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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Nige's Raw Feedback

I read through Armageddon and had to say I was impressed. Having been away for a few months, this is the closest current day WWE thread that's caught my attention. A lot of people have nothing but good things to say about your thread too, so I thought I'd check it out.

The video package from Armageddon was well detailed, not too much but enough for anyone who hadn't seen it to know what went down. There were some surprises and moments that make this show all the more interesting, thinking mainly in terms of the WWE title change and Legacy's relationship moving forward. Solid intro from Cole & King too, using them well to hype up what we're going to see.

There was only one way to open the show, and that was with Swagger. I have to say, I like how you grabbed the attention with CHECK ONE TWO. . . OH YEAH! That added something more and stood out a lot more. You could easily imagine the reaction it would get it, and it drags you in to it emotionally. The arrogance of him to get someone to help him in the ring was good, although with his smug relaxed attitude, he could have just as easily as not let something so trivial bother him. However, it still worked to get his attitude across. Swagger's promo before Cena came down was great, and you did a top job of making him seem like the real deal. Talking about how he did it by the book and that he was a superior wrestler than a hack like Cena certainly helped that too. With Cena praising him slightly as well, Swagger came off as the real deal. Cena was good too, being honest and up front as ever. The rematch tonight makes sense as I don't sense Cena's getting the title back anytime soon, and it allows some kind of dirty finish and closure at the same time where it wouldn't on pay-per-view. The rematch for Cena was no sold a bit because of Shane mentioning he could get another shot if he wins next week. There's not as much pressure on him as there should be, but overall it was a very good promo that did what it had to do in putting Swagger over hard.

The opener was a solid encounter, and made better with something worthwile up for the grabs for the winner. MVP was always favourite but he looked better for coming out on top of a tough match, and Chavo looked good for taking MVP close. I prefer the Drive-By as a finisher and it worked well here.

I wasn't sure what to make of the Bourne/Sweeney promo, mainly as I haven't seen Larry before. I think I know the name but I can't be sure. I'm not sure where it's heading, but as someone who wasn't in the picture, it just came off as odd. Good to see someone else pushing Bourne though!

The diva's contender match was a lot better than it would be in real life, but the winner I think was spoiled when you mentioned what it would be like if Gail were to face her friend Melina. It was obviously a two horse race up until that point, and it was better for Maryse's sake that she didn't do the job. Her retaliation after was good too so that she doesn't get lost in the picture. An angry Maryse is certainly worth watching, and a well booked segment here for sure.

I was very surprised to see Chuck Palumbo return. From a personal standpoint, I've not been impressed with him since he joined the WWE and feel that he's had his chances and blown them all. I think there's more deserving guys than him, that's all. The promo was good, but saying he would destroy Santino didn't have the effect you may have thought because it's Santino. He was hyped well but having seen enough of Chuck Palumbo in the past, I'm not excited about him at all.

Orton's persona at the start of the promo was great, it really was. Just the word "injustice" and how it was emphasised, fitted his character perfectly. I don't think the scalp of Kofi Kingston would mean that much to him. It would be about saving the embarrassment of losing to him. It was right that the key part of the promo was about Cody & Ted and how they turned on him. I can honestly say I was surprised that Orton forgave them and I'm still not sure how to react it as I don't see Orton forgiving them, and as easily as that. The way they stood him up to him was bold and you did a great job of making them look a whole lot more than just his bitches. They came out of this very well, and I'm very intrigued as to how this will play out.

Their match with the Colons was good, and I was very surprised to see you had put them back together after what happened IRL last year when they should never have been split. Anyway, the right team won and won well. That was all that mattered, but I think the Colons need to start winning soon to justify them being put back together.

The interaction between Sweeney & The Miz was good, but Bourne was a lost a bit in it with Sweeney speaking for him at the end, but when he interrupted The Miz's "AWESOME" at the end. That was well done. I might be wrong, but it looks as if you've purely brought Sweeney in to do all Bourne's talking for him. I'm really not too sure about this just yet as he's taken the attention away from him tonight, but The Miz I have to say, was awesome!

The Masters promo was just how you described it, a big coincidence. I saw that he's had several losses and it would appear that he's purely a jobber in the thread at the moment. That's why I wasn't all that bothered about a jobber attacking another jobber. I expect Masters to get a push from here, and it was a strong statement. It's just that because of people not really caring about two jobbers, it would be as big a deal as you would think.

As expected, a squash for Palumbo. The promo before from Santino wasn't funny and seemed a bit random, like maybe you were trying too hard to find something funny for him to say about Palumbo. Palumbo looked dominant as he should, but I have to say it's hard to get excited about him & Masters as heels getting singles pushes considering the chances they've had previously. If I was in the crowd, I'd be screaming at Palumbo and telling him he sucked too!

Noble's interview was good but there was nothing so important about it that warranted it being something different than just another typical interview. I did laugh at Cole calling it a nineteen minute classic. Surely that's over selling it, and it that would go hand in hand with the interview being at his home. There was nothing out of the ordinary about it, but it does help push Noble. The words did that though and I can buy in to the new Jamie Noble. He's a great wrestler no doubt, and with a good push, he could do okay in the mid card perhaps. I'm still unsure of how the loss will affect Sheamus.

The main event went they way I thought it might and the way it probably should've done. I liked the finish as it worked well for both men. The dirty finish showed Swagger is clever and resourceful too, and I'd like to see how this affects Cena going in to next week.

Overall I thought it was a good show. The booking is solid and the promos are strong too. The problems I had weren't that significant in the grand scheme of things. I was left a bit disappointed with what happened with Legacy, but Swagger didn't disappoint as the new WWE Champion. That was the most important thing before the show and he came out looking good.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Never read your thread before, but a little while ago I saw you were coming up on Armageddon and was interested. Just read through that and was totally impressed. Heck, Jamie Noble beat Sheamus, that's how awesome it was. So anyway, gonna drop a review for Raw now.

Raw Review

I dug the video package, in fact anytime there are video packages I feel it's a good thing. And personally i'm glad that it wasn't so long-winded that it threw the reader off, I think it had just the right amount of detail in it. Nice work.

The announcers opening the show was another good move, along with the new champ coming out first, it was expected, but logical. I liked the promo, it was a nice showing of his attitude and I liked how he used "swagger" in it. One thing I didn't like was him saying GD twice {3 times including Cena}. If you really wanna go into that extreme of an area for your promo, just bleep it out because there is no chance in hell that words like that would fly on a television show. Cena coming out was again, logical. Typical Cena stuff here, it doesn't mean anything, but at least you were very in-character with the promo. Swagger had a nice comeback and Cena put him over pretty good until Shane-O comes out. He makes the match and sets up the battle royal and qualifiers next week. That is a perfect use of the GM here. Great work and a solid segment overall.

The first match of the show and it is a pretty solid matchup, underrated Chavo versus over-rated MVP. But yeah, all in all, the right man won here, even though it was a little weird having MVP "wink" to Mizark at ringside, and "the impact zone? Okay... the match made Chavo at least look credible.

Ha ha ha! I loved this segment with Sweeney, nice job putting over Bourne as like this movie star character, and then Larry as a guy who lost all of his money, nice touch with him playing the guitar terribly. I'm sure the Super Agent will be back soon though Great segment.

The diva's triple threat did pretty good, it had some good moments and I liked the finish of Gail breaking up the French Kiss, only to hit the ED on Kelly. Kelly doesn't have too much cred so Maryse not taking the pin was nice, weird with Maryse getting in Kelly's face post-match. It seemed like you wrote her to be heelish just for the sake of being heelish, which I hate. But we shall see where it goes from here.

Palumbo? Biker style? Come on, man. This i'm pretty sure will end the same as all of his other pushes and debuts, going nowhere. He'll surely squash Santino though.

Orton to address his lackeys turning on him, was wondering when this would come up. Nice placement at probably the top of the hour. And a VERY in-character promo from Orton. You nailed him perfectly, man. I enjoyed this promo a lot, followed by Priceless coming out. And way to make your tag titles look meaningless by not having them with them. Just like Vince would want. Anyway, what the heck is with this exchange? I could see this being a video package moment when he said "...yes.". But yeah, it kept everyone heel and I guess it made sense. It kinda puts Orton over when you turn him face too, for just forgiving the two guys who screwed him that quick. Pretty interesting segment, definitely the hottest thing coming out of this show. A little odd, but a great segment overall.

And onto the tag match, great job executing this one, it's probably the match of the night so far. The obvious team won here, even though Carlito probably could be used a lot better. But you gave him a US Title shot so I can't complain. Cody getting the win I liked, as Dibiase is not as good as Rhodes in my eyes.

Another gold segment between Sweeney and Bourne. You have everybody's characters down perfectly. You are really good at that. Anyway, you did a great job, Evan works perfectly as a straight-faced good guy and I can see this partnership yielding very interesting results. The Miz comes in and brings his normal mic work to the table, Larry interrupting him and walking off for Thai food was very well done. Then Miz mouthing "awesome" was totally realistic. LMAO at Larry getting his clothes too by the way.

NO! Well, you did a good job with the Masters interview, and that American Hero line made me laugh out loud, but then he buries London? You are pushing Bourne, but London is like a better version of him, I know he is a jobber here, but he could be a top superstar if you build him up right. But it accomplished what it needed to, and hopefully London gets some measure of revenge soon.

Palumbo squashes Santino and gets himself some nice heat. Santino was lame as usual, so yeah, short...well actually it was your longest match, so weird. But anyway, Chuck looks good for now, but the jury's out on where it goes. I give it a month before you give up on him.
Just being honest.

"Greatest spectacles it's even seen" Probably you meant ever. But anyway, even though it came across as a bit cheesy, this segment with Noble was a great promo. I know this is out there, but it would be such a great storyline if he won the Royal Rumble. And yeah, doing something different is good, as well as this entire storyline is personally one of my favorite storylines in any BTB. I can't help but praise you for this promo and push because it's really grade A quality work on your part. Again, very in character too.

A solid match to close the show with, the action was pretty good, even though I hated the finish of the match. It keeps Cena looking strong, but jeez, how strong has he been put over his career? Everybody knows how great he is, alas, Swagger gets heat from the cheap win so it was pretty smart. Hopefully someone new wins the battle royal next week.

Overall, again, this was a truly great show. I thought everything you did was absolutely crisp and really there was only one segment that I thought was negative on the whole, and that was London getting punked, but i'm still going to have a wait and see attitude to see where this goes. Highlights from it are Noble, Bourne and Sweeney, and the Legacy angle. Swagger looks impressive as the new champ and there was a little bit of hype towards the Rumble too. There were only 2-3 grammar errors and it was a great read. Looking forward to what is next on the horizon for you and this thread. Best of luck and i'll try to review the next show.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Thanks to everyone for their feedback, I really appreciate it. A big thank you to my new reviewers, too, I’m glad I’ve got a nice amount of readers to help me pump out good quality shows, and it’s nice to see I’m attracting new people. Thanks again.

The length of the Palumbo match was just because I was fitting the whole match into it – there was no need to skip to the ending, because it pretty much was the ending, I just wrote a bit much for it. I’ll tone down the biker word play.

Other than that, there’s not much that everyone had a general consensus on, so I won’t bore you all. Here, have some news, and an ECW preview for a decade-ending show which is nearly finished. Enjoy.


On SmackDown this Friday, there will be an 8-Team Tag Team Turmoil match to decide who will next face WWE Unified Tag Team Champions, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, in the week leading up to the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. It will feature teams from all three brands, such as Raw’s D-Generation X, ECW’s William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov, and SmackDown’s Cryme Tyme. Naturally, the Champions themselves will be on SmackDown to watch the match unfold, which will feature two teams in the ring – when one team scores a pinfall, another team will come out to face them, similar to a Gauntlet Match.

Planning for ECW’s exclusive pay-per-view on January 16th, ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event, is going well. Matches already announced include a Career Threatening, Extreme Rules match between Zack Ryder and Tommy Dreamer, as well as a mouth-watering Triple Threat Tag Team match, where Christian, Paul Burchill and Shelton Benjamin will each have a partner by their side. It is believed that partners have already been lined up for all three men so far – early rumours suggested Christian’s partner could be a returning Edge, however these have been shot down, as the Rated R Superstar has announced that even a Royal Rumble return seems highly unlikely, considering the stage his injury is at currently. Should the event itself be a success, ECW may have extra pay-per-views added to its calendar.

Speaking of the Royal Rumble, the man to win the 30-Man finale to the show has yet to be decided. A variety of names have been thrown around, supposedly, but a fair few midcard superstars could be in for moderately strong showings in the Rumble to solidify their place in the card.

Last night saw the stunning debut of Larry Sweeney on Monday Night Raw, when he appeared as a busker outside the EnergySolutions Arena, and appealed to his off-screen, long-time friend, Evan Bourne. It is unknown what Sweeney’s status is with the WWE at the moment, as no details nor rumours had been floating about at all regarding Larry Sweeney’s possible involvement with the WWE. He was well received as the eccentric, hot-headed heel friend of Bourne, and he could well be involved next week.

It is being discussed to replace The Great American Bash and Vengeance pay-per-views with King of the Ring and Night of Champions, respectively. King of the Ring was a popular concept back in the day, the most recent King being William Regal, who was Raw General Manager at the time. Night of Champions would equal out the loss of a SmackDown pay-per-view (in the Bash) with a loss of a Raw one, with both King of the Ring and Night of Champions being tri-branded pay-per-views.


U.S. Cellular Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
29th December 2009

The final WWE broadcast of the decade comes from the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for a night of jam-packed action. With only two shows to go before ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event after tonight, you can be sure excitement will be surging through the veins of all the superstars on the Purple Brand.

The Ripper To Speak
Tonight on ECW, Paul Burchill will open the show – last week, Burchill found out that he would be fighting at Saturday Night’s Main Event alongside a partner of his choosing, against ECW Champion Christian, and Shelton Benjamin, who would both also have partners by their side. At the end of the show, Burchill flung Benjamin from the ring, only to be hit by a Killswitch from Captain Charisma. What will the Ripper have to say about last week’s events, and what are his thoughts on that massive match-up set to take place in just under three weeks’ time? Will we discover who his partner will be? There’s only one way to find out.

A Raging Mastodon
Last week, Big Daddy V flattened Goldust, before doing likewise to Josh Matthews, in front of ECW General Manager Tiffany’s very eyes. Lead by the sour and frustrated Abraham Washington, the Mastodon has now laid waste to three men in two weeks – and tonight, Tiffany has set him up against two more. Harry and Steve Bentley, two brothers who form the ‘meanest tag team in Cedar Rapids’ have been given a shot at the big time by Tiffany, as they team together to try and take down the 500 pound beast, Big Daddy V. Tiffany has promised them full-time contracts, if they can beat the Mastodon, and eliminate a serious threat to her authority on ECW.

Time To Fight
For weeks now, Yoshi Tatsu and Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms have been at war with Manu and the Man Beast, Rhyno. Rhyno and Manu have even gone as far to attack the pair backstage – but while Manu hasn’t won a match on ECW yet, Rhyno hasn’t lost one. Tonight, one of those records will end, as they team together to face their enemies in Tatsu and Helms. After a variety of singles matches between the four, this tag match has been eagerly awaited by the WWE Universe – will Helms and Tatsu finally banish their demons with a big win here tonight, or will Rhyno and Manu prove that they really are the most dominant force on ECW? With both teams involved in the 8-Man Tag Team Turmoil match this Friday to determine the new No. 1 Contenders to the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships, a win tonight would also provide the winning team with a massive momentum boost heading into that contest on SmackDown on New Year’s Day.

ECW Champion Christian in the building, Shelton Benjamin to talk, and much more!

Announced For ECW

Paul Burchill to open the show
Big Daddy V vs Harry and Steve Bentley (Local Talent)
Yoshi Tatsu and Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms vs Rhyno and Manu
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Hey man since I really didn't get a solid chance to read and review your Raw since I was on vacation I just wanted to give some quick thoughts about your news.

Larry Sweeney trying to bring him in as a manager I really hope you don't do. While he is a great character I really think it would ruin the way Bourne has been on a tear as of late. Please just let them stay friends or feud possibly either way just keep him away from Bourne as a manager. Of course this is your BTB, just my feedback on the matter.

Kind of upset that we might not get to see a E & C reunion, but I'm even more upset that "reports" are reporting that Edge is not even ready for the Rumble. Complete bull**** if you ask me, but I'll take the report as it is and just hope he will be in the Rumble by some mircle

Anyway ECW looks to be a solid show, Burchill to open up, maybe we find out what has been distracting Katie Lea the past couple of weeks. Hopefull we have an ending to one of the worse feuds/pairings (sorry just imo) Helms/Tatsu vs. Manu/Rhyno. Anyway good luck and I will be sure to review.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Well, hope everyone's had a nice March. After posting an Armageddon I'm happy everyone enjoyed, and being the most active BTBer in the section over Winter, work has caught up with me, and I've managed to produce... two shows in a month. Brilliant. Anyway, holidays soon, I'll use those to get back into the swing of things. Enjoy this one, guys. Could be a while, knowing me atm...

Btw, I know the Regal/Zeke segment was short. I've just read over it, and I realise that. I apologise. However, I cba to change it, cause I've just formatted the whole damn thing. Fun fun.

SNME posters coming soon!


U.S. Cellular Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
29th December 2009

The ECW entrance video plays, and we cut to the arena, where the usual fireworks explode, and we sweep across an excited Cedar Rapids crowd, before cutting to ringside, where we see Byron Saxton, and Matt Striker.

Saxton: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I’m Byron Saxton, filling in for Josh Matthews, wishing you a very warm welcome to the last WWE broadcast of an epic decade! With me to call this evening’s action is your teacher, Matt Striker – good evening, Matt, are you hyped up or what?

Striker: Oh, I’m hyped all right, Byron. We have an amazing hour ahead to end the decade tonight!

Saxton: Well, last week we heard a monster announcement regarding ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event...

A graphic comes up showing Christian, Shelton Benjamin and Paul Burchill all standing by silhouettes with question marks in them.

Saxton: It’s gonna be ECW Champion Christian, with a partner of his own choosing, against Shelton Benjamin and his chosen partner, against Paul Burchill, and, you guessed it, a partner of his choice!

Striker: That’s gonna be insane, you can bet your house on it. All three of the superstars have probably already started scouting around for their partner in this match – with only a few weeks to go before the ECW Championship match at Royal Rumble after Saturday Night’s Main Event, a win in this here tag match would give them some favourable momentum going into that title match!

Saxton: It sure would, Matt, and when the title’s on the line, momentum can be a huge factor.

Paul Burchill’s music cuts off the commentators, and the crowd begins to boo the Ripper as he arrives on the scene. The lovely Lauren Mayhew will introduce us...

Mayhew: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... the Ripper... Paul Burchill!

Saxton: One of two men who will compete with Christian for his ECW Championship at Royal Rumble is here in Paul Burchill tonight... but no Katie Lea, I see.

Striker: Paul’s sister has been pretty unfocused these past few weeks, Byron – could that affect Burchill? I doubt it.

Burchill, wearing a thick, black, trench coat, storms down the ramp, looking at the crowd with a filthy expression. He rolls under the bottom rope, and demands a mic from ringside. He snatches it from the hands of the ringside worker who offers it to him, and storms into the centre of the ring, unbuttoning his coat as he does. He raises the mic, and the music subsides. He doesn’t speak at first, instead letting the heat rain down, before ferociously starting on the audience...

Burchill: Hey, do you mind? Greatness is trying to talk here!

This gets him some heavy boos.

Burchill: And no! I’m not kidding! I’m not gonna mince my words here – you people are the stupidest people I’ve ever met! I don’t have a clue why you boo me... I thought you liked winners? Huh?

A ‘You suck!’ chant starts. Burchill snorts in contempt.

Burchill: Or is it cause I’m English? What, are you people so blind that the only successful people in this company have to from this god-forsaken country?

The chants continue as Burchill pauses, frowning.

Burchill: You people disgust me.

The ‘You suck!’ chants get louder.

Burchill: Hey, here’s a thought – shut the hell up! When you have skill, and talent, like I do, then I’ll let you people have an opinion. Until then... I make the rules! You have to like me! Because I’m all you have!

Boos. Burchill looks seriously pissed off, and is really showing a more brash side to himself here.

Burchill: And you might say ‘Oh, but we have Christian!’ Well... NOT FOR MUCH LONGER. At Royal Rumble, I WILL decimate that pathetic excuse for a Champion, and claim the title which is rightfully mine. And then... I’ll stand before you, and you’ll realise... that Paul Burchill is the epitome of greatness. The beacon of light in this sea of mediocrity that they call... E... C... W.

Massive boos, and Burchill looks around, smirking.

Burchill: So... you can boo me for all I care. If you don’t like me now, fine. If you don’t like me tomorrow, fine. If you don’t like me after I destroy your Champion... fine. But whether you like me or not... you will have to respect me... as E... C... W... Champion.

Burchill begins to laugh a little, and he raises an arm, as massive heat rains down on him. After a good, long pause, in which Burchill enjoys his reaction, the Ripper raises the mic again...


The crowd boos again, just as ferociously, as Zack Ryder begins to make his way out! Paul Burchill looks at Ryder in anger and shock, while the Long Island Loudmouth just smirks, clearly pleased with himself.

Saxton: Well... um... Zack Ryder is out here, but I sure don’t know why.

Striker: The kid always has something to say, Byron. Mind, that’s not always a bad thing.

Ryder begins to strut down the ramp in street clothes, though with his sunglasses and headband still on. He jogs up the ring steps, then takes a long look at Burchill from the apron before swinging himself over the middle rope, and stepping into the centre of the ring, facing the Ripper. Ryder winks at him arrogantly, then struts to the side of the ring, where he collects a mic. He spins back to Burchill, as his music cuts. He wanders around the ring as he speaks...

Ryder: Wow, Paul. Just... just wow. It takes some guts to come out here... and talk for so long about how nobody likes you.

Burchill frowns as the crowd actually cheers for Ryder’s words.

Ryder: Myself, on the other hand... well, everyone loves me, don’t they? Especially the women. They dig me, Paul.

Ok, it’s back to heat for Zack Ryder.

Ryder: Ya’see, well, I was just passin’ by... and I just had to come out here, and congratulate you, on getting your ass handed to you last week. Nice job.

Mocking cheers for Burchill, who frowns again.

Ryder: But listen. I didn’t just come out here to mock you and make the... ‘fans’ happy, cause I don’t like ‘em any more than you do, and I’m a busy man.


Ryder: No. I came out here to tell the world... that Tommy Dreamer’s days... oh yeah... THEY’RE NUMBERED!

Massive heat begins to fall on Ryder.

Ryder: Last week, Tommy Dreamer, the Heart and Soul of ECW, the final ECW Original, the Innovator of Violence, did the most stupid thing he’s ever done in his life.

Ryder smirks as if it’s all he knows.

Ryder: He put his very career on the line... against the future of the WWE... the Long Island – LEGEND... the 2010 Royal Rumble winner-to-be... ME.

More huge booing ensues. Burchill takes a step forward, but Ryder puts up a defiant hand.

Ryder: And as much as you like to think you’re important, Paul, nobody cares. There’s only one person here who matters, and he’s talking right now, got it? And why should people have to listen to your... drivel, when I, Zack Ryder, am in the building?

More boos. Burchill bares his teeth.

Ryder: Only my voice matters, Paul. Nobody wants to listen to you... they all want me. So take a step back, and let me tell the world just how much PAIN... Tommy Dreamer is gonna experience, in three weeks’ time.

Burchill takes another step forward, and the crowd boos Ryder. The pair look at each other, frowning...


THE ARENA ROARS! The stage turns gold, and Burchill and Ryder turn to the ramp, stunned – CHRISTIAN IS HERE! The ECW Champion storms out on to the stage, smiling, with the title belt sitting pretty on his shoulder. Burchill snarls, and Ryder runs a hand through his hair, though his face is deadly serious.

Saxton: The ECW Champion has arrived, and he’s blown the roof off in the process!

Striker: These fans are always happy to see Christian, Byron. He’s got a place in their hearts, for sure.

Christian stays on the stage, a mic in his hand. Eventually, his music dies down, and the crowd begins to emphatically chant his name – Burchill and Ryder stare him down coldly from the ring. Christian raises the mic, and begins to speak.

Christian: Before I get to you two, ladies...

The crowd gives a mocking cheer, and the pair in the ring scowl.

Christian: ...I’d just like to say a big hello, to all my peeps in Cedar Rapids!

A big cheer goes up, and Captain Charisma smiles, before turning to face the ring again.

Christian: Paul... Zack... clearly, you guys have chemistry and all. You’d make a great team, right?

Ryder narrows his eyes at Burchill, who returns the glare.

Christian: Oh, I bet you would. All I’m sayin’ is – Paul, I bet you really wanna get your hands on me after that sa-weet Killswitch from last week...

The crowd cheers, and the Ripper nods darkly, still displeased from last week’s events.

Christian: So, let me give you an idea, Paul, cause I just can’t get enough of payin’ you back for that attack on me all those weeks ago. How about you test just how well you work in a team... you, and your girlfriend there...

The crowd cheers again – Ryder scowls, and runs a hand through his hair.

Christian: ...versus the ECW Champion... that’s me... and the man who you’ll be facing in three weeks, Zack...

The crowd cheers as Ryder begins to smirk.

Christian: That’s right! Whaddya say, huh? Paul Burchill and Zack Ryder... versus the E... C... W Champion, Christian, and the Innovator of Violence, the Heart and Soul of ECW, the last ECW Original... and the man who’s standing right behind you –

The crowd is going wild, and with a start, Ryder and Burchill turn round – AND RYDER GETS HAMMERED WITH A CRUTCH TO THE FACE! The crowd roars with everything they have – TOMMY DREAMER IS HERE! Burchill rolls from the ring in shock, as Dreamer stands above Ryder, holding the wonky crutch high in triumph! The crowd starts chanting Dreamer’s name, and the Innovator of Violence smiles, before beating his chest with his free hand, and letting out a roar of victory. He points to the smiling ECW Champion on the ramp, who raises his mic to finish his prior sentence:

Christian: - Tommy Dreamer!

The crowd roars one more time, and Dreamer tosses the crutch to the side, looking down at Ryder with a sly smile.

Saxton: WOW! Well, there you have it! Tonight, it’s gonna be Christian, teaming up with Tommy Dreamer, to take on Zack Ryder, and Paul Burchill!

Striker: That’s gonna be an amazing match, Byron. Tonight’s show sure has started with a bang!

ECW goes to a break, fading away from Tommy Dreamer’s pleased face.


As we return, the bell rings.

Mayhew: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!


The crowd cheers for Gregory Helms as he makes his way out, with Yoshi Tatsu charging out alongside, pumping his fists like a maniac!

Mayhew: Introducing first... at a combined weight of 435 pounds... the team of Gregory Helms, and Yoshi Tatsu!

The crowd cheers again, and the pair begin to make their way down the ramp – Helms smiles and slaps the hands of the fans, while Tatsu just leaps up and down, electricity instead of blood in his body, clearly.

Saxton: Well, this is one of the most electrifying partnerships I’ve ever seen! These guys are a perfect match!

Striker: Helms and Tatsu are great friends, so I bet they’ll be ready to work well together tonight, but they have big opposition...

Helms and Tatsu get in the ring, and await their opponents, after a bit of turnbuckle climbing.

The music of Rhyno begins, and it’s the War Machine who storms out first, with Manu wandering out behind him. Rhyno frowns at Helms and Tatsu in the ring, fire in his eyes, while Manu just looks grumpy.

Mayhew: And their opponents... at a combined weight of 565 pounds... the team of Rhyno, and Manu!

Saxton: Both these two teams will be fighting for a shot at the tag team titles this Friday, but tonight, it’s all about revenge.

Striker: These two teams have been going at it for a while now, Byron – tonight, it all comes to a head. One tag team match, where these two teams can finally, and legally, get their hands on each other.

Rhyno and Manu storm down the ramp, baring their teeth. They each get in the ring, and Rhyno points to Helms, growling. Helms raises his arms, beckoning him to fight, but Rhyno just snarls and heads for his corner, meaning we’ll be starting with Manu versus Yoshi Tatsu. The referee calls for the bell.

Match 1
Gregory Helms and Yoshi Tatsu vs Rhyno and Manu

After about 5 minutes of the usual, heels-isolate-the-face tag team tactics, with Rhyno and Manu targeting Helms, we join the action, with Rhyno unleashing right hands on Helms in the corner. The War Machine yanks Helms back out of the corner... and crashes him into the mat with a beastly Belly-to-Belly Suplex! The crowd groans with the impact, and Rhyno covers, shaking the hair from his eyes... 1... 2... but Helms kicks out! The crowd cheers, and Rhyno beats the mat in frustration, before rising, and tagging in Manu – the Samoan comes in, and picks Helms up, before throwing him into an Oklahoma position, and laying him out with a Powerslam! Manu pulls it off so easily! The Samoan hooks a leg... 1... 2... but Helms won’t stay down! Manu gets back up, growling, and heads to the ropes, before charging into the centre, and going for a Diving Headbutt... NOBODY’S HOME! Helms rolls out the way, and Manu headbutts the mat! The crowd roars, and Helms flings himself to the corner...

...AND GETS THE HOT TAG TO YOSHI TATSU! The Cardiac Kid comes hurtling in, and immediately lashes out with a Discus Elbow Smash to Manu! The Samoan is flattened by the high impact move, but he gets back up... to be met with a quick Back Kick to the stomach, forcing him to keel over, before taking a nasty Shoot Kick to the chest, bringing him back to a vertical base! Manu looks totally dazed from the combo, and Yoshi heads for the ropes, before leaping towards Manu aggressively... but Manu catches him in a Bear Hug! The crowd yells out, and Manu growls, tightening his grip on the pained Japanese superstar, who cries out in pain... Manu wobbles towards his corner, letting the War Machine tag himself in. Manu continues to apply the hold, slowly crushing Tatsu... and Rhyno comes charging in! Helms yells out, but Tatsu is helpless – Manu releases the hold, leaving Tatsu to wobble helplessly into the path of the Man Beast... GORE! The crowd cries out with the sickening impact, as Tatsu collides with the mat, broken in half! Manu clears Helms from the apron with a sweeping right hand, and Rhyno presses himself over Tatsu’s lifeless body... 1... 2... 3!

Winners: Rhyno and Manu

Match Time: 6:50

Saxton: Some brilliant teamwork from Rhyno and Manu there gives them a precious win here tonight!

Striker: That Bear Hug into the Gore was insane, Byron – if they can do that this Friday in that Tag Team Turmoil match, then it won’t be long until they’re facing Legacy for the WWE Tag Team Championships!

Saxton: Yep, but Yoshi Tatsu and Gregory Helms will be there, too, Matt – can you imagine if these two teams came head-to-head again this Friday, in the middle of Tag Team Turmoil? That would be a treat for the fans!

We cut backstage, where we see the Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin, talking on a mobile phone in his locker room. He is in mid-conversation, and thus, does not look at the camera, not that he would anyway.

Benjamin: So you’ll be my partner for Saturday Night’s Main Event?

Benjamin pauses as the person on the other end speaks.

Benjamin: Cool man, cool. Well, I’ll catch you later, I gotta run.

And with that, Benjamin hangs up, looking extremely satisfied that he’s found his partner. As he goes to leave, an eager Savannah rushes up to him with a mic, a neat smile on her face. She looks at Shelton hopefully without saying a word, and he can’t help himself, returning the smile. He nods, and Savannah bounces a little, before regaining her composure, and raising the mic in her hand to her mouth.

Savannah: Shelton, tonight you have the night off, but can you tell me how you’re feeling about that match at Saturday’s Night Main Event? What goes through the mind of the Gold Standard?

Shelton smirks a little.

Benjamin: Yeah, Savannah – tonight, the night is my own. I won’t be taking anybody on in the ring tonight... but next week? I’ll be back with a bang in that squared circle.

The crowd cheers.

Benjamin: And I’m looking forward to that, for sure... but that match at Saturday Night’s Main Event...

The Gold Standard gazes into the distance for a moment.

Benjamin: It’s gonna be a special one for me, for sure – me and my partner are gonna do some serious ass kicking, you can count on it. And when I take it to the next level at Saturday Night’s Main Event, Paul Burchill and Christian will remember... there’s three people in a Triple Threat.

Benjamin pauses, and turns back to Savannah.

Benjamin: Those two are happy... to just fight each other, and pretend that it’s just gonna be them at the Rumble, fighting for that ECW Championship. But I earned my shot at that thing, and I’ll be taking my chance when it comes my way... it’s all I can do. Because I’m the Gold Standard. And I plan to deliver when it counts.

A big cheer goes up for Shelton.

Benjamin: Christian and Burchill? They can ignore me all they like, if that’s what they want to do. I’m cool with staying as the dark horse... but when the Rumble rolls around, I’m gonna strike with the Paydirt, and take that platinum belt home with me. You know why?

Shelton grins, and proclaims-

Benjamin: ‘Cause there ain’t, no, stoppin’, me... NAAAWW!

The crowd roars, and Benjamin winks at Savannah, before jogging out of the shot, leaving Savannah to stare after him, smiling. ECW goes to a break.


As ECW returns, we are backstage, where we see none other than Christian! The crowd roars for Captain Charisma as he walks along the corridor, smiling as he carries his ECW Title over his shoulder. However, that smile suddenly disappears as he encounters someone, who is just out of shot. The camera slowly pans to the side, revealing Katie Lea Burchill, who looks at Christian with a similarly cold look. The crowd boos lightly as they see her, and she opens her mouth to talk, but no words come out. She puts a hand in front of her mouth, and hurries off, letting out a small, barely audible sob. Christian does not turn to watch her leave as she rushes past him, instead standing and looking straight ahead, as if he cannot bear to look at her. He licks his lips a little, and walks off, thinking.

We cut to ringside, where the bell chimes. We see two men already in the ring, dressed in identical, generic trunks, and looking fairly similar in appearance.

Mayhew: The following Handicap match is scheduled for one fall! Already in the ring, from Cedar Rapids, Iowa...

The crowd cheers a little for obvious reasons.

Mayhew: at a combined weight of 430 pounds... Harry, and Steve... the Bentleys!

Both men raise an arm in recognition of the hometown crowd, but everyone does pretty much know what’s about to happen.

Saxton: Well, I believe Tiffany told these two men, who apparently form ‘the meanest tag team in Cedar Rapids’ that if they can beat Big Daddy V tonight, they’ll each receive a contract on ECW!

Striker: Yeah... about that. I don’t see it happening.

Big Daddy V’s music hits, and the arena gives him some solid heat as he makes his way out, flanked by the sour-looking Abraham Washington, who audibly mutters, ‘Ok, what’s on the menu...’

Mayhew: And their opponent... from Harlem, New York, weighing in at 500 pounds... the Mastodon... Big Daddy V!

The crowd boos at the Mastodon throws the ‘V’ sign in the air with his hand, and bares his disgusting teeth. He storms () down the ramp, with Washington looking about the arena as if he might catch some sort of disease.

Saxton: ...has he gained weight?

Striker: Ask him yourself, Byron. You won’t last long. Anyway, you should be thanking this man – he got you this job.

Saxton tilts his head, conceding the truth in Striker’s words. The Mastodon gets in the ring over the top rope, and looks at the two men standing in front of him, fists raised. The big man just chuckles evilly, and waits for the referee to call for the bell. Washington rests an elbow on the apron, and looks at his watch with his spare hand, visibly bored. The bell chimes...

Match 2
Big Daddy V vs Harry and Steve Bentley (Local Talent)

Both Bentleys charge at Big Daddy V, unleashing a hell-storm of right and left hands, but the Mastodon no-sells the blows, and pushes both men away – Harry holds on to the ropes as he hits them, but Steve rebounds, and charges... straight into a Big Boot! Harry then charges in, but the Mastodon throws him into the air with unbelievable ease, and drops him with a sickening Side Slam! The Mastodon lets out a huge roar, before peeling Harry back up from the mat... and lifting him a Military Press! The crowd yells in shock at Big Daddy V’s strength... but Steve clubs the Mastodon in the back! The big man drops Harry, and turns round to face a determined Steve, who heads for the ropes for that added momentum... but the Mastodon just hoists him into a Fireman’s Carry! The crowd groans, knowing what’s coming... but Harry heads for the ropes, and charges, trying to force the big man to drop his brother – but Big Daddy V sends him up on to his shoulders, too! The crowd roars out in shock... Big Daddy V has both Bentleys in a Double Fireman’s Carry, which leads to... A SICKENING, DOUBLE GHETTO DROP TO BOTH BENTLEYS! The crowd cries out, and Washington can’t help but applaud on the outside – even he’s impressed! The Mastodon looks down at the two lifeless bodies on the mat, and kneels beside Harry, casually pressing his hands on top of his chest... 1... 2... 3!!! Just clinical from Big Daddy V!

Winner: Big Daddy V

Match Time: 1:06

The Mastodon’s music plays – Washington collects a mic from ringside, and immediately gets in the ring, telling the referee to ‘take a hike’ as he does. He pats Big Daddy V on the shoulder, then turns to the audience, visibly annoyed.

Washington: Cut the music!

The music cuts, oddly enough. Washington looks out at the crowd with narrowed eyes, then slowly begins to laugh.

Washington: ...ha. Ha. Ha. A-ha...

Washington continues to chuckle, and wipes a fake tear from his eye, before raising the mic again.

Washington: That’s... that’s a good joke right there, Tiffany. A-ha. Haha! Oh wait... you weren’t kidding, were you?

Washington throws the act out the window, and wanders around the ring, clearly frustrated.

Washington: Hey Tiff! You remember last week, right? When my giant, unstoppable friend here broke your play-by-play commentator into several separate pieces?

Boos for the reminder.

Washington: So, Tiffany... what’s it gonna take? How many people are you going to sacrifice before you step up to face the problem which you created? Huh? Yeah, that’s right. You brought this upon yourself, when you cancelled my show. When you took away my show.

Washington pauses, frowning as he thinks about it.

Washington: Or, say, what about the week before last week? When we put Tony Atlas in a hospital bed? Or what we did tonight? Don’t pretend you can’t hear me... I know you can.

Washington directs his rant towards the empty stage – the crowd boo him.

Washington: This is your fault – and now, for the good of ECW... why don’t you pay for your mistake? By handing your show... over... to me.

The crowd boos, and Washington waits, anger clearly across his face. He waits for a while... he gets nothing.

Washington: Don’t make me ask again, Tiffany...

The silence continues... but suddenly, Tiffany’s music hits, and the ECW General Manager strides out, looking like she means business! The crowd cheers wildly, and Washington smirks, confident he’s about to get what he deserves. Tiffany, however, doesn’t stay on the stage as with last week, instead striding down the ramp with a forced smile, and getting in the ring. Her music cuts – she has a mic in her hand.

Tiffany: Abraham... you don’t want the best for ECW. You want the best for you.

Washington denies it, waving a finger.

Tiffany: Oh, don’t give me that. And you can try the threats, the intimidation, the blackmail... whatever you like, Abraham. But don’t think for a second that it’ll work, ok? Because ECW means more to me than life itself, and I’m not giving it up to you because you think I owe you something!

Washington narrows his eyes.

Tiffany: And you know what? I am still your boss. I call the shots, and I make the decisions. I could fire you on the spot!

The crowd roars with the suggestion... Washington smirks a little.

Washington: Oh, I bet you could, Tiffany, I bet you could.

Washington’s smirk grows.

Washington: But you won’t... will you?

Tiffany’s expression hardens.

Tiffany: Oh yeah? What makes you think I won’t, hm?

Washington leans forward, hissing in Tiffany’s face...

Washington: Because you’d just hate... to lose such a great chance to overinflate your already-huge ego.

Tiffany opens her mouth, insulted, and Washington leans back as the crowd boos him intensely. The General Manager goes to speak-

Washington: Ah, but you know it’s true, right? Because if you fire me... that’s not your style, is it, Tiffany? You like yo-self the thrill of the chase, don’t-cha? And if you fire me, right now, because of how I’ve dominated your show... well, you’d have taken the easy way out, wouldn’t ya? And your ego just couldn’t handle that, now, could it...

Tiffany frowns – the crowd continues to intensely boo Washington.

Washington: There’s one way to make sure, though, that you get all your kicks, Tiffany – you know, make sure you still feel you’re still in charge?

Tiffany snarls-

Tiffany: I am still in charge!

Washington smirks.

Washington: See! Right there. Ego.

Tiffany seems fairly riled up by this, and she takes a step towards the Washington – the Mastodon gives her a sharp look. Washington continues, knowing he holds all the cards at the moment.

Washington: If you want me off this show... well, I got me a proposition for you, girl – how about, at Saturday Night’s Main Event, my man Big Daddy V here, against anyone you like... if your guy wins, I’m outta your hair. I’ll be off ECW, and you can have that warm fuzzy feeling inside that tells you that you’re a good General Manager, right?

Tiffany just glares at Washington.

Washington: But if my big man wins... then I become General Manager... of E... C... W.

The crowd explodes with a ferocious intensity! Boos rain down on Washington, who just spreads his arms, beckoning for Tiffany to answer... she thinks for a moment.

Tiffany: Abraham, since you arrived on this brand... you’ve been nothing but an annoyance to everyone here on ECW... and you know something? You’re right.

Tiffany smirks as she steps up into Washington’s face.

Tiffany: Just firing you wouldn’t be good enough for me.

The crowd cheers, and Washington waits...

Tiffany: You know what I really want to do?

Washington bares his teeth, and says ‘What? What?’

Tiffany: I want to see the look on your face... when your friend there loses... and gets you kicked off my show... for good!

The crowd cheers wildly, and Tiffany smirks again.

Tiffany: So Abraham? I’ll accept your little challenge! But not because of my ego, oh no. It’ll be so all the WWE Universe, can enjoy watching you be beaten at your own game... watching you get put in your place... and watching you, getting kicked off MY brand!

The crowd roars, and Washington breathes heavily, clearly excited, but looking a bit discouraged after seeing just how eager Tiffany was to put him in his place! The crowd chants Tiffany’s name, and the GM tilts her head deliberately, before tossing him the mic, and leaving with a spin of her heels. Big Daddy V looks down at a smirking Washington, and smirks too.

Saxton: Oh my god! It’s gonna be the future of ECW’s management on the line at Saturday Night’s Main Event! We could see a new General Manager, Matt!

Striker: That’s one hell of an announcement, Byron!

ECW goes to a break, with Tiffany and Washington glaring at each other in the middle of the ring, while Big Daddy V looks on.


As ECW returns, we’re backstage, where we see Ezekiel Jackson, talking to Goldust with a grin. The crowd cheers for both men – the Bizarre One nods, and walks off. Before Jackson can barely even turn to leave, William Regal storms into shot, scowling as usual.

Regal: Ah... Ezekiel. Such a shame you’re not in action tonight – I was very much looking forward to watching you lose.

Jackson laughs a little.

Jackson: Yeah, it is a shame, Will... I was looking forward to showing you what’s gonna happen to you in three weeks’ time...

The crowd cheers, and Regal scowls.

Regal: Now you listen here, sunshine. In three weeks’ time, I’ll leave you a bloody mess on that ring mat, just like I’ve done to countless men in the past. Why do you think you’re so special, Ezekiel? You were never good enough for the Roundtable, and you’re not good enough to hold your own with me, sunshine. And that's that.

The crowd boos Regal, who looks at Ezekiel with a sick smirk of pure confidence. Jackson tilts his head upwards, looking at Regal, not believing a word the Englishman says.

Jackson: ...we’ll see.

And with that, Jackson walks away, leaving Regal to bare his teeth a little, and fume, watching Jackson striding away down the corridor. ECW goes to a break.


As ECW returns, the bell rings...

Mayhew: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!


Some massive heat goes up around the arena for the Long Island Loudmouth, who struts out, looking a bit sore from the crutch shot to the face earlier, but nevertheless, seems fairly confident. He’s now in his abstract ring gear, naturally, after having got changed.

Mayhew: Introducing first, from Long Island, New York, weighing in at 214 pounds... Zack Ryder!

Saxton: We’re about to see tonight’s Main Event – a blockbuster tag team match to end the decade with a bang! ECW Champion Christian, and Tommy Dreamer, taking on Zack Ryder and Paul Burchill – this is going to be fantastic!

Striker: Well, Ryder sure looks like he plans on ending this decade with a win tonight – that would give him a pretty big momentum boost going into that huge match at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Ryder strides down the ramp, and gets the ring, looking towards the ramp, as if expecting that Dreamer will come out next, and they’ll have their contest now. Instead, Paul Burchill’s music starts, and the crowd begins to boo again. The Englishman wanders out, accompanied by Katie Lea, who looks down to the ring without interest. Burchill rubs his hands together.

Mayhew: And his tag team partner... from Chelsea, England, weighing in at 247 pounds... the Ripper, Paul Burchill!

The crowd boos as Burchill runs a gloved hand through his hair, and begins to storm down the ramp, the camera sweeping with a brilliant shot of his prone face, a man ready for battle.

Saxton: This man is brutal – Paul Burchill is, in my mind, one of the most dangerous superstars on ECW... hell, even the entire company!

Striker: I can’t argue with you there, Byron. Paul Burchill has shown us all again and again that he can be a powerful entity... he really is a huge threat to Christian’s ECW Title come Royal Rumble.

Burchill gets in the ring, and shadily glares at Ryder. Katie Lea takes her spot at ringside, looking tentatively towards the stage.

The heavy guitar, ever-classic tune of Tommy Dreamer’s music hits, and the crowd goes wild! The Innovator of Violence storms out, pumping his arms, and staring right down the ramp, looking fierily into the eyes of Zack Ryder! The crowd begins to chant his name, and the Heart and Soul of ECW begins to make his way down the ramp, smiling confidently.

Mayhew: And their opponents... first, from Yonkers, New York... weighing in at 255 pounds... Tommy Dreamer!

Saxton: Well, need we say more about Tommy Dreamer?

Striker: A true legend, Byron. Remember, though, that could all come to an end in three weeks’ time, in that astronomical Extreme Rules match, with Dreamer’s career on the line!

Dreamer rolls under the bottom rope, and immediately stands, looking at Ryder with a filthy expression. Ryder hangs around on the apron, as does Burchill, both men watching Dreamer as he gets up on a turnbuckle, and raises an arm to the fans with a grin. His music subsides, and the arena turns gold...


The crowd goes wild! Christian comes charging out, wearing his usual, shining, silver hooded cloak.

Mayhew: And his tag team partner... from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 227 pounds... the ECW Champion... Christian!

Saxton: In about five weeks, at Royal Rumble, that man right there puts his ECW Championship on the line in a Triple Threat match, against Shelton Benjamin, and Paul Burchill.

Striker: He can’t be thinking about that match right now though, Byron – he needs to make sure he picks up a win in tonight’s match, or Paul Burchill’s gonna have himself a handful of momentum going into Saturday Night’s Main Event, and then the Rumble after that!

Captain Charisma puts a hand on his brow to look out at the arena, searching for his ‘peeps’, before starting to make his way down the ramp, pointing out to the crowd with a smile. He slaps the hands of the fans at ringside, then joins Tommy Dreamer in the ring. Dreamer sees Ryder is going to start the match, and eagerly volunteers to start the match – Ryder notices this, and immediately shifts back to the apron. The crowd boos, and Burchill narrows his eyes, before stepping inside the ring, shaking his head. As Burchill and Dreamer get ready to go, the referee calls for the bell.

Match 3
Christian and Tommy Dreamer vs Paul Burchill and Zack Ryder

As we join the match at seven minutes, Burchill is feeding Dreamer right hands in the middle of the ring, one after the other... Dreamer reels back with every devastating blow... but he suddenly comes back with a cracking shot of his own! The crowd roars, and Burchill blinks in shock, before throwing a right hand again... but Dreamer ducks under it! Burchill turns around... CRACK! Stunning uppercut to the jaw from the Innovator of Violence, and Burchill goes down, completely stunned! Dreamer stands above the Ripper, a smirk breaking out from behind his cold expression. He pulls Burchill back to his feet, and hoists him into an Oklahoma... before moving to the corner, and laying him out in the Tree of Woe! The crowd cheers crazily, and Dreamer takes some strides back, before beating his chest, and roaring ‘E... C... W!’ with the crowd! He then charges towards the corner... AND LANDS THE LOW-ANGLE DROPKICK TO BURCHILL’S FACE! The crowd goes wild, and Burchill falls from the corner, clutching his face... and Dreamer hooks a leg... 1... 2... but no! Burchill kicks out!

The Heart and Soul of ECW gets up, staring at Ryder as he does, before turning to his corner, and tagging in Christian! The ECW Champion sweeps in, smiling, and picks Burchill up... but the Ripper lands a right hand to Christian’s stomach, and pushes him away! Christian moves back in... but Burchill scoops him, and swings him through, connecting with a sweet Powerslam! The crowd groans in shock, and Christian blinks on the mat, stunned by Burchill’s ingenuity! The Ripper runs a hand through his hair, before pulling the Champion back to his feet... and hoisting him into the air with the Vertical Suplex Lift... the crowd boos Burchill in anticipation of the always brutal Dangerous Buster... Burchill hisses ‘This is what’s gonna happen at the Rumble!’... but Christian spins free, and falls from the hold, SPIKING BURCHILL INTO THE MAT WITH A FALLING DDT! The crowd roars wildly, and Christian leaps back to his feet, clapping his hands... the crowd gets into it, too, clapping along... Captain Charisma puts his hands in the air, waiting for Burchill to rise. The ECW Champion places himself in between Burchill and Ryder on the apron, making sure there’s no chance of a tag. Burchill still hasn’t got up, and the referee bends down to check on him... but Ryder sneaks into the ring, and grabs Christian... ZACK ATTACK FROM RYDER! The crowd boos intensely, and Ryder rolls from the ring, smirking... Christian looks totally out of it on the mat, taken completely unawares! Burchill pulls himself up, smirking as he sees Christian face down on the mat, barely moving! The Ripper casually wanders over to the ECW Champion, before pulling him up a little by his arms, and placing the sole of his boot to the back of Captain Charisma’s head... CURB STOMP CONNECTS! Zack Ryder is round the other side of the ring, and he yanks Dreamer from the apron! Burchill will cover Christian, as Ryder and Dreamer exchange heated blows... 1... 2... 3! Paul Burchill has pinned the ECW Champion!

Winners: Paul Burchill and Zack Ryder

Match Time: 9:37

Burchill has his arm raised, and he quickly drops down to Christian’s level, smirking. On the outside, Tommy Dreamer smashes Zack Ryder’s head into the barricade, and the Long Island Loudmouth can only stagger away, stunned! Ryder sees Dreamer coming for him again, so he begins to stagger away, breaking into a run, and charging away from Dreamer, up the ramp... but Dreamer is hot on his heels, chasing the Long Island Loudmouth up the ramp, and into the back!

Katie Lea rolls into the ring and ushers her brother back to his feet, before hoisting his hand into the air. He smirks, before heading to a turnbuckle to celebrate – and Katie Lea drops to her knees by Christian! The crowd lets out a huge mixed reaction, as Katie Lea reaches out with a hand towards Christian – but Paul gets off the turnbuckle, and Katie Lea shoots to her feet! The Ripper stands across from his sister, as if he saw her from the corner of his eye... Katie Lea’s eyes are wide in shock, but before any more words can be spoken, the crowd goes wild – BECAUSE SHELTON BENJAMIN IS CHARGING DOWN THE RAMP! Burchill’s glance shoots towards the ramp, and with a start he raises his fists... Benjamin slides under the bottom rope, and leaps to his feet – Burchill flings a right hand, but Benjamin ducks it... AND LAYS THE RIPPER OUT WITH PAYDIRT! The crowd roars, and Benjamin leaps up, yelling! Katie Lea has rolled from the ring in total shock, and the Gold Standard raises an arm in the ring, as the crowd roars!

Saxton: And to end the decade tonight, it will be the Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin, standing tall over his Royal Rumble opponents, after Paul Burchill pinned the ECW Champion!

Striker: Tommy Dreamer and Zack Ryder brawled to the back tonight, plus a great match between four of ECW’s finest, and a huge match for Saturday Night’s Main Event announced!

Saxton: Matt, we’re just getting closer and closer to that epic event, but for now, it’s all about tonight! Thanks for watching, and we hope to bring you more action-packed ECW action in the next decade, just as we have in this one! I’m Byron Saxton, together with Matt Striker, we’ll see you next Tuesday, in 2010!

The final image we see is of Shelton Benjamin, standing above the fallen Christian and Paul Burchill, as ECW fades... to... black.



Quick Results

Rhyno and Manu bt. Gregory Helms and Yoshi Tatsu
Big Daddy V bts. Harry and Steve Bentley (Local Talent)
Paul Burchill and Zack Ryder bt. Christian and Tommy Dreamer


Announced for ECW Invades: Saturday Night’s Main Event
Location: Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date: 16th January 2010
Tagline: Extreme Returns...

Christian and ??? vs Shelton Benjamin and ??? vs Paul Burchill and ???

Zack Ryder vs Tommy Dreamer
Extreme Rules Career Threatening Match
If Tommy Dreamer loses, he must retire

William Regal vs Ezekiel Jackson

??? /w Tiffany vs Big Daddy V /w Abraham Washington
If Tiffany’s representative wins, Abraham Washington is fired from ECW
If Abraham Washington’s representative wins, Washington becomes new General Manager of ECW


Announced for Royal Rumble
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York
Date: January 31st, 2010
Tagline: Who Will Be The One?
Event Theme Song: ‘Hero’ by Skillet

WWE Championship
Jack Swagger (c) vs ???

World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio
NYC Brawl

ECW Championship
Christian (c) vs Shelton Benjamin vs Paul Burchill

United States Championship
The Miz (c) vs Evan Bourne

Women’s Championship
Michelle McCool (c) vs Mickie James

30-Man Royal Rumble Match
CM Punk vs Cody Rhodes vs David Hart Smith vs Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms vs John Morrison vs Matt Hardy vs MVP vs Rhyno vs Super Crazy vs The Brian Kendrick vs Ted DiBiase vs Tyson Kidd vs William Regal vs Yoshi Tatsu vs Zack Ryder vs 15 Other Superstars
Winner Receives Either A WWE or World Heavyweight Championship Match At Wrestlemania 26
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

ECW Review:

Opening promo: I was very surprised that Burchill and Ryder were the two to converse over a face vs. heel promo. Anyway Ryder’s cockiness was so well portrayed in this promo. The chicks dig me was a great line. Christian coming in was another thing portrayed greatly just getting over with the crowd, and a good main event was set up right here. Dreamer bringing some extreme with the crutch might have been a bit much since the match wasn’t extreme or anything.

Maun/Rhyno vs. Helms/Tatsu: I really, really really can’t wait for their feud to be over with. I really hate both teams and I have stressed that out. I kind of hope one team get to face Legacy for the titles, so we can add something to this feud, because it has simply been boring to me. However while I am all negative, you have booked it great the past couple of weeks so don’t let my bias of not liking any of these guys get in the way.

Benjamin Promo: Really interested to see who his partner is, but anyway yeah great promo from Benjamin, really had me giving him the nod for this week even though it doesn’t seem like he will have a match to build up momentum for him. Still he is the dark horse (not referring to his skin) I think in the ECW title match and I am really rooting for him.

BDV: Typical squash but hey, I have to say I like Abe as the manager and this whole angle with Tiffany has been fantastic. I really am intrigued to see what happens as it develops more and more. ECW more than life, I think was a bit overtop if you ask me, but I guess it is to show her true passion as GM of ECW. Anyway I can’t wait to see who Tiffany chooses for SNME, which is turning into a great show.

Zeke/Regal: I maybe felt you could have left this out. Just my opinion I was indifferent about it, and you could of saved it closer to their battle like next week or so.

Main Event: Epic match, and Burchill doing the Curb Stomp I am defiantly marking for. Now all he needs to do is the C-4 lol. No but this was all good, and now Burchill has a lot of the momentum that I was going to give Shelton for the night, but wait what’s this Katie Lea checking on Christian. Momentum back to Benjamin for the night especially with the attack and paydirt after the match. Finally we get a little hint of why Katie Lea has been acting so strange however I can’t see why she has a vested interest on Christian, so I want to see how you develop that.

Overall: Great stuff, from this ECW as SNME gets closer and closer I really can’t wait. Like I said the Zeke/Regal maybe could have been left out. I like all your angles too, cept’ for Yoshi/Helms, Manu/Rhyno, but it is fine. Can’t wait to see more as the road is getting closer and closer to the rumble. BTW, off topic but still Swagger MITB, possibly Swagger/Cena feud are you a mind reader lol.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

ECW Feedback

Been awhile since I’ve commented, although I *think* I know what’s going on. If I make any mistakes feel free to correct me. Pretty nice way to kick it off with the commentators hyping up what I think is a clever match for Saturday Night’s Main Event. Should certainly be quality.

Starting the show off with Burchill? Seems fine to me. Have to say, Burchill coming out and going for the cheap heat was alright, although after that there didn’t look like there was much point of him coming out, because all he really did was react to the crowd for booing him. Wouldn’t he have come out with something to say? Not saying what he said was bad, as I like the arrogance you’ve given Burchill, but it just seemed like he didn’t have a purpose for being out there up until he was interrupted by Zack Ryder. Ryder’s arrogance was good and all, especially with the line about how the women dig him and him being the future Royal Rumble winner while talking about how he’ll be retiring Tommy Dreamer, although what I found most interesting was what looked like tension between Ryder and Burchill, despite both being heels. A bit disappointed we didn’t get to see Burchill at least have a little bite back before the two were interrupted, but Christian coming out is interesting. Christian was pretty good here in his joking way, but at times he was almost a bit over the top to me, and it didn’t have quite have that Christian cockiness that makes him great. Still, a nice way to end the promo and make for what should be a good main event, especially with the added intrigue of the heels not liking one another.

I have to say, I like the effort in that you’ve tried to make some new tag teams, even if they do look a little thrown together. Match progressed pretty nicely, and the tag team finisher is something different, although I think it would look a little better if Manu maybe even threw Tatsu towards the charging Rhyno, rather than just allowing Tatsu to stand. Still, an enjoyable way to kick us off on the wrestling side of things.

If Benjamin’s partner is Charlie Haas, I’ll mark. Hard. Promo from Shelton that followed was pretty good, although by the end I felt as if it was going in circles a bit. He addressed being ignored, moved on, then came back to if you know what I mean. Still, a decent promo from Shelton, especially when you consider his obvious limitations on the mic.

Not quite sure what’s going on with this Katie Lea situation as I haven’t been following this thread as much as I probably should have been. I assume she’s having problems with Burchill though and they relate to Christian. If so, nice little way to keep it in mind for the people who aren’t lazy, unlike myself.

Nice way to allow Big Daddy V to continue to look good, while not having him take someone out again. I have to say that I also liked that Tiffany gave the jobbers something to fight for so that she’s not simply trying to aid Big Daddy V and give him momentum since he’s against her. Have to say, the reasoning behind this feud is pretty clever and makes sense in that Washington is now looking for his own show, and I thought Washington’s promo did a good job of telling that story, and also allowing me to catch up to speed easily. Tiffany showing no fear and joining Washington in the ring is a nice little touch, while her portion of the promo was pretty nice. Washington was pretty damn good too, goading Tiffany into the match too, and really using some logic, rather than her just accepting the match pointlessly. Liked the way you went about this. Tiffany’s response was good too, topping off the promo well, and making a very interesting match for Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Have to say, I don’t like Zeke in the face role. He just has such a presence, such intensity that he’s much more suited to the badass heel role. I know you didn’t want to be like the real life WWE, but having Regal turn on Kozlov, rather than Zeke, seemed a much better choice for mine as you get that monster heel. Promo here really wasn’t anything, and it just seemed like a way to get the two on the show without them really doing anything, which is a bit disappointing.

Hmm, a bit odd in that this didn’t seem to follow the usual formula of a tag team match, but an enjoyable match nonetheless. A bit disappointed that you didn’t capitalise on the heat the Burchill and Ryder had earlier, as it looked like they wouldn’t exactly gel as a team, but still, Burchill pinning Christian keeps his momentum going and makes him look like a real threat. The continued teasing between Christian and Katie Lea is interesting too, while it was good to see Shelton get involved at the end, even if in a minimal role. Pretty good way to finish the show.

I came into this thread expecting a pretty good show, and I’d say that’s what I got. For the most part, the show delivered what it promised, and it was a good read. Your promos were pretty solid throughout, and the match writing is fine. My only real gripe was with the lack of anything of substance happening in the Zeke/Regal stuff, but apart from that the booking was solid enough. A good effort, and enough to make me try to drop back in a lot more often.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

ECW Review

Opening Promo – A nice promo by all three men here. I was confused as to why Ryder would possibly come out to interrupt Burchill, but now I see it was to setup the main event.

Match 1: Helms & Yoshi vs. Rhyno & Manu – Pretty good match. The finish wasn’t the best, but it was different and innovative, I’ll give you that. It’ll be interesting to see how these two teams fair on Smackdown for the tag team turmoil, but to be honest I’m not big on either team.

Promo: Shelton – This was a good promo by Shelton. I really liked how he brought up that the feud has been mostly between Christian and Burchill so far. Hopefully that changes soon.

Backstage: Christian & Katie Lea – This is getting very interesting. Katie obviously has a thing for Christian but she knows her brother would be furious about it. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Match 2: Big Daddy V vs. Jobbers – Well just a simple squash match to prove Big Daddy V’s dominance. That’s fine with me.

Promo: Washington & Tiffany – Good promo here, especially by Abe. I like how you explained why Tiffany wouldn’t just fire Abe. And the match made is a great way to end this feud. I can’t wait to see who Tiffany picks to face Big Daddy V.

Promo: Regal & Jackson – Nice short little promo between these two to hype their match. It could’ve been longer if anything, but it was still good.

Match 3: Christian & Dreamer vs. Burchill & Ryder – Good match and Burchill winning was fine. Ryder and Dreamer fighting to the back was good and got them out of there so the guys from the ECW Title match could fight. Katie Lea again showing her affection towards Christian. And Shelton getting the last shot was great since he had no interaction with either of them all night.

Notes: Good show here. Saturday Night’s Main Event is turning out to be great. All look to be huge matches and I can’t wait to see who will be the partners in the main event.

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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Hey guys.

Big thanks to RatedRKO31, amrocky25 and BkB Hulk for your feedback, guys, it was absolutely kickass stuff – RKO, I’m always reviewing your shows, but amrocky25 and BkB, you both have PPVs just around the corner, and what I’ll do (feel free to quote me) is guaran-damn-tee you both feedback/reviews for your Cyber Sunday and No Way Out PPVs, respectively, which I’m very much looking forward to reading, in both cases. Hope that helps.

Edit: Actually, while I'm here, I really should address the Drizzle and Nige, too, seeing as they gave me feedback for Raw - basically, I'll try and send some feedback your direction too, guys. You guys were kind enough to help me out, it's only fair that I return the favour.

I 100% agree with Zeke/Regal – should’ve just cut it, tbh.

Apart from that, there wasn’t much else to talk about that I haven’t already mentioned in PM or rep, so let’s get cracking with a preview for my first ever SmackDown in this thread, shock horror!


Friday Night SmackDown
U.S. Cellular Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
1st January 2010

It’s a brand new decade, and tonight, the journey towards Royal Rumble continues, with some stunning action in store. SmackDown comes to you from the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where you can expect thrills and spills galore.

Answers From The Animal
Five days ago at Armageddon, Batista interrupted the WWE Unified Tag Team Championship match – the Animal Speared World Heavyweight Champion Big Show, as well as giving Chris Jericho a Batista Bomb, causing the pair to lose their Tag Team Titles. Tonight on SmackDown, the Animal opens the show, to explain his actions five nights ago – after costing Chris Jericho and Big Show their titles, will either man have anything to say to Batista when he comes to the ring tonight? And what possibly could Batista’s motive have been? Or was it simply that the Animal was playing mind games with his Royal Rumble opponents? And as we are yet to hear from Batista since last week, what are his views on the NYC Brawl to come at Royal Rumble? Tune in to SmackDown tonight to find out.

Tag... Team... Turmoil
Tonight on SmackDown, eight tag teams from all three brands take to the ring in a Tag Team Turmoil contest to win a shot at WWE Unified Tag Team Champions, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, with the titles on the line. D-Generation X, the Colons, and the World’s Strongest Tag Team represent Raw, while bitter rivals Cryme Tyme and the Hart Dynasty supply the challenge for SmackDown. ECW is represented by Rhyno and Manu, Yoshi Tatsu and Gregory Helms, and the Ruthless Roundtable, William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov. Only one of these eight teams will earn the right to face the Tag Team Champions in a few weeks’ time, and you can be sure Legacy will be in the building, to observe this contest. Who will walk out as new No. 1 Contenders?

A Perfect Rumble?
Dolph Ziggler has been causing havoc and destruction all over the Blue Brand, mainly targeting Matt Hardy – tonight, Ziggler gets one more chance at making it to the 30-Man Royal Rumble match, after going on a rampage after losing his initial Qualifier, when Hardy himself pinned R-Truth in a Triple Threat match. Teddy Long has decreed that if Ziggler loses to R-Truth tonight, his chances of making to the Rumble are over, no matter how he feels about it, and no matter how many people he attacks. With Ziggler on such a tear at the moment, will R-Truth be able to steal his thunder, and qualify for the Rumble himself, or will Ziggler continue to make a name for himself on Friday nights, this time by earning himself a place in that 30-Man spectacle?

Punk "Reveals All"
At Royal Rumble, CM Punk will be one of thirty men stepping inside the ring to compete for a World Title shot at Wrestlemania. Tonight, however, he takes to the ring for a different reason – to address the WWE Universe. One week ago on SmackDown, Punk lost to Intercontinental Champion John Morrison in a title bout, failing to capture the title in the process. No doubt he’ll have something to say about that this evening, but that’s not all – CM Punk has promised that he will reveal to us all, just why ‘the WWE Universe cannot bring themselves to join a nation under Punk’. The “Second City Saint” has guaranteed that he will tell all about exactly why we all supposedly have a problem, tonight on SmackDown. It’s not to be missed.

There’s Only One
After finally conquering Finlay last week in singles action, The Brian Kendrick managed to finally prove that his youth could defeat the Irishman’s experience. After suffering two singles losses to Finlay in two weeks after Survivor Series, Kendrick went on a quest to finally beat the Man Who Loves To Fight – last week, after nailing The Kendrick twice, he put away his nemesis, and proved that he has what it takes to ‘make it big’ on SmackDown. Tonight, the brash young superstar takes on Intercontinental Champion John Morrison – if Kendrick could win tonight, he’d set himself firmly on the path to the gold.

Unlikely Tandem Rumble-Bound?
"The Chosen One", Drew McIntyre will team will none other than Mike Knox tonight – the pair team up to take on the returning duo of Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang. The team that wins will find themselves in the Royal Rumble match – the team that loses, will have nothing. It’s been a while since Wang Yang and Moore have teamed together, so they might be a little rusty tonight... and while Knox and McIntyre have never teamed together before, their brutality in the ring is practically unrivalled on SmackDown, meaning the high-flyers may have their hands full with the unlikely team tonight.

Hey Mickie!
Last week, Mickie James defeated Layla, Michelle McCool’s best friend. The Women’s Champion came out after the match, and planted her Royal Rumble opponent with the Wings of Love, making a massive statement. Tonight, Mickie takes on Layla again – while Layla will be looking for redemption, Mickie will be watching over her shoulder for the Champion to get involved, but hoping that she won’t.

An interview with Matt Hardy and much more!

Announced for SmackDown

The Animal, Batista to open the show
Tag Team Turmoil
D-Generation X vs The Colons vs World’s Strongest Tag Team vs Gregory Helms and Yoshi Tatsu vs Rhyno and Manu vs The Ruthless Roundtable vs Cryme Tyme vs The Hart Dynasty
No. 1 Contenders to the WWE Unified Tag Team Titles
CM Punk reveals the reason behind the WWE Universe’s problem
Royal Rumble Qualifier
Dolph Ziggler vs R-Truth
Mickie James vs Layla
John Morrison vs The Brian Kendrick
Royal Rumble Qualifier
Drew McIntyre and Mike Knox vs Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore
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Re: Melvisboy's WWE: The Comeback

Hmm, good looking card you've got yourself here. The matches all look to have potential, especially Kendrick/Morrison, and really, the only things I'm unsure of is there maybe being too many teams in the Rumble, and Mickie/Layla again, although I guess that just shows how shallow WWE have made their women's division. Still, everything looks to have promise, with a Punk promo probably the thing to look forward to most on the show.

Said I would try to drop by here more often, so hopefully I can get some feedback for SmackDown! up. Looking forward to the show.

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