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WBW 2010: Birth of a New Era.

Alright after surpassing laziness and not being motivated to working with this project I’ve finally decided to work on this once again I’m going back to naming it WBW (World’s Bloodiest Wrestling) I just wanted to rename WWE’s promotion name to that ha just my choice really. I’m going to start right after my 6th Wrestlemania the results are listed below hopefully this project lives to its potential. The new roster I am going to use after mania is posted on the first page I’ll put a link here.

Wrestlemania 6:
The thrills and rides of the road to wrestlemania have finished here in the WBW. As Wrestlemania closed we saw a new group of men triumph to victory and hold there power in the company as champions. Randy Orton’s struggle to win and stay as WBW Champion finally vanquished as he defeated his rival Triple H in a classic bout. The shaman of sexy John Morrison also retained his World Heavyweight Championship displaying his high unorthodox moves to defeating the loud mouth never back down Chris Jericho. And finally we said goodbye to one of the greatest superstars in the business the showstopper Shawn Michaels and what not better place to finish of Mr. Wrestlemania’s career then at Wrestlemania itself. These were the major headlines of Wrestlemania, but here is the run down of the entire results of the WBW section of Wrestlemania 6.
Batista def. CM Punk and Drew Mcintyre in a 2 on 1 handicap match.

Brett DiBiase won the money in the bank Ladder Match. Ensuring he will have the opportunity to become a champion during the course of the next 12 months.

Sheamus def. Shawn Michaels forcing Shawn Michaels to retire from the WBW.

John Morrison def. Chris Jericho to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Randy Orton def. Triple H to retain the World Championship.

But now it’s time WBW transcends to a new era a new brand of wrestling the WBW attitude era. The rosters are the current ones I’ve posted underneath there are some superstars that I am going to use form the year 2001 but they won’t be revealed until they are used.


Main Eventers:
Chris Jericho (heel)
Triple H (tweener)
Shemaus (heel)
Randy Orton (face) *WBW Champion*
John Cena (face)

The Rock (face)

Up and Growing MidCarders:
John Morrison(face) *World Heavyweight Champion*
Ted DiBiase Jr. (heel)
The Miz (heel)
Wade Barret (heel) *I.C Champion*
Heath Slater (face)
David Otunga (heel)
Ezekiel Jackson (heel)

Daniel Bryan (heel)

Santino marrella (face)
R-Truth (face)
Mike Knox (heel)
Goldust (face)
Vladimir Kozlov (face)
The Great Khali (face)

Show Openers:
Evan Bourne (face)
Mark Henry (face)
Primo (heel)
Zack Ryder (heel)
Tyson Kid (face)
David Hart Smith (face)
General manager: no one atm.

Stables and Alliances :
Nexus ( Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan , Daniel Bryan)
Morrison & Truth (John Morrison and R-Truth)
The Fairly Odd Couple (Santino Marrella and Vladimir Kozlov)
The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith)

*Note: There are some superstars I will be using from the past in the future (no pun intended) but I will not put them on the roster list until they are being used, just because I don’t want to spoil some things.*

Main Eventers:
Big Show (heel)
Christian (face)
CM Punk(heel)
Jeff Hardy (face)
Rey Mysterio (face)
The Undertaker (face)
JBL (heel)

Up and Growing MidCarders:
Jack Swagger (heel)
Kofi Kingston (face) *U.S Champion*
Cody Rhodes (heel)
Drew McIntyre (heel)
Kane (face)
Dolph Ziggler (heel)
Chris Masters (face)

Shad (heel)
Matt Hardy (face)
JTG (face)
MVP (face)
Luke Gallows (heel)

Show Openers:
Chavo (heel)
Finlay (face)
Stables and Alliances:
Straight Edge Society (SES): CM Punk, Luke Gallows.
Hardy Boyz: Matt and Jeff Hardy.

*Note: There are some superstars I will be using from the past in the future (no pun intended) but I will not put them on the roster list until they are being used, just because I don’t want to spoil some things.*

Randy Orton

John Morrison

Jack Swagger

Wade Barrett

Nexus (Daniel Bryan and David Otunga)

WBW Monday Night Raw March 30th, 2010

Upcoming PPV:

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Raw Preview

WBW Monday Night Raw PREVIEW

Money In The Bank Tournament continues
The Money In The Bank tournament continues with just 6 men left in the tournament the winner of the tournament match on Raw will be guaranteed a spot at the 5th Anniversary of Wrestlemania, tune in and see who advances and who’s road to Wrestlemania comes to an early end on WBW Monday Night Raw.

Vipers Call

After being viciously attacked after the chamber match at Over the Edge, and then letting his frustration florish by sending the Legacy to beat Chris Jericho, what will the Viper Randy Orton have to say during this weeks edition of WBW Monday Night Raw?

Tune in on Wrestlingforum to find out Monday.

Bound for More ?
Ever since loosing his WBW Championship at Over The Edge , Jeff Hardy has not appeared anywhere, what is next for the charismatic enigma Jeff Hardy, more importantly will he even show up for the first time since loosing his WBW Championship ? Find out this Monday on WBW Raw.

Tune in On Monday for the Results and log on to http://www.youtube.com/c434wbw to watch the matches featured.
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WBW Monday Night Raw

WBW Monday Night Raw

Welcome To Monday Night Raw live at - Arizona; Tempe – Wells Fargo Arena (14,500)

Swagger,MVP,Morrison,Henry,Masters,Tango ( Men in the MITB Tournament)

Monday Night Raw starts by continuing on the Money in The Bank tournament.

Jack Swagger(Smackdown) def John Morrison(ECW)

Jack Swagger enters the ring. Fans continuously booing swagger.

now remember ladies and gentleman this tournament is an interpromotional tournament and that means that superstars from Smackdown or ECW can fight on shows their not on as long as they survive in this Money In The Bank qualifying tournament.

Lawler: Boy is it going to be a tough tournament, because it just gets harder and harder for the people.

Remember the winner of this match will be in the MITB on this years wrestlemania.

John Morrison comes out to the WBW universe as fans boo him.

Match Re-Cap: Right from the get-go Jack Swagger started his vicious assault on John Morrison. Swagger who just kept attacking Morrison with pounding strikes looked to finish off Morrison early but the battle and determination of Morrison was seen as Swagger stole Morrisons finishing standing moonsault but yet still the ECW deleight John Morrison kicked out of the pin. Turning point was when Swagger connected on his finishing powerbomb after kicking out of the pin swagger went again for morrisons finishing standing moonsault in which this he won the match.

JR: well there you go ladies and gentleman Jack Swagger wins he is going to be on his way to the Money In The Bank at Wrestlemania 5 leaving John Morrison an early exit from his road to Wrestlemania.

WOW, Swagger dominated this match and it looks like he’s serious about winning the MITB this year, its going to be intresting.

After commercials, the viperous Randy Orton came out to the WBW Universe with the Legacy.

Over the past few months, their was always a moment in which I could have seized the moment and become WBW Champion. BUT preventing me from that path was a man named Chris Jericho(mix ovation) ever since Jericho came to the WBW I have had enough problems with him, I mean just look back at the very first night he came on Monday Night Raw he interrupted me from challenging then WBW Champion John Cena for his championship, and then just two weeks ago at Over The Edge he brutalized be after a hellacious Elimination Chamber match !
Chris Jericho needs to understand the fact that I am the future of the WBW and that if I get injured, it could very well destroy the WBW. So since their are only 13 days before the biggest event of the year the 5th anniversary of Wrestlemania, Chris Jericho I am challenging you to a match at Wrestlemania , so that from that night on our problems will be Over!

3 2 1 yeah ! break down the walls ; Chris Jericho emerges as the crowds give a big mix reaction.

Jericho: You know over these months I’ve bashed these fans about being hypocrites and fools and parasites and more demonic stuff but starting from tonight its about time i take all those comments back and shove them up your face ! (fans give a big pop to Jericho). I mean seriously just couple months ago after Raw you asked if I wanted to join Jokeacy I mean Legacy and now here you are challenging me for a match at Wrestlemania. Well Orton I’ll tell you one thing since it is the biggest event of them all lets compromise you vs me but in a Last Man Standing Match !(fans give a big ovation)

You got your self a deal Jericho at Wrestlemania I will face you in a last man standing match.
In fact how about I face someone here tonight in a Last Man Standing match. (THE Fans give a HUGE pop)

Just hold on a second how about I chose your opponent, tonight you will face the straightedge superstar C M Punk ! fans cheer.

As Jericho finishes his talk Raw goes on commercials.

2. Kofi Kingston def Vladimir Kozlov via Interference
Just as the Interconential Champion Kozlov was going for the finishing Russian finisher the Great Khali’s music hit and the monsterous freak Khali emerged in the scene as he came into the ring and vicously deleivered a Khali chop and then Vice grip on Kozlov right after he grabbed the IC title and raised it sky high as the crowd cheered on KHALI KHALI KHALI.

After another commericial break the former WBW Champion Jeff Hardy came out to a ruckus WBW crowd.

HARDY HARDY HARDY fans cheering.

Hardy: You know over these weeks so many things have been happening, WBW buying TNA, new champions, new WBW CHAMPION, but above all the biggest thing or should I say EVENT happening is going to be Wrestlemania !(fans cheer), This is year it doesn’t get any bigger its the 5th anniversary and since I was the former WBW champion and that its in my contract that if I lose that title I can demand a re-match, how would you people [at the fans] want Jeff Hardy to beat the living hell out Edge(fans cheer), how would you people want me to take Edge out the Extreme WAY !(fans cheer)

Wait just a second , *You think you know me* Its the Rated R Superstar WBW Champion Edge fans booing, as Edge staying on the ramp.

Edge: You know what Jeff I know what your exactly thinking I do oh yeah, you know that their’s already MITB qualifiers you know that you cant face orton or Jericho, so as the former champion you did your own dumb act by putting up your re-match clause, Listen Jeff nothings going to change after Wrestlemania your still going to be left fallen on the ground the LOSER !

And all these extreme load of crap , their is no way were going to face each other in an extreme stipulation remember jeff this is going to be just our second match so no uh—

JR: OMG , Its General Manager Teddy Long, what does he have to say about this.

Long: Now look Edge, you are the WBW champion, but playa it is also under Jeff Hardy’s contract that he can get a re-match with the new champion with the match of his choosing, and Jeff told me earlier in my room that he wants it in a Table, Ladders, and Chairs match (fans cheer), what I like to call a TLC match the first ever in WBW history!(fans cheer)

Edge: What the hell do you mean Teddy, your going to risk the health of your Champion at the biggest event of the year with a pathetic loser like Jeff?

Long: Exactly what I just said.

Long smiles as he leaves following Jeff hardy[in ring] staring at a mad Edge[at the ramp].

Commercial air for the 5th anniversary of wrestlemania.

3. Jeff Hardy def Snitsky

Match Re-cap: It seemed as if from the start and till the end that Snitsky would gain more momentum from earning his shot to raw by possibly defeating the former WBW Champion Jeff Hardy, with vicious power fists of fury the charismatic enigma was opened up bleeding, but that did not stop hardy as he went for more, not stopping hardy kept slowly and slowly gaining momentum to a moment in which he jumped from the ropes and did a moonsault then went for the pin and won the match.

JR: Hardy wins, Hardy wins, Edge needs to realize that this is the Jeff Hardy that he’s going to get at Wrestlemania in the TLC match , Edge needs to get his mind ready because hardy is coming hard to getting his WBW Championship back!(JR’s intense voice)

Lawler: And if I were Edge I’d already be watching continuous video tapes on what to expect from the enigmatic superstar at the biggest event of them all.

After commercials. The Straightedge CM Punk came out to a supportive crowd,
Then *I hear voices* Randy Orton comes out to a crowd that couldn't stop booing the

4. CM Punk def Randy Orton Watch the match: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2NSQJ8csZw

Match Re-cap: Though he lost his IC championship to Vladimir Kozlov at Over The Edge it did’nt stop the Straightedge superstar from beating the Viper Randy Orton. CM Punk the specialist in submission art was just causing continous pain to all of Ortons limbs and then connected on a GTS the referee was ready to count , 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9! Right when the crowd were about to congratulate Punk with the victory Orton got up the match weared on more but Punk had the momentum through the entire match as he connected another GTS and this time the referee Mike Chioda got to 10 making CM Punk the winner!

What a dominating performance by Punk! This surely i guarantee you will get him somewhere in this show, Randy Orton may have lost this last man standing match but wil he lose the same stipulation match to Jericho at Mania where going to have to wait and see!!

ECW Preview coming later tonight.

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ECW Preview (July 20th,2009)

ECW Preview
Arizona; Tuscon – McKale Center (University of Arizona) (14,500)

Open Your Eyes

Christian snatched the victorious moment of John Morrison at Over The Edge and then giving a well hard earned effort last week to WBW Champion edge. But does the ECW Champion really know whats coming his ways at Wrestlemania when he defends his title against two of the greatest hardcore legends of all time Sabu and Tommy Dreamer, is he ready to get his first win since winning the ECW Championship, watch ECW to find out tomorrow.

Opportunity at stake
Last year Edge captured the money in the bank and showed the WBW universe why everyone calls him the ultimate oppurtinist by winning the Money in the Bank and cashing it in to become WHC champion while on smackdown. While last night Jack Swagger dominantly certified his name in the Money in the Bank this year , who else will place their name on the Money In The Bank match at this years 5th anniversary Wrestlemania and possibly turn their career to superstardom, tune into ECW, and see the results on Wrestling forum to see who advanced.
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WBW.COM have learned that The Inteconential title will be defended by Vladimir Kozlov when he faces off against the indian giant The Great Khali. Which giant will raise the Interconential Title, the only way to know is to watch the 5th Anniversary of Wrestlemania! August 2nd,2009 only on FREE-VIEW!!


ECW - Arizona; Tuscon – McKale Center (University of Arizona) (14,500)
* Don't Question My Heart by Saliva *

****Opeining Pyro****

****Camera Showing the Crowd****

Mattews: Ladies and gentleman welcome to another edition of exciting ECW action on SyFy, well lets get our attention to GM Todd Grisham.

ECW General Manager Todd Grisham comes out to the ECW packed crowd

Grisham: Ladies and Gentleman Welcome to another exciting ECW. I’ve been talking about bringing in the Extreme back to this brand and I’ve done just that so far in my short term as your ECW GM and tonight none of that is going to change, how would you like an Extreme Rules match tonight!!

************ FANS CHEER*************

Grisham: Tonight the ECW Champion Christian will face off against the rising star of Ricky Ortiz in an Extreme Rules match!

************ FANS CHEER*************

Grisham: Well then let the night begin!

1. Evan Bourne def Elijah Dukes
Match Re-Cap: Though the match was between a striker and a highflyer the match was not dominated by any of those traits. The match displayed great technical counters by both up and rising young stars. As the match slowly weared on Dukes started to weaken as Bourne finished Dukes for the victory.

Matthews: And bourne picks up the victory tonight , never has he looked that good in the ring like tonight.

And you can bet that this is definitely going to make Bourne a contender for the ECW title.

Matthews: Well ladies and gentleman lets join Gregory Helms backstage with Mark Henry.

The camera has changed to backstage with helms and henry.


Helms: Mark, Tonight you face Tango Smith the winner tonight will be in the money in the bank match are you worried that he might be to ---

Henry cut Helms off

Henry: Gregory, look at me im a machine im the worlds strongiest man NO ONE and i mean NO ONE can intimidate me when im the worlds strongiest man, im stronger and bigger then anyone else there’s absolutely nothing that is goin’ to stop me from winnin’ the money in the bank this year now if you’ll excuse me i’ve got a match to do.

Helms stares off with a questioned look as Henry leaves

2. Mark Henry def Tango Smith MITB Qualification

Match Re-Cap: Mark Henry definitely over sized the young cocky Tango Smith but It was Tango Smith surprisingly squashing Mark Henry this time. As the match progressed tango was damaging several limbs of the world’s strongest man. Then followed by the Tango bomb which looked like the end of the match but just when you knew it Henry kicked out of the count 2. Then out of nowhere came the world’s strongest slam which put the finish to Tango, qualifying Henry into the MITB match at this years Wrestlemania.

Striker: Ladies and Gentleman right their inside that ring watch you are looking at is a man that is more then determined to win the MITB match this year.

Mattews: Your right Matt, and If anything the other men in the MITB better watch out for this mammoth to rip through.

Commmericials and then camera is in Todd Grishams room as he is texting someone. Next thing you know John Morrison rips through and comes in his room really pissed.

Grisham: Oh John , what can I do for you ?

Morrison: Listen up grisham we all know why I’m here, Im out of WRESTLEMANIA ! I mean come on im the best superstar on this roster this pathetic roster that is lead by a weak and pathetic gm like you

Excuse Me ?

****Morrison puts his hands on Grishams collar****

Morrison: Listen real carefully, you know what you can do to make this brand and your self to have a better rep put me in a mania match any as long as im in mania then your fine!
******FANS BOO*****

Commercial Time

3. Christian def Ricky Ortiz
Match Re-Cap: Christian may have never looked so dominating in an Extreme Rules match. Just never letting Ortiz even try to gain momentum as this seemed like a main event squash match as Christian picked up weapons underneath the ring and just let them loose on Ortiz, despite Ortiz setting a barbed wire wood on fire.

Just as we all thought it was the end of the night for ECW it wasn’t.

Ain't No Make Believe *

John Morrison came out and looked much happier then he was earlier in the night.


Christian looking confused.

Morrison: ahaha, So Christian how does it feel to be the ECW champion huh, well dont get to happy because backstage while I was talking to the ECW GM Todd Grisham he had no choice but to accept my request since I was the former ECW Champion


Morrison: At Wrestlemania Christian not only are you going to face Sabu and Tommy Dreamer but your also going to face ME in a 4 way Extreme Rules match for the E-C-W title!

Morrison laughs and looks happier then ever as Christian looking worried and staring at his title as ECW closes for the night.

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5th Anniversary of Wrestlemania Update

WBW and wDw Present the 5th Anniversary of Wrestlemania(UPDATE)

Money In The Bank
Jack Swagger(WBW) vs Mark Henry(WBW) vs _____(WBW) vs Ultimo Dragon(wDw) vs Menace(wDw) vs RVD(wDw)

The Money in the bank has never looked better in the history of the WBDW wrestlemania. Last year Rob Van Dam was one of the favourites to win the money in the bank but came short as Edge won last year. But this year the Money In The Bank will showcase superstars that are powerful and superstars that can absolutely just fly!

How it came to be: The wDw co-owner Vincent Kennedy McMahon told the wDw universe that at the second ever money in the bank match at the inter-organization ppv extravaganza Wrestlemania that the wDw superstars in the Money in The Bank would show their power and most importantly their ability to fly, placing in the best highflyers wDw has to offer with Ultimo Dragon, RVD, and the quickly rising superstar The Menace.

On the other hand the WBW. Commisioner Khan told WBW fans that their were 12 man that were capable of being in the money in the bank match this year despite only being able to have 3 WBW superstars in it, so what did he do? Put all 12 men in a 12 men Money in the bank Qualifying tournament. A tournament that would last 2 weeks but at the end would show the 3 men left standing and ready for the Money In The Bank.

Jack Swagger: From the start of the tournament Swagger looked more then determined as his opportunity to face Mr.Kennedy for his U.S champion were shattered when JBL beat him at Over The Edge in an All-American-Slobber Knocker-Iron Man Match. So what did Swagger to in the tournament, simply squash any adversary in his path to getting that money in the bank that could possibly change the light in his career.

Mark Henry: Fans, were shocked that Commissioner Khan wanted Mark Henry to be in the Money In The Bank this year. Henry simply started the tournament by defeating Finlay easily and then just earlier today by defeating the “Tang” Tango Smith in a classic match. Now that Henry is in the Money In the Bank match the other superstars better be aware that a ladder + the worlds strongest man could literally break them into pieces!!
One more superstar: Now that their are only two men left in the tournament, we know that either Chris Masters or MVP will be the last men in the money in the bank at this years 5th anniversary of Wrestlemania. Tune into WBW Friday Night Smackdown for the results.

One more superstar: Now that their are only two men left in the tournament, we know that either Chris Masters or MVP will be the last men in the money in the bank at this years 5th anniversary of Wrestlemania. Tune into WBW Friday Night Smackdown for the results.

The Great Khali vs Vladimir Kozlov (C) for the Interconential Championship

How it came to be:
The Russian Machine Vladimir Kozlov has just been on a tear from his arrival in the WBW months ago defeating superstars and even greats such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and now winning the Interconential Championship has made the Russian Machine even bigger, but now in his path of destruction comes a man that is stronger and larger then Kozlov, his name The Great Khali after sending a message to Kozlov by interfering in his match in the past Raw and stricking him with the Khali chop can the Russian Machine successfully retain his Interconential Title ?

ECW Fatal-Four-Way Extreme Rules Match

John Morrison vs Christian (C) vs Tommy Dreamer vs Sabu

How it came to be: Last week ECW General Manager announced that since ECW would only have one match at Wrestlemania then it would be one for the fans to remember for many years to come. He announced that the ECW title would be defended and that it would be a Triple Threat Extreme Rules Legends match in which ECW Champion would have to face hardcore legends Tommy Dreamer and Sabu. But Earlier today the former ECW champion John Morrison shocked the fans and the ECW champion by announcing that the ECW title would be defended in a fatal four way extreme rules match and that the fourth participant in the match would be none other then him, who will leave Wrestlemania as the ECW champion theirs only one way to find out, tune into forums for the Wrestlemania coverage. The 5th anniversary of Wrestlemania will be live in the worlds most famous arena in Madison square Garden in New York on August 2nd 2009.

: Other Matches at Wrestlemania:
Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho (Last Man Standing Match)
The Undertaker vs Kevin Nash (wDw match)
If The Tag Team titles are on the line Kofi Kingston will need to find a partner
Triple H vs John Cena vs Rey Mysterio (C) For the WHC title
Jeff Hardy vs Edge (C) for the WBW title in a TLC Match

Many more matches make sure to come and
check the official Wrestlemania Coverage on this BTB on Wrestlemania Weekend (July 31st- August 2nd)
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WBW Smackdown


Rise Up (2006) by Drowning Pool *

*The Video Promo of Smackdown not shown instead*

*Video from last week Shawn Michaels Super kicking The Miz costing him his MITB opportunity against Chris Masters shown*

* Reality (Production) *[Miz theme]

The Miz comes out to the loud smackdown crowd

**Fans boo The Miz**
*Miz not looking so happy*

**Fans cheering YOU SUCK YOU SUCK**

Miz: Last week if you worthless immigrants didn’t watch smackdown then let me get you your reality check, last week I was on my way to winning and ADVANCING on to the MITB tournament, right when I was just about to lay my finisher on chris masters(fans cheer for masters),I was hit by a different tone of music! A sweet chin music!

**Fans cheer for HBK***

Miz: Shawn Michaels cost me my chance at being in the MITB match this year and winning it and becoming a legend in this business but his jealousy got him to shattering my chances. You know what Shawn you need to learn something, you need to understand that just because your a HAS BEEN KID it doesn’t mean you have to ruin the other more talented superstars careers by interfering in their matches.

**Fans continue to boo**

Miz: Shawn Michaels is nothing but a selfish asswhole and yet you stupid fans continue to cheer for him!

**Fans boo, now cheering HBK HBK**

Miz: I mean seriously if Shawn didn’t interfere in my match last week then I could have advanced and won tonight in the tournament something which is obviously uncommon for you Arizona fans considering you all love the Phoenix Suns who seem to always lose!!


* Sexy Boy by Shawn Michaels *
Here we go shawn micheals comes out to the ring having the same look
**Fans Cheering HBK HBK HBK**

Miz: (staing at Michaels) what ? You look confused old man !! You ! need to apologize to me right now!

HBK: (staring at Miz), All I need to do , is to kick your ass

**Fans cheer**

Miz: Shawn do you really think Im scared or even intimidated by you huh? Seriously you little pieace of—

Shawn Michaels doesn’t let the Miz say the rest he sweet chin musics The Miz just like last week!

HBK: (kneeing down to the miz) All you need to know junior is that Mr.Wrestlemania(using excited tone) is going to lay another sweet chin music to you at Wrestlemania(excited tone)!!.

Cole: I thing it would be correct to say that at Wrestlemania Shawn Michaels is challenging The Miz to a match.

Adamele: And knowing Shawn hes only doing the right thing by shutting a loud ignorant superstar in The Miz

**camera showing the miz holding his chin looking frustrated**

After commercials

Were in Shane McMahons room
Miz comes in raging through the door rattling McMahon's thoughts

Miz: What the hell was that? You call yourself a General manager you expect to have a good show instead you let old scrawny men come in and try to injure the best young talents in this show?

McMahon: Miz as far as I go youve only had 1 great match so far in which you defeated Triple H but other then that I haven’t seen anything special from you, but remember , wait no you probably wont remember since Shawn hit you by the super kick(Miz looking pissed), Shawn did say he wants to face you at Wrestlemania so you have the opportunity set , the only thing I need to know is if you accept his offer.

Miz: (low tone) I’ll see Shawn at Mania !

Commericial of Randy Orton vs Jericho promo for wrestlemania match shown

1. MVP def Chris Masters for the final spot in the money in the bank match

Cole: Here comes Chris Masters and Mike if I have to tell you my favourite to win the Money In the Bank match this year it would be Masters

Adamele: Well first we actually have to see if he can win tonight. Should be an intresting one.
MVP makes his entrance

Cole: Here comes MVP, hes just makes me sick! I mean he could be the Tag Team champion right now but he choses to ditch his tag team partner who is still Tag Team champion Kofi Kingston because he believes that WBW title is what he should be wearing.

Adamele: Are you kidding me I really think it was the correct thing for MVP to do and to win this match could very well help his chances in winning the gold.

Match Re-Cap:
Chris Masters had the momentum from the start of the match. Masters picking up MVP delivering vicious chops to MVP, irish whipping MVP and elbowing him. Chris Masters gains the momentum from the crowd. Instead of putting the masterlock he steals MVP’s playmaker and abuses it. 1...2...!. MVP kicks out furious that Masters stole his signature move. MVP hits Masters with a belly to belly suplex. He runs from the ropes to Chris Masters who laying on the ground unconscious, tries to bring the crowd into his following move the playmaker , raising his hands and then putting them quickly down, yelling you ain’t worth nothin’. As the fans boo MVP, he hits the with the elbow drop he likes to call “Ballin”. Starting to gain alot of momentum fans booing MVP , Masters getting up cluelessly MVP gets his head and bends it under his leg getting ready to do the playmaker fans getting louder. BAM! Playmaker deleivered. 1...2....3!. MVP gets the victory over the fan favourite Chris Masters. The victory for MVP means that he will be the last man in the Money In The bank match this year.

Cole: Its just sickening to see that this man will be going to the Money In The Bank this year and not Masters, even more sickening that MVP has been undefeated since “ditching” Kofi Kingston.

Adamele: I couldn’t be any more happier to see MVP win, I mean would you really like to see Masters win after cheating and hitting MVP with the playmaker, I surely wouldn’t.

Cole: I’m just saying that MVP may deserve this win but the recent actions of MVP have really displayed a vicious side of the Ballin Superstar.

Backstage where we meet Josh Matthews

Matthews: Ladies and Gentleman Colin Delaney


Camera goes on Delaney

Matthews: Colin rumours are speculating that you’re going to start off the 5th anniversary of Wrestlemania, we all want to know if your going to actually start Wrestlemania.

Colin: Josh all of these speculations all these rumours are correct I am going to start Wrestlemania, Shane[McMahon SD GM] told me but he didn’t tell me who my opponent would be, thats yet a mystery to be solved.

Mattews: Interesting, now colin the question that everyone really wants to know is do you even think your worthy enough to be at Wrestlemania yet alone even in a match!

Colin: Josh theirs a difference between me and you , Im the future and your all the garbage that needs to be terminated within the future , just like these fans here in Arizona. Worthy? I’ve already main evented smackdown and your asking me worthy how many superstars can say that they’ve main evented on Smackdown as fast as I have no—

Wait just a second its Marcus Cor Von

**Not much of a cheer for Cor Von[Former U.S Champion]**

Cor Von: Mann, I got no clue who the hell you are but I’ve been watching you for several weeks and all I and the WBW fans see is you yappin’ about how your the next big thing and sayin shit to people around here, you my friend need to watch where your mouth goes further on because the Alpha Male will have no problem in crushing your puny bones off.

**Suprisingly big pop for Cor Von**

Cor Von: All you need to do you scrawny prick is to watch where your mouth goes next time before I seriously kick your ass!

Fans cheering for Cor Von as he leaves leaving Delaney with a questioned look

2. JBL def Marcus Cor Von

**Booing for JBL as he approaches the ring**

Cole: Well those were definitely suprising strong words from Marcus Cor Von, something none of us would ever expect from Cor Von, he was defending the crowd for once.

And if you ask me JBL better be carefull because cleary Cor Von is not in the mood.

Alpha Male Marcus Cor Von making his way to the ring as fans actually cheering for him

Match Re-Cap:
The fans getting on Cor Von’s side for the first time. JBL seems to obviously not care about that a bit as he’s just pounding on Cor Von. Squash match for JBL , delivering a cross body suplex across the ring then picking up Cor Von on his knees slapping him across the head as he steadily growing heat upon the fans. Picks up Cor Von and out of nowhere delivers the powerbomb. 1...2...3!.

Wow. I haven’t seen JBL be that dominating since the last time he was the WHC champion.

Were only 9 days away from Wrestlemania, this win really put’s the momentum on JBL’s , just pure dominance shown by the number 1 contender for Mr. Kennedy’s U.S title.


Cole: Ladies and Gentleman welcome back to a controversial Smackdown in which we just saw a change within Marcus Cor Von

** Video of the interview with Delaney and Cor Von from earlier is shown**

3. Mr.Kennedy def Colin Delaney

Turn up the Trouble by Airbourne

Mr.Kennedy coming out as fans cheering on their favourite

Cole: Here comes the United States Champion who will be facing off against the man we saw before this match JBL

Adamele: And without a doubt I have to say this will be the toughest challenge yet for Mr. Kennedy’s U.S title.

Colin Delaney coming out fans booing

Cole: Well Colin Delaney is going to be starting off Wrestlemania , Mike your thoughts

Michael, Colin is a star in the making he deserves this shot he deserves a Mania match, hey i wouldn’t mind him being in the triple threat match for the WHC title.

Cole: Well partner, I wouldn’t go that far.

Match Re-Cap:
Another Squash match. This time Delaney had absolutely no chance at a victory as Kennedy finished off Delaney in a mere of just minutes.

We were talking about JBL having such a dominant match and winning with great fashion and gaining momentum for his match agains this matches winner. Kennedy looked even better.

Cole: These wins by both men tonight just really bring on more suspense to the Wrestlemania match between Kennedy and JBL it will be intriguing to see who leaves United States Champion after Wrestlemania.

Cole: Well lets go again backstage this time with our newest interview Bret Sanders

Sanders: Ladies and gentleman at this time let me introduce to you a superstar that will face off against Triple H and the WHC Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania in a Triple Threat match to determine the WHC , John Cena

**Crowd goes Crazy**
Camera goes on Cena

Cena: What up Bret Sanders ( Cena in his loud sarcastic voice)

Sanders: Im doing just fine, John last year at Wrestlemania you stole Triple Hs spot light by winning the triple threat match and becoming WBW champion , this year alot similar things are going to happen

Cena: Look , I know your new and all, but you need to know 1 thing, and that simply is that I will walk at Wrestlemania Challenger but when I walk out , Ill be with the World Heavyweight Title.
And for you Bret and all the fans out in the arena tonight, let me tell them that Triple H and Rey mysterio aren’t in the arena , BUT because they aren’t Shane McMahon did tell me that next week since its the final episode before Mania, Smackdowns Main Event will have plenty of gold, its going to be me , Rey, and Mr.Kennedy vs JBL and Triple H !


Oh great its the Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin: John , look after Wrestlemania if you win that WHC title, and If i dont get drafted anywhere else , you better bet that the Gold Standard will be looking for the WHC regardless who the champion is, so I sujest you get your butt out right now and face me like a man.

Cena stares at Shelton with a smirk as Smackdown goes into commercial.

Main Event: John Cena def Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin coming out to the ring


Cole: Shelton Benjamin said that regardless who the champion is after Wrestlemania he wants to face him

Adamele: Because thats who Benjamin is , theirs a reason he calls him self the gold standard because Gold is all what Benjamin is about

Cole: Another important thing we need to remember is that Shelton Benjamin has been on a roll as of late for the past weeks hes been main eventing smackdown, last week he beat WHC Rey Mysterio

Adamele: That makes him more convincing that after mania he should be the number 1 contender.

My Time Is Now*

Cole: Right their is the man I believe will win at `Mania he did last year he can do it this year again

Adamele: You only say that because you just suck up to what the fans love, so that the fans can start liking you more then they already do.

Cole: Well im not so sure about that. Anyways lets get the matchs started.

Match Re-Cap: Without a doubt the match of the night. The start of the match saw Benjamin just gaining so much momentum pounding Cena with punches spinning kicks, chops. Managing to gain a lot of momentum. Until John Cena started turning the tables, throwing down Benjamin with power strikes and power grapples really damaging the gold standards chances of winning. Then the fans stood up and started screaming for Cena as he connected with the STF, pulling the head of Benjamin even further as the crowd getting wilder Benjamin managed to get out of the STF. Then Cena quickly pulled Benjamin back down to hit another STF, this time Benjamin pulled himself to the rope. Benjamin then got up slowly gaining momentum Cena droped the gold standard and went for a STF , once again Benjamin reversed and got out of it. Cena just running through adrenaline getting all the momentum from the crowd going crazy pulled Benjamin up and hit a vicious Attitude Adjustment. 1...2...3!

And Cena picks up the victory!!! Ladies and gentleman you just witnessed a classic match on Smackdown.

Adamele: As great the win was for Cena we must give credit to Benjamin for pulling a great effort and impressive effort through the match seeming as if he was going to pull the upset by defeating John Cena.

Camera goes on Cena celebrating the win while Benjamin clueless on the ground. As Smackdown closes.
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WBW Monday Night Raw

*To Be Loved by Papa Roach*




WBW Monday Night Raw comes to air as the camera goes around the static fans in Kentucky with signs everywhere as this is the last Monday Night Raw before the 5th Anniversary of Wrestlemania. JR and Jerry “The King” Lawler remind the fans at home that tonight we would see the selfish ignorant MVP face off against the number one contender to the Russian Machine’s Vladimir Kozlov’s Interconential Championship the 7 feet monster The Great Khali. The Video promo was shown on the titantron which drew quite a surprising pop from the jam packed crowd in Lexington.


Speaking of the Russian Machine, Interconential Champion, Vladimir Kozlov came out to the full capacity Monday Night Raw crowd in Lexington to start the night of. Getting himself into the ring he snaps off the belt of his waist and raises it for the Raw crowd as plentiful heat is produced by Kozlov. As if we didn’t see enough, Kozlov grabbed the microphone and said some perplexed language which the crowd didn’t seem to understand.

В Wrestlemania я Владимир Козлов Сохранит Мой Чемпионат Interconential, не, даже Большой Khali будет в состоянии остановить меня!

Kozlov began producing more heat as the fans continuously booed him and screamed on USA USA USA.

JR and Lawler tell the fans at home that Kozlov said that at Wrestlemania he will retain his Interconential title and even a monster like the great khali will not be able to defeat him. JR didn’t seem to sure about that, but Lawler seemingly did as he supported the Interconential Champion.

*Dykstra Theme Song*

Next we saw the young rising star of Kenny Dykstra make his way to the ring with a loud supportive crowd for one of their soon to be favourite.
Dykstra did not even manage to fully comprehend himself in the squared circle before the Interconential Champion rampaged on to Dykstra attacking him before the official ring bell tolled.

1. Kenny Dykstra vs Vladimir Kozlov(I.C) Non-Title Match

The experience for the young Kenny Dykstra was nothing compared to the Russian Machine Kozlov experience as the Interconential Champion took that as a major advantage in destroying his opponent this week in Kenny Dykstra!
Winner: Vladimir Kozlov

As the match ended we saw Kozlov celebrate in the ring and then it was time for a commercial break.


We are joined backstage where we see the straightedge superstar CM Punk rapping around his wrist tape around his wrist, when co-tag team champion Kofi Kingston happy as usual comes in to talk to Punk.

Kofi: Hey Punk, General Managa’ Teddy Long told me that I would need to find a partner tonight because he told me that the Tag Team titles would only be defended at Wrestlemania if a team could beat me and my partner tonight.

Punk: And, who’s the team you and your partner are facing tonight?

Kofi: [laughs] that would be The Legacy, my man.

*Fans boo when they hear Legacy*

Punk: [laughs more] First I took out Orton in a Last Man Standing match and this week your asking me to join forces with you to take out the rest of his joke the legacy, Kofi I couldn’t be any happier then to be your partner tonight, and look even if the Legacy squeak in a victory you can always look for me at ‘mania to be your new co-tag team champion.

Kofi: Alright, man, tonight we are owning this, you know what I’m sayin’

*Shake Hands, as camera goes back to the arena*


*I'm Comin' by Silkk the Shocker*

*MVP’s music theme hits as fans begin to Boo*

MVP comes down to the ramp as he extends out his hand to clap with the fans just as he does he backs out of it and says you ain’t worth a penny, as he creates more heat with the fans.

He then came in the ring and told the fans that at Wrestlemania he will win the Money In The Bank match without a sweat! This obviously brought more self-belief for the Ballin’ Superstar.

*Dan.ger (Production)*

*The fans arise on their feet to see the massive giant Great Khali*

The Great Khali comes down to the ring with his manager Ranjin Singh as fans loving their number one contender for Vladimir Kozlov’s Interconential title.

2. MVP vs The Great Khali
The Ballin Superstar has been on a tear lately as this week his challenge was a bit bigger. From the start of the match MVP was trash talking with the Great Khali. Trying to get the Indian Monster angry was MVP’s task as it seemed throughout the match. That was a huge mistake for MVP as the great khali took matters to his own hands as he dominated MVP, then Khali went for the signature Khali Chop. 1...2..3.
Winner: The Great Khali


As we are back in WBW Monday Night Raw we are witnessing possibly a bonding between Randy Orton and The Legacy with the WBW Champion Edge. As we see Orton tells everyone “alright let’s go”. We see Orton’s Legacy and Edge walk into Raw General Manager Teddy Long’s room. Long ask the four men what he could do for them.

Edge began talking in a tone which was obvious to everyone that he was just trying to selfishly get something he wanted badly by possibly fooling the general manager.

Edge: Look were here because we want to ... we wanna compromise with you

Just as Edge went to talk further, Randy Orton interrupted the Rated R superstar.

Orton: Look its simple, you already gave the opportunity for the Legacy to succeed and now is our [referring to him and Edge] turn.

Orton: We want you to make a match tonight, which Edge is more than willing to do

Orton: It’s going to be Edge verses Chris Jericho (fans cheer for Y2J)

Long: Is that why you gentleman came along?

Orton: That’s exactly it now if you excuse us, we have other things to do

Just as the Legacy, and WBW Champion Edge were leaving Teddy Long had some more news for the Viper which excitened the fans.

Long: Wait just a minute now, Randy all men here the Legacy and Edge are in matches tonight except you?

Orton: That’s because I’m going to rest today so that my chances at ‘mania are even better, c’mon old guy I am in a Last Man Standing match [threatening tone]

Long: Look playa, I’m the General Manager I run the show , tonight you’re not getting a break, tonight it will be the charismatic enigma Jeff Hardy vs you Randy Orton tonight here in Lexington [excited tone]

How do ya like that playa!

Orton: [Orton showing a threatening look to the GM of Raw as he leaves the room before everyone else slamming the door shut!]

All men look at Orton leave then look back at Teddy Long as the camera fades out for commercials.


Before Monday Night Raw is back on air, A Wrestlemania promo is shown exhibiting the greatest moments from the past wrestlemania’s and then show that this year every moment will be great in the 5th anniversary of Wrestlemania [August 2,2009].

We are back on Monday Night Raw as Kofi Kingston comes out to the ring as a loud supportive crowd cheer on the Jamaican sensation. After Kingston came along the partner he chose for the night, the man who defeated Randy Orton last week in a last man standing match, CM Punk. Fans as usual cheer on for Punk as both men in the ring waiting for their adversary to get into the ring for their match.

Fans already booing before the Legacy even come out.

*Priceless (Production)*

As the legacy theme hits fans boo even louder as Ted DiBiase Jr. And Cody Rhodes come out to the WBW Universe realizing that if they win they would face Kofi Kingston and a partner of his choosing for the WBW Tag Team Championship at the fifth anniversary of Wrestlemania!

3. The Legacy vs Kofi Kingston/CM Punk
Kofi Kingston and Cody Rhodes started off the action. Right from the start it was certain that Cody Rhodes wanted the opportunity at Wrestlemania for the tag titles desperately. Cody Rhodes started off with stiff punches and some sleeperholds before tagging in his partner, Ted DiBiase Jr. DiBiase’s presence was felt in the match as his experience in tag matches benefited those for CM Punk and Kofi Kingston. Everytime Kofi Kingson went for a tag DiBiase pulled Kingston back. Kingston finally managed to finally get a tag to CM Punk who was assaulted by potent double team moves from the Legacy. As the match wore on to the ending DiBiase connected with the Shattered Dreams(DDT) to pin CM Punk. Kingston came running to break the pin as the count was at two and the fans got louder inching to see if Kingston could break the pin just as he was going to Rhodes sneaked himself into the ring and dropkicked the Jamaican superstar which led to successful pinfall from DiBiase to Punk.
Winner: The Legacy

The Legacy were more than happy to win the match as this win , promises them to face Tag Team champion Kofi Kingston and a new partner of his choosing at the fifth anniversary of wrestlemania.


We were back on Monday Night Raw only to hear the “Voices By Rev Theory” played as Randy Orton came out to the ring for his match against Jeff Hardy. Just walking down the ramp, Randy Orton drew numerous amount of heat from the fans. The fans got on their feet to see their favourite enigmatic superstar Jeff Hardy come down to the ring to face Randy Orton as Orton in the ring was physcotically looking at his opponent come down enthusiastically to the ring.

4. Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy
Hardy started the match off first as he went for quick punches and aerobatic kickes as he eventually got the viper on the ground for a sleeperhold. The Viper quickly slithered is way out of the sleeper hold as he then started punching the enigmatic superstar. Irish whipping Hardy on to the ground Orton then went for the face of Jeff Hardy as he droped his knee down face first on Hardy. As the match progressed we started seeing more of the Viperous traits of Orton. Near the ending Orton began kicking Hardy everywhere possible. It seemed as if Orton slipped by accident which drew the fans happier but the superstar only did that to get ready for his vintage RKO. Fans booing realizing that the end was near as orton punching the ring harder and harder waiting for Hardy to get up. Once Hardy got up BAM! The RKO was connected Orton went for the pin and won the match as this solidified his chances at winning this Sunday at Wrestlemania.

JR and Jerry Lawler went through the match card so far for the fifth anniversary of wrestlemania with its official theme song “Everybody Down –Non Point” playing in the background.


It was time for the main event on Raw. Chris Jericho came out first to the ring as the fans cheered him on, hoping to see the WBW Champion Edge lose. The Rated R superstar came out with his WBW title, the fans could not stop booing him as they wanted Jeff Hardy as their champion at Over the Edge not Edge.

Main Event: Chris Jericho vs Edge
For the first time in Raw history the main event turned out to be a squash match as Chris Jericho easily squashed the WBW champion on route to submitting the rated R superstar with his signature the Walls of Jericho.
Winner: Chris Jericho

JR and Lawler were getting ready to say goodbye to the fans watching at home, but it was interrupted as Randy Orton and the legacy came out and rushed inside the ring to start pounding down Jericho. Kick’s punches’ to the face of Jericho lead to a bloody bath in the ring. The assault was not over yet as Edge got up and speared Chris Jericho the assault continued this time Jeff Hardy came out to save Chris Jericho from any more damage as the fans cheered on Hardy rushed into the ring as Edge did his part and got out as fast as possible so did the legacy with him leaving hardy staring at Edge on the ramp as the match between the two men looks to be a bad blood this Sunday at Wrestlemania.

Raw is off air as the last Episode of raw before Wrestlemania is finished.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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I like your layout, and i liked the video, you should keep that up because its unique.
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ECW Coming Tommorow Afternoon/Evening.

Videos will start being re-uploaded After Wrestlemania. All Wrestlemania matches will be Uploaded, make sure to Sub!
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