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TNA: It's On Brother!

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my backstory just pretty much follows the way things are going now, i'm going to be starting with the january 4th live impact and going from there. i should have it up soon. my last BTB ended because i wanted to be able to use hogan. hopefully you all like this one.

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Re: TNA: It's On Brother!

i've decided to start this BTB with the real life january 4th and then book from there. the only change i'm going to be making to that is i won't be using orlando jordan, because i can't figure out what to do with him but everyone else that debuted last night i will be using.

in case you didn't see Impact last night, these are the match results...

Steel Asylum Match
- Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley vs. Homicide vs. Kiyoshi vs. Jay Letal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Suicide vs. Amazing Red - Winner: No Contest

TNA Knockouts Championship Match - Tara [C] vs. ODB - Winner and New TNA Knockouts Champion: ODB

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match - Sarita [C] & Taylor Wilde [C] vs. Hamada & Awesome Kong - Winners and New TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Hamada & Awesome Kong

Matt Morgan & Hernandez vs. Dr. Stevie & Raven w/ Daffney - Winners: Matt Morgan & Hernandez, Morgan and Hernadez now earn a future TNA World Tag Team Championship Match

D'Angelo Dinero vs. Desmond Wolfe - Winner: D'Angelo Dinero

Samoa Joe vs. Abyss - Winner: Samoa Joe

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
- A.J. Styles [C] vs. Kurt Angle - Winner and Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: A.J. Styles

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Re: TNA: It's On Brother!

Not a bad move using the jan 4th results. Makes sense given how you too are building the future of the company around Hulk Hogan. If I were to make a suggestion, it would be to work on the presentation. The font you're using hurts my eyes man. I'm sure there will be many TNA threads popping up in the coming days, so you'll have your work cut out if you want to stand out and get ahead.

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Re: TNA: It's On Brother!

and just as a little side note, don't expect too much from this. this isn't going to be like professionally done like some BTB's on here, it's just something i do when i get bored.
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Re: TNA: It's On Brother!

This looks to be pretty cool... good luck man
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Re: TNA: It's On Brother!

Bringing back Jay Lethal's 'Black Machismo Challenge' is most definately a smart move. There's a lot of fun to be had with regards to bringing people in, so I hope to see some interesting names. Red vs. Dinero is fine, but personally I think The Pope should be striving for better than the X-Division. Maybe it's a one-time thing that you have - I don't know. He's a great character so I look forward to him doing well. Bischoff's announcement is definately the one that I am most intrigued by. I'm thinking that they're either abolishing the six-sided ring or going live on Monday's - probably the latter. I too am embarking on the TNA post-January 4th project, so I know that there is a lot of potential in this type of thread with big-names like Hardy in the mix. I hope to see a war get started!

I wish you all the luck in the world with this, and rest assured I'll be following.


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Re: TNA: It's On Brother!

Can't wait to read more! Im working on a post 4th TNA BTB right now. This is my first try in MANY years at it but I look forward to the challenge. And reading the other ones that pop up along the way.
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Re: TNA: It's On Brother!

January 14th 2010
TNA Impact
Orlando, Florida

The show opens with a video package recapping the heck out of last Monday’s live Impact. The video package focuses primarily on Hulk Hogan’s debut but it also focuses on the debuts of Jeff Hardy, Ric Flair, Scott Hall, The Nasty Boys, Sean Morley, and Sean Waltman. The video finishes up showing the beat down of Mick Foley by Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman.


After the traditional rundown of tonight’s and last Monday’s shows by Taz and Mike Tenay, the music of Mick Foley begins to play. Foley makes his way down to the ring with a microphone and his traditional barb wire baseball bat. Foley climbs into the ring and says he is not here to simply yell and scream about the beat down by Nash, Hall and Waltman, he just has something to ask Hulk Hogan. After about a 30 second wait, Hulk’s music begins to play and he makes his way to the ring. Foley says he wants to know and he wants to know now what side Hulk Hogan is truly on. Hogan tells him that he wasn’t lying last Monday when he said he truly wants to do things right this time. He apologizes to Foley for the actions of his friends but says that no matter how hard he tries, those guys will do what they want. Hogan says he has already begun to take action and he promises to Foley that it will never happen again. Mick doesn’t sound too sure and he asks Hulk again, how can you be trusted? You said it yourself that you’re “brothers for life.” And another thing, how do I know that you and Bischoff even CAN do what’s right for the business? Weren’t you two some of the biggest reasons that WCW failed? Hogan responds by admitting that him and Eric have made some mistakes in the past, but that was then and this is now, and we’re not going to let what happened in WCW happen here in TNA. Foley simply laughs and says no, you won’t, because we won’t let you. Hogan has a puzzled look on his face and Foley tells him to turn around where Jeff Jarrett has snuck into the ring with his trademark guitar in hand. Just as Hogan turns around, Jeff smashes the guitar over Hogan’s end, knocking the Hulkster out. Jarrett stands over Hogan with the remains of his guitar in hand as Foley bends over to tell Hogan, “Have a nice day.” Foley’s music begins to play and the crowd begins to boo very loudly as the two leave the ring.

The camera cuts away from the Impact Zone to the back where Christy Hemme is with Don West and TNA’s newest tag team addition, The Bucks. Don introduces them as Matt and Nick Jackson, two real life brothers from southern California who have wrestled all over the world and now they’re here in TNA to kick some butt. Just before Christy could ask Don another question, The Motor City Machineguns interrupt them. The Guns tell Christy that they’ve know Matt and Nick for quite a while now and it’s great that they’ve finally been signed by TNA. They also tell her that they would consider it an honor to be able to wrestle them in their first match ever here in TNA. Don tells them that they accept that challenge and that they’ll see them later tonight. The two teams shake hands and they both go off camera.


Match #1: The Bucks w/ Don West vs. The Motor City Machineguns

Coming back from commercial, it’s time for the first match of the night, the debut match in TNA of The Bucks. Their opponents, The Motor City Machineguns are the first out to the ring, followed obviously by Don West and The Bucks.

The match started off with Matt Jackson of The Bucks and Chris Sabin of The Guns in the ring. This match was very much a typical X Division tag team match, a lot of flips and high-paced moves. It became clear that the Machineguns are the more experienced tag team, as they were able to keep Matt Jackson in their corner, wearing him down. Matt eventually was able to get out of the Machineguns corner and tag in his brother Nick. The match went back and forth for about a minute and a half before Nick Jackson got the pin on Alex Shelley 1…2…3!

Winners: The Bucks

Following their victory, Don West climbs into the ring to celebrate with The Bucks. Sabin and Shelley don’t look too happy about their defeat but they simply roll out of the ring and make their way to the back.

The camera cuts backstage where Sean Morley is once again with the Beautiful People. Sean tells them that they are trying too hard when it comes to getting ratings. They shouldn’t focus on stupid gimmicks like strip poker and mud wrestling, instead they should focus on becoming the most dominant woman’s tag team of all time, and they should go after the gold instead. Once they get the Knockouts Tag Titles, then they’ll get the ratings. They all agree that’s a good idea, but how are they going to do that? Sean tells them that he’s good friends with Hulk and Bischoff and that he talked to them both earlier and got the Beautiful People a match for later tonight against Taylor Wilde and Sarita for the #1 Contender ship to the TNA Knockouts Tag Titles. The Beautiful People seem pretty excited about this opportunity and go run off camera to prepare.

The camera then stays backstage but cuts to Jeremy Borash, who is trying to rundown Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett as they walk down the hall. JB asks them for a comment as to why they attacked Hulk Hogan earlier. They both say that they are too busy to give any sort of comment. JB presses further, trying to figure out where they are going. Mick tells them they are going to talk with a few people then later they have a very important meeting with someone very powerful. JB tries to ask who but Mick responds with “an old friend, someone very powerful.” Before JB can ask any more questions, Mick and Jeff cut him off and tell him that they must leave now. They continue walking away, leaving JB with a rather confused look on his face.


Match #2: Jay Lethal vs.??? – Black Machismo Legends Invitational

Coming back from commercial, it’s time for the 2nd match of the night, the third match in the Black Machismo Legends Invitational. Out first to the ring is “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal. Lethal awaits his opponent in the ring for a while before new music begins to play. The music is playing for a few seconds before Lethal’s opponent steps out onto the entrance ramp. Lethal is shocked to see…TOMMY DREAMER!

Jay Lethal isn’t sure what to think about his new opponent, the ECW original Tommy Dreamer but starts the match anyway. Dreamer still appears in good shape and is able to match Jay Lethal move for move. Lethal is clearly the faster of the two but that doesn’t bother or stop Dreamer at all. Dreamers gets the pin and win on Lethal after his trademark baseball slide in the corner.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Following the match, Dreamer celebrates with the crowd. As Jay Lethal gets up from the ring apron, Tommy extends his hand towards Lethal in an obvious sign of good sportsmanship. The two shake hands, Dreamer quietly rolls out of the ring and heads to the back, followed by Lethal.

The camera cuts backstage to Eric Bischoff’s office where Bischoff is on the phone when a knock on the door is heard. Bischoff puts down the phone and tells the person to come in. In steps both Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore. Hardy and Moore tell Bischoff that they are here to talk with Hulk about their contract situation. Bischoff tells them that in case they didn’t notice, Hulk’s been a little incapacitated and isn’t here right now but that whatever they needed to talk to Hulk about, he can deal with. Hardy and Moore hand him two large envelopes, each containing a TNA contract. Bischoff takes the envelopes, opens them up, looks at the contracts and then tears them up. He tells Hardy and Moore that once again they should be paying more attention because last week he told everyone that things were going to be different around here. If they want to work for TNA, then they have to earn it. Hardy asks what they should do then. Bischoff thinks for a moment and says, “if you two can beat the TNA World Tag Team Champions, the British Invasion, in the main event tonight, then I will sign you to TNA. However, if you can’t beat them, you will never get another opportunity again.” Hardy and Moore take some time to think before nodding their heads and agreeing to the match. Bischoff gets up from his chair and excuses himself, he has a few announcements to make.


Coming back from commercial, Impact cuts right to the Impact Zone where Eric Bischoff is making his way to the ring, followed closely behind by Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman. Bischoff and his crew climb into the ring and are immediately booed heavily. Bischoff waits for the crowd to calm down before he begins to speak. Bischoff begins by thanking everyone who watched last week’s live edition of Impact, thanks to the loyal fans of TNA, they received their highest rating ever. And thanks to that fact, Spike TV and TNA have struck a new deal…starting January 18th, Impact is moving to Monday nights permanently! The crowd just about erupts. Bischoff once again waits for the crowd to calm down before beginning to speak again. Next on Bischoff’s list is the upcoming pay per view event Genesis, “The Night of Firsts.” Bischoff says that the match between Kurt Angle and A.J. Styles for the World Title will go on as planned. Matt Morgan and Hernandez will also be getting their shot at British Invasion and the TNA World Tag Team Championship at Genesis. So that’s two matches, what about the others? As for the X Division, for the first time ever, TNA X Division Champion Amazing Red will face for the title…SEAN WALTMAN! The crowd boos but Eric goes on. Also for the time ever, the TNA Global Championship will be defended on pay per view as TNA Global Champion Eric Young faces off against “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe. The crowd has a mixed reaction to that news. Bischoff continues, as for the Knockouts Title…again for the first time ever, Knockouts Champion ODB will face off against Daffney. Again, a mixed reaction to the news. Before Bischoff can start speaking again, he is interrupted by the music of Beer Money. Both James Storm and Robert Roode calmly walk down the ramp and calmly enter the ring, each with a microphone in hand. Before they can speak, Bischoff cuts them off by saying “who the hell are you? Why should I care what you have to say?” Robert Roode responds with “Calm down, Calm down “Easy E.” First of all, we know your boys here were responsible for that vicious attack against us backstage last Monday and secondly, since you’re in such a match giving mood, then why don’t you make this match. For the first time ever, Beer Money Inc. takes on Hall and Nash!” Bischoff takes a moment to ponder this and responds with “why should I? You can’t just come down here and demand matches.” Kevin Nash interrupts Bischoff and says “You know what, we accept. You better come with your best; you never know what tricks the old band has up their sleeves.” Bischoff has no choice, he makes the match for Genesis official. Beer Money then leaves the ring. Bischoff is still uncertain about this match but Nash appears to reassure him that everything will be alright.

The camera cuts away from the Impact Zone to backstage and the locker room area, where Tommy Dreamer is packing up his gear, getting ready to head home when both Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett enter. Dreamer shakes both of their hands and then asks them what he can do for them. Foley tells him that they have a proposition that they would like to discuss with him if that’s ok. Dreamer is unsure what to say but agrees anyway. He finishes packing up his remaining gear and then goes with Jarrett and Foley off camera.


Match #3: The Beautiful People w/ Lacey Von Erich & Sean Morley vs. Taylor Wilde & Sarita

Coming back from commercial, it’s time for the 3rd match of the night, a match for the #1 contendership to the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles between Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky of the Beautiful People and the former champions Taylor Wilde and Sarita.

The match begins with Madison Rayne and Taylor Wilde in the ring. Both Wilde and Sarita begin to quickly dominate the match, their vastly superior wrestling skills being put to good use. When it becomes clear that they are about to lose the match, the Beautiful People do what any good heel tag team do, they cheat. Lacey Von Erich distracts the referee while Sean Morley hands Madison Rayne what appears to be some sort of brass knuckle contraption. With the referee still distracted, Madison uses the brass knuckles to knock Taylor Wilde out. Madison then goes for the pin. Lacey lets the referee go and he begins to count, 1…2…3!

Winners: The Beautiful People

Sarita climbs into the ring to argue with the referee and tell him that Madison Rayne cheated by using brass knuckles but it is to no avail, the Beautiful People are now #1 contenders to the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship.

The camera cuts to the backstage where Eric Bischoff is walking back to his office when he is stopped by Bobby and Kristal Lashley. The Lashleys want to know if Eric is going to honor their request and release Bobby from his TNA contract. Eric laughs a little bit and responds, “I don’t have to do anything so no; I am not going to grant Bobby his release. As long as Bobby is under contract with TNA, and I am running it, I can do with him what I want.” Kristal seems upset but says fine then, if you’re not going to grant his release, we are going to make your life a living hell. Bischoff laughs again and says “O no, it is I who is going to make your life a living hell. You see, as long as Bobby is under contract, he has to do whatever I command of him. So you know what, I’m booking him in a match tonight, against someone that both of you don’t like…SCOTT STEINER! You better get ready, because that match is next.” Bischoff walks to his office laughing, while the Lashleys look absolutely shocked.

The camera once again cuts back to the locker room area, this time to the locker room of A.J. Styles. A.J. is on the phone with somebody when in walks “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair! A.J. tells the person who he was talking to on the phone he has to go and hangs up so he can shake the hand of “The Nature Boy.” A.J. tells Ric what an honor it is to finally meet him; he’s been a big fan for quite a while. Flair thanks him for the kind words, but says he’s not here to exchange pleasantries, he’s hear about A.J.’s upcoming title defense at Genesis. Flair goes on to say that he’s been watching A.J. closely ever since he won the title and he likes what he sees but there is still something missing. He compares A.J. to Kurt, saying that although he believes A.J. has far more ability than Angle, Angle has that championship it factor, the factor that Flair himself once had when he won all those world titles. Flair says he doesn’t want to see A.J. waste all that talent and that he’s here in TNA to teach A.J. what it’s like to be a true champion. Flair offers his services to A.J. for Genesis but A.J. politely refuses, saying he’s ok by himself. Flair seems disappointed by says that’s fine and that if A.J. decides to change his mind before then, that the offer is still good. The two shake hands again and Flair exits off camera. A.J. goes to retrieve something in his locker when suddenly he is attacked again by the masked man! The masked man continues to beat on A.J., leaving him in a pile next to his locker. The masked man makes a move like he is going off camera but stops. He pauses for a moment, and begins to take his mask off! The man has his back turned when the mask comes off. When the man turns around to face the camera, he reveals himself as…TOMKO! Tomko just laughs and then finally walks off camera, leaving A.J. still on the ground.


Match #4: Bobby Lashley w/ Kristal Lashley vs. Scott Steiner

Coming back from commercial, Impact goes right into the 4th match of the night, a match between “The Boss” Bobby Lashley and “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner, a match that Lashley was forced into by Eric Bischoff. Scott Steiner is the first out to the ring, looking pretty pumped, Lashley is out next, looking not so pumped.

From the very beginning, you could tell that Bobby’s head was not into this match. Steiner was able to throw him around the ring with ease. There were several times during this match that Steiner could have easily put Lashley away, but didn’t, opting to torture him some more. After a while of posing for the audience and torturing Lashley, Steiner decided he had enough and went for the pin, getting it 1…2…3!

Winner: Scott Steiner

Following the match, Kristal Lashley climbs into the ring to check on her husband. Steiner makes a move like he’s going to attack or do something to her, which gets Kristal afraid, but Scott just laughs and climbs out of the ring.

The camera cuts backstage to Christy Hemme who has caught up with Tomko. Christy asks Tomko why he decided to attack A.J. Tomko says that he has no hard feelings against A.J., he’s not mad at A.J. for anything really, he just felt that A.J. was getting soft as champion, that he was letting his guard down a little bit so he wanted to teach A.J. a lesson. Christy responds with “well why did you have to hide behind that mask for so long? Why couldn’t you have just confronted A.J. face to face? Tomko doesn’t say anything in response, he just glares at Christy and walks away.


Coming back from commercial, Impact cuts right to the backstage where Bubba The Love Sponge is with The Nasty Boys in Team 3D’s locker room. They all laugh at the fact that Team 3D is once again not in the Impact Zone tonight. The Nasty Boys call Team 3D out, saying they must be afraid of them or something since they are conveniently in Japan once again. Well whenever Team 3D is ready, The Nasty Boys will be right here waiting for them.

Match #5: D’Angelo Dinero vs. Amazing Red

It’s time for the 5th match of the evening, a match between “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero and the TNA X Division Champion Amazing Red.

A pretty good back and forth match from both men. Dinero was able to keep Amazing Red grounded for most of the match, wearing him down with several submission holds. Red would counter out of the holds and get in a few moves of his own before Dinero would get him right back into a submission hold. Just as it looked like Dinero was ready to put Amazing Red away, suddenly Desmond Wolfe ran into the ring and laid out Dinero, causing the match to end in disqualification.

Winner by DQ: D’Angelo Dinero

Following the end of the match, Desmond Wolfe remained in the ring, standing over Dinero. Amazing Red quickly gets out of the ring to avoid Wolfe. Eventually, Desmond climbs out of the ring and walks to the back, getting booed all the way.

Quickly before Impact cuts to commercial, the camera goes backstage where Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore are walking down the hallway towards the Impact Zone. Their match is up next.


Match #6: The British Invasion w/ Rob Terry vs. Jeff Hardy & Shannon Moore

Coming back from commercial, it’s main event time. Tonight’s main event features the TNA World Tag Team Champions Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams, a.k.a. The British Invasion taking on Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore where if Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore can get the win, they will earn a TNA contract, but if they can’t they will not be able to sign with TNA ever.

It was clear that both Hardy and Moore had more to gain from winning this match than did the British Invasion. Hardy and Moore were just overall more intense and driven than the Brits were. Hardy and Moore utilized several quick tag ins and high risk high impact moves to gain the upper hand. In the end, it was Hardy getting the pin following a Swanton.

Winners: Jeff Hardy & Shannon Moore

Hardy and Moore both celebrate in the ring while the British Invasion stagger back to the locker rooms in obvious defeat. Impact goes off air with a shot of Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore still in the ring.

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Re: TNA: It's On Brother!

Good show! Im really interested in what you do with Jarrett, Foley, and Dreamer.
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Re: TNA: It's On Brother!

I like the fact you're going form what we know, rather than completely changing it to suit what you wanted to get from it. Good show, the colours are a bit bright, but that's probably just me. One thing I will say though (its a minor point) but three Backstage interviewers?

I like the segments, nice to see that you're continuing the buzz of having Hogan around, which apparently isn't what we see in the real thing as much this week (I could be wrong) also I like the referencing and comparison of WCW to TNA in this. The involvement of Jarrett was a great thingm because I feel he's sort of been overshadowed in favour of Bischoff and Hogan and it'd be unlikely he'd just filter off to the back of the pile.

I see you continuined the tradition of the Bucks going against the MCMG, not to sure on them just being 'The Bucks' as opposed to the Young Bucks or Generation Me, makes them sound a bit boring or hillbilly-ish. The interview can only be a good thing for introducing a new team to the mix and having them win, without it they might've just been seen as workers and not characters, having West at their side also makes them seem very established, so they can rise through the ranks quite quickly without people thinking 'what the hell is going on?'

I was really impressed with how Dreamer was introduced also, I could see this working on television. However, I'm not too sure whether I like the fact you seem to continue what is likely to happen on television by putting over the newcomers rather than adding your own touch and pushing or repackaging existing workers.

Morley affiliating with the BP seems natural, though it seems like Kip James all over again, it'll be interesting to see if you reintroduce Angelina and if so what this means for them as it seems your pushing the Beautiful People. It might be the fact people here don't like reading KO matches, but it does seem like you've significantly cut the Knockouts out in favour of more angles, a shame seeing as there's so many talented ones around at the moment and TNA makes a point of focusing on them. However, this isnt the real thing, its yours and I respect that you might not want to take that route.

I always thought Bobby would become a heel but it seems he's undertaking the bullied worker role with Bischoff forcing him into matches, I expect he'll somehow get revenge later on and for now he's being pushed down to the likes of Steiner to make it look like Bischoff is winning the war.

Some of the matches that were announced seem a bit random, like there's no built up to it. I was disappointed as these could've been demonstrated through angles rather than being thrown in a simple announcement. I did however like Tomko's perception in his interview, hoping you give him a push.

Wolfe causing a DQ in the X-Division match could be seen in two lights, on one hand its good because he could challenge for the gold. However as much as TNA tell us X Division can be challenged to by anyway, it is the C-belt of the show and after a high profiled feud with Angle, this seems like you're pushing Wolfe down in terms of the locker room.

Bizarre main event, this could be because you've already driven the main narrative of Hogan and co throughout. However, none of these people seem like main event material, not even Hardy (who I just see as a mid carder that got lucky in WWE) I mean you might be pushing a feud there, but it just seemed like your trying to push Hardy but at the same time taking Moore with him and Moore doesn't seem like he should be so far up, I just think he's better suited to sticking in X-Division rather than acting as the lackey to Hardy.

Overall, fluent show, you have a knack for making things seem realistic, though sometimes things do seem a bit oddly placed or random. Will be nice to see you add your own mix in to get a balance rather than sticking to a status quo.
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