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DWA: Drizzle Wrestling Alliance

Drizzle Wrestling Alliance

Backstory: January 27th, 2010

It was a cold snowy day in Cleveland’ Ohio as a young man named Dylan Harris stepped inside the Quicken Loans Arena on what was his 18th birthday, alone. He had received two tickets to a special Raw/Smackdown/ECW supershow taping as his birthday present, however he was supposed to go with his girlfriend of over a year but alas, she had fallen sick with a bug that was going around her school and could not go. Not wanting to be bothered going with any of his rather dysfunctional family members, he sold the other ticket for 80 dollars. He had a great night at the show, even though he rather hated the WWE product, he was a huge wrestling fan and studied the Japanese wrestling scene as best as he could. The Main Event saw Chris Jericho defeat William Regal and John Cena in a triple threat match. On the drive back to his girlfriends’ house he pulled into a 7/11 store to get a Coca-Cola and some nachos. As he walked up to the counter, to make his purchase he noticed a sign for the lottery jackpot that had cleared 80 million dollars he had entered a conversation with the clerk…

Dylan: Hmm…how much does it cost to play lottery here? 18th birthday, you know.
Clerk: Happy birthday, guy. It is a buck a pop, tax free. Maybe it is your lucky b’day…
Dylan: Yeah right…*thinking momentarily* Fuck it! I was not supposed to have this money, 80 tickets, please.

*the clerk gives a shocked stare as someone behind him spits out their Slurpee and walks behind them*

???: Look at this idiot. You got no chance, junior.
Dylan: Shut up, assclown. Nobody needs your opinion.
???: Assclown? Hit the bricks, buddy.
Dylan: *turning around* I said…oh God! Jericho!? Dude! I just saw your show, you were awesome.
Chris Jericho: That is better.
Dylan: Yeah, sorry. Dude, I have so much respect for you. I have loved you since the Lionheart days! I am Dylan, by the way. Wait, is Triple H really as bad as I think he is?
CJ: How bad do you think he is?
Dylan: Biggest dickhead in wrestling history?
CJ: Worse.

*The two laugh as the clerk hands Dylan 80 Powerball tickets*

Clerk: Happy birthday, man. You officially have more guts than brains.
Dylan: Yeah, yeah. Chris, man we have to talk more! I gotta ask you about Japanese wrestling, that is my favorite…
CJ: Sorry, bro, It is late. You say it was your birthday? Me and Fozzy are having a concert here in May…*reaches into his bag and pulls out tickets and backstage passes to the concert*
Dylan: Are you serious!? Thanks!
CJ: No problem. Happy birthday. And hey! I have a friend who knows a little about Jap wrestling…*pulls out a notepad and scribbles down a number, name, and his autograph on it, and hands it to Dylan*
Dylan: Sweet! I will catch you in May and thanks so much, man. Keep being an honest man and keeping the parasites in place.
CJ: No prob. See ya later and will do. *smirks and walks out of the store*

*Dylan grabs all of his belongings and hurriedly walks out of the store and goes home*

Clerk: What a great guy he is…*realizes he just gave away 80 lottery tickets without getting paid* Fuck!

The next day…
*Dylan wakes up to find the TV still on on the local news* *a bunch of uninteresting stuff happens that I do not need to explain*

TV: It is time for the Powerball! Lets see our numbers here…18, 28, 38, 48, 58, and here comes the powerball!…
Dylan: Come on…
TV:…After this commercial break!
Dylan: What!?
TV: Just kidding, the Powerball is 8.
Dylan: Hmm…I have 80 tickets so…*grabs one at random* Oh my God! It has the numbers! I am rich! Yahoo! But how the hell am I gonna cash in..? Oh right…hey, I have a brilliant idea! I wanna start my own wrestling promotion! Now who was that Japanese guy Chris gave me the number to? I never read the name…*grabs piece of paper and eyes go wide* Jushin Lyger!?

To present day...

Over the next 8 months Dylan had used his newly found wealth to hire a translator to communicate with Lyger and talk about starting a promotion based in America. They had made many calls to independent talent and found a sizeable roster, as well as contacts within television networks to secure a 2 hour show. At a press conference Drizzle Wrestling Alliance headquarters were announced in Charlotte, North Carolina. And that the name and channel of the TV show, PPV Events and roster of talent would be announced on a live web show, airing on DWA.com on September the 28th, and the first show would air on Friday, October 1st. And as 1 last announcement, Dylan, the co-owner of DWA introduced their first official signing who’s contract had been terminated after a backstage fight that left WWE Star Batista with a broken leg and arm and slapping Vince Mcmahon, the man who both Dylan and Jushin had met at a Fozzy concert in May, Chris Jericho!

"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles
Ace Steel
Alex Shelley
Amazing Red(Pic)
"American Dolphin" Bryan Danielson
"That Young Knockout Kid" Chris Hero
Chris Jericho
Chris Sabin
"Sexy Chucky T" Chuck Taylor
"The Un-Common Man" Cody Rhodes
Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana
Dolph Ziggler
Dragon Kid
Dylan Harris (Co-GM)
Elijah Burke
"The Canadian Bulldog" Harry Smith
"SuperMex" Hernandez
"The Notorious 187" Homicide
"The All-American American" Jack Swagger
"The Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm
Jimmy Jacobs
"The Crown Jewel of DWA" Jimmy Rave (Pic)
Jushin "Thunder" Lyger (Pic) (Not active)
KENTA Kobayashi
Marilyn Manson (Co-GM)
"The Man Who Will Not Die" Matt Hardy
Matt Sydal
"Mr." Ken Anderson
Naomichi Marufuji
"Dolphin Master" Paul London
Robert Roode
Roderick Strong
Sean O'Haire
"The Irish Curse" Sheamus O'Shaunessy
Shelton Benjamin
"The Billion Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase Jr..
"The Loose Cannon" Teddy Hart
TJ Wilson
Ultimo Dragon (Pic)
Zack Ryder (Pic)

"The Future Legend" Alissa Flash (Pic)
Allison Danger
Gail Kim
Jade Chung
"The Queen of Chaos" Katie Lea
"The Sexiest of the Sexy" Maryse Ouellet
"Naughty by Nature" Natalya Neidhart
Sara Del Ray
Sarah “Sarita” Stock (Pic)
Victoria Varon

Tag Teams/Stables:
Hybrid Dolphins: Bryan Danielson, Paul London, and Sara Del Ray
The Hart Dynasty: Teddy Hart, TJ Wilson, Harry Smith, and Natalya Neidhart
Motor City Machine Guns: Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin
Beer Money Inc.: James Storm and Robert Roode
Team Priceless: Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr.
Deep Dishers: Ace Steel and Colt Cabana
Triple F (Fresh, Fun and Fabulous): Zack Ryder and Jimmy Rave
The Buzoku: Ultimo Dragon and Dragon Kid
CanAsian Connection: Gail Kim and Jade Chung
The Takeover: KENTA and Naomichi Marufuji (Not currently teaming/alliance)

Announcers and On-air talent:
Play-by-Play: Diamond Dallas Page
Color Commentator: Excalibur (Pic)
Ring Announcer: Angela Fong (Pic)
Backstage Interviewer: Lena Yada

DWA World:

Sean O'Haire - October 24th, 2010

DWA: Rush:

Elijah Burke - October 24th, 2010

DWA Light Heavyweight: Vacant

DWA Womens:

Alissa Flash - October 24th, 2010

DWA Tag Team:

Motor City Machine Guns - October 24th, 2010

Pay-Per-View Schedule:
January: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures (Main evented by 28 man gauntlet over the top rope battle royal for spot in Wrestlebowl Main Event title match)
Febuary: Breakdown
March: Born For This
April: Lifeline (Fan vote PPV)
May: Homecoming
June: WrestleBowl 1 (Biggest show of the year)
July: Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Show So We Wouldn't Get Sued
August: Summer Rains...
September: Attack!
October: Downpour
November: Cyclone
December: Up Against The Wall

OOC: My goal is to create a realistic and fun BTB as possible, but do not expect everything to be perfectly realistic, as shown with my backstory. I guarantee I will do my best as I put a ton of effort in the back story alone. Thanks to all. (:

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Re: DWA: Drizzle Wrestling Alliance

Well the creative juices were flowing with you man. It is honestly something different which I like. Now as long, as your not going to make yourself GM of the shows, and you have someone else do the gm'ing thats fine by me, that would make it realalistic. Also very interested who you bring aboard. I know you might want and try to go with all the big namers from WWE and TNA but guys like Cena, Orton, Rey etc. would never do that, but if you know guys from independents, or guys who once wrestled for WWE but got future endervored (ex. The Brian Kendrick) I would say by all means those guys would be best for this show. Can't wait to read more and good luck dude

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Re: DWA: Drizzle Wrestling Alliance

I really like the backstory im a fan of backstories and thats what i like in caws feds. I am digging how he got it and everything and I love the fact that Jericho is their, can't really comment if you played him in character since that was off air but I can say it was amazing. As for wrestlers you should get I suggest Ken Anderson, Umaga, Angelina Love, Paul London, Tyler Black, Jimmy Jacobs, Nigel McGuiness, BRyan Danielson, The BRian KEndrick, and those are my suggestions maybe grab Big Daddy V good luck
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Re: DWA: Drizzle Wrestling Alliance

The back story may be simple: some guys wins lottery and starts a wrestling fed, but you included good detail and the interaction with Chris Jericho is certainly something different. Also the layout seems good with the different colors it flows well and keeps the reader's attention.

You where a little hard on poor Batista (but it was funny)

I'll keep watching seems interesting so far.

UCW - Ultimate Championship Wrestling

Coming soon to BTB
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Re: DWA: Drizzle Wrestling Alliance

I bookmarked it so I can keep up with this thread, hopefully you stay to it, great start
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Re: DWA: Drizzle Wrestling Alliance

The backstory is very very very original, and I like the creative approach you came up with. I do wonder what this web show is, and I wonder what it's going to be. I wonder what superstars you'll have on this show. And this is a perfect way of getting feuds we've never seen, storylines with superstars to make every new and refreshing. I wish you the best of luck in everything you do in this thread, and I'll definitely try my hardest to keep track of this one. Good luck, man! Make this into something epic!

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Re: DWA: Drizzle Wrestling Alliance

OOC: This is pretty much "the show before the show" webcast announcing everything with extra bits of things I put in to make it entertaining. So Jericho is pseudo-in-character. Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated and repped and possibly returned if you have a BTB. Anyway, to the show!

September 28th, 2010

*The camera is set still in front of a stage with 4 chairs on it, then begins panning around the arena to show a talk show-like crowd of hushed fans*

Producer: We are live!

*All of a sudden, from backstage walk the 5’8 170 pound Dylan Harris, in a Blue shirt with silver and black designs, also wearing blue cargo shorts, the man liking blue today, along with his brown hair cut neatly and styled much like Tom Cruise’s. Flanked by Chris Jericho in a Fozzy shirt and jeans and Jushin Lyger, wearing a bright orange suit with his trademark Luchadore mask. All 3 take seats, while a hidden mic picks up what they are saying as the crowd cheers heavily*

Dylan: *chuckling slightly at Lyger’s ridiculous look* Come on, man. This is supposed to be important, can’t you take the mask off once?
Lyger: *not speaking much English* No. Mask stay on. Always. Even in movie.
Jericho: Whoa, always? Even when you are doing…the thing..?
Dylan: Whoa! Lets just get on with what we are here for, I do not want you to get fired for beating up your boss again.

*Jericho smiles as the crowd “oohs”*

Jericho: If I had to kick someone’s ass, it would be you, Dylan. I’m just saying!
Dylan: Yeah, yeah. But I am not Batista or Vince, my balls have not disappeared due to constant steroid abuse.

*The 3 burst out laughing along with the entire crowd*

Jericho: We are sorry. We’re sorry! In fact I would just like to issue my first apology to Batista and Vince, in fact guys, these two allowed me to make my own video showing how sorry I am. Lets all take a look…

*The screen turns to a shot of a Vince Mcmahon look-a-like with exaggerated hand print makeup on his face*

“Vince”: That bastard, Jericho! He will pay for this. After all these years…where is Hunter? Gah…*he walks into a room and locks the door* Grr…*the camera zooms in as he reaches down the back of his pants and pulls out a sledgehammer* Ah-hah! This has been keeping my walk steady for a decade! The great Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon’s personal tampon! I gotta get this back to Hunter before the show…what was I mad about? Gah, I guess I am going to go fire some people…grumble. *The fake Vince walks out of the room and the scene fades to black…then cuts to a scene of an imposter Batista with a giant leg and arm cast on his right side hobbling around a backstage area walking up to random people*

Batista: Rematch! Rematch! I want my rematch! Gar!!! Rematch!!!!! Animal unleashed for a rematch!!! Gah! *He trips and falls down…he can’t get up and starts to cry*

Batista: Boo-hoo! Rematch, rematch… wah!!! Rematch…

*the scene exits to a laughing crowd and the 3 onstage giggling as well*

Dylan: Good God, what has happened to this show? Thank God we are not on TV with this. Anyway, enough of that crap, my co-owner and star signing, please go backstage and get the titles. That is right, folks, every wrestling company has titles and these took an assload of time and money to make. So introducing! *Jushin and Jericho wheel out a table with 5 belts on it*
Dylan: With a blue strap and platinum plating, our biggest prize The DWA World title!

*Dylan holds the strap in the air as the crowd cheers*

Dylan: Get used to this sight…yeah right. Anyway, onto another one of our fine titles, with the black strap and gold plating, the DWA Rush title! There are no special rules for this, it is a regular title to be won by one of our great wrestlers. And the two straps you see here, with dark green straps and gold plating, the DWA Tag team titles! Two on two action will be important in DWA, that is a guarantee. Anyway, the smaller plated titles are not smaller in importance, as you can see, the small title with a black strap and platinum plating, the DWA Light Heavyweight title! No way are we going to focus on a bunch of muscle heads with no ability, the Light Heavyweights will have a home in DWA. And finally…this was a bit of a last minute decision for us, but Lyger insisted. With a pink strap and gold plating, the DWA Womens title! And there you go…

Jericho: These are top quality, I may have to win them all! But what I, and I think everyone wants to know is who’s asses I am going to have to kick to get these titles?

Dylan: Yeah, yeah, I made a video for the roster, but first let me bring out…Rudy Charles, Nick Patrick, Scott Dickinson, Jimmy Korderas, Earl Hebner and for the women, Kara Drew and Maria Kanellis, DWA’s order, the referees!

*The referees walk out in street clothes to cheers and Maria slaps hands and blows kisses to the fans at ringside*

Dylan: Not only do we have the baddest group of wrestlers around, we have the best referee group in the business. Without a doubt I, huh?

*The crowd is starting to boo heavily and chants of “You screwed Bret!” ring loudly towards Earl Hebner*

Hebner: *jerking the mic away from Dylan* Aw, I’m glad I screwed Bret!

*Earl pushes the mic back to Dylan and storms off the stage angrily as the crowd boos even louder*

Dylan: Uh…anyway, now that that is out of the way, I would like to announce our team of guys who will be calling the action, so introducing first, a former WCW Legend, fuck, he’s won all the belts, and is a hell of a guy personally, our Announcer…

*Dylan points to the side of the stage as Jericho and Lyger applaud and a familiar guitar riff plays over the speakers followed by the words…SELF HIGH FIVE!*

Dylan: Diamond Dallas Page!

*crowd pops heavily as seemingly everyone does the diamond cutter taunt as DDP shakes hands with everyone onstage*

Dylan: It is such an honor to have you here, man. And lets bring out our color commentator who you are going to be partnered with…DWA’s official KING of food and beverage…Excalibur!

*Crowd pops slightly, many not recognizing him from PWG as Excalibur walks out with a USC jersey and lucha libre mask, also wearing a crown and bows gracefully to the crowd*

Jericho: Stop with the stalling and get to the wrestlers already!

Dylan: Alright, alright…look at the big screen as everyone we signed is going to be here from now on! Lets look at the most explosive roster in history…

*The screen goes blue as the DWA logo appears and backs off and a picture of AJ Styles pops onto the screen as the crowd pops heavily and chants “AJ! AJ!” Followed by pictures and names with short video highlights of each wrestler with background music of “Jars” by Chevelle in this order*

Ace Steel
Alex Shelley
Amazing Red
Bryan Danielson
Chris Hero
Chris Sabin
Chuck Taylor
Cody Rhodes
Colt Cabana
Dolph Ziggler
Dragon Kid
Elijah Burke
Harry Smith
Jack Swagger
James Storm
Jimmy Jacobs
Jimmy Rave
KENTA Kobayashi
Matt Hardy
Matt Sydal
Mr. Ken Anderson
Naomichi Marufuji
Paul London
Robert Roode
Roderick Strong
Ross Jordan
Sean O’Haire
Sheamus O'Shaunessy
Shelton Benjamin
Ted Dibiase Jr.
Teddy Hart
TJ Wilson
Ultimo Dragon
Zack Ryder

*Then the background changes to pink as the womens roster comes up*

Alissa Flash
Allison Danger
Gail Kim
Jade Chung
Katie Lea
Maryse Ouellet
Natalya Neidhart
Sara Del Ray
Sarah “Sarita” Stock
Victoria Varon

Dylan: Hell yeah! We got stars, we got guys who are gonna become stars, we’ve got MMA stars, we have a king, we have it all. So hey, Friday nights, CBS is the place to be for DWA: Fusion! And you are listening to the official theme song of Fusion, “Jars by Chevelle off of their album “Sci-Fi Crimes. Pick it up, it is awesome.

*Jushin is seen whispering something into Jericho’s ear*

Jericho: Aren’t you forgetting something, Dylan?

Dylan: Oh yeah, a few people have been asking me what my role on screen will be for DWA…and I wanted to be GM but these two knuckleheads said I couldn’t do it so they hired someone to be co-GM that I don’t even know who he is! The only thing they told me is that he has never worked in wrestling before so whoever it is I am confronting your ass ASAP! And then I will announce my role, because co-GM ain’t gonna fly with me.

*Jericho and Lyger are shown whispering sternly to each other and Jericho walks up and grabs the mic away from Dylan*

Jericho: So tune in at 8/7 central because I am gonna be in action, the preview will be up on DWA.com soon and time is running out, so thanks a ton for watching this monkey operation! And check out our first ever Pay-per-view, October 22nd in Key Arena in Seattle Washington!

Dylan: It is just “The Arena” now…

Jericho: Shut up. And that show will be called, DWA: Downpour so save up your money because I guarantee that starting this Friday it will be DWA is Jerichooooooooo!!!!!!!

*The crowd is going wild as Jushin and Dylan step up*

Dylan: Our entire Pay-per-view schedule will be posted on DWA.com soon, check it! For Jushin “Thunder” Lyger, and everyone watching and in the crowd and involved with this in any way, this is my dream and I love you! Goodbye! Except for that assclown co-GM guy, he can kiss my ass…

*The feed goes out and the DWA Logo appears saying all rights reserved as the show ends*
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Re: DWA: Drizzle Wrestling Alliance

Nice update, and I love how you added who will be your referee, team, and how you described the belts. The roster looks really stocked with upper-mid card to mid card wrestlers, which is good, because most of them can bust into the main event scene. I don't know some of the names, which is fine, so I would love to see you describe them. Very good, and can't wait to see the first show.

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Re: DWA: Drizzle Wrestling Alliance

DWA News, Notes and Rumors courtesy of Jason Powell:

· The supposed co-GM debuting this Friday on Fusion is allegedly going to be a friend of Chris Jericho’s, who he has known from his many rock tours with Fozzy. We are hearing a few names but allegedly Dylan Harris is working a worked shoot and does not who the man is and is fully against the idea to Mr. Lyger, who is said to be worried about star power, but respects the business enough to not have big names who are sub-par in the ring. Rumored names for the position are Zakk Wylde, Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Zombie.

· It would seem Y2J is the front runner to win the DWA World title at either Fusion or Downpour, Dylan who is mostly involved with the wrestling aspect of the company while Lyger handles finances and such, is seemingly unsure of how to do it. The DWA website is advertising an announcement on the Downpour title match, ideas have been proposed to just award the title to Jericho and a battle royal between everyone on the roster.

· Vince Mcmahon has said to be furious about the mocking of him and WWE star Batista on DWA’s web show that has now been posted on youtube with over 80,000 views already. Although Batista is laughing it off and has been quoted as saying the incident is behind him, Vince holds a grudge against Jericho and is thinking of some sort of retaliation as of this time, allegedly.

· There were two mishaps on the DWA Web show last night as no backstage announcers were announced to be signed. Whether it was an honest mistake, a part of some storyline or they have no interviewers signed is a mystery. What we can confirm as a mistake is that Chris Jericho announced DWA’s first ever Pay-Per-View “Downpour” as taking place on October 22nd, when it takes place on Sunday the 24th. It has been said that it was a small slip up and no heat is on Jericho at this time.

· I can confirm that DWA has hired Dean Malenko, Billy Kidman, Ricky Steamboat, Scott D’Amore and Ivory as road agents.
Official DWA: Fusion Preview courtesy of DWA.com:

It is the debut episode of DWA Fusion on CBS! It is going to be the biggest night by far in the fledgling’s company history. The hardest working roster worldwide comes to you and the most anticipated moments include…

DWA Co-owner and Co-GM confronts the mystery person personally hired by Jushin Lyger to Co-run the show. He has said he is not afraid to lay down the law to anybody, will the new man in charge have a happy welcome to his new home or tear the company apart on day one?

Triple threat match: Hernandez vs. Homicide vs. Matt Sydal
Former partners turned bitter enemies, that is what describes Hernandez and Homicide. Hernandez thought they were closer than brothers but Homicide has come from a different street, where he only looks out for himself. These two never got the match they deserve to settle their long standing relationship, does the future hold a one on one encounter? We will see, because on Fusion, Matt Sydal wanted to be involved in a match and put on the best show he can, only one thing is for sure, he will not be the third wheel in this matchup of former "blood brothers".

Deep Dishers vs. The Buzoku
In tag team action, old friends reform! Without a certain “straight-edge” leader to guide them, Colt Cabana and Ace Steel are back together and plan to represent Chicago with pride. And they want their comeback match to be as “delicious as Maryse’s thongs” says Cabana. Ace responded with, “The only thongs you can get are from Chuck Taylor, and that is just because he sells his mom’s for beef jerky. Hillbilly”. On the other end, The Buzoku is a tale of one of the biggest legends in the history of this sport and his star pupil. Ultimo Dragon is the only man in any country or promotion to hold 10 world titles…at once. And he trained Dragon Kid, one of the most exciting high flyers in the biz. They have given up on opening gates and come to America at the request of Jushin “Thunder” Lyger, A man they both have respect for. They have promised not to fail in their quest to become “The greatest tag team ever to fly”

Natalya Neidhart vs. Sara Del Ray (Hybrid Dolphins and The Hart Dynasty barred from ringside)

The first ever womens match in DWA history pits the two leading ladies of DWA’s two biggest units, Natalya, the mastermind of the Hart Dynasty reunion in DWA featuring Fiance, TJ Wilson and the newest member, Teddy Hart. The last Hart in wrestling. And speaking of the newest member, The Hybrid Dolphins of “American Dolphin” Bryan Danielson and “Dolphin Master” Paul London needed a female member to round themselves out, as they say. And the first person who answered their call to female arms, a person who seemed to get lost into a wicked world wherever she went, wanted to be around two people that have made her finally happy. And now has her sights set on DWA Womens gold at Downpour. Will her quest get off on the right foot? Also, there has been no conflict between the Hybrid Dolphins and Hart Dynasty, Mr. Lyger has assured everyone this is just a precaution to ensure we have a good clean match.

And much more this Friday on DWA Fusion! This Friday on CBS 8/7c Tune in to see how DWA leaves it’s mark on wrestling history forever…

Confirmed card for 10/1/2010 Fusion:

· Dylan Harris and Jushin “Thunder” Lyger announce their official positions and responsibilities in DWA
· Dylan Harris confronts new mystery man Co-GM, who is revealed
· A decision on the state and matches for every single DWA Title is made and announced
· Triple Threat match: Hernandez vs. Homicide vs. Matt Sydal
· Tag Team action: Deep Dishers vs. The Buzoku
· Womens action: Natalya Neidhart vs. Sara Del Ray (Hart Dynasty and Hybrid Dolphins barred from ringside)
OOC: I added Wikipedia links to everyone in the roster section in case you do not know someone, and to every wikipedia page that did not feature a picture of the person I found a picture for you guys. Anyway, I posted everything so quick because they are all kind of apart of the collective story to me. The first show will not be as quick, and will take a little while but it probably will not be too long. Comment on everything you can if you have not already, Backstory, Web show and preview and anything else you wanna say. The more the merrier, even if you think me and my show sucks the big one. And thanks a lot for the positive words. Also, the PPV show names for the entire year if you wanna check that out. As promised. And big thanks to everyone who has commented and talked to me as well.^^

PS: The rock stars I listed to possibly be a GM, I am not of fan of. I guarantee you I dislike the bastard who I picked more than anyone in music. Speculation and predictions for Fusion are allowed in here too.

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Re: DWA: Drizzle Wrestling Alliance

DWA Fusion, Live
Sommet Center in Nashville, Tennessee
Attendance: Sold Out (20,000 seats)

*A video plays to “Jars” with highlights of many different wrestling events from the 70’s to now.*

*The crowd is silent as ring announcer Angela Fong, timekeeper Nick Wagoner and Jushin Lyger *with mask on* are solemnly in the ring looking serious*

Angela: Please rise for a tribute video to all of the wrestlers who have passed away, and please pray for the family of all of these great men and women.

*A video plays to a video to “Leave The Memories Alone” by Fuel highlighting some moments and pictures of many fallen wrestlers including Big Boss Man, Crash Holly, Miss Elizabeth, Sensational Sherri, Eddy Guerrero, Andrew “Test” Martin, Owen Hart, Chris Benoit, Fabulous Moolah, and ending with Mitsuharu Misawa*

Angela: Now…welcome to the first inaugural edition of D…W…A Fusion!

*The crowd goes from politely clapping at the video to going nuts and cheering loudly*

Angela: Now please welcome…from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Chris Jericho!

*”Break Down The Walls” plays to huge cheers from the crowd as fireworks explode and Chris walks slowly down, wearing his long wrestling tights colored dark metallic blue and slapping hands with the fans, then he does his classic entrance on the ropes and as soon as he gets into the ring he grabs the microphone from Fong and hugs Lyger*

Jericho: Welcome to…Fusion is Jericho!!!

*crowd pops loudly*

Jericho: God, is it great to be back. But tonight is not about me, it is about two, no three of my dearest friends…The legend you see in this ring named Jushin Lyger!

*crowd pops mildly as Jushin waves to the crowd*

Jericho: And we will get to the others in just a second. But I just wanted to let everyone know that this is one of the few and only times you will see Mr. Lyger in the ring, as he is a businessman now. And he is doing his best to learn to speak English at the moment.

*Lyger nods in approval as both he and Jericho turn to the stage*

Jericho: And now to the Co-owner of this totally awesome company, that is fit only for the sexy beast!!! A great man…one of my best friends, Dylan. Harris.

*The crowd pops again as “The Carpal Tunnel of Love” by Fall Out Boy blares into the arena and out walks Dylan, in Blue workout pants and wearing black DWA shirt with a blue suit jacket over it, also slaps hands with the fans and among getting in the ring goes up to the top turnbuckle and strikes an old Randy Orton-esque pose- and grabs another mic*

Dylan: Thanks, Chris. That really, really means a lot to me, man. And thank you, Jushin, for helping me and this company financially and as inspiration. And thank each and every person in my home state of Tennessee for showing up here and watching at home for believing in this company! We don’t need roided, up politicking ***holes in a wrestling company to be successful, we just need the greatest fans in the world, and that is what DWA has!!!

*Dylan is going wild pacing in the ring and the crowd is reacting to his impassioned promo with tons of cheers and DWA chants as Dylan begins to calm himself*

Dylan: God bless all of you.

*Dylan drops the microphone and begins to exit the ring as Jericho grabs him*

Jericho: Wait, wait, wait! You have not even seen your new partner in running the show!

*Dylan smiles at Jushin and picks the microphone back up*

Dylan: Alright, who did you find to run this thing? I heard it was some celebrity or something, so go ahead and bring him out, I might have a few words for this guy…

*Jushin reaches through the ropes and grabs a microphone as he is smiling wide through his mask*

Jushin: Well…

*All of the sudden the lights go out and an ominous red light fills the arena. Dylan looks visibly shaken and is staring intently towards the stage*

*”If I Was Your Vampire” by Marilyn Manson plays as a sickly looking skinny figure walks out in a black long sleeved shirt and leather pants and boots, also with lipstick on as the crowd gasps and erupts into mostly boos with a few cheers*

Dylan: No! Nonononono! What the hell is going on around here!? You ain’t allowed in my promotion , buddy. Security! Get this ***hole out of this building!

*Dylan jumps up on the middle rope towards the stage yelling and pointing at Manson, as soon as Manson gets to the bottom of the ramp he stops and gives a middle finger to Dylan and motions for him to turn around*

*As soon as Dylan turns around he gets caught by a Rolling wheel kick from Lyger*

*Manson slowly makes his way into the ring clapping as Jericho locks Dylan in the Walls of Jericho as Dylan grabs onto the ropes but Jericho does not release the hold as the crowd immediately showers all 3 with boos when Manson grabs a microphone*

Manson: You look surprised to see me…well I had a little bit of time off you see…I just need a little break from my other…endeavors…and I have known Chris for years, and I thought it would be time for some…experimenting…

*Manson begins laughing maniacally as he goes down and licks Dylan’s forehead, which infuriates Dylan and he slips out of the walls and begins pounding him with lefts and rights, but Jericho pulls him off and holds him as Jushin hands Manson a chair*

*Just then the other man who Dylan personally signed, AJ Styles runs down the ramp to a huge pop, causing Manson to drop the chair and get out of the ring, as Jericho tosses Dylan aside when AJ slides into a ring, ducks a Jericho clothesline and hits a Pele kick, as Jushin drags Jericho out of the ring and all 3 back up the ramp as AJ’s music plays*

*Commercial Break – DWA: Downpour…October 24th*

*The screen cuts to a replay of what just happened between Chris Jericho, Dylan Harris, Jushin Lyger and Marilyn Manson and then cut to the announce team of DDP and Excalibur*

Excalibur: Well, as a God fearing man, I cannot believe that this Manson guy is the new GM of DWA!

DDP: Co-GM, buddy. And I am sure we have not heard the last of Dylan tonight. Hell, he still has a championship match to announce!

Excalibur: Well, we will see tonight…I guess. Anyway, welcome to DWA: Fusion, I am your King of Food and Beverage, Excalibur and this here is my partner, Dallas Page.

DDP: That is “The King of Bada-bing", DDP! Woo! To everyone.

Excalibur: Right, "The King of Bada-bing, DDP, woo".. Nobody is watching to hear us talk so can we please get on with the matches?

DDP: Yeah, yeah…Who’s up?

*”Desperado” plays to a mild pop as Hernandez runs down the ramp, slides into the ring and climbs to the top turnbuckle posing to the crowd’s cheers*

Angela: From Houston, Texas, weighing 275 pounds…Hernandez!

DDP: The Super Mexican! Now this is a guy who can do big things in DWA, I would not be surprised to see gold around his waist soon.

Excalibur: Or platinum, depending on what title he wants. But anyway, he may be super, but he is also Mexican, so lets see how it works for him here.

*”Hardcore” plays to a bit of booing as Homicide comes out, draped in a Puerto Rican flag. Homicide gets into the ring and starts yelling at the ref before throwing the flag at Hernandez and taunting him with hand signs*

Angela: And the opponent, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 205 pounds…Homicide!

DDP: There is no room for thugs like this in DWA, respect the ref, you problem child!

Excalibur: Yeah, not to mention, he is a Mexican and not even super. So I do not know what to say about him. But hey, there is someone else in this match! It is called a Triple Threat match. 3!

DDP: No kidding? That is amazing. *rolls eyes*

*”Born to Win” plays to the biggest pop of the 3 as Matt Sydal comes out slowly and looking confused, as he gets into the ring he grabs a mic*

Sydal: You know…I was thinking that you guys do not need me in this match. I was asking for competition, but I really wanna see you two settle your issues, so maybe we can be friends again, kay? So may the best man win.

*Sydal hands the microphone back to Angela as the bell rings*

Match – Hernandez vs. Matt Sydal vs. Homicide
Referee: Earl Hebner

The match started off as Hernandez looked confused at Sydal’s words which allowed Homicide to sneak in a basement dropkick to the knees, knocking the big man to the ground. The match went by with Sydal always staying on the outside and randomly playing to the crowd as the match went on. Early in the match Homicide worked the legs of Supermex, grounding and pounding and even applying an STF, which was powered out of by the big man. But as soon as he got up, Homicide caught Hernandez with a BIG shining wizard, transitioned into a pin.


Kickout by Hernandez! With Hernandez still down, Homicide went over by Matt Sydal and motioned him “get back out like a little gringo bitch”, which Sydal took offense to and immediately slapped him in the face. Homicide got knocked down and walked right into a waiting Hernandez, who hit Homicide with a nicely executed cracker jack which drove Homicide out of the ring and into a barricade as Hernandez got fired up and played to the crowd on the middle rope.

*Commercial break – Burger King: Don’t go to sleep before the King.*

The match returns with Homicide in a bear hug and Hernandez making it look effortless. But then Homicide starts biting! Which causes the break of the hold and Homicide immediately gets out of the ring and heads to the back.

*During the break: Homicide with a low blow to Hernandez while the ref is busy with Sydal, followed by a Tope con Hilo to Sydal while his back was turned. Then goes to a shot of Homicide diving off the top rope and being caught with a powerslam by Hernandez*

Back to the match, Homicide walking up the ramp when Sydal comes behind him and runs him back into the ring, Right into Hernandez’s grip, setting up for a Border Toss, he begins walking back and forth between the four sides of the ring, playing to his head, while Homicide shakes his head in fear. Right as Hernandez is preparing to chuck Homicide into the third row, Sydal runs in and pulls Homicide away. Sydal is explaining his good morals to Hernandez as Homicide comes from behind and rolls up Sydal, grabbing the tights, which allows Sydal to roll through and out. As they both get up, Homicide smiles nervously and tries to talk his way out of it, when Sydal gives him a pop up knee lift and knocks him into Hernandez who gives him an inverted sitout side powerslam for his efforts, with the pin as Sydal looks on.

*”Desperado” plays to a nice pop as Sydal raises Hernandez’s hand*

Angela: And the winner of the match.…Hernandez!

DDP: Bang! Did you see that move? I talked to him earlier today and he calls that the “Americana Driver”.

Excalibur: And I call him “badass”. In any event, he is not as Mexican as I thought and it seems the history is about to be put behind the former teammates, as Sydal…what is he?

*Sydal is playing for the crowd when he whispers something in Hernandez’s ear*

*They slap hands and Hernandez lifts Sydal onto his shoulders and walks over to the fallen Homicide*

DDP: What strength this man has! Lord! This man might be the strongest man in DWA, oh!

*Sydal performs a Shooting Star Press onto Homicide off of Hernandez’s shoulders to a HUGE pop*

Excalibur: Shooting Sydal Press from Hernandez’s shoulders, Lord!

DDP: And that is what I am talkin’ about, guys. This show has already been awesome and it has just begun!

*Sydal and Hernandez continue playing to the crowd*

Excalibur: Whew, well, now we are going to go to our backstage interviewer, The Asian Sensation, Lena Yada, with Dylan Harris and AJ Styles.

Lena: Thanks, guys. Now Dylan, how do you feel after the shocking attack and betrayal of your partner, Jushin Lyger. And your first ever signee Chris Jericho? And what about new GM Marilyn Manson?

Dylan: How do I feel? Like a dumbass! I could not even understand half of what Jushin was saying. And Chris, man I thought you were one of the coolest guys ever, I have been a fan of yours…for years! And you still screw with me! Well, I am going to do whatever it takes to make this company work, even working with a man I have despised my entire life…but not now! After tonight, I am going to be gone for a little while…I do not know why you did what you guys did what you did…but you will regret it. I am going to be training for a few months, when I come back, I am getting you out of here, Manson.

*crowd responds in a mixture of boos and cheers*

And as my last act as “Co-GM” Tonight’s main event will feature a 4-on-4 tag team match. The winning team will compete against each other at Downpour in a fatal 4 way match for the DWA World title! It is gonna be AJ Styles, teaming with Shelton Benjamin, Jack Swagger and Jimmy Jacobs vs. Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy,, Chris Hero and Elijah Burke.

*crowd pops big as AJ and Dylan walk away*

*Commercial break – What’s in your wallet?*

*”Come On” by Waterproof Blonde plays to a mild reaction as Sean O’Haire strolls out in a trenchcoat, looking angry*

Angela: Weighing in at 270 pounds from Hilton Head, South Carolina…Sean O’Haire!

*As soon as Sean gets in the ring he charges at Angela causing her to run out of the ring looking very scared*

DDP: What the hell was that for? Hey, get away from her! Jackass.

Excalibur: Women like her do not belong in a ring. At least not with crazy people like Sean O’Haire in there. She belongs over here with me!

DDP: Keep dreaming, buddy. I just hope his opponent wipes the…angry…look off his face!

*”A Victim, A Target” by Misery Signals plays to mostly cheers as Roderick Strong comes out in green tights, looking very focused on the match at hand*

Angela (clearly distraught): And…from Milwaukee, Wisconsin…Roderick…Strong…

Match – Sean O’Haire vs. Roderick Strong
Referee: Nick Patrick

The match starts off with a punch from Strong straight to O’Haire’s face which sends him to the ropes…in which he responds with a devastating clothesline which flips Strong over, and hushes the crowd.

DDP: God! I take back what I said before, he is the greatest wrestler to ever live!

Excalibur: Very brave, partner. But he is definitely a powerful and dangerous man.

O’Haire then lifts Strong up, which Strong replies with an enziguri which drops Sean into the corner and Roderick then hushes the crowd again and delivers a series of LOUD chops to the chest which drives the big man to the ground and rolling around in agony. Roddy then runs up and lays a brutal series of stomps to the big man, keeping him grounded until O’Haire rolls to the middle of the ring, in which tme Roderick locked on his signature straightjacket choke submission hold onto Sean which he calls the Strong Hold, which has the crowd going insane for what could possibly be a huge upset for Roderick Strong.

O’Haire lifted Strong up in an impressive feat of strength with his own arms crossed around his neck and pulled them apart, and at that moment Roderick jumped off his back and landed on his feat. Roddy went up for a double axe handle but O’Haire then nailed a lightning fast spinning chop to Roderick’s head, knocking him to the bottom rope., gasping for air.

O’Haire is quickly lifting Strong up in a fireman’s carry position which is then transitioned into a DDT in a fluid motion followed by a pin.


Kickout at the last second by Roderick Strong in a show of heart which draws cheers from the fans. Sean O’Haire begins to look frustrated with Nick Patrick and begins arguing with him and even lightly pushing him. As soon as Roderick stands up, Sean blasts him with a super kick that sends him back down. O’Haire yells at the referee and pins Strong.


Kick out again by Strong! The crowd is on their feet and cheering Strong as Sean looks completely insane. He begins to mount Strong and channeling his MMA background he delivers straight lefts and rights as the ref counts

Ring the bell!
Angela: The winner…by disqualification, Roderick Strong!

Sean O’Haire has been disqualified and he completely snaps, beating Strong to a bloody pulp and when the referee tries to pull him off, Sean immediately lifts Nick Patrick up and gives him a Reverse Thrown Death Valley Driver, which he calls The Prophecy. He then climbs to the top rope and motions to the crowd and delves into a Seanton Bomb on Roderick Strong for good measure. Which pops the crowd but immediately goes back to heavy boos.

He gets out of the ring and glares at Angela Fong which almost makes her cry, then at the DWA announce table, which causes both DDP and Excalibur to duck and try to hide under the table. Sean smiles and walks up the ramp as “Come On” plays and the screen cuts to a shot of KENTA in gold and black wrestling gear and Naomichi Marufuji in pink wrestling pants in the back with Lena Yada.

Lena: We are here tonight with the two men that are going to face each other at Downpour to become the first ever Light-Heavyweight champion under direct order of Dylan Harris and Jushin Lyger. And two men who have been taking English lessons…Ha ha!

*Lena nudges both of them as they smile humbly and blush*

KENTA: Well, actually Lena, I have known English for years! But it has always been very broken. The lessons were to smooth me out some. My friend, is still learning thiough, so to the people at home, please forgive him for his incompetence at your language. *He bows*

Marufuji: Yes…I…Trying. I promise great match! With KENTA! At Downpour! Me become the most first undisputed light-heavyweight champion ever! And bring honor back to the Japanese in DWA after “Thunder” tarnish it! Best of luck! To KENTA! And me! *Marufuji smiles and walks off as KENTA shrugs and laughs*

KENTA: It will be my honor to you people to represent as the first ever Light-Heavyweight champion.

*He then smiles and walks off as screen goes to black*

*Commercial break – F-R-E-E that spells free, credit report.com baby~*

*A video package begins playing of classic tag team moments from The Motor City Machine Guns, Beer Money, Edge & Christian, London & Kendrick, The Steiner Brothers and more*

Announcer: Throughout history, tag team wrestling has been revered as being one of the best parts of wrestling…partners, sharing blood, sweat and tears, a great partner always has the others back…

*numerous shots of partners breaking up pins*

and DWA wants to continue the tradition of great tag team wrestling. Between friends and sometimes even brothers…The richest prize in tag team history will be on the line at Downpour, In a first time ever, 4 Corners tag team match…

No eliminations!
Only one chance!

It will be Beer Money, The Motor City Machine Guns, The Hybrid Dolphins and a 4th team to be determined…tonight!

*The camera cuts to the ring as "Copacabana (Remix)" by Barry Manilow and Kidd Russelll plays as The Deep Dishers team comes out holding pizza boxes, high fiving fans and giving away slices of pizza to the front row fans, eliciting huge cheers from the already hot crowd*

Angela: This match is scheduled for one fall, and is for the fourth team spot in the Tag Team title 4 corner match at Downpour! Please welcome, from Chicago, Illinois, at a combined weight of 448 pounds, Ace Steel and Colt Cabana, The Deeeeeep Dishers!!

DDP: Well, O’Haire is gone and me and Excalibur here had to go relieve ourselves for a second, that maniac should be either fired or suspended!

Excalibur: Or put in an asylum! Thank God, he did not come over here…but hey, here are the Deep Dishers! They have quite an impressive resume heading into their DWA debut.

DDP: And hey! They are giving out pizza! Come over here, man, throw us a slice!

Excalibur: Calm down! There will be time for that later. And these two need to be more focused, I have a feeling their opponents will not be in the mood for pizza.

*“Separados” by Luis Miguel plays to a small pop as Ultimo Dragon and Dragon Kid come down, each wearing mostly green attire, with matching capes*

Angela: And introducing their opponents! From Nagoya, Aichi, Japan and Tokai, Aichi, Japan, at a combined weight of 336 pounds…The Buzoku!

DDP: They are so small!

Excalibur: Dragon Kid likes to be called a “little dragon", Page.

*The Buzoku flip into the ring and move their hands up and down as fire shoots out of all four corners, intimidating The Deep Dishers, as the bell rings, the flames die down*

Match – Deep Dishers vs. The Buzoku
Referee: Scott Dickinson

Dragon Kid and Ace Steel lock up in the middle of the ring, when all of a sudden, 100 dollar bills fall from the ceiling all into the crowd, inciting near riotus cheers.

Excalibur: What the hell!? It is money from the sky! God, I love DWA!

DDP: But wait, look in the ring!

*While all Ace Steel and Colt Cabana climb out of the ring to grab money, Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase come from the backside, with steel batons in hand, and give The Buzoku shots to he head, followed by a relentless beating on their legs until The Deep Dishers notice and run into help, which leads to dual shots to the head from Team Priceless for their troubles*
Angela: This match has been ruled…a no contest!

*The crowd takes notice and showers with a mixture of boos and cheers as they realize who was responsible for the money shower as Dibiase tosses two chairs into the ring, when Rhodes grabs Colt Cabana and immediately gives him CrossRhodes onto one of the chairs, and turns and pulls Ultimo into position and gives him one on the other chair! Followed by Dibiase sliding into the ring and giving subsequent Dream Streets on the chairs to Dragon Kid and Ace Steel, followed by Team Priceless posing in the ring to a chorus of boos*

DDP: Well, what the hell was that for? What are these two second generation, silver spoon punks trying to prove?

Excalibur: I have no idea. Maybe they are just naturally dickheads. And who the hell is going to Downpour to compete for the DWA Tag titles!?

DDP: Probably…and that is to be determined by whoever the hell is in charge! Well in any event, we still have, coming up next, Natalya Neidhart vs. Sara Del Ray, with the Hybrid Dolphins and Hart Dynasty barred from ringside. And a huge main event! To see who is going to Downpour to compete for the DWA World title! Shelton Benjamin, Jimmy Jacobs, Jack Swagger, and AJ Styles!

Excalibur: Going head to head with Elijah Burke, Chris Hero, Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho! What a match that will be! Pay some bills!..

*Commercial break – Paramore’s “brand new eyes” Out now! Buy it, bitch.*

*The scene returns and goes to a street corner, with a man in ratty clothes sitting on a street corner with a cup*

???: Change? Just give me some money…*cough* Gah…

*A little boy dressed in fancy looking clothes goes up to the man and waves a wallet filled with at least 10,000 dollars*

Boy: Get a job, you bloody bum! My mummy and daddy have given me everything, to make sure I do not turn into trash like you! Hahaha!!

*All of a sudden the bum jumps up and grabs the wallet, tosses the boy into a nearby dumpster and runs off*

???: Well now you are trash! Haha!

*As the man turns a corner, he begins to walk normally and he reaches into a nearby baby carriage and takes a giant lollipop out and turns another corner as the camera goes around to the front of the man as he takes his rag clothes off and is seen wearing a suit, revealing him to be…Chuck Taylor!*

Chuck: Hello people, I am Chuck Taylor. I am without a doubt the newest and sexiest member of the DWA roster. And I am sure some of you do not know me, but as you can already see, I am the biggest success in history already! And I am sure many of you are already wondering, “How did Sexy Chucky T become such a big success?” And well, I will tell you. In what I like to call…”Part 2.” Next week. And I will be in DWA soon!

*The screen goes to black with a picture of Chuck and “Part 2…Next week.”*

*Then we go back live to the Sommet Center backstage as we see Marilyn Manson and Chris Jericho staring into the camera, grinning evily*

Jericho: Harris! You thought legends like me and Jushin Lyger actually wanted to go into business with some punk kid who got lucky like you? No…luckily, in your confidence in us, you gave away your biggest weakness, the man you loathe, and as soon as you did that, you sealed your fate like the little jackass you are!

Manson: You see Dylan…I have heard of your little hatred of me. But what you didn’t realize, was that I am attracted to hatred, I feed upon it. And you will fall…just like all the others…every middle aged mother against me…

*The two start laughing as Team Priceless walk into the picture, followed by Jericho leaving*

Ted: That is just great you guys, the way you pulled the rug out of that idiot Dylan Harris, just like we did when we got him to sign our HUGE contracts was…priceless.

Manson: Yes, yes it was…as was what you two did a second ago, taking out two teams and ruining their match. I like you guys…

Cody: That means a lot coming from you Mr. Manson. Now what we were thinking was, there is really no need for this 4 corners match at Downpour, that is just people wasting money! Everyone knows that we are the best team in DWA.

Ted: And I hate wasting money.

Cody: Exactly. So I say we should be awarded the titles right now!

Manson: But I cannot do that…

Ted: Hey! We have a contract that says you can, and it has a few…incentives in it for you.

Manson: Well…I will look at the contract and give you the titles next week, err…make my decision.

*The three laugh as the camera cuts to ringside*

*”Hartbreaker” plays to a small reaction of cheers and boos as Natalya Neidhart comes out in white and pink attire with black boots and screams her throaty laugh at the crowd on her way to the ring and on the turnbuckles*

Angela: This match is scheduled for one fall, with The Hart Dynasty and Hybrid Dolphins, not allowed at ringside. Introducing first…From Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and weighing in at 135 pounds…Natalya Neidhart!

DDP: Great. another spoonfed second generation punk. Thank God for Mr. Lyger banning the other brats from ringside!

Excalibur: Hey! Not all generational wrestlers are bad, my great great great great great great great great grandpa invented wrestling, back in the 80’s.

DDP: The 80’s!? I was wrestling back in the 80’s!

Excalibur: God, you are old. And stupid. I meant the 80’s A.D. 84 A.D. exactly.

DDP:…Oh. Screw you, “your majesty”.

*”The Final Countdown” plays to a nice response of cheers as the voluptuous vixen of the Hybrid Dolphins, Sara Del Ray walks fastly to the ring in a light blue top and black skirt, slapping hands with fans at ringside, then sliding into the ring and staring at Natalya, focused, before striking a pose to cheers*

Angela: And her opponent, weighing in at 160 pounds, from Martinez, California, Sara Del Ray!

DDP: Aw yeah, I like this Sara Del Ray. Great, awesome style, she is a perfect fit for the Hybrid Dolphins!

Excalibur: Yeah, but the Dolphins are not here, Del Ray looks much more proper and a lot happier than anyone has ever seen her before, many say she is loose, which could be bad news for the DWA Women’s division. Maybe it was changing the “E” to an “A” in her last name?

DDP: If she is looser, I wonder if she is loose enough to share a drink with ol’ DDP…

Excalibur: To the match!

Match – Natalya Neidhart vs. Sara Del Ray
Referee: Maria Kanellis

The match starts off with a feeling out process between the two women, before they circle around each other and lock up, with Del Ray overpowering Natalya and driving her into the corner and giving 5 consecutive vicious looking knee strikes, drawing “oohs” from the crowd. Then she runs Natalya into the opposite corner and attempts a body avalanche which Natalya ducks and sends Sara into the turnbuckle, then Natalya immediately capitalizes and sends Del Ray shoulder first into the ring post, and as soon as Del Ray begins to back out, she kicks her ass (literally) so that Del Ray lands shoulder first into the post.

DDP: Now that was just uncalled for!

Excalibur: Ha ha! The king approves of that!

DDP: Me and Sara will give you a royal ass kicking after this match, king!

Excalibur: “Me and Sara”, there is no you and Sara you old love drunk coot! And I am far too lovable for anyone to attack..

Natalya laughs at her attack and her opponent’s plight of rolling on the mat in agony as the crowd showers her with boos, in which she responds with “Yeah baby!” and laughing it off as she begins stomping on Del Ray and choking her with her boot, which draws a four count from referee Maria Kanellis in which the two begin to jaw at each other just long enough for Sara to get up and push the anvilette into the ropes and when she comes charging back at her, Del Ray delivers a devastating butt bump, knocking Natalya to the ground in pain. Sar begins laughing and pointing to her butt before sitting on Natla’s face for a pin.


Kickout from Natalya! Sara pounds the mat in frustration as she motions for Natalya to get up…and she locks Natalya in her patented butterfly lock and lifts her up…and Natalya counters with a back drop to Del Ray and transitions into a headlock. She holds on for a good minute before Sara begins tapping the mat and getting the crowd behind her as she stands up and delivers an elbow, before lifting Natalya up for a back suplex…in which Natalya falls onto her and hooks the leg

Kickout from Del Ray! Natalya looks frustrated as she spits in Sara’s face and then punches it and goes into a cover again.


Kickout from Del Ray! Natalya sets up and goes to lock in the sharpshooter before Del Ray big boots her in the chest sending her to the corner and when she bounces off Del Ray gives her a BIG samoan drop which pops the crowd and gets Del Ray looking happy, as she picks Natalya up and locks in the butterfly grip and lifts her up and delivers a ring shaking Royal Butterfly in the middle of the ring as she covers…

Angela: The winner of this match, Sara Del Ray!

*As Sara Del Ray poses in the ring to the cheering crowd, “Take It Out On You” by Goldy Locks plays and fireworks go off on the stage. And while everyone is looking there, Alissa Flash, in red attire sneaks out from the crowd and slides in and attacks Sara from behind, eliciting big boos. Alissa smiles to the camera as she picks Del Ray up and hits her signature Leg hook sitout scoop slam piledriver, known to those around her as the “Fatal Flash”, leaving Sara out. Then Alissa grabs a microphone and looks into the camera after she whips her hair out.*

Flash: There will only be one DWA Womens champion crowned at Downpour…and that champion is the Future Legend, Alissa Flash! The one and only, baby…and let me just say…Thank you all for your time…

*The crowd showers Flash with boos and cheers as she laughs and heads to the back, as the camera cuts to Mr. Ken Anderson talking to CIMA, Sheamus O’Shaunessy, Dolph Ziggler, Ross Jordan, and Amazing Red backstage in the cafeteria eating sandwiches, all wearing street clothes*

Anderson (While chewing gum): Lokk at you guys! Man, we are some of the most talented men on this roster, we signed to this company to make a difference…and this is the debut show and none of us were on the show?

*They all hold their heads down in shame, except Dolph*

Anderson: Well I say screw that! There is not enough time to get ready but I-

*Dolph Ziggler walks up, smiling and also chewing gum sticks out his hand to Anderson*

Dolph: Hi…I’m Dolph Ziggler.

*The crowd responds loudly with a mix of boos and cheers as Anderson reaches out and shakes his hand, looking flabbergasted at Dolph*

Anderson: Nice to meet you…sit back down. Anyway, I think we should all be in a match next week. I say, we should all face each other, in a 6 way match next week, live on Fusion!

All (except Dolph): Yeah!

Anderson: And the winner should earn a contract for a match…against anyone he wants, any time, any type he wants!

All (except Dolph): Yeah!

*They all begin slapping high fives and shaking hands with each other, when a microphone drops from the ceiling into the hand of Ken Anderson*

Anderson: And the winner of that match will be…Miiisssssstteeeerrrrr…AAAAnnnndddddddddeeeeeeerrsooonnn!!!!! Anderson…

All (except Dolph): Huh?

*CIMA attacks Anderson as everyone except Ziggler begin brawling with each other, destroying the remains of their sandwiches, as the camera zooms back to Dolph, who is smiling*

Dolph:…And it’s nice…to meet you.

*The camera zooms back into the ring as Angela Fong stands, waiting for intros of tonights main event*

Excalibur: Well what are those bozos on about? No wonder they had no matches.

DDP: Only the finest in DWA, baby! Ha ha. Either way, next week just got one hell of a match booked! But that is next week, right now it is Fusion Main event time, to see who is going to Downpour to try and become the first ever DWA World champion!

Excalibur: I have goose pimples!

*Before DDP can retort “Break The Walls Down” hits and Jericho does his classic Y2J entrance to huge boos, while he smiles, proud of his betrayal of Dylan Harris earlier*

Angela: This match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, weighing in at 226 pounds…Chris Jericho!

*Jericho is left smiling in the ring as we go to break*

*Commercial break – Geico – So Easy a Caveman can do it.*

*We are back from break as Chris Hero, Elijah Burke, Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Jack Swagger have made their entrances and in the middle of Jimmy Jacobs’ entrance as “Welcome To The Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance is playing*

Angela: From Grand Rapids, Michigan, weighing in at 173 pounds…Jimmy Jacobs!

DDP: This guy creeps me out, but less so right now, he seems fairly calm right now, it just seems when he gets involved with women he turns psycho.

Excalibur: Creepy or not, this man could be the first ever world champion! Creppiness is not a factor in winning titles, Page.

DDP: It should be!

*”Get Ready to Fly” by GRITS plays to a big pop as the lights go pitch black as AJ jumps through a wall of sparks and fireworks. He then saunters down the ramp, slapping every fans’ hand that he can before climbing into the ring and posing for the crowd**

DDP: Bang! I think the roof just blew off this place!

Excalibur: Good thing this is not a popularity contest. *rolls eyes*

Angela: And from Gainesville, Georgia, weighing in at 215 pounds, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles!

*Everyone gets to their appropriate corners as Jimmy Jacobs and Chris Hero start things off*

Main Event – Chris Hero/Chris Jericho/Elijah Burke/Matt Hardy vs. AJ Styles/Jack Swagger/Jimmy Jacobs/Shelton Benjamin
Referee: Rudy Charles

The match starts off hot with a spear by Jimmy Jacobs onto Hero, which drew some boos, followed by an immediate tag to Jack Swagger, who utilized his amateur experience on Hero, using a plethra of body holds and an impact belly to back slam, transitioned perfectly into a front headlock, which he holds onto for a good minute or so, getting the crowd behind Hero, while you can see Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy visibly bickering on the apron.

Excalibur: What are those two doing? There is a pay-per-view main event at stake here!

DDP: Not to mention that wonderful world title, that could be won by either Hardy or Jericho, if they knew how to focus worth a damn!

Hero begins rallying behind the crowd and elbows and punches Swagger until he lets go, followed by a discus clothesline which takes Swagger off his feet, while Hero reaches out for a tag but Hardy and Jericho are yelling so Elijah Burke pushes them both out of the way and makes the tag himself, in which Swagger walks right into a spinning elbow to the face from Burke, followed by some straight right hands to the face in which Rudy Charles has to pull him off , which has Burke going crazy and motioning to everything. He then makes the tag to Hero who gives a kick to the gut, followed by a double team head smash as Jericho and Hardy return to the apron, blaming each other for getting pushed off. Hero then locks in his signature cravate on Swagger to a pop. He then lifts swagger up and hits his corkscrew neckbreaker known as the Cravate buster and goes for a pin…


Kickout by Swagger! Hero then makes a tag to Matt, who climbs to the top rope and hits an elbow bat on Swagger, followed by another pin


Kickout by Swagger! Matt locks on a facelock, which he holds for a few minutes at least before Swagger starts powering out and gets Hardy in a position for the Oklahoma slam and then charges into the corner away from the teams, slamming Hardy back first, then immediately turning around and running across the ring and delivering another to the opposing turnbuckle before going to the middle of the ring and pointing both arms to the ground, mouthing “On your knees” to the camera, and then executing the Oklahoma slam, completing the Oklahoma STAMPEDE! Followed by a pin


Kickout by Hardy at the last second! Swagger gets up and and goes crazy on Rudy Charles, backing him into the opposing team corner, in which Elijah Burke reaches over and punches him in the face, in which he walks back and turns around into a Twist of Fate from Hardy! But before he can recover for the pin, Jericho tagged in and pinned Swagger.


Swagger gets his foot on the rope to break it and as soon as Jericho picks Jack up, Swagger gives him a shoulder block and drives him into his corner, where Shelton Benjamin makes the tag and pounds away at Chris in the corner, before delivering a turnbuckle powerbomb and he is going crazy but then Jericho executes a roll up and turns around locking Shelton in the Walls of Jericho to boos. Shelton is struggling and looks like he is about to tap when he starts to crawl to the ropes and his corner as he makes the tag to AJ Styles! Then Jericho pulls Shelton to the middle of the ring and Shelton taps, except he is not the legal man anymore and Jericho lets go and celebrates, thinking he has won, and turns around into a flying forearm smash from AJ that pops the crowd! Matt rund into the ring end clotheslines the groggy Shelton sending them both over the top rope, as Swagger and Jacobs sneak over to the other side of the ring and pull Elijah Burke and Chris Hero off the ring apron and start brawling.

In the ring AJ and Jericho get up at the same time, and Jericho immediately grabs AJ’s legs and tries to for the Walls of Jericho, but AJ rolls through and then picks Jericho up into an upside down belly to back position and hooks his legs, and executes the Styles Clash! And rolls through for the pin…

Angela: The winners of this match and advancing to Downpour, AJ Styles, Jack Swagger, Jimmy Jacobs and Shelton Benjamin!

Excalibur: What a freaking match! The last thing I have seen that was this exciting involved my ex-wife and a donkey! Freaking whore.

DDP: Ignoring that, that was one hell of a match! And those fine men on the winning team are going to be at Downpour and the best of the bunch is going to be the first ever DWA World Champion! Toooooo coooooooolllll…

Excalibur: And tonight was one heck of a debut show for us, and the entire roster, thanks go out to all of the people here in DWA who made this show, happen, even idiots.

DDP: Yep, and it’s only going to get better, baby! Yeah! I cannot wait until next week.

Excalibur: Me either, buddy. And we will hopefully see you there. Goodnight everyone and so long.

*Shelton Benjamin, Jimmy Jacobs and Jack Swagger are in the ring celebrating as the losing team is out on the floor and AJ is walking up the ramp as AJ’s music is playing and the crowd is cheering loudly. Then Dylan Harris walks on the stage as they high-five and hug as the show goes off the air*

*Show ends*

Quick Results:
Hernandez defeated Homicide and Matt Sydal, pinning Homicide

Roderick Strong defeated Sean O’Haire by DQ

Deep Dishers vs. The Bozoku ends in a No Contest

Sara Del Ray pinned Natalya Neidhart

AJ Styles/Jack Swagger/Jimmy Jacobs/Shelton Benjamin defeated Chris Hero/Chris Jericho/Elijah Burke/Matt Hardy when AJ Styles pinned Chris Jericho to advance to the Downpour DWA World title fatal-4-way
Confirmed Downpour Card:
DWA Tag Team Title 4 Corners Match: Motor City Machine Guns vs. Hybrid Dolphins vs. Beer Money vs. ???

DWA Light Heavyweight Title Match: KENTA vs. Naomichi Marufuji

DWA World Title Fatal-4-Way match: “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. “The All-American American” Jack Swagger vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Shelton Benjamin
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