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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Armageddon Review

I like the opening, i could visulize it as something WWE would do. With Taker talking i expected him to show up tonight? You should of had HHH say it or Orton. But it was a good opening with the clouds/etc perfect for the Armageddon theme. Also the Fixer song is one of my favs. Like the Gif

US Battle Royal: Perfect way to start things off as this would surely get the crowd into it with high flying action. I was shocked Masters got out first but the fact Bourne did it was not so bad. I like the pace and writing of the match. It was very entertaining, glad to see Bourne win this is how WWE should treat him. Good match

Women's Match: BTW I love the banners with the fire backgroud. But onto the match. In wwe i dont thinnk this feud really got going because Melina was hurt but this was a good match. I am not a fan of diva matches but this was good. Lots of nearfalls and a nice finish, although i am a little sad that Melina retained.

Promos: With Jerishow and Legacy two of my favs, everyone was well in chracter and Orton was the man as usual. I love reading BTB when people are wrestling smart and know how people would act in certain situations.

4 Way TAG: Wow talk about making the tag titles relevent you did that my friend. Great stuff from all 8 men. All these guys are uppermid card/main eventers so this was an excellent match. Some great spots, i especially loved when all hell broke loose towards the end. IDK what i think bout Batista coming out but I am glad DX lost the straps and that Legacy won them!!

Miz/Carlito: Nice push for Lito something wwe doesnt do these days. Anyway decent match between these two glad miz retained. Reality Check thats different but I loved that move anyway this sets up a perfect Bourne/Miz feud for the Rumble, plese dont just throw it away on raw.

Noble/Sheamus: I must admit I havent read all your Raws so when i saw this match i was like wtf? a squash match on ppv. But holy shit what a match. Never in a million years would i have thought thus far this would be the best match. Unbeleiveable action, you could tell these men really hated each other. Great spots in this match with garbage cans, and announce table spot and blood and just an amazing match. I love what you have done withNoblle please continue this feud but have Sheamus go on top.

Cage Match: Just when i thought the last match couldnt get better this one might of. Two back to back MOTN. Great action between these two. They had some great matches in the past in wwe but this one was superb. Non stop action from these two. Shocking ending with Legacy those pieces of shit, lol. The door spot was awesome and maybe the BTB moment of the year thus far the Boom drop off the top of the cage unbelieveable. So good that i am not mad orton lost.

Swagger/Cena: Eh Idk. Swagger as the champ. I dont know what to say. It is good to see you pushing new people but WOW. Anyway good match hard to follow up the last two. Maybe Cage match should have been last? Anyway good action throughtout Great stuff here with both men kicking out of big moves. Hopefully you have something planned for Swagger and not just a transitional champ

Great show, cant wait for Raw i am not gonna lie most intruiged for your show you got me hooked with the Batista thing, sheamus/noble, kofi/orton/legacy/ and swagger the new champ. you did a lolt with just the raw brand proving if booked right wwe could still do it. great job
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Raw preview up before too long.

Your site for the latest news and views


Triple Swoop for the ‘E?

WWE is said to be lining up deals with a variety of talents on the market currently. Names such as Ken Doane (known better as Kenny Dykstra during his tenure with WWE), Booker T, and even Mexican worker Mistico have all been mentioned in various forms of the media following an above-expectations Armageddon event last night.

While no sources seem 100% reliable, Doane seems the most likely as of right now. The 23 year old has been roaming the independent circuit since his release from WWE in late 2008, and would surely jump at the chance to return to the biggest promotion in North America. While rumours are rife, suggesting that both Booker T and Mistico will be joining WWE’s ranks also, nothing is set in stone, and all three were quick to take to the stick in the last 24 hours, claiming they had not been contacted by the WWE in any shape or form.

It could be that WWE’s negotiators are just biding their time, or the rumours are false, and the company has no intentions to sign any of these three men. Could anyone else be in the works for a contract? Only time will tell.

Danielson “Nearly Ready”

Bryan Danielson is said to be nearly ready to join the WWE’s full roster. The American Dragon has been working in FCW recently, after working a dark match on Raw against Chavo Guerrero some weeks back, and speaking out, saying he felt rusty in the ring. Danielson has worked well in FCW, and said, “Yeah, I’m feeling great. I’d say my time here is short – I’m nearly ready to move up to the next stage.” Danielson, who will most likely debut under his real name after name change ideas were squashed, went on to say that he didn’t know yet which brand he’d be placed on, but he was fully willing to work wherever the creative team was happy for him to be. Watch this space.
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Well, here's the preview. I can't be bothered to put this in an official news update, but the Miz/Evan Bourne for the United States Title will now be at the Royal Rumble event.


Monday Night Raw
EnergySolutions Arena, Salt Lake City, Utah
28th December 2009

The final Monday Night Raw of a historic decade hails from the stunning Salt Lake City in Utah tonight, one day removed from an action-packed Armageddon pay-per-view. You can expect plenty of drama and fallout from the shock-ridden event, as well as the beginning of the trek towards Royal Rumble, live tonight, on the USA Network.

An All-American American Shock
Last night saw possibly one of the shocks of the closing decade, when the All-American American Jack Swagger defeated John Cena to become WWE Champion. Tonight, as a mighty decade of WWE finally comes to a close, Jack Swagger will step out in front of the fans to open the final show of the year, and indeed, the decade, to speak his mind on last night’s events. The new WWE Champion will surely have a lot to say, now that he is the WWE’s official MVP – the All-American American is sure to stroll into the EnergySolutions Arena tonight with his head held high, a smirk on his face, and that gleaming title on his shoulder. But what about John Cena? The man formerly known as ‘the Champ’ must now go to Utah, no longer WWE Champion – but he does have a rematch clause, and that will be his ace in the hole... Events are sure to get heated tonight, with a new WWE Champion on the scene, and John Cena sure to be hot on his heels, desperate to reclaim that title.

A Viper Betrayed
At Armageddon last night, Randy Orton was literally within inches of making it out of the Steel Cage door, and winning his match against his long-term rival, Kofi Kingston. However, the WWE Universe was stunned when Orton’s Legacy cohorts arrived on the scene, seemingly to help the Viper, only to slam the hard steel door shut on their mentor’s face. As Orton bled from the cruel shot, Kofi Kingston took to the top of the cage, before soaring off with an awe-inspiring 16-foot Boom Drop to pin Orton for the upset three count. Tonight, the Viper is in the building, and his (ex-?) Legacy comrades are booked to fight the Colons in tag team action, for a place each in the Royal Rumble. If Orton calls out the new WWE Unified Tag Team Champions tonight, what will he have to say? But more importantly... which one of them will he RKO first?

The Red Carpet Diva Still Reigns
Melina and Maryse showed that the women’s division is not to underestimated with a nine minute classic between the two – in the end, it was the reigning Divas Champion who picked up a hard-fought win with the Primal Scream, retaining her title in the process. Tonight, we will discover who the next No. 1 Contender to the Divas Title is in a Triple Threat match. Gail Kim and Kelly Kelly will be in the ring to battle with the woman who came so close last night, Maryse. Which one of these Divas will be able to book themselves a title match with the Champion in the coming weeks?

The Pit Bull Roars To Life
The WWE Universe witnessed a classic last night, as the Pit Bull, Jamie Noble, pulled out a giant win against the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, in one of the most brutal and hate-filled matches we’ve seen in recent times. Noble finally made the Irishman tap with a brutal modified Dragon Sleeper, utilising Sheamus’ own chain, after nineteen whole minutes of unadulterated destruction and carnage. Both men left the ring on stretchers after the hellacious match, and only 24 hours afterwards, it goes without saying that neither man will be in Salt Lake City tonight. However, we will be receiving a video feed from Hanover, West Virginia, where Jamie Noble is recuperating at home – we’ll get a few words from the Pit Bull on his condition, as well as how he’s feeling mentally after his stunning victory last night in Denver.

Now That’s... Awesome
Last night, Carlito just couldn’t capture the United States Title. He was outdone by reigning Champion the Miz, in a thirteen minute bout which saw both men with barely a drop of energy in their veins by the end of the contest. In the end, it was the Miz who had the extra bit of drive, and he found a win with the Skull-Crushing Finale. Tonight, will the Miz have anything to say about his title victory?

Bourne The Shooting Star
No-one can deny that Evan Bourne has been on a roll in recent weeks – he capitalised on such fantastic form when he won the 6-Man Battle Royal at Armageddon last night, making him No. 1 Contender to the Miz’s United States Championship. Vince and Shane McMahon have agreed that the title match between these two will occur at Royal Rumble, in what is sure to be an amazing match between two men who have had quite a few encounters in the past. Bourne isn’t scheduled to be in action tonight, but he’ll be in the building, signing autographs and taking pictures with WWE fans in Salt Lake City. Will Bourne run into his Royal Rumble opponent? And what will he have to say about his great win last night?

While he couldn’t win the Unified Tag Team Championships alongside Mark Henry last night, MVP put in a spirited performance, eventually succumbing to Ted DiBiase’s Dream Street after the Animal, Batista, went on a rampage, clearing the ring. Tonight, MVP takes on Chavo Guerrero – the Mexican Warrior narrowly missed out on winning the 6-Man Battle Royal last night, being eliminated last from the contest by winner Evan Bourne. A place in the Royal Rumble is up for grabs tonight in this contest, and you can be sure that both the Ballin’ Superstar and the Mexican Warrior have their sights set on that World Title match at Wrestlemania.

Pedal to the Metal...
Tonight sees the return of a man who has caused all sorts of havoc in the WWE... Chuck Palumbo. The “Motor Machine” rejoined the WWE ranks about a month ago, but tonight, he makes his full return, against the always talkative Santino Marella. Will Palumbo make it a return match to remember, or will his comeback be blackened with a loss against the self-proclaimed “Italian Stallion”?

Announced For Raw
The Last of the Decade

WWE Champion Jack Swagger to open the show
Royal Rumble Qualifier
Legacy vs The Colons
Randy Orton to speak out against Legacy?
Maryse vs Gail Kim vs Kelly Kelly
Jamie Noble interview from home
Royal Rumble Qualifier
MVP vs Chavo Guerrero
Chuck Palumbo vs Santino Marella
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

CAnt wait for Raw. Swagger to open the show. How will you book him? I imagine Cena will come out. Great to see Rumble qualifying matches taking place hope legacy and mvp win. Also Noble from home? Why cant he be there? I doubt the Sheamus thing is over with. Looks like a great show. BTW I hope to see Orton punt someone lol. Ill be reading good luck
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Swagger going to open the show makes sense, obviously, since he's the new WWE Champion. I expect a confrontation with Cena, which will set up the rematch. Looking forward to seeing how Swagger's reign pans out. Jamie Noble interview from home? Maybe this is when he announces retirement, but I doubt that, so looking forward to seeing what goes on during that.

Can't wait to give the show a read.
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Sorry I didn't get to the Pay-Per-View Review but I do have some thoughts about the news the PPV and Raw.

First off I know Swagger as champ is something new but I'm not sure I like it. You booked him well but you also did a good job with Cena, I feel this is just gonna' be a reign to be a reign so you can keep Swagger in the main event, but you could've doen that any way. I doubt he'd be in the Main Event so he'll probably lose it at the Rumble. I just don't know if it'll be worth it if you down that road. Either way we'll see. I can't wait to see Raw.

As far as the editions, no Mistico, please. He's worthless in WWE, they already have a masked chartacter they don't need a second one. I've always like Dystrka, put him on Smackdown or ECW and do stuff with him please. I love the guy. Then Booker, I'm indifferent on, I don't see wrong with him, he could be a very good midcarder, put him in the US Title picture on Raw, have him put over Miz. I'd enjoy that.

As far as Raw goes, Legacy and MVP will qualify for the Rumble and I'm looking foward to the Swagger promo

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

It's taken me... well, half of March, but it's written, and it's here. Enjoy.

In all honesty... I’d look up images of the EnergySolutions Arena, and a video or two of Gail Kim’s Eat Defeat. They’ll really help you understand the show a little better. It takes about a minute or so to check them both out. Just a thought.

You’ll have to forgive me for the match placement. I realise a squash match as the penultimate match isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I find it refreshing in weekly shows I see on TV when the matches don’t necessarily have to go in order of match importance, so that’s what I’m implementing a bit here.


Monday Night Raw
EnergySolutions Arena, Salt Lake City, Utah
28th December 2009


Cole: Welcome... to Armageddon!

Fireworks launching from the stage...

Cole: Tonight is going to be huge!

Fixer’s “Tell No One” starts off... Quick-fire highlights of the Battle Royal eliminations...

Cole: We’re down to two...

Evan Bourne clotheslining Chavo Guerrero over the top rope...

Cole: Bourne’s done it! He’s beaten five other men – he’s the No. 1 Contender!

The Divas arriving for their match... looking about the arena...

Cole: Can Maryse recapture the Divas Title?

Melina nails the Primal Scream on Maryse... the successful pinfall... Melina with her title belt, high in the air...

Cole: Melina wins! She’s still the Champion!

Quick shots of the four tag teams making their way to the ring...

Cole: Only one team can walk out as Tag Team Champions...

Batista goes on a rampage...


Legacy stand above the wreckage, smirking... Dream Street to MVP... Legacy raising the titles high with smirks...

Cole: Legacy are your NEW Tag Team Champions!

Cut to the Miz and Carlito arriving... the Awesome One kisses his title...

Cole: Carlito versus the Miz, live tonight... the United States Title on the line...

Both men are exhausted... the Miz stuns Carlito with the Reality Check... Skull-Crushing Finale connects... Miz will get the three...

Cole: The Miz is still the Champion!

Miz holding his title above his head, exhausted... we cut to Jamie Noble and Sheamus... the arena is roaring Noble’s name...

Cole: These two hate each other. This match will be brutal...

Quick shots of various chairshots... the camera flickers black and white... Sheamus hits the Bicycle Kick to the trashcan...

Cole: This is total carnage!!!

Noble putting the Celtic Warrior through the announce table... Noble locks in the modified, chain-driven Dragon Sleeper... Sheamus has to tap...


Both men leave on stretchers...

Cole: What a match we just saw... and then there’s this...

Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston, face-to-face inside the cage...

Cole: The atmosphere here is electric! This whole arena is about to see a classic!

Orton and Kingston hammering each other against the steel... Quick, flashing shots of both men hitting high-impact moves... Both men climbing up the cage... RKO from the top rope...

Cole: What’s going- Orton grabs him... RKO!!! RKO FROM THE TOP!!! OH MY GOD!!!

Kingston bleeding on the mat... Orton tries to escape... but Kofi grabs the ankle... the struggle begins...

Cole: Could Orton be about to... nearly...


Cole: What... Legacy?

Rhodes and DiBiase arrive... they yell at Orton, who holds out an arm, crying ‘PULL ME OUT!’... BUT LEGACY SLAM THE DOOR SHUT ON ORTON’S FACE...


Orton is bleeding... Kofi goes up top... he takes a deep breath... he refuses to escape the cage... he soars off... AND CONNECTS WITH THE 16-FOOT BOOM DROP... the crowd goes into raptures, roaring...

Cole: I can guarantee you will never see that again in your LIFE!

Orton is broken... Kofi covers... and gets the three...

Cole: What a match... both men are beaten, broken and bloody...

We cut to a sparkling image of the WWE Championship...

Cole: Two men, the title on the line!

Jack Swagger and John Cena shown separately in slow, black and white shots... both men are locking up... Swagger dominates early on... Cena hits the Five-Knuckle Shuffle... Swagger escaping the Fireman’s Carry... various quick shots of kick-outs...

Cole: Both men are giving their all tonight...

Cena hoists Swagger on to his shoulders... he hits the Attitude Adjustment...


But Swagger kicks out... Cena is stunned...

Cole: But Swagger kicked out!

Cole’s voice echoes... Cena locks in the STFU...

Cole: STFU locked in! Will Swagger tap?

But Swagger grabs the ropes... he breaks the hold...

Cole: Swagger breaks the hold! He just won’t give in!

Swagger Powerbombs Cena into the turnbuckle... Cena is broken... the All-American American pulls Cena up... and nails the Gutwrench Powerbomb!

Cole: Oh my god! Swagger hits the Gutwrench!

Swagger hooks the leg... and gets the three count!

Cole: Jack Swagger has stunned the world!

The referee raises Swagger’s arm...


The words echo over and over... Swagger stands, golden title held high...


The Raw entrance video plays, and suddenly, we are live in Salt Lake City, where fireworks launch from the stage in a huge frenzy! The camera sweeps across the ecstatic crowd, who are going absolutely crazy! We hear the voices of Michael Cole and Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler...

Cole: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen... a very hearty welcome to Monday Night Raw! We are LIVE in Salt Lake City, it’s a chilly evening outside, but we can promise you it’s gonna be hot, hot, hot inside the EnergySolutions Arena tonight! With me as always, WWE Hall of Famer, he is of course, Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler. Jerry!

King: Thanks, Michael – I’m so hyped up for tonight’s show!

Cole: You’re not alone, King. Twenty thousand WWE fans are in the arena tonight to catch the red-hot fallout from last night’s massive event, Armageddon, where we saw thrills and spills galore!

King: Yeah, Michael! Jack Swagger shocked the world when he claimed the WWE Championship for the very first time, and Legacy turned on Randy Orton, shutting the steel cage door in his face, and costing him his massive match with his enemy, Kofi Kingston.

Cole: Indeed, King. Well, tonight, we have a great line-up for you! Three superstars will leave here tonight, knowing they have themselves a place in the 30-Man Royal Rumble match, and we’ll also be finding out who the new No. 1 Contender to the Divas Championship is.


The heat is god-damn HUGE for Jack Swagger! The All-American American’s music hits, and the EnergySolutions Arena gets to its feet, hurling boos at a man who hasn’t even made it out on to the stage yet! When he finally does come out, the boos increase even more, drowning out almost all other noise.

Jack Swagger stands at the top of the stage, having just wandered out from behind the curtain. The WWE Champion stands for a moment, letting the heat rain down, and letting his music play. The golden title on his shoulder is prominently featured – he is deliberately pushing it forward a little so attention is drawn to its shiny surface. Swagger is dressed in an expensive, casual outfit – he is wearing a white shirt, with the top few buttons undone, and a black jacket, unbuttoned to show his shirt. He is wearing jeans and dark, casual shoes, completing his smart yet relaxed demeanour. Swagger begins to slowly, agonisingly, swagger (pun not intended) his way down the ramp, smirking in a cocky fashion, enjoying his moment.

Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... the NEW WWE Champion... the All-American American... Jack Swagger!

The boos rain down again, and Swagger just continues to smirk. He gets halfway down the ramp, but is no mood to do push-ups, so he just carries on. He looks a bit stiff from the action 24 hours previously, but it seems that the title on his shoulder is the best medicine.

Cole: Well, here he is... the new WWE Champion, Jack Swagger.

King: He really outdid himself last night, Michael, and everyone knows it... I bet that won’t stop him from telling us, though.

Swagger wanders up the steps, then walks on to the apron. Swagger looks about in disgust, then yells for something – a junior member of the ringside staff hurries over, and hops on to the apron. The crowd boos, and Swagger smirks, as the man opens the ropes for Swagger, allowing the WWE Champion an easier route in. The All-American American lazily sweeps a leg over the lowered second rope, and gets into the ring. The ringside staff member scurries away. Swagger steps into the centre of the ring, and raises his arms with a smirk – a ton of heat falls on him. He spins to a different side of the crowd, and opens his arms to them – they give him a similar welcome.

Deciding he should really get on with the promo, Swagger beckons for a mic from ringside. He is handed one, and he then steps into the middle of the ring again. He lazily twirls the mic in his hand for a moment, before bringing it up towards his mouth smoothly... but when he opens his mouth, a massive smirk engulfs his face again as the crowd boos, and he brings the mic back down a little, enjoying himself. Suddenly, with a brutal sense of arrogance, Swagger lets the WWE Title fall from his shoulder into his hand, and then slowly raises it into the air, the natural boos swamping him. He places his title back on his shoulder, then finally brings the mic to his mouth, and speaks, loudly and brashly...

Swagger: I TOLD YOU SO!

20,000 people get to their feet to boo the All-American American... Swagger just bites his lip with genuine enjoyment.

Swagger: I promised that I would say that when I came to this ring tonight... just like I promised I would win the WWE Championship.

Massive boos.

Swagger: All the haters, all the jokers, all the disbelievers... I proved them all WRONG. Damn wrong. And if it sickens you all to your stomachs to see me with this belt... then you have no idea, just how much pleasure I get out of it.

More huge heat for Swagger, who just smirks.

Swagger: Every one of you looked down at me – you all doubted me. And as I said on countless occasions, I was going to make all of you sit up and pay attention to the All-American American... and I did! And whether you like it or not, Jack Swagger now stands before you, the doubters, the disbelievers... as the NEW Double-You, Double-You, E, CHAMPION!

Swagger raises his title above his head again in his cocky fashion, and the crowd just yells and hollers at him. He slowly brings the title back down, and lets it rest on his shoulder again.

Swagger: And for all you who are too poor to pay for a pay-per-view, those who missed my moment of glory... let me paint you a picture.

Swagger pauses, and rubs his title a little for a moment. He continues.

Swagger: I stepped into the ring at Armageddon. My opponent? The ‘Champ’...

Swagger chuckles to himself.

Swagger: ...John Cena.

The crowd roars for Cena, and Swagger lets out a massive, cackling laugh.

Swagger: BUT I BEAT HIM!

The cheers immediately transform into furious boos. Swagger smirks.

Swagger: And I know why it sickens you even more to hear me say it... and it’s not just because I know, oh yes, I know, that you can’t stand me.

More boos. ‘Cena!’ chants start up.

Swagger: It’s because I did it... without cheating. I did not grab myself a fistful of the ropes, I did not low blow my opponent, and I did not use weapons. All I did, was prove... that when it comes down to me, versus John Cena, in a ONE-ON-ONE WRESTLING MATCH... I am better.

More huge boos. The chants continue in the background, however.

Swagger: John Cena thought that he could beat me, but I flat out embarrassed him. I showed the world the skill and talent I possess, by becoming WWE Champion, without help, without aid... by simply outclassing the man who held the belt. My pure, wrestling ability was just too much for a hack like John Cena to cope with... and it showed, right?

Swagger smirks, ignoring the Cena chants.

Swagger: In front of all those people, I came into my own. John Cena said I was going to turn from a boy to a man? Well, I sure as hell did. But I didn’t just make the step into Raw’s elite. Oh no.

The crowd boos and Swagger uses his free hand to indicate an imaginary level.

Swagger: No, I made the jump to a tier far above John Cena. Far above anybody on this brand.

Swagger raises his hand higher, showing the level he’s on.

Swagger: A tier of Champions. The very best this business has to offer. The men with charisma, with intelligence, with... swagger.

Boos. Swagger smirks at that.

Swagger: The men with all that... and the men with god-damn WRESTLING ABILITY! Like me! The men who can turn an opponent inside out with the raw skill and talent that runs... THAT RUNS THROUGH THEIR VEINS!

Swagger is speaking even louder, the arrogance just flowing from him.

Swagger: And you wanna know who’s on that level? That tier of perfection?

Swagger looks at the camera with a smirk.

Swagger: It’s just... me.

Massive boos – the Cena chants stop for a moment, but resume as Swagger goes to continue speaking.

Swagger: And I’ll tell ya something else, too! When my girlfriend and I met up, last night... yeah, that’s right, Jack Swagger’s a made man! HA!

Swagger lets out a short, sharp laugh as the crowd boos his cockiness.

Swagger: When we met up last night, we went for dinner late in the evening after the event in Denver... the people staring at me... just wishing that they could be me!

Massive boos.

Swagger: I was treated like royalty... it’s something that I’ve deserved for a long time! After all the restrictions, all the restraint... I was finally given my chance to be big... to take the stardom that I deserve... AND I TOOK IT.

Swagger once again indicates the title belt. He continues, speaking slowly and deliberately, while pacing a little.

Swagger: I was watching the replays of that sweet, sweet Gutwrench Powerbomb I hit last night – and I heard Michael, ‘VIN-TAGE’, Cole, saying... ‘Jack Swagger has stunned the world’ ...Exactly. Everyone thought it was a huge shock that I won. I took it as a damn given.

Swagger lets the boos rain down again.

Swagger: But in a month’s time... three month’s time... six month’s time... A YEAR’S TIME, you won’t be shocked. I won’t be stunning the world, oh... hell... no. I’ll be giving you all, what you god-damn EXPECT from me!

More boos. Swagger stops his pacing. ‘Cena! Cena!’ is just as loud as before.

Swagger: Ya’know, I’m not letting this title go. Come the Rumble... come Wrestlemania... come Summerslam... come Survivor Series... come Armageddon, 2010. This title will still be in my hands, and I will be regarded as the greatest W... W... E... Champion of all time!

Swagger hammers his hand against the title, and stands, arms spread wide. The crowd boos, and Swagger just lets out a loud, joyous laugh. Suddenly, he brings his hands back in, and goes to speak again...

BUT ENTER CENA! The crowd goes nuts as John Cena’s music hits, and Swagger turns to the ramp, stunned! The ovation inside the EnergySolutions Arena is just INSANE! The white spotlights sweep across the arena, and out comes the former WWE Champion, growling like an animal! He looks quite stiff, but there is fire in his eyes, and he begins to stride purposely down the ramp, not feeling the need to run when he’s still sore from last night’s action.

Cole: OH MY! Here comes John Cena!

King: And he doesn’t look in a good mood!

Cena rolls under the bottom rope, and stands to face a now smirking Swagger. The All-American American watches him with contempt as he collects a mic from ringside, then waits for his music to subside. It does, and he opens his mouth to speak immediately... but Swagger holds up a hand...

Swagger: Oh look... the Champ... is... here.

Massive boos erupt across the arena, and Cena looks away, disheartened for a moment. Swagger stays on the attack:

Swagger: Wow, John, I’m gonna have to applaud you for having the guts to come out here... must be hard for you to come face-to-face with the man who humiliated you... the man who embarrassed you... the man who destroyed you!

More boos. Cena frowns.

Cena: Now, look here, Jack...

Swagger interrupts ferociously-


Cena: God-dammit, let me talk!

The fire between the two is clearly there early on. The two stand across from each other, mics by their sides. They exchange a heated glare, and Swagger doesn’t interrupt as Cena raises his mic again.

Cena: I’m gonna have to give credit... where credit is due.

Boos – the crowd knows what Cena means. The former WWE Champion pauses, as if something is in his throat.

Cena: beat me, Jack. And you’re right, you didn’t cheat to do it.

Swagger smirks, and the crowd boos.

Cena: But dammit... I’m not done. Because the fans were behind me the entire time last night... and I let them down.

A massive mixed reaction goes up.

Cena: I’m a man of the fans, Jack – you’ll never know what it’s like to have the weight of the world, resting on your shoulders. Egging you on. But I do. And I’m not gonna pretend that it’s the fans’ fault that I lost, no, not for a second.

Cena pauses.

Cena: Because it was my fault. I was careless, and you punished me for it.

Swagger nods with a smirk, looking out at the crowd as he does.

Cena: But Jack... don’t think it’ll happen twice!

Swagger looks to Cena sharply.

Cena: That championship there... it means so much to me – and I want it back!

The crowd cheers for Cena.

Cena: I’m not letting my carelessness be the reason for me losing the thing, that I love most in the world! So dammit, I need another chance! Because I can beat you, Jack! I’ve done it before!

Swagger scowls, and the crowd cheers.

Cena: So why don’t you prove to me, just how much of a Champion you are...

Swagger sees what’s coming, and takes a step forward.

Cena: I have a rematch clause... and I want my rematch... TONIGHT!

The crowd roars for Cena! Swagger has an angry expression, and the ‘Cena!’ chants start up once again! Swagger’s voice cuts through the racket...

Swagger: Oh yeah, Cena? You want another shot at THIS? At the All-American American? The WWE CHAMPION? Well... you can kiss your title shot good—


A HUGE mixed reaction goes up as the arena turns green... because here is Shane McMahon! The Raw General Manager’s music hits emphatically, and both men in the ring turn to face the stage, stunned as Shane O’ Mac comes skipping out!

Cole: Well, here is the Raw General Manager, Shane McMahon.

King: He’ll restore order!

The GM, dressed in a smart grey suit without a tie, stands on the stage, looking down to the ring, where John Cena and Jack Swagger are standing patiently, looking at Shane O’ Mac with intrigued expressions – Swagger smirks, and paces towards a corner for a moment. McMahon has a mic, and as his music fades off, he raises it to his mouth.

McMahon: Gentlemen, gentlemen. Well, first off, I’d just like to congratulate Jack Swagger on becoming our new WWE Champion.

The crowd boos, and Swagger smirks. Cena lets out a sigh and looks to the side.

McMahon: I can tell you, though, that tonight... you will be defending your WWE Championship – against John Cena!

The arena erupts! Swagger’s eyes go wide, and Cena punches the air! The All-American American starts ranting and raving, yelling ‘YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! I’M THE CHAMPION!’ Cena just looks at the WWE Champion, grinning, and Swagger suddenly points at him, teeth bared. Shane O’ Mac waits for the noise to die down, then continues...

McMahon: John – that’s your rematch clause there... if you lose tonight...

Swagger turns towards the ramp, yelling ‘WHEN! WHEN HE LOSES!’

McMahon: ...if you lose, then your only chance to win back the WWE Championship... will be next week, in our No. 1 Contender’s Special!

The crowd cheers – Swagger and Cena turn their attention to the Raw GM, perplexed.

McMahon: That’s right, kids – next week, we’ll have five qualifying matches... and in the Main Event, it’ll be all the winners, battling it out in a Battle Royal, where the winner will face the WWE Champion at Royal Rumble!

The crowd roars, and Cena and Swagger nod furtively.

McMahon: But gentlemen... only one of you can be the man to defend that title at Royal Rumble... I wish you both luck...

And with that, Shane O’ Mac’s music strikes up again, and the Raw GM raises his arms, smiling down at the ring, where Cena and Swagger are looking at each with hate in their eyes.

Cole: OH MY! It’s gonna be a rematch of last night at Armageddon – John Cena versus Jack Swagger, the WWE Title on the line!

King: I don’t believe this, Michael! What kind of condition are these men going to be in heading into tonight’s Main Event? They gave their absolute all last night in Denver!

Swagger slowly raises his title, but Cena just keeps looking at Swagger, slowly shaking his head. Raw goes to a break.


As we return, the bell rings. Justin Roberts is in the ring.

Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a Royal Rumble Qualifier!

The crowd cheers a little, as is custom.


But the arena starts to boo, as Chavo Guerrero arrives, clad in his usual poncho and bandana.

Roberts: Introducing first, from El Paso, Texas, weighing in at 215 pounds... Chavo Guerrero!

Cole: Well, we’ve already had one blockbuster announcement tonight... now, it’s time to see who will be Raw’s first superstar in the Royal Rumble match.

King: Chavo Guerrero was the last man eliminated last night in Armageddon’s opener, the Battle Royal, but if he wins tonight, he’ll forget all about that.

Chavo struts down the ramp, raising his arms, and beckoning the fans to boo him. They do... a bit. The Mexican Warrior gets in the ring, and awaits his opponent. He starts a little trash talk with an eager fan at ringside.


The crowd cheers, and Chavo stops calling the fan a non-PG name, looking to the ramp with anticipation. MVP comes hurtling out, grinning, and Mark Henry lumbers out behind him.

Roberts: And his opponent... accompanied by the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry... from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 245 pounds... Montel Vontavious Porter, MVP!

The Ballin’ Superstar begins to hop and bounce his way down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside. He stops in the middle of the ramp, and does his usual, touch-the-floor-raise-the-arms taunt, while Henry flexes his muscles directly behind him, in typical World’s Strongest Tag Team fashion.

Cole: And another man who just couldn’t pull out victory last night – MVP, who narrowly lost out on winning the Unified Tag Team Championships, alongside that man right there, Mark Henry.

King: Well, what better way to put that all behind him, than by booking himself a place in that Rumble?

MVP gets in the ring, and bounces off the ropes, before doing his Ballin’ taunt – a small portion of the crowd cry out the catchphrase, then realise that very few people were joining in, and look embarrassed. Mark Henry takes up a place at the apron. The referee checks both men, and Chavo takes off his poncho and bandana. As the referee has a word with Porter, Chavo tosses his clothing to the outside, and gets involved in his prior argument again. The referee calls for the bell, not realising Chavo wasn’t paying attention, and MVP quickly Rolls Up Chavo... he only gets a two count, and this match is off!

Match 1
Chavo Guerrero vs Montel Vontavious Porter
Royal Rumble Qualifier

We get to about five minutes in, and it’s been relatively back-and-forth. MVP knocks Chavo down with a hard right hand, but the Mexican Warrior comes straight back up – Porter scoops him up and lays him out with the Scoop Slam, however! MVP takes a step away from Chavo, then jumps up, looking for a big Leg Drop... which connects, across the neck of Chavo! MVP hooks a leg, while Guerrero gasps for air... 1... 2... but Chavo kicks out! MVP pulls Chavo back to his feet, but he gets a fist to the gut from the Mexican Warrior, and reels back – the Ballin’ Superstar moves in again, and whips Chavo to the ropes... and bends down... but he takes a face-ful of boot from Chavo! The crack echoes about the arena, and MVP reels back! Porter clutches his face, and Chavo throws himself forward, nailing a Dropkick to the mid-section. MVP bends down, now clutching his stomach... and Chavo grabs him, before sweetly landing a Neckbreaker! The crowd groans with the impact, and Chavo will cover... 1... 2... but MVP kicks out emphatically!

Mark Henry applauds MVP on the outside following the kickout. Chavo beats the mat a little, then yanks the Ballin’ Superstar up by his head... he nails a Suplex... and rolls! Both men rise, and Chavo connects with a second Suplex... and rolls... both men are up once more, and Chavo attempts that precious third Suplex... but MVP stands his ground, knees Chavo in the gut, then puts his boot to Guerrero’s face, emphatically flooring the Mexican Warrior! The crowd cheers, and Mark Henry starts clapping rhythmically on the outside – soon, the whole arena is clapping in time! Henry’s always-infectious charm pays off, and MVP covers... 1... 2... but Chavo kicks out! MVP stays on offence, pulling Guerrero to his feet... he puts Chavo in a front facelock... SNEAKY LOW BLOW FROM THE MEXICAN WARRIOR! The sharp punch to the groin was totally in a blind spot of the referee, who just thinks Chavo has punched Porter in the stomach! MVP goes down, eyes wide, and the crowd boos! Pretty much everyone saw it, but the referee! Chavo heads for the turnbuckle... he clambers up to the top, and points to the sky! The crowd boos him... and Chavo takes a deep breath, before soaring off with the Frog Splash... NOBODY’S HOME! CHAVO EATS MAT! The crowd roars as MVP rolls from the impact zone, leaving Chavo to collide with the floor! The Ballin’ Superstar winks at the World’s Strongest Man at ringside, then waits for Chavo to rise, still holding himself a little tenderly. Chavo struggles up to a knee, conveniently... and MVP charges across the ring – BOOM! DRIVE-BY KICK TO THE FACE OF CHAVO! The crowd erupts, and the Mexican Warrior collapses, barely conscious... MVP hooks the leg... 1... 2... 3!!! MVP is off to the Rumble!

Winner: Montel Vontavious Porter

Match Time: 7:32

MVP has his arm raised in victory! The crowd cheers, and Mark Henry gets into the ring, too, congratulating his partner. Porter smiles as he sees the big man, and both men raise their arms to the cheering crowd.

Cole: The Rumble just got a lot more Ballin’, King!

King: It sure did, Michael! MVP is a great addition to that Royal Rumble – he’ll do a great job for Raw!

MVP poses in the ring, and Chavo runs a hand through his hair on the outside. We cut elsewhere.

It’s a chilly evening in Salt Lake City, and it’s a black sky above the EnergySolutions Arena – the camera is showing the giant, glass front wall of the arena, and the lights lighting up the walkways leading up to the stadium reflect off the glass beautifully. Some people are walking about on the street adjacent to the stadium, and cars are driving past. The giant ‘EnergySolutions Arena’ sign sits perfectly at the top of the building’s front glass wall, and a light breeze is shaking the trees in front of the magnificent arena. We cut closer, where we see the famous statues of John Stockton and Karl Malone – the crowd cheers wildly in the background. Cole and King are, obviously, jabbering on about the history of Salt Lake City in the meantime, and past WWE events that have been held in the city.

A black car pulls sweetly up to the pavement adjacent to the arena, and the crowd pops big for Evan Bourne as he swings himself out of the car, smiling. Bourne is dressed in a black tracksuit with green and red lines all across it in a pattern. A big, muscular man appears beside him, ready to guide him to the arena. Some passers-by look over at Bourne with surprise as he trots up the steps, while the occasional latecomer to the arena walks by, gawking. Bourne signs a few autographs for young, lingering fans, who then rush off, and he continues towards the arena.

The camera follows Bourne as he wanders past the trees, barren in the cold weather, and then past the famous statues – a busker with a lowered cap is playing guitar incredibly poorly, leant against the Stockton statue. He doesn’t even notice Bourne. His guitar case is open, with nothing in it. A particularly large man walks past, and laughs at his poor playing, before carrying on. The busker looks up, and tilts his cap – his face is quite youthful, but it’s got fury all over it.

Busker: HEY! Why don’t you try it, fat-ass? People would throw peanuts at you, not money!

The crowd lightly boos the unknown man’s impertinence. The camera focus is now on the busker – Bourne wasn’t very far past the statues, signing another autograph for a small child. He looks over at the busker curiously – the young guitarist (if you can call him that) flings his hat to the ground, revealing a messy head of blonde hair. Bourne’s eyes go wide, and he takes a step towards the busker, as if recognising him. The large man who had insulted the busker’s playing scurries off, and the busker throws his guitar to the floor, furious. He turns, and sees Bourne with a start. Bourne is the first to speak:

Bourne: ...Larry? Larry Sweeney?

The busker looks at Bourne, and a look of relief crosses his face – a smirk flashes across his face, but it is gone within seconds. Sweeney puts out both arms.

Sweeney: Evan! Buddy! Wow, I mean, that’s one hell of a coincidence right there... I meet you here, of all places... it’s odd, for sure. Sure is.

Bourne embraces Sweeney tentatively – his big male valet looks suspicious, but Bourne waves him down. Bourne separates himself from Sweeney.

Bourne: Uh... Larry, I don’t know what to say, man. Um... why are you here? What’s up?

Sweeney deliberately puts it on, shivering, and just plain looking sorry for himself.

Sweeney: Well, man, I got into some trouble, y’see... jeez, it’s cold out here... and well, I just need a place to hang... and I, uh, know we haven’t been in touch much lately, man... buddy. But I just thought you might lend me a hand, y’know, for old times’ sake? Yeah?

Bourne blinks in surprise. You would think he’d be smart enough to see that Sweeney is exaggerating far beyond how in trouble he actually is... but his kind side takes over.

Bourne: Uh, sure, Larry. Why don’t you come inside, man? How long have you been out here?

Bourne puts an arm around Sweeney, who again, exaggerates, shivering and they walk in towards the arena together. The camera follows them. Sweeney doesn’t pass up on the opportunity to insult a man buying a large dish of nachos, so Bourne tells him to “cool it”. We cut to ringside.

Cole: Well, it seems Evan Bourne has met an old friend this evening!

King: And a rude one at that – hey, did that guy leave his guitar on the floor?

Cole: It probably has more chance of being played well down there, King. Well, Evan Bourne wasn’t scheduled to be in action tonight, but he’ll have his hands full tonight, for sure, as he looks after his old friend... Larry Sweeney, was it?

King: I think so, Michael. He seems like an odd fellow, that’s for sure.

Cole: More on this one as it unfolds, I guess, King. We’ll just have to wait and see – what an unexpected start to the evening we’ve had! And there’s still lots more to come!

Raw will go to a break.


As we return, that bell chimes...

Roberts: The following Triple Threat contest is scheduled for one fall! The winner will earn themselves a shot at the Divas Championship!

A mild cheer goes up. Half the crowd gets up to go test the arena’s plumbing system.


The arena turns pink, and those still about give a modest cheer for Kelly Kelly, who comes springing out, cheerful as always.

Roberts: Introducing first... from Jacksonville, Florida... Kelly Kelly!

Cole: Well, after all the events we’ve seen already this evening, we’re about to crown a new No. 1 Contender to Melina’s Divas Championship.

King: Plus, we still have another Royal Rumble Qualifier, and a World Title match to come!

K-Squared jogs down the ramp jovially, slapping the hands of those fans at ringside. She rolls under the rope, and the music of Gail Kim starts. Another small cheer goes up, and Kim arrives on the stage, smiling too.

Roberts: And, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada... Gail Kim!

Cole: And here’s Gail Kim, who will join Kelly Kelly as the second Diva in this Triple Threat matchup.

King: Gail Kim is great friends with Melina – can you imagine if those two had to go at it with the title on the line?

Kim gets in the ring, and points out to the crowd from a couple of the turnbuckles. Maryse’s music hits suddenly, and the crowd boos – the Sultry Diva struts out, looking frustrated. Doesn’t take a genius.

Roberts: And finally, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada... Maryse!

Cole: Well, Maryse couldn’t quite capture the Divas Championship last night, but if she wins tonight, she will earn herself a precious second chance at the title she loves.

King: Man, I wouldn’t want to get in her way tonight... but remember, Michael – Maryse was really drained after her match last night. She’s probably not 100% yet! Still... my money’s on her, Michael.

Maryse doesn’t bother with her usual teasing ring entrance, instead rolling into the ring, flinging her cape to ringside, and yelling at the referee to begin the match. He does so.

Match 2
Kelly Kelly vs Gail Kim vs Maryse
No. 1 Contender to the Divas Championship

As we join the match at about four minutes of hair pulling and big slaps, we join the action. Kelly Kelly is hovering in the corner, resting against the turnbuckle. Maryse is hammering Gail Kim with some hard punches (forearms) on the floor, while lifting Kim’s head to get a better position to fire the blows from. Maryse stands, and Kim rolls away, rattled. The Sultry Diva doesn’t let Kim get up, instead yanking her up by her hair... she grapples... and nails her Forward Russian Legsweep! Kim hits the mat hard, and the Sultry Diva stands, sweeping her hair from her face. Kim rolls slowly under the bottom rope, and rests beneath it, still in the ring. Kelly Kelly takes a deep breath, and comes charging out of the corner – straight into a big right hand from Maryse!

K-Squared reels back, holding her jaw... Maryse looks in top form this evening! Kelly Kelly straightens up... and she gets laid out with a Forward Russian Legsweep, too! Maryse rolls K-Squared into the cover... 1... 2... but Kelly kicks out! Maryse growls under her breath in frustration... she waits for Kelly Kelly to get up, and puts her in the front facelock! The crowd begins to boo, and Maryse just bares her teeth, ready to hit K-Squared with the French Kiss... but Gail Kim clubs her in the back! The crowd cries out, and Maryse releases Kelly Kelly... and Gail Kim flings the Sultry Diva from the ring! Maryse clatters to the outside, through the middle rope, and the crowd cheers! Gail Kim then grabs Kelly Kelly... and nails the devastating Eat Defeat to her own friend! The crowd cries out, and Gail Kim will hook the leg... Maryse is still clutching her face on the outside... 1... 2... 3! We have our No. 1 Contender!

Winner: Gail Kim

Match Time: 5:03

Gail Kim has her arm raised by the referee – Maryse’s eyes go massively wide on the outside! The crowd cheers for Kim, who gets up on the turnbuckle, and points out at the crowd with a smile. Maryse slides back into the ring, baring her teeth... and she grabs Kelly Kelly! The crowd begins to boo, and Maryse drops to her knees, then starts screeching in K-Squared’s face, ‘YOU COST ME MY SHOT! YOU BITCH!’ Gail Kim turns round, hopping off the turnbuckle, and sees Maryse, screaming at Kelly Kelly on the mat! She charges towards Maryse, but the Sultry Diva sees her, and rolls from the ring, fuming.

Gail Kim points to Maryse from over the ropes, and the Sultry Diva rages, still yelling at Kelly Kelly, who sits up, dazed and confused. A small section of the crowd starts chanting Gail Kim’s name. Maryse just continues to screech at Kelly Kelly, who Kim helps to her feet. K-Squared and Kim scowl at Maryse, who puts up her arms and yells, ‘Just you wait!’ with her traditional accent.

Cole: Gail Kim is the new No. 1 Contender to the Divas Championship, King, but Maryse sure isn’t happy about it!

King: She looked like she was gonna tear Kelly Kelly’s head off, Michael! Still, can you believe we’re gonna see Gail Kim versus Melina, with the Divas Title on the line? That’s gonna be amazing, Michael!

Cole: It sure is, King. Well, don’t forget, later tonight, we have a WWE Title match to come, as John Cena takes on Jack Swagger once again, with that prestigious title once again on the line.

We cut backstage. Hey, it’s Todd Grisham with a mic!

Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, may I re-introduce you to the “Motor Machine”... making his return to the WWE... Chuck Palumbo!

A small mixed reaction goes up – the knowledgeable ones in the crowd remember him, and cheer, while the even more knowledgeable ones remember he’s a heel, and boo. Palumbo appears in the shot. He’s as tall as ever, with his bedraggled, black hair hanging over his face. He sweeps it out of the way with a thick, gloved hand, revealing a small smirk.

Grisham: Chuck, welcome back... how are you feeling about your re-debut on Raw tonight?

Palumbo wrenches the mic casually from Grisham’s hand, and holds it to his mouth.

Palumbo: Y’know... it’s good to be back. But not because I need this company. Hell no. It’s good to be back, so I can pick up where I left off... by dominating this company, BIKER STYLE!

Palumbo raises a fist, and the crowd boos.

Palumbo: And for all you ‘kiddies’ who don’t know who I am... you will. Oh yeah, you will.

Palumbo pauses, smirking.

Palumbo: Because I am gonna tear apart Santino Marella, and anyone else who gets in my way, too. So Raw? I’d watch out. Because Chuck Palumbo is back on the loose, baby... and I’m putting the pedal to the metal, BIKER STYLE! Just watch me. You won’t be forgetting my name.

Palumbo tosses the mic to Grisham suddenly, before leaving. Grisham fumbles the mic, and drops it in surprise. The crowd boos Palumbo’s cockiness, and we go to a break.


As Raw returns...


The crowd comes to life with a big mixed reaction, still mainly boos, as Randy Orton arrives on the stage, staring coldly out at the arena. Orton is in his ring gear, but he has a typical ‘Viper’ shirt on top, with an elaborately drawn snake on the front. His face is a mess – he has a few stitches in places from where he suffered cuts inside the cage, and a couple of places on his body are wrapped in flesh-coloured bandages. He doesn’t look in a good way.

Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... Randy Orton!

Cole: The Legend Killer, who was truly taken to the limit by Kofi Kingston last night inside a Steel Cage, only to be betrayed by Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, who shut the cage door on his face, allowing Kofi Kingston to climb up the cage, and deliver an awe-inspiring 16-foot-high Boom Drop to the Viper, breaking both men in the process.

King: It was pretty insane, Michael! Both men were broken in that cage last night... I’m amazed Randy Orton can still walk!

Orton wanders down the ramp, every other step a limping one, and tenderly takes the steel steps, before swinging gingerly into the ring. He looks out at the jeering crowd with a cold stare, then receives a mic from ringside. Holding it in his right hand, he wanders tentatively back into the middle of the ring, and once again looks out at the arena with his typical, cold Orton look. Orton’s music subsides, but the gold lighting remains, hanging over the arena. Slowly, Orton raises the mic to his mouth.

Orton: ...injustice.

The arena boos Orton, who lets the mic fall to his side. ‘You suck!’ chants kick off.

Orton: I’ve been racking my brains for the last 24 hours, and the best word to sum up just what happened at Armageddon... is injustice.

More boos.

Orton: The two men that I have mentored. The two men that I took under my wing. Cody Rhodes, and Ted DiBiase.

Mixed reaction, mainly just noise.

Orton: It seems fate would have it... that those two, of all people, would be the ones to cost me something which was dear to me. The scalp of Kofi Kingston.

Massive boos here. Orton’s eyes are cold and ruthless.

Orton: It disgusts me to think that I may have driven them to it. Was I a bad mentor? No... I was not.

Orton pauses.

Orton: I showed these two, young as they are, how this business works. I showed them how to get to the very top of this industry. What did I get in return? Lies. Slander. Betrayal.

Mixed reaction.

Orton: And to think... I had that match won. I was nearly finished, doing what I said I would do... and break Kofi Kingston inside that Steel Cage.


Orton: He stepped inside the cage with me... and I bloodied him. I RKO’D HIM FROM NEARLY THE TOP OF THAT CAGE!

More boos. Orton looks to be hotting up...

Orton: I threw him into the steel, I dominated him like I do to every single opponent I face!

Orton drops to a hiss-like whisper.

Orton: ...but I had that victory stolen from me!

Orton’s face is contorted with rage and disbelief.

Orton: the very men that I mentored... the very men I had raised to be great.

Orton regains his cold composure, and looks out at the crowd for a moment.

Orton: And now, they must face the backlash. They must come face-to-face... with the man they turned on. So, Ted, Cody, why don’t you show me just how much you’ve grown, by coming out here, and letting me give you... WHAT YOU DESERVE!!!

The crowd boos. There is a long pause, and Orton looks at the ramp, teeth bared.


The crowd boos, and Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes arrive on the stage, looking stony-faced.

Cole: Well, as my old friend Jim Ross might say... business is about to pick up!

King: No kidding, Michael!

Legacy stride down the ramp, looking at Orton with hard faces. They stop at the bottom of the ramp, and stare at the cold Randy Orton standing in the ring. They briefly look at each other, then circle round, getting into the ring from opposite sides. Orton steps towards a neutral side, carefully looking at both young men. Rhodes and DiBiase, confident Orton isn’t planning to attack them... yet, meet up again, and stand side-by-side for a moment. Rhodes collects a pair of mics, and hands one to DiBiase. Legacy’s music dies down, and the three men have a cold exchange of looks. Rhodes, tilting his head slightly, is the first to speak, breaking the awkward silence.

Rhodes: Well, Randy... here we are.

Rhodes raises his arms, gesturing that they are, in fact, there. DiBiase follows up.

DiBiase: See, I bet you’re wondering just why we did... what we did.

Orton tilts his head.

DiBiase: Does “the fiercest, most unstoppable pair of superstars since... Randy Orton” ring a bell, Randy?

Rhodes: How about “make me respect you”?

DiBiase: “I won’t respect you, until you give me a damn reason to”?

Orton stands, looking at his former protégés curiously. Rhodes and DiBiase have done their homework, it seems, and a big mixed reaction follows their quoting session.

Rhodes: You constantly said to us... make us respect you. Prove we could be dangerous. Prove we could be efficient, and deadly.

DiBiase takes a step forward.

DiBiase: Prove we could be just... like... you.

The crowd lets out another small mixed reaction.

DiBiase: You wanted us to make a statement, Randy... we won the WWE Unified Tag Team Titles! That’s a pretty big statement to me, and Cody too!

Rhodes nods. The pair don’t have their title belts with them, however.

Rhodes: So when you still weren’t happy, Randy... we took matters into our own hands. And we shut that cage door on your face. Yeah, we cost you that match.

DiBiase smirks for a moment. Rhodes continues.

Rhodes: But do you still think we’re just kids, Randy? Do you still see us as weak and spineless? Huh?

Orton raises his head and looks down at Rhodes and DiBiase in typical Orton fashion. The Million Dollar Prince is the next to talk.

DiBiase: We proved we could be dangerous. We proved we could be efficient and deadly.

DiBiase glares at Orton. Rhodes raises his mic.

Rhodes: We proved we could be just... like... you.

Another big mixed reaction goes up. There is a short pause.

DiBiase: So tell us, Randy... we did our bit... we made our statement, we proved just how serious we are...

Orton knows what’s coming.

DiBiase: So tell us. Do you respect us now?

A big mixed reaction comes from the crowd, some on Legacy’s side, some on Orton’s. Still, the majority of the crowd hates all three. There is a pause, and Orton takes a step towards Legacy. The crowd begins chanting ‘RKO! RKO!’, and soon the whole arena is at it! DiBiase cuts through the noise:

DiBiase: HEY! I said... do you respect us... now?

Orton looks at him with fiery eyes. The ‘RKO!’ chants get even louder! After a long, long pause, however, Orton raises his mic...

Orton: ...yes.

The arena explodes with a massive mixed reaction! Everyone was expecting the RKO – Rhodes and DiBiase are just as blown away as we all are!

Orton: You two... I said I would give you, what you deserve.

Rhodes and DiBiase look at Orton, incredulous.

Orton: And what you deserve... is... my respect.

The crowd boos Orton massively! Legacy cannot believe what they are seeing!

Orton: I asked you, to prove to me just how dangerous you could be... and you did it. And you know what? I would have done the exact... same... thing.

Rhodes and DiBiase begin to smirk...

Orton: I am proud... to call you my protégés. Together, we are unstoppable.

Rhodes and DiBiase nod and grin, as the crowd boos. Orton turns to the crowd.

Orton: Oh, and I know, that you were all hoping for me to turn on these two... but they are twice the men any of you will ever... hope to be!

Rhodes and DiBiase look very content, and Orton continues to lambast the crowd.

Orton: How many of you... how many of you would dare to take the extra step, to make yourselves golden to me, like these two did? These men... they did what no man would dare to do... they crossed the Legend Killer... and proved to me, that they have a future... in... this... business.

The crowd rains heat down on Orton, who slowly turns to his Legacy cohorts... and holds out a hand. The crowd cries out for Legacy to turn on him again, but they just smirk – DiBiase shakes it emphatically, and Rhodes does likewise. Orton smirks, and then drops his mic, lifting up an arm of both men – the crowd boos, and Rhodes and DiBiase smirk broadly. The picture of the three members of Legacy standing tall, together, is what we see, as Orton’s music starts to play, and Cole’s voice cuts in.

Cole: ...what?

King: Did... did Randy Orton just forgive Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase? I don’t believe this, Michael!

Cole: Well, regardless, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are in action next, against the Colons, with two places in the Royal Rumble match on the line! You don’t want to go away!

Raw goes to a break, as the crowd boos the smirking trio in the ring.


As Raw returns, Rhodes and DiBiase are in the ring, smirking. The bell rings.

Roberts: The following tag team contest is a Royal Rumble Qualifier! Already in the ring, at a combined weight of 458 pounds... they are the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions... Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase!

Cole: Well, Randy Orton has gone backstage for the time being, but he’ll be watching this match, as it involves his two protégés, who he has buried the hatchet with on Raw this evening!

King: But can Orton be trusted, Michael? You know what they say... revenge is a dish best served cold!


The crowd cheers, and Carlito and Primo arrive, smiling, but looking a bit disheartened after their losses last night.

Roberts: And their opponents... from San Juan, Puerto Rico, at a combined weight of 438 pounds... Carlito, and Primo... the Colons!

The Colons begin to make their way down the ramp – Primo looks out at the crowd, smiling, while Carlito shines his apple and fluffs his afro.

Cole: The team who first ever unified those titles, the brothers, Carlito and Primo, who are teaming again tonight for the first time in a fair while, King.

King: Both men are coming off losses last night, Michael, but they’ve teamed together many times before, and that experience will be really beneficial in this one.

The Colons get in the ring, and stare down Rhodes and DiBiase coldly. Primo heads for one turnbuckle, while Carlito clambers up the opposite one, gently tossing his apple into the crowd. They hop down, and agree that Carlito will start, against Ted DiBiase.

Match 3
Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase vs The Colons
Royal Rumble Qualifier

We join at about 7 minutes of a match which has been fairly back-and-forth. Ted DiBiase is kicking Primo in the gut repeatedly in the corner, and Carlito is garnering support from the crowd, clapping with his hands well above his head. The referee tells DiBiase to stop kicking Primo, and he does, before pulling Primo from the corner – and decapitating him with a huge Clothesline! Primo hits the mat with a crack, and cries out... DiBiase covers... 1... 2... but Primo finds it in him to kick out! DiBiase pulls Primo back to his feet by his head, and lashes out with a measured punch to the forehead of Primo... before scooping Primo up, and laying him out with a hard Scoop Slam! The crowd cries out as the move connects, and DiBiase shines up his elbow... the crowd boos, knowing DiBiase devastated MVP with his repeated Elbow Drops last night... DiBiase looks to drive that elbow... BUT PRIMO DENIES HIM EVEN ONE! Primo rolls out the way, and DiBiase connects with the mat! He yells out, and both men are suddenly on the mat! The crowd roars for the hot tag, and Primo keeps crawling... DiBiase slaps the hand of a coiled Cody Rhodes, and he comes charging in... BUT PRIMO GETS THE LEAPING TAG TO CARLITO!

Carlito hoists himself on to the top turnbuckle immediately, and as Rhodes moves in, ‘Lito soars off, and catches Rhodes with a cracking Missile Dropkick to the jaw! Rhodes sells it beautifully, and goes down like he’s been struck by lightning... and Carlito gets up, before heading for the ropes, springboarding... and nailing a Springboard Moonsault! Cracking stuff! The Caribbean superstar will hook the leg... 1... 2... DIBIASE BREAKS IT UP! The crowd boos, and DiBiase protests his innocence – Carlito rocks him with a right hand, but he comes back with one of his own! The referee yells at DiBiase to leave the ring, then follows him to the apron as he does... but Rhodes grabs the stunned Carlito... AND CONNECTS WITH THE BRUTAL, SKULL-CRACKING CROSS RHODES!!! The referee turns around from lambasting DiBiase, and sees Rhodes laying himself on top of Carlito... he’ll drop to count it... it’s academic, Primo is nowhere to be seen... 1... 2... 3! Rhodes and DiBiase are in the Rumble!

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase

Match Time: 8:20

DiBiase and Rhodes meet up in the middle of the ring, and smirk out at the crowd. Rhodes wipes a fist across his mouth, still smarting as the referee raises the arms of both men. They break away, and get up on the turnbuckles, nearly laughing. Carlito and Primo rest on the outside. Carlito is shaking his head, knowing he was screwed by DiBiase’s interference.

Cole: Well, that right there makes it a good night for Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase!

King: Not to mention last night, Michael! In two days, they’ve won the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships, earned the ‘respect’ of Randy Orton, and qualified for the Royal Rumble match! That’s what I call form!

Cole: Oh, I agree King. Well, we still have a WWE Title match to come, as well as the re-debut of Chuck Palumbo, and some words, via satellite, from the Pit Bull, Jamie Noble.

King: That’s gonna be pretty emotional, I bet.

We head backstage, where we see Evan Bourne, talking rhubarb with a random backstage worker by some crates. The crowd pops big, and Bourne smiles at something the worker says. Suddenly, Larry Sweeney wanders into shot, all of sudden dressed in a clean shirt, and not-torn trousers. He is wearing sunglasses – the crowd give him a fair amount of heat, considering they only met him about 45 minutes ago. The worker is talking, but Sweeney interrupts him.

Sweeney: Buddy? Yeah, time is money. Beat it.

The worker looks at Bourne with a silent look, then wanders off. Bourne turns to Sweeney, frowning.

Bourne: Larry, I was- ...where did you get all of that stuff from?

Larry lowers his glasses.

Sweeney: ...huh?

Sweeney pauses, and raises his eyes to the ceiling. He thinks for a moment, then changes the subject, pulling out a stick of chewing gum.

Sweeney: Gum?

Bourne looks at him, then decides to let it go. He sighs.

Bourne: ...sure.

Sweeney hands him the gum, and Bourne opens it. Sweeney raises his glasses back up, and looks around nonchalantly. The Bella Twins go past, and he lowers his glasses once more to look at them, smirking as he does. Bourne frowns as he notices him.

Bourne: Well, I guess you haven’t changed from the last time I saw you.

Sweeney manages to pull his gaze away from the Bellas to look at the straight-faced Bourne. He shrugs.

Sweeney: Old dog, new tricks. What’cha gonna do.

Bourne rolls his eyes. Sweeney hits him in the arm.

Sweeney: But hey, look at you, huh? No. 1 Contender! Looks like old Sweet ‘n’ Sour here did ya a few favours when I got you into the WWE, right?

Bourne raises an eyebrow. Sweeney smiles and puts a nonchalant arm around him. Bourne smirks as he looks at him.

Sweeney: Hey, ya can try to deny it all ya like, Evan. I’m the guy who got you this job a couple of years back, now. And look where I got ya!

Bourne grins.

Sweeney: Come on, don’t try and tell me ya didn’t miss me, Evan. I’m the cheese on your pizza, the mustard on your hot dog! Man, am I hungry.

A pair of workers wander past, one with a sandwich, and Sweeney plucks from his hand. He takes his arm away from Bourne. He flippantly smirks at the worker.

Sweeney: Thanks.

Bourne frowns as Sweeney takes a bite of the sandwich, and the workers wander off, disgruntled.

Sweeney: Ugh! Who made this, your dog?

Sweeney spits his mouthful to the floor, then flings the sandwich after the worker, furious. Bourne puts his hands on his hips.

Bourne: Look, Larry-

Before Bourne can lecture his old friend, the Miz appears in the shot – the crowd unleashes a ton of heat on the “Awesome One”. Bourne looks at him. Sweeney takes off his sunglasses and shines them on his shirt, ignoring the United States Champion.

Miz: Wow. Picking up hobos? Really, Evan? REALLY?

The crowd boos the Miz loudly, as Bourne frowns.

Miz: You know, if I’d watched someone dominate a United States Championship match like I did last night, I’d be... well, I’d be watching videos of my win last night.

More boos.

Miz: But you just might have the weirdest strategy I’ve ever seen. I’ve been United States Champion for so long, I’ve forgotten who I beat for the title in the first place, and I’ve lost count of just how many people I’ve beaten. You might wanna try actually trying for this one, Evan. I want to be the one to embarrass you at the Rumble... I don’t want you to embarrass yourself.

Bourne frowns again as the crowd boos. Sweeney puts his sunglasses back on, then starts to inspect his fingernails, still ignoring the Miz.

Miz: I made a mockery of Carlito last night at Armageddon, and you better believe I’ll be doing the same to you, Bourne. In fact, you can bet all the money you have on it. Hey, maybe then you can buy some decent clothes!

Bourne opens his mouth to speak-

Miz: Oh, did I hear something?, I guess not. Must have been some loser trying to talk to... me. The Miz!

Bourne rolls his eyes, and the crowd starts chanting ‘You suck!’ Sweeney looks about, bored.

Miz: Look, Bourne. I don’t care how many men you beat last night. I don’t care if you have some sort of, misguided sense of hope, that you might win at Royal Rumble. And frankly, I don’t care about how you go about preparing for our match. Just as long as you’re there, so I crush you... like a bug under my foot.

More boos.

Miz: I’ve done it to half the roster, and the other half lose to me by default, because I’m awesome. I’ve even beaten you, with this title on the line. At the Rumble, it’ll be no... different. And you why?

Bourne tilts his head, eyeing the Miz. Sweeney takes off his glasses.

Miz: It’s cause I’m the Miz... AND I’M-

Sweeney: Man, I could go for some Thai food right now.

And with that, Sweeney grabs a surprised Bourne’s wrist, and yanks him away from the scene. The Miz looks at the empty space left by Bourne and Sweeney, and blinks, shocked. He mouths ‘Awesome’, then frowns. He hoists his title a little higher on his shoulder, then stands, looking off-screen, clearly a little frazzled. Raw goes to a break.


As Raw returns, we are elsewhere backstage. Hey Todd.

Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m just about to try to get an interview with the Masterpiece, Chris Masters.

The camera zooms out a little, showing Grisham standing by a locker room. The door opens, and Masters himself comes storming out in street clothes, fuming. Grisham walks alongside him, trying to keep up with the quickly-moving Masterpiece.

Grisham: Uh, Chris – Chris, you’ve been on a bad run of form of late, with multiple losses to Evan Bourne, and being the first man eliminated last night in the Battle Royal to open Armageddon. How are you feeling?

Masters stops and turns to Grisham, clearly angry.

Masters: How am I FEELING? Well, how would you feel, Todd? I’m the most talented superstar on this roster, and all I get is bad breaks. Fluke losses, and bad luck. Well, you know how I’m gonna get back on track, Todd?

Grisham just holds out the mic, eager for Masters to tell him.

Masters: Well, I’m gonna do what every American hero in the history of this country has done when their back is up against the wall... I’m gonna take it out on someone smaller than me!

This gets some pretty big heat here, and coincidence of coincidences, Masters sees Paul London on the phone, leaning against the corridor wall. The Masterpiece storms over to him... AND PUTS HIS MASSIVE BOOT THROUGH LONDON’S FACE! The crowd boos intensely, and Masters stomps all over London, who is now on the floor, taken completely off guard! Grisham is nowhere to be seen, and Masters picks up London... BEFORE HURLING HIM INTO THE CONCRETE WALL!

London crumples, and Masters seethes over him. The Masterpiece picks him back up... then picks him up over his head with the Military Press... AND FLINGS LONDON INTO A MASSIVE PILE OF CRATES! The crowd cries out with groans as London disappears from sight in the massive pile, and we hear a crunching sound as London falls through a bunch of them! The camera sweeps around to Masters’ red, furious face, as we slowly cut to ringside, where the arena is stunned.

Cole: I – well, we’ve seen some shocking things this evening, but that impromptu attack by Chris Masters on Paul London is one of the most hate-filled and unnecessary things I think I’ve ever seen.

King: Uh... no kidding, Michael. Um – wow. That was pretty shocking. I did not expect that. Not at all.

The bell chimes.

Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Santino Marella’s music hits, and a mixed reaction goes up for the “Italian Stallion” as he arrives, smiling. He holds up a finger, rolling his eyes in mock flattery, as if he is being cheered by millions.

Roberts: Introducing first, from Calabria, Italy, weighing in at 227 pounds... Santino Marella!

Cole: And if you want to talk about confidence, look no further than Santino Marella.

King: He might have lost last night, Michael, but Santino, to his credit, never gives up. I wish I could understand him, though, with the accent and all.

Santino struts down the ramp, grinning. He rolls under the bottom rope, and suddenly, his music subsides, to be replaced by a heavy guitar tune. The crowd boos Chuck Palumbo, who comes out on his motorbike, a big black beast of a machine, and begins to coast down the ramp, constantly revving the engine.

Roberts: And, from San Diego, California, weighing in at 280 pounds... the Motor Machine... Chuck Palumbo!

Cole: Well, earlier, Chuck Palumbo said that he would ‘tear apart’ Santino here tonight, and make sure everyone remembered his name, straight from the get-go on Raw.

King: BIKER STYLE, Michael!

Palumbo rides around the ring, curling his lip ferociously at Santino, who gives him a little wave. Palumbo leaves his bike by the ramp, after circling the ring once. He steps on to the apron, and enters the ring over the top rope. His music dies down. Before the match can begin, however, Santino has a mic in his hand...

Marella: Well, well, well, look-a what the pussycat dragged in!

A mixed reaction goes up. Palumbo raises his fists, frowning.

Marella: If it isn’t Chuck Mutombo! Look everyone!

Santino points to Palumbo, who curls his lip again. Marella tilts his head with a relaxed sigh.

Marella: Might I introduce-a myself. I’m-a Santino Marella. Raw is, ah, like my house. Welcome! Please, wipe-a your feet, ha... ha.

Santino blinks. Palumbo yells ‘Do you wanna get it on or what?’

Marella: Wow... you’re an angry one. Have you tried-a counselling?

BOOM! Palumbo puts his massive fist into Santino’s face with the force of a freight train! The crowd begins to boo as Santino gasps on the mat, and the referee hurriedly calls for the bell...

Match 4
Santino Marella vs Chuck Palumbo

Palumbo grabs Santino back up from the floor, and whips him to the ropes, before... BIG BOOT TO THE FACE! Santino blinks on the mat, totally stunned and in pain... Palumbo kneels by the Italian Stallion, and begins to lash out with continuous right hands, beating the life from Santino, blow by blow! The crowd boos, and the referee reaches a count of four before Palumbo moves away, fuming! The Motor Machine runs a hand through his hair, then turns around to face Santino, who is using the ropes to pull himself to his feet. As he does, Palumbo grabs him by the throat... and tosses him across the ring with one hand! Santino lands hard, and the crowd groans with the sick impact! Palumbo clearly means business, and wastes no time – he moves across the ring again, and uses the top rope for leverage as he repeatedly stomps on Santino! The Motor Machine just keeps stomping, a vicious look on his face... again, a count of four sends him away.

Santino needs a moment to recover, but Palumbo won’t let him have it! He yanks the Italian back to his feet, then flings him over his head with a stunning Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex! The crowd groans with the jarring impact, and Santino’s face crumples in pain... and Palumbo lands a huge Leg Drop, adding to Santino’s woes! The crowd begins to boo Palumbo quite voraciously, but the Motor Machine is only spurred on, as he pulls Santino back to his feet, and places him between his legs... he pulls Santino high into the air, at head height... AND NAILS HIM WITH A CRUSHING POWERBOMB INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Santino crumples off the turnbuckle, crying out, and the crowd lets out a massive groan with the brutal impact! Palumbo drops to his fists on the mat, yelling ‘YOU’RE NOT SO FUNNY NOW, HUH? TELL ME A JOKE! TELL ME A JOKE!’ The crowd boos him loudly, and Palumbo looks out at them with a sick grin... he pulls Santino back to his feet, the Italian a broken mess... he picks him up into a Side Slam position... and he swings him through, AND NAILS A SICK SWINGING SIDE SLAM, SHAKING THE VERY RING! The crowd are stunned by the insane move – Palumbo leapt off the ground to deliver the end of the move with extra force! Santino is barely conscious on the floor, but Palumbo wants to make one more statement... he peels Santino from the mat, and sets him up in Gutwrench position. He pulls Santino up onto his right shoulder... THEN DELIVERS THE FULL THROTTLE!!! The camera shows someone in the crowd just shaking their head, stunned by the brutality of Chuck Palumbo. This is just sick. The Motor Machine rolls Santino on to his back with his boot, then presses his boot to the chest of Santino, raising his arms in a cocky gesture of victory... the referee will count the unorthodox pin... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: Chuck Palumbo

Match Time: 2:17

The referee tries to raise Palumbo’s arm, but the Motor Machine looks at him coldly, and the referee backs away nervously. Palumbo looks down at the unmoving Santino Marella, and there is no remorse in his eyes. There is no regret, and there is no guilt. He doesn’t care in the slightest about what he’s done. He looks out at the crowd coldly, then raises an arm, with a closed fist at the end of it. The crowd yells ‘YOU SUCK!’ back at him, but Palumbo just runs a massive hand through his hair, a small smirk on his face.

Cole: You know, the big guys really run this show at times.

King: Michael, Chuck Palumbo didn’t even let Santino Marella touch him in that match. That was unbelievable.

Cole: It’s been a night of thrills, spills and emotion, but ladies and gentlemen, things are about to get a lot more emotional.

The camera cuts to show Jamie Noble sitting on a beige sofa – he smiles slowly at the camera. Every motion seems to be a task for him. A small mic is attached to his shirt. A massive cheer goes up from the crowd, the huge support for the Pit Bull present as always.

Cole: That’s right – after the break, we’ll be hearing from Jamie Noble, LIVE from Hanover, West Virginia! That’s next.

Raw will go to a break.


We return with a sweeping view of the outside of the EnergySolutions Arena, before we cut inside, to the announce table, where Michael Cole and Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler are sitting, obviously.

Cole: Well, we can tell you right now, we are able to talk to the man who won a nineteen-minute-long classic last night, an all-out brawl against the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus. I am, of course, talking about the Pit Bull, Jamie Noble.

The camera shows Noble, sitting on the same beige sofa as before. The crowd cheers again, and ‘HANOVER, WEST VIRGINIA’ hangs in the top left-hand corner, on a typical Raw banner.

Cole: Good evening, Jamie.

Noble nods with a weak smile.

Noble: Good evenin’, Michael.

The camera remains on Noble – we hear Cole over the top.

Cole: Well, you need no telling about what you accomplished last night at Armageddon, but for the sake of having it on the record – you lived up to your word! You gave the WWE Universe one of the greatest spectacles it’s even seen, and pulled out a big win, too. Can we just get some insight... some sort of picture, of how you’re feeling right now?

Noble grins.

Noble: Well, I can’t lie to you, Michael – I’m a bit sore. I went through one hell of a lot last night. But god... it was so... it was so worth it, man, y’know what I mean?

Noble pauses, wincing a little as he shifts in his seat.

Noble: I was the underdog, the afterthought. But I guess I really pulled it out, huh? And I made Sheamus finally realise, that he couldn’t just push me around, because I was smaller, or because he had some sort of... I don’t know... misguided... sense of... authority, maybe? I just don’t know. But either way... I did it, Michael.

The crowd cheers. Noble looks to the side, eyes gleaming.

Noble: Sheamus can’t take that away from me, and he can’t take away the fact... that I am a new Jamie Noble. A new Pit Bull. A new man.


Noble: My heart, Michael – it’s on fire! I’ve never felt so alive... and sure, at the moment, I’m tired. I took some pretty vicious shots in that match last night... hell, I got taken out on a stretcher afterwards.

Noble puts his hand on his neck, still sore, clearly.

Noble: But I got the love o’ my family back here in Virginia, and I’ll be back next week, to keep on giving back to the fans who just gave their all for me last night at Armageddon. Thank you, guys. Y’all mean so much to me, words... words just can’t explain it.

Massive cheers for this.

Noble: That wasn’t my win... naw, that was a stroke in the fans’ win column! Because I wouldn’t have won that match... without every one of those 25,000... cheerin’ me on, chantin’ ma name... I hope I made y’all proud.

Noble raises a fist with a wince, and grins as the crowd roar back at him from the arena.

Cole: You’ll be back next week, I understand, Jamie... what’s next for you?

Noble smiles.

Noble: Why... I guess the smart answer is the Royal Rumble!

The crowd cheers and Noble grins weakly again.

Noble: The Rumble... well, y’all know what’s up for grabs, that’s pretty huge, headlinin’ Wrestlemania and all... but I’m goin’ for it! So you just gimme a Qualifier, I’ll make my mark again! Just like I did to Sheamus!


Noble: And then I’ll go to that Rumble... and I’ll give my all again. Maybe not with weapons this time, nor chains or announce tables... but 29 other superstars is still a challenge, right? And for the ‘small, spineless’ Jamie Noble of old... yeah, he’d be fazed by even the idea of qualifying. Not me. I’m not that same man any more – I don’t get tread on, I don’t put up with being pushed around. Why? ‘Cause I’m better than that.

The crowd cheers.

Noble: I have the support of my family, and the support of the fans. I ain’t letting the opportunity go to waste, oh no.

More cheers – Noble lights up those eyes, like he’s done week after week. He looks at the camera, with his eyes telling the story, a look he’s trademarked in the last few weeks...

Noble: I’m taking this chance. I’m just gonna keep makin’ my way up that ladder... that ladder to redemption.

Noble looks past the camera, a small smile on his face. We cut back to the arena.

Cole: Well, emotion personified from the Pit Bull there – you’ll see him next week, when he returns to Monday Night Raw.

King: I can’t wait to see him back, Michael – it’s a shame we don’t get to see him here in Salt Lake City tonight! I wanted to give him a pat on the back!

Cole: Fair enough, King. Well, after an action-packed night, we’re nearly done – all that remains, is a rematch of 24 hours ago. WWE Champion Jack Swagger, taking on former Champion John Cena, with that title on the line. We’ll see you after the break.


As Raw returns, the bell rings, and we see Justin Roberts in the ring.

Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for... the W... W... E... Championship!

The crowd cheers, and we see a long shot of the wide arena, as the spotlights sweep classily across the crowd... and John Cena’s music strikes up! The crowd roars with everything it has, and out comes Cena, bristling with an animal intensity! The former WWE Champion looks ready for a fight, despite looking a little worn down. Still, Swagger looked no better earlier on in the show.

Roberts: Introducing first, the challenger... from West Newbury, Massachusetts... weighing in at 240 pounds... John Cena!

Cole: The fan favourite, the hero of the WWE Universe, and although he is no longer WWE Champion – John Cena can change that tonight.

King: Jack Swagger won this one 24 hours ago, but John Cena has beaten Jack Swagger before – if he does it again tonight, we have ourselves a new WWE Champion... again!

Cena hops into the air a little, then begins a hearty jog down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans with a small smile to the kids. He rolls under the bottom rope, then leaps up, both hands in the air – the crowd roars, and Cena yanks off his cap, flinging it into the eager crowd. Cena then turns to the ramp, and bends a knee, waiting for the WWE Champion with a hardened expression.


There is massive heat around the arena for Jack Swagger – the All-American American struts out, now in his ring gear, with the WWE Championship wrapped around his waist. The stripes on his singlet are gold tonight, as they were last night at Armageddon. He raises his arms with a cocky smirk, then starts to walk down the ramp, with his name flashing up underneath him on a typical Raw template.

Roberts: And his opponent, from Perry, Oklahoma, weighing in at 260 pounds... he is the current WWE Champion... the All-American American, Jack Swagger!

The crowd boos, and Swagger wanders to halfway down the ramp, before dropping to do some push-ups, and launching back up to his feet smoothly, unleashing a host of pyro from behind him, on the stage.

Cole: The WWE Champion looks ready for business tonight, King.

King: He must be just as tired as John Cena, Michael – but I’d say we’re still in for a good one here!

Swagger reaches the ring, and looks up at Cena with a confident smile. Cena looks back at him coldly. The All-American American gets in the ring, and holds up his title, smirking. Cena just glares at him hatefully. The referee takes the title from Swagger, and lifts it into the air – the WWE Championship graphic spins on to the screen. The referee hands the title to ringside, then waits for Cena to take off his bright orange shirt. After he’s done so, the referee checks both men, and calls for that bell!

Match 5
Jack Swagger (c) vs John Cena
WWE Championship

After a good 10 minutes of fairly back-and-forth, not exactly spectacular action (hey, you’re not paying for it, after all), we join the contest – John Cena is on the floor, adjacent to the turnbuckle. He’s in prime position, and not moving, after a string of power moves from the All-American American. Swagger struts about the ring for a moment, smirking, and a ton of heat rains down... he looks down at Cena cockily, then charges for the corner, springing up the turnbuckle... and connecting with the Corner Slingshot Splash! The crowd lets out a groan with the impact, and Swagger stands, smirking as Cena rolls across the ring in pain. Cena comes to a halt in the opposite corner, again in prime position... and the WWE Champion goes for it again, charging to the corner... BUT NOBODY’S HOME! The Corner Slingshot Splash misses big time as Cena rolls out the way, and the crowd roars! Swagger launches back up to his feet... AND CENA SCORES WITH THE FLYING SHOULDER BLOCK! The crowd starts to roar louder, and both men get back up again – Cena lands another one!

Both men get back up, and Swagger swings the clothesline... which the former Champ ducks... and lays Swagger out with the Spin-Out Side Slam Bomb! Cena stands up, and shoots out his hand, determination across his face – he’s ready to take this title back! The crowd roars with cheers, before yelling ‘You can’t see me!’ as Cena throws the taunt to Swagger’s face. Cena charges to the ropes, and comes back... shuffles... and lands the Five – Knuckle – Shuffle! Cena leaps back up as Swagger spasms across the ring, scrambling his hands across his stinging face... Cena is crouching in the corner... and Swagger gets up! The All-American American wobbles into the middle of the ring, and Cena hoists him up on to his shoulders... the crowd roars... but Swagger escapes... AND FIRES THE SCHOOL BOY... 1... 2... CENA’S HAND IS ON THE ROPES... 3!!! THE REFEREE NEVER SAW IT!!!

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Jack Swagger

Match Time: 11:12

Swagger knocks Cena’s hand from the ropes before the referee can see it as he gets up, after his view was obstructed by Swagger’s pinfall. Cena rolls from the ring in shock, and the crowd begins to boo loudly as Swagger has his hand raised by the referee, smirking as if he’s just destroyed Cena! The referee receives the title belt, and he hands it to the All-American American, who lifts it into the air, grinning wildly!

Cole: Jack Swagger stunned the world last night... but he’s stolen a win here tonight, and retained his title in the process! John Cena’s hand was clearly on the ropes, but the referee never saw it! I don’t think I can believe this!

King: I wasn’t expecting that, Michael – what a dirty end to what could have been a brilliant match-up.

Cole: And on that stunning bombshell, I think that’s all the time we have! It’s been an amazing night, ended with a WWE Title match to remember, where Jack Swagger has retained his WWE Championship in controversial circumstances!

King: Well, I guess we’ll find out who’ll face him at Royal Rumble next week, in that big No. 1 Contender’s Special!

Cole: We will indeed, King, but you can be sure that John Cena isn’t done yet, not after this charade! From myself, Michael Cole, and my broadcast partner, Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler... we wish you a good night, from the last Monday, Night, Raw of the decade!

Jack Swagger lifting his ill-begotten title belt is the last thing we see, before we fade... to... black from the final Raw of 2010, and the final Raw of the decade.


Quick Results

MVP bts. Chavo Guerrero
Gail Kim bts. Maryse and Kelly Kelly
Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase bt. The Colons
Chuck Palumbo bts. Santino Marella
Jack Swagger bts. John Cena

Announced for Royal Rumble

WWE Championship
Jack Swagger (c) vs ???

World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio

ECW Championship
Christian (c) vs Shelton Benjamin vs Paul Burchill

United States Championship
The Miz (c) vs Evan Bourne

Women’s Championship
Michelle McCool (c) vs Mickie James

30-Man Royal Rumble Match
CM Punk vs Cody Rhodes vs David Hart Smith vs Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms vs John Morrison vs Matt Hardy vs MVP vs Rhyno vs Super Crazy vs The Brian Kendrick vs Ted DiBiase vs Tyson Kidd vs William Regal vs Yoshi Tatsu vs Zack Ryder vs 15 Other Superstars
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Haven't stopped by in a while, but I've still been reading intently. First of all, great banners, so props to you or whoever makes them. Wow, great video package. Not only was the style (having it infused with commentary) unique but it also gave me a good recap of Armageddon after forgetting some of the results. Opening commentary I didn't really bother reading as it can't really be that different to what I just read in the package.

Starting the show with Jack Swagger is the obvious thing to do here, so good work, although I'm yet to make up my mind on what I think of him as champion. This has to be a good promo though and btw, getting the guy to open the ropes was a nice touch. The first line is a bit cliche but if it fits with the storyline from his title chase than its okay. His coming lines are okay but nothing outstanding character-wise. I love your crowd reactions btw. The 'tier of champions' bit was very clever as well as the 'swagger' mention. Girlfriend bit and the HA didn't really sound like Swagger but I guess it fits with his general cockiness. Vintage comment wasn't necessary and I don't know if you inserted it for shits and giggles because that's all it seems. Cena interrupting was bound to happen but I liked Swagger getting a comment in before the former champ started talking. The promo sort of goes downhill from Cena's entrance as nothing phenomenal is said apart from a rather anti-climactic announcement of the rematch for tonight. I lol'd at Shane saying that Cena will NOT receive a title shot after tonight!!!... except next week. Good promo overall.

I don't like MVP still teaming with Mark Henry and I doubt that this match would have gone over 5 minutes. If you're pushing Guerrero as more than a jobber than having him win something would be the way to go. The 'bend down for back body drop but get kicked in the face' spot usually works better with the heel on the receiving end. Low blow was a nice heel move by Chavo but the ending after a missed move by Guerrero makes MVP look weaker than he should. Nice to see him have a proper finisher though. I'm not too sure what to think about this Bourne/Sweeney thing. I'm sure he will end up as Evan's manager but it intrigues me to see how you go about it. Nice interaction with you showing the character of Sweeney already.

The divas match could be good but Melina pwns all three girls any day. There's okay triple threat action and I was shocked about Kim pinning Kelly and my first thought was a heel turn in the near future. Against Melina it's possible to make the feud more interesting. Maryse post match just seemed weird and I don't know where it will lead. The 'Sultry Diva' nickname doesn't do it for me either. Ugh, Palumbo returning isn't something I'm too happy with. He wouldn't get real heat, just like D'Lo didn't get a real pop on his return. The promo is very meh and I don't know if him saying BIKER STYLE~!~!!!!111 twice was an accident or not but it made him look like a joke in my eyes. He better not receive a good push.

I didn't read Orton's entrance because I want to save being bored by him until a few lines into the promo. I like how you kept Orton's lines short me, as it made them all more special and interesting. No complaints so far. Rhodes and DiBiase have good lines as well, and I liked the quoting in particular. Shit, what a swerve. Great move to have Orton forgive them and continue Legacy, but in a way this undoes what they've done so far in terms of dissension between the three. I'm looking forward to how this angle continues next week, and props for making all three guys interesting.

Ok, next we get a Royal Rumble qualifying match with Priceless and the Colons. I'm confused, are the brothers teaming up again or is it just a one time thing? If it's the former then I have no problem but you could have called it a 'one night only' kind of thing. If it's the latter then it sucks you had them lose like they did. If you actually did mention somewhere what the situation was, then I apologise. Anyway, the match was fine except for DiBiase's elbow drop spot which seemed weird and exaggerated. You like using capitals which is fine but don't overuse them. Primo dodging an elbow is more important than a big springboard moonsault for a near fall? I don't know. Anyway, Legacy in the Rumble is nice but it saddens me to see that Carlito and Primo will miss out. I guess there could still be second chances though.

Previously, I had virtually zero idea of Sweeney's character but this promo, coupled with the one outside, pretty much put it into my head. He's loud, hot-headed and manipulation, not to mention rather random. He seems like an excellent guy to have in your BTB, especially as Bourne's manager. The Miz was great as usual in this promo although I didn't really pay attention to what he was saying as Sweeney is what was exciting me in this promo. The ending was fabulous and I marked hard. Would have been great to see irl. Masters backstage was weird as you seem to be pushing him as a reckless meanie but you just debuted Palumbo who is pretty much the same. A move to Smackdown could do him good but beating up cruiserweight's isn't going to get him anywhere.

Santino versus Palumbo, oh joy. Santino's lines before the match were gold and I remember when I failed at writing with his character. This was definitely good though and you kept it short so it wouldn't get boring. The cheap shot from Palumbo was nice but the match itself was nothing to gawk at. You tried to make Palumbo interesting but it's virtually impossible. I guess he had a few nice moves, but meh. Jamie Noble at home is cute, and I'm almost hoping for a HHH-esque home invasion from Sheamus. Anyway, Noble cuts a typical underdog face promo but it was more effective than a revenge-fuelled Sheamus promo would have been. Please put Noble in the Rumble and give him a spot in Mania, if only in Money in the Bank.

Just a minor gripe, but I would have had Swagger enter first for the main event. Starting the recap with the Swagger Splash (better name than what you called it, and creative as well!!! >_>) was good as it immediately established Swagger's dominance. Him going for it the second time just had a really predictable outcome but I guess it could be regarded as a rookie mistake. Don't know why you put the flying shoulder block in caps, it's not really a big spot. Spin-Out Side Slam Bomb needs a new name, pronto. The reversal of the FU into the schoolboy was nice, but a dirty finish would have been better with Swagger putting his hand on the ropes and the referee not seeing it. It would have given him more heat and Cena could still cut the same 'waa I didn't lose' promo next week.

Overall, good show. Promos were great with the exceptions of ones with the boring guys (Noble, Palumbo) that you naturally struggled to make interesting. They were still good for what they were though. Matches were good recaps and just a suggestion is maybe adding a paragraph or two to the main event or a feature match just to emphasise it as a great contest. Anyway, I was entertained throughout, so great job.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

I was on the lookout for some shows to review and yours caught my eye. I think I remember reading the Jamie Noble promo from your first show and really liking it. I haven’t read any BTB’s in full lately but figured yours should get me in the mood.

Your detailed recap of Armageddon was very well done. Since I’m a new reader, it did the job perfectly in summarizing what happened so I have a clue as to what’s going on. The description of the Noble/ Sheamus match has convinced me to go back and read it. It must’ve been one hell of a match if both men went out in stretchers. I’ll be sure to read it when I find the time. Kofi Kingston’s massive cage bump reminded me of when Rikishi hit his big splash on Val Venis in their Fully Loaded cage match. I’ll probably have to check that match out as well, just to see everything else that lead to the finish. Wow, make that three must-read matches with Swagger winning the title from Cena. Obviously the recap was successful because now I want to go back and read some of the matches, lol.

Right off the bat, I have to say you do an excellent job at conveying how the audience is feeling. Love the descriptions of how boos was drowning the arena and how the crowd heat was raining down on Swagger. Makes sense that Swagger isn’t in the mood to do his push-ups routine, nice touch. I really enjoyed Swagger’s promo. Some of my favorite talking points were him talking about his tier of perfection, going out to dinner with his girlfriend after the match, and telling the fans how he knew it would be a “damn given” he’d win. You’re near flawless with your dialogue. Everything Swagger said was in character and not too wordy which is what I tend to do myself when writing promos. Nothing really of note about Cena’s mic time but I did appreciate how he put over the title as being the thing he loves most. Loved when Swagger yelled at Shane and told him not if but when Cena loses. The No.1 contenders special is a great idea because it hypes up the next week’s Raw while allowing the rematch to still take place tonight. Usually the crowd is screwed because the rematch oftentimes gets delayed, but now the rematch can still take place and there’s still something else to look forward to the following week, so it’s a win-win situation.

I laughed out loud when MVP did his ballin’ taunt and only a few fans joined in with him. There were some instances where the flow of the match seemed disjointed while reading it but it was a fine match overall. I thought the match’s finish was very well thought out. It kept Chavo strong by having him narrowly miss the frog splash.

The Bourne/Sweeney segment was an excellent character building moment. Pairing Bourne with Sweeney should work wonders. It was unique and did a good job at introducing Sweeney to the audience. You sort of hinted what kind of person he’s like, a conniving loudmouth.

Maryse getting her heat back after the match was fantastic. I wonder what role she’ll play when Kim eventually gets her title shot.

Palumbo’s interview with Grisham was kind of corny. He probably needs someone to feud with to flesh out his character.

Orton’s promo had an interesting dynamic with all members involved not being liked by the fans. The teasing of the RKO was very suspenseful and I’m glad you went in a different direction. Prolonging the day Legacy crumbles from within can only mean that when it finally does happen, the reaction will be bigger than before.

Not much to say about the tag match against the Colons. I found it smoother to read than the MVP match but it was a pretty standard match.

The Miz, Bourne, and Sweeney promo was off the charts good. You write the Miz and Sweeney so well. From their mannerisms to their words, it was impeccable. I loved the ending. I can’t wait to see more from them.

The Masters attack on London worked well for the Masterpiece. Hopefully, London will get his revenge and doesn’t get forgot about.

Glad you gave Santino some mic time and didn’t just send him to the wolves. You gave him some pretty funny material and he fit the bill as a good complement to Palumbo’s serious, all business persona. It was a kind of predictable it was going to be a squash but at least we know he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Nice follow-up from the PPV with Noble’s interview. You were able to sell the toll his body took during the hard fought match while putting over his victory and getting over his likable personality at the same time. I wonder what role Sheamus will play next week on RAW. He was one of the guys noticeably absent tonight but it was a good idea to give the actual winner, Jamie Noble, TV time over him.

The Cena/Swagger match ending in a school boy was a nice contrast to the way it ended at Armageddon. Plus it makes sense to end it in a shady fashion because it was on free TV. It was also one of the better choices as far as dirty finishes are concerned. I’m happy there weren’t any ref bumps and it didn’t end in a DQ or countout. Plus it makes Swagger look good because he didn’t resort to any cheap tactics such as Chavo’s low blow; he simply got a lucky break and made a smart decision.

Clearly, you have a new reader in me. I’m a big fan of your promos and your booking decisions all made sense in the grand scheme of things. I look forward to reading your next show.
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Raw Review

Promo: Swagger & Cena – You got very, very specific with the details especially in the beginning. Great way to kick things off. Swagger’s promo was amazing. Cena’s was good too. And we got two huge announcements made already. Rematch tonight and we’re going to find out the #1 contender for the Rumble next week.

Match 1: Chavo vs. MVP – Nice opening match. Good to see MVP won this and is now in the Rumble. I like Rumble qualifiers but I hope you don’t go overboard with them and only have them for certain mid-carders.

Promo: Bourne & Sweeney – Ok so I had absolutely no idea who Larry Sweeney was so I had to look him up to see that he’s an independent wrestler. But that’s cool that you’re bringing in new people. Judging by this promo, I’m guessing Bourne will try to get him a job and this could turn into a partnership or feud.

Match 2: Kelly vs. Gail vs. Maryse – Good to see someone else getting a shot at the Diva’s Title. I’m fine with a face vs. face feud for the title, although I could see someone turning heel if it’s an actual feud. And it looks like Maryse/Kelly feud starting up or Maryse just gets back in the title hunt. Either way it seems like it could be good.

Promo: Palumbo – Yes! Chuck Palumbo is great. I’m glad you brought him back. It seems like you’re really taking his biker gimmick to the extreme. I’d just watch out and try not to go overboard from now on with the biker metaphors.

Promo: Orton & Legacy – Good promo here. You did a nice little swerve here. You set it up for Orton to disown them, but Orton ends up agreeing with what they say and forgiving them. This is definitely only temporary though. Eventually Orton will snap and turn.

Match 3: Legacy vs. Colons – Legacy gets the win and qualifies for the Rumble which was expected of the new champs. Good match here. I’m surprised Carlito didn’t make it in the Rumble since he just had a U.S. Title shot.

Promo: Bourne, Sweeney, & Miz: Heat for Sweeney already? I didn’t think he did anything heelish. After this promo I can see him being a heel. Sweeney annoyed me, but that’s a good thing because I think that’s possibly what you were going for. Miz coming in to taunt Bourne about this and the U.S. Title match was good since Bourne is the #1 contender.

Promo: Masters – Wow Masters just goes crazy attacking London here. I’m guessing a feud could start from this or it’s the first of Masters’ many attacks on people smaller than him. We’ll see but either way I like it.

Match 4: Palumbo vs. Santino – Seems like a lot of writing for such a short match. Anyway, Palumbo squashes Santino as expected. I’m looking forward to seeing what Palumbo will do in the future.

Promo: Noble – The Noble promo was good. After that brutal match it was good for him to stay home for a week. I was hoping for something with Sheamus too but I guess that’s ok. Even if I still don’t like Noble winning, you’re pushing him well so I’ll give that to you.

Match 5: WWE Title: Swagger vs. Cena – Ok this was a good match and you got the rematch out of the way, but I have a problem with the ending. I’m fine with the school boy and I get that with the hand on the ropes you were making sure Cena didn’t look weak, but the referee not seeing the hand on the ropes is kinda impossible, especially from a school boy position. A foot on the ropes is understandable because the referee is looking at the upper body of the person being pinned.

*Notes – Good show to follow up Armageddon. Next week should be great with the #1 contenders matches. And hopefully soon you’ll be adding some top guys to the Royal Rumble.

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