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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

This is a solid show you got here.

Cena/Swagger: I think you should've done something different other than the 10 on 1 handicap match because it's treating Swagger like an underdog face. I think the babyface to do would've been putting one over Swagger by embarassing him instead of cornering him.

DX vs. Jericho and Show: It's a given that DX is going to be in the Tag Title match given the "Beat the champions in a non-title to get a title shot" stipulation. Once again I like the Jericho and Show dynamics you have. It should be a good feud if and when they lose the Tag Titles.

Orton/Kofi: Your Orton is very spot on. Complete with the pauses and everything lol. The cage match ought to be good and I have complete faith that you're not gonna drop the ball with Kofi.

Noble/Sheamus: Either you're a Noble fan or you just think he's deserving of a push. Either way, I'm buying this push you're giving him and the sit down interview you give him. Looking forward to Todd Grisham getting a beatdown from Sheamus some time in the future.

US Title Division: I like how busy (for lack of better term) your US Title division is with a US Title match and a #1 Contendership for US Title at Armaggeddon.

Divas Title: Nice victory for Maryse building up towards her title match.

This is a great show overall and I would definitely tune in next week if it happened in real life. My only gripe is the placement of the 2 promos (Cena and Orton) and 1 interview (Noble). You probably should spread those out throughout the show. It's like in the real life WWE show, you'll have a promo at the beginning of the show and then one in the middle of the show but never one within 15 minutes of each other.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Hey guys. I have a bunch of notes I'll post with ECW, I won't say it all now. Basically, it just addresses points from the feedback and whatnot, which by the way, thanks for, guys. I do say it again in the notes, though.


Alltel Arena, Little Rock, Arkansas
15th December 2009

Golden Main Event
In ECW’s Main Event this week, it’ll be the Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin, taking on the brash young talent, Zack Ryder, one-on-one. Benjamin, of course, has been embroiled in the ECW Title hunt alongside Paul Burchill, and will face off against the Champion himself, Christian, for the title in a Triple Threat match at Royal Rumble. Ryder, on the other hand, brutally attacked Tommy Dreamer two weeks ago, putting him out of commission. Dreamer did not appear on ECW last week to silence Ryder, and he is heavily expected not to this week, as the extent of his injuries are heard to be fairly severe. Regardless, this match is sure to be a cracker between two of ECW’s finest young stars.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble... Qualify
In a rematch from three weeks ago, Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms takes to the squared circle against Manu, the ruthless and nasty Samoan, with the winner earning a place in the Royal Rumble match. Manu, along with Rhyno, attacked Helms and Yoshi Tatsu backstage last week, and you can be sure Helms will be looking to get retribution this week, by making sure Manu has no chance of earning himself that Wrestlemania World Title shot.

Bad Blood
It is no secret that the Ruthless Roundtable has been torn apart – Ezekiel Jackson, discontented with how he was being treated in the group, broke away from his comrades on Raw last week, before fighting them whole-heartedly the day after in their match on ECW. In turning against the hated William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov, Jackson has become liked in the eyes of the fans, and this week, he teams with a man who’s been loved by the fans for years, in the Bizarre One, Goldust, to take on his former comrades. Can this unlikely tandem rule supreme over the experience of the foreign duo? Tune into ECW to find out.

On ECW tonight, we hope to discover how Abraham Washington will react to the revelation that his talk show was cancelled last week. Washington declared that ECW General Manager Tiffany would ‘regret’ cancelling his show, and stormed out of her office – what could Washington possibly have in mind for Tiffany?

Announced for ECW

Shelton Benjamin vs Zack Ryder
Royal Rumble Qualifier
Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms vs Manu
Ezekiel Jackson and Goldust vs William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Pre-show Notes

Thanks to Les Turrey and RatedRKO31 for their reviews. Santino had meant to be in there originally, but I took him out because technically, he is still a heel. Obviously I forgot to take him out of all aspects of the match, oops, so that was a mistake on my part. As for the promos, that’s just a pattern I follow usually, going match-promo-match-promo. It allows me to get the majority of the people in my major feuds to get mic time each week, because sometimes irl they don’t get enough, imo.

As for the 10-Man thing, I actually agree that it was an odd thing for a face to do. I was actually trying to go for something along the lines of what happened the night after Bragging Rights, with the whole Raw roster just killing Big Show, hence why I tried to make Swagger a bit more hated with the interview and whatnot, with him saying, ‘I can beat anybody, blah blah.’ I do agree that it didn’t come out quite right, though.

The quote boxes went a bit funny tbh. Couldn’t fix it. But the reason for it was, obviously, to show that it was pre-recorded, and also, it looked a bit odd without them, it felt too much like it was live.

‘At the death’ is a saying. It’s used quite a lot tbh.

Swagger says ‘Ha’ in his speech quite a lot from what I’ve seen. :/

I understand the thing about the RKO. The way I saw it, I want it to be like, it can be hit anywhere, any time. Even as you’re getting back in the ring. It was just to get over how unpredictable Orton’s finisher is, really. Ok, that’s the review feedback done. None of that was a jibe at anyone, I was just running through my decisions and what I was trying to do. Thanks for the feedback though, it’ll help me improve as always.

I might just end the Power 25, tbh. It’s a lot of work for something that doesn’t really aid anyone... I could bring it back later, but atm it’s just unnecessary work, and unnecessary time wasted when it could be used for writing some of Raw or something.

Well, after this, it’s just two more shows (plus SmackDown, I suppose, but that’s not in full) before Armageddon. Cannot wait. Plus, I’m really pleased I’m getting somewhere with this, it’ll be my first PPV I’ve written and posted in my 20-month spell away from WF, when I wrote my slightly bad WM24 in my old thread, though I suppose I was pleased with it at the time. Still, I’ve got one hell of lot better since then, and I look forward to writing a kick-ass show.

On the subject of ECW from last week, I’ll be having Striker as a mostly tweener-with-heel-tendencies commentator from now on, so I apologise for any change in character you see from him in this episode.

Well, here’s ECW. It’s a bit of a quieter show, tbh.


Alltel Arena, Little Rock, Arkansas
15th December 2009

The usual entrance video plays, and then we’re off to the arena, where fireworks light up the stage. Then, it’s to the announce table, where Josh Matthews is sat alongside Matt Striker.

Matthews: Good evening, good people, thanks for tuning in, you’re watching ECW on SyFy! With me as always is your teacher, Matt Striker, and do we have a night of action for you!

Striker: Damn right we do, Josh. And it’s all capped off with what is sure to be a fantastic match, as Zack Ryder takes on one of the men who will fight for the ECW Championship at Royal Rumble, Shelton Benjamin.

Matthews: Not only that, we have a Royal Rumble Qualifier – Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms takes on Manu in a rematch of three weeks ago.

Striker: Oh, and we have a tag team match-up, which I believe is coming up right now!

The pompous music of William Regal begins, and the Little Rock starts to boo as the British Brawler wanders out in his usual robe. Vladimir Kozlov strides out alongside him, a dark look on his face. The bell rings.

Mayhew: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 542 pounds... the team of William Regal, and Vladimir Kozlov!

More boos fill the arena, and the pair start to walk down the ramp, looking displeased.

Matthews: Well, last week, Ezekiel Jackson completed his departure from the Ruthless Roundtable in their Royal Rumble Qualifier, cracking William Regal with a nasty right hand.

Striker: Well, Regal went on to get the victory, and a place in the Rumble match, but there’s no doubting that the British Brawler will be looking to get a measure of revenge on Jackson regardless, for the betrayal of Jackson last week.

The two remaining members of the Roundtable get into the ring, and Regal collects a mic from ringside. The crowd tries to boo him off, but Regal is having none of it.

Regal: I won’t be speaking for long, you people do not deserve my time.


Regal: But hear this. Ezekiel Jackson is a traitor. He has betrayed us, and for that, he will pay.

More boos, louder this time.

Regal: Last week, I qualified for the Royal Rumble. And it’s a good thing, too. Ezekiel Jackson does not deserve a place in such a prestigious match. He does not deserve the chance to go to Wrestlemania. Because he is scum. He is the dirt on my boot that I get when I walk around in this ridiculous country.

Mass boos at Regal, who smirks.

Regal: Tonight, my friend Vladimir and I shall put this traitor, this Judas, in his place.

The boos continue.

Regal: And I hope what’s to come will be sufficient warning, for what I plan to do... at Royal Rumble.

Mass boos. Regal tosses the mic to the side, and the arena turns gold – the crowd cheers, and out comes Goldust to his traditional music and TitanTron. Regal smirks and looks at Kozlov, who also grins a little. Goldust throws his wig into the audience as he strides quickly down the ramp.

Mayhew: And their opponents! First, from Hollywood, California, weighing in at 258 pounds... Goldust!

Matthews: The Bizarre One agreed to team with Ezekiel Jackson this evening... well, we’ll see how they work as a team, I guess.

Striker: Both men have very contrasting styles, Josh. Sometimes that works well for a tag team.

Goldust gets into the ring, and looks at Regal and Kozlov darkly. The music of Ezekiel Jackson hits, and the big man comes out, his expression deadly serious. He’s wearing black trunks instead of his usual red, signifying a new Ezekiel Jackson, possibly.

Mayhew: And his tag team partner, from Harlem, New York, weighing in at 309 pounds... Ezekiel Jackson!

A moderate cheer goes up for the newly turned face Jackson, who strides down the ramp, looking at Regal and Kozlov with an expression of hatred. He gets to the first step of the steel stairs, then pauses.

Matthews: Well, Ezekiel Jackson doesn’t look too happy that he had his win stolen from him last week.

Striker: He’s just unhappy he’s not good enough for the Roundtable any more. These stables have standards, Josh.

Jackson looks around for a moment, then gets in the ring, staring down his former colleagues with disgust – his eyes look like he’s in the mood to hurt them. The referee checks all four men are good to go, then kicks things off, with Jackson eager to get going, so he starts against Kozlov.

Match 1
William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov vs Goldust and Ezekiel Jackson

We’re five minutes in. Jackson is putting his shoulder to Kozlov’s ribs in the corner, and the referee forces him away. Kozlov steps out of the corner... so Jackson puts his giant right boot to the Russian’s face! The crowd roars, and Zeke covers... 1-2- but Kozlov gets a shoulder up. Jackson tags in the Bizarre One, who immediately charges in and drops a nasty Leg Drop to the neck of Kozlov... and he covers... 1-2- Kozlov pushes Goldust a good few feet into the air with the kickout! Goldust rolls and gets to his feet... but the Moscow Mauler is immediately there to sweep him down with a Scoop Powerslam! Kozlov covers... 1-2- but Goldust flails, and finds the bottom rope! Kozlov is forced to get up, and Goldust struggles to his feet, shaken. Kozlov grabs the Bizarre One and whips him to the ropes... looking for the Big Boot... but Goldust ducks underneath it... bounces off the other side... and locks in the Good Night Sweet Charlotte on Kozlov! The crowd goes wild for Goldust’s patented Sleeper Hold, and immediately, Kozlov is in trouble! The Russian starts to fade, and the crowd is in awe of how Goldust has taken control of the match!

Regal starts yelling for Kozlov to break free of the hold, but Goldust hangs on like a limpet, like he did last week against Zack Ryder... and Kozlov falls to his knees! Goldust does likewise to keep the hold going, and holds on with clenched teeth, as Kozlov’s eyes start to close... but suddenly, he puts his elbow to Goldust’s gut, and he’s still going! Goldust tries to hold on, but Kozlov pushes himself back to his feet, and rams the Bizarre One into the turnbuckle! Goldust yells out, releasing the hold, and Kozlov stumbles into the centre of the ring, dazed. Goldust sees Kozlov is still at a disadvantage, and moves forward, grabbing Kozlov, but the big Russian refuses to go down easy, hammering some more elbows to the gut of Goldust, pushing him to the ropes... and connecting with the Big Boot this time! Goldust crumples like wet tissue paper, and Kozlov roars out at the crowd, prompting heavy boos. The Moscow Mauler peels Goldust from the mat, and readies him for a Belly-to-Belly Suplex... but Goldust comes to life, hammering Kozlov with left and right hands! Kozlov grunts and moves away... but Goldust grabs him, and puts him in a facelock... Kozlov struggles towards his corner, but Goldust seemingly pulls him away to prevent the tag to Regal... NO! REGAL GETS THE BLIND TAG, BUT GOLDUST IS CLUELESS! Goldust drops Kozlov with a DDT, and kneels to cover... BUT HE GETS HIT WITH THE KNEE TREMBLER FROM WILLIAM REGAL! The crowd boos Regal, who smiles, and makes the cover... 1-2-3 before Jackson can get there!

Winners: William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov

Match Time: 7:17

Regal helps Kozlov up, and they have their arms raised. They smirk at Jackson, who is fuming on the outside from Regal’s sneaky win, then go back to celebrating. Jackson runs his hand over his smooth head, disbelieving, and the crowd continue to boo Regal and Kozlov, who start beckoning for the audience to cheer them.

Matthews: Well, like last week, Regal steals a win tonight.

Striker: I call that smart strategy, Josh.

Matthews: Why am I not surprised, Matt. Anyway, that’s not all we have for tonight, as we also have a Royal Rumble Qualifier, as well as a stellar Main Event.

The camera cuts backstage, where Savannah is standing with a mic.

Savannah: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the ECW Champion, Christian.

The crowd gives a massive cheer, and the camera zooms out a little, showing Captain Charisma, who is in his street clothes, with his platinum ‘World Title’ () on his shoulder. He smiles as she offers him the mic briefly.

Christian: Thanks, Savannah.

Savannah takes the mic back her way.

Savannah: Christian, only one of the three men who will fight for the ECW Championship at Royal Rumble is in action tonight, that being Shelton Benjamin. What are your plans for tonight?

Christian smiles.

Christian: Well, y’know Savannah, I’m never one to back down from a fight. At Royal Rumble, for instance. I’ll leave it all in the ring, just like I do every single night on Tuesday nights, for the fans.

A big cheer goes up for Christian.

Christian: But tonight, I have to disappoint. Because I don’t have a match.


Christian: BUT! There is a man who does have a match, a man who I know I can trust to put on a ‘Match of the Year’ calibre spectacle with me at Royal Rumble...

???: Oh, I do wish you would stop praising my brother so much. He really doesn’t need your acclaim.

The crowd boos as Katie Lea Burchill walks into shot, smirking. Christian stops smiling and looks at her coldly.

Christian: Can I help you?

Katie Lea opens her mouth to talk, but Captain Charisma interrupts:

Christian: Oh, I see. Yeah, the fish and chip shop’s just down the street. Second left.

The crowd laughs and Katie Lea scowls. She quickly brushes it aside and takes on her cocky manner again.

Katie Lea: I just came here to save everyone from your lies, I suppose.

Christian frowns. The crowd boos.

Christian: My lies? Seriously?

Katie Lea smirks.

Katie Lea: Why, yes! I mean, everyone already knows that you’re praising the heavens above that you don’t have to face my brother again tonight...

The crowd erupts with boos. Christian scoffs.

Christian: Yeah, I’m afraid. Your brother hid behind the world’s largest tub of lard last week...

Giant mocking laughs.

Christian: And I still pinned him for the one-two-three!

Christian raises three fingers, one at a time.

Katie Lea: If I remember correctly, I remember seeing on the floor at the beginning of the show, crying out... after my brother destroyed you, hm?

Christian laughs.

Christian: After he attacked us from behind. His life story, right? Always someone else to blame, always someone else to hide behind. Right now, it’s you. Just like last week, he’s too afraid to talk to me, face-to-face. Man-to-man.

Katie Lea smirks again and tilts her head a little.

Katie Lea: My brother has much better things to do than talk to such low-lives as yourself, Christian. I suppose it’s a good thing he’ll be taking that title off you soon... it sickens me to think that someone like you can hold such a prestigious title, while my talented brother is denied opportunities, left, right, and centre.

Christian frowns and the crowd boos again.

Katie Lea: But at Royal Rumble, it all comes right. Balance is restored, I suppose. You go back where you belong, and my fabulous brother goes back where he belongs... at the very top of E... C... W. Hm?

More boos follow. Christian moves his head forward a little, as does Katie Lea, and soon the pair are looking straight into each others’ eyes. Katie Lea suddenly frowns, and walks away, shaking her head. Christian watches her leave with a sudden fixation. ECW goes to a break.


As ECW comes back, the bell rings.


The Alltel Arena lights up with cheers for Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms, who comes out smiling, with Yoshi Tatsu at his side.

Mayhew: The following contest is a Royal Rumble Qualifier! Introducing first, accompanied by Yoshi Tatsu... from Smithfield, North Carolina, weighing in at 215 pounds... Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms!

Helms walks down the ramp, high-fiving the fans on one side, while Tatsu covers the other side.

Matthews: Well, he pulled out a win in this same match three weeks ago, now can he do it again, with a place in the Rumble on the line?

Striker: I don’t know, Josh, I mean he got pretty lucky when he did it the first time...

Helms slides into the ring, and Tatsu stands at the side, ready to egg his friend on to a place in the match that he couldn’t get into two weeks ago. Helms’ music subsides, and the Samoan drum beats of Manu’s music start, and the big man comes out, accompanied by the brutal Rhyno.

Mayhew: And his opponent... accompanied by Rhyno... from Samoa, weighing in at 290 pounds... Manu!

Boos echo around the arena at Manu, who smirks at Helms as he starts to march down the ramp.

Matthews: He’s big, he’s strong, and he has a pretty big mean streak. Former Legacy member, and son of WWE Hall of Famer, Afa the Wild Samoan... Manu truly is a force to be reckoned with at times.

Striker: Well, he totally dominated their match three weeks ago, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he did the same tonight, frankly.

Manu gets in the ring, staring down Helms, and Rhyno takes his place at ringside, more than happy to get involved if necessary. The referee checks that both Helms and Manu are good to go, fires a quick warning to Rhyno and Tatsu not to get involved, and calls for the bell.

Match 2
Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms vs Manu

This one has been much more even than it was three weeks ago – obviously Helms has been training hard. Well, as we join the action at about six and a half minutes through, Manu has Helms in a headlock, but Yoshi Tatsu is leading the support for Helms, who gets back to a vertical base, fires a few elbows to the gut of Manu... and moves both men to the ropes, bouncing off them... and Helms breaks free of the hold! Helms charges for the ropes, rebounding... and spins over Manu’s shoulders, dropping him with a beautiful Floatover DDT! The crowd cheers, and Helms hooks the leg... 1-2—but Manu pushes him off! Helms pulls at his long, strand-like hair a little, then stands – Manu joins him, and Helms strikes with a Roundhouse Kick to the mid-section, which Manu no-sells, and fires a right hand to Helms’ jaw, sending him flying across the ring! Helms rolls away and rests in the corner, stunned, and holding his jaw. Manu backs him into that same corner and repeats the boot again and again, until the referee physically gets between him and Helms. Manu moves away, infuriated, and Helms struggles up, using the ropes... BOOM! Massive boot to the Helms’ face from the Samoan, who then roars out at the arena. He receives boos back, but he ignores them, and grabs Helms’ ankles, yanking him through the air... AND SLAMMING HIM DOWN! ALLEY-OOP BOMB FROM MANU! The crowd roars in shock, and Helms winces on the mat, stunned that he was just flung through the air by his ankles!

Manu lowers himself to the mat, and presses Helms to the mat, looking for three... 1-2- BUT HELMS KICKS OUT WITH EVERYTHING HE HAS! The crowd roars, and Tatsu punches the air on the outside, while Rhyno slaps the apron in frustration. Manu peels Helms from the mat, and hits a quick Belly-to-Belly Suplex... he scrambles to cover... 1-2- but Helms grabs the bottom rope, breaking the count! Manu gets up and steps away, running his hands through his hair. Helms gets up using the ropes, and Manu charges at him... but Helms lashes out with a boot, catching the Samoan in the gut... and then slides between his legs, pulling him down with the Roll Up! 1-2- but Manu breaks free! The Samoan didn’t want a repeat of three weeks ago! Manu hammers a right hand to the face of Helms in fury, and Helms rolls away in agony, clutching his face. Manu picks Helms up from the mat, and puts him in a facelock... but Helms rolls free, and connects with a thunderous Superkick! Manu falls, and Helms lets out a massive battle cry! He goes to the corner, and waits for the Samoan to rise... he gets to one knee... and Helms flies in, looking for the Shining Wizard... but Manu stands, and grabs Helms by the neck! The crowd boos, and suddenly, Manu storms into the centre of the ring, lifting Helms into a massive Gorilla Press! Manu blatantly shows off, holding Helms above his head, and the crowd boos him... but Helms slips out... and locks in the inverted facelock! The crowd roars... AND HELMS BRINGS MANU DOWN WITH NIGHTMARE ON HELMS STREET! The crowd goes wild, and Helms hooks the leg... 1-2-3! Helms is off to the Rumble!

Winner: Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms

Match Time: 8:48

Helms has his arm raised in triumph, his expression of pure relief after the hard-fought win. Manu rolls to the outside, held up by Rhyno, who doesn’t look any happier than Manu that the Samoan lost. Yoshi gets into the ring to celebrate with Helms, who smiles at the sight of his friend. They both stare down Rhyno and Manu, who stagger up the ramp, infuriated.

Matthews: Well, looks like Gregory Helms just made it to the Royal Rumble!

Striker: Man, to think. Manu dominated that match again, only to lose unluckily. That’s rough.

The camera cuts backstage. The crowd gives a massive cheer as they see ECW General Manager Tiffany standing in her office. To the side stands Tony Atlas, who gets a mixed reaction. Tiffany smiles – in her hand is a clipboard.

Tiffany: Well Tony, I’m pretty pleased with your application. I’m more than happy to have you here as an Executive Consultant here on ECW! It would be an honour to have a WWE Hall of Famer such as yourself to help me out on Tuesday nights!

A little cheer goes up, and Tiffany puts the clipboard on her desk. Atlas grins, shaking Tiffany’s hand.

Atlas: Thank ya, Tiffany. It’s a pleasure.

Tiffany shakes her head with a grin.

Tiffany: No, no, the pleasure’s all mine, Tony. I hope you have a great time working on ECW, it’ll be a dream come true to have someone with so much knowledge of the business help me make ECW the best show this company has to offer!

A big cheer goes up. Atlas nods again.

Atlas: I can’t wait, Tiffany. I’ll see ya later.

Atlas wanders out of the office, with the camera following him. After a few seconds, he’s well away from the office, and as he walks past a poorly-lit storage area – AND HE GETS AMBUSHED FROM THE SHADOWS... BY BIG DADDY V! The crowd boos the absolute hell out of the Mastodon, who comes from the shadows, and throws Atlas into the concrete wall! Big Daddy V continues to put his boot to Atlas on the floor, over and over, in pure fury – Atlas is yelping out, trying to get away, but the Mastodon picks him up – AND DRIVES HIM INTO THE FLOOR WITH THE GHETTO DROP! The crowd boos intensely, but it has no effect on Big Daddy V, who simply looks down darkly at the WWE Hall of Famer, who is writhing on the floor, before he lies still.

A figure steps out from the darkness where V came from, and he comes into the light... IT’S ABRAHAM WASHINGTON! WOAH! Washington walks to the Mastodon’s side, and smirks down at Atlas on the floor. Washington looks straight into the camera, and smiles evilly. He grabs the camera, tells the cameraman to ‘Beat it!’, and we hear footsteps as he leaves. Washington grabs the camera, and speaks into it, his tone low and devilish.

Washington: Last week, Tiffany cancelled my show. Now, I’m taking over hers, ya’see? I told her she was going to regret taking me off the air... I’m gonna follow through on that.

The crowd boos.

Washington: Alongside my new friend here, the 500 pound Mastodon, nothing can stop me. Nothing. I will be taking over ECW, and I defy anyone to try and get in my way...

Heavier boos follow. Washington beckons to Big Daddy V, and Washington drops the camera on its side, before both men walk away, leaving Atlas on the floor. ECW goes to a break.


As ECW returns, we’re at the announce table.

Matthews: Welcome back to ECW, where we’ve just seen a nasty attack on Tony Atlas by the Mastodon, Big Daddy V.

Striker: Looks like Abraham Washington took my old job, Josh. He’s Big Daddy V’s new right hand man, I guess.

Matthews: Well, Washington claims that he’s going to ‘take over ECW’ with his ‘new friend’. This, of course, stems from last week, when ECW General Manager Tiffany cancelled the Abraham Washington Show.

Striker: It could be hard to stop him, Josh. Big Daddy V isn’t an easy man to beat.

Matthews: He sure isn’t, Matt. Well, now it’s time for our Main Event. Let’s join the action.

The bell rings.


The crowd starts booing profusely as Zack Ryder arrives, smirking, and popping his collar. As usual, he is wearing his odd, one-legged ring attire, as well as shades and headband.

Mayhew: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Long Island, New York, weighing in at 214 pounds... Zack Ryder!

More boos follow the announcement, and Ryder starts to strut down the ramp, yelling the predictable, ‘WOO WOO WOO! YOU KNOW IT!’

Matthews: Well, two weeks ago, Zack Ryder engaged in a brutal and unprovoked attack on the last remaining ECW Original, Tommy Dreamer. The ECW fans have been praying for his return ever since to put Ryder in his place, but so far they have been disappointed.

Striker: Ryder is more than capable to back up what he says, Josh. He’s proven it plenty of times, in my opinion. Don’t judge someone by their attitude, judge someone by what they can do in the ring.

Matthews sighs, and Ryder gets into the ring, raising his arms to bring in the heat. He gets up on a couple of turnbuckles, smirking, before waiting in the corner for his opponent. His music subsides.


BOOM! Fireworks cannon from the stage – the crowd goes nuts, and the arena turns gold... and out comes Shelton Benjamin, to the biggest reaction of the night so far!

Mayhew: And his opponent, from Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing in at 248 pounds... the Gold Standard... Shelton Benjamin!

The crowd roars for the Gold Standard, who starts to jog down the ramp, enjoying this massive reaction, and slapping the hands of the ringside fans.

Matthews: They call him the best pure athlete under WWE contract, the Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin.

Striker: I’m not gonna lie, Shelton Benjamin is a seasoned veteran. He knows the ropes, and he always leaves it all in the squared circle, that’s for sure.

Shelton slides under the bottom rope, and bounces on the balls of his feet, ready to go. Ryder takes off his shirt and shades, tossing them both out of the ring, and yells at the referee to hurry up. The man in the middle ignores him, checks that everything is in order, and then calls for the bell, as Benjamin’s music subsides.

Match 3
Zack Ryder vs Shelton Benjamin

A very evenly matched contest, with both men having spells of dominance over the course of the match so far. As we join the action at 6 minutes, Ryder has Benjamin locked in a Single Boston Leg Crab, as he did at this point last week, against Goldust. Shelton, being as experienced as he is in mat wrestling, reverses out of it by spinning on the floor... and putting his spare boot to Ryder’s face! The cocky Long Islander reels away, pained, and the Gold Standard rises... Ryder charges – but Shelton flings him over his head with a Back Body Drop! Ryder lands hard, but Shelton isn’t done yet – Ryder grabs the ropes to yank himself to his feet, so Benjamin can’t get into a rhythm on the mat as he likes to do... Benjamin spins Ryder round to face him, whips him to the ropes... BUT RYDER CONNECTS WITH THE ROUGH RYDER! The massive Leg Lariat totally decapitates the Gold Standard, and Ryder presses him to the mat... 1-2—NO! LAST SECOND KICKOUT FROM SHELTON BENJAMIN! Ryder yells out in frustration, and rises, waiting for Benjamin to join him. He does, and Ryder grabs him, looking for the Russian Legsweep... but Shelton holds on to the nearby top rope, and Ryder falls flat on his back as he attempts the unsuccessful move!

Ryder stands... Shelton pushes him into the centre of the ring, grabs his arm, and whips him... straight into a clothesline, not even bothering to go to the ropes first! Ryder is caught off guard, and Shelton goes for the quick lateral press... 1-2- but Ryder comes to, and kicks out! Both men rise, and Ryder kicks Benjamin in the gut... DDT from Ryder! Both men are down, and the referee starts the count... 1... 2... 3... both men begin to stir... 4... 5... 6... 7... Ryder grabs the ropes and hauls himself to his feet, as Benjamin clambers up to a vertical base on the opposite side of the ring. Both men come towards each other in the middle of the ring, trash talking a little, and start again – Ryder whips Benjamin to the turnbuckle... no, the Gold Standard stands firm, and sends the youngster there himself... Benjamin charges, and connects with a nice Corner Splash! Ryder wobbles into the centre of the ring, and Benjamin steps out on to the apron... springboards... and as Ryder turns around, he gets hit with the classic Somersault Neckbreaker! The crowd cheers for the high-flying move, and Benjamin stands, ready for some Paydirt... Ryder inches his way up, and Benjamin darts in for the finisher... but Ryder pushes him away, and connects with the Swinging Neckbreaker on his return! The crowd boos the buzzkill, and once again, both men are down, exhausted. They inch up, now across the ring from each other, and are about to charge into conflict again... BUT ZACK RYDER TAKES A SINGAPORE CANE TO THE FACE! The crowd goes frickin’ crazy, because standing above the screaming Ryder... IS TOMMY DREAMER! THE REFEREE CALLS FOR THE BELL, BUT NO-ONE CARES! TOMMY DREAMER IS BACK!

Winner: Zack Ryder by DQ

Match Time: 8:46

Shelton Benjamin sits in the corner, totally exhausted and in disbelief. He looks at the ceiling and puts his head in his hands. Lauren Mayhew announces Zack Ryder as the winner, but Ryder is in no mood for celebrations... and Tommy Dreamer kicks Ryder out of the ring... before following him out! Ryder tries to get up, clutching his face with one hand, and gets the Singapore Cane to his ribs for his troubles! Dreamer hammers his head into the barricade, then flings him to the floor! The crowd is going totally wild, and Josh Matthews is marking out at the announce table – Ryder is gasping for air on the floor, and Dreamer tosses the cane to the side, before looking under the ring... AND FINDING A TABLE!

The crowd gets even louder, roaring Tommy’s name, and the Heart and Soul of ECW sets up the table about a metre away from the apron... and grabs Ryder! The noise is deafening in the Alltel Arena, and Dreamer throws Ryder on to the table, giving him a right hand for good measure... and gets up on the table too! He brings Ryder to his feet, sets him up for the Dreamer DDT... BUT RYDER LOW BLOWS HIM! Dreamer falls from the table in agony, and Ryder immediately makes a break for it, clutching his face and ribs in pain. The crowd boos immensely for Ryder’s cowardice, and the Long Islander escapes behind the curtain... but Dreamer struggles back to his feet through the pain, and starts walking up the ramp, determined to give Ryder his just desserts!

The crowd roars again, and Dreamer gets to a jog, wincing, and heading behind the curtain to find Ryder. Meanwhile, in the ring, Shelton gets up and stands in the middle of the ring, looking out at the crowd... BUT HE GETS BLINDSIDED BY PAUL BURCHILL! The crowd heavily boos Burchill, who punches Benjamin in the head from behind! Burchill smirks at the Gold Standard on the mat, and then pulls him to his feet... he lifts him above his head in a Vertical Suplex lift... looking for the Dangerous Buster... but Benjamin wriggles, and he lands on the other side... and drops the Ripper with a Neckbreaker! The crowd roars, and Benjamin is on his feet immediately, fuming at the blindside attack.

Burchill gets up, and turns to face Benjamin, holding his neck a little after the Neckbreaker. Both men look at each other with anger, and Benjamin fires a Superkick... but Burchill ducks under it, bounces off the ropes... and hits the Gold Standard with a monster Spear! Benjamin hits the mat in agony, and Burchill clenches his teeth, ready to attack again. Benjamin struggles upwards, slowly, and Burchill grabs him... but the Gold Standard puts his knee to Burchill’s gut, and pushes him away! The Ripper charges in again... and the pair grab each other, tumbling over the ropes... AND THROUGH THE TABLE DREAMER HAD SET UP! The crowd groans in shock, and replays show the pair falling over the ropes in their tangle, crashing straight through the table on the outside! Both men lie in absolute agony, wood all over the place!

Matthews: OH MY GOD! What a shocking way to end ECW! Tommy Dreamer returns to attack Zack Ryder, and Paul Burchill and Shelton Benjamin put each other through a table!

Striker: I can honestly say I didn’t see that coming, Josh. I’m stunned.

Matthews: And would you believe, that’s all the time we have. Thanks for watching, I’m Josh Matthews, with Matt Striker, we’ll see you next week on SyFy.

ECW fades away, with Shelton Benjamin and Paul Burchill being attended to by medics and referees being the last thing we see.


Quick Results

William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov bt. Goldust and Ezekiel Jackson
Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms bts. Manu
Zack Ryder bts. Shelton Benjamin by DQ

Announced For Royal Rumble

World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio

ECW Championship
Christian (c) vs Shelton Benjamin vs Paul Burchill

Women’s Championship
Michelle McCool (c) vs Mickie James

30-Man Royal Rumble Match
CM Punk vs David Hart Smith vs Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms vs The Brian Kendrick vs Tyson Kidd vs William Regal vs Zack Ryder vs 23 Other Superstars
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

ECW Review

Match 1 – Regal & Kozlov vs. Jackson & Goldust: I like this. You’re building up Jackson vs. Regal & Kozlov well. Good match and I liked Goldust taking the fall so it keeps Jackson looking strong. The promo before the match by Regal was great as well. I’m curious to see where this goes and if Jackson can fight back against two people on his own.

Interview with Christian: The back and forth between Katie Lea and Christian was good. I liked Katie Lea sticking up for her brother, although I feel like Burchill should’ve come in and defended himself as well, but I guess he didn’t know Katie Lea was talking to Christian. Either way, good promo to build up for the Rumble.

Match 2 – Helms vs. Manu: Good match and I’m glad to see Helms qualify for the Royal Rumble since I like him more than Manu. And it’s cool to see a Rumble qualifier match. It’s always cool to see those for mid to lower card guys when there’s enough people.

Backstage Segment: Tony Atlas being Executive Consultant on ECW should be cool, but now he has to watch out for Abraham Washington. Using Big Daddy V to attack Atlas was shocking and cool I thought. Washington should be a good manager for Big Daddy V and together I could see them coming close to taking over ECW.

Match 3 – Ryder vs. Shelton: Good match, but more important is what happened after the match. Dreamer shocks everyone by coming back and beating the hell out of Ryder until he’s able to escape. That built up this feud well, and I’m sure this is going somewhere good, possibly retirement for Dreamer. And then Burchill comes out to attack one of his Rumble opponents Shelton. Both falling through the table was a good way to end it. I’m surprised Christian didn’t come out as well, but I’m fine with the way it ended with the two challengers beating each other up.

*Notes: Good show. You really built for the Royal Rumble well. I’ve read some of your shows from time to time and they’re good. Hopefully I’ll have more time to start writing more reviews for you.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

FlyinStyles ECW Review

Good to see this baby still going, here's an E-C-dub review.

The first match was a solid match, but Zeke as a face is weird. At least Kozlov I think you could've gone in a comedy type roll. Zeke just kind of sucks. Him and Goldust aren't good as a team. I don't like where Zeke is going as a face tbh. But regardless the Roundtable winning is fine.

The Christian was ok, I'd rather have Paul talk then Katie, he is actaully great on the mic. They fued has been solid though.

I don't like Helms as "Hurricane Helms" he should be one or the other but none the less, solid match, not a big Manu fan so I'm glad Helms got into the Rumble. Yoshi and Rhyno were a nice touch

The segment with Abe, Tiffany and Big Daddy V was pure gold, I couldnt't ask for anything better. I wouldn't mind seeing Abe take over as GM. Tiffany has kind of gotten stale and I feel she'd be better doing something on Raw or Smackdown.

Very good main event, The Dreamer attack was fine but the ending was awesome with the table spots. I loved it. Great ending to a solid show.

Overall I'd say solid show, defanately got better as it went on. Overall I'll say 6.5/10

Once upon a time the Pain was brought in 2008.......It will be brought again........


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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Excellent way to start EC-DUB with a tidy little match that build's heat for Regal, and furthers the tension with Jackson. Hopefully we get to see big blow-off match at NWO/Elimination Chamber, also hopefully both can have decent stays in the Rumble to add some credibility to themselves and their show.

Also good to see tension between Katie-Lea and Christian, setting up for an interference on her behalf at the Rumble, or maybe if Christian wins she will side with him culminating with the first ever incest love triangle! (jks), but overall good build for the title match.

Abit of history with Helms/Manu, could we possibly see a tag team opener at the PPV with both their respective partners and the winning team progresses (Helms would have to give up his spot, just a thought to add some excitement to the Rumble without an overkill of title matches.

He's backkk, can't wait to see wear AB n V go... a war with Tiffany! I can only dream.

Great ending, by simultaneously putting over two feuds. Dreamer very emotional and looking for revenege against the rookie, while the title match got a little more intriguing.

All up, a top notch show. Will be reading next time, btw any thoughts of changing ECW to 'NXT"?
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Pre-show Notes

Hi guys. I’m moving really well with this again, I think it’s Armageddon hype running through my veins. Raw’s already more than half written!

Thank you to amrocky25, FlyinStyles and The Analyst for their reviews, much appreciated, and it’s good to see I have a nice variety of followers for this thread, it warms my heart. I’ll go through the feedback briefly:

With Jackson, I turned him face because Kozlov leaving the Roundtable was what the WWE did, for one, and I also thought that I’d rather have Jackson as a badass face instead of Kozlov as a comedy one, who would be a bit odd feuding with serious heels in Regal and Jackson, right?

I would point out to The Analyst that two weeks before Royal Rumble is ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event. This is a 90 minute, ECW-only ‘supershow’ of sorts to act as a big stage to close out/continue some of these feuds. At the end of this show here is the announcement regarding the event, in quote boxes, should you want to see it. Next week, I’ll start announcing a couple of matches for that event. I’ll start noting the card for that after every ECW once there are matches on the card. Most feuds on ECW will have a blow-off match. That’s a hint there.

As for NXT, I did laugh when you mentioned that, Analyst. Not as a mockery, because it was a good question, tbh. I still see ECW as having potential, as ECW. If you think ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event is gonna go by without at least one Extreme Rules match, you’d all be mistaken . ECW can still be a good show as I see it, so I’ll be keeping it as it is for now, plus it means I can keep calling it the Land of the Extreme, tbh.

Again, thanks for the reviews, guys. Very constructive, very helpful to me. Cheers, really.

Just a note: I've made three different Royal Rumble posters. I might post all three, and have you guys vote on which one you prefer of the three. They're all the same format, but with a different superstar as the main man on the front. One is Cena, one is Rey Mysterio, and one is CM Punk. Keep an eye out for that, possibly after Armageddon.

Anyway, this is SmackDown. Enjoy. Next week on SmackDown, of course, World Heavyweight Champion, the Big Show announces the stipulation for the Royal Rumble World Heavyweight Championship match, which I can tell you, you won’t want to miss.


Friday Night SmackDown
Alltel Arena, Little Rock, Arkansas
18th December 2009

Matt Hardy bt. R-Truth and Dolph Ziggler
Michelle McCool bts. Maria
John Morrison bts. Mike Knox
CM Punk and The Brian Kendrick bt. Finlay and Super Crazy
Tyson Kidd bts. JTG
Big Show and Rey Mysterio bt. Chris Jericho and Batista

SmackDown opened with a Royal Rumble Qualifier, as Matt Hardy fought both Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth in a Triple Threat match. After a long battle, Ziggler hit the Zig-Zag to R-Truth, but Matt Hardy flung the youngster from the ring, before hitting the Twist of Fate to Truth to book his spot in the Rumble. Ziggler quickly took exception to this on the mic, roaring that he had been cheated, and that if he wasn’t in the Rumble match, the entire business would suffer for it. He then took a steel chair from ringside and charged into the ring – Matt Hardy, not wanting to leave the dazed Truth in the ring alone with Ziggler, stood his ground, but he took a nasty chairshot to the forehead, and then took multiple shots to the lower back, until a host of referees stopped Ziggler. Ziggler was escorted away, screaming about how he should be in the Rumble.

Eve Torres interviewed Chris Jericho, who described Big Show’s attack on him on Raw as disgusting, cowardly and unprovoked. He claimed that the World’s Largest Athlete was no different to the hypocrites and parasites in Little Rock, who would all jump at the chance to turn on their superior partners out of jealousy. Jericho then boasted that he was a living legend, who had put the Undertaker out of commission permanently, and that no-one could stop him from leaving Royal Rumble as World Heavyweight Champion. Rey Mysterio interrupted, saying that Jericho was all talk, and that if he made it to the Rumble, he’d be very surprised, because the Ultimate Underdog was fully expecting the Undertaker to return, and avenge himself. Jericho laughed it off, claiming he’d put the Deadman so far into the ICU, he’d never wrestle again. This was backed up by various needless replays of Jericho’s attack on the Phenom three weeks previously throughout the show. Teddy Long wandered past, and said that, since he had no Main Event yet, Jericho and Mysterio would face off in tag team action – Jericho would team with Batista, and Mysterio would team with the World Champion himself, the Big Show.

Women’s Champion Michelle McCool dominated Maria throughout this match, showcasing her tremendous skill, and making a massive impression on her No. 1 Contender, Mickie James, who was sat at ringside to watch. McCool locked Maria in her patented Heel Hook, which Maria couldn’t endure for long, before tapping out to the Women’s Champion. McCool celebrated with Layla in the ring afterwards, taunting Mickie James, who was quick to join them in the ring, but the Champion and her lackey escaped before Mickie could unleash her high-octane offence.

Cryme Tyme and the Hart Dynasty came together backstage, and exchanged some heavy trash talk. Kidd challenged JTG to a match, and JTG accepted, on the condition that Smith fought Shad next week.

John Morrison qualified for the Royal Rumble with a hard-fought win over Mike Knox. After a variety of high-octane moves, Morrison hit the Moonlight Drive, and followed up with a stunning Starship Pain to finally subdue Knox for three. The Intercontinental Champion was extremely pleased with his victory, letting out a massive victory yell after the three was counted. CM Punk interrupted his celebrations, telling Morrison that it was no major feat to make it to the Rumble, something Punk had done two weeks ago. Punk said that he was going to show the Shaman of Sexy exactly how a real ring warrior did things, by destroying Finlay and Super Crazy in upcoming tag team action.

Teaming with The Brian Kendrick after the break, the Straightedge Superstar lived up to his word – while Kendrick hit the Kendrick to his rival, Finlay, Punk gave Crazy a taste of the GTS, putting the Insane Luchador away. Morrison was on commentary for the match, recovering from his ordeal against Mike Knox previously. Morrison and Punk had a heated staredown afterwards – next week, CM Punk will face John Morrison for the Intercontinental Championship on SmackDown.

Teddy Long was speaking to Super Crazy backstage – he told the Insane Luchador that he would get a chance to qualify for the Royal Rumble next week, against the man who had mocked Crazy on his return to SmackDown three weeks ago, Eric Escobar.

Tyson Kidd lived up to his moniker as one of SmackDown’s brightest young stars, putting on a world-class performance with little to no errors against JTG, eventually finishing the New Yorker off with a nasty Ankle Lock which he called the Prince’s Crown.

The Brian Kendrick taunted Finlay backstage, saying that youth was finally reigning over experience. He challenged Finlay to a match next week, so he could finally prove that the Fighting Irishman’s wins over him were nothing more than flukes. Finlay said he would enjoy knocking some respect into Kendrick for a third time, and agreed to the match.

In SmackDown’s Main Event, the World’s Largest Athlete, Big Show tagged with his complete opposite – the tiny in comparison Rey Mysterio. With Show about 2 and a half times Rey’s weight, it was certainly a mismatched pairing, but one that turned out to be successful, as Show gave Mysterio much more elevation than the turnbuckle could, lifting the Ultimate Underdog high so he could connect with some fantastic high-impact, high-flying moves. Batista was part of a massive buzzkill, Spearing the life out of Mysterio as he was going for the 619 on Jericho, and nearly stealing the win for his side after Jericho hit the Lionsault. Later in the match, after Show became the legal man, and threw Batista from the apron, Rey hit the 619 to Jericho, allowing the World’s Largest Athlete to flatten his fellow Tag Team Champion with the Knockout Punch for the second time in the week, picking up the win. Show and Mysterio stood tall to end SmackDown. Next week, on Christmas Day, the Big Show will announce the stipulation for the Fatal Four-Way World Heavyweight Title match at Royal Rumble.

Announced For Royal Rumble

World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio

ECW Championship
Christian (c) vs Shelton Benjamin vs Paul Burchill

Women’s Championship
Michelle McCool (c) vs Mickie James

30-Man Royal Rumble Match
CM Punk vs David Hart Smith vs Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms vs John Morrison vs Matt Hardy vs The Brian Kendrick vs Tyson Kidd vs William Regal vs Zack Ryder vs 21 Other Superstars

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Smackdown Quick Review (really quick)

I really see the focus of Smackdown being the younger talent. For example..... Kidd, Kendrick, Punk, Morrison all pulled out wins which is good. The Morrison win was pretty obvious to me and the Punk/Kendrick win were also obvious however I do like the push you are giving to Kendrick since I'm a huge TBK mark.

Kidd's win was pretty interesting because he wins with an Ankle lock. I love the name you gave it "The Prince's Crown". Its also a good way to form a feud with Cryme Tyme.

The Big Show and Mysterio tagging up would be pretty funny to see IRL. Anyway that was a great match and the one thing I was very surprised by was Show not turning on Mysterio, which makes me think Show is face and not a tweener. Interesting very.

Only bad thing I didn't like was Ziggler losing. I am a fan of RR qualifiers to a certain extent. Now that Ziggler lost to me he has no way of being invovled in the Rumble unless he beats someone up and takes their spot. Thats the only time RR Qualifying matches are bad to me.

Overall: You did a really good recap form of Smackdown, and you set up a few matches. Shad v. DH, Morrison v. Punk, Finlay v. Kendrick, Escobar v. Crazy, (maybe some more Dolph who went crazy this week).... wow more than I expected and even a promo with Show picking his stipulation for the RR. Anyway great show possibly your best recapped show.

PS: I never knew you made posters thats pretty cool. Anyway Punk would be my choice lol.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Faster than a speeding bullet...

Cheers for the review, RatedRKO31. I love how stacked my SmackDown card is for this coming week, I'd write it in full just for the sake of it if it wasn't for the fact I really want to get into this Armageddon PPV.

I don't really know why I gave Kidd the Ankle Lock, it was quite a spontaneous decision. I wanted to give him more edge, make him seem more of a threat, a danger. Watch for Smith's match for developments in this one btw.

I would point out with the Qualifiers that a couple of people who have lost them are people who might end up in the Rumble, tbh. I plan to hold a couple of second-chance matches on SD, possibly ECW. It defeats the purpose a little, but I think some guys just can't be ignored.

Poster ftw, man. The original plan had been to just use Cena, but I've played around with it a bit, and now I have three options. As I say, watch this space.

I'd so be watching SmackDown if that was the card this week. It's a bit like a mini-PPV on Christmas Day. I'll sleep on it. Anyway, here's the Raw preview. The show basically ties up all loose ends going into Armageddon on Sunday 27th December. I'll be posting the preview and predictions contest after SmackDown, whether it's in full or not. Raw is nearly done, just tweaking the ME a little, and then it's a quick proof-read and BAM! The last Raw before Armageddon is done.


Monday Night Raw
Kansas Coliseum, Wichita, Kansas
21st December 2009

A Match To Remember
The last Raw before Armageddon is to be capped off with a huge 8-Man Tag Team match – WWE Champion John Cena tags with Kofi Kingston and D-Generation X to take on his Armageddon opponent Jack Swagger, who teams with Kingston’s opponent Randy Orton, and DX’s opponents, Legacy. With tempers sure to be flaring within the three feuds, what will happen when they all collide?

Blockbuster Preview
Two men who will face off in Armageddon’s WWE Unified Tag Team Championship match, Chris Jericho and Mark Henry, will face off on Raw. Chris Jericho has had it rough in recent weeks, as his former friend and partner, fellow Tag Team Champion the Big Show, has consistently been getting one up on him. With Armageddon just 6 days away, Jericho will want to pick up a bit of momentum to take into his title defence on Sunday night.

The Pit Bull In Action
After giving another emotional speech last week in a sit-down interview, Jamie Noble takes to the ring this week, to battle the brutal Robbie McAllister. On Sunday, the Pit Bull will take to the ring in a No Holds Barred match against another vicious ring warrior from the British Isles, in the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus. A loss for Noble tonight could effectively kill all momentum the Pit Bull has going into Sunday, but considering how fired up the former Cruiserweight Champion is, can even Robbie McAllister stop him from leaving it all in the ring with a hard-fought victory?

Chris Masters booted Evan Bourne in the head in Raw’s No. 1 Contender’s Triple Threat match, costing the high-flyer his shot at the United States Championship. Masters then flung Bourne into the ring steps, and proceeded to beat him down, until he was stopped by Carlito. This attack was down to the anger Masters had from losing on two previous occasions to the talented young Bourne – will Bourne look to even the score tonight? The pair step into the ring at Armageddon together, along with four other men, in a Battle Royal to decide the next challenger to the Miz’s United States Championship after Armageddon. As for tonight, we can only wonder what Bourne might do ahead of that pivotal match in 6 days’ time.

Next, Please...
Maryse has been knocking down competitors left, right, and centre. Last week, she conquered Kelly Kelly, but this week, she attempts to beat Gail Kim. With only 6 days between Maryse and her shot at the Divas Title at Armageddon, could Kim put an arrow to the heart of Maryse, helping out her friend, Divas Champion Melina, in the process? Or will Maryse just keep rolling, keeping her eyes on the prize as we get ever closer to that epic confrontation between Melina and Maryse, with the Divas Championship on the line?

All that, and much more, on Monday Night Raw, live on the USA Network!

Announced For Raw

John Cena, Kofi Kingston, and D-Generation X vs Jack Swagger, Randy Orton and Legacy
Chris Jericho vs Mark Henry
Jamie Noble vs Robbie McAllister
Maryse vs Gail Kim
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

That's gonna be one massive 8-men tag match, man. Can't wait for Raw.

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