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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Raw 10/19
Raw does not have any opening credits or any pyro go off. Instead we go into a dark arena. The crowd is screaming as they are getting ready, for whatever Raw has in store for them tonight. The lights turn on and WWE Champion Randy Orton, along with Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase are standing in the middle of the ring. All of them have their championships around their waist. The crowd lets out boos, clearly not liking Orton. Orton has a grin on his face as he slowly puts the microphone to his mouth.

Orton: In this ring right now is pure domination. This Sunday many believe the odds are stacked against us, but we have nothing to be nervous about. We are the present and future of this company. We all have gold around are waist. We have wrestling in our blood. We were all meant to do this. No one is going to stop us. You people envy us. You wish you call all be like us. Superstars in the backstage area want to be like us. We are the envy of this company. Guys like Punk and Hardy, are two guys who want to take MY title away, but I intend on holding this title for a very, very long time.

Punk’s music crowd cheers.

Cole: And it looks like Punk has something to say.

Lawler: Yeah he does, I mean do you think he really envies Orton? I don’t think so.

Punk gets into the ring, as all the members of Legacy stare at the straight-edge superstar.

Punk: I’m sorry did I just hear you correctly? I envy you Randy? Now I know you think very highly of yourself. You prance around here, saying that you’re a Legend, and sure you accomplished a lot in your career. You became the youngest World Heavyweight Championship at 24. You have been WWE Champion numerous amount of times. Hell you even beat the crap out of Cody’s father Dusty Rhodes. [looks at Cody] You remember that Cody?

Cody looks at Punk a little mad about bringing up the past.

Punk: Randy you even have more accomplishments you should be proud of. For example this right here, Legacy. Your right you all have gold around your waist, but if my memory serves me correctly. I believe you all cheated to win your titles at Hell in a Cell. For example Cody and Ted, well mainly Ted didn’t you bash your title belt over the skull of Shad.

Ted begins to motion to Punk, but Orton holds him back.

Punk: Randy you also got your title, by pushing the ref into your line of fire. I mean surly that clothesline was not intended for referee. So Randy do I envy a bunch of cheaters? No because in wrestling I don’t need to cheat, in order to know I’m the best this business has to offer.

The crowd begins to pop. Orton lifts the microphone slowly toward his mouth but before he can get out another word, someone’s music plays.

Jeff Hardy’s music crowd cheers

Cole: And Jeff Hardy also has a few words.

Lawler: Yeah he’s part of the match too you know. He’s in the ring let’s hear what he has to say.

Hardy: I’m sorry I couldn’t stay in the back after listening to you two. You guys make it seem like that you the only two in that match. You guys are forgetting about me. The one who puts his body on the line. The one who is not afraid to take risk. You guys can bicker back and forth, and talk about the past, but six days from now, the past is the past, and that night will change history forever, because I plan on walking out champion.

Crowd pops, and Punk quickly comes back with more words.

Punk: Jeff I’m sorry, but I’m already not a big fan of yours. The reason for that is we have different lifestyles. I myself am straight-edge which means I don’t drink, or do drugs. And you like Randy over here well……well let’s just say you have a bit of a checkered past. With your life choices and the fact that I think you don’t even deserve to be in this match come Sunday, I have no problem pinning you for the championship. As much as I want revenge on Randy I’ll be just fine pinning you for the three count.

Jeff and Punk begins to stare down each other, as randy looks at Rhodes and Dibiase. He whispers something to them as the two attack Punk and Jeff. Orton leaves the ring area as all four men, are leveling each other. Finally Punk is able to toss Rhodes over the ropes, and Hardy connects with a Twist of Fate on Ted sending him rolling to the outside. Punk and Hardy are all alone in the ring as the two stare down each other. T-Long gets on the titantron.

Long: Hello gentlemen! After seeing what just occurred I have decided that tonight the main event will be Rhodes and Dibiase vs. CM Punk and Jeff Hardy.

The crowd pops as Legacy is angry.

Cole: What a match announced by the Raw general manager, and more non-stop action right after this commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night folks, and later tonight our main event will pit CM Punk and Jeff Hardy against Rhodes and Dibiase.

Lawler: Yeah that is sure to be an explosive match-up.

Jack Swagger’s music crowd boos.

Lillian: Introducing first from Perry, Oklahoma weighing 260 pounds Jack Swagger.

Cole: And Swagger in action, now but also in action this Sunday.

Lawler: Yeah, Swagger and Benjamin have really had a nice little rivalry going, and they hope to settle it at Bragging Rights.

AJ Styles music crowd cheers

Lillian: His opponent from Gainesville, Georgia weighing 212 pounds AJ Styles.

Cole: AJ Styles is simply phenomenal.

Lawler: Your right about that Michael, I love watching this kid in action.

Match 1: Jack Swagger vs. AJ Styles
Result: Solid back and forth match-up between these great athletes. Swagger in control, with a half nelson submission on Styles. Styles slowly gets back to his feet, but Swagger turns Styles face to face with him and delivers a crushing belly to belly suplex. Swagger hooks the legs and goes for a pin, and only gets a two count. Swagger picks up Styles and sets him up for the gut-wrench suplex. He has Styles up in the air but at the last second Styles counters with a hurricanrana. Styles gets up and charges at Swagger and hits him with a flying forearm. Swagger falls backwards and bounces off the ropes, and Styles knocks him down with a dropkick. Styles goes for a pin and gets a two count. Styles goes to the top rope and waits for Swagger to get up. He jumps for a cross body, but Swagger gets a big boot into the chest of Styles. He then picks up Styles and this time connects with the gut-wrench suplex. Swagger goes for the cover and gets the three count.

Cole: Impressive win from Jack Swagger.

Lawler: I hope Benjamin was watching because that could be his faith this Sunday.

Camera’s cut backstage to MVP walking toward the ring area.

Cole: Well MVP is in action next as he goes against Tyson Kidd, and that is up next.

[Commercial Break]

MVP’s music crowd cheers

Lillian: Introducing first from Miami, Florida weighing 259 pounds MVP.

Cole: And six days away King MVP will challenge Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontetal Championship.

Lawler: Yeah, that should be a great match especially after last week’s VIP Lounge.

Tyson Kidd’s music crowd boos

Lillian: His opponent from Calgary, Alberta, Canada weighing 195 pounds Tyson Kidd.

Cole: Last week Tyson picked up a win, with a little help from Jack Swagger.

Lawler: Yeah that’s right but still Tyson is a very impressive athlete in my eyes.

Match 2: MVP vs Tyson Kidd
Tyson to the crowd surprise is very dominant over MVP, being very technically sound. At the six minute mark, Tyson is working on the mid-section of MVP, with his legs around the stomach of MVP, in a body scissors submission. The crowd tries to get MVP, behind them. MVP delivers a few elbows to the right thigh of Tyson who has to let go of the hold. MVP slowly gets up and charges at Kidd, but Tyson leap frogs over MVP who bounces off the ropes and when MVP comes back he kicks MVP in the mid section, then connects with a knee lift, that connects with MVP right in the jaw, laying him out on the canvas. Kidd goes for a pin and gets a 2.9 count. The crowd a bit nervous that Tyson almost got the upset victory. Tyson goes to the outside apron and begins to climb to the top rope. MVP slowly gets up and realizes Tyson is going to the top rope. MVP delivers a right hand then another one. Tyson however comes back with a few right of his own that knock MVP down to the canvas. Kidd goes for a top rope splash but MVP moves out of the way. Tyson comes up holding his chest, as he faces MVP, as MVP does a belly to belly toss over his head. MVP looks at Tyson and bounces off the ropes and connects with the ballin elbow. Pin from MVP and gets a two count. Kidd slowly rolls walks over to the corner a bit dazed as MVP charges at him and connects with the Playas Boot. MVP is in full control, but before anything else can happen.


Dolph Ziggler’s music hits and MVP quickly turns around to face the ramp to see his enemy Ziggler come out. Dolph has a wide smile on his face as he is carrying a chair down to the ring with him. MVP is not intimidated at all, but all of a sudden Tyson Kidd rolls up MVP and holds the tights. The ref counts it and Tyson picks up the win. Ziggler almost immediately after the bell comes in and blind sides MVP with multiple kicks and punches. MVP is down to one knee, but slowly gets himself back up. However Ziggler winds up and connects with a chair shot across the head of MVP, who is now out cold. Ziggler goes to the outside, and grabs a microphone.


Ziggler’s music hit as the crowd is clearly upset and is letting out many boos.

Cole: What a cheap shot from Ziggler.

Lawler: I think Mr. Ziggler just made a huge statement after what happen to him last week, in the VIP Lounge. I cannot wait for this match this Sunday after what just happened.

[Commercial Break]

The cameras are seen in Theodore Long’s office. He is sitting at his desk looking over some papers. He looks up and has a disappointing look on his face.

Long: What do you two want?

The camera pans over to Chris Jericho and Edge. Both have devilish smiles on their face. The crowd lets out a bunch of boos as the two look at each other to see who is going to talk first.

Edge: Well Teddy after our impressive win last week, we were thinking that we should be added to this Sunday’s World Tag Team Title match. I mean think about it, we equal ratings. We also just defeated John Cena and Christian last week, which shows how good we are. We can carry those belts better than a bunch of losers who are only in this business because of their last name. What do you say Teddy?

Jericho: One more thing. You owe me after not allowing me to be in The World Heavyweight Championship picture. I…..We deserve this.

Long takes a deep breath.

Long: Well, great points but I’ll think about it. As of now I’m 50/50. I suggest you both go to the PPV because that is when I will make my decision. Oh and Chris a lot of my decision will be faced on the fact of how well you perform against John Cena. Good luck out there.

Jericho and Edge leave happy even though they didn’t get a definite answer. Jericho and Edge leave the office, and Jericho looks at Edge.

Jericho: You’ll be out there with me tonight right?

Edge nods his head as camera’s cut to a promo.

*Coming soon to WWE Evolution:*

Camera's go back to the live action

Christian’s music crowd cheers.

Lillian: Introducing first from Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighing 227 Christian.

Cole: Christian a heavy fan favorite last week him and Cena lost to Edge and Jericho.

Lawler: Hopefully tonight he can get back on track.

Zack Ryder’s music crowd boos.

Lillian: His opponent from Long Island, New York weighing 214 pounds Zack Ryder.

Cole: Ryder will be going against John Morrison at Bragging Rights for the United States Title.

Lawler: Yeah but tonight he has a hard task and that is to beat Christian.

Match 3: Christian vs. Zack Ryder
Result: Christian and Ryder are both down at the seven minute mark after both connected with a double clothesline. The match to this point has been dominated by Christian. Slowly both men get up, and Ryder is the first to act with a right hand, then another. Christian wobbles a bit, but comes back with a right upper-cut that rings out throughout the arena. Ryder is holding his jaw as Christian grabs him and whips him into the corner. Christian charges and connects with a monkey-flip. Christian climbs to the second rope and waits for Ryder to get up, and connects with a dropkick. He again climbs the rope this time the top one, and waits for Ryder to get up and connects with a top rope missile dropkick. He crawls over to Ryder and hooks the legs, but only gets a two. Christian starts to clap his hands together getting ready to set up Ryder for his finisher. Ryder slowly gets up not facing Christian. Christian grabs him for the Killswitch but Ryder counters and pushes Christian off of him. Christian turns around and Ryder connects with a jumping leg lariat. Ryder goes for the pin and gets a two count. Ryder gets Christian in a seated chinlock digging his knee into the back of Christian. The crowd gets behind Christian who slowly gets up, and plants Ryder with a back suplex. Christian grabs Ryder by the head, but Ryder counters with an elbow to the gut of Christian. Ryder bounces himself off the ropes and attempts a running clothesline but Christian ducks in and connects with an inverted DDT. Christian once again waits for Ryder to get up. He sets up Ryder and this time he connects with the Killswitch Engage. Christian covers Ryder and gets the three count.

Cole: Good win from Christian.

Lawler: Yeah and Ryder does not seem too happy about losing to Christian, but he shouldn’t worry because he has a bigger match six days away.

[Commercial Break]

Josh Matthews is seen standing in front of the camera with a microphone in his hands.

Matthews: My guess for tonight will be going against Chris Jericho in a few minutes……John Cena.

The crowd erupts as Cena comes into the picture, smiles at the camera and Josh Matthews. Josh waits for the crowd to die down before asking questions.

Matthews: John the past two weeks have not gone in your favor. You lost to Jeff Hardy two weeks ago. You lose to Chris Jericho and Edge last week. Usually you’re not seen in this knid of slump. How are you going to bounce back tonight?

Cena: Well, Josh some have said, that I might be slipping a bit. I’m not in the title picture like I’m usually am. After all I lost to Jeff Hardy after a backslide pin. Someone like myself who always strives for perfection has no excuses, for something like that. Even losing to Jericho and Edge last week, there are no excuses. Now tonight I’m going against Jericho one-on-one and I know he is feeling good about finally getting a win against me. He is going to have his new buddy Edge out there to cheer him on and possibly he can get involved in the match, but that is no excuse. Are you getting the overall theme of this Josh.

Josh nods his head as Cena turns to the camera. He gazes into the camera, and smiles.
Cena: Congrats Chris you beat me last week. Unlike you, I don’t complain when I lose. I don’t make excuses.

He begins to yell

Cena: I live by Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect. Now I don’t care how much of a hypocrite you think me or my fans are but it’s obvious I don’t like you Chris. I don’t like your buddy Edge either. So tonight there should be no excuses about what I do to you tonight, because I promise not to disappoint this week like the last two weeks. I hope you enjoyed your win last week because things are going back to the way they used to be and that is me WINNING this match. SEE YOU OUT THERE CHRIS!!!!

Cena waves his hand in front of his face for “You Can’t See Me” as the crowd pops, and Raw cuts to commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

Chris Jericho’s music crowd boos.

Lillian: Introducing first from Manhasset, New York weighing 226 pounds Chris Jericho.

Cole: And Jericho seems to be all smiles as he comes into this match.

Lawler: Well he won last week and he has a new friendship with Edge. What can be better?

John Cena’s music crowd cheers.

Lillian: His opponent from West Newbury Massachusetts weighing 240 pounds John Cena

Cole: Cena’s been slumping but he is determined to win tonight.

Lawler: Cena always puts up a fight. This should be another epic match in this rivalry.

Match 4: Chris Jericho vs. John Cena
Cena was in control through the six minute mark, and attempted an Attitude Adjustment however Edge climbed to the ring apron, and began to run his mouth to Cena and the ref. Cena let go of Jericho and attempted to hit Edge, but Edge fell off the apron just in time. Cena turned around and Jericho gained control with a nice dropkick to the jaw of Cena. Jericho quickly got on top of Cena and delivered a series of right hands. Jericho then picked up Cena and whipped him hard into the corner. Cena bounced off the corner, and Jericho connected with a bulldogs. Jericho goes for the pin but got a two count. Jericho started to scream at Cena calling him garbage. Jericho then motioned toward the rope and attempted a lionsault, but Cena rolled out of the way. With this Jericho landed on his feet, and stayed balanced as Cena charged at him, but Jericho is able to take out Cena’s legs, and now has him in position for the Walls. Jericho after a bit of struggling is able to turn Cena over. Cena is screaming in pain. Cena struggles to crawl toward the rope, but after about 40 seconds in the hold he is able to get to the ropes. Jericho lets go of the hold at 4, but then delivers a kick to the back of Cena that echos through the arena. He drags Cena to the middle of the ring and goes for a pin but gets another two count. Jericho slowly lifts Cena up and delivers a slap across the cheek of Cena. Jericho gets Cena in a headlock trying to wear him down, but out of nowhere Cena pushes Jericho off forcing him to bounce off the ropes and Cena connects with a clothesline. Jericho quickly gets back up, and Cena connects with a suplex. Cena goes toward the corner and takes a few breaths as he begins to climb to the top rope. Jericho gets up bent over, and Cena flies and connects with a leg-drop on the back of the head of Jericho. He goes for a pin 1,2, kickout. Cena gets up and waits for Jericho to get up. Edge goes on the apron again, but this time Cena connects with a punch sending Edge crashing to the outside. Cena turns around and Jericho charges at Cena, but Cena counters with a drop-toe hold, into the STF. Jericho is in the middle of the ring, in great pain. Cena has him, he is going to tap, but out of nowhere, Edge stomps on the head of Cena, and that causes the ref to ring the bell.

Both Edge and Jericho are attacking Jericho with multiple stomps. Edge goes to the outside and grabs two chairs. He hands one to Jericho and the two of them wait for Cena to get up. Cena is slowly getting up, but all of a sudden the crowd is going wild. Edge and Jericho turn and CHRISTIAN is running down the ramp to make the save. Edge and Jericho don’t back down since they have chairs. Christian slides into the ring, and Jericho is the first one to swing, but Christian ducks it. Edge takes a swing but accidently connects with Jericho right on top of his head. Edge looks angry and as he turns around Christian grabs his head and plants him with a DDT. Edge and Jericho both get out of the ring, as Christian checks on Cena.

Cole: Christian makes the save. Cena could have been seriously injured otherwise.

Lawler: Yeah, and this means that the war rages on between these four men.

The camera’s cut to the backstage area where CM Punk is seen reading a new addition of ESPN the Magazine. Jeff Hardy comes into the picture. The both of them stare at each other. Punk stands up, and just walks past Jeff who seems to be a bit nervous about if the partnership can work. Hardy chases after Punk as Raw cuts to commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

Before we get to the main event we see Tyson Kidd walking around the parking lot area of the arena. He is looking for something or someone. He keeps looking and finally finds the person he has been looking for. He quickly runs over to the person before they get into their limo. He makes sure to keep the door open, and begins to speak to that person.

Kidd: Listen I now have two straight wins against very tough competitors. I know I was struggling at first but now a win against Shelton Benjamin and now MVP that has to warrant some kind of championship match against someone. C’mon I heard you made a promise to Jericho and Edge. Just because they have been here longer then I have, doesn’t mean I deserve something.

Kidd looks at the person waiting patiently for the answer. Theodore Long gets out of the limo, a bit angry, as he looks at Kidd.

Long: Listen Tyson, you might think you’re on the rise, but honestly you still have a lot to prove.

Kidd looks confused.

Kidd: Have you been watching my matches lately?

Long: Yeah your last two matches were FLUKES.

Kidd: What?

Long: Did I stutter? [Crowd laughs] In your two matches there was outside incidents that helped you gain the wins. You have a lot more to prove young fella.

Kidd: Teddy this is how you’re treating someone who was the last graduate of the Hart Dungeon?!?! I have all the skills needed to be a star in this company. Bret Hart can tell you how he has never seen an athlete like myself.

Long: Look Tyson the answer is no. I don’t care who thinks you’re great. Bret Hart can be standing here right now, and I still wouldn’t care. You still need to prove something to me. Now get out of the way, before we run you over playa.

Long quickly slams the limo door closed, and the limo drives away as Kidd looks on in disgust. He begins to rub his chin then smiles.

Kidd: I have an idea that will change his mind.

Cameras cut back to ringside.

Legacy’s music crowd boos.

Lillian: Introducing first the team of Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase.

Cole: Tonight Rhodes and Dibiase have a chance to wear down Punk and Hardy so to speak,and maybe help Randy Orton gain an edge.

Lawler: Yeah and I know Orton will be watching very closely in the back.

CM Punk’s music crowd cheers.

Lillian: Their opponent from Chicago, Illinois weighing 220 pounds CM Punk.

Cole: And it looks like Punk will wait atop the ramp for his partner.

Jeff Hardy’s music crowd cheers.

Lillian: His partner from Cameron, North Carolina weighing 225 pounds Jeff Hardy.

Cole: Well the question is can these two exist.

Lawler: I think they can but we will see.

Main Event Legacy vs. Punk and Hardy
Result: For the first seven minutes of the match both teams were very impressive with tags back and forth, and solid teamwork. However the turning point came when Jeff Hardy received a tag and attempted to end the match with a Twist of Fate, Cody Rhodes was able to counter it, and connected with a nice back body drop. Rhodes and Dibiase continued to dominate Hardy for the next four minutes and that is where we are now as Ted is delievering a delayed fist drop, then another to Jeff. He picks up Jeff and connects with a nice snap suplex. He drags Jeff by the leg and tags in Rhodes. Dibiase picks up Hardy and Legacy delivers a double dropkick. Rhodes goes for a pin. 1,2, kickout. Punk on his side of his ring is beginning to get frustrated as he wants a tag. Rhodes goes to the top rope, and goes for a moonsault and connects. He goes for a pin 1,2, and Punk breaks it up at the last second. Rhodes brings Hardy to the corner. He makes the tag to Dibiase, who is leveling Hardy with body shots. A few lefts then a few right. Dibiase makes a quick tag, and both men connect with a double suplex. Rhodes has a huge smile on his face, as he jumps and connects with a knee drop on the head of Jeff. He goes for a pin and again gets a two count. Rhodes gets Jeff in a sideheadlock. The fans are chanting Hardy. Punk is banging on the top turnbuckle to will his partner on. Hardy slowly gets up and delivers a few elbows to the gut of Rhodes. Hardy runs toward his corner but Rhodes pulls him down by the air. The crowd lets out boos, as Rhodes gets to his corner and makes the tag. Dibiase attempts to pick up Hardy, but Hardy counters with a jaw-breaker, sending Dibiase stumbling backwards. Dibiase comes back and receives a kick then Hardy plants him with a Sitout Inverted Suplex Slam. Both men are down, and they are crawling to make the tag. Both teams are able to get the hot tag, and Rhodes tries to go for a quick clothesline, but Punk ducks it and connects with a strong roundhouse kick that sends Rhodes stumbling down to the canvas. Punk motions for Go To Sleep, but see’s Dibiase coming at him. Punk connects with a snap powerslam. Punk is on a roll, as he looks at Rhodes, and picks him up on his shoulders, and connects with the GTS!!! Punk goes for the cover and gets the three count. The crowd erupts with excitement.

CM Punk’s music hits and the referee raises his hand up. Punk begins to celebrate in each corner. He turns around and out of nowhere, it is now him and Hardy staring at each other. The two have words with each other. Jeff begins to walk out of the ring, but then turns quickly kicks Punk and connects with a TWIST OF FATE. Hardy goes to the corner and begins to climb to the top rope. He jumps and connects with a SWANTON BOMB! The crowd erupts as Hardy’s music hits and Raw fades to black.

Quick Results
Jack Swagger d AJ Styles via Gut-wrench suplex

Tyson Kidd d MVP via Roll-up

Christian d Zack Ryder via Kilswitch Engage

John Cena d Chris Jericho via DQ

Jeff Hardy and CM Punk d Legacy via GTS on Rhodes.

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Spam: I am loving this diary as I am still reading I love everything can't wait for Bragging Rights for what I have read so far.

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

WWE Evolution News and Rumors

The Elijah Experience

Raw for the first time this Monday ran a promo video for new signed superstar Elijah Burke. It is unclear when he will make his debut but a lot believe it will be soon. Elijah has been signed with the company since earlier in the month along with Brutus Magnus who has already made his debut.

Tyson Kidd’s Idea

Tyson Kidd seems to be getting into a storyline, as his character seems to be underappreciated by his GM Theodore Long. It is tough to say what this idea is, but many believe that Vince is going to soon sign DH Smith the son of Davey Boy Smith aka the British Bulldog and form a new tag team. Others believe there is a slight chance that someone from the Hart Dungeon is going to make an appearance and help Tyson get a major push.

New Superstars Signed

Vince has had his eyes on some talent as of late. He wants to expand the company more, and so far he is close to signing Matt Hardy. It is also said he has been looking at some younger talent, and has been very impressed with standouts in FCW Alex Riley and Sheamus. However it is not know if any of these three guys will be brought in.

Divas Division

With no divas division in WWE Evolution, many superstars would like to see a diva division. However Vince is standing strong and is saying he does not want a diva division, however he is open to the idea of having divas as on air managers, and having romantic angles with them and the superstars.

Thursday Night Superstars and Ratings

Vince is un-happy with Thursday Night Superstars and is expecting to cut it very soon. Many believe it could be as soon as after Bragging Rights. Ratings have not been very good, but Vince is thinking about expanding the company which means Friday Night Smackdown can be in the future cards of WWE Evolution.

Also WWE Evolution Presents Bragging Rights is this Sunday. The poster had been revealed for this years event and features WWE Champion Randy Orton.

EDITORS NOTE: Thanks to Calum132,credit for poster goes to him.

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Superstars Preview 10/23

The last Superstars is going to be a great one, as we have some keep match-ups that will be happening. John Morrison will be in action as he will be challenged by Dolph Ziggler in our main event this week. The titles will not be on the line. Also Ted Dibiase is in action as he will fight JTG to further their feud heading into Bragging rights. The Doctor of Thuganomics is also in action as he will be going against new comer Brutus Magnus, who should be accompanied by Paul Burchill. Magnus will be trying to pull off a huge upset, against John Cena, who is angry after the actions of what had happen this past Monday Night on Raw. Tune into Thursday Night Superstars to see all this non-stop action.

John Cena (picture above) will be in action for the first time ever on Superstars.

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Superstars 10/23

The opening promo video and pyro goes off, as the fans are going crazy. Three nights before Bragging Rights and this is the last superstars before it. The fans hold up their signs and the camera highlights a few special fans. The camera then cuts to ringside as we see Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler ready to call all of tonight’s action.

Cole: Just three days before Bragging Rights this is Thursday Night Superstars.

Lawler: I’m so excited about tonight as we have some great match-ups, including a great main event.

Cole: Yeah, but let’s get to our first contest.

Legacy music crowd boos.

Lillian: Introducing first from West Palm Beach Florida weighing 235 pounds Ted Dibiase Jr.

Cole: Accompanied by Cody Rhodes is Ted Dibiase Jr.

Lawler: These two will be in a war this Sunday against Cryme Tyme

Cryme Tyme’s music crowd cheers

Lillian: His opponent from Brooklyn New York weighing 240 pounds JTG.

Cole: And at Bragging Rights these two will be fighting Legacy for the titles.

Lawler: Hoping to get some revenge after they lost the titles, after Ted Dibiase cheated.

Match 1: Ted Dibiase vs. JTG
Result: Great opening match with great back and forth action. Dibiase tried to lock in JTG for the Dream Street, but JTG was able to hold Dibiase off with multiple elbows that connected with the side of Dibiase’s head. Dibiase dazed now as JTG grabs him by the arm and whips him into the corner. Dibiase stays in the corner as JTG charges and jumps on the second ropes in the corner. JTG screams “YO!” then connects with the shout-out. Dibiase is holding his face as JTG rolls him on his back for the pin, and gets a two count. JTG goes to the outside apron and begins to climb to the top rope. Dibiase slowly gets up and turns around to only be welcomed by a top rope leg lariat. JTG goes for another pin, and once again only gets a two count. Rhodes looks on the outside of the ring nervous, that his partner is getting no more offense in. JTGpicks up Dibiase and lays a few right hands into him. JTG runs and bounces off the ropes, but Dibiase comes with a clothesline out of nowhere. He goes for a pin and gets a two count. Dibiase picks up JTG and connects with a scoop slam. He then places JTG in the sitting position and gets him in a headlock. Shad and the crowd get JTG, pumped as he slowly begins to get up. JTG connects with an elbow, then delivers a nice uppercut, sending Dibiase stumbling. Dibiase comes back off the ropes as JTG charges at him, and JTG connects with his finisher COP KILLA!!!! Crowd goes crazy as JTG goes for the pin and gets the three count.

Cole: Upset, and momentum by JTG.

Lawler: Wow that just came out of nowhere. JTG, picks up a huge victory, and Legacy might not be as cocky with a loss like that heading into Hell in a Cell.

Camera cut backstage where, Brutus Magnus is taping his wrist. The crowd boos, and even boos harder when Paul Burchill comes into the picture. The two Brit’s shake hands, as Burchill speaks.

Burchill: We have a huge match at Hell in a Cell, but tonight is huge too. If you can beat John Cena tonight it will boost your career like a rocket into space. You ready mate?

Magnus looks over at Burchill determined.

Magnus: Let’s go.

[Commercial Break]

*Coming Soon to WWE Evolution*

Camera’s go back to ringside as Paul Burchill’s music is playing, and both Brutus and Paul are walking down the ramp.

Lillian: Introducing first from the United Kingdom weighing 240 pounds Brutus Magnus.

Cole: Magnus with Burchill with him, has a huge opportunity to score a great victory here, heading into Bragging Rights.

Lawler: Yeah him and Buchill will take on the Motor City Machine Gunz to see who will become the number one contenders for the tag belts.

John Cena’s music crowd cheers.

Lillian: His opponent from West Newbury Massachusetts weighing 240 pounds John Cena.

Cole: The place has exploded as Cena is ready for some action.

Lawler: Yeah, and Cena has never gone up against Brutus, so with that being said, Cena might face a challenge.

Match 2: Brutus Magnus vs. John Cena
Result: Brutus for the first three minutes of the match was able to catch Cena off guard with some nice moves, but around the five minute mark Cena picked up all the momentum after connecting with a fisherman suplex. He then connected with two flying shoulder blocks then his vintage spin-out powerbomb five knuckle shuffle combo. Paul Burchill noticing that his partner is in a lot of trouble as Cena is setting up for his finisher, climbs up on the apron, to distract Cena. Cena connects with a right hand knocking Burchill down. Cena laughs then turns around to Brutus who is charging at him with a full head of steam. At the last second Cena connects with a dop-toe hold into the STF, where Brutus has no choice but to tap as Cena picks up the win.

Cole: And Cena picks up the win.

Lawler: That can’t be good for the psyche of Burchill and Magnus heading into their match this Sunday with the Motor City Machine Gunz.

Cole: Well up next is our huge main event as Intercontental Champion Dolph Ziggler will be up against United States Champion John Morrison. And that match is up next.

[Commercial Break]

Dolph Ziggler’s music crowd boos

Lillian: Introducing first from Hollywood Florida weighing 221 pounds Dolph Ziggler

Cole: Ziggler will be in a huge match against MVP for his intercontental championship the Sunday at Bragging Rights.

Lawler: Yeah and on Raw he distracted MVP, causing him to lose his match to Tyson Kidd then attacked him. This feud is crazy right now.

John Morrison music crowd cheers.

Lillian: His opponent from Los Angeles California weighting 223 pounds John Morrison.

Cole: Morrison also in a huge match as he will be battling Zack Ryder for the Unites
States Championship.

Lawler: Yeah and Ryder has been a thorn in the side of Morrison for a while, hopefully he can prevail at Bragging Rights.

Main Event: Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison
Result: Early on a great back and forth match, with a lot of athletic moves showing why both of these men are champion. Morrison at one point seemed to be in control after hitting Ziggler with a snapmare then bouncing off the ropes and connecting with a knee to the face of Ziggler. He then stalked Ziggler in the corner and waited for him to get up. Ziggler slowly gets up still a bit dazed from the knee. Morrison goes for the Nitro Blast, but Ziggler moves out of the way. Morrison spins around quickly to face Ziggler and is welcomed by a kick to the gut, then Ziggler jumping air born to connect with a fame-asser. Ziggler turns Morrison over, 1….2…kickout from Morrison. Morrison slowly gets back up and Ziggler lays three rights hands into the jaw, of Morrison sending him stumbling around. Ziggler connects with a quick snap suplex and pins once again but only gets a two count. Ziggler digs his knee into the back of Morrison as he has him in a seated chinlock. Slowly with the crowd behind him, Morrison gets up. He grabs Ziggler hands and breaks the grip, he then delivers a kick to the gut of Ziggler. Morrison then springboards off the ropes and connects with a flying chuck. Morrison goes for the pin, but Ziggler was playing possum and rolls him up 1….2….kickout, and Morrison rolls up Ziggler 1….2……kickout. Both men quickly get up and knock each other down with a double clothesline. Both men are down as the ref begins to count. The crowd is anxious to see who is going to get up first. The refs count is up to four, and Morrison seems to be the one who is getting up, but before anything else can happen....


Crowd explodes with boos, clearly angry that Zack Ryder is possibly going to get involved in this match. Ryder walks down the ramp, screaming WOO WOO WOO. Morrison is up on his feet as Ryder slides into the ring. Ryder before Morrison can defend himself delivers multiple punches. The ref rings the bell as the beat down continues. Ziggler rolls out of the ring, and begins to motion up the ramp. Back in the ring, Ryder is in complete control, and Ryder connects with the Zack Attack. Morrison holds his head in pain, as Ryder cocky attitude has turned into an aggressive attitude. The action however doesn’t stop as Ziggler is walking up the ramp smiling with his Intercontental Championship around his shoulder. He turns around, and MVP who was waiting atop the ramp delivers a huge boot to the face of Ziggler. Both challengers attacked the champions tonight? Will both champions lose this Sunday with these attacks. Morrison and Ziggler are seen both on the ground as Thursday Night Superstars goes off the air.

Quick Results

JTG d Ted Dibiase via Cop Killa

John Cena d Brutus Magnus via STF

Ziggler and John Morrison ends in double dq caused to outside interference.

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Hey man thanks a lot for the review! As promised, I’m going to review Bragging Rights as that is something you probably want to be reviewed more than you would want a show like Superstars be reviewed, but I’ll quickly review Superstars and I’ll drop something for you with Bragging Rights.


First match: Having JTG defeat Ted is shocking, as I would think the heels get the last laugh before a ppv match, but this match proves that Legacy will defeat Cryme Tyme at Bragging Rights.

Elijah Burke: I see that you’re hyping the return of Burke for the second time, pretty cool to have him in the BTB. With a good push and an excellent storyline, he is a believable cocky heel, that can be main eventing in a good few months.

Second match: Cena wins again. Obviously this guy will win, especially since this is his first “Superstars” match. The match was short, seemed like a squash, not a good move especially since you’re having the brits face the MCM at Bragging Rights.

Main Event: Both men have tough matches at Bragging Rights, and this match should be good. This is the outcome I pretty much thought of happening, which, booking wise, is a great decision. Having all four men brawl is awesome, and sets up the intensity of both champion’s matches. The match was bigger than the previous match, but wasn’t as long as it should be.

Overall: It’s just a regular Superstars show, and I’d tell you to work on your matches but who gives a shit about matches. I know I don’t. Haha. I’m sure you’re a great match writer. What I suggest you do is post the Bragging Rights card with a recap of each match, so that when I read it, I’ll understand it better.

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Bragging Rights Preview

Match 1: Brutus Magnus/Paul Burchill vs. Motor City Machine Gunz

Two weeks ago Burchill introduced Brutus Magnus to the WWE Evolution Universe, where he was successful in his debut against the Motor City Machine Gunz in an handicap match. Since then however Brutus and Burchill have not won a match. they lost two Cryme Tyme to weeks ago on Superstars, then Buruts lost in singles action against John Cena on Superstars. With all these loses however they are destined to take down one of the best tag teams in the Motor City Machine Gunz. A lot is on the line as this is a number one contendership match to see who will verse the tag champions that come out of Bragging Rights. This one should be a great opening bout between these two hungry teams.

Match 2: The All American- American Jack Swagger vs. the Best Pure Athlete Shelton Benjamin.

These two men have developed a great few these past three weeks. It all started when these two were both in a battle royal in which Swagger got eliminated by Shelton Benjamin. When that happen Swagger was not happy and demanded a match against Benjamin on that week’s superstars. The match happened and both were even as they both got counted out. The next Monday on Raw, Mr. Swagger did some commentary and distracted Benjamin which allowed Tyson Kidd to get a win. However that night Benjamin got the upper-hand when he was able to hit pay dirt. Now Swagger is out to prove that he is the best athlete WWE Evolution has to offer, but he will have to go through one of the biggest and brightest young athletes WWE has to offer in Shelton Benjamin. This is sure to be a fast paced, athletic match-up.

Match 3: World Tag Team Title Match: Legacy © vs. Cryme Tyme

Cryme Tyme was granted a rematch after being robbed at Hell in a Cell after a cheap shot from Ted Dibiase with the title belt. The ref didn’t see it and Legacy was able to retain. However, while Cryme Tyme is looking to steal the titles away, Legacy can possibly have the momentum. Ted Dibiase this Thursday on WWE Superstars was not able to pick up a clean win against JTG. Instead JTG shocked everyone with a huge win against ted Dibiase. Can Cryme Tyme shock everyone again and steal the titles away, or is Legacy going to continue dominating the tag team division.

Match 4: United States Title Match: John Morrison © vs. Zack Ryder

John Morrison is a fan favorite, and a phenomenal athlete who knows how to excite the fans. He has been United States champion for the past two months, but a man trying to stop him is Zack Ryder. This is another match that will be a rematch from what we saw at Hell in a Cell. Originally Zack Ryder wasn’t even close to being in the picture, until he decided to plot with Randy Orton and Legacy, and attack John Morrison before his match against Randy Orton on the 10/12 episode of Raw. Morrison not intimidated by Ryder decided that he will fight Ryder once again. However three days before their epic match-up Zack Ryder once again got the best of John Morrison, by attacking him during his match, and connecting with the Zack Attack. Can the Monday Night Delight take down Zack Ryder, or will Zack Ryder, be surprising everyone in the WWE Evolution Universe by winning the United States title, and celebrating in clubs all around the United States?

Match 5: Intercontinental Title Match: MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler ©

MVP, catchphrase is Ballin! He was defiantly ballin when he beat 5 other men in a over the top battle royal, to become the number one contender to the Intercontinental Title. The next week on Raw MVP’s special guest was the champ Dolph Ziggler, where MVP called Ziggler a “coward”. Ziggler didn’t like that and tried to attack MVP, but MVP was able to get the first punch in, which sent Ziggler reeling. The next week after that, Dolph Ziggler distracted MVP, and he wound up losing to Tyson Kidd. Ziggler right after attacked MVP, with a chair. However this Thursday when it seemed like Ziggler had all the momentum, MVP attacked him and brought the momentum back to his side. Both of these men the last few weeks have had a heated hatred toward each other. Ziggler claimed that this Sunday he will walk out still Intercontinental Champion, but MVP has different plans. Will MVP be ballin this Sunday? Or will Ziggler keep his word, and walk out of Bragging Rights still champion?

Main Event: Triple Threat WWE Title Match: CM Punk vs. Randy Orton © vs. Jeff Hardy

Randy Orton, claims the Age of Orton is upon the WWE Evolution Universe. However CM Punk and Jeff Hardy both have different plans. CM Punk demanded a rematch because of what happen at Hell in a Cell, after Randy cheated to gain the title. GM Theodore Long gave him that chance, but Jeff Hardy didn’t have it that easy. Jeff had to take on John Cena that same night CM Punk was said to already be in the match, but while the tasked seemed to be hard, Jeff Hardy was able to pick up a great win against John Cena. Then last week on Raw Jeff and Punk had to co-exist and challenge Rhodes and Dibaise, and they were successful as Punk was able to connect with the Go To Sleep. However the celebration was short lived, as Hardy connected with a Twist of Fate, and Swanton Bomb. With those actions, it proved that no one can be trusted and it is everyman for himself. Orton is also at risk since he doesn’t have to be involved with the result to lose his title. Come this Sunday, will The Age of Orton continue, or can straight-edge superstars CM Punk, or The Extreme Enigma Jeff Hardy take the title they both long for. Tune in this Sunday to find out.

Editors Note: if you want to make predictions you could, I guess I’ll rep the winner, and the second place winner. In case of a tie I will rep, whoever tied, in first or second place.

Prediction Format:

Match 1: Brutus Magnus/Paul Burchill vs. Motor City Machine Gunz

Match 2: The All American- American Jack Swagger vs. the Best Pure Athlete Shelton Benjamin.

Match 3: World Tag Team Title Match: Legacy © vs. Cryme Tyme

Match 4: United States Title Match: John Morrison © vs. Zack Ryder

Match 5: Intercontinental Title Match: MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler ©

Main Event: Triple Threat WWE Title Match: CM Punk vs. Randy Orton © vs. Jeff Hardy

Bonus: Any Surprises?

Editors Note: Thanks to Calum132 for the Bragging Rights Poster and all the match cards.

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Good preview, I haven't read anything from this thread before, but I might try and get into it after Bragging Rights. Looks like a good card, surprised you aren't going with the format of Bragging Rights the WWE are going with IRL but I don't mind either way, and MCMG and Magnus coming to the company is cool. Only 6 matches on the card is weird, hopefully that points towards better quality matches. Might as well leave some predictions while I'm at it too:

Match 1: Brutus Magnus/Paul Burchill vs. Motor City Machine Gunz
Winners: Brutus Magnus/Paul Burchill

Match 2: The All American- American Jack Swagger vs. the Best Pure Athlete Shelton Benjamin.
Winner: Jack Swagger

Match 3: World Tag Team Title Match: Legacy © vs. Cryme Tyme
Winners: Cryme Tyme

Match 4: United States Title Match: John Morrison © vs. Zack Ryder
Winner: John Morrison

Match 5: Intercontinental Title Match: MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler ©
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Main Event: Triple Threat WWE Title Match: CM Punk vs. Randy Orton © vs. Jeff Hardy
Winner: Randy Orton

Hope the show's good.
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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

You have got a lot of cool stuff going on in this thread and I like the format you are using with shows. I just wanna say I will be checking in with this thread. Try my best to review, buddy. Anyway, predictions~!

Match 1: Brutus Magnus/Paul Burchill vs. Motor City Machine Gunz
Winners: Motor City Machine Gunz

Match 2: The All American- American Jack Swagger vs. the Best Pure Athlete Shelton Benjamin.
Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Match 3: World Tag Team Title Match: Legacy © vs. Cryme Tyme
Winners: Legacy

Match 4: United States Title Match: John Morrison © vs. Zack Ryder
Winner: Zack Ryder

Match 5: Intercontinental Title Match: MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler ©
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Main Event: Triple Threat WWE Title Match: CM Punk vs. Randy Orton © vs. Jeff Hardy
Winner: Randy Orton

Bonus: I think Elijah Burke is going to interfere in a title match. I am thinking either Morrison/Ryder or the WWE title one, depending how hard you wanna push him.

Looking forward to the PPV. Good luck.
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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

I just got into this thread and started reading, the presentation is excellent the writing is good and everything has good detail in it. One tiny thing though, I found the orange in the matches for Superstars a little annoying to read with, I ended up highlighting the text so its shown as blue, but other than that match writing has good detail and Bragging Rights seem to be coming along great, with fresh never before seen feuds. The preview was very well detailed, although I did find 6 matches a a little few for a PPV, but if all are given a good amount of time it shouldn't be a problem, so onto my predictions:

Match 1: Brutus Magnus/Paul Burchill vs. Motor City Machine Gunz
Reason: The Brits seem desperate for a win and should get it at Bragging Rights to establish themselves.

Match 2: The All American- American Jack Swagger vs. the Best Pure Athlete Shelton Benjamin.
Reason: Tough call between these 2 since there has been back and forth interaction, I say Swagger nicks it with a possibility that the feud continues.

Match 3: World Tag Team Title Match: Legacy © vs. Cryme Tyme
Reason: since JTG got a "shock" win against Ted on Superstars, I think Legacy will get their heads straight and pick up the win.

Match 4: United States Title Match: John Morrison © vs. Zack Ryder
Reason: With Ryder seemingly having the upper hand in previous weeks against Morrison, can he win when it matters?
Why not? I think he has a good shot to win the title

Match 5: Intercontinental Title Match: MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler ©
Reason: With the momentum shifted to wards MVP, I think Dolph will nick it with some dirty tactic

Main Event: Triple Threat WWE Title Match: CM Punk vs. Randy Orton © vs. Jeff Hardy
Reason: For me its too early to have Randy drop the title, so he'll escape this one with the title.

As for a surprise? the most obvious guess would be having Elijah Burke make an appearance, I would guess in either the US or IC title match, its a bit too soon to put him in the main event

UCW - Ultimate Championship Wrestling

Coming soon to BTB

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