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The Monday Night Wars Re-Worked presented by Just1988 & Gunner14

Monday 4th September 1995


On Monday the 4th of September 1995 the face of professional wrestling in the USA changed forever, when the Ted Turner owned WCW started airing a TV show on Monday night to go face-to-face with Vince McMahon's WWF. With Turner's backing WCW could afford to thrust themselves into the limelight, with a larger budget than McMahon's WWF. The head-to-head competition sparked a chain of events that would lead to some of the most exciting television shows, wrestling companies have ever made. I'll be taking the role of WCW head booker as GazCT takes control of the WWF as we will attempt to re-write history and try to make what was great, even better. Ladies & Gentlemen, The Monday Night Wars!

WWF Active Roster:

Diesel (Current WWF Heavyweight Champion)
1-2-3 Kid Sean Waltman (Current WWF Intercontinental Champion)
Don Harris (Co-current WWF Tag Team Champion)
Ron Harris (Co-current WWF Tag Team Champion)
Owen Hart
Hunter Hurst Helmsley
Sycho Sid
Shawn Michaels
Bret Hart
Ahmed Johnson
Razor Ramon
The British Bulldog
Shane Douglas
Chris Candido
Savio Vega
Billy Gunn
Bart Gunn
Bam Bam Bigelow
Justin Credible
Jeff Jarrett

Other Staff:
Vince McMahon
Jim Ross
Jim Cornette
Paul Bearer
Jerry Lawler
Michael Hayes
Howard Finkel


WCW President:
Eric Bischoff

WCW Active Roster:

Hulk Hogan (Current WCW World Heavyweight Champion)
Eddie Guerrero (Current WCW World Television Champion)
Sting (Current WCW United States Heavyweight Champion)
Brian Knobbs (Co-current WCW World Tag Team Champion)
Jerry Sags (Co-current WCW World Tag Team Champion)
Randy Savage
Ric Flair
Arn Anderson
The Giant
Lex Luger
Booker T
Stevie-Ray Huffman
Bunkhouse Buck
Dick Slater
Lord Steven Regal
Brian Pillman
Jushin Thunder Liger
Kevin Sullivan
Dean Malenko
The Renegade
Scotty Riggs
Marcus Bagwell
Steve McMichael
Scott Norton
Alex Wright
Disco Inferno

Other Staff:
Bobby Heenan
Mean Gene Okerland
David Penzer

PPV Schedule

October 22: WWF In Your House 4
October 29: WCW Halloween Havoc
November 19: WWF Survivor Series
November 26: WCW World War 3
December 17: WWF In Your House 5
December 27: WCW Starrcade

We plan to post in real-time, with Raw being posted each Monday and WWF pay-per-views being posted on Sundays. To keep the over-loading of posts to a minimum, Nitro will be posted each Friday, with WCW pay-per-views being posted on Wednesdays. We realise this is a lot of posts (upto 3 per week), so maybe instead of reading all our posts, readers could just read one brands posts? We hope you enjoy our Be The Booker and we apreciate any feedback/reviews/criticism/praise etc.




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Re: The Monday Night Wars

WWF Monday Night Raw, September 5th 1995

*Raws opening graphic rolls*

On screen is Jim Ross & Jerry 'The King' Lawler

JR: Welcome everybody to Monday Night Raw, we are at the sold out Hartford Civic Centre & tonight we have an action packed Raw for you...

King: Oh yeah!

JR: Hello again everybody I'm Jim Ross along side Jerry The King Lawler & tonight we have Owen Hart in singles action against Hakushi which should be a great technical encounter..

King: Technical?! Owen is gonna teach him a lesson in brutality tonight, haha!

JR: ..& we have The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels going up against The Bad Guy Razor Ramon in a non title match who still has the 1-2-3 Kid on his mind..

King: Ramon is an idiot, he needs to concentrate on HBK tonight!

JR: We also have interviews from Diesel, news on Bret Harts return to the squared circle & much more starting off with tag team action, lets go to The Fink..

King: This is gonna be great!!

Match 1: The Harris Boys vs Douglas & Candido

Howard Finkel: The following Tag Team contest is scheduled for one fall with a ten minute time limit, making their way to the ring from Nashville, Tennessee, with a combined weight if 595 pounds, The Harris Boys!

*light cheers ring throughout the arena*

JR: These big southern boys are here tonight for one reason & one reason only, and that's to beat somebody up!

King: Well, with those cueball hairstyles, it looks like they picked a fight with a lawn mower, and lost!

Howard Finkel: ..And their opponents, first from Spring Lake, New Jersey, weighing in at 225 pounds Chris Candido! & his partner from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania weighing in at 249 pounds, Shane Douglas!

*loud boos echo through the arena*

JR: The capacity crowd do not appreciate this newly formed tag team, quite honestly they hate them!

King: Will these morons shut up, they don't know class when they see it, Douglas & Candido are on the road to stardom!

FINISH: Douglas is knocked down to the outside by Ron Harris as Don Irish Whips Candido to the corner, Ron joins Don in the ring just in time as his brother Irish whips Candido into his direction. With a split second to think Ron performs a devastating sidewalk slam and covers Candido for the fall.

WINNERS: The Harris Boys

*Mild cheers fill the arena*

JR: What a way to kick off Monday Night Raw! 2 of the best tag teams in the world fighting to the end!

King: This sucks! The Harris Boys suck, they cheated!

JR: Myself & The Deluded Lawler here will be back after this


JR: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, lets go straight to the ring where Vince McMahon is standing by...

VKM: Ladies & Gentleman, I have some huge news, Bret "The Hitman" Hart has announced he will be back in action ready for this years Survivor Series in November!

*Deafening cheers echo through the sold out Civic Centre*

VKM: And with that in mind, presuming The Hitman invokes his rematch clause, allow me to introduce his potential opponent at The Survivor Series, The WWE Champion, Big Daddy Cool, Diesel!!!

*The crowd erupts as Diesel music hits*

JR: Oh man what an ovation, the WWF Champion looks to be in good spirits as he makes his way to the ring..

VKM: Big Daddy Cool, what are your thoughts on The Hitmans expected return?

Diesel: Big Daddy Cool is down with that, The Hitman is indeed the Excellence of Execution, but he better be ready 'cos I can guarantee you, whenever down the road Big Daddy Cool Diesel & The Hitman lock up again, I'll be bringing my best!!

*Huge cheers from the crowd turn to boos when Sycho Sid's music hits...*

King: Haha! Diesel forgot about Sid, who cares about Bret Hart?!

JR: Oh my, something tells me business is about to pick up!

Sid: Big man, you forgot about THE Big Man in the WWF, I want you at In Your House, I want that belt of mine!

Diesel: Yours? If I remember correctly, I kicked your ass 2 months ago at the first In Your House, but if you wanna dance again, you're on!!

*Massive cheers from the crowd on hand*

VKM: Alright, the WWF Championship will be on the line at In Your House 3, what a night already!


JR: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, moments ago Sycho Sid challenged the world champion Diesel & the match is on for In Your House, which is just 3 weeks away!

King: I can't wait!

Match 2: Owen Hart vs Hakushi

Howard Finkel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and has a ten minute time limit, making his way to the ring accompanied by Jim Cornette, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 227 pounds, he is one half of the tag team champions, Owen Hart!

*Loud boos from the crowd*

Howard Finkel: And his opppnent, from Tokushima, Japan, weighing in at 223 pounds, Hakushi!

*Mild cheers from the crowd*

JR: Hakushi had that great competitive feud with Owen's brother Bret at the beginning of the year, and formed a great friendship as a result. And for that reason, Owen hates Hakushi.

King: No, he hates him 'cos he's stupid, how could anyone get along with Bret Hart?!

FINISH: Owen goes to suplex Hakushi which is reserved into a back suplex by Hakushi, Hakushi goes to the ropes and Moonsaults a now vertical Hart, Hakushi gets a near fall and the pair struggle to their feet. They exchange forearms and Hakushi runs to the ropes to prepare for the super kick and is tripped by Jim Cornette, Hakushi motions towards Cornette as Owen Hart delivers a vicious Enzuigiri to the back of Hakushi's head, and scoops him up for the 3 count.

Winner: Owen Hart

JR: I can't believe that, how did the damn ref not see Cornette trip Hakushi?!

King: Hahahahahahaha! See I told you he was stupid, you don't turn your back on Owen, what a match!

JR: Well I can't deny that, this is the only place to see the hottest, youngest wrestling talent in action. We'll be right back!

*AD Break

JR: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, it's almost time for our main event but we've got just enough enough time to tell you about 2 matches signed for In Your House in 3 weeks time. Owen Hart & Yokozuna's Manager recently singed the contract, his team are putting their titles on the line against those Big Tennessee Harris Boys! & not just that, Newcomer, Justin Credible, who we will hear from next week, has challenged Hakushi and Hakushi has accepted!

King: Oh man, In Your House is shaping up to be a classic!!!

Match 3: Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon

Howard Finkel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a ten minute time limit, making his way to the ring from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 290 pounds, the intercontinental champion, The Bad Guy, Razor Ramon!

*Thunderous reception from the crowd on hand*

Howard Finkel: And his opponent, from San Antonio, Texas, weighing in at 225 Pounds, The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels!!

*Ear splitting reaction from the crowd*

JR: An enormous reception for these 2 World Class Athletes. These 2 have massive respect for eachother, but don't let that fool you, they're both in it to win it!

King: Hang on a second, I've just gotta puke! Urgh!!

FINISH: Michaels & Ramon are going toe to toe in ring, exchanging forearms & slaps. There's nothing between the 2 as this competitive match reaches a crescendo. Both HBK & Ramon run into the ropes & meet in the middle in a head on collision. Both men are lying motionless on the floor & it looks like the ref is going to reach a ten count but Ramon stirs at 7 and is slowly making his way to his feet, when the 1-2-3 Kid Sean Waltman appears from nowhere and proceeds to attack Razor Ramon with a steel chair. The referee calls for the bell.

JR: Somebody stop Waltman!! He's destroying the Bad Guy! What a no good son of a bitch!

King: He's getting what he deserves, haha!

JR: We're out of time, we've gotta go! Thanks for watching, so long everybody.. this crowd is livid.. so am I dammit!

*The camera fades out on Sean Waltman standing over Razor Ramon, Chair aloft, baiting the livid crowd*
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Re: The Monday Night Wars

WCW Monday Nitro

4th September 1995
Live from the Mall of America

*Nitro's Opening Graphic Rolls*

*On screen is Eric Bischoff, Steve 'Mongo' McMichael and Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan*

Bischoff: Welcome everybody, to WCW Monday Nitro, LIVE!, here from the Mall of America, in the lovely Bloomington, Minnesota. I'm Eric Bischoff and I'm here with my broadcast colleagues, Bobby The Brain Heenan and Steve Mongo McMichael!

McMichael: And don't we just have a great show for you tonight

Heenan: That's right Humanoids, you're gunna witness the debut of a very special guest of mine!

Bischoff: A Guest of yours?

Heenan: Yes, he's a very good friend of mine and he wanted to see where the big boys play, so I've invited him along.

Bischoff: Well that is right, Bobby Heenan, this is where the big boys play, and along with your, err, special guest, tonight we will have a defence of the Television title, when the Renegade will face Flying Brian Pillman.

McMichael: We have a title match?

Bischoff: Yes we do Mongo, the Television title will be defended every time we air and along with that, tonight we have a number 1 contenders match for a shot at the tag-team titles at Fall Brawl. But first, over to David Penzer...

Penzer: Ladies and Gentleman, the following contst, is scheduled for one fall, with a 10 minute time limit, coming down to the ring, hailing from Blackpool, England, weighing in at 240 pounds, Sir Steven Regal.

Match 1: Lord Steven Regal Vs. Buff Bagwell

*Boo's ring throught the Mall of America*

Bischoff: Here comes Steven Regal to the ring

Heenan: Lord Steven Regal

Bischoff: Sorry, Lord Steven Regal, he's a well school'd mat wrestler, who you have to watch carefully, or he'll sure hook you.

McMichael: This guy can't be too tough, he's British!

Penzer: And his opponent, from Marietta, Georgia, weighing in at 230 pounds, Marcus Bagwell.

*Slight cheers are heard from the crowd*

FINISH: Bagwell slams Regal and signals for the Buff-Blockbuster, Bagwell climbs the top rope, as Regal gets up, Buff leaps of the top rope to hit his finish, but Regal dives to the mat, Bagwell flys over Regal and pancakes to the floor, Regal gets up, drops a knee to the head of Bagwell, rolls across the top of Bagwell and applies to the Regal stretch to Bagwell, within a second Bagwell taps out. Regal keeps the hold on for an extra few seconds before releasing to have his hand raised

WINNER: Lord Steven Regal

Regal: Ladies and Gentleman, you have just witnessed the start of my rise to the top of WCW and don't feel bad for little Marcus here, he's just the first to fall to the Regal stretch, but he wont be the last.

*Light boos ring out*

McMicahel: What a match!

Bischoff: Yes, that is the action, you can expect here on WCW Nitro, stay tuned folks, we'll be back after this..


Bischoff: Welcome back to Nitro, we have some great news for you guys, my broadcast colleague Steve Mongo McMichael, has just agreed his debut match, for Fall Brawl

McMichael: That's right Bischoff, I will be gracing the squared circle with my presence!

Heenan: You? Now you're a wrestler? Who're you facing?

McMichael: Dean Malenko will be my first victim

Heenan: Ohh really? Well let me tell you something Mongo, he might be half your size, but you better be prepared, cos he'll give you a run for your money.

McMichael: Don't worry Weasel I was born ready.

Match 2: Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie-Ray) Vs. Nasty Boys (Jerry Saggs & Brian Knobbs) - (WCW Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders match)

Penzer: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a number 1 contenders match for the Tag Team Titles.

*Harlem Heat are greeted by loud cheers*

*Nasty Boys are met with a mixed response, mainly boos, but slight nostalgic cheers*

FINISH: Saggs and Stevie-Ray are going punch for punch in the ring, whilst Booker T and Knobbs are scraping on the outside when the tag-champs hit the ring, Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater begin to attack both Saggs and Stevie-Ray. The ref calls for the bell.

Penzer: The referee has deemed this match a no-contest.

McMichael: A no-contest? What does that mean for the tag-title match at Fall Brawl?

Bischoff: I'll tell you what this means Mongo, there will be a 3-way tag team title match, with Harlem Heat facing the Nasty Boys, facing the champions, Bunkhouse Buck and dirty Dick Slater.

Heenan: Wow, what a match that'll be!

Penzer: The following match is set for 1 fall and is for the WCW World Television title. Coming down to the ring at this time, from Parts Unknown, the WCW World Television champion, the Renegade

*A big cheer goes up from the crowd as the Rengade sprints to the ring holding the TV title aloft*

Penzer: And the challenger, from Cincinnati, Ohio, weighing in at 215 pounds, Flyin' Brian Pillman!

*Another big cheer goes up, as Pillman jogs to the ring, tagging fans*

Heenan: He's here, he's finally here!

McMichael: What you talking about Bobby Heenan?

Heenan: My special guest, he's here!

Bischoff: Where?

Heenan: Never you mind where, he just paged me and he is in the building!

Match 3: Brian Pillman Vs. The Renegade (c) (WCW Television Title Match)

Finish: Pillman super-kicks the Renegade and climb to the outside ready to climb the ropes, as he does Lex Luger comes out.

Heenan: There he is, there's my guy!

McMichael: What, who? Ohhhh

Bischoff: Oh my god! I can't believe you Bobby Heenan, bringing him here, that man does not work here and I don't want him anywhere near my ring or my athletes!

Finish (continued): Pillman is distracted by Luger, which gives the Renegade enough time to re-coup and he hits a running shoulder charge onto Pillman, that launches him into Luger, the referee reaches a 10 count.

Winner: (and still TV champion) The Renegade

*WCW officials rush out and separate Luger and Pillman*

Luger: You Pillman, you have a lot of potential, but when you laid a finger on me, you crossed the line, I wanna piece of you!

Pillman: Oh really? Any time!

Luger: How about at Fall Brawl?

Pillman: Fine, Fall Brawl it is!

Bischoff: See what trouble you've caused bringing this guy out here?

Heenan: Trouble, trouble? This man hasn't even started yet! Lex Luger is the future of our industry and your gunna see that at Fall Brawl!

Bischoff: Ohh give it a break Bobby Heenan! Anyway folks, that's all we have time for this week folks, be sure to tune in next week, when we'll see a World Television title defence, and two, count it, two number 1 contender matches, for the the US and World title matches for Fall Brawl. Cya next week folks!

First Ever Nitro Match: Lord Steven Regal beat Marcus Bagwell
WCW Tag-Team Titles #1 Contenders Match: The Nasty Boys & Harlem Heat fight to a no-contest
WCW Television Title Match: Renegade beats Brian Pillman via countout




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Re: The Monday Night Wars

Hey man, I'd suggest slowing down. I had the same kind of problem when I started. I'd say post WWF on a Monday and then WCW the next Monday, then WWF the Monday after get the idea. Good luck man.

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Re: The Monday Night Wars

Cheers for the feedback & well wishes, we see what you mean about not over-doing it with too many posts, we're going to try and post every few days, but will be posting 2 at once (for the TV's) to keep the realism of the wars.



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Re: The Monday Night Wars

I like your enthusiasm and I can tell you want to do good on this. I also see you have an idea already but if you post both of your shows together it'll turn out bad eventually. People may turn away from your work because there is too much to read in little time. I'm just telling you what I think. Good luck man, I'll be reading your show.
You can read that if you want, it explains everything for the BTB section.

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Re: The Monday Night Wars

WCW Monday Nitro

11th September 1995
From the Mall of America

*Nitro's Opening Graphic Rolls*

Penzer: Ladies & Gentleman, this is your opening bout of the evening, and the winner will get a shot at the WCW United States title at Fall Brawl. On his way down to the ring, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts weighing in at 245 pounds Kevin Sullivan.

*Boo's from the audience*

Penzer: And his opponent, hailing from Point pleasant, New Jersey, also weighing in at 245 pounds Diamond Dallas Page!

*Decent cheers from the crowd*

Match #1: Kevin Sullivan Vs. Diamond Dallas Page (United States Tittle #1 Contenders Match)

FINISH: Sullivan and DDP are brawling on the outside, as the referee's count reaches 8, they both manage to roll back in the ring, but Sullivan catches his leg on the rope and stumbles towards DDP who hits him with an left forearm, Sullivan, then swings for Page, however DDP ducks and hits to diamond cutter, then covers Sullivan for the 1, 2, 3

WINNER: and #1 contender to the US title, Diamond Dallas Page.

Bischoff: What a match!

McMichael: That Page was lucky there.

Heenan: That wasn't luck, that was skill.

Bischoff: Will you two give it a rest, anyway we have to go to a short break, we'll be back soon.


Bischoff: Welcome back...what's that?

*Music beings to play over the speakers and the Giant walks out*

Bischoff: Oh, what does this guy want?

*The Giant climbs into the ring*

Bischoff: I'm gunna go see what he wants.

*Bischoff leaves the announce desk and climbs into the ring with a microphone*

Bischoff: You're not supposed to be out here now, you know?

*Giant takes the mic*

Giant: Shut up, Bischoff. I am here, to have my voice heard. I am the biggest man in the company and you've still not booked me? This is Nitro, the place where you're supposed to be showing what talent you have and you haven't booked me! Well I'm issuing an open challenge for anyone to answer for Fall Brawl.

*Giant, drops the mic and walks to the back*

McMichael: Oh my, that is big news, pardon my pun

Heenan: Bischoff, you can't just let mad men like this just walk around doing what they please, you need to keep a tighter ship.

Bischoff: You know what, you're right and I might just have a surprise for the Giant at Fall Brawl on Sunday, you just wait and see. For now, let's go over to David Penzer

Penzer: Ladies & Gentleman, this is your second bout of the evening and is for the WCW World Television title. In the ring right now, from Bombay, India weighing in at 220 pounds, Sabu...And his opponent from Parts Unknown, weighing in at 235 pounds, the WCW Television champion, The Renegade!

*Slight cheers come up from the audience*

Match #2: Sabu Vs. The Renegade (c) (WCW Television Title Match)

FINISH: Sabu and the Renegade fight to the outside, the Renegade has the upper-hand and Irish-whips Sabu into the guard rail, Sabu climbs up to his feet, yielding a chair and nails the Renegade with it. The referee calls for the bell, Sabu continues to lay into the Renegade with the chair and then lays him on the announcers desk, before WCW officials rush out to stop the on-going brawl.

McMichael: So who's the Champ?

Bischoff: The match is a tie, so the Renegade is still the Champ.

Heenan: Never mind that, that match is over, the big one is next! And we are going to be joined by Arn Anderson on commentary.

Bischoff: That's right Bobby Heenan, we have the #1 contenders match for the World title between Ric Flair Vs. Randy Savage, but before we go to that I hear Gene Okerland has got Heavyweight champ Hulk Hogan in the back.

Okerland: Thank you Eric, you are right, at this time, I am joined by the WCW World Heavyweight champion, Hulk Hogan.

Hogan: What's up, Mean Gene

Okerland: Champ, everybody wants to know, who you would prefer to face at Fall Brawl, the Nature Boy or the Macho Man?

Hogan: Well you know what Mean Gene, it doesn't really matter who it is, weather it's Savage or Flair, cos your looking at the real World Champion and I'll take on all comers and you'll see that at Fall Brawl against either Flair or Savage!

Okerland: Well we'll see who the Hulkster will face, after these messages.


Penzer: Ladies & Gentlemen, this is your main event of the evening, in the ring at this time, on my right Sarasota, Florida, weighing in at 235 pounds Macho Man Randy Savage and on my left hand side, from Charlotte, North Carolina weighing in at 225 pounds, the former 2 time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, the Nature Boy, Ric Flair.

Match #3: Ric Flair Vs. Randy Savage (WCW World Title #1 Contenders Match)

FINISH: Flair has worked on Savage's right knee all match, he finally applies the figure-four-leg-lock, Savage struggles to get to the ropes, but Flair pulls the referee close to distract him, as Arn Anderson leaves the announcers table and nails Savage in the skull with a closed fist, Savage let's go of the ropes, Flair releases the referee, who counts savages shoulders to the mat, 1, 2, 3. Flair refuses to release the hold and continues to add pressure to the hold as Anderson lays in the boots to Savage.

WINNER: #1 contender to the WCW Heavyweight title, Ric Flair.

Bischoff: Oh, that's not right!

*Bischoff gets up and heads to the ring with a microphone*

Bischoff: Ric, you let go of him right now.

*Flair keeps the hold on*

Bischoff: Ric, you let go, right now or I'll reverse the decision.

*Flair let's go*

Bischoff: Ric, Arn, you guys think you're so clever, well how about this, at Fall Brawl, you Arn Anderson are barred from the building and if I see you, heck, if I even hear that you've been in the building, you'll be fired!

*Big pop from the crowd, Flair and Anderson sulk and leave the ring and head to the back and Bischoff makes his way back to the announcers desk*

Heenan: This is a disgrace, Arn Anderson has as much right as anyone to be at ring side, this is a free country.

Bischoff: So, Ladies & Gentleman, be sure to get in contact with your local cable provider and order Fall Brawl.

McMichael: Yeah, cos if you don't your gunna miss my dbut at Dean Malenko!

Heenan: And not just Mongo's dbut, you're going to get to see the dbut of Lex Luger when he faces Brian Pillman!

Bischoff: And we've also got 3 title matches, the first ever 3 team tag-team title match, when the champs Bunkhouse Buck and Dick Slater will defend against Harlem Heat and the Nasty Boys.

Heenan: Don't forget the Heavyweight title match, Flair Vs. Hogan

McMichael: An Arn Anderson-less Heavyweight title match!

Bischoff: That's right Mongo and my buddy Diamond Dallas Page has a shot at the U.S title against the Stinger.

McMichael: Speaking of your buddies, how about the Giant's an open challenge for Fall Brawl.

Bischoff: That Giant is no friend of mine I can tell you that, anyway folks that's all we've got time for today, we'll see you on Sunday!

US Title #1 Contender Match: DDP beat Kevin Sullivan
TV Title Match: The Renegade & Sabu tie
World Title #1 Contenders Match: Ric Flair beat Randy Savage




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Re: The Monday Night Wars

WWF Monday Night Raw - September 11th 1995

*A replay of the end of last week's Raw showing Sean Waltman attacking Razor Ramon is playing*

*Raws opening graphic rolls*

*Sean Waltman's music hits to a chorus of boos from the crowd on hand, Waltman appears and makes his way to the ring*

JR: Welcome everybody to Monday Night Raw coming to you from the sold out Capital Centre in Washington DC! I'm Jim Ross along side Jerry The King Lawler and it looks like Sean Waltman has a few words to say after his heinus actions last week on Raw.

King: Heinus? JR get out of the bubble, Ramon deserves everything he gets from Waltman, he turned his back on the kid.

JR: Ramon did? Jerry Lawler what are you talking about?

King: Be quiet, he's got a mic..

Waltman: Cut the damn music! Yeah, you pee-on's can boo all you want, but I couldn't care less about what you guys think. I spent 2 & a half years craving your cheers of support and it didn't get me anywhere, from now on you guys can go to hell!

*The crowd is in uproar*

Waltman: Let me tell you something about your hero Razor Ramon, he walks around like the big shot in the WWF, and he doesn't care about anybody else. Numerous times I asked him to be my partner so we could get the tag team straps but he didn't care, he'd say 'No chico, I want the IC Belt back'..

King: Haha! Thats a pretty good impression!

JR: I don't believe any of this, what has gotten into Sean Waltman?

Waltman: Well, Bad Guy, you're gonna have a battle on your hands for that IC Belt of yours, I challenge you to put your precious gold on the line at In Your House.

King: Yes!

JR: Oh my, will the Bad Guy accept? Is he willing to put the intercontinetal title on the line at In Your House, we hear he's pretty hurt after last weeks attack. It looks like we're not gonna have too long to wait, I can hear his music.

*Razor Ramon arrives at the top of the stage and his greeted by a barrage of cheers, we can see under his undone Hawaiian Shirt, his ribs are taped up*

Ramon: Hey Chico, you want my belt that bad you sucker punch me from behind, and now you think you've got me weak I'll lie down at In Your House? I'm hurt but they don't call me The Bad Guy for nothing, you're punk ass is mine!

*A loud signal of approval is recieved from the fans*

JR: What is going to happen at In Your House when these former friends, now bitter enemies get set to take it to the next level! We'll be right back!


JR: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw folks, tonight we've got a packed show for you. Rookie Justin Credible will take on Fatu, it will be interesting to see what this young kid can do against the challenge of the big Samoan.

King: He's gonna get squashed I know it!

JR: The number one contenders for the WWF Tag Team titles The Harris Boys have been challenged again by Douglas & Candido & The Phenom The Undertaker is here tonight, going up against The Blue-Blood, Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

King: All that? Man, these WWF fans are lucky, I can't think of anywhere else that offers so much on a Monday night!

*The bell rings to signal the start of the opening contest*

MATCH 1: Justin Credible vs Fatu

Howard Finkel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a ten minute time limit. Making his way to the ring from Ozone Park, New York, weighing in at 225 pounds, Justin Credible!

*Mild cheers from the crowd*

Howard Finkel: ..and his opponent from The Isle of Samoa, weighing in at 360 pounds, Fatu!

*A very muted response from the crowd*

FINISH: Justin Credible irish whips Fatu into the ropes and delivers a perfect hurricaneranna, and gets the three count. Fatu appears to be hobbling as he leaves the ring.

WINNER: Justin Credible

JR: Injury or not, it took some doing for this newcomer to take down the powerful Samoan! I predict good things for this talented young man, we'll back after these messages!


JR: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, we have been joined by The current tag team champions, Yokozuna & Owen Hart's Manager, Jim Cornette ahead of the following tag team match featuring, who your guys Jim, or set to face at In Your House.

JC: That's right Jim Ross, people have been telling me how ugly these guys are I thought I'd get myself a closer look!

King: Haha! and by the time your guys are finished with them they will be even worse!

JC: You know Jerry, we've always seen eye to eye, its like we've got the same mind or something!

JR: Well in any event, the number 1 contenders music has it, lets go to Howard Finkel..

Howard Finkel: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall with a ten minute time limit, making their way to the ring from Nashville, Tennessee weighing in at 595 pounds, The Harris Boys!

*Loud cheers from the crowd*

JC: Why do these idiots love these guys, they are no talent, muscleheads!

JR: It's because they go in that ring take no names, kick some ass & get the job done. Something your team could learn is how to win fairly!

King: You better watch out JR, he has a tennis racket, and he's not afraid to use it!

Howard Finkel: ..and their opponents, first from Spring Lake, New Jersey, weighing in at 225 pounds Chris Candido! & his partner from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania weighing in at 249 pounds, Shane Douglas!

*Boos ring throughtout the Capital Centre*

FINISH: The Harris Boys are in control and are looking to end the match, with Chris Candido down & out on the concrete, Shane Douglas is lying on the turnbuckles, Don Harris is preparing to Irish whip Douglas into Ron for the sidewalk slam when out of nowhere Owen Hart appears on the apron and distracts the referee & Ron Harris who gives chase to the King Of Harts, which gives Jim Cornette time to leave the commentary area and throw his tennis racket to Shane Douglas who hits Don Harris right between the eyes with it, the racket is thrown outside the ring just before the referee turns around to count the pinfall.

WINNERS: Douglas & Candido

JR: I just knew there was a reason that no good Cornette was out here! Thanks to him & Owen Hart, The Harris Boys lost the match!

King: That was genius! That is why Jim Cornette is the manager of the tag team champions, he is always one step ahead of the opposition!

JR: Well coming up next, we have The Phenom in the main event, we'll be right back!


JR: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, we've got just enough time to tell you about next weeks Main Event on Monday Night Raw, we will see The WWF Champion Big Daddy Cool Diesel teaming with the Incontinental Champion The Bad Guy Razor Ramon! going up against their respective opponents at In Your House, Sycho Sid & Sean Waltman! Make sure you don't miss that!

King: Oh My God What a match that is gonna be! ..hey wait, who turn all the lights out???

JR: That could mean only one thing, it's time for The Phenom!!

*The arena descends into darkness which sends the the crowd into uproar*

Howard Finkel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a ten minute time limit, making his way to the ring from Death Valley, weighing in a 328 pounds, The Undertaker!!

JR: Where is Paul Bearer?

King: Yeah, good question! Bearer is always with The Phenom!

Howard Finkel: ...and his opponent, from Greenwich, Connecticut weighing in a 255 pounds, Hunter Hearst Helmsley!

*Moderate boos fill the arena*

FINISH: The match is bearly a few seconds old when Goldust appears on the Titantron..

Goldust: Hey Undertaker... I bet you're wondering where Paul Bearer is aren't you? He's here with me, we've been getting to know eachother personally..

*The camera moves to the side of Goldust to reveal to a bound, gagged & tied Paul Bearer who is clearly in some discomfort*

Goldust: We've been waiting for you, why don't you come & find me big boy...

JR: What?! Goldust has kidknapped Paul Bearer? Lord knows what he's doing with him, this is sick!

King:Hahahahahaha I can't believe what I'm seeing!

*The Undertaker appears to completely forget about the match & leaves the ring to find Goldust's location. He seems to determined to rescue Paul Bearer, the crowd cheers for the Undertaker as he makes his way to the locker room area*

JR: The referee is counting, thats the bell!

WINNER: Hunter Hearst Helmsley by count-out.

King: Who cares about the match, can we get a camera out back?

*Cameras pick up The Undertaker & Goldust brawling in the back, referees & officials surround the 2 men & manage to split them up*

Goldust: Oooh, I never knew you were so spunky! Paul had to leave, but I will bring him to In Your House if you come..

JR: Well I guess thats another match confirmed for In Your House, That Goldust is goofier than a pet 'coon, we're all out of time, so long everybody!

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Re: The Monday Night Wars

OK, are you posting as both users or did you find a partner for your thread?

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Re: The Monday Night Wars

Originally Posted by JDawgWWE View Post
OK, are you posting as both users or did you find a partner for your thread?
If you read the first post, it states there's two of us doing this btb, I'm doing Raw & Just 1988 is doing Nitro. We've took your advice (against my wishes) & decided to do Nitro's on Fridays & Raw's on Mondays.
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