the top of this company sooner then later.

Kane: As good of a plan as that sounds, it doesn’t work like that Big Show. You see very rarely do I listen how these people reaction. Whether or not they cheer the demons or boo them, I have no interest in that. That being said, when you enter this domain right now, they had no reaction. Show you and I both know that what that means, it means they don’t care about you. It means you are a minuscule man on their interest scale, that means, you’re worthless to them.

Show: SHUT UP!!! YOU THINK I CARE WHAT THEY THINK!!! They are worthless!! I’m bigger then all of them, I’m stronger then all of them, I could knock anyone of them out if I so choose to! Actually I could knock you whenever I choose to.

Kane: Then why haven’t you yet, don’t answer I already know. Because deep down, you are scared to be embarrassed again. You’re scared to prove yourself as an even bigger disgrace to our tag team. You’re scared to be proven that you aren’t the most dominate force in this industry.

Show steps up Kane, Kane lifts the mic up between their faces.

Kane: The Big Show, the World’s Largest Coward..

Show has heard enough punches Kane in the face. Show grabs Kane by the arm and whips him off the ropes, Show drops Kane down with a shoulder block. The World’s Largest Athlete slowly stands up the Big Red Machine and looks to set him up for a chokeslam. Kane fights for a second then grabs Show by the throat!! The two giants keep hold of each other, Show forces Kane into the ropes and Kane grabs a hold of Show’s legs and tries to throw Show over the top rope, both men fall over the top rope. Kane and Show both fall to the floor. The crowd is just cheering because they have no idea who to root for. Show gets up and eats an uppercut from Kane.

Show gets up and stumbles up the ramp, Kane follows his former partner up the ramp, Kane goes for a punch but Show blocks it, Show whips Kane into the barricade, Kane falls forward to Show and he eats some punches to the organs. Kane falls forward onto the center of the ramp, Show smirks as Kane struggles back to his feet, Kane is slowly catching his breath, Big Show cranks back his right hand. Kane stands straight up and eats a KNOCKOUT PUNCH from his former partner. Show stands over Kane and smirks as he asks for a mic.

Show, still standing over Kane takes and begins to speak, he gets a few cheers and a few boos due to the fans not knowing how to react


Pointing at a fan in the front row

Show: Or you

Pointing at another fan

Show: Or even you.

Bending over and leaning right over Kane’s face.

Show: You might not care now, but I’m going to make you care, tonight begins the Age of the Big Show on Raw.

Show spikes the mic down on Kane’s head.

Big Show points at himself one more and mouths “I’m not a joke”

[Cut Backstage]

Hardcore Holly walks out of the doctors office where he turns around to see Brian Kendrick looking at him. Kendrick does not look happy.

Kendrick: Is Cody in there? Is he in there!

Holly: Yea he is, but you really think he wants to talk to you, even if you are his friend, I don’t think he is in the mood to hear you complain like what I had to deal with on commentary.

Kendrick: You call that complaining? I was just pointing about out facts, me and Paul London are the most talented tag team on this show and in this company…

Holly: Do you ever shut up anymore? I remember a day not that long ago when you just came out and did your business, that’s what your buddy London does.

Kendrick: You remember that do you, I don’t care, I think what you need to remember is that you are supposed to be mentoring Cody Rhodes, and what I saw was a lack of leadership when he tagged himself in, I saw a tag team champion that doesn’t know how to let his partner win a match. Paul London had that match won!

Holly: Maybe you weren’t watching with your constant talking but from what I saw your boy London cost Cody the match, Cody would’ve won had he not tagged himself in.

Kendrick: I don’t need to listen to you, all I need is to talk to William Regal and get us a tag title match then I’ll show you, who’s talent, how would’ve won that match. Once we get our match we will beat you guys and we will finally become champions again.

Holly: You think you can beat us? Let’s find out….. right now

Holly clubs Holly over the head and drops him to the floor Holly stands over Kendrick and begins to tee off on him Holly gets a series of shots in on Kendrick. Kendrick tries to sit up but the experience veteran Holly keeps it coming with no stop. Security quickly comes in and pulls Holly off of the former tag team champion. Security comes in again pulls Kendrick up, both men signal that they are down. Holly takes a deep breath then Kendrick charges at him!! Kendrick drops Holly to the floor and begins to stomp on him. Security pulls him off again and this time he stays back as the Raw GM, William Regal enters the picture.

Regal: Gentlemen, Gentlemen, stop this madness at once. Mr. Kendrick I know you want to get your hands on Mr. Holly and could have your chance at Backlash, with the tag titles on the line.

Kendrick smirks at Holly from the security guards arms.

Regal: That is if you and Mister London can beat the Redneck Wrecking next week, if not they will challenge Mister Holly and Master Rhodes. Do you gentlemen understand.

Kendrick: Loud and clear boss.

Commercial Break

Smackdown Preview
- Highlights of Last week’s gauntlet match ending with Edge spearing the Undertaker for the win
- This week the Undertaker will be “tested” again as World Champ when he faces Edge and the Edgeheads in a 3-on-1 Handicap match.
- Plus MVP’s Welcome back Party for Matt Hardy in the VIP Lounge
- All this and more this week on Smackdown.

Cut to Ringside

We see Jim Ross’ cheery face and his partner Jerry Lawler sitting at the announce desk as they began to recap the nights events.

J.R.: What a night’s it’s been alright King, we’ve already had a huge change the Backlash Pay-Per-View coming up in just under four weeks. We knew John Cena and Randy Orton would compete in the main event for the W-W-E Championship, but we now know it will be the final encounter between these two men.

Lawler: I can’t wait, everything is riding on that match. If one man loses he can’t challenge for the title while the other is champion. It’s gonna be intense J.R.

J.R.: But before we look ahead to Backlash we need to look back to a situation that arose last week between Triple H and Mr. Kennedy.

Video Package
The First Clip is of the Battle Royal from last week Triple H eliminated Mr. Kennedy then Kennedy hitting Triple H with a chair allowing JBL to eliminate “The Game”. We cut backstage where see Triple H telling Josh Mathews that he is coming from Mr. Kennedy. Then we see the full footage from after Raw of Mr. Kennedy attacking Triple H in the parking lot that was first shown on WWE.com

Cut to ringside

**Turn up the Trouble**

The lights go out and the always cocky Mr. Kennedy comes down to the ring in jeans, a white button-up shirt and a blue sports coat. Kennedy walks into the ring to massive heat with a smirk on his face. Kennedy gets into the ring and spotlight is on him as he calls for his mic. The mic falls into the hands of Kennedy and it’s time to talk.

Kennedy: Introducing a man who played a major a role in ending the career of the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, a man who may have ended the career of “The Game” Triple H last week after Monday Night Raw and has become an internet sensation in the past week, I fail from Green Bay, Wisconsin, weight 245 pounds, MISTER!!!!!!!!!! KENNNNEEDDYY!!!!!!

Mega heat as Kennedy smirks in the center of the ring

Kennedy: Now to all of the folks watching at home on TV, you may not be used to seeing me here as opposed to your computer screens. Over the past week a video clip surfaced from what took place after Monday Night Raw last week. The video has made me bigger online then Myspace or YouTube or any of the other crap online.

The crowd continues to boo as Kennedy walks around the ring

Kennedy: You know the images shown of what I did to Triple H last week after Raw topped what I did when I helped Shawn Michaels end Ric Flair’s career by softening him up for months.

“Triple H” chants break out

Kennedy: Now a lot of people have called my actions, cowardly, among other things, but I don’t know what they’re bitching about considering Triple H told me I had to come find him or he’d find me, but maybe he forgot that when he was crying in the ring with Ric Flar, honestly I don’t care. I was simply doing as I was told. Got a problem with that, I DON’T CARE!!!

More boos and Triple H chants

Kennedy: That’s what I don’t get about you people is how you can be so stupid, you think your boos affect me? You think I really care what you clowns think, I’m so far ahead of you it isn’t funny, I ended Ric Flair’s career. I put away Triple H for a long time, Raw is my show now, and all of you people will have to deal with seeing me out here every week instead of Triple H. Deal with it.

Boos Kennedy smirk in the ring.

Kennedy: Now I bet your wondering, why is Triple H is put away from a long time. Even though it’s really simple, I’ll have to explain it you idiots, Triple H is gone because of me!!


Kennedy: Yea, I’d like to give Triple H some credit, I know he is a smart guy, and I know that after I what I did to him last week he won’t becoming around here for a long time. He knows that if he comes back I might just hurt him again, I know he’s scared to see me again.

More Boos

Kennedy: I don’t get why you are booing me, I really don’t. Oh wait I do, your mad because I’m being too modest. That’s it. Don’t worry, the modesty stops here.


Kennedy: Now last week Triple H told me to come and find him, which I did. People are calling what I did, cowardly, a blindside attack, something a weak person would do. But I beg to differ as I was just doing what I was told by, “the man” around here. Triple H, he said come get me Ken, or I’ll come get you. I did as I was asked, I was just doing my job.

Boos, mega heat

Kennedy: Now, now calm down, it’s ok. I’m sure Triple H is fine, he’s “The Game” he’s the man, he just got roughed up a little bit, he’ll be back to save the day, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, you know what I don’t care anymore. Triple H is gone, Raw is my show now, they wouldn’t give me the ball, so I took it, and now I’m going to run with it….

**Time to Play the Game**!!!!

The lights turn green as cheers eco through the arena, Kennedy looks petrified as he turns around to see the Game coming out of the back area, Triple H looks like he means business with his tradition look of jeans, an official Triple H T-Shirt, and leather jacket. Triple H comes out looking mighty serious as he has a mic in his hand. Jim Ross breathes a sigh of relief on commentary. Triple H walks into the ring as Kennedy stares at him. The lights come on as “The Game” has something to say, and when Triple H talks people listen.

Triple H: You know Ken…

Kennedy murmers under his breath..”Mister Kennedy”

Triple H: Yea, that. So Ken, sometimes I don’t get you, other times, I do I really do Ken. You’re a smart guy, I know you were coming off a coming a month of doing nothing, you lost your Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania. You really have nothing going for you, I see that.

“Triple H” chants break out

Triple H: So, you wanna be on TV, you want to make people notice you, so you think to yourself “What can Mister Kennedy do to get people to notice him”

Triple H: But here’s the thing Ken, you’re going to have to learn about everyone who thinks they can go after the top guy learns. You can only ride your fame for so long, before you long you’ll be in the ring with someone you know is better than you. Someone, you know that you can’t beat.

Kennedy looks confused

Triple H: That date is going to come soon for you Ken, because I’m challenging you to a match in a month at Backlash.

Kennedy appears to be about to talk but he gets cut off by the Tripper

Triple H: Now think before you talk here Ken, if you say yes, you get that feeling of being in the ring someone better then you, and you get to know what it’s like to be defeated by the best and get buried. If you say no, now you have another problem, you look like a coward and your image is just as bad as it was two weeks ago. So Ken, what’s it gonna be.

Kennedy stares into the eyes of the Game.

Triple H: Pride now and burial later, or cowardess now and pride later. Balls in your court now.

Kennedy Looks steaming red and grabs his mic


Triple H cuts him off…

Triple H: SHUT UP!!! Ken, you can talk all you want, I don’t really care anymore, just know, that I don’t think you don’t what you’re getting into, I know you don’t know what you’re getting into, But I don’t think you know that.

Kennedy smirks

Kennedy: You don’t think I know what I’m doing, I know DAMN WELL, what I’m doing.

Kennedy quickly puts the mic down for a second then grabs it again to talk into, but before he can do that, he throws into forward and it clips Triple H in the face!! Kennedy catches and smashes it over Triple H’s skull!!! Triple H falls down to the ground, Kennedy stomps on him a couple of times before Triple H rolls out of the ring to side by the ramp. Kennedy turns around and grabs the mic, he faces the crowd and decides to talk.

Kennedy: See, just left the game in pieces again…

A noise is heard on the other side ring as Triple H is getting back in the ring…WITH THE SLEDGEHAMMER!!! Kennedy turns around and eats a sledgehammer shout to the gut!!! Kennedy gets down is on his knees and Triple H steps back with the Hammer in hand, Kennedy slows get and Triple H takes a big full swing as Kennedy how dodges it just barely. Kennedy quickly rolls out of the ring to get away from “The game” and the hammer. Triple H smiles in the ring and his lips can be read simply saying “Game on” Kennedy leaves the arena faster then he came in as the crowd cheers. “Time to Play the Game” hits and Triple H does the classic Triple H pose in the ring with the sledgehammer.

Commercial Break

We return to Raw in the backstage where Todd Grisham is standing…

Grisham: My guest joining me at this time is one of the three competing in the Intercontinental Championship number one contenders match later this evening, ladies and Gentlemen Kofi Kingston.

Kofi Kingston is shown dressed to wrestle standing by…

Grisham: Kofi it’s been a great few weeks for you, last week you made your debut on Raw and impressed the WWE Universe when you teamed with the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho and this week you have a chance to challenge for the Intercontinental Title at Backlash if you can defeat Paul Burchill and Shelton Benjamin tonight. Can you describe to us what these past couple of weeks have been like?

Kingston: You know, Todd, growin’ up in Jamaica, I always dreamed of coming to the WWE and Monday Night Raw and winning all of de’ championships. Now tonight I could begin on the road to realizing one of dose dreams, all I hav’ to do is beat Paul Burchill and Shelton Benjamin. Then I can face Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship, it is really is a dream come true Todd.

Grisham: Kofi, last week you teamed with Chris Jericho will you have any problems facing Jericho in the future?

Kingston: Todd, Chris Jericho has been nothin’ but a friend to me ever since I came here to Raw, I owe him so much for welcoming me here and tagging with me the way he has, but when it comes to winning championships, a friendship can be put aside for one night…

Kingston turns to see Jericho standing right neck to him wearing a Silver leather vest over a white T-Shirt and black dress pants.

Grisham: Chris is there anything you’d like to say to Kofi or the other two contenders tonight, while you’re here.

Jericho: Todd the only thing I’d to say is that I’d like to wish Kofi Kingston luck tonight as I feel he deserves this title shot, I’ve never seen a young talent with this much potential, the way he makes the crowd cheer, the way he gets everyone who watches him excited, hell I saw Festus clap during one of his matches at a house show.

Kofi and Grisham chuckle. Jericho turns to Kofi and looks at him.

Jericho: Here’s the thing Kofi, you rock, and I rock, so when you win the match tonight, our title match at Backlash is gonna’ rock. These people are gonna’ see a match they’ll never forgot because Y2J always puts on a show and Kofi Kingston is sure as hell entertaining.

Kingston: Chris it’d be an honor to face you at Backlash, and trust me after I win tonight our match at Backlash will be entertaining and it will be one the WWE Universe will neva forgot, cause’ it’ll go down as the night Kofi Kingston won the Intercontinental Championship.

Jericho: Now come on Kofi lets not get ahead of yourselves, you might be entertaining, but you aint gonna beat me, I can guarantee you that.

Kingston: I guess ders’s only one way to find out…

Jericho: That there is Kofi, that there is,

Jericho extends his hand to Kofi and he shakes it they do a little bro bump thingy as Shelton Benjamin enters the picture with something to say.

Benjamin: Now I usually don’t look to Monday Night Raw for my humor, but this has to be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Jericho and Kofi look confused

Benjamin: A happy go lucky Jamaican with no idea what being a champion means and a man in a sequin covered vest, talking about how great their title match will be. There’s only one thing you two need to know and that is that people will remember the Intercontinental Title match at Backlash for one thing and one thing only, Shelton Benjamin beating Chris Jericho and becoming an Intercontinental Champion, again.

Jericho: And what makes you think you can beat me

Benjamin: I think all the parties might be getting to you, Y2J, I beat you last week, remember.

Shelton walks out of the picture as Jericho wishes Kofi good luck again

Cut to Ringside

King: Well J.R. tonight keeps getting better and better, I can’t wait to see who will challenge Chris Jericho at Backlash

J.R.: But don’t forget King we still have our huge main event tonight, it will be, John Cena teaming with Mister Money in the Bank C.M. Punk to face the WWE Champion Randy Orton and John Bradshaw Layfield

King: I can not wait.


The Number One Contender for the WWE Women’s Championship Mickie James comes out to a huge Mickie James pop and runs down to the ring high fiving fans. James is wearing the typical Mickie blue and yellow ring gear. Lawler does his typical I love Mickie speech. J.R. reminds us that Mickie will challenge Beth Phoenix for the Women’s Title at Backlash.


Melina comes out to a little heat but the crowd either goes silent or cheers when she does her entrance on the apron. Melina gets into the ring, the announcers comment on Melina’s friendship with Beth Phoenix and how they beat Maria and Ashley at Wrestlemania.

Match 3
Mickie James vs. Melina

Ending: We’re about three minutes into a decent Divas contest, Melina throws Mickie off the ropes, she catches Mickie and sets her up for the Primal Scream but the number one contender, Mickie quickly pushes Melina down and makes a jackknife cover!! 1………2….no Melina kicks out. Melina gets up and Mickie meets her with a series of clotheslines, Mickie goes for another one but Melina ducks out of the way and quickly plants Mickie with a neck breaker. Cover by Melina 1………..2…Mickie James kicks out. Mickie gets up to her knees and Melina goes off the ropes and lands a boot to the face of the former Women’s Champ. Mickie stands up and Melina starts hitting with a kicks to Mickie’s thighs and stomach. The Number One Contender gets to her feet grabbing her stomach and eats a clothesline. Melina sets up Mickie for the sunset flip but Mickie counters with a back drop. Both ladies fall to the ground and are a little slow to get up. Mickie gets up just before Melina, the fan favorite charges up and attacks Melina with a series of clotheslines. Mickie claps and the crowd starts to get behind the top contender. Mickie hits more jumping forearms leaving Melina planted. Melina slowly gets to her feet, Mickie sets up for the Mick-Kick but swings and misses, Melina grabs a hold of Mickie and sets her for the Primal Scream once again…Mickie pushes her away, Melina goes off the ropes and comes back eating a MICK-KICK!! James makes the cover 1………..2……….3!!! A momentum building win for the top contender.

Winner: Mickie James via pinfall (5:36)

Mickie stands up as the crowd pops massively, Mickie gets on the turnbuckle and signals gold around her waist, the crowd is eating it up mega cheering when….


The Mickie’s attention quickly turns to the ramp where The Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix comes out in a red dress holding the Women’s Title over her shoulder. Mickie and Beth stare each other down as Beth holds up her title.

Cut Backstage

John Cena is walking backstage, he opens a door and walks into the locker room where we see his partner for tonight’s main event, Mr. Money in Bank, CM Punk dressed to wrestle wearing an official WWE CM Punk T-Shirt and green and black wrestling trunks. Punk and Cena meet face to face for the first on Live WWE TV.

Cena: You ready for this?

Punk pauses for a second

Punk: I’ve never been more ready, but I guess my question to you is, are you ready for Last Man Standing?

Cena: What, why do you care about Last Man Standing?

Punk: John, I’m Mister Money in the Bank, I can challenge whichever champion I want, whenever I want. Had it not been for JBL I would already be W-W-E Champion. John you’d be facing me at Backlash not Randy.

Cena nods

Punk: John, I don’t care who I cash my briefcase in on, whether it’s you, Randy Orton, the Undertaker, someone else from Smackdown. John I don’t care, but John if you do win Last Man Standing, I want you to be ready, because any given show you could be defending it against me.

Cena: Fair point, but here’s the thing Punk, tonight isn’t about your briefcase for you, I know that, you know that, tonight is about you getting revenge on JBL for what he did to you last week, now we can sit here and talk about all the ways you can face me with your case. Or we can focus, on what’s important tonight. Our tag team match against JBL and Randy Orton. Because if we let them get the upper hand, we’re both going to be in some trouble.

Punk: You’re right John, lets focus on what’s going on tonight, but I’m just warning you, if you beat Randy Orton, I’m coming for ya’ Now lets get to work.

Cena and Punk shake hands

[Commercial Break}

Clips from Wrestlemania are shown, the fireworks, the arena, the glamour, the spectacular that was Wrestlemania 24

Narrator: The show is over

Clips of Shawn Michaels superkicking Ric Flair ending his career

Narrator: An Era was ended….

Clips of CM Punk climbing the Ladder and winning the Money in the Bank Contract

Narrator: But new eras began….

Clips of John Cena and Randy Orton staring each other down

Narrator: But not every war has ended…

Clips of Triple H chasing Mr. Kennedy out of the ring with the sledge and JBL smashing CM Punk over the head with the Money in the Bank Case

Narrator: While others have just begun…

The Backlash logo appears

Narrator: Backlash May 4th Live on Pay-Per-View

[Video Package]

Gillette WWE Slam of the Week

Right as Punk enters the ring. Orton grabs him and this a Single Armed DDT!!! Punk scrams in pain as he grabs his shoulder. Orton covers pressing down on the injured shoulder but Punk once again kicks out. Orton begins to apply a shoulder lock to Punk. Punk actually reverses it and throws Orton down with an arm drag. Punk grabs Orton and whips him into the turnbuckles. Punk charges at him and hits a crazy running knee. The Legend Killer falls down into the center of the ring in pain, could Punk pull this off? Punk goes for Orton, head kick, NO Orton ducks under Punk’s leg. Punk turns around, Orton sets up he’s looking for the R KO!! Punk pushes him down!! Orton lands on his back, Punk makes a reverse jackknife cover!! 1………….2……………3!!! Mr. Money in the Bank has beat the WWE Champions!!

Winner: CM Punk via pinfall (10:47)

After the match CM Punk has his arm raised in the center of the ring, Orton is massively pissed. Orton screams at the ref, Punk stands on the turnbuckle holding up his briefcase. Orton grabs Punk throws him down to the mat to massive heat. Orton stands on top of Punk and begins to punch him from the mount. Orton gets up and pounds the mat again. Punk struggles to his feet and Orton goes for the RKO!! Punk dodges him and picks him on his shoulders, Go To Sleep!!!!!! Orton is out cold on the mat, Punk yells at the ref to get in the ring as he looks for his Money in the Bank Briefcase. Punk is gonna’ cash in!!

Punk still can’t find his case, he turns around to see JBL!!! JBL is holding the case!! The self-made Millionaire hits Punk over the head with the briefcase!! JBL drops the briefcase on Punk’s chest and exits looking mighty proud of himself, but the question is, why’d JBL do it? JBL sticks his arms up at the top ramp looking very pleased knowing CM Punk is not a World Champion.

[Cut Backstage]

Todd Grisham Is standing by…

Grisham: My guest joining me at this time, John Bradshaw Layfield

JBL is shown dressed to wrestle with the black trunks and the towel..he gets good heat from in the arena

Grisham: Now John as we just saw last week you cost CM Punk the WWE Championship as he was about to Cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Randy Orton. But my question is, why?

JBL: Why should I answer your question Todd? I owe you and these people nothing.

This gets boos from the arena

JBL: In fact, I’m the one who is owed things. At Wrestlemania had I not been forced to face a washed up old Irishman bastard defending the honor of his midget I would’ve have won the WWE or World Heavyweight Champion had I been given the opportunity. I would’ve have won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, had I been given the opportunity, because I’m a Wrestling GAWD and a true American Hero. I’m owed my title match, I deserve a title match. I’m the only self made millionaire in the WWE, I’ve earned everything I get including my title match. CM Punk has earned nothing

The Boos are coming in hard from the arena

JBL: CM Punk has done nothing of worth in this business, he’s been the champion a show that was so important it was cancelled without a finale. I’m not gonna tell you all of my accomplishments because they all speak for themselves. I’m entitled to CM Punk’s title match, but due to the corruption in W-W-E management thinking that it’s important to allow Finlay to defend his little friends honor, I don’t have that shot. So CM Punk, being the good honest man that I am, I won’t take briefcase like I should, I will simply offer you a challenge, for a match at Backlash, Winner gets the shot.

JBL pauses glares at Todd Grisham for a second

JBL: But I will warn you right now, Punk. That if you think that you can even dream about being me you’re sadly mistaken, John Morrison, Elijah Burke, Chavo Guerrero, all of the no-names you’ve had to beat to call yourself a champion in the past are not even in the same neighborhood as me, they aren’t in the same town, or for that matter the same country. If you accept, you will lose your briefcase and your title match, but if you decline, I’ll make you lose your dignity as with it.

Boos come in from the arena

JBL: Coming to Raw was the worst decision of your life Punk, your in my world now! And it’s not a world you wanna be livin’ in.

JBL walks out of the picture as we cut to Ringside

[Cut to Ringside]

“Break the Walls Down” is playing in the background as we cut to ringside where the Intercontinetnal Champion Chris Jericho is sitting

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, so JBL has laid down the challenge but now the question remains, will CM Punk accept? But now turning the table towards the Intercontinental Title match at Backlash and who will face this man sitting by us right now, King, the Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho.

King: Glad to have you here Chris.

Jericho: Glad to be here to King, it’s great to sit in the presence of a wrestling legend..oh and you too King.

J.R. and Jericho chuckle together

**Aint No Stoppin Me**

Shelton Benjamin comes out to some decent heat and makes his way down to the ring

J.R.: Well there is the man that pinned you last week Chris, Shelton Benjamin, how would you feel about defending you’re title against the likes of Shelton Benjamin?

Jericho: J.R. I know Shelton Benjamin beat me last week but I see no threat in him, he’s had his time, he’s put on entertaining match he’s won tag titles and Intercontinental Titles galore but he’s never been on my level. He’s never been an Undisputed Champion, hell he’s never even been a World Champion. He’s climb a few ladders and knows a few takedowns that’s all.

King: So if that’s the case do you want to face for the title at Backlash?

Jericho: No King it’d rather not because I’d like to have some fun when I wrestle and I since I know I’ll beat all three of these, I’d like to face Kofi Kingston, as I said earlier King. Kofi Kingston and Y2J would give you a show to remember as opposed to Shelton Benjamin who has done nothing memorable.

Shelton circles in the ring and turns to the announce table and points at Jericho signaling gold around his waste. Jericho smirks

**Generator B**

Paul Burchill comes out to some ok heat accompanied as always by his delightful sister Katie Lee Burchill. The British Brother and Sister duo make their way down to the ring. Katie is wearing all black and Burchill is wearing his standerd red trunks.

King: Alright Y2J, shoot how do you feel about facing Paul Burchill.

Jericho: Honestly King, it’s less appareling then Shelton Benjamin. At least the Bronze Standard has won something, Paul Burchill is boring to watch, he’s annoying to listen to, and above all he’s never done anything. Paul Burchill can come back when he’s greatest accomplishment isn’t having a such “close” relationship with his sister at this age.

King things it’s hilarious


Kofi Kingston comes out wearing Yellow and Green Trunks excited as ever, the crowd gets excited too cheering loudly as Kofi runs down the ramp high fiving, the fans.

J.R.: Well here is Kofi Kingston, your partner last week who you’ve had nothing but good things to say about Chris. What makes Kofi Kingston so exciting?

Jericho: Well J.R. it’s a combination of a lot things, athleticism, willingness to take a risk, but above all it’s love of the game. Kofi Kingston has fun every time he enters the ring he wants to put on a show for the WWE Universe because that’s what he wants to do. Kofi Kingston is in this just for fun and winning. He doesn’t care about the money, it’s guys like this that make this a great business.

King: I couldn’t agree more Chris

Jericho: Ever since Kofi Kingston came to Raw he’s been putting on a show for the crowd, he deserves this shot more then people who’s times have come and gone and they’re still no-names. Kofi is by far the man to win this match.

Kofi gets into the ring and climbs up on the turnbuckles and does the Boom, Boom Boom thing.

Match 4 l Triple Threat Match For Intercontinental Championship Match at Backlash
Shelton Benjamin vs. Paul Burchill w/ Katie Lea Burchill vs. Kofi Kingston

Ending: We enter like four minutes in with Shelton selling outside of the ring and Burchill locking a headlock on Kofi Kingston, Kofi is trying to regain his vertical base as the crowd gets behind him. Kofi gets back to his feet and lands a few shots to Burchill’s midsection. Kofi gets free and begins to land kicks to Burchill legs and midsection. Kofi continues his momentum as he goes off the ropes and attempts a Trouble in Paradise but Burchill ducks under, Kofi stops himself on the ropes, Burchill goes after the Jamaican sensation, but Kofi shows off some strength and ducks down and throws Burchill over his shoulders and over the top rope. Burchill falls down to the floor and lands in Shelton Benjamin’s arms. The crowd is getting excited as Kofi does the “Boom” claps in the ring, Jericho gives King an “I told you so” on commentary. Both heels stand up on the floor and Kofi goes off the ropes and runs towards the other side of the ring…..KOFI FLIES OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A HUGE JUMPING CROSSBODY TO BOTH BENJAMIN AND BURCHILL!! The crowd is super excited as it gets loud in St. Louis for Kofi Kingston, both commentators and the Champ are in awe as we await to see who will win when we return to Monday Night Raw.

Commercial Break

We return in the ring with Burchill and Shelton double teaming Kofi as they did last week in the tag match. They both grab Kofi and scoop him up for a double team suplex. Both of the heels turn and look at each other for a second, Kofi sits up and Burchill kicks him in the chest sending him down. Shelton sneaks in behind Burchill and goes for a school-boy on the Ripper. 1………2…Burchill kicks out. He yells a few things at Shelton before kicking him in the stomach Burchill lands an elbow to the back of Shelton’s neck dropping the “Gold Standard”. As Shelton stands up Burchill puts him in a side headlock starting a solid grappling chain. Burchill rolls Shelton down into a ground style headlock. Shelton tries to roll out of it but Burchill grabs a hold of his arm and goes for an inverted arm bar. Burchill holds the lock as the ref goes to ask Shelton. The former Intercontinental Champion shows great athleticism rolling up to his feet, Shelton breaks free of the lock by hitting a jumping back kick to Burchill. Burchill is rattled, Shelton seizes the opportunity by going up to the second rope and jumping down for a springboard neck breaker to Burchill!! Cover by 1………..2…Kofi climbs back in the ring and breaks the count.

Burchill rolls into the corner and begins to sell as Kofi lands a series of jabs to Shelton. The former ECW fan favorite shoots off the ropes and lands a spinning elbow to Benjamin. Cover by Kofi Kingston 1………..2….Shelton kicks out. Kofi looks at the ref for a second as Shelton gets up “Kofi” chants break out through the crowd, Jericho commends Kofi for keeping his composure in such a big match. Kofi goes for a kick which is caught by the Gold Standard Shelton attempts to counter with a kick but Kofi catches that, both men begin to lose their balance as they’re balancing on one leg. Shelton uses the momentum to roll Kofi into a small package 1………..2…..Kofi pushes Shelton off. Shelton stands up using the ropes but and Kofi quickly grabs him, Kofi whips Shelton off the ropes but eats a clothesline on the way back, Shelton goes to whip Kofi but Kofi reverses it and whips Shelton into turnbuckles, Kofi runs at Shelton and grabs a hold of him for a big monkey flip!!! Kofi begins to run around the ring clapping, he does the “Boom Boom Boom” Claps, but before he goes down for the Boom Drop, Shelton rolls out of the ring. Kofi shakes his head then heads up to the top turnbuckle and looks out at Shelton until he feels a shot to the back of head from Paul Burchill. Kofi gets turned around and eats a couple of shots to the head Burchill gets to second rope. The Ripper grabs Kofi’s leg and hits with a Destruction Buster!!! Burchill has the leg hooked the leg hooked and ref counts 1………….2…………Kofi kicks out.

Burchill is in shock, he gets up and begins to scream at the ref, Katie Lea screams at the ref from ringside, Jericho yells at her from commentary to shut up. Paul continues to yell at the ref you can hear him calling the ref “a bloody nimrod” and “a stupid jackass” Burchill will not let up he keeps going off on the ref. Jericho says if Burchill was smart he’d turn around, The cameras show Kofi slowly getting up. Kofi pulls himself up on the ropes as the referee tells Burchill to wrestle the match. Burchill is a little too late though as Kofi goes at him and hits a TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!!!! The Englishmen Burchill is out cold. Kofi makes the cover 1………….2…………NO!! Shelton pulls Kofi off Burchill and throws him out of the ring. The Gold Standard covers 1……….2………..3!!! Shelton Benjamin is going to challenge Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Title at Backlash

Winner: Shelton Benjamin via pinfall @ 8:48

Shelton rolls out of the ring with a smile on his face, he goes over to the commentary desk and signals to Chris Jericho that’s going to take his title. You can read Benjamin’s lips simply saying “it’s on”. Jericho responds by saying by “You know it is” As “Aint No Stopping Me” hits as Shelton raises his arms but Jericho holds up the Intercontinental Title.

[Cut Backstage]

We appear in William Regal’s office where Carlito is leaning back on his desk watching the match that just took place on a big screen TV. Regal looks like Regal wearing a black suit coat and a white shirt sitting behind the desk. Lito’ can be seen is in a gray long sleeved shirt and jeans. Carlito does not look happy as he sees the result of the match and Jericho and Shelton continue there stare down on TV.

Carlito: Now this aint cool, Regal.

Regal: May please inquire what isn’t (finger quotes) “Cool” Mister Colon?

Carlito: It’s simple Regal, why the hell wasn’t Carlito in the match. I deserve a shot at the Intercontinental Title way more then any of those clowns. I’ve won more titles then Kofi Kingston and Paul Burchill could ever dream of and after what I did to Chris Jericho in the Money in the Bank Match, I’m owed a title match…

Regal: Though the one move you hit on a Jericho at Wrestlemania was quite impressive…

Carlito cuts him off

Carlito: Not to mention I did something last week none of those jokes did, I almost won a shot at the WWE Championship in that Battle Royale

???: Good Joke.

Carlito and Regal both swing their attention to the door way.

Carlito: What are you’ doin here.

David Hart Smith walks into the picture wearing a white button-up shirt, a black suit jacket and black dress pants.

Smith: Well you see Carlito I overheard your conversation from the hallway and I heard your awesome joke where you said you almost won a title match. Because if I remember right, Kane threw you over the top rope in about two minutes. If you call that almost winning a title shot, you got a whole nother mess of problems.

Carlito: And um, Smith, if I may ask where you in that battle royale, because last time I checked, Regal wouldn’t even put in you that. Dat’ shows how cool you are.

Smith smirks

Smith: Ya, because you’re so cool getting embarrassed on national television

Carlito: You’d be happy to be on television as much as I am, the only reason you still have a job is your Uncle Bret and your daddy the British Bulldog, you still ridin’ there coattails man. At least Carlito made his mark on his own.

Smith: I’m riding on the coattails of my dad and uncle, huh? Well let me show you, what David Hart Smith can do.

Smith gets in Carlito face before Regal steps in between them and separates them..

Regal: Now’s not the time, nor the place. Now will you please both get out of my office.

Smith leaves first as Regal stays between him and Carlito

Carlito: Dat aint cool man…

Regal: No one ever said I was cool, did they.

[Commercial Break]

We return at ringside where J.R. and King decide to talk

Jim Ross: Well it’s been an action packed night tonight on Raw and we’ve filled out most of the card for our Raw only Backlash Pay-Per-View coming up in just under four weeks and if you weren’t here earlier we found out that John Cena’s match with Randy Orton for the WWE Championship will now be a Last Man Standing match where the loser will not be allowed to challenge for the title as long the other man is champion.

King: That should be great J.R. lets keep focused to what’s coming up next where Cena will team with Mister Money in the Bank CM Punk against their Backlash opponents with the WWE Champion Randy Orton and JBL.

**The Fire Burns**

CM Punk comes out to a great pop in the same look he had earlier in the night in the locker room with Cena. Punk makes his way down to the ring. Punk asks Lillian for the mic and she complies after he announces this tag team match

Punk: JBL, I don’t know where you got this false sense of enlivenment from, but I don’t care, I’d love to beat you at Backlash. Challenge expected!!

“This Fire Burns” hits again as Punk sets the mic down and we head to a quick commercial before the main event.

[Commercial Break]

We return with Punk taking his shirt off in the ring and throwing it into the crowd when….

**My Time is Now**

John Cena comes out wearing a black Cena T-Shirt and hat as he was earlier and charges down the ramp with a jump in his steps, Cena gets into the ring circling it a few time, he slaps hands with Punk then throws his shit and hat into the crowd as he awaits his opens.


JBL’s car pulls out onto the ramp and John Bradshaw Layfield exits ready to wrestle with his typical look, black trunks the jacket, and the towel as well as the Cowboy hat. JBL walks down to the ring and points at Punk, Punk and Cena talk in the ring.

**Burn in My Light**

The WWE Champion Randy Orton comes out to a mixed reaction in his hometown, he doesn’t acknowledge the fans he just walks to the ring to the ring in black and gold shorts that say Orton on the back as normal. With an Orton t-Shirt. Orton gets in the ring and puts the WWE Championship around his waste so he can do the legend killer pose on the turnbuckles. Orton gets down and the match begins.

Main Event l Tag Team Match
John Cena & Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk vs. WWE Champion Randy Orton & JBL

Ending: We start this stage of the match with the two men that faced off last week as the legal men, Orton whips Punk off the ropes and drops Mr. Money in the Bank with a clothesline as he comes back. Punk slowly sits up but Orton lands a perfectly placed kick to the face of the Second City Saint. Punk tries to get up and Orton puts him in a headlock. Punk tries to break free but Orton tightens the lock and Punk gasps for air. Orton holds the lock in for a little while longer until regains his vertical base, Orton holds in the lock, Punk breaks free with a Mauy Thai elbow to separate himself from the Legend Killer. Punk falls back and shoots off the ropes, the Straight Edge Superstar ducks under a clothesline from Orton, he stops himself on the ropes. Orton goes for Punk, but the Straight Edge one lands a big kick to send Orton away, Punk lands another kick to Orton to send him farther back. Punk gets on the apron and appears to be setting up for a springboard something, but Orton is quickly at him, he lands a couple shots from the Legend Killer until he falls to his knees on the apron, Punk conviently falls over the second rope and Orton grabs him for his patterned DDT!! Orton covers Punk 1………….2…the Chicago native kicks out. Orton looks frustrated as he tags in JBL.

JBL enters the ring as Punk was trying to get over to Cena but JBL grabs his leg and pulls him into the center of the ring. JBL stares at Punk making their first encounter in this match. Punk gets to his feet and JBL kicks him in the gut, the Self Made Millionaire shoots off the ropes and hits a big boot to his opponent at Backlash. JBL covers Punk but Punk kicks out at two. JBL lands a few stomps onto Punk who tries to inch over to Cena. JBK grabs a hold of Punk and goes to set him up for a suplex. Layfield drops Punk to the mat and stands over him screaming in his face “You’re Worthless” and “I deserve the title shot” JBL screams some more insults at Punk as he’s trying to stand up the Straight Edge superstar. Punk appears to be tired of JBL’s shit and lands an elbow to him. Punk shoots off the ropes and drops JBL with a shoulder block, the Texan native stands up and Punk drills him in the chest with a spinning back kick. Punk grabs JBL by the neck and rolls him onto the mat, he shoots off the ropes and lands a big kick to JBL’s face. Punk doesn’t cover he begins to tee off on JBL with a punches and appears to be losing his cool a little. The ref makes Punk after the four count, Cena begs Punk to tag him in which he does willing.

Cena jumps into the ring with a bit of excitement after being out of the match for so long, he quickly stares at JBL, before landing a few jabs at his former rival. JBL goes for a punch but Cena easily blocks it and lands a few jabs more jabs, whips Self Proclaimed wrestling god of the roads and hits with a back drop. JBL gets up and Cena greets him with a series of shoulder tackles. Layfield gets up and Cena lands a huge right hand dropping his partner’s opponent at Backlash to the ground. Cena stands over JBL and looks to the crowd he holds his up his right hand goes off the ropes. Cena gives JBL the “You Can’t See Me” and the Five Knuckle Shuffle down on JBL. JBL gets to his feet and Cena’s hot. Cena grabs a hold of him and he’s looking for the FU!! Cena holds JBL and briefly glances at Orton, the two rivals exchange a stare but as Cena is about to drop JBL, JBL rakes his eyes. Cena grabs his eye as JBL sneaks in from behind and rolls up Cena!! 1………..2….Cena kicks out. JBL grabs Cena who is still dazed and whips him into the turnbuckles. Cena falls to the mat and JBL tags in Orton.

Orton enters the match as Cena stumbles to the middle of the ring. Orton charges into the ring and drops Cena with a clothesline. Orton stands up the Number One contender and hits with a big upper cut that stands Cena straight up, Orton lands another strike to Cena then whips him off the ropes, Cena comes back and ducks under one clothesline, he comes back at Orton who catches Cena for a Scoop Slam!! Cover 1………..2..Cena powers out. Orton stands up and Cena follows to be met by knee to the head on the way up. Orton grabs Cena by the throat and puts him a headlock wearing down his opponent at Backlash, Cena tries to power out but Orton goes a little crazy and keeps the hold in on super Cena. He keeps the hold in on Cena for a little bit, Punk begins to clap and get the crowd into it. Cena stands up still in the hold. “Cena” chants break out as the former three time WWE Champion lands strikes to the chest of the current champion. Cena breaks from Orton’s clutches. Cena lands a huge right hand to Orton, Orton follows back wit his own big right. The exchange continues about fives before, Orton ducks one of Cena’s and drops with the headlock backbreaker!! Orton covers Cena 1…………...2………….No Cena kicks out!!

Orton gets up quite frustrated and begins to stomp on Cena, Cena tries to roll away into the corner but quickly gets him with a knee to the face. Orton positions Cena in the corner, Orton goes to whip Cena across the ring, Cena looks he’s going to reverse the whip but instead uses Orton’s arm to lift him up onto his shoulders for the FU!! Cena tries to Orton but the Legend Killer squirms on his shoulders and pushes Cena away into the ropes, Cena comes back and ducks under a clothesline from Orton, Cena comes back at Orton who hits him with a shoulder block, Cena sits up but Orton kicks him down in the face. Orton goes over to his corner by JBL but doesn’t make any tags, Cena is slowly sitting up and Orton is setting up for the Punt!! Cena gets on his hands and knees and Orton goes for him!! NO!!! Cena reverses it into a trouble toe hold forcing Orton to the mat, but instead of locking in the STF Cena climbs over Orton’s back to get over to Punk tagging in Mr. Money in the Bank.

Punk waits on the apron for Orton to stand up and he hits his a springboard centon to the WWE Champion. Punk comes off of Orton to a huge pop. Orton gets up and Punk lands a kick to the head, he follows up with a spinning back kick to the ribs of the Legend Killer. Orton eats another kick then falls down. Cover by Punk 1…………2…….Orton kicks out. Lawler astutely points out Orton should make a tag. Orton gets up and eats a knee to the ribs from Punk. Punk grabs Orton by the arm puts the Champion an abomination stretch. Punk keeps the lock held in for a bit until, Orton gets back to his feet and pulls out, Orton wastes no time and jumps at Punk for the RKO!!!! Punk pushes him away!! Orton comes back onto the ropes and Punk scoops him up on his shoulders for the GTS!!! Orton tries to force himself free but Punk drops him over his knee hitting the GTS!!! Cover 1………….2…..JBL breaks up the cover. Layfield begins to tee off on his opponent at Backlash, chaos breaks out as Cena comes into the ring and has a few shots for Orton. Cena begins to tee off on Orton the heel teams corner. Cena begins to tee away with punches onto Orton as the ref forces JBL out of the ring. The ref pulls Cena off Orton, Cena tries to go back at Orton but the ref forces him out of the ring, as the ref is dealing with Cena, JBL gets in the corner and tags himself in!! Punk stands up recovering from the punches and stomps from JBL. Punk turns around and is met with the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!! JBL covers as the ref turns around 1………..2……….3!! The heels get the upper hand heading down the road to Backlash!1

Winners: Randy Orton & JBL via pinfall @ 12:14

JBL rolls out of the ring and raises his arm to the crowd to massive heat. Cena rolls back into the ring to check on his fallen partner. Punk sits up as Cena shakes head, the top contender turns around where Randy Orton is standing there…RKO!!! Orton plants Cena in the center of the ring!! Orton rolls out of the ring and grabs his title from someone and walks his way down the ramp holding the WWE Championship to the mixed reaction of his hometown fans. Cena lays lifeless in the ring as Raw fades to black.

[End of Show]

Quick Results
The Redneck Wrecking Crew def. Cody Rhodes & Paul London via pinfall
Kane def. Santino Marella via pinfall
Mickie James def. Melina via pinfall
Shelton Benjamin def. Kofi Kingston and Paul Burchill via pinfall
Randy Orton & JBL def. John Cena & CM Punk via pinfall

Confirmed for Next Week

Number One Contenders Match for World Tag Team Title Shot at Backlash
Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs. the Redneck Wrecking Crew

Confirmed for Backlash
Date: Sunday May 4th, 2008
Location: Baltimore, Maryland

WWE Championship Match - Last Man Standing Match
Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena

Triple H vs. Mr. Kennedy

Money in the Bank Briefcase Match
CM Punk (c) vs. JBL

Intercontinental Title Match
Chris Jericho (c) vs. Shelton Benjamin

Women's Championship Match
Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Mickie James

Once upon a time the Pain was brought in 2008.......It will be brought again........


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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!


This looks really good guys. I liked both of your past works so this should be great. Changing the Royal Rumble card was interesting and helps you try and get away from current story lines. I'm really looking forward to what both of you bring to the table for this one.
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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!

Raw Review

Cena v. Orton opening promo I have to say Cena was pretty corny to me, almost irritated me a bit, and I was also very surprised that Orton was feeding off the fans. IRL, I believe when they were in St. Louis he turned on the fans quickly which garnered him the heel heat he needed instead of getting cheered. I would of maybe did that this time around, but whatever. Anyway great stips on both ends and now last man standing match at Backlash oh man this should be an incredible match.

Well the first match of the night I thought it was a tad bit interesting to see the face team have a few problems and a bit of arguing. I don't know if its just because Londrick has their eyes on the title or whatever but I do see a slight chance of you quite turning the current tag champs heel. Anyway Cade and Murdock winning is fine by me especially if the other team is struggling with communication. I also thought Regal getting involved was good, seeing how he is GM he has the diffuse the situation, and sets up a good match for next week.

I do like Kane calling out Show and really challenging him as the World's Largest Athlete especially after being embarrassed by Moneymaker. The only thing I didn't like about this promo was you set out not to make Show look like a joke, but he really did to me. Playing up to the crowd saying he didn't need them, wasn't like him to me. I understand where you are coming from with this trying to make Show disrespect the fans and stuff and really get him over as a heel. I really hope you can build this into a nice feud, especially with Kane getting knocked out.

Kennedy and Trips: Well both men seem a bit off to me I felt Kennedy was rambling on a bit, and Trips was talking a bit much too, but all the action after was wonderful. My only problem is you are making alot of matches and we have four weeks left. I would of liked to seen this built up a bit more before you totally went official with it, anyway another match to add to the card.

I thought this was fantastic interaction between a veteran like Jericho and Kingston a young up and coming star. Benjamin coming in was fine too, but when he said that he beat Jericho last week, I wanted Jericho to come back with something witty or something it all just seemed to end in a matter of moments. Just would of added a few more lines of dialouge after Benjamin saying he beat Jericho.

Ah the divas really not to much to comment about tbh except the classic stare down.

Maybe the best promo of the night. I really do like Punk bringing in a little attitude saying John you better watch out for me, however I like Cena trying to diffuse the situation and hyping up the main event for tonight. All good stuff, but I really don't see you having Punk cash in MITB at Backlash but what do I know.

Wow the Gold Standard wins and there goes my earlier theory of Jericho turning heel soon. Anyway I like this alot since Benji already holds a victory over the champ. Maybe Kofi can make his case saying it was his move that won the match make it a triple threat which I really hope happens which would make this match even better since Kofi is a rising star in this thread.

I like two young stars trying to start a feud. I really don't know how you've been using Smith but this can be a very intriguing feud especially since both are generational superstars. The way you have written Regal has impressed me and I must say I really liked his line to close it out. While I do believe Regal should try and favor heels more, it seems very neutral and overall it makes me like him alot better.

Main Event great deal of detail in this match, so I was very happy about it. Now the only problem I have is Punk earlier talked about how he would cash the briefcase in. Now to me that is kind of a spoiler he is going to win against JBL at Backlash for the briefcase. Now I could just be ranting about this minor detail for nothing but I have never really been a fan of the whole one guy earned the briefcase but now has to put it on the line like a title, but whatever your thread, but for now the heels have the momentum in the two key matches at Backlash.

Overall: At times spelling was a problem which we all have. Anyway I really thought this was a decent show. Some of your promos lacked while some I thought were exceptional. I would of liked a bit more of a loaded card especially for a top show like Raw. Instead we got a divas match and a squash match which killed it for me and two really good matches mixed with an mid-level one. Maybe try to work more talent in there. Overall 7/10, but I really think you can improve man, just keep at it.


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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!

RAW Feedback

As I said when commenting on the preview, it’s good to see this thread back. Glad to see you sticking with something. Start to the show was fine, with some hype for two matches which both look to have some good potential to them.

Cena starting off with a promo? Considering he became the number one contender the previous week it works fine. The start of the promo was fine, Cena getting the fans fired up with a bit of a cheap pop type of stuff. From there the promo was actually pretty impressive. I thought some words and lines sounded a bit out of place, like “I’ve wrestled Randy Orton multiple times” and the constant calling of Orton as “Randy Orton” when I’m pretty sure Cena just calls him by his first name. Still, these were no major incidents, which shows how impressed I was with the beginning of the promo here. Probably the best piece of writing I’ve seen from you. Orton coming out for a confrontation with Cena is okay to see, but to be honest, I don’t really like Orton playing it up to his hometoen fans. Even as a face at the moment, the guy is someone who doesn’t give a damn about the fans and never really panders to them, as he’s just a badass guy. As a heel this was even moreso, only sometimes he also used cheap heat. For him to come out and pander to them, even in his hometown, just seems wrong for me. I know he then called himself the best and better than all of the others in the building, but it still seemed wrong. Cena interrupting by telling Orton to shut up seemed off too. Usually he’ll hear what his opponent has to say and then answer by saying that they may think this or that, rather than telling them to shut up. It just seems too brash for something Cena would say. Cena’s spiel about how Orton was scared he would beat him and he wanted him gone was good, however, the paragraph in which Cena talked about ending it forever wasn’t so good. One paragraph with new sentences at all, just one that dragged all of the way through, which isn’t right at all. I can’t see Cena just blurting out a mouthful like that in one go. I’m not sure if it’s a grammatical problem on your part or not, but in the future it needs rectifying. The same goes for the next few paragraphs between Cena and Orton, especially a guy like Orton whose speech is slow, methodical and deliberate. This, well, wasn’t. The point behind the promo was okay as well, and Orton’s intensity was good to see, but the cry of “NOO!!!” from Cena, again, sounded wrong for him. The promo also ended on a very low key note. No big statement to finish it, with it instead just fizzling out. Good start to the promo, however, by the end, as I just said, the promo kind of fizzled. The potential was there, though – it’s just about capitalising on it and making sure that everything you put out is your best, rather than just a small section of the promo.

Erm, why does Chris Jericho need building up? The guy is your Intercontinental Champion and one of the most over faces you’ve got. It’s not like he needs any help atm. Confusing to say the least.

Kendrick was much, much too brash for the character he and London had at the time. Unless you’ve suddenly made them cocky, I have no idea where this has come from. Again, he also had a mouthful to say every time he opened his mouth, which needs calming. Onto the match, the first thing I instabntly noticed is how you have short choppy sentences in your matches which almost seem like they have no relevance to the sentence that came before it. They just don’t have any ebb and flow, nor do they convey any feeling at all in the match. It’s almost like a cold, emotionless machine is spitting out sentence after sentence of what is happening in a match. I suggest you look at matches from guys like Legend, Wolfy or Dubya (guy is awesome with the English language) to understand what I mean and how to rectify it if you’re looking for added assistance. The match itself seemed a little odd in that it didn’t quite follow the usual formula, but it was alright. The finish was good for this little three team feud you’ve got going, and it makes sure that no teams are seen as on the same page, which makes things interesting. Just an extra sidenote, but I’m not sure why Rhodes was using the DDT so liberally during this match when it was his finisher at the time, so it should be used to, well, finish the match.

Okay little promo to show Orton’s confidence, although again, the constant commas is playing on my nerves.

Squash for Kane? Okay. Even if it was a play at comedy, I didn’t like what happened after the match with Santino, as if he’s able to run away so soon after receiving a Chokeslam, I feel like it’s underselling the effects of the move and makes it look kind of weak. Kane calling out Big Show this week? Seems kind of odd that he didn’t do it last based on this WrestleMania stuff, but okay. The promo itself from Kane was okay, but it was kind of random to come about this week. The reason that now Show and Kane are on the same show could apply, but I’m certain Big Show was on SmackDown! before WrestleMania, so I don’t see why he should suddenly swap for a feud with Kane. It just doesn’t seem like it’s that big of a thing. Show coming out and just being basically like “Yeah, you’re right, cool” seemed really, really odd. Just not right. Kane talking about the people, too, was odd, and I don’t know why Big Show is heel again after only just turning face because Mayweather was too much of a gimp to be liked by people. The ending to the promo was okay, but Show simply knocking out Kane with one right would have sufficed. He had the knockout punch as a finisher at this stage, so for him to punch Kane yet not put him down wasn’t right. Okay finish to the promo, but the whole thing seemed really random.

Ugh, childish argument. Got boring on commentary before the match, and it didn’t really need to continue on here. The matches set up for next week and Backlash should be pretty good though.

SmackDown! looks promising.

Probably the part of the show I was looking forward to the most here since some kind of real explanation from Kennedy would be nice. Not too sure why he introduced himself like he would for a match to begin with, because that isn’t what he normally does at the start of a promo. Like I said, he only did that shtick for a match with his weight and the like. Kennedy was okay in that he was arrogant, but it was again a bit of a pain to read grammatically, and didn’t really sound exactly like Kennedy. It was just missing that tangible that truly makes him that asshole. The “I don’t care” stuff was okay, but apart from that it felt a bit lacking. Not sure why Kennedy had to explain why Triple H is gone after he already had as well, but okay. Have to say, again, because it’s a nightmare to read at times, but this needs to be proofread. Sentences like “Now I bet your wondering, why is Triple H is put away from a long time. Even though it’s really simple, I’ll have to explain it you idiots, Triple H is gone because of me!!” just need fixing so they make a whole lot more sense in general. The booing stuff coming back up again just seems like the promo is going in circles, and the “oh wait I do” thing seems a bit lame for Kennedy. The ending of the Kennedy portion before being interrupted too sounded really odd, unlike Kennedy should in this thread based on anything else he has said, and instead just sounds like it’s directly from Wolfy’s thread, using Wolfy’s storyline, which I don’t get. Really, it doesn’t seem to fit in here with everything else Kennedy has said, and it’s something Wolfy has developed himself with Kennedy’s character, so I don’t think it has any business in here. Some of what Triple H said after interrupting made sense. Some of it really didn’t, which again, makes it difficult to read at times. I also didn’t like the use of the word “burial”. Very much a smark term, and one which really has no place on a show for mine, be it in BTB or real life. Kennedy’s intensity seemed to come out of nowhere, and Triple H telling Kennedy to shut up makes shut up seem like the generic term of the night, as it’s been in almost every promo. The ending to the promo with the attack from Kennedy and the comeback from Trips was good, however, the promo really needed some proofreading, as it quite simply didn’t make sense a lot of the time. You’re trying to convey your ideas through your writing, and if your writing isn’t up to scratch it means you’re in trouble.

Although Kingston’s character as just being Jamaican lacked depth when WWE brought it in, I actually thought you wrote him as well as you could here before Jericho interrupted, so kudos on that. Jericho, like a few others, simply had too much to say in a single sentence a lot of the time, and I thought he was almost trying too hard to be buddies with Kofi. I don’t know if it was intentional, but it just seemed it. Another interruption to a backstage interview? I’m not a fan of these type of things, really. One is usually enough for me at most when it comes to these sort of interruptions. Shelton at first was good, but his last line just came off as lame. Okay promo here, although a little inconsistent.

Decent enough match here between the divas, and I liked that you gave good reason for it being Melina to face Mickie in that she’s buddies with Phoenix. Good to see.

Okay promo to remind us of Punk’s status as Mr. Money in the Bank. Again, one of your superduper long sentences was a bit annoying, but the promo still worked okay.

Promo from JBL here was alright. I didn’t mind the point of it, and I thought you actually wrote JBL quite well. The only things that I found a bit off were that JBL was never forced into the match with Finlay at ‘Mania, and iirc he’s the one that instigated it all, along with the burial of Chavo, Elijah Burke and John Morrison as nobodies, which was completely unnecessary. Would have been fine if you didn’t name names, but you did. Still, an okay promo.

This whole shtick from Jericho about Shelton doing nothing special and calling Paul Burchill boring sounded very heelish. Would have much preferred Jericho to have just gone with the classic “I don’t care who I face” type talk instead. The match itself here was okay. It suffered some of the same sentence problems as there has been throughout the whole show, but the action was nice enough. Shelton vs. Jericho should be a pretty good match for Backlash too.

This was ehh. I really think you need to proofread, because while I’m dwelling on it, that’s how annoying it has been. This seemed like another one of those childish arguments that we saw earlier from Kendrick and Holly, but I guess it’s an okay way to start a feud and get DH Smith back on screen.

Would have liked to have seen a real promo from Punk next week accepting the challenge, but okay. The word should have been “accepted” btw, not “expected”. Okay match to finish with here, even if it didn’t follow the normal pattern. Not surprised JBL got the win since he’s got to look good in the early parts of this feud, while Orton and Cena can trade as many wins as they like and it won’t really effect either of them. Pretty good finish to the show.

Okay, I know I have said this numerous times throughout the show, but your huge flaw is that you don’t seem to proofread. At many times throughout the show, in both matches and promos, some of your writing is extremely hard to understand. It’s something you really need to rectify, because it makes reading your shows a lot harder. On the positive side of things, the way Cena started the show was probably the best writing I’ve seen from you, so the improvement is there. You just need to make sure that everything makes sense, else you’re going to have a lot of trouble getting across what you want to. With that said, I hope to see SmackDown! soon, proofread and all. Keep at it.

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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!

April 11, 2008 | Ford Center | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Friday Night Smackdown Preview

This Friday, Smackdown heads to the home state of famous WWE announcer Jim Ross and J.R. would say this show is sure to be a slobberknocker. And it will all be surronding the huge main event the General Manager of Smackdown Vickie Guerrero has booked. It will be another "test" for the World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker when he faces Vickie's fiance Edge and his two prodigies, the Edgeheads Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder.

Speaking of Vickie Guerrero, some wonder if tonight wil be her last night as the General Manager of Smackdown as it's been reported that the man that Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards talked to Vince McMahon about brining in as a potential replacement from Vickie last week -- will be in Oklahoma City! Could we see a change at the top of Smackdown tonight!

In the past few weeks since Matt Hardy's return at Wrestlemania we've seen a bitter rivalary respark itself between Matt Hardy and the United State's Champion MVP. Last week MVP attacked Hardy after his match with Chuck Palumbo leaving Hardy laid out in the ring just as Hardy to Smackdown's Most Valuable Player at Wrestlemania during the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. This week the United State's Champion has planned a huge welcome back party for his rival and former tag partner and it will take place in the VIP Lounge.

Ever since Wrestlemania when Ric Flair lost a retirement match to Shawn Michaels everyone has missed the Nature Boy, none more than "The Animal" Batista. The former member of Evolution took Ric's career and plans on living his career in honor of Nature Boy. Can he honor Flair with a win tonight when he faces the Monstorous Mike Knox?

Ric Flair is a major part of wrestling's past but Kenny Dykstra is one man that claims he will be a huge part of it's future. After demanding more air time last week Vickie Guerrero answered Dykstra's demands and put him in a match this week. How will the self proclaimed future do when he faces the fighting Irishmen Finlay.

Confirmed Matches
3-on-1 Handicap Match | Edge & The Edgeheads vs. World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker
Batista vs. Mike Knox
Kenny Dykstra vs. Finlay


Matt Hardy joins MVP in the VIP Lounge


Yes it's back even though everyone probably forgot about it, but oh well I'll try to make you remember again. Smackdown is done and will likely be up in the next few days

Once upon a time the Pain was brought in 2008.......It will be brought again........


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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!

April 11, 2008 | Ford Center | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

**I Walk Alone**

Smackdown gets kicked off with a bang as “The Animal” Batista’s music blasts out and he walks out on the stage in a Ric Flair Tribute T-Shirt. The Animal does his normal entrance as Justin Roberts announces the match.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to another addition of Friday Night Smackdown. I’m Michael Cole joined as always by my partner Jonathan Coachmen.

Coach: They know me, Michael.

Cole: Tonight we’ll have a huge main event set up by are general manager Vickie Guerrero as another “test” for the Undertaker. It will be the World’s Heavyweight Champion the Undertaker facing, not just Edge, but his two lackeys Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder in a three-on-one handicap match.

Coach: Michael, I can not wait to see the Undertaker be put to the test again tonight but our esteem general manager Vickie Guerrero, she really knows how to bring out the best in our wrestlers here on Smackdown.

Cole: I’d love to agrue with you about this again but right now Batista is in the ring.

We cut to the Animal in the ring holding a mic with the crowd cheering.

Batista: Thank you for the warm response tonight, it means a lot. I love going to city after city, arena after arena and showing up every night just for that alone.

A Giant pop for crowd sucking up to.

Batista: I’d like to say that every time I walk out into the ring in a sold out arena got there on by own, but I know that’s not true.

More cheers for modesty.

Batista: There are a lot of people that helped me get to where I am today, but none played a bigger part then Ric Flair.

A Giant pop for the Natch.

Batista: Ric gave me my first big break in this industry by inviting me to join Evolution and I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without him. I’m a former World Heavyweight Champion! I’ve done more in this business then I could ever dream of, all thanks to Ric Flair.

Thank You Ric” chants break out

Batista: Now unfortunately Ric Flair is no longer with us in this industry, because of a selfish act by one Shawn Michaels, but that doesn’t mean the legendary career of the Nature Boy can’t live on. Go on WWEShop.com, go to a merchandise stand and please by this shirt I’m wearing. People need to thank Ric Flair, because after the career he had he deserves it.

More chants thanking Ric Flair

Batista: Also to remember Ric Flair, do what Ric Flair said in his farewell speech. Look at all the careers he’s touched, look at the likes of myself, Triple H, and Randy Orton. Think of what Ric Flair did for them.

The crowd is still cheering it up.

Batista: I know, that I’ll miss Ric Flair now that he’s gone. He was like a father to me and he helped me make it in the business. That’s why I’m going to do whatever it takes to make his legacy life on. Every match I wrestle from here on out is for Ric Flair, my next World Title win is going to be in honor of Ric Flair, from here on out it’s not about Dave Batista anymore, it’s about Ric Flair.

Batista drops the mic and takes the shirt off and begins to jump in the ring.

**Death Grip**

The Monstrous Mike Knox makes his way out to some decent heat as he gets into the ring and stares down the Animal. The two giants look at each other for a while and the bell rings.

Opening Match
Batista vs. Mike Knox

Ending: Typical big man match, dominated in the early parts by a fired up Animal. Knox charges at Batista but he’s dropped with a shoulder block. Batista raises his arms and pops the crowd. The Animal grabbed the Monster and picked him up for a body slam. Batista goes off the ropes and tries for an elbow drop but Knox rolls out of the way. Batista sells for a second grabbing his elbow. Knox also sells catching his breath, Batista crawls over to the turnbuckles and eats a running knee from Knox!! Knox puts his size 15 boot into Batista’s throat pressing him into the turnbuckles. The ref begins to count but Knox releases at 4 and a half. Knox swarms Batista again in the corner and is once again held back. Batista stands up in the corner Knox goes at him but the Animal turns his shoulder and gets Knox away. The Animal goes off the ropes and drops Knox with a clothesline. He covers for a two count but Knox gets his shoulder up.

Batista gets to the corner and the crowd starts to cheer as he looks he’s setting up for a speer. Cole says it could be the end for Knox. Batista charges at a dazed Knox but the monstrous man slides out of the way!! Batista stumbles around the ring, he gets his balance back but walks into a huge big boot from Knox!! Knox covers the Animal 1…………2…Batista powers out!! Knox works Batista over in a headlock briefly before transitioning into a knee to the back submission hold. Batista eventually uses his strength and power to battle back to his feet and regain a vertical base. The Animal whips Knox off the ropes and plants him with a huge clothesline. Both men are a little slow to get up but when they reach their feet, Batista grabs Knox and plants him with a spinebuster!! Knox is down and Batista picks him up and sets him up for the Batista Bomb!! He makes the cover for the inevitable 1……….2………..3 Bringing an end to this lackluster at best match.

Winner: Batista via pinfall @ 5:48

“I Walk Alone” Blasts over the intercom as Batista gets his arm rose. The camera zooms in on the Animal and we get to see him lip the words “Thanks Ric” as the crowd cheers and we cut to commercial

Commercial Break

We come back to see The Chairmen of the WWE Vincent Kennedy McMahon is sitting in his office. He looks like the boss normally does with his designer suit and purple tie. We hear a knock on the door.

McMahon: COME IN!

The door opens and the two remaining ECW Originals on Smackdown walk in the door. We See Tommy Dreamer walk in wearing a plain black T-Shirt and jeans as well as Stevie Richards wearing a black tank top and jeans. They sit down in the chairs across from the chairmen’s desk.

McMahon: Alright I know we talked last week about a friend of yours who wants to become the general manager of Smackdown and you seem to have claims that Vickie Guerrero isn’t fit for her job.

Dreamer: Look Vinnie, we just want to make Smackdown a better show and we know it will be better with him in charge then it will be with Vickie Guerrero running the show.

McMahon: Please don’t call me Vinnie. Now I don’t know if your friend is as great as he once was but if he’s here bring him in.

Richards stands up and opens the door. We see the shadow of a rather large short figure

???: Vinnie Mac, Guess whose back!?

Vince looks shocked for a second before responding.

McMahon: You’ve got to be kidding me!

Commercial Break

We return at ringside with Jesse and Festus in the ringing pumping each other up for their match coming up…right now.

Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown and on a night where things could change so much with the chairmen of the WWE interviewing a potential new general manager we have to turn our attention away from that situation for a bit. Now our attention is going to turn to some tag team action.

Coach: Michael, I don’t see why everyone is all up in a fuss about this potential new general manager, Mr. McMahon is a smart dude. He knows that Vickie Guerrero is a fantastic general manager and that nothing needs to be changed. It’s a mood point really.

Cole: Coach, I think if Mr. McMahon thought everything was fine and dandy around here he wouldn’t have even considered bringing in whoever Tommy and Stevie brought in to meet with him.

Coach: Mike there is a match about to start why are you still talking about this General Manager situation.

Cole sighs of frustration

**Aint No Make Believe**

The WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison and the Miz come out to good heat. Morrison wearing his blue and grey glittery pants and Miz in his normal Grey shorts.

Coach: Michael this is something to talk about. Our WWE Tag Team Champions, John Morrison and the Miz. Never before has Smackdown had such a must-see tag team.

Cole: Coach I’ll give them credit their title reign on Smackdown and ECW has been impressive but they’re just so cocky it’s hard to like them.

Coach: How is it hard to like them Mike? They are superstars, they’re winners, they look great, they get into all the Hollywood parties. They’re exactly what this tag team division needs.

Cole: I suppose you know all about Hollywood parties right?

Coach: More than you do.

Treated…The Bell rings and the match starts

Match 2 | Non-Title Tag Team Match
WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison & The Miz vs. Jesse & Festus

Ending: Morrison and Miz have pretty much been in control of Jesse the entire match hitting a variety of flashy moves and quick tags. Miz makes as tag in to Morrison but stays in the ring to hold Jesse in place allowing Morrison to fun of the ropes and hit his pattened springboard chop kick. Morrison cover the getting a 2 count as Jesse quickly put his foot on the rope. Cole applauds Jesse’s heart but Coach reminds us that it’s only a matter of time before the Champs get him. Morrison makes him pay for putting his foot on the rope by rolling out of the ring and pulling on Jesse’s leg then pressing it down on the ropes. Jesse rolls around the ring grapping his leg in pain. Morrison stomps the leg a couple of times. The Friday Night Delight takes some time to pose for and taunt the crowd. Jesse tries to take advantage my inching over to Festus who is reaching for a tag. Morrison quickly kills Jesse’s dream of a tag by grabbing his bad leg and putting him into an un-characteristic Knee bar. The commentators express their shock seeing the normal high flying Morrison using a submission move. Unfortunately for the champs once again Jesse found his way to the ropes forcing Morrison to break the hold. The Tag Team Champions are clearly getting frustrated as Morrison repeatedly throws kicks Jesse while he’s down. Miz screams in at him “END IT”. Morrison drags the seemingly limp Jesse into the corner and steps up for the new finisher he debuted last week aka Starship Pain. He goes for it! Jesse rolls out of the way!!! Both men are down in the center of the ring!

Jesse slowly inches over to the corner as Morrison lies still in the center of the ring. Miz yells for Morrison to get over and tag him. Morrison gets over to his partner in one quick jump bringing in Miz. Jesse gets to Festus for the hot tag as well! The two fresh men charge at each other in the center of the ring Festus wins the first round dropping Miz with a big clothesline. He follows up with a couple more clothesline. The sleeping giant goes for some punches, Miz gets a few shots in then goes off the ropes but runs right into a giant big boot from the Cornbread Callous! Festus covers 1…………..2…..Miz somehow manages to kick out. Jesse cheers Festus on and Festus smiles at his team. Festus picks up Miz and plants him with a running powerslam!!! Festus goes straight in a cover. 1……………2……..Morrison runs in and grabs Festus by the trunks and throws him straight into Jesse’s knee!! Festus looks shocked to Jesse thriving in pain on the ground. Morrison rolls out of the ring and continues to beat down Jesse slamming his leg repeatedly on the steel steps. Festus stairs and screams out at Morrison to stop. The Monster of a man stands up but he’s grabbed from behind by Miz who turns him to the center of the ring and hits some kind of full-nelson forward leg sweep! Festus is planted and Miz covers!! 1…………..2……………3! The champs win again.

Winners: John Morrison & The Miz via pinfall @ 6:38

“Aint No Make Believe” plays as Morrison grabs their belts and hands Miz his then raises his arm. Miz yells down at a stage hand to get them a mic. The mic gets slid into the ring and the crowd begins to boo as the champs are about to speak.

Miz: SHUT UP!!

As always the crowd responds to that by booing louder.

Miz: You people have no respect. Do you realize what you witnessed? Probably not, so we’re going to have to spell it out for you again, just like we do every week.

More Boos.

Miz: We just once again proved we are the best tag team in the world. Did you see that new move I pulled out. It’s called a Skull-Crushing Finale! Learn it and remember because you’re going to be seeing it a lot from now on.


Morrison: Miz, they clearly understand how great we are. Listen to them booing they’re so sad we beat those losers up so quickly because they wanted to see more of us.

Morrison gets some good heat from that as the crowd clearly doesn’t want to see more of him.

Morrison: Which is why the announcement we have to make about next week’s episode of Smackdown is going to be very sad for all these people.

Miz takes the mic

Miz: They’re probably all going to start crying when they find out.

The Boos just keep pooring in.

Miz: Now I know that a majority of the people here tonight and watching at home are only watching this show to see true superstars like us, but we’ve been informed that next week we will not be in action.

This actually gets cheers.

Miz: The reason for this is because despite, having beaten every tag team on this show time and time again. They still have to sell Pay-Per-Views so we still have to defend our titles in just over a month at the Smackdown exclusive Judgment Day show on May the eighteenth.

Morrison takes the mic

Morrison: And fittingly enough the first match they’re gonna announce is the match that will sell the whole show.

They’re doing a fantastic job of getting heat

Morrison: So next week there will be a tag team turmoil match to determine who will face us at Judgment Day.

JoMo hands Miz the mic.

Miz: Now John, I’m sure all these people are wondering who will be the teams competing in that turmoil match. Would you care to tell them?

He hands Morrison the mic

Morrison: Nope. Because I don’t care who those teams are. It’s not even worth my time of day naming them.

Miz takes the mic back

Miz: Exactly what I was thinking John.

The crowd is booing them pretty good.

Morrison: But Miz, would you care to make our final announcement. Our biggest, most, important announcement.

Miz takes the mic

Miz: Well Johny it would be my pleasure.

The crowd is honestly just getting annoyed that Morrison and Miz are still here and are booing like crazy

Miz: Next week, right before the tag team turmoil match. Smackdown will receive a very special treat. Live in this ring. John Morrison and the Miz will present. THE DIRT SHEET!!

The crowd Boos but Morrison and Miz seem to enjoy it and smile as they leave the ring and we fade to the back.

Cut Backstage.

Where in the interview area where we see Josh Mathews standing by.

Mathews: My guest joining me at this time, The Rated R Superstar. Edge.

We see standing next to Mathews with a cocky grin on his face wearing one of his official T-Shirts and some designer jeans.

Mathews: Now Edge, you seem to be in a happy mood, which might be surprising considering everything happening tonight..

Edge leans in and interrupts

Edge: Josh, you say that like it’s a surprise. Why wouldn’t I be happy right now? Last week I pinned the World Heavyweight Champion in about ten seconds. This week, I’m going to beat him again when me and my pals Zack and Curt face the Undertaker in a three on one handicap match. I have a beautiful fiancé. I’d say my life is down right perfect right now.

Mathews stutters then asks a question.

Mathews: Well I mean, people aren’t really happy about how you defeated the Undertaker in that gauntlet match last week.

Edge shakes his head then answers.

Edge: I don’t see why people would have a problem with it. My job is to win matches and to win titles. I saw an opponent who I am superior then and I beat him. Exactly like I should’ve done at Wrestlemania.

You can hear boos from in the arena

Mathews: Well that can lead to another question of, if you think you can beat the Undertaker on your own why would you have fiancé, the Smackdown General manager Vickie Guerrero make a three on one handicap match for you and your prodigies against the Undertaker?

Shakes his head again and looks at Mathews like he’s stupid.

Edge: Is there any proof that I asked Vickie for this match? I just come to work and do whatever my boss tells me. I don’t know why that’s hard for people to understand.

Edge appears to be getting frustrated as Mathews leans in for another question

Mathews: Just one last thing Edge, we haven’t heard from your fiancé tonight at all. Do you know how she’s handling the situation with Tommy Dreamer, Stevie Richards, and whoever they’re friend applying for the General Managers job is?

Edge just gets mad and takes the mic

Edge: I’m done answering stupid questions Josh. All I have to say is that everything is fine. Vickie isn’t worried in the slightest about a potential new general manager because she is aware of how great a job she does here and knows that no one could it better. And as for me, I’m not worried about the Undertaker one bit, because after tonight. It’s going to be Edge two, Undertaker, zero.

Edge drops the mic and we fade to commercial…
Commercial Break

Raw Preview!

We see images of Randy Orton holding the WWE Championship after winning the match at Wrestlemania.

Narrator: He is the WWE Champion.

We see images of Triple H pedrigeeing the shit out of a couple people.

Narrator: He is the King of Kings.

Images of both of them doing cool things flash through the screen.

Narrator: Now this Monday on Raw just a few weeks before he defends his title against John Cena in a Last Man Standing Match the WWE Champion Randy Orton must face one of his arch rivals, the King of Kings, “The Game” Triple H!

We return backstage

Backstage Cut

We see Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards standing out the door to Mr. McMahon’s office conversating.

Richards: I don’t see how he was so surprised. I mean I thought we made it clearly last week who it was.

Dreamer nods in agreement

Dreamer: Ole’ Vinnie is a little slow sometimes though so who knows..

Richards looks like a lightbulb switched on over his head.

Richards: Wait do you think he thought we meant…

Dreamer cuts him off

Dreamer: I was thinking the same thing, but I haven’t talk to him in ages. It’s like he barely exists anymore.

The door opens and almost hits Dreamer. The chairmen himself comes out not looking to happy.

McMahon: Him? HIM! I thought you meant someone who actually run a show not that damn lunatic! I just got rid of him. And you expect to bring him back! Are you kidding me?

Dreamer looks the chairmen right in the eye and speaks.

Dreamer: Mr. McMahon, you know I expect you to do. I expect you to do what’s right for this show. ECW used to be my home and I would’ve done anything for ECW and now Smackdown’s my home and I’m gonna do what I can for Smackdown and starts with changing whose running the show around here. I think you and I both know that Vickie Guerrero isn’t doing a good job and needs to be taken out of power.

Dreamer takes a deep breath and Vince goes to address them.

Vince: Look Tommy, if it was anyone else. I’d consider it…

Dreamer cuts him off

Dreamer: Stop right there Vince. You just said you’d think about it if it was something else. He’s changed Vince. He doesn’t hold the same grudge you do. Go back in there and talk to him a little more. See it, and make the right choice.

Vince griands his teeth and shakes his head then walks back into his off slamming the door on his way in. Dreamer smirks and turns to Stevie

Dreamer: I think we got him.

We cut to ringside

Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to Smackdown where it’s been an interesting night to say the least. As we speak the chairmen of the WWE Vince McMahon is currently interviewing someone to potentially become the new general manger of Friday Night Smackdown.

Coach: Mikey, I don’t know what the big deal is. Mr. McMahon knows what’s right for Friday Night Smackdown and he knows that Vickie Guerrero is the best thing for this show.

Cole: Regardless of what anyone thinks Vickie Guerrero is as of right now still the General Manger of this show and she has booked another main event to supposedly “test the Undertaker” as a champion.

Coach: And it’s a great idea to test a champion like this Vickie Guerrero is really doing what’s best for the show tonight when the World Heavyweight Champion the Undertaker will face Edge and the Edgeheads in a three on one handicap match.

Cole: You cant honestly tell me you think that match is a go—

**I’m Coming**

MVP steps out on the ramp wearing a blue suit with a white shirt and dark red tie. The United States Champion is holding his belt over his shoulder and has on some oversized sunglasses.

Coach: Speaking of greatness, it’s the United States Champion Montel-Vontavious-Porter! MVP!

As MVP makes his way down the ramp we see the ring set up for the VIP Lounge. MVP slowly walks down to the ring pans his eyes around the arena smiling as the crowd is booing. MVP sits down in his chair and puts the sunglasses down on the table and picks up the mic that sitting there. The Ballin Superstar takes the mic and stands up.

MVP: Wichita, Kansas. Tonight you have the honor of playing host to MVP and my VIP Lounge!

The crowd boos for MVP being egotistical

MVP: And when MVP’s in the ring that can only mean one thing. Big things Poppin, Little Things Stoppin!

The crowd boos for MVP’s signature catchphrase.

MVP: Tonight my guest on the VIP Lounge is a man that’s dear to my heart. Myself and him are former WWE Tag Team Champions. We’ve been in the ring together countless times. I treated him like a brother, and yet he still finds reasons to disrespect me, as if I did something wrong to him. Maybe tonight I’ll finally get some answers to why he’s doing this to me. But if not that’s okay. I just wanna chill with an old friend.

“Hardy” chants break out.

MVP: So without further ado, my guest tonight on the VIP Lounge. MATT HARDY!

**Live for the Moment**

The crowd goes nuts as Hardy makes his way down to the ring in a white button-up shirt and jeans. Hardy looks serious as he climbs into the ring and stares down his former Tag team partner. MVP sits down in one chair and Hardy sits down in the other.

MVP: So Matt, I know you’ve been back for nearly two weeks now, and we had a little chat in the ring last week. But I haven’t properly welcomed you back yet. So Matt, welcome back to Friday Nights.

“Welcome Back” chants break

Hardy: Wait a second, a little chat? You call what happened last week a little chat! Because the way I saw it I worked my ass off to win a match and then you attacked me.

The crowd goes wild for Hardy pointing out the obvious

MVP: Impatient are we? Matt you’re lucky I’m a church going man and I’ve dealt with some things in my life that require forgiving people. I know how to forgive Matt.

The crowd boos MVP’s sob story.

MVP: I had forgiven you for everything. Trying to steal my United States Championship away from me several times. Losing us our WWE Tag Team Titles.

Hardy looks confused and pissed off at the same timeMVP: I had it made up in mind that when you returned, I was going to let bye-gons be bye-gons and we’d go back to being Matt Hardy and MVP, tag team champions of the world. I was actually eagerly awaiting your return.

Hardy shakes his head as MVP continues on

MVP: Then Matt something happened. Something happened that changed everything. Wrestlemania. I’m inches away from living my dream and becoming Mister Money in the Bank. I’m inches away from a guaranteed world title shot whenever I want it. I was going to become a World Champion.

This gets some big heat

MVP: If y’all think I gotta’ a lot of bling now, imagine MVP walking around Smackdown with the United States Championship and the World Heavyweight Champion.

More boos.

MVP: See Matt, look how angry you’ve made these people but that’s besides the point.

More boos for MVP “misunderstanding” their boos.

MVP: Matt, this isn’t about what these people think, because it’s obvious they love me and hate you. This is about you being arrogant, you being unappreciative of everything I’ve done for you. Hell, I’m giving the biggest party of your life. Expensive drinks, fine leather couches. No ladies I hear but I can make one phone call and this ring would be filled with beautiful women. It’s the party of your life here in the VIP Lounge and you haven’t even thanked me!

“Hardy” chants fill the arena. Matt picks up his mic looking pissed off.

Hardy: You’re kidding me right? MVP did you listen to a word you just said? Talking about everything I cost you. I cost you nothing. You cost us another shot at the tag team titles when you cashed in our re-match when I couldn’t compete.

MVP shakes head as the crowd pops

Hardy: Then you’re sitting here bitching about one title shot when you cost me seven months of my career, seven months of my life. I don’t go to clubs, I don’t care about designer suites and VIP parties. My life is wrestling, and you took that away from me!

“Hardy” chants fill the building

Hardy: You wanna complain about one title match I cost you? You cost me another chance at your United States Championship, and I wasn’t gonna let you beat me again. You cost me seven months worth of matches and title shots. Hell if it wasn’t for you we could be looking at Matt Hardy, United States and World Heavyweight Champion right now.

MVP laughs and goes to pick up his mic but Hardy talks before he can say anything

Hardy: You think it’s funny? Because I don’t. And last week, you think I’m just gonna forgive and forget about that too because you threw me a party? Well you’re damn wrong.

MVP takes his turn to talk

MVP: Matt Hardy, A world champion and United States champ. That’s probably the best joke I’ve heard all year. Which is impress Matt because I go to parties with the likes of Adam Sandler, Kevin James, and Will Ferrell..

Matt cuts him off

Hardy: No one cares!

MVP damn near jumps out of his chair looking pissed off and lips a few words like “I care”

Hardy: MVP, I don’t care about your parties, your designer suits, your women, none of that crap means a damn to me.

That gets a pop

Hardy: And it doesn’t mean a thing to these people either. So you wanna talk about respect MVP, you wanna talk about me being appreciative to you? I tell ya’ one thing you did that I appreciate.

MVP stands up and stares down at Hardy. Hardy stands up as MVP lips “and what’s that”

Hardy: You held on to your United States Title til’ I got back.

The crowd has a mixed reaction to that as the two rivals stare at each other in the ring.

Hardy: I don’t want your life, I don’t wanna be your friend. I want two things MVP, to kick your ass in front of the entire WWE Universe and to take your United States Title in the process!

MVP gets a really angry look on his face and steps right up in Hardy’s face.

MVP: Matt, I don’t have problem with you wanting to continuing on with your trailer trash life with out me…

Hardy looks pissed as MVP continues

MVP: …but I will not stand for you disrespecting me in my VIP Lounge like this! And if I can’t reason with you, I’m gonna have to beat some respect into you.

Hardy unbuttons his shirt, and then lifts up his mic

Hardy: Allow me!

Matt swings and hits the United States Champion cleanly in the jaw!! Hardy lands a few more shots forcing MVP to one knee. Hardy removes his own shirt while MVP is done, The Most Valuable Player on Smackdown gets up and tries to use this as a chance to get Hardy back but heats a few more clean rights! Hardy lands a kick to his rivals midsection then whips him by the collar of his shirt down hitting the side of one of his vintage leather chairs.

Hardy stomps on MVP for a second before going to the ground teeing away a little more and removing the champ’s tie. MVP tries to scramble out of the ring under the bottom rope but Hardy pulls him back in by his leg. Then wraps the tie around the most valuable player’s neck! He begins to choke the life out of his arm rival using his own tie. MVP is gagging for air as his former tag team champ partner throws him using the tie MVP lands in front of the glass table in the center of the ring.

Porter slowly tries to stand up using the table as a balance but Hardy is persistence in his beatdown of his arch enemy and bangs his head down against the table! MVP grabs his head screaming in pain but Hardy doesn’t seem to be done. Redemption is feeling sweet as he lays MVP down on the table and walks over to the turnbuckles standing on the middle rope! Hardy raises his hands to the crowd who are going nuts! We hear Hardy yell “I will not die” but as he looks down MVP has rolled off the table and his stumbling down from ringside up the ramp. The crowd boos as MVP grabs head looking in pain and pissed off. Hardy shakes his head and gets off the turnbuckles. He walks over to the otherside of the ring and sees the US Title laying on the ground. He picks it up and points at it smiling as MVP stumbles out of the building. Hardy holds up the title one more time for the crowd and rolls out of the ring as we cut to the commentators

Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, that was great. It’s really good to finally see Matt Hardy be able to air his frustrations after everything MVP has put him through in the past year or so.

Coach: Good? You call that good? That was a savage attack on a great man! MVP threw Hardy the party of his life to welcome him back to the WWE and Matt payed him back like that, I find what he did disgusting.

Cole: But what you think really doesn’t matter as the show will go tonight with another, as I’ve been told to call it “testing of the Undertaker” when the World Heavyweight Champion faces Edge and the Edgeheads in a three-on-one handicap match.

Coach: It’s a great challenge for the Undertaker, smart thinking by the best general manager in the world Vickie Guerrero.

Cole: On hopefully her last night in charge of Smackdown.

Coach: It won’t be her last night, Vince McMahon is an intelligent man and he knows that she is what’s best for this show.

Cole: We’ll see..

We see Kenny Dykstra wearing black and orange trunks walking backstage towards the ring

Cole: But coming up next, we’ll see the in-ring return of Kenny Dykstra!

Commercial Break

We return backstage outside Mr. McMahon’s office again where Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards are chatting amongst themselves when they are approached by the current general manger of Smackdown. Vickie Guerrero.

Guerrero: Excuse Me

Dreamer and Richards don’t respond. Clearly ignoring Vickie
Guerrero: I SAID EXCUSE ME!!

Dreamer looks up

Dreamer: Yes, Vickie what the hell do you want?

Vickie’s anger is building

Guerrero: What do I want, what do you think I want? I want to talk to Mr. McMahon. Where is he?

Dreamer keeps a straight face and responds.

Dreamer: In his office, where else would he be?

Vickie looks really mad and anxious

Guerrero: Don’t give me your crap. Just get out of my way and let me talk to my boss. Or I will fire you!

Dreamer and Richards smile

Dreamer: No can do Vickie, old Vinnie is in a meeting and it’s of vital importance. For everyone around here.

Vickie’s anger appears to be overflowing as Tommy continues

Dreamer: And when it’s over, hopefully this show will be getting a lot better. Because you know damn well that you don’t deserve to be running this show and that your abuses of power need to stop.

Vickie steps up to Tommy

Guerrero: Wow Tommy, that was some really deep stuff. You actually made it seem like for one second that I might lose my job tonight.

Dreamer appears to be getting angry with Vickie’s sarcasm but Richards steps in.

Richards: Tommy, calm down I can handle this. Vickie, if you aint worried, why are you here?

It’s Vickie’s turn to look mad

Guerrero: You know what I’ve had enough of you guys. Mr. Richards you’re lucky you were an idiot and didn’t see a doctor about those ribs until Wednesday and aren’t medically cleared this week, but you Mr. Dreamer are. And that’s why you better hurry up and get ready because tonight you’re going to have a match. Against my nephew, Chavo Guerrero! Because we can’t just have you standing around doing nothing now can we?

Both men look angry!

Dreamer: THAT’S NOT—

Vickie cuts him off

Guerrero: Excuse me Mr. Dreamer but considering you’re match is coming up right after the one about to start and you’re still wearing jeans, I’d hurry up and get ready.

Dreamer’s anger is building as he shakes his head

Guerrero: Now if I can’t get in and speak to Mr. McMahon, I’m leaving tootalou boys!

Vickie leaves as Dreamer and Richards shake their heads

Dreamer: Unfreakingbelievable.

We cut to ringside

Cut to Ringside

Cole: That’s not right! Coach, I’m sure you’re going to make an excuse for Vickie Guerrero putting Tommy Dreamer in a match on such short notice right?

Coach: How’s it not right Mikey? She saw a wrestler, someone who is employed to wrestle standing around doing nothing and she gave him a match. What’s wrong with that because I truly can not think of anything.

Cole: I bet Chavo has know about this match for more than five minutes.

Coach: Well maybe if Tommy hadn’t wasted so much time down talking our great general manager she could have just told him about it.

Cole: You’re unbelievable do you know that?

Coach: It’s all about what you want to believe pal.

**Pure Talent**

The crowd boos as Kenny Dykstra walks out onto the ramp with a cocky grin on his face. He is wearing short black trunks with an orange stripe going down the side.

Coach: The future has arrived!

Cole: Coach, how do we know that this guy is for real? We haven’t seen him get in the ring in ages.

Coach: Mikey, I’m smarter than you so you gotta’ trust me on this one. I know a talent when I see it and Kenny Dykstra is truly one of the most talented men I’ve seen come through Smackdown in a long time.


The crowd cheers a little as the Fighting Irishmen Finlay comes out making his first appearance since losing to JBL at Wrestlemania. Finlay is wearing his trademarked Irish Flag colored singlet and comes out holding his shillelagh.

Cole: Coach, I’m excited to see Finlay back on Smackdown, we haven’t seen him sicne Wrestlemania when he lost to JBL in a Belfast Brawl and it’s good have him back.

Coach: Who cares about Finlay, because all I know is tonight is gonna be another loss on his record when he meets with a future superstar in Kenny Dykstra..

Cole: I wouldn’t be so confident. Finlay is the type of gritty veteran that could give a cocky up and comer like Dykstra trouble.

Coach: Cole, I’m going to say this one and then I’m going to watch the magic happen. Kenny Dykstra is a talent, he will not lose.

The Bell Rings and we get to the match

Match 3
Kenny Dykstra vs. Finlay

Ending: We pick about four minutes into a hard fought battle. Dykstra has been working on the neck and back of Finlay throughout the match. At this point Dykstra has Finlay in a headlock on the mat. Finlay powers his size advantage and powers his way back to his feet and drives some elbows into Kenny’s midsection to break free. Finlay planted to Dykstra with a clothesline and went for a cover but the self-proclaimed “future” kicked out. Finlay grabbed Dykstra and whipped him off the ropes. The Irish brawler went for a clothesline but Dykstra quickly ducked under showing some good speed. He comes off the ropes and drills Finlay with a jumping forearm! Finlay springs back to his feet where he eats a drop kick from the future. Dykstra makes a cover but Finlay kicks out at two. Dykstra shows good in-ring thinking quickly putting the veteran Irishmen in an abdominal stretch.

Dykstra rips at Finlay’s midsection demanding that he tap out. Finlay powers up trying to regain his vertical base. He gets to his feet and goes to power out of the hold but instead Dykstra releases it by his own will and smacks Finlay in the back of the head! Before Finlay can respond the Future grabs onto Finlay from behind and plants him with a sick reverse DDT!! Cover 1…………2…Finlay kicks out! Finlay lays on the ground and Dykstra kicks him and begins to yell at the Irishman. “Stay down for your own good” The crowd is booing like crazy and Kenny appears in total control. He stands his opponent and sets up for a suplex, Finlay blocks it! The Irishman still has some fight in him as he wraps his arms Dykstra then drives him back first into the turnbuckles!

Kenny felt that one in his back as Finlay fires away with a couple hard punches to the jaw. Finlay joins the trash talking and yells “how do ya’ like that” in Dykstra’s face. Kenny doesn’t look happy and he lands a huge right to the street fighter from the streets of Belfast. Dykstra shows that mean streak grabbing Finlay and planting him with a neckbreaker. He follows up with another quick cover but once again, Finlay powers out at 2. Dykstra gets frustrated as the crowd pops for Finlay kicking out. Dykstra rolls out onto the apron as Finlay lays on the mat. He goes up for what looks like a spring board elbow drop but Finlay rolls out of the way! Both men are down the canvas! Dykstra inches to his feet as his Finlay. Dykstra swings for a clothesline but Finlay picks him up!! He powers him up and his looking for the Celtic Cross. Dykstra kicks and squirms but Finlay holds on as tight as he, Dykstra grabs Finlay’s neck and spikes him down with a DDT!! Kenny looks at Finlay’s apparently lifeless body, but instead of pinning him goes to the top rope! SKY HIGH LEG DROP!! Finlay twitches around in the center of the ring grabbing his neck as Dykstra makes the cover without even hooking the legs for the academic 1…….2……3

Winner: Kenny Dykstra via pinfall @ 8:17

“Pure Talent” plays as Dykstra stands up and gets his arm raised the camera pans over the self-proclaimed future of the industry standing in the ring. Kenny looks straight into the camera mouths the words “I told you so” as we go back to the commentators.

Coach: That sums it up right there Mikey, I told you so. I told you. Kenny Dykstra is a pure talent and Finlay just couldn’t keep up.

Cole: One match isn’t enough to make a star Coach, with his cocky attitude I could see Kenny making some real enemies he won’t wanna mess with.

Coach: It won’t matter, he’ll beat them too. This man is truly great.

Cole: None the less the show goes on as tonight we have a huge main event. The World Heavyweight’s Champion the Undertaker will face Edge and his prodigies the Edgeheads in a three-on-one handicap match.

Coach: Earlier tonight, Edge says he has no fear of the Undertaker and that he’s testing him for the good of Smackdown. We know Edge can bring it but my question is will the Undertaker pass the test.

We go backstage where see Chavo Guerrero getting patted on the back my his aunt Vickie as he goes and walks out towards the ring for his match.

Coach: But coming up next, the Mexican Warrior Chavo Guerrero, faces Tommy Dreamer!

Commercial Break

**Chavo Aridente**

The crowd boos as Chavo Guerrero walks out in his grey and red pants with his bandana on and a smirk on his face.

Coach: There he is The Mexican Warrior! Chavo Guerrero!!

Cole: Did you forget to mention that he is the nephew of the general manager of Smackdown and she gave his opponent about twenty minutes notice of on this match.

Coach: No I did not because that’s simply not what’s happened.

**Boxed Man**

Tommy Dreamer gets a pop as he comes out looking a little sweaty.
Coach: HA! The old bum is tired already

Cole: Do you think it’s because he was unfairly just told of this match by the supposedly great general manager of Smackdown?

Coach: I’m gonna assume it’s the ice cream Mikey.

Cole: You’re ridiculous.

Coach: I take that as a complement.

The bell rings as the two competitors circle each other in the ring.

Match 4
Tommy Dreamer vs. Chavo Guerrero

Ending: We’re about 4 minutes into the match with Chavo in control by driving his foot into Dreamer’s neck back into the turnbuckles. The ref made Chavo break the count but as Dreamer got up, Chavo swarmed on him with punches. Coach points out how Chavo is always one step ahead of Dreamer. Cole argues that it’s probably because of the lack of notice Dreamer got, Coach thinks its Chavo’s greatness. Anyway Chavo has Dreamer down on the mat working him with a headlock. In a typical headlock sequence Dreamer eventually regains his vertical base and pounds at Chavo’s ribs and then breaks free. Dreamer lands a couple jabs to Chavo then goes off the ropes and drops the Mexican Warrior with a shoulder block. Dreamer lands an elbow drop then and goes for a spin but Chavo kicked out at two. Dreamer stands up the former ECW Champion and whips him off the ropes Chavo ducks under the clothesline from Dreamer and drops down to the mat to avoid Dreamer as they came back at each other. Dreamer stops himself by Chavo quickly jumps on him from behind and slams him down to the mat with an impressive German suplex.

Chavo works Dreamer on the mat for a while with a few submission holds trying to wear down the ECW original. Chavo has Dreamer in a kind of inverted arm bar. In another typical submission sequences we’ve seen all match Dreamer powers up to his feet and scoops Chavo up for the DREAMER DRIVER!! Chavo squirms off and breaks free and then slides in from behind and gets a school boy on Dreamer but again Dreamer kicks out! Chavo pounds the mat and gives the ref some back talked about how. Dreamer slowly stands up Chavo swings one arm back towards the ramp and snaps his fingers. He turns around and Dreamer is back into action! Tommy tees off and lands a series of punches before whipping Chavo across the rings and off the ropes. Dreamer gives a running shoulder block on the way back! The sequence continues as Dreamer heads to the second rope and waits for Chavo. The Mexican Warrior gets to his feet and Dreamer drops on him with the double axehandles! Chavo is down and Dreamer does his pattened raising his arms and yelling thing and waits for Chavo to stand up, he appears to be setting up his DDT! But he’s soon distracted as the Edgeheads sworm down to ringside! Ryder goes to one side of the ring and Hawkins attacks the other. The ref goes and yells at Hawkins but while he’s distracted Ryder slides into the ring and gets Dreamer with a low blow from behind!! Chavo manages to get to his feet and heads for the top rope. Dreamer is laying on the ground in pain as Chavo hits a FROGSPLASH!! Hawkins and Ryder head up the ramp and the ref turns around and makes the count! 1………..2…………3!! Chavo steals one.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero via pinfall @ 7:51

After the match Chavo’s music plays and he rolls out of the ring as quickly as he can and meets the Edgeheads on the ramp. Ryder and Hawkins raise the Mexican Warriors arms with cocky smirks on their face as Dreamer stands up looking pretty pissed off in the ring.

Cut Backstage

We see Finlay walking backstage still in his wrestling gear holding his lower back. He turns down another hallway wear he is approach by Elijah Burke, who is sporting sort of a new look with dark grey dress pants and a solid black V-neck t-shirt. Burke walks in front of the Irishmen and then stops. Elijah begins to smile and laugh but the look on Finlay’s face isn’t so pleasant.

Finlay: Ya think suttin’ is funny?

Burke smirks and chuckles again.

Burke: Quite frankly there is something funny here. You. That match you just attempted to wrestle, was hilarious!

Finlay grits his teeth as Burke carries on

Burke: You know why it was funny? Because you’re a joke!

Finlay’s anger again is continuing to build up. Burke’s expression takes a serious turn too

Burke: But now I’m bout to get serious. I don’t like you. I don’t like anything about you. I think you’re an old bum who should be wandering around the streets of Ireland with a cheap pint of beer.

Finlay is having trouble holding himself back

Burke: I don’t know how you got a match tonight and one of the most god-given talented athletes this industry has ever seen didn’t and quite frankly I don’t care, because me and everyone here knows that I’m better than the likes of you. I’m better than the likes of everyone here.

Finlay is about to talk but Burke keeps going on.

Burke: Did you see what I did last week in that E-C-W showcase match? Not only did I dominate, but I won. Because unlike these old scrubs around here like yourself and Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards. I’m a winner. And if you’re not a winner, you should get out of my damn way or off my damn show.

Finlay finally responds to Burke’s taunting

Finlay: Your show? You say Smackdown is your show now? Punks like you piss me aff. You wins one match and think you’re all that.

Burke cuts him off
Burke: At least I can win a match.

Finlay gets right up in Burke’s face

Finlay: I might’ve lost me match tonight, but I can still do this..

Finlay slaps Burke straight across the face! Burke looks enraged and fires back with a few jabs and then a hard kick to the gut! The fatigue from just wrestling a competitive match is setting in on the fighting Irishmen as Burke grabs him and throws him into a trash can! Finlay’s night just keeps getting worse as Burke pounds away at him with stomps before dropping down and landing several punches to the face of Finlay. Security rushes onto the scene and Burke immediately stands up. He turns to one of the security guards who was gonna pull him off and tells him “He’s done beating up defenseless old men” But then Burke turns around and spits right on Finlay’s forehead! Before leaving the scene. Finlay is still laying on the ground grabbing his head as we see Elijah Burke walking away looking quite proud of what he’s done.

Cut Backstage

We appear in a different backstage area where the Edgeheads are giving bro hugs with Edge looking proud of what they just did to Tommy Dreamer they begin to walk in a direction and a “Next” graphic comes up on the screen.

Commercial Break

We return at ringside

Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown and Coach can I get your thoughts on what we just saw backstage?

Coach: I don’t know what thoughts there are to give Mikey, Finlay tried to savagely attack Elijah Burke and Elijah was mearly defending himself.

Cole: Finlay might’ve thrown the first punch but that doesn’t excuse that insults Elijah threw at him and that disgusting act of spitting on another man. No Respect.


The boos pour in right away as Edge’s music blasts and the Rated R Superstar comes out to his normal entrance following close behind are his two prodigies, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, aka the Edgeheads who we just saw get involved in the last match.

Cole: Speaking of no respect..

Coach: Speaking of no respect, once again my partner Michael Cole isn’t giving these three men the credit they deserve. Last week Edge pinned the World Heavyweight champion the Undertaker.

Cole: After he was assaulted by the Edgeheads and Chavo Guerrero as if they were pawns just so Edge could win.

Coach: Mikey, I don’t wear you’re getting your information from but last week I saw the Undertaker get pushed to his limit and prove he was not the best man to be champion on Smackdown and quite frankly I enjoy Vickie Guerrero testing him like this. We need to see if our champ is worthy.

Cole: How do you still get paid?

**Dead Man’s Symphony**

The boos quickly turn to cheers as the Undertaker’s dark music hits and the arena goes dark and flames shoot out as the World Heavyweight Champion walks down the ramp slowly towards the ring. The Deadmen gets into the ring and rolls his eyes back into his head. He stares at his three opponents and the bell rings.

Match 5 | 3-on-1 Handicap Match
Edge & The Edgeheads vs. World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker

Ending: The Undertaker has been putting up a solid fight but the heel team was once again making use of their numbers advantages. Undertaker managed to land an uppercut to Hawkins drilling him back to the corner where Edge quickly tagged himself in and business began to pick up! Edge charges in and ducks under a clothesline for the World’s Heavyweight Champion, Edge shoots off the ropes and charges back at the Undertaker, the Deadman strikes him hard with a big uppercut and then grabs him around the throat for a choke slam! Edge blocks it and then quickly rolls out of the ring. Edge paces around on the outside almost looking, scared. The ref is yelling at Edge to get back in the ring and making his count. The Deadman stares down the Rated R Superstar but while everyone is focused on Edge Ryder and Hawkins slide in and take the champ down at his knees! Edge quickly gets back into the ring and drills the Deadman with a boot to the face as he sits up! Edge covered but Taker quickly kicked out! Before Undertaker could do anything else Edge put him in a headlock drug him into the heel team’s corner and tagged in Ryder. Edge holds the headlock in place for a little just give Ryder a few free punches to the face of the World Champ before returning the corner. Ryder grabs Taker and hits him with a suplex then rolls on top for a cover but again the Undertaker quickly kicks out. As Ryder sits up he gets a little cocky streak in him and slaps the World Heavyweight Champion right across the face. The crowd boos big time as Ryder plays to them which honestly isn’t smart as he turns around to see the Undertaker standing behind to a large pop from the crowd.

Taker lands a few strikes to the much smaller Ryder before kicking him in the gut and turning him to the center of the ring setting him up for the Last Ride! Taker pauses for a second but it’s just enough time for Hawkins to come in and pulls the hair of the world champ! The ref yells at Hawkins to let go and go back to the corner which he does just in time for Edge to run in and hit the Deadman with a big boot! Taker slowly stands up, as Ryder measures him out and hits a jumping leg lariat! Ryder covers again but once again Taker kicks out. Ryder quickly drags the worn down Deadman over to the corner and tags in Hawkins who joins up with Ryder as they team up for a DDT! Hawkins goes to the top rope as Taker lays on the mat. Edge tags himself in! But Hawkins falls through and hits his pattened elbow drop! Edge yells at them to get out as he gets into the ring and goes to the corner setting up his spear! Edge gets that look of craziness on his face. HE GOES FOR THE SPEAR BUT TAKER SLIDES OVER TO THE SIDE!! Edge uses his momentum to slide down under the bottom rope and out of the ring. Edge slicks his hair back as he stares up into the ring at his arch rival the Undertaker. Taker does his trademark cut throat thing as Edge stares away at him again looking..scared. The Edgeheads yell at him to get back in the ring. Edge walks over to his own side of the ring and climbs back never leaving the dark stare of the Undertaker. Taker comes at him with a jab. Edge blocks it and lands a few strikes of his own eventually Taker catches one in his palm and turns into a hammerlock.

The World’s Heavyweight Champion twists on the arm of the Rated R Superstar never breaking eye contact. Cole wonders just how much fear Taker is installing into Edge. Edge mans up and fights through the hammerlock trying for a headlock but instead Taker grabs by the throat! He hoists Edge up and plants him with a CHOKESLAM!! The World Heavyweight Champion stares down the man he took the belt from at Wrestlemania, once making the cut throat sign again but then turns around Ryder and Hawkins run in at the Deadman who catches them simultaneously by the throat! He stares at both them. DOUBLE CHOKESLAM! The power of the Deadman is coming out. He turns his attention back to Edge but the Rated R Superstar isn’t there. The camera pans over ot the corner where Edge is already set up SPEAR!!! Edge connects and covers 1………..2………3!! Edge steals another from the Undertaker.

Winners: Edge & The Edgeheads via pinfall @ 13:01

Edge stands over Undertaker and as the ref goes to raise his arm he doesn’t let him begins to stand over his rival and tee off on him with punches once again picking on the weaker man. He stands up and takes a breather as his prodigies begin to tee away on the Deadman with stomps and kicks. Taker fights back by whipping Ryder’s leg and throwing him to the mat, he trips Hawkins down as well! The Undertaker gets one knee before swarms him planting him with an impaler DDT!! Cole calls this attack sickening.

Edge demands that his lackeys up the man who holds what he believes is his title and they do as they are told up, Edge goes to the corner and the Undertaker’s worn down body is being held up for as Edge drills him with another spear! Edge isn’t done! He yells at his boys again to stand the Undertaker back up as he slowly walks back to the corner and looks like he wants one more spear!!




Coach: ITS NOT!

Cole: IT IS!!

MICK FOLEY!!! Foley runs out from the ramp with a chair in his hands. The crowd erupts. Edge and the Edgeheads are distracted long enough for Taker to grab the Edgeheads and hit them with another DOUBLE CHOKESLAM!! Edge seizes that moment to once again spear the Undertaker!! But he wasted too much time as Foley has it the ring and cracks the chair over the back of the Rated R Superstar to massive pop. Foley smiles and drops the chair then reaches into the pocket of his trademark Red flannel vest and PULLS OUT A SOCK!! Mr. Socko is back on Smackdown! Foley smiles and he gets down on one knee over Edge and puts the Mandibal Claw on the Rated R Superstar!! Edge squirms and screams as him and Foley are the only ones in the ring. Edge appears to be out of sorts enough not to move Foley releases and rolls out of the ring grabbing a mic from the announce table. Foley…panting heavily goes to talk

Foley: Next week…Smackdown…gets a little taste….of MICK FOLEY!!!

The crowd erupts as the commentators express their shock one last time as we fade to black.

End of Show

Quick Results
Batista def. Mike Knox
John Morrison & The Miz def. Jesse & Festus
Kenny Dykstra def. Finlay
Chavo Guerrero def. Tommy Dreamer
Edge & The Edgeheads def. The Undertaker

Confirmed for Next week
Tag Team Turmoil Match to Determine the Number One Contenders to the WWE Tag Team Titles at Judgment Day

John Morrison & The Miz Present: A Live Dirt Sheet

Confirmed Card for Judgment Day

WWE Tag Team Titles Match
John Morrison and The Miz vs. Winner of Tag Team Turmoil Match

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WWE News and Notes

The Biggest news in the WWE this week was the shocking return of Mick Foley at the end of this week's Smackdown when he came to save the Undertaker and attacked Edge with Mr. Socko. Most are anyalists are working under the assumption that Foley is the potential GM candidate that Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards were trying to sell Mr. McMahon on kayfabe wise.

WWE looked as if it had written Foley off of Raw a few months ago thinking his contract was up but new reports say Foley has a new deal and could be in it for the long haul playing some sort of management roll on Smackdown. Vickie Guerrero's status on Smackdown as of this point is unknown.

WWE officals are looking add more talent to the main rosters in a big push to bolster the midcards on both Raw and Smackdown. WWE is currently talking to several superstars from Ring of Honor Wrestling including Bryan Danielson, Nigel McGuiness, and the Briscoe Brothers. Some reports have placed WWE as closed to deals with all of those superstars.

Some call-ups are being planned for the coming months, Brett and Ted DiBiase, Mattt Sydal, Wade Barrett, and Justin Gabriel are all names being thrown around at the moment.

One man that won't be getting called up as soon expected is Drew McIntrye. A promo was shown for McIntrye on Raw a couple weeks ago but he reportedly injured his knee at a house show working a match with Kofi Kingston. McIntrye will out for 6-8 weeks and WWE will re-evalate his status when he's healthy.

That's all I got for now. I'm kinda dissapointed with the lack of feedback on Smackdown, considering there isn't any but life goes on. Raw is a little over half down, I'd expect a preview around the end of the week and the show to be post early next week.

Once upon a time the Pain was brought in 2008.......It will be brought again........


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