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Learning to break kayfabe
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International Wrestling Tour (IWT)

When Stephanie McMahon found out that she was left out of Vince McMahon's will, she decided to take on the challenge of competing with her father's company. However, she knew she neede some help. Help came in the form of Paul Heyman. Now after luring away some stars they are ready to take off. However, she did take one thing from her father. She named her show Heat, just like the WWE show.

Triple H
Kurt Angle
Samoa Joe
Jeff Jarrett

Booker T
AJ Styles
Scott Steiner
Chris Jericho
Kevin Nash

Rey Mysterio
Ultimo Dragon
Juventud Guerrera
Chris Sabin
Petey Williams
Christopher Daniels

Tag Teams
Kane & Mick Foley
Hardy Boyz
Team 3D
La Resistance
William Regal & Eugene
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Re: International Wrestling Tour (IWT)

Are your next posts going to be shows ?
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: International Wrestling Tour (IWT)

IWT Preview of the First Heat

- We'll here from IWT Co-Owner Stephanie McMahon, concerning the IWT World Championship

-Two tag teams will face-off in one-on-one matches when Rob Conway takes on William Regal & Rene Dupree squares up with Eugene

- An 8-Man Elimination Tag Team Match will feature two teams consisting of the Hardy Boyz, Petey Williams & Kevin Nash versus the team of Team 3D, Christopher Daniels & Finlay

- In Cruiserweight action Juventud Guerrera battles Chris Sabin

-In the first ever Heat Main Event, Chris Jericho goes toe to toe with Rhino

That's all live on this week's Heat from the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: International Wrestling Tour (IWT)

All My Heroes Are Weirdos by !!! plays as we continuiously switch shots of different people around the crowd.

Paul: Welcome to the first ever Wednesday Night Heat! We are live from the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama! I'm Paul Heyman, Co-Owner of the IWT. We have a gr-

Tazz: Sorry to cut in Paul but Stephanie McMahon is the ring and I think she wants to say something.

We switch to a shot of Stephanie standing in the ring hold a mic.

Stephanie: Tonight I this first event in this company's history. Now because I'm the co-owner, I'd like to announce that we have our first IWT World Champion. Please welcome my husband, "The Game" Triple H!

King of Kings hits and Triple H makes his way out on to the stage with the IWT World Championship belt around his waist. However, he doesn't do his usual entrance he just calmly makes his way to the ring, up the steps, and through the ropes where he is handed the mic by his wife.

Triple H: Today is a glorious day in the history of the IWT. You are all in the presents of the first and most dominating IWT World Champion! "The-

DONG! DONG! DONG! The lights go out and when they come back on The Undertaker is standing across the ring from Triple H and Ms. McMahon.

Paul: Undertaker!

`Taker points at the belt around Triple H's waist then motions for the belt to be around his waist.

Stephanie: You want this belt? You got it! At IWT's first pay-per-view, Bad Blood, it will be Triple H defending his title against "The Deadman" The Undertaker!

Triple H and Undertaker stare each other down as we go to commercial

*COMMERCIALS*-Bass Pro Shops & Miller Lite

We return to see Rob Conway in the ring preparing for his match.

Tazz: So we already have our main event for our first pay-per-view and we aren't even twenty minutes into the show!

We hear some generic music play as William Regal is already on the edge of ring as he takes his overcoat off and climbs though the ropes.

Paul: I highly doubt we'll ever see these two in a main event anytime soon.

Rob Conway vs. William Regal

Conway and Regal both stand in the ring, the stare down continues for a few seconds before Regal spit in Conway's face, Conway tried for a punch but Regal ducked and hit a quick spear on Conway, causing Conway to hit the mat with extreme force. Regal continues the assault with a leg drop and a cover 1......2....Kick out by Conway, Regal outraged by the ref's count gets up and starts arguing with the ref, Conway meanwhile struggles to get to his feet and when Regal turns around Conway nails him with a clothesline to the outside, but Regal lands on his feet dazed about his surroundings. Conway jumps to the outside and comes around behind Regal and grabs him by the back of the head and drags him to the steel steps, and tries to shove his head into the steps but Conway blocks it and puts Regal's head into the steel. Regal starts to stumble by the ringside area as the ref starts yelling at Conway to get back into the ring. Conway tosses Regal back in the ring. Conway goes for the pin but Regal kicks out at 2. Conway then goes to the top rope and comes back down with a moonsault but Regal catches him and slams him with a Regal Cutter. Regal picks Conway back up and hits the Regal Bomb. Regal then begins to pump up the crowd and gets Conway in the Regal Stretch. Regal locks the hold in good and Conway tries to make it to the ropes but has no choice but to tap.

Paul: He's tappin!

Lilian Garcia:Here is your winner William Regal!

Conway gets up and both men show each other respect by shaking hands.

Tazz: Wow, what a match!

Paul: And if you thought that was good just wait until we come back, Rene Dupree will go one on one with Eugene.

*COMMERCIALS*-Carquest & FedEx

Backstage, Triple H & Stephanie McMahon were walking back to Stephanie's office. Once they reach the door Stephanie pushes the door open to Sting standing right in front of her.

Stephanie: What the hell do you want?

Triple H: Don't you have to go play some baseball with your little bat there.

Sting takes a long look at the bat.

Sting: Undertaker gets a match for the World Championship by just demanding it. So I'm demanding to be added to the match.

Stephanie has a questioning look on her face.

Stephanie: If you have a point to prove, how about you show us why you think you deserve to be in the match next week. You'll face Kurt Angle next week with Special Referee, Triple H!

The crowd can be heard cheering. Sting nods in approval as he exits the room.

The French Ladykiller is playing as we see Rene Dupree pacing in the ring.

Some generic music hits as Eugene comes out waving to everyone and pulling on his hair as he makes his way into the ring.

Eugene gets in Dupree's face and begins to trash talk him. Dupree just laughs at Eugene and pushes Eugene off of him. Eugene pushes Dupree back but he doesn't move. Eugene pushes Dupree again but Dupree still doesn't budge. Dupree pushes Eugene and he goes flying into the ropes. Eugene is angry now and runs at Dupree for a closeline but Dupree just ducks it and begins to hammer away on Eugene. Dupree tosses Eugene to the turnbuckle and begins to foearm choke him.

Paul: Hey that's illigal, get in there and break it up ref!

The Ref: Hey come on 1...2.....3....4

Dupree stops the choke and tosses Eugene to the mat. Eugene makes it to his feet and gets locked in a mssive headlock by Dupree.

Tazz: Wow, I don't think Eugene will be getting out of that headlock.

Eugene struggles to get out the headlock but Dupree is just too strong. While Eugene is in the headlock he begins to distract the ref and while he does he kicks Dupree right in the groin.

Paul:: Hey that's a cheap shot! He should be disqulifed right there!

Dupree leans on the ropes and begins to hold his groin. Eugene runs at Dupree and hits a closeline fliping Dupree to the outside but Dupree lands on his feet. Eugene goes out on the apron and does a moonsault but Dupree catches him and drives Eugene's back into the ring post.

Tazzh no, he just ran Eugene's back right into the ring post.

Paul: Ouch that's gotta hurt!

Dupree still has Eugene on his shoulder and he runs his back into the ring post again.

Paul: Oh my God again, how much more can Eugene take?

Tazz: Not much I don't think Paul.

Dupree yet still has Eugene on his should and he walks him near the crowd and drops Eugene's face on the barricade. Dupree grabs Eugene's head and smashes it against the steel steps, Dupree then takes Eugene over to the announce table and smashes Eugene's head on it.

Paul: Oh no, there coming over here now Tazz.

Tazz: This could get pretty ugly.

Dupree takes the announce chord and chokes Eugene with it.

Tazz: Hey, he can't do that to Eugene!

Paul: He's choking his lights out!

After Dupree is finished choking Eugene with the chord Dupree tosses Eugene back into the ring. Dupree comes back in the ring and picks Eugene back up to his feet. Dupree tosses Eugene to the rope and when Eugene comes back he is hit with a big boot from Dupree. Dupree goes for the cover.


Paul: Yes, Eugene kicks out.

Dupree picks Eugene back up and executes a headbutt knocking Eugene right back down to the mat. Dupree goes to follow up with a elbow drop but Eugene moves out the way just in time. Eugene then runs against the ropes and Dupree gets up quickly and Eugene goes for a cross body but is caught by Dupree. Dupree spins him around for a little while then hits a fall away slam. Dupree pulls Eugene to the middle of the ring then hits him with a standing splash, then he hooks the leg but only gets a 2 count. Dupree rasies Eugene back up and throws him to the turnbuckle following it up with a clothesline. Eugene comes stumbling from the tunbuckle and Dupree catches Eugene with a powerbomb. Dupree begins to taunt Eugene as the crowd cheers Eugene back up to his feet. Dupree covers Eugene


Paul: No Eugene kicks out just in time!

Tazz: What? I could have sworn that was three.

Dupree is looking confused and begins to argue with the ref. Just as Dupree turns around Eugene rakes him in the eyes. Eugene then dropkicks Dupree in the back causing Dupree to fall to his knees. Eugene then runs to the ropes and comes back with a dropkick to the face off Dupree finally knocking him down on the mat. Eugene then goes for a quick pin.


Paul: Dupree quickly kicking out of that one.

Eugene runs to the ropes again and connects with a clothesline on Dupree. Eugene begins stomping on the head of Dupree then he gets him in a sleeper hold. The crowd begins to clap trying to get Dupree back in the match. Dupree begins to get some momentum and now the crowd begins to cheer his name.

Crowd: Dupree Dupree Dupree Dupree Dupree Dupree!

Dupree slowy begins to make it to his feet with Eugene still with the sleeper hold on him. Dupree makes it to his feet and begins elbowing Eugene in the stomach then he kicks Eugene in the gut to break the sleeper hold. Dupree then connects with a ddt. Both men are down on the mat now. The ref begins the count.


Both men slowly begin to make it to there feet.


Dupree uses the ropes to get to his feet.


Eugene is also now on his feet. The two begin to trade blows unti eventually Dupree gets the advantage throwing lefts and rights to the face of Eugene. Dupree then connects with a huge clothesline to Eugene knocking him down to the mat, Eugene quickly makes it back to his feet and is knocked down with another closeline, Eugene gets back up and again is knocked down from a clothesline from Dupree.

Paul: Man, clothesline after clotesline, this is getting brutal.

Eugene gets up again and this time is knocked down with a cltohesline again.

Tazz: Oh what a clothesline, that knocked the wind out of him!

Dupree goes for the cover but Eugene barely kicks out at 2.

Dupree rasies Eugene up and throws him hard into the corner and follows it up with a huge splash and they both begin to crumble on the mat. The ref starts the count


Dupree starts to make his way to his feet and the ref stops the count. Eugene out of nowhere dives into Dupree's leg taking him down to the mat.

Tazz: Nice chop block by Eugene

Eugene continues the boots, then goes to the top rope and goes for splash but Dupree rolls out the way casuing Eugene to land on the mat. Once Eugene gets up Dupree goes for another headbutt but Eugene drops to his knees with a sprawl and pulls Dupree's legs dropping him to the mat. Eugene goes for a sharpshooter but Dupree kicks Eugene through the ropes. The crowd begins to cheer as Dupree lifts his arms in the air.

Paul: Eugene could get counted out right here.


Eugene gets up and quickly slides back in the ring. Eugene and Dupree circle the ring and lock up. Dupree just tosses Eugene to the corner and hits a huge chop to the chest.

Crowd: Whoooooo!

Dupree hits another chop to the chest of Eugene.

Crowd: Whoooooo!

Dupree then hits a third chop to Eugene's chest.

Crowd: Whoooo!!

Dupree tosses Eugene to the ropes and hits a soman drop. Dupree then stalks Eugene. Once Eugene makes it to his feet Dupree hits a jacknife powerbomb. Dupree then signals to crowd who begins to cheer. Dupree picks Eugene up but Eugene punches Dupree in the gut, not really fazing him. Dupree headbutts Eugene and then kicks him in the gut and hits a Dupree Bomb.

Paul:A Dupree Bomb! That's it!

Tazz: No, kick out Eugene!


Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner Rene Dupree!

Backstage, Kevin Nash is walking down a hallway on his way to the ring.

*COMMERCIALS*-Old Spice & Office Depot

We return to a backstgae interview set with the IWT logo in the background. Trish Stratus is standing in a short black dress with a microphone in hand.

Trish: Please welcome, Scott Steiner.

Steiner lumbers into the picture flexing his arms, left and right.

Trish: So Scott, you don't have an match tonight but you are here. THey question is why?

Scott: You know I am the biggest man in the IWT and I deserve better than to not have a match on the first show. But I waant to make a challenge to anyone who wants to fight me at Bad Blood. Then again, you'd have to be a real jackass to want to fight me one-on-one.

Steiner turns and exits as Trish considers what he said. We switch to a shot of Stephanie McMahon walking down a white-walled corridor she stops and we pan around to see the name "AJ STYLES" on the door. She knocks. After a moment or two he opens the door.

AJ: Hey boss, you need something?

Stephanie: I may have an opportunity you can't pass up. Can we discuss it?

AJ: Sure. Why not?

Styles steps aside and Stephanie walks in and AJ follows her in, closing the door behnid himself


The Team of Kevin Nash, Petey Williams & The Hardy Boyz are already in the ring.

Lambeg plays and Finlay, Christopher Daniels & Team 3D all make there way down the ramp and climbs into the ring.

Paul: This ought to be be amazing.

Tazz: 8 men, in an elimination match! What more could a fan want?!

Kevin Nash, Petey Williams & The Hardy Boyz vs. Finlay, Christopher Daniels & Team 3D

The crowd cheers as Nash and Finlay circle each other. They lock up and Nash puts Finlay into a side headlock. Nash thows Finlay against the ropes and suplexes him. Nash gets up and tags in Petey Williams who had just got to the apron. Williams whips Finlay off of the ropes and gives him a drop toe hold. Williams climbs up the turnbuckle and poises himself. Daniels shakes the ropes, sending Williams down on his balls. Finlay crawls over and tags Brother Ray as Williams tags Matt Hardy.

Paul: Two tags made and two fresh men get in! This match is getting off to a good start!

Ray and Matt lock up in the center. Ray lands some punches on Matt and gives him an armdrag to the canvas. Ray hooks Matt into a sleeper. Matt fades and fades and the ref comes over to check on Matt, he raises his hand and lets it fall to the mat.




Matt's hand stiffens and Matt begins to work back up to his feet. Matt gives Ray some elbows and Ray breaks the hold. Matt whips off of the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Ray quickly hits a Bubba Bomb and pins Matt.




Jeff Hardy runs in and makes the save. The ref argues with Jeff as Ray begins to pick Matt up. Matt hits a low blow and rolls Ray up as the ref stops arguing, the ref gets in postition and Matt grabs Ray's jeans.




The ref rings the bell

Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, Brother Ray has been eliminated!!!

Paul: It's three and four now!

The ref calls in Brtoher D-Von into the ring and Matt makes the tag to Jeff Hardy. They lock up and Jeff dropkicks D-Von into the turnbuckle. Finlay makes a blind tag. Finlay goes in and charges at Jeff, but Jeff drops to the ground and trips Finlay, making him fall on his face. Jeff quickly gets Finlay into a Spine Line. Finlay tries to make it to the ropes, but he can't support his and Jeff's weight. Finlay looks like he's about to tap when Daniels makes the save! Daniels goes back to his corner after a scolding from the ref. Jeff tags in Nash and Nash puts the boots to Finlay. Nash picks Finlay up and whips him to the turnbuckle. Nash climbs to the second turnbuckle and connects punches. Before Nash can get to ten, Finlay pushes Nash off and onto the mat before falling himself. Finlay struggles to crawl over to his corner but Nash tags Williams and Williams picks Finlay up and slams him to the mat. Williams poises and waits for Finlay to get up before... BAM! The Canadian Destroyer!




Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, Finlay is eliminated!

Paul: Damn! They've eliminated Brother Ray and Finlay, it's four on two now!

Christopher Daniels looks like he's going to die over in the corner as the ref calls him back in. Williams and Daniels trade blows and they both whip off the ropes and clothesline each other sending each other down. They crawl very slowly to their respective corners as Williams tags in Matt Hardy and Daniels tags in D-Von.

Paul: Let's see what D-Von can do!

D-Von runs across the ring and dropkicks Matt. D-Von gets up and clubs Jeff. Jeff tags Nash in. Nash runs at D-Von but D-Von hits a belly-to-belly suplex. C-Von screams out in pride as the crowd roars in approval

Paul: He's got the fans on his side!

Tazz: Oh, give me a break, this guy is just some Ham and Egger that thinks he's all that.

Nash gets back up and clubs D-Von and pins him.



D-Von kicks out in the nick of time. Jeff picks up D-Von and sets him up for the Twist of Fate but D-Von slides out and whips Jeff off of the ropes and rolls him up.



Jeff kicks out with authority. Jeff stomps on D-Von and picks him up and slams him, obviously irritated. Jeff whips D-Von off the ropes and hits a Twist of Fate in one swift motion and pins him.




Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, Brtoher D-Von is eliminated!

Tazz: How's that damn Brtoher D-Von now?

Daniels is almost passing out. Daniels gets in and locks up with Jeff. Jeff punches Daniels and lifts him and gorilla press slams Daniels. Jeff gets on the top rope and hits a flying elbow. Jeff drags Daniels over to the ropes and chokes him on the bottom rope.


The ref gets in between Hardy and Daniels. Hardy looks at the ref and slaps him. The ref calls for the bell.

Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, Jeff Hardy has been disqualified!

Jeff Hardy laughs as he exits the ring and Nash is called in. They lock up and Nash whips off the ropes and is caught in the Angel's Wings!




Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, Kevin Nash is eliminated!

Nash looks at the referee in shock, now it's Petey Williams's turn to look like he's dying. The ref calls Matt Hardy in. Hardy trades rights and lefts with Daniels. Hardy suplexes Daniels and goes up and hits the Swantomb Bomb!

Paul: He's hits his brother signature move! Awesome stuff here.




Daniels kicks out at two and a half, Hardy can't believe it! He argues with the ref, but when he turns around he is caught in the Angel's Wings!




Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, Matt Hardy is eliminated!

Hardy is super shocked now as he reluctantly leaves the ring. There is nobody else but Christopher Daniels and Petey Williams left. Williams comes in and stomps on Daniels and goes for the cover.




Daniels kicks out. Williams picks Daniels up and suplexes him and covers again.



Daniels kicks out again. Williams picks him up and Daniels punches him with rights and lefts.

Paul: Daniels is looking to mount a comeback!

Tazz: Come on Petey!

Daniels whips off the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Williams picks him up and hits a spinebuster! Williams goes for the cover...



Daniels kicks out!

Tazz: Come on ref! You gotta be blind! That was so three!

Daniels and Williams trade blows. Daniels hits a suplex on Williams. They both get up and Daniels nails an armdrag. They get up again and Daniels hits a drop toe hold. Daniels picks Williams up and nails the Angel's Wings!



Williams kicks out! Daniels can't believe it! Daniels whips Williams off the ropes for a Last Rites, but Williams dropkicks Daniels. Williams picks up Daniels and whips him in the corner. Williams lifts Daniels up and hits the Canadian Legsweep and rolls over for the count




Daniels kicks out at the last second! Williams can't believe it! Williams argues with the ref! Daniels spins him arond and gets Williams into the small package!



Williams kicks out at two.

Tazz: Yes! Just capitalize Petey!

They get up. They trade blows and Daniels whips Williams but Williams reverses it and whips Daniels into the corner, almost hitting the ref, but Daniels stops just in time... in time to get rolled up by Williams. When the ref gets into postition, Williams puts his feet on the second rope.

Paul: NO! Not this way! Not this way!





Paul: NO NO NO!!!


Garcia: Here are your winners, the team of Kevin Nash, PEtey Williams and the Hardy Boyz!!!!

Petey Williams is sitting on the ramp, crawling on his back, the ref is holding his arm in victory, Daniels is frustrated in the ring

Paul: Petey Williams CHEATED to win!

Tazz: It's only cheating if you get caught Paul!

*COMMERCIALS*-Snickers & Best Buy

Paul: Welcome back and boy do we have some news for you all in addition to to Sting facing Kurt Angle, we have La Resistance versus William Regal and Eugene. Plus! Christopher Daniels will be taking on Petey Williams, and the winners will automatically get a shot at the Lighweight Championship!

Tazz: But right now, Juventud Guerrera takes on Chris Sabin!

Summer Nights in Spain hits and Juventud walks out and down the ramp. Juventud slides into the ring and waits.

Garcia: Introducing, from Mexico City, Juventud Guerrera.

Modern OZ hits and Chris Sabin steps out onto the ramp, a small pyro explodes behind him and he runs down the ramp and slides under the bottom rope.

Garcia: and now from Detroit, Michigan, Chris Sabin!

The bell rings as the two lock up. Sabin knees Juventud in the stomach and then uppercuts him, making him stumble backwards. Sabin then backs up and runs at him giving him a clothesline, knocking him to the floor. Sabin stomps on him a couple times, and puts Juventud in a headlock. Sabin holds him in it for a while, then lets him go. Juventud starts to get up slowly, but Sabin runs over and kicks him in the stomach. Sabin then stomps on Juventud a few more times and then elbow drops him. Sabin picks him up and tries to DDT him, but Juventud pushes him off, Juventud then gives him a side effect. Juventud lies on the ground for a little bit before popping back up, stomping on Sabin a couple times, then picking Sabin up, throwing Sabin against the ropes and spinebusting him. Juventud then climbs the top rope and does a shooting star press.

Bobby:Whoa, a shooting star press from Juventud, he's got some life now.

Juventud pins him, but Sabin kicks out at two. Juventud picks Sabin up and tries to German suplex him, but Sabin flips over and lands on his feet. Sabin then dropkicks Juventud in the back of the head. Sabin climbs the rope and does an elbow drop. Sabin stomps on Juventud and locks in a headlock, he holds it in until Juventud grabs the rope. Juventud gets up and Sabin pushes him against the rope and German suplexes him. Sabin picks Juventud up and DDT's him. Sabin climbs the rope and tries an elbow drop again, but Juventud rolls out of the way. Both guys lay on the ground for a while until Sabin gets up slowly. Juventud runs at Sabin to give him an irish whip but instead Sabin irish whips Juventud, Juventud bounces back and Sabin is gonna do a knee to the gut but instead Juventud gives Sabin a spinebuster. Juventud taunts to the crowd but gets thunderous boos.

Crowd: You suck, you suck, you suck!

Juventud just throws his hand at the crowd. He picks up Sabin and throws Sabin into the turnbuckle and gives him a head to the gut, making Sabin fall to the ground holding his gut. Juventud picks up Sabin and gives him a side effect. Juventud then goes to the outside and gets a chair, and closes it up. He slides in the ring as Sabin is getting up with the ropes to support him. Juventud runs at Sabin with the chair but Sabin sticks his foot out deleviring a powerful big boot into the chair busting Juventud open. Sabin gets onto the floor and put Juventud a sharpshooter. Juventud is unconscious so he cannot tap so Sabin lets go and picks Juventud up. He starts continuiously punching Juventud. Then Sabin goes over to the chair which is on the ground and gets Juventud into an double underhook position right above the chair. Sabin lifts his arms up taunting to the fans.

Crowd: WOOH!

While Sabin's hands are up Juventud pushes Sabin's legs away and gives Sabin a huge low blow. The ref quickly asks for the bell. DING! DING! DING!

Juventud rolls out of the ring and stumbles up the ramp

Garcia: Here is your winner by disqualification, Chris Sabin!

*COMMERCIALS*-Home Depot & DuPont

Break Down the Walls is playing as Chris Jericho tosses a t-shirt into the crowd.

Garcia: In the ring from Calgary, Alberta, Chris Jericho!

Rhino's music hits and he runs out and down the ramp, slides under the bottom rope and steps up to Jericho.

Both men lock up then Jericho gets Rhino into a headlock, Rhino throws Jericho off of him and into the ropes and once Jericho comes back Rhino goes for a clothesline but Jericho ducks and hits a dropkick to Rhino. Rhino makes it back to his feet, Jericho then runs into the ropes and hits a running dropkick to Rhino knocking him right back down on the mat. Jericho runs into the ropes and hits an elbow drop and goes for the cover.


Tazz: Way to early in the match to get a three count.

Paul: True

Jericho runs back into the ropes and goes for a elbow drop but Rhino moves just in time. Jericho gets back up to his feet and is met with a kick to the gut followed by a suplex from Rhino. Rhino now hooks the leg for the cover.


Rhino raises Jericho to his feet and starts hiting some lefts and rights to the face of Jericho, Rhino then runs to the ropes only to get a roundhouse kick from Jericho. Jericho goes to the top turnbuckle an waits for Rhino to get up. Once Rhino gets up Jericho hits a flying elbow to the face of Rhino.

Paul: Nice flying elbow by Jericho.

Jericho goes for the pin,


Jericho picks Rhino up to his feet and throws a couple of punches to the face of Rhino then throws him into the ropes and hits a clothesline, Rhino quickly makes it to his feet and gets clotheslined again, Rhino gets up again and Jericho hits a spinebuster to Rhino. Jericho picks Rhino back up to his feet and then takes advantage and pushes Rhino against the ropes, holding a choke hold. The ref counts to four and Jericho lets go. Jericho then whips Rhino against the ropes and Rhino comes back with a clothesline to Jericho. Jericho gets up quickly and the two start exchanging blows. Jericho catches a punch of Rhino and swings him into the turnbuckles. Jericho runs at Rhino , but Rhino moves out of the way, Jericho connects with the turnbuckles and Rhino goes down to the mat trying to roll Jericho up.

1... 2... kickout.

The two get up as fast as they can and Jericho grapples Rhino and hits a suplex on him. Jericho gets Rhino up, and Rhino's back is toward Jericho. Jericho connects with the DDT and covers Rhino.

1... 2... kickout

Jericho beats Rhino up and gives Rhino a few punches. Rhino tries fighting back and pushes Jericho against the ropes. Rhino then connects with a German Suplex. Rhino covers.

1... 2... 3!No

Paul: No! Jericho kicks out.

Tazz: And just in time too Paul.

Paul: And this match will continue

Jericho makes it to his feet, and so does Rhino

Rhino and Jericho go into the center of the ring, Rhino headbutts Jericho and he stumbles back. Rhino punches Jericho once and then belly to belly suplexes him. Rhino stomps on Jericho once and then starts to pick Jericho up, while Rhino's picking Jericho up, Jericho elbows him in the stomach. Rhino kneels over and grabs his stomach, so Jericho turns around, runs against the rope and does a running dropkick on him. Jericho then stomps on him once and does a standing senton bomb on Rhino.

Paul:Both of these men are looking very impressive.

Tazz: Yes, the future of the IWT looks bright.

Jericho gets up and leg drops Rhino. Jericho then goes over and picks up Rhino off the ground. Jericho punches Rhino once, then kicks him in the stomach, Rhino kneels over a little bit and Jericho runs against the ropes, he hits Rhino with a tornado DDT. Jericho pins Rhino, but he kicks out at two. Jericho then stomps on Rhino a couple times and goes over and climbs the top rope. Jericho jumps and tries to do a moonsault, but Rhino rolls out of the way. Jericho grabs his chest and lays on the ground, Rhino gets up and pins Jericho, but he kicks out at two. Rhino gets up and argues with the ref, telling him it was three, Jericho gets up slowly and dropkicks Rhino in the back of the head. Rhino falls to the ground, Jericho then does a standing moonsault on him. Jericho gets up and climbs the ropes, he jumps and hits Rhino with a Lionsault. Jericho pins Rhino.
Garcia: Your winner, Chris Jericho!

Paul: This has been an amazing first ever Wednesday Night Heat!

Tazz: Next week join us next week for our awesome main event when Sting faces Kurt Angle with special guest referee, Triple H!

Paul: See you all next week!

The IWT logo flashes over the screen and fades to black
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: International Wrestling Tour (IWT)

I suggest you add some coding to it, it doesn't seem organized or anything just sayying
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