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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

This BTB looks interesting, although you should have kept Tomko and Kiyoshi in my opinion, I can't wait to read your first show, judging by everyone elses comments about your past btb's this will hopefully be better than the one on TV, although I have one question, are you going to be writing out the other show?

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

TNA iMPACT! Preview | January 14, 2010
The iMPACT! Zone | Orlando, Florida

Ten days removed from January 4th, a historic night where TNA officially declared war and the Hogan/Bischoff era came full circle, iMPACT! comes to you again from the iMPACT! Zone in Orlando, Florida as always. The main event will see the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles, team with the man he will defend professional wrestling's richest and most prestigious prize against this Sunday at Genesis, Kurt Angle, to face the TNA World Tag Team Champions the British Invasion who will also be in action at Genesis as they defend their titles against the power duo of Hernandez and Matt Morgan. Which team will emerge victorious in this gold-studded extravaganza? Speaking of Hernandez and Morgan, they will receive a warm-up match for Genesis as they face one of the most decorated tag teams in professional wrestling history, Team 3D, and Hernandez and Morgan will want to send a loud and clear message to Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams, who will undoubtedly keep a close eye on the contest. Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan had confrontations with Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley next week, and both Jarrett and Foley are scheduled to be at the show, but what will go down?

Last Monday night saw many debuts and returns, and three names on everybodies lips are Jeff Hardy, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman. They all made their returns to TNA, with Hardy showing up at the climax of the Terrordome match and subsequently planting Homicide with a Twist of Fate and Hall and Waltman re-uniting with their "brother for life" Kevin Nash to wreak havoc over TNA like only they know how. We will hear from Hardy and "The Band", but what will be on their minds? Also, the X Division Champion The Amazing Red will discover who he will defend his coveted title against at Genesis, as Suicide, Consequences Creed and Homicide fight in a Triple Threat Match to determine the #1 contender. In addition, see such wrestlers as Desmond Wolfe, "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero, the Motor City Machine Guns, the TNA Global Champion Eric Young and more!

See all of this and more on iMPACT! by tuning into Spike TV at 9/8CT to catch the best professional wrestling programme of the week, only in TNA!

Scheduled For iMPACT!:
AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs. The British Invasion
We hear from Jeff Hardy and The Band!
Consequences Creed vs. Homicide vs. Suicide
Hernandez and Matt Morgan vs. Team 3D

"Deja Vu"
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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Hmm, expecting a AJ and Kurt brawl to end the match with BI - can't see you having the tag champs lose clean to two guys who aren't going to work well together. Sames goes for Morgan and Hernandez, they should really come out with a win aswell. I'm going to have to pull for Homicide in this #1 contenders match - Suicide can fudge off, and Creed, well Creed shouldn't be X-Division champion imo.

"The Band" better make it a short stay in TNA, don't want them all over this iMPACT, hopefully just a shortish segment from them. And be intresting to see what Hardy has to say - on the whole drugs front.

Pope, Wolfe fued thank you.

Looking good so far, should be an intruiging show.

Or is it?
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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Well, all I can say is that I hope this thing lasts longer than mine did. You've never attempted anything outside of the realms of WWE so this is a big test for you. You have time on your side, being that there's a much smaller workload as it's just iMPACT! that you have on your hands, but knowing that you have no social life and friends it wouldn't have made much difference anyway. But yeah, should be interesting. Hope the laptop lasts long enough without fucking up so that you can make this work.
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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

TNA iMPACT! | January 14, 2010
iMPACT! Zone | Orlando, Florida

Deja Vu
After a video recounting the events of last week’s 3-hour special, the opening credits play as “Cross The Line” blares out and the pyro ascends from the stage. The camera then pans the iMPACT! Zone, catching a sight of many fans amongst the audience holding up banners and signs of all colours, shapes and sizes, before crossing over to the announce table, where Mike Tenay and Taz are sat to welcome us to the show.

Mike Tenay: Just three days remain until TNA Genesis this Sunday, and it’s been ten days since the 3-hour special of iMPACT! but here we are again tonight, welcome everybody, I am Mike Tenay alongside my broadcast colleague Taz, and barely any light has been shed in regards to exactly what we can expect to see at Genesis, so I for one cannot wait to see what Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan have in store for us tonight on iMPACT!

Taz: You can count me in, Professor, tonight’s show is going to be huge, we saw some new foundations laid for rivalries and alliances last week on Monday, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where it goes, but tonight’s main event will be off the hook, we get to see the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles and the man he’ll defend his title against this Sunday at Genesis, Kurt Angle, face off against the World Tag Team Champions The British Invasion!

Mike Tenay: That will no doubt be an un-missable contest, Taz, and also tonight on iMPACT there are so many people to hear from; The Band, Bobby Lashley, Jeff Hardy, and perhaps even Mick Foley if he makes it here tonight to the iMPACT Zone, but don’t forget that we’re going to determine who will challenge The Amazing Red for his X Division Championship this Sunday at Genesis, Consequences Creed, Homicide, Shannon Moore, who is making his TNA in-ring debut and Suicide square off with a four-way match.

Taz: And the #1 contenders to the TNA World Tag Team Championships, Hernandez and Matt Morgan, are in action, they face Team 3D, and Bobby Lashley, who asked for his release last week, takes on the “Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm!

Say Hello To The Bad Guys
Then, “Marvellous Me” sounds off, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd, as Kevin Nash, Scott Hall (whose theme is being used for their reunion) and Sean Waltman walk through the tunnel, smiling and touching fingers with their trademark hand signal. The trio walk down the ramp, Hall throwing his toothpick into the camera lens before they step into the six-sided ring and each take a microphone.

Mike Tenay: Hall and Waltman both made their return to TNA last week on the special Monday iMPACT! and here they are, again with Kevin Nash, and I certainly want to hear what they have to say after they attacked Mick Foley at the conclusion of last week’s show.

Taz: Nash has said all along, the band is getting back together, and not that I approved of their assault of Mick Foley, but I’m actually pretty pumped for their return; we haven’t seen these guys together in God knows how long, and like it or not, they are three of the biggest stars in professional wrestling, Professor.

Maybe not Waltman... meanwhile, The Band are standing side-by-side in the middle of the ring with microphones, looking into the audience who are booing them, but Nash, Hall and Waltman look surprised at the negative ovation they are receiving.

Kevin Nash: C’mon... the Band is back together!

Mixed reaction for Nash, who shakes his head with disappointment.

Kevin Nash: Me, Scotty and Sean arrived here in the iMPACT! Zone tonight, and y’know, we were talking about how happy the fans would be to see us here ... but what the hell is this? I know me, Scotty and the Hulkster did some things in the old WCW that you might not like, but those days are behind us now, we’re changed men, and besides, Hulk hasn’t even decided if he’s riding with us yet, and let’s face it, he was the one responsible for everything we did in WCW.

The TNA fans aren’t buying into it at all, and they continue to boo Nash.

Scott Hall: ‘Ight, Big Kev, they ain’t listenin’ to you, so I’ll take it from here.

Kev shrugs his shoulders, as he takes a step back to stand next to Waltman and Hall takes centre stage in the ring.

Scott Hall: ‘Ey yo...

Hall actually gets a pop after fitting in his catchphrase.

Scott Hall: Say hello, to the bad guy. Look, y’all can’t just cheer me; ya’ gotta’ give respect to all of us. I mean, this is the biggest moment in this sport, me, Kev, Sean and Eric gettin’ back on the saddle again.

... Even though Eric isn’t actually part of the re-formed faction, but try telling them that.

Scott Hall: All week, we’ve been gettin’ questions about what we did to Mick Foley last Monday night, and we told ‘em exactly what we’re gonna tell all of you ... That psycho was gonna put his hands on Easy E, somebody who isn’t even a wrestler, not to mention he’s been stalkin’ the Hulkster, so what else could we do? Like we say, they’re our brothers for life and we weren’t gonna let Mick take out Eric so we took matters into our own hands ... and we beat the crap outta’ him.

Scott steps back, and Waltman walks out.

Sean Waltman: And sorry to break it to all of ya’ ... but Mick is never gonna come back. He said he was never gonna work for Eric Bischoff, but that’s only because he knows that Bischoff thinks he’s a worthless load of trash, just like everybody else does, so last Monday night was the last time you’ll ever see Mick Foley in this arena.

Heat for Waltman, as the crowd begin to chant “X-Pac Sucks!”

Sean Waltman: And Hulkster ... you’ve been puttin’ this off for too long, man; you’re either with us, or against us ... and we want your answer this Sunday, at Genesis!

The crowd actually cheer, as it gives them more to look forward to at Genesis, and Waltman is about to talk again, but “Motorcity” plays to a pop from the audience as the Motor City Machine Guns, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, walk out, both holding microphones, and they stand on the stage, keeping their distance from The Band.

Alex Shelley: Guys, guys ... if you want some even bigger news, then I’ll give you some; none of you mean a dime anymore.

Cheers for Shelley, as The Band look confused.

Scott Hall: You for real, chico?

Alex Shelley: You’re damn right, Scott. Y’see, guys, this isn’t WCW, this is TNA, and we do things a little differently around here. We’ve got the best wrestling talent in the world, which includes me and Chris at the top of the list, and you’re not gonna have half of the roster on your side, because believe me, a whole lot of guys in the back wanna be where we are right now, walk down that aisle, step into the ring, and kick your asses. I know you’ve all been here before, especially you, Kev, as you’ve been here for years now and we even used to call you a friend, but as for Scott and Sean, this isn’t the TNA you used to know, because we’re bigger, we’re stronger, and we’re not gonna take your crap any more.

More cheers for Alex, as Waltman steps forward.

Sean Waltman: Loud and clear, man, but seriously, you should really introduce yourself and your buddy to me and Scotty before goin’ any further.

Chris Sabin: Who are we? We’re the Motor City Machine Guns, we’re two of the-

Kevin Nash: Wait, no, stop there, Chris, I’ll tell Sean who you guys are, so he doesn’t have to hear all of your propaganda. Sean, they got the first part right, they’re the Motor City Machine Guns, and they could have been near our level, but instead, they refused my tutelage, they didn’t want to be taken to the top of the game, and they stayed where they are right now, as two nobodies, and the only thing they have going for ‘em is their haircuts.

Heat for Nash, as Sabin continues again.

Chris Sabin: Well thank you for doing the “honours”, Kev, but you’re wrong; yeah, we might have awesome haircuts, but that’s not all we’ve got, and besides, you could have introduced Scott and Sean to us last week; after all, you did attack us backstage last Monday night, but that’s only because you know you can’t jump guys like us in the queue and if you really wanna fight us ... then how about you and Scotty face me and Alex this Sunday, at Genesis?

Every single spectator in the iMPACT! Zone stand up and cheer, they would love to see that match at Genesis, as Nash, Hall and Waltman momentarily huddle and discuss the Guns’ offer to a match this Sunday, until they separate, and Nash talks...

Kevin Nash: You sure you guys want that?

Sabin and Shelley simultaneously nod their heads, and Nash seems convinced.

Kevin Nash: Alright then ... you’ve got your match at Genesis!

Big pop, and Sabin and Shelley look pleased as “Motorcity” blares out and the ‘Guns walk back through the tunnel, whilst Hall, Nash and Waltman continue to talk, not looking too worried.

Mike Tenay: Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin asked for it, and they got it, they’re facing Kevin Nash and Scott Hall this Sunday at Genesis!

Taz: Yep, but you know what they say, Professor; “be careful what you wish for”, and Sabin and Shelley are gonna have the biggest match of their careers in three days’ time, but it could turn out to be the last match of their careers, if the capabilities of Hall and Nash are anything to go by.

Mike Tenay: And coming up next, Bobby Lashley and James Storm go one-on-one, when we return!

*Commercial Break*

Ulterior Motives
Back on iMPACT!, “The Boss” blares out to a mixed reaction as Bobby Lashley, along with his wife Kristal, walks through the tunnel, folding his arms together and throwing them out as a pyro explodes from the stage. Lashley walks down the aisle with Kristal’s hand on his shoulder and he climbs onto the ring apron, holding down the middle rope for his wife to step into the ring and Bobby then follows.

Then, “Take A Fall” plays and the crowd cheer as Beer Money, Inc make their entrance, Robert Roode walking down the aisle on foot and James Storm riding down on the Boozer Cruiser. Once at the bottom of the ramp Storm parks the Boozer Cruiser and takes his bottle of beer, pouring some into a fan’s mouth before he and Roode enter the ring, Robert leaving the ring to stand outside shortly after when the match gets underway.

Match 1 | Singles
Bobby Lashley vs. James Storm
The discontented Bobby Lashley, wanting his immediate release from TNA, disregards the traditional rules for this contest, not locking up with James Storm but instead stiffly kicking Storm in the mid-section right off the bat and pummelling him with clubbing blows to the back until he is down on the canvas, and Lashley then repeatedly knees Storm in the skull, an arsenal of attacks you would normally expect in MMA so it is no surprise that Bobby is utilizing those attacks here. It runs its course, but afterwards Storm begins to get back into the match after fending off Lashley with some right hands and managing to hit “The Boss” with a Double-Underhook Suplex. Afterwards, Storm makes the cover, 1...... 2...... Kick out from Lashley, unsurprisingly. Storm gets Bobby to his feet but Lashley pushes the “Tennessee Cowboy” away and then nails Storm with a clothesline which almost takes Storm’s head off! After that, Bobby turns Storm over and wraps his arms around James’ neck, locking Storm in a Sleeper Hold, and he rolls over so that Storm is facing upwards and he wraps his legs around Storm’s sternum to apply pressure. Storm desperately tries to break out of the hold and has his hand reached out as he tries to make it to the ropes, but his hand then drops to the canvas and the referee takes a closer look, before calling for the bell to be rung, giving Lashley the victory!
Winner via Submission | Bobby Lashley @ 4:03

“The Boss” briefly plays to confirm Lashley’s victory, but Bobby doesn’t let go of James Storm, as he continues to choke Storm with the Sleeper hold with Lashley’s wife Kristal standing in the ring and laughing, but Storm’s tag team partner Robert Roode takes matters into his own hands and enters the ring, jumping onto Lashley and unloading on “The God Of Thunder” with blows! The crowd in the iMPACT! Zone cheer Roode as he tries to save Storm, and he and Lashley get to their feet to exchange right hands, with Roode getting the better of Lashley, and he swings a right hand at Bobby, but he ducks it and leaves the ring, as Kristal leaves also, taking a microphone from a worker and walking up the ramp with her husband, beginning to speak.

Kristal Lashley: Robert Roode ... you really shouldn’t have tried to put your hands on my man, because now, Bobby wants to make sure that when he leaves TNA to concentrate on greener pastures in MMA, which will be very soon ... you’ll be heading out of the door as well.

Roode shakes his head at Kristal, and he then calls for a microphone, which he receives.

Robert Roode: Kristal, I don’t think you get it; your “man” Bobby who isn’t even man enough to speak for himself is only leaving TNA because when he came here he thought he would be right at the front of the line, but the fact is, he’s not, so I hope you drag your asses out of here as soon as possible ... but it’ll have to be after this Sunday, at Genesis.

The crowd, getting an idea as to what Roode is talking about, cheer.

Robert Roode: Bobby, I want you one-on-one at Genesis, so the last image that these people will see of you in TNA will be you, lying in this very ring looking up at the ceiling with your trashbag wife holding you in her arms. And that just goes to show, that it pays to be Roode.

Roode drops the microphone as “Take A Fall” blares out and James Storm slowly sits up, holding his throat, whilst Roode leaves the ring momentarily to grab a bottle of beer before re-entering the six-sided ring and pouring the beer over Storm’s face, with Bobby and Kristal Lashley looking on in disgust at the top of the rampway.

Mike Tenay: Another big match made for Genesis, Bobby Lashley and Robert Roode going one-on-one this Sunday with Roode looking to not only gain retribution for his tag team partner, but to also drive Lashley and his wife Kristal out of TNA!

Taz: Roode must be pretty damn confident, Professor, because if I was him, I wouldn’t be after seeing the man he challenged and will face at Genesis, Bobby Lashley, choke out his tag team partner and friend James Storm, hell, even I’m a little nervous just sitting here!

Mike Tenay: Well coming up next, Hernandez and Matt Morgan, two men challenging for the British Invasion’s TNA World Tag Team Championships this Sunday at Genesis, are in action against Team 3D!

An Enigmatic Arrival; Part One
Backstage, Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore are walking down a corridor with a few workers looking on at them, both Hardy and Moore looking to be in high spirits. Jeff slaps hands with Moore before the two go their separate ways, with Jeff on his way to the ring.

*Commercial Break*

An Enigmatic Arrival; Part Two
Back from the break, “Modest” blares out to a big pop from the crowd as Jeff Hardy walks through the tunnel, with a beaming smile on his face. Hardy takes a bow to the audience before walking down the aisle, slapping some fans’ hands, and sliding under the ropes and into the six-sided ring, climbing to the top rope and making his trademark gesture with his hands subsequent to climbing back down.

Mike Tenay: Jeff Hardy made a shocking return to TNA last Monday night after attacking Homicide following the Steel Asylum match, and Hardy is here tonight in the iMPACT! Zone, ready to address the fans.

Taz: I’ve heard great things about what Jeff did in the past here in TNA, Mike, and I am so happy that now I get to sit right here and see this guy doing his thing here once again, baby!

Meanwhile, Hardy is given a microphone by SoCal Val, and he walks around the ring, nodding his head in response to the ovation he is receiving from the crowd.

Jeff Hardy: Before anything else, I just wanna say how great it is to be back here in TNA!

Cheap pop for Hardy.

Jeff Hardy: Last Monday night, I knew that this is the place to be, that this was the place which has the best wrestling fans in the world...

More cheers.

Jeff Hardy: ... And that this is the company, TNA, that is gonna become the biggest wrestling company in the world! A few years ago when I was here, my one big goal was to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, but it didn’t happen, and since the day I left, that goal has still been in my mind, and now that I’m back ... I’m picking up where I left off. So AJ Styles, I’ve got all the respect in the world for you, man, but-

Hardy is interrupted when “Hungry Like A Wolfe” plays to a negative reaction and none other than Desmond Wolfe walks out of the tunnel, wearing his shades and black jacket over his ring-gear and holding a microphone. The cocky Wolfe walks down the aisle and climbs onto the ring apron, saying “Get your bloody ass over here!” to a worker who holds down the middle rope for Desmond to enter the ring. Wolfe comes face-to-face with Hardy, Desmond struggling to wipe the smirk off his face.

Desmond Wolfe: If it isn’t the comeback kid, eh?

Boos for Wolfe, as Hardy looks at Desmond in a confused manner.

Desmond Wolfe: But Jeff, before I go any further, I need to ask you ... why did you come back? Was it for the money? Was it for the fame? Or was it because you’re stupid enough to put yourself in the way of a whole lot of guys in the locker room that want to send you right back out of here?

Jeff Hardy: (Sarcastically) Anybody in particular?

Desmond Wolfe: Yes, there is. Y’see, Jeff, like I said, there’s a lot of people who are out to get you, but they can’t do the job, they don’t have the capabilities that are needed ... I, on the other hand, do.

More heat, and now Jeff takes a step closer to Wolfe, getting right in his face.

Jeff Hardy: Alright, but Desmond, you haven’t really done anything to impress me so far because since you’ve come to TNA, I’ve been watching you, and all you’ve done is run your damn mouth, and right now I’m seeing it right up close, so if you think you can take me out ... take your best shot.

Hardy drops his microphone and shouts “Come on!” right in front of Wolfe’s face, but...

Desmond Wolfe: Well, Mr. Hardy, there is a time and a place, but as for right now... the time is not yours.

Desmond drops his mic to the canvas and slowly leaves the ring, giving a two-fingered gesture to the crowd whilst walking up the aisle, but Hardy leaves the ring, and jumps Wolfe from behind! The crowd go nuts for Hardy as he pummels Wolfe with right hands, and brings him back into the ring! Desmond gets to his feet, but Jeff grabs Wolfe and signals for the Twist of Fate, only for Desmond to get out of it and leave the ring again, staggering up the ramp! “Modest” blares out and Wolfe shouts to Hardy from a safe distance “This is not over! Not – over!” as Hardy shakes his head at Desmond and climbs to the top rope, making his signature gesture with his hands to appease the crowd.

Mike Tenay: Things just really heated up between Desmond Wolfe and Jeff Hardy here on iMPACT!

Taz: Ya’ don’t say, Professor, but you’re right, Wolfe tried to hightail it and Hardy wasn’t having any of it, but fortunately for Desmond he got away on the second time of trying!

In All Mankind
The camera then cuts backstage, where Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are in their office, watching the proceedings of the show on a TV. Jeremy Borash then walks in, looking a little nervous.

Jeremy Borash: Uh, Mr. Bischoff? Hulk?

Both look at JB.

Eric Bischoff: What do you want, JB?

Jeremy Borash: I just wanted to get your thoughts on what just happened between Desmond Wolfe and Jeff Hardy?

Hulk Hogan: Brother, the fans loved seeing those two guys, me and Eric loved it, and we’re gonna see it again this Sunday, because at Genesis, it’s gonna be Desmond Wolfe and Jeff Hardy, going one-on-one!

Big pop in the iMPACT! Zone after hearing this news.

Jeremy Borash: Well, that is great, but if you don’t mind me asking ... got any updates on Mick? I haven’t heard from him all week and I’m getting a little-

Eric Bischoff: Look, JB, just face it; Mick isn’t coming back to TNA. He’s gone, he has no power whatsoever anymore, and I don’t give a damn how good friends you two are, it’s not gonna change a thing, so get out.

Hulk looks at Bischoff uneasily after hearing that about Mick, as Borash quickly scurries away.

*Commercial Break*

Golden Blueprint
Back on the show, “Sleeping Giant” plays to a pop from the crowd as Hernandez and Matt Morgan, the #1 contenders to the TNA World Tag Team Championships, walk through the tunnel, Morgan removing his robe and raising his arms in the air, letting out a reverberating roar. The two powerhouses walk down the aisle and enter the ring, discussing tactics.

Then, “Watch Out” blares out getting a mixed reaction, as Team 3D walk through the tunnel, Devon flexing his muscles and Ray looking calm and composed. The brothers walk down the aisle, giving stern looks to Matt Morgan and Hernandez, and step into the ring.

Match 2 | Tag Team
Hernandez & Matt Morgan vs. Team 3D
This is not a very spectacular match by any stretch of the imagination, with Brother Devon and Brother Ray putting on a slow-paced performance against the slightly more agile Hernandez and Matt Morgan. Devon and Hernandez start off the match, and by the time the contest lasts longer than Hernandez and Morgan’s match last Monday night, Devon is in control, wearing down “Super Mex” with a bear hug and using basic blows and stomps. Brother Ray is tagged in and he picks up where his brother left off, until Hernandez begins to fight back, and when Ray is recooperating on the outside of the ring with Devon, Hernandez runs off the opposite ropes, sprints across the ring and flies over the ropes, taking down both Ray and Devon! The crowd cheer Hernandez as he and Team 3D’s bodies lie on the concrete floor until Hernandez and Ray get back in the ring and Hernandez tags in Matt Morgan, who flattens Ray with a clothesline and hits Ray with repeated clotheslines and suplexes before getting Ray up, and nailing him with the Carbon Footprint! Morgan then tags Hernandez back in and he gets Ray up again, lifting him up and connecting with the Border Toss! Hernandez quickly covers Brother Ray, 1...... 2...... 3!!!
Winners | Hernandez & Matt Morgan @ 5:47

“Te Gusta O No!” plays as Hernandez and Matt Morgan have their hands raised by the referee to a pop from the crowd and they climb to the second ropes to celebrate, whilst the reigning TNA World Tag Team Champions, the British Invasion, watch backstage...

Mike Tenay: The team of Hernandez and Matt Morgan picking up another victory, this time against the most decorated tag team in the world, Team 3D, and Hernandez and Morgan have a hell of a lot of momentum on their side going into this Sunday’s Genesis, when they challenge the British Invasion for the TNA World Tag Team Championships!

Taz: The British Invasion have yet to face a team as big and powerful as Hernandez and Matt Morgan, so I’m calling it right here that we will see new TNA World Tag Team Champions crowned this Sunday at Genesis, Professor!

Mike Tenay: Still to come, we determine the #1 contender to the X Division Championship, will it be Consequences Creed, Homicide or Suicide?

Shaking The Globe
Backstage, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are – again – in their office, when the World Elite, Eric Young, the British Invasion and Homicide, walk in, getting heat from the crowd.

Eric Young: Mr. Bischoff, Mr. Hogan, it is a pleasure to meet both of you, and sure you’re delighted to meet me, your TNA Global Champion.

Hulk Hogan: We sure are, brother, but look, as a Champion you’ve gotta’ defend your title, and I’ve been getting a vibe from you that you only placed the rules on your title that it can’t be defended on American soil or against an American opponent, so you didn’t have to defend it. But lemme tell ya’ right now, jack, you will defend that TNA Global Championship, and you will defend it this Sunday at Genesis.

Cheers in the crowd, as Young looks displeased.

Eric Young: No, Hulk, you don’t understand, I-

Eric Bischoff: What we say, goes, Eric, so don’t try and find a chink in our armour. You’re gonna defend the Global Championship at Genesis, and it could well be against the man you’re facing in a non-title match tonight; D’Angelo Dinero.

More cheers from the crowd, pleased that Dinero could get a shot at the title at Genesis.

Hulk Hogan: If he wins, he gets a shot at Genesis, if you win, we’ll pick an opponent for you on the night, so get your gear on, brother.

Young shakes his head at Bischoff and Hogan before he walks away, with the rest of the World Elite in tow.

Seeing Red
Meanwhile, “Come Alive” blares out to a pop from the crowd, as the lights go out for several moments and when they come back on, Suicide is sitting on the top rope! The mysterious masked man climbs down and points two fingers to his head in a gun gesture, before standing in the corner.

“Pomp & Circumstance/Consequences” plays and Consequences Creed, accompanied by his tag team partner Jay Lethal, walks out, to a lukewarm reception from the crowd. Creed and Lethal walk down the aisle, high-fiving some fans before entering the ring.

Then, “5150” sounds off, getting heat from the crowd as Homicide walks through the tunnel, jumping up and down and pounding at his chest with his fist as a pyro goes off behind him. The loose cannon walks down the aisle, shouting “Olele!” at a group of fans before sliding under the ropes and into the six-sided ring.

*Commercial Break*

Match 3 | Triple Threat | Winner Faces Amazing Red At Genesis
Consequences Creed vs. Homicide vs. Suicide
Back from the commercial break, we’re two minutes into the match and Consequences Creed and Suicide have formed a temporary alliance to try to eliminate the third man in this contest, Homicide, from contention to win this match and become the #1 contender to Amazing Red’s X Division Championship to earn a match this Sunday at Genesis. Creed and Suicide throw Homicide over the ropes, thinking they’ve thrown him out of the ring, but Homicide manages to stay on the ring apron and he jumps onto the ropes, leaping off and taking down both Creed and Suicide, standing side-by-side, with a seated senton, getting one leg over each of their necks! Homicide quickly covers Suicide, 1...... 2...... Suicide gets the shoulder up! Homicide gets Suicide to his feet and hits him with some right hands, Irish whipping Suicide into the corner of the six-sided ring and immediately running towards the masked man, but Suicide leaps over the ropes and lands on the ring apron, then spearing Homicide in the mid-section through the ropes which sends Homicide staggering backwards into the centre of the ring and Suicide then climbs to the top rope, flying off the top and taking down Homicide with a clothesline! Suicide makes the cover, 1...... 2...... Consequences Creed breaks up the pinfall! Suicide gets to his feet and he and Creed have a brief stare-down until Creed swings a wild right hand at him and Suicide catches his arm, wrenching Creed’s arm and lifting him up onto his shoulders, nailing him with a Rolling Fireman’s Carry Slam! Suicide is about to make the cover, but Homicide drags Suicide back across the ring by his legs and drops an elbow onto the back of Suicide’s cranium!

Forward three minutes, the climax to this thrilling X-Division match comes when Consequences Creed and Suicide are having an exchange with Homicide standing behind Suicide. Creed punches Suicide three times right in the jaw before doing the splits and looking to complete the MontiFisto, but Suicide ducks out of the way and Creed knocks out Homicide! Creed turns around and Suicide kicks him in the mid-section immediately, nailing him with the D.O.A! Suicide makes the cover on Creed, 1...... 2...... 3!!!
Winner | Suicide @ 7:33

“Coming Alive” blares out to a lukewarm pop from the crowd as Suicide gets to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee, officially the #1 contender to the X Division Championship and Amazing Red’s opponent this Sunday at Genesis. Suicide points his fingers in a gun shape to his head and then motions around his waist his Championship aspirations, but then “Red Remix” plays and Amazing Red walks out onto the stage with his title and accompanied by Don West, who shouts relentlessly at Suicide and tires himself out as he soon goes red in the face, no pun intended.

Mike Tenay: That’s going to be a fantastic match at Genesis, Amazing Red defending his X Division Championship against Suicide this Sunday!

Taz: It’s gonna be one hell of a challenge for Amazing Red, but the kid’s got all the heart in the world, Professor, so we’ll just have to wait and see who’ll walk out of Genesis as the X Division Champion.

Mike Tenay: We’ve got seven matches scheduled for Genesis, now let’s run through them; Bobby Lashley and Robert Roode go one-on-one after Lashley tried to choke Roode’s partner James Storm out unconscious during their match earlier on tonight, and Roode wants to not only gain retribution for Storm, but to also drive Lashley and his wife Kristal out of TNA.

Taz: Eric Young will definitely be defending his TNA Global Championship, it could be against D’Angelo Dinero if Dinero defeats Young in a non-title match next, but if not then Young’s challenger will be decided on the night this Sunday! The odds would definitely be stacked against Young if that was what happened, Mike!

Mike Tenay: Hernandez and Matt Morgan became the #1 contenders to the TNA World Tag Team Championships last Monday night, and they’ll face the British Invasion for the titles, they’ve got the momentum on their side after defeating Team 3D earlier on tonight, but can they make use of it?

Taz: Like we just found out, Amazing Red will defend the X Division Championship against Suicide! Which one of these high-fliers will earn the big prize?

Mike Tenay: Desmond Wolfe and Jeff Hardy square off for the first time ever at Genesis, two big stars in TNA so it’ll certainly be interesting to see who comes out on top in that encounter, Taz!

Taz: Kevin Nash and Scott Hall face the Motor City Machine Guns, one of the best tag teams of the 1990’s against one of the best tag teams of the 2000’s and most likely the 2010’s! It’s gonna be one hell of a ride, baby!

Mike Tenay: And then, the big one; TNA World Heavyweight Championship on the line, AJ Styles defends against Kurt Angle, it’s all or nothing for Angle, if he loses then he will not receive another World Title shot this year, if he wins then he is once again the World Heavyweight Champion.

Support, Or Conspiracy?
Backstage, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are in the locker room, when Hulk Hogan walks in, as the ‘Guns look pleasantly surprised to see Hogan.

Hulk Hogan: What’s up, brothers? Listen guys, I’ve gotta’ give you credit for standing up to Scott, Sean and Kev earlier, that’s what I wanna see from every single guy on this roster so you guys have my support, and just to let ya’ know, I’m gonna be in your corner at Genesis against Scott and Kev. Good luck, brothers.

Hogan pats Alex and Chris on the back before walking out of the shot, as the ‘Guns look at each other.

Chris Sabin: That doesn’t sound too bad to me-

Alex Shelley: Whoa, whoa, wait ... maybe he’s on Kev and Scott’s side in this?

Sabin looks at Shelley in a confused way.

Alex Shelley: Hear me out ... Hulk might be doing this just to screw us out of the match so he can re-join his little “band” with those guys, and I don’t know about you but I’m not gonna let that happen, this is the biggest match of our lives and I won’t let him mess it up, so we’re gonna have to keep an eye on him.

Chris holds his hands up.

Chris Sabin: Alright, but I’m not too sure about that.

The screen fades to black with Alex and Chris continuing to talk...

*Commercial Break*

Pimp His Ride
Back from the break, “We Are World Elite” plays and the TNA Global Champion Eric Young walks out, not looking very upbeat probably after hearing that anybody can now challenge for his title. Young descends down the aisle and steps into the ring, walking straight into the corner as he means business tonight. Then, “Catholi-Funk” blares out and the crowd cheer as the exuberant D’Angelo Dinero jogs out of the tunnel, his face covered by a bandana, shades and a mask which covers his mouth. Dinero walks down the aisle, high-fiving some fans before entering the ring and removing his bandana, shades, mask and jacket, getting ready for this match.

Match 4 | Singles
D’Angelo Dinero vs. Eric Young
Eric Young was very reluctant to participate in this match, and it shows when Young refuses to lock up with D’Angelo Dinero, instead remaining stood still in the corner of the six-sided ring, but the boos and derision of the fans gets under Eric’s skin and he turns to the audience, shouting at them to shut up, but when he turns around, Dinero has taken advantage of Young’s distraction, and he drives Eric spine-first into the corner of the ring! The crowd cheer Dinero as he unloads on Young with right hands as the TNA Global Champion desperately tries to cover up to protect himself from “The Pope”’s onslaught, but D’Angelo begins to recurrently kick Eric in the mid-section as he sinks down, finding himself sat down in the corner. Dinero walks into the opposite corner of the ring and shouts “Pope - is - pimpin’!” before charging at Young, sliding across the canvas, going for a baseball slide, but Eric rolls out of the ring, as Dinero misses, managing to avoid colliding with the steel ring-post as he slides under the ropes and out of the ring, but as soon as he does, Young takes Dinero out with a clothesline! The crowd boo Young as he smiles deviously, and stomps viciously at Dinero, not showing any remorse whatsoever before getting him to his feet, and driving D’Angelo into the steel security rail! A bunch of security guards have to hold the rail up to prevent it from falling down and Young grabs Dinero by his head, getting him back into the ring, and when he is, Eric covers “The Pope”, 1...... 2...... Dinero gets the shoulder up!

After that Young continues to wear Dinero down, focusing a lot on Dinero’s knees to try to take the Dinero Express out of his arsenal temporarily for this contest and taking his kneepads down so they are not protected. However, it doesn’t affect the outcome of the match as Dinero doesn’t need to use the Dinero Express; Young has Dinero in position for a Piledriver, but D’Angelo manages to free his legs and flip backwards out of the position, then kicking Young in the mid-section, wrenching his arm, and nailing Eric with the Dinero Experience! “The Pope” makes the cover, 1...... 2...... 3!!!
Winner | D’Angelo Dinero @ 8:12

“Catholi-Funk” blares out and the crowd rejoice as D’Angelo Dinero gets to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee, smirking at the sight of Eric Young laid out in the middle of the ring thanks to him and then motioning around his waist that he will become the TNA Global Champion this Sunday.

Mike Tenay: D’Angelo Dinero defeats Eric Young, he’s challenging Young for the TNA Global Championship this Sunday at Genesis, and if Dinero can put a performance like what he just gave in that ring in three days’ time, then a new Champion will be crowned, no doubt about it!

Taz: I love this guy, Mike, D’Angelo Dinero’s got the total package to become not just Global Champion but the TNA World Heavyweight Champion! I hope Eric Young knows that.

Mike Tenay: And coming up next, the main event; the TNA World Tag Team Champions the British Invasion taking on the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles and Kurt Angle!

All It Takes Is A Phone Call
Backstage, Eric Bischoff is in his and Hulk Hogan’s office, on the phone. He has a big smile on his face, as he listens to who he is talking to.

Eric Bischoff: ... Yeah, I’ll get it to ya’ tomorrow, signed on the dotted line for Sunday ... Alright, bye.

Bischoff flips the screen of his phone down and the camera pans out, to reveal Hulk Hogan standing nearby, looking rather expectant.

Hulk Hogan: What did he say?

Eric Bischoff: He’s signing the contract tomorrow, and he’ll be here for Genesis.

Both Eric and Hogan nod their heads and smirk.

Hulk Hogan: Sounds great, brother.

The Same Freakin’ Page
We then cut elsewhere, where Christy Hemme is standing by.

Christy Hemme: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles and his tag team partner tonight, the man who will challenge him for the World Title this Sunday at Genesis, Kurt Angle!

The camera pans out, as Styles and Angle become visible in the picture.

Christy Hemme: Guys, tonight you’re facing the TNA World Tag Team Champions the British Invasion, but on Sunday you’re going one-on-one with AJ’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship on the line. My question is the same as what is on all of the fans’ minds; can you co-exist for your match tonight?

Kurt Angle:Christy, I think me and AJ can get along, hell, I know we can get along, because me and AJ, we’ve had some of the best matches TNA and the entire wrestling business has ever seen, and we respect each other for that. But, AJ, I’m putting all of that aside this Sunday at Genesis when we step into that ring one more time, because it’s not about my past, it’s about my future, and if I lose at Genesis, then my future won’t include the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and that’s not what happens with me, I’m Kurt Angle, I’m the best wrestler in the world-

AJ holds his hands up, signalling for Angle to stop.

AJ Styles: Whoa, whoa, Kurt, before you get ahead of yourself ... you say you’re the best wrestler in the world, but we’re gonna find that out this Sunday, and that’s still three days away so we’ve gotta focus for tonight. I wanna win at Genesis just as much as you do, ‘cause this TNA World Heavyweight Championship is my life, it’s the biggest prize in the business, and I will be the happiest guy in the world if I retain my title this Sunday, ‘cause I’m gonna be honest, you’re the guy who poses the biggest threat to me and my title, which is why I respect the hell outta’ you.

Kurt Angle:I can say the same for you after this Sunday, because I’m walking into Genesis as professional wrestling’s only Olympic gold medallist and a 3-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion... and I’m walking out of Genesis as professional wrestling’s only Olympic gold medallist and the current TNA World ... Heavyweight ... Champion. Oh, it’s real ... it’s damn real.

AJ Styles:Well Kurt, how about you put your fairytales aside and you get ready for our match?

Styles walks out of the picture with his title over his shoulder, followed by Angle a few moments after as we go to a...

*Commercial Break*

Woo’ed Away
Back from the break, “Invasion” blares out and the TNA World Tag Team Champions the British Invasion, Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams, walk through the tunnel, accompanied by the third man of their faction, Rob Terry who has his X Division Championship Feast or Fired briefcase. The trio descend down the rampway, disregarding the heat from the crowd, and they enter the ring.

“Gold Metal” plays getting huge cheers from the crowd as the #1 contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Kurt Angle, walks out onto the stage, throwing his arms up as a pyro explodes from behind him and Angle makes his way down the ramp, entering the ring and staring down Magnus and Williams.

Then, “Get Ready To Fly” sounds off and the crowd give off another big pop as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles walks out, flicking back his hood and throwing his arms out as pyro rain falls from the ceiling. Styles walks down the ramp, high-fiving some fans before sliding under the ropes and entering the ring, throwing his arms out to the side again and then holding up his World Title, which Angle stares at intently before it is taken away.

Match 5 | Tag Team
British Invasion vs. AJ Styles & Kurt Angle
Brutus Magnus and Kurt Angle start off the match and to start with, Angle uses his amateur wrestling background to his advantage, catching Magnus off guard and using take-downs and headlocks. However, it only lasts for so long as Brutus’ no-nonsense, ugly offence puts him in control, pummeling Kurt with clubbing blows and repeatedly kicking Angle in the mid-section and in the spine. Magnus tags Doug Williams into the match after two minutes and Williams, who has more technical prowess than his British Invasion associate, picks up where Brutus left off, using some submissions such as armbars and abdominal stretches, until Williams goes for a pumphandle slam, and Angle counters it, forcing his weight onto Doug as the Englishman goes down to the canvas and Kurt makes the cover, 1...... Williams kicks out, as if it needed to be said. Kurt gets Doug to his feet and hits Williams with an uppercut, as Doug falls back into the corner of the ring and Angle repeatedly spears Williams in the mid-section, before lifting Doug to the top rope as Angle climbs up there, and nails Williams with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex from the top rope! Angle makes another cover, 1...... 2...... Brutus Magnus breaks up the pinfall! The crowd boo Magnus, but they soon begin to cheer again when AJ Styles enters the ring and unloads on Magnus with right hands until Magnus is hanging against the ropes and Styles clotheslines Brutus over the top rope, taking himself out of the ring as well!

Kurt Angle gets Doug Williams to his feet and grabs onto him from behind in position for a German suplex but Williams reverses it, spinning around so he is now behind Angle and he lays out “The Wrestling Machine” with a Russian leg sweep! Williams then takes Kurt’s arm straight after and drops his knee on it, getting back up and doing it again before repeatedly stomping away at Angle’s mid-section. With Angle on his knees, Doug locks the Olympic gold medallist in a Camel Clutch and keeps Angle in the submission hold for several moments with AJ Styles and every single fan in the iMPACT! Zone cheering Kurt on, encouraging him to battle on and find his way out of this. It seems to do the trick, as Angle, using all the strength he possesses, manages to struggle to his feet and back into the corner of the ring, as Williams’s spine tastes the turnbuckles! The crowd cheer as Angle has made a comeback, and when Doug walks towards him, Angle grabs Williams and throws him across the ring with a thunderous belly-to-belly suplex! Kurt lets out a reverberating roar and he then tags in AJ Styles, who walks across the ring apron and waits for Doug Williams to get to his feet. Williams gets up, and Styles goes for a flying clothesline, but Doug manages to move out of the way and he tags in Brutus Magnus into the match, as AJ is able to land on his feet. Styles runs at Magnus, but Brutus lifts up AJ above his head in a Gorilla press position, only for Styles to force his way out of it, landing on his feet in front of Magnus with his back turned to the Brit, and AJ immediately nails Magnus with the Pelť kick!

We’re coming towards the end of the match, and Brutus Magnus and Kurt Angle are the legal men in the match. Magnus has been in control of Angle since locking Kurt in a bearhug for a prolonged amount of time, and Brutus, thinking that Angle has nothing left, slowly runs off the ropes, going for a clothesline, but Kurt ducks it, and takes Magnus down with a clothesline of his own! The crowd go wild as Angle and Magnus both lie on the canvas and Kurt slowly but surely looks up at AJ Styles on the ring apron, who has his hand reached out for the tag. Angle gradually edges his way across the ring, but then Ric Flair walks through the tunnel on the stage, and makes his way down the ramp! The crowd pop as they see Flair, and Styles has a smirk on his face, but Flair calls AJ over; Styles can either obey Flair or tag himself into the match. AJ looks at Angle in the ring who is getting to his knees and then looks at Ric who is losing his patience, and Styles sighs, before leaving Angle and walking over to Flair! There is a mixed reaction, some booing AJ for leaving Angle in the ring and some “Wooo”ing for Flair, but meanwhile, Doug Williams has tagged himself into the match and he runs across the ring, rolling up Angle! 1...... 2...... Williams has his feet on the ropes!! ... 3!!!
Winners | British Invasion @ 10:25

“Invasion” blares out to heat from the crowd as Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus, who enters the ring, have their hands raised by the referee, whilst Ric Flair continues to talk to a guilty-looking AJ Styles outside the ring. Magnus and Williams smirk at Kurt Angle who is sitting in the corner of the ring looking exhausted, as Magnus shouts at Angle “Where’s AJ?! Where is he?!” before they leave the ring along with Rob Terry, and Angle looks through the ropes, glaring at Styles who mouths “Sorry” but Flair, on the other hand, grins at the Olympic gold medallist...

Mike Tenay: Tension has definitely risen between AJ Styles and Kurt Angle, with just three days until their TNA World Heavyweight Championship match at Genesis! Good night, everybody, and we’ll see you this Sunday!

A Breeze Through The Door...
However, the show isn’t over yet; we cut backstage, where Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are watching the proceedings of the show in their office, and the door abruptly swings open, as Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley storm in, both not looking happy.

Eric Bischoff: What are you two doing-

Mick Foley: Oh, don’t worry, Eric, we’re not staying for long.

Bischoff smiles, taking comfort in that fact.

Jeff Jarrett: Me and Mick don’t get along, that’s clear to see, but we can both agree on one thing; we don’t like what we’re seeing.

Hulk Hogan: What do you mean?

Mick Foley: You know damn well what we’re talkin’ about, Hulkster! Guys like me and Jeff, we give our blood, our sweat and our tears to put this company on the map, and then you two come to TNA and you ignore what we’ve done for TNA and you go around saying you’ve made this company what it is today.

Hulk opens his mouth, about to talk, but Jarrett beats him to it.

Jeff Jarrett: Don’t even think about opening that damn mouth of yours, Hulk. We’re sick and tired of the buzz that was goin’ around before you arrived, and now that you’re here, we’re even more pissed off. We ain’t gonna sugar-coat it for either of ya’, so to tell ya’ right now...

Jarrett looks at Foley, who does the honours...

Mick Foley: We quit!

There is an eery silence in the room and Jarrett and Foley then walk out, and Hulk and Bischoff look at each other, not knowing what to say as the screen fades to black...

*End Show*

Quick Results:
British Invasion def. AJ Styles & Kurt Angle @ 10:25
D’Angelo Dinero def. Eric Young @ 8:12
Suicide def. Consequences Creed & Homicide @ 7:33
Hernandez & Matt Morgan def. Team 3D @ 5:47
Bobby Lashley def. James Storm @ 4:03

Genesis Card:
TNA World Heavyweight Championship | AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle
Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs. The Motor City Machine Guns
X Division Championship | Amazing Red vs. Suicide
Desmond Wolfe vs. Jeff Hardy
TNA World Tag Team Championships | British Invasion vs. Hernandez & Matt Morgan
TNA Global Championship | Eric Young vs. D’Angelo Dinero
Bobby Lashley vs. Robert Roode


There's the first show of the thread, I didn't think it went too badly but it definitely could have been better. It's the first full TNA show I've ever written for BTB so hopefully I get into the swing of things as time goes on. Predictions can be made for Genesis after I post a predictions template which should come in the next few days if everything goes to plan.

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

iMPACT! Feedback

Havenít commented in here, so I guess Iíll wish you the mandatory good luck before I begin to read the show. Hopefully this can be the post January 4th TNA BTB to stick.

Pretty stacked card it seems, with enough talent on the show to be showcased. Starting off with The Band? I donít mind it. Personally, I think they have something to offer as both Hall & Nash are charismatic, while Waltman can certainly go in the ring. A bit surprised that Nash suddenly cares about what the fans think, although he wasnít bad to begin with. Hall was alright too, without being spectacular, as I felt it lacked some characterization after the normal ďHey yoĒ. Waltmanís part was certainly odd. First of all, wouldnít Foley not work for anyone if everybody thinks heís a worthless load of trash, like he wouldnít work for Bischoff? Secondly, itís only been a week, so I donít think Hoganís been putting his decision off for too long. Shelley was alright, talking up the promotion, as was the little exchange between The Guns and The Band, although the ending seemed very abrupt. It felt like the promo was just picking up, but then it was suddenly finished. Guess I was just expecting more. The match youíve made for Genesis here isnít a bad one too, although Iíd rather see Waltman involved in the ring since heís the best wrestler of the three. Not a bad way to start the show.

Storm vs. Lashley seems like a good enough idea for an opener, although there being no storyline to Lashley asking for his release the previous week is kind of disappointing, especially since there seems there could be so many things you could do with the storyline. The way in which Lashley wrestled the match made sense, although I hate to see the burial of Storm. The guy was made to look like shit here, only hitting one move, despite being talented as all hell, which makes it even worse. Roode making the save after the match was good, as was the exchange of words, even if Roodeís ending line seemed a little awkward. The match for Genesis is alright, I guess, though if Storm couldnít compete with Lashley then what hope does Roode have?

Ooo, Jeff and Moore back again, eh? Should be good.

Jeff getting promo time isnít too much of a shock if you have him around, since it makes sense to have him placed right in the thick of things with how big of a name he is now. I thought he put TNA over pretty well, and while him making his intentions clear on wanting to be champ was nice, I would have liked to have seen him at least explain why Homicide was the man he attacked last week. Would have also liked to have seen more from Jeff overall before he was interrupted, even if he is a little weak on the mic. Wolfe was alright, although I would have liked for him to have introduced himself as someone who arrived on the scene while Jeff was gone from TNA and really talked himself up, rather than just saying he wants to send Jeff packing. The rest of the promo kind of lacked any energy or excitement, although Jeff attacking Wolfe afterwards I guess kind of makes up for that. A small thing was that Hardy didnít chase Desmond a second time like he did the first, which seemed a little weird, but Iím not too fussed. An okay promo here, if not a little bland.

Wolfe vs. Hardy made straight away, eh? It seems like a bit of a throwaway of what could be a good feud, although I guess if it goes on following Genesis it could be good. Nice to see you bringing up Foley again too.

Nice way to make Hernandez & Morgan look good, putting them over the veteran tag team. Having The British Invasion watching allows us to keep in mind the match at Genesis, as well as letting us see Morgan & Hernandez as a threat. Nice, basic booking.

Ugh, this whole title defence thing seems very rushed and pointless. Iíd much rather just not see the title defended. Was also a little disappointed in Young in this promo, as he seemed like a little bitch, barely getting a word in. Hopefully you get World Elite some time to look strong starting at Genesis, because before the new booking squad of Hogan and co ruined them, they were looking like one of the most promising things in TNA.

Ugh, starting a match during a break is something I hate. The psychology at the start of the match with the faces working together was alright, with the finish being decent too. Am surprised you went with Suicide for the win, but it should make for a good match at Genesis. Nice to see a little staredown to at least give it some build.

Hogan being in The Gunsí corner seems a bit random, although it makes sense with them wrestling The Band. Hopefully this doesnít lead to a Hogan heel turn, as I would find that a bit boring and clichťd.

Decent enough match between Dinero and Young which seemed pretty exciting. Result went the right way, as you had to get the increasingly popular Dinero on the Genesis card, with this match possibly having the most potential out of any on the card.

Ooooo, someone signed. I hope itís not Anderson.

This seemed kind of awkward to me, as it didnít really seem like an interview of sorts. It was obvious that this was how the segment was going to go, but I just felt like having Hemme there was pointless. Still, itís good hype for the main event and Genesis too, which is good to see.

While I like this match as your main event, the match writing was just alright. The moves were pretty crisp, but it really lacked that tag team feel, especially from The British Invasion who, as tag champs, should work better together than anyone, and as heels should make frequent tags. The random skipping was also a bit weird, although the finish with Flair coming down the ramp, much like the previous week, makes sense. This way of having Angle lose also keeps Angle looking strong and helps the Brits look good, so I like the way this was booked. Adds some interesting tension to the world title match too. Nice main event.

@ Foley Ďputting TNA on the mapí. He only just rocked just over a year ago, and hasnít really done anything positive for the company. This angle could be interesting, and Iím not really sure where itíll lead, so itís certainly got me interested. Hopefully itís got a good payoff to it down the line.

As a whole, Shocker, this wasnít a bad start to your new thread, although I donít feel it was your best work. The booking was alright, but the execution with some of the promos probably wasnít up to what I feel you could and should be doing, which was disappointing. Still, thereís plenty of potential for this thread which can hopefully finally be the TNA January 4th thread to stick, as well as be your thread to stick. I look forward to Genesis.

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

I can tell this is going to be a great BTB. I am going to keep up with this and hopefully write some reviews.

Waiting for 30 days to start a new BTB

Ha ha!
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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Thanks for the review BKB and the kind comment, Joey. I wasn't entirely happy with the first show and I found it a bit hard having to make 5 matches for Genesis in 1 show. After Genesis, hopefully things pick up and I get comfortable with booking TNA as I've got used to working with WWE and their guys so eventually things should slightly improve. Anyway, here's the predictions template for Genesis, I'm not going to bother writing a full preview as most of the matches were made on the last show and the PPV won't be in full either as I started it in full but it was too much for me to handle and I don't want it to stall my progress, plus this is a hobby and not a job of any kind so I just wanna have fun.


January 17, 2010 | TNA Genesis
The Impact! Zone | Orlando, Florida

Genesis Card:
TNA World Heavyweight Championship

AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle

Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

X Division Championship
Amazing Red vs. Suicide

Desmond Wolfe vs. Jeff Hardy

TNA World Tag Team Championships
British Invasion vs. Hernandez & Matt Morgan

TNA Global Championship
Eric Young vs. D’Angelo Dinero

If Bobby Lashley Loses, He Must Leave TNA
Bobby Lashley vs. Robert Roode

Bonus Questions:
1. Predict the match order

2. Who has been signed by TNA and will debut at Genesis?

3. Will any of the match participants and/or stipulations change?

4. How many titles will change hands?

5. The Band said that they want Hulk Hogan's decision at Genesis as to whether he is joining them. Will he?

6. What match will there be on the pre-show?


1st: 1 billion credits

2nd: 500 million credits

3rd: 250 million credits

4th: 100 million credits

5th: 50 million credits

6th: 25 million credits

7th: 10 million credits

8th: Eh, at least you tried.


Predict away...

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

January 17, 2010 | TNA Genesis
The Impact! Zone | Orlando, Florida

Genesis Card:
7 TNA World Heavyweight Championship
AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle
Not Time for him to lose yet

6 Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs. The Motor City Machine Guns
Hogan will Screw The Band

1 X Division Championship
Amazing Red vs. Suicide
Red owns Suicide all over

4 Desmond Wolfe vs. Jeff Hardy
New signing he's got to win

5 TNA World Tag Team Championships
British Invasion vs. Hernandez & Matt Morgan
Morgan and Hernandez are better as Single Wrestlers

2 TNA Global Championship
Eric Young vs. DíAngelo Dinero
By Cheating to continue the fued

3 If Bobby Lashley Loses, He Must Leave TNA
Bobby Lashley vs. Robert Roode
Dont see Lashley Leaving

Bonus Questions:
1. Predict the match order
See Above

2. Who has been signed by TNA and will debut at Genesis?
3. Will any of the match participants and/or stipulations change?
Anderson will be inolved in one match not sure which so i will guess The Global Championship match
4. How many titles will change hands?

5. The Band said that they want Hulk Hogan's decision at Genesis as to whether he is joining them. Will he?
Nope, not yet anyway

6. What match will there be on the pre-show?
dunno il guess ummm Daniels V Shannon Moore
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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Genesis Card:
TNA World Heavyweight Championship
AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle

Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

X Division Championship
Amazing Red vs. Suicide

Desmond Wolfe vs. Jeff Hardy

TNA World Tag Team Championships
British Invasion vs. Hernandez & Matt Morgan

TNA Global Championship
Eric Young vs. DíAngelo Dinero

If Bobby Lashley Loses, He Must Leave TNA
Bobby Lashley vs. Robert Roode

Bonus Questions:
1. Predict the match order

Match 1: Lashley/Roode
Match 2: Tag titles
Match 3: Hall/Nash vs. Sabin/Shelley
Match 4: Wolfe/Hardy
Match 5: Young/Dinero
Match 6: Suicide/Red
Match 7: Styles/Angle

2. Who has been signed by TNA and will debut at Genesis?

Psycho Sid

3. Will any of the match participants and/or stipulations change?


4. How many titles will change hands?


5. The Band said that they want Hulk Hogan's decision at Genesis as to whether he is joining them. Will he?

Yes he will join them

6. What match will there be on the pre-show?

Brian Kendrick vs. Sean Waltman

Waiting for 30 days to start a new BTB

Ha ha!
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