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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Nice preview! I felt like you're giving away your entire show already lol, but anyways lets see what we've got here.

I def agree with BKB on the thing to look forward to the most is the Punk promo for sure. The Tag Team Turmoil, though, looks huge and I can't wait to find out the winners...definitely DX, I mean come on, ! I don't know too much about giving Ziggler like a 3rd chance already, there's no way he'll win the Rumble anyways. Mickie/Layla again..beh..but it does make sense considering what else can you possibly do with the division and the storyline with Mickie and McCool. Kendrick facing Morrison is very interesting since Kendrick is coming off a win after a 3rd try against Finlay.

Anwyays, I really can't wait for SD! You've been unleashing feedback for me, and I've always enjoyed your shows (just too lazy to review sadly ) can't wait to read it!

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

FlyinStyles Raw Review

I like the video package to open up, it really gave everyone a feel of what happened at the PPV, very good show, btw. I never commented on it.

The opening promo, had it's up and downs, Swagger was good in parts but then others were just, not good imo. The stuff were he was saying how good he was great, but when he talked about Cena, it wasn't that great. Enter Cena..."The Champ is here" line from the champ was priceless, but I wasn't really liking the promo from Cena. Every time he loses it's the same shit, "I let them all done" yeah I get it. Re-match tonight? Ok. A little suprising but ok. Overall it had it's ups and down

Solid match between MVP and Chavo, MVP was always going to win. I like that you gave him the Drive-By-Kick back, the Playmaker sucks

Who the fuck is Larry Sweeney? I remember you talking about him in the Dicussion thread so I guess he'll be managing Bourne, please don't turn Bourne heel, he's fine the way he is, he can do his talking the ring. He gets over fine that way.

Kim winning the triple threat was fine, I think it might just be a one match deal unless Gail turns heel which wouldn't be bad because she's sucking as a face. Nice match, I'm excited for Melina vs. Gail. I honestly don't care about Maryse attacking Kelly

No, Palumbo please no, Palumbo, give him the squash tonight but please don't push him.

Orton was good, no Orton was great. DiBiase and Rhodes want Orton’s respect, please do this feud right with Orton as the heel, I can't stand him as a face. Plus the student breaking with teacher if the whole alliance is heel then it makes more sense to have the prodigies be face. Please make DiBiase and Rhodes the faces

Legacy going over the Colons was fine expect I would’ve liked to seen Carlito in the Rumble the way he triumphantly returned to Raw I feel like he should be in the Rumble, but I guess I’ll deal with it. Nice win for Legacy.

I’m sick of Sweeney already, the stuff with him making everyone do stuff was kind of annoying. The back-and-forth with him and Bourne was ok, Miz was very good but Sweeney was bad, pulling Bourne out of the scene I didn’t like either. Please keep Bourne away from the mic and let him do his talking in the ring.

The Masters segment was fine, I guess you’re trying to push Masters even know though he’s really been doing nothing lately. I would rather see London get a push, I’m interested to see who comes out the winner of this feud.

Santino’s promo was um, ok. It sounded like something he would say it wasn’t funny but it was in character, Chuck attacking with a cool touch he wins, ok. Can he please go away now, I’m not a fan.

The Noble interview was interesting, I don’t like to see Noble getting a push, he’s a fucking jobber. But the way you’re pushing him isn’t too terribly bad. Nice little segment.

Cheep title defense for Swagger is just grand. I was expecting a DQ or something along those lines but a win via cheating works well too. I expect Cena to win the top contenders spectacular and this feud will wrap up at the Rumble. I’m sure what to expect out of that though because I don’t think Swagger will be champ heading into Mania but I don’t see what there is for Cena to if he wins the belt back. Hell maybe Cena won’t win. Idk.

Overall I liked the show, there was some stuff that I hated, Sweeney mostly. But it started building to the Rumble and had the PPV fallout. I enjoyed the show but it wasn’t your best work. Onto ECW

FlyinStyles ECW Review

Saxton on commentary? I liked Saxton on ECW him and Mathews worked well together, him and Striker will be interesting though because they are both better as the heel commentator.

The Opening segment was good, Burchill was a little off to start but Ryder and Christian saved the segment. A nice main event we have going tonight, Dreamer attacking Ryder was nice. I really, really love that feud, WWE never used it to it’s full potential. I hope the faces win the main event maybe with some involvement from Shelton Benjamin.

The heels kind of had to go over here considering Yoshi and Helms have pretty much dominated the feud. I hate Manu so I’m glad Rhyno got the pin. Yoshi and Helms can’t win all of them. I hope this feud ends soon because it’s growing a little stale, just have them eliminate each other in the Rumble and be done with them.

The partner is Charlie Hass, book it! A nice little promo from Shelton, continues to build him. I’ll be happy to see World’s Greatest Tag Team back together, I’ve always liked them. I’m still waiting for partners for Burchill and Christian. I also liked the Shelton pointed out that Burchill and Christian aren’t paying attention to him because they’re not. Way to reestablish Shelton in this feud.

Big Daddy V’s squash was a good way to set up the after promo, I’ve really liked the Tiffany-Abraham Washington storyline and I’ve got to say the after match promo was probably the best promo I’ve seen you right, they were both characterized perfectly, they delivered the point great. I loved it, I’ll be interested to see who Tiff’s choice is, even though it doesn’t matter because Abe is going to win either way.

Regal and Jackson was too short, IMO. The show is already running over and it wasn’t really needed, this could’ve been on Smackdown since Regal is on there for the tag turmoil match.

The main event was solid but the post match fight was great, I like that we are finally getting violent Tommy Dreamer instead of the crap WWE did with him. I’m glad Shelton got the final say over Burchill and Christian because he got lost in the shuffle for a while. He needed this, I also think he should win the tag match since it seems like has no chance of winning the triple threat match.

Overall, I’d say this show was far better then Raw, I think it’s your best show yet, I really do, I love your ECW, this was just great, the Abe-Tiffany promo was the shining moment but it was insanely good, great job, I’m really looking forward to Saturday Night’s Main Event and the Rumble. .
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Hey all.

Striker was used to avoid the inevitable ‘Wasn’t Eve just with Cryme Tyme?’ comments which would have arisen if I’d used her instead. You’ll know what I mean when you read it.

I’m gonna prepare a moderately sized ‘notes package for the end of the week’ kind of thing, just to sum up everything that’s happened this week, my thoughts on it, any feedback I feel like addressing, telling people that I haven’t forgotten about their threads, I’m just lazy, etc, etc. There’s a bunch of stuff I can think of to talk about already, so watch this space for that, a few days after SmackDown. The result of Tag Team Turmoil just MIGHT be one of those things. All I will say is this – there is method to my madness. Enjoy SmackDown, folks, I’m pretty proud of my hard work, tbh.


Friday Night SmackDown
U.S. Cellular Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
1st January 2010

We get a video package following the traditional WWE opening video – the package shows Big Show in the ring last week, holding a mic, and his World Heavyweight Championship. He says that the World Title match at Royal Rumble will be an NYC Brawl – four men, fighting in the streets of New York, with anything and everything legal to use. The shot goes black for a moment, before we then emphatically cut to two days afterward, at Armageddon, where Big Show and Chris Jericho are defending their Unified Tag Team Championships. Batista interferes, Spearing Big Show, and delivering a Batista Bomb to Jericho, paving the way for Legacy to win Show and Jericho’s titles. A shot of a furious Big Show is the last thing we see, before the shot effortlessly sweeps through into the SmackDown opening video. Once it’s finished, we cut to the arena, where a host of fireworks explode from the stage, and the Iowa crowd roars their approval. We cut to ringside, where we see Jim Ross, and Todd Grisham.

JR: Good evening, boomer soomer, Happy New Year, you are watching Friday Night SmackDown! I’m Jim Ross, alongside Todd Grisham, coming to you from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and by gawd, we’re gonna kick off the New Year in style tonight!

Grisham: We sure are, JR – last week, the World Heavyweight Champion, Big Show, announced the stipulation for the World Title match at Royal Rumble... it’s going to be a New York City Brawl!

JR: That’s right Todd. That means four superstars, Big Show, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio and Batista, fighting, brawling, clawing and scratching in the streets of New York, where anything is legal, and everything in your environment can be a brutal weapon. These four superstars are going to be put through hell, you can be sure.

Grisham: And in a moment, we’ll hear from one of the men in that huge match – the Animal, Batista.

A graphic appears on the screen, showing a bearded CM Punk in the ring. ‘CM PUNK REVEALS ALL’ is the caption beneath his smirking face.

JR: And not to mention, tonight, CM Punk, ‘the Straight-edge Messiah’, will tell us all, why he can’t ‘unite us all under his banner’. For a man who’s been so determined to change us all, you can bet that you won’t want to miss what CM Punk has to say tonight.

Another graphic pops up, showing 16 superstars, some smiling, others not. The caption says ‘TAG TEAM TURMOIL’.

JR: And then we have this match – eight tag teams, from all three brands, fighting it out to determine the new No. 1 Contenders to Legacy’s Unified Tag Team Championships, in a Tag Team Turmoil match!

Grisham: Man, I can’t wait for this one. Let’s hope SmackDown have a winner!

The graphic sweeps away, to be replaced by sweeping shots of Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth, leading to a graphic of the two, side by side. The caption says ‘LAST CHANCE ROYAL RUMBLE QUALIFIER’. Ziggler smirks in his graphic.

JR: Well, he’s been tearing up SmackDown recently with underhanded tactics and blindside attacks, and tonight, Dolph Ziggler gets one more shot at the Royal Rumble match, in a Last Chance Royal Rumble Qualifier, against R-Truth.

Grisham: I’d hate to think of what he’ll do if he doesn’t win this match!

JR: Well remember, Todd – General Manager Theodore Long told Ziggler, if he loses tonight, he gets no more shots, no more opportunities, and he’ll only have himself to blame for it.

We cut back to the arena. Batista’s music kicks off, and the arena begins to boo furiously. No-one appears for a moment, as the music continues to play, but the Animal eventually appears, to more boos. He comes striding out on to the stage, lugging something over his shoulder... IT’S THE BASE OF A LAMPPOST! The crowd lets out a huge mixed reaction, stunned, and Batista effortlessly pulls the giant metal post from behind the curtain, revealing that he is, indeed, hauling a full-size lamppost down to the ring! The light is broken on it, and Batista smirks, before wandering down the ramp, with the base over his shoulder, and the rest of the post dragging along the ramp behind him. Tony Chimel makes the announcement, a little stunned...

Chimel: Uh... ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the Animal... Batista!

With the mention of his name, the crowd begins to boo again.

JR: Is that a lamppost? Batista is bringing a lamppost to the ring!

Grisham: I knew he was strong, but... wow. That’s a full-size, steel lamppost! Those things are really heavy!

Batista gets to ringside, and forces the lamppost under the bottom rope. He gets in the ring, before lifting the lamppost, and setting it to gently rest on the second rope. He collects a mic from ringside, and has to wait for the boos to die down before he speaks.

Batista: I suppose I have a lot to explain to all of you...

More boos. The Animal begins to pace.

Batista:, why did I bring a lamppost to the ring? Why did I turn up at Armageddon on Sunday? Why did I inflict such... devastation on my Royal Rumble opponents, costing them their Tag Team Titles in the process?


Batista: Well, why don’t I ask you guys a couple questions, huh? How about... why am I not World Heavyweight Champion right now? What about, why does the Champion not see me as a threat, just because of his size? Or how about, why the HELL... are we going to having our match... on the very streets of New York City? HUH?

The crowd boos some more, then begins the usual ‘You suck!’ chant.

Batista: Why don’t I just take it one... step... at a time. So you people... can understand me.

Batista pauses, and stops pacing.

Batista: I AM the most dominant superstar on this brand. I am the strongest, and I am the most brutal. Not the Big Show. And it sickens me to think, that all of you have forgotten, just how much damage I can do. So, I just sent a little reminder... five nights ago, by costing the Big Show and Chris Jericho, their Tag... Team... Titles.

More boos follow.

Batista: And whether Big Show and Chris Jericho hate each other now or not, they now realise that, come the Rumble, they have a bigger issue on their hands... not each other... ME.

The crowd intensely boos the Animal, who just smirks, then continues.

Batista: Because if Armageddon wasn’t proof enough, when I flattened six superstars... then maybe this is.

Batista gesticulates towards the lamppost.

Batista: Did you see how easily I carried this thing? It’s a frickin’ lamppost! It weighs more than all my opponents, combined. And one of them is the World’s Largest Fat-ass.

Massive boos here. Batista smirks, and unhooks the lamppost from the ropes, before pushing it from the ring with his boot. It clatters to the floor by the announce tables, and rests there. Batista continues, now in a clear ring.

Batista: A New York City Brawl has never been fought in the history of the WWE... can you imagine the brutality of a match like that? It suits me perfectly. Because I’m the Animal, and I’ve been given a pretty big playground to hurt my opponents in.

More boos.

Batista: Big Show thinks he gave himself the advantage when he came up with that match? Wrong. He gave ME the advantage. He gave ME all the tools I need, to make my three opponents cry like little girls, in front of the whole world, before I head on to the Road to Wrestlemania, once again, as World... Heavyweight... Champion.

The boos continue for the Animal.

Batista: I don’t know if I need to explain it any more to you people, but I am unstoppable. And Armageddon proved it. Big Show, your fancy match doesn’t scare me, and neither does anything about you. I’ll destroy you, and Jericho and Mysterio too. Count on it.

Batista raises an arm with a smile, and the crowd boos.

Batista: And if anyone wants to try and convince me otherwise, I just DARE you to-


THE ARENA ROARS! Batista turns to the ramp, suddenly in shock... AND BIG SHOW STORMS OUT, LOOKING LIKE HE COULD KILL THE ANIMAL!

JR: Business is pickin’ up! WOULD YOU LOOK AT THE BIG SHOW! If looks could kill! IF LOOKS COULD KILL!

Grisham: No kidding, JR! I wouldn’t want to be in Batista’s shoes right now!

And with that, the World’s Largest Athlete lets out an almighty roar, and begins to charge down (I’m not kidding) the ramp as fast as it’s possible for 485 pounds to go! Batista sets his feet, though his eyes show that he’s completely shitting himself! Show barely slides under the bottom rope, and the rope shivers, pushed upwards by Show as he got in – the big man stands... AND BATISTA BEGINS TO UNLEASH LEFT AND RIGHT HANDS! Show’s music cuts, and he takes each blow, shifting his head each time, but refusing to step back, and not even shielding his face! He just takes each blow as it comes, and the Animal heads for the ropes, before coming back... BUT THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION GRABS HIM ROUND THE THROAT!!! The crowd roars, and Batista’s eyes go wide in horror... LOW BLOW! The sharp kick to the groin forces Show to release his grip, and he falls to his knees, mouth open wide in shock and fury! The crowd boos Batista ferociously, and the Animal rolls from the ring, eager to be away from the vengeful big man. Show falls to the mat completely, but struggles to the ropes, to look furiously into the eyes of Batista as the Animal retreats up the ramp, tilting his head, and slowly smirking. The expression on Show’s face is just pure hate for the Animal, who can only raise his arms, and exhaustedly mouth ‘Tough luck! I’m just... better than you!’

Show manages to turn his head to ringside, and yell weakly for a mic, one hand on the ropes, the other still clutching his family jewels... a ringside staff member runs round the ring, and hands him a mic – he takes his hand from his groin to take it, and slowly speaks, his voice laden with hate and anger.

Big Show: Batista... you took me out... you cost me my titles... you’ve attacked me when I wasn’t even looking... you’ve lived your life on sneak attacks... at my expense, Dave...

Boos – Batista just smiles, knowing he’s safe for now.

Big Show: But it’ll only last for so long... because... I’m gunning for you after what you did on Sunday... believe me...

The Animal’s smirk weakens a little, and sweat appears on Show’s forehead, with the camera focusing firmly on his fuming, emotional face.

Big Show: So... just you keep running for now, Dave... but mark my words... you’ll get your just... desserts... for what you did to me on Sunday... and what you just did.

Batista turns round and begins to wander up the ramp, deliberately uninterested.

Big Show: HEY DAVE!

The shout gets the Animal’s attention, and he turns round to face the ring again.

Big Show: You forgot one thing... I’m the World Heavyweight Champion... and Theodore Long promised me, his Champion... I could have you, one-on-one... TONIGHT!

THE CROWD GOES NUTS! Batista looks like he’s seen a ghost, and Show throws his mic to the side, before resting, smirking up the ramp at Batista, and resting his chin on the ropes, still clearly in pain. Wouldn’t you be?

JR: By gawd, we’re gonna see Batista, versus Big Show, tonight on SmackDown!

Grisham: Now that’s how to kick off the New Year! Two of the strongest superstars on SmackDown, head-to-head tonight! I can’t wait, JR!

SmackDown goes to a break, the image fading away being that of Big Show, resting on the floor, chin on the bottom rope.


As SmackDown returns, we hear the music of The Brian Kendrick, and the crowd boos – the cocky superstar arrives on the ramp, arms wide, and deliberately wobbles on the ramp in his typical fashion. The bell rings – a referee is standing in the corner of the ring, near Tony Chimel.

Chimel: The following non-title contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Venice, California, weighing in at 184 pounds... The... Brian... Kendrick!

Kendrick begins to make his way down the ramp, wearing his white, slashed jacket as always. He smirks at the crowd, as if he’s better than them. He’s probably right.

JR: Now, here’s a man who just loves to talk.

Grisham: You don’t have to tell me, JR – we’ve both heard all the verbal abuse he’s given us all these past few weeks.

Kendrick rolls under the bottom rope, and spreads his arms again cockily, looking out at the arena. He gestures for a mic, and he receives one. He immediately raises it-

Kendrick: Cut the music!

Obsessed with everything having to be by his command, Kendrick speaks sharply and authoritatively, and the music subsides. Kendrick stands in the silence, grinning, and the crowd begins to boo – just as the heat begins to pick up, Kendrick sharply cuts through it, still grinning.

Kendrick: Gentlemen, lock up your women! THE Brian Kendrick has arrived!

Boos rain down on Kendrick, who runs a hand through his hair. Suddenly, he freezes, and starts sniffing.

Kendrick: Hey... does anybody else smell... RATINGS?

The crowd boos again, and Kendrick just swaggers his way about the ring, smirking.

Kendrick: That’s right, The Brian Kendrick has got himself a mic, and it’s time for the most entertaining part of the show... the part where I talk about how good I am. Oh yeah, baby!

More boos.

Kendrick: Ya’see, people like me are a rare breed on SmackDown. Young... talented... great hair...

Kendrick runs a hand through it again. He opens his eyes wide, and looks at the camera, as if working a really dodgy, cheesy advert.

Kendrick: ...and not to mention, extra-ordinarily... good-looking!

Kendrick nods, then goes back to looking like a normal person. The crowd boos his arrogance, and Kendrick hoists his jacket up a little more on his shoulders, before speaking again.

Kendrick: Now, I’m not just here to tell you all about just what makes me great, because I’m sure you guys just don’t need to be told that, do ya? No no. So, let’s talk about... Finlay.

The crowd cheers for the Irishman. Kendrick grins.

Kendrick: I beat him last week!

The cheers immediately turn to boos...

Kendrick: Ya’see, a few weeks back, Finlay got two very flukey wins over me. So, I set out on a quest to put things right, and prove to you all... that youth, is better than experience. In other words, prove that I was better than Finlay, because some people are idiots, and they don’t understand that I am already.

More boos.

Kendrick: And last week, I did just that. I proved that I’m better than him, and showed all of YOU just why I’m the hottest thing on SmackDown right now, in more than one way – am I right?

The crowd boos intensely, and Kendrick grins.

Kendrick: Thanks. Well, tonight, I’m gonna take on some guy called John... Morrison, was it?

The crowd lets out a big cheer for Morrison. Kendrick ponders sarcastically.

Kendrick: See, I don’t think I’ve heard of him...

The crowd boos – JR mutters, ‘Maybe if you moved your ego out of the way, you’d see him...’

Kendrick: Oh! I’ve got it. The long-haired hippie we have for an Intercontinental Champion? Jeez, the standard really slipped while I was gone...

More boos.

Kendrick: But now, I’m back – I can finally give you an Intercontinental Champion to be proud of!

The crowd boos Kendrick intensely again – Kendrick only smirks.

Kendrick: And after I win this match tonight, it won’t be long before I get the title shot I deserve. So I’d take a long, hard look at John Morrison with the Intercontinental Championship... he’s not gonna be holdin’ it for much longer! Cause ya see...


The crowd cheers wildly, and John Morrison makes his way out, in his usual fuzzy coat and ring attire. Kendrick turns to the ramp in frustration.

Chimel: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California... weighing in at 223 pounds... he is the Intercontinental Champion... John Morrison!

Another nice cheer goes up for the Shaman of Sexy, who turns on the slow-mo, which gets a big pop, before he begins to make his way down the ramp, title over his shoulder.

JR: Well, it looks like John Morrison has heard enough!

Grisham: Looks like it, JR – but wouldn’t you want to shut up someone who’s just going on and on about how they’re going to beat you? I’m looking forward to seeing what John has to say.

A shot sweeps over the cheering crowd as Morrison collects a mic from ringside, and gets in the ring. He looks at Kendrick with an amused look, then smiles a little. His music subsides, and the Shaman of Sexy stands across from Kendrick, who has a hand on his hip, indignant. Morrison raises the mic:

Morrison: Brian...

Kendrick: The... Brian.

Morrison looks at Kendrick for a moment, and blinks once. He continues.

Morrison: Brian...

Kendrick narrows his eyes.

Morrison: I didn’t get this Championship... by standing around talking about it. I fought my way up through the ranks of SmackDown as soon as I got here... and I won the title.

A small cheer goes up. Kendrick looks at Morrison, tilting his head a little.

Morrison: So I say – rather than having a conversation... how about we give the fans the match they paid for, huh? And then we’ll see if they’re proud... of their Intercontinental Champion.

The crowd cheers wildly, and Morrison smiles. Kendrick wanders closer to Morrison, raising his mic.

Kendrick: John, you know, I’ve always-

But Kendrick stops talking... AND CHEAP SHOTS MORRISON WITH THE MIC! The crowd unleashes a ton of boos on Kendrick, who begins to stomp all over the Guru of Greatness relentlessly, before pausing for a moment to take off his jacket, and throw it to ringside. Kendrick smirks down at Morrison, before pulling him to his feet... but Morrison fights back with a forearm, rocking Kendrick, who falls away! The brash superstar moves back in... and Morrison catches him with a spectacular Dropkick! Kendrick stays down, and Morrison gets back up, removing his furry jacket, and tossing it over the ropes... the referee hurriedly calls for the bell, and we are underway!

Match 1
John Morrison vs The Brian Kendrick

After a really good match, with plenty of high-flying moments to entertain the fans, we join the action at six minutes, where Kendrick is laying into Morrison on the mat, mounting him on the floor, and unleashing solid right hands – the referee counts to four, and Kendrick rolls off the Intercontinental Champion, who sits up... and Kendrick catches him with a nasty boot to the face! The crowd groans, and Kendrick will hook a leg... 1... 2... but Morrison gets a shoulder up! A big cheer goes up, and Kendrick stands, determined to stay on offence... he’ll head to the ropes... springboards – but the Springboard Moonsault has no target, as Morrison rolls from the ring, and Kendrick falls face-first into the mat! The crowd cheers, and the Shaman of Sexy takes a moment to recover on the outside, before clambering up on to the apron. Kendrick slowly gets up, and turns to face Morrison, who Springboards up, using the ropes, and launches from the top rope... INTO A SICK MID-AIR DROPKICK FROM KENDRICK! Both men are down, and the audience can only applaud – that was stunning! The replays show Morrison soaring through the air, only to be taken out by Kendrick’s brilliant ingenuity – Jim Ross and Todd Grisham are in a frenzy on the outside! With both men down, Kendrick manages to crawl towards Morrison, and roll him into a cover... 1... 2... 3-NO! Morrison gets a shoulder up!

The crowd cheers, mocking a frustrated Kendrick, who beats the mat, and gets up. He lands a quick Elbow Drop to the sternum of Morrison, before getting back up, and heading for the ropes... he rebounds... and soars through the air with a Leg Drop... but nobody’s home! Morrison sits up, and Kendrick hits the mat just behind him! The Intercontinental Champion does an intentional backwards-roll, and lands smoothly on top of Kendrick for the cover... 1... 2... Kendrick kicks out! The ring awareness of Morrison was impressive there, and the crowd applaud him. The Guru of Greatness gets back to his feet, and Kendrick sits up... a giant crack goes up as Morrison connects with a sharp kick to Kendrick’s back! Kendrick goes rolling across the ring, pained, and Morrison bends his knees, tilting his head, and waiting for Kendrick to get back up... he does, albeit slowly, and Morrison fires a wicked Superkick – but Kendrick ducks under it, and grabs Morrison’s head! The crowd boos intensely, and Kendrick scales the turnbuckle with ease... looking for the Kendrick... BUT MORRISON GRABS THE ROPES, LEAVING KENDRICK TO CRASH AND BURN ON THE MAT! Morrison is still holding the ropes, and Kendrick is lying dazed on the floor – it’s screaming ‘opportunity’! The crowd goes nuts – it’s time for Starship Pain! Morrison pulls himself up, and spins backwards with the move... BUT KENDRICK NOW DODGES MORRISON’S FINISHER! The crowd groans as Morrison crunches into the ring mat, stunned – but the momentum brings him back to his feet, and he staggers about a little, barely knowing where he is... and Kendrick sees his chance, hooking his arm between the Champion’s legs, and pulling him down with the surprise School Boy! 1... 2... 3! Kendrick has shocked the Intercontinental Champion!

Winner: The Brian Kendrick

Match Time: 8:22

Kendrick’s music hits, and the crowd boos insanely! The cocky young superstar rolls from the ring, dazed and dizzy after the battle he’s just been through, and raises an arm in cheap victory! Morrison is on his knees, in complete shock, and he runs a hand through his hair, totally stunned that he was pinned out of nowhere! The crowd hurls abuse at the cocky Kendrick, who just smirks, and looks like he knew he could do it all along, before wandering backwards up the ramp, making title belt motions around his waist. A frustrated Morrison just frowns back at him – he is handed his title, and he looks down at it, still kneeling.

JR: The Brian Kendrick has beaten the Intercontinental Champion! What a huge win for him here tonight!

Grisham: That School Boy came from nowhere, JR – Kendrick really surprised us all, including John Morrison, with that sneaky win there.

JR: Well, if that right there doesn’t put you into Intercontinental Title contention, nothing will, Todd – beating the Champion is a sure-fire way of getting yourself a title shot.

We cut backstage, where we see the Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool, talking to Layla. The crowd boos at the sight of both women.

McCool: Ok, listen, Lay. I know you didn’t win last week, but let’s face it – Mickie James is, well... Mickie James. She gets lucky one hell of a lot.

The crowd boos. Layla smirks.

McCool: So all you gotta do, is go out there tonight, and stick it to that talentless, ugly bitch, like only Team Lay-Cool can do, right?

McCool smirks with Layla, and they do a womanly high-five of sorts.

McCool: Like last week. When I dropped her with the Wings of Love, and gave her the best Christmas present she could wish for... a reality check.

Another high-five follows.

McCool: If she thinks she can beat you, she probably thinks she can beat me... and that’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. I mean, who can beat me? Have I not like, completely dominated this division? Yes, I have. I don’t see where Mickie gets her ideas from, really. Maybe she’s delusional.

Layla smiles.

Layla: Or just jealous of our... natural beauty.

Michelle nods.

McCool: Yeah, or that. Who does she think she is? See Layla, Mickie James is nothing more than the slime you find on my shoe... well, not my shoe, but you know what I mean, right? She’s dirt. She’s nothing. And you can beat her. Just like I’m gonna do at Royal Rumble. And I’m gonna retain, MY... Women’s... Championship.

Layla smirks, and nods. With boos following them, the pair walk out of shot.

We cut elsewhere, to the parking lot, where a black SUV pulls smoothly and silently into the underground car park connecting to the backstage area – the door opens, and out steps Triple H, followed by Shawn Michaels! The crowd roars for DX, who are wearing their traditional green gear. They begin to make their way down the corridor, smiling – Michaels nods at a few members of backstage staff, while Triple H adjusts his DX cap.

JR: D-Generation X are here for Tag Team Turmoil! You can expect to see them in action, later tonight.

Grisham: DX couldn’t capture the Tag Team Championships for the very first time five nights ago at Armageddon, but you can be sure they want to earn another bite at the cherry tonight.

Fading from the shot of DX walking down the corridor looking deadly serious, SmackDown goes to a break.


As SmackDown returns, a slow, but powerful tune begins to play, and the arena turns an odd shade of gold... suddenly, we hear vocals...


The crowd begins to boo, as out comes Drew McIntyre, a cold glare on his face, and Mike Knox at his side, also looking in a bad mood. The bell chimes over McIntyre’s cold music, which you’re hearing for the first time, by the way.

Chimel: The following contest is a Royal Rumble Qualifier! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 543 pounds... the team of Mike Knox, and the “Chosen One”, Drew McIntyre!

The crowd boos the pair as they nod at each other, and begin to wander down the ramp, coldly looking out at the arena.

JR: These two have never teamed together before, but there’s no denying, that these two are two of the scariest, most unforgiving superstars on the roster, and as a team, they can only be stronger.

Grisham: I totally agree, JR – plus, they have to work together, if they want to be in with a chance of winning the Royal Rumble match, and headlining Wrestlemania!

McIntyre takes the ring steps, while Knox wanders around the ring, scowling at various people before sliding under the bottom rope. They turn to face the ramp, where Jimmy Wang Yang’s music starts. The crowd... does nothing, and Wang Yang arrives, smiling, with Shannon Moore at his side, long hair draped across his face.

Chimel: And their opponents... at a combined weight of 408 pounds... the reunited team of Jimmy Wang Yang, and Shannon Moore!

A small, barely audible cheer goes up, and the pair share a deliberate embrace on the stage to get across that they’re back as a team. Wang Yang begins to ‘mosey on down’ the ramp, while Moore stays still, looking out at the arena for a moment. He jumps up a little, then begins to jog down the ramp, slapping the hands of the eager fans at ringside.

JR: These two were an ever-present force in the SmackDown division a couple of years ago – tonight, they make their return as a team, and the stakes could not be higher. Two places in the Royal Rumble, worth their weight in gold, are up for grabs, and Wang Yang and Moore will be looking to capitalise tonight.

Grisham: Wang Yang and Moore were well known for their high-flying prowess, JR. How will they fare against the brute strength and power of Drew McIntyre and Mike Knox?

I can’t guess, Todd. Really. Moore and Wang Yang get in the ring, and the latter flings his hat into the crowd. “The Chosen One” licks his lips, and steps into the ring, smirking at the pair. Wang Yang raises his fists, and nods to Moore, who steps out on to the apron, wishing his partner luck. The bell chimes, and Wang Yang charges... straight into a huge Big Boot from McIntyre! This one’s gonna end well.

Match 2
Drew McIntyre and Mike Knox vs Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore
Royal Rumble Qualifier

We’re three minutes in, and Knox is beating the daylights out of Wang Yang in the corner with his right hand – the big man yanks him away from the turnbuckle, and flattens him with another, flooring him in the process. Knox stands above Wang Yang, and no smile crosses his face – he wipes a hand over his face, then drops a sickening Elbow Drop to the heart of Wang Yang! The crowd groans, and Knox heads to the corner, tagging McIntyre in – the “Chosen One” wanders in, looking down at Wang Yang with what almost looks like pity... and he immediately puts a boot to the high-flyer’s throat, choking him! The crowd boos, and the referee admonishes the Scotsman, who casually waits for the four count before he takes his boot away. He bounces off the ropes, and comes back with a nasty Knee Drop to Wang Yang’s head! The crowd groans again. McIntyre peels Wang Yang from the mat, and rocks him with an Uppercut, before whipping him to the turnbuckle, and following up with a brutal Corner Clothesline! Wang Yang cries out, but stays where he is, and the Scotsman moves towards his corner, tagging in Knox. The big man pulls Wang Yang from the corner, and picks him up into the Oklahoma... looking for Snakes Eyes on the turnbuckle... but Wang Yang escapes out the back door, and pushes Knox into the turnbuckle! The Bearded Behemoth (forgive me) hammers off, and falls down – if Wang Yang and Moore want to be in the Rumble, this is their chance! Wang Yang desperately crawls towards the corner, where Moore is like a coiled spring... Knox crawls, and tags in McIntyre... BUT HERE COMES SHANNON MOORE!

The crowd goes wild, and McIntyre flings a Clothesline... but Moore ducks it, leaps up – AND PULLS DOWN THE SCOTSMAN WITH A BEAUTIFUL HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN! The crowd cheers, and Moore leaps back up, as does McIntyre... BOOM! MASSIVE SUPERKICK TO THE JAW FROM MOORE, WHO IS ON FIRE! The “Chosen One” spasms under the force of the move as he goes down, but he’s up within seconds, completely staggered, and he never sees Moore, who heads for the ropes, and springboards... and nails the Springboard Crossbody! Moore rolls through... 1... 2... McIntyre kicks out! The crowd groans, and as Moore stands, tired, the crowd applauds his show of athleticism. He stands above the Scotsman, and looks behind him, before leaping upwards with the Standing Moonsault... KNEES UP BY MCINTYRE! The crowd groans with the nasty impact, as Moore impales his abdomen on the Scotman’s knees – the Reject spasms away, clutching his ribs, and McIntyre gets up, seething from Moore’s prior offence. Knox offers his hand for the tag, but McIntyre looks at Moore with a snarl, and determinedly shakes his head – Knox smirks, and retracts his hand. With a sharp kick to the gut, McIntyre collects Moore, and drags him into the centre of the ring... and the Future Shock connects! Moore’s head cannons off the canvas in sick fashion, and McIntyre stands above him, smirking. Wang Yang gets in the ring, but Mike Knox comes from nowhere, and plants him with a Running Shoulder Block! Wang Yang rolls from the ring, pained, and McIntyre arrogantly falls into a casual cover... 1... 2... 3!

Winners: Drew McIntyre and Mike Knox

Match Time: 5:42

McIntyre stands, and has his arm raised – Knox gets back in the ring, but he shakes off the referee’s attempt to raise his hand with a growl. McIntyre and Knox look at each other, and both smirk simultaneously. It’s McIntyre who slowly offers his hand, and Knox pauses only momentarily before shaking it, much to the crowd’s disapproval.

JR: These two beastly superstars just won themselves places in the Royal Rumble, Todd, and might we have seen an alliance formed here tonight?

Grisham: Hey, they got the job done over an experienced team – that, to me, says they make a good pairing. Watch this space, JR.

We cut away from Knox and McIntyre celebrating, and go backstage, where Eve Torres is standing with a mic.

Eve: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time... Matt Hardy!

A massive cheer goes up for Hardy, who steps into shot, looking pretty focused.

Eve: Matt, for the last few weeks, Dolph Ziggler has been targeting you especially, on his road towards getting what he wants, namely a shot at the Intercontinental Title, and a place in the Royal Rumble. Considering he gets one more shot at the latter tonight, how are you feeling about this whole ordeal?

The mic goes Hardy’s way, and he immediately hardens, thinking of what Ziggler has put him through in the last few weeks.

Hardy: Eve, I’ve been in this business for a while now. Everything I’ve earned, everything I’ve won – has come down to hard work, and desire. The will to win, which has just propelled me through most of the obstacles which stood in my way. And on my way through the WWE, I like to think I’ve earned myself some respect, both from the guys in the locker room, and the fans who pay to watch me.

The crowd cheers for Hardy, who pauses.

Hardy: And I like to think I’ve done things right. For the most part, I’ve stuck to the straight and narrow, and I’m proud of that. I’ve done, things, right.

Matt pauses again, and runs a hand through his hair.

Hardy: And I’ve met a lot of people... who haven’t agreed with what I do, or the way I do things. But I shut them up. And no matter who I come across, I can always fight them back, cause I have a spirit which cannot be killed – I will not die!

The crowd cheers for the catchphrase.

Hardy: But meeting Dolph Ziggler... that guy is different, Eve. He’s not like your run-of-the-mill, cocky asshole you can find in any town in America. He’s egotistical, he’s self-centred, he’s driven by the thought of success, no matter who he has to take out, or hurt, to get there.

The crowd boos.

Hardy: Dolph Ziggler doesn’t have sympathy for other people – he just takes it as a given that everyone is worse than him. He just says, that no-one is at his level, and if they get in his way, he can do whatever he likes, even if that means chair-shotting them from behind.

The crowd boos again for Ziggler, and Hardy frowns.

Hardy: But Ziggler doesn’t know what he’s dealing with here. I am not afraid of Dolph Ziggler, and I sure as hell am not gonna stand for the crap he’s been givin’ me these past few weeks!

The crowd cheers wildly for Hardy, who looks determinedly at the camera.

Hardy: Dolph? Kid, you better watch out. Because you’re not invincible, like you think you are. And all the crap you’ve given me? Blindside attacks? Chairshots? I’ve had enough – Ziggler, you can quote me on this... I AM COMING, FOR YOU!

The crowd roars, and Hardy throws the V1 sign briefly, before storming out of shot. SmackDown will go to a break.


As SmackDown returns, the bell chimes.

Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Layla’s music begins to play over the speakers, and a few boos go up around the arena, though most people are off to test the arena’s plumbing. Layla struts out, smirking, with Michelle McCool at her side. The Women’s Champion holds her belt high, attracting as much attention to herself as possible, before waiting for Layla to start making her way down the ramp. She does, and Tony Chimel makes the announcement:

Chimel: Introducing first, accompanied by the Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool... from London, England... Layla!

JR: Welcome back to SmackDown, ladies and gentlemen, we just heard some harsh words from Matt Hardy, we’ll get to that in a bit, but for now, here comes Layla, ready for action, who’s been heavily involved in Michelle McCool’s antics in recent weeks. She’s helped Michelle, providing distractions for her to blindside Mickie James on various occasions, and Mickie has really taken a beating at times because of it.

Grisham: That’s right, JR – Layla lost to Mickie James last week, and Michelle attacked Mickie afterwards, but as you heard earlier from the Champion, if Layla wins tonight, that’ll be a huge dent in Mickie’s armour heading into that title match at Royal Rumble.

Layla climbs into the ring, and McCool heads to ringside, taking a seat at the announce table.

JR: Oh, and I believe we have the pleasure of the company of the Women’s Champion Michelle McCool with us – good evening, Michelle.

McCool: Huh? Oh, yeah, hi.

As Layla does some last minute stretches in the ring, Mickie James’ music hits, and the crowd cheers for the former Women’s Champion as she bounces out on to the stage!

Chimel: And her opponent... from Richmond, Virginia... Mickie James!

Mickie smiles out at the crowd, and then begins to skip down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside.

Grisham: In just over four weeks’ time, Mickie James will face you for your Women’s Championship, Mich-

McCool: Try not to insult my intelligence, Todd. I know what’s happening at Royal Rumble. I’ll tell you if you want.

Grisham: Er...

McCool: I’m getting in the ring with... her, and I am going to win. No questions asked. I will STILL be WWE Women’s Champion, and life will stay as it should on SmackDown – with me, as the top Diva.

Mickie James rolls into the ring and immediately nods at the referee, who shrugs and calls for the bell to start this one off.

Match 3
Mickie James vs Layla

Ok, let’s get straight into this, as the clock ticks past two and half minutes – Mickie’s been mostly in control, but Layla has had her moments, mostly in the form of pulling Mickie’s hair, and rocking her with nasty-looking, but poorly thrown, punches. As we join the action, Layla has Mickie in a headlock in the middle of the ring – Mickie pushes the English Diva away, and she rebounds off the ropes... so Mickie improvises, and takes her down with a Drop Toe Hold! The crowd cheers, and Mickie bounces in the air a little, before grabbing the ropes in the corner, and leaping on to the top turnbuckle. Layla struggles to her feet... and Mickie launches off, flattening the English Diva with a classic Lou Thesz Press from the top! The crowd cheers, and Mickie hooks both legs on her way down... 1... 2... but Layla kicks out as the referee’s hand was coming down! Mickie gets back up, running a hand through her hair, then looks out at the crowd, and raises an arm – the crowd cheers, and she grins. She crouches, waiting for Layla to get back up, but the English Diva seems dazed... Michelle McCool stands up in the middle of JR’s sentence on the outside, and removes her headset!

The crowd begins to boo, and the Women’s Champion wanders closer to the ring, catching the eye of her No. 1 Contender! Mickie turns and points to McCool, a cold glare on her face, but the Champion simply raises her title, looking straight back at Mickie with the same hateful eyes. Mickie starts a little trash talk... BUT LAYLA PULLS HER DOWN WITH THE ROLL UP FROM BEHIND! 1... 2... Mickie kicks out! The crowd cheers wildly, and McCool scowls on the outside, while Layla’s mouth opens in shock that Mickie kicked out! Layla yanks Mickie back to her feet... but Mickie puts a knee to the English Diva’s gut, and breaks free, before sticking her in the front facelock! The crowd roars as loud as they’re willing to for a Diva’s matchup, and Mickie takes a long, hard look at the furious Women’s Champion on the outside, before letting out an animalistic yell, and jumping up... AND SCORING WITH THE MICKIE-DT!!! The crowd cheers, and Michelle frowns on the outside... Mickie covers... 1... 2... 3! Stick a fork in this one!

Winner: Mickie James

Match Time: 4:45

Mickie’s arm is propelled into the air by the referee, and she smiles broadly, happy to have won... but the crowd begins to boo, and Mickie’s celebratory music cuts, as Michelle McCool enters the ring from behind her! Mickie looks at the camera, now with a knowing smile, and with a swish of her hair, she whips round, lashing out with an instinctive boot – which catches McCool in the gut! The Women’s Champion bends over, stunned, and Mickie grabs her into the front facelock! The crowd roars for Mickie to do it – the Women’s Title belt is now on the mat, dropped by McCool! Mickie bites her lip with a playful grin... and lets out her signature yell again! The crowd roars, now fully into this, and Mickie leaps up... AND DRILLS MICHELLE MCCOOL INTO HER OWN TITLE BELT WITH THE MICKIE-DT, SENDING THE CROWD INTO RAPTURES!

JR: BY GAWD, A MEASURE OF REVENGE FOR MICKIE JAMES TONIGHT! Michelle McCool has used the numbers game to her advantage for weeks now, but finally, karma has caught up to her!

Grisham: Mickie James just spiked her enemy into her own title belt in the middle of the ring, JR! Now that’s payback personified – I bet that felt good!

Mickie stands up, grinning, and asks for a mic – she receives one. She looks down at Michelle, breathing heavily as she speaks.

Mickie: Michelle, I don’t know if you can hear me... but you hurt Maria a few weeks back, and you hurt me every other week with your little moves. You two keep playin’ me real good, don’t you? Well, Michelle, looks like karma’s a bitch, right? Karma’s a bitch!

A cheer goes up from the crowd, and Mickie grins. She hands the mic to ringside, and her music starts up – she lifts an arm into the air, and heads to the turnbuckles, pointing out to the roaring crowd.

We cut backstage, where we see Yoshi Tatsu and Gregory Helms, who are smiling as they walk along a backstage corridor. Suddenly, they stop, and the smiles disappear, as they see Rhyno, and Manu, who get boos from the crowd. After a moment’s silence, Rhyno begins to sneer, and soon, he’s nearly full-on laughing – Manu begins to join in, and the War Machine shoots him a look... the Samoan falls silent. Rhyno turns back to Helms and Tatsu, who are watching him silently, and raises an eyebrow in an evil manner, before flexing his knuckles in the palm of his hand, and speaking in his low, deadly tone:

Rhyno: Good luck tonight... boys.

And with that, he moves on, deliberately barging into Helms, who doesn’t give him the pleasure of looking at him – Manu follows Rhyno, smirking. Helms looks to Tatsu, and shakes his head exasperatedly, before beckoning for them to carry on in their prior direction.

JR: Well, one of the most heated tag team rivalries we’ve seen for a while on ECW comes to SmackDown tonight – those two teams you just saw will be action tonight, fighting for a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships, currently held by Legacy, in a few weeks’ time.

Grisham: Last Tuesday on ECW, Rhyno and Manu beat Yoshi Tatsu and Gregory Helms – can you imagine if those two teams met up again in Tag Team Turmoil tonight? It gives me chills, JR. That match is going to be huge.

A shot shows CM Punk walking down a corridor – ‘NEXT’ is in the lower corner of the screen.

JR: Something else that’s going to be huge is this, Todd – CM Punk has promised to tell us all, just why he’s looking at a bigger task than ever to ‘unite us all under Punk’s banner’, and I can tell you... that’s coming up right after the break.

Speaking of which...


As SmackDown returns, we get a sweeping night-time shot of the U.S. Cellular Center, and ‘CEDAR RAPIDS, IA’ appears in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

JR: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown, coming to you from beautiful Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Grisham: More interesting than the scenery though, JR, is what we’re about to see!

We cut sharply back inside the arena, where the stage bursts to life with the colours of CM Punk, and his music plays over the speakers, to massive boos around the arena. Punk wanders out, wearing his trunks and a traditional t-shirt (available on, naturally), and then begins to make his way down the ramp, a hard expression on his face – he’s clearly not pleased about something. His eyes flicker to Tony Chimel in the ring as he makes his announcement...

Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... C... M... Punk!

The crowd boos loudly, but the Straight-edge Superstar ignores them, and continues making his way down to the ring. He slowly makes his way up the ring steps, and gets in the ring, collecting a mic from ringside as he does.

JR: Well, CM Punk lost an Intercontinental Championship match against current Champion John Morrison last week, and therefore could not capture the title for a second time in his career – he is, however, in the Royal Rumble match, when he’ll have a chance to headline Wrestlemania, if he can outlast 29 other men, a monstrous task at best.

Grisham: Now, JR, CM Punk qualified in a tag team match, teaming with The Brian Kendrick – that same man beat John Morrison earlier this evening. How must CM Punk be feeling that Kendrick accomplished something that he couldn’t?

JR: A very good point, Todd. One has to wonder, what is running through the mind of CM Punk right now? I guess we’re about to find out.

After a bit of walking about in the ring from the self-proclaimed “Straight-edge Messiah”, his music subsides, and the inevitable heat swarms in to fill the gap. Punk looks out at the crowd, and twirls the mic in his fingers for a few moments, before raising it, frowning.

CM Punk: ...Fear not, good people. I am here.

The crowd boos intensely already, and Punk just frowns.

CM Punk: Yes, I am here. I am here to cleanse you! I am here... to free you.

More booing. Punk tilts his head.

CM Punk: Or should I say... I would, normally. Normally, I would come out here, and I would tell you all about how I am going to save you all, and unite the world under my banner, for a Straight-edge nation!

The boos continue.

CM Punk: Not tonight.

The arena falls silent. Punk looks out at the arena coldly.

CM Punk: Last week... I lost to John Morrison. I failed to capture the Intercontinental Championship.

A small, mocking cheer goes up. Punk scowls.

CM Punk: Yes, I know that pleases you all... but something else was of more importance to me. I’ve tried for weeks, and weeks, and weeks, to convert you people to the Straight-edge lifestyle. Why? Because it’s the right way. It’s the way of Champions. My way. BECAUSE IT MAKES YOU BETTER.

Lots of heat for Punk.

CM Punk: And as much as I tell you the benefits of the glorious Straight-edge lifestyle, you people throw it back in my face! I come out each week, see the slobs, the drunkards with the beers in their hands...

Punk pauses. ‘WHAT?’ comes the chant.

CM Punk: ...the addicted ones, clearly itching to get outside and smoke their poison...

And again, the Straight-edge Superstar pauses for effect, while the crowd calls ‘WHAT?’ again.

CM Punk: ...and the rest of you. The ones who, when they have a headache – they don’t endure it like I do. When pain comes their way, they can’t handle it like I can.


CM Punk: They just reach for the prescription medicine to help them get through the day, because they’re not cut out for greatness. They can’t handle the Straight-edge lifestyle – they’re not even willing to try it.


CM Punk: And last week, with all you poisoned, drugged-up, drunk people mocking me after my loss...


CM Punk: ...I came to realise something.


CM Punk: I am fighting a battle... that’s already been lost for me.

The crowd cheers, and Punk shakes his head.

CM Punk: When I began my crusade against the evil among us... I was not seen as a hero to you people. You scorned me. You booed me.

The crowd give him a demonstration. Punk nods.

CM Punk: And I... know... why.

Punk pauses.

CM Punk: I know who made this an uphill battle for me!

Punk scowls.

CM Punk: I know who made all you people into the men and women you are... the ones who I can’t help! The ones who, no matter how hard I seem to try, just won’t listen to me! The ones who refuse to be united in one nation under Punk... and it’s not just because you’re afraid! It’s not just ‘cause you’re afraid to be free of evil, to follow the Straight-edge lifestyle!

Boos. Punk is frowning as he preaches.

CM Punk: I have tried to save your souls, but one man has made you idolise the very catalysts, of your own destruction! There is one man, who gave you people the idea... that if you drink beer, and pop pills... that you will achieve greatness!

Punk pauses, curling his lip in anger.

CM Punk: And I bet you’re all wondering who I’m referring to... your fake idol... your wannabe Messiah... the man who converted you people to a lifestyle which means... that I came here with a task that God himself would struggle with!

The crowd boos Punk loudly as he talks, while the Straight-edge Superstar rages...

CM Punk: I cannot save you people, while this man stands in my way! He drove you... against me, and he didn’t even realise! Because of him, I cannot give you all... the help you so desperately, desperately need!

The boos continue, and Punk moves further forward, preaching, and yelling...

CM Punk: I am a good man! I have tried to bring you peace, and serenity, but I am held back. I am restrained by the evils this man has brought upon you, the WWE Universe...

Punk stops himself, and the boos die down. The Straight-edge Superstar lets his mic fall to his side, and he tilts his head, mouth open a little in the corner. He blinks, then slowly raises it to his mouth, and utters four, cold, eerie words...

CM Punk: Stone... Cold... Steve... Austin.

The crowd goes absolutely nuts for the name! Punk lets his mic fall to his side again, and he looks out at the arena, frowning, as the crowd roars Austin’s name. Shaking his head, Punk raises the mic again, and tries to silence the masses...

CM Punk: NO! NO! Don’t you see, you people are blind! YOU’RE BLIND!

The crowd tries to drown Punk out, relentlessly chanting Austin’s name over and over.

CM Punk: Listen to me! LISTEN TO ME! You people can cheer him all you like... BUT YOU ARE CHEERING DEATH! YOU ARE CHEERING SUFFERING!


CM Punk: You people... When will you realise? You are fools! FOOLS!


CM Punk: Stone Cold Steve Austin drinks more beer than he breathes air – HE IS A WALKING TIMEBOMB, READY TO GO OFF! I am your SAVIOUR – EMBRACE ME!


CM Punk: I can save you all, from the evils Austin has wrought! I CAN SAVE YOU!


CM Punk: FINE! Have it your way – you will all suffer, and it will NOT be my fault! It will be the fault of your REAL Messiah! It will be the fault of alcohol! Of smoking! Of drugs!

CM Punk raises an arm, and snarls out at the roaring crowd...

CM Punk: And of Stone... Cold... Steve... AUSTIN!

The crowd erupts with a giant chorus of boos, and Punk’s eyes are wide with anger and shock.

CM Punk: Hit my music! These people don’t deserve my time!

Punk’s music emphatically hits above the noise, and the Straight-edge Superstar flings his mic to the side, evidently frustrated. He leaves the ring, furious, and begins to walk up the ramp, roaring ‘YOU WILL ALL SUFFER! I GUARANTEE IT!’ as the roaring crowd chants Austin’s name over and over!

JR: By gawd, would you believe these scenes? This is insane!

Punk gets to the stage, and looks out at the crowd, with fire in his wide eyes. He snarls one last, resounding line – ‘I AM YOUR TRUE SAVIOUR! NOT HIM!’ and stands, shaking from pure emotion, before turning and storming backstage, while the chants just go on, and on, and on. SmackDown fades into a very emphatic commercial break.


As SmackDown returns, we’re at ringside. The crowd is now silent, but there is an air of excitement and tension in the arena.

JR: Welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown, where before the break, we saw a very accusatory speech delivered by the “Straight-edge Messiah”, CM Punk, who blamed all of the WWE Universe’s supposed ‘problems’ on WWE Hall of Famer, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Grisham: He sure did, JR. But did you see how the crowd reacted? Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the most famous superstars in WWE history, and the fans didn’t take kindly to the implication that he had inspired a generation of smokers and drunkards!

The camera shows Tony Chimel in the ring. His name flashes up briefly underneath him on a banner, and the bell rings. He raises the mic in his hand:

Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen... the following contest is TAG... TEAM... TURMOIL!

The crowd roars!

Chimel: The winner of this match will earn a shot at the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships! Now, the rules... two teams will begin the bout, and after one team is eliminated by pinfall, submission, countout, or disqualification, another team will take their place. This will continue, until one team remains standing, and will be declared... the winner!


The crowd cheers for Cryme Tyme, who come out with Eve Torres at their side, grinning – JTG is hopping all over the place, while Shad just raises an arm, and points out to the crowd with a smile. The pair turn to each other, and do their signature miss-twice, reverse high-five, while Eve just grins. With that, they turn to make their way down the ramp, as JTG begins his hopping again.

Chimel: Introducing first... from Brooklyn, New York, at a combined weight of 525 pounds... accompanied by Eve Torres... Shad Gaspard, and JTG... Cryme Tyme!

JR: These two men and Eve Torres have been at war recently with the Hart Dynasty, after Cryme Tyme managed to beat them a few weeks ago, and Eve Torres stunned Natalya in singles action. Cryme Tyme then stole the Hart Dynasty’s wallets, but the Canadians won them back a week or so after, after both Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith brought in brutal new submission holds, and qualified for the Royal Rumble in the process.

Grisham: Cryme Tyme won’t be in the Rumble this year, JR, but if they can win this match tonight, they’ll be in line for a shot at the Unified Tag Team Championships, and that’ll have to be good enough for them.

JTG hops on to the apron, and inserts himself between the top and middle rope, before bouncing his hand off the top rope in his usual fashion – Shad gets up on a turnbuckle, and points out at the crowd, still grinning. Both men get in the ring, and take off their various chains and jerseys. They turn to face the ramp, awaiting their opponents – Eve takes up a place at ringside.

Inevitably, the Hart Dynasty’s music hits! The crowd boos, and Cryme Tyme throw their hands in the air simultaneously, frustrated. Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith stride out confidently on to the stage, and Natalya appears, too – they look down to the ring with smirks, knowing they’ve beaten Cryme Tyme enough times recently to do it again tonight. Natalya leads the way down the ramp, smirking.

Chimel: And, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, at a combined weight of 455 pounds... accompanied by Natalya... Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith, the Hart Dynasty!

The crowd boos the Canadians as they stride down the ramp, still smirking at Cryme Tyme in the ring. A quick shot backstage shows Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase watching the scenes unfold on a screen in front of them.

JR: Well, fate would have it, of course. We’ll be seeing Cryme Tyme versus the Hart Dynasty as our opener, and considering the form the latter have been in recently, I wouldn’t hesitate to call them favourites here.

Grisham: Yeah JR, but can you imagine the boost Cryme Tyme would get if they could beat their rivals here tonight? That would really get them back on track in the SmackDown tag division, and it would some demons to rest, I bet.

Kidd and Smith get in the ring, while Natalya takes up a place at ringside, across from Eve Torres. The two teams get in each other’s faces in the middle of the ring, and a mixed reaction goes up from the crowd. Both teams start trash talking, and the referee gets in there, breaking it up. Shad and David Hart Smith stay where they are, nominating themselves to start the match-up in the process, and Kidd and JTG reluctantly head for their corners. The referee tries to separate the two big men, but neither man moves a muscle... Smith frowns, and trash talks a bit more, only for Shad to shove him! The crowd roars, and Smith comes back with a right hand, but Shad blocks it, and unleashes right and left hands on Smith! The referee hurriedly calls for the bell – we’re underway with Tag Team Turmoil!

Match 4
Cryme Tyme vs D-Generation X vs Gregory Helms and Yoshi Tatsu vs Rhyno and Manu vs The Colons vs The Hart Dynasty vs The World’s Strongest Tag Team vs William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov
Tag Team Turmoil – No. 1 Contenders to the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships

A quick run-through of the events – after two minutes or so, the Hart Dynasty nailed JTG with the Hart Attack. Tyson Kidd then locked in the Prince’s Crown (Ankle Lock, if you haven’t been reading recent SmackDowns), and JTG was left with no choice but to tap out, giving the Hart Dynasty the first fall.

Elimination #1 at 2:34: The Hart Dynasty bt. Cryme Tyme via submission (Prince’s Crown to JTG)

Next came the Colons from Raw – a blind tag meant Carlito didn’t realise David Hart Smith was the legal man, and as he hit Kidd with the Backstabber, he was suddenly trapped inside the Hart Bypass, Smith’s brutal new Crossface manoeuvre, and, with Primo on the outside, tapped out.

Elimination #2 at 4:28: The Hart Dynasty bt. The Colons via submission (Hart Bypass to Carlito)

The Hart Dynasty were on a roll, but the arena suddenly turned green, signalling the entry of D-Generation X, to the pleasure of the fans. After an entertaining contest, Shawn Michaels caught Kidd with Sweet Chin Music, and covered him for the pinfall.

Elimination #3 at 8:03: D-Generation X bt. The Hart Dynasty via pinfall (Sweet Chin Music to Tyson Kidd)

William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov from ECW were the next to arrive – they didn’t last long, as Ezekiel Jackson came down to the ring soon after their entry, pulling Kozlov from the apron, and distracting Regal in the process, allowing Triple H to spin the Englishman around, and nail him with the Pedigree to advance.

Elimination #4 at 8:56: D-Generation X bt. William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov via pinfall (Pedigree to William Regal)

Ezekiel Jackson wandered back up the ramp with a grin, leaving Regal and Kozlov to fume about what Jackson had done on the outside. MVP and Mark Henry arrived as the sixth team, and fought their Armageddon opponents valiantly for three minutes, before the Game managed to hammer Mark Henry with a Double A Spinebuster, shaking the ring, but doing enough damage to pick up a winning pinfall, and defeat a third team on the route to try and win themselves a shot at the Tag Team Championships.

Elimination #5 at 12:13: D-Generation X bt. World’s Strongest Tag Team via pinfall (Double A Spinebuster to Mark Henry)

The seventh team to enter was from ECW – the team of Rhyno and Manu. After a few minutes of back-and-forth, we join the action, with Manu holding Triple H down with a headlock. Shawn Michaels gets the crowd clapping, and soon, the Game is back at a vertical base, and he hits a few elbows to the gut of the Samoan, forcing him to release the hold. Triple H then turns around, and lashes out with a big right hand, flooring Manu! The crowd cheers, and the Game shakes his head to rid himself of the cobwebs, before moving in towards the rising Manu, and pulling him to his feet, and then to the centre of the ring. He puts one of the Samoan’s arms over his neck, looking for a Suplex... and he pulls it off! Manu hits the mat hard, and the Game will cover... 1... 2... but Manu kicks out! Triple H exhales loudly, clearly tired from the competition he’s dealt with already, and tags in Shawn Michaels, who comes in, and tries to pull Manu to his feet... but the Samoan hits him with a nasty right hand to the stomach, and the Heartbreak Kid falls away, surprised. Manu is up, and HBK moves in... but the Samoan pulls him down with a sweeping Powerslam, and the crowd groans in surprise! Manu looks down at Michaels, then begins to smirk, and tags in Rhyno!

The War Machine charges in, looking for a fight as always, and waits for Michaels to rise... he does, and Rhyno grabs him, before laying him out with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! The Man Beast covers... 1... 2... but Michaels kicks out! The crowd cheers, and Rhyno beats the mat in frustration, before pulling Michaels back to his feet, and going for another Belly-to-Belly, but HBK hits him with an elbow, and breaks free! Rhyno moves back, then charges in again... but Michaels catches him with his signature Flying Forearm Smash! The crowd cheers... and Michaels kips up! The crowd starts chanting ‘HBK! HBK!’ and Michaels heads up top... before driving the Elbow Drop to the heart of Rhyno! The crowd roars, and Michaels heads for the corner, before he begins to... yup, he’s tuning up the band! The crowd goes wild... 1... 2... 3... 4... but Manu comes charging in, looking to spoil it all – NO! Triple H clears him out with his signature Flying Knee, and the crowd roars as Manu rolls from the ring, stunned! Michaels keeps tuning up the band... 5... 6... Rhyno gets up, and Triple H turns around... Michaels goes for it... BUT RHYNO DUCKS, AND MICHAELS NAILS HIS OWN PARTNER, TRIPLE H, WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! The crowd lets out a huge roar of surprise, and the Heartbreak Kid is in shock! Triple H is out cold on the mat, and Michaels looks down at him, holding his head in complete shock and disbelief! The crowd is yelling about something, and Michaels turns round... GORE! GORE CONNECTS FROM RHYNO TO MICHAELS! The crowd unleashes a hellstorm of boos, and Rhyno covers... 1... 2... 3! DX ARE OUT! DX ARE ELIMINATED FROM TAG TEAM TURMOIL!

Elimination #6 at 15:14: Rhyno and Manu bt. D-Generation X via pinfall (Gore to Shawn Michaels)

Rhyno’s music plays, and both members of DX are completely knocked out – Triple H from Sweet Chin Music, Shawn Michaels from the Gore! Rhyno and Manu clear them both from the ring with their boots, and await the inevitable last opponents, focused on the task at hand...


The crowd cheers for Gregory Helms and Yoshi Tatsu, who come charging down the ramp, eager to get their hands on their enemies! JR and Grisham are still going on and on about what happened with DX, and rightly so, but the camera’s focus is the ring, where Tatsu and Helms slide under the bottom rope, straight into stomps and kicks from Rhyno and Manu, who are just as eager to attack them! It’s chaos! Rhyno picks up Helms, and lays him out with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex, as is his style, and Manu pulls Tatsu up, and puts him in the Bear Hug! The crowd boos intensely, and Rhyno smirks, setting up in the corner, crouching, waiting for the right moment... Helms rolls to the outside, looking pained, and Tatsu cries out in the Bear Hug as Manu applies extra pressure! Rhyno bares his teeth with an animal look in his eyes, and waits for the right moment... but Tatsu comes to life, hammering Manu with elbows to the head, and breaks free of the hold! The Japanese Superstar pushes Manu away, and turns around to deal with the Man Beast, who comes charging, but Tatsu sees it coming, and rolls away! Rhyno has to stop himself before he Gores his partner, and both men stand inches apart, shocked at what nearly happened! The crowd cheers wildly, and Manu turns his head – straight into the Buzzsaw Kick from Yoshi Tatsu! Rhyno looks down in shock as Manu rolls from the ring, and Helms manages to take up his place on the apron, blinking the cobwebs away.

Rhyno suddenly looks angry, and throws a right hand, but Yoshi ducks it, and starts firing punches and kicks all over the War Machine’s body! The crowd cheers, and Rhyno falls back to the turnbuckle, stunned by the offence! Yoshi hits him with a quick Back Spinning Heel Kick to keep him where he is, before taking some steps back, and charging in, and flinging Rhyno from the corner with a Monkey Flip! The crowd cheers as Rhyno hits the mat, looking exhausted and beaten down, and Tatsu, the “Cardiac Kid”, leaps up to the top turnbuckle! The crowd roars, and Yoshi soars off, landing a Double Knee Drop to Rhyno’s stomach! Tatsu covers... 1... 2... but Rhyno flings him off! The crowd groans, and Tatsu flings himself to his corner, tagging in Helms, just as an exhausted Rhyno does the same with Manu! Helms and Manu come in, determined, and Helms lashes out with a quick kick – but Manu no sells it, and grabs Helms by the throat! Helms frowns, and grabs Manu by the shoulders, before leaping up, and nailing the Hurricanrana! The crowd cheers, and Helms leaps up, letting out a huge yell! Helms goes up top, and waits for Manu to rise – he does, and Gregory leaps off... but Manu ducks under the Flying Clothesline attempt! Helms lands on his feet, and turns round... Manu comes with a huge right hand... which hits thin air, as the agile Helms ducks underneath it... and puts Manu in an inverted facelock! The crowd roars, and Helms lets out a giant yell... BEFORE CONNECTING WITH NIGHTMARE ON HELMS STREET!!! This one is over, Rhyno and Yoshi Tatsu are nowhere to be seen... 1... 2... 3!

Winners: Gregory Helms and Yoshi Tatsu

Match Time: 17:47

Tag Team Turmoil is over, and Helms and Tatsu are your winners, no matter how much you’ll all hate me for it! Yoshi Tatsu struggles back inside the ring, exhausted, and has his arm raised along with a grinning Helms, who takes his wool hat off, and flings it into the crowd, yelling with jubilation!

JR: Yoshi Tatsu and Gregory Helms have themselves a shot at the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships!

Grisham: The luck of the draw plays a big part in these matches, JR – Tatsu and Helms pulled out a big win here tonight nevertheless, over their biggest rivals, too!

A shot shows Legacy backstage, looking coldly at their new No. 1 Contenders. We cut back to the ring, where Tatsu and Helms are each on a turnbuckle, celebrating with the cheering crowd.

JR: But the biggest talking point in this match – the favourites, D-Generation X, eliminated after a mix-up, where Shawn Michaels accidentally hit his friend and partner, Triple H, with Sweet Chin Music, giving Rhyno the opportunity he needed to hit Michaels with the Gore, and eliminate DX from proceedings.

Grisham: I’m just in shock, JR. DX are usually on the same page, but they really messed up here tonight, there’s no two ways of saying it, I’m afraid.

JR: And this means, that we’ll be seeing Yoshi Tatsu and Gregory Helms versus Legacy, for the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships, sometime in the next few weeks.

We cut backstage, where ECW’s Matt Striker is standing with a mic, because Eve Torres is off being with Cryme Tyme or something.

Striker: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time... Chris Jericho!

The crowd boos as Jericho appears in shot, smirking.

Striker: Chris, five nights ago at Armageddon, Batista cost you your Unified Tag Team Championships, when he cleared the ring out, including giving you a Batista Bomb. How are you feeling?

The smirk disappears from Jericho’s face.

Jericho: You like bringing that up, huh, Matt? Do ya? Well lemme tell you something, Matt. Batista is a coward. Just like every single one of those parasites in the audience.


Jericho: Batista refuses to do things honourably, like I do.

More boos.

Jericho: Batista is just like the Big Show, too. Too afraid to take me on in a normal contest. Too afraid of the skill I possess. And at Royal Rumble, I bet he’s looking forward to being able to use whatever he likes in that match... because if it was just down to pure skill, that World Title would be as good as mine within seconds. You hear me? Seconds!

More boos for Jericho.

Jericho: And hey, I’m still gonna win at Royal Rumble. I’m gonna reclaim my World Title, sure. But I just want you all to remember... that the Big Show... and Batista... are cowards. And they are frauds. And they are hypocrites, just like each and every one, of you pathetic ‘fans’ in the audience.

The heat just keeps coming. Jericho frowns.

Jericho: I’m not afraid to face either of these men, because my raw skill and talent overcomes anything that those two gelatinous tapeworms could ever throw at me, and I know that it sickens you all to know that.

Boos, obviously.

Jericho: But some things are just unchangeable. Like the fact that Iowa will never stop sucking...

Massive heat.

Jericho: ...the Big Show will never lose weight...

More heat.

Jericho: ...and I am the top dog, here on SmackDown.

More boos fall on Jericho, who goes to walk away – only to meet Rey Mysterio! The crowd cheers for the Master of the 619!

Mysterio: Forgotten about me, Chris?

Jericho frowns.

Mysterio: Homes, lemme explain something to you. You been talkin’ it up, talk, talk, talk – but you never back it up, Chris. I ain’t never seen you gettin’ in de ring, welcomin’ ma challenge, huh? I’ll take you on, Chris, you been gettin’ on ma nerves for weeks, homes. You been jokin’ about ma height, ma mask, ma homage...


Mysterio: You talk a lot, Chris. How about you back it up, huh? Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? Against me?

The crowd cheers, but Jericho smirks.

Jericho: Rey... I don’t need to explain myself to the likes of you.


Jericho: And the reason I’ve forgotten about you... well, why everyone has forgotten about you... is because you’re nothing.

The crowd boos, and Mysterio tilts his head.

Jericho: And yeah, Rey, I’ll back it up alright. At Royal Rumble. When the World Title is on the line, and I can finally teach you where you belong. And that place? It’s the bottom of the SmackDown food chain, Rey.

More boos.

Jericho: So why don’t you go hurry along and play with your toys, little boy, cause I have better things to do.

Mysterio smiles a little as the crowd boos. Jericho goes to leave, but Rey gets in his way.

Mysterio: Y’know Chris... you got yo’self a lotta ego right there. But if you look past it... I see you’re scared.

Jericho cuts Rey off with a scornful laugh.

Jericho: Scared? Scared of you, Rey? I... don’t... think... so.

Jericho begins to walk off confidently. The camera tilts to the side, so we can both Mysterio and Jericho, who is a few steps away by the time Rey speaks out:

Mysterio: No, not me.

Rey Rey smiles.

Mysterio: The Undertaker.

The crowd roars at the mere mention of the Deadman’s name, and Jericho stops in his tracks, before slowly turning to look over his shoulder for a moment, an expression of horror on his face. Within seconds, he shakes it off, and walks off in the other direction. SmackDown goes to a break.



CM Punk standing on the turnbuckle.

CM Punk: I will be the one.

Rey Mysterio hitting the 619.

Mysterio: I will be the one.

Triple H roaring out at the crowd.

Triple H: I will be the one.

Quick shots of various superstars:

Shawn Michaels: I...

Randy Orton: I...

John Morrison: I...

The Miz: I...

Kofi Kingston: I...

‘ROYAL RUMBLE’ crashes on to the screen...

Narrator: Who will be... THE ONE?

WWE Royal Rumble
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York
Date: January 31st, 2010
Tagline: Who Will Be The One?
Event Theme Song: ‘Hero’ by Skillet


JR: That’s right, we’re just over four weeks away from Royal Rumble, when one man will defeat 29 others, and go on to headline Wrestlemania!

Grisham: Well, the Royal Rumble match is one of the greatest spectacles of the wrestling calendar, JR. I think we’re all hoping for a SmackDown winner, but we’re about to find out one more of the men who will represent SmackDown in that 30-Man match!

The bell chimes, and the camera shows Tony Chimel in the ring.

Chimel: The following contest is a Royal Rumble Qualifier!


The crowd cheers, and suddenly, we hear the music of R-Truth beginning to play – the man himself appears in the crowd, holding a mic, and starts his rap, to cheers from the fans. As Truth yells ‘What’s up?’ the crowd returns the gesture, clearly on his side in this one. R-Truth keeps springing and spinning his way down through the ranks of the fans, many of whom pat him on the back and take photos of him up-close as he passes them. He reaches the barricade, and hops over it, still rapping, and heads for the steps... but the crowd begins to boo all of a sudden – AS DOLPH ZIGGLER COMES FROM BEHIND, AND CLUBS R-TRUTH IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!

The whole arena gets to its feet to boo Ziggler, who smirks as he stands above Truth on the outside floor... and Ziggler begins to stomp all over him, slowly wearing him down, while the crowd abuses the cocky young superstar! Ziggler pauses, looking down at Truth, who begins to struggle away from his attacker... and Ziggler pulls up the ring apron, and finds himself a steel chair! The referee is in the ring, telling Ziggler to stop, but the youngster doesn’t plan to stop any time soon, instead raising the chair... AND CRASHING IT ON TO R-TRUTH’S BACK! The crowd is going insane with their booing, hurling nothing but heat and abusive chants at Ziggler, who raises the chair again... before lashing out once again, and connecting with another sick chairshot to Truth’s back! R-Truth now looks in pretty bad shape on the floor, and Ziggler lashes out again and again with the chair, completely breaking the will of the Rapping Superstar!

Ziggler keeps going with the chair until it’s bent in half, and Truth isn’t moving on the outside mats. Ziggler pulls Truth up, and shoves his dead weight on to the apron, before pushing him into the ring. The youngster rolls under the rope, joining Truth in the ring, and stomps all over him with a nasty right boot, but Truth has no chance of going anywhere, he’s barely conscious. The crowd roars ‘You suck!’ continuously at Ziggler, who just stops, and runs a hand through his hair – he looks at the referee, Charles Robinson and tells him to ring the bell. Frowning at Ziggler, as if disgusted by his actions, Robinson shakes his head, and goes to check on Truth – but Ziggler pulls him up his collar, and yells ‘Hey! I came here for a match – ring the damn bell!’ in his face. Robinson frowns, and moves away – reluctantly, he swings him arm towards the time keeper, and the bell chimes.

Match 5
R-Truth vs Dolph Ziggler
Royal Rumble Qualifier

Ziggler smirks as he hears the bell ring – he rushes over to Truth’s unmoving body, picks him up... and lays him out with the Zig-Zag for good measure! The crowd boos, and the cocky youngster lays himself on top of Truth, pulling both legs into the cover... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Match Time: 0:16

Ziggler gets up, smirking, and pushes R-Truth’s body from the ring with his boot, prompting more boos – Ziggler’s music plays over the top. Charles Robinson reluctantly raises Ziggler’s arm, then goes to check on Truth – a host of referees and medics come down to help him out. Ziggler stands in the ring, raising an arm in cocky fashion, and just smirks. The crowd gives him hell.

JR: That was heinous! Dolph Ziggler isn’t a human being!

Grisham: I agree, JR – Dolph Ziggler took the back route yet again here tonight, this time at the expense of R-Truth.

JR: And now, Dolph Ziggler is in the 2010 Royal Rumble match, where he’ll have a chance to headline Wrestlemania 26. What a despicable man.

Ziggler runs a hand through his hair, and turns... AND HERE COMES MATT HARDY! The crowd goes nuts as Matt comes charging down the ramp, slides in the ring, and kicks Ziggler in the gut! The crowd goes wild, and Hardy puts Ziggler in the front facelock, before putting an arm out wide, and letting out his trademark yell – the crowd roars, and Hardy unleashes the TWIST – OF – NO! Ziggler pushes Hardy away half way through the twist, and as Matt turns back round, Ziggler isn’t there – he’s rolled from the ring! The crowd boos, and Hardy points at Ziggler, who slinks up the ramp swiftly, smirking as he reaches the steel stage. Hardy steps up on the middle rope, and points up the ramp at the cocky Ziggler, who just raises his arms, and mouths ‘Not this time’ straight back at his enemy. Hardy’s music begins to play, and the crowd cheers, with the shot of Matt Hardy standing on the middle rope, and throwing the V1 sign up at Ziggler, being the last thing we see, before we cut to a split-screen shot, showing both Batista and Big Show striding down a corridor – Show has the World Heavyweight Championship belt draped over his shoulder.

JR: Well, Matt Hardy couldn’t quite get his hands on Dolph Ziggler properly tonight, but he sure sent a message – right now though, I can tell you that our Main Event is fast approaching. The World Heavyweight Champion, Big Show, against the Animal, Batista – that’s next. Don’t go away.

SmackDown will go to its final break of the evening.


As SmackDown returns, the bell chimes.

Chimel: The following non-title contest is scheduled for one fall!

Batista’s music is the first to hit, and the crowd boos the Animal as he arrives on the stage, looking pretty serious.

Chimel: Introducing first... from Washington, DC... weighing in at 290 pounds... Batista!

Batista begins to make his way down the ramp, pounding his chest with a focused expression.

JR: The man who infamously cost Big Show and Chris Jericho the WWE Unified Tag Team Titles this past Sunday, the Animal, Batista.

Grisham: If Batista could beat Big Show tonight, it would send a huge message ahead of that World Title match at Royal Rumble – can you imagine the confidence Batista would have going into that match, knowing he’d beaten the Champion?

The Animal gets in the ring, and steps up on a turnbuckle, standing imposingly in front of the booing crowd. He hops down, and turns towards the stage, his eyes cold. His music dies down.


The crowd cheers wildly, and the World Heavyweight Champion comes out, frowning at Batista. With the glorious golden belt of his over his shoulder, the World’s Largest Athlete begins to make his way down the ramp, staring coldly into the eyes of the Animal.

Chimel: And his opponent... standing at 7 feet tall, weighing 485 pounds... the World’s Largest Athlete, and World Heavyweight Champion... the Big Show!

Show keeps walking down the ramp, but raises an arm to acknowledge the announcement – the fans cheer.

JR: The World Heavyweight Champion, the behemoth that he is, is in no mood for playing games tonight, and rightly so!

Grisham: He lost his Tag Team Titles on Sunday due to Batista – he didn’t care much for the titles, especially due to his hate for his ex-partner, Chris Jericho, but he did care about the Spear he received from Batista, and the low blow earlier won’t have helped his temper. He’s out to return the favour tonight.

Show climbs up on to the apron, and clambers over the top rope with ease. Batista gives him a cocky wink, intended to rile him up – Show just looks at him coldly, hate in his eyes. He hands the title to the official, and then heads towards the hard camera, and raises his usual Chokeslam symbol with a roar, getting a good cheer while he’s there. He turns to face Batista, who is shaking himself down, raring to get going. The referee checks both men are good to go, and then calls for the bell.

Match 6
Batista vs Big Show

Ok, we join the match about seven minutes in – Batista is doing his usual Repeated Shoulder Blocks in the corner, hammering his shoulder into the gut of Big Show, who groans with each shot. Batista moves away, smirking, then charges in... and rattles Show with a massive Corner Clothesline! The crowd groans, and Show reels out of the corner, pain across his face. Batista grabs him again, this time on the other side of the ring, but Show grabs him by the throat with his huge right hand, and flings Batista into the corner himself! The crowd cheers, and Show, eyes on fire, places a hand on Batista’s throat to keep him where he is... before raising his spare (right) hand, and bringing it down across the chest of the Animal with a resounding CRACK! The crowd cheers as Show beats the air from Batista’s lungs, before he pushes him straight back in there, and delivers another chest-shattering slap to the chest! Batista falls to his knees, gasping for air, but the fuming World Champion gives him no respite, pulling him back to his feet, and hauling him into the air, before... a ring-shaking Sidewalk Slam connects from the big man to the Animal! The crowd cheers with the massive impact, and Show covers... 1... 2... no! Batista kicks out!

Show bares his teeth, and pulls Batista back up, determined to inflict more punishment... he hauls the Animal up into a Military Press, stunning the crowd! The fans cheer wildly for Show, but Batista escapes, and falls behind Show... before nailing a Chop Block, bringing Show down to one knee! The Animal gets back up, and sees Show is nearly floored, but not quite... so he bounces off the ropes, and delivers a huge right boot to the World Champion’s head! The crowd cries out, and Batista covers, smirking... 1... 2... NO! Show kicks out! Batista snarls under his breath, then rubs his chest in pain a little as he gets up... before setting up camp in the corner, waiting for Show to get up! The crowd can sense what’s coming... Show struggles to his feet... and Batista charges in, nailing the big man with a monstrous Spear! The crowd yells out as one, and the Animal heads for the ropes, shaking them up and down like the beast he is! The crowd boos him intensely, and he gives the thumbs up... before he turns them down! The crowd gives Batista hell, and he guides Show to his feet, before placing him between his legs! The heat is incredible – but can Batista lift the 485 pounds? We don’t get to find out... BECAUSE SHOW’S RIGHT PAW SHOOTS UP, AND GRABS THE ANIMAL ROUND THE THROAT! The Cedar Rapids crowd goes nuts, and Show removes himself from the Powerbomb position, a sick smile on his face... he looks out at the 10,000 screaming fans, imploring him to do it, then to Batista – who has fear in his eyes! Show nods with a satisfied smirk... BUT CHRIS JERICHO CRASHES A CHAIR INTO SHOW’S BACK! Show doesn’t move a muscle, but turns round slowly to face Jericho, who is standing like a complete moron, chair in hand! Show releases his hold on Batista, who isn’t seen from the shot, and fully turns round to face Jericho, who is looking at Show, shock in his eyes that Show no-sold the chair shot! The referee saw the interference, failed as it was, and has no choice but to throw the match out the window!

Winner: Big Show (by DQ)

Match Time: 9:49

Show continues to stare furiously at Jericho, who still hasn’t had the sense to make a break for it yet! It occurs to him a second too late... AS SHOW NOW GRABS JERICHO ROUND THE THROAT! Jericho drops the chair under Show’s vice-like grip – the World’s Largest Athlete is red in the face from rage! In the centre of the ring, Show lifts Jericho up... but Batista clubs him in the back from behind, and Show drops Jericho, who lands on his feet! Big Show falls to one knee a little... will we ever get to see a Chokeslam tonight? Batista and Jericho start battering away at Show, trying to force him down... but Show struggles upwards, drive and determination unparalleled – AND GRABS BOTH MEN BY THE THROAT ONE MORE TIME! The crowd roars! Now must be the moment! Show lets out an animalistic roar of unadulterated anger, before sending both men for a ride... DOUBLE CHOKESLAM TO BATISTA AND JERICHO! THE CROWD GO NUTS! Show looks down at both men, now red in the face, and raises an arm into the air, finally having got closure. He looks to ringside, and beckons for his title – he gets it, and he lifts it high into the air with one hand, relief all over his face, but no smile breaks out, as he looks stony-eyed down at the two men who’ve been a thorn in his side all week long.

JR: Big Show’s had a rough week – but that right there makes up for it. Your World Heavyweight Champion, ladies and gentlemen, has achieved closure here tonight! He’s put his demons to rest, and gawd, that must feel good to stand above those two men right now.

Grisham: What a way to end the show JR – Big Show may not have pinned Batista or made him tap, but he sure got a moral victory this evening, and that will be a huge confidence boost as we get ever closer to that Four-Man, NYC Brawl... at Royal Rumble.

JR: Well said, Todd. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry to say that’s all the time we have – from myself, Jim Ross, and my partner, Todd Grisham, we wish you a very Happy New Year, and a very good evening. We’ll see you next week, on Friday Night SmackDown.

Show standing tall with his World Heavyweight Championship is the last thing we see, before we fade... to... black.


Quick Results

The Brian Kendrick bts. John Morrison
Drew McIntyre and Mike Knox bt. Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore
Mickie James bts. Layla
Gregory Helms and Yoshi Tatsu won Tag Team Turmoil
Dolph Ziggler bts. R-Truth
Big Show bts. Batista (by DQ)

WWE Royal Rumble
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York
Date: January 31st, 2010
Tagline: Who Will Be The One?
Event Theme Song: ‘Hero’ by Skillet

WWE Championship
Jack Swagger (c) vs ???

World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio
New York City Brawl

ECW Championship
Christian (c) vs Shelton Benjamin vs Paul Burchill

United States Championship
The Miz (c) vs Evan Bourne

Women’s Championship
Michelle McCool (c) vs Mickie James

30-Man Royal Rumble Match
CM Punk vs Cody Rhodes vs David Hart Smith vs Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre vs Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms vs John Morrison vs Matt Hardy vs Mike Knox vs MVP vs Rhyno vs Super Crazy vs The Brian Kendrick vs Ted DiBiase vs Tyson Kidd vs William Regal vs Yoshi Tatsu vs Zack Ryder vs 12 Other Superstars
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Smackdown Review

Opening Promo – Nice way to open it with Batista talking about not just the Royal Rumble match but what he did at Armageddon. Big Show comes out to defend himself which is good, and a good match is made later between the two.

Promo: Kendrick & Morrison – Good promo here. Kendrick is so cocky, but I love it. Morrison comes out which makes me think this will be more than just one match and more of a feud which I like. And I like Kendrick taking the cheap shot to get some heel heat.

Match 1: Kendrick vs. Morrison – Good match with a great ending. Kendrick sneaking in the win with a school boy was perfect. Now he’s in line for a shot at the I.C. Title which is great. Looks like the start of a push for Kendrick.

Promo: Michelle & Layla – Nice motivational speech to Layla by Michelle. She’s really playing the teacher roll here which I like. Let’s see what happens in the match later.

Match 2: McIntyre & Knox vs. Yang & Moore – I’m trying to figure out why you did a tag match for the qualifier and if this team of McIntyre and Knox is going anywhere. I’m sure you just did it to get more people into the Rumble without wasting another match. But anyway, good to see McIntyre in the Rumble.

Promo: Matt Hardy – Good promo by Hardy. I liked how he talked about his hard work to get to where he is now and how Ziggler is very cocky. This could turn out to be a great feud I think.

Match 3: Layla vs. Mickie – Mickie basically dominated this match. I would’ve liked to have seen Layla get some more offense after that speech Michelle gave her, but I guess you needed to make your challenger look strong, which you definitely did not only with the match but after the match too with the Mickie-DT onto the belt.

Promo: Punk – Wow! Now that was great. I really enjoyed this promo. It was written so well. Punk naming Stone Cold was unexpected but awesome. I’m guessing this means Stone Cold will return eventually to confront Punk, which is going to be awesome. I can’t wait to see where you go with this.

Match 4: Tag Team Turmoil – Ok this started out good with the Hart Dynasty, but then it just went down from there for me. I feel like DX shouldn’t have been in this and shouldn’t be in the Tag Team Title division, especially if they aren’t going to win. Rhyno & Manu beat DX? I didn’t like that at all. I’m not a fan of that team and I don’t think they are good enough to beat DX without completely cheating. And I’m not a big fan of the team of Helms and Tatsu, but they’re better than Rhyno and Manu at least.

Promo: Jericho & Rey – This was a good promo up until the last line. Why is Rey mentioning Undertaker? Did I forget something? Because I can’t remember Jericho and Undertaker interacting lately. The only thing I can think of is this means a match between the two next week or it builds it for WM.

Match 5: Ziggler vs. R-Truth – The attack before the match was great. It was perfect for Ziggler to do that and it’s good to see him qualify for the Rumble. Hardy coming out after the match was great as well, to build up the feud more.

Match 6: Big Show vs. Batista – Good match and Jericho coming out to attack his former partner was good. Although I feel like Jericho should’ve attacked Batista too since he was pissed at him earlier about cost him the titles. And where was Rey? Rey should’ve at least came out and maybe helped Big Show a bit. But the double Chokeslam was an awesome way to end it.

Notes – Great job on this show. You’re developing your feuds well. A few things I felt were unclarified for me, but I’m sure we’ll find out the answers later. There were a few things I didn’t like as I noted, but all in all it was a good show. If I had to choose one thing to change, it would be Rey being involved at the end. Hopefully he gets more involved next week.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

SmackDown! Feedback

Goodie, a video package. Helps lazy bastards like me catch up. I will make a comment on the New York City Brawl here to begin with and say that I don’t really like the idea behind it. I wouldn’t mind the stip normally, however, this match is for the World Heavyweight Title, and I feel as if a title, a wrestling title, should be defended in the building, in the ring. I don’t mind gimmick matches for it, but if it’s going to be a match that has nothing to do with wrestling, it shouldn’t be for the gold, imo.

Nice job with the commentators, really selling the show well and giving us a lot to look forward to. Liked the effort put into it.

Starting up with Batista after the apparent interference at Armageddon to cost Show and Jericho the tag titles makes sense. A lamppost? Could he really carry one? If so, that’s a damn fine effort on his part. Liked the way in which this promo started, with Batista answering the obvious question in a bitter, heelish manner with some more of his own questions, before his explanations which were written pretty damn well. His talk of how a New York City brawl would suit him because of him being ‘The Animal’ worked well too, really making sense. Big Show cutting him off? Can’t say I’m surprised, although them brawling surprised me a bit, but not in a bad way. I thought that after Batista got the best of Show at Armageddon, him retreating, rather than hitting a low blow then retreating would have been better suited, as it would give Show a moral victory, even if he didn’t get his hands on ‘Tista properly. Big Show’s little speech was pretty good after too, and I was caught off guard by Batista vs. Show. Seemed like that was possibly building for after the Rumble, but with Jericho for Show to compete with, I guess this is a bit of a mini-feud, and more suited to a match on SmackDown!. Should definitely be a big main event.

Kendrick’s deluded, self serving promo where he talked all things Kendrick was a pretty good way to start off, although I thought he may have spent a little long on it, and was also a little abrupt in what he said about Finlay, especially at the beginning with his “I beat him!” line. Kendrick calling Morrison a hippie was also a bit of a weird insult, but Kendrick talking himself up for an Intercontinental Title shot is a good sign. Morrison interrupting was good (as was the “Brian” “The Brian” stuff), and I was glad to see him keep it short and sweet, since talking isn’t his strong point.

Kendrick taking the cheap shot? Good way to start the action off, while Morrison fighting back before the bell was nice too. Decent enough match here with the athleticism of both men being well used for the opener. Kendrick picking up the win is pretty cool too, as we now should get a feud between these two, which can only be good.

Alright promo, although I thought McCool was a little off here. She’s a little bit more of a snide bitch who doesn’t come right out and call someone a “talentless, ugly bitch”. I think you maybe went a bit strong on her, but still, this serves as an okay reminder of the McCool/Mickie feud and the Layla/Mickie match.

Ooo, DX hype.

Not sure what I think of the McIntyre/Knox paring. I quite like both men, but I’m not sure they fit as a team. Hopefully it’s just for tonight so they can get into the Rumble. Nice little match here, with the basic tag formula working well, allowing Moore and Yang to look alright, despite, as you would expect, ultimately falling short. Not a huge fan of the handshake seemingly symbolising these two joining up, as I see Mike Knox’s character as being better off as a loner with that sick son of a bitch type vibe he’s got going on. McIntyre too, I think has a lot of potential as a singles guy, and after his introduction as ‘The Chosen One’ by Mr. McMahon, he seems destined for greatness as a singles guy. This seems to derail him majorly. I just think both men are better off alone.

Nice little interview with Hardy, using his lack of personality and good guy type of character to your advantage. I liked the way in which he talked about himself and created a real juxtaposition between himself and Ziggler, making a feud between the two seem natural due to them not being set up as polar opposites. Good interview that did everything it needed to, and was even better when you consider it was Matt Hardy who delivered it.

Nice little attitude shown from McCool in the little bit of commentary before the match. This result was never going to be any different to last week’s match, which is a bit of a problem as it shows you haven’t got a whole lot of other matches for Mickie in the shallow division, although the post match Mickie-DT from Mickie to McCool was a nice little touch to make Mickie look good and give her some real momentum.

Nice little staredown to feature the feud from ECW, and also give a little bit of hype for tag team turmoil.

Pretty good start to the promo from Punk, talking up how he is a saviour, only for the not tonight line. From there things progressed pretty well, with Punk talking about how he’s fighting a losing battle, characterised well and sounding pretty much on. The only thing about the early parts of the promo that I will say is that the line about Punk losing to Morrison seemed very random and just thrown in there for no real reason at all. You got back to it a little later, although the lines seemed very distant. Still, the talk of Punk being better and that he is stronger was good. Punk’s continued speak of him being a saviour against the evil of one man was good, although I was surprised you brought up Austin. It makes sense, although at this stage I’m not sure a feud with Austin would be great. I’m a big fan of realism, and I think that Austin shouldn’t step back in the ring personally, and I also think that Punk should be working with what’s around him, rather than those of the past. Still, very good ending to the promo, with Punk’s frustration at Austin being great and the ending of the promo, with him giving in was pretty cool. Should be interesting to see where you take this next.

Starting off with two rival teams? Makes sense. Good to see The Hart Dynasty continuing some good form, picking up some solid wins, and while they didn’t win, they’re clearly in line for a shot down the line, which is good to see. Ezekiel interfering in the match was good to see him continuing his story with Regal and Kozzy, while the part between DX and Rhyno/Manu was pretty good, with perhaps a tease at a DX breakup with Michaels hitting Tripper with Sweet Chin Music. I have to say, the last two teams being the ECW teams was a bit surprising, especially considering both are pretty throw together, and probably not ready for a title shot, imo. The last portion of the match was a little weird, definitely not using the regular formula, and the ending seemed a little bit weak, with no real exchange between Manu and Helms. Definitely a surprising victor, as the these two haven’t looked set for a shot, but I guess they’ll ultimately fall anyway.

Jericho promo was alright, if not a little repetitive, first calling Show and ‘Tista hypocrites much like the crowd, then talking about his own skill before repeating. Just seemed like a bit of a cycle here, you know. Mysterio interrupting is alright, although I thought you overdid the “homes” stuff. Exchange between the two was alright, and the mention of ‘Taker and subsequent fear of Jericho keeps that in our mind, with them set to meet at ‘Mania for sure. Alright promo here.

Royal Rumble should be good. Looking forward to it.

Ziggler continuing his savage streak for a spot in the Rumble here was good, beating R-Truth down before the bell, showing his ruthless side really well. Hardy running down to attack him after the match keeps their thing going with their personality clash, while Ziggler escaping is the smart move, not giving Matt what he wants yet, thus giving him motivation to keep going after Ziggler.

Nice looking main event here, making the best out of a super heavyweight contest. The interference from Jericho seemed inevitable, with the ending of Show fighting off both men to deliver the double Chokeslam a good way to end. The only problem I have with this is that Rey Mysterio doesn’t really fit into the situation, what with these three being the focus of the match. Still, a good way to close the show.

A pretty impressive showing here. The writing throughout this show was solid, with all of the stuff being at least pretty good. I didn’t have many disputes with the booking either, which I thought was pretty good throughout. As I said, an impressive show and an enjoyable read. Glad that I’m really starting to get into this thread.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Perfect Poster's Smackdown Review:

First time reviewing one of your shows, and I've heard that you're one of the better new bookers, so let's see how this goes. I apologize in advance for lack of knowledge on stories and/or possible character changes.

I gotta be honest, I'm not particularly for a fatal-fourway at the Royal Rumble. I would rather you have saved two of those guys for more star power in the Rumble, whoever they were. However, a NYC Brawl sounds interesting, but possibly a disaster, depending on how you can manage to book it.

Heel Batista = awesome. The man is a much better character as a heel, as long as you don't give him too much to say. Good few words by Batista, at least he didn't drag on for too long like I was afraid he might have. Big match announced for the main event, which should be rather solid, especially since these two have some heat between each other.

Bringing The Brian Kendrick back is good news, tbh. He has a lot of charisma and can be a solid midcarder, if not more. Decent promo with Kendrick, but I was lost with this line:

Kendrick: ...and not to mention, extra-ordinarily... good-looking!
Ordinary is another word for bland, and obviously Kendrick doesn't want to be known as bland. You'll have to explain if that was a typo or what, because it confused me tbh. Having Kendrick go over Morrison isn't neccessarily bad, as it does give him even more heat, but I hope, if you continue to have Morrison as IC Champ, that you don't job him out a whole lot.

Eh, I'm not too into women's wrestling, but I will say that having a stable with McCool that you have, superficial divas who think that they are hotter then all of the other women, is a good idea. I know the WWE had it started before this thread got going, but you're putting your own spin on it, which is a challenge in itself.

lol at Yang/Moore having any shot at winning. I still cannot believe that they had shots irl for the Tag-Team Championships. While McIntyre and Knox are just a one-time thing, they both have more worth in this thread then the resident redneck and Moore. So the squash was inevitable, tbh.

Happy to see Matt Hardy actually get pushed in a thread for once, tbh. The guy was great in his feud with Edge in 05, and it seemed like the WWE just forgot about him after that. While this feud may be more for Ziggler and him getting over, I hope that Matt gets a decent push, possibly up to the main event for the first time ever.

Layla’s music begins to play over the speakers, and a few boos go up around the arena, though most people are off to test the arena’s plumbing
You speak the truth. Clearly Mickie was going to go over here, because if she couldn't beat McCool's friend, the chances of beating her are rather slim. All I have to say on that matter, as I'm not a fan of Women's wrestling. At all.

Woah, Rhyno. Sweet. Totally underrated and appreciated, and him being used as a mentor for Manu is something that I don't have a problem with. Rhyno looks like a monster, as does Manu, so the partnership is fitting.

Fantastic promo with CM Punk. Seems like you have his character down to a tee. For some reason I couldn't figure out who you were talking about when you were talking about 'the man' who is against Punk, so I felt stupid when you said Austin, as that is a clear canidate. Early build for a possible WM match, perhaps? This is BTB, and crazier things have happened. I certainly wouldn't put it out of the question. Some of the buildup for the main feuds would begin at around this area, so I'm gonna remember that when it gets closer and closer to Mania.

Pretty boring tag turmoil until Rhyno and Manu got there, then business started to pick up. Glad you didn't have DX win, because giving them the titles would do them no good. They're above that. Someone like Helms and Tatsu, though, would benefit greatly from a shot at the titles. Also, the 'accidental' superkick by HBK may be small build to a possible WM match, which I again believe think you are hinting at. I actually like the decision of Helms and Tatsu winning, because Legacy/Rhyno&Manu is heel/heel, which normally doesn't work. So fuck the haters, tbh.

Hmmm, some more mention of possible WM matches, perhaps? Jericho/Taker? Sign me up. I'm thinking you might just give Jericho a run with the belt to WM to make it more interesting with those two. Without the title, there's nothing Jericho really can give that can match up to Taker's streak.

Clear choice in having Ziggler win to get into the Rumble. You don't give heels extra chances and not have them cash in on it. That's just bad booking. And you still keep him looking like a chickenshit because of how he picked up the win by attacking R-Truth before the match even began and by just duking away from Matt Hardy. Pretty sure we'll see some interaction between those two in a future PPV. So good job.

Probably the right decision to have Show/Batista go no contest here, because, let's face it, neither man would need the win to be credible, and this feud needs a little bit of confrontation between all four men. Show getting the best of Batista and Jericho at the end was good, imo, as he needed some momentum.

Overall, I would say this a very solid first show that I have read from you, Melvis. All of your matches are well written, and your descriptions are very detailed. You've made some advances to your feuds, some subtle, some not. However, my one beef is the lack of Mysterio in your show. He's apart of your main event at one of your biggest shows of the year, and all he comes in is for a small promo near the end of the show? I know you have 3 weeks to work with it, but I hope for the sake of the match, that Mysterio gets involved more. I know I didn't give much feedback, but it will be better once I read more of your shows. I hope you can still accept any criticisms that I may have for you. Nevertheless, solid effort, and you have a new reader. 8/10
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Smackdown Review:

Well first time SD! has been written in full let’s see what magic we can produce, however with a quick disclaimer about the tag match it already might not be what I hope for.

Heel Batista is simply awesome, but a lamp-post seems a bit of a stretch, unless I’m getting the size of a lamp-post wrong which I could be. No spotlight……. I like that lol. Anyway if he could really do that kudos to him, but I think that went a bit overboard, however the promo was decent. Show coming out to defend himself was good however Show vs. Batista, is that two heels or is Show a tweener? Anyway match later on tonight should be interesting.

TBK Promo: I’m such a mark so yes I LOVED THIS PROMO. It was simply awesome and he has been used well, as of late, in his small little feud with Finlay. Tonight he has the Intercontinental Champion in Morrison and considering Punk couldn’t beat Morrison I was very surprised TBK was able to pull this one out. Good for him, maybe future IC champ which would be good, since I’m a mark. The only thing with TBK, I feel he needs a manager (possibly McCool). I think the two can complement each other very well, because both have the same type of gimmicks. Very cocky, and full of themselves.

Speaking of McCool, a solid promo out of her as both team Lay-Cool poke their shots at Mickie. No Piggie James comments sucks tbh, but hey it is your show.

Using Mac’s new music already has me marking. No surprise here with. Really when I saw that Chimel called McIntyre it got me thinking so far in your thread he has been hot and cold. I really hope he has a good Rumble showing, or he has a decent WM storyline, just something to warrant the nickname.

A very surprising Matt Hardy promo. At first I wasn’t feeling it, but towards the end it really started to flow well. Matt v. Dolph can possibly continue at the Rumble which I’m sure one will eliminate the other, but this can possibly be one of your best upper mid- card feuds, especially after this solid promo.

McCool was good as a guest on the table; anyway I wasn’t surprised by Mickie beating Layla, what happen after I was a bit surprised but it is good to add momentum and add a different chapter to this feud, with Mickie connecting with her finisher on the title belt.

Punk Promo: The best promo I have ever seen you write. Punk’s character was displayed so well, and at first I had no idea where he was going with the promo, but then the mention of a HOF in Stone Cold Steve Austin as being the problem is just golden, and I smell a WM 26 storyline coming out of this one. I would love to see you in the future have interaction between Punk and Austin. This can be one epic, epic, epic storyline, and I really can’t wait to see what you have in store. I am simply mesmerized by this promo. It was amazing.

Here is the disappointment. Everything was fine with HD winning two rounds, and then DX but then Manu and Rhyno come out and go over DX. REALLY???? NO!!!!! Seriously though I’m not a big fan of this. Rhyno and Manu aren’t establish enough to go over DX (which might be breaking up soon after what transpired) and have been battling with another random team, and what is worse they have shot at the titles now, with the exception of one team. I really felt, DX if they were going to lose would be the final team eliminated but hey that is just me. Yoshi and Helms champs…… a big letdown, and a poor booking decision to me, but you said you have plans, so who knows you can probably make me eat my words, and hopefully you do. I just hope Helms and Yoshi lose the titles immediately.

Jericho Promo/Rey I have to say this was pretty epic, with all the hypocrites and gelantous tapeworms which is my personal favorite, and Rey coming in was awesome. Anyway getting back to Jericho making fun of Iowa, and Show never ever losing weight was a very humorous comment, which was good to see out of Jericho. Rey coming in was good, but I still give the nod to Jericho who I thought pretty much owned Rey. The mention of the Undertaker I wasn’t really too sure about, as I have forgotten what has happened on Smackdown as of late. Have they verse each other? Anyway maybe like someone said Jericho v. Taker for WM 26, which should be interesting to see.

Heelish and desperation move from Ziggler which I like. Ziggler needed to be in the Rumble, and I do like the cheap win, to garner him some heel heat. Hardy coming out was good, and we build up some more momentum, to whatever you have planned for these two.

Main Event was awesome, my only blemish with this was the lack of Rey,Rey. Sure Big Show (who I’m now thinking is face) is a big guy, but maybe have Mysterio have him help him out a bit, considering right now Jericho seems right that no one cares about Rey. Anyway hopefully next week we see Rey in action.

Overall: Not too much to complain about here. I can go onto a huge rant about the Tag Team Turmoil match, however I hate that decision, that was bullcrap, yaddy yaddy yadda, but knowing you, you have a big idea for that so I want to see how that develops. Good show keep it up!

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback
3rd January, 2010

WWE News and Notes

The afore-mentioned pay-per-view name changes could well go ahead, sources confirm. Expect a move from a Raw-only ‘Vengeance’ to a uni-brand ‘Night of Champions’, when every title would be defended, and for SmackDown’s ‘Great American Bash’ to change to ‘King of the Ring’, when the 2010 King of the Ring will supposedly be crowned. Needless to say, both these events are a while away from us yet, but it is still an announcement of note – sources confirm there will be no change in venue coupled with the change of name. Both event concepts have been used before by the WWE – the last ‘King’ was William Regal, crowned in 2008, in a 3 hour special on Raw.

Another move you can expect is in the commentary teams of both ECW and SmackDown – ECW’s Byron Saxton and Matt Striker both are more comfortable as colour commentators, while Jim Ross and Todd Grisham, on SmackDown, are more used to working as play-by-plays. Therefore, it is likely we’ll see a swap, with Striker moving to SmackDown to work with Jim Ross, and Saxton moving to a colour commentator role on ECW, joined by Todd Grisham as the play-by-play there. Coupled with this move will most likely come heel personas for both Saxton and Striker, to add a new dynamic to the commentary booth, where the colour commentators often favour the antics of the heel superstars. This double turn, while spontaneous, should work well to provide a new dimension to an otherwise dull commentary scene.

There have been no more developments in the free agent scene – Booker T, Kenny Dykstra and Mistico, the three men we reported had been targeted by the WWE, all remain in their prior bookings, with no confirmed offers being made to them, by any company. It is yet unknown what their replies would be, if the WWE made offers towards them – unless it was all hype, the Royal Rumble seems like an ideal place for any of the three to (re)debut, especially Booker and Dykstra, who have been in front of the WWE audience before, and would thus, have a more recognisable return if their music hit during the Rumble match.

This Monday is the ‘No. 1 Contender Special’ on Raw – this is supposedly to combat TNA’s move to Monday nights for one show only, as Dixie Carter, now with a new variety of talent like Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Jeff Hardy under her belt, looks to test the waters, should she decide to make the full move to live shows on Monday nights. However, the McMahons are pulling out all the stops – tomorrow night’s Raw will be a THREE-HOUR SPECIAL to allow for all the qualifying matches for the Battle Royal, whilst allowing for a few extra segments and matches on the side.

And some from me...

Hello all. Big thank you’s to amrocky25, BkB Hulk, Perfect Poster and RatedRKO31 for their brilliant feedback, I really, really appreciate it.

To clarify, on the first SmackDown after Survivor Series, Batista won a Triple Threat match between himself, Chris Jericho, and the Undertaker, when Taker jumped out the way of a Spear from Batista, which then connected with Jericho. Batista then Batista Bombed Taker to win the match, with Jericho still reeling from the Spear. This lead to Jericho blaming the Undertaker for the loss, and he basically went crazy, brutalising the Deadman to the point where he had to be taken out on a stretcher. The link to the full recapped show from when I first wrote it can be found here. Since then, after the World Title match for the Rumble was announced, Rey Mysterio, who is in the middle of a sort of, sub-plot rivalry with Jericho, has brought up the Undertaker’s name in a variety of promos, to basically play mind games with him, hence the reasoning for it on SmackDown. Hope that clears everything up.

McIntyre has been hot and cold in this thread, yes. Mainly because back when I began, I saw very little in him, and felt that there were others on SmackDown who I’d rather push, hence why McIntyre lost a few matches in previous weeks. Recently (not only because his entrance is the biz), I’ve seen a lot more in him, and hence made the decision to put him in the Rumble – I also felt the match lacked a few monsters, leading to the inclusion of Knox, and the handshake at the end was simply for the purpose of retaining the avenue, should I choose to use it, of utilising both men in the tag team division.

Perfect Poster, “extraordinarily”, or the alternative spelling, “extra-ordinarily”, is like the word “extraordinary”. In fact, it’s just the adverb of it. While it does have “ordinary” in it, when the “extra” is put in front of it, “extraordinary” means unique, or special. Therefore, the adverb means especially, or extremely, implying that he’s one of a kind, or, in context, that he wasn’t just good-looking. He was beyond the level of anyone else, in terms of how good looking he was. Sorry for all the grammar speak there, I hope you understood me.

The NYC Brawl is something I’d always wanted to do, tbh – in hindsight, it probably would have been better suited for a different time, at a different pay-per-view, with a different number of superstars (...two), and a different situation where the match called for it, but the decision is made, to be honest, and there’s no point in me pulling it from the card now. All I can do, is hype it well, and (try to) write a classic for you all to enjoy, so that the misplacement of the match gimmick is overridden by the quality of it, if you catch my drift!

Helms and Tatsu winning Tag Team Turmoil... oh boy. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t to everyone’s liking, but as I’ve said, there is method to my madness, and it will all soon become clear, because as odd as it sounds, it might just be a sneaky ploy to build towards a Wrestlemania match. That’s all I’m going to say.

I know I’ve been terribly lax with my feedback recently (as in, just not giving any of you any of it), and I thoroughly apologise for it. I have some pretty massive exams coming up soon, and it goes without saying that BTB comes second to that by a long way. Once those are over, you better believe I’ll be dropping feedback left, right, and centre, and pumping out shows like an absolute machine, but for now, I have to just take it a bit slower, I’m afraid. Rest assured, I have not forgotten about any of you, or your work, and you will have my effort and attention returned to you, as you have given it to me.

That’s all, guys, I will hit you with a Raw preview here and now to keep you occupied – it’s a big show, with it being three hours (to fit in all the qualifiers, plus extra segments ) so it might be a while before you see it all, but if nothing else, you can read this monster of a post over and over to keep yourselves entertained.

Stay healthy, people.


Monday Night Raw
Fargodome, Fargo, North Dakota
4th January 2010

Monday Night Raw is at the site of WWE Backlash in four months’ time – the Fargodome in Fargo, North Dakota will feature all the fallout from Wrestlemania 26 on April 25th, but tonight, it’s all about the journey towards Royal Rumble. Tonight, it’s the 3-Hour, No. 1 Contender Special, as decreed by Raw General Manager Shane McMahon – six qualifying matches, leading to a 7-Man, Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royal as Raw’s Main Event, where the winner will face Jack Swagger for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble.

Shane McMahon has declared that the three Raw superstars who have already qualified for the Royal Rumble in MVP, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase WILL be eligible to compete for the WWE Title shot tonight, but it goes without saying, that should they win, they forfeit their place in the Royal Rumble to take on Jack Swagger at the event. The matches are as follows:

No. 1 Contender Special

John Cena vs Chris Masters

Carlito vs Randy Orton

Chavo Guerrero vs Shawn Michaels

Triple H vs Chuck Palumbo

Primo vs Kofi Kingston

Mark Henry and MVP vs Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes

Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royal
??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ???
No. 1 Contender to the WWE Championship

Seven men will walk into the Main Event, with glory in sight ahead of a possible title match at Royal Rumble, and you can be sure that WWE Champion Jack Swagger will be watching. Who will walk out as No. 1 Contender at the end of the first Raw of the new decade? There’s only one way to find out, live on the USA Network tonight.

Sheamus makes his return to Monday Night Raw!

You can expect to see Evan Bourne, The Miz, Melina and more!
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

I like the set up you have to determine the # 1 contender with all the matches leading to the battle royal seems interesting. Plus it will allow the winner to have enough time to develop a good feud with swagger till the rumble if it isnt cena who already has one. Also ironic how swagger is champ here and in wwe to good call or wwe copied you lol. Also can't wait to see Sheamus back maybe go after Noble hopefully. I owe you a review so i got u for this raw which should be very good,cant wait
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

I've got to say, I'm not going to review Smackdown, but Batista's promo was fucking epic, it was perfect. Great job.

Raw looks solid, that being said, as much I as I despise Jamie Noble, why isn't he in the top cotenders thing, you're obviously pushing him shouldn't he be in there over say, Chuck Palumbo.

Can't wait for Raw, I'll Review with Love <3

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