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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Predictions Template

4. Triple Threat Tag Team Match
Christian and ??? vs Shelton Benjamin and ??? vs Paul Burchill and ???

Benjamin's taken the back foot in this fued so far compared to the interaction between Christian and Burchill so he wins this match to get some momentum

5. Career Threatening Extreme Rules Match
Zack Ryder vs Tommy Dreamer
If Tommy Dreamer loses, he must retire

Despite being a big Dreamer fan, I can see you ending his career in some kind of sick spot which ends up with Ryder pinning him

1. Singles Match
Ezekiel Jackson vs William Regal

Don't like Regal so I'm gonna go with Big Zeke

3. Singles Match
Kane w/ Tiffany vs Big Daddy V w/ Abraham Washington
If Kane wins, Abraham Washington is fired from ECW
If Big Daddy V, Washington becomes ECW General Manager

Ugh......Big Daddy V in a quite high prolife match < this should never happen. so gonna go with Kane

2. Singles Match
Gregory Helms vs Rhyno

This one is just a guess


Bonus Questions

1) Predict the match order. Done
2) Who will score the fall in the Triple Threat Tag Team match? (Christian’s partner, Burchill’s partner etc. is fine) Benjamin
3) Who is Christian’s mystery partner? Edge
4) Who is Shelton Benjamin’s mystery partner? Charlie Haas
5) Who is Paul Burchill’s mystery partner? Vladimir Kozlov
6) Will there be any surprise appearances? If so, who? Yes. Some ECW Originals to either interfere in the Ryder/Dreamer or say farewell to Dreamer after the match

It all comes down to the match between Chelsea and Man United on Saturday. The winner of that match will go to win the league

I just hope Berbatov can get off his arse and score two like he did against Bolton
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

4 - Triple Threat Tag Team Match
Christian and ??? vs Shelton Benjamin and ??? vs Paul Burchill and ???
World's Great Tag Team, FTW!!

5 - Career Threatening Extreme Rules Match
Zack Ryder vs Tommy Dreamer
If Tommy Dreamer loses, he must retire
Ryder, Tommy gets a heart felt farewell

2 - Singles Match
Ezekiel Jackson vs William Regal
Putting big Zeke over, duh

3- Singles Match
Kane w/ Tiffany vs Big Daddy V w/ Abraham Washington
If Kane wins, Abraham Washington is fired from ECW
If Big Daddy V, Washington becomes ECW General Manager
Abe would not get pushed like this just to be fired

1 - Singles Match
Gregory Helms vs Rhyno
Legacy interfearence

1) Predict the match order. Done
2) Who will score the fall in the Triple Threat Tag Team match? Shelton Benjamin
3) Who is Christianís mystery partner? Yoshi Tatsu
4) Who is Shelton Benjaminís mystery partner? Charlie Haas
5) Who is Paul Burchillís mystery partner? Vladimir Kozlov
6) Will there be any surprise appearances? Sabu, and a few other ECW guys

Once upon a time the Pain was brought in 2008.......It will be brought again........


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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

ECW Predictions

5. Triple Threat Tag Team Match
Christian and ??? vs Shelton Benjamin and ??? vs Paul Burchill and ???
-I just have a feeling Shelton will win this to gain some momentum into the title match. Whether he'll win that though I'm not sure about.

3. Career Threatening Extreme Rules Match
Zack Ryder vs Tommy Dreamer
If Tommy Dreamer loses, he must retire
-This is the big push Ryder is waiting for. It's a good way for Dreamer to go out too.

2. Singles Match
Ezekiel Jackson vs William Regal
-Zeke will get the win. No sense in Regal winning really

4. Singles Match
Kane w/ Tiffany vs Big Daddy V w/ Abraham Washington
If Kane wins, Abraham Washington is fired from ECW
If Big Daddy V, Washington becomes ECW General Manager
-I can't see Washington being fired. Plus with him as GM it gives the storyline a whole new fresh twist

1. Singles Match
Gregory Helms vs Rhyno
-Helms seems to be on a roll so he'll get the win


Bonus Questions

1) Predict the match order. See above
2) Who will score the fall in the Triple Threat Tag Team match? (Christianís partner, Burchillís partner etc. is fine) Shelton Benjamin
3) Who is Christianís mystery partner? Yoshi Tatsu
4) Who is Shelton Benjaminís mystery partner? Charlie Haas
5) Who is Paul Burchillís mystery partner? Vladimir Kozlov
6) Will there be any surprise appearances? If so, who? A few ECW Originals

*The show looks great. I can't wait for it. Sorry I haven't had time to review Smackdown. I'll try to review more now that I have more time.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Pre-show Dark Match: Goldust bts. Vance Archer


ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event
Location: Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date: 16th January 2010
Tagline: Extreme Returns...


After the usual “World Is Watching” video plays, we fade into the scene of a high school classroom. Various students in the class look bored out of their skins, and a clichťd, old-fashioned male teacher is standing at the front of the classroom, pointing to a board covered in algebra, and rambling on about pi and such. A teenage boy in the class drifts off to sleep... but suddenly, we see the door get kicked in, and in charges – TOMMY DREAMER, holding a Singapore Cane! Dreamer charges forward, yelling, and flips the nearest table over, sending the girl on it flying. The teacher looks stunned, and without warning, one of the windows smashes open, and CHRISTIAN charges through it, yelling like a maniac! The kids in the classroom are all eyes wide, and Christian heads right for the teacher, decking him with a right hand!

PAUL BURCHILL comes rushing out of a store cupboard, and starts tearing up textbooks furiously. SHELTON BENJAMIN appears from behind the front desk, yelling “AIN’T NO STOPPIN’ ME, NAAAW!” and upends the desk easily, fired up! The ceiling crumbles from above, and the students look upwards as GREGORY HELMS appears from the ceiling, eyes wide, and lands right by a brown-haired kid, who is scared stiff. Helms whispers “It’s time”, then pushes the kid right out of his chair! We see Dreamer in the background, tipping over a computer, as RHYNO comes smashing through the blackboard, making a giant hole in the wall! He roars at the entire scene, and the teacher struggles back to his feet, only to get Gored by the Man Beast!

Suddenly, all of the superstars start fighting, as men like WILLIAM REGAL and EZEKIEL JACKSON joining the fray, before we see KANE arrive, too! We see plenty of flashing shots of people getting punched, and Dreamer going to town on the newly-appeared ZACK RYDER on the floor with the Singapore Cane! More flashing shots show us more punching, before BIG DADDY V crashes through another wall, looking like he could kill, only for Kane to leap on him, and dump them both out of the shot! Suddenly, we cut to a camera angle on the floor, as Christian tumbles down to the ground, looking beaten up. He chuckles, and whispers...

Christian: Extreme returns...

The ECW logo sweeps in from the side, engulfing Christian’s face and indeed, the entire scene, before the camera shows the event logo, saying “ECW INVADES: SATURDAY NIGHT’S MAIN EVENT” as it crashes emphatically on to the screen. The logo starts to sway about, and we launch forward into a purple tunnel...



We sweep emphatically into the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where impressive fireworks explode across the stage, and the camera pans across the 21,000 roaring fans, a union who have an extremely adult-male-sounding acoustic. The “WWE HD” banner appears below the picture, and we suddenly cut to ringside, where we see the grinning faces of Todd Grisham and Byron Saxton.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us – welcome to one of the biggest nights in ECW history! THIS is E – C – W Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event! With me tonight as always is Byron Saxton, and Byron, what an atmosphere here tonight!

Byron Saxton: Hi Todd, and damn straight! It’s electric here tonight in the home of ECW, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! These fans are the true ECW faithful, Todd, and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to tonight’s action, especially with these guys in attendance.

Todd Grisham: And just like these fans, the atmosphere in that locker room back there is just as fired up – there’s an air of excitement in the back tonight, and everyone, regardless of their agendas this evening, is pumped to make this show an unforgettable one.

Byron Saxton: That’s right, Todd. Guys like Paul Burchill and Christian have locked themselves in their locker rooms, preparing on their own for tonight, but Shelton Benjamin’s been out and about, meeting and greeting guys left right and centre. I gotta have a lot of respect for a brotha, Todd, and I’m starting to like him a lot more. As you said man, the atmosphere is electric, both in the back, and out here in the Wachovia Center.


The crowd begins to cheer, as Ezekiel Jackson wanders out in red trunks, cracking his wrists in anticipation. He growls a little, then roars out at the arena, getting a big pop from the Philadelphia fans! Jackson smirks at the manly cheer he receives back, then nods, mouthing “These are my kind of fans”, before he starts to jog down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans along the ramp. The bell rings, and we see Lauren Mayhew in the ring, dressed exquisitely for the occasion, as she raises the mic.

Lauren Mayhew: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first... from Harlem, New York, weighing in tonight at three hundred, and nine pounds... EZEKIEEEEL – JAAAAACKSON!

Todd Grisham: Ezekiel Jackson is fired up tonight, and rightly so, because he’s about to finally get his hands on the man who treated him like dirt in the Ruthless Roundtable, William Regal.

Byron Saxton: Ezekiel made a big mistake when he betrayed William Regal, Todd, and we’ll all witness the British Brawler getting HIS revenge on Jackson tonight, make no mistake.

Jackson gets in the ring, and heads for the turnbuckle. He clambers up, and raises both arms, letting out another big roar at the crowd, who once again cheer back at him. He grins, and hops off, awaiting the arrival of William Regal as his music dies down.


The heat kicks off sharply, as William Regal, dressed in his usual long robe, comes wandering out, frowning in disgust at the Wachovia Center. Vladimir Kozlov lumbers out after him, also scowling, but more because he just hates life in general. Regal scans the arena, shaking his head a little, and begins to stride down the ramp, eyes suddenly locked on Ezekiel Jackson, who grins in a scary anticipation of the match to come.

Lauren Mayhew: And his opponent... accompanied by Vladimir Kozlov... from Blackpool, England, weighing in tonight, at two hundred and forty pounds... WILLIAAAAAAAM – REEEEGAAAAL!

Todd Grisham: The British Brawler looks in no better mood tonight than he has in the past few weeks, and after calling Ezekiel Jackson “scum” in recent weeks, among other things, it scares me to think that these two men ARE going to beat the holy hell out of each other.

Byron Saxton: That’s what I’m hoping for, Todd. These guys totally hate each other’s guts! Ever since Ezekiel betrayed the Ruthless Roundtable, he’s had this beatin’ coming to him, and you and I have the best seats in the house to watch it from. Hey, didn’t I have popcorn?

While Saxton looks around, and genuinely tries to accuse some fat ECW fan in the front row of stealing his popcorn, William Regal gets into the ring, wiping his feet on the apron as he does. He looks coldly at Jackson, who is stretching out his neck casually, that evil grin still on his face. Regal scowls, and slowly removes his robe, before handing it to ringside. The referee gets in between the two men as Jackson tries to advance on the Englishman, and Regal moves away from him, flexing his fists. After the official checks everything is ready, and sends Kozlov a warning on the outside about interference, he nods to the timekeeper, and swings the arm to kick this contest off.

Match 1 – Singles Match
Ezekiel Jackson vs William Regal

Both men stand across from each other, eyes locked on their rival. Jackson grins that evil smile again, and starts shaking out his wrists, fired up. Regal looks out around the arena, slightly disgusted by the ECW faithful, who quickly start up a “REGAL SUCKS!” chant to rile him up. He frowns, and turns back to face Jackson, who is holding back, ready to make his move at any time. Regal darts forward, angered by the sight of Jackson’s smirk now, and the pair lock up in the middle, getting a big pop from the crowd. After a few seconds, Jackson takes the upper hand, and charges the Englishman right to the corner, where he starts unloading with right hands to Regal’s face! The crowd cheers wildly as Jackson takes it to the British Brawler, hammering him relentlessly, until the referee tells him to stop, and starts the count – Jackson takes ‘til four, then spins back into the ring, roaring out at the crowd! He gets a satisfactory cheer back from the very male audience, and he charges back to the corner, nailing Regal with a monster Corner Clothesline!

The Philadelphia fans groan with the crunching impact, and Big Zeke whips Regal right out of the corner, to the opposite turnbuckle. Jackson lets out a big yell and goes to repeat the move, but Regal shakes out the cobwebs, and rocks Zeke with an elbow to the face! Jackson goes reeling away, blinking out the pain, and Regal comes charging in from behind, nailing a Chop Block to the right knee of Zeke to bring him tumbling down to the canvas! Regal mounts the New Yorker, and just starts HAMMERING away at Jackson’s face with left and right hands, red in the face in typical Regal fashion! The crowd boos, but suddenly, Jackson grips the Englishman round the throat, ending the barrage before it can kick into gear, and tosses him away! Regal rolls out of the ring unintentionally as he tumbles off Jackson, and he struggles back up on to the apron, surprised and dizzy. Big Zeke moves over to him, but Regal capitalises with a quick poke to the eye, and pulls his head down with the Hotshot, sending Jackson reeling off the top rope! The only person who DIDN’T see the eye poke was the official, and the crowd boos Regal as he gets back in the ring, and aggressively hooks the leg for the first cover of the match...



Regal tumbles away from Jackson again, clearly infuriated by Jackson’s power, and when Zeke struggles up, the Englishman boots him in the gut, and decks him with a HUGE left hand to the skull! Jackson collapses again, clutching his face in pain, and Regal shakes his left hand out, clearly smarting from the blow he delivered. Jackson struggles back up, blinking out the pain, and Regal nails him with a European Uppercut to send him staggering away again. Jackson turns back round, only to get pressed into the ropes by Regal, who then tries to whip him to the other side... but Jackson reverses it – AND COMES ALIVE WITH A BIG CLOTHESLINE, SENDING REGAL CRUMPLING TO THE MAT! Jackson beats his chest like a freak, and roars out at the crowd, who pop back at him. A “LET’S GO BIG ZEKE!” chant begins in the audience, and soon the whole arena is at it, as Jackson picks Regal up off the mat. He then lifts the Englishman into the Military Press Hold, sending the crowd wild! Jackson lets out a furious roar... THEN SENDS REGAL CRASHING DOWN WITH THE MILITARY PRESS SLAM! The crowd loves it, and Jackson shoots the half...




Jackson gets up, still clearly pleased he’s rattled his former associate, and heads for the ropes, simply to connect with an Elbow Drop to the heart of Regal! The crowd pops, and Jackson growls as he grabs the Englishman by the head, and yanks him up to his feet angrily. He puts him in the front facelock, and shoots a dirty look at Kozlov on the outside, before he lets out another big roar at the crowd! The fans go wild again as Jackson gets pumped up, but suddenly, Regal dumps out his legs with the Double Leg Takedown, and transitions into a Single-Leg Boston Crab! The crowd boos as Regal begins to wrench on Jackson’s right leg, loving every second as Big Zeke groans in pain, desperately looking for the ropes, which are dangerously far away!

The “REGAL SUCKS!” chant starts up again, but the Englishman ignores them, instead cranking up the pressure of the hold, provoking another yell of pain from Jackson. Vladimir Kozlov cracks a smile at ringside as Jackson suffers, but the New Yorker starts to struggle towards the ropes, taking Regal with him. The British Brawler breaks the hold for a moment, looking to pull Jackson back into the middle of the ring, but Zeke turns over, and kicks the British Brawler away! The crowd cheers, and Jackson forces himself back up... straight into a big Knee Lift from Regal! The arena groans as one, and Regal covers, smirking...




Applause rings around the Wachovia Center, and Regal snarls down at Jackson as he stands. He starts to stomp on Jackson’s right knee again, his confidence returning as Zeke grimaces with each shot with the boot. The Englishman starts to trash talk a little, saying “Who’s the better man NOW, huh sunshine?” but Jackson just ignores him, concentrating on the contest. Regal pushes Jackson over towards the ropes a little with his foot... then presses his boot into Jackson’s right knee, using the top rope as leverage! The “REGAL SUCKS!” chant suddenly begins again as Zeke growls out in agony, and the referee gives Regal the count of five... Regal takes ‘til four, then leaves Jackson to suffer on the canvas. The referee checks that the New Yorker is good to continue, and he tells him he’s fine, though he clutches his knee with a scowl. Jackson tries to force himself up, but Regal just pushes him back down, then drags him towards the corner. The British Brawler then rolls to the outside, and grabs Jackson’s leg, before repeatedly hammering the right knee into the steel ring post! The crowd boos the hell out of Regal as Jackson cries out, and the referee warns Englishman he’ll disqualify him if he doesn’t stop.

Regal smirks, and rolls back in the ring after about five shots, where he engages in a lengthy conversation with the official over whether what he was doing really WAS illegal. However, this provides the distraction for Vladimir Kozlov to get involved, ramming Jackson’s knee into the ring post one last time! The crowd goes nuts at the referee, who turns round to see Kozlov standing nonchalantly by the announce tables! Jackson is breathing heavily on the mat, trying to ignore the pain, and Regal grabs him by the head as the referee lectures Kozlov, pulling Zeke to his feet. The Englishman starts to trash talk some more, bringing up Jackson’s “betrayal”, and how he’s going to “suffer” for it – but Jackson SPITS in Regal’s face, and decks him with a huge right hand! A manly roar goes up from these ECW fans, and Jackson roars back at them, as he starts to get fired up!

Regal gets back up, furious – and gets a Big Boot to the face, knocking him down! Jackson hobbles a little after the move, touching his knee with clenched teeth. Regal struggles back to his feet, and launches a left hand at Jackson – but he ducks under it, and... LAYS REGAL OUT WITH A SPINEBUSTER, SHAKING THE VERY RING! The crowd roars for the big move, and Jackson drags his injured leg behind him as he goes for the cover...




Jackson isn’t done despite the kickout, and he bares his teeth. He gets up, wobbling a little, then stares coldly down at his old associate, muttering “Get up. Get up, Will.” Regal forces himself up, and the pair have an intense staredown, nose to nose as the “REGAL SUCKS!” chants begin to the slight amusement of Big Zeke. Regal mutters something at him, and his smile disappears. Jackson snarls, then pushes the Englishman away, furious! Regal is red in the face with anger, and he darts straight for Jackson, who manages to sidestep, and whip Regal to the ropes. The British Brawler comes back, ducking under a Jackson clothesline... AND HOOKS ZEKE’S RIGHT LEG, BEFORE SOMEHOW MANAGING TO TOSS HIM BACKWARDS WITH THE REGAL-PLEX! The ring vibrates a little under the impact, and Regal lands the move in a pinning position, hooking the injured leg...




Regal is stunned! The crowd goes wild for Jackson, who had a lot taken out of him with the kickout using the injured knee, but he desperately wants to win this contest! Regal is in the referee’s face, TELLING him that it was a three count, but the official is helpless, and the Englishman has no choice but to turn around, where he sees Jackson, growling at him from the canvas! Regal mutters something under his breath, and grabs Big Zeke by the head, yanking him to his feet. The British Brawler shoves Jackson over to the corner, where he starts to hammer away with some nasty Shoulder Thrusts! Jackson groans with each individual blow, and Regal takes his time to make the New Yorker suffer... but Jackson nails him with a surprise headbutt, sending him reeling back a little! Jackson surprises us all by stepping up to the second rope, but Regal charges back in, putting his boot right to the injured knee of Big Zeke! Jackson cries out in agony, and Regal hooks both arms... BEFORE PULLING THE 300 POUNDER FROM THE SECOND ROPE WITH THE DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SUPLEX! The canvas rattles, and the crowd groans with the sick impact as Regal slowly drapes an arm over Jackson, exhausted too...




THE CROWD GOES WILD! Regal is totally PISSED, as he hurls abuse at the official, who warns him about his conduct. Jackson’s eyes are wide on the canvas – even HE doesn’t know how he kicked out! Regal looks at Jackson, and stomps on his right knee in frustration (Jackson groans in pain again), before he yells “YOU ARE NOTHING! YOU ARE A MISERABLE, PATHETIC TRAITOR!” and starts hammering him on the mat, stomping all over him in fury! The crowd boos wildly, and Regal now screams “GET UP! GET UP!” at him, thinking Knee Trembler... Jackson struggles to a doubled-over position, and Regal charges – BUT JACKSON STRAIGHTENS, MAKING REGAL MISS, THEN NAILS HIM WITH A MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE WHEN HE SWIVELS BACK ROUND!

Regal is seeing stars on the mat, but Jackson doesn’t cover, instead testing his knee, seeing if it will carry his weight. Regal gets up, touching his jaw in pain, and Jackson is forced to ignore his knee, as grabs Regal, and lifts him into the Oklahoma... but his knee buckles underneath him, and he has to drop Regal behind him! The British Brawler automatically grabs Jackson on the way down, and thinks German Suplex, but Big Zeke comes alive with a few big elbow shots, sending Regal wobbling away! The Englishman now dives dramatically, trying to Chop Block right through the right knee of Jackson, but Big Zeke sees it coming, and moves out of the way. Regal stands groggily, and Jackson drapes an arm over his chest, roaring like an animal! The Wachovia Center roars back at him loudly as Big Zeke sets up for the Uranage – BUT VLADIMIR KOZLOV IS UP ON THE APRON! The crowd boos intensely, and the referee tells him to get down – BUT BIG ZEKE DOES IT FOR HIM, DROPPING REGAL TO THE SIDE TO KNOCK THE MOSCOW MAULER OFF THE APRON WITH A RIGHT HAND!

Philadelphia cheers wildly as Kozlov clatters to the outside, and Jackson roars at him, sending a huge message! Big Zeke turns back round, desperately hoping his knee will stay strong, and grabs a tired Regal again, going for the Uranage – but when he lifts the Englishman, his knee buckles again, and he has to drop him! Regal lands on his feet – BAM! HE NAILS JACKSON WITH A LEFT HAND, AND BIG ZEKE COLLAPSES IN A HEAP! The crowd boos, and something is clearly wrong – the referee goes to check on Jackson, concerned... AND REGAL SLIDES A PAIR OF BRASS KNUCKLES UNDER THE BOTTOM ROPE TO KOZLOV ON THE OUTSIDE! THEY WERE IN HIS TRUNKS!

Ezekiel Jackson must surely be unconscious, but Regal doesn’t care! Eagerly moving past the referee, he grabs Jackson’s legs, crossing them over, and leaps forward to hook his arms round Jackson’s face... REGAL LOCKS IN THE REGAL STRETCH ON JACKSON! The crowd shits all over the Englishman and his filthy tactics, as he begins to tug at Jackson’s skull, violently attacking Jackson’s whole body with the devastating hold! Even if Jackson were conscious, the pressure on his knee would have been too much to endure, but Big Zeke’s eyes are closed, and Regal knows it. The referee looks at Jackson anxiously, and decides that he’s passed out, handing the decision to Regal by knockout!



The sound of William Regal’s music is greeted by immense boos around the arena, and the referee yells at Regal to “get the hell off him”, but the Englishman refuses to break the Regal Stretch! Vladimir Kozlov watches with a look of dark pleasure on his face, and after about twenty more seconds of “REGAL SUCKS!” chants and the official continuing to plead with Regal, the Englishman finally decides that he’s proved his point, and breaks the hold. He stands above Jackson’s fallen body, and raises his arms high in victory, as his music booms through the booing arena. Regal barks at Kozlov to join him in the ring, and the Russian does, smirking. Together, they look down at their former associate, and raise their arms in triumph. The chants fade away, to be replaced with some big heat for the Englishman, who beckons to Kozlov, and leaves the ring, smirking at the booing arena.

Todd Grisham: I’m disgusted. What an underhanded way to do your business.

Byron Saxton: Underhanded, Todd? Nah, that’s called being brilliant, man! William Regal told us he’d teach Ezekiel Jackson a lesson here tonight, and he did just that. Jackson will wish he’d never betrayed the Ruthless Roundtable.

Todd Grisham: How can you think that, Byron? William Regal blatantly cheated, using the brass knuckles, and then applied the Regal Stretch to Jackson while he was practically unconscious already! Regal has no boundaries!

Byron Saxton: And that’s what makes him a WINNER, Todd. William Regal beat Ezekiel Jackson tonight, and that’s all there is to it. Justice has been served.

Todd Grisham: Well, dodgy tactics or otherwise, Byron, it was a great match to open the show between these two rivals, and let’s hope the rest of tonight can live up to the contest we’ve just seen!

As Regal and Kozlov disappear backstage, smirking in victory, and the referee unsuccessfully tries to awaken Jackson on the canvas, we cut elsewhere.

The camera takes us backstage, where Gregory Helms and Yoshi Tatsu are stood, talking to a couple of backstage workers. Well, Tatsu isn’t talking, but you know what I mean. The crowd pops at the sight of the pairing, and the workers wish them “good luck” before heading on their way. Helms and Tatsu start walking in the other direction, and Helms smiles.

Gregory Helms: Yeah, it’s a big night for ECW all right. Am I right?

Tatsu looks at him, and Helms nods.

Gregory Helms: I agree, man, I agree. But I’ll just keep an eye out, it’s cool.

Suddenly, as the pair stop, and Helms frowns.

Gregory Helms: Why are you here?

There’s a touch of exasperation in Helms’ voice, and the camera pans out to show the Unified Tag Team Champions, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes! The crowd boos wildly for the Raw superstars, who casually hold their title belts over their shoulders, and smirk.

Ted DiBiase: Well first off, buddy – we’re the Unified Tag Team Champions. We can appear on any brand we like, can’t we?

Rhodes smirks as he looks at DiBiase, and nods a little.

Ted DiBiase: Who knows, maybe Shane McMahon sent the two brightest superstars on Raw to come scout out the ECW pay-per-view?

DiBiase shrugs, and the crowd boos.

Cody Rhodes: Yeah, or maybe we’re here to get a little revenge on Tommy Dreamer for what he did to us on Tuesday night?

More heat from the crowd, and Helms scowls.

Cody Rhodes: Or you never know, maybe one of us is a mystery partner tonight!

Tatsu frowns now, too.

Ted DiBiase: That could be it. Or maybe we’re here to screw you over, Greg. Or maybe, just maybe, we’re here to relax and have a good time. Have fun with our good friends here on ECW.

Helms is bemused.

Gregory Helms: Oh yeah? What friends do you guys have here?

Rhodes thinks for a second.

Cody Rhodes: ...The really fat dude.

Gregory Helms: Right.

There’s a moment of silence, as DiBiase and Rhodes look at each other, then back to Helms, who is smiling a little.

Ted DiBiase: You want the real reason why we’re here? It’s none of your damn business.

Rhodes smirks.

Cody Rhodes: Yeah. We’re Legacy – we do what we want, when we want. And nobody’s gonna tell us what to do, especially not a punk like you, Helms.

Heat from the arena, and Helms frowns.

Cody Rhodes: You guys embarrassed us on Raw last Monday... so tonight, we’re just gonna show everyone, including our man Randy Orton, that we make the impact around here. Not you two.

DiBiase chuckles.

Ted DiBiase: Damn right. And Yoshi, I’ll see YOU on Monday, so I can prove to you, and everyone else, that your win on Raw was nothing more than A FLUKE.

DiBiase points directly at Tatsu, who looks unfazed.

Ted DiBiase: ...and when we defend these belts against you in a few weeks, we’ll tear you to pieces, like only we can.

Legacy smirk at each other.

Ted DiBiase: You two have a good night.

And with that, Legacy barge past Helms and Tatsu, leaving them to stand alone in the shot. Tatsu looks at him, and opens his mouth, but Helms holds up a finger.

Gregory Helms: I know. But like I said, we’ll have to keep an eye out.

Helms sniffs the air in anticipation, then smirks. He shakes out his shoulders, and looks to Yoshi briefly, before looking into the distance.

Gregory Helms: But now... It’s time.

The crowd pops, and the pair start walking into the distance, as Todd Grisham tells us that Gregory Helms vs Rhyno is coming up soon.

We briefly cut elsewhere backstage, where the crowd boos at the sight of the Ripper, Paul Burchill. He’s sat on a sofa in his personal locker room, looking impatient, with his beanie lying next to him. The camera pans out to show Katie Lea sat on the arm of the sofa, looking nervous as always at the moment. There’s an awkward silence between the two, and after a few moments, Burchill throws his arms up in frustration, making his sister jump in surprise.

Paul Burchill: Oh bloody hell!

The Ripper stands up, infuriated.

Paul Burchill: Where the hell is he? He’s supposed to be my damn partner!

Katie Lea foolishly grows a backbone and offers her opinion:

Katie Lea Burchill: Maybe he knows I’m not going home with him? You know how I feel about him, he’s a cocky-

Paul Burchill: You’ll do what I DAMN tell you, Katie!

Katie Lea jumps backwards, then looks down, humbled.

Paul Burchill: I haven’t seen the guy in ages, but he’s great. Do you think that those other two guys don’t have back-up too? I can take Christian and Benjamin, sure, but who the hell knows who they have up their sleeve?

Burchill is clearly furious.

Paul Burchill: I need this guy to have the edge tonight. He’s too good for these guys, by a long way. And if he doesn’t get his night with you, Katie, he won’t help me win tonight, whether he’s my old friend or not.

Burchill tugs at his coat in frustration, then continues.

Paul Burchill: So dammit, you’ll go home with him, you know that’s what he wants.

Katie Lea still looks unsure, but the Ripper isn’t looking at her anyway.

Paul Burchill: We don’t have long, he better turn up-

At this point, we hear a door being opened, and Burchill looks to the person who has just walked into the room, off-camera. He sighs, and a smirk forms on his face.

Paul Burchill: Cutting it damn close, mate.

We cut back to the arena without discovering who Burchill’s partner is, and we join Todd Grisham and Byron Saxton.

Todd Grisham: Well, it looks like Paul Burchill has himself a partner, Byron.

Byron Saxton: Looks like it, Todd. Burchill called his partner “an old friend” just then – let’s hope they have the chemistry to let the Ripper pick up the big win here tonight. Not that he needs a partner to do it with, mind.

Todd Grisham: That match will be an entertaining one for sure, Byron, but coming up next, Gregory Helms takes on the Man Beast, Rhyno.

Byron Saxton: These guys have been at each other’s throats for weeks now, Todd. Ever since Rhyno made his awesome return a while back, he’s been tryin’ to make an impact off Greg Helms.

Todd Grisham: He sure has, Byron. He and his associate, Manu, have really taken it to Helms and Yoshi Tatsu, and when Helms and Tatsu became No. 1 Contenders to the Tag Team Titles at the expense of the two big men, they weren’t very pleased.

Byron Saxton: No kidding, Todd! Now, Helms and Tatsu have to deal with both Legacy, AND Rhyno and Manu! How the hell is Helms gonna win tonight when he’s having to look over his shoulder all the time?



The crowd pops big for Gregory Helms, who comes striding out on to the stage, grinning out at the cheering crowd. He adjusts his beanie, then waits for Yoshi Tatsu, who comes leaping out alongside him, pumping his fists excitedly. Helms grins in approval, and starts to charge down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans. Tatsu covers the opposite side, and both men slide into the ring speedily, as the bell rings, and Lauren Mayhew makes the announcement:

Lauren Mayhew: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, accompanied by Yoshi Tatsu... from Smithfield, North Carolina, weighing in tonight at two hundred and fifteen pounds... GREGORYYYYYY – HEEEEEELMS!!!

Todd Grisham: Well, despite being here in Philadelphia tonight, Legacy said they might not get involved in Gregory Helms’ match here, but I’d take that with a grain of salt.

Byron Saxton: Can’t the Unified Tag Team Champions enjoy a night out in Philadelphia without you prejudicing them, Todd? What makes you think they’d come down here and ruin a perfectly good match which we’re about to see, huh?

Helms heads to the top turnbuckle, playing to the crowd with a grin. His music dies down, and the crowd cheers for Helms, who nods appreciatively, before dropping down from the turnbuckle, and nodding at Yoshi, who rolls from the ring. Helms tests the ropes, then takes off his black vest, handing it to ringside.


The heat rains down as the War Machine, the Man Beast, Rhyno, steps out from behind the curtain, scowling. Manu arrives alongside him, looking no happier, and the pair look coldly down at Gregory Helms, who just bounces on the balls of his feet, and mouths “It’s time” back up at them. Rhyno shakes out his neck a little, then roars out at the arena like an animal, getting plenty of boos from the male audience. A few differing chants start to emerge, but eventually, the arena settles on an innovative “RHYNO SUCKS!” chant. The Man Beast ignores them, and starts to storm down the ramp, eyes on fire as he watches Helms in the ring.

Lauren Mayhew: And his opponent, accompanied by Manu... from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in tonight at two hundred, and seventy-five pounds... the Man Beast, RHYNO!!!

Todd Grisham: Rhyno hasn’t actually lost in singles competition since his return, and tonight, he hopes to complete his comeback to the WWE, by beating one of the men who he claims has “got in his way” of late, Gregory Helms.

Byron Saxton: These guys have never faced off one-on-one, Todd, and this contest should be a great one. Rhyno’s gotta deal with one of No. 1 Contenders to the Tag Team Titles, but Helms has gotta deal with the Man Beast! Both these guys are gonna have to give their all to win tonight, but I’d pick Rhyno to edge it, ‘cause let’s face it, the guy’s a machine.

Rhyno storms down the ramp, now looking out at the booing arena with an angry expression, and Manu follows him, still scowling. He climbs up to the apron, and steps into the ring, watching Helms as he finishes his preparation. The Man Beast brushes his hair out of his face, and roars out at the arena one more time, just for the sake of it, before he sets up in the corner, and snarls across the ring at his opponent. Manu sets up at ringside, across from Tatsu on the other side of the ring, and watches intently as Helms and Rhyno move out of their corners, and the referee calls for the bell.

Match 2 – Singles Match
Gregory Helms vs Rhyno

The bell chimes through the arena, and the crowd cheers as Helms raises an arm to them, trying to fire them up from the get-go! He then looks back to Rhyno, who is less than impressed, and the pair slowly begin to circle each other, watching each other carefully. They meet up in the middle, and lock up, but Rhyno is clearly the stronger man, and he pushes Helms right to the ropes with ease – he then sends Helms across the ring, and throws a clothesline, but Helms ducks underneath it, and when Rhyno turns round, he gets a big Dropkick to the face! The crowd cheers for the athletic move, but both men are up quickly – so Helms launches up, and nails another Dropkick! Rhyno stays down a little bit longer this time, and Helms waits for him to get up... he does, and Helms starts kicking away at the War Machine’s side, much to the approval of the crowd! Each kick gets a grunt from Rhyno, who eventually shoves Helms away. Helms rebounds off the ropes... STRAIGHT INTO A VICIOUS BIG BOOT FROM RHYNO! The crowd groans, and Manu applauds at ringside as the Man Beast hooks a leg...




The crowd cheers, but Rhyno growls in anger, and yanks Helms back up by his head. Helms kicks him the gut though, and deftly bounces backwards away from Rhyno, simply to point at him, and say “Hey! Don’t touch the beanie!” Rhyno frowns, and charges, swinging with a right hand... but Helms rolls right under it, and comes back with a big Spinning Leg Lariat! The crowd cheers for the move, and Helms waits for the Man Beast to get back up again, bouncing on the balls of his feet. Rhyno wobbles back to a vertical base, and Helms starts peppering him with left and right hands, forcing him back to the turnbuckle! Rhyno shields himself, frowning, then lowers his arms as Helms stops the barrage... only to get a big Stinger Splash from Helms! Rhyno yells out with the impact, tumbling into the centre of the ring, and Helms scales the same turnbuckle – BEFORE TAKING OUT RHYNO WITH A CRAZY MOONSAULT! The crowd goes wild, and Helms now hooks the leg, hopeful his offence will be enough...




We haven’t even been going for two minutes, and already we’re seeing some crazy moves from Gregory Helms! The crowd applauds Helms as he gets up, desperate to stay on offence. He tries to guide Rhyno up, but the Man Beast nails him in the gut with a right hand, and he reels away, grimacing. Rhyno shakes out the cobwebs, and Helms suddenly fires with a Superkick attempt... but Rhyno ducks, and clubs him in the back, forcing him to the canvas! The War Machine starts firing away with right hands now, trying to wear down Helms on the mat, before he drags him to the ropes, and drapes his neck over the second one. The crowd boos, and Rhyno places his boot to Helms’ head, choking him on the second rope! The referee admonishes him, giving him until five to stop. Rhyno waits until four as expected, then moves away, snarling. Helms detaches himself from the ropes, gasping for air, but he finds himself immediately back in the grip of the Man Beast, who tugs him back to his feet, and hammers him with a nasty right hand, forcing him into the corner!

Rhyno takes a step or two back, then darts forward, hammering Helms in the ribs with a big Shoulder Thrust, contorting his body backwards as he is driven into the turnbuckle! Rhyno lets Helms stumble into the centre of the ring, clutching his back, then grabs him violently, and tosses him over the top rope to the outside floor! Helms clatters down to the ringside area, face contorted with pain, and Rhyno takes a moment to beat his chest in the ring, savouring the control he has over the match! The crowd boos him, and Helms struggles, trying to force himself up. Yoshi Tatsu moves closer to him, but the referee angrily tells him to stay away, and he does, reluctantly. Rhyno tells the referee to “Start the damn count”, and the official obliges. After about four, Helms finally pulls himself up using the barricade, and he throws himself back into the ring at six. Rhyno isn’t pleased, and immediately goes to work on Helms, nailing him with some hard stomps, then heading for the ropes, and driving a Falling Fist Drop down into Helms’ face, sending him rolling away in pain! Rhyno forces Helms to his feet, and smirks, before slamming him down with a big Belly-to-Belly Suplex! The crowd groans, and Rhyno covers...




The crowd cheers for Helms, who now crawls for the ropes, desperate to get back to his feet, but seemingly lacking the energy. Rhyno smirks, clearly feeling he’s in control here, and yanks Helms up himself, before he knees him in the gut, and literally flings him down to the floor, slamming his face into the mat! It’s barely a move, as Rhyno just tosses him down with ease, and the crowd boos the Man Beast’s casual attitude, as he mounts the back of Helms, and applies the Camel Clutch! Helms cries out in the hold, as Rhyno wrenches on his neck and back, and Yoshi Tatsu looks on in concern. A smaller majority of the crowd than usual starts clapping in rhythm as Tatsu gets them going, attempting to spur Helms on, but Rhyno increases the pressure, and Helms cries out again. The Man Beast is enjoying every second of punishing his rival, but Helms starts to crawl, pushing himself towards the ropes! Rhyno’s eyes go wide in frustration... and Helms makes it to the bottom rope! The crowd cheers as Rhyno is forced to release the hold, allowing Helms time to get up, breathing heavily. The War Machine darts back into the action, however, and presses him into the ropes, before sending him to the other side. Helms comes back, and Rhyno lifts him up, before nailing the Flapjack! The crowd groans with the nasty impact, and Rhyno covers again, confident that he has done enough...




Rhyno can’t believe it, but the crowd goes wild! The referee sticks up two fingers to the timekeeper in the nicest way possible, but the Man Beast is stunned, and he immediately heads for the corner, raging after the shock kickout. Helms, eyes wide in pain, starts to struggle to his feet, as Yoshi wills him on silently, and turns around... GORE – NO! HELMS SIDESTEPS THE GORE ATTEMPT, AND RHYNO GOES CLATTERING INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! The crowd goes nuts, and Helms suddenly rolls Rhyno up...




Helms struggles back up, and suddenly, he’s fired up! Rhyno forces himself up, furious, but he gets a big kick to the side, before Helms leaps up, and sends him spiralling across the ring with the Headscissors Takedown! The crowd cheers, and Helms heads to the outside apron. Rhyno stumbles back to his feet, clearly dizzy, and Helms springboards, and sails through the air to nail a big Springboard Seated Senton to Rhyno! Helms rolls off the floored Man Beast, pumped up, and yells emphatically out at the crowd, who cheer wildly back at him! Manu curls his lip on the outside, and Helms suddenly heads to the top turnbuckle! The crowd simultaneously gets to their feet, waiting – AS HELMS LAUNCHES WITH THE FROG SPLASH, RIGHT TO THE ABDOMEN OF RHYNO! The crowd goes nuts, and Helms hooks the inside leg...




Helms lies on the mat, and runs a hand over his head, stunned that it wasn’t enough! Rhyno starts to struggle back to his feet, holding his ribs after the Frog Splash, and staggers, leaning up against the ropes in exhaustion. Helms is up too, resting in the corner, and Rhyno moves in, scowling – he throws a right hand, but Helms ducks it, and the Man Beast punches the turnbuckle! The crowd pops for the mistake by Rhyno, who groans in pain, and suddenly, Helms rams Rhyno right into the corner, before he starts lashing away with some signature big kicks! The crowd cheers as Rhyno gasps for air with each shot, and Helms jumps up, before he manages to send the War Machine across the ring with the Monkey Flip! The crowd cheers, and Rhyno groans on the canvas, pained. Helms moves over to him, and tugs his opponent back to his feet, desperate to inflict more damage, but Rhyno pushes him off to the ropes – he bends down, thinking Back Body Drop, but Helms rocks him with a big kick to the face, straightening him up! The crowd pops, and Helms grabs Rhyno in the front facelock... which he then inverts, and goes for the Nightmare on Helms Street... but Rhyno spins out of it, and pushes him away again! Helms moves in, ducking under a clothesline attempt from Rhyno, and when the Man Beast turns around – CRACK! MASSIVE SUPERKICK TO THE FACE FROM HELMS! Rhyno crumples to the mat, and Helms hooks both legs as the crowd goes wild...




The crowd groans as the Man Beast kicks out as the official’s hand comes down for a third time, and Helms yells out in exasperation, completely shocked that he couldn’t put it away! Helms looks to ringside, where Yoshi Tatsu is just as incredulous, and points at the turnbuckle with a shrug. Helms thinks his friend is on to something, and heads for the corner to a big pop! Rhyno struggles back to his feet, and sees Helms on the top turnbuckle – but he’s too late to stop Helms launching off with a Missile Dropkick... SO HE GRABS HELMS OUT OF THE AIR, AND DRIVES HIM INTO THE CANVAS WITH A SICK RUNNING POWERSLAM! A small “Holy shit!” chant starts up in one corner of the arena, but the rest of the Wachovia Center is just stunned to silence by the insane counter by the Man Beast! Manu is yelling at Rhyno, telling him to cover, and slowly, the War Machine crawls towards Helms, hooking a leg...




The Wachovia Center goes wild! Rhyno goes CRAZY, screaming at the official, because “THERE IS NO FREAKIN’ WAY, THAT WAS TWO!” The referee tells him it WAS two, and he can’t do anything about it! Rhyno’s eyes go wide in anger, and he turns back to face Helms again, who is starting to blink out the cobwebs on the mat. Rhyno is clearly furious, and he storms over to the corner, where he crouches down, and starts yelling for Helms to get up! Manu rubs his hands together in anticipation on the outside, and Helms starts to pull himself up, breathing heavily. He finally finds his feet, and he wobbles towards Rhyno, who charges... GORE... NO! HELMS LEAPFROGS RHYNO, AND THE WAR MACHINE TOTALLY MISSES! The crowd cheers as Rhyno stops himself before he hits the turnbuckle again, and turns round – but he gets kicked in the gut by Helms, and put in the front facelock, before he inverts it! The crowd goes absolutely wild, and Helms drags his opponent into the centre of the ring... BEFORE HE NAILS THE NIGHTMARE ON HELMS STREET! The Wachovia Center gets to its feet as one, and Helms hooks both legs...







The crowd goes wild as Helms has his arm raised by the referee – he’s exhausted, but he’s beaten Rhyno! Manu holds his head in his hands on the outside as Rhyno lies on the mat, beaten. Yoshi Tatsu joins Helms in the ring to celebrate, and the pair high five, both grinning. Helms looks down at Rhyno, as the Man Beast rolls from the ring, scowling after his loss.

Todd Grisham: Looks like Gregory Helms pulled it out tonight, Byron!

Byron Saxton: Figure that out all by yourself, did ya Todd? Gregory Helms might have got lucky tonight, but Rhyno’s not the kind of guy to let this loss go. Just wait ‘til this Tuesday.


The crowd explodes with heat as Legacy’s music cuts over the top of Helms’! Everyone looks to the stage, including Helms and Tatsu in the ring, and both men raise their fists, ready for a fight. After a few moments, Helms and Tatsu frown, as Rhodes and DiBiase are nowhere to be seen – but suddenly, the arena is booing like crazy... BECAUSE LEGACY COME FROM THE CROWD, SLIDING IN THE RING, AND BLAST HELMS AND TATSU IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH THEIR TITLE BELTS!

The pair collapse in a heap, and Legacy go to work immediately, stomping all over them! The crowd boos wildly, as the Tag Team Champions beat down on their No. 1 Contenders, until they show no signs of getting up. DiBiase grabs Tatsu from the mat, yelling “THIS IS WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN MONDAY!” then applies the Cobra Clutch... DREAM STREET TO TATSU! Rhodes nods with approval as DiBiase smirks down at Tatsu, and Rhodes pulls Helms to his feet, before putting him in the inverted facelock... CROSS RHODES TO HELMS! The crowd boos intensely, hurling abuse at the Tag Team Champions, who raise their title belts up in triumph. DiBiase starts shouting “RIGHT THERE! THAT’S WHY NO-ONE MESSES WITH US!” to more heat from the Philadelphia crowd. After a few moments of the pair taunting to the crowd (and a few more yelled comments from a pumped-up DiBiase), the Tag Team Champions slowly exit the ring, leaving Helms and Tatsu’s bodies laying on the canvas.

Todd Grisham: Well, I guess Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were here tonight to make trouble for Gregory Helms and Yoshi Tatsu, after all.

Byron Saxton: The Unified Tag Team Champions just got a lotta respect from me, Todd. If you try to hurt Legacy, Legacy hurts you! And that’s exactly what Greg Helms and Yoshi Tatsu just experienced, baby.

Todd Grisham: I suppose I should have expected that response from you, Byron, but even you have to budge a little here. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase consistently put themselves above everyone else, and then resort to these kind of tactics to back it up!

Byron Saxton: They can afford to, Todd! They’re the brightest tag team you’ll see in this company, man! I have nothing but admiration for these two young guys, they know what they’re doin’.

With that, we cut backstage, where we meet Savannah, who is standing by with a mic in her hand.

Savannah: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time... the Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin!

This Philadelphia crowd pops loudly for Shelton Benjamin, who steps into the shot with a big smile.

Savannah: Shelton, tonight you and your mystery partner take on Christian and Paul Burchill, each with their respective partners, in a Triple Threat Tag Team match. It’s fair to say that the focus hasn’t exactly been on you regarding this match-up in recent weeks, but do you have anything to say to answer your critics?

Shelton just keeps smiling.

Shelton Benjamin: Hey, people can think what they like, I ain’t gonna stop nobody doin’ that.

Small pop.

Shelton Benjamin: But! They just better sit up, pay attention and take some serious notes, ‘cause tonight – THERE AIN’T, NO, STOPPIN’, ME – NAAAAAAAAAW!

The crowd cheers, and Shelton grins widely again, fired up.

Shelton Benjamin: Sure, I haven’t been dead centre of attention in the build-up to tonight, and hey, that’s cool, that’s cool. Sometimes it takes off a little pressure, y’know?

Benjamin shrugs.

Shelton Benjamin: But that’s not to say, that tonight I won’t make a BIG statement. ‘Cause the shows before, the attacks, the matches we’ve had on ECW between the three of us... it don’t mean nothin’ anymore.

Small pop for the Gold Standard.

Shelton Benjamin: Because all that matters, is that Shelton Benjamin, the GOLD Standard, baby, is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ta-night, and I am fit, primed and ready to kick ass!

A big pop goes up here, partly due to the cheap mention of Philly.

Shelton Benjamin: I bet Christian’s really enjoyed the little unspoken truce we’ve had recently... hell, we’ve barely laid a finger on each other. But like he said on Tuesday – tonight, it’s all off the table. I ain’t gonna hold back, and neither should he.

Another small cheer.

Shelton Benjamin: Paul Burchill... well, the guy doesn’t exactly set examples on how to treat your family... or examples on how to be humble... or dress well... or using personal hygiene... but I don’t doubt he’s got someone big up his sleeve.

Mixed reaction. Benjamin shrugs again.

Shelton Benjamin: But you know what? He can bring the best the world has to offer if he wants – me and my partner, we’re ready for him. And Christian’s partner too. Tonight, I’ve got it covered. Tonight, I’m gonna put all eyes – back on me.

The crowd pops big for that last comment, as Benjamin smiles at Savannah, and jogs out of the shot, clearly ready to compete tonight.

The camera cuts to ringside, where Todd Grisham and Byron Saxton are sitting at the announce table... like before.

Todd Grisham: Shelton Benjamin is on a mission tonight for sure, but another man in a similar situation recently has been Abraham Washington.

Byron Saxton: Damn straight, Todd. Ever since Abe got his famous talk show cancelled by Tiffany, he’s been on a bit of a warpath to take away HER show, by becoming ECW General Manager. Let’s hope we see some real talent in office by the end of this match we’re about to see.

Todd Grisham: Tiffany’s done a great job here on ECW, Byron, and you know that just as well as I do. Now, Abraham Washington chose Big Daddy V to represent him in this contest, whereas Tiffany went with the Big Red Machine, Kane, with the whole balance of power here in ECW on the line.

We cut to the ring, as the bell chimes, and Lauren Mayhew steps into the middle of the ring, raising her mic.

Lauren Mayhew: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! The stipulations of this match are as follows – if Kane wins, Abraham Washington will be FIRED, but if Big Daddy V wins, then Abraham Washington will become the NEW General Manager of E – C – W!


The crowd begins to boo loudly for this music, as out from behind the curtain, looking as large as ever, steps Big Daddy V. Alongside him is the well-dressed Abraham Washington, smirking in quiet confidence that he’s about to change his job description.

Lauren Mayhew: Introducing first, accompanied by Abraham Washington... from Harlem, New York, weighing in tonight, at FIVE – HUNDRED – POUNDS... the Mastodon... BIG – DADDY – V!

The Mastodon throws the “V” sign to the crowd, who start chanting “LOSE SOME WEIGHT! LOSE SOME WEIGHT!” much to his disapproval. He roars out at them, but they won’t be silenced, and Washington tells him to ignore them, as they begin to walk down the ramp.

Todd Grisham: Big Daddy V, the infamous five hundred pounder – he’s caused all sorts of chaos in this company, wrecking many superstars with his impressive size and strength. A lot of his success rotates around the psychological factor in his matches, but if there’s one man you can’t scare into losing a contest, it’s Kane.

Byron Saxton: Kane’s either stupid then, or he doesn’t know what he’s lettin’ himself in for, Todd. I know we’re about to witness the Mastodon tear Kane limb from limb, and it’s gonna be hella entertaining!

Big Daddy V, clearly angered by the very loud chants, takes the ring steps up to the apron, then easily steps over the top rope. Once in the ring, he beats his chest crazily, and roars out at the arena, to some heat from the fans, though most are still chanting at him. Abraham Washington leans against the apron at ringside, and adjusts his tie smugly.



The crowd gives the biggest reaction of the night so far, as KANE makes his appearance, storming out to a stunning ovation from these Philadelphia fans! The red pyro makes Abraham Washington jump at ringside, and the Big Red Machine stands on the stage for a moment, watching his massive opponent from afar, a sly smile on his face. The crowd cheers again a little as Tiffany strides out alongside her representative, and Kane laughs loudly at Big Daddy V, before beckoning to the current ECW GM to begin the approach to the ring. Lauren Mayhew fires up the crowd a little more...

Lauren Mayhew: And his opponent, accompanied by the ECW General Manager, Tiffany... weighing in tonight, AT THREE HUNDRED, AND TWENTY-THREE POUNDS... HE – IS – KAAAAAANE!!!

Another big pop goes up for Kane here, as the Big Red Monster storms down the ramp with Tiffany in tow, eyes never leaving the Mastodon, who watches him coldly from the squared circle. We briefly see a twenty-year-old male in the crowd holding an “I’m a Kanenite” sign up high, before cutting back to the ring, where (still under the red lights of Kane’s entrance), the two men set for action watch each other from opposite sides of the ring.

Todd Grisham: Tiffany loves ECW like it was “family”, she said on Tuesday, and frankly, there’s no better man to represent her here, than a former ECW Champion, and one of the most fearsome men in this industry, EVER... the Big Red Machine, Kane.

Byron Saxton: Kane’s got a lot going for him, sure, I don’t doubt that for a second. But can the guy beat someone like Big Daddy V? The guy’s FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS. He’s torn apart half the ECW roster with his bare hands two weeks ago. You can’t honestly think that Kane stands a chance here. No-one does, against a freak of nature like Big – Daddy – V.

Kane’s music dies down, and immediately, “FUCK HIM UP! FUCK HIM UP!” chants start in the Wachovia Center! The arena lights turn back to normal, and the referee makes some last minute checks, as the two big men watch each other from across the ring. Eventually, Kane decides he has to capitalise on such great crowd support, and he raises his right hand with the Chokeslam taunt, getting a BIG reaction from the ECW faithful here in Philadelphia! Big Daddy V looks down his nose at him, then snarls, and suddenly, the pair are right in the middle of the ring, nose-to-nose in a furious staredown! The crowd roars, and starts to loudly chant “FUCK HIM UP!” again, as the referee tries to separate them again! Finally, they move away for a second, long enough for the official to call for the bell in this all-important match.

Match 3 – Singles Match
Big Daddy V vs Kane
If Kane wins, Abraham Washington is fired from ECW
If Big Daddy V wins, Abraham Washington becomes ECW General Manager

The bell hasn’t finished chiming, and already, these two behemoths are straight back where they were just moments before, standing inches away from each other, in the centre of the ring! Those chants kick off once more, and Kane starts to laugh, playing with the head of the Mastodon. The five hundred pounder raises both arms, and ROARS right in Kane’s face, playing the same game right back! Abraham Washington applauds heartily at ringside, and suddenly, it’s Big Daddy V who throws the first punch... but Kane ducks it, and heads for the ropes. He charges back following the rebound, and throws a big right to the face of the Mastodon – who totally no sells it, and grabs Kane by the head, before nailing a headbutt to send him reeling away! The crowd boos, and Big Daddy V smirks – only for Kane to come right back with another right hand... no, it has no effect AGAIN, and this time, the Mastodon pushes Kane into the corner with ease. He takes a few steps back... THEN LAUNCHES FORWARD, CRUSHING KANE INTO THE CORNER WITH A MASSIVE STINGER SPLASH!

The crowd groans with the horrible, horrible impact, and Kane comes tumbling out of the corner, barely able to breathe. He falls to his knees, clutching his stomach to sell that massive Splash, but he forces himself back up – Big Daddy V is standing, taking it slow as usual, and he simply waits, allowing Kane to make the first move this time around, and letting the psychological side of the contest kick in. Kane flexes out his fingers, breathing heavily, and moves in again, as the behemoths lock up this time. After some loud groans between the two, it looks like neither man will budge, until Big Daddy V grabs Kane round the head suddenly with the headlock. Kane starts hammering away with right hands to the rather large gut of the Mastodon, and eventually, it has some effect, as Big Daddy V grimaces a little, and pushes Kane away with a frown. The Big Red Machine scowls, knowing it’s going to be hard to inflict some real damage, but the chants kick off again, and he charges forward, taking the Mastodon by surprise as he rams him all the way into the corner!

The crowd cheers, and Kane steps up to the second rope, nailing the five hundred pounder with repeated right hands! The crowd counts along, and Kane hits ten before he steps off. Kane heads for the ropes as Big Daddy V staggers into the middle of the ring, a little dazed from the punches – and he just THROWS himself at the Mastodon, trying to force him over! The big man wobbles backwards, but stays on his feet, so Kane charges back to the ropes, and does it again – but the five hundred pounder still doesn’t tumble down... instead using the momentum to bounce off the ropes, and flatten Kane with the Running Shoulder Block! Big Daddy V presses his huge frame over the Big Red Machine for the first cover of this slightly unorthodox match-up...




The camera shows Tiffany at ringside, who looks a little worried by the proceedings so far, but Abraham Washington is deathly confident as the camera cuts over to him, as a small smirk sits permanently on his face. We head back to the action, as Big Daddy V picks himself back up following the cover, and he snarls down at Kane, beckoning for him to rise. The Big Red Machine slowly does, and raises two fists, watching the Mastodon warily. The pair move in again, and lock up... but Big Daddy V overpowers his opponent, and shoves him right into the corner, before he starts hammering away with big right hands, directly to Kane’s stomach! Each blow takes the breath further out of the Big Red Monster, and Big Daddy V takes a few steps back, before charging like a bull – BUT THIS TIME, KANE MOVES OUT THE WAY OF THE STINGER SPLASH, AND BIG DADDY V HAMMERS INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!

The crowd cheers wildly as the Mastodon rattles off the corner, and stumbles into the middle of the ring... Kane immediately takes charge, rebounding off the ropes – AND DRIVING RIGHT INTO THE FIVE HUNDRED POUNDER WITH A HUGE CLOTHESLINE, TAKING THEM BOTH DOWN! A big pop goes up around the arena as Kane FINALLY topples the bigger man (he’s not exactly small himself, but the Mastodon is huge by anyone’s standards), and the Big Red Machine waits for him to sit up, before he nails him with a massive boot to the skull, flooring him again! The crowd groans then cheers at the impact, and Kane looks down at the Mastodon coldly, before covering, somehow managing to hook one of those big legs, too...




Kane beats the mat a little, but he then gets up, clenching his fists. Big Daddy V starts to struggle up, and the crowd starts a loud “KANE! KANE! KANE!” chant, which gets a little smirk from the Big Red Machine. Big Daddy V gets up to a knee, but Kane won’t let him get back up, instead just smacking him in the jaw with one of his big Uppercuts! The Mastodon reels with the impact, then shakes out the cobwebs, and pushes himself back to his feet! Kane frowns, surprised he couldn’t even knock him down, and lashes out with another Uppercut, connecting flush to the jaw of the Mastodon! He reels away, wobbling over to the corner, but again he doesn’t fall, so Kane takes a few steps, then nails him with a big Corner Clothesline! The crowd cheers, as Washington grimaces at ringside, and Kane heads for the ropes again as Big Daddy V wobbles back to the ring – BIG BOOT TO THE FACE OF THE MASTODON! Kane gets a HUGE reaction as he sends the giant tumbling down again, and he sends a glare to Abraham Washington as he goes to cover again...




Abraham Washington says a little prayer to his God on the outside, half a second away from being made redundant there. Kane knows he’s rattled Big Daddy V, but one look at Tiffany’s nervous expression tells him he needs to crank up the impact to win it – he pushes himself up, trying his best not to smile at the massive “KANE!” chants, before he heads to the corner, and climbs to the top turnbuckle! The crowd cheers wildly, and Washington starts screaming “GEDDUP! GEDDUP!” frantically at the Mastodon, his confident demeanour no longer present after the extended period of offence from Kane. Slowly, and I mean slowly, the five hundred pounder pulls his giant frame to a vertical base, and Kane smirks, before launching for that signature Diving Clothesline... BUT BIG DADDY V CATCHES THE BIG RED MACHINE IN MID-AIR! Even Washington’s eyes are wide at ringside, in awe of Big Daddy V’s strength – AND THE MASTODON LETS OUT A HUGE ROAR, BEFORE SWINGING KANE DOWN TO THE CANVAS WITH A BRUTAL TILT-A-WHIRL SLAM! The crowd groans with the sickening impact, and a few “Holy shit!” chants kick off in the top tier, as Big Daddy V hooks a leg...




It’s not over! The crowd cheers wildly for the kickout, and Washington has a fit at ringside, unable to believe how close he came to being the new General Manager! Tiffany runs a hand through her hair, as the trend of cutting between their reactions becomes clear, and we soon head back to the ring, where Big Daddy V still can’t believe that the Tilt-a-Whirl Slam didn’t keep Kane down for the three! Kane is still lying on the mat, breathing heavily, so Big Daddy V gets up, ignoring the “You can’t wrestle” chants, and heads for the ropes... BEFORE HE LEAPS FOR THE RUNNING SPLASH, BUT KANE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY, AND THE MASTODON CRASHES INTO THE MAT! The crowd pops big as Big Daddy V clutches his ribs, pained, and Kane gets up, flexing his fingers for the Chokeslam taunt all of a sudden! The noise in the arena peaks, as everyone waits to see if Kane call pull this off... slowly, the Mastodon gets up, still smarting from the missed Splash – AND KANE GRABS HIM ROUND THE THROAT!

The crowd roars, and Kane snarls with a devilish look in his eye, as he goes for it – he gets Big Daddy V about an inch off the ground before he comes back down, and latches both hands around KANE’S throat now! The crowd boos as Kane suddenly releases his grip, gasping for air... Big Daddy V LIFTS Kane into the air, holding three hundred plus pounds in a Choke Lift... BEFORE HE LAYS KANE OUT WITH A SITOUT CHOKEBOMB! THE IMPACT SHAKES THE RING! The crowd groans with the massive collision of body to canvas, and the Mastodon sticks in the pinning position, as the referee counts the surely academic cover...




The crowd goes mental as Kane kicks out, defying all explanation! Big Daddy V’s eyes are wide in complete shock, and at ringside, it’s the same expression on the face of Abraham Washington! Big Daddy V shoves Kane away on the mat, and gets back to his feet, teeth bared in frustration. Once again, Kane is laid out on the mat, and the Mastodon figures five hundred pounds to the abdomen will do it – so he heads for the ropes again, and launches with another Running Splash... BUT AGAIN, NO-ONE’S HOME, AS KANE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Abraham Washington nearly swears in frustration on the outside, and the Mastodon crashes into the canvas once again! Kane pulls himself back to his feet using the ropes, then immediately heads for the corner, taking a chance while Big Daddy V struggles to get back up! The Mastodon finally forces himself up, pained – AND KANE SOARS, TAKING HIM DOWN WITH HIS SIGNATURE DIVING CLOTHESLINE! The Big Red Machine rolls on impact... then throws the Chokeslam taunt to the fans once again!

A big pop goes up around the arena, as Big Daddy V struggles to shake out the cobwebs on the mat, and Abraham Washington looks scared stiff at ringside, suddenly worried that Kane might just be able to pull it off this time! The Mastodon slowly, painfully, struggles to his feet – and gets a grip round the throat from Kane! The Philadelphia fans go wild, and Kane goes to lift the Mastodon... but again, he can’t get him up, and the five hundred pounder easily pushes him off to the ropes! Kane comes back with a big right hand, and suddenly, the pair are exchanging slow, powerful blows, in the centre of the ring! Big Daddy V changes things up with a shot to the gut, and Kane keels over – he puts the Big Red Machine in a front facelock, and lets out a big roar, but Kane escapes, and just LAUNCHES a right hand – BUT BIG DADDY V DUCKS, AND KANE COMPLETELY DECKS THE REFEREE, KNOCKING HIM FLAT OUT! The crowd groans with the sickening-looking shot from Kane, and the Big Red Monster looks genuinely shocked – it was totally unintentional!

Tiffany looks on with a concerned expression, but Abraham Washington is over the moon, and he shouts directions at Big Daddy V, who immediately grabs Kane from behind, and pulls him up into the Fireman’s Carry! The crowd boos as the Mastodon thinks Ghetto Drop... but Kane starts firing with some crazy elbows, and the five hundred pounder drops him down, stunned! Big Daddy V turns round, and gets floored with a HUGE Big Boot from the Big Red Machine! Kane now flexes his fingers, fired up for one last shot at the Chokeslam – BUT ABRAHAM WASHINGTON GETS UP ON THE APRON, SHOUTING AT KANE! The crowd boos again, and Kane looks to him furiously, eyes on fire! Big Daddy V is still shaking out the cobwebs from the Big Boot, now up on one knee, so Tiffany also gets up on the apron, trying to tell Kane to finish the job! Abraham Washington taunts Kane a bit, and the Big Red Machine moves towards him... but Washington sneakily drops from the apron! The arena boos and jeers, and Kane turns round, only for Big Daddy V to throw him across the ring... WHERE HE COLLIDES WITH TIFFANY, KNOCKING HER FROM THE APRON! The crowd groans as Tiffany tumbles off, and Kane suddenly looks over the top rope in concern... BUT ABRAHAM WASHINGTON SCRAMBLES INTO THE RING LIKE A MAN POSSESSED, AND LOW BLOWS THE BIG RED MONSTER! The heat in the arena is HUGE, and Kane tumbles to the mat, holding his family jewels, as Washington escapes under the bottom rope, screaming for Big Daddy V to kill things off! A slow smile forms on the face of the Mastodon, who pulls a weakened Kane to his feet, and lifts him up into the Fireman’s Carry! The five hundred pounder waits for a moment, absorbing the immense heat from the ECW faithful, before – GHETTO DROP TO KANE!!! The referee conveniently comes back round, and counts as Big Daddy V presses himself over the lifeless body of the Big Red Machine...






The crowd goes mental, exploding with heat for Abraham Washington and his dirty win! Washington gets back in the ring as if he’d never stepped foot in it all match long, and grins a dirty smirk, licking his lips and raising his arms to the crowd, as Big Daddy V smirks too. Tiffany is holding her head on the outside following the collision with Kane, and as Lauren Mayhew somewhat begrudgingly announces Abraham Washington as the new General Manager, a few tears come to her eyes as she picks herself up, and the camera cuts back to Washington, who is gloating to the absolute maximum, grinning and processing around the ring. A massive “YOU SUCK!” chant begins, and Washington yells back “I DON’T SUCK! I’M THE NEW GENERAL MANAGER, BABY!” to some more heat.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we have a new ECW General Manager, but you have to feel some sympathy for Tiffany, especially given the manner of Big Daddy V’s victory there.

Byron Saxton: I don’t know about you, Todd, but I’m not feeling anything but PRIDE for my man Abe Washington! The tyrant has been dethroned! It’s time to usher in a brand new era for ECW, Todd – one with Abraham Washington, as GENERAL MANAGER! Aw yeah!

Todd Grisham: Well of course you would approve, Byron, but you’d be a foolish man to suggest that Abraham Washington didn’t give himself a big helping hand with that low blow, as well as the vital distraction beforehand.

Byron Saxton: Call it what you will, Todd – I call it genius. And let’s face it, who’s gonna reverse the decision? Abe’s the boss now, he’s the one in charge!

The camera shows backstage, where we see Christian, standing with his ECW Title. He’s watching Washington’s celebrations on a small monitor, and he shakes his head in disapproval, a big frown on his face. He sighs, and turns to face the camera, walking down towards the arena. After a few moments of walking, he turns his head, and sees that someone is walking next to him. The camera pans out... GOLDUST! The crowd pops a little, and Christian frowns in confusion. He opens his mouth, but the Bizarre One shushes him, then disappears out of the shot, quelling all worries the crowd may have had about him being Christian’s partner. Honest, it’s not him. Anyway, Christian shakes his head with a smile, and starts walking down the corridor again. We hear Todd Grisham over the top, mentioning that the Triple Threat Tag Team match is coming up next.

We suddenly fade out from Christian’s face, joining Savannah elsewhere, with a mic in her hand.

Savannah: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the... uh, Long Island Legend, Zack Ryder!

The crowd boos intensely as Zack Ryder steps into the shot, a surprisingly focused look on his face. He eyes Savannah suspiciously for a moment, then runs a hand through his spiky hair, pops his collar up, and waits for her to do her job.

Savannah: Zack, tonight you face off against Tommy Dreamer in a Career Threatening, Extreme Rules match. What are your thoughts on that contest, where anything and everything is legal?

Ryder looks at her silently for a moment, then speaks into the mic.

Zack Ryder: Well first off babe, I’d usually ask for your number, but tonight, even the hottest chick in the world couldn’t distract me. Why? ‘Cause tonight is the start of Zack Ryder’s legacy!

Heat from the arena.

Zack Ryder: Ya think I didn’t notice you hesitating before you said “Long Island Legend”, babe? See, that happens a lot. But after tonight, there will be NO DOUBT, that I am a legend, a star.

More boos.

Zack Ryder: I will be known as a hero. The man who ushered in... Ryder’s Era... permanently.

Ryder licks his lips, with a grin at the thought.

Zack Ryder: So yeah, tonight’s a big night. Tonight’s the night I end the career of the pathetic, last of the ECW Originals... a title which, let’s face it, is a joke. These guys represent ECW? So where are they, huh? The last one of ‘em... he’s about to have his career ended by Zack Ryder, the hottest thing on this damn brand.


Zack Ryder: Next Tuesday on ECW, I’ll truly be hailed as a hero, babe. And tonight, no amount of tables, ladder, chairs, concrete floors, barbed wire bats, CAR DOORS, THUMBTACKS, STREET SIGNS, WOO WOO WOO, LEAD PIPES, SINGAPORE CANES OR OTHERWISE, CAN CHANGE FROM THE FACT-

Ryder suddenly cuts himself off, breathing heavily, now red in the face. Slowly, he regains his composure, and whips off his shades. He smirks, and calmly finishes his sentence.

Zack Ryder: ...can change from the fact, that Tommy Dreamer is out, and I’M the NEW face of E – C – W. Woo woo woo... You. Know. It.

Ryder puts his shades back on, adjusts his headband, and storms out of the shot, smirking, as the Wachovia Center boos wildly. We cut back to the arena, where we see Todd Grisham and Byron Saxton.

Todd Grisham: We’ll see Zack Ryder again in a while, when he takes on Tommy Dreamer in an Extreme Rules match, with Dreamer’s very career on the line.

Byron Saxton: We’re not far away from Zack Ryder’s finest hour, Todd! I can’t wait to sing Tommy Dreamer outta this here building!

Todd Grisham: There’s been a lot of heat between those two men, and when you put two enemies in the same ring, in an Extreme Rules, things are gonna get brutal, Byron. Remember, no-one knows extreme like Tommy Dreamer.

Byron Saxton: Maybe so, but can Tommy Dreamer compete with Zack Ryder? Ryder’s beaten him many times before, and let’s face it, he’s the better competitor! Like my man Zack said – no amount of weapons can change the fact that Zack Ryder is your new face of E-C-Dubya, Todd.

Todd Grisham: We’ll find out later tonight, Byron, but for now, let’s turn our attention to the match coming up next. In just fifteen days, at WWE Royal Rumble, the ECW Championship will be defended in a Triple Threat match, as Christian defends against Paul Burchill and Shelton Benjamin.

Byron Saxton: These three guys all have their problems with each other, and that makes for a heated environment, Todd. Especially considering, we got three mystery partners to add to the mix tonight, baby! This is gonna be great!

Todd Grisham: Indeed, we discovered a few weeks ago that these three men will each have a partner of their choosing, in a Triple Threat Tag Team match here tonight at Saturday Night’s Main Event, where whoever wins, could just have a massive psychological advantage heading into Royal Rumble.

After that slightly lengthy amount of commentary (apologies), we hear the bell chime through the quiet arena, where there is an air of excitement. Lauren Mayhew is standing in the ring, with her mic.

Lauren Mayhew: The following contest is a Triple Threat, Tag Team match set for one fall!

Small pop from the crowd.


The crowd starts booing wildly, as Paul Burchill, wearing his long trench coat and beanie, comes walking out, a cold look on his face. Katie Lea wanders out next to him, looking nervous, and Burchill flexes his fists in anticipation. The pair hang back on the stage, and the camera zooms a little, showing that the Ripper has a mic in his hand. His music dies down, and Burchill waits for a moment, ignoring the “YOU SUCK!” chants which are being thrown at him by the crowd. Slowly, he raises the mic:

Paul Burchill: Not that any of you deserve to hear me talk...

The heat floods in.

Paul Burchill: ...but after many weeks of the whole WWE deliberating, desperate to know, trying to guess who my partner would be tonight, I’m here to put you all out of your misery – then put you back in it when I destroy my competition in just a moment.

More boos from the crowd. Burchill smirks.

Paul Burchill: My partner tonight is an old friend of mine... and most importantly, he hails from glorious, beautiful, mighty ENGLAND.

A “USA! USA!” chant kicks off, and Burchill just ignores them.

Paul Burchill: I introduce to you tonight... BRUTUS – MAGNUS.


The ECW crowd doesn’t know how to react to this, though there are some “WHO?” calls from the top tier, as the infamous Kasabian guitar riff hits, and a six foot three man comes striding out from behind the curtain, smirking. Wearing a slightly lengthened pair of red and blue wrestling trunks and matching knee pads, Brutus Magnus, as he is so called, moves over to Paul Burchill, and the pair slam their hands together for a manly English greeting, a motion which gets both men some heat from the crowd. Magnus winks at Katie Lea, who sighs, and Burchill and Magnus suddenly turn to the ramp, storming down with their arms raised to the crowd, who start booing.

Lauren Mayhew: Introducing first, at a combined weight of four hundred and eighty-seven pounds... both from London, England... the Ripper, PAUL BURCHILL, AND HIS PARTNER, BRUTUUUS – MAGNUS!

Todd Grisham: Well, we’re seeing the debut of this man, Brutus Magnus, here tonight at ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event, and if nothing else, he certainly looks the part.

Byron Saxton: The guy’s a friend of Paul Burchill’s, Todd, and if he hails from London like the Ripper, that means we’re about to witness some brutality from these two English superstars. Plus, have you seen the muscles on that guy? This could be very one-sided!

Burchill rolls into the ring, and raises his arms to the crowd again, to plenty of boos from the people in attendance. Magnus heads for the ring steps – one of the few children in the arena, a small but plump young boy in the front row, yells “YOU SUCK!” at him, and Magnus shouts “LOSE SOME WEIGHT!” in response, before getting in the ring, scowling. Burchill steps up to the second rope, smirking, and Magnus gets up on to top turnbuckle, smirking out at the arena. Magnus’ music dies down, and that “USA! USA!” chant begins again, much to the disapproval of the Englishmen in the ring. Katie Lea stands to the side on the outside, and every so often, Magnus looks over to her with a cocky smirk.



The stage turns gold, and the crowd goes wild for Shelton Benjamin! The Gold Standard comes jogging out to a great reaction from the ECW faithful, and he raises an arm to the crowd, grinning. After a few moments of taunting and bouncing about on the stage, Benjamin’s music dies down, and he holds up the mic he has in his other hand.

Shelton Benjamin: Well Paul... looks like you brought yourself a Burchill clone!

The crowd cheers mockingly at Burchill and Magnus, who both start yelling abuse at the Gold Standard.

Shelton Benjamin: And hey, I’m sure he’s just... well, “tip top and all that”.

Another mocking cheer goes up, and Magnus yells “I’M BETTER THAN YOU, SON!” Benjamin continues, smirking.

Shelton Benjamin: But y’see guys, no matter how good you two are... me and my guy...

Shelton pauses with a sly smile, and the crowd waits in eager anticipation of the inevitable line...

Shelton Benjamin: We’re the World’s Greatest.


YES! The crowd goes wild, and out from behind the curtain, fired up like an animal, comes CHARLIE HAAS! Burchill and Magnus are stunned in the ring, eyes wide, and Haas, in a red and white singlet, points down at them for a second, before turning to face Shelton Benjamin, and engaging in a big one-night-only style embrace! The crowd cheers like crazy for these two friends, reunited again here tonight, as they turn to face the two Englishmen... and charge down the ramp crazily, sliding into the ring, and taunting to the crowd! Burchill and Magnus slide out worriedly, watching the World’s Greatest Tag Team with wide eyes, and Lauren Mayhew makes the announcement.

Lauren Mayhew: And their opponents... at a combined weight of four hundred, and ninety-seven pounds... REUNITED FOR ONE – NIGHT – ONLY, SHELTON BENJAMIN AND CHARLIE HAAS, THE WOOOOORRRLD’S GREATEST TAG TEAM!!!

The crowd goes nuts, and the pair get up on the turnbuckles adjacent to the announce tables, taunting down to Burchill and Magnus with massive grins on their faces!

Todd Grisham: CHARLIE HAAS! It’s a World’s Greatest Tag Team reunion right here, Byron! Can you believe this?

Byron Saxton: These guys ain’t got nothin’ on Burchill and Magnus, Todd! Who do these guys think they are, anyway? They’re in for a beatin’ tonight, I’ll tell ya that right now!

As Grisham points out that these guys are two-time Tag Team Champions, and Saxton continues to not give them a shout against the Ripper and the newbie Magnus, Haas’ music slowly fades out. The crowd starts chanting “MAKE THEM TAP! MAKE THEM TAP!” excitedly, and Haas yells out back at them, just as fired up as they are! As the World’s Greatest Tag Team huddle up in a corner, Burchill and Magnus slowly get back in the ring, in the adjacent corner to them. Magnus’ eyes flicker between Benjamin and Haas, as the chants continue from these ECW fans.



The Wachovia Center goes wild again – it’s a massive reaction for the ECW Champion, Christian, who comes striding out in his gold and black hoodie, searching for peeps with his right hand! With his ECW Title belt over his shoulder, and a mic in his left hand, Christian smiles out at the crowd, then walks a couple of paces down the ramp. He turns back to the stage for a moment, then back to the ring, where the Haas, Benjamin, Magnus and Burchill are all watching him silently, as well as Katie Lea at ringside. Christian shifts his title belt up his shoulder a little, then waits for his music to die down. He grins, but before he can talk, he’s overwhelmed by “CHRIIIIISTIAN!” chants, echoing around the arena! After a few moments, he raises his mic, still smiling.

Christian: Wow, guys. You really pulled out the stops on this one. Brutus Magnus, was it? Charlie Haas...

Christian puts his spare hand forward and nods appreciatively of the mystery (no longer) partners in the ring.

Christian: But guys, you know that, as ECW Champion, I gotta bring something BIG to the table. ‘Cause you know, we’ve been through a lot recently, so I know how much this match means, yeah.

The ECW Champion pauses again, still smiling a little.

Christian: So, uh... ladies and gentlemen...

Captain Charisma says no more. Instead, he simply turns to the stage, sweeping his hand towards the curtain with a smile... the camera looks up the ramp towards the stage, and for a moment, there is silence. Suddenly though-



THE ARENA GOES ABSOLUTELY MENTAL! Todd Grisham starts screaming all sorts of nonsense at the announce table, and the looks on the faces of the men in the ring are priceless! The Wachovia Center is going completely crazy, and Christian grins... AND FROM BEHIND THE CURTAIN, COMES THE RATED R SUPERSTAR, EDGE! THE CROWD JUST BLOWS THE ROOF OFF THE ARENA!

No-one can believe what they’re seeing! Edge runs a hand through his long hair, then snarls a little, and storms down to stand by Christian, as a huge smirk crosses the faces of both men! Paul Burchill is roaring “NO! NO!” in the ring out of pure shock and fury, and Edge and Christian exchange one simple glance... BEFORE THEY CHARGE DOWN THE RAMP, SLIDING IN THE RING TO A MASSIVE ROAR FROM THE CROWD!

Lauren Mayhew: And their opponents... at a combined weight of four hundred and eighty pounds... ALSO REUNITED FOR ONE – NIGHT – ONLY... THE TEAM OF THE E – C – W CHAMPION, CHRIIIISTIAN... AND THE RATED R SUPERSTAR... EEEEEDDDDDGGE!!!

The crowd goes crazy again, and as the other two teams look on in shock, Edge and Christian head to the ropes by the hard camera, and get up on them, small smiles on their faces. Edge throws up his usual rock gesture, fired up, and Christian looks out again for peeps in the crowd, as the audience continues to go nuts for these two!

Todd Grisham: EDGE IS BACK! EDGE IS BACK! Christian’s brought back the Rated R Superstar!

Byron Saxton: This is a joke, Todd! The guy’s supposed to have an injured Achilles tendon! You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me!

Edge and Christian get back to the centre of the ring, playing to the crowd a bit more, before the flashing lights of Edge’s entrance die down, and the Rated R Superstar pulls off his trench coat, throwing it over the top rope. The crowd cheers wildly again as the music fades out, and Edge smirks out at the crowd, who start chanting “EDGE! EDGE! EDGE!” repeatedly. Christian takes off his golden tracksuit, and hands his title to ringside, as the other teams talk some strategy in their corners, clearly a little rattled by Edge’s return here. The referee quickly checks all six men for foreign objects, then asks for two men to start. Eventually, it’s settled on the hard-faced newbie, Brutus Magnus, taking on the ECW Champion, Christian, and the official calls for the bell, kicking off this monster contest!

Match 4 – Triple Threat Tag Team Match
Christian and Edge vs Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas vs Paul Burchill and Brutus Magnus

Magnus smirks at Christian, as Paul Burchill, on the apron, tells everyone who will listen that “THIS will be dominance right here”, a big smirk on his face, too. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas are shown, whispering some more strategy in their corner, before we see Edge on the apron, clearly fired up to be back in the game, and breathing deeply. Finally, the camera shows Katie Lea on the outside, nervously watching as Brutus Magnus and Christian start to circle each other, and the match really gets underway, as the pair lock up. Being the marginally taller and heavier man, Magnus just manages to get the upper hand, and forces him into the one empty corner, where he leaves a forearm across Christian’s face as the referee tells Magnus to move away, giving him ‘til five. At four, Magnus moves away, smirking, and Christian rubs his jaw a little, before he darts in, and the pair lock up again. This time, Magnus pushes the ECW Champion off to the ropes, and knocks him down with a Shoulder Block on his return! Magnus smirks, and hooks a leg...



Magnus frowns, but Burchill applauds as his fellow Englishman pulls Christian back up with him, only to lay him back out with a Scoop Slam. He then heads to the ropes, and leaps with a big, high Elbow Drop... but Christian rolls out the way, and Magnus connects with the canvas! Magnus gets up, pain across his face, and Christian now starts to take it back to him, rocking him with a few right hands. Magnus stumbles away, and rests on the ropes. Christian charges in, but Magnus drops down, and hoists the ECW Champion over the top rope, to the apron! The Englishman turns around – AND GETS THE TASTE SLAPPED RIGHT OUT OF HIS MOUTH BY CHRISTIAN! Magnus reels away, smarting from the big shot to the face, and Christian looks to springboard... BUT WHILE MAGNUS DISTRACTS THE REFEREE, PAUL BURCHILL CUTS CHRISTIAN’S LEGS OUT ON THE TOP ROPE! Christian tumbles down to the mat, groaning in pain, and Magnus suddenly covers him again...



The crowd cheers, and the camera shows Edge on the apron, looking slightly worried by the damage Magnus has managed to do so far, cheating or otherwise. Paul Burchill calls for the tag, so Magnus grabs Christian by the head, putting him in a front facelock, and lets Burchill tag himself in. The Ripper comes in with a big kick to the gut of Christian, before he sends Captain Charisma across to the ropes with the Irish whip... and swings a clothesline, but Christian ducks, and heads to the other side. He launches with a Dropkick to the knee on his return, taking Burchill’s legs out from underneath him! The crowd cheers, and both men are quickly up – big right hand to the face from Christian! Burchill goes down again, but he’s up within about five seconds, and the Ripper flings a right hand straight back – but Christian ducks under it, and rebounds off the ropes, before nailing him in the mouth with a Running Forearm Smash! Christian lets out a big yell, and covers...




Christian goes rolling across the ring, surprised, and when he gets up, he’s right in range of Shelton Benjamin, who slaps the ECW Champion’s shoulder, and tags himself in! The crowd pops for the Gold Standard, who springboards immediately, and soars off, sweeping Burchill down with a Flying Clothesline! The crowd cheers, while Christian heads back to the apron, and Benjamin gets back up, starting to get really fired up! Burchill wobbles back up, and Benjamin surprises him with a kick to the gut, before he turns him over, and nails a Neckbreaker! Benjamin leaps straight back up after the move again, yelling out at the crowd, who cheer wildly for the Gold Standard! Burchill starts to get up once more, and Benjamin goes for a third big move, as he springboards backwards off the second rope... AND FLOORS BURCHILL WITH HIS SIGNATURE SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT! As always, the crowd roars for the entertaining move, and Benjamin hooks a leg...




The crowd boos the Englishman, who takes the referee’s inevitable lecture with a surprised look, as if nothing had happened... but he ends up paying for it, as Charlie Haas clambers to the top rope, and leaps off, cracking Magnus with a Missile Dropkick! Magnus goes tumbling out of the ring, and Haas pumps his fists as the crowd goes wild for his athleticism! Benjamin pulls Burchill back up to his feet, and beckons to Haas. The Gold Standard pushes Burchill in Haas’ direction, and he gets lifted up... Inverted Atomic Drop to Burchill! The Englishman groans in pain, and he staggers back towards Benjamin – who launches a Superkick, but the Ripper ducks underneath it, and Irish whips Benjamin right into Haas, sending them both tumbling into the corner! Burchill shakes out the cobwebs from the offence he’s taken, then charges, slamming both Haas and Benjamin into the turnbuckle simultaneously with a big Corner Clothesline! Burchill tosses Haas from the ring aggressively, and throws Benjamin to the mat, before he covers...




Brutus Magnus pulls himself back up on to the apron, blinking out the offence he’s taken, then looks at the referee holding up two – he can’t believe it, and neither can Paul Burchill! The Ripper snarls, and grabs Benjamin by the head, yanking him up with a cold expression. After a few nasty right hands to the gut to soften the Gold Standard, Burchill pulls him down with a smooth Russian Legsweep, and then applies a Rear Chinlock soon after, pressing his knee right to the spine of Benjamin! Edge and Christian have had plenty of time to recover in their corner (well, Edge hasn’t even touched anyone yet, we’re nearly five minutes in), and they exchange glances, wondering how long it’ll be ‘til they get a chance to become legal again. The crowd gets behind Benjamin, who forces his way back up, as Burchill transitions into a side headlock. Shelton spins out, and kicks him the gut, before heading to the ropes... AND GETTING HAMMERED WITH A BIG CLOTHESLINE FROM THE RIPPER ON HIS RETURN! The crowd groans, and Burchill covers...




The crowd cheers, and both men push themselves back up. Burchill kicks Shelton in the gut, then tries to whip him to the ropes... but Benjamin sets his feet, and flings Burchill off to the corner! The corner in question is Edge and Christian’s, and Christian immediately takes advantage, slapping Burchill on the shoulder, and tagging himself in! Burchill is furious, but Christian ignores him, and gets in the ring, standing face to face with Shelton Benjamin for the first time in the contest! Burchill leaves the ring reluctantly at the command of the referee, as the Gold Standard and the ECW Champion stare each other down. Benjamin opens his arms, beckoning for the action to begin, and the pair begin to circle, smirking. This is the first real time these two have really fought against each other after weeks of an unwritten “alliance”, and suddenly, they dart in, locking up to a big pop from the ECW fans!

Christian gets behind Benjamin with the waist lock, but Benjamin swings round suddenly, putting him in a front facelock, and looks to nail a DDT, but Christian flips him over with a Back Body Drop – no, Benjamin flips in the air, and lands on his feet! Christian turns round, ducking the attempted Superkick from Shelton, and heads for the ropes. The ECW Champion leaps with a Dropkick, but Benjamin cuts out his legs in mid-air! Christian falls down to the mat, and Benjamin quickly tries to cover... but he barely gets a count of one, and both men get back up. Captain Charisma throws a punch, which inevitably Benjamin ducks, and lines up an STO this time... but Christian elbows him a few times, and escapes the hold! The men take a few steps backwards, breathing heavily, and the crowd takes up a recent trend, as half the arena chants for Christian, and the other half chants for Shelton! The pair in the ring both crack small smiles, and they move in again. Christian surprises Shelton with a quick Irish whip to the ropes, and again lifts him with the Back Body Drop – which connects this time! Benjamin cries out on impact, holding his back, then forces himself back up. Christian throws a hopeful right hand again, but Shelton ducks it once more, and whips Christian to the empty corner! Benjamin charges, leaping with the Stinger Splash – BUT CHRISTIAN SWEEPS IN BETWEEN THE TOP AND MIDDLE ROPES, AND BENJAMIN SLAMS INTO THE TURNBUCKLE, BEFORE... PENDULUM KICK FROM CHRISTIAN!

The crowd cheers for the brilliant counter as always, and Benjamin goes stumbling back into the ring and finally down to the canvas, dazed. All eyes are on Christian though, as the ECW Champion clambers up to the top rope, and as Benjamin staggers back up to his feet, he gets nailed with the Diving Corkscrew Elbow, also known as the Flashpoint! The crowd cheers, and Christian pulls himself across the ring to hook a leg...




Both men are quickly up, though slightly more tired now, and Christian tries to whip Shelton to his corner, where Edge is still fresh as a daisy, but Benjamin pulls him back, and lays him out with a surprise Belly-to-Belly Suplex! The crowd applauds a little for the impressive counter, and Benjamin covers... 1... 2... but Christian kicks out! Benjamin pulls the ECW Champion up, but he gets pushed away, and Christian lashes out with a kick, which Benjamin catches! Christian doesn’t have much time to react, as the Gold Standard swivels, and nails Captain Charisma with the Dragon Whip to the face! The crowd cheers again for the entertaining move, and Benjamin is quickly on Christian’s torso for another hopeful cover...




Shelton pulls Christian back up following the kickout, desperate to keep this offence rolling. A quick knee to the gut allows the Gold Standard to apply a front facelock, and he pulls Christian to his corner, where Charlie Haas tags himself in to become legal for the first time in the match-up. Haas gets right into things, pulling Christian out of the front facelock with a waist lock, and sweeping out his legs to take him down to the mat, centre of the ring. From here, Haas starts applying a number of amateur wrestling holds, rolling Christian about the ring to wear him down as “HAAS! HAAS! HAAS!” chants echo around the Wachovia Center. Haas smoothly transitions his side headlock into a basic Body Scissors, and starts squeezing the air out of Christian, a focused expression on his face. Benjamin eggs Haas on at ringside, while the Englishmen whisper strategy on the apron, and Edge tries to get some crowd support going. Slowly, Christian starts to work his way out of the Body Scissors, managing to pry Haas off him, and both men get to their feet. Christian lands a right hand, so Haas just gives it right back... and soon the pair are exchanging blows!

The crowd is split on who to cheer for, leading to mixed reactions with each shot – eventually, Christian gets the upper hand, and pushes Haas to the ropes, before throwing a clothesline... WHICH HAAS DUCKS, AND DUMPS CHRISTIAN ON HIS HEAD WITH A SICKENING GERMAN SUPLEX! The crowd goes insane, with a few, small, “HOLY SHIT!” chants kicking off in the back of the arena, as Haas roars out at the crowd, fired up again! Christian’s eyes are out of focus on the mat, and Haas starts beckoning for him to get up, bouncing on the balls of his feet. Christian does indeed get back up, struggling up using the empty turnbuckle, and Haas latches his arms round him again for another German Suplex... but Christian grabs the top turnbuckle, and Haas can’t execute the move! Suddenly, Christian lashes out with an elbow, and Haas staggers away, now ruing not covering Christian earlier, and the ECW Champion hops to the second rope... BEFORE LAUNCHING OFF, AND DRILLING HAAS INTO THE MAT WITH THE TORNADO DDT! The crowd goes wild, and suddenly, Edge is stretching, desperate for the tag! After a few moments of selling their exhaustion, both men in the ring start forcing themselves up – Haas tries to Suplex Christian, but the ECW Champion pushes him away, then throws him all the way across the ring. Haas collides with Paul Burchill on the apron, knocking him off, and the crowd cheers, but Brutus Magnus takes advantage, tagging himself in off Haas... AND CHRISTIAN LEAPS TOWARDS HIS CORNER, AND FOR THE FIRST TIME, TAGS IN EDGE!

The Wachovia Center goes CRAZY for the hot tag, and the Rated R Superstar comes in like a rocket ship, immediately decking Magnus with a big right hand! Edge goes crazy, running a hand through his hair frantically as Magnus gets back up, only to get nailed with another big right hand! The crowd is just as fired up as Edge is, and the Englishman wobbles back up again, only to get whipped to that vacant corner, and slammed into the turnbuckle with a big Shoulder Thrust! Magnus yells out, the air driven from his lungs with that one, and Edge whips him back out of the corner, over to the ropes, where he rebounds... and gets lifted by Edge, right into the Flapjack! The crowd goes wild with the impact, and Edge stands up, roaring “C’MOOON!” out at the ECW faithful, who join him in getting even more pumped up! Magnus wobbles up one more time... AND EDGE DROPS HIM WITH THE EDGECUTION! The crowd cheers madly, and the Rated R Superstar hooks a leg...




It’s a filthy reaction for Burchill, who breaks up the cover with a big stomp on Edge’s back – the Rated R Superstar is up in seconds, pained but still furious regardless! Edge lambasts Burchill, who starts trash talking right back at him... and Magnus rolls Edge up! 1... 2... But Edge kicks out! The crowd cheers, and soon, Edge is taking on both Englishmen, leaping to his feet, and peppering both men with ferocious right hands! The Rated R Superstar takes Magnus down, and mounts him, pounding him with more punches, but he gets tugged off by the hair by Burchill! The Ripper ignores the referee telling him to get out of the ring, and clubs Edge down to the mat – BUT CHRISTIAN COMES FLYING IN, TAKING BOTH HIMSELF AND BURCHILL OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A BIG TACKLE! The crowd pops for that one, but Magnus suddenly has control over Edge, pulling him to his feet, and putting his head between his legs... before he connects with a clear-cut, ring-shaking Sitout Powerbomb! Magnus sticks in the pinning position...







Edge can’t believe how close he came, and the crowd groans as one with the kickout! Both men get up, and Magnus immediately kicks Edge in the gut, putting him in a front facelock. Magnus taunts to the crowd for a moment, but it proves costly, as Edge spins out behind the Englishman, and puts his head between his legs for the Electric Chair Lift! Edge gets Magnus up, and the crowd cheers wildly as the Englishman flails about – Edge frowns as his Achilles tendon struggles a little under the weight, and he wobbles backwards a little. Magnus reaches out hopefully with an arm behind him... but the corner he’s looking for belongs to the World’s Greatest Tag Team, and Charlie Haas tags himself in! Brutus is stunned, but Edge (who hasn’t a clue Haas is now legal) now pulls his victim back towards the centre of the ring, ready to pull something off – BUT HAAS GETS UP ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE, AND TOPPLES BOTH MEN WITH A STUNNING BULLDOG TO MAGNUS! The crowd goes crazy for the huge spot, and all three men involved are now totally laid out across the ring! Christian, Shelton Benjamin and Paul Burchill, all three ironically not involved, are all now in their corners, totally stunned by the move by Haas, who now starts inching his way towards Edge for the cover...




Christian pumps his fists on the apron as the Rated R Superstar fights out of the cover, and a mixed reaction goes up around the arena, half of which expected that to be it! The referee holds up two fingers to ringside, and Haas runs a hand through his hair as he gets up... before grabbing Edge’s legs, stepping in, and – YES, LOCKING IN THE SHARPSHOOTER ON EDGE! The crowd explodes with a mixed reaction as Haas applies the Sharpshooter on his Canadian opponent, and Edge screams out, eyes wide in pain as the pressure shoots right through his Achilles tendon! Christian keeps yelling for Edge to get out of it, as the referee tells Burchill on the apron to get involved at his peril, and Haas cranks up the pressure, trying to force the Rated R Superstar to tap... BUT HE WON’T! Edge refuses to give in, and every single “ASK HIM!” from Haas gets the same response, before Edge starts the agonisingly crawl towards the ropes... he reaches out... AND GRABS THE BOTTOM ONE! The crowd comes alive with another mixed reaction, mostly cheers, for the break, and Haas releases the hold, sighing in frustration.

Edge pulls himself gingerly to his feet, and looks to Christian, who holds out his arm for the tag – the Rated R Superstar starts moving towards him, clearly tired, but Haas yanks him back, turns him around, and lays him out with an Arm Drag! Edge is back up again, only to get tossed with another Arm Drag... and a third, before he sits up. Haas lines up a kick, but Edge ducks underneath it, and gets to his feet, ramming Haas all the way into the corner of Burchill and Magnus! This provides the perfect opportunity for the Englishmen, as Burchill tags himself in off Haas, and knocks Edge backwards with a big right hand! Edge tumbles to the floor, surprised, and Burchill gets in the ring, before grabbing Haas, and tossing him to the outside, as he did earlier! Haas tumbles to the outside floor, and Burchill is soon on Edge’s case, thumping him with right hands. He pulls the Rated R Superstar back to his feet, and suddenly lifts him with the Vertical Suplex Lift! The crowd boos, and Benjamin and Christian frown as Burchill thinks Dangerous Buster... but Edge wriggles free, and lands behind Burchill to a big pop from the crowd! The Rated R Superstar winces as he lands hard, but he still grabs Burchill’s head, AND NAILS THE EDGE-O-MATIC! The crowd cheers, and Edge hooks the leg in the pinning position as he lands...




Edge has been in for a while now, and it’s beginning to show. The Rated R Superstar lies on his back following the kickout, clearly fatigued, and having taken a bit of damage to his supposedly-recovered Achilles tendon. He pulls himself up using the ropes, and shoots a warning glance at Brutus Magnus, who was clearly considering interfering, before he turns round, and gets whipped to the opposite ropes by Paul Burchill. Edge comes back, narrowly missing the tag to Christian on his way across, and Burchill slams him down with a big clothesline! The crowd boos, and Burchill presses himself over the Rated R Superstar, scowling... 1... 2... but Edge forces a shoulder up! The Ripper is none too pleased, and he pulls Edge up again. One quick kick to the gut keels him over, and Burchill heads for the ropes... BUT HE COMES BACK TO A BIG BOOT FROM EDGE, TAKING BOTH MEN DOWN! Burchill is dizzy on the mat, and on the apron, Brutus Magnus takes a moment away from attempting to flirt with Katie Lea to tell his old friend to “Get the hell up, man”.

Slowly, Burchill does just that, just as Edge does likewise. The pair meet in the middle of the ring, and begin to exchange sluggish blows. The crowd pops with every shot from Edge, then boos veraciously when Burchill connects, but suddenly, just as Edge starts hitting a few consecutive punches, the Ripper lashes out with a kick to the gut. He then whips Edge off to the ropes again – and Shelton Benjamin reaches out, stealing a sneaky tag off the Rated R Superstar! Edge runs back straight into a crunching Shoulder Block from Burchill, but the Ripper looks up, as Benjamin launches off the top turnbuckle – ONLY FOR BURCHILL TO GRAB HIM IN MID-AIR, AND DRIVE HIM DOWN WITH A POWERBOMB! Charlie Haas groans with the impact, as does just about everyone in the arena, and both Burchill and Benjamin lie flat out after the stunning move. Slowly, Paul Burchill drapes an arm over his Royal Rumble opponent for the cover...




The crowd cheers wildly as Shelton narrowly kicks out, and Brutus Magnus throws his arms up in disgust on the apron, thinking that was this contest done and dusted. Edge regroups with Christian on the apron, clearly smarting from the offence he took during his extended stint inside the ring, and the pair start talking some more strategy, as Burchill starts stomping all over Benjamin. After a few moments, he heads for the ropes, and jumps up with a Leg Drop – but Shelton rolls out the way, leaving Burchill to crash and burn! The crowd gives a big masculine cheer as the Ripper lands on his ass, and Benjamin forces himself up, before leaping with a nasty Dropkick to the back of the Englishman’s head! An impressed groan goes up around the arena with the impact, and the Gold Standard covers...




Both men slowly get back up, and Benjamin is the first to strike, with a kick to the gut, before he grabs Burchill by the head, and runs him over to the vacant corner, where he SLAMS the Ripper’s head into the turnbuckle, then begins to repeatedly hammer his head into it, getting really fired up! The crowd cheer for Shelton as he now rams Burchill into the turnbuckle, before taking a few steps back, and leaping to nail the Stinger Splash! Burchill takes some serious impact, and goes wobbling back into the ring, as Shelton scales the turnbuckle, and leaps off with a Crossbody... BUT BURCHILL CATCHES HIM, AND LAYS HIM OUT WITH A BACKBREAKER! The crowd groans, and Benjamin rolls down to the canvas, clutching his back in agony after the big move! Burchill falls to his knees, but suddenly hooks a leg...




A big cheer goes up around the Wachovia Center, and both men in the ring force themselves back up – Burchill is up slightly faster, and thus he takes control again, clubbing Benjamin in the back... AND TOSSING HIM BETWEEN THE VACANT CORNER’S TURNBUCKLES, INTO THE STEEL RING POST! Benjamin cries out with the crunching impact, and he slowly detaches himself, before resting himself in that corner, breathing heavily. Burchill slowly raises an arm with a smirk, then charges in – but Benjamin sends him reeling away with both feet to the jaw! The Ripper rubs his mouth tenderly, and sees Christian, who couldn’t help but smile at the reversal by Benjamin, who is still recovering in the corner. Burchill scowls at Christian, and the ECW Champion’s smile disappears immediately. Burchill starts to yell at him, “YOU FIND THAT FUNNY, HUH?”... BEFORE DECKING HIM FROM THE APRON WITH A RIGHT HAND! The crowd boos wildly, and Edge instantly drops from the apron to check on his friend, who isn’t hurt, more just pissed off on the outside. Burchill smirks, and turns round, as Benjamin comes charging out of the corner – AND THEY KNOCK EACH OTHER DOWN WITH SIMULTANEOUS CLOTHESLINES!

Both men go down, and immediately “LET’S GO SHELTON!” chants kick off in the arena, as both men start struggling over to their corners, where Charlie Haas and Brutus Magnus are both waiting to take each other on. Slowly, Benjamin and Burchill crawl over to their adjacent corners, and force their tired bodies into action, as they leap up, and get the tags to Haas and Magnus respectively! The pair come charging in, and head straight for each other, firing away with right hands! The crowd goes wild, and Magnus suddenly grabs Haas by the head, before flinging him over the top rope – no, he hangs on! Haas sets up on the apron as Magnus does a little taunting for the crowd, but he inevitably turns back round, and gets taken down with the Overcastle from Charlie Haas! The Wachovia Center cheers for the athletic move, and someone in the top tier starts a “HAAS OF PAIN! HAAS OF PAIN!” chant, which catches like wildfire, and soon, the whole arena is chanting it! Haas starts wandering about the ring, hands to his ears, taunting, asking if they want it, and when the chants intensify, Haas decides he’ll give them what they want, grabbing Magnus by the legs, centre of the ring... before he tangles them, and flips him over... AND LOCKS IN THE HAAS OF PAIN!!! HAAS OF PAIN ON MAGNUS, DEAD CENTRE OF THE RING! THE CROWD IS GOING MENTAL!

Magnus is screaming, face pressed against the mat, legs and spine at a hideous angle – there isn’t a chance in HELL he’s getting to the ropes, and he’s raises his hand, as if to tap, and the crowd roars for him to do just that... BUT PAUL BURCHILL COMES CHARGING IN SUDDENLY WITH A SICKENING BOOT TO THE SIDE OF HAAS’ HEAD! The crowd comes alive with boos for the massive buzzkill, and Haas collapses to the mat, brains clearly jumbled by the nasty shot, and Burchill raises his tired arms, gloating to the crowd – SPEAR! SPEAR! EDGE COMES CHARGING IN, AND SPEARS THE LIGHTS OUT OF THE RIPPER!!! THE CROWD GOES INSANE, AND EDGE IS UP, EYES WIDE LIKE A MANIAC!

Edge is all over the ring, taunting to the crowd all over the arena, as HUGE chants of “RATED R! RATED R!” kick off, and the Rated R Superstar nods frantically, as Christian grins on the apron! Suddenly though, Charlie Haas gets up – AND SENDS EDGE CAREERING ACROSS THE RING WITH THE RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! The crowd groans with the nasty impact, and Edge goes tumbling out of the ring, completely dazed! Charlie Haas turns round, and pulls Brutus Magnus back up to his feet... but Magnus hoists Haas on to his shoulders, AND LAYS HIM OUT WITH THE TWISTING SAMOAN DROP, THE TORMENTUM! The impact shakes the ring, and Magnus hooks a leg, sure of victory... BUT NO! FROG SPLASH ON TO THE PINNING PREDICAMENT BY CHRISTIAN! “HOLY SHIT!” chants the audience, and rightly so, that was INSANE! Christian goes careering out of the ring on impact, clutching his stomach, but both Brutus Magnus and Charlie Haas are out of it, lying still on the mat after the ridiculously daring Frog Splash by Christian! The referee doesn’t know what to make of the situation, with guys lying all over the shop on the outside, and the two legal men out of it too!

Finally, there’s signs of life... but it’s not anyone in the ring, it’s Katie Lea on the outside, standing in the middle ground between the fallen bodies of Christian, and her brother, Paul Burchill! For a second, she stands between them, eyes wide out of indecision. Eventually, she takes a single step towards Christian, then pauses... and heads back to her brother, trying to help him up! The crowd boos a bit, and Katie Lea keeps throwing glances at Christian as he leans up against the barricade, clutching his ribs. In the ring, Charlie Haas finds the ropes, and starts pulling himself up – Shelton Benjamin, probably one of the fresher men of the six, finds his corner, and struggles up to the apron. Brutus Magnus starts blinking on the canvas, frowning as he tries to regain himself, and starts pushing himself upwards. Slowly, Magnus and Haas notice each other, and move in. Magnus fires a big right hand, but Haas grabs the arm, and leaps up, pulling the Englishman down into an Armbar! The crowd cheers as Haas applies the painful-looking hold, and Magnus is suddenly wide awake, yelling out as Haas wrenches on his arm!

Magnus scrunches up his face in pain, and knows that Burchill can’t help him this time, he’s still being helped to his feet by his sister! Magnus starts to struggle, desperate to break the hold... and suddenly, he flips his body over, and starts PULLING HIMSELF UP to his feet, even with Haas glued to his arm! The crowd are in awe of Magnus’ strength, as Haas’ eyes go wide, and the Englishman places his other hand on Haas so he can fully lift him up... AND PUTS HIM ON TO HIS SHOULDERS, THINKING TORMENTUM AGAIN! The crowd explodes with boos, though many are still stunned by Magnus’ counter, and the Englishman looks out at the crowd, letting out a giant roar of adrenaline! However, before he can execute the move, Haas starts firing away with desperate elbows, and Magnus drops him! Haas lands behind Magnus – grabbing a quick tag to the nearby Shelton Benjamin as he does – then applies a waist lock, thinking German Suplex... but Magnus elbows HIM in the head this time, and flings Haas from the ring aggressively once more! The crowd boos, and Magnus taunts again, not knowing that Shelton Benjamin is legal!

Edge and Christian struggle back up to the apron now in unison, breathing heavily, just in time to see Brutus Magnus turn around – AND GET SPANKED WITH A SUPERKICK FROM THE GOLD STANDARD, SHELTON BENJAMIN! Magnus goes stumbling across the ring, barely conscious on his feet, and topples into Christian’s corner, allowing the ECW Champion to tiredly tag himself in, to a huge pop from the crowd! Christian gets up on the top turnbuckle, egged on by Edge on the apron, and looks to launch something – but Shelton Benjamin made his name on being a daredevil, and he charges across the ring, leaping up to that top turnbuckle too! The crowd pops a little for the athletic move from the Gold Standard, who sneakily knocks Edge off the apron with a quick boot to the face, and looks to send Christian across the ring with a Superplex! The crowd comes alive with mixed chants for both men... Paul Burchill gets back on the apron, with Charlie Haas slowly making his way up on the adjacent corner, and both men can only watch as Benjamin tries to nail that Superplex... but Christian hangs on to the top rope, then surprises Shelton with a headbutt, and pushes him off! The crowd cheers as Benjamin slams down to the mat, and Christian launches with the Frog Splash – KNEES UP FROM BENJAMIN! The arena grimaces as ones with the crunching impact, and Christian now gasps for air on the canvas, clutching his stomach in agony! Shelton crawls over to the ECW Champion, and throws himself over him for the cover...




The crowd cheers as Captain Charisma forces his way out of the pinning predicament, and on the outside, Brutus Magnus finally recovers from that big Superkick, as he pulls himself up by the barricade, and starts wobbling his way back towards Paul Burchill, who is watching with a frown as Benjamin and Christian struggle to bring themselves back to their feet. Charlie Haas and Edge have their hands outstretched to tag in if necessary, but Christian and Benjamin have unfinished business, and they get up, and start exchanging slow punches! On the outside, Magnus sees Katie Lea again, and he briefly moves over to her, trying to flirt with her once again – the English Diva frowns, and looks elsewhere. Christian starts to get some momentum going, nailing a few consecutive blows to Benjamin’s head – but he turns his head to see Katie Lea, trying to push Magnus away from her! The Englishman clearly has an eye for her, but she’s not interested, and suddenly, Christian pays for the loss of focus, AS BENJAMIN NAILS HIM WITH THE T-BONE SUPLEX! The crowd groans with the impact, and the Gold Standard covers...




Heat rains in all around the arena for the Ripper, but suddenly, Charlie Haas comes charging in, and clears Burchill from the ring with a Dropkick, sending him tumbling through the ropes to the outside! Burchill crunches to the outside floor, and suddenly, Katie Lea has an excuse to get away from a frustrated Brutus Magnus, as she goes to check on her brother! Meanwhile in the ring, Charlie Haas is firing up the crowd, and they’re going wild – BECAUSE EDGE IS CROUCHED IN THE CORNER, EYES WIDE LIKE A MANIAC IN PREPARATION FOR... HAAS TURNS ROUND... AND GETS A MASSIVE SPEAR FROM THE RATED R SUPERSTAR! The crowd goes wild as Haas rolls from the ring, holding his ribs in pain, and this time it’s Edge pumping up the crowd, running his hands through his hair like a freak! Edge turns round, and inevitably – CRACK! A huge Superkick connects from Shelton Benjamin, and the Rated R Superstar falls through the ropes, stunned! A mixed reaction goes up from the crowd, and Benjamin turns round... ARMS HOOKED BY CHRISTIAN, KILLSWITCH?

NO! Benjamin pushes Christian away, all the way to the English corner, where PAUL BURCHILL leaps up to the apron, and tags himself in off Christian! The Ripper gets in the ring, and Benjamin charges for him... but Burchill ducks, and Shelton clears Christian from the ring instead! Brutus Magnus isn’t even paying attention any more, just trying to woo Katie Lea, and Christian clatters to the outside nearby! Benjamin turns around, and Burchill hammers him with a right hand! Benjamin goes reeling away, and Burchill then kicks him the gut, before pulling him up into the Vertical Suplex Lift! The crowd boos, but on the outside, CHRISTIAN gets in Magnus’ face, telling him to “Leave her alone”! The focus is still in the ring, but suddenly, Magnus and Christian are exchanging choice words, as a nervous Katie Lea looks on... AND MAGNUS SNAPS, TAKING DOWN THE ECW CHAMPION WITH A RIGHT HAND, AND THE PAIR START BRAWLING ACROSS THE OUTSIDE FLOOR! Katie Lea screams in horror and shock, and Paul Burchill, still trying to execute the Dangerous Buster, looks over to the brawl, furious! The distraction is enough for Shelton Benjamin though, as he escapes the hold, and lands behind the Ripper – who turns round – AND SHELTON BENJAMIN CONNECTS WITH PAYDIRT ON PAUL BURCHILL! THE CROWD GOES WILD, AND THE GOLD STANDARD COVERS, WITH NO-ONE TO BREAK IT UP IN SIGHT...






The crowd goes nuts, as Shelton Benjamin pulls himself to his feet, and has his arm raised by the referee! Charlie Haas slowly rolls back into the ring, and the official raises his arm too, before he exits the ring, giving the World’s Greatest Tag Team their moment in the sun! The pair shake hands with big smiles, before heading around the turnbuckles, taunting to the roaring crowd...

BUT ON THE OUTSIDE, CHRISTIAN AND BRUTUS MAGNUS ARE STILL FIGHTING! Christian gets the upper hand on the ground, flipping Magnus on to his back, and whaling away with furious right hands! Katie Lea is shaking, totally horrified, and suddenly, Christian pulls Magnus to his feet, and SLAMS his head right into the ring apron! The crowd groans with the impact, and as Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas start to make their way up the ramp, celebrating, Christian still isn’t done, as he rams Magnus right into the announce table with a Shoulder Thrust! Magnus yells out, and Christian starts going nuts with those punches again – BEFORE PAUL BURCHILL, RECOVERED, COMES ROLLING OUT OF THE RING, AND CLUBS CHRISTIAN IN THE BACK!

The crowd boos, and the ECW Champion cries out, as the Ripper now pulls him away from Magnus, and sends him tumbling to the floor with a big right hand! Magnus gets off the table, seething, and both he and Burchill start stomping on Christian, both equally furious! Katie Lea doesn’t have the guts to tell them to stop, and Burchill looks up – ONLY TO GET SPEARED BY EDGE! The crowd goes nuts for the Rated R Superstar, who gets up immediately, kicking Magnus in the gut as he does. He then grabs him by the head – AND RUNS HIM OVER TO THE BARRICADE, TOSSING HIM HEAD-FIRST INTO THE CROWD! Magnus disappears behind the legions of cheering ECW fans, and Edge raises his usual two-handed taunt, getting a HUGE roar from the Wachovia Center!

Christian starts to struggle up to his feet, smiling as he sees Edge, and the pair get into the ring. They stand up, looking out at the cheering crowd, and they turn back to each other – before they share an embrace to another pop, and raise each other’s hands to the crowd! They may have lost here tonight, but the one-night-only reunion of Edge and Christian has pumped up the crowd to the max, and Christian receives his title belt from ringside, before the pair leave, and are given a rousing reception from the Wachovia Center!

Todd Grisham: What a match, ladies and gentlemen! Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas walk out the winners, and rightly so, but what about that brawl after the match!

Byron Saxton: I’ll tell ya, I’m disgusted, Todd. Edge and Christian attacking two upstanding Englishmen like Paul Burchill and Brutus Magnus after they worked so hard here tonight? It makes me sick, Todd, it’s just not right.

Todd Grisham: Well, whether it was “right” or not, Paul Burchill and the debutant Brutus Magnus have been left feeling rather sheepish here tonight, and after Shelton Benjamin’s big win in that match, you have to consider him a serious contender to the ECW Championship in 15 days at Royal Rumble.

As Katie Lea worriedly checks on her brother, and glances occasionally up at a smiling Edge and Christian on the stage, we cut away... backstage, where Savannah is standing with a mic, because the crowd needs a break between these two matches, and you lot will point that out to me otherwise.

Savannah: Ladies and gentlemen, in just a few moments, Zack Ryder will take on Tommy Dreamer in an Extreme Rules match, but for the moment, please welcome my guest at this time... WILLIAM REGAL!

The Wachovia Center boos wildly for the British Brawler, who steps into the shot, looking damn proud of himself. Vladimir Kozlov stands silently to the side.

Savannah: Now William, early tonight, you defeated Ezekiel Jackson by knockout in the opening contest – replays show that you used brass knuckles to give yourself an advantage, are you worried there might be consequences for your actions?

Regal laughs out loud.

William Regal: My dear, I highly doubt I shall be punished. In fact, I should be rewarded!

Heat from the arena.

William Regal: Why, Ezekiel Jackson has made plenty of promises recently, suggesting that he would defeat me tonight... but I made him lose consciousness with the Regal Stretch, you see.

More boos.

William Regal: And just like Ezekiel wasn’t worthy of being in the Ruthless Roundtable, he wasn’t worthy of staying conscious in our match tonight. I showed the world, that Ezekiel Jackson is nothing more, than the scum you find on every back-street in this filthy country.

The crowd really lets Regal have it, and he smirks.

William Regal: Ezekiel Jackson may say that I “cheated”, or accuse me of “foul play”, but I think you’ll find; he’s the one who cheated himself. When he betrayed the Ruthless Roundtable.

More heat.

William Regal: So now, Ezekiel can rest easy, knowing that he’s been put in his place by his superior, and that I shall be going to Royal Rumble, to claim the World Title shot that I’ve always deserved. Good day to you, dear.

Regal smirks, and leaves the shot, with Kozlov following him, never saying much more than the occasional grunt.

We now cut elsewhere backstage, where the crowd pops big for TOMMY DREAMER, who is shaking out his shoulders, ready to compete in the biggest match of his life tonight. Wearing his usual ECW t-shirt and black trousers with a red design alongside the side tonight, Dreamer looks incredibly focused, and from the side of the shot, he picks up a Singapore cane, to a big pop from the crowd! Slowly, he moves towards the camera, and starts walking down a similar corridor to the one Christian was walking down earlier, but this one is laden with backstage workers and superstars either side.

Dreamer looks around at the scene for a moment, then smiles, and continues walking. Holding their heads, Gregory Helms and Yoshi Tatsu appear to a small pop, and both shake Dreamer’s hand, wishing him luck. Dreamer continues walking, with a few workers saying “Good luck Tommy”, to a smile back from the Innovator of Violence. Dreamer keeps walking, breathing deeply, until he meets the former ECW General Manager, Tiffany, who takes a deep breath, smiles a little tearfully, and shakes Dreamer’s hand to another small pop. Dreamer smiles sympathetically, then keeps walking, as Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, still pumped up from their win, wish him luck on their way past. Eventually, the Heart and Soul of ECW comes across Christian and Edge, who have literally just come back from the stage. Dreamer and Christian, having had their fair share of matches over Captain Charisma’s title, share a big embrace to a huge reaction from the crowd, as Edge smiles a little at the side. Christian says “Good luck, man” and Dreamer grins, before he turns to the camera, and twists his Singapore cane a bit, as Christian and Edge leave the shot.

We cut to the arena, where the camera sweeps around the ringside area – there’s numerous trash cans around the place, filled with all sorts of weapons. Some of the trash cans have crutches in, as well as street signs, and other typical Extreme Rules gear. Put simply, there’s a load of weapons about the place, not to mention the inevitable tables, chairs and such beneath the ring.

Todd Grisham: You can see all this weaponry around ringside, which means it’s time for our main event tonight – Tommy Dreamer versus Zack Ryder, in an Extreme Rules match, with Dreamer’s career on the line.

Byron Saxton: This match is gonna be sick, Todd. Let’s just hope Zack Ryder doesn’t embarrass ol’ Tommy too much, huh?

The bell chimes and in the ring, Lauren Mayhew steps forward with her mic.

Lauren Mayhew: The following is a Career Threatening match, contested under Extreme Rules! In this match, there are no count-outs, no disqualifications, anything goes – the only way to obtain victory, is by pinfall or submission! However, if Tommy Dreamer loses, he must retire!

The crowd boos a little at that part, but nevertheless, the arena is pumped up for this contest to come.



The arena EXPLODES with heat as Zack Ryder struts out from behind the curtain! The Long Island Legend smirks out at the arena from behind his shades, then adjusts his headband, throws off his jacket, and starts making his way down the ramp, taunting the fans on either side of him. The crowd starts a “RYDER SUCKS!” chant, but he ignores them, and rolls in the ring, looking around with a small grin at the weapons.

Lauren Mayhew: Introducing first... from Long Island, New York, weighing in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds... THE LONG ISLAND LEGEND, ZAAAAACK – RYYYYYDER!!!

Todd Grisham: As usual tonight, these fans are very vocal in their dislike of Zack Ryder here, but it comes as no surprise that he doesn’t really care.

Byron Saxton: Should he, Todd? All he’s gotta focus on is breakin’ Tommy Dreamer in half here tonight, and he’s done it plenty of times recently, so why shouldn’t he be confident?

As Ryder takes off his shades and headband, and starts to have a little contemplation on what weapon he should use on Dreamer first, his music dies down.


THE WACHOVIA CENTER GETS TO ITS FEET AS ONE, TO APPLAUD TOMMY DREAMER AS HE ENTERS! The reaction for the Innovator of Violence is MASSIVE, and Dreamer looks out in awe as he appears from behind the curtain, Singapore cane in hand!

Lauren Mayhew: And his opponent... from Yonkers, New York, weighing in tonight at two hundred, and sixty pounds... HE IS THE INNOVATOR OF VIOLENCE, THE HEART – AND – SOUL OF E – C – W... TOOOOOOMMMYYYYY DREEEEEAAAAAAMERRRR!!!

“FUCK HIM UP TOMMY, FUCK HIM UP!” comes the chant from the ECW faithful, many of who were present at the infamous One Night Stand 2006, it appears, and Tommy Dreamer raises his Singapore cane above his head, before storming down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans either side of him.

Todd Grisham: The ovation of these fans here in Philadelphia tonight is all you need to hear, to know that Tommy Dreamer IS ECW. Tommy Dreamer is the man who “innovated violence”, the man who revolutionised ECW, and tonight, he hopes to prove all of that to the upstart, Zack Ryder.

Byron Saxton: And hey, an Extreme Rules match has always supposedly been Tommy Dreamer’s match, Todd – but like I said earlier, Zack Ryder is the NEW face of E – C – Dubya! Zack Ryder’s gonna put on a show for us tonight, I guarantee it.

Dreamer slides in the ring, and his music dies down. Those chants just get louder, and Dreamer looks from the cane in his hand, then back to Ryder, and smirks. Ryder frowns, and the referee asks that Dreamer put it down before the contest starts. Dreamer shrugs nonchalantly, and places it in the corner. Ryder looks much more confident all of a sudden, and the referee looks between both men... before he calls for the bell, kicking off this contest!

Match 5 – Extreme Rules, Career Threatening Match
Zack Ryder vs Tommy Dreamer

The crowd cheers a little as the bell chimes – and Tommy Dreamer just grabs his cane straight back up again, charging right for Ryder, who escapes the bottom rope! The arena cheers wildly as Dreamer beats the ropes, fired up already, and Ryder points at him, yelling “NO! NO!”, before he heads for his nearest trash can, and dumps everything out of it! A few canes and crutches tumble to the floor, and Ryder grabs the trash can, looking to push it into the ring – BUT DREAMER NAILS A BASEBALL SLIDE TO THE TRASH CAN, SENDING RYDER REELING BACK TO THE FLOOR! A big pop goes up around the arena, and Dreamer heads to the outside now, looking to inflict more damage!

Ryder wobbles back to his feet, clutching his ribs, and starts moving towards the ramp hurriedly – but Dreamer charges up behind him, AND SNAPS THE CANE IN HALF ON RYDER’S BACK! The crowd goes wild again, and Ryder collapses to the floor in horrible pain, screaming out! Dreamer pulls him straight back up, slamming his head into the nearby barricade as he does, then looks to toss him into the steel ring steps with the Irish whip... which Ryder reverses, and sends Dreamer himself – but the Innovator of Violence stops himself, then turns round. Ryder foolishly charges in, so Dreamer tosses him up – AND SLAMS HIM WITH A FLAPJACK ON TO THE STEEL RING STEPS! The crowd groans with the nasty impact, and Ryder tumbles off the steps, now clutching his face. A big “TOMMY! TOMMY! TOMMY” chant begins in the crowd, and Dreamer picks Ryder up, flinging him back in the ring.

Ryder rolls into the ring and lies seemingly lifeless for the moment. Dreamer knocks the nearest trash can over, and pulls a crutch out of it, before he rolls in the ring. Ryder rolls out the ring on the opposite side though, and grabs the first thing he can find from under the apron – a steel chair! The crowd boos, and Dreamer goes for the Baseball Slide again... but Ryder sidesteps it, then rocks Dreamer in the gut with the butt of the chair! The Innovator of Violence groans and bends over, dropping the crutch... SO RYDER CRASHES THE CHAIR INTO DREAMER’S BACK! Tommy topples to the floor, now on his knees, and Ryder puts his boot to his face, pushing him over to some heat from the crowd. Ryder throws the chair into the ring, then grabs Dreamer, and does likewise. The Long Island Legend follows him in, and hooks a leg... Dreamer’s career is on the line here...




The crowd cheers, but Ryder snarls, and pulls Tommy back to his feet. Ryder applies a front facelock, dragging him over to the steel chair and looks to DDT him on to it... but Dreamer suddenly hoists Ryder up on to his shoulders, thinking TommyHawk! The crowd cheers, but Ryder slips out behind, and when Dreamer turns round, the Long Island Legend leaps up for the Rough Ryder – BUT DREAMER CATCHES HIM MID-MOVE, AND DRIVES HIM DOWN WITH A POWERBOMB ON TO THE CHAIR! The crowd goes nuts for the move, and both men lie still for a moment, before the Innovator of Violence gradually moves across, and hooks a leg...




Dreamer rolls from the ring after the kickout, undeterred, and grabs an empty trash can. He throws it over the top rope, into the ring, then grabs its lid, and rolls back in the ring – but Ryder is up, and he kicks him in the gut, making him drop the trash can lid, before sending him to the turnbuckle with an Irish whip. Ryder charges in, but Dreamer ducks out of the way, letting the Long Island Legend slam face-first into the turnbuckle... then nails him with a Big Boot to send him tumbling to the outside! The crowd cheers, and Dreamer lets out a big roar, getting even more fired up now! Ryder crunches to the outside, scowling out of pain and frustration, and slowly pulls himself back up using the announce table. Dreamer’s having none of it though, as he slides from the ring, and grabs Ryder by the head, before trying to throw him over the announce table – but Ryder puts a foot on the top of it, and won’t go over! The crowd boos, and the Long Island Legend fights back, nailing some elbows to the gut of Dreamer... BEFORE FLINGING HIM OVER THE ANNOUNCE TABLE, SENDING SAXTON AND GRISHAM SCATTERING IN SHOCK!

The crowd groans as Dreamer goes collapsing to the other side of the table, and Ryder wrenches the cover off out of pure adrenaline! The Long Island Legend now head towards the timekeeper’s area at ringside, shoving some random worker off his chair, and folding it up, to boos from the crowd. Dreamer starts trying to pull himself up, and Ryder, wobbling a bit from the shots he’s taken already, throws the chair on to the announce table, and stands on it, pulling Dreamer up to it, too! The crowd boos, and Ryder looks to DDT Dreamer through both the chair and table... BUT DREAMER TOSSES HIM BACKWARDS WITH A BACK BODY DROP, SENDING HIM CLATTERING TO THE FLOOR! The crowd cheers wildly, and Ryder screams out in agony, clutching his back with the horrid impact!

Dreamer grabs the chair off the table, and rolls back in the ring, before ramming it in between the upper and middle turnbuckles. In the ring, there’s still a trash can, its lid, and a slightly bent chair, which Dreamer picks up, and rolls back out of the ring, to see Ryder forcing himself up by the stripped announce table. Ryder looks up in surprise, and gets the chair right in the gut, bending him over – Dreamer takes a step back, then swings, but Ryder ducks, and the chair crumples on the barricade instead! The crowd groans, and Dreamer drops the chair, but it gives Ryder an opening, as he kicks Dreamer in the gut, and flings him head-first into the steel ring post! A big groan goes up around the Wachovia Center as Tommy goes down, holding his face in anguish, and Ryder yanks him straight back up, scowling. He throws Dreamer in the ring, where he lies nearly motionless on the mat, and Ryder flips up the apron – AND PULLS OUT A FOLDED TABLE! A mixed reaction can be heard throughout the arena as Ryder tosses the table in the ring, smirking, and rolls in after it. He looks down at Dreamer, still not moving, and smirks, hooking a leg suddenly...




The crowd pops, but Ryder isn’t pleased, grabbing the table, and leaning it in the corner. He then picks Dreamer back to his feet, and looks to Irish whip him into it... but Dreamer sets his feet, pulls Ryder into the front facelock – AND DRIVES RYDER WITH THE DREAMER DDT INTO THE NEARBY TRASH CAN! The crowd goes WILD, and both men lie still in the wreckage of the crumpled trash can, with Ryder pretty much knocked out by that killer move! Dreamer isn’t moving either, clearly with jumbled brains after being slammed into the ring post, and Todd Grisham is shouting “COVER, TOMMY! COVER!” at ringside like a maniac, as Dreamer finally moves – he has to push the trash can out of the way, and flip Ryder’s body to his back, but he finally drapes an arm over him for the cover...




Dreamer rolls away, exhausted already, and the pair start forcing themselves up. Ryder wobbles, and has to use the ropes to support himself, before both men stagger into the middle of the ring, and start slugging away with a classic exchange of right hands! Dreamer nails a shot to a big cheer from the crowd, only to get one back from Ryder, accompanied by a ton of heat... Dreamer... Ryder... cheer... boo... cheer... boo... cheer... cheer... cheer... Dreamer forces Ryder up to the ropes, and sends him off the other side. The Innovator of Violence grabs the trash can lid from the mat, and swings it at Ryder, but the Long Island Legend ducks underneath it, and rolls from the ring on the other side!

The crowd boos, as Ryder clutches his head on the outside, clearly rattled from the shots he’s taken, and wobbles towards the ramp before he regains his senses, and shakes out the cobwebs. He turns back to face the ring, where Dreamer tosses the crumpled trash can at him, but he ducks underneath it, furious! Ryder’s expression tells all, as he yells “WOO WOO WOO, TOMMY!” up at Dreamer, taunting him to heat from the crowd. Dreamer rolls from the ring on the adjacent side, by the hard camera, looking unimpressed, and heads right for the Long Island Legend! Dreamer throws a right hand, but Ryder ducks it, and reaches back inside the ring, grabbing the trash can lid – AND NAILING DREAMER BETWEEN THE EYES WITH IT! The crowd groans with the impact, but Ryder can’t get the three count on the outside, so he pulls Dreamer’s dead weight back up, and rolls him back in the ring.

With a table in one corner, and a chair rammed in another, the squared circle is looking a bit dangerous, but Ryder doesn’t get in just yet, instead looking around for a trash can – and he pulls a Singapore cane out of the nearest one! Ryder looks at it, smirking with the irony, and rolls back in the ring, preparing to strike a blow with Dreamer’s signature weapon! The crowd boos Ryder, who starts beckoning the Innovator of Violence to get up. Dreamer is now in the corner with that steel chair rammed in it, and he pulls himself up, unaware of the impending strike coming from Ryder... who charges in, looking to swing that cane – BUT DREAMER SIDESTEPS IT, AND FLINGS RYDER RIGHT INTO THAT CHAIR IN THE TURNBUCKLES! RYDER GETS TOTALLY MASHED!!!

A big roar goes up with the sickening impact, and Ryder lies motionless in the wreckage in the corner, his eyes unfocused as the camera zooms in on him. Dreamer is on one knee in the ring, breathing heavily as he watches what he’s done to his enemy, as Grisham points out that he will have enjoyed himself there, given the grief he’s endured from him recently. With Ryder’s cane having fallen to the outside now, Dreamer suddenly rolls to the outside, grabbing an empty trash can, and tossing it in the ring, as well as a street sign! The crowd pops a bit at that, and Dreamer rolls back in the ring. With weapons and sorts laid out about the ring, Dreamer pulls Ryder from the wreckage in the turnbuckles, and pushes him to the corner, leaning him against that table! The crowd cheers wildly, as Dreamer takes a few steps back, smirking as he looks at the Long Island Legend, unmoving on the table, before he charges... BUT RYDER ROLLS FROM THE RING, AND DREAMER CLATTERS INTO IT!

The crowd boos, but the table doesn’t break, instead just completely putting Dreamer in a total daze... and Ryder yanks his legs out from outside, before he pulls him from the ring, and starts lashing away with right hands on the Innovator of Violence! A big “YOU SUCK!” chant begins in the arena, as Ryder flings Dreamer down to the floor, furious. He looks out at the arena for a moment, and yells back “I SUCK? I’LL PUT YOUR HERO THROUGH A FREAKIN’ TABLE! YOU KNOW IT!” to more heat, before he picks Dreamer up, and runs him over to the announce table, where once again, Grisham and Saxton move away, surprised. Ryder looks to put Dreamer on the table, but the Heart and Soul of ECW fights back, nailing a punch to the gut, and pushing him away! The crowd pops, and Ryder moves in – only for Dreamer to hoist him up, and slam him into the table with a Flapjack! The table doesn’t break again, but Ryder feels the impact nonetheless, groaning out as he lands. Dreamer looks around the ringside area, and picks a Singapore cane out of one of the trash cans! The crowd cheers again, and as Ryder detaches himself from the announce table, Dreamer cracks him between the eyes with the cane!

Ryder crumples back on to the table, and Dreamer roars out, getting a huge pop from the ECW faithful! Dreamer looks at Ryder on the table, and suddenly, he rolls back in the ring, and gets up on the top turnbuckle, roaring out again with the adrenaline! The crowd goes wild with a massive reaction, as Dreamer sets himself on that top rope, and launches crazily with a Diving Elbow Drop... BUT RYDER ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY, AND DREAMER PUTS HIMSELF THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! “HOLY SHIT!” CHANTS THE CROWD!

For a moment, there is no movement, as the whole crowd comes to grips with what we just saw! Dreamer lies in the wreckage of the announce table, barely conscious, as the crowd just continues those chants, and the commentators sell Ryder’s reversal to the max! Ryder blinks out the pain on the floor, then looks over to the Innovator of Violence, and a huge smirk crosses his face. After a few moments of both men lying perfectly still, Zack Ryder starts pulling himself up using the ring apron, and leans against it for a second. Smirking, he moves forward, and stands over Dreamer, raising his arms, and letting the heat rain down. He then bends down, dragging Dreamer along the floor, to the ring, where he tosses his lifeless body into the squared circle, and follows him in. The Long Island Legend, assured of victory, puts a cocky foot on Dreamer’s chest, and tells the referee to count away Dreamer’s career...




RYDER’S COCKINESS COST HIM! The crowd goes NUTS for the kickout, as Dreamer keeps his career alive, but Zack Ryder looks down in horror, as it sinks in that he cost himself! Ryder immediately turns to the referee, telling him it MUST have been three, but the official tells him what he saw, and that was Dreamer pushing him off at two! Ryder keeps pleading his case to the official, then turns round, furious – BONG! STREET SIGN TO THE FACE FROM DREAMER! The crowd goes wild as Ryder gets floored with that steel sign, and Dreamer collapses again, still exhausted – it took everything out of him to do that! Slowly but surely, Dreamer starts dragging himself over to Ryder, and hooks a leg on the Long Island Legend...




The crowd groans as Ryder narrowly escapes, and looks dizzily out into the distance on the mat, completely stunned after getting clocked with that street sign! Dreamer is on all fours, and he shoves the street sign out of the ring, before struggling slowly up to his feet – he wobbles, and has to hold himself up with the ropes, as Ryder forces himself up, too. Dreamer moves over to Ryder, and flings him as hard as he can towards the leaning table in the corner, but Ryder stops himself before he hits it, grabbing the top rope, and turns round. Dreamer picks up the trash can on the mat, and Ryder charges in, but he gets kicked in the gut by the Innovator of Violence, who then shoves the trash can over Ryder’s head! The crowd cheers as Ryder wobbles about the place, unable to see, and Dreamer grabs him, before pushing him into one of the empty turnbuckles! Ryder bashes into it, then stands still, unable to move, and Dreamer takes a few steps back, before charging, and crushing Ryder with a big Corner Clothesline to the trash can! The crowd groans with the impact as the trash can crumples on Ryder’s face, and the Long Island Legend collapses on to the canvas... but that’s not enough for Dreamer!

The Heart and Soul of ECW removes the slightly crumpled trash can from Ryder’s torso, showing that Ryder is well and truly messed up on the canvas, and picks him up with ease... before hanging him in the Tree of Woe on the turnbuckle! The crowd pops for this signature move of Dreamer’s, who then lays the trash can in front of Ryder’s face, and steps back into the middle of the ring! The crowd is cheering wildly as they can all see what’s coming here, and Dreamer looks out at the Wachovia Center, and hammers his fist against his chest, getting the crowd to chant with him... “E – C – W!” cries the whole arena, and Dreamer charges... AND LAUNCHES WITH THE LOW-ANGLE DROPKICK TO THE TRASH CAN IN RYDER’S FACE! WHAT AN IMPACT!

Ryder comes toppling out of the Tree of Woe, pretty much not moving, and Dreamer wanders around the ring for a second, just letting the crowd chant his name! He smiles, then heads to the corner, where he finds that table, still in one piece, and he pulls it into the centre of the ring, before he sets it up! The crowd cheers, and Dreamer goes to pick Ryder up – before he puts him up into the Inverted Crucifix, thinking TommyHawk through the table... but Ryder escapes out the back, landing on the other side, and knocks Dreamer down with a right hand from across the table! The crowd boos, and Ryder yells “WOO WOO WOO” out at them in response again, before he heads across to Dreamer, and yanks him to his feet. Ryder runs Dreamer to the corner, and starts slamming his head into the top turnbuckle, again and again! Ryder’s face goes red in anger, but the referee can’t do anything, as Dreamer gets his face continuously slammed into that turnbuckle for what seems like an age, before Ryder finally lets him go, and he topples to the mat!

Dreamer grimaces on the canvas, clearly in pain after that barrage from Ryder, who puts his boot to the Innovator of Violence’s throat, and starts pressing down on it, aided by the top rope! The crowd boos wildly, and again, the referee is powerless, as Ryder takes his sweet time moving away, leaving Dreamer to clutch at his throat on the mat, gasping for air. Dreamer rolls slowly from the ring, and Ryder follows him out, furious, before slamming his head into the fan barricade! The crowd boos as Dreamer goes staggering off, and Ryder looks to send him into the ring post again – but Dreamer stops himself this time, and turns round, giving Ryder a boot to the gut! The Wachovia Center gives a healthy cheer, and Dreamer lifts Ryder well up, before dropping him face-first on that barricade! Ryder goes tumbling off, crying out in pain, and the crowd pops loudly for Dreamer, who grabs the nearest trash can, and just throws it at the floored Ryder, sending its contents all over the place as it hits him in the back. Dreamer moves away a bit, over to where the announce table used to be, and opens the apron again – where he pulls out another folded table, to a big pop from the crowd!

Dreamer smiles as he picks up the table – but Zack Ryder comes charging at him, and nails a Dropkick to the table, knocking him down to the floor! Ryder takes the table, and tosses it into the ring, before he grabs Dreamer from the floor, and tosses him over the barricade, into the crowd! A small mixed reaction goes up from the arena, and Ryder hops over the barricade too, slamming his boot into Dreamer’s stomach as he forces himself up. Ryder starts taunting his opponent, yelling “Dream’s over, Tommy! Woo woo woo!” – but Dreamer comes back with a big right hand, and tackles him down further into the crowd! The fans nearby are going wild, and Dreamer starts smacking Ryder with right hands, face red with anger! The Innovator of Violence picks Ryder back up – LOW BLOW FROM RYDER! The arena boos as one, and Dreamer goes down, holding his crotch in fury and pain, as Ryder starts to nail him with stomps! Ryder laughs, and yanks Dreamer up to his feet, but he gets a big right hand to the gut suddenly, and he reels away! Dreamer starts to hobble towards him, teeth bared – SO RYDER STARTS MAKING A BREAK FOR IT, CHARGING AWAY THROUGH THE CROWD!

The crowd boos, especially those nearby, and Ryder looks back fearfully – TO SEE TOMMY DREAMER, HOT ON HIS TRAIL! The Wachovia Center roars “TOMMY! TOMMY!” loudly, as Dreamer follows Ryder up through the crowd – and eventually, Ryder disappears into the masses, only to come out and surprise Dreamer with another boot to the gut! Dreamer keels over, pained, and Ryder starts to club him in the back, trying to force him down. Dreamer goes down to one knee, but he fights back with a big European Uppercut, sending the Long Island Legend stumbling away again! The crowd cheers, as the pair continue to brawl all the way up to the steel stage, where Dreamer clotheslines Ryder over the fan barricade, and the brawl leads out from the crowd, towards the ramp! The fans nearby start chanting Dreamer’s name again, as the Innovator of Violence thumps Ryder with a big right hand, and runs him over to the ramp, throwing him down to the floor, and hammering away with nasty right hands! The fans along the ramp are going crazy for Tommy, who pulls Ryder back to his feet, and runs him further down the ramp, slamming his head into the ramp-side barricade for good measure! Ryder reels off in pain, and Dreamer follows him, still fired up – but Ryder quickly kicks him in the gut, and flings him into the barricade himself!

The crowd groans with the impact, and Ryder falls to a knee, exhausted from the beating he took from Dreamer in the crowd. Slowly, he pushes himself back up, and grabs Dreamer by the head. The Innovator of Violence is a bit groggy after getting thrown into the barricade full-on, and Ryder puts him in a front facelock – THEN DROPS HIM WITH A DDT ON TO THE RAMP, BUSTING HIM WIDE OPEN! The crowd groans around the arena as that uncomfortable move connects, and Ryder gets back up, smirking in victory. He drags a now-bloody Dreamer’s body down the rest of the ramp, and pulls him to his feet, where he’s essentially dead weight. Slowly, Ryder manages to roll Dreamer into the ring, then follows him in, before he pushes the standing table to the side a bit, and tiredly flops over the bloodied Innovator of Violence for the fatigued cover...




The crowd goes wild! Even the referee is a little shocked by the kickout, but nevertheless, he shouts “two” to ringside, with Ryder completely stunned! The Long Island Legend gets back to his feet, having a small fit in disbelief, and suddenly drags Dreamer into the corner, furious. Dreamer, still barely able to move, with blood streaking down his face, just sits against the turnbuckle, head lolling to the side, and Ryder lines him up in his sights for the Running Facewash... but Dreamer suddenly rolls out of the ring, and Ryder gets caught up on the ropes! The crowd cheers, and within a second, Dreamer is alive and kicking, desperate to take the offence back to Ryder, who untangles himself. The Long Island Legend takes one look at Dreamer, and decides to do something extraordinary – he charges, and flies through the ropes with a Suicide Dive... CRACK! BUT HE GETS A SINGAPORE CANE SHOT TO THE FACE IN MID-AIR FROM TOMMY DREAMER! The crowd goes MENTAL as Ryder collapses to the outside, some blood running from his forehead now, and Dreamer roars out in adrenaline again, firing up the ECW faithful even more! Ryder is down, clutching his bloody face, and with the cane broken from the massive shot, Dreamer tosses it to the side, and forces Ryder to his feet, before pushing him in the ring. He follows Ryder in, and covers...




Dreamer is incredulous! That shot with the cane nearly broke Ryder’s face into pieces, HOW did he kick out? Dreamer pulls Ryder back to his feet, and puts him in the air for the TommyHawk again, looking to put him right through that set-up table... but again, Ryder escapes out the back of the hold, this time on the same side of the table, and grabs Dreamer by the head from behind! The crowd boos, and suddenly, Ryder comes alive, roaring “WOO WOO WOO” out at the Wachovia Center... BEFORE NAILING DREAMER WITH THE ZACK ATTACK!!! A hushed silence falls across the arena, as Ryder swipes the blood out of his eyes furiously, and hooks a leg...




THE CROWD GOES INTO RAPTURES! DREAMER KICKS OUT OF THE ZACK ATTACK! Todd Grisham starts spouting something about “Desire to keep his career at ringside”, but we all know it was completely down to instinct, as Dreamer kicks out at the death! Ryder beats the mat, furious, then grabs the collapsed table, and starts setting it up, before he stacks it ON TOP of the other one! The crowd boos, and Ryder points down at Dreamer, saying “THIS’LL END IT, TOMMY!” before pulling him up, with a sick smile... but Dreamer nails him with a LOW BLOW, giving him a taste of his own medicine, before he hoists him above his head – AND NAILS THE TOMMYHAWK, SENDING THE WACHOVIA CENTER ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! Dreamer can barely believe he managed to pull that off, his face red with streaky blood, and slowly, he lays an arm across the Long Island Legend, as the whole arena chants along...




“HOW?” comes the cry from Tommy Dreamer, who is totally dumbfounded! He hasn’t got a clue what just happened, he thought he’d put this match away! The crowd lets out a huge simultaneous groan as Ryder kicks out, and Dreamer just claws his way to the ropes, pulling himself back up, before he looks down at Ryder, and slowly places his thumb on his chest, right on the ECW logo. A big “E-C-DUB” chant kicks off in the arena, and an exhausted Dreamer smiles, before he wipes the blood from his face with the bottom of his shirt, and pulls Ryder to his feet. Ryder isn’t nearly as bloody as Dreamer, but the Innovator of Violence looks to change that with a big right hand to the forehead, before he rams Ryder to the corner! The crowd cheers as Dreamer takes it to Ryder with right hands, before he lifts him to the second rope, and joins him up there – before he looks to Superplex him through the two tables! The Wachovia Center roars, getting to its feet as one as Dreamer looks to finish this for good... Ryder is forced to step up to the top rope, but he gives Dreamer a right hand to the gut, stopping the Superplex from being executed! Those in attendance are on the edge of their seats, those at home are glued to their TVs, and Dreamer tries to put Ryder through the stacked wood again... but once again, the Long Island Legend punches him in the gut, and stops it from happening! The crowd is waiting, praying Dreamer can pull the move off, as he steps up to the TOP rope now... BUT RYDER SUDDENLY LEAPS UP, AND NAILS DREAMER WITH THE ROUGH RYDER, SENDING THE PAIR CRASHING THROUGH BOTH TABLES!!! THE WACHOVIA CENTER CHANTS “HOLY SHIT!”, AND SLOWLY, SLOWLY, THE MAN WHO MAKES A MOVE THROUGH THE WRECKAGE...






The crowd falls silent. There is no movement in the ring, other than the referee, looking around in confusion, and suddenly, from the wreckage, Zack Ryder pries himself out of the debris, and stands up, wobbling as he does. Slowly, he wipes the few streaks of blood off his face, then looks down at Dreamer, unmoving on the canvas. Ryder looks around at the silent arena, then slowly, a smirk begins to form, and the boos start to rush in. Ryder screams “Play my music!”, and the referee raises his hand...



It’s HUGE heat for Zack Ryder as he has his arm raised by the official, who leaves the ring. Ryder, breathing heavily, starts to wobble around the ring, nodding at the boos, with a giant smirk continuing to grow and grow on his face. He raises his arms to the crowd, and screams “WOO – WOO – WOO – YOU KNOW IT!” to more heat, before Tommy Dreamer finally starts to move on the canvas, and realisation sinks in. Dreamer sighs heavily, and gets to all fours, moving the wooden debris out of his way as he does, struggling to move. Slowly, he gets to his feet, and stands across from Ryder, bloodied and beaten, as the Long Island Legend smirks at him.

Dreamer puts his hands up, giving credit where it’s (possibly) due, and he offers his hand to Ryder, to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Slowly, Ryder nods, and shakes Dreamer’s hand, to a big round of applause around the arena. Dreamer smiles, and the pair raise each other’s hands to the crowd, who start a huge “THANK YOU TOMMY!” chant, as the whole arena thanks Dreamer for what’s he done.

“Truly a great way to go out for Tommy Dreamer- WAIT, WHAT IS THIS?”

Ryder suddenly turns – AND KICKS DREAMER IN THE CROTCH! The crowd shits all over Ryder as Dreamer collapses, tears in his eyes, and Ryder looks down at him, a cold, cold expression on his face. A big “FUCK YOU RYDER!” chant kicks off for the first real time this evening, as the Long Island Legend kneels by Dreamer, and his music fades out emphatically, letting the chants reach full volume as he whispers “Looks like the dream’s over, Tommy... all over.” A slow smirk grows back on Ryder’s face, as a bloody Dreamer seethes back up at him – AND RYDER MOUNTS HIM, WHALING AWAY WITH SICKENING RIGHT HANDS, TARGETING DREAMER’S BLEEDING FOREHEAD! The crowd is pissing all over Ryder, with those “FUCK YOU RYDER!” chants still going in full force...

“This is sick...”

...and Ryder stops for a moment, before he heads to the outside, and grabs a steel chair from ringside! The crowd boos wildly, and Ryder rolls back into the ring, folding it up, before he nails Dreamer in the back with it, then again, and again! Ryder starts swinging with that chair, intend on breaking Tommy Dreamer into pieces, but he stops for a moment, and takes a few steps back, beckoning for Dreamer to get up for one last, killer blow...




RVD stands on the ramp for a moment, shaking his head – THEN MAKES A BEELINE FOR THE RING, SENDING THE WACHOVIA CENTER INTO RAPTURES! Ryder is rooted to the spot, and RVD slides into the ring – Ryder instinctively swings with the chair, but Van Dam ducks underneath it, bounces off the opposite ropes... AND NAILS RYDER WITH THE VAN DAMINATOR, SENDING HIM FLYING OUT OF THE RING!

“VAN DAMINATOR TO RYDER! We’re witnessing history right here! RVD IS HERE!”

The crowd is going nuts, and RVD points down at a dazed and bloody Ryder on the outside, before raising the thumbs... and getting the crowd to chant along as he swings downwards... “ROB – VAN – DAM!!!” roars the Wachovia Center, and Ryder scurries away up the ramp backwards, pointing down at Van Dam, and yelling “THIS IS MY MOMENT! MINE!” before he wobbles up to the stage. Ryder looks down at the ring, scowling furiously, and is forced to watch with utter disgust, as RVD lifts Dreamer back to his feet, AND RAISES HIS ARM TO THE CROWD, GETTING A HUGE POP FROM THE WACHOVIA CENTER!

“Byron! Byron, can you believe what we’re seeing? RVD has come to share in this farewell moment!”

Tommy Dreamer turns to the side, and lets out a big grin, before he and Van Dam share a big embrace in the middle of the ring, smiling at each other. RVD clears the table wreckage from the ring, and his music dies down. Dreamer, still very dazed from the post-match beating he took, looks a little confused by Van Dam, who points to the stage, where Zack Ryder has disappeared backstage...


THE CROWD GOES WILD AGAIN! All eyes go to the stage, as the bloodied Tommy Dreamer can’t help but smile, as SABU comes walking out from behind the curtain, pointing to the sky with a big smirk on his face! The ECW Original stops pointing at the sky, and starts pointing to a smiling Dreamer, as he storms down the ramp, and slides into the ring, giving his old friend a handshake and a similar embrace to RVD’s one, getting another monster pop from the crowd, who get to their feet, applauding this moment.

“AND NOW SABU TOO! It’s an ECW Originals reunion, saying goodbye to Tommy Dreamer! This is unbelievable!”

Sabu’s music dies down, as RVD and Sabu look around, wondering – why, who could be left? Dreamer smiles a sly smirk, as Sabu puts his arm around him, and RVD points into the crowd...


AND ONCE AGAIN, THE CROWD JUST GOES MENTAL! Suddenly, a lone figure comes walking out into the crowd in the first tier, with a Singapore cane in one hand, and a can of beer in the other – damn right, if you hadn’t guessed already, it’s THE SANDMAN, shaking his head out of pure respect for Dreamer, who starts walking down the steps, and heading to the ring!

“This is insane! The Sandman’s here too! The Sandman has come to bid farewell to the all-time great, his friend, his enemy, his fellow ECW Original, Tommy Dreamer!”

The Sandman storms down through the masses at ringside, many of whom are trying to replicate their performance at One Night Stand 2005, singing their hearts out to Sandman’s theme! About half the arena joins in, which gives Sandman a good reception as he clambers over the barricade, and rolls into the ring. For a moment, Dreamer and Sandman stand across from each other, and Sandman offers him the beer can – Dreamer doesn’t even try and take it though, smiling as Sandman pulls his back his way, and bashes his own head in with it, to a big pop from the crowd!

“What a moment, Byron! What a moment! Tommy Dreamer may leave ECW, but you can be sure, he will NEVER be forgotten! Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for tuning in to this historic event... good night from Philadelphia!”

Sandman beckons to ringside, and gets a few more cans of beer, which he shares with his friends in the ring, before they share a big toast to Tommy Dreamer, drain their beers, and raise his arms up high for the crowd, as the whole arena chants “THANK YOU TOMMY!” over and over again... and ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event fades to black.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

ECW Invades SNME Feedback

The opening promo was pretty awesome. It reminded me a lot of the theme for Royal Rumble 2008 with the superstars all coming onto the subway and then hell breaking loose. By the way, Forum default > Tahomasexual . @ Saxton accusing a fan for stealing his popcorn. When Regal hit the chop block, he went straight for the face. However, when you have a good technically sound wrestler like Regal who has loads of experience, it would have made more sense for him to immediately go after the knee. At least he targeted a little later on with the half boston crab, but I'm still waiting to see if he goes to work on it or not. It would also make sense to take a big guy out by the knee so we'll see. Oh good, he is disecting it. Thank God. Thus far, my biggest issue is the fact that I think you're giving the crowd a bit more credit than what they deserve. Now in this case, their need to constantly chant and cheer and boo and all that jazz is acceptable because it's the opening match. However, it would be a bit unrealistic if they kept it up. The staredown that occured after Zeke got back into the match seemed a bit awkward, although it's good to know that you care about psychology in a match. The damage that Zeke took to his knee was well utilized in the latter part of the match. I knew Regal would only win via cheating, and the brass knucks is pretty traditional for him.

I can definitely see Helms/Tatsu vs. Legacy at WrestleMania based on this segment and what has gone down recently. I have no problem with you pushing Legacy as a tag team, because so far in their careers, they've proved that they are ten times better as a team than individuals.

Hmm, I'm trying to remember what a beanie is. I think it's what you guys call a tuque, but idk. I can remember him sometimes wearing one, so I'll go with that. lol @ Katie Lea being an 'escort' so to speak. No idea who his partner could be.

Ahhh, the word beanie is used again . Okay, it's definitely a tuque because Gregory Helms wears them sometimes as well. I wanted to see more domination out of Rhyno. He did control a good amount of the matchup, but not enough considering the size difference between Rhyno & Helms. Then, after Rhyno lays a beating on Helms, he's able to roll him up AND get a head scissors takedown in. Now this would have been fine because they're both desperation moves that isn't the same as lifting someone up and using that kind of energy, but right after this, he goes for a springboard manoeuvre, which was too unrealistic. Helms all of a sudden came out with this high-flying ariel attack after getting his ass owned, which was the biggest problem with the match (too much like TNA, and if you watch TNA, you'll know that they'll get thrown through a table from 100 feet in the air and get up 10 seconds later). I also was hoping that Rhyno would have been built up more like a beast (example, maybe when Helms went for the Monkey Flip, he wouldn't have been able to perform it or something). I completely forgot that Tatsu was at ringside. I think that you should have described his reactions with the crowd's reactions sometimes. Reactions from Manu would have been good as well. Oh damn, Helms winning means you really want to put him over. I've never been a huge fan of him, but I'll have to see what you have planned for him. Woot @ Legacy arriving. Now I definitely sense a match @ WrestleMania. Also, are you doing an Elimination Chamber PPV or will it be No Way Out?

Ew, Savannah doesn't have a great voice for this job. At least she isn't the ring announcer. I can't recall ever watching a good Shelton promo, or just a promo from him at all, so it's hard to comment on this. I eldued to this earlier, but the crowd is far too vocal. I have no problem if you have them react in situations where they should, but at times, they were just cheering or booing for no real reason (example, "but I doubt he's got someone big up his sleeve" earned a mixed reaction). The promo was alright, but to be honest, I kind of expected better from you considering some of the promo's I've read from you recently (CM Punk's & Brian Kendrick's were both fabulous), but I suppose you did what you could with what you had to work with.

Abraham Washington for GM please. Nothing against Tiffany, but Abe Washingotn is going to give you 99 angles to work with, whereas Tiffany will give you 1. Also, I think it's a known fact that Heel GM's > Face GM's. Big Daddy V is just awful. He might as well go back to being Big Vis so that we don't have to see his man boobs hanging out. 500 pounds? Oh fuck me. Kane's screwed. @ the Lose Some Weight chant. Kane & Tiffany is an awkward pairing. I'm glad that you didn't have them come out together, with Tiffany following after. I must say, I'm actually dreading this match quite a bit. Kane vs. Big Daddy V doesn't sound the most appealing, but the stakes being so high is what saves it (thankfully). Now I'm not sure what you meant by a tilt-a-whirl slam. Did you mean spinning side slam? Or was it an actual tilt-a-whirl slam? The dirty finish was the only plausible route to go imo, and having Washington get the job via dirty tactics looks even better on his heel resume. Unfortunately, you gave these two 11 minutes to work with, even though it really didn't feel like 11 minutes.

Ryder promo was solid. He said babe three times, though, and so I think you could have switched it up once (tuts, hun, etc.). Dreamer/Ryder being the last match on the card means that Ryder is winning, and/or something big is going down. Good stuff.

I guess I just assumed that you would use people currently on the roster as partners, so I was surprised to see that you brought in Brutus Magnus. It should be interesting to see if he forms a stable from here on out with Burchill, or if he ends up going his own separate route. Lmao @ him telling a kid in the crowd to lose some weight. So based on your description, it appears as if this is a one night only thing for Haas, which is fine by me. Whoa, I was definitely shocked that Edge returned. If I recall, I guessed him to be Christian's partner, but that was only because I really couldn't think of anyone else. I'm quite disappointed that his return wasn't on a bigger event. Personally, I think going down the same route WWE did with having him return to feud with Jericho would be fine if done right, but I'm sure you have better plans anyways. I didn't like how we caught a glimpse of Edge looking worried. When he arrived, he was running his fingers through his hair and looking so intense, and so I don't think he would all of a sudden be worried over a trip-up. Frustrated or angry may have been a better choice of word. I'm glad that we got to see Christian & Benjamin go at it for once, and I'm also quite happy that you made it 'special' (it didn't go unnoticed based on your description and their actions). It was nice that you gave them a good amount of time as well. I'm also liking that you're delaying Edge's arrival. I'm hoping that he will enter the ring and tear everyone apart with the crowd going nuts. Now that I think of it, perhaps he'll screw Christian out of the ECW Title @ the Rumble and set up a feud for 'Mania . Oh good, Edge went wild, although I think you could have made him even more intense and insane, but I can't blame you for wanting to maintain some sanity. Haas applying the Sharpshooter definitely took me for surprise. I don't necessarily agree with it due to the fact that it just feels odd when someone other than a Hart executes it (Benoit doing it was never a bad thing either since he trained in the dungeon iirc), but also because it was on a Canadian, so it seemed too heelish. Just for the record, is careering even a word? Hmm, I'm not exactly sure what was going on with Katie Lea/Christian on the outside. Maybe she'll turn on he brother, but I really don't think she should be paired with Christian as his valet if that's what you were planning. They just don't strike me as a good duo. Okay, so there's definitely going on as Magnus was trying to flirt with her but Christian apparently didn't like that. What a stupid skank, she's ruining everything . I thought the T-Bone Suplex was going to be the finish, but thank goodness it wasn't as ending this match over an interest in Katie Lea is garbage, imo. I knew Christian's team wouldn't win, and although I was expecting a win from Benjamin, I kinda would've liked to see a win from Burchill in order to put him over. Anyways, the match was well done. 30 minutes is a hell of a lot of time, and to be honest, it felt like it hit its climax 5 minutes before the finish and could've easily dipped down. Luckily, it didn't, and was still a good match. I said there is always the possibility of an Edge/Christian feud, but by the looks of things, a Christian/Magnus feud for the ECW Title could be in the future (I'm calling it @ Mania).

Yes, we do need a break. However, this is the third interview segment of the night. I expect more creativity out of the #2 booker on the Mega Standings {well deserved btw, didn't think your thread got enough exposure, but apparently, it has, which is awesome}. So this is kind of minor here. In the same line, Regal said "shall be punished", and then "should be rewarded". I think you should of used 'shall' in both because it fits more with his gimmick (I know, I'm nit-picking over one word ) and it would be consistent.

This scene with Dreamer is some major foreshadowing that he's done tonight. That, and the fact that this match is the main event.

I've actually never seen Ryder with his new gimmick after being an Edgehead. I know about him saying woo woo woo and all that, but I've never actually seen him. Actually, I saw him job to Sheamus in 5 seconds for the WWE Title {which I'm sure you weren't too thrilled about based on his push in your thread}. I'm interested in seeing how this match progresses, as this is a perfect opportunity to put Ryder over in a big way. Ryder throws Dreamer into the ring, grabs a table, and then makes the cover ... this just didn't make a lot of sense to me as I think he would've gone for the cover before getting the table. Now, it looks like he isn't all that focused on ending Dreamer's career. I'm glad that we got a good spread of weapons here with chairs, canes, tables, trash cans, signs, lids, and lord knows what else. After Ryder had the trash can on his head and got fucked up by Dreamer, he hits a right hand and yells woo woo woo! This didn't make a whole lot of sense to me since he just got ownt, but now he's happy over a single right hand? Although you managed to capture the extreme feeling that the matchup needed, it felt too much like TNA {refer to the 100 feet table spot I referred to earlier } in the sense that it was so back and forth. The most recent example I've come across is that Ryder delivers a low blow, but then Dreamer starts to fight back right away. I'm not too sure about you, but if someone just sacked me, I'd be in too much pain to fight back right away. It was almost as if they were just going through the motions in some of the spots - almost like the past is the past and it wasn't taking a toll on either man. I'm quite happy that the match went into the crowd though, as it gets the audience involved and riled up. Both men kicking out of each other's finishers was also a nice touch. However, those tables have been waiting to break long enough, and I have a feeling that it's going to lead us to the finish of this match. DREAMER'S DONE! I'm not surprised based on what I said above this huge paragraph. Ryder is now your most over mid-carder in the 'E (or at least in my opinion). I don't know where you're taking him next, but the fact that he's retired Dreamer in his own match only means bright things for him in the future. After the match, it felt like both men recovered rather quickly, which goes back to my point earlier about how nothing from the past has seemed to phase them. LOW BLOW! I'm sorry, but Dreamer's an idiot if he offers a handshake to the guy who's been possessed with ending his career. RVD! RVD! RVD! RVD! It was definitely a good ending to the show to give Dreamer his last send-off. Now one must wonder if this is going to lead to anything in the future, or if Ryder's career is going to sky-rocket as he constantly reminds us that he retired Tommy Dreamer in an Extreme Rules Match.

Overall, the show had a very underrated card based on the superstars competing. The two main event matches both delievered in terms of excitement, performance, delivery, and execution. Although I'm a little bit disappointed that Edge returned this way, I'm still glad that he's back. The Dreamer/Ryder match was entertaining, but it lacked the kind of realism I had hoped for. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens on ECW with Abe Washington as the new GM, and how you progress down the road to WrestleMania. Keep it up

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

ECW Review

Ok to start off that opening video package was awesome. I can tell you put a lot of work into it and it was really cool. I wish I could actually see it.

Match 1: Jackson vs. Regal
-Nice way to start the show off. Both men got a lot of offense. You really focused on Jackson's knee, which played a big part in him losing. Regal taking the cheap way out with the knucks and then adding insult to injury with the Regal Stretch was a good way to end it. I'm surprised you made Regal win though, but I have a feeling this is far from over.

Promo: Helms/Tatsu & Legacy
-A solid way of building up the Tag Team Title match between these teams in a few weeks. The promo was good on both sides. I fully expect Legacy to get involved in Helms's match now.

Promo: Burchill & Katie Lea
-A nice little teaser promo to hype up the triple threat tag team match later tonight. Burchill ordering Katie Lea to go home with his partner was surprising. I wonder if anything will come of that.

Match 2: Helms vs. Rhyno
-Another good match and I'm happy Helms won since I like him better than Rhyno. The beatdown by Legacy afterwards was great. More build and they really sent a message to everyone.

Promo: Shelton
-Good promo by Shelton talking about tonight and his opponents. Shelton seems confident which is good. And I like him using "Ain't no stopping me now!" as his catchphrase.

Match 3: Kane vs. Big Daddy V
-Pretty good match. Definitely better than it would've been in real life. Big Daddy V winning was expected and now Abraham Washington is the new GM. That's going to be very interesting to see. I'm also wondering where that leaves Tiffany.

Promo: Ryder
-Ryder seems fired up and ready to go. He didn't even ask for her number haha. Solid promo by him.

Match 4: Christian/Edge vs. Burchill/Magnus vs. Shelton/Haas
-So let's start off with the mystery partners. Magnus debuting was completely unexpected and I'm glad to see him introduced into this thread as I'm a fan of his. The World's Greatest Tag Team coming together was expected so no complaints there. Edge was a huge shocker. Although it was awesome to see E&C back together, I didn't like that this was how Edge returned. It should've been at a bigger event where a storyline with him would've started. But anyway, the match was great and showcased everyone well. Having TWGTT win was fine. It was tough having either of these teams lose. I mean you had Edge lose in his return with quite possibly one of the greatest tag teams ever and Magnus lose in his debut. Nothing you can do about it though so I'm just gonna look at it as Shelton getting the win over Christian and Burchill.

Promo: Regal
-I don't think you needed this here. This should've been left for ECW next week. You had too many interviews already. It was a decent promo nonetheless.

Match 5: Dreamer vs. Ryder
-Very good main event. Both men took each other to the limit, but in the end as I predicted Ryder wins and Dreamer retires. I thought this was a good send-off for him and it really pushes Ryder to the next level. He needs to go after the ECW Title at WM. And it was cool to see the ECW Originals come out at the end for Dreamer.

Overall I thought it was a good show. The matches delivered. It was pretty much a mini-free pay per view for ECW which was cool. I looking forward to seeing what Abe does as GM now and where people like Magnus and Ryder are heading.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

ECW Invades Saturday Nightís Main Event Feedback

The little video before the event was, well, a little weird. Iím not so sure about it, because while the theme seemed to be about how the extreme was returning to take over the mundane, it seemed a little odd to base it in a classroom. The commentary, however, was pretty good, and having the event in Philly is a nice touch.

Surprising start to the show with Regal and Jackson, but I guess this match can still get the crowd excited if aggressive enough, which it certainly was at the start. The brawling nature that continued throughout was played on well, as it allowed you to show what Zeke is all about with his hard hitting, power game, while Regal gets to look like the badass he is by matching it with Zeke. The focus on the knee is also a good point, because Regal is that type of smart wrestler who would look to take out a leg of a larger foe in order to even the odds up for him. Just a small thing, but wrestlers always work the left side, not the right. It doesnít really matter, but itís just a little thing that agitates me. Yes, Iím very picky. Jackson showing his attitude by spitting in Regalís face to start the comeback was something a little different, but also something I really liked, showing his attitude towards Regal. Ezekiel letting Regal up after that, allowing him to recover seemed very odd though, and not something I think fits in at all with a match that has been built on hatred and wanting to kick the other manís ass. The match built up well from there, though I have mixed feelings on the finish. While I donít mind it being a dirty victory for Regal, and the fact that Jackson never tapped out somewhat protects him, a win for Jackson seems like it would have done so much more than a win for Regal would do. Maybe itís the inner Zeke mark in me speaking, but this match seems like itíll help neither man now, when it could have, and imo, should have helped Zeke.

Legacy being in the arena to get under the skin of Helms and Tatsu is a real positive for mine. The way you had DiBiase and Rhodes speak was really good in that role, just being those annoying heels until they came straight out with the little verbal attack on Helms. Helmsí little retorts were fine too, making for a pretty good segment, keeping the issues Helms and Tatsu have with Legacy in our mind despite the match with Rhyno for Helms tonight.

Burchill selling his sister out for the night in order to have a partner is a brilliant way to show how much of a dick he is to her, and continue her little thing with Christian as he saviour bubbling. Iím intrigued as to who Burchillís partner is, but with it being an old friend, Iím guessing a Brit. Magnus, please.

Rhyno/Helms seems like the appropriate choice as the second match, as itís the other of what youíd call the lesser two matches. The real contrast between the offenses of Helms and Rhyno was played up in the early going here really well, with Helms utilising as many high flying moves as possible, while Rhyno is just that smashmouth, in your face type of guy. I love the juxtaposition of the two. Rhynoís offense was built well after that, leading up to the Helms comeback well by building his frustration, even if I thought you may have used the belly to belly from Rhyno a little too early, as itís one of his big nearfall moves, or at least a set up for an attempted Gore near the end most of the time. Like earlier, the high flying offense of Helms was done well, really building the excitement of the match. I was glad to see some counters coming too, even if I didnít feel the counter into the running powerslam was realistic at all for two guys the size that they are. The finish of the match, though, was simple, and I really liked that. Simple but effective, doing the job fine, making for a nice conclusion to a pretty good midcard match.

Post-match assault from Legacy really works for me here, giving the feud with Tatsu and Helms a bit more of a personal element.

The statement from Benjamin that heís getting attention back on him was done pretty well, giving the promo some energy to try to make it interesting. Not too sure about how poor Sheltonís English was, because he always seemed smarter than your typical ďfrom the hoodĒ type guy, but yeah. That sounds a little racist, but you get what I mean.

Iím glad to see you really utilizing some intensity in the big showdown between the two big guys, because theyíre pretty much useless in every other way. Getting the match started off with what theyíre good at is for the best, and itís a nice trend to set. The way the match continued in that mould was a real positive, and although Iím not so sure Big Daddy V catching a guy Kaneís size is realistic, the way you tried to make spots for excitement with the two large men was good. The finish, while it could have been messy, was done pretty well in having Washington basically screwing Tiffany out of the job with his interference and gaining it for himself. I thought for a monster vs. monster match, it may be considered a little weak, but it still works for me. The expected decision here, but Iím certainly interested in seeing where you go with Washington as General Manager now.

Nice little bit of hype for the three way tag, although I honestly wouldnít have minded Goldust as Christianís partner.

Nice to see some real intensity from Ryder before what I would assume is the main event, giving the match that real serious feel. ďRyderís EraĒ, quite frankly, sounds lame, but apart from that, good promo. It had the Ryder feel, but it also had the intensity required. The right mix.

Just a quick comment on the partners. Haas, Iím a big fan of, despite him being the obvious choice. Magnus? Well, I love the guy, and heís one of my favourites going around right now, but you know how I am with realism. As for Edge Ė while the reaction for him would be great, bringing him back in what is likely a losing effort on ECW is something I really donít think is great for him. While Iím very happy to see him back, this seems like a bit of an underwhelming return, especially when you compare it to what happened irl.

Onto the actual match, I have to say I really liked the way this one kicked off, giving Magnus a chance to really match it with Christian and allow him to look good in his first appearance. The small period of dominance that followed from Magnus and Burchill was pretty good too, but I felt the way Benjamin sent Burchill from the match felt a little underwhelming, and made Burchill to look a little stupider, since Burchillís original Irish whip would have had Benjamin sent into that corner anyway, allowing Christian to tag in regardless. I have to say though, the fast action that followed between Benjamin and Christian was very nice, as was the little action between Haas and Christian, although again, I thought there could have been a little more build to Edge finally getting into the match. The chaos that followed was nice and exciting, making Edge look great at first, before breaking it down a bit, again allowing Magnus and Haas to look good, with Haas especially, pulling out the nice bulldog spot and going the sharpshooter. I thought Haas going to arm drags from there was a little silly, considering theyíre weak moves, and the match as been building up, building to another pretty anticlimactic tag out. The tag out from Edge too wasnít great for mine, but I get that youíre going with fast, exciting tags, thus the blind tag from Benjamin. The match from there built up pretty well though, with some good counters particularly from Burchill, before the chaos ensued following the finishers beginning. The rest of the match stayed exciting, with the little references to whatís going on between Katie Lea and Christian in between the action doing well. The end result was necessary, with Benjamin needing a win to look like a threat, but I also liked the way you worked Christianís thing with Katie Lea into the finish. The brawl afterwards, with Edge and Christian coming out on top, getting to pose together is a nice little touch to end that.

The Regal promo was alright, although I didnít think it was quite what youíd expect from Regal in terms of the lingo he used, if you know what I mean. Granted, he sounded English, but he didnít have his little Regalisms, like ďsunshineĒ, and instead sounded a little more pompous.

Nice way to show the emotion of what is likely Dreamerís last match. Very nice.

Wow, this match seemed to get hardcore very fast, but I canít say I dislike it, as it really has all of the emotion to get hardcore that quick. Dreamer on top at the beginning seems the right move, capitalising on his emotion. The spot with the powerbomb onto the steel chair was a nice way to get the spots rolling. The way momentum constantly swung after that kept things nice and exciting, while the spots were also done well, separated about right throughout the match, allowing it to flow in between. Iím not going to comment on all of the action, because I donít want this to be me commentating on the match, but the way you kept the hardcore elements of the match rolling, without building it up too much to the point where I thought ďWow, he shouldnít have been kicking out of thatĒ was really good. The way both men bled was a good spot, giving the match that real intense feel, although I felt the Singapore cane shot splitting Ryder open was a bit weak, especially when you compare it to the DDT on the ramp that split Dreamer open. The desperation from Dreamer to keep his career going with the kick out from the Zack Attack was nice, while the glimmer of hope coming with him finally nailing the TommyHawk being good too, and I loved the way you finished the match with the big Rough Ryder from the top rope, giving the match the huge ending it deserved. Ryder being a real asshole with the low blow and post-match assault, leading to the ECW originals farewelling Tommy Dreamer was a nice touch, although Iíll be a bit of a realism nazi again with RVD. I would have liked to have seen Terry Funk appear as well, with him being Dreamerís mentor and all. Still, a very nice way to end the show, as well as Tommy Dreamerís career.

While the card wasnít the strongest on paper, it has certainly delivered. The match quality throughout was of high standard thanks to the writing, and the booking, for the most part, was good. Iíve got a few gripes as Iíve listed above, but it was still a very enjoyable event. With that out of the way, hopefully youíll be full speed to the Rumble now, because I see no excuses for you. Get cracking mister.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Hey, read you shows all week and I've been hooked like phonics lol. Anyways, my first review on your thread and it couldn't have happened on a better show.

ECW Invades: Saturday Night's Main Event Review and Thoughts

Match 1: Jackson vs. Regal
Well, this was a nice way to start the show with having a good, solid match to cap off a solid midcard feud. Jackson got to display his skills as a individual that can hang with a veteran like Regal. I also do like how you didn't make it seem as a one sided Jackson match with Regal getting some offense. Now, I do question the winner because if you were going to end this feud, then I assume that Jackson would have won the match but if not, then Regal winning makes sense and maybe sets off Kozlov v. Jackson at a later time.

Promo: Helms/Tatsu & Legacy
Good promo here as it showed tha buddy-like relationship Helms and Tatsu have developed for weeks now. I do also like how Legacy came in and asserted their presence to their future contenders. Sets up Legacy still impressing Orton, their reign as tag champions, and their feud with Helms and Tatsu.

Promo: Burchill & Katie Lea
Been following this Katie Lea mini angle for a while and I still don't know what to come of it. This may either cost Burchill his title shot at the Rumble or it is all a ruse to confuse Christian in which Burchill does win it. Either way, I love how you have built her to be just more than just Burchill's tag a long sister.

Match 2: Helms vs. Rhyno
Again, another good match between the two. It wasn't a generic crusierweight-heavyweight match as Helms had some good offense while Rhyno had to change up his game plan to gain advantage. Helms winning is fine as Rhyno had been undefeated up until this point. The Legacy attack was fine as well, although I wouldn't have had them attack Helms and Tatsu.

Promo: Shelton
Decent Shelton promo hyping up his Royal Rumble title match and tonight's match. However, I don't like his catchphrase being said so forced at times so that's the only thing I had a problem with.

Match 3: Kane vs. Big Daddy V
Decent matchup that was never going to be about the quality of the match but the story of the match. Suprised that this went a bit long as it did but that was mostly Tiffany and Abe antics. Abe being the the new GM was needed since there will be more mileage with him against other stars, namely the ECW champion.

Promo: Ryder
Nice promo by Ryder. No tactics or taunting really as he put over the seriousness and risks of the match he is about to compete with.

Match 4: Christian/Edge vs. Burchill/Magnus vs. Shelton/Haas
I didn't expect Magnus to be the man Burchill had lined up. I actually thought it would be Nigel McGuiness or Doug Williams. Shelton's partner was a huge given with Haas, which I marked for. Christian picking Edge was a huge surprise and especially since it's before the Rumble he returned with his recent injury. Again, a nice tag match that set up the Rumble title match all three will be involved. Shelton and Haas were the right decision to let it be known to Burchill and Christian that he will NOT be ignored. Also, Haas would be a great addition to ECW if possible.

Promo: Regal
Eh, alright promo. Honestly, the promo wasn't really needed and seemed out of place with the flow.

Match 5: Dreamer vs. Ryder
Match of the night for obvious reasons. I also like how this was the main event of the show as although the ECW Champion didn't main event, a wrestler's career, let alone an ECW Original, was at stake. Dreamer and Ryder went hard and Ryder impressed showing he is ECW main event material and Dreamer never gave up. Ryder winning was expected and I was glad RVD stopped Ryder from attacking any further. The ECW reunion and goodbye was a nice tocuh as Dreamer says goodbye to ECW for good.

I also need to make a quick point of the commentary team. I like the pairing and I think the two are good foils for each other but I don't like at times that Byron had to be in complete denial of babyfaces and their talents. Sure, it's his job to be a heel leaning commentator, that's fine, but at least have him give credit and respect where its due. That's just my critique on that.

Overall a great show that truly showcased the best in ECW. A new General Manager, careers ended, great wrestling, and nice storylines to tie it off. I will continue to follow this thread and see where it heads next. Keep it up.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Predictions Contest Results
ECW Invades: Saturday Nightís Main Event

1. BkB Hulk: 8/12
= douba-douba-e1013: 8/12
3. UndertakerFan1992: 7/12
= Cubstommy: 7/12
= amrocky25: 7/12
6. DH: 6/12
7. FlyinStyles: 5/12
8. BambiKiller: 4/12
9. OML: 3/12
= RatedRKO31: 3/12
= The Storm: 3/12

As you can see, your joint winners are our new mod, BkB ďthe BriberyĒ Hulk, and douba-douba-e1013, so thatís... goodness gracious, 100 million credits to you both. Spend them wisely. In joint third are UndertakerFan1992, Cubstommy, and amrocky25, so thatís 20 million to you each, because Iím a cheapskate like that.

Now, to cover a few points of feedback...

Originally Posted by DH
When Regal hit the chop block, he went straight for the face.
You can chop block people in the face now? Boy, times have changed. Iím fairly sure I wrote that he went for his knee, tbh. At least, I hope I did.

Okay, it's definitely a tuque because Gregory Helms wears them sometimes as well.
Bloody Canadians.

but right after this, he goes for a springboard manoeuvre, which was too unrealistic. Helms all of a sudden came out with this high-flying ariel attack after getting his ass owned, which was the biggest problem with the match (too much like TNA, and if you watch TNA, you'll know that they'll get thrown through a table from 100 feet in the air and get up 10 seconds later).
100% agree with you. Good point. Whenever I start writing like TNA, Iím doing something wrong, tbh.

Also, are you doing an Elimination Chamber PPV or will it be No Way Out?
No Way Out. Itís SmackDown-exclusive.

Unfortunately, you gave these two 11 minutes to work with, even though it really didn't feel like 11 minutes.
Again, I totally agree. I didnít feel like 11 minutes to me either, Iím not entirely sure why I said it was Ė going by the 200 words to 1 minute rule which I usually follow, it WAS 11 minutes, I think, but I agree. It didnít read like that at all. So yeah, good spot.

Yes, we do need a break. However, this is the third interview segment of the night. I expect more creativity out of the #2 booker on the Mega Standings {well deserved btw, didn't think your thread got enough exposure, but apparently, it has, which is awesome}.
I just felt we needed something in there, but you were right, it should have been something else. Far too much screen-time for Savannah, too many interviews. And yes, I was quite chuffed. You know where I placed you, but hey. You deserve more exposure than me, tbh.

This didn't make a whole lot of sense to me since he just got ownt, but now he's happy over a single right hand?
To quote you... fuck.

Originally Posted by amrocky25
I didn't like that this was how Edge returned.
Yeah, fair enough. I figured this would be the general consensus. I have plans for him though, so fear not, heíll be involved in a storyline sooner rather than later. While Iím here, man, Iím really sorry I never feedback on your shows, I always feel really guilty about it. You feedback on so many of mine, and Iíve barely done two of yours. Apologies.

Originally Posted by BkB Hulk
The little video before the event was, well, a little weird. Iím not so sure about it, because while the theme seemed to be about how the extreme was returning to take over the mundane, it seemed a little odd to base it in a classroom.
Meh, itís a borderline call. I was thinking ďWhatís really boring?Ē and youíll never guess when the last time I was really bored was... well, Science class. The subject really sucks, you see.

Just a small thing, but wrestlers always work the left side, not the right. It doesnít really matter, but itís just a little thing that agitates me. Yes, Iím very picky.
I did not know this. Thanks for telling me.

Not too sure about how poor Sheltonís English was, because he always seemed smarter than your typical ďfrom the hoodĒ type guy, but yeah. That sounds a little racist, but you get what I mean.
Yuzzum. I just re-read it, I hadnít meant him to sound quite that... gangsta.

Agree with everything you said about the tag match. As Iíve said, I have plans for Edge.

Granted, he sounded English, but he didnít have his little Regalisms, like ďsunshineĒ, and instead sounded a little more pompous.
Weird. I had put it in there, then I took it out for some reason. Small mistake.

although Iíll be a bit of a realism nazi again with RVD.
Iíll address this now. After seeing what you wrote on the Mega Standings, I made a decision Ė tbh, I DO want this thread to be a sort of ďwhat the WWE could have doneĒ, and let people compare it to real life. If I bring it guys like RVD, Magnus, Rhyno etc when I feel like it, Iíll go nowhere on that front. I said to myself I could work with the talent I had, and to do that, I need to stick to the talent I gave to myself at the start, even if I did bring back guys like Kendrick and so on.

Either way, Iím not going to use RVD. I was going to, but as I say, Iím going to ďrealism NaziĒ myself and stop bringing guys in for the sake of it. Iím just gonna work with the guys I have, even if this includes Magnus, Rhyno, Kendrick, these guys who werenít with the company at the time. Apologies for the weird mini-rant-thing there.

Get cracking mister.
Will do.

Originally Posted by RRS
I don't like at times that Byron had to be in complete denial of babyfaces and their talents. Sure, it's his job to be a heel leaning commentator, that's fine, but at least have him give credit and respect where its due. That's just my critique on that.
Nah, I agree with you. He was a little TOO in denial, definitely. Thanks for reading. As Iíve said to you, I know fuck all about WCW or 2003 in general, but Iíll certainly try to look at your thread, and try to make something of it.

Thanks to everyone who left feedback. Iíll try to leave feedback on more shows now (I did read both BkB and DHís Raws, and Iím really annoyed I havenít given any feedback on them yet), but obviously with starting sixth form, the workís really going to start piling on, so weíll see how that goes.

I want to try and get some of Raw written before I post the preview, but itís not a huge deal. Iíll post it soon, I hope Ė Iíve been concreting some plans for Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania, so Iím feeling good about the direction the thread has. New brand posters on the first page and all, so Iím looking forward to getting going again. Thanks again to everyone who read/reviewed/enjoyed ECW Invades: SNME.
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Hey all. Sorry for 1) Taking two weeks to put this up, and 2) Not giving feedback on anyone's shows, it's not like I haven't given them a read when possible, but I am absolutely swamped with new sixth form work. You lot are all firing on all cylinders, it's not fair. I'll try and be as active as possible, but don't expect me to be throwing out feedback all over the place, I'm afraid. I suck, I know.

Anyway, Raw is pretty much finished. I'll post it some time this week - maybe Wednesday? Give you all something to look forward to... or not.

Originally Posted by
John Cena will not be at Raw tonight, having been called away to attend family business. Creative reportedly arenít too fussed, seeing as Cena has no immediate storyline at the moment other than his desire to win the Royal Rumble, and he would have most likely been in a simple squash match otherwise.

Monday Night Raw
Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
18th January 2010

Monday Night Raw comes exploding into Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania tonight Ė the air is chilly, but the atmosphere is fiery around the city, as the stars of Raw roll into the Mellon Arena, with the penultimate show before the Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

The WWE Champion has to be pleased with himself. Last week, albeit with a little help from a distraction by the family-driven Chavo Guerrero, Jack Swagger pinned the all-time great, Shawn Michaels, with a thunderous Gutwrench Powerbomb. Swagger is set to defend his title in two weeks against Michaelsí DX partner and friend, Triple H, but with the serious tension that hangs between these two long-time friends, does the situation heavily favour Swagger? Tonight on Raw, weíll witness some very combustible elements in the main event, as the WWE Champion teams with the United States Champion, the Miz, and Chavo Guerrero, to take on Evan Bourne, and of course, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. With tensions riding high as we get ever closer to Royal Rumble, how can the Game and the Heartbreak Kid possibly co-operate while they move further and further apart?

Of course, you canít forget about the other men in that huge match Ė in two weeks, Evan Bourne challenges the Miz for the United States Championship, and both men are determined to walk out with the precious belt. With Larry Sweeney in his corner, Bourne pinned the Miz last week in tag team action, nailing him with the always-stunning Shooting Star Press. This week, when Bourne and Miz come nose-to-nose in the main event, can Bourne keep his momentum rolling over the Champion? And what mindset will he be in, if his extravagant best friend Larry Sweeney yet again forces his loud opinions on the innocent backstage staff and the crowd in attendance?

Last week on Raw, Randy Orton proclaimed that he would win the Royal Rumble, saying it was his ďdestinyĒ to headline Wrestlemania 26 Ė when MVP came out, saying he begged to differ, the pair had a spontaneous contest. While Orton said he would ďdestroyĒ the Balliní Superstar, the bout was very evenly matched. Both men spilled out to the outside, and got into a heated brawl, leading to a double count-out result Ė as the pair were pulled apart by security, Shane McMahon came out, and announced that this week, these two will go head-to-head again, with no count-outs possible. With these two men so eager to get their hands on each other again, what will stop things from getting out of hand again this week? Weíll find out, tonight on Raw.

Legacy just didnít have a great show last Monday Ė Randy Ortonís misfortune was coupled with a loss by Ted DiBiase, to one of the No. 1 Contenders to the Unified Tag Team Championships, Yoshi Tatsu. However, DiBiase and his fellow Champion Cody Rhodes got a measure of revenge this past Saturday at ECW Invades: Saturday Nightís Main Event, when they attacked Tatsu and his partner Gregory Helms following Helmsí victory over Rhyno. Tonight on Raw, itíll be a rematch between DiBiase and Tatsu Ė which man will come out top in this sure-to-be-heated contest, with DiBiase desperate to regain his mentorís approval, and Tatsu surely furious about the blindside attack two nights ago?

It was only a few weeks back at Armageddon when Jamie Noble made his enemy, Sheamus, tap out in a No Holds Barred match, in one of the biggest matches, and indeed, victories, of his career. However, two weeks ago, Sheamus took on Noble again, and slammed him into the safety barricade, severely damaging his back. After the Celtic Warrior secured the match-up with a Pump Kick, he then hammered the Pit Bull with that same move again, as paramedics attempted to help Noble leave the ring. While Noble hasnít been seen since, Sheamus has been plagued by Nobleís music hitting at inappropriate moments, and this week, when he faces an unknown opponent for a place in the Royal Rumble, Sheamus has declared he wonít be distracted by Nobleís possible appearance anymore Ė because heís convinced the Pit Bull is never coming back. Can Sheamus qualify for the Rumble tonight, or will he be thwarted by an invisible Jamie Noble once again?

Divas Champion Melina has had plenty on her mind recently Ė not only is she preparing for an upcoming title defence against her best friend, Gail Kim, but sheís having to deal with a very sour Maryse. Of course, the Sultry Diva isnít pleased that she never took the fall when Gail Kim won a Triple Threat match to become No. 1 Contender, and as such, sheís been on a mission to make the lives of Gail and Melina hell, in protest of the title match soon to come. Tonight however, Melina and Gail Kim will team up to take on Jillian Hall and Alicia Fox Ė can these best friends, now future opponents, co-exist in this match, with that Divas Title match ever looming?

Also tonight, you can expect to see Chris Masters, Kofi Kingston, Santino Marella and much more!

Announced for Raw

Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Evan Bourne vs Jack Swagger, The Miz and Chavo Guerrero

Royal Rumble Qualifier
Sheamus vs ???

No Countouts
MVP vs Randy Orton

Ted DiBiase vs Yoshi Tatsu

Melina and Gail Kim vs Jillian Hall and Alicia Fox
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