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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling


- "Make It Happen" -
May 18, 2010
UIC Pavillion - Chicago, IL

The broadcast now begins with an opening video, the official theme "Shameful" by Atreyu, highlighting some of the action we've seen so far in NXG. Following this, we take it to the UIC Pavillion, where the Chicago fans are on their feet, cheering wildly for the show to start.

Joey Styles: Hello everyone, and welcome to only the second episode of NXG NeXus! Joey Styles and Mick Foley here, and tonight's gonna be a huge night, 'cause we're gonna be seein' some great matches, including the final NXG International Championship Tournament Qualifyer, between Gregory Helms and Amazing Red!

Mick Foley: No doubt that's gonna be a tremendous match between two outstanding competitors, and how about this? The first-ever rematch in NXG, between the Motor City Machine Guns, and Paul London and Briank Kendrick The Hooliganz, to see who'll face off against Team 3D at Wrestlution for the NXG Tag Team Titles!

Joey Styles: Last week's ten-minute draw between the two teams was amazing, and we can guarantee you tonight'll be no different! And as we heard on Vortex, tonight, the man proclaimed by a Prophet as "The Chosen One", Sean O'Haire, will share his NXG debut with Petey Williams!

Mick Foley: Definitely looking forward to what this O'Haire is about. And we can't forget about the second Triple Threat Match to qualify for the Women's Championship at Wrestlution! Last week, MsChif earned the first spot, and tonight, either Katie Lea, Mickie James, or Talia Madison will join her for the second spot!

Joey Styles: We certainly can't, Mick. And ever since NXG debuted, our main events have consisted of two of the ten men that'll compete in the Elimination Guantlet at Wrestlution for the World Title, but they haven't been selected by the heads of NXG.

Mick Foley: They have not; they've been selected by, as our founder Mikey Alvarez would say, "destiny". And tonight, destiny's chosen an absolutely huge match-up, consisting of "The Phenomenal One" AJ Styles, and Rob Van Dam!

After the opening commentary, "Phenomenon" by Thousand Foot Krutch starts playing, and AJ Styles walks out to a very loud pop. He's not dressed to compete yet, wearing jeans and a shirt, and gives everyone a very big smile as he walks down. He high-fives the fans on his way to the ring, and does some posing, getting them even more fired up, before being given a mic. He looks around for a second at the Pavillion, then starts speaking.

AJ Styles: Y'know, I've always wondered what it'd be like to work away from TNA or ROH or a smaller indy company, and I gotta say, bein' here at NXG, I don't think it's been all that bad so far.

Chicago, home of NXG, pops at this.

AJ Styles: And speakin' of TNA, first, I wanna say what we all know. If it wasn't for me, if it wasn't for AJ Styles, TNA wouldn't be what it is today - or should I say, what it once was. (The fans "OOH!" at that) When you think of TNA's glory years, the first name that comes to mind is AJ Styles, because I helped build that company. For the first few years of TNA's history, I was the cornerstone of TNA, the one people wanted to see. An' you all know this is true. It might not be the humblest thing to say, but you all know that what I'm sayin' is true. I built TNA - an' I plan on doin' the same for NXG.

This gets a pop from the fans, well aware of what AJ can do.

AJ Styles: I want NXG to be a success, a success like TNA could've been, before it went downhill. I want NXG to be the number-one professional wrestling company in the world, an' I'm gonna do everything I can to be a reason for that. Just like I'm gonna do everything I can to become World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlution, I'm gonna do everything I can to put NXG on the map - an' I'm startin' tonight.

Another cheer breaks out in the Pavillion.

AJ Styles: Tonight, I'm competin' in the main event, an' when I got the call from Mikey Alvarez that I'd be in the main event, I was stoked. Truly stoked, 'cause there are so many guys in the Elimination Guantlet that I wanna wrestle. So I asked Mikey, "So who's my opponent? Is it gonna be Rey Mysterio? Is it gonna be CM Punk? Who is it, man?" Well, imagine my face when Mikey told me it was gonna be none other than RVD, Rob Van Dam!

The crowd gives a big pop as the main event is heard, and a moment later, "One of a Kind" hits, and Rob Van Dam walks out to a huge pop. He's also not yet dressed for action, wearing a T-shirt and jeans. He stays on the stage, looking out at the cheering crowd with a grin, then heads down to the ring. He picks up a mic laid for him on the steel steps, and enters the ring. He walks up to AJ, and the two share a handshake, getting a loud pop from the fans.

AJ Styles: Y'know, Rob, for years, I've wanted to get a match with you, an' tonight, I've got it. This isn't just a dream match that fans all over the world have wanted for years, (The audience confirms this) it's a match I've wanted for a long time, an' I'm proud, an' honored, to get to wrestle you tonight.

Van Dam nods, smiling at his words.

Rob Van Dam: Thanks, dude. And y'know, I feel the same way, man. When I was thinkin' about where to go to wrestle again, I weighed the pros and cons of WWE and TNA and NXG, and one of the things that I had on the pro side for TNA when I was thinkin' about where to go was you, AJ. There are a lot of guys that I'd love to work with over there, but the name that always came to my head first was yours. And when I heard you left TNA and went to NXG, it gave comin' to this company another pro. So you should know that I'm proud and honored to wrestle you, dude.

Big pop for the mutual respect, as AJ also looks flattered by the comments.

Rob Van Dam: There's a lotta talk in the back, from the wrestlers, and Paulie and Mikey and Bischoff, and even me, that NXG is gonna be huge. What we're doin' right now, it's historic, man. We're startin' our own chapter in the wrestling world, man, and we're gonna blow everything else outta the water. Last week, CM Punk and Christian made it happen, Mysterio and Booker T made it happen on Vortex, and tonight, we're gonna make it happen.

Another pop for the Van Daminator.

Rob Van Dam: So good luck to you, dude. Lookin' forward to the match, and Wrestlution.

AJ Styles: Me too, man. Good luck to you, too. You'll prob'ly need it more than me.

RVD looks at AJ with something of a frown, as some booes are heard in the arena.

Rob Van Dam: Really?

AJ Styles: Look, I don't mean anything personal by that, Rob, all I'm sayin' is thatchu haven't wrestled in months, while me, I'm at the top of my game. An' while I've wanted this match with Rob Van Dam for the longest time, I don't just want my match to be with Rob Van Dam, no. I want my match to be with the Whole F'n Show. So I hope you're ready to bring everything you got tonight, and at Wrestlution, 'cause don't think for a minute that I - or anyone else in the Elimination Guantlet, for that matter - are gonna be bringin' anything less than our own best.

Rob Van Dam: (Smirks) Look, man, I know I haven't been in the swing of things for awhile now, but I'm sure I'll be gettin' right back in it tonight, 'cause if anyone can bring out my A-game, I'm sure it'll be "The Phenomenal One" AJ Styles. So you don't have to worry about me, all the other guys don't have to worry about me, 'cause the one thing that Rob Van Dam is the best at - well, aside from bein' a... baker - (Crowd pops at the joke) is bein' the "Whole F'n Show"!

Roars from the audience, as they love their RVD.

Rob Van Dam: So I promise, dude. Tonight, it might be a bit rocky to start with, but by the end, you'll have gotten RVD at 100%. And for everyone else in the Elimination Guantlet, you better believe that you'll be gettin' the "Whole F'n Show", and by the end of that match, I'm gonna leave you seein' stars... five stars, to be exact.

With that, and the fans cheering in the back, Van Dam puts down the mic and smirks, as AJ has a small one as well. The two then shake hands again, and share some off-mic words, before RVD rolls out of the ring. AJ's left alone, watching now serious-faced as RVD heads up the ramp with his music playing in the back, and we go to our first break.

- Commercial Break -

When we come back, a rock production track with fast guitars plays, and Amazing Red walks out to a big pop, wearing his hair black and longer now. He looks amped for the match, and energetically high-fives the fans on his way to the ring. He steps inside, and does some posing on the ropes, before turning to the top of the stage, waiting for his opponent.

A second later, a production track called "Made Man" by Avenged Sevenfold hits, and Gregory Helms walks out to a mixed reaction, with the lovely Talia Madison. He's wearing green and black trunks with H's on the sides, his long black hair free, and is arm-in-arm with Talia as they head down to the ring. He steps in as she presents him, and they pose in the center, with Talia rubbing his waist, signaling the International Championship. She steps out, leaving Helms and Red to eye each other as the ref rings the bell.

- NXG International Championship Tournament Qualifying Match -
Amazing Red vs. Gregory Helms (w/ Talia Madison)

End: Both men brought it all to the match, with Red taking it to high speeds, and Helms not being too far back, able to catch up to Red. Now, The Made Man has control of Red, punching away at him, then whipping him off the ropes. Red ducks an initial clothesline, but on the second rebound, runs into Helms' arms, who links Red's, turns, and nails a hard slam! He covers, but just 2. He lifts Red half-way, and hits the ropes, only to come back into a standing dropkick from Red, right on the chin! Helms gets to a knee, holding his jaw, allowing Red to hit the ropes, and come back at Helms with a headscissors that drives his face into the mat! Red pins, but 2 for him as well. He lifts Helms up, hitting forearms, then throws him off the ropes. Helms comes back, and tries a wild clothesline, but Red ducks, and nails the Red Edge!

He covers again, but again 2, Talia clapping on her man. Red then heads to the apron, and starts climbing up the corner. He dives at Helms, wanting the Red Eye, but he counters with a dropkick in mid-air! Both men are down for a moment, then rise at the same time. They start the classic fist exchange, and Helms manages to hit three in a row. He looks for four, but Red kicks away his shot! Helms tries another, also kicked away by Red, who then tries a corkscrew kick aimed at Helms' head, but The Made Man ducks underneath! Red picks himself up quickly, but Helms pulls him into an inverted headlock, for the Nightmare on Helms Street! He pins, but kick-out at 2! Helms looks angry, but gets encouragement from Talia, and simmers down. He lifts Red up, but he breaks free, and manages to nail the corkscrew kick on this try, dropping Helms!

He covers, but just 2! Red takes a second before getting up, and half-lifts Helms as well. He then jumps on his back, looking for the Code Red, but Helms manages to stand fully upright, knocking him off! Both men turn to face each other, with Red trying a punch, but Helms catches it. He turns Red, holding onto his arm, then grabs the other, and nails an X-Plex! Helms covers, but Red kicks out! Helms looks over at Talia, who tells him to finish it, and he nods. He lifts Red up, and starts setting up the Vertebreaker! But Red slides down his back, landing on his feet, and rolls Helms up from the waist, adding more weight! But Helms powers out at 2, and both try to get their feet. With a burst of speed, Helms steps off Red's knee, for a Shining Wizard! He then grabs Red, again setting up the Vertebreaker, and connects! The pin, 1... 2... 3! Helms is in!

- Winner -
Gregory Helms

Joey Styles: What a fantastic opening match here on NeXus, with both men doing everything they could to qualify for the last spot in the International Championship Tournament, but in the end, it was "The Made Man" Gregory Helms, willed on by the lovely Talia Madison, that takes the spot!

Mick Foley: Well if you had someone like Talia in your corner, you'd also be willed on tenfold to win! And that was the case here, as we saw Helms' temper flare here a bit, only to be cooled by Talia. Now, Helms is in, and has a huge challenge waiting for him in the first round, against "The Mexican Marvel", MŪstico!

Talia joins Helms in the ring to celebrate, as some heat comes from the crowd, although cheers also audible, giving props to both competitors for the match. Red rolls to the outside, helped by the ref, the fans patting him encouragingly on the back as he walks up the ramp with a let-down look, but also gives them a weary smile. Meanwhile, Helms and Talia share a kiss, and he starts signaling for the belt, proclaiming "The belt's mine, baby! All mine!"

- XXX -

We cut to a backstage area, the same as last week, where we once again see the Motor City Machine Guns, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley. The two get heat in the background, and they wear their matching ring gear, and confident smiles.

Chris Sabin: Hi, I'm Chris Sabin.

Alex Shelley: And I'm Alex Shelley, and we're the Motor City Machine Guns. So last week, the two of us competed against The Hooliganz in a ten-minute match to determine which team would go on to Wrestlution for a shot at being the first-ever NXG Tag Team Champions. And, much like we're doing now, we had a few pre-match words for the people of Chicago, and The Hooliganz.

Chris Sabin: We sorta promised that we would beat The Hooliganz well-within the ten-minute time limit and earn our pass to Wrestlution, but, that didn't exactly happen. So our prediction was a bit off, no big deal, happens to the best of us.

Alex Shelley: And, in case you don't know for some unfathomable reason, the best happens to be us, the Motor City Machine Guns. But tonight, we've got yet another match against Paul London and Brian Kendrick, with the same rules applying as last week. And tonight, we're gonna make sure that we don't have a repeat result of last time.

Chris Sabin: London, Kendrick, you guys took us to the limit last time, and we applaud you for that. Not a lot of teams can say they've gone the distance with the Motor City Machine Guns, so give yourselves a pat on the back. But that was last week, seven days ago. Now, tonight, we're a little more serious about getting to Wrestlution and facing Team 3D.

Alex Shelley: That's right. Last week, we were a bit lax heading into the match, but tonight, London and Kendrick, and in due time, Team 3D, you'll find out what it's what it's like to step into the ring with the Motor City Machine Guns when the gloves are off.

With that, the Guns pull off one of their gloves each, then point at the camera with their hands shaped like guns. They then "pull the trigger" with their thumbs, making a clicking noise as they wink, and we go to break.

- Commercial Break -

When we come back, we're in a different backstage area, a hallway, where we see three of Chicago's finest: Ace Steel, CM Punk, and Colt Cabana. The three get a huge pop in the background, and lean against the wall, dressed casually as they talk amongst their old friends.

Colt Cabana: So Punk-man, that match you had last week with Christian was awesome, bro. Kind of a shame that those Archangel guys had to step in at the end and sorta throw things off a bit, but overall, you guys tore down the house.

CM Punk: Thanks, Cabana. (Turns to Steel with a cheeky grin) And Ace, winning the qualifying match on Vortex, you did us proud. Good to see you haven't rusted in your many years, old-timer.

Ace Steel: (A smile tugs at Steel's lips as he playfully shoves Punk) Really? Goin' back to the "old man" stuff?

CM Punk: Oh come one, you know it's a little weird to have students be just a year or two younger than you. Besides, it was Cabana who came up with that back during our training.

Colt Cabana: (Frowns) Hey! Way to throw me under the bus, dude.

CM Punk: (Shrugs) That's what it's there for.

With that, Cabana grabs Punk around the neck, and the two start to playfully wrestle as Steel watches on with his arms crossed, shaking his head with an amused expression. After a few seconds, we hear an outside voice:

???: Having fun, boys?

Punk and Cabana then let each other go, and the three turn to see Mickie James walk up to them, smiling at the two wrestler act like children. She's already dressed for her match later on, going back to her attire of a top and bellbottoms.

CM Punk: Oh! Hey, Mickie.

Colt Cabana: (Thrusting himself in front of Punk, closer to Mickie) Hey, Mickie. You look fantastic, by the way.

Mickie James: Thanks. I've been lookin' forward to my match the whole week, so I got dressed as soon as I got to the arena. I know that's a bit silly, but I've really wanted to get in the ring after seein' all the other matches so far. Everyone's really bringin' everything they've got, and that makes competing so much better: knowing that if you wanna win, you can't be anything less than your best out there.

Colt Cabana: Definitely, definitely. That's what I plan on doin' against Jimmy Jacobs on Vortex. It's gonna be my first match here in NXG, and I can't be the only one out of the three of us to have lost their first match. Yep, there's a lotta pressure on me, but I know I won't lose, not as long as I've got beautiful women like you cheerin' me on. So, can I count on you watchin' my match and rootin' for the Colt-meister?

Mickie James: Miss a match featuring a Second City Saint? Not a chance. (Glances at Punk) So, changing gears for a sec, I was wondering, do any of you guys have an extra towel? I forgot to bring one with me tonight for after my match. Ace? Punk?

CM Punk: Um, no, sorry. But I'm sure there's some in the trainer's office. Know where that is?

Mickie James: Nope. Mind showing me?

Punk shakes his head, trying to hold back a smile, and the two then go off on their way, while Ace and Cabana watch, Colt wearing something of a cocky grin.

Colt Cabana: Dude, she wants me.

Ace Steel: (Resoundingly) No.

Colt Cabana: (Turns to Steel, smile gone) What're you talking about? She was all over me!

Ace Steel: She's interested in someone that was just here. It's not me, and it's not you. In fact, she left with him to the trainer's office.

Colt Cabana: (Grins again) Nah, man. See, it sorta looks like she's into Punk, but I know what she's doing. She's playin' with me. She's acting like she's into Punk, but it's just to make me jealous, so I make my move faster. It's a classic chick move, man!

Ace Steel: (Resoundingly) No. And seriously Cabana, don't ruin this for him. You know how long he's had that crush on her, so don't ruin this for him.

Colt Cabana: (Pouts and crosses arms) Fine.

- XXX -

We then cut to yet another different backstage location, where we see Amazing Red sitting on a large steel container, looking tired and disappointed after his match. He then turns, and we see Sean Waltman walk up to him with a slight smile on his face.

Sean Waltman: (Slurring some words) Hey, Red m'man! You looked bummed out, an' I, I totally know why. You should'a won that match with Helms, and not Helms. You're the Amazing Red! How could, how could ya lose?

Amazing Red: (Eyes Waltman) Thanks, Sean. Um, are you okay?

Sean Waltman: Me? Oh, yeah, yeah, man, I'm good, I'm good. You're the one tha's not feelin' okay, and y'know what? I got jus' the thing to make ya feel better! (Holds up a six-pack ring with two beers left) Le's split this six-pack!

Red looks at the remaining two beers without much interest, and at the buzzed Waltman, who grins at him. He then looks over at his beers.

Sean Waltman: Hey, wait a sec... where'd all the beer go? Well, anyway, drink up kid. You earned it.

Waltman tears a beer off the ring, and holds it out to Red. After a second, Red accepts, and opens it as Waltman tears the remaining beer. Waltman holds his out to Red, who softly clanks his can against it, then the two start to drink. Red takes a sip, as Waltman chugs his. Red watches him until he stops, and Waltman grins at him.

Sean Waltman: Tha's good beer, man.

???: "Good beer"? An oxymoron if I ever heard one.

The two turn with the camera, and we see Michael, followed closely by the other Archangels - Raphael, Sariel, Remiel, and Gabrielle - who look at Red and Waltman with disgusted looks on their faces. The leader of The Archangels walks up to the two, with Red looking uneasy, and Waltman close to oblivious.

Michael: Alcohol, my friends, is poison. It disrupts logical decision, leaves blanks in your memory, and destroys lives. I know this all too well, and I'm sure you, Sean Waltman, know as well. I know that for many years, you've had problems with these substances, and you've tried to rid yourself of the havoc it's caused for you in your life numerous times. But every time, you come back to it. You're weak.

Sean Waltman: (Pokes Michael in the chest) You're weak!

Waltman then starts to laugh, as Red climbs off the container. Michael frowns at being touched, but does nothing.

Michael: You're weak, Sean Waltman. But we, The Archangels, can promise you that you won't fail your battle with alcohol again. Come with us, allow us to show you the light. Discover a new life for yourself, where you'll never want to drink again, where you'll be driven by only the desire to make the world a better place.

Sean Waltman: Y'know what? You sound all... boring, and with somethin' up your butt. I think y'need a drink. Hey Red, le's go get some drinks for these guys.

Waltman tries to leave, but stumbles in his drunkened state. Red catches him, and turns to Michael.

Amazing Red: Look, he's obviously drunk, so whatever you're tryin' to tell him, it won't get through.

Sean Waltman: I'm not drunk... I'm just a lil' drunk, tha's all. So how 'bout those drinks, guys?

The Archangels ignore Waltman, as Michael addresses Red.

Michael: Of course. The alcohol-altered mind cannot cope with reason. But when he comes around, we'll return, and try to show this poor soul the light he needs to turn his life around. And as for you, (looking at the can of beer in Red's hands) I suggest disposing of that toxin. You're an intelligent man, Red. You should know better than to allow that into your body.

Amazing Red: (Frowns at Michael) Nothin' wrong with a drink every once in awhile.

Red then takes a drink from the can, then starts to leave, having Waltman hold on to him as he does. Michael and The Archangels watch them walk with scowls, then turn to walk in the opposite direction as we go to break.

- Commercial Break -

When we come back, a rock track starts playing, and Petey Williams walks out to a good pop from Chicago. Maple Leaf Muscle flexes for a moment, then heads down to the ring, high-fiving the fans as he does. He enters the ring, and flexes some more atop the turnbuckles before coming down into the center, to await his debut opponent.

A moment later, the stage lights turn green as "Redemption" by Shadows Fall plays, and Sean O'Haire walks out to a small mixed reaction. He's wearing a long black trench coat, with his long wild hair covering part of his face, and the ultra-confident grin, giving him a dangerous aura. He heads to the ring, and quickly climbs in, not much posing going on there. He removes his coat, passing it off, and grins at Williams as the two circle and hop, ready for battle as the bell is rung.

- Singles Match -
Petey Williams vs. Sean O'Haire

End: The Chosen One displayed a precarious combination of strength and agility in the match, staying on top of Williams for the most part, but he was able to make small comebacks. Now, Williams has O'Haire on the ropes, throwing punches and kicks at his legs. He then grabs O'Haire's head, and hits a sit-out jawbreaker! This dazes O'Haire, and Petey hits the ropes, only to come back and receive a back elbow into his stomach! From there, O'Haire nails a big knee lift to the doubled-over Williams! O'Haire lets out a snarl as he ushers Williams to get up, and when he does, he throws him off the ropes. Williams returns to attempt a clothesline, but O'Haire ducks, and Williams rebounds off the ropes again. He tries another clothesline, but O'Haire catches him, with an STO backbreaker! Without letting go, he roars, then lifts him back up, for a spinning reverse STO!

O'Haire gets up with a smirk, looking down at Williams, then stalks him by sliding up to him on his knees, letting out a victor's laugh as he does. He rolls Petey onto his back for a pin, but he kicks out at 2. O'Haire doesn't seem to mind much, and picks him up. He then lifts him onto his shoulder, but Williams fights back with elbows to the forehead! He falls behind O'Haire, and goes to hit the ropes behind him. He comes back at The Chosen One, who attempts a backdrop, but Wiliams is able to turn it into a dropkick in mid-air, finally taking O'Haire off his feet! He doesn't stay down for long, but Williams anticipates it, hitting the ropes to rebound with a spinning headsissors, turned into the Canadian Legsweep! He floats over for a cover, but O'Haire gets the shoulder up at 2. Williams hits the ropes again as O'Haire starts getting up, but returns into a decapitating lariat!

O'Haire pretends to return his "sword" to the sheath on his side, then turns back to Williams. He lifts him up off his feet for a back suplex, but converts it into a side slam! He pins, but Petey kicks out. O'Haire puts him in position for a powerbomb, and lifts him by the arms in a crucifix. He then attempts to throw Williams, but he's able to counter the throw into a hurricanrana! Williams holds it for a pin, but O'Haire kicks out! The two get up, but Williams nails a spinning heel kick to O'Haire! He then lifts him up, and puts him in position for the Canadian Destroyer! But as he jumps for the flip, O'Haire counters it with a double leg slam! Petey clutches his back as O'Haire looks down at him, smirking. He lifts him up, in a fireman's carry. With another roar, The Chosen One throws him off for a huge F5, that he calls The Prophecy! He makes the cover, 1... 2... 3! O'Haire picks up the win!

- Winner -
Sean O'Haire

Joey Styles: Sean O'Haire, showing off incredible talent, simply overwhelmed Petey Williams in their debut match! I don't believe in the "destiny" that he and the Prophet are always talkin' about, but regardless, O'Haire has let everyone know that he's not to be taken lightly!

Mick Foley: You know it, Joey! Petey Williams is a great talent in his own right, but this Sean O'Haire, very impressive man, somethin' else. Speed, strength, he's got it all, and I'm sure in time, he'll make everyone a believer that he is indeed "The Chosen One"!

O'Haire lets another roar as the ref raises his arm, with another mixed reaction coming from the crowd, leaning a little more on jeers. O'Haire turns to a camera with a smirk, and says, "That was destiny! My destiny!" We get another quick shot of Williams being helped to his feet by the ref, then another last look at The Chosen One and his ultra-confident grin.

- XXX -

We then cut to a backstage area, where we see Gregory Helms and Talia Madison making out against the wall. Suddenly, Talia stops, and gestures to behind Helms. He turns around, seeing the camera, and frowns at it.

Gregory Helms: Y'know, I'm not surprised you'd wanna watch, cameraman, but come on. A little privacy, please; The Made Man is with his lady.

The cameraman turns away and we can see it bob up and down slightly as he walks, but it stops abruptly, as a now-smirking Helms comes back into picture.

Gregory Helms: Actually, as long as you're here...

He points down the hallway, and the camera turns. We see a blonde woman talking to a backstage worker, and Helms, Talia, and the cameraman all approach her. As they get closer, we're able to see that it's the NXG interviewer, Leticia Cline, and Helms taps her on the shoulder. She turns to him, and the worker who she was talking to leaves as Helms gives her a big grin.

Gregory Helms: Hello, Leticia. How are you tonight? Fine? Well what a coincidence, 'cause Gregory Helms is fine as well! And I'm sure you know why, 'cause I know you were watchin' my match earlier tonight. So, why don'tcha ask your future champion a few questions regardin' his victory? That is your job, after all.

Leticia Cline: (Looking caught off-guard) Umm, okay... So, Gregory, how do you feel about winning entry into the NXG International Championship Tournament?

Gregory Helms: Well, Leticia, as I just said, I feel fine about it. But for me, "fine" doesn't equal "content", so I'm not content. See, I am The Made Man, and my standards of satisfaction are way higher than your average person. Talia knows this for a fact, since not only does she live with me, we share a bedroom. Now I gave everyone a tour last week of my palace, so everyone should know that only the finest is good enough for Gregory Helms. So beating Amazing Red, that's definitely a win, but it's not a triumph. Beating MŪstico in our official tournament match, that'll definitely be a win, but not a triumph. And beating whoever comes after that, that won't be a triump either.

Talia Madison: The real triumph'll be at Wrestlution, the tournament finals, when my baby becomes the NXG International Champion.

Gregory Helms: Exactly. And Leticia, while my bein' one win closer to the International Title is reason enough for celebration, we're not gonna leave it at that. Right, babe?

Talia Madison: That's right, 'cause I've still got a match to come later tonight, and it's to qualify for the NXG Women's Title Match at Wrestlution. Mickie James and Katie Lea, I'll give 'em credit for not being too bad, but being beautiful isn't the only thing I excel at; I'm also the best in the women's division here, and you can count on Gregory and I becoming the power couple here in NXG, as the International and Women's Champions.

With that, Helms puts his arm around Talia's waist, and the two walk off snootily, as we go to break.

- Commercial Break -

When we come back, "Danger! High Voltage" hits to a strong pop, and The Hooliganz make their way onstage. They make a quick pause at the top, giving each other a nod, then take off like rockets to the ring, sliding inside. They then do some posing on the buckles, then backflip off for a handshake.

A moment later, "Beautiful Disaster" plays, and the Motor City Machine Guns walk out to booes, but some cheers as well. They point at the ring and shoot at it, then head down, ignoring the fans' outstretched hands. They too climb the buckles and pose, pointing to under their thumbs, then climb down for a smirk-off with the opposing team, choosing which man to start in the qualifier rematch.

- NXG Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match -
- 10-Minute Time Limit -
The Hooliganz vs. Motor City Machine Guns

End: Similarly to last week, both teams drove in the fastlane, constantly switching who was in the driver's seat. Now, Shelley has London under check as he throws him into the corner, chest-first. London stumbles back, and Shelley lifts him to place him on the ropes, in the Tree of Woe. He dashes to his corner to tag in Sabin, and he steps inside as Shelley charges with a baseball slide into London's face, followed by a Hesitation Dropkick from Sabin! Sabin pulls him from the ropes for a pin, but a kick-out. He lifts London, and drags him to his corner to tag Shelley back in. He grabs London by the neck as Shelley ascends to the top, and dives off with a crossbody, effectively turning Sabin's hold into a neckbreaker! Sabin exits as Shelly covers, for another 2. Shelley picks London up, setting up for Sliced Bread #2, but London's able to shove him off in time!

Shelley gathers his footing, and turns around, wanting to clothesline London, but he runs into a superkick! Both men fall and start to crawl to their corners, with Shelley getting there first! Sabin charges in, and cuts London off by knocking Kendrick off the apron! He turns to grab London, and gives him a big shot, sending him stumbling forward. Sabin follows, but runs into a back elbow, causing him to stumble back, just as Kendrick springboards at him with a dropkick! Shelley rushes into the ring to avenge this, but runs into a spinning heel kick from Kendrick! He gets up, psyched, but Sabin gets back up, and picks him up in a fireman's carry! But before he can hit the Cradle Shock, London dropkicks his back! Sabin falls, but manages to let go of Kendrick before he fell on him, and the illegal Hooligan rolls under the ring, and quickly stands back up as London dives to tag him in!

Kendrick hops over the ropes with the timer showing ninety seconds left, and charges at Shelley, nailing him with a big forearm. He turns to Sabin, and does the same. He then dropkicks Shelley through the ropes, but as he gets up, Sabin's there to meet him with a DDT! Shelley, who landed on the apron, gets up, and gets tagged in. The Guns wait for Kendrick to rise, and shoot the first kicks of the ASCS Rush! But Kendricks hits the deck, and shins collide! Their kickpads absorb some of the impact, but Kendrick rolls to his feet, and clotheslines Sabin out of the ring! But Shelley pulls him away from the ropes, and goes for Sliced Bread again! However, Kendrick shoves him off in mid-air, and Shelley lands on his feet! Kendrick grabs him by the head, and goes for Sliced Bread himself, but Shelley applies the same counter, and hits it! The pin, 1 - No! Time expires!

- Winners -
No Contest

Joey Styles: Again! Again these two tremendous teams compete all the way until the time limit, and we still don't know which of these four men are gonna meet Team 3D at Wrestlution for the Tag Titles!

Mick Foley: Last week The Hooliganz ended in control, this week it was the Guns, these guys are showing us what tag team wrestling is all about, and can you believe we're gonna get yet another encounter between these two next week on NeXus? Man, oh man!

Once again, the two teams reassemble with their partners, and glare at each other with tired but fiery expressions, as the crowd once again starts a "Five more minutes!" chant. They give each other nods of respect, or at the very least understanding of how difficult it is to secure a victory against the other, and The Hooliganz are the first to exit the ring and walk back up the ramp, looking back at the Guns, who look more frustrated than their opponents.

- Commercial Break -

When we come back, we're in a backstage hall, where we see Jimmy Jacobs and Allison Wonderland, with Jacobs turning off his cell phone with a frown, then turning to his girlfriend.

Jimmy Jacobs: Somethin' happened with our reservations at the hotel. Apparently, our room was booked a few weeks ago, but the guy that gave it to us didn't realize it. So now, the people that had it reserved are there, complaining about their room, and the manager wants me to go over and try to sort things out. Got your stuff?

Allison Wonderland: Sorry to hear that Jimmy, but can I stay? I wanna get to know a few people here.

Jacobs looks at her with a frown for a second, then gives a reluctant nod.

Jimmy Jacobs: Fine. I'll call you to let you know when I've sorted things out. Better hope that one of those people you get to know offers you a ride back to the hotel.

With that, Jacobs turns and leaves, as Allison watches with a hurt expression. She then turns and starts walking the other way with her arms crossed, the camera staying on her, and she turns a corner. She walks for a bit more, until she stops for a second, and the camera turns to show us Kenny Omega, sitting on a large steel container, reading a piece of manga. She approaches him with a restored smile.

Allison Wonderland: Hey Kenny.

Omega turns to her, and freezes for a second before he starts to stutter out a reply.

Kenny Omega: Um, uh, hi.

Allison looks at him with an expecting expression, waiting to hear more, but Omega says nothing else. She then decides to continue the conversation herself, as she takes a seat next to Omega, who seems somewhat startled.

Allison Wonderland: So, whatcha reading? Comic?

Kenny Omega: Um... well... it's a Japanese comic.

Allison Wonderland: (Looks over to read the name) "Shaman King", huh? Looks like you're almost done.

Kenny Omega: Uh... I'm actually just starting. The Japanese read from right to left.

Allison nods, looking a little impressed, and again waits for Kenny to say something else. Omega, however, had immersed himself back in his reading, until he notices her staring at him. He closes the book, and looks in her direction but not at her as he struggles to come up with something to say.

Kenny Omega: So... you're going out with Jimmy, right? Jacobs?

Allison Wonderland: (Sighs) Yeah. Jimmy's a nice guy deep down, but sometimes, he can be a jerk. I'm sure I don't have to tell that to a lot of the guys in the locker room, though. What about you? Are you seeing anyone?

Kenny Omega: Me? Oh, no, no. Still lookin'...

No words are exchanged for another moment, until Allison gets up to leave.

Allison Wonderland: Well, hope you find her, Kenny. It was nice talkin' to you. I'll see you later.

She gives him a smile and a wave as she walks away, and Kenny returns the wave, and has to consciously force himself to give her a shy smile. He watches her walk away, and we see a genuine smile from him as we cut away.

- XXX -

We come back to the arena, where a dark metal track plays, and Katie Lea comes out. The Queen of Chaos comes out to a nice reaction with a devilish grin, decked out in gothic gear and make-up. She heads to the ring, looking out at the crowd with a condescending stare, and does a bit of posing on the buckles before jumping down to the mat.

For the second time tonight, we hear "Made Man", as Talia Madison walks out with her boyfriend Gregory Helms to some heat. The two share a kiss, then head down to the ring again, looking incredibly confident in being able to keep their winning streak, ignoring the booing fans. They enter the ring and do some posing as Katie looks on with a contemptuous smile. They turn to her, with Helms pointing at Talia saying she'll win, Katie merely grinning it off. He exits the ring, just as the third participant is ready to come down.

An NXG-owned remix of the infamous pop song "Hey Mickie" plays, and Mickie James walks out to a loud ovation from the crowd. Her theme, performed by Ashley Tisdale, has fitting lyrics and a different spelling. Mickie herself eagerly skips down the ramp, high-fiving all the fans, and enters the ring. She climbs the turnbuckles to pose a little, then comes down and the three women look at each other in anticipation, with Helms already shouting encouragement at his girl as the ref rings the bell.

- NXG Women's Championship Triple Threat Qualifying Match -
Katie Lea vs. Talia Madison (w/ Gregory Helms) vs. Mickie James

End: Katie and Talia worked together against Mickie in the early going, but Katie made it clear that she was in it for herself and turned on Talia. Now, with Talia being tended to by Helms on the outside, Katie and Mickie trade blows, until Katie kicks her in the midsection, and lifts her for a backbreaker! She grabs Mickie but not for the pin, instead to apply a bow-and-arrow stretch! She holds it for a few seconds, until Talia storms back in, and lands an elbow to Mickie's stomach! Katie lets her go, and gets to her feet, but Talia's there, waiting to drill her with a forearm. She continues them, driving Katie into the corner, until she whips her across the ring. Katie hits the pads, with Talia charging into her with a splash. Talia then whips her again, but this time, Mickie catches Katie with a drop toehold! Talia runs at Mickie as she gets up, but Mickie surprises her with a roundhouse kick!

Mickie covers, but Katie jumps in to break it up. She lifts Mickie by the hair, but she fights back to shots to the stomach! She grabs Katie and lets out a yell, but Katie's able to take her legs out from under her, and flip into a jackknife pin! Mickie kicks out, but Katie's up first, and grabs her by the head, dropping her face-first onto her knee! Before she can cover, though, Talia comes back, and connects with a low dropkick to the face! She covers, but Katie kicks out. Talia and Helms yell at the ref, allowing the other girls some time to recover. They get up, and come up behind Talia. They spin her around, kick her in the midsection, two-woman suplex! The two get up, then start the forearms again. Katie blocks, then hits two more before trying to whip Mickie off the ropes. She counters it, and when Katie returns looking for a clothesline, Mickie catches her arm and connects a neckbreaker!

She gets up again, but Talia straight-jackets her arms from behind! But before she can hit her sleeper slam, Mickie falls back, and uses her legs to push Talia forward and off! Both get up quickly, but it's Talia that runs into a spinning kick to the stomach! She pulls her in for the Mickie-DT, but Katie comes from behind to grab Mickie's hair, to pull her into a backbreaker! The freed Talia then kicks at Katie, but she catches her leg, and pulls her into a lariat! Talia rises with the ropes' aid, and Katie comes from behind, with a lung-blower, the Chaos Break! She covers, but Mickie dives to break it up! She and Katie get up, with Mickie throwing another roundhouse that Katie ducks. She then tries the Chaos Break, but she holds onto the ropes, with Katie falling back! She rolls back up, but into a spinning kick to the midsection, flowed into the Mickie-DT! The pin, 1... 2... 3! Mickie takes the win!

- Winner -
Mickie James

Joey Styles: Wow! Wanna know what happens when you put three incredibly talented women in the ring, competing for a chance at championship gold? Well you just saw it, and you saw Mickie James rise above to earn her spot at Wrestlution!

Mick Foley: Both Katie Lea and Talia Madison are talented and cunning ladies that had as much of a chance to win the match, but Mickie James's drive was what earned the victory here, and she joins MsChif as the second participant in the Women's Championship Triple Threat at Wrestlution!

Mickie raises her arms in victory as the crowd lets out a cheer for her. She smiles and blows them kisses, as Katie starts to stir, and Helms helps Talia under the bottom rope. She lets out a scream of disappointment, with Helms reassuring her that she should've won, as Katie sits up and glares at Mickie as she poses atop the corner. She comes down and sees the three angry sets of eyes, but she just smiles confidently, and exits the ring, high-fiving the fans on her triumphant walk to the back.

- XXX -

We then cut to a backstage hallway, where we see Christian Cage standing behind a wall, arms crossed and a frustrated expression on his face. He starts to speak in an outraged voice, but not at the camera.

Christian Cage: So what the hell was that last week? Huh? Who the hell do those Archangel jackasses think they are, costing me a huge win last week? It was the main event to the first-ever NeXus, a historic match, and I lost. I lost, all 'cause those idiots had to spew some "saving the world" bulls***. Well lemme tell ya somethin', man. They might've cost Christian Cage that big match, but there's no way anyone's costing me the huge match at Wrestlution. No way. Not gonna happen.

The camera pans out to see James Gibson as the man Cage's talking to, although he doesn't look interested in the slightest, having a bored look and his arms crossed as well.

Christian Cage: I mean, they've got nine guys in there tryin' to take what belongs to me. Well after what The Archangels pulled on me last week, takin' away my big main-event victory, they made damn sure no one ever walks out of the ring with "The Instant Classic" and leaves with what's his.

James Gibson: (Sighs) Y'know Christian, Ah've been standin' here list'nin' to ya talk about how you should've won last week, how The Archangels are the only reason you lost, blah blah blah, for about ten minutes, an' it took ya that long to finally say somethin' more or less worth list'nin' to at the end there. Course, Ah'm talkin' about just the meanin' of what you said; not what you actually did say, which was stupid.

Cage looks over at Gibson with a deeper frown.

Christian Cage: Oh yeah?

James Gibson: Yeah, 'cause honestly, you haven't earned that NXG World Title. You haven't won a match here, an' you can go on about how it was unfair, but unless I'm forgettin' something, you got the jump on CM Punk after The Archangels' video. But, Ah do like thatchu're changin' gears for Wrestlution, 'cause with so many greats in that match, we don't need any whiny lil' bitches takin' up space.

Cage then gets off the wall, looking ready to fight, while Gibson does the same.

Christian Cage: "Whiny little bitch"? Do you know who you're talkin' to? You're talkin' to Christian Cage, two-time TNA World Champion. That's right, two-time World Champion, which is two more World Titles than I thought you had, Gibson. And where, where exactly was it that you were champ? Hm? Ring of Honor? Please. If it were up to me, I wouldn't let any ROH Champions in the Elimination Guantlet unless they'd won a real title elsewhere, and that's not the case for you. So as far as I'm concerned, Gibson, you should consider yourself lucky to even be in the match.

The atmosphere is set for a brawl, but Gibson shatters it with a smirk.

James Gibson: Don't concern yourself for just me, Christian. You got eight others to worry about - nine, if you don't buck up like you say you are.

With that, Gibson leaves, walking away as Cage looks on with a fuming expression, and we go to break.

- Commercial Break -

When we come back, we're in the NXG heads' office, and Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff, and Mikey Alvarez are standing in a semi-circle around an anxious-looking Ashton Kutcher, who's sitting on a chair, looking up at the three men.

Mikey Alvarez: So for the past few days, Ashton, we've been contemplating about whether or not bringing you in to the company like you asked. But, seems like you don't have many fans here with the higher-ups.

Paul Heyman: (Gets low to see Kutcher face-to-face) Mr. Kutcher, I wanna make this perfectly clear: I'm not a fan of your acting career. "That '70s Show" was good but not because of you, and "Dude, Where's My Car?" was a terrible movie. Never cared for your acting work. But, I do respect your celebrity status, as well as the creative work you've done for a number of shows, so I'm inclined to think that having you on board can only be a plus for NXG.

Eric Bischoff: (Gets low to look at Kutcher) I'm with Heyman on that your acting's less than what I'd call enjoyable, Kutcher, but I wholeheartedly disagree with everything else he said. The shows you've produced have all been stupid, especially that abomination, "Punk'd". Unoriginal and not funny or entertaining in the slightest, and I would be more than ecstatic if I never saw you backstage at our shows.

Kutcher looks away from Bischoff, to Heyman, then to Alvarez.

Ashton Kutcher: So, I'm in, right?

Mikey Alvarez: (Grinning) Yeah. You're in.

Ashton jumps out of the chair with a celebratory "Yes!", arms in the air, with Heyman smiling, and Bischoff shaking his head with a smirk of disdain. Mikey brings Kutcher back down to Earth by tapping him on the shoulder.

Mikey Alvarez: Alright, Ashton, so here's the deal: the way we run things here in NXG, we have a voting system. Someone offers a match or idea or whatever, and we have a two-thirds voting system to pass or nix it. Like, if I said, "Why don't we have our main event be a tag team match involving the entire roster, with teams split evenly?" Well, Eric and Paul can vote against it, and that's that. And what we're doing for you, is we're taking you on as a creative consultant. What that means is, you can pitch ideas and stuff, but you're exempt from the voting process.

Ashton Kutcher: (Slight disappointment in his face and voice) Why?

Mikey Alvarez: To keep things uneven, preventing ties. Plus, Bischoff and Heyman voted against giving you voting power. So, still want the job?

Ashton Kutcher: (Restored interest) Yeah, I do. When do I start?

Mikey Alvarez: Thursday, Vortex. (Heads to the couch with the others, turning on the TV) Now, enjoy the main event here with your superiors, Mr. Kutcher.

- XXX -

We then cut to the arena, where "Phenomenon" plays, and AJ Styles comes out to a big pop. He has on his signature hood, and he lifts it up a bit to check out the crowd, before tossing it off and posing as a pyro explodes behind him. He heads to the ring, high-fiving the eager Chicago fans, then enters the ring and poses some more. He then takes off his hood, and hops up and down in anticipation of his opponent.

A moment later, "One of a Kind" hits, and Rob Van Dam walks onstage to a very loud ovation. He's back in his signature RVD attire, and the smile on his face as he looks out at the Pavillion says he's ready to go. He jogs down the ramp, also high-fiving the fans, and rolls into the ring. He gives AJ a quick nod, then does his patented thumb taunt, with the fans saying his name along, then performs a spin kick in the air. He and AJ then meet in the center with a handshake and a smile of excitement before the bell rings.

- Singles Match -
AJ Styles vs. Rob Van Dam

End: AJ controlled the opening minutes, but RVD shook off the rust as he went on. Now, RVD whips AJ off the ropes, with AJ rebounding with a clothesline that RVD ducks with a splits. AJ returns again, but RVD rolls onto his back and juts his feet into AJ's midsection! He quickly rises, and uses a jumping spin kick to knock AJ to the mat! He hits the ropes, cartwheels, and goes for Rolling Thunder, but AJ moved away by rolling under the ropes! RVD gets up, holding his back, as AJ springboards, with a flying forearm! He covers, but RVD kicks out. He lifts him and chops at his chest, driving him into the ropes, then tries to throw him across the ring. RVD tries to counter the whip, but Styles goes under his arm, and pulls him into a kick to the midsection. He starts setting up the Styles Clash, but Van Dam counters it, slipping out of his arms on the lift, and hits a spinning heel kick!

RVD covers, but just 2. He picks AJ up, weakens him with a few shots, then throws him into the corner. He rams his shoulder into his stomach twice, then back-springs, and jumps onto him for a monkey flip! But AJ manages to land on his feet, and as soon as Van Dam gets to his, he nails him with a Pelť kick! Styles covers, but a kick-out. AJ lifts him half-way, then grabs him from the waist, German suplex! He rolls the two back to their feet, and lifts him as if for a back suplex, but Van Dam falls back, onto his feet! He spins Styles, hooks him, for a bridging Northern Lights suplex! AJ kicks out at 2, and both men stay down for a moment before starting to rise. Once up, they start the punches, until RVD is sent stumbling back a few steps. He then retaliates with a big shot, but AJ ducks underneath while running past, springboards off the ropes, and catches him with a Stylin' DDT!

AJ covers, but Van Dam kicks out. He gets up, and grabs RVD, putting him position for the Styles Clash. He lifts him up, but RVD reacts with a hurricanrana! The two get up, and AJ tries a clothesline that's ducked. Without missing a beat, he turns with a kick, which RVD catches, then steps over for a kick of his own! He gets up a little faster, then heads to the corner, jumping to the top! He then dives off with the Five-Star Frog Splash, but AJ rolls away! RVD sees it, and rolls to avoid the crash! He gets to his feet shakily, but this allows AJ to kick him, lift him on a crucifix, and drop him with a Cliffhanger! He then jumps atop the corner himself, and flies off with the Spiral Tap! But RVD moved away, and AJ crashes! RVD stirs first, and dashes into the corner, jumping up top! He quickly points to himself, then dives, Five-Star Frog Splash! He feels the after-effects, but covers, 1... 2... 3! RVD wins!

- Winner -
Rob Van Dam

Joey Styles: "The Phenominal One" AJ Styles demanded that RVD be the "Whole F'n Show" for this match that he'd wanted for years, and Van Dam certainly fulfilled his wish!

Mick Foley: Definitely. As we saw in the early going, AJ took control, but just like RVD said and Styles wanted, by the end of the match, he got the "Whole F'n Show", and Rob Van Dam proved he's back and ready to go against anyone!

Van Dam celebrates his huge win, still clutching his midsection as the ref raises his arm. The fans are cheering like mad for him, and he appeases them with the thumb taunt, the crowd chanting his name. We then see AJ get up behind him, holding his own stomach, and RVD turns to face him. Styles comes up to him, and offers his hand, which RVD shakes. The two share some words with pained smiles, then AJ heads out of the ring to leave RVD to his celebration. He climbs the turnbuckles, looking out at the cheering crowd, and NeXus ends here.

- Finale -

- Quick Results -
- Gregory Helms (w/ Talia Madison) df. Amazing Red -
- Sean O'Haire df. Petey Williams -
- The Hooliganz vs. Motor City Machine Guns went to a Draw -
- Mickie James df. Katie Lea and Talia Madison (w/ Gregory Helms) -
- Rob Van Dam df. AJ Styles -

- XXX -

That awesome banner at the top of the show? Could only be from WCW Rules, so thanks a lot for it again.

The show took a lot longer to do than I thought, but I didn't account for not wanting to write this, so apologies. But no, NXG isn't dead, and it won't be for awhile. Anywho, enjoy the show, leave feedback if you were to feel so generous, and thanks as always,

Your Humble Booker, Mikey

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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling

Rated R Champís Nexus Feedback

I know absolutely zero about the background of this thread, so please forgive me if I misinterpret something due to lack of background knowledge, but as youíre only into the second episode I should be okay. Iím keen to give this a look because Iím always eager to support other created feds around this place, so I hope this thread prospers for you.

I take it AJ Styles showed his face last week as this didnít come over as a first time appearance for AJ. This was certainly a very stereotypical face promo from The Phenomenal One. Stylesí character IRL at best can be described as quite bland in my opinion, and this promo was no different. What he had to say was quite generic with no real depth and substance to it other than how he excited he was to be in the new company along with potentially getting to wrestle all these big names, thatís all well and good, but I think it needed more depth. I also believe there were too many mentions of TNA, and in particular, I donít think the cheap shots were necessary. I donít mind the opposition getting mentioned once or twice, but the number or times AJ mentioned them were a bit much in my opinion. Van Damís arrival bought about even more generic-ness, if thatís a word, which it certainly isnít. Iím a big Van Dam fan, but his ability on the stick is no better than AJís, in fact itís probably worse. I must admit that I was pleased when AJ busted out his line of ďgood luck to you, too, youíll probably need it more than me.Ē That definitely added some much needed (and unexpected!) life and spice to the promo, but unfortunately it got back to being lovey-dovey again very quickly. RVDís final line was nice though, very creative. Might have to steal it!

International Championship, huh? Thatís obviously your next tier title, decent enough name for it. This is a decent choice to open the show, certainly would get the crowd pumping. Decent enough summary, although your sentence structure is lacking at times and I feel it hampers the flow of your matches. On a couple of times you used the same words too many times in a sentence or you used the wrong word all together and it hampered the flow negatively. I also feel you could benefit from making better use of the good old fashion comma, as there were plenty of times where your sentences were short and choppy because you keep ending them prematurely Ė bit like Stojís sex life really. Solid finish, I liked that you tried to show Red had some fight left in him before you eventually put Helms over quite convincingly. Iíd have to assume (without knowing the other participants), after winning in such a convincing fashion here, heíd have to be a favourite to take out the tournament as he seems to be a flavour of the month at the moment, donít quite see the big deal about him myself, but each to their own. Solid match to start with mate. I worry about the length of your recaps for two reasons, if they drag on (which fortunately, this one didnít) readers can lose interest and zone out and ditch the rest of your show or you could get burnt out. The latter happened to me a few times when I used to do the same thing. Who is Talia Madison? Gonna take a guess and say Angelina Love, but I could be wrong???? Helms v Mistico will be interesting, certainly should be an entertaining match.

Solid hype promo from the Guns. Iím not sure if theyíre heel or face, but after that Iím taking a guess that theyíre heels, or will be soon. The Dudleyz are ordinary at best, so Iím not sure why youíd throw them in the title match, name value probably. Given the way this promo has gone down, Iím taking a guess and saying London and Kendrick will go over tonight just to fully allow the Guns to develop their heel personas.

Oh how lovely a Second City Saints reunion. Who the fuck is or are the Archangels? Very jovial promo here from the Saints, which is fine. Lol and theyíre horny Saints too. How romantic. This was actually pretty funny the way this panned out. I enjoyed it. Not generally a big fan of this sort of stuff in BTB or IRL but you pulled it off well. You wrote it and portrayed an image very well. I sincerely hope this doesnít lead to a SCS feud though.

I was going to ask if Waltman was high, but by the end of it, I realise that heís drunk. Iím not quite sure of the point of this, seems like a waste, but oh wellÖÖ ah, the Archangels show their facesÖ who the fuck are they??? I hope theyíre not your own creation, that will be a battle for you to get them over. They sound like a straight edge faction??? Apparently they interfered in Punkís match last week, so that could make sense if they were?? Iím somewhat interested to see where this goes for you, but I dunno about having your own personal CAWís in BTB. Donít think itíll work, but Iíll admit to being wrong.

Oh dear. Another OíHaire fan. Lol. I really donít see the big deal in him. This is the sort of match I was talking about earlier that could potentially drag on given your in depth match summaries. I would suggest for certain matches varying the length of your recaps. Varying things up from match to match in terms of the length of the summary is refreshing for the reader. I like how you described OíHaireís mannerisms across the match, made him out to be quite a beast. Your match writing again was solid enough, a few little glitches but itís certainly better than most around here at the moment. Obviously weíre going to get a big push for OíHaire here, but I just hope you handle it.

HmmÖ Helms and his slut actually acknowledging the existence of the camera man is not something that needs to happen in my opinion. The camera shouldnít be acknowledged unless itís being slammed across someoneís skull.

A power couple perhaps??? Iím definitely banking on Helms to win the International Championship tournament. Heís building some good momentum and you seem to be a fan, so I think youíll capitalise on that. Having his bitch win the womens championship would be good actually, I havenít seen a couple in BTB for a while (or ever?) who both have championshipsÖ mightíve been done somewhere with Edge and Lita but thatíd be it.

Okay, so the guns are heels. Really good match, flowed nicely, written at a frantic pace which is good for tag wrestling and all concerned got ring time. Both teams had their times to dominate in the match while the finish was very creative, having Shelley and Kendrick counter eachotherís Sliced Bread with the same move was cool. Going by the commentary, clearly Londrick were dominating last week only for the Guns to take the momentum this week?? Interesting. I think weíll end up getting three teams in the title match at the Pay Per View. That would be the logical route to go down instead of leaving one of these two teams out. If you did that, it would be harder for The Dudleyz to turn it into a total disaster.

Aw another love story, this is the third for tonight. Jimmy Jacobs and this other piece are an item too. How lovely.

KENNY OMEGA! His existence in this thread will make a lot of people happy. Clearly this Allison Wonderland woman is a slut. How nice. So let me guess what happens soon Ė Allison Wonderland costs Jimmy Jacobs a match. Jimmy Jacobs hits (or something similar) Allison Wonderland. Kenny Omega makes the save. Then she fucks him for revenge on Jimmy Jacobs. And we have a feud. This thing books itself.

I must admit, that usually Iím not at all fond of womens matches. It was no different here but your hype of both Mickie and the chick following Helms around has me intrigued as to who youíll have pick up the win. Once again, you definitely lost me with the big long chicks recap, definitely couldíve been shorter. I fear youíll burn out writing your recaps at that length all the time. Mickie getting the win here was probably the best decision, while having Katie Lea take the fall was always gonna happen after the involvement Mickie and the other one whose name I canít actually remember right nowÖ TALIA!... thatís itÖ have had tonight.

Good to see youíre making Jamie look like a legit threat, I definitely like that. I must say I wasnít overly fond of this promo from Christian though, I donít think you portrayed him very well unfortunately. His character seemed to be off, a lot of what he said just didnít seem like something that would generally come out of his mouth. Who is actually in this 10 man gauntlet for the title??? Christian, Gibson, Punk, RVD, StylesÖ gonna take a guess at Mysterio and Booker T since they got mentioned earlier???? Who else? Has it been announced yet?

Ashton Kutcher? WTF? I have absolutely no idea of the relevance of this promo at allÖ guess it will pan out. Also, Who the hell is Mikey Alvarez??? I giggled at Heyman and Bischoff arguing with each other, though. I just realised you have two shows already? Iím guessing itís only an hour instalment? I honestly think 2 shows for a new upstart created fed is too much and even a tag unrealistic, but hey, itís BTB so go your hardest!

Main Event time! This is what I was talking earlier about varying the length of your recaps. If you had of shortened up a few of your earlier recaps, you couldíve gone into more depth and length with this one which wouldíve been great. Having said that, this was certainly a very entertaining match. You wrote this with a very fast paced feel about it, unlike a couple of your earlier matches, this one flowed really smoothly because you made good use of commas throughout the match ensuring that you didnít use short, choppy sentences, which is great for the reader. Not too sure about the finish though, Styles gets avoids the 5 Star one minute, then a second later, another one comes at him after AJ missed a Spiral Tap and thatís enough to keep him motionless to allow RVD to hit it and pick up the pinfall???? AJ comes out looking a little weak if you ask me. He got in plenty of offence but it was definitely a disappointing ending to the match. I think having RVD go over was the right decision, but I think you couldíve gone about it in a better fashion. Nice pleasant little exchange between the two to end the show.

Overall, this was very much hit and miss. I enjoyed it enough to keep reading, but I just feel as if there was something missing, canít pin point what. Is it a 2 hour show or a 90 minute show???? Because if itís 2 hours, I think it pulled up a few segments short. It just seemed to be lacking something. I enjoyed it though, itís definitely something different. You seem to have some cool storylines coming through and Iíll be interested to see who you really start to push hard over the coming weeks because I really feel you could be doing some good things with Gregory Helms. Iím a little bit sceptical about these Archangel folk, because if indeed they are your own little CAWís, then Iím not sure how well that will go over. Youíre going to have to do a good job to engulf people into their storylines because BTB is all about painting a picture for people in their head and if no one knows who the hell these people are or what they look like, how can they paint a picture??? Anyway mate, solid job. Iíll be back for another look. I hope you don't take anything I've said negatively, either. It's all purely for constructive purposes. Good luck with this.
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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling

NeXus Feedback

Really sorry it has taken me so long to get this done. I did intend on doing it earlier, but for sme reason it slipped my mind. Better late than never I guess.

Thatís a WCW Rules banner? Shouldnít be surprised, as it looks pretty damn awesome.

Nice way to kick us off with the commentators, who, imo, did a very good job on selling the show (which shouldnít be too hard since youíve got a very awesome looking card put together there). A small thing, but itís still a good thing.

Opening the show with AJ Styles? I have mixed emotions on that, as while AJ hasnít had a chance to feature properly on your shows (with this being a good chance for him to do so), heís very weak on the stick, and very bland, meaning youíve got your work cut out for you. AJ ripping on TNA to begin with? Ehh, not a big fan of things like that. A created product is usually made because people want to do something different to WWE and TNA, and itís usually what their backstory centres around (and correct me if Ďm wrong, but I believe yours follows the same basic formula), so I understand that youíre trying to distance your product from that of TNA, but by referring to them youíre keeping them in mind, as well as giving them free advertising on your show. AJ saying he carried TNA was perhaps a little egocentric too, and maybe even heelish considering there are other people in your company from TNA. Is that a good thing? In a way, because AJ shows a lot more personality as a heel, although I donít think thatís what you were shooting for. Aside from the fact that he was talking about TNA, I thought AJ building up what he wanted to do for NXG was pretty good, as was him putting over the talent in the gauntlet match that youíve got at your first Pay-Per-View. RVD interrupting? RVD doesnít really have a whole lot of personality either when it comes to mic skills, although at least with two guys in there they can bounce off another. The lovey dovey stuff was a bit boring to begin with, although I guess since theyíre both faces you want to portray them as humble type guys. I expected the arrogance to come from RVD eventually, although the ďYouíll probably need it more than meĒ line from Styles made it go the other way. At least it adds some personality to the promo, although AJ just saying he didnít mean it personally after that sends us kind of back to the lovey dovey type thing, although the confidence of RVD was good to see to finish the promo. All in all, a bland opening promo really, but with the talents you had for it, I thought you did an alright job.

Amazing Red vs. Gregory Helms? A damn fine opener, with Red sure to get the fans fired up. Damn, impressive move right at the beginning of this write-up with the spinning slam. The momentum shift from Helms to Red after that was a bit odd as I wouldíve preferred to have seen Helms play to the fans or something to bide Red some time before the comeback, although itís just a small thing. The fist exchange being countered into kicks from Red? Awesome, as was the counter into the Nightmare on Helms Street. Would have maybe liked Helms to have gone over a little more quickly at the end without all of the counters, although he did go over the right way, which is good. Nice to see the Vertebreaker return to his arsenal too. Nice way to kick things off here.

Giving The Guns more mic time here? Donít blame you, since you wrote them well last week. This promo was pretty good too, kind of quirky like The Guns are with that natural chemistry between them. The Guns putting themselves over as the best in the world was also good here, adding in some of their trademark cockiness. Nice enough backstage interview.

You write these little backstage segments well, and this was no exception. The interaction between Punk, Cabana and Steel at the start was good, showing how you understand their characters with Steel being a little more serious than Cabana (and Punk in this instance). Mickieís interaction with the trio was good too, and Cabana trying to make the move was pretty funny, as was his convo with Steel at the end, with Steel just playing the straight shooter. Nice little backstage segment, with these type of things being your speciality.

@ Waltman being drunk. Is that why heís here in NXG? In all seriousness, you wrote a drunk Waltman pretty well (from experience, perhaps? ), and gave your Archangels a good platform to get on the show and showcase their gimmick. Michael was pretty good in his straight forward way, while Waltman was pretty hilarious by coming back at him by telling him that heís weak. The rest was all decent too, such as ďIím not drunk ... Iím just a lilí drunkĒ. Another solid backstage segment.

While I applaud he pride you take in your matches, you probably could have made this a little shorter, as it was simply a match to get OíHaire started. As I said with The Archangels debuting so soon on Vortex, I would have liked to have seen a little more hype for OíHaire before his debut with another week or two of vignettes, although this was a solid enough way to debut OíHaire, even if I thought you may have made Williams look a little too strong (this match was obviously about OíHaire).

Isnít Madison competing later tonight? Not a real productive way to prepare for her match. I found this Helms approaching Cline thing a little weird, as while it showcased Helmsí arrogance, it was also very hard to see, with a simple interview maybe being easier. Helms playing on his ĎMade Maní gimmick in the interview part of this segment was alright, putting it to pretty good use, while it was also nice to see you hype Madisonís match. Decent segment.

Ah, good to see some teamwork from The Guns at the beginning of this write-up, as thatís part of the reason that theyíre as awesome as they are. The action up until the tag of Kendrick was certainly chaotic, and perhaps a bit hard to imagine (how Kendrick fell from the shoulders of Sabin namely), although it was exciting. The action at the end was alright as you tried to make it as frenetic as possible with some nice counters, although things like Shelley recovering so quickly from a dropkick to tag himself in were a bit odd. Regardless, a nice match to continue this little series of time limit draws between the two.

Does Jimmy Jacobs have the same Ďrevolutionaryí type character he canít escape from on the indy circuit here? If so, it didnít seem much like it in his little portion of the promo, as he didnít berate the hotel manager. I know itís a backstage conversation, but thatís supposed to be the personality of Jacobs. Regardless, he sounded bland here and like he doesnít have much personality. Loved the character of Omega being built up as the shy nerd reading his comic book (is that you, Mikey? <3). Nice little conversation between the two, as the character of Kenny was pretty good throughout, continuing this little storyline youíre building for between Jacobs and Omega.

Ashley Tisdale performs a song for your company? Lost a lot of respect for you there, man. The working together of the heels early in the match is smart psychology, while Katie being in it for herself and turning on Talia also works, since it plays on her longer, gothic type personality. The bow and arrow being pulled out? Damn. Youíve got to love the move. I thought you used the three ladies well throughout, using the multiple bodies in the match well to make for a pretty good match.

An alright way to show the whiny heel character of Cage that youíve got going here, going back to classic heel stuff. Christian was alright throughout, although I thought this was an awfully odd way to introduce James Gibson on screen for the first time by talking to a guy he doesnít even like. As a promo it was decent, although I wish you would do something with Gibson, because thus far heís done nothing (although the same could be said for Goldberg, and heís probably your biggest draw).

As Iíve said before, I really donít understand what the point of having someone like Ashton Kutcher involved in your fed can do for you, apart from adding these segments in. Another thing I find odd (which I believe someone mentioned in a review earlier) is that Heyman is in favour of Kutcher, while Bischoff isnít. Looking at the histories of the two men, it should really be the other way around imo. I donít know what the point of burying the acting of Kutcher was either, and Alvarez seemed a bit arrogant with his talk of Ďsuperiorsí which I donít think you were going for.

A bit disappointed to see the main event write-up isnít a little longer than the others. With all of the hype of this match as a dream match, I would have liked to have maybe seen you try to do a little more with it than the others, and that includes a bit more of an extended write-up. The psychology of AJ controlling the match in the early minutes thanks to the ring rust of RVD was nice, as was most of the paragraph, although a small thing that irked me (and barely matters at all) is that RVD didnít do his somersault before rolling thunder, instead the cartwheel he does before a moonsault. I know Iím nitpicking, but it annoyed me for some reason. AJ landing on his feet from a monkey flip and hitting the Pele? Damn, thatís a pretty amazing counter. The action throughout was nice and swift, and while the finish slightly irked me (AJ being kept down long enough for the Five Star after landing on his back but not after being kicked square in the face didnít make much sense), this was a nice way to finish off the show.

Throughout this show, Mikey, you were pretty consistent with everything being at least decent, which probably sums up this show pretty well. Things throughout were alright, although none of the major segments really stood out as exciting, which was kind of disappointing. With that said, it was a solid effort, especially since I know you had trouble writing it. Keep at it, man.

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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling

Opening- first off im glad u recapped because i didnt get to read the first show so it got me caught up

AJ/RVD promo- very good it started out with two faces showing mutural respect but then towards the end ift seemed as if the crowd was with rvd

Helms/Red- very good competivie back and forth match and i enjoyed it i perfer helms over red so im glad he got the victory

SCS/Mickie loved the sgement and especially cabana convined mickie was just playing hard to get, i really liked it

Having a fictional stable in btb is very innovative and i really like it, them cutting a promo on a drunk waltman i enjoyed it

never been into Sean O'haire, good match, but i like williams a lot more

helms promo- basic stuff but i love talia so i liked it haha

hooliganz vs MCMG, very good matfch and i see a no time limit match next show perhaps

womens match- i always love women action and this didnt dissapoint and im looking forward to mickie vs mschif for the gold

main event i enjoyed it and wish i could see the match in real liffe

overall a very good show and ill be back for more

I <3 ME Some M.E.
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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling


- Preview -

Mikey Alvarez and the NXG Heads have decided that on the road to Wrestlution, all main event matches on NeXus and Vortex will feature participants of the Elimination Chamber, and this week, we will see Raven and Goldberg meet up in the squared circle. These two men defined ECW and WCW, and now they will attempt to take NXG as theirs with a victory on Vortex.

We will see the first official International Championship Tournament Match, between Jimmy Jacobs and Colt Cabana. Cabana was selected to automatically be entered in the tournament, while Jacobs had to earn his spot by defeating Kenny Omega on the first NeXus. Both men are some of the top talent in the company, and worthy of becoming a champion, but for one of these great wrestlers, the dream will be put on major hold for one of these wrestlers.

Also this week, we will see The Archangel's Michael compete against Sean Waltman. Last Tuesday on NeXus, The Archangels spoke to Waltman about abandoning alcohol, although Waltman was ironically drunk at the time. Sources told us that they attempted to reach Waltman at his hotel Wednesday morning, but he refused to let them enter. Now, Michael has decided that words have been tried and unsuccessful, so it's time for action.

All this and more on Vortex.

- Confirmed Matches -
- NXG International Championship Tournament Match; Round 1 -
Jimmy Jacobs vs. Colt Cabana
- Michael vs. Sean Waltman -
- Raven vs. Goldberg -

- XXX -

It's been over a month without any updates on the thread, but I don't want to give it up just yet. With that said, I haven't written anything for the show in about three weeks, even though all that's left is the main event. So I don't know when I'll get the show up, but I will. Eventually.
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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling


- "Elements of War" -
May 20, 2010
UIC Pavillion - Chicago, IL

The show begins with the opening theme of "I Won't Tell You" by Lacuna Coil, with highlights of the action seen thus far in NXG. Once it ends, we get a shot of the UIC Pavillion, where the fans are on their feet in anticipation of what's going to go down tonight, then an introduction by our commentators, Joey Styles and Mick Foley.

Joey Styles: Welcome everyone to NXG Vortex! Joey Styles here, along with the "Hardcore Legend" Mick Foley himself, and we've got three big matches comin' your way on this Thursday night!

Mick Foley: You know it, Joey! Tonight marks the first official match in the NXG International Championship Tournament, as Jimmy Jacobs - with the lovely Allison Wonderland, I'd assume - goes at it with Chi-Town's own Colt Cabana!

Joey Styles: That's sure to be a very competitive match between two men that're lookin' for gold, and also tonight, we get our first look at The Archangels in action, when their leader Michael takes on the renowned Sean Waltman!

Mick Foley: "Renowned"? Interesting choice of words, but let's not forget our main event for the evening, chosing by what Mikey Alvarez likes to call fate itself, when ECW and WCW icons go at it! It's Raven vs. Goldberg, and it's all tonight, ladies and gentlemen!

After a second, the lights on the stage dim as "Come Out and Play" by The Offspring hits the speakers, and Raven walks out to a good pop from the fans. Dressed in his signature grunge style, Raven wears his long blond hair in braids, and has make-up around his eyes. He smirks out at the crowd, the hint of malice in his eyes showing he doesn't care for the reception, and heads to the ring. He picks up the mic left for him on the steps, and steps inside. However, he remains where he is, and sits down in the corner to speak.

Raven: Wrestlution, ten men, in one match. Goldberg, Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam, CM Punk, Christian Cage, AJ Styles, James Gibson, Booker T, Ron Killings, and myself. The ten of us, we share two things in common, just two things: we're all former World Heavyweight Champions, and we all aspire to be once again come Wrestlution. But, collective similarities end there, and individual aspects start coming into play. And the most important aspect of my own being, is my love of pain.

The camera gets a shot of Raven's hair-shrouded face, and we can see a sick smile.

Raven: I love absorbing pain as much as I love inflicting it, and it's this give-and-take that gives me the edge in the Elimination Guantlet. Throughout my entire life, I've always been surrounded by pain. An abusive father, backstabbing friends, it was all a cycle without end - and through it, I began to find solace, and strength. Pain, it took me to ECW and hardcore matches, and I thrived on experiencing pain like none of my opposition. Pain, after so many years of punishment, is now masochistic; it gives me a sense of ecstasy, a sense of euphoria, and a twisted motive for gratitude, for those that give, they shall receive.

Raven chuckles, then gets up with the ropes' help. He leaves the corner for the center of the ring.

Raven: Being hurt is one pleasure, but administering pain to another, is something completely different. And a match such as the one at Wrestlution, where I'm surrounded by not just the standard one or two opponents, but nine of them for me to hurt, with nothing but my own two hands, my own two feet, to do it, is something like what a person in ailing health would call medicine. As much as I love to use chairs and canes, there's a certain satisfaction to seeing a bleeding opponent and knowing it was done by your bare knuckles.

He forms a fist, and raises it to look at it with a mesmerized grin.

Raven: Wrestlution, the Elimination Guantlet. It features nine men for me to make into victims, to make into martyrs, and what'll be the prize, my reward for unleashing a wake of violence? The World Heavyweight Championship. (Gives a small chuckle) It's all too easy. Most people would be incarcerated for the things that I'll do in the Elimination Guantlet, but me, instead of being sentenced, I'm being given a golden belt in congratulations, with the expectance that I'll continue to hurt others. Just too easy.

Raven continues to smirk, although some booes go up at his last comments.

Raven: And tonight, I'll be treating myself in a match with one of my fellow Elimination Guantlet competitors: Bill Goldberg. (Loud mixed reaction for Goldberg, leaning towards cheers) Now Bill Goldberg is a man who made a name for himself as a destructive force back in WCW, and became a legend for the way he tore through opponents, became the face of the new generation of WCW. And I'm sure he's looking to embark on a similar route here in NeX Generation Wrestling, starting with a victory tonight, and keeping the momentum going into Wrestlution, where he'll be in an element that serves him almost as well as it does me. But the thing that Goldberg fails to realize in his animalistic style, is that there's a method to my madness. We've fought before, but years later, I've grown not only more annihilistic in my art but even more calculating and insidious, whereas Goldberg hasn't grown from being the same man that blindly attempts to grasp for whatever he can to try and break it. But as you should all know and realize, is that brute force is simply one of the weakest elements of war; it's a knowledgeable mind, and an empty heart that kills.

The man from the Bowery smirks at this, as more jeers are heard directed at him.

Raven: Goldberg, tonight is one night, and Wrestlution is another. But both nights, you'll know, and these people will see, why I ruled ECW's greatest generation, and why I'll reign over NXG's dawning generation. Quote the Raven, nevermore.

Raven drops the mic and outstretches his arms in his crucifix pose as some heat is sent at him, but also some cheers. We get another look at his malevolent smirk, then exits the ring as we go to our first break.

- Commercial Break -

When we come back, it's time for the first match, and "The Haunted" hits to heat as Jimmy Jacobs walks out, accompanied by his girlfriend Allison Wonderland. Jacobs looks prepared to go as he marches down the ramp, then jumps onto the apron, and turns to stare down the booing crowd. He then climbs inside, and stands in the center, waiting for Allison to take off his coat. She does, then he turns to the ramp in wait for his opponent.

A moment later, an edited version of the "Copacabana" remix plays, and Colt Cabana walks out to a great pop from his hometown. He comes out decked in his signature gear, and plays up the crowd from the stage a bit before doing a little dance on his way to the ring, high-fiving the fans as well. He enters the ring and climbs the corners to pose, with Jacobs looking on in disdain and Allison exits the ring, and comes down, taking off the unnecessary attire. He grins at Jimmy as they head to the center, getting the opposite expression in return, and the ref rings the bell to start us off.

- NXG International Championship Tournament -
- Round 1; Match 1 -
Jimmy Jacobs (w/ Allison Wonderland) vs. Colt Cabana

End: These two men, having had their issues in the past, spared no expense as they went on the attack. Now, it's Cabana in control, as he whips Jacobs off the ropes. He returns, ducking a lariat, but as he rebounds again, Colt jumps up, and he runs into his backside! Jimmy quickly gets up with a furious look as Colt taunts him, and goes after him with a big boot. Cabana sidesteps, and spins Jimmy to kick him in the stomach. He lifts him up for a powerbomb, but Jacobs fights back with several shots to the face. Colt wobbles forward to the ropes, allowing Jimmy to hurricanrana them both out of the ring! Allison moves away to avoid their fall, and wills her boyfriend to his feet. They rise slowly, but with Cabana closer to her, he puts an arm around her shoulders, and gives her a cocky wink and smile! Jimmy sees this, and charges at Colt, crushing him with a furious spear!

Jimmy gets up, looking down at Colt, then over at Allison, telling her to never let anyone put their arm around her again. With that, he grabs Colt, and rolls him back into the ring. However, intstead of following, Jimmy scales the ring post, then dives off for a senton! But Colt got his knees up in time, and Jacobs clutches his back in pain! Colt uses the ropes to get up, and half-lifts Jimmy to apply a double underhook! He lifts him onto his shoulder, but in the position, Jacobs is able to push off the turnbuckles to come back down, then throw Cabana off with a backdrop! Once Colt gets to his feet, Jacobs sends him back down with a big boot! He covers, but only gets 2. He grabs Colt by the head, and faces the corner! He goes for the Contra Code, but Colt's able to shove him off! Jacobs stops himself before hitting the buckles, but when he turns back, Colt sandwiches him with a hip attack!

Jimmy stays dazed in the corner, and Colt starts nailing bionic elbows, ending with a big wound-up one! Jacobs stumbles out, holding his head, and Colt hits the ropes to nail him with running knees! He covers following, but a kick-out at 2. Cabana taunts and ushers him up, then kicks him to start setting up the Colt .45! But Jacobs takes his legs out from under him, and flips for a jackknife pin! Colt powers out at 2, and both men get up quickly, wanting the momentum. Jacobs throws a kick, but Colt catches it, and pulls him into a lariat! Colt then goes to help him up, but Jacobs repays him by poking him in the eye! Colt backs off, holding his face, and Jacobs spins him around, to grab him by the head! He faces for the corner, and starts running for the Contra Code, but Cabana's able to swiftly free himself, and roll Jacobs up from behind! The count, 1.... 2... 3! Colt advances!

- Winner -
Colt Cabana

Joey Styles: If you blinked ladies and gentlemen, you missed Colt Cabana escape Jimmy Jacobs' clutches before he could hit the Contra Code to roll him up for the big victory, and he advances to the next round of the International Title Tournament!

Mick Foley: Colt's playing around got under the skin of the no-nonsense Jacobs, but he was able to keep fighting with a clear mind. He didn't make any mistakes that could've cost him the match in the final stretch, but Cabana was simply able to surprise him with a roll-up!

Colt rolls out of the ring to celebrate with his adoring fans, who cheer very loudly at the victory, leaving a stunned Jacobs in the ring. He snaps out of it, and begins to kick at the ropes in frustration. Allison joins him inside the ring and approaches with caution, tapping him on the shoulder. He turns around to face her, and his expression becomes softer, but still angry. She speaks to him to further calm him, and he exits the ring, not looking at the fans against him, head low. Allison follows, and we get another shot on the outside of Colt Cabana, doing a little dance at the top of the stage.

- XXX -

We then cut to a video, the first shot being of a stained glass window of a smiling angel. The shot fades out, and we see we're in an empty church - save for the hooded Archangels. Four of them, Raphael, Sariel, Remiel, and Gabrielle, sit in different pews, never one directly in front of another, heads hung low, with the only light in the church coming from the series of stained windows. The leader Michael sits in the front pew, his head low as well. He is the only one that isn't wearing his hood up, however.

Michael: Sean Waltman, you are a man that for many, many years has indulged in debacherous activities. You have drunk and done drugs to the point where you've almost killed yourself on more than one occasion, you've pulled disgusting antics on your fellow co-workers, and you've even released the filth of your private bedroom endeavors for all the world to see. And you yourself have recognized the problems that you bring about yourself, accepting help that you've seeked and been offered alike, only for your will to break and return to your vices.

Michael rises to his feet, while the others stay seated. He keeps his gaze directed towards the ground.

Michael: Sean Waltman, our mission as The Archangels is to help everyone by showing them the light, and that's exactly what we intended to do yesterday for you. Tuesday night on NeXus, we caught up with you, the man we saw as the most in need of saving in the NXG locker room, to offer you a guiding hand towards the light. But to our chagrin, you were drunk. Once again, your power of self had failed you, and that made us even more determined to help you. So we visited you yesterday at your hotel room, and once again we weren't able to give you the aid you require, as you, in your hung-over state, told us to leave in an obscene manner.

The leader of the group finally lifts his head, his eyes piercing the camera.

Michael: So Sean Waltman, you leave us with our second option, which is to engage you in a wrestling match.

We then cut away from Michael, to a shot of Raphael.

Raphael: Originally we weren't supposed to fight.

The cameras cut to Sariel.

Sariel: We didn't want to use violence to achieve peace.

We now cut to his brother Remiel.

Remiel: But we understand that sometimes it's necessary.

Cameras cut to the sole female, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: And so now we fight for the light.

We now return to Michael.

Michael: Sean Waltman, the hand that wanted to help you is being forced to strike, and it's of your own doing. We wanted to heal you so you could see the light, but now for your own sake, we will pry your eyes open.

The seated Archangels stand, and begin to exit from their pews and walk towards the door, as we cut away to commercial.

- Commercial Break -

When we come back, a smooth rock production track starts to play, and Sean Waltman walks out onto stage. He gets a small pop, but also some heat as well for being Sean Waltman. Dressed in full tights and a bandana, he struts down the ramp with a smug grin, also giving a crotch chop here and there, and enters the ring. He does some posing for the mixed crowd, giving them more crotch chops, then turns toward the stage, in wait for his opponent.

The arena goes dark save for the stage which is illuminated with a white light, as a holy-sounding production track entitled "Requiem" begins to play, and Michael walks out with the remaining four Archangels following closely behind. All five are wearing their white cloaks with the hoods up, and ignore the fans' booes as they head to the ring. Michael is the only one to enter the ring, as the others occupy every side of the ring, and he steps into the center, carefully removing his hood, then his cloak. He gently passes it off to the ref, as he and Waltman watch each other and start to circle each other before the bell is rung.

- Singles Match -
Sean Waltman vs. Michael (w/ The Archangels)

End: Michael had been impressive thus far, showing impressive techniques, but the veteran Waltman was able to keep the tide mostly balanced. Now, he whips Michael into the corner, with enough force to have him drop against the corner. Waltman smirks, then charges at him, to connect with a bronco buster! He bounces a few times for dramatic effect, then backs off, still grinning. Michael looks disgusted and angry, but rises calmly. Waltman runs at him again, but Michael elevates him, over the ropes and onto the apron. Waltman gathers his footing, but not fast enough as Michael dropkicks him through the ropes! Waltman falls to the floor, on the side with Raphael, who looks down at him. Michael instructs him to get him back in the ring, and he complies, rolling him inside. Waltman starts to get up, but once he's back on his feet, Michael blasts him with a bicycle kick!

Michael covers, but only 2. He grabs Waltman, and punches him a few times, before whipping him off the ropes. He ducks down as if for a backdrop, but Waltman rolls off his back! Michael stands and turns around, into a spinning hook kick! Waltman pins, but just 2 for him. He grabs Michael, puts him in position for a suplex, and lifts him, but Michael turns and drops to his feet, then grabs him in a half nelson, and suplexes him! Michael steadily rises as Waltman stays down, then lifts him up as well. After a knee to the stomach, Michael runs to the ropes, and springboards off the middle with a moonsault! He pins again, but Waltman kicks out. Michael gets up, looking a little angry, and lifts Waltman to his feet, then onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry! But Waltman comes to life, and starts to elbow him in the side of head! He's dropped, and then spins Michael around for a superkick!

Waltman collapses, but drapes an arm over Michael! He kicks out at 2, but no reaction from Waltman, who is down. After a moment, the two stir, then start to get up. Michael fires a punch, but Waltman responds with one of his own. The exchange continues for a moment, until Waltman hits two in a row, then switches into a chop. He goes for another chop, but Michael catches his arm, twists under, and brings Waltman down with a single-arm DDT! Waltman holds his arm and shoulder in pain, and Michael starts stomping on it. The ref separates them, with Waltman getting up with help from the ropes, shaking his arm as well. He turns around, but Michael catches him in the shoulder with a second bicycle kick! Waltman falls, yelling in pain, but Michael's on him, lifting him to his feet, then onto the fireman's carry, for a TKO he calls the Requiem! The cover, 1... 2... 3! Michael wins it!

- Winner -

Joey Styles: Michael of The Archangels wanted to show Sean Waltman the light, and while I don't know if he accomplished that, he certainly managed to turn his lights out with the Requiem!

Mick Foley: Michael proved himself not only a very capable wrestler in this match, but also an intelligent one! Waltman's a wily veteran of the industry, and used the elbows to escape the Requiem once, so Michael made sure to shut his arm down for when he went for it again! Impressive debut for The Archangel leader!

Michael stands victorious in the center of the ring, as the others join him inside. The crowd gives them heat for the win, as The Archangels turn to Waltman, who's struggling to stand on the outside, still holding the arm. They have only a hard expression for him, then Michael leads them out of the ring, and to the back, as Waltman stares on at them with with anger in his eyes.

- XXX -

We cut to the back, where we see Mikey Alvarez and Ashton Kutcher walking down the hall with grins. They come up to an important-looking backstage worker, with Mikey shaking his hand.

Mikey Alvarez: Hey, Pete, keepin' up the good work, huh? Alright. Hey, this is Ashton Kutcher, and I'm introducing him to the NXG family. You'll be seeing a lotta this guy around.

Ashton Kutcher: (Shakes hands with Pete, trying to hold back a smirk) Nice to meetcha, Pete. So, Mikey tells me you have quite an unusual last name.

Pete Zahut: Yeah, it's Zahut.

Alvarez tries to stifle a laugh, as Kutcher gives him the trademark goofy grin.

Ashton Kutcher: So when you say your name fast, it sounds like "Pizza Hut". That's awesome, man. I bet you get a ton of chicks.

The two then depart from Pete Zahut, but don't get too far when they come across Team 3D, Ray and Devon, who look at them with scowls and crossed arms.

Mikey Alvarez: Hey, guys. Need something?

Ray: Yeah, actually, we do. We need you and the others that're runnin' this place to get'chur heads outta your asses, 'cause we didn't get a call today tellin' us we were gonna get airtime. How the hell do you not give the No. 1 Contenders to your Tag Team Titles airtime? Huh? You don't even hafta throw in the fact that we're the greatest tag team of all time to know that not givin' us airtime is a dumbass decision.

Devon: We seen those Motor City Machine Guns over on NeXus, runnin' their mouths about how they're the best tag team in the world and all this bulls***, and they still haven't qualified for the title match at Wrestlution. And for us, for Team 3D, all it took was one and we were done, while they're going into a third match. So where's our airtime, Alvarez?

Ray: Y'know somethin', Alvarez? To us, you seem just like all those idiot fans out there, showin' no respect towards the tag team icons here in NXG. Well lemme tell ya something, when we beat Team Jackass 1 or Team Jackass 2 - which is which, I don't care - and win the Tag Team Titles, we're the ones you're gonna be comin' to to promote this company. So whether you like us or not, you're gonna respect us, and you're gonna need us to represent NXG, and trust us, we're gonna be the face of your tag team division for a long time, pal.

With that, 3D leaves the scene, as Mikey and Ashton look on, mostly unphased by their rant. The A-lister turns to the NXG head.

Ashton Kutcher: So that was Team 3D, huh?

Mikey Alvarez: Yep. Pleasant guys, aren't they?

The two then continue down the hall, finding a group of other workers to introduce Kutcher to, and we go to break.

- Commercial Break -

When we come back, we're in the designated interviewing area, with Leticia Cline.

Leticia Cline: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Goldberg!

Goldberg slowly walks into the picture, looking as imposing as ever as he frowns at the camera. Before Leticia can say a word, Goldberg holds out his hand, signifying for the mic. Leticia gives it to him, and walks out of frame as Goldberg raises the mic to his mouth to speak agressively.

Goldberg: I'm not the kinda man that talks much, but I've got a few things to say right now. First, Raven. You still dress like trash, and you still go on and on about things no one gives a damn about. And second, the NXG World Heavyweight Championship. There's gonna be nine guys in the ring with me, and that's like nine guys being in a locked room with a bear, because that's what I am! It's been six years since my last match, and it's time for the grizzly bear to come out of hibernation! And the first thing on a bear's mind after he wakes up? Food! And that's what you're gonna be tonight, Raven! We're still three weeks away from Wrestlution, the main course, but tonight, Raven, you're just the appetizer! You're first!

With that, Goldberg drops the mic and flares into the camera for a second, then leaves the set.

- XXX -

We return to the arena, where the stage dims and "Come Out and Play" hits again, Raven walking out to another pop, with some booes heard this time around. He again smirks out with a dangerous glint in his eyes, and heads to the ring. He climbs the corner from the outside and does his signature crucifix pose, with some members of the crowd being seen doing it as well. He enters the ring, and heads to a corner to sit down and wait for his opponent.

A moment later, a daunting marching theme begins to play, and the stage comes alive with a massive shower of sparks falls through the entrance. A second later, a figure appears in the light and stands there with the sparks raining on him, then he powers out on his way to the ring. Goldberg swings his arms with matching pyro in the back, and roars towards the ring as the crowd gives him a loud mixed ovation. He climbs into the ring, and roars at the hard camera. He turns to the now-standing Raven as he takes his jacket off, and matches his look of unimpression with intensity. Raven tosses aside his jacket, and the ref calls for the bell to start.

- Singles Match -
Raven vs. Goldberg

End: A hard-hitting contest with both men showing little signs of rust as they played to their advantages. Goldberg whips Raven into a corner, and follows up with a big splash. He then throws him across the ring, and tries for another splash, but Raven moved away just in time! Goldberg hits the pads and stumbles back, then Raven spins him around. He begins to mercilessly boot him in the torso, causing Goldberg to lean, then fall against the buckles. The ref separates Raven from him at 4, but he then steps out onto the apron. He begins climbing the rope structure from the outside as Goldberg starts getting up with help from the ropes, and Raven puts a halt to a comeback with repeated clubs to the chest. He then gets a grip of Goldberg's head, and puts his knee behind it. With a malicious grin, Raven then dives from the top, to drive Goldberg face-first into the mat with his knee!

Raven turns Goldberg onto his back and covers him with the same grin, but a kick-out at 2! This takes slightly from his smirk, but then recovers it all as he lifts Goldberg. He begins to punch at him, then throws him into the ropes. Goldberg returns, as Raven sets up a discus lariat, but ducks it, stops, and blasts Raven with a superkick! He pauses for a second to shake the cobwebs, then bursts back into action, grabbing Raven. He lifts him, and delivers a few strikes before lifting him onto his shoulder, then hits a big running powerslam! He then gets up and squats, yelling at Raven to get up. He does slowly, then turns around as Goldberg rushes, and catches him with a drop toehold! The two rise at the same time, and Raven comes up behind with a crossface chickenwing, choking him and torquing his arm at the same time! Goldberg falls to a knee under Raven's grip, fading fast!

After a few moments, Goldberg gets back up with a surge of energy, and somehow manages to fling Raven over his head! He drops to a knee again, but explodes back up as Raven gets up using the ropes. Goldberg kicks him in the midsection, then throws him across the ring, Raven rebounding into a big boot! Goldberg snarls again, and grabs Raven by his shirt. He puts him in place for the Jackhammer, but as he lifts him, Raven escapes, falling behind Goldberg! He spins him around and kicks him in the midsection, and grabs his head for the Raven Effect, but Goldberg throws him off with a backdrop! Raven gets to his feet and slowly turns, only to get a giant spear from Goldberg! He then lifts him up, roars at the hard camera, and sets up! He lifts him up, holds him in the air for a few seconds, then crashes him down with the Jackhammer! The cover, 1... 2... 3! Goldberg is triumphant!

- Winner -

Joey Styles: The mighty Goldberg, shows that he's still a destructive force to be reckoned, proving it by taking out a man that feeds on pain in Raven!

Mick Foley: I've known Raven for years, I've wrestled against him, and lemme tell ya, beating that crazy S.O.B. is no easy feat, so this is a big win for Goldberg, who looks to be in top shape, and possibly a favorite for the Elimination Guantlet!

Goldberg raises his arms in victory as the crowd gives him another loud albeit mixed reaction, leaning more towards cheers. He yells out at the crowd with the same intensity of years past, and we hear him say, "I'm gonna be the champ!" We get a shot of Raven on the outside, looking up angrily at Goldberg, but marches to the back without any loss of his confidence. Our last visual is of Goldberg atop the turnbuckles, yelling out, and the second Vortex ends.

- Finale -

- Quick Results -
- Colt Cabana df. Jimmy Jacobs (w/ Allison Wonderland) -
- Michael (w/ The Archangels) df. Sean Waltman -
- Goldberg df. Raven -

- XXX -

I know the main event wasn't very good, but I hadn't done anything BTB-wise for almost two months, so I hope that holds up as a valid reason. Anyway, though, I hope to get back into things and get this going back on track, because I've got a lot of ideas for NXG and I'd like to get past just four shows. So thanks as always,

Your Humble Booker, Mikey
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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling


- Underground Insight -

Entry the First
- There are ten men in the Elimination Guantlet for the NXG World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlution, the company's inaugural Pay-Per-View, which is to be held at the United Center in Chicago, IL. While it should be a fantastic match, you can write off pretty much two-thirds of the entrants as potential winners. There are only three candidates to win the title in my mind - who they are, shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

- Already NXG is working to make a star out of someone who never got the chance elsewhere. Sean O'Haire had some success in WCW, and was in the WWE for a few years, but never rose to prominence in either. However, in NXG, he has been given a "Chosen One" gimmick, as well as a Prophet to help sell the character and the way it insinuates a future World Title run. Personally, I'm not sure how this Prophet is going to aid his character in the long run, since he apparantly isn't coming out to the ring with O'Haire. In any case, NXG is looking to profit (ha ha) off of someone WWE dropped the ball on, and with the way O'Haire looked on NeXus in his first match in years, I'd say they're off to a good start.

- The NXG International Championship Tournament's going down well. I wasn't surprised to see Jimmy Jacobs be eliminated against Colt Cabana on Vortex, as he's got something going with Kenny Omega - or at least, his girlfriend Allison Wonderland does. With that said, I've already got my tournament finals prediction and I'd be willing to put money on it. Who are the two guys I think'll make it? Rewatch the shows and look for two upper-midcarders that've had their fair share of TV time already.

- If NXG is looking to make The Archangels into a dominant stable, they're going to need to do it against someone other than Sean Waltman. Nothing against the guy, but he's not exactly liked, or remembered as all that important. The program makes sense storyline-wise given how screwed up Waltman's been, but they need someone that's going to hold the people's attention better if they want to get The Archangels over. Waltman had an encounter with Amazing Red that dropped hints at a potential team-up, but he still doesn't quite have that star quality either. Perhaps a third person is needed?

- Ashton Kutcher in a wrestling company? I'm a skeptic, but I think this could turn out very well for NXG. The guy is a legit fan, he's done well in the segments he's been in so far (a nice medium between himself and the Michael Kelso character he played on That '70s Show), and he's an A-List celebrity that's already bringing in mainstream attention. The thing that's a little worrysome is that he's one of the few people that's actually appeared on all four NXG shows so far, and only one of those involved progressing an actual storyline.
- XXX -

Just some news and notes, given to us by an unknown man on the inside. Don't look too much into who this guy could be, he serves no purpose except to give you backstage info. Think of him as one of those hint fairies or whatever in video games. Anyway, there you go.

Your Humble Booker, Mikey
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