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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution


TNA Genesis | January 17, 2010
Impact Zone | Orlando, Florida

Pre-Show Match: Homicide def. Jay Lethal after a Gringo Killa @ 5:34


The Pay-Per-View begins with a video package, where the sun is setting and the process suddenly speeds up, until a loud explosion is heard, and the screen is blank. Then, we see images of AJ Styles holding up the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at No Surrender and Kurt Angle holding it at Slammiversary, before a still image of Styles and Angle having a stare-down is shown, with words that the two have traded echoing in the background. Now, there are highlights of Scott Hall and Sean Waltman’s arrivals in TNA with them re-uniting with Kevin Nash and talking to Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan on the January 4th Impact episode, and then having a long-distance stare-down with the Motor City Machine Guns.

Afterwards, we hear a voice say “And now, TNA Presents ... Genesis!” and we instantly cut into the new Impact Zone, featuring a new four-sided ring and stage, where fireworks ascend from the stage with “Lie To Me”by Like A Storm blaring out in the background and the camera pans the audience in the arena who are cheering and waving their arms around trying to get noticed, before cutting to Mike Tenay and Taz at the announce table. Tenay and Taz welcome us to the first TNA Pay-Per-View of 2010 and run through the matches on the card, also discussing the new Impact! Zone and favouring the four-sided ring.

The first match of the night is Bobby Lashley versus Robert Roode, with Lashley’s TNA future on the line. Despite making it known that he wants out of the company, Lashley is just as dominant in this contest as he always is, unleashing his immense strength on Roode as soon as the bell rings. Some would think it looks like too much to handle, but nonetheless Robert perseveres, looking for retribution after Bobby almost choked Roode’s other half of Beer Money, Inc and good friend James Storm this past Thursday on Impact and he shows typical fighting spirit, not letting the size and strength of the “God of Thunder” get in his way as he desperately tries to find a way past Lashley. It doesn’t seem to be any use at first and with Bobby’s wife Kristal cheering him on from ringside as she mentally bathes in the sweat of the battered and bruised Robert Roode, Lashley continues to decimate his opponent, but then, strangely, Lashley stops with Roode face-down on the canvas and he lies down, putting Robert’s arm over him as the referee makes the cover! However, Roode recovers and he stops the count, as Lashley gets up and an incensed Roode slaps him across the face, shouting“Fight, you son of a b*tch!”but this only ticks Bobby off, as he scoops Roode up, runs around in a circle and plants him with a devastating running powerslam! For the next few minutes Lashley is in control, looking to finish it off with a Spear, but as he goes for it, Roode moves out of the way and Bobby goes into the steel ring-post, which gives Roode a way back into the match and Roode seizes the opportunity, kicking Lashley in the mid-section and planting him with a DDT! Roode then looks to finish the match, but Lashley fends Roode off, until Roode’s partner James Storm gets involved; as the referee is distracted by Roode who is struggling to get to his feet, Storm climbs onto the ring apron with a bottle of beer, and as Lashley turns to Storm, the “Tennesee Cowboy” pours beer into Lashley’s eyes, blinding him! Lashley, not being able to see, turns around and Roode kicks him in the mid-section, planting him with the Pay-Off and pinning Lashley for the victory, sending Lashley out of TNA!

“Take A Fall” blares out to a big pop from the crowd as Roode has his hand raised and his partner James Storm enters the ring, raising Roode’s other hand and then pouring beer into a beleaguered Roode’s mouth. After Beer Money are gone, Bobby Lashley and his wife Kristal leave the ring, with the crowd singing “Nananana, nananana, hey, hey, hey, goodbye”as they depart for the final time.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is walking through the parking lot with a microphone and he catches up with Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman ... but there is no Scott Hall. Borash asks why Hall is not with them, and Nash says that they can’t find Hall anywhere, they’ve checked his home, they’ve checked their refrigerators and all of their beer is still there, so they’ll have to wait and see if Hall arrives before the match. Waltman adds that either way, tonight the Motor City Machine Guns are going to get their asses kicked, with or without Hall, before they leave.

The next match is for the TNA World Tag Team Championships, with the British Invasion defending the titles against the team of Hernandez and Matt Morgan. Brutus Magnus and Matt Morgan start off the match as the legal men in the ring, and Magnus soon realizes the difficulty of the task of taking down Morgan so Brutus resorts to under-handed tactics as often as possible, rolling up Morgan with a schoolboy just over a minute into the match with a handful of Morgan’s trunks, but “The Blueprint” kicks out, and he is angry as, when both competitors are on their feet, Morgan charges at Magnus and nearly takes the Brit’s head off with a thunderous clothesline! After that, it’s plain sailing for Morgan, who slows down the pace of the match and wears down Magnus, but after Matt misses a big boot and is taken down courtesy of a chop block, Brutus tags the other half of the TNA World Tag Team Champions, Doug Williams into the match, and Williams picks up the scraps, stomping away relentlessly at Morgan’s left leg and dropping recurrent knees onto it until he turns Morgan over and locks him in a one-legged Boston crab, with the one leg being the left one which Williams is now working on. Morgan, after being spurred on by the fans in the Impact! Zone, crawls across the ring and makes it to the ropes which angers Doug as he gets Morgan up and goes to Irish whip him but Matt reverses it as Williams is whipped against the ropes, and when Williams comes back, Morgan lifts Doug up in a Gorilla press position before unceremoniously dropping Doug chest-first on the canvas. However, Matt then holds his leg as he limps across to Williams and gets him to his feet, and then Morgan is in control, until Doug finds his way back into the match after Matt misses a big boot and Williams takes Morgan down with a dropkick to the injured leg of “The Blueprint”. Doug looks to capitalize, but Morgan pushes Williams away and then tags Hernandez into the match, who jumps over the ropes and hits Doug with a flying shoulder tackle before knocking Brutus Magnus off the ring apron! Hernandez is in control of Williams, and after Hernandez and Morgan tag each other in a few times each, the end of the match comes when Hernandez has Williams up for the Border Toss, but Magnus makes the blind tag, entering the ring and rolling up “Super Mex”, getting his feet on the ropes and winning the match!

“Invasion” plays and Brutus Magnus has his hand raised by the referee before leaving the ring to a lot of heat from the crowd, followed soon after by Doug Williams. Brutus and Doug embrace, and they are then given their TNA World Tag Team Championships as Rob Terry pats them on the back, but Magnus and Williams ignore Rob and walk up the ramp, holding their titles in the air with sheer pride as Hernandez and Matt Morgan watch them from inside the ring, coming so close to winning the titles.

Backstage, Ric Flair is walking down a corridor until he stops outside a door, which is the door to the locker room of Kurt Angle. Flair knocks on the door and he hears a voice saying “Come in” which Ric does, as he sees Angle sitting on a chair lacing up his boots. Kurt stands up as soon as he sees Flair, and the two have a stare-down until Angle breaks the ice, asking Ric why he got involved with his and AJ’s match against the British Invasion last Thursday on Impact and Flair firstly apologizes before telling Angle he was giving AJ some advice for the match and he thought that Kurt could survive a few seconds alone in the ring with the British Invasion but obviously not, and that really sets Angle off as he gets in Flair’s face and says to him that he could end their careers if he wanted to, and he could end Ric’s “boy” AJ’s tonight but he has too much respect for Styles, unlike what he has for Flair. “The Nature Boy” says that AJ isn’t his “boy” and says that the best man will win tonight before giving Angle a trademark “Wooooo” and subsequently leaving.

Next up it’s the X Division Championship match, with the current Champion Amazing Red, who has held the title since October, defending against Suicide, who won a triple threat match this past Thursday on Impact to become the #1 contender. The match begins at a quick pace with Amazing Red and Suicide locking up and they both take each other down on separate occasions with clotheslines and arm drags until it settles down and Red and Suicide exchange some right hands and kicks. Suicide goes for a punch but Red ducks it and he then wrenches Suicide’s arm, kicking Suicide in the mid-section and putting his knee onto the back of Suicide’s back whilst holding his arm up before pulling Suicide’s arm backwards and driving Suicide’s skull into Red’s knee! Red makes the cover after that, looking to finish this match early, but Suicide kicks out, and Red gets Suicide to his feet, being in control for a few seconds until Red runs off the ropes and charges at Suicide, only for the masked man to pick Red up and hit the X Division Champion with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Then, Suicide covers Red but Red kicks out, much like Suicide kicked out from Red’s cover moments before, and Suicide gets Red to his feet, Irish whipping him into the corner and then lifting Red to the top rope. Suicide climbs up there and grabs hold of Red, but Red breaks free and pushes Suicide off the top rope and down to the canvas before jumping off the top and onto the ropes, springboarding off the ropes and hitting Suicide with a moonsault! Red makes another cover but Suicide gets the shoulder up, and Red gets to his feet, running off the ropes and going for a standing Red Star Press, but Suicide gets his knees up and Red’s mid-section feel the effects of Suicide’s knees as he rebounds off them and backpedals into the ropes and Suicide then takes himself and Red over the ropes and out of the ring with a cross body! Fast forward a few minutes, the ending of the match comes when Suicide gets Amazing Red to his feet after a dropkick and he Irish whips Red towards the ropes, but Red handstands into the ropes and springs back, kicking Suicide in the mid-section and then nailing Suicide with the Code Red! Red immediately makes the cover afterwards, and picks up the victory, retaining the X Division Championship!

“Red Remix” blares out and Amazing Red gets to his feet as he has his hand raised by the referee and the crowd give Red a standing ovation as he is given his X Division Championship belt. Red sinks to his knees and holds his title in his hands, smiling at the sight of it, but then Christopher Daniels rushes down the ramp and enters the ring, grabbing an exhausted Red, hooking his arms, and nailing the X Division Champion with the Angel’s Wings! The crowd surprisingly cheer Daniels as he stands over Amazing Red and Daniels then looks around the Impact! Zone before jumping to the second rope, jumping to the top rope and then hitting Red with the Best Moonsault Ever! “Wings Of A Fallen Angel” plays and Daniels picks up the X Division Championship belt, holding it up as if it was his own before dropping it over Amazing Red and leaving the ring, making his exit.

Backstage, the camera is in the locker room of the World Elite, where the TNA Global Champion Eric Young is standing up with the title around his waist and the rest of the group, Brutus Magnus, Doug Williams, Homicide and Rob Terry, are surrounding him. Young congratulates Magnus and Williams on retaining the World Tag Team Championships against Hernandez and Matt Morgan and tells Homicide that regardless of Daniels’ assault on Amazing Red, the X Division Championship will come to the World Elite. Eric looks at Rob Terry and doesn’t say anything, before walking out as the World Elite applaud and shout words of encouragement to their leader.

Next, the Global Championship is on the line, with D’Angelo Dinero, who became the #1 contender this past Thursday on Impact, challenging the man he defeated to earn this opportunity, the Champion himself, Eric Young. The match begins with Dinero and Young having a stare-down until they lock up, and Eric appears to be in control for the first half a minute, avoiding all of Dinero’s punches and clotheslines and taking “The Pope” down to the canvas when he gets the chance, stomping away at Dinero and then dropping a knee onto the back of Dinero’s skull. After taunting the crowd, Young gets Dinero to his feet and gets him in a front facelock, winding Dinero with a few knees to the mid-section before lifting Dinero up and planting “The Pope” with a suplex. Young then makes the cover but Dinero kicks out on the count of two, and Eric gets Dinero to his feet, Irish whipping him into the corner of the ring and subsequently running at him but Dinero moves out of the way at the last second as Young crashes into the turnbuckles in the corner and Dinero then lifts Young off his feet onto the top rope, climbing up with Eric and lifting him up before hitting Young with a back drop off the top rope! Dinero makes the cover but Young gets the shoulder up on two-and-a-half and Dinero gets the Global Champion to his feet again, wrenching Young’s arm and going for the Dinero Experience but Eric counters the attempt into a DDT! Young then gets Dinero in a Camel Clutch and Eric manages to keep “The Pope” locked in the submission hold for several moments whilst the crowd in the Impact! Zone spur Dinero on in an attempt to rejuvenate Dinero so that he can fight his way out of this predicament, and Dinero manages to fight to his feet with Young still clinging onto his back, but Eric pulls Dinero back down to the canvas and he locks Dinero in a rear naked choke.

However, fortunately for Dinero and his congregation, the two competitors land near the ropes and Dinero reaches his hand out, grabbing onto the ropes as Young is forced to let go of the submission hold, which he, albeit reluctantly, does. The ending to this match comes when Eric Young has D’Angelo Dinero on the top rope and Young lifts Dinero up for a piledriver from the top rope but “The Pope” manages to bring his feet back down to the ropes and Dinero then lifts Young up and over his head, sending Eric crashing down off the top rope and to the canvas with a back body drop! Eric lands on his knees, and he is able to get back up sooner than expected, as he runs towards the corner of the ring where Dinero is still standing on the top rope but Dinero jumps over Young and down to the canvas, hitting Eric with a clothesline to the back of the head as Young falls into the corner of the ring with his back turned. Dinero then steps back and runs towards Young, nailing Eric with the Dinero Express and covering Young for the victory and the TNA Global Championship!

“Catholifunk” blares out and D’Angelo Dinero, resting on the knees that won him the match, has his hand raised by the referee as every single fan in the Impact! Zone stand on their feet and go wild. Dinero is handed his newly-won Global Championship and “The Pope” gets to his feet, climbing to the top rope and holding the title above his head with both hands before doing the same thing in each corner of the ring and then leaving the ring, climbing over the guard-rail and walking through the crowd with the title held above his head as he celebrates with his congegation.

Backstage, a black stretch limo pulls up in the parking lot and Eric Bischoff runs into the shot, jogging towards the limo and telling the chauffeur not to bother as he opens the back door of the limo himself and looks inside, saying “Welcome to TNA, Mr... what is it again?” as we soon cut away elsewhere, as Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman are in their locker room. Waltman says to Nash that it looks like Scott Hall has no-showed, and Kev says that he isn’t surprised, before telling Sean that he’ll have to replace Hall in the match, as the duo leave the room and head to the ring. Then, the camera cuts to another location, where the Motor City Machine Guns are walking down a hallway with Hulk Hogan just behind them, as Hogan pats them both on the back before the camera cuts to the ring.

The next match of the night is The Band taking on the Motor City Machine Guns, with Sean Waltman replacing Scott Hall who has seemingly no-showed the event tonight and Hulk Hogan standing in the corner of Sabin and Shelley. Shelley and Waltman start off the match and Waltman gets the advantage off the bat, kicking Alex in the mid-section a few moments after they lock up and wrenching Shelley’s arm before pulling him in and lifting Alex off his feet and up for a suplex but Shelley lands on his feet behind Sean and rolls him up, but Waltman kicks out. After the fast-paced start to the contest, the action slows down a bit, and eventually Waltman tags Kevin Nash into the match and Shelley runs at Nash, but Kevin flattens Alex with a big boot! After that Nash dominates Shelley, wearing Alex down and lifting Shelley up in a Gorilla press position before dropping Alex down to the canvas but Shelley manages to land on his feet and the high-flyer then bombards the “Silver Fox” with recurrent kicks at Nash’s legs before running off the ropes and going to take Kevin down with a cross body but Nash catches Shelley in mid-air and throws Shelley across the ring like a rag doll with a fall away slam! After stopping Shelley in his tracks, Nash continues to dominate Alex, trying to end the match and grab the victory by lifting up Shelley for the Jack-knife Powerbomb, but Alex luckily slips out of Nash’s grasps and lands on his feet behind “Big Sexy”, immediately jumping onto the ropes and springboarding off of them, nailing Nash with a flying enzuigiri! Nash doesn’t go down, but he falls into the ropes, and Shelley tags Chris Sabin into the match, as both halves of the Motor City Machine Guns lift Nash up by the legs and dump him out of the ring! Sabin then runs across the ring and sends Sean Waltman flying off the ring apron with a forearm, and both Sabin and Shelley climb to the top rope, Sabin facing Waltman and Shelley facing Nash. They look at each other, before simultaneously flying off the top rope and leaping onto Waltman and Nash!

The end of the match comes when Chris Sabin and Sean Waltman are the legal men in the ring and Sabin runs off the ropes as he goes for a dropkick, but Waltman moves out of the way and Sabin takes down the referee! Chris, not having the time to check on the ref, turns around, and is taken down by a spinning heel kick from Waltman! Then, Waltman looks at Hulk Hogan and calls for a steel chair, as Hogan slowly takes a steel chair and enters the ring, but then Scott Hall emerges from the back with a chair also, and walks down the ramp, entering the ring. Shelley enters the ring and comes to Sabin’s aid, but is stopped by Nash who grabs Shelley by the throat as Hall swings the steel chair, but Shelley manages to duck out of the way with Nash’s hand still wrapped around his throat, and Hall accidentally hits Nash right in the skull with the steel chair! Nash slowly goes down to the canvas and Hall then runs at Shelley who is standing by the ropes but Alex holds down the top rope and Scott goes tumbling over it! Meanwhile, Hogan looks like he’s going to hit Sabin with the chair, but he then turns around and nails Waltman with the steel chair! Waltman goes down, but Sabin gets Sean straight back up, hoists him up and nails Waltman with the Cradle Shock, covering him for the victory!

“Motorcity” blares out to a big pop from the crowd and Chris Sabin has his hand raised by the referee, as Alex Shelley walks over and embraces with Sabin and Hulk Hogan then raises both of their hands in the air. The trio soon leave after Sabin and Shelley climb to the top rope on opposite corners of the ring and taunt the crowd, and when they’re gone, Scott Hall re-enters the ring and stands over Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman who are both down as he shakes his head and goes to help Nash up but Kevin backs away from Hall and shouts at him “What the hell are you doing? That’s your fault!” before leaving the ring as he walks around and pulls Waltman out of the ring by his legs, lifting him up onto his shoulder and carrying Sean up the ramp, leaving Hall in the ring with a lot to think about.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is standing by, ready for an interview, and she introduces her guest, Daniels. Hemme asks Daniels right off the bat why he attacked Amazing Red after he retained the X Division Championship against Suicide, and Daniels says that it's simple; Every single day, Red is leeching off the prestige of the X Division Title, and will until it doesn't mean a thing, unless somebody takes the title and brings it to where it belongs, and where better than around the waist of the man who made the X Division the biggest and hottest thing in TNA? Daniels finishes by saying to Red that it's hell trying to get to heaven, and the "Fallen Angel" will put Red through hell until he takes the X Division Championship, before walking out of the shot to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Now, it’s time for the penultimate match of the night, with Desmond Wolfe taking on Jeff Hardy. Once both competitors have made their entrances and are in the ring, Wolfe and Hardy are ready to lock up, but then Eric Bischoff walks out, telling them to stop as Bischoff gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. Eric says that he doesn’t think this match should happen tonight, because he wants to give the fans a better match, a match that will have them talking for years to come. Bischoff announces that he is making this a triple threat match where the winner will become the #1 contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and says that the third man is the newest TNA acquisition but he will go no further because this man would rather introduce himself. After those words, Bischoff walks away and once he is gone, the lights go out and then the word “Miiiiisssssttteeeerrrrrr” is bellowed over the P.A. system, as the crowd, knowing who it is, go wild and then the lights come back on, revealing Mr. Anderson who is standing on the stage. Anderson soon reaches up and a microphone reels down from the ceiling which he grabs and he starts off by saying that this is not a dream, it is a reality, and finally the hottest free agent in professional wrestling has come to where he belongs. Anderson says he hasn’t come for the fanfare, he hasn’t come to sell merchandise, but he has come to TNA to do something he should have done a long time ago; solidify himself as the biggest name in the industry. Anderson finishes by shouting his name in typical fashion down the microphone and he then walks down the ramp, entering the ring for the match to begin.

As Mr. Anderson enters the ring, the bell rings and Desmond Wolfe immediately jumps an unexpecting Jeff Hardy, taking Hardy down to the canvas after some clubbing blows to the back and Anderson likes what he sees, walking over to where Wolfe is stomping away at Jeff and joining in as TNA’s newest acquisition and Wolfe wear down a helpless Hardy. With the impromptu alliance between the two seemingly lasting beyond that, Anderson and Wolfe get Jeff to his feet and they Irish whip Hardy against the ropes, both kicking Jeff in the mid-section as he comes back towards them and lifting Hardy up above his feet and in the air in position for a double suplex, but Jeff amazingly manages to counter it into a double DDT which lays out both Desmond Wolfe and Mr. Anderson! Hardy drags Wolfe by the arm into the corner of the ring and Jeff jumps up whilst holding onto the ropes, staying upside down in a vertical position before coming back down and nailing Desmond in the face with a dropkick! Hardy then drags Mr. Anderson by the arm into the corner of the ring and sets Anderson up in the same position as Wolfe was, jumping up again but as Jeff goes for the dropkick, Anderson moves out of the way in the nick of time as Hardy crashes into the turnbuckles! Anderson gets Jeff to his feet and Irish whips Hardy across the ring towards Wolfe who lifts Jeff over his head and drops Hardy to the canvas behind him with a back body drop, before Desmond makes the cover, only for Anderson to break it up on the count of two. Anderson looks at Wolfe in a shocked way, shaking his head at Desmond who holds his hands up in innocence before extending his hand to Anderson who reluctantly accepts as their temporary alliance lives on, but after that it is clear to see there is still animosity between the two, and it comes to a head when, after they take Hardy out with a double clothesline, Anderson suddenly lifts Wolfe up onto his shoulders and nails the Englishman with a Green Bay Plunge!

Nobody saw that coming, especially Desmond Wolfe, and Mr. Anderson quickly makes the cover, only for Wolfe to get the shoulder up just before the count of three. Wolfe rolls out of the ring as Anderson turns his attention back to Jeff Hardy, and the loud-mouth gets Hardy to his feet, wrenching Jeff’s arm and kneeing Hardy in the mid-section before planting Jeff with a neckbreaker and making the cover, but Hardy kicks out on the count of two. After that, Anderson leaves the ring and gets Desmond Wolfe to his feet, lifting him off his feet and driving Wolfe spine-first into the steel ring-post before pressing his foot against the throat of Wolfe, who is sat on the concrete floor with his head resting against the steel ring-post. Anderson then goes to re-enter the ring, but Hardy is on his feet and he slides across the ring canvas, hitting Anderson with a baseball slide as Anderson falls backwards onto the concrete floor! Desmond Wolfe is now slowly struggling to his feet and Hardy holds onto the ropes, jumping over them and taking Wolfe down with a cross body! When the action is back in the ring, Jeff is in control at first, but after he takes Mr. Anderson down with Whisper in the Wind, Hardy climbs back to the top rope, about to go for a Swanton Bomb, but Wolfe jumps onto the ropes which catches Jeff off balance as his gut feels the full force of the turnbuckle and the steel that lies beneath it. Desmond capitalizes, and grabs Hardy by the head, nailing him with the Tower of London! Wolfe is about to go for the cover, but Anderson pulls Wolfe away by the legs in the nick of time and picks up the scraps for himself, hooking both of Hardy’s legs, making the cover, and picking up a truly monumental victory to say the least on his TNA debut, becoming the #1 contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

“Mic Checked” blares out and Mr. Anderson immediately leaves the ring with his hand raised above his head, before grabbing the microphone which reels down from the ceiling moments later and announcing the winner of the match and the #1 contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, bellowing his name down the mic subsequent to continuing to walk up the ramp as he disappears behind the curtain.

The camera cuts backstage to a split-screen; on one side, the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles is walking down a corridor with the hood on his blue sleeveless jacket veiling most of his face and the World Title over his shoulder, and on the other side, the challenger, Kurt Angle, is also on his way to the ring, not wearing any entrance attire as he is all set for business.

February 14, 2010 | Against All Odds: On a day of love and happiness, there will be no love lost between the competitors of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling at Against All Odds. Coming soon...

After that advertisement, the camera is set in the locker room, where Mr. Anderson walks in after a few moments of silence with a big smirk on his face as he subsequently takes a seat and has his eyes on the TV monitor, about to watch the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match.

It is now time for the big main event of the night, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match; the reigning Champion, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, putting the most coveted and prestigious prize in professional wrestling on the line against the challenger, “The Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle in a do or die situation for Angle, because if he doesn’t win this match, he will not get another title shot this year. As the bell rings the crowd roar and the atmopshere in the Impact Zone is at fever pitch, and in the opening stages of this contest, Angle is in control as he takes Styles down to the canvas soon after they lock up and then gets AJ in an armbar but Styles quickly breaks out of it and the two competitors get back to their feet simultaneously, circling each other around the ring before locking up once again and this time it’s Styles who benefits as he kicks Angle in the mid-section and hits Kurt with some right hands before Irish whipping Angle against the ropes and then going for a hip toss, but Angle manages to counter it into a hip toss of his own! After the battle of trying to outdo each other between Angle and Styles, the match settles down and six minutes into the match, the fatigue is already beginning to show as the two competitors have already put an unbelievable amount of effort into the match so far, and Angle throws some right hands in the directions of Styles before running off the ropes but AJ hits Angle with a dropkick which sends the Olympic Gold Medallist backpedalling and Kurt almost goes over the top rope and crashes to the conrete floor but Angle manages to keep his feet on the ring apron only for Styles to send Kurt flying off the apron with a forearm to the skull! After a few moments, Angle is back on his feet and Styles jumps onto the ropes, springboarding off them and taking out himself and Angle with a Springboard Shooting Star Press!

When the action is back in the ring, Styles gets Kurt in position for the Styles Clash, but Angle manages to fight his way out of the predicament after managing to free his legs and kick AJ in the cranium a few times, and when Styles recovers he runs at Angle but Kurt ducks out of the way and then nails AJ with the Angle Slam! However, a disorientated Angle is unable to make the cover straight away and he slowly hooks Styles’ leg to make the cover, but just before the count of three, AJ gets the shoulder up! Soon after when both competitors are on their feet, Angle and Styles exchange blows and when AJ gains the upper hand in the exchange, he runs off the ropes but Angle takes Styles down with a drop toe hold and locks him in the Ankle Lock! As he once again bids to win the match and the World Heavyweight Championship, Kurt applies his patented submission hold, but soon after Styles breaks out of it by kicking Angle away and with Kurt sat up on the canvas, AJ takes Angle down with a stiff kick to the skull! Styles then climbs to the top rope and flies off soonafter, hitting Angle with the Spiral Tap! AJ makes the cover a few moments after, but miraculously, Angle gets his foot on the rope a split-second before the count of three!

The ending to this exhilarating TNA World Heavyweight Championship match comes when AJ Styles runs off the ropes and charges towards Kurt Angle, hoping for the best, but Styles doesn’t benefit as Angle grabs Styles, and throws AJ across nearly the entire ring with a thunderous belly-to-belly suplex! Angle then removes the upper half of his singlet and lets out a reverberating roar as the crowd cheer, but then Ric Flair grabs the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from ringside and as the referee is checking on AJ Styles and Angle has his back turned, Flair climbs onto the ring apron and nails Angle in the back of the skull with the TNA World Heavyweight Title belt! With the exception of a few “Wooooo”s amongst the crowd, the audience boo a smirking Flair as Angle is out cold in the centre of the ring and Styles, unaware of what has occured, slowly struggles to his feet having recovered from the belly-to-belly suplex and climbs out onto the ring apron, jumping onto the ropes and flying off of them, hitting Angle with the 450 Splash! The crowd give a mixed reaction as Styles connects with his finishing manoeuvre and a beleaguered AJ slowly lays an arm over Angle, making the cover and picking up the victory, retaining the TNA World Heavyweight Championship under controversial circumstances that AJ isn’t aware of and ensuring that Kurt Angle will not challenge for the gold again this year!

“Get Ready To Fly” blares out to a mixed reaction from the crowd and AJ Styles slowly gets to his feet as he has his hand raised by the referee and Ric Flair, the man who effectively cost Kurt Angle the match and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, watches from ringside with an inexcusable smirk on his face. With Angle lying motionlessly in the centre of the ring, a replay of the end of the match plays and when the camera cuts back to the ring, it appears that Styles has seen what happened, because he is glaring at a grinning Flair who shouts “Woooooo! You’re the Champ, boy! You’re the Champ!” but AJ doesn’t share the enthusiasm, as he shakes his head at Flair and turns around, looking at Kurt and saying “Sorry” before leaving the ring, still the TNA World Heavyweight Champion but perhaps only thanks to the crafty ways of Ric Flair...


Quick Results:
World Heavyweight Championship | AJ Styles def. Kurt Angle
Mr. Anderson def. Desmond Wolfe & Jeff Hardy
The Motor City Machine Guns def. Kevin Nash & Sean Waltman
Global Championship | D’Angelo Dinero def. Eric Young
X Division Championship | Amazing Red def. Suicide
World Tag Team Championships | British Invasion def. Hernandez & Matt Morgan
Robert Roode def. Bobby Lashley
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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

The "CRUNK AIN'T DEAD" Review:

~ Good first match. I really loved your description of things, some writers tend to give minimum detail in summaries, but you summarized while still giving a good idea of the match. Good send-off for Lashley as he dominated most of the match and had to be blinded by beer to lose. Roode didn't come out looking particularly strong, but as part of a tag team I don't know that he really should. 1000x better than Lashley's IRL exit from TNA.

~ LOL @ all the beer still being in the fridge. You know you have a horrible reputation when you're no-showing a BTB. I can see him no-showing up until the match, then appearing to cost the Guns the win.

~ Good call having the British Invasion keep the titles. Morgan and Hernandez are much better as singles stars IMO, and I hope you use them that way. I hate TNA's logic of "Hey, we have to up and coming mid-carders who would be a welcome addition to the main event picture...let's put them in a tag team!" The right team went over, and I loved the heelish tactics they used too.

~ Good interaction between Flair and Angle. It'll be interesting to see what you do with them from here.

~ Solid X-Division match, but this one is more about what happened afterwords. Daniels is a great contender for the X title, and a feud between him and Red could bring some credibility and spotlight to the division.

~ Good match and great win for the Pope! Pope is pimpin! It's nice to see the Global Championship actually being used as a mid-card title. Good stuff here.

~ Really good match between The Band and the Guns. I expected Hall to interfere here, but having him miss Shelley and accidentally hit Nash was great. I liked how Hogan was on the side of the Guns as well. The right team went over, and a storyline got advanced. No complaints here.

~ Sweet swerve there having Anderson join the Hardy/Wolfe match. A triple threat #1 Contender's match sure does make things interesting, especially with the three men involved. I'm not sure how I feel about Anderson winning #1 Contender stauts in his debut match, or his arrival not being advertised, but those surprises are what PPVs are all about. If this were a weekly Impact, I'd complain but on a PPV this works.

~ Interesting finish to the title match. There are so many different ways you could go from here, does Angle protest and get another title shot? Does Angle go after Flair? Does AJ side with Flair or Kurt? Where does #1 Contender Mr. Anderson fit into all this? I love the ending because it leaves the reader waiting for your next show, I know I am.

OVERALL: Pretty awesome show. If this were the real TNA I wouldn't miss an episode. You have the right people going over, you have interesting storylines, and you know how to use your talent. Two thumbs up.

All my unrealistic expectations of WWE and TNA are met...or I can actually get the ball rolling on a BTB project whichever comes first!
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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

i'm not the best at giving lengthy reviews but i'll do what i can. i just read genesis, i haven't had a chance to read the rest of your shows so if i'm off on what you've been doing i'm sorry.

- lashley is kind of a tricky guy to deal with, at least in my opinion. to me, you either turn the guy into some kind of monster heel or you just cut him. the match you had seemed like a pretty good way to get rid of lashley.

- defiantly got to agree with CM Crunk and lol at the beer still in the refrigerator line. very interesting how you built up whether or not hall was going to show up right through their match.

- i like that you kept the tag belts on the british invasion, and actual tag team and not morgan and hernandez, a team just thrown together. i for one was not that big of a fan having morgan and hernandez win them so it's good you think that way too. it looks too like you're building friction between them and rob terry. is that something you've been doing for a while or did you just start it? i guess i should read more lol.

- i liked having daniels interfere at the end of the x division match and also his interview with christy later on. if you're looking to give the x division title its prestige back, daniels is the guy to do it.

- don't know about the pope winning the global title. if you were looking to have a feud between the members of the world elite, it may have been a good idea to keep the belt on eric but if you're not, than the pope isn't a bad choice for global champion. and also, it's nice to see that you're keeping the world elite around.

- the band vs. machine guns match is one that i probably should have read more of your btb to fully understand. why hulk hogan paired up with the guns? that don't seem realistic but i'm sure there's a good reason so again i'll have to read more. the match was well done. i like how hall showed up but actually ends up hurting the band. another budding feud perhaps?

- i don't think i would have debuted mr. anderson and had him become #1 contender right away, that really seems rushed to me. maybe have him feud with a top guy like hardy right away to build him in the company. but it's an ok move.

- not too sure what to think of the ending of the main event. you could go a bunch of different ways with it so it'll be interesting to see what you do.

- overall: your layout, presentation and everything is superb. you seem to have a very good knack for this kind of stuff, this is probably the best TNA BTB going right now, i hope you keep it up, since i'm doing a TNA BTB myself, it's nice having someone to compare to. good luck with the rest of this, i'm defiantly going to be reading everything from now on.

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Predictions Contest:

Zidane2000 – 2
X-Power – 4
Y2j_legend – 8
FlyinStyles – 6
Mr. King – 4
JDawgWWE – 4
Rvd97045 – 7
Jon Power – 6
Legend – 8
PSVR – 6
Joey Wild – 3
Guardian Devil – 6

1st: y2j_legend & Legend
2nd: RVD97045
3rd: FlyinStyles, Jon Power, PSVR & Guardian Devil
4th: X-Power, Mr. King & JDawgWWE
5th: Joey Wild
6th: Zidane2000


I'll send all the credits now, and everyone gets some, so everybody goes home happy. Now, here's some news and what not:

TNA Newswire:

Rumours have been rife that Impact could be moving to Monday nights soon. Apparently those inside TNA felt that a potential move depended on how well Genesis went, and most feel that it went well, so don't be surprised if it happens. If they made the move, it could happen any time after Against All Odds.

Last Thursday's edition of Impact drew a 1.2 rating. It was the first show since the January 4th special, so it is a decent rating.

Coming out of Genesis, there has been a lot of discussion about what will happen in the forthcoming weeks. D'Angelo Dinero and Eric Young are set to feud, as are Desmond Wolfe and Jeff Hardy, whilst Mr. Anderson will enter a program with AJ Styles now that he is the #1 contender. Some fans were happy about Anderson's arrival, whereas others were disappointed as they expected somebody else to debut. Regardless, more names are being thrown around in regards to TNA signings, mainly Rob Van Dam, who seemed to be the only other option to debut at Genesis. Whether Van Dam will come to TNA in the next few months is far from certain.

The Against All Odds poster has been released on the TNA website:

Thanks for the reviews for Genesis, the next two shows have been finished so I don't have much work to do, and the preview for the next show will go up some time this week.

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Thought I'd give you some comments regarding Genesis.

About the style, I don't mind how it's recapped as nobody expects you to start with a full PPV but I thought the way you wrote the show was too informal. Something as simple as writing 'MATCH 1- Bobby Lashley vs Robert Roode' would have made it more appealing overall. As for that very match, I liked Lashley's intent to get out of TNA until Roode pissed him off by shouting at him. The ending was kinda heelish on Beer Money's part so I guess they're gonna be kinda tweeners now. I was pretty shocked to see Lashley's TNA tenure end just like that. Kinda confusing as a whole as I don't even know how this match came about. Lol'd @ Hall no-showing. Vintage.

The tag title match is next, and there were a few good spots. I liked the British Invasion using dirty tactics to get an advantage and I liked the use of the chop block to take the big man down. Working on Morgan's leg is about an effective a strategy as the Brits could have. There was about 30 seconds of Hernandez in the match and it disappointed me. The finish also came too much out of nowhere, even if that was what you were pulling for. Just made Super Mex seem weak tbh. Good to see some distance between Flair and AJ, hopefully he isn't ruined like irl.

The X-Division match would have been good to see and the recaps still made it seem pretty good. I liked Red retaining as it could mean that you're putting an end to the Suicide character and bringing back Kaz. Please do that. Red isn't really an entertaining champ so give him some more character in coming weeks, as great matches aren't enough. Daniels after the match made me think heel turn, but you intentionally wrote that the fans continued to cheer him so I'll look to see what comes of this. World Elite segment backstage doesn't do much besides make me think that Homicide will become X-Division champ in the near future, a move I don't oppose at all.

The Global Championship match comes up right after Eric Young's promo and this one could go either way imo. I'd like to think that these two would have good chemistry irl and it seemed like it with the way you wrote the match. Good counter from the Dinero Experience into the DDT and then the use of the Camel Clutch. Young has a nice moveset, simple yet diverse. The ending with the piledriver counter was nice and I liked the intentional set-up of the Dinero Express instead of ZOMG HE FELL INTO THE CORNER~! Good match, and a shock title change in my eyes. The Pope should be above this level. The limo segment backstage makes me think of Mr Anderson by the simple use of the 'Mr'. And I've read ahead, but whatever.

I don't know what Hogan is doing with MCMG, or what this whole storyline's point is, but I'd expect the Hulkster to be doing something a lot bigger. However, this could well mean a push for Sabin and Shelley, something that would be epic. Good to have Waltman start the match and get the crowd pumped up with the fast pace and then use Nash to slow it down and execute some domination. I was first confused with Hogan getting Waltman the chair but I realised he was teasing a turn. Seemed random tbh. Good to see MCMG win, albeit after Hall no-no-shows and then fucks up, and good to see Hogan remain in their corner. Daniels cuts a weird promo and I don't know whether he will turn or not turn. I think he could work with the prophetic tweener character for a while but I wouldn't mind a full-fledged heel turn either.

Since Impact is posted, I don't really see the point of continuing with a proper review. So yeah, just some small comments. I'm not a fan of Anderson and how he went over Hardy and Wolfe, but it was still a great way to debut him for your BTB. The main event was another match written very well and I liked the tension between Flair and AJ. I'm not too sure about how Styles/Anderson will work but it's sure to be interesting.

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

TNA Impact Preview | January 21, 2010
Impact Zone | Orlando, Florida

Just four days removed from Genesis, Impact is back on SpikeTV, and the momentum from Genesis is sure to be continued, as a lot is going on in the Impact Zone, including Mr. Anderson's Impact debut. Anderson became the #1 contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship after being added to the Desmond Wolfe/Jeff Hardy match by Eric Bischoff and winning it, ensuring a title opportunity. Many fans will be asking why Anderson came to TNA and what he wants to achieve, but now they will be asking when the loud-mouth will use his golden opportunity. Will it be this week? Next week? The week after? At Against All Odds? Only time will tell, and the time for answers could be tonight. Speaking of Wolfe and Hardy, Jeff is in action this week against Homicide, the man who Hardy attacked on the January 4th edition of Impact. Will Hardy prevail, or will Homicide get his revenge? Plus, will Wolfe be watching?

On the topic of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, the current reigning Champion, AJ Styles, successfully defended his title against Kurt Angle to ensure that Angle will not get another title opportunity this year - but it didn't come without controversy, and there was a lot of it. When Styles was down and out after receiving a thunderous belly-to-belly suplex, Angle was ready to move in for the kill, but Ric Flair, who was ringside, climbed onto the ring apron and nailed Angle with the title belt, rendering the "Wrestling Machine" almost unconscious. Then, AJ recovered, not knowing what had happened, and connected with the 450 Splash before covering Angle for the victory, but now Styles knows about what happened, what will he have to say to Kurt and to Flair when he speaks?

At Genesis, it was supposed to be the Motor City Machine Guns taking on Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, but Hall didn't show up in time for the match, so Sean Waltman took his place. Nash and Waltman almost won the match, until the referee was knocked out, and then everything kicked off. Hulk Hogan, who The Band told to make his decision as to whether he would join them or not, entered the ring with a steel chair at the command of Waltman and then Hall finally appeared, coming to the ring with a steel chair. Scott went to hit Alex Shelley with the chair but Shelley ducked out of the way and Hall accidentally hit his friend Nash, followed by Hogan hitting Waltman as Chris Sabin hit Sean with the Cradle Shock and won the match. Hall will address the TNA fans as well as Nash and Waltman this week, but what will he have to say, and will the reaction of Nash and Waltman be?

D'Angelo Dinero became the new TNA Global Champion at Genesis after defeating Eric Young, but this week Young isn't wasting any time in his quest to regain his title, as he invokes his re-match clause. Will "The Pope" retain and continue his ascent up the TNA ladder, or will he be brought back down to Earth by the cunning leader of the World Elite?

Also this week, "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe is in action against the "Feature Presentation" Sean Morley, plus the newest tag team in TNA, Generation Me, comprising of Jeremy and Max Buck, square off against Lethal Consequences. Will the brothers begin their TNA tenures with a victory, or will Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed overcome the youngsters?

To see all of this and more, tune into SpikeTV at 9/8CT to catch the action from TNA Impact!

Scheduled For Impact:
We hear from AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson and Scott Hall!
Jeff Hardy faces Homicide!
Eric Young challenges D'Angelo Dinero for the Global Championship!
Samoa Joe squares off against Sean Morley!
Generation Me make their TNA debut against Lethal Consequences!

"Looking For Redemption"
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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Didn't comment on Genesis, because I felt like the Pay Per View was more about getting past so you could get more to the direction you wanted to go, plus I've been kind of busy. I will, however, be checking out iMPACT!, especially since it looks like a pretty stacked show. Anderson promo should certainly be good, Scott Hall OWNS and with Flair sounding like he'll speak, that's definitely another thing to look forward to. Meanwhile, with what looks like four good matches lined up thus far, there's no reason to say that this shouldn't be a good read.

Looking forward to it, man.

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

TNA Impact | January 21, 2010
Impact Zone | Orlando, Florida

Looking For Redemption...
We begin with a video package which recaps this past Sunday’s Genesis Pay-Per-View, where Ken Anderson debuted and became the #1 contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and AJ Styles retained his title against Kurt Angle after Ric Flair screwed Angle whilst Styles was down. Afterwards, the camera is in Kurt’s locker room, where he is sitting on a chair and staring at a television monitor, seething after being reminded of what transpired at Genesis. Angle then gets up, throwing the towel which is over his shoulders to the floor, and leaves the locker room, muttering “Where is he?” on his way out.

Then, the opening video plays and “Cross The Line” blares out as we enter the Impact! Zone and fireworks ascend from the stage. The camera zooms in on the four-sided ring and then pans the audience, before crossing over to Mike Tenay and Taz who are at the announce table.

Mike Tenay: We’re four nights removed from Genesis, and tonight the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles will speak, after Ric Flair helped him retain his title against Kurt Angle, who we saw backstage and still looked furious after what happened this past Sunday. Welcome to Impact! everybody, I’m Mike Tenay alongside Taz here at ringside, and also tonight we’ll hear from the newest acquisition, Mr. Anderson, who became the #1 contender to the World Title Genesis after defeating Desmond Wolfe and Jeff Hardy, who were supposed to face each other one-on-one, in a triple threat match!

Taz: I’m pretty excited to see Mr. Anderson here in TNA, Mike, he’s got all the tools needed to be a big star, especially here, and it looks like we’ll see AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship soon, which will be one hell of an encounter! And I’m looking forward to hearing from Scott Hall, who had the finger pointed at him by Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman after Nash and Waltman lost to the Motor City Machine Guns at Genesis as Hall was no-where to be seen until during the match.

Mike Tenay: We crowned a new TNA Global Champion at Genesis as D’Angelo Dinero defeated Eric Young, and Dinero is in action tonight against Young yet again, as Eric invokes his re-match clause.

Taz: These two guys have had two great matches over the past week, and I’m expecting more of the same tonight, Professor! But do you know what else I’m looking forward to seeing? The debut of a new tag team in TNA, going by the name of Generation Me! Max and Jeremy Buck, two brothers, square off against Lethal Consequences!

Get Ready For Answers
Then, “Get Ready To Fly” blares out to a pop from the crowd and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles walks out onto the stage, not looking very exuberant. His pyro goes off without being accompanied by a pose, as Styles walks down the ramp, looking at the floor the whole time before entering the ring, immediately taking a microphone.

AJ Styles: All week, ever since Genesis, I’ve been getting people coming up to me and asking about how Ric Flair screwed Kurt Angle, and y’know, I can understand that ... but then, there are people who are coming up and saying to me that I screwed Kurt Angle, and that really gets under my skin, ‘cause obviously they’re not looking at the big picture.

AJ raises his head up and shakes his head.

AJ Styles: I’m only gonna say it once, when Ric came out and hit Kurt with the title belt, I didn’t know what was going on, I was on the other side of the ring, face-down, so I didn’t see anything. It is what it is, but now that’s out of the way, people are gonna be spreading rumours that I set up the whole thing with Ric, but I have nothing to do with Ric, I don’t know what the hell he was doing at Genesis and I don’t know why he did what he did, I wanna know why just as much as all of these fans in the Impact! Zone...

Cheap pop for AJ.

AJ Styles: So Ric ... if you’re back there, I want you to come down to this ring, stand face-to-face with me unlike this past Sunday, look me in the eyes and tell me why you had to get involved at Genesis.

Styles turns his attention to the stage, where there is nobody to be seen and all that can be heard is the audience, who are cheering and screaming. Then, “Also Sprach Zarathustra” blares out to a big pop and Ric Flair struts out, with a big smile on his face as always, as he walks down the ramp, with AJ’s spirits not lifted by Ric’s presence. The “Nature Boy” steps into the ring and he takes a microphone, continuing to strut around the ring afterwards.

Ric Flair: Wooooooooooooo!!!

Cheap pop for Flair, who is grinning at Styles.

Ric Flair: Can ya’ feel it, AJ? Can ya’? There must be somethin’ in the air here in the Impact! Zone, ‘cause I am ready to party!

More cheers for Naitch.

Ric Flair: I may not have a reason to, although I have a free pass ‘cause I’m a 16-time World Champion .,. but you do, AJ, You’re still the TNA World Heavyweight Champion! And that’s the least that the face of professional wrestlin’ deserves!

Styles looks perplexed by Flair.

Ric Flair: Ya’ heard me right, Champ; you’re the Ric Flair, the Nature Boy, of this generation, and that’s where I come onto Genesis. You wanted answers, that’s what you’re gonna get. Y’see, I’ve been waitin’ for a long time to see somebody step into the ring and do things that amaze me, and you’re that guy, AJ ... and I wasn’t gonna let the chance get away! You need the TNA World Heavyweight Championship as much as professional wrestling needs you, and Kurt Angle holding up your title wasn’t gonna be the way to close Genesis, so I took matters into my own hands, that’s me, AJ, I’m the dirtiest player in the game – Wooooo! - and if you wanna be the best ... you’d better stop questionin’ me and start thankin’ me for the fact that you’ve still got that title.

AJ Styles: Did I just hear what I think I heard? In case you’ve forgotten, and you’ve been too caught up in all the change going on here, I won this title without you, I’ve defended it time and time again up until today without you, and I don’t need you to keep it. I’m flattered by what you think about me, I really am, Naitch, but I became what I am today without anybody’s help or dirty tactics.

AJ then takes a step closer to Flair, getting right in his face.

AJ Styles: I don’t want you getting involved with me or my matches, alright? I get it, you’re a 16-time World Champion, you’re the limousine ridin’, jet flyin’, kiss stealin’, wheelin’, dealin’, son of a gun, but I am what I am, I’m the Phenomenal AJ Styles, and I’m the TNA World Heavyweight Champion!

Cheers for AJ, as he raises his belt in the air above his head.

AJ Styles: If you think I’m givin’ you a hard time, Ric ... then if I were you, I’d stay well out of Kurt’s way, because he’s more pissed than anybody that you interfered in our match ... and the only thing you’ll be feelin’ is a broken ankle, so maybe it’ll be for the best if you run to the back, hop back in your black stretch limo, and get the hell outta’ here before he kicks your ass ... or I do.

“Get Ready To Fly” plays again to a pop as AJ Styles looks into Ric Flair’s eyes for a few more moments before leaving the ring, walking up the ramp and looking back at Flair once more before disappearing behind the curtain, as Flair stands in the ring, alone. Ric turns his head to the crowd who are cheering him, and he smirks, but then Kurt Angle runs down the ramp and enters the ring, immediately taking Flair down to the canvas and locking Ric in the Ankle Lock! The crowd go nuts as Flair is tapping out frantically and Kurt shouts “You like that, Ric?! You like that?!” but then a dozen security guards run to the scene and pull Angle away, separating Kurt and Ric, who can barely stand, from each other.

Mike Tenay: Kurt Angle almost snapped Ric Flair’s ankle in half there, but I bet Angle had a lot more in mind than just that, Taz!

Taz: When Angle’s pissed, he’s capable of anything, Professor, and I haven’t seen him in a worse mood than I just did, so who knows what he could have done to Flair?

Mike Tenay: It’s clear that Kurt’s out to get Flair, but what about AJ? What’s Angle’s opinion on Styles after what happened at Genesis? Well, we’ve still got the rest of the show left so maybe, just maybe, we’ll find out!

*Commercial Break*

A New Generation
Back from the break, “Our Generation” blares out and TNA’s newest tag team, Generation Me, walk out; Max and Jeremy sprint down the ramp and slide into the ring, standing in the corner as they wait for their opponents to arrive.

Then, “Pomp And Consequences” plays, getting a lukewarm reception, and Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed walk out, making their way down the ramp and entering the ring.

Match 1 | Tag Team
Generation Me vs. Lethal Consequences
The two teams, showing a mutual respect for one another, shake hands at the start of the match, but after that, they get down to business, with Max and Jay Lethal starting off the match and Lethal not letting his opponent get much offence in. After some basic moves, such as arm wrenches, clotheslines and headlocks, the aerial prowess of the competitors in this match shows, as Max and Lethal use high-flying attacks, with Max almost winning the match after a moonsault, only for Lethal to kick out. Afterwards, Jeremy and Consequences Creed, both fresh, enter the match and it is more of the same, but Creed takes a more technical approach rather than a high-flying one, and Generation Me get the opportunity to showcase their teamwork, almost winning after a suplex by Jeremy with Max flying off the top rope afterwards and nailing Creed with a leg drop, but Consequences gets the shoulder up in the nick of time. The match ends with Max and Creed as the legal men and Max hits Creed with a rolling fireman’s carry slam. Jeremy then enters the ring and sends Jay Lethal off the ring apron with a dropkick, and with Creed down and both Max and Jeremy in the ring, Jeremy climbs to the top rope and nails Consequences with a 450 Splash, followed by a moonsault by Max, completing their double-team manoeuvre called “More Bang for Your Buck”! Max covers Creed, 1...... 2...... 3!!!
Winners | Generation Me @ 6:26

“Our Generation” blares out, confirming Generation Me’s victory on their TNA debut, and Max gets to his feet as he and Jeremy have their hands raised by the referee to the cheers of the crowd who are clearly impressed by their performance and the two brothers embrace, before leaving the ring and walking up the ramp.

Mike Tenay: What a debut for Max and Jeremy, Generation Me, picking up a victory over Lethal Consequences, former World Tag Team Champions! Maybe we’ll see these two guys holding gold soon, huh, Taz?

Taz: If that match is anything to go by, Professor, then sure, why not? They’ve obviously got bags of chemistry with them being brothers, and I think they’ve put all of the other tag teams in TNA on notice!

Mike Tenay: We’ve got two big matches to come tonight, Jeff Hardy facing Homicide and D’Angelo Dinero defending the TNA Global Championship which he won this past Sunday at Genesis against Eric Young, who is invoking his re-match clause.

Red-Dy For A Fight
Backstage, Christy Hemme is standing by with a microphone.

Christy Hemme: I’m standing with the X Division Champion Amazing Red and Don West, and, Don, I believe you requested this interview time?

Don West: I sure did, Christy, and I’ll tell you and all of the TNA fans why. Y’see, last Sunday at Genesis, my man Amazing Red successfully defended his X Division Championship against Suicide, but still he’s being overlooked by some guys in the locker room, and I know that because me and Red walked into the locker room before the show, and a few guys actually had the nerve to say to us that Red’s win at Genesis was a fluke.

Don momentarily turns to the camera, and he doesn’t look happy.

Don West: If they wanna prove a point to Red, then I dare them to try it in the ring, ‘cause this guy is one of the top guys in TNA, and that’s why he’s the X Division Champion. If anybody wants a piece of Red tonight ... then come get him, ‘cause we’re on our way out there right now!

A red-faced West (pun intended) walks out of the shot with Amazing Red, as we enter a...

*Commercial Break*

False Alarm
Back from the break, “Red Remix” is playing and the X Division Champion, Amazing Red, and Don West are standing in the ring, and West has a microphone.

Don West: Alright, who wants a piece of...

West is interrupted when “Invasion” blares out and Brutus Magnus, Doug Williams and Rob Terry, the British Invasion, walk out ... and Terry is holding his Feast or Fired briefcase! West and Red are shocked, and Terry points to his briefcase, mouthing “Now” before he walks down the ramp with Doug and Brutus in tow. Rob enters the ring and gives the briefcase to the referee, as the bell rings, beginning the match!

Match 2 | Singles | X Division Championship
Amazing Red© vs. Rob Terry
The X Division Champion Amazing Red ran a big risk when he issued an open challenge to the TNA locker room, he had no idea that he was going to defend his title, but he has to because Rob Terry is cashing in his Feast or Fired briefcase. Terry uses his superior size to dominate Red, but not exactly setting the world alight with his offence. Rob quickly makes advances towards finishing off Red and the contest after wearing down the Champ, but the defiant high-flyer refuses to quit, desperately trying to counter Terry’s offence, and surprisingly to some, Red is able to build up some momentum, taking the big man down with a dropkick and following up with a standing moonsault, making the cover, 1...... 2...... Terry kicks out! Red is not overly shocked that Rob kicked out, and he continues to wear the Brit down, but when Red runs off the ropes, Terry nails the high-flyer with a big boot! Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams cheer Rob on from ringside and count along with the referee as Rob makes the cover, 1...... 2...... Red gets the shoulder up! Don West rejoices whilst Magnus and Williams are astounded and Terry slams his fists against the canvas in anger as Brutus and Doug shout at him, Williams saying “Put him away for God’s sake!” and Rob turns around, but Red manages to bring Rob down with a drop toe hold and he rolls over Terry’s back, rolling him up out of no-where! 1...... 2...... 3!!! Red retains!
Winner and still X Division Champion | Amazing Red @ 5:52

“Red Remix” blares out to a big pop and Amazing Red gets to his feet, as his hand is raised by the referee and he is handed his X Division Championship. Don West is ecstatic, and he calls Red out of the ring right away as he leaves the ring to join West and Don raises Red’s hand in the air like a proud father, but the TNA World Tag Team Champions, Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams, are incensed; they step into the ring and come face-to-face with a dejected Rob Terry, who has his hands on his hips and is looking down, but Magnus shouts at him, “Look at us, you idiot!” and Rob slowly looks up. Williams then calls for a microphone and he is given one.

Doug Williams: What the hell are you playing at?! You’re making fools out of us, and you’re making fools out of our great country!

The crowd begin to chant “USA!” and this draws Williams’ attention.

Doug Williams: Shut up!

More heat for Williams and Brutus shakes his head at the crowd, before he takes the mic from Doug.

Brutus Magnus: Anybody, even these people, could have beaten Amazing Red and become the X Division Champion, but no, you had to screw up again, didn’t you, Rob? I’m sick and tired of it, Doug’s sick and tired of it, and ... well, that’s all that matters, so get the hell out of this ring and out of our sighs, because you’re a disgrace!

Terry sighs, and walks away, about to leave the ring... but then he turns around again, and takes Doug Williams down with a clothesline! The crowd pop as Rob unloads on Williams, but Brutus Magnus defends Doug, pulling Terry away and stomping on him repeatedly until Doug gets to his feet and he joins in. They get Terry up and Magnus gets Rob in a Bearhug, as Doug runs off the ropes and hits Terry with a flying European uppercut, as Rob is planted in the canvas! The crowd boo Magnus and Williams, as “Invasion” plays and the duo leave, with Terry still laid out in the ring.

Mike Tenay: Disgusting actions coming from Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams, they’ve got a pretty damn short fuse, huh, Taz?

Taz: Hey, I’m impartial here, Professor-

Mike Tenay: How can you possibly be impartial? They just betrayed Rob Terry and left him flat in the ring!

Taz: Well technically Terry betrayed them as he fired the first shot if ya’ know what I mean, Professor, and I would feel the same way if one of my boys literally had a coveted title put in front of them on a silver platter and they didn’t take it.

Mike Tenay: Let’s go to JB backstage.

Pimped Up
Jeremy Borash is standing backstage with a microphone, alongside the new TNA Global Champion, “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero.

Jeremy Borash: Thanks, Mike, and standing with me is the new TNA Global Champion D’Angelo Dinero, and Pope, you won the title this past Sunday at Genesis, but tonight the former Champion Eric Young is invoking his re-match clause. Your thoughts?

Dinero removes his shades, and looks at Borash.

D’Angelo Dinero: Do I look like I’m worried to you, Jerry?

Jeremy Borash: No, but it’s Jeremy...

D’Angelo Dinero: Yadda, yadda, you’ll always be Jerry to me. Y’see, Pope is not worried, these hands have not shaken since last Sunday at Genesis when I became the new TNA Global Champion, and Eric Young can bring the rest of his so-called “World Elite” with him, because they are no match for Pope’s congregation that are in the Impact! Zone here tonight in Orlando, Florida.

Cheap pop for “The Pope”.

D’Angelo Dinero: This Global Champion is just as thankful as you and the congregation that I now hold this title, because it gathered a hell of a lot of cobwebs and dust when Eric Young had it stored behind his Canadian flag and his superhero action figures, but Pople has cleaned this belt since last Sunday, he rubbed it until he could see his handsome face in it. Eric, I am not like you, I do not climb to the mountain top only to hide behind the biggest boulder I can find, which is in your case your “World Elite”, because I will stand before you and every single other follower in the TNA locker room, hold my prize high and say to their faces that they can try and fail at taking this away from Pope.

Dinero adjusts the position of the Global Championship over his shoulder, before continuing.

D’Angelo Dinero: What is that saying, Jerry? “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again”, but no, for yours truly it’s “if at first you don’t succeed, don’t try again against the congregation’s noble steed”. Oh, and not to mention ... that Pope, is pimpin’.

With a swagger in his step, Dinero walks out of the shot, to loud cheers from the crowd.

*Commercial Break*

Nations Apart
“Cool Dude” blares out as we come back from the break, and Sean Morley walks out, getting a lukewarm reaction from the crowd. Morley walks down the ramp, with his trademark towel wrapped around his waist, and he enters the ring, waiting for his opponent.

“Nation Of Violence” plays and Samoa Joe walks out, getting a mixed reaction. Not sporting any facepaint, Joe walks down the ramp with a towel over his shoulders and he steps into the ring, putting his towel down and looking straight at Sean Morley in the opposite corner of the ring.

Match 3 | Singles
Samoa Joe vs. Sean Morley
At the start of the match, a fresh Sean Morley jumps right into the action with Samoa Joe, not backing down, but after a minute the near-insurmountable task at hand sinks in on Morley, as Joe begins to dominate; after a knee to the skull and a sidewalk slam, Joe perches Morley up on the top rope and the “Samoan Submission Machine” then lifts Sean up, planting Morley with a Muscle Buster! An emotionless Joe immediately makes the cover, 1...... 2...... 3!!!
Winner | Samoa Joe @ 1:34

“Nation Of Violence” plays again and the no-nonsense Samoa Joe gets back up, immediately demanding a microphone which he receives.

Samoa Joe: Y’know, I didn’t know what to think of this whole Bischoff/Hogan regime at first, but after seeing what they’ve got to offer me in the ring ... I’m not impressed. Is that guy, (Points to Morley) a washed-up has-been, the best you’ve got for me, Hulk? Seriously? Hell, even seeing you get in your red and yellow, lace your boots, and step into this ring to face me is a bigger challenge than that.

The crowd pop at the thought of Hogan getting in the red and yellow.

Samoa Joe: Eric and Hulk, you might think you’re responsible for TNA rapidly becoming the biggest organization in the world, but it’s guys like me, who shed blood, sweat and tears for this company and this industry and putting in years of hard work who are responsible for this company even existing, let alone being where it is today!

The crowd applaud and cheer, starting a “TNA!” chant.

Samoa Joe: Shut the hell up, none of you have done a damn thing for this company so you can all keep your mouths shut!

This gets Joe’s heat back, as the crowd boo.

Samoa Joe: So Eric, Hulk, if you don’t care about the guys that were here years before you arrived in TNA, then I’m gonna send you a loud and clear message. Next week, right here on Impact! I’m gonna lay down an open challenge to anybody who either aren’t in TNA or dragged their asses in along with Bischoff and Hogan. I’m putting every single wrestler in the world on notice, so somebody had better step up, or else I’m gonna have to send the message to Bischoff and Hogan ... personally.

Joe drops the microphone to the canvas and “Nation Of Violence” sounds off once again, as Joe leaves the ring and walks up the ramp, turning around once more to look at the crowd before leaving.

Mike Tenay: Well, Sean Morley not given any favours on his TNA in-ring debut, being beaten in convincing fashion by Samoa Joe and Joe’s laid down an open challenge for next week for any new TNA wrestler or un-signed wrestler to face him one-on-one!

Taz: Wow, I can’t wait for it, Professor, so many possible names running round in my head right now, it could be anybody! But I wonder if anyone will have the guts to face Samoa Joe after his victory over the unfortunate Sean Morley right there!

Wanna Get “Personal”?
We cut backstage, where Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are watching the show on a television screen, and both Bischoff and Hogan look somewhat perplexed.

Eric Bischoff: Well that took some balls.

Hulk Hogan: I’ve gotta say, brother, Joe didn’t exactly make himself sound too friendly, but I’m impressed.

Eric looks at Hulk in a surprised way.

Eric Bischoff: Really? You’re impressed by someone as dangerous as Joe who says they’re gonna lay their hands on you if their challenge isn’t answered next week? You better hope somebody steps up to the task, Hulkster.

Hulk Hogan: Yeah, I do hope someone does, but not because he’s gonna come back here and fight me if nobody does, no, I wanna see what he can do, a match lasting one and a half minutes isn’t a lot, brother, and we wanna see the young talent shine here in TNA, so here’s our chance to see if this guy can be the cream of the crop. And besides, I’m not completely out of the game, jack, if I gotta’ get in the red and yellow then I will.

Please don’t. The screen fades with an eery silence in the office, and...

Hey Yo
Elsewhere, Scott Hall is walking down a dark, dull corridor, on his way to the ring.

Mike Tenay: There’s Scott Hall, and it looks like he’s on his way to the ring! Don’t go anywhere, because you don’t want to miss this, ladies and gentlemen!

*Commercial Break*

Hey Yo; Part Deux
Back from the commercial break, “Marvellous Me” blares out to a pop from the crowd as Scott Hall walks out, wearing a leather jacket, a black shirt and denim jeans, and Hall wipes his hair back, before throwing his toothpick in the direction of the camera and continuing to walk down the ramp. Scott steps into the ring and walks around the ring, eliciting a reaction from each side of the Impact! Zone, before taking a microphone as the fans wait for it...

Scott Hall: ... ... Hey yo.

There it is~! The crowd cheer for Hall’s trademark catchphrase.

Scott Hall: I didn’t just walk out here for the hell of it, I’m out here for a reason, and that’s ‘cause I need to set a few things straight with Big Kev and Sean, so guys, come out here so we can talk, ‘ite?

Immediately, “Strut” plays and Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman walk out, getting heat from the crowd. Nash and Waltman make their way to the ring, entering the squared circle and Hall holds up his hand wanting to do the signature hand gesture with his “brothers for life” but Nash and Waltman walk straight past him, taking microphones.

Kevin Nash: You wanna set the record straight, Scott? Go ahead, ‘cause it’s gonna be pretty damn funny watching you try.

Hall looks at Kevin in a confused manner.

Kevin Nash: Don’t try making it seem like you don’t know what I’m talkin’ about, Scott, because you do. Not once since I’ve met you have you managed to give me a good reason for all of the stupid things you’ve done, all the times you’ve let me down ... but d’ya know what’s even more stupid? What’s more stupid is that I’ve put up with it every – single – time.

Scott goes to speak, but Nash shakes his head at Hall.

Kevin Nash: I talk, you listen, simple. I’ve lost count of the amount of times you’ve let me down and done stupid things, and all the times I’ve stuck up for you. Y’know, I’ve met a lot of people in this business and I’ve made a lot of friends in this business, and a lot of them always say to me “Hey Kev, why the hell do you hang around with Scott Hall? He’s an idiot, he threw his life away years ago”, hell, even Hunter and Shawn say that to me now because that’s how bad it’s really gotten but every single time I’ve always said to those people that there’s more to you than that, when each time I do it makes me pissed off with you more and more. I’ve had to carry the weight of you and your life and your mistakes ever since I met you, because you can’t do it by yourself, and you’ve never even tried to. You’ve always come to your brother Kev when you’ve needed help, and for some reason I keep doing it over and over again, but you’ve never done a damn thing for me, man; I could be a hell of a lot more than I am right now if I didn’t have to deal with you all the time.

Scott Hall: Look, man, I’m sorry, but I just wanted to make sure that we’re all cool with each other-

Kevin Nash: No! We’re not cool with each other, Scott! There needs to be two guys to make a friendship, and you’re on your own now, because I am sick and tired of giving you chances, I am sick and tired of carrying your weight on my back, and I am sick and tired of having to keep your life in one piece! If it wasn’t for me, you would be sitting at home and- wait, if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t even have a damn home! And if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have a single cent of money, because you would have thrown it all away on drinking and gambling and God knows what else! I’ve done so much for you, but yet you can’t even do something for me and Sean for just one single night? You were supposed to be at Genesis to fight the Motor City Machine Guns with me, but you don’t even show up, and you haven’t even told us why yet.

Scott Hall: My bad, man, I had a rough night, I might’ve had a little drink and I couldn’t make it to Orlando for the match, but hey, Sean did a great job, good work man, and c’mon, we’re meant to be brothers for life-

Waltman quickly takes the microphone from Nash and stops Hall.

Sean Waltman: F**CK FOR LIFE, SCOTT! You’re too stupid for anyone to consider your opinion and you’re not able to stay off the drinking for one night for your “brothers for life”? And don’t even think about opening your mouth again, because I’m sick of having to hear you talk and say that everything can be fine, ‘cause we’re not helping you anymore!

Kevin Nash: I’ve wanted to beat the crap outta’ you for so long, Scott, to let all of my frustration go, and now you can find out what it feels like having the weight of an over-the-hill, selfish, washed-up son of a b*tch on your shoulders ‘cause I know exactly what it’s like, but now ... it’s all gone.

Nash drops his microphone and kicks Hall in the gut, pummelling Scott with clubbing blows until Hall is down, and now Nash and Waltman are assaulting their former “brother for life”! The crowd boo Nash and Waltman, but before the situation gets any worse, Hulk Hogan and the Motor City Machine Guns head down the ramp, Sabin and Shelley armed with steel chairs, and enter the ring as Nash and Waltman quickly exit the ring and depart via the crowd! The crowd boo Nash and Waltman but then cheer as “Rockhouse” blares out and Hall is helped to his feet by the Motor City Machine Guns and Scott and Hogan have a heated stare-down before both making the “brothers for life” hand gesture as a sign of mutual respect, as Hogan runs through his catalogue of signature poses and Sabin and Shelley play to the crowd as Hall stands in the middle of the ring, not knowing what to think...

Mike Tenay: The emotions of Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman overspilled and it resulted in them attacking their former friend Scott Hall, but luckily Hulk Hogan and the Motor City Machine Guns were able to make the save for Hall and send Nash and Waltman packing!

Taz: It looks like Hall doesn’t know exactly what to think, Professor, and I’m not surprised; two guys he thought were his best friends betrayed him and he’s a bit, y’know, dumb so maybe he doesn’t know what to think pretty often!

The Boy Who Cried “Wolfe”
There is now a split-screen, and on one side Jeff Hardy is walking down a corridor on the way to the ring for his match with Homicide, and on the other side is Desmond Wolfe, who isn’t competing but has the spotlight on him, and he has some popcorn in one hand and a can of beer in the other...

Mike Tenay: Jeff Hardy’s on his way to the ring, but it looks like Desmond Wolfe is as well! But why?

He Has Arrived ... Arrived
Elsewhere, the camera is in the parking lot, where a Hummer pulls up and parks by the wall, and the door flings open, as out steps TNA’s newest acquisition Mr. Anderson.

Mr. Anderson: Hey, you ... yeah, you, get your ass over here.

An innocent black-shirted backstage worker jogs over to Anderson.

Mr. Anderson: Do you really expect me to carry all of these bags? Do ya’?

Worker:Well if I’m able to, then you should too-

Mr. Anderson: Whoa, whoa, buddy, don’t go sayin’ we’re in the same boat, ‘cause we’re not, alright? You’re some momma’s boy earning five dollars an hour from whatever the hell you do, and I am the future TNA World Heavyweight Champion, MISSSSTTTAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH ... ... ANNNDDDEEERRRSSSOOOONNNNN!

The backstage worker is startled as Anderson gets right in his face, and he opens the car’s trunk, getting Anderson’s bags and lifting them up to carry along.


The worker drops Anderson’s bags on the floor after being caught off guard by Anderson, and he looks innocent at KA before picking the bags up again and trudging along...

Taz: There he is, Mike, my boy, the #1 contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Mister Anderson...

Mike Tenay: After the break, Jeff...

Taz: Anderson ... haha!

Mike Tenay: Like I was saying, after the break Jeff Hardy is in action against Homicide, don’t go anywhere!

*Commercial Break*

The Enigma’s Light Shines On
Back from the break, and Homicide is just making in his way into the ring with “4150” playing, as he stands in the corner and waits for his high-profile opponent to arrive.

Then, “Modest” blares out to a big pop from the crowd as the distinguished enigma Jeff Hardy walks out, crouching down and nodding his head up and down before making the “Gunz” gesture with his hands as a pyro explodes from the stage and Hardy makes his way down the ramp, entering the ring and immediately climbing to the top rope to pose for his fans. Jeff climbs back down, and it’s time to start the match, but then...

“Hungry Like A Wolfe” plays, getting a lot of heat from the crowd, and Desmond Wolfe walks out, popcorn and beer in hand as he smirks at Hardy, who is annoyed to see him. Desmond walks over to the announce table and steals a production worker’s chair which he sets up behind the announce table to join Mike Tenay and Taz.

Mike Tenay: Well it looks like we’re joined by our, uh, uninvited guest Desmond Wolfe-

Desmond Wolfe: As a matter of fact I was invited, it’s just that nobody told you so that you didn’t get grumpy because someone far greater than you socially, physically and in terms of where I come from, was going to be at the announce table.

Taz: Hey Desmond, what’s up with the beer and popcorn?

Desmond Wolfe: Well, Taz, Jeff Hardy and all of his pre-pubescent fans seem to think he’s a natural entertainer ... well he can try and entertain me. As for my food and beverage, it’s just to set the mood. But neither of you can have any.

Match 4 | Singles
Homicide vs. Jeff Hardy
This match has scarce history at most, with Homicide attacking Jeff Hardy when Hardy made his TNA return on January 4th only for Hardy to turn the tables on Homicide and nail him with a Twist of Fate. The match begins with Homicide taking advantage of Jeff Hardy being distracted by his adversary Desmond Wolfe at the announce table who is eating popcorn, as the loose cannon unloads on Hardy with punches and kicks, not embracing a technical style but instead engaging in an all-out brawl. Eventually Homicide takes the match out of the ring and takes Jeff Hardy over to the announce table, going to slam Hardy’s skull on the top of the table but Jeff manages to stop him, and Hardy hits Homicide with a firm kick to the gut to buy himself some time. The crowd cheer Hardy, but Wolfe is not impressed as he shouts “Booooooo!” and throws some popcorn at Jeff which sets Hardy off; Jeff turns around and grabs Desmond by his jacket, and he is about to drag Wolfe across the announce table but Homicide grabs Jeff by the hair and hurls him into the security rail! Homicide quickly runs back into the ring, as the referee is on a count of six, and Hardy realizes this as he desperately tries to get to his feet, and he manages to get back in the ring just before the count of ten, almost as if it was meant to happen, as bizarre as it sounds.

For the next few minutes the momentum recurrently shifts between Homicide and Jeff Hardy, and Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Homicide counters it into a Russian leg sweep and he then runs off the ropes, planting a leg drop over Jeff’s throat. After that Homicide gets Hardy to his feet and twists Jeff around, trying to lift Jeff up in position for the Gringo Killa but Hardy keeps his feet on the ground, as Homicide then Irish whips Jeff towards the corner of the ring only for Jeff to jump to the top rope and jump off, taking out Homicide with a Whisper in the Wind! The crowd cheer Hardy as he makes the cover, 1...... 2...... Homicide gets the shoulder up! Hardy gets Homicide to his feet and Irish whips him into the corner, as Jeff runs at him but Homicide jumps over the ropes and lands on the ring apron as Hardy fails to meet his target, and Homicide then jumps onto the ropes, springboarding off them but Jeff kicks Homicide in the mid-section in mid-air and then nails Homicide with the Twist of Fate! As always, Hardy follows it up by climbing to the top rope and Jeff looks over at Desmond Wolfe, who smirks at Jeff and raises his can of beer, before Hardy flies off the top rope and connects with the Swanton Bomb! Hardy makes the cover, 1...... 2...... 3!!!
Winner | Jeff Hardy @ 7:38

“Modest” blares out and Jeff Hardy gets to his feet, having his hand raised by the referee to a big pop from the crowd as Hardy climbs to the top rope, raising his hands in the air before leaving the ring and walking over to the announce table, coming face-to-face with Desmond Wolfe who slowly continues to eat his popcorn until Jeff swipes it off the table, and hits Wolfe with a right hand! The crowd pop as Hardy hits Desmond again and again and again with Wolfe now fighting back, and it begins to get out of hand until security guards rush out and separate them! The crowd boo and chant “Let them fight!” as Jeff and Wolfe make eye contact, bad-mouthing each other.

Mike Tenay: Chaos has erupted in the Impact! Zone between Desmond Wolfe and Jeff Hardy, and these fans are loving it!

Taz: The crowd in the Impact! Zone were chanting “Let them fight!” and I couldn’t agree more with them, Professor! Just wait until these guys meet one-on-one, it’ll be huge!

Mike Tenay: Coming up next, the TNA Global Championship is on the line, the new Champion “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero defends against the former Champion, Eric Young!

Wild And Young
Backstage, Christy Hemme is standing by.

Christy Hemme: Hello, TNA fans, I’m standing by with the former TNA Global Champion Eric Young, who lost the-

Eric Young: Hey, hold on, I’m sorry but before you go any further, Christy, I wanna ask you a question and I want you to give me an honest answer.

Christy nods her head at Young.

Eric Young: Me losing the Global Championship to D’Angelo Dinero or whatever he likes to call himself, at Genesis ... do you think that’s funny? Does it amuse you, does it bring a pathetic smile to your face?

Christy Hemme: Ummm...

Eric Young: Y’know what, that question doesn’t constitute an answer, because it’s not! When I won that belt at Bound For Glory, I took it to heights of prestige that nobody, not Booker T, AJ Styles or Mick Foley could take it to. So to see somebody like Dinero holding the title that I put on the map ... it makes me sick. So sick, that tonight, I’m not just gonna take back the Global Championship ... I’m gonna make sure that Dinero comes no-where near this title again, and after tonight, he’ll know that he shouldn’t have messed with me.

Heat for Young.

Eric Young: And when I leave that ring with the title around my waist like it should be, and I see his weak, feeble “congregation” booing me and shouting at me with tears rolling down their faces ... I’m gonna laugh. And my congregation, the World Elite, are gonna laugh with me. If anybody should be the Pope, a position which is recognised universally around the world in society as one of power, of TNA ... it should be Eric Young. And my item of recognition, will be the Global Championship.

The bitter Young walks out of the shot, as Christy looks on, nodding her head slowly. Then, the camera cuts elsewhere, where D’Angelo Dinero is walking down a dark corridor with the TNA Global Championship around his waist, on his way to the ring.

*Commercial Break*

Still Unbroken
Back on the show, the camera is backstage in the medical room, where Ric Flair is lying on a bed with medics surrounding him, examining his ankle which was targeted by Kurt Angle earlier tonight.

Ric Flair: Is it broken?

Medic: No, it’s not, but only just. A few more seconds with the pressure applied to your ankle and it would be, so consider yourself lucky it’s not, Ric.

Ric Flair: Alright-

Ric then looks towards the door, as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles walks in, looking rather emotionless.

AJ Styles: They’re right, Ric; you are lucky. Kurt had every right to break your ankle after you stuck your nose in not only his, but my business at Genesis, and if you try it again, then it won’t just be your ankle that’s getting broken.

Styles walks out again, as Flair looks on in disgust.

Ric Flair: That no-good piece of crap thinks he can talk to the “Nature Boy” like that? Oh, no ... he’ll see ... Kurt will see ... everybody will-

Medic: Ric, the process isn’t over yet.

Ric Flair: Damnit!

Flair lies back down as the medics continue to look at his ankle and the camera cuts back to the arena, ready for the main event...

Around The World And Back
“Catholifunk” blares out to a big pop from the crowd as the Global Champion D’Angelo Dinero walks out, his head covered by a bandana and his mouth covered by a mask along with a long black trenchcoat. With his title around his waist, the charismatic Dinero walks down the ramp, entering the ring and climbing to the top rope, removing his mask and throwing it into the crowd before climbing down, taking off his bandana and jacket and handing it to a ring-side worker.

Then, “We Are World Elite” plays, getting a mixed reaction, as the challenger, Eric Young, walks out, without the World Elite backing him up. Young charges down the ramp, entering the ring and immediately charging at D’Angelo Dinero as the bell quickly rings!

Match 5 | Singles | Global Championship
D’Angelo Dinero© vs. Eric Young
Eric Young immediately charges at D’Angelo Dinero, hell-bent on decimating Dinero in this match, but it’s Dinero who takes Young down, tackling Eric to the ground and unloading on Young with wild fists to the face! The animosity in the ring is at fever pitch as the crowd cheer and Young manages to edge backwards with Dinero still on top of him throwing punch after punch, until Eric makes it to the ropes as the referee separates the two competitors from each other, Dinero reluctantly backing away. As the referee lectures “The Pope” who holds his hands up in innocence, Young sneaks behind Dinero and sneakily low-blows “The Pope” and then, with the crowd booing Eric for his illegal and underhanded tactics, Young rolls up Dinero as the referee, unaware of the low blow, quickly makes the cover! 1...... 2...... D’Angelo Dinero kicks out! The crowd pop but Eric Young is shocked and incredibly disappointed that he didn’t defeat Dinero and regain the Global Championship he lost just four nights ago then and there, and Young gets to his feet, stomping away at Dinero who is still clutching his gut after the low-blow before getting the Global Champion to his feet, Irish whipping “The Pope” into the corner of the ring and running at Dinero, but D’Angelo moves out of the way at the last second as Young runs into the corner of the ring without meeting his target and Dinero then backs away into the opposite corner of the ring, running forward towards Young and about to go for the Dinero Express, but Eric immediately turns around and almost takes Dinero’s head off with a thunderous clothesline! The cheers and anticipation in the Impact! Zone suddenly turn silent and the crowd boo as Dinero goes down in a heap and a smirking Eric Young stands over him, then getting a disorientated Dinero to his feet and lifting him off his feet in a Bearhug-type of hold, before running towards the corner and driving “The Pope” spine-first into the corner!

D’Angelo Dinero slowly sinks down in the corner and Eric Young, mockingly shouting “Pope is pimpin’!” in Dinero’s face to a lot of head from the crowd, drives his boot into Dinero’s throat, pushing it in with force until he stops on the count of four with the referee and getting Dinero up, lifting the Global Champion onto the top rope and then climbing up there himself, grabbing Dinero and getting him in position, but “The Pope” manages to fight out of it and Dinero then pushes Young off the top rope and back down to the canvas! The crowd cheer the groggy Dinero, who regains his composure before flying off the top rope and nailing Young with an elbow drop! Both competitors lie motionlessly on the canvas for several moments until both get to their feet and Young staggers towards Dinero, but Dinero kicks Eric in the mid-section and then plants Young with a DDT! Dinero makes the cover, 1...... 2...... Eric Young gets the shoulder up! The crowd, disappointed that Young kicked out, boo and Dinero then gets Young to his feet, wrenching Eric’s arm and going for the Dinero Experience, but Young finds his way out of the predicament, going behind Dinero and lifting him up, planting “The Pope” with a back drop! Young then quickly covers Dinero, 1...... 2...... Dinero kicks out, much to Young’s chagrin and Eric gets Dinero back up, hitting Dinero with some right hands before running off the ropes, looking to mount some further offence, but Dinero scoops Young up and plants the Canadian with a scoop slam, then running off the ropes and hitting Young with a knee drop!

The ending to this Global Championship match comes when Eric Young has D’Angelo Dinero on his left shoulder, and Young runs towards the corner, but Dinero slips off Young’s shoulders and manages to hit Eric in the back in a dropkick before he hits the ground. Young goes into the corner with a lot of force, and Dinero gets to his feet; he sees the crowd cheering and he looks at where Eric is situated, before seizing the opportunity and running across the ring, nailing Young with the Dinero Express! Dinero is about to make the cover, but the rest of the World Elite, Brutus Magnus, Doug Williams and Homicide run down the ramp and enter the ring which distracts “The Pope” but Dinero is shocked when Magnus and Williams begin to stomp away at Young! The referee is just as astonished, but he has no choice but to ring the bell, handing a disqualification victory to Eric Young!
Winner via disqualification | Eric Young @ 9:09

D’Angelo Dinero stands in the corner watching what is transpiring with a look of disbelief on his face, but as soon as the bell rings, Homicide, Magnus and Williams stop and then go for Dinero, taking “The Pope” down to the canvas and assaulting him! The crowd boo as Dinero is ambushed by the World Elite and Williams then wraps his legs around Dinero’s waist before rolling back and nailing the Global Champion with the Chaos Theory! Eric Young has now recovered, and he calls for a microphone, which he receives before he walks over to Dinero with a smirk on his face and begins to talk.

Eric Young: Hahahaha ... I said I was going to beat you, Dinero, and I may still be the uncrowned TNA Global Champion, but I did what I said I was going to do, and I will again the next time I face you. So Eric Bischoff ... I want you to come out and give me what I rightfully deserve ... a shot at the Global Championship!

Moments later, “White Train” blares out and Eric Bischoff walks out, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. Young is pleased to see him, but Bischoff is shaking his head.

Eric Bischoff: Do you really think I’m stupid enough to buy into this crap, Eric? And you can wipe that smirk off your face too, ‘cause I may not be able to wipe it off myself due to your lackeys having your back, but there are a lot of guys in the locker room who will gladly come down to that ring with a click of my fingers and do it themselves!

The crowd cheer for Bischoff, as Young actually laughs at him.

Eric Young: You wouldn’t dare, Bischoff-

Eric Bischoff: Oh, I think I would. Believe me, Eric, I do have respect for you and I respect the fact that you’ve been in TNA for a lot longer than I have and have put your body on the line in that very ring on more than one occasion ... which is why, despite all of these shenanigans, I still think you deserve to be in contention for the Global Championship. So, over the next two weeks, we’re gonna have ourselves a little four-man tournament. Two matches next week, the winners face each other the week after, and the winner of that match will challenge D’Angelo Dinero, hello by the way, Pope, if you can hear me, for the Global Championship next month at Against All Odds!

Pop from the crowd, and Young looks pleased.

Eric Bischoff: You are one of the guys in the tournament, Eric, the other three I’ll decide by next week, but don’t think I’m gonna make it easy for you, ‘cause I’m not. And if any crap like this goes down in the tournament ... then you, and your lackeys, even the TNA World Tag Team Champions, will be indefinitely suspended!

“White Train” plays again and Eric Bischoff leaves as Eric Young and the rest of the World Elite look back at D’Angelo Dinero, who is sat in the corner of the ring trying to get up. Young presses Dinero’s face against the middle turnbuckle and says to him “This is far from over” before he, Homicide, Magnus and Williams leave the ring.

Mike Tenay: I’m surprised that Eric Bischoff has given Eric Young another potential chance to challenge D’Angelo Dinero for the Global Championship; Dinero’s beaten Young twice already and “The Pope” was about to make it a trifecta only for the rest of Young’s World Elite to hand Eric a disqualification victory!

Taz: Why? Bischoff clearly said that he thinks Young deserves to be in this mini-tournament, and I agree with him! Besides, what Bischoff says goes, Professor, and even you don’t get a say in that!

Mike Tenay: Well, coming up next, ladies and gentlemen, we hear from TNA’s newest acquisition, the #1 contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Mr. Anderson!

The camera cuts backstage, where Mr. Anderson is walking down a corridor, on his way to the ring. Anderson looks smug as always, and he is wearing a smart suit accompanied by white sneakers, before we cut elsewhere, where the X Division Champion Amazing Red is walking around with Don West. Suddenly, Red is attacked from behind by Daniels, who slams a steel chair into Red’s spine! Red goes down like a sack of potatoes and Daniels stands over him, picking up his title and looking at a startled Don West before dropping the belt to the floor and walking out of the picture.

*Commercial Break*

Making an Impact ... Impact
Back from the break, “Mic Checked” plays with the Impact! Zone covered by a veil of darkness until a spotlight beams down on the stage and there stands the #1 contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Mr. Anderson. With a cocky guise on his face, Anderson makes his way down the ramp and steps into the ring, immediately lifting his hand up as a microphone reels down from the ceiling which he grabs, before speaking.

Mr. Anderson: Mmm ... mmm, mmm, mmm ... do ya’ smell it, Orlando? Can ya’? Oh, who am I kidding, of course you can’t. But I sure can, and that’s ‘cause it’s the smell, of gold.

Heat for Anderson, who nods his head as he looks directly at the camera before turning away to face the crowd once again.

Mr. Anderson: Nobody here in TNA has smelt it, or seen it, or touched it ... This company since it was founded has only experienced fool’s gold. But I’m not a fool, I’m not playin’ around, and I made that known to the entire world this past Sunday at Genesis when I made the single most shocking, exciting and anticipated debut in TNA history, beat two other chumps and became the number – one – contender to the TNA World ... Heavyweight ... Championship!

More heat.

Mr. Anderson: But wawawa, there’s no pleasing you people unless the guy who won at Genesis was a shamed ... scrutinized ... criminal whose satisfaction in life, along with a few little treats, comes from your pathetic cheers. But it’s easier to get people to hate you than to like you, which is why I am the single biggest star in this damn industry today, and for anybody who wants to disagree with that, they can wait until I’m the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Anderson begins to walk slowly around the ring, thinking of what to say next.

Mr. Anderson: And oh yeah, I almost forgot about that ... hmm, when am I going to challenge AJ Styles for the World Title? That is a toughie. I could do it tonight, I could do it next week ... but no; I’m gonna do it on the big stage, I’m gonna do it when all the lights are shining, I’m gonna do it in front of people who have actually earnt a living ... I’m gonna do it on pay-per-view, baby. That’s right! Against All Odds, that’s gonna be the night where I become World Champion, so mark it down on your calendars, write it in pencil, write it in pen, hell, write it in sharpie marker, but rest assured not a single one of you will ever forget the night where the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion was crowned, his name being ... MIIIIIISSSSSSTTTTTAAAAAAHHHHHH ... AAAAANNNNDDDDEEEEEERRR-

Anderson is cut off when “Get Ready To Fly” blares out to a big pop from the crowd and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles walks out, making his way down the ramp and entering the ring, already holding a microphone.

AJ Styles: Against All Odds, huh? That’s awesome, Ken, I look forward to it. I know that you’ve got goosebumps now that you know that you’re gonna be steppin’ into the ring with me at Against All Odds, but you won’t find a single hair sticking up on my neck, ‘cause I’ve been on a much bigger stage and I’ve won on a much bigger stage. I’ve been in this company since the beginning, I’ve seen a lot of guys come and a lot of guys go, and seeing you walk through the door and immediately thinkin’ that you’re hot stuff doesn’t make me care any more than I did about even the lowest-profile of guys that have come to TNA.

Anderson shakes his head at Styles, before speaking.

Mr. Anderson: Oh ... I’m sorry, my bad; it looks like I haven’t introduced myself to you well enough, ‘cause it seems to me like you don’t know just who the hell I am.

AJ Styles: Whoa, whoa, I know exactly who you are and I know exactly what you’ve done in your career, but the fact of the matter is, nothing that you’ve done in the past is gonna get you between me and my TNA World Heavyweight Championship. If you think that TNA is just another stage of your career then you’re wrong ‘cause things are different around here; there’s a lot of different guys and you have never even come close to touchin’ the bar that has been raised over and over again by guys like me. Against All Odds is gonna be the biggest night of your career, but not mine; I’ve won a hell of a lot of titles here, I’ve stood face-to-face with some of the biggest legends in this business and I have beaten some of the biggest legends in this business, including Sting, who I beat at the biggest wrestling event of the entire year, Bound For Glory! So I want you to forget everything you’ve said or thought about since Genesis ‘cause if you haven’t listened to what I just said then you will not even walk out of Against All Odds with a single shred of dignity.

Anderson pretends to fall asleep, snoring loudly, and he then “wakes up”.

Mr. Anderson: Sorry, what was that? It’s just that ya’ bored me to sleep with your stupid little patriotic speech for this company. Face the facts, AJ, this company didn’t go anywhere with guys like you and Jeff Jarrett as the main attraction, so you better be thanking your frickin’ stars that you’re gonna be in the ring with me, ‘cause I’m the guy who’s gonna put this company on the map, not you, not Bischoff, not Hogan, but the future TNA World Heavyweight Champion, MIIIIISSSSSTTTTTAAAAAAHHHHH .... AAAAAAANNNN-

But Styles can’t take it anymore, and AJ spears Anderson to the canvas, unloading on Ken with punches! The crowd in the Impact! Zone explode as Styles attacks Anderson, and the Greenbay loud-mouth manages to push Styles away, giving him time to get to his feet, but AJ gets up, and as Ric Flair makes his way out and hobbles down the ramp, AJ kicks Anderson in the mid-section and lifts him up in position for the Styles Clash ... but Flair low-blows AJ Styles!! The crowd give “The Nature Boy” a lot of heat as Styles clutches his gut and Anderson frees himself, and then Anderson grabs AJ, nailing Styles with the Mic Check! The camera briefly cuts backstage where Kurt Angle is standing in the corridor, trying to head to the ring, but security guards are blocking the way, holding an infuriated Angle back, as Anderson picks up Styles’ TNA World Heavyweight Championship and holds it high in the air as if it were his whilst Flair crouches down by AJ and gives Styles a “Woooooo!” before Flair leaves the ring, and Anderson does soon after once he is done taunting AJ, to close the show.

Mike Tenay: Against All Odds, AJ Styles puts his TNA World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Mr. Anderson, and a lot of fuel has been added to the fire by Anderson and “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair! We’ll see you next week, everybody – goodnight!

*End Of Show*

Quick Results:
Eric Young def. D’Angelo Dinero via DQ @ 9:09
Jeff Hardy def. Homicide @ 7:38
Samoa Joe def. Sean Morley @ 1:34
Amazing Red def. Rob Terry @ 5:52
Generation Me def. Lethal Consequences @ 6:26

Against All Odds Card:
TNA World Heavyweight Championship | AJ Styles vs. Mr. Anderson
TNA Global Championship | D’Angelo Dinero vs. ???
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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Shocker’s iMPACT! Feedback
Well Shocker, from what I’ve seen thus far you’re doing pretty good, as always :P, so lets see how your second iMPACT! went...

I liked the opening video of the recap, let anyone who hasn’t read yet know what happened, although you could have recapped the entire event rather than Anderson and AJ/Kurt, although they could read a few posts back :P. I’m assuming that Kurt is looking for either AJ or the Hulkster. I’m wondering what he’s gonna do… Well, looks like Angle doesn’t have to look for AJ from Tenay’s comment. Can’t wait to hear from Anderson, I know you’re a mark for him (seeing your sig) and I know you’ll do awesome with him. Oh great, you’re keeping Scott freaking Hall? :L Lets see how this goes…

AJ trying to prove his innocence, huh? Decent work by AJ at the beginning trying to plead his innocence, not much you can do with a face AJ on the mic, imo. Good work by Flair as to why he did it, tbh it seems a little bit like the irl reasoning but it’s still good to head down that road. Loving AJ’s comeback, I’m sensing towards a surprising heel turn . Good intensity by AJ at the end of his promo, imo I think Flair is gonna screw both AJ and Angle outta the title down the road, lets see if it happens :P. Beatdown on Flair + Angle = Amazing…I’m glad that Angle got “revenge”, so to speak, on the Nature Boy, although I see something up AJ’s and/or Flair’s sleeve down the road.

Good idea to have The Bucks/Generation Me debut with a win, way better than what TNA did haha. Not much to review for matches, (as I hate writing and reviewing ‘em :P), but you did pretty good to explain what happened throughout the match. Little embrace after the match was okay, except maybe that shouldn’t happen weekly, kinda over-the-top for basic matches. And really looking forward to Hardy making a fool outta Homicide :P.

Don West! I miss him on commentary, screw Tazz :P. Aww, I see how this is transpiring. They’re sad that people say his win was a fluke, I smell a title match tonight, hmm… Open Challenge huh? Sounds epic, I’m wondering who it is. That was rather quick, imo West should’ve cut the promo in the ring if they were going right down to business. Haha, good choice with the opponent, although Rob Terry sucks, imo, Magnus/Williams are way better. Good win for Red, proves to the TNA locker room that he’s not a fluke champ I guess. I sense tension between the British Invasion. Sooo is Terry out of the Invasion now? HELL YEAH! That just made me like what you’re doing with Terry even more. Well, I think he is out of the team now … good riddance haha. And I love Tazz’s response, it’s the truth tbh

Pope ftw. He seems a tid bit cocky at the start. Not sure if you was trying for that, although I :L at him calling JB “Jerry”. Good promo by The Pope, hyped for their match.

Basic squash match imo, although I’m glad you let Morley get some early fight in him. Shoot on Hogan/Bischoff’s TNA alliance, aye? Enjoying Joe’s promo, although tbh, he joined TNA in 2005, so technically he’s not one of the reasons it is existing :P. Heel turn rather quickly, I like where you’re going. Ready for next week’s Open Challenge, expecting it to be good as always. I do wonder what the personal message to Bischoff/Hogan will be though. Oh great, the Hulkster and the Bisch. :L at Bischoff’s initial comment, didn’t expect that. The Hulkster loves sucking up imo, I can’t wait til Joe kicks his ass or he turns heel. I cry when I hear that the Hulkster says he’s not finished in the ring. Plz Shocker, end his in-ring career !

Although Scott Hall is just an out-of-shape past his prime drunk I’d rather see him come to the ring rather than the Hulkster. Tbh I’ve always loved the “…Hey yo”. I’m amused to see that Nash and Sean receive heat when Hall is the one who no-showed. Good points by Nash, I’m liking his promo thus far on Hall. I also am wondering what happened to Hall at the ppv. :L at Waltman’s outburst, totally agree with it haha. YES! Love the attack on Hall! And yet Hogan and MCMG have to make the save. Tbh I’d consider Nash/Waltman the faces in all of this, but liking the direction thus far, except Hogan/MCMG. Overall, a very good segment.

Hardy vs. Homicide with Wolfe watching, huh? Should be fun. ANDERSON! Decent arrival for Anderson, tid bit cocky, which I like :P. I always laugh at Tazz interrupting everybody.

Hardy vs. Homicide shall be good. Looks like Wolfe wants to watch up close and personal I assume. Good opening to the match. It’s the best thus far. Loved the interaction between Wolfe and Hardy following the match, hopefully this does lead to some form of a match at the next ppv, or in the following iMPACT’s.

Good backstage interview with Young, it builds to the match even further and I’m ready for it. Backstage segment with Flair was good as well. I’m still wondering if this is all a scheme by Flair/AJ, although I do wonder what Flair says they’ll “see”. Good work Shocker.

Not much of a match reviewer, as I said above before :P, but this has surpassed the Hardy/Homicide match for best of the night thus far. Really good match description on your part and was surprised at World Elite attacking Young. Good to attack Pope as well, although I was confused as to why Young got right back up and talking. And nevermind, I see it was all a scheme by World Elite. Good idea tbh. Bischoff’s promo is decent, I’m wondering who would come out. Excited for tournament, and nice little “hi” comment to Pope from Bischoff :P. Glad that The Bisch is laying down the law, way better than The Hulkster haha.

ANDERSON, again! Attack on Red is awesome, looking forward to whatever Daniels does next. ANDERSON! Haha, hopefully you do something good with him, which I know you will :P. Good opening start from Anderson, especially the comments about Hardy, I’m hyped haha. Against All Odds shall be good, Anderson vs. Styles will be epic! AJ’s comments seem like the truth, and very well put together, looking forward to the weeks ahead to see what unravels between them. Loving the attack! Flair attacking AJ just made it that much better. I smell an Anderson/Flair alliance coming, and more to the whole AJ/Flair and Flair/Kurt program. Looking forward to it.

Overall, a really good show. There were some spots I didn’t like all to much, mainly dealing with the Hulkster and Nash/Waltman being considered the heels rather than that drunk Scott Hall but everything else got me excited for more. About 4½ stars outta 5. Keep up the good work, Shocker, and I’ll definitely be back to read more. Good luck!

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

The "CRUNK AIN'T DEAD" Review:

~ I loved Angle's "where is he?" to kick off the show. Kurt means business! Apparently AJ means business too, the no pose with his pyro was a nice touch. AJ wants to know just as much as everyone else does why Flair got involed at Genesis? Interesting. Good interection between Flair and Styles. A really hope you keep AJ as the face he was seemingly born to be instead of making him Flair's heelish mini-me. I had a feeling Angle would get involved in this segment, but I didn't know the violence would get kicked off this soon. But, it shows the intensity of Angle here by skipping the words altogether and just going for the attack. Very strong opening segment.

~ Solid debut for Generation Me. They're quite the impressive team, and I hope you use them as such. Lethal Consequences was also a very good choice for the team that put the new guys over.

~ Interesting developement with Don West and the Amazing Red issuing an open challenge, only to have Rob Terry cash in his X-Division title shot and lose causing the Brits to turn against him. This was another strong segment because not only did you further the dissention with the British Invasion, but you also made Red look strong as a champion. All around great booking here.

~ Pope is pimpin'! That's really all I gotta say about the Pope promo. I love the guy's mic skills and you captured them well here, good job.

~ Wow. Joe squashing Morley in his TNA debut? I would've marked right the heck out if this had happened IRL. Joe is trying to make a statement, and this angle makes a ton of sense. Joe, one of the hardest working and most underused wrestlers in TNA steps up and makes an open challenge to any new guys coming in. I can't wait to see who steps up to the plate. Looks like Hogan's eyes are on Joe too, but please don't bring him back into the ring.

~ Very good segment between Hall, Nash, and Waltman. I loved the emotion of the mic work- especially from Nash, and Hall's laid-back attitude was captured very well. The only thing I didn't really understand was Hogan and the Guns helping Hall. Why should the faces side with Hall? Hopefully you're going somewhere with this because right now there are just as many questions as answers coming out of this segment.

~ That skit with the backstage worker was all I needed to become a fan of Mr. Anderson. And Tazz throwing in an "Anderson!" in the middle of Tenay's sentence actually made me laugh out loud. Great stuff.

~ Good match between Hardy and Homicide. A Jeff win was pretty much guaranteed here, and he came out looking great. Wolfe on commentary was also awesome, as was his reason for being out there. I'm really glad you're continuing the Wolfe/Hardy feud since they never got their one on one match at Genesis. Now both men have something to do until the next PPV, and possibly after if the feud keeps going. Good stuff.

~ Good promo by Eric Young. Nothing really outstanding compared to the rest of the show so far, but good. Another Flair/AJ interaction. I really can't wait to see where you're going with this whole AJ/Flair/Angle thing. It's very intriguing.

~ Very good match and main event between Young and Dinero. I really like the card placement here because it seems like the Global title means something. I really don't get why World Elite attacked Young to get him the DQ victory. I see that Young beat Dinero, but why would the stable interfere on Young's behalf in a way that wouldn't win him the title? Why would Young demand Bischoff grant him another match when he had basically just wasted one? I could see something like this if it were a #1 Contender match and Young beating Pope by DQ would earn him the #1 Contender spot, but in a title match it really doesn't make sense. I guess you were just looking for a way to see up the tournament, which looks exciting. I wonder who the other participants will be? Other World Elite members?

~ Really great ending here with the Anderson/AJ promo. Anderson/AJ at Aginst All Odds should be great, especially if things like this segment keep happening. Anderson was very in character, as was AJ, saying that he's not afraid of Anderson and he's seen alot of guys come and go since day one. Lots of truth from AJ, which makes this kinda personal. I loved the Flair attack at the end, and the security holding Angle back. I see a Flair/Anderson alliance coming, but it'll still be interesting to see where Angle fits in all of this.

OVERALL: Very strong PPV fallout show. There were alot of great booking moves and there are some really great stories being told in your BTB. You write everyone so well, and your match description is top notch. My only problems with the show were why Waltman and Nash were the heels in the whole Hall situation and why EY had World Elite attack him during a title match. Other than that, I enjoyed the show very much and look forward to reading more of your work.

All my unrealistic expectations of WWE and TNA are met...or I can actually get the ball rolling on a BTB project whichever comes first!
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