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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

FlyinStyles ECW Review

Alright you reviewed me, here's my review for you keep in mind I only have a little background info I skimmed the first show.

The Abraham Washington show was interesting, I'm gonna lie I laughed incredibly hard at the San Fran night club joke they Texas insest joke, but some of the stuff was just weird. Like Ryder and Dreamer always get along on the show, always they wouldn't fight. The segment got the point across, I'm not gonna lie the Signaport Cane was a really cool suprise. Overall I liked the segment

Nice solid match, Yoshi didn't get burried but Rhyno looked really strong. I'm not a big Rhino fan but this thing with him and Helms intreages me, I want it to be just them though, keep Yoshi and Manu away.

The backstage segment was short and simple, I liked it, Shelton got his poitn across quickly which is good, because if he goes for too long he gets really bad. I like Shelton, not that big on Burchill but it seems like you're going to slowly transition ECW around these two and maybe move Shelton, I'm looking foward to the main event.

Wow, Ryder Dreamer really heated up the match was solid, glad Ryder won, but the after match wow, there's blood, there's blood. It was fucking great, I really really like this it was pretty fucking bad ass.

The Roundtable was ok, it did what it should've done it looks like you're starting friction in the roundtable by having them face each other which I'm not sure I like, I feel WWE jumped ship on them too early, unless they break up forces Vladimir out then I'm fine with it lol and by out I mean out of WWE.

The main event was very good, very detailed, I like Burchill's smirks and taunts that whole match, obviously Burchill was going to win, I think Shady tatics may have been better but oh well. By the way because you like to point out my spelling mistakes, you spelled offense "offence" at some point, lol. You know I'm shitting with ya

Christian lays down the law, yes!

Overall it was a good show, I really enjoyed it, I feel the high poing was Dreamer-Ryder match and after match. I was little dissapointed by the Roundtable segment it was very bland. Either way I like the show, I will keep reading this thread and review when I get the time. 7.5/10

Once upon a time the Pain was brought in 2008.......It will be brought again........


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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Big thank you's as always to FlyinStyles and Jaylive59 for their reviews.


Friday Night SmackDown
Frank Erwin Center, Austin, Texas
4th December 2009

Eve bts. Natalya
Super Crazy bts. Eric Escobar
CM Punk and The Brian Kendrick bt. Finlay and Matt Hardy
Mickie James bts. Layla
Rey Mysterio bts. Drew McIntyre
Chris Jericho bts. John Morrison

Chris Jericho came out and told everybody about how he had destroyed the Undertaker last week, and provided them all with the footage, because apparently they were probably all parasitic tapeworms who didn’t know quality when they saw it and therefore had probably not watched last week’s show so they could shield themselves from Jericho’s brilliance. Jericho told the world that the Undertaker was pathetic, and that for years, having been left in his shadow, a fury had built up inside him, and when the Undertaker left him to take Batista’s Spear the week previously, he had finally realised that the Deadman needed to be put in his place. He said that his easy demolition of the ‘legend’, the Undertaker, just went to show that there was only one true legend on SmackDown – nay, in the whole of the WWE – him, Chris Jericho. Jericho then demanded, somewhat predictably, another shot at the World Heavyweight Championship match at Royal Rumble, so he could settle his score with the Big Show. Teddy Long came out and told him that the match had been set already – Big Show vs Batista – and Jericho could do nothing about it. Jericho asked Long if he thought his main attraction had felt much pain in his assault last week, and proposed that he could do it to somebody else, and before too long, Vince McMahon would be on his back, claiming he had no control over his brand. Teddy rolled his eyes and agreed to one more match – but he added that another man had a score to settle with a man in that match at Royal Rumble... Rey Mysterio wanted an opportunity, too. Long said that instead of pitting them against each other, both men would have a match – Rey with the vicious Scotsman, Drew McIntyre, and Jericho with the Intercontinental Champion, John Morrison.

In a huge upset, Eve Torres was victorious against Natalya – this match had spawned from the wreckage of last week’s match between Cryme Tyme and the Hart Dynasty, when Eve had floored Natalya after the daughter of Jim ‘the Anvil’ Neidhart had attempted to do the same to her. In this match, which was much dominated by Natalya, Eve stole a win with a surprise Roll Up after she had broken free of a DDT attempt by holding on to the ropes. During the match, Cryme Tyme sneakily stole DH Smith’s and Tyson Kidd’s wallets, which they proceeded to taunt them with as they bounced up the ramp after the contest, much to the Canadians’ fury.

Dolph Ziggler encountered Intercontinental Champion John Morrison backstage, and eyed the gold on Morrison’s shoulder. Ziggler told the Shaman of Sexy to watch him tonight, because he was going to follow up on what he did to Matt Hardy last week with another assault, just to show everyone what he was capable of, and what he would do if overlooked on SmackDown. Morrison looked unfazed.

Super Crazy made a successful return to SmackDown, confidently beating the man who challenged him last week, Eric Escobar, with various high-flying moves, ending with his trademark Moonsault.

Rey Mysterio was interviewed – he said he had his sights set on the World Heavyweight Championship, but also Batista, because he wanted to prove that if you turn on your friends, it will come back to bite you.

The Brian Kendrick had demanded a rematch against the Fighting Irishman, Finlay, who had beaten him last week on SmackDown – he got it, though in a Tag Team match, alongside the new No. 1 Contender to the Intercontinental Championship, CM Punk. Finlay was partnered by a slightly weaker than usual Matt Hardy, who was still feeling the effects of Dolph Ziggler’s attack the week previously. Incidentally, this match was made a Royal Rumble Qualifier, where the winning team would get SmackDown’s first two spots in the 30-Man Royal Rumble match. Finlay dropped The Brian Kendrick with the Celtic Cross for the second week in a row, but he hadn’t noticed a blind tag by CM Punk, who then got in the ring, and took Finlay completely by surprise, hitting the GTS for the win. Afterwards, Dolph Ziggler arrived, and used another steel chair to beat down none other than Finlay, who was lying dazed on the mat. Matt Hardy stepped in to stop Ziggler, but the cocky youngster drove the chair straight into Hardy’s face, flooring him in a mere second. Ziggler hit Finlay and Hardy with the chair until it crumpled, and half a dozen or so referees ran in to stop him.

The new No. 1 Contender to Michelle McCool’s Women’s Championship, Mickie James, had an easy time of beating Layla on SmackDown with the Mick Kick, but with the Champion herself on commentary, Mickie had to be watching her back – when that said back was turned, McCool snuck into the ring, and drove Mickie into the mat with the Faith Breaker.

Big Show was interviewed as he was walking – he said he was happy not to be in action tonight, though he found it tiresome that more men could be involved in his title match, though he knew he could beat twenty men gunning for his title if necessary, especially with the support of the fans. The crowd got behind him as he spoke, and Show said he planned to come out of his first title defence at Royal Rumble with the gold still round his waist.

Rey Mysterio defeated Drew McIntyre with the 619-into-Droppin’ the Dime, though the Scotsman had the upper hand for much of the match, using his superior size and strength to his advantage. Rey Mysterio was added to the World Heavyweight Championship match at Royal Rumble. Afterwards, however, the Ultimate Underdog was Speared by an angry Batista, who then left the ring with a smile that he’d got one over on his former friend.

In the Main Event, Chris Jericho beat the Intercontinental Champion after he dodged the Starship Pain, leaving the Shaman of Sexy to crash and burn. Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho, and after a minute-long struggle, the Intercontinental Champion finally gave in. Jericho also joins the World Heavyweight Championship match at Royal Rumble, making it a Fatal Four-Way match. The World Heavyweight Champion himself then arrived on the scene, scaring Jericho off before he could get his hands on his fellow WWE Unified Tag Team Champion. SmackDown ended with a smirking Big Show staring down a silently confident Chris Jericho.

Announced For Royal Rumble

World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show (c) vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho

ECW Championship
Christian (c) vs Shelton Benjamin vs Paul Burchill

Women’s Championship
Michelle McCool (c) vs Mickie James

30-Man Royal Rumble Match
Zack Ryder vs CM Punk vs The Brian Kendrick vs 27 Other Superstars


Power 25

1. Chris Jericho (5) --

Put simply, no-one had the week that Chris Jericho had. He followed up his nasty attack on the Undertaker last week with a chilling explanation on SmackDown, saying he was the only true legend in the WWE, and he was sick of living in the Phenom’s shadow. He was then granted a chance to be added to the World Heavyweight Championship match at Royal Rumble, a chance he took, beating Intercontinental Champion John Morrison in convincing fashion. Despite a beating at the hands of Legacy on Raw following a distraction from an unknown source, Jericho picked up five votes from the eleven Academy members. The Academy will wait to see whether Jericho can hang on to his top spot when he takes on Mark Henry and MVP on Raw – by himself, probably, unless the Big Show turns up.

2. Jack Swagger (4) --

The All-American American had the week of his life, firmly securing his place with Raw’s elite when he picked up the pinfall in Raw’s tag team Main Event, and sent a stark message to WWE Champion John Cena when he dropped him onto his own title belt with the Gutwrench Powerbomb, and stood tall at the end of Raw. Swagger pulled in four top spot votes from a possible eleven.

3. Christian (2) --

The ECW Champion arrived after ECW’s Main Event, and gave a powerful Killswitch to Paul Burchill, the man who had attacked him the previous week. In doing this, Captain Charisma gave Paul Burchill a lesson in respect – something that will no doubt humble the Ripper going into next week.

4. The Big Show --

At number four, it’s the World Heavyweight Champion, who, while he was not in action, told his fellow Unified Tag Team Champion, Chris Jericho, exactly who was on top on SmackDown, coming down after Jericho’s match with John Morrison, and scaring off his Royal Rumble opponent. Show decided against helping his former partner in his match against Legacy, leaving him to feel the force of Cross Rhodes. With Show possibly in action on Friday, the Academy will wait to see if he can make even more of an impression, to show exactly why he holds the prestigious title.

5. Batista --

The Animal comes in at number five, having Speared his former friend, Rey Mysterio, shortly after he narrowly defeated Drew McIntyre to add himself to the World Heavyweight Championship match at Royal Rumble.

6. Randy Orton --

The Viper had a good week – firstly, he hit a stunning mid-air RKO on the WWE Champion, before he gave his enemy, Kofi Kingston, a taste of the RKO himself, leading to a win for his team in Raw’s Main Event. Orton announced on Raw that he and Kingston will fight at Armageddon inside a Steel Cage.

7. Rey Mysterio --

Had he not succumbed to a Spear from Batista, Rey Mysterio probably would have been above Batista on the Power 25, after his win over Drew McIntyre on SmackDown gave him the perfect opportunity to win the World Heavyweight Championship at Royal Rumble.

8. John Cena --

The WWE Champion gave Swagger a verbal bruising on Raw when the pair met to exchange words, but it was he who experienced the bruising after the Main Event, when he was Gutwrench Powerbombed on to the WWE Title belt.

9. Paul Burchill --

The Ripper qualified for the ECW Championship match at Royal Rumble with a somewhat sneaky win after his sister, Katie Lea, grabbed Shelton Benjamin’s ankle in their match on Tuesday night, shortly before Burchill put the match to bed with three brutal moves. He did get a nasty surprise after the match, however, when the ECW Champion, Christian, dropped him with a Killswitch.

10. CM Punk --

The No. 1 Contender to the Intercontinental Championship found victory alongside The Brian Kendrick on SmackDown, qualifying for the 30-Man Royal Rumble match in the process. In just three weeks, Punk will battle John Morrison on SmackDown for the strap.

11. Zack Ryder --

Woo woo woo! You know... that Zack Ryder is at number eleven on the Power 25. Ryder was the first man to qualify for the 2010 Royal Rumble match, beating his rival, Tommy Dreamer. What came after, however, was sickening. The cocky Ryder then proceeded to beat Dreamer down with a Singapore cane and a steel chair, eventually bloodying the ECW Original. Ryder said that it was just the start of his journey to ending Tommy Dreamer’s career.

12. Kofi Kingston --

The Ghanaian may not have won alongside John Cena in Raw’s Main Event, but he made an impact when he held his own with Randy Orton in the ring when Raw opened, both verbally, and physically.

13. Legacy --

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase beat Chris Jericho in convincing style to earn themselves a shot at the WWE Unified Tag Team Titles at Armageddon. They were, however, put in a match next week against D-Generation X, for one last tag team classic between the two. Randy Orton also told the young pair that he had no intention of respecting them until the tag team titles were in their possession.

14. D-Generation X --

Triple H and Shawn Michaels weren’t in action on Monday, but they did lay down a challenge to Legacy, who they will face next week.

15. Dolph Ziggler --

Ziggler lived up to his promise two weeks in a row, this time attacking both Matt Hardy and Finlay with a steel chair. Before long, it’s likely Teddy Long will be forced to give him an opportunity at the Intercontinental Championship that he so wants.

16. Carlito --

In his return to scheduled WWE programming, the Caribbean superstar hosted Carlito’s Cabana, with the United States Champion, the Miz, as his guest – things got heated fairly quickly, but Carlito stunned his nemesis with the Backstabber, staking his claim to the United States Championship.

17. Shelton Benjamin --

The Gold Standard, though not victorious on ECW, put in a valiant performance, and might have had the match won, had it not been for the interference of Katie Lea Burchill.

18. Rhyno --

The War Machine made a strong return to ECW, hitting Yoshi Tatsu with one of the most brutal Gores in the history of the move to pull out an impressive victory.

19. Evan Bourne --

At number nineteen, it’s Evan Bourne, who scored the winning pinfall when he teamed with Primo Colon on Raw this week, hitting the Shooting Star Press to beat Santino Marella and Chris Masters. With the match to decide the No. 1 Contender to the United States Championship close at hand, if Bourne continues to impress, he could well find himself in that match.

20. Jamie Noble --

The Pit Bull pulled out the biggest win of his career when he beat the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, on Raw, in a stunning performance. This feud isn’t over, however, as you can be sure that Sheamus will want a measure of revenge.

21. The Brian Kendrick --

The cocky Kendrick got one over on Finlay this week on SmackDown, helping CM Punk to victory, and qualifying for the 2010 Royal Rumble in the process.

22. Michelle McCool --

The Women’s Champion watched Mickie James beat Layla on SmackDown, but she did lay her out with the Faith Breaker afterwards, sending the No. 1 Contender a message about who is the stronger diva. The two will face off for the title at Royal Rumble.

23. Cryme Tyme --

Shad and JTG were at ringside to watch their friend and fellow Cryme Tyme member Eve pull out a great win over Natalya, before stealing the wallets of David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd, further frustrating the Hart Dynasty.

24. Chavo Guerrero --

The Mexican Warrior surprised the whole world when he won on Raw this week, hitting the Frog Splash to beat Paul London and stay on the red brand. Next week, however, Chavo Guerrero must beat the ultra-talented Kofi Kingston if he wants to keep his United States Title hopes alive, but with Randy Orton lurking around, Chavo could have a renewed confidence that he can pull off a sneaky win.

25. Super Crazy --

And the final spot on the Power 25 goes to the returning Mexican luchador, Super Crazy, who returned to SmackDown with a bang when he beat Eric Escobar, who had challenged Crazy the previous week. Crazy finished the match with the Moonsault – no doubt in this coming week, when he will be in action again, the Mexican luchador will be looking to start up a winning streak.

And also earning votes...

Primo Colon – Carlito’s brother put in a solid performance as he teamed alongside Evan Bourne on Raw in their win over Santino Marella and Chris Masters.

Tommy Dreamer – He may have lost to Zack Ryder, but on the Abraham Washington Show, Dreamer installed fear into Ryder’s heart, and joy into those of the fans when he produced a Singapore cane – and accidentally hit Washington with it. No complaints from the Academy on this one.

Mickie James – The peppy No. 1 Contender to the Women’s Title beat Layla impressively on SmackDown.


And Happy New Year, everybody.
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Monday Night Raw
Sommet Center, Nashville, Tennessee
7th December 2009

Swagger In Control
Last week, the All-American American, Jack Swagger, Gutwrench Powerbombed the WWE Champion, John Cena, on to his own title belt. This week, Jack Swagger has been handed creative control – he has the power to book his Armageddon opponent, John Cena, in a match of his choice – next week, Cena will be allowed to book Swagger into a match, but this week, it’ll be Swagger to open the show, to tell the world what he has in store for Cena tonight.

A Warrior’s Challenge
If Chavo Guerrero wants to keep his hopes of capturing the United States Championship alive, he must beat Kofi Kingston tonight. With Kingston’s rival, Randy Orton, waiting for an opportunity to strike ahead of their Steel Cage match at Armageddon, Chavo will believe he might just have a chance against the Ghanaian. Nevertheless, it will be a difficult contest for Chavo, who showed that he really is a strong in-ring competitor when he took apart Paul London last week on Raw.

A Cool Re-Debut
After giving United States Champion the Miz a Backstabber during Carlito’s Cabana last week, Carlito is on a roll. This week, he returns to the ring, against his former tag team partner, Santino Marella. Can the Caribbean superstar prove to the Miz that he really is the man to take the Chick Magnet’s title from him, or will Santino Marella stake his claim to the title in a big way with a shock win over the Miz’s main contender at the moment?

The World’s Strongest Armageddon Contenders
This week, it’s Mark Henry and MVP’s turn to take on WWE Unified Tag Team Champions, Chris Jericho and the Big Show, for a place in the title match at Armageddon. Last week, Show hung Jericho out to dry when he didn’t turn up at all, leaving Jericho to fall at the hands of Legacy. Will Show turn up this week, and will the World’s Strongest Tag Team find themselves gunning for the titles at Armageddon?

One More Time
Tonight, D-Generation X, the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, and the Game, Triple H, take on the Legacy, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, in a contest between two teams who were at each other throats only a few months ago. Tonight, they face off for one more battle. A DX win would provide them with a huge boost headed into their Armageddon Tag Team Title match qualifier next week on Raw.

Pit Bull Revitalised
Jamie Noble pulled off the win of his career last week when he narrowly beat the mighty Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, in a terrific contest. This week, Noble is highly tipped to come out to a hero’s reception, the biggest of his career. Noble will take to the mic tonight, and will no doubt deliver another emotional promo to the WWE Universe – but will the Celtic Warrior make an appearance? Tune in to Monday Night Raw for all the answers.

Evan Bourne teams with Divas Champion Melina in mixed tag team action and more!

Announced For Raw

Jack Swagger books John Cena into a match of his choosing
Chavo Guerrero vs Kofi Kingston
Carlito vs Santino Marella
Mark Henry and MVP vs Chris Jericho and Big Show
Triple H and Shawn Michaels vs Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase
Jamie Noble takes to the mic
Evan Bourne and Melina vs Chris Masters and Maryse


Raw is nearly finished. I'll post it some time tomorrow Won't keep you kiddies waiting long for this next exciting edition...
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Raw looks amazing man. I can't wait for it. By the SD! results some interesting things like TBK winning and now being in the rumble, and Eve pulling off an upset was also a surprised but it is all good. Anyway the power 25 I reall like considering not many threads do it. I wish I could say more but I'm more than likely going to review Raw. Hoping to see some good things out of Noble and Carlito two guys I always liked.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Good to see that RatedRKO31 is alive. Cheers for the comments, man. I hope this show meets the standard you're hoping for. That goes for everyone reading, actually.


Monday Night Raw
Sommet Center, Nashville, Tennessee
7th December 2009

The Raw entrance video plays, followed by some massive fireworks as the camera cuts to the arena. We then go down to ringside, where Michael Cole and Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler are sat.

Cole: Good evening, and welcome to Monday Night Raw. Tonight, the No. 1 Contender to the WWE Championship, Jack Swagger, has been given control by Raw General Manager Shane McMahon – Swagger has the power to put his Armageddon opponent, John Cena, in any match he pleases, as Cena will do when the roles are reversed next week.

King: I can’t wait, Michael... just what does Swagger have planned for John Cena tonight?

Cole: We’ll find out in just a second, King, when Jack Swagger comes out to speak to the WWE Universe. Also tonight, Kofi Kingston takes on Chavo Guerrero – Kofi is embroiled in a heated feud with the Legend Killer, Randy Orton, who he will face at Armageddon inside a Steel Cage.

King: Speaking of Chavo, the Mexican Warrior has to win tonight if he wants to keep his United States Title hopes alive – if he wins, he goes forward to a match next week, where if he wins, he’ll be off to Armageddon himself to fight for the Miz’s United States Championship.


Cole and King are interrupted by the music of Jack Swagger as it hits, and the crowd unleashes a flurry of boos as the All-American American wanders out, wearing expensive looking street clothes.

Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... the No. 1 Contender to the WWE Championship, and the All-American American... Jack Swagger!

More boos greet the announcement.

Cole: Well, this man has certainly turned a lot of heads in recent weeks – Jack Swagger.

King: He sure has, Cole – he became No. 1 Contender two weeks ago, and last week he gave the WWE Champion a Gutwrench Powerbomb on to his own title! This guy means business.

Swagger finds his way into the ring, and flashes his smile at the crowd, who boo him heavily. Swagger fiddles with his expensive clothes, then grabs a mic from ringside, not bothering to thank the man who gave it to him. He wanders around the ring, allowing the ‘You suck!’ chants to build up, and then die down, before raising the mic. He almost hisses his first line out:

Swagger: Hello Nashville...

The fans boo him in response. Swagger smirks.

Swagger: I feel kinda dirty being down here, breathing the same air as you people. And you wanna know why? It’s because I’m BETTER THAN YOU.

A blatant heel tactic, but it works a treat nonetheless.

Swagger: And I'll tell you why I'm better than you, and it's not just because I'm the No. 1 Contender to the WWE Championship. Shane McMahon came up to me after Raw the other day, and told me that I’d be given a chance to book my Armageddon opponent, John Cena, into any match of my choosing this week.

Swagger pauses briefly.

Swagger: I thought to myself, ‘Ah, he’s seen the light. He’s decided to give me the control and influence I deserve.’ But then he ruined it. Cause he told me Cena’s gonna have the same chance next week.

The crowd cheer for this. Swagger frowns.

Swagger: I don’t know why you guys are all so happy. Your precious little hero is only gonna get that chance next week... if I let him get through this one.

Mass boos.

Swagger: And I bet you’re all wanting to hear what I have in store for John Cena... but I’m gonna make you all wait.

Boos rain down on Swagger, who smirks.

Swagger: Because I think you all need a little reminding of just what’s gonna to happen in just under three... weeks’... time. Roll the footage.

Swagger points at the TitanTron, which lights up with footage from last week, showing Swagger hitting Kofi Kingston with the Gutwrench Powerbomb to take the win in last week’s Main Event, before hitting the same move to John Cena, on to the WWE Championship belt, followed by Swagger holding the WWE Title high above his head. The footage ends and the camera sweeps back to the ring, where Swagger is smirking. He waits for the mild boos to settle, then raises his mic again.

Swagger: If John Cena’s screaming back hasn’t got the message over yet... I am not to be underestimated. I’ve said this over and over... dammit, I am the real deal. Jack Swagger is the name of the next WWE Champion, and if you people haven’t got that yet... frankly, I don’t care.


Swagger: But the one person who needs to take me seriously is the same man who owns the title I deserve, the title that I plan to take at Armageddon. John Cena.

Swagger frowns.

Swagger: But Cena doesn’t take me seriously. He prances around Raw, title in hand, thinking he’s the best. Thinking he can’t be beaten.

The crowd boo – they know that’s not true at all.

Swagger: Cena, I am the brightest and best when it comes to up and coming talent. I am the pinnacle of ability. I’m a two-time All-American. People know that I am capable of beating you. Everyone knows it... except you.

More boos.

Swagger: So tonight, Cena, it’s roles reversed. Tonight, you don’t get to judge me, based on your idiotic sense of ‘experience over youth’. Tonight, I’m going to judge you.

The boos continue.

Swagger: I’m gonna sit back in my locker room, and watch you lose. And when you’re lying on the mat looking up at the roof in your... barely conscious state, I want you to remember... it wasn’t me who brought this upon you...

Swagger turns to face the camera.

Swagger: It was you.

Swagger receives a shipload of heat for this, and he waits for it to die down with a smirk before continuing.

Swagger: I suppose you all want to know just who your precious WWE Champion will be against tonight... so I’m gonna put you out of your misery, just like I’ll put John Cena outta his... at Armageddon.


Swagger: I decided to bring in some friends from my old home, my old stomping grounds... E... C... W.

Boos – no doubt he’s brought in something, or someone, unfair.

Swagger: John Cena, you’re gonna take on, not one, not two, but three opponents at once... Cena! It’s gonna be you, versus... THE RUTHLESS ROUNDTABLE!

The crowd erupts with boos as the music of William Regal blares out of the speakers, and the Englishman arrives on the scene, smirking, with Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov flanking him. The three make their way down to the ring, and Regal smiles as he shakes hands with Swagger, before raising his arm, as if he’s already won the title. The crowd boos a ton at the four men, but Jackson looks somewhat discontented and not quite with it, a bit unfocused.

Cole: And there you have it! In Monday Night Raw’s Main Event, it’ll be WWE Champion John Cena, taking on the Ruthless Roundtable of William Regal, Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov! How will Cena overcome such odds? Find out if he can, later tonight.

Swagger smiling with his arms in the air is the last thing we see, before Raw fades away to a break.



The crowd cheers wildly as Raw returns to the entrance of Carlito, who wanders onto the stage with a smile. The bell rings.

Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from the Caribbean, weighing in at 220 pounds... Carlito!

Carlito fluffs his afro a little bit, then starts to make his way down the ramp, letting a child touch his giant hair with a smile before continuing.

Cole: Carlito planted United States Champion the Miz with a devastating Backstabber last week on Carlito’s Cabana – this week he makes his return to the ring.

King: Carlito was always known to have terrific in-ring skills – I just bet he’ll want to showcase them here tonight, and show the Miz he is a serious contender to his title.

‘Lito finds his way up the ring steps, then into the ring itself, bouncing up and down once he’s there. Suddenly, the Italian tune of Santino Marella strikes up, and the outgoing Italian Stallion wanders out, acknowledging his small mixed reaction as if he was getting a standing ovation, bowing and smiling at the fans.

Roberts: And, from Calabria, Italy, weighing in at 227 pounds... Santino Marella!

Marella starts walking down the ramp, offering his hand for the fans at ringside to touch – thing is, they don’t want to, and they all keep their hands well away from Santino. Carlito looks bemused – his former tag team partner obviously hasn’t changed at all since they last saw each other.

Cole: Ah, Santino Marella... the always... amusing Italian is here and ready for action tonight – King, what do you think of Santino’s chances?

King: Why, he’s clearly the favourite, Michael.

Cole chuckles. Santino gets in the ring, and goes to each of the four turnbuckles to pose for the fans. Carlito smirks, and shakes his head – as Santino hops from the final turnbuckle, Carlito offers him his hand... and Santino deliberately pauses for an absolute age, attempting to garner a crowd reaction, but none comes, so Carlito withdraws his hand, rolling his eyes, and the referee starts the matchup.

Match 1
Carlito vs Santino Marella

This one was always in Carlito’s favour, though Santino fought well, even connecting with a Russian Legsweep and an Elbow Drop early on. As the match progressed towards about four minutes, however, Carlito took control, and as we join the match, it’s the Caribbean superstar in control, with a Surfboard Stretch locked in, with both men in the centre of the ring. Santino is yelling out in ridiculous fashion, and eventually Carlito lets him go. Santino struggles to his feet, to be met with a swift kick to the gut, led smoothly into a Flowing DDT from Carlito, performed beautifully. Santino yelps as he crunches into the mat, and Carlito goes to the ropes, springboards upwards... and lands the Moonsault! Carlito gets straight back to his feet, then waits for Santino to join him... slowly, he does, so Carlito tries to whip him to the corner, but Santino manages to hold his ground, and whip him to the opposite corner... Santino charges straight after him, but Carlito scales the turnbuckle at a run, and backflips over Santino... AND IS IN PERFECT POSITION FOR THE BACKSTABBER! The crowd goes wild as Carlito makes the cover... 1-2-3! This one is done!

Winner: Carlito

Match Time: 5:41

Carlito gets up on the top turnbuckle and smiles to the crowd.

Cole: Simple win for Carlito here tonight, on his return to in-ring action.

King: Sure was, Cole – he looks in top shape. If I was the Miz, I’d be worrying about how much longer he’s gonna be holding that United States Championship for...

Cole: To be precise, it could be as early as December 27th... Armageddon, when there will be, as of right now, six matches on the card, with four titles on the line. It will be one heck of an event, to be sure.

The camera cuts backstage, where a shiny black SUV pulls up smoothly in the car park at the back of the arena. The door opens, and out comes the Big Show! The crowd roars for the World Heavyweight and WWE Unified Tag Team Champion as he slides out of the car, and the mammoth of a man, with the tag titles over his shoulders, and the World Title around his waist, begins to make his way down the corridor leading off from the car park – the SUV silently slides away in the background. Todd Grisham hurries up to the giant, and walks alongside the big man, who is smirking. Grisham, struggling to keep pace with Show, who walks with massive strides, has a mic:

Grisham: Big Show... gasp... Show, have you finally decided to forgive your tag team partner and team with him tonight? Gasp...

Show walks slower as the mic comes his way, giving Grisham more of a chance to keep up.

Show: Todd, I’m taking Chris Jericho on at Royal Rumble for the World Heavyweight Championship, as well as two other men. If Chris thinks I’m here for him tonight, he’s wrong. I’m here because Teddy Long told me if I didn’t turn up, he would strip me of my World Heavyweight Championship.

The crowd boos.

Show: You might think that if I helped Chris tonight, we’d have less people to worry about at Armageddon, when we defend our tag titles. Well, the tougher I make things for Chris ahead of Royal Rumble, the better, I say. I just want to focus on my World Heavyweight Title, and keeping it in my hands. If being here tonight means doing that, then I’ll do it. Done.

Grisham mutters some thanks to Show, who smiles and continues towards the ring.

Cole: The World Heavyweight Champion is here! His match is next.

Raw goes to a break.



Raw returns to the sound of MVP’s music, and out steps the Ballin’ Superstar, smiling, with Mark Henry behind him, a giant smile on his face, too. MVP lets Henry wander past him, stopping in the middle of the ramp, and smiles, taking a step back, before doing his signature grace-gesture-into-touch-the-ground taunt, unleashing a barrage of fireworks behind him. MVP, smiling, then goes to join Henry, who is already at the steps. The bell rings.

Roberts: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 667 pounds... the team of Mark Henry and Montel Vontavious Porter, the World’s Strongest Tag Team!

A big cheer goes up as both men get in the ring.

Cole: And here we go – if Mark Henry and MVP can beat the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions here tonight, they’ll be added to the match at Armageddon for the titles, as Legacy did last week, and as D-Generation X will get the chance to do, next week.

King: Yup, Cole, and MVP said last week this was their chance to redeem himself after he lost to Cody Rhodes the week previously – now is his chance to prove himself right.

MVP’s music subsides, and the pair wait in the ring for their opponents. The arena turns white as the TitanTron lights up with the countdown...








The crowd erupts with boos as Chris Jericho comes out, his face deadly serious. He has both of his tag team title belts on his shoulders.

Roberts: And their opponents, first, from Manhasset, New York, weighing in at 231 pounds... he is one half of the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions... Chris Jericho!

Cole: Chris Jericho – one of four men who will step in the ring for the World Heavyweight Championship at Royal Rumble, the next pay-per-view after Armageddon.

King: Chris Jericho has a busy schedule, King – not only will he be fighting for the World Title at Royal Rumble, on December 27th he has to defend the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships as well – we’ll see how well he and Show can still work as a team tonight.

Jericho gets in the ring and looks at Henry and MVP with disdain, then turns towards the ramp to wait for his Royal Rumble opponent.


The crowd roars for the World Heavyweight Champion as he arrives with a smile on the stage, all three titles on his person.

Roberts: And his tag team partner... at 7 feet tall, weighing in at 485 pounds... the World’s Largest Athlete, the other half of the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions, the World Heavyweight Champion... the Big Show!

Cole: Well, when you listen to that massive, no pun intended, announcement from Justin Roberts, you realise just how much of a high the Big Show is on right now.

King: I feel sorry for his opponents at Royal Rumble, Michael. The man has three championship belts, he’s the size of a small tank, and has the power of a big one! If I was MVP and Mark Henry, I’d wouldn’t be liking my chances, but then again, Show’s probably more interested in Chris Jericho than he is in them.

Show wanders down the ramp, still wearing his smile, but it disappears when he sees Jericho, who is staring straight at the giant. Mark Henry and MVP look at each other, obviously thinking they can take advantage of this rift between the two men. Show gets in the ring, not taking his eyes off Jericho, then looking away to raise his arm towards the crowd, provoking a strong reaction. The referee collects all the title belts, five in total, and hands them to the ringside staff, before kicking things off, with Jericho starting against Mark Henry.

Match 2
Mark Henry and MVP vs Chris Jericho and the Big Show

Throughout this match, Jericho has been rather alone – every time he tags Show in, the giant gets in the ring, then tags himself back out! Jericho, seriously frustrated, is slugging it out with MVP as we approach six minutes in this match. Porter lands a hard right hand to the side of Jericho’s face, then pushes the dazed Jericho to the ropes, and bends down, but Jericho cracks his boot to MVP’s face, and runs over to his own corner, tagging Show in by tapping the giant’s shoulder, seeing as the World Heavyweight Champion had no intention of stretching out his hand. Before Jericho can even so much as step out on to the apron, however, Big Show taps Jericho’s shoulder, making Jericho the legal man again! Jericho, mouth agape, is shocked – he wasn’t expecting that. Suddenly, MVP is behind him, and the Ballin’ Superstar pushes Jericho face-first into the turnbuckle! Jericho falls to the mat, seeing stars, and MVP makes the cover... 1-2- NO! Kickout from Jericho, who starts scrabbling towards his corner, but MVP drags him back by his ankle, then lifts him to his feet.

MVP applies a front facelock, then moves over to his corner, tagging in Mark Henry, who gets in the ring, and puts his boot to Jericho’s gut. He pushes Jericho into the corner, then hammers his open palm into Jericho’s chest with a crack. Jericho falls away from the turnbuckle, his face contorted with pain. The man formerly known as Y2J then feels the brunt of a headbutt from Henry, then, dizzy, wanders aimlessly across the ring, and when he comes to, he’s standing right back in his own corner, with the Big Show standing right in front of him! Jericho, elated, stretching out his hand... but Show drops from the apron! The crowd roars, and Jericho, stunned, is suddenly yanked back into the centre of the ring by Mark Henry before... World’s Strongest Slam connects! Jericho is flattened under the force of the mighty Silverback, and the inevitable cover makes Show smiles on the outside... 1-2-3! Mark Henry and MVP are headed to Armageddon!

Winners: Mark Henry and MVP

Match Time: 7:17

MVP and Mark Henry raise their arms in victory as the crowd roars, and Jericho stares up at the ceiling in disbelief from the mat. Big Show collects his titles from ringside, then gets in the ring, and raises the arms of the World’s Strongest Tag Team with a smile. Jericho rolls from the ring and yells obscenities at the World’s Largest Athlete, who beckons for him to get in the ring, but Jericho decides against it and starts to wander up the ramp, enraged. The crowd boo Jericho as the referee hurries up the ramp with his titles, handing them to Jericho, who continues to glare out Show, who raises an arm to the crowd, getting another massive reaction.

Cole: And with that result, Mark Henry and MVP are added to the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships match at Armageddon, against the Champions themselves, and Legacy, who in just a moment, will be taking on D-Generation X, who have a chance to book their place in the Armageddon Tag Team Titles match if they can beat the Champions next week.

King: Well, if they can beat the Champs, as Mark Henry and MVP just did, it’ll be a Four-Way Tag Team match at Armageddon, which would be pretty crazy!

The camera cuts backstage briefly, showing Sheamus slamming a door behind him, holding a piece of paper in his hand. Todd Grisham comes up to him with a mic, but Sheamus smacks it out of his hand before he can say anything and continues walking. The crowd boos – Sheamus obviously isn’t in a good mood.

Cole: Last week, Sheamus lost to Jamie Noble in one of the upsets of the decade, in my opinion.

King: We’ll hear from Jamie Noble tonight, but I bet Sheamus will have something to say, too.

The camera cuts to show D-Generation X walking down a corridor, and the crowd goes wild.

Cole: It’s DX versus Legacy, one last time in two-on-two action, after the break, live on Monday Night Raw!

Raw goes to a break.


As Raw returns, the bell rings.


The crowd boos as Legacy arrive on the steel stage, smirking.

Roberts: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 458 pounds... the team of Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, two-thirds of the Legacy!

More boos greet the announcement, and the young pair start to make their way down the ramp.

Cole: Well, these two are already scheduled to fight for the Tag Team Titles at Armageddon, and they have held tag team gold before, so certainly they have high chances to win the titles.

King: Their tactics may be questionable at times, but there’s no denying, these two are the future of this business – I know that because they keep drilling it into my head by constantly going on about it!

Rhodes and DiBiase get in the ring, and each clamber onto a turnbuckle, raising their arms. Suddenly, their music subsides, and is replaced by:


The Sommet Center erupts – it’s D-Generation X! The arena turns green, and the crowd all pull out their glowsticks – soon, the arena is covered in green ‘X’s. Triple H and Shawn Michaels come out to a huge cheer, and Roberts makes the announcement...

Roberts: And their opponents! The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels... the Game, Triple H... D-Generatioooooooon X!

The dramatic announcement is followed by massive cheers, and DX start walking down the ramp, chucking glowsticks into the crowd.

Cole: Possibly the most loved tag team in WWE history... D-Generation X are in the building!

King: I love DX, Michael!

Good for you, Jerry. DX slide into the ring, and do the crotch chops, eliciting their traditional green pyrotechnics to launch from the turnbuckles, then they flex their muscles in the middle of the ring. They take up their positions in their corner, and it’ll be Shawn Michaels taking on Cody Rhodes to kick things off.

Match 3
Legacy vs D-Generation X

Legacy have really shown they can hold their own with the best in the tag team division in this match, as the match has been quite even, despite the young pair being against the heavy experience of DX. As we join the action at around 7 minutes or so, it’s DiBiase dominating Shawn Michaels on the mat, as he has been doing for a while now, with a stomping boot. The Heartbreak Kid struggles to his feet, and DiBiase pulls him into the middle of the ring, and whips him to the ropes, and lays him out with a Scoop Powerslam on his return! DiBiase makes the cover... 1-2- NO! Kickout from Michaels at the death! DiBiase, fuming, tags in Rhodes, who immediately goes to work on Michaels with his boot, before dragging him up to his feet... he whips HBK to the turnbuckle, and follows up, but Michaels sticks his boot to Rhodes’ face in the corner, and the youngster falls on to his back, dazed! Michaels hops onto the second rope, then leaps off, connecting with a cracking Flying Crossbody to Rhodes! Triple H is stretching out for a tag, and HBK starts to crawl towards his corner... he leaps... and GETS THE HOT TAG TO THE GAME!

Rhodes leaps himself to tag in DiBiase, who comes charging in, but Triple H connects with a massive right hand, and DiBiase goes down! DiBiase gets straight back to his feet, into another beastly right hand, but this time he falls back on to the ropes... and comes back... and Triple H drives DiBiase’s head into his knee with his patented Facebreaker Knee Smash! The crowd roars, and DiBiase falls backwards, seeing stars, so Triple H kicks him in the gut... going for the Pedigree, the crowd roars... but DiBiase doesn’t let the Game hook his right arm, and the men are engaged in a struggle... Triple H grabs DiBiase’s right wrist, but he lets go of his left arm... and DiBiase escapes the Double Underhook position... THEN CONNECTS WITH THE DREAM STREET!

Both men collapse to the mat, face down, and the whole arena has gone dead silent! Rhodes and Michaels are just as surprised as everyone else on their respective aprons, and Cole is yelling about ‘Vintage DiBiase!’ Rhodes starts yelling for DiBiase to make the cover, and ever so slowly, DiBiase crawls to the Game, and rolls him over... 1-2—KICKOUT BY TRIPLE H! The wasted time costs DiBiase, who is pulling his hair out on the mat as the crowd roars in jubilation, before screaming to the heavens in frustration and trying to pin a slow count accusation on the referee, who is having none of it! DiBiase gets to his feet, his face one of disbelief and anger – he drags Triple H up, and decides to go for the Dream Street again, but he accidentally drags the Game too close to the ropes, and as DiBiase goes to complete the move, Triple H grabs the top rope, and DiBiase crashes and burns! DiBiase’s eyes are wide, and Triple H heads for his corner slowly, wobbling – but DiBiase tags in Rhodes, and he scrambles across the ring, and grabs Triple H into an Inverted Facelock... BUT TRIPLE H SNATCHES OUT WITH HIS HAND, AND GETS THE BLIND TAG! Rhodes never saw it! He drags the Game into the middle of the ring, and decimates him with Cross Rhodes, but he’s totally clueless to the Heartbreak Kid standing behind him, and as he turns round... HE GETS CLOCKED WITH SWEET – CHIN – MUSIC! The crowd erupts as Rhodes goes down like a sack of potatoes, and Michaels shoots... the... half... 1-2-3! DX win!

Winners: D-Generation X

Match Time: 9:37

Elated, Michaels helps Triple H back to his feet, and the referee raises both men’s arms, and they smile to the crowd, as DiBiase and Rhodes look totally lost for words on the mat. Legacy get out of the ring and rest on the security barricade, disbelieving, and Triple H and Michaels turn to face them, doing the crotch chops to add insult to injury.

Cole: This one is over! D-Generation X have won the hard-fought contest, and they’ll carry this momentum into next week, when they get their chance to add themselves to that match at Armageddon for the Tag Team Titles.

King: Legacy will feel hard done-by – that was a good performance. This won’t help their respect campaign against Randy Orton.

Raw goes to a break, with DX celebrating being the final thing we see before we fade away for the moment.


As Raw returns, we are backstage, where Legacy are walking back towards their locker room, disappointment etched across their faces. They walk through their locker room door, and the first sight they see is a smirking Randy Orton, who looks very smug, and is sitting in a comfortable looking chair. Legacy look at him for a second, then simultaneously walk away without saying a word, going to the changing area of the locker room, leaving Orton to sit where he is, still smirking. The camera cuts back to ringside, where the arena is mostly silent, as it is often during these periods of transition between segments.

Cole: Well, you could the tension between Legacy with a knife here tonight – Randy Orton said two weeks ago he didn’t respect his two protégés, and ever since, Rhodes and DiBiase have been striving to earn the Legend Killer’s praises.

King: Yeah, Michael, and last week, Orton told his associates that he wouldn’t respect them until they were holding the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships – their loss just a moment ago won’t have helped their cause.

A slight pause follows King’s words. Suddenly, the music of Jamie Noble hits, and the crowd gets to its feet, applauding as the Pit Bull, well dressed in a new shirt and jeans, nervously wanders out on to the stage, smiling timidly. The camera zooms out, showing just about every member of the audience clapping Noble, who looks overcome by the magnificent reception – the crowd start up the chant from the previous week, and soon the whole arena is chanting ‘Well done Jamie!’ CLAP-CLAP CLAP-CLAP-CLAP ‘Well done Jamie!’ Noble puts a hand in front of his mouth, amazed. Slowly, he starts to walk down the ramp, his music nearly drowned out by the biggest reaction the Pit Bull has ever gotten. He stops at the top of the ramp for a second, taking the whole scene in. Justin Roberts hops into the ring to make the announcement:

Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen... please welcome, the Pit Bull, Jamie Noble!

A giant roar goes up from the crowd, and Noble wanders down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside, amazed that everyone is so eager to see him. The smile on his face is huge – he can’t believe what’s happening! Gone is the Jamie Noble from two weeks ago, who was looking around the arena for even one fan to cheer for him – here he is, getting a standing ovation!

Cole: Four weeks ago today, Jamie Noble was brutally beaten down by the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, in only the next of many, many beatings Noble has taken over his career. Two weeks ago, the night after Survivor Series, Jamie Noble gave an emotional speech, saying he wasn’t ‘lion food’ anymore. Last week, he did the unthinkable – he beat the very man who had nearly ended his career, Sheamus, in the greatest triumph of his career.

King: Cole, I have never seen such a gutsy performance, from Noble, or from anybody else. He deserved that win. His journey to end this moniker of being nothing more than a loser, indeed, lion food, truly begun last week.

Noble takes it step by step up the steel stairs to get in the ring, savouring each moment of this terrific occasion. He swings over the middle rope, and puts one boot after the other onto the second turnbuckle in the corner, and raises both arms, provoking a massive cheer from the fans in front of him. He then heads to the next turnbuckle, and does the same, then the other two turnbuckles, getting extra cheers from the fans in those sections, too.

Justin Roberts hasn’t left the ring yet since his announcement, and offers the Pit Bull his mic with a smile. Noble smiles back and takes the mic, thanking him. As Roberts leaves, the Pit Bull walks back into the centre of the ring, and stretches his arm out in front of him. He rolls back both his sleeves up to his elbows, then unbuttons his shirt’s top button, and the one below it. His shirt was never tucked in to begin with, so he leaves that, but suddenly he seems a lot more relaxed than he did at this point two weeks ago when he got in this same ring to talk to the fans. The camera pans upwards to show Noble’s entire body, from his white trainers (sneakers to you Americans), up past his new jeans and shirt, before zooming in on his smiling face. Noble waits for the booming reaction to die down, then slowly raises the mic, smiling like a madman.

Noble: Um... hah, I can’t talk...

The crowd, who had quietened down, let out another encouraging cheer. Noble lets out a deep breath, then licks his lips quickly and turns his head slightly, thinking. He looks back towards the crowd and raises the mic.

Noble: Look, first and foremost, I have t’ thank y’all for... for that. That amazin’ reaction y’all gave me. Thank you. Thank y’all so much.

The crowd roar back their support.

Noble: You have no idea what y’all mean t’ me. Y’all’re amazin’. I didn’t deserve that.

Another cheer – it looks like the crowd are really getting into Noble, and are 100% on his side – they love the whole underdog story. He smiles.

Noble: I came out here two weeks ago, and... well, the arena was totally silent. I was nothing more than a joke, an afterthought. I knew I was. I agreed with them. I didn’t deserve support. I vowed on that day that I wasn’t gonna be lion food anymore.

Noble pauses and puts his spare hand in front of his mouth before continuing. He bows his head slightly.

Noble: So I laid down a challenge in that silent arena. And slowly, everybody in Richmond began t’ believe in me. And I fed off that. Last week, in Orlando, when I was on the mat, bein’ pounded by Sheamus...

The crowd boos the mention of the Celtic Warrior.

Noble: The Orlando crowd gave me their support. And then I realised what was spurrin’ me on. The reason I wasn’t lion food anymore. The thing that was lacking before. The reason I’ve been a failure before because I haven’t had it.

Noble sharply throws his head up to face the camera, grabbing the attention of every member of the crowd and every viewer at home, just like when he did it two weeks. The look in Noble’s eyes is indescribable.

Noble: You. The fans.

The roof comes off the Sommet Center, and Noble has to wait while the crowd settles down – the whole arena are so behind the revitalised Jamie Noble, it is unbelievable! Cole and King are in absolute disbelief at the change in reaction – two weeks ago, nobody made a sound when he arrived – people in attendance went to get snacks! Now, Noble, the underdog, the afterthought, the snack-break-inducer, has won the hearts of the fans! He is the voice of the fans, he is the man of the fans, he is the person they all wish they could be, the man who stands up for what he believes in, the man who refuses to be kept down, the man who won’t give up!

Noble, stunned too, shakes his head in utter disbelief – he can’t believe what he’s become. He glances over at the head of the ringside staff, who just shrugs with a smile, and Noble smiles, looking at the mat. It takes a while for the booming Sommet Center to finally settle down, and after a quick mental note to hug the man in creative who decided to get him out here in the first place, two weeks ago, to tell the world he wasn’t lion food any more, Noble raises the mic to talk once more to the buzzing arena.

Noble: Wow.

The Pit Bull chuckles a quick silent laugh before continuing.

Noble: Ok. Last week, I beat Sheamus.

A big cheer goes up.

Noble: In all honesty, I don’t know how I managed it. But you guys sure as hell helped. Look at this.

Another quick cheer goes up, then the TitanTron flickers into life, showing last week’s match.

<Sheamus drives Noble into the mat with a hard Powerslam... then hits a nasty Leg Drop to Noble’s neck, then stomps on his head... Sheamus gets down to Noble’s level, asking him if he’s had enough... but Noble shakes his head determinedly, and spits in Sheamus’ face... Sheamus hammers the Pit Bull into the floor with an Axe Handle... Sheamus lifts him up, but hits him with a crunching right hand... down goes Noble again, but the Pit Bull shakes his head once more after the question... he still has fight left in him... Noble dodges the Bicycle Kick, and Sheamus puts his boot into the turnbuckle... Noble uses all his remaining strength to get to the top turnbuckle, and connects with a sensational Leg Lariat... the one-armed cover is broken up by Sheamus at the last second... Noble locks in the nasty Dragon Sleeper... Sheamus must be about to tap... Cole is screaming that no-one can withstand that kind of pain for so long... Sheamus elbows Noble in the groin... Big Boot to Noble... Vertical Suplex Powerslam... is Noble still conscious... Noble slips out of the Crucifix Powerbomb... with all the remaining strength left in his body, Noble manages the Roll Up... the referee counts... Noble wins... Noble wins... Noble wins...>

The camera sweeps back to Noble, who is grinning.

Noble: When I did that... my career was put back on track. I’m a changed man. Y’all better believe that I won’t stop fighting until I do all of you proud! ‘Til I can say, hand on heart, that I am not lion food! Not no more!

Another giant cheer goes up, but suddenly the music of Sheamus starts up, and the crowd unleashes a ton of boos as the Celtic Warrior arrives on the scene, frowning, and holding the piece of paper he was seen with before.

Cole: The man is brutal, he is vicious, and he is frustrated after his loss last week. He is Sheamus.

King: He really doesn’t look in a good mood, Michael.

The Celtic Warrior storms down to the ring, gets in, and raises his mic to talk to Noble, his Irish accent blatant for all to hear.

Sheamus: Noble... You pathetic piece of trash. These people are cheering for ya... because they feel sorry for you.

Two-thirds of the crowd boo – the other third realise it’s true.

Sheamus: When you came out here tonight, these people decided to cheer for ya... out of some... misguided sense of pity.

More boos, but they’re weaker.

Sheamus: They all love the underdog story – but when it comes down to it, you’re just a has-been... actually, a never-was... and that’s what you’ll stay for the rest of your career.

Noble frowns.

Sheamus: Ya came out two weeks ago, and ya cried to everyone about how your career was down the drain.

The boos continue, less this time.

Sheamus: Then ya said you could beat me... Congratulations. Ya did. But that’s it. From now on, I’m going all out. Nothing else matters to me.

Noble looks tentative and takes a small step back.

Sheamus: When we meet again, I will not hold back, Noble. And when will we meet again?

Sheamus holds the piece of paper up. It’s a match contract.

Sheamus: At Armageddon. No... Holds... Barred...

Noble’s eyes go wide, and he steps back, stunned.

Sheamus: That’s right, Noble! I am going to put ya and your career to bed at Armageddon, because there will be no rules, no restrictions, no... holds... barred. And ya know what, Noble? I will enjoy every second of that match, because I will enjoy teaching you, and everyone... that underdog, fairytale stories never have a happy ending...

Sheamus throws the piece of paper to the side, then gets in Noble’s face – Noble growls and bares his teeth... so that’s why he’s called the Pit Bull.

Sheamus: Not when I’m involved.

Sheamus drops his mic and swings at Noble, but the Pit Bull ducks under his arm, and unleashes a hell storm of offence, lashing out at Sheamus’ face with right and left hands, the crowd going wild! Left, right, left, right... but Sheamus pushes Noble away, and as he comes back, the Celtic Warrior absolutely flattens him with the BICYCLE KICK! Noble goes down, knocked out, and Sheamus roars in triumph as the crowd boos him. Slowly, the Irishman wanders over to Noble’s fallen body, and picks up his mic again.

Sheamus: Jamie Noble... I’m Sheamus. You are lion food.

The crowd boos.

Sheamus: At Armageddon... I will end your fairytale... I will end your fantasy... and I will end your career.

The crowd erupts with boos and Sheamus emphatically drops his mic on to Noble, then stands above him with his arms raised, roaring.

Cole: OH MY GOD! King, can you believe what we just saw?

King: I was not expecting that! Jamie Noble came out to the biggest reaction I’ve ever heard him get, and delivered another emotional speech, but then what came after!

Cole: The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, came out and told the world that, at Armageddon, it will Sheamus, versus Jamie Noble, in a No, Holds, Barred match. That means no countouts, no disqualifications, no rope breaks. The referee is there for one reason and one reason only – to count the pinfall or submission. Truly, it is a fitting way for these two men to settle their differences, at Armageddon.

Raw cuts backstage, where Melina is picking her Divas Title belt up, and preparing to leave for her match, however, there is a knock on her door.

Melina: Oh, come in.

The crowd cheers as the door opens, and in comes Evan Bourne! Melina smiles and goes back to checking she has everything she needs.

Melina: Oh, hey, Evan. You ok?

Evan walks over to her with a grin.

Bourne: Yeah, I’m totally up for this. Just don’t get left behind, ‘kay?

Melina flashes her smile back and hooks her Divas Title over her shoulder and slaps it once to make a statement. The pair touch knuckles, then walk out – the crowd cheer for the coalition of two of their favourites. The camera cuts elsewhere backstage, where Chris Masters is standing, looking impatient, and constantly glancing at his watch. Maryse walks into the shot, garnering a heap of boos, and Masters lets out a grumpy breath.

Masters: And where have you been?

Maryse looks at Masters as if she’ll get germs if she looks at him too long.

Maryse: Pleaze do not patronize me, you pathetic little man. I am teaming wiz you because I ‘ave been told to, not because I want to. So, do not try to zink zat you own me, or zat I will let you tell me what to do. You are lucky! Lucky to be teaming wiz moi!

Masters scowls. Maryse leaves, and the Masterpiece follows in a huff.

Cole: It’s Evan Bourne and Melina, versus Chris Masters and Maryse, next.

Raw goes to a break.


As Raw returns, the music of Evan Bourne plays, and the high-flyer comes out, giving the peace sign to the crowd. The bell rings.

Roberts: The following mixed tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 183 pounds... Evan Bourne!

Cole: He’s one of the frontrunners in the United States Championship race, he’s one of the most exciting people we’ve ever seen in a WWE ring, and his name is Evan “Air” Bourne.

King: Bourne is one of the best high-flyers I’ve ever seen, Michael! A win here tonight could further his cause for that United States Championship.

Bourne slaps the hands of the fans at ringside, then gets in the ring, hopping on to a turnbuckle and raising an arm to get the crowd going. His music cuts, and the flashy music of Melina hits, and the Divas Champion struts out on to the stage with a smile, photographers swarming around her.

Roberts: And his tag team partner! From Los Angeles, California... the Divas Champion... Melina!

The crowd cheers heartily for Melina as struts down the ramp, and leaps onto the apron, doing her usual splits, to a large gasp from the crowd, and a grin from Bourne, who helps Melina into the ring under the bottom rope.

Cole: Melina, the Divas Champion, is here and ready for action.

King: And she holds that title for a reason. Maryse has been trying to get inside her head in recent weeks ahead of their match at Armageddon for that title.

The orchestral music of Chris Masters starts up, and the crowd boos as a spotlight shines down on the stage, where Masters is kneeling.

Roberts: And their opponents! First, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 275 pounds... the ‘Masterpiece’, Chris Masters!

Masters slowly rises to his feet and raises his arms, eliciting slow fireworks to hiss from the stage – the crowd boos.

Cole: One of the strongest and most talented, or so he likes to tell us, superstars in the WWE, the Masterpiece, Chris Masters, would like to think he has a good chance of winning the United States Championship, but, King, I just can’t see that happening.

King: Don’t let him hear you say that, Michael. Masters lost his tag team match with Bourne last week – he’ll be wanting some revenge in this one.

Masters starts walking down the ramp, and steps into the ring, taking his place up in his corner. Maryse’s music hits, and the crowd boos again, heavier than they did for Masters, as the French-Canadian Diva struts out, looking deadly confident.

Roberts: And his tag team partner, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada... Maryse!

Maryse starts making her way down the ramp, ignoring the boos of the fans at ringside.

Cole: Maryse, who will face off with Melina for the Divas Title at Armageddon, is one of the most dominant Divas we’ve seen in the division, wouldn’t you say, King?

King: ...what? Huh? Sorry, I wasn’t listening.

Cole facepalms. Maryse swings up on to the apron and smirks, then gets in the ring with a disdainful look at her tag team partner. Her music subsides, and the referee gets things started, with the women to start in the ring.

Match 4
Evan Bourne and Melina vs Chris Masters and Maryse

A fairly even contest, this one, and the Divas being much more involved than the men in the early going. Bourne and Melina have used their athleticism to their advantage whenever possible – As we join the match at about six minutes, Masters has Bourne pressed up against the turnbuckle, and the high-flyer is obviously hurting as Masters lays into him with hard right hands. The referee forces Masters away, and as Bourne steps out of the corner, relieved, Masters charges, and knocks him to the mat with a brutal Clothesline! Bourne, head on the mat, is breathing heavily – Masters lifts him up, then puts him up in an Oklahoma position, before heading for the corner, and trying for Snake Eyes... but Bourne clutches on to the turnbuckle, and places his feet on the ropes! Bourne then turns round, and he’s suddenly on the top rope, ready to spring! Masters is kicking himself for the mistake he’s made – he’s practically lifted Bourne up and put him on the top turnbuckle! Bourne launches off... and connects with his trademark Diving Double Knee Drop to Masters’ shoulders! Cole yells ‘shades of last week!’ and he’s right, because Bourne did exactly this the week before... Bourne scrambles into a cover... 1-2- NO! Masters throws Bourne off him at the death, and as the Masterpiece gets up... BAM! Knee Strike to the face, and Masters fall backwards, bounces lightly off the ropes, then comes back into a Small Package... 1-2 Masters gets out of it.

Both men get up, and Masters swings a right hand, but Bourne ducks under it – Masters turns, and catches Bourne’s left boot as it comes towards him... ENZUIGURI! Masters never saw the other boot coming, and a giant crack can be heard around the arena as Masters goes down like a sack of potatoes! Bourne scrabbles into the cover... 1-2- BUT MASTERS KICKS OUT, AND BOURNE IS IN TOTAL DISBELIEF! Bourne yells out, and Masters gets up, albeit slowly... Hurricanrana! The offence just keeps coming, and Masters is flung across the ring – the crowd roars for Bourne’s amazing athleticism, and Masters uses the momentum to carry him to his feet, so Bourne charges... Big Boot! Masters puts his boot up, and Bourne falls backwards... Masters yanks him back up, lifts him on to his shoulders in the Oklahoma again... boom! Powerslam connects, and the ring shakes under the force of the move! Masters with the cover... 1-2- KICKOUT FROM EVAN BOURNE! Masters lets out a manly grunt, and, teeth clenched, he beckons for Bourne to get up, and he does...

Masters charges... CRACK! A STUNNING ROUNDHOUSE KICK CONNECTS FROM BOURNE! Masters is unconscious but still standing from the sheer impact of the move! The crowd goes absolutely wild, and Bourne, amazed, prods Masters with his finger, and the Masterpiece topples the mat! Melina tells him to go for the cover, but Bourne wants to finish it his way! He clambers up the turnbuckle, and raises both arms... the crowd roar, and get to their feet to get the best view... Bourne launches from the top... SHOOTING – STAR – PRESS! The noise is deafening as Bourne connects with the move to Masters’ unmoving body on the mat (you can hardly hear Michael Cole screaming ‘Vintage Bourne!’), and Maryse charges into the ring to try and stop the cover... BUT SHE GETS STRUCK WITH A PICTURE-PERFECT SUPERKICK FROM THE DIVAS CHAMPION! Maryse topples from the ring under the force of the move, and with a smile, Melina follows her out, leaving Bourne to make the cover... 1-2-3! Bourne and Melina win!

Winners: Evan Bourne and Melina

Match Time: 8:14

Melina gets back in the ring, and both she and Bourne have their arms raised by the referee. The crowd roars their approval for the result, and Bourne and Melina clamber on to opposite turnbuckles to celebrate.

Cole: Evan Bourne and Melina are victorious tonight, and you’ve got to think that Evan Bourne is the first man in line to face Miz at Armageddon after that performance!

King: Did you see that Roundhouse Kick? He knocked Chris Masters out cold!

Cole: It truly was something else.

The camera cuts backstage, where Todd Grisham is standing.

Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the United States Champion... the Miz!

The crowd boos as the camera zooms out to show the Miz, who is smirking.

Grisham: Miz, tonight you’ve seen two of your main contenders to your title, Evan Bourne and Carlito, pick up strong wins in their matches. How do you feel about that?

Miz frowns.

Miz: How do I feel about it? How do I feel? Really, Todd? Really? Well I’ll tell you, Todd. I don’t... care.


Miz: It doesn’t matter to me one bit about who did what tonight. At Armageddon, I don’t care who I face. I don’t care if it’s Bourne, I don’t care if it’s Carlito... hell, I don’t give a damn if it’s Stone Cold Steve Austin. I-

Miz has to stop while the crowd roars for Stone Cold’s name.

Miz: I can beat anybody. And that’s a fact.

Miz smirks.

Miz: Carlito’s win tonight means nothing. His Backstabber to me last week means nothing. I doubt he’ll even be allowed in the No. 1 Contender’s match next week, after what he did.


Miz: And if he is? I doubt he’ll win it. And is he does? Well then, we all know what’ll happen.

More boos.

Miz: At Armageddon, I will take on one man. If it’s Carlito – it makes no difference to me. And the result will be the same no matter, who I face.

Miz tilts his head with a cocky smile.

Miz: There’s only gonna be one result. Me, retaining my United States Championship. And do you want me to tell you why, Todd?

Grisham knows what’s coming and rolls his eyes.


The crowd boos for the Miz’s catchphrase, and the United States Champion walks out of shot. Raw goes to a break.


When Raw returns, the bell rings.

Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


The crowd erupts with cheers for Kofi Kingston as he arrives, smiling, with his hair tied back – a sure sign of this new, more hardened Kingston. He smacks his hands together three times, unleashing three bursts of fireworks from the stage, and he starts to kick his heels up as he jogs down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside.

Roberts: Introducing first, from Ghana, West Africa, weighing in at 221 pounds... Kofi Kingston!

Cole: The man who will face Randy Orton inside a Steel Cage in just under three weeks at Armageddon, the Ghanaian, Kofi Kingston.

King: Kofi Kingston is so athletic and talented – he’s the brightest young star that the WWE has.

Kingston hops over the top rope, then jumps up on to a turnbuckle, slapping his hands together three times as usual. He hops off, before:


The crowd boos as Chavo Guerrero arrives, smirking, and wearing his bandana and poncho as usual. He points out at the crowd, and starts to wander down the ramp with cocky strides.

Roberts: And his opponent! From El Paso, Texas, weighing in at 215 pounds... the Mexican Warrior, Chavo Guerrero!

Cole: Chavo Guerrero saved his place on Raw last week when he beat Paul London. This week, he takes on Kofi Kingston, and if he loses, his United States Championship hopes will be over for good, as ordered by Raw General Manager Shane McMahon.

King: Chavo’s got a hard task ahead of him – he might be more experienced than Kofi, but Kofi’s done more in his short time here than Chavo’s done in his entire career!

Chavo gets in the ring and eyes Kofi with a nervous look. He takes off his poncho, and then his bandana, and hands it to the ringside staff – the referee kicks things off.

Match 5
Kofi Kingston vs Chavo Guerrero

Kofi has been quite dominant in this match, showcasing why he’s higher up the card than Chavo usually. However, Chavo has worked on Kofi’s left knee when he can, and as we join the match at around the eight minute mark, Chavo has Kofi locked in a Single Leg Boston Crab, and putting as much pressure as possible on the joints of Kofi. The crowd starts to get behind Kofi, whose face is one of pain, obviously, and he manages to stretch his leg out far enough to make Chavo lose his grip on it, and Kofi escapes from the hold, springing to his feet, and unleashes a firestorm of offence! Chavo runs straight into a hard right hand, and he falls down, but gets straight back up, only to be met with another... Chavo gets up, ducks under a third right hand, and heads for the ropes, but he gets hit with a Dropkick on the way back! Chavo goes down, and Kofi goes for the cover... 1-2- kickout from Chavo. Kofi bounces off the ropes, and drops into an Elbow Drop, then another cover... 1-2- Chavo saves the matchup again. Kofi gets up, and watches Chavo, holding his fists out in preparation to attack again.

Chavo gets up, and Kofi feeds him a boot to the gut, then tries to whip him to the turnbuckle, but Chavo sends him to the opposite corner... Chavo charges, but Kofi sweeps his feet through the ropes and beautifully connects with a Pendulum Kick out of the corner! Chavo falls backwards away from the corner, and Kofi scales the turnbuckle... Crossbody connects! Cover straight from the move... 1-2- NO! Chavo narrowly kicks out, and Kofi, stunned, stands, and waits for Chavo to join him... and Kofi grabs Chavo, and sends him to the mat with a terrific Russian Legsweep! Kofi starts to jog around the ring... the crowd start getting pumped! He bounces off the ropes... boom... boom... Boom Drop connects! The crowd roars as the move connects, and Kofi sets up in the corner, slapping his hands together in anticipation... Chavo rises... but he goes down again, claiming he’s hurt his knee! The referee checks on him, and tells a perplexed Kofi to stay away as Chavo cries out on the mat, holding his knee. The referee kneels down to check on Chavo, and as he does, Randy Orton leaps over the security wall, and gets in the ring! The crowd erupts with boos, and Kofi sees him – they start exchanging blows, but the referee has no idea about the slugfest going on behind him! Kofi tries for the Trouble in Paradise, but Orton ducks underneath the move, and strikes like a snake with the Inverted Backbreaker! Orton rolls from the ring at light speed, and the whole operation barely took 20 seconds! The referee turns to see Kofi on the floor, but he doesn’t put two and two together, allowing the match to keep going, and when he looks at Chavo, he’s not there – he’s on the top turnbuckle, ready to fly! The crowd boos, but Kofi is totally dazed on the mat... Chavo launches off... and connects with the Frog Splash! The crowd boos, but Chavo shoots the half... 1-2-3! Chavo Guerrero has beaten Kofi Kingston!

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

Match Time: 10:02

Chavo immediately rolls from the ring before the referee can raise his hand, meaning the man in black and white rolls from the ring to follow him up the ramp so he can. Orton takes advantage, and rolls into the ring, picking Kofi up from the mat... he goes for the RKO, but Kofi pushes him away! Orton stands up, and feels the force of TROUBLE – IN – PARADISE! The crowd roars, and Orton goes down... Kofi gets to his feet, and beckons for something to come down from above... the camera looks up to where he’s pointing... THE STEEL CAGE IS COMING DOWN! The crowd launches to its feet in a total frenzy, and the noise in the Sommet Center is beyond belief! The cage reaches the top rope’s level, and Orton comes round, getting to his knees, then realising what’s happening, and immediately heads to leap out... BUT KINGSTON GRABS HIS LEG IN MID-AIR AND YANKS ORTON BACK INTO THE RING, AND CAGE COMES CRASHING DOWN!

Orton gets up, in utter shock, and immediately heads to climb up the cage, but again, Kingston pulls him back, and lights him up with a massive Knife Edge Chop! The entire arena cries ‘WOOOO’ and Orton winces as he falls away! Kingston goes to throw Orton to the turnbuckle, but Orton scales the turnbuckle and clambers up the cage! Kingston, shocked, tries to stop the Legend Killer escaping, but Orton’s already got to the top and thrown himself over the top, collapsing on to the floor outside with a tremendous impact! Orton looks in a heap of pain after the massive fall, and he clutches his ribs in agony on the floor. Kofi scales the wall of the cage himself, and stands on the top barrier, looking down on the pained expression of Orton, who knows just as well as Kingston that Kingston’s won this round. Kingston’s face is dead serious, and he uses one arm to hold on to one of the steel bars used for keeping the cage in place and lowering it, raising the other arm in a victory pose, prompting a massive roar from the crowd, who start to chant ‘Kofi! Kofi!’ Orton scowls and continues to stare at the imposing figure of the Ghanaian on top of the cage.

Cole: Orton costs Kofi the match, but the cage comes down! The Viper escapes the cage but it’s Kofi Kingston’s night!

King: Wow. That sent a message to Randy Orton.

Cole: Could we see something similar go down at Armageddon? Well, we still have two Raws between now and then, so anything can happen before that decisive Steel Cage match on December 27th.

The camera cuts from the image of Kofi on top of the cage, and referees rushing down to check on Orton to backstage, where Chavo Guerrero is walking down a corridor, red in the face. The crowd boo him, and he bursts through a door, where Shane McMahon looks up from his desk in surprise. Chavo rushes up to his desk:

Chavo: Book it, esse.

Shane looks perplexed.

Shane: What?

Chavo looks at the Raw GM like he’s stupid.

Chavo: Homes, ya told me if I won tonight, you’d put me in the United States Title, No. 1 Contender’s match next week. And what happened? I did. I won it, esse. So you have a promise to keep.

Shane rolls his eyes.

Shane: Ok, fine. You know what? I keep my promises, and for the last time, Chavo, if you come into my office and try to tell me what you’ve done, I’ll have your ass off my brand before you can say ‘esse’.

Chavo bites his lip as the crowd mocks him.

Shane: But I am a man of my word. So it’s done. Set. Next week, we’ll have a Triple Threat match. You, versus Carlito, versus Evan Bourne. Winner faces Miz at Armageddon for the United States Title.

Chavo smirks.

Shane: Paul London, Chris Masters, Primo Colon and Santino Marella are all booked into the Battle Royal at Armageddon to decide the new No. 1 Contender. The two losers of next week’s match will join them. So, if you lose, you’re back to square one, Chavo.

Chavo’s smirk gets bigger.

Chavo: Yeah? Well, I’m not gonna lose, esse. Not a problem.

Shane puts both his hands in front of him and quotes the line he’s used for two weeks now when Chavo has burst into his office:

Shane: We’re done here.

Chavo knew it was coming, and winks at Shane before spinning and walking out with a new swagger and confidence. Raw goes to a break.


The music of John Cena plays as Raw returns, and the crowd roars for the WWE Champion as he launches out on to the ramp, smiling. The bell rings.

Roberts: The following is a 3-on-1 Handicap match, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing in at 240 pounds... he is the W... W... E... Champion... John Cena!

Cole: John Cena is one of the most loved superstars the WWE has ever seen, and while we may have heard some giant reactions this evening, nothing quite compares to the one we’ve just heard for the WWE Champion.

King: Well, he’s the WWE Champion for a reason, but you have to wonder if John Cena can overcome this task! He’s taking on three men at once, for goodness sake!

Cena charges down the ramp and slides into the ring, hoisting the WWE Championship high as he stands, prompting a massive cheer. Cena grabs a mic from ringside – looks like he wants a word before his opponents come out. He waits for his music and the crowd’s cheers to subside, then goes to talk.

Cena: Well, guys, here I am.

Mild cheers.

Cena: I’ve been sitting backstage all night. I haven’t left my locker room. But I have been watching. And, of course, I was watching when Jack Swagger came out here, and stood just where I am now, and accused me of one hell of a lot of stuff. Like not taking him seriously.


Cena: Jack, listen in. I take you seriously. At Armageddon, I’m taking you on for my WWE Championship. I don’t take anybody who’s earned that honour lightly. But you need to understand something. You try to send me a message by Gutwrench Powerbombing me on to my own title? That, I’m not gonna take lightly. I’m going to take it dead, dead, dead seriously.

Cena’s face reflects this.

Cena: So tonight, you’re gonna put me up against three men. Hoping I’m gonna get my ass handed to me, then you can swoop in again and try and play your mind games with me. I’m warning you now, Jack. I don’t care if I’m about to take on three men at once. I will make you sorry if you take me on when this match is done.

Cena smiles for a second.

Cena: But you know what? I do owe you for last week... so if you want some, Jack...

The crowd starts to cheer.


Massive cheers go up for Cena. He pauses for a second, then continues.

Cena: And you said tonight was your chance to judge me? Fine by me, Jack. Sit back and watch this. Then you’ll understand what you’re up against. Judge me, Jack! Judge me!

Cena hoists his title into the air.

Cena: Jack, this is all the proof you need. You need to remember, hey, I take you seriously, but do you take me seriously? Remember this...

Cena turns towards the ramp.


A massive cheer goes up from the crowd, and Cena flings his hat into the crowd. The music of William Regal starts to play and Cena hands the title to the ringside staff. Regal appears on the stage with Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov alongside him.

Roberts: And his opponents... the team of Vladimir Kozlov, Ezekiel Jackson, and William Regal, the Ruthless Roundtable!

Boos follow, and Regal smirks as he leads the trio down the ramp. Cena looks at them with a glare.

Cole: These three men are possibly the most dominant force on Tuesday nights, the Ruthless Roundtable.

King: Oh, I sure hope John Cena sends ‘em back where they belong...

Cole puts a reassuring arm on King’s shoulder, who looks like he’s getting quite agitated about having ECW superstars on Raw. The three men take up their position in the corner, and Cena will be starting against their leader, William Regal.

Match 6
John Cena vs William Regal, Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson
3-on-1 Handicap Match (Tag)

John Cena started strongly but eventually the numbers game came into play, highlighted when Regal was able to tag in Kozlov, who then planted Cena with a Big Boot and took control. As we join the action at about 8 minutes, Ezekiel Jackson is dominating Cena on the mat. He lifts Cena up... then up into an Oklahoma... before driving the WWE Champion into the mat with a Powerslam! Regal is screeching for Jackson to cover, and the big man eyes Regal beadily before doing as he says, something he probably would have done anyway... 1-2 Cena kicks out! Regal starts yelling that if he’d done it when he’d told him to, the match would be over, but Jackson ignores him. Cena gets up, but Jackson sticks a big right hand to the Champ’s jaw and he goes down again. Jackson slowly strides the corner and tags in Regal, slightly harder than necessary, and the Englishman gets in the ring, frowning. Cena gets up slowly, but Regal boots him in the gut, eyes still on Jackson, who is watching silently, then throws Cena to the turnbuckle – Regal looks away from Jackson and charges at Cena... but Cena dodges, and Regal clatters into the turnbuckle and falls backwards!

The crowd cheers, and Cena takes it to heart... he gets up on to the top turnbuckle, and Regal slowly gets to his feet... but Cena smashes him back down with his patented Diving Leg Drop to the back of the Englishman’s head! Regal gets back up, dazed, and Cena drops him with a smooth Fisherman Suplex, rolling as the move connects, and covering... 1-2- NO! Kozlov runs in and breaks up the cover, putting his boot to Cena’s back! Cena groans and rolls across the ring, and Regal gets up – Cena is resting against the turnbuckle, so Regal flies across the ring... and crushes Cena against the turnbuckle with a massive Corner Body Splash! The WWE Champion reels away in pain, hunched over, and Regal charges, looking for the Knee Trembler... NOBODY’S HOME! Cena raises his head, leaving Regal to hit thin air with his knee, and the Englishman comes off the ropes... and Cena hits his Flying Shoulder Block! The crowd know what’s coming, and start to get behind the WWE Champion... Regal gets up, then gets hit with another Flying Shoulder Block! He gets up one more time, throws an unsuccessful clothesline... and inevitably feels the force of Cena’s Modified Side Slam Bomb! The Champ stands, and looks out at the jubilant crowd... his hand goes high in the air! He quickly tells Regal, as does the audience, that ‘you can’t see me’, then bounces off the ropes, before connecting with the Five – Knuckle – Shuffle! The crowd goes wild, and Cena squats in the corner, preparing for the Attitude Adjustment... Regal gets up, and gets hoisted up on to Cena’s shoulders – the crowd goes crazy, but Cena drops Regal, because Vladimir Kozlov has got in the ring! Cena unleashes a flurry of right and left hands, then flings Kozlov from the ring, roaring with adrenaline... Regal dives for Ezekiel Jackson’s outstretched hand... BUT JACKSON PULLS BACK HIS HAND! Cena grabs an astonished Regal and pulls him back, BEFORE LOCKING IN THE STFU! The crowd launches to its feet, and Cena screams for Regal to tap... AND HE DOES! REGAL TAPS!

Winner: John Cena

Match Time: 10:36

Cena gets to his feet, roaring with pleasure, and the entire audience is on its feet, applauding Cena’s comeback at the death! Cena launches on to the top turnbuckle in jubilation, his face a picture of happiness, and he is handed his WWE Championship by the referee, who then leaves the ring. Jackson storms up the ramp, furious for some reason. Regal meets up with Kozlov on the outside, and both men are fuming from Jackson’s betrayal – Regal is red in the face with anger and exhaustion. Cena, exhausted himself, gets off the turnbuckle... AND WALKS STRAIGHT INTO THE BOOT OF JACK SWAGGER!

Cena goes down, stunned, and the crowd erupts with boos – where did the No. 1 Contender even come from? Swagger picks up Cena, letting the boos rain down, but Cena starts to fight back, hitting a couple of right hands, before bouncing off the ropes... BUT THE ALL-AMERICAN AMERICAN CLOCKS HIM WITH THE WWE TITLE BELT, AND CENA IS OUT COLD! Swagger laughs as he looks down at the fallen WWE Champion, then eerily raises the belt high above his head with a smirk. He yells down at Cena, ‘The Champ is here, John, here!’ Swagger laughs and drops to his knees, yelling in Cena’s face – ‘I don’t care who you have lined up for me, Cena... I CAN BEAT ANYBODY! YOU HEAR ME? ANYBODY!’ The crowd boos him as he stands, and, as with last week, hoists the title high as he stands above Cena’s unmoving body.

Cole: As with last week, Jack Swagger has attacked John Cena after his match. You’ve got to think this is getting to the Champ’s head, don’t you think, King?

King: Jack Swagger disgusts me, Michael. What a dirty thing to do. Again.

Cole: Be that as it may, that’s all the time we have for tonight. You’ve been watching Monday Night Raw, I’m Michael Cole, and with me, Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler, we wish you goodnight, and we’ll see you next week, live on the USA Network.

Swagger standing tall is again the lasting image as Raw fades to black.


Quick Results

Carlito bts. Santino Marella
Mark Henry and MVP bt. Chris Jericho and the Big Show
D-Generation X bt. Legacy
Evan Bourne and Melina bt. Chris Masters and Maryse
Chavo Guerrero bts. Randy Orton
John Cena bts. William Regal, Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson

Announced for Armageddon

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) vs Jack Swagger

Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston
Steel Cage Match

United States Championship
The Miz (c) vs Chavo Guerrero OR Carlito OR Evan Bourne

WWE Unified Tag Team Championships
Jerishow (c) vs Legacy vs Mark Henry and MVP

Jamie Noble vs Sheamus
No Holds Barred Match

Divas Championship
Melina (c) vs Maryse

Chris Masters vs Paul London vs Primo Colon vs Santino Marella vs ??? vs ???
United States Title No. 1 Contender Match
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Opening promo: Wow what a great promo. I originally didn't like the whole dissing of Nashville and the I'm better than you but by the end I was totally hooked in and the match that he made was a very good heelish tactic.

Carlito: Alright Carlito getting some recognition. Of course it seemed obvious to me he was going to win, bc I can't take Santino seriously.

Show promo was good and the match a bit surprised by. Looks like that Jeri-Show is over but don't they have a match at Armageddon. A bit confused by that, and possibly a mini face turn by Show but all in all good match.

Legacy vs. DX: Another good tag team match that was very well written. However having DX going over Legacy I would of liked to see a dq finish for the sake of Legacy to give them some momentum into the match at Armageddon.

Noble: Wow you really played up the crowd appreciation of Noble which I like which made this promo thrived. Anyway it was pretty good, then Sheamus ruining the fun was also good. The match No Holds Barred should be interesting but ending the career of Noble I feel won't happen just for the fact that Noble is seen on your Raw banner. A bit of a spoiler to me.

Mix tag match: Not a huge fan of three tag matches in a row to be honest. Necessary win out of Melina and Evan Bourne which I'm glad to see that Evan is not a jobber.

Miz promo was amazing in character with all the really's and I'M Awesome at the end. Great cocky promo from him.

Chavo/Kingston: With help from Orton Chavo gets a win and now seems to be a contender for the US Title which is all good. The promo also cleared up alot of stuff. I don't like the whole homes and esse stuff from Chavo it seems like your making him a ganster but I'm glad like Evan he is not a jobber. Anyway with Kingston and Orton steel cage match really good stuff and I can possibly see it as the ending to the feud as it shall be to me in my opinion.

Cena/RRT: I could of did without Cena's talking before the match. Maybe could of been a backstage interview but the match itself was good, and I can't believe Cena pulled it off. Its like he's superman I'm glad however Swagger does get himself some retribution and attack Cena, even though his stip doesn't work.

Overall: All in all some good stuff, the tag matches three in a row not good to me and that was maybe the only booking problem. Alot of good stuff, but Legacy and the seeming destruction of Jeri-show both don't make me feel good about their chances at Armageddon and felt that they maybe their results should of been handled differently. Overall 7.5/10.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

JayLive59's RAW Review

Pick your poison match is always a good way to build to a PPV event IMO--mine will be featuring that concept as well. I'm really liking where you're taking Jack Swagger. Using John Cena to elevate him to main event status is a smart move. Decent promo from him. Having Cena go up against 3 men is a great way for Swagger to get heat, though I still would expect Cena to win haha.

Carlito's return match was good. I'm anxious to see how he fits into the US title puzzle.

Glad to see MVP and Henry get the win. Hopefully they're one step closer to the gold now. While the dynamic worked with Show and Jericho as tag champs for a while, I never liked the idea of them holding the gold because the legitimate, younger teams got buried in the process (not that WWE has many...).

Show costing his team the victory by not giving the tag was a great way to further feud the World Championship rivalry the two Tag Champs got going on. I can' wait to see Jericho's reaction to that!

I liked the part in the DX vs. Legacy match where DiBiase was able to counter the Pedigree and turn it into a Dream Street. Pulling that off on The Game is, to me, a good sign that DiBiase is moving up the card.

Good for Jamie Noble! I'm glad you're fixing what was done so poorly by WWE. I'm not sure which way the match will go at Armageddon quite honestly... Either way, it'll be a spectacular match.

The Maryse/Masters segment made me laugh. I love Maryse! Really glad Evan's getting the push he deserves. Match was well done.

Miz's promo was "AWESOME!" You captured him perfectly, IMO.

So happy and surprised that Chavo got the win! I figured Orton would be involved. The cage coming down was great. Kingston got his revenge. Their match is going to be off the chain!

I knew Cena would get the win in the end--the face usually always overcomes the odds. Swagger coming down after was perfect. The fire of this feud (as well as Kingston/Orton) is about to explode and there's still a week to go!

Another strong show IMO. Great job!


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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Thanks as always to the fantastic JayLive59 and RatedRKO31 for their reviews, you know I love you guys... Just one point as to the posters, I had been planning to do a new on each week based on who was going to be the most involved in the show (hence Noble's inclusion due to his monster promo), but tbh it's not worth it, so I replaced Noble with the Miz so it's more of a general poster for Raw - please don't take Noble's inclusion in the poster as a sign of anything that may or may not happen at Armageddon. Anyway, here's the ECW preview, the show should be up in a couple of days, I hope...


Cox Convention Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
8th December 2009

The Charismatic Champion Is Back!
Last week on ECW, moments after Paul Burchill had added himself to the ECW Championship match at Royal Rumble, he was planted with a Killswitch from the man he attacked the week, before, the ECW Champion himself, Christian. Tonight, Christian himself will be opening the show, and you can be sure he’ll have something to say about the ECW Title scene on Tuesday nights.

Woo Woo Woo!
After last week’s brutal attack on Tommy Dreamer at the hands of Zack Ryder, the last remaining ECW Original will not be in action tonight, nor even on the show. However, Ryder will be. The cocky young superstar will no doubt have something to say tonight, shortly before he takes on the Bizarre One, Goldust.

Roundtable In Turmoil
On Raw last night, the Ruthless Roundtable fought in a losing effort in a Three-on-One Handicap match against WWE Champion John Cena, when Ezekiel Jackson pulled away his hand from William Regal, meaning the Englishman had no choice but to tap out to the STFU. Tonight, Jackson, Regal and Vladimir Kozlov fight in a Triple Threat match – only one man will be heading to Royal Rumble to participate in the Main Event, but with tensions rising high between the three men, this match will mean a lot more than just a spot in the Royal Rumble match to them.

Davids and Goliaths
For two weeks now, Rhyno and Manu have gone one over on Gregory Helms and Yoshi Tatsu, as Rhyno has hit both men with devastating Gores. What will happen if the two pairs cross paths tonight?

Oh No...
Interestingly enough, we have not received word about who is the special guest on the Abraham Washington Show, nor have we received any information on the subject. Tune into ECW on SyFy for further news on this.

Announced For ECW

ECW Champion Christian opens the show
Zack Ryder vs Goldust
Royal Rumble Qualifier
Ezekiel Jackson vs William Regal vs Vladimir Kozlov
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Took me a while, but it's done. Enjoy, guys.


Cox Convention Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
8th December 2009

The ECW video package plays, and the camera cuts to the arena, where massive fireworks boom across the stage, and the camera sweeps across a jubilant crowd, before cutting to ringside, where Josh Matthews and Matt Striker are sitting, with smiles on their faces.

Matthews: Good evening! You are watching ECW on SyFy, we are in chilly Oklahoma City, and do we have a night lined up for you! With me as always is my fantastic colour commentator, Matt Striker.

Striker: Hi Josh. Last week we saw Paul Burchill added to the ECW Championship match at Royal Rumble, along with Shelton Benjamin, and the current Champion, Christian.

Matthews: Yup, and not only that, Zack Ryder became the first ECW superstar to qualify for the Royal Rumble with a definitive win over ECW Original, Tommy Dreamer.

Striker: But Ryder attacked Dreamer after the match brutally – we’ll hear from Ryder tonight, before he takes on the Bizarre One, Goldust.


The Oklahoma crowd roars as the stage lights up, and the ECW Champion makes his way out with a smile. He wanders down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside, then heads for the ring.

Mayhew: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the ECW Champion, Christian!

Matthews: On January 31st, it’s the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, when that man right there will defend his ECW Title against both Shelton Benjamin and Paul Burchill, in a Triple Threat match.

Striker: I hate that the Royal Rumble is yet so far away, Josh! That match will be fantastic, with three such talented superstars facing off against each other.

Christian gets in the ring and is handed a mic. He looks out at the sell-out crowd for a moment, then begins to talk. He seems to be in a good mood.

Christian: Hey guys!

A big cheer goes up.

Christian: Man, you have no idea just how pumped up I am at the moment!

Christian’s smile says it all and the crowd cheers again.

Christian: Cause last week, I got some revenge. On Paul Burchill.

Mixed reaction, cheers for revenge, boos for Burchill.

Christian: Sure, he made it to the ECW Championship match at Royal Rumble. But to me, and I hope, to all of you, that doesn’t make a difference. Cause the result’s gonna be the same.

Cheers. Christian starts to pace.

Christian: Two weeks ago now, Paul Burchill attacked me.


Christian: I think, after that, he thought he had won the mental battle. He thought the title was half his already, because he won round one.

More boos.

Christian: Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I think last week, round two went to yours truly. Take a look at this.

The TitanTron bursts into life, showing last week’s action. Shelton Benjamin is taking on Paul Burchill in the ring on ECW – Katie Lea Burchill grabs on to Shelton’s ankle from outside the ring, eventually leading to Shelton’s downfall, as Burchill capitalises on the distraction. As Burchill celebrates his victory, Christian sprints to the ring, and plants the Englishman with the Killswitch, and it is he who is on top to close ECW. As ECW returns to the arena, Christian is in the ring, a massive grin on his face. The crowd cheers.

Christian: Yeah, I just can’t get enough of watching that.

Another cheer goes up.

Christian: Ok. Burchill? I know you’re back there and I know you’re listening. Tonight, I’m gonna introduce you to round three. Round three isn’t like round one, and but it’s disturbingly like round two, Paul...

The crowd cheer again.

Christian: Because I’m not finished showing you just what’s gonna happen to you when we meet at Royal Rumble for this.

Christian hammers the platinum title on his shoulder a couple of times, and the crowd roars.

Christian: So why don’t you get your ass out here so I can give you more of what you deserve, Burchill! Come on!

The crowd roars their approval and Captain Charisma turns towards the ramp, ready for action. There is a very long pause, before:


Wait, what? The crowd aren’t pleased that Burchill hasn’t arrived, and a mixed reaction meets the arrival of the Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin, who probably would have been cheered had it not been for him interrupting a possible Burchill ass-kicking. The Gold Standard wanders down the ramp in street clothes, nonchalantly slapping the hands of the fans at ringside, never taking his eyes off Christian, who doesn’t look any more pleased than the crowd that Shelton is here instead of Burchill.

Matthews: The Gold Standard, the third man in this little saga, is here, but I don’t quite know why...

Striker: It does seem pretty unorthodox, Josh, but there is method in Shelton’s madness, I bet.

Shelton tentatively gets in the ring and wanders to the other side of the ring, collecting a mic from ringside, and then turning back to Christian, looking him straight in the eyes, and giving him no hint of emotion.

Benjamin: Ok, look, Christian.

Half the crowd starts up with ‘He’s Gold Standard!’ and the other half chant ‘Let’s go Christian!’ as the first half are clapping between chants. The opposing fan bases are plain to see. Shelton doesn’t speak for a moment so the chants will turn up on the footage when replayed/watched, and then continues.

Benjamin: Christian, I know you didn’t ask for me. I’m not stupid.

The chants continue.

Benjamin: But believe me, I couldn’t sit back in that locker room while you spoke about that match at Royal Rumble as if it’s just gonna be you and Burchill. It’s not, Christian. I’m gonna be there, too.

Cheers. Christian curls his lip nonchalantly and continues to look at Benjamin, casually taking in what the Gold Standard is saying.

Benjamin: So I came out here to tell you, Christian, that it’s not a 1-on-1 at Royal Rumble – it’s a Triple Threat, and you need to remember where you priorities are, man...

Christian raises an eyebrow.

Benjamin: Cause if you don’t? Christian, you better believe I will take advantage at Royal Rumble. And then the ECW Championship... will be where it belongs. On my shoulder.

A mixed reaction between the Christian and Shelton fans follows, but it’s a damn loud one. Christian takes a big step forward so he’s completely in Shelton’s vision.

Christian: Yeah, Shelton? Ya think so?

Christian sarcastically ponders for a second, then looks at Shelton with a serious expression.

Christian: Listen to me, Shelton. I haven’t forgotten you, man.

Shelton tilts his head with a sly smile.

Christian: Come Royal Rumble, I’ll be paying just as much attention to you as Paul Burchill – but tonight? Tonight is about Paul Burchill. Because I’m not done. You heard me earlier. He and I have unfinished business, Shelton. Get what I’m saying?

Shelton smirks and gives Christian a quick, acknowledging nod. Happy that he’s got the answer he was looking for, Shelton heads for the ropes to leave, then pauses. A big mixed reaction follows, and Christian looks confused. Shelton turns back to Christian and offers him his hand. Christian inevitably pauses for crowd reaction, and eventually a man in early twenties in the crowd yells ‘Shake his DAMN hand!’ and Christian smirks a little, attempting to pretend he didn’t hear it like the professional he is, then swings his hand forward, and shakes Shelton’s vigorously with a smile. The crowd roar their approval, and Shelton goes to leave:

But Paul Burchill’s music hits, and the crowd erupts with boos. Christian and Shelton turn to the ramp in anticipation, and the crowd quietens down as the time increases with Burchill not appearing. His music continues to play, and before long, Katie Lea steps out from behind the curtain, but her brother is nowhere to be seen – realising that Paul isn’t coming, the crowd boo massively again, and Katie Lea walks down the ramp, surprisingly confident, even without her brother at her side.

Matthews: Well, we don’t know why, but here is Katie Lea Burchill.

Striker: Isn’t it obvious, Josh? Paul Burchill is too scared to come out here and face these two stellar athletes, so he sent his sister out to talk to them instead.

Katie Lea walks around the outside, over to the ringside staff, where she is handed a mic, before she wanders up the steel steps, and swings herself over the middle rope. She wanders into the middle of the ring, and looks down Christian and Shelton with disapproval. Her acting is flawless. I mean... that’s just how she is. What’s kayfabe? Burchill’s music cuts, and Katie Lea starts to talk, her clear cut English accent strong as always.

Katie Lea: Well, as much as that lovefest made me sick to my very core...

Boos. Shelton frowns, but Christian folds his arms and watches Katie Lea with a bemused expression.

Katie Lea: My fabulous brother, the Paul Burchill, asked me to come out here and issue you a challenge.

Christian looks intrigued. He raises his mic.

Christian: Yeah, I’m listening. Go on.

Katie Lea looks at Christian disdainfully.

Katie Lea: I plan to. Paul says that he refuses to take you on, Christian, because he worries for your safety after what happened two weeks ago.

Katie Lea opens her eyes in mock realisation. The crowd boos.

Katie Lea: I mean, clearly you can’t handle being in the ring with a competitor like Paul! What I can say... we’re just caring people like that, I guess. We’re saving you from yourself, Christian. We’d hate for you to get hurt by, I don’t know, walking straight into a one-on-one match with the Ripper, Paul Burchill!

Mass boos for Katie Lea’s blatant flippancy. Christian scoffs while Shelton looks on.

Katie Lea: So Christian... Paul looked deep inside himself. He decided to spare you the pain of having to deal with him one-on-one tonight... who knows just what might happen if you had to? You might not even make it to Royal Rumble!

Christian frowns.

Katie Lea: Christian, we’re doing this for your own good. You and I both know that you can’t cope with the strength and skill of one of England’s finest...

Boos. Christian raises his mic, unfazed.

Christian: Look, Katie. I don’t care what you, or your brother have to say for yourselves, but the fact that he sent you out here instead of saying it to my face is a joke, and you know that as much as I do. Why don’t you just tell me what this challenge is, cause I wanna get my hands on your coward of a brother, cause we’re not done yet.

Katie Lea smirks.

Katie Lea: In England, we learn patience, Christian.

She sighs.

Katie Lea: You obviously lack the sophistication that we English have. A shame.

She looks at Christian as if he’s dirt on her shoe.

Katie Lea: Paul says he’ll happily take you both on tonight, in a tag team match, so he can show you both what you’re up against... The choice is yours, gentlemen. Either way, you’ll end up humiliated by my magnificent brother.

Christian and Shelton need only a brief glance – Christian immediately turns back to Katie Lea with a hard expression.

Christian: You can tell that cocky asshole he’s got himself a match!

The crowd cheers, but then boos in tons all of a sudden, and the camera focuses on Katie Lea as she slowly raises her mic again:

Katie Lea: Tell him yourself!

Christian immediately turns round, but he’s way too late to avoid a cracking punch from Paul Burchill, who was the source of the booing, obviously. Christian goes down, and Shelton goes to attack Burchill, but the Englishman boots the Gold Standard in the gut... and DROPS HIM WITH THE DANGEROUS BUSTER ON TO CHRISTIAN! The crowd are in shock, and boo the hell out of Burchill, who stands over his Royal Rumble opponents with a satisfied expression. Katie Lea strides over to him and sweeps him arm into the air with a sly smile, prompting even more boos. Burchill picks up one of his opponent’s mics on the mat, and hisses at the fallen pair.

Burchill: Christian... Round three? It’s gonna be three times worse as round one... and nothing... you got that? NOTHING like round two... Because my partner and I are gonna tear you ta shreds. Sweet dreams...

And with that, Burchill drops the mic on to Christian, who isn’t moving, before Katie Lea raises his arm again, and the Ripper bares his teeth in what he’d call a smile at the audience.

Matthews: Well, I can’t say I didn’t have a feeling...

Striker: That right there is just the person Paul Burchill is. He’s ruthless, he’s got a mean streak, and he’s a damn cheat.

Matthews: Nevertheless, we now know our Main Event for tonight – it’ll be ECW Champion Christian and Shelton Benjamin, taking on Paul Burchill, and a mystery partner of his.

Striker: Well, Burchill’s already used the element of surprise to his advantage once tonight... ‘Round three’, as they’ve dubbed it, could end in a knockout victory for Paul Burchill!

Burchill smirking in the ring with a smiling Katie Lea standing by him is the last thing we see before ECW cuts to a break.


As ECW returns, the music of William Regal starts up, and the Englishman strides out on to the ramp, wearing his traditional robe. The crowd boo him, and the bell rings.

Mayhew: The following Triple Threat match is a qualifier for the 30-Man Royal Rumble match! Introducing first, from Blackpool, England, weighing in at 240 pounds... William Regal!

Matthews: The ruthless Englishman, William Regal, goes head-to-head with his own associates tonight.

Striker: Can we still call Ezekiel Jackson his associate, Josh? I mean, were you watching Raw last night?

Highlights are shown of Ezekiel Jackson abandoning Regal in their match against John Cena last night as the Englishman was locked in the STFU. The camera cuts back to the arena, where Regal is in the ring, looking frustrated. His music cuts, and a series of Russian whispers starts up, and more boos come from the crowd to greet Vladimir Kozlov as he comes out, just as grumpy as Regal.

Mayhew: And his opponents! First, from Moscow, Russia, weighing in at 302 pounds... Vladimir Kozlov!

Regal’s eyes goes wide as he turns to look at Mayhew – clearly he hadn’t realised just how heavy Kozlov was until he was against him.

Matthews: I sure am glad I’m not William Regal right now...

Striker: The Moscow Mauler doesn’t look any happier than Regal, and he could be in the mood for a fight, I think.

Kozlov slowly (he weighs 300 pounds, what do you expect?) makes his way up the steel steps, and gets in the ring, throwing a glance at Regal, who returns it. Kozlov’s music subsides, and is replaced by that of Ezekiel Jackson, who gets a mixed reaction as he arrives, arms out from his sides in an almost animalistic fashion – if Kozlov looked like he was in the mood for a fight, then Jackson looks like he’s in the mood for a mass shooting...

Mayhew: And, from Harlem, New York, weighing in at 309 pounds... Ezekiel Jackson!

Matthews: The man who betrayed William Regal last night, Ezekiel Jackson.

Striker: Oh my god, I think he’s going to kill somebody.

He’s so right. Jackson storms down the ramp and slides into the ring, ready for action. His music subsides, and the referee checks everything is in order... Regal, being ECW’s resident diplomat, offers his hand to Kozlov with a nervous smile, and Kozlov shakes it with no change in facial expression. Regal then tentatively turns to Jackson, and with a kind smile, offers his hand – Jackson looks at it for a second... THEN CLOCKS REGAL WITH A MASSIVE RIGHT HAND! The crowd goes nuts for Jackson, and the referee immediately kicks things off, and Regal crumples and rolls from the ring as the bell chimes to start the match!

Match 1
William Regal vs Vladimir Kozlov vs Ezekiel Jackson
Royal Rumble Qualifier

A match which has been much contested by Jackson and Kozlov due to Regal’s incapacitation following the massive blow he took at the hands of Jackson, and also because he’s a coward and he oversold the move so he could stay on the outside longer, though he got back in the ring soon enough, and slowly, Kozlov and Regal took control. As we join the match, Regal and Kozlov are double teaming Jackson in the corner, and with it being a Triple Threat, the referee can’t do anything about it. Jackson, feeling the force of his opponents’ boots on his legs, is being slowly worn down, but, knowing if he wants to win he has to fight back, Jackson puts a hand on Regal’s chest and pushes him away – angered, Regal charges at him, but Jackson jumps out of the way, and Regal clatters into the turnbuckle... Jackson hits the nearby Kozlov with a couple of right hands, then headbutts the incoming Regal, who falls back, dazed. Kozlov whips Jackson to the ropes, and as he comes back, puts his boot up for Jackson to run into, but the New Yorker is having none of it, and he ducks underneath the boot... before kicking out Kozlov’s standing leg! Kozlov falls down, stunned, and Jackson sees Regal coming at him again... so he uses his own momentum against him and flings him from the ring! Regal clatters to the outside in pain, but as Jackson turns around... Big Boot from Kozlov!

The crowd groans as Jackson goes down with a grunt, and Kozlov drops down beside him, immediately locking his former associate into a headlock, trying to wear him down, but Jackson manages to free himself with some quick elbows – both men get up, and a slugfest starts, with cheers for Jackson’s punches, but boos when Kozlov connects... Jackson gets the upper hand, then pushes Kozlov to the ropes – and plants the Russian with a clothesline on the return journey! Jackson drops into a cover... 1-2 kickout from Kozlov. Jackson stands, and waits for Kozlov to join him – he does, and throws a punch, but Kozlov ducks under it, and knees Big Zeke in the gut, before whipping him to the turnbuckle... Kozlov charges, looking for a Corner Spear, but Jackson spins out the way for the second time, and Kozlov Spears the ring post! The crowd groans as Kozlov yells out – the Moscow Mauler makes his way back to the middle of the ring, and Jackson grabs him... up goes Kozlov... URANAGE OUT OF NOWHERE! A THREE HUNDRED POUND URANAGE FROM JACKSON, AND THE VERY RING SHAKES UNDER THE IMPACT! The crowd go absolutely nuts, and Jackson smiles as he drops to his knees, about to cover... KNEE TREMBLER FROM REGAL! Oh, William, you conniving s.o.b, you. Jackson goes down, lifeless, and the crowd boos the hell out of the Englishman, who snuck back into the ring after the Uranage, and clatters his knee to the temple of Jackson! Regal, smirking, hooks Jackson's leg... 1-2-3! Regal sneaks his way to the Royal Rumble!

Winner: William Regal

Match Time: 7:09

Regal has his arm raised by the referee, and he looks extremely pleased with himself.

Matthews: Well, there you have it – William Regal, cowardly as always, has robbed Ezekiel Jackson of his place in the Royal Rumble here tonight on ECW.

Striker: William Regal is just one of those people, Josh – if he has the easy way out, he’ll take it, no questions asked.

Matthews: And with that, Regal joins Zack Ryder as ECW’s second man in the Royal Rumble match. Next week, we have received word that it’ll be a rematch of two weeks ago, when Gregory Helms takes on Manu for a place in the Royal Rumble.

The camera cuts backstage, where Yoshi Tatsu and Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms are walking along the corridor, a large cheer greeting them. They are engaging in small conversation, though, naturally, as with last week, every time Yoshi opens his mouth to speak, Helms cuts him off. As they reach an intersection in the corridor, they are suddenly jumped by Rhyno and Manu! The crowd boos cats and dogs on the Samoan and the War Machine, who knock Helms and Tatsu to the floor with ease, and start stomping on them mercilessly. Helms tries to make his way up, but Manu grabs him, and flings him against the wall! The crowd groans with the impact, and Helms cries out as he falls to the floor. Yoshi boots Rhyno in the shin, and gets up, but Rhyno picks him up, and drills him with a Spinebuster! The crowd groan again, before reverting back to the inevitable booing, and Rhyno and Manu high five darkly before leaving with serious expressions. ECW goes to a break.


As ECW returns, we go to the announce table, where Josh Matthews and Matt Striker are sitting in shock at what they saw before the break.

Matthews: Welcome back to ECW... Before the break, we saw Rhyno and Manu brutally attack Yoshi Tatsu and Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms backstage.

Striker: None of those four men were scheduled to be in action tonight, but we got to see some there – unfortunately, it was short, it was brutal, and it was unprovoked.


The entire arena gets to its feet to boo the hell out of Zack Ryder, who comes out with the cockiest look possible on his face, wearing his ring gear. He raises his arms and beckons for more heat to come, were it possible. He lets out a massive cocky laugh, then starts to strut down the ramp, oozing arrogance. The bell rings.

Mayhew: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Long Island, New York, weighing in at 214 pounds... Zack Ryder!

Ryder walks straight up to a booing fan at ringside and puts his hand to his ear, then says ‘Can’t hear you!’ before laughing and getting in the ring.

Matthews: Ugh, this man just makes me sick. As we all know, Zack Ryder brutally attacked Tommy Dreamer last week after his win over the Heart and Soul of ECW last week.

Striker: And it only gets worse, Josh – he’s going to talk.

Striker, as usual, is right on the money, as Ryder snatches the mic straight from the hands of Lauren Mayhew, who was still in the ring, ready to announce Ryder’s opponent. Mayhew, upset at Ryder’s actions, raises her hands to ask ‘Why?’ Ryder chuckles and looks away, then looks straight back at her, lowering his shades to get a better look at the young ring announcer – Mayhew, disgusted, immediately leaves the ring. If looks could kill. Anyway, Ryder, shrugging, yells ‘Hey, whatever, you’re not much of a loss!’ and walks into the middle of the ring, and waits for his music to cut before raising the mic. He is immediately swamped with boos, so he lowers the mic and raises his arms again, yelling ‘Yeah, keep it coming!’ before raising the mic. In mock surprise, Ryder’s eyes go wide and he pretends to be upset.

Ryder: Oh... oh, are you guys not happy to see me?

Mass boos for Ryder, who drops the act and smirks.

Ryder: Ah well... I guess you all don’t recognise true greatness when you see it.

More boos.

Ryder: Last week, I destroyed Tommy Dreamer. I reduced him to the whimpering, pathetic, empty shell of a man which I always knew he was. It took me arriving here before you people could see it.

Massive, massive boos. Ryder casually bites his lip and lets the heat keep coming before continuing, pacing as he talks.

Ryder: Tommy Dreamer is a joke. He is a blip on the radar of society. I put where he deserves to be, in a hospital bed, unconscious, so we can all forget about him.

More boos.

Ryder: I said that last week was just the beginning of my glorious journey to Wrestlemania 26. And you know what? That journey began last week in the best possible way... when I broke Tommy Dreamer.

The boos continue and Ryder smirks.

Ryder: And after I end his meaningless career, I’ll be off to Royal Rumble, to claim my World Title shot, and then I’ll leave the dregs of this brand behind me. And if last week’s destruction of your pathetic ‘legend’, Tommy Dreamer, wasn’t enough, I’m gonna beat Goldust here tonight as well. Woo woo woo! You know it!

Ryder lets a few more boos fall on him, then says his final line.

Ryder: And if Tommy hasn’t got the guts, or the strength, to be here this week, fine by me. He can just watch this...

Ryder drops the mic emphatically, and the arena turns bright gold... Goldust walks out in full attire, throwing his wig to the side before walking down the ramp, a serious expression on his face.

Mayhew: And his opponent! From Hollywood, California, weighing at 258 pounds... Goldust!

Matthews: I don’t think I will ever understand what goes on inside Goldust’s head, but then again, I’m fairly sure I don’t want to know.

Striker: Well, that’s why they call him the Bizarre One, Josh. He’s not here to be understood, he’s here to... actually, I don’t know what compelled him to become a wrestler in the first place.

Mild cheers go up for the Bizarre One as he gets in the ring, and takes his robe off, before the match gets underway.

Match 2
Zack Ryder vs Goldust

Goldust started out of the blocks strongly, but as we join the match at about 5 minutes, Ryder is firmly in control, having had Goldust locked in a Single-Legged Boston Crab for about 20 seconds now, but the Bizarre One doesn’t want to tap... he starts to crawl across the ring, ever so slowly... and grabs the bottom rope! With a look of relief, Goldust yells for the referee to get Ryder off him, which he does, but it takes until the count of four. Goldust struggles to his feet via the ropes’ aid, then turns around... straight into a Swinging Neckbreaker from Ryder! The New Yorker covers... 1-2- Goldust gets a shoulder up just in time. Ryder slaps the mat in annoyance, and stands. Goldust, groggily, makes his way back to his feet, and turns around... Ryder tries to clothesline the Bizarre One to the mat, but Goldust ducks under the arm, and tries to whip Ryder to the ropes, but Ryder sets his feet and sends Goldust there himself... but the Bizarre One comes back and locks in the Good Night Sweet Charlotte!

The crowd goes wild as Goldust locks in his patented Sleeper Hold, and Ryder goes insane, trying to break free, but Goldust is like a vice, and he refuses to let go! You can see the energy is leaving Ryder a bit... he’s getting weaker... Ryder makes one last attempt to get out, hitting a few elbows... and one of them catches Goldust in the sternum, and he releases the hold – Rough Ryder! Goldust never saw the massive Leg Lariat coming, and the Bizarre One goes down, stunned! Ryder waits for Goldust to rise, before grabbing him, and nailing a Russian Legsweep! Goldust is looking less and less like he’s with it, and Ryder smirks, knowing he’s nearly got it in the bag... Goldust gets up, even more slowly, now... Ryder clutches the Bizarre One’s head against his knee... and hits the Zack Attack! The crowd boos, and Ryder presses Goldust to the mat in traditional cocky fashion... 1-2-3! Ryder wins!

Winner: Zack Ryder

Match Time: 7:43

Ryder has his hand raised, and he smirks out at the crowd, who boo him heavily. Ryder snatches his hand back from the referee, and gives Goldust a sharp boot to the gut on his way out from the ring. He walks up the ramp, yelling ‘Where’s your precious Tommy, HUH? Yeah, that’s right, he’s in hospital, considering his retirement! Woo woo woo! You know it!’

In reply, the crowd start to chant ‘WE WANT TOMMY! WE WANT TOMMY!’ and suddenly the whole arena is yelling at Ryder, who welcomes the heat with an infuriating smile – the chants break out again, and the entire crowd roars their love for the ECW Original, but he’s not coming. Ryder realises it, too, and struts his way backstage, content that he’s safe... for now.

The camera cuts elsewhere backstage, where Tiffany is relaxing on one of the sofas in her office, taking a break from her hard, hard work. Abraham Washington appears from nowhere into shot, with Tony Atlas following close behind. The crowd laughs, as Washington has a small plastic structure on his nose following the cane shot to the face he received last week at the hands of Tommy Dreamer. Washington looks beadily at Tiffany for a second as the ECW GM stands to face Washington, who talks with a slightly more nasal tone than usual.

Washington: Um, Tiffany, could I ask you just why I haven’t got a spot open for my show tonight? Hm?

Tiffany looks to the side with an almost guilty look.

Tiffany: Well, I hate to break this to you, Abraham, but...

Tiffany pauses and tries to think about what she’s going to say to soften the blow. Washington looks at her with an expectant swagger, until she blurts out:

Tiffany: You’ve been cancelled!

The crowd roars like mad, and Washington’s eyes go wide.

Washington: Wha- what?

Tiffany looks at Washington apologetically. Atlas looks deep in thought in the back of the shot.

Tiffany: I know you don’t wanna hear this, Abraham, but people just aren’t into your show any more!

The entire crowd questions 'any more' part of that exclamation, but nevertheless, are enjoying Washington’s reaction.

Tiffany: It turns out, Abraham, that the viewers don’t enjoy your shows, and you know, I have to do what’s best for the brand...

Washington looks like he’s in deep shock, and stumbles about on the spot, trying to come to grips with his cancellation. He composes himself.

Washington: Oh yeah? Well, I... I... you people will regret this!

The crowd erupts with boos for Washington as he rages, then storms out of the office, leaving Tiffany to look somewhat embarrassed – for Washington, of course. Atlas gives Tiffany a quick nod of acknowledgement, then hurries out of shot after Washington.

ECW cuts elsewhere backstage, where Paul Burchill is preparing for his match. Katie Lea stands nearby, and the crowd boos for the pair. Katie Lea goes to speak.

Katie Lea: Are you ready, then?

Paul smirks, and finishes putting his right elbow pad on.

Burchill: Yeah... just gotta wait for...

Burchill looks away from his sister as a figure enters the room, out of shot, and the Ripper smirks.

Burchill: You showed up...

The man, or should I say mountain, steps into the shot, revealing the Mastodon, Big Daddy V! The crowd boos the hell out of the cowardly Burchill, choosing the biggest, fattest (don’t tell him I said that) man in the WWE to be his partner. The Mastodon looks down at Burchill, then grunts an affirmative. Burchill storms out the door, followed by a bustling Katie Lea, and then the Mastodon himself. ECW goes to a break.


As ECW returns, the bell rings, and the Paul Burchill’s music hits – out comes the Ripper, smirking, and with Katie Lea at his side, looking out at the crowd with her usual disdainful, ‘I’m-better-than-you’ look. And you know what? She so is.

Mayhew: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Chelsea, England, weighing in at 247 pounds... the Ripper, Paul Burchill!

Katie Lea quickly sweeps her arms out towards her brother, indicating him, as if we couldn’t already see him, and then the pair start to walk down the ramp.

Matthews: The man never fails to infuriate me, but there is no doubting he is a serious contender to that ECW Championship.

Striker: Sure, the man has talent, but he’s a coward, Josh. You saw his attack earlier on Christian and Shelton, and hell, did you see his tag team partner?

Josh: How could I not...

Burchill gets into the ring, smirking, and Katie Lea gets up on the turnbuckle and points out at the crowd with a similar smirk, getting plenty of boos as she does, but also some wolf-whistles. She looks at the culprits with a sly smirk, then hops from the turnbuckle, pressing her hand against her brother’s bicep, and giving him a bit of advice for the match – like a one-man team talk.

The music of Big Daddy V booms from the speakers, and the Mastodon storms out on to the ramp, baring his teeth, and hence, the gaps in them, before (slowly) starting to make his way down the ramp. He gets about halfway down before, inevitably, one of the cocky fans at ringside, happy with the reaction he got from Katie Lea when he made a contribution, decides to make a derogatory comment about the Mastodon’s weight. Oops. The big man waits where he is, and decides to let Lauren Mayhew’s announcement tell the fan exactly what he’s getting into:

Mayhew: And his tag team partner! From Harlem, New York, weighing in at... five hundred pounds... Big Daddy V!

The entire crowd lets out a collective moan at the announcement – damn, that’s heavy. The fan at ringside loses all the colour from his face.

Matthews: Woah! The Mastodon weighs in tonight at 500 pounds! That’s insane, Matt!

Striker: You’re not kidding, Josh! I used to manage that guy... he really is as big as he looks! Jeez, this one’s gonna be a cracker, you can bet your house on it, Josh!

Big Daddy V makes his way up the ring steps, while the entire arena waits to see if the solid steel will crack under the weight... but it holds without complaint, and the Mastodon clambers into the ring over the top rope. He steps into the middle of the ring and roars like the monster he is, and as he looks straight into the camera, you just know, that somewhere, a baby woke up and started crying.


The crowd roars, and the stage goes BOOM as a barrage of smoke eject at top speed from the floor, and a cloud hangs over the stage... and from behind it comes the Gold Standard! The cheers get bigger at the sight of Shelton Benjamin, who stalks down the ramp in his usual, match-ready fashion.

Mayhew: And their opponents! First, from Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing in at 248 pounds... the Gold Standard... Shelton Benjamin!

Another big cheer goes up for the Gold Standard as he hops into the ring, before clambering up on to a couple of the turnbuckles to play up to the crowd, who give him a strong reaction.

Matthews: We’ve seen him once already tonight, and you just know he’s in great shape, not only for this match, but that title match at Royal Rumble.

Striker: Royal Rumble is still a bit away yet, though, Josh, and with Paul Burchill lurking, I wouldn’t take anybody’s health for granted.

Benjamin hops down from the last turnbuckle, and looks at his opponents, who are standing on the outside, looking straight back at him.


The arena turns a different shade of gold for Christian, who walks out, wearing his silver hooded robe, a massive roar greeting him.

Mayhew: And his tag team partner! From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 227 pounds... he is the ECW Champion... Christian!

Christian starts to walk down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside.

Matthews: The ECW Champion, who will defend his coveted title in just over 7 weeks’ time, is here, and looks good to go, despite, no doubt, being blown away by Paul Burchill’s tag team partner.

Striker: You can’t forget, Josh, that two weeks ago, Christian actually beat Big Daddy V in one-on-one action – how will that effect the Mastodon’s mindset going into this match?

Matthews: It’ll fuel him with rage, I expect...

Matthews is probably right, as Big Daddy V looks more and more agitated the closer Christian gets to him. Katie Lea looks confusedly at him, and her brother just shoots her a look that says ‘He’s a nutjob, get over it’. Christian, now in the ring, takes off his robe and title, hands them both to the referee with a nod, then nods at Shelton, who steps out on to the apron – unsurprisingly, Burchill tells Big Daddy V that he will let the Mastodon start things off... and the big man steps into the ring to face a stony-faced ECW Champion, as Burchill steps on to the apron with a smirk. The referee checks with all four men, warns Katie Lea about getting involved at any point, then kicks things off.

Match 3
Paul Burchill /w Katie Lea and Big Daddy V vs Shelton Benjamin and Christian

After letting Big Daddy V wear his opponents down a bit, Burchill was happy to get in on the action, and dominate as he usually does in these situations. A quick hot tag around 6 minutes from Shelton to Christian got the match moving at a quicker pace, and as we join the match at 8 minutes or so, it’s Burchill, engaged in a slugfest with the ECW Champion. Burchill lets go with a right hand to the face of Christian, to boos... Christian hits one back, with cheers echoing around the arena... BOOM as the next punch hits... boo... BOOM... yaaay!... BOOM... boo... BOOM... yaaay!... BOOM... yaaay!... BOOM... yaaay! Christian starts unloading with right and left hands, the crowd getting more and more behind him, then pushes Burchill towards the ropes... Burchill puts his boot to a bent down Christian, before dropping towards his corner like a rock, slapping the hand of Big Daddy V! The Mastodon comes storming into the ring, happy he gets to put his hands on Captain Charisma, who isn’t stupid, and dives towards his own corner, making the tag and swiftly rolling from the ring, raising his arms at a fuming Big Daddy V, who is suddenly caught off guard by a huge Missile Dropkick from the Gold Standard!

The 500 pounder staggers around, off balance, but he won’t go down, and Shelton quickly scales the turnbuckle again, and as the Mastodon comes round, Shelton is on the top turnbuckle again, and he launches off... and connects with a Flying Crossbody! Big Daddy V staggers backwards under the force of Benjamin’s soaring body... and falls to the mat! The crowd goes wild, and Shelton stays on top of the Mastodon... 1-2- but Big Daddy V powers out of the cover, keeping the match alive. Shelton gets to his feet, looking intensely at the Mastodon as the big man joins him at his vertical base. Shelton lays into V with some hard right hands, but the big man doesn’t feel the shots, and puts his head to Shelton’s in the form of a nasty headbutt, and down goes the Gold Standard! After a few hard stomps to Shelton’s stomach, then runs (a term used loosely) to the ropes, and lands a massive 500 pound Body Splash to the Gold Standard!

The crowd groans as the very ring shakes under the impact of the huge splash! Shelton could be flat as a pancake right now, and the crowd sit, stunned! Christian and Burchill look just as amazed on the apron, and the Mastodon hooks a leg, but surely it’s a formality... 1-2- KICKOUT FROM SHELTON BENJAMIN! THE CROWD ROARS FOR THE GOLD STANDARD! HE KICKED OUT OF A 500 POUND SPLASH! Josh Matthews and Matt Striker are yelling incomprehensible nonsense as Shelton breaks the cover with every bit of effort he has! The Mastodon, incensed, tags in the Ripper, who immediately decides it’s finisher time, and rolls Benjamin on to his stomach with a boot, then places his foot to the skull of the Gold Standard, lifting him up with a hook of the arms... but Benjamin comes around, gets his arms free, and rolls out of the hold! Benjamin scrambles to his feet, and dodges an incoming punch... PAYDIRT! WHERE DID THAT ONE COME FROM? The crowd gets to its feet, yelling their support for the Gold Standard, who is even a bit surprised that he himself hit the move! Shelton crawls towards Burchill, about to cover... but Christian is yelling – he’s on the top turnbuckle! Shelton rolls his eyes and tags in the desperate Captain Charisma, who yells out a massive war cry... before launching off, and hitting the Frog Splash to the Ripper! The crowd launches to its feet, and Benjamin sprints across the ring, putting his boot to a surprised Mastodon, who falls from the apron... Christian shoots that half, and the ‘zebra’ falls to the canvas... 1-2-3! Stick a fork in this one! Round three is Christian’s, baby!

Winners: Shelton Benjamin and Christian

Match Time: 10:39

Christian gets on his feet, over the moon, and has his hand raised by the referee, as does Shelton Benjamin, who has a similar smile on his face. Burchill rolls out of the ring, and leans against the barricade, incensed that he lost. Katie Lea rushes over to him and rubs his shoulder lightly, asking if he’s ok, distressed. When the camera cuts back to the ring, the referee hands Christian his title. Burchill continues to glare at Christian and Shelton, who turn to face each other as the referee leaves the ring, and, off-camera, follows Big Daddy V up the ramp. Captain Charisma and the Gold Standard look at each other, and Christian raises his ECW Championship high above his head with a smile. Shelton looks at him wearily, and decides he’s not worth fighting just yet. They both head to separate turnbuckles, and celebrate with the crowd, who are massively pleased with the result.

Matthews: Christian and Shelton Benjamin are your winners tonight on ECW, and what a great performance!

Striker: Big Daddy V was a huge task to overcome, not to mention the beastly Ripper, Paul Burchill, too. I can’t wait for next week, Josh. This feud can only get hotter, baby!

Matthews: I totally agree, Matt. Anyway, I believe that’s all the time we have for tonight, but you better believe we’ll be back next week, same time, same place, here on SyFy. Good night from us, my broadcast partner, Matt Striker, and myself, Josh Matthews, have a good night, and we’ll see you next week.

Christian and Shelton hop off the turnbuckles, and both men look between each other, and a grumpy Paul Burchill on the outside, as the ECW end-of-show logo fades into view, and the show fades away.

Quick Results

William Regal bts. Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson
Zack Ryder bts. Goldust
Christian and Shelton Benjamin bt. Paul Burchill and Big Daddy V

Announced for Royal Rumble

World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show (c) vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho

ECW Championship
Christian (c) vs Shelton Benjamin vs Paul Burchill

Women’s Championship
Michelle McCool (c) vs Mickie James

Royal Rumble Match
CM Punk vs The Brian Kendrick vs William Regal vs Zack Ryder vs 26 Other Superstars
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback


Opening promo: Christian seemed very out of wack to me in the beginning. He seemed almost too simple in his speech, however when Benjamin got involved the promo got alot better, because of Benjamin's speech. You had him really talk strongly towards the champ who currently seems to occupied with Burchill. Anyway moving on with Katie Lea coming out I kind of lost credit to Paul who wasn't there because he is actually going to let a woman do his trash talking. Really? Not very intimdating to me however he redeemed himself by getting a strong attack on Christian and Benjamin.

Triple Threat: Personally I maybe would of left out Kozlov in this match because as much as I hate the guy I feel him in the rumble is someplace he deserves to be but whatever. I guess with Regal screwing Jackson we might try to see Jackson turn face, or maybe simply we are going to see a feud develop out of this.

Backstage Troubles: You really are trying to push Manu and Rhyno together and personally Manu is someone who doesn't strike fear in me compared to Rhyno, but it is still a very unique idea. Still with this odd pairing they are still getting heat on them, and hopefully they develop a good feud with Yoshi and Gregory Helms.

Zack Ryder/ Goldust: First before Ryder got on the mic Striker said something along the lines "Oh go he is going to speak". A bit off to me because both Striker and Ryder and New York guys, and I really thing Striker likes the toolish gimmick of Ryder. Unless I'm missing something where Striker is a face announcer like everyone else? Anyway the promo was awesome the match itself was good, and I'm glad that Ryder is rolling. Do I think he has a shot at the Rumble hell no, but I do think if he keeps up the good work an ECW title shot may come soon.

Abe Show Cancelled: WOO HOO. I'm so happy but this can be a sign of bad things for Tiffany, maybe Abe will try to take her spot as GM who knows but I'm so happy you decided to cancel the show for now.

Main Event: Burchill's choice for a tag partner was good. The match was good the ending a bit of a surprise with Benjamin letting Christian getting the win even when Benjamin seems like he has the match won after hitting paydirt. I don't know if its a respect thing, or if Benjamin is playing him right now but either way can't wait to see how more of this developes.

Overall: Overall one of the best ECW's I read out of you. Besides the beginning of the opening promo, everything was damn near perfect. 9.5/10.

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