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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

A video plays recapping what happen in the main event. It shows all the high spots including the chair shot to the head of Jeff Hardy after an attempted Suicide Dive and Randy Orton getting a Twist Of Fate through the announce table. It then flashes to the ending where CM Punk hits the Go to Sleep and pins Hardy. He thinks he has it won, but Orton comes out of nowhere with a punt. The ref then counts three, and Randy Orton remains champion. The camera’s then switch into the arena where the opening pyro goes off and the fans go crazy. The pyro stops and camera’s cut to ringside where we see Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler ready to call tonight’s action.

Cole: Just 24 hours removed from Bragging Rights this is Monday Night Raw.

“I Hear Voices in My Head They Council Me They Understand They Talk to Me”

Cole: And here is WWE Champion who retained tonight after a brutal match-up.

Lawler: Yeah both his opponents are not here tonight, and both have injuries that are undisclosed to the public. We don’t even know what type of condition they are in.

Orton slowly walks down the ramp with Cody Rhodes alongside him, and still no Ted Dibiase. Orton climbs into the ring and walks to each corner of the ring, and raises the WWE Title high above his head. Rhodes claps as Randy Orton grabs a microphone. He waits for his music to cut and the crowd to die up before he talks. He licks his lips, and looks at the title around his shoulder. He smiles as he put the mic toward his mouth.

Orton: Thirty Three percent of retaining the title. That is all I had to retain this title. Once again critics like CM Punk, Jeff Hardy and even all of you people try to keep the truth hidden, and deny it. I said it three weeks ago, and I will say it again The Age of Orton is here. I am clearly the best this company has to offer, not only do I stand before you all as champion, I stand before you, able to make it to the arena tonight not seriously injured, unlike my opponents CM Punk and Jeff Hardy who are both in the hospital after what I have done to them.

Crowd boos, as Orton just smiles, with Rhodes in the background nodding his head, because he knows Randy is speaking the truth.

Orton: Now last night minutes before my match, one superstar tried to get in my face and tell me that he doesn’t need me. So I would like to address him. Ted Dibiase…. You don’t need me but clearly after last night you still do. I know your somewhere in that backstage area, so I want you to listen very closely. Dibiase, I know you want back into this group. I know for a fact that last night, you were frustrated which caused you to snap on me. So you have one chance and one chance only. Come out here right now, and apologize to me, and apologize to Cody too. You turned your back not only to me, but also to Cody. C’mon get out here.

The crowd waits patiently as they all face the ramp to see if Ted is going to come out. After a few moments Orton raises his microphone to his mouth.

Orton: Just what I…….

John Cena’s music crowd cheers. After a few moments John Cena comes flying out behind the curtains and the crowd goes crazy. The opposite reaction is seen in the ring, as Orton along with Rhodes are both angry. Orton paces back and forth, angry at the fact that Cena, has rudely interrupted the champions time.

Orton: What do you want?

Cena smiles as he stands atop the ramp with a microphone in hand.

Cena: I’m here to save the fans!

Orton looks to at Cena confused.

Cena: I’m here to save the fans, from this stupid love affair between you and Ted [crowd pops, as Orton is furious] C’mon you and Ted have a little riff in your “friendship” and you haven’t seen him all day, and you want him back. What is Cody not good enough for you? He can’t filll that huge emptiness in your heart that you have right now for Ted? [Crowd laughs] Seriously man last time I checked this isn’t a soap opera, this is World Wrestling Entertainment, and that’s what the fans want. They want entertainment. So let’s give it to them.

The crowd pops, as Cena has a huge smile on his face. Orton is beginning to turn red as he frustrated by all the jokes of Cena.

Cena: Now I know, right now the WWE Raw Roster is a little thin with some injuries to the biggest names like CM Punk and Jeff Hardy, who are both in the hospital, but to me this a perfect opportunity for someone else to come in and grab the spotlight. Maybe that someone is…… Jack Swagger!! Wait…. no he lost his match last night, and talks with a horrible lisp. Well how about…… Tyson Kidd….. no I don’t think anyone can take a guy who wears pink serious. Well I dunno were running out of options here. Oh wait I got an idea… how about The WWE Champion Randy Orton, in action tonight against John Cena for the WWE Championship.

The crowd goes crazy as Orton goes crazy in the ring. John Cena just has a smile on his face as he once again put the microphone to his mouth.

Cena: Well it looks like that is going to be the main event for tonight.

Orton: Are you crazy Cena?!? Unlike you I was in a match last night and I am no way able to compete.

The crowd boos, but Cena just shakes his head at the ground then looks up and smiles.

Cena: Randy you just got caught in a lie. Roll the tapes!!!

The titantron feature Orton standing in the ring from a few minutes ago, saying his little speech.

Orton: I stand before you, able to make it to the arena tonight not seriously injured.

The camera’s cut back to Cena as he smiles, with the crowd filling with excitement. Orton is clearly mad, and shaking his head, as he has just ate his own words.

Cena: Well, since you have no major injuries… in my book that means you’re able to compete. I’m not the only one who believes that, so does the boss Raw General Manager Theodore Long, and he has already signed off on this match. So Randy I’ll see you later tonight.

Cena’s music hits as he smiles, and turns around and exits the ramp. Orton is seen furious throwing a fit as Cody Rhodes is seen trying to calm Orton down. Camera’s cut back to the announce table where Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are.

Cole: What a main event for tonight!

Lawler: Is the Age of Orton over?

Cole: Who knows can’t wait for later tonight, but up next more non-stop action right after this commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

1967 plays over the PA, when Raw returns from the commercial break and that could only mean one thing. The World Tag Team Titles will be on the line as the number one contenders, The Motor City Machine Gunz come out from behind the curtains, and the crowd explodes happy to see the MCMG.

Lillian: Introducing first from Detroit, Michigan weighing a combined 415 pounds Alex
Shelly and Chris Sabin The Motor City Machine Gunz.

Cole: Last night these two were in action and were able to defeat Paul Buchill and Brutus Magnus to become number one contender’s for the World Tag Team Titles.

Lawler: Interesting strategy to see them, cash in their opportunity now and not wait.

“You Think You Know Me”

Fog enters the top of the ramp, as the newly crown World Tag Team Champions Edge and Chris Jericho come out from behind the curtains. Both have smirks on their face as they make their way down the ramp.

Lillian: There opponents weighing a combined 476 pounds The World Tag Team Champions Rated Y2J Edge and Chris Jericho.

Cole: Last Night King GM Theodore Long added Edge and Chris Jericho to the tag match, and here they are now champions.

Lawler: Yeah but this can be a short title reign as The Motor City Machine Gunz, look to win the titles.

Match 1: Motor City Machine Gunz vs. Rated Y2J ©

In the beginning of the match, it was pretty even but after a distraction by Edge, on Chris Sabin, Sabin turned around and Jericho was able to connect with a bulldog. With that the tag team champions were relentless, keeping Sabin in their corner into the commercial break. After the commercial break we see Edge with a nice abdominal stretch on Sabin. Shelly along with the crowd is trying their hardest to get Sabin back into the match. Instead of slipping out, Edge just lets go of the hold, but quickly connects with a back suplex making sure Sabin will not go anywhere. Edge makes the tag to Jericho, who as soon as he gets in slaps Sabin across the face. It echos throughout the arena as the crowd boos. Jericho picks up Sabin and delivers a side backbreaker. Jericho goes for the cover…. One, two kickout. Jericho gets Sabin in a sideheadlock, as Sabin is a crimson red. Shelly wills his partner on who is slowly getting back, up. Jericho lets go and goes for a kick, but Sabin blocks it and spins Jericho around. Jericho finally faces Sabin but is knocked down by a clothesline, and both men are down. Both partners want a tag, and both get it. Edge charges at Shelly, but Shelly connects with a back body drop. Edge quickly springs back up to his feet only to get a atomic drop. Then Shelly bounces off the ropes and connects with a spinning heel kick. Shelly is in full control as he climbs to the top rope maybe looking for the five star body splash, but Jericho goes over to the corner, and tries to distract, Shelly but, Shelly delivers a kick that sends Jericho to the outside. Edge charges at Shelly, but Shelly jumps off the top rope just in time over Edge. Shelly stumbles a bit but keeps his balance. He turns around SPEAR!!!!!!! Shelly couldn’t get his footing fast enough and Edge capitalized. Cover… One, Two, Three!!! Rated Y2J Retains.

Cole: Rated Y2J Retains, and spoil the Motor City Machine Gunz.

Lawler: Jericho’s distraction could have just been enough of time for Edge to capitalize.

Jericho and Edge celebrate up the ramp, as we see Cody Rhodes in the Legacy locker-room along with Randy Orton. Orton runs his fingers through his hair frustrated, by the main event made tonight. He looks at Rhodes, who seems to be waiting for Randy to say something. Finally Randy looks at Rhodes, as he begins to speak.

Orton: Listen in no way am I able to compete, fairly enough with Cena. What I want you to do, is if, and only if Cena looks like he is going to win, come out and interfere. I cannot have Cena win just because I wasn’t at a full 100 percent.

Rhodes: Randy, but you said out there…….

Orton: Listen don’t turn out like Ted. Cody I always thought you were the better out of two of you. Just please watch my back tonight.

Rhodes nods his head, as Orton pats him on the back and leaves the picture. Cody begins to get ready for his match, as all of a sudden, he gets a tap on his shoulder. He turns around and see’s it is Ted Dibiase. The crowd has a mix reaction, when they see Ted.

Rhodes: Ted what are you doing here, besides his match with Cena, he has been hunting you down all night.

Dibiase shakes his head, and then looks at Cody with a serious face.

Dibiase: Listen Cody, I don’t care what Randy is doing, I still can’t believe you are with him, after the way he disrespected us last night.

Rhodes: Ted…. He is right though, we are nowhere close to what our fathers accomplished. You have to understand Randy has a huge ego, and when we let our egos get in the way, it causes conflict in the group. I’m not leaving Randy, because Randy is like a brother to me. I know he is like a brother to you too.

Dibiase shakes his head, a bit in disgust.

Dibiase: So you’re going to help him tonight?

Rhodes: Yeah, if he needs me to, I will and deep down inside I know you want to help him too. Remember he has made you what you are right now in the WWE.

Dibiase stares at Rhodes, and Rhodes stares back at him. Dibiase turns away, and walks out of the room, as Rhodes sighs and continues to get ready for his match.

[Commercial Break]

“It’s a New Day, It’s a New Generation”

Raw comes back on the air as Cody Rhodes makes his way down to the ring. The crowd boos but Rhodes doesn’t seem to care, as he just keeps walking down the ramp.

Lillian: Introducing first from Charlotte, North Carolina weighing 223 pounds Cody Rhodes.

Cole: And King before the break, we saw that Ted Dibiase is in fact in the arena, and tried to convince Cody not to get involved in Randy Orton’s match tonight.

Lawler: Yeah, but I don’t think Cody agreed with Dibiase, but right now Cody has to worry about himself tonight because he is going up against no slouch.

Get Ready to Fly hits the PA. and the entrance ramp begins to rain down with pyro. AJ Styles comes out and flips up his hood, on his hoodie and the crowd goes nuts.

Lillian: His opponent from Gainesville, Georgia weighing 213 pounds A J Styles.

Cole: King while we haven’t seen AJ on Raw lately he is still a great athlete.

Lawler: One of the best out there, and looking to pick up a win against Cody Rhodes.

Match 2: Cody Rhodes vs. AJ Styles

Throughout the match Cody seems to be bothered or distracted by something. Maybe what Dibiase said to him or just all the drama together has gotten to him. Rhodes climbs to the top rope, and jumps but AJ counters with a dropkick right into the ribs of Rhodes. Styles is in control now, and is rolling, after connecting with two flying forearms, he hits a nice snap suplex. He then goes to the top rope and waits for Cody to get up. Cody slowly gets back to his feet and Styles connects with a cross-body into the pin. 1,2 kickout. Styles bounces off the ropes but Cody delivers an elbow, when Styles comes back. Cody then bounces himself off the ropes but AJ counters with a hurricanrana, which sends Rhodes hitting the canvas, and having him slide outside the ring to re-group himself. Styles waves Rhodes to come back in, but Rhodes seems to be really bothered. Rhodes contemplates it, but then pulls back and begins to walk up the ramp. The ref’s count hits ten and Cody Rhodes just got himself counted out. The ref rings the bell and raises AJ’s hand as he picks up the win.

Cole: And Rhodes just plain out quit.

Lawler: Yeah, he did but a lot has been on his mind lately, maybe he’s not in the wrestling mood.

Cole: Or he can possibly be saving himself for later on, if Orton needs his help. AJ Styles wins but up next, The VIP Lounge with MVP!

Lawler: Yeah and MVP’S special guest for tonight, is Dolph Ziggler! Apparently he would like to congratulate Ziggler.

Cole: And the VIP Lounge is up next!

[Commercial Break]

We come back from commercial break, and I’m Coming is playing and we see MVP, wearing a nice suit, and sunglasses. He smiles at the camera, and begins to talk.

MVP: Welcome to the VIP Lounge where big things poppin and little things stoppin. Now last night at Bragging Rights I was in one hell of a fight. Now instead, of complaining about losing I would like to congratulate my opponent for the very impressive win. Welcome my guess for tonight…. Dolph Ziggler.

The crowd along with MVP waits patiently for Dolph Ziggler to come out. After a few moments’ MVP puts the microphone to his mouth but before he can talk.

“Don’t Waste My Time”

What? He is debuting now? The crowd boos as in fact Elijah Burke, is now out from behind the curtain. The crowd boos, and MVP takes off his sunglasses to get a good look at the newest member of Raw. Burke walks down the ramp trash talking to all the fans. He climbs into the ring, and MVP puts back on his sunglasses, and just looks at Burke.

MVP: Hey playa, I know, you’ve been waiting to debut for a while now, but this is my time. This is my show….. my ring. You just can’t just come up in here, thinking that you can interrupt me. Do it to someone else. You have any idea who I am. I’m M……

Burke: MVP I know. Blah Blah Blah, I represent the 305. I’m Raw’s most valuable playa. I just got my butt whipped by Dolph Ziggler last night. I know what you’re up to and that is why I had to stop it.

MVP looks at Burke confused.

Burke: Yeah, I know you were going to have Ziggler come out here, throw a few compliments here and there, then say he can’t do it again, and since he was feeling so confident from all you compliments he would accept and you would have another shot at the Intercontinental Title. I’m here to tell you that your time is up. You had your chance, now it’s my turn. I’m Elijah Burke, and all of the WWE Evolution Universe will be sucked in by the Elijah Experience. Now all they have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

Burke has a huge smile on his face, as the crowd boos. MVP shakes his head, as he addresses Burke.

MVP: Listen, sure you have been hyped up the past few weeks on Raw, but there is a ladder that you have to climb, and no matter how good you think you are, your still on the bottom of the ladder and you’re going to have to work your way up it.

Burke: Climb the ladder huh?

MVP nods his head; Burke shrugs, then delivers a strong uppercut that sends MVP flying backwards. MVP slowly gets up and charges at Burke who rolls out of the ring laughing. MVP holds his jaw, as Burke makes his way up the ramp trash talking to MVP.

Cole: Wow, Burke finally debuts and uppercuts MVP right in the jaw.

Lawler: Burke had no business out here but he wanted to make a statement and he has made one.

MVP checks his jaw, as Raw fades out to commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

Raw returns from commercial break, and we are in the backstage area, but more importantly Zack Ryder’s locker-room. We see Zack looking in the mirror, ready to compete, but as of right now he seems more focused on looking to make sure he is hot, which he know’s he already is. The camera pans over to The Brian Kendrick who is sitting impatiently over on the other side of the room. He shakes his head, and finally walks over to Ryder.

Kendrick: Zack for the past ten minutes I have watched you stare at your reflection in the mirror. Can we please go we have a match in a few minutes?

Ryder turns to Kendrick then shakes his head in disagreement.

Ryder: Bro, you know how long it takes me to look this good? I have to make sure everything is perfect, after all I don’t want to disappoint my boo Tiffany tonight. It’s her debut on Raw. Plus after what happen last night, I got to make sure I pick up a win, and look good doing it. That way, I take her back to my place and we make some magic in the bedroom.

Kendrick shakes his head, and then looks at Ryder confused.

Kendrick: Wait did you say you’re boo? I thought she was only your manager.

Ryder kisses himself in the mirror then puts his sunglasses on. He looks at Kendrick and smiles.

Ryder: Nah, bro…. it’s official. Check it out on my Facebook, we made it official last night, and last night I texted her, saying I love her XOXO. Brad and Angelina got nothing on us.

Kendrick looks at Ryder, and just shakes his head. He is at a complete lost for words. Tiffany comes into the room, and the two men face her as she talks to them.

Tiffany: Alright, you guys ready? Big match against Cryme Tyme tonight.

Ryder smiles and Kendrick wants to say something but Ryder cuts him off.

Ryder: I’m always ready babe. WOO WOO WOO You Know It!

Ryder walks past Tiffany and slaps her on the butt. She lets out a little giggle, and smiles. She is about to walk away, but Kendrick grabs her by the arm.

Kendrick: What do you see in him? He’s a complete tool.

Tiffany smiles.

Tiffany: Yeah, but he’s my tool, and I love him to death.

Tiffany laughs as she runs to catch up, with her client Ryder. Kendrick shrugs, then catches up with the both of them as Raw goes to another commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

Raw returns and Cryme Tyme’s music hits. The crowd goes crazy, as out from behind the curtain out comes JTG and Shad. Both men seem to be hyped up. They both dance atop the ramp before, going down the ramp and slapping all the fans high-fives.

Lillian: Introducing first from Brooklyn, New York weighing a combined weight of 530 pounds Shad and JTG Cryme Tyme.

Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, as Cryme Tyme makes their way down to the ring. Last night they were in a huge battle with Legacy and Rated Y2J and lost.

Lawler: Tough lost, but they seem happy as always, but another tough task for them tonight.

“OOOOHHHHH RADIOOOO Tell me Everything You Know”.

Out from behind the curtains, Zack Ryder, The Brian Kendrick and Tiffany all stand atop the ramp. Tiffany lets Kendrick and Ryder walk ahead of her. Both men walk down the ramp with a cocky swagger to them, which the crowd hates as they let out tremendous boos.
Lillian: Their opponents the team of The Brian Kendrick and Zack Ryder.

Cole: Both of these men think very highly of themselves.

Lawler: They are their biggest fans, but still cockiness aside both of them can wrestle.

Match 3: Cryme Tyme vs. The Brian Kendrick and Zack Ryder/ w Tiffany

Good back and forth match with a lot of action. Turning point in the match was when both Kendrick and JTG were in the ring. JTG connects with a scoop slam, then a nice leg drop right after. JTG goes for the pin and gets a two count. He goes to the top rope, and Ryder distracts JTG, and Kendrick is able to knock push JTG off the top rope and on to the outside. Kendrick then goes to the outside, and drives JTG shoulder first into the ring post. Kendrick throws JTG back into the ring and makes a tag to Ryder. He screams “WOO WOO WOO” at JTG before delivering a straight kick to his ribs, then another. He then wraps his legs around the mid-section of JTG and has him in a body scissors. JTG tries to unlock legs of Ryder but to no prevail, as Ryder just applies more pressure. Finally JTG counters away, as he begins to delivers right hands into the leg or Ryder, which causes him to break the hold, but JTG, can’t crawl over to his corner in time to make the tag as Ryder delivers another kick to the ribs of JTG. He then picks up JTG and whips him in the corner. JTG connects hard with the corner and Ryder charges at him, and connects with a clothesline. Kendrick tags the back of Ryder, and the two begin to double stomp on JTG. Kendrick drags JTG toward the ropes and Irish whips him. JTG comes back and Kendrick puts his head down. JTG falls to his back near Kendrick and delivers a strong upper-cut. Kendrick falls backwards a bit, but charges at JTG, who delivers a hip toss at the last second and now both men are down. Shad and the crowd go crazy willing JTG to make the tag. Ryder wants a tag for his team. JTG makes the tag, and Kendrick elects to stay in the ring. Kendrick walks towards Shad and Shad, takes him out with a clothesline. Kendrick quickly springs up but is sent back down with a huge back body drop. Kendrick goes over to the corner, and Shad charges at him and connects with a body splash. Kendrick instantly falls and Shad goes for a pin. One Two…… Ryder breaks it up with a club to the back of Shad. JTG comes in and sends both men up and over the top rope with a clothesline as they both crash onto the outside. Shad waits for Kendrick to get up possibly setting him up for Thug-nifcent. Tiffany gets on the apron, and distracts the ref. Before Shad can get to her she drops. Kendrick tags Ryder who was able to keep JTG down on the outside. Ryder grabs Shad from behind and rolls him up and grabs the tights. The ref doesn’t see it and he counts the three. What a victory from Ryder and Kendrick.

Cole: And Ryder steals a win, as the ref did not see the holding of the tights.

Lawler: Well in the record books it will go down as a win but put an asterisk next to that, and you can see Shad pleading his case but to no prevail.

Camera’s cut backstage where we see Jack Swagger walking down the hallway.

Cole: Last night Swagger lost to Shelton Benjamin, and wanted a rematch tonight and that is what is up next after this commercial break.

[Commercial break]

Jack Swagger’s music hits when Raw comes back on the air, and The All-American….American is already halfway down the ramp. He stops at the bottom of the ramp, and falls in push-up position. He does a few push-ups as Red, White and Blue pyro goes off.

Lillian: Introducing first from Perry, Oklahoma weighing 263 Jack Swagger.

Cole: Last night Swagger lost to Benjamin in a great match.

Lawler: Yeah, but Swagger didn’t see it as a great match, and is looking for revenge tonight.

“Ain’t No Stoppin Me Now” The crowd goes crazy as gold pyro goes off. Benjamin comes out, hyped up and ready to go against Swagger an opponent who he already holds a win against.

Lillian: His opponent from Orangeburg, South Carolina weighing 248 pounds Shelton Benjamin.

Cole: The best pure athlete last night showed why he is the best, with a huge win last night.

Lawler: Yeah and his confidence has to be sky high right now.

Match 4: Jack Swagger vs. Shelton Benjamin

Both guys have the other one very well scouted after last night’s match-up. Benjamin is in control until Jack Swagger, countered the T-Bone Suplex by blocking it, and connecting with a belly to belly suplex. Jack in complete control drags Benjamin toward the corner. Swagger measures it up, and goes for the corner sling-shot splash and connects, and hooks both legs for the cover 1,2, kickout from Benjamin. Swagger applies a nice half nelson submission in. The crowd tries to will Benjamin back into this match. It seems to work as Benjamin slowly gets up to his feet. Benjamin tries to go for an elbow, but Swagger ducks it and connects with a Northen Lights Suplex, with a bridge for the pin. 1,2,…. kickout from Benjamin again. Swagger grabs Benjamin up by the arm and Irish whips him into the corner. Benjamin hits the corner hard but explodes back with a clothesline out of nowhere and both men are down. The refs count reaches six and both men are up to their feet. Benjamin delivers a right, then Swagger. More back and forth, then Benjamin goes for a kick, but Swagger catches it. Swagger smiles, but Benjamin wipes that smile off, as he connects with a dragon whip. He goes over for the pin. 1,2,….kickout from Swagger. Swagger slowly gets up, and Benjamin whips him into the corner. Swagger stays as Benjamin charges and shows his great leaping ability as he lands perfectly on the second rope with both feet and delivers right hands. After several right hands, Swagger grabs the trunks of Benjamin, and seems to be looking for a power bomb. Benjamin delivers a few more fists and is able to counter as he lands on his feet behind Swagger. Swagger turns around into PAYDIRT!!! Crowd goes crazy, as Benjamin turns Swagger over and pins him for the three count.

Cole: Once again Benjamin gets the better of Swagger.

Lawler: Clearly Swagger has lost twice to Benjamin. You have to think that Shelton
Benjamin is the better of these two.

The camera’s show Benjamin, as Swagger is still in the ring holding his head in pain. The camera’s quickly go back to the backstage area as we see Cryme Tyme who seem to be very frustrated by their lost to Zack Ryder and The Brian Kendrick earlier in the night. If things couldn’t get any worse, they look over to see Paul Burchill and Brutus Magnus chuckling and both clapping for them sarcastically. Cryme Tyme looks at them, and Shad gets right in the face of Burchill.

Shad: What so funny to you two?

Burchill: I have to say, I didn’t think you guys could be any worse, after last night, but then you lose to Zack Ryder and The Brian Kendrick…. If this all the tag team division has to offer, then we will have no problem climbing to the top.

JTG: So that’s why you lost last night.

Burchill: We had the three count, but the bloody ref wasn’t paying attention. It is only a matter of time, before me and Brutus become the supreme tag team on Raw.

Shad: AYO J the British are coming!!!! The British are coming!

Both of them laugh as they are not worried about Burchill, and Brutus. Burchill and Brutus don’t take to kindly to Cryme Tyme making fun of them and all hell breaks loose, as the Brits attack Cryme Tyme. After battling back and forth on the ground, finally referees are there to break these two teams up. Camera’s once again stay in the backstage area as we now see Josh Matthews standing with a microphone in his hand. He smiles at the camera then addresses the fans.

Matthews: My guest for tonight John Cena

The crowd pops as Cena comes into the picture. He smiles at Josh, and pats him on the shoulder. Matthews smiles and conducts the interview.

Matthews: You challenged Randy Orton for the WWE title tonight, and many believe if you win tonight, it can possibly be a fluke, because of Randy Orton having a match last night, and you not having one yourself.

Cena laughs then look at Matthews.

Cena: Wow, someone drinking some hater-ade. Listen Randy walked out to the ring fine. He had no serious injuries. If he did he wouldn’t be here right now. Randy can’t hide behind injuries that he doesn’t have. If…. No when I beat Randy tonight I know he is going to complain about how unfair the match was, how he is being worked like a dog. Once again Randy you work to entertain the fans. I know they hate you, but you have to entertain them. That is why tonight, I’m walking out of here the NEW WWE Champion, and I’m sure that tonight, the fans will go home entertained.

The crowd pops as Cena slaps Matthews on the back, and leaves the screen as Raw cuts to commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw and our main event for tonight is up next.

“I Hear Voices in My Head They Council Me They Understand They Talk to Me”

Randy Orton comes out to boos, but is un-phased as he walks down the ramp. Just 24 hours removed from defending his title he seems composed to defend it again, and retain it just like last night.

Lillian: Introducing first from St. Louis Missouri weighing 245 pounds he is the WWE Champion Randy Orton.

Cole: And King, Orton did not expect to be in a match tonight.

Lawler: Yeah now he has a big challenge ahead of him.

John Cena’s music hits and the crowd goes crazy. Cena comes out with a bunch of energy as he is ready to possibly take down the age of Orton. He walks down the ramp slapping the fans high fives. Orton stone cold stares down Cena as Cena makes his way down to the ring.

Lillian: His opponent from West Newbury, Massachusetts weighing 240 pounds John Cena.

Cole: Cena knows Orton very well, and I do believe that if anyone can take down Orton it is Cena.

Lawler: Yeah and I’m sure the fans want to see Cena take down Orton too.

Main Event:WWE Championship Match Randy Orton © vs. John Cena

These rivals put on a really good match, as it went back and forth. Turning point came after Cena Irish whipped Orton into the ropes, but Orton didn’t come back. Cena charged at him and Orton let down the top rope sending Cena going over and crashing hard onto the outside. Orton waits for Cena to get counted out, but Cena is able to get onto the outside apron at seven. Before he can get back into the ring, Orton grabs his head, and connects with a lethal second story DDT. Orton rolls Cena over for the pin. 1,2, kickout. Orton goes right back on the attack with a vicious head-lock. The crowd slowly gets behind Cena who after struggling for a bit is able to get back up to vertical base. He grabs the arms of Orton, and begins to lift them up in the air, and Orton no longer has the hold locked into the head of Orton. Cena bounces off the ropes and connects with a flying shoulder block. He does it again. Orton quickly gets up and goes for a clothesline but Cena ducks it into a spin-out powerbomb. We all know what is next…..”You Can’t See Me” Cena delivers the five knuckle shuffle. Orton slowly gets back to his feet, and Cena gets him up and his shoulders, trying to hit the attitude adjustment, but Orton slides off and pushes Cena into the ref, who gets knocked down. Cena looks at the ref then turns around and Orton hits an inverted backbreaker. Orton begins to pound his knuckles on the canvas. He is turning completely red, and wants to connect with an RKO. He waits for Cena to get up and Cena turns around RK…… no Cena pushes him off. Orton bounces off the ropes, comes back and Cena has him on his shoulders Attitude…….. no Orton delivers two elbows to the side of the head of Cena, who seems to be a bit dazed. Orton charges at Cena, and Cena counters with a drop-toe hold into the STF. It’s locked in, in the middle of the ring. Cena is screaming for Orton to tap, and the crowd is going crazy. Orton looks like he is going to tap but……

Cody Rhodes, slides into the ring, and stomps on the back of Cena causing Cena to break the hold. The crowd boos, as Orton lays out flat in the ring. Rhodes continues to work on Cena, unloading punches and kicks. He makes sure Cena is down before going to the outside and grabbing a chair. Rhodes climbs into the ring and Cena is up as Rhodes takes a swing with the chair but Cena is able to avoid it. Rhodes turns around, and Cena grabs Rhodes up on his shoulders and plants him with the Attitude Adjustment. The crowd goes crazy, as Rhodes rolls to the outside in pain. The ref is still out and Cena checks on him once again. Cena turns around just in time to see Orton charging at him, and Cena counters ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!!!! Orton is out cold. Cena check at the ref and begins to shake him to see if he is up. The crowd is all of a sudden in uproar, as someone cuts through the crowd and climbs the barricade. They climb into the ring and get behind Cena. Cena doesn’t see him. The man grabs him and connects with DREAM STREET!!!! TED DIBIASE JR. IS BACK!!!!! Dibiase looks at Cena, and smiles happy at what he has done. He goes over to Orton and drags his lifeless body over to Cena, and lays Orton on top of Cena. He rolls out of the ring before the ref sees him. The ref begins to count.
3!!!!!!!!! Orton retains with help from Dibiase.

Cole: Dibiase is still with Legacy, as Cena got screwed.

Lawler: The ref never saw it, and it’s a shame. Orton cheats his way to this win.

Randy Orton looks at Ted and the two hug, as all the members of Legacy walk up the ramp. Orton gets to the top of the ramp, turn to the ring, and holds the WWE Title high above his head. Cena looks at angry, as Raw fades to black.

Quick Results
Rated Y2J d Motor City Machine Gunz via Spear
AJ Styles d Cody Rhodes via Count-out
Zack Ryder/The Brian Kendrick d Cryme Tyme via Roll-Up
Shelton Benjamin d Jack Swagger via Pay Dirt
Randy Orton d John Cena via Dream Street by Ted Dibiase while ref was knocked out.

EDITORS NOTE: Thanks for all the feedback, hope you like the entrances re-vamped, and thanks for reading.

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

RAW Feedback

~ It makes sense to start the show of with a video package after a pay-per-view and I am glad you did that. It was a nice recap of the main event. I would have liked a little more commentary at the start of the show but if commentary isn’t your thing than fair dues. Already I see a difference in the entrances, the way you described Orton and Rhodes coming out is much better than your old way. I am glad you took my – and others – advice.

~ Starts of like a typical Orton promo, putting himself over and talking about himself and his title. Orton was in character here. So Hardy and Punk are in hospital? A new challenger perhaps? Ted DiBiase could be the new challenger but I don’t think he has enough credibility yet. I really expected Ted to come out here, I would enjoy another Orton/DiBiase confrontation but then John Cena comes out. I didn’t enjoy the comment about the love affair by Cena, wow way to put down Swagger and Kidd. It seemed like this is what this promo was to put down Ted, Cody, Swagger and Kidd. So, Orton Vs Cena for the WWE Championship, I expect someone to interfere on Orton’s behalf. Anyway, start of the promo was good, Orton was in character and so was Cena. But I just didn’t like the way he puts down four superstars. I didn’t see the point in rolling a tape that consisted of what we just saw. You could have Cena justs tell Randy that he heard what he said earlier. at Cody, he just stood there the whole promo and the only thing he did was try to calm Orton down at the end. Good promo to start the show but it had some issues.

~ The match description of Rated Y2J Vs MCMG was good if not a bit shaky at times. Since you had kind of a dirty finish then I see a rematch at the next pay-per-view. I don’t expect Rated Y2J to lose the titles soon though.

~ Make sure to read over you’re work before you post,Anyway I didn’t enjoy this bit because with Orton telling Rhodes to interfere only if it looks like hes about to be beat, it makes Cody look bad because he looks like Orton’s bitch. Plus, it makes the main event quite predictable. Lol @ Cody being better than Ted. I didn’t get Codys line to DiBiase TBH until I read it over then I noticed what you meant. This seems like the start of a push for Ted, it would have been interesting if Cody said he wasn’t going to help Orton.

~ AJ Styles? I had no idea he was in this BTB. Cody looked like a little bitch here, it seems like Rhodes was dominated then realised he was no match for Styles (which is true) and left. Kind of bad for Rhodes cred, but I guess it made AJ look strong since he made someone leave the match because he was being dominated.

~ Typical start to the VIP lounge, MVP seemed in character here. I’m guessing that the Ziggler/MVP feud is over now that Burke debuted by interrupting MVP. Lol at Burke ripping on MVP. Burke was good here and an MVP/Burke feud would be good. The Elijah Experience... Ok. Uppercut to MVP, Ok now the feud begins. Wait, was that it? An uppercut to MVP. Quite a lacklustre debut TBF, I would have liked to see MVP get a few shots in then Burke take the advantage. I will say this though, MVP was in character for the most part, as was Burke, I believe this was as good as the opening promo if not better.

~ Ok, the Ryder/Kendrick exchange was good here and I lol’d at Ryder kissing the mirror. I don’t think he’s as cocky as that however. The facebook, XOXO, Brad and Angelina line was pure gold, something I could envision Ryder saying that in real life. You wrote Ryder a lot better than you did at Bragging Rights. Please keep Kendrick away from Ryder as a tag team partner. I really feel he could be a great singles competitor plus he’s already been in a tag team. However with the “complete tool” line I think they will feud. I’m indifferent about this to be honest. I’d like him to win the title from Morrison which I believe he should have won at Bragging Rights. I hope Tiffany actually does something to help Ryder this time as she done nothing at Bragging Rights and by doing something she’ll really cement herself as his manager. This was a nice promo to get across Ryder’s cockiness.

~ It’s good that Tiffany got involved as it establishes them as a couple, the dirty win is really something that I think can put over someone as the sly heel or the cocky heel. I still can’t tell if Kendrick/Ryder will be a tag team or a feud or neither. The Shelton/Swagger match, I expect that the feud has now ended and they’ll both move onto other things. Since I’ve started following this thread, Shelton has won twice. It could be the end or you may have Swagger get a victory.

~ Shad and JTG weren’t in character much here. I don’t like how Magnus never said anything, he just stood there letting Burchill do the talking. Well, looks like Cryme Tyme/Burchill and Magnus feud is on the horizon. I like how you are building more than one feud within the tag division. “Hater-ade” ugh. Nice little interview, that put over the fact that Cena wants the WWE Championship. That Hater-ade line was terrible. I just seemed so cheesy.

~ By the backstage promo earlier, I always new the outcome and how it would go down. Rhodes interfering was obvious, DiBiase was not. So Ted changed is mind, I guess this means no push, he’s just going to go back to being Orton’s bitch just like Rhodes is.

All in all, I enjoyed reading the show. There were some questionable booking, some grammar issues. Just remember to look over the show once you are done writing. I think with improvement, you could be really good. Also I hope you stick with this thread, good luck with the rest of the thread.

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Raw Review

Opening: It was good. I dont like the way Ted diddnt come out but when Cena cmae out he was funny and set up a good main event. Cody was out therefor no reason as he said nothing maybe you should have ahd him say something to ted.

Tag match was goo but a bit short and youdidnt metion it was for the title but you said retained. The right team won anyway.

Orton: I liked it. Ted avoiding Orton and then taklking to Cody was something that would happen. Cody sticking uo fro Ortn was good and i wonder whta will happen enxt with Legacy.

Rhodes v AJ: This would be a good match but you hardly had any action in it? Why did Cody just leave i dont understand. There must be a reason. I still would have had AJ win but not like that.

MVP: Best of the night so far. Burke lookedgood in this and it will be interesting to see what you do with these two. A match would be good.

Tag Match: Weird between Kendrick and Ryder, i dont understand the relationship. Kendrick was slagging Ryder to Tiffany. Does not make sense. The match was good though and im glad Ryder got the win.

A good match between Swagger and Benjamin. They both got some good stuff in the match and Benjamin getting the win is good.

Main Event: Good match im glad that DiBiase came backa nd helped Orton.It was a good twist but i knew Orton was going to win.

Overall: It was a good show. Would like you to do better on the matches. The main event was good but the others need a bit of work. The promos were good and you willget better.
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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Superstars Preview 10/29

Superstars will be full with great action after an explosive Monday Night Raw. This Superstars is sure not to disappoint. Zack Ryder this past Monday on Raw got a cheap win against Shad, but this time Shad has a chance for revenge as it will be Zack Ryder vs. Shad in a one on one match. Tyson Kidd will also be featured in action as he tries to stay hot however he has a tough as he has to take down the United States Champion John Morrison who has been pretty hot himself. The main event for Thursday Night will feature Raw’s most valuable player MVP who will be up against The All American-American Jack Swagger, and Elijah Burke is said to be guest commentator for that match. Tune into WGN America at 8 o’clock to witness all the great action of WWE Evolution.

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Raw Review:

Opening: You did a good job with this, Cena had some good lines with Cena. Orton's part was not your best part ever, but it got where it was going. Do not be like WWE and make Priceless/Legacy Orton's bitches. I like Rhodes! Ha ha, but yeah, good job with this part.

Tag title match: Gah, no feud!? That is very questionable because it could have been awesome with these two teams and I would love it in the future. It was a solid match, some grammar errors are your main problem right now.

Legacy segment: Hmm...this was a pretty straight shot segment, it was something anyway, we will see where this story goes. Slow burn feuds are cool.

Rhodes v AJ: Just put the title on AJ. Where has he been anyway? But this was weird, you defintely made Rhodes look weak, but good for AJ.

MVP/Burke: Great segment, defintely the best part of the show. I thought Burke was in a good place for his promos, a feud between these two will own. I was hoping he would debut in a title feud but this is fine.

Kendrick/Ryder: Great stuff with Ryder, you played him perfectly here, and Kendrick was great in his more serious role, he might need a little work before you insert him into anything, so it was pretty much just a cameo from Spanky with Ryder getting the win

Swagger/Shelton: "Next world champ! Next world champ!" Ha ha. I love me some Shelton on any show and he was awesome as usual. I wonder where they go now though. Match of the night so far.

Main Event: Doh! Cena got played by Legacy. I am sure there will be some kind of explanation from Ted next week. As for the match it was okay, always room for improvement in a main event slo, but it was a big match that brings some cool aspects to the table.

Overall: This was a nice show, you are making improvements every show and tweaking the entrances was a good start. Right now you just gotta fix the grammar and let matches flow a little better with the moves and stuff. And you will be set, good stuff from Raw and you will get better if you stay on track with this thread tbh. Looking forward to Superstars.

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Superstars 10/29

The opening pyro for Superstars goes off. The crowd goes crazy as the lights in the arena go on. Cameras scan certain fans who seem to be happy and all smiles. Then cameras cut to Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler who are ringside tonight to call the action.

Cole: Welcome to Thursday Night Superstars, I’m Michael Cole alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler. What a night we have planned.

Lawler: Yeah we have a huge main event, but we will get to that later. Let’s kick it off with our opening match.


The crowd boos as the cocky but very talented Zack Ryder pops out from behind the curtains. He is holding hands with manager and girlfriend Tiffany, as the two of them walk down the ramp. Ryder screams “WOO WOO WOO” toward the crowd causing them to boo, even more.

Lillian: Introducing first from Long Island, New York weighing 213 pounds Zack Ryder.

Cole: Ryder along with The Brian Kendrick on Monday Night Raw this past week, was able to pick up a win, but by cheating.

Lawler: Yeah Ryder held on to the tights of Shad and picked up the win. The ref never saw it. Tonight Ryder needs to prove he can win without cheating.

Cryme Tyme’s music hits and the crowd goes crazy. Out from behind the curtains appear Shad and JTG. They both do a little dance atop the ramp them make their way down the ramp. Ryder looks on not intimidated by the beast Shad.

Lillian: His opponent from Brooklyn, New York weighting 295 Shad Gaspard.

Cole: King, usually Cryme Tyme likes to have fun but tonight Shad will be all about business.

Lawler: If I was Ryder I would be afraid of this monster of a man in Shad. He used to be an ex-body guard, so he can defiantly put a hurting on people like Ryder.

Match 1: Zack Ryder vs. Shad Gaspard
Very good back and forth match, but Shad takes control around the six minute mark, when Ryder tries to go for the jumping leg lariat (aka Rough Ryder) but Shad catches him in mid air and slams him down with a powerbomb. Ryder is holding the back of his head, as Shad bounces off the ropes and connects with a leg drop. He goes for a pin 1,2,kickout. Shad lifts Ryder up and whips him into the ropes, Ryder comes back and attempts a cross body, but Shad catches him, and military presses Zack and tosses him to the outside of the ring. Ryder hits the outside mats hard, and Tiffany runs over to make sure Ryder is okay. Superstars after this cuts to a quick commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

We come back from commercial break, and Ryder executes a perfect face wash. We see how Ryder gained control over the commercial break, after Irish whipping Shad into the steel steps. Back to real time action, as Ryder picks up Shad and delivers a kick to the gut and plants him with a nice DDT. Ryder goes for a pin. 1,2, kickout. Ryder goes right on the attack, applying a headlock onto Shad. The crowd starts to clap for Shad, and with this Shad slowly gets up. Shad gets to a vertical base, and delivers a few elbows into the ribs of Ryder. He pushes Ryder off and pushes him off into the ropes. Ryder comes back and walks right into a sidewalk slam. Both men are down and the ref is counting. Shad gets up first but Ryder is not far behind. Ryder goes for a right hand, but Shad blocks it and connects with one of his own, then another. He then Irish whips Ryder into the ropes. Ryder comes back and Shad plants him with a big boot to the face. Shad is going crazy as he waits for Ryder to get up. Ryder slowly gets up to a vertical base, and turns around and lands right into a Thug-nificent. Tiffany tries to climb up on the apron, but JTG holds her back from interfering once again. Shad hooks both legs and gets a three count.

Cole: And Shad gets sweet revenge.

Lawler: That he did….. wait what’s this?!?!

As Cryme Tyme is celebrating Brutus Magnus and Paul Burchill charge into the ring, and start to brawl with Cryme Tyme similar to what happen on Raw. Magnus is able to connect with Tormentum on JTG and tosses JTG onto the outside of the ring. Shad is all by himself receiving a beat-down from the Brits. Burchill and Magnus both grab Shad and toss him onto the outside as well. Burchill’s music hits and the crowd boos, as the two Brits are left in the ring, happy that they just sent a message to Cryme Tyme.

Cole: What a disgusting attack from Burchill and Magnus.

Lawler: They had no right being out here, but this battle is far from being over.

Cryme Tyme injured a bit walk up the ramp, as Magnus and Burchill trash talk in the ring as Superstars cuts to commercial.

[Commercial Break]

Superstars comes back from commercial break as the arena turns black and pink, which can only mean one thing. Tyson Kidd is making his way down to the ring. Kidd comes out from behind the curtains, with a cocky smile on his face. The crowd instantly boos when they see him.

Lillian: Introducing first from Calgary, Alberta, Canada weighing 195 pounds Tyson Kidd.

Cole: Kidd wants to impress GM Long, and tonight he has a chance to do that as he goes against John Morrison.

Lawler: Yeah Theodore Long called Tyson’s last two wins flukes, but if he can pick up a win tonight, I would say that Tyson is no fluke.

“Ain’t No Make Believe” blast through the PA, and the crowd goes absolutely crazy. John Morrison dressed in his normal attire comes out to the cheers of the crowd. He does his signature slo-mo atop the ramp as Lillian, announces his name.

Lillian: His opponent from Los Angeles, California weighing 223 pounds John Morrison.

Cole: And here is the United States champion who was able to hold off Zack Ryder at Bragging Rights.

Lawler: John Morrison is a truly gifted athlete.

Match 2: Tyson Kidd vs. John Morrison

A fast paced match with a great spot. After dropping the top rope, down on Tyson Kidd causing him to fall onto the outside, Tyson had to slowly regain himself and made it back to his feet. Morrison bounces off the ropes to get momentum, as he jumps over the top rope and executes a cork-screw like maneuver onto Kidd on the outside. Morrison gets back to his feet and tosses Tyson Kidd back into the ring. Morrison does another great move as he connects with a standing shooting star press into a pin. 1,2, Kidd is able to roll his shoulder out at the last second. Morrison grabs Kidd by the arm, but Kidd rips his arm out of the grasp of Morrison and delivers a series of kicks to the side of the ribs of Morrison. He then grabs Morrison by the head, and connects with a swinging neckbreaker. Kidd is in complete control now as he places Morrison in the sitting position. Kidd bounces off the ropes, and connects with a low-drop kick right into the face of Morrison. He goes for a pin. 1,2, Kickout from the United States Champion. Kidd grabs Morrison and whips him into the corner. Morrison stays in the corner as Kidd charges at him, but Morrison gets a boot into the face of Kidd. Kidd is dazed, as Morrison connects with the Flying Chuck. Cover from Morrison. 1,2, kickout from Kidd. Morrison drags Kidd into the corner and measures him up for Starship Pain. Morrison jumps up, but Kidd springs quickly back up and takes out one of the legs of Morrison. Morrison is hung up with his boot stuck, wrapped in the top rope. Kidd backs up and connects with another drop kick into the face of Morrison. Morrison lands on his stomach, as Kidd rolls him over, and goes to the outside apron. Kidd jumps off the top rope using it as a springboard and connects with the Soaring Hart. Cover from Kidd 1,2,3 …… and Kidd picks up the upset victory.

Cole: Upset victory from Kidd.

Lawler: Wow! How about that…. That is making a statement.

Kidd celebrates as the crowd seems to be in disbelief. The cameras cut to the backstage area, where we see MVP, standing with Josh Matthews.

Matthews: My guest for tonight MVP.

The crowd pops as Matthews gets ready with his question.

Matthews: We saw Elijah Burke on Raw connects with a huge upper-cut that caught you by surprise. Is he going to be a factor tonight with your match against Jack Swagger?

MVP: Listen Josh, if Elijah tries to get involved in my match tonight, I will make sure I show him why I’m Raw’s Most Valuable Playa, and that he has messed with the wrong man.

With that MVP leaves the cameras view and Superstars cuts to commercial

[Commercial Break]

Cole: Welcome back to Thursday Night Superstars and we are joined by one of the newest members of the Raw roster and that man is Elijah Burke.

Burke: Cole I’m not here to talk I just want to scout the so called MVP of Raw.

“Get on Your Knees” plays as the crowd boos. Jack Swagger comes out with a huge smile on his face. The All-American….American is already halfway down the ramp. He stops at the bottom of the ramp, and falls in push-up position. He does a few push-ups as Red, White and Blue pyro goes off.

Lillian: Introducing first from Perry, Oklahoma weighing 263 Jack Swagger.

Cole: Jack Swagger has a chance to take down MVP, as he hit a losing streak recently.

Lawler: Yeah Benjamin the last two weeks as really gotten the better of Swagger, but I’m sure Swagger tries to keep that out of his mind.

“I’m Coming” plays through the PA and the crowd erupts with cheers. Out from behind the curtain comes MVP. He walks halfway down the then throws up the 305. He smiles into the camera as Lillian announces him.

Lillian: His opponent from Miami, Florida weighing 259 pounds MVP

Burke: MVP, please….. this guy lost to Ziggler at Bragging Rights. He should be called LVP….Least Valuable Player. He is nothing.

Well judging by our fans they disagree.

Burke: What do they know? Absolutely nothing.

Main Event: Jack Swagger vs. MVP

It is a pretty competitive match as both men are given it there all. Turning point that gave Swagger most of the control was when MVP missed the ballin elbow, in the corner. He got hung up on the top rope but was able to get out. As soon as he turned around, Swagger perfected a nice belly to belly suplex. Swagger wraps his legs around MVP and gets him in a body scissor submission. The crowd tries to get behind MVP, who slowly is able to break the hold. He can’t get back up as Swagger clubs him in the back a few times. Swagger takes a few steps and charges at MVP, but MVP is able to sidestep swagger and grab him by the head, and send him with all his momentum up and over the ropes. Swagger is down as MVP takes a quick breather. MVP goes to the outside and kicks Swagger right into the ribs. MVP waits for Swagger to get up then grabs him by the head, slams it on the ring apron. Elijah Burke stands up, and MVP see’s this. MVP turns his attention to Burke and the two start to exchange words with each other. Before the two end their trash talking, Swagger out of nowhere pushes MVP into Burke. All hell breaks loose as now MVP and Burke are both delivering blows left and right, back and forth and the ref has no choice to ring the bell which ends the match but more importantly the ref has to break up MVP and Burke, but in no way can one ref break up these two guys from tearing each other apart.

Cole: And both men really are going at it.

Lawler: We need more refs!! Hurry!!!

More refs come running down the ramp, as they try to hold back Burke and MVP. Both men are being held back by several referees. MVP is able to break away, and jumps on top of the refs that are holding back Burke. All the men fall down, as MVP delivers wild right hands, as Burke desperately covers up, and once again refs try to break up this fight. Finally referees are able to pull MVP off who goes crazy, as he screams as he makes his way toward the ramp. Burke is angry, as he wants some more of MVP, but refs hold him back as Superstars goes off the air.

Quick Results
Shad d Zack Ryder via Thug-nificent

Tyson Kidd d John Morrison via Soaring Hart

MVP d Jack Swagger via DQ

EDITORS NOTE: I know that the main event is kind of short, but I'm building up more for Burke and MVP.

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

RatedRKO31 Superstars Feedback

~ The first match was OK, I'm not a fan of the clean finish. I believe Ryder can be a big player in this thread. But you had him loss cleanly to Shad which I did not like. Why not have Brutus and Burchill interfere and distract Shad? I would rather that happen that what happened after the match.

~ Cole said it was a disgusting attack but all they did was throw them to the outside, JTG did take a move but when you say Shad was beat down I picture a few punches and kicks. I wanted the attack to be more intense.

~ Not a bad match, it had a good flow to it. I like the ending as it elevates Kidd into the United States Championship picture. Kidd and Morrison would be a good feud in real life so make it good in this thread please.

~ MVP interview? I think you are trying to create this MVP/Burke feud into something big and I really like that. It was short, very short. I would have liked MVP to speak more on Burke before he said the ending. Try to increase the length of you're promo's/interviews as I think you write the wrestlers in character and having longer promos will only benefit you.

~ If he was only there to scout then why did he put the headphones on? I expect you to have Swagger win here via interference by Burke. So he's not here to talk ... but he still talks. Why hold them back? Let them go at it to build fire in the feud. Anyway, the match was good. I would have liked it to be longer though, since it is the main event.

All in all, it wasn't the best show I've read from you. The last RAW and Bragging Rights were better, better written and better booked. One thing, I think you should put who won the match at the end of the match description, just to avoid confusion.
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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

WWE Evolution News and Rumors

Heat on a Certain Superstar Backstage?

CM Punk may be in a bit of hot water after his comments he made during the weekend. Apparently Punk was set to return possibly before Survivor Series, but Vince and some writers decided to hold back. Right now they want Punk out of the title picture and they don’t see him fitting in the Survivor Series annual 5-on-5 Survivor Series match. According to sources, Punk was furious. Punk was heard moaning after getting the news about not being in one of the biggest PPV’s that the WWE host. Punk right now is “injured” with undisclosed injuries, which is basically helping put over the Punt that Randy Orton connected with at Bragging Rights.

Smackdown is a Go?

Well Smackdown seems to be in sight and will take place after Survivor Series. Early in the month of October, Vince said he wanted another brand because he wanted more guys and that is exactly what he is getting. Some have said all the guys that will be on Smackdown, has worked with WWE in the past. One name that has floated around a lot is Batista and if Batista was on the roster list. He is 40 years old and many don’t know how much longer he will go.

Diva Signings?

Vince doesn’t want them to wrestle but after seeing how good the chemistry between Zack Ryder and Tiffany has been, he has decided that divas will be in the company soon. It is already said that he has signed Torrie Wilson, Maryse Ouellette, Kelly Kelly, Brooke Adams and Rosa Mendes. All of these divas will not be wrestling, but will be involved in storylines either as a valet, romantic angles or anything else the creative team can come up with.

Matt Hardy Signed?

On a North Carolina radio show a few days ago Matt was asked if he got signed to the WWE. Matt said that he was still in talks with them, but the current negations have gone stale. Apparently, after seeing how Brutus Magnus has not been receiving a push that many originally thought he would, Matt said “If I’m coming back I want something that will put me on the map. I want a feud that can carry me up to the Royal Rumble maybe even further”. So as of right now it seems Matt Hardy is not signed to WWE.

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Raw Preview 11/2

Captains Will be Named

With Survivor Series later this month, general manager Theodore Long has decided that he will name the two team captains of the traditional Survivor Series elimination tag match. With many options to choose from, who will be the lucky two, to be captains and hope to construct a team that will beat the other.

Making A Statement

Jack Swagger last week on Raw loss to Shelton Benjamin. This week The All American American has a chance to gets some retribution and take on someone bigger then Benjamin. The young Swagger will take on John Cena on a one-on-one battle. Swagger has only verse Cena once in his career and lost, but can Swagger bounce back and make a huge statement or can John Cena, teach the young Swagger a little lesson about Hustle, Loyalty and Respect.

New Number One Contender Match

Elijah Burke since debuting has had beef with one man and one man only. That man is MVP Raw’s most valuable player. After what happen last week on Raw, and on Superstars, GM Long decided that these two should have a match. If that wasn’t enough, he added one more element, to what already has turned into an ugly battle. Whoever wins this match-up will go on to verse Dolph Ziggler at Survivor Series for the Intercontinental Championship. Will MVP be ballin, and be once again in the running for the Intercontinental Championship, or will the new guy Elijah Burke spoil MVP’s plan. Tune into Monday Night Raw at 9 o’clock

Confirmed Segments
Survivor Series Captains will be named.
Jack Swagger vs. John Cena
Number 1 Contendership match for IC Title: Elijah Burke vs. MVP

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Raw 11/2

No opening video plays as we go right to the backstage area, as the crowd goes nuts at the show starting anxious to see what is happening backstage. We see Chris Jericho standing up wearing a nice suit with a red tie on. He has a smirk on his face as the fans boo, not liking one half of the World Tag Team Champions. The camera pans to the other side of the room where Raw GM Theodore Long is sitting at his desk on the phone. Long seems nervous, as he is clearly taking a tongue lashing from whoever is on the other side of that phone. Finally after saying yes sir about a million times, he hangs up the phone. He takes out a hanky and wipes his head from all the sweat that was dropping from it. Jericho seems like he is ready to open his mouth but all of a sudden John Cena comes into the picture and the crowd goes nuts. Jericho does a double take then looks at Long and begins to talk.

Jericho: What’s the meaning of this Teddy?

Long: Listen one of our biggest pay per views Survivor Series is in three weeks. While we did pretty good with Bragging Rights we need to do more. That was just Mr. McMahon on the phone and he informed me….

Long pauses as he seems a bit fluster. Both Cena and Jericho waits a few moments then finally Theodore Long gets back to what he was saying.

Long: He informed me that we are doing a brand extension, which means after Survivor Series, not only will there be Raw… but also Smackdown will be on Friday Nights.

The crowd goes crazy, as Cena and Jericho look at each other, wondering what all this has to do with them.

Long: Now Smackdown has some great athletes on their teams, who have all worked with WWE in the past. Some names include Kofi Kingston, Carlito, Kane and even The Animal Batista. Now with that said….. I have designated you two captains for the annual five on five elimination tag match.

The crowd goes crazy as both Cena and Jericho look at each other. Both men smile, thinking they are better than the other one, considering their history with each other in the past, especially the past two months. They both look at Long who is not finish.

Long: Now assemble the best team you can, because whichever team loses… they will no longer be on Raw. They will be moved to Smackdown.

The crowd pops once again, as they like the announcement that Long has just made. Both Jericho and Cena smile, accepting the captaincy and thinking how great it would be to send the other one over to Smackdown.

Long: That is all I have for you tonight. Good luck and may the best man win.

With that both Jericho and Cena one after the other fizzle out of Theodore Long’s office, as the opening video for Raw plays.

[Opening Video]

The opening video finishes playing and the arena goes crazy as pyro blows off atop the ramp. The loud booms, bust through the arena, as the lights go on and the crowd goes absolutely nuts. Cameras scan the crowd… as we are in rainy Seattle for this week’s edition of Raw. Finally after finishing up scaning the fans camera cut to ringside where Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler will be calling all of tonight’s action.

Cole: Welcome to Monday Night Raw, and right away we find out who the captains are for Survivor Series. It will be John Cena along with Chris Jericho and these two have to assemble the best teams they can to take the other one down.

Lawler: That’s not it Michael, the losing team will be moving to Smackdown. I can’t believe Smackdown is coming back.

Jeff Hardy’s music hits and the place goes crazy. “No More Words” plays and after a few moments which seems like forever to the fans…. He is here. Jeff Hardy pops out from behind the curtains and the fans go crazy. Hardy stands atop the ramp doing his signature “dancing” as pyro atop the ramp goes off. He goes down the ramp giving all his fans high fives, as he then gets to the ring and slides in.

Cole: I can’t believe that Jeff Hardy is here.

Lawler: Yeah I can’t believe it either, last week he was in a hospital bed… now he’s here. The crowd is going crazy.

Jeff Hardy climbs the turnbuckles and does his signature taunt. He then goes and grabs a microphone and the crowd are still going crazy as the fans begin to chant “Hardy, Hardy, Hardy”. The fans finally die down and Hardy lifts the microphone to his mouth.

Hardy: What’s up Seattle!!!!

The crowd goes crazy as Hardy smiles and puts the microphone back up to his mouth.

Hardy: I was only gone for one week, but boy did I miss this right here. Now I know Bragging Rights did not go the way I wanted it to go. Sure I gave it my all… but in the end I still lost. Randy Orton is still champion. While I know I got pinned, I feel…. well I feel it wasn’t a well deserved pin. After all I wasn’t pinned because of a move done by Randy Orton. He actually just picked up the scraps of CM Punk. Now I know I might be sounding like CM Punk should have a rematch but…. unfortunately he is still in the hospital and won’t be able to make it to Survivor Series. Now watching Raw last week and seeing that John Cena was not able to pull a win out against Randy Orton I feel that it is only right that I have a rematch against Randy Orton at Survivor Series.

The crowd pops agreeing with the logic that Hardy has just presented.

Hardy: So any moment now I expect……..


What??? Is it true…. Is he back? Yes he is after a few months of being injured Mr. Kennedy is back. He comes out from behind the curtains and the fans cheer, happy to see the Green Bay Loudmouth back. He is wearing a nice collar shirt with jeans as he walks down the ramp with a cocky swagger. He climbs into the ring, and looks at Hardy who seems to be a bit angry that Kennedy has cut into his promo. Kennedy tells Hardy to move back, as Hardy steps back a bit. Kennedy motions to the raptures and a microphone comes down and into the hands of Kennedy. The crowd goes crazy as they know what is coming. Kennedy brings his mouth toward the microphone but then pulls back at he looks at Hardy. Hardy tells him to “go on” as Kennedy smiles.

Kennedy: After a few months of being on the shelf after a bad injury, I’m ashamed of what this company has become. Looking at the man to the right of me he thinks he is in line for another title shot at Survivor Series…. I say it’s time for the triumphed return of MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…………. Kennnnnnneddyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Kennedy pauses for a few seconds as the crowd pops. They try to time the next Kennedy right but they all fail. Kennedy looks over at Hardy and gets right into his face and whispers….

Kennedy: Kennneddyyy.

The crowd goes wild as both Jeff Hardy and Mr. Kennedy are face to face. Both men not intimidated by the other. Finally Hardy lifts the microphone up to his mouth but Kennedy cuts him off as he begins to walk around the ring.

Kennedy: I’m sorry Jeffery, I’m not trying to overshadow your return back to Raw, I mean the fans adore you…. But no matter what you do or what you say, you can’t sway me to think that you deserve another shot at the WWE Championship. Sure Randy Orton didn’t win with a move of his own…. But if Orton didn’t win then we would be having this argument… just insert a different man... by the name of CM Punk. Jeff the point is no matter who pinned you after Punk connected with the GTS you were down flat on your back for the One Two Three!

Hardy is starting to get slightly mad as Kennedy still paces around the ring.

Kennedy: I had plenty of time to watch Raw each and every week back home in Wisconsin, and all I have to say is I have had the time to scout Orton. I seen things that you can’t even contain in that small little brain of yours, that is so scramble from all the crazy crap you have done all these years.

Kennedy tries to continue but Hardy puts his hand on the chest of Kennedy. Kennedy looks at Hardy, and turns his head sideways. Clearly Kennedy was not happy being interrupted by Hardy.

Hardy: Listen….. no really stop talking and listen. You come out here…. And you diss me and you believe that you have what it takes to beat Randy Orton just because you have scouted him a bit. That must mean every person who watches football on TV, must have the skills to become a head coach. Listen Ken, really you shouldn’t be talking. You just returned from injury after two shows, here on Raw. Ken if you get in people’s way you wouldn’t want to make a return back home in Wisconsin watching more footage of Randy Orton would you?

The crowd does a bunch of “oooo’s” as Hardy just dissed Kennedy. Kennedy is clearly angry as both him and Hardy are face to face. Both men not intimidated by the other one. Kennedy drops his mic and so does Hardy as the two seem ready to go at it. The crowd goes crazy but before any madness pursues Theodore Long pops onto the titantron and both men turn around to see what the GM has to say.

Long: Before you two go at it with each other I have decided let’s make this official. It will be Mr. Kennedy vs. Jeff Hardy in a #1 Contendership match for the WWE Championship. That will be our main event for tonight. Good Luck.

The crowd goes crazy as both men nod, happy at the announcement made by Long. Kennedy does a little bit more trash talking before leaving the ring and Raw cuts to commercial.

[Commercial Break]

Cole: Welcome back folks and if you just joined as Mr. Kennedy has returned to Raw and has made a huge impact.

Lawler: Yes he has Michael. Tonight are main event will be Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Kennedy to see who will become the new number one contender for the WWE Championship.

Cole: Yeah that should be an explosive match, as both men believe they should challenge Orton for his WWE Title.

Paul Burchill’s music hits and the crowd instantly boos. After a few moments out comes Paul Burchill accompanied by Brutus Magnus. Both men ignore the fans as they walk down the ramp.

Lillian: Introducing first from Chelsea, England weighing 247 pounds Paul Burchill.

Cole: And Paul Burhcill and Brutus Magnus have been under the skin of Cryme Tyme lately and in a short while Burchill will be up against Shad of Cryme Tyme.

Lawler: Yeah both teams have gotten into brawls with each other and really this feud is starting to just heat up.

Cryme Tyme’s music hits and the crowd goes crazy. Out from behind the curtains appear Shad and JTG. They both do a little dance atop the ramp them make their way down the ramp.

Lillian: His opponent from Brooklyn, New York weighting 295 Shad Gaspard.

Cole: On Superstars both JTG and Shad were attacked, and now looking for some revenge.

Lawler: A cheap move by The Brits, but now possibly Cryme Tyme mainly Shad will be able to return the punishment.

Match 1: Paul Burchill vs. Shad Gaspard

Throughout the match both men are able to execute some powerful moves. However turning point in the match comes after Shad puts his head down after Irish whipping Burchill into the ropes, Burchill is able to counter and plant Shad with a swinging neckbreaker. From there Burchill has a ruthless aggression as he stomps all over the body of Shad. He then sizes up Shad as he bounces off the ropes and connects with a knee drop, into the face of Shad. He goes for a quick pin and only gets a two count. Burchill waits for Shad to get up. Shad is up and Burchill charges at him, and delivers his right knee into the gut of Shad, who flips over the knee as soon as contact is made. Burchill taunts JTG who is on the outside trying to will his partner back into the match. Burchill picks up Shad, and is able to connect with a scoop slam. Burchill drops an elbow into the heart of Shad and goes for another pin. One…. Two….. Kickout by Shad. Burchill grabs the head of Shad and locks in a headlock. JTG and the crowd start clapping to get Shad back into the match. Shad slowly gets back up to his feet, and Burchill jumps on the back of Shad, but Shad is able to carry all the weight and back Burchill up into the corner. Burchill connects hard with the corner, and breaks the hold. Shad dazed a bit goes to the middle of the ring. Burchill tries to catch him off guard and charges at him but Shad see’s him and connects with a beautiful snap powerslam. Shad then bounces off the ropes and hits a leg-drop. He hooks both legs One….. Two….. kickout from Burchill. Shad begins to clap, and so does the crowd, as Shad is looking for his finisher. Before any more action happens, Magnus climbs up on the apron which distracts the ref and Shad. JTG runs around the ring, and takes out the legs Of Brutus causing him to crash on the outside. Shad turns around and receives a brutal European upper-cut from Burchill who then grabs the head of Shad and connects with a DANGEROUS BUSTER!!! Burchill goes for the pin One…..Two….Three. The Brits once again get the best of Cryme Tyme.

Winner: Paul Burchill

Cole: Paul Burchill pulls out a victory with a little help from his partner Brutus Magnus.

Lawler: And the distraction was just enough of an opening for Burchill and Cryme Tyme is not able to figure out the Brits just yet.

Cameras go to the backstage area where we see members of Legacy Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase together in their locker-room talking as they get their gear on for their match later in the night. Both men continue talking for a while, then Dibiase looks over the shoulder of Rhodes and see’s someone and smiles. The camera pans over and it is none other than the man he helped last week, fellow member of Legacy, but more importantly WWE Champion Randy Orton. The crowd boos, as Orton walks over to both Dibiase and Rhodes. Randy is wearing normal street clothes, and it seems like he will not be involved in any matches tonight. Dibiase looks at Orton as he begins to talk.

Dibiase: Listen, Randy I’m really sorry about the way I acted at Bragging Rights. When Cody talked to me last week… he really pulled me back into this group. I’m never going to act like that again; I hope you can forgive me.

The crowd boos clearly disgusted that Dibiase is apologizing to Randy Orton. Randy Orton looks at Dibiase then puts out his hand.

Orton: It’s okay…. While it was clearly a mistake on your part, I’m sure it will never happen again and I’m glad you realized that I was right the whole time.

Dibiase shakes hands with Orton, then the camera pans over, and into the locker-room comes Chris Jericho. Jericho smiles and begins to walk toward Legacy. Randy gets right into the face of Jericho who still has a smile on his face. Orton looks down at Chris as he begins to speak.

Orton: What do you want Chris?

Jericho looks up and Orton then walks past him bumping into him. Jericho goes over to Rhodes and Dibiase. He then turns back to Orton.

Jericho: For once Randy this conversation does not concern you; instead I have an offer for Cody and Ted over here.

Orton gets a bit angry, but composes himself as he sees what Jericho has to say to Cody and Ted.

Jericho: Earlier tonight Theodore Long named me captain for the Survivor Series elimination tag match. I’m looking for the best talent that this company has to offer. I already found one man to join my team… and that will be my tag partner Edge. With much discussion back and forth we have come to the conclusion that we want both of you to be part of our team if your “OWNER” allows you to. Together we can take down that loser John Cena and his team of losers and send them packing to Smackdown.

Randy walks over to Jericho angry at the owner comment that Jericho has made. Orton is angry but decides to leave to compose himself. Jericho looks over at Orton who is leaving and smiles. He then turns back to Dibiase and Cody who seems to be pondering the proposition.

Jericho: If you join my team I guarantee another shot at the tag team titles that we “stole” from you two.

Rhodes and Dibiase huddle up as Jericho waits for an answer. Finally they break the huddle and turn to Jericho

Rhodes: Alright you got yourself a deal.

Jericho smiles and shakes the hands of both Ted and Cody. He says bye then walks out of the locker-room as Raw cuts to commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

Raw comes back and AJ Styles music is playing. The crowd goes crazy, as AJ Styles with a hoodie on comes out from behind the curtains. Pyro starts to rain down from the titantron, and Styles flips the hood off his head, and spreads his arms out. The fans go crazy, as Styles walks down the ramp.

Lillian: Introducing first from Gainesville, Georgia weighing 205 pounds AJ Styles

Cole: AJ Styles is really a special athlete. He can do moves that no one else can pull off.

Lawler: Yeah, he can if you’re watching at home get ready to be amazed.

The arena turns black and pink, which can only mean one thing. Tyson Kidd is making his way down to the ring. Kidd comes out from behind the curtains, with a cocky smile on his face. The crowd instantly boos when they see him.

Lillian: His opponent from Calgary, Alberta, Canada weighing 195 pounds Tyson Kidd.

Cole: Tyson Kidd for the past few weeks has been looking to make an impact. Last Thursday on Superstars he was able to defeat the United States Champion John Morrison in a non-title match.

Lawler: Yeah but that didn’t seem to be enough as he has another match tonight this time against AJ.

Match 2: AJ Styles vs. Tyson Kidd

Both men worked hard and had some great moves. AJ had control going into the five minute mark, but quickly lost it. Tyson whips AJ into the corner. Styles connects hard with the corner and Tyson charges and tries to connect with a Monkey Flip but Styles flips onto his feet. He quickly turns around but Tyson reacts quicker as he lays AJ out with a hard clothesline. Tyson then picks up AJ and connects with a beautiful standing dropkick. Tyson goes for the pin but gets a two count. Tyson digs his knee into the back of AJ, and goes with a seated chinlock. Styles tries to break the grip of Kidd, but Tyson lets go and drives his knee hard into the back of AJ. AJ is in the sitting position, holding his back as Tyson lines him up and connects with a hard kick to the lower back of Styles who moans in pain and falls flat on his back. Tyson climbs to the second rope and jumps off connecting with a leg drop. He goes for a pin. One…Two… kickout from Styles. Kidd grabs the leg of Styles and has him in a single leg boston crab. Styles is in pain as Kidd is screaming “ASK HIM I’LL BREAK HIS LEG”. Styles is in pain, but still shakes his head no signifying that he is still in this match. AJ somehow has enough power to crawl over toward the rope and be able to hold on with his right hand. Kidd breaks the hold at 4. Styles tries to get back up with help from the ropes. Kidd charges at him and at the last second Styles sends him up and over, but Kidd lands on the outside apron, and grabs Styles from behind and hangs him up on the top rope with a neckbreaker. Styles holds his neck as he falls face forward. Kidd waits on the outside, and goes for a springboard. Styles gets up and is able to deliver a desperation dropkick into the gut of Kidd. Both men are down as the referee begins to count. Kidd is first up to his feet and goes over to Styles, but Styles counters with a sitout jawbreaker. Kidd stumbles backwards as Styles gets up and launches himself and connects with a flying forearm. Kidd quickly gets back up and charges at Styles who drops Kidd with a huge back body drop. Kidd connects with the canvas and holds his back, as he crawls to the corner. Styles charges at Kidd, and connects with a nice clothesline. He then goes to the outside apron holding the head of Kidd. He climbs to the top rope, and cuffs Tyson’s head in between his right arm, and connects with a beautiful tornado DDT. Styles crawls over for the cover. One….Two….Kickout. Styles goes toward the corner and climbs the tope rope. He waits for Kidd to get up. Kidd is up and Styles jumps for a missile dropkick but Tyson catches him…. and gets the Sharpshooter in. Kidd has Styles right in the middle of the ring and Styles has no choice but to tap.

Winner: Tyson Kidd.

Cole: Kidd picks up another huge win.

Lawler: Smart game plan as the whole match he focused his attention on the back of AJ, and in the end he was able to apply more pressure on his back with the Sharpshooter.

Cameras show Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase walking down the hallway.

Cole: Up next a huge tag team match as Legacy will take on The Motor City Machine Gunz.

[Commercial Break]

When Raw returns from commercial breaks, the bell rings and 1967 plays throughout the arena. Quickly out from behind the curtains comes the Motor City Machine Gunz. The crowd pops, as the Motor City Machine Gunz walk down the ramp and slap high-fives to all their fans.

Lillian: Introducing first the team of Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin the Motor City Machine Gunz.

Cole: Last week the Motor City Machine Gunz suffered a huge lost to Rated Y2J!

Lawler: Yeah and that was for the tag title, but they will be looking for some retribution.

“It’s a New Day, It’s a New Generation”

Those words echo out throughout the arena as the music of Legacy plays. Out from behind the curtains pops out Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase and the crowd boos. Legacy taunts the crowd a bit as they make their way down to the ring.

Lillian: Their opponents Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Legacy.

Cole: Earlier we found out that Legacy would accept teaming up with Chris Jericho and Edge at Survivor Series. If they win they get a shot at the tag belts.

Lawler: Yeah but that’s all in the future now these two have to worry about a strong team in the Motor City Machine Gunz.

Match 3: MCMG vs. Legacy

Great back and forth match between two very good teams. Legacy has control as Rhodes plants Sabin with a scoop slam. He then tags in Dibiase, who gets into the ring and drops two delayed fist drops into the face of Sabin. Sabin seems to be temporarily blinded as he holds on to the rope. Dibiase grabs Sabin by the head and begins to choke him using help from the second rope. At four Dibiase breaks it up as the ref begins to argue with Dibiase. While Dibiase is pre-occupied with Dibiase, Rhodes on the outside apron delivers a hard boot into the side of the head of Sabin. The crowd boos as the ref did not see the cheap shot. Dibiase goes back onto the attack of Sabin as he connects with a nice back suplex. He goes for a pin. One….Two….Kickout. Dibiase grabs Sabin by the leg, and drags him over to Rhodes and makes the tag. Dibiase wraps himself around the leg of Sabin, while Rhodes gets in and connects with a knee drop on the head of Sabin. Cody waits for Sabin to get up, as Sabin slowly gets back to his feet. Rhodes goes for a clothesline but Sabin ducks it. Rhodes quickly turns as Sabin goes for a kick but Rhodes catches it. Rhodes has a smile on his face, thinking he has outsmarted Sabin, but Sabin counters with an enzuigiri. Both men are down and crawling to get their partner in. Dibiase gets the tag and so does Shelly who runs in and connects with a quick spinning heel kick on Dibiase. Dibiase gets up but Shelly connects with a dropkick. Dibiase gets up a bit slower this time and charges at Shelly who once again is quick and connects with a hip toss. Dibiase goes to the corner, and Shelly charges at him but Dibiase is able to get an elbow into the face of Shelly. He charges at Shelly who leap frogs over him. Dibiase turns around and is set down hard with a Superkick from Shelly. Shelly goes for a pin. One…..Two……Rhodes stomps on the back of Shelly breaking up the pin. Rhodes delivers a few forearms, and then takes a few steps back. He then charges at Shelly and again Shelly lays him out with a superkick. Rhodes holds his jaw as he rolls out of the ring onto the outside. Shelly makes the tag to his partner Sabin. Both men are in the ring and ASCS Rush is on as Sabin connects with a spinning sole kick into the gut of Dibiase then a superkick from Shelley then to top it all off a double jumping enzuigiri from both men. Dibiase is out cold as Sabin rolls him over for the pin. One…..Two….Three Motor City Machine Gunz pull out a victory.

Winners: MCMG

Cole: What a match as Sabin and Shelly pull out a nice win.

Lawler: And if Jericho is watching he might not be too happy about what he has seen tonight.

The Motor City Machine Gunz celebrates with the fans as Legacy is angry with themselves. Cameras cut backstage to Theodore Long’s office where he is sitting at his desk doing some paper work. In walks Tyson Kidd, who seems less then pleased which is a surprised since he one another huge match tonight. Theodore Long looks up and drops his pen. He rubs his chin then smiles at Kidd.

Long: Let me guess playa you were wondering if I watched your match tonight? Well let me answer that with a yes, and I’m impressed.

Kidd looks at Long still angry but then realizes that Long is actually praising him.

Kidd: Really? So you watched tonight and you’re impressed. That must mean that I deserve a title shot. Considering I beat John Morrison on Superstars Thursday I think that warrants me a shot at the United States Championship.

Long: Sounds pretty good to me playa. Its official Tyson Kidd will go one-on-one with John Morrison for the United States Title at Survivor Series.

The crowd pops as they like the match-up between two great young athletes.

Kidd: Thanks so much Teddy, you won’t regret this.

Kidd is about to leave but Theodore Long stops him by saying.

Long: Don’t thank me…. thank a call from Bret. He convinced me after your match tonight to push you to the big time. Now with Smackdown coming soon lingering on the horizon I needed to do this. Don’t let me down.

Kidd looks at Long and smiles. He then walks through the door, but bumps into someone. He looks and it is John Cena who the crowd pops for. Kidd looks at Cena and pushes him a bit out of the way not wanting to waste time on Cena. Cena looks at Long who smiles at John.

Long: Hey what can I help you with?

Cena: Well I’m not one to complain, but Teddy I have a problem with you calling me a captain for Survivor Series. I mean don’t get me wrong it is a great honor but…… I got screwed last week by Randy Orton and Legacy. I deserve a rematch at the WWE Title again. That clearly was not a fair match.

Long: I’mma tell you like I just told Tyson, Smackdown is coming. We need to show how good Raw is, so we don’t lose are viewers. You and Jericho have such a long historical rivalry going against each other, which is why this was an easy decision for captains this year. Anyway, if you wind up winning as team Captain you will get a shot at whoever the WWE Champion will be at the next PPV. How does that sound?

Cena: Yeah, but you are aware that your risking losing me and whoever decides to be part of my team.

Long: John I have faith you’ll pull this one out. You’re a much better athlete than Jericho. You out of anyone will be able to defeat him, and send him to Smackdown. He is the biggest problem for me, and I know you can eliminate him.

Cena ponders the thought, but then caves in and smiles at Teddy.

Cena: Alright you got yourself a deal.

The two shake hands and Cena begins to leave the office.

Cole: Cena has a little more incentive to win at Survivor Series but up next he has a huge match against the All-American, American Jack Swagger.

[Commercial Break]

Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw.

“Get on Your Knees” plays as the crowd boos. Jack Swagger comes out with a huge smile on his face. The All-American….American is already halfway down the ramp. He stops at the bottom of the ramp, and falls in push-up position. He does a few push-ups as Red, White and Blue pyro goes off.

Lillian: Introducing first from Perry, Oklahoma weighing 263 Jack Swagger.

Cole: Swagger has a huge opportunity to take down one of the best that Raw has.

Lawler: Yeah Swagger is an impressive athlete, hey Michael you know that he is a two time All American?

Cole: I know already after all he always has to remind us.

John Cena’s music hits and the crowd goes crazy. Cena comes out with a bunch of energy as he is ready to compete against the two time All American American Jack Swagger. He walks down the ramp slapping the fans high fives.

Lillian: His opponent from West Newbury, Massachusetts weighing 240 pounds John Cena.

Cole: Besides Chris Jericho, John Cena was named the other captain earlier tonight.

Lawler: While we already know three of Jericho’s teammates John Cena has yet to choose anyone for his team yet.

Match 4: Jack Swagger vs. John Cena

In the early going the two time All American doesn’t look like an All American at all. Cena the veteran is teaching the rookie a few things. After connecting with a huge fisherman suplex and only getting a two count on the pin Cena connects with a clothesline that sends Jack Swagger up and over the top rope onto the outside. Cena goes to the outside and goes to pick up Swagger who seemed to playing possum and Swagger delivers a shoulder thrust backing Cena into the ring apron, and Cena’s lower back connected with the apron. Swagger then grabs Cena by the arm and tosses him into the steel steps, as Cena’s right shoulder connected hard with the steel steps. Swagger rolls back into the ring and taunts the crowd, as Cena lays on the outside wincing in pain as Raw cuts to a quick commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

Raw comes back from commercial break and Jack Swagger is keeping up with Cena, as he has Cena in a bear hug. Smart move by Swagger sho before the commercial break drove Cena’s back into the ring apron. Swagger applies more pressure as Cena struggles to move. Cena finally is able to get his right arm out of the hold, and begins to deliver punches to the face of Swagger. Swagger lets go, and Cena bounces himself off the ropes. He comes back and Swagger connects with a big boot. Cover from Swagger One…Two…..Kickout. Swagger grabs Cena by the head, and attempts to go for a gut-wrench suplex, but Cena slips out of the hold and gets behind Swagger and takes out the leg of Swagger with a leg chop. Swagger goes down to one knee, and Cena faces him and plants him with a DDT. Cena slowly gets back up to his feet. Swagger is close behind, as Cena bounces off the ropes and connects with a flying shoulder block, then another. Swagger quickly get up and goes for a clothesline but Cena ducks it and connects with a spin-out powerbomb. Cena is pumped as he lifts his right hand up in the air. He brings it down signifying “You Can’t See Me” to Swagger. He connects with the five knuckle shuffle. Cena bounces up and waits for Swagger who stumbles back up to his feet, and is on the shoulders of Cena. Cena has him and drops him with the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!!! Cena goes for the pin One…Two…..Three Cena wins!

Winner: John Cena

Cole: What a match as Swagger received an Attitude Adjustment.

Lawler: Yeah the young Swagger put up a good fight but John Cena was too much.

Cena is celebrating around the ring, but doesn’t see that Swagger gets back up on his feet. Swagger from behind gabs Cena and tosses him into the ring post shoulder first. Cena hits it hard, and is able to slowly get himself out of the corner, and turns around, as Swagger grabs him and connects with a GUTWRENCH SUPLEX!!! What a statement as Swagger just dropped John Cena.

Cole: And Swagger clearly letting his emotions get the best of him.

Lawler: Clearly and the crowd does not like what Jack Swagger has just done to John Cena.

Swagger’s music hits and he leaves the ring with a huge smile on his face and the crowd booing. He goes up the ramp and mocks Cena’s You can’t see me as Raw goes to a commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

Raw comes back from commercial break and camera’s are pointed to the top of the ramp. The titantron begins to play “Don’t Waste My Time” as the crowd instantly boos. Out from behind the curtains, Elijah Burke appears. He is holding a towel in his right hand, and is taunting the crowd, even getting face to face with them as he walks down the ramp.

Lillian: Introducing first from Jacksonville, Florida weighing 230 pounds Elijah Burke.

Cole: Last week Elijah interrupted the VIP Lounge, and explained to MVP that the fans and all of WWE Evolution were about to witness the “Elijah Experience”

Lawler: Well we get our first experience tonight as this is Elijah’s debut match.

“I’m Coming” plays through the PA and the crowd erupts with cheers. Out from behind the curtain comes MVP. He walks halfway down the then throws up the 305. He smiles into the camera as Lillian announces him.

Lillian: His opponent from Miami, Florida weighing 259 pounds MVP.

Cole: MVP has really had Elijah Burke get under his skin this past week. We mentioned on Raw Burke interrupted the VIP Lounge and these two were also brawling on Superstars this past Thursday.

Match 5: #1 Contendership Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Elijah Burke vs. MVP

Really good back and forth match between these two early rivals. Burke is very impressive but runs into some trouble. At the three minute mark MVP was able to block a snap suplex from Burke and was able to plant Burke with a suplex of his own. MVP continues with the attack, as he connects with a scoop slam. Burke is holding his back as he tries to roll out of the ring but, MVP grabs a hold of his right leg. Burke is using the ropes to hang on, and finally with his left leg able to push MVP off of him. MVP falls backwards a bit and charges at Burke and connects with a beautiful clothesline. MVP hooks both legs but only gets a one count. MVP picks up Burke and drags him into the corner and throws his head into the top turnbuckle. He then picks up Burke and sits him down onto the top rope. MVP delivers two right hands, and then begins to climb to the top rope. Burke fights himself back into this as he delivers a nasty headbutt, then a few punches to the ribs which causes MVP to fall off the top rope and hit the canvas below hard. Burke climbs down from the top rope and gets on top of MVP laying some strong right hands into the face of MVP. The ref tells Burke to get off him at four. Burke picks up MVP and delivers a nice Russian Leg Sweep. Cover from Burke One…..Two….Kickout from MVP. Burke picks up MVP and attempts to irish whip him into the ropes, but instead MVP counters and whips Burke into the ropes. Burke comes back and MVP’s head is down. Burke gets on his knees and delivers a brutal upper-cut. MVP hits the ground hard as spit… came out from his mouth from that hit. Burke goes for another pin. One….Two….Kickout. Burke slaps the mat thinking the match was over. He waits for MVP to get up, as he makes sure MVP doesn’t see him. With help from the ropes MVP gets up and Elijah, goes for the Elijah Experience but he can’t lock the hold in to slam him down, MVP slips out and gets behind Burke and delivers a German Suplex. Both men are down as the ref begins to count. Both men are able to get up at six and each man gets a few punches back and forth on their opponent. Finally MVP is able to block a punch from Burke and delivers a kick to the mid-section of Burke, then a nice running facebreaker knee smash as Elijah falls to the canvas and MVP lateral presses on him for the pin. One…Two…Shoulder up at the last second from Burke. MVP backs a few feet away from Burke who seems a bit dazed as he gets up. MVP charges at him and Burke gets an elbow into the jaw of MVP. Then Burke charges at MVP who also charges again and both men knock the other one down with a clothesline. The ref begins to count as both men seem lifeless. The refs count is up to nine and still both men are down. The ref gets to ten and rings the bell. This match is going to end in a draw!

Cole: And there is no clear cut winner, as this one will end in a draw.

Lawler: Wow what a great match but what does that mean for the Intercontinental Title picture?

Camera’s cut to the backstage area where we see John Cena walk thought the hallways. He makes it to the catering area where we see various workers and superstars eating. Cena looks around and see’s Christian. He goes over to the table that Christian is sitting at and sits down. Christian takes a spoonful of pasta and puts it in his mouth as he begins to chew. He looks at Cena and smiles.

Christian: Hey John what’s up?

Cena: I was named one of the captains this year for the Survivor Series, the other being Chris Jericho. I heard that so far Jericho added three members to his team. Now I’m not worried or anything like that but I need to add some people. So Christian would you be interested.

Christian takes another spoonful of pasta and begins to chew.

Christian: ?????

Cena looks at Christian confused.

Cena: Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to talk with food in your mouth?

The crowd laughs as Christian swallows his pasta. He takes a napkin and wipes some sauce that was on his face.

Christian: Whoops my bad. What I was saying is yeah…. I’m in. I’ll risk going to Smackdown if we lose but then again thats a big if. We can beat Chris and his team of losers, easily.

The crowd pops as Cena smiles.

Cena: Alright awesome man!!! Now I only need three more members.

????: Actually only one more member.

Cena turns around and the camera pans over to the Motor City Machine Gunz. The crowd goes crazy as Cena looks at the two guys. They both have smiles on their faces. Sabin looks at Cena and smiles.

Sabin: Last week we lost to Jericho and Edge, we want revenge. Did you see us out there tonight? We beat Legacy, which can give you the advantage going into this thing.

Cena looks at Christian who is too busy eating the pasta to pay attention.

Cena: Hey what do you think?

Christian is too concerned about his food.

Christian: Yeah, sure sure whatever.

Cena takes one last look at the Motor City Machine Gunz. He takes a deep breath and smiles.

Cena: Welcome to the team boys.

The crowd goes crazy as Cena has now picked up three members to join his team. Cena shakes both of their hands as the camera turns to Mr. Kennedy and Jeff Hardy on split screens walking down the hallways.

Cole: Big news as Cena has found three people for his team but up next our main event between Mr. Kennedy and Jeff Hardy. Who will be the new number one contender to the WWE Championship? We’ll be back after this commercial break.

[Commercial Break]


Raw returns from the break to “Turn Up the Trouble” and after a few moments, Mr. Kennedy comes out from behind the curtains. He walks down the ramp with his cocky swagger, then climbs into the ring, and tells Lillian not to announce his name as he motions up to the raptures. A microphone falls down to his hands, and he grabs it. He has a huge smile on his face, as the arena turns black, and a spotlight shines on him.

Kennedy: Tonight…… I come weighing in at 243 pounds…. And I hail from Green Bay WISCONSIN!!!!! MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. KENNNNNNNEDDDDYYYYYYYYY…………………………………………………………….KENNEDY!

Jeff Hardy’s music hits and the place goes crazy. “No More Words” plays and Jeff Hardy pops out from behind the curtains and the fans go crazy. Hardy stands atop the ramp doing his signature “dancing” as pyro atop the ramp goes off.

Lillian: His opponent from Cameron, North Carolina weighing 225 Jeff Hardy.

Cole: King, this is sure to be a hell of a main event.

Lawler: Yeah these two men are willing to do whatever it takes to become number one contender for the WWE Championship.

Main Event: Mr. Kennedy vs. Jeff Hardy

Kennedy dominated in the first four minutes of the match but Hardy came back strong handling himself, and getting a lot of offense in for the next four minutes. Both men however at around the nine minute mark knocks the other one down with a clothesline. At six Jeff is up and so is Kennedy. Hardy goes for a kick but Kennedy blocks it. Hardy counters back with an enzurguri which connected so hard that it sends Kennedy crashing into the corner. Kennedy is in the sitting position in the corner, as Hardy charges at him. Jeff is looking for his signature corner dropkick, and as he is air-born Kennedy gets up and now had Jeff on his shoulders in the fireman’s carry position. Kennedy then connects with a Green Bay plunge. Kennedy goes for the pin One….Two…..Kickout. Kennedy goes right back on the attack stomping all over the body of Hardy. He waits for Hardy to get up and grabs him by the arm and Irish whips him off the ropes. Hardy comes back and is planted with a side walk back breaker. Kennedy continues to work on the back of Hardy as he goes for a submission move and Kennedy is able to lock in the camel clutch. Hardy is in pain as Kennedy screams for Hardy to tap. The crowd gets Hardy back into the match and Hardy slowly gets back up to his feet. Kennedy is in the electric chair position and Hardy drops him with an electric chair!! Hardy, clearly bothered with his damaged back crawls over to Kennedy and goes for the pin. One…..Two…..Kickout. Hardy picks up Kennedy and uses another great move as he connects with a Sitout Inverted Suplex Slam. He then motions towards the legs of Kennedy, and opens Kennedy’s legs up then connects with a leg drop in between them. He hooks both legs for the pin. One….Two….Kickout again from Kennedy. Hardy begins to pick up Kennedy up as he has him by the head. Kennedy connects with an elbow into the stomach of Jeff, then irish whips him into the corner, but once again Hardy counters and connects with WHISPER IN THE WIND!!!!! Cover….. One…..Two…..Shoulder up by Kennedy at the last second. Hardy gets up and begins to clap and the crowd begins to clap with him. Kennedy slowly gets back up to his feet. He turns around, and receives a kick from Hardy, into Twist of Fa----- no Kennedy spins Hardy around, and grabs Hardy for the Mic Check and connects!!!!! MIC CHECK FROM KENNEDY CONNECTED!!! Kennedy however is still out of it. Finally after a few moments past all Kennedy can do is crawl over to Hardy and lay on top of him for the pin. One….Two……Kickout from Hardy. Kennedy is to his feet, beat red and tired. He yells at Hardy to get up. Hardy stumbles back to his feet and Kennedy grabs him for another Mic Check, but Hardy delivers a few elbows to the side of the head of Kennedy. Kennedy lets go and Hardy delivers a kick into the TWIST OF FATE!!!!! Hardy quickly gets to the corner and climbs to the top rope. He goes for it and connects with THE SWANTON BOMB. He hooks both legs for the pin. One……Two……THREE!!! JEFF HARDY IS THE NUMBER ONE CONTENDER FOR THE WWE TITLE.

Cole: What a win from Jeff Hardy, and he is going to Survivor Series.

Lawler: Yeah he is…. Wait turn around Jeff!!!

Hardy doesn’t see the Viper Randy Orton slide into the ring. Hardy turns around and Orton connects with a devastating RKO. The crowd boos the hell out of Orton who just looks down at the motionless Hardy, with a stone-cold look on his face. He then shakes his head in disgust then screams “You are absolutely nothing”. Voices hits the PA, and Raw fades to black.

Quick Results:
Paul Burchill d Shad via Dangerous Buster
Tyson Kidd d AJ Styles via Sharpshooter
Motor City Machine Gunz d Legacy via ASCS
John Cena d Jack Swagger via Attitude Adjustment
Elijah Burke and MVP Draw
Jeff Hardy d Mr. Kennedy via Twist of Fate

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