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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!

Melvisboy's Raw Feedback

Okay, I remember with your old 'TV-14' thread, you had some good ideas in there, but the grammar seriously let you down. From what I can see after a quick skim-read of BkB's feedback, this may be the case again. Well, there's only one way to find out...

Lawler's first paragraph of speech was just one long sentence which really needed some breaks in there, imo. It sounded really unnatural. Also, remember to always have a full stop at the end of every sentence, that was a real issue last time, and I'd hate for you to carry it forward into this thread.

It's Battle Royal, tbh, but call it what you will.

Orton really lacked edge here, imo. As BkB said, he was really all about the Age of Orton and stuff around this point in time, and I didn't feel the drama, or the deadly side of Orton, at all in this promo. He really needed more emotion, giving us a feel of just how great he thinks he is, tbh, when all you did was have him talk about how no-one thought he could do it, rather than how it always a foregone conclusion, there was never any doubt. I just feel there wasn't enough edge, enough intensity, to what he was saying, tbh. I liked him running through his opponents, but at the same time, he lacked that quality to him which really gets him across as the deadly, dangerous, intense WWE Champion. 'Shut your mouths'? What is he, six? Anyway, I like Punk coming out, especially as I was expecting Cena or HHH, and this makes for a good change of pace. Orton's comeback line about ECW was cringe-worthy - can you imagine him saying that on TV? I sure can't. Punk was pretty good here, so well done for that, but grammar issues really let you down here. All you need to do, as I told you a thousand times in your last thread, is skim-read your show after you've written it. It'll highlight anything that seems out of place, or grammar issues, that you might have missed while you were writing it. Punk vs Orton in the Main Event sounds good to me, btw.

Well, it's not the 'fat Samoan' line was tasteless in the obvious sense, but it was in the way that it didn't actually work in context, meaning there was no real reason for you to stick it in there, especially considering the circumstances. If the line had some relevance, maybe it would have worked, but it just didn't, and seemed really out of place, especially when said by Triple H, who I just can't see saying that, even when he's joking around. Tbh, it's weird that HHH would value the title more than one night to give Flair the send-off he deserves, because it goes without saying, that he loved Flair to bits. I can understand why Tista would be angry, I suppose. Jeez, HHH and HBK didn't think about Ric for very long, it was all about the WWE Title! Tbh, it seemed weird that Michaels would justify himself, it sounded pretty out of place, and the whole HHH/HBK segment felt really forced. I really can't wait to see who wins the Battle Royal(e) later, though, should be good.

The commentary was very sporadic here, tbh. You wrote out stuff about some superstars like Kingston and Shelton, and then didn't for Jericho and Burchill. You need to be consistent, please, it just looks sloppy. The match was... well, strangely written. The grammar was terrible - you can't just link two sentences together with a comma to try and make it flow, it just doesn't work. On another note, it's interesting you're writing full matches, because it'll just slow down how often you can produce shows, tbh, and, unless you're going for some sort of storyline inside the match itself, which doesn't need to happen altogether that much (that's what promos are for), just the ending would be fine, imo. The finish was odd - I like Burchill tapping only for it to be missed by the referee, not to mention bringing the Lion Tamer in there to make it more awesome, but Shelton just got tagged in, hit Paydirt, and that was it. It felt really weird, I think Jericho might have tried to fight back, only for Shelton to laugh, and push him away, and THEN land Paydirt, or something like that, otherwise it seemed quite bland and boring. I, for one, would sit there and think, 'Um... was that it?' if I saw that finish, because very rarely do you see someone charge in and hit their finisher, especially if they're the heel, imo.

McIntyre could be interesting. Looking forward to it - might just be a case of a bunch of squash matches, I feel.

Okay, in the video package you said that Orton punted Cena, then RKO'd Triple H to win. In Orton's promo, he said that he punted HHH, then pinned Cena. In Cena's interview here, you say that HHH hit Cena with the Pedigree, and Orton punted the Game and pinned him. That's three confusing accounts, tbh. Actually, the second and third make sense, but Orton didn't mention the Pedigree in his promo, so I was well and truly confused. Anyway, Cena calling Grisham by his full name was a strange one, imo. FULL STOPS AT THE END OF SENTENCES. Seriously, it's not hard, just damn do it, it's really frustrating, man. Anyway, apart from the obvious, the promo worked quite well, because it wasn't really generic or anything, it served a purpose, and I'd say it worked.

'Glamamazon'. Man, how is that not her real nickname, that would work so well. The match had some nasty grammar and spelling mistakes, like 'where' instead of 'wear', and all these mistakes really makes me doubt you speak English as your first language, or that you're just not brilliant at using it. Anyway, I loved this feud back in 2008, I'll never forget their match in London where Mickie won the title, just fantastic - I hope you work well with it, and do something different so we don't just see the same thing again.

The only time Kennedy really talks in third-person is during his announcement, tbh - he's not the Rock. He actually worked really well here, tbh, insulting Flair considering the feud they had together works a treat to get him heat, but the promo went downhill from 'do not boo me', which was a terrible line. Do you really think Kennedy would say that? Think about it before you write it, or at least skim-read so you can pick up on it. 'I go by the name Mister'? WTF? That makes no sense and makes him look like a Grade-A dumbass. There was no full stops at the end of the sentences here, and it makes me really frown on your work, tbh. I doubt Triple H's line would leave Kennedy 'speechless', considering it was a pretty generic, usual, Battle-Royal-hype line.

Whether Carlito didn't have any comments of note or not, if you talk about the others, you should talk about him, tbh, because you need to be consistent. It just looks lazy otherwise. I'm amazed Big Show hasn't gotten on the mic this evening to tell us about how Mayweather's win was a fluke and it shouldn't count because he cheated, blah blah. Also, I'm fairly sure he was on SmackDown after he returned at No Way Out, beating up Mysterio. I really felt we needed that, because otherwise, there's pretty much no acknowledgement that it happened. Love HHH interrupting Kennedy, very nice touch. This whole thing screams Kennedy vs Triple H, which, if I'm right in thinking, we never got to see, and would be really interesting to.

I found it odd that JBL got up to eliminate HHH so quickly after the Spinebuster, which usually keeps them down for longer than you had him stay down for. Love Kennedy costing HHH his shot, brilliant stuff. Cena winning is fine by me, you can play on the No Mercy '07 bit where Cena never actually lost the title, and this could end up being a really heated feud. I'm interested in seeing where you go with Michaels too, tbh.

I remember a while back, in early 2008, seeing a promo with Kendrick and Rhodes being friends, so I'm glad you remembered that. London and Kendrick seemed pretty confident for two guys who usually don't make threats and promises, they just go out and get the job down, you know, let their actions speak for them? Still, I'm interested to see where this goes, so the promo served a purpose, even though there wasn't much description in terms of stage directions and whatnot in there, which it could have used, so we get a better feel for how the characters are acting as they talk.

Tbh, a lot of the Holly/Rhodes partnership was based on Holly mentoring Rhodes, and teaching him the ropes, if you will, so I thought it was odd they kinda spoke as equals, when usually, Holly was deliberately trying to teach Cody something at every single moment, and this commentary here feels like one of those moments where Holly might say, I don't know, 'Never be too cocky, Cody. Remember, always be vigilant.' or something along those lines. I hope you bring in that mentoring side of him again, tbh. The after-match stuff was difficult to read, imo - there was a lot of action which I couldn't quite understand, plus Holly was kinda made to look really weak, whereas Rhodes looked ridiculously strong, taking out the Redneck Wrecking Crew by himself, tbh.

Sentence structure issues here, but I don't see much point in going on about it any more, just like in your last thread - there's only so much point in repeating yourself in one piece of feedback, so I think you've got the message. Mickie/Beth at Backlash sounds good to me, plus nice job in getting Regal in the show - his character was pretty good here.

Triple H has been pretty heavily featured tonight, but this was by far, imo, his best promo. Much nicer on the emotion front, and it really got me into the feud. More Tista/Game tension is odd - before the Kennedy stuff, I would have said they were gonna go at it during the Flair tribute, but now I don't know what to make of it.

As BkB said, this is your third Champion pinned tonight, and as he says, they're supposed to be the very best on your show, hence why they're the Champion, tbh. Still, I love JBL ruining it for Punk, and JBL/Punk at Backlash, which is now sure to happen, seeing as it's single-brand, will be excellent. I hope you incorporate the whole, JBL loves to drink fine alcohol, Punk refuses to, like they did in the build to Summerslam '08.

Batista just sounded like a commentator to start with, tbh, he barely sounded like himself. Flair was really good. I really enjoyed the emotion here, it was very good. The 'Line in the Sand' bit was a nice touch, and clearly this was just your personal send-off to Flair, or at least, that's what it looks like, because there was no real storylines coming out of it, so to speak, apart from possibly Batista taking it hard that Flair is going, which is pretty much what they did in real life. Anyway, this was an excellent promo to finish.

Overall, this was hit and miss. You have some nice ideas, like JBL/Punk, and HHH/Kennedy, but your grammar, spelling and punctuation let you down so much, it's not even funny. I don't mean to be harsh about this, but people won't want to feedback on your shows, and people won't think of you highly around here, unless you sort it out. I remember saying about how you needed to sort it out with your old thread, but you never did, and with this thread, you haven't done that again, clearly. You need to work on it, at the very least, because it's pure torture to read sometimes. And please, please, please, skim-read your shows before you post them, it'll go a long way. Anyway, from a booking perspective, it was a decent start, so I hope you stick with this. Keep at it, man.
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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!

WWE.com Exclusive Footage from After Raw

We appear in a Parking lot setting, Triple H and Ric Flair are walking through parking garage at Amyway Arena in Orlando, Flair's limo pulls up, Ric and Hunter embrace with a hug as Flair enters his limo. Triple H continues on down the parking lot for a little bit and stops at a back SUV. "The Game" opens his trunk and throws his gear bag in the back. Triple H walks up to the front of his car and opens the driver side door, he's about to get in as MR KENNEDY JUMPS HIM FROM BEHIND WITH A LED PIPE!!! Triple H falls to the ground in pain.

Kennedy grabs Triple H by the collar of his T-Shirt and whips him shoulder first into the side of large SUV. Kennedy smirks as Triple H slowly gets up, Kennedy slams his head down on the hood of the car. Triple H grabs his forehead in pain, but Kennedy doesn’t seem to be done, Kennedy smashes “The Game’s” head down the hood of the car a few more times. Triple H falls back onto the ground and is slow to get up. Triple H crawls around on the ground trying to regain some of head as Kennedy circles him slapping his face a little. Triple H looks pissed as he gets up to his knees and looks like he wants to fight back. Kennedy laughs and slaps Triple H back down to the ground.

Triple H needs help but there is no one there, it’s an empty parking lot. Kennedy picks up the pipe again as Triple H slowly gets back to his feet. Kennedy runs at Triple H and smashes him across the ribs with lead pipe. Triple H slowly returns to his feet with a look of pain in his face. He wants to get away but he knows he can’t, Kennedy is persistent as Hunter gets up to his feet, Kennedy sets the pipe down and drops Hunter with the MIC CHECK!! Triple H falls the ground virtually knocked out. Kennedy gets down on his knees and forces the pipe down over Triple H’s neck!!

Kennedy’s sickening display continues as begins to scream in the face of “The Game”. We hear screams of “I came and found you Hunter” and “Be careful what you wish for.” At this point the parking lot security guard has seen the disturbing act of Mr. Kennedy and has called for back up, four members of arena security pull Kennedy off Triple H as medical staff comes into to check on Triple H. “The Game” is out cold as Kennedy is pulled back looking rather pleased with himself.


Editors Notes: Grammar’s a bitch aint it. I know it’s always been my problem, I’m working on it, I’m proofing Smackdown as I write it to save time and I plan on going over it again when I’m done: I’m really hoping it turns out better. I want to Melvs and BKB for the reviews, they both helped a lot. I’m glad you dropped the review you thank you, Melvs I’m working on a double review for Raw and ECW, BKB, I’ll either Review Smackdown or No Way Out, idk which yet. Thanks again guys, Smackdown preview will be in the middle of the week, Smackdown will follow soon after.
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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!

Nige's Raw Feedback

Reading the recap from Mania and the intro from the commentators, there were several grammar errors, some simple typos and some not so. Make sure you read over your shows before you post them as it does reflect badly if there are several. Some typos do happen, but when there's several clear mistakes, it just looks careless.

The opening promo between Orton & Punk wasn't too shabby. There were a few more albeit smaller grammar issues but I thought the promo went pretty well. Orton's character was pretty good and Punk's was very good. He definitely made his mark on his Raw debut and looked good for standing up to the biggest heel on the show. The match isn't a bad idea, but neither guy can take a clean fall. All their momentum will be gone if that's the case. A sneaky Orton win would do the trick.

I wasn't too sure about the promo with Evolution X. It looked to me as if it was teasing a Triple H heel turn as he cared more about the WWE title than Ric Flair. That I can understand and if that was the plan, it worked. It's what happened next that confused. From being intense and focused on himself, Triple H seemed like a face again and played down Flair's retirement as if it was nothing. The hype about the battle royale was good, but Triple H's character confused the hell out of me.

"Paul Burchill comes out to some solid heat, accompanied as always by his sister, Katie Lea, he gives both me in the ring" That's sloppy and it's been a trend throughout the show. You have to read through the show both after writing each segment and then when it's all done to make sure things like this don't happen as it comes across as the booker being lazy. Anyway, the match was very good and you clearly put a lot of effort in to it. It's hard to get used to Jericho being in the position he was back then, but he was. That's why it's easy to accept Benjamin's victory over him. A Jericho/Benjamin feud for the IC title to get Jericho out of the mid card is fine to me, and a win over the champion sets that up for Shelton. Burchill put on a strong showing here too. Triple threat or four way please to help push them up the ladder.

I've heard a lot of Scottish accents in my time, but that one from McIntyre isn't. It's written in a more Italian/French/Spanish way than Scottish. It's a good way to build him up, that's for sure, and he'll be a good addition when he debuts. Just don't write his accent like that again please!

"What do you want me to say Todd? Last night at Wrestlemania I got beaten." That just didn't sound right, "I lost" does. "and too be honest, I’ve winning at Wrestlemania" The "I've winning" part was really bad as it just doesn't make sense. The interview was pretty good though, but I had to read through it from the start again because of all the grammar mistakes as they distracted me from it. Cena's character was good though, no doubt about that. Please don't make him or Trips win the battle royal after losing last night.

Mickie's win over Beth was booked well. The Glamazon looked dominant as she should being the bully she is as a heel, and the upset win out of nowhere doesn't make her look weak. Good job with this.

I really wasn't keen on the Kennedy interview. I don't like that Grisham's done two interviews in quick succession. Kennedy's character and Triple H's both drifted in and out throughout. Too much focus was placed on the Ric Flair situation too. I don't think Kennedy should've been bragging about the fact he basically lost to Flair. It also seemed very forced as there was no real need for Trips to be involved unless it's going somewhere, which appears to be the case. It looked like you just found something for Kennedy to say that would bring HHH in.

"Number One Cotnedership" There's been way too many mistakes. You really have to proof read buddy. On to the match, and I think you should've included a lot more men than this. It might well be the smallest battle royal in history. Surely it should've been the main event or the penultimate match of the night, as being in the middle of the show, it doesn't seem all that important when it should be. Kennedy's feud with Triple H started well, and it didn't need the interview before with the way you booked them here. When it got down to Cena & HBK, I was just waiting for HBK to win. Unfortunately that didn't happen. After being beaten clean by Orton on the biggest show of the year the night before, I don't understand the decision to put Cena over here. Orton did what he had to at Mania and I don't see why he needs to beat Cena again. There's no excitement in seeing them go at it again at Backlash.

The timing of the promo between Londrick & Cody was poor considering the match came right after this with no break, meaning Cody had to rush to go and get Holly to go on to commentary. Little things like that count for a lot. The promo was good though as it added some much needed interest and hype to the tag division. It made the outcome predictable, but there's no problem with that. They're the better team and it makes for a different feud with their fellow faces in Cody & Holly. The aftermath also helped add to that with the friendly rivalry that's always good to see. I'm intrigued as to what you're going to do here. Cody needs to get the hell away from Holly, and I'd be amazed if that doesn't happen.

"While yes darling I did, "Oh you think you’re funny now, don’t yet" You really need to cut things like that out as they just distract the reader from the promo. The promo was okay but I really don't see Beth calling someone a second rate piece of trash. The title match makes sense based on what happened earlier, but what sticks out here was the awful grammar. In some places there were no full stops or commas and in others, they were all over the place.

"Damn well there is" Surely 'damn right' is what he'd say, especially in a mood like this. It's funny you mentioned Triple H appeared on my Raw too much, and he's had the same amount of appearances here. The feud with Kennedy has been pushed way too hard in one night. Spread it out over time. I thought the Kennedy interview was pointless, even more so now. Just this and the battle royal and this promo would've worked fine. The inclusion of the Batista part didn't bother me as it was fairly important. I really don't see how Triple H can say he's busy with Kennedy as he wasn't about to go and find him. It leaves me wondering if anything happens there, and at the end of the day, I think Ric Flair's farewell is way more important than something as small as that, especially when it seems The Game isn't turning heel.

Wow, Orton was booked weak here, and I mean really weak. Only 24 hours after beating John Cena & Triple H, he loses clean to a developing face and gets owned after the match too. There was no need for Punk to be pushed to the moon on his first night. He could've gone over someone else to have looked good without making the WWE Champion look stupid. All the momentum Orton had from Mania has well and truly gone now and for no real reason.

You were never going to top the actual Flair farewell, so there's no point even comparing it to that. This ended up being more about Triple H than Ric Flair, which obviously is wrong. Putting that to the side for a minute, I don't get why Flair would put Shawn Michaels over so much and then say he felt if he couldn't beat him, he should walk away. That was like saying he felt Michaels was beatable. The ending with Triple H's music coming on was just bizarre, but ending on Evolution's was fine I guess.

Overall, the grammar really stood out. It wasn't just the fact it was sloppy, it was that there were so many careless mistakes that stood out and took the shine away from some promos. Some of the booking decisions stand out too, with Orton's horrendous night being the pick of the bunch. I don't see why he's facing Cena again at Backlash after pinning him at Mania. The Kennedy/Triple H feud was forced in the early part with that needless promo, but it was good after. The Flair farewell was ruined because it became all about Triple H. This might seem harsh but I really hope you can get this thread going man, I really do. Good luck buddy and I'll be back for Smackdown.

I just read about the Kennedy attack after the show. You’ve done almost two or three weeks worth of storylines/segments with them in one. It feels like they’ve been feuding forever when it’s just started in this show.

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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!

Friday Night Smackdown Preview

Tonight Friday Night Smackdown heads into Nashville, Tennessee just five nights after a historic Wrestlemania 24 obviously the biggest the story coming out of Wrestlemania from Friday Night Smackdown is taht we have a new World Heavyweight Champion, the Undertaker who is now 16-0 at Wrestlemania. "The Deadman" is scheduled to open up the show this Friday but you have to wonder what the former World Heavyweight Champion Edge and his fiance the General Manager of Smackdown, Vickie Guerrero.

Of course The Undertaker isn't the only Smackdown wrestler that won a match at Wrestlemania, "The Animal" Batista made a splash when he defeated Raw's Umaga in a Battle of the Brands match. Although, Batista proved Smackdown to be superior to Raw it hasn't been a great week for "The Animal". Monday Night on Raw Batista had to say good-bye to his here, his idol, the legendary Ric Flair. Batista ddin't seem to take Flair retiring but he's going to have to look past tonight as he wil face "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry. Can Batista keep his head on straight and take down the World's Strongest Man?

Not only did Wrestlemania 24 bring an end to the career of Ric Flair but it also brought an end but also the ECW brand was brought to an end. Smackdown has recieved several former members of the ECW brand inclduing the WWE Tag Team Champions, John Morrison and the Miz, ECW Orginals Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards, as well as Elijah Burke, Mike Knox, and Chavo Guerrero. Several former ECW talents will competing in a ECW Showcase match tonight on Smackdown. Who will make their mark this Friday on Smackdown.

Wrestlemania wasn't just about careers and shows being ended though, a fan favorite made his return to the WWE at Wrestlemania. After months of injury Matt Hardy returned to cost his former Tag Team Partner, the United States Champion, MVP the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Tonight Hardy makes his return to Smackdown when he faces Chuck Palumbo. Will Hardy return with a win or will the "Biker Machine" steal Hardy's thunder. Also could we hear from MVP on the subject of Matt Hardy.

All this more and more this Friday Night on Smackdown at 8/7 CT on the CW.

Confirmed Matches
Batista vs. Mark Henry
ECW Showcase Match l Elijah Burke vs. Mike Knox vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Stevie Richards
Matt Hardy vs. Chuck Palumbo

Once upon a time the Pain was brought in 2008.......It will be brought again........


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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!

April 4th, 2008
From the FedEX Forum in Nashville Tennessee

A Video Package Recaps Wrestlemania from start to finish, CM Punk winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Randy Orton punting Triple H then covering Cena to retain his title, Floyd Mayweather knocking out Big Show with the brass knuckles, then Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels’ 5-Star classic where at the end Shawn Michael made the decision to win the match and end the career of the Nature Boy, and finally Edge pushing Undertaker to the limit. But in the end Taker kept the streak in tact and becoming new World Heavyweight Champion.

“Rise Up”
Smackdown Opening Video


Michael Cole: Welcome to the First Edition of Friday Night Smackdown after an amazing Wrestlemania 24 and of course the biggest story for Smackdown out of Wrestlemania is The Undertaker defeating Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship, I’m Michael Cole joined as always by partner Jonathan Coachmen

Jonathan Coachmen: Yea Michael they know who I am, but the biggest story tonight is not the Undertaker, it’s the former World Heavyweight Champion, Edge. Edge tonight begins his quest to win back the title, what a warrior!

Cole: C’mon Coach enjoy the celebration, The Deadman is now 16-0 at Wrestlemania!!

Coach: Cole that why I don’t think you’re fit for this job you sit here and idolize people like the Undertaker while I focus on the wrestling and the stories people care about, like Edge winning back the Word Title.


**Deadman’s Symphony**

Another Gong sounds off the Undertaker’s pyros come on as the Deadman rises up and enters the arena in Nashville wearing his newly entered World Heavyweight Championship around his waste. Taker slowly enters the ring to a huge pop. Coach calls the Tennessee fans idiots for cheering someone who is supposedly dead. Taker enters the ring and gets a mic.

Five nights ago, Wrestlemania 24 took place and The Undertaker went to battle with the Rated R Superstar know as Edge.

Heat for Edge’s name

Undertaker: Wrestlemania is night where mortals battle for their shots to become immortals. For sixteen years now, many men have stepped up to challenge the Undertaker at Wrestlemania and as have of this Sunday all sixteen of them have fallen.


Undertaker: Every year a new man rises to challenge the Deadman and every year another man is knocked down. Every year people conduct reasons in their head of why someone can defeat me on the Grandest Stage of them all, Edge was the Ultimate Opportunist, he’d found me at my weakness before, and he could find it again, but all the wrestling preachers and pundits missed something, they didn’t realize that at Wrestlemania the Undertaker is never at his weakest, always at his best. At Wrestlemania The Undertaker is truly immortal.


Undertaker: Edge’s opportunity to defeat me at Wrestlemania and become immortal ended up making him more mortal then ever, embarrassed and defeated.


Undertaker: Part of Edge’s soul was lost at Wrestlemania, he didn’t just lose a match, he lost his pride, he lost what little respect people still had for him, he lost it almost everything, but above all that, he lost this..

Taker points at the Title to a big pop

Undertaker: The World’s Heavyweight Champion, the Holy Grail of Friday Night Smackdown. The Gold at the top of the mountain. Everything every superstar to walk onto this show dreams of obtaining is once again in my hands.


Undertaker: This time though will be different, this time now that I have this title clutched in my grasp I will never let it go, not because of briefcases, not because of mortals trying to use whatever tools they need to obtain this from me, this title belongs now to the Undertaker and the Undertaker will not let it go.


Undertaker: See this title is now my hands thanks to Edge and his missed opportunity at Wrestlemania 24, Wrestlemania is my night, it’s always my night, and it always will be my night, no mortal will defeat me on that night. Edge was taught that lesson the hard way when I took back my World Heavyweight Championship from the Rated R Superstar.


Smackdown’s General Manager Vickie Guerrero comes out to massive heat and receives a stare from the Undertaker.

Guerrero: EXCUSE ME!! Undertaker I just wanted to come out here as General Manager of Friday Night Smackdown and on behalf of my fiancé Edge to congratulate you on your victory last Sunday at Wrestlemania.


Guerrero: Shut up!! This is my show and I’m talking. Now Undertaker I expect you to be a great champion just as Edge was, Edge did everything he was told as Champion, if the GM ordered him to do something he did. He fought as a valiant warrior any time I called upon him, he never turned down a match, he never disobeyed orders. I expect you to do the same.

Mega Vickie heat

Guerrero: Undertaker, should you not obey to what the General Manager tells you will be stripped of your World Heavyweight Championship. Do I make myself clear!

Undertaker: Clear as your small pitiful sole could ever be. Vickie Guerrero I will follow your orders to keep my World Heavyweight Champion but should you or your fiancé cross me in way I don’t want to be crossed there will be hell to pay and you will Rest in Peace!!!

Mega pop

Guerrero: I’m glad we are in agreement because, I’m not so sure that you can win outside of Wrestlemania, that is your night but tonight may not be your night. Because tonight Undertaker I’m going to put you to the test. Tonight Undertaker you will be competing in a gauntlet match, against competitors I have hand picked myself.

Undertaker gives her the stare as Vickie gets massive heat and walks out. “Rest in Peace” plays as Undertaker stands in the ring holding his World Title.

[Commercial Break]

A Video Package highlighting the Triple Threat Match from Mania advertising the Replay is shown

[Cut to Ringside]

Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown and we now our main event of the evening will be the new World’s Heavyweight Champion the Undertaker running the gauntlet by order of Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero.

Coachmen: I for one, think this is a great idea, the Undertaker is great at Wrestlemania but Edge is great all year round, I feel like Undertaker needs to be tested to prove he is worthy of being called Champion.

Cole: Are you kidding me Coach!! This is an obvious attempt by Vickie Guerrero to soften up the Undertaker for her fiancé Edge.

Coach: You call that, I call it being a good GM, tomatoes, tamotoes, Michael.

**Aint No Make Believe**

Now officially on Smackdown, the WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison and the Miz come out to some good heel heat. Morrison and Miz step into the ring holding their titles.

Coach: The best champions Smackdown has to offer, have finally come home! I would like to welcome John Morrison and the Miz to the show as now that ECW has folded they are members of Friday Night Smackdown.

Cole: Yes they are Coach, as our four other men those being, Elijah Burke, Mike Knox, Steven Richards, and Tommy Dreamer. All four of them will be competing in an ECW showcase match later tonight but now the tag champs are in action.

**I’ll Do Anything**

Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang come out happy to be getting another shot against JoMo and the Miz. They enter the ring and stare down their opponents.

Match 1l Non-Title Tag Team Match
WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison & The Miz vs. Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore

Ending: Both explosive teams continue to go back and forth, Miz and Moore are currently the legal men. Miz catches Shannon running at him with an Irish whip, Moore goes back and Miz but catches the tag champ with a knee. Miz stood straight too “oohs” from the crowd. The crowd begins to cheer as Moore drops Miz with a sick head kick. Cover 1………..2….Miz gets the shoulder up. Wang begins to clap in the corner getting the crowd into the match, Shannon makes the tag. Yang runs down the apron and hits a spring board splash onto Miz. Yang hooks the leg and goes for a cover 1………2…Miz gets the shoulder up again. Yang looks disappointed after not getting the win but he’s a face so he’ll continue you on. Miz stands up and Yang lights up his chest with a chop. Yang whips Miz off the ropes and throws him down with an arm drag, Yang continues to come at Miz with a series of clotheslines and shoulder tackles. The crowd is getting excited as Moore claps in the corner. Miz is down in the center of the ring. The Asian Redneck climbs up to the top rope, MOONSALT!! NO!! Miz rolls out of the way into his corner and tags in Morrison.

JoMo runs into the ring and quickly puts Yang into a headlock. The A-Lister holds onto the maneuver as the Georgia Native looks to regain his vertical base, JWY breaks free from the hold but Morrison quickly hits him with a forearm to the face. Morrison looks pleased with him with himself as he whips Yang across the ring and meets him with a drop kick on the return trip. Cover 1…………2…Yang kicks out. Moore looks at his team thinking about a tag as Morrison drops an elbow onto Yang, Yang inches closer to Moore but Morrison plants another elbow drop. Morrison begins to jaw-jack with Moore for a second as Yang inches over only to be pulled back into the center of the ring by JoMo. Morrison hits a beautiful STANDING MOONSALT!! He hooks the leg. 1…………..2….Shannon Moore runs into the ring and breaks the count. Morrison gets up and begins to agrue with Morrison, Moore slaps the A-Lister!! Miz storms into the ring and begins to exchange blows with Moore. Miz tries for the Reality Check, he plants Moore over his knee but Shannon quickly backs into the ropes. Miz tires to clothesline the Reality star over the top rope but the always quick Shannon Moore ducks under and sends Miz over the top rope!! Miz slow gets to his feet on the outside, CROSSBODY BLOCK TO THE OUTSIDE from Shannon Moore.

Meanwhile the legal men were going back and fourth in the ring, Morrison landed a beautiful chop kick to knock down Yang who quickly kicked out. Morrison goes for a forearm shot but Yang reverses it into an arm drag. JWY runs over to the ropes and uses them for a running splash onto Morrison. Cover by the Asian Redneck 1………..2………. Morrison just barely gets his shoulder up. Yang looks at Morrison who is still down grabbing his midsection. JWY looks to the rope. Yang goes for the MOONSALT again, NO!!! Morrison rolls out of the way. Yang lays on the ground grabbing his ribs, Morrison goes over to the turnbuckles and hits a SPINNING CORKSCREW MOONSALT!! Cover 1………………2….Moore tries to get in the ring and break it up but Miz whips him back into the security barricade…………3!!!

Winners: WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison and the Miz via pinfall (6:57)

Aint no Make Believe” hits as Miz slides back into the ring to get his arm raised the champs are handed their titles. Morrison calls for a mic and his demands are met.

John Morrison: That match you just saw is another fine examples of why the end of E-C-W was the best thing that could have happened to Friday Night Smackdown.

“E C Dub” chants break out.

Morrison: You people should be thankful that two celebrities of our stature are now full-time members of the Friday Night Smackdown roster, granted we’ve already been the tag champs here for months, but now every week we will be here and we will be proving our superiority compared to every other tag team on this show.

Morrison hands Miz the mic

Miz: Forget the “E-C-W Showcase match” later tonight, the only thing Smackdown got that is worth anything from E-C-W is us, that was our showcase match, every week you’re going to see us come out here and dominate whatever team is put before us.

Both guys getting good heat

Miz: We’re the perfect combination of Superstars for this show, every time we’re on TV, the ratings will go up, every time we are in the ring we will do something unprecedented, unpredictable, unbelievable.

Morrison: That move you just saw me finish Jimmy Wang Yang with, it’s called Starship Pain. It’s lethal, that’s what you can expect from us every week on Smackdown, dominate matches and unbelievable moves. Not to mention, our rockstar good looks and A-List lifestyle.

The crowd boos big time as “Aint No Make Believe” hits one last time.

[Cut Backstage]

We appear in the office of the Smackdown General Manager Vickie Guerrero where new Smackdown talent, Vickie’s nephew Chavo Guerrero comes in.

Chavo: Aunt Vickie can I ask you something, I believe later tonight there is a quote “ECW Showcase match.” And well I was left out of this match, Aunt Vickie your great at your job don’t get me wrong, but if anyone from ECW deserves to be showcased, it’s me. The real final ECW Champion.

Vickie: Chavo, I love you, you’re my favorite nephew but the reason you’re not in the showcase match, is because I have something better then that for you. Chavo tonight you’re going to be in the main event. You are going to be in the gauntlet match tonight, because I trust that you can carry on the Legacy of the Guerrero name by bring down the Undertaker.

Chavo: Aunt Vickie, trust me, after what Kane pulled at Wrestlemania, I’m not in a good mood, tonight, the Undertaker is gonna’ see what a true Mexican Warrior is.

The Edgeheads, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins walk into the picture

Ryder: You wanted to see us boss.

Vickie: Why yes I did, Zack, Curt just like Chavo here, I’ve also handed picked you two to me in the gauntlet match tonight against the Undertaker. I want Smackdown’s best to put the Undertaker to the test as World Heavyweight Champion, now I expect you three to give Undertaker everything you’ve got.

Ryder: Vickie, Vickie, it’s no problem for us, we’re the Edgeheads and he’s the god damn Mexican Warrior, the Undertaker is gonna’ get tested tonight, you know I don’t know if he’ll pass with flying colors like all these people in the arena are thinking.

Hawkins: We got a plan to push the Undertaker to his limit tonight, this aint’ Wrestlemania anymore, the Undertaker’s time as come and gone and tonight is our time. Tonight the Undertaker is going to fail your test.

Chavo and The Edgeheads leave the picture

[Cut Backstage]

We appear in the interview area where Josh Mathews is standing by….

Mathews: My guest joining me at this time made his return to the WWE last night at Wrestlemania and will be competing for the first in nearly sixth months, ladies and gentlemen Matt Hardy.

Hardy is shown to a big pop in the arena

Mathews: Now Matt, last night you made your return to the WWE by costing your former tag team partner and friend MVP the Money in the Bank ladder match, why did you choose Wrestlemania to return?

Hardy: Josh can I first make one thing clear. MVP and I were never friends, associates, yes, tag team champions, yes. Friends, never. I mean Josh you saw what MVP did to my leg, would you do that one of your friends?

Mathews: No I would not.

Hardy: Exactly Josh, MVP screwed me five, almost six months that I could’ve been winning champions in, the least I could was return the favor and screw him the Money in the Bank Briefcase. Maybe next time MVP will think about it the next time he decides to attack me.

Hardy is getting chants from within the arena.

Hardy: But MVP I’m done, losing Money in the Bank was the of your worries, I’m far from done. We still have unfinished business, I still got my eye on that United States Championship your holding over your shoulder. I’m going to get another shot to become United States Champion, and when I do, MVP you better watch out, because I am going to beat you. No, I’m going to more then beat you, I’m going to embarrass, I’m going to hurt you. MVP, the road ahead for you, headed straight to hell. All these people out here tonight, all of them want to see me kick your ass MVP. And guess what? They’re going to get what they want.

Mathews: Can I get your quick thoughts on your opponent tonight, Chuck Palumbo?

Hardy: Chuck’s a big guy, he’s tough, I’m sure it’ll be a tough fight, but to me it’s just another block in the road to when I become United States Champion.

[Commercial Break]

We return at ringside

**You Will Remember Me**

Chuck Palumbo comes out riding his motorcycle to decent heat.

Michael Cole: That giant of a man, ladies and gentleman that is Chuck Palumbo, Vickie Guerrero sure isn’t making things easy for Matt Hardy.

Coach: Nor, should she, after what Matt Hardy did at Wrestlemania he deserves to be face a physically dominate superstar like Chuck Palumbo, who I by the way think as a better chance of becoming United States Champion then Matt Hardy.

Cole: You’re joking right?

Coach: Look at the size of that man and tell me, I’m joking.

OH YEAH!!!!!

**Live for the Moment**

Matt Hardy storms out to a huge pop, the crowd in Nashville goes nuts as Hardy runs down the ramp high-fiving fans. The Tennessee crowd is excited to see Hardy, Palumbo, not as thrilled.

Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown Matt Hardy!!

Coachmen: Who cares about Matt Hardy, look at Chuck Palumbo. The size, the strength, the bike, the man has everything it takes to be a big deal in this business. Tonight isn’t about Matt Hardy coming back, it’s about the welcoming crew.

More cheers for Hardy

Cole: Apparently the WWE Universe doesn’t think that.

Coachman: The WWE Universe also thinks Hornswoggle is a big deal, you see what I’m getting at here, Cole.

Match 2
Matt Hardy vs. Chuck Palumbo

Ending: We aren’t that far into the match as we begin to view. Hardy throws a few strikes at the Biker, until one of them gets caught. Palumbo uses the arm he has a hold of to pick Hardy up and throw him down with a body slam. Coach talks about the amazing strength and power of Chuck Palumbo. Hardy gets up and is on the receiving end of a giant boot to the face. Cover by the Biking Machine 1………….2….Hardy gets the shoulder up. Cole talks about the no quit attitude of Matt Hardy. Hardy struggles up his feet. Palumbo charges at him but Matt ducks down and Chuck goes flying into the ropes!!, Hardy quickly turns around and hits a drop kick sending Palumbo off the apron onto the floor. Hardy rolls out of the ring and throws some punches at the Biker, but Palumbo blocks a punch and whips Matt into the steel steps. Palumbo grabs Hardy by the hair and bangs his head down onto the steps. Hardy falls onto the floor grabbing his head. Palumbo stands over his with a smirk on his face.

Chuck begins to stomp down on the Heart and Soul of Friday Nights. Chuck whips Matt into the security wall causing him to fall down grabbing his ribs. Palumbo throws Hardy back into the ring and covers 1…………..2…Hardy powers out much to the displeasure of Coach. Matt gets up his feet as “Hardy” chants break out in the arena. Palumbo stalks Hardy as he stands up. Palumbo slowly goes at Hardy, but Matt comes at him with a blaze of glory, Hardy lands a few punches, then he goes off the ropes and this a corkscrew elbow onto the Biker Machine. Palumbo slowly gets to his feet as Matt begins to clap. The “Hardy” chants gets louder. Palumbo gets up, Hardy kicks him in the stomach and goes for the TWIST OF FATE!!! Palumbo spins out and pushes Hardy away into the ropes. Hardy bounces back and Palumbo drills him with a big boot. Cover from the Biker Machine 1………..2..another kick out from Matt Hardy. Palumbo picks Hardy up and puts him in position for a power slam. Palumbo this a running power slam onto the former tag champ Cover 1…………2…..no Hardy gets the shoulder up again!! Palumbo scoops up and puts him over his shoulder. Palumbo runs with Hardy and drives him straight into the turnbuckles back first. Hardy falls back into the center of the ring, Palumbo goes for a clothesline but Matt ducks under and shoots off the ropes, Palumbo throws another wild clothesline, Hardy ducks under and shoots off the ropes, he grabs Palumbo and hits the SIDE EFFECT!! Hardy struggles to his feet and goes up to the second rope. LEG DROP onto the Biker Machine. Cover 1…………..2…..kick from Palumbo.

Hardy looks up disappointed and it appears the crowd is too. Coach says Hardy isn’t strong enough to pin Palumbo, Hardy stands him up, the crowd gets behind the Heart and Soul of Smackdown as he begins to clap, he goes for the midsection to set up the Twist of Fate but the Biker Machine catches it. Hardy jumps on his one leg and looks he is going to jump into a head kick but Palumbo drops Matt down with a sick clothesline! Cover from Palumbo 1………….2…Hardy gets the shoulder up again. Palumbo stands Hardy up only drop him down with another slam. Palumbo shoots off the rope and drops on Hardy with a leg drop. Hardy rolls over grabbing his throat feeling the Impact from the massive leg drop. Hardy gets up grabbing his throat, Palumbo knocks his hand down and sets up for the Full Throttle, he gets Matt off the ground but Matt kicks him in the chest, quick Twist of Fate!!!! Cover by from Hardy 1………….2…………..3!! Matt Hardy wins his return contest.

Winner: Matt Hardy via pinfall (7:42)

After the match the ref raises Hardy’s arm. Hardy does his normal, raise his fist in the air thing to the crowd getting a massive pop. Hardy grabs his ribs in pain as Palumbo rolls out of the ring.

**I’m Coming**

The United States Champion MVP comes out to massive heat wearing one of his designer suits, Porter rubs his US Title which he holds of his shoulder. He stares down his former tag team partner. Matt Hardy doesn’t looked pleased to see MVP.

Cole: What could MVP possibly want now?

Coach: Cole could you be more ignorant? He obviously wants to welcome his former tag team partner back to Smackdown.

MVP enters the ring with a microphone, Hardy stares at him. MVP takes off his suit jacket and lays it on the mat. MVP rolls up the sleeves of his shirt. Hardy sets up in MVP’s face.

MVP: Now Matt, what makes you think I want to fight you right now. It’s just getting a little warm out, I felt like takin’ off my jacket. Don’t worry bout’ it.

“Hardy” chants fill the arena

MVP: These people Matt, they’re excited to see you back and Matt I have to say, so am I…you’re my friend, my former tag team partner we’ve been to hell and back together.

Hardy just stares at him

MVP: In fact, I’d love to throw you a welcome back party next week in the V.I.P. Lounge, whatdaya’ say?

Matt Hardy nods

MVP: Cool, so we’re on for next week, but Matt there was one other thing I wanted to tell you this week….

MVP CLOCKS MATT HARDY WITH THE MIC!!! Hardy falls down to the floor on his knees. MVP gets in the corner and runs by him hitting the Drive-by kick. Matt Hardy falls to the ground in pain. MVP picks up his jacket and puts it’s over his shoulder to massive heat as he exits the ring. You can read his lips saying “Welcome Back”

[Commercial Break]

A Video recaps Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair and Ric Flair’s final match.

[Cut Backstage]

We appear in the interview area

Josh Mathews: My guest joining me at this time “The Anima” Batista.

Batista is shown dressed to wrestle to a big pop inside the arena

Mathews: Batista, you’ve had an up and down week, Sunday at Wrestlemania you defeated Umaga in a Battle of the Brands match, but this past Monday on Raw you like the rest of us had to say frewell to your hero, your mentor, Ric Flair. What state of mind are you in to face Mark Henry tonight?

Batista: You know Josh, just last Friday I thought this was gonna’ be the best week of my life, I was gonna’ beat Umaga and win Battle of the Brands for Smackdown, then I was going to watch my hero Ric Flair defeat Shawn Michaels and we’d celebrate all week long. Josh, that didn’t happen. Monday, I had to say good-bye to Ric, but he left a message that I know I’m going to come through now.

Batista: He told everyone out there in the WWE Universe to remember him through me and Hunter, it’s an honor to have some a great wrestler say to me and from here on out, everything I wrestle these people I can remember Ric Flair. Every time I go out there in that ring, people can think of Ric.

“Thank you Ric” chants break out in the arena

Batista: Josh tonight when I beat Mark Henry, I’m not just going to do it for me, I’m going to do it for the “Nature Boy” so he won’t be forgotten. Mark Henry, tonight you aren’t just fighting any animal. You’re fighting the reborn “Animal”

Batista walks out of the picture.

[Cut to Ringside]

Cole: Strong words from the Animal as he will face Mark Henry later tonight and I expect to see a whole new Animal.

Coach: Yea, there’s the Animal you see now then there will be the one being taken out on a stretcher when Mark Henry is done with him. Two totally different Animals.

Cole: Cute

**Man in the Box**

The ECW Original Tommy Dreamer comes out to make his Smackdown debut to a massive pop, Dreamer is wearing an “ECW” T-Shirt as he runs down and high fives the fans.

Michael Cole: Coach, I don’t know about you but I am excited to see Tommy Dreamer here on Smackdown, “The Heart and Soul of ECW” “The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer. I’m excited to see what Tommy brings to Smackdown.

Coachman: Ok Cole, you do that.

**Don’t Waste My Time**

Elijah Burke comes out to solid heat and smirks at Tommy Dreamer as he walks down the ramp.

Coach: This is someone that will truly add to Friday Night Smackdown Mikey, Elijah Burke a truly talented, truly great athlete. Now that he is on a superior show Elijah can truly shine.

Cole: Is that something against ECW?

Coach: Yea, Smackdown is pretty and now Elijah has a chance to be on the better show.


Stevie Richards comes out to a solid pop and “ECW” chants, Richards is wearing leather pants and sleeveless shirt with “ECW” imprinted on it.

Cole: Another ECW Original, Stevie Richards, another man that can and will bring the Extreme to Friday Night Smackdown.

Coach: Oh boy….

**Death Grip**

Mike Knox comes out to little reaction

Coach: Now things are heating up baby!!

Cole: Why because of Mike Knox.

Coach: Look at the size of that man, he’s got the power, strength, and killer instinct to be a big deal here on Smackdown Mikey.

Cole: Well this is a fatal four way ECW Showcase match, the man that wins this match would make a big statement in their Smackdown debut.

Match 3 l ECW Showcase Fatal Four Way Match
Tommy Dreamer vs. Elijah Burke vs. Stevie Richards vs. Mike Knox

Ending: We cut in about four minutes into the match, Richards catches a kick from Elijah as Dreamer sells in the corner. Elijah begins to jump around and tries to get free, Richards tries to throw him down but Elijah jumps and gets a head kick in to Richards. Burke looks over to Dreamer but decides to throw Richards out of the ring first. Richards lands in like a 619 position. Burke runs at Richards does a jumping leg lariat to the back of the ECW Original’s neck. Burke rolls through the ropes where Mike Knox charges at him outside of the ring, Elijah lands a sick Pimp slap to the monstrous Mike Knox. Burke turns around as Tommy Dreamer runs through the ropes and hits a suicide dive to Elijah outside the ring!! “EC-Dub” chants break out. Elijah lays on the ground grabbing his ribs until Dreamer grabs him by the tights and throws him back into the ring. Quick cover 1………….2..Elijah kicks out. Dreamer stands up Burke and begins to tee off him with a series of punches. He whips Elijah off ropes and hits a clothesline knocking Elijah to the ground. The Heart and Soul of ECW turns around where Mike Knox is back in the ring, Knox hits the running jumping crossbody!!! Cover 1…………2…Richards gets in and breaks up the pin

Knox gets up and looks at Richards, Knox goes for a clothesline but Richards ducks under. Big Mike turns around and is met with a round house kick from the former ECW Champion. Richards makes a cover but Burke quickly gets in to break up the pin. “ECW” chants break out as the action is picking up, Elijah smirks staring at Richards. You can read Richards’ lips “What’s so funny” Richards slaps Burke across the face. Burke looks up with a very angry look in his eyes, Burke lands and even harder bitch slap that drops Richards to the ground. Elijah shoots off the ropes and hits a jumping knee drop that lands right down Stevie Richards’ face. Elijah gets up and turns around only to eat a big boot from Mike Knox!! Knox picks up and Burke and slams him down onto Richards. The monster throws Burke out of the ring and covers Richards 1…………2……Dreamer breaks the count!! Dreamer grabs Knox by his tights and throws him out of the ring. Richards slowly gets up his feet as Dreamer didn’t bother to make a cover. Burke and Knox are in a similar spot outside the ring, Knox standing up using the ring apron as Burke is using the security wall, both me go to enter the ring as the two ECW Originals both hit running drop kicks threw the bottom rope sending the heels flying to the floor.

The ECW originals continue to work together as they grab Knox and hit him with a double team suplex onto the steel steps to a massive pop as their extreme roots are shown. Knox grabs the back of his next as the ECW Originals shake hands, they both turn around as Elijah comes in and hits a spinning pimp slap to Dreamer. Dreamer stumbles backwards, Burke lands a quick jab keep Richards away before grabbing back onto Dreamer and hitting him with a forward leg sweep sending The Innovator of Violence face first into the steel steps!! Dreamer rolls around on the ground grabbing his head in pain, Burke makes a smart move as he throws Dreamer of the security wall. Burke turns around to be met but a round house kick from Richards. Burke grabs his ribs as Knox charges in and drops Richards with a clothesline. Knox sets up Richards on the second step and appears to be setting up for a suplex off the steps, but Richards lands a few punches to Knox causing him to let go off the suplex. Knox falls into the grips of Richards who grabs him and hits a tornado DDT onto the floor!! “This is Awesome” and “EC-Dub” chants break out in Nashville as the crowd is going wild. Richards gets up after selling the impact for a second where he is one again met by Elijah Burke. Elijah lands a sick chop across Richards chest before grabbing him and throwing him shoulder first into the steel steps. Burke smirks as Richards is slow to get up Richards pulls up using the steps as a balance, Burke smiles as Richards stands up leaning on the steps, Burke charges at Richards and hits the ELIJAH EXPRESS INTO RICHARDS ONTO THE STEEL STEPS. Richards immediately grabs his ribs, Coach says, they probably broken. Elijah slides Stevie under the bottom rope then establish a good ring position and makes the cover 1………..2………….3!!! Elijah wins the ECW Showcase
Winner: Elijah Burke via pinfall (11:47)

After the match, Elijah stands on the turnbuckles, Dreamer slowly climbs back over the security wall, Richards grabs his ribs in a lot. Knox slowly gets up as Elijah celebrates in the ring.

Cole: What a match Coach. I can’t wait to see more of these four men here on Smackdown.

Coach: Four men? That match was all about Elijah Burke, this man is going to steal the show here on Smackdown. He is the future of this business.

Cole: I agree Coach Elijah is going to be a star but all four men put on a great show. They should all be very happy with what they just did

Coach: Yea, I bet Stevie Richards is really happy with his cracked ribs.

Cole: Do you accept reason from anyone?

Coach: I don’t need to, I’m always right.

Cole: Moving on, Monday night on Raw the WWE and the WWE Universe had to say good-bye to a true Legend, Ric Flair. Let’s take a look back to Monday Night Raw when Ric Flair said farewell.

[Video Package]

**Also sprach Zarathustra**

Ric Flair comes out to a massive, massive pop possibly top five in the history of the WWE, Flair slowly walks to the ring, one last time. Flair walks into the ring and hugs Batista. Batista hands his mic to The Legend.


Massive Pop for possibly the final woo.

Flair: Over twenty years I’ve doing this, every week coming out here and putting on show all you people in the WWE Universe, all the people that watched WCW, NWA, Raw, Smackdown, no matter where I was you people followed and decided to watch Ric Flair!! And for that I thank you.

Flair chants fill the building in Orlando as well they should

Flair: When I decide I was going to take on any challenge and put my career on the line that’s what I thought I’d miss the most coming out here and yelling “WOOOOOOOOOO”.

“Thank you Ric” chants break out

Flair: You know I’ve done it all in this business, I’m an sixty-teen time World Champion, I’ve faced everyone, all the imaginable greats, I’ve faced them all. Hulk Hogan, Triple H, Sting and finally, Shawn Michaels

Countering “HBK” and “Flair” chants begin

Flair: Yep, Shawn Michaels, the Heartbreak Kid., the man who I had in my head as the one who would end my career if I couldn’t beat them. Mr. Kennedy, MVP, who cares I knew I could beat dem! They’re nothing, Shawn Michaels though, Shawn Michaels is something, Shawn Michaels those at Wrestlemania, he sure is something

More mega pops “Thank you Ric” chants break out

Flair: I’ve won sixteen-worlds titles, I used to be the best there was, guys like me not being the best, it’s hard, its hard for use to deal with that’s why we have to face the best and feel like we are da’ best. I felt like if I couldn’t beat Shawn Michaels I didn’t deserve to be here anymore. That’s fine. I lost end of story.

More Thank you chants

Flair: I aint got no problems going the way I am, I lost to the best and that’s fine.

More “We Love You” Chants

Flair: Now I want to thank Shawn Michaels for keeping his promise to me, he smelled blood and he finished me, I know some people may have a problem with that but I sure as hell don’t.. He did what I wanted him to do, and for that Shawn Michaels I thank you.

“Ric” chants as Flair tears up.

Flair: No one said being in the business was easy, my only regret my whole career wasn’t cheating to win several titles, it wasn’t being the “Dirtiest Player in the Game” It wasn’t boosting Triple H’s ego to places I’ve never seen it go, it was turning my back to friends for my own benefit. It was not spending enough time with my family.

Tears flow down Flair’s face.

Flair: I spend Christmases making other people’s kids happy, not my own. It hurts me to see my kids get arrested but that’s one of the pluses of retiring I can finally be a dad.

“Ric chants take over the building” Flair cries as Batista puts his arm around his shoulder.

Flair: There is so much I’d like to say, so many people I want to thank, it’s so hard to walk away from this shit ya’ know.

That’ll probably get bleeped but it’s a farewell speech who cares.

Flair: I guess the last thing I have to say is to the kids, everyone who tells you, you can’t do what you love, everyone who tells you that your dreams are stupid. They’re wrong!! I’ve been doing what I loved for twenty years and wouldn’t trade it in for anything!! Even more time with my actual family because you guys, my extended family, made this all worth it.

Flair begins to sob in the ring as he hugs Batista.

Flair: Thank you all for everything, it’s been a great run, I won’t be away forever, I’ll still be around, just because I’m not wrestling it doesn’t mean I can’t make an impact, thank you all goodnight, I love you guys. WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

A crying Flair hugs Batista who appears to be crying behind his sunglasses

**It’s Time to Play the Game**

Triple H comes out to a huge pop. “The Game” enters the ring from up the ramp holding a mic

Triple H: Ric, earlier tonight I said it was going to be about Mr. Kennedy and I said I was going to find him, I was actually going to come out here and call him out right now.

Flair and Batista just look at Triple H

Triple H: But I changed my mind Ric, tonight is your night.

Flair tears up and Triple H gives him a hug in the center of the ring. Triple H begins to tear up.

Triple H: Tonight isn’t about me or Mr. Kennedy, Ken can wait until next week. Ric tonight I just wanted to say, I love you and I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

Triple H hugs the Nature Boy as “Time to Play the Game” hits.

Triple H: What the hell turn that off!! It’s not for me, put Ric’s music on…

Flair cuts him off

Flair: NOO!!!! Hunter, Dave I aint just sayin this, the best years of my life were teaching you guys the ropes, making you better. And when I’m gone people are you going to have to remember me, through what you two. So I think there is a more fitting music to play right now.

Flair points at the tron

**Line in the Sand**

A huge pop as Evolution hugs and raises each other’s arms.

[Cut to Ringside]

Cole: What a beautiful send off to Ric Flair but now Triple H must turn his attention to Mr. Kennedy who not only cost the game a shot at the WWE Championship but also savagely attacked “The Game” in the parking lot after Raw.

Coach: Triple H can’t be distracted because Mr. Kennedy is another damn talented athlete that can and will make Triple H’s life hell.

**I Walk Alone**

Batista comes out to a big pop as he runs down to the ring doing his normal entrance.

Cole: Speaking of former Evolution members, “The Animal” Batista in action next against Mark Henry. .

[Commercial Break]

Voiceover: It’s the greatest spectacle in sports entertainment.

Clips of the Citrus Bowl, fireworks and big flashy entrances are shown.

Voiceover: The biggest party of the year

Similar images are shown

Voiceover: But now the party is over and it’s time from business.

John Cena with is shown with a series look on his face and a clip of Randy Orton holding the WWE Championship.

Voiceover: Who will feel the Backlash?

Fast clips of Triple H, Mr. Kennedy, John Cena, Randy Orton, and Chris Jericho are shown.

Voiceover: Backlash, May 4th only on Pay-Per-View

[Cut to Ringside]

“I Walk Alone” is still playing as Batista is in the ring.

**Somebody’s Gonna Get It**

Mark Henry comes to decent heat. He enters the ring and stares down “The Animal” The ref rings the bell to begin this clash of giants

Match 4
Batista vs. Mark Henry

Ending: A little slow pace for the match which is no surprise. Batista shoots off the ropes and goes for a clothesline on Henry but The World’s Strongest Man plants him with a shoulder block. Henry grabs Batista by his shoulders and picks him up. Henry throws Batista down for a powerful body slam. Batista attempts to stand up but as he gets to his knees but he before he can get any farther Henry lands a vicious five star to Batista’s back forcing the Animal to the ground. Henry shoots himself off the ropes and lands a sick leg drop to Batista. 1…………2….Batista kicks out. Henry pulls up and steps him up for the World’s Strongest Slam but Batista quickly reverses out and drops Henry with a huge clothesline. Henry gets up and Batista whips him into the corner of the ring. Batista comes at Henry and unleashes a series of kicks until the ref forces him away from the corner. Henry stands up in the center of the ring and Batista grabs him for a suplex in the center of the ring. Batista stands Henry up for a Batista Bomb but as he tries to pick him the size and powers of the World’s Strongest Man comes through as he reverses it into a back drop.

Batista gets up a little slowly only to be dropped by a clothesline from Henry. Batista jumps back to his feet but Henry gets back down with a big boot to the face. Batista gets up using the turnbuckles Not a smart move by Batista as Henry comes in and hits a huge running splash to “The Animal” Batista falls down gasping for air. Henry grabs Batista in the center of the ring and slams him down with an insane belly-to-belly suplex. Henry covers Batista 1………..2……Batista powers out. Henry shakes his head as he throws Batista into the turnbuckles, Henry drives his massive foot over Batista’s throat. “The Animal” gasps for air but there is no where for him to go until the ref makes Henry breaks the hold. Batista is worn down as he slowly gets up in the corner, Henry yells at the ref to let him get at Batista who is breathing heavily. Henry goes for another running splash into the corner to Batista but this time Batista gets out of dodge! Henry falls back into the center of the ring and Batista quickly gets him up for a spinebuster!! Both crash to the mat feeling the impact

Both men are down in the center of the ring “Ba-tista” chants break out as they both slowly try to get to their feet. Batista gets up just as Henry gets to his knees, Batista quickly dives at him with a clothesline. Henry falls to the mat and Batista makes a quick cover attempt. 1………..2..Henry kicks out. Batista looks up at the disappointed. Henry stands up Batista goes back on the offense and lands a few punches to Henry who backs away. Henry quickly goes straight back at Batista for a massive running shoulder block. Batista falls to the ground and Henry walks around the ring with a smirk on his face, Batista slowly gets back up this feet and Henry goes for another clothesline but Batista ducks under it!! Henry turns and Batista quick goes at him with a SPEAR!! Cover from the animal 1……2……..Henry kicks out! Batista can’t believe it but instead of complaining he sets up Henry for the Batista Bomb, Batista tries to get him up but the toll the match has taken on Bastia shows as he grabs his back in pain!! Henry tries to take advantage, he scoops up Batista for THE WORLDS STRONGEST SLAM!! NOO!! Batista manages to grab onto Henry’s ring gear and pull himself down SECOND SPEAR!! Batista makes the cover 1…………2……….3!! Second time is the charm for Batista’s Spear.
Winner: Batista via pinfall (8:46)

After the match Batista stands tall in the center of the ring the camera zooms in on the “The Animal” as he whispers to himself “I did it Ric”

[Cut Backstage]

We are interview area where Josh Mathews is standing by..

Mathews: My guest joining me at this time, Kenny Dykstra.

Dykstra is standing next to Mathews wearing an orange pallid button up shirt and ripped up jeans. Dykstra doesn’t look happy.

Mathews: Kenny I’m just curious why did you request this interview as you have no match tonight…

Kenny cuts him off.

Dykstra: Exactly Josh, I have no match tonight, but my question is why? I’m twenty-two years old, I’m the most talented guy on the whole Smackdown roster, I look better then everyone here, I dress better then everyone here. I should be the face of this show by now.

Heat from inside the arena

Dykstra: Seriously Josh, give me one good reason why I’m not on the show tonight? Is it because I’ve been gone a while? It is because everyone is just afraid I’m going to pass them, what is it Josh?

Mathews: I really don’t think I’m the person you should ask…

Dykstra: You’re right, you’re worthless. Vickie Guerrero, I hope you’re listening cause’ the future of Smackdown is right here, if I were you I’d get be in a match next week, the sooner I’m on TV the better for the show, it’s a simple choice Vickie. GET ME A MATCH!!

Dykstra: The Future of Smackdown is here and the rest of the locker room is on notice, they are going down.

[Commercial Break]

Video Package – Raw Preview
Voiceover: Last Week Mr. Kennedy left his stamp on the game with a vicious post show assault, tune into to Raw to see the shocking footage and to see Mr. Kennedy comment on his actions. Also John Cena and CM Punk will join forces to face Randy Orton and JBL in the main event. All this and more on Raw at 9/8 Central Live on USA.

[Cut Backstage]

We appear backstage as the ECW Originals Tommy Dreamer and an injured Stevie Richards are walking through the backstage area. Richards is in obvious pain grabbing his ribs. Dreamer approaches a worker.

Dreamer: Where’s Vickie Guerrero?

Worker 1: I don’t know Tommy sorry.

Richards points out another worker.

Dreamer: You, have you seen Vickie Guerrero?

Worker 2: I haven’t seen her guys, sorry.

Richards turns around only to see, Vickie Guerrero. He points her out to Dreamer.

Dreamer: Where the hell is the doctor? We went to his office and the workers told us you have him the night off? What the hell were you thinking? You can’t give a doctor the night off. People get hurt Vickie!

Guerrero: Cry me a river. This isn’t ECW anymore boys, you can’t demand whatever you want and get it here. As far as I’m concerned you two are at the bottom of the Smackdown food chain.

Dreamer: What does being on Smackdown have to do with anything, everyone needs a doctor. His ribs look broken Vickie.

Guerrero: Aww, poor Stevie Richards hurt his wibss,, I don’t care! The doctors have been given the rest of the night off for the good of the show. If they were here the Undertaker could just run to them if he fails the test and get fixed, now he has to really fight for his life. It’s great idea, I can’t believe I thought of it.

Dreamer: You’re joking right?! You sent away the doctors just so your fiancé could have an advantage on the Undertaker? Are you out of your mind?!

Guerrero: I’m helping the show, I need to see whether or not the Undertaker is truly deserving of being called World Heavyweight Champion. I’m actually helping the whole show.

Dreamer looks royally pissed as surprisingly Mr. McMahon enters the picture.

Vince: Vickie, Tommy, Steven, some workers told me there was a commotion down here…

Guerrero: No Mr. McMahon of course not, I was just welcoming the boys here to Smackdown, that’s all.

Vince: Oh well, that’s good. I’ve to say I was impressed with you two tonight, you boys took a mighty lot of punishment and are still walking.

Vickie leaves the scene. Vince turns back to the ECW Originals

Dreamer: Mr. McMahon, we need to talk.

Vince: About what?

Dreamer: Her.

Richards: Vinnie do you really think she is a good GM, because I’ve watched this show for a long and I sure as hell don’t!

Stevie grabs his ribs.

Dreamer: I know we just got here to Smackdown, but we can’t stand working for her.

Vince: Now while I know some of Vickie Guerrero’s decisions as General Manager are questionable, I feel that she is the best available option for the job, no one is really chopping at the bit to run Smackdown.

Dreamer: We know a guy who may be interested.

Vince: Really?

Dreamer: Yea, we’ve been talking to an old friend of ours and he wants back in, he’ll do anything to get back in, he’d gladly run this show and do a way better job then Vickie Guerrero.

Vince: Lets go into my office, I’m interested.

Vince opens a door and the ECW originals walk in.

[Cut to Ringside]

Cole: That’s just disgraceful, Vickie send away the doctors to “test the Undertaker”. I think anyone would be a better GM then her at this point.

Coach: HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND!! Vickie is the best General Manager a show could ask for. The fact that she is willing to push the limit to ensure that Smackdown will have a great champion almost brings tears to my eyes.

Cole: You’re joking right?

Coach: Nope.

Cole: I was afraid you’d say that.


**Deadman’s Symphony**

The Undertaker comes out holding his World Title around his waist. The Pyros go off as Undertaker enters the ring.

Coach: Let the test begin

Cole: If you’re just joining us by order of our General Manager Vickie Guerrero the Undertaker will be forced to compete in a gauntlet match of competitors hand picked by Vickie Guerrero to “test him as Champion”

Coach: What a great idea

Taker removes his jacket and hat and hands over the title to the ref and awaits his opponent.


**Chavito Ardiente**

The General Managers Nephew comes down to the ring to some solid heat as the first challenger to the Undertaker.

Match 5a. l Gauntlet Match – Non Title
World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker vs. Chavo Guerrero.

Ending: Only about two minutes in Taker is dominating Chavo, Taker whips Chavo into the ropes The World Champ charges at the Mexican Warrior, Chavo pushes up on the ropes and jumps over Taker who charges into the turnbuckles. Chavo smirks as he waits for the Undertaker to turn around. Chavo lands a few punches to Undertaker, The Mexican Warrior grabs “The Deadman” and tries to whip him over the top rope, Chavo charges at Taker but “The Deadman” throws Chavo over the top rope. Taker gets down to ringside and grabs Chavo by the back of the head. He bangs the Mexican Warrior’s head down onto the steel steps. Taker then drops Chavo with a sick uppercut knocking Chavo to the floor. Cole says it would be smart for Taker to win by count out to save himself for his next opponent. Coach says it doesn’t matter cause Chavo will win. Chavo struggles to his feet and Taker drops him straight down with a huge boot to the face!! The World Champ slides Chavo back into the ring and covers. 1……………2..Chavo kicks out. Taker stands up and picks Chavo up, he gets him in what looks like a position where he is setting up for a tombstone but instead Taker drives Chavo back first into the turnbuckles. Chavo falls up into the clutches of the mighty Undertaker. Taker grabs Chavo by the throat and appears to be setting up for a chokeslam. Chavo tries to fight away, the nephew of the GM grabs the top rope but Taker still pulls him away. Chavo is desperate as he looks into the cold hard eyes of the Undertaker. Chavo blatantly lows the World Champion. The ref calls for the bell as Taker falls to the ground grabbing his groin area.

Winner: The Undertaker via DQ (4:47)

The ref orders Chavo to get away from the ring but Chavo doesn’t appear to care as he exits down to ringside and grabs a steel chair from near the time keepers table. Taker is about to get up but Chavo quickly stomps on him to keep him down. Chavo lands a vicious chair shot to the downed dead man. The Undertaker is laid down flat and Chavo lands another chair shot. Chavo goes up to the top rope holding the chair as Undertaker is laid down!! Massive boos as Chavo looks like he is setting up for a frog splash with the chair in hand. Taker gets up!! Chavo is helpless on the top rope, Taker grabs him by the throat and pulls him down off the top rope, Chavo manages to use the chair in his hands to wedge Taker in the stomach forcing him away, Another shot to the head from to the Champ!! Taker falls to the mat. Chavo points onto to the tron.

**In the Middle Now**

One half of the Edgeheads, Curt Hawkins comes out to decent heat. He runs in the ring as Justin Roberts announces him as the second challenger in the gauntlet match.

Cole: What Chavo Guerrero did digusts me.

Coachman: Of course it did Cole, just because you fail to se the genius in it. Taker is truly being test tonight.

The Bell rings

Match 5b. l Gauntlet Match Non-Title
World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker vs. Curt Hawkins

Hawkins makes a quick cover attempt 1………...2…The World Champ kicks out. Hawkins gets up on the middle rope as he awaits Taker to stand up. Hawkins grabs Taker by the throat and goes for a Tornado DDT off the second rope, but Taker throws him down across the ring. Taker shakes his head trying to shake off the cobwebs from the chair shots. Taker charges at Hawkins and drops him with a huge boot to the face. The Undertaker covers 1……….2…nope. Curt Hawkins kicks out. The crowd is disappointed. Taker stands Hawkins up and knees to him in the gut. Hawkins is downed a little and is send to the mat but an elbow to the back of his head from the World Heavyweight champion. Hawkins inches over towards the ropes where he sees the ref has laid the chair Chavo was using, it appears he was going to grab for until, Taker runs over and plants a sick leg drop onto the Edgehead. Taker covers but Hawkins grabs onto the bottom rope. Hawkins is about to pull himself but Taker shoots off the ropes and hits a sliding drop kick that sends Hawkins through the two lower ropes. .Taker exits the ring and follows his opponent out. Taker goes at Hawkins for a clothesline but Hawkins ducks under and kicks Taker in the stomach. Hawkins tries to build on his offense but Taker drops him with an upper cut. The ref counts three as Taker tries to get back to the ring until Hawkins chop blocks him! Taker falls to his knees as Hawkins picks up the chair and quickly hits Taker in the head once again with it!! Ring the bell

Winner: The Undertaker via DQ (3:24)

Hawkins takers the chair and puts it around “the Deadman’s” leg that he chop blocked. He stomps on the leg with malicious intent in his eyes. Hawkins stomps on the leg a few more times. He lets Taker go until Taker makes an attempt to stand up obviously having trouble with his now attacked leg. Hawkins goes right back to work as he ramps the chair into Taker’s ribs. Hawkins see the vulnerability in the World Champ and whips him shoulder first into the steel steps. The ref tries to break things up. Hawkins slides the Undertaker back into the ring, he points out to the tron.

**In the Middle Now**

The Other Edgehead Zack Ryder comes out to a ton of heat. Hawkins bashes Takers leg with the chair one more time. Can Taker overcome the odds find out when we return.

[Commercial Break]

Match 5c. l Gauntlet Match Non-Title
World Heavyweight Champion the Undertaker vs. Zack Ryder

Taker slowly stands up on his bad leg and Ryder quickly jumps him with a sick Jumping Leg Lariat!! The Edgehead covers the World Champ. 1………….2…….No Taker kicks out. Ryder looks up pissed you can read his lips he says “ah, screw it” Ryder yells at Hawkins who is walking down the ramp to come back down. As Ryder is yelling, Taker turns him around and grabs by the throat, the limp in Taker’s leg may have been the only thing that saved Ryder, before Taker can slam Ryder Hawkins gets on the apron and hits a springboard drop kick to Taker!! Another DQ!!

Winner: The Undertaker via DQ (1:03)

Hawkins stands over the downed Undertaker as Ryder rolls out of the ring, Hawkins begins to tee away on The World Champ from the top until the Deadman pushes up and pushes one of the Edgeheads away, Ryder is back in the ring and he hits Taker in the back with a new, less dented chair. Taker falls forward allowing Hawkins to plant him with a DDT!!! Taker slowly gets up and Ryder smashes the chair over Taker’s back. This time though an angry Deadman turns around and grabs Ryder by the throat. Ryder immediately drops the chair. Hawkins charges at Taker and Taker grabs him by the throat as well!! Both Edgeheads trying to fight off the double chokeslam but there appears to be no escape for them.



The former World Champ Edge’s music and pyro go off as Taker stairs down the ramp looking for the man he beat at Wrestlemania to appear down the ramp. A wider view shows Edge running in threw the crowd!! Edge quickly gets in the ring and grabs Ryder’s chair. Taker turns around and Edge ramps him in the ribs with the chair!! Taker lets go off Ryder and Hawkins and Edge grabs him and plants him with the impaler DDT. Edge yells at the ref to ring the bell.

Match 5d. l Gauntlet Match Non-Title
World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker vs. Edge

Taker can’t fight back as he slowly stands up as Edge kicks around in the corner. Taker stands straight up where he is met with a SPEAR!!! Edge covers 1………….2……….3!! Edge has pinned the World Champion.
Winner: Edge via pinfall (0:12)

Edge’s music hits again as Edge and his posse roll out of the ring and raise each others arms going up the ramp. Taker looks out frustrated as Edge smirks knowing he’s just pinned the World Champ.

[End of Show]

Quick Results
John Morrison and the Miz def. Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang.
Matt Hardy def. Chuck Palumbo
Elijah Burke def. Stevie Richards, Tommy Dreamer, and Mike Knox
Batista def. Mark Henry
Edge def. The Undertaker in the final round of a gauntlet match

Confirmed for Next Week
Matt Hardy joins MVP in the VIP Lounge

Once upon a time the Pain was brought in 2008.......It will be brought again........


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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!

Smackdown Review

Opening Promo - Good opening promo here. Smart to have your champion start things off and talk about WM. Vickie coming out to defend Edge was perfect and now she puts Undertaker against the odds later.

Match 1: Morrison & Miz vs. Moore & Yang – I’m surprised you made Yang & Moore seem credible against the champions. I guess that means you’ll be using them a lot in the future as an extra team which is fine. But Morrison and Miz pick up a well deserved win. And I liked the promo from them afterwards about them being the best thing to come out of ECW.

Promo: Vickie, Chavo, Ryder & Hawkins – Wow. So Chavo and the Edgeheads will be the opponents later. I see this either being domination for Undertaker or a push for these three men. I see you still have them working together and I can’t wait to see how you pull this off with this group.

Promo: Matt Hardy – Great promo by Hardy explaining what he did to MVP at WM. It looks like this feud will be continuing. I expect MVP to interfere in the next match.

Match 2: Matt vs. Palumbo – Great match. You really made Palumbo look credible so I expect big things from him. MVP coming out at the end was expected and I liked him taking it to Hardy. The VIP Lounge next week should be great.

Promo: Batista – Nice little speech by Batista about Flair and the respect he gave him. I wonder if you’re going to do anything with that in a storyline.

Match 3: ECW Showcase – I’m so glad you made Burke win this. I really hope you push him since he’s one of my favorites. Really good match though to “showcase” the new stars Smackdown got from ECW.

Match 4: Batista vs. Henry – Batista gets the win which I expected, but again it was a competitive match. With Batista saying “I did it Ric” at the end makes me think even more now that a storyline will become of that. The question now is who will rival Batista about this?

Promo: Dykstra – I liked this. Having Dykstra complain about not getting air time was good. I can see something become of this. He’s very talented so I can’t wait to see how you use him and if he will be the future of the company.

Promo – Vickie, Dreamer, Richards, & McMahon – Wow a very interesting promo here. Vickie is abusing her power and obsessed with taking out Undertaker. And now Dreamer and Richards are trying to replace her. I’m guessing the person they want to mention is Paul Heyman and a feud will start over the GM position with Vickie. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this turns out. It could be your best storyline if done right.

Match 5: Gauntlet Match – I like what you did here. Instead of having Undertaker demolish Chavo and the Edgeheads, you had them soften him up so that Edge can come in a pick up the pin easily. Great plan! That’s big for Edge to beat Undertaker tonight. I didn’t see if it was confirmed or not, but I’m guessing a rematch will happen at the next PPV between Edge and Taker for the World Title.

*Notes – Great show. You setup a lot of storylines here and I can’t wait to see how they progress, as well as what’s in stored for certain people that it seems like are getting a push.

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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!

Nige's Smackdown Feedback

I didn't really get the point of Cole & Coach arguing in the intro as it took all the attention away from what was just said about WrestleMania. I'm not sure whether you're going somewhere with the tension between them as you seemed to make a point of making Coach going over the top in his reaction to Cole, but we'll see. Also, you spelt 'Coachman' wrong by putting in an 'e' in there next to the 'n' at the end.

I wasn't too keen on the opening promo for a couple of reasons. Firstly because the grammar was an absolute mess, mainly in the first few sentences of The Undertaker's speech, and his entrance too. Read back over it and you'll see just how bad it is. It's more of a case of words being used wrongly than typos, which makes it worse. The main problem I had was that you had The Undertaker look very normal by coming out and cutting a promo like anyone else. It's rare he does it, like the Shawn Michaels feud for instance. This is also a situation where you could accept him speaking to the crowd. A lot of his promo was in character and some wasn't. Would you expect The Undertaker to talk about briefcases? Na, probably not. I think the purpose of this promo was to set up the gauntlet match, and I think I would've preferred Vickie & Edge to have come out from the start instead of The Undertaker and set about their revenge. It's what they do that matters now, and they're the talkers too. Edge not being here will harm it if he does appear later in the show as it looks like Vickie's fighting his battles for him. It might be that he's not here as a result of the match at Mania, and that would be understandable.

The opening match was a lot better than I thought it would be, and Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang put up more of a fight than I anticipated. That obviously made Morrison & Miz look better in victory, but the problem with all the moonsaults and them being written in capitals is that you spelt them wrong each time by missing out the 'u'. The grammar really hurts your work as there's so many mistakes. The promo after was a nice little touch to put more attention on them, but the ending felt a little flat.

Oh this brought back the memories of Smackdown when the Edge/Vickie family ran the show. That's why I'm not all that excited about it as we've seen all this before with The Undertaker attempting to fight them all off. I can see why Vickie would put them in the gauntlet, but they're not the best Smackdown has to offer. This test The Undertaker has to pass later now doesn't seem like much of a test after all. A sneaky Edge appearance at the end would make this interesting, and I wouldn't rule it out.

It was good to hear from Matt Hardy after his surprise appearance at Mania. What he had to say was all good, made total sense and his character was good, but again the grammar mistakes stood out. Josh Matthews was spelt wrong, and simple mistakes like 'your' instead of 'you're' look really sloppy. You've really got to work on this side of it. As good as the booking may be, seriously bad grammar well and truly takes the shine away from it.

Perfect example right after the break; "after what Matt Hardy did at Wrestlemania he deserves to be face a physically dominate superstar like Chuck Palumbo, who I by the way think. . ." Please read your work through and then back because it looks really careless. Reading forward, I noticed you spelt Coachman's name wrong and then right straight after. This is so frustrating! The match itself was booked well like the first in the sense that even though the outcome was obvious, you made the winner look very good at the end of it by having the jobbers put up a good fight to make the winners look stronger. I really loved the MVP attack after as you expected it, then you didn't, and it came. That was well done and fits his character perfectly. I loved that.

"My guest joining me at this time “The Anima” Batista." This is the danger of being sloppy and why you have to read your work back. Clearly you didn't read this back as you would've spotted it. When you make mistakes like that, it looks as if you really don't care all that much about it and just think "to hell with it". When you make a big mistake on someone's name, it always looks worse and stands out more. I wasn't overly in to his promo as nothing really came out of it. I might be reading too much in to it, but it was a bit odd that he wanted people to think of Ric when he was in the ring. Heel turn perhaps? It seems as if it was a tad arrogant to compare himself to Ric, but we'll see.

The ECW Showcase match was a very good idea to make it stand out that bit more, and that certainly benefitted Elijah Burke by winning the match. It was a good win for him, and he was the right choice to win it. Winning it clean and showing off his best moves made it more of an impressive victory for him. Good win for Burke and a solid return to the blue brand for him.

I think it was a decent idea to show the Flair farewell on Smackdown as it was a big moment, and more importantly as it affects Batista going in to his match. I don't know why you chose him to be in the ring instead of Mark Henry as that's usually the jobber's job to stand there waiting for his ass kicking. Again, the winner came out looking good, but I would say that the matches are a lot longer than you would expect for TV matches. One thing I would say is that you could've described the ending better as Batista wouldn't just slip down and hit the spear there and then. He'd have to stun Henry and step back a fair few paces before hitting the spear. All in all, it's a good win for him, although the little "for you Ric" seemed a little sentimental. Then again, if The Animal's going to be thinking about Flair for a while, I can understand it.

It seems as if Josh Matthews has been a very busy boy in the past 45 minutes or so. I don't like seeing interview after interview after interview, and with the same person too. It just becomes a bit repetitive to say the least. This was probably the best one of the lot though. Dykstra is a talent and I've got no problem with you pushing him. This was a good start for sure, really making a statement. I think the emphasis on him being a good dresser stood out more than his comment about being the most talented guy on Smackdown, but on the whole, this was a nice little promo.

"We went to his office and the workers told us you have him the night off?" You get the point. Anyway, this was a good promo. I didn't see the point at first, but I got it very quickly. You did a good job of creating some intrigue in to the general manager position. I also liked Vickie sucking up when Vince arrived. That was good characterisation. I'm not sure who you have in mind off the top of my head, and I'm surprised you're considering replacing Vickie, not that I'm complaining. Interesting! It would've been nice to see Stevie get a word in though.

The gauntlet went the way I thought it might. The ending was booked well with the surprise appearance, although we could see it coming. However, it was better that he came out of the crowd to make it a lot more sneaky and to catch Taker out.All the falls being DQ's were a bit much, but they all influenced the ending to give Edge an easy win. It was the right end to the show and a good one, even though it was predictable. And; "**Metalguines**", it's Metalingus btw.

Overall, putting the grammar to one side, I thought the booking of this show was very good, and I definitely enjoyed it. I think it was better than Raw, and the MVP promo/attack on Matt stands out. The situation with a possible new GM is also very interesting and I think it would be a massive influence on the whole Edge/Vickie/Taker program, and mixing that up would be a great idea to differ it to what happened in real life as you are very limited to being original. Seeing you looking to change that is good for sure. Burke & Dykstra came out of this show looking good, as did Morrison & Miz, and even though only a couple of feuds progressed, this is the first show post Mania and you're developing some new characters on the show, which is very good to see. Smackdown looks very promising indeed, but please, please, read through your shows because most of the grammar mistakes are avoidable and detectable when you proof read. It really does affect the quality of the show, which booking wise was very good tonight my man.

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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!

Melvisboy's SmackDown Feedback

Ok, I'm just not going to bother picking out grammar issues if I can, because frankly, you don't actually seem to care about it, and I don't see why I should waste my time. Simple as. If it's worth a mention, I'll stick it in my summary at the end.

Taker opening the show is interesting. I might have expected Edge and Vickie to get out here, and start proclaiming how Taker cheated or whatever, and set about their plotting in the process. The Undertaker doesn't talk much, it's one of the thrills about his character, tbh, and while the beginning was good, with him talking about the Streak, after that it became too much about Edge and what Edge has done. He went on a bit too long, and I get the feeling that we lost a sense of the immortal, ghostly side of him because of how much he spoke and what he ended up speaking about. Mortals with briefcases? No. Souls and the Streak? Yes, but leave it there, imo. Vickie coming out was appropriate, and she was nicely in-character, too. Taker's line in reply to her seemed very random, and it felt really rushed, like you just wanted to get RIP in there. And then Vickie just brushed it aside? The RIP usually scares the hell out of her, and anyone, tbh. I like the idea of the gauntlet, very Vickie-esque, and in all honesty, this sets up quite nicely for Edge to get one over on Taker, though I'm surprised he didn't appear in this segment.

There's a 'u' in 'Moonsault', btw. Miz and Morrison were a brilliant tag team, and I'm naturally glad to see them get the win on their first night as SmackDown superstars. The promo afterwards was very good - it had real edge, and also the cockiness which made Miz and Morrison such a good heel tag team. Live Dirt Sheet plz.

Oh great, we're getting lame, spineless Chavo rather than ECW Champion, ruthless Chavo. Chavo's first line was pitiful, as in, he sounded like a real loser, and the second line was so pathetic, he still sounded like a loser. It was so corny. It'd be nice to see Chavo trying to get some retribution after being embarrassed at 'Mania, tbh. It kinda sucks that you gave away the Gauntlet participants already, plus the fact that it's Zack, Curt and Chavo - this 'Taker vs La Familia' angle was done a ton throughout the majority of 2008 irl. You need to make it vastly different to keep readers interested, imo.

Hardy was really good with his hard, determined attitude and desire for revenge really shining through here. I liked it. Still, it lost some of its edge when Hardy then had to talk about Palumbo, when he didn't really need to talk about him.

I've noticed throughout the show so far, Coach isn't just being heelish, he's practically being hostile to Cole. There's favouring the heel and whatnot, then there's just insulting your broadcast partner, and I think you're going overboard with it, tbh. Still, that's my personal opinion.

The finish for this made no sense to me. There's no way you could go from the Full Throttle into a Twist of Fate by any stretch of the imagination, tbh. Still, the rest of the match was decent, and it's good to see Hardy back and looking strong with a big win here.

MVP's bit was really well done, imo. You teased the attack, then made it seem like you weren't gonna do it... and then you did it! I loved it. Very clever. VIP Lounge next week ftw, make it a good one, please, pour petrol on the fire. 'Welcome back' indeed. Chilling words, I love it.

Btw, you had two separate paragraphs of Tista speech with no stage directions in the middle. Looked weird. Anyway, I'm really getting into this storyline of Batista trying to do Flair proud, it's intriguing. As if he's paying homage to him with every match - some wins with the Figure Four, maybe? Not Henry, he's a beast, but still.

Cole wouldn't say 'Cute', imo. If he did, he'd put a god-damn full stop after he said it, though.

A strong match here, even if it lacked a little description at times. Burke was 100% the correct choice to win - I hope you push him nicely on SmackDown, he clearly has potential. Get him on the mic, too, plz. Looking forward to seeing where you go with him, and the others.

Very heart-warming replay of the Flair send-off. Nicely done.

The finish here was odd - the way you wrote it would never work, tbh. He can't just hit the Spear as he releases himself from that position, he hasn't even had the run-up which makes it half-powerful, tbh. If you did plan on having him take a couple steps back first, write it in there, man, we need to know. Interesting that you'd keep referencing Flair, clearly this isn't just a one-week thing, then.

Dykstra ftw, man. Btw, in not very long, this is your... third interview? Maybe try mixing it up, there are other ways of getting across people's points of view, tbh. Dykstra was solid here - he worked well with his view of being overlooked and whatnot. Loved his 'You're right, you're worthless' at Matthews. Very much Dykstra.

Vickie sent the doctor away? That's pretty awful. I'm interested to see who Dreamer and Richards have in mind, but if it's not Heyman, I'll be pretty surprised. I'm glad you're not just leaving Dreamer and Richards out now that they lost the ECW Showcase match, and you played on Richards' ribs, too, so I applaud you for that.

Coachman is just ridiculous, tbh. He's just acting childish, and... well, mean, and it doesn't feel like him. He's quite laid back, imo, and makes his observations coolly, as if the world waits on him, rather than him trying to force his opinion down the throats of others, and insulting them if they don't agree.

Clever booking with the three DQs just for the sake of beating down Taker. Really makes Chavo and the Edgeheads look dangerous, too, well done. No surprises Edge got added to it, but as I've said, we've seen the 'numbers game + Vickie's authority vs Taker' enough - you need to make it a bit more different to make it unique. Hopefully this possible new GM can bring an end to it. Either way, for a storyline we saw a lot of, you did a good job creating something new out of it, tbh, so props for that.

Overall, I thought this was decent in terms of your booking. You have some nice feuds going, and I'm looking forward to how people like Burke will fare on SmackDown, so you have me hooked. Your characterisation in promos is pretty strong for the most part, which is good to see. However, your grammar and punctuation is still a huge issue. Some sentences were just ridiculous, and you have to remember full stops at the end of sentences, no matter what. Do not leave sentences hanging without punctuation at the end, you can't do that, and just re-read your shows, which I know you didn't do, because there was too many mistakes in there which could have been easily picked out. This was better than Raw, I'd say, and a solid first SmackDown. Keep at it, man.
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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!

SmackDown! Feedback

Good way to kick it off with a WrestleMania video package, although I thought that the commentary to open the show was a little lacking. I mean, more needed to be touched on than just ‘Taker vs. Edge, because while it was the WrestleMania main event, there were other things that happened, and there are going to be other things that happen tonight that you should be hyping.

Spelling/grammar issues are already noticeable, which is a worry. Mistakes like saying ‘Taker is wearing the belt around his “waste” are really basic grammar issues that you should not be having issues with. As picky as it sounds, it’s a major annoyance. I thought Undertaker was actually alright here at the beginning of the promo, although the way in which he referred to himself in third person so often seemed a little weird. I also thought that this maybe went on for too long for ‘Taker, because he’s a character that lets his actions do the talking. This was the complete opposite of that, and really, it’s not in his nature to gloat. Vickie was a little off, telling the fans to shut up instead of repeating her excuse me line, which she always does. Her sentences were almost much too long, and almost gave off a giddy, excited feel which people have when they don’t pause to take a breath. Vickie definitely shouldn’t be feeling like this. Again, a few grammar issues crept in too, which was annoying. Still, the point to Vickie’s promo by putting over Edge and warning The Undertaker was good, and the gauntlet match should be interesting, even if it seemed like just ending the promo then and there, without a smarmy line from Vickie, was a little weird. Alright opening segment in theory, although the execution, like on RAW, wasn’t quite up to it for mine.

Small thing, but if you’re going to use Coach’s full name, it’s Coachman.

Nice touch to see you acknowledging the recent history between these two teams. To be honest, this was a weird match, as it didn’t follow your regular tag formula, and I often had trouble following it because it seemed like there were A LOT of typos. I’m probably sounding like a broken record, but damn it can make things hard to understand. Also a small thing was that Morrison was using the Moonlight Drive as his finisher at this stage, although I’m not sure if that was an intentional omission in this match.

From the post-match promo, I guess it was intentional. Alright promo, although it lacked the feel of The Miz and Morrison in parts, as it sounded maybe more like an MNM style promo. Still, not too bad.

Chavo was alright here, if not sounding a little like a pussy, although Ryder and Hawkins were bleh. Just not really good at all, tbh. Not sure this promo was necessary, as it was obvious these guys were going to be the participants Vickie chose as well.

Pet peeve is when people say “last night” when referring to a Pay-Per-View on SmackDown!. Just a mistake that annoys me. Hardy was alright here, stating his intentions, especially when you consider how bland his personality is. Thought you could have got his trademark “will not die” line into his speech, especially when talking about a return from injury. Also thought it was pretty idiotic that Josh Matthews called MVP Matt’s friend when it was clear that were rivals who were reluctant partners. Still, all things considered, decent promo.

Seemed like a better match here between Hardy and Palumbo. I will say, that while it was better, I feel like your sentences are either too short and snappy, wrecking the flow of the action, or when they’re longer they aren’t really joined in a logical way. Still, probably the best match you’ve put out thus far, and certainly the easiest to read.

The MVP attack on Hardy was bound to happen, although I have to say, Matt looks stupid by falling for the attack since he would have known, despite what MVP said, that it was coming, having feuded with the guy for ages now. Still, something to look forward to with the next show in the V.I.P Lounge.

Alright promo from Batista, making a big deal of what Flair said. I’m not sure where exactly, but I’m sure that in the near future, this is bound to lead to something. I’m interested to see where it is. As for tonight, Batista vs. Henry is a good stopgap. Would have liked their history to be mentioned here, as it’s one of the reasons it makes for a good match, but apart from that a decent promo.

I have to say, I really like the idea behind this ECW Showcase match. Clever. The match itself was alright, if we again ignore the spelling/grammar, and I thought the way in which you put Burke over throughout the match right up until he won was pretty good. Not so sure about this pimpslap business in the ‘E, as that was never his gimmick there (if anything he should be punching anyone since they hyped up the 4up stuff), but still, a pretty good effort.

Decent enough match between Henry and Batista, even if I thought you could have done a better job both putting over Henry’s power, and maybe making it a little more back and forth at parts. Still, it did its job, and this storyline with Flair has me interested as to where it could possibly be leading.

Kenny promo was okay in terms of execution, but the idea of making Dykstra mean something and getting him some TV time is probably what I like best. Hopefully he actually makes a good splash in the midcard, as he’s a hell of a talent.

The point behind this promo was actually pretty good, although, there were some things I didn’t like. First of all, Undertaker “failing his test and getting fixed” just sounds kind of lame. Especially the fixed part. Sounds like something you would say a little kid say. Secondly, the whole concept of ‘Taker going to the doctors is kind of flawed to me, as he’s ‘The Deadman’, and to me, he shouldn’t be going to a doctor to get help. Still, the idea of it as a way to get Vickie over as a heel isn’t bad. Not sure I like where the ending of this promo as going, as I think Vickie is GREAT as GM since she’s so over and since she can open up so many storyline possibilities. Plus, Paul Heyman has already been GM of SmackDown!, and I feel it would be a step backwards to bring him back, rather than going with what you’ve got.

I felt like I’ve said this a fair bit with this show, but again, the match writing probably wasn’t up to par, but the booking again was pretty good here. La Familia all attacking ‘Taker just so Edge can come in and pick up the scraps allows Edge to look badass, and ‘Taker to look strong by surviving three men (could have been four – where was Bam Neely? ). Strong way to end the show booking-wise.

As others have said, I’ll start with the positive in that this was better than RAW. However, it does still need work. Your writing especially makes things hard to read, which while I’m sure you’re sick of hearing, you simply must make some attempt to rectify. It’s just such a major problem when you’re showing us your ideas through your writing. Your match writing also needs a little work, but I think your promos are coming along. Granted, they’re not great, but they’re probably the thing you capture the best, and they’re pretty solid. Your booking was a bit up and down, but I do think it was better here than RAW, and you actually have me interested in some things, with t main one the Batista situation. As I said, this was an improvement, so hopefully things continue to improve show by show like they have thus far in the thread.

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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!

News and Notes


From PWInsider

- WWE has been making several changes lately including the end of ECW. One of the most focused on angles this past week on Raw, but more so on Smackdown was the new superstars coming over. Several former ECW superstars are in line for a push. On Smackdown Miz and Morriosn are going to continue on as tag champs and could possibly be pushed as singles competitors do Smackdown's weak tag division. Elijah Burke, who won Friday Night's ECW Showcase match is also in line for a big push. On Raw many believe that along with Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk coming over from ECW that Kofi Kingston is in line for a big push.

- Speaking of people in line for a push from the new creative staff is Smackdown's Kenny Dykstra. Dykstra cut a promo this past week saying he was the future of Smackdown, creative honestly believes that he is the future of Smackdown. Dykstra is rumored to be in line for a huge push, some people expect him to be a big match at the next all Smackdown Pay-Per-View at Judgement Day.

- While several Smackdown superstars are in line for a push other Smackdown creative may not know what to do with. Most spefically, Batista. Creative really sees nothing for Batista at this point on Smackdown. It looked like creative teased a feud between Batista and his former Evolution partner Triple H on Raw but as of now Triple H is tied up with Mr. Kennedy. Batista will likely continue his "I'm doing it for Ric" storyline on Smackdown while as making appreances on Raw for backstage segments. Many believe it's a for-gone conclusion that Batista will be drafted to Raw in June.

- WWE also made several changes to their Pay-Per-View schedule this past week. One Night Stand in now King of the Ring. Also a special Saturday Night's main event has been added for the first Saturday in June. This show will feature the annaul WWE Draft as well the storylines that overflew from Smackdown's Judgement and the storylines building to King of the Ring and Raw's Judgement Day.

- Though WWE has their Summer schedule made out they aren't quite sure what do in the fall. The second October Pay-Per-View, formerly Cyber Sunday is giving WWE management trouble. Some people in WWE's camp want to make it a Saturday Night's main event to build to Survivor Series, other would like to see it stay Cyber Sunday then creative could add a New Year's Revolution in January to even out the Raw and Smackdown Pay-Per-Views. Other rumors are circulating that it will be Pay-Per-View with all title matchs. WWE has time to decide but would prefer to know sooner then later.
Thanks for the reviews as always guys, sorry the grammer didn't improve I thought it did, I'll proof it more for Raw last time I just kinda read over it as I typed it. Major fuck up. I will return the reviews. Nige I've been trying to review Raw for a week but haven't got the chance but I'll probably get it done tonight. BKB and Rocky I know you have both have Pay-Per-Views coming up and I'll review those. Then Melvs I already told you I'd get raw thats, thats. Thanks for the feedback as always guys

Once upon a time the Pain was brought in 2008.......It will be brought again........


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