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Learning to break kayfabe
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Arrow YOU'RE NEXT!!! Rewriting Goldberg's WWE Stint...

It is my personal opinion that WWE really, really, dropped the ball when using Goldberg. They were doing pretty good with his debut, and good up to Backlash where he beat The Rock. But after that, WWE basically just ruined everything. They very poorly utilized his character, period. So, from here on out, I will re-write Goldberg's stint in WWE starting the night after Backlash 2003, going all the way to WMXX. This epic will primarily feature Goldberg, in addition with whoever he is feuding with at the time. Get ready to see how it should have been...

Note... I will try and keep it as close to 2003 as possible. But it is inevitable that since I will be re-writing Goldberg's WWE history, other things around him will change as well. Some people who were on RAW might be on SD and vis vera. Some people who wrestled then might be shown, but with their current persona, etc. Just remember, this will not focus around an entire show, but rather on Goldberg and whoever he is feuding with, from a fans perspective.

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Re: YOU'RE NEXT!!! Rewriting Goldberg's WWE Stint...

All the best with this. I've never seen one of these threads work before but hopefully you can produce some good work.
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Re: YOU'RE NEXT!!! Rewriting Goldberg's WWE Stint...

Who's next??? YOU'RE NEXT!!!

The next guy who is doing a one wrestler thread. I haven't really read a GREAT BTB like this...but good luck. And one question: Will The Berg be leaving at Mania XX just like in real life?

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: YOU'RE NEXT!!! Rewriting Goldberg's WWE Stint...

POST-BACKLASH 2003 - Monday Night RAW...

...Returning from commerical break...

The arena thunders with anticipation from the fans. The atmosphere is thick with emotion. The thousands of onlookers feel the electricity flowing through the air. With only 20 minutes left in the show, they're hopeing for a stellar finish.

JR: Welcome back everybody. We've only got a little bit of time left, but hang on to your butts because because Eric Bischoff has a huge of an announcement coming up in just a few short moments.

KING: Boy oh boy, JR! I cant wait! This is going to be huge! I wonder what it could be?

The crowd grows restless. They want action! As the anticipation comes to a head, theme music blairs over the loud speaker. "Time to play the Game..."

KING: Ahhhh! Its Triple H! What's he doing here?

JR: Can you believe that cheating son of a bitch has the audacity to show his face here tonight after what he did at Backlash? That bastard should be banned from the building.

KING: Calm down, JR! That's the World Heavyweight Champion you're talking about.

JR: I don't give a damn who he is. He's a cheatin' fiend and he has no business showing his face around here.

KING: How can you say that about The Game, JR?!

JR: For those of you who missed it, lets take a brief look back at Backlash to see what transpired last night.

*Video Replay*

"Nash is beating the hell out of Triple H...Back and forth... One has the upper hand, then the other...Triple H is thrown over the top rope, out of the ring...He grabs a Sledgehammer from under the apron.... He slams it full force into Nash's forehead.... Goes for the cover....One!...Two!...Three!"

JR: If it hadn't been for that damn sledgehammer, Nash would have won the match.

KING: Regardless of the outcome, it was one hell of a six-man tag match. One of the best in recent memory.

JR: That, it may have been. But the outcome was tainted by yet another foul move from Triple H.

Triple H stands tall on the apron, sporting one of his best Calvin Klein suits and perfect designer sun-glasses. As his music hits a beat, he raises his arms high in the air and blows out a spew of water from his mouth. His World Title is held firmly in his grasp for all to see.

KING: There he stands, the World Heavyweight Champion.

Triple H makes his way into the ring and commands the mic from Lilian. She hands it over, then exits the ring.

KING: Quiet, JR! He's going to speak.

He pauses a moment, listening to all the boo's from the crowd. He doesnt seem to mind, taking it as more of a compliment than an insult. After a brief moment, he holds the mic up to his lips, then speaks...

HHH: Last night, I crippled Kevin Nash. I took that sledgehammer, hit him right on the skull, then pinned his ass. And you know what, it felt damn good. You see, ever since he came back, he's been a pain in my ass. And I had to teach him the hard way that you do not mess with Triple H, The Game.

*Booo's Erupt*

HHH: Because when you mess with me, bad things happen. People get hurt and careers end. Last night, in the six man tag match, you all saw first hand what happens when people go toe to toe with me. And now that Nash is out of my ass, good riddance.

*More boo's...*

Before Triple H can say another word, a voice blasts over the speakers.

ERIC: Triple H!

Eric Bischoff walks out and stands pirched at the top of the ramp under the titantron. His eyes are fixed on Triple H.

HHH: What the hell do you want, Eric? This is my time now.

ERIC: Yes, yes, I know. And the last thing I want to do is interupt your time. But, I have an announcement to make.

HHH: Ah Christ, Bischoff. Can't this wait?!

ERIC: I'm afraid not. You see, this announcement concerns you. Originally, I was going to let you and Nash settle your differences in the Main Event at Judgment Day. But now that you you've "taken him out" I've got nothing for you. So, I regret to inform you, and everyone here, that you, Triple H, will not be apart of the Judgment Day Pay-Per-View.

Triple H storms around the ring in disbelief.

HHH: What the hell are you talking about, Bischoff?! Have you forgotten who I am? Do you know what I am? I am the World's Heavyweight Champion! The greatest wrestler alive today. The #1 attraction on RAW. And you dare prevent me from competing at Judgment Day?!

ERIC: I don't have a choice. Everyone else is either not available, or already booked for a match. I'm sorry.

HHH: You listen, and you listen good, Bischoff. You had better damn well find me someone to wrestle at Judgment Day, in the Main Event, or else I'll take out my anger on you!

Eric fumbles nervously. Sweat beings to roll down his forehead.

ERIC: I, ah, I dont know what to tell you Triple H. I'm sorry.

HHH: Sorry?! You're sorry?! No. Not yet you arent! Bischoff, I am going to----

Triple H is cut off by an opposing entrance.

KING: WHAT?! What the hell is this?!

JR: It's Goldberg, King! It's Goldberg!!!

The arena explodes with cheers!


The camera follows Goldberg, somewhere backstage. He makes his way to the ramp. He sports his biker attire (black jeans, biker boots, a "Goldberg" t-shirt covered by a Harley-Davidson leather jacket). He growls ominously.

Atop the ramp, next to Bischoff, Goldberg's pyro erupts in a blaze of gold.

KING: He's here!!!

Goldberg seemingly materializes from the pyro. He blows smoke out his mouth, then continues his way down the ramp toward the ring. Ferocity burns in his eyes.

JR: Just 24 hours ago, Goldberg beat The Rock. And now, he's coming to confront Triple H!

Goldberg enters the ring, picks up a mic, and stands in front of Triple H.

HHH: What the hell do you want, Goldberg?

GOLDBERG: What do I want? I want...YOUR TITLE!!!

Before Triple H can react, he is crushed by a vicious spear. The title goes flying out of his hand, and he is firmly planted on the mat. Goldberg stands up, then slowly exits the ring as his music blasts over the loud speakers.

JR: My God!!! Goldberg has just layed out Triple H!!! Triple H is down, and he is not moving!

KING: I think it's safe to say that Goldberg wants a shot at Triple H's title.

JR: Triple H has been broken in half! Boy, Triple H, you wanted a fight... I think you damn well just got one!!!

The camera slowly fades to black....

JR: Goodnight everybody!


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Re: YOU'RE NEXT!!! Rewriting Goldberg's WWE Stint...

I can't really properly review, but I'll give you my thoughts. This was well done for the first post. There was a little bit here and there where I felt like The Game was out of character or saying something that didn't makes sense (Now that Nash is OUT of my ass) but the tone for your first post was to the point and came off well. For your first post? ***/*****

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Re: YOU'RE NEXT!!! Rewriting Goldberg's WWE Stint...

GOLDBERG vs. A-TRAIN live tonight on RAW!

...Returning from commercial break....

JR: Welcome back everybody. As we showed you earlier what happened last week, Goldberg came out and surprise Triple H, spearing the hell out of him, and challenging him for his World Title. We still haven't heard anything from Triple H, but we can be certain that he's not happy.

KING: Would you be happy after receiving a spear from Goldberg, JR?

JR: Obviously not. Who knows how Triple H will retaliate. But even more shocking is that Kevin Nash will be out for several weeks with a concussion following the events of Backlash. Originally, it was supposed to be Triple H vs. Kevin Nash at Judgment Day for the World Title, but once that fell through, Goldberg stepped up and challenged The Game.

KING: Boy did he ever!

JR: Pending Triple H's response, we'll wait and see if that match materializes. As for tonight, Goldberg will do battle with the A-Train!

*Ding-Ding-Ding-Ding---Train whistle*

A-Train's intro blasts over the loud speakers. The big hairy mammoth steps out from behind the curtain and flexes at the top of the ramp. Fans in the arena both cheer and boo, as A-Train is truly a sight to behold. A tenth of his weight could probably be measured in body hair alone.

KING: The A-Train is looking to seize the moment here tonight and take out Goldberg. If he can defeat Goldberg here and now, then surely he will be considered for a Title Shot against Triple H at Judgment Day.

JR: Easier said than done.

LILIAN: From Boston Massachusetts, weighing in at 350 pounds..... A-TRAIN!!!

His announcement is met with boo's from all over the arena. He doesn't care. He makes his way down the ramp and toward the ring.

JR: Six foot eight inches tall, 350 pounds of solid mass, A-Train has been extremely hard to handle in recent weeks. Just two weeks ago he went out and decimated the F.B.I. (Full Blooded Italians).

KING: It was a massacre! He beat them down like they've never been beat before. It was just him and a chair taking out his aggression on all three members of the F.B.I. And now, he's going to turn that aggression on Goldberg!

A-Train pulls himself into the ring, and furiously paces back and forth waiting for his prey.

JR: Now that is a scary sight to see. Goldberg may be in some real trouble here tonight as A-Train has been building up a ton of momentum in recent months.

KING: Yeah. They didn't have monsters like the A-Train in wCw.

As A-Train continues to pace back and forth to the beat of his own music, he is suddenly halted by the sudden change in music. Here comes Goldberg!


They ominous gong of Goldberg's wCw theme sounds off and rattles throughout the arena. The thousands of fans in attendance spring to their feet with anticipation.

KING: Looks like Goldberg decided to stick with his wCw theme.

JR: As far as I'm concerned, he can do whatever the hell he wants, King.

Goldberg steps out from behind the curtain and walks out to the top of the ramp, then halts. He is met by his fiery pyro. He seemingly disappears within the white-hot sparks.

LILIAN: And from Atlanta Georgia, weighing in at 285 pounds... GOLDBERG!!!!

Goldberg materializes from the pyro and begins his ferocious walk to the ring. He punches and kicks at the air before him, then locks eyes with A-Train, and roars with pure ferocity. In return, A-Train does the only thing he can do...wait. After a brief moment, Goldberg makes his way to the steps, then into the ring.

JR: This match has barn-burner written all over it, King.

Goldberg and A-Train pace around each other, not taking their eyes off one another for even a second. The crowd feels the anticipation and begins chanting...


With the energy from the crowd, Goldberg lunges at A-Train, and they lock up. Seemingly matched strength for strength, Goldberg pushes A-Train off, and they continue their merciless stare down.

KING: Which one of these big men are going to budge first?

Without notice, A-Train dashes at Goldberg, attempting to bicycle-kick him in the face, but Goldberg ducks out of the way and ends up behind A-Train. As A-Train turns around, he is met by Goldberg's left hand to his throat. Goldberg squeezes it firmly. Before A-Train can do anything, Goldberg lifts him high above his head, then Gorilla Press Slams him to the mat.

JR: MY GOD!!!! Can you believe the power!!!!!!!

KING: It's incredible! Goldberg just slammed A-Train like it was nothing!

A-Train winces in pain, grabbing at his back. Goldberg continues to stalk him, hovering above him like a hawk. After a few seconds, A-Train starts trying to get to his feet. He reaches out and grabs the rope for support. Before he can fully stand, Goldberg mule kicks him in the chin, sending him right back to the mat. This time, Goldberg does not wait for A-Train to recover. He reaches down and pulls him to his feet. A-Train is still quite limp. With little effort, Goldberg slingshots him off the ropes and into a turnbuckle. A-Train smashes into the turnbuckle, bounces off, then falls to the mat.

KING: This is an absolute destruction, JR!

The crowd starts in again...


Goldberg backs into the opposite corner, crouches down, and waits to deliver the spear. A-Train slowly comes-to, and tries to get to his feet. He uses the ropes for support, totally oblivious to what Goldberg is getting ready to do. He stands tall, facing away from the opposite corner. He continues to wince in pain, grabbing at his lower back. As he starts to turn around, he sees Goldberg coming at him like a Mack truck traveling at 100 miles-per-hour. Just in the nick of time, A-Train side steps and Goldberg smashes into the turnbuckle full force.

KING: HAHA! Goldberg just took out the turnbuckle!

Goldberg slowly stands to his feet, clutching his shoulder in pain. Just as he turns around he is met with a size 14 boot right to the face. Goldberg falls to the mat in a heap.

JR: A-Train just delivered a massive bicycle-kick, and Goldberg is down!

A-Train begins building up steam! He reaches down and forces Goldberg to his feet, picks him up, and belly to belly suplexes him across the ring. Goldberg hits with a thud. Before he can do anything, A-Train is upon him.

KING: Look out Goldberg! A-Train is after you!

A-Train reaches down and forces Goldberg to his feet once again, this time grabbing him by his throat. A-Train goes for his finishing move, the derailer. He lifts Goldberg up by his throat with both hands, then slams him to the ground.

JR: The Derailer! A-Train connects with the derailer!

A-TRAIN: (To the crowd) Oh, no, no, no! I'm not done yet!

He reaches down and scoops up the limp Goldberg, sets him up for a second finishing move....then connects!

JR: The Trainwreck! The trainwreck connects on Goldberg!

KING: Goldberg is out, JR!

JR: And thats got to be it!!!

A-Train goes for the pin. One!.......Two!.......Thr....kickout!


JR: He just got the shoulder up! He's still alive!

KING: How the heck did he kick out of that?! Two finishers in a row!

JR: He isnt human!

A-Train can't believe it. He is furious. He rises to his feet and slaps his chest in anger. He hover's over Goldberg, like a hawk waiting for his prey. After a brief moment, Goldberg slowly comes-to and tries to make it to his feet. The crowd gets behind him with chants of: *GOLD-BERG!!! GOLD-BERG!!! GOLD-BERG!!!* A-Train is nearly foaming at the mouth! He is in a rage. As Goldberg stumbles to his feet, A-Train taunts him, and calls for another finisher.
JR: A-Train is calling for another derailer.

KING: Get him, A-Tain!

As Goldberg makes it to his feet and stands tall, A-Train slaps his hands around Goldberg's neck. He lifts him up for another finisher, but before he can complete it, Goldberg pushes A-Train's hands away, then knees him in the gut. In a flash, he wraps A-Train's arm around his neck, then delivers a swinging neck braker.

JR: A-Train is down!

KING: Get up, A-Train! Come on, dont let Goldberg beat you!
Goldberg backs into the far corner, crouches down, and waits. A-Train slowly pulls himself to his feet. This time he is a little more out of it. Just as he turns around, he is met by a mountain-shattering spear.

JR: The spear! The spear!!!

Goldberg rises to his feet above the fallen A-Train, then calls for it. He points to the heavens above, and everyone in attendance knows what that means. They all rise to their feet in anticipation. Goldberg bends down, grabs A-Train, and pulls him to his feet. He brings him to the center of the ring, then lifts him up!

KING: He's got him up!!!

After three seconds Goldberg smashes A-Train to the mat, delivering the Jackhammer.

JR: The Jackhammer! My GOD!!! And that's got to be it!

Goldberg lifts the leg, and the ref goes for the count...
One!...Two!...Three! Ding. Ding. Ding.


JR: Goldberg wins! Goldberg wins!

Goldberg rises to his feet over the fallen A-Train. The ref grabs his arm and raises it in victory. The crowd goes wild!!!

LILIAN: Here is your winner.... Goldberg!!!

JR: My God, Goldberg broke A-Train in half, then finished him off with the Jackhammer. A-Train has been destroyed!!!
Still in the ring, Goldberg grabs a mic, then looks to the ramp.

GOLDBERG: Triple H! In case you havent figured it out yet.... You're Next!!!! I don't care where you are, or where you go. I will make your life a living hell until you give me my title shot. I want an answer, and I want it now!!!

Goldberg paces around the ring waiting for any sign of Triple H. After a few moments of nothing, Goldberg calls after him again.

GOLDBERG: Come on Hunter! Don't be a bitch!

Still nothing. Goldberg focus his fiery stare on the ramp above just waiting for Triple H's music to hit. He doesnt notice the danger behind him. With no warning, Triple H slams the metal of his World Title to the back of Goldberg's head. Goldberg falls forward, crumbling over the ropes, grabbing his head in pain. Just as he turns around, he is met with a foot to the gut. He doubles over. In an instant, Triple H pulls him between his legs, the delivers a pedigree.

KING: HA! Ask and thou shalt receive!

JR: Goldberg is down!

Triple H presses his mouth into the fallen Goldberg's ear, bringing a mic up for all to be heard.

HHH: You want me Goldberg? You think you're worthy of me? I don't! I think you're nothing more than a wCw reject. You've come here to WWE thinking you're gunna rule over it like you did that second rate promotion, wCw. Well guess what... you're not! But you want to know something.... I am going to give you a title shot. I'm going to give it to you and prove to everyone that you are nothing more than an over-hyped farce. Nothing more than slick marketing by wCw. You're victory of Rocky... was a fluke. You wont be so lucky against ME!!!!

Triple H stands up and lays the World Title out on the mat in front of Goldberg. He reaches out and scoops Goldberg up for another finisher, then connects. This time onto the World Title. Goldberg's head hits with a sickening thud! Blood is everywhere.

JR: My God!!! Triple H delivers a second predigree, but this time right onto the belt! Goldberg is out!!!!

KING: He's bleeding like a stuck pig!

Triple H forcefully rips the title out from under Goldberg's face. It is covered with blood. Triple H stares at the blood for a few seconds, then raises the belt high into the air for all to see.

HHH: Get ready, Goldberg! It's time to play the game!

As Triple H's music blasts over the loud speakers, The camera fades to black....

JR: My God... The destruction!!!

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Re: YOU'RE NEXT!!! Rewriting Goldberg's WWE Stint...

Originally Posted by theplasmasnake View Post
I can't really properly review, but I'll give you my thoughts. This was well done for the first post. There was a little bit here and there where I felt like The Game was out of character or saying something that didn't makes sense (Now that Nash is OUT of my ass) but the tone for your first post was to the point and came off well. For your first post? ***/*****
A TPS Abridged Review (For An Abridged Thread)!!! I dido what I wrote about your first post for this one, but the faults were even greater in this one. More out of character dialougue, espically with Triple H. The match seemed unrealistic. Albert was beating The Berg down for a while before the thread star got any momentum going. I don't think that Albert would get that much offense in on Bill. Also, some grammar issues in this one. **/*****

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Re: YOU'RE NEXT!!! Rewriting Goldberg's WWE Stint...

Thanks for the honesty. Can you please go into a little more detail as to where I went wrong. It'll help me to better my next one if I knw exactly where and what is out of place. And where was the grammar wrong? If you can point it out, I'll try and tighen it up next time. Thanks man.

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