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Rated-TED presents: The Battle of the Billionaires

(The Following month is the Backstory to my BTB- what i have planned will take effect after Backlash)

Wrestlemania 25

The Colons def. John Morrison and the Miz to unify the World Tag Team and WWE Tag Team Championships.

CM Punk def. Mark Henry, Kane, Finlay, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Christian and Kofi to win Money in the Bank.

'Santina' won the 25- Divas Miss Wrestlemania Battle Royal.

Chris Jericho def. Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat, Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka, and Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Matt Hardy def. Jeff Hardy in an Extreme Rules Match.

Rey Mysterio def. JBL to win the Intercontinetal Championship. After the match, JBL quit the WWE.

The Undertaker def. Shawn Michaels

John Cena def. Edge and Big Show to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

Triple H def. Randy Orton to retain the WWE Championship

WWE.com Announcement

Exclusive: Linda McMahon will be appearing on Monday Night RAW to deliver a special announcement on behalf of teh Board of Directors.

RAW Preview

Just 24 hours after an unforgettable Wrestlemania 25, RAW doesnt stop the momentum, with what promises to be an action-packed RAW. As seen on WWE.com, Linda McMahon will be making a special appearnce on RAW, to deliver what no doubt will be an earth-shattering declaration taht will change teh face of WWE and sports entertainment. As well as Linda, the rest of the McMahon-Helmsley Faction will be making an appearence, no doubt to deal with this man..


Despite his campaign of destructions against the Faction, despite all his promises, Randy Orton failed in his attempt to win the WWE championship, at the hands (and knee) of the Game, Triple H. Has the path of Randy Orton's revenge quest ended? or is this just a halt in the goal of the Legend Killer? RAW will reveal the answer, as Orton has requested screen time to addres sthe manner of his loss to Triple H. No doubt with Legacy by his side, wht wrath will the Viper unleash?

The All-American....Here Again

Enraged at being excluded from Wrestlemania 25, ECW Champion Jack Swagger has vowed to show up on Monday Night RAW to confront Vince McMahon about his not making the Biggest Stage in Wrestling Industry. What impact doe sthe All-American American plan on making, and will it come back to dread Swagger for crossing the Boss?

With the borders of RAW, ECW and SmackDown broken down, with teh stars of each show set to be on RAW, what explosions can we expect, espcially with an angry giant and a rated-Raged Superstar after the WHC John Cena. Tune in Monday Night, to find out!

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Re: Rated-TED presents: The Battle of the Billionaires

You need to have a roster, and possibly a back-story or a introduction other then that its going to be intreseting reading this I'll be following this.
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Re: Rated-TED presents: The Battle of the Billionaires

I think you should change the color of the Wrestlemania results, the only way I can read is by highlighting it, and think of changing your font to something like Georgia anyways other then that I agree with nabz23, a roster would help
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Re: Rated-TED presents: The Battle of the Billionaires

Originally Posted by MisterJohnyDee View Post
I think you should change the color of the Wrestlemania results, the only way I can read is by highlighting it, and think of changing your font to something like Georgia anyways other then that I agree with nabz23, a roster would help
yeah even I needed to highlight that Mania part just to read it, I suggest never putting such bright colours when posting stuff in your BTB.
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Re: Rated-TED presents: The Battle of the Billionaires

ok thanks, duly noted lol an sorry..and there will be...see Raw an ul see why theres a delay in it
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Re: Rated-TED presents: The Battle of the Billionaires

No roster, no backstory, poor grammar, poor spelling and what seems like a lack of planning doesn't make me want to read this thread. Try and clear it up, and first of all, talk in English.
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Re: Rated-TED presents: The Battle of the Billionaires

Edit: Spam...

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Re: Rated-TED presents: The Battle of the Billionaires

ok xpower, dont judge yet, i have it planned actually, ul just have to wait an see...an secondly, regarding my slightly poor typing skills, im dyspraxic, so im bound to make mistakes here an there...at least WAIT for the first RAW before u start bad mouthin, ok??!
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Re: Rated-TED presents: The Battle of the Billionaires

EDIT: Spam

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Re: Rated-TED presents: The Battle of the Billionaires

Monday Night RAW
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
The 25th Aftermath

The RAW pyro hits, as Hall of Fame commentators Jim Ross and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler welcome us to Monday Night RAW. They advise us not to re-adjust our TV sets- they are reunited tonight, as the borders of RAW, ECW and Smackdown are broken down for this coming month, on the order of the Board of Directors, who seem to have something big planned for the WWE. JR and the King put over the amazing 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania, and show us clips of highlights from every match, including CM Punk winning Money in the Bank for the 2nd time, Undertaker defeating Shawn Michaels in an epic match, arguably the best in Wrestlemania history, John Cena winning his first ever World Heavyweight title, and Triple H retaining the WWE title in his match with Orton, via the Punt and Pedigree.

Speaking of which, ‘Voices’ sounds out, as an intense Randy Orton makes his way to the ring, flanked by his partners in crime, Legacy. Boos rain down on the trio, as they slink into the ring, Orton with a mic in hand, as well as a clipboard, glancing almost blankly around the arena, looking at the booing audience. Cody and Ted flank, as he addresses the RAW crowd.

Orton: ‘ Last night…(interruptions of ‘You Suck’ by the crowd cut him off) Last night, Triple H showed to the world what a coward he is, what a malicious weakling he truly is, when he illegally punted me in the head, (crowd cheers at this point, causing Orton to glare) knocking me unconscious, and taking advantage. I was robbed, because the rules of that match, the stipulations clearly state that if Triple H was to be disqualified or counted-out, I would be awarded the WWE title. And what he did was an act which should have immediately warranted that call, but I was screwed, because of incompetent refereeing, of biased backstage politics, who should have sent a competent referee out to the ring, who would have called for the bell, and who would have rightfully there and then, handed me my WWE title (causes the audience to boo). But you see, once again, Triple H’s backstage liaisons have saved his career, much like it always has. Triple H, we always knew, even back in the Evolution days, that you simply did not have the talent to be the champ, only your well placed connections have kept you at the top all these years. And what did I do? I severed these connections, I left you open to revealing yourself as a true weakling, and you did. You had to resort to illegal punts and sledgehammers, to beat me, and only ill-placed blindness by these fans, and your connections have saved you this far. But not now, Hunter. Because you see, in my hand (raises clipboard) I hold a legal lawsuit against this company, for violations of contract, and I will happily sue you, Vince McMahon, the WWE, everyone in this arena, I will kick skulls, I will take your wife, unless you Triple H, or any member of your guardians come out here, and give me what I deserve: a rematch for that championship- tonight!’

The crowds boo wildly, as JR states how much of a coward Orton is for attacking defenceless men and women, and threatening to do more. We aren’t waiting long, as ‘No Chance’ hits, and a very angry looking Vince McMahon storms out, mic in hand.

Vince: ‘Randy Orton. You actually have the brass balls to come out here and actually you think you deserve a rematch. Your doing what you’ve always done: your hiding behind lawyers and contracts, because you simply cannot admit that (Vince leans in) , you lost (crowd cheers as Orton shakes his head agitated). Right now all 3 of you are lucky to even have careers, let alone rematches. You’ve put your hands on me, my son Shane, my daughter Stephanie, Triple H, and yet you think because you’ve stolen out here, and mumbled some crap about ‘deserved‘, that you’re gonna get one? Randy Orton, by the time this night is through, you WONT have a career, because if I find one way, if you look at me funny, like you are now with those snake eyes, I will fire all 3 of you on the spot! (crowd explodes in cheers) ‘

Orton strolls around the ring, rolling his head, and looking at his lawsuit, before suddenly turning round, leaning on the top rope and addressing Vince.

Orton: ‘Alright, McMahon, you say you want my career, our careers? FINE then, because I know I can beat Triple H, whenever I want to. You give me Triple H, here tonight, and I’ll give you what you want: my career. You give me Triple H an that WWE championship here tonight, and should I happen to lose, Legacy is DONE! We’ll be finished here on RAW, here in the WWE, here in the wrestling world for good. What d’ya say Vince? (starts squinty-eyeing Vince) Do you have enough faith in your broken down champion, to get the job done? He couldn’t take me out before, he couldn’t defend any of you before Wrestlemania, do you have the faith to believe he’ll get it done, tonight?’

Vince: ‘( after a pause of thinking) Orton, not only do I know that Triple H could not only end your career tonight, or any night, and that he could break every bone in that slimy body, but I cant risk letting you go tonight…without having a crack at you myself! (fans cheer) So Randy Orton, its going to work like this, at Backlash, Triple H will defend that championship against you, one more time. But it wont be just any match, no. Because you see, in the interest of fairness, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes are banned from ringside, I myself will be the special Enforcer, and my son Shane will be the special guest Referee!! ( fans explode in cheers as Orton grimaces) But that’s not all, because tonight, Triple H will face Ted and Cody in a handicap match, and as much as I know I want a piece of you Orton, I know that backstage is someone else, just as desperate to tear you up, so its going to be ANOTHER handicap match, with Randy Orton vs. me, and my son Shane!’

Orton just merely stares at Vince, still squinting, as Legacy complain beside him, gesturing. Orton almost lazily stand up, before saying his final piece.

Orton: ‘That’s fine Vince, that’s typical, its pretty much what I expected from a McMahon. Hiding behind each other, making situations where you cant lose. But you see, all your doing is putting your family in harm’s way, again, just to satisfy your ego. I mean, accidents happen. They’ve happened to you, they’ve happened to Shane, to Stephanie, and if your unlucky enough, they might even happen to your wife Linda, whose here tonight. Come the pay-per-view Vince, there will be backlash, and it will be: Legacy’s!’

Vince looks almost insane with rage on the stage as Orton and Legacy smirk at him, as we fade to our first commercial break, with JR and Lawler wondering if Orton will make good on his threat to Linda.


We come back live to RAW, where JR and the King show us highlights from moments ago, between Orton and Vince, where Orton agreed to put his career on the line at Backlash against Triple H in exchange for one more shot at the gold, and his subsequent threat to Linda.

Backstage, Vince is fuming in the office with Shane.

Vince: ‘Where is Linda? Where is my wife??! If Randy does something, ohh!…’

Shane: ‘Relax dad, I just called her, she’s being moved to a different location, she’s gonna be giving her news by satellite instead. And I just got of the phone with Hunter, he’s on his way here, with Stephanie. Now we have to focus on tonight, on Orton. I mean, I don’t blame you for wanting a piece of him, I do too, but are you sure your ready? A slug fest is one thing, but to face Orton an try an beat him down, especially as you’ve only just recovered..’

Vince: ‘Are you saying you don’t think I can hurt him?’

Shane: ‘No dad, its not that..’

-The door knocks, then bangs-

Shane: ‘Look, that’s probably Hunter, lets get him in, then we can talk strategy (walking to the door) I just don’t think we should do anything till we know that at least Ted and Cody wont be a problem…Oh what do you want?’

Shane opens the door as Vince turns round, and the camera move to see a smiling Jack Swagger, whose face then turns into a grimace, and he marches in, with his title slung across his shoulder. He marches up to Vince.

Swagger: ‘Vince? Jack Swagger, the All-American American, and E-C-W champion. Look I just want to know why wasn’t I booked for Wrestlemania? I mean, you’ll let beat-nicks like Cena and Edge and Christian compete, but not the best pure wrestle in this business? Now I don’t want to tell you how to run this company (Vince is looking unpleased, but bemused, and is slowly nodding along) because you’ve been doing a good job so far, but your always gonna get disrespected by greats like Orton, if you don’t manage your best stars.’

Vince looks slightly peeved, and resorts back.

Vince: ‘didn’t, eh, Cena beta you last time you face each other?’

Swagger: ‘Ah, Vince, he just got lucky, I mean-’

Vince:’ And you know, im not too impressed with ECW recently, I mean the standards are low, the show’s outta control, and it looks like just anyone can be the champion (swagger starts reddening) Look, I’ll tell you what, ‘Swagger’, you want to come in here, marching about, and telling me how to run my own company? Then I’ll tell you what, since you so think your all ‘that’, then im booking you to face John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship, tonight!’

Swagger: (smile is returning to his face) ‘Now that’s more like.-’

Vince: ‘But if you lose, then im disbanding ECW, permently! And you’ll be the All-Unemployed….Unemployed! Now get out!’

Swagger glares at Vince, and then Shane, before storming out, Shane closes the door an then come back to cool his father.

Back in the ring, and Lillian Garcia is getting ready to introduce the next match, which has been made by the Board of Directors. JR also adds that interim GM Vickie ha been relieved of her duties this week, and all matches are being made by Vince and the Board.

The Colons come out swinging their dual belts, as JR reminds that the Colons defeated Miz and Morrison to unify the titles, but by order of the Board (who have been giving out mysterious commands tonight) the World Tag team belts are up for grabs, so a big opportunity for Miz and Morrison to regain the gold.
The Miz and Morrison come out, Morrison slapping some high-fives as he goes, while The Miz just ignores the fans, and glares at the ring, as he gets in.

Match- World Tag Team Championship
The Colons vs. The Miz and Morrison

Morrison and Primo start the match off, circling before tying up, collar-neck style. Morrison get the headlock, before Primo whips him away, and springboards over the returning Morrison, and a second time, before catching Morrison with the quick drop kick. A quick cover attempt, but Morrison rolls the shoulder at one. Primo picks up Morrison, and nails a few punches to the head, before bouncing off the rope near Miz, who knees him in the back, allowing Morrison to capitalise with a jumping reverse kick. Morrison covers, but Primo kicks out at 2. Tag to Miz, who nails some stomps, and locks in a chin lock, meanwhile yelling to the crowd that ‘He’s Awesome.’ Primo starts rallying up, to his feet, but Miz cuts off with a knee to the back, and a quick neck breaker, for another 2 count. Another tag back to Morrison, and while Miz pins down the legs, Morrison nails a second-rope leg drop, as Carlito looks on grimly. Morrison gets another cover, and only another 2, as Primo pulls away, reaching out for Carlito, before Morrison stomps on his head. Miz blind-tags himself back in, much to Morrison’s surprise. Miz locks on a headlock on the fallen Primo, as the crowd an Carlito rallies Primo, while JR and the King comment that Primo needs to make a tag. Primo battles to his feet, and hits some elbow to the stomach of Miz, and reaches out again for Carlito, before Miz heavily clubs Primo’s back a few times. Miz bounces off the ropes, but the doubled-up Primo counters with a back-body drop, crashing the Miz, and both men are down. Miz and Primo drag themselves to the corners. Miz gets the tag first, Morrison comes in to cut of Primo, by grabbing his leg, Primo counters with the Mule Kick, sends Morrison back, Primo dives and make the tag to Carlito! Who springboards over the rope and delivers a hard right to Morrison, followed by one to Miz, knocking him down. Morrison gets a kick to his stomach, Carlito bounces off the rope, hits the Million Dollar Knee Lift, followed by the clothesline. He covers Morrison, but the Miz breaks it on 2. Carlito fends off a few right hand, before countering a whip attempt, Miz kicks the bent Carlito in the head, bounces off the ropes, but Carlito catches him with a beautiful drop kick. Ref bundle the Miz out of the ring, as Morrison sends Carlito into the turnbuckle, knocking off Primo, and making an inadvertent tag. Morrison looks for the Moonlight Drive on the groggy Carlito, who counters into a Back Stabber. Carlito covers , but the ref tells him he’s not legal. Miz capitalise by nailing Primo in the back with the belt, as he’s trying to climb in the ring, sending him crashing through the ropes. Carlito then springboards over the rope onto the Miz! Morrison rolls the cover on Primo, and its 1, 2, 3!

Winners: and NEW World Tag Team Champions: The Miz and John Morrison! (6:30)

The Shaman of Sexy still looks a little bit surprised at Miz’s cheating, but both men get their hand raised with their gold, the Miz looking particularly smug. JR an the King wonder why the Board made this match in the first place, but we will get answers, as Linda is confirmed at arriving at her destination. Her address is soon, as we go to the back, where Maria is with the new Money in the Bank Holder, CM Punk.

-Highlight of CM Punk winning MITB, kicking Kane off the Ladder-

Maria: ‘I’m here with the winner of MITB, mr C.M Punk! (crowd cheers, as CM Punk steps into the camera shot, stroking his chin an smiling) Mr Punk, how does it feel to be not just the first consecutive MITB winner, but again, the MITB winner? You now have again, as you know very well, a golden opportunity whenever you like to cash in that case and challenge for a major title.’

CM Punk: ‘You know, Maria, as everybody knows, I’m Straightedge. Which means I don’t do drugs, I don’t touch alcohol, nothing bad enters this body. it’s a perfect lifestyle, and to be honest with you, as the fans know, im a perfect wrestler. So just like before, im going to wait till the perfect moment’

Clapping is heard in the distance, getting closer, as Shelton Benjamin steps into view.

‘Shelton: ‘Perfect? No punk in the world is perfect, let alone a C M Punk. Now you wanna talk perfection, it usually has a standard. And that’s called, the Gold Standard. Now every year I’ve been in MITB, ive had to watch less deserving, less able athletes take what shoulda been mine. I sell out the Money in the Bank Match, people see Shelton Benjamin on the card, they know instantly what their gonna get- pure athleticism. They see your name, and they know what their gonna get- a punk.’

Punk: (still stroking his chin and smirking, before looking up at Shelton) ‘What do you want, Benjamin?’

Shelton: ‘Im just putting you on notice, that the Gold Standard is gunning for what always shoulda been his, that case in your hands. So before you get comfortable with it, be warned that on Smackdown, im getting the opportunity to challenge you for that case, and when im done with whoever, im coming for you.’

Shelton smirks, as Punk looks again at his case , smirking an sarcastically laughing in his throat.

Punk: ‘Is that right? Well Shelton, like you say, you might sell out the MITB match, but I win it, which is why I have the case, and you don’t. Good luck on Friday, because if you win, this is the closest you’ll get to seeing yourself as Mr, MITB.’

Shelton just smirks, before turning and walking away. Punk looks to address back to Maria, before Shelton levels him outta nowhere with a Superkick, sending Punk back into the wall.

Shelton: ‘Now that’s the Gold Standard of punking.’

He walks away grinning, as the camera zooms on the fallen Punk, as we then jump to Swagger walking to the ring in the back, before being confronted by Dreamer, Bourne and Christian.

Dreamer:’ You better hope tonight that your mouth, doesn’t end ECW. I spent 20 years building it up, not to lose it because some baby lost his bottle.’

Christian: ‘And I hope you don’t drop the ball Swagger, because im looking forward to taking that ECW championship from you. So you better go out there an win, or else we’ll be looking for you’

Swagger just smiles an laughs, as he shoulder barges his way past. The camera focus on all 3 glaring men, before we fade to commercial.


We’re back as ‘On Your Knees’ is playing, an the ECW champion Jack Swagger is walking down the ramp. He does his signature push ups, before climbing into the ring. Boos pour down on him, as he smiles, an mouths how his gonna be the ECW and WH Champion.
‘The Time is now’ sounds out to MASSIVE ovations from the audience (before the usual slight booing echoes) and out comes the World Heavyweight Champ,……John Cena! He comes flying out, all hyped, before doing his salute and sprinting to the ring, and posing for the audience, while Swagger watches intently. Cena throws his cap and jersey to the crowd, and starts doing his bouncing off the ropes warm up, as Swagger exit’s the ring an starts circling, the commentators wondering if the pressure of what’s on his shoulders is getting to Swagger, he stands, staring at his ECW title, before climbing on the apron, Cena goes to get him, and Swagger nails him in the face with the belt! Swagger quickly climbs in, and the ref rings the bell, an now the match has officially begun!

Match- ECW Brand vs. World Heavyweight Championship
Jack Swagger vs. John Cena

Swagger immediately goes for a cover, 1, 2,,, No, John Cena dazedly gets the shoulder up. Swagger looks ticked, he mounts on Cena, and starts nailing him with punches. JR remarks how this isn’t the style of a pure wrestler; this is the style of a desperate man. Cena is able to roll Swagger off, and gets to his knees, before Swagger locks in a reverse bear hug, before lifting up Cena and dropping him in a power slam- like move. Swagger rolls Cena over and covers again, but only another near 3. Cena battles to his feet, and Swagger whips him into the corner. Swagger charges, but Cena gets the elbow up, dazing Swagger, before Cena explodes off the ropes with the patented flying shoulder block. Cena nails 2 more on Swagger, who attempts a looping punch, which Cena ducks, and nails his spin out power bomb. He taunts for the 5-knuckle shuffle, echoing ‘You cant see me’ to Swagger, bounces off the rope, an drops the fist on the face of Swagger. Cena signals for the Attitude Adjustment, gets Swagger up on his shoulders, bur Swagger counters with hard elbows to the face, drops behind Cena, and drops him with a devastating German Suplex. Swagger covers, 1, 2, NO, Cena again kicks out. Swagger immediately locks on a reverse bear hug, lifts up Cena and drops him on his front, still holding and squeezing and the chest of Cena. He drags up Cena, and drops him in the same fashion, before rolling him over in a pinning bridge, 1, 2 , NO Cena rolls through it, but Swagger still holds the grip, as he holds Cena on his front again. JR comments how Swagger is bringing the technical wrestling back. Swagger drags up Cena, with the ref asking Cena if he wants to quit, but Cena says no, and grabs hold of the ring rope, with Swagger pulling hard, Cena counters with some elbows of his own to the face, causing Swagger to stumble back, before Cena loads him up with surprise speed and drops him with the Attitude Adjustment! Cena, dazedly covers, and its 1, 2 , 3- NO!, Swagger has the shoulder up. Cena cant believe, as Jerry states that Swagger kicked out with desperation and hunger then anything. Cena goes for the STF, but Swagger rolls over an kicks him away, into the ref, who crashes down. Cena goes back for the leg, but Swagger drops him face first into the middle turnbuckle, before going round Cena, lifting him up, and dropping him with a devastating Gutwrench Powerbomb! Swagger smiles, covers, as the ref slowly pulls across, an makes the count, 1, 2, No, Cena gets the foot an the rope, an the ref spots it. Swagger cant believe it, and pleads with the ref. His face changes to set determination, He grabs Cena, pullls him up, but Cena traps the leg, pulling down Swagger, an locks in the STF! Swagger battles, reaches, but he cant find the ropes, and eventually submits.

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion: John Cena (10:43)

Cena is handed both the WHC and ECW championship, as Swagger rolls out the ring looking aghast, head in hands. JR reminds us that this now spills the end of the ECW brand, because of Swaggers mouth. Cena is posing with the titles, as Dreamer, Christian and Bourne make their way to the ring, as Swagger is making his way up the ramp. He sees them, and backs up towards the ring, where Cena is waiting, Swagger rolls in, and Cena scoops him up and drops him with another Attitude Adjustment! The ECW stars enter the ring, and Cena stares down with Dreamer, before handing him the ECW title, and exits, posing on the ramp to the fans with his WHC belt. The three circle Swagger, who is on his knees, trying to reason, before Christian slaps him in the face, and then hit’s the KillSwitch!, Bourne has climbed up, and get ready for it, as he nails the Air Bourne Shooting Star Press, across the back of Swagger, who staggers up in pain, where Dreamer, drops him with the DDT onto the ECW belt! Dreamer grabs the belt, as all 3 exit, and JR wondering where their future now lies. Meanwhile on the stage, Cena is posing, before Edge appears out of no where, and Spears Cena! Edge stands cockily above the body, before catching sight of the stars coming up the ramp, and scarpers.

We go backstage, where we see Triple H is taping up, with Stephanie helping him out. A knock on the door, and its Shane and Vince, ready for battle. They all embrace Triple H and Stephanie, before they talk.

Triple H: ‘Vince, Shane, you sure you wanan get in the ring with Orton? I mean, the guy’s vicious, and no offence, but neither of you two are proper wrestlers. You could get hurt. Especially with Ted and Cody no doubt behind him.’

Vince: ‘You saying I cant wrestle? You saying I wont be able to put the beat down (punches his palm) on Randy Orton? Im not going out there to wrestle tonight, Im going out there to hurt Orton, before you put his career out for good. Im not expecting pinfalls, Im expecting pain. I don’t care if I split him with a chair, or nail him with a pipe, tonight is about vengeance!’

Triple H: ‘Don’t you think Ortons thinking the same thing? Hes not interested in winning, he just wants to take you and Shane out, before Backlash, and you cant ask me or Steph to go through that again. Go with Linda, I’ll take care of Orton and his Legacy.’

Vince: ‘No, tonight is personal, and me and Shane deserve the chance to put the beat on Orton, and believe me, we will! Are you with me Shane?’

Shane nods, and pats his dad on the back. Triple H doesn’t look too convinced, as he and Vince and Shane hug, before they exit. The camera fades on the looks of concern on the faces of Stephanie and Triple H.


JR and the King ignite us to the previous events of Cena and Swagger and how ECW is now ended.

We come back to Orton and the Legacy are walking in the parking lot. Orton is dressed for his match, as he guides Ted and Cody to a car.

Orton: ‘Look, don’t argue. Just do this, for us.. Do you want to be fired? If we don’t do this, all our careers are at stake. I can beat Triple H, under any condition, but if the Mcmahons want to screw with us, then we will have to teach them a lesson. Now im going to go out there and put away Vince and Shane. You go find her, and take her out.’

Ted and Cody look uncomfortable, but get in the car.

Ted: ‘But how do you know where she is?’

Orton smirks

Orton: ‘Don’t worry about that. You know the plan, you know whose with us. Their just coming through on their end, we have to come through on ours. Now go get her, and take her out. Be ruthless, or at least, bring he back to me. Got it? Now I’ll go take care of the McMahons, and Triple H’

Ted and Cody drive off, still looking unsure, as Orton watches them go, with a smirk on his face, before it goes into a looked of concentration and evil focus.

We come back to the ring, where JR and the King direct us to the Titatron, as we are joined by none other, live by satellite from a secure location, the CEO, Linda McMahon.

JR: ‘Linda thank you for joining us. We have to apologise for the circumstances, but Mr McMahon didn’t want to risk your safety, not with Orton’s threats, and recent actions.’

Linda: ‘I know of the circumstances caused by Mr Orton’s behaviour, and the Board has noticed. We will not tolerate Randy Orton’s behaviour and the Board fully endorses the match made earlier this evening. Randy Orton’s career will be decided at Backlash. He will either be champion, or trash.’

JR: ‘Now we know that the Board has been very vocal the past 24 hours, making the World Tag Team Championship match, and allowing stars to compete on either Raw, and Smackdown, and the question on everybody’s lips is why? What doe the Board have planned?’

Linda: ‘Well as you know JR, the Board is in charge of several things within the WWE. For example, we have responsibility of keeping the company fresh and interesting, and exciting, as well as giving stage to the bright superstars that come through our mix. So the Board has decreed that next week’s Raw will be a 3-hour special Draft Show, in which the mangers of Raw and Smackdown will pick their roster. The show will feature 10 live draft picks, the rest will happen behind closed doors.’

Jerry Lawler: ‘Well that’s huge! And everyone is up for grabs?’

Linda: ‘Everybody. Staff, announcers and wrestlers. Even Randy Orton and his Legacy will be available, but whoever picks them shouldn’t be surprised to see a 3-superstar gap in their pages come Backlash.’

JR: ‘But we understand that this isn’t the only news you have.’

Linda: ‘No that’s right JR. Since 1999, Smackdown has been in the hands of the McMahon’s. But since Wrestlemania, we are delighted to say that Smackdown was sold to a private individual, who plans to unveil themselves in due time. In the meantime, I understand that they have hired a representative, within the past few minutes ive been informed, to put forward their wants and run Smackdown until they choose to show up. In that event, RAW will remain ‘owned’ by Vince McMahon. But it will remain business as usual. The new SD owner ha since released Teddy Long from his duties, and has already begun to sort out his draft picks. But he will be watching SD this Friday. And I can say that he has booked John Cena vs. Triple H as it’s main event.’

JR: ‘Well we thank you for your time Linda McMahon, and again we apologise for the inconvenience.’

Linda: ‘That’s fine, and remember, this is a new era in WWE and we-’

The tron goes black suddenly, as the crowd starts buzzing about it, and JR and the King wonder what happened.

We fade back to Vince and Shane wondering what happened to Linda’s feed, as they head to the ring.

‘No Chances’ hits and out comes Shane and Vince, still looking concerned, but as Jerry reminds, they’ll need to concentrate because their against the Viper, Randy Orton, whose vowed to take them out tonight. Shane and Vince get a very decent pop as they climb into the ring, and face the entrance, waiting for Orton, who does not disappoint, as ‘Voices’ cries out again, as he stalks his way to the ring, eyeing up his opponents through slitted eyes. He hesitates at the bottom of the ramp, surveying the booing audience before shaking his neck and climbing up the apron. The ref holds back the McMahon’s as Orton simply stares at them, before slowly entering through the ropes. Ref calls for the bell, and here we go!

Match: Randy Orton vs. The McMahons (Shane and Vince)

Both McMahons immediately leap on Orton, nailing punches and clubs to the back and head. The ref drags off Vince, which allows Orton to nail a shot to Shane, hammering him onto the ropes. Vince pulls away from the ref and leaps on Orton again, much to the delight of the crowd. Vince starts nailing punches to the head, before Orton pushes him away. Vince charges in and Orton catches him with an elbow to the face, and staggers him, before following up with a chop block, knocking down Vince. He approaches the fallen Vince, failing to notice Shane climbing up the turnbuckle. He turns, and Shane leaps with a flying clothesline knocking down the Legend Killer.. Shane covers, but just over a 2 count. Vince is slowly getting up as Shane stomps on the body of Orton. It looks like this is a non-tag handicap match, as the ref hasn’t sent Vince or Shane to the apron. Both men stomp away at Orton as he crawls to the ropes. He gets there, and the ref backs off the McMahon’s. Orton pulls himself up, and Shane and Vince double-clothesline him over the top rope, sending him sprawling to the floor outside. Shane climbs up the turnbuckle, stalking Orton, and he leaps, but Orton counters, sending him crashing into the barricade, much to Vince’s horror. Orton starts hammering away on Shane, as Vince slides out, turns Orton around, and nails him a few times, before Orton catches him with a knee to the gut, and a whip hard into the side of the ring. Orton eyes up the steel steeps, as JR remarks Orton has evil intentions. Orton sets up to whip Vince into them, but Vince is able to hold it off, long enough for Shane to run and leap off the steps into Orton, tumbling all three men. The ref begins his count, as all 3 men pull up. Orton slinks into the ring, followed by Shane, after checking on his father. Shane catches Orton with a few straight shots, before a hard one into the jaw, that knocks Orton off his feet. Vince is pulling up on the apron slowly. Shane has a whip countered, but rebounds with a flying clothesline. He attempts to pull up Orton, who quickly counters into his neck/backbreaker. He covers, but Vince breaks it on 2. Orton glares round angrily at Vince, but Vince stands his ground, as both men stare head to head, Orton with a maniac look on his face, before Shane punches the back of his leg, and Orton goes down on his knee, and Vince’s nails a quick Stunner! Vince covers and its 1, 2 , no! Kick out by the Viper. Vince sends Shane to the top rope an he mounts Orton to deliver some more punches, but as Shane climbs, Orton sends Vince into the top rope, knocking Shane off the ring post and onto the floor. Vince staggers back and Orton catches him with a quick accurate RKO! Shane is in pain on the floor, as it looks like Orton is stalking for the punt! The ref begs Orton not to, but Orton has that manic look again. Shane is pulling himself up into the ring as Orton pushes the ref away, and he calls for the bell!

Winners: by a result of DQ: The McMahons (10.25)

Orton still goes for the punt and Shane leaps in the way, taking the hit hard in the ribs! Vince looks aghast, then mad as he stares up at Orton, who is leaning over him, still looking manic. Vince slowly rises, with the commentators wondering what’s about to go down, before Orton suddenly smiles at Vince and nods, before exiting the ring. However Triple H is running down the ramp, and Orton quickly leaps into the audience, and heads for the exit, as the ref and Vince checks on Shane, as Triple H mouths at Orton, whose still smirking.

-Highlights of the InterContinental Championship match air, showing
Rey’s record-setting win in shortest match, and JBL’s subsequent quitting-

Backstage, Vince is yelling at Triple H for not coming quick enough, as they watch Shane being helped into the ambulance.

Vince: ‘Well the hell were you! If you were so worried, why didn’t you come out in that match, when he went for the punt?!’

Stephanie: ‘Dad calm down, we were looking for mum.’

Vince: ‘No one could possibly know where she is. Someone’s been spying on us. Where have you both been?’

Triple H: ‘Hey! Neither of us would do that and you know it! Why was Orton smiling at you? What was that about Vince?’

Vince: ‘Hes a freak, and we all know it. I wouldn’t have anything to do with that monster. And besides, if you don’t trust me, maybe I shouldn’t have your back tonight, since you didn’t have mine!’

Triple H stalks off, as Vince glares away, as the ambulance looks set to leave with Shane and Stephanie accompanying.

Stephanie: ’Dad? (Vince looks away) Help him tonight. Dad! Look at me (Vince turns) Help him. Don’t let Orton destroy this family again. Please? Im going to get Shane to the hospital, and then im going to find mum, ok?’

Vince glares, as she climbs into the ambulance.

We come back to the new IC champion in the ring, as the commentators still seem in shock of what’s happened. They show replays of Shane taking the punt to the ribs. They report that Shane has been taken to the hospital with suspected broken ribs.

In the meantime, Rey Mysterio has a mic.

Rey Mysterio: ‘(says some things in Spanish) Orla , mez amigos! How pumped are we, to stand here as your new InterContinental Champion! (crowd pops massively). Even if it meant beating a whiner like JBL, a man who quit after his defeat, I plan to restore honour to this belt. You have no idea how great it is to hold this, along with the likes of Stone Cold, The Rock, Owen Hart, Ricky the Dragon Steamboat. Infact, after last night, everyone has seen that Ricky still has it, so tonight, I would like to make my first title defence against none other then The Dragon, who will be in action next, against-’

‘Break Down the Walls’ hits as Chris Jericho walks out in wrestling gear, looking moody, armed with a mic. He smirks at the booing audience, before addressing Rey Mysterio, and making his way down the ramp.

Jericho: ‘Rey Mysterio. An athlete of unmatched ability, certainly better then that hack JBL had. I honestly thought you were a good thing for that belt, until you opened your mouth, and started pandering to these lecherous, monogamous, ill-infectious bigots. Their all hypocrites, they do not recognise what I have done for them, and that im the best at what I do. Last night, I faced 3 washed up has-beens, who seemed to think they could waltz into my world, on a wave of old glory, and take over. I put them in their place, like ive done to everyone whose been undeserving of being here. And you people boo me (reaches bottom of the ramp) rather then see the greatness of what im doing. And tonight, the washed up ‘legend’ that is Ricky the Dragon Steamboat impressed so much that he gets a rematch with me, and you wanna give him a title match? That is an insult to me, to this company, and to that belt, and I wont allow it. The man submitted to my greatness, he quit on all of you (starts pointing to the crowd as he reaches the top the steps) and you want to reward him with an opportunity I have long deserved? I wont allow it, so tonight, I will break that old hack, an then il do this world justice by taking that belt from you at Backlash. And by the end of it, you’ll thank me, Chris Jericho!’

Jericho throws the mic at Rey Mysterio, who trys to retaliate, but the ref backs him off and out the ring. Looks like Rey will be at commentary. Ricky the Dragon Steamboat’s music hits, an here comes the Hall of Famer, to a massive ovation from the audience, even the commentators, who put over his match last night and how this could be an incredible comeback for him. Rey adds he learnt his trade watching the original high-flyer, the Dragon. Jericho is pacing around the ring, as Steamboat climbs in, as the ref calls for the bell.

Match: Chris Jericho vs. Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat

They collar-tie up, before Jericho backs Steamboat to the corner. The ref orders the clean break, and Jericho does, until he yells at and slaps Steamboat. Steamboat retaliates by pushing Jericho over, much to his surprise! Jericho ups quickly, and they move in to tie up again. Jericho goes behind with a wrist lock, before Steamboat counters with a snapmere, and a chin lock. Ref asks Jericho if he wants to give up and Jericho screams no. Jericho is able to power to his feet and catches Steamboat with a back suplex, till Steamboat lands on his feet, Jericho turns, charges at the seemingly unsteady Dragon, who then counters with his traditional arm drag! Jericho charges again, an gets caught with a 2nd, then a 3rd!, which Steamboat locks into an arm bar. Jericho immediately gets to the ropes, breaking the hold, and pace to the outside, as we go to a commercial.


We’re back and Jericho has regained control of the match. We see a replay of Jericho hitting a superplex on Steamboat after he attempted a cross body, Jericho got up and dropped him. Jericho now has his own chin lock on Steamboat. Jericho is screaming at Steamboat to tap ‘Tap like you always do’ much to the disgust of Rey, JR and Lawler. He isn’t, however, as he counters with some knees and kicks to the head of Jericho, breaking the hold. Steamboat starts rallying with a few clotheslines to Jericho, knocking the arrogant star down. The crowd starts pumping for Steamboat, as he charges Jericho in the corner who counters with a boot to the face. Jericho props up on the turnbuckle, and leaps for the cross body, but Steamboat counters with a chop to the chest, sending Jericho double-up in mid air! Jericho staggers up, as Steamboat rolls him up from behind, with a s school boy an it’s 1, 2, not 3 as Jericho’s struggling gets the kick out. Jericho looks for his own clothesline, but Steamboat ducks it, and counters a rebounding Jericho with a drop kick. Steamboat covers, an gets another 2. Steamboat attempts a suplex, but Jericho hooks his leg on Steamboat, countering it an tripping the veteran down. Jericho goes for the Walls, but Steamboat kicks him off, but Jericho comes back with a bulldog on the rising figure. Jericho then looks for the Lionsault, but Ricky rolls out of the way, and Jericho lands on his feet, but out of no where nails a CodeBreaker! He yells ‘That’s it’ and goes for the cover, and even the commentators seem to agree. Its 1, 2 , but no 3 as Steamboat kicks out! Jericho cant believe it, as he screams at the ref ‘It was 3! I counted 3!’ Jericho looks sour , as he points at Rey, who notices, Jericho attempts to pick up Steamboat, who suddenly counters into a small package, but Jericho rolls through on the 1 count into another Walls, but cant turn over Steamboat, he leans down to get a better grip, and Steamboat pulls him into another pinning package and its 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Ricky the Dragon Steamboat (11: 23)

Jericho looks aghast and furious, yelling at the ref as Steamboat soaks in the cheers and is congratulated by Rey. Jericho looks mad, and charges at the duo, Rey drops him on the middle rope, signals for 619, as Steamboat leaps back on the turnbuckle, Rey hits it, Jericho staggers, and Steamboat leaps and nails a Flying Crossbody on Jericho! Who rolls out in pain, looking sulky and pissed, as Rey and Ricky celebrate in the ring, as we go to our last commercial.


We’re back in the ring for our main event: Triple H vs. Legacy, as JR and the King recap all that’s happened this night: Orton’s rematch with the Game at Backlash, and his threats to the McMahon family, Linda’s news and possible disappearance, Shane’s injury, and now our main event.

Triple H come out first, to ‘The Game’. He stalks down to the ring as the fans cheer him on, looking mad and determined. JR even quotes he fears for Legacy tonight: they might not even have to wait till Backlash to have their careers threatened. He swigs from the water, throws it away, climbs up on the apron, and does his mist-and-pose. He climbs in the ring, poses on the turnbuckle, an then paces in the ring waiting. We don’t wait long, but its not Legacy, as ‘Voices’ rings out again, and Randy Orton appears on the Tron, with an evil smirk, to Triple H.

Orton: ‘Hunter. Hunter Hunter Hunter. Haven’t you learnt anything? Hasn’t anything got in your thick skull? You wont be facing Ted and Cody tonight, they had business to deal with. But now they have, their back, and I will get what I want, courtesy of the 4TH MEMBER OF LEGACY- You!! (Triple H looks shocked and puzzled , as the commentators wonder what could Orton mean) Next week, here on RAW, you will give me what I want, because I have something that you want. You see, Cody and Ted went to do something we needed to do, to get what we really wanted. We found Linda McMahon and we sabotaged her feed, which gave to us: HER’

The camera pans to Stephanie who looks terrified, flanked by Ted and Cody who are both smiling. Triple H is looking almost enraged and upset.

Orton: ‘Next week Triple H, on Raw, you will hand over that WWE title, and your career, and I will return Stephanie to you. Im not putting my career on the line to anyone, not even you. You thought it end at Wrestlemania? It only just, begun!’

The tron fades, as Triple H goes berserk and exit’s the ring, and heads up the ramp. As the whole arena is flooded in shock an silence, as the commentators seem almost speechless, JR wonders what the diabolical Orton had planned, and now we found out, as RAW fades off.

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