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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

I like this thread, although I wonder how much time people spend here.
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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Smackdown 3-19




After the smoke from the pyro clears the camera flashes all over the arena to random fans in the arena. They are hyped up for the first Smackdown after the draft and WrestleMania 26. We then head to the announce table where we see Todd Grisham and Matt Striker.

Grisham: Off the heels of WrestleMania 26 in Phoenix, I’m Todd Grisham alongside me my broadcasting partner Matt Striker. What a night we have planned for tonight.

Striker: That we do Todd. A big match with big implications is set for tonight. The new unified tag team champions will be taking on the Rally Dogs. If the Rally Dogs win they are the new number one contenders to the unified tag team titles.

Grisham: Not only that but we get to see some of the new talent acquired by Smackdown from the draft in action tonight.

Striker: Yes, and one of those superstars is Alex Riley the first pick in the supplemental draft. He is making waves already here on Smackdown as he explained that he wants to take on the biggest superstar in height on the roster and that man is Kane.

Grisham: Not to mention Jeff Hardy will be in a match against Drew McIntyre. That will be the first time ever those two will go against each other.


Before the announcers can spoil the whole card, the World Heavyweight Champion appears in front of all his peeps. He is dressed in casual attire, as he has a smile on his face.

Grisham: As the viewers at home can see Captain Charisma still holds the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

Striker: He was able to defeat the 2010 Royal Rumble winner Mr. Kennedy who is now over at Raw. However Christian’s next challenge is John Cena who won a number one contendership match against The Animal Batista.

Christian gets into the ring and grabs a microphone from the side. He stands center of the ring where the crowd is going wild showing their appreciation for the champion. He waits for the cheers to die down before speaking.

Christian: This-

Christian pauses and looks down at his championship belt around his waist. He smiles as the crowd goes wild. He takes it off and raises high above his head before setting it down on the top turnbuckle in the corner.

Christian: WrestleMania, was truly a spectacular event. Actually all the WrestleManias I have competed in are special to me, but this one…this one was different.

The crowd pops as Christian smiles.

Christian: Mr. Kennedy was one hell of a competitor and he took me to my limits. But in the end I accomplished my goal. I walked into Pheonix, Arizona the World Heavyweight Champion. I walked out still the World Heavyweight Champion.

The crowd cheers again as Christian begins to nod his head.

Christian: With that said, this WrestleMania will be the one I will be telling my children, and my grandchildren about. However while I have great self pride about successfully defending my World Heavyweight Championship, time moves on. The grandeur and spectacle that is WrestleMania is over and now I have to move on. I can’t hinder on the past. I have to look to the future. I have to prep myself to go extreme.

The crowd cheers.

Christian: Because in four weeks Extreme Rules rolls around. The one night that the WWE gets Extreme, where every match has an extreme stipulation. And at Extreme Rules I will be going against a sure fire first ballot hall of famer. That person is John Cena.

The crowd boos as Christian nods mouthing “I know” before he gets to say another word….

You Think You Know Me

The crowd explodes as the Rated R Superstar appears for the first time here on Smackdown since the draft. The newly acquired superstar has a smile on his face, as he does his signature pose with pyro going off. He walks down the ramp with a smile on his face. Christian too has a smile on his face as he waits for his friend get into the ring. Edge grabs a microphone and climbs into the ring and shakes the hand of Christian. The crowd is just going absolutely wild with cheers as both men look around the ring absorbing the atmosphere. Finally Edge raises the microphone to his mouth.

Edge: Boy does it feel great being back here on Smackdown.

The crowd pops instantly.

Edge: It feels better to be standing inside this ring across from my best friend who also happens to be the current World Heavyweight Champion.

Again the crowd pops as Edge smiles at his buddy.

Edge: As you said Christian WrestleMania was a tremendous event especially for someone like yourself. However it was also pretty big for myself. I got the revenge I wanted on Chris Jericho, a man I was the tag team champions with. The man that claimed to carry, Rated Y2J to the success we had atop the tag division. It was great to defeat him and now that, that chapter is over it is time to start a new one.

Edge pauses as he looks at the World Heavyweight Championship Christian has in his hand.

Edge: And that new chapter begins with me chasing after that.

Points to the World Heavyweight Championship.

Edge:We’ve been friends ever since childhood Christian. We both started in this business together. We both have had tremendous success together, and we have both had great battles against each other, however our battles never consisted of a prize with such prestige. We have plenty of things in common.

Edge smiles.

Edge: We both grew up in Toronto. We both love the Toronto Maple Leafs. We love to entertain the fans that mean everything to us.

Crowd with a cheap pop.

Edge: Most importantly we like being the head honcho of the company and we like feeling gold around our waist.

Edge stops with the smiles and begins to become serious. Christian senses this and begins to raise the microphone to his mouth.

Christian: I feel like I know what is coming next Edge. And all I’m going to say is-

So You Think Your Untouchable?

Well who cares what Christian has to say as the number one contender and the Doctor of Thuganomics John Cena appears. He has a cocky grin on his face as his music dies down and he begins to talk into his microphone.

Cena: Whoa, whoa, whoa hold up! A blast from the past, it is like we are reliving the attitude era all over again. We have Edge and Christian in the same ring. E & C arguably the greatest tag team to ever grace a WWE.

Cena climbs into the ring. He looks at both men who are staring back at Cena.

Cena: How rude of me. Welcome to back to Smackdown Edge. Great to have you here, however before you get ahead of yourself, my WrestleMania was bigger than both of ya’ll.

Cena steps in between Edge and Christian as he stares at the champion.

Cena: I’m the number one contender to my World Heavyweight Championship. Christian unlike the pasts it will be just you and I. No other superstars. No Batista, no Kofi Kingston, Mr. Kennedy, Evan Bourne but most importantly no Rated R Superstar Edge.

Cena spins and gets right into the face of Edge.

Cena: So Edge I suggest you leave my ring before I make you wish you never came to Smackdown.

Edge begins to laugh a bit as he gets bumps chest to chest with Cena forcing him back a bit. He seems like he is ready to throw it down.


The crowd goes wild as the Smackdown general manager appears out on top of the ramp.

Flair: Enough already. Edge you have aggression that I like to see out of my superstars. With that said John Cena you will be taking Edge on one on one tonight.

The crowd cheers as Cena smiles and Edge doesn’t seem to mind much either.

Flair: If Edge wins by pinfall or submission he will be added to the World Heavyweight Championship match at Extreme Rules that I have decided will be a tables, ladders and chairs match also known as TLC.

The crowd goes wild again as Cena seems upset over the decision that Edge can not only be added to the match but it is his and Christian’s specialty match. Flair leaves as Cena stares at both men who start to motion closer to him. He rolls out under the bottom rope as Flair’s music continues to play. Both Edge and Christian look at each other as Edge stares at the title.

Grisham: A huge announcement made by the Smackdown general manager. The main event is John Cena vs newly acquired Edge. If Edge wins he is added to the Extreme Rules World Heavyweight Championship match that we just found out is a TLC match.

Striker: A lot of pressure is placed on the shoulders of both superstars. Tonight’s main event has big implications for both men it should be a great one.

Graphic match card shows of Jeff Hardy and Drew McIntyre.

Grisham: Also tonight for the first time ever it will be Jeff Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre in what is sure to be a great match. But up next….

Image of Alex Riley and Kane.

Grisham: The newly acquired Alex Riley takes on Kane. Will A-Ri make an immediate impact here on Smackdown? Find out next!

[Commercial Break]

Remember the Name

Back from the commercial break we see one of the newest members of Smackdown appear. That man is Alex Riley. His girlfriend his by his side as he walks down the ramp with confidence.

Justin: Introducing first from Washington D.C. weighing 251 pounds Alex Riley!!!

Grisham: Some would call Alex Riley a fool for challenging the Big Red Machine, but apparently, Riley believes he can defeat Kane.

Striker: Well I think he can too. Alex Riley for much of his time on Raw was trying to win the Intercontinental Championship. Of course he came close but never actually won it. This is a fresh start and he is a tremendous athlete. I wouldn’t doubt his skills.


The crowd cheers as Kane walks slowly down the ramp his eyes fixed on Alex Riley who is pacing back and forth in the ring.

Justin: His opponent weighing 323 pounds Kane!!

Grisham: Kane has been off his game as of late. Remember back at No Way Out he lost to Sheamus in an Inferno match. Of course this past Monday on Raw he lost to Chris Jericho.

Striker: Maybe that is why Alex Riley thinks he can beat Kane. Kane right now is struggling, but when Kane gets rolling he can be highly dangerous.

Match 1: Alex Riley w/ Courtney Taylor vs. Kane

You honestly would never believe that Kane is currently struggling considering Alex Riley in the early stages of this match is just getting dominated. Clearly he should be regretting his decision to challenge Kane, his first night on Smackdown. However Riley would have a chance to compose himself which is a good and bad thing. In the corner Riley got nailed with a huge upper-cut that sent him flying over the top rope. There was his resting time as he leaned up against the barricade holding his jaw as his girlfriend checked on him. The look in his eye makes some fans believe he is regretting this however he would get the necessary control after climbing up on the apron and countering a chokeslam by Kane by pulling Kane’s arm down across the top rope. That was the opening he would need as A-Ri would control the match from there for quite some time. However A-Ri would make a rookie mistake that would get the veteran back into this match. Riley attempts Varsity Blues (TKO) however Kane slips out and nails Riley with a huge boot to the jaw.

Kane would fall down to one knee but a sudden rush of adrenaline would hit the big man as he bounced against the ropes and knocked down Riley with a clothesline. The Varsity Villain would get right back up but should have stayed down as Kane connects with a huge upper-cut that stumbles Riley into the ropes. Kane then connects with a body splash in the corner followed by snake eyes. Riley is stunned in the middle of the ring as Kane comes flying in with a huge flying clothesline. Kane would then sit A-Ri up as he builds up steam towards the ropes and nails his opponent with a huge dropkick into the jaw. He goes for the lateral press.



THR-NOOO Alex Riley just able to get his shoulder off the mat. Kane gets up and raises his right arm high in the air and the crowd begins to buzz with excitement as they know a chokeslam is next. However Riley rolls out of the ring sensing that the finishing maneuver is going to come. The crowd boos as Riley stumbles over to Justin Roberts and the time keeper area. The crowd boos but Kane is not letting Alex Riley escape. He climbs over the top rope and goes to the outside. He goes to grab Riley, but A-Ri turns and nails Kane out of nowhere with the ring bell!!! RILEY AGAIN SMASHES THE RING BELL OVER THE BIG RED MACHINES HEAD, AND THIS MATCH WILL END IN A DQ!! Call it desperation but it works as Kane is down and Alex Riley is now stomping away on his opponent to keep him down. Riley continues the assault for a couple of more moments until Kane is beat down enough for him to celebrate his accomplishment of beating down the vet. Courtney Taylor joins her boyfriend and hugs him as both look down at the beaten down Kane. He smiles as his music hits.

Winner: Kane via DQ

Grisham: And Alex Riley has made an impact on his first ever Smackdown, as he just beat down the Big Red Machine, with two shots with the ring bell.

Striker: He might not have won the match, but he defiantly sent a message to the Smackdown roster that he is here to stay, and he will do anything he can to be one of the best on this roster.

Riley kisses his girlfriend on the cheek atop the ramp as Kane begins to sit up as he looks angry at Riley. With that Smackdown cameras take us backstage to where we see Evan Bourne & Brian Kendrick. Both guys get a warm reception from the crowd as we listen to the discussion the two are having.

Kendrick: Evan, I am so excited to be here on Smackdown. Sure, my best friend Paul isn’t here with me but I’m sure he will do fine over on Raw. Now, it’s time for me to break out in singles competition.

Bourne: Well it’s great to have you here Brian. I have to go, I’ll see ya later.

Kendrick: Yeah dude. Peace out.

The two high five as Kendrick smiles as he walks down the hallway. As he turns the corner he knocks into Sheamus who has an angry look on his face.

Sheamus: Oy! Fella watch where you’re going!

Kendrick: If anything man you bumped into me.

Sheamus is taking back by Brian Kendrick sticking up for himself.

Sheamus: What did you say fella?

Kendrick smiles.

Kendrick: Did I stutter? I said you bumped into me. Watch where you’re going.

Kendrick is showing some balls as Sheamus begins to laugh. Sheamus then turns and lays a knee right into the gut of Kendrick knocking him down to one knee. Then with relative ease he tosses Kendrick into the wall, as Brian hits it back first and yelps out in pain. Sheamus gets down to one knee and smiles.

Sheamus: Welcome to Smackdown fella.

Kendrick winces in pain as Smackdown cuts to a commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

I Wanna Have The Right I Wanna Feel The Night Around The Stars

The crowd comes with heats as the new United States champion appears with a cocky grin on his face. He does a little pose atop the ramp before walking down the ramp.

Justin: Introducing first from Manchester, England weighing 260 pounds Wade Barrett!!

Grisham: A up and down week for the amateur bare knuckler fighter. He wins the United States title at WrestleMania and then loses to Jack Swagger on Raw.

Striker: I think we have to cut Barrett some slack, don’t be so hard on the guy. After all in only his third match he captured WWE gold. So he lost to Jack Swagger. Big deal Wade Barrett right now is a rising star here on Smackdown.

Some Are Born To Fly, I Was Born, I Was Born To Win.

The crowd gets on their feet and cheer for the St. Louis native who has a huge smile on his face. He runs down the ring and slides in as he throws up the peace sign in the middle of the ring.

Justin: His opponent from St. Louis, Missouri weighing 184 pounds Evan Bourne!!!

Grisham: Speaking of rising stars Evan Bourne is one of them. He has some spectacular moves.

Striker: Some things that Evan Bourne does will make your jaw drop especially his Air Bourne which is a top rope shooting star press. Barrett better watch out for young Evan, he is the fastest guy here in the WWE.

Match 2: Wade Barrett vs. Evan Bourne

[I]A good back and forth between these two men but it would be Bourne gaining the advantage after Barrett attempted to scale the top rope only to get knocked down to the outside from a huge dropkick that sent him spilling onto the outside. As he works himself back up to a vertical base here comes Bourne flying in with a suicide dive in between the ropes and knocking Barrett down and sending his momentum into the barricade back first. The crowd goes wild as Evan springs up with a huge smile on his face as he feeds off the crowd. He grabs his opponent and tosses him back into the ring. Bourne hops up on the apron and springboards with a nice leg drop before shooting the half on his opponent.



THR-Barrett powers out before the three count. Evan gets up and brings the current United States champion up with him as he grabs him by the arm and attempts to whip him into the ropes however Evan is sent into the ropes and it is Barrett coming back with some offense as he connects with a spinning sideslam. What a nasty move as Barrett quickly shoots the half.



And Evan gets his shoulder off the mat. Barrett looks at the ref in disgust more than likely angry at the count. He begins to stomp away on Evan before he goes over to the corner and springs up to the second rope. He stands up and measures his opponent and off the second rope he connects with a nice diving elbow to the heart of his opponent. Bourne rolls to the outside apron trying to gain some space away from his opponent. However Barrett is able to grab Bourne by the hair and hip tosses him back into the ring showing some great strength. He once again goes for a pin digging his forearm into the jaw of Evan.



THR- NOPE! Bourne was able to kickout at the last second. Barrett begins to shuffle a bit as he practices his punches waiting for his opponent to get up. Finally Evan does and when he turns to face the United States champion…right hand, left hand and left another left and a right. Bourne is stumbling from all the punches. Wade then looks for the clothesline but Bourne somehow ducks it. When Wade turns….BAM!!! A Pele kick cracks him right into the skull. Bourne tries to get up as Barrett isn’t far behind. Barrett goes for a right hand but it is blocked as Bourne connects with a right of his own and another before jumping in the air and connecting with a knee to the jaw that stumbles Barrett into the ropes. Evan bounces off the other ropes as Wade makes his way to the center of the ring. Huge spinning heel kick into the face of Barrett. That shot seemed to knock out Barrett as Bourne drags him to the nearest corner and he goes to the outside apron and begins to climb. The crowd gets on their feet as Bourne is closing in on the top rope. All of a sudden someone from the crowd jumps over the barricade and hops on the apron. Evan sees this and before the man can attack Evan, Bourne counters with a nice kick to the jaw. As the man falls to the outside part of the ring the camera shows it’s BRUTUS MAGNUS who tried to interfere. It is successful as Barrett is up and kicks the top rope that splits the legs of Bourne. Bourne is hung up on the top rope and Barrett gets him on his shoulders before going to the center of the ring and dropping him with WASTELAND. The crowd boos as Barrett goes for the lateral press.



THREE!!! Wade Barrett pulls out the victory over Evan Bourne!!!

Winner: Wade Barrett

Grisham: And out of nowhere the newly acquired Brutus Magnus makes his presence felt as he screws Evan Bourne out of a win over the United States champion.

Striker: Brutus provided a big enough distraction for Barrett to get up and nail Wasteland on his opponent. We know Brutus Magnus when he was a part of the Raw roster had tremendous respect for Wade Barrett. He mentioned Barrett’s name plenty of times. Does this mean the two are aligned?

Grisham: Well judging by that image Matt I would say the two are now buddy buddy.

The image Todd is talking about is Brutus Magnus and Wade Barrett halfway up the ramp both sporting smiles as Magnus raises Barrett’s hand high in victory. Cameras then cut backstage to where we see the Rally Dogs getting ready for their huge match that is up next. Noble finishes lacing up his boot and when he looks up he sees Kelly Kelly. He has a huge smile on his face.

Noble: Hey Kelly, I’m glad you made it on time. It’s great to have you in our corner.

Noble goes to say something but Cody Rhodes comes into the picture as he seems like he was running to meet up with his girlfriends and the Rally Dogs. Noble’s smile fades as Rhodes begins to speak.

Rhodes: Sorry about that Ricky and Jamie, I had problems with the valet. Everything is okay now. We-


Noble: What is he doing here?

Kelly begins to chuckle.

Kelly: Both Cody and I are going to be in your corner tonight.

Ortiz: Alright awesome! Thanks for the support Cody!

OrtiZ high fives Rhodes who puts a smile on his face.

Rhodes: No problem Ricky. Of course I’m going to support my girlfriend’s best friends. Good luck out there. Time to rally up () and kick some Tool Time ass.

Rhodes then turns to Noble and puts out his hand for a low five.

Rhodes: Good luck out there Jamie.

Noble just ignores it as he brushes past the arm of Rhodes in a angry manner and begins to mumble.

Noble: Yeah whatever.

Rhodes slowly pulls his hand back towards him. He seems angry but sports a smile for his girlfriend as the two follow the Rally Dogs as Smackdown goes to a commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

Splatitude plays and the crowd cheers as the Rally Dogs, Kelly Kelly and Cody Rhodes make their way down to ringside.

Justin: Introducing first weighing a combined 456 pounds Jamie Noble and Ricky Ortiz…the Rally Dogs!

Grisham: Welcome back to Smackdown folks and what a big match for the Rally Dogs. If they defeat Tool Time tonight, they are the number one contenders to the Unified Tag Team championships.

Striker: Tool Time and the Rally Dogs have crossed paths before, however Tool Time came out on top.

Ohhhhh Radio Tell Me Everything You Know

Out from behind the curtains appears Tool Time, who have smiles on their face, and as well they should as their girlfriends look amazing tonight. Ryder throws up L.I. with his fingers and points to a section of the crowd.

Justin: Their opponents accompanied to the ring by Brooke Adams and Tiffany weighing a combined 444 pounds Zack Ryder and Kenny Dykstra Tool Time!!!

Grisham: This past Monday night on Raw, Tool Time went out partying instead of attending their match. They were replaced by the Rally Dogs who picked up the victory.

Striker: Tool Time unified the tag team belts the night before. They deserved to celebrate for as long as they want.

Match 3: The Rally Dogs w/Kelly Kelly, Cody Rhodes vs. Tool Time w/ Brooke Adams, Tiffany

With the tag team division currently running low (especially on the Raw side) these two teams are the bright spot of tag team wrestling in the WWE. It would be the newly crowned unified tag tam champions that would get in the advantage on Tool Time as they isolate the Pitbull Jamie Noble. To the surprise of some Cody Rhodes is cheering for Noble to get back into this match. Also as Dykstra has a body scissors applied across the waist of Noble Rhodes is seen coaching Jamie. With help from the crowd cheering for him, and the coaching the second generation superstar Rhodes Noble breaks the hold. When he gets up he counters a back suplex from Dykstra and bounces off the ropes before connecting with a huge bulldog. Both men are down and this is the opening the Rally Dogs need. Both men need to make the tag and Kenny gets it to Zack who quickly rushes over and tackles the leg of Noble. Jamie works himself up as Ryder keeps his grip on the one foot, however Noble connects with a huge enzuigiri. What a shot and again he is crawling and this time he makes the tag to his partner big Ricky Ortiz. Rally up folks as Ortiz catches on fire nailing Ryder down with a huge clothesline and then a great dropkick. Ryder is stunned as he tries to compose himself in the corner. Ortiz charges in but gets an elbow into the jaw stunning him a bit. The Long Island native charges in and that is countered as Ortiz connects with a sidewalk slam. Ortiz hooks both legs.



Ryder powers out and quickly rolls away towards the corner using the ropes to help him. Ortiz lines him up as he charges in. He then jumps for a jumping stinger splash, but Ryder moves and Ortiz stumbles all dazed in the center of the ring. When he turns Rough Ryder from Zack Ryder as momentum for the moment shifts back to Tool Time. Zack goes for the lateral press.



THR-Kickout from Ortiz at the last second the Rally Dogs are still alive. They might not be for long as Ryder drags Ricky up to a vertical base and digs his knee into the back of Ortiz fro looking to connect with the Zack Attack and as he spins, Ortiz spins out of it and delivers a knee to the gut. He whips Ryder into the ropes and Zack hits the ropes and gets tripped up by CODY RHODES ON THE OUTSIDE. The ref didn’t see it! Ryder turns and begins to scream at Rhodes who is telling Ryder he didn’t do anything. When Zack turns around Ortiz grabs him and connects with the O-Zone (Sit-out Side Slam Spinebuster). Ortiz hooks both legs.



THREE!!! The Rally Dogs are the number one contenders to the unified tag team championships!!!

Winner: The Rally Dogs

Grisham: With a little help from Cody Rhodes the Rally Dogs pull out the victory.

Striker: Cheating on the part of the Rally Dogs, and now they get rewarded with the number on contendership.

Grisham: I don’t think Ortiz or Noble where aware of the interference from Cody Rhodes. Noble is not a big fan of Rhodes. However it doesn’t matter as the Rally Dogs pick up the win.

As the Rally Dogs have a bit of a celebration in the ring, cameras go backstage to Drew McIntyre who is set for action. He is walking down the hallway and he is stopped. The camera pans over as we see the United States champion Wade Barrett and Brutus Magnus who both have smirks on their faces.

Barrett: Drew McIntyre, the Chosen One. Just the man I wanted to see. You have a big match tonight.

Mac doesn’t come back with a response.

Barrett: Time is ticking Drew. What is it close to three months less before Mr. McMahon fires you? It amazes me that the company believes you’re the Chosen One. That honor should be with someone else.

Again Mac doesn’t acknowledge anything that Wade is saying.

Barrett: That honor should belong with me. In only my third match I captured WWE gold. You’ve been with this company for six months and haven’t even come close.

Barrett and Magnus smiles as Drew still like a statue just stares down Wade.

Barrett: But Drew, I see the potential in you. However without my help I don’t think you will obtain it in time. That is why Brutus and I are extending our hands out to you. We want you to join the winds of change that are blowing wildly throughout the WWE. Drew I guarantee if you join us you will have not only a WWE title you will also be able to keep your job. What do you say?

Barrett extends his hand for a shake but Mac just inches closer face to face with Wade.

McIntyre: I don’t need your charity.

Mac storms off as Barrett puts a cocky smirk on his face before Smackdown goes to commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

What’s That Metronome I Hear Perhaps The End Is Drawing Near, You Never Hear The Shot That Takes You Down

Instant heat from the crowd as the Chosen One appears with a cocky grin on his face. He slowly walks down the ramp as Justin announces his name.

Justin: Introducing first from Ayr, Scotland weighing 256 pounds Drew McIntyre

Grisham: Drew McIntyre at one point at WrestleMania 26 had the Money in the Bank briefcase in his hand but couldn’t posses it.

Striker: He was knocked off the ladder just before he could hold onto it. I must say I find it interesting that Wade Barrett wants the Chosen One to align with him.

Grisham: Barrett brought up the fact McIntyre only has about three months to win a WWE championship or he is fired from the WWE.

Striker: Clearly, Drew McIntyre is too proud to take an offer like that.

Don’t You See The Writing On The Wall?

The crowd delivers the biggest pop of the night as another new Smackdown superstar appears dancing atop the ramp. Jeff Hardy has a huge smile on his face as pyro goes off behind him.

Justin: His opponent from Cameron, North Carolina weighing 215 pounds Jeff Hardy!!!

Grisham: Jeff Hardy had one of the best matches at WrestleMania that I have ever seen. He pulled out a huge victory over his rival CM Punk in a No Holds Barred match.

Striker: Jeff has always been someone to take my breath away with crazy high flying moves, and spots that will always be etched into WWE history. Jeff Hardy is the rainbow haired daredevil. Tonight he starts he on Smackdown going against a strong opponent in Drew McIntyre.

Match 4: Drew McIntyre vs. Jeff Hardy

A strong match between Jeff Hardy and Drew McIntyre these two have some good chemistry. Jeff would gain the upper-hand after connecting with his slingshot dropkick into the face of Mac making it even uglier, however he would only gain a two count. He would pick the Scotsman up and hooks his head underneath his armpit. He screams out and turns looking for twist of fate but no…..Mac spins out and kicks his opponent in the stomach. He then grabs Jeff’s head and connects with a hangman’s neckbreaker onto his knee. The crowd goes “ooo” as Jeff is holding his neck with McIntyre going for the lateral press.



Kickout from Hardy. And like a rabid dog Mac gets on top of Jeff Hardy and just starts wailing on him with right hands to his face. Then crowd is booing as the ref is trying to pry Drew off of his opponent. Finally after a four count Drew rolls off but the damage is done. Jeff slowly works himself back up but he is dropped with a big boot as he rolls out of the ring upon impact. The crowd boos as the referee begins to count-out Jeff. However the Scotsman doesn’t want out a count-out victory instead he wants to beat Jeff down to a bloody pulp. What a welcoming present for Jeff. Mac avoids the ref and rolls out of the ring. Jeff swings at him but Mac avoids it and comes in with a huge knee, before driving the back of Hardy into the ring. He then tosses Jeff back into the ring sliding in and again going for a lateral press.



THR-No Jeff was able to power out at the last second. He quickly digs his knee into the damaged back of Jeff and has him in a seated chinlock. Jeff tries to reach for the ropes but more pressure is applied. The crowd sees the predicament and gets behind the North Carolina native. Jeff starts to battle back getting up to a vertical base and elbowing away at the stomach of his opponent. The grip is released and Jeff goes for a kick which is caught but then he connects with a mule kick catching the Sinister Scotsman off guard. Both men get up and Mac goes for a clothesline which is ducked when he turns his legs are swept out from under him. Jeff splits them open and connects with a leg drop down low. He then rolls out waiting for his opponent to get up. He grabs McIntyre and attempts to Irish whip him but instead it is Jeff going into the corner but that is countered into WHISPHER IN THE WIND. The crowd goes wild as Jeff just drapes his arm over his opponent.



TH-Drew McIntyre just able to get his shoulder up and off the mat. Jeff thought it was three and has a bit of shock on his face but nonetheless begins to lift up McIntyre who connects with a forearm to the face and another before kicking Jeff in the gut. He then tries to hook up the future shock DDT, but Jeff is fighting the hold and instead rolls up his opponent into a small package.



THREE!!! And out of nowhere Jeff Hardy beats the now irate Chosen One Drew McIntyre!!!

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Grisham: And one of Smackdown’s newest superstars Jeff Hardy pulls out a victory against Drew McIntyre.

Striker: I can’t believe it and I’m sure the Chosen One can’t believe it.

Matt has that right as right now, Drew is going ape shit in the ring. He is truly angry. He begins throwing a tantrum like a wee little baby, as he rolls to the outside of the ring and takes off the top of the announce table and throwing it. Cameras then cut backstage to where we see Edge and John Cena on split screen walking down the hallways.

Grisham: John Cena already knows he is going against Christian at Extreme Rules for the World Heavyweight championship however will Edge being joining them with a victory tonight? Find out next!

[Commercial Break]

So….You Think Your Untouchable?

Word Life blast through the P.A. system as John Cena walks out taunting the crowd immediately with “You Can’t See Me” as he is sporting a Oakland Athletics jersey.

Justin: Introducing first from West Newbury, Massachusetts weighing 250 pounds…..John Cena!

Grisham: Like him or not John Cena is currently a lock as number one contender to the World Heavyweight championship. Tonight he tries to prevent Edge from joining him.

Striker: You have to give Cena some credit considering he won a hard fought match against Batista at WrestleMania which earned him that number one contendership. Let’s face the Animal is no push-over.

You Think You Know Me!

The crowd goes wild with cheers as Edge runs out from behind the curtains immediately pumping the Smackdown crowd.

Justin: His opponent from Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighing 241 pounds…..Edge!

Grisham: All the new additions to Smackdown have looked great tonight, and by far the biggest acquired superstar from Raw was Edge. Can he defeat John Cena tonight?

Striker: A lot of pressure is riding on Edge from the WWE Universe. We want to see Edge vs. Christian or even Christian tagging up with Edge. Will that pressure get to him?

Main Event: John Cena vs. Edge

Cena in the early going was taking it to the Rated R Superstar, however Edge was able to counter both an F-U and a STFU, which is no surprise considering how well these two men know each other. That got Cena a tad bit frustrated as he argued with the ref after a two count after the throwback. That gave Edge some space as he was able to catch the Doctor of Thuganomics off guard with a kick to the stomach followed by an Edge-cution. The crowd goes wild as both men are down. After a count of seven both men are up and Edge blocks a right hand from Cena and connects with one of his own then another before bouncing off the ropes and connecting with a flying forearm. John Cena quickly gets up and is dropped with a flap-jack. Again Cena gets up but a little slower than before. He attempts a clothesline, but that is ducked as Edge connects with the Edge-O-Matic! The crowd goes wild as Cena’s shoulders are down on the mat.



THR-OOOOO SO CLOSE! The number one contender was able to power out much to the dismay of the crowd, however their spirits start to rise as Edge crouches in the corner. The crowd goes wild as they know what is coming next. Edge stalks his opponent who is slowly working himself back up. Before Edge can connect with the spear, Cena gets up and quickly rolls out of the ring. The crowd boos as Cena just catches his breath. He looks at Edge who is trying to get to the outside, but instead getting held back by the referee. Cena rubs his chin before ultimately saying “Fuck it” before he tries to leave up the ramp. CENA IS QUITTING OR SO WE THINK!!! Just then…..


THE CROWD GOES BIZZERK AS CHRISTIAN WALKS OUT ONTO THE RAMP. He is cutting off Cena from leaving the match. Before Cena can do anything Edge from behind knocks down Cena with a forearm to the back of the head. He then grabs and tosses him back into the ring as the number one contender is a bit dazed and slowly getting up. This time he is up and nowhere to run as……EDGE CONNECTS WITH A SPEAR!!! COVER



THREE!!! Edge joins Christian and John Cena at Extreme Rules in the TLC match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner: Edge

Grisham: Edge defeats John Cena with a help from his long time friend Edge! And it looks like the two friends are going to celebrate in the ring.

Striker: They might be celebrating now Todd, however with Edge now added to the match, is he the favorite to win at Extreme Rules?

The last scene of the night is Edge getting his hand held high in the air by the World Heavyweight Champion, and his opponent at Extreme Rules….Christian as the scene fades to black.

Quick Results

Kane def Alex Riley

Wade Barrett def Evan Bourne

Rally Dogs def Tool Time

Jeff Hardy def Drew McIntyre

Edge def John Cena


Extreme Rules 4/11

Official Theme:Hollywood Undead- This Love, This Hate

World Heavyweight Champion TLC Triple Threat

Christian © vs. John Cena vs. Edge


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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Well, hello. Didn't expect to see you back, so here's me checkin' on ya

619s Feedback For Smackdown!

Opening was fine, but lacked umph. It seemed very…rehearsed, if I could use that word for a scripted program. Christian and Edge getting at each other with their childhood tales is cool and expected by this point, but it still didn’t feel like it had much behind it. Even with their emotional bond, they sounded like commentators talking about them, not Edge talking to Christian and vice versa. Cena coming in added another dynamic of potentially a heel, but I was a little disappointed with Flair announcing the TLC match. I think that could be up to Christian, seeing as how he’s the champ, and I think it would’ve added a great deal of depth had he wanted it instead of Flair just saying it. The dynamic now turns the attention towards Christian, though, seeing as how Edge/Cena has been done to death. So I guess getting Christian the attention he needs as world champion is a good thing.

I would imagine this would be sort of a short match, and match length can be a key part of psychology and what not, so maybe a match time wouldn’t hurt. It also gives you an indicator about how much you have left to work with but nonetheless, I’m probably nitpicking. Not sure who this Courtney Taylor chick is (Shantelle Taylor/Taylor Wilde…?) but she sounds like the head cheerleader to Riley’s Varsity jackass sort of character. The match was alright, but the aftermath is the main selling point, so props on the beatdown to give Riley a bit of brutal momentum and definitely another match with Kane somewhere down the line, but I would think it’s a bit more in Riley’s character to yeah, be proud he beat a guy like Kane down, but he’d do it from a safe distance, not so much celebrating with Kane right there. Maybe at the top of the ramp.

Well, I guess that is a welcome back to Smackdown moment…

Nice extended squash from Barrett, with Bourne not looking too weak here, but another dusty finish in a row is a little testy. I’m glad Barrett won, but Magnus helping him beat a guy billed as half his size might be a little weak.

Rally Dogs seem jobberish but they’re full of charm. Intrigued by the jealously Noble seems to show here.

I was sure the Dogs would get the W here, but I don’t agree that just one win over the undisputed tag champs makes them number one contenders. The fact that they’ve lost to them before and lost to them Monday in what was probably just a squash doesn’t help much, either. If you did want to extend your thin tag division, you’d let the Dogs gain a bit of a winning streak before officially giving them the shot. But what’s done is done. Solid win for the Dogs here, although this is the third (consecutive!) time tonight someone’s needed help winning.

Maybe being a bit nitpicky here, but I keep reading your commentary as though they’re monotone. Might wanna work on that.

Didn’t like Barrett talking down to Drew before potentially trying to recruit him. But should he be, maybe a fight for power already in the works…?

Solid back and forth matchup between McIntyre and Hardy, really told a bit of the frustrating story of McIntyre so far. The post-match tantrum really showcased that, although I’m sort of surprised he didn’t take out Hardy. Not complaining that he didn’t, given the beatdowns we’ve already seen, but just a thought. Who the heck is Drew gonna beat for that title he needs…? The seed’s planted for Barrett, but that’s up in the air.

Not a fan of fast-forwarding you’ve done to start the matches, but I’ll take them. This match and it’s result didn’t sit well with me at all for several reasons – 1. Cena quitting. Isn’t that a key part of Cena’s modern day character that he won’t do that? Even if he’s a heel, this is a shot to keep Edge, a master of the TLC match (THE master, kayfabe wise) out of the match, I highly doubt he’d just walk away. 2. The potential DQ call with Christian bopping Cena from behind. If Christian just kinda ambushes Cena here and does this, it alleviates a bit of belief, however, the fact that his music went off undoubtedly had to have gotten at least the referee’s attention. I know the WWE does tend to handwave things like that, but it’s really weak. 3. I don’t quite understand Christian’s logic in helping Edge win. Yeah, he’s his childhood friend. But he’s also the childhood friend he’s been in the shadow of his entire career. With that said, Christian more than anyone should know Edge’s aforementioned expertise in TLC matches. I would think, even as an honorable face champion, he would want to hold onto that gold as long as he can. Adding another element to a match as dangerous as a TLC match on purpose is one thing, but making it so that a guy who has proven time and again he’s better at that type of match than EVERYONE not just on the roster, but of all time…there wasn’t much logic behind this. With that said, this is just the opening to this feud/match, and here’s hoping it leads to better things.

It’s been a while since reading one of your shows, but I remember a good bit of your style from your Wrestlemania. You have some things to improve on – mainly characterization I can see. Virtually all of the people on the mike tonight sounded exactly alike, commentary included, aside from Sheamus, and that was just ‘cause I do love reading things in his accent. The acts of some folks during the course of the show were a bit out of character too, i.e. see Cena and Riley. And I’m sure it sounded like I bashed your main event, but I wasn’t intending to. It’s just that I can see a bit of empty goal booking, or so I label it (I’m very guilty of it too at times…), and that’s that you have a potential oft-desired dream match – from the look of it, Christian/Edge in a TLC match against each other – but in getting wrapped up in the desire to have the match take place, you kinda took your mind completely off a great deal of logic going into it. But like I said, I guess it has to be given time. Characterization is the one thing you can take away from this feedback, I hope, but do please keep it up, duder. There’s promise in what you’ve got and what you want.


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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

What is Going On?

Hey folks I know I recently returned to the BTB game and posted a show a few days ago. Maybe some are confused so I figure I would give a quick summary of what has happened up to this point starting with Raw…..

WWE Championship Situation/Main Event Scene

With the most recent edition of Raw we saw the WWE championship change twice. Randy Orton defeated The Undertaker in a steel cage match in which he ultimately retired the Deadman. Right after that match Ted Dibiase Jr. cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase he won the night before and beat a vulnerable Orton, and now Ted Dibiase is champion. Now Dibiase has an interesting situation and a multitude of people who can be challenging him next for his WWE Championship. Naturally, Randy Orton can be first on that list but also look at guys like Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Mr. Kennedy (newly acquired in the draft) Batista (newly acquired in the draft) and maybe even high mid-card guys like Dolph Ziggler or Jack Swagger.

Intercontinental Championship Situation/Mid-Card

Speaking of mid-card Intercontinental Champion Jack Swagger has been dominate in being a great fighting champion while providing some other accolades along the way. He defeated Sheamus at WrestleMania and was the last man eliminated at the Rumble. He however has a lot more talent to join him in the mid-card. Newly acquired superstars such as Kofi Kingston, Chris Masters, R-Truth and Zeke Jackson will be looking to make an impact fast. Also rising rookie Justin Gabriel might be looking at a shot down the line, but don’t sleep on the vets. Matt Hardy, MVP, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin and even Paul Burchill (currently injured) all have a great shot to be next in line. However don’t forget the guy he won the title off of and a man who came so close to being called Mr. Money in the Bank…Dolph Ziggler.

Possible Feuds

For sure with Randy Orton losing his WWE title last week on Raw he is going to be looking for a rematch. Also watch out for Dolph Ziggler to maybe gun for the WWE champion. After all Ziggler came close on several occasions to becoming Money in the Bank.

Batista/CM Punk again seems to be a possible feud with Batista tossing over team-mate Punk in the battle royal to determine draft picks. Punk was not happy and spit in the face of Batista when the Animal was tossed over the top rope.

Kennedy verse well anyone…..Mr. Kennedy goes from main event at WrestleMania on the Smackdown side to low on the ladder being drafted to Raw. He will probably looking for a fight towards anyone who will be looking for one.

MVP/Gabriel not really a feud yet, but these friends have turned on each other (mainly MVP) who seems to be jealous of the success, young Justin Gabriel has had so far in the WWE. Tempers may be boiling over.

World Heavyweight Championship Situation/Main Event

If you read the show above we now know we have a Triple Threat for the World Heavyweight Championship with champ Christian going against John Cena, and Edge. Others who are on the cusp of being main eventers depending on how Smackdown unfolds with the new landscape are superstars like John Morrison, Sheamus, Jeff Hardy and probably the most important man Drew McIntyre who only has three and a months to get World Heavyweight Gold or else he will be fired.

United States/Mid Card Situation

No other superstar has been more impressive than Wade Barrett who became the United States champion at WrestleMania defeating R-Truth. With him seeming to form a group of allies the list can get quite short on who challenges him. However, guys like Evan Bourne, newly acquire Brian Kendrick, Drew McIntyre (because of the interaction on latest Smackdown), Kane and even the Motor City Machine Gunz could all be opponents chasing after the United States championship. Surely with Brutus Magnus by Barrett’s side he will always have protection/help to insure he will have that United States championship for a long time.

Tag Team

Smackdown for the last few months have dominated the tag division compared to Raw. With tag teams like the Rally Dogs (number one contenders) Motor City Machine Gunz, and the Hart Dynasty there are plenty of exciting tag action. However one team trumps the rest and that team is Tool Time as they proved that at WrestleMania defeating Cryme Tyme at WrestleMania to unify the tag team titles. However will their reign soon end with the Rally Dogs as number one contenders or will Raw finally bring some tag team talent to the plate.

Possible Feuds

With so much talent over on Smackdown mainly in the main event picture it seems like everyone wants a piece of Christian even his best friend. Right now Edge and John Cena are both fighting for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Sheamus vs. Brian Kendrick Oye Fella, Brian Kendrick got a warm welcome to Smackdown didn't he? Sheamus might of got the best of Kendrick backstage this week, but best believe this isn’t the last of these two colliding.

McIntyre vs. anyone who has the World Heavyweight Championship. He might be in the background for now, but if he doesn’t want to get fired he needs to win some matches and climb the Smackdown ladder.

Tool Time vs. Rally Dogs….these two teams have had great battles in the past. This time around will the Dogs, finally claim victory over Tool Time.

Well that is it just a little run down of situations and possible feuds…ya know to get people caught up. 619IDH thanks for the review man. As for the Cena, walking out thing I get it, it might not fit his character but Edge had to win by pinfall or submission. Cena walking out Edge might have won the match but wouldn’t be added to the match. Just saying and Christian will explain why he helped Edge next week. But thanks for the review dude. Hope to get around to reviewing your thread.

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

I've always wanted to get into this thread. But there was too much i've missed. Thanks for the summary!

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Raw 3-22

A black screen appears and white letter appears reading “Last Week” in bold letters.

Orton then turns to the Undertaker and goes to grab him but it is Taker lifting Orton off his feet. He is looking to get him in tombstone position but Orton slides off and pushes Taker into the corner with the expose turnbuckle and The Deadman stops himself just in time. He then turns and connects with a big boot to the face of Orton. Spit flies everywhere as the crowd cheers. Taker leans against the ropes clearly fatigues. He begins to climb to the top again and actually makes it to the top and has one leg over the top of the steel cage, but the Viper with a shot of adrenaline gets up and scales the cage grabbing the free leg of Taker. The Undertaker tries to shake him off but Orton has a strong grip. He forces the entire of Taker back in. Both men are on the rope keeping their balance. Orton goes to bounce Taker’s head off the cage but it is blocked and Taker connects with a headbutt. Orton almost loses his balance but grabs onto the cage. Taker again attempts to grip the throat of the Viper who blocks in by grabbing on to the arm of Taker. Both men are struggling and finally Randy slams Taker’s arm into the cage hard! Taker shows a sign of pain as Randy has the advantage and hooks the head of Taker…..RKO from a few feet high. Both men crash and burn as the RKO connected but knocked both men out. Randy looks around dazed and finally crawls over to Taker, and just drapes his arm around his opponent.



THREE!!!! YES THIS IS THE REAL THREE COUNT!! Randy Orton one day after losing his WWE title regains it. A newly crowded WWE Champion, and the Deadman’s career in the WWE is over!

Winner: Randy Orton:

Cole: Orton made good on his promise. He regains his WWE Championship and just retired the Undertaker.

Lawler: What a match or as J.R. would say this was a barnburner. Both men took so many risks!

Striker: Listen to the crowd they are dead silent. No more Undertaker in the WWE. I’m in utter shock! But congrats to Randy Orton the new WWE champion.

Orton looks at his WWE championship and has a huge smile on his face. He looks down at The Undertaker who is getting assistance from the medical staff. Orton stumbles over and get right into the face of The Undertaker. He presses the championship into the face of Taker laughing as he then connects with a few stomps before he is contained by refs and medical staff. He stumbles up pressed up against the ropes with a huge smile on his face. The crowd is silent as The Undertaker is being escorted out of the ring with medical assistance. They get the board and get him in that before pulling him out with the board. They place him on something that will move his unconscious body up the ramp. The crowd is still in shock. Some are chanting “Taker, Taker” but it is the end of the Deadman. Orton is spent inside the ring but just then…..

Yeah…..I’m Priceless

WAIT CAN THIS BE?!? Ted Dibiase Jr. appears with a new referee and his briefcase in hand. The crowd starts to come alive with cheers. Randy Orton inside the ring breathing heavy begins to shake his head. He needs the ropes to help him up but he just falls backwards into the corner. He grips his WWE championship into his chest.

Cole: Is this the moment Ted Dibiase is going to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase from last night?

Lawler: Randy Orton is tired in the ring. This is a perfect opportunity.

Striker: Money in the Bank is all about being strategic and opportunistic this is a perfect time.

The ref walks over with the briefcase to Justin Roberts who then tells us what is going on.

Justin: Ted Dibiase is cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase! The following is a match scheduled for one fall and it is for the WWE Championship!!!

The crowd goes wild as Dibiase begins to bounce up and down in his corner with a huge smile on his face. Orton is shaking his head in anger as the ref begins to yank the WWE Championship out of his grip. Orton struggles to stand as he needs help from the corner. He then slowly walks to the middle of the ring. He is shaking from all the work he has put in the last two nights. The bell rings and this match is official.

Money in the Bank Cash In Match WWE Championship: Randy Orton © vs. Ted Dibiase Jr.

Dibiase meets Orton in the middle of the ring. The two men exchange a few word. Orton then slaps the taste right out Dibiase’s mouth signifying he is not going down without a fight. Too bad that isn’t the case Dibiase just connects with a huge right hand that stutters Orton who Dibiase then gets behind and drops him with DREAMSTREET!!! THE CROWD GOES WILD DIBIASE HOOKS BOTH LEGS!



Winner: Ted Dibiase Jr.

Dibiase rolls outside the ring and he sees his fiancé Lacey Von Erich running down the ramp. She has a huge smile on her face as she kisses Ted. The two celebrate as the crowd cheers. Dibiase has a wide smile on his face, maybe even a tear or two as he raises his WWE Championship high in the air.

Cole: What a historical Monday Night Raw. We saw the ending of an era, and now a new era begins as Ted Dibiase cashes in Money in the Bank and defeats Randy Orton to become the new WWE champion.

The screen fades to black as the new opening video plays. Right after…




The pyro clears and the crowd goes wild as we are live in Lincoln, Nebraska. We sign multiple signs but we quickly go to the broadcasting table with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

Cole: Welcome to Monday Night Raw, I’m Michael Cole alongside me Jerry The King Lawler, and King what a Raw we had last week.

Lawler: Your right Michael! It was the WWE draft in which Raw acquired some great superstars, but we saw one retire as The Undertaker lost in a Steel Cage match for the WWE championship against Randy Orton. But not only that…..

Cole: And some of you saw before our show, we showed Ted Dibiase cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and cash it in on Randy Orton and defeat Randy to become the new WWE Champion, three minutes after Randy regained his WWE title.

I Come From Money

New music for Ted Dibiase and money begins to come down from the sky. The crowd is elated to see money falling down from the stands. They are even more elated when Ted Dibiase Jr. appears out from behind the curtains. He has his fiancé Lacey Von Erich next to him. He has a huge smile on his face and shows the crowd some love with fives as he goes down to the ring.

Cole: And here is the new WWE champion, and what a celebration this is already. Money falling from the sky.

Lawler: Yeah, I’m trying to get some of this money!

Dibiase lowers the middle rope for his girl so she can get in before he gets into the ring. He goes to the nearest turnbuckle and raises his WWE title high in the air much to the delight of the fans. He then grabs a microphone from a worker before going to the center of the ring and waiting the cheers to die down before beginning his promo.

Dibiase: They say money can buy you anything, except for happiness.

Dibiase chuckles before a wide grin appears on his face.

Dibiase: Whoever created that quote was wrong because, I am damn happy right now because I am the new W-W-E Champion!

Crowd goes wild with excitement as he throws his arm up with championship belt in hand.

Dibiase: Winning Money in the Bank at WrestleMania 26 was exciting for me and I knew no matter what time I cashed it in, I was destined to be champion, but I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. It was all just a blur in my mind. But seeing the highlights over and over again I still can’t believe it. It was truly a great ending to a chapter of my career as a new one begins.

Dibiase looks at Lacey who has a huge smile on her face.

Dibiase: It was only right that the chapter ending where it began. It started with one man. That man was none other than Randy Orton.

Heavy boos from the WWE Universe.

Dibiase: He saw great potential in me he took me under his arm, and taught me so much for a year and a half, but for the past couple of months as I have risen to the top without him, he has been a thorn in my side. It was bittersweet to pull that thorn out of me and finally toss it aside.

Crowd cheers.

Dibiase: Randy Orton might have retired The Undertaker, a legend last week, but him losing to me last week, created a new legend in me. I-

I Hear Voices In My Head They Council Me They Understand, They Talk To Me

Randy Orton with the crowd booing the hell out of him walks from behind the curtain clearly agitated by the words of Ted. He stays atop the ramp as he begins to speak.

Orton: How can someone like yourself, be proud in the way you stole my W-W-E Championship from me? You make it seemed like you accomplished something. I had endured two hard matches against the Undertaker in a 24 hour span. Then you come and pick up the scraps, while I’m defenseless not able to compete to my full potential. Ted you and I both know, if I was at 100 percent, that belt your holding right now would belong to the right person.

Dibiase begins to shake his head.

Orton: And that man is me.

Dibiase begins to laugh.

Dibiase: Randy for months, you picked up wins and championships by doing anything possible even if that meant receiving help from myself. You had no problems with that but when the roles have switch you cry foul. Well, you know what I say Randy? If you were at 100 percent, that outcome would have been the same. Your shoulders on the mat for a three count and me holding this belt just like I am now.

The crowd cheers by the bravery of Ted.

Orton: May I remind you all pain I have brought to your love ones. I have attacked your father; I even punted the skull of Lacey without a single second of hesitation. What makes you think that if you stood in the ring with me, one and one you would not only be able to regain your title but walk out of the arena without any injuries.

Dibiase smiles.

Dibiase: All your doing Randy is talking. You once told me I have to back up what I said in order to stay in Legacy. I did, so Randy stop talking and back it up. You want this title back…..COME GET IT!

The crowd goes wild as Dibiase lays the belt on the mat in front of him waving Orton in. Randy licks his lips as he drops his microphone and slowly begins to walk down.


The crowd pops as Randy Orton quickly darts his head towards the ramp as the Raw GM makes his way out to make an announcement it seems like.

Long: Randy, no matter what your opinion is about how you lost the WWE Championship to Ted Dibiase it doesn’t matter because it was perfectly legal. With that said, I know you would like an opportunity to regain the title back however you will have to earn it.

Orton screams “What” as Long continues.

Long: Tonight’s main event will feature various Raw superstars in a over the top battle royal with the winner challenging Ted Dibiase at Extreme Rules in a Extreme Rules match. Any weapons can be used, without the risk of disqualification. There are no count outs and pins count anywhere in the arena.

The crowd goes wild as Orton is upset hearing he doesn’t just earn the shot. Dibiase too seem a bit fazed by the announcement seeing as his first title defense will be in a Extreme Rules match.

Long: Holla, Holla!

The crowd cheers as Long smiles at both men before leaving leading to Michael Cole coming in with some analyzing of the situation.

Cole: Two huge announcements from Theodore Long!

Lawler: A battle royal to determine the number one contender to the WWE championship. Randy Orton if he wants to earn it has to make sure he is not tossed over the top rope.

Cole: Even a bigger announcement the winner of that match will go on to Extreme Rules in which they will challenge Dibiase in a Extreme Rules match! That is huge.

An image of Dibiase and Orton staring each other appears on the screen as Raw cuts to a commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

An image of Chris Masters already in the ring appears when all of a sudden…..

This Fire Burns

Boos fill the arena as the straight-edge savior CM Punk walks out from behind the curtains with a huge smile on his face as he kneels to one knee before screaming out.

Justin: From Chicago, Illinois weighing 222 pounds…..C.M. Punk!

Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw folks as you all see now CM Punk is slated for action against Chris Masters a newly acquired Raw superstar picked up in the supplemental draft.

Lawler: Well speaking of the draft another newly acquired superstar that Raw picked up was The Animal Batista. Both Batista and Punk were on the same team trying to gain draft picks for Raw and both men turned on each other with Punk getting the last laugh spitting on Batista.

Cole: Yeah, Batista landed a Batista Bomb on Punk who took exception to that. With that behind him now how will he fair against the Masterpiece Chris Masters.

Match 1: Chris Masters vs. CM Punk

Masters not getting a nice little entrance package should indicate that this is a squash match. Punk did some damage with his signature roundhouse kick to the side of the head and hitting his high knee and bulldogs combo. He even felt like finishing the Masterpiece off twice with two Go to Sleeps before finally going for the pin and getting the three count.

Winner: CM Punk

Cole: A decisive victory from CM Punk. And it seems like Punk has a few words for the folks here tonight.

Lawler: Of course probably about to gloat about his victory, or possibly try to save another person from the dangers of this world.

Punk grabs a microphone and the crowd is booing. He gathers himself and takes a deep breath before he begins to speak.

Punk: Last week, the WWE draft changed the landscape of the WWE and both of its shows Raw and Smackdown. Some of those changes were positives, and some were negatives. One thing that triumphs all the moves made in the draft and is the best outcome of the draft is me CM Punk staying put here on Raw. Without CM Punk, you people wouldn’t tune in to Raw.

Crowd boos as Punk mouths away from the microphone “its true”.

Punk: A newly acquired superstar that not only has changed the landscape of the WWE but has changed the landscape of me getting to the WWE Championship is an Animal. He is better known as Dave Batista.

Crowd pops momentarily.

Punk: Not even representing the Red for an hour last week he already makes an enemy. He makes an enemy in me. Sure, Dave is an experience veteran in this business and sure, he is an Animal in size and strength. But…

Punk pauses.

Punk: But Dave if you get in my way tonight in the battle royal, like the Animal you are, I’m gonna put you down.

Crowd boos.

Punk: That warning isn’t only for Dave. Those words are meant for every superstar in the back, who thinks they have a chance to win the battle royal. I have something that all of you in the back can’t destroy. It’s deep inside me. I have faith. And tonight faith will do its wonder and crown me the new number one contender to the WWE Championship.

Punk breathes in deeply before putting his arms out almost Jesus like as his music hits.

Cole: And talk about a man who is on a mission to make a statement here tonight.

Lawler: He seemed to single out the Animal Batista which not many superstars do. Punk is either an idiot or not intimidated at all or both!

Backstage we see Teddy Long talking to a worker backstage. The two have a short exchange as the crowd cheers. When Long turns around he is quickly confronted by the Unified Tag Team champions Tool Time. The crowd boos as Long is also displeased.

Ryder: Teddy, broski what is going on?


Dykstra That’s great to hear.

Long shakes his head as he listens to what the tag champs have to say.

Dykstra: Seeing how me and Zack are the Unified Tag Team champions that means we appear on both shows.

Ryder chimes in.

Ryder: Two!

Good Ryder can count as Dykstra continues talking.

Dykstra: Which means we are part of the Raw roster as well.

Long: Yes, your point gentlemen?

Ryder: We want in the battle royal that will be taking place later tonight.

Crowd boos as both men have smiles on their face.

Long: You know what….

Long scopes around and then sports a smile on his face.

Long: Justin Gabriel how are you?

Gabriel the new comer of Raw seems confused.

Gabriel: I’m fine.

Long is rubbing his shoulder as Gabriel still has no idea why he was called over.

Long: You’re not in action tonight are you?

Gabriel: Erm, no.

Long: Great! Meet your opponents for tonight Zack Ryder and Kenny Dykstra.

Directing this towards Tool Time.

Long: If you can defeat Gabriel and the partner of his choosing, then you can enter the battle royal. If Gabriel and his partner win they get a shot at your tag team titles at Extreme Rules.

Crowd cheers a bit as Justin’s confused expression turns into a smile.

Ryder:What! You can’t do that bro! There are already number one contenders on Smackdown.

Long: Last time I checked I’m the general manager here on this show. And what I say goes.

Tool Time is angry but finally Dykstra comes back with a witty comment.

Dykstra: Rook, is going to get schooled. We’re modern day MJ’s while you’re Lebust James.

Ryder: Woo Woo Woo, You Know It.

Interesting words as the tag team champions leave the frame, with the camera fading to black as Raw goes to a commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

What’s Up

The crowd is up and jumping as R-Truth comes out to the ring as he begins to sing.

Cole:I just raised the roof right now. R-Truth has me crunk up in this arena tonight.

Lawler: Easy, Michael I don’t want you to hurt yourself.

Truth acquired from Smackdown has a huge smile on his face walking down the ramp but without noticing from behind it is Dolph Ziggler who comes into the picture and knocks Truth down bringing the crowd from a happy mood to a now angry mood. Ziggler grabs Truth and pushes him arm first into the steel ring post. The crowd is angry and a few sound bytes from the older crowd can be heard. Ziggler stomps on the arm for a bit before tossing Truth back into the ring. The ref forces Ziggler back as he checks on the right arm of Truth.

Cole: I don’t think there is any way that Truth can compete after that vicious assault from Dolph Ziggler.

Lawler: Yeah, I don’t think even if Truth somehow is able to compete that this match should take place.

Well, after the referee is done conversing with Truth about his arm, it seems like this match will happen as Truth doesn’t want to let his loyal fans down. After a few moments the referee rings the bell and this one is underway.

Match 2: R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler

This match would go and Ziggler nearly gets DQ’d in the early going trying to severely damage that arm of Truth but over doing it way to aggressive almost causing the DQ. That would give Truth an opening using his feet and his other arm (his dominant arm that is not injured) but in the end Ziggler would win this one as he connects with the Zig-Zag which gets him the automatic: One….Two…..Three count for the victory.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Cole: Dolph Ziggler picks up the victory tonight, if you can even really call it a victory. He viciously assaulted R-Truth before the match.

Lawler: That he did Michael. Hey wait! Dolph that is enough….c’mon now.

Apparently it’s not enough as Dolph grabs a chair and walks over to Truth who rolled out of the ring after the match. Dolph grabs the damaged and possibly injured arm of Truth and tangles it into the chair. The crowd is booing as Cole and Lawler are heard pleading Dolph to stop. Ziggler is deranged as he looks at the steel ring post before tossing Truth’s arm into the ring post damaging that arm even more as Truth yells out in pain and horror. The crowd boos as finally refs from the back come to the aid of Truth but to late as it seems the damage has been done.

Cole: Dolph Ziggler has snapped.

Lawler: And I think that arm of R-Truth has snapped too Michael. The refs are calling for the medical staff.

Ziggler is fuming as he sports a cocky but deranged smile on his face while the medical staff helps Truth up as the be careful with that arm, as Raw fades to black with Truth getting help from the medical staff.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break we see an image of R-Truth being placed inside the ambulance with one of the medical personnel telling Long that they think the arm is broken. After that we cut to Josh Matthews running trying to catch up with the man that broke that arm, Dolph Ziggler.

Matthews: Dolph! Dolph! I’m sure the WWE Universe wants you to explain your actions.

Ziggler turns and yanks the microphone right out of the grip of Matthews.

Ziggler: Josh, last week Raw saw the WWE championship switch hands twice. First it was given to Randy Orton who three minutes later lost it to the Money in the Bank holder Ted Dibiase Jr. That briefcase paid dividends. That briefcase….

Ziggler pauses as he turns red with anger.

Ziggler: That briefcase should have been mine. Countless times I touched the briefcase during the Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania, but my trek was always stopped, mainly by our current WWE champions.

Ziggler runs his fingers through his hair in frustration.

Ziggler: R-Truth was an innocent causality. It’s time for the WWE Universe to recognize that the rest of 2010 is the year Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the top of not only the Raw ladder, but the entire WWE ladder. My climb starts in tonight’s main event when I defeat, plenty of other Raw superstars in the battle royal.

Ziggler storms off as we to another part of the backstage area where we see Mr. Kennedy who was recently acquired in the draft talking to some of the divas.

Kennedy: When that bell rings and the match is over, a spotlight will fall on me in which a microphone comes falling from the raptures.

Kennedy takes a deep breath and closes his eyes.

Kennedy: The arena will be dead silent, as I say….. “You’re new number one contender is…..”

Cut off.

????Pauuuulllllllll London!!!!!

Kennedy quickly opens his eyes and turns to see Paul London standing beside him. The divas chuckle a bit as London has a huge smile on his face.

London: That’s right Ken. Just because I may be smaller than most of the competition, it doesn’t mean I don’t have the heart and the will to compete and become the number one contender to the WWE championship.

Kennedy begins to shake his head as he chuckles.

Kennedy: I come to Raw and this is my competition. You?!?!

Kennedy inches closer to London clearly a few good inches taller.

Kennedy: This isn’t high school twirp. Now stand aside and watch a real superstar in action.

London stands his ground. This only angers Ken who shoves London. Paul comes back with a mini shove of his own only angering the Green Bay native, but all of a sudden before any more action can happen a sword comes in and is pressed up against the chest of Kennedy. The camera pans over and it’s Paul Burchill?!?!? Yes! It’s Paul Burchill back from injury and with his pirate gimmick back.

Burchill: I say you watch where you are going matey or I’ll have you walk the plank.

Kennedy takes a couple of steps back from the sword.

Kennedy: Easy Jack Sparrow, put the sword away.

Burchill keeps pointing the sword at him.

Kennedy: I’ll guess I’ll be going then.

The camera follows Kennedy as we see Paul London pat Burchill on the shoulder. The expression on Kennedy’s face is clearly anger.

[B]S.O.S. I Hear Dem Shoutin’ B]

The crowd goes wild as the Jamaican Sensation Kofi Kingston makes his Raw debut.

Justin: Introducing first from Ghana, West Africa weighing 221 pounds… Kofi Kingston!

Cole: Kofi Kingston was a great acquisition here for Monday night Raw.

Lawler: He has a great arsenal of news and he can leap out of the building. Incredible leaping ability.

This Right Here Is Domination

The crowd goes into a frenzy of boos as Zeke Jackson comes out to make his Raw debut.

Justin: His opponent from weighing 309 pounds….Ezekiel Jackson!

Cole: Zeke Jackson the bodyguard of John Cena is now a member of the Raw roster while Cena stays on Smackdown. How will he fair as a singles competitor?

Lawler: This Ezekiel Jackson is huge. Look at those arms. I’m sure he will fair just fine here on Raw.

Match 3: Kofi Kingston vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Two ex-smackdown superstars who are trying to start off their Raw debuts off right with a win here tonight. Both men are giving it their all but Kofi makes a mistake that could potentially lose him the match. Slowly after connecting with the pendulum kick in the corner he begins to climb the top rope. He is about to show his amazing leaping ability as he goes for a cross body but Zeke catches him and lifts him high in the air with a military press onto the outside of the ring. What strength was shown by Big Zeke. The referee begins to count but Zeke doesn’t want a count out victory as he goes to the outside and begins to pumble Kofi all over the ring sending him into the steel steps. Finally he tosses Kingston back into the ring. He slides in and then proceeds to pin the Jamaican Sensation.



Kickout from Kingston and it is Zeke flipping Kofi onto his stomach before applying a camel clutch. An interesting move from Zeke who has it locked in nice and tight. The crowd begins to clap trying to get Kofi back into the situation. Kofi slowly begins to get up and Zeke connects with a forearm to the back before attempting a back suplex, but Kingston counters with a back suplex. When he turns two palms into his chest lighting it up. The crowd woos and again two more palms to the chest. He then kicks Zeke before hooking him and connecting with the S.O.S into the pin.



THR-NOOOOO Kickout from big Zeke. Kingston tries to pick up his opponent but receives a fist to the stomach before getting tossed into the ropes. When he comes back Zeke has his head down which is a big no-no because Kofi connects with a swinging neckbreaker. The crowd goes wild as Kofi builds steam bouncing off the ropes before connecting with the big Boom Drop. The crowd cheers as Kofi waits in the corner for the dazed Zeke Jackson to get back up. He begins to clap as the crowd claps along with the young Ghana superstar. As soon as Jackson gets to a vertical base BAM KOFI CONNECTS WITH TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!! LIGHTS OUT AS KOFI SHOOTS THE HALF.



THREE!!! It’s over Kofi Kingston pulls out the victory!!!

Kofi Kingston

Cole: A great victory from Kofi Kingston. He was able to persevere over the big and dominating Zeke Jackson.

Lawler: Maybe Kingston can contend as a big player here on Raw as he picks up a nice win here tonight.

Cameras cut backstage to where we see Zack Ryder and Kenny Dykstra walking backstage towards ringside.

Cole: What a treat we will be experiencing next. The newly crowned Unified Tag Team champions Tool Time takes on Justin Gabriel and a partner of his choosing. That match is next!

[Commercial Break]


The crowd has a mixed reaction as the tag team champions come out with their beautiful girlfriends Brooke Adams and Tiffany.

Justin: Introducing first weighting a combine 444 pounds…. Tool Time!

Cole: You know last week I wanted Tool Time to be drafted to Raw but then I realized that since they are the unified tag team champions they are able to compete on both shows. One of the best tag teams currently in the WWE.

Lawler: They are a great team however their antics are a bit whacky at times. Still they are the unified champions.

Ain’t No Stopping Me…..Naw

The crowd goes wild and Tool Time is surprised as Shelton Benjamin pops out from behind the curtains and alongside him is Justin Gabriel.

Justin: Their opponents weighing a combine 471 pounds….Justin Gabriel and Shelton Benjamin.

Cole: What an opportunity not only for Shelton Benjamin but also the rookie Justin Gabriel. If these guys win they will be number one contender to the unified tag team titles.

Lawler: I’m just a bit surprise Gabriel chose Shelton Benjamin considering his friend MVP introduced him to Vince McMahon who ultimately wound up signing Gabriel.

Cole: But remember King, MVP and Gabriel have been on different wavelengths the past couple of weeks.

Match 4: Tool Time vs. Justin Gabriel/Shelton Benjamin

A good tag team match with both sides needing a victory because both teams have a lot riding on this match. Gabriel and Benjamin provide the explosive agility and high flying moves while Tool Time shows their experience as a tag team along with some technical moves that have finally slowed down Gabriel and Benjamin after Gabriel got pushed off the top rope turning his back away from Dykstra trying to connect with a moonsault. Dykstra tosses his opponent back into the ring before he jumps on top of Gabriel and begins to connect with right hands to the face of his opponent. Dykstra then makes the tag to Ryder who bounces off the ropes and connects with a leg drop. He then shoots the half.



Kickout from Gabriel but quickly it is Ryder dragging his opponent up by the hair before whipping him hard into the corner. Gabriel’s back hits the corner as he falls on his butt in the corner. Ryder sizes him up before screaming WOO WOO WOO and tossing up the finger L.I. before connecting with a facewash. The crowd boos as he drags Gabriel to the center of the ring before making the tag back to his partner. Dykstra begins to climb to the top rope. Dykstra begins to measure up for his finisher as he jumps high in the air for the leg drop but Gabriel was able to move at the last second. The crowd begins to cheer as Shelton is waving his partner in to try and make a tag. Gabriel stretches and is able to make the tag to his partner who comes in and explodes like a firecracker knocking down Kenny with a flying forearm. The tag team champ quickly gets up before getting sent down with a clothesline. Again Dykstra gets up as Benjamin goes for a kick but that is blocked as Kenny catches it but Benjamin spins out and connects with a dragon whip kick to the side of the head. Cover!



Th-NO RYDER BROKE UP THE PIN!!! Ryder goes for a right hand but Benjamin blocks it before kicking the Long Island native and tossing him over the top rope. Ryder crashes making a loud thump on the outside. He slowly begins to get up but with a head of steam Justin Gabriel jumps over and clears the top rope before connecting with a corkscrew dive onto Ryder. That gives Benjamin all the clearance he needs before connecting with PAY DIRT on one half of the tag team champions. He hooks both legs.




Winners: Shelton Benjamin/Justin Gabriel

Cole: Justin Gabriel and Shelton Benjamin pull off a stunner! They are now the co-number one contenders to the unified tag team championships with the Rally Dogs.

Lawler: An amazing match and an amazing victory for these two men. They make a great team, and they proved it here tonight.

Cole: Tool Time being mistreated if you ask me. This is unfair. Now they have to battle two teams.

Lawler: Tool Time kept running their mouths and it burned them.

Image of three separate frames of superstars Jack Swagger, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton

Cole: Jericho, Orton and Swagger all walking towards ringside which can only mean one thing…the number one contendership battle royal is next!

[Commercial Break]

I Walk Alone

The guitar riffs blow through the sound system and out from behind the curtains appears The Animal Batista. He has a huge smile on his face as he begins to scream at the top of his lungs. He does his signature taunt as the crowd goes wild with the pyro going off.

Justin: Introducing first from Washington D.C. weighing 299 pounds…..Batista!

Cole: Twelve superstars are in this battle royal and this man the first man out here coming down to the ring maybe the most dangerous.

Lawler: You have that right Michael. Batista is looking to make an impact here on Raw, and he can do it tonight by defeating eleven other men.

I Am Perfection

The crowd boos as Dolph Ziggler is out from behind the curtains for the second time tonight.

Justin: His opponent from Hollywood, Florida weighing 223 pounds….Dolph Ziggler!

Cole: Dolph Ziggler made easy work of R-Truth last night.

Lawler: He beat down Truth earlier in the night and even sent him to the hospital. We saw intensity from Dolph that we have never seen before.

Check One, Two……Aw Yeah

The crowd explodes as Jack Swagger comes out beating his chest with his fist letting out a war cry.

Justin: From Perry, Oklahoma weighing 263 pounds….Jack Swagger!

Cole: This man has been red hot, on fire since December. He has the championships, he has huge victories but if he wins tonight this will be the biggest win of his career.

Lawler:Jack Swagger is a stand-up guy. He is the current Intercontinental Champion he has future WWE Champion written all over him.

Break The Walls Down

The crowd gives a mix reaction as Jericho walks down with a strut of determination.

Justin: From Manhasset, New York weighing 226 pounds….Chris Jericho!

Lawler: Michael I am going to tell you right now…Chris Jericho is my favorite in this match. The first undisputed champion, a multiple time Intercontinental champion and even a World Heavyweight champion.

Cole: Four competitors out here, six more left who will win our main event with the number one contendership on the line. Find out next!

[Commercial Break]

Swagger, Batista, Ziggler, Jericho, Kingston, Kennedy, London, and MVP are all out there as a familiar theme blares throughout the speakers.

I Hear Voices In My Head They Council Me They Understand, They Talk To Me.

Boos from the crowd immediately fill the air as the former WWE champion walks down the ramp towards ringside.

Justin: From St. Louis, Missouri weighing 245 pounds….Randy Orton!

Cole: Orton was WWE champion just a week ago when some say it was stolen by Ted Dibiase who won Money in the Bank at WrestleMania and cashed it on a vulnerable Orton.

Lawler: Look at Orton tonight, and you can just see the anger in his eyes, but you can also see the determination. He wants his WWE title back.

This Fire Burns

The crowd again goes into a frenzy of boos as the Straight Edge savior walks out as the last entrant in this battle royal. He has a smile on his face as he looks at all nine guys in the ring.

Justin: From Chicago, Illinois weighing 222 pounds……CM Punk!!

Cole: Punk said earlier “have something that all of you in the back can’t destroy. It’s deep inside me. I have faith. And tonight faith will do its wonder and crown me the new number one contender to the WWE championship.”

Lawler: I think Punk needs some faith and needs to say some prayers. There are plenty of talented and hungry superstars in that ring wanting the same thing CM Punk wants and that is a shot at the WWE championship.

Main Event: Batista vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. MVP vs. Paul London vs. Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

Elimination 1: Kennedy was involved in the first elimination after Paul London came in and caught Kennedy off guard. The speed of London proved to be too much with Kennedy’s Mic Check being countered into a hurricanrana. After that Kennedy charges at the smaller London trying to connect with a huge striking move but London simply sidesteps and connects with a huge dropkick to the back of Kennedy’s head sending him up and over the top rope…but not out. Kennedy would slowly get up but a nice Pele kick from London would be enough to knock him to the ground. Bit of a shocker as Kennedy is out early.

Elimination 2: With it down to nine we got to see a bit of teamwork from two heel superstars as Punk and MVP worked together beating down Paul London whose speed proved to be too much for just one man. He would be grounded in the corner and ultimately tossed up and over the top rope as he is the second man eliminated in this match-up.

Elimination 3: Again a quick elimination as MVP would celebrate by doing his balling celebration much to the disgust of the crowd. He then would then attempt to shake Punk’s hand only for him to kick MVP on the side of his head and toss him up and over the top rope making him the third elimination. Punk then did his own balling celebration mocking MVP.

Elimination 4: Half-way through this match we have seen plenty of battles but the most intriguing match-up has to be Swagger and Ziggler who have both been battling back and forth focusing on getting the other one out. Ziggler would gain the upper hand connecting with a Fame-asser laying Jack flat on the mat. Ziggler goes to rest against the ropes after his grueling battle but here comes Kofi trying to send Ziggler over but quickly Randy Orton comes behind and grabs both men sending both up and over the rope but ZIGGLER HANGS ON AND GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE WHILE KOFI LANDS ON THE GROUND.

Elimination 5: Orton stomps away on Ziggler who is hanging for dear life. Batista would blindside him and that would get Orton off of Ziggler’s case. But just when Ziggler rolls back in and gains his ground Jack Swagger delivers a kick to the midsection and connects with a gutwrench powerbomb. The crowd goes wild as the All-American American tosses Dolph over the top rope and ultimately out of this match-up. But that wouldn’t be the last of Ziggler in this match….

Elimination 6: With a decent amount of time passing and five guys battling it out (Jericho, Swagger, Orton, Punk, Batista) all battling hard, the deranged Dolph Ziggler would grab a chair on the outside unbeknownst to the referees and superstars get back in the ring and nail one guy. That guy was the Intercontinental champion Jack Swagger who was knocked out cold and then tossed out to the outside of the ring with the help of Orton. Ziggler had a cocky grin on his face as the crowd booed, but the intensity of Ziggler shines again tonight. However it would be short lived as Randy Orton would deliver an RKO to the young Dolph as he rolls out of the ring in pain.

Elimination 7: We are down to the final four: Batista, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and CM Punk. All three heels gang up on the Animal and beat him down to keep him down however he is not eliminated. Punk would take the reins in trying to eliminate him as Jericho and Orton both former WWE champions turn on each other and try beating down each other. Jericho would attempt a kick which is caught by the former WWE champ however Jericho shows his veteran skill with an enzuigiri. That knocks Orton down and out for the time being while Punk and Batista are both still battling. Jericho swiftly from behind grabs the legs of Punk and sends him up and over onto the apron, as Punk lands on the apron with his back. Batista gets back into the ring but still is in danger as Jericho comes with forearms to his face. Jericho has his opponent dazed as he bounces off the ropes….he’s caught on the way back and what a huge Spine-buster from the Animal. The crowd goes wild and when Batista turns he charges and spears Punk off the apron and onto the floor!!!! CM Punk is now gone!

Elimination 8 & 9: Batista is cranked up full on energy after eliminating a new enemy of sorts. Both Jericho and Orton are down as Dave turns and signals thumbs down. He grabs his nearest opponent and it’s possible the Best in the World maybe out as Batista sets him up for the Batista bomb but Jericho is trying to counter with punches to the face of Batista. This sends big Dave stumbling back towards the ropes. Jericho somehow converts this to a hurricanrana of sorts and both men dump over the top rope and onto the outside apron. Both men are on the outside apron and it would be the Viper coming in unknowing to both men who are too busy battling each other as Orton connects with double clotheslines knocking both men out as the bell rings. RANDY ORTON IS VICTORIOUS!!!

Winner: Randy Orton

Cole: Randy Orton just outlasted nine other men and now is back on top and in the hunt for the WWE championship!

Lawler: And I’m sure Ted Dibiase is watching this in the back, and he better be careful. The Viper has had one up and down rollercoaster type of month. He has that look in his eye. That evil stone cold stare. He is determined to get his championship back.

Cole: Well speaking of the champion look at this!

Cole is right as Dibiase slowly walks out to the top of the ramp. The Viper stares back at Dibiase with an evil smile on his face. Dibiase takes his WWE championship off around his waist and raises it high above his head with one arm. He begins to mouth “I did it once and I’ll do it again.” With that Raw comes to an end.

Quick Results

CM Punk d Chris Masters

Dolph Ziggler d R-Truth

Kofi Kingston d Ezekiel Jackson

Justin Gabriel/Shelton Benjamin d Kenny Dykstra/Zack Ryder

Randy Orton wins ten men battle royal


Extreme Rules 4/11

Official Theme:Hollywood Undead- This Love, This Hate

WWE Championship Extreme Rules Match
Ted Dibiase Jr. © vs. Randy Orton

Triple Threat Unified Tag Team Championship Match
Tool Time © vs. The Rally Dogs vs. Justin Gabriel/Shelton Benjamin

World Heavyweight Championship TLC Triple Threat
Christian © vs. John Cena vs. Edge


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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Smackdown 3-26

The opening signature video for Smackdown has ended and now the pyro has blown the roof off the arena and now the fans are going wild as cameras scan the WWE Universe. Many fans are repping their favorite superstars shirts or showing love with their creative signs (especially the “Ryder? I Barely Know Her” sign). As the cameras continue to scan the crowd we hear the voices of Todd Grisham and Matt Striker who will be calling all of tonight’s action.

Grisham: Good evening folks, it is electric here inside the Allstate Arena here in Chicago, Illinois. I’m Todd Grisham and joining me is my broadcast partner Matt Striker. Matt what a show we have for tonight!

Striker: Plenty of great matches including a rematch between Alex Riley and Kane with no-dq’s and our main event which see’s the Rally Dogs and Edge taking on John Cena and the unified tag team champions Tool Time!

Grisham: While those are great matches Matt, you told me earlier your more intrigued by what the World Heavyweight Champion has to say tonight.

Striker: You’re right Todd! Christian might not be in action, but he will be explaining his actions last week as to why he helped Edge and making his chances of walking out champion at Extreme Rules in what is now a triple threat TLC match slimmer. Christian is a smart man, and I believe his answer will surprise the WWE Universe.

Now Listen This Ain’t No Make Believe, C’mon Open Your Eyes And See

The crowd gives John Morrison a great ovation as he walks out from behind the curtains. He has a huge smile on his face as he does his signature slow-mo taunt on the top of the ramp. Pyro goes off behind him as cameras cut to the crowd cheering.

Grisham: We start tonight’s broadcast with a man making his Smackdown debut after being drafted over from Raw. That man is none other than the Guru of Greatness John Morrison.

Striker: John Morrison is set for one on one action with the current Intercontinental champion and one of the fastest rising stars here on Smackdown Wade Barrett.

After handing his sunglasses off to a young fan in the crowd without knowing MORRISON IS JUMPED!!! Barrett knocks down Morrison and quickly following the current Intercontinental champion is Wade’s new formed ally Brutus Magnus and both men are just going to town on the LA native beating him down with stomps. Magnus then picks up JoMo and lays a knee into his ribs before tossing him back into the ring. The heat is tremendous to start off Smackdown as these two guys don’t seem to care about what the fans think. Wade is barking orders telling Magnus to continue his pumbling of Morrison which Brutus is doing mounting himself on top of JoMo and just drilling away with right hands. All seems lost as Morrison is getting beat down but the crowd comes alive as cameras shoot towards the ramp entrance and EVAN BOURNE IS RACING DOWN THE RAMP!! Barrett turns as Bourne hops onto the apron. Wade goes for a clothesline moving towards Evan who ducks it and connects with a kick to the side of Barrett’s head causing him to fall to his knees. Bout time the Modern Day Gladiator realizes his puppet master is down Bourn is springboard off the ropes and connects with a huge hurricanrana sending Magnus down to the mat dazed as he slides out of the ring to meet with Wade. Just then…..


Music that Barrett and Magnus do not want to hear but the crowd seems fired up as the hall of famer and current Smackdown general manager appears. Flair waits for the crowd to die down before making his announcement.

Flair: You guys (meaning Barrett and Magnus) have been making a habit of teaming up and attacking people unevenly. So why don’t we even up the sides tonight.

The crowd cheers as Morrison begins to regain himself with some help from Bourne and both faces have smiles on their face, while the heel seems angry.

Flair: Our first match of the night will be Brutus Magnus and Wade Barrett vs. John Morrison and Evan Bourne.

The crowd explodes with excitement as JoMo and Evan slap each other a high five. Wade and Brutus have the opposite reaction, as they begin to walk up the ramp towards Ric.

Flair: Wade if I was you I would march the other way. That United States championship hasn’t seen much action since you obtained it. If you don’t participate in this match Morrison and Bourne will be co-number one contenders to that title.

Again the crowd cheers as Wade Barrett gets close to Flair and begins to yell at him. Brutus restrains Wade as both men turn back and head towards the ring. Grisham’s voice comes in as both men get on the apron.

Grisham: An impromptu tag team match made by general manager Ric Flair. We will see new found allies Wade Barrett and Brutus Magnus take on the speedy and sure to be exciting team of John Morrison and Evan Bourne!

[Commercial Break]

Match 1: Wade Barrett/Brutus Magnus vs. John Morrison/Evan Bourne

[I]Back from the commercial Barrett has a sideheadlock on Bourne who he has plenty of size on as both men are on their feet. However with the calculated elbows into Wade’s stomach he breaks out of the headlock, and delivers a nice kick to the leg of Barrett causing him to limp for a sec. Bourne runs towards the ropes and comes right back into the arms of the current Intercontinental champion who counters Evan’s little offense into a huge move on his end connecting with a spinning side slam. The crowd goes “ooo” on the impact as Barrett rolls over to his corner and tags his partner. Magnus picks up Bourne who was halfway up anyway and Magnus pulls off a nice snap suplex and quickly rolls on top to get a pinning predicament in.



TH-Bourne is able to shoot his shoulder off the mat. Quickly Magnus continues with his team’s offense locking in a seated chin lock applying pressure to the chin and digging his knee into the back of Bourne keeping him grounded. JoMo on the apron begins to clap and quickly being the fan favorite he is has the crowd also clapping trying to get Evan back into this match. Air Bourne is getting back to a vertical base and quickly Magnus tries to convert his move to a back suplex but Evan flips up and over landing on his feet. He stumbles towards the corner as Magnus tries to charge in but he gets nothing but a face full of corner. He shakes the cob-webs before turning into a knee into his jaw sending him back into the corner in a seated position from the impact. The St. Louis native leaves it all on the line charging in and connecting with a wicked dropkick into the face of his opponent. Both men are down as Evan begins to crawl towards his corner. Both men reach out and make a tag at the same time and their partners are both in the ring. Barrett goes for a right hand…blocked and Morrison comes in with his own right and another. He has him dazed as he grabs him by the arm and tries to whip him into ropes but Barrett sends JoMo into the ropes. Wade puts his head down which is a huge mistake as Morrison counters with a sunset flip into a pin.



Kickout from Barrett who rolls backwards and gets back up. Morrison is up just as quickly and delivers a dropsault. When he turns Magnus is in his grill charging in but Morrison counters with a flapjack causing the Brit to roll out of the ring. Evan is back to decent health as he bounces off the ropes and connects with a suicide drive onto Magnus. Chaos has erupted and Morrison is dragging deadweight Wade Barrett into the nearest corner. Morrison is measuring him up and jumps for STARSHIP PAIN BUT BARRETT MOVES AND MORRISON TWEAKS HIS ANKLE LANDING ON HIS FEET!! That is enough as Barrett kicks Morrison in the gut and lifts him up and connects with WASTELAND!!! The crowd boos as we see Magnus sweeping Bourne’s legs off the apron as Evan tries to break the pin.




Winner: Wade Barrett/Brutus Magnus

Grisham: And just like that with one little tweak, Wade Barrett and Brutus Magnus pull of an impressive victory.

Striker: These guys are the real deal, and their new found alliance has paid dividends as they are rising in the ranks of Smackdown.

Wade Barrett and Brutus Magnus celebrate up the ramp and we quickly go backstage seeing general manger Ric Flair watching the celebration of the two men on a TV screen. He shakes his head a bit before we hear voice interrupting his TV viewing of tonight’s show.

Ryder: Ric we need to talk to you right now.

The unified tag team champions walk into the picture both seem to be flustered. Following behind are their girlfriends Tiffany and Brooke Adams.

Dykstra: Ric, did you see what Theodore Long did to us this past Monday on Raw? Not only did we have a match but he added another team in our match for the titles at Extreme Rules.

Ryder: He imposed on your original match that you made. He basically trumped your power.

Dykstra: Which isn’t right at all. Let’s face it bro….you’re the Naitch.

Ryder: You’re a WWE hall of famer for crying out loud. And he is a nobody. Are you going to let a nobody have more power than you? If so that’s weak bro.

Dykstra: Really weak. You’re the Smackdown general manger. And sure maybe Raw is the longest episodic show in history, but you don’t ever let anyone walk over you especially from the opposing company. C’mon Ric do something to teach Long and Raw a lesson.

Flair is rubbing his chin throughout this whole little speech thing Tool Time has going on. Finally it seems like a light bulb goes off in his head.

Flair: You guys are right.

Crowd boos a bit that Flair agrees with a tag team, that is a bit douche

Flair: I can’t change Teddy Long’s decision but I have faith that Smackdown will win at Extreme Rules and keep the tag titles.

Dysktra: Glad to hear you have confidence in us Ric. It means a lot.

Flair shakes his head.

Flair: That’s where you are wrong Kenny. I’m adding another Smackdown team to the match. Brutus Magnus and Wade Barrett two impressive superstars will be added to the match which is now a gauntlet match.

The crowd cheers as Tool Time and their girls explode with anger.

Ryder: Are you serious bro?

Flair nods and Ryder tosses his sunglasses into a wall. How tough of Ryder….

Flair: Now Smackdown has a 75 percent of keeping the titles on this show. That will teach Teddy to tweak my matches ha.

Flair pats both superstars on their backs before leaving as Smackdown goes to a commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

Don’t Waste My Time

Back from commercial break and were getting into the second match of the night as Elijah Burke comes out with towel and water bottle in hand. He is on top of the ramp as he opens the water bottle and dumps it on his head. He seems ready to compete.

Justin: Introducing first from Jacksonville, Florida weighing 220 pounds…..Elijah Burke!!

Striker: Alright it is great to see Elijah Burke here on Smackdown for the first time since the draft. He is one of my favorites. Tonight however he has a tough match-up.

Grisham: That’s right Matt. Tonight it will be Elijah Burke taking on Jeff Hardy one on one and Jeff Hardy last week had a very impressive win.

Don’t You See The Writing On The Wall?

The energy in the arena is huge as Jeff Hardy comes out doing his dance with the pyro going off all around. As he makes strides down the ramp he gives high fives to all his fans.

Justin: His opponent from Cameron, North Carolina weighing 215 pounds……Jeff Hardy!!!

Grisham: Jeff Hardy a little over two weeks ago defeated CM Punk at WrestleMania in what was an amazing match. Last week he beat Drew McIntyre, and right now Jeff is on a roll.

Striker: Jeff Hardy as you mentioned is on a roll. However tonight Elijah Burke is his opponent who is a man who won 103 boxing matches and lost only one because he did not go back to his corner after knocking someone out. Burke will be looking to ground Hardy with his ground and pound game.

Just as the match is about to start……

What’s That Metronome I Hear Perhaps The End Is Drawing Near, You Never Hear The Shot That Takes You Down

Walking down in his nice (pretty sure expensive suit) is the Chosen One Drew McIntyre. Jeff Hardy stares him down as the Scotsman looks back at him with a nice little grin on his face.

Striker: Looks like Drew McIntyre wants to get a closer look on the action here tonight.

Match 2: Elijah Burke vs. Jeff Hardy

Maybe Drew was a bit off a distraction in the early going because Burke was working his ground and pound game very well with very educated hands, punching the lights out of Jeff in the early going. However Burke would make a mistake when he grabbed the arm of Jeff and whipped him into the nearest corner. Like Spider-Man Jeff scales the ropes and counters with a huge Whisper in the Wind as both superstars are down. Mac on the outside has a look of panic on his face and he begins to slap the mat telling Burke to get back up. The ref begins to count as both men struggle to get back to their feet. The count is up to a six count as Burke is slowly getting up. Finally he is up as he goes to pick up Jeff by his hair. Out of nowhere Jeff give Burke a kick to the gut….hooks his head and connects with his finisher the TWIST OF FATE!! The crowd goes wild as Jeff hooks both legs.



THREE!! Jeff picks up a quick victory….but here comes Drew McIntyre sliding into the ring!

Winner: Jeff Hardy

McIntyre is in the ring and stomping away on Hardy. He pulls off his suit jacket and tosses it out of the ring. The crowd is booing as Drew then grabs Jeff up by his head and flings him across the mat finally letting go of Jeff’s hair. The camera zooms in on the hand of McIntyre that has a few strands of Hardy hair. He tosses that out of the ring as Jeff is struggling to get back up. Mac stands tall over Jeff for a few moments before hooking both arms, lifting up his new rival and connecting with the SCOT DROP!!! The crowd boos as Mac lets out a huge yell while Jeff is completely done for.

Grisham: What an attack, from the Chosen One on Jeff Hardy.

Striker: We just saw the sinister side of the Scotsman. An impact made from Drew McIntyre who only has three and a half months left to obtain a championship here in the WWE.

The referee is checking on Hardy who is favoring his head. Cameras cut backstage to where we see Alex Riley. The crowd boos as Riley has a worried look on his face. We see Wade Barrett and Brutus Magnus both with smiles on their face talking as Riley gets in between them and begins to talk.

Riley: Have you guys seen Kane around by any chance.

Dead silence as both men look at each other. More panic is shown on Riley’s face.

Riley: I’ll say this again….

He gets right in Barrett’s face.

Riley: By any chance have you…..

Now in the face of Magnus.

Riley: Or you seen Kane around?

Barrett and Magnus stand in silence for a few seconds before Wade pats Riley on his back.

Barrett: I haven’t seen him. You’re not afraid of him are you?

Before Riley can answer Barrett talks again.

Barrett: Because last week you made a huge impact. You were able to beat down a giant with a ring bell. I applaud what you did last week. Kane is the past of this company. Guys like us three we are the future of this company. We need to stand up to the veterans of the WWE. They don’t give us any damn respect, and they try to control the locker-room. It makes me sick.

Magnus nods as Riley also nods.

Riley: I get what you’re saying. Guys like Kane just don’t know when to call it quits. We’re not in the Attitude Era anymore. This is our time!

The crowd boos as Wade and Brutus smile and nod at the words of Riley.

Barrett: If we stick together no one can bring us down. We can be the kings of Smackdown.

Riley has a grin on his face as Barrett put out his hand for a handshake. A-Ri shakes it and then turns to Magnus and also shakes his hand. All three men have a smile on their faces as Smackdown goes to a commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

It’s A Shame To Think They Lost Their Head, A Careless Man Who Could Wind Up Dead.

The crowd boos as pale justice Sheamus walks down the ramp with purpose.

Justin: Introducing first from Dublin, Ireland weighing 272 pounds……Sheamus!

Grisham: Sheamus has been in a foul mood since losing at WrestleMania to Jack Swagger. Last week backstage he took at his anger on Brian Kendrick.

Striker: That he did Todd. Last week Brian Kendrick bumped into Sheamus. He had some choice words for him which probably wasn’t that smart and he paid for it as he nearly got his head taken off by a vicious Brogue Kick.

Run Away, Run Away……I’ll Attack

Pyro goes off and from behind the curtains appears Brian Kendrick. The crowd is cheering and Kendrick seems pumped as “Attack” by 30 Seconds to Mars continues to play. He has a smile on his face before charging down the ramp full speed and sliding right into the ring after. That actually chases Sheamus out of the ring. Kendrick showing a lot of energy here.

Justin: His opponent from Venice, California weighing 184 pounds…..Brian Kendrick!!

Grisham: And are your surprised Matt by the energy we see from Brian Kendrick here tonight.

Striker: I will admit I am a bit. Kendrick is a good talent here in the WWE, but we only really know Kendrick as a good tag team wrestler. Now that Brian and his former partner Paul London are on separate brands let’s see how both men do with their single careers.

Match 3: Sheamus vs. Brian Kendrick

Kendrick seemed to be his old self getting dominated by the taller and more powerful Sheamus in the early going but after trying to connect with the High Cross, Kendrick would gain some momentum. Slipping off his opponents back and being able to duck below a clothesline Kendrick turns and kicks Sheamus in his leg, and another to stun Sheamus a bit. Sheamus then grabs him by the arm and whips him hard into the corner. Brian hits the corner and the Celtic Warrior charges in but Kendrick gets both feet up into the face of his opponent sending him back. Kendrick quickly springs to the top rope and connects with a huge moonsault the crowd goes wild as Sheamus rolls to the outside. Sheamus slaps the mat in anger and tries to get back onto the apron but he is knocked back into the announce table by a nice baseball slide. Kendrick is bringing some great offense and is looking great in his first match as a singles competitor on Smackdown. Sheamus is favoring his back as the Cali Kid Kendrick waits on the outside apron. Sheamus slowly gets up and Kendrick jumps and connects with a huge hurricanrana and Sheamus is now in trouble. Kendrick springs up and screams much to the delight of the crowd. He even high fives a fan in the front row. However Kendrick sticks tries not to celebrate too long as he slowly lifts Sheamus. He is clearly struggling and Sheamus out of nowhere pushes Kendrick into the steel steps back first. What impact as Kendrick’s run of impressive rooms seem to be over. Sheamus grabs Kendrick and tosses him back into the ring. He quickly follows and goes for the lateral press.



And somehow Kendrick kicks out! This only angers the tall Irishmen. He grabs Kendrick up by the arm and whips him hard into the corner. The whole corner shakes as Brian Kendrick bounces off of it as momentum sends him into the arms of Sheamus who connects with the Irish Curse backbreaker. More injury to that back that hit the steel steps as Sheamus hooks the half.



THR-Shoulder rolled off that mat before the three count. Sheamus screams out loud and then towards the ref. He then begins to choke the smaller Brian Kendrick. The refs count gets to four and Sheamus gets off of his opponent. Once again him and the ref are exchanging words towards each other as Sheamus is clearly angered by the smaller Kendrick hanging in this match-up. Sheamus gets Brian to his feet and Kendrick quickly comes in with a forearm and another one. Sheamus stumbles for a sec as the Cali Kid attempts to kick Sheamus who catches the left leg. He laughs a bit but Kendrick counters with a huge enzuigiri which knocks the Irishmen down. Cover!



TH-NO KICKOUT! Whoa Kendrick nearly picked up a huge victory. The crowd is cheering as Kendrick is going up to the top rope. He is climbing up to the top rope and Sheamus is up bout time he situates himself. He quickly jumps as the red headed giant charges at him. Sheamus misses his opponent and when he turns he gets a dropkick to his knee cap causing him to fall to one knee, before Kendrick connects with a DDT. Sheamus is stunned as Kendrick uses all his weight to roll him over.



THR- SHEAMUS GETS HIS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE. Kendrick can’t believe it. A rookie mistake from an experienced veteran. Brian Kendrick is fatigued as he once again tries to lift up the 272 pounder. Sheamus quickly counters and wraps his arms around the waist of Kendrick and connects with a Belly to Belly. He screams out in pain as the Celtic Warrior gets up and stands tall beating his chest. As Kendrick gets up he is sent right back down knocked out cold by the BROGUE KICK!! Sheamus hooks both legs.




Winner: Sheamus

Grisham: A battle of David vs. Goliath and Sheamus was able to pull out the victory but not by much.

Striker: I applaud the effort of Brian Kendrick. Even though he lost this was a great start for his singles career. A strong showing and I’m sure he has gained the respect of Sheamus.

Cameras cut backstage as we see a town car pull up. A driver gets up and goes around to the back driver’s side and opens the door. When the door open out steps the World Heavyweight Champion Christian. The peeps go wild as Christian takes a deep breath before walking into the arena.

[B]Grisham: The World Heavyweight Champion has just arrived here in Chicago. A lot must be going through his mind and I’m sure the WWE Universe is very anxious to hear what he has to say.

Striker: His announcement will take place later tonight, and I can’t wait.

Graphic of Kane and Alex Riley appears on the screen.

Grisham: Up next the Big Red Machine Kane will be looking to get some revenge on the Varsity Villain Alex Riley in a no-dq match and that will be taking place next!

[Commercial Break]


The arena explodes in sound as fire goes off and the arena turns red as the monster Kane, walks out slowly behind the curtains.

Justin: Introducing first weighing 321 pounds….Kane!

Grisham: Kane is out for revenge after being blindsided by the ring bell twice in the forehead last week from Alex Riley.

Striker: Well this time around it is no-dq. I have to say this is Kane’s element. He has the distinct advantage tonight in my opinion. He loves handing out pain, and he has a chance to do that tonight.

Remember the Name

[I]The crowd boos as the Varsity Villain comes out with a chair in hand. He slaps it with his hand a few times before pointing to Kane. And Riley does not seem a tad bit worried.

Grisham: Alex Riley already bringing some insurance in a chair.

Cameras go to in the ring where we see Kane waiting for Riley to come down the ramp. Little does he know Brutus Magnus and Wade Barrett are coming through the crowd and jump the barricade and slide into the ring, as both men tackle Kane at the same time.

Striker: FORGET THE CHAIR JOSH! Looks like Riley has even better insurance as Wade Barrett and Brutus Magnus are now in the ring grounding the Big Red Machine Kane.

Barrett and Magnus stomp away on Kane as Riley comes in. Both Brutus and Wade like little puppets listen to Riley as he tells them to get Kane up, which both men do using all their strength. Riley starts to taunt him until he pushes Brutus off his right arm before striking Riley and then Barrett. However his flurry would be just that a flurry as Magnus from behind leg chops Kane knocking the big man down to one knee. Barrett kicks him straight in the head with a huge boot. Magnus gets on top and starts laying right hands. Riley again tells his new friends to get the big man up. Both men again pick Kane up and wrap their arms around the arm of Kane, as Riley begins connecting with right hands of his own. He then slaps the big man as it echoes through the arena. Riley then grabs the chair and lines it up before cracking it over the skull of Kane. The crowd boos as Kane is knocked out cold. A-Ri turns to the referee and tells him to ring the bell. The ref doesn’t want to but Wade Barrett and Brutus Magnus circle the ref and force his hand as he has no choice and rings the bell.

Match 4: Kane vs. Alex Riley

Now that the match has officially started Magnus and Barrett pick up Kane for one last time. They help get the big man onto the shoulder of Riley who is showing great strength as he connects with VARSITY BLUES (TKO). Riley high fives his new buddies before putting his boot on top of the chest of his opponent as the ref falls to the mat to make the count.



THREE!!! Obviously this one is over after the brutal beat down before the match.

Winner: Alex Riley

Grisham: For the second week in a row, Alex Riley uses disgusting tactics to beat down on Kane.

Striker: I think we have to look at the bigger picture here Todd. I think right now we are looking at the future of this company. These three men just destroyed one of the toughest guys here in the WWE. They did it with relative ease, and if they can take down the Big Red Machine Kane, what else can these three guys do together? Something might be brewing here.

Riley smiles and spits on the face of Kane, before leaving with Wade Barrett and Brutus Magnus. Cameras then cut to the backstage area where we see the World Heavyweight Champion dressed in normal street clothes with belt around his arm walking down the hallway.

Grisham: Up next what the WWE Universe has been waiting for. Christian will be explaining his actions from last week. What will he have to say?!?!?

[Commercial Break]


The Chicago crowd rumbles with excitement as the World Heavyweight Champion comes out from behind the curtains. Instead of doing his normal antics like scanning the crowd for peeps, he just walks down the ramp with no emotion. His stride suggest, he is all business right now.

Striker: Much like myself the WWE Universe has been waiting all night for what Christian has to say about his action last week. The original John Cena vs. Christian TLC match is now a triple threat now that Edge is added.

Christian grabs a microphone from one of the workers before he waits for his music to die down. The crowd is buzzing as Christian raises the mic slowly to his mouth.

Christian: I have had a really long career here in the WWE. I have made plenty of decisions good and bad. Last week, was the biggest decision I have ever made.

Christian pauses as he looks at his World Heavyweight championship.

Christian: Now the buzz backstage is that decision might cost me my World Heavyweight championship at Extreme Rules. The chance of me walking out of Extreme Rules still champion has dropped drastically. However, that is backstage.

A grin comes over the face of Christian.

Christian: Last week I saw a future hall of famer John Cena, running away from Edge who is also a future hall of famer and it made me sick to my stomach. Someone like John Cena never ever would run from a fight but he has changed. So I had to do something. So it was only right that I came out and got involved in the match. And for those saying I did it because Edge is my friend that has absolutely nothing to do with it. I’m against the odds. I made the match more difficult on myself. But I don’t back down from a fight!

Crowd cheers as Christian paces around for a bit microphone still in hand talking to the crowd.

Christian: Challenge after challenge I have not backed down. I’ve defeated a Royal Rumble winner. I have defeated five other men in one match, I’ve also beat someone who has been regarded as the Chosen One of this business. All of them have challenged me but in the end I have walked out champion. John Cena and Edge are two of the best here in the WWE, but in the end I am making sure I walk out champion again. And they won’t stop me.

You Think You Know Me

Again the crowd goes wild as the good friend of the champion Edge walks out in his ring gear as his match is next. Edge has a smile on his face as he walks halfway down the ramp before doing his signature pose.

Grisham: Well, Christian said that Edge will not stop him walking out of Extreme Rules still champion. What do you think the Rated R Superstar has to say?

Striker: This is going to be an interesting encounter. I mean these two have been friends for what seems like forever. In the end however friendship has to be tossed to the side for a prize as grand as the World Heavyweight championship.

Edge gets into the ring with a microphone in hand as both men look at each other. Edge begins to speak.

Edge: Christian, you know I have always had so much respect for you. That respect is not only as a friend, but also as a competitor and a superstar here in the WWE.

Crowd cheers a little bit.

Edge: We made a name for ourselves together as a tag team in the late 90’s early 2000’s. When we split we went our separate ways, and made names for ourselves without the other one. I went on to win Intercontinental championships, tag team championships, Money in the Bank and even a few World and WWE championships. You also accomplished the same feats as me during that time. However it took you a lot longer to obtain that World Heavyweight championship than it did for me.

Christian is taken back by that comment and Edge doesn’t seem to be really paying attention as he continues to ramble on.

Edge: Actually, if I didn’t defeat the Survivor Series team you were on a few months ago, you wouldn’t even be holding that championship as we speak. You would have still been on Raw. Who knows maybe if my team lost I would be holding that championship as we speak.

Christian cuts him off.

Christian: What are you getting at Edge?

Edge: I’m just saying that you have made the most of your opportunity ever since arriving here on Smackdown. It’s like an older brother watching his younger brother follow in his footsteps. It makes me proud and I know you will give me and John Cena a great match at Extreme Rules. I just wanted to say good-

Christian cuts off Edge.

Christian: Whoa, let’s get something straight here…. I’m not following in your footsteps. You said it yourself; we made a name for each other by ourselves after we split. Sure, part of the reason why I was on Smackdown in the first place was the fact you defeated my team at Survivor Series. But the reason why I hold-

Christian raises his World Heavyweight championship high in the air as Edge looks at it.

Christian: This World Heavyweight championship, is because I am the king of the hill here on Smackdown. And I have proved that the past couple of months all on my own, with no help from anyone.

Christian shrugs and smiles.

Christian: You better bring you’re A-game because I have full intentions on walking out of Extreme Rules champion, even if that means destroying our friendship.

The crowd buzzes as Christian slams his microphone into the chest of Edge as he walks out of the ring. Christian’s music hits as Edge is in a bit of disbelief. Christian just walks straight up the ramp.

Grisham: And I have never seen Christian this determined ever. So much on the line at Extreme Rules Christian is willing to toss away his friendship with Edge.

Striker: Now hold on Todd. It sounded like Edge was a bit condescending….he sounded like Christian should be thanking him, because Edge was the reason why Christian became World Heavyweight champion. Sure, he sent him to Smackdown but as Christian said, he worked very hard to become World Heavyweight champion.


The music of the Rally Dogs hits and Edge smiles a bit as his partners come down the ramp.

Grisham: The Rally Dogs are coming down to the ring as they will be tagging with the Rated R Superstar next in tonight’s main event!

[Commercial Break]


The crowd has a mixed reaction as the tag team champions come out with their beautiful girlfriends Brooke Adams and Tiffany.

Justin: Introducing first weighting a combine 444 pounds…. Tool Time!

Grisham: Tool Time are the unified tag team champions however their days as champs are in serious jeopardy.

Striker: They have to defend the title against three other tag teams, one of those teams are the Rally Dogs, which I think is unfair. I think the GM’s are just seeing who has more power and is trying to one up each other.

So You Think Your Untouchable?

Out to a cheer reaction appears John Cena. Kind of surprising to see the Chicago crowd warming up to Cena but the heel does get a nice cheer from the crowd.

Justin: Their partner from West Newbury, Massachusetts weighing 240 pounds….John Cena!

Grisham: John Cena will be challenging for the World Heavyweight championship at Extreme Rules.

Striker: Well it seems like he has been forgotten, with all the Edge and Christian drama we just saw unfold. Trust me folks John Cena is someone you just forget about. He will bring his A-game at Extreme Rules.

Main Event: Edge/Rally Dogs vs. John Cena/Tool Time

John Cena has made sure he stays away from Edge throughout the entire match. Whenever Edge would tag in Cena would scurry away and tag one of his partners, who would usually get beat up a great deal from the Rated R Superstar. However Cena’s side would get an advantage after Noble got a bit caught off guard by the trash talking of Zack Ryder; it would be Dykstra from behind tagging him with an absolutely beautiful dropkick. This is where Cena wants to make his mark and he does get an immediate tag (after asking for it) and he dissects the smaller Jamie Noble. Noble would try to fight back after flipping over the back of Cena after John attempted a back suplex. Noble goes for a kick but its blocked as Cena takes his head off with a clothesline. Cena waits for Noble to get back up before bouncing off the ropes and connecting with a flying shoulder block, and then another. Noble gets up but then here we go clothesline ducked….into a spin-out powerbomb. And now the hand of Cena is raised high in the air as the crowd cheers a bit. Cena stares at his opponent’s corner, does a little you can’t see me to them before bouncing off the ropes and connecting with a five knuckle shuffle. Noble is dazed as he stumbles up to his feet. He gets on the shoulder of Cena and Edge comes in and get pulls his partner off of Cena’s shoulders. The crowd goes wild as Edge and Cena have some words in the center of the ring with the referee trying to split the two. Finally Edge goes to his corner, happy he saved the match. When John turns, Noble comes in with a kick and then a nice spike DDT, as both men are down. A tag is needed.

Both sides needing a tag and willing on their teammates. Tool Time is stretching both of their hands and Kenny receives the tag while Ricky gets the tag. Opponents at Extreme Rules meet in the center of the ring. Dykstra connects with a right hand and then another. He attempts to go for another but Ortiz blocks it before connecting with a right of his own. One more straight right hand and then a chop that lights his opponent up. He sends him off the rope and connects with a big boot. Here comes Ryder to his partner’s aid, but he gets a kick to the gut before getting a snap suplex. John Cena is now up and now stalking behind Ortiz who turns right onto the shoulders of Cena. Ortiz squirms out of it and pushes Cena towards EDGE WHO SPEARS CENA!!! That broke him in half. Havoc all over the ring as Ortiz finds Dykstra the legal man and grabs him and connects with the O-ZONE!!! He hooks both legs.




Winner: Edge/RallyDogs

Grisham: With Extreme Rules a few weeks away, we see momentum swing towards the Rally Dogs and Edge in what was a great main event.

Striker: You have to believe the psyche of Cena and Tool Time took a major blow tonight. What a match and congrats to the victorious team!

Edge grabs the arms of his teammates and raises them high in the air in the center of the ring. Edge then gives them handshakes as Smackdown fades to black.

Quick Results

Wade Barrett/Brutus Magnus d Evan Bourne/John Morrison

Jeff Hardy d Elijah Burke

Sheamus d Brian Kendrick

Alex Riley d Kane

Edge/Rally Dogs d John Cena/Tool Time

Extreme Rules 4/11

Official Theme:Hollywood Undead- This Love, This Hate

WWE Championship Extreme Rules Match
Ted Dibiase Jr. © vs. Randy Orton

Fatal Four-Way Unified Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match

Tool Time © vs. The Rally Dogs vs. Justin Gabriel/Shelton Benjamin vs. Wade Barrett/Brutus Magnus

World Heavyweight Championship TLC Triple Threat
Christian © vs. John Cena vs. Edge


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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Raw 3/29/10 Preview

Packer Plunge?

Since coming to Raw via the WWE draft, Mr. Kennedy’s stock has dropped to an all-time low. He has lost two battle royals, including the most recent which was during last week’s main event. Mr. Kennedy was the first man eliminated and was eliminated by an unexpected superstar…Paul London. London, who is known as a tag team specialist made a huge impact last week, by eliminating the 2010 Royal Rumble winner. Mr. Kennedy immediately demanded a match against Paul London after Raw went off the air. They say “ask and you shall receive” and that holds true as Raw General Manager Theodore Long grants Kennedy’s request. It will be Paul London battling Mr. Kennedy one on one. Can Mr. Kennedy bounce back and begin his trek to the top of the Raw food chain?

Tag Team Players in Singles Action!

On both Raw and Smackdown two of the newest superstars have made allies and have formed tag teams. For Smackdown, Wade Barrett not only has the United States championship, but has a powerful ally in Brutus Magnus. Since becoming a team the two have looked impressive and that caught the eye of General Manager Ric Flair. Now Barrett and Magnus look to capture tag team gold at Extreme Rules. One team standing in their way is Justin Gabriel and Shelton Benjamin. Originally a friend of MVP, Justin Gabriel has made waves in the WWE, with Shelton Benjamin, not MVP by his side. Now Gabriel and Benjamin are in the same boat as Barrett and Magnus. This Monday on Raw Gabriel and Barrett will be in singles action against each other. Both have been impressive which should make this match a good one. Who will come out on top?

Mr. Money (Well Almost) Money in the Bank

One match that stood out a few weeks ago at WrestleMania was the Money in the Bank match. Eight men gave it their all, but in the end it was the Million Dollar Prince Ted Dibiase walking away with the Money in the Bank briefcase. One night later, the briefcase was cashed in and now Ted Dibiase is the WWE Champion. A dream come true for Ted, however a complete nightmare for Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler, who was not only one of the favorites heading into the Money in the Bank match, but a superstar who had two hands on the briefcase at one point, has been crazed by jealousy as of late. Ziggler now has a tall task ahead of him as he takes on the current WWE champion one on one in this week’s main event. In one of Ziggler’s biggest matches of his career, can he pull off an upset or does his nightmare continue to get worse?


CM Punk Speaks

Jack Swagger in action against Carlito


Randy Orton in action against Paul Burchill

Editor's Note: Hey! Don't know if many of you remember me but I used to be involved in BTB. Wrote plenty of shows and a few PPV's. After a while I just gave up. However, I'm back. I have a few shows written and I'm going to try and get back to the swing of things. Would love some feedback and look forward to reading some of your threads. Anyway, happy to be back! Can't wait to get this rolling again.


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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Raw 3/29/10

The video package ends and the stage is set, beginning with an explosion of fireworks on the stage. It drowns out the sound of the crowd. When the fireworks end, the fans can finally be heard. Plenty of fans continue to cheer as the camera focuses in on various fans of all ages and genders. After a few moments Michael Cole can be heard.

Cole: Two weeks until a monumental Extreme Rules, but tonight is another speed bump on the road to Extreme Rules, it’s Monday Night Raw. I’m Michael Cole and alongside me is my broadcast partner, Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler. Jerry, we have a great show tonight.

Lawler: You can say that again Michael. It’s always a great time here on Monday Night Raw, but tonight is extra special. We have some great match-ups tonight.

Cole: And after what transpired last week, it should be an explosive Monday Night Raw.

I Hear Voices In My Head They Talk To Me They Understand, They Talk To Me

And what a way to start off the Raw broadcast, as the number one contender slowly walks out from behind the curtain. He has a focused expression on his face as he ignores the boos from the fans and walks slowly the ramp.

Roberts: Introducing first from St. Louis, Missouri weighing two hundred and forty five pounds…Randy Orton!

Cole: Last week, Randy Orton became the number one contender to the WWE Championship and will now face Ted Dibiase in two weeks time at Extreme Rules in an Extreme Rules match.

Lawler: I give Randy Orton a lot of credit. He defeated nine other men in last week’s main event which was a battle royal match. Sure, Orton complained that the title of number one contender wasn’t just handed to him, but in the end he showed the WWE universe, why he deserved to be the number one contender.


Randy Orton turns from facing the crowd towards the ramp with a confused look on his face.

Cole: Wait, this can’t be serious?

Lawler: We seen Paul Burchill last week, dressed as a pirate and it seems like Burchill still thinks he is a pirate. That concussion he suffered a few months ago, did some damage on his poor soul.

Burchill comes out to a mixed reaction as he pulls out sword and points it straight at Orton, who doesn’t seemed to be the least bit scared or impressed for that matter.

Roberts: His opponent from The Caribbean, weighing two hundred and forty seven pounds…Paul Burchill.

Cole: King, we know in the past Burchill has mentioned his ancestors were pirates, but that was years ago.

Lawler: I think that concussion knocked Burchill back to 2006.

Match 1: Randy Orton vs. Paul Burchill

In tonight’s opening match-up Orton quickly goes on the offensive against the “pirate” Paul Burchill. Orton is the aggressor making sure he wears down Burchill slowly and effectively. Burchill does begin to mount a little offense as Orton is too busy arguing with the ref about choking Burchill (which he was doing). Burchill is able to catch the number one contender with a fury of first before sending him into the ropes and delivering a back body drop. The crowd pops a bit and Orton is quickly up on his feet as he stumbles into the corner. Burchill follows his opponent and delivers a few chops that ring out throughout the arena. Burchill grabs Randy by the arm and goes to Irish-whip him into the opposite corner, but Orton, counters and pulls Burchill near him connecting with his “vintage” neckbreaker. The crowd begins to boo as Orton slithers away from the pirate, stalking him like a snake ready to pounce on his prey. Paul Burchill slowly gets up, but is quickly sent back down as the third generation superstar connects with his finisher the RKO! The crowd boos as Orton rolls over his opponent, shoots the half and gets the three count.

Winner: Randy Orton

Cole: With Extreme Rules thirteen days away Randy Orton continues winning as he picks up a victory against Paul Burchill.

Lawler: Burchill’s ancestors even fear Randy Orton right now. He is a man on a mission. And that mission won’t end until he gets his WWE Championship back.

Cole: And it seems like the Viper is not finished with Burchill tonight.

Michael Cole is right as Randy Orton begins to go crazy in the corner. Paul Burchill is trying to pick himself up from his stomach and Orton has him lined up like a missile ready to sink a boat. The crowd knows what next and is booing the number one contender. Orton begins to seethe and he begins to charge at Burchill, but….

I Come From Money

Orton immediately stops his motion and turns to the ramp. The crowd goes wild as the WWE Champion appears at the top of the ramp. In one fluid motion he runs down the ramp, with the Viper waving him to come in.

Cole: Two combustible superstars are about to collide.

Dibiase slides into the ring and quickly springs up ready to fight, but Orton rolled out of the ring as soon as Ted slid in. The crowd fills the arena with boos and “you suck” chants. Orton has a cocky grin as Ted waves Orton into the ring. Orton shakes his head no and laughs to himself as he begins to exit up the ramp.

Lawler: The Viper just backed down from the WWE Champion! What kind of number one contender is afraid of the man he’s trying to take the championship from?

Cole: I don’t think he’s afraid King. Randy Orton never backs down from a fight. In all honesty, I think he is playing mind games with Ted Dibiase and the WWE Universe.

Orton is now a safe distance away from the ring. With the distance, it gives Ted time to check on the fallen Paul Burchill and help him up. The two superstars shake hands and the crowd cheers as Orton stares both men down.

*Backstage Area*

We’re backstage for the first time tonight and what a way to do it, as the camera focuses in on Maria. The bubbly red head gets a great pop from the crowd. She is applying her make-up making sure everything is precise in the mirror. Behind her, appears Carlito’s who reflection can be seen in the mirror. She quickly turns to face the Caribbean Superstar who has an apple in hand. He has a wide grin on his face.

Maria: Can I help you Carlito?

Carlito: Maria, do you like apples?

Smooth game from Carlito. Maria thinks about the question for a few moments before answering.

Maria: Yeah, sure apples are okay.

Carlito’s eyes widen.

Carlito: Just okay? Apparently, you never have eaten the right apple. They must’ve all been bad apples, kind of like Jack Swagger. Sure, he’s a two time All- American and current Intercontinental Champion, but he can’t offer what I have.

Maria: Oh yeah?!? What’s that?

Carlito pulls out another apple out of nowhere.

Carlito: Two big apples that will taste so good. The juice will just fill your mouth that will make it easy for you to swallow.

Maria has a disgusted look on her face. Before she could react, Jack Swagger joins the duo and the crowd goes wild. Very calm and collective he looks at Carlito and begins to laugh.

Swagger: Sure, Carlito apples are great, but they don’t trump bananas.

Swagger pulls out a huge banana and Maria’s eyes widen as she quickly grabs the banana and begins to peel it.

Swagger: Maria loves huge bananas. No matter the time of day and she especially enjoys them in bed…

Maria elbows Swagger in the ribs.

Swagger: I mean eating them in bed, ain’t that right baby?

Maria nods. Carlito looks at his two apples and compares them to the size of the banana. He begins to turn red with anger, almost close to the color of his apples. He goes to say something, but instead takes a bit of the apple and begins to chew it before walking away. Swagger and his girlfriend watch him walk away as Raw cuts to its first commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

I Spit In The Face Of People Who Don’t Want To Be Cool

The crowd instantly boos after the opening lines of Carlito’s music hit. He appears from behind the curtains finishing an apple and tossing the core into the crowd. He continues to walk down the ramp, a bit angry from the interaction that just occurred a few minutes ago.

Roberts: Introducing first, from the Caribbean weighing two hundred and thirty pounds…Carlito.

Cole: Carlito has a huge opportunity here on Raw to pull off a major victory against Jack Swagger. Swagger has been on a role since winning the Intercontinental Championship. He seems unstoppable.

Lawler: Cole, do you like apples or bananas?

Cole: I prefer bananas.

Lawler: So do I, but don’t tell Carlito. If he finds out he might spit some apples into our face.

Check One Two….AWWW YEAH

The crowd roars with excitement as the Intercontinental Champion and his girlfriend come out from behind the curtains. Swagger hands the belt to Maria, before falling towards the ground and ripping off ten push-ups while Maria holds his belt high in the air.

Roberts: His opponent, from Perry, Oklahoma weighing two hundred and sixty pounds…Jack Swagger.

Cole: If there is one man besides Ted Dibiase who has a bright future here on Raw, it is this guy, the two time All-American and current Intercontinental Champion Jack Swagger.

Lawler: Jack Swagger has been on a hot streak ever since the Royal Rumble a few months ago. He was the last man eliminated and was also the superstar with the most eliminations. He is an incredible athlete.

Match 2: Carlito vs. Jack Swagger

While Swagger has been riding a wave of momentum that has caused him to develop quite a winning streak, it looks like that streak may be in jeopardy as Carlito is taking it to the current Intercontinental champion. After flipping out of the an attempted gut-wrench powerbomb it was Carlito who took advantage and connected with a dropkick to the back of the skull of Swagger that caused him to tumble to the outside of the ring. It didn’t get any better for the All-American from Oklahoma who would be sent into the steel steps face first. Carlito rolled Swagger back into the ring before going for a cover and getting a two count.

Carlito continues to work on the head of his opponent as he begins to lay right hands right into the skull of Swagger. Each punch with more aggression than the last, as Carlito is letting out frustrations from his interaction earlier with Swagger. The ref finally pulls Carlito off of him and the crowd boos as Carlito has a cocky smile on his face. The “cool” superstar lets his opponent get up before kicking him in the gut. Swagger now hunched over will be in more pain as he is the recipient of a running knee lift followed by a neckbreaker. Carlito again goes for a cover digging his arm into the face of Swagger and nearly getting the three count, but like a true champion Swagger kicks out at the last second.

Carlito taunts Maria a bit as he goes onto the outside apron and begins to climb to the top rope. She and the WWE Universe share the same feelings as they are not amused by the antics of Carlito. Slowly, Carlito tries to steady himself at the top rope as Swagger is getting up to his feet. Just as he gets his balance it is quickly thrown off as Swagger tosses his entire body into the rope causing his opponent to do a split on the top rope. The crowd is excited and so is Maria as Swagger begins to make his trek to the top rope. Feeling the effects of the rope to the groin area Swagger is able to take advantage as he balances both superstars on the top rope, before connecting with a top rope suplex. The crowd goes wild and both superstars are down with the referee counting.

The count gets to seven before both superstars wobble back to their feet. Carlito grabs his opponent and goes to whip him into the ropes, but it is he who is going for a ride into the ropes. When he comes back he ducks under a clothesline and hits the other ropes. When he comes back around he’s not as lucky as he receives a boot to the face. To Carlito’s credit he gets right back up, but walks into a belly to belly suplex. Swagger goes to the opposite corner and beats his chest twice before running towards his opponent hopping over him and spring boarding off the corner and connecting with a slingshot body splash. The Intercontinental champion goes for the cover hooking both legs and Carlito digs down deep kicking out.

Swagger grabs Carlito by the afro which the ref warns him about providing enough of a distraction for Carlito to sneak in a jawbreaker sending Swagger reeling into the ropes. Carlito a bit dazed and confused starts to look for his apple he left on the apron, but unknown to him it is in the possession of Maria. When he finally realizes he begins to argue with her. She takes the apple and hands it to a fan in which Carlito replies “that’s not cool”. When Carlito turns to continue the action he gets a kick to the gut followed by Swagger’s smooth looking gutwrench powerbomb. The crowd goes wild and Swagger continues his winning streak as he gets the three count and a much deserved victory.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Cole: Carlito put up a good fight, but Jack Swagger continues his hot streak. A great win for the current Intercontinental Champion.

Lawler: And give the assist to Maria who distracted Carlito, just enough for Swagger to regain himself and come away with the victory.

Maria hands her boyfriend the Intercontinental Championship and checks on his status. He assures her that he is alright and gives her a kiss on the check.


The crowd starts to buzz as Jack Swagger quickly focuses his attention towards the ramp. Zeke Jackson appears and the crowd boos. He wastes no time keeping his eyes on Swagger as he gets down the ramp. Swagger ushers Maria out of the ring.

Lawler: What is Ezekiel Jackson doing out here?

Cole: I have no idea King. Things are about to get real interesting.

That they are as Jackson gets into the ring. To the credit of Swagger he doesn’t back down as he stands his ground. Jackson slowly walks over to Swagger and gets face to face with the champion. After a few moments Jackson flexes and lets out a loud roar. Swagger, unimpressed tells Jackson to bring it. Jackson nods his head and begins to laugh to himself. He takes one last look at Swagger, before quickly grabbing him and connecting with the Book of Ezekiel. The crowd goes wild with anger as they begin to boo at Ezekiel. He looks down at the fallen champion and grabs the Intercontinental championship, which lies innocently beside Swagger. Zeke grabs it and raises it high in the air.

Cole: The intentions of Ezekiel Jackson have become clear. He wants Jack Swagger and the Intercontinental Championship.

Lawler: Big Zeke just made a huge statement tonight. This is the worst we have seen Swagger in a while.

*Backstage Area*

We see MVP in a suit and tie talking with some random backstage workers. The crowd has a mixed reaction. Raw’s most valuable player cracks a smile as he waves goodbye to the worker. When he turns he sees a frantic Justin Gabriel running towards him. The crowd cheers for Gabriel who gets to MVP and is struggling to breathe. MVP has a look of concern.

MVP: Justin, what’s wrong?

Gabriel: (shortness in breath) Have…you…seen…Shelton?

MVP begins to look around the arena.

MVP: No I haven’t. Why? What’s going on?

Gabriel shrugs.

Gabriel: He was supposed to come out to the ring with me tonight against Wade Barrett to make sure no one interrupts the match. I’ve been calling and texting him, but I’m getting no response. I’m worried.

MVP: No need to worry man. You’re Justin Gabriel, one of the newest and fastest rising superstars here on Raw. And in two weeks, you’ll be a Unified Tag Team champ. You have nothing to worry about. Just go out there and do your thing.

Gabriel begins to calm down. He looks at his friend and smiles.

Gabriel: Thanks Montel.

MVP pats Gabriel on the shoulder and smiles as the South African leaves the camera frame as Raw cuts to a commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

The Rising

Raw is back from commercial break and Justin Gabriel is in action as we return to Raw. He is halfway down the ramp when we return as he gives high fives to various fans at ringside.

Roberts: Introducing first, from Cape Town, South Africa weighing two hundred and thirteen pounds…Justin Gabriel.

Cole: Justin Gabriel has been very impressive since being signed to Raw a few weeks ago. Much credit goes out to MVP for introducing Gabriel to Vince McMahon.

Lawler: Gabriel has a huge chance in two weeks to win tag team goal with his partner Shelton Benjamin.

Cole: And remember King, Benjamin is not here tonight, which is very odd.

I Wanna Have The Right; I Wanna Feel The Night…. Around The Stars!

The crowd roars with boos as the United States champion walks out from behind the curtains. Closely behind him is his tag team partner Brutus Magnus and new ally Alex Riley who has Courtney Taylor next to him.

Roberts: His opponent, from Preston, England weighing two hundred and forty seven pounds…Wade Barrett.

Cole: And King if you watch Friday Night Smackdown, you know how dangerous this group of superstars is.

Lawler: And they keep trying to recruit more people, most recently the “Chosen One” Drew McIntyre. And it’s all lead by the United States champion Wade Barrett.

Match 3: Justin Gabriel vs. Wade Barrett

Justin Gabriel is well aware that this is not going to be a fair fight as it is virtually three on one even though his real opponent is Wade Barrett. Every time Barrett is struggling in the ring he delays and pulls the ref over near him to check for blood while his allies distract Gabriel so Barrett could get the advantage. The straw that breaks the camel’s back is when Gabriel delivers a spin kick to the gut to Barrett who falls to one knee. The ref checks on him while Gabriel builds momentum towards the ropes but is tripped up by Alex Riley. Riley, Taylor and Magnus laughs as Gabriel favors his face. However, the odds would become even as MVP and Kane come out from the back and start to walk down the ramp! This causes Barrett’s camp to retreat to the other side of the ring, while Kane and MVP cheer for the young South African on the other side which brings us to a commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from commercial break the United States champion seems to be in control as he has Gabriel in a side headlock. On the outside Kane and MVP begin to bang on the apron and the crowd follows suit clapping for the young upstart Justin Gabriel. Slowly the high flyer begins to get up to a vertical base. Barrett lets go of the hold and delivers two punches to the lower back of Gabriel. He then goes for a back suplex but Gabriel flips over and lands on his feet. Barrett goes for a clothesline, but it is ducked by Gabriel who comes back with a spinning roundhouse lariat kick that lays out the United States champion. Quickly Justin lies atop Barrett, but only gets a two count! The corner of Barrett begins to cheer as both men slowly get up to their feet. Barrett grabs Gabriel by his Mohawk, but Gabriel pushes him off and connects with a flying forearm. Wade immediately gets up but is taken down by a kick that sweeps his legs. Soon after Gabriel connects with a standing moonsault into a pin hooking both legs and again the United States champion kicks out just before the three count!

Justin Gabriel rolls to the outside apron and begins to make his trek to the top rope. Barrett is still favoring his ribs from that last move. It looks like this match could possibly be over. As Justin makes his trek Barrett’s Barrage gets on top of the apron distracts and knocks Gabriel off the apron. Gabriel takes the tumble landing on his back hard and the ref rings the bell as this one ends in a disqualification.

Winner: Justin Gabriel

Immediately all hell breaks loose. As soon as the Barrett Barrage gets in the ring MVP and Kane are in the ring as well. The ref can’t control all the action as in three corners mini brawls break out. Gabriel going against Barrett while Riley has his hands full with Kane and MVP and Brutus Magnus exchange blows. Kane grabs Riley by the neck and tosses him up and over the top rope and he takes a hard spill to the outside. MVP cocks Magnus with a hard clothesline in the corner which stuns Magnus who wobbles out to the center of the ring. He gets knocked down with a huge boot to the face sends him rolling to the outside of the ring. Barrett is beating down on Gabriel and he raises his arm high in the air. However, when he turns he sees Kane and MVP standing tall behind him. He goes to hit MVP who blocks it and delivers a right hand. Barrett stumbles into the grip of Kane who connects with a ring shaking CHOKESLAM!!! The crowd goes wild and MVP and Kane help Justin up. They tell him to go to the top rope. Gabriel scans the crowd and they are cheering for him to go to the top rope. He slowly climbs to the top looks down at Barrett before delivering a 450 splash. The crowd goes wild and Gabriel is greeted with high fives from Kane and MVP as his music hits.

Cole: Even though Justin Gabriel’s tag team partner Shelton Benjamin was not here with him tonight, Gabriel still has friends in the back as Kane and MVP help protect Gabriel from being beat down by the Wade Barrett and his crew.

Lawler: And for the first time in a while Barrett and his Barrage don’t look so unstoppable.

*Backstage Area*

Backstage the camera is focused on Josh Matthews. He flashes a quick smile to the camera as he begins to talk into his microphone in hand.

Matthews: My guest at this time Mr. Kennedy.

Kennedy walks into the frame with a sour/pissed off look on his face. The crowd’s reaction to his entrance seems to piss him off a little bit more.

Matthews: Mr. Kennedy you were in one of the main events at WrestleMania for Smackdown and was drafted the next night here on Smackdown. Since then, you have struggled. Why has the transition been so hard for you here on Raw?

Kennedy: I wouldn’t call it struggling Josh. I’m just trying to get to the low level talent here on Raw. It’s obvious everyone is threatened by me, because of my success on Smackdown the A show of the WWE.

The crowd gives a mixed reaction.

Kennedy: Just look at the man I’m going against tonight, Paul London. He’s a glorified tag team specialist and he thinks after last week he’s some kind of singles superstar. No, Paul London will always be known as a tag team competitor not a singles competitor. There’s a reason why he needed Brian Kendrick all these years. It’s because, Brian Kendrick was the one carrying the team.

Crowd boos.

Kenendy: Honestly, tonight is a waste of my time so I’ll make sure I make quick work of Paul London and show everyone I’m the wrong superstar to mess with.

Kennedy storms away as Raw goes to a commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

London Calling

The crowd gives a warm reception to Paul London who comes out from behind the curtains with a huge smile on his face. He begins to walk down the ramp. He’s so close to the ring, but before he could hop on in from behind Mr. Kennedy knocks him down with full force. The crowd goes into a booing frenzy as Kennedy begins to stomp away at Paul London. He picks London up and drives him back first into the ring apron. He grabs London by his hair and tosses him into the ring. The Green Bay native is quickly behind London and the ref tries to hold him back. Kennedy gets in the face of the ref and tells him to start the match. The ref originally shakes his head no, but Kennedy grabs him by his shirt collar and gets right in his face threatening to punch the ref. The ref motions for the bell and Kennedy lets go.

Match 4: Paul London vs. Mr. Kennedy

Ken Kennedy begins to circle his opponent who is struggling to work himself back up to a vertical base. London is finally able to stand as Kennedy is behind him. Mr. Kennedy quickly turns London around and plants him with the MIC CHECK. The crowd is disgusted as Mr. Kennedy pins Paul London for the three count.

Winner: Mr. Kennedy

The crowd floods the rings with boos, but Mr. Kennedy doesn’t seem to care one bit. Instead he has a smirk on his face as he goes to the corner and climbs to the second rope before raising both hands in the air in victory.

Cole: How can Mr. Kennedy be proud of that victory? Can you even call that a victory? It was more like a mugging.

Lawler: Not only was Paul London attacked, but so was the ref. Mr. Kennedy got the win, but more importantly made a statement here tonight. He is not to be taken lightly at all.

*Backstage Area*

CM Punk appears on the screen and the crowd gives a mixed reaction. Punk walks slowly down the hallways as random WWE personnel part like the red sea as he continues to walks. He looks to be all business.

Cole: CM Punk is here tonight and after what has transpired the last two weeks, the straight-edge superstar is angry. Punk, is about to speak his mind when we come back from Monday Night-


Punk is no longer on the screen and the voice of Cole is long gone. Instead we hear the instrumentals of “Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts”. As the camera begins to roll we see a basement of sorts. We see a man come running down the stairs.

???: You’re not the boss of me mom. I’m a 24 year old man!

He turns to face the camera and is caught off guard. He looks stunned and begins to fix his bushy brown hair.

???: Dude, we’re rolling?

The camera nods and the guy shakes his head in disgust. He coughs few times takes a deep breath and smiles at the camera.

???: Hi! My name is Chuck Taylor aka Sexy Chuckee T. Welcome to Chuck TV. And this (steps to the side and puts out his arm to show the room off) is this is my bachelor pad. Pretty sweet huh?

The camera nods again and Chuck shakes his head no.

Taylor: Dude, I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to the millions watching this.

A door opens from the top of the steps. A women’s voice can be heard.

Women Charles, come up here! Your boxers aren’t going to fold on their own.

Taylor rolls his eyes and buries his face into his hands. He looks back up and sighs.

Taylor: Mom can you give me two minutes…please?!?!?!

Woman: No Charles. Do it now or no desserts for you.

Taylor turns to the camera.

Taylor: Dude, you better edit this out. You got me?

Camera nods.

Taylor: Coming Mom!

Taylor quickly storms up the steps and the camera goes to static which sends Raw to a commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

This Fire Burns

Immediately the arena is filled with boos as the crowd watches CM Punk appear in front of them. The straight-edge superstars looks to be in a pissed off mood as he slowly walks down the ramp and absorbs the reaction from the crowd.

Cole: The expression on the face of CM Punk explains it all. He is not happy and there is only one reason for that. That reason is The Animal Batista.

Lawler: The last two weeks for CM Punk has been a nightmare thanks to Batista. Punk’s flirting with danger if he keeps calling out the beast Batista.

Punk has a microphone in hand as he gets into the ring. He continues to listen to the boos from the crowd as he slowly brings the mic up to his mouth. He goes to talk but is cut-off.

I Walk Alone

The energy in the arena immediately changes from anger to excitement as the crowd goes wild with cheers. Out comes Batista and Punk looks unpleased. The Animal has a huge grin on his face as he soaks up the cheers from the crowd. He does his signature pose as pyro goes off behind him. Punk shakes his head in disgust as Batista makes his way down to the ring.

Lawler: As good ole’ JR would say, business is about to pick-up.

Cole: Punk doesn’t look too happy that the Animal is out here. If I was the Animal I’d be afraid of CM Punk.

Lawler: Erm, don’t you mean the opposite Michael?

Cole: No I don’t. CM Punk the last few weeks have been a man filled with fire in his stomach. He can explode at any moment.

Batista gets into the ring as Punk stares him down. The Animal doesn’t seem to mind as he caters to the crowd and begins smile at them as he receives a microphone from a random WWE worker. His music begins to fade as the two superstars are mere feet away from each other. Punk once again goes to say something, but again is cut-off.

Batista: I figured I would give your big mouth a rest and come out here before you bored all these people to death.

The crowd cheers and Punk rolls his eyes.

Punk: The truth is not boring. The truth is the only words that come out of my “big mouth”.

Batista: Sure, keep telling yourself that. (turning to the crowd) Do you think CM Punk speaks the truth?

The crowd boos favoring with Batista. Punk doesn’t look too pleased.

Batista: If anyone is gonna speak the truth, it’s gonna be me. So first, let me start off by saying, I don’t like you and you don’t like me. That has been evident since I was drafted to Raw two weeks ago. And honestly...

Batista scratches his head.

Batista: I don’t know why. Most people are afraid to step into the ring with me. You on the other hand seem to welcome it. If you’re inviting me to a fight, then a fight is what I’m going to give you.

The crowd pops as Batista starts to slowly walk towards Punk. Punk stares him down without moving. The Animal within a few moments is a mere inches away from the Chicago born superstar. Punk cracks a smile and walks away towards the Animal, beginning his dialogue.

Punk: See Dave that’s the thing I don’t think you get. You think that you’re better than everyone. You think, that you’re this super human being and everyone else can’t compare to you. At first, glace yes you are intimidating.

Punk begins to analyze the physique of the Animal.

Punk: You have the muscles of a god almost Hercules like, but to me, you’re just a phony.

Crowd starts to boo lightly.

Punk: And I’m not just coming up with that realization now, no you’ve always been a phony too me. It all started when you first came to the WWE and that idea hasn’t left you. Your phoniness especially showed during the days of Evolution. I know it, Triple H and Ric Flair knew it and more recently John Cena knows it, which is why he beat you at this year’s WrestleMania.

Crowd boos become more intense as Batista’s happy expression starts to fade.

Punk: If you’re an “animal” Dave, I’m here to put you down. I’m the hunter and you’re the hunted.

Punk finishes with a grin on his face. He looks pretty proud of himself. The crowd on the other hand isn’t and continues to let Punk hear boos.

Batista: This might only be my third week on Raw, but I’m familiar with the Red brand and what’s been going on the past couple of months. You’ve been one of the top dogs here on Raw. You’ve had title shot after title shot and have lost. Whether it was against Randy Orton or The Undertaker, the result was the same…you lost.

The crowd cheers as Punk slightly cocks his head to the side.

Batista: This is a fresh start for me. For me I have nowhere to go, but up. It all starts with you Punk.

Punk smiles and points to himself and mouths the words “me?” Of course the straight-edge savior is just joking with the Animal now.

Batista: It also starts at Extreme Rules, you and I one on one.

The crowd goes wild with excitement. Batista drops his microphone and puts out his hand for CM Punk to shake it. Punk exchanges glances with the face of Batista and his right hand. Punk goes to shake it, but quickly pulls it away and the crowd goes nuts with boos. Punk begins to taunt the crowd which is a huge mistake. He turns to face the Animal and gets a kick to the gut. The crowd starts to buzz as Batista has Punk’s head in between his legs. The crowd knows what’s coming next. Punk goes up for a ride, but quickly begins to squirm and gets out of the Batista Bomb. The crowd begins to boo as Punk rolls out of the ring and is halfway up the ramp. The crowd is angry, and so is Batista who is begging for Punk to get back in. Punk flashes a cocky smile and cocks an invisible shotgun before shooting at the man who nearly power bombed him. The camera picks up Punk saying “shooting the animal down.” Punk laughs to himself as Dave Batista is furious at himself.

Cole: The Animal is enraged. He was so close to Batista Bombing CM Punk.

Lawler: If anything Punk looks like the Animal and that animal is a puppy with his tail between his legs.

Cole: You got that right King. Punk flirted with danger, but how long can he avoid the Animal Batista?

A graphic appears on the screen with Dolph Ziggler on the left hand side and Ted Dibiase with the WWE Championship around his right arm and Lacey Von Erich behind him.

Cole: Still to come tonight, our main event which features Dolph Ziggler going against the The Million Dollar Prince Ted Dibiase in a non-title match.

Lawler: That should be one great main event Michael.

An image of Kofi Kingston who is all smiles appears on the screen as he walks down the hallway. The crowd becomes electric with cheers.

Cole: But first it will be one of Raw’s newly acquired superstars Kofi Kingston taking on Chris Jericho. That match is up next!

[Commercial Break]

Raw comes from a commercial break and the crowd sees CM Punk again who is all smiles and laughs walking down the hallway. He doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. He turns to look behind him. Just then a hand taps him from behind and CM Punk jumps! He turns around to see Raw general manager Theodore Long in front of him. Punk lets out a sigh of relief. Long smiles.

Long: Is everything okay Punk?

Punk: Yeah, why wouldn’t it be?

Long: You seem a bit…jumpy!

Punk plays it cool and points to himself.

Punk: Me jumpy? I think you need to get your glasses check out Teddy.

Long: I don’t blame you for being jumpy. You almost got Batista Bombed. I can’t imagine what that feels like.

Punk: Teddy I told you, I ain’t jumpy.

Long shrugs.

Long: Okay then, since you’re not jumpy I got an idea playa. I’m going to fulfill the request of Batista and give him his one on one match with you at Extreme Rules.

The crowd goes wild with cheers as CM Punk becomes red with anger and starts to stutter a bit. He goes to say something, but Long holds his finger up.

Long: One more thing playa. So you can’t run away like this week and week’s past-

Punk: Teddy are you implying I’m scared of Batista? I’m not afraid of Batista.

Long: Nevertheless playa, your match with the Animal will be contested in a steel cage.

Long flashes a huge smile as he hears the approval from the crowd. Punk begins to frown and in anger runs his hand down his face. Punk takes a deep breath and looks at Long.

Punk: (sarcastically) Thanks Teddy.

Long: Holla, holla!

Cameras go back to the announce table where we see the beautiful faces of Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

Cole: What an announcement from Theodore Long. It’s official CM Punk vs. Batista in 13 days at Extreme Rules.

Lawler: That match will be contested under a steel cage. Finally, CM Punk will be getting what he deserves and that’s a much needed beating from The Animal Batista.

Break The Walls Down

One of the bigger surprises of the night is a huge pop from the Raw crowd as Y2J Chris Jericho makes his way down to the ring. He doesn’t seem to return the love as he walks past many fans ringside who are trying to get a high five from the future Hall of Famer.

Roberts: Introducing first, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada weighing two hundred and thirty one pounds…Chris Jericho!

Cole: Chris Jericho has been around wrestling for many years, but he may have a difficult time tonight against Kofi Kingston.

Lawler: I have to agree with you Michael. I’m not saying that I doubt Chris Jericho, but Kofi Kingston is a new generation of superstars we’re seeing here in the WWE. Kingston has high octane offense, cat like quickness and is a real threat to pull off an upset any night.

Cole: However, we can’t deny all the accomplishments Chris Jericho has accomplished during his career. He still has a lot left in the tank.

S.O.S. I Hear Dem Shoutin’

Kofi Kingston comes out with so much energy as the crowd gives him a warm reception. He claps his hands three times atop the ramp as pyro goes off on both sides of him. He walks down the ramp and gives all the young WWE fans a high five.

Roberts: His opponent from Ghana, West Africa weighing two hundred and twelve pounds…Kofi Kingston!

Cole: This should be a fun and exciting match.

Lawler: I truly believe that Kofi Kingston is a future WWE champion. A win here tonight against a seasoned veteran like Chris Jericho can get him on the right track.

Match 5: Chris Jericho vs. Kofi Kingston

New school verse old school in a pretty good match. The veteran Chris Jericho had the early advantage and would taunt the young Kingston a bit. Kingston would not go down without a fight however. After whipping Kingston in the ropes, Kofi stopped his forward motion. This caused Y2J to charge at him however, Kingston would counter by sending Jericho up and over the top rope. Jericho crashed hard on the outside. The crowd goes wild as Jericho slowly tries to get up and compose himself. He doesn’t have long to take a breath as Kingston comes flying in with a suicide dive between the middle and top rope. The crowd goes wild as it perfectly connects. Kingston springs right back up and receives high fives from the crowd as Raw cuts to a commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from commercial break once again Kingston is looking for his high flying offense as he is on the top rope. Jericho is hurting as he slowly gets back up. Kofi jumps off the top rope, but gets a face full of boots as Y2J connects with a beautiful dropkick to his opponent. Camera zooms in on Kofi who seems like he has no idea where he is as Jericho goes for the pin and gets a two count. Jericho grabs his opponent by his dread locks and delivers a few knife edge chops lighting up the West African superstar. He then tosses him into the corner and Kofi bounces hard to the center of the ring. Jericho bounces off the ropes and connects with a running bulldog. Kofi holds his face as Jericho smiles at the pain of his opponent. The “Best in the World” goes towards the ropes and connects with a lionsault and the crowd goes wild. Y2J turns his opponent over and goes for the pin hooking both legs but Kofi kicks out at two and a half.

Jericho has a look of shock on his face. He looks down at Kofi and begins to disrespect the young superstar. He continues to slap the head of Kofi telling Kofi to “stay down”. Kofi doesn’t listen as he delivers a swift uppercut that sends Jericho reeling back. Trying to get back on the offensive, Jericho charges at Kofi but is caught and is flattened with a perfect S.O.S. He has Y2J pin, but Kofi only gets a two count and the crowd goes wild. Kofi and the crowd thought it was a three. The announcers thought it was a three, but Chris Jericho is still alive. Kofi talks with the ref to confirm that it was only a two count and the ref reassures him it was only a three. Kofi goes to grab Jericho but his legs are quickly swept out from under him and now the crowd is buzzing again as Jericho now has both legs of Kofi and is trying to turn him over into the Walls of Jericho. However, Kofi fights out of the submission and flips Jericho inside out. Both men slowly get back up and before Jericho can make a move KOFI CONNECTS WITH TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!! The crowd is in awe as Kofi quickly scrambles and pins Jericho for the three count securing himself a victory over Y2J.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Cole: What a match and Kofi Kingston pulls off the biggest victory in his young career.

Lawler: What did I tell you? This Kofi Kingston has all the tools to become the next great superstar here on Raw and the WWE.

Cole: And look at Chris Jericho he’s working his way back out and it looks like he wants to shake hands with Kofi Kingston.

Michael Cole is right for once. Jericho seems a bit dazed as he holds his head; however he does have his hand out towards Kofi Kingston. The crowd is a bit mixed about the situation as Kingston is looking at them for guidance. Unlike the Batista and Punk situation, Kofi decides to shake hands with the future Hall of Famer. Huge mistake as gets planted with a CODEBREAKER!! Once again a mixed reaction from the crowd as Jericho raises his hands high in the air. His music hits and he takes one last look at the fallen body of Kingston before smiling and getting out of the ring.

Cole: The celebration for Kofi Kingston was cut short by that jaw breaking Codebreaker from Chris Jericho.

Lawler: There was no reason for that. No reason at all.

*Backstage Area*

Once again cameras are shooting in the backstage area where we see Lacey Von Erich. Plenty of cheers and whistles in the crowd. She knocks on a door and the whistles stop and mostly cheers fill the arena as Ted Dibiase Jr. comes on the screen. He gives Lacey a kiss and the couple holds hands as they walk down the hallway. The couple stops for a second as they are approached by Cryme Tyme. Dibiase gets dap from the two former tag team champions. The crowd cheers as they begin to interact.

JTG: Ayo Teddy, looking nice and fresh with that WWE championship.

Shad: Looking like a player player pimp pimp.

Shad brushes the shoulder of Ted Dibiase. Lacey coughs a bit. Shad and JTG quickly turn to her.

JTG: Yeah, and your looking good too Lacey.

Shad: Fine as always.

She flashes a smile and the two Brooklyn brawlers smile back.

Dibiase: What’s up guys? I know you’re not here to pay me and Lacey compliments.

JTG: Well speaking of pay…Teddy me and Shad would like to be your personal bodyguards.

Dibiase: Bodyguards?

Shad: Yeah, Randy Orton is a dangerous man. The don’t call him the Viper for nothin’. He can strike at any moment-


Shad: With an RKO!

JTG: And yo Ted we got you. Since you WWE Champion and we’re such good friends, we’re gonna give you a bit of a discount.

Shad: We figured 20,000 a night would be a fair price. What do you think?

Dibaise looks at both men who have wide smiles on their face. He begins to laugh and they start to chuckle with him just to appease him. He wipes a tear from his eye and taps both men on their shoulders.

Dibiase: Sorry guys, I think I’ll take my chances out there. Thanks for the offer though. (turning to Lacey) C’mon baby.

Dibiase and Lacey walks past the guys as Shad and JTG watch them walk away.

Shad: Damn J. What a cheapskate.

The crowd laughs and the frame of Cryme Tyme fades to the match graphic of Dolph Ziggler and Ted Dibiase.

Cole: Up next, the main event, we’ve all been waiting for. It will be Ted Dibiase one on one with Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match!

[Commercial Break]

Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw. We have breaking news from Teddy Long’s office. Next week will be the contract signing for WWE Championship between Randy Orton and Ted Dibiase.

Lawler: I can’t wait for that match which will be contested under Extreme Rules and I can’t wait for the contract signing next week.

I Am Perfection

The crowd goes into a booing frenzy, but Dolph Ziggler doesn’t seem to mind it one bit. He has a flashy smile on his face as he stands atop the ramp, running his fingers through his hair and tossing water towards the crowd as he thrust towards them. He walks down the ramp with cockiness.

Roberts: Introducing first from Hollywood, Florida weighing two hundred and thirteen pounds…Dolph Ziggler!

Cole: Dolph Ziggler was oh so close at WrestleMania in winning Money in the Bank. He had his fingertips on the briefcase plenty of times during the match, however would lose to his opponent here tonight.

Lawler: There is no championship belt for losing Michael and that is what Dolph Ziggler did at WrestleMania. Since losing however, Ziggler has been a crazy man.

Cole: It’s obvious that Ziggler is a man on a mission.

I Come From Money

The crowd burst out into cheers as the WWE Champion and his million dollar girlfriend come out from behind the curtain. Nothing flashy from the WWE Champion. He taps the title belt around his waist a few times, but other than that he treats this match like any other.

Roberts: His opponent, from Tampa Bay, Florida weighing two hundred and twenty five pounds…Ted Dibiase Junior!!!

Cole: Just like his father, Ted Dibiase is a champion here in the WWE.

Lawler: He comes from a rich bloodline. No pun intended folks. This kid is the real deal and may be better than his father, when his career comes to an end.

Main Event: Dolph Ziggler vs. Ted Dibiase w/Lacey Von Erich

At first glance you would think Dolph Ziggler was the WWE Champion and Ted Dibiase was a newbie in the ring. Ziggler was taking it to the champ early providing plenty of offense and going for pin after pin but only getting two counts along the way. However, the champion would come roaring back with a few power moves of his own which catches Ziggler off guard forcing him to go to the outside for a breather. Let’s face it folks, there are no timeouts in wrestling and Ted Dibiase knows it. He starts to chase Ziggler around the ring and even pushes Lacey into Dibiase who he catches just in the time before crashing into her. He goes to get back into the ring, but it is Ziggler coming in with a baseball slide. Ziggler’s proud of himself as he taunts the crowd as he meets the champion on the outside. With relative ease, Dolph picks up the champ and slams his face first on the top of the padded guard rail. The refs count is up to six and Dolph quits playing games and tosses his opponent back into the ring and goes for another pin getting a two count.

Ziggler locks in a tight headlock a simple, yet effective move. The face of Dibiase begins to turn red, as Lacey watches on a bit worried for her boyfriend. However, she and the crowd don’t give up on the WWE champion as they start to clap for him. He slowly tries to work himself up, but Ziggler gets on top of his back and switches the lock to a sleeper hold. An old, but great move to wear down his opponent. Dibiase begins to slowly fade as he falls to one knee. Once again it is the crowd trying to will him back into this match-up which they are once again successful. Dibiase is back on his feet. He runs backwards smashing Ziggler into a corner. The hold is still locked in tight, but Dibiase does it again and this time the hold is relinquished. He tries to catch his breath in the center of the ring while he can; however, Ziggler comes back with a thunderous clothesline that nearly decapitates the champ. The crowd “ohs” as Ziggler gets on top for the pin and again gets a two count.

Ziggler rolls to the outside apron and with help from the ropes gets back to a vertical base. He goes to the corner and begins to climb up to the top rope. Out of pure instinct Dibiase stumbles into the top rope and Ziggler does a split. Ouch, that has to hurt and Dibiase begins to rapidly fire back with forearms to the jaw of his opponent. Dibiase then gets to the top rope and attempts a superplex, but its block. He goes again and again Ziggler blocks it. Dolph delivers two punches to the ribs of his opponent and Dibiase is stunned a bit. He knelt over a bit and Ziggler grabs him and slams him down with a huge sunset flip off the top rope. Dibiase’s head bounces hard off the mat. Ziggler is feeling the effects of that high octane move as well. The ref and the crowd begin to count to ten. At eight both men are up and Ziggler delivers a kick to the gut. He’s looking to make Dibiase famous, but Ted counters with a modified power bomb of his own into a pin. 1….2….NOOOO ZIGGLER ROLLS THE SHOULDERS OVER. The kickout sends Dibiase across the ring. Ziggler seems to be in la la land as he starts to work his way up. It would have been smart for Dolph to stay down because the champ is alive. One clothesline and another. Ziggler’s back up and is quickly sent back onto the canvas due to a back body drop. The crowd goes wild as the champ lets out a roar. He goes to the outside and climbs to the top rope. Dolph has no idea where his opponent is and finally gets the feel for him after he is knocked down with a missile dropkick. Dibiase shoots the half and once again gets a two.

Back and forth these two men go. When will this match end? We may have the answer now as Ted begins to circle his opponent like a lion stalking his prey. He is motioning for Ziggler to get up and Dolph seems to be abiding as he works himself up. From behind Ted grabs Ziggler and a look of fear hits the face of the man of perfection. Dibiase is attempting Dream Street, but Ziggler with a smart counter rolls out of it and sends Dibiase rolling to the other side of the ring. Ted slides a bit but is back up. As soon as he goes to face Ziggler, the number one contender Randy Orton from out of the crowd slides into the ring and plants the champ with an RKO! BOOM! JUST LIKE THAT THE WWE CHAMP IS LAYED OUT BY AN RKO! THE CROWD GOES NUTS WITH BOOS AND THE REF HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO RING THE BELL.

Winner: Ted Dibiase Jr. by DQ

The crowd continues to boo as Randy Orton stands over the lifeless body of his opponent at Extreme Rules. Lacey looks on the outside concern as Randy Orton has a grin on his face.

Cole: A statement was made here tonight by the number one contender Randy Orton. Just like that he hit the champion with an RKO.

Lawler: And if you noticed Michael, the champion hasn’t moved. If he stays on the canvas that long in less than two weeks he can say goodbye to his WWE Championship.

Voices by Rev Theory hits and the crowd is still booing. Orton walks towards the corner and looks one more time at the lifeless body of the WWE Champion before doing his signature pose \_0_/. The pose is the last image of the night as Raw fades to black and ends.


Extreme Rules 4/11

Official Theme:Hollywood Undead- This Love, This Hate

WWE Championship Extreme Rules Match
Ted Dibiase Jr. © vs. Randy Orton

Fatal Four-Way Unified Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match

Tool Time © vs. The Rally Dogs vs. Justin Gabriel/Shelton Benjamin vs. Wade Barrett/Brutus Magnus

World Heavyweight Championship TLC Triple Threat
Christian © vs. John Cena vs. Edge

Steel Cage Match
CM Punk vs. Batista


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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Smackdown 4-2-10

Continuation From Monday Night Raw

This past Monday on Monday Night Raw it was Wade Barrett facing off against Justin Gabriel. The Barrett Barrage tried to assault Justin Gabriel, however allies of Gabriel came down to help the newest Raw superstar. He was joined by MVP and Kane. Ric Flair, the Smackdown general manager, decided to capitalize on all the chaos that occurred on Raw and make it an official match on Smackdown. It will be the Barrett Barrage (Wade Barrett/Brutus Magnus/Alex Riley) vs. Justin Gabriel, MVP and Kane. Who will win a sure to be explosive six man tag team match?

A Rhode To The Beginning

Cody Rhodes has been featured in a bunch of rumors since coming to Smackdown. It is being reported that Cody Rhodes and WWE diva Kelly Kelly are dating. All rumors aside Cody Rhodes will be making his Smackdown debut against Elijah Burke. The second generation superstar has a lot to prove. He was the only Legacy member to switch over to the blue brand. However, Elijah Burke who was also drafted to the blue brand has plenty to prove as well. Which former Raw superstar will make a bigger splash on the blue brand?

Tag Team Main Event

This week’s main event features the three superstars who will be in the Smackdown main event at Extreme Rules. It will be longtime friends Edge and World Heavyweight Champion, Christian taking on John Cena and a partner of his choosing. Edge and Christian will be tagging together for the first time in six months. Their friendship has been a bit shaky since Edge became one of the number one contenders for the World Heavyweight Championship. Can they put their recent differences aside? Also, what about John Cena? He has the entire WWE roster to choose from. Who will John Cena choose to be his tag team partner? Find this out and more on Smackdown this Friday at 8/7c.


Jeff Hardy vs. John Morrison

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