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Learning to break kayfabe
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World Championship Wrestling

The World’s number one wrestling promotion, World Wrestling Entertainment, owns the rights and video libraries to many of professional wrestlings’ past organizations – from World Class Championship Wrestling to the American Wrestling Association, from Extreme Championship Wrestling to World Championship Wrestling. After spending millions of dollars to purchase the rights to these organizations, then-billionaire Vincent Kennedy McMahon reaped the benefits through DVDs and on-air specials. Much like every company in America, the economic crisis took its toll on the WWE empire and McMahon found himself to only be a millionaire. With the economy in shambles, McMahon found himself doing all sorts of outlandish things to try and garner more interest in the product; however, time and time again his efforts failed. Even attempting to turn his programming into PG-13 friendly shows, McMahon couldn’t gain the attention of the masses and with Mixed Martial-Arts being on the rise, the world of wrestling was in jeopardy. McMahon then felt the only way to bring in more fans was to purchase the rights to Total Non-Stop Action.

Throughout the early part of 2009, WWE and TNA alike would lose some big assets, such as Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Christian Cage, and even Sting. Many other wrestlers either requested their release or were let go, predominantly within WWE. At WWE’s biggest show of the year, WrestleMania 25, then-Intercontinental Champion, John “Bradshaw” Layfield lost his title to Rey Mysterio in under a minute; following the match, Layfield quit the company on camera, this being the storyline due to him actually requesting his release from WWE. Mysterio quickly dropped the belt the next night on RAW, as that was his final match for McMahon’s WWE. Rumors began running rampant that Layfield was in cahoots with Danny Davis, owner of Ohio Valley Wrestling, a former WWE developmental system, to try and turn OVW into a premiere federation. Turns out that Layfield was actually going to make an offer to Vince McMahon that he couldn’t refuse; sell the rights to the World Championship Wrestling name.

After several months of trying to acquire the rights to TNA through Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett, Vince McMahon finally cracked after not being able to pull through. He laid the offer out on the table to Layfield to purchase wCw. The WWE stock dropped dramatically within days, which worried a lot of the employees of the federation, as many stockholders began selling their shares of the company. McMahon had to do the unthinkable and let go several talents; to make sure that the ‘E’ wouldn’t go bankrupt. McMahon then dropped the pricing of wCw in hopes that Layfield would purchase the rights quickly. Several days later, Layfield and McMahon signed the dotted line; John Layfield was the new owner of World Championship Wrestling, as of June 1st, 2009. To the excitement of the wrestling World, Layfield and McMahon planned on having an angle begin, to help kick start wCw.

Later on in June at Night of Champions, Layfield made his WWE return during the World Heavyweight Championship bout between CM Punk and Jeff Hardy, when he came into the ring and laid both men out with a couple of Clotheslines from Hell. Layfield got on the microphone and announced that the big gold championship belt was no longer owned by Punk and WWE. As of this moment, he has dubbed the World Heavyweight Championship the wCw World Championship and if anyone was interested in obtaining it, they’d have to support the wCw banner. Layfield then crowned himself the first-ever wCw World Champion to end the pay-per-view.

The following week, McMahon announced that WWE would be dropping ECW on SyFy, as well as SMACKDOWN!, due to MyNetworkTV going bankrupt. This would leave SUPERSTARS and RAW to be the only shows left. He also claimed that this wouldn’t stop WWE from trampling all over wCw, once again. Layfield began making appearances on RAW, antagonizing CM Punk to come after the wCw World Championship and after several verbal attacks, CM Punk announced that he would be heading to wCw to challenge Layfield for the Championship at their premiere event in September. Layfield was very pleased with this and convinced Punk to represent the wCw name in a bout at Summerslam, when he faced off against WWE poster boy, John Cena. Layfield told Punk that if he didn’t win, he wouldn’t get to challenge for the wCw Championship at wCw Gold Rush!

At Summerslam, not only did Punk face off against John Cena, but WWE unified the US Championship with the Intercontinental Championship, when Dolph Ziggler defeated Jack Swagger. In what was an amazing match between Cena and Punk, it almost came to an end in such a disappointing way, as Layfield tried to cost Punk the match by attacking Cena, but fortunately Cena tossed Layfield out of the ring, but was met with a kick to the head from Punk, followed by the GTS for the three-count! Punk then told Layfield that the championship was his, as he walked to the back.

The night after Summerslam, Layfield announced that wCw would be leaving WWE and would debut wCw Saturday Night in September. In a farewell of sorts, John Cena came out from the back and laid Layfield out with the Attitude Adjustment to the pleasure of the fans! They then chanted, ‘na, na, na, na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye!’ as Layfield woozily left the arena. As Cena celebrated, the wCw Army, consisting of Nick and Matt Johnson, Brian Kendrick and Ken Anderson, attacked Cena laying him out with some heavy shots and Kendrick hitting Sliced Bread #2 to the former World Champion.
World Championship Wrestling begins now… September 2009.
-A New Breed Rising-

John Layfield made several announcements regarding the launch of World Championship Wrestling - wCw Saturday Night would premiere on Saturday, September 5th on the Versus network; wCw Gold Rush would be live on pay-per-view, Sunday September 20th; and that there would be no ties with World Wrestling Entertainment, Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling or Ring of Honor. It was also reported that Layfield purchased several trademarks from WWE, such as the rights to the “Dudley” name, “Bam Neely”, “Pricele$$”, “Hardyz”, and a few others. Layfield ended his press conference noting that WWE, nor TNA, nor RoH will be a block in the road of the new wCw.
The Championships:
wCw World Champion
1. John Layfield (06.28.09)
--awarded championship by self

wCw United States Champion


wCw World Tag Team Champions


wCw World Television Champion
1. Charlie Haas (09.05.09)
--won a 10-Man Battle Royal for the vacant championship

Chapter 1: A New Breed Rising
Part I – The Gold Rush Begins…

WEEK 1 [09.05.09]

A video package highlighting the illustrious history of World Championship Wrestling opened the return of wCw Saturday Night. The video displayed past wCw World Champions, such as Ric Flair, Sting, Hulk Hogan, Harley Race, Ron Simmons, Big Van Vader, Bill Goldberg, Bret Hart, Randy Savage and ending with John Layfield holding the title belt high in the air. The video got a great reaction from the crowd until Layfield showed up on the screen, as the cheers turned to jeers.

Layfield then made his way out to the wCw ring for the very first time. He grabbed a mic and started belittling the old wCw, saying it was only a home for old folks and people that didn’t want to give up their spot at the top of the card. He mentioned Bash at the Beach 2000 and how Hulk Hogan was such a selfish son of a bitch. He spoke about David Arquette winning the wCw World Heavyweight Championship and how disgusting that was, nevermind Vince Russo capturing the gold. He then made it clear that the old wCw was dead and that that promotion will NOT live on in the name any longer. He said it was time to start a new era in the lifeline of wCw, and that it was the time that the new breed would rise! The fans were definitely undecided on whether they liked the idea of Layfield riding on the coattails of the wCw-name to help out his upstart promotion.

Layfield continued on with announcing the United States Championship 8-Man Tournament to begin immediate, as well as a mini-tournament for the World Tag Team Championship. He also declared that the Television Title would return in a 10-Man Battle Royal, and reminded us that the TV Title would be defended every time wCw is on television. He then turned his attention to Gold Rush and CM Punk. He told Punk that he doesn’t have a chance against the owner of wCw, the Wrestling God, the World Champion. However, just to make sure Punk is ready to face Layfield in just 3 weeks, he scheduled Punk to face Pricele$$ in the main event. He tells everyone not to worry because he plans to make his return to the ring next week against a returning wCw employee; Shannon Moore. He told Punk that he has it much easier than him, but he plans to prevail next week. As Layfield began to exit, Punk came onto the jumbotron.

Punk let Layfield know that Pricele$$ may be a hump in the road, but they definitely won’t keep him from capturing the World Championship in three weeks. Punk says that Rhodes and DiBiase won’t be the only ones going to sleep, at which point Layfield began yelling at the jumbotron and Punk, telling him he can’t talk to him that way.

The first match of the new wCw featured the crowning of the TV Champion in a 10-Man Battle Royal, which included Colt Cabana, Charlie Haas, Brian Kendrick, D-Von Dudley, James Gibson, Shannon Moore, Chavo Guerrero, Matt Johnson, Nick Johnson and Brett DiBiase. The final four in the ring were James Gibson, Charlie Haas, Colt Cabana and Brian Kendrick. Kendrick was the first eliminated when Cody Rhodes ran down to the ring and distracted Kendrick, allowing Cabana to butt-thump him over the top. Rhodes and Kendrick proceeded to trade hits up the ramp, until officials broke the two up. Back in the ring, Charlie Haas hit a trifecta of German Suplexes on Gibson, before he and Cabana eliminated Gibson. The final two, Cabana and Haas, tore the house down with some tight technical wrestling. The ending only came when Cabana had Haas on the top rope for what seemed like a Superplex and Haas tossed Cabana out with a top-rope Northern Lights Suplex for the win and the TV Title!

The next match was the first of four in the US Title Tournament, featuring long-time wCw mainstay, William Regal and Paul London. This was a battle of technicality versus aerial maneuvering, as Regal tried to keep the high-flying London on the ground. The match had a nice back-and-forth atmosphere going on as Regal one-upped everything London had to offer on the ground and London connecting with all his aerial offense. The ending came as a surprise, to London, as Regal swatted away a Dropsault and quickly locked in the Regal Stretch for a quick submission victory.

As Regal got his armed raised, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes ran down to the ring and went after the grounded London. DiBiase locked in the Million Dollar Dream as Rhodes connected with body shots. Regal watched on as Brian Kendrick came running down the ramp to even the odds and help out his former tag team partner! Kendrick grabbed a chair and chased Pricele$$ out of the ring before tending to London. Kendrick picked up a mic and said that next week, the Londrick Express want to make a full-fledged return and take out Pricele$$. In return, Cody Rhodes told Kendrick that he attacked him earlier to play mind games. He said that Pricele$$ want to make their mark in wCw and what is a better way to do that than defeat one of the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions ever. DiBiase stepped in and said that they were only champions because booking didn’t have anything good to do with them, but next week, they’re going to be booked to see the end of their careers.

We’re then taken to Lance Cade, now a money-wielding Cowboy (much like Layfield) talking to Giant Bernard in the back. Cade offered Bernard a wad of cash to help ensure Cade gains the US Title at Gold Rush. Bernard seemed to accept and told Cade the US Title wasn’t even in his sights right now; tearing apart wCw was his main priority.

In the second US Title Tournament bout, Rey Mysterio went head-to-head with one of his bitter rivals in Chris Jericho. The two men that have had tremendous battles all over the World, In many different organizations, did it once again on Saturday Night. Both men knowing each other so well, countered everything the other had to offer. After a lengthy battle, Mysterio picked up the win with the 619 after Jericho failed to hit a Running Bulldog, allowing Mysterio to toss him into the ropes and ultimately hit his finishing maneuver. The crowd cheered both men as the match ended, until Jericho took a cheap shot on Mysterio before tossing him out of the ring. Jericho then grabbed a microphone and said he was happy that wCw was no longer going to be catering to the old timers and the midgets. He said that Mysterio may have gotten another lucky win over him, but that will not stop him from becoming the first Grand Slam Champion in this new era of wCw. “It starts now,” Jericho ended the promo with before walking out of the arena.

A video aired showcasing the icon, Sting, showing clips of the ‘surfer’ to the ‘crow’ to the ‘mafia’. As the video ended, Sting came out, face painted and all and said a few words about having accomplished so much in his career and that he felt that 2009 was going to be his last year in wrestling; until wCw reemerged. He said that he had plans to retire in TNA, but no longer is that true. He made himself who was in wCw and wants to go out in flames in wCw! He said tonight, he begins his Retirement Tour. When he’ll retire, he isn’t sure; but tonight is the beginning of the end. The crowd let out a huge ovation for the man they call Sting.

The third US Title Tournament was next, as we saw Giant Bernard face Christian Cage. Before the match even started, Bernard hit Christian with a Big Boot to the temple, seemingly knocking Cage out. After the bell rang, Bernard planted Cage with the Bernard Driver. Instead of making the cover, he took Cage to the outside before walking off to the back, as Christian tried to get back in the ring before the ten-count, however, he failed and the match ended in a Double Count-out. After regaining composure, Cage got on the mic and told the crowd that he may have lost his chance to win the US Title, but that won’t keep him from winning some other gold, to the crowds delight.

Backstage, we see Paul London and Brian Kendrick talking about their full-time reunion next week. The two, who haven’t been together since early 2008, promised one another that they would be at the top of wCw with Tag Team gold. Chris Jericho, walking by, overheard the conversation and had a few things to say, like how next week these hooligans will be nothing but fly guts on the wall. Kendrick got in Jericho’s face, telling him that once they were finished with Pricele$$ next week, that Jericho and his mystery partner could take the next ride on the Londrick Express. Jericho cockily walked away and told him that the Express was going to hit a brick wall, the Walls of Jericho, to which London and Kendrick both chuckled.

In the final match of the Quarter-Finals of the US Title Tournament, the new self-made millionaire, Lance Cade battled Matt Hardy! Hardy brought his A-game to the ring, as he threw everything at the tough redneck. Hardy, having the advantage most of the match, was about to end it with the Twist of Fate, until Giant Bernard came down to the ring. Hardy, dropping Cade, started yelling at Bernard to leave, as he began to enter the ring. Cade managed to grab the referee’s attention as Bernard nailed Hardy right between the eyes with a right-fist. Bernard then almost instantly hit him with the Bernard Driver before leaving the ring. Cade ran over to the Hardy, as the referee seemed thoroughly confused, picked him up and dropped him down with the Redneck Millionaire Bomb (Sit-out Spinebuster Pin) for the three-count!

We’re taken backstage to Layfields’ office where he announced that Lance Cade would be getting a bye straight to the finals of the US Title Tournament, thanks to Giant Bernard. He then said to punish Bernard; he’s putting him against Matt Hardy next week, as he chuckled. Also, the Tag Team Title mini-tournament will begin, as Londrick Express goes against Pricele$$ and the Young Bucks will face the Dudley Boyz! The camera zoomed in on the boss, as he put the wCw Championship over his shoulder; he then wished CM Punk ‘good luck’ in his upcoming match.

The main event saw the #1 contender for the wCw Championship, CM Punk go against Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, in Pricele$$. Rhodes told the referee to make sure London and Kendrick don’t interfere, or else he’s going to make sure Layfield fires his ass. The match began to Punk’s delight, as it was contested under Tag Team Rules. Punk made quick work of Rhodes, but DiBiase made the save. DiBiase didn’t keep the advantage long, as Punk reversed a Suplex into a Brain Buster. As he made the pinfall, Layfield came on the screen and announced that the match was to be decided under Tornado Tag Rules. Rhodes took advantage of this, breaking up the pin with a swift kick to the head. For the next few moments, Pricele$$ seemed to have the upper hand, until Rhodes accidentally nailed DiBiase with a Crossbody, when Punk moved. Punk took a distraught Rhodes up on his shoulders and hit the Go To Sleep! He made the cover and scored the victory! Or so he though… as Layfield came back on the jumbotron and announced that this was supposed to be contested under Elimination Rules. Punk, getting angry, turned around to DiBiase and a Jawbreaker. DiBiase made one mistake and wound up getting berated with swift kicks to the mid-section, allowing Punk to regain his composure. The ending finally came when Punk had DiBiase up on his shoulders for the Go To Sleep, when out of nowhere, Ted DiBiase, Sr. slid into the ring and locked Punk in the Million Dollar Dream!

As the Million Dollar Man had Punk in the Dream, Ted Jr. and Cody Rhodes began beating on Punk. Layfield then made his way down to the ring, but was passed by the Londrick Express, coming to extract revenge on Pricele$$! London and Kendrick seemed to have the advantage, until Layfield got involved and nailed both men with his title belt. Punk, who was passed out in the center of the ring, was picked up Ted Jr., who held him for Layfield. Layfield yelled some obscenities at Punk before slapping him right in the face, knocking him onto his back. Punk laid motionless next to London and Kendrick, who were beginning to attempt to get up, as Layfield, Pricele$$ and the Million Dollar Man raised each others’ hands high into the air as they stood tall in the center of the ring to end the first-edition of wCw Saturday Night.

WEEK 2 [09.12.09]

Saturday Night came onto the air with a highlight video of last week’s debut. After recapping the US Title Tournament, the crowning of the first TV Champion and the main event, the video ends with John Layfield, Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes and Ted Jr. standing tall in the center of the ring. A graphic then pops up onto the jumbotron advertising the only US Title Tournament Semi-Finals match; William Regal versus Rey Mysterio.

CM Punk’s music then hit and the Straight-Edge Superstar made his way out to the ring and to our surprise, his ribs were taped up. Punk gets on the mic and talks about last weeks attack from Pricele$$ and Layfield. He mentions that he has a couple of cracked ribs, but he’ll definitely be at ringside for Layfield’s return to the ring tonight… against Shannon Moore. He made it clear that wCw doesn’t need a World Champion that can’t put on a 5-star match much like himself. Punk signs off with a stare into the camera, telling Layfield that he was better than him.

The first match of the night saw the Young Bucks go head-to-head with the Dudley Boyz in the first match of the mini-tournament to crown the wCw World Tag Team Champions at Gold Rush. The young duo tried their hardest against the grizzled veterans, but the Dudley’s just seemed to be a bit too much for the Johnson’s. The ending of the match came when D-Von had Nick up for the 3D, but instead of Bubba completing the move, Matt caused Bubba to topple over the top! Matt crawled back into the ring before he rammed his shoulder into D-Von’s knee, allowing Nick to roll him up into a Small Package for the upset! Matt helped Nick to the outside as the two headed towards the back while D-Von and Bubba began accusing one another for the loss.

Back in John Layfield’s office, Pricele$$, along with the Million Dollar Man, are pumping Layfield up for his in-ring return. Ken Anderson then barged into the office, as Pricele$$ got ready to defend their ground. Anderson walked up to Layfield, looked him in the eyes and smirked before telling him that he wanted to retire Sting at Gold Rush. Layfield smiled, and then told him never to barge into his office again. He told Anderson that he can have Sting, but if he loses, then he’s going to be suspended for 60 days. Anderson looked concerned before promising a victory over Sting in two weeks. When Anderson left, Rhodes and DiBiase began talking plans, as they made their way towards the ring.

The next match of the night was the second match in the mini-tournament to crown Tag Team Champions, as we saw the reuniting of Paul London and Brian Kendrick take on Pricele$$, after Rhodes’ attack last week on Kendrick. The match was a fun encounter, as Kendrick and London used their speed, albeit not that much faster than either Rhodes or DiBiase, but fast enough to counter a lot of attacks. A huge spot in the match happened as Kendrick went for a Hurricanrana on DiBiase, but DiBiase blocked it and tossed Kendrick outside with a Powerbomb. London tried to fight Pricele$$ off, but they were too much, as they would double-team him over and over again. Hardly caring, DiBiase and Rhodes continued their onslaught off London, as the referee counted the mandatory five-count and disqualified Pricele$$, giving the Londrick Express the win!

That didn’t stop the beat down, as Pricele$$ continued to double-team London. Kendrick slowly gets up on the outside but is sideswiped by CHRIS JERICHO! Jericho slams Kendrick’s head into the steel steps before dropping him onto his back and locking in the Walls of Jericho! In the ring, DiBiase hits London with the Dream Crusher, as London passes out. CM Punk comes running down to the ring with steel chair in hand, chasing off Chris Jericho and Pricele$$. Punk checks on the downed London and Kendrick, as Pricele$$ stare back at the ring. However, Chris Jericho was nowhere to be seen.

In the next match, Matt Hardy took on Giant Bernard, trying to exact revenge after the attack last week, which caused Hardy the US Title shot. Hardy went right after Bernard, berating him with a fury of punches and kicks, but that couldn’t hold the monster back, as he just took Hardy and tossed him into the corner and nailed him right in the face with a Big Boot. The next few moments of the match saw Bernard just destroy Matt Hardy, much like last week. Bernard ended the match with the Bernard Driver.

We headed to the back to see a split-screen with Charlie Haas walking towards the ring with the TV Title around his waist, with a very stern look on his face. Colt Cabana was seen happily heading towards the guerrilla position, making small talk with some of the backstage crew.

In Charlie Haas’ first TV Championship defense, he had a technical back-and-forth battle with Colt Cabana. The match saw Cabana take the advantage with a reversal of a German Suplex into an Inverted DDT, laying out Haas. Cabana had the advantage for most of the match until Haas caught Cabana on the top rope and proceeded to toss him across the ring with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Haas took the upperhand and locked Cabana in the Haas of Pain in the center of the ring for the submission victory.

As Haas was handed his championship belt, Cabana offered Haas his hand. The two shook hands and Cabana patted Haas on the back before leaving the ring. Then, from out of the crowd, Elijah Burke hit the ring and hit a Double Knee to the back of Haas, sending him into the corner. Cabana, nearly to the top of the ramp, saw Burke attack Haas and headed back to the ring, but not before Burke hit the Elijah Express on Haas and left the ring. Burke then motioned the TV Title around his waist as Cabana checked on Haas.

Ken Anderson made his way out to the ring next. He told the crowd that in 15 days, he was going to end the career of their beloved Sting. He spoke about how this was going to elevate him into legendary status that nobody could ever touch. Anderson promised that once he retired Sting, the World Championship was coming home to ‘daddy.’ As Anderson was finishing up, “Seek and Destroy” played as the arena went pitch black. When the lights turned back on, Anderson was looking all around until a spotlight hit Sting up in the rafters. The crowd went wild as Anderson pointed at Sting, yelling obscenities… until Sting pointed at Anderson with his trademarked baseball bat. Anderson then backed down, but still showing his confidence.

In his return match to the ring since April, wCw Champion John Layfield took on Shannon Moore! The match lasted all of two minutes as Layfield hit Moore with a Clothesline from Hell as soon as he entered the ring. He then followed up with a beat down and berating Moore, calling him ‘Punk’ before pinning him after a Powerbomb. Layfield paraded around the ring with the wCw Championship, like he just won an outright battle. He grabbed a microphone and told CM Punk that next week, he has a match teaming with Paul London and Brian Kendrick to take on Layfield and Pricele$$.

Christian Cage then cut a promo in the back regarding his status in wCw. He told everyone not to worry and that next week he has a match scheduled to face Lance Cade, to exact revenge for Cade hiring Bernard to make sure he got to the finals of the US Title Tournament. Cage mentioned that he plans on getting to the top of wCw and nobody is going to stand in his way. His first goal is to capture the United States Championship!

Before the main event began, Lance Cade made his way to ringside and sat at the announce booth to watch his opposition. The match then started with William Regal bringing it to Rey Mysterio. This was more of a brawl rather than a match, as Regal got down and dirty on the high-flier, keeping him grounded. As Mysterio would seem to get in offense, Regal would take his legs out from beneath him and work on his neck. Regal continued to work on his neck, even locking him in the Regal Stretch, however Mysterio made it to the ropes. The match went on, and Mysterio began to get the upperhand, hitting a Running Facebuster. At that moment, Lance Cade left the announce booth and grabbed the referee. In the ring, Mysterio hit Regal with the 619 and had him covered! Christian Cage came running down to the ring and attacked Lance Cade, freeing up the referee! Regal got back to his feet as Mysterio watched the on-goings outside the ring. Regal caught Mysterio by surprise with a kick to the gut and an attempted Butterfly Powerbomb, which Mysterio reversed with a Hurricanrana for the quick three-count!

Mysterio rolled out of the ring but was quickly hit with a Big Boot from Lance Cade, who had DDT’ed Cage on the outside. Cade climbed into the ring and stood tall as the second edition of Saturday Night ended.
[WEEK 3 [09.19.09]

Episode 3 of Saturday Night began with TV Champion, Charlie Haas being interviewed by Miss Stacy, in the back. The point of the interview was Haas laying out a challenge to Colt Cabana, in a rematch from last week. Instead, Elijah Burke made his presence known and demanded the title match, using the beat down from last week being worthy enough. Colt Cabana came into the scene as Burke and Haas were about to brawl and challenged Burke to a #1 Contender Match for a shot at the title Sunday night at Gold Rush. Haas told them that earning the title shot would be better than just being handed the match. Burke and Cabana stared each other down as the intro to the show began.

As the intro ended, John Layfield was standing in the middle of the ring with the wCw Championship around his waist and Pricele$$ to his side. He cut a promo on CM Punk telling him that Sunday night would be a piece of cake for him, since Punk has some nagging injuries. He even told Punk that he didn’t have to wrestle in the main event… however, if Punk chose not compete tonight, then he would be breaking his wCw contract and won’t be seeing another paycheck. He then confirmed Burke/Cabana for a TV Title shot as well as having Charlie Haas defending his title against James Gibson. Before he left, he said that he promised Lance Cade that his match with Christian Cage would be No Disqualification.

In the first match of the night, Giant Bernard took on Rey Mysterio, Layfield fulfilling another request of Lance Cade. This was an outright David and Goliath battle, as Mysterio tried to use his speed to stay away from Bernard, but Bernard wound up being too much. In a failed 619-attempt, Bernard hoisted Mysterio into a Scoop Slam and planted him with a MICHINOKU Driver for the three-count! This didn’t stop Bernard, as he took Mysterio up to the top rope. Bernard then proceeded to toss Mysterio ¾’s across the ring with a Super Fall-Away Slam. It didn’t take long, as Matt Hardy came down to the ring and nailed Bernard with a fury of fists to the head, causing him to retreat up the ramp. Hardy then checked on Mysterio as Bernard pointed at Hardy.

A graphic for Gold Rush is shown, as we’re taken through the card: In a match for the wCw Champion, John Layfield will defend against CM Punk. In a match that will crown the first wCw World Tag Team Champions, the Londrick Express will do battle with the Young Bucks. In the finals of the United States Championship Tournament, Lance Cade will face Rey Mysterio. In a match that if he loses, he must retire, Sting will go head-to-head with Ken Anderson. Either Charlie Haas or James Gibson will defend the TV Title against either Elijah Burke or Colt Cabana. And just announced, Matt Hardy will have a chance to exact revenge on Giant Bernard. All this and much more, live this Sunday on wCw’s return to pay-per-view!

In the ring, Ken Anderson cut a promo about how he wanted to face Sting tonight and with the approval from Mr. Layfield – he will get the chance. At that moment, “Sting”, Shannon Moore painted up just like The Icon, made his way into the ring. Anderson acted afraid of him and even let “Sting” get a few hits in on him, before catching him with the Mic Check for the academic victory. Anderson continued the beat down until the lights went out for just a moment. When they came back on, Anderson was standing toe-to-toe with Sting! Sting knocked him in the gut with the baseball bat and planted him with the Scorpion Death Drop! Sting pointed at Anderson with the baseball bat before the lights went out and the Stinger mysteriously disappeared, shocking the fans.

In the back, the Dudley Boyz were standing by with Miss Stacy. While the Dudley’s alluded towards past alliances with Stacy, they made sure to acknowledge their loss to the Young Bucks last week. They told Stacy that even though the Bucks were the better team last week, that didn’t mean that they are the better team. They challenged the Young Bucks to a rematch tonight, and if they won, they’d get a spot in the Tag Title Match this Sunday. They ended the interview saying that they wanted to become REAL wCw World Tag Team Champions before retiring.

In a match for the TV Title, Charlie Haas defended his title against James Gibson. Haas made quick work of the resident redneck, as he reflected a Missile Dropkick and locked in the Haas of Pain for the submission win. Elijah Burke came to ringside as the match ended and got in Haas’ face. As it looked like they were about to throw fists, Colt Cabana caught Burke from behind with a Back Suplex. Haas exited the ring and the #1 Contender Match began!

Elijah Burke and Colt Cabana had a pretty intense battle, as both men just wanted to one-up the other, especially with TV Champion, Charlie Haas standing by. The match saw Burke use his boxing skills to take Cabana off of his feet and would rake the eyes every time Cabana would get the upper hand. The end of the match saw Burke go to hit Cabana with a Right-Hook, to which Cabana ducked and rolled Burke up in a Crucifix pin!

Cabana rolled out of the ring and was congratulated by Charlie Haas, as Burke jumped to his feet in complete surprise. Cabana and Haas walked to the stage together, as Burke threw a temper tantrum in the ring. At the top of the stage, Haas and Cabana looked back in the ring, before they got in each others faces, talking smack to one another.

The next match was a rematch from last week as the Young Bucks were to convince the Dudley’s that their win wasn’t a fluke and to keep the Tag Title Match from being a Three-Way. The Young Bucks tried to fight off the Dudleys with a lot of quick maneuvers, but the Dudleys double team tactics were too much. As Nick went for a Crossbody, Bubba pushed him off the top rope, which caused a brawl between Bubba and Matt on the outside. D-Von took the advantage of the downed Nick with an Inverted DDT for a two! D-Von went to pick up Nick, but was met with a Small Package and almost defeated! This enraged D-Von, who was yelling for Bubba. Bubba hit the Bubba Cutter on the outside on Matt and proceeded to enter the ring. The two hit Nick with the Dudley Death Drop for the win and a shot to become the first wCw Tag Champions. The two didn’t stop there as Bubba yelled at D-Von to get the tables! The two set up a table in the center of the ring, and just at that moment, Matt got back into the ring and nailed Bubba right in the back with a steel chair! D-Von then got to meet the steel chair, as Matt saved his brother from being put through a table!

Backstage we saw CM Punk talking with Brian Kendrick and Paul London about their plan for tonight’s match. Punk mentions his cracked rib and London tells him that they’ve got his back, but more importantly are going to make sure Pricele$$ don’t make it to the Title Match tomorrow night. Punk tells them that they will more than likely all walk out of Gold Rush with gold around their waist.

The following match was a No Disqualification Match between Lance Cade and Christian Cage. Cage vowed to win the match and put his name in the hat for a shot at the US Title after Sunday night. Cage also told Cade that he was going to make sure he wasn’t 100% for the Title Match, just like Bernard did to Mysterio. Christian had the match in his favor for the majority of it, even after Cade hit him with a low-blow. Cade reversed a Killswitch attempt, which wound up causing Cage to meet a Big Boot right between the eyes. Cade then had Cage up for the Redneck Millionaire Bomb, but Cage countered with a DDT, putting both men on their back for a 9-count! Cage was the first man up and pinned Cade for the 2! Cage then went for the Killswitch once more, and once more Cade reversed, however Cage flipped over his back and caught him with an Inverted DDT and pin for the win! As Cage was getting up from his match, Chris Jericho hit the ring and planted Cage down with a Codebreaker! Jericho got on the mic and told Christian that there was a line for a US Title shot and it was behind him. Jericho laid out a challenge for the next edition of Saturday Night.

We’re taken to the back where the Million Dollar Man is watching what just happened between Cade and Christian, then Christian and Jericho. He tells John Layfield that Cade has a lot of promise and could see him as a World Champion, nevermind a US Champ. Layfield agrees and then tells DiBiase to ‘hold down the fort’ as the main event is up next! Layfield and Pricele$$ versus CM Punk and Londrick Express!

The main event was a total brawl. The two teams went after their respective rivals and the referee couldn’t keep things under control until a second referee came out to be the outside enforcer. After this, London took the upper hand over Cody Rhodes as he hit him with a set of Dropsaults before bringing Kendrick into the match. Kendrick hit brain rattling Enziguri on Rhodes, knocking him onto his face. Moments later, Punk tried to tie up with Layfield, but Layfield refused to get into the ring. This allowed DiBiase to hit Punk with the Dream Crusher and almost score the win until London pulled him off of him. Layfield slid into the ring finally and caught a woozy Punk with the Clothesline from Hell! Kendrick made sure the pin didn’t happen, but was caught with a Clothesline from Hell of his own. Layfield began to work on the ribs of Punk, causing Punk to bleed out of his mouth. Layfield brought Rhodes into the ring and then all hell broke loose again, as London and Kendrick both went after Layfield, which caused DiBiase to go save his boss and caused both referees to try and break them up. In the ring, Punk managed to get the upper hand and get Rhodes up onto his shoulders for the GTS…

… instead, he was met with a shot to the back with the wCw Championship from the Million Dollar Man! This allowed Rhodes to counter into the CrossRhodes and pin the #1 Contender for the wCw Championship, as Ted Sr. told the referee to get into the ring! The battle didn’t end their as Layfield and both DiBiase’s beat down on London and Kendrick on the outside, putting Kendrick through the announce table with a Powerbomb from Layfield. After that, Layfield got on the mic and announced that Pricele$$ have now earned themselves a spot in the wCw World Tag Team Championship Match on Sunday, making it a Four Corners Match! Layfield ended his short promo and the show telling Punk that there was no chance in hell that Punk would become the wCw Champion at Gold Rush.
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