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Learning to break kayfabe
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WWE 2009: Summer Time

The Bash
Sacramento, California // Arco Arena
Sunday 28th June 2009

WWE Championship // Two out of Three Falls Match
Randy Orton defeated Triple H (c) at 21:22.
Randy Orton defeated Triple H by disqualification in a Singles match at 4:52.
Triple H defeated Randy Orton in a Falls Count Anywhere match at 6:18.
Randy Orton defeated Triple H in a Stretcher match at 10:52.

World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy defeated CM Punk (c) by disqualification at 14:54.

Singles Match
John Cena defeated The Miz at 5:40.

ECW Championship // Championship Scramble
Tommy Dreamer (c) defeated Christian, Jack Swagger, Finlay and Mark Henry at 14:47.
Jack Swagger defeated Finlay at 4:44.
Finlay defeated Jack Swagger at 8:13.
Mark Henry defeated Tommy Dreamer at 10:28.
Jack Swagger defeated Mark Henry at 12:20.
Tommy Dreamer defeated Christian at 13:27.

WWE Intercontinental Championship // Mask vs Title
Rey Mysterio defeated Chris Jericho (c) at 15:42.

WWE Unified Tag Team Championship
Chris Jericho and Edge defeated Primo and Carlito (c) & Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes at 9:38.

No Disqualification Match
Dolph Ziggler defeated The Great Khali at 5:00.

WWE Womens Championship
Michelle McCool defeated Melina (c) at 6:36.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE 2009: Summer Time

WWE Champion: Randy Orton (Sunday 28th June 2009)
WWE United States Champion: Kofi Kingston (Monday 1st June 2009)
WWE Divas Champion: Maryse (Friday 26th December 2009)
Batista / Beth Phoenix / Big Show / The Brian Kendrick / Brie Bella / Carlito / Chavo Guerrero / Cody Rhodes / Evan Bourne / Festus / Hornswoggle / Jack Swagger / Jamie Noble / Jerry Lawler / John Cena / Kelly Kelly / Lillian Garcia / Mark Henry / Maryse / Matt Hardy / Michael Cole / Mickie James / The Miz / Montel Vontavious Porter / Nikki Bella / Primo / Randy Orton / Rosa Mendes / Santino Marella / Ted Dibiase / Triple H / Vince McMahon / William Regal

ECW Champion: Tommy Dreamer (Sunday 7th June 2009)
Abraham Washington / Christian / David Hart Smith / Finlay / Goldust / Gregory Helms / Josh Mathews / Katie Lea Burchill / Matt Striker / Natalya / Paul Burchill / Shelton Benjamin / Tiffany / Tommy Dreamer / Tony Atlas / Tony Chimel / Tyson Kidd / Vladimir Kozlov / Yoshi Tatsu / Zack Ryder

World Heavyweight Champion: CM Punk (Sunday 7th June 2009)
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Rey Mysterio (Sunday 28th June 2009)
WWE Unified Tag Team Champions: Chris Jericho and Edge (Sunday 28th June 2009)
WWE Womens Champion: Michelle McCool (Sunday 28th June 2009)
Alicia Fox / Charlie Haas / Chris Jericho / CM Punk / Curt Hawkins / Dolph Ziggler / Edge / Eve / Gail Kim / The Great Khali / Jeff Hardy / Jesse / Jim Ross / Jimmy Wang Yang / John Morrison / JTG / Justin Roberts / Layla / Maria / Melina / Michelle McCool / Mike Knox / R-Truth / Ricky Ortiz / Shad / Shelton Benjamin / Theodore Long / Todd Grisham / Vince McMahon
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Learning to break kayfabe
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WWE 2009: Summer Time~ RAW #1 Up

Monday Night RAW 6.29.09
San Jose, CA // HP Pavilion

We open up tonight’s broadcast with the video package highlighting The Bash. It mainly focused on RAW’s portion with John Cena and The Miz. And then the Bash’s main event with Randy Orton beating Triple H in a 3 Stages of Hell for the WWE Championship.

We head to the arena where we see the nice pyrotechnics and the broadcast team. Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole. They are telling us that we are hot off the heels of The Bash! Lillian Garcia is in the ring and about to announce tonight’s special guest host. “The Animal” Batista!

Batista makes his way out to the ring. He gets a great ovation from this California crowd. Batista tells the crowd it’s great to be back tonight. He cannot fight because of his cast on his arm. He reminds us that Randy Orton is the reason why. He says that tonight, he won’t hold a grudge. Tonight, we’ll see a four man tournament to determine Randy Orton’s opponent at Night of Champions. We’ll see John Cena battling the man that he defeated last night…The Miz. And, the man that got screwed out of the WWE Championship last night, Triple H will be facing Ted DiBiase! And finally, tonight the team of Mark Henry and M.V.P will take on WWE Champion Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes. This brings out the WWE Champion Randy Orton. He questions Batista’s announcement asking him does he know what he went through last night. Batista asks him if he knows what will happen if he gets in his face again. Batista threatens to put Randy Orton in a hospital bed when he comes back in August. Randy Orton is not threatened. Randy threatens to break Batista’s arm again. Randy Orton slowly walks away from the ring. “I Walk Alone” hits as Batista taunts in the ring.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler hype up Randy Orton’s new DVD. It’s called Age of Orton. It comes out next Tuesday!


We return to see Ted DiBiase barging into Batista’s temporary office. He asks Batista why he has to face Triple H tonight. Triple H is going insane over not winning the WWE Championship! Batista tells Ted that he deserves it. Batista threatens DiBiase to if he doesn’t get out of his office, Ted will face him inside a Steel Cage! Ted DiBiase continues to argue with him. Batista seems to think that Ted won’t take no for an answer. So tonight, Triple H versus Ted DiBiase inside a Steel Cage! Ted walks away fuming hot!

John Cena defeated The Miz to qualify for the Finals 8:18
Good opening match tonight. Better than the previous ones. John Cena and The Miz locked up. Miz got hold of the arm and applied various wrenches. He had then applied a three-quarter-facelock. John Cena used his major strength to apply the arm drag takeover. The Miz utilized the ropes. He would then hide under the ropes for John Cena to be controlled back. The Miz tried to attack Cena while he wasn’t looking but John Cena caught him with a clothesline and the shoulder block following the spin out bomb. John Cena got a mixed reaction as he hit the 5 Knuckle Shuffle! He taunted as he get for the Attitude Adjustment. Miz rolled off and hit a reverse DDT! Following a neckbreaker. Miz lifted up John Cena for the Reality Check as he came back into a big hip toss. John Cena went to the top rope as he tried a leg drop. The Miz would interfere in that. They traded blows until John Cena got the better and dropped him with the leg drop. He then applied the STF on The Miz. After about 20 seconds, Miz was a few inches away from the ropes. John Cena pulled him back and applied it again. The Miz was forced to submit there.

John Cena celebrated his victory. The Miz shouted at Cena showing him the 7-2 wristband. Cena didn’t care he walked away victorious!

Once again, we see a promo that showed the usual The Bash encore presentation.

Mickie James and Kelly Kelly are on their way to the ring for Diva Tag Action! They will be facing Beth Phoenix and Diva’s Champion Maryse.


Divas Champion Maryse and Beth Phoenix defeated Mickie James and Kelly Kelly 5:24
Typical divas match. They’ll have their time. Mickie and Maryse kicked things off here in this one. Maryse got the first punch. She continued until Mickie ducked and hit her with the forearms and the Irish whip. She came back and took a headscissors into the ropes. Kelly Kelly entered. She gave Maryse a combination of like a clothesline and sleeper slam. Kelly took it to Maryse with a sidewalk slam. Then came back in Mickie. She hit Maryse with a big neckbreaker and the jumping tackle and the big punches. Mickie James then got to the turnbuckle and hit her trademark hurricanrana! She tagged in Kelly who came at her with a clothesline. She drove Maryse into Beth who fell off the apron. Kelly went to the top rope but took a little too long. Beth Phoenix grabbed her leg. Kelly kicked her off again. She jumped and fell victim to a French Kick in mid-air! Maryse would to the modified lay cover for the win.

This brings out RAW Guest Host, Batista. He announces that there will be a Fatal Four Way Match for the Diva’s Championship at Night of Champions.


We return to see a “WWE Did You Know?” graphic. It shows us that over 2 billion people watched WWE last week.

A promo hypes Night of Champions yet again.

WWE Champion Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes defeated M.V.P and Mark Henry 10:12
Great match here. Randy Orton started with M.V.P. M.V.P wanted to prove himself as a notable contender for the WWE Championship. He did so here. He and Randy Orton would lock up and he’d get a hip toss. Following the knee drop. He lifted up Randy Orton who began his mat wrestling base. He got M.V.P in a headlock. M.V.P battled out and Randy drove him back down. Orton tagged in Rhodes. He began to work over the back of M.V.P. They took it to him for a good 3 minutes until he would kick the running Cody Rhodes with a big boot. In came Henry. He cleaned house. He lifted Rhodes for the press slam. Then he knocked Orton off balance. He turned around and took a dropkick from Rhodes. Randy Orton would hit him with an RKO through the ropes. Mark Henry walked right into the Cross Rhodes for the victory!

Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes fled from the ring up the ramp. M.V.P helped Henry to his feet.

With our show almost down to a close, we are shown the main event of tonight. Triple H versus Ted DiBiase in a Steel Cage Match.

Next week, the guest host is Ted DiBiase Sr. He’s made a big United States Championship Match. It will be good.


Ted DiBiase Jr. defeated Triple H in a Steel Cage Match to advance to the Finals 11:24
Good main event to finish RAW. Ted pulled out a big upset. Triple H who has red hot angry. Drove Ted’s face into the cage many times. After that, we gave Ted some big punches to the face. After Ted would eventually duck one, he began with the kick and the STO Backbreaker. Ted took advantage. He then grinded Triple H into the cage. Triple H would get a big elbow and a high knee. Triple H kept the fire with a clothesline. He tried for the Pedigree after the spinebuster but Ted flipped him into the cage. Ted struggled to climb. Triple H grabbed his leg and pulled him down. Triple H started to climb and was on his way to victory. Randy Orton had come out and hit Triple H causing him to move slower. Rhodes opened the door and pulled DiBiase through for the upset win. Legacy flees before John Cena can make the save.

Legacy has done it again! They have screwed Triple H out of a win. Triple H and John Cena watch Legacy from the ramp. Come Night of Champions! It will be Cena or DiBiase versus Orton for the WWE Championship! Good Night Everyone. From RAW!
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Re: WWE 2009: Summer Time

July 26th, 2009 Live in Philadelphia, PA in Mellon Arena

Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena/ Ted DiBiase Jr. For the WWE Championship

Maryse (c) vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James vs. Kelly Kelly

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Re: WWE 2009: Summer Time

Woah. Dude, slow up lol. Your presentation looks good here, don't ruin it by shoving it down our throats at a hundred miles an hour.

The poster for NOC looks great, not sure if it's the one from real life, either way, looks good.

I hope this goes well for you buddy, I'll try and drop some thoughts on Raw tomorrow.
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Re: WWE 2009: Summer Time

Thanks Man, I'll slow it down.
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WWE 2009: Summer Time

ECW Preview 6.30.09
At The Bash, we witnessed a very physical match between 5 of ECW's top stars. It showed Tommy Dreamer defeating Christian, Mark Henry, Finlay, and Jack Swagger in a 20 Minute Scramble Match. With many pinfalls throughout the time limit, we are very surprised to see Tommy Dreamer retain. Tonight, in a Fatal Four Way Match, Jack Swagger will face Finlay versus Christian versus Mark Henry. The winner will face Tommy Dreamer at Night of Champions.

Also tonight on ECW, David Hart Smith has been on quite a roll. He has a big pinfall victory over Finlay. But tonight, another challenge has come. David Hart Smith leads Tyson Kidd to a tag team match against Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust!

And, in what should be a great match, Shelton Benjamin meets "The Ripper" Paul Burchill. A win for either one of these man would sure put them in ECW Title contention.

Finally, the final match on the card tonight is, we'll see the return of the Hurricane. Tonight, he fights off another villain by the of Zack Ryder

All this and so much more on ECW!

Confirmed Matches

Shelton Benjamin versus Paul Burchill
Zack Ryder versus The Hurricane
Hart Dynasty versus Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust
Christian versus Mark Henry versus Jack Swagger vs Finlay

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WWE 2009: Summer Time

Should have ECW up tommorow so I can slow down.
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