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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling

I really, really like the roster, I enjoyed the prolouges but I'm glad they're done I want wrestling!! Best of luck I'm really looking foward to this because the roster is very very good

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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling


- Preview -

The cogs in the wheels of time have spun for months, and now, the premier of NXG NeXus is upon us. An introduction will be given by the heads of the company, Mikey Alvarez, Eric Bischoff, and Paul Heyman. They will reveal the participants in determining the first-ever champions in NXG, as well as the special match for the World Heavyweight Championship, and four bouts have been promised in the quest for championships. Join us as we take the first step into the next of professional wrestling.

- Confirmed Matches -
NXG International Championship Tournament Qualifying Match
NXG International Championship Tournament Qualifying Match
NXG Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match
NXG Women's Championship Triple Threat Qualifying Match

- XXX -

Yes, short and vague. But, there's a lot to happen on the show, I promise. It should go up in a few days, so look out for it, my friends. Thanks as always,

Your Humble Booker, Mikey
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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling

Good preview, Mikey, putting yourself in the thread is unique and there shouldn't be too much of a problem with characterisation for yourself in there, I'm sure. The qualifying matches sound cool and hopefully they equal some good matches on the card, especially with the exceptional roster you have at your disposal. I'll definitely check out the show when it's up, I'll try to leave feedback too.
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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling


- "First Step Taken" -
May 11, 2010
UIC Pavillion - Chicago, IL

As the NeXus broadcast starts on the FX network, all we see is black, and hear nothing. After a few seconds, cheering starts becoming audible, and increases in volume as it goes on. Then, the picture fades in, and we see three men in the middle of the silver-roped ring: Paul Heyman on the left, Eric Bischoff on the right, and a man with long hair in the center that can only be the founder of NXG, Mikey Alvarez. The three men looked around the UIC Pavillion and the frenzied Chicago fans on their feet with big eager smiles on their faces, then Alvarez lifts the mic in his hand to his mouth to start.

Mikey Alvarez: Hello everyone, and welcome, to the first-ever edition, of NXG NeXus!

The crowd roars with excitement.

Mikey Alvarez: Wow. Feels great to have said that. I mean, it wasn't even that long ago that I was where you guys are now. Sitting in the stands, waiting in anticipation for the wrestling show to start, with the desire to run into the ring and mess around, hit the ropes and roll around and stuff, hoping that security wouldn't take me out. Wasn't that long ago at all... Y'know, I've been a wrestling fan all my life. From the moment I watched my first match, I fell in love with this business. And as I grew up, I realized that this was something I wanted to be a part of. I left a great job for this, to start a new wrestling company. And while I know that this is a gamble, never once have I doubted what NXG can accomplish. We have almost everything we need to be a success, and we hope that tonight, we can start to build the last piece: a fanbase.

The fans pop again, as Alvarez smiles humbly at them.

Mikey Alvarez: This night has been fourteen months in the making, and over the past fourteen months, Eric Bischoff, (Alvarez motions to Bischoff, as the fans give him a mixed but mostly positive response) Paul Heyman, (Alvarez then turns to Heyman as the crowd gives him a big pop) Donald Trump, (Another pop as the fans show their appreciation for The Donald) and myself, we've laid out the foundation for what we promise will become the next spectacle in pro wrestling. We've done our part to get this company off the ground, and even though our jobs still aren't and won't ever be fully completed, it's time for the wrestlers to take it from here!

Big cheers from the crowd, who love their wrestling.

Mikey Alvarez: If you've been to our website, then perhaps you know a lot of our company already. You might know of some of our roster - and I say some, because we've got some surprises for you. You might know that tonight, we have a very special guest, my man Ashton Kutcher! (Alvarez points to a section in the front row, where we see acclaimed actor Ashton Kutcher standing with a big smile. The fans pop for him, and he himself lets out a holler and raises his arms) And you might also know that at our very first Pay-Per-View Wrestlution, we'll be crowning four champions.

The crowd pops at this, as Alvarez takes a step back, and Bischoff steps forward with his own mic.

Eric Bischoff: One of the championships that'll be won at Wrestlution will be the NXG International Championship. This title will go to the man that wins an eight-man tournament, and to open up the doors a little more for this tournament, we randomly selected twelve men to participate. Four of these twelve already have their tournament spot secured, but the remaining eight, will have to compete against each other to qualify. And these tournament qualifying matches, start tonight.

Big cheers from Chicago.

Eric Bischoff: And who are these twelve men? Well, the four that are already qualified are Colt Cabana, (Big pop for the Chicago native) Johnny Devine, (Those that remember his TNA past boo Devine) Elijah Burke, (He gets some cheers, but predominantly booes) and lucha libre star, MŪstico! (Loud pop for the Mexican marvel)

Bischoff then steps back, allowing Heyman to take center stage with a mic.

Paul Heyman: The remaining eight men that will need to win qualifying matches to enter the tournament for the International Championship, are Jimmy Jacobs, (mixed reaction, but mostly jeers) Kenny Omega, (Pop for the Japanese afficionado) Juventud Guerrera, (Nice pop for The Juice) Shannon Moore, (Good cheers in the crowd for Moore) Ace Steel, (Another Chicago-born wrestler gets a strong pop) Jimmy Yun, (Cheers from those that appreciate his talents) Gregory Helms, (Pop for the man once revered for being a superhero) and Amazing Red! (Cheers for the incredible high-flier) And the first two qualifying matches, between Jimmy Jacobs and Kenny Omega, and Juventud Guerrera and Shannon Moore, will take place here tonight!

The fans pop for the matches they'll be seeing later on.

Paul Heyman: And that's all just for the International Championship. But, for the NXG Tag Team Championship, we're going to have some extremely exciting match-ups featuring some of the best tag teams in the world today. In a mini-tournament, we're going to see one of the most decorated tag teams of all time, Ray and Devon, Team 3D (Pop for the acclaimed team) take on The Briscoe Brothers, Mark and Jay! (Loud pop for the brother team) That match will take place this Thursday on Vortex, but tonight, we have a match just as promising - The Hooliganz, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, (Big pop for the tag team) going up against Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley, the Motor City Machine Guns! (Another big pop for the two revered wrestlers)

Heyman steps back, allowing Alvarez to get back in the center.

Mikey Alvarez: Now, because we're certain that these four teams are going to go all out to make sure they win their qualifyers for Wrestlution, we've set a ten-minute time limit on these matches. Should time expire before a clear winner can be decided, well, we're just going to have that match again, on the following edition of either NeXus or Vortex.

This goes over well with the crowd, who cheer at the thought of seeing those matches more than once.

Mikey Alvarez: Also at Wrestlution, we will have our very first NXG Women's Champion. To determine which of our nine world-class women wrestlers will be the first champion, we've placed them all in three Triple Threat Matches. The three winners of the Triple Threat Matches will then move on to Wrestlution, to compete in another Triple Threat, with the title up for grabs. The three Triple Threat Matches will consist of MsChif, (Good pop for her) Roxxi, (Another decent pop for her) and Cheerleader Melissa, (Biggest pop of the three) in the first. In the second, we'll have Talia Madison, (Good pop with some booes mixed in) Katie Lea, (Nice pop for Katie), and Mickie James! (Very big pop for Mickie) And in the third, we'll see Rain, (Decent cheers go up) Shantelle Taylor, (Another good pop) and Daffney! (Good response for Daffney)

The three men in the ring then look to each other with grins.

Mikey Alvarez: And now, for the match you've all been waiting for: the main event for Wrestlution, for the NXG World Heavyweight Championship!

Chicago cheers loudly for the revelation.

Mikey Alvarez: In the Wrestlution main event, we're going to have ourselves a 10-Man Elimination Guantlet for the NXG World Title, featuring the ten former World Champions signed to this promotion!

More big cheers go up at the huge-sounding match.

Mikey Alvarez: The rules are fairly simple for the match. We'll start off with two of the ten men, and they'll compete for either three minutes, or if one of them is eliminated early on. And every three minutes, a new challenger will enter the match, until all ten wrestlers have become official participants. Disqualification rules are in effect for this match, so any use of weapons will result in an elimination, and once a wrestler is eliminated, they must exit the ring area, and the final wrestler left, will become the first-ever NXG World Heavyweight Champion!

Chicago likes the sound of that match, and pop for it. Alvarez, Heyman, and Bischoff then turn to the Tron above the entrance ramp.

Mikey Alvarez: And just who are the ten former World Champions in NXG, and the participants of the Elimination Guantlet? Well, in no particular order... (Alvarez pauses briefly, to allow an image to appear on the Tron) Former TNA World Champion, AJ Styles!

The Phenominal One is the first to appear on the screen, and a huge pop breaks out in the crowd. AJ's picture is then minimized and moved to the upper left corner of the screen for a new one to appear...

Eric Bischoff: The former 5-time WCW Champion and WWE World Champion, Booker T!

Mixed reaction goes out to the Book Man, who's picture goes the same way as AJ's to allow for the third...

Paul Heyman: The former ECW and TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Raven!

Very big pop as Raven appears on the Tron. His image stays up for a moment, then moves alongside Booker's to make room for another...

Mikey Alvarez: Former ROH Champion, James Gibson!

Cheers go up at the name and picture of Gibson, and the same thing happens to his image, lining up alongside the others for the next...

Eric Bischoff: The former WCW and WWE World Champion, Bill Goldberg!

Strong cheers are let out for Goldberg, but there are some booes in there as well. His image looks ferocious, then heads to the upper right corner, ending that row...

Paul Heyman: The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Rey Mysterio, Jr.!

Loud cheers for Rey Mysterio. His image comes up, then after a moment, moves down to the lower left corner, starting a new line for the rest of the challengers...

Eric Bischoff: Former TNA Champion, Ron Killings!

Pop goes out for The Truth. His image then goes next to Rey's, leaving three more spots...

Mikey Alvarez: Former ROH, ECW, and WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Chicago's own, CM Punk!

Ungodly pop for Chicago's straight edge golden boy, as his image appears on the screen. It then goes down for two more...

Paul Heyman: And now, we reveal some of our surprises, with the final two former champions. The former WWE and ECW Champion, Rob Van Dam!

Another absolutely huge pop for RVD, who at this time wasn't announced as signed by NXG. His image stays up for a moment, then goes down like all the others, ready for the last man to appear...

Mikey Alvarez: And, the final man that will compete in the Elimination Guantlet, former TNA and ECW Champion, Christian Cage!

Another huge pop rings out in the crowd as the Instant Classic's picture is shown. It then goes next to RVD's, and the screen dims.

Mikey Alvarez: One of those ten men will become the first-ever NXG World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlution, but tonight, we're going to put two of them to the test in this ring, for our main event! (That sounds great to the fans, who cheer) But, who will they be? We'll leave that to fate.

On the Tron, an outline surrounds all of the wrestlers, then all but two disappear as they move from one wrestler to another at sonic speeds. After about five seconds or so, the outlines stop, on Punk and Cage! The crowd erupts when they see this, as the three heads look pleased as well.

Mikey Alvarez: Ladies and gentlemen, your main event for tonight, CM Punk vs. Christian Cage!

- Commercial Break -

When we return, we get a shot of NXG's commentating team of Joey Styles and Mick Foley, who look very excited to be a part of this upstart company.

Joey Styles: Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the premier of NXG NeXus! I'm Joey Styles, and this man next to me, the "Hardcore Legend" himself, Mick Foley!

Mick Foley: Ah, you flatter me, Joey! But anyway, we're off on a tremendous start to NXG, as before the commercial break, we heard of all the names that will be involved in the crowning of our first four champions at the inaugural NXG Pay-Per-View, Wrestlution!

Joey Styles: That's right, and our main event for Wrestlution? It's gonna be a 10-Man Elimination Guantlet featuring the former World Champions on the roster! Hey Mick, wouldn't you qualify for the Elimination Guantlet?

Mick Foley: Technically, I could, but I'm retired. For now, at least. But let's not forget about our history-making main event tonight: CM Punk vs. Christian Cage!

Joey Styles: Two of the best professional wrestlers in the world tonight, competing one-on-one? You're in for a treat, everyone, so stick with us here at NeXus!

Mick Foley: It's a night of firsts here tonight, and we're about to get the first-ever match in NXG history under way, right now!

Mick's correct, as "The Haunted" by Walls of Jericho plays, signaling the arrival of Jimmy Jacobs. Accompanying him is the beautiful Allison Wonderland, who we're told is romantically linked with him. The two receive a loud response, mostly negative, but Jimmy merely scowls at the crowd, and heads to the ring. He does his signature pose on the ropes, then climbs inside with Allison, who takes off his coat and speaks inaudibly with him.

Out next to a trance version of the Dr. Wily stage music of MegaMan 2 is Kenny Omega, who is greeted with a loud pop. Omega poses atop the ramp, then comes down midway and busts out his Hadouken taunt. He high-fives the fans the rest of the way down, and climbs into the ring as Allison exits it. Both men share a determined look on their faces as the ref steps in between them, then calls for the bell to start off NXG's first match.

- NXG International Championship Tournament Qualifying Match -
Jimmy Jacobs (w/ Allison Wonderland) vs. Kenny Omega

End: These two young men went back in forth in this contest, battling for control, and now, it's Omega in the driver's seat. He whips Jacobs into the corner, then races into the opposite, steps off the middle turnbuckle, then charges back across the ring for a big leaping elbow into the chest of Jacobs! Jimmy falls to the mat, clutching his chest, and rolls onto the apron. His girlfriend Allison encourages him as he tries to get to his feet, but as he does, Kenny charges across the ring, looking to knock him off the apron! But the savvy Jacobs manages to quickly jut his shoulder in between the ropes, and Omega crashes gut-first into it! Kenny backpedals to the center of the ring, doubled over, allowing Jacobs another second to collect his breath, and then to springboard off the ropes for a well-placed missile dropkick!

This sends Omega falling back across the ring, next to the ropes. Jimmy gets up with a little more vigor, and walks over to Kenny. Using the help of the top rope again, Jacobs starts to jump up and down on Kenny's midsection, stomping away his air! He backs off at the ref's 4-count, and allows Omega to pick himself up, steadying himself with the ropes and gasping. Jacobs pulls him away and knees him in the midsection before delivering a snap suplex, then floats over into a pin. He just gets a 2, then grabs him by the hair, pulling him to his knees, and starts to deliver shot after shot to his head. But with a burst of energy, Omega blocks, and returns fire! He gets back to his feet as he punches away, then delivers a big kick to the midsection! He hits the ropes behind Jimmy, then leapfrogs over him and hits a one-handed bulldog, the Kotaro Krusher!

Kenny rises up, rejuvinated and riled, and starts to charge up as Jimmy gets back to a vertical base. And once Jacobs gets up and turns around, he's blasted by a Hadouken! Omega covers, but Jacobs kicks out at 2. Kenny sets him on his feet, then lifts him onto his shoulders in an electric chair, going for Croyt's Wrath! But Jimmy's able to free himself, falling in front. He turns around and Kenny tries a clothesline, but Jacobs runs past and ducks under, and comes off the ropes with a brutal spear! The two are down after that, and roll to the ropes. As they try to get up with their aid, Kenny looks down at the lovely Allison, and freezes up! He can't seem to take his eyes away as he stands, and offers a shy wave and smile, but Jimmy's able to take advantage, as he grabs him by the head, scales the buckles, and hits the Contra Code! He covers, 1... 2... 3! Jacobs qualifies!

- Winner -
Jimmy Jacobs

Joey Styles: Jimmy Jacobs picks up the win in the first match here on NXG NeXus against Kenny Omega, and now, he is the fifth man entered in the tournament for the International Championship!

Mick Foley: That he is, Joey, and a hard-fought victory it was for Jacobs, as well. However, one has to wonder what could've happened had Kenny Omega not taken his eye off the ball in the final moments of the match, as it seemed like he was stunned by the loveliness of Jimmy's girlfriend, Allison!

Jacobs celebrates as Allison slides in to join him, as he is now qualified for the International Title Tournament, as well as being the victor in the first NXG match. He mounts the turnbuckles to some heat from the crowd, and he motions for the title around his waist as Allison claps on. We then get a shot of a disappointed-looking Omega on the outside, shaking his head and looking up at Jacobs, who continues to flaunt his win to the audience.

- XXX --

We then cut to a backstage area, where we see two men standing with extremely confident looking grins on their faces, and matching ring-gear. Cheers arise from the UIC Pavillion, as they instantly recognize these two men as Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley, the Motor City Machine Guns.

Chris Sabin: Hi, I'm Chris Sabin.

Alex Shelley: And I'm Alex Shelley, and we're the Motor City Machine Guns. Now as you heard earlier this evening, we'll be competing tonight, for a chance to go to NXG's premier Pay-Per-View Wrestlution to wrestle for the Tag Team Championship. And we're totally cool with that -

Chris Sabin: No problems at all.

Alex Shelley: - But what we do have a brief issue with, is the location in which NeX Generation Wrestling is based. I mean, Chicago? Really? This city is cold, it's cursed, and hasn't been worthwhile since the Michael Jordon era of the Bulls.

Chris Sabin: In layman's terms, this place sucks.

Alex Shelley: A much better place to host a weekly wrestling program would be the city that gave birth to the greatest tag team alive today, the Motor City -

Chris Sabin: Or Murder City, it's interchangable.

Alex Shelley: Machine Guns, and that city would be Detroit. You want a town with a rich artistic history to add to? We've got Motown, why not NXG? You want to give your company an edgy feel? It doesn't get edgier than having the highest crime rate in the country. And, you want a loyal following? Detriot fans'll shell out big bucks twice a week every week to watch us. All things taken into consideration, it's practically a no-brainer.

Chris Sabin: But on to more important matters. Tonight, we're facing Paul London and Brian Kendrick, The Hooliganz. Now, we give credit where credit's due, so we're not lying when we say that The Hooliganz are two incredibly talented guys that make a hell of a tag team, and that we're in for a challenge when we get in the ring with them.

Alex Shelley: Definitely. But giving credit where credit's due again, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley the Motor City Machine Guns are the greatest tag team alive today, so we feel it's safe to say that we'll be winning tonight's match against The Hooliganz - well within the ten-minute time limit, I might add - and we'll also be winning at Wrestlution, to become the first-ever NXG Tag Team Champions.

With that, the Guns point at the camera with their fingers shaped like guns, and make a clicking sound as they pull the trigger with their thumbs. The screen then fades for another commercial break.

- Commercial Break -

When we come back, we're in the backstage area, where good friends Colt Cabana and a tired Kenny Omega are talking, with the crowd cheering loudly in the background, and Omega drinking from an almost-empty water bottle.

Colt Cabana: Sucks that you lost just now, man. The winner of your match was going to be my first opponent in the tournament, and I was lookin' forward to gettin' a match with you. Now, I have to wrestle Jimmy Jacobs. (Sarcastically) Great.

Kenny Omega: Yeah. Y'know, I really thought I had that match won... I don't know what went wrong.

Colt Cabana: (Smirking) Yeah, me neither. But listen man, you really had a good showing out there, and I think you'll get your chance at the International Title again someday. Hell, I might even give ya a match when I'm the champ, 'cause believe me baby, Colt Cabana's cruisin' all the way to the top! Oh yeah!

Cabana does a little shoulder shake in his confidence, making the bummed-out Omega smirk.

Kenny Omega: Thanks. Good luck in the tournament. (Holds up his almost-finished bottle) I'm gonna go get some more water. See ya around.

Colt gives him an encouraging smile and pat on the shoulder as Kenny starts to leave, walking down the hallway. The camera stays on him, and pretty soon after, he comes to a table with a case of water bottles. He takes another, but as he's unscrewing the top, Allison Wonderland comes up to the table and grabs a bottle as well. She then turns to Kenny, who had been looking in awe at her, and gives him a smile.

Allison Wonderland: Hi. I'm Allison.

Kenny Omega: Uh, um, um, uh... hi. Kenny, I'm Kenny. Hi.

Allison Wonderland: You had a really good match with Jimmy just now. I thought it could've gone either way.

Kenny Omega: ...Thanks.

Allison eyes him, waiting to see if Kenny'll say anything else, but after a moment, he doesn't.

Allison Wonderland: Well, I better get this to Jimmy. I'll see you later, Kenny.

She then leaves with the bottle, and Kenny simply watches her leave. It isn't until she's pretty far gone that Omega lifts his arm in a small wave.

Kenny Omega: ...Bye.

- XXX -

We then cut to another backstage area in the UIC Pavillion, this one specially designated as the interviewing area. Our beautiful interviewer, Leticia Cline, is standing by with a smile and mic in hand.

Leticia Cline: Hello everyone. I'm Leticia Cline, your NXG interviewer. My first guest here on NeXus is a man I'm sure you're all familiar with, especially all our fans here in Chicago. He's a man that hails from this city, one of the ten that'll compete at Wrestlution for the World Title, and one of the two men that'll take center stage in our main event here tonight, CM Punk!

The camera zooms out a bit as a smiling CM Punk enters the picture to a huge reaction in the background. He isn't dressed to compete, wearing a shirt and skull cap.

Leticia Cline: So Punk, first I'd like to ask about your thoughts on the 10-Man Elimination Guantlet at Wrestlution that you'll be taking part of.

CM Punk: Well, before I start, first I'd like to say that it's great to be back here in the Second City, and to be wrestling here on a regular basis. But as for Wrestlution, I think it's gonna be nothing short of awesome. All you have to see to know that is the list of names that'll be involved in the 10-Man Guantlet. Rey Mysterio, AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam, and the list just goes on and on. This is a match that I feel is going to be one of the best in my career, because as everyone in this arena should know, I'm straight edge. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs, and the only thing I need a fix of is wrestling. So to be in that ring, with up to nine of the best in this company at the same time, going all out for the World Title, I couldn't ask for a better match to be involved in.

Leticia Cline: And what about later tonight, in our main event? You're going one-on-one with a fellow Guantlet participant, Christian Cage, in what should be a great match.

CM Punk: Ah, Christian Cage. Never had a one-on-one match with the guy, as much as I wanted it, so I'm definitely looking forward to later on tonight. Now, Christian, he's one of the most talented guys in all of this business. And that's not an opinion, that's fact. Pure, unadulterated fact. (Starts getting a little serious, losing his easy-going tone) But there's also another fact on the tale of the tape for our match later on tonight, and that's that I'm also one of the best in this business. And that's not just me being conceited, because if I was being conceited, you'd know it. No, that's a fact. I've been World Champion, the man to beat virtually everywhere I've been. I've wrestled the best, I've won against the best, and that's what I plan on doing tonight. Tonight, beating Christian, it's gonna be a hell of a match, and the first step taken towards Wrestlution, and winning the NXG World Heavyweight Championship.

Punk's interview seems to be over, but we then hear someone address him from behind.

???: (In a harmless joking manner) Well, good luck, then.

Punk turns around, and sees none other than the beautiful Mickie James! The crowd in the background pops for her, and she walks up to Punk with a smile on her face, who now has a soft expression on his, and the two old friends share a quick hug.

CM Punk: Hey, Mickie! It's been awhile, hasn't it? How are you? You look great.

Mickie James: Thanks, you look good yourself. And I'm good, I'm good. Really excited to be here, lots of new faces to meet, and it's good to see some old ones, too. And by the sound of your interview just now, it seems that you're pretty excited to be here as well.

CM Punk: Yeah, definitely. (Makes a playful frown) And what was that just now, "good luck"? You haven't forgotten about my philosophy about luck, have you?

Mickie James: How could forget anything the ever-adamant CM Punk says?

This makes Punk smile, as the two have a quick look of longing. After it passes, Punk's the first to speak.

CM Punk: Well, anyway, I've got a big match to prepare for, so I've gotta go. But, I'll see you later, Mickie. Maybe even after the show.

Mickie James: (Harmlessly smug) If we're lucky.

Punk grins again, then walks off, leaving Mickie and Leticia, who looks over at her with a curious stare.

- XXX -

We cut back to the arena, where "Danger! High Voltage" by Eletric Six then hits, and from the back bursts Paul London and Brian Kendrick, The Hooliganz. The team is reunited and as energetic as ever, causing the Chicago fans to give them a big pop as they run out on the stage. They give themselves a nod, then make a mad dash into the ring, sliding into the ring. They climb the buckles to pose, then backflip off, and share a handshake before we go to break.

- Commercial Break -

When we come back, "Beautiful Disaster" by 311 hits. To this music out strut Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley, the Motor City Machine Guns, who receive some good heat after their comments earlier in the evening. They taunt the fans as they head to the ring and once inside, they do some posing, holding up their hands and pointing to their palms, gesturing where Detroit would be in the glove-shaped Michigan. They look at The Hooliganz with a determined look on their face, and the teams decide who'll start for them.

- NXG Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match -
- 10-Minute Time Limit -
Motor City Machine Guns vs. The Hooliganz

End: This match had been lightning-fast, with both teams using their veteran abilities as a unit. We join in as Sabin rebounds to duck under a Kendrick clothesline, then nails a superkick! Kendrick falls, and Sabin tags in Shelley. Shelley immediately hits the ropes, and comes back with a leg drop! But Sabin doesn't exit, and does the same to Kendrick! They do it twice more before Sabin leaves, and Shelley pins Kendrick. He gets a 2, and then lifts him up, using forearms to drive him to his corner. He tags Sabin back in, then throws Kendrick off the ropes. Kendrick returns into an inverted atomic drop from Shelley, then gets dropkicked in the knee by Sabin, sending him to the mat! Shelley then grabs Kendrick's head and uses a bridging choke, and Sabin dropkicks him in the face! Shelley gets out of the ring as Sabin covers, but again, only a 2 for the Guns.

Sabin then lifts Kendrick, and whips him into a corner. He charges in after with a big boot, but Kendrick's able to move away in time! As Sabin recovers, Kendrick dives into his own corner, tagging in London! He immediately goes at Sabin, rocking him with rights and a kick to the stomach, then hits the ropes and jumps onto his shoulders for a hurricanrana pin! Sabin kicks out at 2, and London quickly goes back to work, picking him up and throwing him into a corner. He follows up with a backflip dropkick, and Sabin stumbles out, into an enzuigiri! Sabin falls in perfect position, and London steps onto the apron! He starts to climb up, but Shelley rushes at him, and blasts him in the back of the head with an enzuigiri of his own! London falls to the mat, next to Sabin, but Kendrick won't have that, and blazes into the ring, and knocks Shelley off into the ground below!

Around this time a clock appears on the Tron, signaling only a minute left in the match. Kendrick measures Shelley, then hits the ropes, and dives over the top with a plancha! Kendrick rises after taking him down, but Sabin flies over onto him as well, avenging his partner! Sabin takes a moment to get up, and helps Shelley as he does, but then London soars over the ropes and crashes into the Guns! All four men are down on the outside with thirty seconds left, and London gets up as fast as possible. He looks at the Guns, trying to remember who's his opponent, then grabs Sabin and rolls him into the ring. He hits the ropes, then comes back with a running London Calling! He covers, but Sabin kicks out! London gets up and heads to the corner as Kendrick and Shelley duke it out on the floor, but before he can launch off, time expires!

- Winner -

Joey Styles: Oh, man, what an encounter between these two teams! But time ran out before we could get a winner to compete for the Tag Titles, just as London was going for a top-rope Shooting Star Press to put away Sabin!

Mick Foley: If there was just another ten seconds on the clock, it would be The Hooliganz going to Wrestlution, but this situation is actually a win for everyone else! The Guns get another chance at going for the gold, and we get to see these two incredible tandems go at it for another potential ten minutes next week!

The ending of this match results in some heat, but then a "Five more minutes! Five more minutes!" chant breaks out in the crowd. London climbs down the corner as Kendrick and Shelley stop throwing punches, and Sabin starts stirring. The teams then reassemble, with London hopping down with Kendrick, and Shelley into the ring with Sabin. The two tired teams share a look of mutual respect from where they stand, but then the Guns start yelling, "Next week, we gotcha." The crowd is now cheering, giving the two props for the match, as The Hooliganz head to the back.

- Commercial Break -

When we come back, "One of a Kind" by Breaking Point hits, and Rob Van Dam steps out onto the stage to an enormous pop. He's dressed casually, not looking to compete tonight, and walks to the ring as some of the fans ringside bow to him. He smirks, then climbs up the steel steps, collecting a mic laid down for him before entering the ring. He stands in the center, looking around the arena, where the fans are still on their feet. They start chanting "RVD! RVD! RVD!", and so Van Dam does his signature pose with his thumbs. The fans say his name along, then RVD lifts the mic to his mouth to talk.

Rob Van Dam: Man I missed this. (Huge pop from the fans) Standin' in the middle of a wrestling ring, surrounded by thousands of fans chantin' my name... It's a different kinda high, if y'know what I mean. (RVD smirks at his joke, as the fans pop at it) But seriously, dudes, it does feel great to be back.

Cheers signify that the fans are glad to have him back.

Rob Van Dam: I've been gone from wrestling for almost three years now, with a few matches here and there. And for most of those three years, I wasn't really thinkin' about wrestling. I was mostly thinkin' about my wife, who's kickin' cancer's ass, (Pop for RVD's wife winning her battle with cancer) I was thinkin' about my webshow, and just enjoyin' the time I spent doin' whatever I felt like doin', livin' life to the max. But a few months ago, I started to get this... itch.

The fans pop at this, knowing where this speech is going.

Rob Van Dam: Yeah, I started gettin' this itch, and I tried a lotta things to get rid of it. I spent even more time with Sonya, I hung out with my friends, I put more time into my show, I tried my hand at actin' in movies, small roles and stuff, but the only thing that seemed to work in gettin' rid of that itch was makin' those special appearances, workin' those special matches. And after each match that I had, I felt a little better, but it wouldn't take long for that itch to come back, and bite even harder. And it was at that point, that I realized that I was ready to come back to what I do best: wrestling.

Fans cheer this, as it ultimately lead to this moment.

Rob Van Dam: So when I realized that I wanted to get back to wrestling, I thought about where I wanted to go. I thought about goin' back to WWE, where I've got a few friends and a lotta money to make. (Chicago doesn't like WWE in this instance, and they boo) I thought about TNA, who'd made me a tonna offers while I was away, and where a few of my friends work as well. (Same applies for TNA) But then, a bit over a year ago, I got a call from a dude I spoke to on a fairly regular basis: Paulie Heyman.

Strong pop for Heyman.

Rob Van Dam: At first, I thought it was just another friendly call from my bud Paulie. But then he said, "Rob man, I'm meetin' with a few dudes to start up a new wrestling company, and we wantcha to work for us." So I said, "Great timing, Paul, 'cause I was just thinkin' about coming back." So he fills me in on what's goin' on, whose involved, all that. Now, this company that they were workin' on, NXG, it wasn't the frontrunner right off the bat, but I kept away from the other companies to see how Paulie, Eric Bischoff, and this Mikey dude were doin', y'know, keepin' my options open. And as months went on, they started gettin' more and more talent, some of the best in the world, and I thought to myself, "RVD, in NXG... that'll be an F'n good show!"

Chicago gives another strong pop at this, as RVD continues to smile.

Rob Van Dam: And one of my favorite parts of all this, is the match at Wrestlution that I'll be in. Ten of the best dudes in this company, one World Heavyweight Title, it's gonna be awesome, man, just the kinda match I need to get rid of that itch. And what's even more awesome, is that after everyone's given it everything they got to win, the first-ever NXG World Heavyweight Champion will be...

Van Dam then does his thumb taunt again as the crowd yells out "R! V! D!", then he does a spin kick in the air to a big pop. He then puts the mic down, and exits the ring, smiling at the crowd, and high-fiving the fans on his way back up the stage. He stops at the top to give the fans one last smile, then heads to the back.

- XXX -

We then cut backstage, where we get a close up shot of a door. After a second, a dark-skinned hand knocks on the door, and another moment passes before it opens, and reveals Goldberg. He looks a little mad to be disturbed, but then lets out a grin as the camera backs off to show that it was an also-grinning Booker T that knocked on his door, with his wife Sharmell.

Booker T: My man, Bill Goldberg! 'Sup witchu, dawg?

Goldberg: Hey, Book. Been awhile, huh?

The two former WCW Champions share a man-hug.

Booker T: Yeah, yeah, has, man. But now that we here in NXG, that might change a bit, huh? Lemme tell ya, dawg, feels good to be here, surrounded by new and old peoples to hook it up with. But I betchu you feelin' a lot betta than me, bein' back in this wrestlin' game after bein' gone for a few years, am I right?

Goldberg: Yeah. When I first got that phone call from Eric Bischoff, inviting me to be part of a new company, I gotta tell ya, I was a little worried that I might not be able to hang with all these new, young guys. But then I remembered something. Wanna guess what it was?

Booker T: Thatchu Bill Goldberg!

Goldberg: Damn right.

Booker then motions to Sharmell.

Booker T: You 'member my wife Sharmell, right? Reintroduce yoself, babe.

Sharmell: (Offers her hand, which Goldberg accepts) Sharmell. Good to see you again, Bill. So, I'm guessin' you lookin' forward to Wrestlution and that 10-Man Elimination Guantlet you two'll be in?

Goldberg: It's been awhile since I've wrestled, and even longer since I've been a champion, so takin' that match and bein' the first NXG World Champion'll feel pretty damn good.

Sharmell: (Scoffs) Yeah, it'll feel pretty damn good, but for my man Booker T, the man that'll actually win the NXG World Title.

Booker T: Whoah, whoah, babe. Now I know you just layin' down the truth, butchu ain't gotta be rude like that.

Goldberg: (Frowning) "Layin' down the truth"? (Crosses his arms as Booker and Sharmell nod) Booker, I like you, but as long as I'm in that match, there's no way you, or anyone else in there, is going to win.

Booker T: (Also frowning) Yeah? Well check this, man: outta those ten guys in the match with us, I got the most World Championships. (Looks down at his open palm as Sharmell looks at hers smugly, before turning to Goldberg) Five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time, WCW World Heavyweight Champion! (Lifts up his other hand's index finger) And, my World Title in the WWE. So I got six World Titles, Bill. And, you throw in my twenty years of wrestlin' with my six World Titles, and you lookin' atcho first-ever NXG World Heavyweight Champion. Now can you dig that... sucka?

Booker and Goldberg exchange heated stares, then Booker and Sharmell walk off. Goldberg looks on for a second, and heads back into his locker room as we go to break.

- Commercial Break -

When we come back, a rap production track with a Mexican flavor hits, and out walks Juventud Guerrera, who looks poised to compete. He gives the crowd energy, and they cheer for him as well. He heads to the ring, high-fiving the fans as he does, then enters the ring and poses a bit before waiting for his opponent.

After a moment, "I'll Do Anything" hits, and Shannon Moore races out. The Reject gets a nice pop as he plays up the crowd, and high-fives the fans on his trek to the ring. He enters and does some posing on the buckles as well, then turns to his opponent. The two offer each other a sportsman-like handshake, and the bell in rung to start this qualifier.

- NXG International Championship Tournament Qualifying Match -
Juventud Guerrera vs. Shannon Moore

End: These two high-fliers provided a fast-paced contest as they swapped control positions, and now, Guerrera finds himself being punched in the corner by Moore, who stands on the second rope. He hops down, then he throws Juventud into the opposite corner. However, he's able to elevate himself using the tope rope, preventing himself from crashing into the buckles, and turns and scissors his legs around the charging Moore for a sunset flip! Shannon gets his shoulder up at 2, and the two get to their feet. Juvi ducks a clothesline, grabs Moore's arm, swings his legs to grab his other arm, and brings him down with a crucifix! Moore kicks out again, and gets up again. This time, Juventud kicks him in the stomach, and goes for a suplex, but Moore's able to prevent the lift, and hits a bridging Northern Lights suplex!

Juvi kicks out at 2, and both men get up in a stalemate after the quick pin attempts, the crowd cheering. They circle each other, then start again with a lock-up. Juvi gets put in a headlock, but he tries to back-suplex Moore off. Shannon lands on his feet, and once Juvi turns around, he hits a spinning heel kick! Moore covers, but just 2. He picks Guerrera up, then whips him off the ropes. Juvi ducks a clothesline, rebounds, and jumps at Moore in a wheelbarrow position. He pushes himself up, grabs the head, bulldog on Moore! He holds his face and rolls on the mat, as The Juice points up. He climbs the buckles, then dives off with a beautiful moonsault! He covers, but just gets 2. Juvi picks him up, then lifts him onto his shoulder for the Juvi Driver! But Moore frees himself, falling behind! Juventud turns back, and Moore connects with an enzuigiri!

The two are down for a moment, then get up. Moore grabs Juventud and throws him off the ropes, but he hangs on. Moore charges, but Juvi boots him in the face. He stumbles back, and The Juice charges at him, jumping onto his shoulders for a hurricanrana! Moore gets up quickly, and runs into a dropkick! He again rises quickly but not as, and both men charge at each other. Juvi ducks a clothesline, and springboards off the ropes for a crossbody! Moore kicks out at 2, and Juvi looks frustrated at not being able to put him away. He lifts Moore, and again tries the Juvi Driver. Guerrera lifts him up, but again, The Reject's able to slip behind! He shoves Juvi into the corner, and he hits the buckles chest-first! He stumbles back, allowing Moore to charge into the corner, climb up and bounce back with the Halo! He covers, 1... 2... 3! Moore's in the tournament!

- Winner -
Shannon Moore

Joey Styles: Two of the best high-fliers not only in NXG but the whole world put on a hell of a contest here on NeXus, and it's "The Reject" Shannon Moore that moves into the tournament brackets!

Mick Foley: Juventud got very close to winning, but his temper got the best of him at the end there, and it lead to a match-costing mistake! Now, Shannon Moore's in the NXG Internation Title Tournament, and his first-round match'll be against Johnny Devine!

Moore celebrates his win as the crowd cheers him on, as he poses on the turnbuckles, holding his arms up. He then turns back to Juventud, who looks angry at losing, but Moore gives him a nod, and offers a handshake, which Guerrera reluctantly accepts after a moment. Moore rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp, high-fiving the fans as he walks victoriously to the back.

- XXX -

We then get a video, where we see a black Rolls-Royce driving down an affluent suburb. We then see this Rolls-Royce pull into the driveway of a very ritzy house, and the door opens to reveal Gregory Helms as the driver. Cheers are heard from within the arena as Helms walks to the camera, and we see that he's very well-dressed, in a sharp suit, and designer sunglasses.

Gregory Helms: Well well well, what do we have here? A camera, lookin' to show the world the inside life of Gregory Helms? Well, how can I refuse? After all, I've got the kinda life that exits mostly in dreams and fairy tales, the kinda life thatchu don't have. (Removes sunglasses and shows off his suit) Let's start with my appearance. This suit? Five thousand, absolutely the height of fashion, and the shirt? 100% silk, tailor-made for yours truly. These shoes? Versace. (Signals to the lavish house) And that? That's my palace. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a two-car garage. Now, I know you're thinkin' it looks like more than it actually it is. Well, you can make a house look like a grand mansion when you can afford the country's finest contractors. (Motions to himself) Follow me.

He starts walking inside, and so do we. As soon as we step in front of the opened door, we cut to the house's living room, with Helms sitting on a very nice couch.

Gregory Helms: This is my living room. Everything you see in here, the furniture, my home theater system, all top of the line. (The camera revolves around the room, and we see various pieces of art hanging from the walls, and a tremendous home theater system. The camera turns back to a grinning Helms) Beautiful, huh?

At this moment, an older Latina woman in a maid's uniform enters the picture, and lighly taps Helms on the shoulder.

Maid: (In Mexican accent) Mister Gregory, Miss Talia is outside waiting for you.

Gregory Helms: Muchas gracias, Rosalinda. (Turns to the camera) And speakin' of beautiful... give me a sec to change.

The screen fades to black, then we cut to the backyard of Helms' house, and he is now in a pair of green and black swimming trunks.

Gregory Helms: Now, having a great house, and bein' wealthy and incredibly handsome like myself is nice and all, but there's nothin' like havin' a beautiful woman by your side. Ain't that right, baby?

Helms holds out his arm, and Talia Madison walks up next to him, looking drop-dead gorgeous in a two-piece bikini, and he puts his arm across her shoulders as she wraps her around his waist.

Talia Madison: That's right.

Gregory Helms: This is my lovely girlfriend, Talia Madison. I'll allow you a second to feast your eyes on beauty beyond belief. (The camera focuses on Talia only, and moves up and down slowly. After a moment, Helms then grabs the camera, and puts himself back into the picture) Hey, I said feast, not pig out.

Talia Madison: (The two start walking arm in arm) But you see, as satisfying as all this is, there's a little something missing.

Helms holds onto Talia's hand as the come to the edge of a big sparkling pool, and she carefully walks down the pool steps.

Gregory Helms: Right as always, babe. So what's missing in the life of Gregory Helms? I'm good-looking, I'm rich, I have a gorgeous girlfriend; I'm what's known as a "Made Man". But to add to that, I'm also one of the most gifted wrestlers in this entire company, and what's missing at the moment, is the championship gold to prove it. But, don't worry, because there's a big tournament goin' on to crown the first-ever NXG International Champion, and I'm in it. And with that said, ladies and gentlemen, come the finals at Wrestlution, after I've beaten everyone put in front of me, you should prepare to hear these words:

Helms jumps into the pool without making much a splash, and slowly wades up to Talia. The two share a heated kiss to incite jealousy into the hearts of men, and they break apart after a moment, with the two turning to the camera, which is now at their level, with big smiles.

Talia Madison: Here is your winner, and the NXG International Champion, Gregory Helms!

Our final shot is Helms nodding along to what Talia said with a confident expression, and we go to break.

- Commercial Break -

When we come back, "Repined Bastard Nation" by Satyricon plays, and MsChif comes out to a nice pop. She, however, looks angrily out at the fans, and marches to the ring. She doesn't waste much time with theatrics, instead screams at the fans, then turns to the ramp for her opponents to arrive.

A metal production track starts playing, and Roxxi comes out to a decent pop as well. She looks the opposite of MsChif, looking upbeat and energetic, ready to throw down. She high-fives some of the fans as she enters the ring, then does some posing, with MsChif looking on with anger.

After a moment, "Firestarter" by The Prodigy hits, and Cheerleader Melissa comes out to a strong pop. She does her signature pose with her pom-poms atop the stage, then heads down to the ring. She casually high-fives some fans, then enters the ring and loses her pom-poms after posing a bit more. The three women eye each other, ready to go, and the opening bell is rung.

- NXG Women's Championship Triple Threat Qualifying Match -
MsChif vs. Roxxi vs. Cheerleader Melissa

End: These three women strategically wrestled this match, ganging up on one, leaving the field open for the other two. Now, Roxxi whips MsChif off the ropes, and catches her with a sidewalk slam! She covers, but MsChif kicks out. She picks her up, and begins to punch away, but MsChif aggressively starts to fire back, then connects with a spinning backfist! Roxxi falls to the mat, but Melissa reenters the ring and breaks up MsChif's pin! She grabs at MsChif and starts to punch at her, and throws her off the ropes. She kicks a bent-over Melissa in the shoulder, but Melissa immediately fires back with a kick to the stomach, segued into a snap suplex. She floats over for a pin, but now Roxxi breaks it up with a stomp! Melissa tries to get to her feet on her own, but Roxxi helps her, then grabs her for a spinebuster on MsChif's midsection!

Roxxi moves Melissa away to cover MsChif, but she kicks out at 2. Roxxi lifts her up, and tries to whip her off the ropes, but MsChif somehow reverses. Roxxi ducks a clothesline, but runs into a Melissa Samoan drop! Melissa doesn't go for the pin with MsChif in wait, who grabs her by the head. Melissa fights back by driving her back-first into the buckles, freeing herself, then starts to chop at her chest! MsChif takes three, then reverses their positions, and starts to stomp on Melissa's midsection, dropping her down to the mat. She stops at the ref's 4-count, then helps Melissa to her feet. However, she shows great wherewithal, moving out of Roxxi's hip attack, hitting Melissa instead! MsChif's there to pick up the pieces, as she kicks Roxxi in the midsection, but turns her for an inverted facelock, to connect with the Call from the Grave!

MsChif covers, but just 2! She screams out, then lifts Roxxi up. She scissors her arm with her legs, going for the Desecrator, but Melissa intervenes with a dropkick! She then lifts Roxxi, and she returns the favor with a series of rights, then a discus forearm! Melissa stumbles back, setting up a Russian legsweep from MsChif! She climbs back up and rushes at Roxxi, who catches her with the Beauty Special! She lands near the ropes, and Roxxi notices Melissa rising. She walks to her, but Melissa surprises her with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! After a second, Melissa's up first, and lifts Roxxi up, then onto her shoulder, wanting the Air Raid Crash! But before she can hit it, MsChif sprays green mist in her eyes! Melissa drops her and falls back, clutching her eyes, allowing MsChif to set up and hit the Desecrator on Roxxi! 1... 2... 3! MsChif steals the win!

- Winner -

Joey Styles: Tremendous effort by all three ladies in this match, you could feel the fire of how bad they wanted to win, and it was MsChif that overcame the more-than-formidable opposition of Roxxi and Melissa!

Mick Foley: Don't forget about that green mist of hers, Joey! Perfectly legal in these kinds of matches, and she used it just at the right moment to stun Melissa, taking her out of the match, and take advantage of Roxxi to get the spot in the NXG Women's Championship Triple Threat!

The ref raises MsChif's arm, as some of the crowd gives her heat for her questionable tactics in the match. She lets out a victory scream, then wipes her mouth of the green mist. She leaves the ring as her opponents are getting up, Melissa still having trouble with her impaired sight, and she gives them a grin full of malice.

- XXX -

We then cut to another video, this time in a very dimly lit room, with only a golden light for illumination, but even that does very little. We then start to hear footsteps, and we see the outline of a tall and powerfully-built man walking, the source of the sound. We can't see who it is, but we can tell that he is wearing a long trench coat, and has long and extremely wild and wicked hair. Suddenly, we hear a voice as well, but it doesn't seem to be coming from this man, who continues walking, his features kept by the darkness.

???: Generations in wrestling have come and gone, and we remember the stars that rose to unimaginable heights. We remember the ones, the ones deemed unlikely at first glance, the ones not considered for stardom.

The man shrouded in the shadows walks on, with the golden light shining on virtually all his aspects aside from his face.

???: But it was these men, the ones that were not given a second glance, that became the icons of the industries, the faces of their companies. They wrestled away all doubt, all obstacles, all opposition, and became champions. For the NWA, it was Ric Flair. In WCW, it was Sting. And in the WWE, it was "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. These men, they were embraced by destiny to be the chosen ones, set on the path for greatness.

The man in the trench coat doesn't stop walking, neither quicking nor slowing his pace.

???: And now, with the birth of a new organization, a new generation, the gates of fate have opened once again for one man. But unlike the others before him, he will not face doubt. He will not face a challenge he cannot overcome, for he has a prophet to guide him on his journey to the pinnacle of NXG. A prophet, who is a servant and messenger of destiny's will. A prophet, to advise him, to teach him, to allow him on the difficult ventures of champions. Difficult, yes, but he will not fail nor falter on his quest.

This man then stops, with his back to us, but we then get a different camera angle, from the front. We see him standing fully in the golden light, but he is blurry in the background, as the main shot is the Prophet, who is in front of the camera. The Prophet, the narrator, is not seen fully, as he is wearing a hooded cloak, but we manage to see a sinister grin, surrounded by a goatee.

Prophet: And who is he?

We finally get a close facial shot of the man in the trench coat, unrecognizable to most. He has on an extremely confident yet somehow casual smile as he looks into the camera.

Prophet: He is Sean O'Haire... and he is, The Chosen One.

- Commercial Break -

When we come back, we're once again in the interviewing area with the lovely Leticia Cline.

Leticia Cline: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest, one of the participants in the Elimination Guantlet for the NXG World Title at Wrestlution, and one of the competitors for tonight's main event, Christian Cage!

Christian Cage walks into the picture to a roar in the background. He's dressed to compete, wearing one of his signature hoods, and doesn't seem too pleased at the sight of Leticia.

Leticia Cline: So Christian, -

Before she can get to her question, Cage snatches the mic from her hands!

Christian Cage: Yeah, I remember you, Leticia. Surprised to see you here and not out on a street corner somewhere. (Leticia frowns at him for that) But anyway, there's no need for you to say anything more in that horribly screechy voice of yours, 'cause I already know your questions. (In a high mocking voice) "What does Christian Cage think about the Elimination Guantlet at Wrestlution?" Well I'll tell you what I think. I think it's gonna be all too easy for me. Let's analyze some of the men in that match with me, but first, we need to get rid of the trash...

Cage shooes Leticia away, taking up the entire spotlight.

Christian Cage: That's better. Now, let's start with Bill Goldberg. That's right, people, the same Bill Goldberg from WCW that you all loved before puberty. And now you're all grown up, into thirty-year-old losers that spend the majority of your day sitting on your ass in front of a computer, Goldberg has returned. And even though yes, I am the biggest concern for everyone in that match, ol' Billy should be more worried about breaking a hip. Then we have Rob Van Dam, RVD. Please. That guy's no threat. He'll be too high out of his mind to do anything of note in that match, except maybe climb up the corner and do a Frog Splash even though no one's there to take it. And Rey Mysterio. I don't even have to think about this guy, because with potentially nine other guys runnin' around the ring, he'll probably be squished under someone's boot as soon as he enters.

Cage then looks directly into the camera.

Christian Cage: And then we have my opponent for tonight, CM Punk. Now, Punk, he's been a pretty big deal in basically all the companies he's competed for, and I'm sure that the same would happen here in NXG... had his first opponent not have been me. 'Cause see, I know Punk's got a bit of a temper. He doesn't exactly keep a cool, level-head like me, no. He's one of those guys that takes losing personally, and they get super-pissed at that. And when I beat Punk tonight, that's gonna be it for Punk. He's gonna be pissed at losing here, in his hometown of Chicago, in the first-ever main event of NeXus, he's gonna be so pissed at that, that he'll be too angry at himself to wrestle in the winning mind frame again. That temper of his gonna be his downfall, and the start of my journey to victory, and the NXG World Heavyweight Championship.

Cage then reaches back and pulls the hood over his face, and leaves the set as we cut away.

- XXX -

We then cut to a backstage area, where we see AJ Styles walking around backstage, dressed casually. He's introducing himself to some of the backstage workers with a genuine smile on his face, and then walks up to a man with his back to the camera, who's taking a few items from the snack table.

AJ Styles: (Extends hand) Hey, I'm AJ Styles.

The man turns to him with his mouth full of donut holes, and we see that it's the special guest of honor, Ashton Kutcher. Once they make eye contact, they share a mutual stare of excitement.

AJ Styles: (Simultaneously with Kutcher) Whoah!

Ashton Kutcher: ((Simultaneously with Styles) Whoah!

AJ Styles: You're Ashton Kutcher! Michael Kelso from That '70s Show! That's my favorite show of all time! You're totally awesome!

Ashton Kutcher: (Shakes Styles' hand) And you, you're AJ Styles! "The Phenominal One"! You're awesome! No, no, you're phenominal!

AJ grins humbly, then motions with a finger to hold on. He runs out of the picture, then we hear a "Hey!" Styles returns, with a piece of paper and a pen.

AJ Styles: (To whoever he got the items from) Sorry, I just need these for a quick sec! (Holds them out to Ashton) Can I getchur autograph?

Ashton Kutcher: (Takes the items, then tears the paper in half) Sure thing, but only if you give me your autograph!

The two men sign the pieces of paper for each other, looking at their signatures with a grin.

AJ Styles: So, you enjoyin' the show so far?

Ashton Kutcher: Yeah, I think it's been really awesome so far, kick-ass stuff. I've been a fan of wrestling ever since I was a little kid, but I have to admit, I sort of fell out of it as I got older, and it'd been awhile since I'd watch before tonight. But being here, watching NXG, it's reminded me why I loved this stuff so much. And y'know, it's also brought out the wrestler in me: (In a Randy Savage-esque voice) it's The Farmhand, yeah!

Ashton does some poses as AJ looks on amusement.

Ashton Kutcher: So whaddaya think? Maybe we could have a match sometime or something. AJ Styles vs. (In Farmhand voice) The Farmhand, yeah! I mean, who wouldn't wanna see that? It'd be huge!

AJ Styles: Maybe. Butcha know, the main event's gonna start soon, an' that's gonna be a great match that'd be in my best interest to watch.

Ashton Kutcher: Totally right, man. I'll see ya around.

The two men then head off in separate directions, with AJ going off to find a TV, and Ashton back to the stands. After a moment, Kutcher walks back into the screen, and grabs a handful of donut holes before walking away and we go to break.

- Commercial Break -

When we come back, it's main event time. "A Light in a Darkened World" by Killswitch Engage plays, and CM Punk walks out to a huge pop. He looks out as his hometown from the stage, then does his "What time is it?" routine. He high-fives the fans along the way to the ring, then crosses his arms in the straight edge "X" as he passes a camera guy. He enters the ring, does some posing, then watches the stage for his opponent, rolling his wrists and jumping in place.

After a moment, "Still Fly (Punk Goes Crunk)" by The Devil Wears Prada hits, and Christian Cage struts out. He gets a loud reaction, with mostly cheers but some heat for his previous comments as well. He ignores the fans' hands as he heads to the ring, and climbs the corner. He flips his hood back, then looks out for his peeps. This gets a pop, but then he shakes his head, as if he didn't see anyone in the arena worthy of him. He climbs down, and offers his hand to Punk. He goes to shake it, but he pulls it back with a smug grin as the ref calls for the bell.

- Singles Match -
CM Punk vs. Christian Cage

End: Two of NXG's biggest stars held nothing back to secure the win in this historic main event, and now, Christian's got the edge. He rocks Punk with punches, then throws him off the ropes. Punk ducks a clothesline, but on the second rebound, Cage catches him with a dropkick! He doesn't go for the pin, instead lifts Punk and tries to whip him again, but he reverses it. Cage also ducks a clothesline, but on the second rebound, Punk nails him with a scoop slam! He doesn't cover either, and lifts and throws Cage into the corner, hitting the buckles back-first. Punk charges in after, but Christian boots him in the face. Punk backpedals as Christian steps onto the second rope, and dives off with a European uppercut! He makes the pin, but Punk kicks out at 2. Cage picks him up, and throws him into the corner, but Punk bounces back, to connect with a corkscrew Blockbuster!

Both men steadily rise after a moment, then meet in the center for a fist exchange. Cage breaks the pattern with a kick to the midsection, then spins him around and sets up the Unprettier! But Punk breaks free, and spins Cage around. Again in mirror fashion albeit reversed, Punk kicks him in the midsection, hooks the arms, lifts, and hits a backbreaker! The cover, but just 2. Punk then cries out "Nap time!" to a big pop, and waits for Christian to climb up. He then lifts him in a fireman's carry, wanting the GTS, but Christian's able to recover and fall behind Punk. He grabs him around the face, then pulls him back to slam his neck on his knee! Christian covers, but Punk gets the shoulder up at 2! Cage looks angry, and lifts him up, again going for the Unprettier! But Punk avoids it, and keeping their arms linked, he busts out the Pepsi Twist lariat!

Both men are down for a moment, then start to rise to their feet. But as they do, the arena goes dark, until the stage is lit up with a white light. Then, we see five individuals standing side by side in white trench coats and hoods on the Tron - four men, one woman. We can't see who they are, their heads hung low, but then the man in the center starts speaking:

???: People are drawn to malice, finding pleasure in temptation and seeing others in suffering... The shadows of their tainted hearts have formed a veil of darkness over the world... But there is hope... We were sinners, but we were saved by a light, a light of purity and strength, a light that will cleanse this world of its evils... And it all starts with us... (Holds out his arms, displaying the group) We are the bearers of the light, we are the agents of the light... We are, The Archangels...

The video feed cuts, and the lights return. Cage and Punk look confused at what just happened, but Cage snaps out of it first, and kicks Punk in the stomach. He sets up a suplex, but instead plants Punk face-first! He covers, but again just 2. He gets up, picking Punk up as well, and tries the Unprettier for the third time! But Punk spins out of the hold, and roundhouse-kicks Cage across the temple! He then wearily lifts the out-of-it Christian, then onto his shoulders, and nails the GTS! The pin, 1... 2... 3! Punk wins the match!

- Winner -
CM Punk

Joey Styles: CM Punk manages to walk out of this huge main event against Christian Cage, a match that could've gone either way, but what the hell was that video at the end?

Mick Foley: I don't know, Joey, but somethin' tells me we'll be findin' out more about these "Archangels" soon enough. But that main event, tremendous roller coast of a match, and if this was just a sample, can you imagine what'll it'll be like at Wrestlution, with eight other world-class athletes in the ring with these two? I can't wait!

Punk gets his armed raise in triumph to a huge pop from his hometown crowd, and he looks out with a grin on his face at Chicago. He forms the "X" with his arms again, then proceeds to leave the ring, high-fiving members of his biggest fanbase as he heads up the ramp. Meanwhile, Christian's on his knees in the middle of the ring, looking up at Punk with a very angry look on his face. He gets up, and the crowd pops for him as well, but this only makes him angrier, yelling at them to "Shut up!" Punk stands atop the stage with a smirk as he watches Cage, then motions crosses his arms again, and the first-ever NeXus ends.

- Finale -

- Quick Results -
- Jimmy Jacobs (w/ Allison Wonderland) df. Kenny Omega -
- Motor City Machine Guns vs. The Hooliganz went to a Draw -
- Shannon Moore df. Juventud Guerrera -
- MsChif df. Roxxi and Cheerleader Melissa -
- CM Punk df. Christian Cage -

- XXX -

Well, here it is. My first non-WWE show. Here, I worked with many characters I never had before, and with that in mind, I'm very proud to say that I feel this is some of my strongest work yet. I realize that the show's very long, but I feel that as I settle in more with NXG, they'll start to be shorter. I've got a lot of plans for this thread, and I won't be going anywhere, so thanks to all that have followed along so far,

Your Humble Booker, Mikey

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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling


Despite never being able to keep my own BTBs up and running, I still lurk around the forums reading others' work. I've always been a fan of your WWE, and I must say that this new BTB looks incredible so far, and -- oh heck I'm gonna quit rambling and get to the show!

~ The opening segment was exactly what it should have been. I loved your writing of Mikey Alvarez, as you made him seem like a legit wrestling fan instead of some businessman with nothing better to do than try out this "pro wrestling" thing. I also liked the explanations for what was to come later in this show and at the PPV. Good Lord, London and Kendrick V. The Guns!?!? TONIGHT!?!?! I knew I would mark out for this fed, but I didn't think it would be this soon. I kinda hope this one goes to the ten minute draw so I can read two matches between these guys. This segment was a little lengthy, but honestly it had to be considering everything you have going on. Very good random drawing for the main event, should be an excellent read.

~ Foley and Styles on commentary is a great thing. Could Mrs. Foley's baby boy be foreshadowing a return when he says he's retired "for now"? I'm not very familiar with either of the guys involved in your first match, but I guess that's a good thing since this is a fed about showcasing new talent. This seemed like a good back and forth match. I don't really know what to make of the ending, but it gave one guy a clean win without burrying the other, so I don't think there's much to complain about.

~ Good Guns promo. It was pretty short, but to the point. They got their heel points for picking on the hometown, they addressed their match for later, and addressed their match for the PPV all while being their awesome,arrogant selves.

~ Hmmm...I thought you might be going somewhere with the finish of the first match, and apparently I was right. This seems interesting...

~ Good Punk promo. I liked how you got straight edge in there, as that is a HUGE part of Punk's character. There were some interesting vibes between he and Mickie James as well, I'm anxious to see where you go with that.

~ Awesome! A ten minute draw means mors Guns/Hooligans awesomeness next week. I really liked how you described the Guns innovative teamwork, and lets the Hooligans get in enough offense to look like a threat. I realize that only one of these teams will make it to the PPV, but hopefully the can feud sometime in the future...hopefully for the NXG tag team titles.

~ Ok RVD promo. I kept expecting someone to interrupt it honestly, so I was surprised to see him get a promo that didn't really seem to advance any storyline. I guess I understand wanting to get a big name guy on your first show, but to me this segment was just kinda there.

~ The Goldberg/Booker segment was kinda what I was looking for in the RVD segment. You get your big names on your first show, plus you also plant a seed for a future storyline as these two could easily go onto a feud based on this exchange.

~ I really enjoyed the Juvi and Moore match. It seemed very fast paced and action packed, and could have easily gone either way. I'm a Moore fan so I'm glad he went over here, but this match was still a strong showing for both men. Very good stuff here.

~ I must say I enjoyed the mini-Cribs episode with Gregory Helms. I like this "made man" character, and throwing in his real life girlfriend was a sweet boost to the whole thing. I'm loving this character, and hopefully it will lead to greater things that the superhero gimmick.

~ As with your first match, I'm not really familiar with the participants for the women's match. However, I still enjoyed the match and this seems like a promising start for the women's division.

~ Sean O'Haire? YES! I loved that guy. I'm glad your bringing him into this fed, and by the looks of this video package, you seem to have the perfect gimmick for him.

~ I'm assuming Christian is heel by his promo, which is definatley not a bad thing. He did a good job running down his opponents for the PPV in a promo similar The Rock's before the Armageddon Hell in a Cell match back in the day. I thought he could've done a better job ripping into Punk, but other than that this was a solid promo.

~ The AJ/Ashton segment was pretty pointless to me, but I understand what you're doing in trying to get big names on your first show.

~ Really strong main event. Both men looked great in a very back and forth match. Definatley a good free TV main event. I also loved how the Archangel thing didn't interfere with the finish of the match, as that really didn't need to happen during your first main event.

OVERALL: Very solid first show. The matches were great, especially Moore/Juvi, the ladies triple threat, and the main event. The MCMGs going to a draw with Londrick was exactly the right call, and hopefully it doesn't end with one team moving to the PPV. Much can also be said for storyline development in this show. A ton of interesting angles were started, including Kenny Omega's crush on Allison Wonderland, Booker and Goldberg's friendly rivalry, and the awesome character directions of Gregory Helms, Sean O'Haire, and the Archangels. There were only a couple things that felt out of place to me, and those included the RVD promo and the AJ/Ashton Kutcher interraction. I didn't really see a point to either of those besides gettting the people involved on the first show. However, other than those minor things this was a very strong first showing for NXG, and I will definatley be reading and reviewing more.

All my unrealistic expectations of WWE and TNA are met...or I can actually get the ball rolling on a BTB project whichever comes first!
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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling

WOW Mikey show was amazing. I never read your stuff before but this was a nice little treat. Well I'm going to review it.

Opening Segment: It was a nice little background mapping out everything that will be taking place. Some of the matches that you announed sound good, so lets get right into this.

Jacobs v Omega: Really good opening match but Kenny was distracted so I don't really know how legit this win for Jimmy Jacobs is but none the less he moves on. Great opening bout.

MCMG Promo- Nice promo out of them. Dissing the Chicago area, and all of it was pretty true. Good use of character I'm they are clearly getting alot of heat on them with this. Moving it Detroit I don't think would be better but that's just my opinion. Great promo by them can't wait for their tag match.

Kenny/Allison promo: Wow so ur already starting an angle with a girl in it. Interesting but not a suprised anxious to see where it goes.

Punk/Mickie: Punk promo written excellent. Right now I guess he's a face, since he was given Mickie some good vibes and she is given him some good vibes back. Another interesting promo I'm anxious to see you expand on in the next episode.

MCMG/Londrick: Wow it ends in draw. I like it because these are two strong teams so it easy to understand why you did it. As much as I would of liked a winner, this is still good booking in my book.

RVD Promo: This was a promo that I was indifferent about. I love RVD, and it was a good promo for him, but I want to see how stuff develops with him in the upcoming weeks to really see how you handle him in this thread.

Booker/Goldberg: FIVE TIME FIVE TIME FIVE TIME LOL, no pretty good nice short promo which if none of these guys come out champion they can stem into this feud which I would like to see. Booker T's attitude really showed and it was good in character for me man.

Moore/Juice: Wow pretty interesting match. Well written however very surprised Moore got the win, but if you have big plans for him, it would be pretty cool, since he has always been underappreciated.

Helms Hype video/Promo: Very descriptive promo man, and I like this Gregory Helms. The ignorant, Gregory Helms, and with Talia Madison aka Velvet Sky (right??) I like him even more. This was an excellent promo, and you have me sold that he will be the next champion.

Divas match: Well written, but I do not know any of these divas, so I can't really comment on it.

Sean O'Haire: I stopped watching wrestling when he was big. Solid promo though, can't wait to see what you do with him. The Chosen One is a strong title to hold over your head, and hopefully he is the chosen one.

Christian Cage promo: Interesting you added the Cage to his name, but since he is a heel, which I like alot, it was a smart move. Christian very cocky, but might be eating his words saying that he is going to beat Punk. Afterall we are in Chicago the home town guy can't lose can he?

AJ/ASHTON: I thought this was a really good promo. Sure it was a bit out there but it provided some comic relief. SHort and to the point.

Main Event: And CM Punk is able to pull it out in a very competitive match. Archangels, who the hell are they that was pretty interesting however I didn't like it in the middle of the main event. Maybe earlier in the evening would of been good, but I wasn't feeling it in the main event.

Overall: Wow Mikey what a great first show. You had some great character developement, and the storyline with Book, and Goldberg, and Kenny/Allison are very good. Right now I'm really interested to see how you develope Helms out of everyone. I always liked heel, Helms, and after his promo I really want to see gold around his waist. Can't wait for you next show man. Good luck and I will continue to read.

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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling

Nigeís Nexus Feedback

Iíve been waiting this for whatís seemed like ages now, and where was the PM to let me know it was up huh?

Anyways, the show. I have to say that I didnít really feel the opening promo. Maybe thatís because you hogged most of it and it sounded a bit like a guest host from Raw opening it up with some Ďglad to be hereí speech. Iím not a fan of people putting themselves in to a show, and even more so when you have Bischoff & Heyman in the mix. Those two could and should have talked the company up, but they just seemed to step forward and rattle off a list of names involved in the title situation. That became a bit tedious, kind of like when youíre at school listening to the register or roll call if thatís what you call it. You just switch off to it. There was no real excitement about the company with the focus fully being on the championships. With that said, two matches did catch my attention. Those being London & Kendrick versus The Guns and Christian versus CM Punk. They are two huge matches for sure.

Iím not an ROH fan, so I didnít have a clue about the talents of Kenny Omega & Jimmy Jacobs. I know them by their reputation and thatís why I tried to get in to this match. I was glad your first match didnít involve a big former WWE or TNA star as this needs to feel fresh, something Iíve been worried about since the rosters were posted. Because I donít know them, it was just a series of moves but a well structured and entertaining match. As for Allison, who knows?!

Sweet, ever so sweet promo from The Guns. It looks like having the show in Chicago gives them a damn good reason to be heels and take advantage of the situation they find themselves in. You know Iím a realism guy, so Iím bound to have problems believing TNA and WWE let some of their big names go just like that and keep their own names that will have been trademarked. Looking past that, I was very happy to see that The Guns look to have a promising future in NXG judging by that promo.

The ever enjoyable side of Colt Cabana was present, and thatís the main characteristic Iíd like to think suits him best. The little shoulder shake did a lot to describe his personality, but what caught my attention was the chat between Kenny & Allison after what happened earlier in his match with Jacobs. I guess itís setting something up for the future, and if so, itís off to a start, albeit a slow one with no real reason to relate back to it. Itíll be hard to pick up on from that, and it didnít really change anything from what happened in the match.

I love the honest, straight talking Punk, and Iím happy thatís how heíll be used from a character standpoint in this thread. Talking up the competition and how he thrived on it made it seem real and easy to get in to. Mickieís little segments with Punk remind me of how they were thrust together in Reimagined, although I think theyíll have more freedom here as theyíre now the big fishes in a small pond. Putting them together makes sense if you have plans for that.

The moment I saw the words ďTen Minute Time LimitĒ, the outcome was obvious. Thatís not that I donít think it was the right decision because I think it works. It shows that both teams are damn good and that thereís little between them. The match was high energy as you would expect from them and considering it was the first show with an exciting match needed to keep people hooked in to the show. Liking this. It has serious, and I mean serious potential.

How many promos? Wow, we could have a whole lot more by the end of this show. Since itís the first show, you need them and I wasnít complaining after this one from RVD. This is what you need to get people excited, and it helped make up for the lacklustre hype the opening promo did. You showed why RVD is a good talker, and referring to his wife kicking cancerís ass was brilliant. That emphasised his character very well. Great promo Mikey.

I was about to say that weíre going to have a load of main event babyfaces judging by the promos so far, but it looks like the seeds have been planted between Booker & Goldberg. Thatís the right call in my mind, and Booker did seem way too polite with Goldberg in the early going. If these two go at it, then you have a good feud with potential on your hands.

Not really a fan of Shannon Moore or Juvy as I just think Moore lacks charisma, but he does have ability as you showed here. Itís hard to get behind someone with little personality but weíll see what happens. Decent match and a good win for Moore.

This is quite a character change for Gregory Helms, and Iím on the fence right now. Heís a boy right out of North Carolina who has always been presented in a scruffy manner, so itís hard to buy in to such a change. He has the talent and with Talia by his side, it helps. It was written well but Iím just not sure about it right now. Itíll take a while to see how it goes.

Donít know a single thing about MsChif whereas I do about Roxxi & Melissa. It wasnít as much of a surprise that the one I knew got the win, and by spraying mist too! I can get a feel for her character from that, and you have me interested in her, thatís for sure.

Not another Sean OíHaire fan. I never saw the hype in him, and Iíve watched back a couple of times to see if I could change my mind, but I just donít. I thought it was Raven in the manner of the promo and how it was produced. The dark side of it certainly had him written all over it, and it was a damn good promo. It was just a pity it was OíHaire at the end of it. It looks like youíve got plans for him, and this was a good way to build him up.

Great promo from Christian, and thatís one less in the babyface column now. I wasnít expecting him to be a jerk right off the bat, but I donít have a problem with it. There were some terrific insults in there about Goldberg and puberty as well as the line about Leticia not being on a street corner. Youíve set Christian up to be the top heel by the looks of it, and if he screws Punk over in Chicago tonight, then heíll be there.

Time for another ďHi, my name isĒ promo, and itís AJís turn. I understand why youíre doing it as itís a first show, but I donít think you needed to focus on the big guys as much as you have since everyone will already know them. Mixing him up with Ashton Kutcher seemed a bit pointless really. I donít see Kutcher getting involved in the company, and Iíd be pissed if he did since he or ĎThe Farmhandí as he calls himself is an absolute cock. The promo didnít really do anything for AJ but get his name on the show.

The main event was kind of a disappointment. The Archangels promo is obviously something you have big plans for, and it sort of ruined this big match. It was going okay, but after they restarted, it just was a case of a kick out and a reversal to win. It made Christian look weak to lose after a big impact move and then easily to a guy who countered after that move to take down Christian, who unlike Punk was fresh but couldnít counter. It came right out of nowhere and I didnít like that bringing this show down. Christian telling the fans to shut up after was a bit meh too as it looked like it was a desperation move to get heat when you could have left Punk to soak up the ovation and have Christian get his heat back properly next week as he looked quite stupid here.

Overall there were some really strong points like the London & Kendrick/Guns match, and most of the matches were very strong. The main event was the exception to that, but the promos were mainly strong too. The opener was weak though I have to say. That should have been full throttle and it wasnít. Putting those together, the start and the end of the show were possibly the most disappointing. I thought some of the promos, namely AJís were pointless and there just to get them on the show when they could have been thrown in to another mix that would have done something for them. Thereís potential and as itís a first show, itís a lot different and just the start of things to come, so itís hard to judge how itís going to pan out just from this.

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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling

The Opening Promo

The opener was solid. There was one thing that really hindered it for me, and that was Mikey Alvarez being an on-screen character. Bischoff and Heyman is definitely enough, and it’d be better if you stayed as an off-screen guy writing from your own perspective or something, because I can’t envisage you and stuffs. Speaking of The Bisch and Paul.E, they should have spoken a lot more. If you turn youself into Mr. Alvarez, start a kiss-my-ass club, and script yourself in wild sex-scenarios with all of the female talent, I won’t be impressed. The way you announced all the title situations was good, but I’m hating Team 3D in NXG. Not a fan of that at all to be honest. Looking at them now is bad enough, but in May 2010 I can only imagine how out of shape and stale they will be. Nevertheless, I’ll see where you take it, and here’s hoping that The Briscoe’s, who are awesome, get the win. Oh, and I didn’t like the ruling of ‘if time expires, we replay the match’ at all. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Not a fan of the women’s division, but hey, that’s my own sexist opinion. Won’t be commenting on them in the future I’m afraid. The selection for the main-event was good and I like the concept of them all being former champions. However, I didn’t like two of the guys. Raven – out of shape and barely wrestling here in 2009, so I don’t particularly imagine him wrestling main-stream next year. Booker T, well, he could go in May 2010 but I’ve hated him in TNA so no doubt I will loathe him in NXG. Your writing is good but of the decisions I didn’t like.

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Kenny Omega

Oh man, this match would be one hell of a treat to see irl, so an exceptional choice to kick things off on NeXus. One thing I want to say before I forget is that I really enjoyed your writing of the commentators before-hand. It was only brief, but I liked the chemistry between Foley and Styles. I lol’d at Foley’s possible return from retirement, and I can actually see it happening in NXG in some capacity. The match was written really well and it was an enjoyable length. I can see now that you’re very talented at both aspects of writing. The ending, I was very confused by. Is Omega shy around girls or something? Lol! Anyway, it was a good way to end the match without disgracing Kenny, and a big win for Jacobs.

Motor/Murder (it’s interchangeable) City Machine Guns Promo

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this. The chemistry and writing between the two was unbelievable! Their characters are nothing short of great, and they were very funny to read. I see them as the modern-day E and C, so it’ll be interesting in time to see where you take them in that respect. There match tonight with another awesome tag-team will be great. Oh, and I mark for Shelley in particular, just for future references/changing the way you book him.

Colt Cabana, Kenny Omega and Allison Wonderland Backstage

Colt was on form, and I was really into anything he had to say. He’s very talented so I can envisage some good, and if nothing else, funny, moments from him. Kenny’s character became more apparent when Allison came over. I don’t know whether that’s his gimmick IRL or anything but it’s pretty damn hilarious in NXG. Luckily he’s young enough to be able to ‘grow up’ if you will in the future and become a more serious competitor, but until then, it cracks me up. I was expecting Allison to be a bit more of a bitch, but it didn’t happen.

CM Punk Interview

I was in a state of disbelief when I first started reading. Could it be, Mikey, that you chose the single most annoying interviewer in the history of mankind? Could it!?!? No, it couldn’t, as I then realised that you chose Leticia, not Lauren. Haha. Nice interview here, nothing overly amazing but to be honest these kind of interviews generally never are with CM Punk. He’s at his best when he’s in the middle of the ring cutting a promo. I didn’t understand the need for him to state how he’s straight-edge I must say, as it didn’t really make sense at the time. Why, I don’t know, but I marked for Mickie James and CM Punk. Never been interested in her wrestling, but the two of them along with Julio Dinero were a part of Raven’s Gathering back in TNA in 2003, which I personally think was amazing. Live sex celebration after Punk’s win tonight? Hmm.

The Hooliganz vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

One thing I want to address right off of the bat – GAY BAR by ELECTRIC SIX? Hilarious song, but I’ve gotta say it makes for an indy feel to the whole thing. This is bankrolled by THE DONALD (~!!) goddamnit. Get a producer to cook up some original themes or something. Anyways, the match. Irl this would be, like the opener, a treat. The match was written well as was the first, but the finish was the most important aspect. I liked it. Good variation between the first two matches of the night (a win then a draw) and I now expect the second of the tag-team matches to finish with a win. A nice ending with The Guns talking at them.

Rob Van Dam Promo

Good to see you went with RVD’s original theme song. Luckily it’s actually on Breaking Point’s album and as far as I know their own, so that’s always handy as it’s very familiar. For the record, Breaking Point are a good band and I recommend you listen. “A different kind of high” – just picked that out to state how it was a good start to the promo. Really realistic how he mentioned his wife, so nice touch. The rest of it I really liked. I wasn’t sure how you would write him, but the whole ‘casucal RVD’ thing really worked well here. If anything, it could have gone on a touch longer.

Booker T and Goldberg Backstage

Booker was written well and in-character, whilst Goldberg was calm and pretty cautious. Not sure what to make of him going as far as hugging Booker, but hey, I’m just trying to find something to rag on, so gimme’ a break. It flowed nicely enough through-out, though I didn’t like Sharmell having to talk, or actually be there. However it all made sense when she went and pissed off Goldberg, and then Booker made it worse. I think it went from being a happy moment to a stare-down too quickly though. It could have been less heated, but hey, it’s history now.

Shannon Moore vs. Juventud Guerrera

I’m not sure what to make of Juvy anymore. I mean, he was great back in the day, but I’m not sure how good he is now and would be in 2010. Anyway, the right man in Shannon Moore went over. Not much to add other than I liked the finish and that the writing was solid throughout. Notice how my comments on your matches are getting shorter as they go on. That’s a good thing, I think. Also, I wouldn’t put Juvy’s error down to his temper, but I see what you meant.

Gregory Helms’ House

This I really liked. At first I thought Helms was portraying a gay man obsessed with fashion but it wasn’t long before all was revealed. I think it was a really nice touch having the cameras at his house, and the way that they cut from scene to scene. Talia Madison as his girlfriend is good, though they recently split so irl (2010) it could be a little awkward. I like Gregory’s gimmick and it’ll be interesting to see where it takes him. One other thing I liked is that you’ve gone for the International Title scene rather than the

The Prophet And Sean O’Haire

This is an intriguing situation. The mood was set very dim and gothically, but the prophet didn’t sound all that evil. Maybe he wasn’t supposed to, but it would have made more sense. Bringing in Sean is okay, but it remains to be Sean whether he’ll be any good in the ring at 39 and the last I saw he was very out of shape. I think he will, but you never know, the wife-beater might irl be in jail or something. Oh well, I’m interested in how The Prophet fits into Sean’s NXG career, and you’ve obviously got a guaranteed reader in WCW Rules, so it’s all good.

Christian Cage Interview

One thing I’d like to recommend is another interviewer. Leticia is great, but maybe just another one for variation. I liked Christian’s attitude to start off; especially enjoyed the remarks about Leticia working on a street-corner and Goldberg’s fans. Now, while the interview wasn’t bad, I feel that he was a little too immature, and more like his 2002 Christian character. If he’s to be a huge star then he needs to grow up a little. It’s no big deal though, as I’m sure that in time he’ll get better. It could have been longer, and he could have spoke more in depth about his opponent tonight. As it’s the inaugural show it doesn’t really matter. It got the point across just fine.

AJ Styles And Ashton Kutcher

This was a mixed bag. It’s gotta be very hard writing AJ Styles in any thread that isn’t TNA. AJ’s whole gimmick is how he was on the first-ever TNA show and how he’s progressed into their top guy by working his way up. Now, the problem here in NXG is that his TNA stuff is irrellavant and now he’s left without a character. There’s not a whole lot that you can do with AJ so I’ll be very interested in how you write him. Something like this, a casual chat, was probably the best way to start off other than him tearing the house down in a match. As for Ashton Kutcher? I liked it. Huge celebrity coming in. He said that he hadn’t watched wrestling in years, but he was a big fan of AJ, lol. Aside from that it was fine. I couldn’t take what Ashton said to seriously because AJ isn’t really that big of a name and there’s no way he would really know him. But hey, it’s all about those casual fans, baby, they’ll believe anything.

CM Punk vs. Christian Cage

I like how you’re still using KSE as his entrance music. I’m not familiar with that particular song, but that’s besides the point. The entrance alone got Christian’s gimmick over well, with his obnoxious antics, so kudos on that. The match itself was decent enough. As we tuned in at the ending it seemed like the action was from pretty early on and it should have probably been slower, with less reversals. Anyway, I’m not really much of a match-reviewer so the big-deal here was with The Archangels. I’m not sure who they are or what their purpose is but obviously they’re very intriguing. If they haven't got anything to do with either Christian or Punk then I don't think they should have debuted during their match. Since this is the first show and I feel that they should have debuted at a later date so to slowly build a solid wrestling show before implementing the outlandish sports-entertainment stuff. It’s similar to Sean O’Haire’s gimmick which may take the uniqueness away from him, unless they are connected in some way? After the video finished and the action returned, the end should have come immediately to give it more significance. Instead though Cage went for a move which wasn’t even his finisher, so that took the importance off of that. Punk wins in a way that doesn’t make Christian look like a chump, so that’s good. Christian sulking adds to what I said earlier about him being immature. It lessens the options when he's not a very serious character.

Overall - I enjoyed this show. I'll admit I was a little unsure of how this would be since I got into your WWE thread very late on, and didn't have much of a clue what was going on. I'm glad to be a part of this from the get-go, and hopefully this baby enjoys a very long stay. You've got a great roster (and Booker T) so the match-quality alone would be very entertaining to watch. I would have liked to see Goldberg more, seeing as he's your biggest name. Hopefully he makes more of an impression next week. I don't have much so say with regards to what you need to improve on. Everything is good how it is with a couple of exceptions, and in time I feel as all the characters develop and feuds start the shows will become more enjoyable.

Rating: C+

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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling

FlyinStyles NeXus Review

Alright first show I'll you a review, by the way the name NeXus seems a little tacky but oh well

The Opening Promo was good, got all the matches out there, I guess my only problem is how did the four guys already qualify for the tournament but the other guys have to qualify? I'm assuming it's a time constraint thing so I guess it can work. A gaunlet on PPV, I almost wished of done like qualifying matches and four way or something at the PPV. I guess it'll with all the names you got in there. Should be good, I hope AJ or Christian wins, but I also won't be shocked to see Punk or RVD take it. Nice main event for tonight and I'm also really looking foward to the tag team match.

The first match was solid, the ending was just kind of weird I'm sure it will lead to an Omega-Jacobs fued which I don't know how good it'd be considering I don't watch too much ROH so I'd be interested to see how YOU book it. But the ending kind of hurt this one

The MCMG promo was very well done, I was like it, it sounded in character but as a mark I would boo being from the Chicago area

I don't get the Cobana-Omega thing because I don't watch too much ROH but I'm assuming their friends there? Either way more Allison-Kenny stuff, drama...

Punk promo was interesting, he's a face? Don't know if I like that or not I think he's a way better heel, possibly a Mickie James hook up, interesting. Maybe he's into the stomach jiggle I guess.

Very, Very good tag match, I guess the time limit draw is ok, I should've expected it when you put the time limit on the match, wouldn't be shocked if Team 3D and the Briscoes ends in a draw too. Overall thought very good match.

Nothing wrong with the RVD promo wouldn't mind seeing him champ but I doubt you would right away because he's been away for so long

Little tension between Goldberg and Booker, interesting. Not sure about Goldberg wrestling he hasn't wrestled in a long time. Please don't push either of them I'd really like it if they just were used to put over guys like AJ Punk and Christian.

Solid match I'd never even heard of the guy who lost, nice win for Moore though he'll be good in the tourney

Nice Helms segment his character is interesting but I like it, I hope he does win the IN titlem he'd do well with it. Also Madison is in an interesting twist, I'd like to see them as couples champions even though I doubt she'll be womens champ.

Aah Mischef wins? I wanted to see Meliisa take that one, I'm not a fan of Mischef or Roxxi. I hope they steal the win leads to a fued though espaically if Mischef wins the belt then Melissa could win the title later on

O'Haire?!?!?! Ugh

Christian's promo was good but why is he heel and Punk face I think it should be the other way around honestly, but it was good promo either way.

The AJ Kutcher segment was interesting, I honestly don't think Ashtun would know who AJ is but that's just me. It wasn't really needed other then to get AJ on TV and make yourself seem big with a celeberity so I guess it made sense booking it but don't do it too much or your company will end, the guys who bring in random celebrities to get big

The main event was a little slow to start but got better who are the Archangels that confused me but could be a good storyline I like it, the ending seemed a little rushed but overall the match was decent.

Overall I got to say I like this, you good talent, you wrote some very nice promos the matches could've been a tad better but I'm being picky it was still all really good. I hope you keep this up it was very enjoyable and I will keep reading 7.5/10

Once upon a time the Pain was brought in 2008.......It will be brought again........


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Re: NXG - NeX Generation Wrestling

NeXus Feedback

Thought I wasnít reading? Ha. While I havenít commented on the backstory, I have skimmed over it, and as a whole, it seemed to be written pretty well. Not sure about the concept of Bischoff and Heyman together if you want to be even slightly realistic, but I donít really care. I think the rosterís much more important, and the roster youíve put together looks strong, so Iíve got pretty high hopes for this.

Interesting that youíve inserted yourself in here to run the show. Iím not too fussed about having a created GM, although I do think by inserting yourself youíre making work hard for yourself, as you really have to establish your character early, and hopefully give him some aspects which make him interesting. The initial stuff from Alvarez was fine, with him declaring himself a former fan and giving us a bit of background for him, making him look like a face from the outset, which initially, is the right move imo. Nice little touch with Kutcher too, as it gives you some mainstream credit right off the bat. Iím not sure about all of the men being mentioned receiving such pops as they wouldnít be very known in the wrestling world, and well, having Bischoff and Heyman come forward to just reel off names wasnít something I thought was really needed. I guess you wanted to get them on the show, although it seemed very weird. Your roster, again is shown to be very strong through these announcements, and I love that youíve done something different in a created fed and had a womenís division. Not sure about the concept between the world title match, as I feel you should be making your own stars, not using former stars, although having guys like Noble in there shows a different type of main event scene which I like. Big main event youíve got announced too, although I think the random element was unnecessary. All in all, a pretty good opening to the show.

I love that the first match in your company is featuring two guys who are both new on the national scene, and just plain own. The match seemed pretty nice, with the action being balanced very nicely. Interesting finish with Omega being interested in Allison which is good both because it could open up to a future storyline, and especially since it means Jimmy Jacobs could be headed to title glory. A good first match for your new company.

Shelley and Sabin were very good from the beginning here, showing a bit of character before totally going heel and using whatever American rivals you have going on over there to their advantage well. I should also note that I really like the chemistry that you had going here between Shelley and Sabin, making them seem very natural with Sabin being able to chip in whenever. I thought that the two could have maybe spent more time talking about their match later, although apart from that this was a very nice backstage segment, and probably one of the better ones Iíve seen from you.

Good to see you getting Cabana on the show since the first showís often about getting the crowd familiar with as many superstars as possible, although I wouldíve liked to have seen some more character from Colt. The stuff between Omega and Allison was very well done though, with what looks like a nice storyline starting up. Good stuff.

Character-wise, Punk was alright from the beginning, although the line about how he doesnít drink, smoke etc just seemed random and thrown in there. Really, it doesnít have anything to do with the gauntlet match. I know you have to introduce the characters, but it seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. Apart from that Punk was fine, in his serious, deadpan manner. Nice to see you using the real life friendship between Mickie and Punk in this BTB too, as it can allow you some storyline possibilities if you wish in the future. The interplay between the two was actually very nice, and getting Punkís Ďluck is for losersí philosophy in there was a pretty sweet move. Nice, solid promo.

The Guns and The Hooliganz is quite possibly a dream match, and itís nice to see you making use of it on your first show. Nice to see some teamwork from The Guns early, as thatís what really makes them own as a tag team. Some counters at the finish after the dives could have added to the excitement, although I guess youíve left some for next time, which we know will happen now.

RVD promo was pretty simple, although I thought you addressed RVDís return to wrestling well. I do think that you missed a possibility here in having no one interrupt Van Dam and establish themself as a major heel by going toe-to-toe with him, talking about the gauntlet match, although hopefully weíll see more of that in the near future.

The stuff between Booker and Goldberg was pretty good here, and I thought you used Sharmell pretty well, although generally she speaks in a bit more of a proper way than Booker. Should be interesting to see how you use Goldberg, as he certainly isnít an easy wrestler to write for in the sense that heís not much on the stick, and his character pretty much demands he dominates. Itíll be interesting to see what you do with him.

Another match with two high-flyers is good to see, as it continues to set your promotion apart from WWE. Some nice quick exchanges leading up to the finish were pretty cool, and Moore getting the win is alright. Itís going to take awhile to remove that jobber stigma that he had from the WWE, although if you push him enough he should seem legit.

Good to see you giving us a new spin to the character of Gregory Helms, rather than him just being the awesomeness that he was in the WWE (even guys as awesome as Helms need a gimmick). Helms as a richboy I guess could work, and with this promo youíve really done a good job of illustrating the life he has well, with his (ex) girlfriend coming in handy for this too. No doubt you can use Helmsí character as a way to create feuds, with him looking down at opponents who arenít as good as him, which is good. Looking forward to seeing what you plan on doing with Helms.

As I said earlier, itís good to see you bringing women to NXG. Not sure about all three women getting good pops, as Roxxiís the only one who has had national exposure under the name sheís using in NXG and is the most recognisable, so youíd think sheíd get the biggest pop of the lot. The action seemed a bit hard to imagine at times early on, with more time being needed on people selling imo, although by the end it all started to flow much better. MsChif getting a dirty win is a good move, as it gets her some heel heat and allows her to really stamp herself on the promotion.

Sean OíHaire? Oh hell yeah. Not sure about this prophet who will be guiding him, but from the sinister grin and facial hair, Iím guessing youíve gone with Jim Mitchell. Very excited for this tbh.

Christian as a heel? Ehh, he works either way, but he has that big star feel coming into a company with him, so I would have expected him as a face. The hooker call was a bit lame, but I guess itís good that youíre really trying to establish him as a heel right off the bat. I think as a whole that the promo seemed a bit forced, and didnít come off so natural, with the bit on Goldberg probably being the best. Christianís definitely a new one for you, and thus far heís probably the guy youíre going to need the most work on. Something to concentrate on.

Not a bad promo to introduce AJ Styles to the audience, using Kutcher well. The only thing that bugged me with this promo is the spelling of phenomenal was wrong (unless you spell it different in the US, though I donít think you guys do ...).

More Killswitch for Punk, eh? Liking some more stuff from The Devil Wears Prada too, which I think popped up somewhere else earlier in the show (canít remember where and Iíve already deleted the earlier bits since I review on word). Good music taste there, Mikey. Action was strong up until the video, which is certainly interesting. My only concern is that this group and Jim Mitcheel (if it is indeed him guiding Sean OíHaire) may seem a bit too similar character-wise. Iím definitely interested in this group though, and who the members are. The finish to the match was alright, although I thought a few more counters wouldíve added to the excitement, especially for your first main event. Punk getting the win really sets him up as a star, while Cage crying after the match continues to put him in a negative light. Interesting way to finish things off, especially with that video.

A first show outside of WWE is always going to be challenging, especially when writing a created fed, which is usually based around being different to the WWE, and I think that as a whole you did a pretty good job of it. A lot of introductions, although that was to be expected on a first show. As a whole, the promos were all pretty good, with Christian needing the most work as I said earlier. Match-wise, things were pretty good, although getting a few of your bigger stars on the show couldnít have hurt, especially someone like Jamie Noble, who while competing for the world title at your first Pay-Per-View, didnít even manage to eek out an appearance here. As a whole, I think youíve set yourself some solid foundations to be built upon, which will hopefully will happen for a long time to come. Good work.

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