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Rated Y2J Presents: WWE - Breaking Point And Beyond

~Rated Y2J Presents: WWE - Breaking Point & Beyond~

This is my first BTB, i've always loved reading different various BTB threads and the creativity is second to none in this part of the forum. This BTB will start after Breaking Point 2009. The results, just incase anyone needs to freshen up that memory;

WWE Unified Tag Team Championship: Chris Jericho and The Big Show def. MVP and Mark Henry
WWE United States Championship: Kofi Kingston def. The Miz
Submissions Count Anywhere Match: The Legacy def. D-Generation X
Singapore Cane Match: Kane def. The Great Khali w/Ranjih Singh
ECW Championship: Christian def. William Regal
I Quit Match; WWE Championship: John Cena def. Randy Orton
Submissions match; World Heavyweight Championship: CM Punk def. The Undertaker


~On-Air Talent~

General Manager -
Guest Hosts
Commentators - Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler
Ring Announcer - Lilian Garcia
Interviewers - Todd Grisham and Josh Matthews


WWE Champion - John Cena
United States Champion - Kofi Kingston
Unified Tag Team Champion - The Big Show
Diva's Champion - Mickie James

Alicia Fox
Beth Phoenix
Big Dick Johnson
Big Show
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Cody Rhodes
Evan Bourne
Gail Kim
Jack Swagger
Jamie Noble
Jerry Lawler
John Cena
Kelly Kelly
Kofi Kingston
Mark Henry
Michael Cole
Mickie James
Montel Vontavious Porter
Mr. McMahon
Randy Orton
Rosa Mendes
Santino Marella
Shawn Michaels
Ted DiBiase
The Miz
Triple H


~On-Air Talent~

General Manager - Theodore Long
Commentators - Todd Grisham and Jim Ross
Ring Announcer - Justin Roberts
Interviewers - Todd Grisham and Josh Matthews


World Heavyweight Champion - CM Punk
Intercontinental Champion - John Morrison
Unified Tag Team Champion - Chris Jericho
Women's Champion - Melina

Charlie Haas
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Curt Hawkins
David Hart Smith
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Edge - Injured
Jim Ross
Jimmy Wang Yang
John Morrison
Kung Fu Naki
Matt Hardy
Michelle McCool
Mike Knox
Ranjih Singh
Rey Mysterio - Suspended
Shad Gaspard
Slam Master J
The Great Khali
Theodore Long
Todd Grisham
Tyson Kidd


~On-Air Talent~

General Manager - Tiffany
Commentators - Josh Matthews and Matt Striker
Ring Announcer - Tony Chimel
Interviewers - Courtney Taylor and Gregory Helms


ECW Champion - Christian

Abraham Washington
Brie Bella
Ezekiel Jackson
Gregory Helms
Josh Matthews
Katie Lea Burchill
Matt Striker
Nikki Bella
Paul Burchill
Shelton Benjamin
The Hurricane
Tommy Dreamer
Tony Atlas
Tyler Reks
Vladimir Kozlov
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder


Hell In A Cell
Bragging Rights
Survivor Series
TLC; Tables, Ladders and Chairs
Royal Rumble
Elimination Chamber
WrestleMania 26

Banners credit: Rocker

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Re: Rated Y2J Presents: WWE - Breaking Point And Beyond

Good to see this up, Ben, who made those lovely banners, I may ask?

Anyways, hopefully you make this a success, it's your first one but there could always be some talent hidden away in there, so best of luck.

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Re: Rated Y2J Presents: WWE - Breaking Point And Beyond

Everything looks great Y2J. The layout is very good and it is easy to read. Also I think it's great you're keeping ECW.

Good luck with this.
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Re: Rated Y2J Presents: WWE - Breaking Point And Beyond

Personally I have to firstly say that this is excellently presented and everything, the banners really do add to that effect so you done the right thing adding them in. Very easy to read also which makes me a happy camper and I hope you have some talent in you, because perhaps this could go very far and turn out to be successful.

I bid you good luck with this BTB and hopefully it can continue to go great heights.
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Re: Rated Y2J Presents: WWE - Breaking Point And Beyond

~Monday Night Raw - 9/8ct USA Network WWE HD~

The aftermath of Breaking Point is upon us. This first Raw following Breaking Point will be held inside the US Airways Centre in Pheonix, Arizona. The Guest Host is none other than former WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus!

What will happen when the new champion John Cena clashes with the former champion Randy Orton in a tag match involving DX and The Legacy?

The WWE United States Championship will be defended by Kofi Kingston as he faces three opponents, The Miz, Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger, in a fatal four way match.

Also appearing at Raw will be Chris Jericho and The Big Show, whilst Batista is set to make his return to Raw, what will happen when the Animal sets foot on WWE soil again? Tune into Raw to find out.
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Re: Rated Y2J Presents: WWE - Breaking Point And Beyond

Good preview Ben, everything sounds interesting, Trish as Guest Host should be good, andI'm looking forward to the four-way for the United States Championship, I'm hoping you take the strap off of him although I wouldn't be surprised if you kept it on him until Hell In A Cell. Can't wait to hear from Batista, I don't suppose you'll have him go to Smackdown like IRL so it's pretty wide open. Cena and DX vs. Legacy is a big main event, hopefully that goes well, and I expect we'll see Cena/Orton at Hell In A Cell but a 6-Man HIAC involving Cena, DX and Legacy would be awesome.

I'll check the show out once it's up, and I'll most likely be leaving feedback too.
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Re: Rated Y2J Presents: WWE - Breaking Point And Beyond

This thread looks very good, very well layed out and presented nicely with the awesome banners. I read the preview for Raw and the show should be very good. I'm intrigued to see what you will do with Batista and i can't wait to read what happens in the fatal four way match for the U.S title, i personally hope you push Swagger with the belt but of course it's your decision. The Cena/D-X vs. Legacy match should be good and i'm curious to read what Trish will do as guest host.

I wish you all the best with this BTB, i'll read Raw when it's up, good luck man.
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Re: Rated Y2J Presents: WWE - Breaking Point And Beyond

Preview for RAW looks great so far, I'll definitely be reading . First of all, Cena teaming up with DX to take on The Legacy is damn sure a HUGE main event match, one that I'll be looking forward too. I'm fairly interested to see what you can do with Batista, rather than move him over to SD! which the WWE done, I can sense something very good coming up for him. The Fatal Four Way for the US Title also interests me, I can see Kofi retaining.

Glad that you're keeping the Guest Hosts for now BTW, since I just dislike the way people start a BTB from this particular time period and just drop it without doing anything on the shows. However, Trish Stratus will be a good guest host on your show, and it will interest me on how you use her. So far so good, and as stated, I'll definitely most likely leave some feedback.
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Re: Rated Y2J Presents: WWE - Breaking Point And Beyond

Decent preview, I really like the first post in this thread, the set up and how it looks... very appealing to the eyes.
I wish you the best of luck, however please do eventually get rid of the Guest Hosts I am sure that would make a lot of people happy.

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Re: Rated Y2J Presents: WWE - Breaking Point And Beyond

~Monday Night Raw - 9/8ct USA Network WWE HD | Live from US Airways Centre, Phoenix, Arizona~

Video recap package airs, with highlights from last nights Breaking Point PPV. The package mainly highlights the I Quit match between Randy Orton and John Cena. The package ends with a shot of Cena standing tall holding the WWE Championship over a laid out Orton, with Lynyrd Skynryds ‘Still Unbroken’ the theme for the recap video.
*”Burn it To The Ground” blasts out as RAW begins*


Cole: Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman and welcome to Monday Night Raw! We are live from the US Airways Centre in Phoenix Arizona! We’re one night removed from Breaking Point in what turned out to be a truly history event. I’m Michael Cole and I’m here with, as always, the ever-present Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler!
Lawler: Thanks, Michael. I cannot wait for tonights show to get underway! John Cena successfully reclaimed the WWE Championship last night at Breaking Point, and we have a HUGE main event for you tonight!

Cole: We sure do, King! It will be former WWE Champion Randy Orton and The Legacy, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, vs. The new WWE Champion John Cena and D-Generation X! And that’s not all, as we were told on WWE.com earlier on today that THE ANIMAL Batista will make his return!
Lawler: *Lets out an excited laugh* I cannot wait for that. My personal favourite diva of all time, Trish Stratus is our guest host tonight also Michael! TRISH STRATUS!

Cole: That’s right, King! What will the former 7 time Women’s Champion have to say in another exciting edition of Monday Night Raw!

Lilian Garcia: Please welcome the new the NEW WWE CHAMPION, JOHN CEEEENA!

***MY TIME IS NOW!*** hits from the speakers as the crowd erupts! John Cena comes bursting onto the stage to a massive reaction! Cena stands still for a moment, the camera zooms in and Cena salutes the WWE Universe, before running into the ring! The camera pans around the US Airways Centre showing the WWE Universe’s reaction, most of who the camera picks up are wearing John Cena merchandise.

As the camera cuts back into the ring, Cena stands in the centre looking proud with a huge grin on his face and a microphone in his hand. The music dies down as Cena gets ready to talk.


*The crowd erupt again, boo’s or cheers, everyone in attendance is giving a reaction*

Cena: Damn does it feel good to say that again! Last night was possibly the most brutal and intense match I have had so far in the WWE, but I came out on top when I made Randy Orton say “I Quit”!

The crowd cheer
Cena: Tonight is a night for celebration! And after the great success of last night, you lucky fans in attendance and all you millions watching around the globe get to see Randy Orton once again, team up with his lackeys Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes..

The crowd boo at the mention of Orton and The Legacy

Cena: … as they face off against myself, and D-Generation X!

The building erupts with cheers

Cena: And, as WWE Champion I would like to welcome two legends and inspirations in this business, but I’ve got one question to ask before I go ahead and do that…..ARE YOU READY!?

Huge amount of cheers from the fans

Cena: No, I said……ARE…….YOU……..ah what the heck, I’ll leave it to the man himself. Please welcome D-Generation X everybody!

Hey, think you can tell us what to do?!
Think you can tell us what to wear?…
You think that you’re better…
Well, you better get ready…
To bow to the masters…

The people in attendance absolutely erupt as the roof nearly comes down with cheers.

Triple H is the first to be seen on stage, ever so shortly followed by The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. Triple H, wearing the D-Generation X ‘Suck it!’ Jersey, and a bottle of water in his hand looks towards Shawn, who is wearing a D-Generation X vest, DX armband and a beanie, before HHH spits out his water whilst raising his arms to taunt an X whilst HBK runs around him. Triple H continues to walk down the ramp as HBK jogs down the ramp before climbing onto the ring post and pointing to the fans. Triple H and Shawn Michaels make their way into the squared circle, taunting once again together with a crotch chop, before the music dies down.

John Cena grins at the arrival of D-Generation X, looks to the fans, before squatting, moving out his arms and giving the microphone to Triple H. Triple H takes it from him, with a look of disgust on his face. He gives the microphone to Shawn Michaels, as HBK takes it from him and shrugs towards Cena, which prompts Cena to laugh and shake his head. Shawn Michaels then jogs around Triple H one more time before squatting, giving the microphone to Triple H. Triple H points to Cena and says ‘That’s how it’s done!’, as Cena smiles and nods his head.


Crowd cheer


Triple H walks towards the ring post and puts hits leg up on the second rope..


The crowd erupt once more with a rapture of cheers

D-Generation X both squat, looking towards the mat.

Triple H: Then, for the thousands in attendance. For the millions watching around the World, and The Legacy..

HBK and Triple H now look up, as HHH stands up looks towards the camera

Triple H: …who made a name for theirselves last night and defeated me and Shawn in a Submissions Count Anywhere match.

The crowd boo for the mention of The Legacy defeating D-Generation X

Triple H: That’s right. You see John, you have a lot to celebrate. You reclaimed the WWE Championship last night, and unfortunately we don’t have much to celebrate. However, on the more positive outlook on things, unfortunately for Legacy tonight, they’re dealing with not only Triple H and Shawn, D-Generation X, but they’re dealing with THE GAME TRIPLE H and THE SHOWSTOPPER SHAWN MICHAELS, and they will see the ass-kicking side of D-Generation X tonight!

Massive pop

Triple H squats again as HHH and HBK look towards the mat

Triple H: Now……. For the thousands in attendance, and the millions watching around the World….LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEETS GET READY TO…

They council me
They understand

Massive heat for Randy Orton and The Legacy

Randy Orton slithers into sight with a deranged look on his face and a microphone in his hand. He’s wearing a gas mask designed RKO grey t shirt along with his wrestling attire. He stops at the top of the stage, without changing the cold expression on his face. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes join Orton at the top of the stage, both wearing Legacy t shirts. Cody and Ted stand behind Orton, looking a stronger team as ever. The music dies down, as a chorus of boo’s is heard throughout the building.

Randy Orton: I’m sure everyone hear would love to see you two finish off those two words. I’m also positive that everyone here are happy that their unsung hero John Cena, is WWE Champion again..

The crowd cheer to make sure that Orton knows they do want to see that.

Randy Orton: ..Well don’t get used to it! Because besides my loss last night, The Legacy are stronger than ever and much sooner than later, I will reclaim the WWE Championship and once again, be WWE Champion.

The crowd boo at the thought of that happening.

Triple H: That sounds like a challenge, Randy. How you are going to be even able to compete after us three are through with you tonight is beyond me! Infact, why even wait until later tonight, it seems perfectly reasonable to kick off Raw with a 6 man tag match!

The crowd cheer in agreement with HHH

Randy Orton drops the microphone, and slowly moves towards the ring, backed by The Legacy. He eventually gets towards the ring, and orders Legacy to attack. Legacy are hesitant at first, before they slide in and start brawling with Triple H, Shawn Michaels and John Cena. Orton instantly follows Legacy, and it turns into a massive brawl with punches being thrown from everyone.


The crowd cheer for the arrival of tonights Guest Host Trish Stratus. Trish arrives on stage, as the crowd give Trish a massive reaction. Trish looks lovely as always, dressed in a white buttoned shirt and black skin tight pants. She can’t help but give out a smile as she looks around at the reaction she’s receiving, before turning her attention to the brawl that has now stopped in the ring.

Trish Stratus: Wow it’s good to be back!

The crowd cheer in total agreement

Trish: Now I’m your guest host for this evening so gentleman, can I have your full attention. The 6 man tag match is going to take place later on, and to add some controversy and 100% pure stratusfaction to the match, if The Legacy win, Randy Orton will become WWE Champion!

Cole: Wow King! What a way to make your first decision as guest host! We now have a WWE Championship 6 man tag match tonight!

Lawler: I cannot wait. Ooooh, Trish!

Cole: Much more to come on Monday Night Raw! We will be back after this..

The Legacy, D-Generation X and John Cena stare at eachother, ready to fight. Cena now looks more determined than ever as he stares down with Orton, as Raw goes to a commercial break.

Commercial Break.

Cole: And we are back on RAW and still in shock!

Lawler: Yep that’s right, Cole. A WWE Championship match will take place tonight!

Cole: Moments ago guest host, the beautiful Trish Stratus, announced that if Legacy were to pick up the victory against D-Generation X and John Cena tonight, Randy Orton will become WWE Champion!

Footage rolls, showing the brawl and Trish making that decision.


Carlito makes his way out, as fans boo him, which just puts a smile on his face. With the usual apple in hand, Carlito makes his way down and into the ring, looking arrogant as ever.

Lilian Garcia: Introducing first, from The Caribbean, weighing 231 lbs; Carlito!

Cole: Carlito, a former tag team, Intercontinental and United States Champion, kicks us off on an already historic night.

Lawler: Carlito has plenty of talent, but don’t stand next to him whilst he has an apple in his hand – Which appears to be all the time.

Cole: That’s right, King. His brother and opponent for tonight Primo found that out earlier this year.


Primo comes rushing out on the stage to cheers. He points towards his brother before running down into the ring. He then points once more before climbing the turnbuckle.

Lilian Garcia: Introducing his opponent, from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and weighing 218 lbs; Primo!

Cole: Primo Colon, a very exciting up and coming prospect on the RAW roster. This should be very interesting match up.

Lawler: It’s brother vs. brother, so each superstar should pull out all the stops to win this one!

Match One -
Carlito vs. Primo

Brother vs. Brother, Carlito Colon vs. Primo Colon kicks off at a fast pace as Primo hits a few shoulder blocks on Carlito, which leads to a dropkick that sends Carlito to the outside. Carlito takes his time to get back into the ring, which leads to Primo suicide diving through the middle rope onto Carlito, as we go to a commercial break.

When we come back, Carlito is in control, working over the left arm of Primo. Carlito drops the knee on Primo’s arm before making a cover. 1…2..kick out! Primo starts fighting back which leads to Carlito snap suplexing Primo. 1…2..kick out! As Carlito seems to be keeping his cool, he starts mocking his brother, slapping Primo’s head as he tries to get to his feet. Primo starts to mount some offense, and hits a nice spinning wheel kick on Carlito. Primo starts to feel it, as the WWE Universe gets behind him. Carlito starts crawling on his hands and knees towards the corner, away from Primo. Primo goes to pick up Carlito but Carlito reverses and pulls Primo towards the turnbuckle, which leads to Primo staggering backwards into a back cracker!. 1……2……3!

Winner: Carlito via pinfall @ 6.52

Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner, Carlito!

Carlito raises his hands, then goes to pick up his apple. He takes a bite, before spitting it in Primo’s prone face!

Cole: Oh c’mon! That’s…that’s vintage Carlito!

Lawler: I was wondering when you would say that.

Cole: Well, you have to give credit where credit is due and it was a very impressive outing by Carlito tonight!

We go backstage to Randy Orton and The Legacy’s locker room, as Legacy are standing eitherside of Orton. Orton waits for boo’s before he begins to talk.

Randy Orton: Tonight I’m going to reclaim what is rightfully mine, the WWE Championship.

Cody Rhodes: This is a cakewalk, Randy! We beat DX last night at Breaking Point and tonight, with you by our side, we will defeat DX once again along with John Cena.

Ted DiBiase: I guarantee Randy, that you will leave here tonight as WWE Champion.

Randy Orton: DON’T get ahead of yourself! We are still dealing with Triple H and Shawn Michaels, but tonight they’re looking for revenge, and with Cena by their side we can’t afford any slip ups.

Ted DiBiase: Don’t worry, Randy. As I said, I GUARANTEE it.

The camera pans out of the locker room as we go to commercials.

Commercial Break.

We return as the camera is fixated in the General Managers office, where the camera zooms into Trish. Trish unbuttons a couple of buttons on her white shirt, as the Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho and The Big Show walk in. Jericho has a cocky smirk on his face, sporting a black suit and blue tie with the Unified Tag Team Championships over each shoulder, whereas The Big Show stands behind Jericho, wearing an XXXL black waist coat and red tie, with each Tag Championship draped over his massive shoulders, as he looks on in lust towards Trish Stratus.

Trish Stratus: Ah, Chris. I was wondering when you were going to show up. How may I help you?

Jericho’s cocky smirk grows larger

Chris Jericho: No Trish you see it’s “How may I help you?”. You see myself and the mammoth Giant standing behind me confidently defended the Unified Tag Team Championships last night.

Trish: That is correct..

Chris Jericho: So seeing as you must know, these parasites and hypocrites in attendance are in awe at the sheer mention of the Best In The World at what I do Chris Jericho and the Biggest Athlete on the Planet The Big Show. We are a team with simply no flaws, and so as to prove that point we thought we’d come along to Raw tonight and prove just how dominant we truly are.

Trish Stratus: This all sounds great, Chris! But let’s cut to the chase. What is it you want?

As soon as she asks, the ECW Champion Christian comes walking into the office, wearing a stylish t shirt and jeans with the ECW Championship over his shoulder. He looks at Trish, before looking at Chris Jericho, and raising his head to look towards Big Show.

Chris Jericho: What the hell do you want?

Christian: Ah, Chris. This is…..a rather awkward situation giving mine, yours and Trish’s history.

Trish smiles at Christian, whilst Jericho just grins at Trish, and back at Christian.

Chris Jericho: Christian, Christian, Christian. Living in the past, I see. I was never interested in this filthy, dirty, germ incubator. I’m more experienced now, I’ve lived more, and that means that you better get out of my way right now before I do something about it.

Jericho and Christian stare eachother down, as it gets heated.

Trish Stratus: Still fighting over me, boys? It’s good to see some things don’t change. Chris, you said you wanted to prove to the world you and Show are the most dominant tag team in professional wrestling?

Jericho looks disgusted at Trish

Chris Jericho: I don’t have to prove anything to you, let alone these hypocrites.

Trish Stratus: Well with that said, I’ve got two matches in mind, and I’ve got the power to make them. Tonight you and Show will have a rematch from last nights Breaking Point against MVP and Mark Henry for the tag championships!

The crowd cheer, as Jericho looks angrily towards Trish.

Trish Stratus: …and not only will that match take place, but tomorrow nights ECW on SyFy will be headlined by yourself, Chris Jericho, taking on Christian!

The crowd cheer, as Jericho looks even more angrier and disgusted at Trish whilst Christian smiles at the thought of getting his hands on Jericho. Jericho storms out, as the camera moves towards The Big Show, who is still looking at Trish with lust in his eyes, seemingly having not changed his expression throughout the whole segment. We then go back to the ring.

Cole: Two huge matches announced, King! One taking place tonight on an exciting and historic night of action!

Lawler: Absolutely right, Michael. The Unified Tag Team Championships, the United States Championship and the WWE Championship are up for grabs tonight!

Cole: Speaking of the United States Championship, that’s our next match, a fatal four way for the United States Championship is up, un-interrupted, when we come back!

Commercial Break.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the WWE United States Championship! Introducing first, from Ghana, West Africa, weighing in at 221 lbs, he is the WWE United States Champion; Kofi Kingston!


Out comes the WWE United States Champion, Kofi Kingston, to a huge ovation. Boom! Boom! Boom! As the pyro goes off, Kofi hops down to the ring shaking the hands of various people in attendance. He then climbs to the turnbuckle, rests the United States Championship on his shoulder and does the Boom, Boom, Boom! Taunt once more, before jumping into the ring, ready to defend his championship

Cole: Kofi looked as impressive as ever last night at Breaking Point, defeating The Miz!

Lawler: Yes he did, this young guy is arguably the best pure athlete in the WWE!

Cole: But he has his hands full tonight as he defends his United States Championship against 3 men, one of which being this guy…

*I Came To Play*

The Miz walks out wearing a ‘Hello, I’m awesome’ t shirt, looking disgusted, but disgusted with a sense of enthusiasm in his eyes. He slowly walks down to the ring, taunting the fans in attendance. He then gets into the ring, standing in the corner, whilst constantly staring at Kofi.

Lilian Garcia: And the challenger, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at…

*The Miz grabs the microphone out of Lilians hand, as Lilian scatters out of the ring.

The Miz: No one cares, Lilian! The only thing people care about is that I’m going to become United States Champion very, very soon. Oh yeah. Kofi, you got lucky last night and you will find out tonight that you cannot beat me by pure talent because [I]I’M THE MIZ……..AND I’M AAAAAWESSSOME!!

The Miz drops the microphone looking determined, and stands in his corner.

*Get On Your Knees*

Jack Swagger walks out onto the stage, holding his arms out and looking cocky. He starts beating his chest, before pointing to the ramp, which leads to Swagger doing 2 push ups whilst his red, white and blue pyro goes off in the background. He stands to his feet and makes his way to the ring.

Lilian Garcia: Introducing the challenger, from Perry, Oklahoma, weighing in at 260 lbs, the All-American American, Jack Swagger!

Cole: Make no mistake about it, Jack Swagger has talent. You said earlier King that Kofi is the best athlete in the WWE, yet my moneys on this man.

Lawler: Oh, it’s a very good shout, Cole. As ridiculously arrogant this young man is, he is extremely talented.

Cole: And let’s not forget he’s the All-American American!

Lawler: He doesn’t let us forget.

*Evan From Heaven*

Out comes Evan Bourne, hyped up and looking forward to challenging for the United States Championship! He points to his fans before making his way down to the ring, shaking the hands of his fans in attendance. He moves onto the apron, before giving the peace sign and smiling. He then makes his way into the ring, looking ready to fight.

Lilian Garcia: Introducing the challenger, from St. Louis, Missouri, and weighing in at 183 lbs; Evan Bourne!

Lawler: If you haven’t seen this young kid wrestle before then you are in for a treat!

Cole: That’s right, King. Evan Bourne is such an athlete, and can fly with the best of them.

Match Two –
WWE United States Championship –
Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz vs. Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne

All four talented men look at eachother, before Swagger begins brawling with Bourne and The Miz – Kofi. Swagger gets the upper hand against Bourne, using his power to his advantage, whilst Kofi gets the upper hand against The Miz, which leads to The Miz crashing to the outside after a clothesline. Kofi goes over to help his friend Evan, and starts mixing it up with Swagger in the centre of the ring. Kingston uses his speed to his advantage, and dodges a punch attempt, but Swagger dodges Kofi’s shoulder block which leads to Swagger hitting an early German Suplex on the Champion. Kofi rolls to the outside.

Bourne is to his feet, and hits an enziguri on a turning Swagger, which staggers the big man. As he stays to his feet, Bourne charges at Swagger with a running knee, which takes Swagger down. Kofi and The Miz brawl on the outside, which leads to Miz getting the advantage after ramming Kofi’s back into the barricade. Miz slides back into the ring, where he’s greeted by a dropkick and an inverted hurricarana by Bourne. Bourne makes the quick pin….1…2..kick out! Bourne then calls for a quick ending as he taunts to set up the Air Bourne! He climbs the turnbuckle, but as he’s about to leap Swagger comes charging with a huge big boot that sends Bourne crashing to the outside.

Swagger takes control of The Miz, hitting him with an Oklahoma slam and making the pin. 1….2..kick out!, Swagger instantly grabs Miz in a headlock. Kofi slides back into the ring and begins tangling with Swagger, and Kofi hits the big man with a Mongolian chop, which leads Swagger to stagger back into the corner. Kofi jumps up and hits some mounted punches, but before he can get to 10 Swagger just manhandles Kofi and throws him to the outside. Kofi and Bourne are now laid out outside the ring both thanks to Jack Swagger.

The Miz starts brawling with Swagger again, but this time Miz gets the upper hand with his unorthodox style. Not long afterwards though, Bourne is back in the ring, who uses his pace to outsmart both The Miz and Jack Swagger, who are double teaming to get rid of Bourne again. Kofi goes to the apron and hits a springboard clothesline on a running Swagger. Kingston and Bourne then double dropkick The Miz, before getting up and looking towards eachother. They start attacking one another, with neither really gaining the full advantage on the pace side of things as they both dodge many of eachothers attacks. Swagger and Miz finally get up and keep the match at a fast pace, as they tangle with Bourne and Kofi, respectively. The Miz eventually clears house with the exception of Bourne who is left behind Miz, who attempts a roll-up…1….2…..th..no! kick out. Miz swings for Bourne with a right hand, then a left, both get dodged, Bourne slaps Miz which dazes Miz momentarily. He then rushes off the ropes, which gets blocked and turned into a backbreaker.

At the same time as that was happening, Swagger and Kofi were brawling outside the ring which leads to Kofi getting the advantage with a Russian legsweep to the floor. Kofi slides into the ring just as Miz hits the backbreaker on Bourne, and goes for the trouble in paradise…….. dodged, and The Miz takes advantage by hitting the Skull Crushing Finale! 1…..2……3!

Winner: The Miz via pinfall @ 8:46

Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner, and the NEW United States Champion; The Miz!

The Miz stays on his knees as he’s awarded the title. He looks down at it, pleased, as he gets to his feet. Trying to catch his breath, he smirks and lifts the United States Championship up, which gets heat as the crowd boo.

Swagger, who is still on the outside, just got up and realised what has happened as he slams his hand down in disappointment. Bourne, who is holding his back from the result of that backbreaker, looks up at The Miz, whilst Kofi is left regaining consciousness from the result of the Skull Crushing Finale.

Cole: What an AWESOME performance by The Miz tonight!

Lawler: It was an awesome performance by all four men. The Miz came out on top in what was a great match.

Cole: It sure was, King! Let's look at some of the action.

Recap video is shown, showing the fast pace action from the get-go of the Fatal Four Way US Title match.

Lawler: And that’s not all we’ve got tonight – As the WWE Championship is on the line!

Cole: Stay tuned and we will be back, on Monday Night RAW!

Commercial Break.

Cole: We return to Monday Night Raw, and we are at the US Airways Centre in Phoenix, Arizona!

Lawler: The home of the Phoenix suns, who are with us in attendance tonight!

Cole: The Phoenix suns, big WWE fans!

We cut to the backstage where interviewer Josh Matthews is standing next to a WWE RAW logo screen.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time – The WWE Champion; John Cena!

The crowd cheer in anticipation of what the WWE Champion has to say.

Josh Matthews: John, less than 24 hours ago you won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton in a brutal I Quit match! Now tonight we found out earlier from our Guest Host Trish Stratus that tonights main event, the six man tag match between DX, yourself and The Legacy, is now for the WWE Championship! What are your thoughts?

John Cena: Well, Josh. It’s going to be chaos in that ring tonight, much like last night. I’m hurt, and beat down, but the good thing is I came out on top! Which means Randy Orton is beat down a lot more than myself! Randy Orton is the Viper, he’s The Legend Killer, and he’s a hell of a wrestler. But last night I showed that I’m that much better, and tonight is going to be much of the same as I will walk out of Raw tonight still WWE Champion!

Josh Matthews: Thankyou for your time, John.

We’re back to the arena, as we cut to Michael Cole and Lawler.

Cole: Cena seems to be looking forward to tonights main event, as am I, King!

Lawler: So am I, Michael. As John said, it should be total chaos.

Cole: Well before that match we have divas action, and the Unified tag Team Championships are on the line!

Lawler: Divas action, my favourite part of the show!

Cole: Well we’ve got that up next, King, as we determine a new Number 1 contender for Mickie James’ Divas Championship!

Lilian Garcia: The following is scheduled for one fall, with a 10 minute time limit, and will determine a new Number 1 contender for the WWE Divas Championship!


Out comes The Glamazon Beth Phoenix, as the crowd boo. She looks confident, as she raises her arms on top of the stage, before making her way towards the ring. She climbs up the turnbuckle, before backflipping flawlessly into the ring, and raising her arms again, still looking confident of a victory tonight.

Lilian Garcia: Introducing first, from Buffalo, New York, weighing in at 120 lbs; she is the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix!

Cole: The Glamazon Beth Phoenix is so powerful and strong..

Lawler: ..And so beautiful!

Cole: Absolutely. She can also become Number 1 contender here tonight if she beats this women..


Kelly Kelly walks out on the stage to a positive reaction. She points upwards before making her way down the ramp and into the ring, smiling and looking beautiful at all times, before she stands in the corner across from Beth Phoenix, which changes Kelly’s expression.

Lilian Garcia: And her opponent, from Jacksonville, Florida, weighing 108 lbs; Kelly Kelly!

Lawler: Oooh, Kelly! Did I ever tell you she’s my favourite, Michael?

Cole: I’m sure you have, King.

Lawler: So beautiful she’s named twice.

*Time To Rock N’ Roll*

Guest host Trish Stratus walks to the stage as the crowd cheer, wearing a guest referee bikini top on, and a microphone in hand. She smiles as she gets ready to speak..

Trish Stratus: I’m the guest host of Monday Night RAW and tonight, I can do aaanything I want!

The crowd cheer.

Trish: So tonight I have.. taken it upon myself to be the Special Guest Referee in this all-important match!

The crowd cheer as Beth’s expression changes as she now looks more concerned than before, as Kelly regains her smile. Trish drops her microphone as her music hits again, and she continues making her way to the ring. She then points either side, working the crowd, as she gets ready to referee the Number 1 contendership match up.

Cole: Huge news King, from our Guest Host for the evening!

Lawler: Woohoo! Kelly and Trish standing in the ring at the same time? If I pass out, call the nurse Trish!

Cole: She not a nurse, King!

Lawler: No, but she will be in my dreams!

Match Three –
#1 Contendership for Divas Championship (Guest Ref – Trish Stratus) –
Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly

The bell rings as Beth and Kelly stare eachother down, whilst Trish looks on. Beth throws the first punch that Kelly nearly falls down from. They go back to eye contact whilst Beth is bad mouthing Kelly. Kelly slaps Beth, as the crowd let out a cheer! Beth starts firing punches towards Kelly, and high knees, that send Kelly into the corner. Beth starts choking K2, which Trish forces Beth to stop for a clean break, whilst Beth shouts at Trish. Kelly starts mounting some offense, throwing elbows towards Beth, and a dropkick that sends Beth to the opposite corner. Kelly charges at Beth before attempting to hit the Kelly Killer, but Beth moves out of the way. The impact causes Kelly to smash into the turnbuckle and stagger forward, which Beth takes advantage on with a snap suplex. She cockily covers K2 as Trish makes the count. 1…..2… no! Beth tells Trish it was a three whilst Trish keeps her head in the game without getting too annoyed by Beth’s constant shouting.

Beth picks Kelly up, and she picks Kelly up for the military press before dropping her straight down. Beth, in total control, picks Kelly up again before hitting the Glam Slam, as Trish makes the count. 1….2….3!

Winner: Beth Phoenix @ 3.38

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and Gentleman here is your winner, and the number 1 contender for the Divas Championship; The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix!

Cole: Super impressive from Beth tonight as she DOMINATED Kelly Kelly.

Lawler: Poor Kelly! Perhaps she needs my help?

Cole: I don’t think so, King. Unless you fancy squaring off against The Glamazon I’d suggest staying ringside at the announcers desk!

Lawler: I certainly don’t fancy that! Beth looked amazing tonight after Kelly slapped her from the confrontation at the beginning.

Beth looks cocky as Trish raises her arm, which forces Beth to pull her arm away from Trish. She then tries intimidating Trish, as the two woman get into eachothers face. However whilst Beth is concentrating on Trish, the Divas Champion Mickie James slides into the ring and turns Beth around, and they have a heated confrontation, before Trish turns Beth back towards her and hits the Chick Kick! Mickie and Trish then hug and celebrate as RAW goes to a commercial break.

Commercial break.

We return, showing what just happened between Mickie, Beth and Trish. The cameras then go to the Legacy’s locker-room, as Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are standing there getting ready. Randy Orton is nowhere to be seen. Cody is standing up looking at Ted whilst Ted is gripping up his wrists with wrist tape.

Cody Rhodes: Ted, are you going to listen to me? Last night we defeated one of the greatest teams of all time, and greatest single competitors of all time in HBK and Triple H. The Legacy is stronger than ever, and you want to do this? Why even tell me about this Ted?

Ted stands up slowly, and looks at Cody as Cody stops talking. Ted stares at Cody, taking a while to talk…

Ted DiBiase: …… you know, some things just have to happen to proceed in this business. However, you’re right, Cody. I was out of line. I apologise. Tonight should all be about winning, which will make Randy WWE Champion. So, let’s just forget I said anything and go out there and regain the WWE Championship for Randy.

Ted walks out of the locker-room whilst Cody grins to himself. The screen then fades to black as we go to another commercial break.

Commercial Break.

Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW! What was that between Cody and Ted, King?

Lawler: I’ve got no idea, Michael. But I know one thing is for certain, The Legacy aren’t as together as they make out to be.

Cole: Well we will find out tonight as a HUGE six man tag match takes place, between The Legacy taking on D-Generation X, and the WWE Champion, John Cena!

Lawler: Absolutely, but first we have Unified Tag Team Championship action, which was announced earlier on today, aswell as a match for tomorrow nights ECW on SyFy!

Clip shows Trish announcing Jeri-Show vs Henry and MVP in a rematch, Christian and Jericho trading words, and the announcement of Christian vs. Chris Jericho for tomorrow night.

Lilian Garcia: The following is for the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships, and is scheduled for one-fall!

*Crank The Walls Down*

The Unified Tag Team Champions The Big Show and Chris Jericho walk onto the stage, looking determined to defend their titles again tonight. Jericho doesn’t pay much attention to the fans as he walks down the ramp, whilst Show raises the tag championships with his giant arms, and makes his way down towards the ring. Jericho stands in the ring with the same determined expression, glancing at the fans, whilst Show is shown behind Jericho raising the Tag Championships one more time.

Lilian Garcia: Introducing first, weighing in at a combined 711 lbs, they are the reigning and defending Unified Tag Team Champions, Chris Jericho and The Big Show!

Cole: Great team, that have really learnt to work together almost flawlessly as of late.

Lawler: As much as it pains me to say it, when you’ve got a guy as experienced and talented like Chris Jericho, and an experienced Giant for a partner, there’s a big chance that you will succeed!

Cole: And you can't argue with sucess.

*I’m Comin’*

Montel Vontavious Porter and Mark Henry burst their way onto stage as the crowd cheer. Henry stands behind MVP as MVP poses, before walking down to the ring at a face pace with pure determination in their eyes. They pose once more in-ring, before getting ready to fight.

Lilian Garcia: And their opponents, weighing in at a combined 677 lbs; Mark Henry and Montel Vontavious Porter; MVP!

Cole: It was an epic battle last night between these teams, with Jeri-Show coming out on top.

Lawler: Anything can and will happen in a rematch though, the past indicates this clearly.

Match Four –
WWE Unified Tag Team Championships –
The Big Show and Chris Jericho vs. MVP and Mark Henry

Jericho and MVP start this one off as their giant partners wait to be called upon. Back and forth action in the opening minutes, lead to Jericho taking control. Jericho tags in The Big Show whilst MVP is in the corner, as Show lets out some big punches to the midsection, and an open handed chop which can be heard throughout the arena. He then slowly stalks MVP as MVP tries to get to his feet, before whipping him back into the corner and tagging in Jericho.

Jericho comes in and continues the domination that Jericho and Big Show have shown thus far in the Tag Championship match. As Jericho starts to sense the beginning of the end for MVP, he begins to get cocky, taunting with the fans, which leads to MVP getting close to tagging in Mark Henry only to get stomped on by Jericho. Jericho then proceeds to stand MVP up to his feet, swing him into the ropes and hit a spinning wheel kick. Tag to Big Show. Show works on MVP’s back with an elbow drop. Big Show then goes for a legdrop on MVP, but MVP moves out of the way. MVP starts firing back with a few punches which seemingly do nothing to Show as Show just throws MVP to the side like a ragdoll.

Show, completely in control, tags in Jericho to keep the tag Champions relatively fresh. Jericho continues working the back of MVP by just stomping on him again. MVP again starts firing back with punches which do more damage than the ones thrown at Show, and MVP starts building some sort of momentum with a few stiff looking thrown punches. He then comes back off the rope and charges at Jericho, but Jericho reverses and tries to hit MVP with another spinning wheel kick but MVP ducks, and then hits Jericho with a flapjack, as MVP falls to the mat after the damage taken to his back from Jeri-Show. Mark Henry stomps on the apron to build more momentum for MVP, as MVP crawls towards Henry at the same time Jericho crawls towards Big Show. Jericho gets the tag, as does MVP, as Mark Henry and The Big Show use their massive legs to step over the rope and into the squared circle.

They collide, and it turns into a slugfest as they throw punches at eachother. Big Show goes for a big boot but Henry ducks, and then rams his body into Shows as he pushes Big Show over. Henry then taunts towards the fans as he goes for a big splash, and he connects! 1….2…broken up by Jericho, who now has hits wits about him. Jericho attempts to attack Henry but does no damage, as Henry grabs Jericho and teases the military press. He picks him up, and the fans cheer as he teases throwing him down, but as Henry is busy taunting, Big Show gets to his feet and delivers a knockout punch to Henry, as Jericho just comes crashing down onto the mat. Show then covers. 1….2….th…no! Broken up by Henrys partner, MVP.

Jericho and MVP get back into their corners as the two mammoths are left at it, with Henry gaining consciousness. Show challenges Henry to get to his feet, which he does, albeit an unconvincing way as he still appears to be dazed by that knockout punch. They both raise their firsts, ready to fight, as Henry swings but misses as he swings and hits nothing but air, still dazed. Show goes for a big boot – but Henry reverses, and hits Show with a big boot of his own! As Henry comes crashing down after the impact, he turns his body and tags in MVP. MVP charges straight at Jericho with a knee that sends Jericho to the floor, and starts taunting for the Ballin’ Elbow! He hits it, and MVP makes the cover. 1…2…Show kicks out! Show starts slowly making his way back to his feet, and MVP moves his leg over the neck of Show and raises his arm, ready to hit the playmaker. However Jericho had slid into the ring, and he nails MVP from behind with a forearm shot which leads to a bulldog. As Henry gets to his feet to save his partner, The Big Show spears Henry into next week.

Jericho then hits the codebreaker on MVP and rolls out of the ring, as Show makes the cover. 1.....2…….3!

Winner: STILL WWE Unified Tag Team Champions, Jeri-Show @9:25

Jericho grabs the tag titles and rolls back into the ring, where he celebrates with The Big Show.

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and Gentleman, here are your winners, and STILL WWE Unified Tag Team Champions, Chris Jericho and The Big Show!

Cole: Impressive win tonight for Jeri-Show as they defend the Tag Team Championships yet again.

Lawler: They sure do, Michael. Despite MVP and Henry’s constant efforts, Big Show and Chris Jericho are still Unified Tag Team Champions.

Cole: It’s the experience that this team have, King. The combined experience, which makes them a threat to anybody in the WWE.

Lawler: Well, in what was a great match, let’s look back at some of the action.

Recap clip shows when Henry and Big Show slugged it out, the big splash by Henry, the knockout punch, the Ballin’ Elbow, the spear and then the codebreaker which ended the match with the 3 count.

The camera’s cut to backstage, where Trish is talking to Mickie James, when Santino Marella walks in.

Trish Stratus: Hello Santino! What can I do for you?

Santino Marella: Ah, my favourite diva, Trish Strataas and….Mickie Jimes! Imma came in here tonight to ask for an opportunity at the Tag Team Championships!

Trish Stratus: Well, I do love screwing Jericho over…. Okay, howabout this Santino. Next week on RAW, if you find a partner, you can have a #1 contenders match for the opportunity at the Tag Team Championships.

Santino: This sounds.. nice! I shall find a partner and become the greatest Tag Team Championne in History!

Trish Stratus: Well, your #1 contenders match next week will be against the team of….. the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and The Game Triple H, D-Generation X!

The crowd cheer as they hear that D-Generation X have a chance at facing Jeri-Show for the tag titles if they defeat Santino and his partner next week!

Santino: *Let’s out a high pitched scream and looks shocked.*

Commercial break.

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and Gentleman, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce to you at this time…… The Animal, BATISTAAAA!

*I Walk Alone*

The crowd absolutely erupt as the music hits, and Batista bursts onto the stage, looking stylish as ever in a white vest, jeans and shades. Batista has a massive smile on his face as he is back! He points towards his fans before squatting and posing as the pyro goes crazily off behind him. Batista then walks up the steps and into the ring, where he climbs the turnbuckle to pose again, as the crowd are constantly cheering and welcoming back Big Dave. Batista then grabs a microphone as his music dies down and begins to talk.


The crowd cheer, happy that Big Dave is back on Monday Night RAW.

Batista: Now I’ve got a few…a few..

Batista stops as the cheering is heard throughout the arena. He smiles as he goes to talk once more.

Batista: Now I’ve noticed a few things have changed since I last stepped foot here on Monday Night Raw!

Crowd cheer.

Batista: Number 1 is, John Cena is once again the WWE Champion!

Crowd cheer for the mention of Cena. Cena chant starts.

Batista: *Laughs*. Number 2 is that The Legacy are apparently as strong as ever after defeating D-Generation X last night!

The crowd boo.

Batista: I can tell you however, that one thing hasn’t changed. And that’s that I want my hands on Randy Orton, right now! I’m calling you out, Orton!

The crowd cheer, which leads to Batista dropping his microphone and ripping off his vest, which gets a big cheer.


*Get On Your Knees*

Jack Swagger comes out with an arrogant expression on his face, as he stands at the stage the crowd giving him heat. Microphone in hand, and Batista looks confused and wondering why Swagger has interrupted something that has nothing to do with him.

Jack Swagger: Dave Batista! First I would like to start off by welcoming you back to Monday Night RAW!

The crowd cheer, as Batista looks around at the reaction and smiles again, before turning towards Swagger, wondering what Swagger has to say.

Jack Swagger: And second of all, is that absolutely no one wants to see you take on Randy Orton again.

The crowd chant ‘Batista!...Batista!...Batista!...

Jack Swagger: You see, I’m Jack Swagger. I’m the ideal role model for these people. I am the All-American American…American!

The crowd boo, as Batista picks up his microphone.

Batista: Cut the crap, Swagger! Just get to the point.

Jack Swagger: Alright, Dave. You see, being the role model that I am to these people, I need to defeat the people’s favourites, the top guys. You know, the guys who can do no wrong – The Cena’s, The Michael’s, The Triple H’s, and you, Batista.

Crowd cheer for the mention of Cena, HBK, HHH and Batista.

Jack Swagger: So at Hell In A Cell, let’s go one on one. The Animal Batista, vs. The People’s Role Model, The All-American American Jack Swagger!

Batista: You disappoint me, Swagger. You disappoint me that you want that match to take place at Hell In A Cell, 4 weeks away from now. I’m ready and looking for a fight right now!

Swagger drops his microphone and starts slowly walking down the ramp, determined to take Batista out, as Batista can’t wait to get his hands on Swagger. Swagger stops at the mid-way point to the ring though, grins again, points towards his head and walks back slowly. Batista then watches as Swagger walks away. Batista proceeds to pose with the fans, taking his eyes off of Swagger.

This leads to Swagger charging into the ring, but Batista is wise to it and ducks a punch, which leaves The Animal to kick Swagger in the mid-section and deliver the Batista Bomb! as the crowd go wild. Batista continues to pose and work the crowd as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial break.

Cole: Welcome everybody to Monday Night Raw, Live from the US Airways Centre in Phoenix, Arizona! We just witnessed the return of The Animal Batista, who was looking for a fight with Orton, but it wasn’t Randy who answered the call, as you are now about to see..

Recap of Swagger interrupting and challenging Batista for a match at Hell In A Cell. Also shows Swagger charging into the ring whilst Dave Batista had his back turned, and Batista delivering the Batista Bomb.

Lawler: What a return for The Animal Batista!

Cole: It sure was, King! Jack Swagger trying to make a name for himself at the expense of Batista.

Lawler: I wonder if losing the match earlier on has knocked some sense out of Swagger.

Cole: He’s trying to prove himself, King! We may be seeing Jack Swagger take on Batista at Hell In A Cell, but up next is the Main Event!

Lawler: Which has added stipulations made by our great Guest Host, Trish Stratus!

Recap video of Trish making the 6 man tag match a WWE Championship match.

Lilian Garcia: This next match is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the WWE Championship!


Randy Orton and The Legacy make their way onto the stage to a chorus of boo’s. Orton pays little attention to the fans as he walks down the ramp, with Cody and Ted following. Orton slivers into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, and just stands there, looking out at the crowd, whilst having the same cold, calculating expression on his face from earlier. Cody and Ted stand in the middle of the ring ready to tangle with D-Generation X and John Cena.

Lilian Garcia: Introducing first, he is the challenger, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 245 lbs; Raaaaaaandy Orton!

Lilian Garcia: And his partners, weighing in at a combined weight of 458 lbs, they are the team of Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase; The Legacy!

Cole: Randy Orton with a huge chance tonight giving to him by Trish Stratus.

Lawler: It is a huge chance, Michael. It might be Randy’s last chance at the WWE Championship whilst Cena holds the title.

Cole: It could very well be, King. He’s backed tonight by the same team that defeated the legendary D-Generation X last night, The Legacy!

*My Time Is Now*

Cena bursts onto the stage as the crowd erupt. He wears the WWE Championship as he walks down the ramp, and stops half-way.

*Break It Down!

The crowd cheer their hearts out, as the HBK Shawn Michaels and The Game Triple H arrive. They don’t pose to the fans, instead choose to walk towards Cena, looking determined. John Cena then salutes as the three men run down and into the ring, whilst The Legacy and Orton scatter to the outside. Orton stares at Cena as Cena takes off his CeNation t-shirt and throws it into the crowd, and begins to take off his chain, before giving the WWE Championship to the referee, who proceeds to hold it up.

Match Five –
WWE Championship –
Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes vs. John Cena, Triple H and Shawn Michaels

Michaels and Rhodes start things off. They stare at each other for a while, building tension, before going at each other at a fast pace. Michaels gets the best of Rhodes, and hits a shoulder block which sends Rhodes hurrying back to his corner to make the tag to DiBiase. DiBiase and Michaels tie up, which DiBiase gets the best of. He over-powers HBK, but HBK out-manoeuvres him and trips DiBiase, before going for the Crossface, which is quickly broken by Randy Orton.

Michaels tags in Cena. Cena starts attacking DiBiase, the only way Cena can, with his unorthodox style of approach. Cena then charges at Ted with a leaping shoulder-block, as he gets the WWE Universe behind him. DiBiase makes his way to his feet where Cena hip tosses DiBiase. Cena then tags in the Game Triple H, which sends DiBiase also hurrying back to his corner, as he tags in Randy Orton. Orton and HHH stare each other down, before coming to blows. Orton seemed to be getting the better of HHH, but HHH hits a facebreaker knee smash out of nowhere, and then clotheslines Orton, which sends Orton to the outside. We then go to a commercial break.

Commercial break.

When we come back, Orton is taking control on HBK. HBK attempts to fight back but it doesn’t work, as Orton uppercuts HBK, before dropkicking him flawlessly, the only way Orton can. He then locks a headlock on Michaels, as the crowd try to get behind HBK. Holding on to the headlock, HBK forces Orton to stand up via fighting back, but Orton then hits a full nelson. Orton stomps away on Michaels, as Cena and HHH try to get HBK back into the match.

Orton tags in Rhodes. As HBK gets to his feet, Rhodes continues the control Legacy have over the match after hitting a Russian leg-sweep. He goes for the pin…1….2….Michaels kicks out. Rhodes picks HBK up and swings him to the turnbuckle, where he tags DiBiase and they double team HBK with a few punches. DiBiase then powerslams HBK to the mat, and does a fist drop, shades of Ted DiBiase Sr. Pins HBK…1…..2….HBK kicks out. DiBiase then hits HBK with multiple elbow drops. Pins again…1…2….shoulder up!

In total control, Ted tags in Orton. Orton stomps away at HBK again, and toys with Michaels as Michaels tries to make the tag. Orton picks up HBK and hits another European uppercut, which is followed by an Olympic slam. Randy tags in Cody again, keeping the three men fresh. Cody follows on from what Orton was doing, as he begins toying with HBK. When HBK gets close however, Rhodes delivers a knee drop to the back of Michaels.

HHH and Cena continue to try to get HBK to get some sort of momentum, and this leads to Rhodes just bad mouthing HHH and Cena. Rhodes goes back to toying with HBK, and he grabs his legs before he makes the tag and moves him back into the ring, but Michaels hits an enziguiri out of nowhere! HBK, clearly hurt, struggles to get to the corner to make the tag, but by the time he’s inches away from HHH’s hand, Rhodes delivers another knee drop to Michaels back.

Rhodes then picks up HBK, HBK still fighting, and whips Michaels into the ropes. HBK ducks a double attempt at a punch before they both go for a clothesline, which sends them both to the mat. HHH, Cena, Orton and DiBiase all try to get momentum back to the legal man. HBK crawls to the ropes, and as Cody realises what has happened, HBK tags in HHH, as the crowd cheer! HHH starts clearing house as he knocks Orton and DiBiase off the apron, before turning his attention to Cody Rhodes with a spinebuster. HHH poses, as things look good for his team. As Cody makes his way to his feet, HHH crotch chops, and kicks him in the midsection for a pedigree. But it never connects, as he readies it, DiBiase comes crashing in as it turns into a brawl that the referee can’t handle.

Cena comes into the ring and runs at Orton, but Orton hits an RKO out of nowhere! As Cena is laid out, Orton turns his attention to HHH, as he hits HHH with an inverted headlock backbreaker. He then teases the RKO, but as he stands up he’s greeted with a Sweet Chin Music! by Shawn Michaels. Orton rolls out of the ring, as the only men left standing are HBK, DiBiase and Rhodes. DiBiase and Rhodes look at each other, before beginning their assault on Michaels. However it doesn’t last long until HHH gets to his feet, and the two teams begin a total slug fest.

Cena slides into the ring whilst the brawl continues, and attacks DiBiase. He then hits the Attitude Adjustment! which sends DiBiase rolling to the outside. HBK then joins HHH in brawling with Rhodes, as HBK hits Rhodes with a Sweet Chin Music, and as he turns around he is hit with the Pedigree! 1………….2…………..…3!

Winner: John Cena and D-Generation X @14:54

The team of Cena, and D-Generation X then celebrate as DX seem to have regained their smile. Orton is slowly recovering on the mat as he looks up to see Cena and D-Generation X pose with a huge 3 man Crotch Chop, as the crowd erupt!

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and Gentleman your winner, and STILL WWE Champion! John Ceeeena, The Game Triple H, and The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, D-Generation X!

Cole: Cena’s done it, Cena’s done it!

Lawler: What a great tag team match, great action!

Cole: And you have to wonder what this means for The Legacy now, and if Randy Orton will get another chance at the WWE Championship.

Lawler: You do. I thought The Legacy were in control for the majority of the match but that’s the way things can go.

Cole: It sure is, partner! Well thankyou for joining us for another historic edition and a truly wonderful night, of Monday Night RAW! We will see you next week!

The Legacy begin arguing as they make their way to the back, Orton shouting at DiBiase and Rhodes, whilst D-Generation X and John Cena stand tall in the ring, Cena smiling with the WWE Championship around his arm, as the WWE Logo appears in the bottom left hand of the screen, and the screen fades to black, before the WWE logo closes another edition of Monday Night RAW.

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