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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Backstory: This BTB's starting point will be right after Slammiversary 2009 featuring Samoa Joe's big heel turn.


A.J. Styles
Alex Shelley
Amazing Red
Booker T
Brother Devon
Brother Ray
Brutus Magnus
Chris Sabin
Christopher Daniels
Cody Deaner
Consequences Creed
Doug Williams
Eric Young
James Storm
Jay Lethal
Jeff Jarrett
Jesse Neal
Jethro Holliday
Kevin Nash
Kurt Angle
Matt Morgan
Mick Foley
Naito Tetsuya
Robert Roode
Rob Terry
Samoa Joe
Scott Steiner
Shane Douglas
Shark Boy
Sheik Abdul Bashir


Angelina Love
Awesome Kong
Christy Hemme
Madison Rayne
Raisha Saeed
Rhaka Khan
Sojourner Bolt
Taylor Wilde
Velvet Sky

TNA World Heavyweight Champion:
Kurt Angle

TNA X-Division Champion:

TNA Knockout Champion:
Angelina Love

TNA World Tag Team Champions:
Beer Money Inc.

TNA Legends Champion:
AJ Styles


January: Genesis
February: Against All Odds
March: Destination X
April: Lockdown
May: Sacrifice
June: Slammiversary
July: Victory Road
August: Hard Justice
September: No Surrender
October: Bound For Glory
November: Turning Point
December: Final Resolution
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
Join Date: Jun 2007
Posts: 357
Points: 3


Week 1 (all PPVs on week 4), July, 2009


Jeremy Borash:
Hello wrestling fans, this is JB Jeremy Borash and tonight here on iMPACT! we are going to get answers. After the events that just went down recently at the TNA Slammiversary PPV, the fans have demanded that tonight here on Thursday night iMPACT! Samoa Joe must explain himself, why did he turn on the TNA Originals and why did he decide to join the Main Event Mafia? Plus tonight, we're going to have a huge tag team match for the TNA World Tag Titles, Beer Money defends their newly won championships against the young bucks, Lethal Consequences! TNA iMPACT! is next!


Mike Tenay: Tonight on iMPACT! Samoa Joe explains himself, why did he turn on the TNA originals at Slammiversary? Also, Beer Money defends the Tag Titles against Lethal Consequences! Thursday night iMPACT! is next!

The pyro goes off in the iMPACT! zone as the fans go crazy

The Main Event Mafia's theme music hits, Kurt Angle, Booker T, Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, and Sharmell come out

Don West:
Oh my god, what the Mafia did at Slammiversary was brilliant! Everyone thought Joe was going to take Angle out but instead he helped him out, how the hell did they come up with that plan?

Mike Tenay: Who cares? They screwed AJ Styles, he should be World Champion right now! How can you praise the Main Event Mafia after what they did?

Don West: Shut up Mike, call the wrestling match

Mike Tenay: There isn't a match going on right now, and you can thank your beloved Main Event Mafia for that!

Angle grabs a mic

Kurt Angle:
Look at all of you idiots, you're all still shocked after what happened at Slammiversary aren't you? Just hand over the Oscar now, seriously.

The crowd boos

Kurt Angle:
Everyone thought Samoa Joe was going to take me out, but guess what happened? He helped me win my 3rd TNA World Title and guess what? Samoa Joe earned himself a spot in the Main Event Mafia!

Crowd starts "you suck" chants

Kurt Angle:
Very original. Anyway, everyone's been demanding for some "answers". Everyone wants to know why Joe did what he did. People, its easy, he knows that the Mafia is the only place in TNA where he can be solidified as a legend in this business. Joe knows that everyone who isn't in this group is nothing but a joke!

Mike Tenay: Oh, so AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Daniels, Mick Foley, and the rest of the TNA roster is a joke?

Don West: Did he stutter?

Scott Steiner grabs the mic

Scott Steiner:
Everyone in dis arena....SHUTS UP!!!

crowd boos

Scott Steiner:
When Kurt Anhole is taklin, all of yoo better be listnin!

Kurt Angle: Thanks Scotty, without any further ado, let me introduce to you, the newest member of the Mafia...Samoa Joe!

The Nation of Violence's theme hits, Joe comes down to the six sided ring.

Booker T:
Good to see ya Joe, HAHAA

Joe grabs the mic as the fans start a "Sloppy Joe" chant

Samoa Joe:
Thanks Book, just like Scotty said, each and every one of you better shut the hell up before I break all of you in half!

crowd boos louder

Samoa Joe:
You people want to know why I turned on AJ Styles? Because I am sick and tired of being on the losing end, when we formed the "Frontline" the Mafia walked all over us because there was no team unity. We weren't a family, we weren't brothers. We were a bunch of punks who were jealous of the success that the Mafia has attained. I decided that if the rest of the Frontline wasn't going to take out the Mafia, I was going to do it myself. I took out Book, Scotty, Kevin, and just before I got to Kurt, I realized something. You see, Kurt took me under his wing, we had a nice long talk and he taught me that what I was doing was wrong, it was a waste of time. You see, if I helped Angle win the World Title at Slammiversary not only will I get a spot in this great faction, but my career will skyrocket to new heights. You see, when you have friends that are legends, icons in this business, there is no way you can fail. Would it have been nice to be TNA World Champion? You're damn right it would have, but Kurt let me in on the truth. He told me that winning the World Championship was only going to lead to short term success, while joining the Mafia will lead to being solidified as a legend in this sport. So Kurt, thank you for guiding me in the right direction. Thank for you helping my career thrive, and I look forward to becoming a dominating force not only for you, but for the entire Main Event Mafia!

Mike Tenay: I can't believe what I'm hearing from Samoa Joe, and I still can't believe what he did to his former friend AJ Styles!

Don West: Waa waa waa all you do is cry Tenay, grow a set will ya? Samoa Joe is doing whats best for himself, you just need to accept that.

Sting's music hits, Sting comes down the ramp and into the ring

Kurt, Kurt, Kurt, I don't think you remember so I'll remind aren't the godfather anymore...I am

crowd pops

And if you think that I'm going to accept this, you're sorely mistaken!

Kurt Angle: What!? Why not?

Sting: Because the Main Event Mafia is about respect, its about honor, its about dignity. What Samoa Joe did at Slammiversary completely goes against everything we stand for. Think about it Kurt

Kurt Angle: So, what are you trying to say Sting?

Sting: I'm trying to say that Samoa Joe isn't a member of the Main Event Mafia, and Joe, I want you out of our ring right now

Kurt Angle is going crazy, Scotty, Book, and Kev are holding him back while Joe reluctantly leaves the ring and backs up the ramp. He shouts "you're making a big mistake Stinger" on his way to the locker room.

Mike Tenay:
What a turn of events! We all thought Samoa Joe was going to be the new member of the Main Event Mafia, but it looks like that isn't happening after all!

Don West: Sting doesn't know what the hell he's doing! Samoa Joe could have been a huge asset to the Mafia! This isn't right!


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Lauren: I'm here with The Motor City Machine Guns, unfortunately at Slammiversary your efforts just weren't enough in the King of the Mountain match for the X-Division title. Tonight however, you'll be facing off against each other in a match to determine the new number 1 contender for Suicide's X-Division Championship, your thoughts?

Alex Shelley: Lauren, it doesn't matter whether its myself or Sabin that walks out the number 1 contender tonight. You see, at Slammiversary Suicide's win was a fluke. Everybody knows he got lucky and we're going to prove it. One of us are getting a shot at the X-Division title and to be quite honest, it doesn't matter who it is because when its all said and done, Suicide is going to lose his championship and we're finally going to unmask him and reveal the ugly mug behind that mask!

Chris Sabin: You see Lauren, me and Shelley are going to tear the house down tonight, we're going to show the rest of the locker room what a real wrestling match is. And Suicide, I hope you're watching buddy, because when that X-Division title is on the line, it doesn't matter whether its Alex or myself, what matters is that you're going to lose that belt. You're going to get unmasked, and your identity will be revealed. You can't hide any longer, we're going to expose you to the world, we're going to embarrass you, and you're going to have no other choice but to quit this company with your tail between your legs. We are the Motor City Machine Guns, and we are made in Detroit!

The iMPACT! Zone:

The Motor City Machine Guns' theme hits

Dave Penzer:
The following is a number 1 contenders match for the X-Division Championship, introducing first from Detroit, Michigan...Alex Shelley! And his opponent also from Detroit, Michigan..Chris Sabin!

Number 1 contenders match for the X-Division Title
Chris Sabin vs Alex Shelley:

The bell rings and the match is under way, Shelley and Sabin lock up. Sabin kicks Shelley in the gut, he wips Shelley across the ring and hits a clothesline. Cover..1..Shelley quickly kicks out and he nips up. Lock up again, Shelley gains the advantage by backing Sabin up to the ropes. Shelley breaks cleanly, he then springs off the ropes and hits a drop kick. Shelley springs off the ropes again and he hits a senton...cover....1..2....kick out! Shelley brings Sabin to his feet, he wips him to the corner. Shelley charges at Sabin and he jumps up to the second turnbuckle. Shelley starts laying in a series of right hands. Shelley then drops down, he backs up then hits a charging drop kick. Sabin falls to the mat. Shelley brings Sabin to his feet, he starts a series of chops to the chest. Shelley springs off the ropes but Sabin catches him off guard with a quick kick to the gut. He then hits an atomic drop, springs off the ropes and tries for a clothesline but Shelley ducks and rolls him up...1...2...Sabin kicks out, both men hit clotheslines and are down in the ring as the crowd claps. The crowd starts a dueling "lets go Sabin, lets go Shelley!" chant. Sabin and Shelley both get up and start exchanging right hands in the center of the six sided ring. Sabin gains the advantage, he hits a series of right hands. He then kicks Shelley in the gut and he hits a vertical suplex. Sabin heads to the top rope, Shelley quickly gets up and he heads to the top as well, Shelley then hits a hurricanrana off the top turnbuckle! Crowd start "TNA! TNA! TNA!" chants. Shelley rolls over and he covers Sabin...1...2..kick out! Shelley argues with the ref about the count, he then brings Sabin to his feet, he hits a chop to the chest. He then grabs Sabin's head and tries for the Sliced Bread but Sabin blocks it, Sabin then pushes Shelley chest first into the turnbuckles. Shelley turns around and gets decked with a superkick. Shelley calls down to the mat with his head up against the bottom turnbuckle. Chris Sabin plays to the crowd, then charges at Shelley and hits a hesitation drop kick! Sabin brings Shelley to his feet, he kicks him in the gut and tries for a DDT but Shelley reverses it into a german suplex. Sabin makes it back to his feet, he is immediately met with a spinning heel kick from Alex Shelley! Shelley brings Sabin to his feet, he tries for the sliced bread, Sabin blocks and Shelley lands on his feet behind him. He waits for Chris to turn around before attempting a super kick, Sabin blocks it but Shelley hits an insigiri! Shelley then drags Sabin to the center of the ring, he climbs the turnbuckles and poses to the crowd. Shelley comes off with a frogsplash but Chris Sabin moved out of the way! Shelley goes crashing to the mat, cover..1....2...3

Winner: Chris Sabin

Dave Penzer: Here is your winner....Chris Sabin!

Mike Tenay: So Chris Sabin is getting a shot at Suicide's X-Division Title!

Suicide's music hits, he appears in the middle of the ring. Sabin tries to attack him but Suicide blocks and he hits him with a german suplex. Shelley gets up and charges at Suicide but 'Cide kicks him in the gut and he hits a brain buster. The lights go out again and Suicide disappears

Don West:
What the hell was that for? Suicide really is a coward!

Mike Tenay: Oh come on Don, after all the crap that the Guns were talking, I'm sure Suicide felt the need to make a statement

Don West: Shut up Mike

Mike Tenay: What did you just say to me?

Don West: Just call the wrestling match

Mike Tenay: I just did, and your boys, the Motor City Machine Guns just got laid out afterwards! Lets send it to the back where JB is standing by with Beer Money Inc.


Jeremy Borash:
I am here with TNA World Tag Team Champions, Beer Money Inc. Gentlemen tonight you will be defending those Titles in a tag match against Lethal Consequences, are you at all concerned about who you're facing tonight, and whether or not you'll be able to walk out with those belts?

Robert Roode: What the hell kind of question is that? Do you know who you're talking to JB? Honestly, you think we're going to let a bunch of chumps like Lethal Consequences beat us for the Tag Titles? They aren't even in our league! We are the greatest tag team to ever step foot inside a wrestling ring, Lethal Consequences are two guys that make the crowd go "ohhh, ahhh", but they don't put asses in seats JB. Nobody cares about Lethal Consequences, and tonight we're going to make sure they get crippled in the ring and never come back again

James Storm: Gimme som more beer!

Team 3D walk in

Brother Ray:
When and where?

James Storm: What the hell you talkin' bout? What'd you put in this beer Bobby?

Brother D-Von: You know exactly what we're talking about! At Slammiversary the British Invasion cost us the TNA tag titles. After we get done beating some respect into them, when and where are we getting our rematch?

Robert Roode: Hold on a minute, just because the British Invasion "cost" you these Tag Titles doesn't mean you can barge into our interview and demand a rematch. Thats not how things work around here, ok things didn't go the way you wanted them to at the PPV, so what? Tough luck fatties

Team 3D attack Beer Money, Brother Ray throws Roode into the "iMPACT!" logo and Brother D-Von hits a DDT on James Storm

Brother Ray:
British Invasion! We aren't playing around anymore, tonight....we want your blood! And when we're done with you, Beer Money, you're next!


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Lauren: I'm here with TNA Knockout Champion Angelina Love, and the rest of The Beautiful People. Love, after you...

Velvet Sky: Shut up ho!

Sky pushes Lauren out of the way

Velvet Sky:
Tara, at Slammiversary you wanted to attack Madison and I on the outside for no reason at all. Well, guess what? It cost you...big time. You see, nobody messes with Mi Pi Sexy, NOBODY! I don't care what company you came from Tara, you will show nothing but respect for The Beautiful People, and you will NEVER take this Knockout Title from us!

Angelina Love: Taylor! Tonight, I'm going to rip you to shreds, and when I dispose of you, I'm going to make sure that Tara regrets ever signing with TNA. Tara! The Beautiful People are going to find you tonight, and we're going to take you out!

The Beautiful People: Holler!

The iMPACT! Zone:

Mike Tenay:
The Beautiful People made the threat, Tara better watch her back tonight.

Don West: oh yea Mike, I talked to Vel Vel about this earlier when The Beautiful People invited me over for a sleepover and she told me all about their plan to dismantle Tara

Mike Tenay: Oh really? What would that be?

Don West: I can't tell you Mike! Vel Vel told me to keep it secret, why the hell would I tell you?

Mike Tenay: Oh I'm sure "Vel Vel" told you to keep it secret, it doesn't matter anyway, now that the Beautiful People made the threat I'm sure Tara will be on the lookout. By the way, everybody knows you've never spoken to The Beautiful People before

Don West: Really Mike? Well just in case you didn't know, I have Vel Vel, Madison, and Angelina all on my cell phone's contacts list!

Mike Tenay: Oh of course you do!

Taylor Wilde's theme hits, Taylor comes out of the tunnel

Dave Penzer:
TNA iMPACT! continues with the following Knockouts match introducing first from Toronto Canada, Taylor Wilde!

The Beautiful People's theme hits, Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, and Velvet Sky come out

Dave Penzer:
And her opponent, she is accompanied by Madison rayne and Velvet Sky...the TNA Knockout champion...Angelina Love!

Mike Tenay: Its Angelina Love vs Taylor Wilde here on iMPACT!, Taylor recently participated in the Monster's Ball match where her team got the victory over...

Don West: Shut up Mike, this is the best part!

Angelina and Velvet do their signature ring entrances, showing off their beautiful asses (velvet's > all)

Don West:

Angelina Love vs Taylor Wilde

Love and Wilde lock up, Love backs Wilde up to the corner, she starts choking her and the ref starts the 5 count...1....2...3...4...Love breaks. Wilde shakes it off and locks up with Angelina Love again, Love kicks Wilde in the gut, she grabs her hair and flings her across the ring. Love then hits an elbow to the chest of her downed opponent. Love grabs the arm of Wilde, she locks in an arm bar. Love continues to tug on the arm of Wilde who is screaming in pain, the crowd starts clapping to get Wilde back into it, Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne are cheering for Love on the outside. Wilde starts to gain some momentum, she make sit to her knees, and eventually back to her feet. Wilde hits a series of punches to the gut of Love, but Love grabs the head of Wilde and she slams her back down to the mat. Love then turns her aroud and she locks in a camel clutch! Wilde tries to reach the ropes but she is too far, Love continues the pressure on the clutch as the ref asks Wilde if she wants to give up. Taylor Wilde starts gaining some momentum from the fans, she slowly inches her way to the ropes, finally she's able to put her foot on the bottom rope to cause a rope break! Love doesn't break though and the referee counts...1...2...3...4..Love finally breaks. Angelina Love grabs the head of Taylor, she starts smearing it on the mat, ref counts 1....2....3....4..Love stops. She brings Taylor to her feet and she wips her into the corner, Love then charges at her but Taylor moves out of the way and Love goes shoulder first into the steel post. Taylor rolls her up...1...2...kick out! Taylor Wilde and Angelina Love begin to exchange right hands in the middle of the ring, Taylor gets the advantage and she starts laying in a series of forearms to the face of Angelina. Wilde then springs off the ropes and hits a clothesline! Love quickly make it back to her feet, Wilde climbs to the top rope and she hits a missile drop kick! Cover....1....2...Love kicks out! Wilde gets back to her feet and she charges up, Love makes it to her feet, Wilde charges at her but Love rolls out of the way. Velvet Sky sprays hair spray in the eyes of Wilde, Love rolls her up...1....2...3

Winner: Angelina Love

Mike Tenay: Oh come on! Velvet Sky sprayed that damn hair spray in the eyes of Taylor Wilde! What the hell was that for??

Don West: uhh, to help Angelina win the match?

Tara's theme hits, Tara runs down the ramp and into the ring. She attacks Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne slide into the ring however, and start a 2 on 1 assault on Tara

Don West:
Go Vel Vel!

Mike Tenay: The numbers game is catching up to Tara here, someone stop this!

Awesome Kong's theme hits, Kong comes down the ramp with Raisha Saeed

Mike Tenay:
Kong? Is she here to save Tara?

Awesome Kong gets into the ring, she attacks all 3 members of the Beautiful People. She sends Love and Velvet over the top to the floor. She then hits Rayne with a big boot that causes her to fall to the outside.

Don West:
Oh yea, of course she attacks The Beautiful People

Mike Tenay: She came out here to stop a 3 on 1 assault, can you blame her?

Kong and Tara stare face to face. Tara puts her hand out in anticipation of a handshake, but Kong kicks her in the gut and she hits an awesome bomb!

Don West:
Ha! Tara thinks Kong came out to save her, all Kong cares about is the Knockouts title. Now Mike if you'll excuse me for a minute, I'm going to check on the Beautiful People

Mike Tenay: Awesome Kong made a statement tonight, she wants an opportunity at the Knockout title!

Mick Foley's office

Jeremy Borash:
Mick I understand you have a little announcement to make for next week's iMPACT!

Mick Foley: You're right JB, next week here on iMPACT! we're going to have a huge 1 on 1 match. Its going to be AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe! After what happened at Slammiversary, there is no way I'm going to keep those two from fighting so we're turning them loose next week!

Jeremy Borash: You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen, next week...

Mick Foley: Hold on JB, before you do your little annoucer thing I actually want to change my mind a little bit. You see, I think next week's main event needs a little tweaking

Jeremy Borash: Tweak tweak tweak tweakin!!

Mick Foley: Shut up, only I can do that. Anyway, next week Samoa Joe will face AJ Styles in a doomsday chamber of blood match! Tweak tweak tweak tweakin!!

Jeff Jarrett walks in

Jeff Jarrett:
Mick, what the hell do you think you're doing? A Doomsday Chamber of Blood match next week?

Mick Foley: Oh hey Jeff! Haven't seen you in a while, as you can see we're still fixing your picture here

Jeff Jarrett: Enough Mick, I don't want to sit here and listen to you go off on your crazy tangents. Me and you have been going back and forth for months, I think its time we settle this once and for all. Its obvious that only one of us can run this damn company and it sure as hell can't be you.

Mick Foley: Settle this? How exactly do you think we should do that Jeff? How arm wrestling contest! Or maybe...a good ol' fashioned game of Go Fish!

Jeff Jarrett: no Mick! Me, and you, one on one inside that six sided ring. You want to book matches, book this, Jeff Jarrett vs Mick Foley at Victory Road, the winner runs this company exclusively.

Mick Foley: Alright, but I still want this office

Jeff Jarrett: You aren't going to need it after Victory Road Mick, have a nice day...

Jeff leaves

Mick Foley:
Hey! Gimmick infringement!


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Beer Money's theme hits, James Storm and Robert Roode walk out

Dave Penzer:
Ladies and gentlemen this is your TNA iMPACT! featured contest, a TNA World Tag Team Title match set for one fall introducing team number 1 they are the current reigning and defending TNA World Tag Team Champions, James Storm and Robert Roode...Beer Money Inc.!

Consequences Creed's theme hits, Lethal Conequences come down to the ring as they dance to the music

Dave Penzer:
And team number 2 Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed...Lethal Consequences!

TNA World Tag Team Title match!
Beer Money Inc(c) vs Lethal Consequences

James Storm will start out for Beer Money, Jay Lethal for Lethal Consequences. Storm locks up with Lethal, he backs him up to the corner and breaks. Storm then hits a series of right hands to the face, he then hits a series of shoulders to the gut of Lethal. Storm backs up, he charges at Lethal and he splashes him. Black Machismo falls to the mat. Storm springs off the ropes and he hits an elbow to the downed Lethal. Storm brings Lethal to his feet, he hits him with a DDT. He then drags Lethal's prone body to the ropes, he put Lethal's neck across the ropes and he applies pressure. Lethal is screaming in pain as the referee counts 1....2....3.....4....Storm stops. Storm drags Lethal to his corner, he tags in Robert Roode. Roode gets in the ring and he starts stomping on Lethal. Roode and Storm bring Lethal to his feet, they hit a double suplex on him. Roode covers 1...2...Lethal kicks out. Roode locks in a headlock, the fans start "lets go Lethal" chants to try and get him back in it. Roode continues the pressure on the head of Lethal who is in a tremendous amount of pain, he is gasping for air as well. Roode applies the pressure on the headlock, fans start clapping their hands. Lethal gains some momentum from the fans, he make sit to one knee, both knees, and eventually back to his feet. Lethal hits a series of elbows to the gut of Roode, who finally breaks the hold! Lethal then hits a dropkick out of nowhere! Lethal rolls over to his corner and he tags out to Consequences Creed! Creed jumps into the ring, Roode gets up and charges at him but Creed hits him with a dropkick. Storm gets into the ring and he tries to punch him but Creed blocks, he then hits a superkick that sends Storm to the outside. Roode attacks Creed from behind. He starts stomping on him, he brings Creed to his feet and he wips him into the ropes. Creed holds on, Roode clotheslines him over the ropes but Creed lands on the apron. Roode turns around and Creed hits a springboard missile drop kick on Robert Roode! Cover...1....2...kick out! Creed then brings Roode to his feet, he tags out to Jay Lethal, Lethal grabs Roode as well and Lethal and Creed both wip Roode over the top to the floor! Roode and Storm get up on the outside, in the ring, Lethal Consequences charge at them, they hit suicide dives on Beer Money on the outside! Fans chant "TNA! TNA! TNA!" as all 4 men are down on the outside. The British Invasion come out and start assaulting Lethal Consequences! The ref rings the bell

Winner: ???

Mike Tenay: Oh come on! The British Invasion have no business being out here!

The British Invasion grab Lethal and Creed, they put them in the ring. Team 3D's music hits, they run down to the six sided ring

Don West:
No! Its Team 3D!

3D attack British Invasion, they hit Rob Terry with a 3D. Brother D-Von then clotheslines Doug Williams to the outside, then both D-Von and Ray hit a 3D on Brutus Magnus.

Mike Tenay:
Team 3D get a measure of retribution after British Invasion screwed them at Slammiversary!

Brother Ray: British Invasion, we warned you that we wanted revenge and we got it, but it doesn't end here. Next week, we're going to take ou out in a tables match! But not just any tables match, a 2/3 Tables match!

Mike Tenay: Oh my god! A 2/3 tables match right here on iMPACT! next week!

Don West: Who gave Brother Ray the power to do that? This isn't fair!

Mike Tenay: The British Invasion screwing 3D out of the Tag Titles wasn't fair either Don, next week 3D gets their revenge! To the back Lauren with AJ Styles!


I'm here with "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles, and AJ I'm sure...

AJ Styles grabs the mic

AJ Styles:
Joe!!! If you think I'm not going down without a fight then you're sorely mistaken! I'm not going to let you or the Main Event Mafia walk all over me, as a matter of fact, I'm not waiting any longer, I'm going out to the iMPACT! zone to call you out!

MEM Locker room:

Kevin Nash:
Haha! Look at him Joe, he thinks you're scared of him. Hey, we'll be back here waiting, if he tries something stupid we'll make sure to go out there and beat some sense into him

Booker T: We gown beat his punk ass Kev!

Samoa Joe: I won't need your help, if AJ wants to call me out I'll go out there and destroy him myself.

Kevin Nash: Alright, if thats what you want brother. And Joe, what happened tonight isn't enough, next week on iMPACT! we're going to officially welcome you to the Main Event Mafia. Trust me, you're going to love it. As for you Kurt, why are you in such a crappy mood?

Kurt Angle gets up

Kurt Angle:
Because of Sting! He's trying to get rid of our enforcer, he is going to be our downfall if he keeps this up.

Sting walks in

Hey, whats Joe doing in here. I already told you guys that he isn't joining the Mafia. Joe, get out!

Kurt Angle: You know what Sting? I'm sick and tired of the way you've been running things around here. The Main Event Mafia picked up the toughest son of a bitch in this company, the Nation of Violence Samoa Joe, and you just walk in and ruin everything. Sting, nobody cares about respect!

Sting: Nobody cares about respect? Kurt, respect is what the Main Event Mafia was founded on! And by the way, if you don't like the way I'm running things around here, then prove that you can do a better job. Actually, why don't you prove that you even deserve to be the godfather? Lets have a match, next week right here on iMPACT!, me vs you. If you win, you become godfather of the Main Event Mafia...but if I win, Samoa Joe leaves the Mafia forever, and I remain godfather for the foreseeable future! Accept?

Kurt Angle: You're damn right I accept Sting, I'll see you next week!

The iMPACT! Zone:

on camera:

Mike Tenay:
Wow! What a show next week's iMPACT! is shaping up to be! We now have two huge main events! Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles in a Doomsday Chamber of Blood match, and Sting vs Kurt Angle for the godfather role in the Main Event Mafia!

Don West: Its going to be a huge show next week!

AJ Styles' theme hits, AJ comes down the ramp with a mic in hand

Don West:
Oh great, time to hear AJ whine and moan about his friend backstabbing him

AJ Styles: I thought I had a partner in this war with the Main Event Mafia, but I was wrong. Joe, you're a backstabber, a sell out! If you think the future of your career is in good hands, you got another thing coming. Instead of fighting for this company and everything it stands for, you decided to turn your back on me and join a group of has beens who don't care about you, TNA, or these fans. They only do this for the money, while people like myself do this because of the love for this business, something you obviously lost! Joe, I'm not waiting any longer. You turned your back on me at Slammiversary and now its time for some revenge, some retribution! I don't care who or what you bring, just get your ass out here right now!

Main Event Mafia's theme hits, Joe, Kurt, Steiner, Booker, and Kevin all walk out of the tunnel.

Samoa Joe:
You know? I changed my mind, I could come out here and kick your ass myself, but I think bringing the rest of the Mafia for some added damage can't hurt either. AJ, like I said at the top of the show, my career was going nowhere when I was with you and the rest of the TNA Originals. If you want to be a legend, you have to have legends around you. AJ, tonight is your day of reckoning, you're going to regret every word you just said.

The Mafia get into the ring, they surround AJ Styles.

Mike Tenay:
Oh come on! Its 5 on 1! The Main Event Mafia are nothing but a bunch of cowards!

Don West: Come on guys, beat some sense into him!

Joe attacks AJ, he hits him with a clothesline that turns AJ inside out. The rest of the Mafia joins in as they begin the 5 on 1 assault. Kurt Angle hits an olympic slam on AJ, Booker T hits an axe kick, Kevin Nash hits a power bomb, and Steiner locks in the Steiner recliner. Daniels' music hits!

Mike Tenay:
Here comes AJ's REAL friend, Daniels!

Daniels slides into the ring, he attempts to fight off the Mafia but the numbers are just too much for him to handle. The Main Event Mafia begin to assault Daniels. Booker T grabs 3 chairs and Steiner grabs his signature steel pipe, Booker gives one chair to Angle and the other to Joe. Everyone starts laying into AJ and Daniels, Booker T hits repeated chair shots on AJ who is now busted open, and Angle hits Daniels repeatedly with his chair while Steiner chokes him with his lead pipe

Mike Tenay:
This is sick! How can the Main Event Mafia do something like this!? First, Samoa Joe screws the TNA originals and now AJ Styles and Daniels are taken out!

Don West: I have a tissue box here if you need it Mike

Mike Tenay: The Main Event Mafia are even stronger now! The Question is, who will side with AJ Styles and Daniels to even the odds!?

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