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Re: The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary -

I figure someone should give you some proper feedback, as opposed to "Nice update, I think Ziggler will do this next blah blah". To be perfectly honest, this needs work. A lot. First off, your English as a whole needs work. You need to improve your spelling and grammar, as well as basic English things like how to use quotation marks properly and where to put them.

You'd be better off not writing this in a script style too, imo, as like this you're simply telling us what to think. Write it in a good old paragraph format and we can decide what we think of people based on their actions and the way they react. Use actions to tell a story, don't just blurt the story out yourself. It makes things much, much more appealing if as the reader we got to think for ourself. That's what reading is all about, really. You get involved in characters and think what you want of them based on what you can see. If we're just told "Oh, what a good guy Cena is~!" then what fun is that for us?

More description and adjectives are musts. Give us a proper image that we can see, not just two people talking. Talking heads is not fun.

And finally, if you're going to continue to use this format rather than a paragraph format, make it easy on the eye. The current one isn't great, and kind of looks like a colouring book. Not the image you should be going for.

Hope this helps.

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Re: The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary -

Hey man, this is such an awesome an different BTB, really enjoying it!!

I dont think that much works needs to be done, just keep it up!

there was just one little thing, and this is just me being english so i kinda am a bit pedantic about this, it's "we'll keep in touch" not "will keep in touch"

But that is just a tiny thing, apart from that i really like everything you've done so far, i think the interaction with the other superstars is great, i like how rey has a "heritage" problem when it comes to loosing, the backstage politics are great, atm my favourite non-ziggler character in this is jericho, i think that's exactly what he'd be like And ziggler is done perfectly aswell.

Keep it up!! i'll be reading deffinatly


and you will mark for your pope!!

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Re: The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary -

- Tuesday September 8th -
- 5 PM -

** Tonight's diary is a small one before a LONG PPV **

I arrive at the arena by myself. Tonight were in Rockford, Ill. I am just 5 days away from picking up my first ever title under Dolph Ziggler and in singles competition ever. I walk into the arena sign some autographs and interact with some of my fans. I wasn't really drawing any heel heat which either means I'm not looking like I'll be boo'ed tonight or there just being respectful. We shall see. I head into the Agent's room where Mike the Agent will read off the card and who is on it and what they're doing. I tune out the Agent until he reads off Mid Card, as that's what I'm currently labeled as.... I don't hear Ziggler.... HMM That's odd I'm usually always on the card? I'm booked to win the title sunday how arent I on the card? Mike must have messed up. I holler at Mike.

"Hey Mike, you forgot to say my name. Your slacking on me Mike."

Agent Mike: Ziggler... Ziggler (He reads down the card) Nope nothing.

"Haha very funny."

Agent Mike: Nope man, not rubbing ya, your not on the card.

I head out to The Superstars Agent to see if I'm on the card taping for them.

I listen to the WWE Superstars Agent Tim run down the two matches that will be on there. No Ziggler. I'm getting concerned here. I walk over to The ECW Agent Chris, maybe I'm making an appearance there. But that makes no sence. Regal, Christan, Jackson, Tatsu. No Ziggler. That's odd I'm not on the card AT ALL TONIGHT!! I gotta head to Steph's office, something must be wrong. As I'm walking I catch Vince in the hall. I stop and talk to Vince.

"Mr. McMahon, is everything alright? I'm not on the card at all tonight."

Vincent McMahon: Your not on the card tonight because Creative doesn't want you on the card tonight. They don't want you going over nor looking weak tonight. Your winning on Sunday, rest up, head out and get ready. You better put on a good match Sunday, its a title match. (He walks out)

I head outside the Arena because its 6 PM the gates havent opened yet. Shad and I go out and sign a few autographs but I'm waiting for my girl friend to head into the arena. I was hoping I'd be on the card tonight so she could see me live for the first time. Oh Well, no biggie. I head up her car pulls in, and we give each other a big hug. I can see Shad is checking her out, I give him the finger and he laughs and walks back inside. She's wearing tight jean's and a white shirt. She still looks great though. I walk her into the arena, show her around and she meets Eve Torres. Eve and her went to grade school together. Its a funny story, but that's for another time. She is going to actually head out to the stands and hang out with the Torres family, as she is friends with Eve's sister. I head out to the locker room. MY LOCKER IS TRASHED! WHAT THE FUCK?

I see Chris Jericho laughing in the background.... He walks past me he says, "Looks like someone got ya good. Wasn't me though." He heads out to the tunnel crackin up. I turn around and there's William Regal at his locker on the phone. I tap him on the shoulder. He looks at me and says "No clue man, You know Rey's does thoose kind of pranks." I'm pist I had a 250 dollar watch in there that is ruined.

"Hey Mysterio what the fuck man? I had a nice watch that was ruined? My girl is here tonight, she got me that watch for Christmas."

Rey Mysterio: I don't know what your talking about man, chuckling...

I walk away really pist, I hear Hey Dolph and I turn around

Rey Mysterio: Is this your watch? He throws it to me. The stars and crew crack up.

"Ahh shit man, you got me."

He ribbed me!


I head out to dinner with Trista. She lives in Chicago. She once dated CM Punk, he busts me on how he use to nail here. It actually pisses me off alot....

Trista: We need to talk... Listen we have been going out for 8 months now. That's a long time Nick.
(Real Name not in character) I think its time we take it to another level. Look what I'm trying to say is You live in Florida. I live near here. They're isnt a point of you having a home if your there only 60 days a year. Why don't you move in with me? You save money on a place and then we can spend more time together?

"SURE! I'd Love too."

We head back to her place, I think you know what that means.


Rhodes Presents: - The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary

Review for Review!
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Re: The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary -

This was a good update but not a great update. You said the F word a few times I would turn that down a bit just in case younger people are reading this. Maybe use it once or twice. I also kinda found it weird that Ziggler was not going to be used this week, but I did like the interaction with Jericho and Rey Rey. Just watch your grammer mistakes you made a few, and can't wait to see what you have for the PPV!

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Re: The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary -

I've been a reader since day one, I'm not sure if I've posted anything but you deserve feedback. This was an okay update, I'm surprised that you're letting the ribbing that Rey did go unnoticed. Meaning, that Ziggler should really overreact to this, and actually go talk to McMahon, potentially causing him to lose on sunday. For whatever the reason may be, I can't see Mysterio literally doing something like this, but this is unreal. You seem to be telling the reader too much. When writing, you should always try to be vague at times. Don't spoon feed your readers, let them try and use their imagination. It's a lot more interesting, but I're trying to paint a certain image, I get that...but try to let them help you paint that picture. When two people stand in front of a weird picture, they'll have two different interpretations, that's the fun part of it.

Anyways, this is a great concept...I hope it continues and doesn't me, you'll always have me as a reader.

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Re: The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary -

- Sunday August 12th -
- 1 PM -

Breaking Point - Will You Submit?

It's time baby! Time for the Dolph Ziggler ERA. as your NEW Intercontinental Champion! I have everybody coming in tonight to watch me win the belt. My mom, dad, sister, girlfriend and Tim my best friend since kindergarten. Tonight should be a great night. After I should be going out and celebrating with them instead of the guys. I head out to the arena now. Since I'm the champion now, I have alot of chairs to sign as I need to sign the take home chairs. I first need to go to the meeting.

Vince McMahon: Welcome to the Breaking Point PPV Meeting. This is a brand new PPV, where all Main Event Matches are submission matches. We have a good card tonight I think, we had adequate time to build up from Summerslam till today and I think PPV buys will do well considering the economy. Without further time being wasted, here is Stephanie McMahon-Levesque.

Stephanie McMahon: Thanks Mr.McMahon. Tonight's Breaking Point card features the WWE, ECW, World Heavy Weight, Unified Tag Team and Intercontinental Championships on the line tonight. As you all know, all Main Event Matches will be submission or I Quit Matches respectively. Ref's call it tight tonight, we don't want any guys getting injured tonight. At this time I want all Agent's to break up into the groups. Talk the match out and I will come around to give final approval. Best of luck! Lets make this one a great one.

Agent Mike: Alright you two. This match is going to open up the card tonight. They feel it would be good for a hot crowd with Mysterio. However, your dropping the title tonight. We want the crowd to be hot and into the matches following. So Rey, please pander to the crowd and get them going early. We need them tonight. Submission matches tend to bore them quickly so lets get them going fast. Don't forget were competing with Sunday Night Football so lets draw some of the viewers in and not make them switch channels. Lets give them what they paid for. Alright you too talk out the match and Steph will come by.

"So Rey, what do you want to do here?"

Rey Mysterio: Well clearly we want the fan's to think almost the entire match I'm going to win. I'm going to be competing soon for the World Heavy Weight Championship. I need to look as strong as possible without winning. I'm going to take as much control of this match as possible. I know this is your big break kid, but let me take the lead and follow me. I'll carry you tonight.

"Not for nothing Rey, I can carry my own weight by myself."

Rey Mysterio: I know kid, but tonight let me take the lead. I got this.

"Alright, whatever you want dude."

Stephanie McMahon: What's the deal guys? Your opening up the card tonight guys.

Rey Mysterio: I'm going to take the lead tonight. I'm going to get as much near falls as possible. I will hit a 619 and a West Coast Pop. He will be kicking out of it. He will hit his finisher right after. I will kick out. He will win on a roll up with his feet on the ropes.

Stephanie McMahon: Sounds good to me. Good luck guys!

I head back to the locker room when I get a call from Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy: Hey Dolph, good luck tonight, I won't be watching, I have a pitch tonight with executives from fox to see if they're gonna pick up my show or not, but I heard you winning tonight. Good for you man!

"Thanks Man, how you doing?"

Jeff Hardy: I'm doing good, same old ya know? Taking some time off to heal some nagging injuries but living the life. It's such a relief not having to travel to a new place everyday. I can stay home for days and not do anything. It's great.

"Yeah man, I feel ya. But I gotta make a name for myself like you did. So I can't stop now"

Jeff Hardy: Yeah dude, your working a package with Matt after you done with Rey Mysterio. Your going over. He'll work hard to get you over.

"Yeah hes a good guy. I miss you though. It aint the same partying without you."

Jeff Hardy: Dude I'll be back soon enough don't you worry. I gotta run and get dressed. I gotta wear a fricken suit! Imagine that.

"You wearing a suit? That's like un heard of. Stay good man I'll talk to you later."

(End of Call)

In walks Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho: Kiddo, your winning tonight so I hear. Nice kid, congrats. Hand me my jock?

"Nah dude you touch that shit. Lord knows where that's been."

Chris Jericho: I'm a married man!!!!

"Yeah never stopped you... I see you kissing Kelly Kelly! Kudos man!"

Chris Jericho: This is very true.... Look man, were going on after you, you gotta get the crowd hot, I wanna get them beyond pist so when DX wins they go WILD.

"Alright, I'll do my best.

Chris Jericho: Alright Imma head out, Good luck kiddo, remember sell tonight, you need to work hard on that.

"Yeah will do, thanks."


I head out to do ironically an interview with ESPN.Com, I didn't know they covered The WWE but oh well. A little exposure cant hurt good ol Ziggler.

ESPN Interviewer: What is the toughest part of being a WWE Superstar?

"Being a WWE Superstar is very difficult. There is constant travel, your in a new place every day and you live out of a suitcase. You have to watch what you eat. What other sport has their athletes on the road over 250 days out of the year, in a new town every night? There isnt any "home games" or road stands. Your in a new place literally every single night. I just arrived here tonight and I have a plane ride at 3 AM to Connecticut.

ESPN Interviewer: When you were growing up did you watch The WWE? And who was your favorite wrestler?

"Yes, I watched WWE as a child. I used to jump around in my bed pretending me be stunnered by Stone Cold Steve Austin, selling the Stunner and falling off the bed. I stopped that after I cracked my rib when I was 8. My favorite wrestler of all time would have to be Ravishing Rick Rude. By far the greatest heel of all time in my opinion. He really set the bar for the future heels and showed the young kids in the locker room how it should be done. A true professional."

ESPN Interviewer: If you could wrestler one WWE Superstar today, who would it be?

"Hmmmmm. That's a tough one. I'd probably have to say Shawn Michaels or Randy Orton. Shawn Michaels is just a god in the ring. He can still hit the Sweet Chin Music an 18th of an inch away from a person's chin and sell it amazingly. He was part of one of the best tag teams of all time. He is Mr.Wrestlemania and revolutionized the ladder match. I'd love to be in the ring with Orton, because I LOVE his character. I like "The Viper" character and how he portrays it. He's the best in the ring right now and sells amazingly."

ESPN Interviewer: You face Rey Mysterio tonight? Any last words?

"Rey your time has come. It's time for The Ziggler ERA. Tonight at Breaking Point we will see just how long you can hang on with me until you reach YOUR BREAKING POINT!."

(End Of Interview)


Match 1
Intercontinental Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler vs (C) Rey Mysterio

This bout is set for one fall, and it is for the Intercontinental Championship. The challenger is Dolph Ziggler. The Champion defending his title is Rey Mysterio. Mysterio has had the upper hand on Ziggler in recent weeks defeating him recently at Summerslam and Night of Champions retaining the title both times. Ziggler won a fatal four way to fight for the title at Breaking Point. A brand new PPV initiative testing the breaking point. All Main Event Matches are submission matches.

The match begins with Mysterio and Ziggler trading blows. Mysterio quickly trys to hit Ziggler with a hard left kick and a hard right forearm. Ziggler takes the stiff left kick but blocks the forearm and counters with a punch of his own followed up by a kick to the gut. He then hits a suplex on Mysterio.Ziggler hits Mysterio with repeated Elbow Drops followed up with a kick to the gut. Ziggler grabs Mysterio and applys a wrenching headlock and then applies a body scissors on Mysterio. Mysterio is wincing in pain. Will he submit? The crowd gets behind Mysterio chanting "619" "619" Mysterio fights back with a hard fist to the face. It isn't enough though as Ziggler does not break the hold. Ziggler then applies the hold tighter. The fans are cheering louder and louder. Mysterio hits Ziggler three times.Ziggler finally breaks the hold but hits Mysterio with a devastating knee to the mid section of Mysterio. Mysterio then gets send into the ropes hard. He walks back into the ring stunned and is hit with a hard close line by Ziggler. Ziggler applys a two legged pin.


Ziggler sends Mysterio flying into the turnbuckle. He runs at him. Rey counters with a hard right kick to the face. Ziggler runs back again and Mysterio counters again with a hard right kick to the face. Rey jumps to the top ropes and does a cross body. He goes for the pin..... Ziggler counters by rolling over!!!

...Mysterio kicks out!!!

A near fall for Ziggler there. He almost one the title. Ziggler climbs the top rope and goes for an elbow to the heart. He leaps, Mysterio counters. He rolls Ziggler up.


Mysterio nearly stole one there. Ziggler runs at Mysterio, he counters hitting a drop toe hold sending Ziggler in between the second and third ropes. Ziggler slides out of the ring quickly. Mysterio instead of hitting the 619 does a suicide dive over the second rope nailing Ziggler.

He picks Ziggler up throws him in the ring, hits a hurricana sending him in between the second and third ropes. The crowd cheers. He hits the 619!! He leaps and connects with The West Coast Pop. He goes for the pin. It's gotta be it, this match is over. Mysterio retains!

.............Ziggler Kicks out!

A NEAR FALL FOR MYSTERIO! Mysterio hollers at the ref, I think he thinks that was slow count. Who knows? The match continues. Mysterio heads to the top ropes, he leaps with his back to Ziggler. He leaps in the air, Ziggler leaps and counters hitting HIS FINISHER! Both competitors are down and out in the ring. In a second Mysterio hits his finisher, Ziggler kicks out, and he hits his finisher out of nowhere. ZIGGLER CAN WHERE HERE. THIRD TIMES A CHARM!!!

........................KICK OUT BY MYSTERIO!

Ziggler gets in the ref's face, he thought THAT was a slow count. The ref got heat for Mysterio's slow count, maybe he was making up for it. Ziggler goes for the pin again but a quick Mysterio kick out. He tries again but another Mysterio kick out.

They trade blows, Rey hits a DDT followed up by his bulldog. He goes to do a hurricana sending Ziggler in the second and third ropes. THE CROWD GOES WILDE SENSING THE END!

Mysterio thinks as he runs he'll be hitting the 619, ZIGGLER COUNTERS WITH A QUICK ROLL UP!!!!! He puts his legs on the ropes!! THE REF DOESN'T SEE!


Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Aftermath: Dolph Ziggler did it! He is the new Intercontinental Champion! Third times a charm. Ziggler heads to the top rope and raises the belt over his shoulder. Thats Ziggler's first belt EVER as Dolph Ziggler. Both competitions head back to the locker room. A promo airs for the Tag Team Title Matches.


I head backstage shake hands with all my friends and family. They congratulate me. I was surprised that Mysterio came up and shook my hand. It was a beautiful Breaking Point PPV. The company was pleased. I head out later tonight to Stamford, Connecticut to sign the "Winner's Chairs" What a night, my first ever title.


Rhodes Presents: - The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary

Review for Review!
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Re: The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary -

Good few things you have here. These things are hard to write, and I don't think you're getting the hang of it. I mean, yea it interests me and it's fun to read, but when it comes to leaving you feedback, it's hard because you want to say the truth, but you don't want it to come off bad. The match was great, and the interview with ESPN was great. I didn't think anything else was amazing. The conversations Ziggler has with the other superstars aren't realistic. I doubt Jericho would be all "kiddo" and I don't think Jericho would be "I wanna get them pissed right before DX wins." Just not something he would do. I also don't think the agent would tell Ziggler and Mysterio that submission matches put the fans to sleep, and we have competition with football, and we don't want the fans switching channels" First of all, if submission matches put them to sleep, why are they having a ppv themed with submission matches? Why would they worry about them switching the channels since they bought this event, why would people switch channels on shows that they spent 45/50 bucks on? These are small things that make this whole thing very, very unrealistic. You must work on this, or else people will start to get less and less interested with this. I don't and can't talk for everyone, but this is just in my opinion. Keep it up, Rhodes! I like your motivation and want to improve.

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Re: The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary -

hey man, the PPV was very cool, i know it focusses around ziggler but other results might be cool to see, just so we know whats going on around ziggler, incase he's pushed to the M.E any time soon, dont want to suddenly find out the titles changed hands 4 times and they're giving eugine a go with the belt lol

Really enjoy this style, think its awesome, hoping jeffs show is gunna get turned down and he'll come back after a few more posts :P but thats cos J.Hardy vs ziggler for WHC would be intenses hint hint haha

keep it up man, really enjoying it!


and you will mark for your pope!!

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Re: The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary -

- Monday September 14th -
- 3 PM -

I just arrived in Stamford, Connecticut. As a request per management I headed out first thing after Breaking Point to sign "Winner's" chair. They have a new concept where all the winners of the PPV sign chairs that are auctioned off. Ironically, for tax purposes WWE is donating 15 chairs to charity. I guess they're looking for a tax break. Under Obama's new tax plan. Taxes will be rising for Vince. He won't admit it but he isnt a big fan of Obama. I head into WWE Headquarters. The doors slide open, and their waiting for me is Joey Styles. I say my hello's but he wanted to ask me a question apparently.

Joey Styles: Hey Dolph, as a request of WWE Universe you are wanted on twitter.

"Twitter? Are you kidding me?"

Joey Styles: No man, 12,000 people voted on a poll that you are the Superstar they'd most like to see on twitter.

"I don't do that crap man. I don't have that facebook or myspace. I'm defiantly not joining that twitter thing."

Joey Styles: As you know I'm head of WWE.Com .... Once I report that poll to management today, they're going to tell you to join twitter. It can actually help you alittle bit with the fans.

"Joey, I don't do that crap. I'm not twittering the twit. I'm not twat'ing. I don't do that shit. I don't even own a blackberry."

Joey Styles: Your gonna be joining within the week. I'm just telling you in advance.

"We'll see, but I'm telling you right now, tell them I DON'T WANNA DO IT.

Joey Styles: Alright man, I gotta go report the results to them and update the web page. The room to sign the chairs is on the right. You have to sign 55 chairs. Have fun!

I sign all the chairs. I thought I'd be bored out of my mind, but it was actually very relaxing. All time to myself. I was surprised I got monday off. I was expecting to do a house show the night after but this "Winner's" chair concept bought me a nice day off. I'm excited to see the title with the "Dolph Ziggler" name plate on it. I'm also interested to see what's going to happen with Mysterio's rematch clause. I'm supposed to go over so will see how they decided to do it. Mysterio is supposed to be booked strong and contend for the title so we shall see. I sign all the 55 chairs. I get a call from Stephanie McMahon saying I'm wanted in the conference room. I head into the conference room. It's Stephanie, Vince, Michael Hayes and Brian Gerwitz. I wonder what's up. Just me and the four big Creative guns here. I wonder what I did now?

Stephanie McMahon: Dolph please sit down.. I can tell your nervous. You defiantly weren't expecting us 4 in the same room with you alone. Don't worry you didn't do anything wrong. In fact you did things good.

"Well that's good"

Stephanie McMahon: First off, congratulation's on your title match victory. You had an amazing match. You did great. We were all really pleased with your performance. As you know your going to beat Mysterio Tuesday an retain your Intercontinental Championship. You know you were supposed to have a package with Matt Hardy and if all went well you'd be brought into the main event seen eventually. However, there is a change of plans...

"Change of plans? What do you mean change of plans?"

Stephanie McMahon: Well, Brian Gerwitz came up to me late last night and came up with a BRILLIANT, story line.

"He did?!? What did he come up with?

Brian Gerwitz: Well in seeing your match last night, I had a great idea come to mind. Seeing as if Ted DiBiase Jr. is going to be turning face in the next few months, we want to add another member to Legacy. As you know Legacy is a second and third generation superstars. Were going to play it off as Orton being desperate and being willing to break that trend. He is going to be in search for another member of Legacy. That new member is going to be.... You!

"Really! That's great. Thanks for the chance Mr.Gerwitz I won't let you down."

Brian Gerwitz: Your going to defeat Mysterio, but your not going to win clean?

"I'm not? If you don't mind me asking why?"

Brian Gerwitz: Tomorrow on RAW Batista is going to announce that he will be joining DX. In spite of this Orton will say he's looking for another member of Legacy. He will say in the next few weeks that he will be singing another member of Legacy.


Michael Hayes: On Tuesday in Mysterio's rematch you are going to get hit with the 619. He's going to go for the West Coast Pop. As he is about to leap Legacy comes out. They're going to attack Mysterio. Orton is going to come out with a microphone. He's going to ask you to join Legacy. Teddy Long comes out and says he needs to do something to shake up the roster, as he is still on probation. He is going to trade your for Kofi Kingston. That will end the segment.

"Wow, that sounds great I'm excited."

Brian Gerwitz: Your going over with the title. You'll subsequently defend your title and you'll hold onto the title for awhile. Shawn and Hunter are going at it with Cody and Ted. You'll likely attack Batista and feud somehow with him. You'll have some help cause we want to keep the animal fresh.

"That sounds great."

Vince McMahon: Now Dolph. This is a BIG break for you. Your being pushed right now to the upper card here. Your going to get some main event time here Dolph. Your being added to the current biggest faction in the entire wrestling buissness. You need to step up your game.

"Yes sir, I will do everything in my power to make Legacy the greatest faction in history... Even better then Evolution."

Vince McMahon: Now get outta my office. Head out you have a title match tomorrow.

"Yes sir!"

Wow this is my big break! I got to make this work. I can't wait to finally work with "The Viper" I've always looked up to him as a wrestler and a performer. This is a big step in my career. I gotta make this work.


Rhodes Presents: - The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary

Review for Review!

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Re: The Future Has Arrived - A Dolph Ziggler Diary -

Interesting concept however, Ziggler going to Legacy, would never happen even if Orton wanted to break the trend. Also Kofi for Dolph ehhhh terrible trade for SD! in my opinion, however I do like the idea of Ziggler feuding with Batista, but still I think Dolph should stay on SD! but whatever, its up to you dude. Can't wait to read more.

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