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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Originally Posted by Rhodes View Post
I like AJ Styles winning, but that should have been the second match on the Superstars card. Ryder defeating a local jobber should open up that card then followed up by Styles vs Kidd. I was VERY interested to see Edge coming to the aide of Christan. Maybe this is the long awaited return of the Tag Team Division however, that turn of events should not have happened on Superstars. It isnt the top show. Nor second or third. I know your trying to bring up the ratings, but not something that big.
I'm glad you like Styles winning. I figured ECW usually puts jobber matches right in the middle of their shows so why not put it in mine, but I understand what your saying.

Bourneoriginal: Thank you for reviewing. Yeah both you and Rhodes don't like Edge coming out on Superstars, so I will take that into consideration for the future.

y2jonathan: Short and sweet thank you.

Thanks everyone for reviewing, I truly appreciate it!!!

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

RAW 9/21
Raw opens up recapping last week as Orton and Punk had a great match. Both men are shown performing their signature moves. The video then shows Punk hitting the GTS. The video then shows Legacy interfering, and getting Randy Orton out of the ring. The cameras than cut to the opening video for Monday Night Raw plays as it ends the camera cut to inside the sold out arena where a bunch of pyro goes off. The camera cut to Michael Cole and
Jerry “The King” Lawler who will be providing all the action.

Cole: Welcome to Monday Night Raw live at the Staples Center here in Los Angeles California. I’m Michael Cole alongside my broadcast partner Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Lawler: The stars are out tonight, as we have a lot of action happening here tonight. We have an eight man tournament to see who will be competing at Hell in a Cell for the WWE Championship, inside of a Hell in a Cell.

Cole: A lot of action so let’s get it started with the first match of the tournament tonight.

Jack Swagger’s music crowd boos.

Lillian: Introducing first from Perry Oklahoma Jack Swagger!!!!!

Cole: The two time All-American Jack Swagger is first up in the tournament.

Lawler: This kid right here Cole, has an amateur background in wrestling, and I have to say I like his chances in this match.

Cole: As long as his young cockiness doesn’t get in the way, the sky’s the limit for this kid.

CM Punk’s music crowd cheers.

Lillian: And from Chicago, Illinois CM Punk!!!!

Cole: Last week, he had Orton done with the GTS and Legacy, interfered. I believe CM Punk should be WWE Champion right now.

Lawler: I agree Cole but if CM Punk really wants it than he will have to defeat Mr. Swagger tonight.

Match 1: Jack Swagger vs CM Punk
Results: Good opening bout, as CM Punk re-gained control when Swagger went for a corner slingshot splash and missed. Punk then waited for the All-American, American to get up and connect with the high knee to the face into a bulldog. Punk then gets Swagger on top of his shoulders and connected with the GTS, for the three count.

Cole: Good win from CM Punk as he will be advancing to the final four of the tournament.

Lawler: After what happen last week and what I saw this week, Punk seems to be ready to be in the final two, for the WWE Championship.

Cole: While Swagger lost still a good match out of him, but in the end Punk was the better man.

The camera cuts to the backstage area where Christian is seen in his locker-room doing some pre-match crunches. He looks focused for his match as the camera pans over to Edge who has just walked in to the room. Christian looks at him with a confused look. He stands up to see Edge smiling at him.

Edge: Hey sorry to interrupt your workout, but tonight we are going against each other in this tournament for the WWE Championship.

Christian looks at him and smiles.

Christian: Well, is that so. Well I look forward to it and let the best man win.

Edge: Or let you win.

Christian looks at him with a confused look.

Christian: What did you say?

Edge: Oh nothing I’ll see ya out there buddy.

Edge walks out as Christian looks puzzled once again as the cameras cut to commercial break.

[Commercial break]

Christian’s music crowd cheers

Lillian: Introducing first from Ontario, Canada Christian!!!!!!!!

Cole: Well, even though he lost to Dolph Ziggler on Thursday Night Superstars, Christian is in this tournament, and I think he is composed and ready.

Lawler: I think so too but he will have to fight against his one time partner Edge.

Edge’s music crowd boos

Cole: Where is Edge? He has not come out yet.

Lawler: You think he is intimidated?

Cole: I have never seen the Rated R Superstar back down from a fight.

Lillian: I have just received word that Edge has forfeited, which means Christian has won.

Cole: So Edge gave up.

Lawler: Edge really wants him and Christian to re-unite.

Cole: Christian already told him no, so he should give up already.

Chris Jericho’s music crowd boos.

As Christian is leaving Chris Jericho is arriving.

Cole: Oh what can Chris Jericho want right now?

Lawler: Maybe to talk about how well he cheated last week against Mr.Kennedy.

Jericho grabs a microphone as the fans begin to chant “you suck”. Jericho doesn’t care as he begins to talk.

Jericho: Last week I defeated the loudmouth from Green Bay Mr. Kennedy, and this week they decide to do a WWE Championship tournament. After what I did last week you think I would be in it, but of course, they exclude me out of the tournament. They listen to the boos of hypocrites like all of you, which pushes them away from a superstar who dares to be different. I’m a superstar, who doesn’t cater to all the overweight loser fans of the WWE. I’m here to make another statement as I will once again take on anyone in the locker-room right here right now.

Jericho drops the microphone and waits for a challenger.

Mr. Kennedy music crowd cheers.

Cole: Well for the second week in a row Kennedy will answer the challenge of Jericho.

Lawler: Jericho seems delighted because of what happen last week.

Match 2: Chris Jericho vs Mr. Kennedy
Result: Kennedy came out fast and really caught, Jericho off guard. Around six minutes into the match Kennedy who had amounted most of the offense attempted his finisher the Mic Check, however Jericho elbowed Kennedy twice in the jaw sending Kennedy into a bit of a daze and Jericho takes out the legs of Kennedy, and gets him in the Walls of Jericho. Kennedy tries to break out but can’t and is forced to tap. The ref rings the bell but Jericho wants to make a statement, as he holds in the walls for a longer amount of time. Finally after about a minute the ref pulls Jericho off of Kennedy who is holding his back, appearing to be injured.

Cole: Jericho won the match clean, but pulled some dirty antics.

Lawler: Yeah Kennedy seems to be in a lot of pain, and I can’t stand to see this as
Kennedy is barely moving. He is holding his back.

EMT’S come out as they check on Kennedy who is gripping his lower back and it appears to be a serious injury.

[Commercial Break]

The Brian Kendrick music crowd boos

Lillian: Introducing first from Venice Beach California The Brian Kendrick!!!!

Cole: Brian Kendrick many words to describe him and one being cocky.

Lawler: Cole, you just made a huge mistake it’s “The” Brian Kendrick get it right.

Jeff Hardy;s music crowd cheers

Lillian: His opponent from Cameron, North Carolina Jeff Hardy

Cole: Jeff Hardy is someone who is not afraid to take risk.

Lawler: He does it all for the fans.

Match 3: The Brian Kendrick vs Jeff Hardy

Result: Really fast action match, with a quick ending around the 2:30 mark after Kendrick tried to do Jeff Hardy’s finisher The Twist of Fate, Jeff countered with his own Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb right after for the three count.

Cole: Hardy is moving on to the semi-finals.

Lawler: Jeff has won the WWE Championship before; I bet he would love to get his hands back on that title.

The camera turns backstage, where Orton and MVP are both on the screen, but split into a half.

Cole: Both MVP and Orton seem determined to come out on top. MVP vs Orton is our main event so stay tuned because that match is next!

[Commercial Break]

Cole: Well welcome back to Monday Night Raw, if your just joining us we know three competitors for next week’s WWE Championship Tournament. They include CM Punk, Christian and Jeff Hardy.

Lawler: Yeah and it’s just been announced by GM Teddy Long that Jeff Hardy and CM Punk will be fighting each other, which means Christian gets the winner of this match.

MVP’S music crowd cheers

Lillian: Introducing first from Miami Florida, Montel Vonatvious Porter, M.V.P!!!!!

Cole: Last week MVP beat Paul Burchill…..

Lawler: This week is Randy Orton, and this will be an even harder test for MVP.

Randy Orton’s music crowd boos

Lillian: His opponent from St Louis, Missouri Randy Orton.

Cole: Orton after last week should not be in this tournament.

Lawler: Yeah the rest of Legacy interfered when CM Punk had the match won.

Main Event: MVP vs Randy Orton
Result: MVP was holding his own against Randy Orton for the most part. MVP connected with the Playa Boot in the corner sending Orton falling to the canvas, but Orton rolled to the outside. MVP wanted to finish Orton off so chased after him, around the ring. Orton slid into the ring, as MVP followed and got into the ring it was too late as Randy Orton connected with an RKO, and pinned MVP for the three count.

Cole: Randy Orton is moving on, and will face Christian next week.

Lawler: Even though Orton won I have to say MVP put on a great match.

Orton is walking backwards up the rant taunting the fans, and as soon as he turns around Punk hits him right in the head with a forearm.

Cole: And Punk just hit Orton. Revenge for last week.

Punk grabs Orton by the head and throws him into the padded barricade. He then begins to stomp on him right in the chest. After a few moments, security comes as they restrain Punk. Raw fades to black as Randy Orton is seen in pain on the ground.

Quick Results
CM Punk d Jack Swagger via GTS
Christian d Edge via no-show
Chris Jericho d Mr. Kennedy via Walls of Jericho
Jeff Hardy d The Brian Kendrick via Swanton Bomb
Randy Orton d MVP via RKO

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Show defiantly improved from last weeks show. I want to be an In-Ring-Announcer, so I was a little sour that there was no weight's added when Lilian Garcia introduced the superstars. Also Christan is from Toronto, Ontario Canada. I like Punk beating Swagger, The Christian and Edge feud is really intriguing me! Hardy beating The Brian Kendrick was very expected. I was actually hoping to see The Brian Kendrick win. Oh Well... Edge wasn't in character in my opinion. Don't forget he is in the "Ultimate opportunist" gimmick. How does this work with him in that gimmick and he lets Christian win? This intrigues me because I'm hoping you have something up your sleeve here. I'm wondering whats going to happen with Orton and Punk. Is Punk looking to also get revenge when Orton punted him in the skull? Because if im not mistake, I don't think Punk got a chance to get revenge.. Right?

Overall, the show is improving! Keep up the good work

Rhodes Presents: - The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary


Review for Review!
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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Thanks for the review Rhodes. The weight thing, I honestly hate that they tell the superstar's weight, so that is why I left it out. I have some show already written so it will continue to look like that, but I will change it once I have to write shows again. I think your right about the Punk revenge thing, that he never got revenge for the punt to the skull. And don't worry I have an idea for Edge and Christian....Stay Tune!

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Superstars Preview 9/24
Three explosive matches will occur this week on Superstars. In the main event we will see Shelton Benjamin vs AJ Styles. The winner of that match will challenge Dolph Ziggler at Hell in a Cell for the Intercontental Championship. Ted Dibiase Jr. will be in action as he will go against one half of Cryme Tyme Shad Gaspard in a preview match for the tag match at Hell in a Cell for the WWE Tag Titles. Zack Ryder for the second straight week will be in action and is said to have a big announcement for one big superstar. Who is that star? Find out this Thursday on WWE Superstars.

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

WWE Superstars

The opening pyro goes off, and WWE Superstars is underway as the camera’s cut to Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler who are at ringside like always to call the action.

Cole: Welcome to Thursday Night Superstars, I’m Michael Cole.

Lawler: I’m Jerry “The King” Lawler and we are starting the action quick we already have a competitor in the ring.

Zack Ryder’s music crowd boos

Lillian: Introducing first from Long Island New York Zack Ryder!!!

Cole: Zack Ryder will be extremely confident tonight as he won last week and apparently has a big announcement for one superstar in the back.

Lawler: Yeah I wonder who he is going to call out.

Lillian: His opponent from Boston, Massachusetts Cole Rodney!!!

Match 1: Zack Ryder vs Jobber

Result: Ryder showed a lot of aggression, and was very impressive once again. The ending of the match was just like last week, as he connected with the Zack Attack for the three count.

Cole: Ryder once again cruises and he is already asking for the microphone.

Ryder: Once again I picked up another win. The competition is plain. I was born on Long Island where everything is better. Whether it’s the girls, the bars, or the beaches, Long Island is the place to be. Now enough about my hometown, and now to the announcement that I wanted to make. Theodore Long has already approved of this match that will be occurring at Hell in a Cell. It will be Zack Ryder vs John Morrison for the U.S. Championship, so Johnny you better be prepared because that title is coming to LI. WOO WOO WOO, YOU KNOW IT!

Cole: What an announcement from Zack Ryder.

Lawler: Ryder and Morrison at Hell in a Cell for the U.S. Championship. This should be a great match.

Cole: Yep Hell in A Cell is turning out to be a great PPV. Besides the U.S. Title match we know the tag-belts will be on the line too, as Legacy goes against Cryme Tyme and up next is Ted Dibiase Jr. vs Shad Gaspard!!

[Commercial Break]

Legacy music crowd boos

Lillian: Introducing first from West Palm Beach, Florida on half of Legacy, Ted Dibiase.

Cole: Well Ted carrying the tag- title around his waist along with his partner who has came out with him Cody Rhodes.

Lawler: They appear to be all business.

Cryme Tyme music crowd cheers

Lillian: His opponent from Brooklyn, New York one half of Cryme Tyme Shad Gaspard!!!

Cole: And Shad doesn’t appear the bit worried tonight.

Lawler: Sure he isn’t he has a big height advantage over Dibiase.

Match 2: Ted Dibiase vs Shad Gaspard
Result: Dibiase multiple times attacked the legs of Shad, to not let the height advantage get the best of him. Shad however gained offense back when Dibiase was distracted by JTG who was on the outside and connected with a Flapjack. Ted quickly got back up but Shad knocked him down with a clothesline than another. Shad than grabs Dibiase, and lets him up for a military press, but Cody Rhodes distracts Shad, and the ref needs to get in between Cody and Shad. Without the ref seeing Dibiase connects with a low-blow on Shad, then rolls him up for the win.

Cole: Ted Dibiase cheats and gets a win.

Lawler: The ref didn’t see it which caused Dibiase to pick up the cheap win.

Cole: Cryme Tyme is certainly not happy as Legacy picks up the win and possibly momentum heading into Hell in a Cell.

[Commercial Break]

Cole: Well are main event is next, remember this is a number one contendership match for the intercontental title.

AJ Styles music crowd cheers

Lillian: Introducing first from Gainesville, Georgia AJ Styles!!!

Cole: Last week Styles defeated Tyson Kidd, and this week is in the main event.

Lawler: He has to be feeling good, after how he beat Tyson Kidd last week.

Shelton Benjamin;s music crowd boos.

Lillian: And his opponent from Orangeburg, South Carolina Shelton Benjamin!!!

Cole: The Gold Standard looks ready.

Lawler: I think the gold standard has gold on his mind and wants to be able to possibly obtain gold at Hell in a Cell.

Main Event: AJ Styles vs Shelton Benjamin
Result: Both men give it their all. Benjamin capitalizes on Styles taking too long to get on the top rope as Benjamin connects with a suplex from the top rope. He goes for a pin 1,2,……kickout. Benjamin picks up Styles and attempts a kick but Styles catches his foot, but Benjamin counters with a dragon whip right into the head of Styles. Benjamin has a wide smile on his face, as he takes a quick breather and waits for Styles to get up. Style’s slowly gets up and Benjamin goes for Paydirt but Styles pushes him off and into the ropes. As Benjamin comes back Styles connects with a Hurricanrana. Benjamin gets up but walks right into a kick in the gut and AJ sets him up and connects with a Styles Clash. He goes for a pin and gets a three count.

Cole: Styles will be go up against Ziggler at Hell in a Cell.

Lawler: Woo Hoo what a match, and glad to see Styles move on.

Dolph Ziggler’s music crowd boos.

Ziggler comes out title in hand and he holds it up as Style is looking back at him. Superstar’s fades to black.

Quick Results
Zack Ryder d Jobber via Zack Attack
Ted Dibiase d Shad via roll-up
AJ Styles d Shelton Benjamin via Styles Clash

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Rumors and WWE Notes

New Signings: It is said that Brutus Magnus and Elijah Burke have been signed to WWE. It is also said that they will make their debuts off-air in a dark match before Hell in a Cell.

Is Kennedy Really Hurt?: Many sources have been saying that Kennedy is really not hurt, however WWE has posted that Kennedy is injured and is out for an undisclosed amount of time with back spasms. Most believe however that Vince McMahon did not like Kennedy feuding with Chris Jericho. They want Jericho to verse a bigger opponent and someone that Jericho will be able to carry the feud longer with.

Undertaker Set to Return Soon?: Many believe after Hell in a Cell Undertaker will be coming back. Undertaker of course has taken time off. However people close to Taker have said Royal Rumble seems to likely be the time that Undertaker will return.

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Raw Preview 9/28
With Hell in a Cell less than one week away this Raw should be explosive. We still have two matches in the WWE Championship Tournament which will pit CM Punk against Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton vs Christian. Also since his announcement Zack Ryder is going to fight John Morrison as a little preview before Hell in a Cell. Chris Jericho after injuring Mr. Kennedy will be holding his own show The Highlight Reel this Monday on Raw so tune in for all the action.

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Raw 9/28
Raw opens up with a video package from last week, where it shows the match-up between Chris Jericho and Mr. Kennedy. It shows them going back and forth until Jericho gets the upper-hand and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Kennedy is tapping and Jericho is still applying pressure. The camera zooms in on Kennedy holding his back and Jericho looking on with an evil smile on his face. After the video package the cameras fade to Jericho who is standing in the middle of the ring, with a suit on, and with two stool chairs. He looks at the crowd who is heavily booing him. He puts the microphone to his mouth as he begins to speak.

Jericho: Last week, in front of the WWE Universe, I once again took down Mr. Kennedy in a match. For the second straight week, I won against him and I made sure that this week he would not come out here again and challenge me. With that being said, I think Theodore Long should consider…. no actually put me in the WWE Championship match at Hell in a Cell. I don’t need to go through the tournament process; I have already proven in my career that I am a prestigious champion. So with that being said my guest for tonight’s Highlight Reel is Theodore Long!!!!

The crowd waits patiently as Jericho stands in the middle of the ring waiting.

John Cena’s music crowd cheers.

Cole: King that isn’t Theodore Long at all that’s John Cena.

Lawler: Yes it is and Jericho does not look happy as Cena is making his way down to the ring.

Cena gets into the ring, as Jericho looks in disgust. Cena looks at Jericho and smiles at him, as he puts the microphone to his mouth.

Cena: Not the man you expected to see huh Jericho.

Jericho: Cena you have no business coming out here, this is my show, you’re just a spectator. Right now I demand you to march yourself back up that ramp there is some serious business that me and Raw general manager Theodore Long need to take care of.

Cena: Chris let’s face it. T-Long is not coming out here to grant you, your demand. If he honestly wanted you to be in the title picture you would have been in the tournament. Besides, you want a match at Hell in a Cell, I want a match at Hell in a Cell so let’s make a match at Hell in a Cell. It will be Y2J Chris Jericho vs John Cena!!!!

Crowd pops but Jericho doesn’t look too pleased.

Jericho: Hell of an offer Cena, but no thanks. Now exit this ring before I make you exit this ring.

Cena: Please Chris no force is necessary, but seeing as you’re not accepting by challenge that makes me come to the realization that you’re a chicken. Chris are you really afraid to fight me?

Jericho looks at Cena who has a huge grin on his face. Jericho pauses for a second than smiles.

Jericho: You’re on!!!!!!

Jericho and Cena drop their microphones as the two have a stare down. Finally Jericho attempts a right hook, but Cena ducks it and lifts Jericho on his shoulders and connects with the Attitude Adjustment. Cena’s music hits as the crowd is excited and Jericho is on the floor holding his back.

Cole: Cena just drove Jericho down hard onto the canvas.

Lawler: Someone shut Jericho up, but the most important thing is these two will verse each other at Hell in a Cell. What a match.

Cole: You got that right King!

Cena does “You Can’t See Me” to Jericho as he exits the ring, and Jericho is still on the ground as Raw goes to commercial.

[Commercial Break]

Cole: Welcome back everyone from the sold out Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado just moments ago we saw John Cena call out Jericho and the two will face off this Sunday at Hell in a Cell.

Lawler: Speaking of Hell in a Cell we like to thank Red for the official theme song of Hell in a Cell called “Wasting Time”.

Cole: Hell in a Cell is becoming a great PPV as many titles are on the line and one of them being the United States title…

John Morrison’s music crowd cheers.

Lillian: Introducing first from Los Angeles California he is the United States Champion John Morrison!!!

Cole: Tonight is a little preview of Hell in a Cell as John Morrison will be up against Zack Ryder in our opening bout.

Zack Ryder’s music crowd boos

Lillian: His opponent from Long Island, New York Zack Ryder!!!

Cole: Zack Ryder has been on a role.

Lawler: Yes he has and that is why at Hell in a Cell he is getting a US title shot at Hell in a Cell.

Match 1: John Morrison vs Zack Ryder
Results: Ryder gains the upper-hand, after connecting with a swinging neck breaker after Morrison put his head down off the Irish whip. Ryder continued to work on the neck by stomping on it. Ryder picked up Morrison and whipped him into the corner. Ryder charges at him, and attempts a body splah but Morrison moves as Ryder hits the turnbuckle. Morrison attempts and connects with the Flying Chuck. Cover 1,2,…kickout. Morrison waits for Ryder to get up and kicks him in the gut and goes for the Moonlight Drive but Ryder slips out and gets Morrison in a backslide pin. 1,2,…..kickout. Both men get up and Morrison kicks Ryder in the gut and connects with a knee lift that takes Ryder down. Morrison drags him in the corner and connects with Starship Pain. He covers him for the three count.

Cole: Morrison gets the win and a lot of momentum his way.

Lawler: Competitive match out of these two but Ryder in the end lost, and Morrison gets the win.

The camera cuts backstage where AJ Styles is seen getting ready for his match. The camera pans right to noises being made as Cryme Tyme gets into the picture. The crowd pops, as Styles look at Cryme Tyme who is talking to Styles.

JTG: A-YO Shad check this out we have AJ Styles in the hizzy.

Shad: Yeah you got that right J! Yo whats up AJ Styles aka……

JTG: The Phenomenal One!!!

Shad: AKA…..

JTG: Styles Clashing!!!!

Shad: AKA……

JTG: Next Intercontental Champion!!!!!!

Crowd pops as Styles looks at Cryme Tyme and smiles.

Styles: Thanks guys. I wouldn’t say I have this one in the bag quite yet. We will see what happens at Hell in a Cell. Also I have to take care of business tonight as I take on The Brian Kendrick.

JTG: Word!!!! Dawg you have nothing to worry about tonight, The Brian Kendrick has nothing on you.

Shad: Yeah, true dat, true dat.

Styles: Thanks guys, I have to get going. Hey good luck Sunday against Legacy.

Shad: Don’t worry about us AJ we have them easy. It ain’t nothing but a G thang.

Styles looks at Shad a bit confused about what he just said.

Styles: Alright then…..sounds good?!?! Alright see ya guys.

Styles walks off as the camera fades to commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

AJ Styles music hits crowds cheer

Lillian: Introducing first from Gainesville, Georgia AJ Styles!!!

Cole: Welcome back to RAW as AJ Styles the number one contender for the IC Title makes his way down to the ring.

Lawler: Very impressive last week on Superstars, I’m ready to see what he has in store for tonight.

The Brian Kendrick’s music crowd boos.

Lillian: His opponent from Venice Beach California the Brian Kendrick!!!!

Cole: The Brian Kendrick lost last week to Jeff Hardy, but this week he looks ready.

Lawler: Yeah I don’t think last week really affected him too much.

Match 2: AJ Styles vs The Brian Kendrick
Result: Styles dominated this match and made it a quick match. At around the four minute mark, Styles after connecting with a hurricanrana waited for Kendrick to get up and connected with a Styles Clash. Styles pins him and gets the win.

Cole: Styles wins the match. Good win from Styles.

Dolph Ziggler’s music crowd boos

Ziggler stands atop the ramp and looks at Styles who wants a battle. Ziggler looks at him and begins to walk down the ramp. Style’s waits patiently but from behind Kendrick dropkicks him, and Styles falls to the outside. Ziggler looks at Styles who is in pain. He picks him up and connects with The Zig Zag. He yells at Styles as Styles is unconscious. Ziggler walks up the ramp as his music hit again.

Cole: What an attack from Ziggler.

Lawler: It was assisted by The Brian Kendrick, but Ziggler did all the damage.

Camera’s cut backstage to see MVP walking down the hallways backstage.

Cole: MVP is up next as he goes against one half of the Motor City Machine Guns in Chris Sabin and that match is up next.

[Commercial Break]

Chris Sabin’s music crowd mixed reaction.

Lillian: Introducing first from Detroit Michigan he is one half of the Motor City Machine Guns Chris Sabin!!!

Cole: Sabin making his way down to the ring, Alex Shelly right next to him.

Lawler: Usually we don’t see either one of these guys in singles action but Sabin is the lucky one tonight.

MVP’S music crowd cheers.

Lillian: His opponent from Miami Florida Montel Vontavious Porter MVP!!!!!!

Cole: MVP lost last week; however he has been in some good matches as of late.

Lawler: That’s right Cole, I’m interested to see what he does tonight against Sabin.

Match 3: Chris Sabin vs MVP
Result: Sabin had the upper-hand to begin, with such moves as Hurricanrana, a springboard clothesline, and a top rope leg drop, Sabin thought he had the match won. After getting a two on the leg drop Sabin tries to set up MVP for the cradle shock, but Sabin wiggles off and connects with a German suplex. Both men are down as the ref begins to count. At 8 both men get up as Sabin attempts to hit MVP with a right hand, MVP ducks and connects with a back suplex. MVP gets up and quickly connects with the ballin elbow that gets a two count. MVP sets Sabin up, and connects with The Playmaker for the three count on Sabin.

Cole: MVP keeps on rolling as he picks up a win tonight on Chris Sabin

Lawler: Sabin gave it his all but in the end, lost to MVP, who after last week lost picks up a nice win.

The cameras cut backstage to Edge wearing normal street clothes, as he is just watching the last match that transpired. He is in his locker-room and receives a knock on the door. He tells the person to come in and the camera pans over to Randy Orton. Edge looks at Orton who seems to be all about business.

Edge: What brings you here Randy?

Orton: Listen I just wanted to make sure tonight you weren’t going to help your buddy Christian in my match tonight or shall I say used to be buddy.

Edge: What do you mean by used to be buddy.

Orton: Really Edge? I thought you were smarter than this. For the past two weeks, you’ve been trying to get Christian on your side, to reform the glory days, you two had back in the 90’s meanwhile, he has already denied your offer of getting together again as a team. Last week you forfeited, for what? Did he even thank you?

Edge: Well no, no he hasn’t.

Orton: That is why I think you should make sure you don’t help him tonight. Make him learn a lesson because we all know I am better than him. Most importantly I know you’re better than him. Just think about it.

Orton pats Edge on the shoulder and leaves as Raw cuts to commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

CM Punk’s music crowd cheers

Lillian: Introducing first from Chicago, Illinois CM Punk!!!!!

Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw as CM Punk makes his way to the ring.

Lawler: Last week he defeated Jack Swagger and got some revenge on Orton. Let’s see if he could move on to the finals.

Jeff Hardy’s music crowd cheers

Lillian: And his opponent from Cameron, North Carolina Jeff Hardy!!!!

Cole: Hardy easily defeated The Brian Kendrick last week.

Lawler: This week however is a completely different story. We will see what happens.

Match 4: CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy
Results: Back and forth match. Punk around the seven minute mark attempts a GTS, but Hardy squirms out and connects with a Twist of Fate. Both men are down, and after a few moments Hardy pins Punk. 1,2,….. kickout. Hardy can’t believe it as; he keeps focus and goes to the top rope. He slowly gets up there but it is too late as Punk drop kicks his right leg, and Hardy slams hard on the top turnbuckle. Punk goes to the top rope and connects with a top rope suplex. Punk than rolls to the outside apron and waits for Hardy to get up. Hardy gets up and Punk connects with a springboard clothesline. Cover 1,2,….kickout. Punk slams his fist on the canvas and waits for Hardy to get up. Punk lifts him up on his shoulders, and Punk squirms out again, Hardy attempts another Twist of Fate which is countered and Punk this time grabs Hardy and connects with the GTS. He pins Hardy for the three count.

Cole: Punk is going to the finals.

Lawler: What a match, Punk going to the finals, trying to claim the gold he deserves.

The camera’s cut backstage as it turns to MVP who is walking backstage, when he accidently bumps into someone.

MVP: Oh sorry playa.

The person turns around and it is Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler doesn’t look too pleased, as he looks at MVP.

Ziggler: You better watch where you’re going there. You might stumble onto the wrong person who would want to knock your teeth out.

MVP looks at Ziggler and laughs a bit.

MVP: Oooo what a threat. Hey don’t worry about me. I can handle myself. You just better watch out this Sunday at Hell in a Cell against AJ Styles. And if he doesn’t beat you for the title, I’ll make sure I do. Peace out.

With that MVP leaves leaving Ziggler fuming as Raw goes to a commercial break.

[Commercial break]

Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw and for all of you at home your just in time to watch the main event.

Christian’s music crowd cheers

Lillian: Introducing first from Toronto Canada Christian.

Cole: Well this is the big time for Christian, interested to see how he attempts to attack Orton.

Lawler: I like his chances tonight, especially if Edge comes out.

Cole: Who knows… Orton told Edge not to come out.

Randy Orton’s music crowd boos.

Lillian: His opponent from St .Louis, Missouri Randy Orton.

Cole: Punk advanced and it will be interesting to see if he could move on.

Lawler: I’m very excited for this match.

Main Event: Christian vs Randy Orton
Result: A very good match given plenty of time. After a cross body attempt from Christian, countered after Orton moved out of the way, Orton goes on the offense with stomps all over the body of Christian. He then picks up Christian and whips him off the ropes and connects with a snap suplex. Cover 1,2,….. kickout. Orton frustrated picks up Christian and whips him hard into the corner. Orton charges to the corner and Christian counters with a boot to the jaw. Orton stumbles back a bit as Christian sits at the top rope, grabs the head of Orton and connects with a tornado DDT. He goes for a cover 1,2, kickout. Christian waits for Orton to get up and sets Orton for the Killswitch Engage, but Orton counters and pushes Christian right into the ref knocking him down. Christian looks at the ref who is down on the ground, and turns around and receives an RKO. The ref is still knocked down, and Randy wants to do more damage. Orton goes to the outside and grabs a chair; he begins to bring it into the ring and sizes up Christian who is still on the ground. The crowd starts to make noise as Edge runs down the ramp, and Orton see’s him. Edge slides into the ring, and Orton tries to hit Christian but Edge pulls the chair out of the hands of Orton and tosses it out of the ring. Edge and Orton have a stare down. The ref is beginning to get back up, and Edge looks at the ref and mouths “Watch this”. Edge looks at Orton and slaps him. The crowd is in shock, Orton holds his jaw but has a smile on his face. The ref calls for the bell.

Lillian: The winner of this match by DQ Randy Orton!!!

Cole: What just happen?

Lawler: Orton just won this match. Edge slapped him causing Christian to get DQ’d.

Orton looks at Edge and leaves the ring. He continues to smile as he walks up the ramp. Christian slowly begins to get up. Edge is about to leave the ring, but sets up in the corner looking at Christian. Christian finally gets to his feet but is Speared by Edge.

Cole: Edge just speared Christian!!!

Lawler: Finally Edge has come to his senses.

Cole: Orton got into the head of Edge.

Edge looks at Christian who is in pain. He smiles as the crowd boos and Raw goes off the air.

Quick Results
John Morrison d Zack Ryder via Starship Pain
AJ Styles d The Brian Kendrick via Styles Clash
MVP d Chris Sabin via Playmaker
CM Punk d Jeff Hardy via GTS
Randy Orton d Christian via DQ

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Re: RatedRKO31 Presents WWE Evolution

Superstars Preview 10/1
The last superstars before Hell in a Cell should be a great one. The main event will host Cody Rhodes going against JTG. Also in action Paul Burchill will be challenging Shelton Benjamin. And the last match up is Jack Swagger vs Alex Shelly. Make sure to turn to WGN America for an explosive Superstars this Thursday night.

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