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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Raw Review

With all the activity this summer I almost forgot to review RawÖ. but here I am.

With opening videos that played, it was good that you had Swagger allude to the problems DX has faced in the past couple of weeks. His promo was very strong, mentioning how great he has been, defying the odds, and how youth is going to rule the match against Trips. Plus on a side note three weeks till the Rumble canít wait. When Trips came out assholes was a strong way to start this off, a bit strong Iíd say but whatever. I wasnít feeling all the kids from Trips to be honest, because now youíre really pegging this match as a veteran vs. up starting rookie, which it is but I donít want that to be the thing that headlines RR, as the title. More like the two time All-American vs. The Game. The Future vs. The Wildly Vet, you get what I am saying. Swagger saying two and zero was hilarious. Anyway the back and forth was great from these two, and Michaels coming in with Sweet Chin was a great way to set up tonightís main event. One last thing, Trips mentioned Swagger has only defeated one guyÖ. Címon that one guy was John Cena. I think you sold Cena a tad bit short here, but just stating him as one guy. We are talking about the biggest face of the company; to me you made Trips talk as if Cena was a nobody.

Divas you know as I always tell you, you are doing a good job with Diva angles, even though they are boring as hell to me. It was a good match, and Melina making the save of Gail from Maryse is fine, to heat up the feud more.

Sheamus has progressed very nicely in this thread. You went good with his accent, with all the fellas, and poor wording and such. Haha, anyway a nice tag team match is set for later on tonight. BTW, I still donít know bout Larry Sweeney but we shall see.

Interesting promo from Helms as another match is set for that SNME. Anyway I love the action all before the bell, and the match itself was a pretty entertaining read. You know Iím not a huge fan of Helms or Yoshi, so I wasnít too happy with the result, but a good victory for them to gain themselves a little exposure especially on Raw. I still donít think they will win the titles but you are building them up nicely.

I thought this was another good match, my one problem has to be Sheamus falling for the Jamie Noble music gag again. TBH, Shane told him that last week Noble wasnít even in the arena, so that should have been a hint that Noble would prob not be in the arena again. Whatever, Sweeney seems to be a pretty cool character, and I like him for now however I can see him being more of a manager than a wrestler, but interested to see where his relationship with Bourne goes.

Great promo from Cena. It wasnít over the top like he does it sometimes, and he wasnít trying to be funny at all which is another change from the usual. Good solid promo here nothing to complain about.

I really donít like all the shut-ups from Orton throughout this promo it makes him look very childish if you ask me. Anyway, he started off with Legacy which was fine, and I like him going through the fact he has won the Rumble already once, and has headlined Mania the past two years in a row. Anyway a tad bit surprised MVP was the man to accept his challenge and even more surprised both men fought to a double count-out. While you made MVP look strong, Randy has just looked weaker and weaker in this thread. He lost to Kofi Kingston, in a steel cage match at a Pay Per View, and now he just tied with MVP. Iím just guessing you want to make MVP to look like a good candidate for the Rumble, but Orton is limping towards that Rumble if you ask me man. Hopefully next weekís match we get a good solid match, and maybe an Orton win.

Masters v. Kingston was a good match though both should be in the match if you ask me, but Kingston is riding a nice push since beating Orton, so understandable to have him go over.

Melina interview to me not needed. Already on commentary earlier in the night, so it is not needed for her reaction regarding the current title picture.

Main event was good and some great back and forth action, but then Chavo comes out??? Mega push to the main event scene for a few moments. I know you try to get so many people involve and try to make everyone look good but really Chavo? I understand yes he has the Guerrero name and such and he had a decent promo earier in the night, but you have me scratching my head on this one man. Anyway it served its purpose for the champion to win, the match off the distraction. The trouble afterwards of DX, is very interesting seeing how this can be Michaels v. Trips at Mania.

Overall it was a decent show. Some of your pushes seem a bit strange. One being Chavo and MVP able to keep up with the Viper the whole time, leading to a double count-out. To me it made Orton look weak but I already stressed that. However I still like your promos especially the beginning promo between Swagger and Trips. Also very interested with Bourne/Sweeney seeing if they are going to be a permanent team, or is one going to turn on the other. And three weeks till the Royal Rumble, hurry your writing man I would like to see The Rumble up before the summer ends . Good work as always keep it up.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Honestly, I’ve never read your BTB, so I might seem stupid on some things.

I figured Swagger would start the show coming out and bragging about himself. With all the blah blah blah from Swagger, It was only a matter of time for Triple H to come out. Personally, I’m liking the whole Swagger thinking about ‘Me’ act. I’m not all to sure how Triple H could get ‘blindsided’ with Swagger standing right in front of him. Shawn Michaels coming out was expected, but I didn’t think he would superkick Swagger. Imo, Swagger and Triple H both started ‘stirring’ in the ring a little too quick. Not a bad promo here, good way to make a huge main event match for tonight.

Your typical Diva’s Match here, but I like the way your write it. You make the Diva’s Division readable lol. The way Melina was talking about Maryse, I figured there would be some kind of interaction between the two. Maryse honestly has to be stupid to beatdown on Gail Kim, and not know Melina was there .

It’s nice to see that somebody is giving Noble to notice. But, if Noble wasn’t even in the arena, then how did his music play?

Crazy way to start of the match with Tatsu and Ted DiBiase. I’m glad your not just squashing Yoshi, I think he’s a talented competitor. Great to see him actual pick up the win, I’d like to see him and Helms have a shot at the Tag Team Titles.

Chavo headlining WrestleMania? Lol.

Your entrances are really indepth, which is something I like. Personally, I like writing matches with Evan Bourne, because of his style of wrestling. It’s just fun to write, imo. Like I said this is the first time I’ve read this, so idk if Sweeney is supposed to be heel or face, but he seems like a heel to me. I’m liking where your going with the whole Sheamus/Noble thing.

I’m not liking Cena saying he proud of what Swagger did. Other than that, it was a good promo.

Orton’s character in this promo was a hit/miss imo. To me, he was in character in some parts of it, but in others he wasn’t. Like, Orton saying “SHUT THE HELL UP” to the crowd. Usually, Orton doesn’t even act like the crowd is present. I like the reference to his father main eventing the first WrestleMania. Orton just doesn’t seem like the person to issue an ‘open challenge.’ MVP coming out was kind of a surprise to me, I hope this could be a sign of a push? This entire promo was alright at best. Set up a good match though.

Countout was a good choice, imo as now the two can feud into the Royal Rumble match, and have some kind of confrontation in it. But after the match, I don’t like MVP ‘beating’ down on all of the security guards holding him back, and the ones holding Orton. It’s just too many guards, imo.

I’m not a fan of Michael’s telling Triple H he would have made it a fair fight. Should lead to an interesting feud between the two. I wouldn’t mind a match at WrestleMania.

Interesting on the Smackdown Rebound. Didn’t know Big Show was champion. He’s difficult to write for a BTB, imo. And, it was extremely long, was too long for a ‘Smackdown Rebound’ on an episode of Raw.

I figured Kofi Kingston would get the win and go to the Rumble. Imo, Chris Masters is a good athlete too, and is overlooked in alot of BTB’s.

Melina promo was alright, I guess. Basically getting across that Maryse doesn’t need another Title shot.

The Main Event should be an interesting match, with what’s going down with Shawn and Trips. After Michaels did the elbow, the pinfall attempt was not necessary, imo since Shawn usually just gets up from that and starts tuning the band. Chavo interrupting? It’s interesting what’s happening with him and Michaels, but imo I just don’t like the idea of a feud between the two.

Overall, the show was pretty good. It had some ups and downs, but the for the most part, it was good. Michaels/Triple H is interesting, as is the whole Orton/MVP thing.
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Raw Review

Opening Promo: Swagger & Triple H - Great way to kick things off with Swagger talking about he's the only one fit to be champion. I liked how he brought up Triple H "betraying" HBK for a shot at the title. I feel like that might go somewhere. And I also like how Swagger kept calling Triple H old and past his prime. Great way to start this feud off. HBK coming out to save Triple H was good and set up your main event for tonight perfectly.

Match 1: Gail vs. Alicia - Good opening divas match here. Maryse coming out and attacking Gail was good. I'm expecting Maryse vs. Melina for the Diva's Title at some point soon.

Promo: Sheamus & Shane - This feud between Sheamus and Noble is building nicely. Personally I think Sheamus should be going after someone better, but you've done this feud so well so no complaints here. I expect another distraction for Sheamus, but I hope next week he qualifies for the Rumble.

Match 2: Yoshi vs. DiBiase - A nice inter-brand match-up. This was a great way to build-up the Rumble match since it does involve all three brands. I'm surprised Yoshi won this. I guess you have big things for the team of Helms & Tatsu.

Promo: Chavo - Good promo by Chavo. His persistence with trying to get into the Rumble match is great. I also liked how he brought up his family's legacy. Let's see where this goes for him.

Match 3: Bourne & Sweeney vs. Miz & Sheamus - We finally get our first look at Sweeney in the ring here. I'm not familiar with him, but you've built his character up well and we saw some good moves from him here. I had a feeling Noble's music would hit again, but that was the perfect thing to do to make Miz & Sheamus not look weak. Even though they won here, with his cocky attitude I'd say it only a matter of time before Sweeney attacks Bourne and reveals he's used him to get into WWE.

Promo: Cena - A good promo by Cena here talking about Swagger's attitude and his path to get the WWE Championship back. I like how he compared Swagger to himself earlier in his career, but said that he matured and is now better for it. We'll see if he can win the Rumble for the second time in MSG.

Match 4: Orton vs. MVP - Great promo before the match. Orton is his usual cocky self here. I'm glad MVP is getting some time here. The match was great as well. MVP, surprisingly to Orton, takes Orton to the limit. This is a great feud you've started here and I hope this is the start of a big push for MVP. The rematch next week should be great. I can't wait.

Promo: Triple H & HBK - Wow a lot of tension here between these two best friends. Shawn's pretty upset about last week still. Let's see what happens between them in the main event.

Match 5: Masters vs. Kofi - Good match between these two and I'm glad to see Kofi get the win and qualify for the Rumble.

Promo: Melina - So now it looks like Gail will get a well deserved shot at the title. I'm fine with that. I have a feeling it'll turn into a triple threat soon enough, but for now two friends going after a title is great to see.

Match 6: Swagger vs. HBK - These two had a great match. You've made Swagger look so strong since winning the title. Chavo coming out was shocking to me. I wonder where you're going with that. Well Chavo helps Swagger get the cheap win over HBK. And the tension builds even more with DX. I'm expecting the end to DX soon. This is turning out to be a great storyline so far.

*Notes - Good show. You're building up the Rumble nicely. This DX storyline is definitely the most interesting storyline you have right now on Raw. Although I'm liking the start to Orton vs. MVP. I hope this goes on longer than just next week. This thing with Chavo is very confusing cause it seems like you're giving him a random huge push here. I'm assuming you're going to put more main eventers in the Rumble within the next week or two because that's definitely needed right now looking at your Rumble line-up right now. The line-up is good but there aren't many there that I could actually see winning the Rumble right now. That'd be my only complaint right now, but I know that'll be fixed soon.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Hey all. The tournament has lost a bit of steam, but luckily, it means I can now kick into gear with this, plus the fact that I’m back in the UK now. Fancy that, this must be about two shows in a week now, I haven’t been THIS active in months.

Thanks for the feedback, guys. Much appreciated, both my regulars like RatedRKO31 and amrocky25, and the new readers like DH and Kames. Hopefully that means I’m doing something right, if I’m getting new readers.

DH, yeah, Show and Swagger are my World Champions. Slightly unorthodox choices, granted, but I’m hoping I can make them work in those roles. I have plans for them, that’s all I’ll say.

As for Chavo, this is just my way of elevating him up the card. He’s not getting some random main event push, but he’s just an example of these “mini-feuds” I’m going for in the build to the Rumble. I’ll guarantee now, you won’t see Chavo Guerrero vs Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania, if that helps. It’s nothing huge, but during this period leading up to the Rumble, take nothing as a symbol for anything – Chavo is not headed for the main event, but he’ll play a minor role in HBK’s road to the Royal Rumble, basically.

Noble is my pet project, tbh. His feud with Sheamus is my favourite thing in the entire thread, and while it's not quite as heated atm as it was in the lead-up to Armageddon, I hope I can prove that I'm not "bringing Sheamus down", I'm just building a good feud between two guys who had more than enough to have a really heated feud. Plus, Sheamus hasn't held the WWE Title in this thread (it started before TLC, hence the inclusion of Armageddon instead), so he's not a main eventer yet. If I decide to give him that push, it'll probably be a LOT slower than how the WWE actually did it.

Full names in promos is a good shout, thanks to DH. ECW has been written with full names all over in that sense, and it looks much more professional, no two ways about it.

When it comes to the Rumble card, I totally agree with you all on that as of right now, it doesn’t look stacked enough in terms of the Royal Rumble itself. There’s not much star power in the main event atm, but there’s another ten superstars to come yet, and hopefully, by the time the PPV comes around, the card will look much stronger, plus the fact that I hope to build up a number of credible contenders on all three brands in the shows leading to the event to make it more of a open field in terms of who’s going to win the damn thing.

I have to apologise for the lengthy SmackDown Rebound, that was a shameless copy & paste job by me. Likewise, I apologise for Orton’s promo, I usually have a better grip on his character than that.

Anyway, here is the preview for ECW. There’s only two matches on the show, but they often do (did) that on ECW when it was around – the show still has plenty of action, though not all of it being in official matches. There’s plenty of promos, too, so hopefully it should be of a somewhat decent standard. After this, it’s just SmackDown to get out of the way, and then I can start writing ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event, which I’m really looking forward to. E-C-Dubya should be up soon.


Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio
12th January, 2010

As ECW prepares for its final show before ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event, we find ourselves in Cleveland, Ohio, where fevers will be running high ahead of that 2-hour ECW-exclusive show in Philadelphia.

Tonight, it’s a huge main event on ECW – a 6-Man Tag Team match, as the ECW Champion, Christian, teams with his opponent this Saturday, Shelton Benjamin, and Ezekiel Jackson. Their opponents? The Ripper, Paul Burchill, teaming with William Regal, and Vladimir Kozlov. With many matches this Saturday involving men in this match, a win for either team will be crucial. After the carnage Big Daddy V created last week at the end of ECW, when he attacked various ECW superstars, what state are these men in to compete?

Zack Ryder, the self-proclaimed “Long Island Legend”, will open the show this evening – after narrowly escaping the rampage of Big Daddy V last week by throwing him the beaten down body of Tommy Dreamer, Ryder will probably be quite pleased with himself this week. This Saturday, he takes on Tommy Dreamer, and if he wins, Dreamer will be forced to retire. However, this match will be competed under Extreme Rules, meaning that Ryder steps into the environment which Dreamer himself essentially created! Tonight, after he speaks, Ryder will take on Gregory Helms – Helms has a crucial match this Saturday with the Man Beast, Rhyno. With the added threats of Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno sure to be lurking for each man, who will come out on top between these two up-and-coming young superstars on ECW?

While there’s only two matches scheduled for tonight, you can expect to see all the men scheduled for action this Saturday, tonight on ECW on SyFy!

Confirmed for ECW

Zack Ryder to open the show
ECW General Manager Tiffany to speak ahead of this Saturday’s major event for ECW

Zack Ryder vs Gregory Helms
Christian, Shelton Benjamin, and Ezekiel Jackson vs Paul Burchill, William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Hey all. Forgive me for the fact there's only two matches in comparison to the mass of promos, but I felt I covered every feud already. The only other option was to have Rhyno squash Goldust, but I didn't feel it was necessary. Anyway, enjoy.


Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio
12th January, 2010

We see a highlights package from last week, as ECW ends in carnage – after Tommy Dreamer’s narrow win over William Regal, Regal attacks him, and before long, several superstars have descended upon the ring, attacking each other. Eventually, Big Daddy V and Abraham Washington arrive, and the Mastodon attacks everyone in brutal fashion, whilst Washington labels it “discipline”. Tiffany comes out, and says no-one attacks her superstars... before bringing out her representative for this Saturday’s high stakes match... KANE!

As we the Big Red Monster appear, and Chokeslam Abraham Washington to the delight of the crowd, we cut away from Tiffany’s grinning face, and sweep straight into the ECW opening video package. As it ends, we head to the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, where fireworks explode across the stage, eliciting a big roar from the crowd. The camera sweeps across the crowd, as they hoist up a variety of signs, before we head to ringside, where we see Todd Grisham, and Byron Saxton.

Todd Grisham: Hello, good evening, I’m Todd Grisham, you’re watching ECW on SyFy! With me as always is Byron Saxton, and Bryon, we are just FOUR nights away, from one of the biggest nights in ECW history!

Byron Saxton: Good evening to ya, Todd, and you’re right. This Saturday, it’s ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event, and boy, am I pumped!

Todd Grisham: There are some very high stakes matches at that event, which will be a two hour, ECW-exclusive free event.

Byron Saxton: We’ve got careers on the line, General Manager spots up for grabs, mystery partners, long-time grudges, and one hell of a lot more! I can’t wait, it’s gonna be insane, Todd.


There’s tons of heat for Zack Ryder, who steps out from behind the curtain with a huge smirk. In his ring gear, but still with his tinted shades and headband on, he begins to strut down the ramp, enjoying the sound of his music booming from the PA.

Lauren Mayhew: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... Zack Ryder!

Todd Grisham: Well, you only have to listen to the reaction of this capacity crowd to gauge the kind of man Zack Ryder is. Last week, during the rampage of Big Daddy V at the end of ECW, he offered Tommy Dreamer’s beaten down frame to the Mastodon as a type of “sacrifice”, and made his hasty escape.

Byron Saxton: Try telling me that’s not what you would’ve done, Todd. Zack Ryder is smart. He’s young, and he’s smart. He’s not the kind of guy who hangs around when 500 pounds of pure angry is coming his way, and that’s why he’s in great condition out here tonight, instead of nursing broken ribs.

Ryder climbs up the ring steps, then steps over the middle rope. As he gets in the ring, he beckons to the crowd with two hands, grinning, and they just boo him in return. Smirking, he turns, and grabs a mic from ringside – as he does, the camera cuts to show a small boy in the crowd booing Ryder, and doing a thumbs-down gesture. When we cut back to the ring, Ryder is standing in the centre of the squared circle, mic in hand. His music dies down, and the crowd’s heat fills the silence immediately. Ryder smirks again, then goes to speak.

Zack Ryder: What my beautiful BABE, Lauren over there forgot to mention...

Boos. Mayhew frowns on the outside.

Zack Ryder: that I am – the Long Island LEGEND, Zack Ryder!

Heat from the crowd.

Zack Ryder: Yeah, that’s right. I have done what no-one else has come even close to doing... I am on the brink, of ending the pathetic, miserable, and forgettable career... of one, Tommy Dreamer.

Pop for Dreamer. Ryder smirks.

Zack Ryder: Now, I bet Tommy’s really enjoyed the spotlight recently. Never before in his career, has he had this kind of attention. And why? It’s because of me.

Boos. Ryder adjusts his shades.

Zack Ryder: Yeah. Y’see, Tommy Dreamer was never a legend. He was never a STAR.


Zack Ryder: And as soon as I make him MY business... he suddenly becomes relevant? Why do you guys think that is?

Ryder pauses with a smirk.

Zack Ryder: It’s because I’M a legend! I’M a star!

The crowd boos wildly, and Ryder lowers his shades to look out at them, before raising them back to his eyes with a grin.

Zack Ryder: And this Saturday, you’ll all have to agree with me... because I will bring the career of Tommy Dreamer to a close, and you will all know ME as the man – who finished the very last E – C – W Original.

There’s lots more heat for Ryder here.

Zack Ryder: But for someone who’s supposed to be an ECW Original... how “extreme” is Tommy Dreamer, anyway?

Ryder uses air quotes, then soaks up a few of the boos that come his way.

Zack Ryder: I bet you all think Tommy’s some sort of hero though, right? That he “EATS EXTREME FOR BREAKFAST”, rah, rah, rah.


Zack Ryder: Thing is, it’s not like he gets up in the morning, and takes a Singapore cane shot to the head to wake himself up! He doesn’t brush his teeth with the end of a rusty two-by-four! He doesn’t pour milk over some barbed wire and EAT IT.

Ryder has a good chuckle to himself at that one.

Zack Ryder: Nah, y’see Tommy Dreamer is old. He probably eats muesli or something. Sure, muesli’s extreme. Or not.

Ryder runs a hand through his hair with another little laugh to himself, while more heat is showered on him by the crowd.

Zack Ryder: So this Saturday, I’ll turn up with a steel chair. Tommy Dreamer will turn up with his Zimmer frame, and maybe he’ll throw his dentures at me, I don’t know.

More boos.

Zack Ryder: Actually, that’s if he even makes it to Philadelphia this weekend. Does his body still work after the pounding I gave his sorry ass last week?

Ryder smirks at the memory, and the crowd boos again.

Zack Ryder: Maybe not. But let me promise this.

Ryder lowers his shades a bit.

Zack Ryder: No matter how “extreme” Tommy Dreamer is, I’m gonna be one step ahead, and I’m gonna match it. I don’t care if he brings every single one of the ECW Originals with him, I’ll knock them all into the nearest retirement home, too. Sorry, I meant back to the retirement home.


Zack Ryder: So, bring on my opponent for tonight, I have a clinic to perform. Haha...

Ryder chuckles, and turns to the ramp, expecting the music of Gregory Helms... BUT THE MUSIC THAT HITS IS TOMMY DREAMER’S, AND THE CROWD GOES WILD! Ryder looks furious, and he pulls his shades right off his face, which is suddenly bright red! Dreamer himself comes out, slowly, and looks down at the Long Island Legend with a cold glare, with one arm draped across his ribs.

Todd Grisham: Looks like Tommy Dreamer is in working condition after all!

Byron Saxton: This is a joke, Todd! Dreamer must have some sort of illegal medication, no-one recovers from a beating like the one he took last week!

Dreamer takes a moment, then starts to storm down the ramp! Ryder looks at him with hate, and the last ECW Original gets in the ring slowly, before taking a mic from ringside. Painfully, he pulls his arm off his ribs, and stands across from Ryder, a cold stare-off beginning between the pair. Dreamer’s music dies down, and “TOMMY! TOMMY!” chants kick off, filling the silence! Dreamer doesn’t even crack a smile, and instead just raises the mic...

Tommy Dreamer: You mentioned... extreme.

Small pop from the Cleveland crowd.

Tommy Dreamer: Extreme. It’s a word I’ve lived with for a long time, Zack. No-one knows it quite like I do. No-one really LIVES extreme like I do.

Another small pop.

Tommy Dreamer: And funnily enough, kid, you’re right, I don’t eat barbed wire for breakfast.

Dreamer pauses.

Tommy Dreamer: But I still know the world of extreme one hell of a load more than you do.

Ryder frowns, and another pop goes up. Dreamer’s tone is low, and cold.

Tommy Dreamer: It’s not just an experience, Zack. You don’t just feel it for one match, then forget about it forever. It’s a LIFESTYLE. It’s the blood that pumps through my veins! It’s the air I breath! It’s the DAMN flesh on my DAMN bones!

A big pop goes up for Dreamer as he begins to hot up.

Tommy Dreamer: And this Saturday, Zack, you are out of your element!

The crowd cheers wildly, and Ryder stares right at Dreamer, quietly furious. Dreamer begins to pace a little, though tentatively, as he sells his injuries.

Tommy Dreamer: Yeah. Because like I said... no-one understands an Extreme Rules match like me. No-one knows VIOLENCE like I do – I’m the Innovator of Violence, dammit!

Another big pop goes up.

Tommy Dreamer: This Saturday... it’s not just my career on the line, Zack... it’s yours, too!

Ryder’s eyes go wide, and the Cleveland crowd gives another hefty cheer, as Dreamer finally cracks a grin!

Tommy Dreamer: ‘Cause Zack? When you step into an Extreme Rules match with the Heart and Soul of E – C – DUBYA... you’re lucky if you leave with YOUR career!

The crowd goes wild again, and Ryder seethes, suddenly aware of what he’s letting himself in for.

Tommy Dreamer: And this Saturday... if you take me down...


Tommy Dreamer: ...I’ll make DAMN sure, that I take you with me!

It’s a huge pop for Dreamer, and Ryder looks scared for a fleeting moment! He slaps his hand to his forehead, stunned by the reaction, as well as Dreamer’s fiery expression! Suddenly, though, he recovers his composure...

Zack Ryder: Are you kidding me? You? YOU?


Zack Ryder: Y’see Dreamer, for all your threats, your big talk, I know exactly what’s going on in that mind of yours!

Dreamer raises an eyebrow, unfazed.

Zack Ryder: Yeah, I know. Behind all that crazy, insane stuff you’ve got in there from all those chair shots to the face... there’s fear.

Heat. Dreamer smirks, not falling for it. Ryder keeps it up.

Zack Ryder: Oh, don’t try kidding yourself, Tommy. Because behind that ugly face of yours, I know you’re scared like HELL... that I’m gonna humiliate you, on LIVE, national television.

More heat.

Zack Ryder: And when I do... and believe me, bro, I will... I’ll enjoy every last second of it.

Ryder smirks.

Zack Ryder: And you wanna know why, Tommy? It’s ‘cause I CAN’T STAND YOU.

Heat from the crowd, but funnily enough, no-one’s really surprised.

Zack Ryder: Ever since I came to this crappy brand, I’ve heard nothing but you. “Tommy Dreamer this, Tommy Dreamer that...” and I’ve thought to myself, “What has this guy done? Who is he to steal all the spotlight? The spotlight that should belong to ZACK RYDER?”

More heat.

Zack Ryder: And I’ll tell ya what you’ve done, bro. NOTHING. You’ve hit a few guys with chairs, you’ve taken a few cane shots, you’ve thrown some dudes through barbed wire. So what?

Dreamer shakes his head.

Zack Ryder: And people think of you as a legend ‘cause of it. It makes me sick.

Heat for Ryder, who adjusts his shades a bit more, then continues.

Zack Ryder: A guy like you... you’re an old, old man. You’re not talented, you’re not young, you’re not fresh. You’re not like me! You’re not the NEW man anymore – you’re not the main event! You’re NOTHING!

Lots of heat for Ryder here, and Dreamer looks incredulous, stunned by Ryder’s blatant ageist attitude.

Zack Ryder: But these people don’t need to worry about you hanging on past your time... because no-one stays past their time in RYDER’S ERA! WOO WOO WOO, YOU KNOW IT!

Ryder goes red in the face again as he yells this at Dreamer, and the crowd bombards him with sudden heat! Dreamer looks furious once more, and he raises his mic-

Tommy Dreamer: See, that’s where you’re wrong, Zack! ‘Cause while ECW still LIVES... while it still BREATHES... IT’S ALWAYS THE ERA OF TOMMY DREAMER!

There’s a BIG pop from the crowd, and Ryder scowls suddenly. Both men are pumped full of adrenaline, and Ryder screams back:

Zack Ryder: BUT THAT’S ALL IT IS, TOMMY! That name – the dreamer, bro! For you, it’s just a dream, a hope, a thought, A DAMN WISH, that I won’t take you to SCHOOL this Saturday, and end your crappy excuse for a career ON THE SPOT!

The crowd boo like crazy, and similarly, Ryder has a crazed look in his eye, with his shades resting on his forehead.

Zack Ryder: You can pray to whoever the hell you pray to, BEGGING that you can keep going, keep selling your old wares to these tired and bored people in attendance... but in four nights’ time, I will finally break that frail ol’ body of yours into loads of little pieces!

Ryder’s face is contorted with rage, and Dreamer frowns right back at him.

Zack Ryder: And when the bell rings, and my hand is raised, Tommy – maybe reality will finally set in.

Ryder cracks a very twisted smile.

Zack Ryder: That the dream... is... all... over. Woo... woo... woo. You know it.

With a cold expression, Ryder lowers his mic. The camera shows the two men, barely a metre apart, staring into each other’s eyes with pure hatred... AND RYDER SUDDENLY SMASHES A STIFF KICK RIGHT INTO DREAMER’S GROIN! How Dreamer never saw it coming is anyone’s guess, but he goes down anyway, face contorted with pain, and suddenly, Ryder throws his shades and mic from the ring, pounding on Dreamer with right hands! The crowd craps all over the Long Island Legend...


BUT THE CROWD ROARS, BECAUSE COMING TO THE RESCUE ARE GREGORY HELMS AND YOSHI TATSU! The pair come charging down the ramp, sliding in the ring – but Ryder makes a hasty escape as he notices them, fleeing from the squared circle in an instant! Helms careers into the ropes nearest to Ryder, yelling “COME ON! LET’S DO THIS!”, and Tatsu helps a fuming (yet pained) Dreamer back to his feet, concerned, but saying nothing as usual.

Todd Grisham: Well, we’ve seen some pretty heated stuff to kick off ECW tonight, but after this break, Zack Ryder WILL be in action against Gregory Helms, so don’t go away!

ECW goes to a break, as Helms moves to check on Dreamer, too.


As ECW returns, Tommy Dreamer is stood at ringside with Yoshi Tatsu, watching calmly, but with blazing eyes, as Helms and Ryder stand across from each other, stretching out. Lauren Mayhew stands between them, as does the referee, who has appeared during the break. While the official checks both competitors for foreign objects, Mayhew makes her announcement, as the bell chimes.

Lauren Mayhew: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Mayhew gestures towards Ryder.

Lauren Mayhew: Introducing first, from Long Island, New York, weighing in at 214 pounds...

Ryder shoots her a look, and she frowns a little.

Lauren Mayhew: ...the Long Island Legend, Zack Ryder!

The crowd boos, but Ryder throws both arms into the air, smirking. Helms, Dreamer and Tatsu look at him coldly, and the Japanese superstar has to put an arm in front of Dreamer, who looks like he’s about to jump in the ring. Dreamer looks furious, but he manages to restrain himself for the moment, while Helms says “I got this, Tommy” to him from the ring with a small smile.

Lauren Mayhew: And his opponent... from Smithfield, North Carolina, weighing in at 215 pounds... Gregory Helms!

A cheer goes up for Helms, who smiles a little, then starts to bounce on the balls of his feet. Mayhew exits the ring, and the referee shoots a quick warning to Dreamer and Tatsu on the outside about interference, before calling for the bell.

Match 1
Zack Ryder vs Gregory Helms

As we join the contest after about eight minutes, as Tommy Dreamer paces impatiently at ringside, Ryder tries to hold Helms down with a side headlock. However, Yoshi Tatsu works the crowd on the outside, and soon, the whole arena is clapping Helms to his feet. The man himself does just that, and Ryder frowns, only to get a couple of hard elbows to the face! The crowd cheers as Helms works his way out of the hold, firing one last elbow, then spinning out of the weakened hold, and leaping up, sending Ryder crashing down with the Leaping Enzuigiri! The crowd cheers, and Helms shoots the half... 1... 2... NO! Kickout by Ryder! Helms turns, and heads for the ropes, before jumping through the air to nail the seated Ryder with a Dropkick, sending him back down. Helms then heads to the ropes once more, this time to springboard, and launches backwards with the Springboard Moonsault – NOBODY’S HOME! Ryder rolls out of the way, and Helms eats canvas! Helms staggers back up to his feet, and Ryder comes charging in suddenly, flooring him with a big clothesline! The crowd groans, and the Long Island Legend screams out “WOO WOO WOO! YOU KNOW IT!”, before dropping into the cover... 1... 2... 3-NO! Helms gets a shoulder up!

Helms sits up, and forces himself to his feet, but Ryder is on his case immediately, slamming his knee repeatedly into Helms’ abdomen to knock him back down, pained. Helms winces on the mat, and Ryder mounts him, nailing him with a few stiff right hands, before moving away as the referee makes a count of four. Ryder yanks Helms back up, then lays him out with a Swinging Neckbreaker! The crowd groans, and Saxton sings Ryder’s praises on the outside, as the Long Island Legend hooks a leg, smirking... 1... 2... but again, Helms kicks out! Ryder curls his lip in frustration, then gets up, shooting a filthy look towards Dreamer on the outside as he does. Dreamer’s eyes are locked on Ryder, barely able to stop himself getting in the ring. Tatsu watches him tentatively, then goes back to clapping at Helms, a gesture which stirs him, and makes him struggle towards the ropes. He gets up, and Ryder turns around suddenly, stunned – but he still manages to duck under the attempted clothesline from Helms, before heading to the ropes, and laying Helms out with his Leg Lariat, the Rough Ryder! The crowd groans with the impact, and Ryder hooks both legs, certain of victory... 1... 2... NO! HELMS KICKS OUT!

The crowd cheers, but Ryder is incensed! Dreamer cracks a little smile on the outside, and Ryder points at him, yelling something incomprehensible to us at home! Dreamer’s smile vanishes, and he immediately scowls, before mouthing something back at him, and nodding calmly. Ryder narrows his eyes, and turns around... BUT HELMS IS ON THE TOP ROPE, AND HE LAUNCHES, SMACKING RYDER BETWEEN THE EYES WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK! The crowd roars, and Helms is suddenly on his feet, yelling like crazy! Helms looks down at Ryder with a big grin, and beckons for him to rise... but suddenly, the Cleveland crowd is booing wildly! Helms looks up, but sees nothing... BECAUSE CODY RHODES IS BEHIND HIM, AND HE CLUBS HIM IN THE BACK! The crowd gives Rhodes hell, and at ringside, Tatsu gets tackled to the floor, BY TED DIBIASE! DiBiase is all over the Japanese superstar, pounding him with some brutal right hands, while in the ring, Rhodes relentlessly hits Helms in the face too, clearly furious! The referee looks at Rhodes in shock, and calls for the bell, ruling it a disqualification victory for Helms!

Winner: Gregory Helms by DQ

Match Time: 11:19

Zack Ryder, unaware of the brawls, only hears the bell chime, and he forces himself to his feet, gingerly touching his face in pain. Slowly, he turns around... AND GETS A MASSIVE SHOT TO THE FACE WITH A SINGAPORE CANE! Ryder collapses in a heap, and standing above him is the raging figure of Tommy Dreamer! Dreamer starts lashing Ryder’s body with the cane, furious, but then he looks over at Cody Rhodes, still pummelling Helms... and sticks his boot to Rhodes’ face, smashing him right out of the ring! The crowd cheers wildly, and Dreamer helps Helms to his feet, before heading to the outside... AND LASHING THE CANE INTO DIBIASE’S BACK, SENDING HIM REELING AWAY IN AGONY!

DiBiase rolls across the floor, yelling out, while Rhodes clasps at his face, wincing in pain too! The pair stand up, truly humbled, and scramble away, clutching their face and back respectively, before they stand on the ramp, holding their hurt body parts. They scowl at Dreamer, who gets back in the ring, and raises the cane above his head in triumph! The crowd roars, and Dreamer turns his attention back to Ryder as Helms and Tatsu regroup on the outside... and as Ryder struggles up – HE GETS ONE MORE CRACKING SHOT BETWEEN THE EYES WITH THE CANE, SENDING HIM DOWN ONCE MORE! The crowd in the Quicken Loans Arena is going wild for Dreamer, who gets up on the turnbuckle as Ryder rolls to the outside in agony, and raises the cane high up, screaming out of pure adrenaline! A massive “TOMMY! TOMMY!” chant kicks off, and Helms and Tatsu have no choice but to crack smiles at ringside out of admiration for the Heart and Soul of ECW!

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, is this the scene we will see this Saturday? Tommy Dreamer, on the top turnbuckle, as Zack Ryder licks his wounds on the outside?

Byron Saxton: Todd, Dreamer might win this round, but this Saturday, I bet things will be different. Zack Ryder isn’t the kinda guy to take what happened here lightly. He’s gonna arrive in Philly this weekend more determined than ever to end the career, of that man right there.

As the Unified Tag Team Champions slink furiously up the ramp, and Dreamer celebrates his minor victory in the ring with Yoshi Tatsu and Gregory Helms, we cut backstage, where we see the Man Beast, Rhyno, watching the proceedings alongside his associate, Manu. Rhyno bares his teeth in anger, then storms out of the picture.

We cut elsewhere backstage, where Savannah is standing with a mic. She smiles.

Savannah: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time... Ezekiel Jackson!

A good pop goes up in the arena for Big Zeke, who steps into the picture with his usual stony expression.

Savannah: Ezekiel, in four nights’ time at ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event, you take on your former associate, William Regal. What are your thoughts ahead of that match?

Jackson looks at her, then gruffly speaks.

Ezekiel Jackson: Savannah... I’ve never been one to talk for long. I usually let these two guys do my talking...

Jackson raises two fists to a small pop.

Ezekiel Jackson: But tonight, some things have to be said. William Regal... he’s scum.


Ezekiel Jackson: Will’s got no conscience, no feelin’s... other than this crazy idea that he’s BETTER than all of us. You, me, it doesn’t matter. He thinks he’s better.

Heat for Regal.

Ezekiel Jackson: And that’s how I used t’ be. I used to hate everyone, but now... now I can control my anger.

Zeke holds up a closed fist, which is somewhat symbolic.

Ezekiel Jackson: And all the time I was in the Ruthless Roundtable... I managed to bottle up all this hate for William Regal – and this Saturday, now I’m ridin’ solo... I’m gonna unleash it all, and get the revenge on Will that I DESERVE.

A big pop goes up, and Jackson turns, before leaving the shot. ECW goes to a break.


As ECW returns, Tiffany’s music hits, and from behind the curtain comes the ECW General Manager, grinning. The crowd gives her a warm reaction, and she smiles at the fans at ringside as she walks down the ramp.

Lauren Mayhew: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the ECW General Manager... Tiffany!

Another pop goes up, and Tiffany takes the steps up to the apron, before ducking under the second rope to get in the ring. She takes a mic from ringside.

Todd Grisham: Well, in four nights’ time, Tiffany will be at ringside as Kane takes on Big Daddy V – if Kane wins, Abraham Washington will be fired, but if the Mastodon wins, Washington becomes the NEW General Manager of the brand.

Byron Saxton: Ah, isn’t it great, Todd? This is Tiffany’s last night as General Manager! I love it! Soon, Abraham Washington will be in charge – I can’t wait, I’ll tell ya right now.

As Tiffany’s music dies down, she raises her mic with a big smile.

Tiffany: Good evening Cleveland!

A big, yet cheap, pop goes up for Tiffany, and she grins a bit more.

Tiffany: I hope you’ve enjoyed the show so far, and there’s more to come – because later tonight, it’s going to be a 6-Man Tag Team match, featuring some of the men you’ll see compete this Saturday!

Another pop.

Tiffany: And speaking of Saturday, I hope you’re all as hyped as I am! ‘Cause a few weeks back, I said that E – C – W wasn’t going to sit in the shadows. I said ECW was going to prove that we’re NOT the “C” brand here in the WWE, and this Saturday, I hope we can put on a show that none of you will ever forget!

Big pop for Tiffany here again.

Tiffany: Because this Saturday, when we broadcast for TWO WHOLE HOURS from the Wachovia Center, in the home of ECW, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we are going all out!

Another pop.

Tiffany: But I’d be lying if I said I don’t want to talk about what I’ve got resting on my shoulders in four nights’ time.

Tiffany’s sunny exterior darkens a little.

Tiffany: Y’see, this Saturday, my representative, Kane...

Big pop for the Big Red Machine!

Tiffany: ...takes on Abraham Washington’s representative, Big Daddy V.

Heat for the Mastodon.

Tiffany: And as I’m sure you all know, there’s a lot on the line.

Mixed reaction as Tiffany hunches up a little, her body language showing that she’s a bit nervous.

Tiffany: And if... and if this is the last time I stand in front of you all as ECW General Manager... then... then I’ve had a great time, and I’d like to thank you all for that.

The crowd comes alive with lots of cheers for Tiffany, and she cracks a smile.

Tiffany: But the thing is, I don’t wanna think about that! No, I want to think about this Saturday, when Kane is gonna BEAT Big Daddy V, and Abraham Washington will be officially FIRED from ECW for good!

Another big pop at the thought.

Tiffany: And I can guarantee, I will LOVE it, because we are going to wave Abraham Washington out of the Wachovia Center, crying his eyes out!

The crowd cheers wildly, and Tiffany grins.

Tiffany: So-

But before Tiffany can get out another word, Abraham Washington’s music hits to some big heat, and he comes out with a big smirk on his face, alongside the heaviest man in the company, Big Daddy V.

Todd Grisham: Abraham Washington isn’t the type of man to let anyone talk for long when he could be on the television screen, it seems.

Byron Saxton: Rightfully so, Todd. My ears were starting to bleed ‘cause of Tiffany whiny voice! Thank god Abe Washington’s out here, he’ll put Tiffany in her place.

Todd Grisham: She’s still your boss, Byron.

Byron Saxton: And why hasn’t she fired me, Todd? ‘Cause she knows I’m right.

As Saxton sits smugly, Washington strides confidently down the ramp, mic in hand, while the crowd continue to boo. He gets up on the apron, as does the Mastodon, and the big man nonchalantly lowers the second rope, allowing Washington to step over it easily. He slaps the big man lightly on the chest as thanks, then turns to face a frowning Tiffany, as Big Daddy V steps over the top rope, and stands alongside him. Washington’s music dies down, and he twirls the mic in his hand as the “You suck!” chants begin. As they reach full pitch, he looks out at the arena with a smirk, then chuckles, and raises his mic.

Abraham Washington: Yo, Tiff. I’m lookin’ for someone. You know, he’s kinda chubby around the waist... about yay high...

Washington raises his spare hand way above his head.

Abraham Washington: ...he’s pretty grumpy all the time... oh, and he’s bald as an egg. Help a guy out?

Washington smirks. So does Tiffany.

Tiffany: Sure, Abraham... he’s right behind you.

Washington turns on the spot in horror, then sees Big Daddy V, naturally, standing just behind him. He turns back to Tiffany, scowling, as the crowd mocks him with a bunch of jeers and laughs.

Abraham Washington: You’re a comedian, Tiff. Great, good for you. But how funny is it, that YOUR guy, is nowhere to be seen, huh? Where’s Kane?

Tiffany doesn’t reply, and Washington grins.

Abraham Washington: See, I know just why Kane isn’t out here. It’s because Tiffany right here... she’s afraid of him.

Plenty of heat here for Abe, while Tiffany frowns.

Abraham Washington: Tiffany doesn’t have the guts to stand in the ring with the Big Bald Machine, because she’s worried he’ll suddenly realise he’s on the wrong team, and just... CHOKESLAM her right through her own ring!

Heat. Tiffany shakes her head.

Abraham Washington: But y’see Tiff, while you’re too intimidated by your own guy to stand in the same ring as him, I know a guy who can stand in the ring with him... and win.

The crowd boos, as the Mastodon raises both arms, and roars out at the arena. Washington chuckles.

Abraham Washington: And you remember, Tiffany, a few weeks back, when you cancelled my show? When you cancelled the hottest show on television? The Abraham – Washington – Show?

Heat for Washington. Tiffany frowns, knowing the show was god-awful.

Abraham Washington: Yeah. When you did that, I made a vow, girl. A vow that I would take away YOUR show... by force. Alongside the most fearsome man this industry has ever seen. Oh yeah.

Washington looks over his shoulder at the Mastodon with a smirk, then back to Tiffany. He starts pacing, but Big Daddy V locks his eyes on the ECW General Manager with a slightly scary look.

Abraham Washington: I’ve done that. Me and the Mastodon here, we’ve done that. We’ve torn this show to shreds.

Lots of heat.

Abraham Washington: It started with Tony Atlas. My old broadcast partner. He wasn’t loyal. As soon as our show got cancelled, he jumped ship, and wanted to work for you. So... my man here put him in a hospital bed.

The crowd boos wildly, and Tiffany narrows her eyes, shaking her head in disgust.

Abraham Washington: Then, there was Josh Matthews. And girl, that was your fault right there.

More heat. Tiffany just continues to stare right through him with a look of disapproval.

Abraham Washington: You didn’t give in to my demands, so V here broke his ribs. Simple, right?

The Cleveland crowd continues to boo.

Abraham Washington: After that, it was Goldust. The freak. Then those two kids from Iowa. And then, last week... we took half your roster, and we tossed them about like they were rag dolls. The Mastodon destroyed every guy in sight.

Lots of heat here, and the 500 pounder actually smiles a little at the memory.

Abraham Washington: And let’s face it, Tiff. If my guy can demolish half your roster without breaking A SWEAT... what chance does Kane have?

Washington shrugs as the crowd shower him with heat, and he slaps Big Daddy V lightly on the arm, smirking. He actually leans against the big man as Tiffany raises her mic, frowning.

Tiffany: You come out here, Abraham... you tell me a history of the things you’ve done here to hurt the people who work for me? You actually need me to remember what you’ve done?

Washington shrugs a little, and the crowd boos.

Tiffany: Trust me. I don’t need you to remind me. Every day, I think about what you’ve done, the people you’ve hurt, the terror you’ve caused.


Tiffany: And you know what? You’re not just against me and Kane anymore. No.

Small pop.

Tiffany: You’re against the whole of E – C – W!

Another pop, bigger this time, goes up, and Tiffany almost smiles. She doesn’t, though, instead glaring right at Washington.

Tiffany: Yeah! This whole brand hates your guts, Abe – and if you become General Manager this Saturday, Vince McMahon might as well cancel this show, because I don’t want to EVER see you disgrace this show by being in charge!

The crowd cheers wildly, and Washington frowns.

Tiffany: Because the day you have any authority over the guys on this brand... the guys I’ve come to love like family... is the day ECW is DEAD.

There’s massive heat here at that thought, and Tiffany breathes heavily, hate in her eyes as she looks at Washington, who moves away from Big Daddy V, and raises his mic.

Abraham Washington: Don’t you get it, Tiffany? Girl, we already HAVE authority!

Some big heat here.

Abraham Washington: I can do whatever the hell I feel like... ‘cause who the HELL... is gonna stop me, when I’ve got the Mastodon on my side?

The 500 pounder snarls a little, and Washington smiles a dastardly, evil grin.

Abraham Washington: So you can consider ECW in its grave, Tiff – ‘cause I’m ALREADY in charge!

Lots of heat here, and Tiffany shakes her head defiantly.

Abraham Washington: No? Ya don’t think so, huh?

Washington chuckles a little, then looks to Big Daddy V – WHO STARTS ADVANCING ON TIFFANY! The crowd comes alive with some nasty heat, and Washington begins to grin his evil smile again.

Abraham Washington: who’s gonna stop us doing this?

Tiffany’s eyes go wide in terror, and she turns round, but the Mastodon grabs her... AND LIFTS HER UP INTO THE MILITARY PRESS! The crowd goes CRAZY with the biggest heat of the night, and a massive “YOU SUCK!” chant starts up, as Washington cackles, and Big Daddy V holds Tiffany way in the air, showing off his strength...




Tiffany rolls from the ring, terrified of what nearly just happened, but the man really shitting himself is Abraham Washington, BECAUSE HERE COMES THE BIG RED MACHINE! Kane comes charging down the ramp, with the crowd going insane, and slides into the ring – BEFORE HE SEES THE MASTODON, AND THE TWO BEHEMOTHS START EXCHANGING BLOWS, CRAZILY NAILING EACH OTHER WITH RIGHT HANDS!

Washington is cowering in the corner, and Kane starts to get the upper hand, as he forces the 500 pounder over to the ropes, and takes a few steps back... BEFORE HE CHARGES FORWARD, SENDING HIM WAY OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A MONSTER CLOTHESLINE! Big Daddy V clatters to the outside, and the crowd goes absolutely wild as the Big Red Monster turns his attention to Abraham Washington, who STILL hasn’t left the ring, as he remains in the corner, scared stiff!

Kane goes over to Washington, and pulls him out of the corner with an evil smirk. Washington is screaming and pleading all sorts of nonsense, but Kane won’t hear it, and clamps that giant right hand of his right round Washington’s throat! Washington’s eyes bulge out of their sockets, and Tiffany slides into the ring, furious – but all she does is stand and watch the proceedings with a look of hatred towards Washington, as Kane sends him for a ride... CHOKESLAM TO ABRAHAM WASHINGTON! The crowd goes wild, and Kane smirks down at a very satisfied Tiffany, who stands above Washington’s unmoving body with a small smile. The Big Red Machine throws his arms into the air, then back down, unleashing his pyro from the turnbuckles, and getting a big pop from the crowd. As Tiffany looks out at the fans with a smile, and Kane tosses Washington from the ring, ECW goes to a small break.


As ECW returns, we’re backstage with Savannah.

Savannah: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... the ECW Champion, Christian!

Christian, with his title belt on his shoulder, comes into the shot to a BIG pop from the crowd, and he smiles.

Savannah: Christian, in just four night’s time, you will team with a mystery partner of your choice, against Shelton Benjamin and his own partner, and Paul Burchill and his partner, in a Triple Threat Tag Team match. What are your thoughts on that match this Saturday, as well as the 6-Man Tag Team match in tonight’s main event?

Savannah offers Christian the mic.

Christian: Tonight... well Savannah, tonight’s an interesting one. ‘Cause I’m teaming with the guy I’m facing in four nights’ time, Shelton Benjamin.

Pop for the Gold Standard.

Christian: And hell, I’ve got a lot of respect for Shelton, for sure. But last week, we had a stand-off, right in the middle of the ring. If it hadn’t been for Big Daddy V interrupting, who knows what we would’ve done. I guess it doesn’t matter.

Christian pauses.

Christian: And tonight, Shelton, I’ll team with you, sure. But after the final bell rings tonight, don’t expect any stand-offs. Don’t expect me to restrain myself.


Christian: This Saturday, all alliances are off the table FOR GOOD. Except me and my partner. Oh yeah, I’ve got one. I won’t ruin the surprise, but believe me, we’ll be taking Philadelphia by storm in four nights’ time.

Another big pop, and Christian grins a little.

Christian: In that match, Shelton and Paul have their own partners. Their own agendas. And even though I don’t know exactly what they plan to do this Saturday, I know they want this ECW Title as much as any other guy on ECW.

Christian slaps his belt.

Christian: This baby isn’t on the line this weekend, but in three weeks... at the Royal Rumble... it is.


Christian: And this Saturday is the most crucial match in the build-up towards the Rumble. Whoever wins that Triple Threat Tag Team match... they might just have an edge. That confidence boost could be the difference, you’d think – lord knows we’ve all had our moments over each other recently.

Mixed reaction.

Christian: But no matter what the result this Saturday, I couldn’t care less for any confidence boost. I couldn’t care less what Benjamin and Burchill bring to the table... I’ll be ready for ‘em, and they’ll both feel some Killswitch as I WIN that match, and head to the Royal Rumble as firm favourite to do what I do best. Retain the ECW Championship.

A big pop goes up, and Christian disappears from the shot.

The camera cuts briefly to another area backstage, where the crowd pops at the sight of Gregory Helms, walking down a corridor alongside Yoshi Tatsu. Suddenly, they stop, and into the shot, scowling, walks the Man Beast, Rhyno, to heat. Helms looks apprehensive, and clenches his fists, but Rhyno chuckles suddenly, and walks straight past Helms and Tatsu, knocking the pair aside as he does. Tatsu and Helms watch him leave with frowns on their faces.

We skip elsewhere backstage, where the crowd boos wildly at the sight of the Ripper, Paul Burchill. The Englishman is sat on a sofa in his personal locker room, with a mobile phone pressed against his ear, and his feet casually resting on a low table nearby. Sat on the arm of the sofa, looking nervous, is Burchill’s sister, Katie Lea. The Ripper speaks into the phone, accent as strong as ever.

Paul Burchill: So... interested in helping me out this Saturday?

Burchill pauses as the other person talks, then frowns.

Paul Burchill: What do you mean, what’s in it for you? How about...

Burchill hurriedly looks around the room, needing inspiration, and his eyes settle on Katie Lea. He smirks, and settles back into the sofa.

Paul Burchill: ...I’ll let you have a night with my sister.

The crowd groans as one, and Katie Lea looks straight at him, furious!

Katie Lea Burchill: PAUL! WHAT-

Burchill puts up a hand to her, not even looking at her.

Paul Burchill: Hold on a sec.

He looks up.

Paul Burchill: Do you mind? I’m on the phone.

Minor heat from the crowd, and Katie Lea gets up, walking around, incredulous. Burchill continues his conversation, smirking.

Paul Burchill: Sorry, I’m back. So, sound good?


Paul Burchill: Yeah, she’ll do that.

Katie Lea’s eyes go wide in fury, but before she can make an outburst, her brother puts up his spare hand again, silencing her. He listens, then shrugs.

Paul Burchill: Yeah, she’ll probably do that too.

Katie Lea is incensed, but her eyes show how helpless she is. The Ripper frowns.

Paul Burchill: No... I don’t think she’ll do THAT.

The crowd laughs, and Katie Lea puts a hand to her forehead, exasperated. Burchill seems intrigued.

Paul Burchill: Right, right... and would she have to provide you with the sandwiches for that?

The crowd laughs again, and Katie Lea opens her mouth in disgust.

Paul Burchill: Hm... sure. You got yourself a deal.

Katie Lea is horrified, but Burchill is her polar opposite, grinning healthily.

Paul Burchill: ...great. Well, I’ll see you Saturday.

The crowd boos as Burchill hangs up, pockets his phone, and gets up. He begins to leave the room, and a stunned Katie Lea, eyes wide in anger, follows him.

Katie Lea Burchill: Paul! PAUL!

Burchill starts walking down a corridor, as the camera follows him. He ignores his sister.

Katie Lea Burchill: Paul! What on earth were you thinking?

Burchill looks briefly over his shoulder, then continues walking.

Paul Burchill: Could you stop shouting? I have a match to get to, you’re throwing me off...

Burchill adjusts his beanie hat, and bares his teeth a little as he prepares for a fight. Katie Lea sticks with him, clearly furious.

Katie Lea Burchill: Who the hell was that?

Burchill rolls his eyes, and keeps walking.

Paul Burchill: My partner for this Saturday.

Katie Lea frowns.

Katie Lea Burchill: I’d figured that much out! Why did you bring ME into this, with such a... ridiculous proposition?

Burchill starts pressing his fists together, and looks round at her briefly, clearly impatient.

Paul Burchill: He’s a high profile man, Katie. You’ve got to... sweeten the deal with these kind of people.

Katie Lea goes to argue some more, but she is cut off, as Burchill stops walking, and greets William Regal, who has just appeared in the shot. The crowd showers both Englishmen with heat, and Burchill heartily shakes hands with his friend. Vladimir Kozlov stands to the side, scowling as always.

Paul Burchill: Ah, William.

William Regal: Excellent to see you, Paul. I trust you’re in the mood for a fight?

Burchill smirks.

Paul Burchill: Always.

Regal also smirks, and the pair begin to walk down the corridor, as Kozlov slowly tags along, and Katie Lea follows in the background, frowning, and shaking her head. “NEXT” appears in the corner...

Todd Grisham: Well, when we return, it’ll be tonight’s main event, as those three men you see there, take on the team of Christian, Shelton Benjamin, and Ezekiel Jackson.

As Burchill and Regal exchange some light conversation, ECW goes to its final break of the evening.


As ECW returns, we see Todd Grisham and Byron Saxton at ringside.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, we are just four nights away from one of the biggest nights in ECW history – ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Byron Saxton: Oh boy, oh boy, Todd. This Saturday in Philadelphia, things are gonna get extreme, baby! There are some huge matches in store!

Todd Grisham: Well said, Byron. Now, in three weeks, at Royal Rumble, the ECW Championship WILL be on the line, as Christian defends his coveted title against the Ripper, Paul Burchill and the Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin. But this Saturday, each man will have a mystery partner by their side, as they gun to gain a crucial victory in the lead-up to that title match.

Byron Saxton: Each guy has said they have their partner, Todd, and I can’t wait to see who can pull off the big win here. It’s a Triple Threat, Tag Team match, and it doesn’t get much more unpredictable, especially considering the issues all three of these men have had with each other.

Todd Grisham: It’s a pretty explosive situation, Byron, but if you want to talk about heated rivalries, try this one between ECW General Manager Tiffany and Abraham Washington. We saw them argue earlier tonight, but this Saturday, the time for talk is over, because Kane and Big Daddy V will go one-on-one, with some major implications attached to that contest.

Byron Saxton: Definitely, Todd – if Kane wins, Abraham Washington is fired, but on the other end of the scale, if Big Daddy V wins it, Washington becomes the General Manager of ECW instead of Tiffany! The very landscape of E – C – Dubya could change based on who wins here!

Todd Grisham: No doubt Abe Washington would have a certain impact on ECW, though another man looking to make an impact has been the War Machine, Rhyno. He attacked Gregory Helms on his return, and ever since, he’s attempted to further hurt Helms, looking to make his name on Tuesday nights.

Byron Saxton: Greg Helms wasn’t gonna lie down though, Todd, and this Saturday, we’re gonna see these two guys face off for the first time ever. Only thing is, are Legacy gonna make another appearance, like they did tonight?

Todd Grisham: Helms has certainly got a couple of enemies, Byron. He’s not the only one, though, as Ezekiel Jackson made a couple himself, when he turned on William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov a few weeks back.

Byron Saxton: You don’t betray great men like William Regal, Todd, and hopefully when the British Brawler takes on Big Zeke this Saturday, he’ll teach him a valuable lesson in respect.

Todd Grisham: And respect is a key theme in possibly one of the biggest matches on the card this Saturday, as Tommy Dreamer, the Heart and Soul of ECW, the last remaining ECW Original, takes on the cocky young upstart, Zack Ryder, in an Extreme Rules match. And remember that key stipulation – if Ryder wins, Tommy Dreamer must retire.

Byron Saxton: I’m definitely on Ryder’s side here, Todd, but you gotta have a lot of respect for what Dreamer has done for ECW, I guess – either way, we’re in for a great, but dangerous contest this Saturday.

Todd Grisham: That’s ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event, LIVE from the Wachovia Center in the home of ECW, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this Saturday, in a free, 2-hour ECW exclusive.

Grisham and Saxton both smile at the camera, and we cut to a picture of the rest of the arena. William Regal’s pompous music plays, and he and Vladimir Kozlov wander out on to the stage, both with similar scowls on their faces. The bell chimes.

Lauren Mayhew: The following is a 6-Man Tag Team match, scheduled for one fall! Making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 542 pounds... William Regal, and Vladimir Kozlov!

The crowd boos, and Regal mutters some strategy to the Russian as they approach the ring.

Todd Grisham: Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for our main event – we’ve only had one other match here tonight on ECW, but there’s certainly been plenty of action.

Byron Saxton: You’re right there, Todd, but the thing I’ve been looking forward to most this evening has to be this 6-Man Tag Team match, featuring these two dangerous men here, William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov.

Regal and Kozlov get in the ring, and scowl out at the arena as the music cuts. The arena lights dim a bit, and Paul Burchill’s music hits, to loud heat from the crowd. Burchill comes storming out, baring his teeth like a rabid dog, and with fingerless gloves and a big, black trench coat on. He snarls a little, and begins to walk down the ramp, as Katie Lea scurries alongside him, looking nervous.

Lauren Mayhew: And their tag team partner, accompanied by Katie Lea Burchill... from Chelsea, England, weighing in at 247 pounds... the Ripper, Paul Burchill!

Todd Grisham: Paul Burchill has a mean streak unlike any man I’ve seen before, and the lengths he’ll go to to get what he wants is, frankly, quite scary.

Byron Saxton: I call it “desire to win”, Todd. Paul might just be one of the most talented men on this here show, and this Saturday, I pray to God that he takes Christian and Shelton Benjamin down a peg.

Burchill gets up on the apron, and then joins Regal and Kozlov in the ring. They slowly move to the far corner, and start talking tactics by the turnbuckle. Katie Lea just has to stand in the middle of the ring, clearly not wanted in the huddle. Burchill nods at both his partners, then heads between the turnbuckles, baring his teeth and raising his arms at every corner of the arena. He then heads to the ropes by the hard camera, and steps up to the second rope, smirking sinisterly at the hard camera. His music subsides, and he spins back into the ring, where he orders Katie Lea to the outside, and chats with Regal a bit more.

As Katie Lea reluctantly leaves the ring, the music of Ezekiel Jackson hits, and a decent pop goes up for the New Yorker. Big Zeke arrives looking pretty serious, and stares a hole through William Regal from the stage.

Lauren Mayhew: And their opponents! First, from Harlem, New York, weighing in at 309 pounds... Ezekiel Jackson!

Jackson starts to stride down the ramp, not bothering to slap the hands of the fans, and gets up on the apron. He stares down William Regal, who looks down his nose at Big Zeke. Jackson steps over the top rope, and settles in the corner with a frown at Regal, who remains cool as a cucumber.

Todd Grisham: Ezekiel Jackson takes on William Regal this Saturday, after a turbulent alliance between the two in the Ruthless Roundtable turned very sour.

Byron Saxton: Hey, let’s not forget. It was Big Zeke over there who turned on William Regal – let’s hope he gets his just desserts in four nights’ time, huh? No-one teaches respect like the British Brawler, Todd.


The crowd cheers wildly, and as the stage explodes with some sharp pyro, Shelton Benjamin comes jogging out, grinning. It’s the first time we’ve seen the Gold Standard all evening (though he’ll probably have an interview on Saturday, just thought I’d mention that), and he smiles out at this warm welcome from the Cleveland masses.

Lauren Mayhew: And his tag team partners... first, from Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing in at 248 pounds... the GOLD Standard, Shelton Benjamin!

Another big pop goes up, and Shelton takes the time to run his hand by the fans along the ramp, before sliding into the ring, and launching on to the nearest turnbuckle, pumping his arms out at the cheering crowd. He grins, then hops off, greeting Ezekiel Jackson with a simple handshake.

Todd Grisham: The Gold Standard is also known for his athleticism – well, he’s the best pure athlete in the WWE, and that could give him a big advantage in the unpredictable conditions of his match this Saturday.

Byron Saxton: You think so? Shelton’s a nobody, Todd. He’s never won a World Title, he’s never won the ECW Title – and I doubt he’ll be doing it at Royal Rumble. Or ever.

Benjamin’s music dies down, and the crowd waits in anticipation. The arena turns bright gold suddenly, and the crowd begins to cheer!


It’s a BIG pop from the Cleveland crowd as Captain Charisma, the ECW Champion, Christian, strides out on to the stage, clothed in his silver and gold, sparkling tracksuit. He whips the hood off, revealing his grinning face, and he points briefly to the title around his waist, before he puts a hand to his forehead, and scans the arena for his “peeps”.

Lauren Mayhew: And their tag team partner... from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 227 pounds... he is the ECW Champion... CHRISTIAN!

Christian starts to make his way down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside, while the camera quickly shows shots of Benjamin and Burchill in the ring, watching the ECW Champion’s every move. Christian slides into the ring, and gets up on the top turnbuckle, scanning the crowd again. He grins, and hops off, handing his title belt to the official, and flinging his tracksuit top into the crowd to a small pop.

Todd Grisham: Christian says he does have a partner for this Saturday, but lord knows who it is!

Byron Saxton: I’m amazed anyone would team with this guy, Todd. He’s pretty much destined to lose that title in three weeks’ time – if he and Paul Burchill had a title match tonight, we’d see a new champion, I’ll tell ya that right now.

Lauren Mayhew exits the ring, and Christian removes his tracksuit bottoms. He heads over to his teammates with a small smile, but doesn’t shake either man’s hand, not that either of them offer to. Jackson just nods to him, but Shelton’s look is fairly icy, and he turns to face Burchill instead, who seems eager to start up the match-up. Benjamin steps up to take him on, and Burchill smirks, almost as if he was expecting Christian instead. The other four men step out on to the apron, with the whole arena watching intently, as the Ripper and the Gold Standard lock up to start this match off.

Match 2
Paul Burchill, William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov vs Christian, Shelton Benjamin and Ezekiel Jackson

Christian and Shelton hit some entertaining moves to please the crowd in the early going, but after about four minutes of back-and-forth, the match takes the usual WWE formula for tag team matches, as Burchill’s team manage to effectively isolate the Gold Standard. As we join the contest after nine minutes or so, Burchill is stomping all over Shelton’s grounded body. The Ripper moves away, smirking, and takes a moment to gloat to the crowd. Benjamin struggles to a bent-over position, but Burchill is right on his case, clubbing him back down with a forearm to the back. The crowd showers Burchill with heat, but the Englishman ignores it, and bounces off the ropes, before nailing a now-sitting Shelton in the chest with a nasty boot! The Gold Standard is floored, and the crowd groans with the impact, before Burchill covers, smirking... 1... 2... but Shelton kicks out, and the Cleveland masses cheer wildly!

Burchill yanks Shelton up to his feet, growling, and puts him in a front facelock, dragging him over to his corner. Regal tags himself in, and nails the Gold Standard in the kidney with a sharp left hand, sending him reeling into the turnbuckle. Burchill steps out on to the apron, and Regal starts to work Benjamin in the corner, using hip thrusts, punches, knees, kicks, the whole routine. Benjamin groans with each shot, and the referee gives the Englishman ‘til five... he takes ‘til four, then pulls Shelton out by his head, rocking him with a European Uppercut as he does. Shelton staggers into the middle of the ring, dazed, and Regal grabs him, flinging him into the turnbuckle – Benjamin comes rebounding off it, pained, and Regal uses the momentum sweetly, laying Shelton out with a Scoop Exploder Suplex! The crowd groans, and Regal smirks as he hooks a leg... 1... 2... NO! Shelton kicks out again!

Regal is delirious, and the crowd cheers for Benjamin’s defiance. The British Brawler crouches down a few metres away, and waits for Shelton to get up a bit... THEN GOES FOR THE KNEE TREMBLER, BUT SHELTON DUCKS UNDER IT! The crowd cheers, and the Gold Standard heads for the ropes, springboarding... AND TAKING REGAL DOWN WITH THE SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT! The crowd cheers with the athletic move, but it takes a load out of Benjamin too – both men are inevitably down, and Christian starts clapping on the outside, getting the audience involved. The whole arena claps with the ECW Champion, and Shelton starts crawling towards the corner, heartened! Regal struggles off towards the outstretched hand of Vladimir Kozlov, and the crowd eggs Benjamin on as he gets ever closer to that precious tag! Regal stretches, and slaps the hand of Kozlov – BUT BENJAMIN LEAPS LIKE A SALMON, AND GETS THAT HOT TAG TO CAPTAIN CHARISMA!

Christian comes charging in, pumped up, and ducks under the clothesline attempt from Kozlov. He heads to the ropes, rebounds, and comes back with a big Dropkick, sending the Russian stumbling away! Christian is up in a flash, but the Moscow Mauler is still stood, so when he comes back, the ECW Champion launches up, and nails him with another Dropkick, this time flooring the big Russian! The crowd cheers, and Christian heads to a neutral corner, where he hops on to the second rope. Kozlov forces himself up, dizzy, and Christian launches, driving Kozlov down with a nasty Tornado DDT! The crowd cheers as the Moscow Mauler gets drilled into the mat head-first, and Christian covers... 1... 2... NO! Kozlov kicks out! Regal applauds on the apron, but Burchill stands quietly, scowling. Christian tries to pull Kozlov up, trying to stay on offence, but the Russian pushes him to the ropes, and clotheslines him to the mat on his return! The crowd groans, and Kozlov doesn’t bother with the cover, instead setting up in the corner, pointing to his head to signal the Battering Ram! The crowd boos, and Christian gets up... Kozlov charges in, but the ECW Champion ducks out the way of the Russian’s finisher! The crowd cheers, but Christian isn’t done, as he grabs Kozlov’s arms as he goes past, and hooks them, before twisting... AND LANDING THE KILLSWITCH! The crowd goes wild, and William Regal comes charging in, looking to prevent a cover... BUT HE GETS KNOCKED SENSELESS BY A HUGE CLOTHESLINE FROM BIG ZEKE JACKSON! Shelton Benjamin launches across the ring, clearing a stunned Paul Burchill from the apron with a Dropkick, and Christian grins as he hooks Kozlov’s leg... 1... 2... 3!

Winners: Christian, Shelton Benjamin and Ezekiel Jackson

Match Time: 13:28

Christian and Jackson have their arms raised, and Shelton joins hands with Jackson – the crowd cheers as the three raise their arms in victory, and the referee leaves the ring. William Regal is up on the outside, and he hurls abuse at Big Zeke! The crowd showers him with heat, and Ezekiel is having none of it, so he charges from the ring – AND THE PAIR START POUNDING EACH OTHER WITH BLOWS ON THE OUTSIDE! The crowd cheers for the brawl as it immediately heads up the ramp, and Christian and Shelton turn to face each other in the ring. They stand across from each other, and Christian’s earlier words are fresh in everyone’s minds! Benjamin shrugs, but his expression turns deadly, and he mouths “Go for it”, clearly not fazed.

Christian raises his fists, and the crowd cheers wildly... BUT SUDDENLY, PAUL BURCHILL ENTERS THE RING, AND BLINDSIDES THE GOLD STANDARD! The crowd comes to life with some intense heat, and Christian just stands there as Burchill starts pounding on Benjamin! Todd Grisham wonders aloud why Christian isn’t doing anything, and Burchill pulls Shelton up, before hoisting him up with the Vertical Suplex Lift... AND DROPPING HIM WITH THE DANGEROUS BUSTER! The sickening impact shakes the ring, and Burchill stands with an evil smirk, standing across from Christian. The pair both frown a little at their old enemy, and Burchill swings with a big right hand, only for the ECW Champion to duck it, and SLAP the taste right out of Burchill’s mouth!

The crowd cheers, but the Ripper is furious! He charges back into the centre of the ring, snarling, and he stands inches away from Captain Charisma, as the pair exchange heated words! Burchill looks like he’s about to snap, and Christian looks no more calm... BUT KATIE LEA SLIDES IN THE RING, AND GETS BETWEEN THE TWO MEN! A huge mixed reaction goes up from the crowd, and Katie Lea, scared stiff, tries to reason with both of them, heading towards Christian – but the Ripper couldn’t care less, and he heads for the ropes, before coming back... Christian desperately pushes Katie Lea out of the way, AND BURCHILL DRIVES RIGHT THROUGH HIM WITH A HUGE CLOTHESLINE! Christian crunches to the mat, face down, and Burchill grabs his head, furious – Katie Lea gets to her feet, screaming at her brother not to do it, but he ignores her... BEFORE HE DRIVES CHRISTIAN’S SKULL INTO THE MAT WITH CURB STOMP, SURELY KNOCKING HIM UNCONSCIOUS!

The crowd boos the hell out of Burchill, who turns away with a smirk, and his music hits emphatically as he leaves the ring. The Ripper raises an arm, confident of victory this Saturday – but then he turns round, and YELLS at Katie Lea, who shakily stands, looking down at Christian in horror. Paul roars something else at her, and slowly, she leaves the ring, eyes locked on Captain Charisma’s unmoving body in the ring. She joins her brother at the bottom of the ramp, swallowing tears, and Burchill clamps his hand around her arm, before he yanks her away from the ring, raising his free arm to gloat out at the crowd. The heat is pretty huge for the Ripper, who pushes Katie Lea towards the curtain, then turns back to face the booing arena with bared teeth. He grins evilly, then slowly turns, and leaves the arena.

Todd Grisham: And that hideous display right there, shows you why Paul Burchill has not a care in the world, as long as he becomes ECW Champion.

Byron Saxton: That’s the attitude to have, Todd. Why care about other people? They only slow you down, and when you look out for someone else, like Christian tried to do just then, you get your lights knocked out. And this Saturday, I bet we’ll see Paul Burchill work his magic once again.

Todd Grisham: Well, we’ll certainly find out this Saturday – that’s all the time we have tonight, but we hope to see you all this Saturday, as ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event! I’m Todd Grisham, alongside Byron Saxton, saying a rather dark goodbye to end ECW tonight, as Paul Burchill has made his mark on his opponents, for four nights’ time.

EMTs rush on to the scene to help Christian and Shelton. Vladimir Kozlov is nowhere to be seen, having probably hobbled backstage off-camera after Regal and Jackson brawled to the back. As the host of medics check on Benjamin and Captain Charisma with worried expressions, ECW fades to black.



Quick Results

Gregory Helms bts. Zack Ryder by DQ
Christian, Shelton Benjamin, and Ezekiel Jackson bt. Paul Burchill, William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov


ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event
Location: Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date: 16th January 2010
Tagline: Extreme Returns...

Shelton Benjamin and ??? vs Christian and ??? vs Paul Burchill and ???
Triple Threat Tag Team Match

Zack Ryder vs Tommy Dreamer
Extreme Rules, Career Threatening Match
If Tommy Dreamer loses, he must retire

Ezekiel Jackson vs William Regal

Kane /w Tiffany vs Big Daddy V /w Abraham Washington
If Kane wins, Abraham Washington is fired from ECW
If Big Daddy V wins, Washington becomes ECW General Manager

Rhyno vs Gregory Helms


WWE Royal Rumble
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York
Date: 31st January, 2010
Tagline: Who Will Be The One?
Event Theme Song: ‘Hero’ by Skillet

WWE Championship
Jack Swagger (c) vs Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio
New York City Brawl

ECW Championship
Christian (c) vs Shelton Benjamin vs Paul Burchill

United States Championship
The Miz (c) vs Evan Bourne

Women’s Championship
Michelle McCool (c) vs Mickie James

30-Man Royal Rumble Match
CM Punk vs Cody Rhodes vs David Hart Smith vs Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre vs Gregory Helms vs John Morrison vs Kofi Kingston vs Matt Hardy vs Mike Knox vs Montel Vontavious Porter vs Randy Orton vs Rhyno vs Super Crazy vs The Brian Kendrick vs Ted DiBiase vs Tyson Kidd vs William Regal vs Yoshi Tatsu vs Zack Ryder vs 10 Other Superstars

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

ECW Feedback

Zack Ryder's promo reminded me a bit of Jack Swagger's comments from Raw, only it was a different attitude because they are two different characters. I'm quite intrigued by this "ECW Invades Saturday Night's Main Event" concept. Depending on what happens, it could set up some major feuds to come. Like I mentioned in your Raw review, it seems like you're giving your WWE audiences far too much credit. They usually don't react after every sentence, but I guess I'm nit-picking at realism. Really enjoyed Zack Ryder here, although it got a bit repetitive before Dreamer arrived. Dreamer seemed almost too fluent on the mic since he hasn't stood out as a mic worker in recent years, but I suppose I can't complain. The promo was really good and took up a decent amount of time, although you only have an hour to work with so you gotta be careful with that.

Not liking that Ryder is competing right after this. I'm a little surprised that we came in to the match after 8 minutes. I mean, this match could potentially go in your main event slot with the allotted time given. The finish and Tommy Dreamer attacking DiBiase/Rhodes leaves me to believe that they could screw him on Saturday, which wouldn't surprise me, but I think Ryder would go over better without any help.

Lord knows what Rhyno's got planned. A fairly good interview segment, but not really much to comment on. I've never seen much of his work because I stopped watching WWE for a while so it's hard to comment on his character, but for a face who's big and tough, it seemed alright.

This Tiffany promo started out alright, although it got kinda lame as it carried on with just her. I would kind of prefer for her to stay away from the General Manager position, especially since you're going to get a lot more storylines out of Abraham Washington than you would with Tiffany. Washington's character started out as so/so but got a lot better as it progessed, but Tiffany still came across as too heroic for me imo. I don't know if the attempted attack on Tiffany really went well with what was going on, but it brought out Kane, which was good. The fact that Kane got the distinct advantage going into Saturday makes me believe that Big Daddy V/Washington will come away victorious.

Oh good, Christian is your ECW Champion, that's always good. Although I can see him dropping the belt to Zack Ryder in the future (maybe WrestleMania?). A fairly solid promo from Christian, although compared to some of the other stuff I've seen you do, I think you can probably do better, but it still got its point across.

This was an interesting promo, but it gave the audience a bit of a break to provide some humour which is a smart booking decision. It was good that Grisham/Saxton briefly went over the card for this Saturday, which looks to be pretty good btw. I'm a bit disappointed that there's only 5 matches, but I'm guessing ECW can't really handle anymore, unless you began to built a small women's division, but meh.

This was a really good match for your main event and was definitely an enjoyable read from start to finish. Christian pinning Kozlov puts him over huge huge huge which is a good thing since he's champion, but can also be perceived as a bad thing since right now he's looking sky high over his challengers. However, Burchill surged ahead at the end to look strong as well, but I don't see him winning the title at the Rumble.

Overall, a good show from start to finish. The opening promo was stellar and was simply excellent. The whole segment with Tiffany/Abe Washington was probably my least favourite thing on the whole show, but it builds suspense for the match on Saturday. You seem to have some really good stuff happening here on ECW, and I especially like the appropriate mix of young talent and old talent and the way you're using everyone, good job.
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

RAW Feedback

Nice to hear things will be speeding up from here on out, because things have been a little slow. Iím happy as long as you stick with this though.

Nice little intro, reminding us of the events of last week, which honestly feel much longer ago, along with a little bit of hype for the show.

Starting off with Swagger definitely seems to be the right move after finding out who his number one contender for the Royal Rumble would be last week. The talk from Swagger of his own abilities was quite good, talking himself up pretty well while also bringing back the memories of his title win against Cena and bringing it up as a pretty good comparison. I have to say, I liked the juxtaposition Swagger created between himself and Triple H, with Swagger describing himself as someone who is athletic and young, while Triple H is the opposite. A little surprised at Swagger bringing up what happened between Michaels and Triple H, as I expected Michaels to confront Triple H, but it was done okay, even if the way Swagger talked about his social life seemed very off compared to the rest of the Swagger character that youíre going for, and instead made it sound like he had none to me. Still, the rest of the talk from Swagger up until the Triple H interruption was pretty solid. Triple Hís talk about Swagger just being like every other youngster, only a little more cocky was fine, reminding me a little of his stuff with Sheamus from this year irl. I have to say, I really like the way you had Trips bring up all his title reigns, compared with the one from Swagger in which heís only beaten one guy. Swagger talking himself up after that was done pretty well, although again, the talk of Michaels seemed very odd from Swagger for some reason. The usual Triple H speech of how much the title means to him was done really well, adding that little bit of emphasis on it with the line about how Triple H thinks about the title, and really giving a great description of how much it means to him. The attack from Swagger was no surprise, although the way he looked so dominant was, as was the attack from Michaels to Swagger, which while it kept him and Trips somewhat connected, really caught me off guard, which I guess is a good thing. The match announcement from Shane is certainly an intriguing one, as it brings a lot of possibilities, which I really like. Iím not sure where itíll be going, but itís certainly a nice main event.

Nice to see Melina on commentary for this match as we get closer to the match between Melina and Gail. The match itself was nice enough here, keeping Gail looking good, as you should be. The attack from Maryse was to be expected, continuing her involvement in a feud which is really all about her, while Melina making the save keeps the friendship thing between Gail and Melina clear. Well booked segment.

Nice to see this Sheamus/Noble thing continuing along well here, showing the rage of Sheamus. The interaction in this segment was good, with Shane being his cool self, while the anger of Sheamus was portrayed well. Nice little bargain from Shane too, with two interesting matches, one for tonight and one for next week, now to follow.

Helms promo pre-match was okay, but it felt a bit cheesy, like he was almost trying to be funny for mine, especially in the way he described Tatsuís offense. The acceptance of the challenge from Rhyno was fine though, adding to a pretty stacked Saturday Nightís Main Event.

Exciting start to this match, getting some heat into this feud. While the match was exciting, Iím not so sure about the result. While I understand Helms and Tatsu need to be built up as credible challengers, I feel like Legacy losing two straight matches to them is going to harm both them and the guy who declared them to be great in Randy Orton more than itís benefiting Helms and Tatsu. It seemed like the time was right for DiBiase and Rhodes to really get a push after the endorsement from Orton as his equal, but for them to now be losing leaves not just Legacy looking weak, but also Orton.

The Guerrero promo here was okay, but his gripe with Michaels for beating him with Sweet Chin Music as a midair move really seems a bit silly, especially since heís standing there fine the very next week. The rest of the promo was okay though, and the continued push of Chavo makes me happy, so Iím interested to see how it is he goes about making an impact to try to get himself a spot in the Rumble.

Surprised to see Sweeney wrestling, as I thought you would be using him purely as a manager for Bourne. The match itself was nice enough, giving Sweeney a chance to strut his stuff, while also keeping Bourneís momentum going along strongly. The Sheamus/Noble stuff continuing was to be expected, and while Iím not sure just how long it can go on for, itís working right now. Good stuff.

Nice typical Cena promo, talking up his beliefs and connecting himself with Swagger well by speaking about what he used to be like when he first arrived on the scene. Also a good way to move onto how heís looking forward to the Royal Rumble and what it means for him, giving some real hype for the match and giving Cena some direction, at least for now.

Looking forward to the big show.

I was interested in seeing what weíd be getting from Orton in this show, because of late he hasnít had a whole lot of direction. A bit surprised he started the promo off by getting so fired up, as it certainly seemed a bit soon for him to get that pissy, even for a guy like Orton. Good to see Orton first addressing the DiBiase loss earlier in the night, because as I said earlier, with the way Legacy have been built, they simply shouldnít be losing to Yoshi Tatsu. A rematch for next week sounds good, even if I fear that youíll keep Legacy on the losing end until the title match comes around where they retain their gold. The talk from Orton about the Rumble, however, was pretty good for mine, with the use of history well, tying in with his destiny shtick, especially linking the use of his father. Orton making an open challenge seems really surprising for mine, and perhaps a little too un-Orton like, because it just doesnít seem like itís his type of character, even if it is to prove a point. MVPís interruption and speech on the mic was pretty good though, bringing forth a few pretty good points, and doing it in an energetic kind of way that seems right for MVP. Orton, much like earlier in the promo, again seemed to get fired up much too easily for mine, although the way MVP goaded Orton into the match was alright. All in all, this promo had its patches that were good, but a lot of it was far too inconsistent for my liking, especially from Orton.

Have to say, on the positive side of things, I like how the reasoning for this match in that MVP is going after redemption after losing to Orton previously, and your writing was good, like always. I was a little unsure about it being such a wrestling type of match on the outside at first, rather than a brawl, but the writing was still solid, especially in the post-match. The announcement of the match for next week is fine, and while it seems like a very sudden rematch, it keeps both men simmering as we head for the Rumble.

Nice promo here with DX, showing the tension between them. Iím a bit surprised that this situation already bubbling as heavily as it is, but Triple H looks set for a good heel turn with his explanation, while Shawn played the sympathetic face well with the fair fight line. Good to see a difference in opinion really setting this evolving feud alight.

Nice reminder of Batistaís awesome dominance.

Good little match here between Kofi and Masters, keeping Kofiís momentum rolling on as he qualifies for the Rumble and also allowing Masters to look good in the process. The match did its job well.

Melinaís promo wasnít exactly personality ridden, but it does its job of continuing the stuff with Gail, addressing Maryseís constant attempts to interfere well.

The main event was pretty good from a wrestling sense, as it was all really exciting. However, with that said, I really donít think Chavo has any business getting involved in the main event of RAW. I can buy Swagger winning over Michaels with how youíve pushed him, and he feels right here, but Chavo quite simply doesnít belong in here at all, even if itís just for a mini feud. Having him get involved just felt all sorts of wrong for mine. The ending with DX, however, was good, and an interesting way to close out the show.

All in all, I thought this was a pretty good show, but it was lacking the consistency I have come to expect from you. I just think that it was lacking in some parts, and while it was well written for the most part, I thought it could have been better. Still, most of your angles look good, and the Rumble is shaping up well, so I look forward to it.

PS: I know this is late and youíve had ECW up for some time, but I started this awhile ago, and I felt I should finish it, even if Iím not in the best of moods for BTB right now. I wouldnít expect ECW comments, but I still wanted to give you something.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Hey all. Much thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on ECW (or Raw, as the case may be ). I haven't posted much the last couple of days, and I figured, for some weird reason, that my 1000th post should at least be in my BTB thread, tbh. It was a weird one, but I never thought I'd have four digits, and as a funny little tribute of mine, I waited 'til I was ready to post this SD preview before I made my 1000th post. Odd, I realise.

For anyone who is owed feedback by me, I apologise. I've been pretty lax on that, so guys like RatedRKO31, DH, etc, I'll try and do that for you. BkB, post yo damn SMNE and I'll give you a real review for one of your shows for once! Perish the thought.

Here's the preview, with some very tiny notes beforehand.


News and Notes
Wednesday, 13th January, 2010

Four more men have been added to the line-up for the 2010 Royal Rumble match on the event homepage – from Raw, John Cena and Shawn Michaels, and from SmackDown, Kane and Finlay. These four men all have plenty of Royal Rumble experience in the past, considering Kane holds the record for most eliminations in a single Rumble, while Cena and Michaels are previous winners. These four men will now all compete for a chance to headline Wrestlemania 26, if they can outlast 29 other men, including each other, and be the last man standing on January 31st.

Matt Hardy has been labelled as “unfit to compete” by doctors, and will not be present for SmackDown this week. This is because of Dolph Ziggler’s brutal attack on him last Friday night in Chicago, Illinois, which left him with severe head injuries. Hardy’s medical condition in terms of the Royal Rumble is questionable.


Friday Night SmackDown
Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio
15th January 2010

With only three episodes of SmackDown, including tonight’s edition, to go before Royal Rumble, everyone on the blue brand is hyped up, because that chance to headline Wrestlemania 26 for one man is getting ever closer. However, for four men, it’s not that title shot they’re after... it’s the title itself, and after last week’s shocking close to the show, the atmosphere in the sold-out Quicken Loans Arena is sure to be electric as we wait for the fallout from Batista’s actions.

As previously mentioned, last week’s SmackDown ended on a very sombre note, as Batista tore his Royal Rumble opponents to shreds on national television. After brawling with the Big Show into the back-streets of Chicago, the Animal slammed the World Heavyweight Champion into the hood of a car, and the big man was carted off in an ambulance. Unfortunately, Batista wasn’t finished, as he interfered in the main event of the evening, too – as Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho fought to a stalemate in their contest, Batista descended upon the scene, laying Rey out with a Spinebuster. He then grabbed Jericho, and Batista Bombed him on to the unmoving body of the Ultimate Underdog. SmackDown faded to black as fans watched EMTs charge down the ramp to tend to the two men in the ring. What will Batista have to say this week about his despicable actions, and what will be the reaction from the three men he attacked? We’re guaranteed to find out the thoughts of one man, as the World Heavyweight Champion, Big Show, has demanded to open the show tonight.

The Brian Kendrick chalked up another win last week, beating Super Crazy with the Kendrick while Intercontinental Champion John Morrison watched from ringside. After labelling himself the “California Kid” and the “Venice Menace”, as well as referring to the show as “Friday Night Kendrick”, Kendrick’s ego is as big as ever, and tonight, he takes on Shannon Moore. Kendrick has beaten two other high-flyers in the previous two weeks, but will Moore be able to present a big enough challenge to take Kendrick down a peg? You can bet that the contest will be pleasing on the eye, and that John Morrison will be watching it.

However, John Morrison is scheduled to be in action tonight, too. The Intercontinental Champion will be one of six men scheduled to compete in a 6-Man Battle Royal, as SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long looks to see if SmackDown can produce a winner in this year’s Royal Rumble match. The 2008 and 2009 Rumbles were won by Raw superstars, and Long hopes that SmackDown can take the first Rumble of the decade, in Madison Square Garden, New York. Tonight, the six men competing are the aforementioned Morrison, along with Tyson Kidd, David Hart Smith, Super Crazy, Drew McIntyre, and the Fighting Irishman, Finlay, who was added to the Royal Rumble in midweek. Which of these six men will make a huge statement about their Royal Rumble prospects, here tonight on SmackDown?

Dolph Ziggler had fun last week, it has to be said. The youngster came out after Matt Hardy’s match with Tyson Kidd, and lambasted him over his lack of success during his career, calling him out on various things, such as his age, his weight, his blogs, his lack of World Title wins, and even his brother. Naturally, Matt didn’t take it too well, and eventually snapped, brawling with Ziggler, furious. Unfortunately for him, Ziggler had brought a steel chair with him, a trademark of his in recent weeks, and he brutalised Hardy with it, busting him open, and leaving him in the centre of the ring, bleeding profusely from the forehead, unconscious. Ziggler said that Hardy “quit a long time ago”, and added Hardy (again) to his list of men he’s damaged with that steel chair. Hardy won’t be present in Cleveland, Ohio tonight, but Ziggler will be, as he is scheduled to take on Kung Fu Naki. Can Fu Naki’s martial arts stylings stop Ziggler and his mean streak? Judging by recent weeks, probably not.

Mickie James has the chance to become Women’s Champion for the fifth time at Royal Rumble, when she takes on the current Champion, Michelle McCool. McCool has made Mickie’s life fairly troublesome recently, with attacks after matches and other heartless acts to try and psyche her opponent out ahead of that big title match in two weeks’ time. Two weeks ago, however, Mickie got some revenge when she hit Michelle with the Mickie-DT, directly onto the Women’s Championship belt. Unfortunately for her, this didn’t go down well with McCool and her best friend, Layla, as “Team Lay-Cool” beat down Mickie backstage last Friday. Tonight on SmackDown, Mickie’s best friend, Maria, tries to get some revenge on her behalf, as she takes on the reigning Women’s Champion one-on-one.

Confirmed for SmackDown

World Heavyweight Champion, the Big Show to open the show
CM Punk to address the Cleveland masses

The Brian Kendrick vs Shannon Moore
Dolph Ziggler vs Kung Fu Naki
Michelle McCool vs Maria
Finlay vs Super Crazy vs Drew McIntyre vs John Morrison vs Tyson Kidd vs David Hart Smith
6-Man Battle Royal
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

I thought that "unfit to compete" meant that he was too fat, but I guess not. SmackDown looks good, I'll try and review it when it's up, but I still owe Shocker and RatedRKO31 2 reviews, so take your time with Raw
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Friday Night SmackDown
Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio
15th January 2010

A highlights package plays, showing Batista’s rampage from last week. After he beats Finlay, he attacks Big Show backstage during the World Champion’s interview, and the fight heads to the streets, where the Animal somehow manages to Batista Bomb the World’s Largest Athlete into the bonnet of a parked car. The shot of Batista walking away fades away...

...and we cut to the main event for the evening, as Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio fight one-on-one after their heated confrontation earlier in the show. Jericho nails Rey with a Codebreaker as he springboards off the top rope, and both men lie in the centre of the ring. We hear the music of Batista, and the Animal storms out, laying out Mysterio with a Spinebuster, and dropping Jericho with a Batista Bomb, directly onto Rey on the canvas. As Batista walks away coldly to heat from the crowd, the shot fades away again.

This time, however, it’s the SmackDown opening video which fills our screens, and when it finishes, we cut to the Quicken Loans Arena, where pyro explodes all across the bright blue stage, and the camera sweeps across the capacity crowd. The fans hoist their signs in the air and cheer wildly, as the camera heads to ringside, to see the smiling faces of Jim Ross, and Matt Striker.

Jim Ross: Good evening all, boomer soomer, this is Friday Night SmackDown! I’m good ol’ JR, Jim Ross, and alongside me is your teacher, Matt Striker!

Matt Striker: Thank you JR – it’s a great atmosphere in Cleveland tonight, no two ways about it, and the stars of SmackDown are gonna give them a great show to match it!

Jim Ross: Of course, the mood is a bit sombre in the back at the moment, as SmackDown reels from Batista’s quite shocking actions last week.

Matt Striker: Hey, I wouldn’t call them shocking, JR. Batista is a man who does what he wants, when he wants, and if that means tearing up the men he’s gonna face in two weeks’ time when the World Title is on the line, so be it. What I’m saying is, with Batista, expect the unexpected.

Jim Ross: Well, blatant bias aside, the unexpected is what we got last week, when, as you saw in the video footage, Batista Powerbombed the Big Show into the hood of a car, and the World Champion was driven off in an ambulance.

Matt Striker: Not to mention what he did to little Rey Mysterio, and the man who is still my pick to win at Royal Rumble, Chris Jericho. That’s how you send a message, JR.

Jim Ross: No-one is doubting he sent a message, Matt. Well, tonight we also have a 6-Man Battle Royal – six of SmackDown’s finest, battling it out in conditions similar to those they’ll face in two weeks at Royal Rumble, and with it, a chance to prove that they might just have what it takes, to outlast 29 other men on January 31st.

Matt Striker: Yep, well if they can be the last man standing tonight, it’ll go a long way to showing the rest of the SmackDown locker room, as well as the guys from Raw and ECW, that they might just be the man to beat in the 2010 Royal Rumble match.

Jim Ross: And we all know the stakes in that one, Matt. Whoever wins the Royal Rumble-


It’s a big, big pop for YOUR World Heavyweight Champion, who comes striding out, as tall and as big as ever, but with a serious look of discontent on his face. His title rests on his shoulder limply, and he begins to walk, a little shakily, down the ramp, half-heartedly slapping some fans’ hands as he does.

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... the World Heavyweight Champion... THE BIG SHOW!

Another sizeable pop goes up at this announcement, while Show slowly clambers up on to the apron, and steps over the top rope.

Jim Ross: Well, he’s out here tonight to send his own message back to Batista, ladies and gentlemen, and that speaks volumes for the kind of man that the Big Show is. He doesn’t back down, he doesn’t hide – he is a fighter, through and through, and he is a proud World Heavyweight Champion.

Matt Striker: In other words, his ego wouldn’t let him keep his fat ass on the couch at home with a bag of potato crisps, JR. He had to come out here and do his “ME ANGRY” bit! Jeez, this is gonna be tedious.

Jim Ross: Y’think so, Matt? Well, why don’t you get in the ring with him and tell him what you really think?

Matt Striker: Now JR, I’d love to, but... I’m kinda comfy here, and he’d only take it the wrong way, anyway. Can’t mess up this handsome face of mine, oh no.

The World’s Largest Athlete collects a mic from ringside, then slowly makes his way to the middle of the ring again. The camera shows a small boy of about ten years in the crowd, doing the Chokeslam taunt, but in the ring, Show either isn’t doing it tonight, or he’s done it already, and the camera was elsewhere at the time. Show’s music dies down, and the crowd cheers a little through the silence for a moment. Show isn’t in the mood to smile, it seems, and his face remains hard as he slowly pulls his mic up.

Big Show: Batista...

Heat immediately for the Animal, as Show pauses.

Big Show: Batista, last week you crossed a line.

Light heat. Show blinks calmly.

Big Show: You attacked me when I was least expecting it. You don’t give a damn about the methods, as long as you get your end result.

More heat.

Big Show: And when you were staring comeuppance in the face, you took the low road again. You went for the low blow, and then you nearly broke my back on the hood of that car.

The crowd boos wildly, and Show winces a little at the memory, then tenderly put his hand on his back for a brief moment. His stormy expression returns, and he continues to speak.

Big Show: But Dave, some things just aren’t good enough for you. See, while I was being taken off in an ambulance, you went and interrupted the main event. And if Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho are half as pissed off as I am... well, you’re in for a rough night.

Small pop here.

Big Show: But I know why you did... what you did. It’s about Royal Rumble.

Show pauses, and glances at that shiny belt on his shoulder for a moment.

Big Show: At Royal Rumble – it’s all legal, Dave. And what you did to me last week... I can do it right back to you.


Big Show: But I don’t care what YOU might have in mind for that match, Dave. Same goes for Jericho and Mysterio.

Show almost cracks a smile as he looks at the World Title again.

Big Show: See, no matter how many cars I get slammed into, no matter how many buildings I hit, no amount of DAMAGE that Batista can do to me... will be enough, to keep me pinned to the ground for those three seconds.

A big pop goes up, and Show looks towards the ramp with a determined expression.

Big Show: In two weeks’ time, the only way I’m losing this title... is if one of you throws me off the Empire State Building, and I land on my DAMN head!

Another big pop, as Show begins to fire up, moving around the ring a little as he talks.

Big Show: And if one of you can’t do that, then I’m gonna use everything I’ve got – punches, kicks, headbutts, Chokeslams, lampposts, chairs, buildings, cars, the concrete we’ll stand on, and anything else I can get my hands on, if it means I retain the World Title. Hell, if I have to pick up some random New Yorker and beat Chris Jericho with him, I WILL DO IT.

Pop for the slightly random concept of offence there. Show smirks for a second, then returns to his grizzly demeanour, focusing on the match to come in two weeks’ time.

Big Show: Whatever it takes, I will repay what Batista gave to me last week, and this World Title... will stay on my shoulder.

The crowd cheers again. Show frowns.

Big Show: But the thing is – last week, Dave, you angered the giant, and I don’t feel like waiting for two weeks to get my hands on you!

A big cheer comes from the crowd, as Big Show bares his teeth, showing his anger.

Big Show: So Dave... why don’t you haul your ass out here, AND TAKE ME ON LIKE A MAN!

The Cleveland masses get really fired up for this, and Show begins to shake the nearest top rope, fuming. There is a long silence, in which Show paces around the ring, breathing heavily as he sells last weeks’ injuries. Suddenly...


The crowd boos wildly, and Show looks to the sky in frustration, as the TitanTron lights up with code, and out from behind the curtain, steps Chris Jericho.

Jim Ross: Well, the Big Show called out Batista, but it seems we’re getting Chris Jericho instead.

Matt Striker: This is better than Batista, JR. Chris Jericho will educate the Big Show on why HE is going to be World Champion soon, not Show. The audacity of Big Show, JR!

As Striker goes into why the Big Show’s speech was all lies, Chris Jericho strides down the ramp to heat from the crowd, wearing a very expensive-looking black suit, complete with silver tie. Jericho looks out at the arena with his usual look of quiet disapproval, then takes the ring steps up to the apron. The camera shows a random fan in the crowd with a “You’re the hypocrite” sign, and when we return to the ring, Jericho is standing in front of the World Champion, mic in hand. He smirks a little as his music subsides, and stands on the spot as the heat rolls in. It dies down eventually, and a small portion of the crowd begins to chant “Y2J! Y2J!” in the top tier of the Quicken Loans Arena, which continues as Jericho begins to talk.

Chris Jericho: First off, I would point out that everything you just said was nothing more than lies and slander, trying to pander to these parasites in attendance...

Jericho trails off as the crowd, for the most part, begins to boo. Those smarks in the top tier keep their chanting going, though. Show frowns at his former tag team partner.

Chris Jericho: ...y’see Show, as much as you try to tell these gelatinous tapeworms that you’ll retain that title in two weeks, you know just as well as I do, that I’m going to make one of you, be it you, Rey Mysterio, or Batista, tap to the Walls of Jericho, making me the World Heavyweight Champion again, and rightfully so.


Chris Jericho: And secondly, whatever your issues are with Batista – frankly, I’d say you deserved what you got – I don’t care about them.

The crowd boos again, and Show shakes his head.

Chris Jericho: You’re not the only one who got screwed over last Friday, Show. I was seconds, just seconds, away from finishing my demolition of Rey Mysterio, and adding him to the early retirement list... just like I did, to the Undertaker.

Massive heat for Jericho’s assault on the Deadman a month back.

Chris Jericho: Tonight? If anyone’s going to take on Batista... it’ll be me.

Boos. Jericho swivels to face the ramp, as Show rolls his eyes.

Chris Jericho: The one thing I do have in common with the World’s Largest Man here...

Heat. Show clenches a fist.

Chris Jericho: that I want a piece of Dave Batista. So Batista, I invite you, I implore you, to come down here, and let me prove to all these hypocrites, that CHRIS JERICHO is the only true star on SmackDown.

More boos from the crowd.

Chris Jericho: Not Big Show, not Rey Mysterio, not the Undertaker, and certainly not YOU.

Jericho lowers his mic to heat, and awaits the arrival of Batista, as Show waits in the corner, clearly not impressed by Jericho’s interruption. Silence grips the arena again...


The crowd pops big as the arena turns the colour of a vibrant rainbow, and as the lights wave about crazily, it’s Rey Mysterio who comes launching out from behind the curtain, grinning out at the reception! Show and Jericho are seriously pissed off, and Mysterio heads to both sides of the stage to unleash his pyro, before he starts to walk down the ramp, pressing his skull to the children along the ramp wearing masks.

Jim Ross: And yet again, we expect Batista, but this time, we get the Master of the 619, Rey Mysterio!

Matt Striker: Oh great. Here comes the usual “I’ve got a big heart” speech. Jeez, where does this guy get off?

Mysterio rolls under the bottom rope, and stands to face Chris Jericho, who looks down at him with contempt. Rey smirks a little, then moves past his Rumble opponent, collecting a mic from ringside. His music fades out, and the crowd starts up a loud “619! 619!” chant, which is music to Rey’s ears, as he grins. Soon though, he focuses back on an unimpressed Show and Jericho, who watch him coldly from different places in the ring.

Rey Mysterio: Wow. Not pleased t’ see me, huh?

Jericho scowls.

Rey Mysterio: Ah well. ‘Kay guys, the reason I’m out here is, ‘cause, well, both of you guys are in the clouds!

A pop goes up from the Cleveland crowd. Show rolls his eyes again.

Rey Mysterio: Yeah. Now, I used to be best friends with Batista. We were inseparable. We won titles together, we shared in each other’s success – we knew each other better than anyone. But now he’s a changed man.

Heat. Rey frowns a little.

Rey Mysterio: Batista attacked me at Bragging Rights. He’s not my friend anymore, and I wouldn’t want to be friends with a man like him anyway. But there’s one thing I’ve yet to do, and that’s pay him back. Not just for what he did last week, but for how he betrayed me.

Jericho’s expression says one thing. He couldn’t possibly care less.

Rey Mysterio: And guys, believe me. I could talk all show about how I plan to win that title at Royal Rumble... but if the theme for tonight is “Let’s argue about Batista”, then let me iron things out.

Show runs a hand over his bald, bald head in exasperation.

Rey Mysterio: Tonight, the first man to give Batista what he deserves... it’s gonna be me, ese.

The crowd pops, but Jericho moves sharply forward, mic raised.

Chris Jericho: Rey, Rey, Rey. Now, you annoyed me enough last week with your little pep talks, all your “reach for the stars” and your “size doesn’t matter” crap.

Heat for Jericho.

Chris Jericho: All your propaganda, your lies, that you feed to these people here... it makes me sick. And I might have put up with all of it last week, but this week, I’m not in the mood, Rey.

More boos.

Chris Jericho: And I’d be more than happy to finish what I started last week, given half the chance, Rey. So don’t try my patience.

The crowd boos wildly, and Show comes moving out of the corner, loudly proclaiming:

Big Show: PATIENCE? You wanna talk about patience, Chris?

Small pop.

Big Show: God knows how long I’ve been standing there, listening to you two present your useless cases as to why YOU should be the one to take on Batista tonight... well I’m running OUT of patience, and that doesn’t bode well for you two!

The crowd cheers, but Jericho and Rey just frown, refusing to be intimidated by the big man.

Big Show: Hell, I’ll take you BOTH on, and you can throw Batista in there too for all I care! All I know is, my hand here, this one right here...

Show lifts up that giant right paw of his, then clenches it into a solid fist.

Big Show: It’s itching to knock someone out, or to grip round someone’s throat and Chokeslam them through the canvas! So dammit, why don’t I just go ahead and make my OWN statement, huh? I’ve been waiting long enough!

The crowd cheers wildly, and Show throws his mic to the side furiously, as Rey and Jericho watch him warily. Rey raises his mic:

Rey Mysterio: Big Show, I-

Before Rey can get out another word, the arena is flooded by the music of – BATISTA! The crowd hurls heat at the Animal, who comes slowly wandering out on to the steel stage, smirking. Wearing a leather jacket and shades, he watches the three men in the ring with quiet confidence, as his Rumble opponents stare up at him in hatred. There’s a mic in Batista’s hand.

Batista: Someone cut the music.

Immediately, the music dies out. The Animal smirks.

Batista: Now, I was just watching you guys argue back there on the monitor... and as entertaining as it would be to watch you losers go at it in my ring, I figured I’d come out here and make a point.


Batista: I’ve created chaos here on SmackDown. Ever since Bragging Rights, when I got screwed over by you, Rey...

Boos from the crowd, as Rey scowls back up at ‘Tista.

Batista: Ever since then, this locker room has feared me like never before. If you didn’t know it before, you don’t mess around with Dave Batista.

More boos.

Batista: Last week, I proved it that little bit more, by tearing you all to pieces. And come Royal Rumble in two weeks, I’ll do it all again, in New York City, on my way to becoming...

Batista chuckles a little for a moment.

Batista: On my way to becoming World – Heavyweight – Champion.

The crowd boos wildly, and Batista smirks out at the crowd. Suddenly, we cut back to the ring, where Big Show SNAPS, and grabs Rey Mysterio by the throat! Batista raises his shades out of interest, and Jericho scarpers from the ring, terrified! Rey gasps desperately for air, and to a BIG mixed reaction, Show pulls him up... AND PLANTS HIM WITH A GIANT CHOKESLAM! The crowd goes nuts with all sorts of noise, and Show lets out a HUGE animalistic roar, red in the face! Batista isn’t intimidated... instead, he smiles, and suddenly, the whole arena is booing like mad, as Big Show frowns, and turns round...

...INTO A MASSIVE CHAIR SHOT TO THE SKULL FROM CHRIS JERICHO! The crowd boos like crazy as Jericho topples the giant, and tosses the bent chair to the mat, grinning like a maniac! A massive “YOU SUCK!” chant kicks off, but Jericho doesn’t care, as he rips off his jacket, before he grabs Big Show’s trunk-like legs... AND TURNS HIM RIGHT INTO THE WALLS OF JERICHO! Big Show yells out in agony as his weak back is further punished, and Jericho lets adrenaline take over as usual, screaming out with the thrill! The crowd hurls abuse at Jericho, while Jim Ross screeches “BY GAWD! BY GAWD NO! HE’LL BREAK HIM IN HALF!” at ringside to sell that hold, which continues to make Show yell out in complete and utter agony!

Jericho looks to the stage suddenly, and with a look of horror, he escapes the ring again – because Batista has sprinted down the ramp, and slid into the ring! Jericho’s chair and jacket lie on the floor, while Rey and Show continue to be laid out, pained, as Jericho backs up the ramp, a dark smirk on his face. Batista looks between the two men, a little smirk beginning to appear, and he grabs Rey from the mat, yanking him up to his feet. The crowd gives the Animal hell, and he pulls Rey up... AND DRIVES HIM DOWN WITH THE BATISTA BOMB! Mysterio just crumples on the mat, and ‘Tista pushes him from the ring with a cocky boot, letting the heat rain down as Rey collapses to the outside, unmoving. Across the ring, Big Show puts one of his giant hands on the middle rope, and starts to pull himself up, his face contorted with the high pain levels as he struggles to his feet. Clutching his back in pain, he wobbles into the middle of the ring – AND GETS TORN IN TWO BY A SPEAR FROM BATISTA! The Animal stands above the giant, beating his chest like a freak, and roaring wildly! The crowd boos like crazy as Show lies motionless on the mat, and Batista gives him a hard stomp to the spine, before leaving the ring to some massive heat from the crowd.

Show’s eyes flicker on and off, as his body struggles to cope with the pain, while Mysterio lies unmoving to the outside. Jericho watches with a small smirk from the stage, but there’s also fear in his eyes as Batista storms around the ringside area, admiring what he’s done. The crowd boos the Animal, who just raises his arms in triumph, smirking. He expects his music to start any moment now...

...but instead, it’s the music of the SmackDown General Manager, Teddy Long! The crowd cheers, but Batista looks to the stage in fury, eyes blazing. Jericho wanders to the side in shock, as Long appears from behind the curtain, straight-faced. He has a mic in his hand, which he quickly brings upwards as his music dies down.

Teddy Long: Dave... Chris... I can’t say I approve of what you playas just did, but it’s not my job to judge.

Both men grin a little, though they exchange contemptuous glances.

Teddy Long: But! It is my job to come up with a main event. So tonight, I think it’s gonna be Chris Jericho...

Heat from the crowd, as Jericho watches quietly.

Teddy Long: ...teaming with the Animal, Batista...

More boos from the crowd – and Batista is furious! He can’t believe he has to team with Jericho, and likewise, Jericho is livid on the stage!

Teddy Long: take on Rey Mysterio, and the World Heavyweight Champion, THE BIG SHOW!

The crowd cheers wildly, and Batista shakes his head, clearly angered by the decision.

Teddy Long: Have a good night, gentlemen.

Long goes to leave, then quickly turns back.

Teddy Long: Oh, and... can I get a holla, holla?

Jericho shoots him a look. Long hastily retreats backstage, as his music plays over the speakers. Batista and Jericho watch each other with fierce expressions, as Rey Mysterio struggles into consciousness on the outside, and Big Show’s eyes waver open briefly on the mat.

Jim Ross: BY GAWD! It’s gonna be Batista, and Chris Jericho, forced to team together tonight, against a team who will get on no better, Rey Mysterio and the man who gave him a thunderous Chokeslam just now, the Big Show! What a main event!

Matt Striker: Can Big Show and Rey Mysterio even compete tonight after what Jericho and Batista did to them? They should be taken off by medics – someone strip Big Show of that title, he’s not fit to defend it at Royal Rumble, JR!

As Show puts a hand in front of him, slowly forcing himself to wake up, and Rey holds his back on the outside floor, SmackDown goes to a break.


When SmackDown returns, the music of Kung Fu Naki is playing, and in the ring stands the man himself, practising some karate poses. The bell chimes, and Tony Chimel, standing nearby to Fu Naki in the ring, brings up his mic.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Already in the ring, from Japan, weighing in at 190 pounds... KUNG – FU – NAKI!

The smarks on the top tier give a deliberately ironic cheer, and try to start up a “Kung Fu Naki!” chant, but oddly enough, it doesn’t catch on.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to SmackDown, where before the break, we saw Chris Jericho and Batista beat down Rey Mysterio and the Big Show, meaning we’ll see a tag team match featuring all four men tonight.

Matt Striker: All four of these men have their own problems with each other, and I bet we’ll see some issues between the tag team partners tonight - nobody can take anything for granted in tonight’s main event.

Jim Ross: Well, in the ring right now is Kung Fu Naki, he’s set for action against a man who’s been very ruthless of late, Dolph Ziggler. What do you think of Fu Naki’s chances tonight, Matt?

Matt Striker: Kung Fu Naki is a superstar who... sucks. Pardon me for being blunt, but... he sucks, JR.

Kung Fu Naki’s music dies down, and he does a few more clichťd karate chops as we await the arrival of Dolph Ziggler.


The crowd begins to boo wildly, as Dolph Ziggler struts out on to the stage. He flicks his hair a bit, then starts to parade down the ramp, smirking at the arena.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, from Hollywood, California, weighing in at 221 pounds... DOLPH – ZIGGLER!

Tony Chimel leaves the ring, and heads to ringside. Meanwhile, the crowd boos as Ziggler leaps up on to the apron, then smirks out at the audience before slipping into the squared circle. Kung Fu Naki watches him warily, and Ziggler nearly bursts out laughing at the sight of him.

Jim Ross: Of course, we all witnessed last week, as Dolph Ziggler busted Matt Hardy wide open with, frankly, one of the most brutal and sickening chair shots I’ve seen during my long tenure of announcing. It was truly horrific, and it goes without saying, that Matt Hardy is not in the arena tonight.

Matt Striker: Rightfully so, JR. Dolph Ziggler did the right thing last week – Matt Hardy hasn’t done anything in this business worth mentioning, and it’s time to step down, let the younger talent through. Dolph Ziggler’s merely speeding the process along, and making a name for himself – only thing is, like Ziggler says, it’s no real feat to take down a pathetic man like Matt Hardy, JR.

The referee checks both men briefly for foreign objects, and Ziggler whips off his jacket, before tossing it to ringside. Kung Fu Naki carefully removes his karate robe, and hands it out of the ring, too. The referee checks both men, then calls for the bell.

Match 1
Kung Fu Naki vs Dolph Ziggler

The bell rings, and Ziggler has a good chuckle to himself as the pair circle each other. Ziggler isn’t exactly primed and ready, as he shows with some quick taunts to the crowd. Fu Naki launches forward, and the men lock up, but Ziggler overpowers him, driving him into the corner. The referee comes charging in, and makes Ziggler move away. He does, smirking, and Fu Naki comes out of the corner, shaking out the cobwebs – but Ziggler darts forward, and clubs him down to the mat with a Running Forearm Smash! The crowd boos, and Ziggler stands above the Japanese superstar, smirking again. He guides Fu Naki to his feet, then sends him to the ropes. He comes back, and Ziggler easily floors him with a nasty Clothesline. Fu Naki sits up, dazed, and Ziggler heads for the ropes, before he lays his opponent out with a Dropkick between the eyes! The crowd groans, and Ziggler makes a cover, not bothering to hook a leg... 1... 2... Fu Naki kicks out!

Ziggler shakes his head, disapproving, and Fu Naki struggles up. Ziggler moves in, but Fu Naki fights back, nailing a few hard kicks to the mid-section of his opponent! Ziggler reels back with each shot, and Fu Naki lines up the Crane Kick... but Ziggler is having none of it, and suddenly he kicks out Fu Naki’s standing leg, flooring him instantly. The crowd boos the minor buzzkill, but they already know this one is a foregone conclusion, as Ziggler yanks Fu Naki up by his hair, and then scoops him up, before driving him down with a Backbreaker! Kung Fu Naki cries out on the mat, and Ziggler drops to the canvas too, smirking. He waits for Fu Naki to struggle up one more time, then launches upwards like a spring, pulling Fu Naki down with the Zig-Zag! The Japanese superstar crunches to the canvas, unmoving, and Ziggler stands, letting the heat rain down. He smirks, and places the sole of his boot on Fu Naki’s chest, while the referee drops to the mat to count... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Match Time: 1:10

The crowd boos as Ziggler’s music hits as a sign of his victory, and he has his arm raised by the official with a grin. He rolls under the bottom rope, and heads to ringside – everyone thinks he’s looking for a mic, but in reality, it’s a steel chair he wrenches from the hands of a terrified ringside worker, and slides back in the ring! The crowd starts to unload some serious heat on Ziggler now, as he forces Kung Fu Naki to his feet... THEN CRUNCHES THE CHAIR ON TO HIS HEAD, FLOORING HIM IN A MESS OF BLOOD! The crowd boos veraciously as Kung Fu Naki collapses, unmoving on the canvas. It’s quite sickening to look at Fu Naki’s face, actually, because he’s bleeding all over the shop, and Ziggler isn’t done. He raises the chair well above his head, then starts swinging for the hills, nailing Kung Fu Naki over and over in the back with the weapon! The crowd hurls abuse at Ziggler, as the camera shows a woman shielding her child’s eyes, frowning, and we cut back to the ring, where Ziggler flings the chair over the top rope. He drops eerily to the canvas, admiring the mess of blood and hair across Kung Fu Naki’s broken face, before he grins in a sick fashion, and gets up. He demands a mic from ringside, and he receives one in quick time. He smirks out at the booing crowd, then raises the mic.

Dolph Ziggler: This man is worthless. Like one, Matt Hardy.

Heat from the crowd.

Dolph Ziggler: Y’see, soon this guy’s gonna go join Matt Hardy in a hospital bed. Because some people, just aren’t cut out for this business. I’m just helping these guys out the door.

More boos.

Dolph Ziggler: This guy had nothing on me. I decimated him in a match, just like I can do to Matt Hardy, then I decimated him outside of a match, like I DID to Matt Hardy.

The crowd really lets Ziggler have it, but he just smirks.

Dolph Ziggler: It’s pretty simple. Matt Hardy is a pathetic, pathetic man. He has no credentials, no ability. Nothing about him says W... W... E. He’s overweight, he’s weak, he’s been stuck in the shadow of his drug-addicted brother his entire career – and while I’m here, can I just make one, definitive point.

Ziggler raises an eyebrow.

Dolph Ziggler: It is NOT the year of Matt Hardy this year. Just thought I’d clarify that.

Heat. A “YOU SUCK!” chant kicks off, and Ziggler chuckles. He continues.

Dolph Ziggler: See, for his all his blogs, all his annoying “year of Matt Hardy” bull, and all of his “WILL NOT DIE, WILL NOT QUIT” stuff he force-feeds down your throat... it’s all a load of crap.

More boos from the crowd.

Dolph Ziggler: Because Matt Hardy has nothing on a specimen like me. I represent everything that Matt Hardy doesn’t... youth... talent... good looks... and most of all, SUCCESS. Matt Hardy is on his way out the door, with no World Title to speak of, and none of that reputation he had.


Dolph Ziggler: Yeah. Matt Hardy was supposed to be coming for me. After all the beatings I gave him, they told me to “watch out, Matt Hardy’ll come after you”. I’m still waiting.

The crowd starts chanting “YOU SUCK!” again, but it just fuels Ziggler’s ego.

Dolph Ziggler: Hell, if Matt Hardy feels like getting his revenge... I’m standing right here, right?

The Cleveland masses just chant and boo.

Dolph Ziggler: So why doesn’t Matt come out here and give me a fight? Huh?

Ziggler grins at the stage.

Dolph Ziggler: C’mon! Give me “Will not die” MATT HARDY. Give me “Will not quit” MATT HARDY!

No-one comes out, and it’s no surprise. Ziggler waits, then his grin grows.

Dolph Ziggler: And that, is proof – that Matt Hardy IS... a quitter.

The crowd boos.

Dolph Ziggler: Now, while I go on to win the Royal Rumble in two weeks, and headline Wrestlemania, it wouldn’t surprise me if Matt just stayed at home. Y’know, after I did that to him...

Ziggler motions to the bloody and broken Kung Fu Naki on the outside, who is being put on to a stretcher by EMTs.

Dolph Ziggler: ...I doubt he’s in any condition to compete, let alone in a match involving me and 28 other – weaker – men. Even if he’s cleared to compete, he won’t come back. He’ll stay at home, like he should.

Ziggler smirks as the crowd showers him with more heat.

Dolph Ziggler: Because I’ve given him the greatest gift that poor old Matt Hardy, the shadow of his former self, could wish for. An early retirement.

More heat.

Dolph Ziggler: And Matt? Boy, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll never come back.

The crowd boos the hell out of Ziggler as he drops his mic, and his music hits over the speakers. He leaves the ring, grinning, and as the fans at ramp-side hurl abuse at him, he just chuckles. He stops on the stage, and yells out “HE’S QUIT! HE’S QUIT!” a few times, before he smirks again, and heads backstage.

We cut backstage also, to see Eve Torres, who gets a small pop from the crowd.

Eve Torres: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time... he is the Intercontinental Champion, John Morrison!

The crowd cheers, and Morrison steps into the shot, grinning from behind his sunglasses. He’s wearing his fur coat, and his title belt rests on his shoulder.

Eve Torres: Now John, what are your thoughts about tonight’s 6-Man Battle Royal, as well as a statement made by SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long, saying that soon, you’ll have to defend your Intercontinental Title against The Brian Kendrick?

Morrison smiles.

John Morrison: Hey Eve. Well, I could go on all day about the attitude problems The Brian Kendrick has, but I’ll save you all the boredom. We’ve had our problems, him and I, but overall, I’m proud to call him...

Morrison stops, and yanks his sunglasses off.

John Morrison: Nope, I can’t do it. Brian’s an asshole, no two ways about it.

Pop from the crowd.

John Morrison: Call it harsh if you want, but seriously. The guy is so far up his own ass, you can barely see him! He’s been on a high and all since he beat me, I can understand that – but the guy has an ego the size of Cleveland, and that’s no exaggeration.

The crowd cheers again.

John Morrison: He’s acting like he’s guaranteed to win the Intercontinental Championship when we finally go at it, but the thing is, I don’t care about what the guy has to say, and I don’t care what he thinks. Because I know that I can beat him when the title is on the line. I’ve defended this title plenty of times before.

Pop. Morrison grins.

John Morrison: And if Brian’s on this high ‘cause of that win two weeks ago, I can understand it. But what he shouldn’t start thinking is that he can do it again. ‘Cause when the title is up for grabs, I always bring my A game. I can step it up a whole new level when it matters, Brian, and when you and me go at it in our title match, whenever it comes around, you better bring yours, too, otherwise it’s gonna be pretty one-sided.

Another big pop comes from the crowd.

John Morrison: And speaking of bringing my A game, tonight will be an example. I plan to WIN the 2010 Royal Rumble, and go on to headline Wrestlemania 26 – tonight, I’ll throw all five of my opponents out if necessary, and when my number is called in Madison Square Garden in two weeks’ time, you can all put money on me.

More cheers from the Cleveland masses.

John Morrison: And when it comes to Wrestlemania 26, the Desert Classic, when it’s Intercontinental Champion vs World Champion, you can all look back on this day, Friday the 15th of January, when I first staked my claim to win the Royal Rumble.

The crowd cheers one last time, and Morrison quickly nods at Eve, before he turns, and leaves the shot. SmackDown goes to a break.


As SmackDown returns, we’re at ringside, with Jim Ross and Matt Striker.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to SmackDown. Now, in just 16 days at Royal Rumble, Michelle McCool defends her Women’s Championship against Mickie James.

Matt Striker: Team Lay-Cool have really taken it to that wannabe, JR. Who does Mickie James think she is, trying to match up to Michelle and my beautiful English muffin, Lay-lah?

Jim Ross: Muffins aside, Matt, there’s no doubting that Team Lay-cool have really taken it to another level with their persecution of Mickie James, as we saw last week. Let’s take a look.

Matt Striker: How much do you want a muffin right now?

Jim Ross: This is not the time.

We see a replay from last week...

We head backstage, where Mickie James is standing, chatting to... Kung Fu Naki! The crowd pops for them both, and after they talk rhubarb for a moment, Fu Naki bows with his hands together, and Mickie smiles and humours him by doing the same. Fu Naki shuffles off to jobberland, and Mickie turns to the opposite direction, walking down the corridor with a little smile. But suddenly, from the side of the shot, she gets totally blindsided-

BY MICHELLE MCCOOL! The crowd boos heavily, and the Women’s Champion snarls, pounding Mickie on the floor with lefts and rights! Suddenly, from nowhere comes Layla, too, and the crowd boos as she joins in with her friend, stomping all over McCool’s Rumble challenger. The pair beat Mickie over and over, to the point that she has no chance of getting up, and they finally stop, moving away with smirks. They look down at her, and do a weak high five. McCool kneels down beside Mickie, who is panting heavily, not facing the camera. It looks fairly ominous.

Michelle McCool: What did you say, Mickie? Karma’s a bitch? Yeah, it sure is.

McCool gives her Rumble opponent one more sharp kick to the spine, then beckons to Layla for them to leave. They do, and a host of medics come rushing in to check on Mickie.
We head back to the arena, where the arena is silent.


The crowd begins to boo, and Michelle McCool and Layla appear on the stage, grinning. With her title belt around her waist, McCool strides forward, and the pair spin round, showing off the “FLAWLESS” printed on the back of their hoodies. They turn to face each other, and high five, before they start to strut down the ramp, to heat from the crowd. The bell chimes.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Palatka, Florida... she is the Women’s Champion... MICHELLE – MCCOOL!

Jim Ross: Michelle McCool has been Women’s Champion for over two hundred days now, Matt, but her methods when it comes to that title are questionable at best.

Matt Striker: When you look THAT good, who gives a damn, JR? Michelle is one of the greatest Women’s Champion in recent history – she’s the best one we’ve seen this decade for sure.

Jim Ross: The decade’s only been going for fifteen days, Matt.

Matt Striker: Fifteen glorious days of Michelle McCool as Women’s Champion, JR.

Michelle gets into the ring, while Layla takes up a place at ringside from where she can cheer on the Women’s Champion. Michelle hands her the belt, and she holds it with a small smile.

McCool’s music dies down, and the music of Maria kicks off, to a small pop from the crowd. Maria comes bouncing out with a big smile for the Cleveland crowd. The majority of the males in the crowd suddenly snap to attention as Maria jogs down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans along the ramp. Michelle looks at her with disgust from the ring.

Tony Chimel: And her opponent, from Chicago, Illinois... MARIA!

Another small pop goes up, and Maria rolls into the ring, where her smile disappears, and she frowns at Michelle McCool, who flings off her hoodie, and passes it to Layla. The Women’s Champion mouths something at Maria, who just shakes her head as Tony Chimel exits the ring.

Jim Ross: Now, Maria is out here tonight to try and get some payback for her friend Mickie James, after the disgusting actions of Team Lay-cool last week.

Matt Striker: Hey Layla!

Layla waves excitedly at Striker from her position at ringside, and Striker ignores JR’s comments. The referee for the match checks both women are ready to go, then calls for the bell to kick things off.

Match 2
Michelle McCool vs Maria

In the first few minutes, we saw Maria really take it to the Women’s Champion with some athletic moves, the highlight being a great Headscissors Takedown, which entertained the crowd. Anyway, as we join the action after about four minutes or so, Michelle is in control, holding Maria down in a Body Scissors on the mat, squeezing the air from her lungs. The crowd gets behind Maria a bit, clapping repeatedly, and Layla provides the support for McCool, screaming “GO MICHELLE!” over and over again. This cheerleading does nothing for the Women’s Champion, but Maria takes heart from the crowd, and she starts to pull herself towards the ropes! It’s a struggle with McCool draped all over her, but she manages it, grabbing the bottom rope with a massive sigh of relief! The crowd cheers, but McCool is furious, and as the referee starts the count, the Women’s Champion waits ‘til four before she releases Maria, scowling. Maria tries to force herself up, but McCool is immediately back on her case, grabbing her from behind, and flinging her off to the ropes. Maria comes back charging, though, and smacks McCool down hard with a big clothesline! The crowd cheers, and Maria hooks a leg... 1... 2... NO! Kickout by the Women’s Champion!

Layla claps wildly at the kickout from her place at ringside, but McCool is none too happy as she struggles back up. Maria charges in again, eager to nail another clothesline, but McCool ducks it with ease, and as Maria turns, SHE GETS A HUGE BOOT TO THE FACE FROM THE WOMEN’S CHAMPION! The crowd groans as Maria crunches to the mat, barely moving anymore, and McCool takes a moment to play to the people in attendance, raising her arms in premature victory. The crowd boos her, and a small “You suck!” chant begins, but McCool just grins cockily, and pulls the lifeless Maria up from the canvas, still smirking throughout. She puts her in the Powerbomb position, then lifts her up to the Inverted Belly-to-Back... AND NAILS THE FAITH BREAKER! The crowd groans with the nasty-looking impact, and McCool rolls Maria to her back for the cover... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: Michelle McCool

Match Time: 5:45

McCool has her arm raised by the referee, but she tugs it out of his grasp, and raises it herself. Layla slides into the ring, clapping in a very over-the-top fashion, and hands Michelle her Women’s Championship with a grin. McCool hoists the belt high into the air, grinning in triumph, and Layla raises her other hand, screaming “YAY!” over and over – Michelle grins, and the pair promenade around the ring, showing off the belt as the crowd boo them in response.

Suddenly though, McCool’s music fades out, and is sharply replaced by that of – CM PUNK! The crowd comes alive with heat, and Team Lay-cool look to the stage with perplexed expressions. The Straight-edge Superstar, or “Messiah”, as he calls himself, comes wandering out on the stage, stroking his beard a little. He has a mic in his hand.

Jim Ross: What’s Punk doing out here?

Matt Striker: He’s probably gonna educate us, JR. Take off that stupid hat so you can hear him better.

Punk’s music dies down as he raises the mic, and starts to walk down the ramp. Team Lay-cool watch him, confused.

CM Punk: Ladies and gentlemen, you are currently looking at the effect of smoking and drinking while pregnant.

A massive “YOU SUCK!” chant has already kicked off, but there’s still heat for this remark, as Punk gestures down at the pair in the ring, who look pretty insulted.

CM Punk: Yes, if you want stupid children, this is how you go about it. If you poison your lungs while you’re pregnant, you fill up with alcohol, you load up your bodies with prescription drugs... and your children will be dumb as posts, as proved here.

Lots of heat here. Team Lay-cool are furious, and look at each other, incredulous that Punk would say such things. The Straight-edge Superstar climbs the steel steps slowly.

CM Punk: Unfortunately, women like this, albeit uglier, are ten-a-penny around Cleveland, Ohio.

Punk gets in the ring, frowning, as the crowd loudly boos and jeers. Layla and McCool grin proudly at this remark, then look at each other, thinking for a moment, before they realise simultaneously that it was another insult, and frown in unison at Punk.

CM Punk: Of course, though, where are my manners... you’re the Women’s Champion.

McCool proudly smiles, and the crowd boos again. Layla grins, too, and Punk moves closer, mic still raised.

CM Punk: You like beer, Michelle?

Punk points the mic towards Michelle, who shrugs, and nods.

Michelle McCool: Yeah, I like beer-

Punk pulls the mic away sharply, then looks towards Layla.

CM Punk: You like beer, Layla?

Punk offers the mic briefly to Layla, who grins, and nods frantically.

Layla: Oh yes, I like-

CM Punk: Thought so. Out, both of you.

The crowd boos wildly as Punk pulls the mic away, and points to the ropes, deadly serious. Team Lay-cool scowl for a second, then slowly back away, leaving the ring. They head for the ramp, talking under their breath about how rude Punk was to them, but the Straight-edge Superstar ignores them, and continues to talk.

CM Punk: Luckily, this ring is now that little bit purer, but naturally, that’s not good enough for me. Because this arena is tainted.

Lots of intense heat from the crowd.

CM Punk: Yes, you people are tainted. But I’ll grant you one thing, Ohio isn’t quite like any other state.

Mixed reaction.

CM Punk: See, Ohio is nothing but a pathetic farm state, and likewise, you people are impure. You are poisoned by drinking filthy moonshine. You smoke low-grade cigarettes which contaminate your lungs.

The crowd gives Punk absolute hell, to the point that Punk struggles to be heard above the boos and “YOU SUCK!” chants.

CM Punk: Admittedly, many of you probably can’t afford drugs... so I don’t doubt you go out to your gardens, and just lick the underside of mushrooms to give you that great feeling of being HIGH.

Tons of heat for the Straight-edge Superstar.

CM Punk: In fact...

Punk rolls from the ring, and heads up to the first row, on the hard camera side. He goes up to a young man leading on the barricade, while various people wave at the camera, desperate to get on television.

CM Punk: What’s your name?

Punk offers the mic to the man, who looks excited that he’s being a part of the segment.

Man: Jeff.

Punk pulls the mic back for a moment, and just smirks. The crowd catches on, and starts booing again.

CM Punk: Perfect. So Jeff, is that a beer in your hand?

The man raises his bottle high above head as an affirmative, and the crowd cheers. Punk frowns, and the man takes a small swig.

CM Punk: You like beer, Jeff? You’re a beer, kinda guy, are ya?

Jeff shrugs as Punk offers him the mic.

Man: Yeah, yeah I do.

Punk pulls the mic back, shaking his head.

CM Punk: Stone Cold would be proud of you. And how many beers have you had tonight, Jeff?

Punk shoves the mic towards the man.

Man: Um... well, this is my first.

The crowd cheers, hoping that’ll take Punk down a peg, but he just smirks. He puts his hand out.

CM Punk: Well, can I get some of that then?

A mixed reaction goes up, and the man shrugs, handing the bottle to Punk. He moves away from the barricade, and sniffs inside the bottle. He visibly gags, then flings it to the floor, smashing it to pieces. The crowd boos like crazy, and Punk heads over to Jeff again, who looks a bit upset that Punk destroyed his beer.

CM Punk: You’re welcome.

Punk then heads along the barricade, pondering who he should talk to next. He stops.

CM Punk: Who likes cigarettes in here?

A small pop goes up from various places in the crowd, and Punk sees one woman with her hand raised, further down the front row. He goes over to her.

CM Punk: Okay, what’s your name?

The woman nervously replies:

Woman: Kate.

Punk yanks the mic back his way, and smiles patronisingly.

CM Punk: So, Kate. How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?

The woman bites her lip a little as Punk points the mic at her again.

Woman: Uh – hm... About fifteen?

A small mixed reaction goes up, and Punk moves away for a moment, shaking his head, then walks back to her. He points to her, then walks away, making a cutthroat motion.

CM Punk: No more needs to be said.

The crowd boos as Punk walks away from the woman, who looks saddened. He reaches the announce table, and his eyes light up.

CM Punk: Ladies and gentlemen... good ol’ JR, Jim Ross!

A big pop goes up for JR, who waves to the crowd with a small smile. Matt Striker rolls his eyes.

CM Punk: Now, JR, you like to drink, right?

The crowd cheers again, and JR slowly nods.

CM Punk: How’s that liver of yours? Huh? Or was it your heart, huh? Taking a few puffs of something, hm?

The crowd craps all over Punk, and JR looks visibly upset. He shakes his head, refusing to talk about it.

CM Punk: Nope? Don’t worry, JR, it’s fine, really. I wouldn’t expect you to be strong like I am. You’re just not cut out for the Straight-edge lifestyle. Hm, but why is that?

The heat rains down, and Punk continues to look at JR, who frowns out of sadness at Punk’s comments.

CM Punk: Ah, but of course. You were around when Stone Cold Steve Austin was, weren’t you?

The crowd cheers wildly, and Punk can’t help but crack a grin.

CM Punk: Do you miss those days, JR? Huh? Do ya miss “BAH GAWD, BAH GAWD, STONE COLD, STONE COLD”?

Heat here. JR grimaces, and says into his headset, “Little bit.”

CM Punk: What did ya like most about him, JR? His reckless, anti-hero ways? His crazy disregard for the safety of others? The way he put his knees through absolute hell, meaning he could barely wrestle again?

JR doesn’t answer, and Punk raises his eyebrows.

CM Punk: What about all the beer? Didn’t you like the beer bashes, JR? Huh? Or how he poisoned these people in attendance, turning them all into booze-filled, tobacco-crazed, drug-addicted, walking timebombs like himself?

Punk receives tons of heat from the Cleveland masses for this.

CM Punk: See JR, you’re just like Steve Austin. Your body has been contaminated by the poisons of this world, something that only the medicine of STRAIGHT-EDGE can save you from.

The crowd continues to boo, and JR says “I don’t think so” into his headset.

CM Punk: But you live your life the way you want, JR. No, really, I mean that.

Punk smiles sympathetically.

CM Punk: When your liver gives out, I’ll enjoy telling everyone that I WAS RIGHT.

The crowd boos, and JR shakes his head, disappointed. Punk moves away, running a hand through his long hair.

CM Punk: Of course, JR isn’t the only victim of Steve Austin’s crusade to slowly kill you all...

More heat, as Punk starts pointing at members of the front row of the crowd, this time on the opposite side of the ringside area.

CM Punk: All of you. The alcohol, the drugs, the smoking – you aspire to be like Stone Cold Steve Austin, to be “cool” like Stone Cold Steve Austin, but in reality... you’re killing yourselves.

The crowd boos wildly, and Punk rolls back into the ring, where he continues to preach.

CM Punk: But like the humble state of Ohio, tarnished by the evils of this world, Stone Cold Steve Austin always wanted more than he deserved. He went out of his way to achieve a dream that wasn’t meant for him. In Ohio’s case, it was because you’re not worthy of achieving your dreams...


CM Punk: ...but the reason Steve Austin wasn’t meant to achieve his dreams – was because he would imprison and enslave THOUSANDS of people to the hideous habit of alcohol!

The crowd really lets Punk have it again.

CM Punk: And only a few steps away from alcohol, come cigarettes and drugs. While I am – LISTEN TO ME!

The heat is massive from the crowd, as a giant “YOU SUCK!” chant begins again, and Punk has to shout to be heard over the top of the Cleveland masses.

CM Punk: While I am pure, STEVE AUSTIN IS TAINTED! While I am your Straight-edge Messiah, STEVE AUSTIN IS LIKE THE DEVIL HIMSELF!

Punk raises his free arm above his head, trying to preach to the crowd, who are still booing loudly.

CM Punk: Austin is too afraid to renounce his evil ways, and come in front of you people to apologise for what he has done to you! HE IS A TRAITOR TO YOU!

The heat is huge inside the Quicken Loans Arena, and Punk continues to preach.

CM Punk: He has enslaved you to weakened bodies and shortened lives! HE IS IMPURE!

More boos from the crowd.

CM Punk: In two weeks, at Royal Rumble, believe me! I will prove to you all, that I AM THE MESSIAH, and that Stone Cold Steve Austin...

Punk begins to laugh, believing his words are the truth.

CM Punk: ...STONE COLD, STEVE AUSTIN, is the one – true – evil, the WWE has ever known!

The Cleveland crowd gives Punk hell as his music hits, and he drops his mic with a big smirk. As with the last two weeks, a massive “AUSTIN! AUSTIN!” chant kicks off in the crowd, and Punk leaves to the sound of Austin’s name being roared at him once again. He wanders up the ramp, and smirks out at the crowd for a moment, before he heads backstage.

Jim Ross: Good God.

SmackDown goes to a break.


As SmackDown returns, the bell chimes, and Tony Chimel is stood in the ring.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a six-man, Battle Royal! In this match, the only way for a competitor to be eliminated is if he is thrown over the top rope, and both of his feet, touch the floor.

A small pop goes up, and our screens at home turn parchment colour, and “DREW MCINTYRE” drips into view. After a few seconds of guitar playing over the top, we hear...


The crowd begins to boo, and the TitanTron image fades out, to show us Drew McIntyre, wandering out from behind the curtain with a slow smirk.

Tony Chimel: Introducing first, from Ayr, Scotland, weighing in at 250 pounds... the Chosen One, DREEEEEW – MCINTYRE!

Jim Ross: And this man, Drew McIntyre, is not only one of the most ruthless men on SmackDown, but he is known as the “Chosen One” – supposedly, this man was hand-picked by the WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon.

Matt Striker: Mr. McMahon has great taste, JR. This kid IS the future, for sure, and I bet he’ll have a great showing in the Royal Rumble match in two weeks. Not to mention tonight, too.

McIntyre starts to wander down the ramp, wearing his long coat, and smirks a little at the booing fans along the ramp. He takes the ring steps up to the ring, and the camera cuts to the stage, where his music dies out, and is replaced by...


The crowd cheers, and Super Crazy comes leaping out from behind the curtain, yelling out at the arena. He waves his hands around like pincers, then starts to charge down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside.

Tony Chimel: And from Tulancingo, Hidalgo, Mexico, weighing in at 200 pounds... SUPEEEER – CRAAAAZY!

Jim Ross: And here’s a man I always enjoy watching in the ring – the Insane Luchador, Super Crazy.

Matt Striker: Sure, he’s entertaining, JR, but is he gonna win the Royal Rumble? Uh, no.

Crazy sprints up to the ring, then slides in. He leaps to his feet, pointing menacingly at an unfazed McIntyre from across the ring, then heads for a turnbuckle, where he yells out at the crowd, who give another small pop for him. He hops down, and takes off his poncho, as his music dies down.

The infamous Hart screech goes up around the arena, and the crowd begins to boo as the Hart Dynasty appear on the stage. Lead by Natalya, the threesome begin to strut down the ramp, smirking.

Tony Chimel: And, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, at a combined weight of 455 pounds... accompanied by Natalya... Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith, the Hart Dynasty!

Jim Ross: Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith will of course be competing for themselves tonight, because, like at Royal Rumble, it’s every man for himself here in Cleveland.

Matt Striker: And for what reason have they got to abide by “every man for himself”, JR? These two guys can tear a guy apart between them, and they can take this Battle Royal by storm here tonight!

Natalya finds a place at ringside to egg on Kidd and Smith, who get in the ring, smirking at their opponents. Kidd shakes out his shoulders, while Smith tests his wrists, clearly itching to lock in the Hart Bypass on some poor soul. His eyes settle on Super Crazy, and he smirks again. Crazy bounces on the spot and snarls at him, before muttering some Spanish under his breath.

Finlay’s music hits over the speakers, and a good pop goes up for the Fighting Irishman, who arrives to a rather warm reaction from the Cleveland crowd. He smiles, and raises his shillelagh above his head as he walks down the ramp, taking his time and enjoying mixing with the fans at rampside.

Tony Chimel: And from Belfast, Northern Ireland, weighing in at 236 pounds... FINLAY!

Jim Ross: A firm favourite with the fans is the Fighting Irishman, Finlay, and in mid-week, he was added to the 2010 Royal Rumble match by Teddy Long. The veteran that he is, Finlay is always a contender in any match, and he’s lasted 30 minutes in both his Royal Rumble appearances – that’s a stat you can write home about, Matt.

Matt Striker: Sing his praises all you want, JR, but Finlay’s getting on, let’s face it. It’s no easy feat to last that long in a Royal Rumble match, I’ll give him that, but veteran or otherwise, he could have his work cut out for him, both tonight and in two weeks’ time.

Finlay shakes hands with a random man at the end of the ramp, then heads for the ring, a small smile on his face as he readies himself for some competition. He takes the ring steps up to the apron, then swings himself into the ring, over the middle rope. He points his shillelagh at a couple of the men in the ring, but he is met with steely glares, and he grins as he places the weapon under the nearest turnbuckle.


The crowd gives a big cheer, and all five men in the ring look up to the stage for the arrival of the Intercontinental Champion, John Morrison. A “Morr-i-son!” chant kicks off, and the popular Shaman of Sexy swings open his fur coat in slow-motion, raising his title belt high in his other hand. We cut to the ring, where we specifically see Drew McIntyre, scowling at the sight of the Intercontinental Champion.

Tony Chimel: And finally, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 223 pounds... he is the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION... JOOOOOHN – MORRISON!

Jim Ross: Of course, we heard from the Guru of Greatness earlier tonight, when he vowed he would win tonight, and win the Royal Rumble for the first time ever in two weeks’ time.

Matt Striker: Not only is John Morrison delusional, JR, but he’s an idiot. He should be focusing on that title defence he has coming up soon, against THE Brian Kendrick! Otherwise, my man Brian – sorry, I mean THE Brian, is gonna take that title faster than you can say “boomer soomer”, JR.

Jim Ross: Boomer soomer, Matt. Boomer soomer. John Morrison knows where his priorities lie, and I have full faith that he’ll retain his championship whenever that title match rolls around. Going by humility, John Morrison is already the winner. The day I see that Kendrick with the Intercontinental Championship is the day I turn down a classic Oklahoman barbeque.

Matt Striker: If matches were won with humility, JR, this company wouldn’t be in business. Oh, and get ready to lose some weight, buddy, Kendrick’s your next Intercontinental Champion.

Fittingly, we cut backstage for barely a few seconds, showing the California Kid himself, The Brian Kendrick, watching Morrison enter the ring on a monitor. He shakes his head with a smirk as Morrison raises his title, before we cut back to the arena, where Morrison’s music dies out, and he pulls off his coat. He hands both his title and the coat to ringside, before he sets up in the corner, waiting. There’s about three or four referees waiting around the ringside arena, ready to score the eliminations as they occur, and one of them tells the timekeeper to ring the bell, kicking off the chaos in the ring.

Match 3
Drew McIntyre vs Super Crazy vs David Hart Smith vs Tyson Kidd vs Finlay vs John Morrison
6-Man Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royal

The first elimination in this match doesn’t come for a while, as each man takes a while to wear down. Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith are working John Morrison in the corner, stomping on his abdomen repeatedly, while Finlay takes a Future Shock from Drew McIntyre, and lies, laid out, in the corner where his shillelagh is. Super Crazy comes charging in at McIntyre, but the Chosen One kicks him in the gut, and flings him forcefully over the top rope for the first elimination of the contest.

Elimination #1: Super Crazy by Drew McIntyre at 4:23

A few minutes later, Tyson Kidd sweeps out John Morrison’s legs, and applies the Prince’s Crown, his Ankle Lock, to lots of heat from the crowd. However, before Kidd can do some serious damage, Finlay comes darting in with a big shillelagh shot to the head on Kidd, a shot which is hard enough to send Kidd tumbling from the ring, over the top rope.

Elimination #2: Tyson Kidd by Finlay at 8:49

Immediately after this elimination, David Hart Smith, who is clearly furious, decks Finlay with a big right hand, and locks him in the Hart Bypass, that devastating Crossface of his. Finlay taps out after a few seconds, but obviously, this is a Battle Royal, making it pointless to tap – John Morrison repays the favour Finlay gave to him earlier, breaking up the hold with an Axe Handle to the back of Smith. Drew McIntyre floors Morrison suddenly, rocking him with right hands, and Smith struggles to pull Finlay up, desperate to eliminate him. Smith flings Finlay towards the ropes, but he doesn’t go over, instead bouncing off, and ducking under a clothesline attempt from Smith. The Canadian superstar turns round, as Finlay smoothly grabs his shillelagh off the mat, and clocks Smith between the eyes with it! The crowd cheers wildly as Smith staggers back, and Finlay charges, clotheslining Smith right over the top, and to the floor.

Elimination #3: David Hart Smith by Finlay at 9:20

We’re left with three men, as the Hart Dynasty regroup on the outside, furious that Finlay has eliminated both Smith and Kidd. Here is where we join the full action, as McIntyre lays right hands into the Intercontinental Champion on the mat. He stands up, smirking, and turns round – Finlay swings the shillelagh at him, but he ducks it, hooks both of the Fighting Irishman’s arms, and lays him out with the Future Shock for the second time in the contest! The crowd groans as Finlay crumples to the mat, and doesn’t move. McIntyre slowly gets to his feet, and smirks out at the crowd, who boo wildly. Suddenly though, the crowd cheers, because Morrison is standing behind the Chosen One, coiled like a spring! McIntyre blinks, and turns round – INTO A CRACKING SUPERKICK FROM MORRISON! The crowd roars with the “CRACK” that goes up around the arena on impact, and McIntyre collapses to the mat, conveniently situated by the turnbuckle! Morrison grins, and heads to that corner... where he leaps up, thinking Starship Pain – NOBODY’S HOME! McIntyre rolls right out of the way, and Morrison crashes and burns on the mat, groaning in pain!

McIntyre pulls himself up using the ropes, tenderly touching his jaw, and sees Finlay struggling to his feet. He grabs him by the head, and flings him over the top rope, turning back to the ring in triumph – but Finlay grabs the top rope, and lands on the apron! The crowd cheers, and McIntyre turns round again, a look of frustration crossing his face. He throws a right hand, but Finlay ducks it, and rams his shoulder into the Chosen One’s gut, sending him reeling back! Finlay gets back into the ring, and charges, but McIntyre growls, and leaps forward, knocking the Irishman down with a big clothesline! The crowd groans with the impact, and Finlay clutches his neck on the mat, pained, as McIntyre smirks in victory.

McIntyre pulls Finlay up again, and hooks the arms to hit him with a THIRD Future Shock... but out of nowhere comes John Morrison, nailing the Scotsman with a Dropkick to the head! McIntyre tumbles backwards, surprised, and hits the turnbuckle. Morrison charges in, but the Chosen One ducks down, and lifts Morrison over his head to the outside – NO! Morrison grips the top turnbuckle, and lands on the apron! The crowd cheers wildly, and Morrison quickly clambers the turnbuckle. McIntyre turns round again, visibly frustrated by the sight of Morrison, who launches off the top turnbuckle, and connects with the Flying Chuck! McIntyre collapses to the floor, and the Friday Night Delight yells out at the crowd, who go wild for the Intercontinental Champion! Finlay forces himself up, and charges at Morrison, but the Shaman of Sexy leaps up, and knocks him back down with a Leaping Enzuigiri! The crowd cheers, but from behind, Drew McIntyre leaps up from the mat, and nails a big forearm up between Morrison’s legs for the LOW BLOW! Morrison collapses to the canvas in agony, and the crowd gives McIntyre hell, as he picks Finlay from the mat with ease, and flings him over the top rope, to the outside floor.

Elimination #4: Finlay by Drew McIntyre at 11:57

The crowd boos wildly as Finlay crunches to the outside, and McIntyre raises his arms with this small triumph, smirking. John Morrison crawls towards the ropes, still clutching his family jewels with one hand, pain across his face after the cheap shot from McIntyre. The Scotsman notices him on the mat, and pulls him to his feet, confident that he’s got this match won. He hooks the arms, thinking Future Shock, but Morrison suddenly comes alive, charging McIntyre into the turnbuckle, and forcing him to release his arms! The crowd cheers, and McIntyre cries out as he hits the corner. Morrison winds back, then nails a BIG Roundhouse Kick to the head, dazing the Chosen One, to a big pop from the crowd! Morrison heads for the ropes as McIntyre wobbles into the middle of the ring, and springboards backwards, hitting the Scotsman with a Springboard Moonsault! The crowd cheers again, and Morrison grins, getting to his feet. He beckons for McIntyre to get up, and slowly, he does, using the ropes to help him. The Guru of Greatness races across the ring, looking to clothesline McIntyre over... but the Chosen One nails him with a big right hand, halting him in his tracks, before he grabs him by the head, and flings him right over the top rope! McIntyre struts into the centre of the ring, arms raised in victory-

-BUT MORRISON SKINS THE CAT! The crowd goes wild as the Shaman of Sexy forces himself back over the top rope, and McIntyre frowns as the bell doesn’t chime. Slowly, he turns round, eyes on fire in anger, and faces Morrison, who can only smile wryly. McIntyre yells out, and charges, but Morrison leaps up, and connects with the Hurricanrana... PULLING MCINTYRE OVER THE TOP ROPE, AND DOWN TO THE FLOOR! Morrison lands on the apron, and he grins as the bell chimes! Morrison has won it!

Elimination #5: Drew McIntyre by John Morrison at 13:11

Winner: John Morrison

Match Time: 13:11

The crowd cheers as Morrison’s music hits, and the Friday Night Delight steps over the middle rope, getting back in the ring to celebrate his victory! The Intercontinental Champion is handed his title belt from the good folks at ringside, and he gets up on the top turnbuckle, arms raised in triumph! McIntyre puts his head in his hands on the outside, then looks up at the ceiling, exasperated.

Jim Ross: YES! Yes, Matt Striker! By gawd, John Morrison has won this Battle Royal, and only a foolish man wouldn’t give him a chance at Royal Rumble now!

Matt Striker: Call me what you want, JR, there’s such thing as a fluke victory. That’s what you just saw, Drew McIntyre was robbed. Robbed.

Jim Ross: Get out your thesaurus, Matt, find some more words to describe how McIntyre got “screwed over” if ya like, it won’t matter to that man there! John Morrison is a contender, a contender! This could be SmackDown’s year!

Matt Striker: You’re damn right it’s SmackDown’s year, JR, but not because of that hippie right there, oh no! Sure, we’ve got talent, but you should be looking at the Dolph Zigglers, the CM Punks, the Drew McIntyres, the Mike Knoxs, the... The Brian Kendricks! These are the men who will win it for us, not John Morrison! This is a joke, JR!

Jim Ross: Write home, cry, do what you want, Matt, I don’t care! John Morrison has shown he has the desire to win the Royal Rumble here tonight, and by gawd, he could do it in two weeks’ time! Dammit, he could!

As JR and Striker argue a bit more, and Morrison celebrates with the crowd, we fade away, into a video package.


We see two black silhouettes, standing in front of a tunnel-like, white background. We hear a man’s voice over the top...

Man: For a long time, SmackDown has been lacking two men with... ATTITUDE.

The camera cuts to another shot of the silhouettes, this time more zoomed in, with both figures posing with their arms raised. They turn to each other, and high five, though they are nothing more than black figures at the moment. A different voice speaks...

Man #2: SmackDown needs two guys with TALENT.

We see a few sharp, flashing shots of men being slammed, suplexed, you name it, in what seems to be the FCW ring. We cut back to the silhouettes, who move around, running their hands over their heads, or raising them to the camera.

Man: There’s two dudes who have the STYLE to revolutionise SmackDown.

The camera suddenly cuts to show two men, with slicked back hair, standing on top of the turnbuckles in the FCW ring, smirking.

Man #2: We are... the Dudebusters.

We see a variety of shots, showing these two men in different poses in front of different backgrounds.

Man: Caylen Croft.

Man #2: Trent Barreta.

The pair high five, smirking at the camera, and Caylen Croft points forward.

Caylen Croft: We are the Dudebusters, and we’re coming to Friday Night SmackDown.

Both men give big cheesy grins, and a big “COMING SOON TO FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN” sign splats on to the screen, beneath the grinning faces of Croft and Barreta.


The video package ends, and SmackDown goes to a break.


SmackDown returns to the sound of Shannon Moore’s music, which gets little reaction from the crowd. The bell chimes as Moore makes his way out, accompanied by Jimmy Wang Yang.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Jimmy Wang Yang... from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at 202 pounds... SHANNON – MOORE!

Moore starts to jog down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside. Wang Yang follows him down, grinning at the arena.

Jim Ross: Shannon Moore is set for action here tonight, which means we’re probably in for some high-flying action, Matt.

Matt Striker: Ah, the Reject, JR. Let’s see how he fares tonight against The Brian Kendrick, shall we? I think I’m gonna enjoy this.

Moore rolls into the ring, and tries to warm the crowd on a few of the turnbuckles, before he gives up, and settles in the corner, waiting for his opponent, as Wang Yang finds a place to watch the match from ringside.

The Brian Kendrick’s music hits, and the crowd immediately begins to boo loudly. The California Kid comes strutting out at an angle, bouncing to the beat of his music with a big smirk. Wearing that trademark white jacket of his, Kendrick throws a hand through his long streaky hair, then begins to strut down the ramp, still raving a little to his music.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent... from Venice, California, weighing in at 184 pounds... the California Kid – THE – BRIAAAAN – KEEEEENDRICK!

Kendrick steps up to the apron, and puts his tongue in his cheek, smirking at Shannon Moore, who silently bounces on the balls of his feet in the corner. The Venice Menace gets in the ring, and raises his arms to the crowd, to more heat.

Jim Ross: This young man is one of the most egotistical superstars on the SmackDown roster, and infuriatingly for the fans, he has the talent to back it up, something that he enjoys telling us on a weekly basis.

Matt Striker: Would you get off the guy’s case, JR? He’s clearly THE rising superstar in this company, the next Intercontinental Champion, and hell, he’s got more of a shot of winning the 2010 Royal Rumble than your precious John Morrison!

Kendrick swaggers across the ring, and demands that someone at ringside hand him a mic. Hurriedly, a young member of the ringside staff darts across to hand him one, and the California Kid ignores Moore, who looks perplexed, as Kendrick twirls the mic in his hand. He smirks as his music dies down, and he brings the mic sharply up to his mouth.

The Brian Kendrick: This right here? This is the most popular show Friday nights has to offer.

A pop goes up from the crowd, and Kendrick grins.

The Brian Kendrick: Oh, you guys agree? You lovin’ the show tonight?

Again, the crowd cheers wildly, and Kendrick nods.

The Brian Kendrick: Yup. Nothing brings in the ratings quite like... FRIDAAAAAY – NIGHT –

Kendrick pauses dramatically, and offers the mic to the Cleveland crowd, who roar “SMACKDOWN!” as loud as they can. The California Kid whips the mic back his way:

The Brian Kendrick: ...KENDRICK!

The crowd boos intensely, and Kendrick bites his lip with a big grin. Pleased with himself, he continues.

The Brian Kendrick: Yes, once again, there is only one man making everyone tune in, making you people pay for your tickets... and he’s standing in this here ring. Oh, and I’m not talking about the 30-year-old farm hick in the corner.

Heat for Kendrick. Shannon Moore frowns as Kendrick turns to face him a little.

The Brian Kendrick: By the way, buddy, did anyone ever tell your parents that Shannon is a chick’s name?

More boos from the crowd. Moore looks like he’s heard it before, but Kendrick looks like he’s been struck by inspiration.

The Brian Kendrick: Oh wait, that’s right. Your dad was too busy taking SPECIAL care of the pigs, and your mom was too busy being one of them!

A massive “OHHH!” goes up around the arena, and Moore’s eyes light up in fury. The referee for the match to come has to step in front of Moore, who starts making threats at Kendrick from across the ring.

The Brian Kendrick: Woah, calm down, Sharon.

Heat. Moore continues to yell at him.

The Brian Kendrick: What’s the matter? What’s that? You were conceived in a barn?

The crowd lets out another groan, and Moore goes red in the face, yelling all sorts of abuse at Kendrick, who just runs a hand through his hair, and looks back towards the camera.

The Brian Kendrick: Now, of course, just now you saw John Morrison win a Battle Royal, didn’t ya?

The crowd pops big, and Kendrick shakes his head, smirking.

The Brian Kendrick: Well, it sucks for him, ‘cause if I’d been in it, it would’ve been a different ending.


The Brian Kendrick: Yeah. See, not only am I – YOUR next Intercontinental Champion, but baby, you can bet your house that the winner of the 2010 Royal Rumble... it’s gonna be the California Kid, the Venice Menace, the man who is single-handedly keeping this company in business – THE – BRIAN – KENDRICK!

A “Kendrick sucks!” chant starts up, and the Venice Menace grins again.

The Brian Kendrick: See, while John Morrison was off buying sunglasses which stop you from seeing properly, I’ve been preparing for an Intercontinental Championship match. And whenever it is, boy, I’m gonna outclass you all over again. Like last time. You guys remember? When I beat him? When I beat John Morrison?

More heat, and Kendrick smiles fondly on the memory.

The Brian Kendrick: They always say history repeats itself, right? So, whenever John decides he’s ready to lose that title – hopefully soon, I am NOT a patient man – I’m gonna be ready, to do it all again, and humiliate John Morrison, as I take his Intercontinental Title from him, and place it around MY fine waist!

Kendrick gestures towards his waist, then looks up at the camera, nodding his head with a smirk.

The Brian Kendrick: So John? Just like last week, and the week before, let me humble the wannabe in the ring with me... and prove that I’m the next big thing. NOT YOU.

To heat, Kendrick turns to face Moore, whose face is still red out of anger and rage from Kendrick’s earlier comments.

The Brian Kendrick: Let’s go Shirley, I don’t have all day!

Kendrick starts to laugh again, and before the official can stop him, Moore charges furiously at Kendrick – BUT THE CALIFORNIA KID DECKS HIM WITH THE MIC! The crowd boos and jeers, as Kendrick tosses the mic to the side, ripping off his jacket with a grin, and starts stomping all over the Reject! The referee tells Kendrick to move away, and reluctantly, he does. The official tosses Kendrick’s jacket from the ring, and the California Kid yells “HEY! That’s fine material, watch it!” at him, frowning. Moore struggles back to his feet, and the referee calls for the bell.

Match 4
Shannon Moore vs The Brian Kendrick

After a few high-flying moves by both men in the beginning of the match, we join the action at about three minutes, as Kendrick applies a Hammerlock to Moore on the mat. Spinning round a bit, Moore struggles upwards, getting to a vertical base. He manages to turn, and kicks Kendrick in the gut, before pulling him down with the Small Package... 1... 2... but Kendrick kicks out! The crowd boos, and Kendrick gets back up – Moore leaps up with the Dropkick, but Kendrick telegraphs it, and cuts Moore’s legs out of the air, sending him crashing face-first to the canvas! The crowd groans with the impact, and the California Kid heads for the ropes as Moore sits up, before nailing him with a big Dropkick to the chest! Kendrick covers casually... 1... 2... but Moore surprises him with the kickout! Kendrick, frowning, pulls Moore to his feet, and sends him to the turnbuckle. He charges, but Moore gets a boot up, and Kendrick staggers backwards, dizzy! Moore sits up to the second turnbuckle, and launches – BUT KENDRICK PICKS HIM OUT OF THE AIR WITH A DROPKICK! The crowd has to be impressed by Kendrick’s ingenuity, and everyone expects that to be it as the Venice Menace crawls to make the cover... 1... 2... 3-NO! Moore forces a shoulder up!

Kendrick launches back to his feet, and immediately gets on the case of the referee, claiming that there was a slow count. The official gives him nothing, perplexed by the appeal, and Kendrick throws up his arms... BUT MOORE PULLS HIM DOWN WITH THE SCHOOL BOY FROM BEHIND! 1... 2... NO! Kendrick kicks out! The crowd groans, and as the California Kid wobbles back to his feet, Moore leaps up, rotating around Kendrick’s head for a few seconds before sending him crashing down with the Headscissors Takedown! The crowd cheers for the impressive move, and Moore lets out a big roar at the audience, who pop big for the Reject! Moore takes heart, and as Kendrick lies still by the turnbuckle, he charges to the corner, where he climbs to the top! He turns round, and launches off with the Moonsault... KNEES UP FROM KENDRICK! The crowd groans, and Moore goes spasming across the ring, screaming in pain! Kendrick gets up, furious, and runs a hand over his head furiously, before he grabs the Reject by his hair, and yanks him to his feet. The Venice Menace ignores the referee’s admonishment, and latches a hand around Moore’s head, before scaling the turnbuckle... AND NAILING THE KENDRICK! The crowd groans, and Kendrick puts a forearm to Moore’s face, pressing him violently to the mat for the cover... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: The Brian Kendrick

Match Time: 5:22

Kendrick’s music hits, and the referee raises his hand to heat from the crowd. The California Kid tells the referee to “Beat it” angrily, before he turns to face the crowd, wiping his jaw a little in pain. He gets up on one of the turnbuckles, and raises his arms in victory, his trademark smirk forming on his face again. Shannon Moore lies on the mat, truly humbled by the Venice Menace, and Jimmy Wang Yang rolls into the ring to check on him. Kendrick sees him, and hops off the turnbuckle, smirking. The crowd boos as he quietly watches Wang Yang kneel down by Moore, concerned. Kendrick moves across the ring – AND PUTS HIS FOOT THROUGH WANG YANG’S FACE! The crowd boos as the California Kid pulls Wang Yang back to his feet, and grabs his head, before running off the turnbuckle... AND NAILING WANG YANG WITH THE KENDRICK TOO! Kendrick struts into the centre of the ring, smirking, and demands his jacket from ringside. He receives it, and he pulls it on, before he leaves the ring, running a hand through his hair. He points out at the arena, saying “You are witnessing greatness, baby!” with lit-up eyes and a big grin. The crowd boos him up the ramp, and he disappears behind the curtain with one last smirk down at the chaos he’s caused in the ring.

Jim Ross: Well, a big win for The Brian Kendrick tonight, but even Matt Striker has to admit, the attack after the contest on Jimmy Wang Yang was uncalled for.

Matt Striker: Not at all, JR. The Brian Kendrick is just pointing out that not only is Shannon Moore below him, but so is Jimmy Wang Yang. Simple, really. But the hot topic – how much of a roll is that guy on? Now THERE’S your Royal Rumble contender, JR.

As Moore and Wang Yang lie in the ring, demolished by the Venice Menace himself, SmackDown goes to its final break of the evening.




In the main event of Raw, it’s WWE Champion Jack Swagger taking on the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels – with the Game, Triple H, at ringside as Special Guest Enforcer. After a good contest, Chavo Guerrero’s music hits, and he interrupts proceedings, distracting the man he’s had issues with lately, Shawn Michaels. Triple H scares Chavo away, but Swagger takes advantage of the distraction, nailing HBK with the Gutwrench Powerbomb to pick up a huge win ahead of his WWE Championship match with the Game at Royal Rumble.

We see Triple H get in the ring with Shawn Michaels, as Swagger disappears behind the curtain with his WWE Title, celebrating his victory. The Game offers his friend a hand up, but Michaels ignores it, and struggles up himself. Triple H then shrugs, and asks him something, but Michaels does nothing but give him a cold glare, and LEAVE the ring to a huge mixed reaction. As the Heartbreak Kid walks up the ramp, shaking his head in frustration, Triple H is left to wonder what has come over their alliance, as Raw comes to a close.


SmackDown returns to a quiet arena. The bell chimes.

Tony Chimel: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall!

A small cheer goes up from the people in attendance here in Cleveland.


The crowd pops big, and we see various fans get to their feet across the arena, many with Big Show-related signs in their hands, as the World Heavyweight Champion appears from behind the curtain, title belt over his shoulder. He holds up a hand to acknowledge the cheering fans, then continues to make his way down the ramp, casually slapping the hands of the fans along the ramp.

Tony Chimel: Introducing first... standing at 7 feet tall, weighing 485 pounds... he is the World’s Largest Athlete, and the WORLD – HEAVYWEIGHT – CHAMPION... THE BIG SHOW!

Jim Ross: Big Show has a lot on his plate at the moment, leading up to that New York City Brawl at Royal Rumble, which, make no mistake, will be brutal.

Matt Striker: It sure will, JR, but he’s not doing himself any favours by making himself so many enemies. How do we know that Rey Mysterio will even WANT to team with him tonight after what Show did earlier? That’s if Rey can still move after what Batista did to him, too.

Show gets in the ring, and raises the Chokeslam taunt to the fans to a big pop. He settles in the corner with the World Title, and tenderly does a couple of stretches, selling the effects of the earlier assault by Batista and Jericho.


The crowd cheers wildly again, and Rey Mysterio launches out from behind the curtain, playing to the crowd. The camera shows Big Show in the ring, who narrows his eyes a little, and Rey turns to the ramp, wandering down with a frown at the big man. He stops to touch heads with those wearing masks, before he turns back to face the ring, where Big Show looks symbolically at the World Title, then smirks at the Ultimate Underdog, sending a deliberate message.

Tony Chimel: And his tag team partner... from San Diego, California, weighing in at 185 pounds... RRRRREEEEEEEY – MYSTERIO!

Jim Ross: Just listen to the ovation in this arena for the Master of the 619, Matt! He’s pumped up tonight, but I have a feeling his pairing with Big Show might be a sketchy one.

Matt Striker: Not just that, JR – Rey’s clearly having issues moving after that Chokeslam and Batista Bomb he got earlier. He’s in no condition to compete tonight!

Jim Ross: Now that’s not true, Matt. He looks just fine – a bit shaky, maybe, but that man is tougher than he looks! What happened earlier will only serve to fire up that man right there!

Rey rolls into the ring, then heads to each of the turnbuckles, doing the sign of the cross towards the crowd on three of the four sides, but stopping as he heads towards the corner housing the World Champion. Show smirks at him, and the pair start to trash talk a little, as Rey’s music dies down. Half the arena begins to chant “619! 619!”, and the other half reply with “Let’s go Big Show!”, as the pair get in each other’s faces (sort of), and the height difference becomes apparent. The pair continue to insult each other under their breath, until-


The crowd begins to boo, and both Show and Mysterio turn to the ramp, frowning. Chris Jericho comes swaggering out, a small smirk on his face as always. He mouths “How’s the back?” at Show from across the arena, before he starts to walk down the ramp, tongue in cheek at the prospect of making a lasting impression ahead of Royal Rumble.

Tony Chimel: And their opponents... first, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada... CHRIIIIIIISSSS – JERICHO!

Jim Ross: After that big chair shot to the head from Chris Jericho, as well as being locked in the Walls of Jericho earlier this evening, Big Show probably doesn’t know who he wants to get his hands on first – Jericho, or Batista for what he did last week!

Matt Striker: And you know what, JR? Everything Show has got recently, he’s deserved. The guy clearly isn’t a worthy World Champion. Hopefully, Batista and Chris Jericho will teach him another lesson in respect here tonight.

Jericho gets in the ring, and smirks at his opponents as his music cuts. Show and Mysterio scowl at him ahead of his actions earlier, and Show cracks his fists together in anticipation.

Batista’s music hits, and the whole arena begins to boo wildly again. All three men in the ring look up to the stage, where the Animal arrives in his ring gear, a darkly confident expression on his face.

Tony Chimel: And his tag team partner... from Washington DC, weighing in at 302 pounds... the Animal, BAAAAATISTA!!!

Jim Ross: And here’s the man who started all this chaos, Batista.

Matt Striker: Well, after what he did last week, it’s not surprising everyone wanted a piece of him, JR. It remains to be seen whether anyone has what it takes to actually beat Batista, though. Personally, I doubt it.

Batista storms down the ramp, ignoring the crowd’s abuse as usual, before sliding into the ring. He looks between all three men, then smirks, and heads out to the apron, telling Jericho he can start the contest. Jericho looks at him, eyes narrowed, and across the ring, Rey opts to kick things off. Show steps on to the apron, and watches silently, handing his title to ringside. The official looks between the men, and calls for the bell.

Match 5
Big Show and Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho and Batista

Neither of the teams have exactly worked efficiently throughout the contest, with many of the tags coming as forced affairs, as one man will simply slap his partner on the shoulder to tag him in. Batista and Jericho get the upper hand on Mysterio after a few minutes, and the slow, usual tag team formula takes over, as the Animal and the man formerly known as Y2J go to work on the Ultimate Underdog. Batista and Jericho aren’t the most co-ordinated team, but they both have a desire to beat down Mysterio, which stops them from attacking each other. We join the contest at about seven minutes, as Jericho applies a headlock to Mysterio on the mat. Rey forces his way up, and the crowd cheers as he breaks free of the hold with a few elbows, and heads for the ropes. Mysterio comes charging back, but Jericho floors him with a Big Boot! Jericho smirks, and covers, hooking the leg... 1... 2... NO! Mysterio kicks out! Jericho gets up, and heads to the ropes, launching with the Lionsault... NOBODY’S HOME! The Master of the 619 rolls away, and Jericho crashes and burns to the mat! The crowd roars, and Mysterio starts crawling for the corner – Jericho blinks out the cobwebs on the canvas, as Batista yells abuse at him from the apron! Jericho comes to life, and manages to tag in the furious Animal – BUT MYSTERIO SEES THE OUTSTRETCHED HAND OF BIG SHOW, AND GETS THE HOT TAG TO THE WORLD’S LARGEST ATHLETE!

The crowd pops big, and the big man comes charging in – Batista roars, and charges too, but Big Show runs right through him with a monster Running Shoulder Block! The Animal gets back up, and moves in again, but Show rocks him with a right hand to the stomach, before he rams him all the way into the turnbuckle! The crowd cheers, and Show starts to pick away with big lefts and rights, each one like a hammer shot! Show suddenly holds Batista there with that left hand, before he raises the right hand – AND KNOCKS THE AIR OUT OF HIS LUNGS WITH THAT HUGE SLAP TO THE CHEST! The “CRACK” echoes around the arena, and Batista wobbles out of the corner, eyes wide, before he collapses, clutching his chest! Show flexes his right hand, grinning at the revenge he’s dishing out to the Animal here. Batista struggles up, and the World Champion swings with the deadly Knockout Punch... but Batista ducks it, and heads for the ropes. Show turns round, AND GETS NAILED WITH THE SPEAR! The crowd groans, and the Animal covers, smirking... 1... 2... 3-NO! BIG SHOW KICKS OUT!

Batista is stunned! He gets up, and starts shaking the ropes, pumped up, and the crowd boos intensely. Big Show struggles back to his feet, clutching his ribs – and Batista sets him up in Powerbomb position! Rey Mysterio crawls back to his feet on the apron, only now fully recovering from his long beat-down, and frowns as he sees Batista trying to lift Show... but the World Champion pulls Batista upwards suddenly, and transitions him into the Oklahoma position! The crowd cheers, but Batista flails like a fish out of water, as Show wobbles a bit – AND BATISTA MANAGES TO GET A BLIND TAG TO JERICHO! The crowd boos like crazy, and Show lays Batista out with a big Powerslam, thinking he’s still legal! Show hooks the Animal’s leg, but the referee can’t count! Show looks up, surprised – and gets a big kick to the face from Jericho! Show falls on to his back, and Jericho now leaps over him for the cover... 1... 2... BUT SHOW THROWS JERICHO OFF HIM!

Batista rolls from the ring as both men get up. Show flings that deadly right hand of his, but Jericho ducks under it, and nails a big Knife Edge Chop to Show’s chest! The World Champion grimaces for a second, then looks for the Knockout Punch again – but Jericho ducks it once more, and clips Show’s right leg with the Chop Block from behind, bringing him down to a knee! Jericho then crosses the ring, bouncing off the ropes, and nails a Dropkick to the head of Show, sending him back to the canvas again! The crowd boos Jericho, who grabs the World Champion’s legs... AND TURNS HIM OVER INTO THE WALLS OF JERICHO! The crowd immediately comes to life with a mixed reaction, and screaming for Show to escape the hold – the big man is yelling as Jericho puts a ton of pressure right through Show’s spine, and he laughs out at the arena, yelling “TAP OUT! TAP OUT!” as he wrenches on Show’s legs. The World Champion winces in agony – but he starts to pull himself, not towards the ropes, but towards Rey Mysterio, who is stretched out fully, desperate for the tag! Jericho wobbles, surprised, and Show manages to struggle over to his corner, where he raises the hand up, and tags in Mysterio! The crowd goes wild, and Mysterio scrambles up to the top turnbuckle! Jericho turns round, stunned that Show escaped – AND MYSTERIO LAUNCHES OFF, CATCHING JERICHO WITH A BIG MISSILE DROPKICK!

Jericho wobbles backwards, and topples on to the second rope, dizzy as a fool, sending the crowd WILD! Mysterio gets up, and Batista’s eyes are wide on the apron, as Rey charges... AND DIALS UP THE 619 ON JERICHO! The crowd goes crazy, and Jericho staggers up to his feet, blinking as he sees stars! Mysterio springboards, and looking to put the contest away – BUT JERICHO BRINGS HIM DOWN SHARPLY WITH THE CODEBREAKER OUT OF THE AIR, JUST LIKE LAST WEEK! The crowd groans, and Jericho’s eyes light up on the canvas, as he crawls across the ring, where he plants an arm over Rey’s chest for the cover... 1... 2... 3-NO! Mysterio kicks out at the last second, and the crowd goes crazy, chanting Rey’s name! Batista is incensed on the apron, yelling abuse at Jericho, who gets up, incredulous that Mysterio kicked out! Batista continues to insult Jericho on the apron, so Jericho heads over to him, and tells him “You do better!” and SLAPS the Animal in the face for the tag! The crowd lets out a big “OHHH!”, and ‘Tista goes red in the face! Big Show watches with interest from across the ring, and Batista gets in the ring, yelling back at his partner, “Oh, I’ll do better alright! I’LL DO MUCH BETTER!” before yanking Rey to his feet, and putting him in the Powerbomb position! The crowd boos as the Animal pulls Rey up... BUT MYSTERIO STUNS HIM WITH THE HURRICANRANA, LANDING IN THE PINNING POSITION... 1... 2... 3! REY WINS IT!

Winner: Big Show and Rey Mysterio

Match Time: 12:08

Rey heads straight for the turnbuckles as his music hits – he’s stunned the Animal! Batista is FURIOUS on the mat, and he charges straight for the Ultimate Underdog, pulling him off the turnbuckle, and tossing him to the canvas! The crowd boos, and Batista roars “HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU!” in Rey’s face, before he starts hammering away with right hands to his face, completely enraged! Chris Jericho drops from the apron, pleased that he didn’t get pinned, but Big Show isn’t in the mood to let Batista beat up someone else, as he gets in the ring, and pulls the Animal up by his throat! The crowd goes wild, and Big Show snarls, ready to deal him a big Chokeslam... BUT SUDDENLY, BATISTA PUSHES HIM AWAY, AND LEAPS FORWARD, RIPPING HIM UP WITH THE SPEAR! The crowd groans with the impact, and Show grits his teeth on the mat, clearly in pain!

Batista starts to beat his chest, but he turns round in surprise, and gets a Dropkick to the chest from Rey Mysterio! The crowd cheers as the Animal tumbles backwards, and lands on the second rope! Rey grins, and charges, thinking 619... BUT THE ANIMAL GRABS HIS LEGS MID-MOVE! Batista yanks Mysterio back into the middle of the ring, and puts him in the Powerbomb position again! The heat is intense around the arena... BUT FROM NOWHERE, BIG SHOW APPEARS, NAILING ‘TISTA WITH THAT DEADLY KNOCKOUT PUNCH! The crowd roars, and the Animal topples like a rag doll, falling from the ring in the process! Rey takes one look at the behemoth, clearly furious, and escapes under the bottom rope – Big Show faces the hard camera, and roars “C’MOOOON!” at the crowd, getting a MONSTER pop from the Cleveland masses! Show beats his chest out of pure adrenaline, and beckons any of his Royal Rumble opponents to get in the ring with him, though none dare! Jericho is on the stage, shaking his head with a sly smile, while Rey collapses into the barricade, nervously watching Show as he taunts for the crowd. Batista lies to the outside, clutching his face, and wearing an incredibly sour expression.

Jim Ross: What a win for Mysterio and Show tonight, and by gawd, Batista has been humbled! He may have taken these two men out earlier, but he just got pinned by Mysterio, and took that big Knockout Punch to the face from Big Show! That’s what I call a taste of your own – BY GAWD – MEDICINE! Justice has been DEALT, Matt!

Matt Striker: Batista’s been screwed, JR! He was outnumbered, two to one! Show and Mysterio are dirty cheaters! This is wrong, I’m telling you!

Jim Ross: Call it what you want, Matt, but the story tonight is this: the Big Show stands tall at the end of Friday Night SmackDown, and Dave Batista has tasted justice! Ladies and gentlemen, you have been watching SmackDown – I’m Jim Ross, alongside Matt Striker, I hope you’ve enjoyed the show! Goodnight from us, we’ll see you next week!

As Show roars at the cheering crowd, SmackDown fades to black.


Quick Results

Dolph Ziggler bts. Kung Fu Naki
Michelle McCool bts. Maria
John Morrison wins a 6-Man Battle Royal
The Brian Kendrick bts. Shannon Moore
Big Show and Rey Mysterio bt. Chris Jericho and Batista


WWE Royal Rumble
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York
Date: January 31st, 2010
Tagline: Who Will Be The One?
Event Theme Song: ‘Hero’ by Skillet

WWE Championship
Jack Swagger (c) vs Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio
New York City Brawl

ECW Championship
Christian (c) vs Shelton Benjamin vs Paul Burchill

United States Championship
The Miz (c) vs Evan Bourne

Women’s Championship
Michelle McCool (c) vs Mickie James

30-Man Royal Rumble Match
CM Punk vs Cody Rhodes vs David Hart Smith vs Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre vs Finlay vs Gregory Helms vs John Cena vs John Morrison vs Kane vs Kofi Kingston vs Matt Hardy vs Mike Knox vs Montel Vontavious Porter vs Randy Orton vs Rhyno vs Shawn Michaels vs Super Crazy vs The Brian Kendrick vs Ted DiBiase vs Tyson Kidd vs William Regal vs Yoshi Tatsu vs Zack Ryder vs 6 Other Superstars

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