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WWE 2010: Settle For Nothing!

This is set post-Wrestlemania 26. I update this post after each update so the roster and champions you see here will be the current roster/champions list, not the starting one. -



WWE Champion - John Cena
Current Reign: John Cena defeated Batista at Wrestlemania 26, March 28th 2010


United States Champion - The Big Show
Reign one: The Miz held the US Championship pre-Wrestlemania 26, when this BTB started.
Current Reign: Big Show defeated The Miz at Extreme Rules, April 25th 2010


World Tag Team Champions - Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov
Reign one: MVP and Mark Henry defeated Big Show and The Miz at Wrestlemania 26, March 28th 2010 to become Unified Tag Team Champions.
Current Reign: The Hart Dynasty & Santino/Kozlov defeated MVP & Mark Henry to un-unify the tag team championships at Extreme Rules, April 25th 2010.


Diva's Champions - Maryse
Reign one: Gail Kim & Mickie James defeated Maryse & Gail Kim at Wrestlemania 26 in a cross brand Diva's 'Winner takes all' match, March 28th 2010.
Current Reign: Maryse defeated Gail Kim in an 'Un-American Challenge' match on Raw, April 19th 2010.



Big Show
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Cody Rhodes
Evan Bourne
Ezekiel Jackson (Out indefinitely)
Gregory Helms
Jack Swagger
John Cena
Kofi Kingston
Mark Henry
Randy Orton
Santino Marella
Shawn Michaels
Ted DiBiase
The Miz
Triple H (Acting General Manager)
Vladmimir Kozlov
Yoshi Tatsu
William Regal

Brie Bella
Gail Kim
Katie Lea
Kelly Kelly
Melina (Out indefinitely)
Nikki Bella

Jerry Lawler (Commentator)
Josh Matthews (Interviewer)
Justin Roberts (Announcer)
Michael Cole (Commentator)
Stephanie McMahon



The Colon's
Members: Carlito & Primo

Tatsu & Goldust
Members: Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust

MVP & Mark Henry
Members: MVP & Mark Henry

Santino & Kozlov
Members: Santino & Vladimir Kozlov

The Bella Twins
Members: Brie & Nikki Bella




World Heavyweight Champion - Christian
First Reign: Chris Jerico was the Champion before Wrestlemania 26, which was when this BTB started.
Second Reign: Edge defeated Chris Jerico at Extreme Rules, April 25th 2010.
Third Reign: Christian defeated Edge after cashing in his money in the bank contract at Extreme Rules, April 25th 2010.


Intercontinetal Champion - Christian
First Reign: Drew McIntyre was the Champion before Wrestlemania 26, which was when this BTB started.
Current Reign: Christian defeated Drew McIntyre in a winner takes all match at Extreme Rules, April 25th, 2010.


WWE Tag Team Champions - The Hart Dynasty
Reign one: MVP and Mark Henry defeated Big Show and The Miz at Wrestlemania 26, March 28th 2010 to become Unified Tag Team Champions.
Current Reign: The Hart Dynasty & Santino/Kozlov defeated MVP & Mark Henry to un-unify the tag team championships at Extreme Rules, April 25th 2010.


Women's Champion - Mickie James
Current Reign: Mickie James & Gail Kim defeated Michelle McCool & Maryse in a cross brand Diva's 'Winner takes all' match at Wrestlemania 26, March 28th 2010.



Caylen Croft
Charlie Haas
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Curt Hawkins (Out indefinitely)
DH Smith
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Jimmy Wang Yang
John Morrison
Luke Gallows
Matthew Adams
Mike Knox
Rey Mysterio
Shelton Benjamin
Slam Master J
The Great Khali
The Undertaker (Out indefinitely)
Trent Barreta
Tyson Kidd
Zack Ryder

Beth Phoenix
Michelle McCool
Mickie James

Jim Ross (Out indefinitely)
Matt Striker (Commentator)
Ranjin Singh
Rosa Mendes
Theodore Long (GM)
Todd Grisham (Commentator)
Tony Chimel (Announcer)


The Straight Edge Society
Members: CM Punk, Matthew Adams, Luke Gallows & Serena

Team Laycool
Members: Michelle McCool & Layla

World's Greatest Tag Team
Members: Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin

The Hart Dynasty
Members: DH Smith, Tyson Kidd & Natalya

The Dudebusters
Members: Caylen Croft & Trent Barretta

Slam Yang
Members: Jimmy Wang Yang & Slam Master J

Cryme Tyme
Members: Shad & JTG

Khali & Singh
Members: The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh

Ryder & Rosa
Members: Zack Ryder & Rosa Mendes



Extreme Rules - April 25th - 1st Mariner Arena: Baltimore, Maryland

Extreme Rules: Results
  • William Regal & Kofi Kingston defeated Jack Swagger & Chris Masters in an America vs Rest of World match
  • CM Punk, Matthew Adams & Luke Gallows defeated Rey Mysterio, John Morrison and R-Truth in a street fight
  • Big Show defeated The Miz to win the United States Championship
  • Hart Dynasty and Santino & Vladimir Kozlov defeated MVP and Mark Henry to un-unify the tag team championships
  • Christian defeated Drew McIntyre in a winner takes all match to retain his money in the bank briefcase and win the Intercontinental Championship
  • Randy Orton defeated Sheamus in a cage match to become the number 1 contender to the WWE Championship, Sheamus will be drafted to Smackdown
  • Mickie James and Serena's match resulted in a no contest
  • LayCool defeated Serena in a handicap match
  • John Cena defeated Batista in a last man standing match to retain his WWE Championship
  • Edge defeated Chris Jericho to win the World Heavyweight Championship
  • Christian cashed in the money in the bank contract and defeated Edge to become the new World Heavyweight Champion
King of the Ring - May 23rd - Spirit Center: Kansas City, Missouri

Over The Limit - June 20th - Joe Louis Arena: Detroit, Michigan

The Great American Bash - July 18th - Staples Center: Los Angeles, California

Summerslam - August 15th - Wembley: London, England

Night of Champions - September 19th - Allstate Arena: Rosemont, Illinois

Halloween Havoc - October 31st - American Airlines Center: Dallas, Texas

Tables, Ladders and Chairs - November 28th - Traget Center: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bragging Rights - December 19th - Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum: Uniondale, New York

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re: WWE 2010: Settle For Nothing!

Monday Night Raw, March 29th 2010

[Fireworks go off as the Raw theme song and titantron begin to play]

Jerry 'The King' Lawler: Hello everybody and welcome to Monday Night Raw!

Michael Cole: You join us just 24 hours after the historic event that was... Wrestlemania 26!

[A video package now plays showcasing each match at Wrestlemania 26.

The first highlight shown is Drew McIntyre delivering the Scot Drop to Dolph Ziggler.

There's then highlights of the CM Punk/Rey Mysterio match, Luke Gallows is pummeling Mysterio with a chair whilst CM Punk shoots a promo in the middle of the ring, claiming how drinking and smoking has never benefited any wrestlers. The A.P.A theme/titantron then hits and the two veterans come down to the ring and beat the hell out of both Punk and Gallows, Farooq then drags Mysterio onto Punk and the referee counts the 1-2-3.
Punk is then seen having his beard shaved off, Gallows manages to rescue Punk before the majority of his hair is shaved off but it's now only a William Regal kind of length.

Then next highlight shows Gail Kim and Mickie James celebrating as the new Divas/Women's Champions respectively.

The next highlight shown is MVP and Mark Henry winning the Unified Tag Team titles from Big Show and The Miz, The Miz and Big Show are shown arguing after the match, ending in Big Show choke-slamming him.

The highlights for the Money in the Bank ladder match are then shown, there's numerous high flying/risky moves shown. The final part of the match is shown, Evan Bourne hits a shooting star press from a ladder in the ring onto R-Truth who's on a table outside of the ring. Kane and Matt Hardy are shown in the ring trading blows on top of a ladder, Christian pushes the ladder over which sends the two superstars flying to the outside of the ring, landing on Kofi Kingston. Shelton Benjamin slides into the ring and thinks he's super-kicked Christian who's actually 'playing dead', Benjamin then climbs the ladder looking to retrieve the case, but John Morrison climbs up seconds after him and manages to hit a standing powerbomb after flipping over the top of him. Christian capitalizes on this and climbs a ladder and retrieves the case.

The highlights of the triple threat between the 3 former Legacy members is then shown, Ted DiBiase Sr signals to Dusty Rhodes and Cowboy Bob Orton, who both hit their respective sons with steel chairs. Ted DiBiase Jr then picks up the win, DiBiase Sr on the mic announces that 'everybody has got a price'.

The highlights of Triple H and Sheamus is then shown, Triple H hits a Pedigree but Sheamus manages to just kick out. Triple H tries to hit another Pedigree but Sheamus manages to counter it into a Celtic Cross and picks up the victory.

Highlights for the John Cena/Batista match are then shown. Batista hits a Batista Bomb on Cena and wants to go for the cover, but Vince tells him to get Bret Hart (who is in a wheelchair on the outside) into the ring. Batista does this and Vince McMahon mocks Bret Hart. Vince tells Batista to repeat what he's just done to Cena to Bret Hart. As Batista is going for the Batista Bomb, Bret Hart low blows him, and stands straight looking at Vince McMahon. Vince McMahon is shocked, too shocked to move, and Bret Hart off the mic shouts 'I've screwed you Vince'. Bret Hart then proceeds to beat the living crap out of McMahon before putting him in the Sharp Shooter. Batista recovers from the low blow and watches on, Vince is shouting at him to help him but Batista seems reluctant to do this, he decides not to and turns his back on the chairman. This is a bad decision as John Cena is standing behind him. Cena hits the FU and picks up the victory. After being declared the new Champion and celebrating with Bret Hart, he F-U's Vince McMahon.

The highlights from the Undertaker/Shawn Michaels match is then shown. Shawn Michaels is shown in the back talking to Triple H before Triple H's match, he claims that Undertaker's streak is a 'winning streak' not an 'undefeated streak', he claims he's going to try and make the match a 'double count out' which he believes will mean the Undertaker loses the 'winning streak' and he keeps his career. He asks for Triple H's help saying he just needs a trustworthy and loyal friend, Triple H says no, the camera then pans onto Hornswoggle. Shawn Michaels hits the sweet chin music which sends Undertaker out of the ring. Shawn Michaels is seen dragging Undertaker as far up the ramp as he can, he gets to around half the ramp before Undertaker stops him, the referee is on a '3' count. The Undertaker sits up and choke-slams Shawn Michaels, just as he hits the chokeslam the referee counts '7', a weakened Undertaker begins to run towards the ring but Hornswoggle comes running at him from outside of the ring, the Undertaker 'big boots' him with minimal effort and heads towards the ring as the referee counts '8'. It looks like he's going to make it, but he's jumped from behind. At first everyone presumes it's Triple H, but it's not, the camera reveals it to be none other than Marty Jannetty. The referee counts '10', Marty Jannetty rushes over to help Shawn Michaels up, Shawn Michaels celebrates briefly before rushing off to the back with Jannetty. The camera then pans onto the Undertaker who's just stood up, the lights go out and the Undertaker 'dong' is heard. When the lights return a few seconds later, Undertaker is nowhere to be seen.

The highlights of the main event, Edge vs Chris Jericho is then shown. Edge is waiting for Chris Jericho to get up so he can spear him in the middle of the ring, the crowd are chanting 'Spear, Spear, Spear', Edge hits the spear and goes for the cover. Jericho hits out just before 3, Edge then repeats the process but Jericho manages to get out of the way and trip Edge. In lightning fast speed Jericho has Edge in the walls of Jericho, Edge tries to get to the ropes but can't make it, he's forced to tap out meaning Jericho retains the title.]

Michael Cole:
It was a truly historic night and will surely go down as one of the best Wrestlemania's of all time!

Jerry 'The King' Lawler:
Well I don't know about that Michael but what I do know is that Mr McMahon is scheduled to make a huge announcement tonight!

Michael Cole:
I wonder what it could be King!

[Stephanie McMahon's theme and titantron begins to play as she walks out towards the ring]

Jerry 'The King' Lawler: Well that's certainly not Mr McMahon. Maybe he's let his daughter make the announcement for him.

Michael Cole: Who could blame him King? The humiliation that Mr McMahon suffered at the hands of Bret Hart and John Cena last night, I wouldn't be surprised if he's wanting to keep a low profile!

[Stephanie McMahon is now in the ring, WWE mic in hand]

Stephanie McMahon:
As many of you will have guessed, my father is not here tonight. In-fact, he will not be on Monday Night Raw for a while. He has, as he puts it, 'taken a break'. I have a few announcements to make, before I make the 'big' announcement. First of all, the TV show 'WWE Superstars' is no more, instead 'Heat' and 'Velocity' have been brought back. Velocity will return this Friday, with Heat returning next Monday. They will both appear on TV over the weekend. Secondly, on the 26th of April, the night after 'Extreme Rules', the yearly draft will take place in a 3 hour special here on Monday Night Raw. But more importantly, there will be no more celebrity 'Guest Hosts'. Instead, Raw will have itself a General Manager.

Stephanie McMahon: Due to the short term notice that my father gave the WWE board of directors, the General Manager position is yet to be filled. I don't know when it will be filled, so I have hired an 'acting' General Manager of Raw. I would have done it myself, but I have two young daughters to look after, as well as other roles higher up within the company. So without further delays, I would like to introduce to you, your acting General Manger!....

Jerry 'The King' Lawler: I'm stumped... who has Stephanie hired?!?!?!

[Triple H's theme and titantron begins to play, he comes out in a suit and begins to walk down to the ring]

Michael Cole: Oh my! Stephanie McMahon has made her husband Triple H the 'acting' general manager of Raw!

Jerry 'The King' Lawler:
What does this mean for the other Raw superstars?

[Triple H is now in the ring, he takes the mic from Stephanie and begins to speak]

Triple H: Now I just want to get one thing straight, this is not a permanent arrangement. I have no intention of going into retirement. But I've come to realize that until the board of directors can find a suitable General Manger, Raw needs someone to maintain order and control. I don't know how long it will take for the board of directors to find a suitable General Manager, but I want to make it clear that during my time as acting General Manager I will hold no grudges. I will as impartial as I can.

Triple H: Last night at Wrestlemania, John Cena became the new WWE champion after beating Batista. Now due to the complications that surround Batista, earlier today as my first act as acting General Manager I ripped up Batista's Smackdown contract. He is now an official member of the Raw roster. This is because he still has a rematch clause for the WWE Championship. Now Dave, I could give you that rematch at Extreme Rules. I could give you that rematch next week here on Raw. Hell, I could even give you that rematch right here tonight!

Triple H:
I already have plans for tonight's Main Event, so you'll have to wait until at least next week. So Dave, I'm going to let you decide. I want you to come out here, right now, and you choose when you want your rematch.

[Batista's theme and titantron begins to play, he walks out in 'fashionable' clothes with a mic in hand.]

Triple H:
What's it going to be?

Batista: I'll take my official rematch at Extreme Rules, but I want Cena tonight.

Triple H: Dave, I've already decided on the main event tonight, and you and Cena are in it. It will be a 6 man tag team match, on one team: The Miz, Big Show and yourself. On the other team: MVP, Mark Henry and John Cena.

[Batista turns his back on Triple H without saying a word, and walks to the back.]

Triple H:
Now, that leaves just one man.

[Sheamus' theme and titantron begins to play and he walks out]

Triple H: Sheamus, you were the better man last night, I can't deny that. I don't want a rematch with you, as long as I am acting general manager, I will not be wrestling.

So let me get his straight Triple H. You still have just as must control over the WWE as you have for years, except now everybody knows about it.

Triple H: What the hell are you talking about?

Triple H, I'm sure that everybody in the back knows that the only way to get a title shot, is if they get in ya good books. If you're friends with a superstar, you'll make them a star. D'ya know how I know this Triple H? I used you. I wanted to get my shot at the Dubya Dubya E Championship. I used you Triple H, I used you.

Triple H: I might have put in a good word for you, but I never gave gave you a title shot. You won a battle royal to become number one contender, anyone could have won that.

If I'd never 'ave become friends with ya Triple H, I'd 'ave still been on E-C-Dubya having matches with Goldust when that battle royal was taking place. Triple H, I've proved to the Dubya Dubya E universe that I deserve to be in the title contention, I want you to put me in the Batista/Cena match at Extreme Rules.

Triple H: Well I'm sorry Sheamus, but that is not going to happen. If you believe that you are good enough for another title shot, you're going to have to prove it. So I'm going to put you in a little match tonight, with another man that won a match at Wrestlemania... Ted DiBiase Jr!

Michael Cole:
Oh my! Sheamus and Ted DiBiase Jr, live tonight on Monday Night Raw!

[break for commercial]

[Backstage in the locker room, we see Ted DiBiase Jr and Cody Rhodes talking]

Cody Rhodes: That should be me facing Sheamus tonight, not you!

Ted DiBiase Jr: If I'm not mistaken Cody, I won the triple threat match last night. I proved that I was and always was Legacy's main man.

[Randy Orton enters the room]

Randy Orton: The only thing that you proved, is that to some people money is more important than family. My father disgraced the Orton name last night. But Cody, I'd expect more from your father considering his influential position within the company.

Ted DiBiase Jr
:It's all about winning Randy. It doesn't matter how you win as long as you win, that's one of the first things you told me.

Randy Orton
: This isn't over!

[Randy Orton turns his back and walks away, Ted DiBiase Jr signals to Cody Rhodes who attacks Orton from behind, Orton on the ground whilst getting stamped on shouts at Rhodes]

Randy Orton:
He's paying you to Cody? You're gonna let him become a star, whilst you act as bodyguard?

Cody Rhodes: No. No that's not how it is!

Ted DiBiase Jr:
Cody, what have we discussed about this?

Cody Rhodes:
Shut up!

[Cody Rhodes stops stamping on Orton and turns around to start attacking Ted, Rhodes doesn't realise that Ted has brass knuckles on. Ted punches Rhodes, knocking him down. Orton takes the opportunity to leave.]

Match 1 - Evan Bourne vs Chavo Guerrero by pinfall

Match Finish
- Chavo Guerrero hits a spring board tornado DDT, which Evan Bourne somehow kicks out of. Chavo then climbs to the top rope, Evan Bourne quickly manages to get up there with him, Evan Bourne then manages to hit a Cyclorama. He then gets the 1-2-3.

Winner - Evan Bourne

[break for a commercial]

[backstage. We're backstage in some kind of lounge area, Carlito, Primo, Santino, Kozlov and the Bella twins are all present]

Santino Marella: I hear that you and your brother, Primo, you do notta team as a tag that much anymora?

This time last year we were the Tag Team champions Santino! But we've gone our seperate ways I suppose.

Santino Marella: Ahh but ever since you went your seperata ways, both of you have not won any titles have you? Vladimir and me, Santino Marella, we are going to former a tag team. We are going to try to get the new General Manager of Raw, Triple Haycha, to un-unify the tagga team titles. If there are tag titles for Raw and tag titles for Smackadown, we have better chance of becoming championas!

Nikki Bella: Gee Santino, that's a really smart plan!

Santino Marella: What can I say Brie, I am Italiano, we are the smartest people in the world!

Carlito: Your idea to un-unify the tag titles, that's cool, I like it.

Vladimir Kozlov: It was my idea. It came into my head whilst I was watching Hannah Montana.

[William Regal and Ezekiel Jackson walk through]

William Regal: I couldn't help over hearing your conversation. If you decide to go through with this plan to un-unify the tag team titles, you have the full backing of both myself and Ezekiel Jackson. We're sick and tired of being held back because of cretins who aren't even tag teams, becoming tag team champions! It's disrespectful and an utter disgrace. Come on Zeke, we don't want to be late for our match.

Match 2 - Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu vs William Regal and Ezekiel Jackson

Match Finish - William Regal punches Goldust to the outside. Yoshi Tatsu checks on Goldust for a few seconds, whilst he does this, Regal makes the tag but pretends to be the legal man. Yoshi Tatsu turns around and hits a roundhouse kick to William Regal who has no time to react, but Ezekiel Jackson comes into the ring and hits the standing side slam to Tatsu.

Winner's - William Regal and Ezekiel Jackson by pinfall

[backstage. In Triple H's GM office.]

Triple H: I don't know if it's such a good idea, how would we split the titles? I can't just take one of the tag team Championships off of MVP and Mark Henry and hand them to Smackdown.

Stephanie: I have an idea. What about, at Extreme Rules, you have a triple threat tag team match. You have the reigning tag team Champions MVP and Mark Henry, against another team from Raw and a team from Smackdown. If MVP and Mark Henry win, they keep both tag team titles. If either the Smackdown or the other Raw team win, then one set of tag team titles is given to the two challenging teams. It's pretty much a handicap match, but if they're good enough to hold two tag team titles, they should be good enough to beat two tag teams.

Carlito: That's cool!

[break for commercial.]

Match 3 - Jack Swagger and Maryse vs Christian and Gail Kim

Match Finish - Maryse slaps Gail Kim, who retaliates by hitting an Eat Defeat. She goes for the pin but Jack Swagger enters the ring to break it up, Gail Kim looks at him with fear in her eyes. Christian rushes into the ring, MITB briefcase in hand, he runs over to Swagger and smashes him in the face with it. The referee calls for disqualification, Gail Kim doesn't seem to disappointed, more relieved that Christian has saved her.

Winner's - Jack Swagger and Maryse by DQ

[Backstage. Ted DiBiase Jr is talking to Cody Rhodes, who seems to have cuts on his face from where he was punched with brass knuckles earlier.]

Ted DiBiase Jr: Cody, Cody, Cody. What have I told you? If you haven't got my back in my match with Sheamus tonight, it will be Kriston who pays the consequences.

Cody Rhodes:
Stay away from her!

Ted DiBiase Jr:
If only it were that simple. You see, Bob Orton was easy to pay off, he took the money straight away. Big Ol' Dusty though, not so easy to persuade. Once I got Kriston involved though, it was easy pickings.

[Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu walk in]

Goldust: Did I over-over hear you talking about my little sister Kristi-Kristi-Kristin!

Cody Rhodes: Yeah she's fine Dustin.

Ted DiBiase Jr: Come on Cody we're leaving, I've got my match with Sheamus now.


Match 4 - Ted DiBiase w/Cody Rhodes vs Sheamus

Match Finish - Sheamus is about to hit the Celtic Cross on Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes comes into the ring. The referee starts shouting at Rhodes and tells him to get out of the ring, Rhodes refuses to do so, whilst this is happening Sheamus hits the Celtic Cross onto DiBiase Jr. Cody Rhodes tries to attack Sheamus, but Sheamus clotheslines him. Sheamus then pins DiBiase Jr.

Winner - Sheamus wins via pinfall


Sheamus seems happy with the win, but bicycle kicks Ted DiBiase Jr when he gets up anyway. He then starts trading blows with Rhodes, before eventually hitting him with the Celtic Cross. Sheamus then leaves the ring. Ted DiBiase Jr eventually gets up and looks very angry with Cody Rhodes, he pulls him up and starts shouting at him. Cody Rhodes turns his back on DiBiase Jr, who jumps him at hits the Dream Street. Randy Orton's theme and titantron then hits and he comes running down the ramp. Ted DiBiase Jr quickly exits the ring and jumps the barricade, exiting the building via the fans. Randy Orton slides into the ring and looks down at Cody Rhodes, it's unsure whether this is out of frustration or sympathy. Randy Orton waits until Cody begins to get up, he then punts him.

[break for commercial]

Match 5 (Main Event) - Batista, Big Show and The Miz vs John Cena, MVP and Mark Henry

Match Finish - MVP has been the legal man for about 10 minutes, with Big Show, The Miz and Batista all wrestling him during this time. MVP is desperate to make the tag. Big Show is in the ring and is punishing MVP, whilst Mark Henry and especially John Cena are trying to get into the match. As Big Show drags MVP over to his corner, Batista hits a blind tag and enters the match. Big Show and The Miz start arguing with Batista who claims he's the man and wants to get into the match. Whilst they're arguing they forget about MVP, who crawls over to the other side of the ring and tags in John Cena. Batista turns around and is taken down by John Cena, who starts punching him in the head. Big Show and The Miz, both outraged by Batista's selfish behaviour decide to walk out on him, and they return to the back. John Cena hits the 5 knuckle shuffle and then goes for an F-U, Batista manages to get out of it and clotheslines Cena. Batista then knocks Mark Henry off of the apron, he then does his trademark taunt where he shakes the ropes. He turns around expecting Cena to just be getting up, instead he's greeted by a fully ready Cena, who picks Batista up and delivers the F-U. He picks up the win.

Winner - John Cena, MVP and Mark Henry win by pinfall

Michael Cole: I'm having deja vu King, John Cena pins Batista for the second time in two days!

Jerry 'The King' Lawler:
How will Batista recover from this? Will he be able to gain some momentum going into his rematch at Extreme Rules?!?!

Michael Cole
: I don't know King, but I do know that that is all we have time for tonight. Thank you for watching Monday Night Raw!

# # #

Match Results
Evan Bourne defeated Chavo Guerrero via pinfall
William Regal and Ezekiel Jackson defeated Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust via pinfall
Jack Swagger and Maryse defeated Christian and Gail Kim via disqualification
Sheamus defeats Ted DiBiase Jr via pinfall
John Cena, Mark Henry and MVP defeat Batista, Big Show and The Miz via pinfall

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re: WWE 2010: Settle For Nothing!

Inside Pro Wrestling


The WWE released a statement today on WWE.COM confirming the releases of: Tyler Reks, Vance Archer, Alicia Fox, Big Dick Johnson, Vickie Guerrero, Abraham Washington and Tony Atlas. The reason behind each individual case is still unknown, but it is believed once ECW was scrapped there was no intention to continue the "Abraham Washington Show" so Washington and Atlas' departures were only inevitable. Tyler Reks hadn't featured on television since November 2009, whilst the releases of Vance Archer, Alicia Fox and Big Dick Johnson were more unexpected. The release of Vickie Guerrero was very unexpected and the exact reasoning behind the decision is still unknown.

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re: WWE 2010: Settle For Nothing!

Friday Night Smackdown and Velocity, April 2nd 2010

(Velocity airs at the weekend but is taped before the show, there is no real point in me posting Velocity/Heat as separate updates so I will have them before their respective shows)


Todd Grisham:
Hello everyone and welcome to Velocity, I'm here at ringside alongside Josh Matthews.

Josh Matthews: It's great to be here and especially alongside you Todd, as we commentate on the first episode of the newly brought back Velocity.

Todd Grisham:
You'll also be able to catch us commentating on the newly brought back Heat, be sure not to miss either of the two shows!

Match 1 - Mike Knox vs Finlay

Match Description -
It's a fairly even match with Knox perhaps getting the better showing. Finlay is reasonably over whilst Knox has a fair bit of heat. The finish of the match comes after Finlay attempts to hit Mike Knox with his trademark weapon but Knox dodges it. The referee catches Finlay red handed and has no option but to disqualify him. Finlay is angered and annoyed by the decision and jumps a leaving Mike Knox with the shillelagh.

Match Result - Mike Knox wins via disqualification

Todd Grisham:
Finlay seemed very frustrated at being disqualified there, although taking his anger out on Mike Knox seems very harsh on Knox.

Josh Matthews: Well yeah Mike Knox received a crashing blow to the back of the head, he was completely un-aware that Finlay followed him out of the ring.

Todd Grisham: I'm sure that Mike Knox will have something to say about this in the coming weeks, but since Finlay 'loves to fight' maybe he will welcome the challenge.

Match 2 - Funaki vs Kane

Match Description -
In this match Funaki is re-introduced as plain old Funaki from the mid to late 2000's, dropping the 'Kung Fu Naki' gimmick. Funaki gets an alright showing as the obvious under-dog, but is eventually chokeslammed by Kane who picks up the win.

Match Result - Kane wins via pinfall

Josh Matthews: Funaki just couldn't overcome the odds and defeat the Big Red Machine there Todd.

Todd Grisham: It's never easy to get in the ring with someone like Kane, especially when you're Funaki's size. Well it's now time for our maaaaain event.

Josh Matthews: Jimmy Wang Yang and Slam Master J are taking on the team of Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder in tag team action!

Main Event - Jimmy Wang Yang & Slam Master J vs Dolph Ziggler & Zack Ryder w/Rosa Mendes

Match Description -
Wang Yang and Slam Master J are the most over in this match and have the fans behind them. Dolph Ziggler seems intent on winning the match against what he calls 'lesser opposition'. Dolph Ziggler starts the match with Slam Master J and looks very impressive, he tags in Ryder who despite looking fairly impressive early on, is eventually out moved by Master J who manages to tag in his partner. Wang Yang puts in a lot of attacking moves on Ryder who struggles to build any momentum, eventually leading to him tagging Ziggler back in. Ziggler eventually hits a Zig Zag and goes for the win but Master J stops the count at 2. Ziggler throws Slam Master J out of the ring, Rosa Mendes starts shouting at Master J on the outside. A fan then starts shouting abuse at her, she starts shouting at the fan, Zack Ryder backs her up on the outside. Ziggler starts shouting at Ryder and telling him to get back on the apron, Ziggler turns around and Jimmy Wang Yang hits the Yang Time on him. Zack Ryder is still backing up Rosa Mendes so doesn't notice Wang Yang pick up the win. After the match Ziggler is outraged with Ryder and blames the loss on him.

Match Result - Jimmy Wang Yang & Slam Master J win via pinfall


[Smackdown fireworks go off as the theme and titantron begins to play]

Savannah: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome your World Heavyweight Champion........CHRIS.....JERICHO!

[Chris Jericho's theme and titantron begins to play]

[Chris Jericho takes his time as he arrogantly walks towards the ring with the WHC on his shoulder. Eventually he reaches the ring, climbs in and stands in the middle of the ring with a mic in hand]

Chris Jericho: Last night....I put to rest each and every single one of you uneducated, unintelligent, hypocritical bums. Every single fan in the arena wanted Edge to beat me. Do you think that bothers me? Do you think that I'd want you people chanting my name? I don't need fans. I don't need people chanting my name. All that I need is this World Heavyweight Championship. Edge has been spearing me week...after week...after week. But when it all comes down to it, he didn't get the job done. He didn't pin me. But I...I...Chris Jericho...made Edge tap.

[Edge's theme and titantron begins to play. He wastes no time in walking down towards the top of the ramp, with a mic in hand.]


Chris Jericho: I see your defeat on Sunday has had a catastrophic effect on your mental well-being Edge, I really don't know if I should be wasting my time with you out here.


Chris Jericho: Now you see Edge I just think you need to calm down a bit. I thought that you know, it's been a few days, perhaps you wouldn't be so angry at your own failure. Perhaps if all of these mindless failures that call themselves the "WWE Universe" hadn't been bellowing "SPEAR...SPEAR...SPEAR" at the top of their dirty throats, you wouldn't have been so...distracted.

Edge: SHUT UP!

Chris Jericho: Well I'm sorry Edge, but I thought that you must have been a little distracted. I remained calm and collected, and, as you like to put it in true "Ultimate Opportunist" style I got out of the way of your spear and tripped you. You didn't know what had hit you. Before you could even begin to contemplate what had happened, I had you in the Walls of Jericho, and I had you tapping out to Y...2...J... Chris Jericho!

Edge: The contract. The contract Chris!!!

Chris Jericho: The contract? The Money in the Bank contact? You didn't take part in that match you-

Edge: The contract clause for the match. I have a rematch clause!

Chris Jericho: Edge, I'm afraid that only the Champion has a rematch clause in the contract of a Championship match.

[Edge walks up the steps and climbs into the ring]

Edge: Don't you remember Chris? You were so confident of beating me, you let me have a rematch clause, so you could beat me again. But that's not going to happen when I have my rematch Chris. I'll spear you all night if I have to, I will win the World Heavyweight Championship.

Chris Jericho: I may have forgotten that I let you have a rematch, but maybe that can work to my advantage Edge. I will get to beat you once again, Edge I'll beat you all year long if I have to, maybe I'll beat you again at Wrestlemania 27!

Edge: When I have my rematch Chris, I promise you, you will not beat me. You'll wish that you never let me have a rematch-

[Drew McIntyre's theme and titantron begin to play, he walks out onto the stage, both of the other men now look at him from their advanced positions]

Drew McIntyre:
You know... I was watching Raw this Monday Night and I saw Triple H and Batista all talking about rematch clauses. So I knew that on Smackdown tonight, we'd have the same old story all over again. You see rematch clauses are the reason that the same old, same old people are holding the WWE's highest prizes. You take a look at my Intercontinental Championship. It means nothing compared to the World Heavyyweight Championship.

Edge: What the hell do you think that you are doing?!?!

Drew McIntyre: What do you think I'm doin'? I'm making a statement, that's what I'm doin'. Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, John Morrison, Santino Marella, Kofi Kingston, William Regal. Since 2004, all of these men have held this Intercontinental Championship. Not one of these men have been World Heavyweight or the WWE Champion. You've been Champion more than 5 times in 3 years! I will not turn out like them, I will be a Champion. I am the future of the WWE.

Edge: You know, I'd probably understand you a lot better if you decided to speak in English.

[Drew walks down the ramp, up the steps, and stands in the ring with the two other superstars, who stand on opposite ends of the ring]

Drew McIntyre: You may disrespect my accent, but at least I haven't got a face like a dug that's been lickin' pish aff a nettle!

Edge: What did you just say to me?

Drew McIntyre: Edge. What it all boils down to is that I want the World Heavyweight Championship. I don't care if you have a rematch clause or not, I will become Champion soon. But before that opportunity presents itself, I am more than happy to help Chris Jericho, teach you a lesson.

[Edge is momentarily confused, but then realizes that he's been set up. Drew McIntyre and Chris Jericho then begin their onslaught of attacks to Edge, who subsequently loses balance and is grounded. This leads to Jericho and McIntyre having even more of an advantage]

Chris Jericho: You see Edge I may not have any fans. But I know how to make an alliance, I may not be friends with Drew but we're more than willing to work together to bring you down.

[McIntyre and Jericho continue to stamp on Edge. Jericho then decides to put Edge in the Walls of Jericho. Edge grimaces in pain as Jericho puts him in the painful submission move]

[Christian's theme and titantron begin to play as he runs towards the ring, MITB briefcase in hand. He slides into the ring and smashes McIntyre in the face with the briefcase, Jericho sees defeat and gets out of the ring before Christian gets to him, McIntyre rolls out of the ring after being hit. Christian goes over to help Edge who gets up, looking surprised and grateful at Christian]

[break for commercial]

[CM Punk who is dressed in a hoodie with the hood up, Luke Gallows and Serena are in the GM's office with the GM Teddy Long]

Teddy Long: Look I'm sorry playa' but I don't have time for you righ' now, I've just had the Worl' Champion interrupted in his speech. I've got a 4-team tag team tournament going on tonigh' to see which team will be representin' Smackdown at this un-unification match at Extreme Rules.

CM Punk: Rey Mysterio will pay for what he did at Wrestlemania. I know you have Rey Mysterio scheduled for a match with Shelton Benjamin tonight, but I want you to change that to Luke Gallows vs Rey Mysterio.

Teddy Long: I'm sorry playa' but I can't do that, I've already made the match!

CM Punk: Teddy I think we both know that you're very stressed tonight. I'm sure that having myself, Luke and Serena pestering you all night is not going to help that. But if you can make that match Luke Gallows vs Rey Mysterio, and put Serena in the Women's number 1 contender over-the-top rope battle royal, we will go away, no questions asked.

Teddy Long: Well I... Well. Okay playa', but I'm warnin' you that if you try any of this funny business next Friday night then-

CM Punk: Teddy, you've got nothing to worry about.

Match 1, Tag Team Semi Final 1 - Cryme Tyme vs Hart Dynasty w/Natalya

Match Description -
Cryme Tyme get a big pop from the crowd, whilst Hart Dynasty attract some heat. Hart Dynasty dominate the match, with the finish coming when JTG and DH Smith are the legal men. Natalya distracts Shad and the referee by waving some Canadian money at Shad. Shad looks down at it and then laughs at it, shouting "that aint worth nothin'", Natalya takes this as an insult and slaps him. He gets mad so the referee stands over the rope and starts shouting at Shad. Meanwhile in the ring Tyson Kidd has climbed into the ring, the Hart Dynasty deliver the Hart Attack to JTG. Tyson Kidd then climbs out of the ring and starts trading blows with Shad who's oblivious to what has just happened. Meanwhile in the ring the referee counts the pin.

Match Result - Hart Dynasty wins via pinfall

[break for commercials]

[In the GM office again, Chris Jericho and Drew McIntyre are talking to Teddy Long]

Teddy Long: I know that Edge interrupted your speech playa' but I can't take away his rematch clause.

Chris Jericho: This is ridiculous and pathetic. I expected better from the General Manager of the superior brand!

Teddy Long: Look Chris, I tell ya' what I'll do. The main event tonight, Edge goin' one on one with none other, than Drew McIntyre!

Drew McIntyre: Now that, is more like it!

Match 2 - Women's Number 1 Contender Over-The-Top Rope Battle Royal (Beth Phoenix, Layla, Maria & Serena w/CM Punk)

Match Description -
The 3 women all recognize Beth Phoenix as the biggest threat so start off by working as a unit to eliminate her, despite a good fight she can't defend herself from three women at the same time. Maria is the next to go as Serena throws her out of the ring with ease. With just Layla and Serena left CM Punk starts talking on the mic, offering Layla the chance to join the Straight Edge Society, she says no. Serena seems to take this very personally and attacks Layla with a lot of anger, eventually throwing her out with as much ease as she did with Maria.

Match Result - Serena wins

[break for commercials]

[Back in the GM Room, Teddy Long is on his own, until an official comes rushing into the room]

Random Official: Teddy, Teddy, The Great Khali and Matt Hardy have not arrived at the arena. There's no way that they can take part in the tag team tournament tonight, their match with Croft & Barretta starts in less than 5 minutes!

Teddy Long: Naa Naa Naa this aint happenin' playa!

[The door starts knocking, Teddy opens and looks out but we don't see who it is. Someone else arrives at the door.]

Unknown 1: Hey man I was here first, let me talk to Teddy then you can talk.

Unknown 2: I need to-

Teddy Long: Woah Woah Woah playa's calm down just a sec', we got a tag team tournament and I've lost one of my tag teams. I need you two to get on out to the ring and team up, right now, come on playa's, you hola?

Unknown 1: But but but-

Teddy Long: Come on playa's do me a favour here!

Match 3 -
Tag Team Semi Final 2 - Trent Barretta & Caylen Croft vs The World's Greatest Tag Team

Match Description - Despite being un-prepared to team with each other Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas are able to put on a good display against the 'Dudebusters'. Despite their younger rivals giving it all they were out-matched and out-done by the experience of the World's Greatest Tag Team, who picked up the win with Charlie Haas getting the pin.

Match Result - World's Greatest Tag Team wins via pinfall

[break for commercials]

[In the locker room we see Edge and Christian]

Christian: I just happened to be on the show, evaluating my Money in the Bank options and noticed you were getting the crap kicked out of you. I thought it was only fair to give my old friend some...help.

Edge: I don't need help with anything, but if I'm going to have those two jumping me every five minutes having someone to watch my back wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Christian: Well, I'll be watching your back in your match with McIntyre later tonight, don't you worry.

Match 4 - Luke Gallows w/CM Punk & Serena vs Rey Mysterio

Match Description -
Rey Mysterio puts on a good showing against Luke Gallows in this match, but having CM Punk and Serena at ringside un-edges him quite a bit. At one stage Rey Mysterio has Gallows set up for a 619 but CM Punk manages to help Gallows get off the ropes and out of the way. When Rey Mysterio attempts a West Coast Pop, CM Punk grabs his legs and he falls. Gallows is subsequently disqualified but this doesn't seem to bother him or Punk. The SES then relentless beat Mysterio in the middle of the ring, CM Punk then attempts to remove Mysterio's mask but John Morrison and R-Truth make the save.

Match Result - Rey Mysterio wins by disqualification

[break for commercial]

Main Event - Edge w/Christian vs Drew McIntyre w/Chris Jericho

Match Description -
Edge and Christian walk out together to a massive pop. Chris Jericho and Drew McIntyre both have a lot of heat. Both Edge and Drew McIntyre look good in the ring during the match, with McIntyre looking especially impressive. Edge seems to suffer a bit from the beat down earlier, whilst McIntyre seems un-effected from the briefcase shot to the face. The finish of the match comes when Drew McIntyre goes for the Scot Drop, Edge pushes him away and spears him. Chris Jericho stands on the apron and starts shouting abuse at Edge, Christian goes over to Jericho and the two exchanges stares. Chris Jericho then decides to run at Christian and start attacking him, the two begin to exchange blows. Edge seems to forget where he is and tries to exit the ring and get involved, just as he goes to do this he gets school boy rolled up by McIntyre who picks up a win to secure a big upset. After the match Drew McIntyre and Edge start exchanging blows in the ring, Christian slides into the ring to assist Edge after knocking Jericho to the ground, eventually Jericho gets into the ring and evens the fight out. After a minute or so a lot of security guards/referees get in the ring to try and separate the superstars, the show finishes with these scenes unfolding.

Match Result - Drew McIntyre wins via pinfall


Match Results
  • Mike Knox defeated Finlay by disqualification
  • Kane defeated Funaki by pinfall
  • Jimmy Wang Yang & Slam Master J defeated Dolph Ziggler & Zack Ryder by pinfall
  • Hart Dynasty defeated Cryme Tyme via pinfall in the first semi final of the tag team tournament
  • Serena won a 4-way over-the-tope rope battle royal to decide the number 1 contender for the Women's Championship
  • World's Greatest Tag Team defeated Caylen Croft & Trent Barretta by pinfall
  • Rey Mysterio defeated Luke Gallows by disqualification
  • Drew McIntyre defeated Edge by pinfall

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re: WWE 2010: Settle For Nothing!


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re: WWE 2010: Settle For Nothing!

Inside Pro Wrestling


World Wrestling Entertainment revealed it's 2010 pay-per-view schedule earlier this afternoon, as Inside Pro Wrestling can exclusively reveal. The rumours that long running pay-per-view Survivor Series was due to be axed seems to be true, as the November pay-per-view has been replaced by TLC, which debuted last year in December. Other pay-per-views that have been axed include Judgment Day, Breaking Point and Hell in a Cell. A new pay-per-view to debut this year is Over The Limit, which fans will see in April after the up-coming pay-per-view Extreme Rules. This year sees a return for The Great American Bash which was replaced by Night of Champions in 2009, Night of Champions will now be in September. There's another big return for King of the Ring, the tournament style pay-per-view will air in June. There's only one other change in terms of pay-per-view name and it's another return, perhaps a more surprising one as the company have decided to bring back the WCW pay-per-view Halloween Havoc, the pay-per-view will return on Halloween night itself, whether this surprising return has anything to do with rumours that the 2011 Hall of Fame will be WCW themed is unknown. The full schedule can be seen below.
  • Extreme Rules - April 25th
  • Over The Limit - May 23rd
  • King of the Ring - June 20t
  • The Great American Bash - July 18th
  • Summerslam - August 15th
  • Night of Champions - September 19th
  • Halloween Havoc - October 31st
  • Tables, Ladders and Chairs - November 28th
  • Bragging Rights - December 19th

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re: WWE 2010: Settle For Nothing!

Monday Night Raw and Heat, April 5th 2010


Todd Grisham:
Hello everybody and welcome to Heaaat! I'm Todd Grisham, alongside me is none other than Josh Matthews!

Josh Matthews: Thanks very much Todd, I can't wait to see what's going to boil down on Raw tonight, but Heat tonight is certainly looking very hot.

Todd Grisham: That's absolutely right, we've got Chris Masters and William Regal in action. And that match is next!

Match 1 - Local Talent vs Chris Masters w/Eve

Match Description -
It's pretty much a squash match so Chris Masters can begin to regain some kind of credibility on the roster.

Match Result - Chris Masters wins via submission

Josh Matthews:
Last week on Monday Night Raw there was a match between Evan Bourne and Chavo Guerrero, Evan was the superstar who picked up the victory. However Chavo wasn't very happy and wanted a rematch.

Todd Grisham: And that rematch is going to be right here on Heat tonight!

Match 2 - Evan Bourne vs Chavo Guerrero

Match Description -
Before the match begins Chavo shouts at Evan claiming last week was a fluke, he's the real high-flyer/cruiserweight. Chavo Guerrero has a more aggressive style during the match trying to ground Evan, who continues to use spring-board and top rope manouvres. The end of the match comes when Chavo Guerrero attempts a frog splash, Bourne moves out of the way and whilst Guerrero is on his back in pain following the impact, Evan Bourne hits a standing shooting star press. Evan then gets the 1-2-3.

Match Result - Evan Bourne wins via pinfall

Josh Matthews:
It seems as though it's back to the drawing board for Chavo Guerrero, he's lost to Evan Bourne again!

Todd Grisham: It's certainly not Chavo Guerrero's night, how embarrassing for him

Josh Matthews: It's now time for, Todd I'll let you do the honours...

Todd Grisham: The maaaain event. Kofi Kingston goes one on one with Ezekiel Jackson!

Match 3 - Ezekiel Jackson vs Kofi Kingston

Match Description -
The match is fairly even, despite the fact Kingston struggles to do much damage to Jackson. Kofi Kingston hits a trouble in paradise, but it's close to the ropes and sends Jackson over them and out of the ring. When Jackson gets up Kofi runs towards the ropes and jumps over them attempting a cross body to Jackson on the outside, Jackson moves out of the way, leading to Kingston hitting the outside hard. This really hurts Kingston, he doesn't get up until the referee has counted to 5. Ezekiel Jackson then irish whips Kofi into the steel steps, laying him out. Ezekiel then gets back into the ring, the referee counts out Kingston who doesn't get back up in time.

Match Result - Ezekiel Jackson wins via count-out


[Fireworks go off as the Raw theme song and titantron begin to play]

Jerry Lawler: Hello everybody you're watching Monday Night Raw!

Michael Cole: Last week on Monday Night Raw, Stephanie McMahon announced that her husband Triple H has been appointed acting General Manager of Raw.

Jerry Lawler: And if that's not enough Triple H then announced that at Extreme Rules, Batista will get his rematch for the WWE Championship against 'The Champ' John Cena.

Michael Cole: Former WWE Champion Sheamus was none to happy about this and he wanted in, Triple H told him he'd have to prove himself in a match with Ted DiBiase Jr. Sheamus won that match, after the match Ted DiBiase Jr blamed Cody Rhodes for the loss and hit the Dream Street on his 'friend'.

Jerry Lawler: Randy Orton then decided to gain revenge, for an earlier attack backstage by his former Legacy associates. Ted DiBiase Jr quickly fled the scene and it was Cody Rhodes who received a vicious punt from the frustrated 'Viper'.

Michael Cole: Triple H also announced that at Extreme Rules there would be a 3 way tag team match, if Unified Tag Team Champions Mark Henry and MVP fail to win then the tag titles will be un-unified, with a set of championships going to each brand. Neither the Smackdown or Raw teams for that match have been decided yet.

[Sheamus' theme and titantron begin to play, he walks out slowly looking intimidating. He gradually makes his way to the ring, once in it he receives a WWE mic from the announce table.]

Michael Cole:
It looks like Sheamus has something to say about last weeks events.

Sheamus: Last week, Triple H told me I needed to prove myself in a match with Ted DiBiase Jr. I annihilated him and his little mucker. Ever since I arrived here on Raw, I've proved that I am the future of the Dubya Dubya E.

Sheamus: I won a breakthrough battle royal that nobody was expecting me to win. I shocked the 'ole Dubya Dubya E when I beat John Cena at T-L-C to become the Dubya Dubya E Champion for the first time in me career. Nobody expected me to beat Triple H at Wrestlemania. But I proved yous all wrong, and I'll prove yous all wrong week after week, after week if I have to. But as I was sayin', I proved myself last week...

Sheamus: So I'd like to ask our acting General Manager himself, to come on out and officially announce the match at Extreme Rules as a triple threat match.

Jerry Lawler: He's got a point Michael, Triple H did say he needed to prove himself, and he did exactly that!

Sheamus: Come on Hunter, why'd ya need to keep all these people waiting? They can't wait to hear that at Extreme Rules, I'll win back me Dubya Dubya E Championship for good.

Sheamus: You see Triple H, this just shows that you're a-

[Batista's theme and titantron begins to play as he walks downs the ramp in 'fashionable clothes'. He eventually gets into the ring and takes another mic, he holds it firmly in his hand whilst staring down Sheamus. Sheamus then begins to talk to Batista]

Sheamus: Blimey Triple H, I knew that you'd been on the roids in the past, but what are ya wearin'?

Batista: You know, I have no idea who you are, so I'm gonna cut the crap. If you think that you're getting involved in my rematch...then you've got another thing coming.

Sheamus: As much as I appreciate the compliment, I think you'll find that I will be in your match at Extreme Rules. And I will win back me Dubya Dubya E Championship!

Batista: As long as I am the WWE Champion, I can assure you, you will never be Champion again. So when I beat John Cena at Extreme Rules and become WWE Champion, you better hope you get drafted to Smackdown if you want to see Championship gold!

Sheamus: You've come out here, strutting ya stuff in ya fancy clothes, claiming ya gonna beat John Cena at Extreme Rules. But if me memory serves me right, you've been pinned by John Cena twice in ya last two matches against him. But don't you worry about getting pinned by John Cena at Extreme Rules, cause at Extreme Rules you or Cena will get pinned by me.

Batista: I'm not worried because I know that you wont be in the match.

Sheamus: Well then I think it's time the acting General Manager addressed the situation. Quite frankly I want to know whether or not I'm gonna be in this match.

[Triple H's theme and titantron begins to play. Everyone expects him to walk out but he doesn't, Sheamus and Batista look on in slight apprenshion. After about a minute the theme and titantron stop playing and it cuts to show Triple H in the GM office looking at them]

Triple H: Sheamus, it would have been nice to have made this announcement in the ring to your face. But unfortunately due to my General Manager duties I don't have time to do that. I'll make this quick.

Sheamus: Look, fella I know that you're too scared to come out here and speak to me face to face-

[Triple H reaches out and picks up a contract and shows it infront of the camera]

Triple H: This here is the official contract for Batista and John Cena's match at Extreme Rules, it was signed after last weeks Raw. I know that these contract signings have a bit of a reputation, so I thought it would be easier to just do it behind the scenes. John Cena signed first and then I saw Batista later on in the night. You will not be involved in the WWE Championship match at Extreme Rules. However you are in action tonight, since you were so impressive against Ted DiBiase Jr last week, tonight you will face him again, except this time it will be in a 2 on 1 handicap match. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr vs Sheamus. Now prove yourself, "fella".

Triple H: Batista, Sheamus mentioned that you've been pinned by John Cena in your last two matches. I've decided to save you from that embarrassment tonight, by making the main event a tag team match. You will team up with John Cena and face Big Show and The Miz.

Triple H: Now I know it's going to be very tempting for you two to have a little fight right now, but there's a very important tag team match happening next. So I suggest that you get the hell out of my ring, right now.

[break for commercial]

Match 1, Tag Team Elimination Match - Vladimir Kozlov & Santino Marella vs Primo & Carlito vs Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust (The winner qualifies for a match with Big Show and The Miz next week to decide Raw's tag team for the un-unification match at Extreme Rules)

Match Description - Carlito and Goldust start the match off. They go back and forth for a while before Goldust gains some momentum. He then tags in Yoshi Tatsu. Yoshi Tatsu gets to work on Carlito hitting him with several kicks. Carlito tags in Santino who tries to gain some control over Yoshi Tatsu but Tatsu's kicks and energy prove to much for him. He tags in Kozlov. Yoshi Tatsu tries to gain control of Kozlov like he did with Santino but Kozlov's power is too much. Kozlov hits an Iron Curtain and goes for the pin but Goldust breaks it up. Carlito enters the ring and clotheslines Goldust over the ropes to the floor below, taking himself with him. Primo is still standing on the apron, Kozlov unexpectedly tags him in. Primo is reluctant to enter the match, Kozlov throws him into the ring and then hits a scoop powerslam. Yoshi Tatsu is still the other legal man, he waits for Primo to get up and then delivers a roundhouse kick. He then gets the pin over Primo, eliminating the Colon's from the match. Carlito doesn't notice any of this until the announcer makes the announcement. He's furious and blames Primo. Goldust is back on the apron and Tatsu makes the tag. Santino is now the other legal man. Eventually Goldust hits the Final Cut on Santino and goes for the pin, Kozlov stops him from getting the win. Yoshi Tatsu delivers a few kicks to the legs of Kozlov but this just enrages Kozlov. Kozlov delivers a big boot to Yoshi which sends him out of the ring. This distracts Goldust, meanwhile Santino is back on his feet. He scores a schoolboy on Goldust to pick up the win.

Match Result - Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov win via pinfall

[backstage. Ted DiBiase Jr and Cody Rhodes in a locker room. Cody Rhodes looks very distressed.]

Ted DiBiase Jr: Tonight we face Sheamus together Cody. Do you know how embarrassing it would be if we were to lose? Do you know how bad that would make me look?

Cody Rhodes: What have you done with Kriston? She's been missing for over a week, I know that you're responsible!

Ted DiBiase Jr: Cody, your sister is absolutely fine. However I cannot reveal her exact location, once she's nice and safe, I know that-

Cody Rhodes: You know that I'll stop being your partner! Your body guard!

Ted DiBiase Jr: Are you really that stupid Cody? You think that I've done this for your 'services as a body guard'? You really think you're that useful? You misguided fool. I told you last week, this is about your father.

Cody Rhodes: What about my father? I thought that was only because of the Wrestlemania match?!?!

Ted DiBiase Jr: Initially it was. But your father didn't take being blackmailed very well, in fact, he threw around a lot of threats Cody. Your father has a lot of influence in this company, especially in FCW. He threatened to get my little brother Brett fired, to ruin any chance of a future career in the WWE for him. I had no intention of paying those guys to kidnap Kriston, that was just a threat to get me the win at 'Mania. But he wanted to make things personal. So I've made them personal. I'm not letting Kriston go until Brett is an official member of the Raw or Smackdown roster.

Cody Rhodes: You've kidnapped my sister so your brother can get into the WWE? What kind of crap is that Ted?!?! What the hell is wrong with you!?!?!

Ted DiBiase Jr: Cody, you can whine all you want. You can beat me up all you want. You wont see your sister until I see my brother on Raw or Smackdown. Now if you don't mind, I have a match to prepare for.

Match 2 - MVP w/Mark Henry vs Randy Orton

Match Description - Randy Orton comes across as very frustrated in the match due to wrestling in only the second match of the night. His frustrated style causes his in-ring performance to suffer, as MVP is able to capitalize on numerous lapses of concentration from The Viper. MVP hits a playmaker but Randy Orton kicks out. Randy Orton hits an RKO moments later but MVP kicks out. Randy Orton is incredibly frustrated by this, and in his frustration he decides enough is enough and walks out on the match, allowing MVP the win via a count-out.

Match Result - MVP wins via count-out

[break for commercial]

[Jack Swagger's theme and titantron begin to play. He walks out in ring gear with a mic in hand and Maryse by his side. Eventually he reaches the ring and begins his promo]

Jack Swagger: After the mixed tag team match last week, a lot of people have been saying that I was going to hurt Gail Kim and that Christian saved the day. He didn't save anyone. I would never, ever touch a woman.

Jack Swagger: I am an all-American American. I know that a true American man would never hurt a woman. I only got talking to Maryse last week after our tag team match, but she's told me a lot of things that do not surprise me. Maryse here grew up in Quebec, Canada. They may speak French in some parts of Canada, but are they romantic like the men in France? Maryse?

Maryse: Non ils ne sont pas! No they are not!

Jack Swagger: Canadian men then Maryse, they are not respectful to women?

Maryse: Ils sont
dgotant! They are disgusting!

Jack Swagger: You see ladies and gentleman Canadian men are disgusting. But true American men like myself, we know how to treat a woman. We know how to respect a woman. American men are honorable and respectful.

Jack Swagger: Is Christian one of these true honorable American men like myself?

Jack Swagger: No he is not. Christian happens to be one of these disgusting Canadian men that Maryse has described. So Gail Kim, if you want to stay away from men that are likely to hurt you, then you need to stay as far away from Christian as you can!

Jack Swagger: Now chant with me... USA...USA...USA...USA...USA-

[Christian's theme and titantron begins to play, he walks out with a mic in one hand and the MITB in the other, alongside Gail Kim who has the Diva's Championship on her shoulder]

Jack Swagger: Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you, a disgust-

Christian: Woah...Woah...Woah.. just hold on a second! Now am I right in thinking, that you're calling me a disgusting man. A disgusting Canadian man.

Jack Swagger: Too right I am!

Christian: You're calling me a disgusting man? A man that treats women with no respect? Well lets just say this, I don't think you're out here with Maryse for the conversation. You know, I wouldn't normally expect you to have any kind of chance with such a beautiful Canadian woman like Maryse, Gail here is obviously a much better example of fine Canadian woman, but lets get back on topic. I wouldn't expect Maryse to find a dull and boring American like yourself very attractive, but by the looks of it you've already made her wet with all the spit that comes out of your mouth whenever you start talking.

Michael Cole:
Ohhh My!

Jack Swagger: You might be able to out-word me Christian, but you can't out-wrestle me. Why don't you come down to the ring, we'll get a referee down here, and I'll show you why I'm an All-American-American.

Jerry Lawler: Now that I'd like to see!

Christian: As much as I would like to embarrass you tonight Jack, I can't wrestle you tonight. I got a phone call from Teddy Long saying that he's booked me in for a match on Friday, I want to be in the best possible shape for it so I'm taking a break tonight. However there is one man back-stage who I know will take you on right now and I know he will out-wrestle you. He's not Canadian but he dislikes arrogant Americans as much as any Canadian.

Match 3 - Jack Swagger w/Maryse vs William Regal

Match Description - The match is an even bout with a lot of mat wrestling. Maryse continually shouts insults at Regal throughout the match which for the majority of the match Regal ignores, until she starts to shout abuse about Britain and British people. This leads to Regal going over to the apron and shouting at her, Jack Swagger uses the distraction to his advantage as he attempts a school boy on Regal, Swagger only gets a 2 count. The referee then decides to eject Maryse as she calls him an idiot for only counting 2, Swagger also joins in the complaints, whilst this is going on Regal gets out some brass knuckles from his boot. Swagger turns around and his taken out by a vicious power of the punch from Regal. He tells the referee to turn around and count, he does so and Regal picks up the victory.

Match Result - William Regal wins via pinfall

[backstage in Triple H's GM office we see MVP and Mark Henry talking Triple H.]

M.V.P: What the hell is going on around here? Randy Orton walks out on the match, are you kidding me? He's too embarrassed to be in a match with me or Mark? I'm one of the brightest prospects in the WWE, yet Randy Orton walks out on his match with me? It's complete crap man! And as for our match at Extreme Rules... I mean we're basically in a handicap match! It's 4 against 2, how is that fair Triple H?

Triple H: The other guys on the roster want the titles un-unified. While I don't have the power to strip you and Mark of the belts, I do have the power to make the match at Extreme Rules.

M.V.P: We're not happy with that Triple H, we're prepared to strike. We'll walk out, get counted out and remain champions.

Triple H: While that might have been a great plan, that's not going to happen. You shouldn't have told me that Montal, because as of now, your match at Extreme Rules will be a falls count anywhere match.

M.V.P: What? Come on you've got to be joking man!

Triple H: I'm not joking. And do you know what "M...V...P"? I don't like your attitude. You know, I'm starting to think that I'd like nothing more than to see you drafted to Smackdown on the draft show after Extreme Rules!
I can't blame Randy Orton for walking out on his match with you tonight, I'd have done the same thing. Admittedly I will be heavily punishing Randy Orton for his actions, but that's besides the point.

M.V.P: I'm starting to think that I would like nothing more than to be drafted to Smackdown. I think myself and Mark would fit in well over on Smackdown.

Triple H: I didn't say anything about Mark.Mark's an honorable, respectful and generally good guy. I think Mark could do well in singles competition, I'd like to keep him here on Raw, away from bad influences like yourself.

Mark Henry: Well I mean-

Triple H: You want to go to Smackdown with this guy Mark? You want to be facing guys like Cryme Tyme week in week out? Really, is that what you want?

Mark Henry: It's a random draft, anything can happen, I'm happy either way that I'm still working for the WWE.

[break for commercial]

Match 4 - Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr

Match Description - The match starts off with DiBiase and Sheamus. It's pretty even with Sheamus perhaps coming across as the stronger guy, eventually he irish whips DiBiase into his corner and Rhodes tags himself in. Despite being fresh in the match Rhodes can't seem to get any advantage over Sheamus who over powers him. It's at this time that Ted DiBiase Jr decides to walk out on Cody Rhodes who is left to face Sheamus on his own. Sheamus notices this and doesn't seem that bothered, it's almost as though he believed he'd win regardless of the 2-on-1 situation. It does provoke some form of reaction in Cody Rhodes though, it seems to bring a new sense of determination and anger in his style. The match finishes when Rhodes goes for a Cross Rhodes, but Sheamus powers out of it and hits a Celtic Cross. When the match finishes Sheamus quickly throws Rhodes out of the ring and retrieves a microphone.

Match Result - Sheamus wins via pinfall

Sheamus: So Triple H, have I proven me-self to you yet? Because I can do this week after week after week, until I rightfully receive me Dubya-Dubya-E title shot. You've given me two ridiculously easy matches since I defeated ya at Wrestlemania, next week ya might as well come down the ring and face me yaself!

Sheamus: If I can't have my match for the Dubya-Dubya-E title at Extreme Rules, then I want a match with none other than yaself Triple H!

Sheamus: Ya not scared are ya Triple H? Scared that I'll beat ya yet again? Scared that I'll beat you again?

Sheamus: I'm the most deserving of a Dubya-Dubya-E title match on the Raw roster, why don't you-

[Randy Orton's theme and titantron begins to play as he walks out to the ring with a mic in hand looking fairly angry and distressed.]

Randy Orton: If you'll excuse me, I've got a couple of things that I'd like to tell you Sheamus. First of all, you come out here last week and cut a promo insulting Triple H, bringing up his personal life, bla bla bla. It's been done, I've done it before, so I'd advise you not to bother. Secondly, you claim you're deserving of a title shot, when all you've done is beat Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes. I carried those two guys for over twelve months!

Sheamus: Now what are ya tryin' a get at Randy?

Randy Orton: What am I trying to get at? The point I'm trying to make here Sheamus is that if anybody deserves a title shot around here it's me. I'm a 5 time WWE Champion Sheamus. How many times have you won the title? Once? You had one of the worst WWE title reigns in history Sheamus. You won the title because John Cena fell off a turnbuckle into a table, seriously?

Sheamus: I beat you Randy and I'll beat you again if I get tha' chance!

Randy Orton: That's an empty threat and you know it. You've got no experience here in the WWE Sheamus. I've been here in the WWE for over eight years, you haven't even been here for one year yet. Where were you before you came to the WWE? Messing around in Europe for worthless promotions. Your two years older than me Sheamus, but next to me, you're nothing! I'm the Legend Killer, The Viper, The Future Hall of Famer. You're just an Irish wannabe that kissed Triple H's ass!

Why don't ya come down the ring and repeat that fella?
[Triple H appears on the titantron]

Triple H: Look, guys, guys, you've just given me a great idea. Sheamus, you're desperate to prove yourself and earn a shot at the WWE Championship. Randy, you're frustrated with your position on the card and you also want a shot at the WWE Championship.

Triple H: This has given me an idea for a match at Extreme Rules. It will be, Sheamus vs Randy Orton. The winner will become the number one contender for the WWE Championship. The loser, will be drafted to Smackdown!

Triple H: And it will be...in a CAGE MATCH!

[break for commercials]

Main Event - Batista & John Cena vs Big Show & The Miz

Match Description - John Cena starts the match facing off against The Miz. The Miz looks like he's working extra hard to pick up a win since he's against John Cena, Cena is out-wrestled in the first few minutes, with The Miz constantly taunting him. John Cena begins to become increasingly wound up by this and eventually clotheslines The Miz after finding a tank of energy in his reserves, The Miz sensibly tags in Big Show who halts John Cena's new found momentum. Big Show toys with Cena, hitting a few slaps, head-butts and even a sidewalk slam. The Big Show looks to be setting up for a chokeslam, Cena is near Batista but doesn't want to tag him in despite looking exhausted, Batista tags himself in when John Cena isn't looking. Batista enters the match and instantly spears Big Show, creating a huge amount of momentum for himself. The Miz comes into the ring trying to stop Batista but The Animal delivers a crushing spine-buster to The Miz. Batista grabs the ropes and it looks like he's going to deliver a Batista Bomb to Big Show. Batista waits for Big Show to get up, when he does Batista gets him in the right position and delivers a massive Batista Bomb. Batista pins Big Show but from out of nowhere The Miz breaks it up. Batista is incredibly angered by this and when he gets up he begins to shout at The Miz who's still feeling the effects of the earlier spine-buster. Eventually he picks The Miz up in a two-handed choke lift and slams him down. Batista turns around and receives a knock-out punch from Big Show. Big Show looks to see if John Cena would be able to break up a pin attempt, Cena is standing on the apron and does a "You can't see me" taunt indicating he's not going to break up a pin attempt. Big Show pins Batista to pick up the win. After the match John Cena delivers a five knuckle shuffle to a still down Batista, he waits for Batista to get up and then delivers an F-U to end the show.

Match Result - Big Show & The Miz via pinfall

Match Results

  • Chris Masters defeats local talent via submission
  • Evan Bourne defeats Chavo Guerrero via pinfall
  • Ezekiel Jackson defeats Kofi Kingston via count-out
  • Vladimir Kozlov & Santino Marella win an elimination tag team match to earn a match with Big Show & The Miz next week, the winners of that match will be Raw's representative in the un-unification match at Extreme Rules
  • MVP defeats Randy Orton via count-out
  • William Regal defeats Jack Swagger via pinfall
  • Sheamus defeats Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr via pinfall
  • Big Show & The Miz defeat John Cena & Batista via pinfall

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re: WWE 2010: Settle For Nothing!

Friday Night Smackdown! Preview

The scene is set for a great night of entertainment this Friday night following the dramatic events of last week, which saw fireworks fly on the first Smackdown since Wrestlemania 26. Last week Smackdown begun with World Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho addressing the WWE universe following his brilliant win at Wrestlemania. Jericho took great pleasure in reminding the fans who for weeks had been chanting "Spear...Spear...Spear", that despite the fact Edge did in-fact deliver a spear at Wrestlemania, it wasn't enough for the "Rated R Superstar" to pick up the win and become the new champion. Edge was certainly not happy at his loss at Wrestlemania and wasted little time in coming out from the locker-room and confronting Jericho. Edge was raging like a bull claiming that Wrestlemania should have been "his time" following his Royal Rumble win. Edge then reminded his nemesis that he had a rematch clause and did his best in convincing the champion that he wouldn't come up short during the said rematch. Edge and Jericho were then interrupted by the Intercontinental champion Drew McIntyre. McIntyre ranted at how on Monday Night Raw he'd been frustrated at all the talk of rematches for the WWE Championship and that he'd been expecting the same thing on Smackdown that night. The young Scotsman then told the WWE universe that he was sick of the same old faces holding the top prizes in the WWE, and that he didn't want to follow in the foot-steps of former Intercontinental champions who have failed to make the big step up to the main event. The "Rated R Superstar" then interrupted McIntyre and mocked his Scottish accent, McIntyre seemed to take this very personally but then told Edge that he whilst he would do anything to become World Heavyweight champion, he was willing to assist Jericho in getting rid of the other competition first. Edge had been set-up. Jericho and McIntyre then over-powered Edge and began a vicious beat down, before Jericho placed Edge in the same move that his rival had tapped out to at Wrestlemania, the walls of Jericho. It wasn't looking good for Edge but in an unexpected move he received help from an old friend, Money in the Bank holder Christian. Christian stormed the ring saving Edge in the process.

The new-found rivalry between the four superstar's continued later on in the night in the main event, which pitched McIntyre and Edge against each other in the main event. Christian and Jericho were both at ring-side for the match. The match finish came shortly after Edge had speared Drew McIntyre, Edge was distracted by Christian and Jericho trading blows at ring-side, he looked to get involved in the skirmish but was rolled-up by McIntyre who picked up a surprising win. The scenes that followed saw all four men fighting in the middle of the ring, as Smackdown went off air numerous referees and security guards tried their best to split up the battling superstars. This has lead to Smackdown GM Teddy Long booking a match for this Friday night, the main event will be Christian and Chris Jericho. In a surprising move Long has allowed both McIntyre and Edge to be at ring-side for this match, this could be a catastrophic decision as it could lead to a repeat of the scenes we all witnessed last Friday. Here's hoping that there's extra security at the show!

Elsewhere we see the final of the tournament to see which tag team will represent Smackdown at the un-unification match at up-coming pay-per-view Extreme Rules. The first finalists are the Hart Dynasty, the team have never been tag team champions before and will want to do the Hart Family proud and take another step toward tag team gold. Their opponents are the experienced team of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, known collectively as "The World's Greatest Tag Team". The pair tagged for the first time in just under a year this past Friday night and looked impressive in their win over Caylen Croft and Trent Barretta. The two time tag team champions will hope their experience as well as their in-ring talent will help them in their quest for a third tag team title reign. The team re-united through utter chance, both arriving at Teddy Long's GM office separately, shortly after Long had received news that tag team Matt Hardy and The Great Khali hadn't showed up for the show. In a desperate act the Smackdown GM quickly pleaded with Benjamin and Haas to team up, giving them very little time to prepare for their match that night. Will Matt Hardy and The Great Khali's no show be explained to the WWE universe this Friday night?

There's also drama involving the CM Punk's Straight Edge Society. CM Punk made sure that Smackdown GM Teddy Long made a match between Luke Gallows and Rey Mysterio, the masked man who defeated the leader of the Straight Edge Society at Wrestlemania. Punk wanted revenge on Mysterio after his loss at Wrestlemania lead to his facial hair and some of his long hair being shaved off, this had clearly embarrassed Punk who wore his hood up for the majority of the night. CM Punk and Serena were both at ring-side for Mysterio's match with Gallows, Mysterio looked like he had Gallows set-up for a trademark 619, but it wasn't to be as Punk picked this as the time to interfere in the match. This lead to the disqualification of Gallows, this didn't both Gallows, Punk or Serena as Punk and Gallows then beat the living hell out of an out-numbered and exhausted Mysterio. CM Punk then looked to add insult to injury by attempting to remove Mysterio's mask, but Mysterio was saved the embarrassment of this thanks to R-Truth and John Morrison who ran down to the ring and frightened off the Straight Edge Society. What will CM Punk's reaction to this on Friday night be?

Confirmed Matches:

The World's Greatest Tag Team vs The Hart Dynasty
- The winner will represent Smackdown in the un-unification of the tag team titles match at Extreme Rules

Christian w/Edge vs Chris Jericho w/Drew McIntyre - Non Title Match

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re: WWE 2010: Settle For Nothing!

Friday Night Smackdown and Velocity, April 9th 2010


Todd Grisham:
Good evening everybody and welcome to one of the most exciting wrestling shows of the week, Velocity!

Josh Matthews: We've got three exciting matches tonight Todd and just like last week, I'm excited to see what happens.

Todd Grisham:
I'm in the same boat as you Josh, especially for the main event on Velocity tonight, we've got Kane in a handicap match with Croft and Barretta. The Dudebuster's didn't manage to qualify for the tag team tournament final last week, maybe they will do better when they face just the one man.

Josh Matthews: But what a man he is Todd, the big red monster Kane will not be an easy opponent even in a 2-on-1 contest.

Todd Grisham: That's true Josh. But it's now time for our first match of the night!

- Match 1 - Cryme Tyme vs Slam Master J & Jimmy Wang Yang

Match Description -
This match is action packed and full of quick tags to get the crowd going. The finish comes when Shad and Slam Master J are in the ring. Shad is dominating Slam Master J, Jimmy Wang Yang tries to help his partner out but gets a big boot to the face. Shad then hits an STO on Slam Master J to pick up the victory for Cryme Tyme.

Match Result - Cryme Tyme wins via pinfall

Josh Matthews:
Cryme Tyme there picking up a a good win against the team of Slam Master J and Jimmy Wang Yang, Shad Gaspard looking particularly impressive.

Todd Grisham: Next up tonight on Velocity we've got a rematch from last week, Mike Knox taking on Finlay. Last week Finlay was disqualified for having his shillelagh out, after the match he jumped Mike Knox.

Josh Matthews: Your absolutely right Todd and it was Mike Knox who wanted this rematch tonight. He's had a week to reflect on what happened last week, I can't wait to see him get revenge on Finlay.

- Match 2 - Mike Knox vs Finlay

Match Description -
Mike Knox stares down Finlay before the match, Finlay has his shillelagh in hand, the referee tries to take it off him but Finlay knocks him out with it, because the match hadn't actually started yet another referee comes out. The two men then start beating the crap out of each other. Finlay gets in a few shillelagh shots in but Mike Knox manages to knock Finlay down. Mike Knox throws the shillelagh out of the ring, the new referee then starts the match. The match is very match a straight out brawl. The match ends in a double count out when Finlay and Knox begin brawling outside of the ring. The 'brawl' ends when Mike Knox hits a Knox Out on Finlay on the stage.

Match Result - Draw via double count out

Todd Grisham: That was one hell of a fight Josh, I thought we'd see an all out brawl, but that was something else!

Josh Matthews: Mike Knox wanted revenge for last week and I think he got it there Todd, at the end laying Finlay out on the stage.

Todd Grisham: Well Josh I hope that he gets out of the way soon because it's now time for the maaaaaaaaaaain event!

Match 3 - The Dudebuster's vs Kane

Match Description -
The crowd don't give the Dudebuster's that much heat but they treat them as the heels in this match with Kane. Croft and Barretta get near enough an equal amount of time in the match with the big red machine, they both hit a few spots on him. The match finish comes when Kane has the legal man Barretta in a chokeslam, everyone is expecting Kane to chokeslam him but Barretta kicks him in the mid-section, then runs towards the opposite rope, back towards Kane and hits a high knee. He picks up a surprise pin.

Match Result - The Dudebuster's win via pinfall

[Smackdown fireworks go off as the theme and titantron begins to play]

Matt Striker:
Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Friday Night Smackdown! I'm Matt Striker, alongside me is none other than Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Thanks for the introduction Matt, I am indeed the other voice of Smackdown. There's two confirmed matches for tonight's Smackdown, both of which I'm sure will be great.

Matt Striker: We've got tag team action which will see the recently reunited World's Greatest Tag Team taking on the Hart Dynasty, the winner will represent Smackdown at the un-unification match at Extreme Rules. We've also got Christian and the World Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho facing off in a non-title match as the main event, with Drew McIntyre in Chris Jericho's corner and Edge in Christian's corner.

Todd Grisham: Talking of Chris Jericho I believe that he has an announcement to make...

[Chris Jericho's titantron and theme begin to play. He walks out with the World Heavyweight championship, alongside him is Drew McIntyre who holds his Intercontinental title. The two of them walk slowly to the ring. Once in the ring Chris Jericho finds a mic and begins his promo.]

Chris Jericho:
Last week I came down to the ring to celebrate my glorious win at Wrestlemania. A win that meant that I am still your World Heavyweight champion. I didn't have to show my face to you people. I didn't have to show my face to you hypocritical deadbeats.

Chris Jericho: I came out not to celebrate with you people. But to brag. I came out to brag about how I proved every single last one of you failures wrong. You chanted spear at me for weeks. Tormenting me. Trying to drive me into insanity.

Chris Jericho: But I prove you all wrong god damn it! He didn't spear me! I made him tap! He tapped out to me because I am the best in the world at what I do. Can anyone else in this arena say that without lying through the skin of their teeth? No they can't. You can't! You can't! You certainly can't!

Chris Jericho: But then Edge had the audacity to interrupt my speech. That was my time! He interrupted my speech trying to get a rematch that he didn't deserve. He claims that I put a rematch clause in the contract so I could beat him again, it doesn't matter, I will beat him again at Extreme Rules. I will walk out of Extreme Rules still World Heavyweight champion. It doesn't matter what kind of match it is, I will pin you, make you tap, whatever it takes Edge.

Chris Jericho: As for Drew here. He proved last week that he is the future of this business. He proved that one day he will be the best in the world at what he does, just like me. He took advantage of an opportunity to pin the number one contender for the World Heavyweight championship and Edge if we lived in a fair world, Drew McIntyre would be the number one contender, not you.

Chris Jericho: Now that brings me onto my next topic. Tonight I have been booked in a match with Christian. Christian. A guy that without the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, would not have a chance to ever win a World title. I suppose then Edge, that's why you two are such good friends? You both would be nothing without the Money in the Bank PPV, a PPV that was my idea. So in-fact, neither of you would be anything without me.

Chris Jericho: Tonight Christian I will put you in your place. I will show you why you will only ever be a mid-card wrestler. I will make you tap like I made Edge tap at Wrestlemania.

[Christian's theme and titantron begins to play. He walks onto the stage with a mic in hand, accompanied by Edge. ]

Chris Jericho:
So for the second consecutive week I am interrupted during MY time.

Christian: Yeah I'm interrupting your promo Chris. But do you know the thing is, I don't think anyone cares apart from you. The fans here got bored of you as soon as your theme music played. Braveheart alongside you, well I haven't seen him this bored since he listened to Fozzy's last album!

Chris Jericho: Yeah you think you're so funny Christian. You're just doing what every mid-card guy needs to do to get a fan reaction, taking a dig at the top guy. Before you left WWE a few years ago you spent weeks taking every opportunity you had to take a dig at John Cena. Why? Because the fans didn't gave a damn about you!

Christian: Chris, you come out here every week and say the same thing. You call the fans hypocrites and every other word you can find in your thesaurus. The fans only boo you because they find you boring as hell!

Chris Jericho: Christian, the fact of the matter is it doesn't matter whether you or all these people in the arena find me boring. Because tonight, I am going to make you tap, just like I made Edge tap at Wrestlemania. I will show you why you will never be anything more than a glorified mid-card wrestler.

Christian: How about Edge and I come down to the ring right now, I'll give you a little taster of how I'm going to kick the crap about you later, and maybe Edge will spear that guy next to you that's just pissing around in the background!

[Christian and Edge run down the ramp and slide into the ring, Jericho looks up for a fight but then realises that McIntyre has left the ring and is already making his way back up the ramp. Jericho looks shocked. Christian delivers an Unprettier to Jericho and Edge eyes him up for a spear, the crowd pop for this but Jericho manages to roll out under the ring much to Edge's disappointment.]


[In Teddy Long's GM office, we see Teddy Long with an official.]

Teddy Long:
And playa' are you sure that nobody has seen or contacted Matt Hardy, Great Khali or Ranjin Singh since Wrestlemania?

Random Official: No, sir, nobody has seen or heard from them.

Teddy Long: They better have a damn good excuse when they decide to turn up!


Savannah: Ladies and Gentleman the following match is scheduled for one fall, making his way to the ring, from Hollywood, Florida, Dolph Ziggler!

[Dolph Ziggler walks down to the ring after his theme and titantron begin to play, after getting into the ring he grabs a mic.]

Dolph Ziggler:
At Wrestlemania I lost in my Intercontinental title match. The one chance that I had to make a name for myself and I lost. Drew McIntyre main evented last week on Smackdown, pinning Edge.

Dolph Ziggler: That could have been me! Instead, I was on Velocity, in a tag team match against Jimmy Wang Yang and Slam Master J. I bet that comes as a surprise to a lot of you people. Not only because nobody watches Velocity, but because I was in a match with a bunch of nobodies!

Dolph Ziggler: After Wrestlemania I got told that I wasn't good enough to compete for the Intercontinental title. That instead I had to form a tag team. I was told that I would be getting teamed up with another bright, young, charismatic individual. So you can imagine my surprise when Zack Ryder turns up and tells me I'm his new tag team partner.

Dolph Ziggler: Zack Ryder? The same Zack Ryder that used to go around with Edge, dressed up like him, with the same hair and everything.

Dolph Ziggler: The same Zack Ryder that has the weirdest outfits in wrestling. I mean, what the hell is going on with that?

Dolph Ziggler: And his "girlfriend" Rosa? Seriously I feel sorry for all you people at home with High Definition TV sets. When I first saw her I thought the WWE had their first transgender diva. But it turns out, that actually she's a woman. What's up with that?!?!?

[Zack Ryder's theme and titantron begin to play, he comes out accompanied by Rosa Mendes. They both look pretty angry.]

Dolph Ziggler:
Nice sunglasses Zack! Wait a minute, wait a minute!! You know who you remind me of?? You look just like that guy in the new haircut video! Come on, everyone's seen it. You're like a PG rated version of him!

[with that Zack Ryder goes down the ramp and enters the ring, the match starts.]

- Match 1 - Zack Ryder w/Rosa Mendes vs Dolph Ziggler

Match Description -
Dolph Ziggler starts the match taunting Zack Ryder, trying to entice the less experienced superstar into making a mistake. Ziggler manages to get across a lot of offensive moves on Ryder, dominating the match. Ryder manages to get a few moves in which gains him some momentum but ultimately Ziggler picks up the win after delivering the Zig Zag. Ziggler celebrates the win elaborately in the ring, taunting a worried looking Rosa Mendes.

Match Result - Dolph Ziggler wins via pinfall
[backstage in Teddy Long's GM Office. We see CM Punk, Luke Gallows and Serena talking to Teddy Long.]

CM Punk:
I'm just saying Teddy, that last week R-Truth and John Morrison wanted to save the day. They stopped us un-masking Rey Mysterio. I want revenge on them. So put Luke Gallows and myself in a tag team match with R-Truth and John Morrison tonight.

Teddy Long: Whilst you and your Straight Edge Society seemed to enjoy your little handicap beat-down on Rey Mysterio last week, I think that it is Rey Mysterio who deserves some revenge.

CM Punk: What are you talking about?

Teddy Long: Last week you thought it would be pretty damn cool to have a numbers advantage over Rey Mysterio. Well tonight, Rey Mysterio will be the one with the numbers advantage. Because tonight, it will be CM Punk and Luke Gallows vs John Morrison and R-Truth, but on Truth and Morrison's team, will also be none other than Rey Mysterio! Now hola hola hola playa's cause I'm sure you wont wanna be late for Serena's match! -

Match 2 - Serena w/CM Punk & Luke Gallows vs Mickie James (non-title match)

Match Description - Serena seems confident with CM Punk and Luke Gallows by her side. CM Punk looks agitated and angry after what Teddy Long just told him, he spends much of the match on a mobile phone. Luke Gallows does offer Serena support during the match. The finish comes when Serena is distracted seeing if CM Punk is watching her, he isn't which makes her sad, she turns around and gets a reverse roundhouse kick to the face. Mickie James picks up the win.

Match Result - Mickie James wins via pinfall

It is now time for your Raw recall!

This past Monday Night Raw saw a whole host of entertaining and exciting action. The show started with 'The Celtic Warrior' Sheamus expressing his desire to take part in Batista and John Cena's WWE Championship match at Extreme Rules. Batista came out and told the WWE Universe and Sheamus that 'The Celtic Warrior' would not be in the match at Extreme Rules. Acting General Manager 'The Game' Triple H then appeared on the titantron, showing the WWE Universe the official match contract for Batista and John Cena's match at Extreme Rules, thus meaning Sheamus would not be involved in the match.

The next match was part of Raw's tag team tournament to decide their representative at Extreme Rules. There was a 3 team elimination style tag team match to decide who would face ShowMiz next week on Raw. The team of Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov managed to defeat Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust as well as The Colon's, to book their place in the 'final' of the tournament next week.

Cody Rhodes was then seen confronted his partner Ted DiBiase Jr backstage. It became apparent that DiBiase Jr seems to be involved in some kind of kidnapping of Cody Rhodes' sister, Cody demanded Ted to keep his hands of off his sister. Ted then told Cody he is blackmailing Cody's father, Dusty Rhodes, who has a major say in what goes on in developmental territory FCW, as well as WWE itself. Ted DiBiase Jr made his priority clear, he wants his young brother Brett on either Raw or Smackdown soon, it's unknown what the consequences for Cody's sister are if Ted's wishes are not fulfilled swiftly by Dusty Rhodes.

The next match saw 'The Viper' Randy Orton face off with MVP. During the match Randy Orton seemed visually frustrated, which was later revealed to be because of the poor position in the card of the show. Orton hit an RKO on MVP but failed to pick up the 1-2-3 he was looking for. This seemed to make 'The Viper' snap and he walked out on the match, losing by count-out.

The WWE Universe then heard from Jack Swagger and Maryse, who claimed that Canadian men, especially WWE superstar and Money in the Bank holder, Christian, were disgusting and inferior to American's. Jack Swagger claimed he is an all-American and would never treat a woman with dis-respect. Christian then confronted swagger, claiming that he didn't see what Maryse saw in Swagger. Jack Swagger then demanded a match with Christian, but Christian told Swagger he was resting because of a match on Smackdown he had. It was another un-American superstar who faced Swagger, William Regal. Despite having the backing of the American crowd Jack Swagger failed to beat the Brit, who picked up a controversial win after hitting Swagger with brass knuckles.

MVP and Mark Henry then confronted acting General Manager Triple H about their tag team match at Extreme Rules, claiming how unfair it was. Triple H told MVP and Henry that he had no choice as he couldn't legally strip them of their belts, but by making the match he'd made it gave them little chance. MVP threatened to walk out in the match on strike, this backfired enormously as Triple H made it even harder for Henry and MVP to pick up a win at Extreme Rules, by making the match a falls count anywhere match.

The next match saw Sheamus in handicap action against Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. Fortunately for Sheamus, Ted DiBiase Jr decided to walk out on the match halfway through it, Sheamus went on to win the match. After the match he called out Triple H, claiming he deserved a shot at the title more than anyone else on the roster. 'The Viper' Randy Orton then came out and debated with Sheamus, telling 'The Celtic Warrior' that it was he who deserved the shot more. Triple H then appeared on the titantron for the second time of the night, he told the two superstars that at Extreme Rules they'd go one on one in a cage match. The winner would be the number one contender for the WWE Championship, the loser would be drafted to Smackdown.

The main event saw WWE Champion John Cena teaming up with arch rival Batista, to take on Big Show and The Miz. It looked as if the enemies would co-exist in the match until the ending came. Batista received a knockout punch from Big Show, Big Show looked to see if John Cena would break up a pin attempt but Cena simply did his signature 'You Can't See Me' taunt, allowing Big Show and The Miz a win. John Cena then delivered a five knuckle shuffle to Batista before ending the show with a vintage F-U.


Match 3 - Hart Dynasty vs World's Greatest Tag Team - The winner becomes Smackdown's representative in the un-unification match at Extreme Rules

Match Description - Hart Dynasty seem very much up for this match, as it's near enough guaranteed if they win this match they'll become the new tag team champions. The World's Greatest Tag Team still seem a bit rusty after having their first match in just over a year last week. DH Smith and Tyson Kidd try spend most of the match working on Charlie Haas, stopping the more athletic and agile Shelton Benjamin from getting involved in the match. Eventually Shelton Benjamin gets involved in the match and hits a few drop-kicks and even hitting a Dragon Kick on DH Smith. The match finishes when Tyson Kidd pins Charlie Haas after DH Smith hits a northern lights suplex on Benjamin on the outside.

Match Result - The Hart Dynasty wins via pinfall

[backstage we see CM Punk on his phone talking to someone]

CM Punk:
It's your chance to get back at him Matthew!

CM Punk: Yeah. I want to un-mask Rey and you want your revenge. No. No I wont make you shave your head.

CM Punk: No. No they wont care. You're already straight edge I don't need to save you. Where are you now?

CM Punk: What?!?! Our match is next Matthew! It's a 3 on 2 match for god sake! Just make sure you get here before the match is over.

Match 4 - CM Punk and Luke Gallows vs John Morrison, R-Truth and Rey Mysterio

Match Description - CM Punk starts the match with R-Truth. CM Punk seems to have the better showing, he doesn't dominant Truth but he manages to weaken Truth who tags in Morrison. Morrison launches a foray of athletic and high flying moves on Punk which un-nerves him, he tags in Gallows who deals with Morrison more effectively. Morrison nearly picks up the victory after a DDT followed by a standing moonsault, Punk breaks up the count. Punk is tagged back into the match and gets to work on Morrison, eventually delivering a GTS to him. He goes for the pin, Gallows tries to stop Truth and Mysterio from breaking up the count but fails. Soon after Morrison tags in Mysterio who un-leashes on Punk, gaining revenge from last week. He hits a 619, with R-Truth and Morrison distracting Gallows. Serena then comes running out from the back which stops Mysterio from getting the pin. The referee has a massive go at her and sends her back the way she came. Mysterio tags in Morrison who gets back to work on Punk. Punk is really struggling when suddenly seemingly a fan with a Mysterio mask jumps the ringside barrier, slides into the ring and attacks Morrison viciously. Luke Gallows then storms the ring with a chair, knocking down Rey Mysterio and Truth who try and protect Morrison. The masked superstar then hits a double underhook DDT to Morrison before Gallows throws Morrison out of the ring.

Match Result - John Morrison, R-Truth and Rey Mysterio wins via disqualification

[CM Punk has found a mic and begins to address the WWE Universe.]

CM Punk:
I guess that you're all wondering just who this masked man is. Some of you will have already guessed who he is, but for those of you that aren't straight edge enough to work it out, let me reveal who it is.

[Punk then un-masks the man to reveal none other than John Morrison's former tag team partner, Joey Mercury.]

CM Punk:
You all know this man as Joey Mercury. He was Part of the famous "M'N'M' tag team. Joey Mercury was always trapped in the shadows of John Morrison, Morrison had the girl in Melina, and he always got the spotlight. This was what began his addictions.

CM Punk: Eventually he began to over-come these addictions. But then there was THAT match where The Hardy Boy's broke Joey Mercury's nose. The pain of his injury was so severe he became addicted to pain killers, to try and free himself of pain.

CM Punk: But he managed to drag himself out of this dark spiral of addiction and pain. He found straight edge and incorporated it into his life. He's now in the best physical condition he's ever been in, he's overcome every addiction in his past, now all he has to do is gain his revenge on John Morrison.

CM Punk: But Matthew also wanted me to tell you that he doesn't go by the name of Joey Mercury anymore. Joey Mercury is in the past with the addiction problems that plagued him, Matthew now simply goes by his real name, Matthew Adams. Matthew, have you anything to say?

Matthew Adams: I just want to say, I'm back. And Johnny, you're going to wish you that you never stole all the spotlight away from me, because I'm going to show you the benefits of having straight edge in your life!

WWE Draft. April 26th 2010, Monday Night Raw. Anything Can Happen!!!


Main Event - Christian w/Edge vs Chris Jericho w/Drew McIntyre (non-title match)

Match Description - The early stage of the match showcases both of the two superstar's talent, with Christian perhaps getting the better of Jericho which frustrates the World Heavyweight champion. Nobody is quite sure as to why McIntyre accompanied Jericho out to the ring despite ditching him in the opening segment. He seems dis-interested in the match, whilst Edge is rallying on Christian with his support. Jericho manages to hit a Lion Sault on Christian but fails to get a 3 count from it. He attempts a Walls of Jericho later on in the match but Christian manages to counter it quickly. Christian almost gets a 3 count after delivering a falling inverted DDT but Jericho manages to kick out. The match finish comes when Christian goes for the un-prettier, Jericho counters it and gets Christian in the Walls of Jericho. It looks like Christian will tap but he just manages to reach the ropes. Christian gets up and tries to launch an attack on Jericho but Y2J delivers a code-breaker from out of nowhere to pick up the win. Straight after the match Edge slides into the ring and goes for Jericho, but McIntyre gets into the ring and starts attacking Edge. Jericho escapes. McIntyre then realises his mistake as he is in the ring with two superstars, like Jericho was earlier. McIntyre tries to fight his way out but Edge hits an Edgecution before eying him up for a spear. Unlike Jericho did earlier McIntyre doesn't escape and Edge delivers a spear. The show ends with Christian and Edge in the ring taunting to Jericho.

Match Result - Chris Jericho wins via pinfall


Match Results

  • Cryme Tyme defeats Jimmy Wang Yang & Slam Master J via pinfall
  • Mike Knox vs Finlay ends in a no contest
  • The Dudebuster's defeat Kane in a handicap 2 on 1 match via pinfall
  • Dolph Ziggler defeats Zack Ryder via pinfall
  • Mickie James defeats Serena via pinfall
  • The Hart Dynasty defeat The World's Greatest Tag Team via pinfall to become Smackdown's representative in the un-unification match at Extreme Rules
  • John Morrison, R-Truth and Rey Mysterio defeat CM Punkand Luke Gallows via disqualification
  • Chris Jericho defeats Christian via pinfall

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re: WWE 2010: Settle For Nothing!

Monday Night Raw Preview

You can't see me! That was what John Cena said to the Big Show last Monday Night before Big Show pinned Batista to pick up a win for himself and The Miz. John Cena turned his back on partner for the night Batista, who also happens to be the number one contender to The Champ's WWE Championship. John Cena proceded to hit a five knuckle shuffle and then an F-U on Batista to cap off an exciting Monday Night Raw. It's the third time in two weeks that John Cena has finished off a WWE show with an F-U to Batista. First at Wrestlemania 26 to win back his WWE Championship, secondly in a 6 man tag team match the night after where his team defeated Batista's and then of course this past week. Batista must surely be incredibly frustrated with this and will definitely looking for some revenge on John Cena this Monday Night.

There's a very big tag team match set to take place, the final of the tag team tournament to decide which tag team will represent Raw at the un-unification match at Extreme Rules. The winners of a 3 way elimination match last week, mix-match team of Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov will take on highly tipped favorites ShowMiz. ShowMiz lost the belts at Wrestlemania 26 and it looked like it might be the end of their tag team as Big Show choke-slammed The Miz in frustration. However the two have resolved their differences since their Wrestlemania loss and will want to become tag team champions once again. Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov, despite being under-dogs will of course try their best to win the match and win a place in the match at Extreme Rules.

Speaking of the un-unification match, Unified Tag Team Champions Mark Henry & MVP are understandably furious at the stipulation of the match at Extreme Rules. With the match effectively being a four on two handicap match, can MVP and Mark Henry convince Acting General Manager Triple H to give them an easier match? Perhaps the Cerebal Assasin will punish them further and make it even more difficult for them!

Rumour has it that Ted DiBiase Jr's little brother Brett will be debuting on Raw this week. Ted has threatened Dusty Rhodes, who is a powerful influence in WWE development territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), by reportedly kidnapping his daughter Kristin. Dusty is rumoured to have submitted to Dibiase Jr's threats and will produce Brett with an official WWE contract this week. If this is true it will surely show that Ted DiBiase Jr is not to be messed with, will he continue to blackmail the Rhodes family?

All this and much much more when Raw hits your TV sets this week!

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