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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

iMPACT! Feedback

Nice way to start the show off, reminding us of the main happenings of Genesis, along with showing an intense Angle, which is always a positive. Commentary that followed was pretty nice too, hyping the show well.

AJ to kick off the proper show makes sense, as you would think it would have to be one of either him, Angle or Anderson after what happened at Genesis. Honestly, I thought you rushed right through the beginning of the promo, as I thought it got to AJ talking about the possibility that he screwed Kurt Angle maybe too soon. Apart from that, AJ was alright, especially since you did pretty much all you can in the situation with a bland AJ. Flair was pretty good, although again perhaps a little rushed, as I thought you should have maybe emphasised the point that AJ is still world champion because of Flair. Still, I liked the way you went about Flair calling AJ the Ric Flair of his generation, and making that the reasoning for him getting involved in the match at Genesis. Kind of like how they did it in real life, but with the nice tweak of having AJ resisting. AJ saying Flair must be getting caught up with all the change, thus meaning he forgot AJ won the title alone was kind of off, because Flair wasnít i the company then, although apart from that, again I think you did a pretty good job with AJ saying who he is. The promo ended on a bit of a weird note though, with AJ seeming calm throughout, only to threaten Flair, despite being flattered by him, which seemed off character and out of place here. Didnít seem like a way to end the promo with AJís music hitting either, as the music kind of kills the tension. Angle attacking Flair as he did kind of seems like an anti-climax too, as you built Angleís attack as something to be looked forward to, and then he did it randomly at the end of the promo. I get Angleís desperation to attack, but I just donít know about this.

Nice way to debut Generation Me, showcasing their athleticism against another athletic team. I must say, Iím not sure about the name Generation Me, as it seems a lot like a heel name, but I guess thatís what TNA are going with so it doesnít matter that much. Good way to break these two in.

Promo from West was meh. The idea behind the open challenge works okay, but as a promo it wasnít great. Did its job.

Seems like you want to get the Feast or Fired case away from Rob Terry, which I canít blame you for. Not big on the way in which Red won, as it makes him look weak imo, but at least youíve gotten rid of Terryís title shot. Not a big fan of the aftermath, as I quite liked having Big Rob with The British Invasion, and taking Rob away from them irl is part of what has really killed the Invasion irl, imo. I just think he adds that extra heelish factor on the outside, and that he can be used effectively. I would rather not see him as a singles wrestler, and releasing him is kind of a waste of what you could have just kept doing with him.

Pope is a hard character to grasp, imo, as he has a unique energy and feel to him and the way in which he speaks. I thought that you actually did a good job with it too, as I could very easily see Pope saying all of this with his confident swagger which you captured well. Pretty nice promo here, man.

Glad youíve ditched the facepaint shit for Joe. The win over Morley gets him looking badass again, which is certainly a good thing, while I like that youíve also given him some promo time. Joe challenging Hogan to climb back into the red and yellow seemed a bit random in context with the promo, and while I usually like Joe better as a heel, this didnít have that sarcastic, demonic tone that Joe has when heís at his best. It was still alright, and I like the open challenge, but it was a bit lacking.

Seems like a bit of a random promo here and just a way to get your authority figures some screen time. Hogan saying he wants to let the cream of the crop come to the top, then say he has no problem with wrestling again is kind of contradictory, and really, I donít know if a Joe/Hogan feud is a good idea if thatís the way youíre going. It could work, but itíll be hard to pull off. Hopefully someone talented steps up next week.

Hall getting right down to business by calling out Waltman and Nash seems like the right way to start, as he really has nothing else to talk about. Nash going into how Scott has always been a screwup made sense, and I thought that for the most part it was good with Nash talking himself up as the guy that always looked out for Hall. However, more speak of Genesis would have been good, because this is where this promo stemmed from, and the way the promo went it almost felt like an afterthought. I also didnít like the Shawn Michaels and Triple H reference, because I donít see the need for anyone in WWE to be brought up in a promo in TNA. I know that thereís the whole history as The Kliq, but if WWE donít mention TNA, I donít see why TNA needs to mention WWE. Iím a bit disappointed that you didnít have Nash give Hall another chance, as it could have let the storyline go on for a little longer and give it a little more meaning before Nash and Waltman turned on Hall. The ending of this promo was a little confusing, as I didnít quite see what Nash was getting out and how it led into the assault, although The Guns and Hogan running in for the save makes sense considering Genesis. Not real happy to see Hogan getting too involved, but at least The Guns should be getting a good rub through all of this.

Popcorn and a can of beer? Extremely odd, considering Wolfeís deadly serious character that he has going, especially at this point coming off his feud with Angle.

Pretty nice way to show the cockiness of Anderson here.

Wolfeís explanation for the beer and popcorn makes sense, but again, I donít think it really suits him. The match between Jeff and ĎCide seemed alright, with Wolfe being used pretty well as a distraction throughout, while also giving us a reasonably competitive match that lets Homicide look good in defeat. The fight afterwards between Hardy and Wolfe after the match seemed a little unnecessary, as you could have left a brawl between them until next week, but whatever.

EYís promo at the beginning seemed a little random, but it picked up steam as it went on, and I thought the ending, with the lines about how he should be the Pope and that his item of recognition will be the Global Title was really clever and well pulled off with the Young character.

Another confrontation with AJ threatened Flair again? If youíve already had AJ threaten Flair once, I donít see the point in it happening a second time.

Surprised youíre having these two meet again so soon, as itís the third time weíve seen this in the space of a week. Donít mind the brawl to start this match off, although I am never a fan of the low blow if itís not used near the end of the match and instead just as a way to change momentum, since itís obviously very impactful. The match from there progressed pretty well, and I liked the clever ending, where with Young about to lose, the World Elite purposely get Dinero disqualified, before beating him down. Innovative. Would work better if EY was the champion, though, which is shown with Bischoff not giving him a rematch. Bischoff was pretty good here as well, edgy, and a nice announcement to boot, with what should make for some interesting matches next week. Thought this was well booked.

Daniels attacks Red now instead of trying to take up his challenge earlier? Seems a little random, but if this leads to Daniels being X Division Champion then Iíll be a very happy man.

Just briefly before this promo, Iíll say Iím not totally sold on Anderson coming in and being number one contender after his first match. Itís not like he ever got to main event status in WWE, so having him come in and immediately be getting a title shot in TNA is something thatís going to take a little convincing for me to be on board with. Andersonís arrogance was good at first, but I found it a little odd that he bothered to really run down Jeff Hardy when Hardyís feuding with Wolfe. I guess it does work for some cheap heat. Anderson announcing when he would have his match was alright, although I thought he would talk about AJ Styles a bit too, especially since heís talked about Jeff, who heís not involved with. AJ interrupting? Guy is doing a lot of talking tonight. AJís little speech was alright, and I loved Andersonís retort. Loved it. I also liked how in the next part of AJís promo you really had him put over not just himself, but also TNA in the process as not being inferior to elsewhere, despite not directly mentioning them which is a big plus. Anderson burying the company as if heís too big for it kind of reversed all of the good work from Styles, although his arrogance again was pretty good, as was AJ attacking him. Flair already turning on AJ, much like The Outsiders situation, seems a bit soon for mine, as you could have really played on this and eventually had AJ cost him the title, which I think would have gone better with what Flair said earlier in the night. Would have just liked to have seen you continue that stuff on a little longer. Even so, a pretty big way to end the show.

A pretty consistent show here, Shocker. For the most part, I think your storylines continued on pretty well here, and while nothing jumped out as great, most of this show was solid. Youíve had a few more heated rivalries build up in The Outsiders stuff and AJ vs. Anderson/Flair, so Iíll be looking forward to seeing in what direction you take these storylines next. Solid stuff.

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Nige's iMPACT! Feedback

I've been following iMPACT! more closely over the last month or so, and having enjoyed your previous threads, this should be a good read. I hope I've not cursed that!

The video package was useful as I only skimmed over Genesis a week ago I think. I smell a triple threat!

I can't remember how Flair's debut went down on iMPACT! but I like that you're having AJ questioning it and not appearing too happy by it. This is the AJ I think TNA needs and suits him best. I wasn't overly convinced by Flair's reasoning, but I can buy in to him praising AJ. The bit about him seeing Angle end Genesis as the champ didn't make sense really. Putting him in a feud with Angle and separating it from AJ is something I'm happy about, and with the intense, pissed off Kurt Angle, it makes it even better. You did the right thing in having him go right after Flair and welcoming him in that fashion. Greay job in getting things going with these too.

Good opening match, TNA style to kick things off with a flourish. I've not seen too much of Generation Me, so it's hard to comment on them but they were used well as a team, and especially with the awesome double finisher.

Don West did a good job in making people sit up and take notice of Amazing Red. Having someone alongside Red's talent to hype him up will help, even though his ability is strong anyway. It was a good decision also to open the challenge up right before the break and big him up so the people watching can see the man himself try and live up to the hype pretty much there and then.

I honestly can't say I expected Rob Terry to cash in his title shot but the segment worked out great. The win did wonders for Red as champ and showed another fighting side to him in addition to his high flying ability. That was overshadowed slightly by Doug Williams & Brutus 'Gladiator' Magnus turning on Terry, although I thought it was better for Terry in the long run that you had him go after them first.

Solid interview with The Pope. His confidence came across well and he's one to look out for in this thread.

Yeah, Samoa Joe baby! I loved everything about this segment. Squashing Morley I thought would be inevitable, and rightly so. The promo afterwards was the most important thing, and I think he was probably the perfect person to stand up to Hogan & Bischoff. Someone had to do it, and with his aggressiveness, he's the perfect choice. This made me sit up and really take notice. It's got real potential this storyline if you carry it on like this. Oh you did! It looks like Bischoff will be playing bad cop like in IRL, but I've got no problem with that. With Hogan on Joe's side so to speak, this is very interesting to say the least as I don't know how this is going to work out.

Even thought I can't stand Scott Hall and wouldn't let him anywhere near the iMPACT! Zone if I was in charge. With that said the promo was good, only because of Big Sexy though. Scott was good on the stick don't get me wrong, it's just I can't enjoy the prospect of where this could lead wrestling wise. I didn't see Kev pounding on him despite everything, but something had to bring out Sabin & Shelley. I've got to say though, Hogan looks kind of goofy posing with the kids. I'd expect him to be doing something bigger than hanging with them, although this will definitely benefit The Guns. Also, the F-Bomb from Waltman, why? There's no need to drop it. You can get the message across without it.

Nice little promo from Anderson to get his attitude. It was short and sweet, very simple but effective booking. Poor worker!

Jeff's match with Homidice was entertaining, made even more interesting by Desmond Wolfe being at ringside. Jeff was always going to win and had to really, and leaving the fun until after was the right call. This will be fun!

Good interview from Young. We all know he's not getting the title back, but he put up a good verbal fight. His aggression was good too, and you hyped the match well by having him so aggressive.

Flair's role is getting interesting now that AJ stuck his nose in The Nature Boy's business. I thought that you were purely going with Ric/Angle, but it appears that's not the case. It's more interesting this way for sure in having Flair angry at AJ too. Hmm, intriguing.

The Global Championship match was a lot better than I thought, and in booking terms too. It was clever to have Young's buddies get involved like that and put together the plan in the first place. Bischoff's announcement was good too, and everyone likes a tournament to determine a champion or contender.

Daniels going for Red? I like that. It could be a great match and the feud started well here for sure. That was making a statement to the champion!

The final promo was pretty good, if a little short. Anderson's arrogance was dialled up but not too much. Mentioning AJ's been in big match situations, won titles and seen guys come and fail made it more entertaining and personal, although I wouldn't say he's fought on a bigger stage with the crowd's TNA pull in. Both guys were good here, and so was Flair. That I didn't really expect, and this whole situation is confusing with different feuds coming together. I don't know how that will impact on Against All Odds though, but I can't wait to find out. I hope Anderson doesn't lose a title match too soon as he won't be taken as seriosuly as he should in the early stages of his TNA career. It's a little rushed when guys get a title shot and main event a pay-per-view a month after their debut as there's only one way down. A fatal fourway would work. Hint hint!

Good show mate, really enjoyed it. Against All Odds is shaping up nicely. Keep this up!

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Thanks for the reviews, everybody. Greatly appreciated.


At a press conference early today at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida which aired on the TNA website and on SpikeTV which broadcasts TNA Impact, Dixie Carter, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan together announced that on February 15th, one night after Against All Odds, Impact was to move to Monday nights, airing from 8PM-10PM, meaning that for the second hour of the show, it would go head-to-head with the first hour of Monday Night Raw. Hogan, a catalyst in the rapid growth of the company and the move to Monday nights, commented, “Everybody involved with the company was really happy with how the January 4th show went and they loved the whole atmosphere with us going head-to-head with Raw, especially me, Dixie and Eric, so this is a big move for us and it’s one that hopefully we’ll thrive in.” When asked why they didn’t go directly head-to-head with Raw, Bischoff replied, “We did discuss that possibility with SpikeTV, but we don’t want to rush this, it’s been only a few weeks since the January 4th show and we have a lot of time on our hands. If the time is right, then maybe we will move to the 9PM-11PM slot, but right now we’re just focused on doing well in our new slot.”

The trio were asked if there would be as many surprises as there were on January 4th, and Carter said, “There will be surprises and there will be some changes, but I don’t think it’ll be as many as January 4th. That was the beginning of the Bischoff/Hogan era so everything was going to change, but we don’t really need to do that for the February 15th show, we’re in a more comfortable position now and besides, we got most of the big free agent names for January 4th!” Another question was subsequently pitched concerning Impact taking place in the Impact Zone, and Bischoff confirmed that the February 15th show would not take place in the Impact Zone, instead taking place in the Americraft Expo Center in West Palm Beach, Florida which holds 5,000 people, saying “It’s going to be a big night for us and we want to make it feel as special as possible, so Impact being in a different arena will at least contribute to that. It’s not that big an arena but it’s definitely a good start and after that most episodes will be at Universal Studios but having the show in a different arena has been discussed and maybe soon it will happen”. Tickets for the show will go on sale tomorrow.

It will be a monumental day as Impact moves to Monday nights, and a poster promoting the move has been released on the TNA website:

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Was never a fan of the move to Monday nights from TNA irl, as they really aren't ready for it imo, but at least in BTB it doesn't matter as much, and you've gotten yourself a smarter timeslot. Plus, this gives you a chance for a big debut show on Monday nights, which is always a good thing. Will be interesting to see how big of a deal you make this.

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Not a real fan of TNA but I have seen quite a bit of your previous work, so I hope I will be able to enjoy this. You will be my first review in ages, so it probably won't be the best.

I know I will just be guessing here, but the way you are building Anderson with the Genesis win makes it seem like you are moving to fast with him, though what does have me intrigued is seeing what Angle will do tonight. He looks like he will have a big part in the show, which liking Angle, I don't mind one bit.

As much as I liked AJ Styles and Ric Flair in the opening promo, something really irked me at the ending. I feel Flair, in the Son of a bitch role would have gotten the last word over AJ. It just seemed to me that the ending really lacked and let the entire promo down. And although I praise your use of Angle and love the storyline you have him in, I feel that he came out too early in the show. It would have worked great if you had Angle stalking around backstage, getting people to tell him where Flair is; but then again, I think about the fact that Flair was in the ring, but that promo would have done great at the end of the show though.

Loving the idea of this match. I love The Young Bucks and Jay Lethal is just epic. I want to see this match in real life <3. I feel that the match was written out well and that the better team won the match. The only thing that I see, is that I want to see Lethal and Creed in a more prominent position on your show. They could be used well in the X-Division and you could make them epic stars.

Do I really need to say something. This promo was good, albeit being short, yeah, it got it's point across and it worked well, but it could of been better, if you had addressed some things at length, and even had given Red some speaking time instead of it being all West. Little shocked that Terry would have used his briefcase now, it made it more interesting, but was it really necessary? Maybe you are building up to something. We shall see.

Well written match, and this is getting interesting with The British Invasion coming out broken up and Amazing Red looking strong as Champ. I now see where you were going with the X-Division Briefcase, a good way to get it off Terry before he went into another storyline. Well done on that matter.

The promo was the Pope was pretty awesome. He was well in character and this just puts me firmly into the fact that you are pushing him to the top, and well, he will probably get the win over Eric tonight.

Can anyone else see Morley getting squashed. Joe owning is ftw. Well done squash, if not a good recap of it. Now onto a Joe promo. This is looking really interesting. I absolutely fall in love with superstars against the management storyline so this is looking great from my point of view. I am looking forward to where you are going to take it. Oo, no new paragraph needed as it looks like these two will be playing an integral part of this storyline (duh), so I want to see where this is heading, so hurry with a new show plz.

Boo Scott Hall, this better be good. And it was; despite the fact that you made Hall look like an absolute bitch, not that I really care but I feel he could of done more. But the Nash and Waltman parts were fuckin' excellent if you were to ask me. Not sure where you could be going with this, with 4 against two and Hogan in two storylines? Real TNA maybe .

God I love Anderson so much. This promo was the basic up his own ass heel bit. And there is nothing wrong with that is there .

Desmond Wolfe and Jeff Hardy have to go one on one soon. I am just waiting for it. It shall be epic. But onto this match, Jeff Hardy and Homicide put on an epic match, even if at times I was confused. I don't know what you will do with Homicide now, but I hope you can put him too good use. The fight between the two was well done, the only problem is, I wanted that popcorn .

I really love this Young character. The promo was pretty awesome in of itself and the first bit of the promo had to be my favorite. No complaints on my end when it comes to this promo.

Beatiful idea and the match in itself was well written, I did read it all the way through, which usually makes me want to tear my hair out, but it was all good in itself. The tournament idea right now is eh to me, it could be good depending on who you have in it, but I can see Eric coming out on top all the same.

Promo of the night right there. I have said it a couple of times but I really really like the Anderson character and you portraying him is doing very well. AJ Styles on the other hand, is doing very well, although I am not really that sure what I actually think of him as a character. The thing is, I like where he is going, but I dunno if I really want to see him in that position. Yes it is good, but I dunno. Anyway, Flair seems to be all over the place tonight, but I really like this entire thing, plus the fact that Angle can't get to the ring is awesome to me. As a matter of fact, I am really looking forward to the next show. Promo could have been a tad longer, yet I still in enjoyed it.

Overall Shocker; twas a good show and probably the first show that I have read from you in full. I really like your matches and your promos are quite good as well. The booking in my opinion, could be tweaked a little, but I still really like where you are heading. Solid, I enjoyed it. Good luck with this thread.

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Impact Preview for January 28, 2010

This Thurday, Impact returns to Spike for your weekly dose of Total Nonstop Action! Don't forget, Against All Odds comes to you on February 14, and the following night, Impact moves to Monday nights, with a new air-time of 8/7CT!

In this week's main event, Mr. Anderson, who will challenge AJ Styles for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Against All Odds, faces the man who Styles retained the gold against under controversial circumstances due to Ric Flair at Genesis - Kurt Angle! Which of these TNA stars will pick up the victory in this huge match? And will Anderson's rival and future opponent Styles be watching?

We begin the quest to determine the #1contender to the Global Championhip, as former Champion and leader of World Elite Eric Young faces 'The Monster' Abyss and tag team partners 'Super Mex' Hernandez and 'The Blueprint' Matt Morgan square off! Rest assured, the reigning Champion 'The Pope' D'Angelo Dinero will be watching.

Beer Money will face Generation Me, who debuted on Impact last week and picked up a victory over Lethal Consequences, in a #1 contender's match, as the winners will challenge the British Invasion for the TNA World Tag Team Championships at Against All Odds!

In another #1 contender's match, Suicide goes one-on-one with Daniels, who attacked the X Division Champion Amazing Red at Genesis when he retained the belt against Suicide, and last week. The winner will challenge Red for the gold at Against All Odds, so who wil come out on top?

Samoa Joe will issue an open challenge to any new TNA superstar or unsigned talent! Who will answer the call from 'The Samoan Submission Machine'?

Plus, we hear from Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman, and as always Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan will be present. Will Hogan confront Nash and Waltman? And will we see Scott Hall and the Motor City Machine Guns, who will also be in the Impact Zone?

See all of this and more at 9/8CT on Spike!

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Show again looks to have potential, with two matches that both make sense and look like they could be okay (Anderson/Angle and Suicide/Daniels), and of course what will be a good promo from Nash. The Hernandez/Morgan and Abyss/Young matches are a little less exciting, but Joe's open challenge has potential, even if it'll likely be a squash. Not so sure about Generation Me possibly getting a title shot after just two matches, but the match with Beer Money Inc still has a chance to be pretty great.

Looking forward to the show, man. I'll be reading.

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution



TNA Impact | January 28, 2010
Impact Zone | Orlando, Florida

He’s Got Style
We begin with a video package recapping last week’s show, the main talking points being Scott Hall being betrayed and attacked by his former friends Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman only to be saved by Hulk Hogan and the Motor City Machine Guns, and Mr. Anderson making his Impact debut, leading to AJ Styles coming out and Anderson laying Styles out with a Mic Check thanks to a low blow from Ric Flair, who had an in-ring confrontation with AJ earlier in the show and was assaulted by Kurt Angle, the man who Flair cost the TNA World Heavyweight Championship less than two weeks ago at Genesis.

Then, “Cross The Line” plays simultaneously with the opening credits and we then enter the Impact Zone, as fireworks explode from the stage and the camera pans the audience in the Arena, before crossing over to Mike Tenay and Taz, who are at the announce table at ringside as per usual.

Mike Tenay: Tonight, we begin a four-man tournament to determine who will challenge “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero for the Global Championship at Against All Odds, and Mr. Anderson, the #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship and the man who will challenge AJ Styles for the gold at Against All Odds, squares off against none other than the “Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle! Hello, everybody, I’m Mike Tenay alongside Taz, and it looks like we’re in store for at least three great matches tonight, and speaking of great, TNA Impact is moving to Monday nights on February 15th!

Taz: You bet we are, Professor, it's gonna change the face of professional wrestling forever, but don’t forget that tonight, my man Samoa Joe will issue an open challenge to anybody who has joined the TNA bandwagon in the Bischoff/Hogan regime, or isn’t signed by TNA! Who has the grapefruits to stand up to the “Samoan Submission Machine”?

Mike Tenay: Also tonight on Impact, the X Division Champion Amazing Red and the World Tag Team Champions the British Invasion will discover their respective challengers for their titles at Against All Odds! Daniels will face Suicide with the winner facing Red, and Beer Money face the Motor City Machine Guns for a Tag Team Title shot.

Taz: Plus, we hear from the brash but brilliant Desmond Wolfe as he addresses the TNA fans and his rival Jeff Hardy, and I hope we get to see Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman at some point during tonight!

Mike Tenay: Well, partner, I for one don’t want to see Nash or Waltman anywhere near the Impact Zone tonight after their unwarranted attack on their friend Scott Hall last week.

Taz: Scott Hall doesn’t need sympathy from you or anybody, and that’s a fact.

For The Rest Of “For Life”
Once Tenay and Taz are done yapping at the announce table, “Strut” sounds off and the crowd in the Impact Zone come alive, albeit by booing, as the real bad guys, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman, walk out, both wearing unjustifiable smiles on their faces. Nash slicks his hair back, a clear Scott Hall mannerism, and Waltman has a toothpick in his mouth, another Hall trademark; Sean goes to throw the toothpick into the camera but he deliberately ends up sending it backwards as the duo share a laugh about it and they then walk over to a fan in the front row who is holding a sign which says “Hall 4 Life” in large black letters. Waltman grabs it and rips it in half before throwing the remains to the ground and giving the fan a crotch chop as Nash laughs whilst standing in the background, and they then enter the ring, both taking microphones as they walk around the ring, smirking at the fans who are not impressed by their actions at all.

Sean Waltman: ... Hey yo!

Waltman gets a lot of heat after saying that, in contrast to the reaction that Hall usually gets when he cracks the catchphrase.

Kevin Nash: That’s good, Sean, but check this out ... everybody say hello ... TO THE BAD GUY!

More heat rains in on the two members of The Band, as Nash and Waltman shamelessly laugh at their own jokes.

Kevin Nash: Y’know, that is pretty fun ... but we just wanted to show all of you how funny we found it when we watched last week’s Impact over and over and over again, and we must have watched the part where we kicked Scott Hall’s fat ass about a hundred times.

Sean Waltman: And just thinking of it, we find it so funny that ... we wanna watch it again! Roll the footage!

~ Footage | Last Week ~
Sean Waltman: F**CK FOR LIFE, SCOTT! You’re too stupid for anyone to consider your opinion and you’re not able to stay off the drinking for one night for your “brothers for life”? And don’t even think about opening your mouth again, because I’m sick of having to hear you talk and say that everything can be fine, ‘cause we’re not helping you anymore!

Kevin Nash: I’ve wanted to beat the crap outta’ you for so long, Scott, to let all of my frustration go, and now you can find out what it feels like having the weight of an over-the-hill, selfish, washed-up son of a b*tch on your shoulders ‘cause I know exactly what it’s like, but now ... it’s all gone.

Nash drops his microphone and kicks Hall in the gut, pummelling Scott with clubbing blows until Hall is down, and now Nash and Waltman are assaulting their former “brother for life”! The crowd boo Nash and Waltman, but before the situation gets any worse...


As the video concludes without showing Hulk Hogan and the Motor City Machine Guns’ appearances, the camera cuts back to the ring where Nash and Waltman are laughing hysterically, but the crowd continue to boo them.

Kevin Nash: I swear, Scott must have put on at least twenty pounds when we were beating him up. On the other hand, I’ve lost a few as well, now that I don’t have to carry Scott’s weight around all the time, and d’ya know what we should do, Sean?

Sean Waltman: What?

Kevin Nash: Let’s watch the footage again!

Nash and Waltman, both grinning, turn to the big screen, but instead of the footage playing again, none other than Hulk Hogan appears on the screen! Standing in his office, Hogan looks far from happy with the duo, who both wave to Hogan but Hulk shakes his head at them.

Kevin Nash: Oh ... hey, Hulkster. You’re, uh, kind of in the way so if you don’t mind, could you-

Hulk Hogan: Cut the crap, Kev. You know I’m close with you guys, and I am with Scott too, but it seems like just because he didn’t turn up for Genesis, you think you can stab him in the back just like that, and I’m not gonna let that happen.

Sean Waltman: Hulk, if you think we’re gonna forgive Scott then you’ve got another thing comin’. Admit it, you’re as pissed off with Scott as we are.

In response, Hogan slowly shakes his head.

Hulk Hogan: No, I’m not, brother. The whole “Brothers for life” thing, I stuck to that, I embraced it. You guys, you didn’t, and I’ve known that for a long time, which is why when I came to TNA, I didn’t wanna mix in with you and I’m actually glad you showed Scott how big assholes you are, ‘cause he never got to see that side of you guys. And believe me, everybody else in the locker room knows that too.

The crowd begin to chant “Asshole!” in the direction of Nash and Waltman.

Kevin Nash: C’mon, give the Hulkster a break, let him speak!

Hulk Hogan: Yeah, real funny, Kev. Every single guy in the locker room wants to do to you guys what you did to Scott last week, especially me, Scott and two other guys who just so happened to beat you at Genesis; the Motor City Machine Guns.

The mention of the Motor City Machine Guns gets a big pop from the crowd.

Hulk Hogan: Which is why at Against All Odds next month ... it’s gonna be me, Scott Hall and the Motor City Machine Guns against you two and two other guys, in an UNSANCTIONED STREET FIGHT!

The crowd explode with cheers after Hogan’s monumental announcement, but Nash and Waltman look puzzled.

Sean Waltman: Whoa, whoa, Hulkster, don’t get ahead of yourself ... we didn’t say we accepted this match.

Hulk Hogan: It doesn’t matter, brother, ‘cause the match has already been signed, and whether you like it or not, HULKAMANIA’S GONNA RUN WILD AT AGAINST ALL ODDS!

More cheers for Hogan who calms himself down as Nash re-assures Waltman in the ring.

Hulk Hogan: Now that it’s unsanctioned, I don’t have to worry about the condition of either of you or whoever you can find for the match, ‘cause I made a promise that I would never compete in a match again, and I still won’t, BUT WHATCHA’ GONNA DO, BROTHERS, ME, SCOTT AND THE ‘MACHINE GUNS ARE GONNA RUN WILD ON YOU?!!

Kevin Nash: Alright, Hulkster. You can hulk up, you can point those wrinkled fingers at us and you can make all of the “Hulkamaniacs” stand up and go nuts, but it doesn’t change the fact that just like many other guys have done before, we’re gonna make you bleed and we’re gonna beat the hell out of you, Scott and the Motor City Machine Guns until none of you can stand up.

Hulk Hogan: You might have a chance if you can find two other guys to back you up who don’t hate your stinkin’ guts.

Kevin Nash: Oh, trust me, Hulk, we’ll have back-up. And we might not find two guys who don’t hate us ... but we can find two guys who hate you.

After Kevin Nash’s cryptic words towards Hulk Hogan, “Strut” plays and Nash and Waltman leave the ring as Hogan’s scowl of condescension disappears from the screen and Nash and Waltman make their way up the ramp, making their exit.

Taz: Wow, what a match made for Against All Odds! Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and the Motor City Machine Guns taking on Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman and two partners of their choosing!

Mike Tenay: It’s gonna be big, but what intrigues me more, Taz, is what Nash said; “We might not find two guys who don’t hate us, but we can find two guys who hate you”. What’s that supposed to mean?

Taz: I dunno, Professor, but knowing Nash and Waltman I bet they’ve got something big hidden up their sleeve!

Mike Tenay: Well, when we return, it’s Daniels and Suicide one-on-one, with the winner challenging Amazing Red for the X Division Championship at Against All Odds next month!

*Commercial Break*

Gold Gives You Wings
Back from the break, “Coming Alive” blares out and the lights go out for several moments as the anticipation builds amongst the fans in the Impact Zone until they come back on and Suicide is standing in the ring, his fingers pointed to his head in a gun gesture as he gets a lukewarm pop from the crowd upon his appearance.

Then, “Wings Of A Fallen Angel” sounds off to a mixed reaction and Daniels walks out, his arms outstretched with his thumb and first two fingers sticking out as he walks down the ramp and he enters the ring. Daniels climbs to the top rope and emotionlessly looks around the crowd with a scowl on his face before climbing back down and walking into the centre of the ring, coming face-to-face with Suicide.

Singles Match | Winner Faces Amazing Red At Against All Odds
Daniels vs. Suicide
The winner of this match will challenge Amazing Red for the X Division Championship at Against All Odds, but which competitor will persevere and emerge victorious; Suicide, the man who unsuccessfully challenged for the gold at Genesis, or Daniels, the man who after Red retained the title against Suicide at Genesis attacked Red and left him lifeless in the ring? The match begins, and Daniels and Suicide don’t pull many punches, not wanting to risk being countered and letting the other man getting the other hand until the two competitors lock up again and Suicide gets Daniels in a side headlock. Daniels lifts Suicide off his feet and into the air, and Suicide flips backwards, landing on his feet behind the “Fallen Angel” and taking Daniels down with a jumping leg sweep! Suicide makes the cover, 1...... 2...... Daniels gets the shoulder up. After that, Suicide doesn’t utilize many high-flying moves, instead keeping his offence on the ground, and Suicide takes a risk by going for the D.O.A, getting in position to hit his finishing manoeuvre as he kicks Daniels in the mid-section, but Daniels reverses it into a back-to-belly piledriver! Daniels makes the cover, 1...... 2...... Suicide kicks out!

The ending of the match comes when Suicide has taken Daniels down to the canvas and the masked man then climbs to the top rope as he waits for Daniels to get back to his feet. The “Fallen Angel” eventually gets back up and Suicide flies off the top rope, going for a seated senton, but Daniels pushes Suicide back down to the canvas as Suicide back-flips so he is on his feet in front of Daniels, but he immediately kicks Suicide in the mid-section, hooks his arms, lifts him up, and plants Suicide with the Angel’s Wings! Daniels isn’t done there, though, as he walks over to the corner, jumps onto the second rope, jumps to the top rope and flies off, nailing Suicide with the Best Moonsault Ever! Daniels makes the cover on Suicide immediately, as the match is surely over now, 1...... 2...... 3!!!
Winner | Daniels @ 6:44

“Wings Of A Fallen Angel” blares out and Daniels gets to his feet as he has his hand raised by the referee to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Daniels then calls for a microphone, and he is given it, as he begins to speak.

Daniels: Amazing Red ... no matter how amazing you claim to be, or how much merchandise your fat buddy Don West sells for ya’, the X Division Championship is coming back to where it belongs. It’s coming back to the man who deserves it more than anybody else in TNA, to the man who revolutionized the X Division and put it on the map – “The Fallen Angel”, Christopher Daniels!

Daniels drops the microphone and leaves the ring as “Wings Of A Fallen Angel” plays again, and the camera cuts backstage where the X Division Champion Amazing Red and Don West are standing in the locker room, watching from a TV monitor both with blank looks on their faces.

Mike Tenay: So it’s now official, Amazing Red is defending the X Division Championship against Daniels at Against All Odds, and Red’s gonna have revenge on his mind after Daniels attacked him at Genesis.

Taz: He sure will, Professor, and Don West might run his mouth at Daniels in the weeks leading up to Against All Odds, but rest assured Red will bring his A-game to Against All Odds against the “Fallen Angel”!

Mike Tenay: Coming up next, Samoa Joe issues his open challenge to any new TNA acquisition or anybody who is not signed with TNA, and still to come, the #1 contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Mr. Anderson, squares off against Kurt Angle!

A Slick Arrival
Backstage, Ric Flair is walking through the parking lot with two beautiful brunettes flanking him, and Flair has an ear-to-ear grin on his face, but it turns to a blank expression when Ric stops in his tracks and Eric Bischoff walks into the shot, getting a mixed reaction.

Ric Flair: What can I do for ya’ ... Eric?

Eric Bischoff: Well, if I had it my way I’d say you could get the hell outta’ here and never show up again but since you’re under contract and getting a hell of a lot of money, I can’t do that. But, what I can do is tell you to not go anywhere near that ring tonight after what you’ve been getting up to since you showed up here in TNA, interfering in matches, orchestrating attacks and what not, and I don’t want it happening again so I suggest that you go to your personal dressing room with those lovely ladies who are keeping you up on your feet, sit down, watch the show, and stay there.

Flair smirks, before answering Bischoff.

Ric Flair: That’s what I was gonna do anyway, Eric. With these beautiful women at my side, I’m gonna have a much better time than I would in the ring if ya’ know what I mean, Wooooooooo! C’mon, let’s get outta’ here, girls, and leave Mr. Bischoff to wander around this parkin’ lot all alone.

Ric walks away with the women accompanying him as Bischoff looks on, sarcastically smiling at Flair before it turns to a discontented scowl.

*Commercial Break*

The Plan Has Been Foiled...
Back from the break, “Nation Of Violence” plays and Samoa Joe walks out, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. Joe, with a towel over his shoulders, walks down the ramp and enters the ring, immediately calling for a microphone without posing to the crowd.

Samoa Joe: Alright ... I said last week that I was issuing an open challenge to anybody who just signed for TNA or isn’t signed to TNA, and right now I wanna know who’s got the balls to step into the ring with me, so whoever thinks they can beat the baddest son of a b*tch in this company, I want you to get your ass down here right now!

Joe throws the microphone out of the ring and waits for whoever has answered his open challenge, and he finds out when “I Have A Plan” plays and Brian Kendrick walks out, getting a mixed reaction. Kendrick, wearing a white jacket with “BK” sewn on the back in blue letters”, walks down the ramp and enters the ring, eager to start the match immediately as he runs at Samoa Joe.

Singles Match | Samoa Joe’s Open Challenge
Brian Kendrick vs. Samoa Joe
The bell rings whilst Brian Kendrick charges towards Samoa Joe and jumps onto him, going for a monkey flip but Joe keeps hold of Kendrick and lifts Brian off the canvas and back up into the air, as Joe runs across the ring and rams Kendrick spine-first into the corner of the ring. Joe then wears Kendrick down with stomps to the mid-section until he gets Brian to his feet and lifts Kendrick up for a scoop slam but Brian slides off the back of the shoulders of the “Samoan Submission Machine” and bombards Joe with kicks to the back of the legs and the mid-section once Joe turns around, and Kendrick runs off the ropes, going for a clothesline but Joe ducks out of the way and then wipes Kendrick out with a standing spinning heel kick! Joe then makes the cover, hooking the left leg of Kendrick, 1...... 2...... Kendrick gets the shoulder up. Joe gets Brian back up to his feet and hits Kendrick with recurrent right hands before running off the ropes and charging towards Kendrick like a freight train but Brian nails Joe with an enzuiguri and quickly climbs to the top rope, flying off and hitting Joe with a diving facebreaker knee smash! Kendrick, after taunting the crowd and shouting at them “Can any of you do that?!” which gets some heat from the audience, makes an optimistic cover, 1...... 2...... Joe kicks out.

The end of this match comes when Kendrick , having just taken Samoa Joe off his feet with a missile dropkick, gets Joe up and goes for the Sliced Bread #2, making it to the top rope but Joe then pushes Brian away as Kendrick lands on his feet on the top rope but Joe then pushes his weight onto the ropes which unsettles Kendrick who loses his balance and slips off, landing in a seated position on the top rope and Joe lifts Brian up in position for his patented finishing manoeuvre, before hitting Kendrick with the Musclebuster! Joe makes the cover, 1...... 2...... 3!!!
Winner | Samoa Joe @ 5:02

“Nation Of Violence” plays and Samoa Joe gets to his feet as he ignores the referee and calls for the microphone which he quickly receives whilst his music cuts off.

Samoa Joe: C’mon, there’s gotta be somebody out there better than that! No offence to Brian Kendrick, but ... I’ll be back here next week, and I want somebody to come down here and try and make me a liar when I say that nobody can beat the “Samoan Submission Machine”.

Joe’s music plays again and he drops the microphone to the canvas, leaving the ring and walking up the ramp, seemingly dissatisfied with his challenge.

Mike Tenay: The cocky but gifted Brian Kendrick, TNA’s latest signing, tried and failed to defeat Samoa Joe, and it looks like Joe will face another challenger next week here on Impact!

Taz: It’s great to have Kendrick here in TNA, I bet he’s gonna set the X Division alight if he goes for the X Division Championship, but unfortunately for Brian, not even he could overcome the “Samoan Submission Machine”.

Mike Tenay: Coming up next, we hear from Desmond Wolfe as he addresses the TNA fans and his rival Jeff Hardy, and after that it’s the first semi-final of the tournament to determine the #1 contender to the Global Championship, as the former Champion Eric Young takes on “The Monster” Abyss!

The Day Is Still Young...
Backstage, the camera is in the locker room of the World Elite, where Eric Young is stood up with the TNA World Tag Team Champions the British Invasion, Homicide and Kiyoshi surrounding him.

Eric Young: Ok, tonight is a big night for all of us. I’ve got my match with Abyss, you two are gonna find out who’s challenging for the Tag Team Titles, and Homicide and Kiyoshi ... you get to watch. The point is, I don’t want anything to go wrong, and let’s face it, Abyss is bigger than me and while I may be better than him in every single way, if things get bad then you need to get down there, ya’ hear me?

The other four members of the World Elite all nod their heads in agreement.

Eric Young: Good. Alright, I’m gonna get ready in my own locker room.

Young heads out as the rest of the World Elite all say “Good luck” more or less at the same time.


*Commercial Break*

Howling From The Rooftops
Back on Impact, “Hungry Like A Wolfe” plays and Desmond Wolfe walks out, getting a lot of heat from the crowd. Wearing black shades, a black and purple polo shirt with a logo of a Wolf on the heart and denim jeans, Wolfe walks down the ramp and enters the ring, giving the crowd a two-fingered gesture before taking a microphone.

Desmond Wolfe: Y’know ... in an ideal world, I would be standing before all of you wankers as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Heat for Wolfe after insulting the crowd.

Desmond Wolfe: But, unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

The crowd cheer after that.

Desmond Wolfe: I don’t blame myself, because I am superior to you people and everybody in the TNA locker room ... I don’t even blame all of you window lickers ... I blame one man and one only; Jeff Hardy.

Big pop at the mention of Jeff Hardy.

Desmond Wolfe: When this year began I knew that this was going to be my year, I knew this was going to be the year when nobody could doubt me and I would prove that England is by far superior to this cesspit of a country.

More heat for Wolfe, who smirks at the reaction.

Desmond Wolfe: But on January 4th, I sat in my locker room and I saw Jeff Hardy emerge from the crowd and make his “triumphant” return to TNA. I was fortunate enough to have never had to meet him, but when I saw him there, mingling with all of you wankers, I shook my head, I removed my sunglasses which are worth more than all of your clothes combined and I scowled. But, sitting back there and not doing anything sounds too much like what all of you do every day of your lives, so when Jeff came out to my ring to address you like I am right now, I made a stand and I put him in his place until he tried to save face and inexplicably attacked me.

Cheers for Hardy.

Desmond Wolfe: I was going to swiftly embarrass him in front of the only friends he has, all of you, at Genesis ... but that didn’t happen, and I’m not going to let that slide. So Jeff, if you’re thinking straight enough, I want you to come down to this ring and face me like men would, but obviously you’re an exception so just come out here.

Moments later, “Modest” blares out to a big pop and Jeff Hardy walks out, as he waves to the crowd and walks down the ramp, entering the ring and taking a microphone before coming face-to-face with Desmond Wolfe, who slowly removes his shades to unveil the fire in his eyes.

Jeff Hardy: Alright, man ... I’m here. So whatever you wanna say to me, say it right now.

Desmond Wolfe: Looks like I was right, you’re too intoxicated to say anything worth listening to, although even if you weren’t intoxicated, I wouldn’t bother listening to you anyway.

Heat for Wolfe, as Jeff smirks at Desmond’s crafty remarks.

Desmond Wolfe: If you’re able to remember anything I’m about to say, then I want to say that I am challenging you to a match at Against All Odds. Jeff, there’s one thing we can agree on, and no, it’s not that drugs are more good than they are bad, it’s that we were both screwed by Eric Bischoff at Genesis when he stopped us from having our match. So, whaddya’ say?

Wolfe extends his hand to Hardy, who looks at the crowd who cheer and then looks at Wolfe, before shaking his hand, accepting the challenge! The cheers get even louder after the match is made official for Against All Odds, and Desmond smirks at Jeff, before beginning to speak again.

Desmond Wolfe: Glad we could come to an arrangement, Jeff. But just remember that Valentine’s Day isn’t going to be very nice to you, because instead of receiving chocolates and flowers, you’ll be receiving black eyes and a concussion from yours truly, and I’ll even send you a card with it too. But, it’s like one of those cards where when you open it, it plays a nice little song for ya’. Well, Jeff, here’s your nice little song.

Desmond drops the microphone, before slapping Hardy across the face! There are a lot of “Ohhhh”s and boos in the crowd as Jeff rubs his cheek with the palm of his hand and Wolfe smirks, as he gives Hardy a two-fingered gesture, but out of no-where, Hardy kicks Wolfe in the mid-section, and nails him with the Twist of Fate! Jeff mocks Wolfe by giving him a taste of his own medicine, using his two-fingered gesture before leaving the ring as “Modest” plays and Hardy raises his hands in the air making the “Gunz” gesture with both of his hands before walking up the ramp and disappearing behind the curtain, leaving Wolfe in the ring with a sour taste in his mouth after receiving a Twist of Fate from his arch nemesis.

Mike Tenay: Desmond Wolfe thought he could outsmart Jeff Hardy, but Jeff wasn’t having any of that, and he made sure that Wolfe knew that after that thunderous Twist of Fate!

Taz: I’m even more psyched for Against All Odds now, Professor, AJ Styles defending the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Mr. Anderson, Hulk Hogan, the Motor City Machine Guns and Scott Hall versus The Band and two partners of their choosing, and now Desmond Wolfe versus Jeff Hardy! I can’t wait!

Mike Tenay: Coming up next, it’s “The Monster” Abyss taking on Eric Young!

*Commercial Break*

Shaking The Globe To Its Core...
Back on Impact, “We Are World Elite” plays and Eric Young walks out, getting heat from the crowd. Young, with a smirk on his face, raises one hand in the air as he walks down the ramp and enters the ring, standing in the corner of the ring and waiting for his opponent.

Then, “Down In The Catacombs” plays and the crowd cheer as Abyss walks out, his mask barely visible under a hood on the jacket he is wearing. Abyss throws his hands up in the air as fireworks ascend from the stage and explode and Abyss walks down the ramp, entering the ring and removing his jacket, ready for the match with Eric Young.

Match 3 | Global Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament Semi-Final
Abyss vs. Eric Young
Eric Young knows he has an almost insurmountable task ahead of him in trying to defeat Abyss to advance to the Semi Final of the Global Championship, and the crowd knows that too as Young constantly avoids Abyss in the opening stages of the match, pulling out of the lock-up and then leaving the ring after ducking an attempted clothesline from “The Monster”. However, Young can’t run from Abyss for long as eventually both competitors are back in the ring and Eric runs into Abyss who grabs Young by the throat with both hands and lifts Eric off his feet, dropping Young in the corner of the ring and then bombarding the former Global Champion with right hands to the cranium before lifting Eric up in a Gorilla press position and throwing Young across the ring and down to the canvas! Abyss makes the cover, 1...... 2...... Young kicks out. Abyss gets Young to his feet and lifts Young up, planting him with a scoop slam before running off the ropes and hitting Eric with a Big Splash! Abyss makes the cover again, 1...... 2...... Young gets the shoulder up on the count of two and a half. Abyss gets to his feet and stomps away repeatedly at Eric before getting Young to his feet and grabbing Eric by the throat, lifting Young up for a chokeslam but Eric slips out of Abyss’ grasps and lands on his feet behind “The Monster”, subsequently taking Abyss down to the canvas with a chop block!

The end of this match comes when Eric Young tries to wear Abyss down with some right hands, and Young then runs off the ropes, charging defiantly towards Abyss, but Abyss nails Eric with a big boot! The crowd cheer as an impatient Abyss waits for Young to get back to his feet, but the rest of the World Elite, the British Invasion, Homicide and Kiyoshi emerge from the back and run down the ramp towards the ring which distracts Abyss as well as the referee. However, the referee isn’t having any of it as he tells them to go right back up the ramp, but meanwhile Young low-blows Abyss and manages to roll him up, getting his feet on the ropes without the referee seeing! 1...... 2...... 3!!!
Winner | Eric Young @ 6:37

“We Are World Elite” plays and Eric Young, who has a huge smirk on his face, has his hand raised by the referee as Young soon leaves the ring and joins his World Elite compatriots at the top of the ramp, who congratulate their leader whilst Abyss sits up and looks at them, looking very angry and somewhat disappointed.

Mike Tenay: Things not going well for “The Monster” Abyss, but they are for Eric Young, at least right now, because with the help of his World Elite collaborators, he is through to the final of the Global Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament!

Taz: Abyss hasn’t been able to catch a break since Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan arrived in TNA, but he can consider himself unlucky here, Young cheated to win, plain and simple, Professor, but hey, rules are made to be broken, as some say!

Mike Tenay: I for one am not a fan of that prophecy, Taz. Coming up next, it’s Beer Money taking on Generation Me, with the winners challenging the British Invasion for the TNA World Tag Team Championships at Against All Odds!

Pimpin’ The World
Backstage, Bubba The Love Sponge is standing by.

Bubba The Love Sponge: What’s up, guys, this is Bubba The Love Sponge, and the man I’m standing with is the Global Champion, “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero.

D’Angelo Dinero walks into the shot, getting a big pop from the crowd. Wearing a black bandana, shades and a face-mask as well as a trenchcoat, Dinero is holding the Global Championship over his shoulder and he nods his head at BTLS.

Bubba The Love Sponge: Pope, as we just saw Eric Young is through to the final of the #1 contender’s tournament and he will face Hernandez or Matt Morgan, how do ya’ feel about it?

D’Angelo Dinero: Y’see, Spongebob, Pope feels fantastic, and he has every reason to, ‘cause he’s the Global Champion, and Pope’s actually glad that Eric Young’s in the final, ‘cause he’s one step away from Pope pimp-slappin’ his punk ass all the way to Canada and back!

Cheers for Pope.

D’Angelo Dinero: But, as much as Pope would like to do that after what happened last week, he knows he might not be able to do that, because lightning won’t strike twice for Eric Young. He won’t be able to cheat his way into a match with Pope at Against All Odds, Pope’s mission was to put the Global Championship on the level of the World Heavyweight Title and to also add to his bling, and if anybody’s gonna challenge for the title, it’s gonna be somebody who isn’t a slimey, slithering, cheating piece of crap like Eric Young.

Dinero, getting fired up, removes his face-mask and throws it to the floor before continuing to speak.

[COLOR]D’Angelo Dinero: [/COLOR]There’s a whole lot of other words in the Popetionary that could describe you, Eric, but that would take up the rest of the show and Pope’s gotta’ get back to the pad if ya' dig ... Eric Young, Pope can just tell that right now you’re having your group hug with the rest of your lil’ clan, the same guys that beat Pope down last week, but Pope’s not gonna let that slide, not now and not until Pope pimp-tacularly pimp-slaps your ass off the face of the Earth. Pope has spoken.

Dinero walks out of the shot to more cheers from the crowd and Bubba looks on, nodding his head, and he murmurs “Nice dreads...” as we go into a...

*Commercial Break*

Territory Invaded
Back on Impact, the British Invasion are stood in the ring, as “Invasion” fades out on the P.A. system. Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams are both holding the TNA World Tag Team Championships over their shoulders, and they both have microphones.

Brutus Magnus: Our leader, Eric Young, defeated “The Monster” Abyss with ease earlier on, and he’s on his way to reclaiming his Global Championship ... but right now, that is the least of our concerns.

Williams steps forward, and talks.

Doug Williams: Right now, all that matters is the TNA World Tag Team Championships, and now me and Brutus are going to find out who will be our opponents at Against All Odds. What really amuses me is that it’s going to be either some nobodies who only showed up last week, or a team comprising of a hillbilly alcoholic and somebody who likes to say he’s wealthy so we have something to joke about other than his complete lack of integrity and skills.

Brutus Magnus: We’re going to take our seats at the announce table and maybe take a nap during the match, but whoever wins, they should know that they’re invading our territory, and trespassers ... will be executed.

Both Magnus and Williams drop their microphones and leave the ring, heading to the announce table and taking their seats there as “My Generation” plays and Max and Jeremy Buck, Generation Me, walk out, to a lukewarm reception from the crowd. The two brothers sprint down the ramp and enter the ring, both climbing to the top rope in opposite corners of the ring to pose for the crowd before climbing back down and waiting for their opponents.

Then, “Take A Fall” blares out to a big pop from the crowd and Beer Money Inc, James Storm and Robert Roode, make their way out from the back, Roode walking out and Storm driving out on the Boozer Cruiser. Roode raises his hands in the air as fireworks ascend from the stage and the duo make their way down the ramp, Storm taking a swig of beer before leaving the Boozer Cruiser as they enter the ring, preparing for the match against Generation Me.

Match 4 | Winners Face British Invasion At Against All Odds
Beer Money, Inc vs. Generation Me
The match begins with Robert Roode and Jeremy Buck in the ring, and as they lock up, Jeremy looks to gain the upper hand right off the bat, quickly wrenching Roode’s arm and rolling forwards across the canvas before taking Roode down with an arm drag. Both competitors get back to their feet, and as a sign of mutual respect Roode nods his head at the youngster, before they lock up again and this time Roode doesn’t let his guard down, kneeing Jeremy in the mid-section and getting him in a full nelson submission hold before lifting him up and planting Buck on the canvas with a full nelson slam! Roode then drags Jeremy into the corner of the ring and sits him up, stomping away at him in his mid-section before taking a few steps back, pulling down his kneepad and running forwards, proceeding to hit Jeremy in the skull with his exposed knee but Jeremy manages to move out of the way and as Roode is pulling up his knee-pad, Jeremy rolls him up! 1...... 2...... Roode kicks out. Both competitors get back to their feet and Jeremy runs at Roode, jumping up and wrapping his legs around Roode’s head to go for a hurricanrana but Roode keeps Jeremy in the air and he walks over to the corner of the ring still holding Jeremy as James Storm tags himself into the match and Storm gets down on his knee as Roode powerbombs Jeremy onto Storm’s knee! James says “Sorry ‘bout your damn luck” to Jeremy before locking the high-flier in a headscissors submission hold, wrapping his legs around Jeremy’s neck and applying pressure, but Jeremy manages to make it to the ropes, as Storm is forced to let go.

The end of this match comes when Max Buck and Robert Roode are the legal men in the ring and Max is bombarding Roode with kicks all over his body, to the legs, to the arms, to the mid-section, but when Max goes for another one Roode catches his leg in mid-air and pushes it aside before kicking Max in the mid-section, lifting him up off his feet and into the air, and nailing Max with the patented Pay Off! As James Storm runs across the ring and knocks Jeremy off the ring apron and down to the concrete floor with a clothesline, Roode covers Max, 1...... 2...... 3!!!
Winners | Beer Money, Inc @ 6:54

“Take A Fall” plays to a pop from the crowd as Robert Roode gets to his hand raised by the referee and James Storm walks over to join in as the two members of the winning tag team embrace and raise each other’s hands aloft before they both turn their attention to the TNA World Tag Team Champions and the men they will challenge for the titles at Against All Odds, the British Invasion, who are applauding Beer Money at the announce table.

Roode and Storm leave the ring and head to the announce table where they come face-to-face with Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams, who are both smirking as they hold their Tag Team Titles above their heads and Beer Money look up at them, before Storm says to the duo “Those titles are gonna taste as good as my beer” and in response both Magnus and Williams shake their heads before they leave the announce table ... only to turn around and extend their hands to Beer Money!

Roode and Storm aren’t sure what to do as they look at the grins on Magnus and Williams’ faces, but after a few moments of pondering ... they shake their hands! The crowd give a mixed reaction as they shake hands, but as Magnus and Williams go to walk away, they get pulled back in by Roode and Storm! After a heated stare-down which lasts several moments, the Brits pull away and walk up the ramp, leaving Roode and Storm to watch on whilst the gracious losers, Generation Me, exit the ring...

Mike Tenay: Beer Money, Inc are the new #1 contenders to the TNA World Tag Team Championships and they will challenge the British Invasion for the belts at Against All Odds next month, but boy, a heated confrontation after the match between the two teams right in front of us here at the announce table!

Taz: The match could have gone either way, Generation Me put up one hell of a fight against one of the best tag teams in professional wrestling today in only their second match since joining TNA, but in the end the experience for Beer Money payed off, no pun intended, and they’ve got the title shots.

Mike Tenay: Still to come tonight, Hernandez and Matt Morgan, two tag team partners, square off with the winner facing Eric Young in the final of the Global Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament next week, and after that ... Mr. Anderson versus Kurt Angle!

Going Solo ... Solo
Christy Hemme is standing by backstage.

Christy Hemme: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time ... the #1 contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Mr. Ander-

Hemme’s microphone is suddenly taken out of her hands and when the camera zooms out it turns out that it was Mr. Anderson who took it. Anderson throws the microphone to the side and motions for Hemme to be quiet before reaching up to receive the microphone that comes down from the ceiling.

Mr. Anderson: No offence, Christy, but ... ya’ just ain’t doin’ it right. Y’see it goes like this; ladies and gentlemen ... please welcome my guest at this time ... he weighed in today at two-hundred-and-fourty-six pounds ...

Christy says “Why does that matter?” which cuts off Anderson.

Mr. Anderson: Did I say you could talk, sweetcheeks? ... Nu-uh. Anyways ... he hails from, GREEN – BAY – WIS – CON – SINNN ... the NUMBER – ONE – CONTENDER TO THE TNA – WORLD – HEAVYWEIGHT – CHAMPIONSHIP ...

Anderson takes in a deep breath, before saying.

Mr. Anderson: ... Mr. Anderson.

The crowd laugh after Anderson catches everybody off guard and doesn’t shout his name like he usually does.

Mr. Anderson: Do your job and ask me some questions whilst I have somethin’ nice to look at.

Christy Hemme: Ok ... umm ... Mr. Anderson, last week you and Ric Flair attacked AJ Styles at the end of the show. Is there any kind of working relationship between the two of you?

Mr. Anderson: Working relationship? Are you kiddin’ me? Sure, Ric Flair’s a 16-time World Champion, he’s the “Nature Boy”, he endorses blond hair dye but I don’t need help from him or anybody. Who the hell are you, the paparazzi? It’s like if you see a cat and a dog in the same place you’ll go nuts and report that the long-standing rivalry between two of the dominant animal species has finally come to an end, well no. But d’ya know what will come to an end real soon?

Christy Hemme: What would that be?

Mr. Anderson: AJ Styles’ reign as TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

The crowd boo Anderson after saying that.

Mr. Anderson: Awww, boo – frickin’ – hoo. Let’s face it, that sweet little fairytale that leaves you with a smile on your face when ya’ sleep at night had to come to an end eventually, and if ya’ don’t believe me, I already know, I read the book before it was televised. Besides, you’ll have a new idol to dream about and put posters up with their smiling face on your wall, but I won’t just have a smiling face ... I’ll have the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. And in the caption underneath it, it will read ... MIIIIIIISSSSSSTTTTTTAAAAAAAHHHHHH ... AAAAAANNNNDDDDDEEEEERRRRRSSSSOOOOOONNNNNNNN!!!!!

Instead of walking away like he sometimes does, Anderson stays where he is.

Mr. Anderson: Don’t worry, I won’t scare ya’, I’m right- AAAAAAAANNNNNDDDDDDDDEEEEEERRRRRRSSSSSSOOOOOONNNNNN!!!!!

Anderson then walks out of the shot, as a shocked Christy looks on.

*Commercial Break*

I'm No Superman...
Back from the break, “Sleeping Giant” plays and Matt Morgan walks, his hood on his navy blue robe casting an ominous shadow over his face. Morgan then throws the robe off and raises his hands in the air as a big pyro explodes from the stage and Morgan charges down the ramp, entering the ring and raising one hand into the air like a claw before standing in the corner and waiting for his opponent to arrive.

Then, “Te Gusta O No!” blares out and Hernandez walks out to a pop from the crowd, as he pounds his fists against his chest and jumps off the ground before punching the air as a pyro explodes from the stage and the exuberant Mexican strolls down the ramp, entering the ring and climbing to the top rope to pose for the crowd before climbing back down and having a stare-down with his tag team partner and opponent for tonight, Matt Morgan.

Match 5 | Global Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament Semi-Final
Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan
The match begins and the two tag team partners Hernandez and Matt Morgan shake hands before they lock up and Morgan drives Hernandez into the corner of the ring, letting go when the referee tells him to and Morgan steps back before charging towards Hernandez but “Super Mex” hits Matt with a stiff forearm to the face which sends Morgan back-pedalling and Hernandez then takes down Morgan with a flying clothesline! Hernandez gets Morgan back to his feet and gets Morgan in a front face-lock, trying to lift the giant up off his feet and into the air in position for a suplex, but Morgan is able to keep his feet on the ground and he fights out of the predicament following a few blows to the mid-section of Hernandez. When Morgan is free, he runs off the ropes behind him and charges towards Hernandez, but Hernandez counters, taking “The Blueprint” down to the canvas with a drop toe hold and subsequently locking Morgan in a Boston crab. Morgan writhes in pain as he desperately reaches his hands out trying to get to the ropes, and the crowd, who have been behind both competitors throughout this match so far, clap their hands to try and spur on Morgan and chant “Let’s Go, Morgan!” which is countered by “Super Mex!”. Moments later, Morgan is able to edge across the ring and make it to the ropes, as Hernandez is forced to let go of the submission hold applied on his tag team partner. Afterwards, both competitors get to their feet and Hernandez wrenches Morgan’s arm, pulling him in for a clothesline but Morgan ducks it, kicks Hernandez in the mid-section, wraps his arms around his waist and hits Hernandez with a thunderous exploder suplex which shakes the ring to its very core!

The ending of this match comes when Hernandez Irish whips Matt Morgan into the ropes and immediately clotheslines Morgan over them afterwards, but Morgan manages to stay on the ring apron until Hernandez knocks “The Blueprint” off the apron with a clothesline. As Morgan gets back to his feet, Hernandez runs off the opposite ropes and charges across the ring like a freight train, spectacularly flying over the top rope and taking out both himself and Morgan with an over-the-top-rope suicide dive! Both competitors lie motionlessly on the ramp as the crowd cheer and eventually both get back into the ring, with Morgan hitting Hernandez with a few right hands which sends “Super Mex” backpedalling. Morgan then goes to climb to the top rope, but as his back is turned and he is standing on the top rope, Hernandez hits Morgan from behind with a clubbing blow to the back and then takes Morgan’s arms, turning around and managing to throw Morgan over his head off the top rope and down to the canvas, connecting with the Border Toss! Hernandez then quickly makes the cover, 1...... 2...... 3!!!
Winner | Hernandez @ 7:21

“Te Gusta O No!” blares out and Hernandez has his hand raised by the referee to a pop from the crowd, as Hernandez climbs to the top rope to celebrate and makes a motion around his waist signalling his intentions to become the Global Champion. He climbs back down and after a few moments when Matt Morgan tries to sit up, Hernandez helps “The Blueprint” to his feet and shakes hands with his partner as they both leave the ring.

Mike Tenay: Hernandez will face Eric Young next week on Impact with the winner challenging “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero for the Global Championship at Against All Odds next month, but it could easily have been Matt Morgan who won that match.

Taz: It sure could have, Mike, two evenly-matched competitors, and tag team partners, squaring off, but only one could win and Matt Morgan took a risk when he climbed to the top rope, one that cost him the match and a potential Global Championship shot at Against All Odds.

Mike Tenay: And coming up next, ladies and gentlemen, it’s our main event, Mr. Anderson versus Kurt Angle!

Not So Slick Now, Are Ya’?
Backstage, Ric Flair is in his dressing room, sat on a black leather chair with two women sat on the arms of the chair, stroking Ric’s hair and giggling. Then, the camera cuts to outside the locker room, where Kurt Angle is walking down the corridor outside and he stops outside Ric’s dressing room, breathing heavily before slamming his fists against the door.

Kurt Angle: Ric! I know you’re in there, so get your bitch ass out here right now!

Ric and the two women are startled, and the two girls scream and run to the opposite side of the room as Flair stands up.

Ric Flair: I ain’t doin’ anything for ya’, Kurt! The door’s locked, ya’ cant get in!

Kurt Angle: Really? ... If you’re not coming to me, then I guess I’ll have to come to you.

Angle looks around his surroundings and finds a thick steel pipe precariously placed nearby. Kurt takes it and stares at it for a few moments before slamming the pipe against the door multiple times, making a slight hole in the door, and Kurt rams his foot into it, which makes it bigger, but then security guards rush to the scene and grab Angle, holding him back.

Ric Flair: Get him outta’ here! GET HIM OUTTA’ HERE!


Angle is then taken away by the security, presumably to the ring, with Kurt still trying to break free but to no avail, as we head into a...

*Commercial Break*

Didn’t Check Hard Enough
Back on Impact, “Mic Checked” blares out and the crowd boo as the #1 contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Mr. Anderson walks out, wearing a dark green “KA” sleeveless jersey with the number 1 on the back. The cocky Anderson, chewing away at some gum, makes his way down the ramp and into the ring, telling David Penzer to get out of the ring and standing in the middle of the squared circle, reaching up as a microphone reels down from the ceiling which Anderson grabs.

Mr. Anderson: While Kurt Angle is havin’ fun breaking into old people’s lockers rooms ‘cause he isn’t loved ... I may as well introduce myself. I weighed in this morning at two-hundred-and-fourty-six-pounds ... I hail from GREEN – BAY – WIS – CON – SIN ... I am the soon-to-be TNA World Heavyweight Champion and the man that AJ Styles has nightmares about every - single - night ... MIIISSSTTTAAAHHH ... AAAAANNNDDDEEERRRRRSSSSOOOONNNNN!!!

Anderson then climbs to the top rope and smirks at the crowd before bellowing...


KA then lets go of the microphone which reels back to the ceiling and climbs back down to the canvas, waiting for his opponent to arrive. Then, “Gold Metal” plays to a pop from the crowd and Kurt Angle walks out, surrounded by the security guards that stopped him from breaking into Ric Flair’s locker room moments ago. Angle, not posing for the crowd at all, walks down the ramp as security follow him and enters the ring, immediately standing in the corner as security stand around the ring and on the ramp.

Match 6 | Singles Match
Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson
The bell rings and Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson lock up after several moments of circling each other around the ring without taking their eyes off each other. Anderson wrenches Angle’s arm and gets him in a wrist lock, taunting Kurt and shouting at him until Angle kicks Anderson in the mid-section and gets the loud-mouth in a standing headlock. Anderson shoves Angle away into the ropes and Angle rebounds off them, running at Anderson who goes to take Kurt down with a hip toss but it’s Anderson who ends up on the canvas as Angle reverses the attempt into a hip toss of his own. Anderson gets back up shortly after and he shakes his head at Kurt with a scowl before they lock up again and Anderson pushes Angle into the corner of the ring, pressing relentlessly until the referee gets in between them and separates them, but as the referee holds Angle back, the sly Anderson craftily pokes Angle in the eyes! The crowd boo in reply to Anderson’s questionable tactics but KA couldn’t care less as the referee, unaware of what happened, gets out of the way as soon as Angle, not able to see after being poked in the eyes, walks forward and Anderson kicks Angle in the mid-section, getting him in a front face-lock and hitting the “Wrestling Machine” with a suplex. Anderson makes the cover, 1...... Angle gets the shoulder up. Anderson sits up and glances at the referee before looking back down at Kurt Angle and repeatedly slapping him across the face, subsequently getting to his feet and stomping away recurrently at Angle’s mid-section. Then, Anderson gets Angle to his feet and lifts Angle up onto the back of his shoulders, in position for the Green Bay Plunge, and Anderson begins to walk towards the corner of the ring, looking to climb to the top rope to hit his finishing manoeuvre.

However, before he can, Angle slips off the back of Anderson’s shoulders and immediately looks to connect with the Angle Slam but Anderson wriggles out of it and then plants Angle with a neckbreaker! Anderson again makes the cover, hooking both of Angle’s legs, 1...... 2...... Angle kicks out! Visibly annoyed, Anderson shouts “C’mon!” in frustration and bends down, about to get Angle to his feet, but the “Only Olympic Gold Medallist In Professional Wrestling” is playing possum as he takes Anderson down with a drop toe hold, and applies the Ankle Lock on Mr. Anderson! However, fortunately for Anderson, before Angle can get a real grip of his ankle, Anderson frantically crawls across the ring and makes it to the ropes and Angle is forced to let go of the submission hold by the referee. Anderson, who can consider himself a lucky man after that narrow escape, nods his head and smirks but Angle pulls Anderson back into the middle of the ring by his legs and looks to lock it in again but Anderson rolls over, as Angle who is still holding his ankle goes over as well, and now Anderson locks Kurt Angle in his own submission hold, the Ankle Lock! The crowd boo as Anderson is able to lock it in on Angle who is writhing in pain, and he reaches his hands out, desperate to make it to the ropes as Kurt slowly edges across the ring, closer to the ropes, and he’s almost there ... but Anderson drags Angle back into the middle of the ring! There are a lot of sighs and groans in the crowd and Angle is close to tapping out, his hand is up and he’s about to submit, but he then changes his mind and decides to continue to try to get to the ropes! This time Angle is more fortunate as he manages to edge across the ring further than he did before, and Angle reaches out ... grabbing the bottom rope!

The ending of this match comes when Mr. Anderson runs at Kurt Angle, going for a clothesline, but Angle ducks it, and goes for the Angle Slam, but Anderson slips out of it again like he did earlier in the match and he then pushes Angle forward, almost into the referee Earl Hebner! Angle checks on Hebner and apologizes, but as he is doing so, Anderson low-blows Angle! Before Angle can fall to the canvas, Anderson turns him around, and nails Kurt Angle with the Mic Check! Anderson quickly makes the cover, as Hebner, unaware of the low blow, counts, 1...... 2...... 3!!!
Winner | Mr. Anderson @ 11:35

“Mic Checked” blares out and Mr. Anderson gets to his feet, ignoring the referee and raising both of his hands above his head, unable to get rid of the sly grin on his face. Anderson makes a motion around his waist as he looks towards the stage and mouths “I hope ya’ saw that, AJ” before pausing and reaching up as the microphone reels down from the ceiling directly into the palm of his hand.

Mr. Anderson: And the winner of the match ... MIIIIISSSTTAAA-

Anderson abruptly stops when he looks towards the stage, and TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles runs out, heading towards the ring and immediately taking down Mr. Anderson once he gets in the ring! The crowd go nuts as AJ unloads on Anderson, looking revenge after what happened last week, but the security that escorted Kurt Angle to the ring rush to the scene and pull Styles away, restraining him as Anderson gets to his feet and looks at AJ with a smile on his face, slapping him across the face repeatedly until he kicks Styles in the groin, low-blowing him!

Mike Tenay: I ... I don’t understand! Why aren’t the security doing anything?! Is this some sort of damn conspiracy orchestrated by Mr. Anderson, or even worse, Ric Flair?!

Taz: I dunno, Professor, but I wouldn’t wanna be our TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles right now. The shark can smell blood, and that shark is the #1 contender, Mr. Anderson!

Styles sinks to his knees and Anderson pushes AJ to the floor, nodding his head at security who leave the ring before he gets a helpless Styles to his feet, saying to him “You wanna get in my business, AJ?! Do ya?!” Well” but Anderson is cut off when Kurt Angle, back on his feet, grabs Anderson, and nails Anderson with the Angle Slam! The crowd go wild when Anderson is taken out by Angle, who then helps AJ Styles to his feet, and “Gold Metal” blares out as Angle pats Styles on the back, but AJ says “Next time, I’ll get him myself. I will” and Angle nods his head before leaving the ring as AJ looks on, to close the show...

Mike Tenay: Kurt Angle made Mr. Anderson pay the price, but it’s AJ Styles who’s facing Anderson at Against All Odds, and he wants redemption! For now, goodnight everybody!

*End Show*

Quick Results:
Mr. Anderson def. Kurt Angle @ 11:35
Hernandez def. Matt Morgan @ 7:21
Beer Money def. Generation Me @ 6:50
Eric Young def. Abyss @ 6:37
Samoa Joe def. Brian Kendrick @ 5:02
Daniels def. Suicide @ 6:44

Against All Odds Card:
World Heavyweight Championship | AJ Styles vs. Mr. Anderson
Unsanctioned Street Fight | Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Motor City Machine Guns vs. The Band, ??? and ???
Desmond Wolfe vs. Jeff Hardy
Global Championship | D’Angelo Dinero vs. Eric Young/Hernandez
X Division Championship | Amazing Red vs. Daniels
World Tag Team Championships | British Invasion vs. Beer Money

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Here's some little bits of news..

News & Notes:

Last week's edition of Impact got a 1.2 rating, and this week's show also drew a 1.2.

Brian Kendrick appeared on Impact this past Thursday, answering Samoa Joe's open challenge in a losing effort, but Kendrick has officially signed with TNA, which was revealed by Mike Tenay on commentary, and he has been added to the roster page on their website. Kendrick will fulfill all of his commitments on the Indies which he agreed to prior to signing, and after that he will work exclusively for TNA.

TNA have made just as big an effort to advertise the February 15th show as they did for the January 4th 3-hour special, if not bigger. They have splashed money on plugging the event on billboards, specifically in Times Square, in commercials on Spike and constant advertising on their website and on Impact. Also, with Impact starting an hour earlier than Raw, it is likely that the big matches and surprises will be saved for the 2nd hour of the show when they go head-to-head with WWE's flagship show.

It is not known if any big names have signed with TNA, or will, in time for the February 15th show. With the roster looking rather big, roster cuts could be a possibility, but Eric Bischoff said in a recent interview that just about everybody on the roster has a purpose and can be used well.
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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

iMPACT! Feedback

Nice little start with the recap for last week, as well as some good hype for this week from the commentators. Always a positive way to kick things off.

As much as I like Nash, I donít think kicking your show off with him and Waltman is exactly the right idea. To me, TNA should be portraying that theyíre the new, fresh alternative, and neither Waltman nor Nash give that feel at all. With that said, the mocking of Hall in both their walk to the ring and his catchphrases was a pretty good way to start the promo off, before getting into the serious stuff. Would have liked a little more talk of how good it was for Nash and Waltman to no longer look out for Hall, although Hogan interfering with them watching the footage again was fine. Hogan, though, wasnít quite right, as it didnít have that classic Hulk Hogan feel and vibe to the promo. Heís a pretty basic character Hogan, but I think you missed him here. It seems a bit weird that Hogan says heís close with Nash and Waltman too, only to call them assholes and make a math against them. I thought we were going to get some sort of storyline with Hogan not wrestling yet wanting to as well, and this kind of blows it off straight away, even if it is Ďunsanctionedí. A decent promo, although there was a lot of room for improvement here. The mystery of who Nash and Waltmanís partners will be at least gives me something to be excited about.

Good to see the X Division guys getting some time to put something decent on, while Daniels picking up the win was a natural with him now gunning for Red. Should mention that I liked Suicide, as Redís last threat, was the man he beat, as it makes Daniels look good going towards the title match. Promo after the match was alright, getting the message across and having Daniels use his usual revolutionising the X Division line. Nice to see you giving the feud some mic time, hopefully on the way to Daniels taking the title.

Bischoff started off much too strong in this promo, imo. I donít know if there was any real point to this promo, other than to show Flairís arrival, but if there is going to be something between Bischoff and Flair Iíll be surprised.

Bringing Kendrick into the thread? Cool. He should be able to add something to the X Division. Joeís promo before the match showed his attitude with the promo before the match was good, although while I like Kendrick, I thought Joeís win should have been a little more convincing. I liked the time given to the match, but rather than having to counter a move to win, I thought Joe should have hit a few of his moves consecutively, making him look as badass as possible. Hopefully we get someone big to step up with this storyline eventually.

Neat little promo to hype up Youngís win over Abyss. Would have liked maybe some dialogue from the Brits to say that theyíll beat whoever wins the tag match later tonight to give a bit of a mention to that, but still, this did a good job of showing Youngís confidence.

The opening to this promo was a little weird, as initially I didnít know what Wolfe was talking about with wanting to being TNA World Heavyweight Champion in reference to Jeff Hardy, and it took me awhile to think back to the stipulation to the three way at Genesis. I think that you maybe should have had Wolfe explain that and say that Hardy cost him the match and subsequently, the title. Apart from that, Wolfe bagging Hardy and the fans I thought was done quite well, up until Wolfe called Jeff out. After that, Wolfeís continued jabs at Hardyís problems were just plain awkward. Lines like itís not that drugs are more good than bad and calling Jeff intoxicated just came off as sounding really out of place, and a bit too desperate for cheap heat. Meanwhile, Jeff not saying anything back just makes him seem like a pussy, especially after he had been aggressive to Wolfe in the past for less than this. The idea behind the ending of the promo was good with the black eyes and concussions stuff, but I really think youíre missing a lot of the characterisation for Wolfe, and it plagued the promo throughout. The idea of the promo was alright, but the execution wasnít up to par.

Nice enough match here, with some good psychology early, before the dirty finish at the end which I actually donít mind. It both protects Abyss and gets EY through, while also playing up his heelishness, so I feel like the booking worked here.

Ugh, why keep Bubba around? I donít even like the idea of it in BTB. Again, decent promo from Pope, with his vibe feeling about right, although the way in which he talked about Young was odd. I like that he is trying to make the Global Title prestigious, but why is he saying Eric Young isnít going to challenge for the title, when in all likelihood, he is? He also goes on to say he wants a match with Young, after saying he wouldnít want to face a guy like him at Against All Odds. Itís obvious that you will have Pope/Young again, so keeping their feud hot is a good idea, but I donít think this promo was exactly the right way to go about it.

Decent promo from The British Invasion. Seemed fine, up until the last line, which I really liked. Gets the point across just fine. Only thing I didnít like was pointing out that Generation Me arenít worthy of a shot, as you shouldnít be poking holes in your own booking.

I know itís not anything major, but I really thought the impact of the moves in this match got way too high way too early. The finish also seemed a little odd, but the ultimate result of Beer Money picking up the win is the right one, as Generation Me donít look like they deserve a tag title shot just yet. Not sure what to make of the Brits actually shaking hands with Beer Money after the match, if anything. Weíll see.

Ugh, I hate when Anderson pulls a microphone out of nowhere backstage irl, so I obviously donít like it here. It just seems so ridiculous and stupid. I canít take a promo seriously after seeing it. Anderson doing his in-ring shtick seemed a bit ridiculous too, and while the rest of his promo was alright, I seriously disliked the beginning of it.

The handshake at the start of this match to acknowledge the partnership between these two was good to see, and the action that followed was fine. Glad to see Hernandez get the win as Morgan is a talentless hack, while Hernandez at least has some potential. Hernandez/EY should make for a good match next week too.

So Bischoff warned Flair off earlier, but heís willing to let Angle run around like a madman? Right. Well, things between these two are certainly headed somewhere, but Iím not exactly sure where. I think this story needs to get evolving soon.

I liked Angle storming down to the ring angrily to keep the story from the last segment rolling on, but from there it would have been much better if he came at Anderson angrily with a flurry of punches and offense, rather than taking his time before locking up with Anderson, which in no way shows his rage. The match was alright from there, although the finish was much too like the one involving EY and Abyss earlier tonight. Anderson needed the win, no doubt about it, but a low blow was the wrong way to go, imo. The brawl at the end with AJ was nice, while Angle hitting the Angle Slam keeps him involved loosely with AJ and Anderson, although Iím not too sure where he fits in. Maybe weíll see a three way after all. You have me interested.

An alright show here, Shocker, although I think itís safe to say it wasnít your best. The booking and the promos both felt like they needed work at times, and like there were mistakes that you shouldnít be making, because youíre simply better than that. Hopefully itís just you settling into the thread though, because the Against All Odds card is shaping up pretty nicely, and hopefully the writing can match that in coming weeks.

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