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Wrestlemania 2000

The Rock is the most popular superstar with Austin taking time off, Michaels is a great heel.


The Rock
Shawn Michaels
Mick Foley
Steve Austin (injured)
The Undertaker (injured)
Vince McMahon
Bret Hart
Kurt Angle
D'Lo Brown
Hardcore Holly
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
Chris Jericho
Grandmaster Sexay
Scotty 2 Hotty
Bull Buchanan
Mr. McMahon
Shane McMahon
The Big Show
(will add more later)

King Of The Ring 1998
(winner getting a title shot at Summerslam)
The Rock wins the King Of The Ring Tournament match by beating Mr.Ass, X-Pac and HHH, Michaels is a heel and is supporting for HHH and Michaels is praising HHH a lot. After The Rock wins, Michaels comes and SCM's him and stands over him holding his WWE title.
Fully Loaded
The Rock comes out and says that they don't have to wait until SummerSlam, so they have a match at Fully Loaded, The Rock wins by DQ with DX interfearing on Michael's behalf so therefore Michaels retains the title.

Summerslam 1998

After Michaels got DQ'ed at Fully Loaded, Shawn says too bad and that he doesn't get a title shot, but then the commissioner Sgt. Slaughter comes out and says that Michaels must defend the title, then Michaels says that it must be a match of Shawn's choice so they make it a Ladder match at Summerslam. After going back and forth, around about 22 mins DX interfeares but The Rock nails them with punches and Rock Bottoms, when The Rock turns around Michaels hits him with Sweet chin Music and starts climbing the ladder, when Michaels is mid-way through the ladder The Rock slowly starts climbing they both reach the top and trade blows until The Rock drops Michael with a The Rock bottom and grabs the title, The Rock wins.
Unforgiven 1998
Michaels uses his rematch clause on RAW the next night, the ref is down and DX comes and interferes and beats down the Rock, but then Foley comes out and fends off DX. The ref wakes up and sees Foley attacking DX and Michaels, so The Rock gets DQ'ed, due to this they make it a no DQ match. We are told that there is a special enforcer just incase anyone gets involved. We are towards the end and DX interferes and beats down The Rock, GLASS Shatters!!! Its Stone Cold, he lays out every member on DX and nails Michaels with a stunner followed by a Rock Bottom, The Rock retains.
Michaels and Rock take a different path for now, but later meets again at No Mercy.

No Mercy 1999
We see Mr. McMahon come out and announce Michaels as the greatest superstar ever and how he was "screwed at Unforgiven" last year, so he grants Michaels a rematch, but then Sgt. Slaughter comes out and says that it will be a cage match, so no one can interfere on Michaels behalf. Towards the end Michaels and The Rock are on the top trading blows. The Rock gets the advantage but out of no where Michaels nails the Sweet Chin Music and The Rock falls off and retains the title.

Survivor Series 1999
Michaels furious and he says that he is the true champion so they make it a NO DQ Street fight and earlier they said that if DX get involved Michaels would lose the title oppotunity.The Rock and Michaels fight in an NO DQ Submission Street Fight, and they go for about 25-30 mins and then McMahon comes out and HBK has the Sharpshooter on, and Mr. McMahon calls for the bell,Michaels wins, The Rock gets screwed out of the title.
Armageddon 1999
The Rock uses his rematch against Michaels, but he says it will be at Armegeddon. Michaels says he is sick of The Rock and says it will be a HIAC, his speciality and he says that The Rock can't challenge for the Championship as long as Michaels is champion. The Two go for ages and Michaels wins this match.

Royal Rumble 2000
Now at the Royal Rumble
The Rock and HHH are the final entrants they wrestle for about 5 mins and HHH is leaning on the rope and Michaels makes his way down to the ring, Michaels tried to sweet chin music Rock but The Rock ducks and he hits HHH resulting in The Rock winning the Royal Rumble as Michaels turns around The Rock hits The Rock Bottom.

No Way Out

The Rock says that he can't wait until Wrestlemania and he wants his title back at NWO. So they have a Last Man Standing Match. They go back and forth with near 10 counts both men are covered in blood. Towards the end Michaels nails The Rock with a Elbow from the top of the ladder onto an announce table. It took a big toll on Michaels as well, both men couldn't answer the 10 count therefore Michael retains.

Wrestlemania 2000

This is the final match of their saga, a no DQ Iron Man Match. Once again DX is banned and Michaels would lose the title if they appeared. These men give it everything and go for 60 mins, but it all ends in a tie breaker:
Fall 1: The Rock
Fall 2: Michaels
Fall 3: Michaels
Fall 4: The Rock
Fall 5: The Rock
Fall 6: Michaels
They go for about 10 more mins and then The Rock finally wins with a Rock Bottom and a People's Elbow. After the match DX comes down and attacks Michaels for loosing, but the Undertaker returns and brawls with HHH to the back, The Rock does a eyebrow and keeps on celebrating, then Michaels comes back, hugs The Rock and this turns him face preparing for a feud with HHH.

notes: The Undertaker is returning from an injury he suffered mid-late last year.

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Re: Wrestlemania 2000

I like the concept of this BTB, but you've not carried it out very well so far, in this back story. You've gone to the trouble of doing 10 months of back story, but you've barely put any detail in. It's okay, but it doesn't have me hooked and it doesn't make me want to read the rest of your BTB, which is what the back story really needs to do.

KotR: This was okay, you told us who he beat, but you didn't tell you why HBK is on commentary or why he decided to come out and super-kick the Rock.

Fully Loaded: This was lacked a lot for me, why do the Rock & HBK not have matches that night, but already have a match for Summerslam? How does the Rock win by DQ? Do DX interfere, or does Michaels do something?

Summerslam: First of, you called it Summerslam 96. I liked you giving the build-up to the match with the Sgt/HBK dialogue, all though you made some gramatical errors "a match of it choice"

Unforgiven: Does McMahon start as a face or is he heal? You need to make that clear. There was a nice finish to the match.

No Mercy: This was fine, nothing wrong here.

Survivor Series: If the match is unsanctioned, then the title can't be on the line, unsanctioned means that the company do not agree with it and therefore, wouldn't allow their title to be defended on it, also if it was unsanctioned they wouldn't care you get's involved.

Armageddon: Nice ending here, but why has Austin all of a sudden decided to turn up and help the Rock? Is HBK the reason why Austin isn't around? Is Austin in love with the Rock? or has Austin just decided that he likes hitting people with chairs?

Royal Rumble: This was a nice ending to the Rumble and a nice little touch giving HBK a rock bottom at the end.

No Way Out: Why have they been given a rest? And when there's a rule of 'one cannot touch the other', it's usually the face can't touch the heal unless physically provoked, rather than neither of them touching each other.

Wrestlemania: A nice iron-man match, but 11 falls is a bit much. Why have DX all of a sudden attacked HBK, you need to plant little hints in the previous PPV's that there is friction. Why has HBK decided to hug the Rock? Where has the Undertaker been? Why's he been out and why has he decided to help the Rock against DX?

You havn't given us a roster list, who's in your company?

I suggest, you wait for feedback from a few more people and then edit in what you think needs to be done. Also, I suggest you don't rush into your first show, take your time with it and make it a worthwile read, otherwise people won't bother reading.



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Re: Wrestlemania 2000

Spam: thanks for that
i've made changes.

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Re: Wrestlemania 2000

You pratically buried rock in the fued and towards the no mercy instead of making them wait to have a cage match you should've just had them have one the following week on RAW and set up an even better match at no mercy like a LMS or HIAC.

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Re: Wrestlemania 2000


The Rock and HBK were the main event at EVERY ppv in these results??? Wow...

Where are you going with this, man? I don't have any clue what you're doing. Will you be doing full shows now?

Still Alive
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Re: Wrestlemania 2000

Originally Posted by theplasmasnake View Post

The Rock and HBK were the main event at EVERY ppv in these results??? Wow...

Where are you going with this, man? I don't have any clue what you're doing. Will you be doing full shows now?
nah this is just a thing i wanted to do, i just want to see people's opinions of what they think, i might start doing shows later.
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