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Harlem Heat presents; WWE 2005 and onwards

2005 and onwards

The Low’down

  • *Rey Mysterio defeated Eddie Guerrero
  • *Edge defeated Chris Benoit, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho, Christian (w/ Tomko) & Kane Money in the Bank ladder match
  • *The Undertaker defeated Randy Orton Streak on the line
  • *Trish Stratus © defeated Christy Hemme
  • *Kurt Angle defeated Shawn Michaels
  • *Akebono defeated the Big Show Sumo Match
  • *John Cena defeated John “Bradshaw” Layfeild © WWE Title match
  • *Batista defeated Triple H © World title match

Eric Bischoff - General Manager
Batista ©
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho ©
Chris Masters
Edge (MITB)
Gene Snitsky
Matt Hardy
Muhammad Hassan
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Robert Conway ©
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Sylvan Grenier ©
Triple H
Tyson Tomko
William Regal

Hall of Champions

World Champion : Batista
Intercontinental Champion : Chris Jericho
World Tag Team Champions : La’ Resistance

Theodore R Long – General Manager
Billy Kidman
Booker T ©
Bubba Ray Dudley
Chavo Guerrero Jnr. ©
Charlie Hass
Danny Basham
Devon Dudley
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero ©
Hardcore Holly
Hiroko Suzuki
John Bradshaw Layfeild
John Cena ©
Kid Kash
Kenzo Suzuki
Kurt Angle
Michael Cole
Mark Jindrak
Luther Reigns
Orlando Jordan
Paul London
Rey Mysterio ©
René Dupree
Rob Van Dam
Scotty 2 Hotty
Spike Dudley
The Big Show
The Undertaker

Hall of Champions

WWE Champion : John Cena
Untied States Champion : Booker T
WWE Tag Team Champions : Eddie & Rey
Cruiserweight Champion : Chavo Guerrero Jnr.


*People in the works with the company and may make a debut in the coming months, throughout the course of the 2005 calendar on either brand*

Bobby Lashly
Beth Phenoix
Brian Kendrick
Chris Masters
CM Punk
Elijah Burke
Fit Finlay
Great Khali
Joey Mercury
Johnny Nitro
Juvented Guerrera
Ken Kennedy
Kevin Thorn
Lance Cade
Marcus Cor Von
Paul Birchall
Simon Dean
Super Crazy
Trevor Mudoch

Upcoming events

Backlash | Raw | May 1st 2005
Judgement Day | Smackdown | May 22nd 2005
Vengeance | Raw | June 26th 2005
Great American Bash | Smackdown | July 24th 2005
Summerslam | Dual Brand | August 21st 2005
Unforgiven | Raw | September 18th 2005
No Mercy | Smackdown | October 9th 2005
Survivor Series | Dual Brand | November 27th 2005
Armageddon | Smackdown | December 18th 2005
New Years Revolution | Raw | January 8th 2006
Royal Rumble | Dual Brand | January 29th 2006
No Way Out | Smackdown | February 19th 2006
Wrestle Mania 22 | Dual Brand | April 2nd 2006

( Tabbo Tuesday, King of the Ring & One Night Stand are currently not going to be used but things may be changed as we draw closer to their date I am undecided but those are the names of the PPV's currently confirmed )

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Re: Harlem Heat presents: Wrestle Mania 21 Living the Dream

Looks pretty good, Harlem. Well laid-out, and 2005 is an interesting time for you to undertake, so I can only wish you well and hope that this succeeds. Good luck!
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Re: Harlem Heat presents: Wrestle Mania 21 Living the Dream

Yes I am aware that this may be going fast, yet there are a few things I want to get up and running in the coming days which includes the Raw preview so here is a bit of post-Wrestlemania and aftermath news. The Raw preview should be coming shortly afterwards.

First and formost the WWE announced on WWE.com that for the first time in over two decades, Saturday's nights main event will be making a return on NBC. It will take place in May, next month and will be a three hour dual branded show. This show will include the annual WWE Draft Lottery, with six superstars drafted from each brand at random.

Secondly, numerous sources have claimed to rumours about a possible Paul Heyman return, Heyman in his short tenure with the WWE since the downfall of ECW in 2001, has managed numerous wrestlers to WWE title gold, been at commentary with Jim Ross and has been the General Manager of Smackdown! With that being said, no one is certain what he would do this time round. {Please note this does not mean me bringing in ECW as a third brand , I don't have time to write all three, I got something else planned for him}

Thirdly, WWE Chairman of the board, Vincen't K. McMahon is said to be pleased with the new era begining with the World Wrestling Entertainment, with new champions such as Cena and Batista for the first time, at Wrestle Mania and given the chance to hold their brand on their shoulders, while Edge becoming the first ever Money in the Bank ladder match winner. He is said to be happy with the fallout of Wrestle Mania and hopes Backlash does the same.

Speaking of Wrestle Mania, the young and cocky, former champion Randy Orton is said to be irate after last nights showing- he was so confident on his abilities to take out the streak of the Undertaker. He has asked time to address the Raw crowd here tonight about Wrestle mania, it may also include the induction of his father Cowboy Bob Orton into the Hall of Fame last night.

Batista will be opening the broadcast with the title belt he just won, he has a few words and thank you's along with words for Evolution, as the new champion makes his Championship Address.

Chris Benoit and Christian both came off the losing end of the Ladder match, and both are not exactly in 100% shape yet will be going at it, Christian's problem solver Tyson Tomko will be at ringside and will most likely get involved and make the difference.

Eric Bischoff is said to make an announcement regarding the title direction come Backlash and how will it be up for grabs in what way or matter.

~ | Confirmed Card | ~
Batista adresses the crowd as the new Raw champion
Randy Orton has a few words for the Undertaker
William Regal & Eugene battle as a team against La' Ressistance in hope to get a title shot against them in the near future
Chris Benoit squares off against Christian alongside Problem Solver Tomko
And much much more...

..... Coming Soon

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Re: Harlem Heat presents: Wrestle Mania 21 Living the Dream

Looks okay. I started watching wrestling again around Summerslam of 2005, so I'm unfamiliar with this period for now. Hopefully you make this thread last, and now that you have no partner, you can go at your own pace and the only concern you should worry about is your own motivation, not your partner's. Good luck with this, Double H, () and may this thread prosper.
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Re: Harlem Heat presents: Wrestle Mania 21 Living the Dream

Nice notes and a good preview, Harlem, hearing from Orton and Batista should be interesting and Benoit/Christian sounds like a good match too. It'd be cool if the Orton/Undertaker program continued but as long as he's feuding with somebody good, then I'm fine, and Batista/HHH will most likely continue as well, but Batista/HHH/Orton at Backlash would be awesome and the history of it, with Evolution, makes it even better a prospect.

I'll check out the show when it's up.
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Re: Harlem Heat presents: Wrestle Mania 21 Living the Dream

Good place to start. The first half of 2005 was pretty good, but towards the end it declined a little. But the rosters are good, you have a lot to work with on both shows. RAW looks decent too.

The other day I was wondering how far Muhammad Hassan could've gne if he didn't get released, so I'm intruiged to see how you use him particularly. Anyway, good luck.
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Re: Harlem Heat presents: Wrestle Mania 21 Living the Dream

I've always been fascinated by this time period and it will be interesting to see how you will use Eddie. Anywho, good luck with this thread,

"If you don't know who I am, then maybe your best course is to tread lightly."
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Re: Harlem Heat presents: Wrestle Mania 21 Living the Dream

Sucks about your partner, dude.

To be perfectly honest...I really hated WM 21 as a whole event. There were some great matches (HBK/Angle, First MITB), but the main events and overall feel were lacking. I do, however, realize the historical relevance. With Edge, Cena, and Batista all getting HUGE wins for their careers, it really was the dawning of a younger era of stars. I look forward to see how you mold this crucial period in WWE history.

Still Alive
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Re: Harlem Heat presents; WWE 2005 and onwards

Monday Night Raw | April 4th 2005 | Los Angeles, CA

Monday Night Raw opens up with a video package highlighting Wrestlemania 21. As the commentating team of Ross and King welcome us to the show, at the top of the broadcast the music of the new World Heavyweight Champion, Dave Batista hit and the Champ’ made his way down the ring taking his time looking around at the signs held up by the roaring crowd. Batista celebrated with the fans for a moment before having his pyrotechnics go-off before him. Dave would grab a microphone on his way into the ring as he had a smile from ear-to-ear and nothing could ruin this moment for him.

Dave Batista: I…

Batista is overwhelmed by the warm welcome by the crowd. He is unable to talk and almost sheds a tear.

Jim Ross: This has to be the most emotional night in the young career of Batista.

Batista gulps down what gum he had in his mouth and manages to talk

Dave Batista: I am you’re…. NEW World Heavyweight Champion!

Batista holds up his title as the crowd goes ballistic for him

Dave Batista: And I would like to thank each and every one of you for standing behind me throughout my days in Evolution and making this possible.

Crowd goes nuts as Batista chants begin to build

Dave Batista: … Now I am not going to be one of those guys that stand here and boast about how it was a walk in the park and how easy it was last night… I have to hand it to Triple H he and I put on a stellar and we took each other to the limits.

Heat at the mentioning of Triple H

Dave Batista: But … man it feels so good to say that I came out on top and the Student has surpassed the Teacher.

Strong crowd pop


Triple H stands on the entrance ramp slowly making his way down the aisle with Ric Flair by his side. Triple H who you’d expect to be irate was in fact with a smile on his face and strolled down the aisle before stepping up the ring steps and into the ring ignoring the crowd’s You Suck chants and Game Over signs all around him.

Ric Flair grabs a microphone from a camera man and hands it to him.

Triple H: I just came out here to congratulate the new Champ’ not to rain on your parade…. Seriously… You did a great job last night…

Triple H sarcastically applauded him and clapped impressed with him

Triple H: You should go out... Party… celebrate... Dave you should savor this moment because not every day you get to win a World title at Wrestlemania…


Triple H: I won’t ruin your moment, cause god-knows it was a fluke you got it in the first place… and I really do suggest you savor it and enjoy it cause just like I made you a main eventer, within a blink of an eye I can destroy you and send you back down to where you came from… if it weren’t for me you would still be in the gutters.


Dave Batista: Hunter… you and I both know that you have a rematch clause for this title and I say we go at it tonight…!

Crowd goes nuts wanting to see Batista and Triple H II

Batista and Triple H get into each other’s faces and go nose to nose before giving each other harsh words.


Edge receives heat as he stands on the entrance ramp with his newly earned Money in the Bank Briefcase in one hand and a microphone in the other. Edge is smiling from ear to ear and is in an all new-high knowing what that contract does.

Edge: Triple H…. Batista… I don’t think you guys understand the situation here… we have a champion… we have a man who has himself a rightful rematch clause but then we have me… Mister Money in the Bank who can cash it in whenever he chooses…

Edge holds it up reminding Batista of what he has in his procession.

Dave Batista signals him to come down to the ring

Edge begins walking but stops half way and decides not to and to wait for a more opportune moment.


Shelton Benjamin receives a standing ovation as Edge, Triple H, Ric Flair and Batista all look in his direction. Benjamin has a grin on his face as he stands on the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand.

Shelton Benjamin: Now guys no disrespect to any of you but… If anyone deserves themselves a shot at the champion that is me!

Crowd Pop

Shelton Benjamin: I was the highlight of Money in the Bank Ladder match and Wrestlemania last night and …

Edge: And nothing!

Strong Heat

Edge: You may have done a few flips and jumps that impressed some hicks in the front row but I won that match not you; you don’t get or deserve anything.

Stronger Heat

Jerry Lawler: As much as people may not like to hear it Edge has a point.


Jim Ross: What now?

Jerry Lawler: Bischoff is here to sort things out.

Eric stands near Benjamin and begins to talk, trying to settle the dispute

Eric Bischoff: As I see it everyone here as a rightful claim to contender-ship however, you guys are going to have to earn it.

Mixed crowd reaction

Eric Bischoff: In tonight’s main event it will be the new World Heavyweight Champion… Batista

Crowd Pop

Eric Bischoff: Teaming with Shelton Benjamin

Crowd Pop

Eric Bischoff: To take on Mr. Money in the Bank Edge


Eric Bischoff: And his partner the Game Triple H!

Stronger Heat

Jim Ross: What a blockbuster main event that will be.

Eric Bischoff: And that’s not all… If the team of Batista and Shelton Benjamin win, Shelton Benjamin receives himself a shot at Edge for the Money in the Bank briefcase while if Triple H and Edge win; Triple H receives a shot at Batista at Backlash.

Crowd Goes Nuts for that match

Jim Ross: I tip my hat off to the General Manager for that call.

All four men stare each other down as the broadcast enters a commercial break

When the broadcast returns from the commercial break, Eugene and William Regal were standing in the ring ready for in-ring action, seconds later on the music of the World Tag Team Champions, La’ Resistance had played. Robert Conway and Sylvan Grenier made their way down the aisle. They were waving their French Flags before placing them in the steel steps near the ring post before entering the ring.

Non Title Match | Robert Conway © & Sylvan Grenier © vs. William Regal & Eugene

*Bell Rings*

Regal and Sylvan start this matchup off for their respective teams and lock up in the center of the ring. Regal the in-ring veteran moves behind Sylvan and kicks him in the back of his leg before giving him a boot to the back of the head to bring him down to all-four. Regal would run at the ropes to his side before kneeing Sylvan in the side of the head to the delight of the crowd. Regal then grabbed the arm of Sylvan and hoisted him to a vertical base before bringing him to his corner where he tagged in his partner Eugene. Eugene would hit Sylvan a couple of times in the corner against the turnbuckles before swinging his arm around and going to hit him again, Sylvan had the time to switch positions with him before hitting Eugene with a kick to the mid section before bringing him to the center of the ring and throwing him at the ropes, Sylvan would duck underneath a clothesline attempt by Eugene and go for one of his own however Eugene would catch Sylvan and hold him in a People’s Elbow position as the crowd was heavily behind him.

Sylvan would hit Eugene with a hard side elbow shot to the ear loosening his grip on him before running at the ropes to his side. Robert Conway would blind tag himself into the match by slapping Sylvan on the back, on the rebound Eugene would shoulder block Sylvan down and be pleased with himself, as he clapped and jumped happily on the spot as usual. Regal would scream orders at him from the side to get ready and turn around as Conway was in position to pounce. Conway would grab Eugene’s head from behind and hit him with an inverted neck-breaker as Eugene rolled around the ring holding his head, Conway began taunting Regal jumping from side to side on his toes.

Regal would become enraged and attempt to enter the ring as the referee would stop him half way, meanwhile, Conway and Sylvan used this opportunity to double-team on Eugene as they both began stomping away at him before lifting him up and throwing him at the ropes. Each member of the tag team champions grabbed a leg of Eugene and lifted him up in hope for a flapjack however, Eugene would grab both men’s heads in the process and bring them down for a double DDT to the mat. Eugene would have a new energy and begin feeding off the crowd, hulking up and pacing around the ring. He would then point at Conway, the legal man before hitting him in the head, imitating the ‘immortal Hulk Hogan’. Eugene would hit him a second time before knocking him down with a final strike.

Eugene would back at the ropes before going for Hogan’s patented Leg drop; Conway would dodge it rolling out of the way forcing Eugene to fall on his ass on the mat. Conway would then roll to the other side of Eugene, roll him up for a pin fall with his legs on the bottom rope, Regal tried to make a save but Sylvan interfered and knocked him over as La Résistance received a three count.

Winners @ 6: 10 | La Resistance

As the tag team champions leave the ring to their music Eugene sat on the mat and Regal wasn’t pleased as he walked towards him. Regal had his hands on his hips and was walking around in circles with thoughts running through his mind.

William Regal then extends an arm to Eugene to help him up as he then hugs him, Eugene has a smile on his face and begins to jump and clap on the spot like he normally does. Regal would then wait for Eugene to turn around before knocking him off of his feet with a thunderous south-paw.

Jim Ross: What on earth is Regal doing? Poor Eugene doesn’t deserve this.

William Regal sits on top of a defenseless Eugene and pummels him with numerous rights and lefts before busting him open and standing up. Regal reaches for a microphone.

Regal talks over the crowd’s heat towards him and his actions.

William Regal: Eugene… I carried you because I felt sorry for you but you’ve cost me match after match after match, time after time again and I can’t take it anymore…

William Regal then bangs Eugene in the hair-line with the microphone before leaving with a smile on his face. Pleased with his quick work of Eugene.

Jim Ross: That S.O.B doesn’t have a heart to do what he just did to poor Eugene.

Jerry Lawler: Eugene has to learn to fight back some-day he can’t ride the coat-tails of Regal forever.

Eugene is then helped to the back by referees and officials as the ring was set up during the commercial break for the infamous ‘Highlight Reel’


At that point of time the theme music of Chris Jericho played throughout the arena floor, the reigning Intercontinental Champion made his way down the aisle and stepped into the ring, into his specially made interview set where he had a smile on his face from ear-to-ear. Jericho grabbed a microphone as he began to introduce the show.

Chris Jericho: Welcome ladies and gentleman to the …. HIGHLIGHT REEL!

Chris soaks in the crowd’s excitement before continuing

Chris Jericho: Now you all are probably thinking to yourselves, who am I having as a guest here tonight? Who could it be?

Chris Jericho: There is one man that last night came up on the short-end of what could have been a career changing victory.

Chris points to the stage

Chris Jericho: Please welcome my guest…. Randy Orton!

Crowd gives boos and strong heat as soon as Orton’s theme music plays.

Randy Orton makes his way down the aisle accompanied by his father, Bob Orton as they enter the ring. Randy however is holding his arm in a sling, showing the side effects of last night’s match.

Jim Ross: Jericho does have a point; if Orton would have won that match it could have escalated his young career to places unimaginable.

Chris Jericho: Feel free to sit down…

Orton sits on a stool as does Jericho

Chris Jericho: Randy …

Randy Orton interrupts him and cuts him off gaining heat

Randy Orton: No Jericho…

Jericho smirks and chuckles to himself

Randy Orton: I know what you are going to say I know what all of you are thinking… but you have to understand that I, Randy Orton, the Legend Killer came within an inch away from defeating the Undertaker on his night and on his PPV; something unheard of.


Randy Orton: I was the closest out of any wrestler to attempt to end it previously.

Chris Jericho: But the thing is here in the WWE we don’t give out awards for coming close, coming close just doesn’t cut it Junior.

Crowd pop

Randy Orton: You think you’re funny huh? You wouldn’t be laughing if you were in my position after having your shoulder blow out and being ripped to shreds seconds before a victory…. Roll the footage.

[Randy Orton is seen holding Taker up for a Tombstone before Randy’s face began turning red, showing pain and Undertaker leaning back and reversing it into a Tombstone of his own for the victory]

Undertaker chants begin to build throughout the arena floor

Randy Orton: You guys can chant the Undertaker from now until tomorrow morning, he isn’t coming on Raw!

Randy Orton receives heat from his comments

[The lights turn out and the arena goes dark]

the crowd goes nuts as they know what is coming next

the lights turn back on but nothing happened

Randy Orton looks stunned

Randy Orton: You think that was pretty funny, huh? Trying to scare me like that…

Chris Jericho: I hate to burst your bubble Randolph but I didn’t do anything…

Crowd pop

[Lights go out again]

[Lights turn back on]

The Ortons have been kidnapped and nowhere to be seen

Chris Jericho chuckles to himself before turning around only to have Muhammad Hassan ambush him from behind! Hassan would hold him in the ‘Camel Clutch’ as Divari was screaming orders at him and the crowd was giving them tons of heat.

Hassan would then stand up once he felt that Jericho was unable to fight back and spit on him before leaving the ring to his music.

Jim Ross: What on earth is that S.O.B doing?

Jerry Lawler: Making an impact that’s what he is doing, making a name for himself and what better way to do that then to start with Chris Jericho.

As Hassan was about to exit up the ramp Bischoff was on the tron and ordered him to stop.

Eric Bischoff: You want Jericho so bad?


Eric Bischoff: Hassan, I suggest you don’t go anywhere because I am ordering the ring to be cleared right now of Jericho’s props and for a referee to get down there…

Louder Pop

Eric Bischoff: Hassan you just got yourself a match.

Hassan makes his way back down and into the ring with a smile on his face as Jericho slowly gets to his knees.

Jim Ross: What? Jericho is in no condition to fight now. This is totally unfair.

Non Title Match ~ Muhammad Hassan w/ Divari vs. Chris Jericho ©

*Bell Rings*

Hassan stands over Jericho who is on all-four as Divari, his handler begins screaming orders at him. Hassan grabs Jericho by his upper body and lifts him up before holding him up on spaghetti legs for a moment to give him an ear full about how America sucks. Jericho however, plays possum as Hassan takes a few steps back and goes to clothesline him down. Jericho ducks underneath the clothesline attempt by Hassan and with the delight of the crowd, Jericho grabs both legs of Hassan, trips him over and turns him around for his finisher, the Walls of Jericho. Hassan begins thriving and screaming in pain as he desperately tries to reach and crawl towards the ring ropes.

Chris Jericho lets him use up energy to crawl towards the ropes only for Jericho to then walk forward towards the center of the ring. The referee would check on Hassan and ask him if he would like to quit however, Hassan would shake his head and continue to fight his way towards the ropes. Meanwhile, while the referee was busy checking on Hassan, Divari would grab a steel folding chair from ring announcer and run around the outside of the ring, and smash it over the head of Jericho. Jericho would release the Walls of Jericho, fall back down to the mat. Divari would gain tremendous amounts of heat as he threw away the chair and the evidence and left the ring.

Hassan would slowly use the aid of the ropes to get to a vertical base showing the effects the Walls of Jericho had on his knees before diving on Jericho for a pin fall, after realizing what had transpired. Jericho was knocked out cold and was unable to answer the three count as Muhammad Hassan would pin him for a victory.

Winner @5:15 | Muhammad Hassan

Hassan would celebrate to his theme music as the broadcast went to another commercial break.

As the broadcast returns to the air after the break, Shawn Michaels is standing backstage with Jonathan Coachman.

Jonathan Coachman: So Shawn… how does it feel to lose to a man of such importance… such stature last night at Wrestlemania… how does it feel to lose to Kurt Angle…

Heat as Coach rubs it in

Shawn Michaels pulls a shocked face

Shawn Michaels: What’s that over there?

Shawn points behind Coachman as Coachman turns around

Jonathan Coachman: …. I don’t see anything…

As Jonathan Coachman turns around Shawn then surprises him with a Superkick almost taking his head off and knocking him out cold.

The crowd erupts

Shawn Michaels: Now that he is done with…

Shawn giggles to himself

Jim Ross: Well that was innovative to say the least.

Shawn Michaels: Kurt Angle… I know you are watching at home and I just want to you know that there are two things I love more than life itself. One is my family and two is performing in front of millions of people and stealing the show.

the crowd begins some H.B.K chants

Shawn Michaels: Now I know you are probably thinking to yourself... There is no way I am going to get in the ring with Shawn again, I beat him at his event, at Wrestlemania and you are saying to yourself… what else do I have to prove, I don’t owe him or any of these fans anything.


Shawn Michaels: Kurt I know exactly what is going through your head I was once a young, cocky, talented, athletic superstar with his whole career ahead of him….

Shawn Michaels: Oh wait… I still am Ha-ha

Shawn receives a cheap pop

Shawn though goes closer to the camera and gets serious for a moment

Shawn Michaels: Kurt, I already bought myself a ticket straight to Smackdown and I guarantee that you will feel my presence on Thursday night.

Crowd pop

Shawn Michaels: And maybe then we’ll see what your thoughts are for Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels II.

Shawn then walks away and leaves the set

Jim Ross: What an epic match that will be, I can’t wait for Smackdown.

Jerry Lawler: But Kurt Angle shouldn’t accept Shawn’s challenge, he beat him fair and square, he doesn’t need to give anyone any second chances. He is an Olympic Gold Medalist you know.

Jim Ross: … Yes I know.

Backstage in the General Managers office Triple H and Ric Flair storm in.

Triple H: What the hell do you think you are doing?

Eric Bischoff: Calm down Hunter…

Triple H: You know dam well that at Backlash I get my hands on Batista and that world title and if not you are going to be in a world of trouble.

Eric Bischoff: Hunter, I granted you that match, not to worry. At Backlash you two will be in the main event however, I just thought it would be a little interesting to put the stipulation of the match on the line...

Triple H: Why don’t I take you and put you on the line…

Ric Flair steps in front of Triple H and tries to reason with him and calm him down.

Eric Bischoff: Hunter, you know that I have respected you and have been behind you since day one, and that every decision I made was for the well being of you and Flair…

Ric Flair: Game... Game... calm down, we can use this to our advantage...

Triple H grunts before turning around and leaving

Jim Ross: Triple H doesn’t look to be in a good mood about the main event here tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Ya’ think?

*** WHATEVER ***

Chris Benoit makes his way down the aisle and to the ring as he received a standing ovation. Benoit was showing effects of last night’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match though was still ready to compete and in in-ring gear.


Christian alongside problem solver Tyson Tomko make their way down the aisle as Christian receives heat, he enters the ring confidently, also showing effects of their match last night.

Chris Benoit vs. Christian w/ Tyson Tomko

*Bell Rings*

Chris Benoit and Christian lock up in the center of the ring, Benoit ducks underneath a right arm shot by Christian before turning him around and backing him up in the corner with several chops to the chest area making him instantly red. Benoit would then grab Christian’s arm and throw him diagonally across as hard as he could, chest first into the turnbuckles. Christian would put his foot out and arms out to stop himself from hitting the turnbuckles as he then nailed a side elbow onto Benoit sending him staggering a few steps back. Christian turned around before lifting himself up onto the middle rope and coming at Benoit with a jumping axe handle to the top of Benoit’s head to knock him off of his feet. Christian would cover him for a quick pin fall however; Benoit would kick out instantly before it could begin.

Christian would kick Benoit in the spine and lower back area as he slowly sat up. Christian would slowly help Benoit to his feet before throwing him at the ropes ahead and leaning forward, Benoit would on the rebound, grab Christian’s head and swing him around for a swinging neck breaker as both men were down for a few seconds to catch their breath. Benoit would slowly at the count of five reach a vertical base before running at the ropes to the side and booting Christian in the ribs with a hard baseball slide while he was down. At that time, Tomko felt that Christian needed help; he would stand up on the ring apron and attempt to distract Benoit as Benoit charged towards him and went to knock him off of his feet.

Tomko would wisely enough step down from the ring apron just in time and grab Benoit’s left arm in the process, the same hurt arm that Edge hit a steel chair on to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match last night. Benoit’s left arm would bounce off of the top turnbuckle and whiplash him back down to the mat, as Benoit held onto it and rolled around the ring in pain, Christian slowly reached his feet holding his ribs and began to stomp away at Benoit, showing no remorse for his upper body and arms. Christian would then grab Benoit by his injured arm and twist it, making a full 360 turn before shoulder blocking it and bringing Benoit down to his knees.

Christian then would talk some trash and taunt the crowd before Benoit would attempt to show some offense and fight back by hitting a couple of shots to Christian’s ribs and mid section area with his right arm, he would then stand up and head but him relentlessly before throwing him over to the ropes with a belly to belly overhead suplex. Benoit would drag Christian to the center of the ring before signaling the end as he moved his thumb across his throat and made his way over to the turnbuckles, going for his patented Flying Headbut to the shoulder.

Benoit would take his time holding onto his arm, giving Christian time to recuperate and move out of the way just in time, having Benoit crash face first into the canvas mat below. Christian would slowly get to his feet and grab Benoit’s upper body along with him. He would turn him around for an Unprettier and slam him down to the mat before rolling him up for a three count, the referee slid down and made the count giving Christian the win.

Winner @11:41 | Christian w/ Tyson Tomko

Christian and Tomko made their way up the ramp with their music playing as the broadcast was sent backstage to the locker room of the Champion, Dave Batista.

Batista is sitting on the bench with his belt on his lap and staring a hole into it as Shelton Benjamin walks in.

Shelton Benjamin: Hows it goin’ big fella? Pumped for tonight?

Dave Batista: Absolutely.

Shelton Benjamin: I just need to know that you are 100% out there, cause if you win or lose it doesn’t really matter, either way you get what you want and that is another match with Triple H. But I need this win; I need that shot at Money in the Bank and Edge.

Dave Batista: Don’t worry, I know how much it means to you and there is no way that Triple H and Edge are winning here tonight.


Dave Batista: Plus when we win I’ll have fun announcing what match I want to face Triple H in.

Batista laughs to himself as the crowd cheers for him

Shelton Benjamin: What match are you going to chose anyway?

Dave Batista: I was thinking something along the lines of a Street Fight.

Crowd Erupts

Shelton Benjamin: Well good luck in that… see ya’ out there… partner.

Benjamin and Batista shake hands before Benjamin leaves

Jim Ross: Batista and Triple H in a street fight would be a blockbuster for sure.

Jerry Lawler: It would but keep in mind that for it to happen, they have to beat Mr. Money in the Bank Edge and the Game, Triple H who are two of the best ever. And don't forget if Triple H wins he gets to chose the match.

Jim Ross: That they are. This is sure going to be interesting.

The camera men then send us backstage to the locker room of Hurricane Helms.

Hurricane Helms is only seen from behind with his mask in the palms of his hands.

His identity is not shown nor his face but he clenches and squeezes his mask looking down at it for a moment

Hurricane Helms then throws the mask down to the ground

Jim Ross: What has come about Hurricane Helms?

The broadcast is sent back down to ringside

*** OH YEAH ***

Matt Hardy’s theme music plays as the crowd go wild. Hardy plays to the crowd as he makes his way down the aisle for in ring action.


Gene Snitsky storms down the aisle wasting little time to get in the ring and begin this match, Snitsky gets a very dull reaction.

Matt Hardy vs. Gene Snitsky

*Bell Rings*

Matt starts this matchup off with a kick to the sternum of Snitsky. Matt hits Snitsky with numerous lefts and rights backing him up against the ropes before Snitsky would push him back and force Matt to the center of the ring. Matt would sprint back at Snitsky only for the big man’ to big boot him down and almost knock a few teeth out in the process. Snitsky would life Matt up to his feet before slamming him down to the mat with a hard scoop slam to the canvas. Snitsky would then receive heat as he taunted the crowd and roared, showing his intensity. Snitsky would knee Matt in the upper body as he was on his knees, Matt would be forced back down to the canvas.

Snitsky then stood against the turnbuckles, seizing Matt up and waiting patiently for him to get to his feet to execute his finishing maneuver, a devastating bicycle kick to the jaw. Once Matt would reach his feet, and turn around Snitsky would sprint at him, Matt however, would duck underneath Snitsky’s right boot and move around his side before kicking and punching him in the back. Matt would then turn him around, kick him in the mid section, grab his head and nail a Twist of Fate to the crowd’s excitement. Matt would then leave the ring and head towards the turnbuckles, before screaming and signaling his patented flying Leg Drop.

Matt would leap into the air and nail a hard leg drop onto Snitsky in the center of the ring. Matt seconds later on would hook Snitsky’s outside leg for the pin fall and cover him up as the referee slid down to make the count. The referee would count to three and Matt would win the matchup.

Winner @6:10 | Matt Hardy

As Matt’s theme music began to play, Matt played to the crowd a bit as the rolled out of the ring and up the ramp to the back. Meanwhile, Triple H is backstage with a microphone in his lockeroom and Ric Flair by his side, Triple H begins to talk.

Triple H: …. I ….. Own …. The World Heavyweight Championship! ….

Triple H seems to go in some sort of a trans, with his face in the camera getting extremely serious

Triple H: One way or another Big Dave…. I can promise you this…. It will find its way home!

Triple H receives heat

Triple H: I will find a weakness… It’s in your eyes ‘Big Dave’…

Batista chants build up in the arena but Triple H ignores it and continues rambling on

Triple H: You are on borrowed time.

Triple H looks around for a moment

Triple H: You see Batista was good for one night…. ONE NIGHT!

Stronger Heat

Triple H: Your eyes showed a fear Big Dave… Every time I went for it I could sense it, I could feel it…. You know it…. It’s in your eyes…. Don’t deny it Big Dave… You’re scared of it.

Ric Flair nods in agreement in the background

Triple H: It’s the PEDIGREE!

Massive Heat

Triple H: Because the Pedigree is the truth! And the truth is Batista…. You made the biggest mistake of your life!

Batista’s name is being heard from the crowd by the hundreds of screaming fans

Triple H: I OWN IT!

The promo then ends as the broadcast is sent back down to ringside for the main event

Jim Ross: Triple H seems as focused as ever.

Jerry Lawler: Focused isn’t even the right word for it here Ha-ha.

Jim Ross: That may be the case but I am sure Batista has something to say about it.

Jerry Lawler: Batista better be saying his prayers cause Triple H was telling the truth… It’s all about the Pedigree JR and Batista fears it.

Jim Ross: I highly doubt that.


Edge wielding the newly won, Money in the Bank briefcase makes his way down the ramp and to the ring for in-ring action. Edge garners heat and boos as he steps into the ring and hands the briefcase to a ring announcer, Edge sorts his hair as he slaps himself ready for the match.

The show then is sent to a final commercial break, as it returns Triple H’s music hits.


Triple H alongside Ric Flair make their way down the aisle this time Flair steps into the ring and Triple H goes to the ring apron and does his usual taunt where he spits up the bottled water. Triple H is as psyched up as ever. He and Flair receive deafening heat.


Shelton Benjamin receives a respectable face pop and reaction as he makes his way down the aisle. The commentators remind the fans of the history between Benjamin and Evolution and him beating all of them last year and having pin fall victories over the Game. Benjamin stands near the ring waiting for his partner to come up behind him before stepping in.

Jim Ross: That leaves just one man…

The crowd begins to cheer as they know who is coming out next.

*** I WALK ALONE ***

The arena erupts with enthusiasm and excitement as Batista runs from side to side setting off his pyrotechnics with the World Title around his waist. Batista hands it to a ring announcer before he and Benjamin stepped into the ring for the main event.

Main Event | Edge (m) & Triple H w/ Ric Flair vs. Shelton Benjamin & Dave Batista ©

If Edge and Triple H win, Triple H chooses the stipulation for Backlash, if Batista and Benjamin win then visa-versa.
Also if Shelton Benjamin and Batista win, Benjamin gets a shot at Edge at Backlash

*Bell Rings*

Benjamin and Triple H start things out, Triple H then goes for a lock up only to kick Benjamin in the mid section. Triple H gives Benjamin a hard clubbing right arm shot backing him up against the ring ropes before grabbing his arm and throwing him forward. Benjamin puts the brakes on and side steps before throwing Triple H at the opposing ropes, Edge blindly tags himself in as Triple H comes to a screeching stop, turning around at Edge who stepped into the ring and yelling at him telling him that he had the situation under control and what the hell is he doing. While both men argued Benjamin shrugged; smirked and sprinted at both men before taking them down with a double dropkick. As a result Triple H was sent through the middle rope crashing to the outside.

Benjamin slowly used the ropes to help himself up to a vertical base as he grabbed a hand-full of Edge’s hair in the process and brought him up with him. Benjamin would pummel him with several rights and lefts in the corner before moving up to the middle rope and continuing the onslaught and hitting him with punches to his hair line. The crowd would count along with him before Edge would grab both legs of Benjamin in a powerbomb position and would step towards the center of the ring to slam him down to the canvas mat below, however, Benjamin would show his athleticism and versatility by leaning backwards and sending Edge to his corner with a Hurricarana.

As Edge slowly stepped out of the corner he turned around and saw Batista glaring back at him, intimidating him as he was distracted, Benjamin slowly got back to his feet and when the time was right and Edge turned around, Benjamin took him down with a spinning wheel kick to the jaw. Benjamin would then tag in his partner, Batista as the crowd erupted. Batista would step in slowly and look down at Edge who was on his stomach crawling desperately to his corner to tag in Triple H, Triple H however, wouldn’t be there as Batista grabbed a handful of his tights and lifted Edge up with ease. Batista began to shoulder block him in the corner against turnbuckles before throwing him over his head back first onto the mat.

Batista would then shake the ropes and signal the Batista Bomb, Edge would be wisely enough to roll out of the ring and stand near Triple H and Ric Flair. Edge exchanged a few pushes with Triple H, showing his frustration as Benjamin stepped into the ring and sprinted towards them. Benjamin grabbed the top rope and jumped over at all three men on the outside, he took them down and out landing on them as the crowd was on their feet. The referee begins to count Edge out as Batista decides that he wants in-on the action as well and steps out of the ring.

Batista waits patiently for Triple H to step back up to his feet and as he turned around Batista would clothesline him down hard, with a thunderous whip-lash effect on the floor on the outside of the ring. Batista would grab Edge at the referee’s five count and roll him into the ring under the bottom rope before re-entering the ring himself soon after. Batista would once again go for his Batista Bomb placing him in between his legs and giving him the ‘Thumbs-Down’. Batista would lift him up onto his shoulders as Edge would begin frantically hitting Batista on the top of his head trying to make him lose his balance, Batista would hold onto him but wobble back a couple of steps.

Shelton Benjamin saw this and sprang up onto the ring apron before grabbing the top rope and spring-boarding off of it, leaping into the air at Edge. He would clothesline Edge down from Batista’s shoulders as the crowd went crazy for that innovative maneuver. The referee then had his hands tied trying to get Benjamin back to the ring apron, with the referee’s back turned Ric Flair would roll into the ring and low blow Batista from behind, gaining tremendous amounts of heat and bringing the Big Man down to his knees in the process. Edge would use the ropes to help himself and slowly hoist himself to his feet before seeing Batista and charging towards him, going for a Spear.

Batista would grab Edge’s upper body and send him flying shoulder first into the steel ring post. As Edge turned around Batista would grab his upper body and send him flying to the center of the ring with a hard Pump-Handle Slam. Batista would hook the outside leg for the count. The referee slid down instantly and Edge was unable to answer, resulting in a victory for Benjamin and Batista. Triple H was looking on from the outside, he didn’t seem to want any piece of the match, not wanting to get his hands dirty and crawled around the ring, and he seemed to be busy.

WINNERS @16:36 | Shelton Benjamin and Dave Batista

Benjamin and Batista celebrate on the turnbuckles Benjamin left as did Edge and Batista stepped off the turnbuckles going to go to another corner and play to the crowd, Triple H however, had other plans as they met nose to nose.

The crowd liked what they were seeing and wanted to see some physicality between them as Triple H punted Batista in the mid section and brought him in between his legs and hooked the arms in position for a PEDIGREE!

Jerry Lawler:
Here it comes JR, the Answer… Batista’s phobia.

Batista would grab both legs of Triple H and pull them forward, forcing Triple H to fall flat on his back as Ric Flair grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the ring, and into safety.

The crowd gave heat, wanting to see more but Triple H would bide his time and tell Batista that it will come when he least expects it as the show faded to black.

Raw Presents | Backlash | May 1st 2005

World Title Match | Street Fight | Dave Batista © vs. Triple H w/ Ric Flair II

Money in the Bank Briefcase on the Line| Edge (M) vs. Shelton Benjamin

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Re: Harlem Heat presents; WWE 2005 and onwards

Good opening segment. I think you nailed perfectly what HHH's attitude would be after losing a big main event, in which he would be a little bitter about it but he would just dismiss it as a fluke. I do think the promo seemed to go a little fast, like if it was getting rushed, and I do agree with Edge, Shelton Benjamin in there, and demanding a shot at the champion, made no sense for him to make. Good main event, altough I am still not feeling Shelton getting involved that top of the card just by looking good in MITB. You even took away from him the Intercontinental Championship, which puzzles me as I don't know if you will push him or not. By now, it seems that way.

Nice tag team match, and it was rather surprising, in a good way, that we got a good match leading into a more important angle. Regal turning into Eugene was the right call. I hated Regal having to team up with Eugene and Tajiri in that period of time.

Uhmm, I don't know about this Highlight Reel. I liked the interaction between Orton and Jericho, and I was starting to think that you were building towards a feud between the two. Undertaker getting involved in the segment should have been built longer, but the trend of the show seems to have the promos a little rushed. I also think Jericho wouldn't be so confident with Taker's antics. Hassan getting involved and later pinning Jericho is great, as it sets Hassan vs jericho, giving both of them a nice little feud to have something to do. I think Hassan and Daivari have great potential in a heat carrying duo.

I didn't like HBK's promo. It does set up something nice as we get to see HBK vs Angle continue, and I do like that you went with cocky HBK instead of veteran HBK in his persona. Don't know, it just seemed random he would kick The Coach. Maybe that's waht you were aiming for, but I just feel with all the promos that things have been rushed in general.

And I certainly didn't enjoy this promo, but not in the sense it was rushed, but in the fact that the message it got across, I didn't feel it. So Shelton Benjamin is the one pushing Batista? He's the one getting the world champion pumped? And Batista says he will win the match because of how much it matters...to Shelton? I think it really undermimed the champion. And I didn't feel Batista revealing what match he would choose against HHH. Altough it does show great confidence from his part, I think he would keep it a secret to play mindgames with HHH.

Surprising to see Christian defeat Benoit clearly. Nice to see you played up his banged up arm. Don't really know where both go from here. Maybe a rematch at Backlash?

Things don't seem bright for Snitsky. You said he had a dull reaction and jobbed him to Hardy. No future for him.

And HHH melts down. I think this could have happened later in the build up for Backlash, since he started the show really confident and playing his defeat as a fluke, and by the end of the night he is practically desperate and grasping straws for defeating Batista.

Good main event. I really liked this match as I felt you nailed each of the wrestler traits and different styles. However, the post match events that took place I do have a problem with. We never did get the official announcement for the Batista and HHH match, so we have to assume Batista was telling the truth when he said he wanted a Street Fight when small talking with Benjamin, which as you know, I feel shouldnt have happened.

Good show overall, as it advanced many storylines. Let's see if you come up with something new for HHH vs Batista, as it seems you will go with the same build up WWE did with the whole "Pedigree is the truth" deal. HBK vs Angle continuing is nice and you have the wild card of Orton who wasn't around this time. I do think some of your promos felt rushed as they happened too fast. try to make them longer.


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