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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

JayLive59's ECW Review

The opening segment was perfect once it got going. Wasn't so keen on Christian in the beginning, but it recovered very well. I loved how you used Katie Lea. Sending her out instead of Paul was perfect because it set up the sneak attack. I'm really curious as to who Burchill's partner might end up being. I'm sure it's someone big though. He wouldn't have mastermined the plan if it wasn't.

Love the Roundtable going at it in the qualifier. Kind of surprised that Regal got the win though. Was expecting Jackson to get the win, but having the victory "stolen" from him by Regal makes just as much sense. Maybe a rematch is in the future?

Ouch! for Helms and Tatsu. That was quite the attack by Manu and Rhyno. I'm liking their pairing, and it's good to see a different side of Manu than lackey.

No surprise with Ryder going over Goldust. I'm really liking things are going with the Dreamer/Ryder story. The promo was spot on. Much better than the two second thing WWE did.

I liked Washington getting canceled. Quite funny. Nice touch with the nose guard--that made me LOL. Just not sure what he's going to do in retaliation. Hope it's not too bad. I love Tiffany!

WOW @ Big Daddy V. I never would have guessed him to be Burchill's partner. Liked that Shelton was able to kick out of the splash at the end. Made him come off very strong, which is good heading into the PPV. Was quite surprised that Benjamin tagged in the Champ though. I would have figured he would have preferred to get the fall to look even stronger. But either way, I'm glad to see them win. I'll be anxious to see how Burchill reacts to this. I'm sure in his eyes it will be V's fault. I'm very anxious to see where this goes next.

Overall, I'd say this was yet another strong edition of ECW. Definitely worth the wait. I'm liking pretty much everything that you're doing at the moment, so keep it up!


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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

ECW Feedback

Opening segment – Christian and Shelton were good on the stick in this promo but I actually thought Katie Lea was the best talker in this segment, you did a good job of having her put over Burchill as well as talking down to Christian, good heel stuff there. I was wondering why Katie Lea came out on her own, but that was explained when he attacked Christian, you did a good job of having Burchill look very strong here.

Regal/Kozlov/Jackson – This was a decent match and I’m glad Regal won the way he did. I sense a babyface turn by Jackson in the near future.

The backstage stuff was what it was, Rhyno and Manu as a tag team should be interesting read but I’m intrigued to see how long you keep this team together, obviously they’re going to feud with Helms and Yoshi but who after that?

Ryder’s promo was very good, you put over Ryder’s victory and assault on Tommy Dreamer from last week very well and gave me a reason to read next week to see if Dreamer shows up (which he probably will), the match itself was good, no surprise Ryder won though.

The backstage stuff between Tiffany and Abe was short but sweet, i'm fascinated to read what Washington does next week in response to the her cancelling his show.

The main event was a decent contest, the only problem I had with this match was the finish, I personally wouldn’t have had Burchill take the pinfall because you want him looking strong going into the PPV and having Christian pin him makes him less of a threat IMO.

Overall it was a good show which I enjoyed reading. The opening promo was very good and I can’t pick faults with anything else on the show, keep up the good work mate!
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Thank you as always to RatedRKO31 and JayLive59 for their fabulous reviews, and always nice to get a new reviewer in Steph's Lover. Great stuff. Glad to hear it was worth the wait, and I'm over the moon that I've managed to up the standard from last week. You can be sure I'll be vamping up Christian's speech, because, having re-read it a couple more times, it does seem a little bland. Here is SmackDown. Got some great stuff planned for the Rumble, but atm I'm focusing mainly on Armageddon, obviously, which is planned to be quite a show, hopefully . Also looking forward to Raw, which I've come up with some good ideas for, and I've had fun writing a couple bits of it already.


Friday Night SmackDown
Cox Convention Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
11th December 2009

Rey Mysterio bts. Mike Knox
The Hart Dynasty bt. Cryme Tyme
Batista vs. Finlay
Chris Jericho bts. R-Truth
Mickie James and Maria bt. Michelle McCool and Layla
Big Show bts. CM Punk

SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long opened the show, declaring that one of the four men due to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship at Royal Rumble would get to choose the stipulation for the match. All four men came down to the ring and declared their opinions on the subject, which quickly degenerated into Batista coming close to attacking Rey Mysterio, and Big Show likewise to Chris Jericho. Long restored order and said that the man who could win a Beat the Clock Challenge tonight would get to choose the stipulation for the World Title match at Royal Rumble. Rey Mysterio would be up first, against Mike Knox, and Batista would take on Finlay. Chris Jericho would step into the ring with R-Truth, and No. 1 Contender to the Intercontinental Championship, CM Punk, would be Big Show’s opponent in the Main Event.

In the first match of the night, the Ultimate Underdog, Rey Mysterio, managed to pull out a win against the massive Mike Knox, in a time of 8 minutes, 23 seconds, setting a benchmark for the others to follow. Rey sealed the win with the 619, followed by a Springboard Body Splash. Batista was on commentary, and said he planned to make all four men compete in a Four-Man Steel Cage match.

John Morrison was interviewed – he said that in two weeks’ time, he faced off against CM Punk for the Intercontinental Championship, but he wasn’t worried. The Shaman of Sexy said this was down to the fact that he knew in his heart he could beat the Straightedge Superstar, as he has done before, when they were both on ECW, and they fought over the ECW Championship.

The Hart Dynasty took back their wallets from Cryme Tyme after a solid victory coming from a Hart Attack to JTG, and in the process, qualified for the Royal Rumble, and became SmackDown’s third and fourth men in the 30-Man match. On the outside, Natalya got her revenge, too, when she floored Eve with a massive right hand.

Rey Mysterio was interviewed by Eve Torres backstage, and said that, if he had the chance to choose the stipulation, he’d make it a Ladder match for the World Title, where he could his superior speed and agility to his advantage.

The Animal could not beat Finlay in this match before the time limit ran out, due to Rey Mysterio appearing at ringside, and distracting Batista after he’d hit the Batista Bomb to the Man Who Loves to Fight, leading to the time running out. Incensed that his chances of choosing the stipulation were over, Batista ran after Mysterio after the bell had rung, chasing him backstage, and out of sight of the cameras. As Finlay got up, he was menacingly attacked with a steel chair by The Brian Kendrick, who got a rough reaction from the crowd.

Matt Hardy was walking along a backstage corridor when he was jumped by Dolph Ziggler for the third week in a row, and pounded until security escorted him away.

Chris Jericho narrowly beat Rey Mysterio’s time by 2 seconds, locking in the Walls of Jericho on R-Truth, and causing the Rapping Superstar to tap out just before the clock ran over. Jericho made sure he got on the mic and told the world, parasites and all, that he was looking forward to the Fatal Four-Way, Falls Count Anywhere match he had planned for the Rumble.

Dolph Ziggler boomed into Teddy Long’s office and yelled that he wants a place in the Royal Rumble, and if Long wanted to keep his superstars healthy, he better give him what he wanted. Teddy said they was going to be two qualifying matches next week, and he’d give him one, only if he stopped needlessly attacking superstars, especially Matt Hardy, who Ziggler would face next week, as well as R-Truth, in a Triple Threat match for a place in the Rumble. The other match was later revealed as John Morrison versus Mike Knox.

Mickie James teamed with her good friend Maria to take on Women’s Champion Michelle McCool and Layla – Mickie once again got the pin on Layla after a Mickie-DT, but Layla blindsided her after the match, and Michelle planted Maria with the Faith Breaker in a nasty showing of strength.

With Chris Jericho at ringside, CM Punk put on a brave, and smirking face against the World Heavyweight Champion, having held the Big Show’s gold before. Punk performed admirably, and just as Jericho thought he’d got it made as the clock ticked over 8 minutes, with Show locked in the Anaconda Vise, and looking closing to losing than winning, Show managed to break free, and suddenly hit the Knockout Punch out of absolutely nowhere to pick up a stunning victory with seconds to spare. Show, with creative control of the match stipulation for his title defence at Royal Rumble, said that he’d decided he’d let the world know which stipulation he had in mind come the SmackDown in two weeks’ time, on December 25th – Christmas Day. Jericho, furious, decided against taking it up with the Big Show, instead slithered away, fuming.

Announced for Royal Rumble

World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show (c) vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho

ECW Championship
Christian (c) vs Shelton Benjamin vs Paul Burchill

Women’s Championship
Michelle McCool (c) vs Mickie James

Royal Rumble Match
CM Punk vs David Hart Smith vs The Brian Kendrick vs Tyson Kidd vs William Regal vs Zack Ryder vs 24 Other Superstars


Power 25

1. Big Show, (8) Up 3

The World Heavyweight Champion left Chris Jericho to feel the force of a World’s Strongest Slam on Raw, and pronounced to Todd Grisham that Jeri-show was over, and that no titles were worth teaming with a man like Chris Jericho. The World’s Largest Athlete then won a Beat the Clock Challenge on SmackDown, while Jericho watched, to earn the right to decide the stipulation for the World Title match at Royal Rumble, a stipulation Show will announce on Christmas Day’s edition of SmackDown. Who knows what the World Heavyweight Champion has in mind for his opponents? Either way, Show gained 8 votes out of a possible 11 from the Academy this week.

2. Jack Swagger, (3) --

The All-American American had another monster week. Firstly, he made a massive challenge for WWE Champion John Cena to overcome, pitting him against three men at once in the form of William Regal, Vladimir Kozlov, and Ezekiel Jackson. When his plan didn’t work, he took matters into his own hands, and clocked the Champ with his own title. With that, Swagger stole himself 3 votes from the Academy.

3. Christian, --

The ECW Champion was on top on ECW once again this week, gaining the pinfall in ECW’s Main Event tag team contest after a great Frog Splash to Paul Burchill.

4. Chris Jericho, Down 3

Jericho switches places with the Big Show on this week’s countdown – all it takes is looking at what Big Show has done this week to understand just what has orchestrated Jericho’s fall down the chart. Jeri-show may be officially no more, but the pair will be defending their WWE Unified Tag Team Championships at Armageddon, regardless of their feelings towards each other.

5. John Cena, Up 3

The WWE Champion may have got flattened by his No. 1 Contender again on Raw, but there’s no denying, even with a little aid from Ezekiel Jackson, that he beat three men at once, pulling through despite the odds being stacked against him.

6. Batista, Down 1

The Animal failed to beat the clock on SmackDown after Rey Mysterio distracted him, and he lost his chance to choose the stipulation for the World Title match at Royal Rumble. He then chased the Ultimate Underdog backstage, but we never found out what happened.

7. Rey Mysterio, --

The Ultimate Underdog was victorious over Mike Knox in 8 minutes, 23 seconds, and managed to prevent one competitor from beating his time, but Chris Jericho beat it soon after, and the Big Show after that. Though he did not get himself the Royal Rumble Ladder match he wanted, at least he still has his chance at the World Title.

8. Kofi Kingston, Up 4

In two weeks’ time, Kofi Kingston steps into a Steel Cage with the Viper, Randy Orton. On Monday, Kofi brought the cage itself down upon them both when they met in the ring, and gave Orton a small taste of the imprisonment to follow at Armageddon. He may have lost to Chavo Guerrero due to Orton’s interference, but there’s no doubting that Kofi has scared Randy Orton, and he is ahead in the mental battle.

9. Randy Orton, Down 3

The Viper cost Kofi Kingston his match with Chavo Guerrero this week, but, as stated above, he was trapped inside the cage with Kingston, and only narrowly escaped severe injury when he flung himself over the top of the cage, landing hard on the outside.

10. Zack Ryder, Up 1

The cocky youngster moves up a place after he beat Goldust on ECW, and gave a brutal verbal beating to Tommy Dreamer, claiming that last week was just the beginning of his epic journey to Wrestlemania 26.

11. Paul Burchill, Down 2

The Ripper may have attacked Christian and Shelton Benjamin at the start of the self-dubbed ‘Round Three’ on ECW, but it was the Gold Standard and Captain Charisma who had the last laughs when they beat him and Big Daddy V in the Main Event.

12. CM Punk, Down 2

The Straightedge Superstar, who will face John Morrison for his Intercontinental Championship in two weeks’ time, lost to the Big Show in SmackDown’s Main Event after a surprise Knockout Punch just moments after Show had fought himself free of the Anaconda Vise.

13. D-Generation X, Up 1

Triple H and Shawn Michaels beat Legacy in a highly contested match on Raw, which was a great spectacle for the fans. Triple H got a blind tag to Shawn Michaels, who hit Cody Rhodes with Sweet Chin Music to pick up the win for DX, and leave Legacy feeling really hard done by after a great performance from the youngsters.

14. Dolph Ziggler, Up 1

Wait, who’s Dolph Ziggler? If you didn’t know already from his constant introductions, you should by now. On SmackDown, Ziggler beat down Matt Hardy backstage, and was given a Royal Rumble Qualifying, Triple Threat match against Hardy himself and R-Truth.

15. Carlito, Up 1

The Caribbean superstar made a successful return to the ring on Monday night, athletically beating his former partner, Santino Marella.

16. Shelton Benjamin, Up 1

Shelton may not have got the pinfall in ECW’s Main Event, but he was certainly the one who orchestrated it, when he took Paul Burchill down with Paydirt, giving the opening for Shelton to surprise us all by tagging in Christian instead of attempting for the fall himself, and clearing Big Daddy V from the apron as the match went his and Christian’s way.

17. Legacy, Down 4

Cody Rhodes’ and Ted DiBiase’s fall down the Power 25 came due to superstars below them having better performances this week, coupled with their narrow loss on Raw.

18. Evan Bourne, Up 1

There’s no stopping the high-flying superstar at the moment. A stunning Shooting Star Press gave Bourne a win over Chris Masters in tag team action on Raw, and Bourne was added to the Triple Threat match next week, where he will face Carlito and Chavo Guerrero for a match against the Miz for the United States Championship at Armageddon.

19. Rhyno, Down 1

The War Machine wasn’t in action this week, but he did engage in a Manu-aided brutal attack on Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms and Yoshi Tatsu backstage. With the Man Beast being such a force on ECW, it seems no-one on the brand can stop him!

20. Jamie Noble, --

The Pit Bull delivered another emotional promo on Raw, but he was interrupted by the Celtic Warrior, who dropped a massive bombshell, telling Noble that the pair would be fighting in a No Holds Barred match at Armageddon.

21. Chavo Guerrero, Up 3

The Mexican Warrior beat, yes, beat, Kofi Kingston on Raw, albeit with interference from Randy Orton, but he did it nonetheless. Next week, Chavo faces Evan Bourne and Carlito for a chance to fight for the United States Championship at Armageddon.

22. The Brian Kendrick, Down 1

The cocky Kendrick beat down Finlay after his match with a steel chair, continuing to make his mark on the blue brand.

23. The Hart Dynasty, NR

Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith emphatically kick Cryme Tyme off the Power 25 with a win over the Brooklyn duo on SmackDown, qualifying for the Royal Rumble in the process.

24. Melina, NR

The Diva’s Champion teamed with Evan Bourne to defeat the team of Maryse and Chris Masters on Raw, giving everything she had as always in a strong performance.

25. Michelle McCool, Down 3

The Women’s Champion lost to Maria and Mickie James alongside Layla, but she narrowly saved her place on the Power 25 with a post-match Faith Breaker to Maria.

And also earning votes...

The World’s Strongest Tag Team – Mark Henry and MVP are off to Armageddon after beating Chris Jericho and the Big Show on Raw. A more convincing performance would help them break into that top 25 ranking table.

William Regal – The brawling Englishman snuck into the Royal Rumble with a hard Knee Trembler on Ezekiel Jackson. Regal doesn’t make the Power 25, however, because, whether it was caused by Ezekiel Jackson or not, the Blackpool Brawler tapped out to the STFU on Raw.

Finlay – The Man Who Loves to Fight gave a massive effort to hold off Batista on SmackDown, and didn’t get pinned or submit to the Animal, as the match ended in a respectable draw.
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

JayLive59's SmackDown Review

SmackDown Review

Opening promo was good. Beat the Clock is a great idea to determine the stipulation at the Rumble, especially with all four men having different ideas. I'm definitely curious to see who wins and what they pick.

Mysterio over Knox, good. I never did understand the value in Knox...

Morrison interview was a good way to keep him involved in the show while Punk was busy with the challenge.

Turning the tag match into a Rumble Qualifier was good. Glad the Dynasty is in the match.

It was a tiny bit weird for Eve to jump from ringside to the backstage set to conduct an interview (especially after being punked out by Natalya) but hey, stranger things have happened. A ladder match would be definitely work to Mysterio's advantage.

Batista not going over Finlay was a tough break for the Animal, but it was good that the reason was the distraction of Rey and not just Finlay's abilty. Sure Finlay is talented, but that being the reason Batista didn't advance would really hurt his momentum going into the PPV.

I'm definitely digging this new side of Ziggler! He's a man on a mission. I like it.

Didn't really like the finish to Jericho/Truth though. While I like Jericho getting the win, I don't like that it should have been with the Walls. I think a Codebreaker would have been better considering all Truth had to do was hang on for two more seconds. The countdown is on the screen and the crowd is usually shouting it as well. Truth would have known he only needed to hang in there for 2 more seconds to screw Jericho over.

Good segment with Teddy and Dolph. Looking forward to both matches next week.

Divas Match, well, it's a Divas match lol. Not much else to say.
Michelle did come off strong in the end, so I guess that's good considering she's the champ.

I'm fine with Show getting the win. Glad Punk held on as long as he did and don't mind the way he went down. Making us wait for the stip is a good way to get us back next week and the week after that!

Overall, I'd say it was a good show. I think I liked ECW a bit more, but that's because I think I'm more involved with their feuds. I'm looking forward to what you've got going for RAW!


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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Thank you, Jay, as much as SmackDown comments are appreciated, I'm not really expecting comments or feedback for it. It's just filling people on the storylines on SmackDown, because I don't really feel like handling three shows worth of storylines at the moment, and if I started writing it in full after Armageddon, everyone would wonder how these matches i.e the Fatal Four-Way for the World Title came about, so the SmackDown recaps are just for those purposes, so everyone is kept in the loop heading towards the Rumble, otherwise the only Royal Rumble match announced would be for the ECW Championship and a bunch of ECW superstars in the Rumble match itself. Anyhow, here's the Raw preview.


Monday Night Raw
Scottrade Center, St. Louis, Missouri
14th December 2009

The Champ In Charge
Last week, Jack Swagger was given the opportunity to book WWE Champion John Cena into whatever match he so pleased, and he certainly took advantage, putting Cena up against all three members of the Ruthless Roundtable. Cena put in a great performance and got the win after the Roundtable imploded live on Monday night, but Swagger made an appearance afterwards, clocking The Champ with his own title belt to the face. This week, Cena has the power to book Swagger into a match of his own – last week, Swagger yelled that he could beat anybody Cena had lined up for him. Can the All-American American live up to his promise, on the penultimate Raw going into Armageddon?

A Viper Cornered
Randy Orton had a mixed night last Monday – while he cost Kofi Kingston his match with Chavo Guerrero, he also got a nasty preview of what could happen at Armageddon, when he was trapped inside the infamous steel cage with Kofi Kingston, who sought revenge after the Viper’s interference in his match. Orton flung himself over the top of the cage to escape the wrath of the angered Kingston, possibly injuring himself in the process, and was forced to sit as Kingston scaled the cage, and stood atop it in a show of dominance. Tonight, not only will Orton take to the mic to address the WWE fans in his home town of St. Louis, Missouri, he has also agreed to take on MVP, who, alongside Mark Henry, will face Orton’s associates, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, at Armageddon, with the Unified Tag Team Titles on the line. What will Orton have to say, and can he overcome MVP and give his Legacy associates a helping hand on Raw tonight? Either way, it’s sure to be a great contest.

Are You Ready... For Armageddon?
Tonight, the moment D-Generation X have been waiting for. Triple H and Shawn Michaels will face WWE Unified Tag Team Champions, Chris Jericho and the Big Show, tonight on Raw, and a victory for them would add them to the Unified Tag Team Titles match at Armageddon, which would then include four teams.

There Can Be Only One
Also tonight, the man who will face the Miz for his United States Title at Armageddon is finally decided. After three weeks of wannabe contenders fighting it out, three competitors have stood above the rest, making the biggest impact, and those three men will face off in a Triple Threat match tonight, to earn themselves that coveted title shot at Armageddon. Carlito, who has been under the Miz’s skin for weeks now, faces off against Chavo Guerrero, who has been on a terrific revival in recent weeks, and faces off against hometown hero Evan Bourne, who has put in some similarly fantastic performances to earn himself a place in this match. Which of these three will be heading to Armageddon to fight for the title?

Sitting Down With The Pit Bull
Jamie Noble is in the form of his life. Never has he been so supported by the fans since he stood up for himself four weeks ago, and in just under two weeks, he faces the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, in a No Holds Barred match. Tonight, however, Noble has been given the night off by Raw General Manager, rewarding the Pit Bull for his excellent effort in recent weeks for the fans. That doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing Noble on our screens, tonight, however, as we have exclusive footage taken earlier today, from a sit-down interview with the Pit Bull, conducted by Raw’s resident interviewer, Todd Grisham. What’s on the Pit Bull’s mind at the moment? There’s one way to find out, and that’s watching Raw on the USA Network tonight.

The crude Italian, Santino Marella, takes to the ring tonight, to take on one of five Armageddon opponents, the recently returned Paul London. Can the self-proclaimed Italian Stallion pull out a big win going into Armageddon’s No. 1 Contender Battle Royal?

Maryse takes on Kelly Kelly and much more!

Announced For Raw

John Cena to kick the show off, and book Jack Swagger into a match of his choosing
Randy Orton vs MVP
Randy Orton will speak
D-Generation X vs Chris Jericho and the Big Show
Evan Bourne vs Carlito vs Chavo Guerrero
A sit-down interview with Jamie Noble
Santino Marella vs Paul London
Maryse vs Kelly Kelly
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

I know you said that you don't expect a review for Smackdown but I'll just say that I like the concept of the Beat the Clock where the winner gets to choose the stipulation. Also going to be interesting watching the Jeri-Show dynamics leading up to the title match.

Raw looks good based on the preview and I'll be sure to give you a review.

Check out my Be the Booker Thread!

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Hey guys. Sorry this is so late (over two weeks after the preview, oops) but I had a massive schedule going, so I didn’t have a chance to write it. Usually I write the show before I post the preview, I just felt like posting it, though I never expected it would two weeks before I posted it. It took ages to write, too, I just could not decide what to do with the Triple Threat match, having had a different idea about who could challenge for the title at Armageddon instead. Ah well, I made a decision, what’s done is done. It took a while, but it is done.

Just to clarify, Jeri-show is over. I’ll start referring to them as Chris Jericho and the Big Show now, because although they’ll be teaming together at Armageddon to defend the tag team titles, you can understand it’s not particularly likely they’ll retain, after all, they’re not a team any more. This stems from Survivor Series, when Show became World Heavyweight Champion by knocking Jericho’s lights out with a Knockout Punch in that Triple Threat match featuring the Undertaker as well. Hence the reason I made the match involve more than one team of challengers – it would be too obvious who the winners were going to be. Just thought I’d mention that.

No other notes... hm... ok, let’s just kick this show off. I’m fairly sure the Armageddon card at the end of this show is the final one, actually, so next week’s show won’t announce any more matches. And then it’s on to the event! Man, I can’t wait to write that bad boy.


Monday Night Raw
Scottrade Center, St. Louis, Missouri
14th December 2009

The Raw entrance video starts things off, and then the camera cuts to the arena, where the stage lights up with a giant fireworks display. The camera then sweeps across the crowd as usual, where loads of happy St. Louis fans are roaring and holding up signs. Finally, we go to ringside, where we meet Michael Cole and Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler.

Cole: Why, hello, welcome to Monday Night Raw, we are less than two weeks away from Armageddon, the atmosphere in the Scottrade Center is electric! I’m Michael Cole, with me as always, my broadcast partner, WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler. Lemme guess, you can’t wait for tonight’s show?

King: You’re so right, Michael! Tonight’s show is gonna be great!

Cole: Well, tonight, WWE Champion John Cena is in charge – partly. As Jack Swagger had the power to do to the Champ last week, Cena has the power to book his Armageddon opponent into a match of his choosing, and we’ll hear from him in a moment.

King: And not just that, Michael! We have a Triple Threat, No. 1 Contender match for the United States Championship, plus, D-Generation X against the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions!

Cole: And the stellar entertainment doesn’t stop there. The Legend Killer, the Viper, Randy Orton, will step into the ring with the Ballin’ Superstar, MVP.

King: I can’t wait for that one!

Cole: Neither me, King. We also have exclusive footage from a sit-down interview with the Pit Bull, Jamie Noble, as well as Maryse and Santino Marella in matches.

Before King can reply, thankfully, John Cena’s music booms from the speakers, and the arena screams for the WWE Champion! Cena comes tearing out on to the stage, a massive grin on his face, and the WWE Championship in his hand. He flings the title over his shoulder, then sprints down the ramp, the camera zooming out so we can see him do it.

Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... the WWE Champion... John Cena!

Another massive roar goes up for the Champ as he slides into the ring and holds his title high.

Cole: John Cena, holding the title which Jack Swagger hit him with last week, is here to kick the show off.

King: I bet Cena has something to say about what happened last week, Michael – I wonder what he has in store for Swagger!

Cena waits for his music to subside, then collects a mic from ringside, and raises it.

Cena: All right! Let’s get this show on the road!

Big cheers for Cena.

Cena: I’ll kick this bad boy off. Hm... let’s talk about... Jack Swagger.

Boos. Cena starts to pace about.

Cena: Last week, as I’m sure you all saw, Jack Swagger hit me with my own title belt, and held it above me for the second week in a row.

More boos.

Cena: Jack Swagger and I face off in two weeks for this title. That match gets closer with every Raw that passes. And with every Raw that passes, Jack Swagger believes more and more that he can beat me at Armageddon.

The boos continue. Cena is stony-faced.

Cena: But Jack! Don’t lie to yourself, son! Because you’ve become cocky! You’re losing your focus – you think you’ve already beat me!

Cena continues to pace, and the crowd continues to boo Swagger’s cockiness.

Cena: Jack, two attacks does not make for a title win. If you can press me to the mat for three seconds at Armageddon – well, that makes for a title win. When you’re ready to grow up, you just let me know. When you’re ready to fight me like a man instead of acting like a cowardly dog, then I will gladly take you on... man-to-man.


Cena: See, I have the power tonight. Tonight, live, in front of all the fans, I get to put you in whatever match I want to.

Another big cheer.

Cena: And you what I wanted to do? I wanted to finally give you what you deserve, by humbling you, one-on-one, tonight.

The crowd like this proposition.

Cena: But Shane McMahon... told me otherwise. He told me that the first time we face off one-on-one, Jack, will be Armageddon.


Cena: Shane can’t stop me, I have control. But he’s right. Why should I pass up on my opportunity to give Jack Swagger a taste of his own medicine?

A big cheer goes up for Cena.

Cena: So, Jack. Tonight, I have something special in store. But I’ll keep you in suspense. Half the battle is in the element of surprise, Jack.

Mixed reaction.

Cena: I’ll see you later tonight.

Cena’s music strikes up again, and the Champ tosses his mic to the side, then hops onto a turnbuckle, and raises his title high. Raw goes to a break.


As Raw returns, the Italian music of Santino Marella plays, and the crowd mildly boos as the self-proclaimed Italian Stallion arrives, smiling. He acknowledges the reaction with a finger, grinning, as if they were cheers, then begins to make his way down the ramp... still smiling. The bell rings.

Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Calabria, Italy, weighing in at 227 pounds... Santino Marella!

Cole: Well, the contest you’re about to see pits two men against each other, who will step into the ring together at Armageddon, in a Six-Man Battle Royal to decide the No. 1 Contender to the United States Championship after the pay-per-view.

King: Santino might not be the No. 1 Contender’s match tonight, but if he wins at Armageddon, he’ll get his chance at the Miz’s title soon after.

Marella gets into the ring, and smiles at all his ‘fans’. His music soon subsides, and the fast-paced music of Paul London starts up, prompting some good cheers for the high-flyer. London rips out on to the stage, face hidden behind his usual mask.

Roberts: And his opponent, from Austin, Texas, weighing in at 205 pounds... Paul London!

Cole: The high-octane, high-flying, electrifying, Paul London.

King: He’ll be in that Armageddon Battle Royal with Santino, and a win for either man would give them a little bit more momentum as Armageddon gets closer, Michael!

London sprints down the ramp, and slides smoothly into the ring, immediately heading for a turnbuckle, and hopping up onto it, raising his arms, to a moderate cheer. He quickly glances behind him to check no-one’s there, then launches backwards impressively with a beautiful backflip, then heads for the next turnbuckle, raising his arms again, before once more checking behind him, and flipping backwards. He does it twice more, to the mild amazement of Santino, then pulls his cotton mask off and hands it to the referee, who hands it to the ringside staff along with London’s jacket, before checking with both men, then kicking the action off.

Match 1
Santino Marella vs Paul London

A good contest between the two, showcasing the high-flying skills of London, and the... skills of Santino. As we join the action at around 5 minutes in, Santino is starting to pound a grounded London with the sole of his boot – London rolls away from Marella’s stomps, springs to his feet, and powers his boot into Santino’s side, sending the Italian reeling back, pained. Santino charges again, but London puts his foot to the gut of the Italian again... and rolls him into a Small Package! 1-2- but Santino springs out! Marella gets to his feet, as does London, and the Italian throws a right hand, which lands flush – London reels back, blinking the pain away, then ducks under a clothesline... and swings his legs up, pulling Santino down to the mat with a sweeping Hurricanrana! The crowd applauds the impressive move, and Santino gets straight back up... straight into another Hurricanrana! Santino stays down this time, and London sprints across the ring – and athletically springboards off the ropes, landing a picture-perfect Moonsault! London hooks a leg... 1-2- but Santino kicks out! The crowd are surprised, as is London, who looks at the referee in disbelief, who holds up the dreaded two fingers.

London gets up, shaking his head a little, and crouches in the corner, waiting. Santino wobbles to a vertical base, and London charges in, throwing a deadly Superkick... but Santino ducks... AND PULLS LONDON DOWN WITH THE ROLL UP! 1-2—NO! Everyone thought that was it! Santino’s Roll Up record is probably the highest in the WWE, but it didn’t get the job done that time! Santino looks at the referee from the mat, a gobsmacked look on his face – he gets up, and starts yelling ‘Get uuuup! Get up, you sonna-ma-gun!’ London does, and Santino hooks him by the shoulders... and drives him to the mat with a successful STO! Santino shoots the half, confidently smiling... 1-2—but Paul London kicks out at the death again! Santino starts a verbal war with the referee, who can’t understand what the Italian is saying... Santino finally gives up and turns around... BOOM! SUPERKICK CONNECTS FROM PAUL LONDON! Santino goes down like a sack of potatoes, and London charges for the turnbuckle, scaling it at light-speed, and raises a triumphant arm to the roaring crowd, before soaring off... AND LANDING THE 450° SPLASH! The crowd cheers again, and London smiles, before hooking both legs... 1-2-3!

Winner: Paul London

Match Time: 7:03

The referee raises London’s hand, and the Texas high-flyer has a smile the size of his home state – Santino looks up at the ceiling, dazed, and not quite there. London leaps on to the turnbuckle, and points to the jubilant crowd.

Cole: A win for Paul London tonight, his first since he returned to the WWE, and boy, will that give him a confidence boost going into Armageddon the Sunday after next!

King: What a great performance, Michael! That man right there could be a big player in that Battle Royal at Armageddon.

The camera cuts backstage, where Carlito is walking down a corridor. The crowd cheers for the Caribbean superstar, who keeps fluffing his afro occasionally as he walks. Suddenly, he arrives at a crossroads in the halls, and wanders straight into the Miz, who was walking too. The pair of them beadily eye each other, only inches apart, before suddenly, Evan Bourne wanders in on the confrontation, and looks at both men with a competitive flair in his eyes. The crowd pops big for Bourne, the second-biggest of the night after Cena, but before three can even say a word to each other, Chavo Guerrero arrives, too, prompting boos from the crowd. The four men survey each other tentatively, before Carlito walks on his way. Bourne walks off, too, and eventually, so does Chavo, leaving the Miz to think about his silent confrontation with his three main contenders.

Cole: Well, later tonight, the Miz will discover which of those three men will face him for the United States Championship at Armageddon. Evan Bourne, Carlito, and Chavo Guerrero will go head-to-head. We’ll see you after the break.

Raw does that thing that Cole said.



The crowd boos as Raw returns, and the Legend Killer, Randy Orton, stalks out on to the stage, alone.

Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... Randy Orton!

The St. Louis crowd boos Orton, who takes it in with a hostile glare out at the arena, and begins to walk down the ramp.

Cole: Well, we’ll see him in action later tonight, but right now, Randy Orton is here to say a few words.

King: We’re in Orton’s hometown, but these fans aren’t exactly giving him a hero’s reception!

Orton knows that, for sure. He continues to glare out at the crowd as he walks up the steel steps and gets into the ring, his music subsiding as he gets a mic. The boos swarm into the gap left by the music.

Orton: SHUT UP!

Mass boos. Orton starts to rage, and the promo has only just begun!

Orton: Why, I come here tonight, to my hometown of St. Louis...

Big cheers go up for the mention of the city.

Orton: ...but when I do, I am treated like a criminal. What, am I not worthy to represent all you people? Am I not good enough for you?


Orton: I came back tonight, expecting the welcome I deserve from you, the people who live in the city that I PUT ON THE MAP.

Mass, mass boos.

Orton: DAMMIT, YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK. I am a hero, a returning hero. Treat me with respect!

More booing.

Orton: When I came back today, I was looking forward to it! I’ve spent some time with my family, we’ve gone out and eaten at one of the most expensive restaurants St. Louis has to offer... and I was going to cap it off with my magnificent standing ovation when I arrived tonight.

The boos continue from the St. Louis crowd.

Orton: You backstabbers... I guess the only way I’ll be getting my kicks tonight... is by punting M... V... P... in the head... in our match later.

Massive boos.

Orton: But that’s not all I’m going to promise you people. Oh no. Cause there’s a little issue... about Kofi Kingston.

Cheers for the Ghanaian. The Viper looks disgusted.

Orton: Two weeks ago, I came out here and said that Kofi Kingston was nothing more than a fly around my head, and that I was going to break out the swatter for costing me my shot at resuming the Age... of... Orton.


Orton: But last week... ha... last week, Kofi decided to bring down the Steel Cage.

Big cheers.

Orton: He tried to strike fear into me. Well... THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, KOFI!

Mass boos for the enraged Orton. He starts to pace as he rants, talking much faster than his usual slow tone.

Orton: I do not get scared, I do not back down from punks like Kofi Kingston. I said I was getting the swatter? Wrong. Now... now I’m getting a flamethrower.

‘You suck!’ chants kick off, and Orton feeds off it. His voice doubles in menace and ferocity, and there is an animalistic quality in his words.

Orton: Kofi, the next time that damn cage comes down, it will be on my terms. You hear me? And when that cage gives you nowhere to run from my wrath at Armageddon, you can consider your career over.

Orton has to stop as the boos drown out his mic. He simply stands and seethes, face red with anger. He raises the mic again and roars:


Oh, so much heat...

Orton: There will nowhere for you to run, Kofi! You’ll be on the mat, wishing you could escape... but I will be there, too, Kofi! Standing over you... ENJOYING EVERY MOMENT!

Orton lets the hometown heat rain down for a second, teeth bared.


Orton steps forward and grabs the top rope, roaring at the crowd.


The Legend Killer has a crazed look in his eyes.

Orton: This is no longer business, Kofi! IT IS PLEASURE! Nothing will please me more... than DESTROYING you at Armageddon, in front of your precious fans, who adore you, like the fools... THE FOOLS THEY ARE!

Mass, mass boos flood the Viper once more.

Orton: AND KOFI...

Orton cools down, so when he shouts it will have more effect. He almost shivers as he talks.

Orton: When you see me walking back up that ramp... with order restored... you will realise where you stand... AND YOU CAN GO TO THE BACK OF THE LINE, THE BOTTOM OF THE PILE, WHERE YOU BELONG...

Orton raises his head in his usual cocky manner.

Orton: And I’ll be at the top once more... where I belong.

The camera shows a fan with a sign saying ‘Randy sucks’, then cuts back to the fuming Viper.

Orton: But when you’re on the mat at Armageddon, Kofi... I want you to remember, that it wasn’t my fault what happened to you... it wasn’t me who unleashed the Legend Killer... the side of me that will put you down...

The crowd tries to drown Orton out with immense heat, but the Viper, seething, is undeterred.

Orton: It was all... you.

The crowd gives Orton unimaginable heat, and the Viper tosses his mic to the side, followed by the inevitable thump through the speakers as it hits the mat. Orton leaves the ring, and his music strikes up – he wanders up the ramp, enduring the abuse from the fans at ringside, and heads behind the curtain. Michael Cole just says, ‘Wow.’ Raw goes to a break.



St. Louis pops big for Raw’s resident blonde, Kelly Kelly, as she sweeps out on to the ramp, smile the size of Texas, and bounces cheerfully down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside. The bell chimes. Cue Justin!

Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Jacksonville, Florida... Kelly Kelly!

The crowd gives another cheer for Kelly as she gets in the ring, and crouches in the corner, preparing a mental gameplan.

Cole: Kelly Kelly is here with a smile on her face as always, and you can bet she’s ready for action, too.

King: I love Kelly Kelly, Michael!

Didn’t see that one coming. Anyway, Kelly’s music subsides, and so arrives that of Maryse, as well as the lady herself, cocky as always on the stage. She begins to stride down the ramp, flipping her hands sideways in her usual fashion.

Roberts: And her opponent, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada... Maryse!

Boos are unloaded on the No. 1 Contender to the Divas Title as she walks down the ramp, eyes fixed on Kelly Kelly.

Cole: And here’s the self-proclaimed, ‘Sexiest of the Sexy’, Maryse.

King: Hey Michael, she’s no liar.

Maryse walks to the side of the ring, sweeps up on to the apron, and winks at the camera, before getting into the ring, and looking at Kelly with disdain. The referee takes Maryse’s cape from her, and hands it to ringside, before kicking things off.

Match 2
Kelly Kelly vs Maryse

These two have both looked strong, with Kelly hitting a few good acrobatic manoeuvres, and Maryse hitting a few power ones. As we join the match at around 5 minutes, Maryse is choking Kelly on the ropes – the referee forces her to stop, and she does, giving Kelly a swift kick as K-Squared removes herself from the middle rope, turning to face Maryse, clutching her neck. Maryse grabs her, and tries to set up her up for the French Kiss... but Kelly Kelly pushes her towards the ropes... and hits her with a massive Dropkick on her return! The crowd cheers, and Kelly drops into a cover, looking for the win... 1-2- but Maryse powers out of the pin attempt! Both women clamber back to their feet, and Kelly puts her boot to the French-Canadian Diva’s side, puts her to the mat with a Rolling Neckbreaker! Kelly Kelly doesn’t go for the cover, however, and heads up top! The crowd gets behind her, and she soars off... connecting with a beautiful Flying Crossbody to Maryse, and she rolls through! 1-2- NO! Maryse snatches her shoulder up at the death, and Kelly is in disbelief!

Maryse gets up, dazed, and Kelly clips her leg, determined to keep on the offensive... Maryse goes down to one knee, and Kelly locks her in a headlock – but Maryse puts her fist to the nose of Kelly, who yelps and moves away... she moves in again a second later, but Maryse puts a boot to her gut, grabs her... and drives her to the mat with a Front Russian Legsweep! The crowd groans with the impact, and the Sultry Diva rolls Kelly into the cover... 1-2—NO! The crowd pops their approval as Kelly manages to get a shoulder up – but Maryse isn’t finished yet, and immediately gets up, measuring Kelly Kelly with a sly smirk... Kelly gets up, and Maryse puts her in that front facelock... she sweeps her hair upwards... AND DRIVES KELLY KELLY INTO THE MAT, FRENCH KISS STYLE! The crowd boos the Sultry Diva, who clambers over Kelly, not bothering to hook the legs, and the referee makes the predestined cover... 1-2-3!

Winner: Maryse

Match Time: 6:38

Maryse has her arm raised, and she smirks, pleased with herself. Suddenly, her music is cut off, and replaced by that of Melina, and out comes the Divas Champion, her title high in the air, and she stands on the stage impressively, smirking at her No. 1 Contender. Maryse stares straight back at her, and gets up on the turnbuckle, looking at the Champion with fiery eyes. The camera cuts to ringside, where a smiling Michael Cole and Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler are sitting.

Cole: Well, the battle over the Divas Championship is sure to be a classic – when Maryse tackles Melina with the title on the line, the two most talented Divas on Raw are sure to put on quite a show for the WWE fans.

King: Maryse won against Kelly Kelly there, but will she win at Armageddon, Michael?

Cole: We’ll find out in 13 days, King. Now, also in 13 days, at Armageddon, we will see the sure-to-be-epic confrontation between the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, and the Pit Bull, Jamie Noble. Four weeks ago today, Jamie Noble delivered a special, speak-out message to the WWE fans, which soon had him embroiled in a fierce rivalry with the very man who attempted to retire him two weeks prior to that, Sheamus. Earlier today, Todd Grisham sat down with the Pit Bull, and recorded this exclusive interview footage. He may not be in the building, but the Pit Bull will certainly have an impact tonight.

The pre-recorded footage starts.

The camera cuts to a dim interview room, where Todd Grisham is sitting in a soft-looking armchair. Grisham gives a small smile to the camera.
Grisham: Good evening, I’m Todd Grisham, and I’m here with the Pit Bull, Jamie Noble.

The camera widens, showing Jamie Noble, who is sitting in a similar armchair, across from Grisham, and dressed in casual street clothes. He smiles a little, and speaks quietly. It’s a calm interview.

Noble: Hi Todd.

Grisham nods.

Grisham: Ok... Jamie, four weeks ago, now, you came out in front of the WWE fans and delivered one of the most emotional speeches this business has seen in a long time. What motivated you to go out there and say all that?

The camera immediately cuts to Noble as Grisham finishes his question. Noble ponders for a second, then answers quietly.

Noble: Ya know, Todd, I always thought about sayin’ something. My whole life, I’ve been an underdog. Being the underdog ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, Todd. People see it as the calm before the storm. Then when you get outta that rut, people say it makes the success all the greater.

Noble thinks for a second. The camera briefly shows Grisham nodding in agreement.

Noble: But it doesn’t. I never got outta that rut. Not ‘til four weeks ago. When I finally stood up for myself, something I’ve never done, and something nobody’s ever done for me.

The Pit Bull grimaces as he looks darkly at the floor, then up at Grisham.

Noble: But when I did stand up for myself... man, did it feel good, Todd. Like you would not believe!

A smile breaks out on to Noble’s face.

Noble: And all that time from long ago, when I was being flattened, week in, week out, and I never stood up and showed the world just what I can do... It became wasted time to me. Because I know now, that I am not pathetic. I am not a loser. And I have the talent to make it in this business.

Grisham cuts in, with the camera cutting to him to show him as he talks.

Grisham: Well, your main success in this business came a few years ago, when you won the Cruiserweight Championship. Do you look back on that success with fond memories?

The camera cuts back to Noble, who ponders his answer again.

Noble: Well, sure, I guess. I mean, it’s the only Championship I’ve ever won... Hey, I held that title for nearly five months, Todd. The greatest success of my career, I guess. But then, it just went into a downward spiral, Todd.

Noble runs a hand through his short hair.

Noble: I fell. I look back on it and it... it sickens me.

Noble takes on a hardened look, his eyes glossed over with some sort of new belief.

Noble: It’s over, though. It’s behind me. I’m a new man. I know it.

Grisham nods slowly, a corner of his mouth turned upwards in respect of this new Jamie Noble. He utters a single word:

Grisham: Armageddon?

Noble looks up at Grisham as the word is said.

Noble: Armageddon... man.

Noble shakes his head a little.

Noble: It’s two weeks away... Ya know, Todd, I haven’t been in a match on pay-per-view since... heck, Royal Rumble, 2008.

Grisham looks surprised. Quite why, I don’t know...

Noble: I haven’t wrestled on pay-per-view for nearly two years, Todd. And that wasn’t even one-on-one! It was the Royal Rumble match!

Noble shakes his head again, disbelieving.

Noble: Well, on December 27th, I’ll be stepping into that ring in front of 25,000 people. Wow. People around the world, paying to see it. And I’ve gotta do it for them. The fans mean so much to me, Todd.

Grisham nods with a small smile.

Noble: I used to think, rightly, I guess... that I was a loser. That I’d never wrestle on pay-per-view. Hell, they probably never saw me winning a match again.

Noble grimaces.

Noble: But I did it. And now I have the support of those fans. I know that, I’m not the same person any more. I’m a new Jamie Noble. I can win at Armageddon. I don’t care what it takes. If it costs me my career...

Noble looks at the floor, eyes twitching, figuring something out. He looks up, stony-eyed.

Noble: If that match costs me my damn career, well, so be it.

Grisham looks at Noble with surprise.

Noble: As long as everyone knows, that I gave my all. Every last piece of energy I have in my body will be gone before Sheamus presses me to the mat for three. I guarantee it.

Noble’s face is rock solid.

Noble: I will not give up because I am smaller, because I may be weaker, because Sheamus may have an upper hand. Spirit over strength. Skill over size. Brains over brawn, Todd.

Noble sits a bit forward.

Noble: There will be weapons. It’s No Holds Barred. That means no rules. But I don’t care. Cause every drop of sweat.

Noble pauses.

Noble: Every drop of blood.

Noble pauses again.

Noble: Every tear I shed.

One more pause. Noble takes on the look he’s used three weeks in a row, where his eyes are alive with passion, and his soul is visibly on fire.

Noble: It’s all for the fans, and it’s all to put on the greatest match of my career. If I go out, you can bet your ass it’s gonna be the biggest spectacle you’ll ever damn see.

Noble’s eyes are aflame – his face is an expression of pure emotion.

Noble: Count on it.

Grisham thanks Noble, who nods at him, and the camera fades to black.

Raw goes to a break.



BOOM! Suddenly the arena is on fire, the thousands in attendance getting to their feet, roaring for D-Generation X as they arrive, clad in full green gear. They fling a few green glowsticks into the crowd, as if the masses needed any more, as the entire of the Scottrade Center is flooded with an expanse of green ‘X’s. The bell rings.

Roberts: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first... the Game, Triple H... the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels... D-Generation X!

The cheers continue, and DX start to wander down the ramp, faces set to serious mode.

Cole: Here we go – if D-Generation X want to fight for the Tag Team Titles at Armageddon, they need to beat the Champions themselves here tonight, as Legacy and the World’s Strongest Tag Team have done in recent weeks, mostly down to the giant rift between the Champions at the moment.

King: What do you expect, Michael? Chris Jericho and the Big Show have to face off at Royal Rumble for Show’s World Heavyweight Championship! Of course they’re not getting on well!

DX get into the ring, and naturally they hit the crotch chops, unleashing four sets of the traditional ‘X’ pyro. Michaels is handed a pair of mics. He holds one out for Hunter, who takes it like unsheathing a sword as usual, and waits for their music to cut. It does, and Triple H allows the ‘DX! DX!’ chants to swarm, before raising his mic for the inevitable:

Triple H: ...Are you ready?

A big cheer goes up around the Scottrade Center. The Game smiles.

Triple H: No, St. Louis! I SAID... ARE... YOU... REEEEAAADDY!

A massive cheer follows. The Game paces.

Triple H: We won’t keep you long, we all have stuff to do, I mean, we just need to kick Chris Jericho’s ass and then we’re back to the hotel.

Cheers. Michaels smirks and goes to speak.

Michaels: All we want you to know – is that in thirteen days... at Armageddon...

HBK pauses for a moment.

Michaels: It’s not gonna be three teams. It’s gonna be four. DX are gonna be in that Pepsi Center – we’re gonna capture tag team gold for the first... time... ever!


Michaels: And if you’re not down with that...

Triple H: We got TWO, WORDS, FOR YA!

The arena roars ‘SUCK IT!’ in perfect unison as the mics go high into the air. DX hand their mics to ringside, and prepare for their opponents. The TitanTron lights up with code, and the countdown begins...







Pyrotechnics fire off from the stage, and the music begins...


The crowd erupts with boos for Chris Jericho, who arrives with an expression of hate for DX.

Roberts: And their opponents, first, from Manhasset, New York, weighing in at 231 pounds... he is one half of the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions... Chris Jericho!

The boos continue as Jericho wanders down the ramp, his titles on his shoulder.

Cole: Well, last week on Raw, Chris Jericho was hung out to dry by his former friend and partner, the Big Show, in their match against Mark Henry and MVP, leading to the World’s Strongest Tag Team’s inclusion in the match for those coveted Tag Team Titles at Armageddon.

King: Chris Jericho will probably be on the lookout a bit more this week for more of the same from the World’s Largest Athlete, Michael.

Jericho gets in the ring, and stares down DX with an evil glare.


And out strides the massive World Heavyweight Champion to a big response.

Roberts: And his tag team partner... at 7 feet tall, weighing in at 485 pounds... the World’s Largest Athlete, the other half of the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions, the World Heavyweight Champion... the Big Show!

Cole: And if that announcement doesn’t highlight just how dominant the World’s Largest Athlete is currently, nothing will.

King: On SmackDown, Show won a Beat the Clock Challenge, and now gets to select the stipulation for the World Title match at Royal Rumble!

Show starts walking down the ramp with a smile, his three title belts glistening under the arena lights. He steps into the ring over the top rope, and throws a glare at Jericho, before giving his titles to the referee with a smile, and retreating to his corner to let Jericho start off against the Game.

Match 3
D-Generation X vs Chris Jericho and the Big Show

Show has actually fought in this contest, as opposed to last week, when he tagged himself out on every occasion he was tagged in. Anyhow, it’s Jericho battling Hunter as we join the action after about 8 minutes, with Triple H driving his shoulder into the abdomen of Jericho in the corner, as the man formerly known as Y2J cries out in pain. The referee forces the Game away, and Jericho comes slowly out of the corner, wincing. Triple H tags in the Heartbreak Kid, and Michaels rushes in, slapping a few Knife-edge Chops to the chest of Jericho, provoking many a ‘Woo!’ from the crowd. Michaels whips Jericho to the ropes, and when he comes back... Inverted Atomic Drop! Michael Cole exclaims the inevitable ‘Vintage Michaels!’ and the crowd roars, too. HBK lights up Jericho’s chest a few more times, then sends him to the corner – Michaels charges him, but he goes face-first into the turnbuckle as Jericho dodges out the way... and sneakily fires the Roll Up! 1-2- Shawn Michaels narrowly gets out! Michaels gets up, to be whipped to the ropes by Jericho – but Michaels lands the Flying Forearm Smash... and then kips up!

The crowd go wild for HBK, who starts hyping the crowd, turning his back to Jericho as he plays to the fans in front of him in the corner. Jericho gets up, however, and as Michaels turns round... CODEBREAKER OUTTA NOWHERE! Michaels goes down! The crowd boos like hell, and Jericho smirks, hooking a leg... 1-2—MICHAELS GETS A HAND ON THE ROPE! The Scottrade Center roars, and Jericho swears to the heavens, before looking to his corner – and Big Show is smirking at Jericho’s misfortune! Jericho strides over to his ex-friend, hurling abuse at the big man, and quickly Show’s expression turns deadly serious. Jericho starts ranting about the usual, he destroyed the Undertaker and put him out of commission, and so on, and Show is quickly growing tired of it... Meanwhile, across the ring, Michaels struggles across the mat... AND SLAPS THE HAND OF THE DESPERATE TRIPLE H! The Game comes charging in, but holds up, as Show well and truly decides he’s had enough of Jericho’s moaning – AND HAMMERS HIM WITH THE KNOCKOUT PUNCH! Jericho staggers into the centre of the ring conveniently, barely conscious, and inevitably, gets the boot to the gut, before the hooking of the arms and... Pedigree connects from the Game! Triple H makes the cover, and Michaels smiles with relief on the apron as the crowd goes wild... 1-2-3! It’s a DX win!

Winners: D-Generation X

Match Time: 10:02

DX have their arms raised, and the arena turns green – Show stands over the fallen Jericho, who has rolled to the outside, to be joined by the World Champion. The World’s Largest Athlete decides he’s made his mark and goes to leave. The crowd roars ‘DX! DX!’ and the green arena is rocking for D-Generation X! The camera focuses in on Jericho’s slightly re-arranged face, then back to the smiling DX, who get up on opposite turnbuckles and celebrate with the crowd.

Cole: DX are going to Armageddon to fight for the Unified Tag Team Championships!

King: Wow, the Big Show really made his mark with that Knockout Punch, Michael! There’s definitely no doubt about if those two are still a team anymore!

The camera cuts backstage, where boos gather for the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, as he walks into shot. He storms down a corridor, and Todd Grisham hurries up to him, walking alongside the Irishman.

Grisham: Sheamus, Sheamus...

The Irishman barely acknowledges him, but Grisham persists.

Grisham: Sheamus, Jamie Noble isn’t here tonight... are you at all worried that he might embarrass you again at Armageddon?

Sheamus stops suddenly. The crowd lets out a giant ‘Ohh!’ and applauds (metaphorically) Grisham’s tenacity. The Celtic Warrior turns round to face Grisham, and his expression is one of fury.

Sheamus: ...embarrass me?

Grisham has a flicker of a smirk on his face, but it vanishes before Sheamus can pick up on it. The Celtic Warrior speaks aggressively.

Sheamus: Todd, let’s get something straight, eh? Jamie Noble did not embarrass me. He got lucky. Luck is the only thing that has kept Noble still going in this business.

Sheamus moves closer to Grisham and his mic.

Sheamus: Me? I don’t work by luck. I work by talent, and strength. The way I was raised, back in Ireland. They taught me to grow up strong, taking what I deserve. An attitude Jamie Noble lacks, like so many pathetic Americans.

Ding! Sheamus, your instant heat is done.

Sheamus: Tonight, Noble is hiding in St. Louis with his family, who are just as weak and spineless as he is... It’s ‘cause he’s afraid to damn face me! Well, at Armageddon, there won’t be any more runnin’, Noble. You don’t need me to tell ya just what you’re gonna experience. In t’irteen days, I’m gonna put the dog down.

Sheamus walks away to pretty massive heat. Grisham, satisfied that he got the interview he wanted, watches him leave with a small smile. Raw goes to a break.


As Raw returns, we’re still backstage, where MVP is preparing for his match with Randy Orton later tonight. A big cheer goes up at the sight of the Ballin’ Superstar, and the camera shows that Mark Henry sits in the background, watching his partner get ready. Suddenly, Kofi Kingston wanders into shot with a smile, immediately provoking a massive roar from the crowd, and a smile from MVP, who embraces his friend. Henry grins his contagious grin in the background.

MVP: Hey, Kofi, how’s it going?

Kofi smiles wider.

Kingston: Ah man, Montel, yeah, it’s all good, it’s all good... but hey! I just wanted to check on ya, make sure you’re good to go for your match later...

MVP gives him a knowing smile.

MVP: Kofi, no worries. I got it covered. I’m gonna go out there, and give my all for you, man, cause I know this would help you out a lot. So, I’ll try my hardest, man, don’t forget it.

Kofi grins again.

MVP: And hey, if you, uh, wanna make an appearance after I, uh, beat Randy Orton, hey, you just feel free, cause a loss for Randy is a loss fo’ Legacy, and a loss fo’ Legacy is gonna help us out at Armageddon, know what I’m saying?

Henry gets up in the background and stands beside MVP, putting a hand on Kingston’s shoulder.

Henry: Yeah, like Montel said, we got it under control, man. Montel’s goin’ be fine, you can count on it, Kofi. Especially wit the World’s Strongest Man at ringside!

MVP smirks and high-fives his partner – big poppage () from the crowd. Kofi grins.

Kingston: Well okay, man, I guess it’s cool, it’s cool. I hope you give ‘im what’s coming to him, Montel. Just do your thing, man.

Kofi and MVP high-five, and Kingston leaves. MVP turns and talks rhubarb to Henry as the camera cuts to ringside. The bell rings, and the music of Evan Bourne hits, making the arena go absolutely crazy! The noise is incredible for the hometown man as he comes out, smiling, and looking glad to be back at home, even if it’s just for a week.

Roberts: The following Triple Threat match is scheduled for one fall, and the winner will earn a shot at the Miz’s United States Title at Armageddon! Introducing first, from St. Louis, Missouri...

The crowd roars...

Roberts: ...weighing in at 183 pounds... Evan Bourne!

A giant cheer echoes around the arena for the jubilant high-flyer, whose smile is the size of Texas as he comes down the ramp, slapping the hands of the resident St. Louis fans at ringside.

Cole: Oh my god, I think my ears just broke!

King: Looks like St. Louis is happy to see Evan Bourne tonight, Cole, and they’re gonna be 100% behind him in his battle to face the Miz at Armageddon! Evan has got some great wins over Chris Masters recently, and he’s in great form for this match.

Bourne sprints to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope, and leaps up to his feet. The crowd roar for Bourne, who gets up on the top turnbuckle and flashes his million-dollar smile. His music subsides, and the camera cuts to the ramp...


The crowd boos as Chavo Guerrero arrives, raising his arms to gather some more heat. Wearing his traditional bandana and poncho, he starts to walk down the ramp, smirking.

Roberts: And his opponent! From El Paso, Texas, weighing in 215 pounds... Chavo Guerrero!

More boos for Chavo, who brushes them off, and continues down the ramp, getting into the ring via the steps.

Cole: The Mexican Warrior has become quite a force to be reckoned with in recent weeks, King.

King: He sure has, Cole. Ever since he made his case to Raw General Manager Shane McMahon, he’s got back to his old cocky self, and he wants the United States Title as much as the next guy, if not more.

Chavo looks over at Bourne, and the pair give each other minor evils while they wait for:


The crowd pops for Carlito, who wanders out slowly, in his ring gear, and holding the inevitable apple in his hand. As with recent weeks, he fluffs his afro a little, then makes his way down the ramp.

Roberts: And, from the Caribbean, weighing in at 220 pounds... Carlito!

More cheers go up for the Caribbean superstar.

Cole: The man who has got under the Miz’s skin to no end in recent weeks, Carlito.

King: Carlito hit the Miz with the Backstabber two weeks ago after Carlito’s Cabana, Michael, and the pair really have some bad blood. I bet Carlito would love to win this match, so he could finally get his hands on the Miz one-on-one.

Carlito steps up on to the apron, then tosses his apple into the crowd gently (those things are hard) and sweeps over the middle rope, into the ring. He finds himself a corner, and crouches in it, as Bourne and Chavo have both done similarly, before the referee pulls all three into the middle, and checks that each man is ready to go. They are, so the man in the middle calls for the bell, and kicks things off.

Match 4
Evan Bourne vs Chavo Guerrero vs Carlito

Ok, as we join the contest after about 7 minutes of broken-up pinfalls and throwing people out of the ring, it’s Chavo hammering the St. Louis native, Evan Bourne, with punches in the corner. The referee can’t stop him, it’s a Triple Threat, and hence a No Disqualification match. Bourne shields his face, so Chavo puts his boot to Bourne’s stomach, causing the high-flyer to cry out and fall down to a seated position in the corner. Chavo keeps putting his boot to Bourne, over and over... but Carlito slides into the ring, and fires the Roll Up on Chavo! 1-2- but Chavo breaks out! Bourne pulls himself out of the ring, and holds his stomach on the outside. Meanwhile, the Mexican Warrior joins the Caribbean superstar at a vertical base, and the pair exchange blows. Chavo ducks under one, and heads for the ropes, bouncing off... but Carlito plants him with a Big Boot to the face! ‘Lito will cover... 1-2- NO! Chavo gets a shoulder up! Carlito shakes his head, gets up... and heads for the ropes, springboarding... and hitting a beautiful Moonsault! Cover again... 1-2- but Chavo gets the shoulder up again!

Both men rise, and Chavo boots Carlito in the stomach – he bounces off the ropes, and grabs Carlito’s head, driving him to the mat with the Neckbreaker! Chavo will cover... 1-2- but Carlito kicks out! Chavo rises, frustrated, bringing Carlito up by his hair... and the pair stand across from each other, with Carlito saying ‘Hey, don’t touch the ‘fro, man.’ Chavo looks at him with disgust, but suddenly, both men look to the side simultaneously – because Evan Bourne is on the top turnbuckle, and he soars off... connecting with a massive Flying Crossbody to both men! Carlito rolls from the ring in pain, and Bourne stands, waiting for Chavo to join him... he does, and Bourne leaps a mile into the air, putting his knees to the Mexican Warrior’s shoulders, and bringing him down with the Double Knee Drop! Bourne lets out a battle cry, and goes up top... and the ovation is huge! The Scottrade Center is gearing up... and Bourne launches off that turnbuckle... AND CONNECTS WITH THE SHOOTING STAR PRESS! The crowd goes absolutely insane, and Bourne makes the cover... must be... 1-2- NO! BOURNE GETS A HUGE BOOT TO THE HEAD... FROM CHRIS MASTERS! Bourne rolls away in agony, and it’s Chris Masters standing tall above him! The crowd boos the hell out of Masters, who smirks, and puts his boot to Bourne, pushing him out of the ring! Chavo is left dazed on the mat from Bourne’s finisher, but Masters has cost Bourne the win! Masters leaves the ring, following a stunned Bourne, who is resting on the announce table... Bourne sees Masters, and tries to move away... but Masters grabs him, and hammers his face into the plastic of the announce table! The crowd boos the hell out of Masters, who then whips Bourne straight into the ring steps! Masters gets down to Bourne’s level, and starts hammering him with right hands... meanwhile, in the ring, Chavo struggles back to his feet... BACKSTABBER! Carlito comes from nowhere to hit Chavo with the Backstabber! Carlito hooks the leg... 1-2-3! Carlito is off to Armageddon!

Winner: Carlito

Match Time: 9:28

Carlito has his hand raised by the referee, but on the outside, Masters continues to pummel Bourne, getting a ton of heat from the crowd. Carlito decides this can’t carry on, and leaves the ring, getting in Masters’ face. Masters tells ‘Lito not to get involved, and puts his boot to the stomach of Bourne again. Carlito goes to walk away, and the crowd boos. Masters smirks and goes back to beating down a bruised Bourne – but Carlito turns round, and hammers Masters with the Backstabber! The Scottrade Center goes nuts for Carlito, who helps Bourne up, and checks that he’s ok, while Masters groans on the floor, clutching his back.

Cole: Well, Chris Masters cost Evan Bourne his shot at the United States Championship! We knew Chris Masters wasn’t happy about Bourne’s wins over him in recent weeks, but this was too much.

King: And then he tried to beat poor Evan down, but Carlito came to the rescue!

Cole: He sure did, King, but don’t forget, Carlito also won the match, and it looks like he’ll be heading to Armageddon to face the Miz for the United States Championship.


The crowd boos, as out on to the ramp strides the Miz, looking deathly confident. Carlito looks up at the ramp, frowns, and then looks back to Bourne, ignoring the attempted mind games of the Miz. Raw goes to a break, allowing the viewers to take in everything that’s happened.


As Raw returns, we’re backstage with Todd Grisham.

Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the All-American American, Jack Swagger.

Immense boos swarm around the arena. The camera sweeps sideways to encompass Swagger, who is smirking, and in his ring gear, his usual triangles on his singlet in gold tonight.

Grisham: Jack, later tonight, you face off against an opponent of John Cena’s choice. How do you feel about that?

Swagger’s smirk grows.

Swagger: Ha. Well, what do you think, huh? I’m the No. 1 Contender. The best young talent on Raw. A two time All-American. A former ECW Champion. See, I tell you all this week after week after week... but you idiots never seem to get it.


Swagger: I don’t care who John Cena has for me tonight. I... don’t... care. I am the ultimate in raw skill, power and talent. Nothing that Cena can think up for me will be good enough to stop the roll I’m on. Ha. And you all know it.

The boos continue.

Swagger: At Armageddon, I’m gonna become WWE Champion. I’ll prove that I’m the best of the best. As if I needed to prove that. Ha.

More boos.

Swagger: As for tonight... Ha. John Cena likes to think he’s gonna... put me in my place? I’ll put him in his. When I beat his pathetic choice of opponent, and show everybody that I hold all the cards.

Swagger pauses.

Swagger: John? I’ve been standing tall at the end of Raw for two weeks running... but there will be no third time lucky for you, John. And nothing you have in store for me tonight can stop me, and you better believe it won’t help you at Armageddon.

More boos.

Swagger: Tonight is just a formality. Armageddon’s the real deal. And I can’t wait for it. My glorious moment. When I finally cement my place as the greatest talent Raw has to offer, and cement my place... as W... W... E... Champion.

Swagger walks out of shot as the crowd boos. The camera cuts to the arena, where the stage turns gold...


The crowd erupts with boos as Randy Orton arrives, a dark look on his face. The bell chimes.

Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 245 pounds... Randy Orton!

The whole arena continues to boo their ‘hometown hero’, as he claimed to be, and Orton’s eyes flicker around the place, looking at a variety of people in the crowd. Orton slithers into the ring, and awaits his opponent.

Cole: We’ve seen the Viper already tonight, but now, he’ll be in action against Montel Vontavious Porter.

King: Well, at Armageddon, it’s Orton vs Kofi Kingston in a Steel Cage match – Kofi’s friend, MVP, will be looking to do Kofi a favour by ruining Orton’s momentum as we get ever closer to Armageddon.


The crowd cheers for MVP as he wanders out on to the stage, eyes focused on Orton. Mark Henry comes out from behind the curtain, too, smiling.

Roberts: And his opponent! Accompanied by the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry... from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 249 pounds... Montel Vontavious Porter, M... V... P!

Another big cheer goes up for the Ballin’ Superstar, who starts to stalk down the ramp, eyes locked on Orton.

Cole: The Ballin’ Superstar is in the building tonight, ready for action. He and Mark Henry will take part in a Fatal Four-Way Tag Team match, with the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships on the line.

King: It’s only 13 days away, Cole! I can’t wait!

MVP gets in the ring, while Henry takes up a place at the apron, to get the best possible view. MVP throws his jewellery to Henry, then bounces off the ropes, and does his Ballin’ taunt, to a big cheer. The referee checks both men, and calls for the bell.

Match 5
Randy Orton vs MVP

MVP has performed quite well against a more travelled opponent in this match, but Orton is in control as we join the contest at 7 minutes or so, with MVP grounded, and Orton stomping away methodically in his usual fashion. Orton goes towards MVP’s head, and drops the knee to Porter’s face, causing him to reel away in pain. Orton smirks, and wanders over again, stomping on MVP’s left knee repeatedly until he is stopped by the referee – the Viper moves away for a moment, leaving MVP to clutch his knee, but he soon darts in again, putting the sole of his boot to MVP’s face! The crowd groans with the impact, and Orton covers... 1-2- but MVP gets the shoulder up, keeping the match alive! Orton stands, and MVP tenderly gets up too... Orton puts his boot to MVP’s stomach, but the Ballin’ Superstar comes back with a massive right hand, knocking Orton to the mat! Orton gets back up, and gets whipped to the ropes... and feels the force of a Big Boot on his return! MVP covers... 1-2 but Orton kicks out. The Legend Killer scrambles to his feet, though dizzy, and rests against the turnbuckle... MVP rises, and sees Orton in prime position! Porter holds up for a second, then charges... before connecting with the Player’s Boot! Orton wobbles into the middle of the ring, and collapses to the mat... he’s situated incredibly conveniently, and MVP, after detaching himself from the turnbuckle, sees his chance... he bounces off the ropes, and roars, with the crowd’s backing, ‘BALLIN’!’... and drops the Ballin’ Elbow! The crowd goes wild, and MVP shoots the half... 1-2—BUT ORTON NARROWLY BEATS THE THREE COUNT!

MVP kneels above Orton, stunned at how close he was. The Viper rolls to the outside to rest for a moment, and MVP follows him out, his ring IQ excellent as always. Porter punches Orton in the gut on the outside by the announce tables, and the Legend Killer reels away from the Ballin’ Superstar, pained. The referee starts the count, and Mark Henry is seen watching the pair go at it in the background. The referee warns the World’s Strongest Man not to get involved, and MVP follows Orton, who is moving away, clubbing him in the back of the head. Orton falls to his knees, but he is lifted up again by MVP, who slams the Viper’s head into the apron hard, to a big cheer. Porter goes to whip Orton towards the ring steps... but Orton holds on to MVP’s wrist – and FLINGS MVP INTO THE RING STEPS! The crowd groans with the impact, and MVP cries out as he connects with the steel! Mark Henry looks concerned, but he is once again warned off by the referee, who continues the count, now at 5. Orton rolls back into the ring, and rests against the ropes, yelling at the referee to keep counting, hoping MVP will be counted out. The referee takes the count to 6... 7... MVP begins to stir, and Henry eggs him on... 8... 9... MVP LEAPS UNDER THE BOTTOM ROPE! The crowd roars MVP’s determination, and- RKO! MVP STANDS, RIGHT INTO A NASTY RKO FROM ORTON! The Legend Killer covers, and the crowd gives Orton a filthy reaction... 1-2-3!

Winner: Randy Orton

Match: 10:04

Orton’s arm goes high into the air, and the crowd boos an absolute ton on the Viper, who smirks after his victory. Henry goes to check on his partner, while Orton slithers from the ring and starts walking up the ramp, roaring ‘C’MON KOFI! I DARE YOU! I DARE YOU!’ But no-one comes, and Orton walks behind the curtain, seething.

Cole: And it looks like Randy Orton got the job done tonight against MVP.

King: He sure did, Cole. I guess there wasn’t much more MVP could do.

Raw goes to a break.


As Raw returns, the bell rings.


The crowd boos as Jack Swagger comes out, beating his chest and yelling.

Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Perry, Oklahoma, weighing in at 260 pounds... the All-American American, Jack Swagger!

Cole: And here comes the No. 1 Contender to the WWE Championship, Jack Swagger.

King: Wow, Michael. He really doesn’t look very worried about who John Cena might have lined up for him...

Swagger does his traditional push-ups on the ramp, leading to the fireworks exploding on the ramp, before he hops up, and gets into the ring. His music subsides, and he waits for his opponent. Music strikes up, and the crowd goes wild... because it’s the music of the WWE Champion! Out comes John Cena, and stands halfway down the ramp, smiling at the confused No. 1 Contender. Cole questions what is going on, but before King can reply:


Woah! The arena turns green, and out comes D-Generation X, smiling like Cena, and the arena goes absolutely crazy! HBK and the Game stand either side of Cena on the ramp, and throw the crotch chops each at a stunned Swagger in the ring. DX’s music fades away, and soon the Raw music begins to play – and out comes a host of superstars! Leading the way is Kofi Kingston, with Evan Bourne and Carlito coming behind, looking a bit tired, but up for a bit of action nonetheless. Mark Henry wanders out, with MVP lightly walking beside him, as well as Primo Colon, and Paul London! Each man takes their place on the ramp, and suddenly it dawns on Jack Swagger that he’ll be taking on 10 men at once! Lead by Cena, the men charge down to the ring, the crowd going nuts, of course, and surround the ring, making sure Swagger can’t go anywhere, and all then get into the squared circle, ready for action. A referee is already in the ring, and he asks that nine of the men take their places on the apron. Kofi, having not been in action tonight, like some of the men, kicks things off.

Match 6
Jack Swagger vs John Cena, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, MVP, Evan Bourne, Carlito, Primo, and Paul London

Swagger has performed admirably, though mainly against men like Primo and Santino, who aren’t exactly the world’s biggest challenges. Slowly, though, he begins to tire, and as we join the action after about 5 minutes, Triple H is hammering Swagger with right hands in the corner. He moves away, then darts in again, but Swagger raises an elbow to the Game’s face, causing him to reel back. Swagger moves towards Triple H, and hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex, rolling into the cover... 1-2- but the Cerebral Assassin gets a shoulder up. Swagger pulls Triple H to his feet, and whips him to the ropes... but the King of Kings hammers him with the Flying Knee on his return, and Swagger goes down! The Game tags in Mark Henry, who is fresh from a night off so far. The World’s Strongest Man grabs Swagger from the mat, and hits a devastating Powerslam to the All-American American. Henry presses Swagger to the mat... 1-2- but Swagger kicks out. Henry yanks Swagger back to his feet, and lifts him into an Oklahoma position, before charging towards the corner, looking for Snake Eyes... but Swagger wriggles free of the hold, lands behind Henry, and pushes him face-first into the turnbuckle!

The crowd groans, and Henry grunts, reeling backwards on to his back. Swagger sees his chance, and takes a few steps back, before charging, leaping up the turnbuckle... and landing his Delayed Corner Falling Splash! Swagger hooks the leg of Henry... 1-2- but Henry pushes Swagger off him. Both men rise, and Swagger charges... straight into a Big Boot from Henry! The big man tags in Kofi Kingston, who comes charging in, totally hyped up, and he starts jogging around, kicking his heels... he bounces off the ropes... boom... boom... Boom Drop connects! Kofi sets up in the corner, and starts slapping his hands against each other... Swagger gets up – and gets hit with Trouble in Paradise! The crowd goes wild, and Swagger goes down – Kofi tags in Paul London, who heads up top... and launches off, for his second 450° Splash of the night! London tags in the Game, who pulls Swagger from the floor... hooks the arms... and nails the Pedigree! The crowd goes crazy for the finisher-frenzy, and Triple H goes to the corner, tagging in the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, who sweeps into the ring... and starts to tune up the band! The crowd counts along... 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... Swagger gets up, only to be clocked with Sweet Chin Music! Swagger falls, and HBK tags in the WWE Champion himself! In comes Cena, roaring like a crazy animal, and waits for Swagger to get up, crouching in the corner... the crowd roars ‘Cena! Cena! Cena!’ Swagger gets up, finds himself lifted on to Cena’s shoulders, before... Attitude Adjustment connects! Cena covers... 1-2-3! Jack Swagger has been truly humbled!

Winners: John Cena, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, MVP, Evan Bourne, Carlito, Primo, and Paul London

Match Time: 7:19

Cena’s music plays, and the ten men stand in the ring, arms raised in unison. Obviously, some of them didn’t play a massive part in the match because they’d wrestled earlier in the night, but they had plenty of other men to cover for them, so it’s all good. Cena is handed his title, and he hoists it into the air.

Cole: Now who would’ve expected that! John Cena didn’t have just one opponent lined up for Jack Swagger... he had ten!

King: I should’ve known John Cena would have something like that up his sleeve!

Cole: Well, after that great spectacle, that’s all the time we have. Thank you for watching, I’m Michael Cole, alongside Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler, and we’ll see you next week.

The Raw end-of-show logo fades into view, and the image of Cena holding his title high is the last thing we see, before we fade to black.


Quick Results

Paul London bts. Santino Marella
Maryse bts. Kelly Kelly
D-Generation X bt. Chris Jericho and the Big Show
Carlito bts. Evan Bourne and Chavo Guerrero
Randy Orton bts. MVP
John Cena, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, MVP, Evan Bourne, Carlito, Primo, and Paul London bt. Jack Swagger

Armageddon Card

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) vs Jack Swagger

Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston
Steel Cage Match

United States Championship
The Miz (c) vs Carlito

WWE Unified Tag Team Championships
Jerishow (c) vs Legacy vs Mark Henry and MVP vs D-Generation X

Jamie Noble vs Sheamus
No Holds Barred Match

Divas Championship
Melina (c) vs Maryse

Chavo Guerrero vs Chris Masters vs Evan Bourne vs Paul London vs Primo Colon vs Santino Marella
United States Title No. 1 Contender Battle Royal
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Raw Review

First let me say its good to have you back in the BTB game, since there has not really been any threads that I have liked so far, and JayLives thread seems to be on delay at the moment so its good that I can start reviewing your stuff again.

Cena Promo: Cena starting things off, and I'm glad that he comes to the realization that Swagger and him one on one tonight would spoil Armageddon. Plus he has all the power tonight he should do whatever he wants. Can;t wait to see what he has in store for Swagger

Santino v. London: First I never knew London wore a mask! Anyway the obvious guy won which is good to give London the momentum. The match was good except this part "Santino shoots the half, confidently smiling... 1-2—but Paul London kicks out at the death again!" The death???? I don't know if I'm missing something in the sentence or not. Could be a simple mistake to none the less still a good match.

Orton promo: Very intense and really in character. I do like him keeping his heel status by dissing his own hometown (mainly the people) however I would of still maybe started with the crowd giving a mix reaction... then when he started dissing them a full out transition to boos. Also I kind of wanted his match to start right after this promo but we move on.

Divas Match: Wow six minutes maybe would of thought four or something but whatever time isn't a big issue. Maryse pulls out the win which is good for her.

Noble Interview: Not a big fan of the quote boxes but you did it to represent footage recorded early so it is understandable. ANother great heartfelt speech from Noble.... I really hope he can pull it out.

DX vs. Chris Jericho and Big Show: Now we have another team and DX winning is good to add more depth to the tag division. Anyway with Show and Jericho in more conflict i'm 99.9 % sure that they will not retain at Armageddon.

Sheamus promo: Instant gold right there. I loved the promo. The dog line was the best, and even though none of these men seem to be in action tonight their promos were great to add fuel to the fire and this match along with the WWE Championship are the two matches I cannot wait for.

MVP/Kofi/Henry: Eh promo I understand that MVP is looking out for Kofi and such, so it served its purpose and hypes up his match with Orton later tonight.

Triple Threat: I'm glad you didn't take the hometown guy and made him win this, however I didn't know that the match was a dq maybe you would want to stress that out before the match from the announcers. I think they mostly are no DQ but I think they can also be DQ. Anyway your working your midcards good with Bourne and Masters now seeming to be ready to feud. Carlito winning is good, and Lito' Miz is pretty good to me.

Swagger promo: There were three ha's in the first three levels of dialoge. So he was physically saying ha or was he laughing? Anyway good promo for the two time all american american.

MVP/Orton: Good match out of these two with a good result. I might of wanted the RKO to be set up better. MVP is able to get back into the ring at the last second next thing you know RKO from Orton. Maybe have him stalk MVP, or have them go back and forth a bit more then RKO. I feel like MVP just stood up and got nailed with it. I mean he tried so hard to get back into the ring, only 10 seconds later get pinned for the three. Made him a bit weak.

Main Event: Shit!!! Send everyone at Swagger. You said Santino in the beginning who wasn't in the match. A bit of a heads up. Anyway I like this because it is something different. However I would also expect a heel to do this because this is alot like a heel tactic to me.... but you know what that would just be my idea. I like this none-the-less and the ending was good.

Overall: Well I forgot some of the developments but this was worth the wait. Armageddon features only one more Raw show. Booking wise this was a good show, like I said maybe MVP/Orton right after Orton's promo was the only thing I really didn't like. Anyway you worked everyone in the company which is good. 9/10.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

I think WWE a Political Era BTB is better than this
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Originally Posted by Eurofighter View Post
I think WWE a Political Era BTB is better than this
Now this is what I would consider spam?
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