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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Even though it wasn't the best show last week, you've kind of got me wanting to read the next show, just because what you're doing is so different to every other thread, atm. I don't like the competitors of the number one contender tournament being anonymous. I'm guessing they'll be rather big names, at this stage I'm thinking Wolfe, Angle, Hardy and somebody else who's probably obvious but I can't think. Anyway, your biggest matches of the night, they should be advertised on the preview, unless they were going to be announced on the show, but considering the matches are already planned, should be on the preview, imo Sabin/Roode and LAX/British Invasion should also be fairly nice matches, capping off a pretty nice card. LAX to stick around, please. Mr. Anderson promo should be good fun, probably hear from Jarrett there to, and if Rhino's promo means more time for The Pope it should be good as well.

The show looks like it has the potential to be very good. I can't wait.

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Impact! Feedback

Two pretty big announcements to start the show. Moving Impact! back to Thursdays makes the most sense, given the fact that they still can’t compete with WWE. The eight-man tournament to determine the next challenger for the belt is ok, tbh. Is a pretty generic way to determine the next challenger, but I guess it needs to be decided somehow, right?

A decent match between Anderson and Jarrett, really giving us some good chemistry to kick off the tournament. I’m really glad that Jarrett isn’t at the top of the card anymore, as he’s really just a guy to job out to the up and comers, ala Sting. Ending of the match went with Anderson’s character, as he takes advantage of the inadvertent shot by Double J to the referee and uses the brass knuckles and then the Mic Drop. Right now, I’m saying that Anderson wins the tournament and gets the shot at Styles, but that may just because I mark the fuck out for him.

Glad to see Tara get back on track by winning this “glorified squash” match against a very game Hamada. She did a good job making her opponent look good but in the end Tara was just too good, hitting the Widow’s Peak for the three. Invoking the rematch clause was expected, and I’m looking forward to the feud being built around the fact that Daffney never pinned Tara.

Not a huge fan of this next segment because I think EY leaving World Elite needed to be done on a little bigger scale. But I guess it got the point across…

So we’re seeing the dissention between Hogan and Bischoff begin? Guess we’ll see where this goes…

Damn, quite the proclaimation by Daniels. I really don’t see him being named the sole X Division Champion. Then again, I also don’t see him leaving TNA. Guess we’ll wait until next week to see how that plays out. Good match between Lethal and Daniels, really giving Jay a good rub and hopefully he can get back into the title picture once this whole Daniels/Kaz thing is figured out. In the end, Daniels needed this win and he got it cleanly, which is good. The angle after the match was somewhat expected, as I see Kaz and Daniels each having the belt on alternating weeks until this whole thing is settled.

Good way to get the former champions on the show, as it was pretty funny how mad Roode was about how the match ended at Lockdown. I see some sort of physical altercation happening between the two teams at some point, probably next week, just to keep the feud going strong.

A decent match between two former tag team partners, with Super Mex obviously getting the victory to make him look strong heading into his inevitable feud with Matt Morgan. Match ended well and the aftermath was kind of unexpected, with World Elite kicking Homicide out of the group. Hernandez making the save was the plan all along, imo, and it was good that he finally got one over on Morgan. Only problem I have is how did Hernandez go from being “emotionless” towards Homicide to hugging him a minute later? All I’m saying is that without the “emotionless” comment, would have made more sense.

Glad that the MCMG are finally champions and they’re going to hold the belts for a while, imo. The response to Beer Money’s challenge was nice, but I still would have rather seen them fit onto the card instead of getting a pre-recorded segment.

Finally, we get a decent length in-ring promo on this show, as I was afraid it was going to happen. Pretty basic stuff from Dinero, with good delivery, about how he retained the belt against Abyss last night. Whenever a champion starts to talking about someone trying to beat him, you know someone is coming out to confront him, and like Dinero, I was surprised it was Rhino. Like where their feud is going because I think a Falls Count Anywhere match is a great way to end it. I see Rhino dominating people over the next few weeks, as he seems all business about getting this title shot. Very good segment.

Angle getting back into the title picture? I don’t see that happen, tbh. Whoever he faces in the #1 Contender’s tournament will probably get into a feud with him, and that means the World Title will have to wait. But that’s just a guess.

LOL at the Hardy/Styles segment. It was pretty subpar, but at least you knew that. Surprised that was all we saw of either man.

Couldn’t really ask for a better main event match for the show, as I really like the chemistry that these two have, really feeding off each other well. Match had great back and forth action, with neither man really in control too long and the numerous near falls made it very exciting. Ending was set up perfectly with the referee getting knocked down, and that of course leads to RVD getting screwed. Joe’s going to be a beast for the rest of the tournament, but this Wolfe/RVD feud should be pretty awesome. Great way to get it started.

I knew it was going to be tough for you to come off Lockdown with the same intensity of feuds that you had before that show, but I thought this show did its job perfectly. You have plenty of time before Sacrifice and that should allow the feuds to develop well enough. Keep up the solid writing, my man.


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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Impact Feedback

I'm hoping I get this up before you post the next show cause then I'll be yet another show behind. Like I said before, you work fast. Either that or I work slow. Probably the latter =P.

Lockdown recap was a must. Good to see. Hogan and Bischoff to start? Cool beans. Love the first announcements. Monday nights equals money loss, as well as lower ratings. Tournament? I feel like that's what everyone is resorting to nowadays. I know I did it for the world title, but that was right off the bat. Tournaments are seriously getting overplayed, but it also means that there should be some awesome matchups.

Kennedy of course comes out and does his own entrance. I feel like it's certainty now. I also feel like you're probably running out of ways to make each time creative. If not, job well done sir. I wouldn't be able to last more than four or five shows without it being boring every time. Anyways, Jarrett against Kennedy (gotta stop calling him that although I prefer it over Anderson). Dirty ending to this match doesn't really get Anderson over, but it does the job. I could see Jarrett trying to get some vengeance, and a possibly feud coming out of this, but I'll doubt it until I see it. Don't think Tenay needed an introduction after the match tbh. I know you haven't really done it in the show yet, but at this point, it's unnecessary.

Tara wins, which was expected considering she just lost her title. Rematch clause invoked. She better beat Daffney because I still don't know who Daffney is =\.

The whole World Elite thing has gotten confusing to me. The idea of Young with Nash though is intriguing. I'm trying to remember the thing that Nash won before. I don't know if it's before my time reading this thread or if I just remember.

Now the possibility of Anderson/Jarrett seems more certain. Wouldn't be too bad. They both need something to do I guess. Jarrett to screw Anderson in the next match seems all but certain now.

Recap of the Xscape happenings was nice. Good touch to add to the show. Wow @ Daniels' 'threat'. Doubt you'd let him leave like TNA did in real life so I'm anxious to see how you resolve this. I'm still hoping for the best of 21 series. It should last until Bound for Glory too. =P Daniels winning was a certainty. The Kaz aftermath was nice. It's also nice to see that you didn't give out two belts, but instead had one belt with both men fighting just to kinda hold onto it. Something that could turn out to be an awesome booking decision, and could lead to more scenarios.

Sacrifice promo. Expecting another solid pay-per-view. Guessing since it's not a 'big' ppv that it'll be recapped?

Decent promo here. I feel that you get into declaring rematches or matches too fast. Especially for titles. I noticed that you do that quite a bit (and its usually the show after a ppv). I know it's not cool to drag out things, but it lets you build into it.

I liked it when these two were on the same team. LAX was boss. As expected, World Elite shows up after the match. Was a little confused by the aftermath. What I got out of it was a possible LAX reunion. And like I said, they're were f'n boss.

Cool thing showing the post Lockdown interview with MCMG. Hope you give them an outstanding run. That or I revolt.

Good work with Pope. I enjoy his character. Rhino? Again? I'm a little taken back by another feud by them, but a Falls Count Anywhere Match could be interesting. I rather have Pope with the title. The end to the promo didn't flow as smoothly as it was going, but I'd deal. Anxious to see Rhino prove himself now. No doubt Pope will get involved somehow.

Nice little post-Lockdown Angle promo. His intentions are clear. The title is up next for him. Should be good to see him back in contention although I feel Angle/Flair isn't done yet.

RVD against Joe is such a good matchup. But here's what I think TNA in real life did wrong, and what you may start to be doing. Giving away awesome matches that should be pay-per-view quality on regular iMPACT! takes away from PPV buys. Well, at least for TNA in real life it does. Nonetheless, this should be good. Great back and forth match as expected. Joe is pretty beastly in this one. Second referee interference this show. Wolfe causes RVD to lose. Good to see Joe win, as I'm a fan of his. Looks like Wolfe/RVD is going down too, which is awesome as well. Definitely different, creative and new compared to real TNA there.

Overall, I felt the show wasn't at the level I'm used to seeing from you. Promos were a little lacking in content tbh. Character and flow for the most part were good. I feel like the tournament should be built up more with wrestlers getting time to get their say. Nonetheless, I'm anxious to see how the X Division situation pans out, as well as how well Angle will do. I still think Flair will be at him.

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Impact Feedback

Considering I watched TNA last night (just for you, obviously ) hopefully I can provide some helpful feedback. Is there a reason why Impact isn't on Thursday nights right now in your thread? KENNEDY. Sorry, it's just that he's awesome . I would've prefered a promo to open the show since you're coming off of a PPV. This match had a good flow for the opening match, and thank god Anderson won. He won't win the tournament, but let's hope he gets to the finals. Kennedy should have gone over clean imo - fuck Jarrett. The good part about his character is that you can always give him mic time before/after a match and it will seem appropriate, so I would like to see you do more with that. Push to the moon plz. Why is Tenay welcoming everyone to Impact NOW? We're 10 minutes into the show, I'm confused.

This is our second match and we've had 0 promos (unless you count the Hogan/Bischoff stuff a promo). TNA has a good women's division from what I've ever seen, and hopefully you can continue to take advantage of it. Tara's line after the match seemed extremely forced and unnatural. I look forward to seeing how you book Daffney's title reign.

Young's second line seemed a bit awkward in terms of flow and grammar. This segment was really odd and I wasn't feeling it at all. Was there any prior buildup to Young leaving World Elite? Like were there some specific situations where they tried to interfere but ended up costing Young the match? Just seems way too forced.

Although this was another short promo (a long one needs to appear very soon), every promo is serving an intriguing puprose that increases curiosity, which is good.

Yay, Daniels. He's great. Oh damn, he better not leave. I look forward to seeing how this plays out. My only problem with the booking thus far is that it's been predictable in terms of match winners, but I think that happens to all of us and we don't always realize it. Anyways, try to look out for that in the future, and if you do have predictable matches, don't put them all in a row. Hopefully we see a Kazarian/Daniels feud that is given a good amount of time because I think it could be quite enjoyable.

Beer Money was seemingly in good character. I would have liked some heat after Christy was told to shut up. One thing I like is that you're getting your PPV booked well in advance to build good feuds, but at the same time, it's not good to book the whole event in one show (like Survivor Series 2006 when WWE announced the matches everyday for like a week on ... like wtf?).

It's always fun to watch former tag team partners go at it. The match had some high points to it considering it was under 6 minutes. Oh, and I'm not criticizing you on the match length since it was reasonable. The aftermath was the best part, obviously. This World Elite thing with Matt Morgan as the new leader could be the greatest storyline in BTB history (well not really, but definitely up there) depending what you do with it. I'm not going to tell you how to book it since it's your thread, but the more twists and interesting angles to it, the better. LAX reforming? Idk, we'll have to see. Another tag team never hurts, that's for sure.

Guessing by this interview and the fact that Beer Money had an interview as well, I'm guessing neither will be wrestling on the show, which is fine (after watching their match this Thursday on Impact irl, they deserve a night off).

I'm not familiar with the Pope's character, so pardon my retardation. Does he always say Pope all the time and constantly speak in third person? I felt like Rhino should have talked a bit more before Dinero began talking again as it didn't do much for Rhino. Finally, a long promo (and it looks longer than long). Wow @ the Gore comment. I'm sure that's gotta put some over as a heel big time lol. The promo was kinda meh. I can understand why you did it, but I would have prefered you to try something else than some lame insults and a challenge. However, Rhino got turned down, which again, makes things interesting. I hope Rhino wins the title soon, however. He can't lose a title match for the 3rd time ... talk about ruining credibility imo.

KURT ANGLE! I'm actually not even a fan, but he can wrestle, so whatever.

"Styles smirks and leaves the room" ... heel turn? I kind of hope not since Styles is TNA imo. From what I know, he's been there ages, and I'd kinda like to see him face. Besides, he's go the high-flying, crazy-ass arsenal of an enjoyable face (kind of like Jeff Hardy, but 100x better, obviously).

Joe to go over please. Actually, I don't really care who goes over since fuck RVD and Joe seems idk. I think it would've been better had Joe shown more dominance in the match. RVD looked so strong, and so it means he has to win, but if Joe wants to maintain some credibility, he's going to have to win ... It's a lose/lose. Oh good, we get to see RVD in a feud that doesn't revolve around the title - I look forward to seeing what happens with it. I think Joe will be knocked out of the tournament in the next round, but we'll see, I suppose.

Overall, the booking part of the show was thought out fairly well. You have a number of things going on that have a "To be continued..." feel to them, which is good, but just don't go overboard. The writing part of the show felt a bit sloppy since the promos seemed a bit rushed. None-the-less, I think you'll be able to find your footing a bit better now that you're not in Lockdown's shadow with the next show, and I'm especially intrigued by World Elite & Young/Nash (who I was hoping we would have see more of).
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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

TNA Monday Night Impact
The Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
April 26, 2010

We kick off with the routine opening credits to the show, as “Change Me” blares out and the camera introduces us to the Impact Zone. The pyro explodes on the stage and the camera pans the audience in the venue tonight, most of whom are on their feet and cheering, excited that they are a part of tonight’s broadcast. Then, we join Mike Tenay and Mick Foley at ringside at the announce table, ready to welcome us to this edition of Monday Night Impact.

Mike Tenay: Tonight, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament continues as we continue the road to Sacrifice on May 16th! Hello everybody and welcome to TNA Monday Night Impact, I’m Mike Tenay alongside Mick Foley and just by looking at those two matches in the tournament, you can tell that tonight is going to be a huge show!

Mick Foley: That’s exactly what it’s going to be, Professor, but not only will we see those two matches, and we still don’t know who will be competing, but Eric Bischoff has promised the TNA fans that he will resolve the controversy surrounding the TNA X Division Championship tonight!

Mike Tenay: If you didn’t already know, ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels and Kazarian were announce as co-X Division Champions at Lockdown after they both escaped the Cage and their feet hit the floor at the same time, that will be addressed tonight, plus for one night only the Latin American Exchange re-unite as Hernandez and Homicide face The British Invasion.

Mick Foley: Plus, the TNA Knockouts Champion Daffney is in action against ODB and one half of the TNA World Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns, Chris Sabin, faces Beer Money’s Robert Roode with Beer Money challenging Sabin and Shelley for the titles in just under three weeks at Sacrifice!

Mike Tenay: And don’t forget, TNA fans, that on May 20th, four days after Sacrifice, TNA Impact moves back to Thursday nights, still on Spike but back to 9PM ET/8PM CT.

Mick Foley: I’ve always thought that Thursday nights is the home of TNA Impact and of course it will be easier for everybody to see every minute of the action so I can’t wait, Mike.

Then, “Menacing” plays and Desmond Wolfe walks out, getting heat from the crowd. Wolfe, accompanied by Chelsea and wearing shades and a grey jacket, gives the fans his two-fingered gesture whilst sauntering down the ramp and when he enters the ring with Chelsea he removes his attire, giving the shades and jacket to his valet. Wolfe poses for the crowd once more as Chelsea leaves the ring before waiting in the corner of the ring for his opponent. Then, “Modest” hits to a big pop from the crowd and the lights go out in the Impact Zone as Jeff Hardy makes his way out, performing some unorthodox theatrics on the stage. Hardy strides down the ramp and high-fives some fans before sliding under the ropes and into the ring, and climbing to the second rope in the corner, posing for the fans. Jeff then climbs down and stands opposite his former rival Wolfe, both competitors waiting in anticipation for the match to begin.

Match One
Desmond Wolfe vs. Jeff Hardy
#1 Contender’s Tournament

The bell rings for the match to get underway and Jeff Hardy looks at the crowd, pumping his fists up and down and encouraging the “Hardy!” chants but it puts him at an instant disadvantage as Desmond Wolfe runs across the ring and ambushes him. With Hardy in the corner, Wolfe unloads on him with right hands and then stomps to the mid-section which causes Jeff to sink down to a seated position but before Desmond can go any further, the referee Andrew Thomas gets in between the two competitors and tells Wolfe to back away. Hardy gets to his feet and they then lock up, as Wolfe almost instantly gets Jeff in a wrist lock. He bends his wrist back as far as it can go which puts Hardy in immense pain but he breaks out of it with a kick to the mid-section of Wolfe and he then runs off the ropes behind him. Jeff runs towards Desmond but is hit by an uppercut from the Englishman which sends Hardy into the ropes and Wolfe then Irish whips ‘The Charismatic Enigma’ across the ring. Jeff comes running back and Desmond goes for a kick to the gut but Hardy catches his leg and turns himself around, then hitting Wolfe with a Mule Kick!

Hardy makes the first pin-fall attempt of the contest: One! Wolfe kicks out. Jeff gets back up and subsequently gets Desmond to his feet, Irish whipping him into the corner of the ring and quickly following it up with a Clothesline. Wolfe sinks down to a seated position in the corner and Jeff takes a few steps back before running up and lifting himself into the air into the ropes but before he can go for a dropkick, Wolfe slides back into the middle of the ring. Hardy manages to land on his feet but Desmond immediately attacks Jeff from behind with a blow to the back and he then lifts him up, planting Hardy on the mat with a Back Suplex. Wolfe covers, One! Two! As soon as the referee counts two, Jeff gets the shoulder up. Wolfe gets back up and stomps away at Hardy until running off the ropes behind him and jumping into the air, hitting Jeff with a knee drop to the face. Desmond then sits Hardy up and locks him in a sleeper hold with Wolfe down on one knee but applying as much pressure as possible.

As Hardy frantically waves his arms around trying to escape the hold, the crowd get behind him and chant “Let’s go, Hardy!” which is countered by a minority of fans who chant “Desmond Wolfe!” Jeff eventually manages to get back to a vertical base and he hits Wolfe with a few elbows to the mid-section which cause the Englishman to release the hold. Hardy then kicks him in the mid-section and applies a front face-lock, lifting Wolfe into the air and hitting him with a Sit-out Suplex Facebuster! Hardy immediately hooks Wolfe’s legs and makes the cover: One! Two! Wolfe kicks out! Jeff sits up and slowly gets to his feet, waiting for his opponent to get up. When Desmond gets back to his feet, Hardy goes for a kick to the mid-section but Wolfe catches his leg and floors ‘The Charismatic Enigma’ with a leg sweep to his other leg, then turning him over and locking Hardy in a One-Leg Boston Crab! After several moments, Jeff manages to crawl across the ring and make it to the ropes which doesn’t please Wolfe who then has to let go, but afterwards he immediately gets back on the attack, stomping away at Hardy but the referee makes him step back.

Wolfe eagerly waits for Hardy to get up, and when he does, Desmond gets right back in the thick of things, pushing Jeff into the corner and unloading on him with right hands. Wolfe then runs to the opposite corner of the ring, jumping onto the second rope and briefly giving the crowd his signature two-fingered gesture before running back towards Hardy. However, Jeff moves out of the way and Wolfe manages to put the breaks on when he sees him move, but as soon as he stops, Hardy rolls him up with a Schoolboy! One! Two! Wolfe kicks out! Both competitors slowly get back to their feet and a furious Wolfe kicks Jeff in the mid-section, planting him directly on his head on the mat with a Snap DDT! Desmond then makes the cover, demanding victory now: One! Two! Hardy gets the shoulder up! Wolfe angrily slams his fists against the mat in frustration, yelling “Stay down, you wanker!” as he gets back to his feet. Desmond gets back to his feet and Irish whips Hardy into the ropes, going for a forearm smash but Jeff ducks it and hits Wolfe with a Hangman’s Neckbreaker! Jeff covers him, One! Two! Wolfe kicks out!

This opening contest on Impact comes to a close when Desmond Wolfe and Jeff Hardy both get back to their feet with the match still at a stalemate and they exchange right hands. Hardy gains the upper hand and runs off the ropes but Wolfe greets him with a stiff European Uppercut which knocks Jeff down to the mat. Desmond takes a moment to give the crowd his two-fingered gesture which gets enormous heat before he waits for Hardy to get to his feet, but Wolfe is distracted when his rival Rob Van Dam walks out! The crowd go wild and chant ‘RVD! RVD! RVD!’ as Van Dam walks half-way down the ramp and then stops, smirking at Wolfe with his arms folded but Desmond is livid, shouting ‘Get the hell out of here! Go smoke something, you window licker!’ This distracts the Englishman long enough that Hardy gets back to his feet, and Jeff turns Wolfe around, kicking him in the mid-section and hitting the Twist Of Fate! The exhausted Hardy slowly crawls across the mat with the fans in the Impact Zone cheering him on and ‘The Charismatic Enigma’ pulls himself up with the ropes, then climbing to the top rope and nailing Wolfe with the Swanton Bomb! The fans rejoice and a beaming Rob Van Dam watches on as his rival is hit with Hardy’s patented finishing manoeuvre as Jeff makes the cover: One! Two! Three!

Jeff Hardy def. Desmond Wolfe at 8:04

“Modest” blares out and Jeff Hardy gets to his feet, having his hand raised by the referee to a big pop from the crowd as Rob Van Dam continues to stand on the ramp, watching Desmond Wolfe and smirking at the fact that he gave Wolfe a taste of his own medicine by costing him the match. Hardy continues to celebrate in the ring, climbing to the second rope and posing for the crowd before leaving the ring and walking to the back with RVD, with Jeff now through to the Semi Finals of the #1 Contender’s Tournament.

Mike Tenay: Take that, Desmond! Looks like you got a taste of your own medicine!

Mick Foley: I am a fan of Mr. Wolfe but he deserved that after costing Rob Van Dam his match with Samoa Joe last week, Mike.

Mike Tenay: Damn right, he did! Jeff Hardy goes through to the Semi-Finals of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament and Hardy will face Samoa Joe next week on Impact to determine who goes through to the Final!

Mick Foley: Oh boy, I cannot wait for that, Professor, first time ever; Hardy versus Joe!

Mike Tenay: Mr. Anderson will be in action in the other Semi Final next week against the winner of tonight’s main event, but we don’t know who’s even competing tonight! You’ll have to stay with us to find out, ladies and gentlemen.



Kurt Angle: Sometimes, you have to put it all on the line.

Angle hitting a Moonsault.

Mr. Anderson: You have to put yourself in jeopardy.

Anderson hitting the Mic Check.

Sting: You have to take drastic measures.

Sting locking in the Scorpion Death Lock.

AJ Styles: You have to go down roads where there is no going back.

Styles holding the TNA World Heavyweight Championship up.

Rob Van Dam: You have to do things you never thought you’d consider doing.

RVD hitting the Five Star Frog Splash.

Jeff Hardy: You have to prepare ... to make the ultimate Sacrifice.



Back on Impact, “Park It” hits to a lukewarm reaction from the crowd and ODB walks out with her steel flask of alcohol, taking a drink from it and lifting her leg up, pumping her fist and shouting “Bam!” She then walks down the ramp and enters the ring, taking another drink before putting the flask in the corner. Then, “Scream” blares out and the TNA Knockouts Champion Daffney walks out, wearing a tophat with her ring gear and the title strapped around her waist. With a scowl on her face, she walks down the ramp, looking into the camera and snarling before entering the ring.

Match Two
Daffney vs. ODB
Singles Match

The bell rings and Daffney lets out a reverberating scream before running towards ODB, but she receives a kick to the mid-section which is accompanied by ODB shouting ‘Bam!’ She then runs off the ropes, going for a knee lift but Daffney steps out of the way and she then grabs ODB by her hair, pulling her down to the mat. It doesn’t do much damage, but Daffney then stomps away at her, targeting the mid-section until she gets ODB to her feet. Daffney Irish whips her into the ropes and subsequently lies across the mat as ODB jumps over her and rebounds off the ropes again. Daffney jumps back up but is immediately taken down by a Clothesline. ODB then makes the first cover of the match: One! Kick out from the TNA Knockouts Champion. ODB gets back to her feet and uses the rope to gain extra height as she jumps into the air, looking to go for an elbow drop but Daffney moves out of the way. ODB lands in a seated position on the mat and Daffney jumps onto her, hitting ODB with blows to the face until the referee breaks it up and ‘The Scream Queen’, who is smirking, gets back to her feet.

The ending of this match comes when Daffney and ODB are both down and the TNA Knockouts Champion is up first. She crawls across the mat towards the corner of the ring and pulls herself up with the ropes, climbing to the top rope. Daffney waits for her opponent to get up and when ODB gets back to her feet, Daffney goes for a Cross Body but ODB reverses it into a Fall Away Slam! She then springs up and shouts ‘Bam!’ before hooking Daffney’s legs and making the cover, could this be it? One! Two! Daffney gets the shoulder up! That was a close one there, ODB almost beat the #1 Knockout in the company and she sits up, looking at Daffney before getting to her feet. Daffney eventually gets back up and ODB lifts her up for a Scoop Slam but she slips off ODB’s shoulders and then drives her face-first into the top turnbuckle in the corner of the ring! Daffney takes a few steps back, and when a groggy ODB turns around she is hit with the Daff Knees! Daffney then makes the cover, it must be over now: One! Two! Three!

Daffney def. ODB at 5:17

“Scream” hits and Daffney gets to her feet, ignoring the referee and walking towards the camera in the corner of the ring, grinning and licking her lips sadistically. She then receives her TNA Knockouts Championship which she snatches out of SoCal Val’s hands and she holds it up in the air before calling for a microphone. Daffney takes the microphone and stands in the middle of the ring with the mic in hand and her coveted title over her shoulder.

Daffney: Hmm... that was... fun!

She begins to laugh maniacally as the crowd boo.

Daffney: But... I’m not quite satisfied.

Daffney abruptly drops the microphone, and attacks ODB once again! She stomps away at ODB before getting on top of her and hitting her with recurrent slaps to the face. Daffney then gets back up and picks up her TNA Knockouts Championship, waiting for ODB to get up but before she does, “Broken” hits to a pop from the crowd and Tara runs out, quickly making her way to the ring! Tara enters the ring and spears Daffney to the ground, pummeling her Sacrifice opponent with blows as they roll around the ring exchanging punches but then Angelina Love, Hamada, Sarita, Taylor Wilde and Security Guards rush to the ring and break it up! The crowd boo and chant “Let them fight!” as Daffney and Tara try to break free and continue their fight.

Mike Tenay: I fully agree with what the fans are saying, Mick, but it looks like we might have to wait until Sacrifice to see Daffney and Tara go at it without anybody holding them back!

Mick Foley: The hatred between these two women continues to boil over, Professor, and it will come to a head on May 16th, four days before Impact moves back to Thursday nights!

Mike Tenay: Still to come tonight on Impact, one half of the TNA World Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns, Chris Sabin, faces one half of the ‘Gun’s opponents at Sacrifice, Beer Money’s Robert Roode!

Mick Foley: Plus, the last quarter final of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament takes place but coming up next, The British Invasion square off against The Latin American Exchange, who are reuniting for one night only!

Backstage, The Latin American Exchange are in their locker room when Rob Terry walks in.

Hernandez: What’s goin’ on, Rob?

Rob Terry: I just came in here to tell you that if Matt Morgan and the rest of his lackeys the World Elite show up and try and take out you two out after you beat the piss out of the British Invasion, then I’ll be out there to take them out with you.

Hernandez: Alright, man, ‘preciate it.

Terry nods his head at Hernandez and Homicide before walking out.

Homicide: ‘Ey, we gotta get our asses out to the ring now, man.

Hernandez gets up and pats Homicide on the back.

Hernandez: Just like old times.

Man, that was horrible to write. But hey, it had to be done. LAX walk out of the locker room as we go to a...


Back on Impact, “Invasion” hits and Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams, collectively known as The British Invasion, make their way out. They both perform their signature pose stood side-by-side before making their way down the ramp and entering the ring. Then, “To Live And Die In LAX” blares out to a big pop from the crowd and Hernandez and Homicide walk out, Homicide looking rather exuberant as he jumps up and down and shouts ‘Olele!’ whereas Hernandez remains composed. The reunited duo walk down the ramp and Homicide makes the LAX gesture with his hands to the camera before they both enter the ring and pose for the crowd before the match begins.

Match Three
The British Invasion vs. LAX
Tag Team Match

After discussions in both camps, Doug Williams and Hernandez both climb out onto the ring apron in opposite corners of the ring and it appears that Brutus Magnus and Homicide will begin this tag team match. Homicide and Magnus lock up and the bigger of the two, Brutus, pushes him into the corner. The resillient Homicide doesn’t let it put him off though and he runs at Magnus, hitting him with right hands before running off the ropes. Brutus goes for a clothesline but Homicide ducks it and when Magnus turns around, Homicide hits him with a Dropkick which takes him down to the mat! Homicide then makes an optimistic cover, the first of the match: One! Magnus kicks out. Homicide gets back up and quickly gets Magnus to his feet, kicking him in the mid-section before getting him in a front facelock and hitting Brutus with a Snap Suplex. He then tags Hernandez into the match and they switch places as Hernandez gives Magnus a few stomps before getting him to his feet. Hernandez grabs him by the throat with both of his hands, throwing Brutus into the nearby corner of the ring and backing away a few steps before running up and going for a Big Splash in the corner but Magnus moves out of the way as ‘Super Mex’ crashes into the turnbuckles!

Hernandez’s momentum which he was looking to build up has been derailed and Magnus quickly capitalizes on the mistake, repeatedly Spearing Hernandez in the ribs in the corner. The referee makes Brutus step back but after a few seconds Magnus gets back on the attack, stomping away at Hernandez’s mid-section until he sinks down to a seated position. He then drives his boot into Hernandez’s throat for several moments before eventually letting go and he then gets Hernandez, who is clutching his throat, to his feet. Magnus brings him to the other corner of the ring where Doug Williams is stood and he tags Williams in. Williams enters the ring and Magnus hits Hernandez with a Suplex Backbreaker with Hernandez landing on his knee and Doug then runs off the ropes, hitting ‘Super Mex’ with a leg drop! Williams covers, One! Two! Hernandez gets the shoulder up! Williams gets back up and he gets Hernandez to his feet, kicking him in the mid-section and then performing the British Invasion’s signature pose which gets heat from the crowd. Williams then wraps his arms around Hernandez’s chest, in position for a Gutwrench Suplex but Doug can’t seem to lift the big man up. After a few more attempts, Hernandez pushes Williams away and when the Englishman runs at him, Hernandez grabs him and throws Williams across the ring with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex!

The ending of this match comes when Doug Williams, having been tagged back in after Brutus Magnus had a lengthy spell in the ring, and Homicide are the legal men and Williams gets Homicide to his feet. Doug holds the Brooklyn native up by his head and shouts in his face, ‘You think you’re as good as us?! You are no match for the World Elite!’ before running off the ropes and going for the Anarchy Knee... but Homicide moves out of the way. Williams then turns around and Homicide kicks him in the mid-section, twisting him around and lifting him upside down behind his back, before connecting with the Gringo Killa! Hernandez enters the ring and holds off Magnus in the corner of the ring as Homicide hooks Williams’ legs and makes the cover, this must surely be it now! One! Two! Three!

LAX def. The British Invasion at 6:42

“To Live And Die In LAX” hits to a pop from the crowd and Homicide gets to his feet, having his hand raised by the referee. Hernandez lets go of Brutus Magnus in the corner and embraces with Homicide, but the reunited duo don’t have long to celebrate as Matt Morgan, Kiyoshi, Okada and Sheik Abdul Bashir, the rest of the World Elite, run down the ramp and enter the ring, attacking LAX! Magnus helps Doug Williams out of the ring and the camera catches Magnus saying ‘They’ve got it covered, let’s get out of here’. Meanwhile, the numbers game is just too much for Hernandez and Homicide but a few moments after Magnus and Williams disappear behind the curtain, “Freak Out” blares out and Rob Terry runs down the ramp to the ring! The crowd pop as Terry fights off Bashir, Kiyoshi and Okada and throws the Japanese duo out of the ring before lifting up Bashir and nailing him with the Freakbuster!

Before Terry can get his hands on Morgan, ‘The Blueprint’ quickly leaves the ring and points to his wrist, saying ‘I’m out of time’ before grinning and backing up the ramp. However, before he can turn around, “Rockhouse” blares out to a big pop from the crowd and Hulk Hogan walks out! Morgan is shocked, and Hogan gives him a piercing glare before receiving a microphone.

Hulk Hogan: Alright, guys, it’s time to cut the crap! I’m sick and tired of all of these sneak attacks and dirty tactics, and it’s gonna end at Sacrifice!

Cheers from the crowd.

Hulk Hogan: We’re gonna have ourselves a Six-Man Tag Team Match at Sacrifice, and it’s gonna be Hernandez... Homicide... and Rob Terry facing The British Invasion... and Matt Morgan, brother!

Morgan shakes his head frantically and shouts ‘No! You can’t do that!’

Hulk Hogan: Oh yes I can, and I’m gonna add a little stipulation to this match; if the World Elite lose... then the World Elite are gone!

Another big pop from the crowd and “Rockhouse” hits again as Hogan walks behind the curtain and Morgan continues to shake his head in denial. He then hesitantly turns to the ring and sees Hernandez and Homicide now on their feet as Terry raises their hands in the air and a frustrated Morgan shouts ‘It’s not gonna happen, guys! The World Elite aren’t going anywhere!’ before walking behind the curtain in a strop with his group’s future in serious jeopardy...

Mike Tenay: Did you hear that, Mick? At Sacrifice, it will be the Latin American Exchange and Rob Terry against The British Invasion, them being members of the World Elite, and if the World Elite lose then they must disband!

Mick Foley: My hearing hasn’t gone just yet, Professor, I can’t wait to see that match take place and personally I hope the World Elite crash and burn at Sacrifice! That’s just my personal feelings, though.

Mike Tenay: Mine too, Mick, and coming up next on Monday Impact, Eric Bischoff addresses the situation concerning the TNA X Division Championship!


Back on Impact, “Ghost Train” plays to a mixed reaction and Eric Bischoff walks out, grinning as he holds his arms out open as if he wanted to give the air a hug. His pyro goes off and Bischoff then walks down the ramp with a cocky swagger about him, entering the ring and receiving a microphone from SoCal Val before walking into the middle of the squared circle.

Eric Bischoff: Wow... what a show tonight, huh?

Cheers from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: We’ve got the #1 Contender’s Tournament going on, Chris Sabin versus Robert Roode and we are just less than three weeks away from Sacrifice!

Cheap pop.

Eric Bischoff: But enough of that, because I’m out here for one reason and one reason only. And that reason, is to make an announcement concerning the TNA X Division Championship.

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: As you all know, after what happened at Lockdown, when Christopher Daniels and Kazarian’s feet hit the floor at the same time after escaping the Cage, they are the co-X Division Champions.

Another mixed reaction.

Eric Bischoff: I’m sure it confused some people, but Hulk Hogan decided the result of that match, not me, I was gonna let Daniels keep the title because that’s quite frankly what happens when there’s a draw.

That statement gets heat from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: But, Hogan over-ruled me ‘in the interest of fairness’ because he thought that it would only be unfair for Kazarian to not be rewarded for lasting just as long as Daniels in that XScape Match and escaping the same time as him.

Pop for Hogan.

Eric Bischoff: Me and Hulk have been going back and forth about this matter ever since Lockdown, and I was prepared to give the whole co-Champions idea a chance but it’s become clear to both of us after what happened last week that it just wasn’t going to be possible.

Mixed reaction after that statement.

Eric Bischoff: So, to make sure that there isn’t any... conflict of interests between Daniels and Kazarian and between myself and Hulk, I’ve come out here to announce that I am hereby vacating the TNA X Division Championship.

Heat from the crowd following that announcement from Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Now, I know that Kazarian has the belt at the moment so Kazarian, come down here and hand the title over.

Then, “Kaz” hits and Kazarian walks out to a pop from the crowd, his head down as he looks at the X Division Championship which he is holding on his hands. Kazarian makes his way down the ramp and into the ring and stands in front of Bischoff who has his hand out, before he reluctantly hands the belt over to Eric. Kazarian then calls for a microphone, which he receives.

Kazarian: Y’know, I look into this crowd and I see a lot of sad faces. But, I will be the first, and certainly not the last, to tell you that the X Division Championship will not be away from Kazarian for long, because soon, real soon, I will win that title again, there will not be any self-absorbed pricks that I’ll have to share it with...

Cheers, and laughter, from the crowd.

Kazarian: ... And I will make sure that the X Division becomes better than it has ever been.

More cheers, as Bischoff steps forward.

Eric Bischoff: Well, Kazarian, you might not have to wait long, because at Sacrifice we will crown a sole TNA X Division Champion and it’s gonna be Christopher Daniels...

Heat at the mention of Daniels.

Eric Bischoff: ... against Kazarian!

Big pop at the mention of Kazarian, but then “Wings Of A Fallen Angel” hits to heat from the crowd and Christopher Daniels storms through the curtain with a microphone, standing on the stage but Daniels looks incensed.

Christopher Daniels: Vacated?! VACATED?! That is my title! My title! My... title!

Kazarian: Sorry, Whose title?

Christopher Daniels: MY – TITLE! Y’know, Eric, I always thought you were the better of the two out of you and Hogan, but this shows that you’re just as stupid! Do you not know a single thing about the history of the X Division? I am beyond a shadow of a doubt the greatest wrestler to ever grace the X Division! Without Christopher Daniels, there would be no X Division, plain and simple!

Heat from the crowd.

Christopher Daniels: Without me holding it, that title is nothing more than a prop and an accessory! The fact that I have to wait until Sacrifice to take it back makes me sick to my stomach, Eric! Do you actually think that Kazarian is a big part of the X Division?

The crowd cheer, signifying that they think he is.

Christopher Daniels: Bravo, at least you figured out that was a rhetorical question... no, he’s not! While I was having matches with AJ Styles and Samoa Joe and beating them, Kazarian wasn’t even with the company!

Kazarian: Chris, I’m sick and tired of you talking about your matches with AJ Styles and Samoa Joe that happened five years ago. They were some of the greatest matches not just in X Division history, but in TNA history, that’s something we can agree on. But Chris, it’s time that a new era began in the X Division, an era that will begin on May 16th at Sacrifice, an era that you won’t be at the front of because it will begin when I beat you and become the sole X Division Champion.

Cheers from the crowd.

Kazarian: And to steal one of your lines... that’s the-

Christopher Daniels: Whoa, whoa, hold on! Don’t you dare steal the X Division Champion’s catchphrase! Bischoff, I said last week that if I wasn’t declared the sole X Division Champion then I would leave TNA.

Mixed reaction.

Christopher Daniels: But y’know what? I’m not going to! Because that would mean victory for you two and I don’t want Kazarian to taste a single bit of victory before Sacrifice because then he’d be able to tell himself and all of his fans that ‘The Fallen Angel’ is walking out of Sacrifice with the X Division Championship... and that’s the gospel.

“Wings Of A Fallen Angel” sounds off and a scowling Daniels has a long-distance stare-down with Kazarian, who throws his hand up into the air and poses for the crowd. The stare-down continues until ‘The Fallen Angel’ shakes his head in disgust and turns around, walking behind the curtain and Kazarian looks at the X Division Championship which is in a smirking Eric Bischoff’s hands, pointing at it and saying ‘That’s gonna be mine at Sacrifice’ before leaving the ring.

Mike Tenay: The night just keeps getting bigger and bigger, Mick, what a turn of events we just witnessed! The TNA X Division Championship has been vacated and at Sacrifice it will be the former co-Champions ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels and Kazarian going one-on-one to determine the sole X Division Champion!

Mick Foley: The card for Sacrifice has been shaping up pretty well so far, but no matter what matches will potentially be added, Daniels versus Kazarian will have to be a contender for match of the night, hell, even match of the year, Mike!

Mike Tenay: We know that ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles will defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Sacrifice against the winner of the #1 Contender’s Tournament, and the last quarter-final of the tournament takes place later on tonight but up next, ladies and gentlemen, one half of the TNA World Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns, Chris Sabin, faces one half of their opponents at Sacrifice, Beer Money’s Robert Roode! But now, let’s send you to the back with Christy Hemme.

The camera cuts backstage, where Christy Hemme is standing with Rhino.

Christy Hemme: Thanks, Mike, I’m standing with ‘The War Machine’ Rhino who last week challenged the TNA Global Champion ‘The Pope’ D’Angelo Dinero to a Falls Count Anywhere Match at Sacrifice only for Dinero to tell him to ‘make him a believer’ that he deserves a shot. Now Rhino, what are you going to do in order to achieve this?

Rhino: Nobody knows, Christy, not even I do. Ever since last Monday night, I’ve had a lot of ideas going through my head as to what I could do to make Dinero give me a title shot at Sacrifice. But don’t believe this ‘make me a believer’ crap, Christy, it’s nothing more than an excuse, a cover-up of how he really feels, and deep down he knows he’s afraid of me... but he doesn’t want to admit it.

Heat for Rhino.

Rhino: Ever since I Gored him in half almost three months ago, Dinero’s been afraid of his own shadow, fearing that I’m just around the corner ready to do a lot worse to him. Like I said, I don’t even know what I’m gonna do, it could be at any time, any place... it could be when Dinero can’t even see his own shadow.

‘The War Machine’ begins to grin and he claps his hands together.

Rhino: But rest assured, Dinero, I will get my match at Sacrifice, whether you want to give me it or not, because I’ve done much worse things in my life than forcing people like you to give me what I deserve. But I will tell you one thing... I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do... by next Monday night. But until then, it could be anytime... any place.

Rhino then walks out of the shot to heat from the crowd.


Back on Impact, “Motorcity” hits to a pop from the crowd and Chris Sabin walks out alongside his Motor City Machine Guns tag team partner and fellow TNA World Tag Team Champion, Alex Shelley. Both wearing black leather jackets, Sabin and Shelley stand back-to-back and point to the ring before walking down the ramp, high-fiving some fans, and entering the ring. They both climb to the second rope in opposite corners of the ring and pose for the crowd before climbing back down and standing next to each other. Then, “Take A Fall” blares out to a mixed reaction and Robert Roode walks out with his Beer Money tag team partner James Storm. Roode raises both of his hands in the air whilst Storm raises his beer bottle up as their pyro goes off before they walk down the ramp and enter the ring.

Match Four
Chris Sabin vs. Robert Roode
Singles Match

The bell rings and Alex Shelley and James Storm leave the ring on opposite sides as Chris Sabin and Robert Roode run at each other, both with nothing to lose, but Roode comes out on top with a kick to the mid-section which renders Sabin docile. Roode gets Sabin in a standing headlock and Chris pushes him into the ropes as Sabin goes for a Dropkick but Robert holds onto the ropes and Sabin falls to the mat. Roode then capitalizes on the mistake, stomping away at Sabin ruthlessly until he gets him to his feet. Roode wrenches Sabin’s left arm around and gets him in a wrist lock, trying to bend it back as far as possible but before he can achieve that, Chris hits him with a right hand. Roode lets go of Sabin’s wrist and barely stays on his feet as Sabin hits him with a few forearms to the face before rebounding off the ropes behind him and hitting Roode with a Dropkick which takes him down. Sabin crawls across the ring and hooks Roode’s legs, making the first cover of the match: One! Roode kicks out, unsurprisingly. Sabin gets back up and gets Roode to his feet, Irish whipping him into the corner of the ring and running towards him but Roode counters and lifts him over onto the ring apron.

However, before Roode can do anymore, Sabin spears him in the mid-section and then somersaults over the ropes, Sunset Flipping over Roode and pinning him again! One! Two! On the count of two, Roode kicks out. Both Roode and Sabin get back to their feet and Roode kicks Sabin in the mid-section, hitting him with a Snap Suplex. As Sabin lands he immediately leans forward in a seated position and Roode then runs off the ropes, hitting Sabin with a Rolling Neck Snap! Roode makes the cover: One! Two! Sabin gets the shoulder up. Roode gets back up and gets Sabin to his feet, getting behind him and lifting him up before hitting a Back Suplex Side Slam. Roode covers Sabin again: One! Two! The resillient Sabin kicks out, much to the frustration of Roode who slams his fists against the mat in frustration. Roode then regains his composure and gets back to his feet, getting Sabin up and pushing him into the corner of the ring. Roode then hits Sabin with some knife-edge chops which get some ‘Wooooo’s fom the crowd in honour of Ric Flair before he backs away and then runs at Sabin, going for a Clothesline. However, Sabin moves and Roode crashes into the turnbuckles, as Sabin gets behind Roode who staggers backwards and nails Roode with a Double-Knee Backbreaker!

Roode and Sabin both lie on the mat in exhaustion as the crowd cheer and chant ‘Let’s go, Sabin!’ which is countered by ‘Let’s go, Roode!’ The two competitors eventually get back to their feet and trade right hands until Sabin gains the upper hand in the exchange. He then rebounds off the ropes behind him and runs towards Roode, but out of no where Roode hits Sabin with a Tilt-a-Whirl Argentine Backbreaker! Moments later, Roode slowly hooks Sabin’s legs and makes the cover: One! Two! Sabin gets the shoulder up! Roode must be ruing the time he took to make the cover but he eventually gets back up and tilts off the ropes, hitting Sabin with a knee drop. Roode gets back up again and takes Sabin’s legs, applying the Figure Four Leg Lock! The crowd respond with a mixed reaction and Sabin writhes in pain, waving his arms around but refusing to tap out. Sabin manages to edge backwards until he eventually makes it to the ropes behind him, hanging onto them for dear life as Roode holds on until the referee reaches the count of four and he reluctantly lets go of Sabin.

This match comes to an end when Sabin has built up some good momentum and has got back into the match. Sabin gets Roode to his feet but when Roode is back up he fights back with some right hands before Irish whipping Chris into the ropes, but when Sabin comes back he hits Roode with a Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors Takedown! After taking a few moments to regroup, Sabin gets to his feet and eagerly waits for Roode to get to his feet. Roode eventually does get up, but before Sabin can do any more, Eric Young and Kevin Nash walk out, Nash holding his Feast Or Fired Briefcase and quickly make their way to the ring, and Young attacks Sabin whilst Nash targets Roode! The referee immediately calls for the bell, meaning that this match results in a no contest!

Chris Sabin fought Robert Roode to a No Contest at 7:05

The crowd boo as Nash and Young crash the party and Eric Clotheslines Sabin to the ground, stomping away at him, and meanwhile Nash hits Roode across the skull with the Feast Or Fired Briefcase!

Mike Tenay: Is that... is that the TNA World Tag Team Championship Feast Or Fired Briefcase? Is Kevin Nash using it with Eric Young right now?

Nash then joins Young in attacking Sabin, but Alex Shelley and James Storm enter the ring. They are the only ones on their feet apart from Nash and Young, and Shelley and Storm look at each other, before they attack Nash and Young! The crowd cheer, as Shelley and Storm co-exist and Alex takes care of Young whilst James fights Nash. Shelley throws Young over the top rope and out of the ring before he joins Storm in fighting Nash, and they work together to just about lift Nash over the top rope and out of the ring!

Mike Tenay: It appears that Eric Young and Kevin Nash tried to cash in the Feast Or Fired Briefcase guaranteeing a TNA World Tag Team Championship match anytime, anywhere but Alex Shelley and James Storm made sure it didn’t happen!

Mick Foley: A lot of people must be questioning why Storm co-existed with Shelley, but it’s very smart; they have a guaranteed match with the Motor City Machine Guns for the TNA World Tag Team Championships at Sacrifice, if Nash and Young won the titles then it wouldn’t happen and Beer Money would have to go back to square one. Besides, when a seven-foot veteran like Kevin Nash is in a tag team you don’t wanna face that team, Mike!

Shelley then helps Sabin to his feet as Nash and Young walk away with their plan foiled, and Shelley turns around... into a LAST CALL from James Storm! The cheers from the crowd suddenly turn into boos and Storm looks down at Shelley with a smirk on his face before saying ‘Nobody’s taking your titles apart from us’ and leaving the ring, helping Roode out of the squared circle as they make their way up the ramp and now it’s Sabin who is checking on Shelley.

Mick Foley: Well, the unity was never going to last for long.

Mike Tenay: I knew that James Storm wouldn’t be able to do something decent without throwing it all away in the end! You wouldn’t see Robert Roode do that, would you?

Mick Foley: I don’t know, but I do see where you’re coming from, Mike, ever since Storm smashed that beer bottle over Sabin’s head last month it doesn’t seem like Beer Money have been as strong a unit as they once were. After all, they did lose the TNA World Tag Team Championships at Lockdown to the Motor City Machine Guns.

Mike Tenay: Can Beer Money regain the belts at Sacrifice? We’ll have to wait and see, but now let’s send you to the back with Jeremy Borash. Take it away, JB.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is standing by with Mr. Anderson.

Jeremy Borash: Thanks, Mike, this is ‘JB’ Jeremy Borash standing with-

Anderson suddenly puts his hand in front of Borash’s mouth.

Mr. Anderson: You trying to steal the spotlight, Jeremiah? Huh?

Borash doesn’t know how to react.

Mr. Anderson: Nobody cares what your name is or what your nickname is, especially when you’re standing next to the guy who decimated two of TNA’s golden boys in the short space of two nights.

Heat for Anderson.

Mr. Anderson: First it was the Stinger at Lockdown... and then it was everybody’s favourite country boy, Jeff Jarrett, last Monday night on Impact... and boy did I beat them good. Oh, and if that’s not enough, I beat them fair and square.

More heat from the crowd, who know that Anderson used brass knuckles to beat both of them.

Mr. Anderson: But, uh... (Laughs) man, I never knew how hard my knuckles were. It’s- it’s like they’re made of brass or something! Go on, touch them, Jeremiah, touch them like there’s no tomorrow.

Anderson holds his fist out and Borash hesitantly goes to touch them, but Anderson pulls his fist away at the last second.

Mr. Anderson: No! You actually think I’d let you touch me? God knows what disease you picked up at your High School Chess Club Reunion Party. But anyways, now I only have to beat two more guys and then I have my golden ticket to Sacrifice... but if you wanna keep talking about gold, then the name on everybody’s lips will be the name of the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion...

Cover your ears, kids.


Anderson waves goodbye to JB with a smile on his face, before walking away... or so we thought. Well actually, we all saw it coming.


Anderson then walks out of the shot for good as the camera follows him, but when Anderson leaves the interview set... BAM! Anderson gets a Guitar shot to the head... by JEFF JARRETT! Big pop from the crowd as Anderson’s head rests on broken pieces of wood from the guitar and Jarrett stands over him with a smirk on his face as we go to a...


Back on Impact, “Get Ready To Fly” blares out and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles walks out, getting loud cheers from the crowd. Styles, dressed in casual clothes and holding the title over his shoulder, makes his way towards the announce table and takes a seat in between Mike Tenay and Mick Foley.

Mike Tenay: Welcome back to TNA, Monday Night Impact everybody, it’s time for the last quarter-final of the #1 Contender’s Tournament, we know that next week Jeff Hardy will take on Samoa Joe for the first time ever and Mr. Anderson will face the winner of this match, but now we are joined by the man who will face the winner of this tournament at Sacrifice, the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles.

AJ Styles: Glad to be here, Mike, this tournament thing has been pretty great so far and I don’t know who’s competing in this match, I don’t think hardly anybody does apart from Hogan, Bischoff and the guys competing themselves but it’s bound to be awesome.

Mick Foley: You’ve faced all of the guys that have qualified so far, AJ, and coincidentally they are your last three Pay-Per-View opponents; Anderson at Against All Odds, Joe at Destination X and Hardy at Lockdown.

AJ Styles: And it was Angle at Genesis. If he’s in this match and he wins then I’m gonna be pretty spooked out, to be honest with you.

With the competitors in this last quarter final of the #1 Contender’s Tournament in question, “Slay Me” hits to a big pop from the crowd as the lights go out. Then, a spotlight shines down on the stage as Sting walks out, wearing his black trenchcoat and pointing his baseball bat to the crowd, shouting ‘It’s showtime!’ before walking down the ramp. Sting enters the ring and drops his bat, walking towards the corner of the ring and shouting ‘Wooooooo!’ to the crowd as they respond with the same word. Then, “Gold Metal” blares out and the crowd go wild again as Kurt Angle ascends up to the stage, throwing his arms in the air as his pyro goes off before walking down the ramp, immediately stepping into the ring. Angle stands in the middle of the ring and raises his hands in the air again, then removing his dog tags and hanging them over the ring post before standing in the corner opposite Sting.

Match Five
Kurt Angle vs. Sting
Singles Match

The bell rings for this match to get underway and Kurt Angle and Sting approach the centre of the ring, shaking hands as a sign of respect for one another before locking up. Angle quickly moves behind Sting and goes to ground, flooring Sting on the mat with a double-leg takedown and then moving around to his front, trying to apply a headlock but Sting quickly backs away into the corner. Angle and Sting both get back to their feet and lock up again and this time Angle forces Sting into the corner of the ring but the referee gets between them and tells Angle to back away, which he does. When Sting comes out of the corner, they prepare to lock up again but Angle catches him off guard with a headlock takedown, flooring Sting on the mat, but ‘The Icon’ is able to fight Kurt off with some blows to the head until Angle gives in and releases the hold. They get back up again but this time there is no potential lock-up as Sting kicks Angle in the mid-section and Irish whips him into the ropes, taking Angle down with a hip toss and following it up with an Elbow drop to Angle’s sternum. Sting then makes the first cover of the match: One! Angle kicks out. Sting gets back up and gets Angle to his feet, Irish whipping him into the corner of the ring and then running towards him but Kurt responds with an emphatic elbow which sends Sting back-pedalling.

Angle then comes out of the corner of the ring and hits Sting with an uppercut which sends Sting into the ropes, before Angle Clotheslines Sting over the ropes and out of the ring. Sting tries to hold onto the ropes but instead he falls to the floor on the outside of the ring and he lifts himself up with the ring apron, but Angle runs across the ring and nails Sting with a Baseball Slide! Sting goes flying backwards and ends up on his back on the floor as Angle rolls under the ropes and out of the ring, walking towards Sting. Angle gets the veteran to his feet and positions him so that he is facing away from the ring, then driving ‘The Icon’ spine-first into the ring apron! Sting sinks down to a seated position and with the referee on the count of five Angle could try to win via countout, but Kurt instead gets Sting back up and gets him back in the ring, then making the cover as soon as he re-enters the squared circle, One! Two! Sting gets the shoulder up. Angle takes a few moments to regain his breath before getting to his feet and getting Sting up.

With Sting on his feet, Angle runs off the ropes and charges towards him, but Sting hits him with an Inverted Atomic Drop before kicking him in the mid-section and planting ‘The Olympic Gold Medallist’ with a DDT! Sting lies next to Angle on the mat for a few seconds before making the cover: One! Two! Angle kicks out! Sting sits up and gets to his feet, getting Angle up and Irish whipping him into the corner of the ring. Sting shouts ‘Woooooo!’ to the crowd, before running across the ring and going for the Stinger Splash... but Angle moves out of the way! Sting crashes into the turnbuckles and Angle slowly gets behind him. When Sting staggers backwards, Angle wraps his arms around Sting’s waist and nails him with a German Suplex! The crowd cheer, and do so even more when Angle gets back up still holding onto Sting, and hits another German Suplex! Can he complete the trifecta? After a few moments with the crowd kept in suspense, Angle lifts Sting back up and hits a third and final German Suplex! Angle finally lets go of Sting and he lies on the mat for several moments before crawling across the ring and making the cover: One! Two! Sting gets the shoulder up!

Angle thought he had the match won there, and he sits up with his hands on his head, slowly making it to his feet and walking towards the corner of the ring. Kurt climbs to the top rope which isn’t easy when you’re tired from this match, and Angle goes for the Frog Splash... but Sting gets his knees up! Angle goes into the knees! There is still hope for Sting as he and Angle lie on the mat in exhaustion and the ball is back in Sting’s court. Sting is the first to get back up and now he climbs to the top rope, albeit slowly. Sting flies from the top rope and unlike Angle he connects, hitting Angle with a Flying Elbow Drop! After a few moments, Sting hooks Angle’s legs and makes the cover: One! Two! Angle kicks out! It’s going to take a lot for either of these competitors to win the match, and Sting and Angle both know that now. Sting takes an extended breather as he lies next to ‘The Olympic Gold Medallist’ on the mat and after several moments, both men are back on their feet. Angle and Sting exchange blows until ‘The Icon’ lifts Angle up and plants him on the mat with a Scoop Slam. Sting then walks towards the corner and takes a while to climb back to the top rope. Before he can do anything, Angle has a sudden burst of energy and gets to his feet, jumping to the top rope and nailing Sting with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex from the top rope!

The ending to this main event match comes when Sting gets Kurt Angle to his feet and lifts him up in a Scoop Slam position, looking to get him in position for the Scorpion Death Drop but Angle slips off his shoulders. Kurt then tries to lift Sting up for a German Suplex but Sting counters with a back elbow to the head and he then floors Angle with a leg sweep. An exhausted Sting slowly tries to apply the Scorpion Death Lock... but Angle manages to bring Sting down with a drop toe hold, and Angle then applies the Ankle Lock! Out of no where, the match has been turned on its head and Angle could be on the verge of victory here as he goes to ground and keeps it locked in. Sting writhes in pain and holds his hands out, trying to escape but he can’t, and the camera gets a shot of ‘The Icon’, his facepaint barely visible after being washed away by sweat, trying his hardest to get to the ropes. Sting slowly edges across the ring and it looks like there may be hope at the end of the tunnel, Sting is within touching distance of the ropes... but Angle brings him back into the middle of the ring! After once again trying to escape the hold, Sting accepts that there is no more hope... and he taps out! Angle wins!

Kurt Angle def. Sting at 9:23

“Gold Metal” blares out and a beleaguered Kurt Angle lets go of Sting’s ankle, struggling to his feet and having his hand raised by the referee Earl Hebner to a big pop from the crowd. Angle slowly hobbles towards the corner and climbs to the second rope, raising his hands in the air and shouting ‘Yeah!’ before looking at AJ Styles at the announce table, who removes his headset and stands up. AJ and Angle lock eyes and Kurt mouths ‘The only guy you’ve got to worry about facing at Sacrifice... is me’ before climbing back down and turning a cold shoulder to Styles, helping Sting to his feet. Angle and Sting stand in the middle of the ring and Kurt extends his hand to Sting, as ‘The Icon’ shakes his hand and they embrace before raising each other’s hands in the air to cheers from the crowd, bringing this edition of Impact to a close.

Mike Tenay: A great way to close Impact with a great match between Kurt Angle and Sting and a sign of respect between the two, and we now know that next week, Angle will face Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy will take on Samoa Joe for the first time ever! Goodnight everybody, and we’ll see you next Monday night right here on Spike TV!


Quick Results:
Jeff Hardy def. Desmond Wolfe at 8:04
Daffney def. ODB at 5:17
LAX def. The British Invasion at 6:42
Chris Sabin fought Robert Roode to a No Contest at 7:05
Kurt Angle def. Sting at 9:23

Current Card for Sacrifice – May 16, 2010
TNA World Heavyweight Championship: AJ Styles vs. ???
TNA X Division Championship: Christopher Daniels vs. Kazarian
TNA World Tag Team Championships: The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Beer Money, Inc.
TNA Knockouts Championship: Daffney vs. Tara
Six-Man Tag Team Match – If World Elite Loses, They Must Disband – LAX & Rob Terry vs. The British Invasion & Matt Morgan

Impact banner credit - Tenacious.C.

Sorry that it took longer than usual to post the show, my laptop charger was broken but it's up now and IMO I thought it was better than the last show although the LAX/Terry segment was one I didn't enjoy writing as none of them are easy to write but it's the LAX reunion so I had to give it at least a bit of hype. When I said in the preview we'd hear from Anderson and Rhino, I meant that they would be interviewed so for those of you who thought they were gonna come out and cut a promo, sorry to get your hopes up. Thanks <3
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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution


Having not featured on the last two episodes of Impact, Abyss is set to take time off from TNA to get back in shape. "The Monster" had apparently been working with a leg injury which he sustained in a match with Rhino on the March 29 Impact and his Steel Cage Match at Lockdown against the TNA Global Champion D'Angelo Dinero didn't do the injury any favors. Word is that Abyss will come back after Bound For Glory VI in October as a heel again and should that happen, a return for Abyss' former manager and storyline father James Mitchell could be on the cards, which would most likely mean a promising future for Abyss having not done much this year since the beginning of the Eric Bischoff/Hulk Hogan regime.

Extra Notes... Ric Flair is going to take time off too, but not for as long as Abyss. Flair will apparently come back after Slammiversary VIII in mid-June and "The Nature Boy" is going to be involved in a big storyline which will be the primary focus of the TNA product for at least the rest of the year... After Sacrifice, The Motor City Machine Guns are set to enter a rivalry with Generation Me, who had a title shot against Beer Money at Destination X, and it could last until Victory Road... Many thought AJ Styles was going to turn heel at the conclusion of his feud with Jeff Hardy but he will not be, although AJ could in a few months... the latest editions of Impact both got 1.0 ratings... TNA are close to agreeing a deal to get Xplosion on the air in the United States and the most likely option is Versus.
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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Impact Feedback

Although I'm not the biggest Jeff Hardy fan (we all know about his sensational mic skills, woo hoo), you have to remember that he's a huge draw and is extremely over (in a face vs. face situation, he's not going to be a boo'd). I'm happy with either man going over here, although I'm not familiar with Desmond Wolfe at all. Was he part of the British Invasion? Regardless, he seems like he would be good to work with so I hope he isn't mis-used. "Stay down, you wanker!" Sorry, Jeff doesn't strike me as a wanker, but the line was just a beauty. Druggie would've been good, too, but wouldn't have provided as much humor. Jeff going over is good since the safe way to book him is just get him on course with a title, rather then feuding with someone for other reasons. RVD/Wolfe feud will be good, though. RVD can put him over and still come out on top, so it should make things unpredictable. However, I have a problem . Last week, you started with a match (minus the 30 second thing with Hogan/Bischoff), and this week, you started with a match as well.

I'm expecting ODB to job here since Daffney can only get stronger ... anything else and just yuck. Idk if it will be a full-out squash, but I'm hoping Daffney's win is never in serious jeopardy. Good thing that Daffney did go over. 5 minutes seems like not much time, but for a match where we knew who the winner was going to be from the get-go, I think 3 1/2 - 4 minutes would have been appropriate. I rest my case when she claimed it was "fun" afterwards since a shorter match would've supported that better. I think it would have been more realistic for Daffney to get out of the ring since she heard Tara's music. Had no music played, I can understand why she wouldn't have left.

lol, I'm confused as to why it was horrible to write (horrible mic workers, maybe? Sorry for being out of the loop ). I was kind of hoping that LAX would lose and they would turn on each other, but that would be pretty stupid so I'm glad that they won. Obviously, the point of this is to involve World Elite. My biggest question is whether LAX are reunited or not, because Hogan didn't call them LAX, he called them Hernandez/Homicide, and it's only been one week, so you never know. I hope World Elite doesn't end, stables make shows interesting.

Damn, Daniels was fucking great on the mic here. I literally started smiling because that's how great his lines were (props to you, fucking awesome ). Makes me want to bring him into my thread even more [no spoilers ]. His first two lines were the best, but the next two were both quite good as well, but then ... ahhh Kazarian cuts him off. Fuck you Kazarian, you're interrupting greatness. Unfortunately, Daniels went back on his word about leaving the company, which makes him look weak. He better bash Kazarian's face in at Sacrifice ... for one, Daniels > Kazarian, and also, Kazarian interrupted him during great lines. Stupid fucker.

Rhino's interview was decent. I'm not a huge fan of a Pope/Rhino feud, but if you're sold on it, go for it. Maybe we'll get a Gore from like 50 feet in the air or something ;D.

Any match involving a member of MCMG is going to be an entertaining one. These two teams have a nice contrast, and it almost reminds of a Londrick/MNM from WWE. Finally, we get to see what Young/Nash have in store. At least I now understand what that briefcase is, and I'm assuming that if they don't win the titles, they're fire? Oh good @ Beer Money coming out on top - prevents MCMG from looking like Supermen, which was slowly starting to happen.

Yay, Kennedy building momentum. Give him the strap ... now. FUCK! Jeff Jarrett needs to fuck off for a minute. I really don't want to see Kennedy sidetracked from the World Title by having to feud with all these old farts (Sting, Jarrett), but as long as Jarrett jobs, I'm okay with it.

I like the matchup, although I pray that Angle goes over. Not a fan of the handshake, Kurt always seems too intense for that. The referee reaches a count of 5, and all Kurt did was drive him spine-first into the apron ... seems odd. I'm a bit surprised that Sting tapped out since veterans tapping isn't very likely these days, but maybe it means shitty things to come for Sting (meh, fine by me). I don't remember seeing Joe on the show, and unfortunately, the only two people who I want to see win the tournament are Kennedy/Angle, and I'm sure you know what the problem with that is.

Overall, the show was pretty good, although I found the matches to be a bit too predictable. Unfortunately, we aren't going to find out who will compete for the World Title until 6 days before Sacrifice, which doesn't give you a lot of time to prepare, but I guess it can be done if you book all 4 guys properly and gunning for AJ Styles aside from the tournament matches. So anyways, the show was solid and followed a good flow. Oh, and Daniels was pretty damn great when he arrived on the scene.
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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

I started following this thread way back when it first started but then about the time there was a pause in the thread I got burned out on the BTB I was writing and stopped getting on the forum much. But now that I am back I am thrilled to see what this TNA thread has turned into. I just spent the last 45 minutes are so going through all the previous shows and pay per views. While I didn't read them all word for word I have a pretty good idea of what is going on and I must say I really like where this thread is going. You didn't try to change the world and the face of TNA as so many threads that popped up around the same time as this one did. What you did do however was take TNA as it was and give it direction and focus. Something the real life product really needs. From the looks of what I've read this BTB has the potential to be great. I can't wait to read more of it and I will be reading and reviewing from here on in. Keep up the good work this is def. the best TNA thread going.
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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Impact Feedback

I was actually a little surprised we didn’t get a video package to kick things off. I know it’s only a little thing, but I honestly felt as if we should have been reminded of the number one contender tournament, plus it would also allow you to put over what happened between RVD/Wolfe last week. I know it’s a little thing, and I don’t really care about packages all the time, but you usually have them, and not having one at a time like this just seemed a little weird to me.

Jeff Hardy against Desmond Wolfe is a hell of a match to open up, as this tournament has created some pretty entertaining matches so far. It started off alright, nothing overly great though, but one thing I wanted to mention before I finish reading this match, is that I don’t like the mixed chants from the fans. I know it happens in real life with the smarks, but I don’t think you should be doing it when Hardy is one of the biggest faces in TNA, as is RVD who was attacked by Wolfe last week. at the “stay down you wanker” line, very funny. I didn’t like the Window Licker comment when RVD made his way out though, one good line a match is enough, imo. As for RVD coming out, whilst it was expected, it’s smart booking, paying Wolfe back for last week. By the way, I still think you need to try and get a bit more flow with your sentences when you’re match writing, for examples of what I’m talking about read Legend’s thread. I’m not saying you have to be that good, but just try and make your matches flow a little better. Anyway, Hardy/Joe for next week should be pretty good.

Sacrifice is soon? Cool.

A Knockout’s match? Yay! Sarcasm is plenty, and thankfully this match wasn’t. You didn’t give it much detail, and it didn’t deserve much detail, but I guess Daffney looks pretty tough right now, considering she’s the Knockouts Champion and ODB is butch. It just felt like you had Daffney speak because this shows lacking in promos a little, but it seriously wasn’t needed, would have been good enough with just the attack on ODB. The brawl between Tara and Daffney was nice, and I like all the other Knockouts trying to separate them, really makes them look like the two toughest out of them all.

LAX and Terry were horrible to write, but it is your best promo of the night so far. I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not this far in.

British Invasion/LAX seemed like a pretty good match, although I would have preferred if you went into detail about a little more teamwork from Homicide and Hernandez. Despite that, nothing really to complain about, LAX were always going to win here, being their return for one night only, or as I believe it will be, their first night back together. The attack afterwards was kind of expected as well, considering the heel stable lost. Rob Terry making the save is okay, even if I can’t stand the guy. If you’re booking a Morgan/Terry feud, stop now.

Eric Bischoff out here was alright early on, didn’t really say too much overly great, but I’m glad he’s vacating the X Division Championship. I really think you messed up from the start, as the reason as to why Hogan changed the rules, despite being explained here, is still really weak, and basically isn’t a good one. I didn’t like Kazarian’s self absorbed pricks, it just doesn’t seem like something Kaz would say. No idea why the crowd laughed either, because it wasn’t really humorous. Daniels was easily the strongest on the mic so far in this promo, everything he said was pretty good, not being happy and all that stuff, although the rhetorical question bit was something Matt Striker would say, not Daniels. Kazarian’s bit after that was good, rebutting to Daniels and Daniels finishing off was pretty solid stuff to. Overall, a decent promo, but still a few mistakes, yet you’ve got a good match set for Sacrifice now.

I didn’t really like Rhino’s interview, tbh. You seem to be trying to build him as a beast who destroys people, so I feel like the less he talks the better. This would have worked much better if when asked what he was going to do, he just got this sadistic look on his face and walked off or some shit like that. I did like how the promo built a bit of mystery though, by him saying he doesn’t even know what he’s going to do, but once again, just thought it could have been done in a better way.

Sabin/Roode clearly would have been the best match of the night so far, but with the stop, start nature of your matches; it’s a little hard to get into. It is kind of the problem I had with your match writing on your PPV to, so hopefully it is a little better for Sacrifice. Anyway, I didn’t expect the no contest, but at least it’s something different with Nash and Young getting involved, as MCMG/BM have competed so many times on your weekly shows now, that it is becoming a little to repetitive. Nash and Young to be tag champs soon though; it would really refresh things, adding a third team in this feud.

Mr. Anderson promo wasn’t all that bad. I liked it, especially the part where he was admitting he was cheating just in a really cocky way; I really thought that was good stuff. The chess club comment was alright to, and whilst this was rather short, I’d say it was easily the best promo of the night. The attack from Jarrett I didn’t like, simply because it means this feud is going to happen, but you’ve already explained it to me, so I’ll deal with it.

at Styles on commentary. He is going to be a little spooked out? Awful stuff.

Angle/Sting main event? I’ll take it; I really don’t mind the whole face against face scenario in situations like this. A good start with you clearly acknowledging Angle’s amateur wrestling ability, before Sting brought some more of the traditional style to the plate. From here, it was a typical match really, with a few nice spots from Angle, and a terrific counter at the end towards the Ankle Lock, getting the victory. I’m glad he won because Sting shouldn’t be allowed near the title. A decent enough main event anyway.

Overall, I really felt this show lacked promos. I know with the tournament you’re bound to have a fair few matches on this show, but the lack of promo’s, in all honesty, made this show a little dull to read. Also, besides the tournament, and maybe one or two attacks, the only real feud that got progression was Daniels/Kazarian. So I really feel like this wasn’t your best show, not by a long shot, so hopefully next week is more entertaining.

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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Impact! Feedback

Good choice of competitors to start off the show, with one of the biggest babyfaces facing off against one of the biggest heels in the company. The back and forth to start the match made sense and I really liked that neither man was in the driver seat very long as the match progressed. Tons of near falls made it feel like the match could have ended at any moment, but RVD coming out really sealed Wolfe’s fate, as he pays Desmond back for costing him his match last week. Hardy getting through and facing Joe next week should be huge, as RVD and Wolfe’s feud should really get going next week, imo.

A pretty basic win for Daffney against ODB, getting the champion over in her first non-title match with the belt. What happened after the match was really the story, with Tara and Daffney getting into it before being broken up. Glad you added some more hatred to the feud, and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

No brainer to see Rob Terry helping LAX. But I’m glad you took the time to establish it, even though it was pretty bland.

A decent tag team match between the reunited LAX and the always dangerous British Invasion. The styles mixed very well and in the end, the right team won the match. The sneak attack by World Elite after the match was expected but also made the feud more interesting, with Rob Terry keeping true to his word and helping LAX. Hogan coming out was unexpected but the six-man tag announced for Sacrifice is a huge match with huge implications. Great job setting it all up.

We all knew that the X-Division situation had to be addressed at some point tonight and I’m glad that you’re giving it enough attention to have Bischoff come out and talk about it. Like to hear about the conflict between Bischoff and Hogan, since having them agree wouldn’t be interesting at all. Vacating the belt is the most sensible option, since it’s obvious that Daniels and Kaz would just keep attacking each other week after week. Good, generic stuff from Kaz when talking about the Title, but the promo really got rolling when Daniels came out. Loved the self-centered attitude of the former champion, really building himself up. Ending of the promo was good, with Kaz almost stealing Daniels’ line, but he just wouldn’t let that happen. Look forward to seeing what happens next between these two.

Really have no idea what you’re planning on having Rhino do to get his title shot, but I bet it will be good. Surprised that we haven’t seen Dinero yet tonight. Surely you haven’t forgotten about him.

Another good match that has a great clash of styles, with the high-flying Sabin and the powerful Roode. The match had great pace and I liked that Sabin stayed strong against Roode, even after being close to losing a few times, most notably when he was in the Figure Four. Just as the match starts to get intense at the end … Nash and Young with the Feast or Fired Briefcases? Really didn’t expect them to come out but the spontaneous teamwork from Shelley and Storm was surprising, stopping Nash and Young from cashing in. The icing on the cake was the Last Call to Shelley, showing just how personal the feud still is between both teams.

Nice, funny little interview from Anderson. The brass knuckles comment was really funny, as was pulling his hand away from Borash. Very Kennedy-like (I really don’t like to call him Anderson). But Jarrett nailing him with the guitar makes me think that JJ will cost Anderson his match next week, which is unfortunate because I really wanted to see Ken challenge for the big belt. Still, Anderson/Jarrett will make for a good feud, imo.

AJ getting on the show via commentary is ok, but it’s basically because you don’t really have anything for him to do until his challenger is determined. Sting and Angle were conveniently absent from the rest of the show, so we all pretty much figured that they’d be facing off in the main event. Great match between two veterans who really know how entertain a crowd. Angle was his usual awesome self, topped off with the epic German suplex from the top rope. Sting stayed in the match a while but it was obvious that this was Angle’s match to win. The ending was superb, with Angle locking in the finishing submission and Sting fighting like hell before finally tapping out. The ending of the show was great, making me think Angle/Styles might be happening again at Sacrifice. But we’ll see.

Another very entertaining show, really building well towards Sacrifice. Look forward to the two semi-finals next week, as we get one step closer to learning our main event for Sacrifice.


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