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WWE 2009 - Reviving A Lost Flame

WWE 2009 - Reviving A Lost Flame

WWE Monday Night RAW

The Staff
General Manager – Eric Bischoff
Announce Team – Michael Cole & Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler
Backstage Interviewers – Josh Matthews
Ring Announcer – Justin Roberts

The Champions

WWE Champion – Randy Orton
WWE United States Champion – The Miz
WWE Unified Tag Team Champion – The Big Show
WWE Divas Champion – Maryse

The Male Roster

Big Show
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Cody Rhodes
Evan Bourne
Gregory Helms – Awaiting Debut
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Jack Swagger
Jamie Noble
John Cena
Ken Kennedy
Kofi Kingston
Mark Henry
Montel Vontavious Porter
Randy Orton
Santino Marella
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Ted DiBiase
The Miz
Triple H
Zack Ryder – Awaiting Debut

The Female Roster
Alicia Fox
Angel Williams
Brie Bella
Gail Kim
Kelly Kelly
Mickie James
Nikki Bella
Rosa Mendes

Tag Teams & Stables
Bella Twins (Brie & Nikki Bella)
Chris Jericho & Big Show (Can Appear On Both Brands)
D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels & Triple H)
Legacy (Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton & Ted DiBiase)
Mark Henry & Montel Vontavious Porter


WWE Friday Night SmackDown!

The Staff
General Manager – Theodore Long
Announce Team – Jim Ross & Todd Grisham
Backstage Interviewers – Josh Matthews
Ring Announcer – Tony Chimal

The Champions

World Heavyweight Champion – The Undertaker
WWE Intercontinental Champion – John Morrison
WWE Unified Tag Team Champion – Chris Jericho
WWE Women’s Champion – Melina

The Male Roster
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Curt Hawkins
David Hart Smith
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Edge – Injured
Jimmy Wang Yang
John Morrison
Kung Fu Naki
Matt Hardy
Mike Knox
Paul Burchill
Rey Mysterio
Shad Gaspard
The Great Khali
The Undertaker
Tyson Kidd

The Female Roster

Beth Phoenix
Eve Torres
Katie Lea Burchill
Layla El
Michelle McCool
Natalya Neidhart

The Tag Teams & Stables

Batista & Rey Mysterio
Chris Jericho & Big Show (Can Appear On Both Brands)
Cryme Tyme (JTG & Shad Gaspard)
The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith, Natalya Neidhart & Tyson Kidd)


Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW)

The Male Roster
Abraham Washington
Alberto Banderas
Alex Riley
Big E Langston
Bo Rotundo
Brett DiBiase
Caylen Croft
Conrad Tanner
Darren Young
Dawson Alexander
Derrick Bateman
Dino Carter
Donny Marlow
Duke Rotundo
Eli Cottonwood
Eric Escobar
Heath Slater
Jackson Andrews
Jimmy Uso
Joe Hennig
Johnny Curtis
Johnny Prime
Justin Angel
Lennox McEnroe
Leroy Morgan
Lift Sawyer
Michael Tarver
Percy Watson
Skip Sheffield
Sweet Papi Sanchez
Titus O'Neill
Trent Beretta
Tyler Reks
Vance Archer
Wade Barrett
Wes Brisco

The Female Roster
AJ Lee
Courtney Taylor
Mia Mancini
Naomi Night
Penny Cash


The Unassigned Talent
Bryan Danielson
Nigel McGuinness


The Upcoming PPV Schedule
Bragging Rights – 25/10/09
Survivor Series – 22/11/09
Armageddon – 13/12/09
Royal Rumble - 31/01/10
No Way Out - 21/02/10
Wrestlemania XXVI - 28/03/10


The Show Archive
RAW – 5/10/09
ECW – 6/10/09
SmackDown! – 9/10/09
RAW – 12/10/09
SmackDown! – 16/10/09
RAW – 19/10/09
SmackDown - 23/10/09
Bragging Rights - 25/10/09
RAW - 26/10/09

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2009 - The Newest Era Begins

very organized and easy to read it's a good start and ill follow this closely hopefully you make it stand out from others
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2009 - The Newest Era Begins

I like the presentation of this, Calum. Starting at this point gives you a relatively clean slate to work on, so I hope you make the most of it. Good luck!
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2009 - The Newest Era Begins

Looks good - hopefully you can make this your own and make it exciting.

Oh, BTW, there's no note stating that Edge is injured - if I were you, I would go back and edit it so that there is no confusion.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2009 - The Newest Era Begins

Just to let you know, RAW is almost done. Here's some news and the preview for RAW.
Insider News

Apparently, WWE have been in contact with former WWE Superstars Ken Anderson. Ken Anderson is better known as his in ring name, Mr. Kennedy. He was released from the WWE just after his return from injury. Some rumours were circulating that Vince McMahon fired him on the spot after a seemingly botched back suplex. It seems that Anderson and Vince McMahon has put their differences behind them. A credible source from within the WWE said “Mr. McMahon and Ken Anderson had a meeting with one another to discuss the possibility of his return. After the meeting Anderson stayed backstage at Hell in a Cell and I’ve been told that he has spoken to many Superstars and has made peace with most of them”. Interestingly, Ken Anderson was scheduled to compete for Hulk Hogan’s ‘Hulkamania’ tour, but he has now pulled out of the tour. Take that anyway you want to.

Another former WWE Superstar has been in contact with WWE. Rob Van Dam was seen entering Florida Championship Wrestling’s (FCW) training area. We don’t know if it was just a friendly visit or if he discussed possibly rejoining WWE.

If you look on WWE official website, the PPV Schedule has been changed. For the past few months, Vince McMahon seems to have fallen in love with the idea of having gimmick PPV’s. Many Superstars have expressed dismay about this, only two of them being, The Undertaker and Chris Jericho. Now it seems that Vince has changed his mind, Armageddon has returning in place of TLC: Table’s, Ladders and Chairs, No Way Out has returning in place of Elimination Chamber but some have stayed such as Breaking Point and Bragging Rights.

Speaking of Bragging Rights, it will indeed have a RAW Vs Smackdown theme. There will be possibly three RAW Vs Smackdown matches. There will be a 6 man tag team match that is confirmed according to WWE.Com.

In injury news, former Divas Champion Maryse seems to be ready to compete again. She reinjured her knee in a match with Mickie James. She had a dark match in FCW as a way to level her match fitness. Expect her to rejoin the RAW brand and continue her feud with Mickie James in the coming weeks.

Speaking of Divas, one Diva seems to have been quietly moved brands. If you look at the Smackdown roster page, Beth Phoenix has been moved from RAW to Smackdown. Beth has lost a lot of momentum over on RAW because of the Santina fiasco, hopefully this move will rejuvenate her. [FONT="Georgia"]

Preview | Monday Night RAW | October 5th

Tonight's guest host is Pittsburgh Steelers Quarter-back Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben is another guest host that comes from a sporting background, joining basketball Shaquille O'Neal.

Last night, we saw the first Pay-Per-View focused on the brutal match, Hell in a Cell. Three Hell in a Cell matches took place, two of those being a RAW brand match. One of those was for the coveted WWE Championship. Two men went and only one man came out, that man being Randy Orton. Tonight, Randy Orton will do what he loves to do ... gloat. The WWE Champion will kick off Monday Night RAW, no doubt he will talk about last night but will John Cena have a say or will a new foe show himself.

D-Generation X the second Hell in a Cell match, against rivals, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Triple H played the hero as Shawn Michaels was locked in the cell with Legacy, meanwhile Triple H was locked out. After Triple H recovered from the ‘Crossroads’ on the steel stage he tried to get into the cell but to no avail. He went to the back and got a bolt cutter. Triple H managed to get in and lock Ted DiBiase in the cell. Obviously with no help from Ted, Cody would be no match for the members of D-X. Did we see the feud end last night or will it continue?

The United States Championship match ended with The Miz pinning the Champion to become the new United States Champion. We all know that The Miz likes to talk, and after his win last night it will take a miracle to take the microphone away from his mouth. Tonight, the United States Champion addresses the WWE Universe, about his win last night and he has told WWE.Com he has something else to talk about.

Also tonight, Alicia Fox faces off against Kelly Kelly in a match to determine the #1 contender for the Divas Championship. Alicia lost her match against Mickie last night, but gets a chance to redeem herself tonight.

Confirmed for RAW

Message from WWE Champion Randy Orton
Message from United States Champion The Miz
Alicia Fox Vs Kelly Kelly

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2009 - The Newest Era Begins

Just to let you know, you have CM Punk listed as your World Heavyweight Champion when Undertaker is on the banner and in the Hell in a Cell results as the World Heavyweight Champion. I'll look into this thread more as I have to get going.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2009 - The Newest Era Begins

Looks good. The presentation is very good and it looks well organised. Its good that you ahd Miz win the US title. I will keep a look out to see what you do. Good luck
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2009 - The Newest Era Begins

Good luck mate, the only problem I feel you might have with this is if you can't differentiate between your own thread and the actual happenings of WWE real time, anytime I've did a BTB in a couple of other forums (this included) I became sickened when unforeseen circumstances arisen, Kane coming back early and Edge being injured hampered me, since I was writing for the here and the now I couldn't buy into what I was writing when I knew Edge was going to be out for months and he was a big part of my plans

Hope you understand what I mean, good luck regardless, sure you'll have better success than me
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2009 - The Newest Era Begins

Now, there will be things in this show that will seem to be the same as WWE. But rest assured that will change in the coming weeks.

5th October | Monday Night RAW | Newark, New Jersey

"I didn't do it for you."

Monday Night RAW begins this week with a video package highlighting the carnage of last night. The main focus is on the WWE Championship match which was contested in the confinements of a Hell in a Cell match. Finally we video shows Randy Orton with his hand raised after defeating the former WWE Champion John Cena. It then shows D-Generation X defeating Legacy.

Once the highlight package ends and the opening credits plays, the cameras enter the arena, a very loud pyrotechnic display shoots off, the camera then proceeds to circle the arena before returning to the centre. Where Justin Roberts is waiting with a microphone in his hand.

Justin Roberts: Please welcome ... the NEWWWW ... DUB-YA ... DUB-YA ... EEE ... CHAMPION! RANDY ORTON!

The new WWE Champion walks through the curtain into a sea off boos as “Voices” plays over the PA system. Randy Orton walks slowly to the ring without Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase who are selling the injuries sustained last night. Randy reaches the ring but stops and glances at his WWE Champion before entering the ring. The Champion walks over to the turnbuckle and hoists the belt above his head. He drops down and takes the microphone off Justin Roberts.

Randy Orton: Last night at Hell in a Cell. I done what everyone thought was impossible ... I won MY WWE Championship.

The crowd boo this as Orton looks at the title over his shoulder.

Randy Orton: I did this by defeating ... John Cena.

Lots of heat.

Randy Orton: But I didn’t just defeat John Cena, did I? Did I? No, I absolutely destroyed the former WWE Champion.

More heat as Orton smirks a little.

Randy Orton: If you cast you’re small minds back a few years. John Cena and I were the rising stars of WWE. I was on RAW and John was on Smackdown. We both have claimed success, but at Hell in a Cell ... everything John Cena has done was made null and void.


Randy Orton: I proved why I am the best thing to come into this business in a LONG time. I am the face of the WWE, I am the best. But most importantly I am the WWE Champion!

The crowd explode with boos as Orton pauses.

Randy Orton: I have done thing’s nobody has done, my resume of defeated stars is legendary. I’ve defeated the greats of this business, including probably the biggest name in our businsee Hulk Hogan. I’ve carried this business on my back since I’ve won this Championship.


Randy Orton: I’ve created a Legacy in Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, I’ve single handedly destroyed the McMahon family ... and now I have defeated my biggest rival in John Cena ... in a Hell in a Cell match. Now-

“My Time is Now” plays over the PA system to the delight of the fans. John Cena limps out from the back, still selling the injuries from last night. Orton is staring at Cena longingly.

John Cena: Randy, Randy, Randy ... Randy! Nobody cares.

Huge pop as the fans are in agreement.

John Cena: Nobody cares that you defeated Legends like Hulk Hogan. It’s not hard to defeat a old age fossil.

Some heat for what Cena said but he doesn’t seem to care.

John Cena: You say that you’ve created a Legacy in Cody Rhodes in Ted DiBiase. But, what do these so called Superstars do except oiling you up in baby-

Randy Orton: Who the hell d-

John Cena: Shut up!

Huge pop for Cena putting it so bluntly.

John Cena: Shut up and listen. I heard you say that I am you’re greatest rival? Why is that? Is it because I’ve beat you many times?

Randy Orton: In case you have forgotten after I punted you in the head ... I beat you last night to win the WWE Championship.


John Cena: So you beat me last night, but guess what Orton, I want my WWE Championship back! And I want it now!

The fans pop, as Cena throws the microphone down on the stage before taking his shirt off and walking to the ring.

Randy Orton: Hold it right there Cena! Hold it!

Cena stops to hear what Orton is going to say. Orton’s about to speak but then “Heavy Action” blares over the PA system. Both Superstars direct there attention to the stage as Ben Roethlisberger walks out to a modest pop.

Ben Roethlisberger: Hey guys listen, I was listening to what you were saying backstage. Well, Randy. You said John Cena was you’re biggest rival so with that in mind ... at Bragging Rights it will be John Cena Vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship if ... John Cena can win his match tonight.


Ben Roethlisberger:
John Cena will face off against either Ted DiBiase or Cody Rhodes.


Ben Roethlisberger: So Randy, make up you’re mind because you will have to pick who will face John Cena.

More heat.

Randy Orton: Ok, ok. But one thing, if John Cena does win tonight and faces me at Bragging Rights. I want to pick the stipulation.

Ben Roethlisberger: Sure, what did you have in mind.

Randy Orton: I’m sick of Cena getting title shot after title shot. If the match does take place and I win ... John Cena will not get another Championship match as long as I am Champion.

Extreme Heat.

Ben nods in Ortons direction before turning around and walking backstage. “Voices” then plays as Orton and Cena have a stare down.

{Commercial Break}

As we return from the commercials we cut to the announce table where Michael Cole and The King are waiting to greet us.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to longest running weekly episodic show on television, Monday Night RAW! If you have just joined us, well, you missed fiery start as the WWE Champion kicked us off. Let’s take a look at what happened.

A video replay plays, showing us what just transpired between Randy Orton, John Cena and Ben.

The King: That was some way to kick the show off, Big Ben has already made a huge impact on RAW.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, we are getting word that Ben Roethlisberger has another announcement to tell us. Let’s send it to the back.

Backstage, Big Ben is standing in his office.

Ben Roethlisberger: Thanks, Michael. I have a huge announcement to tell you. In three weeks time the WWE are holding a brand new pay-per-view called Bragging Rights. It will be headlined by a huge six on six, RAW Vs Smackdown tag team match!

Huge cheers at the announcement, as Big Ben stands with a smile on his face.

Ben Roethlisberger: Now, the Captains of those teams... the Smackdown Captain will be decided by Smackdown but I have decided on the RAW Captain... D-Generation X!

Another huge pop.

Ben Roethlisberger: That’s all from me, enjoy the show everybody. Back to you Michael.

Ben sits back down on his sofa before the camera cuts back to the announce table where Michael Cole is staring into the camera with a huge grin on his face.

Michael Cole: Wow! What a main event made for Bragging Rights. The WWE Universe will have a RAW Vs Smackdown tag team match. Wow!

The King: Calm down Cole, but yeah, RAW should win.

Michael Cole: Anyway, last night the WWE Universe witnessed another new pay-pay-view called Hell in a Cell. Where all the main event matches were contested in a Hell in a Cell match. Take a look.

We cut to a video package, highlighting the events of the night before. The video focuses on the match between D-X and Legacy. It shows Shawn Michaels getting demolished by Legacy before Triple H manages to make the save and get the win for D-X.

After the video package ends, we cut backstage and see Josh Matthews standing in the interview area.

Josh Matthews:
Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guest at this time ... she is the Divas Champion ... Mickie James!

The crowd cheer as the spunky Mickie James hops into the camera shot; holding the Divas Champion she smiles at Josh before looking at her belt.

Mickie James: Hi Josh.

Josh Matthews: Mickie, last night you managed to retain the Divas Championship.

Mickie James: Yep!

Mickie slaps the belt and rubs it before turning her attention back to Josh.

Josh Matthews: Well, my question is. How did you feel going into that match and what’s next for Mickie James?

Mickie James: I was confident going into the match. I mean, c’mon Josh. Alicia Fox was never a threat. Y’know that. Anyway, I honestly don’t know what’s next. I guess I’ll go with the flow. If ya’ know what I mean.

Josh Matthews: Well thank-

SUDDENLY, MICKIE JAMES IS ATTACKED FROM BEHIND! The camera moves around to show ALICIA FOX! Alicia stands with a smirk on her face before picking Mickie up and ramming her face first into a TV that is hanging on the wall. Alicia then promptly leaves the scene.

The cameras cut to another area backstage to Triple H’s and Shawn Michael’s locker room. Both men are sitting on steel chairs having a conversation.

Triple H: You heard the guest host.

Shawn Michaels: Yeah but-

Triple H: Shawn, we’re the Captains of RAW we have to prove RAW is the better show.

Cheers as Shawn contemplates.

Shawn Michaels:But, you’ve heard the rumours. Everybodys talking about-

Triple H: About what Shawn. About what.

Shawn Michaels: Never mind Hunter. Never mind

Shawn shakes his head, when someone knocks on the door. Hunter goes to open it and Hornswoggle and Santino Marella walk in. Hornswoggle runs around the locker room before stopping and standing in the middle of Triple H and Shawn. Santino joins them.

Triple H: Umm, can we help you guys.

Santino Marella: Why yes, Traple J. Santino and Hornswoggle are-a requesting-a to be on-a Team RAW. Isn’t that right Hornswoggle?

Hornswoggle: *Incoherent babbling*

Triple H: Well Santino, the midget can ... but you not so much.

Santino Marella: Whys?

Triple H: Well, look at us ... we’ve got green on, Hornswoggle’s got green on. You don’t. Tell you what ... Shawn get him something green.

Shawn looks at Trips for a minute before remembering where all the stuff is. He pulls one of his trouser legs up and pulls some D-X glow sticks out of his boots.

Shawn Michaels: Hold this.

HBK hands Santino the glow sticks, Santino starts to play with them as Shawn looks for more stuff. Shawn then pulls the new D-X book out of his back pocket and give’s it to Santino.

Shawn Michaels: What else? What else?

Shawn then reaches over and pulls a D-Generation X T-Shirt out, Shawn puts it on top of Santino as Triple H and Hornswoggle shakes there heads.

Triple H: Here it comes-

Shawn Michaels: (To Camera) All of this is available on WWEshop.com

Laughs from the fans as Shawn is still smiling into the camera.

Triple H:Right ... ok that’s enough. Everybody out, out!

Santino and Hornswoggle leave and Shawn is about to follow when Triple H grabs him by the collar and pulls him back in.

Triple H: Not you, you idiot.

Shawn Michaels: Sorry, right, what’s next.

A few laughs at the bad attempt at been funny.

Triple H: We have to announce the Team RAW qualifying matches.

Triple H pulls a sheet out of his boot and holds it up for both Shawn and himself to read.

Triple H: The matches are, Evan Bourne taking on Jack Swagger, MVP will face Chris Masters and Kofi Kingston will face Carlito.

Shawn Michaels: That’s all?

Triple H: That’s all.

Shawn sits down with a huge sigh. Triple H looks down at Shawn and shakes his head as we fade to black.

We return to the arena as Carlito walks through the curtains wearing his long black ring attire, he get’s a less than good reaction. Nonetheless he walks down the ramp and into the ring.

Justin Roberts: This is Team RAW Qualfiying match, scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from San Juan, Porto Rico ... weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds ... Carlito.

Michael Cole: Carlito taking on Kofi Kingston, that’s up next. Join us after this.

{Commercial Break}

Returning from the commercial, we hear the sound of “SOS” and out comes the former United States Champion Kofi Kingston. Kofi excitedly skips to the ring while interacting with the fans.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent ... from Ghana, West Africa ... weighing two hundred and twenty-one pounds ... Kofi Kingston

Michael Cole: Two great athletes facing off tonight, King. How will Kofi react after losing the United States Championship last night.

The King: I expect it to spur him onto get in Team RAW at Bragging Rights.

Michael Cole: But, either Carlito or Kofi would be a great addition to the team.

1st Match: Team RAW Qualifying Match #1
Carlito Vs Kofi Kingston

We begin with Kofi and Carlito feeling each other out. The two circle each other before locking up, Carlito manages to sweep Kofi’s leg away to make sure he falls to the mat. Lito’ backs off and cockily smiles at Kofi. Kofi gets up and they lock up again, this time it’s Carlito who gets put on the mat; Kofi backs off the same way as Carlito did and smirks. The fans suddenly start a ‘Kofi’ chant which enrages Carlito. Lito’ runs straight at Kofi but Kofi side-steps and Lito’s goes through the second rope onto the floor. Lito’ kicks the barricade in frustration, he turns around and is MET WITH A SUICIDE DIVE OVER THE TOP BY KOFI! It lands but Kofi stands straight back up and shouts to the crowd; they respond in a positive way. He picks his opponent up and throws him back into the ring. He’s goes for the cover; looking for the win early. 1 ... 2 ... KICK OUT! Kofi brings Carlito to his feet but Lito’ breaks Kofi’s arms away and pushes him against the ropes. Carlito whips Kofi over to the other side, and Kofi is met by a dropkick on the way back. 1 ... Kofi gets the shoulder up, Lito’s starts to argue with the ref, he turns around into a small package by Kofi. 1 ... 2 ... Lito’ manages to escape, both get to there feet at the same time but Lito’ runs at Kofi and straight into a high arm drag. Carlito stops and tells the ref to keep Kofi back; he seems to be feigning an injury to his back.

But Kofi doesn’t care, he runs at Carlito who is in the corner, Kofi HIT’S A HIGH SPLASH. Lito’ staggers out the corner, Kofi climbs to the second rope and jumps at Lito’ ... but Carlito ducks and Kofi lands on his feet. Carlito quickly hits a chop block and that give’s Carlito a second to recover. Carlito then applys a sleeper hold on the mat. At least thirty seconds later and Kofi manages to get to his feet, he hit’s an elbow and pushes Carlito against the ropes. Lito’ comes back but Kofi jumps up, Lito’ ducks and runs through. He comes back and Kofi does it again, this time Kofi hits a HIGH ELBOW! He goes for the cover. 1 ... 2 ... Carlito manages to kickout, Kofi stalks Carlito as he is about to get up. Lito’s gets up, KOFI GOES FOR TROUBLE IN PARADISE! However Carlito manages to duck, NOW CARLITO GOES FOR THE BACKSTABBER. CARLITO HITS IT ... he is about to go for the cover when PRIMO RUNS DOWN THE AISLE AND STEPS UP ONTO THE APRON. Carlito has the cover and already three seconds has passed but Primo is distracting the referee. Carlito walks over and pushes the ref out of the way and swings at Primo but he ducks and drops from the apron. Carlito then tells the ref about the three count when KOFI KINGSTON GOES BEHIND HIM AND GETS A ROLL UP. 1 ... 2 ... ... 3!

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentleman ... the winner and advancing to Team RAW ... Kofi Kingston!

“SOS” plays, verifying Kofi’s win. Kofi quickly leaves the ring as Carlito is enraged in the centre. Primo helps Kofi up the ramp. Kofi seems to be holding onto his leg as he is helped up the ramp. Meanwhile Lito’ is still in the centre of the ring; kicking at the ropes and anything else he can reach.

Michael Cole: Kofi Kingston advances to Team RAW King.

King: That’s a great addition to the team.

Michael Cole: D-X has to be happy with Kofi joining the team.

Backstage, the WWE Champion Randy Orton is sitting on a steel chair, staring into the WWE Championship which is on his lap. He seems to be in a trance but that trance is broken when Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes walk into the room.

Ted & Cody: Randy.

Orton stands up out of his chair and throws the title over his shoulder before addressing his fellow Legacy members.

Randy Orton: What?

Ted DiBiase: Have you made a choice?

Cody Rhodes: Yeah who do you want to face John Cena tonight?

Orton stares at the two of them before replying.

Randy Orton: Yes, I have. But quite frankly I don’t believe either of you two should be in the main event.

Cody looks down at the ground, shaking his head while DiBiase stares at Orton with an angry expression.

Randy Orton: But because of the guest-

Ted DiBiase: Wait, wait a damn minute!

Orton seems taken aback by DiBiase sudden outburst, meanwhile the fans cheer loudly for DiBiase standing up to Orton.

Randy Orton: Tell me you did not-

Ted DiBiase: After everything we’ve done for you, after everything we’ve went through. We’ve taken Pedigrees, Batista Bombs, Attiude Adjustments ... we’ve taken a lot for you. We just had a brutal Hell in a Cell match where we took D-X to their limit. And yet... you tell us we don’t deserve to be in the main event.

Randy Orton: You don’t talk to me like that!

DiBiase goes face to face with Orton, there heads almost touching.

Ted DiBiase: Or what?! Or what Randy?!

Orton turns away from DiBiase.

Cody Rhodes: Guy’s liste-

DiBiase pushes Cody out of the way as he turns around and leaves the room. Orton stares the door with the look that we’ve all grown accustomed to.

Randy Orton: Go after him.

Rhodes goes out the same door and goes after DiBiase as we are still in the locker room of Orton. The camera focuses on Orton as he tenses his jaw muscles.

Michael Cole: Are witnessing the end of Legacy tonight?

King: Nobody knows Cole, but for the sake of RAW ... I hope so.

Michael Cole: It looks like our main event will be John Cena facing Cody Rhodes. But up next, Jack Swagger will face Evan Bourne in a Team RAW Qualifying match. Keep on the USA Network folks.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break to the backstage area as Triple H and Shawn Michaels are standing, they are watching a television; obviously scouting possible Team RAW members. Trips and HBK suddenly stop talking when Kofi Kingston walks into the room.

Kofi Kingston: I’m the new addition to team RAW man.

Shawn Michaels Yeah, that’s great.

Triple H: Listen, we need full concentration for the task ahead.

Kofi Kingston: Oh I know man. When I was a young kid in Ghana, I always dreamed of teaming with D-X.

Shawn Michaels: Did you hear that Hunter. He’s implying we’re old.

Shawn takes a fit before calming down and sitting down in his chair. Triple H moves Kofi away a bit and begins to speak to him.

Triple H: Look, Kofi. You’ve got to be careful about what you say around Shawn. He’s very sensitive when it comes to his age.

Shawn Michaels: I heard that!

Triple H turns his attention back to Kofi.

Triple H: To signify you joining Team D-X, uh, I mean Team RAW. Put this on.

Triple H pulls out a D-Generation X T-Shirt and hands it to Kofi. Triple H then joins Shawn to watch the TV, as does Kofi but Shawn obviously isn’t talking to Kofi.

We return to the ring to hear “Get down on your knees” blaring over the PA system. Which means the arrival of Jack Swagger, the All American – American comes out to some good heat. He walks down the ramp before stopping to do his push-ups.

Justin Roberts: This is the second Team RAW qualifying match schedule for one fall. Introducing first from Perry, Oklahoma ... weighing in at two hundred and sixty three pounds ... The All American – American ... Jack Swagger!

Michael Cole: Look at that cocky smile King. Someone really needs to take him down a notch.

The King: I kind of agree Michael, I mean he has every right to be cocky with his accomplishments.

Michael Cole: Well, his opponent couldbe the person to do it.

Then, “Evan from Heaven” plays to the delight of the fans. Bourne runs out and gives the “peace” sign to the fans, before walking down to the ring.

Justin Roberts: His opponent ... from St. Louis, Missouri ... weighing in at one hundred and eighty three pounds ... Evan “AIR” Bourne.

King: I can tell this is going to be a great match.

Michael Cole:
If the any of the WWE Universe hasn’t seen Evan take flight then they are in for a treat.

Match Two; Team RAW Qualifying Match #2
Evan Bourne Vs Jack Swagger

The bell rings and the two square off. This match determines the second man to join Team RAW tonight, whoever wins will join Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Kofi Kingston at Bragging Rights. From the beginning, Jack Swagger uses all his mat skills he can as tries to keep Evan Bourne grounded. Everybody knows about Bourne’s flying ability, if Swagger can keep him down then he’s automatically got the advantage. Back to the match and Bourne is avoiding Swagger as he attempts to take him down to the mat. Swagger is able to back Bourne into a corner, he swings at Bourne but Bourne ducks and then pushes Swagger into the corner. Swagger comes rushing out at Evan but again he ducks, this time as Swagger comes back he is met by a standing dropkick. Evan then bounces of the ropes and hits a leg drop on Swagger, Evan then gets an arm over Swagger as the fans cheer. 1 ... Swagger kicks out to the chagrin of the fans.

Evan manages to pick Swagger up and push him into the ropes; he then whips him over to the other side. Swagger holds onto the ropes to avoid running back into Bourne; however Bourne runs at Swagger dives at him taking both of them over the top to the floor below. The ref starts the count as Bourne manages to get to his feet and back into the ring. Bourne waits for Swagger to get up, and when he does Bourne runs off the ropes and on his way back HE DIVES THROUGH THE SECOND ROPE. But SWAGGER MANAGED TO MOVE OUT OF THE WAY, luckily for Bourne he was able to adjust his body so he hit’s the barricade with his back not is neck. Swagger slowly taunts Bourne before rolling into the ring and telling the referee to count Bourne out. The count starts, it gets to three as Swagger is smirking in the ring. A few seconds pass and the count get’s too 6, Bourne is still on the mat below, the crowd start to chant for Evan which livens him up. The count is at 8 and Bourne is on his knees, finally Bourne – with the help of the crowd – manages to dive into the ring, breaking the refs count.

Swagger is irate as he walks over to Bourne, he stomps on Bourne before picking him up and GOING FOR THE GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB. However Bourne counters and pushes Swagger into the ropes, Swaggers come back into an elbow to the face. Bourne hit a few punches before running off the ropes and hitting a crossbody. Bourne goes to the top rope, POSSIBLY LOOKING FOR THE SHOOTING STAR PRESS. However Swagger manages to get to his feet in time, but that doesn’t matter to Bourne as he dives anyway and LANDS KNEES FIRST ON SWAGGERS SHOULDERS. He then goes for the cover. 1 ... 2 ... Swagger kicks out.

Bourne doesn’t stop as he drags Swagger over to the corner, Bourne goes to the top rope as the crowd cheer. HE GOES FOR THE SHOOTING STAR PRESS BUT SWAGGER GETS HIS KNEES UP! Bourne clutches his stomach in pain, the screams of pain could be heard all the way up in the cheap seats, Swagger stands up quickly and grabs Bourne. SWAGGER GOES FOR THE GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB AND HITS IT! Swagger covers Bourne with a sly smirk. 1 ... 2 ... ...3! Swagger wins

Winner: Jack Swagger

Justin Roberts: The winner ... and advancing to Team RAW at Bragging Rights ... The All American – American Jack Swagger!

“Get down on your knees” plays officially meaning that Jack Swagger has one the match and is on the way to Bragging Rights to wrestle for Team RAW against Team Smackdown. Swagger keeps a cool head as he stands up and slowly leaves the ring. He backs up the ramp while taunting Bourne and the fans. Bourne has now got to his feet and looks distraught that he lost.

Michael Cole: Bourne put up a good fight but in the end Swagger took advantage of a high risk move that went wrong for Bourne. So Bourne will not be joining Team RAW while Jack Swagger will.

King: It’s shaping up to be a good team Michael. There’s only one qualifying match left which is Chris Masters facing MVP. But that leaves one spot left after that match.

Michael Cole: I’m sure D-X have something up there sleeve. But folks, earlier tonight, we may have witnessed the explosion of Legacy right before our very eyes. Ted DiBiase took exception to what WWE Champion Randy Orton said.

King: That’s right. Randy Orton said that neither him nor Cody should be in the main event. So DiBiase got in his face and stormed off.

Michael Cole: More on that later but coming up next ... we hear from The Miz on his United States Championship win and what he plans to do come Bragging Rights. That’s next.

{Commercial Break}

As we return from the break, we are backstage with Jack Swagger. The cameraman follows him until he stops and looks at a door, the camera pans around and it say’s D-X. Jack opens the door and walks in. We switch to another camera inside the locker room, D-X and Kofi –who is wearing a D-X T-shirt – are sitting on chairs talking about Bragging Rights. Jack walks up to them; talking.

Jack Swagger:
(Cockily) Time to welcome ... the All American – American into Team RAW.

Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Kofi seem to not even notice Swagger who is standing right next to them.

Jack Swagger: Welcome the best looking ... most charismatic superstar on RAW to Team RAW ... Jack Swagger!

Swagger stares at the trio with a perplexed look as they still sit on the chairs, seemingly still not aware of Swaggers presents.

Jack Swagger: Hey!

Swagger shouts but still no answer, he then has to tap Triple H; all three men turn around and pull out earphones out of their ears. Swagger sees this and looks at the ceiling before looking back at them with a sigh.

Triple H: Sorry ... did you uh what something?

Jack Swagger: Did you not hear me the first time?

Triple H: No, we were uh, listening to this music that Kofi’s got.

Shawn Michaels: (Loudly) It’s great!

Kofi Kingston: It’s great man isn’t it?

The three of them start to turn around and have a conversation about the music meanwhile Swagger looks on angrily.

Jack Swagger: Hey!

Triple H: (High voice) What?!

Jack Swagger: I said ... welcome the All American – Ameri-

Swagger is interrupted by a huge sigh by the trio as they turn around to ignore the All American – American. The trio walk out of the shot as Swagger is livid.

Jack Swagger: What the hell!

Jack is about to open his mouth again but is stopped when he gets a D-X T-Shirt thrown in his face.

Shawn Michaels: (Shouting) Put that on!

Jack looks at the shirt before mouthing “what the hell”. Swagger then walks out of the shot and over to the trio.

We return to the arena to hear the sound of “Ain’t No Reality” blaring over the PA System. Immediately the new United States Champion The Miz walks through the curtain to a chorus of boos from the fans. But he doesn’t care, he walks down to the ring with the United States Championship over his shoulder, The Miz is in casual clothes tonight so that means no match for

Justin Roberts: Please welcome ... the new ... United States Champion! The Miz!

Now, The Miz is in the ring, he is handed a microphone before walking to the middle of the ring.

The Miz:[ Last night marked the beginning of a new era in WWE. An era so much better than the golden age, hell even better than the so called Attitude era. Last night, the newest era begin when The Miz won the United States Championship.

Heat, The Miz walks around the ring holding the belt up high.

The Miz: Oh that’s right, when The Miz won the United States Championship for the first time. Now the only way is up for The Miz. I look like a Champion, I fight like a Champion and most importantly I am a Champion!

More heat.

The Miz: Oh you don’t like that? What? You wanted Kofi Kingston to retain?

Loud pop as The Miz shakes his head.

The Miz: Well that doesn’t surprise me as we are in the Newark, New Jersey.


The Miz: Since all of you here aren’t true Americans.

Extreme heat, the boos are loud as The Miz smiles out at the fans.

The Miz: You’d rather have someone that came into America on a raft instead of a true American, I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. The best city in America.

More heat.

The Miz: You don’t like that huh? You think this ... this cesspit of a city is better than my home city.

Huge pop.

The Miz: Well, all of you are wrong. It must be all that funny water that goes through the sewer system.

More heat, The Miz moves his hand to his mouth to mimic the crowds reaction as if to say “ooooohhhhhhhh”.

The Miz: Back to the point, I am the new United States Champion, the newest era in WWE begun last night and in case you didn’t know ... this title is the first major singles title that The Miz has one.

The Miz holds the belt above his head.

The Miz: Oh I’ve won titles, I’ve won tag titles, with my former tag team partner ... John Morrison.

Modest pop.

The Miz: Since we split, we’ve both had success ... I’ve won the United States Championship and he’s won the Intercontinental Championship. In fact let’s go back a few months all the way back to the draft.

The focus turns to the titontron...

***Video package***

We open up with the words “RAW Draft Show, April 13”, the scene changes to inside the arena and The Miz and John Morrison are making there way to the ring. We then jump to the end of the match and ironically Kofi Kingston defeats the Miz in a match for a draft pick. The video shows that John Morrison cost The Miz the match by attacking Kofi Kingston. The scene changes as the draft pick goes up on the screen, The Miz drafted to RAW.

Afterwards, The Miz and John Morrison look at each other and The King shouts “I think there gonna’ cry”. They hug each other then the video goes in slow motion as The Miz kicks John Morrison and then hits the Reality Check to Morrison. The scene fades out as Miz stands over John Morrison.

***End of Video Package***

We go back into the arena as The Miz stands in the ring with a smirk on his face. The crowd are booing what has just happened in the video package.

The Miz: That video shows why I am the Shawn Michaels of the tag team and John Morrison the Marty Jannetty. In case you weren’t watching, Morrison cost me the match which I was going to win by the way. It was at that point I realized my potential as singles star.


The Miz: It was at that point that I found out how much of a loser John Morrison is. He was jealous of my ring work and that’s why he decided to interrupt my match. I would have won and he knows that.

More heat.

The Miz: Now apparently, the Intercontinental Champion has started playing to the crowd. He wouldn’t be the Intercontinental Champion if it wasn’t for me. I was the one garnering all the reactions, when he came out you could hear a pin drop.


The Miz: Now, I want to prove to all of you that I am the better man. I mean, I already know it but you need help to get information through those thick skulls.

Even more heat now as The Miz walks around the ring.

The Miz: I’m laying down a challenge. To John Morrison, Morrison ... I’ll be at Smackdown on Friday to hear your answer to this question. I’m challenging you to a match at Bragging Rights. RAW versus Smackdown ... United States Champion versus Intercontinental Champion ... The Miz versus John Morrison!

The Miz throws the microphone down to the mat before leaving the ring. But he stops and climbs back into the ring. He picks the microphone back up.

The Miz: (To the camera) And if you do accept. Expect to have a loss on the win loss column ... BECAUSE I’M THE MIZ ... AND I’M AWESOME!

The crowd immediately boo as The Miz throws the microphone down and going to the top rope; as he lifts the United States Championship over head. Once The Miz is done we cut to the announce table.

Michael Cole: The Miz sure likes to talk but the United States Champion has a point King. Bragging Rights is only three weeks away, Team RAW is almost full and now The Miz has challenged John Morrison to a RAW Vs Smackdown match.

The King: I’m not usually a Miz fan, but at Bragging Rights I’ll be cheering him on (laughs).

Michael Cole: That’s how much brand loyalty means to us over here on RAW. Since Bragging Rights is right around the corner.

We return to the arena to hear the sound of “Hes ma da” plays over the PA System. Out comes Hornswoggle to a luke warm reaction, obviously people are getting tired of him. He skips down the ramp before climbing up the steps and into the ring.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall ... introducing first from Dublin Ireland ... weighing 0ne hundred and thirty nine pounds ... Hornswoggle.

Michael Cole: Here comes Hornswoggle out for his match King but let’s back up for a second. We just witnessed the video for Bragging Rights and it looks great doesn’t it?

The King:
It does, this PPV is the newest one and has a completely new concept ... but Michael, it might look even better after the main event. If John Cena wins he will face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship but if Cena loses he must leave RAW!

Michael Cole: Our guest host Big Ben made that match earlier tonight but that was before we saw some cracks in Legacy beginning to form. Who will Orton pick? He might only have one choice ... Cody Rhodes.

“Chavito Ardiente” plays to a mixed reaction from fans, Chavo staunters down to the ring pointing at Hornswoggle.

Justin Roberts: His opponent ... from El Paso, Texas ... weighing two hundred and fifteen pounds ... Chavo Guerrero!

Michael Cole: Now this is a weird situation ... Chavo actually saved his rival from an attack from Chris Masters. But he looks like he has no problem with facing Chavo tonight.

The King: I think Chavo thinks it’s only him that can hurt Hornswoggle.

Michael Cole:
That could very well be the truth King,

The match is about to begin when “MNF” plays over the PA System and Ben Roethlisberger comes out.

Ben Roethlisberger:
Hey. Everybody enjoying the show?

The fans respond favourably.

Ben Roethlisberger: I’ve loved my time here, I’ve made some big decisions and this one will be my last tonight. The Hornswoggle Vs Chavo Guerrero match ... will be a special guest referee match.

Warm ovation for the newest stipulation.

Ben Roethlisberger: And the Guest Referee is...

““La Vittoria Mia” plays to a good reaction from the fans as Santino Marella comes out in a referees shirt. He shakes hands with Ben before walking to the ring.

Michael Cole:
Well this is new...

Match 3: Special Guest Referee Match – Santino Marella
Chavo Guerrero Vs Hornswoggle

The bell rings and we’re off, however as Guerrero is walking over to Hornswoggle; Santino stands in between them. Santino tells Chavo that he’s the referee and to get to his own corner. Santino walks over to Hornswoggler and frisks him for any concealed weapons. Nope no weapons for little Horny, the referee then goes over to Chavo. He starts to frisk Chavo before getting a little bit to ‘close’ as Chavo has to smack Santino’s hand away. This draws a few laughs from the crowd, finally Santino lets them go at it.

Chavo slowly walks over to Horny who is still in the corner, Chavo’s getting closer as Hornswoggle quickly leaves via underneath the bottom rope. Chavo follows, Santino shouts in his typical Italian accent to get back in the ring. Chavo chases after Hornswoggle, they run circles around the ring before Hornswoggle dives underneath the ring. Santino is still in the ring and is up at 6, Chavo goes underneath the ring and drags Hornswoggle out before picking him up and throwing him into the ring. Chavo follows, Hornswoggle quickly crawls over to Santino and hides behind him. Chavo tries to get to him but Santino blocks him as he is talking to Horny. Chavo pulls Santino around to face him before SLAPPING SANTINO IN THE FACE!

Santino is heard saying “You did not just slap Santinnnnnnno”, Chavo tries to punch Santino but he blocks and hits a right hand of his own. Santino then gives him three left handed punches, before Chavo stumbles backwards against the ropes and goes for a clothesline, however Santino does the splits and dodges it. Once Chavo comes back he is hit by a hip toss. Chavo quickly gets up and runs straight into a knee to the temple. Santino then goes for the cover but then notices that he’s the referee, he pulls Chavo over to the corner for Hornswoggle to climb the turnbuckle AND HIT THE TAD POLE SPLASH. Horny covers Chavo 1 ... 2 ... ... 3! Hornswoggle wins again.

Winner: Hornswoggle

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner ... Hornswoggle!

Michael Cole: Like we say here, expect anything and that’s what ... HEY!

“Hes ma da” plays over the PA system signalling the end of the match but as Horny and Santino celebrates, Chavo HAS GRABBED A STEEL CHAIR. He slides into the ring before hitting Santino in the back, he drops the chair and throws Santino over the top rope. Chavo then turns his attention to Hornswoggle. Chavo grabs Horny by the collar before kneeing him in the face. Chavo picks Horny back up and HITS THE THREE AMIGOS. Chavo looks down at Hornswoggle before “Chavito Ardiente” plays and he leaves the ring. He walks up the ramp backwards while admiring his work.

Michael Cole: Vile attack by Chavo. Who does he think he is ... he blaently bullied Hornswoggle there.

The King: Well ... bullied is a strong word Michael. I don’t think he bullied him, I think now that Chavo’s got it out of his system he’ll move on from Hornswoggle.

Michael Cole: Well I hope so. Nonetheless folks, the show must go on and after the commercial break ... Montel Vontavious Porter ... MVP will face off against Chris Masters in a Team RAW Qualifying match.

The King: Both of those two would be great editions, I tell you Michael, our team is getting better by the second ... I bet Smackdown won’t live up to the Superstars we’ve got.

Michael Cole: That may be true ... but folks we’re not done. After that match ... is the main event! If John Cena wins this match he faces off against WWE Champion Randy Orton at Bragging Rights. Join us after these.

{Commercial Break}

Returning from the break, we join the broadcast just as “Masterpiece” fades out. Masters is already in the ring, trying to draw some heat from the fans. Before MVP comes out we cut to the announce table for a second.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to RAW, in the ring is ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters and his opponent should be joining us soon.

The King: Look Masters Michael, he’s got a body like a Greek God.

Michael Cole: Uh ... Ok.

We rejoin Masters in the ring but we cut to the ramp and hear the sounds of ‘I’m Comin’’ playing. Outcomes MVP to a good reaction from the crowd. He runs to each side of the stage before making his way down the ramp. He takes of his shirt revealing his usual black attire. Not red tonight. The pyro goes off and MVP climbs into the ring.

Justin Roberts: This is a Team RAW Bragging Rights Qualifying Match ... scheduled for one fall ... introducing first ... Miami, Florida ... weighing two hundred and fifty nine pounds ... Montel Vontavious Porter ... M ... V ... P. And his opponent in the ring ... from Los Angeles, California ... ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters!

Match Four: Team RAW Qualifying Match #3
‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters Vs MVP

The match begins as Masters and MVP walk to the centre of the ring to hook up, Masters tries to punch MVP but MVP ducks and goes behind Masters. Masters turns around into a right hand, another and then MVP bounces of the ropes and hits a clothesline. The Ballin’ player stands up before looking out to the crowd for a reaction; which he gets. MVP grabs Masters and hits a knee to the face of which Masters falls back to the mat. MVP walks over and gets ready for the Ballin’ Elbow drop. He runs the ropes before reaching Masters, MVP is about to hit it but ‘The Masterpiece’ rolls out of the ropes. He stands with his back to MVP while checking if his mouth is Ok. MVP tries to go after him but Masters tells the ref to keep him. Masters begins walking around the ring but MVP is having none of the time wasting as he dives outside the ring and runs up behind Masters. He clubs Masters with a forearm to the back of the head, Masters stumbles forward but is able to stop himself by holding onto the announce table. MVP stands waiting for Masters to turn around, noticibly The King and Michael Cole have moved out of the way. Big move coming up perhaps? Masters turns around, MVP runs at him but Masters saw it early AS MASTERS FLIPPED MVP OVER HIS HEAD, MVP LANDS ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE BUT IT DOESN’T BREAK. Masters climbs into the ring and tells the ref to count, MVP is still laid out on the announce table; holding his back.

Up to a four count and MVP is just starting to move. The crowd start a loud ‘M.V.P’ chant, this spurs MVP on as he is able to climb into the ring just in time to break the count. Masters doesn’t give MVP time to heal as he walks over and hits a few stomps to his back. MVP holds his back as Masters picks him up and drags him around the ring, finally stopping at a turnbuckle and smacking MVP’s head off it. MVP stumbles away from Masters but stays on his feet, Masters suddenly explodes at MVP and takes him down with e ferocious clothesline. Masters then reaches for the cover. 1 ... 2 ... MVP gets the shoulder up.

MVP may have got the shoulder up but Masters keeps the attack going. He applys a sleeper hold on the mat to MVP. A few seconds pass and Masters is screaming for MVP to give up. MVP’s face is beginning to turn purple, the torque that Masters is applying is completely visible. The crowd finally start to perk up as they chant ‘M.V.P’, the referee grabs MVP’s arm and lifts it in the air. He drops it and if it drops two more times then he’s out. The ref lifts it up again ... it drops for a second time. The crowd are still cheering, the ref lifts it for the last time ... he drops it BUT MVP KEEPS THE ARM UP! The crowd pop hugely as MVP manages to get up to one knee, he elbows Masters in the gut before standing up. He breaks the hold and quickly runs to the ropes, Masters follows closely and clotheslines MVP over the top to the floor below to the dismay of the fans.

Masters follows and picks MVP up. He rams MVP into the barricade before spearing him into the apron. ‘The Masterpiece’ drags MVP around the ring to the steel steps and then proceeds to smack MVP’s head against the steel. At least four minutes later, Masters is still in control and is stalking MVP. MVP is getting to his feet, Masters tries to apply THE MASTERLOCK BUT MVP MANAGES TO DROP DOWN AND GET AWAY. MVP crawls over to the corner, he sits in the corner as Masters goes after him. However Masters walks straight into a kick, another one. MVP manages to get to his feet and hits en elbow to the face of Masters. Masters stumbles backwards, MVP runs out of the corner and smashes Masters face with his knee.

Masters falls to the mat and MVP stands above him, he gets the crowd fired up before bouncing of the ropes. MVP HITS THE BALLIN’ ELBOW DROP. 1 ... 2 ... Masters gets the shoulders up.

MVP knows he has to stay on the offensive if he wants to win, and he does that as he walks over to the corner. He waits for Masters to get up. Masters gets onto one knee but IS MET BY THE DRIVE BY KICK STRAIGHT TO THE FACE! The crowd are in raptures as MVP reaches over and gets a arm onto Masters chest. 1 ... ... 2 ... ... ... 3! MVP advances to Bragging Rights!

Winner: Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP)

Justin Roberts: The winner ... and advancing to Bragging Rights ... M ... V ... P!

“I’m comin’” plays as MVP gets himself of the top of Masters, he uses the ropes to stand up and looks out at the fans. MVP get’s a standing ovation as he leaves the ring before limping up the ramp.

Michael Cole: By the reaction of the WWE Universe I think MVP has proved to them why he’s a premiere superstar here on RAW.

The King: I think you’re right Michael, it was a very gutsy performance I just hope he is one hundred percent for Bragging Rights in three weeks.

Michael Cole: I wouldn’t worry ... but ladies and gentleman ... we’re not done yet tonight. Very soon ... John Cena will be in action but up next the Diva’s are in action as Alicia Fox takes on Kelly Kelly in a match to determine Mickie Jame’s opponent for next week.

The King: Divas? Oh boy ... where’s my water.

Michael Cole: Keep it on the USA Network!

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break into the backstage area. MVP is walking through the halls, still with a limp. MVP stops at the same door Swagger stopped at earlier. He opens and goes in. The shot switches to inside where Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston are sitting looking at a TV Screen. They eventually turn around and look at MVP.

Shawn Michaels: Hey, uh, we just saw you on the TV.

Triple H: Welcome to the team MVP, but listen ... that looked like a tough match.

MVP: Yeah, it was.

Kofi Kingston:
Are you alright?

MVP: Yeah I’-

Jack Swagger: Hold on ... I had a tough match and nobody asked if I was alright!

The four ignore Swagger as he looks on angrily.

Triple H: Look, MVP, we need the best on our team. We can’t have someone on our team that has an injury.

MVP: Listen, I’m fine. I’ll be fine for Bragging Rights.

Shawn Michaels: If you say so.

Kofi Kingston: So ... wait a minute man, we have five members of Team RAW. But-

Triple H: I know where you’re going with this Kofi ... and Yes, Shawn and I have a sixth member in mind.

Shawn picks up another D-X T-shirt and gives it to MVP. MVP looks at it with a smirk before we fade out.

The picture returns and we see Josh Matthews standing in front of the camera.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, later on John Cena will face off against either of Ted DiBiase or Cody Rhodes ... so please welcome my guest at this time ... John Cena!

The camera pans out as John Cena walks into the picture, he pats Matthews back before turning to the camera. He smiles at the camera as the fans cheer loudly.

Josh Matthews: John, later on tonight you will face either Cody Rhodes or Ted DiBiase ... do you have a preference?

John Cena: No, no I don’t. But c’mon Josh. I know, you know, the WWE Universe knows, hell even Michael Cole knows. It doesn’t matter who I face, the other member of Legacy will get involved. Even if the other one does get involved it won’t matter because nothing is going to stop me from reaching Bragging Rights and winning the WWE Championship.

Huge pop for Cena.

Josh Matthews: But John, if you saw what transpired earlier-

John Cena: What? That Ted DiBiase stormed off, away from Randy Orton? Josh, DiBiase has done this before and he always came running back to Orton ... to help him defeat his opponents. And Josh, that’s just what Legacy is ... not a way of cementing there Legacy. No, no, no, it’s just away to make sure Orton keeps the WWE Championship. Nobody can deny that ... even DiBiase said it earlier. But Orton, mark my words. After I defeat my opponent tonight ... you have three weeks. Count them ... three weeks, you better saviour those three weeks as come Bragging Rights ... the WWE Championship will be back around my waist!

On that note, Cena pushes past Matthews as he is getting a lot of cheers from the fans.

We cut back to the arena to hear the sound of “Holla” playing over the PA System. The beautiful Kelly Kelly walks out to a nice pop, she walks down to the ring while doing this she plays to the fans before climbing into the ring.

Justin Roberts: This following contest is scheduled for one fall where the winner will receive a Divas Championship match next week on RAW. Introducing first ... from Jacksonville, Florida ... Kelly Kelly.

Michael Cole: This is sure to be a good match but folks let’s back up for a second. The John Cena that we just saw isn’t the John Cena.

The King: How do you mean Michael?

Michael Cole:
Well, King did you not see the fire in his eyes ... I’ve never seen that from John Cena in the past.

Alicia Fox’s theme plays to some boos from the fans, she walks out with a swagger in her step.

Justin Roberts: Her opponent ... from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida ... Alicia Fox.

Michael Cole: During an interview backstage, Alicia Fox attacked Divas Champion Mickie James from behind. King, do you think she’s jealous?

The King: Yeah but who wouldn’t be.

Michael Cole: Yeah because she has the title every Diva wants.

The King: Yeah that’s what I meant.

Match Five: Divas #1 Contendership
Alicia Fox Vs Kelly Kelly

The two divas begin by circling the ring. They lock up in the centre and try to push each other to the corner. Kelly manages to push Alicia back into the corner. Kelly hits a knee to the gut of Alicia before standing up onto the second rope. She calls out to the crowd before punching Alicia’s head. She punches her three times before she steps down. She skips over to the other side before doing a cartwheel and turning it into a backflip. Alicia sticks her feet up as Kelly backs into her feet. Kelly grabs her back in agony, as but Alicia walks out of the corner. She grabs Kelly by the head before body slamming her to the mat.

Alicia is circling Kelly but then “Obsession” plays over the PA System to the delight of the fans. Mickie James walks out from the back with the Divas Championship over her shoulder. Alicia watches Mickie, Mickie starts to walk down the ramp. Alicia welcomes her into the ring, Mickie gets to ring and stands on the apron. Alicia goes for a punch but Mickie blocks it and hits her with a right hand; signalling the referee to call for the DQ.

Winner: Alicia Fox

Justin Roberts: The winner and goin-

Justin stops as Mickie enters the ring and starts to pound on Alicia. Kelly Kelly has managed to get to her feet and noticed that she lost. She walks over to Mickie who is still punching Alicia. She puts her hands on Mickies shoulder but then gets hit by a right hand by Mickie. Mickie didn’t know it was Kelly. She stops to check on Kelly, but as she does this Alicia has gotten to her feet. Mickie turns around into a kick by Alicia. With Mickie bent over Alicia bounces of the ropes and hits the Foxy Kick to Mickie. She leaves Mickie down and out, while Kelly is sitting in the corner holding her face.

{Commercial Break}

Monday Night RAW returns and it’s time for the Main Event as “Voices” Plays and outcomes Randy Orton wearing a Randy Orton t-shirt, he walks down the ramp with the WWE Championship over his shoulder. Obviously the crowd are booing as they hate Randy Orton.

Justin Roberts: Please welcome the WWE Champion ... Randy Orton.

The King: Why would Randy Orton be out here Michael?

Michael Cole: I assume it will be to tell us-

The King: Hold on Michael it seems he may be coming over here.

Orton makes his way round the ring, he sits down next to the commentary team.

Michael Cole:
Well, welcome Rand-

Randy Orton: Shut up!

Randy has sure put Cole in his place, Orton still visibly angry about earlier. “New Day” plays over the PA System and the young Cody Rhodes walks out to boos from the crowd. Still no DiBiase. Rhodes staunters down to the ring. He climbs into the ring before standing on the turnbuckle, he points at Orton as if to say “I got this”. Orton responds with a nod.

Justin Roberts: This following contest is scheduled for one fall ... and if John Cenas wins he will face Randy Orton at Bragging Rights for the WWE Championship. Introducing first from Charlotte, North Carolina ... weighing two hundred and twenty three pounds ... Cody Rhodes.

Michael Cole: Randy do you think-

Randy Orton: Shut up Cole!

The King: Randy do you think Cody Rhodes can defeat John Cena?

Randy Orton: Yes King, I do ... if I didn’t why did I choose him?

Michael Cole: Well you kind-

Randy Orton: Shut up!

The King: Yeah shut up Cole! (Laughs)

We cut back to the stage and “My time is now!” plays out to a huge pop from the fans. John Cena comes out from the back, not with his usual ‘spring in his step’ but more focused. He doesn’t bother to do the marine salute or play to the fans, instead he walks straight to the ring.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent ... from West Newbury, Massachusetts ... weighing two hundred and forty pounds ... John Cena!

Main Event: Singles Match (If Cena wins he faces Randy Orton at Bragging Rights)
Cody Rhodes Vs John Cena

The bell rings and we’re off, they lock up in the middle of the ring, Cena pushes Rhodes to the ground. He get’s back up and they lock up again. Rhodes gets thrown to the mat again but instead of getting up he slides underneath the bottom rope and kicks the steel steps in frustration. Meanwhile Orton has thrown the headset down and has went to talk to Rhodes. He gives Rhodes a little pep talk before Rhodes slides back into the ring. Rhodes tries to hit a running clothesline but Cena ducks and smacks Rhodes in the mouth with a huge right hand. Rhodes stumbles backwards into the ropes, he checks his jaw but then is clotheslined to the outside by Cena.

He falls to the mat below and Cena follows him. Cena picks Rhodes up before smacking his head off the barricade, Cena turns around just in time to see Orton running at him with the Championship. Orton stops in his tracks as he sees Cena ready for him. The WWE Champion backs up a bit but then has to back up more as Cena begins to walk after him. Suddenly, Cody Rhodes clubs Cena in the back of the head. Rhodes turns Cena onto his stomach before pounding him with fists, Orton kneels down beside him as Rhodes is still punching Cenas head. Orton can be heard talking trash. Finally Rhodes stop and picks Cena up, he puts him back into the ring. Rhodes climbs up onto the apron but Cena has already gotten up, he runs at Rhodes and knocks off the apron and into the WWE Champion. A few seconds pass, Rhodes has managed to get back into the ring and Orton has gotten to his feet. Cena waits for Rhodes to get back into the ring, when he does the two trade punches before Rhodes hits Cena with a thumb to the eye. Rhodes started to take the advantage after that, he clubbed Cena with blows. He whipped Cena over to the corner before hitting a running clothesline into Cena.

Rhodes lifts Cena up onto the second rope, Rhodes follows and tries a superplex but Cena counters with a punch to the side. Cena hits a punch to the head before pushing Rhodes off the ropes and onto the ring below. Cena stands upto the top rope before jumping off and going for what looks like an axe handle smash ... but Rhodes had it scouted as he hits a drop kick onto John Cena. Orton screams for Rhodes to go for the cover, he does eventually. 1 ... 2 ... Cena gets the shoulder up.

Rhodes starts to argue with the ref but Orton tells him to stay on him. However Cena has managed to get to his feet and he burst out of the corner to hit a flying shoulder block. Rhodes up quickly and is hit by another one. Then Cena hits the spinning backdrop, the crowd are in raptures as Cena stands above Rhodes before doing the ‘you can’t see me’ taunt. He runs over to the ropes but Orton is there and he grabs Cena’s foot. But Orton moves away quickly so the ref doesn’t see it. Cena looks at Orton as he backs away, Cena shakes his head before turning around into a clothesline. He goes over the top rope onto the floor below. Rhodes distracts the referee as Orton stands on the outside, waiting for Cena to get up. Cena stands up and Orton hits Cena with the Championship belt.

The crowd boo this as Orton tries to pick up Cena but he is struggling, finally he manages to get Cena up and pushes him into the ring. Rhodes moves the ref out of the way and starts to pin Cena. 1 ... 2 ... ... KICK OUT! To Rhodes and Ortons surprise. The crowd cheer loudly as Orton’s irate on the outside. Rhodes picks Cena up, he clubs Cena with a punch before pushing him against the ropes. When Cena bounces back he runs into a drop-toe hold. Rhodes stands up and walks around the ring, taunting the crowd while he’s at it.

A few minutes later and Rhodes has Cena in a sleeper hold. The fans get Cena back into it, he gets up and pushes Rhodes back against the ropes before whipping him to the other side. Cena tries to punch Rhodes but he ducks and keeps running. Cena catches Rhodes on his way back with a side belly to belly suplex. Cena stands up straight away, and waits for Rhodes to do the same. Rhodes stands up and gets pulled up onto his shoulders, looking for the Attitude Adjustment. Cena has to put Rhodes down as Orton stands on the apron, Cena swings at Orton but he jumps down onto the mat in time. Cena turns around into a right hand, Rhodes then hits a DDT. Cena’s face smashes off the canvas, Rhodes decides to climb up to the top rope. He waits for Cena to get to his feet before jumping; going for a crossbody. But Cena rolls through and has Rhodes in his arms, Cena uses his strength to hoist him onto his shoulders. He points at Orton before hitting the Attitude Adjustment! He covers Rhodes 1... 2 ... ... 3!

Winner: John Cena

Justin Roberts: Here is you’re-

Roberts stops as Orton slides into the ring and goes for an RKO on Cena but Cena pushes Orton away onto the the ropes. Orton bounces back and is dragged onto Cena’s shoulders. The fans cheer as Cena looks like he’s going to slam Orton to the mat. But, Ted DiBiase runs down the ramp and into the ring. He pulls Orton down before hitting Dream Street on Cena! The fans boo, as Orton looks at DiBiase. DiBiase quickly leaves the ring, before backing up the ramp.

Orton gets to his feet and welcomes DiBiase back into the ring but DiBiase can be heard saying “I didn’t do it for you”.

Michael Cole: I don’t get this King. He tells Orton he’s done with him but then he saves him from Cena.

The King: DiBiase just said he didn’t do it for Orton. So I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out about this.

Michael Cole: Well, ladies and gentleman we now know the WWE Championship match at Bragging Rights, John Cena takes on Randy Orton and if Cena loses he must leave RAW! Thanks for joining us, and tune in next week!

The parting picture is of Ted DiBiase standing on the stage staring at Orton.

***End Show***

Quick Results

John Cena def Cody Rhodes
Alicia Fox def Kelly Kelly
MVP def Chris Masters
Hornswoggle def Chavo Guerrero
Jack Swagger def Evan Bourne
Kofi Kingston def Carlito


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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2009 - The Newest Era Begins

Orton/Cena segment: Pretty basic promo by these two. Cena taking a shot at Hogan... I don't know if he would ever really do that but overall, everyone was pretty much on character. Good to see Big Ben using his power nicely so far.

D-X Named Captains: What a surprise..... not really but anyway it gives them something to do. Personally I like it but I don't want you to mimick all of the people that will really be taking place in that Bragging Rights match. The Santino and Hornswoggle segment with them pretty good. Your tried your best attempt by doing Santino and it was decent. Matches look really good... I'm pulling for Carlito alot.

Carlito/Kofi...... ah damn Primo spoils it for Carlito. I'm guess your making a brotherly feud... which I'm surprised WWE never really expanded on after they broke up. Hopefully you can make some more matches with them that will be entertaining.

Second D-X Promo: As much as DX is awesome... this promo I feel you tried to be too funny, especially with the old comment and Michaels having a mini fit. So I don't know not really feeling this too much... try not to overuse the funny I guess.

Bourne/Swagger pretty good match just one mistake... maybe I miss read but what does "Swagger kicks out to the chagrin of the fans" Anyway glad to see A heel involved with this team... and its a nice push for him.

DX 3RD Segment- Jack Swagger's cockiness was just awesome... and really in character but DX was alright. not as good as the first segment but better than the second. I mean the ignoring part was good and Swagger very angry that a young gun like him is being ignored.

The Miz Promo: Wow I really liked this promo. I really did. Best one of the night by far. He trashed talked the fans of NJ, and really downgrading John Morrison and showing the moment when they had their fall-out was good. Excited for things to come for the Miz.

Chavo/Hornswoggle: Damn Chavo got screwed again by the midget... but yeah you have Chavo do a vile attack. I really hope that doesn't mean that you keep this going. if anything since he hit Santino with the chair we do get a Santino vs. Chavo feud all though that wouldn't be much better

MVP v Masters: Wow I really liked this match. Masters really I thought would win it since he really messed up MVP'S back by dropping him on the announce table, but MVP getting the win... its a good situation. A win win in my opinion if either one of them won.

Team Raw Promo: Who is mystery man going to be..... plus Swagger still not getting any respect. WTF.... anyway early to think that maybe at Bragging Rights Swagger will try and screw team SD! since he is getting no respect on the Raw team, or it can be just a fact that they are faces and Swagger is the lone heel.

Diva Match... short best you can do... but wow maybe some conflict now between Kelly and Alicia. How would Mickie not know it was kelly. No one else was in the ring besides the ref anyway whatever. Mickie vs. Alicia again soon?

Main Event: Well I forgot to mention the promo earlier in the show... which I thought was good. Nice little rif between the two... is Dibiase going to come back tonight... I don't think so. Randy Orton on commentary is the only thing I didn't like. His crazy viper like character, would never be on commentary. He would be close to the table, but sitting down on a chair. Anyway The main event was a pretty decent length. and ending was typical Cena showing brute strength. Anyway Dibiase interferes, and doesn't do it for Randy. Well geeze not much sense to me because Dibiase doesn't gain anything from this. Already Cena earned his match at Bragging Rights... so why would Dibiase do something he can't benefit from.

Overall: Pretty decent liked the layout... matches were good. DX really after the first promo was alright to me. You started off great with them but then a slow decline as you tried to be funny. Next time you do Raw I want to see Dibiase's explanation of all of this. Anyway first show I would say 7/10.

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